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GH will be airing a re-run Thursday, 11/24 and pre-empted Friday, 11/25 due to Thanksgiving!


The show didn’t air today, Thursday, 10/13, due to the Jan. 6 hearings. It will air tomorrow.

Sorry for the lack of updates..we’ve been busy. More coming soon!

Holly Returns in October!

Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) will be leaving the show in November (for now) to join the cast of “Station 19” on ABC.

GH will be pre-empted Friday, 10/7 due to MLB playoffs!

Happy Memorial Day! No re-runs or pre-emptions for the soaps today, Sept. 5!

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: The End of Sonny and Nina?

GH was interrupted today by the Jan. 6 hearings; it will re-air in its entiretly tomorrow (Friday, 7/22).

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Trina’s Trial Begins!

The show did not air today, 7/12, due to the hearings. It will air tomorrow!

Nancy Lee Grahn is temporarily leaving the show…

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 7/13/22: Nina Tries to Help Carly!

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 7/5/22: Sonny Wants Answers!

All of the soaps will air Monday, July 4th; however, GH will be a re-run from November 24, 2021.

Congratulations to General Hospital for winning the Daytime Emmy for “Outstanding Daytime Drama Series;” “Outstanding Younger Performer in a Drama Series” (Nicholas Chavez, Spencer); “Outstanding Directing Team for a Drama Series;” “Outstanding Supporting Performance, Actor, in a Daytime Drama” (Jeff Kober, Cyrus) and “Outstanding Supporting Performance, Actress, in a Daytime Drama” (Kelly Thiebaud, Britt). See the full list! Spoilers!

Happy 15,000th episode to GH!

The show was pre-empted Thursday, 6/23 for the hearings. Some areas saw a re-run instead. It will air tomorrow, Friday, 6/24.

The Daytime Emmy Awards telecast will be presented live at 9 p.m. on Friday, June 24, on CBS and on Paramount+.

You can watch The 49th Daytime Emmys Creative Arts & Lifestyle Ceremony here! (It wasn’t televised)

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 6/22/22: Laura Is Under Attack!

The show was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for: Outstanding Daytime Drama Series; Outstanding Lead Actress (Cynthia Watros, Nina and Laura Wright, Carly); Outstanding Supporting Actress (Kelly Thiebaud-Britt and Nancy Lee Grahn-Alexis); Outstanding Supporting Actor (James Patrick Stuart-Valentin and Jeff Kober-Cyrus); Outstanding Younger Performer (Nicholas Chavez-Spencer, William Lipton-Cameron and Sydney Mikayla-ex-Trina); Outstanding Guest Performer (Robert Gossett-Marshall); Outstanding Writing Team; Outstanding Directing Team; Outstanding Casting; Outstanding Live Sound Mixing and Editing; Outstanding Costume Design/Styling; and Outstanding Makeup. See the full list!

Josh Kelly (ex-Cutter, OLTL) has joined the cast of GH! More

You heard it here first! Sean Kanan (ex-AJ, now on B&B) said he won’t go back to GH to play AJ!

Kristen Alderson, Mark Lawson, Bree Williamson, Bradford Anderson, Brandon Barash, Steve Burton, Anthony Geary, Finola Hughes, Hillary B. Smith, Laura Wright, Cameron Mathison, and many other soap stars appeared in “ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway” which was streamed Thursday, Feb. 11. You can see it now on  YouTube.

GH Scoops/Spoilers

Note: Dates mentioned may not be accurate due to pre-emptions.

By Suzanne

SOD 8/1/22

Things look bad for Trina at her trial. She’s hurt when Spencer doesn’t reveal that he was with her at the cemetery when the tape went public. However, he doesn’t give Esme an alibi, either, which Trina’s lawyer, Diane, uses to her advantage. Trina thinks that she’ll be called to the stand, but Diane has a surprise witness instead.

Laura Wright (Carly) is featured in an interview, talking about what her character is going through lately.

Ratings, week of 6/27: 1.33.

Réal Andrews is back playing Taggert; Asante Jones has been playing him recently.

Stephen A. Smith (Brick) will be seen this week in scenes with Dex and Sonny.

Steve Burton (ex-Jason) is getting divorced from his wife, Sheree, after 23 years of marriage. She’s expecting a child from someone else. They share 3 children.

Sonny tells Brick that Dex has impressed him and he hopes to make him his new enforcer (like Jason), but Brick insists on looking into him. Dex works for Michael, which they don’t know. Michael is happy to hear this and advises Dex on how to handle Sonny, to get him to mentor him and get closer to him. Will Dex feel guilty about lying to Sonny?

7/25 Ava gets a surprise from Nikolas. Esme is pressured by Spencer to make the deal he suggested. 7/26 Cody is offered advice by Maxie after he fails to win over Britt. 7/27 Dante gets advice from Mac about his job. Nikolas runs to the courthouse. 7/28 Tensions grow with Sasha and Willow right after they share a sweet moment of friendship. Esme prepares to leave Port Charles. Spencer decides something.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for not using Cameron Mathison (Drew) well.

Brook Kerr (Portia) reflects back on her time on “Passions” and on GH.

Various actors share their preferences, including Tabyana Ali (Trina) and Nicholas Chavez (Spencer).

What Will Happen: Josslyn is asked by Carly not to do something. Curtis’ reasons are doubted by Jordan. Nina and Sonny have a difficult heart-to-heart.

SOD 7/25/22

Cody finally gets a date with Britt, but things don’t go well. Dante doesn’t think it’s cool for Cody to look at her only as a challenge. Cody went to great lengths that were not very kosher, like blackmail. Cody uses the excuse that he had a rough childhood to get away with things. His portrayer, Josh Kelly, says he is like that himself, “It’s almost easier for him to complicate things and have more chaos in his life than it is to have an easy, casual existence.” Cody plans their date for the stables, which he thinks is romantic, but she doesn’t. Cody doesn’t present himself in the best light instead of just being himself. Britt tells him that he’s boring. He still likes her and hasn’t given up on her. He likes her and also likes that she has money.

Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) talks about her latest story on the show.

Ratings, week of 6/20: 1.42.

Lexi Ainsworth will be back as Kristina. She was last seen in February but has been filming again. Jennifer Field is back as ADA Jennifer Arden, who’s after Trina in the courtroom. We’ll see Brian Norris (Felty) again this week.

Kimberly J. Brown (ex-Chloe) announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Daniel Kountz.

Genie Francis (Laura) is off on her annual summer vacation. Laura had to leave for a family emergency involving her mom.

Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego) will be seen in the first episode of “Firefly Lane” when the show returns for its second season on Netflix later this year.

Roger Howarth (Austin), Brytni Sarpi (ex-Valerie) Robert Palmer Watkins (ex-Dillon) and Robert Adamson (ex-Michael) will be appearing in a new horror film, “The Final Rose.” Brittany Underwood (ex-Langston, OLTL) will also appear.

Willow gets bad news from TJ about her health. Her white blood count is up, so she’s worried. She knows that TJ suspects something, but he doesn’t tell her yet. She goes for follow-up tests without telling Michael.

7/18 Esme and Spencer finally have it out. As Josslyn and others testify on the stand, Trina gets worried. 7/19 Austin gets a text about Britt that bothers him. Chase isn’t sure he wants to follow Brook Lynn’s plan. At The Haunted Star, Mac hosts an open mic night. 7/20 Portia gets comfort from Marshall about Trina. Maxie hears a confession from Spinelli. 7/21 Nikolas and Ava hear Spencer ask them something important. Drew, Michael, Carly and Willow are celebrating something when they get interrupted. Anna tells Valentin that she can’t handle him being dishonest, just as he tries to be romantic.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for the developments involving the ELQ-Aurora merger.

Actors were asked to compare themselves to their characters, including Tajh Bellow (TJ) and Marcus Coloma (Nikolas).

What Will Happen: Brando and TJ go to the steam room, but it doesn’t make Brando feel any better about his worries. Dante is told by Sonny how he argued with Nina about Carly. At the cemetary, Nina runs into someone unexpectedly.

William Lipton (Cam) is featured in the short, one page “Take Five” article.

SOD 7/18/22

Evan Hofer talks about playing the new character Dex.

Nina offers the Metro Court back to Carly. Carly is upset about losing the hotel, but she’s happy about Willow being pregnant, so she’s decided to focus on the positive things in her life. She gets angry when she finds out Nina bought the hotel. Carly gets even more angry when Nina offers it back to her, to make up for what happened with Sonny. She stubbornly thinks Nina is just doing this to look good. Later, she tells Drew and Olivia what happened. He consoles her because she’s feeling so down.

Ratings, week of 6/13: 1.50.

Asante Jones fills in again as Taggert, for Réal Andrews, who was unavailable.

Robert Adamson’s last episode as Michael will be this week, since Chad Duell returns.

Gregory Harrison (Gregory Chase) talks briefly about how much he enjoys the show.

Hot Plots Preview: Trina is shocked when she meets with Diane and her family to go over trial strategy. Diane warns her that the prosecution will attack her character. Ava gets Trina alone to try to convince her to come forward with the truth that would exonerate her. She tells Josslyn about it, and she, too, advises her to tell the truth. Trina doesn’t want to get Spencer in trouble but is torn.

Sneak Preview: 7/11 Olivia tries to help someone. Nina’s reaction surprises Valentin. 7/12 Marshall and Curtis try to help Trina by finding proof that she’s innocent. Portia worries about Trina’s doing mentally. 7/13 Victor decides to do something. Marshall and Curtis go to find a clue. Ava gets a romantic overture from Nikolas. 7/14 Esme is surprised. Nina’s motives are in question from Sonny. Laura worries whether she should go help her mother, which would mean leaving her family.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for its 15,000th episode – especially its use of beloved characters like Laura, Scott, Bobbi and the Quartermaines.

An article with many photos looks back on the behind-the-scenes events at the Daytime Emmys last month.

What Will Happen: Sasha worries about what will happen to her after her public display, but Brando thinks she needs help. Sonny, Olivia and Drew are clueless. Carly gets a visit from someone she’s not happy to see.

Tajh Bellow (TJ) is featured in the short, one-page interview “Take Five.”

SOD 7/11/22

Victor’s plans are not going as smoothly as he thought, thanks to Anna and Valentin. Victor wants Valentin to get rid of Laura. He discovers that Anna has been snooping into Valentin’s excuse for being gone for a month. He asks her why she’s investigating his son. Anna turns it around on him, wanting to know what plans he has for Valentin. Later, Victor isn’t happy to hear that Valentin failed to get rid of Laura. He has to put more pressure on Valentin, but he’s discovered that Valentin has more morality than he thought.

Marcus Coloma (Nikolas) discusses Nikolas sleeping with Esme.

Ratings, week of 6/6: 1.51.

Robert Adamson still plays Michael this week (filling in for Chad Duell). He will be seen again July 7.

Dante’s son, Rocco, is now played by Finn Francis Carr. Brady Bauer exits the role he played since November last year.

Two former crew members, Jim and Tim Wahl, are suing ABC (along with Ingo Rademacher) for not letting them have religious exemptions to the vaccinations last year. They were in charge of construction and special effects departments on the show. Rademacher (ex-Jax) made headlines last year for his lawsuit.

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) assured fans online that she’s not leaving the show. She marks her 25th anniversary on the show August 1.

Gregory and Alexis disagree about his Op Ed piece for the newspaper (The Invader), so they make a bet. If readers like his piece, then he’ll get more say in the paper.

The July 4th episode was a re-run from last Thanksgiving. 7/5 Ned figures out why Brook Lynn is upset. After Finn asserts something, Chase disproves it. 7/6 Someone arrives unexpectedly, interrupting Terry and Britt’s meeting. Olivia and Ned each have different opinions about Cody. 7/7 Michael and Willow’s plans don’t go well. When Maxie and Austin have a date in the park, Britt shows up to interfere. Spencer is confronted by his Uncle Sonny.

What Will Happen: Chase and Brook Lynn decide to have a serious conversation. Anna gets confronted by Victor. When Valentin asks Laura something, it worries her. Terry and Britt have a deep conversation about work and dating.

Rena Sofer (ex-Lois, now Quinn on B&B) is featured in the short, one-page “Take Five” interview.

Ted King (ex-Lorenzo/Luis Alcazar) returns to B&B 7/5.

SOD 7/4/22

Sasha visits a local talk show called “Home & Heart” this week. The hostess is Haven de Havilland, played by soap vet Morgan Fairchild. She was previously on Search for Tomorrow, The City, Days of Our Lives and Falcon Crest. Fairchild spoke at length about her experience and was glad to see Lisa LoCicero, who is an old friend from when they were both on “The City.”

Also guest-starring this week is Susan Batten, who previously played Luna on OLTL. She plays Flora Gardens, a home-shopping celebrity. She spoke about her experience on the show as well. She appears this with in scenes with Sofia Mattson (Sasha) as well as others.

Nikolas, Ava and Scott are at the Metro Court Gardens to talk about the divorce. He doesn’t want to let on that he feels guilty for sleeping with Esme. Esme stops by and is shocked to hear that they’re ending things, until Nikolas shares that they’re still together. Esme gets him alone and demands that he pull some strings to get her back into Spring Ridge. She blackmails him about their night of passion. Nikolas is forced to go along with her plan.

Ratings, week of 5/30: 1.51.

Trina’s trial looms large, so Spencer makes a new plan to find evidence on Esme and clear Trina. He decides to put on a bluff, which he first tests out on Cam. Cam falls for it, so he gets Cam in on his bluff. He plans to use Esme’s one weak spot. Spencer is also worried about how Trina is getting closer with Rory.

6/27 Sonny gets a visit from Brook Lynn, who asks for his help. Chase gets advice from Gregory and Finn. 6/28 Things don’t go well for Cam and Spencer when they try out their plan at the pool. Carly doesn’t tell Sonny the truth. Brando decides something about Sasha that’s difficult. 6/29 Willow and Michael are at the stables when Cody interrupts them. 6/30 Elizabeth gets a visitor that she didn’t expect, thanks to Kevin. Gregory is asked by Alexis as to why he didn’t take her up on her challenge. While Laura meets with Victor, she worries about Anna and Valentin’s relationship.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for not writing Nikolas very well.

Jon Lindstrom (Kevin/Ryan) talks about his 30 year anniversary on the show.

An article has stars from each show talking about their summer preferences, including Tabyana Ali (Trina), Bonnie Burroughs (Gladys) and Josh Kelly (Cody).

What Will Happen: Trina continues to worry about her trial, will be soon. Felty and Sasha strike a deal. Spencer attempts to get a test for DNA. Cody has a connection to someone that surprises Sam and Dante.

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