GH Short Recap Friday, January 22, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Nina and Jax run into Curtis at Kelly’s. They all sit together. Nina wonders where Jordan is but Curtis keeps dodging the subject. She catches him up on Phyllis and the last update on her daughter. She decides that she is going to give up the search. Joss finds Carly crying in the living room and she explains that she herself is missing Avery. She explains that Ava came over looking for Avery’s necklace. Carly later calls Jax and tells him to meet her. Curtis wonders if that is something to be worried about. Nina thinks that is just their friendship and nothing to worry about. Carly explains to Jax that Avery has the necklace again and they need to get it back. Jax thinks it is time that Nina learn the truth. Carly wants one last chance at fixing this.

Sonny starts to act manic at the bar and Lenny is getting annoyed with it. Sonny wants to redo the menu for the bar and also will not stop cleaning. Lenny tells him either go to bed or he is going to be kicked out. Sonny reluctantly agrees. Franco asks Scott to draw up papers so that Jason won’t get in trouble if he has to kill him. Scott is annoyed that Franco would do this but says ok. Jason explains to Elizabeth that if anything happens then he has no choice but to shoot Franco. Elizabeth thinks that he will come through her before that happens. Olivia cannot be around Ned right now and wants to leave. Ned suggests that Olivia stay and he will leave. Alexis confronts Tracy who claims that she did all of this for her own good.

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