B&B Best Lines Friday, December 4, 2020

Liam on B&B 12042020


Hope: Liam, will you just stop please? You said it yourself how much the mannequin looks
like me. That is what you saw. The mannequin, not me.

Liam: Wait. What–are you–no. You’re kidding me right now. This–you’re saying that…

Hope: It was Thomas you saw, yes, but I wasn’t here. Thomas wasn’t kissing me.

Liam: No. No, no, no. Thomas was kissing the mannequin?

Hope: Yes. Liam, look, I–I know this is a lot to take in but… he wasn’t kissing me. I would
never kiss Thomas. I would never betray you. I would never ever betray our marriage any
more than you would.



Hope on B&B 12042020

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