GH Short Recap Friday, March 19, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Sonny returns to the bar and Phyllis admits she was worried about his absence. Sonny explains he had things to take care of. He promises that he has been taking his meds. He explains that he had been playing poker in attempt to win back the rings that he had pawned to buy his way into the game in the first place. Phyllis was sad that Sonny lost possession of his rings as they were the only thing other than his watch that belonged to his past. Chase finds Finn in his office and says he is sorry for not handling things better. He had just learned that Finn was not his brother. Chase had not expected to learn that. Finn admits that he was also blindsided but Greg would always be his father. Finn doesn’t think his relationship with Chase needs to change. Chase had always wanted a brother. Finn knows that Greg is the man who raised him.

Cyrus finds himself at the Metro Court with Jackie. She tells him to get lost and saved when Robert shows up. He explains to Cyrus that the seat is taken. Carly goes to see Elizabeth and announces that Jason has been arrested for Franco’s murder. Elizabeth tells her it is not a good time. Carly asks if Jason had a gun and Elizabeth knows that Jason always has a gun. Sam sits at Kelly’s and calls Spinelli. She tells him that Maxie was in the process of meeting Peter. Nina informs Valentin she needs to get away./p>
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