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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 1/25/22: Nina Wants Sonny To Choose!


GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Anna and Valentin Team Up!

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 1/11/22: Laura Confronts Victor!

GH will be a re-run of the February 24, 2021, episode due to New Year’s Eve.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 12/30/21: Sonny Confesses His True Feelings!

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 12/14/21: Will Liz Kill Peter?

Chad Duell (Michael) and Courtney Hope (Sally, Y&R) split up

Ingo Rademacher (ex-Jax) is suing ABC/Disney.

Thursday, November 25, a re-run of the show will be aired. Friday, November 26, it will be pre-empted by sports. More Info

Steve Burton Confirms Exit He posted the news on his Instagram.

Kristen Alderson, Mark Lawson, Bree Williamson, Bradford Anderson, Brandon Barash, Steve Burton, Anthony Geary, Finola Hughes, Hillary B. Smith, Laura Wright, Cameron Mathison, and many other soap stars appeared in “ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway” which was streamed Thursday, Feb. 11. You can see it now on  YouTube.

Congratulations to the show for winning a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series; Outstanding Directing Team For a Drama Series; Outstanding Technical Team For a Drama or Daytime Fiction Program; Outstanding Casting For a Drama or Daytime Fiction Program; to Maurice Benard (Sonny) for winning for Outstanding Special Performance by a Lead Actor in a Drama Series; and to Max Gail (Mike) for winning for Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Drama Series!

GH Scoops/Spoilers

By Suzanne

SOD 1/31/22

Laura tells Spencer that she’s determined to figure out why Victor is back in town. He brought some unpleasant surprises at Luke’s Memorial Service, which is what’s lighting a fire under her. While Laura believes that Luke is dead, she thinks that it might have been under suspicious circumstances. Both Laura and Bobbie feel that someone murdered him. The timing of Victor’s arrival makes it more suspicious. She knows from their shared history that he’s a villain. Genie Francis shares that she loves working with Charles Schaughnessy (Victor) and thought the writers did a great job with Luke’s demise; Laura needed to grieve and move on.

Ratings, week of 12/27: 1.50.

Kristina (Lexi Ainstworth) is back this week in scenes with Sam.

William Lipton (Cameron) had his tonsils removed and is recovering well.

Sonny begs Carly, after Luke’s Memorial, to come home, but she refuses. She needs time, she tells him, and he needs to stop having any contact with Nina.

1/24 Leo gets some good news from Olivia and Ned. Curtis changes his mind. 1/25 Victor learns something. Austin is questioned by Britt about Leo. 1/26 Peter gets news from Britt. Spencer, Josslyn and the rest meet up at Sonny’s cabin for a getaway that they’ve been planning. 1/27 Valentin’s curiosity gets the better of him. Maxie comes up with an excuse when she gets desperate. Esme starts a game with the other young people.

Tracy’s (Jane Elliot) return is given a Thumbs Up!

What Will Happen: At Charlie’s, things get heated. Something shocks Tracy. Dante is worried about Sonny.

SOD 1/24/22

People in Port Charles gather to say goodbye to Luke January 21 in a special memorial episode. Bobbie finally does believe he’s gone. Carly offers to help her mom write something, but Bobbie doesn’t want to say anything. The two of them, and many others – such as Spencer, Nikolas, Alexis, Sonny, Felicia, Anna, Robert, Laura and Tracy – gather to pay tribute to Luke. Tracy has a long speech. Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) shares that Tony Geary (Luke) was like a real brother to her (He’s not dead in real life). The memorial will feature some surprises and guests we don’t expect. His death sets off a big mystery for some of these people.

Maxie feels guilty for lying to Felicia about her baby. Felicia makes things worse by trying to get Maxie to act like her old self. She doesn’t understand why she’s not out looking for her missing baby. Peter made Felicia feel guilty for not being a good mother, so Felicia is trying to help Maxie more.

Ratings, week of 12/20: 1.50.

Stephen A. Smith (Brick) is on this week.

Selina Wu has been off the canvas while her portrayer, Lydia Look, was visiting family in Singapore.

Zachary Garred (ex-Levi) became engaged to his girlfriend, Allison Boyd, 12/28.

Britt tells Nina that Carly moved out of the house she shares with Sonny. Britt wants Nina to ask Sonny to get Selina to quit pressuring Brad, but Nina refuses.

1/17 Laura and Curtis catch up at The Savoy while Sonny is warned by Brick about a new possible threat. 1/18 Chase and Brook Lynn decide to change something. Terry, Portia and Elizabeth have a girl chat about dating. 1/19 Cameron and Elizabeth hearing something shocking. Felicia looks for Austin.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for giving Selina Wu more to do.

Donnell Turner (Curtis) is featured in an interview.

What Will Happen: Nina is in a “complicated conversation” when Ava finds her. Drew lends an ear to someone. Laura calls her family together.

SOD 1/17/22

Kristina Wagner (Felicia) talks about her return to the show. She revealed that she didn’t want to work in 202 due to the pandemic. They had asked her to appear for Peter and Maxie’s wedding. She’s thrilled to be coming back again, even though working at GH is very challenging due to the speed in which they now move. She’s also very impressed with their COVID safety protocols and was glad to see her co-workers again. When she wasn’t sure about some relationship or character on GH (since she last worked there), she Googled it. Wagner is back on contract (she went on recurring in 2012).

Elizabeth decided on New Year’s to move forward with Finn after they celebrated together. She took off Franco’s ring. However, the ring shows up in her locker at work, which freaks her out. When she goes to meet Finn, she tells him what happened with the ring. They play detective to try to figure out how it moved from her kitchen drawer to her locker. They figure out that one of her sons must have found it and stuck it in her pocket, so it probably just fell out. Elizabeth tells Finn that she’ll talk to her boys, but it makes her wonder if she’s doing the right thing.

Ratings, week of 12/13: 1.49.

Jane Elliot (Tracy) returned last week; she was last seen in February, 2021.

The role of Charlotte Cassadine is now played by Amelie McLain; Scarlett Fernandez has left the show.

Viron Weaver now plays Wiley (since Dec. 14), replacing Caleb and Kyler Ends.

Marshall (Robert Gossett) tells Curtis that he’s ready to tell him why he stayed away all these years.

1/10 Before they take a trip, Trina examines how she feels about her friends. Laura and Sonny see each other again. 1/11 Someone surprises Nina at work. Felicia and Maxie talk about everything that’s happened. Austin and Britt feel like they’re out of place. 1/12 Sam and Alexis plan for the future. Brook Lynn runs into Austin unexpectedly. 1/13 Britt learns something new about Brad. Victor and Drew finally confront each other.

Johnny Wactor (Brando) and Sofia Mattsson (Sasha) are chosen as Performers of the Week.

Sean Kanan (ex-A.J.) and Cameron Mathison (Drew) share their fitness and nutritional habits to help fans get healthier in the new year.

What Will Happen: Trina and Spencer are shocked by information that Ava gives to them. Nina is set straight by Phyllis. Carly and Sonny try to figure out where they’re at.

Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex-Margaux) is featured in the short, one-page “Take Five” interview.

SOD 1/3/22

Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky) talks about his return this week to Days.

Lydia Look (Selina Wu) has been doing more on the show; she talks about being on GH and how fans have enjoyed her character.

Scott manages to get Willow on the stand for Nina’s hearing. Nina tries keeping her cool and not worrying about the charges against her. She appears to be in a healthier place now that she’s back in town and realizes Sonny isn’t who she thought he was. She doesn’t want her past with Sonny to come out in public, but Scott has other plans.

Despite Hayden’s name being mentioned on the show, her portrayer Rebecca Budig says she hasn’t been asked back to play Hayden again. She would love to return if asked. She talks about her work since leaving the show.

Ratings, week of 11/29: 1.48.

Heather Mazur plays Deputy Mayor Ashby, Laura’s associate, who we know now is in league with Victor.

Jeff Kober (Cyrus) speaks briefly about his comeback to the show. He hopes to have more scenes there in the future.

As mentioned above, Chad Duell (Michael) and Courtney Hope (Sally, Y&R) are divorcing after being married for just 2 months.

Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny) proposed to his girlfriend, Isabelle Devoto. He was previously married to Kirsten Storms (Maxie), and they have a 7-year-old daughter, Harper, who was there for the proposal.

James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) is working on a new Disney series called “Meet the Mayhems.” It will air in summer, 2022.

Ned and Olivia find out from a specialist that Leo is on the autism spectrum. They’re worried, but Dr. Newman reassures them. Lois is grateful that Ned pushed her into taking Leo to the specialist.

9/27 Brook Lynn gets an apology from Ned. Spencer gets an earful from Laura. Curtis and Drew work together. 9/28 Shawn is defended by TJ. Britt gets a late Xmas gift from Liesl. 9/29 Curtis hears about Marshall’s future plans. Stella looks for Portia. 9/30 The town celebrates New Year’s Eve. Josslyn axes her plans with Cam. Alexis is hopeful about her luck changing.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for bringing back Laura and Martin.

2002 preview: Sonny and Carly’s marriage is in trouble after the judge rules on Nina’s case. Nina’s future is affected and people are shocked. Laura gets a visit from someone familiar that shocks her. There is stunning news that affects the whole town. As Peter and Victor still threaten the town, Anna and Valentin get closer. Peter might get out of his coma because he still wants to be with Maxie and their daughter. He may not live that long. Maxie’s secret about Louise may come out before she’s ready. She still feels threatened by Peter, even though he’s in a coma. Drew still has feelings for someone from his past, and he has an unhappy reunion with someone. While Dante tries to keep the peace in the Corinthos clan, Sam looks elsewhere. Finn and Elizabeth’s relationship is threatened by people from their pasts. While Brook Lynn and Chase keep their plan going, they might get closer than they wanted, and they might be threatened by a Quartermaine who is very dangerous. Alexis has a crisis due to getting her freedom. Curtis tells Marshall he needs to tell him everything or leave for good. Portia and Curtis prepare to go farther in their relationship, which is threatened by “several forces.” As Brad tries to return to his life, Britt clears a path for him, even though she’s called a “bad influence.” Someone innocent may get hurt as Austin plots revenge against Brook Lynn. Even though things are very bad for Sasha and Brando right now, they try to stay together. Shawn figures out how to proceed now that he has more resources. Ava and Nikolas face the future, wondering whether Spencer will be part of it or not. Joss, Trina and Cameron are targets for a vengeful Esme while Spencer worries about what his future will hold. Laura is uncomfortable with the way Victor acts like family with Spencer and Nikolas. When someone in the Scorpio family has to have an operation, they all rally together. Felicia is back in the fold and will be defending Maxie when she faces danger. Things are rocky for Michael and Willow after Nina’s trial. When Willow prepares to take a trip, she learns something distressing. Molly and TJ are there for their friends. Liesl and Scott celebrate and are giddy with their win over Sonny. Valentin doesn’t think that Martin should tangle with Lucy. Now that Ned and Olivia know about Leo’s diagnosis, they take their next steps toward the future.

“The Bay” returns for season 7 on 12/28. An article looks at the cast, which includes Mary Beth Evans (ex-Katherine), Matthew Ashford (ex-Tom), Tristan Rogers (Robert), A Martinez (ex-Roy), Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie), Alicia Leigh Willis (ex-Courtney), Réal Andrews (Taggert), Cari Shayne (ex-Karen) and Nicholas Walker (ex-Jimmy).

Kin Shriner (Scott) is featured in the short, one-page “Take Five” article.

SOD 12/20/21

Brando and Sasha get bad news this week about their newborn baby being brain-dead. Brando tries to support Sasha, who’s in denial about her son’s condition. Brando realizes that they need to make a decision about whether to keep their son on life support or not.

Ratings, week of November 15: 1.46

Brady Bauer now plays Rocco, Dante and Lulu’s son, replacing O’Neill Monahan.

Zakary Risinger now plays Danny, Sam and Jason’s son, replacing Porter Fasullo.

Steve Burton (Jason) explained why he left GH (because he didn’t want to get the COVID vaccination, which is mandatory for all Disney employees).

Jen Lilley (ex-Maxie) is expecting her fourth child.

Brad goes up for parole. His aunt, Selina Wu, is there to support him. Michael and Willow are there, too. Michael talks about how much Brad hurt them with his lies. Brad has a lot of regret over what he did. Brad pours his heart out to the parole board, and then they make their decision.

12/13 Someone calls Anna that she didn’t expect. Curtis is happy when Drew visits. Finn and Elizabeth have a bonding moment. 12/14 Sonny does something for someone that no one would expect. Britt gets news from Austin about a patient. 12/15 Finn and Chase are in the steam room when they have a post-workout chat. Alexis gets help from her daughters with adjusting back into normal life. 12/16 Chase and Brook Lynn are suddenly uncomfortable with each other. Sonny comforts someone.

The story twist of Finn not being Chase’s dad is chosen as Worst Use of History; Anna and Valentin are chosen as Best New Couple; Peter and Maxie’s breakup are chosen as Best Breakup; Franco’s death and Elizabeth’s loss is chosen as Worst Breakup; Sonny and Carly are chosen as Most Tortured Couple; Trina, Spencer and Esme are chosen for Best Triangle; and GH is chosen as Best Show in this year’s “Best and Worst of 2021.”

What Will Happen: Things are heated when Willow and Michael are with Chase and Brook Lynn. Carly and Sonny have to choose something that is very upsetting. Peter gets an offer from Anna.

Marcus Colomma (Nikolas) is featured in the short, one-page “Take Five” article.

SOD 11/15/21

GH needed a band to play in a scene at Curtis’ nightclub, so they convinced GH director Phideaux Xavier to sing on the show (he has a band in real life). He had never even thought about that possibility. He had written a song, so they got it all together very quickly. Xavier enjoyed being on the other side of the camera for a change. He’s also a long-time fan of soaps, along with his sister, who also performed on stage in the band. They’ll be seen 11/11.

Alexis is very shocked to find out that she’s been pardoned by the governor and suspicious to learn that Nikolas was behind it. Nikolas has a lot of influence and uses it for the first time in awhile. Alexis doesn’t want to feel obligated to Nikolas, which she tells him. This shocks him, but he knows she’s working with Shawn to find out who shot Hayden. Still, he’d hoped that she would be more grateful. Nik is in denial and thinks that he’s made a deal with Shawn that will keep him from further investigation. For now, they have a truce.

Ratings, week of 10/11: 1.51.

Mrs. Wu (Lydia Look) asks Sonny something surprising.

Actor Kip (Artie O’Daly) returns to town to help with someone’s new scheme.

Chad Duell (Michael) and Courtney Hope (Sally, Y&R) were married 10/23.

11/8 Diane visits Carly to see how she’s doing. Sonny meets with Mrs. Wu. 11/9 Willow encounters someone she didn’t expect. Peter demonstrates his strength in a powerful way. 11/10 Phyllis is made an offer by Sonny. Josslyn is surprised when Trina didn’t react to her news the way she expected. 11/11 Elizabeth and Porta have a chat about Liz’s feelings for Finn. Valentin gives info from Austin.

What Will Happen: Elizabeth gets warned by Terry. Nikolas has some hope. Sonny makes someone an offer.

SOD 11/8/21

Anna has started fighting back more and not apologizing so much, which Finola Hughes is happy about. Anna is determined to find Maxie’s baby. She’s also glad that Anna and Valentin are heading toward romance.

Shawn convinces Spencer to help him find out whether Nikolas really ordered the hit on Hayden or not. Spencer does it because Shawn really believes it. He wants to find out for himself and hopes to prove Shawn wrong. He runs into Nikolas on the pier and begs him to tell him that it’s not true, but Nikolas can’t. Spencer is angry and chews out Nikolas for being such a monster and a hypocrite. Nikolas is very hurt by what he says. Then Shawn shows up.

Ratings, week of 10/4: 1.52.

Laura (Genie Francis) returns, and Cyrus (Jeff Kober) is seen again. Robert Gossett plays Marshall, the man who’s been creeping around town, watching Curtis.

Scott Reeves (ex-Steven) and his wife Melissa welcomed another grandson to their family 10/15.

Corbin Bernsen (ex-John) will be seen in the new “L.A. Law” reboot on ABC. He and Blair Underwood will be the only 2 regulars from the original series, althought others may guest star.

Liesl is shocked when she wakes up in the lab with Peter, who hasn’t killed her yet. He needs her to try to win Maxie back. Liesl is outraged at his plan, but she wants to use this to escape. She tries to get away but is met with more challenges. She won’t give up, though.

11/1 Jason and Britt arrive at the Cassadine’s island. 11/2 Alexis is advised by Harmony to take her deal. Peter can’t believe the situation he finds himself in. 11/3 Olivia and Carly enjoy a girl’s night out at the Savoy. Elizabeth is Portia’s confidante about the mysterious man. 11/4 Ava wonders why Shaun and Nikolas are acting a certain way. After Alexis gives Spencer some advice, he’s surprised. Curtis is warned off of associating with gangster by Dante.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for giving Ava more story.

November sweeps: There will be a lot of romance, mob action, and a big surprise twist. Laura wants to return home to her family, but Cyrus wants her dead. Carly and Michael both want to punish Nina. Carly resists the urge, but Michael doesn’t. It gives him more trouble with Willow. Sonny wants to keep things peaceful and move on with his life, with his family. That includes trying to cut Nina and his feelings for her in the past. Sonny faces a new mob threat that requires him to do some original thinking, too. Jason tries to help Britt, who needs him, but what will it cost him? After what happened on Crete, Sam and Dante try to make plans for their future. Valentin fights to figure out his life now that he’s learned the truth about his father. Anna helps him. The WSB keep Victor in custody for now because of Peter’s actions. He will interfere in Nikolas and Ava’s relationship. Drew has to fight for his life. He comes up against someone you wouldn’t expect in an epic way. Scott uses his legal powers to help Obrecht, which could cause some major problems in Port Charles. Austin wants to take revenge on Brook Lynn. Peter is on the lam, which means that Maxie might be reunited with her baby. Gladys may interfere with that. Robert is dedicated to bringing Peter to justice. Someone from the past causes Elizabeth pain. Finn is there to help her, but she might not want his help. As Shawn and Alexis try to prove that Nikolas ordered the hit, he works hard to evade them. The result may cause a big power upheaval in town. Spencer works hard to improve his image in Port Charles, with Trina’s help. Esme gets angry at Josslyn, who is very vocal about her distain for Esme. Curtis tries to trap the man who’s been following him. Chase tries to solve a big case, but it might put him in danger. Olivia and Ned try to figure out how to help Leo, but they both have very different ideas. Jax “faces a crossroads.” Sasha and Brando grow closer as they bond with each other and their impending baby.

Sean Kanan (ex-A.J., now on B&B) is featured in an interview.

Wes Ramsey (Peter) and other actors who play soap “villains” discuss their characters.

What Will Happen: Valentin is cared for by Elizabeth when he’s in the ICU. Maxie’s relationships are questioned by Austin. Gladys is taken to task by Maxie and Sasha when she goes too far.

SOD 11/1/21

Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) is interviewed briefly about his current story (finding Victor Cassadine). Everyone thought Victor was dead. Dante is surprised that he actually seems to care for Liesl. He speaks about Jason and Dante’s relationship, and working with Kelly Monaco (Sam) and Cameron Mathison (Drew).

Ratings, week of 9/27: 1.57.

Scarlett Fernandez returns this week as Charlotte.

Emma Samms (Holly) married her partner, Simon McCoy, 10/9.

Spencer looks for a job after Kevin bails him out of jail. Kevin insists that Spencer find a job in return for his bailing him out. Spencer has trouble thinking of himself as a working man, since he’s always thought himself superior to that class. Esmé tries to help him figure it out while they’re at Kelly’s. It turns out Kelly’s has an opening, where Cam works. Spencer would be working under Cam. Spencer thinks it will annoy Nikolas to see him in a menial job.

10/25 Valentin gets an apology from Anna. Nina is reminded by Ava that she holds all the cards. Jax admits something to Michael. 10/26 Gladys is confronted by Brook Lynn. Sasha and Willow have a heart-to-heart about Willow’s woes. Carly and Sonny worry about their son. 10/27 When Sonny is having a nice father-daughter moment with Avery, Carly watches them. Ava considers whether she should take Sonny’s offer for Charlie’s or not. 10/28 Sonny gets a phone call that he didn’t expect. Curtis and Portia are both suspicious about a mystery man.

Cynthia Watros (Nina) and Laura Wright (Carly) are chosen as this week’s Performers of the Week.

Sheree Burton, wife of Steve Burton (Jason) gives fitness tips.

Actors from each show answer questions about their Halloween favorites, including Cassandra James (Terry), Avery Pohl (Esmé) and James Patrick Stuart (Valentin).

What Will Happen: Willow realizes something. Britt and Jason travel to Greece. Someone proposes something to Anna.

Camera Mathison (Drew) is featured in the short, one page feature “Take Five.”

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