GH Short Recap Monday, May 16, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

Curtis finds Portia getting ready at their place for her lunch with Trina. Stella shows up. She’s not surprised when Curtis tells her that Marshall left town and that they had an argument, nor that he lied about everything, including the mental hospital. Stella confesses that she knew he was still alive, and so did Curtis’s mother. Curtis is aghast.  She gets very upset, so they hug. Curtis decides to find Marshall to get the truth out of him.

At Wyndemere, Esme has some romantic adventures planned with Spencer, but he tells her that he has to go to work at Kelly’s. Nikolas consoles her. She pours her heart out to him, and they also talk about Ava. She compliments Nikolas, and they sit very close together.

Ava and Trina are at Kelly’s. Trina is very upset that she might get kicked out of school because of the allegations against her. Ava suggests that she try to stay positive and let her take care of Esme. Portia runs into Spencer outside Kelly’s and yells at him for everything he’s done to Trina.

Anna and Felicia have lunch. Anna tells her that Valentin kissed her and then disappeared. Valentin shows up and wants to take Anna out, but she blows him off. She tells them that Agent Beeman arrested Jennifer Smith, who will go to Steinmauer forever for killing Robert.

There is a kids’ talent showcase. Leo has to read a poem, but he’s nervous. His family tries to support him, but he only cares about Chase being there. Chase arrives. Leo reads his poem, seeing only Chase and blocking everyone else out. Someone watches Chase and Brook Lynn.

Michael is rude to Sonny. Willow thanks Sonny for flowers he sent after Harmony’s death. Dante warns Sonny that he needs to make up with Michael. Sonny is there to see Avery dance. Sam is there to see Scout’s painting. Drew and Michael offer Ned the position of COO at ELQ, but he’s not happy about that. He meets up with Valentin.

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Days Update Thursday, May 19, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Eric questions why he would help Xander after he blew up his marriage. Xander clarifies that he’s not asking for himself, but for Sarah. Xander explains that Kayla gave Sarah the antidote so she’s completely back to normal but for some reason, she doesn’t know that their daughter Mickie died.

Nicole questions Sarah showing up at her door and saying she’s there to get her baby. Sarah tells her that Mickie was there which Nicole questions. Sarah says that Xander said she was with Eric and since Eric and Nicole lived together, she assumed she was here. Nicole doesn’t know what Xander told her. Sarah says it’s okay because she knows that Nicole told Eric that Mickie is his daughter.

Lani questions Paulina getting to make all the decisions and she has to go along with them. Paulina says when it comes to protecting her from a murder charge, yes. Paulina declares that she’s done arguing and she’s going to plead guilty while Lani lives a long, happy life with her family. Lani says she can’t let Paulina take the fall for something she did.

Eli and Abe discuss the possibility of Lani shooting TR which would mean Paulina is innocent and covering for her daughter.

Chanel runs in to Julie in the town square and says she was on her way to see Paulina at the police station. Julie feels Paulina deserves a medal for what she did. Julie knows Chanel’s love and support will mean the world to Paulina. Chanel gives Julie a package from the bakery and sends her love to Eli. Julie thanks Chanel and tells her to tell Paulina that everyone knows she did nothing wrong. Julie then walks away.

Abe and Eli wonder if Paulina didn’t kill TR but is protecting Lani. Eli points out that they can’t jump to any conclusions, but if there’s more to the story, he can’t be blindsided by it so he needs to talk to Lani.

Paulina reminds Lani that if she confesses, she will lose her career, her husband, and her kids. Lani asks about what Paulina will lose. Paulina argues that she will claim self defense and a jury might believe her. Paulina feels that what happened is entirely on her because she is the one who made the mistake of trusting TR and getting close again. Lani understands that she thought he changed. Paulina says she knew better and asks Lani to let her do this. Lani argues that she will still know what she did and asks how to do her job like that. Lani asks how to face her husband or talk to her children about courage and honesty without being a complete hypocrite. Lani doesn’t want to live like that. Lani declares that she needs to tell Rafe the truth right now.

Eli mentions that Lani just went to the police station to see Paulina but he doesn’t think this can wait. Abe questions him going there to see her. Julie arrives and says she was so worried when Eli wasn’t in his room but a nurse said she would find him here. Julie questions what Eli is doing out of bed. Eli says he just came to say hi to Abe and see what he’s been in to since he’s been asleep. Julie reminds Eli that he collapsed last time he got out of bed. Eli assures that he’s feeling better now. Julie worries that he just got out of a coma so she wants to take him back to his room to rest. Eli says he’s sorry but he has to run as he rushes out of the room. Julie questions what could possibly be so urgent.

Paulina tells Lani that she can’t tell Rafe the truth. Lani says it’s not up to her. Paulina refuses to let her do this. Chanel then arrives and questions what they are arguing about. Paulina tells her that Lani was just blaming herself for not seeing through TR sooner. Paulina tells Lani to go back to the hospital and be with Eli which Chanel agrees with. Lani decides to go then. Lani hugs Chanel and exits.

Eric is shocked to know that Sarah thinks Mickie is alive. Xander says her memory is completely fine otherwise but around the baby, there’s this glitch. Eric questions Sarah being released from the hospital then. Xander says he thought it was too soon but her brain scans came back normal. Eric asks if this glitch will wear off. Xander says it hasn’t yet since Sarah went straight to the nursery and thought Mickie had kidnapped, so he panicked because Sarah was demanding answers so he may have told her that the baby was with Eric. Eric questions why he didn’t just tell her the truth. Xander says he panicked on how to protect Sarah and he couldn’t let her go through the pain of finding out her baby died all over again. Eric warns that maybe Xander was just afraid that Sarah was going to hate him all over again.

Sarah tells Nicole that Xander explained everything about Nicole telling Eric that he is Mickie’s father. Sarah talks about keeping this huge secret in the first place. Sarah asks about taking her baby home and when she hears noise, she assumes Eric is getting up. Sarah is then shocked to see Rafe come out from the shower in just a towel. Sarah questions if Nicole is cheating on Eric and then asks why Rafe is here. Nicole tells her that she doesn’t understand. Sarah doesn’t think she wants to and says she just needs to get her baby, Mickie, which Rafe questions. Sarah asks why he’s looking at her like that. Nicole tells Sarah that Mickie is not here which Sarah questions. Nicole then reveals that she and Eric have split up.

Eric tells Xander to admit he lied to Sarah because he’s a selfish coward. Xander argues that he was protecting Sarah because she’s been through enough. Eric questions him justifying him lying about her own child. Xander feels he couldn’t put her through all of that again. Eric argues that he’s just trying to prevent his own suffering. Xander asks if Eric is going to help Sarah or not. Eric argues that Maggie cannot be okay with this. Xander admits that she’s not and is adamant that he tell Sarah the truth which he plans to do. Eric demands that he tell Sarah the truth today because Sarah is going to notice when no one brings the baby home. Xander looks over at Eric’s bag packed and says he might have a fix for that.

Chanel asks how Paulina is doing. Paulina says she’s slept in worst places. Chanel gives her comfort food from the bakery. Paulina starts to eat and praises the food while Chanel tries to tell her that they need to talk. Paulina continues on so Chanel yells at her to stop talking about the damn pastry.

Eli goes back to his hospital room and starts getting dressed. Lani arrives and questions what he’s doing. Eli responds that he was coming to talk to her. Lani urges him to get back in the bed as he’s nowhere near ready to leave the hospital. Lani reminds Eli that they waited so long for him to wake up so he shouldn’t push it. Eli apologizes. Lani says she’s here now so she asks what is so important. Eli says it’s about Paulina because he’s not so sure that she’s guilty.

Julie asks Abe why Eli was racing out of here. Abe says that Eli is concerned with the situation with Lani. Julie thinks Paulina deserves a parade, not prison time. Abe knows she feels strongly about this. Julie points out that TR nearly killed Eli, Abe, and Lani, so he had to be stopped if Paulina hadn’t blown him away. Abe then reveals to Julie that is not what happened.

Eric feels he isn’t going to like Xander’s fix. Xander suggests telling Sarah that Eric and Nicole went on a trip together and took Mickie with them which will buy him time to break the news to Sarah, since she still thinks Eric and Nicole are together. Eric reminds Xander that Nicole has moved on with Rafe. Xander tells him to pretend and says they’ll be doing a good deed for Sarah. Xander asks if he will do it, but gets a call from Maggie, who informs him that Sarah is gone. Xander realizes she must be looking for Mickie and runs out of the Pub, leaving Eric having doubts at the Pub.

Sarah questions Nicole about her and Eric splitting up and asks what happened. Nicole calls it complicated. Sarah says it doesn’t matter as she just needs to find Eric and get her baby. Sarah thanks her and quickly exits.

Julie asks what Abe means by saying that’s not what happened. Julie goes over TR attacking Abe and then turning on Paulina when Lani came in and then Paulina shot him to save the people she loved. Abe admits there was no love lost between he and TR because TR was obviously just a horrible man. Abe believes that TR convinced himself that he cared for Lani as his daughter, so he doesn’t think TR would have killed her because he loved her. Julie argues that he wouldn’t have shot her husband if he loved her that much. Abe says she’s probably right. Julie insists that TR only cared about himself and Paulina knew it, so she shot him, which makes her a hero to her.

Paulina questions what has gotten in to Chanel. Chanel complains that Paulina is going on like they are lounging at the pool instead of being at the police station. Chanel suggests that she take this seriously. Paulina argues that her lawyers are taking care of everything. Chanel says that doesn’t mean she’s going to walk away like she’s innocent. Paulina assures that she’s worrying over nothing. Chanel worries about Paulina getting put away for years and cries that she’s scared as she doesn’t know what she’ll do if she loses her.

Lani questions Eli not thinking Paulina is guilty and asks why he would say that. Eli says there’s a few things and brings up Lani first telling him that Paulina “said” she shot TR. Eli finds the phrasing strange and asks why she would put it that way if she was there and why she wouldn’t just say that Paulina shot TR. Lani says she was upset and just saw her biological father get murdered, so she guesses she wasn’t forming perfect sentences. Lani asks if there’s anything else Eli wants to grill her on. Eli decides they can talk about it later but Lani insists on doing it now and says she’s ready for his next question. Eli brings up TR being shot with Lani’s service weapon. Lani sticks to Paulina’s story that she grabbed the gun from her holster. Eli then reveals that he just finished talking to Abe, who thinks he heard Paulina say “what have you done”. Eli asks why she would say that. Lani asks how she should know. Eli suggests maybe Paulina was asking Lani that question, because Lani shot TR.

Xander goes to Nicole’s in a panic, asking where Sarah is. Nicole responds that she left to go find her baby that died years ago and asks if Xander cares to explain what that’s about.

Sarah goes to the Brady Pub. Eric tells her that it’s so nice to see her and asks how she’s feeling. Sarah says she’s great which Eric is happy to hear. Eric says he’s sorry for everything she went through. Sarah doesn’t remember much of it but says she’s fine and out of the hospital, so she feels like her old self and ready to be a good parent to their child. Sarah talks about Eric finding out he is her baby’s father and that he and Nicole have broken up. Eric says things are fine between them and they have both moved on. Sarah mentions just going to Nicole’s and seeing her with Rafe. Sarah says she is desperate to hold their little girl, so she asks Eric to go get her.

Julie guesses that Abe never got the chance to tell Paulina about his feelings. Abe confirms TR knocked him out before he could. Julie argues that Abe should be running to the police station now. Abe thinks Paulina has a little more on her mind now than his feelings. Julie asks what could be more important than telling her that he wants her back. Abe doesn’t think it’s the right time. Julie asks if he’s changed his mind.

Paulina assures Chanel that she’s not going to lose her. Chanel cries that she doesn’t know that and brings up Paulina promising everything would be okay when her dad died. Paulina promises not to leave her no matter what. Chanel worries that she might not have a choice. Chanel can’t believe this is happening as they were finally in a good place after years of conflict and fighting. Chanel loved being close to her and being able to see her whenever she wants. Paulina says that’s not going to change. Chanel wants to believe her but after her dad, Johnny, and Allie, she cries that no one ever stays. Paulina insists that she’s not going to prison as she has complete confidence in her lawyers and needs Chanel to have confidence in her. Paulina adds that if the worst happened, she won’t be alone since she would still have her grandma. Chanel argues that she lives in Miami and she’s not moving back there when she has her Bakery to run. Paulina encourages that Chanel has family here too in Lani and Eli and their kids, who will always be there for her. Chanel says she loves them but they’re just not her mom.

Lani questions Eli thinking he shot TR. Eli clarifies that he’s just asking. Lani argues that it’s something Abe may have heard while barely conscious. Eli brings up the other reasons. Lani questions Eli interrogating her. Eli knows she understands as a cop. Lani remarks that she didn’t realize that she was a suspect. Eli points out that she still hasn’t answered his question. Eli adds that he’s on her side no matter what and he wants to help her, but he can’t unless he knows exactly what’s going on. Eli assures that whatever it is, they will get through it together. Eli tells Lani that he loves her but he has to know who really shot TR. Lani then admits that it was her. They sit together as Lani explains that it all happened so fast. Lani tells him that she walked in to Paulina’s apartment with her gun drawn and she saw TR about to hit Paulina while Abe was on the floor bleeding. Lani thought about all the pain caused by TR and she wanted to be the one to stop him, so she did. Lani says she went there to arrest him for what he did to Eli but she killed him. Eli argues that she saved Abe’s life. Lani points out that she also shot an unarmed man. Lani swears that she was going to take responsibility but Steve walked in and Paulina just blurted out that she shot TR. Lani says she was in shock, so she just went along with it, but not anymore. Lani tells Eli that she went to the police station to tell Paulina that she wasn’t going to let her take the blame but Paulina said she would lose her career, family, and her whole life. Lani states that Paulina begged her to let her do this for her but she cannot let Paulina go to prison for her. Lani declares that Paulina won’t listen to her but maybe Eli can help convince her that she can’t do this and that it’s crazy but Eli responds that maybe it’s not crazy.

Abe assures Julie that he hasn’t changed his mind about Paulina but he thinks the timing is off. Julie disagrees. Abe questions Julie thinking that he should declare his love while Paulina is sitting in a jail cell. Julie can’t think of anything more romantic. Abe appreciates her encouragement but thinks it’s best if he waits. Julie says she can’t make him but warns him not to wait too long because she thinks it’s something Paulina needs to hear as something she can hang on to.

Xander questions why Nicole would tell Sarah that she broke up with Eric. Nicole says because it’s the truth. Xander calls it thoughtless but says he can still save this. Xander suggests Nicole tell Sarah that she and Eric got back together and are now heading off on a late honeymoon. Nicole questions Xander wanting her and her ex-husband to pretend that they are on vacation with his baby daughter that died tragically years ago. Nicole calls it insane. Xander asks her to be a team player but Nicole refuses. Xander guesses this is payback for him blowing up her marriage to Eric, so now she wants his plan to go bust. Nicole argues that it won’t help and will only make things worse. Nicole says the longer Xander doesn’t come clean with Sarah, the harder it will be to keep Mickie’s death a secret. Rafe agrees but Xander says no one asked him. Nicole reminds Xander that he’s been down this road before and every day that he tries to keep this a secret, the more he loses control and risks Sarah finding out the truth from someone else. Nicole encourages that if Xander goes to her now, he can make sure she hears it in a caring, sensitive way, from him.

Sarah asks Eric if Mickie is upstairs but Eric says no. Sarah asks if she’s with Marlena but Eric says she’s not with his mom, his dad, or his sister. Sarah questions where she is then. Eric takes Sarah to sit down. Sarah asks what’s going on. Eric says there is something he needs to tell her and it won’t be easy to hear. Sarah says he’s scaring her and asks if it’s about Mickie. Eric declares that it’s time that she knows.

Lani questions Eli not thinking it’s crazy for Paulina to go to prison for something that she did. Eli thinks Paulina has a point that Lani has a lot more to lose. Lani argues that they are police officers and took an oath to uphold the law and be accountable for their actions. Eli argues that he took a much more important oath to her. Eli declares that he cannot let her go to prison as he and their kids need her. Eli warns that she’d be looking at hard time. Lani asks what he’s saying. Eli thinks it would be better for everyone if she just let Paulina take the fall.

Paulina tells Chanel that they’ve been through scary times before and encourages her to remember how strong they are. Chanel doesn’t feel strong. Paulina hugs Chanel as she cries and assures they’ve got each other. Paulina promises her that everything will be just fine.

Rafe helps Nicole find one of Henry’s toys. Rafe thought what Nicole said to Xander was very nice. Nicole says she kept a lot of secrets that she wishes she hadn’t, so she thought she would help him out. Rafe calls that very generous considering everything Xander had done to her. Rafe calls it one more reason that he loves her as they kiss.

Xander returns to the Pub to see Sarah crying in Eric’s arms. Xander questions what’s going on. Sarah turns to Xander and asks how could he as she then storms off. Xander glares at Eric and sarcastically thanks him.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, May 19, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Sonny decides to testify for Nina since Michael doesn’t want help from him. TJ tries to persuade Marshall to return to Port Charles but he says that he has left a trail of destruction after him. TJ persuades Marshall to play his clarinet at a Jazz club. Marshall and TJ are outside the Jazz club ready to go inside when a thief wants to rob them and he wants to take the clarinet.

Elizabeth and Finn argue and she asks him to leave because he doesn’t think Franco’s spirit is trying to send her a message. Elizabeth sneaks out of Kevin and Laura’s house and goes back home to see if she can feel Franco’s spirit.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, May 19, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa open their wedding presents and discuss possibly having a bigger family then just one child.

Noah tells Allie that the Abbotts are good people and they will give her space when she needs it.

Michael has a late dinner with Diane and advises her not to do anything impulsive and be patient until Kyle decides if he wants her to be a part of his life. Jack also gives Diane the same advice and also tells Diane he won’t be a go-between with her and Kyle.

Jack and Phyllis make love and decide to take their relationship slowly.

Kyle is still confused about what to do about Diane. Summer still doesn’t trust Diane. Summer tells Kyle that Marchetti is deeply in the red and she proposes that Jabot buy to Marchetti and move the operations of the company to Genoa City.

Summer wonders if Kyle would want to move back home given the situation with his mother.

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Y&R Update Thursday, May 19 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Mariah and Tessa were at home. They toasted to bein married and agreed that it felt very natural. They talked about the wedding, and they were very happy with every aspect of it. Later, Tessa opened the wedding gifts, while Mariah took notes on them for the thank you notes. Someone Tessa worked with gave them a coffee table book on birds. Tessa seemed mystified by the gift choice. Mariah said she liked birds, which resulted in a quizzical look from Tessa. Mariah’s employees at Jabot got them a golden rock-on hand. Faith got them an artistic drawing of a heart that said family. Tessa brought up having their first child. Mariah was startled that Tessa was thinking of having more than one. Tessa said it was a slip of the tongue. Mariah assured Tessa that she’d love more than one. Tessa smiled, and said maybe one of them would decide to carry a child after adopting.

Mariah and Tessa kissed, then they held hands as they went to the bedroom. While they were in bed, Mariah told Tessa that she didn’t have to hide wanting another kid, even if she wasn’t sure Mariah felt the same way. “We share everything.” Tessa agreed and said it was the best of who they were, and who they’d continue to be. They called each other wife, and they shared a passionate kiss. Tessa suggested they stay up all night so they could experience every second of this day. Mariah liked the idea of watching the sun rise on their very first day as a married couple.

Jack walked Phyllis to her suite, and she brought up their unexpected kiss. He wasn’t sure it was unexpected. She suggested that it happened because of all the emotions swirling around due to the wedding. Phyllis entered her room alone, but she left the door open. Jack followed and closed the door behind him. They slept together. As they basked in the afterglow, Phyllis grinned and said she was starting to think that kiss was a little more than just the wedding. They agreed that this felt right. He knew her well enough to know she was hungry. He thought they’d order room service, but she said she’d rather keep the celebration going at Society.

Michael ran into Diane at Society. He couldn’t stop staring – he couldn’t get over the fact that she was really here. It was meaningful to her that someone said that while sounding kind of glad about it. Lauren was out of town on business, so Michael was alone. A grateful Diane accepted Michael’s offer to join her. He asked how things were going. She said that Kyle extended his visit, but not because of her. She bragged about how well Kyle did officiating the wedding.

Michael was disapproving of Diane crashing the wedding. He said her presence could’ve caused a scene. Diane said she was a better person now, but she was still Diane, so certain people would always see her as suspect. Michael reminded Diane that he was the one who advised her when she and Jack were fighting over Kyle’s custody. Michael also eventually had to step in and take over the case. Diane smiled and noted that Michael was the reason she won custody, in large part because of the way he grilled Phyllis on the stand. “I’m also the person who organized your memorial service because I didn’t want Kyle to think that everybody hated his mom,” Michael added. Diane didn’t know that, and she was touched. It reminded her all over again what she put Kyle through, though. Michael wasn’t trying to make Diane feel guilty. He thought she was sincere about wanting to make amends with Kyle. Michael acknowledged that he was no saint either. Diane admired and envied Michael because he had a place to call home with people who loved and respected him. He agreed he was fortunate, and he assured her that she wasn’t alone in the world. Michael said Diane was a formidable woman, and that meant keeping her head held high and not being impulsive, like showing up at events where she wasn’t invited. Diane didn’t want to be scolded. Michael felt that he was being the friend Diane needed by telling her what she needed to hear. He said if she wanted to have a real relationship with Kyle, she had to be prepared to wait and suffer some of the wrath of Genoa City.

Diane saw Jack and Phyllis walk in, and they saw her. Phyllis grumbled about Diane and Michael being like best buds. Jack told her to ignore them, and she said she would do that for him. Phyllis and Jack got a table and held hands. She smiled as she gazed into his eyes. They talked about him catching the bouquet, and she wished she’d gotten to see it. Across the room, Diane was sure that Phyllis was fawning all over Jack to annoy her. Michael said he’d take Diane’s word for it. At that point, Phyllis loudly laughed at something Jack said. Diane decided to leave. Michael didn’t think Diane should let Phyllis chase her away. Diane said that Phyllis never passed up the chance to make her feel unwelcome. Diane was going to check out of the Grand Phoenix since Phyllis wanted her out. Michael said dinner was on him. Diane appreciated that and his friendship. He reiterated the advice not to be impulsive.

Diane went to Phyllis and Jack’s table and wished them a good evening. Phyllis stated that Diane needed to leave the hotel first thing in the morning. Diane knew – she said she just had to finalize her plans. Diane left. Jack wondered if she’d go back to LA. Phyllis said everyone made it clear that Diane wasn’t welcome here. Phyllis planned to do whatever it took to drive that point home. Jack looked amused. Phyllis shifted gears and said Jack’s eyes were so blue, and sometimes that took her breath away. He joked that he’d try and change, but she said she liked it.

Later, Phyllis rushed to Michael and confronted him about “chatting it up with your old pal, that lunatic, Diane Jenkins.” Michael refused to kick his old friend while she was down. He thought too many people were doing that, but Phyllis thought that Diane should be catching more heat. Michael began to say that he’d be there for Phyllis if she were in that situation. Phyllis cut him off because she took umbrage at being compared to Diane. Michael said Phyllis had a propensity to do things that had consequences she didn’t plan for, thus alienating large swaths of people. Michael said as a friend, he’d stand by Phyllis, and he told her to suck it up. She glared. He noted that she seemed happy with Jack a moment ago, so he told her to go enjoy that.

Good luck with that, Jack” Michael said as he left the restaurant. Phyllis thanked Jack. He asked if she felt better now. “Damn you and those blue eyes,” she said. Later, he took her back to the hotel lobby, and she said they should part ways here. He thought that was a good idea, since the kids were back at his place, and if he didn’t spend the night there, his absence would be noted. He didn’t want to field questions that were none of the kids’ business. He said he and Phyllis would decide how this evolved. She agreed and they shared a peck on the lips and agreed to see each other tomorrow. Phyllis got on the elevator. “My my, so much romance in the air tonight,” Diane said. It turned out she was sitting in the lobby.

Jack commented on Diane going to the wedding where she was neither invited nor welcome. She said she wanted to see her son. Michael told her that she needed to be patient with Kyle, and she was willing to do that, even if it meant she was constantly turning the other cheek with Phyllis. She hoped to have more moments like she did at the wedding, like when Kyle reintroduced her to Summer. Diane asked how Kyle was doing after the wedding. Jack said he wasn’t going to be a go-between. He stated that Kyle and Diane were adults. Jack was going to support whatever Kyle decided, and he thought Diane needed to give Kyle some time and space. Diane said that Jack and Phyllis seemed to be moving things along, and the timing was interesting. “Almost like [Phyllis is] marking her territory,” Diane said. Diane sauntered off, and Jack narrowed his eyes and appeared to think about what she’d said.

At the Abbott house, Summer came downstairs and told Kyle how cute the sleeping Harrison was. She thought he was the sweetest kid ever, and she marveled that she was so crazy about him after such a short amount of time. Kyle said that Harrison tried hard to be good. Kyle had been the same way as a kid – it had been him and his mom against the world, and yet she still… He decided to drop the subject. Summer resented the way Diane showed up at the wedding and forced Kyle to bring Summer to her. Kyle didn’t feel forced. Summer said that Diane knew Kyle couldn’t say no. Summer also felt that Diane played the martyr when she was asked to leave and acted like Kyle was her protector. That was why Summer couldn’t trust Diane. Summer could see that Kyle was struggling with this.

Kyle didn’t know if he could forgive his mother, or if he even should. Summer was sympathetic. She could see how badly he wanted to believe Diane was sincere, but Summer hadn’t seen any proof, and she didn’t want him to get hurt. Part of him wanted to take more time to decide, but part of him wanted to stop living in limbo. He hated being so guarded around his mother. Summer said that it was Kyle’s decision, and she reminded him that even if he made a choice, he could always change his mind. She knew that it was up to Kyle to decide whether to introduce Harrison to Diane, but Summer thought they should leave the boy out of this for as long as possible. At least until they knew whether Diane was trustworthy. Kyle completely agreed.

Kyle wanted to set the Diane issue aside and focus on his strong, gorgeous, pragmatic wife, who took his breath away. They shared a deep kiss, then they took things upstairs. They disrobed, then he carried her to bed. Later, they cuddled, and he said he loved their life in Milan, but sometimes he got homesick. She said there was something special about being back in Genoa City. She didn’t realize how much she missed it. He thought they should try and come back more often. He knew Marchetti was her dream job, but work life balance was important.

Summer got out of bed. She revealed that she’d discovered some troubling things about Marchetti’s finances, and she brought it to Angelina, who’d politely brushed Summer off. That lead Summer to do a deep dive into Marchetti’s books. Things were really bad. Summer now realized why Angelina had been so interested in her marketing experience. Summer’s vision for the brand had helped things somewhat, but Marchetti was still deep in the hole. Summer approached Angelina again, but she was deep in denial and too afraid to do what it took to shore things up. Kyle asked if Summer was thinking of walking away. Summer said no. She loved her work and really believed in Angelina’s design talent. Summer knew it’d take something really big to keep Marchetti afloat. Kyle could tell Summer had an idea.

Summer wondered what if Jabot bought Marchetti. Jabot had been in and out of the fashion business, so she reasoned that it shouldn’t be hard to ramp back up. Kyle thought it was an interesting idea, but he had to think about how it would work. Summer thought they could move operations to Genoa City, so they could move back home, permanently. She said they could give Angelina the option to relocate or work remotely. Summer asked if Kyle wanted to move back, now that Diane was here.

Noah let himself into Crimson Lights, which was closed. Over the phone, he explained to Sharon that he had a lot of energy, so he didn’t want to come home and keep everyone up. The call ended. Allie entered and noted that the place looked closed. Noah explained that it was, but his mom owned it. Allie was there because she couldn’t sleep. Noah said he’d make Allie a drink. He smiled and said they could ignore each other after that. That sounded good to her.

Allie was doing something on her phone when Noah approached with a coffee pot. He asked why she wasn’t at Jack’s. She said there were so many people there. She didn’t want to seem rude, because everyone had been so welcoming, but for many years, it was just her and her dad. There was a lot of energy at the house, and it was all directed at her, but they were all strangers, so it was awkward. Noah understood. He had a big family – the Newmans were an assertive and smart bunch. He’d left town to avoid family drama. The last time, he left the continent. It took him a long time to realize there was far more good at being a part of it than there was bad.

Allie was glad Noah figured out how to get along with his family well enough not to flee the country. Noah assured Allie that Jack was a very good man. Jack used to be Noah’s stepfather. Allie recalled Jack saying he’d been married several times. Noah said Allie met Summer, and surely saw how cool she was. Allie agreed. Noah said Kyle was cool too. According to Noah, the Abbotts were kind and generous people who’d take Allie on her own terms, and if she asked them for space, they’d still be there when she was ready.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Linc tells Brook Lynn that the song that Chase sang belongs to hum because she wrote it while he was her music producer. Linc tells her he is talking to several singers about singing her songs. Linc tells Brook Lynn that she should sign another contract with him and they could negotiate the terms of the contract in his room. Brook Lynn punches Linc and Chase tells her she isn’t alone and he can help her but, she is distracted and rushes to go talk to her lawyer and see if Linc owns some of the songs she has written.

Portia tells Curtis that the Title 9 report that the Title 9 Coordinator from the university submitted says that the circumstantial evidence suggests that Trina posted the video of Cameron and His spun this report might lead to Tina’s expulsion from the university. Trina will have a hearing in thirty days and after the hearing the University will make a decision whether or not to expel Trina from school.

Gladys has a long talk with Sasha about her use of uppers. At first, Sasha denies she has been taking the pills but then she admits that she took the pills to help her deal with the Deception IPO and Liam’s death. Sasha promises Gladys she doesn’t intend to take the pills anymore and begs Gladys not to tell Brando. Gladys promises not to tell Brandon, but Sasha has to let her move in with her and Brando. Sasha and Gladys go to the garage and Sasha tells Brandon that Gladys is moving in with them.

TJ and Molly talk to the music store owner who fixed Marshall’s clarinet and he promises them he will let Marshall know that his family wants him to return to Port Charles. Jordan tells Curtis that TJ and Molly went to Brook Lynn to try and find Marshall. Curtis calls TJ and he tells him about their talk with the music store owner and Curtis tells him he is going to Brook Lynn and he will help them search for Marshall. TJ and Molly finish their cherry pie and are about to leave the restaurant when Marshall walks in the door.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

The wedding reception continues and Diane meets Summer again and later Kyle asks Summer for her opinion of Diane. Summer tells Kyle that she doesn’t trust Diane at all.

Nick gives Mariah and Tessa a honeymoon trip to Paris for a wedding present and he tells them they will leave for Paris tomorrow.

Phyllis has a heated discussion with Diane and kicks her out of the Grand Phoenix and demands that she leave town. Diane tells Phyllis she isn’t leaving town unless Kyle asks her to leave town. Jack later tells Phyllis that he caught the wedding bouquet. Jack thanks Phyllis for being so supportive with this whole Diane situation and Phyllis gives him a kiss.

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Interview with actors from “Tom Swift”

TV Interview!

Poster for "Tom Swift" on The CW

Interview with actors of “Tom Swift” on The CW by Suzanne 5/6/22

This was a fun press day for the new show on The CW. The character of Tom Swift was previously seen on their show “Nancy Drew,” so this is a spinoff. It was a very fun panel. I wish I could have asked more questions. They didn’t tell us ahead of time who would be there, and I would liked to have asked April Parker Jones a question because she’s been on many great shows that I watch. She plays Tom Swift’s mother.

Tom Swift
Noga Landau, Melinda Hsu Taylor, Cameron Johnson (Exec. Producers)
Albert Mwangi “Rowan,” Ashleigh Murray “Zenzi Fullington,” Tian Richards “Tom Swift,” Marquise Vilson “Isaac Vega,” April Parker Jones “Lorraine Swift”

MODERATOR: Hello, and welcome to the virtual press panel for The CW’s devilishly-charming new series, TOM SWIFT. We are so proud of this project and look forward to sharing it with you. As an exceptionally-brilliant inventor with unlimited resources and unimaginable wealth. Tom Swift is a man who many men would kill to be, or be with it, a man with the world in the palm of his hand. If that world gets shaken to its core after the shocking disappearance of his father, thrusting Tom into a breathtaking adventure, full of mysterious conspiracies and unexplained phenomena. Premiering Tuesday, May 31st at 9:00 PM this is TOM SWIFT.

(CLIP shown)

TOM SWIFT: Honored guests. A core value at Swift Enterprises is that if you can dream it, we can make it happen.

What does a genius inventor do when he’s not inventing?

TOM SWIFT: I multitask.

ROWAN: While I’m gone, you need to grow up. Be a man.

ROWAN: You will have more responsibility heaped upon you than you even know.

ROWAN: Everyone you love will end up dead.

TOM SWIFT: My name is Tom Swift. I’ve got this.


MODERATOR: Please welcome the cast and executive producers of TOM SWIFT. We are so excited to have you here with us. And as a quick reminder to press, if you’d like to ask a question, please click the “raise your hand button” and we’ll put you in the queue and call on you when it’s your turn. If you have a two-part question or follow-up, please let us know at the top of the question. Thank you for joining us today. Thank you to everyone for your participation. Now let’s get started. First up is Suzanne Lanoue followed by Fred Topel.

SUZANNE: Hey, good afternoon, everyone.

ALL: Hey, Noga!

TIAN RICHARDS: Noga, you look good.

NOGA LANDAU: You all look so good. I feel like (You too!) [UNINTELLIGIBLE] explode from all the gorgeousness.

CAMERON JOHNSON: Well, beauty combusts.

NOGA LANDAU: It’s a scientific fact.

SUZANNE: Hi, this is Suzanne from TVMEG.COM. And my question is for Tian.  I read that there are some supernatural elements in this show as well, but I didn’t see any in the pilot. So can you tell us about any of them?

TIAN RICHARDS: Ooh, well, our show takes place in a beautiful tech world. So tech is the leading, the leading factor in our show. Though in NANCY DREW, Tom did get his first experience with the supernatural, that’s not really a big theme of Tom Swift. But who knows? I mean, but right now we’re just, we’re just, we’re tech-heavy over here. [LAUGHS]

CAMERON JOHNSON: As long as there’s no [INAUDIBLE] here, there may be ghosts. But yes.

TIAN RICHARDS: Yeah. Again, who knows?

CAMERON JOHNSON: Anything is possible, but yes.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: Cosmic wonder, I would say.

CAMERON JOHNSON: Mm, cosmic wonder.

SUZANNE: Thank you.

MODERATOR: Next step is Fred Topel.

FRED: Uh, also for Tian, this obviously isn’t your first time playing Tom Swift, but how is it different having a show centered around Tom, and how is he different in this show?

Tian Richards (Tom Swift) guest-starring on "Nancy Drew" on The CWTIAN RICHARDS: OK, a question I love. First of all, yo, it’s been three years since Tom Swift was in Horseshoe Bay. So that takes place in 2019, we take place in current day. So, Tom has definitely grown up a little more. When we first meet him, he’s still trying to get the, the meteorite to, to build the, you know, spaceship for his father. At the top of our series, we meet him when he has just completed that spaceship. So again, definitely further along his journey.

TIAN RICHARDS: We look a little different, I like to say. I mean, a, a little bit, a little bit, we’re giving a little more, you know, grown-man energy, definitely this time around. And it was so beautiful this time, you get to see Tom in his element. You get to see him with his family, with his friends, you get to see him in his hometown. So, you really do open up the fullness of who this man was. We got like a prequel, like an appetizer of Tom and, and NANCY DREW. But now you get, you get a full course. So come on, baby. We not snacks, we meals.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: Right, are you hungry?

CAMERON JOHNSON: We got like the edemame of Tom. Now we have the sushi.

TIAN RICHARDS: Come on! I love that. I love that.

FRED: You feel different being the center of the show?

TIAN RICHARDS: Yes, yes! Before, I got to come in and be cute and be in Horseshoe Bay and like just follow Nancy’s lead and really watch Kennedy lead. But I needed that because that was the most I’d ever done in an episode of television. I’d never been [in] a series. Yeah, I’d never been a series regular before. So just to watch Kennedy take control of the set as a leader and be so beautiful and fearless, it really gave me insight on what was to come or, or what I hoped to come at the time.

TIAN RICHARDS: So I just sat back and watched how open and given, giving she was, and hope to do the same. But yes, it feels totally different. I, I say this all the time and I love my cast for just, and, and, and, and my creators for just really huddling around me and, and allowing me to find my voice in this space and really come into my own as an artist, as a man, you know, I definitely feel a lot more grown [LAUGHS] this time around. Cause I came in with a bit of imposter syndrome, and I, I’ve been definitely finding myself in this space, so, so seamlessly. And that’s a life experience that I’ll, I’ll take with me. So yeah.
Yeah, growth. I think growth is the main thing that I’m, I’m having in this journey.

CAMERON JOHNSON: Truly it’s been so wonderful and heartwarming to watch Tian realize and understand inside of himself that he is incredible, and that like, he is just as good as all of them really that, that, that, that we all knew that he would be. And it’s, it’s been really beautiful to watch, and it’s made my, my, my, my little heart smile.

APRIL PARKER JONES: Yeah. I, I have to piggyback on that. I think I, I tell you all the time, I do. And I, I, I’m learning so much from you the way that you are taking leader, this role as a leader. And it’s so beautiful. And, although I’m probably the oldest one here on set, I’ve learned so much from your example, and I’m so proud of you for stepping into this with such confidence and such compassion for all of us. So, thank you, I see you.

TIAN RICHARDS: Thank you. Thank you, April. Can we, can we tell ’em really quickly, tell them a story?

TIAN RICHARDS: Let’s talk about it. So I met the beautiful, wonderful Miss April Parker Jones, I’m not gonna tell ’em how long ago, but we were a lot younger. I was 18 and I used to be a personal assistant. And the guy I worked for used to put actors on tape. So, so many people would come through and I was fresh out of high school. I think I had just turned 18. And then in walks this beautiful woman, honey tone, nice commanding voice and presence. And she gets on tape and does it in one take. And I say, who is that? And it was April Parker Jones, ladies and gentlemen. And all these years later, we’re now doing a series together in the same city that we met.

APRIL PARKER JONES: Absolutely full circle, full circle. Yes, my friend. I love you.

TIAN RICHARDS: I love you.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: Yeah. I will say actually, when we were doing the casting, the chemistry read, April was one of three final contenders. And she came on the screen and said to Tian, just forgetting about the audition entirely, “I am so proud of you.” That’s real, feel that hug. (Oh yes) And right away we like, oh, this is [OVERLAPPING]

APRIL PARKER JONES: Oh yes, Mama Swift.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: Also, your performance is right.

CAMERON JOHNSON: It’s hard to hug via zoom. So we’re, that was, that’s true talent.

TIAN RICHARDS: Thank you, Cameron.

MODERATOR: Next up is Yana Grebenyuk, followed by Jay Bobbin.

YANA: So, speaking about Nancy Drew, I know that they’re in different timelines right now, but we don’t know where Season 4 is headed with the show. So, I was wondering, is there a possibility that there could be a crossover in the future? And if so, what would you like to explore between the two shows?

NOGA LANDAU: First of all, hi Yana, I love all of your coverage of the Drew. I really appreciate you. So right now they are in two completely different years. NANCY DREW, it’s still kind of 2019 and TOM SWIFT is, has jumped forward to the present date in the future, or the “present.” So as far as the two shows speaking to each other, if they do, it’s gonna happen eventually, and it’s gonna happen in a really interesting way. But, you know, what’s important to us is that these two shows really stand on their own. Like they’re in the same universe, the characters know each other, we’ve put a lot of really fun, little Easter eggs if you’re paying attention between Tom and Nancy.

NOGA LANDAU: But, you know, they’re such different shows. NANCY DREW is about a bunch of kids in a small town in Maine, you know, solving ghost stories in a crab shack. And this show is about billionaires and… [LAUGHTER] and people who build rocket ships and go to space. So they’re so different and they’re so, but they’re both so, like I think what links them together is how earnest they are and funny. And at their core, they’re kind of about similar issues of claiming your own identity and growing up and figuring out who you are in relation to your family and your parents and the secrets you carry with you. Um, so yeah, it’s, there, there’s the similarities for sure. But they’re, they’re definitely their own things at this point.

CAMERON JOHNSON: I just want to see Nancy in our clothes. Like I just wanna see Nancy, Gucci to the floor. Like that’s, that’s important for me. I wanna see that.

YANA: Yeah. I want, I want Zenzi to like, to talk to Nancy one day. Like I think a Zenzi [OVERLAPPING] right, Ashleigh?

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: Yes, yes, yes. I love her. Let’s go shopping. Yes. Yes.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: That actually sort of gave me an idea, but I can’t talk about it.

MODERATOR: Next up is Jay Bobbin followed by Karen Moul.

JAY: Hello. Thank you. Hi everyone, thanks for doing this. Tian, this is for you, too. There was a period of several months after the put pilot for this aired on NANCY DREW before the official series pickup came. Were you able to keep the faith during that, that this would go?

TIAN RICHARDS: Ooh. Yeah. I mean, it, that was, that was a period. But, again, just throwing it back to divine connections. I met Cameron Johnson, Noga Landau, and the beautiful Melinda Hsu Taylor on zoom and they became a true family for me, like during that time. I went to their homes. I visited, you know, and at, with different parties we would go to, and met their children. And they, you know, because I’m in LA by myself, like, you know, figuring out life. And they really just, they poured into me and they became a, a, a family for me within this experience. And I got to meet LeVar Burton and it was like, it was a great experience.

TIAN RICHARDS: So to have them during that time and they, it wasn’t like a thing of, you know, oh, we’re only about business, and once, you know, the show is kind of, you know, waiting to get the green light, we’re not dealing with, you know, they check in and just see how it was doing or just, you know, send nice, beautiful words of inspiration. And Cameron’s like, you know, “what clothes are you buying?” Like… I have stepped my fashion game up tremendously because the people know I only wear gym clothes, 24/7. (Adidas)

CAMERON JOHNSON: That’s cause you stay in the gym 24/7.

TIAN RICHARDS: Oh, yes, yes. But no, during that time, something just always told me, like, I didn’t get to this point by accident. It’s been a long journey to get here. Again, since I graduated high school, the year I met April, like, and just going forward. Um, but in that time, like I kept my faith. I researched, I did things like, I just didn’t sit at home being idle. Like, I went to visit MIT. I went to space museums. I researched, I read books. So, I was really able to keep myself immersed in the world of TOM SWIFT and be adjacent without racking my brain.

TIAN RICHARDS: So, you know, at times, yeah, it’s like, what’s happening, what’s happening, what’s happening? But I would hear little updates say, “Hey, we’re not, you know, it’s not gone yet. It’s still happening. It could happen.” So yeah, I kept the faith and… look at us, who woulda thought?

MODERATOR: And next up is Karen Moul, followed by Bruce Miller.

KAREN: Hi, this is Karen from (Hello) Um, like NANCY DREW, TOM SWIFT is a pretty old piece of intellectual property from like the book series from the thirties. But as I watched this episode, I saw shades of Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, definitely the Lions family is in there, I think. And I’d love it if the executive producers could tell us a bit about the great stories and characters that have inspired you as you created the show.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: Well, you know, we definitely wanted to make a show that was way more inclusive than the original IP. The books from back in the day are from a different era. They don’t hold up, really. However, what we loved about the core concept of optimism and friendship and kind of relentless positivity, that we brought into the show. And then we populated with a black, gay billionaire and, you know, all his found family and friends. And, at the time also, I had just done a thing where my son, who’s trans, had, you know, had to answer this question, like what TV shows are out there that you’re like, “Oh, that’s me, that’s my story.” And he was like, “Well, there aren’t any.” And I said, “I’m gonna change that for you, honey, if I can.”
MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: And that’s part of what we put into this show. So, we really wanted to make it a show where, no matter what kind of intersectional identity you have, you have somebody to relate to, somebody to cheer for, somebody to hope for and, and feel like, “That’s me. I’m, I’m the one who’s in love. I’m the one who’s being desired and pursued. And I’m the one who has friends, and I can change the world. It doesn’t matter where I came from, what I look like, you know, who I love or how I feel on the inside. I’m being celebrated here and now for who I already am.”


CAMERON JOHNSON: I think for me, I mean, it’s funny that she said the, the, the Lion family, spoiler alert, I used to write for Empire. And I was, it was a wonderful time. I had the great, good, the good fortune of working for Brett Mahoney and Lee Daniels. And I think what was interesting about working, especially working on those shows is that I’ve always worked on shows that prime, that had primarily black casts. And so as a consequence, I’ve never thought about too much about like, okay, so, but like, what do we, how do we tell this story in a way that like, is, you know, gonna be that other people, that is going to be understood by people who aren’t necessarily black?

CAMERON JOHNSON: Because it’s like, okay, well, who’s the audience? But the beautiful thing about this particular show and what we were able to do, and what was always so important to me is, how do we tell a show that is, tell a story about a group of people that is authentically black, that is steeped in black culture, that gets to that, but that tells universal stories that anyone can tap into? One of my favorite movies is Clueless. I am not blonde, I do look great in plaid though. (Yes) And I’m not above having a white Jeep.

CAMERON JOHNSON: But my point is to say that like, that’s what we were able to do here, is gather a group of people together and tell a story about a person who has lost something and who is trying to reclaim that, and also figure out what do I take from my parents? What do I leave behind? And what is the life that I can build for myself when surrounded by the people that I love. And I have been feeling incredibly fortunate to, to do that.

TIAN RICHARDS: Oh, you forgot one thing.

CAMERON JOHNSON: Oh, what’s that?

TIAN RICHARDS: And you’re not a virgin who can’t drive.

CAMERON JOHNSON: That’s true, I drive beautifully. There’s a stick shift joke in there, but I’m gonna leave it.

MODERATOR: Okay, next up is Bruce Miller, followed by Damian Holbrook.

BRUCE: Sorry, about the sense of style of this show. Everybody is like, wow. But how do you decide that. And do the actors get a chance to like say, no, I wouldn’t wear that or that’s not me?


CAMERON JOHNSON: Yes, they do.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: Ashleigh, I want you to talk about the things that, just this morning, you’re saying, this doesn’t fit me right. There’s a designer I know.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: Oh yeah. Okay. So, you know, there, there’s an outfit that I’m wearing in this episode that we’re shooting currently, and it was made from scratch. Our seamstress made the, the pattern herself. And we’re still trying to get the pattern measurements right, and it wasn’t quite, you know, hitting where we need it to, it’s gonna take a little bit more work. And I brought up the fact that I know this really wonderful designer, Cynthia Rowley, who makes beautiful clothing, very, very feminine, very statement pieces. And she also makes like SCUBA attire as well. And I thought…


ASHLEIGH MURRAY: There happens to be a similarity to the outfit in which I’m wearing today. Well, not this one. But the one in the episode that we could, you know, see if maybe she would be willing to, you know, create one for us, and then we can put the logos and things and such to match the show. And so that collaborative effort on top of having such a wonderful, smart in-touch costume designer, like spiritually rooted in each and every one of these characters. It’s hard to say no to outfits. There’s only been like two or three times where I’ve said, hm, I don’t wanna wear that. But honestly, I’ll go in there and I’ll be like, “Yes, yes, yes, that’s mine. Um, yes!”

CAMERON JOHNSON: Our costume designer is Ayana Kimani James. She did the first several seasons of Insecure. She works on the new ALL AMERICAN spinoff as well as a bunch of other things. And you know, when we were interviewing custom designers, we interviewed a lot of people who, like some people who like, just didn’t quite get it. Who were like, there’s the, they had good ideas and they were well intentioned. And then we met Ayana, and Ayana sat down and she had a vision for what Tom was gonna look like. She had a vision for what Zenzi was gonna look like. She understood the luxury and she understood all of the random black fashion references like Charles Harbison or Pierre Moss, or, you know, all of those or curb or every, what else is there? There’s so many.

CAMERON JOHNSON: But my point is just to say that, like, she understood all of those things. She said, I can take that and I can get you a sweatshirt with a [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Wiley on it, and I can make it work on this show, and I can do it for your budget. And I was like, yes, yes, of course. And we hired her, we hired her on the spot. And what I love about the collaboration I feel like we’ve been able to have with the clothing is that, I feel like all of you and you can, if I’m lying, don’t tell me.

CAMERON JOHNSON: But I, I feel like all of us have been able to be like, Hey, I like, I like the way that looks on me. Can we do more of that? Or I hate the way that this looks on me. Can we do less of that? Or can we find something that’s gonna be, you know, keep up with the fashion of it all. But also, I just want to make it really difficult for people to Cosplay Tom. Like I want them to be like, okay, that first look, the one from the trailer, okay, wait. So that’s a black Telfar jacket, Gucci pants, Gucci boots, and a Gucci shirt. Ah, I’m gonna have to knock that off. It’s gonna be tough. Look out Comic Con.

NOGA LANDAU: And yet, and yet possible! And yet very possible.

CAMERON JOHNSON: And yet totally possible, and yet totally possible.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: You know, in the small details, like Albert wears earrings just in his real life. (Love, love) And he’s wearing them his first audition for us. And we’re like, who’s that guy with the earrings, you know, and the cool accent. And we just, you know, we used his, we said other things, your performance is great. And then, you know, his earrings are part of the character now. Like, how do you pick your earrings? You know, we talked about this, like…

ALBERT MWANGI: Yeah. I, I, I think I’ve always used my earrings as a form of expression. Um, so they clocked that and loved it. And it’s, it’s, it’s rare to, to have that, you know. So, to have producers be like, we love your package as it is. So, and whatever you’ve added to the acting for the character, then go, go. I was like, yes. Why not? Any chance to wear earrings, I’m down. [OVERLAPPING]

CAMERON JOHNSON: We do have Marquise in some better fashion in the future though. He’s in a lot of black military looks. What do you wanna see yourself in, Marquise? What do you wanna see you in? What do you wanna see Isaac in?

MARQUISE VILSON: I’m fine the, the, the way that Isaac is, right, like his intention is to often be present. He’s the eyes, he’s the ears, he doesn’t necessarily need to be seen. So that’s okay. I have, I have a life outside of [OVERLAPPING] I get to wear what I wanna wear. And also I happen to be wearing black today anyway [OVERLAPPING].

CAMERON JOHNSON: We will do Isaac. We will be the eyes and ears in Gucci. That’s fine. A nice print.

APRIL PARKER JONES: Lorraine doesn’t wear any black, you know, April wears black all the time. You notice that Lorraine’s not worn any…well, I take that back… (the funeral) Besides that though in her casual every day, like know, like, and so, so maybe we’ll introduce a little bit more the darker side of Lorraine.

TIAN RICHARDS: For the record, Isaac’s fashion and attire is my favorite on the show, is how I would dress in my actual life.

MARQUISE VILSON: It’s, it is exactly how he dresses.

CAMERON JOHNSON: And I hope to someday be able to afford Tom’s clothes. Like that’s my, that’s my goal.

MODERATOR: Next up is Damian Holbrook, followed by Porsche Monique.

DAMIAN: Hey, hey everybody, how are you?

TIAN RICHARDS: We love Damian.

DAMIAN: I, I have two questions. First, for Ms. Ashleigh. Um, having gotten to see the, the pilot, I was so excited that this, this really feels like your first grownup role. You know, like, like we met her as a teen, and even when she was living in New York in Katy Keene, she was still struggling, but this is a fully realized woman who is not to be messed with. How fun is that to have that role?

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: Honestly, it’s so wonderful because, you know, I, I’ve always been a very mature person, even in my youth. And it’s nice to be able to finally step and walk in that same maturity. You know, it, it feels good to, to feel like a woman and to be received as a woman, and to be respected as a woman, that I can show up and I can command a space and I can command attention and I will be listened to, I will be understood, and I will be enmeshed and welcomed and received. That’s, that’s, it’s, it’s wonderful. It’s also wonderful to be able to… do I curse? I be cursing. I get to curse. I get to be funny.

CAMERON JOHNSON: Network TV, on network TV.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: Well, you know, network cursing. So it’s, it’s dainty, but it’s there.

DAMIAN: Nice. And for Cameron and the showrunners or the, the executive producers, is the, is the brewing love triangle between a trans ex-military man, a Kenyan government official or, or related government person and a black gay billionaire, is this a historic moment? Like this has gotta be the first time we’ve seen it, right?

CAMERON JOHNSON: Well, I mean, we’re making a couple different types of history here on TOM SWIFT. I think that love, we like to do love squares on TOM SWIFT. There are other love interests involved. They are all overlapping. It is just a series of Venn diagrams of mess in the best way possible. Nothing like a geometry joke. But in terms of, but in terms of like the first things we’ve seen on TV, there has, as far as I know, never been a network TV show where it’s lead, where they title, where the titular character, the #1 on the call sheet is a black gay man.

CAMERON JOHNSON: And we’ve never, I’ve never seen a show where those sorts of stories are explored with, like us, I am a gay black man, duh. And like our, are the center of the story and didn’t get to be able to explore love and romance and fun and et cetera, without being somebody’s like, you know, just additional character. And so, I think it is historic. I think it is messy and I think it is really fun. And I think you’re gonna love it. I don’t know. I, I, I just, I suspect.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: May I say one more thing? The thing that I’m most excited about being able to play this role is… I want to be a part of myself that I feel like I haven’t been able to be for a long time. There, there is… there’s an essence of Ashleigh in, in her womanhood and in her blackness that I, I just get to, I just get to flourish. It’s, I’m, I’m so thankful for this. I really am.

CAMERON JOHNSON: Wonderful for you. I mean, it’s, well, one, I mean, just Ashleigh, come on…that’s, I can’t cry, I have on makeup. Oh my God. (Sorry) But I mean, the, the character of Zenzi is, is something that we came up with, but the name is after Zenzelay is the full name, is named for one of my best friends who has been, I don’t know one of my, just my backbone since I was about 12. And it was such an honor to like, see you bring her to life. She has the personality of my godsister, Danielle. We have blended them together. And Danielle is my, if Zenzi’s my backbone, then Danny’s my rib cage, maybe my legs.

But they are, you, you bring these women to life in such a beautiful, honest, vulnerable, true, incredible, hilarious, sassy, bad bitch kind of way. There was literally a moment, there’s a moment in the episode where I was literally throwing stuff at the screen when I was watching. So, thank you. Glad we can do it.

Next up is Porsha Monique followed by Rick Bentley.

PORSHA: I wanted to circle back to the earlier conversation when you guys were hitting a little bit on just some of the redefining the blackness and giving a different portrayal of, of blackness to the, to the general audience. So, I wanted to go ahead and ask, what do you think is the importance of showing black faces and people of color onscreen in a story that is geared towards, you know, something that’s more positive, it’s more fun, it’s more aspirational as opposed to playing into like black trauma and those types of themes?

CAMERON JOHNSON: Well, here’s the thing for me, I, I guess I, I guess I’ll, I’ll be black and answer. But, I mean [OVERLAPPING] There’s a couple of things that are at play here. So one, we had six black people sitting on this stage and we all come from different places, have different points of view, have different backgrounds and that we can all bring to life. I don’t really have any interest as a writer or as an artist, if I can be so pretentious, in exploring like stories of trauma for the sake of trauma. Like that’s just not something I’m really interested in doing.

CAMERON JOHNSON: What I would, when we were working on this, I was in what I like to call, like my, my, my black joy phase, where I was trying to create TV shows that were about black people being happy, looking fabulous, having fun, falling in love, you know, having deep, emotional connections being resonant, but doing so with joy. And so, is there crazy traumatic shit that happens on this show? Maybe. But I, but I think we’re trying to do it in a way that sort of opens the door to… content that is about black people existing in their own lives and making choices, but without it being about, you know, pain or, you know, some horrible thing that happened, or even racism even, or… it’s a show about black people being black in the same way that, you know, Step by Step is a show about white people being white, it’s a show about a family. It’s a show about people existing that anyone can watch and identify with, even if they’re not the same color as the people on the screen. It’s just that we do it with some swag and, you know, some good shoes.

TIAN RICHARDS: Yeah, come on. If I could just piggyback, it’s also just a, a, a beautiful thing to see black people exist that we haven’t seen before, particularly. We are of like the black elite, the 1%, but not by way of, you know, music or basketball, which are great professions. But, you know, it’s the idea of legacy and heritage and, and we, and our heritage and legacy is tech, which is another thing in and of itself. But, for that to be the basis, we get to bring forth so many more conversations. Like, with my research, I got to, you know, go into the arsenal of black inventors and creators. We got to talk about Benjamin Banneker and, you know, George Washington Carver, and Lonnie, Lonnie Johnson.

TIAN RICHARDS: There’s so many people who, whose names that haven’t been spoken in history, but now, through this current modern vessel, we can like look into that. And, you know, and also get the young kids interested in STEM and tech, because that’s never looked cool before like this, you know? It’s so many intersections that this show gets to take part in that, it’s, I’ve never witnessed anything like this. And to be a part of it is, I still like can’t believe it.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: You know, one, one of my favorite things about this show is that, if you haven’t noticed, we are of a very rich complexion. And I can speak from my experience. I have, I have been… muted in my expression of emotion, because I may emote a very human reaction in a situation that anyone else would have that same reaction. But when I have it, it’s often received as too much. It’s too angry. You’re too sad, you’re, it’s, it’s never received as understood. It’s just too much. And it’s wonderful that we have this show where people are just living in their human experience, and you get to see that spectrum and recognize it and relate to it without being felt like you’re feeling too much.

APRIL PARKER JONES: I think another wonderful thing about this show that I love so much is that that Tom’s superpower is his brain. You know, we were celebrating his genius, you know? And, and I, I hope that that when young people or, or anyone who watches this show, they’re able to, to tap into the reality that we all have within us that genius. (That genius, yeah) You know, so I, I think that that superpower is, is, is one that’s, that, that’s awesome and relatable, and, and, and hasn’t really been seen a lot, you know, that, that, that’s your superpower, your intelligence. Yeah.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: One other aspect that I’ll speak about as somebody who’s outside of this experience, but I’m so excited that the audience also is gonna get invited into this world. We have a lot of very specific moments and situations in the show. There’s a black cowboy rodeo that we visit. There’s a black cotillion that we go to. There’s a lot of stuff that is kind of subtly talking about big themes and currents in the world, in the country, but in a way that becomes so personal and so relatable that, it’s a show that invites everybody in and embraces whatever you’re coming from. And just kind of like, let’s all be together. I think it’s really exciting to watch as somebody who’s not black, frankly.

CAMERON JOHNSON: And I, for the, if you get me drunk enough, I will show you pictures from my cotillion.

TIAN RICHARDS: They’re great.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: They’re so great. They’re great!

CAMERON JOHNSON: You know, Tian spoke about legacy, and I think the other important thing to remember is that as we look at this show is that black people like this have always existed. (Right) Madame CJ Walker, first black, one of the first millionaires, black female millionaires in this country. She lived in, in, in a villa, in a, in an estate, not unlike Swift manor. Jack and Jill, which is an organization for the children of, of professional black people is, it’s like about a hundred years old. There’s always been Boule, there’s always been The Links. Those things have always been existed, but they’ve always been kind of secret.

CAMERON JOHNSON: And so our goal is not necessarily to like, make them not secret or do some sort of like black excellence porn. Our goal, that’s not it, that’s not it, that’s not the goal. Our goal is to talk about people who you haven’t seen before living lives that you may be familiar with. And that, as Melinda said, you know, you can excitedly become a part of.

ALBERT MWANGI: Could I, could I add something as well? You know, coming from Kenya, having born, being born and raised from Kenya, being on a show like this is, it’s, it’s awesome because I feel like all of us as characters get to dare to be ourselves. And, and, and just adding to that aspect of, this show just shows just any other human condition, the same as all stories that are well told, do. And so it’s, I think it’s brilliant for audiences to come out of this thinking and knowing that they can dare to be, to, to be themselves, whether they have a different racial background, different sexual background or gender, or country. It doesn’t matter, just dare to be yourself and do it unapologetically.


CAMERON JOHNSON: And get into that accent on Albert? (OVERLAPPING) We heard that on the zoom, we were like, wait, what? Yes, keep talking.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: I’m sorry, your mic isn’t working. Can you [INAUDIBLE]

NOGA LANDAU: How was the thing is at, as, at first Rowan, the character, was not supposed to have this beautiful, majestic accent that he now has. And then, and then we heard how Albert actually speaks, and we were like earrings and his real accent, and that’s who he is. We’re gonna go with it.

ALBERT MWANGI: Yes. And I’m so glad you guys gave me that opportunity to do it. I think it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s amazing. And, and yeah, it’s, it’s a privilege and, and fun, I think. I love it. To do it with all of you guys.

PORSHA: Can you guys speak to the, having LeVar Burton, LeVar Burton’s role and just having that combination, having the, yeah, the creative team and the producers, having that strong mentor figure, but having it be distilled in AI. That’s such an interesting combination to me. So if you can speak on how that came to life and how it enabled you to be a little bit more creative with that type of role.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: We wanted somebody who was a best friend to a lonely kid, whose parents were off and out of the house, who didn’t have folks he could relate to, you know, at his level, but also of his age. So, he created this robot essentially, who would be kind of his Obi-Wan. And be encouraging and smart and protective and loving, and, you know, secretly in the ways he wished his dad were. But at the same time, you know, the shape of the drone, the flying Barton Barclay, I’m sorry, drone is a little bit like the Starship Enterprise. And you know, my first piece of fiction when I was eight, was writing little stories about, it was fan fiction for Star Trek.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: Cause I grew up in this little town in Bangor, Maine. And so everybody else was white, and they were nice, but I was terribly self-conscious and timid because I didn’t look like anybody else. And so I spent my whole childhood hiding in my bedroom reading like the Lord of the Rings over and over again. Cause in those books, if you were different, it was cool. And you brought something to the party, and it gave me hope. And having LeVar Burton voice this character is such a crazy full-circle thing for me. I wanna like get in a time machine and tell my younger self, “Just keep writing in your bedroom and reading these books and writing fan fiction for Star Trek.”

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: But it’s also a thrill as like a grownup to meet LeVar Burton, who is a lovely person and so talented and so cool and just like mentoring Tian in the most beautiful way. And it was kind of like, we couldn’t have asked for a better Barclay. It’s a thrill.

TIAN RICHARDS: Can I add to that? (Go ahead) Okay. Cause I have to, I have to say this. To meet LeVar Burton, and they were here to witness this.

CAMERON JOHNSON: They all burst into tears. I was the only one who kept it together.

TIAN RICHARDS: And I experienced that with, with Melinda, Noga and Cameron on both zoom and in person. But it’s otherworldly because you really sit down and you think about it, he encapsulates the entire experience. Like you think about “Roots” and history and the voice to America. You think about Star Trek in the future. You think about just, you know, present day and shaping young minds that are going to become. And come on rainbows, he’s an ally.


CAMERON JOHNSON: Butterfly in the sky.

TIAN RICHARDS: Yes! But, his, his spirit is, is so, so beautiful and so open. Cause, you know, I didn’t know what to expect. You know, he’s a, he’s a legend. So when I, when I met him, it’s like, he just saw me. I, I just felt like he saw me. And um, we just sat and talked about life. And he, he poured into me and, and told me, you know, stuff that Cecily Tyson and Maya Angelou had told him, like what a flex by the way. (Right) Just to pull that outta your pocket. But um, but no, he’s, he’s an amazing, you know, person. And I just wanna shout out and give him his flowers cause he doesn’t get them enough. We love you, LeVar Burton, we love you, man.

PORSHA: Thank you all so much.

MODERATOR: Next up is Rick Bentley, followed by Karama Horne.

RICK: Thank you very much. I have two quick questions regarding the books. Tian, for you first, your Tom Swift is certainly not the same as the Tom Swift that was introduced over a hundred years ago. But did you feel compelled at all [INAUDIBLE] those books. And for the executive producers, the Tom Swift books were really driven by the technology, because at that time, what we considered everyday was really phenomenal back then. But in this case, did you have, is it, do you feel like this show is more driven by the personal stories with the technology as a support?

CAMERON JOHNSON: Why don’t you go first.

TIAN RICHARDS: So to answer your first question, I did read one of the books. And again, it is very outdated material, but I just wanted to read it just to experience what it was like growing up. I did read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, but had never really come across Tom Swift. And what I can say a, a, a cool aspect about the books is how much tech came from it. Like if you think about the taser, is the Thomas A Swift electric rifle. And you know, that’s a piece of tech today. Um, so yeah, we are, we are very different though. Our show is definitely driven by the personal stories of today and of the modern world. But you will see so many references and new iterations of stuff that was in the book, little Easter eggs that we’ve had since NANCY DREW to now that, that tie it back to the universe. But yeah, I, I, I read one.

CAMERON JOHNSON: I, too read one. We are absolutely still driven by the tech though. Um, just to be clear. I mean our rule with the tech on the show though, is that, you know, there’s a, do I tell them of the Tomtage? (Sure) We should speak of the Tomtage. Okay, so we were working on the pilot and Melinda was like, Cameron, you know what? We just need, we need something that looks like, she said, like, just like, it’s like when you turn the A Team and you know you’re watching the A team, it’s like, what can we do that’s gonna make people know that you’re like, you’re watching TOM SWIFT?

CAMERON JOHNSON: So after I Googled the A Team, I then thought to myself, OK, cool. I then was like, okay, let’s do this, let’s do this. And so the thing that we came, that the three of us came up with is something called a Tomtage, which is a montage in which Tom does a thing that he finds, figures out what he is gonna need to go on the mission of the day. The first thing is the car. Uh, we have a lot of cars on this show. I’m definitely at car gay… unapologetically. Thanks, dad. And then there is the shoe, which is of course the most important thing I think in it, what, what are we wearing to go do some (In the car) And then finally, today it’s an Air Force One. It’s just something simple, I didn’t wanna do anything too crazy. But it also is monochrome with the outfit. That’s what matters.

CAMERON JOHNSON: And then, finally there is the invention. And so the, our rule for the inventions is that the inventions all have to be, at least come from, in some way, something kind of dumb. So, and what we mean by that is like, is what was the frivolous reason that this genius decided to invent, I don’t know, a camera made of steam or something like that? Could it be for taking better nudes? Something along those lines? And so, it’s things like that, that I think, but that are part of it. But the spirit of invention and the spirit of technology and the spirit of possibility is kind, are sort of the defining characteristics of our show.

CAMERON JOHNSON: Yeah, it is a, it’s a show about people and family relationships and those sorts of dramas. But it’s, what can we invent and how can we invent it and what can, how can we do that in a way that feels like cool and approachable and accept and accessible, so that maybe someday someone will read, watch our show and be like, I can make that thing real in the same way someone did with Tom Swift and his electric rifle, AKA, the taser.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: Absolutely. We definitely base it in science. And we do a lot of research. We’ve got a very busy writer’s room of wonderful minds, and they’re constantly coming to us, like this thing really happened. This guy really invented an invisibility cloak. Who knew? And we’re incorporating those things in the show. And we also want to reach out to the audience. As we get into the season, you will see a social media account for an incubator run by Zenzi called Swift Horizons. And we wanna ask people to actually send in their STEM ideas and, you know, we’ll try to promote it on social media, or at least have a, a forum for people to talk to each other and share ideas about tech and innovation.

MODERATOR: Next up is Karama Horne, followed by Ronda Penrice.

KARAMA: Hi there, it’s Karama, aka the blurred girl. What’s up? How y’all doing? Cameron, Cameron, love the nail polish. I have a question for Cameron, Tian and Ashleigh, but quickly, separate. Cameron. This is higher… there you go. Which one’s higher, the car budget or the fashion budget?

CAMERON JOHNSON: Car budget or shoe budget? Okay. Um, let me think about this. So in 101, we have a G63, we’ve got a Jaguar XKE we’ve got, this is a deep cup on 1988 Buick Grand National GNX. A Land Rover Defender 110, and Isaac, Albert, of course has a Toyota Camry. Of course, as one does. Oh, and then wait, Zenzi also has a drop-top Benz. So I think, oh wait, and then Lorraine’s got a series of Maybachs. I forgot about that. She’s got a fleet. I forgot about the Maybach fleet. So, I would, I think that it would be, I just listed about $2 million worth of cars…

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: But they were mostly rentals.

CAMERON JOHNSON: But they were mostly rentals. So I think, I think we may have outdone it with clothes. I think we may have outdone it with clothes.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: I think, for sure, the clothes were more money.

CAMERON JOHNSON: Absolutely spent more money on clothes. But I mean, who doesn’t wanna live that way? I don’t know, that’s fun.

KARAMA: No, I do. So, Tian, which character do you feel Tom Swift is more aligned with, Batman or Tony Stark in your, in your mind?

TIAN RICHARDS: I would definitely say Tony Stark. (Tony Stark) Yeah. Yeah, Tony stark. And you know what’s crazy? I just saw “Ironman” for the first time like last…

CAMERON JOHNSON: You shouldn’t say that out loud. You shouldn’t say that to people.

KARAMA: Unfortunately, now I can’t, now I can’t write about you. Sorry.

CAMERON JOHNSON: Wow! How was it for the 15th time?

TIAN RICHARDS: No, like I was aware, like I sit down and like, watch it in its entirety. Like I seen clips and stuff over a friend’s house, but, you know, after seeing it for the story, I had seen him in the Avengers film. Like I knew who he was, but just the original Ironman film, like I wanted to, you know, sit down and experience it. But yes, I will say Tony Stark.

KARAMA: Awesome. And final question is for Ashleigh, about, well, first of all, Cynthia Rowley is the truth. So thank you for getting her on the show. (Yes. Yes, she is) Uh, what does Zenzi want? Does she really want to, does she want to really stay running his company? And will she stay Tom’s friend, or are we gonna see a little bit of competition there? Because she really is the brains of the operation.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: Well, let’s, let’s just set this clear. [LAUGHTER] Zenzi and Tom will always be friends. (Aww) This, it’s like, it’s, I just love you. It’s, it’s like that, it’s like chosen family. You know, they are, they are longtime family friends, but they’re like cousins. They’re like, they’re like siblings, you know, they can finish each other’s sentences or know what the other person needs and what they don’t need. You know, that’s, that’s a bond that is really, really hard to break.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: And there’s nothing about the two of them that wants to lose that. You know, there’s, there’s definitely friction as they both grow. But the goal is not to grow apart, but together. You know, that we could both rise up together and support each other in our journeys. So I, I, I know that, at least we better always be. [LOOKS AT CJ]

CAMERON JOHNSON: Will do as we’re told. Thank you.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: No Zenzi, my Zenzi, you know, it, it is, I mean, it was a chemistry that, you know, I immediately felt when we did our, when we did our chem read. (Yes) I was, it was like, I was talking to my brother, my best friend. Like he really felt like a confidant right away. And we bring so much of that to the show naturally. And for Zenzi, if she’s gonna stay within the company within the Swift, you know, world and orbit, I think it’s really, time will only tell. It’s, it’s a hard, it’s a hard choice because they are family, you know? And, and it’s not, walking away from family is not an easy decision for anyone. You know, it’s, it’s do you choose the people that love you, or do you choose yourself, or is there a way that you can choose both?


MODERATOR: Next up is Ronda Penrice followed by Rhayne Coleman.

RONDA: Hey, well, speaking of family, I’m actually your cousin, but… Darryl is my own father. Yes.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: Oh my God! Did you see my face when they were like, “And then next up Ronda Penrice.” I was like [GASPS]

RONDA: I’m so proud of you, so proud of you. (Yes!)

NOGA LANDAU: Oh my gosh.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: I’m gonna cry. [OVERLAPPING] Real family. Hi!

RONDA: You kinda alluded to it, but I wanted to ask directly, why is this the right time for TOM SWIFT? And why is The CW the right place?

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: Is that for me? Not for me. [OVERLAPPING]

RONDA: It’s for whoever [OVERLAPPING]

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: I feel like… Noga, if you wanna speak to this [OVERLAPPING]. I will tell you folks that Noga was the first person who said, this should be a black gay billionaire story. Ooh, let’s give some credit to Noga Landau. [APPLAUSE]

NOGA LANDAU: Yay. Well, I’m, I’m not a black gay billionaire, believe it or not. I wanna come out and be clear about that… But…

CAMERON JOHNSON: I had a whole plan to date her, here we are.

NOGA LANDAU: I know, I know, we were so close. You know, as we said before, this show is, is making history in many ways. It is the first, you know, network broadcast show where you have the titular character as a black gay man. Marquis is also making history. I don’t want to like put you on the spot, but I would love to just call out, you know, your contribution to this and how, how so many [OVERLAPPING] Yeah, I mean, so many, so many kids are gonna grow up seeing you on their TV screen and it’s going to, it’s gonna show them who they can be. And it’s so powerful.

NOGA LANDAU: And you know, regardless of what your politics are, regardless of, of who you are and where you think the country is going, I think the fact that… I think the fact that we’re seeing people be able to live more and more authentically, and yet the, the struggle is not over, and the fight is not over, I couldn’t think of a better time to have a show like this come out. And honestly, it would’ve been great if a show like this came out 50 years ago. But now is our opportunity. And now we finally have allies in, you know, our studio CBS, and in our network CW who are gonna let us tell this story.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: Yeah, they have been incredibly supportive (Truly) We’ve come to them with some fairly out-there ideas and they’ve been like, “Great, can you do more?” You know, like seriously, they’re so encouraging and embracing of our creative ideas. And they’re great collaborators, great partners in this. They’ve been really, really, really supportive. We love the trailer, thank you. And you know, also I feel like The CW is sort of the network that could. And it’s doesn’t have the same sorts of pressures in some ways that some of the, I don’t know… Say you’re a giant streamer like Netflix, you have a different kind of target you’re trying to hit. Say you’re a giant you know, corporation like ABC has a certain thing that it’s trying to do.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: The CW has been able to do these very kind of, this is just for you, and yet everybody feels like, oh, I could tune into that too. And they have a really good blend of very targeted and yet very accessible programming. So I think it’s a great home for us.

CAMERON JOHNSON: The CW is the right place for us, because The CW is the place that said go further, do more, make it gayer, make it queerer, make it blacker. I’m literally not joking. Like we’ll be on notes calls and I’m like, oh God, there’s no way they’re gonna let me get away with this. And then they’re like, there’s absolutely no way. And then like, and then, you know, the execs are like, yes, absolutely. We are not only gonna let you get away with this, we’d like you to do more.

CAMERON JOHNSON: And I think the real, the other reason why The CW is the right place for this is that this is where youth go to see universal stories. I watched every single episode of “Gossip Girl” three times. Like, I have, there’s a, an ongoing joke, what is it? “Party of Five” is the show that I’m supposed to watch. Anyway, that I, that I, I…

NOGA LANDAU: Dawson’s River, you’re supposed to watch Dawson’s River.

CAMERON JOHNSON: Dawson’s River apparently was a show on the, on our network at some point. But this is a place where stories about young people learning about themselves, learning about their lives, starting off in existence can be broadcast on a large scale. And the fact that they’re willing to take this sort, to be like risky enough to be like, yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s make it about a black gay guy. Let’s do that. And he’s gonna be actually black and gay. He’s gonna kiss boys and he’s gonna, you know, do more than that. And we’re gonna, and you can populate the world with other people who are like him is why they’re the place for this. And I think they’ve been such a wonderful creative partner, and I’m obsessed with them. Thank you.

TIAN RICHARDS: Dare to defy.

RONDA: Well, thank you guys. Great job so far, but of course I’m biased.


CAMERON JOHNSON: Mess up your question, question wasn’t for Ashleigh though. I’m just gonna point that out at the family reunion, like they’ve got…

MODERATOR: We’re approaching our final two questions. Next up is Rhayne Coleman and followed by Walker Ragsdale.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: Well, come on back, Ronda!

RHAYNE: Can you guys hear me? (Yes) Okay. My apologies. Okay. Thank you all for having me, glad, glad to be here. Um, I have two questions. So one dealing with the identity, there are some very tough conversations being had by Tom and his father. The word sensitive being thrown around. I loved, loved, loved that. But this is the story that a lot of queer people have these very same experiences. And this is really for, I guess, anyone, how important was it to capture that? Cause you did mention, you know, not wanting to kind of rehash black trauma. But this very specific thing is happening a lot. And I wanted to get into the fight with Tom and with Tom and Zenzi, if you could speak to that as well.

TIAN RICHARDS: Okay. I’ll take that one. What I will say, I definitely have my own set of daddy issues, though the, the problems are a little different with, with my own. But, what I hope to have happen, or what I hope to see is a world where we see less and less of that resistance from our, our parents. Thankfully I have a mother and father who, we don’t have that issue. Where they did fully accept me and my journey and everything in-between. We have other issues, but not that one.

TIAN RICHARDS: But it is great to grow up in a household where you can be fully realized and fully self-actualized. And since I am the product of that I, I hope that everybody gets a chance to experience that. But that’s, you know, not, that’s not the reality. So, there are many people who deal with parents who, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s, sometimes it’s a little more micro-aggression in-between. It’s not, we always kick you out of the house or disown you, but it’s like little micro-aggression, little comments that they make, little, you know, side jabs that you, you feel it. And come on, I’m black in a, in a, in a black family. Like people say stuff, you know? People say little things they think are, are, are (Funny) Yeah, funny or passable, like yeah, yeah.

CAMERON JOHNSON: Sweet, sugar in the tank. (Yes) Like the lovebirds.

TIAN RICHARDS: Yes. All of that, all of that. So it’s, it’s circulating the conversation to where we see people that look like us go through these things as well, and, and, and in the world scope. So yeah. Yeah. That’s, that’s, that’s always a hard issue and I’m, I’m just struggling a little bit, because I know friends that have definitely experienced the, the brute of their parents not understanding who they are and, you know, things being pushed upon them. And I even think about my own journey just a little bit, where, though I get got to actualize, you know. At a time, like I was really on some heavy, like I gotta be masculine out here in the world to survive, you know? And not letting other parts of my femininity and, and, and the full breadth of my humanity show.

TIAN RICHARDS: So, you know, I, of course you got uncles and cousins and grandfathers that, you know, you have to assimilate with, as well as in the world, because you’ll be seen a certain way. And yeah, so it shows that somebody who, on paper has everything, still has human issues. Because, though we have money and access and status, we are not void of human issues within the human experience.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: Yeah. And I think for folks who might be watching it from the other side of the Barton argument, not saying that our viewers are necessarily like this, but everybody knows somebody who struggled with their kids’ identity. And to have hope for those folks that maybe they could come around or maybe they could evolve Barton, you know, spoiler, he won’t always be that angry. I’ll leave it at that. But, you know, you gotta start someplace to get someplace.

MELINDA HSU TAYLOR: And then, you know, one of the things that I’m really proud of also, you know, we’ll, we’ll get to this in series, but Lorraine being a church-goer and actually being incredibly accepting. And that those two things can be completely feeding off of each other, that you have a religious faith and that you also embrace somebody’s identity. Those two things can exist right at the same time, they could actually make each other stronger.

CAMERON JOHNSON: That’s true. Amen. You know, it’s, it’s interesting in thinking about that scene in particular and the relationship between Barton and Tom, I think it was, look, my dad would really appreciate it if I said that all of this is fiction, wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Um, but with that said, you know, I, I do have to give my parents credit because they were never, you know… I, I’ve been very obviously gay first ever since I bought my first Spice Girls album. And it is, it was great. It was a vibe, I loved it. My friends did not. They had notes, but it was great. But with that said, it wasn’t a P-flag, rainbow-sticker-on-the-car type of acceptance. It was an acceptance that came with, you, there are still standards that you, as a black man from this type of particular type of respectable family, need to live up to. And if you don’t live up to those things, if you don’t meet those standards, there’s gonna be problems.

CAMERON JOHNSON: And underneath that, there was always, and there still can always be, a little bit of like a soupçon of homophobia that comes out. And I think for Barton, that’s what he’s working through. But at its core, I mean, I’ll tell a small little personal story, I don’t think I’ve ever told before. But basically, so the day that I came out to my dad, I had had a dream, I was home for spring break in college. I woke up and I was like, I must tell my father that I am gay, and I had a full panic attack. And I got on the phone to call like this, a mentor of mine who was Dr. Jones. And I said, if I, and she said, well, what’s the problem.
And I was like, well, if I tell my dad I’m gay, is he going to still love me?

CAMERON JOHNSON: And she paused as if I had said something insane. And she said, of course. Barton and Tom love each other dearly. The problem is that their vision for what being a man is, is so different that it’s a big bridge to cross. And so, for Barton that’s, well, I mean, you’re gay and your life’s gonna be harder and you’re not like the type of person I wanted you to be. And Tom is like, I can do so many things, I just do it differently. I just am doing it gay. I’m doing it fabulously, as one must. And it’s that collision that drives so much of the story. And that is sort of, is the thing that one can recover from.

CAMERON JOHNSON: It’s less about like becoming less homophobic, which is important. Yes, we should all do that and transphobic and all of the other, all the sorts of phobias that, and racist and all the things that we all have internally. But what it’s really about is accepting that your child’s vision, the person you love’s vision of what their life should be, can be different. And your job is not to like, try to beat them into submission and doing like what your dream of, of them was. It’s to help them be the best possible version of that, of themselves.


ASHLEIGH MURRAY: There was a sec-, what was the other question?

RHAYNE: Yes, I’m sorry. It was about the, can you hear me? OK. It was about the argument between Tom right after the, the big criminal event. That was so intense. Like I was on pins and needles. Like that back and forth. So you spoke to your chemistry, like, how was it filming that scene?

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: Okay, you know what? So when we shot that scene, that was actually a scene that I had auditioned with. And I, I, like, I know that fight. I have siblings, you know, I have cousins, I have friends. You know, people that you really, that you guys are on the same wavelength, and if somebody’s given you a little energy, you’re like, “Yeah, I know, I heard that, but I’m still gonna talk to you.” And it was, it was that moment where Tom can reach a frequency that Zenzi is really trying to get him to come down from. And he keeps going and keeps going, and now she has to meet him there. And we are, you wanna have a conversation? Well, we can have a conversation?

TIAN RICHARDS: Who was having that?!

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: Exactly. And what’s so funny is, that when we did that, we, we shot it, you know, several times. And we definitely both had, I feel like we both had an idea of what it was supposed to feel like, what it was supposed to look like. And our director, Anton was like (Shout-out to Anton Cropper) He was like, okay, listen, I need, y’all like, you got it, but I just need you to stop. I need you to talk to him like you talking. And it’s funny because I thought I was talking to him, like I was talking to, he was like, talk to him like you talking to your cousin.

TIAN RICHARDS: No, no, no. Tell him though. Cause Miss Mama was pacing back and forth. And I was, oh, oh, okay. I was waiting.

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: I started pacing.

TIAN RICHARDS: Oh okay. I was waiting for my cue. And she was…

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: Because I had been waiting for you all night!

TIAN RICHARDS: Oh, I’m trying to get to the observatory. And, and then “action!” Whoa!

ASHLEIGH MURRAY: It was, it was so intense and it was so wonderful. And that’s one of my favorite, favorite things about working with Tian, is that he commits, (Yes) he commits. He does his homework and he’s there with you, and he listens and it comes from here and he gives it, and you take it and you throw it right back. It’s like, it’s like tennis, the whole time. And it’s such a wonderful, thrilling, fulfilling workout. And the fact that you had that reaction, that’s what we were having.

TIAN RICHARDS: Zenzi, my Zenzi!

MODERATOR: Okay. We’ve gone over, so we need to wrap things up. I just wanted to thank everyone again for participating. This has been amazing. I hope everyone has a great weekend. And just a reminder, TOM SWIFT premieres Tuesday, May 31st at 9:00 PM on The CW. Thank you guys so much. Thank you everyone.


Tian Richards as Tom Swit and Ashleigh Murray as Zenzi on "Tom Swift" on The CWTOM SWIFT”

Tuesday (9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET) on The CW

As an exceptionally brilliant inventor with unlimited resources and unimaginable wealth, the devilishly charming Tom Swift (Tian Richards) is a man who many men would kill to be, or be with – a man with the world in the palm of his hand. But that world gets shaken to its core after the shocking disappearance of his father, thrusting Tom into a breathtaking adventure full of mysterious conspiracies and unexplained phenomena. On his whirlwind quest to unravel the truth, Tom finds himself fighting to stay one step ahead of an Illuminati-scale cabal hellbent on stopping him. Tackling this treacherous pursuit armed with his vast intellect, his roguish wit, and an endless supply of designer sneakers, he will also rely on his closest companions: his best friend Zenzi (Ashleigh Murray), whose unabashed and unvarnished candor keeps Tom grounded while she forges a path for herself as a business visionary; his bodyguard Isaac (Marquise Vilsón), whose fierce commitment to his chosen family is complicated by his own simmering feelings for Tom; and his AI, Barclay (voiced by LeVar Burton), whose insights and tough love have been a constant throughout Tom’s life.

At home, Tom’s relationship with his mother Lorraine (April Parker Jones) becomes conflicted as she urges him to take his father’s place in elite Black society. But unbeknownst to Tom, his mother’s request is driven by deep secrets of her own. What’s more, the mysterious and dangerous Rowan (Albert Mwangi) intersects Tom’s path with hidden motivations and undeniable mutual chemistry. While Tom navigates these emotionally charged dynamics, his missions will require his genius and his flair for innovation guided by romance, friendship and the mysteries of the universe yet unsolved.

The character of Tom Swift was originally introduced to audiences in season two of NANCY DREW. The series is inspired by the Tom Swift book series that hails from Stratemeyer Syndicate, which also publishes the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Bobbsey Twins books.

TOM SWIFT stars Tian Richards, Ashleigh Murray, Marquise Vilsón, April Parker Jones and Albert Mwangi, with LeVar Burton as the voice of Barclay, Tom’s AI.

TOM SWIFT is a production of CBS Studios in association with Fake Empire. TOM SWIFT was co-created by Melinda Hsu Taylor (“Nancy Drew,” “The Gifted”), Noga Landau (“Nancy Drew,” “The Magicians”) and Cameron Johnson (“Empire”). Taylor, Landau and Johnson also serve as executive producers along with Josh Schwartz (“Nancy Drew,” “Gossip Girl,” “Dynasty”), Stephanie Savage (“Nancy Drew,” “Gossip Girl,” “Dynasty”), and Lis Rowinski (“Nancy Drew,” “Gossip Girl,” “Dynasty”)

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Panel for "Tom Swift" on The CW

Days Update Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Lani has a nightmare about TR confronting her and questioning how she could murder her own father. Lani then wakes up in a panic in Eli’s hospital room, startling Eli, who asks what’s wrong.

Abe lays in his hospital bed and remembers hearing Paulina ask “what have you done”

Paulina sits in the interrogation room, handcuffed to the table. Paulina thinks back to TR’s initial apology to her, then to when he proposed to her, and then to their final argument with Lani shooting TR. Rafe enters the room and brings her a coffee, calling it a long night for both of them. Rafe sits down and tells Paulina that he has some questions about the shooting of TR Coates.

Nicole sits at home, on the phone with Chloe talking about what a horrible night it’s been from almost losing Allie to The Devil and TR Coates getting shot, Rafe has been at the station all day so she’s going to take the day off and spoil him. There’s a knock at the door so Nicole hangs up and answers it expecting Rafe, saying she’s been waiting all night to make love to him, but instead it is Eric at the door. Nicole apologizes. Eric says it’s okay as he should’ve called first but he wanted to see how Allie was doing. Nicole assures that she’s surrounded by people who love her and they wil take really good care of her. Nicole invites Eric in and informs him that Allie is with Lucas as they took Henry to the park to feed the ducks. Eric reminds Nicole of when they used to do that with Holly. Eric asks how Holly is doing. Nicole says she’s still processing what happened between them but she’s doing better now. Nicole adds that Holly would love to see Eric if he could come back in the afternoon but Eric reveals he can’t, because he’s leaving Salem.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Xander and Maggie argue about what to tell Sarah. Maggie suggests the truth and asks what Xander is thinking. Sarah then comes in to the room, stating that the baby’s room is empty and questions where her baby Mickie could be.

Steve visits Abe in the hospital and asks how he’s feeling. Abe responds that he’s ready to get the Hell out of here and asks how Tripp is. Steve reveals that thanks to The Devil, Tripp almost lost his life saving Allie’s and Kayla actually pronounced him dead, but then they got their miracle and Tripp came back to them, so he’s going to be just fine. Abe calls that great news. Steve adds that Ava is with Tripp and refusing to leave his side, so he figured he’d come check on Abe. Abe mentions being concerned about Paulina.

Rafe brings up Paulina saying she wouldn’t answer questions without her lawyer present, so he offers to get her lawyer there but Paulina says she’s okay and has nothing to hide. Rafe gives Paulina a paper, waiving her counsel, which she signs. Rafe begins the recording and tells Paulina to start by telling him what happened on the night that TR was shot. Paulina tells him that TR came over and talked her in to going away with him. Paulina adds that when she got back in to the living room after packing, she heard a noise and found Abe lying on the floor, unconscious and bleeding. Paulina says she wanted to call for help but TR wouldn’t let her and grabbed her phone, then raised his arm like he was going to hit her. Paulina brings up vowing a long time ago to never let TR hurt her again. Rafe asks then what happened. Paulina claims she shot the son of a bitch. Rafe shows her a photo of the gun and asks Paulina to confirm it’s the weapon she used to shoot TR. Paulina says that it is. Rafe then identifies the gun as Lani’s service weapon and questions how a cop’s gun ended up in Paulina’s hands to shoot the shot that killed a man.

Lani informs Eli that she had a bad dream about TR. Eli says he’s sorry but TR was a nightmare while he was alive. Lani agrees and says TR came so close to killing Eli. Lani brings up walking in to Paulina’s apartment but stops. Eli points out that she still hasn’t told him what went down at Paulina’s other than Paulina saying she shot TR. Lani thinks back to shooting TR. Eli then asks her what happened.

Abe mentions hearing that Steve came in to Paulina’s apartment right after TR was shot. Steve confirms that Abe was on the floor and TR had been shot, but he’s been wondering what exactly happened before he got there. Abe asks what Lani and Paulina told him. Steve says that Paulina said she shot TR, but he’s just not clear on how that happened. Abe asks what he means. Steve explains that Paulina apparently used Lani’s gun and questions how she got her hands on a service weapon.

Paulina tells Rafe that she’s sorry as she got ahead of himself and rushed straight to the shot. Rafe tells her to take her time. Paulina repeats that TR was about to hit her and that’s when Lani came in and told TR to put his hands up and step away from her. Paulina claims that Lani put her gun down to arrest TR but she grabbed it and shot TR right through his heart.

Lani tells Eli that this isn’t his case and encourages him to focus his energy on getting out of the hospital bed and back in to their bed. Eli says that sounds like a plan as they kiss. Eli tells Lani that he’s still worried about her and Paulina. Lani admits she needs to get to the police station to check on Paulina. Lani tells Eli that she’s grateful for him and that he’s going to be okay. They say I love you to each other as Lani then exits the room.

Rafe questions why Paulina shot TR since it doesn’t sound like he was a threat to her in that moment. Paulina argues that TR shot Eli and attacked Abe, who was out cold and bleeding on the ground, so she couldn’t let him get away with that. Rafe points out that she said he was about to be handcuffed which meant he wasn’t a threat. Paulina brings up how many times the cops came when he beat her back in the day but they let him go and he gave her a worse beating. Rafe apologizes and acknowledges that the way police responded to domestic violence in the past was criminal but they’ve changed things and he’s sure they can still do better. Paulina thanks him for that. Rafe brings up that Paulina knew that wasn’t going to happen this time since she said Lani was about to handcuff TR and take him away. Rafe asks what happened, if TR resisted arrest, or if Lani did something. Paulina quickly says that Lani did nothing wrong. Rafe states that right now, he’s more concerned with what Paulina did and establishing her motives for shooting an unarmed man. Rafe adds that he wants to help her but he needs her to tell him the truth. Paulina guesses she just lost it and shot TR. Paulina adds that he deserved it. Rafe asks if she wants to add anything to that. Paulina says no and that she’s given her statement which is all she has to say. Rafe decides they will continue this later then and exits the room.

Abe wonders how Paulina did get her hands on a service weapon. Steve says he doesn’t know and asks if Abe saw or heard anything. Abe says he was out of it but then realizes maybe he did hear something which Steve questions. Eli then enters the room and asks if they are having a party without him. Steve says it’s good to see him up and around. Steve decides to get back to Tripp and let them catch up. Steve tells Abe they will be talking and tells Eli to take care of himself as he then exits. Eli sits at Abe’s side. Abe jokes about Eli finally waking up from his two month nap. Eli is just sorry about what Lani and Paulina have gone through because of TR. Eli remarks that Paulina sure did make TR pay for shooting him.

Paulina tells herself to stay cool and stick to the story. Lani then enters the room. Lani tells Paulina that she and Chanel wanted to come yesterday but they wouldn’t let them see her. Paulina asks how Chanel is doing with all this. Lani says she’s shaken and still worried about her. Paulina assures that she’ll be just fine. Lani responds that she’s not because they both know it should be her sitting here, not Paulina.

Eric tells Nicole that he’s glad she was home because he didn’t want to leave town without saying goodbye. Nicole then asks if he’s leaving Salem because of her.

Xander claims that Sarah’s baby Mickie is with Eric. Sarah is upset and asks Maggie to give her and Xander a moment. Maggie tries to argue but Xander agrees that he and Sarah should sort this out, just the two of them, so Maggie exits. Sarah asks Xander why Mickie is with Eric, believing that Eric doesn’t know he is the baby’s father and that everyone thinks Xander is. Sarah complains that none of this makes sense, unless something has changed. Sarah thought Xander didn’t have a problem keeping the secret about her baby and asks why he’s acting like he lost his mind. Xander then informs Sarah that there is something he has to tell her. Sarah asks what he has to tell her. Xander reveals that Eric knows that he is Mickie’s father. Sarah questions if Xander told him and then guesses that it was Nicole. Sarah asks why she would do that after being so afraid of losing Eric and swearing that she would keep the secret. Sarah decides she’s going to get her baby and have a word with Nicole but Xander tells her that she can’t. Xander asks her to hear him out for a second. Xander talks about how none of them knew if she would be okay again when she got injected with the antidote. Sarah insists on going to get her baby but Xander repeats that he can’t. Sarah worries that Xander isn’t telling her something about her daughter. Xander claims it’s not about Mickie but about Sarah. Xander then claims that he and Maggie were planning a big Scottish breakfast to welcome her home. Sarah says that’s sweet of him but she’s going to Eric and Nicole’s. Xander claims that Sarah can’t go wearing that and rips the back of her shirt to say there is a hole in it. Xander then tells Sarah to go get changed, they will have breakfast, and then go get Mickie together. Sarah agrees and says she’s very excited to see her little girl as she heads upstairs.

Eric asks Nicole why she would think he’d be leaving town because of her. Nicole suggests it’s because of her seeing Rafe. Eric assures that he’s really happy for her. Nicole knows what they had is over and they are on different paths, but every time she sees him, a tiny part of her still has a hard time letting him go. Nicole asks if they are still friends. Eric calls her the best friend he ever had. Nicole says their love made her a better person. Eric feels the same about himself. Eric then goes to leave. Nicole stops him and hugs him, right as Rafe shows up.

Lani tells Paulina that she doesn’t feel good about this and that it’s wrong. Paulina insists that she knows what she’s doing. Lani argues that Paulina didn’t kill TR. Paulina argues that they only know what they tell them and urges her to stick to the story. Lani asks how to do that since she cannot avoid Rafe forever and will have to answer really tough questions like how Paulina killed TR with her gun. Paulina explains that she just told Rafe that she grabbed Lani’s gun while she was trying to arrest TR. Lani argues that she can’t just be quiet and let Paulina take the blame for something she did. Lani declares that she’s going to confess to killing TR but Paulina says like hell she is.

Eli jokes with Abe about the hospital jello. Eli notes Abe being quiet and asks if he’s okay. Abe says he’s fine but Steve said that Paulina used Lani’s gun to shoot TR. Eli is shocked as he just assumed Paulina used TR’s gun or had her own weapon for personal safety. Abe questions Lani not saying anything about that. Eli says Lani was stressed and upset but hasn’t offered up any details. Eli then remembers that the only thing Lani said to him was that Paulina said she shot TR and questions why she put it that way since Lani was there and witnessed the shooting.

Paulina reminds Lani that she’s a cop who shot an unarmed man so there’s no defense for that. Lani argues that she came in and saw Abe on the floor, possibly dead, and she already knew that TR had shot the father of her children then she saw him raise his hand to Paulina. Lani says she just lost it. Paulina argues that TR deserved it but Lani can’t confess or they’ll lock her up and she will lose her job, freedom, and years with her husband and children. Lani points out that Paulina will go to prison too. Paulina says maybe but maybe not.

Rafe greets Eric and Nicole. Nicole informs Rafe that Eric was just saying goodbye. Eric announces he’s going back to Africa. Rafe tells him that he will be missed. Eric tells them to take care and exits. Rafe comments on Nicole hugging Eric. Nicole assures it was totally platonic and asks Rafe not to look at her like that. Rafe apologizes but brings up that Nicole and Eric were married recently and he was her first love. Nicole says that’s true but Rafe is her current love and assures that he has no reason to be jealous as they kiss.

Xander looks at a photo of Sarah. Maggie comes back in and asks if Xander told Sarah about Mickie. Xander says he couldn’t, reminding Maggie that the last time he told Sarah that her baby died, he lost her. Maggie points out that he got her back. Xander says he lost her again and now he’s finally got her back, so if he tells her the truth then he will lose her all over again. Maggie worries that the lie is so big. Xander admits he feels horrible about it but he needs to find a way to keep Sarah in the dark about Mickie until he can figure something out. Maggie reminds Xander that Sarah forgave him once so she will forgive him again. Sarah then walks in and questions forgiving Xander for what.

Rafe agrees with Nicole that he shouldn’t be jealous as Eric is part of her past and he has a past too. Rafe thinks being jealous is just part of being in love in a relationship. Nicole admits it can be but she assures that she is absolutely committed to him and only him as they kiss. Rafe suggests taking this to the bedroom or the shower.

Xander claims that he just hoped Sarah would forgive him for having to rush out on a work emergency on her first day back home but he promises to be back soon. Xander suggests Maggie stay with Sarah and enjoy the Scottish breakfast too. Xander kisses Sarah and says he’ll be back soon so they can go get Mickie together as he then exits the mansion.

Abe tells Eli that it’s possible that Lani wasn’t there when TR got shot. Eli says that doesn’t make sense and asks how Paulina could have gotten Lani’s gun. Abe remembers hearing Paulina asking “what have you done”. Abe tells Eli that he thinks maybe he heard Paulina talking to Lani.

Paulina tells Lani that victims of domestic violence like her can suffer from PTSD and think that fighting back is self defense. Paulina suggests she could convince a judge and jury that’s what happened here. Lani can’t imagine what she went through. Paulina says she has stories of what TR did to her that she hasn’t told anyone. Paulina says she made herself forget because she’s still scared of the memories and ashamed she didn’t have the strength to leave him. Lani refuses to let Paulina take the blame when she was TR’s victim and she did find the strength to leave to protect herself and her which took incredible courage. Paulina asks what she did with it since she let TR back in to her life and in to Lani’s life, then he hurt them all. Paulina cries that she won’t let TR hurt her baby girl anymore. Lani gets up and hugs Paulina. Paulina pleads with Lani to let her do this for her. Lani says she can’t. Paulina asks her to let her do it for Eli, Abe, and the twins then because they all need Lani and they can get along without her just fine. Lani cries that she can’t get along without her as she needs her. Paulina argues that she needs Lani to let her do this for her. Paulina declares there is not another word to say about it.

Eli asks Abe what exactly he heard. Abe says after TR hit him, he went down and he thinks he heard Paulina say “what have you done”. Abe wonders why she would say that. Eli asks if Abe thinks Lani shot TR.

Eric goes to leave the Brady Pub with his bag packed but runs in to Xander. Eric tries to walk away but Xander asks him not to. Xander says he knows Eric hates him but he’s desperate and really needs his help.

Nicole comes out of her bedroom to a knock at the door. She answers the door to see Sarah, who says she is here to take her baby home, leaving Nicole confused.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Cork pops ]

[ Conversations continue ]

Nick: You know, you should be really proud of yourself. You pulled off the wedding for the ages, and you did it in no time at all.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] Um, I helped out a little. No, the best thing about tonight is mariah and tessa.

Nick: They look so happy. Uh…I don’t know. Do you, uh — you want to dance?

Sharon: Um…thank you, but, you know, you mentioned that rey really loved to dance, and chance had suggested that to me, too, but I don’t know.

Nick: Yeah. I get it.

Sharon: Um, but you should get out there. You don’t want to put this great outfit to waste.

Nick: I mean, I am really crushing this outfit. I know.

Sharon: Sure.

[ Both laugh ] Um, you know what? Hey, you should ask summer. She looks like she might want to dance with her dad.

Nick: Yeah. I shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to embarrass all of my children tonight.

Sharon: I absolutely agree. Do it.

Nick: So, you sure?

Sharon: Yeah. Positive.

Nick: Alright.

Phyllis: I’m having so much fun, the most fun I’ve had in a really long time. Let’s go dance again.

Jack: Ordinarily, I would say yes, but I see allie across the room there by herself. Do you mind if I ask her?

Phyllis: No. Do it. Definitely.

Jack: Thank you.

Phyllis: We’ll dance later.

Jack: Well, hi there.

Allie: Hi.

Jack: Would you like to dance?

Allie: Oh, I’m not sure, jack. I don’t usually dance at weddings.

Jack: We should definitely change that.

Allie: Alright. If you say so.

Summer: [ Laughs ] You are having too much fun.

Nick: Well, I’m gonna have to ice my knees later.

Summer: [ Laughs ] I love you.

Nick: I love you, too, supergirl.

Kyle: Hey, sorry to bust in on…whatever’s going on here.

Summer: Oh, my dad is just showing off.

Kyle: Do you mind if I borrow summer for a minute?

Nick: Uh… yeah, why not? You’ve seen all my best moves anyway. I’m gonna go dance with the brides.

Summer: Alright. Don’t hurt yourself. You okay? What’s wrong?

Kyle: My mother’s here. She would like to say hello.

Summer: Now? Why?

[ Up-tempo music playing ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Kyle: Summer…my mother.

Summer: Hi. It’s been a long time.

Diane: Yes, it has. But I’ve been able to follow you and your career a bit over the years, and I’m — I’m so impressed with what a successful and lovely woman you’ve become. Oh, and congratulations on your own wedding. Clearly, you make my son very happy.

Summer: I do my best. He makes me extremely happy, as well.

Diane: That’s wonderful. Love is hard to find and even harder to keep. Uh, so, um, now that kyle and i have reconnected, I was hoping that maybe you and I could get re-acquainted, as well. Well, I-I’m not saying that we’re all of a sudden going to become best friends, but I was hoping that slowly, over time, we could forge some kind of relationship. I mean, I — I am your mother-in-law. Although I promise I won’t be the typical, annoying kind.

Summer: Nothing about this is typical.

Jack: [ Groans ] Oh, that looks like trouble.

Phyllis: Hell no. Look what she’s trying to do. I see it. She’s trying to insinuate herself into my daughter’s life. That’s not gonna happen. I’m gonna put a stop to that right —

Jack: No, no, no, don’t go.

Phyllis: Why not?

Jack: Because, as you said yourself, if you go over there, it will only escalate things. This is tessa and mariah’s big day. Let’s be fair to them.

Kevin: Hey, that toast you gave was so beautiful. It bordered on being intimidating. I’m glad you went after me ’cause it would have been too hard to follow that tear-jerker.

Crystal: Are you kidding? I was a wreck having to follow you. Yours was so poignant and true.

Mariah: Guys, it’s not a contest.

[ Laughter ]

Tessa: Both toasts were amazing.

Mariah: Yep.

Tessa: But I still cannot believe that you’re here.

Crystal: Sometimes it doesn’t even feel real.

Tessa: But it is.

Crystal: I’m hoping I can thank your brother for everything he did to help get the charges against me dropped so that I could come back to town.

Kevin: Yeah, I’m sure that can be arranged.

Crystal: Yeah.

Kevin: How long are you here for?

Crystal: I’m not sure.

Tessa: If it were up to me, she would stay forever, but tonight is good for starters.

Mariah: Well, why don’t we raise a toast to crystal?

Crystal: Ah.

Mariah: Welcome back.

Kevin: Yes.

Crystal: Thank you.

[ Light laughter ]

Tessa: And now can we talk about your dresses? I mean, incredible.

Chloe: I know. Chelsea did such an amazing job. I’m sorry that she couldn’t be here.

Mariah: Oh, yeah, she was fantastic, you know? She incorporated all of our very, very specific ideas. She was creative, collaborative. It was fantastic.

Tessa: Yes, they’re so original and tailored to us.

Chloe: Well, I will pass along the message. I’m sure she will love to hear it.

Mariah: I still can’t believe that we had our dream wedding without a hitch. I mean, there are so many things that could have gone wrong, right?

Kevin: Nothing would dare go wrong on friday the 13th. It’d be too on the nose.

Mariah: You have a good point there. Hey, uh, everybody, listen up! To friday the 13th!

[ Cheers and applause ] That’s right!

[ Laughter ] And tonight’s winning numbers are 18,

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Mariah: [ Laughing ] Oh, my gosh! Hey, mom!

Sharon: Hey!

Mariah: Why aren’t you out there?

Sharon: Oh…

Mariah: We could have a mother/daughter dance. Or — or we could have a mother/daughter dance-off.

Sharon: Ohh.

Mariah: Come on.

Sharon: I don’t know. I’m just really enjoying watching you two.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Tessa: Oh, wait, you got some cake, though, right?

Sharon: Yes, I had cake. It was so good. And you know what? Everything about this evening is just phenomenal.

Mariah: Well, I’m not gonna argue with you there. Um, do you want some more champagne? Would you like some?

Sharon: Sure. Oh, actually, this is perfect because I’ve been meaning to grab a moment to toast you two. Um… I couldn’t be happier or more proud of the two of you. And I couldn’t be more honored to witness your love and your union tonight. Here’s to a lifetime together and to all of your dreams coming true.

Mariah: Thank you, mom.

Tessa: It means so much… mom.

Sharon: I’ll take it. It feels good. It feels right.

Tessa: Yeah.

Sharon: I love you both.

Mariah: Thank you. Love you. Mwah!

Sharon: Oh!

[ Light laughter ]

Noah: You having a good time?

Allie: Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Noah: Listen, I’d, uh — I’d like to apologize to you.

Allie: For what?

Noah: Making corny jokes at crimson lights when we first met.

Allie: [ Laughing ] Oh, that.

Noah: Yeah. I promise no more abbott/newman family-feud humor.

Allie: That’s a relief because I am not very good at pretending to laugh.

Noah: Yeah, I got that.

[ Both chuckle ]

Allie: So, I heard that you are responsible for the themes and decor of this wedding. Is that true?

Noah: Yeah, I had a little bit of input.

Allie: Ah. Well, it’s quite…fanciful.

Noah: “Fanciful.” That’s a — that’s an interesting word choice.

Allie: Well, I like to be specific with my words. I feel like saying you love something these days is really meaningless. Don’t you think?

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, I feel the same way. Alright. Fanciful. I’ll take it as a compliment.

Allie: Good. It was meant as one. So, abby said you’re an artist?

Noah: I was an artist.

Allie: Does anyone stop being an artist once they are one?

Noah: It’s complicated.

Allie: Yeah, well, most things are.

Noah: Yeah.

Allie: So, what kind of art do you do?

Noah: I’ve made a couple installations around the world for the past few years. I was based in london for a while. Obviously not there anymore. And I no longer do that kind of work.

Allie: What made you stop?

Noah: I just got burnt out. And I felt like I needed a change. I wanted to come back home. So, what do you think of genoa city so far?

Abby: Hmm.

Chance: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Well, it looks like they’re getting along better than they did at crimson lights.

Chance: Yeah, well, at least he’s a familiar face. I mean, this has to be overwhelming for allie, meeting all these new people.

Abby: Yeah, especially since some of them are family members that she never knew existed.

Chance: Well, I hope everyone’s been as welcoming as you have.

Abby: Yes. I mean, I feel, as a abbott-newman-chancellor, the more family members, the merrier, right? I am worried about my uncle jack. It’s got to be hard on him. Finding out that keemo died. Then he has a granddaughter that he never met and she’s all grown up. I mean, and diane coming back from the dead.

Chance: Have you got a chance to talk to him one-on-one yet?

Abby: No, not since our family interrogation of diane the other day.

Summer: Diane, I’m not sure how much “get to know you” time we’re gonna have while we’re here.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] Can I just say something? I haven’t always been an honest person, but I have worked really hard to become one. That’s how kyle and I have been dealing with each other, with brutal honesty at times. So, you don’t have to beat around the bush or be overly polite. You can be frank. You can tell me how you feel.

Summer: Okay. Well… I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around your return. And what you did to kyle as a boy — I think it’s awful. But you aren’t my mother. So I’m taking my husband’s lead. I care about what he’s feeling first and foremost, and I’m going to love and support him while he sorts through all of this.

Diane: I appreciate that. I admire it. And I agree that what I did was horrible. And I’m just praying that kyle will eventually find a way to forgive me.

Summer: I’m not gonna make a scene, okay? I’m not gonna do that. I’m just gonna go over there and tell diane in no uncertain terms that she’s not wanted here without anyone noticing.

Jack: Okay, don’t take this the wrong way. I’m just having a little trouble believing that.

Phyllis: I own a hotel. I throw people out on their butt every day very discreetly.

Jack: Okay.

Phyllis: Okay what? What does that mean — “okay”?

Jack: I’m just saying, if somebody is going to tell diane she has to leave, it should be me. What, you think I’m giving her too much slack?

Phyllis: [ Clears throat ] I think you’re in a bad position. I think you have a big heart and you want to do right by your son. I understand that. You want to make him happy. You don’t want to butt in and upset him or aggravate diane. I get it.

Jack: I admit I am frustrated, yes.

Phyllis: See, but I’m not you. I don’t have a big heart. She’s trying to insinuate herself into my daughter’s life. That — you know what? Go dance with allie, alright? I’m gonna go talk to her. No one will notice. I promise you.

Jack: Okay. Okay. I’m saying okay, but please don’t do anything that’s gonna cause a big scene.

Phyllis: I’m not gonna cause a big scene. I’m gonna stop one from happening. Okay? I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Phyllis: Hey, diane. Well, this is a private event. Time for you to go.

Diane: I’m not bothering anyone.

Phyllis: How long is that gonna last?

Diane: I’m having a private conversation with my son and his wife.

Phyllis: His wife is my daughter.

Summer: We were just finishing up here.

Kyle: Phyllis, my mother just wanted to say hello to summer, and then she promised she would leave.

Phyllis: Oh, well, she’s still here.

Diane: [ Scoffs ] You know, thank you for looking out for me, kyle, but phyllis is right. I just came by to watch you officiate the wedding, but I — I should go. It was a pleasure to see you again.

Kyle: I’ll walk you out, make sure you get a cab. I’ll be back.

Phyllis: That bitch is trying to worm her way into our lives, summer. Who knows what kind of damage she’s thinking of causing.

Summer: I was wondering the exact same thing.

Phyllis: [ Breathes deeply ]

Allie: Genoa city is different than los angeles.

Noah: In a good way or bad way?

Allie: Mm, I don’t make quality judgments like that. Things are what they are. They’re not better or worse.

Noah: Okay, so, you’re analytical, you know, not subjective, kind of the opposite of the artistic mind.

Allie: [ Scoffs ] Whoa. How do you know that I’m not artistic?

Noah: I’m — I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.

Allie: Yeah, well, really, you have.

Noah: Okay.

Allie: Just kidding.

Noah: Oh, okay, so she does have a sense of humor.

[ Laughs ]

Jack: May I steal allie away? I’d like to introduce her to someone.

Allie: Oh, god. There couldn’t be any more abbotts, could there? Sorry. I’m joking.

Noah: Okay. Well, there’s no more abbotts ’cause we newmans make sure to keep their population in check.

Jack: Okay, what’s going on here?

Noah: Well, apparently we are making bad jokes.

Allie: Yeah.

[ Chuckling ] Sorry. Come on. Let’s go.

Jack: Okay.

Crystal: You, me, dance floor again.

Noah: Okay.

[ Both laugh ]

Abby: Here you go.

Chance: Why, thank you.

Abby: You seem lost in your thoughts.

Chance: Oh, no, I was just thinking about mariah and tessa’s vows. They’ve been through a whole lot this year, huh? It’s been a tough year for a lot of us.

Chance: You know, when I said our vows, I had no idea that you would have to end up rescuing me in spain, bringing me back home to our baby boy.

Abby: I know losing rey has been a shock, something you’ll be processing for a while.

Chance: It’s been tough.

Abby: I know.

Chance: But I will get through it. I promise. I just can’t imagine what sharon’s feeling.

Abby: Devastation, loss, a void that can’t be filled.

Chance: Is that what you felt when you thought I was gone?

Abby: And I’m not telling you that to make you feel guilty. I’m saying it because you are the love of my life.

Sharon: Um… girls, I-I hate to do this, but, um, I’m starting to feel a little bit jet-lagged and tired from my trip to miami. And — I’m sorry — I fully intended on staying here until the last guest left, but —

Mariah: Mom, mom! Say less, okay? There is no obligation for you to be here, so just go. You can leave.

Tessa: We appreciate everything you’ve done for us.

Nick: ’70s glam — who wore it best? I mean the brides or the people who gave away the brides?

Sharon: Well, the brides, nick.

Mariah: Obviously.

Nick: I don’t know. It might be a photo finish.

Mariah: Oh, wow.

Nick: Um, I’m crushing this outfit. Who wants to dance? Let’s dance right now.

Sharon: Actually, you know what? I was just telling the girls, um, I’m gonna get home. I’m feeling a little tired.

Nick: Okay. Uh, I’ll — I’ll go with you.

Sharon: No, no, I don’t want you to leave the party. Stay and have fun. I’ll just grab a car.

Nick: No, I’m definitely driving you home.

Mariah: We are going to rehash every moment of this night very soon.

Sharon: We’re gonna rehash this whole thing as soon as you get home from your honeymoon.

Mariah: Oh, it’s just a few days in a cabin in the woods. I mean, we’re gonna have a honeymoon that’s bigger and better once we can figure it out.

Tessa: I’m trying to make it sound more mysterious and glamorous than it actually is.

Mariah: Yeah.

Nick: Hmm.

Sharon: Did you not tell them?

Nick: No. I thought we would do it later, you know, together, as, like, a surprise.

Mariah: I-I don’t like surprises.

Nick: You’re gonna like this one. Um, your bigger, better honeymoon’s gonna be here faster than you think. Like, tomorrow, actually.

Mariah: Wha–

Nick: Yeah. An all-expense-paid trip to paris. You’re not going to some cabin. You’re going to paris.

Mariah: What?

Tessa: Uh, wait. Are — are you joking?

Nick: No. Serious. You’re gonna get all the details sent to your phone later — e-tickets, reservations. Have a blast. We love you.

Mariah: Uh, I don’t think, mom, we should leave you for so long right now.

Nick: Whose idea do you think it was?

Sharon: Nick needed help figuring out a wedding gift, and I just know that the honeymoon of your dreams would be in the city of lights. So, don’t worry about me. I’m gonna be happy just thinking about you two having the time of your life in paris!

Tessa: Uh…uh…

Mariah: Oh, my god. Thank — thank you.

Tessa: I don’t know what to say! Ahh!

Sharon: I know what to say! I know what to say! Bon voyage!

[ Laughter ]

Tessa: [ Gasps ]

Mariah: Oh, my god!

[ Up-tempo music plays ]

[ Laughter ] Dr. Harmon: We are america’s doctors.

Mariah: Hi.

Tessa: Hi. [ Chuckles ]

Mariah: Best night ever.

Tessa: Ingrained in my mind forever. Everyone seems to be having a great time, too.

Noah: What’s up, jet-setter?

Summer: Hi. Thanks. You bartending this shindig, too?

Noah: I guess I have to, to catch up with my sister nowadays. Seems like we only see each other at weddings — victoria’s, this one.

Summer: Mm. When I saw you in tuscany, you were thinking about coming to genoa city for a quick visit, and now it seems like you’ve grown roots.

Noah: I guess I’m enjoying the slower pace.

Summer: Well, it looks like you found ways to flex your artistic side. This place looks great.

Noah: Wow, was — was that an actual compliment?

Summer: Uh, don’t get used to it. You’re still annoying.

Noah: Oh.

Summer: Dad can’t stop gushing about working with you. It’s kind of sickening.

Noah: Oh, okay, I got you. Jealous. That’s what it is.

Summer: Mm.

Noah: Yeah.

Summer: Mm. Yeah. I’m living a life of misery in milan. High fashion, café life, happy marriage…

Noah: Okay, okay.

Summer: …Adorable stepson.

Noah: Yeah, way to rub it in the single guy’s face. Where is mr. Wonderful anyway?

Summer: Oh, he — he stepped outside for a second.

Noah: Is everything okay?

Summer: I’m not sure what you’ve heard.

Noah: Well, I know kyle’s mother has re-appeared.

Summer: She crashed the wedding.

Noah: Did she? I hadn’t noticed. Is she causing problems or…

Summer: Kyle’s putting her in a taxi right now to make sure that can’t happen. She said she just wanted to come and see him officiate the ceremony and to see me, which I found odd. And I think it’s shaken kyle up.

Nick: Hey, kids. Uh, just wanted to let you know we’re taking off.

Sharon: Your dad’s driving me home.

Faith: Oh, I’ll go with you.

Sharon: No, no. You stay here. You can’t ditch your date.

Faith: Are you sure?

Sharon: Absolutely. I’ll see you at home later. Have fun.

Nick: Not too much fun.

Moses: [ Chuckles ] Your dad was joking, right?

Faith: Yeah, I think so.

Moses: It’s cool that your mom let you stay. You think she’s doing better?

Faith: She’s still grieving. I think she will be for a long time. I’m really grateful that she talks to me so honestly about it. She’s so strong, such a good role model.

Moses: It’s nice that you have someone like that in your life.

Faith: Yeah. You have devon and nate.

Moses: Yeah. I’m really lucky to have such awesome people in my life. And most of all, you.

Faith: [ Chuckles ] Ooh.

Moses: I’m really excited that we’re going to the same college.

Faith: I am, too.

Devon: Hey.

Amanda: It looks like your baby brother is head over heels! Look at that.

Devon: Yeah. I see it.

[ Chuckles ]

Amanda: Wow, you’re worried.

Devon: I’m not worried.

Amanda: You are worried.

Devon: I’m not worried. I’m not worried. I’m very happy those two are together.

Amanda: Uh-huh.

Devon: I am happy. I’m gonna probably have a talk with him soon, though.

Amanda: Ohh, a talk? Well, that sounds like a buzzkill.

Devon: No, it’s not gonna be a buzzkill. I’m just gonna warn him about being in love at such a young age, you know? They’re both about to go to college. It’s gonna be a new environment, around new people, have new experiences. And feelings can change even when you don’t expect them to.

Amanda: Well, I agree with you in theory, but I have a feeling that those warnings are gonna go through one ear and out the other because you just — you can’t tell young love a damn thing.

Devon: No?

Amanda: Mnh-mnh. Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Sharon: Thanks for the ride. Are you gonna head back to the party? You seem like you might have some more dancing in you.

Nick: Nah. My motto is “always leave with them wanting more.”

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] Everybody was having such a good time. I don’t think that anyone noticed that we left. And as much fun as it was to dress up, I cannot wait to get out of these shoes and have a cup of tea.

Nick: Well, I’m sure you’re tired, but if you’d like, i could, uh, hang out for a bit. I’ll even make the tea.

Sharon: Okay. Thank you. Although that seems like a pretty tame way to end the evening for someone as glam-tastically dressed as you.

[ Laughs ]

Diane: Ugh. Why am I not surprised? You must have rushed out of there to follow me home.

Phyllis: This is not your home, diane.

Diane: Are you stalking me now?

Phyllis: No, but you seem to be stalking kyle.

Diane: Oh, please. I wanted to catch a glimpse of my son officiating a wedding. That’s all. And you shouldn’t be calling me a party crasher when that’s exactly what you did.

Phyllis: Well, how do you figure that?

Diane: Uh, you went as jack’s plus-one, so I’m sure no one was sad to see you leave, either.

Phyllis: Okay, first of all — oh, no, no, no. You’re not me, okay? You’re not me. And nobody wants you around.

Diane: That’s not necessarily true. Kyle defended me when you were so ungraciously trying to kick me out.

Phyllis: You are misreading kyle’s actions. He doesn’t know what to say. He doesn’t know what he wants right now. But — but I have confidence that, with summer’s urging, he’ll figure out that letting you back in his life was a huge mistake.

Diane: God, this is really getting tedious. Are you done?

Phyllis: No, I’m not done! You are a cancer! You are a cancer here! I want you out! I want you gone!

Tessa: Okay, ready?

Mariah: Yeah. Hey, guys? Uh, hello? Uh, we — we just wanted to, uh — to say som–

Tessa: Hey, I got this.

[ Whistles ] Thank you.

[ Laughs ] Well, we just want to give a final thank-you to all of you for coming and making this such a magical night.

Mariah: And thank you to our friends and our family for helping to put this together. It’s insane.

Tessa: And I want to thank my sister, crystal, for coming and making this a dream come true.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Mariah: And I want to thank crystal for agreeing to spend the night at the grand phoenix so we can have the apartment to ourselves.

[ Laughter ]

Tessa: Alright, we’ve done our vows.

Mariah: Mm-hmm.

Tessa: We’ve eaten cake. And we’ve danced till our feet went numb, so…

Mariah: We’re out of here, suckers! Bye!

Faith: Wait a minute! There’s still one more thing to do.

Tessa: Oh.

Mariah: Oh.

Tessa: Oh.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Tessa: Wow. Okay.

Mariah: Um…

Tessa: Alright.

Mariah: I guess we’re doing this.

Tessa: We’re doing this.

Mariah: Alright, together.

Tessa: Together.

Both: One, two, three.

Chloe: Oh! Uh, well, I think it’s a little too late for me.

Kevin: [ Laughs ]

Chloe: Um, okay.

Abby: Oh!

Devon: Who.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] Well, this thing is like a homing device for married women.

Mariah: Okay, we’ve got to give it one more try, right? I mean, this one will be the winner, okay?

Abby: Okay, let’s do it. Here we go!

[ Gasping, laughter ]

Jack: Um… I think I’ve been married more than anyone in this room.

[ Laughter ] I don’t know how I feel about this.

[ Laughter ] Well, the next time’s a charm, right?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Want a worry-free

way to kill bugs?

Sharon: You know, you were dancing so enthusiastically, at one point, I got worried that you were gonna do the splits or something.

Nick: It was tempting, but i couldn’t risk a torn hamstring.

Sharon: Wasn’t the ceremony beautiful? And the girls were so happy.

Nick: They really were.

Sharon: I hope that for the rest of their lives they’ll always be happy and healthy and in love. But I hate that life has taught me that that’s not always possible.

Nick: Sharon, I know life can be, uh, tough and very cruel at times. But mariah and tessa — no matter what they face in the future, they know they will always have a very loving and supporting family that they can count on.

Sharon: Thanks for always being here when I need you. Especially these last few weeks. I don’t think I could have gotten through them without you.

Nick: Well, I hope you know you can always count on me.

Diane: I’d offer you a drink, but I don’t want to.

Phyllis: Oh, that’s okay. I don’t want one. Um, so, I’m going to talk to you as, uh, the owner of this hotel. Um, I let you stay here because you wanted to talk to kyle and — what? — Make peace. I also wanted to keep an eye on you. But, see, you’ve talked to kyle, and now it’s in his hands. You keep on teasing us, saying you’re leaving — “I’m leaving” — but you’re still here. So, I’m gonna make it real easy on you. Get the hell out of my hotel, diane.

Diane: You can order me out of your hotel, but you can’t make me leave town, and I am staying right here until kyle decides one way or another. I believe that kyle is capable of forgiving me. And maybe jack, too.

Phyllis: Oh, my… you are delusional.

Kyle: Mmm. I’ve missed you so much.

Summer: I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for you. It was so painful when I wasn’t sure who my father was. I — just the confusion of not knowing my place or my identity. It might be a bit like what you’re going through.

Kyle: It’s hard for me to figure out exactly how to feel. I’m happy you’re here. And I don’t expect you to have an opinion or anything.

Summer: Oh, but I do.

Kyle: Really? ‘Cause you just met my mother. Or re-met her.

Summer: I saw all I needed to see when I caught the way she looked at my mom earlier. It was pure anger and jealousy. I don’t think that woman can be trusted for a second.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] If you’re washing with the bargain brand,

Allie: So, how many times have you been married?

Jack: That is a story for another time. How about some tea?

[ Doorbell rings ] Oh. Who is that?

Phyllis: Hey! I have an update. Oh, am I interrupting?

Jack: Uh, no, you’re not interrupting. Come on in.

Phyllis: Okay. I have details —

Jack: About?

Allie: You know what? I think I’m gonna head up to bed.

Jack: Alright.

Phyllis: Good night.

Jack: Good night, allie. So, what is going on? You disappeared from the reception.

Phyllis: Yeah, because I went to the hotel to confront diane.

Jack: Phyllis —

Phyllis: No, I didn’t make a scene. It was no big deal. But, um, she will be leaving town now.

Jack: Wait. What makes you think that?

Phyllis: Uh…I kicked her out of my hotel.

Jack: Okay. Well, there wasn’t a big scene at the wedding.

Phyllis: No, and I also told her no one wants here here. That’s it. Listen. Do you have problem a with my doing this? I mean, I thought you would be a little bit more appreciative. Are you still on the fence about having diane here?

Jack: I want kyle to get some closure, and I don’t think he’s gotten it yet. And your putting your foot on the scale probably doesn’t help. If she feels forced out, it could backfire on us, and as much as I hate the idea, kyle still needs time with his mother.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Alright. I just let my own hatred for diane get the best of me, i guess. Sorry. I apologize.

Jack: No, no, don’t — don’t apol– don’t apologize. You were being you, and I happen to like you.

Phyllis: Thank you. It was a lovely night otherwise.

Jack: It was, wasn’t it?

Phyllis: Yeah. Thank you for asking me to be your date.

Jack: Is that what you were?

Phyllis: Yeah, I was your date. Thank you.

Jack: My date.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Allie caught the bouquet.

Jack: Uh, no. I caught the bouquet.

Phyllis: You caught it?

Jack: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: That’s a first.

Jack: Well, the first to catch a bouquet. Walking down the aisle — i think I’ve done that for the last time.

Phyllis: No. I don’t know if it’s the last time for you.

Jack: One night without thinking about diane. Is that too much to ask for?

Phyllis: It is not too much to a– let’s dance. You want to dance with me? Let’s dance.

Jack: Um…

Phyllis: Let’s go.

Jack: Okay.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Tessa: [ Gasps ] Ooh. Oh, my goodness.

Mariah: Wow. Oh, my gosh.

Tessa: Wow, this is so beautiful.

Mariah: Yeah.

[ Both laugh ] Look at this.

Tessa: Oh, my gosh. Ah! We did it!

[ Both laugh ]

Mariah: Oh, wow. We’re married.

Tessa: Whew. Um…

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: What’s next?

Mariah: I mean, the sky’s the limit…starting right now.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, May 18, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


look, chase, I’ve been thinking. I’ve been thinking, too. You have? Yeah. And now I’m thinking maybe we should go somewhere and talk about what we’ve been thinking. That’s funny. I was about to suggest the same thing. Let’s go. Not without me. I have something to say, too. And it won’t wait. Linc. Wow. Look who escaped from the #metoo movement.

[ Scoffs ] Come on. That’s water under the bridge. Yeah, too bad you didn’t drown in it. Chase: I remember you. You’re brook lynn’s sleazy ex-music producer. What the hell do you want? Who cares? He doesn’t have a hold over me, so buh-bye. You heard her. Beat it. Not just yet. I may not be brookie’s producer, but we still have unfinished business.

[ Knock on door ] Penny for your thoughts.

[ Voice breaking ] Curtis. I’m so glad you’re here. Oh, thank you. Mm-hmm. Now we wait for mr. Purdee.

[ Sighs ] Yes. Well, I have to say, pretty impressive detective work using that repair receipt in the clarinet case to track down the music shop and the owner. Marshall was particular about his instrument, so it makes sense that this repair shop was his go-to. Which means that he spends a lot of time in brooklyn and maybe even has a place down here. Mr. Purdee — he — he seemed tight-lipped when I spoke to him on the phone. At first he wouldn’t even let me come by. He kept saying the store was closed. And finally I had to promise to buy him dinner. And this is where he wanted to eat, so, you know, hopefully he actually shows up and gives us information about marshall.

[ Whistles ] It is a beauty. What kind of trouble’s it giving you? You know what? First of all, I apologize for pulling you out of that dinner. I didn’t know you were having dinner with sasha and gladys. It’s okay. They understood. Besides, sasha will bring me something home. Yeah, I know, but family’s important. You’re family, too. So tell me, what’s up? What’s that? It’s what you really want, according to that paparazzo/vulture. It’s the real reason you agreed to give back the memory card. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Y-you’re saying that you got those from that paparazzo? Yes, in exchange for the memory card I took out of his camera the night of the accident. But I don’t understand. Why would I want — okay, sasha. Drop the act. I know the truth. You’re back on drugs.

What business could youpossibly have with brook lynn? None. Linc’s all talk and smarm.

[ Scoffs ] I seem to remember when you liked a little smarm. Well, you remember wrong. I never liked your attention then. You were gross, and you’re gross now. All right, that’s it. It’s time for you to go. Oh. Is this the boyfriend? Yes, and he’s a cop. Do you really want to press your luck? You’re a cop? Well, I thought you were a singer. You have a pretty good voice. I don’t care what you think about my voice. Hmm. I recognize that song. Yeah, it’s a good tune. And I knew it. I knew it when you cut the demo. I just can’t wait to give it the production it deserves. Dream on. I’ll never work with you again. You may never sing with me again. But I own your songs. They belong to me. Ah. I am not taking drugs, gladys. But you just can’t keep your hands off of them? I wasn’t born yesterday, sasha. Keep your voice down. I am the face of deception. If someone sees that bottle, they could jump to the wrong conclusion.

[ Chuckles ] You mean that you have a problem? They wouldn’t be wrong. I can’t believe you’re doing this now. I mean, you are the one always worried about deception’s stock. Don’t you think that this could be bad publicity? All right, I know what I say. But your health is more important than your image. And I’m not talking to the face now. I’m talking to my daughter-in-law. Well, I am not talking about this at all. Sasha. If you won’t talk to me, I’ll just have to go straight to brando. Oh, man. I can see why this baby’s one of your favorites.

[ Chuckles ] They do not make cars like this anymore. Nowadays they all are — they’re computerized and — refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, you name it. Yeah. I’m so glad I learned on cars without all those microchips. You know, running that diagnostic on a tablet — it’s just definitely not as much fun as getting under the hood, rooting around, finding out what’s wrong. You always love cars? Ever since I was a kid. In fact, did I ever tell you that mike was the first one to teach me about engines? I didn’t know my dad loved cars. I thought the only thing that he was really into was the ponies. You know?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] No doubt. Mike was definitely into those, but, um, he also knew how to keep a car running, you know, basic automotive maintenance. But that was enough to get me started on my love for cars and [Chuckles] Pretty much anything with an engine. I would have loved to have worked on cars with my dad when I was young. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up. No, no. You know, at least you got, you know, that time to share with him, instead of me. Sometimes fathers and sons just don’t connect. All right, I’ll leave a tip, but we’re getting out of here. I dragged you to brooklyn. The least we can do is enjoy a fine-dining establishment. Hey, I’m liking brooklyn. Tj ashford? Yes, sir. This — this is my life partner, molly. Hi.You’re mr. Purdee? In the flesh. Thank you so much for coming. Please, please join us. Is dinner still on you? You bet. Even though I can’t help you? As I told you on the phone, what you told me ain’t ringing any bells. That’s why I wanted to meet you in person. I’m hoping you remember this. Yeah! I remember this clarinet. The bridge key was stuck. I fixed it right up. Can you get in contact with the owner for us? Nope. Don’t know the guy. Carmen, give me a meatloaf special and a coffee. You know how I take it.

[ Chuckles ] Baby, what’s wrong? What happened? Trina got the report back from pcu’s title ix coordinator. Was it bad?

[ Crying ] Looks like we got another fight on our hands. I mean, it’s as if joss and cam’s statement, an endorsement saying that they didn’t believe trina was behind the video, made absolutely no difference. A-and the report is citing, um, um, circumstantial evidence against her. And you know exactly what that means. And I’m worried. I am so worried. Okay, baby, fight is not over. We will get trina through it.

[ Sighs ] I’m so glad you’re here. You came at just the right time. Baby. What brought you by here, anyway? Well, your text. You said that you were gonna stop by here before going home, and I knew you’d probably get caught up in something. Portia… I need to talk to you. Well, honey, you should have said something. Okay. What about? To tell you I’m leaving.

What do you mean you’re leaving? Actually, I decided to go find my father, but… I can’t leave you and trina in light of this title ix report. Oh, honey, you’re so thoughtful and supportive. Baby, if there’s a challenge that this family has, I’m in it with you. And I’m grateful to you for that. But, honey, there must have been something that motivated you to want to decide to go after marshall. I-I mean, you were pretty ambivalent about that. Honey, what’s going on? Did he contact you? No. Stella told you some information about him, didn’t she?

[ Sighs ] What was it? Turns out… marshall’s not the only one that’s been lying to me. Hey, uh, I got another car on the lift in the garage, so I’ll check what I can do out here. Do what you gotta do. This might take a little time, if you don’t mind hanging out for a while. Well, I got time.

[ Both chuckle ] So, uh… yeah, what’s been, uh — what’s been going on? Well, you know, I know that old cars have issues, but I’m thinking that it’s — it’s the starter or the wiring. Oh, yeah? Yeah. When did you first notice the problem? Well, a couple days ago. And then today it started misfiring. And then avery got all frantic ’cause she was gonna be late to her, you know, dance performance at the school fair. Yeah, that’s sweet. Yeah. Did she end up making it? Well, you should’ve seen.

[ Chuckles ] She was so cute. I mean, she was like — she knew all her dance moves and everything, and then, uh, olivia and their son, leo, showed up, and he did a performance. Must have been something. Sorry to have missed it. It’s important to have family there cheering you on. Yeah, and, uh, michael and, uh… willow showed up. How was that? I-I remember you mentioned that, uh, you and michael were having some trouble before. Still rough between you two? You could say that. What the hell are you talking about? You don’t own my music. You so much as

whistle my song, and I will sue you for everything you’re worth. I remember loving that song when you cut that demo. Of course, I-I knew it needed a lot of work, a lot of production flair, but I let you do it the way you wanted because I knew I was the one that would take it over the top. Oh, you mean turn it into an electro-pop nightmare, which, thank god, didn’t happen, because you no longer own any rights to my music. Check your old contract, brookie. Anything that you wrote while I was your producer belongs to me. That can’t be true. You were never really good at reading the fine print. You don’t even make any sense. What would you want with a song from years ago that never made it further than a demo? Oh, come on, don’t be so modest. I can give credit where credit is due. A few of your songs are quite good. I’ve been, uh, shopping them around to some name talent. There’s been some interest. I’m close to making some deals. Really? With who? Re-sign with me and you’ll find out.

Skips like that? Yeah. Uh… change places with me. Alright. Ah, man. Uh, I’m sorry that, uh, you and michael aren’t getting along. You know what? I-it is what it is. He knows where to find me if he wants to apologize.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, well, the wires seem intact, and the starter’s fine. Hmm. Has it been idling rough? Notice slow acceleration? Yeah to both. And I’m filling it up a lot more. That sounds about right. Well, with all the misfiring, I think it’S… spark plugs.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ] A-plus, man. What the hell did you need me for, huh? So, ready to get your hands dirty? Wouldn’t be the first time. Gladys, I appreciate the discretion. But this whole situation is insane. What did that felty guy even say to you? He said the two of you reached an agreement — the memory card for a fresh supply of uppers. That’s not true. No, no. [ Scoffs ] My history of drug use is no secret. And he is using it. He imagined that I would jump at an opportunity of pills just to convince me to return his memory card. But he’s wrong. I never agreed to a trade. Then why give back the memory card at all?

[ Sighs ] Because… it’s his rightful property. You’re the one who stole it in the first place, gladys. I was protecting you.

[ Chuckles ] Really? ‘Cause you seemed pretty relieved that I’d taken it. I didn’t want felty to profit from harassing me, to use photos of me in an unguarded moment as clickbait or to sell papers, okay? I mean, you saw for yourself how aggressive he was. I can’t believe you would take that jerk’s word over mine. Okay, sasha, stop with the act. I saw the photos from his camera on the memory card.

All of them. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around this. So stella’s been sitting on the truth the whole time? She’s always known that marshall was alive? Stella and my mother. So… marshall and my mom thought it was best for us if we believed that he was dead. But why? She wouldn’t say. She said it wasn’t her place. Honey, I’m sorry. This must be so upsetting and hurtful. But I think… that stella was probably only trying to do what was best. I just never thought aunt stella would like to me. Well, I think stella and your mom were probably trying to protect you from something painful that you were just too young to understand. And then when your mother fell ill, stella probably felt like you had been through enough. What about when we got older? She probably felt like it was too late to set things right at that point, never dreaming that marshall would come back into your life. I mean, the grieving had been done. You might as well leave things the way they are. And maybe — maybe she wanted to convince herself that it was kinder to do so. Maybe. Curtis, haven’t you ever let something you regret go on for so long that you didn’t even know where to begin to make things right? Are you saying that’s what I’m doing with marshall? In your case, I’m saying that it’s not too late. Yeah. Aunt stella said that I should ask marshall for the truth, which is all I’ve ever done. So maybe now that I know more, maybe he’ll open up more. You should go find him. I can’t leave you and trina with the whole title ix thing. Look, the hearing isn’t for another 10 days. You find marshall. And you come back home. Right now, baby, I don’t even know where to get started.

[ Knock on door ] Portia? Curtis. I’m sorry if I’m interrupting. Commissioner ashford, um, what brings you by? I wanted to check the status of an injured officer, but I’m glad to run into curtis. Have you spoken to tj? About what? He and molly went to brooklyn. They think marshall might be there. You two aren’t eating? Not until we get some answers. I already told you all I can. I don’t know the guy you’re looking for. But you do recognize the clarinet? I know instruments, not people. I’ve got a lot of customers. Sir, it’s very important we find this man. He’s not in any trouble. Yeah, his name is marshall ashford. But he could be using another name. You’re not sure about the man’s name? My grandfather uses several stage names. Grandfather? The guy who owned that doesn’t have a family. Really? The guy you claim not to know? My grandfather has fallen out of touch with our family, and it’s very important I find him. Please. Mr. Purdee. Marshall has always been a loner, and recently he has reconnected with our family. He left after we had a disagreement. So all we want him to know is that his family wants him home. Would you please help us? You’re not actually buying what this guy’s selling, are you? You said it yourself. He’s all talk. Hey, believe me or not. But I’ll be the one busy raking in the money. On my songs. Maybe if we were working together again, we could come up with some arrangement. Not gonna happen. Let’s go. Oh, man, I’m so out of here. And just for the record, nothing could ever entice me to work with you again. Hey, why hold on to a grudge when we both stand to gain from moving on? Okay, brookie, I admit it. I underestimated your talent. I should have recognized your potential as a songwriter. Come to my room and we’ll explore more of that potential. Hey, watch yourself. Hey, man, I’m just picking up on what brook lynn’s putting out there. The hell you were.

[ Grunts ]

where do you suppose my grandfather might be? That is, if he resides in brooklyn. Brooklyn is a pretty big borough. How did you wind up with his clarinet anyway? My grandfather wanted me to have it. He also left me this note. Never thought I’d see the day when marshall would give up this licorice stick. Marshall. So you ad– you admit you know him? Yeah. He goes by marshall parker in these parts. Uh, if he gave that to you, you must be pretty special to him. So you’ll help us? It would mean the world to our family. I haven’t seen marshall in a while. But I’ll ask around about him. Thank you so much. I’ve written my personal number on the back so you or marshall can call me. Oh, you’re doctor, huh?

[ Chuckles ] I shoulda ordered dessert.

[ Laughter ] You still can. Look, I’m not making any promises. I’ll deliver your message. Whether marshall wants to get in touch, that’s up to him. Carmen! One cherry pie to go. I saw the photos of you down on the ground on your hands and knees picking up pills. Which is why you got upset and tore out of the metro court like that — because you were busted by that paparazzo. And it’s why you were relieved when I told you I had the memory card. I was grateful for how you… stepped up and protected me. Of course I would. But, okay — but — mm. I’ve been wondering about this ever since I discovered the pictures, and I have to ask. Were you high when you hit harmony? D-did you get behind the wheel hopped up on pills? Absolutely not.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Voice breaking ] I’ll admit… and I’m not proud of this, gladys, but… I did need a little help getting through the stress of the ipo and everything after liam’s death. I felt eyes on me 24/7. Pitying me. Watching over me. Waiting for me to crack. Judging me because i didn’t crack and… I wanted to crawl into a hole. But at the same time, being alone with my thoughts and feelings was terrifying. I had to keep moving, okay? I had to push through the pain, and I — I needed help doing it. I get it, sasha. I do. But you had the pills in your hand when you jumped behind the wheel of the car. Pills that I had dropped. I did not take anything, I swear, gladys. I swear….on my son. You have to believe me. I do. I do.

[ Sighs ] All right. All right. These pills, this help of yours… …were they prescribed by a doctor? Brando needs to know. N– brando! N– brando has been through enough. Ah-ah — he’ll want to help. Gladys, I am done with the drugs, okay? It is not an issue for me anymore. Felty said that he would delete the incriminating photos of me. Hmm? He just wanted the memory card back with all his other phones. Ah, well, they’re deleted, all right. I made sure. Thank god. Crisis averted. It’s over. See? Telling brando now will only make him worry for no reason. Why won’t you believe me? Because I know firsthand addiction doesn’t work like that. Well, that’s some right hook. You want to meet the left one? No. No, I got the message. You’re a tough negotiator. I’m not negotiating. Not now. Not ever. Now get out of my face! I like it rough, but only to a point.

[ Breathing heavily ] I suggest you leave right now. Call me when you cool off.

[ Sighs ] Oh. Um, we should ice that. Why — why did you do that? Guy deserved a beatdown. No, I’m not arguing with you here. I would have punched him myself, but you beat me to it. Linc’s my problem, okay? I can handle him. No, you don’t get it. I was looking forward to wiping that smirk off his face. You should have let me. Chivalry noted, okay? As gratifying as it would have been to watch you punch linc, you would have gotten in trouble again for defending my honor. You’re almost off suspension, chase. There’s no way in hell I’m gonna let you blow it on my account. I know marshall tends to take off when things get difficult, but I’m hopeful. I think he’ll still want to talk to me. Yeah, I mean, when he sees the effort that you put in to find him, how could he not?

[ Cellphone rings ] Uncle curtis. I hear you’re in brooklyn. Want some company? So is this how my dad taught you? ‘Cause it seems like I’m getting the lesson after all. And I gotta tell you, I-I really appreciate this, ’cause what we’re doing right now, this is like family time, fathers passing down, sons. That is the way it wassupposed to happen. I’m sorry, man. Um… you know what? I-I — you know, I believe that one day you’re gonna have this same experience with your son, maybe even a daughter.

[ Both laugh ] And when did you get so enlightened? Look, man, I-I mean it, too. I-I think you and michael are gonna patch things up. I don’t — I don’t think so. Not this time. That bad? He’s not just angry. He’s actively… trying to take me down.

Ght you might be angrywith me for taking this on. T, I-I’ve never been angry with you, man. We just — we didn’t see eye to eye on marshall. Okay? That’s it. You were determined to not go after him. What changed your mind?

[ Sighs ] You know, I, uh — I didn’t want to see him walk out of our lives again. Okay? And no matter how… difficult he may be, it’s worth it. Well, molly and I just talked to someone who knows marshall, but we haven’t made contact yet. Well, I’m on my way. We’ll find marshall together. Start her up. All right.

[ Engine turns over and revs ] Purrs like a kitten.

[ Laughs ] Oh. Yeah. That was fun. Thank you. Yeah, for me, too. Yeah. Here you go. Hey, and sonny, I know I keep bringing this up, but michael — I know him. He’s a pretty forgiving guy. You guys had a strong relationship. He’ll come around. Michael is forgiving up to a point. You push him, he’s a — he’s relentless. That surprises me. Well, he’s a lot like his mother. I suppose a li– little bit of me. Well, I’m still hoping for a little reconciliation. Don’t worry about it. I’ll be all right. I’M…more hoping it for michael’s sake than I am for yours. I-I shared how much mike was a big influence on me coming up, but, you know, your influence was just as meaningful. When I got to port charles, I-I didn’t know if I was gonna stay, or who or what I wanted to be. Now I got this garage. Got a beautiful wife. My mother’s back in my life. I got an extended family. All because of your guidance and generosity. I wouldn’t be who I am without you, sonny. And it’d be a shame if michael didn’t have you in his life. I’m not trying to shame you, sasha. I’m trying to help you, and brando. Have you forgotten about his history with addiction? I-I worry that if he sees you doing drugs again, he might fall off the wagon, too. I would never hurt brando. Not in a million years. I know you wouldn’t want to. But if you’re trying to go this alone and making bad choices, y-you won’t be able to help it, you know? I won’T. I promise. You can let brando in. Tell him what you’re going through. He’ll — he will understand. Brando…is the kindest, most loving man I have ever known. That is why I don’t want to burden him further. It’s not a burden. My son loves you. And I love him… so much. Gladys, I know brando. He is so protective and so quick to take on other people’s problems. He will feel responsible for me. Brando is being so strong, but I know that he is hurting, too. And he needs to heal, gladys. And he won’t if he is worrying about me relapsing. I promise. I won’T. How can you know that?

[ Scoffs ] Because felty snapping those photos of me scrabbling around on the ground like some pathetic junkie was a wake-up call. I realized just how much I have to lose. And not just deception, but my future with brando. I cannot let him down. I can’t let myself down. So you think you’re strong enough to get through this on your own? I know I am. Gladys, what more can I do to convince you? Name it… and I’ll do it. You’re right, as sat isfyingas it would have been knocking him into the middle of next week, I can’t jeopardize my return to active duty. Thanks for having my back, slugger. I can’t believe that creep’s back in my life. Was linc telling the truth about owning your songs? I’m ashamed to say he might be. I was an idiot when I signed that contract. I had stars in my eyes. I just signed on the dotted line. I didn’t read the fine print, let alone take it to a lawyer. So if linc still owns my music, it’s on me. No, brook lynn, don’t do that. This is not your fault. Linc took advantage because you were ambitious. The way he was talking to you — did he do that while he was your producer? Yeah. Sexual harassment was pretty much nonstop. Bastard. Well, I’m glad you cut ties with him. At a price. Why is it every time I think my life is on track…? Look, I — I know you’re upset. My hand hurts. I know. Let me help you.

I’m at gh, checking inon officer coleman’s status. I’ll be back soon. It’s such good news about tj and molly. Find marshall. Then just come back home, okay? Okay. And no matter what happens, I’ll be back in time for trina’s title ix decision. I love you. I love you more.

[ Chuckles softly ] Okay. Um, I’ll call you when I get to brooklyn. Mm-hmm. And tell trina, please, keep her shoulders back and her head up. Okay. Bye. Jordan. Thank you for letting me know. Good luck. Yeah. Curtis is very protective of you and trina. Well, you should know. I mean, that’s the kind of man that he is. I’m not surprised. I’m happy for him. It appears curtis will finally have the family he yearned for as a child. Two things I’m happy about — making the call on that pie… I second that. …And receiving the call from my uncle curtis. You see what I did there. But for real, [Chuckles] I’m glad my uncle’s coming. Yes. Well, an ex-pi is certainly always nice to have along on a search. Mm. I gotta say, for two amateurs, we did pretty darn good. Oh, we made it this far, which was awesome. Right? But I welcome my uncle’s expertise. Yes. And, you know, there is something poetic about you and your uncle curtis working together to reclaim your family. It feels right. Unfortunately, even if we find my grandfather, we still have to convince him to come back to port charles with us. Well… maybe my uncle can help with that. Well, what should we do in the meantime? I promised you a fine-dining experience. What if — what if afterwards we went to that — that that jazz bar we saw around the block? Ooh, sounds good to me. I can stay up all night if I want to. I’m on vacation! Hey!

[ Both laugh ] Wouldn’t it be great if we ran into marshall playing at a club? Oh, yes. If you really want to help me, you can find me an ice pack. Yeah. Whatever you need. I’m not helpless, you know.

[ Chuckles ] Helpless is not the word that springs to mind when I think about you. But you’re not alone either. You know, you’re right about the contract. I have to call my lawyers, you know, have them go back over the wording. I gotta find a way out of this. That music is my heart. I can’t let linc have those songs. I will not let him get the best of me again.

[ Sighs ] All right, this is great. How much do I owe you? You kidding? Take the money. Absolutely nothing. What do you — no, no, no, no, no. It’s — it’s time for me to be able to do something for you for a change. You don’t owe me anything, brando. That — that day? Yeah. The other day when we had a talk about sasha, how I can help her? Right. That’s payment. How’s she doing? Still worried. Yeah, but, um, you know, thanks to you, I believe I can be there for her when she needs me and do what’s right. I just needed that confidence boost, and you gave me that. I tell ya, I feel sorry for michael. Hope he realizes how lucky he is to have a father like you.

[ Vehicle approaching ] There you are. Did you get it running? Yeah, well,

we got it running. What are you two doing here? Sasha has something to tell you. Okay. What is it? Gladys… is moving in with us.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[Monitor beeping]

[Dramatic music]

TR: You looking for this? Don’t worry, lani. I’m not gonna hurt you. You’re my daughter. I love you… even though you shot me for no damn good reason.

Lani: You shot my husband in the head. You were about to hurt paulina, and you attacked my father.

TR: That’s not true.

Lani: He was unconscious!

TR: I mean it’s not true that abe carver is your father. I am, lani. You are my blood. And you shot me dead. How can you murder your own daddy?

Lani: No! [Gasps]

Eli: Lani. What is it?

Paulina: What have you done?

[Monitor beeping]

TR: Look, I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I mean, the way I treated you, it… it was unforgivable. I’m truly sorry.

Paulina: You’re what?

TR: You heard me. But I don’t expect you to forgive me. And I know this might just sound like words to you, but I’m not that man anymore. You are the love of my life.

And I was hoping that you might do me the honor of becoming my wife.

Paulina: You haven’t changed at all, have you, ray? You’re still the same lying violent dog you always were!

TR: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Paulina: Give me back my damn phone. Give me my phone! Give me my–

TR: Get off of me, woman! You better get away from me!

Paulina: You’re gonna hit me? Oh, you’re gonna hit me? Go ahead. Go ahead! I’m not that scared little girl you used to beat up on, not anymore. I’m not afraid of you. Go ahead, you coward!

Lani: You son of a bitch.

TR: Lani. Baby, I can explain.

Rafe: Hey. Long night… for both of us. Thought you could use that… ’cause I… I have some questions about the shooting of tr coates.

Nicole: Chloe, it has been such a horrible night. I mean, between almost losing allie to the devil and–and tr coates being shot, I mean, rafe has been at the station almost all night. So I’m gonna take the day off and spoil him a little.

[Knock at door] I think that’s rafe. Okay, got to go. Bye.

[Cell phone beeps] Finally. I have been waiting all night to make love to you…

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Nicole: I thought you were rafe.

Eric: I kind of got that.

Nicole: I’m sorry.

Eric: No, it’s okay. I should’ve called first. I just wanted to check on allie, see how she’s doing.

Nicole: She is surrounded by people who love her, and we’re gonna take really good care of her. Come in. In fact, she’s, um, with lucas. They took henry to the park…

Eric: Mm.

Nicole: To feed the ducks.

Eric: Mm. Remember when we used to do that with holly? How–how is she?

Nicole: Oh, she’s still processing what happened between us, but she’s doing much better now. I know she’d love to see you. Maybe you can come back this afternoon?

Eric: I can’T. I’m, uh–I’m leaving salem.

Xander: What are we gonna tell sarah?

Maggie: Well, how about the truth? You know, every time I try to bring it up in the car, you cut me off, wouldn’t let me get in a word. And then you let sarah rush up to the nursery without saying a word. What could you possibly be thinking?

Xander: [Sighs]

Sarah: The baby’s room is empty. Where’s mickey? Where could she be?

Steve: Abraham.

Abe: Hey. Steve.

Steve: Looking good, dude.

Abe: Thank you. Well…

Steve: How you feeling?

Abe: I’m ready to get the hell out of here.

Steve: Oh, yeah.

Abe: How’s tripp?

Steve: Well, thanks to the devil, my son almost lost his life saving allie’S. Kayla actually had pronounced him dead.

Abe: My god.

Steve: But then…

[Sighs] Well, let’s just say we got our miracle. Tripp came back to us. He’s gonna be just fine.

Abe: Oh, that is wonderful news.

Steve: Yeah, the best. And ava’s there with him. She’s pretty much refusing to leave his side, so I thought I would come by, see if you’re doing okay.

Abe: Yeah, aside from the nasty bump. But as you know, I’m pretty hardheaded. But I am concerned about paulina.

Rafe: When you were arrested, you said you weren’t gonna answer any questions without your lawyer present. If you still feel that way, I am happy to call your attorney and get him down here before we talk.

Paulina: No, I’m okay. I have nothing to hide.

Rafe: Okay, then. All right, I’m just gonna need you to sign this… waiver to counsel before we start, yeah?

Paulina: Uh… of course.

Rafe: All right, then… let’s get started.

[Device beeps] Why don’t you start by telling me what happened the night that, uh, tr was shot?

Paulina: [Sighs] Uh… tr came over and talked me into going away with him, and when I got back into the living room, after I had packed, I– I heard a noise. And, uh, I found abe lying on the floor. He was hurt, unconscious, bleeding. I wanted to call for help, but tr wouldn’t let me. And, uh, he grabbed my phone. I tried to grab it back from him. And then he raised his arm like he was gonna hit me. And I vowed a very long time ago that I was never gonna let him hurt me again.

Rafe: Then what happened?

Paulina: Well, you know the answer to that. I shot the son of a bitch.

Rafe: Okay. This was recovered… at the scene, this weapon. Can you confirm that this is the weapon you used to shoot tr coates?

Paulina: Uh… yes, yes, it is.

Rafe: That’s lani’s service weapon. So can you explain to me how a cop’s gun ended up in your hand to shoot the shot that killed a man?

Lani: Um…

[Monitor beeping] I had a bad dream about ray.

Eli: Baby, I-I’m sorry. I don’t like to speak ill about the dead, but that man was a nightmare when he was alive.

Lani: He was. And he… he came so close to killing you, eli. And when I walked into paulina’s apartment, I… um…

Eli: Lani. You still haven’t told me what went down at paulina’s, except that paulina said that she shot tr.

Paulina: Go ahead, you coward!

Lani: You son of a bitch.

TR: Lani, baby, I can explain!

Eli: So? Lani, what happened? Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

Abe: I heard you came into paulina’s apartment right after tr was shot.

Steve: I did. You on the floor, tr dead… I got to say, I’ve been wondering exactly what happened before I got there.

Abe: What did lani and paulina tell you?

Steve: Well, paulina said she shot coates. But I’m just not clear on how that happened.

Abe: What do you mean?

Steve: Well, apparently she used lani’s gun. How did she get her hands on a service weapon?

Paulina: [Stammers] I’m sorry. With all that’s happened, I’m getting ahead of myself. Rushed straight to the part about tr getting shot.

Rafe: That’s okay. Take your time.

Paulina: Uh… tr was about to hit me, like I said, and that’s when lani came in, and she, uh– she told tr to put his hands up, step away from me.

Rafe: And then what happened?

Paulina: Lani holstered her gun so she could arrest him, and just as she was about to handcuff him, I grabbed her gun.

Rafe: Oh. So you grabbed it from the holster?

Paulina: Yes, I did. And I shot that bastard right through his heart.

Lani: [Sighs] This isn’t your case, detective grant, all right? So why don’t you focus your energy on getting out of this bed and back into ours?

Eli: That sounds like a plan.

Lani: Sounds like a really good plan.

Eli: Maybe I can’t ask questions, but I’m worried about you. I’m worried about your mom, too.

Lani: I know. I am, too, which is why I need to get down to the station and check on her, all right? Hey. I am so grateful for you. And I’m so happy that you’re gonna be okay. I love you very much.

Eli: I love you, too.

[Monitor beeping]

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Paulina… why? Why did you shoot tr? Because the way you describe the situation, it does not sound like he was a threat to you in that moment.

Paulina: The man shot eli! He attacked abe, who was out cold bleeding on the ground! I couldn’t let him get away with any of that!

Rafe: Again, you said that he was just about to be handcuffed, which means he wasn’t a threat.

Paulina: Do you know how many times when I was just a young girl that the cops came to our door after the man beat me to within an inch of my life and they just gave him a good talking-to and then left me there to get an even worse beating behind that same door?

Rafe: Well, I’m sorry that happened to you. The way police responded to domestic violence in the past was criminal, and we’ve changed things, but I’m sure we can still do better.

Paulina: Thank you for admitting that.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. But you knew. You knew that that wasn’t gonna happen to you this time. I mean, you said that lani, your very own daughter, was about to handcuff tr and take him away. So what happened, hmm? Did he resist arrest? Lani do something?

Paulina: Lani did nothing wrong! With relapsing forms of ms,

Rafe: Right now, I am more concerned with what you did and establishing your motives for shooting an unarmed man. I want to help you here, paulina, but… I need you to tell me the truth.

Paulina: I guess I just lost it, and I shot–I shot tr. He deserved it.

Rafe: Okay. Is there anything you want to add to that?

Paulina: No. Nothing. I’ve given my statement. That’s all I have to say.

Rafe: All right. All right, then… we’ll continue this later.

[Device beeps]

[Telephone rings]

[Door closes]

Abe: How did paulina get her hands on lani’s service weapon?

Steve: I just don’t know. But you were unconscious the whole time, right? You didn’t see or hear anything?

Abe: No, I was–I was out. I wa– maybe I did hear something.

Steve: What?

[Door opens]

Eli: Hey.

Abe: Hey.

Eli: You guys having a party without me?

Steve: Eli. Good to see you up and around.

Eli: Kind of happy about it myself.

Steve: Well, I guess I’ll get back to my son and, uh, let you guys catch up. We’ll be talking, right, abe?

Abe: That we will.

Steve: All right. Take care of yourself, eli.

Eli: Will do.

[Monitor beeping]

Abe: Well… I see that you finally woke up after your two-month nap.

[Both chuckle]

Eli: I guess I had to catch up on all that sleep I missed since lani had the twins.

Abe: Hmm, that’s a hell of a way to do it.

Eli: Yeah. I’m just sorry about what lani and paulina have gone through.

Abe: You mean because of tr, that son of a bitch who shot you?

Eli: Yeah. Well, paulina sure did make him pay for it, though, didn’t she?

Paulina: Ooh. Just stay cool, mama. Stick to the story.

[Telephone rings]

[Door closes] Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?

Lani: Chanel and I– we wanted to come yesterday, but they wouldn’t let us see you.

Paulina: How is chanel doing with all this?

Lani: She’s shaken… and so worried about you.

Paulina: You tell her I’m gonna be just fine.

Lani: Well, I’m not… because we both know that you’re not the one who should be sitting here. It should be me.

Eric: I’m glad you’re home.

Nicole: Mm.

Eric: I wouldn’t want to– to leave town without saying goodbye.

Nicole: Eric, at the risk of sounding self-centered, which we both know I am…

Eric: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Are you leaving salem because of me?

Sarah: Mickey is with eric?

Xander: Yes.

Sarah: Mom, would you give xander and I a moment, please?

Maggie: Uh, well, I’m sure that xander would agree that anything that you want to discuss with him, you can certainly say it in front of me.

Xander: Actually, maggie, I think sarah’s right. We should probably sort this out just the two of us.

Maggie: Fine.

Sarah: Do you want to tell me why mickey is with eric?

Xander: He is mickey’s father.

Sarah: Yes, but he doesn’t know that. You and I agreed, xander. Everyone thinks that you are mickey’s father, including my mother, so none of this makes sense. Unless something’s changed. I thought that you didn’t have a problem keeping the secret about my baby.

Xander: I didn’t think so either.

Sarah: Then why are you acting like the one who’s lost their mind?

Xander: Sarah, look, I just–

[Sighs] There is something I have to tell you.

From prom dresses

Sarah: Well… what is it? What do you want to tell me?

Xander: Eric knows that he’s mickey’s father.

Sarah: You told him?

Xander: No.

Sarah: Was it nicole?

Xander: Actually, it was.

Sarah: Why would she do that? She was so concerned that eric would leave her if he found out that he had a child with me that she swore that she would keep this secret. Damn it! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted her.

Xander: Where are you going?

Sarah: I’m gonna go get my baby!

Xander: No, you can’t!

Sarah: I’m gonna have a word with nicole!

Xander: You can’t!

Sarah: Why not?

Xander: Sarah, if you would just please listen to me. Just hear me out for a second. It’s–it’s not–it’s not what you think.

Sarah: Well?

Xander: Well, you have to understand that, you know, when you were injected with that drug, none of us knew if you were ever gonna be okay again, if you would ever be able to be a mother to little mickey ever again. And, you know, your child came so close to losing one parent, we thought it was only fair that–it was only right that the other parent should know the truth.

Sarah: Well, I’m better now, so I’m gonna go get my–

Xander: You can’T.

Sarah: You know, there is a thing called mother’s intuition, and mine is screaming at me right now that there’s something that you are not telling me about my daughter.

Xander: It’s not about mickey. It’s, um… it’s about you, sarah. Maggie and I, we– we’ve been planning this big “welcome home, sarah” scottish breakfast just for you.

Sarah: A scottish breakfast?

Xander: Yes. Henderson knows all about it. He’s been working on it with the kitchen staff all morning, making all my favorites, which I’m sure are about to become your favorites.

Sarah: Hmm. You seem very confident.

Xander: Ah, well, you’ll totally get it when you try it. I mean, there’s gonna be square sausage and fried haggis and–and–and streaky bacon and tattie scones.

Sarah: That’s enough to feed an army.

Xander: Yeah, well, I mean, you just got out of hospital. You need to get your strength back up.

Sarah: [Chuckles] Oh, okay. That’s very sweet of you.

Xander: Yes.

Sarah: But, um, I’m just gonna grab something on the way to eric and nicole’S.

Xander: Oh, but you can’t go see mickey, you know, wearing this.

Sarah: What’s wrong with it?

Xander: Well, I didn’t want to say anything earlier, but there’s actually–there’s a small hole in the back here. It’s just really all torn up and–

Sarah: Xander!

Xander: I’m sorry. I made it so much worse. Look, why don’t you run upstairs and get changed? And, you know, by the time you’ve done that, breakfast will be ready. Come back down. We’ll have a nice feast and a chat and then go get mackenzie together–what do you say?

Sarah: Okay. I’ve learned how hard it is to say no to you. So, yeah, okay, we’ll have breakfast very quick, and then we’ll go ’cause I’m very excited to see my little girl.

Xander: Of course you are.

Sarah: Okay. Tattie scones?

Xander: Oh, you’re nna love them.


Sarah: Huh.

Eric: Are you kidding? Why would you think I’d be leaving town because of you?

Nicole: Well, I don’t know.

[Sighs] Maybe because I’m seeing rafe.

Eric: Nicole, I told you… I’m really happy for you.

Nicole: You know, it’s–it’s funny.

[Sighs] Um… I know what we had is over. You know, different people on different paths, but…

[Sighs] Still every time I see you, there’s a tiny part of me that has a hard time letting you go. We’re still friends, though, right?

Eric: [Chuckles] You’re the best friend I ever had.

Nicole: Your love made me a better person.

Eric: Oh, I know there’s some people who wouldn’t agree with this, including you… but your love made me a better person, too.


Nicole: Hey.

[Soft sentimental music]

Lani: I don’t feel good about this. It’s wrong.

Paulina: Like I said at the apartment, I know what I’m doing. Nothing has changed.

Lani: You’re not the one who killed ray.

Paulina: They only know what we tell them. I just need you to stick to the story.

Lani: And how do I do that? I’ve been able to avoid giving a statement so far, with eli waking up and my dad being hurt, but I cannot avoid rafe forever, and I’m– I’m gonna have to answer some really tough questions, like how you supposedly killed ray with my service weapon.

Paulina: Oh, well, baby girl, I’ve already answered that one. I just told rafe that I grabbed your gun from your holster while you were trying to arrest tr.

Lani: That’s not what happened.

Paulina: Says who?

Lani: Okay, I can’T. I can’t, paulina. I can’t just be quiet and let you take the blame for something that I did. I am going to confess to killing ray.

Paulina: Like hell you are! Still struggling with ibs-c, mike knew he needed a plan.

Eli: Oh, so you got to be the mayor of salem to get the good jell-o, huh?

[Scoffs] They keep giving me the green one. Man…

[Monitor beeping]

Abe: Hmm.

Eli: You’re kind of quiet. You okay?

Abe: Yeah, you know, I’m fine. It’s just– it’s just something that steve said.

Eli: What was that?

Abe: Well, he–he said that paulina used lani’s gun to shoot ray.

Eli: What? Paulina used lani’s gun? Wait, no, I-I just assumed that she used tr’s gun, or she had her own weapon for personal safety.

Abe: So lani didn’t say anything about–about that?

Eli: No, I mean, she’s– she’s pretty stressed and– and–and upset about the whole situation, but, no, she hasn’t offered up any details. Wait. There–there was one thing that was strange.

Abe: What?

Eli: The only thing lani said to me was that paulina said she shot ray. Why do you think she put it that way? Lani was there. She witnessed the shooting.

Paulina: I’m no lawyer, but you’re a cop who shot an unarmed man. There’s no defense for that.

Lani: I came in. I saw my dad on the floor possibly dead. And I already knew that ray had shot the father of my children. And then I saw him raise his hand to you. And, oh, my god, I just… I just–I lost it. I lost it.

Paulina: The bastard deserved it! But as much as he deserved it, you can’t confess to that, baby. They will lock you up. You will lose your job, your freedom, those precious years with your husband and children.

Lani: Paulina, you will go to prison, too.

Paulina: Maybe. Maybe not.

Rafe: Evening.

Eric: Hey.

Nicole: Um, eric was just saying goodbye.

Rafe: Oh. You’re leaving?

Eric: I am. I’m going back to africa.

Rafe: Oh. Well… well, you’ll be missed, man.

Eric: Thanks.

Rafe: Yeah.

Eric: Take care. Rafe.

Rafe: Yep. Yeah. Well… that was some hug.

Nicole: [Chuckles] It was totally plutonic. You know that. Okay, don’t look at me like that, please.

Rafe: Okay. I’m sorry. It’s just you two were married and, uh, quite recently, in fact. And, um… yeah, he, uh, was your–your first love, right? So…

Nicole: True. But you are my current love.

Rafe: Oh?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. And you have absolutely no reason to be jealous.

Rafe: Really?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. None, zero, zip.

Rafe: Okay. Good.

Maggie: Did you tell sarah about mickey?

Xander: I couldn’T.

Maggie: Xander!

Xander: Maggie, you got to understand. The last time I told sarah that mickey died, she was so angry about me swapping out her child for kristen and brady’s, allowing her to fall in love with their daughter and denying her the opportunity to properly mourn her own that I lost her.

Maggie: But you got her back.

Xander: But then I lost her again to this bloody drug. I finally got her back, maggie. And if I tell her the truth, I’m gonna lose her all over again.

Maggie: But the lie, it’s so big, xander.

Xander: I know. I just–I just feel horrible about it, but I just– I need to find a way to keep sarah in the dark about mickey just until I can figure something out.

Maggie: Xander. Sarah forgave you once. She’ll forgive you again.

Sarah: Forgive xander for what?

Limu emu

[Both moan softly]

Rafe: Right. Yes. Okay, see?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: I know. I shouldn’t be jealous.

Nicole: Right.

Rafe: Eric is part of your past. I have a past, too, obviously.

Both: Yeah.

Nicole: Most of us do.

Rafe: That’s right.

Nicole: Yeah.

Rafe: Yeah, definitely. You know, I think maybe being jealous is just part of being in love, in a relationship.

Nicole: Yeah. It can be.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: But, uh, for you, in your case, I advise you, sir, not to be jealous, because I am completely, absolutely 100% committed to you and only you.

Rafe: Oh, okay. I like that. Yes, I do. So maybe we should take this conversation to the bedroom… maybe even the shower.

Nicole: [Gasps]

Rafe: I don’t know.

Nicole: Race you!


Xander: I was just hoping that you’d forgive me for having to rush out on a work emergency on your first day back home. But I promise I’ll be back soon, my love. And, hey, uh, why don’t you stay with sarah and enjoy the scottish breakfast without me?

Maggie: Scottish breakfast?

Xander: Oh, don’t tell me you forgot about the special welcome-home breakfast. Henderson knows all about it. Don’t forget the streaky bacon, okay? My love… I’ll be back soon, and we’ll go get mickey together, yeah?

Sarah: Okay.

[Dramatic music]

Abe: You know, it’s possible that… that lani wasn’t there when tr got shot.

Eli: It doesn’t make sense. I mean, how could paulina have gotten lani’s gun?

Paulina: What have you done?

Abe: Maybe… maybe that’S… who paulina was talking to.

Eli: Wait, you remember something?

Abe: I think maybe I heard paulina talking to lani.

Paulina: Women like me… victims of domestic violence… we can suffer from ptsd. We–we can interpret the words and behavior of a man that hurt us in such a way that when we– we finally find the strength to fight back, we think that we’re acting in self-defense. We actually believe we’re fighting for our lives. Now, maybe I can convince a judge and a jury that’s what happened here.

Lani: I can’t imagine what you went through.

Paulina: Oh, baby, I got stories about what that man did to me I have not told anyone.

[Sighs] I’m still– I made myself– I made myself forget because I’m still–I’m still scared of the memories. I’m still ashamed that I didn’t have the strength to just leave him. I was too weak and just kept coming back for more.

Lani: No, no. I will not let you take the blame. You were ray’s victim. And you did find the strength to leave, to protect yourself, to protect me. And that took… incredible courage.

Paulina: And… what did I do with it? After all these years, I let ray back into my life, into your life. He hurt us all! And I am not going to let him hurt my baby girl… not anymore.

Paulina: Lani, please let me do this for you.

Lani: I can’T. I can’T.

Paulina: Oh, well, if not for you, then let me do it for eli, for abe, most of all, for jules and carver. Now, they all need you. Me, they can–they can get along without me just fine.

Lani: Yeah. But I can’t get along with you. I need you.

Paulina: And I need you to let me do this for you. And there’s not another word to say about it.

Eli: What did you hear exactly?

Abe: Well, after tr hit me, I went down… and I think I heard paulina say… “what have you done?” Now, why would she say that? Oh, my god.

Eli: Do you think lani shot tr?

Xander: Eric, I-I heard you’re back in town, mate.

Eric: Would you please excuse me?

Xander: Please don’t rush off. Look, I know you hate me, and I don’t blame you, but I’m desperate, eric, I really need your help.

[Knock at door]

Nicole: Coming. Hi.

Sarah: Good, you’re here. I-I’ve come to take my baby home.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Brooke: It– it just all feels so… unreal. Finally knowing the truth. But I knew something was missing, I did. I knew I wouldn’t sabotage my sobriety or my life with you. I knew it, ridge.

Ridge: I know you did. But sheila saw an opening and she took it.

Brooke: So, what does that mean? You… finally coming home to me?

Taylor: Here’s that tea I was telling you about. It’s supposed to be really calming.

Steffy: Thank you.

Taylor: Not that much can help right now.

Steffy: No, this is what I need– you and the kids, the family around me. Just you sitting here. This is good.

Taylor: I’m so proud of you, sweetheart. What you did today, the strength that you showed. As your mom, it was– it was amazing to witness.

Steffy: Couldn’t have done it without you. Sheila didn’t win. How are you holding up? Now that we know the truth about what happened with brooke? On top of everything else, it’s a lot.

Taylor: Oh, no, honey. It’s– like I said before, the last thing in the world you need to worry about is me.

Steffy: You don’t have to spare me just because, um, I went through something more traumatic. You’re going through it, too. What’s going on?

Taylor: Well, it’s something that you said earlier, just– just confirmed what I was already thinking about how this could play out for your father and me.

[ Notification sounds ]

Bill: Everything okay?

Liam: Yeah, it’s good. It’s just hope. She’s, uh– she’s coming back now.

Wyatt: You want dad and me to clear out?

Liam: What? No. Why would you need to leave just because hope’s on her way?

Bill: Well… you know, your wife and I, we don’t always agree on everything. However, there is one thing that we both want: Brooke’s happiness.

Liam: Oh, see, that’s nice. Was that so–

Bill: I haven’t finished yet, son. I don’t know that hope’s gonna be so keen on this next part.

Wyatt: Okay, so what is it?

Bill: Well, you know that brooke’s happiness thing I was just talking about? Well, she ain’t going to find that with ridge.

Liam: So here’s– here’s the thing, dad. I know that you’re only looking out for brooke. And I think that’s noble. There’s just a teeny tiny little baby, itty-bitty detail I think you’re missing.

Bill: Oh, cannot wait. Enlighten me.

Liam: Brooke is madly, deeply in love with ridge. And it’s not entirely clear that she’s ever not been.

[ Bill clearing throat ]

Bill: Anything at all going on in there? At all? Are you forgetting that brooke and I were madly and deeply in love? Hmm?

Liam: Yeah, I totally forgot.

Hope: Oh. Wow. I was not expecting a full house.

Wyatt: Welcome home. We were just discussing how delusional dad is, and a topic you might want to jump in on, that you’re also well versed in– uh, your mother.

Steffy: I didn’t mean to make you start doubting dad. That’s what you think? He’s going to go back to brooke?

Taylor: I mean, I hope not. I just– I– I can’t believe that– that your father reconnecting with me all stems from one of sheila’s manipulations.

Taylor: No, dad’s been sincere with you. There’s been a spark even before sheila intervened. I can’t believe dad’s just going to throw away what he’s been sharing with you.

Taylor: You know, when I– when I came back to town, I had fully accepted that your father was with brooke. Even though I knew I still loved him, I was okay. Then we got this chance.

Steffy: Exactly. You got that chance. Everything you share with dad, it can’t just be erased because of what sheila did to brooke. You can’t let it, mom.

Brooke: Even when you were questioning me about how all of this could have happened, you still supported me, ridge. You went to meetings with me. You showed me a lot of love. I can see how this has affected you. You hate what sheila did to me.

Ridge: Of course I hate it. What she did was sick. And– and I wish I would have made it home that night. I could have protected you.

Brooke: But you were there for me right after it happened. I don’t know the kind of downward spiral I would have had if you weren’t there, making sure that I got the help that I needed, that I stayed sober. So… you did protect me.

Ridge: And I always will. As long as you need me.

Brooke: I will always need you. And… what I need right now is for you to tell me you’re coming home.

Liam: My– my dad is just– he’s– he’s– he’s concerned that brooke is wasting all her time on ridge.

Bill: Brooke is groveling for a man that has repeatedly proven himself not worthy.

Hope: Well, look, I’m not thrilled that ridge is holding this over her.

Wyatt: Careful, agreeing with him goes straight to his head.

[ Liam scoffing ] Uh, look, so brooke really doesn’t know why she picked up the bottle that night?

Hope: Well, I mean, she was upset that ridge couldn’t make it back. But, I mean, for her to then pick up the bottle of vodka?

Liam: He– here’s the thing. Brooke’s sobriety is really important to her. So I don’t– it just– it may remain a mystery why she drank that night at all.

Bill: Liam said that deacon didn’t pressure the drinking. Are you sure about that?

Hope: I– I know it might be hard to believe but what happened between the two of them, it– it was, for the most part, innocent. I-it was a new year’s eve kiss. Yes, my dad stayed the night to look after her but that’s it. And my mom apologized for it. She owned up to it. I just wish that ridge would accept it and just finally move on with her. Because, you know, whether you like it or not, ridge and my mom, they are…

Liam & hope: Destined!

Bill: Don’t, don’t, don’t– funny. Very funny. You know, there’s nothing funny about that “destiny” garbage. And it’s going to make me puke. All right? I mean, how– how is that destiny thing working for ridge and brooke while he is staying under the same roof with taylor? Who knows what could be happening? They have a history, too, don’t they?

Steffy: What I’ve witnessed between you and dad isn’t based on some scheme. The way you support him, the way you two look at each other. There’s so much love there. And it’s been wonderful to see you two together, like, as a team. Don’t let sheila tarnish this.

Taylor: I appreciate your confidence. Maybe I’ll lean on yours in the absence of my own.

Steffy: I’m sorry if I planted any seeds of doubt.

Taylor: No, honey. You, you didn’t plant any seeds. That was– that was me. And the second that your father walked out the door, they sprouted.

Taylor: Yeah, but we agreed that dad should go and tell brooke. I mean, she deserves to know what happened that night.

Taylor: Of course. Of course. She needs to know the reason she relapsed. And hearing it from ridge is– is going to mean a lot to her.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. And… yes, brooke was tricked into drinking and that was awful. But it doesn’t change the fact that she did turn to deacon. Brooke isn’t completely blameless here. I don’t think he’s going to rush right back into our arms. You’ve shown him what true love and partnership really looks like, what he deserves. Let’s just hope he doesn’t forget that.

Ridge: Sheila made you drink, a recovering alcoholic. It’s just like poisoning you.

Brooke: Ugh! I– I thought that I had carelessly just thrown away my hard work with my sobriety, with my– my life, with you. But I didn’T. I didn’T. It was sheila. She took that from me!

Ridge: So you don’t have to blame yourself for that anymore.

Brooke: Oh, my god. Really? I mean, I–it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off me. I just– I just want to move on from that, ridge. I want to move on from that whole night that– I want to forget it even happened. ‘Cause you’re my husband. And I love you, more than anything. And I really believe that we can make up for lost time by just moving on together. You believe that, too, right?

Ridge: Is that what you’re asking me? You’re asking me to move past that night? I would love that more than anything else. Sheila made you drink. We can reconcile it. That’s– that… we’ll be okay with that. But… you ended up with deacon.

Brooke: Oh… okay. Oh.

Ridge: You were there for him.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: What do I do with that?

You never know

what opportunities

Bill: Ridge ran to taylor so fast, I have freaking whiplash. Did he give any consideration at all to how hurtful and insensitive that was for brooke?

Liam: I mean, yeah, he probably did–

Bill: I wasn’t looking for an actual response, liam. I think we all know what the answer is.

Hope: Look, bill, I– I actually really do appreciate your stance on all this. It is clear that you still care a lot about my mother.

Liam: Yeah, he– he– he means well.

Wyatt: Sometimes.

Liam: Sometimes.

Wyatt: Look, we all want what’s best for brooke, right? But there’s no sense in debating it if she’s not here to give her input.

Liam: You know what? Wyatt is right. I think this is a good place to maybe, uh, table this. Uh, it’s been an emotional few days.

Wyatt: I agree. Drive me home.

Bill: We’ll go. Just do me a favor. Think about what I said. You can appeal to brooke in a way that no one else can.

Hope: I’m choosing to remain optimistic about ridge and my mother. He is… what my mom wants, bill.

Taylor: Your father’s already forgiven brooke’s night with deacon.

Steffy: Yeah, that’s true. But then he went to confront deacon. And brooke showed up and defended him. He didn’t forgive her for that.

Taylor: Ah, she was just trying to stop them from fighting.

Steffy: She couldn’t find a different way to stop them from fighting? Maybe like defend her husband? What I’m trying to understand here is why are you so team brooke?

Taylor: Oh, no, no, no, no. I– I want your father to come home to me. I– I really do. But, steffy, it’s– it’s complicated. He has a– he has a life and family with brooke. Long history.

Steffy: He’s never going to have real, lasting peace and happiness with brooke. Not the way he can with you.

Ridge: I don’t– I don’t want this to be a guilt trip, I’m not– I’m not trying to cause you any pain.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, it’s starting to feel like one.

Ridge: That’s not my intention. But you still turned to another man. Again. And why do we do this? Why don’t we break the cycle? And I’m not saying that there aren’t things that I regret, things that I shouldn’t have done. There are many.

Brooke: Ridge, what are you talking about? I think we’re worth it. We need to work through this together.

Ridge: You don’t think there’s a time in any relationship we should maybe stop causing each other pain?

Brooke: Yes, of course. But we need to break that pattern. We need to start fresh. We can choose that–

Ridge: You don’t think I want to start fresh? I would love that more than anything. But how do I do that? I’m living at steffy’S. Taylor’s there. She’s been nothing but kind to me. No expectations. She just wants me to be happy. She’s an amazing woman. And you are an amazing woman. Two great women in my life. And you’re asking me to hurt one of ’em? Which one? I was on an antidepressant,

Liam: Huh. Well, that’s– that’s, uh, my dad for you. Big personality. Strong opinions. Cannot be unheard.

Hope: Well, as you know, normally, I can only handle him in small doses, but tonight, I… was pleasantly surprised.

Liam: Yeah. He– he did bring up fair points.

Hope: I did appreciate him trying to stick up for my mom and support her. But do you think he’s right?

Liam: Probabilistically, no. I think you want me to be serious, though. So, okay, here we go. Um… do I think– I– I don’t think he’s entirely wrong. I think ridge is not being fair to your mom. Um, but I also see where ridge is coming from. He feels betrayed. He feels hurt. My dad is obviously not taking ridge’s feelings into account at all, which is shocking to absolutely no one anywhere. But I don’t– I don’t love that ridge went running to taylor right away. I think that feels hypocritical. And I know that it’s good for him to be spending time with steffy right now but who are we kidding? He was over there before any of this even went down. And is this helping you at all?

Hope: Hah, it is. It is. I just feel like I can’t give up on ridge and my mother just yet.

Steffy: Your future with dad is real. And you should know that, too. Like, he’s really shown up for you, for all of us. I think he wants to be back with his family. And he finally sees what you, thomas and I have seen for so long, is that this is where he belongs, where he feels truly appreciated and supported. You need to trust that. Trust him. Dad will be back.

Brooke: I know learning about sheila doesn’t absolve me of everything. I know that. But I never would have kissed deacon if I wasn’t drinking. And I know that sounds like another excuse. But it isn’T. And you’re here. I feel the love that you have for me. And I know I’m not making that up either, ridge.

Ridge: No. I love you. And this may sound weird but maybe I love you even more now because of what sheila did and how you handled it. I just need some time.

Brooke: I understand that. I do. And I’m not going to stay at steffy’s anymore because that’s not right either. I’m going to move in with my dad, spend some time at the family home.

Brooke: Oh! Okay. The place where we first laid eyes on each other.

Ridge: Is that where that was?

[ Laughing ]

Brooke: Yes.

Ridge: I know that. I’ll never forget it. I’m doing what I’m doing because I do love you so much. Does that make sense?

Brooke: Yeah. We are soulmates, right? I always believed that. And I know deep down that we’re going to get through this, ridge. And we’re going to have a big and beautiful and bright life together. You are my destiny. You are.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, May 18 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Mariah and Tessa’s wedding reception was underway at Top of the Tower, and most of the guests were on the dance floor. Nick complimented Sharon on pulling off the wedding for the ages in no time at all. She said the best thing about tonight was Mariah and Tessa. He asked her to dance. She noted that he and Chance both mentioned that Rey loved to dance. She wasn’t really interested, but she suggested he ask Summer. He was delighted about the opportunity to embarrass all his kids tonight, so he went over to talk to his daughter. Phyllis asked Jack to dance, and he said he normally would, but he wanted to ask Allie, because she was by herself. Phyllis supported that. Jack went over and asked his granddaughter to dance, and she said she didn’t usually dance at weddings, but she accepted.

Diane was still lurking in the shadows. Kyle came upon Summer and Nick dancing and asked to borrow her for a minute. Nick went to go dance with the brides. Kyle told Summer that Diane wanted to say hello. Summer was wary, but she went to meet Diane. Diane said she’d followed Summer’s career and was impressed by her. Diane said Summer clearly made Kyle very happy. Summer said Kyle made her extremely happy as well. Diane said that was wonderful, as love was hard to find and harder to keep. Diane was hoping she and Summer could slowly forge a relationship. She promised not to be the typical annoying mother in law. Summer said nothing about this was typical.

Summer wasn’t sure how much time they’d have to get to know Diane while they were in town. Diane explained that she’d worked really hard to become an honest person, and she and Kyle were dealing with things by being brutally honest. Diane wanted Summer to speak her mind without being overly polite. Summer thought that what Diane did to Kyle as a boy was awful, but since Diane wasn’t her mother, she was taking her husband’s lead on this. Summer cared about Kyle’s feelings first and foremost, and she was going to love and support him while he sorted through this. Diane admired that. She agreed that what she did was horrible, and she hoped Kyle would forgive her.

Jack was with Phyllis again, and they spotted Diane with Summer and Kyle. Phyllis wanted to stop Diane from insinuating herself into Summer’s life, but Jack reminded Phyllis that they didn’t want to escalate things on Tessa and Mariah’s day. Phyllis said she wouldn’t make a scene – she’d just quietly let Diane know she wasn’t welcome. Jack was skeptical. Phyllis said she owned a hotel, and she discreetly threw people out every day. Jack thought that if anyone should kick Diane out, it was him. He wondered if Phyllis thought he was giving Diane too much slack. Phyllis thought Jack was in a tough position – he didn’t want to upset Kyle or aggravate Diane. Unlike Jack, Phyllis said she didn’t have a big heart. She told him to go dance with Allie, while she handled this. He cautioned her again not to cause a scene. She said she was going to go prevent a scene.

Phyllis told Diane to leave. Diane said that she was having a private conversation with her son and his wife. Phyllis noted that Kyle’s wife was her daughter. Kyle said Diane promised to leave after she said hi to Summer. Diane admitted Phyllis was right – she should go. She told Summer it was a pleasure, then Kyle walked Diane out. Phyllis told Summer that that bitch was trying to worm her way into their lives, and who knew what damage she was thinking of causing. Summer had been wondering the same thing.

Crystal and Kevin complimented each other’s toasts while Mariah, Tessa and Chloe stood by. Crystal wanted to thank Kevin’s brother for everything he did to help get the charges against her dropped. Kevin was sure he could arrange for her to meet Michael. He asked how long she’d be here for. She didn’t know. Tessa wanted Crystal to stay forever. Mariah toasted to Crystal, welcoming her back. They talked about the amazing job Chelsea did on the wedding dresses. Mariah couldn’t believe the dream wedding went off without a hitch. Kevin said nothing would dare go wrong on Friday the 13th – it would be too on the nose. Mariah called out to the crowd and toasted to Friday the 13th.

Mariah asked Sharon for a mother/daughter dance. Sharon was just enjoying watching Tessa and Mariah. Sharon toasted and said she couldn’t be happier or more proud or more honored to witness their love. Mariah and Tessa called Sharon mom, and Sharon loved it. She kissed both brides.

Noah apologized to Allie for the corny jokes he made when they first met at Crimson Lights. He promised not to joke about the Newman Abbott feud anymore. She said that was a relief, because she wasn’t good at pretending to laugh. She heard he was responsible for the theme of the wedding. She thought it was fanciful. He thought that was an interesting word choice. She felt like saying you loved something had become meaningless these days. He agreed. He said he’d take fanciful as a compliment, and she said it was meant to be one. She recalled Abby saying he was an artist. He said he was once – he did installations in London for a few years, but he got burnt out and came back home for a change. He asked what she thought of Genoa City.

Across the room, Abby noted to Chance that Allie and Noah seemed to be getting along better than they did at Crimson Light. Chance said Noah was a familiar face – it must be overwhelming to meet so many people. Abby felt bad for Jack – it must be hard to know that Keemo died and that he had a grown granddaughter he’d never known, then Diane came back from the dead.

Allie said Genoa City was different than LA. Noah asked if that was good or bad. Allie didn’t make quality judgments like that – things were what they were. He said she was analytical, not subjective, the opposite of artistic. She was offended he assumed she wasn’t artistic. Once he apologized, she revealed that she was only kidding. He noted that she did have a sense of humor. Jack came up and asked to steal Allie to introduce her to someone. “Oh God, there couldn’t be any more Abbotts could there?,” Allie gasped. The others were speechless until she told them it was a joke. Noah said the Newmans kept the Abbott population in check. Jack asked what was going on. Noah said, and Allie agreed, that they were making bad jokes. Jack and Allie walked off. Crystal came up behind Noah and put her arms around him. She wanted to dance again.

Abby brought Chance some champagne. He was deep in thought, thinking about all the stuff Mariah and Tessa went through this year. He said when he said his vows to Abby, he had no idea she’d end up rescuing him in Spain and bringing him home to their baby. She knew losing Rey had been a shock. He promised he’d get through it. He couldn’t imagine how Sharon felt. Abby could, because she’d felt it when she thought she lost Chance. Abby said Chance was the love of her life, and they kissed.

Sharon told Tessa and Mariah she was tired from her trip to Miami. She was apologetic, but Mariah and Tessa assured her it was fine to go. Nick came up and asked to dance with the brides, but when he found out Sharon was going home, he insisted on driving her home. Sharon said they’d talk once they were back from their honeymoon. Mariah said it was just a few days in a cabin in the woods. They were going to have a bigger better honeymoon once they came up with an idea. Tessa said she was trying to make it sound more mysterious and glamorous than it really was. Sharon realized Nick didn’t tell Mariah and Tessa. Nick said it was a surprise. Mariah was nervous because she didn’t like surprises. He said she’d like this one – he informed her that she and Tessa were going on a trip to Paris tomorrow. All expenses paid. Mariah and Tessa were shocked, but Mariah didn’t think they should leave Sharon now. Nick said it was Sharon’s idea. Sharon said that Nick had trouble figuring out a wedding gift, and Sharon knew the honeymoon of Tessa and Mariah’s dreams was in the city of lights. Tessa and Mariah hugged Sharon and Nick, and Nick and Tessa started dancing. Later, Mariah ran her hand up Tessa’s thigh as they sat together. Mariah said it was the best night ever. Tessa would remember it forever.

Noah chatted with Summer. He noted that it seemed like he only saw his sister at weddings these days. The last time they saw each other was in Tuscany. She complimented him on the wedding decorations, but she told him not to get used to that because he was still annoying. She said their dad couldn’t stop gushing about working with him. He teased that she was jealous, and she replied that she was miserable in Milan, with the high fashion, cafes, happy marriage and adorable stepson. “Way to rub it in the single guy’s face,” he replied. He asked where Kyle was. Summer explained that Diane crashed the wedding, and so he was putting her in a cab. Summer thought it was odd that Diane had wanted to see her.

Sharon and Nick told Faith they were leaving. Faith was going to go too, but Sharon told Faith to stay and have fun with her date. Nick said not to have too much fun, then he signaled that he had his eye on Moses. Nick and Sharon left. Moses hoped Nick was just joking. Faith thought so. Moses asked how Sharon was. Faith said she was still grieving, but she was talking honestly with Faith about it, and that made Faith happy. They talked about role models – he felt lucky to have Devon and Nate in his life. Most of all, he was happy to have Faith, and he was excited they were going to the same college.

Amanda grinned watching Faith and Moses kiss. She thought Devon seemed worried. He said he wasn’t worried, but he was going ot have a talk with Moses about young love in college. When you were in new environment, feelings could change unexpectedly. Laughing, Amanda said she had a feeling those warning would go in one ear and out the other, because you couldn’t tell young love a damn thing. Devon and Amanda kissed.

Mariah and Tessa thanked everyone for making this a wonderful night. Tessa thanked Crystal for coming. Everyone “oohed” when Mariah thanked Crystal for spending the night at The Grand Phoenix so the newlyweds could have some privacy. Tessa and Mariah did the bouquet toss, and it fell in Chloe’s lap. Chuckling, she noted that it was too late for her, so she tossed it again. It went to Abby, who said this thing was like a homing device for married women. Mariah said they’d do it one more time, and this one would be the winner. Abby threw it again, and Jack caught it. “I think I’ve been married more than anyone in this room,” he commented. He wasn’t sure how he felt about this, but he decided that it meant his next marriage would be the charm. Everyone applauded.

Kyle and Summer held each other. He was so glad she was here. She couldn’t imagine what he was going through. It was so painful when she didn’t know who her dad was – she didn’t know her identity. She wondered if that might feel a bit like how he did. He didn’t know exactly how he felt, but he was glad she was here. He didn’t expect her to have an opinion. She said she did. He was surprised since she just met his mom – or re-met her. Summer saw everything she needed to when she caught the way Diane was looking at Phyllis earlier. Summer saw the pure anger and jealousy on Diane’s face. She didn’t think Diane could be trusted.

At the cottage, Sharon said she couldn’t wait to get out of these shoes and have tea. He said he’d make it, and she accepted. Sharon smiled about Nick’s enthusiastic dancing, then she said the girls were so happy. She hoped they’d be happy, healthy and in love for the rest of their lives, but life had taught her that wasn’t always possible. He knew life would be tough, but Mariah and Tessa knew they had a loving and supportive family they could count on. She thanked him for always being there when she needed him, especially in the last couple weeks. She wasn’t sure she could’ve gotten through it without him. He said he’d always be there for her.

Phyllis went to Diane’s suite, and they had it out over Diane crashing the wedding. Diane said that Phyllis wasn’t invited either – she’d gone as Jack’s plus-one. Diane was sure no one was sad to see Phyllis go. Phyllis said Diane wasn’t her, and nobody wanted Diane around. Diane said that Kyle defended her. Phyllis said Kyle didn’t know what he wanted, but she had confidence that, with Summer’s urging, he’d realize letting Diane in his life was a huge mistake. Diane found the conversation tedious and asked if Phyllis was done. Phyllis yelled that she wasn’t. “You are a cancer here. I want you out. I want you gone!,” Phyllis snapped.

Diane made a drink for herself and said she didn’t want to give one to Phyllis. Phyllis didn’t want a drink. Phyllis let Diane stay earlier because she wanted to talk to Kyle, and because Phyllis wanted to keep an eye on Diane. Phyllis felt it was time for Diane to go, and she told her to get the hell out of this hotel. Diane said Phyllis could kick her out of the hotel, but she couldn’t make her leave town. Diane decided to stay until Kyle made up his mind. Diane thought Kyle would forgive her, and maybe Jack too. Diane smirked and sipped her drink. Phyllis called Diane delusional.

At the Abbott house, Allie held the bouquet and asked Jack how many times he’d been married. He said it was a story for another day, and he offered her tea. Just then, Phyllis showed up, so Allie went to up to bed. Phyllis said Diane would be leaving town, because Phyllis kicked her out of the hotel and told her no one wanted her here. Phyllis had thought Jack would look more appreciative than this. Jack wanted Kyle to get closure, and that hadn’t happened yet, and if Phyllis forced Diane out, that could backfire. As much as Jack hated the idea, Kyle needed time with his mother. Phyllis apologized, but Jack said Phyllis was just being herself, and he liked that. She thanked him for asking her to be his date. He asked if that was what she was, and she said yes – she was his date. She assumed Allie caught the bouquet, and he explained that he did. He didn’t think he’d get married again, but she thought he would. She kissed him and smiled.

Diane was in her suite remembering the reception. She’d overheard Jack say he wanted one night without thinking about Diane. Diane bristled as she recalled watching Jack dance with Phyllis.

Mariah and Tessa got home and gasped. The living room was filled with flower arrangements and there were rose petals scattered about. Tessa wondered what was next. Mariah said the sky was the limit, starting now. They shared a passionate kiss.

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Interview with AleXa

TV Interview!

"American Song Contest" winner AleXa on finals night 5/9/22

Interview with AleXa of “American Song Contest” on NBC by Suzanne 5/9/22

After a few months of this music competition show, a winner was finally chosen! K-Pop singer AleXa of Oklahoma took the award for best American Song.  We interviewed her after the show. She was very happy… as you will see in the video. I’ll admit she wasn’t my top favorite, but I’m glad she won because she has a lot of talent and a good song.


AleXa with Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson on "American Song Contest" on NBCAmerica’s biggest live entertainment event has arrived! Based on the worldwide phenomenon “Eurovision Song Contest,” organized for 65 years by the European Broadcasting Union and watched by 200 million viewers annually, this amazing musical spectacular combines the competitive spirit of rooting for your favorite sports team with the joy of watching a beloved singing performance.

In the U.S. version of the international megahit, “American Song Contest” will feature live original musical performances, representing all 50 states, five U.S. territories and our nation’s capital, competing to win the country’s vote for the best hit song. The 56 artists span a wide range of performers – from undiscovered talent, up-and-coming new artists, and rising stars to established and legendary icons. An incredible solo artist, duo, group or band will represent each location and perform a new original song, celebrating the depth and variety of different styles and genres across America.

Hosted by Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson, the eight-week live competition consists of three rounds as the artists compete in a series of Qualifying Rounds, followed by the Semi-Finals and the ultimate Grand Final where one state or territory will emerge victorious.

“American Song Contest” is executive produced by Propagate’s Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens, alongside Audrey Morrissey, Amanda Zucker, Kyra Thompson and Gregory Lipstone as well as American Song Contest, Inc.’s Anders Lenhoff, Christer Björkman, Peter Settman and Ola Melzig. Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson also serve as executive producers.

The series is produced by Propagate in association with Universal Television Alternative Studio, a division of Universal Studio Group, and American Song Contest, Inc.

Hashtag: #AmericanSongContest

AMERICAN SONG CONTEST -- “The Live Grand Final” Episode 108 -- Pictured: AleXa (OK) -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)Oklahoma: AleXa

State: Oklahoma
Singer’s name: AleXa
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Resident: Seoul, South Korea

Proud to represent the state where she was born and raised until the age of 21, Alex Christine, known professionally as AleXa (알렉사), is a K-pop singer, dancer and songwriter who grew up in Tulsa. A lifelong dancer, AleXa was first drawn to K-pop because of its strong performance identity. After nearly a million fan votes determined her the winner of online talent competition Rising Legends, she was one of the 96 chosen to participate in “Produce 48,” the most competitive audition show in Korea. In 2019, AleXa made her multilingual K-pop debut with “Bomb,” which has received nearly 22 million views to date and hit #7 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart. A year later AleXa released extended plays “Do Or Die” and “Decoherence,” garnering wins for two of Korea’s most prestigious awards. In 2021, AleXa released Y2K-inspired “ReviveR” with dance track “Xtra,” performed the national anthem for the Los Angeles Dodgers and became the first K-pop artist to host a fan meeting in the metaverse within the action shooter game Scavengers.

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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AMERICAN SONG CONTEST -- “The Live Grand Final” Episode 108 -- Pictured: AleXa (OK) -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Interview with Tonya Pinkins

TV Interview!

Actress, writer, director Tonya Pinkins

Interview with Tonya Pinkins of “All My Children” and many other shows by Suzanne 5/5/22

I’m very honored to have interviewed Tonya because she is an amazing actress who started out on soaps many years ago and was also a Broadway star (and Tony winner!) as well as becoming a great actress on many TV series such as “Fear the Walking Dead,” “Madam Secretary,” “Women of the Movement,” and my personal favorite, “Gotham,” where she played the creepy Mrs. Peabody.  Now she’s also become a film creator with her new movie “Red Pill.” You can rent it on Amazon!

Tonya’s first soap job was playing Heather on “As the World Turns,” and then she went on to “All My Children” for the epic role of Livia Frye Cudahy, off and on from 1991-2009. That’s the main reason I wanted to speak with her because I used to watch her on that, and we have a great All My Children page.  She is also an amazing singer who’s been acting and singing on Broadway since 1981, and she won a Tony for her role in “Jelly’s Last Jam” (as well as having been nominated 2 other times). She also does concerts, and she really is a very soulful singer. Oh, and she’s been my Facebook friend for many years because she’s the type of person that interacts with her fans.

She decided to finance, write and direct her own horror movie, “Red Pill” during the pandemic. I really don’t think there’s anything she can’t do. I could easily have chatted with her for hours about other aspects of her career, but we mostly talked about the soaps, singing and “Red Pill.”

I hope you enjoy our Zoom interview! We will be putting up a transcript at some point.


From IMDB: Tonya Pinkins has won or been nominated for nearly every award there is in the American theater. She is a Fulbright Specialist. As a producer, writer and director she conceived “Truth and Reconciliation of Womyn; Narrative Stories and Songs for the Soul in ten minutes or less.” The women involved in this project span the globe in age, culture and ethnicity.

From Wikipedia:

Tonya Pinkins (born May 30, 1962) is an American actress and filmmaker. Her award-winning debut feature film RED PILL was an official selection at the 2021 Pan African Film Festival, won the Best Black Lives Matter Feature and Best First Feature at The Mykonos International Film Festival, Best First Feature at the Luléa Film Festival, and is nominated for awards in numerous festivals around the globe. Her web-series The RED PILLING of AMERICA can be heard on her podcast “You Can’t Say That!” at

She is known for her portrayal of Livia Frye on the soap opera All My Children and for her roles on Broadway. She has been nominated for three Tony Awards (winning one), and has won Obie, Lortel, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle, AUDLECO, Garland, L.A. Drama Critics Circle, Clarence Derwent, and NAACP Theater Awards. She has been nominated for the Olivier, Helen Hayes, Noel, Joseph Jefferson, NAACP Image, Soap Opera Digest, and Ovation Awards. She won the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for Jelly’s Last Jam.

Visit her official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Tony Pinkins as Cassadra in "Red Pill"Red Pill Official Site Red Pill Official Trailer


The eve of the 2020 election, a posse of progressives ride into red country armed with heart humor and naiveté.

From the mind of Tony award-winning actress, Tonya Pinkins comes a progressive dystopia nightmare. Shot by cinematographer John Hudak Jr., Red Pill is a visually stunning metaphor for all our fears and a reminder that there are worse things than death.

Cassandra (Tonya Pinkins) is a black American woman fearful for the fate of her country in the next election. Election weekend 2020, she reluctantly accompanies her best friend Rocky, land preserver activist (Ruben Blades) and his wife Emelia (Luba Mason), her roommate Lily (Kathyrn Erbe), friend Nick (Jake O’Flaherty) and partner Bobby (Adesola Osakalumi) to canvas in newly blue Virginia.

As the friends arrive at their “Super-Host” housing, they encounter signs that point to possible trouble and before the weekend is over their fight for the country becomes a fight for their lives.

After you watch the movie, listen to her Audible Book, “Red Pill Unmasked!”

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Actress, writer, director Tonya Pinkins

Y&R Transcript Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Kyle: Welcome to the wedding of mariah copeland and tessa porter. Weddings are generally solemn occasions. Two people proclaiming their love and commitment to each other in a very public forum requires some seriousness, after all. And while tessa and mariah take their commitment to each other very seriously, this wedding will be…”the funkiest, grooviest, most bad-ass wedding you’ve ever been to.”

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Kyle: Tessa and mariah have written their own vows to each other that they would like to share with us at this time. Tessa.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] I knew today would be the happiest day of my life, because it was the day that we begin our married life together. I’m not gonna lie, I — I never thought I would be here, because I had given up on love and everything that comes with it. But you broke down all my walls. You saw all of me.

[ Chuckles ] The best of me, the worst.

[ Both laugh ] And you embraced me entirely. Our connection is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It fills my soul and inspires me. Every lyric and every note of every song is about you and the love that we share together, because everything that I’ve learned about love is because of you. I have many more songs to write, so I can’t wait for our future together. And I can’t wait to see what lessons we learn along our beautiful adventure. I promise to be your partner through all of it. Your best friend, your champion, and your shoulder to lean on, now and always.

Mariah: Wow.

[ Both laugh ] You got me all teary.

[ Laughs ] Okay.

[ Sighs ] Even though I have wanted this for so long, I cannot believe that we are actually here. Growing up, wishes like this just didn’t come true for me. And I never had much. And then a miracle happened — the first miracle of the two great miracles of my life. I found my mom.

[ Sniffles ] And sharon has taught me so much. I’ve learned so much from her. I learned how to love, and i learned how important it is, so I was ready for you when you came along. Even though I didn’t exactly know what was happening at first.

[ Laughs ] I just thought…I had met an amazing person who was gonna become my friend. And I soon realized that it was, you know, a bit more than friendship. And the date — our first date that kyle set up — when you held my hand, it just felt right. And looking around now, it all feels so right. Tessa, I am so grateful that you are in my life.

[ Chuckles ] And I swear you are magic.

[ Both laugh ] You are like an alchemist — everything you touch turns to gold. And so here we are, committing our lives to each other, about to start our own family, and i know that that’s gonna be golden, too. I also know there are gonna be good times and there are gonna be bad times. But, tessa, I promise you that I am going to be right by your side, holding your hand through it all, just like I am now.

[ Sniffles ] Because when we are together, there is nothing that we can’t do. I love you and I am yours today and tomorrow and forever. I’m on a mission to talk to people about

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[ Door opens ]

The role of

summer newman-abbott is now

being played by allison lanier.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Allie: Do you need help?

Summer: Hi.

Allie: Hi.

Summer: Oh, you must be allie.

Allie: I am.

Summer: I’m summer, kyle’s wife.

Allie: Oh, right. Of course. I heard you were coming.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Allie: It’s nice to meet you. Here, let me help you.

Summer: Oh.

Allie: Here. Oh, my god.

[ Laughs ]

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Allie: Here you go.

Summer: [ Chuckles ] Oh, my god, thank you. I tried to pack light for this trip, but it didn’t work out. I am my mother’s daughter.

Allie: Phyllis, right?

Summer: Yeah.

Allie: Yeah.

Summer: Oh, my god, you must have met so many people since you’ve been here.

Allie: Yeah, yeah, there were a lot of names to put with faces.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Allie: I met all the abbotts at once.

Summer: They were all together?

Allie: Yeah, I interrupted a family meeting.

Summer: Mm, I bet I know what that was about.

Allie: [ Sighs ] Yeah, it was pretty awkward walking in on that. And, you know, but they’ve all been really, really nice.

Summer: Even billy?

Allie: Yes, even billy. He’s been great. You know, I actually met your mom while I was out in la.

Summer: Hmm.

Allie: She’s one of the big reasons that I’m here. She’s been really supportive of jack and I to spend time together.

Summer: Hmm, well, if she was encouraging you to come out here, you must have passed her test. She can be supportive, but she’s also super protective of jack, of anyone she loves, really.

Allie: Oh, yeah, yeah, I have seen that side of her, too. When she heard that kyle’s mom was alive and had orchestrated the whole thing, oh, man, she was not happy about that.

Summer: Rightfully so. This whole thing has been so crazy. It’s been really hard on kyle.

Allie: He’ll be really glad that you’re here.

Summer: Well, he won’t be thrilled that I’m late, which wasn’t my fault, by the way. My flight was delayed. But I do need to get to the wedding, so we better get dressed and ready.

Allie: Wait, we?

Summer: Yeah. You’re coming with me, right?

Kyle: Tessa, will you take mariah to be your wife? Will you love, honor, and cherish mariah and remain faithful to her as long as you both shall live?

Tessa: I will.

Kyle: Mariah, will you take tessa to be your wife? Will you love, honor, and cherish tessa and remain faithful to her as long as you both shall live?

Mariah: I will.

[ Both laugh ]

Kyle: Excellent.

[ Whispers ] You two are doing great.

Kevin: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: We will now have the exchange of the rings. Does the maid and man of honor have the rings?

Kevin: The man of honor does.

Crystal: The maid of honor does.

Tessa: This ring is a symbol of my everlasting love. With it, I offer all that I am and all that I hope to be.

Kevin: [ Chuckles ]

Mariah: This ring is a symbol of my everlasting love. And with it, I offer all that i am and all that I hope to be.

Kyle: It is my honor to pronounce mariah copeland and tessa porter officially — and as you can see, blissfully — married.

Tessa: [ Exhales sharply ]

Kyle: Come on, you can now kiss the bride.

Mariah: Oh, thank you!

[ Applause ]

[ Both laugh ]

Tessa: [ Laughs ] We are america’s doctors. And some of us…

Allie: Wait, you want me to go to the wedding?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I don’t think so.

Summer: You have to. I’m sure you’re invited, and if not, you’re my personal guest.

Allie: Which I really appreciate. Jack did invite me, it’s just that I am not comfortable going.

Summer: But you’ll know people there — I mean, me, jack, kyle, my mom.

Allie: Yes, but I’ve never even met the happy couple.

Summer: Oh, don’t even worry about those two. They have a “more the merrier” mentality. I mean, if mariah wants me there, I’m sure she would welcome a stranger like you with open arms.

Allie: You two don’t get along?

Summer: Hmm, not since the first time we met.

Allie: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: But as big of a pain as she can be, she’s kyle’s best friend, and tessa’s pretty cool.

Allie: Yeah, yeah, I am a big fan of her music.

Summer: Well, then think of this as an opportunity to meet her in person. It’s gonna be a fun wedding. And we’re late, so we’re missing all the boring parts. It’ll just be a big party.

Allie: Yeah, thing is, I am not really a big party person.

Summer: Oh, did I say a big party? No, I meant a small, delightful gathering of pleasant and friendly individuals.

Allie: Oh, right, right, right. Somehow I don’t think I should be trusting you.

Summer: Hmm, probably not, but I don’t think that you should stay in this enormous old house by yourself. It’s probably haunted.

Allie: Really? Really, you’re gonna scare me into going with you?

Summer: [ Scoffs ] Come to the wedding, allie. I promise you, you’re gonna have a good time. And if you don’t, you can come back here and never take my word for anything ever again. Deal?

Allie: Okay, okay, I will go.

Summer: Yes! You won’t regret this.

Allie: Yeah, but the problem is I don’t have anything to wear.

Summer: That’s not a problem at all. See, I just got off the plane from milan, the fashion capital of the world, with all of these enormous suitcases, so we’ve got plenty of options. We’ll find you the perfect outfit. Now let’s get ready.

Allie: [ Sighs ]

Faith: Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming mariah and tessa as they share their first dance as a married couple.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Tessa: We did it.

Mariah: Yes, we did. Got dressed up in fancy dresses and got our hair did and in front of all of these people said, “I love this woman and i want her to be my wife.”

Tessa: We did. And you look amazing.

Mariah: You look more amazing.

Tessa: Do you think that’s why everyone’s staring at us? Because we looking amazing?

Mariah: I think that’s exactly why.

Nick: I know what you’re thinking.

Sharon: Yeah? What?

Nick: Rey would’ve loved this.

Sharon: That’s exactly it. I know he would have said this is the most beautiful wedding he’s ever seen, since ours.

Nick: He’s here. He’s with us. So is cassie.

Kevin: I am so proud of them. You know, there was a time i didn’t think their relationship would survive. But all the obstacles, all the pain they caused each other, it didn’t tear them apart. You know why? I will tell you why — because the love is always there. Just goes to show you, the power of love can conquer all. Ow. What was that for?

Chloe: You know what. Our relationship should’ve taught you that. Everything that we have been through ought to have proved that if two people are meant to be, then they are meant to be.

Kevin: Well, of course, but, you know, with mariah and tessa, it was shaky. Things were touch-and-go for a while. We didn’t know that they were gonna have a happy ending. But with you and me, babe, baby bird, it was written in the stars. There was never any doubting our love.

Chloe: Oh, nice save, fisher.

Kevin: Thank you.

[ Chuckles ]

Chloe: You know what I think is so amazing about this wedding?

Kevin: What’s that?

Chloe: Just a few years ago, this never would have happened. It wasn’t legal. And now, no one would even question it. Two people should be able to marry whoever they want, and that is the real power of love.

Kevin: Well said. May I have this dance?

Chloe: Yes, you may.

Tessa: Oh, I’m so happy.

Mariah: Me too. I am so deliriously happy.

Tessa: I love you so much.

Mariah: I love you, too. Hi, I’m karen.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Tessa: Okay. I could use a break.

Mariah: What? No! You said this was gonna be a dance competition. You’re gonna ruin our chances for the grand prize.

Tessa: Well, I already have the grand prize, and I have a ring to prove it. Do you want some champagne?

Mariah: Oh, yes, please. I would love some.

Amanda: One second, ladies.

Mariah: Hi!

Amanda: I just have to say congratulations. And your vows were absolutely beautiful.

Tessa: Thank you.

Abby: You both looked gorgeous up there.

Tessa: Oh, don’t stop dancing on account of us. We’re just getting some champagne.

Mariah: Yes, save a dance for me, okay?

Chance: Who should save a dance?

Mariah: All of you. All of you save a dance because I’m dancing with all of you before the night is over. Got it?

Devon: You heard her.

Tessa: Hi.

Noah: Hey, crystal.

Crystal: Noah, I heard you did all this. Great job. You crushed it.

Noah: Oh, well, thank you. My instructions were very clear. They said, “make it look like a wedding, but not a wedding-wedding.”

Crystal: That’s helpful.

Noah: That’s mariah.

Crystal: Well, mission accomplished. It looks amazing.

Noah: Well, thank you, but you know what’s really amazing? You being here for your sister. I don’t think anything could’ve made tessa happier.

Crystal: I’m so glad I could be here for her.

Noah: Well, I want to hear what you’re gonna do with this newfound freedom of yours, but we don’t have to talk around the boring old bar. Care to dance?

Crystal: Lead the way.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Kyle: You are here. Thank god, I’ve missed you.

Summer: I’ve missed you, too. We have a lot to talk about.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] Hey, allie. Sorry, I didn’t see you there.

Allie: [ Chuckles ] No need to ever apologize for being glad to see your wife.

Phyllis: Supergirl! Oh, my god, supergirl! Look at this dress. That’s amazing.

Jack: It’s been too long, kid. Get over here.

Summer: Oh, yeah?

Jack: Get over here.

Summer: Did I miss something big?

Jack: Uh, you don’t know the half of it. You look beautiful.

Allie: Thank you, jack.

Jack: Let me guess, you ran into summer at the house and she dragged you here.

Allie: You know, she can be very persuasive.

[ Laughter ]

Jack: Don’t know where she gets that. Hey. Let me show you around. I got a few people I’d love to introduce you to.

Allie: Yeah, that sounds awesome.

Summer: You’re doing great, allie.

Phyllis: Hey, I missed you. I missed you so much. Not as much as kyle, of course.

Summer: Well, I’m here now for whatever you need.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Okay, well, I’ll let you guys catch up. I’m not gonna hover. I’ll, you know —

Summer: Mm, look at you, mom, reading the room.

Phyllis: I read the room.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: I missed you.

Summer: Missed you.

Amanda: So I need to know — are you two going on a honeymoon?

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Tessa: Yes.

Mariah: Yes.

Tessa: But the details are confidential.

Mariah: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: Okay, no, you can tell me. Yes, you can. Come on, come on. It’ll be our little sec– our little secret.

Devon: [ Laughs ] She gonna get it out of her.

Mariah: Oh, well, great. That’s perfect.

[ Laughs ]

Devon: Gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that this day has come for you.

[ Chuckles ]

Mariah: Thank you. Yeah, I am so happy that you could be here to celebrate.

Devon: Are you kidding me? Of course I’m here to celebrate with you, after everything we’ve been through — friendship, business, dating, friendship again.

Mariah: Yeah, that’s — that’s a lot.

Devon: Yeah. You helped bring an amazing new life into the world. But I’ll tell you, I’ve never seen you like you look today. You’re glowing. Looks like you have sunlight coming out of you.

Mariah: See? That is exactly what I was saying. I’m, like, happy — deliriously happy. And I don’t know what it is about this marriage thing, maybe it’s turning me into a sap.

Devon: No, that’s impossible.

Mariah: Well, since we are being sentimental, I just wanted to say thank you. Because I wouldn’t be here without you. I wouldn’t be with tessa without you, and I wouldn’t feel this happiness. Damn it, I think I’m gonna cry again.

Devon: It’s okay. You can cry. Come here.

[ Chuckles ] When my blonde is luminous, i feel luminous.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Jack: Hello.

Chance: Hey!

Abby: Allie.

Allie: Hello.

Abby: Hi. You’re here.

Allie: I am.

Abby: I’m glad. I love your dress.

Allie: Oh, thank you. I had help.

Abby: Well, whoever helped you has great taste.

Allie: Summer.

Abby: Of course.

Jack: Well, I wanted to introduce her to chance.

Chance: Well, we actually got to meet briefly earlier today. Yeah, sorry we were in such a rush, I didn’t get the opportunity to properly welcome you to genoa city. So welcome.

Allie: Thanks, chance.

Jack: I think the ladies of the hour are free. If you’ll excuse us, please.

Amanda: So…

Phyllis: Hey.

Amanda: I didn’t expect to see you here.

Phyllis: Jack invited me.

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: “Mm-hmm” — what does that mean?

Amanda: [ Scoffs ] It means that every time I talk to you, you say that you two are just friends, but I don’t know, I don’t think that a friend invites their buddy to a wedding.

Phyllis: He invited me because he knew summer was gonna be here.

Amanda: Uh-huh. Okay, if you say so. If you say so.

Jack: Mariah, tessa, I’d love for you to meet my granddaughter allie.

Allie: So lovely meeting you guys. Congratulations.

Tessa: Thank you.

Mariah: Kyle has told us so much about you. So welcome to our wedding.

[ Chuckles ]

Allie: I hope it’s alright that I’m here.

Tessa: Oh, of course, we’re glad to have you.

Mariah: Any granddaughter of jack’s is a friend of ours.

Allie: You know, summer did say you would feel that way.

Mariah: Oh, well, summer is a lot to take, but I have to admit it, she and kyle are perfect together.

[ Chuckles ]

Tessa: Well, I can relate.

Mariah: Oh.

Nick: Oh, it’s so good to see you, supergirl.

Summer: Oh, I miss this hug.

Faith: Me next, me next!

Summer: [ Laughs ] Hey, faith. It feels like it’s been forever.

Faith: I missed you so much. Did you bring me back any clothes? I want to know all about your job. Is it hard? How’s your italian?

Nick: Okay, okay, summer just got here. You can grill her later. These two have a lot to catch up on, so you’re with me. Come on. Have fun.

Kyle: Mm.

Summer: You look tired.

Kyle: I haven’t been sleeping well. I wanted you here with me and to tell you about everything, and not just video chat or on the phone. I need you here with me.

Summer: I’m here. I wish I had come with you and harrison when you first left.

Kyle: Yeah, me too, but we had no idea what was in store for me. After we leave here, we’ll go back to the house and sit down and I’ll tell you everything about what’s been going on.

Summer: [ Chuckles ] Good. I am all yours.

Meet ron.

Jack: Hey, there.

Phyllis: Hey! Hi. Where’s allie?

Jack: She’s over talking to tessa. Apparently, she’s a big fan of tessa’s music.

Phyllis: Oh, wow, that’s great.

Jack: It’s just been lovely. Not just a romantic wedding, but it’s been a welcome respite from all the crises in our lives.

Phyllis: Yeah, that’s true, that’s true.

Jack: Didn’t actually know i needed a break.

Phyllis: Oh. Me neither.

Jack: Just one night without thinking about diane. Is that too much to ask?

Phyllis: It is not too much to a– let’s dance. You want to dance with me? Let’s dance.

Jack: Um…

Phyllis: Let’s go.

Jack: Okay.

Noah: I’ve only been back in town a couple months myself.

Crystal: So how was london?

Noah: Parts of it were good. Other parts of it were a little rough.

Abby: Crystal, hey!

Crystal: Abby, how are you?

Abby: I haven’t had a chance to say hi to you yet. I’m just so happy to see you.

Tessa: Same.

Abby: I just heard what rey did, and I shouldn’t be surprised because, well, he was such a good guy. But I’m so happy that he had all the charges against you dropped. It was a terrible situation, and I can’t imagine what you’ve been through the past few years.

Crystal: It’s all behind me now. I’m focused on the future, and I haven’t felt this good in a really long time.

Abby: I’m so glad to hear that. And, please, if you need anything, anything at all, while you’re in town, let me know. I’m happy to help.

Crystal: That’s so sweet. I really appreciate it. Everyone’s been so nice.

Noah: I think we’re all just relieved to see you doing so well.

Crystal: Thank you. And I heard from tessa that you’re doing really well, too — a husband and a baby.

Abby: It’s true. I have never been happier.

Chance: Congratulations, mother of the bride.

Sharon: Oh, thanks, chance.

Chance: This is — it’s very beautiful. Must be proud.

Sharon: I’m overwhelmed with joy.

Chance: And yet I’ve seen you standing here by yourself for most of the night.

Sharon: Yeah.

Chance: Thinking about rey?

Sharon: Someone told me that he’s here with us, probably on the dance floor.

Chance: I’ll tell you, he’s out there, and he is tearing up that dance floor. I am sure of it. But you need to go celebrate yourself. You know, have some fun, enjoy it. You should be dancing, too.

Phyllis: Glad you’re happy. Keep that. I need to tell you something.

Jack: Okay, tell me. Tell me.

Phyllis: Don’t worry about it. I have it under control. Diane is here.

Jack: What?

Phyllis: Yeah. She’s here. That was my initial reaction. Don’t worry, I got it. I just didn’t want to rush her, ’cause I didn’t want to ruin tessa and mariah’s evening.

Jack: I cannot believe she — what am I saying? Of course I can believe it. It’s diane. What, she wants to let the whole world know that she’s alive?

Phyllis: I don’t think she’s gonna do that. She would’ve already done it by now. I think she just wants to watch kyle.

Jack: She better not make a scene here.

Phyllis: Oh, she’s not going to, trust me. I have it under control.

Summer: Congratulations!

Mariah: Summer! Do you really mean that?

Summer: I do. I believe that everyone deserves a chance at love and happiness, even you, mariah. Hey, tessa, congratulations.

Tessa: Oh, thank you, summer. Thank you for coming.

Mariah: Oh, no, I do–

[ Chuckles ] I don’t want to wrinkle my dress.

Summer: So I was just going to say that you two look terrific. Those dresses are perfect. So much nicer than what you usually wear.

Mariah: And there it is. There it is. You’ll never change.

[ Chuckles ]

Summer: I was — I was joking. I actually have changed a lot. Motherhood and marriage will do that to you. My perspective has shifted, and I’m really, really happy. I know you’ll experience the same thing when you start a family. It’s going to be awesome, and you deserve it.

Mariah: Mm-hmm. And?

Summer: And…nothing.

Mariah: There’s no little jab or clever little put-down.

Summer: No. I mean it. I wish you and tessa nothing but happiness.

Tessa: Just say “thank you, summer.”

Kyle: You can do it.

Mariah: Thank you, summer.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] See? Was that so hard?

Mariah: Yes, it was excruciating.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: Uh…excuse me. I need to go take care of something. What are you doing here?

Diane: I came to see you.

Kyle: No, first you show up at the house unannounced, and now you’re here. What are you up to? You love rich, delicious ice cream.

Diane: I’m not up to anything. I came here to watch you officiate the wedding. It was such a kind and generous thing to do.

Kyle: You know, I could’ve told you all about it after the fact. You didn’t need to show up here. And the ceremony’s been over for a while, so what are you still doing here?

Diane: [ Scoffs ] It’s not like I’m going to make a grand announcement or anything that I’ve returned.

Kyle: Okay, that’s not the point. I don’t want this event to suddenly become about you instead of the happy couple. And if someone sees you, that could happen. So I’d appreciate it if you left.

Diane: Okay, okay. But I’d just like to do one thing first before I go. Could I just say hello to summer?

Kyle: Now?

Diane: It’s been years.

Kyle: I think you can wait.

Diane: She’s your wife, my daughter-in-law. Please, kyle. It would mean so much to me.

Kevin: May I have your attention? It is now time for toasts. Please grab a drink and join me as we salute our favorite couple.

[ Whooping, cheering ] Today has been so great. The ceremony was 100% mariah and tessa. It was fun, colorful, full of love. It completely captured the essence of this couple that we all admire and adore.

[ Cheering ] I know that it has been a long road for the two of you to get here. There were twists, turns, bumps along the way. But I am so happy that you made it. Everyone here is, and you can feel it. Everyone in this room is out of their minds crazy about the two of you.

[ Cheering ] I mean, listen to that. Traditionally, there is not a lot of whooping and hollering at weddings. But your exuberance is so infectious. You make us all want to be joyful, happy, in love. We have all been rooting for you two for years.

[ Shouts of agreement ] So the theme of the day is “love conquers all.” And you two have conquered every obstacle that has come your way. Your happiness is our happiness. Your joy is our joy.

[ Sighs ] And your love is our love. To mariah and tessa!

[ Cheering ]

Mariah: Oh. Okay. [ Laughs ] Thank you. Kevin, thank you.

Tessa: We just wanted to say thank you all for coming today.

Mariah: Yeah, even summer.

[ Laughter ]

Tessa: We can’t tell you how much it means to us that you are all here to celebrate with us.

Mariah: I think the celebration has been a little tame…

Tessa: Mm.

Mariah: …Up until now. Don’t you think?

Tessa: Yeah, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Well, we exchanged vows and rings.

Mariah: Yeah, we did the traditional first dance. And then we mingled politely.

Tessa: And then kevin gave his speech that made mariah weepy again.

Mariah: It did. It did do that, yes. That’s true.

[ Laughs ]

Tessa: So now it’s time for the real party to begin.

Mariah: Yeah. Hey, noah, hit it.

[ ’70s music plays ]

[ Cheering ] Okay, everybody, get your butts on the dance floor!

[ Cheering ]

Never look down you’re flying too high when you need the ground when you wave goodbye just forget about all the rest they’re much too afraid to try but you know you’re the very best livin’ a wild life wild life livin’ a wild life a wild life

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GH Transcript Tuesday, May 17, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


So good to have you in studio. Lmost timefor you to face the music. Literally, unless you plan to not hold up your end of the bargain. Are you kidding me? Leo brought it. Yeah, big time. Thank you so much for being so supportive of my brother. He’s a good kid. Yeah, well, you’re pretty great, too. Chase! Do you like my party? Hey! Yes, it is very cool. That’s what I said. It’s a pretty big day for you. I mean, superstar performer, you’re the birthday guy, and it looks like you got a lot of presents. You’re still gonna sing, right? ‘Cause that’s my present from you. You kept your promise, leo. I’m gonna keep mine.

[ Chuckles ] Dante, can I steal sam for a minute, please? Yeah, I guess you can borrow her. Wait, I thought you guys weren’t talking. Yeah, well, I think the whole harmony thing puts life in perspective, right? What about you guys? Looks like you’re going strong. Yeah, we’re getting into a good groove. As much as I hate to disrupt that, do you have any information on esmé? I’m sorry ava doesn’t see you the way I do. And what way is that? As a shelter from the storm. Someone strong and decisive who can and should be able to make the right decisions as the head of his family. Yes, well…

[ Clears throat ] You know, ava’s a very independent woman. Wow. That is a generous description for how she treats you. And how would you describe it? Well, I mean, no offense, but… to me, she seems ungrateful. My friendship with trina is none of your concern. Yes, it is. Trina is not just my employee. She is much more than that. I know. Like a daughter. Yeah, as a matter of fact, she is. And I will always look out for her. Trina can take care of herself. She doesn’t need you to do it for her. Oh, well, thanks to you and esmé, trina needs all the help she can get. Trina has protectors that she doesn’t even know about. What the hell is that supposed to mean? You know, I think I may be the luckiest man alive because I am here at this fine establishment, on this fine day with the two — please don’t say finest. Sharpest, most beautiful, most exciting women that I know.

[ Laughing ] And lucky for us, you picked this place. I love the food here. Sasha, what are you thinking of ordering? Um… I don’t know. I’m not really hungry. Oh, we need fuel. Even though you two eloped and got married

not in the presence of your loved ones, we still have to plan your wedding reception. Sounds fun. Right, sash? Hey. Hey. Is willow okay? Yeah, she’s fine. She’s just, uh, tired. Yeah, I’ll bet. After everything that poor girl has been through this week. God, it’s a miracle she’s still standing. Yeah, I offered to go home with her, but she wanted us to stay and enjoy the party. Oh. Oh, this is from willow to leo. Oh, please thank her for me, will you? Yeah, of course. And thank you both for being here. Yeah, it’s leo’s birthday. Of course we’re here. We wouldn’t be anywhere else. Thank you. Make it quick, valentin. I need to get back to my son’s birthday party. I think you can spare a couple of minutes to discuss our imminent ouster from elq. I’m not the one who’s about to be voted out. You have a guarantee you’ll be voted in once I’m gone? Because from where I stand, you and I are in the same boat. And we need to work together to make sure we’re not cut loose and set adrift.

To confirmparts of esmé’s story. There was a private adoption in infancy, biological parents unknown. Adoptive parents come from old money, most of which was put into trust for their children. Children? Esmé has siblings? Yeah. They’re not in communication, though, I don’t think. No mysterious deaths, accidents, or prison sentences? Nothing. There’s not even a criminal record from europe. I don’t think there’s much to go on here. That could mean that she just hasn’t been caught yet. I mean, is there someone else you can talk to? Someone who knows esmé? You know what? Actually, yeah, I can think of one person. Thanks to you. I have tables to wait on, so instead of trying to manage my relationships, maybe try focusing on your own. Well, if only it were that simple. My relationship affects just nikolas and me. Your relationship with esmé affects countless others. Spencer, you have sided with a very disturbed young woman who has hurt a lot of people in this town, including — especially trina. So your warped entanglement with esmé is not just my business, it’s everybody’s! I don’t see it that way. Well, see it this way. You and your father may be snowed, but I’m gonna make sure that esmé pays for what she’s done. Mm-hmm. Well, if you’re finished, I have dirty dishes to collect, because as you’re always so happy to remind me, I don’t have a penny to my name. Prefacing a statement with “no offense” doesn’t mean you can say anything. I won’t allow you disrespect my wife. I’m sorry for overstepping. I only said what I did because it pains me how much ava disrespects you. You’re a good man, nikolas.

[ Voice breaking ] A man who goes out of his way to make people feel loved and cherished. How does ava not appreciate that? Because I certainly do. After all, it’s — it’s what you’ve done for me. Dante: So leo is making chase sing. Really? Yeah. Is chase the only one singing, or will there be others? I don’t know. You know, I mean, it’s leo’s birthday. He probably gets whatever he want. Well, it’s too bad I have this work thing I have to go to, so… oh. Otherwise, you’d stay here and you’d serenade me in front of all these people? I’ll serenade you if you want me to serenade you. Really? I kind of do now. But… just go and do what you got to do and hurry back. Okay. Yeah. You can tell me, leo, can’t you? What song did you ask chase to sing? I can’t tell anybody. Fine. That’s how it’s gonna be? You, spill. All will be revealed in due time. When’s due time, chase?

[ Laughter ] For us, it’s when the singing starts. Can we do that soon, mom? Dude, this is your party, so we’re on your timeline. Great! We need dad. Where is he? Just tell me why I’m here. What do you want? Word on the street is there’s a merger between elq and aurora brewing. You’ll have to ask michael and drew about that. Well, that’s why we’re talking. Looks to me like they have you on the outside looking in.

[ Laughing ] I’ll end this conversation by wishing you well, and in the interest of keeping peace, I won’t mention to michael and drew that you approached me. We’ll just keep this between us. Well, michael and drew are already making decisions without you. Do you have absolute faith that they’re not gonna put you out to pasture? Sasha? Sorry. What? You okay? You look a little pale. Sasha might have low blood sugar. Let me grab the waiter. It’s not your fault, sasha. What isn’t? The accident. Harmony ran into the road. There is no way that you could have stopped in time. None of this would have happened if I had been in control, so… yes, brando. Harmony’s death is my fault. I’m a mess. Lady — lady, you and your daughter-in-law already owe me a memory card. Don’t make me add a new shirt to the tab. Why the hell are you following us? Why the hell aren’t i talking to sasha? My deal is with her. Your deal? What deal? Uh-huh.

how difficult this is for you, but I really wish you would quit being so hard on yourself.

[ Exhales deeply ] What makes you think I’m being hard on myself? I guess I just know you. Better than anyone? Better than anyone. Felty: You don’t know about the deal? You mean the deal sasha doesn’t want my son to know about? That deal? Maybe. Which is why she sent me. It’s a little thing called discretion. Look into it. Oh, yeah. You running across the restaurant and grabbing me? That was real discreet. But now that we’re here, how about you give me my memory card? Keep your pants on, shutter rat. First, what’s in it for us? Leo was amazing today. He sure was. The theater program is really helping him out. Oh, maybe, but you and my dad are the ones here with leo, supporting him every day. Yes, it does take a village. But I got to say, one villager in particular really got leo through the end zone today. Yeah, leo’s really becoming attached to chase, huh? He’s not the only one. What? I don’t know what you mean. Yes, you do. And I’d say it’s about high time you made your move. Okay, let’s just drop the pretenses. I know you didn’t invite me here to rub in that I’m not the next ceo. No, absolutely not. And despite my admiration for your business acumen, you must know that I’ll always side with my family over you. Will you? Because there was a time where you felt your role at elq had value and was secure, but I am betting that that is not the case anymore. That would be a very risky bet. Which begs the question, is there something we can do so that we both get what we want? What if ned decides he doesn’t want to take the ceo position? No, he’ll take it. Ned’s a company man. He’ll always — he’ll always do what’s best for elq. What was that about? It’s my brother. He wants me to reconcile with my father. He’s been pretty insistent, but it’s not going to happen, so…

[ Sighs ] Look, I know things are tense, right? Look, I don’t want to talk about sonny, honestly. I’d rather just focus on the merger. Okay. Well, I mean, you know where we stand, right? You know what obstacles that we’re facing, so… it’s not enough just to have the family on board. We need investors to drive up aurora’s stock. You need investors? Count me in. We’ve said all there is to say. You sure about that? ‘Cause I just got here. Sam. Oh, my god. It’s so good to see you. I’m — I’m sorry. I thought that you were someone else. It’s okay. There goes the cassadine charm. I’ve missed it. Yeah, well, you’re a cassadine, too. Can i get you something? You can, actually. Okay. You want a burger? Coffee? No, no. I’d settle for a few answers. Traditionally, those require questions. Luckily, I have one. Okay, fire away. Okay, um… who is esmé? I’m sorry. I don’t understand. Esmé is my girlfriend. No, I mean, I know that. And aside from a few tiny, little details, that’s all anyone really knows. But you know her, right? I mean, you knew her in europe. You’ve been a couple for a little while now. Even though a lot of people think she set trina robinson up, you decided to stand by her. So I’m curious. Who is esmé prince really? I have no idea. After sonny threatened me, wyndemere became my safe haven. Hey. It still is. Except I-I’ve come to realize that I’m not safe even here, at least not from spence. What did spencer do? He violated my privacy. I found him going through my things. Why would he do that? Because he still doesn’t trust me, and it breaks my heart. Spencer shouldn’t have done that. He had no right. No. He didn’T.

[ Door opens, closes ] Just like ava has no right to tell you who can stay in your house. Well, well, well.

With open arms, huh? Yeah. I figured once they found out I wasn’t bailey’s father, they’d want nothing to do with me, but it’s just the opposite. It probably has something to do with how well I get along with leo. Dude, leo? What else would it be? Uh… I’m pretty sure it doesn’t really have that much to do with leo. I don’t know what you mean. Really? Why don’t you talk to brook lynn about it? Look, if you have feelings for chase, and you obviously do, I’m not the one you need to tell. He is. My takeover of elq was a power grab, absolutely. But I have grown to care about the company. Obviously, you do as well. It’s the family business. It’s your children’s birthright. But you and i both know that this merger with aurora is risky, it’s unnecessary, and it can seriously damage elq’s bottom line. I need to get back to the party. Absolutely. I hope leo enjoys himself. Give him my best. But you and i have to talk again. Hopefully before drew and michael freeze you out entirely. If sasha sent you, you should know the terms of the deal. Of course I know the terms of the deal, but I need to make sure you’ll honor them. Okay. Okay, fine. Deal stands. I’ll delete the incriminating photos, and sasha gets what she needs. Alright. I’ll give you the card. But first, I need to see what you promised sasha. Ava. You’re home. Yes. So is esmé, just like always. I heard that laura gave you the memo that you’re free to move about the city. And I would gladly go, but pcu has barred me from campus pending some title ix investigation. You’re banned? Yes, and there aren’t very many friendly places I can go. Oh, no. Oh, poor esmé. Truly, if only you hadn’t left a swath of destruction and broken lives in your wake. Ava. This conversation isn’t helping. Perhaps you’re right, darling. Perhaps it would help esmé to know that spencer just failed at his latest attempt to convince portia robinson that he’s not the worst thing to ever happen to her daughter. That is not fair. Spencer doesn’t owe trina or her horrible mother anything. Why was he even trying? Well, if I had to guess, I’d say that spencer still cares very much what trina and her decidedly not-horrible mother think of him. That’s ridiculous. He doesn’t believe trina’s innocent. Well, if that’s true, he is in the vast minority. Why are you asking about esmé, anyway? Because a lot of people think esmé is guilty, and if that can be proven, you can go down for this as an accomplice. I had nothing to do with that sex tape. I believe you. I think she orchestrated the sex tape and framed trina, and if she can do that, she can make a lot of people think that you were her accomplice. So for your own sake, spencer, tell me everything you know. I’m sorry, sam. I’m afraid I can’t help you. I’m sorry too, because your inability or refusal to help me is standing in the way of me helping tina. Sam. I will tell you. But I need your word as a cassadine that you’re not going to reveal your source. Cassadines lie and they cheat and they steal. Why can’t I just give you my word as me? That’s my point. You’re still a cassadine. You’re just one of the good ones. Okay. I give you my word as a cassadine. Okay. You want to know who esmé is? I’ll tell you. Esmé is a monster, and I am doing everything that I can to expose her.

you out,I can buy shares in aurora. I’ll just call my broker. Absolutely not. You just said you need investors. Yeah, but… then I should get on board. I believe in you, michael, and I believe in you. Well, it’s very generous of you, carly, but — hold up, are you actually gonna deny me a lucrative investment opportunity? Mom, you could have taken sonny to the cleaners in the divorce. You just walked away with the house. I don’t understand. What does not bankrupting sonny in the divorce have to do with anything? Do you think I can’t afford it? I can. I know. If you were risking sonny’s blood money, I would have no problem with you investing, but I can’t have you risking what’s yours. Naturally, ava’s protective of trina. After all, trina’s like a surrogate daughter to her. Since sonny has primary custody of avery, and after kiki’s death, it’s understandable. This is your one and only warning. You keep my daughters’ names out of your mouth, or I’ll make you sorry you ever drew breath. You’re trying to stop esmé? How? By gathering evidence against her so I can expose her as the true culprit behind joss and cam’s sex tape. Wait, wait, wait. I know the goals. Just tell me the method. Well, it’s easy. I’m pretending that I’m still in love with her so that I can dig up dirt in the meantime. Wow. What, you don’t think I can pull it off? Esmé trusts me. She doesn’t have anyone else. What I think is you need to stop whatever it is you’re doing and leave this up to the professionals. That’s why I decided to tell you, so that you could help me. And I appreciate any information that you’re willing to share with me. But, spencer, we cannot be partners in this. This is not a game. Okay, then at least let me be your eyes and ears. I just want to help trina, same as you. What? Okay. You’ve been letting everyone, including trina, think that you’ve been team esmé for weeks now. Yes. As your cover. Yes, so that I can get close to esmé and gather evidence. Even though it’s taken a massive toll on your friendships with joss, cam, and trina. Yes. Why are you — because if you’re willing to do all that, then you just may be a good cassadine, too. So tell me everything you know. Brook lynn is totally into you, man. You think so? Yeah. How do you not see that? It’s just the one time we kissed, she hightailed it out of the city. So I figured… yeah, why don’t you stop figuring things and just ask her what she wants? He’s so gentle with you and with leo. Not for nothing, he’s very easy on the eyes, if you know what I’m saying. Yes, olivia, I know what you’re saying. Basically, he’s your dreamboat. Don’t miss it.

[ Sighs ]

[ Laughs ] You’re right. About what? Everything. Well, maybe you better tell your dad that. He’s got his doubts. Anything exciting happen while I was gone? You’ll know when it happens. It’s a good thing you’re here. Your son is asking for chase to start singing. Oh, yeah. I’ll get my guitar. Wait, wait, before you go… you seem a little distracted. Oh, I just got a lot on my mind. Well, it’s too bad you don’t have a wife who’s loving and caring and supports you and you can lean on. Wait a minute.

[ Laughing ] Honestly, is everything okay? It will be, one way or another. Dad’s here! It’s time to sing! Okay. What song do you want to sing?

[ Whispering ] Brook lynn’s song. Really? Definitely. Alright. Felty: The memory card. Give me the camera. It’s an expensive piece of equipment. Okay, fine. Oof. No, no, not that — no. It goes in this one, this one. Okay, I see. I see. It goes in the one that fits. Yeah. Right. Okay. Ooh. Oh, I know that actress. She’s on the vampire show. People tell me I look like her twin. Okay. There it is. Okay, there. Gone. Great. Thanks. You’re a real prince. Now delete it from the internal memory. I’ll wait.

[ Sighs ] Sasha, I’m gonna ask you something, and I need you to tell me the truth. Okay. About what?

[ Sighs ] Do you still want a wedding reception? My mother insists that it will cheer you up, but if you want me to shut her down — I want it. You sure? Absolutely. Life is too short not to celebrate. Okay. You know what? Life’s also too short to wait for my mother any longer, so I’m gonna go check on her. No, I’ll go. I’ll go. She’s probably in the ladies’ room. Ma? Oh. Where were you? You want to know where I was? Fine, I’ll tell you. In fact, I think it’s time I tell brando everything, don’t you?

Hi, everyone. Hey. Thanks for coming to my birthday party. I’d like to introduce my friend chase.

[ Cheers ] He’s gonna sing! Yeah! Whoo! Oh, yeah. Alright. This song was written by one of leo’s favorite songwriters, and mine.

Read my mind so I don’t need to speak take my heart and let it bleed if you need a safe distance, there’s no such thing I need you here with me I know we’re gonna make it we were born to be together is it really complicated? All I want is forever all I want is forever tried to go it alone but my soul gets weary with miles to go before I sleep we are strong, you and me just like a train got to make fire to get the steam I know we’re gonna make it we were born to be together

maybe that is why trina was behaving so strangely that night, and why she couldn’t account for herself when joss and cam were being recorded. It certainly makes sense. Unfortunately, it may be impossible to prove. Whatever drug was in trina’s system is well out by now. Do you know who prescribed it? No, esmé took off the label. Okay, we’re looking at a dead end. It’s good work, though. There is something else, something that esmé got really weird about. Inside the box, there was correspondence between her and the nanny that raised her after her adoptive parents died. Why — why would she get worried about that? Well, because she always claimed that she lost contact with her. Okay, I’ll look into it. Do you know what the nanny’s name was? Maggie fitzgerald. Maggie fitzgerald. Okay. Alright, I’ve got somewhere to be. I just want to thank you so much for confiding in me. Yeah, sure. I just hope it’s enough information for you to make use of. Yeah, well, it’s definitely a good start. And as for esmé, she’s got a gift for doing damage and diverting blame. Just promise me you’ll be careful. I promise. Okay. Watch what you say. And watch your back. Ava, I don’t think esmé intended — I know exactly what esmé intended. All I meant is that I — I wish I had the kind of relationship you and trina have. I guess it’s my fault you’re the only one left in this house who trusts me. She cannot be trusted, and I want her gone. Yeah, you’ve made that quite clear. Evidently not clear enough, since she’s still here. So why don’t I make it absolutely crystal for you? Feel free to put esmé up at the metro court. Get her a studio, buy her a little cottage on the lake. I don’t care. But I will not share our home with her for one more moment! She’s a guest in my house. I’m sorry.

Your house? Well, if this is your house, then what am I? Am I a guest as well? Or am I your wife? Because I can’t be both. Forget about trusting esmé. Why can’t you trust me? I’m trying to do what’s best for all of us. You’re not married to all of us, nikolas. You’re married to me. At least for the moment. Gladys: I’m sorry, sasha. I can’t keep this from my boy any longer. I was playing bingo on my phone. What? You can win real money. Okay. And have you? Um…

[ Cellphone rings ] I will. I have to take this. Excuse me.

[ Ringing continues ] Thank you for running interference with that stalkerazzo. No problem. And thanks for covering with brando. Don’t thank me yet. Chase and ned: Is it really complicated? All I want is forever all I want is forever all I want is forever all I want is forever

[ Applause ] What do you think? Was that good? You happy?

Leo: That was great!

[ Laughing ] Brook lynn. What’s the matter? For the first time in a really, really long time… absolutely nothing. Oh. There you go. That’s it. Yeah.

You sounded incredible. I almost didn’t recognize the song, and I wrote it.

[ Both chuckle ] That’s why leo wanted me to sing it. He’s your biggest fan. Well, maybe second biggest. You were right. Hearing that song again inspired me. I told you so. I’m thinking — well, I’m hoping that other singers may find my songs and want to maybe — record them? Turn them into big hits? Yeah. I don’t want to get ahead of myself. No, then you’re gonna have a whole slew of grammys and you’re gonna win an oscar for a james bond theme song. Yes!

[ Clears throat ] Do you think that could happen? Damn right it will. Hey, little brother. I got to go. I just wanted to tell you one more time what an awesome job you did today reading that poem. That was amazing. Thanks, dante. Yeah. Of course. Where’s sam? Hey, I’m right here. You missed chase singing! Oh, I did? That’s a bummer. I can just tell dad to play another song, so that way you can sing. Oh, that’s a great idea. Wait, um… no, leo! Yeah, do that. Amazing. You get to serenade me after all. Did you get that thing done that you had to get done? Yeah, I may have a lead or two. I know your heart is in the right place, but what we need more than financial backing is just family support. Okay, well, you have that, for what it’s worth. It’s worth a lot. Although I’m not a quartermaine, thank god. Oh, no offense. None taken. None taken. But look, it’s great having you on our side. And drew and I are confident that now that the quartermaines are united, valentin doesn’t stand a chance. Martin, I just had a very interesting chat with ned quartermaine, and suffice to say, all is not lost. I think there’s a very good chance I could stay at the helm of elq after all. Look, chase, I’ve been thinking. I’ve been thinking, too. You have? Yeah. So now I’m thinking maybe we should go somewhere, talk about what we’ve been thinking about? Funny, I was about to suggest the same thing. Let’s go. Not without me. I have something to say, too. And it won’t wait. Sonny is having a problem with his car. I need to meet him at the garage. Yeah, yeah. Go help sonny. Gladys and i will be fine. Absolutely. We have lots and lots to talk about without you in our hair. Tell sonny hi from his favorite cousin. I am sure that he will love that. Bye-bye. Bye, mom.

[ Sighs ] I’ll see you at home? Okay. Love you. Love you, too.

[ Sighs ] What did felty have to say? He wanted his memory card back, so I gave it to him. And the photos of me? Deleted. Oh, thank god. I mean, not — not that they were a big deal. You know, I just certainly didn’t look my best.

[ Chuckles ] Sasha… if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times. You can tell me anything. Yes, you did. And I have. Nikolas: Esmé, what are you doing? Leaving. I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for me, but it’s clear I’m in the way here. I’ve packed everything I can in this bag, and I’ll — I’ll send for the rest of my things later. Maybe there’s a room above kelly’s that’s still available. Hey, I am sorry. Had I known this is what you were planning, I would have saved you the trouble of having to unpack it all. Wait, you don’t mean… I opened my house to you and my son, and while I will be having a conversation with spencer about respecting your privacy, you are both still welcome. What about ava? I’ll make sure that my wife and i end up on the same page. Thank you. Spencer. A word? This will teach me to work a full shift. What could you possibly say that I would even remotely want to hear? Your trust fund. Would you like access to it? I’m listening. I will still hold the purse strings, but they will be much, much looser. How loose? I could arrange for a regular allowance. How does $10k a week sound? Okay. What’s the catch? You and esmé get out of wyndemere immediately, and you stay the hell out.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Jake: You cold?

Ava: Why would I be cold? It’s may.

Jake: [Chuckles] It’s cold and it’s may.

[Mimics explosion] And creepy.

Ava: Yeah. It was your great idea to come here.

Jake: Yeah, it was. And it certainly didn’t put you in a chipper mood, now did it?

Ava: Okay, listen, I’m sorry. All right? I am sorry. I just–I–I cannot believe you have decided to go work for dimera again. I thought that you were done with that nest of vipers. And especially the queen viper herself.

Jake: Queen viper herself? You wouldn’t mean gabi, now would you?

Ava: Oh, yeah, gabi. Yes, and in spite of all the petty and miserable things she’s done, she still has her hooks in you.

Jake: No, no, she doesn’t have her hooks in me, okay? She presented a very good argument for me to back to dimera.

Ava: Mm-hmm. So when she was presenting that argument, was she on the top, bottom–

Jake: Okay, no, no, no. It wasn’t like that. Wasn’t like that. Look, it is my birthright to be part of dimera. Just like it is chad’s and ej’S. And I never should have let them chase me out of that company in the first place. Plus, shin is a big fan of mine. Gabi seems to think that I can help her stabilize the company.

Ava: Yeah. And it helps her keep you in her orbit. There’s gonna be business dinners, business trips…

Jake: Trust me when I say gabi and I are done.

Ava: Mmm. So you’re relationship’s just platonic then, huh? Kind of like ours.


Steve: Mmm.

Kayla: [Giggles] Ahh. Hello.

Steve: Hi.

Kayla: That was quick. I just texted you 20 minutes ago.

Steve: Yeah, I was down at the station, um, asking about allie.

Kayla: And?

Steve: Well, if they know anything, they’re not talking.

Kayla: [Sighs]

Steve: How’s the baby?

Kayla: Perfect.

Steve: Ah, finally, some good news.

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: What about ciara?

Kayla: She’s fine. Uh, she and ben are, predictably, over the moon.

Steve: Good.

Kayla: They told me what they named him.

Steve: Yeah?

Kayla: They named him bo.

Steve: That’s perfect.

Kate: Lucas, it’s me. I gave you 24 hours, and I haven’t heard a word from you.

[Groans] Everyone is looking for you and sami. They’re wondering where you are. And allie is in trouble, and she needs you. I know that I promised I would keep it a secret what you did to sami, but I am going to have to tell roman.

Roman: Tell roman what?

[Phone beeps]

Ciara: Ben, am I seeing things?

Ben: If you are, then I am too.

Ciara: Daddy?

Bo: In the flesh. Well, not exactly in the flesh.

[Sighs] I’m the one who taught you how to remap a fuel-injection system.

Ciara: [Gasps] It really is you. You came back. You were at the cemetery.

Bo: Yeah, that was me.

[Baby cries]

Ciara: You saved his life.

[Baby cooing]

[Sniffles] Honey… this is your grandad. Daddy, I named him bo.

[Baby cooing]

Bo: Thank you for that.

Eric: Tripp? Can you hear me?

Demon tripp: Well, that was surprisingly easy. The boy didn’t even put up a fight. But it seems his sacrifice was for naught. Allie is still going to die… and by tripp’s own hands.

Marlena: No! God, no!

Tripp: No! I won’t let you hurt her.

John: Let me help you, son.

Tripp: There is no help. There’s only–

Marlena: Tripp! No! No!

[Glass shattering]

John: [Groans]

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

John: Oh, this is bad.

Eric: Yeah, let’s get down there.

Marlena: Allie?

Johnny: Hey.

Marlena: Allie?

Johnny: Hey. Everything’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine.

Allie: No, it’s not. Wh–where are we?

Johnny: We’re at st. Luke’S.

Allie: We’re at a church? Why? Wh–what’s going on?

Marlena: Look, we’ll explain about all that. But what’s important is how are you? How do you feel?

Allie: I– I had awful dreams. The baby– there was a baby.

Johnny: Yeah. Allie, listen, that was ciara’s baby. He’s fine now.

Allie: But I– what did I do?

Marlena: Johnny–

Johnny: No, she needs to know. Like I did. You were possessed.

Allie: No. No, that was you.

Johnny: Yeah, yeah, I was. Uh, but then the devil went from me into you. And you fought him so hard, allie, you really did.

Allie: Tripp… tripp–just now I heard his voice. Tripp was here, I know he was. Where is he?

John: Don’t do it, don’t do it. Don’t touch him.

Eric: Tripp. Tripp, it’s eric. Can you hear me?

Tripp: Is–is allie okay?

John: Yeah, she’s fine, kid. She is just fine.

Eric: You saved her.

Tripp: The devil?

Eric: He’s gone. He’s gone, thanks to you.

Tripp: He tried to hurt allie.

John: Whoa, whoa, hang in there, come on, kid. Hang in there. Stay with me, stay with me.

Eric: We need an ambulance at st. Luke’S. There’s massive trauma. Just get here as fast as you can.

[Phone beeps] Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

Marlena: Easy, easy. We heard the sirens.

Eric: John’s gone with tripp in the ambulance.

Allie: What are you talking about? Where’s tripp?

Eric: What does she know?

Allie: I know that tripp was here. You know what happened to him, don’t you? Tell me! For god’s sake, tell me.

Ciara: I never thought that I would see you again.

Bo: I’ve been watching over you all along. You, your mom, your brother, and now…this little guy. He’s safe.

Ciara: But the devil is still out there, dad.

Bo: No. The devil’s gone. He’s not coming back.

Ciara: Are you sure?

Bo: Am I– is that any way to speak to your old man?

Ciara: [Chuckles] No. Not at all.

Bo: Yeah, baby, I’m sure. You and this little guy are safe. It’s over.

Ciara: How do you know that, dad? How can you be sure?

Bo: Because one good man sacrificed everything to get rid of him.

Steve: You know, baby, I see a lot of bo in ciara. Don’t you?

Kayla: Oh, all the time. And now she’s so fierce about that little baby. Well, it’s like her dad was always so fierce about his kids.

Steve: Yeah, and that was pretty fierce.

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: Hey, do you have time to give stephanie and joe a call and tell them they have a new cousin?

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: Or is it a second cousin? I can never…

Kayla: John, hi.

Steve: Keep that straight. Hey, john. What’s the matter?

John: Tripp’s had an accident.

Steve: What kind of accident?

John: He took a fall, steve. It’s not good. He’s in the er.

Kayla: I–I better go down there.

Steve: Okay, let’s go.

Kayla: No, no, you– you need to stay here and call ava first, okay?

Steve: [Sighs] I’m right behind you.

Jake: I’m starting to think that maybe sometimes you don’t like gabi very much.

Ava: [Scoffs] You’re very funny.

Jake: So a minute ago… when you mentioned that our relationship is platonic, would I be out of line if I said maybe you don’t like that very much? Like, you know, if gabi hadn’t interrupted us that maybe…

Ava: Maybe I’m in a bad mood because gabi interrupted us.

Jake: Huh. Yeah, we don’t seem to be having very much fun here, huh? Maybe we should…head home?

Ava: Yeah. Yeah, let’s go.

[Phone rings] Hmm. It’s steve.

[Phone beeps] Hey, steve, what’s up?

Steve: Ava, tripp’s in the hospital. Uh, there’s been an accident.

Ava: Okay, how bad is it?

Steve: I–I don’t know yet. You just need to get down here right away.

Ava: Yeah, I’ll–I’ll be– I’ll be right there.

[Phone beeps]

Jake: Everything okay?

Ava: It’s tripp. I have to get to tripp.

Roman: Wow. Must, uh– whatever it is, this must be, uh, real bad. You’re, uh, ready to set tables rather than, uh, talk to me.

Kate: I– I’m not trying not to talk to you, I’m just trying to figure out how to tell you.

Roman: Tell me what?

Kate: I know that you’re worried about sami.

Roman: And?

Kate: Well, and I am too.

Roman: What?

Lucas: Wait, wait. Because of me? With depression, you just feel…blah.

Lucas: All right, mom. Mom, I can’t breathe. Come on. Hi, roman, how you doing?

Roman: Hey, lucas.

Kate: Okay, so where the hell were you, and why didn’t you answer my phone calls?

Lucas: Well–well, before I get to that, why don’t you just tell me how allie’s doing. Is she okay? Where is she?

Roman: Well, lucas, we’re, uh, sorry about that, but, uh, we don’t know.

Allie: You said I was possessed. Did I do that? Did I hurt tripp?

Eric: Allie… you didn’t hurt tripp, I promise.

Johnny: Allie, you fought the devil. You really fought him.

Eric: Listen, you’re in pretty rough shape. We need to get you home.

Allie: But I need to see tripp.

Eric: No, you don’T. The doctor’s gonna take care of tripp, and we’re gonna take care of you. You need to take care of henry.

Allie: Wait, but ciara’s baby?

Johnny: We didn’t even know where ciara was, you told us. And because of that, that baby boy is with his mom and dad. So come on. Let’s get you home.

Marlena: Yeah. Let’s get you home.

Eric: Come on.

Marlena: Come on, sweetie.

Ciara: Wait, who was it? What do you mean, “sacrifice everything”?

Bo: You’ll find out soon enough. But don’t worry. You and that little guy have a whole lot of bradys and hortons watching over you. Even a weston or two.

Ciara: [Weeps]

Bo: Oh, ben.

Ben: Yes, sir?

Bo: Please, don’t call me sir.

Ciara: [Laughs]

Ben: Yes, sir. I mean–I mean, um–

Bo: Look, man, um… I know you’re worried about having a baby, and I know why. But you gotta let it go. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s all about redemption. And you, young man? You’ve redeemed yourself. You’re a good man. Mm, you’re an okay husband.

[Chuckles] And if you work real hard, you’ll be a great dad.

Ciara: [Sniffles]

Ben: Thank you.

Bo: Oh. [Clears throat] I love you, little one. But I gotta go.

Ciara: Wait, no, dad–

Bo: Yeah, there’s something I gotta take care of. Tell your mom I love her. Give that little guy lots of kisses for me. And, little one, I’m really proud of you.

Ciara: [Sobs]

Bo: All right. I’m out of here.

Ciara: Dad, wait!


[Sniffles] I always wanted you to meet my dad.


Ava: John, where is he? Wh–where’s tripp?

John: Took him straight to the trauma unit down that way. Steve’s with him.

Jake: I’ll wait here. Go.

Ava: Okay.

Jake: He gonna be okay?

John: I don’t know.

Kayla: 360. Clear.

[Paddles thump]

Ava: Is he gonna be okay? What–what happened to him?

[Monitor flatlining] Why are you stopping? Do it again.

Kayla: I’m–I’m sorry.

Steve: [Groans]

Kayla: I’m sorry.

Ava: Wh–wh–why are you– why are you sorry? Do–do–do–do it again.

Kayla: No, I’m sorry…

Ava: S–s–save him.

Kayla: It’s– it’s too late, he’s gone.

[Breathes unsteadily]

Ava: No, no, no. No, no, he–he can’t be gone. No. Tripp? Tripp?

Steve: Come on. Lemons.

Roman: What? Wait a minute. Sami’s in the hospital? Why are you just telling me this?

Lucas: Listen, we were skiing in italy, and she was going down this run– and I told her not to do it. I told her it was too advanced, and she wouldn’t listen to me. And she wiped out. She broke her leg. She fractured her leg, she has other fractures– it’s bad. She’s in traction and she can’t fly right now. There’s no way.

Kate: Ah ha. So why didn’t you call?

Lucas: Because the reception was terrible, that’s why. I mean, we did get your message about allie. Which is why, since sami heard that, she insisted that I fly home immediately. So here I am.

Roman: So you just left left her there?

Lucas: I didn’t leave her. I mean, she’ll be fine. You know? She’s in the hands of trained professionals.

Roman: All right, I need to let marlena know.

Kate: Okay, what’s the real story?

Lucas: I just told you the real story.

Kate: Oh. Oh, she’s really in the hospital?

Lucas: Yeah, she is, mom. Now, why would I lie about something like that?

Kate: Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you lied the first time you kidnapped her. Why not this time?

Ben: You know, now more than ever…

[Baby coos] I am so glad we named him after your dad.

Ciara: Mmm.

[Sniffles] It was him at the cemetery, ben.

[Baby cooing]

[Sniffles] He’s the reason why I was able to step in the pentagram.

Ben: Ciara, he’s why we’re with our son right now.

Jake: Hey. Gimme this good news.

Ciara: [Sniffles]

Jake: Oh, I’ll, uh– I’ll come back.

Ciara: No, no, it’s fine. Come. You can meet– come meet bo.

Jake: Oh, man.

Ciara: Aw.

Jake: Aw, he’s beautiful.

Ciara: [Sniffles] Mmm.

Jake: [Sighs] And he’s okay.

Ciara: Yeah.

Jake: You are too, right?

Ciara: Uh–[Chuckles weakly] Yeah. Yeah, I am. It’s been a crazy night though.

Jake: Sure has.

Both: Yeah.

Ciara: [Exhales unsteadily]

Ben: What is it, jake?

Jake: I wish I didn’t have to tell you this, but, um… ava got a call about a half hour ago. Tripp was in an accident. Although john made it sound like it was less of an accident, more of A…sacrifice.

Ciara: Ben, my dad said something about a– oh, my god, jake… is tripp dead?

Ava: Kayla, please. Kayla, please do something.

Kayla: Um, I’m sorry. There is nothing else that can be done. I’m–I’m really so sorry.

Ava: Stop saying you’re sorry. You’re not.

Steve: Ava, stop, please.

Ava: No, the hell I will.

Steve: Come on.

Ava: You happy? You happy now?

Steve: [Groans]

Ava: Huh? Now that you got everything that you wanted? You hated–you hated that– that steve and I had– had a son, didn’t you? And so–so you killed him. You just let him die.

Steve: No, ava– ava, stop it! Stop it! Our–our son is dead. Kayla did everything she could. But he’s gone. And you have to stop this. Out of respect for him.

Kayla: Uh… we’re–we’re gonna leave you alone.

Steve: [Sighs]


[Emotional music]


Ava: He’s dead.

[Sniffling] Our sweet, perfect boy is dead.


[Both crying]

Kayla: [Sniffles]

John: Kay?

Kayla: Uh… I lost him.

John: Oh, my god.

Kayla: I did everything I could, but I–

[Sobs] But I lost him.

John: I know, I know that. I know, kay, I know.

Kayla: [Exhales heavily]

Johnny: Grandma, you’re a doctor. You think tripp’s gonna make it?

Marlena: Oh, hi.

Allie: He’s sleeping. I don’t even remember the last time I saw him.

Marlena: Well, he’s– he’s been fine. We’ve all been looking after him.

Johnny: Yeah.

Allie: Thank you. But now you need to tell me what happened–what I did.

Marlena: Well, maybe that can wait until you’re a little more rested.

Allie: No, I can’t sleep. I mean, I need to know. You told me that the devil left you and went into me? How?

Johnny: Okay, okay, do you, um–[Clears throat] Do you remember coming to the mansion to tell me off?

Allie: Yes, because you’d–

Johnny: Because I had told tripp about you and chanel. But that wasn’t me, allie.

Allie: It was the devil?

Johnny: You figured that out. And you were helping me fight. But then…

Allie: He went into me?

Johnny: I was so worried about you. I missed you.

Allie: I don’t remember much, but I missed you too. Looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone?

Lucas: You think I kidnapped sami?

Kate: Oh, spare me. Seriously, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Lucas: Shh.

Kate: Hey, so did you talk to marlena?

Roman: Uh, voicemail. Left a message. It’s not as if she doesn’t have enough to worry about with allie, now this with sami.

Lucas: Well, you said that something was going on with allie before. She was in some kind of trouble. What’s going on?

Kate: Lucas, allie’s possessed.

Lucas: By the devil? You’re busting my chops not telling you that sami’s in the hospital, and my own daughter’s possessed by the devil now?

Eric: No, no, not any more.

Roman: What happened?

Eric: [Sighs] Tripp, he’s in the hospital. He saved allie’s life.

Lucas: He saved her?

Eric: Allie’s life was at stake. The devil had control of her, and, tripp, he called the devil into him. And then when he had control of tripp, he tried to kill allie.

Lucas: What?

Eric: He threw himself out the church tower window.

Lucas: So where is allie now? Is she at the hospital too?

Eric: No, mom and johnny, they took her over to nicole’s to see henry.

Lucas: I gotta go. I gotta get to her.

[Tense music]

Marlena: Why don’t you get some rest?

Johnny: [Sighs] Allie, you’re falling down tired. Why don’t you do what grandma says.

Allie: I’m home. Thank you.

Johnny: Yeah.

Allie: Thank you.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

[Both sigh]

Johnny: [Sniffs]

[Clears throat]

[Sighs] If tripp doesn’t make it, I don’t know what that’ll do to her.

[Phone ringing]

Marlena: It’s john.

[Phone beeps] John?

John: I’m afraid it’s bad news, doc.

Jake: Your father was here?

Ciara: First at the cemetery, and then right here just now.

[Baby hiccupping]

Ben: John said tripp was trying to save allie.

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, he got the devil to leave her and go into him.

Ben: And he jumped.

Ciara: Um, but allie’s okay? She’s fine?

Jake: Yeah.

Ciara: Back at the cabin, and then at the cemetery, it was so terrifying to look at her beautiful face and to see so much hatred and evil.

[Baby coos]

Ben: Kid, I sure hope the rest of your life is is a lot calmer than the beginning. And I’m so glad that you’re okay.

Ciara: [Sniffles] Yeah.

Jake: Dude… congratulations.

Ciara: Thank you.

Jake: I’m happy for you guys.

Ciara: Thank you.

Jake: All right, I’m gonna go check on tripp. Ava can’t lose him.

Ciara: [Exhales heavily]

[Phone beeps]

John: Doc sends her love.

Jake: It’s bad, isn’t it?

John: Tripp died a few minutes ago.

Jake: Where’s ava?

Kayla: Uh, she’s with steve in the trauma room with tripp.

Jake: All right.

[Emotional music]

Steve: He looks like a little boy.

Ava: I wouldn’t know.

[Sniffles] I wasn’t allowed to know him till– so many lost years. So much wasted time.

Steve: [Sighs] Think about the time we did have with him. Okay?

Ava: [Sniffles]

Steve: He loved you, ava.

Ava: [Laughs weakly] That was a damn stupid thing to do.

[Sniffles] I’m poison, and he should have just run away.

Steve: Oh, come on. Come on. No.

Ava: I didn’t deserve a son like him.

[Sniffles] He sure as hell didn’t deserve a mother like me.

Steve: That’s not gonna help.

Ava: [Laughs weakly] Maybe I don’t deserve to be helped.

Steve: Ava, come on. Come on.

Ava: [Sniffles]





Jake: Ava…

Ava: [Sobs] He’s gone. My baby is gone.

Jake: [Sighs] I’m sorry.

Ava: [Sobs]

Jake: I’m so sorry.

From prom dresses

Johnny: So he died saving allie.

Marlena: “No greater love.”

Johnny: I don’t know how we’re gonna tell her.

Allie: Tell me what?

Lucas: Allie. Allie, it’s me. It’s dad, open up.

Allie: Dad!

[Melancholy music]

Ava: [Sniffles]

Jake: Hey, how about I get you home?

Ava: [Sniffling]



Jake: I’m so sorry.

Steve: Okay. Okay.

Ava: [Sniffles]

Steve: [Gasps]

[Weeping] Why him? Oh, why? My boy.

[Sniffles] Oh, no.



[Door closes]


Kayla: I–I called stephanie and joe. I didn’t want them to hear it from anybody else.

Steve: My sweetness.

Kayla: Come here, come here, come here.

Steve: [Weeping]

Kayla: Come here, oh. Oh, I know. I’m so sorry.

Steve: I want my boy.

Kayla: I know, I’m sorry.

Steve: [Sobbing]

Kayla: I’m so sorry.

Steve: I want my boy.

[Chimes tinkle]

[Ethereal music]

Steve: [Sobbing]

Tripp: [Gasps] Allie.

Kayla: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. He didn’t have a heartbeat or a pulse.

Steve: Tripp? It’s dad. Hey.

Tripp: Dad.

Steve: Huh? Hey, kid. Hello, buddy. Buddy? Oh, my god.

Ava: [Sniffles]

John: I’m sorry, ava.

Ava: [Weeping]

Jake: I’m gonna get her home.

John: Yeah. Hey, um, anything you–you need, just–just call, okay?

Jake: Thanks, man.

[Elevator dings]

Steve: Ava…wait.

Ava: [Sobs]

Steve: Hey. I was on an antidepressant,

[Monitor beeping]

Ava: It’s true.

Kayla: It’s true. He’s alive.

Tripp: Hey, mom.

Ava: [Sniffs]

[Whispering] My son.

[Tender music]

[Baby hiccupping]

Ben: Babe, you’re not gonna believe this.

[Sighs] Kayla pronounced tripp dead. Then he came back to life.

Ciara: Wow. I believe it. Remember when my dad said that he had something left to do?

Ben: [Exhales]

Ciara: Baby, are you crying?

Ben: [Sighs] Ciara, if he died? Allie, his parents–

[Sighs] It would have killed them.

Ciara: I know.

Ben: I just–I just– I want everybody to just be as happier as we are right now.

Ciara: [Scoffs lightly] You know what?

[Sniffs] I don’t think that anybody can be as happy as we are right now.


Ben: [Sighs]

Roman: Thank you, kayla.


Kate: Well?

Roman: It was close. Kayla thought they’d lost him. But, uh, it does look like, uh, tripp is gonna be just fine.

Eric: Oh, thank god.

Lucas: I’m just so sorry. I should have been here for you.

Allie: No, there’s nothing that you could have done. There’s nothing that anyone could have done. Except tripp. Did you hear about him?

Johnny: Yeah. Uh, yeah, we did.

Allie: [Sniffs] Did he die? Did he die because of me?

Lucas: No, honey, don’t say that. Don’t do that to yourself. Stop, stop.

Allie: Yes. Because I never got to tell him how I felt. I never got to tell him that I love him.


Lucas: I’m so sorry.

[Knock at door]

Allie: No, I can’T. I can’t see anyone.

Lucas: Yeah, of course you can’t, it’s not a good time.

Marlena: I’ll take care of it.

Allie: [Weeps]

John: Couldn’t get through. It’s–it’s okay. It’s okay. Allie… tripp…he pulled through. He is alive. And kayla thinks he’s gonna be just fine, honey.

Allie: Oh, my god.

John: He’s gonna be just fine.

Allie: Oh, thank god.


[Monitor beeping]

Ava: You’re really here?

Tripp: How’s allie?

Kayla: She’s gonna be just fine. Thanks to you.

Steve: Our son the hero.

Ava: Mmm. Please don’t ever scare us like that again.

[Chuckles weakly]

Tripp: I won’T. I love you guys.

Steve: We love you, son.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Brooke: Oh! This is– this is just so much.

Ridge: I know, it’s a lot. It’s a lot to take in. But steffy remembers that night very clearly now.

Brooke: I mean– it really was sheila? She… shot steffy? And she killed her own son?

Ridge: She confessed to all of it.

Brooke: Oh, my god, this is unbelievable.

Ridge: And she’s going to spend the rest of her days in prison. She’s not going to terrorize you anymore.,

[Heavy sigh]


Taylor: I missed all the signs.

Steffy: Mom, as bad as sheila is, no one could have pictured her doing something like this.

Taylor: If people weren’t capable of change, I wouldn’t have a career. I see it all the time. I wanted so badly for hayes’ grandmother to have a chance at redemption. But sheila’s too dangerous for society, let alone this family.

Steffy: We have to tell li. We have to track her down. And we have to tell her that finn’s birth mother is the one who killed him.

Liam: Good timing! You guys showing up right now. Kids just went to sleep. Hope’s out, having a girls night.

Bill: Yeah, good for her! Having a little cabin fever, was she?

Liam: Okay. I got it. I got it. You don’t like our place. It’s fine.

Bill: No, no, no. It’s not that. You know, I– I find it, uh, quaint.M it’s, uh, it– it’s rustic.

Liam: You know what, it is rustic. Thank you. It is rustic. And that’s part of the charm.

Bill: Do I not pay you enough, liam?

Liam: Oh, my god.

Wyatt: Dad, come on. It’s their home. It’s cozy.

Liam: It’s– cozy is a bit condescending, but you know what? We like it, all right? The kids love it. H– hope really likes being near brooke, actually, especially lately. She’s, umm… she’s really concerned about her mom, ever since her separation from ridge.

Wyatt: So ridge is still staying out in malibu?

Liam: Yeah. I– I mean… on the one hand, it is nice for him to be staying out there with steffy while she recovers.

Bill: Yeah, it’s tough for brooke though, isn’t it? I mean her husband leaves her in the lurch, when she’s at her most vulnerable. I mean– her dressmaker should have been up there, consoling her.

Liam: Not exactly as cut and dry as you’re making it out to be…

Bill: I know. I know. Uh, “poor little ridge.” He got his fragile ego bruised. Brooke should have kicked him to the curb years ago.

Steffy: It all feels very surreal. Like if I look at the door long enough, finn will walk through it. Or if I like close my eyes hard enough, it’ll just be a bad dream and I’ll wake up, and my husband will be here.

Taylor: Oh, steffy. I wish that more than anything for you.

[ Sighing ]

Steffy: Finn’s death would be easier to accept if it was like– like a stranger or something. You know, some guy just– desperate for money.

[ Sighing heavily ] It’s like even more senseless now, knowing that sheila’s the one responsible.

Brooke: I can only imagine what steffy is going through.

Ridge: Well we’re all still in shock, but I guess, shouldn’t be too surprised, right?

Brooke: Right. Yeah, I guess not, given sheila’s history. But for her to target your daughter. And to take hayes’ father away.

Ridge: And she’ll be brought to justice, not just for killing finn, but for attacking us.

Brooke: I’m still trying to process what you said. She switched the labels on the champagne bottle.

Ridge: She conned you into drinking. This whole time it was sheila. It was always sheila. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Wyatt: So, for some reason, brooke decided to have a few drinks and kiss deacon.

Bill: And that’s what sent ridge packing.

Wyatt: I mean, I guess I could kind of see it.

Bill: For a kiss? Really, wyatt? You would leave your wife over one drunken kiss?

Liam: Dad, it’s not just the kiss. It’s the entire history of brooke and deacon.

Bill: Well, they have a kid together. Big deal. Alright? Brooke had a setback. It happens. She handled it appropriately. She called her sponsor. She got help. She’s been going to meetings. Was that good enough for ridge? No.

Liam: I know, but–

Bill: He dumped her anyway.

Liam: Ridge was upset ’cause brooke looked like she was making excuses for deacon. And that would piss you off too, if you were with brooke. Look, I’m not– I’m not defending ridge. I– I agree with you. I think everything you’re saying is true. And so would hope, even.

Bill: What hope’s parents did was g-rated. And ridge is a big boy. Did he show any sympathy for his alcoholic wife? No. He did what he always does. Went crying to taylor.

Taylor: How are you doing? This is, by far, the hardest on you.

Steffy: I don’t think it’ll ever make sense to me.

Taylor: I know. It’s tragic, I– I can’t believe it happened.

Steffy: I can’t even remember what I said to him when I saw him last. Before he was– I can’t even remember if I told him I loved him.

Taylor: Hey, hey, hey. Steffy, finn knew how much you loved him. He told us every day how happy he was. And that’s all because of you.

Steffy: But if I could have more time with him. If I could have one more day with my husband. Oh, just watching him take his last breath, it was horrible.

Taylor: Oh honey. You know, I bet it was a comfort to finn, knowing that you were there with him in the final moments. Right by his side.

Steffy: No. It’s so unfair, mom. I mean, he’s the kindest– he was the most loving human being. It just hurts.

Taylor: I know it does.

Steffy: Oh, god. How are you doing? I mean, this– ah, this has to be hard for you too, in a different way, with– with dad.

Taylor: Oh.

Steffy: Knowing that sheila got brooke to drink. I mean, you have to be worried what this means for you and dad.

Brooke: I can’t think of myself right now. Not after what steffy’s been put through.

Ridge: Well, she’s trying to be strong, but– she has a lot of healing still ahead of her. But thank you. For thinking about my daughter.

Brooke: Of course, I’m thinking about her, ridge. She lost her husband. And not because of some random act of violence. It was at the hands of sheila.

Ridge: It’s unfathomable, all of it. Not– not just that she’s the shooter, but… but that she’s responsible for the shame you’ve been drowning in.

Brooke: I kept asking myself, why? Why would I do that? Why would I break my sobriety like that? Or risk the life that we built together?

Ridge: You said from the very beginning there’s outside forces at play.

Brooke: Yes.

Ridge: But I– didn’t pay attention.

Brooke: I felt it. In the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t shake it. No matter what.

Ridge: Because you were right. It wasn’t you. It was sheila.

[ Exhaling ] You love rich, delicious ice cream.

Liam: And that’s pretty much the gist of it. Brooke’s been sober ever since that one little slip up. And she’s just trying to remain optimistic that ridge will come around.

Wyatt: I mean, that’s rough. Look, I wish her all the best.

Bill: Why would brooke possibly take back mister holier-than-thou after the way that he has repeatedly treated her?

Wyatt: Because it sounds like they both made mistakes, dad.

Bill: Brooke was under the influence, wyatt. It’s not the same thing. She– she never would’ve kissed that convict, sharpe, if she were sober.

Liam: I mean, that’s true. Alcohol definitely played a role that night.

Bill: Yeah, well, you see that, and I see that. But forrester’s blinded by his own self-righteousness.

Liam: Yeah, I– I mean, all we can do is hope that it works out somehow.

Bill: It’s not going to work out somehow. It’s not going to work out at all. Not as long as he’s playing ping pong with brooke and taylor. Well, like– like he’s special. Like, he’s what? God’s gift to women.

Wyatt: Oh, no, that’s you, dad. Everybody knows that.

Bill: The truth will set you free, right?

Liam: Alright. Okay, look, look, it’s– it’s bad that brooke is hurting. It’s bad that it’s taking a toll on hope. We can all agree on that. We just want them to be happy, right?

Wyatt: Yes.

>>Liam: Right? Right?

Bill: It’s gonna be hard for brooke to accept, but she’s not going to find happiness. Brooke is not going to find commitment. She’s not going to find anything with forrester. Especially now that taylor is back in town.

Taylor: Please don’t worry about me right now.

Steffy: Mom, you’re going through it, too.

Taylor: Oh! Not like you are, steffy. Especially after what you just remembered.

Steffy: Yeah. What I’m dealing with right now, it’s going to take a long time to process. It’s not– it’s not something I will ever get over. Hayes will have no memory of his father.

Taylor: But finn will live on in the stories you tell. It’s not the same.

Steffy: Not even close. But it’s been really healing, having you and dad here. It’s wonderful for the kids and– I know it’s been nice for you too.

Taylor: Well, no matter what, your father will always be fully engaged in your lives.

Steffy: Of course he will. I wasn’t questioning that. My dad’s over at brooke’s right now explaining what sheila did to her. You’re not wrong or selfish to be concerned about your future with dad. You don’t have to worry. Because the truth about sheila, it won’t change his feelings for you.

Ridge: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to overwhelm you, I thought you’d want to know.

Brooke: No, no, I’m just– I’m trying to piece it all together.

Ridge: Well. Sheila must overheard you when you were talking about this… non-alcoholic champagne. That champagne that eric had at christmas. I preordered some from il giardino.

Ridge: Right. And she switched the labels.

Brooke: Right. So I was drinking real champagne.

Ridge: And that was your trigger.

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You know what? That would explain everything. The taste. What it did to me physically. How I craved it, more and more.

Ridge: The missing piece.

Brooke: As as– much as i despise her, I really didn’t think she had a hand in this.

Ridge: I didn’t either.

Brooke: I– I’m just trying to figure it all out. I– I barely had any contact with her. Except she did come over here after it happened. And she had this wicked, wicked smile on her face. After I told her that I drank and deacon stayed here.

Ridge: Deacon. Well, she tried to justify what she did by saying that you tried to keep her away from finn and the baby.

Brooke: Oh, god. She is sick. And she is twisted. If– if we could have just kept her away somehow.

Ridge: Finn would still be alive. And we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Brooke: Yeah, you’re right. Things would be very different. Finn we would be at the hospital, saving lives. And steffy’s beautiful family would be in tact. And you and I, we would be together. We would be living here in our home. A lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher

Steffy: I’ve seen firsthand what you two mean to each other.

Taylor: Yes. Well, your father and I have a great relationship. We are committed to our family, helping you thrive.

Steffy: It’s more than that.

Taylor: Well, sure. I mean, this has been great for ridge and me. We love spending time together. With you, and thomas, and our grandkids.

Steffy: Your relationship is not just about us. There’s a mutual attraction there, like– a chemistry that has nothing to do with me and thomas.

Taylor: Well, we do enjoy each other’s company. You know, I– I missed laughing with him. I didn’t realize how much.

Steffy: Same goes for dad. It’s really nice watching the two of you together. It’s been great since you’ve come back to L.A. You have the little looks that you give each other across the room, having coffee on the deck. You know that he wakes up, like, 20 minutes earlier just to… make you coffee.

Taylor: I know, I know. It’s so sweet.

Steffy: You’re meant to be together. And I’m not just saying that because I’m your daughter.

Taylor: The daughter who would love nothing more than to plan another wedding for her parents.

Steffy: Everyone can see how connected you guys are.

Taylor: Well, sure sweetheart, but–

Steffy: I mean it.It’s true.

[ Sighing heavily ]

Taylor: You know, I– I don’t doubt ridge’s feelings for me. I don’t, but– facts are, that he– he is still married to brooke. There’s no divorce papers. And right now, he’s over there telling her that sheila tricked her into drinking. His heart must go out to her. I– I know mine is. She was also a victim of sheila’S. What this means for her and your father, or your father and me… only ridge can answer that.

Brooke: I appreciate you coming here, to give me the news about sheila.

Ridge: Well you had to know.

Brooke: You have so much on your plate, ridge. This tragedy affects the whole family. Especially steffy, and that sweet little boy.

Ridge: Who does that? What kind of a person does that? And not just to finn, poor finn and steffy, but– to you. To us.

Brooke: Sheila made it crystal clear that she wanted you to be with taylor.

Ridge: And I should have suspected that there was somebody behind all this.

Brooke: Ridge, don’t blame yourself. I mean, there’s no way you could have predicted she would have done something like that. But now we know. We have answers.

Ridge: What, what, but what? I know you better than that. I’ve known you all my life. How do you– I should have known better. I should have listened to you, but I didn’T. I should have known that somebody was victimizing you. I didn’t know it was sheila, but I knew it was somebody. And I wasn’t there for you. Your husband wasn’t there for you.

Brooke: You just didn’t know. I mean, I– I know we can’t forget everything that sheila’s done. But we can at least stop her lies and her manipulations. We can restore our life together. I always had faith that we could. That we’d be able to get past this. So is that why you’re here? You’re coming home to me?

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Days Update Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jake and Ava sit in the town square together, talking about it being cold out in May. Jake gives Ava his jacket and notes Ava’s bad mood. Ava complains about Jake going back to work at DiMera as she thought he was done with them and especially Gabi. Ava guesses despite all the petty things she’s done, Gabi still has her hooks in Jake. Jake disagrees and says that Gabi presented a very good argument for him to go back to DiMera. Jake calls it his birthright to be a part of DiMera, just like Chad and EJ, so he never should’ve let them chase him out of the company in the first place. Jake adds that Gabi seems to think he can help her stabilize the company. Ava comments that it also helps Gabi keep him in her orbit. Ava says there will be business dinners and trips. Jake assures that he and Gabi are done. Ava questions if their relationship is just platonic then like theirs.

Steve joins Kayla at the hospital and says he was at the police station, asking about Allie, but nobody is talking. Steve asks about the baby. Kayla says he’s perfect which Steve says is finally some good news. Steve asks about Ciara. Kayla says she’s fine and that she and Ben are over the moon. Kayla reveals to Steve that Ben and Ciara named the baby Bo, which Steve calls perfect.

At the Brady Pub, Kate calls Lucas and leaves another message, reminding him that she gave him 24 hours and she’s heard nothing from him. Kate adds that everyone is looking for he and Sami, wondering where they are and Allie is in trouble and needs them. Kate knows she promised to keep what Lucas did to Sami a secret, but warns that she is going to have to tell Roman. Roman then appears and asks what she will have to tell him.

Ciara asks Ben if she’s seeing things as she envisions her dad, Bo. Ben responds that if she is, then he is too. Angel Bo speaks as Ciara asks if it’s really him and he came back. Bo says it’s him but he’s not really in the flesh. Ciara guesses he was the presence at the cemetery which Bo confirms. Ciara cries that he saved her son’s life. Ciara tells her baby that this is her granddad. Ciara tells Bo that she named her son Bo. Bo thanks her for that.

Eric asks if Tripp can hear him. The Devil responds that was surprisingly easy as Tripp didn’t even put up a fight, but it seems as if his sacrifice was for nothing because Allie is still going to die and by Tripp’s own hands. Devil Tripp goes to choke Allie on the ground. Marlena screams while Tripp’s voice inside says he won’t let the Devil hurt her. John tries to stop Devil Tripp and says to let him help. Tripp suddenly pulls back and says there is no help. Tripp then runs and dives through the second story window as Marlena screams. Eric and John rush to the window and look out to see Tripp lying bloody in a pile of glass on the ground outside. John says this is bad as he and Eric rush downstairs to get down there. Allie regains consciousness. Johnny tells her that everything is fine. Allie questions where they are and what’s going on. Marlena says they will explain and asks how she feels. Allie says she had awful dreams and there was a baby. Johnny tells her that was Ciara’s baby but he is fine now. Allie questions what she did. Johnny tells Marlena that Allie needs to know, like he did. Johnny then reveals to Allie that she was possessed. Allie says no that was Johnny. Johnny says he was but then The Devil went from him in to her and she fought him so hard. Allie mentions hearing Tripp’s voice just now so she knows he was there and asks where he is.

John and Eric rush to Tripp’s body outside. Eric asks if he can hear him. Tripp asks if Allie is okay. John confirms that she’s fine and he saved her. Tripp asks about the Devil. Eric says he’s gone thanks to him. Tripp brings up the Devil trying to hurt Allie. Tripp starts to pass out. John encourages Tripp to hang in there while Eric calls for an ambulance.

Eric goes back inside the church and informs Marlena that John is getting Tripp in to the ambulance. Allie questions what he’s talking about and where Tripp is because she knows he was there. Allie demands to know what happened to Tripp.

Ciara cries that she never thought she’d see her father again. Bo responds that he’s been watching over her, her mom, her brother, and now her son all along. Ciara worries that The Devil is still out there but Bo assures that the Devil is gone and not coming back so they are safe. Ciara asks how he can be sure. Bo states that it’s because one good man sacrificed everything to get rid of the Devil.

Steve tells Kayla that he sees a lot of Bo in Ciara. Kayla says she does as well all the time and now Ciara is so fierce about her baby just like her dad was. Steve asks Kayla to call their kids to inform them that they have a new cousin. John arrives and informs them that Tripp had an accident which Steve questions. John reveals that he took a fall and it’s not good as he’s in the ER. Kayla instructs Steve to call Ava while she rushes to the emergency room.

Jake jokes about Ava not liking Gabi. Jake brings up Ava mentioning their relationship is platonic and asks if she doesn’t like that very much. Ava suggests she’s in a bad mood because Gabi interrupted them. Jake admits they aren’t having much fun here so maybe they should head home. Ava agrees but then she gets a phone call from Steve. Steve informs Ava that Tripp is in the hospital after there’s been an accident, so she needs to get down there right away. Ava says she’ll be right there and hangs up. Jake asks if everything is okay. Ava informs him that she has to get to Tripp, so they rush off.

Roman guesses whatever Kate has to tell him must be real bad if she’d rather set the table than talk to him. Kate says she’s just trying to figure out how to tell him. Kate knows Roman is worried about Sami and she is too. Lucas then surprisingly enters the Pub and asks if it’s because of him. Kate hugs him and questions where the hell he was and why he didn’t answer her phone calls. Lucas says before he gets to that, he wants to know how Allie is doing and where she is. Roman says they are sorry but they don’t know.

Allie questions if she hurt Tripp while possessed. Eric promises she did not. Johnny encourages that she fought The Devil. Eric notes that she’s in rough shape, so they need to get her home. Allie wants to see Tripp. Eric says the doctors are going to take care of Tripp while they take care of her and she needs to take care of her son, Henry. Allie asks about Ciara’s baby. Johnny says they didn’t know where Ciara was until Allie told them, so because of that, the baby is with his mom and dad now. Johnny, Marlena, and Eric then take Allie to get her home.

Ciara questions what Bo means by someone sacrificed everything. Bo says she will find out soon enough. Bo encourages that they have a whole lot of Bradys and Hortons watching over them and even a Weston or two. Bo acknowledges Ben’s worries about having a baby but encourages him to let it go because it’s all about redemption and Ben has redeemed himself. Bo calls Ben a good man and an okay husband, so if he works real hard, he’ll be a great dad. Ben thanks him. Bo tells Ciara that he loves her but he has to go as there is something he has to take care of. Bo says to tell Hope that he loves her and that he’s really proud of Ciara. Ciara tries to stop him but Bo disappears back in to the light. Ciara tells Ben that she always wanted him to meet her dad as they hug.

Ava and Jake arrive at the hospital. Ava goes to John to ask where Tripp is. John tells her that he was taken straight to the ER and Steve is down there with him so Ava rushes off. Jake asks John if Tripp is going to be okay. John responds that he doesn’t know.

Ava joins Steve in the emergency room as Kayla and the doctors are trying to revive Tripp. Ava asks what happened. Ava then questions why Kayla is stopping and tells her to do it again. Kayla turns and cries that she’s sorry. Steve breaks down crying as Ava continues questioning everything. Kayla announces it’s too late as Tripp is gone. Ava cries in shock that he can’t be gone.

Roman questions why Lucas is just now telling him that Sami is in the hospital. Lucas explains that they were skiing in Italy, Sami wiped out and broke her leg. Lucas says it’s bad and there’s no way Sami could fly right now. Kate questions why he didn’t call. Lucas says the reception was terrible but they did get Kate’s message about Allie, so as soon as they heard that, Sami told him to come home. Roman questions him just leaving Sami there. Lucas argues that she’ll be fine in the hands of trained professionals. Roman decides he needs to go let Marlena know and walks away. Kate questions Lucas as to what the real story is. Lucas says he just told her and asks why he would lie about that. Kate points out that Lucas lied about kidnapping Sami so why not this time.

Ben tells Ciara that now more than ever, he is so glad they named their baby after her dad. Ciara cries that it was Bo at the cemetery and he’s the reason that she was able to step in to the pentagram. Ben agrees that Bo is why they are with their son now. Jake enters and says he heard the good news, but he sees they are crying so he says he’ll come back. Ciara assures it’s fine and calls Jake over to meet Bo. Jake says he’s beautiful and makes sure they are all okay. Ciara calls it a crazy night. Jake looks away, so Ben asks what it is. Jake wishes he didn’t have to tell them this, but Ava got a call about half an hour ago that Tripp was in an accident, though John made it sound like it was more of a sacrifice. Ciara turns to Ben and mentions Bo saying something about a sacrifice. Ciara then asks Jake if Tripp is dead.

Ava pleads with Kayla to do something. Kayla says she’s sorry but there is nothing else that can be done. Ava argues that Kayla’s not sorry and asks if she’s happy now that she got everything she wanted. Ava accuses Kayla of hating that she and Steve had a son, so she killed him. Steve cries for Ava to stop it as their son is dead and Kayla did everything she could, but he’s gone, so she has to stop this out of respect for Tripp. Kayla decides they will leave them alone and exits with the doctors. Ava states that their son is dead and breaks down crying as Steve hugs her.

John sees Kayla come out from the ER and that she’s crying. Kayla reveals to John that she lost him after doing everything she could. John hugs Kayla as she cries.

Johnny and Marlena bring Allie home. Johnny asks if Marlena thinks Tripp is going to make it. Allie comes back in from checking on Henry and says she doesn’t remember the last time she saw him. Marlena assures that he’s been fine and they have all been looking after him. Allie thanks her but says now they need to tell her what she did. Marlena suggests she rest first but Allie insists that she needs to know. Allie asks how the Devil went from Johnny to her. Johnny reminds Allie that she came to the DiMera Mansion to tell him off for telling Tripp about her and Chanel, but that wasn’t him, it was The Devil. Johnny encourages that Allie figured it out and was helping him fight, but then he went in to her. Johnny says he was so worried about her and he missed her. Allie doesn’t remember much but says she missed him too and hugs him.

Lucas asks if Kate thinks he kidnapped Sami. Kate remarks that it wouldn’t be the first time. Roman comes back and says he left a message for Marlena even though she has enough to worry about with Allie. Lucas questions what’s been going on with Allie since they just said she was in trouble. Kate reveals that Allie is possessed by The Devil, shocking Lucas. Eric arrives and announces that she’s not anymore as Tripp saved Allie’s life, but now he’s in the hospital. Eric explains that Allie’s life was at stake as the Devil had control of her, so Tripp called The Devil in to him and then when he had control of Tripp, he tried to kill Allie but Tripp threw himself out the church tower window. Lucas asks if Allie is at the hospital too. Eric informs him that Johnny and Marlena took her home to see Henry. Lucas decides he has to get to her and rushes out of the Pub.

Marlena suggests Allie get some rest. Johnny agrees. Allie says that she’s home and thanks them. Allie hugs them both and then goes to her room. Johnny tells Marlena that if Tripp doesn’t make it, he doesn’t know what that will do to Allie. Marlena then gets a call from John, informing her that it’s bad news.

Jake questions Ciara about her father being here. Ciara says he was at the cemetery and was here just now. Ben brings up John saying that Tripp was trying to save Allie. Jake confirms that Tripp got the Devil to leave Allie and go in to him, but then he jumped out the window. Jake adds that Allie is now fine. Ciara talks about it being terrifying at the cabin and the cemetery. Ben hopes the rest of their son’s life is calmer than the beginning as he’s so glad he is okay. Jake congratulates them and says he’s happy for them. Jake decides to go check on Tripp and exits the room.

John finishes his call and tells Kayla that Marlena sends her love. Jake comes out and guesses that it’s bad. John reveals that Tripp died a few minutes ago. Jake asks where Ava is. Kayla says she’s and Steve are with Tripp in the trauma room. Jake then walks away.

Steve and Ava cry over Tripp’s body. Ava laments not being allowed to know him until after so many lost years and wasted time. Steve encourages her to think of the time they did have with him and that Tripp loved her. Ava cries that she didn’t deserve a son like him and he didn’t deserve a mother like her. Steve says that won’t help. Ava feels maybe she doesn’t deserve to be helped. Ava lays next to Tripp’s body and kisses him goodbye as Steve cries. Jake then enters the room to comfort Ava as she cries that her baby is gone.

Marlena breaks the news to Johnny that Tripp died saving Allie and calls it no greater love. Johnny doesn’t know how they are going to tell her as Allie comes back out from her room and asks what it is. Lucas then shows up at the door. Allie excitedly rushes up to hug him.

Jake offers to take Ava home and hugs her as she cries. Jake tells Steve that he’s so sorry. Jake then walks Ava out of the room. Steve breaks down crying over Tripp, asking why. Kayla returns to the room and informs Steve that she called their kids, Stephanie and Joey, so they wouldn’t hear it from anyone else. Kayla hugs Steve as he cries that he wants his boy. Bo appears in the room as an angel and touches Tripp. Tripp then suddenly comes back to life, shocking Kayla and Steve. Kayla points out that he didn’t have a heartbeat or a pulse. Steve calls out to Tripp. Steve then looks up at the bright light and sees Bo, who smiles and nods, before disappearing again. Tripp then calls out to Steve as they rejoice.

John sees Jake and Ava leaving the hospital. John goes over and tells Ava that he’s sorry and to call if she needs anything. Jake thanks him and they go to get on the elevator but Steve appears and tells Ava to wait.

Steve brings Ava back to the emergency room where Kayla has Tripp sitting up in his hospital bed. Ava can’t believe it’s true. Kayla confirms that he’s alive as Tripp then greets Ava. Ava hugs Tripp as Steve and Kayla look on with smiles.

Ben comes back to the hospital room with Ciara and informs her that she’s not going to believe this but Kayla pronounced Tripp dead, but then he kept back to life. Ciara responds that she does believe it because Bo said he had something left to do. Ben says that if Tripp died, it would’ve killed Allie, Steve, and Ava. Ben just wants everybody to be as happy as they are now. Ciara doesn’t think anybody could be as happy as they are now as they kiss.

Roman finishes a call with Kayla and announces to Kate and Eric that it was close and Kayla thought they lost Tripp, but it looks like he’s going to be just fine.

Lucas apologizes to Allie for not being there for her. Allie says there is nothing he or anyone could have done, except Tripp. Allie asks if they heard about him. Johnny confirms that they did. Allie asks if Tripp died because of her. Lucas tells her not to do that. Allie cries that she never got to tell Tripp how she felt and that she loves him. There’s a knock at the door but Allie says she can’t see anyone. Marlena answers the door and it’s John. John comes in to announce that Tripp pulled through, he’s alive and Kayla thinks he’s going to be just fine. Allie is thrilled and hugs John as she cries.

Tripp asks about Allie. Kayla assures that she will be just fine, thanks to him. Steve calls Tripp a hero. Ava asks him to never scare them like that again. Tripp says he won’t and he loves them. Steve says they love him.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, May 16, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sharon: Okay, one fresh-squeezed orange juice for faith.

Faith: Thank you.

Sharon: And one mimosa for the absolutely beautiful bride.

Mariah: Oh, thank you. This is exactly what I need.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Faith: I know that everyone will be toasting you all night, so allow me to be the first.

Mariah: By all means. Go ahead.

Faith: You are the best sister that a girl could ever have. And please don’t tell summer that.

Mariah: Got it, I will put it in the vault.

Faith: You always have my back, and today, I have yours. To the bride.

Sharon: To the bride. Yeah! Cheers.

Sharon: Mmm.

Faith: Okay, now that that is out of the way, I just want to let you know that I am on top of this wedding. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your day.

Mariah: Where did we get this fantastic project manager?

[ Laughs ]

Faith: Last night, as I was falling asleep, I had a realization. This is what I was born to do — to make this day unforgettable for you. So if there’s anything that you need, let me know.

[ Laughs ]

Sharon: If you will excuse me, something has got my attention.

Faith: Anything I can help you with?

Sharon: No, no, I’m fine. Really, I got this.

Faith: She’s fine. As if.

Mariah: How do you really think she’s doing?

Faith: [ Sighs ] Pretty good, considering. She really needed a happy distraction.

Mariah: Well, I get a wedding, and she gets something to take her mind off of rey. It’s a win-win.

Faith: Okay, staying on schedule. Should I call kevin so he can come over and get ready with the rest of us? I mean, he is your man-of-honor.

Mariah: As seriously as kevin takes his responsibilities as my most trusted dude, I don’t think he wants to be here when we’re arguing over curling irons.

Faith: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Mariah: Oh, wow. So if this is the fourth course of that incredible brunch that you made me this morning, I’m good.

[ Chuckles ]

Sharon: I think you’ll enjoy this even more.

Mariah: Oh, what the heck?

Sharon: Something old, something new.

Mariah: Wow. I guess this really is my wedding day.

[ Sighs ]

Tessa: Oh, my goodness. Crystal, I cannot remember the last time I stayed up all night talking.

Crystal: We had a lot of catching up to do.

[ Laughs ]

Tessa: Yes, we did, and I am so glad. I cannot wait to show you off to all my new friends and all the usual suspects. They’re not even gonna recognize you.

Crystal: We can do all that later. You’ll have way more important things on your mind. Everybody will be focused on my rock star sister and her stunning bride.

Tessa: Oh. I can’t wait to see mariah. We’ve managed to keep what we’re wearing a secret from each other so far, but I just — I really hope she likes it.

Crystal: I’d love to see it.

Tessa: Me too.

Crystal: Hmm?

Tessa: I don’t actually have the dress in my possession right now, but I will.

Crystal: When?

Tessa: Uh, yeah, it’s gonna be plenty of time.

Crystal: Oh. Okay.

Tessa: Uh…yeah, the designer’s gonna drop it off any minute.

Noah: Okay, seriously, give me your honest opinion and please do not be afraid to hurt my feelings.

Nick: I mean, artists — you’re so needy.

Noah: Dad —

Nick: What is it you have to hear?

Noah: I am a bottomless pit of need when it comes to praise, okay? I think it has something to do with the way I was raised. Maybe not enough attention when I was a kid or something.

Nick: Okay. What you did at the top of the tower — transcendent.

Noah: Okay, smart guy. Yeah.

Nick: Hey, you asked, so I’m telling you. I’m actually extremely proud of you. It’s awesome. I also know what an incredible thing it is you’re doing for your sister and the woman she’s planning to marry, because i know how you still feel about tessa.

Noah: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Hey, there. Nice threads, kyle.

Kyle: Ooh, that’s “reverend kyle” to you. You are looking at a freshly licensed and ordained minister.

Jack: Well, cufflinks — here.

Kyle: Want to help?

Jack: So what’s the first order of business?

Kyle: Well, first and probably last, I will be officiating mariah and tessa’s wedding later.

Jack: That is fantastic. Congratulations to all of you. I’m sure mariah is thrilled. She’s a good friend.

Kyle: Yeah, the best. I’m glad she talked me into this.

Jack: Look, for what it’s worth, I understand your initial decision to skip the wedding ’cause of all you’re dealing with with your mother.

Kyle: Hey, the secret to today is compartmentalization. I’m taking all of my conflicting emotions about my mother and her place in my life, and I am putting them in a little box until I finish my job officiating this wedding.

Jack: Great idea, mister.

Kyle: And it’s not just mariah and tessa having a big day. If it weren’t for me setting up their first date, they might not even be together.

Jack: Your modesty is astounding.

Kyle: It’s a good feeling.

Jack: I’ll bet it is.

Kyle: Oh, and I have some more good news. Summer convinced her people at marchetti they can survive some time without her.

Jack: Wait, summer is coming home?

Kyle: She’ll be touching down soon.

Jack: Oh, that is wonderful. I am so happy for you. I know how much you’ve missed her, dealing with all these complicated issues with your mother.

Kyle: Hey.

Jack: Not today, though.

Kyle: Today is about mariah and tessa.

Jack: Who knows? Maybe diane is already on her way back to los angeles.

Diane: Oh. Are you this attentive to all your guests?

Phyllis: I have a better question for you. What are you still doing here? I mean, I love watching a train wreck, but this is excruciating, even for me.

Diane: Well, I’m so sorry to be such a distraction. By all means, avert your eyes.

Phyllis: I mean, I know how the abbotts reacted to you being in town, but I got to think that the newmans want you dead and buried again, permanently this time.

Diane: I do still have a son in town.

Phyllis: Diane, if you’re waiting for him to forgive you, you’re be gonna waiting a really long time.

Diane: Well, I refuse to give up hope, and I’m aware that it will take time to prove that I’ve changed.

Phyllis: Try forever.

Diane: Alright, if that’s what it takes. I want to make amends. I want to be part of kyle’s life. I’ve changed. And jack is beginning to see that, too. I do believe I’m winning him over to my side.

Phyllis: [ Exhales sharply ] You stay the hell away from jack. After years on the battlefield

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Sharon: Your something old to hold while you walk down the aisle. Not long after I found out that you were my daughter, I gave you a garnet necklace. And this bracelet is the companion piece to that. It belonged to cassie. But today, it’s yours to take with you as you’re walking into the next phase of your life.

Mariah: Oh, mom.

Faith: No crying or we have to re-do that incredible makeup.

Mariah: Got it.

Sharon: Here, let me.

Mariah: I’ve been thinking about cassie so much the last few days.

Sharon: Me too. It’s like she’s right here with us. You know, if there was one thing in this world that cassie loved, it was a wedding.

Faith: Yeah?

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] Mm-hmm.

Mariah: I will cherish this with all of my heart. Thank you so much.

Faith: Okay, moving on to something new. Inside you will find two toe rings, and those little numbers that are inscribed, that’s the latitude and the longitude of where you and tessa had your first date. One for each of you.

Sharon: That’s so great.

Mariah: So we can always find our way back to the beginning. Faith, I love it.

Sharon: Alright, something borrowed. But I get this one back.

Mariah: Of course.

Sharon: This handkerchief belonged to rey’s grandmother. And she carried it with her on her wedding day, and rey gave it to me on ours.

Mariah: Wow. It’s so beautiful. Like, the embroidery, it’s so intricate. I love it. You know, rey is the reason that crystal is here. That was his gift to us. He knew how much family meant to us, and that’s what he gave us. One more person to love and to witness our happiness.

[ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Okay, well, time for something blue.

Faith: Me again. This stone is kind of like you. Hear me out. It’s supposed to have all these healing and protective qualities, but I just like the way it feels in my hand. It calms me down when I start to get stressed out. I have carried it with me during some — let’s call them challenging times. When mom was sick, when I was in the hospital, even on my first date with moses.

Mariah: It’s beautiful.

Faith: I feel like it’s got some really good juju, you know? And maybe a little bit of magic.

Mariah: [ Sighs ] I never thought that I would be the girl that gets any of this, and, you know, look at me now. I’m somebody’s bride.

[ Laughs ]

Faith: No, not “somebody.” Tessa is the person that you were meant for, and she is meant for you.

Mariah: I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you both in my life.

[ Laughs ] Sharing this day with the both of you, it’s like a dream come true.

[ Chuckles ]

Noah: If you’re worried that I’m gonna stand up and object during the ceremony, don’t be. I have officially moved past my feelings for tessa.

Nick: Alright, I mean, you’re saying and doing all the right things, but deep down, you know, can you honestly say you’re completely over her?

Noah: Now that I’ve had some time and distance, I realize that the feelings I was having were more about my breakup back in london, and now I knew nothing was ever gonna happen with tessa, so it felt safe, if that makes sense.

Nick: Yeah, I get it. Look, you know, I’m sorry about what happened in london. But, son, love is rarely easy.

Noah: Well, damn, you couldn’t have told me that a couple years ago?

Nick: Well, that’s why when you have moments like this, you celebrate it, you know? When it’s found. And trust me, love is gonna happen for you, too.

Noah: Honestly, I am not looking for it. No, if it comes to me, that’s great, but for now, I am done feeling sorry for myself. Now, I came back home ’cause i felt like I needed to put an ocean between me and my ex, and it felt like I was sacrificing something in doing so, but, dad, I am happy. I am happy for the first time in a long time, so I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy my life.

Nick: Well, then you are a fully actualized, completely enlightened human being. My work is done here.

Noah: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Now it’s off to my other children.

Noah: Yeah.

Nick: Seriously, though, I’m proud of you.

Noah: Finally. Finally! First time today, I didn’t have to beg someone for validation.

Nick: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Noah: So now that we have fully explored all of my heartache and scars…

Nick: Here we go.

Noah: This can’t be easy for you either, walking cassie’s twin down the aisle.

Nick: Um…[ Chuckles ] Honestly, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about cassie. You know, what could’ve been.

[ Sighs ] What should’ve been. This wedding has brought up all those emotions.

Noah: Feeling all the feels?

Nick: Yeah. I’m trying to focus on the good ones, you know? ‘Cause I get to walk cassie’s sister down the aisle, and i know in my heart that she’s looking down and she’s very, very happy that her sister gets this incredible day.

Diane: Oh, my, that was extreme, even for you.

Phyllis: You want to win jack to your side? Nothing about you has changed. You’re still playing your games. You’re trying to worm yourself in to people’s lives, aren’t you?

Diane: No, no, no. It was the mention of jack that set you off, which makes me wonder about the state of your relationship. You know, at first, I thought you two were a couple again. But now I think I must’ve been mistaken, because after all the hurt and betrayal and trauma, i just can’t imagine there’s anything romantic left between the two of you.

Phyllis: I can’t imagine that you would think that you had a shot in hell with jack.

Diane: You neither confirmed nor denied.

Phyllis: What is your plan? What do you think you’re gonna obtain? Seriously, I shouldn’t be in shock because you faked your own death for so long. This should not surprise me at all.

Jack: Hello, ladies. Is there a problem? Entresto is the number one heart failure brand

Diane: It seems my mere presence is the problem.

Jack: I thought you decided to return to los angeles when you heard kyle was headed back to milan.

Diane: Yes, but his plans have changed, so I changed mine, just in case.

Jack: Don’t read too much into that decision. Kyle’s reason for delaying his trip has nothing to do with you. He has a commitment here in town.

Diane: Well, I’m not assuming anything. He has been in touch with me. He’s not shutting me out.

Jack: Not shutting you out is not the same as an open invitation to insinuate yourself into his life. Give him time and space to deal with all of that. It’s the least he deserves.

Phyllis: If we want to talk about what people deserve —

Jack: Diane, don’t let us keep you.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Crystal: I can’t believe my sister is now a famous singer-songwriter who gets her clothes straight from the designer.

Tessa: Oh, well, maybe famous-ish.

Crystal: Where we came from, nobody winds up famous. Infamous, maybe.

Tessa: I did get really lucky, didn’t I?

Crystal: And you’ve got talent. Went from busking for change to going on tour — I mean, your first album just dropped. I’m so proud of you, tessa. You did it. You made your dreams come true, and now you’re like this guitar-playing, morphing-butterfly goddess.

Tessa: Oh. I love you so much.

Crystal: Right back at you, sis.

Tessa: Oh.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Crystal: Oh, is that about your wedding dress?

Tessa: No, but it’s from mariah. She told me to look inside the weird little box behind the rattan chair.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Oh.

[ Gasps ] Aww. It’s full of hearts.

[ Laughs ]

Crystal: What does it say? Or is it too private, just between the brides?

Tessa: No, no, no. Okay. “You are the cheese to my macaroni.”

[ Laughs ] “You’re the sugar to my tea.” “You’re the wishes on my birthday cake.” “You’re the jelly to my doughnut.” And “you are the peas to my carrots.”

Crystal: [ Laughs ] You’re a couple of super-secret cheesy goofballs.

[ Both laugh ] But don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.

Faith: Where’s my list? I need to make sure we’re still on schedule.

Sharon: You are doing such a great job.

Mariah: You know, between this and the killer engagement party that you threw me, I think that you could set up shop as an event planner.

Faith: You mean you think i could earn money from this?

Mariah: Yeah, a fortune.

Sharon: I’d pay you in hugs and kisses.

Faith: [ Chuckles ] Thanks, mom.

Sharon: [ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Mariah: Oh.

Sharon: Everything okay?

Mariah: Yeah. Tessa says to go check the front pocket of my overnight bag. Okay. “You are the strings to my guitar. My always love.”

[ Chuckles ]

Who’s on it with jardiance?

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Crystal: We didn’t grow up with too much love around us, so this is good for my heart, seeing that it’s possible. Heck, maybe there’s someone out there for me.

Tessa: Yeah, of course there is. Mariah isn’t just my love. She’s my life. I don’t know where I would be without her. She refuses to let me self-destruct and she is willing to do everything for me. She would put anything on the line for me.

Crystal: Sign me up, girl. But first, let’s get you ready to marry that extraordinary woman.

Abby: The best cup of coffee in town.

Allie: Wow, this is cool.

Abby: Noah, hi.

Noah: Abby, it’s good to see you.

Abby: This is my nephew noah.

Allie: Nice to meet you.

Noah: You too.

Abby: Noah, this is allie, jack’s granddaughter. She’s the newest member of the abbott family — or new to us.

Noah: Well, abby should have explained I’m from the dark side of her family. The — the newmans?

Abby: Allie’s still learning who’s who here in genoa city.

Noah: Okay, so she didn’t warn you about us. Well, we newmans are genetically inclined to making awkward jokes. You should see my father. Anyway, you know, there’s actually an app now for you abbotts that warns you whenever a newman’s within 500 feet, so might want to look into that. Uh…

Allie: I’m sorry?

Noah: I, um — abby, do your job, come on.

Abby: Well, I am so sorry that I can’t help you with your sad sense of humor. What my nephew is trying to say and failing miserably at is that there is a history between the families. It’s been shakespearean at times.

Allie: Got it.

Noah: Yeah, that about covers it.

Abby: But noah is a visual artist. He communicates better with pictures, not his words.

Noah: Yeah, I am an acquired taste.

Allie: [ Chuckles ]

Chance: Hey. I’m sorry I’m cutting it close. I had a lot of work to do at the office. Hey, man. How you doing?

Noah: Good to see you.

Abby: Chance, I want you to meet allie. Allie, this is chance, my husband.

Allie: Hello.

Chance: Of course. Welcome to the family.

Allie: Thanks.

Abby: We need to drop allie off at the abbott house on our way home.

Chance: Okay.

Noah: I can take her. Door-to-door service, joke-free environment.

Allie: Oh, I’ll walk, but thank you.

Noah: Ouch.

Allie: [ Chuckles ] No, it’s — it’s not you. I want to get to know genoa city, soak it in a little bit.

Noah: Ah. Well, I will resist the urge to make a joke.

Abby: Bye.

Allie: I’ll see you guys.

Abby: Hi.

Chance: Hi.

[ Knock on door ]

Kyle: What are you doing here?

For your most brilliant smile,

crest has you covered.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Diane: I just came by to check on you.

Kyle: Why?

Diane: Well, since your plans to return to milan fell through, I was worried that maybe you were sick or something.

Kyle: You wanted to know if i stayed in town because of you. The answer is no.

Diane: Well, you certainly look handsome. I hope whatever’s keeping you here is something good.

Kyle: I’m going to my best friend’s wedding. I’m officiating.

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ] My son the minister.

Kyle: The online variety.

Diane: Well, I just love weddings. You’re going to have a wonderful time. You know, this is what I wanted for you — the life I dreamed you’d live once I stepped out of it. Friends, family, a community. I couldn’t be prouder.

Kyle: Well, I’m running late.

Diane: Oh, don’t let me keep you.

Phyllis: What is she up to? We need to find out.

Jack: I appreciate and understand your instinct. She is never going to be forthcoming.

Phyllis: Well, of course not. She’s not gonna admit anything. I have a very, very bad feeling, jack. We can’t let our guard down.

Jack: Phyllis, I know what this is really about.

Phyllis: You do?

Jack: Yes, because I know you, red. This is about what you think this is going to do to summer.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, it is about that.

Jack: I assume you’ve heard the latest there.

Phyllis: Yes, I heard that she — she’ll be at the wedding. I’m really excited.

Jack: Yeah, it’s great news. So let’s stop spending our energy worrying about what diane is going to do. Ms. Summers, would you do me the honor of accompanying me to what promises to be the greatest wedding of the year?

Phyllis: There is nothing i would like more than to accompany you to this wedding, mr. Abbott.

Tessa: And the pice de résistance.

Crystal: [ Gasps ] Wow. Oh. I look so badass.

[ Chuckles ]

Tessa: You were born in the wrong decade.

Crystal: This is too wild, right? Being here in genoa city, being able to go to your wedding.

Tessa: I know, right? Did I tell you that there were two separate proposals?

Crystal: [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: I proposed to her and then she proposed to me.

Crystal: Why am I not surprised?

Tessa: Well, I was so blissed out when she said yes, and then we started making plans and her family was so supportive and thrilled for us. I couldn’t help but think what it would be like at our wedding alone, with no parents and you — you couldn’t risk it.

Crystal: Rey rosales will always have a special place in our hearts.

Tessa: Forever and always, because having you here is just so incredible.

Crystal: I’m so happy to be here.

Tessa: [ Inhales sharply ]

Crystal: Okay, no crying. You’ll mess up your makeup, and you look so super-cool.

Tessa: [ Exhales sharply ] Okay, I’m fine. I’m fine.

Crystal: Don’t we need to leave?

Tessa: Uh, oh, oh, yes. Yes, we do, right this very minute. Um…okay, I still don’t have the dress, and I don’t want to freak out on the happiest day of my life, but I’m pretty close to freaking out.

[ Knock on door ] Okay, please, please, please, please, please.

[ Gasps ]

Kevin: Ta-da!

Tessa: Oh, thank you, thank you.

Chloe: What? You weren’t worried, were you?

Tessa: [ Exhales sharply ]

Nick: What do you think of the threads? Papa’s a real cool cat. Can you dig?

Faith: [ Sighs ] You’re such a dork, dad.

Nick: More like dy-no-mite. Ready to dance all night. Give me five. Too slow. Too slow. What are you looking at? You giving me the hairy eyeball?

Moses: What?

Faith: Dad, if you’re gonna keep using ancient phrases, hand out a glossary.

Nick: Still haven’t gotten the word from the kid. Moses. What do you think?

Moses: “Sound as a pound.”

Nick: I love it.

Sharon: And that’s good?

Moses: According to this ’70s phrases website I just checked out.

Sharon: Mm. And what do you think about the mother of the bride?

Nick: Super groovy.

Faith: Ugh, never gonna run out of ’70s talk. What’s the ’70s word for gorgeous?

Moses: You look so beautiful. I can’t wait to see how you’re gonna top this for prom.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Faith: Oh, my god, the schedule. Hey, listen up, that was the two-minute warning before we have to get out of here.

Sharon: Oh, there she is.

Nick: Oh, yeah.

Sharon: Yay! Do you have everything you need?

Mariah: I think so. I have the love of my family and I have someone to love me for the rest of my life, so I think I’m good.

Faith: Breathe in. Good?

Mariah: Mm.

[ Exhales ] Out of this world.

Faith: Then let’s do this!

Nick: Let’s go!

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Nick: You look beautiful. Let’s get you hitched.

Mariah: Thank you. Like pulsing, electric shocks,

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Devon: Man.

Amanda: Well, this place looks —

Devon: Outta sight!

[ Laughter ]

Nate: What it is, my brother.

Devon: How you doing?

Amanda: Man, I am really digging this ’70s vibe.

Devon: Yeah, noah really knew what he was doing.

Elena: Yeah, someone understood the assignment. Look at this place.

Nate: Mm.

Devon: I think every wedding should be a theme.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Noah: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Look who it is.

Nate: Oh!

Devon: Hey, now, alright. Ready to dance, I see.

[ Laughter ]

Elena: Faith, I love your dress.

Faith: Thank you.

Devon: You guys are looking great. We’ll see you on the dance floor.

Moses: Yeah. Have fun, guys.

Devon: You too.

Faith: [ Sighs ] I hope my brides are okay.

Moses: Oh, they’re fine. And remember, if there’s anything that goes wrong, you have me as back-up.

Faith: You’re the best.

Sharon: Our very talented son put all of this together. We have a lot to be proud of today.

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Abby: I cannot believe that my nephew put all this together out of nothing.

Sharon: He did a fantastic job.

Kevin: Maybe we can get him to leave it up for a few days. This seems like an amazing place to have some after-school play-dates.

Abby: Oh, yes, I love that idea. I think mariah and tessa would, too.

Kevin: They are an amazing couple.

Abby: Yeah.

Kevin: And that is one proud dad right there.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: He’s the best.

Sharon: Oh, um…excuse me for a moment. Crystal. It’s sharon.

Crystal: Oh, my god, it’s so great to see you again.

Sharon: You too.

Crystal: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I said I wouldn’t do this.

Sharon: No, that’s okay.

Crystal: It isn’T. You did so much for me when i was mixed up in that nightmare with zack, and I know the reason that I’m here is because of your husband, rey, and I’m so sorry for your loss.

Sharon: Thank you. Mariah said that this is rey’s wedding gift — removing the obstacles so that you could be here to enjoy this amazing occasion.

Crystal: I’m sorry to bring him up on such a happy day.

Sharon: No, no need to apologize. Rey is the reason that we can be happy after so much heartache. I’m just so glad that tessa’s able to have some family with her today, and that’s what I’m gonna focus on.

Kyle: Hi, sharon. I heard about rey. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Sharon: Thank you. Thanks for saying that, kyle. And thanks for changing your plans so that you could be here for mariah and do this for her. I know that it means a lot to her.

Kyle: Me too. And sorry for interrupting.

Sharon: No, not at all. This is crystal, tessa’s sister.

Kyle: Ah, it’s so good to meet you. Tessa’s a good friend of mine. I’m kyle.

[ Clears throat ]

Reverend kyle.

Crystal: Are you the minister?

Kyle: I was just ordained online, but don’t let it scare you that this is my first time. Tessa and mariah are in very caring and capable hands. And in case you don’t know, I’m the reason they got together in the first place, but I’ll save the details for the toast.

Jack: Hey, there. Are we late?

Phyllis: Congratulations, sharon.

Sharon: Oh, thank you, phyllis.

Jack: Congratulations.

Sharon: Thank you.

Kyle: Not at all. You’re right on time.

Phyllis: Where are the brides? Are they here?

Kyle: Yes, but they haven’t seen each other, and I’m happy to report I have never seen two people more ready to get married. Looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone?

Phyllis: So where’s summer?

Kyle: Her flight was delayed, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she gets here soon. But if you’ll excuse me, I need to make sure that I’m standing in the right place to perform my officiating duties. So who’s running this show?

Faith: That would be me.

Kyle: Impressive.

Faith: Everyone, please take a seat so we can celebrate our super-funky couple and lift them up with the power of our love. Kyle.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Crystal: Thank you.

[ Processional music plays ]

[ Indistinct speaking ]

Tessa: You look so beautiful.

Mariah: I love you.

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GH Transcript Monday, May 16, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Well, I love coming home to this sight. What, me in my scrubs? No. Beautiful you in our living room. Oh, I wish we could spend all day doing this. So do I. But, unfortunately, there is this thing called life. Don’t I know it. Trina. Hi. Hi. Thanks for letting me crash your mother-daughter lunch. I’m glad that portia was okay with it. Yeah, totally. I wanted to bring avery with me, too, but she’s with her father, so… I know that look. What’s wrong? I’m about to be expelled. Hi, my love. Guess what. What? I have a giant surprise for you. Leo, I’m sure chase will be here any minute. But it’s almost time to start. What if he doesn’t come? Like at my adoption party. Okay. Remember what chase and i told you that day? That if he can’t be here, other people will cover for him. Like whale pods. Yeah. Exactly. Honey, that is a great analogy. You know what? I will cover for chase. I will sit right in the front. I promise you, you can give your poem right to me. That won’t work. Why not, honey? Because that’s not the way I practiced it. It’s so nice to get together just us girls. Why do we ever invite the men? Well, mac is fun to look at. Hmm, even with a baby-crazed gleam in his eye? For your information, that topic has not been brought up since you and i talked about it last. That’s a relief. Yeah. Now that I am no longer the focus of conversation, start talkin’, missy. About? What’s the latest with your on-again/off-again paramour? Tell me how you’re feeling. Shaky. Mm-hmm. Remember what dr. Newman told you to do? Deep breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth. And, honey, this — this could help you focus. Right? I don’t need that. I need chase. Says who? You’re gonna do great all on your own, leo. I’m not going up there without him. Chase: Oh, it’s a good thing I’m here, then.

[ Gasps ] Hey. I’m sorry, I got stuck in traffic, but I would have ran here if I had to. And left your car? If that’s what it took, yeah. I’m so glad you’re here.

[ Sighs ] Sam: Sonny, drew. Hey, sam. Hey, willow. So I hear scout has a painting on display.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t even know what it is. Wait, you haven’t had a preview? No, she said it was all very top secret. Oh, man, it’s amazing. It’s a sight to be seen. Come on, I’ll show you. Hey, sonny, um… thank you for the flowers you sent. That was really thoughtful. How are you holding up? It’s been…difficult, but michael and wiley are getting me through it. If you need anything, you know I’m always here for you. Willow will never need anything from you.

There’s nothing to talk about. Oh, no? No. New year’s eve, the savoy, you, valentin with your hands and your lips all over each other? You weren’t even there. Yeah, other people were, and I heard all about it. But since then, there’s been no action, so to speak. Well, there was plenty of action, which resulted in him having to recuperate out of town. I mean, valentin’s only been back a couple of weeks. He’s back? Why am I just learning about this now? Because, like I said, there’s nothing to tell. Well, he came to my house and we talked. And he kissed me. And I haven’t seen him since.

[ Chuckles ] Valentin: Hello. Speak of the devil. Don’t you ladies light up a garden? Must be my lucky day.

[ Chuckles ] I was just thanking sonny for the flowers. You, uh, here to see avery? Yeah, I’m here to see avery’s dance performance, and then we’re going to have a little lunch. Nice. Yeah. Leo’s reciting a poem. I guess we got a family full of performers today, huh? Come on, michael. Let’s go find seats.

[ Sighs ] You gonna stick around? Yeah, ’cause I’m not going to leave ’cause my son doesn’t want me here. Thank you so much for being here. It absolutely means the world to leo. I wouldn’t have missed it. We better go if we want to get a good seat. You know what? Um, I think I’m gonna hang back. I’m gonna hang back, okay? Mom, I’m okay. Are you sure? Yep. I am so proud of you. You’re gonna knock ’em dead, yeah? Okay. Brook lynn: Save us seats, okay? Wow. It is a really good turnout. There are a lot of people here. I know. Isn’t it awesome? Not if I mess up, it’s not. I’ve arranged for us to have a picnic by the water and ride horses through the grounds. Doesn’t that sound romantic? And I know you had your own special surprise for us, but — and I’m not trying to step on that, but I just thought this could be a little, uh…foreplay. You know, you, me, alone, no interruptions. Nikolas: Except for mine. Sorry. Oh, don’t apologize. Spence and I were just heading out for the afternoon. It’s really sweet that you went to all the trouble, esme, but I can’t go anywhere with you. The title ix report from pcu. A one-stop shop for all the findings into the investigation into joss and cam’s sex tape. So this is what the school will use to determine whether you’re guilty or not? I have 10 days to review it, and then they’ll make their decision. And if they decide that I’m responsible, I’ll most likely be expelled. Well, no, no, no. I mean, they would reverse that when you’re found not guilty in court.

If I’m found not guilty. You will be. And no, actually, the court verdict has no bearing on the university’s investigation. Well, that’s ludicrous. Those are the rules. And pcu can still kick me out of the school, which is the least of my problems if I’m sent to prison. Trina. What am I gonna do? Why are you here? I thought you’d be working. Well, I wanted to take trina to lunch, to hopefully take her mind off of everything. So I just needed to come home to change. And I’m late, so… oh, go, go, go, go. Okay. But wait, wait, whoa. What are you doing here? Is — is everything okay? I’m sure we’ll soon find out. Okay. I’m gonna let you go ahead and be mysterious right now, but just please — you’ll explain everything later, right? Everything. Okay.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Leo, no matter what happens, we are all so proud of you. Okay? And you’ve been practicing your trick, right? When you recite your poem, you are performing just for me. And, you know, I get stage fright a lot, too, but it just goes away when I start singing. I’m not singing. You’re up. Okay. How’s this? I will make you a deal. If you recite your poem today, later, at your birthday party, you can pick any song and I’ll sing it in front of everybody. Any song? Yep. Even “fly me to the moon”?

[ Chuckles ] What do you know about frank sinatra? Well, mom sings it to me all the time. Okay, well, I’ll sing anything you want, but you have to do your part. Deal? Deal. I’m not gonna let michael chase me out of here. Olivia’s my friend, your mother. I’m — I’m here to support leo. He’s — he’s still pretty angry. Yeah, I know he is. I noticed.

[ Sighs ] I’m trying to get him to talk to you. It hasn’t worked so far, but I’m thinking — I don’t know, maybe you got to be the one to make the first move. Dante, what happens next is up to michael. Your brother said some pretty tough things that he can’t take back. If he wants to apologize, he comes to me. Then we’re gonna work it out. I agree with you, if things were kind of cooling off a little bit, but they’re not, and I’m — I’m worried that in the meantime, more damage can be done. Hey. Hey. Let’s find our seats. Yeah. You guys go ahead. I’ll see you after. Alright. I swear, michael, sonny was just offering his condolences about my — about harmony. The flowers were sent to you, so I didn’t say anything, but my father’s barely noticed any of us since he’s gotten back from nixon falls. And all of a sudden, now he’s showing his concern? You don’t think it was sincere? I think he feels badly for you, but I also think he’s trying to get one over on me. Do you want to leave? No, no, I’m — I’m with my family. Unlike my father, who threw his away. Hello, valentin. Hello, felicia. I was on my way to my room, and I thought I would stop by and say hello. Hello.

[ Cellphone rings ] Sorry I haven’t been in touch. Oh, no need to explain. Excuse me. I have to take this. Anna devane. Join me? I would love to. So, how have you been? Great. Except I heard that you kissed my friend and then ghosted her. I believe I’ve apologized. Oh, you can do better than that. Going off the radar whenever you and anna get close?

[ Clicks tongue ] Unacceptable. Is that how it looks? That’s how it is. So tell me, valentin, how serious are you about anna? Well, at least josslyn and cam both went on record saying they know you didn’t do it. I mean, that’s got to be helpful, right? It still doesn’t look good. The burden of proof is lower in these cases. Trina, try to think positive. You know, pessimism will get you nowhere. I call it realism. Nobody has found you responsible. Right? And they may not. I mean, there’s every chance in the world that this coordinator person will see what your friends, your family, and countless others see — that you are innocent. Thank you. But you all know me. To the title ix coordinator, I’m just another random troublemaker. I have to go into kelly’S. And I love that you’re so dedicated to your job, but it’s your day off. Well, cam texted, and one of the other servers called in sick, so he needs me to cover. Oh, there are plenty of other people who can cover for you, aren’t there? I mean, come on, spence. You’ve been working so hard lately, both at kelly’s and at the gallery. You deserve to take a day to yourself. You know, spend time with loved ones. I’m sorry. I really need to go. Esme… thank you for coming. Did you think I wouldn’t? This is obviously more than a social visit. Why obviously? I could tell by your voice when you called. So what can I do for you? I’m sure this, uh — this won’t be the easiest thing to hear. I notice marshall hasn’t been around lately. Does this have something to do with him? Marshall left town. He’s not coming back. Why did he leave? We had an argument. He wasn’t being honest with me.

[ Sighs ] I really thought your father would open up more the more you got to know him. I thought he would open up more the more he got to know us. I’m not talking about what — what he held back on. I’m talking about the lies. The lies — letting us believe that he was in witness protection all those years or that he suddenly went underground because he got on the wrong side of the wrong people or that he had no choice but to abandon his family. But see, now I finally know that wasn’t the case. Curtis, how do you know all this?

Well, are we ready for this? What’s next grandma? Hayden, do you want to cut the banana? Uh huh. Ok, let’s do it! Look at him! Now comes the best part, the blue bell ice cream. Oh, that’s fun. Hey, how about some chocolate… and some sprinkles. How’s this grandma? That looks so yummy. You know, your mom is going to love this. Don’t forget a spoon! Excuse me, everyone. I am so glad you could join us for what promises to be a wonderful showcase of our students’ many talents. You and sonny looked pretty intense. Everything okay? Yeah, not really. This seat taken? It’s all yours. Ah, thanks, thanks. You both must be so proud of leo. We — we are. We truly are. It’s really nice, I got to say, that family can come together and celebrate like this. Yeah. In the spirit of family, I’d like to sit down with you and michael and have a more in-depth discussion about elq’s future. Are you really talking business right now? Absolutely. Michael and i have been talking, and we’ve got a proposition for you. I look forward to hearing it. Principal adair: And for our first performance, please welcome to the stage leo quartermaine… he’s up, he’s up. …Who will be reciting “the only me” by pat mora.

[ Applause ] All I wanted was for us to get back to where we were, but that’s impossible when spence keeps throwing up these walls. And I-I suppose I should just accept it. Right? He’s no longer into me. Move on. But… oh, god, the thought of giving up on him? I know spence and i don’t always agree. What couple does? But I never imagined that those differences would be what drove him away. We were a team. And then one little argument, and poof. It’s all gone. Do you know what that’s like?

[ Chuckles lightly ] Yeah. I do. I am so ready for the day I do not have to think about esme prince ever again. All the damage she’s done to me, joss, cam, you? Yeah, well, esme’s transgressions against me are very well known. And in the past, apparently. Or so I’ve been assured. So things are better with you and nikolas? No. But it has nothing to do with esme. No, it doesn’T. Nikolas and i are grown-ups. If it doesn’t work out, that’s on us. Trina, your loyalty means so much to me. And you know you always have mine. I know. But dealing with nikolas and esme is my job. Yours is to focus on yourself. Keep your chin up, okay? Okay. Dr. Robinson.

[ Scoffs ] Of course you’re working today. How’s trina? Excuse me? No, no, trina’s none of your business. My daughter — off limits to you. You accessed marshall’s arrest record? How did you manage that? Forget I asked. But why? What do you mean why? I thought you were done snooping in your father’s past. I was, but he kept hinting about danger, and I was not gonna let any harm happen to you or anybody else in my family.

[ Sighs ] So I needed to know the rest of the story. I wish it hadn’t come to that. Me too. As it turns out, marshall didn’t run afoul of the mob. He got arrested in a protest that got out of control. He wasn’t tried. He didn’t go to jail. Instead, he was remanded to a mental institution. When I talked to marshall about it, he shut down and refused to talk about that part of his life. You know, the night you had your panic attack, I noticed you and marshall had your heads together. And it does not escape me that you didn’t ask what I learned and you don’t at all seem surprised about it. You know more about what happened to marshall than you’re letting on. Yes. Yes. Why did you lie to me about it?

“Spinning through space for eons, our earth — oceans, rivers, mountains, glaciers, tigers, parrots, redwoods — evolving wonders. And our vast array, generations of humans — all shapes, colors, languages. Can I be the only me? Our earth: So much beauty, hate, goodness, greed. ‘Study. Cool the climate,’ advises my teacher. ‘Grow peace.’ Can I be the only me, become all my unique complexity?

[ Chase clapping ]

[ Applause ] I’m very fond of anna. Well, you better prove it or move on because anna is the best of the best. And if you hurt her… I’ll have to answer to you? Bingo. Guess who that was. Who? Agent beeman from tahiti. The one that arrested jennifer smith. Jennifer smith? Yeah. The bureau took her into custody not only for stealing the ice princess, but also for causing the cable car accident that killed luke. Apparently, they have solid evidence, and beeman says that she’s gonna spend the rest of her life in steinmauer. Did you tell him that you don’t think she’s guilty? Why do you think she’s not guilty? Because there’s a missing piece. French naval captain.

[ French accent ] This chair, is it taken? Jennifer claims that she was with this captain in tahiti, and the wsb, they haven’t had any luck in finding him. I think I might be able to help. Esme: Spence doesn’t trust me because I followed him into his vendetta against ava. Meanwhile, I only did those things because I was so devoted to him. Does that make me sound weak, that I just blindly did whatever he wanted? It sounds like love. Now it’s the very thing tearing us apart. You know, trust is a tricky thing. And believe me, I know that better than anyone. Oh, my god. I am so sorry. Why? Here I am going on about my problems when yours with ava are so much more significant. I-I didn’t mean to dredge up a painful subject for you. I-I wasn’t thinking. That doesn’t sound like you. Spencer: I am very sorry for what trina and your family are going through. I hope that this is all over soon. This will never be over for trina. Her name for the rest of eternity will be attached to this horrible act. Not to mention an arrest record that’s gonna follow her around forever. And, oh, yeah, she’s about to get kicked out of school, too. And that’s the lesser of two evils, considering the other option is prison time. I know how hard this is for you. You have no idea. I mean, look at you. You were actually guilty. And your family bought you a slap on the wrist. I did go to prison. Oh, please, don’t even. No. Minimum security prison for 30 days. Don’t even start with me. But now you’re back. You’re here. You got your trust fund, you got your island, and you got your family name, which apparently gets you out of anything. Trina doesn’t have that. Do you understand this? This is ruining her life. Do you get it? It’s all because of you. It’s because of you and your awful girlfriend. Ava: So do you think we should — we should order or will your mom be here soon? Mm, I haven’t heard from her. Maybe she got caught up at work. Portia: You’re like this human wrecking ball in trina’s life. Not at work.

[ Speaking indistinctly ] And you want to know what? Trina vouched for you time and time and time again. And what did it get her? Nothing! Oh, wait, wait. No, no, no. I did get her something. Heartache, misery, a tainted future. Lucky her. You. Inside. What did you say to him? So all those times… all those times you said, “let it go, curtis. Wait for marshall to come to you,” you knew that he abandoned his family for no reason? I’m so sorry, curtis. That’s it? You’re “sorry, curtis”? How long have you known? Well, I mean, if you’re asking me if I knew, if I was in on this from the beginning, the answer is no. I didn’t find out until marshall had already gone. So when mom got sick and you came to help us? Yes. I knew. You, aunt stella, the pillar of honesty, you’ve been lying to me my whole life. You lied to tommy his whole life. You watched us cry and grieve over a man who’s still alive. It hurts something fierce, curtis. Knowing th– seeing you and tommy grow up without a father, knowing how much you needed him, how much you — you missed him. I hated every second of it. Then when you told me how you and tommy stopped asking about marshall because you saw how it affected us, that broke my heart and I wanted to confess right then. Then why didn’t you? Because the man came back wanting a relationship with you. And once I saw you warming to a relationship with him, I didn’t want to get in the way of that. My f– this is unreal. Baby, listen, if there — if there’s anything else, any other questions that you have for me now, I will do my best to answer them. I’m sorry, aunt stella. It might be too late. I don’t know how I’m meant to believe anything you say.

Why don’t you let me take you to dinner? We can discuss the case or not. What are you doing tomorrow night? I have plans. Well, cancel them. I can’t cancel them. Well, then I’ll come over after. Do you still have the pauillac blend of bordeaux? Oh, we drank that at our last get-together, didn’t we? Yeah. I told you it wouldn’t last. Hope you let it breathe. Didn’t need it. Well, then, if not tomorrow night, the night after or any night you choose, I’ll bring something posh and even more expensive. I’ll tell you what. I’ll check my dance card and let you know. By all means. I know I seem confident, but… before I met spence, I was a mess. Mourning the loss of my parents all alone, no friends to speak of. Must have been difficult. It was awful. And I know this may sound disingenuous, confiding my problems with my boyfriend to his father, but… that’s not all you are to me. You’re also the man who rescued me from sonny, the man who took me in when no one else would, even though it cost him. You know, you and spencer being here just brought some things to the surface, that’s all. I don’t see how ava doesn’t get it. Get what? That the one thing you care about most is doing what’s best for your family. Doesn’t mean I’m always successful. And of course you’ve made mistakes. Everyone does. But your intentions, y-y– you care about your family and would do anything for them. I mean, honestly, who could ask for more? I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I mean, he’s so spoiled and entitled, and it’s — mom.

[ Sighs ] He deserved it. He deserved every word and more. Well, I mean, he’s heard it all coming from me. Might as well hear it from you, too. You’re not mad at me, are you? What? I’m grateful. Thank you for having my back. Oh, god, always, baby girl. Always. I mean, why was spencer even here? Cam told me today was his day off. Otherwise, I would have picked a different restaurant. It’s fine. It doesn’t matter. I just hope it doesn’t ruin our time, our lunch. It was already ruined. I got the title ix report. Oh, my god. What did it say? Portia and I are trying to keep trina’s mind off the hell that you and esme have inflicted on her. You being here certainly doesn’t help. I picked up an extra shift. Well, unpick it up. This isn’t the gallery, ava. You have no authority over me here, so leave me the hell alone. I am so, so proud of you. Do you know that? Dante: Buddy, you were incredible, man. Yeah, it was really, really great. Yeah. “The only me” is one of my favorites. It is? I used to read to my students all the time for inspiration. Cool. Chase: You were amazing, dude.

[ Laughs ] Oh! I used your trick. And it did the trick. You were so good. Aww. Hey, buddy. You know how hard it is to get on the stage and do that?

[ Laughs ] You excited for your birthday party? Okay, and that’s my cue. We’re gonna see you at the hotel, right? -We’re right behind you. -Okay. Leo, wait up! We should probably go. Find me when you’re ready to leave. Yeah, of course. So when you said that the damage is already done, you know, while I’ll be waiting for an apology, what — what did you mean by that? Like, is — is michael planning something? We’ll have a more formal conversation about this later, but we wanted to fill you in asap. We’ve been looking at the corporate structure of the merger, and we can offer you coo. Chief operating officer is an administrative position. More about nuts and bolts, not long-term vision. You’ll be perfect for this, ned. With your expertise, you’re gonna be able to seamlessly implement the wide scope of the changes. And my lack of media experience? Well, we might — we might bring in someone, if needed, to focus more on that side. Ha! So I wouldn’t even be the only coo. To be determined. Look, if that happens, we’ll make sure that that position is lower than yours. So what do you think? I think… you’ve given me a lot to consider. I’ll see you at the metro court. That went well. Baby, I love you more than anything in this world. And I am so deeply sorry for causing you this pain. That was never what I wanted. Please tell me you believe that. In the time that I spent with marshall since he’s come back, I’ve seen how much he loves you. After 40 years, baby. All that time, all that life. It would be so easy for him to just stay away, but he couldn’T. I know what you’re thinking, honey. I know what you’re thinking. “If he loved me so much, then why did he leave me in the first place?” But right or wrong, marshall truly believed he was giving you what you needed. How? How, aunt stella? How could being away from us be what we needed? He left his wife. He left his two — or did he? Aunt stella… …did mom know? It was marshall’s decision to let you and tommy think he was dead, but… your mother agreed to it.

[ Sighs ] God, I hated keeping that secret. I hated it! But your parents thought that they were doing what was best, and I had to respect that. If I could go back, baby, if I could have told you sooner… I would’ve spared you this hurt.

[ Sobbing ] Oh, god, I’m so sorry. Oh, god. Aunt stella.

I love you, aunt stella. That’s never gonna change. But… I just don’t understand why. There was no jail time. There were no ties to the mob. Hell, I don’t even know how long he was in the mental institution. So why the decision to pretend to be dead? That part? That’s not my story to tell. That’s your father’S. Then I need to find him. I think the best course of action is to talk to michael before things escalate. Is that code for “watch your back”? It’s a heads-up. Take care of yourself, okay, dad? Yeah. Leo: Wow! My kid party was cool, but this party is even cooler.

[ Both laugh ] Because you are a cool kid, leo. Where did all the balloons come from? Well, you can thank your mom. She made it all happen. Thanks, mom!

[ Laughs ] Oh, you’re welcome. I love you, honey. Happy birthday. I want to see the balloons. Go for it.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone rings ] I, um… I should probably take this before the singing starts. Is it alright if I step out for just a minute? Do your thing. Sure. Okay. I won’t be long. You realize it’s almost time for you to face the music. Literally, unless you plan to not hold up your end of the bargain. Are you kidding me? Leo brought it today. Oh, big time. Thank you so much for being so supportive of my brother. Oh, he’s a good kid. Yeah, well, you’re pretty great, too. Ned was a little noncommittal about the coo offer. You think? Yeah. But no one cares more about elq than ned does, and I’m sure when push comes to shove, he’ll do — he’ll do what’s right for the company. You wanted to meet? Here I am. Spencer, stay away from trina or I will make sure you regret it. I am not the enemy here. Hey, um, so, my mom and i are gonna go eat somewhere else. You still want in? No. You know what? I-I’ll take a rain check, but have a good time. Okay, thank you. Trina — what did I just say? Trina, I’M… I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to upset your mom or you. You don’t mean to do anything, do you, spencer? Is there a reason you just can’t seem to leave that girl in peace? I think that’s why I feel so comfortable with you. Because I trust in your intentions. You make me feel safe.

[ Chuckles ] That’s kind of you, but believe me, not everyone approves of my methods. Like ava? I’m sorry that ava can’t see you the way I do. What way is that?

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Days Transcript Monday, May 16, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Belle: Sorry, I just got out of court. Any word on allie or ciara’s baby?

Eric: No, not yet. Dad, he’s on his way back over to take over so I can go help with the search. I’m sure shawn’s been working around the clock.

Belle: Yeah, probably. I don’t know, I haven’t heard from him. Things are still not good between us.

Eric: I’m sorry. I mean, the last time we spoke, you said you were ready to move back in.

Belle: Well, I was, but jan spears beat me to it.

Eric: What?

Belle: Yep. That maniac is now living in my family’s home with my husband.

Shawn: John. Hi.

John: Hey, I heard that evan frears was arrested.

Shawn: Yeah, yeah, he’s in there. He’s just waiting to get transferred back to statesville.

John: All right. Say anything about my granddaughter? Does he know where she is?

Shawn: He claims he doesn’t know, but he did tell ben, ciara, and me what the devil has planned for their baby.

John: And that is?

Shawn: He wants him to be his permanent host body here on earth.

John: Ah, jeez.

Shawn: If we don’t stop him, he’s gonna take control of my nephew, body and soul.

[Cell phone ringing]

Marlena: Hi, tripp. What’s happening?

Tripp: Hey, I was hoping maybe you had some news about allie?

Marlena: I do. We think she’s headed to the cemetery and she has the baby with her.

Tripp: Do you know if allie and the baby are all right?

Marlena: I know she’s still possessed.

Tripp: Oh, man.

Marlena: But johnny went to the cemetery about half an hour ago. I’m still waiting to hear from him.

Charlie: [Chuckles] Talk about a glass jaw.

Demon allie: Once the ritual of transference is completed, you can get rid of him and his sister.

[Eerie music]

Ciara: Get the hell away from my son.

Demon allie: He won’t be your son for much longer. Soon, he and I will become one.

Ciara: Not while I’m around.

Ben: Just stay back. I’ll get the baby.

Charlie: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

[Electricity zapping]

Ben: Ugh!

Ciara: Ben!

[Baby crying] Ben.

Charlie: [Laughing] I tried to warn him. You two wasted your time coming here. My boss has already won this battle.

[Eerie music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

John: Don’t worry, shawn, we’re not gonna let the devil take that little baby.

Shawn: The problem is we need to find him first.

[Cell phone beeps]


John: Is that about allie?

Shawn: Ah, no. It’s– god, it’s jan. Her ankle monitor went off. She must’ve breached the perimeter to the house.

John: Ah. You sound surprised. Didn’t occur to you that she might try to take off?

Shawn: Look, I don’t like her living in my house any more than you or belle do, okay?

John: All right, just you find allie and the baby. I’ll deal with jan spears.

Shawn: Are you sure?

John: Damn right, I’m sure. I don’t want that crazy woman anywhere near my daughter.

Eric: Listen, I’m sorry, I just don’t understand this agreement. Women give birth in prison all the time. Don’t they realize that jan spears, she’s a threat to our community?

Belle: Yep. True on both counts, but shawn talked to the warden about jan’s high-risk pregnancy, and he let her out on house arrest.

Eric: But does shawn have to agree to this insane agreement?

Belle: Oh yeah, he did. But then shawn brady’s not gonna say “yeah, let her go back to prison, I don’t care if she loses my baby.”

Eric: Belle, you can’t let this woman destroy your marriage.

Belle: Eric, what am i supposed to do? I’m not gonna go and live in the same house with jan, and shawn feels responsible for the baby. So we’re just at a basic standoff and, you know, I don’t see that ending anytime soon.

Marlena: Yes, I will call you as soon as I hear from johnny or ben and ciara.

Tripp: What about the police?

Marlena: I’m still waiting to hear back from shawn.

Tripp: I’m going out there.

Marlena: What can you do?

Tripp: I’m a doctor, for one, and I’m not just gonna sit around while allie goes through this.

Marlena: Sounds like you care about her.

Tripp: I told myself I didn’t, but that was just my wounded ego. I love your granddaughter. And I’m gonna do whatever I can to get her out of this nightmare.

[Baby crying]

[Wind whistling]

Ciara: Oh, thank god you’re still alive. I am not gonna let you get away with this. That is my baby, and I want him back.

Charlie: You’re gonna fry, just like hubby did.

Ciara: Please, god. Please give me the strength to fight this battle.

Charlie: What the hell?

[Energy radiating]

Ciara: [Straining] Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Johnny: [Groaning] Ciara?

Charlie: Uh, boss? I think we have a problem.

Demon allie: No. It cannot be. That’s impossible.

Ciara: It’s okay, sweetie. Mommy’s here. Mommy’s gonna save you.

Eric: Listen, once jan, she gives birth to this baby, she’s gonna have to go back and complete her sentence, right?

Belle: Then what about the baby?

Eric: That’s a hard one.

Belle: Right. So jan has made sure that that child is gonna tie her to shawn, and she is gonna be in his life forever.

Eric: Belle, you have one choice. You can let it defeat you or you can hold on to your marriage and fight for it.

[Cell phone beeps]

Belle: Oh, my god.

Eric: What?

Belle: It’s from my dad. Jan’s ankle monitor went off, so he’s on his way over there to check them out. She could be on the loose, eric. What is that psycho gonna do this time?

Eric: Right.

John: [Sighs]

Jan: I am so glad that– oh, it’s you.

John: That’s right. And it looks like you put on that little get-up for nothing.

Jan: What are you doing here?

John: Well, I was with shawn when your ankle monitor went off. So I said, “no, shawn, no, no, you just–you stay here at the cop shop, and you keep looking for ciara and the baby, and I’ll deal with jan.” You see, he thought you probably took off, but I knew that you would be right here.

Jan: Of course I’m right here. I’m on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy.

John: So you figured out a way to jimmy that thing, huh?

Jan: I was bored. I wanted shawn to come home and keep me company.

John: Looks like you’re stuck with me instead.

Jan: You don’t have to stay. As you can see, everything is fine.

John: No, that’s okay. Actually, I was looking for a little time alone with you.

Jan: Why? So you can choke me back into another coma?

John: Tempted, but no. But what I am gonna do is I’m gonna lay out all the reasons why you’re gonna stay away from my daughter.

Shawn: I don’t give a damn how understaffed you are, I want evan frears off my hands as soon as possible, all right?

Marlena: Why haven’t you answered my calls?

Shawn: I’m sorry, I just got your messages, but I had my hands full. I got evan frears in there, and I’ve got– jan’s ankle monitor went off.

Marlena: Deal with that later.

Shawn: John said he’s taking care of it.

Marlena: Okay, well, I’ll go over there when I can. Look, johnny and susan and i think that we’ve made contact with allie, tonight. And I think she’s taken the baby to the cemetery. So I’ve contacted ben. He’s on his way over there and johnny is too. But I think when we need backup. I think we really need the help of the police on this.

Johnny: Ciara! Can I help you?

Demon allie: Be gone, mortal. I said be gone!

Ciara: Ah! Hi. Hi, bo.

[Baby cooing] Hi.

[Soft dramatic music]

I’m your mommy. You’re safe now. Shh, it’s okay. You’re safe.

[Sighing] My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis…

Ciara: It’s okay, bo. You’re safe now.

Demon allie: Don’t think you’ve vanquished me. I will win this yet.


Charlie: Boss, what’s happening?

Demon allie: The forces of good are at work.

Ciara: You’ll never get this baby away from me.

Demon allie: I can still–

[Spluttering] Still–

Charlie: Still what, boss?

Demon allie: The light! I have to get away from the light.

Charlie: Hey, boss, wh– where’re you going? Should I go with you? Ahh! You! You ruined everything! I was supposed to raise that baby!

Ciara: Don’t you know that that was never going to happen?

Charlie: Yeah? Well, if I don’t get to be the father, neither does he!

Ciara: No. No, charlie! Charlie, please stop! No!

Jan: I couldn’t care less about “tinkerbelle” or whatever nauseating thing you’re calling her now.

John: You are so full of it.

Jan: Oh, I’m not. Everything is different. I’m gonna be a mother. My child is my focus, my only focus.

John: Boy, I’d like to believe you really mean that, but no.

Jan: You can believe it. Belle doesn’t even register on my radar anymore. She had one of her little tantrums and walked out on shawn. He’s gonna be free of her soon. Then he and I will raise our baby together. We’ll be a family.

John: Mm. Well, here’s your news flash. Shawn and belle have broken up before, but they always find their way back to each other.

Jan: [Sighs] Everything’s different now that I’m carrying shawn’s baby. You see, a child has a way of bonding the two people who created that little life.

John: Mm-mm. No baby is a miracle worker.

Jan: Worked for you, didn’t it? You and dr. Evans were having a dirty little affair. And then belle showed up and cemented your relationship.

John: Not the way it happened.

Jan: Well, it’ll happen for shawn and me. You’ll see.

Eric: Hey. If jan was on the loose, john, he would’ve already called you by now.

Belle: I know you’re probably right.

Eric: She has to play by different rules. She’s dealing with a high-risk pregnancy.

Belle: [Laughs] So she says. The woman’s been known to multitask in the past.

[Cell phone beeps] Oh. Ugh. Dad says he’s with jan at the house.

Eric: There, that’s one less thing you’re gonna have to worry about tonight.

Belle: Yes, now, if we can just get some news about allie and that poor baby.

Ciara: Charlie. Charlie, please, no. Charlie! Charlie, leave him alone!

Charlie: Say goodbye to hubby. Ah!

[Eerie music]

Ciara: You brought a baseball bat.

Tripp: I wasn’t gonna come here unarmed.

Ciara: Oh, thank god. Thank you.

Tripp: Are you–are you and the baby all right?

Ciara: Yeah. Yeah, we’re fine. It’s, uh– it’s ben.

Tripp: His pulse is steady, and his pupils are equal and reactive.

Ciara: What does that mean? Does that mean he’s gonna be okay?

Tripp: I think so. Wh–what’s happening with allie?

Ciara: She, uh– she ran towards st. Luke’s, and johnny ran after her.

Tripp: I’m gonna try to catch up with them.

Ciara: Okay.

Tripp: How are the three of you gonna get to the hospital? I mean, you can’t take that bike.

Ben: [Groaning]

Ciara: I–I have my phone. It’s okay. Please be careful, tripp.

Demon allie: After 25 years, we’ve come full circle.

[Ominous music]

[Eerie music]

[Suspenseful music]

[Eerie music]

Allie: What a fitting place for the grand finale. Okay, this is a freezer, not a time capsule.

Ben: Oh, my god. He is perfect.

Ciara: I’d like you to meet your son, beauregard brady weston.

Ben: Hey, bo. I’m your dad. And it’s very, very nice to meet you. I love you very much. He’s beautiful.

Ciara: I know.

Ben: You saved him.

Ciara: The three of us, baby, we’re a family now. We’re gonna protect each other forever.

[Tender music]

Jan: So I’ve already come up with names for the baby.

John: Huh.

Jan: What do you think of britney? If it’s a girl, that is.

John: Britney… spears?

Jan: Spears-brady. And then if it’s a boy… lucifer.

John: You want to name your kid lucifer?

Jan: Lucifer! It’s been such a long time.

Marlena: Uh, I–I’m not possessed anymore, jan.

Jan: Oh. That’s a bummer. He was like the best friend I ever had. Except for claire, of course.

John: Hey. What are you doing here?

Marlena: Can we talk privately?

[Cell phone beeps] It’s johnny.

John: He’s gonna need our help.

[Cell phones beep]

Belle: Johnny followed allie to st. Luke’S.

Eric: I’m gonna get my stuff and head over, okay?

Belle: Okay, but I’m coming with you.

Eric: I don’t think you should.

Belle: Allie is my niece.

Eric: Belle, the fewer the people, the less chance of the devil having a host body.

Belle: Okay, but I want to help.

Eric: Pray. Pray for allie’s soul. John, mom, and I, we can handle the rest, okay?

Belle: Okay. You be careful. Good luck.

Eric: I have a feeling we’re gonna need it.

Demon allie: So the good people of salem think that they’ve defeated me? They’ll feel differently once I’ve taken my revenge on all of them!

Tripp: Are you all right?

Johnny: Yeah, your, uh– your dead brother knocked my head against a gravestone, so–

Tripp: Yeah, well, he got his. Where’s allie?

Johnny: I think she went up to the old choir loft. I was gonna go after her, but I–I sent a text to my family for backup, so–

Tripp: Okay, well, you wait for them; I’m going up there.

Johnny: No, no way. I’m–I’m coming with you.

Demon allie: I may have lost my new vessel on earth, but I am going out in a blaze of glory. And I’m taking little alice caroline horton with me.

Johnny: Allie, stop!

Demon allie: [Sighs]

It’s started. Somewhere between a cuddle

Demon allie: You young men couldn’t have picked a better time to arrive. You’ll have a front row seat to the spectacle.

Johnny: I smell gasoline. This place is covered in it.

Tripp: You can’t set fire to st. Luke’S.

Demon allie: And why not? I’ve done it before, except this time, this town’s beacon of hope and light is going to burn to the ground. And hopefully take half of salem with it.

Johnny: Allie, look, you need to fight! It’s me, it’s johnny. Fight this guy! I know you know how to do it. He wants to destroy you. So unleash some of that famous anger on him.

Demon allie: You can save the histrionics. She’s given up.

Tripp: Allie, if you let him win, you’ll never see henry again. Okay, you have to will yourself to be free of him. Do it for your son.

Demon allie: You’re wasting–

Allie: Henry! I want to be with my little boy.

Demon allie: Trust me, that little boy’s better off without a mother like you were.

Tripp: That is bull, allie. You are a great mom.

Johnny: He needs you! I need you. Look, allie, just– just come back to us. Just come back to us.

Demon allie: Hm. It’s too late. You two treated her like the dirt under your feet.

Johnny: Allie, you and I, we know how to push each other’s buttons and we probably did it too often, but underneath it all, I love you. And you love me. So just come on, allie, come back to us.

Tripp: Fight that bastard!

Demon allie: Ugh!

Johnny: Allie?

[Groans] I’m okay.

Demon allie: You and your sister together are no match for my powers. So now, this church and all three of us are going down in flames.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn: Hey.

Belle: Hey, I just got a text from johnny. He said that ben and ciara found the baby and allie.

Shawn: Yeah, yeah. Ciara called me. She said they’re taking him to the hospital to get him checked out.

Belle: Oh no. Are they worried about him?

Shawn: No, I just– I just think they’re trying to be safe.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn: Ciara doesn’t know what’s going with allie. Last time she saw her, she was headed towards st. Luke’S.

Belle: Well, johnny followed her and eric’s on his way there now. Is that where you’re headed?

Shawn: No, there’s cops all over st. Luke’S. Rafe told them to stand back and hold their fire. He said they don’t need me, so, um, honestly, I’m not gonna believe that this baby’s okay until I see it with my own two eyes.

Belle: Well, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to go.

Shawn: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, of course it’s okay. I mean, yeah, it’s great.

Kayla: Oh. I am so happy to see you two. Is that my new little grand-nephew?

Ben: It sure is.

Kayla: He’s just beautiful. Does he have a name yet?

Ciara: Yeah. It’s bo. Bo brady weston.

Kayla: Bo. Your dad would be so proud. I think he has grandpa bo’s eyes. Aww. You have been through such an ordeal the last 24 hours, haven’t you, baby? He looks like he’s just fine.

Ciara: Yeah, we hope so.

Ben: Yeah, but we want to hear that from you. Nobody else.

Kayla: I’ve got a room ready. We’ll check out our little angel. Let’s go.

Demon allie: Time to say your prayers, boys. No. No, it can’t be.

Eric: “The lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me lie down in green pastures.”

Demon allie: The only green pasture you’ll lie in is the cemetery!

Eric: “He leadeth me beside the still waters. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.” Once again, I cast out the demon!

Demon allie: I hope you’ve been practicing. Your last attempt at an exorcism only made me stronger. I took over the nearest warm body and wreaked havoc in your lives. Maybe this time I’ll try you on for size, father.

Marlena: No, you won’T. You are done tormenting me, tormenting my family. Go back to hell.

Demon allie: Such words from you, marlena? After everything we’ve been through together.

Marlena: You tried to destroy me, destroy my friends, destroy my family, destroy everybody in salem, and it failed! Because the people in this town love each other. They care about each other. And love will always trump evil!

Demon allie: You have always underestimated my power!

John: No, I think we have you sized up pretty well here. That’s why we’ve got you cornered right now!

Demon allie: You think a couple setbacks are going to stop me? You’re weak, stupid. I’m repulsed by you!

John: You go back to where you came from now. Leave our granddaughter’s body now, at once!

Demon allie: I was growing tired of her anyway. So I will leave her to you. But only after I’ve killed her in front of you.

Ahhh, not again.

Kayla: Well, I am delighted to tell you that your son is in perfect health.

Both: [Sigh]

Ciara: Thank goodness.

Ben: That is great news.

Ciara: Hi, baby.

Shawn: You mind if we join the party?

Kayla: No, please, come in.

Ciara: Come in, bro.

Shawn: Oh, my gosh. I was so worried about you.

Ben: You should’ve seen her at the cemetery. She was amazing.

Ciara: [Sighs] Yeah. But allie still needs our help.

Belle: Well, johnny texted all of us. Eric’s on his way to the church now. My parents are already there. And I think they’re gonna try an exorcism.

Shawn: Yeah, I spoke to rafe. He said the cops have the whole church surrounded.

Ciara: Let’s hope that works. I’m really scared for allie.

Kayla: We all are.

Belle: Yeah, but we got god on our side. Our family is really fierce when any one of us is threatened.

Marlena: Leave my granddaughter alone.

Demon allie: You should’ve let me stay within you, marlena. Now you’ll have allie’s death on your hands.

John: We will not let you hurt her.

Eric: That’s right. Let’s join hands. Our father…

All: Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.

Demon allie: I command you to stop this!

All: On earth as it is in heaven.

Marlena: Allie, sweetheart.

All: Give us this day, our daily bread.

Marlena: I know you’re in there, and I know you’re scared.

All: Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Marlena: Allie, I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there myself. I know what it’s like. But keep fighting. There are people here that love you. Keep on fighting.

All: And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Marlena: Draw from our strength. Come back to us. I know you can do that. I know you can, allie. Come on back.

Demon allie: Stop this insanity or I’ll snap her neck. I’ll make henry a little orphan right now.

Marlena: You won’t do that. Allie, we love you. We know you’re there. Come back to us.

Demon allie: So be it.

[Bones crunching]

[All yelling]

Tripp: No! Leave her alone! Take me instead!

Shawn: Let me see my nephew. Oh. Hey, buddy. Hey. You know, you’re probably gonna be the first kid in history to be taught to handle a motorcycle by his mom.


Ben: Yeah, not for a few more years.

Shawn: You know, your grandpa in heaven, he’d, uh– he’d be really happy right now. And we’re gonna tell you all about him when you get a little bit older. Want to meet your aunt belle? Look there.

Belle: Hi, little bo. Oh, we’re so happy to welcome you to our family. Remember to take a lot of pictures though, because the first year is full of changes, and you’re gonna want to remember all of them.

Shawn: Yeah, but make sure that you enjoy him.

Ciara: [Sighs] We absolutely will.

Belle: I remember when claire was that little.

Shawn: Yeah. I remember when she first started to walk. When she was standing there, holding onto that table and she just–she bravely just started walking. Actually, it was sort of a weird little jog.

Belle: Yeah. [Laughs]

Shawn: And she was, uh– she was pleased with herself.

Belle: Yeah, I remember that. Probably because we had it on video.

Shawn: Yeah, then we watched it about a thousand times.

[Cell phone ringing] Oh, here, I got to take this. Here. Here you go, buddy.

Ciara: Okay, come here.

Shawn: Um… uh, yeah, what’s up, jan?

Jan: I’m having a monster craving for a cheeseburger.

Shawn: Uh, I’m busy.

Jan: I thought you were off duty.

Shawn: I am, but I’m–

Jan: Please be sweet and do this for me. I can’t leave the house and I’m starving.

Tripp: I mean it. I mean it. You want to kill somebody? Kill me.

Marlena: Tripp, no, don’t!

Eric: No, we need to finish what we started.

Tripp: No. You heard him. He’s gonna kill her before you can finish the exorcism.

Demon allie: He’s right, you know.

Tripp: So come into me. Come into me, and let henry have his mom back. You want a soul? Take mine.

Demon allie: You mortals amaze me. You’re willing to sacrifice your life for some insipid little thing like allie horton?

Tripp: If that’s what you think about allie, then you aren’t as smart as you think you are.

Demon allie: You’re willing to die for someone who didn’t love you, who cheated on you. You were always her second choice, and I’m the one who’s stupid?

Tripp: I don’t care if allie would rather be with chanel. I still love her. She got to me like no one else ever did. She–she knew how to make me laugh and lighten up. And she made me feel not alone in this world.

Demon allie: And then she betrayed you.

Tripp: I still love her. And I always will. So come into me and I will gladly sacrifice my life if it means that she can live and raise henry. So come into me. Take me instead. I said come into me, you son of a bitch! Take me instead!

Johnny: Allie? Allie? Allie?

[Dramatic music]

With depression, you just feel…blah.

Ciara: How are you feeling, baby?

Ben: Better. I got knocked for a loop. Walking into that thing was like an electric fence. I can’t believe you just walked into that and got the baby.

Ciara: I cannot believe it either. And I can’t– I can’t even explain it to you, I really can’T. I just– I knew I needed to get to him. And I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to. And then there was this, like, warm, comforting light surrounding me. It made me feel strong. And the weird part is, I didn’t feel alone anymore. It was like–huh. Baby, please promise not to laugh at me when I say this.

Ben: Laugh? I would never laugh at you.

Ciara: It was like a– a presence.

Ben: What kind of presence?

[Air whooshing]

Ciara: Dad?

[Chimes tinkling]

Bo: Hey there, little one.

Kayla: Hope sounded so happy on the phone.

Belle: Yeah. Must’ve been bittersweet though, not having bo here to share in that.

Kayla: I think we’re all feeling that.

Belle: Yeah, right. I mean, I know shawn really misses his dad. I miss him too. Maybe he could’ve talked some sense into shawn.

Kayla: It seemed like the two of you were having a moment in there.

Belle: Yeah, I felt that too. And then he ran off to be with the mother of his new baby.

Jan: Want a french fry?

Shawn: Um, yeah. Yeah, sure. I–I haven’t eaten much today.

Jan: How’s ciara doing?

Shawn: She’s good. She’s good now that she’s back with her baby.

Jan: Did you see him?

Shawn: Mm-hmm. Yeah. They, um– they named him after my dad.

Jan: Aww. That’s so sweet. Maybe if our baby’s a girl we can name her after your mom. I had another name in mind, but hope is more meaningful.

Shawn: Uh, wouldn’t you want to name her after your mom, maybe?

Jan: Oh, god, no. She was a horrible person. God rest her soul. Besides, her name was gertrude. I am not sticking our child with a name like that. Can you imagine? Baby gert?

Shawn: Yeah. Yeah, probably not. You okay?

Jan: Yeah. I’m fine. I was just thinking how scared ciara must’ve been before she found her baby. Thank god she did.

Ciara: Ben, am i seeing things?

Ben: If you are, then I am too.

Ciara: Daddy?

Bo: [Echoing] In the flesh. Well, not exactly in the flesh. I’m the one who taught you how to remap a fuel injection system.

Ciara: It really is you. You came back.

[Baby cooing] You were at the cemetery.

Bo: Yeah. That was me.

Ciara: You saved his life. Honey, this is your granddad. Daddy, I named him bo.

Bo: Thank you for that.

Eric: Tripp? Can you hear me?

Demon tripp: Well, that was surprisingly easy. The boy didn’t even put up a fight. But it seems his sacrifice was for naught. Allie is still going to die, and by tripp’s own hands.

Marlena: No! God, no!

Tripp: No. I won’t let you hurt her.

John: Let me help you, son.

Tripp: There is no help. There’s only–

Marlena: Tripp! No! No!

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B&B Transcript Monday, May 16, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sheila: I’m not going to prison because of an accident.

Steffy: Accident? What accident? You pointed the gun at me, and you shot me.

Sheila: I’m talking about what happened to finn, steffy. What jury is ever going to convict a grieving mother–

Ridge: What jury? Any jury! You killed your own son. You tried to kill my daughter!

Taylor: You came to the hospital, faking concern for steffy. Making all of us think that you needed consoling. That we should feel sorry for you. For your loss. Sheila, no one’s ever going to feel sorry for you again. You don’t deserve any sympathy for what you’ve done.

Ridge: The only thing you deserve is to be in jail.

Steffy: And that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

Brooke: Wishful thinking, I’d say.

Hope: What’s that?

Brooke: Oh, your father. Claiming that sheila might be able to talk her way into a place in steffy’s family.

Hope: Well, he did say that taylor was the one who called and invited her over, so he might actually know what he’s talking about.

Brooke: I wouldn’t put it past taylor to overlook all the things that sheila’s done through the years. But ridge? There’s no way he will ever accept sheila.

Brooke: I just feel for ridge right now. He’s dealing with a lot. And I wish I could be there for him. I wish we weren’t apart.

Hope: Well, see, that’s what we need to fix. The being apart part. Because we both know the two of you shouldn’t be.

Brooke: Yeah. I just feel so bad. The way I betrayed his trust. And you’re right. We shouldn’t be apart. We need to be together. If only I hadn’t–

[ Sighing ] I need to figure out what possessed me to drink that night. I know–

Hope: Mom, does there really need to be an explanation? Or, I mean, is it about the drinking, or– or is it about what the drinking lead to?

Sheila: You know how cruel you’re being right now.

Taylor: Cruel? Confronting you with the truth is–

Sheila: No, no– you brought me here with lies. You made me believe that I was going to get to see my grandson. All I wanted to do was put that terrible night behind me. And find a way to move on. I’m burdened with so much guilt. Guilt that I am carrying because you, steffy.

Steffy: You’re the one who pulled out a gun.

Sheila: Oh. Poor, precious steffy. Did I come after you that night? Did I get in your face and tell you who you could have in your life? No. And when I tried de-escalating the situation by leaving, what did you do? You came after me! Berating me! You are just as guilty.

Ridge: Shut up! I can’t listen to that voice anymore! What is wrong with you? You should be in an institution somewhere! You like to hurt people, don’t you? You’re sick.

Taylor: Ridge. Ridge, she is not worth it.

Ridge: Sick! I just want her to pay.

Steffy: She will. And I hope it’s excruciating. Every second you spend behind bars, rotting for the rest of your miserable life. Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Brooke: I’m not trying to find excuses, honey. I’m not. What I did with deacon was wrong. And obviously it never would have happened if I was sober. So, if I could just figure out… what triggered me that night, then maybe I could start forgiving myself for what happened after.

Hope: Yes, but mom, I mean. Oh, I don’t know how many times I have to keep reminding you, but you were inebriated and yes, you two kissed. But I mean, dad helped you up the stairs. He put you to bed and looked after you, because he was worried. I– nothing more happened.

Brooke: Honey, it doesn’t make me regret it any less. It doesn’t make me regret defending deacon. I– there has to be an answer. There has to be.

Sheila: I want you to think about something, steffy. And I know that’s gonna be very difficult for you, because all you always do is think about yourself. But I want you to try, okay? What would finn do if he were standing here right now?

Steffy: Finn’s not standing here. He’s never coming back.

Sheila: He would tell you to have compassion, and understanding that I made a terrible mistake.

Steffy: A mistake that you killed your own son instead of me? There is no compassion heading your way. Now, if you want to keep telling yourself finn would have shown you kindness, had he lived? Go for it. Knock yourself out. But deep down, you know that’s a lie.

Sheila: Taylor, would you just please say something to her?

Taylor: Don’t look at me like I’m your friend. I– I am not going to take your side on this, or anything else ever again.

Ridge: Hey sheila, do you know what brings me great joy? It’s the fact that you’re gonna die in prison. And not because of us, but because of you. Choices you made, decisions you made. Do you have an idea how much pain you’ve cause my family? My children, when you took their mother away? And now you had to do it again. Leave steffy with her little boy. I hate you. I hate everything about you.

[ Steffy sobbing ] I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Steffy: This is why I wanted you to stay away from my family. I was adamant you stayed away from my son. Because I saw through your lies. Finn didn’T. And now he’s gone. I couldn’t protect my husband, but I will protect my son. You’ve already caused him so much damage taking finn away. Your grandson will grow up without a father. God–

Sheila: You have no idea how sorry I am about that. But I’m not going to prison. I promise you that. What have you done? No. No!

Baker: We’ve got more than enough. You can take that wire off now.

Sheila: What is this?

Baker: I’ve been in the back room, listening to everything. You’re going back to prison, sheila.

Sheila: No!

Baker: For a very long time.

Sheila: No!

Baker: You’re under arrest. For the attempted murder of steffy forrester. And for the murder of your own son, dr. John finnegan.

[ Sheila grunting ] Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches

Hope: Please, stop beating yourself up, mom. Seriously, you have– you’ve apologized enough for what happened. And obsessing over it isn’t going to do you any good.

Brooke: I know, hope. But don’t you understand? I mean, if there is an answer, if there’s some kind of explanation.

Hope: Then maybe you would feel better that it won’t happen again. No, I do get it. I understand.

Brooke: And, I would feel better if ridge could trust me again. After everything with deacon.

Hope: Ridge knows that you would have never turned to my dad, if it wasn’t for the alcohol. Or at least, he should know that.

[ Sighing ]

Brooke: I hope so. I don’t want any other man, but ridge.

Ridge: Get her outta here.

Baker: You have the right to remain silent.

Sheila: No, wait.

Baker: Anything you say–

Sheila: Wait, I’ve got something to say.

Baker: Can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Sheila: I just wanna say my piece.

Steffy: You’re never going to get your piece. But say what you need to say before they haul you away.

Baker: Go ahead.

Sheila: You’re all so certain. That I intended harm. For you, when I cam back, but that’s– I just wanted to meet my son. I wanted to maybe, just maybe, be part of his life, that’s all that this was. All it ever was. But steffy, you– you just refused to let that happen. You kept saying that I had no place here. You wouldn’t even let finn speak for himself. No, you just wouldn’t– wouldn’t stop. You were so relentless.

Taylor: And look what happened.

Sheila: None of you will ever understand, what it’s like to have somebody love you. And you love them back unconditionally. But you’ve never had to… even think about that. Something that you take for granted. But I don’T. I was hoping that just maybe, this– this time was going to be my chance. My chance was going to be finn. And now he’s gone. And I never– I would never hurt him. I love him.

Steffy: Sheila, whatever toxic version of love you provide, isn’t something finn would have ever wanted. You’re just an ugly reminder of where he came from. Something he tried his damnedest to forget. And exactly what I’m faced with now. Forgetting you. The damage that you caused. You destroyed my family. But you didn’t destroy me. I’m going to come back stronger than ever, and I’m going to raise my son to be exactly like finn. Strong and compassionate. I’m going to raise him to be the opposite of you. He’s not even going to know the name sheila carter. He’s not even going to know you exist. You’re going to be completely erased. Because people like you, you’re not loved. You’re forgotten. Goodbye, sheila. Take her away.

Sheila: You think– you think that this is over. You think that– that I’m not coming back? I’m coming back for hayes. Hayes is going to love me regardless. He’s going to love me. You’re making a mistake. You’re all making a mistake. You haven’t seen the last of me. I will be back! I was on an antidepressant,

Taylor: Don’t worry about what sheila said. There’s no way she’s coming back.

Steffy: I know, it’s just– I don’t like the way she talked about hayes. Wanting his love.

Ridge: I wouldn’t worry about any of that. It’s not going to happen. She’s not going to get out of jail, after what she’s done. As awful as it is, it’s–

[ Sighing softly ] It’s nice to have my memory back. I have the answers.

Taylor: Yeah. We have a lot of answers now. We know what happened to brooke.

Ridge: It’s been haunting her. She wanted to know why she started drinking again.

Taylor: You should go tell her. Tell her what happened.

Ridge: I’m not leaving you guys. Not after today.

Taylor: She needs to know.

Steffy: She does.

Taylor: Get out of here.

Brooke: I’m not giving up on him, hope. I’m not.

Hope: Uh, nor should you, not after everything the two of you have been through.

Brooke: I know, I’ve lost faith before. And I’ve questioned whether ridge and I should be together. Thinking maybe he’s better off with taylor. But I know that’s not true. Ridge and I will find a way through this. We have to.

Steffy: I knew sheila was deranged, but– my god. She shot me. She killed her own son because I was confronting her about brooke. It’s just so crazy to me. Like she knew she was in the wrong.

Taylor: Oh honey, I don’t think she did. I think in her– in her own twisted way, she thought that brooke deserved it.

Steffy: It worries me. If this could change things for you and dad.

[ Loud knock ]

Brooke: Ridge.

Ridge: Hi.

Brooke: Hi. I didn’t realize you were stopping by. Is everything okay? What’s wrong?

Ridge: I– wrong–

[ Stammering ] You have no idea.

Brooke: Oh! You’re scaring me. Tell me what it is.

Ridge: I don’t know where to start.

Brooke: Is it steffy? Is she okay?

Ridge: No, steffy’s fine. Everything’s fine. She’s um– do you know how– how she had holes in her memory?

Brooke: She was blocking out the trauma of the shooting?

Ridge: Yeah. Well, she remembers now.

Brooke: Well, that’s good. I mean, maybe not for her. Maybe it was difficult, but she can now help the police. And maybe they can find out who finn’s shooter is.

Ridge: Oh, they found out.

Brooke: Who?

Ridge: They found out who she was.

Brooke: She?

Ridge: She. Yes.

[ Heavy sigh ]

Ridge: Sheila.

Brooke: Sheila? Sheila shot steffy? And she killed her own son? And then she took their stuff and made it look like a robbery.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Ridge: She’s disgusting.

Brooke: I can’t believe this. Well, the police have her, right?

Ridge: Now that she’s in custody, she’s confessed everything. She’s going to spend the rest of her days behind bars.

Brooke: Well, do you think that’s even possible? I mean, she’s gone for good?

Ridge: She’s not going to hurt steffy, or taylor, or you, ever again.

Brooke: But I’m the lucky one. She hasn’t done anything to me for years. Except idle threats–

Ridge: That’s not true. Hasn’t been years. Steffy remembered something else. She remembered why she went to the restaurant. She went there to confront sheila.

Brooke: Confront her about?

Ridge: About new year’s eve. You said there was a trigger. And there was. Sheila.

Brooke: I don’t understand.

Ridge: She switched the labels on the champagne bottles. You thought you were drinking non-alcoholic champagne. And she made sure it was the real thing.

Brooke: I knew it. I knew it. I knew there was a reason. I wasn’t drinking on my own!

Ridge: No. It was sheila. She did that to you. I’m so sorry.

Brooke: Oh!

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