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Update written by Joseph

EJ claims to have no idea what Johnny is talking about in regards to what he did to Stefan. Johnny tells him that they found Dr. Rolf in Jakarta. EJ questions what Rolf is doing there. Johnny argues that he knows exactly what he’s doing there since he’s in a secret DiMera funded lab and he told them all about what EJ and Li had him do.

Wendy tells Li that there is no sense in lying because Dr. Rolf told them about how Li had him brainwash Stefan. Li calls that ridiculous and impossible, asking why he would do something like that. Wendy explains that Dr. Rolf had Stefan forget all about his feelings for Gabi so that Gabi could love Li instead.

Stefan and Chloe eat together in the town square. Stefan comments that he can’t get over how beautiful she is and how lucky he is that she’s in his life. Chloe thanks him and says that’s really sweet, noting that she’s really lucky too that he’s in her life. Gabi then interrupts and says she needs to know if they are planning on coming to her wedding.

Brady knows Nicole is feeling insecure about Eric. Nicole asks if that’s so strange since he’s going to have a baby with another woman. Brady knows it’s not the easiest situation but they belong together. Nicole knows Eric has always wanted a child of his own and now someone else is going to make his dream come true.

Eric questions Jada saying there is no baby. Jada reveals that she is not pregnant anymore.

Li calls Dr. Rolf a liar and a sociopath as he questions Wendy trusting his word over her own brother. Wendy asks what possible reason Dr. Rolf would have to implicate himself if it wasn’t true. Li suggests that Dr. Rolf resents the prominent role he now plays in the family business. Wendy says that Dr. Rolf admitted that Li is the one who told him to brainwash Stefan and that Johnny recorded it. Li asks where that recording is now. Wendy admits that Dr. Rolf erased it and then tried to do the same to their memories. Wendy asks why he would do that if he was lying. Li questions what that maniac did to her and if he hurt her. Wendy questions his concern and complains that Dr. Rolf had them strapped to a table and prepared to inject them with an experimental drug like they were lab rats. Wendy asks if Li knew he was going to do that.

Johnny tells EJ that Dr. Rolf tried to erase he and Wendy’s brains right after he confessed that EJ and Li had him mess with Stefan’s brain to make him forget his feelings for Gabi. EJ argues that he had nothing to do with that and questions why he would give a damn. Johnny shouts that EJ only cares about control and he knew if he could turn Stefan against Gabi, then he could take the company back.

Stefan confirms to Gabi that they will attend her wedding and reminds her that they already told her. Gabi points out that they didn’t RSVP and that New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, so she needs a precise head count. Chloe comments that they don’t have the RSVP card on them. Gabi reveals that she has another one and gives it to Chloe.

Brady repeats to Nicole that Eric is committed to being a father but also very much to her. Nicole talks about hearing Eric talk about the baby on Thanksgiving and he was practically glowing about being a father. Brady asks why he wouldn’t be. Brady acknowledges that it’s not an ideal situation and understands that Nicole is having big feelings here. Brady encourages that they have got this and have been through too much. Brady points out that Eric was on the other side of the world for years but they still found their way back to each other, so he assures that they can get through this.

Eric questions if Jada had a miscarriage and says he’s so sorry and wishes she would have called him. Jada then reveals that she did not have a miscarriage and that she made the decision to terminate her pregnancy. Eric is shocked and asks what she is saying. Jada announces that she had an abortion.

Brady tells Nicole to trust in what she and Eric have together, because when she doesn’t do that is when she gets in to trouble. Nicole asks what he’s saying. Brady advises her not to do anything she’s going to regret. Nicole says she hears him but argues that this isn’t just about Jada having Eric’s baby. Nicole comments that Jada was really in to him so she worries about Jada trying to use the baby to rekindle their relationship. Brady says Jada doesn’t seem like that kind of person at all. Brady tells Nicole that sharing a child with someone doesn’t mean you belong with them. Brady points out Eric not being Holly’s biological father. Nicole comments that Daniel isn’t here to complicate things for her and Eric while Jada is.

Eric doesn’t understand since Jada told him that she wanted to have the baby. Jada responds that she changed her mind. Eric questions her not telling him. Jada reminds him that it’s her body, her choice and he said so himself. Eric thought they had a plan and he told her how excited he was to be a father to their child. Eric thought Jada was excited about it too and questions why she wouldn’t at least talk to him about it. Jada says she was afraid Eric would try to talk her out of her decision.

Stefan starts to sign the RSVP but Chloe stops him and says they haven’t had a chance to talk about attending her wedding. Gabi questions if Stefan wants to go and Chloe doesn’t. Gabi says she needs to know. Stefan assures that they will attend the wedding and that he will talk Chloe in to going because he knows they will have a wonderful time. Stefan remarks that he loves a good trainwreck and he can’t wait to watch Li Shin make the biggest mistake of his life.

Li questions Wendy thinking he instructed Dr. Rolf to strap her to a table to wipe her memory. Wendy responds that she doesn’t know what to believe. Li says the thought makes him sick which Wendy questions since this is what Dr. Rolf does since he already made Stefan forget about his love for Gabi. Li claims this is the first he’s hearing of this and promises to deal with Dr. Rolf next time he sees him. Li says he will make some calls. Wendy reminds Li of when they were kids and Li took their father’s bentley for a joy ride. Wendy recalls Li denying it when their father confronted him about it, but she forced him to confess because she wasn’t going to give up until he told her why he took the car and he admitted it was to impress some girl. Wendy remarks that even then, Li was a romantic and he would do anything to get the girl. Wendy says maybe things haven’t changed. Wendy declares that she could always tell when Li was lying to her back then. Li then gives in and admits he was the one who asked Dr. Rolf to brainwash Stefan DiMera.

EJ questions Johnny if Dr. Rolf told him that he ordered him to brainwash Stefan. Johnny admits that Dr. Rolf told him it was Li, but he knows it was both of them. EJ questions how he knows that. Johnny responds that Wendy overheard Li talking to Kristen. EJ mocks that as a reliable source. Johnny argues that he knows EJ is just like Stefano and doesn’t leave anything to chance. Johnny adds that EJ didn’t look surprised when he told him the news about Li. Johnny tells EJ to just drop the act and be real. EJ then admits that he’s known for some time that Dr. Rolf conditioned Stefan to erase his connection to Gabi. EJ says he didn’t make it happen, but he did take full advantage of it and used it to solidify Stefan’s connection to him and the family, so Johnny should be glad that he did. EJ clarifies that he had nothing to do with Dr. Rolf’s brainwashing scheme as that was all Li and Kristen. Johnny questions EJ only learning about it after the fact. EJ says that is true and he’s sure Johnny’s new friend Wendy could cast more light on Li’s motivations than he can. Johnny questions why Kristen would even want to do this. EJ is sure that’s not hard to figure out, asking what Kristen cares about most in the world. Johnny acknowledges that as Brady. EJ explains that Kristen was very interested in using Stefan to get Chloe out of Brady’s life.

Li tells Wendy that Dr. Rolf swore to him that she and Johnny would not be hurt. Wendy questions if Li is admitting that Dr. Rolf was working for him. Li explains that he discovered by accident that Dr. Rolf had saved Stefan’s life and was keeping him in a secret facility. Li admits that he requested Dr. Rolf help him. Wendy says there’s finally some honesty. Li doesn’t understand why this is so important to her. Wendy recalls when she first got to Salem, she overheard Li talking about keeping Gabi and Stefan apart. Wendy adds that when she compared notes with Johnny, it seemed like EJ was also involved. Li questions why it mattered. Wendy admits she thought she could use it as leverage to make Li give her the promotion. Li argues that he already gave her the job and questions her still wanting to hurt him. Wendy says it was just the opposite as she loves him and was worried about him which he questions. Wendy was afraid this crazy scheme could all blow up in his face as she’s seen how hard he’s fallen for Gabi and worries about it not being real. Li insists that it is real, he loves Gabi and she loves him and only him.

Gabi questions if Stefan is planning on coming to her wedding to cause trouble. Stefan assures that he won’t cause the trouble but he will enjoy observing it. Stefan says everybody knows this wedding is about Gabi holding on to power at DiMera. Gabi insists that she’s marrying Li for the right reasons because they love each other. Stefan guesses they will find out on New Year’s Eve. Gabi says they will. Gabi hopes Chloe’s not too uncomfortable as she assumes Chloe was reluctant to accept the invitation because of Brady. Chloe questions what Brady has to do with any of this. Gabi points out that Chloe will be seeing Brady at the wedding, so she hopes she will be okay with that.

Brady tells Nicole that he shares a child with Kristen and there’s no way in Hell they are getting back together. Nicole argues that they kind of already did since he claims to love Chloe, but broke up with her and moved Kristen in. Brady argues that he was just doing what’s right for his kid. Nicole goes over Brady ending his relationship to be with Rachel’s mother and questions why she shouldn’t believe that Eric wouldn’t do the exact same thing.

Eric tells Jada that he would never pressure her to do something she didn’t want to do. Jada questions if he would’ve just listened without judging which Eric says he would have. Jada says that’s easy to say now. Eric knows things ended badly between them and that it was his fault. Jada questions if he’s going to ask if she did this to punish him. Eric just wants to understand. Jada says it wasn’t an easy choice but it was the right one and it had nothing to do with Eric. Eric brings up Thanksgiving and how Jada made her decision very clear, so he questions what changed her mind. Jada claims she thought it was what she wanted, but that was before she had time to process what it would really be like being a single mom and a cop as it would’ve been too much. Eric argues that she wouldn’t have been alone as they would’ve done this together. Jada is sure he believed that and she did too, but then she spoke to Nicole which Eric questions. Jada talks about Nicole knowing how it is to raise a child alone, so she helped her realize the struggle since half the time she would be alone and she couldn’t take the pain of bearing a child, whose father doesn’t love her and being tied to him for the rest of her life. Eric questions when she and Nicole had this conversation about the baby. Jada informs him that Nicole came in the other night and that she saw them together on Thanksgiving. Eric questions what exactly Nicole said. Jada says she said a lot of things and asked questions like why she would want to have a baby that would connect her to Eric forever. Eric questions what else she said. Jada says Nicole talked about being a single mom and painted a very clear picture of what that would look like and then she finished by reminding her that if she had this child, then Nicole would be a part of her life forever. Eric questions Nicole saying all that. Jada admits she didn’t think about how hard it would be as there are so many women with unwanted pregnancies that don’t have a choice, but she did. Eric points out that just the other day, the pregnancy wasn’t unwanted but her conversation with Nicole changed that. Jada doesn’t know if that was Nicole’s intent, but confirms that her visit definitely helped her decide to not have the baby.

Brady assures Nicole that his relationship with Kristen is nothing like Eric’s with Jada, reminding her that Eric ended that relationship to be with her. Nicole points out that she ended her marriage to be with him but that was before finding out about the baby. Brady assures that Eric will figure a way to work around the baby and there’s no reason the baby should come between them.

Chloe asks Gabi why Brady is coming to her wedding. Gabi says Li invited him and she assumes he’s going to bring Kristen. Gabi asks them to send their RSVP as soon as they can and rushes off.

Li tells Wendy that he didn’t set out to do any of this and when he discovered that Dr. Rolf was keeping Stefan’s body on ice, he began monitoring the situation if he could use it to his or the company’s advantage. Wendy asks how. Li explains that everyone thought of him as still just Mr. Shin’s son, so he thought if he could retrieve one of Stefano’s sons, it would help quicken his ascent of the corporate ladder but then he fell in love with Gabi. Li says he tried to stop his attraction because he knew Stefan and Gabi were married, but his feelings reached the point of no return and he realized that bringing back Stefan would cause him to lose Gabi which he was not willing to do.

Johnny questions EJ finding out about what Dr. Rolf was doing and keeping quiet. EJ responds that he didn’t get involved because it was none of his business. Johnny argues that Stefan is his brother and asks what if someone did that to EJ after his accident and erased his feelings for Sami. EJ jokes that he would sincerely thank that person for doing him a favor. Johnny doesn’t believe that. EJ tells him to believe what he wants. EJ says he’s eternally grateful that he and Sami produced Johnny and Sydney, but other than that, loving Sami has caused him nothing but humiliation and heartbreak. Johnny questions EJ thinking he was just doing Stefan a favor and that taking the company back was just a bonus. EJ mocks Johnny looking down on him as if he cares about Stefan’s feelings or the ethics of what Dr. Rolf did to him. Johnny asks what he’s saying. EJ responds that this isn’t about Johnny defending someone’s right to love who they want or about love at all. EJ declares that this is about resentment, revenge, and payback because Johnny swore to make him pay for the way he hurt Ava Vitali and now he has his chance.

Jada notes that obviously Nicole didn’t tell Eric that she came here. Eric doesn’t want to talk about Nicole and says he wants to be here for Jada. Eric asks how she’s feeling and if he can get her anything. Jada says she just needs to rest. Eric says to just let him know if she needs anything and offers to take her to the doctor for a follow up. Jada says it’s fine and that Eric handled this as well as she could imagine. Jada is sure if she made a different decision, she knows he would’ve done the right thing and been a good father, but he’s off the hook now. Jada declares that they are broken up and she’s not having his child, so there’s no reason for them to be in each others’ lives. Jada calls that her polite way of telling him to leave her alone, warning that next time she can’t promise to be so nice. Eric then gets up and exits the Pub.

Nicole doesn’t see how Jada having the baby won’t come between her and Eric. Brady insists that it doesn’t have to. Brady points out that Nicole brought Eric in to Holly’s life and Holly adores him. Nicole says that’s because Holly doesn’t have a father while this baby will have a mother. Brady praises Nicole as a stepmom. Brady urges her to go in to this positively for everyone’s sake and not to do anything to screw this up.

Chloe comments that Stefan seems a bit determined to go to Gabi’s wedding. Stefan guesses she is hating the wedding and asks if she’s worried about being around Brady. Chloe admits that she doesn’t love the idea of being around Brady on New Year’s Eve, especially if he’s with Kristen. Chloe mentions taking the promotion to put some distance between her and Brady. Stefan understands and says if going to the wedding will make her uncomfortable, they can forget about it. Chloe calls him the best. Stefan apologizes for putting any pressure on her and says that’s just not worth it. Stefan remembers a place she did want to go with him and that’s Miami. Chloe asks if he still wants to go away together. Stefan suggests they forget about that sham of a wedding and ring in the New Year together on the beach. Chloe agrees that it sounds perfect. Stefan then signs the RSVP that he and Chloe will not attend the wedding. Chloe calls that an excellent choice and says she will get it in the mail ASAP. Stefan declares that they will ring in the New Year by starting fresh and putting Gabi and Brady behind them for good.

Wendy gets that Li wants to hold on to Gabi but he has to know this isn’t fair to her. Li argues that Gabi loves him. Wendy doesn’t doubt that, but she’s seen Gabi with Stefan and it’s still painful to have him hate her like that. Li argues that Gabi is over Stefan and is with him now. Wendy asks how Gabi would feel if she found out that she was about to marry the man who made her ex stop loving her. Li insists that he knows all about Gabi and Stefan’s history and they weren’t a perfect romance as they were bitter adversaries at first. Wendy points out that they fell in love after. Li says Stefan has now moved on with Chloe Lane and brings up that he was with her before Gabi. Wendy accuses him of trying to justify this. Li doesn’t care if she thinks what he did was wrong, he only cares about what she’s going to do now that she knows. Li warns that if she tells anyone, he will lose his job, lose Gabi, and he could go to prison. Li knows he doesn’t have the right to ask but she’s left him no choice. Li then begs Wendy to please keep quiet about this and convince Johnny to do the same.

Johnny admits that he was angry for how EJ treated Ava and that’s why he started investigating, because he wanted to teach him a lesson. EJ brings up the way Ava treated Susan and asks if Johnny still feels the same way, that he would hurt his own father for her. Johnny admits he doesn’t because what Ava did was horrible and unforgivable. EJ says he told him that Ava was a menace and now she’s cost him his mother. Johnny says he’s sorry if him taking Ava’s side against him contributed in any way to losing Susan. EJ says he doesn’t blame him. Johnny feels like if he would’ve done things differently, Susan might still be alive. Johnny repeats that he really is sorry. EJ says it’s okay as they both did things they wish they could take back. EJ adds that one thing he does know is that Susan would want them to put all of this behind them and be a family again. Johnny says he wants that too but argues that Stefan has a right to know what was done to him.

Li reminds Wendy of what it was like growing up in their house and the pressure their father put on him. Li says he finally has everything he could ever want; a position of respect and the woman of his dreams, but his life is now in Wendy’s hands. Li pleads with Wendy not to tell Gabi about this. Gabi then walks in and questions telling her about what.

EJ argues that Johnny can’t tell Stefan about what was done to him. Johnny argues that Stefan has a right to know. EJ pleads with him not to, warning that he could lose DiMera Enterprises and could also go back to prison for his complicity. EJ points out that he just lost his mother and asks Johnny not to take anything else away from him. Stefan then walks in to the room.

Wendy tells Gabi that they were just talking about Li’s first love. Gabi questions why she can’t know about that. Li says he didn’t want her to be jealous, even though she’d have no reason to be. Gabi asks if he’s sure about that since he had a pretty guilty look on his face when she walked in. Li claims she misread his look and that he’s just happy to see her as he hugs her. Wendy assures that Gabi doesn’t have to worry about Li’s feelings for her as she can confirm that he would do anything to keep her heart. Gabi says that’s good to know and brings up things being pretty heated before she left and asks if everything is okay between them. Wendy says Li was a little upset with her. Li declares that they have come to an understanding and he gets why she took the jet, so they are ready to put this whole episode behind them.

Stefan questions what’s going on. Johnny tells him that EJ just told him about Susan and he can’t believe it. Stefan says he’s very sorry about his loss, but he thought he heard a tense conversation that sounded like Johnny was blaming EJ for Susan’s death as if what happened was his fault, but he only caught the end of it. EJ brings up how guilty he felt. Stefan argues that EJ doesn’t need to feel guilty as it’s abundantly clear that Ava was out of control, so it was her fault. Stefan asks Johnny not to blame EJ because he needs him right now. Johnny agrees that he’s been too hard on EJ and says what’s done is done while he knows that EJ only wants what is best for the family.

Nicole admits that she went to a dark place for a minute, but she trusts Eric. Nicole declares that she, Holly, Eric, and the baby on the way will be a family and they will make it work. Eric then bursts in and states that he needs to speak with Nicole alone.

Johnny and Wendy go to Allie’s apartment. Johnny tells her that this is not how he saw any of this going since they got what they wanted as Li and EJ admitted their complicity in the brainwashing of Stefan. They acknowledge that if they don’t keep quiet about it, Li and EJ will both lose everything. Johnny brings up that EJ already lost his mother as he informs Wendy that Susan died in the most awful way. Wendy tells him that she’s so sorry. Johnny calls Susan such a sweet and caring person and he can’t imagine what her last moments must have been like. Wendy calls it so sad. Wendy asks if they both agree that they have to keep EJ and Li’s secrets. Johnny agrees that Gabi and Stefan can’t know, though they both admit they do not feel okay with that.

Gabi and Li kiss. Li tells her that the past doesn’t matter and all that matters is them now. Gabi feels the same as they continue kissing.

Stefan tells EJ that he’s so sorry for what he’s going through. EJ doesn’t know how to deal with all his anger. Stefan understands he’s angry about losing his mother in a horrific and senseless way. Stefan knows he mentioned it before, but he’s here for him for whatever he needs. EJ thanks him and says he appreciates that. Stefan adds that if somebody he loved deeply was taken from him, he knows EJ would do the same…

Chloe runs in to Brady in the town square. Brady notices she has Li and Gabi’s RSVP card. Chloe informs him that she and Stefan will not be attending as they are going away for the weekend. Chloe remarks that there will be more room on the dance floor for Brady and Kristen, assuming she is his plus one. Chloe apologizes for saying anything and asks if Nicole is at Basic Black as she needs to run something by her. Brady suggests she wait a bit since he just came from the office and Eric was there to talk to her. Chloe asks if everything is okay. Brady doesn’t know but he got the sense that Eric was definitely upset about something.

Jada goes to her room and sits on the bed as she holds back tears.

Eric slams the door shut as Nicole questions what is going on. Eric asks how could she and what she said to Jada. Eric demands the truth as he questions if Nicole encouraged Jada to have an abortion.

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GH Update Tuesday, November 29, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

Carly arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and Drew told her that she looked absolutely beautiful.  She responded by saying that Drew looked pretty handsome himself.  Before they could continue the conversation, Willow and Michael arrived and Carly and Drew greeted both of them. Michael and Willow were pleased when they learned that Carly intended to help Drew with the search for Willow’s birth parents.

Olivia would not hear of any talk about the Quartermaine’s jaded Thanksgiving past and was determined that this year the Quartermaine family would have a turkey for Thanksgiving.  She informed Ned and Michael that she had ordered it herself from a farm with a French name, in Port Charles. But Olivia clearly doesn’t know French that well or she would have figured out that they were sending her a real, live turkey.  When it arrived, both Michael and Ned made fun of Olivia for not realizing that she was being sent a live turkey.  Michael suggested that they prepare the bird themselves when Olivia’s plan to bribe the Quartermaine chef to prepare the bird, failed miserably.  Ned said that preparing the turkey had been part of Thanksgiving since the dawn of the holiday.  Michael agreed and said that he would grab Drew and Chase to assist.

Leo was thrilled to see the turkey but did not like the idea of Ned and Michael prepping it and cooking it, so he set it free inside the house and then proceeded to run room to room screaming for everyone to get out of the house because there was a turkey on the loose.

Sonny hosted his own Thanksgiving dinner but found time for romance beforehand by giving Nina a pair of diamond earrings. Sam and Dante were the first guests to arrive. When they shared a private moment, Sam voiced her concerns about Cody, and Dante shrugged them off. Sam said she appreciated Dante defending his friend but she was curious if Cody was up to something concerning the Ice Princess.  Dante said that the necklace might actually be Cody’s property and he said that having come from nothing, it was perfectly natural for Cody to defend his interests in the necklace.

The conversation between Dante and Sam was brought to a screeching halt when they heard Gladys tear into Alexis from the other room for publishing the fact that Esme might be the prime suspect in the Hook killings. She felt she should have been the first to know, seeing how Brando was one of the killer’s victims. Nina was confused and asked Gladys if she had not been informed that Esme was a suspect. Gladys responded by saying she had not. Dante told them all that this was because the PCPD did not have a prime suspect because the investigation was ongoing and it was important that the press not release information prematurely.  Alexis glared at them all, knowing that she had already authorized the story to be printed.  Sonny asked everyone to remain calm and reminded them that Thanksgiving was about family.  Gladys reminded Sonny that Brando was her family.  Her only family.  Alexis then apologized for releasing the information.  She said that she thought that Gladys would be pleased with her decision because she was turning up the heat on the investigation at a time when it appeared to have run cold.  Gladys, however, was having no part of Alexis’ apology and retreated from the room.

Laura, Robert, Mac and Jordan gathered to track down Holly. They finally got a lead on her. But before they began discussions, Laura dispatched the duplicitous Deputy Mayor Ashby elsewhere, before she could overhear the details of the search.

Meanwhile, Holly modeled the Ice Princess necklace while hiding out in an abandoned cabin in the woods. She made herself a fire to keep warm without noticing that gas had been leaked onto the floor. When the authorities arrived, Robert begged her to give up and come out of the cabin. Holly asked if Laura was all right and told Robert to apologize to her for her actions.

Back at the PCPD, Felicia had brought everyone Thanksgiving dinner because she knew that they would be working. Felicia asked Laura how she was doing with everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours.  Laura replied that she was fine.  Felicia said that she couldn’t believe that Holly would steal Laura’s car and leave her on the side of the road all for a necklace.  Laura told Felicia she believed the matter was far more complicated than just “a necklace.” Felicia said that she agreed, but that she still could not believe the events that had transpired.

The Q’s looked on in horror from the back windows of the mansion’s kitchen as the turkey tore the room apart. Brook Lynn congratulated Olivia on her valiant effort to create a perfect Thanksgiving for the family. She then named all the wonderful women who had tried and failed in the past to set the Quartermaine Thanksgiving curse right (including her grandmother, Lila Quartermaine). But, she said that at some point you have to accept tradition, as it is. Olivia agreed, but was out of ideas for what they would all eat.  The entire group said in unison, “Luigi’s.”  The pizza arrived, the Quartermaine’s sang, and once again, all appeared right with the world. 

Sasha stared out of the windows of Sonny’s penthouse, while she recalled the events of her wedding to Brando. Sonny came in and asked how she was doing. They spoke briefly and Sonny told her she was always welcome at his house.  Sasha thanked him and he then asked her if Gladys was still exercising her responsibilities as guardian with a “hands-on” attitude.  Sasha said that she believed that she and Gladys finally understood each other.  

Gladys, on the other hand, said that she had to make a call and excused herself.  She called the Savoy, told them she was having a bad day and needed some fun.  She then booked herself a seat at Selina Wu’s next poker game. 

Back at the cabin, Jordan instructed Mac to move in with armed police units as Robert begged her to give Holly more time to do the right thing.  Jordan said that Holly had already had enough time; but before she could finish her statement there was a large explosion in the cabin which nearly knocked everyone to the ground.  Shortly after, a woman, who appeared to be Holly burst through the front door, completely consumed by flames.


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GH Short Recap Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Portia tries to persuade Marshall to do genetic counseling without telling him that she thinks he isn’t Chris’s father. Dr Obrecht offers Cody money to stay away from Britt, but he turns down her offer of money.. Britt decides to throw herself a birthday bash before her illness gets worse.

Nicolas isn’t happy that Ava is going to persuade Ryan to tell her Esme’s whereabouts.

Chase is very angry that Brook Lynn didn’t tell him that Dante had asked her to write a letter to the Civilian Review board to help him get back his job. Chase is angry that Brook Lynn took away his choice to be a cop or a singer. Chase tells Brook Lynn that their relationship has come to an end.

Holly didn’t get burned in the fire…it was all part of a plan devised by Felicia, Holly and Robert to make Victor think Holly is in a coma due to her severe burns and is in a hospital in Canada. Holly leaves town with a fake ID to rescue Ethan. A few days before the plan was going to happen, Holly gave Selena Wu a diamond from the necklace in exchange for her promise to drug Victor with a drug that won’t kill him but will make him feel miserable. Holly gives Robert the necklace and a kiss goodbye before she leaves town again.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria is upset with Nick because he told Nate that he would have to work hard to gain his trust. Victoria tells Nick that as her CIO he has to support her decisions. Nick tells Victoria that he is worried that Nate is power hungry and will do anything to get her job. Victoria isn’t threatened by Nate’s ambition and she knows he will do a good job.

Adam tells Sally he loves her and wants to marry her because she is the only who has ever understood him and accepted him. Sally asks Adam to stop torturing her by proposing to her so many times.

Chelsea continues to struggle with depressing thoughts and wakes up startled because of those thoughts. Billy tells Lily he hasn’t had time to think about what he wants to do for his career because he wants to make sure that Chelsea is okay before he thinks about himself.

Sally tells Adam that she doesn’t want to be with him because he hurt her deeply and everything that people told her about him is true. Adam thinks that Sally is with Nick because she wants safety, but Adam is confident that Sally will come to her senses and they will be together again.

Sally tells Nick she is excited about the ideas she has for her new interior design business.

Elena agrees to think about Nate’s offer to do a podcast for Newman Media and leave Chancellor Winters. Elena accepts Nate’s invitation to go with him on his business trip to Los Angeles.

Chelsea and Lily have a talk and Lily tells Chelsea to rely on other people for support because Billy can’t support her 24/7. Lily tells Billy everything she and Chelsea talked about except the part where she told Chelsea Billy can’t support her all the \time. Chelsea sends a call from Billy to her voice mail.

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Days Update Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nicole works at Basic Black when she gets a call from Eric, who says he just wanted to check on how she was doing after their talk last night. Nicole says she’s fine and admits that Jada having his baby is unexpected, but says that’s not going to change anything between them like he said. Eric assures that he meant that. Nicole questions if Jada is really going through with the pregnancy. Eric says of course she is and asks why she wouldn’t. Nicole says she was just asking. Nicole then gets another call and quickly switches over before Eric can say I love you, leaving him frustrated.

Li goes to the Hernandez’ home to bring Gabi a pie since they didn’t have a dessert for Thanksgiving. Li suggests they could have a slice for breakfast if she hasn’t eaten yet. Gabi questions if he doesn’t have to be at work. Li says his schedule is pretty open this morning so Gabi invites him in. Gabi asks if he’s heard from his sister. Li says no and guesses she is still out of town with Johnny.

Johnny and Wendy return to Allie’s apartment and find nobody is home. Wendy says that’s good so they can talk. Johnny declares that Jakarta was a success since they got the information they needed from Dr. Rolf. Wendy points out that now they just have to decide who to confront with it first; her brother or Johnny’s dad.

EJ has a nightmare about Ava showing up in his bedroom and trying to shoot him. EJ then wakes up in a panic and tells himself that it was just a dream.

Johnny wishes they had the recording of Dr. Rolf admitting to brainwashing Stefan on Li’s orders. Johnny worries that EJ will just deny any involvement. Wendy figures Li will too. Johnny argues that they know that they did it and that they shipped Dr. Rolf out of the country to cover their tracks. Wendy still can’t believe her brother would do something so horrible. Wendy notes that she knows how much Li loves Gabi but this is over the line. Johnny points out that it could just as easily have been EJ’s idea since it’s his MO and with Stefan by his side, he had enough shares to oust Gabi and be exactly where he wants to be. Wendy points out that Li is too. Wendy says part of her thinks they should just drop it and let Li live his happily ever after, but she declares that she can’t stay silent knowing what she knows, so she has to confront him. Wendy checks her computer and finds out that Li is not logged in at work yet, so he must be with Gabi.

Li complains to Gabi that Wendy better show up to work today. Gabi tells him to relax and enjoy his breakfast, so they do. Li comments that Rafe throwing Nicole’s pie in the trash tells him that he must really be done with her. Gabi adds that she hasn’t seen Rafe this bent up since Sami cheated on him with EJ. Gabi doesn’t get why all the women in town keep stomping all over Rafe’s heart and she thought Nicole would be different. Gabi talks about Rafe and Nicole being friends first and how she liked Nicole. Gabi mentions that she was rooting for them to get together when Rafe was with Ava. Gabi then remarks that she is not going to miss Ava. Li says he’s sorry for what happened to Rafe. Gabi says she’s just surprised and asks who knew Nicole would hurt Rafe worse than Ava.

Nicole finishes a work call as Chloe then arrives with coffee. Nicole is surprised Chloe had time to stop by with her big new job at DiMera Corporate. Chloe says one of the things she has to do at her new job is oversee Basic Black. Chloe declares that she got Kristen’s old job while Kristen got her man.

Brady goes to the Brady Pub and gives Eric a box of cigars, saying he hears there’s reason to congratulate him. Eric guesses Marlena told him about the baby but Brady reveals that Nicole did. Brady reminds him that Nicole is one of his best friends. Eric is glad they can talk. Eric says the baby is obviously a blessing and very exciting but it’s thrown them for a loop a little bit. Brady understands it complicates his reunion with Nicole. Brady asks what the deal is with Jada. Eric responds that it’s over but he’s glad she decided to have the baby and they can co-parent. Brady states that it’s going to be Eric, Nicole, Nicole’s kid, Jada, and their kid. Brady is sure it will be more complicated than they’d wish but Eric and Nicole will work it out.

Johnny questions Wendy not wanting him to come with her to confront Li. Wendy says she’ll be fine. Johnny asks what if Li panics. Wendy assures that Li would never hurt her. Johnny questions how she can be so sure after Dr. Rolf tried to drug them in Jakarta. Wendy argues that they don’t know if Dr. Rolf was ordered to do that or if he went rogue. Johnny wants to find out and suggests they go confront EJ but Wendy reminds him that they agreed to split up and tells him to stick to the plan of divide and conquer.

EJ enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and has a drink. Stefan is inside and asks if he’d rather have coffee, pointing out that he’s hungover. EJ remarks that he thinks he’s still drunk considering the amount he had yesterday. Stefan asks where this happened. EJ responds that he was at his mother’s crash site. Stefan asks if he was alone. EJ mentions that Rafe was with him for a bit, but then a bit later he saw Ava Vitali which Stefan questions. EJ says he was obviously hallucinating. Stefan says he’s sorry and he can’t imagine the pain he’s going through. Stefan tells EJ that if he needs anything, he’s there. EJ appreciates his kindness and says it was a great comfort that he and Chloe were there for him on the night it happened which was the worst night of his life. EJ tells him to send his gratitude to Chloe as well. Stefan agrees to let her know as he’s going to see her in a bit. EJ comments that Stefan and Chloe seem to be getting closer. Stefan admits that they are. EJ remarks that Gabi must be seething. Stefan confirms that Gabi is finding any opportunity to throw her wedding plans in his face. Stefan calls it a pathetic attempt to make him jealous. Stefan wishes Gabi would get it in her head that Chloe is the only woman on his mind.

Nicole tells Chloe that she knows her situation with Brady sucks, but suggests she imagine the look on Kristen’s face when she finds out that Chloe is still involved with Basic Black. Chloe mentions Brady thinking that Kristen had something to do with her promotion. Nicole asks what she thinks. Chloe says she was more interested in if Stefan had something to do with it, but Li said it was up to him and EJ. Nicole asks about Kristen. Chloe responds that Kristen apparently no longer works at DiMera, so she was given oversight of Basic Black to prove that. Chloe assures that she’s always suspicious of Kristen. Nicole still can’t believe that Brady broke up with Chloe and moved Kristen in to his home. Chloe talks about Brady thinking it’s what is best for Rachel. Chloe states that she and Brady have both moved on, so how Brady and Kristen raise their child is no longer her concern.

Eric jokes with Brady that he and Jada are not the first people to give co-parenting a shot. Brady compares it to their own family. Brady comments that raising a kid with an ex is not for everyone and doesn’t always make sense at all. Brady assures Eric that the only reason he moved Kristen in is it because it’s what’s best for their daughter. Eric questions there being no better option. Brady asks if he’d rather he move her in to the Kiriakis Mansion where she’d have another stab at Victor again. Eric admits he’s prefer that to Kristen going after Marlena again. Brady insists that he’s doing everything in his power to make sure that Kristen doesn’t hurt Marlena. Brady says they shouldn’t even be talking about him, because Eric is going to be a father. Brady tells him that this is going to change his life. Eric admits he’s scared, but happy, and he can’t stop thinking about it. Eric knows the circumstances are a little crazy, but he’s really happy.

Nicole asks if Chloe thinks she and Stefan are maybe moving a little fast. Chloe admits that her mother asked her the same thing, but she’s team Brady. Chloe complains that she’s not going to pine after some dude that wants to play house with the bride of Chucky. Chloe says that she and Stefan like each other and they are excited to see where things go. Nicole decides she is happy for her then. Nicole comments that they are both starting new chapters in their life as she reveals that she got back together with Eric, which surprises Chloe.

Gabi tells Li about Nicole leaving Rafe for her ex-husband and how Eric was the love of her life. Li thought their relationship was over and done with, questioning why she’d want to go backwards and rehash an old relationship when she had already made a commitment to someone else. Gabi questions if they are still talking about Rafe, or her, Li, and Stefan. Li admits that he can’t help but see the parallels since Nicole couldn’t stop obsessing about her ex since he came back. Gabi argues that they are nothing alike and questions him thinking that she’s obsessing. Gabi insists that once she got over the shock, she moved on with him. Gabi assures that she won’t make the same mistake as Nicole because Stefan is her past and Li is her future as they kiss. Li says he still has some extra time before work and they joke about checking out Gabi’s bedroom but they are interrupted by Wendy arriving. Gabi asks if everything is okay. Wendy responds that she needs to talk to her brother as it’s important.

Stefan tells EJ that the more time that he and Chloe spend together, the better it gets. Stefan sees a real future with her and thinks she feels the same way. EJ says that is wonderful to hear as he’s glad someone in the family has finally found happiness again. Stefan confirms that Chloe does make him happy. Stefan praises Chloe as strong and independent but also kind and compassionate. EJ calls Chloe a huge step up from Gabi. EJ talks about the lengths Gabi went to in order to take over DiMera Enterprises. Johnny then walks in and questions just how far EJ would go for control.

Gabi offers Wendy some pie but she says she’s not hungry. Wendy repeats that she really needs to talk to Li alone. Li complains that Wendy is being rude when this is Gabi’s home. Wendy says she’s sorry but it’s really important and can’t wait. Li tells Wendy to save it because Gabi already knows everything which Wendy questions. Li claims that he told Gabi exactly what she and Johnny have been up to.

EJ says thank God that Johnny is there as he’s been trying to reach him for days which Johnny questions. EJ informs him that he has something he needs to tell him. Johnny responds that he has something to tell him too. EJ says it will need to wait because this is important. Stefan decides to give them some privacy. Johnny says he doesn’t have to leave because of him but EJ says it’s best if they talk alone and thanks Stefan for understanding. Stefan then exits the room. Johnny comments that EJ sure was in a hurry to get Stefan out and questions if there’s something he didn’t want him to know. EJ responds that Stefan already knows and now unfortunately, he has to tell Johnny too. Johnny asks what is so important. EJ reveals he has some distressing news about his grandma Susan. Johnny asks if she’s okay. EJ then reveals that his grandmother is dead.

Eric asks Brady how Nicole was when he talked to her. Brady admits that she was a little on edge and that she said when Eric told her that Jada was pregnant, she stormed off and they hadn’t spoken since. Brady assumes that has changed. Eric confirms that he just spoke to her on the phone. Brady asks how Nicole took the news. Eric says he assured that nothing would change between them since he and Jada are having a baby but Nicole is the woman he loves and wants to be with, who will always have his heart.

Chloe questions Nicole ending her marriage with Rafe to get back with Eric. Nicole admits it wasn’t exactly in that order. Nicole brings up Chloe telling her for months to either commit to her marriage or end it. Nicole says she really tried to commit but when Eric came back to town, so did their connection. Chloe doesn’t think it ever left. Nicole admits she really messed up and instead of being brave and honest, she was a coward. Nicole knew that she was still in love with Eric when she married Rafe, so now Rafe is hurt, humiliated, and beyond angry and has every right to be. Chloe points out that Nicole didn’t set out to hurt Rafe while Eric didn’t set out to hurt Jada, but at least they aren’t married so their break up will be a lot easier. Nicole says not necessarily as she reveals that Jada is pregnant, so it won’t be such a clean break. Chloe is shocked and asks if Jada is keeping the baby. Nicole says she thinks so, but admits she might have advised her not to. Chloe questions Nicole telling Jada to have an abortion. Nicole says she would never do that, so Chloe asks what exactly she said. Nicole says she just pointed out that motherhood is a full time job and being tied to a man that’s in love with someone else is really difficult. Chloe points out that former couples raise children all the time. Nicole says that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Chloe says it’s still possible but Nicole argues that doesn’t mean they should do it. Chloe questions Nicole feeling like it was her place to tell Jada this. Nicole claims that if she was in Jada’s shoes, she would want someone to tell her. Chloe points out that it’s Jada’s life. Nicole claims that she was just trying to help encourage her to realize if this is something she really wants. Chloe questions her not having an agenda. Nicole talks about how hard it is to be a single mother and for Jada, it’s raising a baby with a man who broke up with her to be with a woman that she can’t stand. Chloe comments that people make it work. Nicole shouts that she will not lose Eric again. Chloe guesses that Nicole is afraid the baby will threaten her relationship with Eric. Nicole asks if she wouldn’t be, pointing out how Kristen used Rachel to come between Chloe and Brady. Chloe points out that Jada is no Kristen. Nicole complains that she and Eric have been through so much and are finally back together. Chloe points out that Eric didn’t get back with Jada after finding out about the baby. Nicole admits that Jada said she wasn’t going to fight for the relationship and Eric said the baby won’t change things. Nicole wants to believe that but no matter what Eric promises or how he intends for this to go, the truth is that when the baby is born, Jada and Eric will fall in love with it. Chloe points out that doesn’t mean with each other. Chloe assures that Eric loves Nicole, always has and always will. Nicole admits maybe she shouldn’t have said anything to Jada, but given the circumstances, she just thinks it’s best for everyone if there is no baby.

Brady encourages Eric that he and Nicole will work this out like they always do. Eric agrees that they can all raise a happy and healthy child who will be apart of a family that will love them unconditionally. Jada walks in to the Pub, so Eric greets her and introduces her to Brady. Brady congratulates Jada and says his daughter Rachel can’t wait to meet her new cousin. Brady talks about being an uncle and says to give him a call if they need anything. Jada thanks him and asks to talk to Eric. Brady congratulates them again and then exits the Pub. Eric comments on Brady’s excitement and asks what Jada wanted to talk about as he asks if everything is okay.

Johnny can’t believe Susan is dead and asks if he has told Sydney. EJ confirms that he called her at school this morning. Johnny asks how this happened. EJ reveals that Susan was kidnapped and held for ransom. EJ says he managed to track them down and they agreed to meet at the airfield where he would wire the ransom money for Susan’s release, but after the transfer went through, she turned the tables on him by dragging Susan away at gunpoint. EJ says he chased them, but she drove off the road. Johnny questions who did this. EJ reveals that it was Ava Vitali, which shocks Johnny.

Li comments on Wendy seeming surprised. Wendy says she is because she didn’t think he’d want Gabi to know about this. Li claims that he and Gabi have no secrets, so he told her what Wendy was up to the minute he found out which she questions. Li asks what Wendy has to say for herself. Gabi tells Li not to be so hard on his sister for playing hooky with a boy and calls it no big deal. Li argues that Wendy begged him for a promotion, finally gets one, and then takes off on the company jet. Gabi reminds Li that he said he wouldn’t overreact. Li complains that what Wendy did was outrageous, disrespectful, and irresponsible. Li brings up Wendy ignoring his calls and blowing off her new job. Wendy responds that she had a very good reason. Li says this ought to be memorable. Li thinks back to Dr. Rolf telling him that he was going to erase Wendy and Johnny’s memories. Li questions Wendy’s good reason for going to Indonesia with Johnny and why he shouldn’t fire her on the spot. Gabi encourages him to calm down. Li adds that his father is going to be furious about this. Gabi decides she will go get Li some herbal tea from the town square and hopes by the time she gets back, things will be straightened out, so she then exits. Li tells Wendy that she and Gabi have some girl power thing going, but she can’t save her from what’s coming. Wendy responds that she’s not the one that needs to worry about what’s coming. Li questions what she is talking about. Wendy reveals that it’s Gabi and Stefan, and what they are going to do when they find out what Li did to keep them apart.

Johnny questions Ava being dead which EJ confirms. Johnny calls it terrible and asks why Ava would even want to kidnap Susan. EJ calls her psychotic. EJ shouts that he tried to warn Johnny since he knew Ava was in the mafia. Johnny questions if EJ is blaming him and argues that Ava had put that behind her. EJ says obviously not as she was more than capable of vicious, homicidal acts. EJ then admits that Johnny couldn’t have known that Ava would take it that far. Johnny admits that he was stubborn, stupid, and wouldn’t listen. Johnny brings up that EJ banished Ava from Salem to protect him, but he fought him on it and defended Ava. EJ assures it had nothing to do with Johnny and was all about getting revenge on him. Johnny feels if he hadn’t got involved with Ava, none of it would’ve happened. EJ insists that it’s not his fault. Johnny tells EJ that he’s so sorry as they hug. EJ calls Susan a very special person and says they will find a special way to honor her. Johnny brings up Susan being the first person to realize when he was possessed. EJ comments on the Devil trying to erase her memory which Johnny remarks is kind of like EJ wanted Dr. Rolf to do to him in Jakarta.

Nicole shows Chloe her and Eric’s modeling photos. Chloe calls them the perfect couple and says the pictures are amazing. Stefan then arrives and jokes with her. Chloe asks how he knew she was there. Stefan says her assistant told him and asks if she’s too busy for breakfast. Chloe says she might can squeeze him in. Stefan invites Nicole to join but she tells them to go ahead since she has a lot of work to catch up on. Chloe tells Nicole that she will call her later and then exits with Stefan.

Gabi walks through the town square, telling herself that she has to get back to Li before he goes nuclear on his sister. Gabi then stops when she sees Stefan and Chloe sitting together in the town square. Chloe asks Stefan how EJ is doing. Stefan admits he’s not well as he got drunk yesterday at the site where Susan was killed and thought he saw Ava. Chloe is sure no one could have survived that. Stefan mentions Johnny being with EJ when he left. Chloe hopes it was a big comfort to have his son nearby…

EJ questions Johnny hurling ridiculous accusations at him after Susan died. Johnny says he’s sorry but it doesn’t change what he tried to do to him and Wendy. EJ questions what the hell Wendy has to do with this. Johnny informs EJ that he and Wendy went to Jakarta together to track down Dr. Rolf and they found him, so he knows everything. EJ questions what he thinks he knows. Johnny accuses EJ of telling Dr. Rolf to inject them with some memory erasing drug, but he didn’t because they stopped him. EJ asks if he’s sure he didn’t take any drugs because they sounds preposterous. Johnny shouts that it’s over and he can stop pretending, because they know what he tried to do to Stefan.

Li asks if Wendy is sure she’s feeling okay since jet lag can cause confusion. Wendy asks Li if he ordered Dr. Rolf to inject her and Johnny with a memory erasing drug. Li laughs that off and calls it absurd. Wendy says almost as absurd as him telling Dr. Rolf to brainwash Stefan in to hating Gabi so he could have her for himself. Wendy tells Li that despite his best efforts, she and Johnny still remember everything that Dr. Rolf told them. Wendy guesses from the look on Li’s face, that Dr. Rolf was clearly telling the truth.

Brady goes to Basic Black and finds Nicole, saying he thought he would find her here. Nicole asks where else she would be since she has no home and that’s her own fault. Brady brings up staying with Eric which Nicole points out would be right next door to his baby mama. Brady knows that could be awkward. Nicole asks if he’s talked to Eric. Brady confirms he just came from the Pub and that Eric loves her more than anything in the world. Brady adds that Eric is over the moon that they are back together. Nicole remarks that Eric is also over the moon that Jada is keeping the baby. Brady admits that Eric is looking forward to becoming a father and knows that’s hard for Nicole. Nicole calls it reality and guesses it’s something she has to get used to.

Eric sits with Jada in the Pub. Eric talks about buying books and wanting to know everything he can about the baby. Eric talks about how excited he is that Jada decided to keep the baby and for being a father. Jada then stops him and reveals there is no baby.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Interview with “Reindeer in Here” producers

TV Interview!

Candace Cameron Bure, Adam Reed and Lino DiSalvo

Interview with Candace Cameron Bure, Adam Reed and Lino DiSalvo of “Reindeer In Here” on CBS by Suzanne 11/3/22

This is a really good animated Christmas special on CBS. I hope you watch it! This panel was fun but a little confusing at first because they didn’t tell us who would be there, and they put up a photo of the cast right beforehand, which made me think that the cast would all be on the panel. However, most of them weren’t, so that was also disappointing. I was the one asking the first question here, and I was using my tablet, which sometimes only shows part of the panel on the screen if it’s a large group, so that’s why I asked if there were more.  Also, one of the panel members has said some controversial remarks since this panel occurred.  I hope that no one foregoes watching the special because of her. She plays a very minor role, and the special is very good. It’s based on a book, or series of books, and a new one is coming out, so it has that product tie-in, along with the toys they mentioned.

Here’s the transcript of the panel!



Candace Cameron Bure

 Adam Reed, Executive Producer/Creator

 Lino DiSalvo, Executive Producer/Director

 Virtual via Zoom

November 03, 2022

© 2022 CBS.  All rights reserved.

TRACEY RAAB:  Hi, there.  I’m Tracey Raab from the CBS communications team.  And on behalf of our entire group, we want to thank you for joining us for our holiday collection press day.  We’re excited to be adding even more content into our already robust annual slate of animated specials, movies, concerts, and more.  Today we have some first looks and great panels on deck and, at the end of our presentation, a sneak peek at a special one‑hour holiday episode of our hit comedy “Ghosts.”

Hopefully you all saw the announcements this morning for the cast of our newest animated Christmas special, “Reindeer in Here,” and information on a few of our annual traditions:  “A Home for the Holidays,” “The Thanksgiving Day Parade,” and the “National Christmas Tree Lighting.”  Also, we have two special episodes of “The Greatest At-Home Videos” for Thanksgiving and the holidays, hosted by Cedric the Entertainer, airing November 11th and December 16th.

Throughout the day, please check your inboxes for a link to video content we hope you will share on your social platforms.  And finally, a reminder to use the raise hand function to ask a question during our sessions.  We will now begin with our first panel, “Reindeer in Here.”  Enjoy.

(Clip played.)

KATE FISHER:  Hi, everybody.  I’m Kate Fisher.  On behalf of myself and my counterpart, Victoria Saavedra, we’d like to welcome you to the “Reindeer in Here” panel.  We’re so excited to share a sneak peek today of our new animated holiday entry, a heartwarming tale featuring Blizzard or Blizz, a young reindeer living at the North Pole who bands together with his unique group of friends to save the future of Christmas.

The animation and story line are truly unique, and the special is a wonderful addition to our holiday slate.  The special premieres Tuesday, November 29th, on CBS and will stream live and on demand on Paramount+.

Now, please welcome our panelists, star Candace Cameron Bure, executive producer and creator Adam Reed, and executive producer and director Lino DiSalvo.  I’ll turn it over to Adam first for some opening remarks and a sneak peek at a scene from the special before taking your questions.  Over to you, Adam.

ADAM REED:  Hey, everybody.  Thanks for having us.  We’re super thrilled to be here.  You know, just a little quick back story.  When I sat down six years ago to write this book, it was out of a need for my own family that I couldn’t find a positive Christmas tradition that also didn’t stress me out as a parent.  And so I really kind of sat down and tried to write a story that I felt would be unique and different and you would fall in love with the characters at the most magical time of year and hopefully someday become a Christmas classic.

And when I sat down with my illustrator and we were looking at different reindeers, because, of course, reindeer are the most magical thing outside of Santa, there was one reindeer that we focused on specifically, and that one reindeer had one antler smaller than the other.  And that is the hero of our story, Blizzard or Blizz.  And the reason is because he’s a different reindeer.  Right?  And every child at some point in their life feels different, because being different is normal, and our film celebrates the uniqueness of every child and of course shows that Christmas wishes really do come true.

And I will tell you my Christmas wish has come true because I know we announced our amazing ‑‑ our amazing cast this morning.  I’m so thrilled to have Adam Devine, Henry Winkler, Candace Cameron Bure, Jo Koy, Donald Faison, Melissa Villaseñor, and of course Jim Gaffigan as Santa.  So we are so thrilled to be here.

And just to toss to the clip, you’re going to see a little moment here that has almost all of our main characters in it.  It has a little bit of funny, a little bit of emotion, and a lot of heart.  And we hope you enjoy.

(Clip played.)

KATE FISHER:  We’re so thrilled to start taking your questions.  As a reminder, if you have a question, please raise your hand in the chat feature and unmute yourself.

QUESTION:  Hey.  Thanks for talking to us today.  Is ‑‑ I can only see four of you on the screen.  Is everybody else there?  Or is it just the four of you?

KATE FISHER:  Just the four of us for this panel.

QUESTION:  Oh, okay.  I was confused.  Sorry.

So how long did it take to make this special?  I really enjoyed it, by the way.  I thought it was very cute and clever.  How long did it take to make?  And how long did it take for the actors to work on their voices?

LINO DISALVO:  Adam, you’re muted.

KATE FISHER:  Adam, you’re still muted.  I should remind the panelists ‑‑

ADAM REED:  Apologies.  Sorry, guys.  You know, how long did it take us to make and how long should we have had to make, two different things.  Lino, over to you on this one.

LINO DISALVO:  Yeah.  So we did this in about 13 months.  And, you know, you always wish you had a little bit more time, but 13 months.  And we had actors ‑‑ well, the thing is, is that going back and forth in total, from casting and finding just the right actors, I would say three ‑‑ three weeks, four weeks.

ADAM REED:  And by the way ‑‑ and Candace can speak to this.  You know, typically, before COVID times, we would be in the VO booth with all of our actors working with them.  And of course, you know, during COVID times, we can’t do that.  So everything was recorded remotely.  Candace, do you want to talk about that a second?

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Oh, sure.  Well, we did, I mean, lots of work on the computer over Zoom first, but then went into the recording booth solo.  And you guys were all on monitors in the booth with me.  And it was really only a day, day and a half, maybe, of working on that.  So much fun.

cast of "Reindeer in Here" on CBS

QUESTION:  And does that include all the animation as well?

LINO DISALVO:  Yeah, the animation was about ‑‑ was about eight months.

QUESTION:  Cool.  Thank you.

LINO DISALVO:  You’re welcome.

QUESTION:  For Adam, I can’t help noticing that this is the exact opposite of Archer in so many ways.  I mean, Archer just ripples with cynicism, and this is the precise opposite.  So what was it like to go from one to the other?  And which one of those two is really you?

ADAM REED:  Well, here’s what I’ll tell you.  I’m actually not the Adam Reed that created Archer.  That is a different Adam Reed, and that Adam Reed and I always get confused.  He gets my e‑mails; he gets ‑‑ and I get his e‑mails.  So very, very different.  So luckily, to answer your question, this is my only baby.

QUESTION:  Okay.  And let me ask you, what’s it like for so often people to assume you’re the other Adam Reed?  Do you enjoy that or is it weird?

ADAM REED:  No, look, we were at the same agency for a long time, and we’ve never actually met.  So, you know, it’s just kind of funny.

QUESTION:  Okay, thanks.

QUESTION:  Hi.  Question for Lino.  Obviously you’ve been a head of animation before this, but I believe this is your first time as director.  I was curious to know how different that responsibility has been for you being that you used to lead a team of just animators and now you’re managing the whole pipeline.

LINO DISALVO:  Yeah.  I love it.  I mean, especially that ‑‑ I think when you find a script that speaks to you and feels honest to you and you can relate to the characters, it’s really enjoyable.  It’s wonderful.  I mean, you know, the team that I was leading at Disney was ‑‑ you know, I would oversee a couple hundred people, and I think the crew on our show was less than 200 people.  So, listen, I loved it.  Like, as an animator becoming a director and working on a holiday movie, dude, I’m thrilled.  I loved it.

QUESTION:  Okay.  Thank you.

LINO DISALVO:  Thank you.

QUESTION:  Hi.  Thanks, Kate.  Hi, everyone.  Candace, you’ve obviously got a lot going on this holiday season, like a lot.  And you’re very associated with another network these days.  Do you have a special ‑‑ I don’t know if the word is “out” or “out clause” or whatever ‑‑ in your deal with them that if something like this comes up that’s animation only, it’s okay for you to do it for another firm?  And also, did this fit in comfortably with everything else that you’ve got going for this holiday season?

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  So to answer your question, yes.  Obviously I’m in the project, so I was ‑‑ I was able to do it.  And it’s been a huge dream of mine for a very long time to be in something animated that’s very special.  And it was so fitting to ‑‑ for my first animated movie to be in a Christmas one.  So that was very exciting for me.  And I’m forgetting the second part of your question.

QUESTION:  I’m sorry.  The “yes” part was to that you have a special out clause with the other network in terms of doing something with animation?  Was that what the “yes” was for?  I’m sorry.  Was that ‑‑ there were two questions.  I’m sorry.  The “yes” that you gave was to the question about ‑‑

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Oh, that, yes, I was able to do this project.  And, yep.

QUESTION:  And then the other question was ‑‑ I guess the “yes” takes care of both of those.  Thank you.


QUESTION:  We’re good.  Thank you.

ADAM REED:  And can I say one thing that is super important?  When we started concepting this movie and how it was going to be, the first person we had in mind was Candace.  She is obviously the queen of Christmas and just an amazing human being.  And so when we created the roles, we ‑‑ you know, she literally was the first person we thought of.  And she is so incredible at this role, there is even a little Pinky plush that ‑‑


ADAM REED:  ‑‑ everyone is going to love.  That is her character and as amazing as she is.

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Adam, thank you.  That was so sweet.  I have the little Pinky plush right here.  All my nieces are going to get this.  And godchildren.

And, yes, I ‑‑ you know, I did remember the second part of your question, if this movie was fitting into all of the other things that I’m doing.  And the answer to that is yes.  This movie is such a beautiful story that’s so heartwarming and so encouraging to kids to celebrate our uniqueness, and I just ‑‑ I absolutely love it as a mom first and what the message sends.  And then of course as an actress, it was just delightful to be in.

QUESTION:  Thank you.

QUESTION:  Hi, everyone.  Thanks so much.  I love the special.  My two‑year‑old daughter has a little reindeer in here.  Her name is Ida.

ADAM REED:  Oh, I love that.

QUESTION:  And, yeah, we’ve had her since last year.  So she was home sick yesterday, so she actually watched the screener with me, and then all day today, she wants to watch the Ida movie.  So I really ‑‑ it was really great.

But I was just wondering, did you ‑‑ because the book is done in, like, obviously a different animation style than the show.  Were other animation styles considered when you did the special?

ADAM REED:  Well, I want to toss that to Lino in a second.  The only thing I want to say is you will see very quickly this year there’s a new vision of the book and plush set.  So the art is elevated.  It’s a completely new and fresh look.  And it was very important that we not only elevate it, but we kept it classic.  And when Lino and I first started talking, we wanted to have ‑‑ look, for us, we want this to be a Christmas classic, right?  To outlive us all, like Rudolph.  So for us, we wanted something that was contemporary but also had classical feels to it and felt hand‑painted.  And I got to give Lino all the credit for that.  He was the one that said, “Look, it’s CG‑looking, but we’re going to hand‑paint all these elements.”

Lino, can you give some context to that?

LINO DISALVO:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I wanted to capture the charm of the illustrations from the new book that’s coming out.  So, you know, a lot of times in CG, you’ll put this default fur on a character, and it’s very challenging to art‑direct the silhouette of the characters.  The two things that’s very common and which makes illustration so appealing is when you handcraft and suggest fur in silhouette, you do the little drawings of a tuft of fur on the elbow.

So you’ll see ‑‑ when you watch Blizz, you’ll notice that he has these little hero elements on him that really stand out and are really handcrafted.  And the other is a lot of the times, you know, when two textures meet on a CG character, they kind of blend together.  And I wanted to celebrate, again, what the illustration ‑‑ what illustration artists would do, which is maybe use a dry blush to blend in the textures.  So when you look at Blizz again, if you look at his nose, like at the top of his nose, there’s a dry brush stroke there.

And, yeah, I really love the idea that the movie is handcrafted and very high quality.  We take pride in that.

ADAM REED:  And by the way, if you want to be mom of the year, have Ida bring a special new gift, there is ‑‑ we have “Reindeer in Here” PJs this year and blankets.  Yeah, at Target.  So they just ‑‑ they just launched and they’re pretty awesome.  So maybe an early little Thanksgiving gift from Ida.

QUESTION:  Very cool.  Thank you.

QUESTION:  Certainly.  It’s a question for Candace.  I’m wondering how you ‑‑ you found the voice.  I mean, it’s not that very different from your own voice, but, yet, it does have a distinctness to it.  How did you find the voice for the character?

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Well, that was ‑‑ that was Lino.  Really, I didn’t know if I was ‑‑ if they even wanted me to try a different kind of voice.  And we worked on that, and they initially were like, “No, we just ‑‑ we really want your voice.”  I think my voice is distinctive.  I hear a lot from people on the street that they’re not sure if it’s me when they see me, but as soon as they hear my voice, they instantly know that it’s me.  And so they really did want my voice.  So it was just really working on the delivery of the lines and the little nuances of how we wanted her to be.

And I feel like ‑‑ I feel like Pinky, she’s that ‑‑ she’s that friend that tells it straight, but she has a little bit of a motherly quality to her, or that big sister quality, that she’s still gentle in speaking the truth.

QUESTION:  Well, it’s a charming character.


KATE FISHER:  We have another question actually for Adam.  Adam, what has been your favorite part about bringing the book to life?

ADAM REED:  Oh, my gosh.  That’s a great question.  Truly, that we get the opportunity to ‑‑ for everybody in the world to see this.  For every child at the most magical time of year to celebrate their uniqueness and their differences, to me, is the most important thing.  And certainly my Christmas wish, the only thing I ever wished for was that ‑‑ at some point in every child’s life, they feel different, and to celebrate those uniquenesses at the most magical time of year is all I could wish for, and the fact that this is happening is just all still surreal.

KATE FISHER:  Thank you.  And a question actually for Candace.  What was one of the defining reasons you agreed to be part of the animated movie?

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Well, one of my ‑‑ my longtime friends ‑‑ I have a very close friendship with Jonathan Koch, who’s a part of this movie.  And then meeting with Adam.  They ‑‑ I talked to both of them, and I was very excited once I heard about the project.  But after I read the script, I was like, “Oh, I’m in.  Please.  Anything.  Like, anything that I can do, I would love to be a part of it.”

QUESTION:  Thank you.  Candace, I’m just curious.  We know you so well for all these holiday projects.  Has this been a case of you just wanting to do that because you love Christmas so much?  Or do you find that when people start talking about Christmas projects, they think of you automatically?  And is there a point where you ever went, “Gosh, I’d just like to do an Arbor Day movie”?


CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Christmas truly is my favorite holiday of the year.  I’m a woman of faith, so there’s no bigger holiday than to celebrate Christmas.  I love that I’ve become synonymous with Christmas because of the movies that I’ve done over the past 15 years.  So it’s a great joy for me.

But, again, I’ve dreamed of being a part of a classic animated movie for a very long time.  And when I was ‑‑ was offered and pitched this project, it was just, I mean, even more magical for the fact that it was Christmas and it’s for children.  I ‑‑ you know, I’m a mom of three and I’ve written several children’s books myself.

So all ‑‑ just the culmination of everything was a no‑brainer and ‑‑ and just a delight to be a part of.  So I’m ‑‑ I’m happy ‑‑ I’m happy to be, you know, a part of people’s Christmas traditions hopefully for years to come.

QUESTION:  Thank you.

QUESTION:  Yes.  For Candace, when you do a regular holiday film, you’re dressed up in the holiday outfits and your makeup, and you’ve got the surroundings of Christmas.  How did you get yourself into the holiday spirit for doing this when it’s ‑‑ it wasn’t all decorated ‑‑ set wasn’t decorated?

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Oh, well, this was so exciting for me.  I remember leaving the booth where ‑‑ after recording the voices, and I was just like on the biggest high from recording these.  I don’t think I need to have the surroundings of Christmas to feel like I’m in the Christmas spirit.  I feel like I’m in Christmas 24/7 because I’m constantly ‑‑ you know, 365 days a year, because I’m always reading Christmas scripts and always developing the next Christmas movies, whether I’m starring in them or producing them.

But it was ‑‑ animation is just a whole different ball game and very new for me.  So to be able to voice a character, to see some images on a screen, but then work with such an incredible director as Lino who really just pulled all different kinds of just different performances out of me through the character was so incredibly exciting.  And I think that was ‑‑ that’s a challenge as an actor when you are in front of the camera and you’re not used to doing things off camera.  Everything about your voice has to change because people don’t get to see your facial expressions.  They don’t get to see your hand movements.  And I’m a big ‑‑ I move.  I had to move around that room.  I had to move around the booth and really perform it as an actor.  But you have to make sure that it all carries through your voice and you can’t rely on your body.

KATE FISHER:  Thank you so much.  I’m just going to ask Adam to maybe make a few final remarks to close our panel.

ADAM REED:  Sure.  Look, Candace and Lino and everybody at CBS, thank you.  Look, this movie and the “Reindeer in Here” tradition is really to celebrate the uniqueness of every child and show that Christmas wishes really do come true, not only at the most magical time of year, but year‑round.  And this movie, we have created not only to be a Christmas classic that I hope outlives us all, but also is meant for the whole family.  This is not just for children.  It is funny.  It works for adults.  It works for children.  You can really sit down with your entire family.  And the adults will pick up on things that children don’t, and maybe vice versa.  But we really hope you enjoy.  And thank you, everybody.  I’d encourage you to watch the whole film.  And thanks for having us.  We’re excited to share this tradition with the world.

KATE FISHER:  Thank you so much to our panelists and journalists for participating in our “Reindeer in Here” panel.

MORE INFO: Trailer

"Reindeer in Here" key art Celebrate the holiday season with a festive new special full of adventure and cheer for the whole family! “Reindeer in Here®,” a new one-hour animated holiday special, will premiere Tuesday, Nov. 29 on cbs Photo: CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Highest quality screengrab available.


Cast Led by Adam Devine, Jim Gaffigan, Melissa Villaseñor, Henry Winkler, Candace Cameron Bure, Donald Faison, Jo Koy, Gabriel Bateman and Brooke Monroe Conaway

Click HERE for REINDEER IN HERE Voice Cast Graphic

CBS announced today the star-studded voices behind the new CBS Original animated holiday special REINDEER IN HERE®, which premieres Tuesday, Nov. 29 (9:01-10:01 PM, PT/ET), on the CBS Television Network and will be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. The one-hour special, filled with joy and magic for the whole family, will immediately follow the beloved holiday classic RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER (8:00-9:01 PM, ET/PT).

REINDEER IN HERE’s cast includes Adam Devine voicing Blizzard “Blizz;” Jim Gaffigan voicing Santa; Melissa Villaseñor voicing Candy; Henry Winkler voicing Smiley; Candace Cameron Bure voicing Pinky; Donald Faison voicing Bucky; Jo Koy voicing Hawk; Gabriel Bateman voicing Theo; and Brooke Monroe Conaway voicing Isla.

Based on the award-winning Christmas book and plush set created by acclaimed author Adam Reed, written for the screen by Greg Erb & Jason Oremland, and directed by former head of animation for Walt Disney Animation Studios Lino DiSalvo, REINDEER IN HERE is the heartwarming story of how Blizzard (Blizz), a young reindeer who has one antler that is significantly smaller than the other, and his unique group of friends band together to save the future of Christmas. In doing so, they unknowingly create a magical holiday tradition like none other.

Full Press Release

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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"Reindeer in Here" on CBS

GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Gladys and Jordan are both upset with Alexis for publishing the letter the Hook Attacker sent to her in The Invader. Jordan is very upset that Alexis wrote that the prime suspect in the hook attacks is Esme Prince. Gladys is upset that as family of a victim she wasn’t told that Esme was a suspect in the hook attacks. Gladys calls the phone number that Selina Wu gave her to ask for a seat at the next poker game.

Sasha has memories of Brandon as she spends her first Thanksgiving without him. Chase finally asks Brook Lynn why she never wrote the letter to the police review board to help him get back his job.

The Quartermaine’s Thanksgiving bad luck continues as Olivia thinks she ordered a ready to eat turkey from a French company but what she ordered is a live turkey. Leo won’t let them kill Mr. Waddle so the Quartermaine’s once again order pizza for their traditional Thanksgiving dinner

Mac and Robert think Holly is at a trapping cabin on the Canadian border. Holly doesn’t want to surrender to the police and she accidentally knocks over lantern which rolls by the fireplace and catches fire and after a few minutes the entire cabin erupts into flames. The audience sees someone get out of the cabin. The person is engulfed in flames and flaying their arms trying to extinguish the flames on their body. Robert cries because he has lost Holly again.

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GH cast animated GIF

GH Update Monday, November 28, 2022

p align=”center”>General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Jordan phoned Mac and instructed him to secure Ava’s cooperation in their quest to locate Esme. Mac looked over at Kevin and Ava, at the Metro Court and made his way to their table. Mac told Ava that he needed her help in catching Esme. Kevin backed Mac up and said that they believed Ryan Chamberlain was likely to know Esme’s whereabouts. They both believed that if anyone was likely to somehow get Ryan to slip up and reveal information it would be Ava. Ava listened intently to their plan and agreed to it without the slightest hesitation. Mac told her to take some time to consider it and she said that she didn’t need any time.  She said she wanted to protect Trina from Esme and added that she wanted Esme to “rot.”

At General Hospital, T.J. told Diane and Jordan that Robert was “sleeping it off” although he was waiting for the results of the tox screen. Jordan said that she was convinced that Robert had been drugged, and T.J. ordered a rush on the tox screen. In his room, Robert awakened, and Diane was sitting with him. Diane refreshed his memory about the tequila shots and the reaction she believed he had to them.  She also filled him in on his strange behavior and the trip to his room with Holly. Diane added that she had given the WSB his message. Robert suddenly realized that his briefcase was gone and Diane confirmed that he had not been in possession of it when he stumbled off the elevator at the Metro Court. He said, “get Ashford in here……now.”  Diane rushed to get Jordan.

Dante paid a visit to Heather at Spring Ridge. As he was led into her cell, he found her painting. Heather asked Dante if he wanted to model for her. Dante revealed that he was there to question her about the transport crash. Heather offered to tell him for a price. Dante admitted that he couldn’t make a deal, but he thought that if she provided information, it would help her later.

Heather refused, and Dante told her she’d have plenty of time to perfect her painting in prison. He knocked on the door for the guard to let him out, and Heather frowned. She later banged on the door and requested a phone call.

Elsewhere at Spring Ridge, a caregiver attempted to read stories of interest from the newspaper to Ryan. He noted that there had been no new developments on the hook killer, and that Anna DeVane was still on the run.

Laura and Scott chatted while standing in Rice Plaza. They talked about family, and Laura noted her intention to locate Lucy’s real shooter to bring them to justice. Holly sat on a bench nearby and overheard their conversation. Laura and Scott made their way to the bench, and Holly said she had seen a woodchuck floating up into the air. She noted that she was waiting for a ride-share because she had business to tend to. She said she hadn’t expected to see so much activity around her.  Laura and Scott were perplexed that Holly would be working on the night before Thanksgiving. Scott received a phone call from Heather and walked off sounding annoyed.  Laura insisted that she drive Holly to her meeting with her contact rather than leave Holly alone waiting for a ride-share.  Laura said that she would not take no for an answer.  Holly reluctantly agreed. Laura and Holly couldn’t believe that Scott had taken the phone call from Heather and agreed it couldn’t be good. 

Esme let out a scream but quickly apologized to “Ace” in her locked room at Wyndemere. The door opened, and Elizabeth walked in. She announced that she was there to help Esme. She checked Esme’s vitals and told Esme that stress was bad for the baby. Elizabeth instructed Esme to take her pregnancy seriously and gave her some prenatal vitamins to take once a day. Esme begged Elizabeth to tell Nikolas to let her go.  Elizabeth said that living at Wyndemere was preferable to life behind bars at Pentonville, which is definitely where Esme would be headed if she were discovered.

After Elizabeth had gone, Esme wondered what her daddy would do. She had a vision of Ryan sitting on her bed, and she complained and argued about her situation. “Use the baby,” he said. He urged her to toss the vitamins out and refuse to take care of herself. Esme thought she could lose her leverage if she lost the baby, but Ryan assured her that the baby was her only leverage. Esme dumped most of the pills and figured that Elizabeth would bring her more. Downstairs, Nikolas left a phone message for Ava and told her he loved her. The doorbell rang, and Nikolas was irritated to see Victor standing there with all his luggage. Victor announced to Nikolas that tonight was the night he had decided to move in. Nikolas tried to tell him it wasn’t a good time, but Victor stated that there had been a development. He said he needed some extra security and he wanted to prepare the family for what was to come. Victor said that Nikolas and Spencer were the only ones he could trust, and he wanted Nikolas to “get his house in order.”

Victor poured drinks and handed Nikolas a glass. He told Nikolas that he would pick out his suite in the north tower. “No!” Nikolas shouted. He quickly told his uncle that the ongoing renovations were nowhere near complete and that Victor would have to stay in the south tower. Victor complained about the views in the south tower, left the room and closed the doors. “What the hell, Nikolas?” Elizabeth said. She wondered if Nikolas was trying to get caught. Elizabeth told Nikolas that Esme was doing well, even though she should have had prenatal care. Victor returned to the room and Elizabeth departed because being there with Victor obviously gave her the creeps.

Nikolas claimed that Elizabeth had shown up to talk because she’d had a rough time. Victor didn’t believe Nikolas and said that he was at least pleased to see Nikolas acting like a single man again. Victor then received a message and left to make a call. He was angry to hear that Holly had vanished.

Scott visited Heather, and she cried about Franco’s death. She said that Dante had stopped by to question her, so she knew that she was valuable. She added that she knew who had helped Anna to escape.  Heather wanted to make a deal with Scott.  He would help her get paroled from the prison and then she would sue Port Charles for millions claiming the prisoner transport crash had caused permanent damage to her neck.

Scott assured Heather that no judge would ever grant her release and that no one would ever take her seriously because she was a “crackpot.”  Heather implored him to think twice because she never forgot her friends, or her enemies.  “Neither do I,” Scott replied and he knocked on the door to be released.

Ava and Mac bumped into Dante at Spring Ridge when they arrived to see Ryan, and they gave Dante an update. Ava spotted Ryan and headed over to him. She told Ryan that Esme had been her attacker. “The audacity!” she exclaimed. She wondered if Ryan would like to help her get back at Esme for trying to take what was his.

Back at General Hospital, Robert tried to unhook his I.V. and other lines while T.J. sat with him. Robert was in a full-on panic because he had lost the necklace and was worried for Holly’s safety. T.J. told Robert that he couldn’t leave. Diane and Jordan arrived, and Jordan announced that some footage from Metro Court had been reviewed, and Holly appeared to be fine. She asked why Holly would do such a thing. Robert appeared to want to say something, but Jordan received a phone call and left. Diane surmised that Holly had stolen the necklace and drugged him. She added that she knew he was in trouble. Robert denied everything and Diane begged him not to let Holly drag him down with her.

In the car, Laura and Holly discussed her mother and the fact that Kevin was working. She thought that Holly’s memory would return, and she asked what agency Holly was working for. Holly responded that it was classified. Laura received a phone call from Jordan, but before she could tell Jordan who she was with, Jordan began to talk over the speakerphone. Jordan said that Robert had been attacked and that the attacker had the missing necklace in Robert’s briefcase. Laura realized what was happening but before she could react, Holly disconnected the call and held Laura at gunpoint.

Laura admitted that she had suspected all along that Holly and Deputy Mayor Ashby were on Victor’s payroll. When Holly told Laura to exit the freeway Laura refused to follow any of Holly’s commands.

Later, Holly and Laura were shown standing on the side of the road by an exit sign. While Holly held her gun in Laura’s direction, she grabbed Laura’s phone and called Kevin. She tossed the phone on the ground and ran. Laura picked up the phone and told Kevin where she was. She told Kevin that Holly had stolen her car and advised him to tell Jordan that Holly was armed and dangerous.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Victor asks Chance about the problems he is having in his marriage to Abby. Chance explains to Victor that Abby thinks he is prioritizing his job over his marriage. Chance doesn’t tell Victor that Abby cheated on him with Devon but does tell Victor he should talk to Abby. Victor advises Chance to fight for his marriage because family is all that matters in life.

Devon and Abby talk and Devon tells Abby his relationship with Amanda ended because they grew apart and, in retrospect, he felt it coming when Amanda’s mother got sick. Devon tells Abby to talk to Chance and try to save her marriage but, if she and Chance do break up, he is confident she and Chance will find a way to co-parent Dominic.

Billy helps Chelsea get through a panic attack where she is having depressing thoughts. Billy encourages Chelsea to tell Chloe what happened so she can have the support of her best friend. Chelsea tells Chloe everything that she has gone through and she feels Chloe understands her pain. Chloe agrees to be Sally’s partner in her new business. Lily is upset with Billy because she feels he left all of his responsibilities because he gets, an adrenaline rush from saving Chelsea.

Billy thinks Lily is finally being honest and admitting that she is upset because he left Chancellor Winters and she is holding a because he left the company. Billy thinks that Lily is the one that has a savior complex and doesn’t know what to do with herself since he doesn’t need her to save him anymore.

Victoria asks Nate to go with her on a business trip to Los Angeles next week.

Chance tells Abby they should get a divorce as soon as possible and move on with their lives.

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Y&R cast animation

Days Update Monday, November 28, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jack returns home to find Gwen working on her laptop. Jack calls out to Gwen which startles her and she quickly shuts her laptop. Gwen thought Jack was spending Thanksgiving with Chad and the kids in New York. Jack responds that he did as Jennifer’s brother Mike and Nancy had them all over for dinner. Jack reveals that Mike and Nancy are now seeing each other. Gwen asks if that’s a good thing. Jack calls Mike a good guy and a step above Clyde Weston for Nancy. Gwen is glad Jack got to be with family today as she’s sure the holidays are especially painful. Jack responds that’s why he came back to work. Gwen asks if he’s checking up on her at the Spectator. Jack points out that Gwen was working away when he came in and asks if it’s a big story. Gwen responds that it could be. Jack comments that Gwen slammed the laptop shut as soon as she saw him, almost as if she didn’t want him to see what she was working on.

Xander asks if Sarah is joking but Sarah responds that it’s a serious question as she asks if he kidnapped Bonnie and Susan.

Tony calls EJ and leaves a message for him to call him back as he’s worried about him and doesn’t want him to do anything reckless. Tony then hears the door and hangs up but Chad arrives and says he’s sorry to disappoint. Tony responds that he was just hoping he was EJ as he is worried about him.

EJ finishes drinking at the cliff and gets up to walk away when he hears a noise. EJ calls out for his mother as he looks in the direction of the sound but Ava emerges, who says it’s not his mother. EJ argues that she’s dead but Ava tells him to guess again.

Gwen tells Jack that the article is about Paulina Price. Jack argues that every newspaper in the country is covering that story. Jack points out that Gwen is right here in Salem and could scoop every other paper. Gwen points out that she’s not a seasoned reporter. Jack asks if she’s afraid she isn’t up to the task and if that’s why she wouldn’t let him see her draft. Gwen says no but then says yes, noting that there is something more to it. Jack questions what she isn’t telling him. Gwen responds that Chad doesn’t want her writing about Paulina and Chanel. Jack argues that Chad has no business telling her what to write about and declares that he will take care of this right now. Gwen stops him and informs him that there is more as she reveals that she told Chad that she would do what he wants.

Tony asks why Chad dropped by as he thought he was spending the holiday in New York. Chad responds that he was and the kids are still there as Jennifer promised to take them for more holiday fun. Tony questions Chad not joining them. Chad admits he wanted to come check on EJ after he heard what happened to Susan.

Xander questions Sarah thinking he kidnapped two women. Sarah brings up what Xander told her after he quit his job, about how his boss asked him to do something illegal but he wouldn’t tell her what and was very vague. Sarah says she knows Xander is holding back something big. Sarah brings up the look on his face when she was watching the news report. Xander responds that he was just shocked because he knows Susan and Bonnie. Sarah asks what his boss asked him to do. Xander claims that the company was going to bring in a new drug and claim that it wasn’t addictive when that’s a lie and he didn’t want to be part of something like that. Sarah says he didn’t tell her that. Sarah argues that the company needs to be stopped. Xander says he knew she’d say that which is why he didn’t want to tell her. Xander warns that she doesn’t know who his boss is and what she does to people that cross her. Sarah questions how Xander knows. Xander says from her talking. Sarah remarks that it doesn’t sound like an executive of a drug company, it sounds like Ava Vitali.

EJ questions if Ava is really here or if he’s drunk. Ava says she’s there and asks if he thought he could get rid of her that easily. EJ brings up how her car went off the cliff, exploded, and the fireman told him that no one could have made it out alive. Ava guesses that means she’s dead then and says it’s not that bad. Ava says maybe EJ would like to join her as she then pulls a gun on him.

Jack can’t believe that Chad would ask Gwen to bury a story this big and that Gwen would agree to do it. Gwen explains that her main source was her dodgy ex-former lawyer, Sloan Peterson, who said that she had all the dirt on Chanel’s arrest and promised an exclusive. Gwen adds that Sloan sent her everything that she sent to the district attorney, but Chad warned that if she didn’t fact check every word then the Spectator could be open to a libel suit and be put out of business. Jack questions Gwen deciding not to print it. Gwen responds that she’s still in the process of getting it vetted because she doesn’t want to cost the Spectator the exclusive story of the year but she doesn’t want to put her name on something that could be a lie, so she asks Jack what to do.

Alex and Stephanie continue kissing at their candle lit dinner in the Kiriakis Mansion. Alex suggests they move to a bed as they continue kissing until Maggie walks in. Maggie apologizes as she didn’t know they were in there. Stephanie gets up and hugs her, wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving. Alex comments that they were just having a little Thanksgiving dinner. Stephanie explains to Maggie that her parents are in Seattle with Tripp, so Alex invited her over to share leftovers. Maggie comments that Tripp must be having a miserable holiday after what happened to Ava. Stephanie says that’s why Steve and Kayla stayed out there. Maggie adds that it must be so hard trying to be a good son to a mother like Ava. Stephanie still can’t believe what she did. Maggie says poor Susan Banks as she was so innocent and shouldn’t have died how she did. Stephanie can’t help but wonder if it was all a terrible accident or if Ava drove off the cliff on purpose.

EJ questinos what Ava thinks she’s doing. Ava calls it fairly obvious but for all he knows, she’s not really there. Ava mentions hearing him call for his mom and asks if he’s feeling guilty. EJ asks if she’s saying she’s his conscience. Ava responds that he is the reason this happened since he could’ve just given her the money and taken his mother home, but he had to prove he was smarter and better than her so he took the only son she had left and kidnapped him, but that didn’t work out how he planned because her son is alive and well while EJ’s mother is down there. EJ asks how he knows that for sure. EJ reminds Ava that he doesn’t have a conscience, so Ava is here in the flesh and made it out of the crash alive, so perhaps Susan did too.

Chad asks Tony how EJ is doing and admits it’s a stupid question as he’s sure EJ is devastated. Tony explains that EJ blames himself for Susan’s death and now feels he has to suffer because of it. Chad brings up that EJ did prove Ava’s marriage to Jake was a fraud and forced her out of town, but he can’t imagine he expected Ava to retaliate like that. Tony then informs Chad that he’s afraid that’s not all EJ did.

Xander questions Sarah thinking that he would work for Ava. Sarah points out that he was so desperate to make money and get them out of here, so things started to add up which Xander questions. Sarah brings up Bonnie saying the guy who grabbed her was wearing a blue suit with major muscles. Xander argues that could be a lot of people. Sarah adds that Maggie said she got a text from Bonnie’s phone that she was going to visit Mimi and questions if a lot of people know Bonnie’s life so well that they could mention her daughter by name. Sarah asks if others would know how to keep two women locked up in the Kiriakis shed where Xander used to work. Sarah doesn’t want to believe he did this even though a lot of the pieces fit. Sarah tells Xander that if he had something to do with this, he has to tell her now.

Chad questions EJ kidnapping Tripp. Tony clarifies that he didn’t do it personally and didn’t intend to harm him, but he wanted to trade him for Susan. Chad guesses EJ figured he could save himself $30 million. Tony says that was only part of the reason and he did it primarily for leverage to keep Susan alive. Chad guesses he could see that. Tony says he told Chad because he trusts him, but he’s troubled since Chad works for Tripp’s sister Stephanie and considers her a friend. Tony asks Chad to tell him that he won’t tell Stephanie that EJ had anything to do with Tripp’s kidnapping.

Stephanie tells Maggie that their families have been through an ordeal but thank God that Tripp and Bonnie are going to be okay. Maggie says Bonnie will be eventually which Stephanie questions. Alex reminds her that Bonnie wasn’t in great shape. Maggie states that it’s hard to recover from being afraid for your life. Alex insists that she will recover once they catch the clown who did this to her. Maggie has a reaction to that so Alex asks if she knows something about the guy. Maggie informs them that she just left Sarah, who has a theory about what happened and it sounded far fetched to her. Stephanie asks her to tell them what she said. Maggie tells them that they have to keep it to themselves which Alex says they will do. Maggie then reveals that Sarah is afraid that the man in the clown mask might have been Xander.

Jack appreciates that Gwen wants to make the most ethically sound decision. Gwen says they know she doesn’t have a reputation for telling the truth, so if any reporter is going to be accused of slander, it’s her. Jack encourages her to continue being careful what she writes. Gwen credits Jack for teaching her and backing her up. Jack argues that the public has a right to know what’s going on in Paulina’s life. Gwen questions ignoring what Chad wants. Jack calls Chad a good guy but points out that he’s working for Paulina’s PR team and may have been doing her bidding when he asked her to bury the story. Gwen says she just doesn’t want to hurt or upset Chad any more than she has. Jack talks about journalists fighting PR firms and declares that Gwen is going to have to make a judgment call. Jack appreciates the hard work she’s been putting in and how determined she is to be a good reporter which surprises Gwen. Jack says it makes him feel better about not hiring Xander.

Sarah asks Xander to say something. Xander says he feels so hurt because he went out and got what he thought was a good job to pay off their debts and move them in to a real home. Xander talks about how much it meant to him that Sarah believed in him but now it sounds like she thinks he did something that led to two women getting killed. Sarah complains that she didn’t want to say it but felt that she had to. Sarah brings up Victor never hearing the company that Xander worked for and says there shouldn’t be a problem looking it up. Xander asks if his word is not good enough then. Sarah asks what’s wrong with looking it up. Xander tells her to go ahead then. Sarah then opens up her laptop.

Ava assures EJ that Susan is definitely dead. EJ questions her being honest. Ava says she made sure of it by yanking the steering wheel to drive them off the cliff, assuring that she deliberately did that to get even with EJ. EJ can’t believe he actually believed that she just ran off the road. Ava argues that they know $30 million dollars didn’t mean anything to him, so she wanted to cause him the maximum amount of pain and suffering. Ava declares that she realized that she could do that with one hard turn to the right. Ava tells EJ that he can search all he wants through the wreckage, but he will never find Susan. EJ questions how Ava is alive. Ava reveals that she jumped out of the car but Susan was definitely inside when it blew up. Ava declares to EJ that his mom is dead and now it’s his turn.

Gwen questions Jack being glad that he didn’t hire Xander for the job and asks what that means. Jack explains that Xander asked him for a job at the Spectator right after he offered Gwen the job while Gwen was in the hospital. Jack adds that he knew how Gwen still felt about Xander, so he didn’t think it was a good idea for them to be working together and he turned him down. Jack says that now Gwen seems to be thriving at the Spectator, so he sees it was a good idea and it’s also a good idea for Gwen and Xander to keep a great distance from each other. Gwen then reveals they actually haven’t been doing that…

Sarah looks up Rednax Pharmaceuticals and finds the company’s website, which shocks Xander.

Chad questions Tony thinking he would rat out his own brother. Tony doesn’t think it’s far-fetched after what happened to Abigail. Chad reminds him that EJ saved his life when Clyde tried to kill him and points out that EJ just lost his mother, so he’s not going to pile on. Tony thanks Chad. Tony states that he’s worried about EJ since he’s been gone for hours and God only knows where he’s ended up…

Ava tells EJ not to worry as she’s about to put him out of his misery. EJ then grabs her and they struggle over the gun.

Jack questions if Gwen and Xander have been seeing each other. Gwen clarifies it’s nothing like that but they’ve been bumping in to each other every now and then. Gwen admits it was awkward at first, but now she’s just glad that she thinks they can be friends. Jack questions if she’s being straight with him. Gwen says she just saw him the other day and they told each other about their new jobs like friends. Gwen is just glad that Xander doesn’t hate her anymore. Jack questions if she’s sure that’s all it is, because he remembers how in love with Xander that Gwen was, and now he’s married to Sarah. Jack doesn’t want to see Gwen hurt anymore. Gwen appreciates that but says this has all just forced her to take a hard look at the reality of her life which is that Xander doesn’t love her, he loves Sarah, and he’s very happy with their life together, so she’s happy for him because he’s her friend now and she wants what’s best for him.

Sarah doesn’t know what to say after finding the website and says she should’ve known that Xander wouldn’t make up some complicated lie about where he was working. Sarah can’t believe she accused him of kidnapping Bonnie and Susan, asking what is wrong with her. Xander tells her she’s perfect. Sarah complains that he swore he would never go back to his old life and she didn’t believe him. Sarah apologizes and points out that there’s even a posting for his job. Xander remarks that they wasted no time putting it up. Sarah guesses they realized what a loss he was. Sarah mentions talking about this with Maggie and now she has to call her to tell her what a huge mistake she made. Sarah asks if he can ever forgive her.

Chad decides he and Tony should go find EJ and asks where to start. Tony then gets a call from Rafe. Tony tells him that he and Chad were just going out to find him. Rafe reveals he knows, so Tony says they’ll be right there. Tony hangs up and informs Chad that EJ is drowning his sorrows at the crash site, so they rush out of the mansion together.

EJ lays unconscious at the cliff.

Jack is glad that Gwen and Xander have gotten to a good place. Gwen guesses he didn’t see that coming. Jack says he’s proud of her. Gwen didn’t think she’d ever hear those words from him again. Jack tells her that she’s earned it. Jack asks to see what she’s got from Sloan to see what they can come up with her story. Gwen questions doing that now and points out that it’s still Thanksgiving. Jack thinks it would feel good to advise a daughter of his again. Jack tells Gwen to call him “dad” again. Jack decides he will go unpack and then they can get to work. Gwen asks how she can ever repay him. Jack jokes that she can make him a turkey sandwich as he goes to unpack his bags.

Alex questions Maggie about Sarah thinking that Xander kidnapped Susan and Bonnie. Maggie assures that he has to keep this quiet because she doesn’t know what Victor would do if he found out. Alex says so much for Xander turning over a new leaf. Stephanie points out that Sarah doesn’t have a lot to go on, so she could be overreacting which Maggie agrees with. Alex states that Xander would have to be out of his mind to kidnap Justin’s wife when he is apart of the family. Maggie acknowledges that Xander was desperate for money, but he has to know how Sarah would feel if he committed a crime to get it. Stephanie knows Sarah would be done with him and it seems that Xander really does love her. Maggie insists that’s why Xander wouldn’t jeopardize what they have after everything they have been through with Kristen and Gwen.

Xander doesn’t blame Sarah for being suspicious given the life he’s led. Sarah says that was years ago and she should’ve known he wouldn’t do something like that. Sarah adds that she made him feel terrible and doesn’t know what to say. Xander suggests they forget about it and have leftovers. Sarah says she has so much to be thankful for as they hug.

Chad and Tony find EJ at the cliff. Chad checks on EJ and wakes him up. Tony finds the flask on the ground. Chad and Tony help EJ up. EJ complains of a headache and tells them that Ava was there. Tony calls that not possible. EJ says she had a gun and they fought over it until he fell and he thought she was going to kill him. Chad questions if he’s sure he really saw Ava. EJ insists that she was there and pointed a gun at him. Tony questions what stopped Ava from killing him then. Chad wants to get EJ to the hospital but he refuses. Tony points out that EJ fell and hit his head while Chad adds that his wound will need stitches. EJ argues that they need to find Ava.

Maggie reminds Alex and Stephanie to be quiet about what Sarah said to her which they agree to do. Maggie decides she will go check on Victor and says goodnight to them as she exits. Alex asks Stephanie what they were talking about before Maggie showed up. Stephanie thinks maybe it’s a good thing that Maggie showed up when she did. Alex questions what the problem is. Stephanie thinks they should take things one step at a time. Alex admits he hates doing that. Stephanie tells him that they’ll just look forward to their next date. Alex agrees and offers to walk her out which she accepts.

Sarah goes through the leftovers that Maggie brought including a bottle of wine. Xander steps out to go get some ice while Sarah searches the room for a corkscrew. Sarah then sits down and opens her laptop back up to the Rednax website. Sarah questions how she could think Xander would make up an entire company and says thank God he was so understanding.

Xander calls Gwen, who questions him calling her on Thanksgiving. Xander tells Gwen that she won’t believe what just happened. Xander informs her that Sarah accused him of being behind the kidnapping and figured out everything while he tried to deny it. Gwen asks if he’s in trouble now. Xander says no because Sarah decided to look for a website for Rednax. Gwen guesses she found one. Xander asks how she knew that. Gwen reveals that she built the site and put it online. Gwen admits she’d never done one before so it’s a bit simple but she thought it would work. Xander is shocked and declares that Gwen saved his life and he doesn’t know how to thank her. Gwen responds that there’s no need to thank as her as that’s just what friends are for.

EJ questions Chad and Tony not believing him that Ava was there. Tony points out that Ava hates EJ and he passed out on the ground, so he questions why she didn’t finish him off. EJ admits he can’t answer that. Chad and Tony then walk EJ away, leaving behind a bullet on the ground.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Y&R Best Lines Friday, November 11, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Allie: We really are the perfect fit, you know?

Noah: Is that because I’m hilarious, and you’re working on cultivating your sense of humor?

Allie: Oh, there you go, making jokes again, whereas I live on the land of logic and reason.

Noah: Mm.

Allie: I’m just saying we balance each other out.

Noah: Yeah, that’s true. I do like when you get creative, though, like that one time you got real creative when Jack left the house, and we had it all to ourselves.

Allie: Oh. You have to stop.

Noah :And you went into the kitchen. You whipped up that great dinner. What’d you think I was talking about? Oh, you’re bad. Yeah.


Lily: Um, well, I have a meeting to get to, so I will let you two discuss. Good luck.

Billy: Well, I know you’re upset with me, but —

Jill: Don’t, don’t, don’t. I’m not interested in hearing your apology speech. I want to know what the hell is going on with you.

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GH cast animated GIF

Y&R Best Lines Thursday, November 10, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Phyllis: It’s Phyllis, Amanda. Hey.

Amanda: Hey.

Phyllis: Okay, I got here as fast as I could. I didn’t even know you were in town.

Amanda: Yeah, I just — i just got in today.

Phyllis: Okay. What happened?

Amanda: Well, I came to talk to Devon. You know, I wanted to surprise him because I’ve been gone for so long. But I got a surprise because he was naked on the couch with Abby


Phyllis: Wait, wait. You saw Devon with Abby?

Amanda: Mm-hmm, and it was perfect timing. Perfect timing, you know? I walk in the door after months of being gone, and the first thing that I see is that.

Phyllis: Well, I mean, were they — were they actually —

Amanda: Having sex? Yes. There is no doubt. I saw what I saw, and Devon admitted it, so…

Phyllis: What?! Why Abby?

Amanda: Oh, well, Devon claimed that they were really upset and they needed comforting, so it just happened.

Phyllis: Oh, it just happened? Really? She just happened to be naked? He just happened to —

Amanda: Yeah, pretty much.

Phyllis: Yeah. Okay.

Amanda: Pretty much, yeah. And he also repeated it half a dozen times just so that I could get the message.

Phyllis: Seriously? I mean, he’s with you. I-I thought he was a good guy, that he was the only one in this town left with integrity.

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GH cast animated GIF

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Jack: [Laughs] And what did you say to him?

Adam: Oh, I told him instead of our traditional Thanksgiving gifts, we should just give out live turkeys this year. Let people keep them on their desks as pets.

Jack: I’m guessing he didn’t find that funny.

Adam: No, not at all. Not at all. No matter where you go, which company you work for, human resources does not have a sense of humor.

Jack: Yeah, but do we want an HR department that’s cracking jokes all day?

Adam: Oh, come on. How about one? Just a single witty remark from H.R. — Is that too much to ask?


Abby: I’m so sorry.

Amanda: Help the lady find her shirt, Devon. Did you rip it off and throw it over there by the stairs? Or did she peel it off teasingly?

Devon: Please don’t do that.

Abby: I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. Chance. Chance! Chance!

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GH cast animated GIF

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Jill: I’m here to see my son.

Esther: He’s not here at the moment.

Jill: Ah, well, then I will see Devon and Lily.

Esther: Lily’s here. Devon is not.

Jill: Well, where the hell is everybody? Never mind. I’ll find out for myself.

Esther: Jill.

Jill: Would you please explain to me why your entire c-suite appears to be out to lunch?

Lily: Jill, hello. To what do I owe this pleasure?

Jill: Oh, well, it’s not pleasure, it’s business.


Lily: Look, I know it’s been a trying time, but I can assure you that everything is being handled.

Jill: By you and you alone.

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GH cast animated GIF

Y&R Best Lines Monday, November 7, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Lauren: Do you want to finally rethink your support of Diane and her return to Genoa City?

Michael: I’m withholding judgment until I know all the facts.

Lauren: How many more do you need? She lied. She colluded with Tucker in L.A. after swearing up and down she had no connection to him whatsoever.

Michael: Okay, okay, technically true, but context is everything.

Lauren: I’m sorry, but there is no context that’s going to change the truth.

Michael: There are gray areas.

Lauren: Ugh, your constant support of Diane Jenkins is just unbelievable. I don’t get it.


Devon: There you go. This playpen is a godsend, huh? Thank you.

Abby: Oh, Dominic loves it. Creates this whole home-away-from-home thing.


Devon: Well, I’m happy that both of you guys feel so comfortable here.

Abby: I’m sorry. Was I overstepping with my tea brewing? I feel like, since Dominic has two homes, I do, too, but that’s probably a bit presumptuous of me.

Devon: No, it’s not at all. Come on. You’re family. This is always your place.

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, November 4, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Summer: Hey, dad.

Nick: Hey, yourself. Well, excellent job with the sunscreen. You got the perfect glow going on.

Summer: Well, I didn’t want to come back looking like a lobster, so…

Nick: So, you and Kyle had fun in Costa Rica?

Summer: Yeah, we had a great time. The villa was phenomenal. It was, honestly, the best vacation I’ve ever been on.

Nick: Okay, well, then I got to ask. You just got back from a wonderful honeymoon in a tropical paradise with the man you love. Why do you look miserable?

Summer: [Scoffs] Wow. Thanks for the compliment.

Nick: Not an insult, just an observation.

Summer: No, I mean, the trip was perfect in every way, both before and after Harrison joined us.

Nick: Did something happen after you came home? Because I know this face, and that’s not the “happy supergirl” face.

Summer: [Sighs] I don’t want to get into details, but it’s more drama with Diane.


Ashley: Tell me everything. About you, Diane in Los Angeles.

Tucker: Sure. I’m happy to tell you anything you want to know. Should we order our drink first?

Ashley: Why don’t we wait and see how forthcoming you are, and then I’ll decide how thirsty I am.

Tucker: Fair enough. Diane and I had a completely chance encounter in Los Angeles. And, of course, I was stunned. There she is, alive. But not only that, she actually looked happy and healthy and a far cry from the bitter and vengeful woman that we all thought was dead. So, naturally, I was curious about her story. I wanted to know how she pulled off her murder. She just seemed like a completely different person than the one I knew in Genoa City. So anyway, she tells me that her new mission in life is to try to find a way to get Kyle to forgive her, to reestablish their relationship.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, November 3, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: There you go.

Connor: Where’s mom? Don’t you have to work today?

Adam: Uh, I do. I didn’t realize that Walnut Grove was giving you guys a day off for a teachers’ professional development day. But I guess that makes sense, since most of you probably need to come down from your Halloween sugar hangover.

Connor: Funny, dad. We didn’t eat that much candy last night.

Adam: No, if I knew you had the day off from school, I might have let you stay at Beckett’s house.


Adam: You don’t have anything to make up to your mom, okay? You’re allowed to have feelings. And you are allowed to express them. But were you intentionally trying to hurt her?

Connor: No. I was just angry.

Adam: That’s understandable. You know, we all are like that sometimes. But I hope you know your mother’s love for you runs deep. And it will always lead back to forgiveness where you’re concerned, no matter what you do, Connor.

Connor: I get it.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Nick: If this is your way of making things up to me —

Victoria: It’s my way of saying good morning to my COO.

Nick: Well, I’m not having a good morning. I still think it was a mistake firing Sally. It was completely unnecessary and heartless, and I don’t think the company should be run this way.


Nick: Have you recently instituted a non-fraternization rule?

Victoria: Not only would your relationship with Sally rob you of objectivity and decision-making…

Nick: That is insulting to her and to me.

Victoria: …It would also pit you against Adam. You might as well send him an engraved invitation to a family battle royale. And that’s the last thing that we need.

[Sighs] Look, whether you’re willing to admit it or not, you know in your heart that it’s true, Nicholas. It’s exactly why you’re keeping this thing with Sally a secret.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Tessa: So, what kind of turnout can we expect?

Sharon: Well, it’s been a pretty rough year for a lot of folks, so I would be prepared for a big crowd.

Nick: Don’t worry about the food. New Hope’s got you covered there. There’s going to be mounds of it for the guests.

Mariah: Wow, look at that. Ashland Locke managed to do some good in this world despite himself.

Sharon: Well, that huge donation he made to New Hope in Rey’s honor, I will always be grateful for.


Victoria: Oh, excellent. Well, put us to work.

Nick: Looks like you’re short a couple hands. Where’s Katie?

Victoria: Oh, well, she actually decided to go to the ranch and help the cook with dinner there.

Johnny: I want to know what part she’s “helping” with before I eat it.

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Diane: Kyle? Are you here?

Ashley: Oh, my god. You don’t even bother knocking anymore. Just you and me.

Diane: I’m looking for my son.

Ashley: I’m sure you are. Because you’re scared. And you need to find your very last ally before your lies come crashing down all around you, right?


Tucker: Would you care for a drink?

Jack: What do you say we skip the social pleasantries?

Tucker: What you call social pleasantries I call 18-year-old single malt.

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Days Short Recap Friday, November 25, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ went to the crash site to lay flowers on the ground. Rafe showed up and wanted to question him about what happened. He told Rafe what happened. Rafe believed there was more to the story. He warned EJ that he could arrest him for obstructing justice. He decided not to arrest him because he went through enough. EJ appreciated that and handed him the flask he had. Rafe took a sip from the flask. EJ was shocked that Rafe wanted to drink on the job. Rafe told him about him and Nicole getting a divorce. EJ wanted to know if Eric was the reason why they are getting divorced. Rafe confirmed EJ’s suspicions and told him that there was trouble in paradise. Rafe gets called back to work so he wanted EJ to come to the station the next day. EJ wanted to sit there and wallow. Rafe made him promise not to drive. Eric went to see Marlena and told her about the baby. Marlena thought it was good news, but Eric noticed she had hesitation in her voice. She wanted to know if he wanted the baby. He told her that he wanted it. He said he and Jada had to figure out how to co-parent together while he dated Nicole. he hoped Nicole didn’t feel threatened. Marlena advised him to talk to her.

Nicole went to see Jada. Nicole admitted that she overheard Eric talking about the baby. Nicole didn’t want to interrupt by telling everyone that Eric was breaking up with Jada to be with her. Jada told her that she had enough self-respect not to be with him when he’s in love with her. Nicole tried to apologize for what she and Eric did, but Jada didn’t care. She knew Nicole was happy that he got what she wanted. She told Nicole that her fake sympathy was making things worse. Jada talked about their situation. She told her that she was tied to a man who dumped her for his ex-wife. Nicole wanted to know why she would have a baby with Eric when he made her angry. Jada got upset. Nicole told her about the reality of having a baby. She told her everything that was going to happen when she had the baby. She also told Jada that she’s going to be in her life too. Jada wanted her to go because she had to decide if she really wanted to keep the baby. Nicole assured her that she was only trying to help. Jada threw her out. Later, Jada was at the police station. Rafe wanted to know why she was there. She noticed that he wasn’t wearing his ring. He told her that he and Nicole were getting divorced. He said they were breaking up even if Eric and Nicole don’t get together because of her baby. Jada said the baby wouldn’t be an issue. She would have had the baby, but she realized the impact it would have on her life. She decided that she didn’t want to keep the baby.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Short Recap Thursday, November 24, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Gabi and Li what happened with Nicole. Gabi trashed Nicole for what she did to him. She told him that she will regret leaving him for Eric. Rafe told her that he threw out Nicole’s pie. She was proud of him. Li was disappointed because they didn’t have pie. Gabi continued to express how upset she was that Nicole was able to live happily with Eric. Rafe told her that it might not happen since Jada’s pregnant. Gabi loved the karma of it all, but Rafe didn’t want to gloat about it. He wanted to focus on happier things. Li wanted him to think about the wedding. Rafe agreed and made a toast. Nicole thought about Eric’s conversation about Jada and the baby. She walked away. Eric let Jada know that he was happy that she decided to keep the baby. She thought they would make it work and wondered how Nicole felt. He thought Nicole would support them. She told him that Nicole was insecure and territorial. She didn’t think Nicole would take the news well. He wanted Jada to trust him. She wanted to go upstairs to pack, but he asked her not to leave.

Nicole ran into Abe and Paulina in the town square. She told them what happened with Eric, Rafe and Jada. Abe told her to let Eric explain what’s going on. He thought she might have misunderstood what she heard. She was certain that she was out, and Jada was in Eric’s life. Abe told her to talk to Eric. Paulina advised her to fight for her man. EJ erased Rafe’s message about making a statement. Marlena showed up at the DiMera mansion and tried to make him feel better about what happened. EJ told her that Johnny didn’t know what happened to Susan yet because he’s out of town. He didn’t know how to tell him because it’s his own fault. He told her what he did to Ava. He blamed Susan’s and Abby’s deaths on himself because he needed control. He said he let down the one person who love him unconditionally. He broke down and started crying. Marlena continued to make him feel better about what happened. She told him that he was the love of her life. He mentioned how she was scared of her own shadow, but she was fierce when it came to her family. They continued to talk about Susan.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric told Roman about his situation with Jada, the baby and Nicole. Eric said he wanted to be with Nicole, but they were going to have to have a conversation about how their relationship would work if Jada kept the baby. He said he wanted to be a father, but he supported her right to choose. He said he also understood why she wouldn’t want to have a baby with a man who left her for his ex-wife. Jada was packing her things when Kate came to see her. Jada told her she was moving out because Eric and Nicole were together. She said she was pregnant. Kate told her not to give up on Eric since he and Kate broke up so easily in the past. Jada said Eric made his decision. She said she had to make her decision about the baby. She said if Nicole weren’t a factor, she would be happy to raise a baby with Eric. She said she wasn’t prepared to be a single mother. She thanked Kate for listening. Kate invited her to dinner. She told Jada that it was her life, body and decision. Roman asked Eric if he would want to raise the baby with Jada if Nicole wasn’t in the picture. Eric said he would, but he loved Nicole. He said that was why it was a big mess. Kate showed up and didn’t care for his comment. Jada showed up and said Kate helped her. She said she made her decision about the baby.

Nicole went to Rafe’s house. He wanted to know why she was there. She said she came to get her things. They talked about Ava and EJ. She wanted to make the dessert she promised to make for Thanksgiving. He didn’t want it at first. He agreed to it because of Arianna. He told her he didn’t want to drag out the divorce. He thought they should get lawyers. He said he wouldn’t fight her on it considering she was with Eric. He said they would call it irreconcilable differences. When she finished the pie, she apologized to him. He thought he deserved what happened after what he did to Ava. Nicole said he wished they could be friends the way they were before. He said it wasn’t possible, at least not right now. She said goodbye.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rolf called Li from Wendy’s phone. Rolf told Li about what happened with Johnny and Li. Rolf said he had them restrained. Rolf wanted to take their vocal chords for an experiment he was working on. Li said he had a better idea. Gabi walked in and heard Li say he wanted Wendy back empty handed. Gabi questioned him about what he was talking about. He lied to her about what he was talking about. He said he wanted Wendy back in Salem. He said when she got back he was going to fire her. Gabi defended Wendy to Li. She said Wendy and Johnny were cute together. Li said Johnny was a spoiled brat. Gabi said he should let them enjoy their vacation. He said there were consequences. Johnny and Wendy woke up in restraints. Rolf showed up and destroyed the recording Johnny made. Rolf got the syringe ready. He said he was giving Johnny the same injection he gave Gabi. He said when they got to Salem, they would have forgotten why they came. Rolf prepared the syringe for Wendy, but Johnny stopped him. Johnny argued with Rolf. Wendy knocked Rolf out from behind. They restrained him on the gurney and threatened to expose what he did to Stefan. They left him in the lab.

While Rafe was at the airstrip, he called an APB out on Ava. Ava drove Susan on a slick road. EJ followed them in his car. Charlie told Ave to drive off a cliff with Susan. EJ went to the edge and yelled out for his mother. Rafe said he called the FBI since a member of the DiMera family was kidnapped by a Vitalli. While he was talking to the FBI, he got a call about the crash. Rafe showed up where EJ was. He stopped EJ from going down to the cliff. The car exploded. EJ wanted to go to his mother. Rafe followed him. Rafe sat with EJ until the rescue team showed up. A firefighter told EJ there was no one way Susan could have survived the fire. Rafe wanted to take him to the police station to get his statement about Susan’s kidnapping. EJ said it wouldn’t bring him back. Rafe wanted to put it on record. EJ said he didn’t want to relive that again. He left.

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Days Short Recap Monday, November 21, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin and Alex found Bonnie in the shed. She told them how she ended up in the shed. They took her to the Kiriakis mansion. Bonnie told Sarah and Maggie what happened to her. Rafe showed up to question Bonnie. She said it was a person in a clown mask wearing a blue suit. She said his build was more of a strongman than a clown. Susan kept talking to Xander. She kept trying to get him to let her go free. She wanted to know where they were going. He said he was taking her home. Charlie kept convincing Ava to kill Susan. He said she could prove that she was a Vitalli. He said she could stick it to EJ. Xander came in the crypt with Susan. Ava pulled Xander to the side and yelled at him about bringing Susan there. She had an idea. She told him while she went to get the money, he would stay behind and kill Susan. He said he didn’t sign up for that. She said they needed to take something from EJ he couldn’t replace. Xander said she lost it. He told Susan that he was taking her home. Ava took off his mask. Susan was shocked.

Ava told Xander that he didn’t have a choice but to do what he needed to do. She gave Xander a gun and left to meet with EJ. Susan begged Xander not to kill her. She said she wouldn’t tell anyone that he was involved. She said she wouldn’t tell EJ either. Xander apologized to her, but the stakes were too high. He said Sarah would never understand this. He said he had to do it. Susan said she wouldn’t say anything. He said Ava would say something if he didn’t do what she wanted. He pointed a gun at her. EJ told Tony that he would do whatever Ava wanted to make sure his mother got home safely. He said he spoke to the banker and the money was ready to go. He said he had to deal with Ava. He pulled out a gun. He said Ava wanted to meet with him at the airfield. EJ told Tony that the gun was for show. Rafe showed up at the DiMera mansion so he could talk to EJ. Tony told him where he was. Ava met with EJ. She told him to give her the money or she would put a bullet in his mother’s head. EJ sent her the money. Once she got the money, she told him she would get Susan’s body back. She told him his mother was dead. He pulled out his gun and threatened her. She told him to pull the trigger. She said she would gladly go to her grave knowing that she beat him. Susan ran in front of them. Susan told him to put the gun down. Ava grabbed Susan with her own gun. Ava dragged Susan to the car.

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