GH Short Recap Thursday, January 14, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Brando gets dressed in an exam room when Amy shows up. She didn’t expect to see him in there. Brando runs to the Metro Court where Sasha is harassing Cyrus. Cyrus had just gotten done speaking with Sam and demanding that she speak with Jason about his mother. Sam explains she has no idea what he is talking about. Olivia showed up and rescued her. She however wanted to discuss going to speak with Alexis about the night of the incident. Alexis receives a bag from Ava full of Julian’s things. It includes a photo album of their wedding day. Alexis ends up destroying it while drinking. Olivia and Sam show up and try to talk with her. Olivia goes to make coffee and then Sam gets Alexis to take a shower. Olivia thinks there is no way that Tracy wouldn’t have been able to find the coffee. Sam realizes that the alarm would have gone off had Tracy helped her out too.

Laura and Curtis update each other on things. Laura explains that she is related to Cyrus as his half-sister. Curtis is shocked to find out. Curtis wonders about Florence being missing. Laura assumes Jordan is on it. Curtis has no idea. He admits that he hasn’t been home since the night that Marcus revealed himself. He is sick of Jordan lying to him and those around them. Laura worries about the Corinthos family and cannot believe she is living in a world without Sonny. Jason and Brick try to figure out what is going on with the five families with Sonny gone. They go together to infiltrate a warehouse but find a bunch of dead bodies lying around. They go back to Sonny’s office and Cyrus shows up making demands. Sonny is treated by Phylliss, Nina’s old nurse and she tries to get Sonny to remember something. They find an inscription on Mike’s watch that says Mike. Phylliss calls Sonny Mike.

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