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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 9/16/21: Carly and Jason’s Wedding Begins!

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Is This the End?

Update to the post below: In a Twitter exchange, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) hinted that ABC or GH might be mandating that their workers get vaccinated (or firing certain people).

Kristen Alderson, Mark Lawson, Bree Williamson, Bradford Anderson, Brandon Barash, Steve Burton, Anthony Geary, Finola Hughes, Hillary B. Smith, Laura Wright, Cameron Mathison, and many other soap stars appeared in “ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway” which was streamed Thursday, Feb. 11. You can see it now on  YouTube.

Congratulations to the show for winning a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series; Outstanding Directing Team For a Drama Series; Outstanding Technical Team For a Drama or Daytime Fiction Program; Outstanding Casting For a Drama or Daytime Fiction Program; to Maurice Benard (Sonny) for winning for Outstanding Special Performance by a Lead Actor in a Drama Series; and to Max Gail (Mike) for winning for Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Drama Series!

GH Scoops/Spoilers

By Suzanne

SOD 9/27/21

Avery Pohl (Esme) talks about getting the role of Esme Prince (Nikolas’ girlfriend).

Sonny finally comes home this week after he regains his memory. His first priority is to get home to his family. The scenes are supposed to be really great.

Ratings, week of 8/23: 1.48.

Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) is seen again this week, when she gets a request from Ava.

Aiden is now played by Enzo De Angelis (replacing Jason David).

Sasha (Sofia Mattson) won’t be seen for awhile, since her portrayer had her baby and went on maternity leave.

Valentin and Anna find out that Peter was in Nixon Falls. Anna yells at Nina for not letting them know that Peter was there and alive. Then they go off looking for him. They split up, so that they can cover more area, but Anna runs into him first. Anna is an armed, trained agent ready for him this time.

9/20 Olivia is pissed that Ned didn’t tell her the truth. Monica gets a gift that Chase leaves for her. Nina tries to figure out what she’s done this year and why. 9/21 Brook Lynn and Chase bond more. Valentin hurries to save Anna from Peter. 9/22 Chase makes peace with Michael and Willow. Phyllis and Nina argue. 9/23 Maxie is Nina’s confidante. Cameron is asked by Trina to help her prove that Esme is up to no good.

Josh Swickard (Chase) is featured in an interview. He talks about what Chase will be doing now.

What Will Happen: Gladys is assisted by Brando when she’s in need. Maxie makes sure that the nuptials keep to her planned schedule. Nina waits nervously to find out something.

SOD 9/20/21

Charles Shaughnessy talks about joining the show as Victor. He first aired 9/2.

Before they get married, Jason and Carly admit to each other that they have feelings for each other that have re-surfaced. The wedding promises big surprises and shocks.

Ratings, week of 8/16: 1.48.

Sofia Mattsoon (Sasha) had her baby 7/26.

Josslyn gets very angry at Spencer when she finds out from Trina that he pretended to be “Victor.” He tries to tell her how much he cares about Trina, but they’re interrupted by Esme. Esme tries to make nice with Joss, who doesn’t like her and is very suspicious of her.

9/13 Valentin gets a call that makes him worry. Spencer and Nikolas grow closer over a common enemy. Nina tries to keep things at the Tan-O from getting out of control. 9/14 Alexis and Harmony share some common past woes. Dante and Sam have fun at the batting cages. Drew plans how he’ll escape. 9/15 Britt grows more concerned about her missing mom. Sonny can’t believe what he sees at the Tan-O. 9/16 Things get desperate in Nixon Falls at the Tan-O.

Genie Francis (Laura) is chosen as Performer of the Week.

What Will Happen: Something takes TJ by surprise. Jason suspects that Cyrus is back to doing no good. Nina tries to get Jax to see her side of things.

SOD 9/13/21

Ratings, week of 8/9: 1.51.

Robert (Tristan Rogers) will be back on the show soon.

Aaron Bradshaw (Leo) will be leaving the show, replaced by another actor.

Trina tells Joss that she doesn’t trust Esme, Spencer’s girlfriend. She’s suspicious about her calling the late Kiki “Lauren.” Trina ends up putting Esme in the hot seat in front of Spencer.

9/6 is a re-run. 9/7 Sam and Curtis decide which step to take next in their investigation. Jason gets an apology from Dante. Monica and Carly have a quiet, meaningful chat. 9/8 Portia sees something she didn’t expect. Jordan and Curtis find out how Naomi and Drew were connected. Someone arrives in Nixon Falls, shocking Nina. 9/9 Portia tells someone that she’s been keeping a secret. Jason is told by Carly how she really feels, before they take a final step. Nina gets a threat from Jax.

Joyce Guy (Phyllis) is chosen as Performer of the Week.

Fall spoilers: Jax suspects Sonny might be alive as Nina and Sonny fall more in love. The question will be whether Jax tries to stop Jason and Carly’s wedding or not, or go to Nixon Falls to see if Sonny is there. We’ll see how Sonny remembers who he is and whether he’ll be able to get back home. … As Jason and Carly prepare to get married (to satisfy the mob), it puts them in danger as well from those who might not be convinced. They’re also in danger of falling in love. … Valentin and Anna might catch Peter. … Finn and Elizabeth have gotten closer, but we’ll see if their friendship can survive a big threat. … Ava wants to keep Avery and Nikolas safe, but Trina is determined to help her stay married. … Alexis finds Harmony in the same facility; they’re both suspicious of why Ryan is there. … Britt has a new goal, to find out what happened to her mom. She’s still getting over Jason. … Chase, trying to move on, has to figure out what to do with his life now that he’s no longer going to be married or working as a cop any time soon. Brook Lynn will help him. … Michael and Willow are finally together, but they will face an outside threat. … Ned and Olivia’s relationship could be threatened by the fact that Austin is worried about Leo. …Gladys gets a new scheme that might harm Sasha, Brando and the new baby. … Esme has an interest in someone in the town that could make trouble for everyone. She has a “secret agenda” that causes problems with the teens. … Sam has gotten Dante and Curtis help to find out if Drew could be alive. Drew could impact her relationship with Dante. Drew hopes he can escape and come home before they come find him because he doesn’t want his loved ones in danger, trying to save him. Portia gets brought into the story as Shawn and Curtis look for Naomi’s killer. They all realize that their investigations may be connected and lead back to one man. … Brook Lynn feels guilty about Valentin getting closer to Maxie’s baby. Maxie worries that Austin could be a threat to their plans, since he’s at the Quartermaines a lot. She doesn’t want him to remember that the babies were switched. Brook Lynn hopes that she can use Maxie in the fight over Edward’s will. Even though Laura is away for awhile, Nikolas and Spencer still feel her presence.

For Wally Kurth’s 30th anniversary playing Ned, he answers questions about his past on the show.

Soap actors look back on their school days, including Katelyn MacMullen (Willow), Kin Shriner (Scott) and Johnny Wactor (Brando).

What Will Happen: Carly gets support from Bobbie. Sam fills Curtis in on what she’s found out. Ava is asked questions about Nina’s romance by Jax.

SOD 9/6/21

Obrecht and Scott prepare to go to a medical conference in St. Lucia together, where they can have fun in the sun. She also wants to kill Peter. Obrecht has roped Nina into giving Peter false information about Louise to lure him to the island, but Scott doesn’t know any of it. Scott and Obrecht’s plane starts to fall, so they think they’re going to die. He starts to tell her that he loves her, but then they both pass out. Some shady guys come out and take Obrecht; they dump Scotty out of the plane. Some people we know find Scott, who survives. Kin Shriner talks about finding the humor in the scenes.

Ratings, week of 8/2: 1.46

Phoebe Kuhlman plays the real Chloe Jennings, who’s being held captive with Drew.

Peter (Wes Ramsey) is back as of 8/23, showing up in Nixon Falls.

The show is selling GH merchandise once again at Use code GHSOD10 to get 10% by Sept. 13 (one time use only).

9/30 Liesl and Nina work to wrap things up. 8/31 Mike and Nina have a real first date. Josslyn decides to cook a special dinner for Jax, with Trina’s help. Carly thinks that the Five Families might have partnered with Cyrus. 9/1 Carly asks Brando to assist her. Gladys tries to manipulate someone. When Britt learns that Liesl is missing, she is shaken. 9/2 Ava and Trina have a deep conversation. Britt worries about a patient. Anna and Jordan discuss a case that’s unusual.

Soap stars show their vacation photos, including Cameron Mathison (Drew).

What Will Happen: Spencer visits Alexis in jail. When Ava decides something, it breaks Nikolas’ heart. Nina gets help from someone.

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