GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Curtis walks in on Marcus and Jordan sitting down together. He wanted to talk with Jordan but stops himself. Marcus explains that Jordan is letting him stay with him through his trial. Curtis thinks that is nice of her. Jordan is left alone with Curtis but he doesn’t have anything left to say. Britt shows up at Maxie’s in order to check up on her and the baby. Maxie begs for Britt to help her cover up her pregnancy but Britt thinks that is illegal and won’t do it. Then Peter shows up and tricks Maxie with a bear he claims is from his childhood but Britt tells her is really from Faison. Britt reluctantly agrees to help out.

Valentin shows up at the Metro Court and sees Gladys sitting alone. Peter walks over to him and tells him to stop thinking that he can be stopped. Carly storms in and goes after Gladys. Valentin interjects and tells Carly to stop getting involved in things that are not her business. He takes Gladys of to get drinks elsewhere. Carly stops Peter from following by telling him off as well. Dante gives his statement in court and Alexis pleads guilty. The judge gives her a sentence of three years which Alexis seems content with.

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