GH Short Recap Friday, January 8, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Michael clarifies that the search for Sonny has gone from rescue to recovery. He promises to let Carly know if he hears anything. Willow enters the room looking for a bracelet. Michael thinks she looks nice. Willow admits she is having dinner with Chase but she offers to reschedule with everything going on. Michael thinks that there was nothing anyone could do right now. Jordan thanks someone on the phone and Jason arrives with Diane. Jordan told Jason and Diane that Cyrus claims that Jason has abducted Florence. She thinks that she has to get the authorities involved. Jason informs Jordan that Cyrus has no more leverage over her. Portia shows up at Marcus’ holding cell and is surprised to see her. He is sorry for the pain that he caused. Portia thought that he could fight to get his life back. He thinks that he is guilty.

Dante keeps an eye on Peter when Chase shows up. Chase welcomes Dante home and is sorry for not reaching out sooner. Dante heard that Chase looked out for his family while he was gone. Chase was sorry about Lulu and believes that she would return soon. Chase has to get a table but wants to catch up with Dante. He wonders if he would be sticking around town. Dante thinks that he was in town to be with family and tie up some loose ends. Peter asks if he can speak with Cabot on the phone. He was the only one who could answer a question he had. Sam shows up and asks about the dates for Peter and Maxie’s bachelorette parties. Peter demanded that she drop the act. Sam notices that Dante is watching Peter and sits down next to him. Dante claims that he was just trying to get a read on Peter. Sam tells him to pass on any information he might have. Willow shows up and Chase thought she would cancel. Chase tells he what happened to the k9 dog that he had taken to her class. She thinks that there is no room for small talk. Chase rehashed the situation. Cyrus tells Laura that her response for Jason taking Florence is not ok. Lesley walks over and tells him to take his hands off Laura.

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