GH Short Recap Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Curtis shows up at Jordan’s office. He clearly is not thrilled about being there. Jordan insists on them getting therapy together. She thinks it will help. Curtis doesn’t know how they bring up their problems in therapy when they involve police business. Jordan suggests they talk around it. Curtis doesn’t think that is possible. Curtis tells Jordan he wants a separation. Nina shows up at Sonny’s grave and tells Jax they need to talk. Jax insists that this can’t happen now as they are burying Sonny. Nina doesn’t care. She tells him that she knows. Carly wonders what is going on. Nina tells her she knows about Nelle. Jason gets the bulk of them out. Nina tells her that she knows what they did and is going to get her revenge.
Dante and Sam go back to the Quartermaine house. They clearly start to flirt with one another. Monica tells Olivia she is staying at the house. She is a true Quartermaine now.
Cyrus has a meeting with the board to announce the new drug. Leslie shows up and tells them to vote against it. She later shows up at the Quartermaine house and tells Monica they need to team up to take Cyrus down.

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