GH Short Recap Friday, February 5, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Anna confronts Britt at GH and demands to know where Obrecht is. Britt proclaims she is in prison. Anna thinks that it is better that she tell her the truth instead of make things up now and then Anna shoot Obrecht later. Chase shows up at Sonny’s house and informs Michael and Willow that they are going to have extra police for Sonny’s funeral. Michael thinks him for the information and leaves to speak with Carly and Jason. Chase wants to talk with Willow about their relationship. Jason tells Carly their plan is set. Martin receives a phone at the Metro Court and is informed calls the number. Florence talks with him and explains she much prefers this new facility to her old one. Michael tells Carly what the plan is with the police. Jason thinks it is for the best.

Finn gives the DNA test stuff to a doctor. Jackie overheard him and runs after him. Jackie asks how he can do this to Chase. It could destroy him. Finn is not sure what he wants to do. He just wants to know the truth. He thinks that it would be comforting to him if anything ever happened to him that Chase and Violet would have one another. Sonny tells Lenny and Phylis his intent to leave. Lenny tells him he should stay. Nina tells Jax that she no longer trusts him. She decides she wants a relationship with Wiley and he was withholding her from it by not informing her. She calls Phyllis but Sonny as Mike answers.

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