GH Short Recap Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Jackie sits down next to Jason at the Metro Court bar. She introduces herself and explains she is writing a story about the Floating Rib explosion. She has some questions. She wonders if he was Cyrus’ target. Jason says nothing until he gets a phone call. He stands up and goes away. Brando asks Jason if he knows that Cyrus is at the police station. Brando thinks that this is a ploy. Martin gets a call from Valentin who tells him that Nelle is Nina’s daughter. Jax knew about this. Martin mentions that Jackie had been working on a story. Jason returns to the bar and Jackie picks up where she left off. Martin shows up and says he wants to talk with her about the story.

Jordan tells Cyrus that she cannot get his mother back. Cyrus is convinced that Jason has her. Jordan told him that he has no proof. Cyrus was worried that his mother was part of a chess game. Laura shows up at Carly’s house and says that she wanted the truth as they have become close over the years. She wants to know where Florence is. Carly explains that she cannot tell her. Laura asks if she can tell Martin that Florence is safe.

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