GH Short Recap Friday, January 29, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Phyllis explains to a doctor that Mike hasn’t eaten or slept in days. Sonny thinks that he is fine and they were the ones who need to get their head checked. The doctor thinks that Phyllis just wants to make sure that Mike is ok. Sonny wonders what is taking the doctors so long. He isn’t a maniac. Phyllis thinks that he was suffering from mania. Which is just mood swings. Sonny wonders why Phyllis cares so much about a complete stranger. She thinks that she made mistakes years before and didn’t do anything about it until it was too late. She thinks that she is doing the right thing now. The doctor returns and explains that there were trace amounts of lithium in Sonny’s blood and he probably has bipolar disorder. Sonny thinks that this is a lie. Phyllis thinks that the lithium will help Sonny. She thinks that it could help his memory. Robert bumps into Sam at the hospital. He wants to know what is going on. Olivia runs over in tears. Olivia explains that Dante is in the trauma room. Elizabeth tells Olivia that Dante is ok. Sam is sorry for what Alexis has dne to Olivia. Olivia doesn’t put blame on to Sam.

Mac is in Jordan’s office and an officer escorts Alexis in. The officer takes the cuffs off and leaves. Mac informs Alexis that they are using Jordan’s office. She explains that she was just trying to protect her daughter. Mac realizes that this is her birthday. Alexis thinks that she needs a lawyer. Tracy tells Luke on the phone that he was right to tell her not to meddle.

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