GH Short Recap Tuesday, February 16, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Laura sees Brando at GH and says that she is sorry that he cannot attend Sonny’s funeral. Cyrus comes over and he says that he knows that she doesn’t think he has a heart. Cyrus wants to go with Brando to the funeral home. Laura tells him no. Laura doesn’t think he can come to the service. She thinks it will just be a way to rub Jason the wrong way. Cyrus thinks that Carly is aware of his mother’s abduction. Alexis takes a swig of vodka and turns around. Molly is standing there. Molly asks her mother if something is wrong. Alexis claims that it was difficult finding her phone Molly was glad that Alexis is hanging in. Molly tells Kristina and Sam that Alexis found another bottle. They just want Alexis to get better and tell her as much.

Lenny tells Mike that he is going to run some errands. Lenny doesn’t want him to worry about the officer accusing him of anything. Michael and Willow arrive at the church. Willow takes Michael’s hand. Michael tells Sasha that it is ok for her to be there because they are still friends. Dante and Olivia walk in. Dante tells Olivia to be civil with Alexis. Olivia thinks that he is a saint. Carly and Jax speak about the night that Nelle fell and died. Jax thinks that he hated keeping information from Nina. He doesn’t think that anyone should know that Carly had been on the cliff. Nina overhears this. Michael and Dante admit that they keep expecting Sonny to walk in. Spinelli arrives with Diane and briefly discusses his relationship with Sonny. Brando walks in and gives his condolences. Nina finds herself at Nelle’s grave and tells her that they should have known. Nina promises to get revenge. Sonny sees someone who looks like Carly. He tells Lenny he remembers someone.

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