GH Short Recap Monday, April 5, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Cyrus looks at his phone and thinks that justice has been done for once because Jason has been denied bail. Cyrus announces to Brando that he has business to attend to. He tells Brando to have lunch on his tab. Gladys bumps into Sasha and tells her she needs to talk. Gladys worries that Brando is getting involved with someone else in recovery. Sasha insisted that she and Brando are just friends. Valentin lets Carly into his room and updates on Jason. Valentin is not shocked and he informs her that proving that Jason is innocent will take time. Later, Valentin runs into Gladys at the bar.

Michael opens the door at the Q mansion and Ned is there to check on Brook Lynn. Michael wonders whether Ned worried moe about his daughter or the fact that it is Valentin’s child. Ned explains that he is worried about both. Brook Lynn takes a bite of sushi when Olivia walks into the room and grabs the plate from her. Ava discusses Franco’s final works on the phone with someone. She hangs up and Nikolas shows up. They are excited about the vow renewal. Martin walks in. Nikolas knows what Martin did for Julian. Ava gets a package later and it has a plastic hand in it.

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