GH Short Recap Friday, February 19, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Cam plays his guitar on the couch when someone knocks on the door. He gets freaked out and starts to use it as a weapon. Finds out it is Joss and Trina. They all celebrate Valentine’s Day as friends. Elizabeth and Franco go out for dinner and a couple recognizes Franco and leaves because they don’t want to be around him. Franco doesn’t feel well and goes to throw up. Franco’s hair starts to fall out and they leave. Joss finds Cam’s admittance into Stanford letter and is upset that he didn’t mention it. Elizabeth and Franco come home and tell him what happened and he gets upset. Portia and Curtis sit down together at a bar because they are under cover. Curtis needs proof that the waitress is sleeping with the owner. He ends up getting proof but the two decide to stay and enjoy themselves a little bit longer.

Britt walks into a room where Brad is sitting in bed. She explains to him that she got him out of prison for the night so they could spend Valentine’s Day together. Lucas tells Felix that he isn’t in a Valentine’s mood. Felix offers to take him for a drink. They agree to it. Brad hears this and gets sad. Kristina tries to keep the clerk at city hall from leaving and bribes her.

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