GH Short Recap Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Maxie finds Nina at Crimson. She heard about Nina going to Sonny’s funeral. Nina explains that she was furious that she had overheard a conversation between Carly and Jax regarding Nelle’s death. She is angry that Jax had encouraged Carly to stay quiet. Maxie reminds Nina that Nelle was nuts. Nina knows but thinks that Nelle had been human. She should know how Nelle died. Nina explains that Nelle had been raised without loving parents. She was sold for parts. Nina starts crying. Maxie understands but makes it clear that people have difficult lives for many reasons but can still turn out good. Nina wonders if Maxie thought that she should drop this all and just leave Carly and Jax out of her life. Maxie thinks that is for Nina to decide herself. Britt insists that they have a code name just like when Anna had one. Obrecht insists that scarecrow was a name of derision for Anna. Britt explains that Anna pumped her for information on Obrecht. Obrecht thinks that she needs to remain in disguise as an element of surprise. She knows that there is proof out there in regards to Peter. Britt explains that she found Peter at the cemetery and was making promises to Peter. She had told Peter all about Nathan being a good person. Maxie loved him. She asked if Obrecht had ever thought that Peter would follow down Faison’s footsteps. Obrecht tells her that Peter is no Faison. Peter is desperate to keep the illusion of being a good guy.

Anna and Finn make arrangements for their search for Obrecht. Finn is ready to spend the rest of his life with Anna. Valentin discloses to Peter that Obrecht is angry that he framed her. Valentin mentions that Peter publicly blasted information about Franco as well. Anna realizes that she stood up for Peter all along. Peter returns home and ignores the mail sitting on the table. Michael tells Willow that Carly had confirmed that Nelle was Nina’s daughter. Willow knows that Nina did a lot for Wiley. Jax finds Alexis and has a cup of coffee. He explains that he has to give a statement to the FBI about Nelle’s death. Alexis doesn’t have any advice.

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