GH Short Recap Friday, December 11, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Kirk tells Franco that he beleives the memory he is hearing is from a leftover memory from Drew. Franco explainsn that his personality has been different since he had the tumor removed. Scott runs into Obrecht in the hallway. She claims that he had the wrong person. He was positive that he was right. He asked how she got out of prison. He wonders if she escaped. Obrecht explains that was framed and was exonerated. Scott was sure that no one in PC knows aboutr this. Obrecht tells him that no one in PC can know about this. She thinks that it is amazing that Franco and Scott believe that she is guilty as well. Olivia tells Alexis that she has a great marriage. Alexis wonders if she is sure about that. Olivia asks her if she is curious on the subject. Tracy shows up and grabs Alexis arm. Alexis and Tracy sit at the bar. She has heard about Alexis’ problems. Alexis wonders what has gotten Tracy so aware. Alexis thinks that Olivia should know the truth.

Nikolas and Ava sit down at a table. Nikolas thinks that they need to celebrate. He has a surprise for Ava. He thinks that they needed to start over. He handed her their post-nuptial agreement Ava was offended. Nikolas explains they should destroy it together. Ava rips it up and they toast to it. Sam shows up and sits down with Carly. She explains that Jason is not supposed to return home. Carly knows that is a big choice with a lot of costs. Sam thinks that her kids are the most important to her. She cannot recall what she said to Jason. Jason finds Sonny in NYC. He thinks that Spinelli would be able to locate Julian’s location. Jason admits that he had no idea that Sam was feeling the way that she did. Julian finds Kim’s apartment.

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