GH Short Recap Monday, February 8, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Anna demands to know where Obrecht is. Britt tells her in jail so she can’t shoot her. Anna knows that Britt wasn’t sure about Obrecht’s innocence and wonders what has changed in such a short time. She assumes that Obrecht and Britt had been in contact. Britt thinks that is informs the WSB would normally provide to her. Terry tells Franco and Elizabeth about the radiation procedure that she has in mind for Franco. Elizabeth is willing to try anything if it means beating this. Elizabeth runs into Finn in the hallway and explains she cannot attend his wedding. Finn knows that’s because of Peter and he understands. Terry explains to them that the radiation specialist refused to treat Franco so she filed a report and a new specialist would be coming soon. Britt informs them that she is sorry for the security breach and is sorry on behalf of the hospital. Britt tells Terry the tech was on suspension now. Finn runs into Anna and thinks the WSB is under the impression that Peter did something. Anna cannot wait for Obrecht to strike.

Carly and Joss go to the cemetery. Joss puts flowers on Mike’s grave and Carly does the same to Morgan’s. Joss thinks that one day she will see her loved ones again. Joss wonders about the difference between keeping secrets and protecting those around her. She thinks there is a fine line. Peter is confronted towards Valentin. He thinks that he is up to something. Peter wants to take everything away from Faison that he had. Valentin thinks this information could destroy everyone around him. Nina heard Sonny’s voice on the phone but he answers as Mike.

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