GH Short Recap Monday, January 4, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Jason is worried that Carly is more vulnerable now because he failed to kill Cyrus. Carly thinks that she already solved this. Cyrus comes in and demands to know where his mother is. Jason doesn’t say anything. Carly goes after him. She tells Jason that she took Cyrus’ mom for revenge. Jason is shocked to find out that Laura and Cyrus are related. Jason tells Carly she needs to be careful. She has crossed lines he never thought that he could cross. Ava and Nikolas go to Charlie’s Pub. She remembers how Julian was proud of the place. Alexis shows up drunk. Ava asks if she realized that she wanted Julian after all. She starts crying and says that Julian loved her. Alexis admits she loved him but it was crazy. He was poison. Just like Ava will be for Nikolas. She warns them that the passion will end.

Portia looks for Mac at the PCPD and runs into Jordan. She doesn’t want to talk with her. She needs to speak with Marcus before he is released. Portia reminds her that she took his daughter from him twice. Jordan thinks that this was for their own protection. Laura and Martin meet and asks for leverage against Cyrus. Martin says that he is not sure he can help her. There is no credible evidence against his brother. She wonders if they are working together. She promises to get Florence back. Jax tells Nina that Joss doesn’t want to go to Australia. He is determined to take her though.

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