GH Short Recap Wednesday, December 30, 2020

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Recap written by Anthony

Anna opens her door to find Jackie. She invites her in and Jackie thinks that she wanted to check on Finn after his recent injury. Anna says that he is at Rice Plaza to watch Chase jump into the cold water for the Polar Bear Dive. Jackie thinks that she has missed a lot. Anna brings Jackie some tea. Jackie sees one of Violet’s stuffed animals and notes how much fun it is with a young child. Jackie admitted that it was diffcult to picture Finn as a father. Greg and Finn sit together and talk after the dive. Greg thinks that Finn needs to leave his doubts behind. Greg insists that he wasn’t taking credit away because of of anything. Alexis shouts Happy New Year. Finn offers to buy her coffee. Greg notices that her hand is bleeding. Finn goes to tend to it. Alexis doesn’t think it is a big deal. Finn wants to get her stitches.

Laura visits Carly and they discuss Cyrus. Laura reveals that she was Cyrus’ weakness because they share a birth father along with Martin. She thinks that Cyrus is desperate for his mother’s love. She knows that Martin and Cyrus do not get along. She thinks that she had a good start to answers and felt assured that she could capitalize on Cyrus’ vulnerability. Olivia shows up at the Metro Court with Tracy and Ned. Tracy thinks that she wanted to spend time with them before she leaves PC. She jokes that Ned was working hard at getting ELQ back. Finn takes care of Alexis’ hand and informs her that she needs antibiotics. Jason and Cyrus meet at the pier. Cyrus knows that with Sonny gone that makes Jason in charge. Cyrus wants Jason to open the piers and allow Cyrus to bring product in. Jason has no reason to think that Sonny won’t return.

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