GH Short Recap Thursday, February 4, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Dante gets ready to go from the hospital when Sam shows up confused as to why he thinks he is leaving. Dante claims he has to get back to work. He starts to fall though and Sam calls for help. Elizabeth and Franco rush in. Elizabeth cannot just let him leave though. Dante demands that Franco help him out. Elizabeth thinks he is too busy to do that right now. Sam decides she will do it herself. Carly and Jason discuss the Florence situation. Scott shows up and says something rude about Sonny. Carly walks away because she doesn’t want to hear it. Jason warns Scott that he is going to remember this. Scott tells Jason that if he does anything to harm Franco he will make sure he pays. Jason guesses that means he cannot get caught then. Jackie shows up and talks with Scott. She wants him and Bobbie along with anyone else from the 80’s to get back together for a giant reunion. Bobbie agrees on the phone after screaming at Scott. Scott tells Jackie that Bobbie has been fired from GH and taking private nursing jobs on the road.

Valentin goes to visit Anna about Dante. Anna explains that all of Dante’s files are redacted and she cannot find them anywhere. She explains that Obrecht had the same doctor though and she has been removed from the prison. Jackie calls up Valentin with information on Florence but he hangs up on her. Chase and Greg have a boxing match and Chase tries to get him to try going back to Jackie. Greg explains to him that it isn’t that easy. Chase doesn’t understand why though. Finn shows up and tries to talk Chase down from this idea himself. He later grabs Chase’s empty water bottle for a DNA test. Maxie shows up at Nathan’s grave and Nina shows up herself. Britt later on comes over. The three make a pact that they will be a family to one another. Nina realizes that she has Wiley too.

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