GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Nina leaves the bar after speaking with Phyllis and Sonny finds her passport on the table. Sonny offers to go and return it. He starts to go after her and Nina walks in. She stands face to face with Sonny and Nina is in shock. Sonny thinks he knows her as the blonde woman from his dream. Laura shows up at Elizabeth’s house with some news. Elizabeth already knows about the witness for Franco’s murder. She knows that Carly would fight it. Cam hears this and walks in and vows to make someone pay in th echance that Jason is exonerated. Cam thinks that there is one law for Jason and one law for everyone else.

Curtis sits at the bar at his new nightclub and looks at his laptop. He is shocked to see Portia and thanks for her encouraging the purchase. Portia makes it clear that she needs time for Marcus to be sentenced. Ned guessed that Brook Lynn planned to use the child to get ELQ back. Brook Lynn wondered if he really thought she was capable of such a devious deed. Ned thinks so. Michael thinks without a doubt. Brook Lynn sees no reason to deny it.

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