GH Short Recap Thursday, April 1, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Cam explains to Joss that he hasn’t been in the mood to see anyone. Jake gets angry at Elizabeth because he isn’t allowed to see Jason. Cam yells at him because he thinks that Jason is responsible for Franco’s death and Jake doesn’t want to hear this. Jake runs away and Elizabeth runs after him. Joss goes after Cam for telling his brother this. She thinks that he is being stubborn. Cam wants Jake to be able to handle himself around town. Scott goes to see Jason and goes after him about how he killed his child. Obrecht shows up and explains to Scott that it wasn’t Jason. It was Peter who killed Jason. Obrecht and Scott go to drink away their sorrows.

Britt is reluctant to help Maxie fake a stillbirth. She however changes her attitude. Nina and Sonny spend time together around town. Mike is clearly developing feelings for Nina. Elijah shows up and is weary of the new visitor. He calls to have Nina looked into. Carly tells Jax that Nina called her but she hung up on her. Jake and Elizabeth show up at the jail in order to see Jason. Jason tells him that he wouldn’t hurt someone that meant so much to Jake. Elizabeth seems to grasp something from this comment.

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