GH Short Recap Thursday, December 17, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Chase gets undressed at the gym. Michael shows up and does the same. The two begin to talk about Chase playing God for Michael. Chase wonders if they can have a civil conversation. Michael thinks that Chase wants to be off the hook for his actions. Michael thinks that Chase had multiple opportunities to tell the truth. Michael thinks that he wanted his friend back and wonders if they had ever been friends. Michael thinks that Chase is playing martyr. Trina confsessed to Portia that Cyrus informed her that Marcus was still alive. She tried to ignore it but she wondered if it was true Portia is angry that she didn’t tell her this sooner.

Laura shows up in Florence’ long term care facility. The door opens and Martin walks in and says hello. Mac takes Marcus into the interrogation room at the station and tells him to sit down. He wants to know who helped him fake his death. Marcus explains that he really wanted his lawyer. Martin finds Laura and wants to call security. Laura promises she means no harm. Curtis is sorry for not being there for Laura earlier. He explains that he was on the phone with Jordan. Martin wants answers. Martin explains that Florence is his mother. Laura guesses that means that they are half-siblings. Martin was not aware of this. Laura knows that Gordon never acknowledged her. Laura asks how Cyrus is connected to Florence. Cyrus tells her directly that Florence is his mother too as Laura turns around.

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