GH Short Recap Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Finn looks at Franco’s scans as Elizabeth awaits his opinion. He explains that cancer is not his specialty but thinks that the tumor has been unchanged from the first round of radiation. Elizabeth is upset by this. She admits that she is mad at herself for being mad at Franco for being sick. Elizabeth tells him that Franco has been put on radiation after going to Switzerland. She wonders if the delay is what made him get so sick. Finn thinks that Franco is too damn annoying to die. Finn asks who is covering Elizabeth through all of this. Franco hears Peter’s voice in his head repeating meet Drew Cain. He calls out for Jason but Cam wakes him up. Franco jumps from the couch and pins Cam down. He backs off as soon as he realizes that it is Cam. Cam explains he was calling out for Jason. Franco thinks that it is always about Jason.

Sam admires the nightclub and points out that there are some women ogling Curtis. She jokingly asks if she needs to call Jordan to save him. Curtis tells her that Jordan has enough to do saving herself. Curtis explains that him and Jordan have split. He is changing his career. He wants to buy the club. He wants to sell his half of their business. Sam thinks that sounds fine with her. Jordan is in her office when Portia shows up. She explains that Cyrus has been taunting her again. Bobbie reads a romance novel to Florence. Florence explains that Martin read to her all the time. Martin and Jackie sit outside the house together. Jason allows the two of them in to see Florence. Florence thinks that Cyrus is a lost soul.

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