GH Short Recap Monday, February 1, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Anna stops by at Finn’s office. They discuss the attack on Dante and Anna reports that Dante should be fine. Anna thinks that she wants to visit him after this. She needs Finn’s help. She thinks that it is hard to access Dante’s WSB records. She has been completely shut down. Finn was shocked that Kirk who was working on cutting edge treatment was working with Dante. Anna agrees it is odd. She contacted someone who agreed to help with providing updates on Obrecht. Anna gets a call. Anna explains that Obrecht has been transferred. Finn is shocked but Anna thinks that Obrecht either blackmailed Kirk or found a way to bribe the doctor. Finn thinks that she might have murdered him too. Anna gets off another call and discovers that Obrecht’s case is classified and the name of her new doctor is not available either. Finn thinks that Obrecht might have contact with people outside the facility. Ava meets with Trina at Kelly’s. Trina tells her that she is just not ready to visit her father. Ava is confident that Trina will figure this all out. Trina can tell that Ava seems happier. Ava admits that her marriage with Nikolas has been working out. Trina knows that Marcus has lied to protect her but she was not able to just pretend the past didn’t happen.

Scott asks where Cam’s goofy apron was. He knows that back in the day Ruby would have had his head. Cam claims that he was goofy enough without it. Franco shows up and discusses the Invader article. Scott thinks that he should sue. Franco is not against a lawsuit. He thinks that he wanted to talk with Scott and Cam first though. Ava shows up and asks for a word with Franco. Ava wonders about the claims from the Invader and wonders if it is possible that Franco had destroyed her painting himself after all. She is worried about his dark side returning.

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