GH Short Recap Friday, April 9, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Anna welcomes Peter into her house. She explains to him that they have accepted his offer. Peter thinks that the offer is null and void. Valentin walks down the stairs and tazers him. The two of them explain to Peter that he is going to do what they want. Peter doesn’t want to listen and thinks that Maxie wants to be with him regardless of what anyone says. Finn shows up and Valentin takes him into the basement. Finn explains to Anna that he had a family dinner that went terribly wrong. They all argued amongst one another. Finn finds Valentins ID on the ground and decides it is time for him to leave. Peter threatens to hurt someone they love. Jordan and Curtis decide to end things at the club. They dance together one last time.

Portia checks up on Marcus at the hospital. They discuss how Marcus knows that Portia had cheated. He is not upset. He realizes that he was a lousy husband and wanted her to be happy. He knew it was Curtis as well. Portia and Marcus both agree they want Jordan and Curtis to be happy. Chase starts to feel sick. Michael and Willow talk. Michael admits that he has feelings for Willow too. Willow does as well. The two end up making love together./p>
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