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Update written by Joseph

Xander walks through the town square with a coffee. Leo walks up and acts like it’s for him, so he takes the coffee and drinks it. Xander tells him to just keep it. Leo mentions not getting much sleep last night. Xander asks if he was digging in the trash again for his next column. Leo argues that after the success of his first column, he has people lining up around the block to give him more gossip. Leo says he has more sources than he can count which should make Xander happy. Leo adds that his column will have the Spectator back in the black in no time. Xander questions what did keep Leo up last night if he wasn’t picking up scoops. Xander then remarks that he has no interest in hearing about Leo’s sex life. Leo then informs him that it wasn’t his sex life that robbed him of his rest, it was Gwen’s.

Gwen and Alex lay in bed together after having sex again. Alex tells her that she was incredible. Gwen says he wasn’t so bad himself. Alex asks if she has no more regrets about hooking up with him again. Alex knows Xander isn’t thrilled with them being friends with extremely good benefits. Gwen responds that Xander’s opinion doesn’t matter to her anymore and that’s the last she wants to talk about him. Alex says that’s good with him. Gwen says she’d much rather talk about him as they continue kissing.

At the Titan office, Maggie calls her secretary to send Alex in but she’s informed that Alex is not there. Brady then arrives and brings her flowers to congratulate her on her new job as CEO. Brady states that the family business could not be in better hands. Maggie thanks him. Brady admits he was a bit surprised that Victor passed over Alex for her. Maggie notes that Alex wasn’t happy about it but she thinks he’s coming around. Maggie adds that Alex should be here by now since they have a very important meeting this morning with a content syndicator who is interested in distributing digital articles from Titan publications. Brady jokes that she sounds like she’s been in charge of a major conglomerate for her whole life. Brady says he’s so proud of her. Maggie thanks him and says that means a lot. Brady hopes Victor doesn’t keep her so busy at Titan that she doesn’t have time to be his sponsor at AA meetings. Maggie assures that she would never let anything get in the way of her being there for him. Brady is glad to hear that as he admits the whole situation with Chloe has been tough and he’s been struggling a bit. Maggie says she’s sorry to hear that and asks if he’s been going to meetings. Brady admits he has not but says he will as Maggie hugs him.

Chloe exits her room at the Salem Inn and gets a call from prison which turns out to be from Kristen DiMera.

Chad brings Stephanie breakfast in bed. Chad notes that it’s the first night she slept over so he thought that was worth celebrating. Chad kisses her and says he wanted to thank her for forgiving him for opening his big mouth to Leo.

Leo asks if Xander is curious who Gwen was with last night. Xander claims he couldn’t care less. Leo then says if he doesn’t care then he won’t mind knowing as he exclaims that it was Xander’s smoking hot cousin, Alex.

Alex and Gwen continue kissing in bed until Alex tells her that he has to get to work as there’s a big morning meeting at Titan and Maggie will kick his ass if he shows up late. Alex mentions taking a quick shower, so Gwen suggests they shower together. Alex calls that a damn good plan as they get out of bed.

Chloe asks what Kristen wants. Kristen asks if that’s any way to talk to her future sister in law. Kristen then says she won’t be and that Chloe is nothing to her now that Stefan came to his senses and dumped her pathetic ass. Chloe argues that Stefan didn’t come to his senses, he was deprogrammed. Chloe reminds Kristen of her brainwashing scheme and says she was so desperate to keep her and Brady apart. Chloe declares that she doesn’t have time for this and tells Kristen to go to Hell. Kristen warns Chloe not to hang up as she has something that she needs to hear.

Paulina joins Abe at the Brady Pub. Abe informs her that he already ordered for them but Paulina says she wants pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon because they are celebrating and breakfast is on her. Abe assumes that Belle succeeded in getting her assets unfrozen then. Paulina reveals that Belle got the whole case dismissed and declares that Sloan is out of their lives forever.

Stephanie tells Chad that she knows he was only trying to defend her. Chad says he should’ve let her handle it and not brought up her mom, especially not to Leo. Stephanie understands he was just trying to get Leo to back off. Stephanie apologizes for being so hard on him. Chad says he’s sorry too and jokes that the good thing about their first fight is they got to spend all night making up as they then kiss.

Leo tells Xander about how Gwen sent him an urgent text that she was bringing Alex home so he needed to get out and since Xander banned him from sleeping at the office, he ended up on one of the lounge sofas at the Salem Inn. Xander can’t believe it and angrily complains that he warned Alex to stay away from Gwen but he didn’t listen. Leo comments that he’s not in a position to tell two hot people not to do what hot people do best. Leo reminds Xander that he had his chance with Gwen. Leo says he has to get to work, so he’ll see him at the office and walks off.

Brady tells Maggie that he just thought that once the situation with Stefan was resolved, he and Chloe would be fine and be together but he feels like they are further apart than they’ve ever been because of his daughter, Rachel. Brady says that Rachel has never had an unkind word to say about anybody until the last couple months and now she despises Chloe. Brady asks how the hell to handle that. Maggie offers to talk to her but Brady doesn’t think it would do any good because Kristen did such a good job of turning Rachel against Chloe, that anytime someone brings up the subject, she shuts down, goes on the attack, or has a tantrum. Maggie wishes she could say she was surprised by Kristen using her own daughter, but they both know Kristen will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Brady states that Kristen’s main goal in life right now is just to keep him and Chloe apart.

Chloe asks Kristen what the hell she needs to hear. Kristen says she’s heard it before and remarks that Stefan dumped her for someone who actually has a personality which means Chloe is on the market again. Kristen warns Chloe to stay the hell away from Brady. Chloe responds that who she decides to date is none of her damn business. Kristen argues that it is when it concerns the welfare of her daughter. Leo comes around the corner at the Inn and stops behind Chloe to listen in. Chloe repeats to Kristen that she would never do anything to hurt Rachel. Kristen remarks that she obviously hasn’t endeared herself to her. Kristen tells Chloe that Rachel can’t stand the sight of her. Chloe blames Kristen for doing everything in her power to turn Rachel against her. Kristen claims she didn’t have to do much because Rachel is an excellent judge of character. Chloe then remarks that Kristen’s sweet Rachel has turned in to a little monster and warns that if they aren’t careful, she will grow up to be just as deranged as her mother. Leo smiles while continuing to listen in behind Chloe.

Abe tells Paulina that it’s good to see her beautiful smile again. Paulina says he can expect that more now that they are rid of Sloan and her awful lies. Paulina then asks where Abe’s smile is. Abe responds that he’s relieved that Sloan’s bogus civil case has been thrown out, but admits he’s concerned about her latest threat against her and Chanel. Paulina argues that Sloan’s not scaring anybody anymore. Paulina says that the biggest mistake they made was giving Sloan a drop of their energy to feed off of. Paulina declares that she knows the perfect way to move on and pulls out her phone. Abe asks who she is calling. Paulina says it’s someone more than capable in letting the entire world know that Paulina Price is back in business and better than ever.

Stephanie guesses her and Chad’s first sleepover at his house is officially over. Chad hopes it’s the first of many. Stephanie says it better be. They kiss until Stephanie gets a call from Paulina. Paulina says she needs Stephanie and Chad to meet her at the Brady Pub. Stephanie says she’ll see her soon and hangs up. Stephanie informs Chad that they have been summoned to the Pub and Paulina sounded very chipper. Chad says he knows not to keep Paulina waiting, so they exit together.

Kristen complains about Chloe calling her daughter a monster and says if anyone is a monster, it’s Chloe. Chloe apologizes and says she didn’t mean it, blaming it on Kristen for pushing her buttons. Kristen argues that Chloe blames everything on her and says Chloe just expressed her hatred for her daughter. Chloe yells at Kristen to never call her again and hangs up. Leo finishes taking notes and walks by. Chloe says she didn’t see him there. Leo says that was obvious or else he doubts she would’ve called Brady’s daughter a little monster. Leo talks about taking notes and says it’s clear that Chloe despises Rachel for wrecking her relationship with Brady. Chloe pleads with Leo not to print what he overheard but Leo says he’ll be seeing her on the gossip page and walks off.

Xander sits in the town square, angrily drinking his coffee as Alex and Gwen come out of the Salem Inn together. Alex tells Gwen that he had a great time last night and this morning as they kiss. Alex suggests they do it again sometime. Xander approaches and comments on their double walk of shame. Alex asks who is ashamed. Xander says he wasn’t talking to him. Gwen asks why she should be ashamed. Xander comments on Gwen inviting Salem’s most notorious man slut in to her bed and remarks that he hopes they used protection because God knows what kind of STDs Alex has. Alex tells Xander that’s enough. Xander asks Alex what his sloppy seconds were like. Alex warns Xander to watch his mouth. Xander asks what he’s going to do if he doesn’t. Gwen tells Alex to just walk away. Xander tells Alex to listen to his playmate before he has to teach him a lesson. Alex shoves Xander, so Xander then punches Alex. Alex responds by tackling Xander.

Stephanie and Chad join Paulina and Abe at the Brady Pub. Stephanie asks Paulina what was so urgent. Paulina happily announces that Sloan’s lawsuit has been thrown out which means she is now once again in control of all her vast real estate. Stephanie and Chad congratulate her. Paulina says there will be plenty of time to celebrate later and right now, she wants SJP to print out a press release announcing her victory as she wants everyone to know if that if you mess with her, you best be prepared to lose because she is a woman who never backs down from a fight.

Gwen gets in between Alex and Xander, telling them to stop fighting. Gwen reminds Alex that he’s already late for work so they should get going. Xander calls that a great idea, joking that Alex wouldn’t want Maggie to bust out the ruler on him. Gwen holds Alex back and asks him to just go. Alex tells Gwen that he will call her later and kisses her. Alex warns Xander that this isn’t over. Xander says anytime, anywhere as Alex then walks away. Gwen then questions what the hell is wrong with Xander. Xander argues that Alex shoved him first. Gwen asks why he’s doing this since he made it very clear that he didn’t want her, so she questions why he cares if somebody else does. Xander argues that Alex isn’t good enough for her. Gwen asks if Xander thinks of her as sloppy seconds now that Sarah is gone. Xander says that was just talk. Gwen doesn’t want his apologies. Gwen says she took him at his word when he said he didn’t see a future with her and that’s fine, but she’ll be damned if his antics prevent her from moving on with her life. Gwen declares that what she does with Alex is none of Xander’s concern. Gwen tells Xander to leave them the hell alone and storms off.

Brady visits Kristen in prison. Kristen says she was surprised that he wanted to see her. Kristen guesses that Chloe came crying to him about their little tiff. Brady says he knows nothing about that and hasn’t spoken to Chloe. Brady questions why Chloe would come to see her anyway. Kristen says they spoke on the telephone. Brady suggests Kristen leave Chloe the hell alone. Kristen claims she merely called to offer her condolences on the end of Chloe’s relationship with Stefan and then Chloe got testy and called their daughter a monster. Brady stops her and says he doesn’t want to hear it. Kristen mocks how she can’t say one bad word about Chloe. Brady doesn’t know why he tries with her. Brady has a picture that Rachel drew for Kristen in art class. Kristen asks to see it but Brady says he wants something from her first.

Leo goes to his room at the Salem Inn and starts typing on his laptop, commenting that thanks to Chloe not using her inside voice, his second gossip column is going to put the first one to shame. Chloe shows up at his door. Leo jokes about writing his new column. Chloe cries that he can’t print that column since he only heard one side of the conversation that was taken out of context. Leo says he’s sorry but he has a responsibility to his readers. Chloe pleads with him and says she’s desperate. Leo asks how desperate she is.

Stephanie tells Paulina that they are so relieved that she and Chanel can finally put this whole nightmare behind them. Chad assures that SJPR will put tons of positive press behind any of her business ventures. Paulina says she will be counting on that and suggests she and Stephanie sign a new contract for her to handle all of her PR needs. Abe says that will give he and Chad a chance to catch up so Paulina and Stephanie exit together.

Chloe offers to pay Leo off. Leo questions if she’s attempting to bribe him from printing the truth. Chloe tells him to just take the money and do the right thing for once by keeping an innocent child from getting hurt even more. Leo asks if she means the innocent child that she called a monster that’s going to turn out like her deranged mother. Chloe argues that he wasn’t supposed to hear that and calls it a mistake that she deeply regrets. Chloe asks if Leo’s never said anything that he wishes he could take back. Leo calls regrets a waste of time. Chloe asks what will buy his silence if cash won’t work. Leo brings up that he has a big fan of Basic Black’s latest men’s line but Chloe informs him that she no longer works there which Leo says he hadn’t heard. Leo points out that maybe Nicole could hook her up. Chloe agrees to call her. Leo asks for one of everything from the men’s collection and then no one will have to know about her hateful outburst. Chloe screams fine and storms out.

Kristen questions what kind of game Brady is playing. Brady responds that she’s the one who likes games and he’s just trying to stay one step ahead of her. Brady says Kristen can have Rachel’s drawing as soon as she helps convince Rachel to ease up on Chloe. Kristen says no chance and tells him that he can keep the picture. Brady warns that he can withhold much more than just a drawing from her. Kristen asks what that means. Brady says she knows exactly what that means and calls it a symbol of what she could lose. Brady orders Kristen to write a letter to Rachel, saying she’s no longer harboring animosity towards Chloe and that she is fine with he and Chloe being together. Brady warns that if she doesn’t, she’s not going to see Rachel ever again.

Chloe exits the Salem Inn and calls Nicole, saying she needs one of everything from the men’s line sent to Leo Stark ASAP and that she’ll explain later. Chloe says she really appreciates this and owes her one. Chloe thanks her and hangs up. Chloe then sees Xander sitting on the bench nearby with ice on his hand and asks what happened to him. Xander tells her about punching Alex because he’s sleeping with his ex. Chloe assumes he means Sarah but then realizes and can’t believe they are fighting over Gwen. Chloe calls Gwen just as slimy as Leo, who she calls sadistic. Xander asks about her being pissed at Leo. Chloe informs him that Leo just blackmailed her. Xander asks what he’s holding over her. Chloe refuses to say or else she’ll have two people blackmailing her. Xander assures he won’t do that and states that while Leo works for him, he’s not his biggest fan. Chloe then informs Xander that Leo overheard her saying something negative about Brady’s daughter and now he’s threatening to put it in his column unless she gives him thousands of dollars worth of Basic Black merchandise.

Alex goes to the Titan office and tells Maggie that he’s sorry he’s late. Maggie questions him being sorry when they are due in the conference room in five minutes. Maggie asks what happened to his face. Alex responds that Xander happened. Maggie starts to ask but then decides she doesn’t want to know. Maggie says she needs to get to the meeting. Alex says he’ll freshen up and be right behind her. Maggie says she can’t have Titan looking like a gang of hooligans and then points out that he has blood on his shirt, so she declares that she’s taking this meeting alone. Maggie warns that when she gets back, they are going to have a serious conversation about his future at this company. Maggie then exits the office. Alex sits at the desk and looks in the mirror as Gwen arrives to check on him. Alex complains that Maggie is already totally fed up with him. Gwen blames herself but Alex says he’s the one that let Xander get under his skin and he started the fight. Gwen points out that Xander targeted him because of her. Gwen suggests maybe they should just call it quits. Alex says no way and that a little bump on the head is not going to scare him off. Alex thinks they should let this ride and see where it takes them. Gwen agrees that it sounds like a plan as they kiss.

Chloe gets a call back from Nicole that all the clothes were just delivered to Leo. Chloe thanks Nicole and says she owes her life to her. Chloe tells her she loves her and hangs up. Chloe declares that she is now off the hook and safe from Leo’s column. Xander says it appears not as he then reveals that Leo just published his new column, showing Chloe that it says that Chloe called Brady’s daughter a deranged monster just like her mother. Chloe can’t believe it and calls Leo a double crossing snake. Chloe says she and Brady finally had a chance for a fresh start. Xander encourages that they still can and suggests telling him it’s just lies. Chloe cries that it’s not and she actually said that. Chloe complains that she let Kristen goad her in to insulting their daughter and now when Brady sees this, she’s going to lose him forever. Chloe breaks down crying so Xander hugs her.

Kristen asks Brady if this is how it’s going to be until Rachel is 18 with a tug of war of threats. Brady argues that she made it this way when he didn’t want it to be. Brady blames Kristen for using their daughter as a weapon against the woman he loves. Kristen accuses Brady of using her love for her daughter against her. Kristen shouts that he’s no better than she is. Brady says maybe not, but he’s the one holding the cards right now. Kristen says fine and that she’ll write Chloe a letter of recommendation to their daughter if that will satisfy him. Brady orders her to make it glowing.

Abe tells Chad that he and Stephanie seem to be getting along pretty well these days. Chad confirms things are good and the kids love her. Chad knows Abe knows how hard it is to move on after losing the love of your life. Abe admits he never thought he’d find love again after losing Lexie, but Paulina makes him very happy. Chad calls that obvious. Abe notes that Stephanie makes Chad feel the same way as they joke about being lucky.

Paulina and Stephanie go to Paulina’s office building. Paulina comments on Stephanie’s satisfying grin all morning and the twinkle in her eye. Paulina guesses it’s because Chad has been lighting up her days and hopefully her nights too. Stephanie says she likes to remain professional but admits that Chad has been lighting up her days and her nights. Stephanie jokes that she knew it and can sense these things. Paulina is so happy for her after the awfulness with Alex. Paulina encourages that Stephanie has a winner now like she has with Abe. Paulina and Stephanie then head inside to Paulina’s office, only to find the office has been trashed.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, March 23, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Adam and Victoria argue about what Victor intends to do if he acquires McCall Unlimited. Nate defends Victoria when Adam tells her she doesn’t know how to run the company. Adam notices the connection between Nate and Victoria and teases Victoria and Nate about it.

Devon tries to decide if he should stay at Chancellor Winters or go ahead with the arbitration.

Sharon accepts Adam’s invitation to go with him to the gala.

Jack and Diane tell Kyle and Summer that they plan to announce their engagement at the gala. Jack is upset that Ashley r going to the gala with Tucker. The gala begins as everyone starts to arrive at the Athletic Club to celebrate the bicentennial of Genoa City.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Elizabeth waits anxiously for the decision from the ethics committee of the hospital as to whether or not she can keep her job.

Curtis advises Trina nor to let the fact that her mother kept a secret from her affect her relationship with her mother. Portia suggests to Curtis that they go to marriage counseling to work on fixing their marriage. Curtis tells Portia that he doesn’t know if their marriage can be fixed because he doesn’t trust her anymore.

Brook Lynn and Chase almost get back together but Chase gets angry with Brook Lynn again when she tells him that she signed a non-disclosure agreement with Linc that prevents her from talking about the sexual harassment she went through while Linc was her manager. Brook Lynn tells Chase she did it so he could go back to being a cop and he wouldn’t have to continue singing to get enough evidence to put Linc in jail. Chase thinks Brook Lynn only wanted to get the rights to her songs back, and she wasn’t doing it to help him. Chase tells Brook Lynn that if she really signed the agreement to help him, she would have told him about the agreement after she signed it instead of lying to him and telling him she agreed to write commercial jingles for Linc. Chase thinks Brook Lynn didn’t tell him that truth right away because she knew what she was doing, was wrong and he would be angry with her about it.

Gregory is angry with Alexis because she called Finn when he told her he didn’t want Finn or Chase to know what is going on with his life.

Esme and baby Ace move in with Laura after she turns down Spencer’s offer to pay for her to live in the room above Kelly’s while Ace live with Laura since the room isn’t big enough for her and the baby to live there together. Esme moves into Laura’s house with baby Ace.

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Y&Rs Transcript Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Ms. Shannon: Good. We’re all on time. I hope both parties have taken the opportunity to remind ourselves why we’re here.

Christine: We have, ms. Shannon.

Ms. Shannon: The relationship between the parties has devolved to the point where communication has become impossible and unproductive. And that has led us here.

Amanda: Yes, ms. Shannon.

Ms. Shannon: Since we’re all in agreement, there should be no further interruptions. Let’s continue. Is there more evidence that either side would like to present?

Christine: Yes.

Amanda: Yes.

Phyllis: You will never in a million years guess what I found in diane’s purse.

Jeremy: You were rummaging through her purse?

Phyllis: A big, fat diamond engagement ring. That was in her purse.

Jeremy: Huh.

Phyllis: She did it! She got jack to propose to her. So, I was right all along. That was her goal — to come here and con jack and everybody else in this town. And she has a big diamond ring to prove it.

Jeremy: All of her dreams are coming true.

Phyllis: Her dreams are my nightmares. There’s no way in hell I’m letting this happen.

Jeremy: That must be the news she was talking about.

Phyllis: Of course. Of course. She was gloating in advance. This was her “news.”

[ Sighs heavily ] I’m just thinking of my future family events, how I have to sit there and make nice and ta– oh, I’m not even gonna be invited. Forget it. I will never see my daughter again. I will never have a relationship with my daughter again. I am not letting this happen! This will not be ignored, jeremy! This evil must be eradicated.

Jeremy: Okay. Well, then it’s a good thing our plan will stop diane dead in her tracks.

Diane: [ Gasps ] Is that what I think it is?

Jack: Your dress for the gala, madam.

Diane: Oh, thank you so much. I can’t wait for you to see me in it.

Jack: Neither can I.

Diane: Ooh. Keep looking at me like that, and we’ll never make it out the door. But it is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Jack: You will not believe how many people have come back to town for this little shindig.

Diane: A night to remember. I mean, just think — a charming little spot on the map grew up to be genoa city. You never know.

Jack: Actually, I was thinking about a celebration a little closer to home. I know we’ve had our chance, the two of us, to celebrate our good fortune. We told summer and kyle. We told my sister traci. I was wondering how you might feel about telling a few more people.

Diane: How many more?

Jack: I was thinking everyone.

Diane: Jack —

Jack: It is the perfect time and place. Everyone we know and love will all be there.

Diane: Genoa city’s bicentennial?

Jack: What is more glamorous than a gala?

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ] Some people have minor joint pain plus stomach problems.

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provided by…

Diane: Are you sure you want to go so public with our news?

Jack: Why not go big? All our friends and family will be there, elegantly dressed, in a partying mood, celebrating the past, moving on to the future. Let’s be the future. Come on. We’ll be the toast of the town.

Diane: And then we’ll have to face our critics.

Jack: Yeah, well, we’ll do that together.

Diane: Okay. Let’s do it.

Jack: Something’s still bothering you.

Diane: Phyllis came by here earlier.

Jack: Really? What did she want?

Diane: Well, she said she was meeting summer, and then she got a text from summer saying they were meeting somewhere else.

Jack: Well, I think it’s normal for summer to have second thoughts about inviting her here.

Diane: No, it was just so soon after seeing phyllis and jeremy together, you know? And her behavior was really off. Well, more off than usual. Jack, I don’t know what it is, but I am pretty sure the two of them are up to something.

Phyllis: I mean, I know exactly what this woman’s gonna do. She’s gonna make this whole gala about her and her engagement. She’s gonna celebrate. “Hey, I’m back from the dead, and I’m also the newest member of the abbott family,” with this big, disgusting ring on her finger.

Jeremy: She is insufferable. I mean, the fact that she’s being so unjustly rewarded despite all the crimes she’s committed and all the lies she’s told.

Phyllis: I don’t understand this. I don’t understand why I’m the only one who sees her for who she is. I don’t get it.

Jeremy: You’re not alone anymore, phyllis. You got me. And if she’s planning this big announcement tonight, I think it’s only right that we make our move, as well, to balance the scales of justice.

Phyllis: Okay. I mean, everything has to go as planned. It has to because if this blows up in my face…

Jeremy: That’s the beautiful thing about a masquerade ball. I can work my magic, and no one will even know I was there.

Amanda: Please direct your attention to exhibit 107, a legally binding document signed by mr. Devon hamilton.

Ms. Shannon: Thank you.

Amanda: You will see his clear and easily recognizable signature where he agreed to the merger. Now, while it is regrettable that mr. Hamilton has had a change of heart about the agreement he signed —

Jill: Oh, good. This is the right room. It is a maze out there. I had to leave breadcrumbs to find my way back home. Please tell me I’m not too late.

Amanda: Um, ms. Shannon, this is ms. Abbott.

Jill: I’m sorry I couldn’t make it earlier. It couldn’t be helped.

Ms. Shannon: Fine. Have a seat, ms. Abbott.

Jill: Oh, no, no, no, no. I will not need a chair because this won’t take any time at all.

Lily: Jill, what are you talking about?

Jill: I’m about to solve this whole mess right now.

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Chelsea: What if we used a game format to help people navigate all sorts of interpersonal conflict? You know, um, small challenges get bigger, more complex as the player gains more skills.

Daniel: Yeah. No, no, no. I love it. Conquering fears like public speaking or job interviews, first dates.

Chelsea: Dealing with a difficult boss, um, or a challenging mother.

Daniel: Oh, yeah. No, no, no. I’m not gonna be able to help you with either of those scenarios.

Chelsea: Yeah, me neither. I guess we’re going to have to do some research, try to figure out what it’s like to be raised by a difficult, nontraditional, maternal type.

Daniel: That’s gonna be tough.

Chelsea: I really think if we put our heads together, we can come up with a magical world where we help people navigate certain pitfalls and help them come out the other side.

Daniel: Thanks to omega sphere.

Chelsea: Yeah. So, let’s start changing the world, one player at a time.

Daniel: I’m in.

Jack: I am not gonna let phyllis or stark or anyone else rob us of this happiness. We are safe. Our security team is in place as long as we want them. We have nothing to fear.

Diane: I know, but —

Jack: We deserve this. I want to shout this from the rooftops, don’t you?

Diane: You’re right. I can’t wait to tell the world that I am finally becoming mrs. Jack abbott.

Jack: Good. You’re not gonna worry about the naysayers?

Diane: No. But it’s kyle. And we agreed to hold off on making our announcement until after we were sure he was on board with our marriage.

Jack: We did, but I’m sure he’s on board by now.

Diane: Yeah, but we don’t know for certain. Have you talked to him? I haven’T.

Jack: Well, not about that specifically. I’m sure he’s just worried it’s too good to be true. His parents are finally getting married. How could he not approve? Once he sees how happy we are, he’ll know it’s the right thing.

Diane: Aww.

[ Doorbell rings ] Does anybody know we’re here?

Jack: I’ll handle it. Mamie.

Mamie: Hello, jack.

Jack: Welcome home.

Mamie: [ Laughing ] Ohh! What a lovely thing to hear.

Jack: Come in! Come in! Come in!

Mamie: Nothing’s changed. When was the last time you redecorated?

Jack: Ah, admittedly, it’s been a little while.

Mamie: Oh, hello — diane jenkins? I thought that you —

Diane: Uh, it’s — it’s a long story. Lovely to see you, mamie.

Jack: So, I assume you’re here for the gala?

Mamie: I am. I wouldn’t miss it. I booked my hotel reservations months ago —

Jack: Oh, no, no, no hotel. I won’t hear of it. You’ll stay here. Ashley and traci are in town right now. They would love to see you.

Mamie: [ Chuckles ] I can’t wait to see them.

Diane: You know, you two have a lot to catch up on. I, um — I have an errand to run. I’ll see you later.

[ Door closes ]

Ms. Shannon: You’re here to resolve the situation?

Jill: That’s right.

Ms. Shannon: Well, actually, that’s my job.

Jill: Well, I beg your pardon, but I am the woman who set this whole thing in motion. So, perhaps I should be the one to end it.

Lily: Jill, what’s going on?

Amanda: There seems to be a new development in our case.

Jill: Perhaps this would be the perfect time for a break.

Ms. Shannon: After the one we

just took?

Jill: Oh. Well, I know it’s extraordinary, but how about a mini break? Okay? And then I can explain things to everyone.

Christine: We’re just returning from a recess.

Ms. Shannon: If there was a chance to avoid litigation so you could seek a mutually beneficial outcome, you should have done it before you started arbitration.

Jill: You know what? You are absolutely right. Devon, lily, this is urgent. And this could change the future for all of us. – It’s the birthday girl! – Let’s invite jacques

Devon: I mean, I’m willing to listen, so what do you have to say, jill?

Jill: Why don’t we discuss this elsewhere, somewhere more casual, a little more friendly?

Lily: [ Sighs ] Okay. Where do you want to go?

Devon: Hang on a second. Just — can you tell us what this is about, please?

Christine: If I could just have a few words with my client?

Amanda: Yeah. Lily, let’s discuss what our next steps should be.

Jill: I want to thank you so much, both of you, for your long hours and your expertise. And as much as I love you, at this juncture, your work is no longer required.

Christine: This is where i have to object.

Jill: Christine, this is all off the record. Nobody’s gonna strong-arm anybody. I’m not gonna brainwash devon into handing over the keys to the kingdom.

Amanda: Jill, are you sure about this?

Jill: I would bet my company on it. You two, what do you say we give this one more try without the attorneys? Oh, come on. If it doesn’t work out, we can get the arbitrator back, and this complete stranger can decide your futures for you. It’s up to you.

Devon: I — yeah. Okay. Sure. Sure.

Christine: Devon.

Devon: I want to hear what she has to say, so… I’ll fill you in at the gala tonight.

Jill: Thanks, christine. I’ll see you at the party later.

Christine: Alright. Good luck.

Devon: Thank you.

Jill: Okay. Shall we? I’m buying.

Devon: Yeah. Just text me where, and I’ll meet you.

Jill: Yep. Talk to you later.

Jack: I am so happy to see you. How long has it been?

Mamie: Oh, it’s been many, many years since I’ve been in genoa city.

Jack: I got your note when dina died. Thank you. That meant a lot to me.

Mamie: She was a decent woman, jack. Just not a mother. I hope you found it in your heart to forgive her.

Jack: You talked to me a lot about forgiveness back in the day. Yeah. Yeah, we found peace before dina died. I took it pretty hard. Seems like I’ve just come out of it lately. Last few months.

Mamie: Hmm. You’re in love, jackie.

Jack: Wow. You can still read me like a book.

Mamie: Diane?

Jack: Yes, diane. Oh, I want you to meet the woman she has become. She… it’s caused a few problems in the house.

Mamie: [ Laughs ] Ashley?

Jack: Of course you’d remember that.

Mamie: I just know a thing or two about loving somebody not everyone cares for. But that does not matter. You are in love and you’re happy. And I can see that. Now, that’s all that matters.

Diane: I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.

Kyle: Oh, not a problem. You’ve been busy, a lot on your hands.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] Literally.

Kyle: You must be looking forward to tonight.

Diane: I am.

Kyle: It’ll be nice to go out knowing stark is still overseas.

Diane: Yes, that’s something I need to talk to you about.

Kyle: He’s back?

Diane: He never even left.

Kyle: You’ve got to be kidding me. Phyllis said that he —

Diane: Well, phyllis says a lot of things.

Kyle: No. I checked. He chartered a jet.

Diane: It was just a carefully planned scheme to get jack and I back home.

Kyle: Phyllis?

Diane: Yeah.

Kyle: Really? She knows how dangerous that man is.

Diane: Well, and guess who i saw today with the never-even-left stark. None other than your mother-in-law.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Okay.

Diane: What are you doing?

Kyle: Letting summer know we have more irrefutable proof that her mother has teamed up with a monster.

Phyllis: You’re confident? So, let me get this straight. You think you’re just gonna walk into the party and then walk out and no one’s gonna be the wiser?

Jeremy: There’s nothing to worry about. It’s what I do.

Phyllis: I have a lot on the line here.

Jeremy: Okay. I’ll be keeping a careful eye on you behind the mask.

Phyllis: Okay. If any element of this plan goes awry —

Jeremy: I am aware that things need to happen with clockwork precision. And it will.

Phyllis: This is life or death for me.

Jeremy: Okay, we are both taking huge risks here, okay? And I’m not going back to prison.

[ Cellphone pings ] Who’s that?

Phyllis: [ Voice breaking ] It’s my daughter.

Jeremy: Hey. What’s going on? Are you having a change of heart? I’m not a doctor.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.


Devon: Amanda. I bet you had a lot of fun today going after me and tearing me down in front of everyone, didn’t you?

Amanda: If you think that, you can add me to the long list of things that you will never understand.

Devon: Well, did i misunderstand when you said that watching me fail was one of the perks of your job?

Amanda: [ Scoffs ] You know, every time I had to point out your flaws, highlight your shortcomings, put your lack of loyalty on display, it was a painful reminder of the pain that you caused me because I failed at choosing a good man, one that would respect me and love me and not humiliate me in such a hurtful way. I mean, abby. Abby, of all people. You know, I have to admit, i never saw that coming. And cheating? I remembered how broken you were when elena cheated on you with nate. I helped you pick up the pieces, remember? I thought you didn’t give your heart so easily to anyone. But here we are. So, no, devon, I take no pleasure in any of this. I hate remembering how deeply you hurt me. You know, I really — I thought you were a good man. So, I’m thankful now because I know the truth.

Diane: Jack said the security detail is still in place. You’ve got coverage at home, at work —

Kyle: No, no matter where stark is, he is a danger to us all. We have to figure out a way to get rid of him.

Diane: You sound like your father.

Kyle: We both want what’s best for you. Thanks for letting me know.

Diane: Yeah, and there’s something else I’d like to talk to you about.

Kyle: The engagement.

Diane: I was wondering if you’d given any more thought to the fact that your parents are finally getting married.

Kyle: Maybe we should discuss this together, the three of us, so there’s no misunderstandings.

Mamie: So, you’re living in this big place all by yourself?

Jack: Uh, not exactly. Ashley is living here with her husband, cole, and, uh…diane.

Mamie: Diane?

That diane?

Jack: One and the same.

Mamie: You married her.

Jack: Uh, we’re thinking about it.

Mamie: Well, congratulations. I guess.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Mamie: Well, ashley’s probably happy as a clam that you’re about to marry diane, isn’t she?

Jack: Oh, yeah, she — she’s just thrilled. I was hoping I could get them to sign a peace treaty, but that doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.

Mamie: Sounds like fun.

Jack: Oh, yeah, it’s a regular barrel of monkeys, mame.

Billy: Hey, jack! You get my voicemail? Let’s talk!

Mamie: [ Gasps ]

Billy: Mamie? Oh, my goodness, mamie.

Mamie: Billy abbott, look at you, all grown up! You have your father’s eyes.

Billy: Oh, my goodness. Come here. It is so great to see you. Everyone is gonna be thrilled that you are here.

Mamie: Like your mother?

Billy: She’ll be pretty far down that list.

Mamie: Mm. How is she?

Billy: She is about the same as she’s always been.

Mamie: Mnh, that’s too bad.

Billy: [ Laughs ]

Jack: Mamie, your room is ready. If you need anything else, you let me know. The place is yours.

Mamie: Thanks, jackie. I can manage.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Mamie: Wow. It feels like home.

Billy: Did you know this was happening?

Jack: I had no idea. She just showed up. She’s here for the gala.

Billy: Well, finally a reason to go to the gala.

Jack: Is the purpose of your visit — does it have anything to do with my job offer?

Billy: Yes, it does, jack. Put me in. I’m ready.

Jack: Wait. At jabot? Are you serious? I know you left chancellor-winters to get away from the business world.

Billy: Yeah, I know, but I’ve been — been thinking a lot about this, and, uh, it feels like the right time. You know, with everything that I’ve seen and everything that I’ve learned, I actually think I’ll do the old man proud this time around. You know, mamie says I have his eyes, so I feel like that’s a good start.

Jack: There has been a change in you. I think it has something to do with hanging around chelsea.

Billy: Why do you say that?

Jack: I don’t know. You’re more mature, more centered, more thoughtful.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Well, maybe I finally figured out what I want to do when i grow up.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no, no, don’t pass over this with a joke. I mean it. You feel like you’ve changed?

Billy: I don’t know. You know, I’ve shared a little bit with you about everything that chelsea has been going through with her anxiety and her depression, you know? She’s been through hell, and I’ve been beside her the whole way. And, uh, you see something like that up close, the real life and death of it, you quickly realize that if it doesn’t destroy you, it makes you stronger. And I hope that chelsea and i both come out on the right side of that.

Jack: I could not be happier for you — or for me!

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Everything that you’ve been through — and you’ve been through a lot…

Billy: Yeah.

Jack: …Brought you back to jabot. Welcome home, billy.

Billy: You have no idea how much that means to me.

[ Hand pats ]

Jeremy: That text must have disturbed you because you haven’t answered my question. Are you in or out?

Phyllis: [ Sniffles, sighs ] If we go through with this… my entire life will change. Every day will be about keeping this secret, the biggest secret I’ve ever kept in my life.

Jeremy: Now you’re incapable of telling a few lies?

Phyllis: Not like this. This is next-level.

Jeremy: Now, if you can’t go through with this, tell me now because this is your final chance to call it off.

Phyllis: Uh, I have to go. Relapsing ms isn’t the only thing I have going on.

Lily: Jill, we have been through hell the past few months, and you can just make everything go away?

Jill: Oh, not everything. Some things I’ll leave up to you. But I can’t tell you how happy i was to learn that the arbitrator had not made her decision yet.

Lily: Yeah, well, things were actually going really well for our side.

Jill: Yeah, I got that impression. And you’re welcome to go back there, but not until you’ve heard me out.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Okay.

Devon: Did I miss anything?

Jill: No, you’re right on time.

Devon: Alright. Well, what is this about, jill?

Jill: I’ve reached a decision — mutually beneficial.

Diane: I’ll be the judge of that.

Lily: Okay, a decision? I mean, shouldn’t we talk about this before we bring it to the other side?

Jill: When you hear what i have to say, there won’t be any more sides.

Devon: Well, let’s hear what you have to say.

Jill: Okay. The ipo is dead. We’re not going forward with it. The company will remain a private entity.

Lily: Um… [ Laughs ] What? You just changed your mind, just like that?

Jill: Just like that. Yes. And since your sticking point was going public, I hope you’ll change your mind just like that. And then maybe the two of you can find a way to be a family again.

Billy: So, I got some thoughts, some ideas about new directions that we can take this thing.

Jack: Uh, write them down, okay? I definitely want to talk about them, just not tonight. There are too many things going on tonight.

Billy: Okay. What — what is going on? You look like you got something up your sleeve.

Jack: I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

Billy: Oh, yeah? You might want to turn down the wattage of that smile a little bit.

[ Door closes ] Okay. I’m gonna take off. I’ll let you all get ready. Thank you again.

Jack: Thank you.

Billy: I will see you all tonight.

Diane: Yeah. Bye, billy.

Kyle: See you later.

[ Door opens ]

Jack: So, that thing you had to take care of was seeing kyle?

Diane: Yes. I wanted to find out how he feels about our engagement.

Jack: And?

Kyle: I wanted to speak to both of you at the same time.

Jack: By all means, speak from the heart.

Phyllis: Hey, summer. I got your text, obviously.

Summer: You got here fast.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, of course. The last conversation was tense. Everything is tense between us. I hate it that we can’t talk anymore.

Summer: It was pretty unforgettable, right? That last conversation?

Phyllis: Was it?

Summer: Yeah. You were warning me and kyle that jeremy stark was off to europe to track down jack and diane. But guess where he really was. He was right here in town. Pretty sure he never left. And I don’t want to hear any more excuses from you. I just have one question. Even with our relationship on the verge of total destruction, did you seriously lie straight to my face? I got this mountain bike for only $11. Dealdash.Com the fair and honest bidding site. This kitchenaid mixer sold for less than $26. This I-pad sold for less than $43. And this playstation 5 sold for less than a dollar. I won these bluetooth headphones for $20. I got these three suitcases for less than $40. And shipping is always free. Go to dealdash.Com right now and see how much you can save. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Daniel: Chelsea, it is an honor to be working with you. I mean it. You know, we’ve both been on some rocky roads. Life has thrown us some curve balls. But, you know, it’s those adventures that take us off the path. Those are the ones that help us learn and grow and get stronger and maybe help a few people along the way.

Chelsea: Yeah. Well, thank you, daniel.

Daniel: [ Chuckles ] You want to thank me, you can thank me by designing a world that no one’s ever imagined before.

Daniel: See you later.

Chelsea: Bye.

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi!

Billy: Wow, that smile can’t be all for me.

Chelsea: It’s all me!

Billy: Let me guess. Daniel’s omega sphere?

Chelsea: I am a world maker.

Billy: One day it dresses, the next day it’s the universe. That is a hell of a trajectory.

Chelsea: I know! What can I say? Well, what about you? You look like you just won the lottery.

Billy: I think I may have. I’m going back to jabot.

Chelsea: Aww, where you belong.

Billy: Yeah. You know what they say about going home, even if it is the prison I spent half my life trying to escape. How did we go from barely employable to movers and shakers again?

Chelsea: We finally found where we’re meant to be.

Billy: Mm. Think we can handle it?

Chelsea: I do. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. I truly think that things are gonna be great for both of us.

Jill: Okay, um, I know that this is a lot to take in all at once.

Devon: Yeah, it really is. But I would like to ask you how you expect us all to work together again after everything that she said.

Lily: Sorry. Everything that I said?

Devon: Yes.

Lily: Devon, I wasn’t in a vacuum. You had some choice words to say to me, too.

Devon: Okay. How about after everything you’ve done?

Lily: What have I done? What, I had the audacity to hold you to a contract? You’re right. I’m very childish.

Devon: No, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about stabbing me in the back.

Lily: Oh, my god.

Devon: And hiring my ex. You hired amanda.

Lily: Right.

Devon: And how about the way you have a problem with how i grieve or honor our father?

Lily: Oh, here we go. Because everything I do revolves around your feelings. You are so selfish.

Jill: Stop it. Stop it, both of you! We cannot continue to let everything fall apart this way. It is breaking my heart. This is our work. We are family. It’s our world. God, I wish I had a time machine so I go back to before I made this ipo an issue.

Lily: [ Laughs ] Yeah, so do I.

Devon: We can’t, though, jill.

Jill: Well, then what is gonna happen if we can’t forgive each other and learn to work together?

Devon: I don’t see a way that I could ever do that.

Phyllis: I hope you never know what it’s like for your child to turn their back on you.

Summer: You joined forces with a dangerous felon.

Phyllis: Really? Where’d you hear that? Oh. Diane, right?

Summer: [ Scoffs ] But you are working with stark. Right, mom? Aren’t you? I don’t even know who you are anymore.

Phyllis: I am your mother. That’s who I am. Your mother. I would do anything in this world to keep you protected and safe.

Summer: So you use me to deliver your lies so that you and stark can get revenge on kyle’s mom.

Phyllis: To protect you.

Summer: By putting me in harm’s way?

Phyllis: Everything that I do for you, every single thing that I do for you, summer, is because I love you and I want to keep you safe and protected.

Summer: This isn’t love. This is traumatizing. You are hurting me and everyone that I love. So, I need you to stop or I need you gone before someone gets really hurt.

[ Sighs ]

Jack: Whatever you have to say, whatever your feelings are about our relationship, your mother and I want to hear it.

Kyle: I’ve been thinking a lot about this, about your history, together and apart, and what your decision means for everyone in your lives and how this will affect our future.

Diane: I know. It’s — it’s — it’s a lot.

Kyle: Mm. The road to true love — it never did run smooth. You’ve had your fair share of obstacles and interferences and acts of god and poor decisions, but here you are now, ready to begin again. You love each other.

Jack: Yes, very much.

Kyle: You’ve proven that, time after time, and you’ve accepted and forgiven each other. And the circumstances of your love story are beyond extraordinary. So, who am I to stand in your way? And what more can I say but i hope you make each other very happy. You deserve it.

Diane: [ Sighs ] So, you’re okay with us getting married?

Kyle: When I think about when I was a kid, this is all I ever wanted, so of course you have my blessing.

Diane: Aww.

Jack: Fantastic. Ahh!

Diane: Aww.

Kyle: Come here, mom.

Diane: Thank you.

[ Knocking on door ]

Phyllis: Oh, god. I’m in. Let’s do it. Oh, we’re gonna make this the party they never forget.

[ Gasps ]

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GHs Transcript Wednesday, March 22, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


natalie, this is thinly sourced. This is unpublishable. This is dangerously close to libel. Should ask gregory to help with it? No, you shouldn’t ask him. He’s not available to — to help you. And it’s not his job to help you. Can you please, natalie, fix this and get it back to me before it lands us in court?

[ Sighs ] Well, that wasn’t uncomfortable. Yeah, well, I don’t have time to be nice. What’s up?

[ Chuckles ] Dinner plans — you, me, port charles grill? Oh! I’m sorry. I f-forgot. I’m sorry. Well, that’s not like you. What’s up? Hi. Uh, gregory chase. I was wondering if dr. Park was available right now. And if not, I need to make an appointment with him at his earliest convenience. Well, you already have an appointment with him next month, professor chase. Yeah, I know, I know. But I’m experiencing some new symptoms, and others are worsening. Dad? Trina. How are you? I’m okay. I have no idea how to act around you. Hey, thanks for letting me stay with you and kevin, grandmother. Uncle sonny’s place is getting crowded. Yeah, we’re happy to help. We like having you and charlotte at the apartment. Yeah. And how lucky is it, too, that there’s an extra room for the baby? It’s a perfect solution to all of esme’s problems. Spencer, don’t get too far ahead of yourself here, okay? Because esme may hate this idea. Why should she? She should want what’s best for her son.

[ Footsteps approaching ] No better place than staying with his family. Laura, I-I thought we agreed that you could visit me and ace, but he can’T. I’m just gonna have a sauvignon blanc. Okay, johnny? Nina, I’m glad I found you. Has something happened to sonny?

[ Playing chords ] Working on a new song?

[ Sighs ] So far I’ve got about three verses on regret. It’s garbage. Brook lynn quartermaine does not create garbage. You’re just being nice. I’m being honest. I love your songs. I love a lot of things when it comes to you. Like spending time with you, talking to you. Really? Yeah, and I miss that, brook lynn. I miss us. I miss us, too. Then why don’t we do something about it? Chase, wait. There’s something you don’t know.

[ Sighs ] Terry. The ethics committee is still meeting? How long is it gonna take them to decide whether I can still work? Portia’s in there now speaking on your behalf. We want her to take a long time. But, really, what can she say to convince the committee that I’m not a liability to G.H. Or my patients? No one thinks you’re a liability.

[ Sighs ] Ah. It’s okay. How’d it go?

We broke up for a reason. You didn’t tell me that dante asked you to write a letter to the ccrb, and then you held off writing it until after the board made their decision. Why should you forgive that? I mean, I-I was invested in your singing career. Okay, I-I put that ahead of you wanting to be reinstated as a cop. I betrayed your trust. But you finally wrote your letter of support, and now the ccrb is reconsidering their decision. Does that mean you forgive me? It’s gonna take a long time for me to trust you again. But I’m willing to try. Are you? You just spent the afternoon with willow. That must have been hard. What does that have to do with us? Oh, let’s face it, chase. Okay, you and willow have quite the history. You’re emotionally all over the place, and now you’re — you’re coming in here, you’re wanting to take life with both hands, and — and I’m around. Whoa. You are more than just around. Okay? You are in my head constantly. I can’t stop thinking about you, about what we had. And I want it back. Don’t you? Nothing’s happened to sonny, so far as I’m aware. Is there a reason for your concern? Well, you’re the police commissioner.

[ Chuckles ] Okay? So I just — I-I just automatically thought that there was an accident, but, yes, I overreacted. You can blame it on, you know, the stress and worried about willow, everything going on in my life. And if you ask my staff at crimson and at the metro court, they’ll — they’ll all say that, you know, I’m — I’ve been on edge and I’m always thinking about the — uh, did you want to ask me something? Forget it. You seem like you have a lot on your mind. Wait. Are you on duty? No. Then order a drink. Talk to me.

[ Sighs ] It’s about curtis. I… I hoped you could tell me… is he okay? Well, for whatever it’s worth, uh, I don’t know how to act around you, either. Does that help? A little. Um, I-I still haven’t come to a decision about getting a dna test. I’ve been really busy with, like, school and stuff. You take all the time you need with school… and stuff. Thanks. I mean, it’s really weird running into you. I feel like I used to see my family all the time. And ever since the wedding, I’ve basically been by myself. How’s that been? Sometimes good. Sometimes not so great. You haven’t seen your mother since she told you the truth? Just once. But it didn’t really go well. Have you seen her? A few times. I gotta be honest — I just can’t seem to… forgive her? Me, too. The committee seemed very open-minded about my support of you. Could you tell which way they were leaning? It was very formal. They were asking me questions about your history here, so I spoke on your professionalism and how you take care with each and every one of your patients, your knowledge and skill as a nurse. And they said they’ve already spoken with finn and frida navarro. Oh, they also said that they got some letters from patrick drake, uh, robin scorpio-drake, griffin munro… and epiphany. They didn’t say they received anything from her. But my union rep said they reached out to her. Maybe epiphany hasn’t turned in her letter. Well, what is the committee gonna think? Epiphany was my mentor. In a lot of ways, she still is. If they don’t know that she supports me, I don’t see how I have a chance. It appears that several of my reporters have forgotten how to check facts and clear legal. Perhaps they are missing the calm influence and guidance of professor chase. Perhaps you are, too. Which is why I wanted him on my editorial board. But that ship has sailed. Change the subject, please. Hmm. Did you confront gregory about why he no longer teaches at pcu? Yes, I confronted him, and I sure as hell wish I didn’T. Hey, finn, I didn’t see you there. Yeah, no, the ethics committee is almost done with their meeting. I was just on my way up to see if they made a decision. Elizabeth will be glad you came. Of course. Thank you for your help. Do you still need a — uh, directions? No. No. My — my son knows the way. Yeah. It’s nice to see you, too, esme. Hi, handsome! How you doing today? I missed you.

[ Smooches ]

[ Laura chuckles ] What is he doing here? Esme, we have wonderful news for you and the baby. Really? Well, that would be a change. After careful consideration, da scorpio has agreed to drop the charges against you, esme. You’re gonna be released from spring ridge. The da could still refile the charges at a later time, but you can raise your son outside of prison. Hello! Earth to esme. Did you hear me? Uh, I did. Um… but it doesn’t matter. Why not? Because ace and i aren’t leaving. Oh, esme. Wait — ah.

Before the wedding, I felt like my mom and i could talk to each other about anything. I mean, we fought before, but she’d just tell me that it’s — it’s part of the mother/daughter contract. I just never thought she would keep a huge secret from me, that she doesn’t know if my dad is my father… or you. When me and your mother reconnected here in port charles, she promised me that there’d be no more secrets. So she blindsided me, too. What bothers me most is that she didn’t trust me. When marshall was first diagnosed, he didn’t trust that my mother could handle his illness. My brother and I, we were — we were young, and I knew he was protecting us, but… those years were lost. But you and marshall are close now, right? Yeah. But that sure is a long time without a father. At least you’re talking. Yeah, we’re talking. Trina, you have every right to be upset with your mother. I can’t help but wonder, how long are you gonna go without talking to your mom? The committee is not out to get you on a technicality. A missing letter of support from my mentor isn’t a technicality. It’s a red flag.

[ Sighs ] Isn’t epiphany on her campus visit at johns hopkins? Yes, that’s right. That’s the school that she got accepted to. She’s probably meeting with her professors, shadowing a resident. I-I mean, it makes perfect sense that she wouldn’t have a chance to write the letter for you yet. She might not even have gotten the request. Yeah, right, I didn’t even think about that. Okay, thanks. I’m gonna go grab some coffee, get some air. You want anything? I’m good, thanks. I’m fine. Keep positive thoughts, okay? Thanks.

[ Exhales sharply ] You know, as nervous as I am for myself and my future, I am so happy for epiphany. And I’m not surprised one bit that she got into johns hopkins. She’s the best nurse I know. And she’s gonna make such a great doctor. It’s really an inspiration that she had the courage to follow her dream, and now it’s coming true. Gives a person reason to hope, right? Diane: What did you find out? Did something happen at the university? I don’t think it’s my place to say. Alexis, clearly, something is upsetting you. When last we spoke about gregory, he was an asset that you wanted for the invader. You weren’t gonna take no for an answer. So is that no longer the case? It’s not about

the invader anymore. It’s about his well-being. What about his well-being? I don’t know what it is, but I think there’s something wrong. And I think… he may have a drinking problem. I mean, that might be the reason he’s no longer working at pcu. Finn: Hey, look who I found. Hi. I hope nothing serious brought you in. No, no, I just — I wanted to wish you luck with the ethics committee. I’ll be rooting for you. Well, thank you. You know, when everyone started finding out that I helped nikolas keep esme captive, I-I just assumed people would turn their backs on me. I just can’t believe how giving my friends have been. Nikolas put you in an impossible situation. And you came forward, despite the potential consequences, even after I tried to convince you otherwise. Yeah, part of me thinks I should have listened. Esme, this is

very good news. This is crazy. Esme, spring ridge is a prison. It’s not a motel. You can’t simply decide to extend your stay. I think I understand why you might be feeling nervous about this. All — all I’ve ever known is life in a hospital and — and prison. Ace and I have no — no family, no friends, no money. Wh– where are we supposed to go? Esme, you don’t have to worry. I-I’ve made arrangements for you to stay above kelly’S. It’s a local coffee shop in town. My former sister-in-law owns it, esme, and there’s a room available for you. And I’m willing to cover your rent while you find work. You would do that for me? Yes. You have a difficult transition ahead, and grandmother and I want to make sure that it’s smooth. Is that true? Is that the only reason your grandson wants to help me? Spencer wants what’s best for the baby, esme. And is there enough space for me and ace in this room? Don’t minimize what I did. I was selfish. I didn’t want you returning to the pcpd. But I realize it’s about more than that. You needed my help to take linc down so that he didn’t have the power to harass or control any other artist. Blaze only puts up with him because she didn’t want him to ruin her career, as do other singer/songwriters that he manages. He had to be stopped. You wanted to protect the other women so that linc didn’t mess with their heads or destroy their self-confidence. And that is brave, brook lynn. Chase, you are so wrong about me.

Do you have any proof thatgregory has a drinking problem or that the pcu fired him because of it? No. It’s just that I-I ran into him at the metro court, and he was slurring his words. He was stumbling. He was using the wall to hold himself up. Maybe he’d been overserved. That’s been known to happen. It was 11:00 in the morning, and the bartender hadn’t served him anything. Well, then, he probably wasn’t drunk. Maybe he came in that way. Okay, clearly, you are worried. I get it. But one unsteady morning does not an alcoholic make. It’s the culmination of things. He’s been hiding something really important from me for months. He lost his job at pcu, and then he’s — he’s wobbly at 11:00 in the morning? Counselor, you are engaging in wild speculation. There could be a thousand reasons, a thousand explanations. But if you are right and he does have a drinking problem, you are uniquely qualified to help him. Who knows better than me, right? Nobody. But now the question is, is gregory going to confide in you, considering he knows you went behind his back, contacted the dean at pcu to check up on him? Yeah, good chance gregory is never gonna confide in me about anything ever again. Which is why I’m wondering if I should reach out to someone else who can help him. You did the right thing. You did the honorable thing. I regret trying to talk you out of it.

[ Sighs ] You weren’t the only one. Scott thought I was crazy. But once I decided to go through with it, I couldn’t have asked for a better advocate. And, honestly, no matter what happens, it’s better than carrying around a guilty secret.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. The ethics committee is ready for me. I got you. Okay. Okay. Oh, there’s a particularly anxious patient I want to check on. I want to make sure mrs. Walsh is good to go in the event I don’t work here anymore. It’s not gonna come to that. Here’s hoping. Don’t worry, son. Elizabeth will be fine. I mean, look at her — confident, composed, thinking about her patients, even now. Yeah. Yeah, that’s her. You know, but, dad, there’s a part of me that wants to rush into that conference room again and continue to defend her. You don’t think elizabeth would appreciate it? I think she would think I was being overprotective, so I’m doing something different this time. What’s that? Listening. Listening to her. Following her lead. Obstinance was always a dominant trait in our family. You’re proving that change is possible.

[ Chuckles ] I’m trying. Too early to determine the results. Esme, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Okay? We’re just here making the offer so you can have the opportunity to build a life for yourself and for your child. By sticking me and ace in a room above some coffee shop? No, unfortunately, there isn’t enough space for both you and the baby, but that’s okay because he can stay with grandmother and myself just while you get settled. You are not separating me from my baby. Esme, no, I just want what’s best for my brother. You understand that? No, no, no. Y-you’re not gonna take my baby away from me. There we go.

[ Stammers ] Losing your memory has not changed you much. What does that mean? It means that the old esme put her own desires and self-interest above everything else. And now here we are, hand in hand, trying to offer you help and support. And having just admitted you have zero resources of your own, you’re shoving it away. You’re putting your own desires and self-interest above everyone else’s, including your own son’s right now. I want to be with you, chase. I didn’t know you can miss someone as much as I’ve missed you. I just want to run into your arms and have you hold me forever. Then why can’t you? I’m not brave, chase. Far from it. And I’d be lying to let you think that I was. What are you talking about?

[ Sighs ] Do you remember I agreed to write a dozen commercial jingles for linc in exchange for him giving me my original songs back? Yes. Never happened. But you got your songs back. Because I signed a non-disclosure agreement. I can’t talk about what linc did to me. And if blaze or some other woman comes forward, I can’t corroborate what they say. I sold out. Well, curtis is still processing what happened to him. You know, he went from being very, very angry to very, very angry and sad. You haven’t been in touch with him? Has tj? I don’t know about tj, but I have been trying to stay away from curtis. Before the wedding, I suspected he might be trina’s father. And you didn’t tell him? I admitted I knew when he confronted me after the wedding. But before then… I was told it wasn’t my place. By whom? Portia. She accused me of meddling in their relationship so I could get curtis back. Well, portia put you in a terrible position. Well, by not saying anything, I did the one thing that destroyed our marriage. I kept another secret from him. But this time, you didn’t have the responsibility to tell him. Your marriage was over for, what, two years? You moved on, jordan. You have moved on from curtis, haven’t you? I can’t even think about forgiving my mom. I’m not saying you gotta forgive her. Hell, in my experience, I know it’s not that simple. I’m still angry at the years I lost away from my father. But at the same time, I’m so thankful for the time that we have together. Marshall and i are stronger because we were able to overcome the distance between us. I can’t believe you’re the one saying this.

[ Laughs ] I can’t believe I’m the one saying this, either. Look, I wanted to be with your mother because… I loved her, but I also loved and wanted to be a part of her family. Despite the grief I-I gave you… I wanted you to be part of my family, too.

[ Sighs ] Trina, do not let what happened come between you and your mom.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Trina: Mom!

[ Sighs ] I didn’t want to interrupt you two. I know you must have a lot to talk about. Um… uh, this wasn’t planned. We just ran into each other and started talking. I’m glad. I hope the same can be true for — for you and me. Now’s not a good time. I, um… I have to go. Yeah, but, trina, you haven’t ordered. Yeah, um, spencer — he just, um, texted me, so I told him I’d go meet him. Bye.

[ Sighs ] Well, I came to grab some coffee. It’s gonna be a really long night tonight at the hospital. Well, I hope that coffee helps. How’s, uh, marshall doing? Um… I know he was so nervous about his meeting with the geneticist. How did it go? Well, I’d tell you if I could. You’ll have to ask marshall. That information’s private. Marshall is family.

We’re family. At least I hope we still are. Curtis and i are through. I’ve moved on. Mm. That means you’re dating? Moving on doesn’t mean moving on to someone else.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, that’s true, but it helps. Do you know what’s been going on in port charles lately? I work 24/7. I’ll be lucky if my phone doesn’t start blowing up with more emergencies. I mean, I’d love to date my pillow, but I don’t even have time to sleep. Yeah. I think I touched a nerve, didn’t I? So you don’t want a relationship? I don’t know. The end of my marriage to curtis… I never knew I could hurt so much. What curtis and I had before things went wrong was… special, once in a lifetime, you know? I can’t imagine that I’ll ever feel that way again. I’m sorry. I may have moved on, but I still love curtis. I always will. What do you mean, tell someone about gregory? Who are you going to tell? What are you going to tell? You don’t know that gregory is dealing with an alcohol problem. He could argue that you are spreading unfounded rumor. Diane, I’m not gonna say that he was fired from pcu. Well, then what are you going to say? I’m gonna tell them that I’m worried and tell them why. I know that look. I know when you’ve made up your mind. Okay, let’s, um… let’s reschedule dinner for another night. Diane, I’m sorry I forgot. I really am. And I love you, and I appreciate your advice. My advice was to stay out of gregory’s business, but that’s gone the way of the dinosaur. He’s my friend. I know he’s a good man. I wanted him to work here not only because he is a damn good writer with a really unique point of view, but he’s my cheerleader here. He’s my supporter. He’s also my honest appraiser. He makes me better at my job here. He’s truly a good friend, and I want to do the same for him. Friends need to know when to step back. What if this were you and me? What are you talking about? What if you were witnessing me about to get hit by a car? Wouldn’t you try to protect me? I absolutely would. Especially if the situations were even remotely similar, but they’re not. And deep down, you know that. I admire your ability to embrace change I might be able to learn a thing or two from you. Oh? Does this have something to do with what happened between you and alexis? No, no. That’s a relationship that can’t be salvaged. I may be obstinate, but… alexis takes it to a whole other level. Woman will do anything to get her way. Oh.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Excuse me. Something wrong?

[ Ringing continues ] Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, speak of the devil. Do you even know how to take care of a newborn? Have you ever fed a baby? Changed one? Rocked him to sleep? If you had, you wouldn’t dare suggest that a mother be separated from her infant child. We don’t want to separate you from your child, esme. All I’m saying, honey, is that I think when you’re released from spring ridge, you’re gonna find out very quickly how hard it is to take care of a baby all by yourself. Um… it’s okay, hon. We want to support you. We do. That’s why we came here today to make this offer. But I think what we should have done is include you in the planning. So, look, let’s do that right now, okay? You tell me — how can we best support you and ace? Tell us what you need. You’re not gonna like it. At all.

Why is alexis calling you? I don’t know. Uh, been friends a long — long time. Um, it might not — it might not even be about you. Yeah, you’re right. I jumped to a conclusion. Listen, I-I’ll let alexis know I’m not taking sides. Unless that’s what you want. No, no, no. We’re all grown-ups here. There’s no reason to act like children in the schoolyard.

[ Sighs ] Listen, I’m gonna go. Uh… let me know how it goes with elizabeth. Yeah, I’ll, uh… I’ll see you, dad. I don’t have answers for you. I wish I did. But what happened between us is still too fresh and so painful. I haven’t been able to face aunt stella either. I’m so sorry to hear that. But, curtis, whether you like it or not, we’re married. And don’t you think that we should try to work this out together? I am so sorry that I hid the truth from you. But I’m just not really sure that distance is the answer here. Maybe we could, um… maybe we could try counseling. You don’t get to set the terms. You lied to me over and over again. What do you think? I’m just gonna walk into some therapist’s office and say, “give me communication strategies”? Then I’ll wait. Curtis, I’ll do whatever it takes, whatever you want me to do. Whatever you want me to do to earn your trust back is what I’ll do. But I want to fight. I want to fight for our marriage. But if what you’re telling me is that it’s hopeless and there’s no chance for us, then I’ll listen. Is there hope for us, curtis? I’m afraid it’s more complicated than that. Is it? Curtis. Just tell me if our love for one another is strong enough to get us through this. You still have feelings for curtis? Still? Always. But there’s a difference between love and being in love. Curtis and i were family. There’s a part of us that will always love each other, no matter what happens. That wasn’t a yes or no. Ah.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, oh, see? What did I tell you about work? I need to make a call. Okay, yeah, I have to run off, too. Jordan, if you’re worried about curtis, talk to him. I’m sure he would appreciate it. Good advice. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Elizabeth: Hi. How’d it go? Well, I think I averted a mini meltdown, so mrs. Walsh gave me this as a thank-you.

[ Chuckles ] What? I’m impressed. I’m impressed by you. And I think the committee will be, too. Do you mind telling me what you said to them? Oh, uh, yeah. Well, at first I was really, really nervous. But then I looked around the room and I realized this is about the health and safety of our patients. It’s not about me. So as clearly as I could, I explained why I helped nikolas and why I treated esme at wyndemere. You know, I’ve told the story many times. It never gets easier. But the more I tell it, the less it haunts me. Because you’re taking responsibility. On your terms, not nik’s or anyone else’S. And no matter what happens, you should be proud. You sold out? Chase, I am so — this wasn’t about stopping linc or protecting other women. This was about you getting your songs back. God, I am such an idiot. Chase, no. I — yes, it was to get my songs back, but it was also a way to get rid of linc. And for you to — to go back to being a cop. Brook lynn, would you stop? Just stop. I’m done with your excuses. I was trying to help you, give you what you wanted. If that were true, why wouldn’t you just tell me sooner?

Not that long ago, you were the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And now that trust is broken. And I don’t think our love can fix that.

[ Voice breaking ] It can. If you just give it a chance. If you just remember what we mean to each other. Cur… trina, hi. I was in the neighborhood. I wanted to see if the baby settled in okay. Come in. Things didn’t go exactly the way that I hoped that they would. We love our new room, don’t we, ace? Yeah. What’s that? Tell me, brook lynn, if you signed that non-disclosure agreement so that I could stop singing and I could be a cop, if you were so convinced that you were doing the right thing, that you were doing it for me, then why wouldn’t you just tell me? Why make up some story about writing advertising jingles for linc? I’ll tell you why. Because you knew I would be angry and you knew that what you did was wrong. But you were right about one thing. You’re not the person I thought you were. There you go. Much better. You addressed the issues. Legal signed off. Natalie, would you mind taking it down to rewrite? ‘Cause that story should have been run. Thanks. Um, I have your keys. You called finn. I know you’re upset. I — after I specifically asked you not to discuss what’s happening in my life with finn or chase. Thank you for your faith in me. But I’m still scared. What if I get fired? What if this is the end of my time here at general hospital? She’s here. Mm.

[ Door closes ] My part is finished. The committee’s making their decision. Scotch, neat.

[ Sighs ]

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B&Bs Transcript Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Bill: That smug bitch. Sheila nine toes living in my housem drinking my coffee.

Ridge: Why? Why are you here?

Bill: I missed you. And chen.

Ridge: You’re supposed to be in there getting information from sheila.

Bill: Ah. Thanks for reminding me. There is another reason I’m here. I finally figured out how to get sheila to confess to multiple murders. I’m gonna propose. I’m gonna ask sheila to marry me.

Brooke: [ Laughs ] Lucy! Wow, dad! This is– this is an incredible surprise.

Stephen: Lucy and I were passing through on our way up north and we thought we would catch up. So much has happened since we were here last.

Lucy: Steven told me what thomas did using a voice app to make it look like you– you called cps on him?

Brooke: Yeah.

Stephen: I can’t believe ridge’s own son would sabotage his father’s marriage.

Brooke: He wanted me out of the way.

Stephen: Well, it worked, didn’t it? Ridge left you and went back to taylor.

Brooke: And they’d still be married now if it hadn’t been for steffy. She really stepped up and called her brother out.

Steffy: Yeah, I found it. I’ll get– I’ll go over the fine print and I’ll get back to you, carter, okay? Yeah, thanks.

Hope: Hey.

Steffy: Hey.

Hope: Um… sorry I had to run the other day, but I… I just really wanted to continue our conversation about your concerns with me and thomas. And I just want to assure you that I–

Steffy: I understand. I know what you’re about to say. But I have to tell you, I was talking to paris the other day and she reminded me about what you said not too long ago. That you were attracted to my brother.

Hope: I never said I was attracted to thomas.

Steffy: You did say my brother was hot.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. That was a comment in passing. Paris– [ Laughs ] She wouldn’t let it go. We needed to get back to work. Okay. I just don’t understand why you’re bringing that up.

Steffy: Because it is my job to know. So, are you attracted to my brother? Do you think he’s hot?

Lucy: Taylor knew and still went through with the wedding?

Brooke: She was completely swept up in the moment. And she only found out the truth right before the ceremony. She was going to tell ridge after. So, I don’t blame her. The dynamics between the three of us were completely different back then.

Stephen: What I don’t understand is how it even got that far. Why didn’t ridge tell you why he was upset? Why didn’t he fight for your marriage?

Ridge: All right, chen, it’s over. We gotta pull him out. He’s lost his marbles. You’re gonna propose to sheila?

Bill: I am. I have no intention of actually marrying that nightmare. The only reason I’m proposing to the bride of frankenstein is to get her out of my life, not keep her more entrenched.

Ridge: And you really think that sheila’s gonna buy a proposal from you?

Bill: I’m the reason that sheila’s out of prison and the only thing keeping her from going back in. She wants a permanent protector. Sheila loves me in her own warped way. Well, I can get her to confess her crimes and therefore, protect our families by showing her my total commitment. What says forever more than a marriage proposal? I got this mountain bike for only $11. Dealdash.Com the fair and honest bidding site. This kitchenaid mixer sold for less than $26. This I-pad sold for less than $43. And this playstation 5 sold for less than a dollar. I won these bluetooth headphones for $20. I got these three suitcases for less than $40. And shipping is always free. Go to dealdash.Com right now and see how much you can save. With the freestyle libre 2 system,

Stephen: I think it’s wonderful that you and taylor chose yourselves over ridge. It’s not easy to break free of old patterns.

Brooke: We realized we have a lot more in common than just ridge. And we have a lot of fun together.

Lucy: It’s a new dawn.

Brooke: Yes, it is. And I am enjoying it.

Stephen: I wonder how ridge feels about all this.

Ridge: So you’re gonna ask sheila to marry you?

Bill: Half the battle with sheila is telling her what she desperately wants to hear or believe about herself. Which is that she is worthy of love, even though she is a murdering psycho.

Ridge: Mm-hmm, and you have convinced her that. You’re a better man than me.

Bill: Don’t be hard on yourself, you know, we all have our gifts. Yours is sewing and mine is clearly being sort of a, you know, undercover james bond.

[ Laughs ]

Ridge: Yeah. Way undercover. Anyway, listen, all the– all the accolades you have, you’ve deserved, so good.

Bill: The truth is that I am really run out of my patience and every time that– that that thing touches me, I want to be disinfected by a hazmat crew.

Ridge: Yeesh.

Bill: Sheila needs to go back to prison where she belongs. Families and all of our loved ones can be safe and not have to look over their shoulders anymore.

Ridge: You’re doing a good thing.

Bill: It’s the only thing.

Ridge: All right. Let’s get it done because I would like to get back to my life such as it is.

Bill: Yeah.

Ridge: So when are you proposing?

Bill: Today. I’m gonna get the ring on my way home. I’m gonna slip it on her finger and that will open the door to her deepest, darkest secrets. I’ll get a confession one way or another. And then we’ll trade that ring for a pair of bracelets. Wish me luck.

Ridge: You know what? Sheila spencer has a really nice sound to it.

Bill: Comedy is also not your gift. Sewing. Stick to sewing.

Ridge: I wasn’t kidding, chen.

Hope: I am confused. Steffi, why are you asking if I think thomas is hot?

Steffy: I’m trying to save hope for the future and it is my job to make sure that happens. You and thomas are gonna be working very closely together and it’s gonna be intense. You’re gonna be bouncing ideas off of each other, inspiring each other, being swept up in the moment.

Hope: Are you asking this for me or for thomas?

Steffy: I already talked to thomas about it.

Hope: What, seriously?

Steffy: I just want to make sure that there was no issue. He assured me there isn’T. My brother is making significant changes in his life and I know he’s not obsessed with you anymore.

Hope: Okay, good. I’m– I’m thrilled for him, but steffy, I’m– I’m married and I am fully committed to liam.

Steffy: I get that. I’m not questioning that.

Hope: Okay. So then where is this coming from?

Steffy: I just want you to be honest and realistic with yourself and your attraction to thomas.

Bill: You’re what I need. I love you, sheila.

[ Indistinct radio chatter ]

Ridge: Well, this could get real interesting real fast.

Chen: We’re set up for all of it.

Bill: Hey!

Sheila: Hey! There he is.

Bill: Did you miss me?

Sheila: Always.

[ Laughs ] Where’d you disappear to?

Bill: Well, just because I’ve shared all of me with you doesn’t mean I don’t still have a couple of tricks up my sleeve.

Sheila: [ Laughs ] Oh. (Vo) red lobster’s finer points of fun dining:

Stephen: You and taylor being friends is a– a twist no one could see coming. I bet you ridge is the most surprised of all. Especially since the two of you sent him packing.

Brooke: I wouldn’t call it that. Taylor and I both have children with ridge. So he’s going to be in our lives forever.

Stephen: There’s so much going on. Some good, some… horrifying like sheila carter still being on the loose thanks to bill spencer? And, where’s ridge? Off somewhere licking his wounds instead of being here to protect his family.

Brooke: In all fairness, I’m the one who told ridge to go away and figure out what he wants out of us.

Stephen: And he doesn’t know how to cut a trip short? I’m gonna give him a call. Give him a piece of my mind.

Brooke: Oh, dad! Come on. That’s not necessary.

[ Phone ringing ]

Bill: Could I make myself any clearer?

Ridge: It’s my ex father-in-law. Steve, hey, what’s up?

Stephen: I’m here in L.A. With brooke and you’re nowhere to be seen. Leaving your family alone at a time like this.

Ridge: All right. You– you gotta forgive me. I don’t mean to be rude, but I got a lot on my plate, so this is not a good time.

Stephen: You do remember that sheila carter is a dangerous woman, don’t you?

Ridge: I’m well aware of the sheila carter situation. Yes.

Stephen: Well, that’s not gonna help, is it? If she corners somebody else in an alley at gunpoint.

Ridge: Stephen, this is not a brush off but I gotta go.

Stephen: My daughter deserves better from you.

Ridge: I will do everything in my power to keep the people I love safe. All right? I gotta go. What did bill say?

Bill: Do you know what a difference you have made in my life? Hey, I used to dread walking through that door into this big empty house. Nobody here to greet me with a– with a smile, with a– with a touch. Nobody to welcome me home.

[ Sheila laughs ] But now you’re here for me and only me. You said that I gave you a second chance.

Sheila: You did.

Bill: Well, you’ve done the same for me. My beautiful, incomparable sheila. I love you. Remember that night that we met on the beach and how– how quickly and– and intensely we connected?

Sheila: Yeah. I’ll– I’ll never forget.

Bill: Well, I’ve been proving myself to you ever since. I told you I wouldn’t let you go back to prison and you haven’T. I moved you into my home. I distanced myself from my loved ones, from my family. I stood by you. I defended you.

Sheila: You put everything on the line for me and I am– I– I– I get choked up when I think about it, but…

Bill: What? You can tell me.

Sheila: Okay, well, I’ve– you tell me you love me.

Bill: Yeah.

Sheila: And that you opened up to me. But I’ve got to be honest, there are times that I really– I just don’t know what you’re thinking.

[ Bill laughs ]

Bill: Well, I feel the same way about you. And– and you’re right. I mean, yeah, you know, you’re right. I can, at times, I can be a bit withdrawn. That’s just my nature. Come on now. I mean, I have been incredibly open with you. And I want you to be the same with me. But I know you’re not there yet. You still– you– you hold things very close to the vest. Dark things that frighten you and that– that shame you. I don’t want there to be any barriers between us. I want you to be able to talk to me about anything and know that I’m not going to judge you. You can express whatever it might be about your past and I will never leave you. My commitment is 100% and I want you to know that.

Sheila: I do.

Bill: Wow. Those are just words though, aren’t they? I think you need actions to unlock that box that you have kept hidden away for so long. You know what? I think I have the key.

Sheila: What do you mean?

Bill: I mean that I’m going to show you that you can believe in me. And you can believe in our life together. That’s me before dawn powerwash.

Hope: Okay. I don’t– I don’t know what you want me to say here. Uh– okay fine. Is thomas attractive? Yes. Sure. And I bet plenty of other women in this office would agree. But I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and guess that you aren’t questioning them.

Steffy: They don’t share a child with thomas or have a complicated history.

Hope: All right, but my feelings for your brother are not complicated. They are very straightforward, which is that I needed him to help save my line. So I agreed to work with him and that is as far as it goes. Does that answer your question?

Steffy: Look, I’m just looking out for you and thomas.

Hope: And I appreciate that, but I am telling you there is no reason to be concerned.

Stephen: Ridge practically hung up in my face. What the hell is wrong with him?

Lucy: What did he say when you mentioned how dangerous sheila is?

Stephen: He’s fully aware of the situation. Whatever that means. Where is he exactly?

Brooke: He is taking some much needed time away. And I encouraged him to do so, dad. He did say he’s doing something very important, not only for him but for the entire family.

Stephen: And what does that mean?

Brooke: I’m not sure. But I do know that he loves us very much and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for our family.

Bill: I’d given up on ever finding–

Chen: I love a good proposal. Think she’ll cry?

Ridge: Bill might. Come on, spencer. Pop the question. We’re all waiting on you.

Bill: Well, I vowed no more. Dollar bill spencer was giving up on love. And then you came along. I went to the beach that night feeling pathetically sorry for myself. So down and so depressed. And then I left feeling like the luckiest man on the planet. I mean, who could have ever predicted that?

Sheila: I have a new life. I– I have the life of freedom because you put everything on the line for me.

Bill: And I would do it all again because you’re worth it. We’re worth it. People say there’s no future for us. Well, I don’t think they know what the hell they’re talking about because I see our future, and I know exactly where you belong.

Ridge: Can you please stop messing around and take the ring out and put it on her finger? What is he doing?

Sheila: Where do I belong, bill?

Bill: Right here. In this house by my side. Forever.

Sheila: Forever?

Bill: Forever. You’ve changed my life in so many ways and I want to do the same for you. Permanently.

[ Sheila laughs ]

Sheila: What are you saying?

Bill: Well, this pales in comparison to your beauty, but it was the best I could do. Please take this ring and wear it as a token of my unabiding love for you.

Sheila: Oh, my god, it’s– it’s gorgeous. I’ve– I’ve never seen anything like it.

Bill: Well, I’ve never seen anything like you. I don’t want you to get away. I want to give you everything you deserve. Now, please make me happier than I have ever been and say that you will be mrs. Bill spencer. That you will be mine completely. No more secrets. No more walls. We can be… as one.

[ Sheila laughs ] Say you’ll marry me. Tell me you’ll be my wife.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


 Ooh for me. You shouldn’t have, I didn’t. Hmm? My mistake. Just keep it. Oh, thanks boss. Man. Don’t mind if I do, I could use the boost. I didn’t get much sleep last night. Hmm. Gonna tell me you’re, don’t tell me you arrived. Digging through residential trash cans again for your. Police, after the success of Lady Whistleblowers first installment, I have tipsters lined up around the block to feed me morsels.

Finally, problem now is, what do I call my groupies little ladies? Little blow spare. Bottom line, Mr. Publisher. I have more sources than I know what to do with, which should make you very happy. My little column’s gonna have the spectator back in the black in no time. Ah, from your lips to our accountants is wait.

If you weren’t out tracking down scoops to the wee small hours, what to keep you up last night? Nevermind. I have zero interest in hearing about your sex life. Oh, well it wasn’t my sex life that robbed me of my beauty. It was Gwen’s.

Oh my God.

Oh wow. You are incredible. You’re so yourself,

so no more regrets. About hooking up with me again. I mean, I know Cousin Zander isn’t too thrilled about us being friends with extremely good benefits. You know what, Zander’s opinion doesn’t matter to me anymore, and that’s the last I want talk about him.

I’d much rather talk about you. Alexus and specifically that incredible is the trick that you did with your

this true.

Good morning, Sandra. Um, would you send Alex in, please? Oh, he’s not. I see. Oh yeah, sure. Of course. Send him in instead. Thanks.

Hi. Uh oh, Greaty. It’s so good to see you. Boom. Boom. Oh my goodness. Oh. Says beautiful flowers. Thank you, Adam. C e o oh oh oh. Family business. Could not be in better hands. Oh, thank you. That’s very kind. Well, it’s true, it’s true. Although I was, I was a good surprised that granddad passed over, Alex, to put you in charge.

But yeah, I’m surprised Alex, too, especially, he’s not a happy one. Mm-hmm. , but I think he’s coming around. Speaking of Alex, he should have been here by now. We have a very important meeting this morning with a content syndicator. He’s interested in distributing digital articles from Titans Publications. Oh my gosh.

Listen to you, you, you sound like you’ve been in charge of a major conglomerate for the, I don’t know, your whole life. What can I say? Quick study. . I’m so, so proud of you. Uh, thank you, Brady. That means a lot. Well, I just hope that granddad doesn’t keep you so busy at Titan that you will not have any more time to be my sponsored a.

Don’t be ridiculous. I wouldn’t let this job or anything else keep me away from being there for you. I’m glad to hear that. Just to be honest with you, this whole situation with Chloe is, it’s been, it’s been pretty tough and I’ve been struggling a little bit, Maggie. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Have you been going to meetings?

No, not lately. Nothing. Brady. I know, I know Brady. It’s okay. It’s okay. I’m okay. I will go. I will. Okay.

Hello? Uh, yeah, I guess I’ll accept the charge. Who the hell’s calling me from Statesville? Hello? Hello, Chloe. It’s your old friend Kristen.

Like Sam, through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Good morning, sleepy head, . Good morning. What’s all this? Oh, it’s just breakfast in bed. Well, I can see that, but what’s the occasion? Well, it’s the first night you slept over. Thought that was worth celebrating


I wanted to say thank you for what? For, for giving me, for opening my big mouth to Leo.

Well, aren’t you the least bit curious who Gwen was hooking up with last night? Couldn’t care less. Well, if you don’t care, then you want my knowing. Leo, it was your smoking hot cousin, Alex.

Oh my God.


I put two into shame actually all day’s. Word, me, millennium. Speaking of work, I think I gotta get going baby. Got a big morning meeting at Titan and the old boss lady is gonna kick my ass. If I show a blade enough, I take a quick shower

actually. Plus

we have that shower together.

Damn good plan. Mm-hmm. tricks.

What do you want, Kristen? Oh, is that any way to talk to your future sister-in-law? Oh wait, actually you’re nothing to me and never will be. Now that Stephan has come to his sensors and dumped your pathetic ass, he didn’t come to his senses. You psycho. He was deprogrammed or do you not remember your little brainwashing scheme with Lee and Rolf?

God, you call me pathetic. You were so desperate to keep me and Brady apart that you. You know what? I don’t have time for this. Go to hell, Chloe. Don’t you dare hang up. I have got something that you damn well need to hear.

Oh, sorry I’m late, Dawn. I’m late. . Couple minutes. You know, , I took the privilege of ordering forest. Oh, and half a grapefruit And two egg white omelets. Turkey sausage . No, no, no, no, no, no. . You’re gonna have to tell the cook. 86. The health plate. I want pancake cakes and scrambled eggs, yolks included, and bacon.

Two extra sides of it. We’re celebrating Abraham Carver and breakfast is on me. All right, well then I assume that they’ll succeeded in getting your assets unfrozen. Oh, no. If she did so much more than that, she got the whole case dismissed. Shaone, the devil herself. Peterson is out of. Forever,

Chad, we’ve been over this. I know that you were only trying to defend me. Yeah. But I should have let you deal with it and I should have never brought up your mom. Especially not to somebody like Leo. Well, like I. You were just trying to get him to back off and I shouldn’t have been so hard on you. I’m really sorry.

I’m sorry too. It was a big thing about our first fight though. Oh, what’s that? As we got to spend all night.

So there I was having just exfoliated getting ready to tuck in and watch that sexy nerd Seth Meyers. When I get an urgent text from Gwen, she was bringing Alex home and I had to scr before they got. And since a certain newspaper man barred me from crashing at the spectator offices, I ended up on one of those lumpy lounge sofas.

At the end. Side note, I need to speak with management about cleaning the furnishings. A spritz of lavender or something. I can’t believe it. I know, right? The least a five star in could do is provide appropriate accommodations for those of us displaced by their promiscuous roommates, not Alex. Him steer clear of Gwen, he didn’t listen to me.

Well, at the risk of facing the wrath of Zandy, I don’t think you’re in a position to tell two single hot people not to do what hot people do. Best present, company included. Okay, my my point is, is that you had your chance, it’s paraphrase for legal certain queen, if you were interested in said parties should put appropriate matrimonial jewelry on said party’s finger.


Well, I’ve gotta get to work. I’ll see you at the office, boss. Man,

I just really thought once this whole situation with Stephan was resolved, that Chloe and I would be fine and we’d be together and I just feel like We’re further apart than we’ve ever been. Those are Rachel. Yeah, my little girl. My beautiful big eyed. Big smiley girl. She, uh, she’s never had an unkind word to say about anybody ever up until the last couple months.

Mm. And now she des, she despises Chloe. How the hell am I supposed to handle that? Well, I don’t know. Would you like for me to talk to her? I appreciate you saying that, but I don’t think it would do any good. Mm-hmm. honestly. Kristen has done such a good job of turning her against Chloe, that anytime anyone brings up that subject, Rachel just shuts down or she goes on the attack or she has a tantrum.

Well, I wish I could say I’ve been surprised by Kristen using her own daughter in that manner, but we both know that that woman will stop at nothing to get what she wants. It’s true. The only thing she wants right now, the her, her main goal in life right now. Hmm. It is just to keep cling me apart. Go on.

What the hell do I need to hear? Well, you’ve heard it before, since you don’t seem to retain anything in that pea size brain of yours, and since Stephan dumped you for a woman who actually has a personality, meaning you’re on the market again, and I will say this for the umpteenth time. You stay the hell away from Brady.

Let’s get one thing straight. Kristin, who I choose to date is none of your damn business. Well, it is my damn business when it concerns the welfare of my daughter. Well, I’m going to say this one more time. Since you can’t seem to retain anything in that evil, twisted brain of yours, I would never do anything to hurt Rachel.

Well, you obviously not endeared yourself to her. In fact, Chloe, she can’t stand the side of. And whose fault is that? You’ve done everything in your power to turn that little girl against me. Well, I didn’t have to do much. My sweet Rachel is an excellent judge of character. Your sweet Rachel is now a little monster, and if you and Brady aren’t careful, she’s gonna grow up to become just as deranged as her mother.

That’s what I’m talking about,

You know, it’s so good to see that beautiful smile on your face again. Oh, well, you can expect to see even more these pearling whites now that we are rid of Sloane Peterson and all of her awful lies.

So, well, where’s your? You know, I’m, I’m relieved. I’m relieved that Sloan’s bogus civil case has been thrown out, but I’d be lying to say that I wasn’t concerned about her latest threat against you and Chanel. Police. Sloan Peterson has been selling wolf tickets ever since she showed her sour puss here in Salem

She’s not scar anybody anymore. The biggest mistake that we made was even given that woman one drop of our energy to feed off of. It’s time to move on. I know the perfect way to do it,

huh? Oh, who know? Who? Who are you calling? Someone more than capable of letting the citizens of Salem. Oh hell. Even the entire world know Paulina Price is back in business and better than ever.

I guess this means our first sleepover at your house is officially over. Oh, I wanna sleepover at wa. Hmm. First of many. I hope better be

it’s Paul. Paulina, good morning and it’s going to get even better, but I need you and Chad to meet me at the Pub Toronto. Okay, I will let him know. See you soon.

What’s that? We’ve been summoned to the pub pronto. Did she say why? No. What She did sound very chipper. Well, it’s one thing I know that’s not to keep Pauline apprentice. Wait. Shall,

how dare you call my daughter a monster, an innocent little girl who is heartbroken because she was separated from her mother. If anyone is a monster, Chloe, it’s you. Look, I, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I lost my temper. Okay. , you pushed my buttons. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Blame it on me like everything else. It’s my fault that you finally expressed your rational hatred from my daughter.

You hurling these vicious insults at me. Damn you, Kristen. Don’t ever call me again,

Leo. Hey, uh, I didn’t see you there That much is obvious, girlfriend. Otherwise, I doubt you would’ve been calling Brady’s daughter a little monster. . Oh wait, what are you doing? Just jotting down some notes. I find it very interesting that a certain sale mite thinks another Salem’s daughter is the next Rhoda pen.

Oh, that’s the little girl from the bad seat, played by the inimitable Patty McCormack. In case you haven’t seen the movie, Leo, please, it’s clear you despise the girl for wrecking your relationship. You, you can’t print what you just overheard. Please. I’ll be seeing you Ms. Lane on the gossip page.

I had a great time last. And this morning? Mm-hmm. , how about you? Smashing?

I think we should do it again sometime. Yeah, I think we should. The rare double walking shame. Whos ashamed? I wasn’t talking to you guys. Why should I be ashamed? Well, you certainly can’t be proud, can you that you invited Salem’s most notorious manslaughter into your Becca? I hope you use protection. God knows what kind of STDs he has.

All right, that’s enough. Cause I’m a little bit curious though, Alex, what’s it like? Lapping up a heart serving of my sloppy seconds. You know, I’d really watch your mouth if I were you, mom, boy, why? What are you gonna do if I don’t? Okay, look, Alex, let’s just go. Let’s just walk away, shall we? Yes. Alexis, listen to your little playmate here before I have to teach you a lesson.

You most certainly did not learn in a prep school.

Good morning. Good morning. Holly know what so urgent. Well, I’m happy to announce a drum roll, please. Oh, please, yes.

Sloan Peterson’s frivolous lawsuit has been thrown out. Boom. What? Which means I am now once again a control of, oh my vast real estate holdings. Price. That is so great. That’s incredible news. Congratulations, . Oh yes, thank you. Thank you, . But there’ll be plenty of time for celebrating later. Right now I need SJ p R to put on a press release announcing my victory.

I want the whole world to know that if you want to mess with the best, which is me, you must be prepared to lose cause pulling the prices. One woman who never backs down from a.

Enough trust. Fun. Is that it? Hey, hey. Stop, stop, stop. Alex, you are already late for work. You should go here. Should go now. That’s okay. Excellent advice. Actually, you don’t want, aren’t he mags breaking out the rule and wrapping your knuckles, do you? No. No. Alex, peace please. Just.

Fine, we’ll call you later.

This is an over, oh, anytime, anywhere you want me to, even up that face of yours, just let me know.

What the hell is wrong with you? Me. He shoved me. Why are you doing this? You made it very, very clear that you don’t want me, so why should you care if somebody else does that? Playboy isn’t good enough for you, Gwen,

I see what this is. You, your precious. Sarah’s no longer here, so you’ll just settle for work. What did you call me Sloppy. Is that really, is that really what you’re thinking? Of course not. I was just, you know, I was just talk. Yeah. Well, you said it with a lot of conviction, didn’t you? I’m sorry. I don’t want your apologies.

You know when you told me how you felt about me, I took you at your word. You don’t see a future with me. And that’s fine, but I will be damned if your Neanderthal antics prevent me from moving on with my life. What I do with Alex is none of your bloody concern. Do you hear me? Zander?

So you just leave us the Hello? Hello?

I was surprised that you wanted to see me. Let me guess. Chloe came crying to you about our little Tiff. Tiff? Mm-hmm. . No, I don’t know anything about that. I haven’t spoken to Chloe. Why would she come here to see you anyway? Oh, we talked on this new invention called the telephone. Hey, here’s something new.

Why don’t you try leaving her the hell alone? Why don’t you do that? Calm down, Brady. I merely offered my condolence suit about the end of her relationship with my brother, and she got testy and she got nasty and she called our daughter a monster Brady. Say this. I don’t wanna hear it. Of course. You don me to think I could say one bad word about your dimwitted little song.

God, I don’t even, I don’t even know why to try with you.

Is that for me?

Yeah. Yeah. This is a, this is a picture that Rachel drew for you in our.

I want something from you first.

Thanks to Chloe Lane not using her inside voice. The second installment of Lady Whistleblower is going to put the first one to shame.

All right. All right.

Who is it? It’s Chloe Lane. Ms. Lane do come in. Are you here to borrow a cup of sugar? Do you know damn well why I’m here? Oh, right, because I’m finishing up my new column to kill a songbird. The social life and death of Chloe Lane. Leo, you cannot print that column. What? What you heard was one side of a conversation.

It was taken outta context. I’m sorry you’re out of luck. I have a responsibility to my readers and they know I chant to be silenced. Please, Leo. I’m desperate. Desperate, huh? Well, that’s an interesting new wrinkle. How desperate.

This price. We are so relieved that you and Chanel can finally put this nightmare behind you. You’re here, and if I may speak for both of us, you can count on SJ p r to generate tons of positive press in any of your upcoming business ventures. Well, I’m counting on you both to do just that . In fact, Stephanie, why don’t you and I head back to the office now?

Re-up your contract to handle all my PR needs. . Uh, you boys don’t mind, do you? No. No. That’ll give Chad me a, a chance to catch up. Wow, what he said. . Well, all righty then. Okay, young lady. Let’s move it. . Alright. Let’s give this. Mm-hmm. . There you go.

I am sorry, Chloe, are you attempting to bribe a lady of the fourth estate to prevent her from printing the truth? Just take the money you bottom feeding little twerp. Do the right thing for once and keep an innocent child from getting hurt even more than she already has been. Innocent child. You mean the innocent child?

You call the little monster who’s gonna turn out like her deranged mother. That innocent child. She weren’t supposed to hear that. If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it is said tree’s, boyfriend’s daughter, not still profoundly insulted. What are you talking about? L Look what I said to Kristen was a mistake and I deeply, deeply regret it.

Haven’t you ever said anything that you wished you could have taken back? No. Regret is a waste of time and it costs us friend. God damn it. Well, if cash won’t fire your silence, then what will? Well, let’s see. I am a big fan of Basic Black’s. Latest men’s line used to work there, right? No, I do not. Oh, I hadn’t heard that.

But your bff, Nicole Walker still does. Yeah. Maybe she can hook us, assist up if you ask nicely. Okay. Yes, I will call her. Excellent. I believe it was Jeff Pulitzer who said it best? Show me the swag. The tongue won’t wa it’s a Joseph Pulitzer. You dolt. That’s what I said. Anyway, get me one of everything from the men’s collection in a size small, or am I a medium better?

Make it a S medium. You do that. Nobody has to know about your hateful outburst. My lips and my laptop will remain. Fine. Fine. Ooh,

What kinda game are you playing? Brady? You’re the one that likes games. Kristen, you love games. I’m just trying to keep one step ahead of you. Oh, what? By withholding a drawing that our daughter made from me, and people say, I’m cruel. Kristin, you can have the. As soon as you help me convince Rachel to ease up on Chloe, not a chance.

What’s one picture? Just keep it,

you know, I can, uh, I can withhold much more than just, uh, die from here. What is that supposed to mean? We know exactly what it means though, right? I want you to think of this as just a symbol. Of what you could lose. You are gonna write a letter to Rachel telling her that you no longer harbor any animosity towards Chloe, and that you are fine with Daddy and Chloe being together.

Okay? If you don’t, you are not gonna see Rachel live again.

Yeah. I need. Everything from the men’s line sent to Leo Stark at the Salem and asap. I will explain later. Medium. Yeah, I know Nicole. I really, I appreciate this. I, I, I really, really owe you on. Thank you.

What happened to you?

My, uh, cousin Alex. He smashed his smug pointy little face into my fist. And why would he do such a thing? Sleep with my ex. Oh, Sarah’s back. I’m not Sarah. Oh wait, don’t tell me you two. Were fighting over Gwen Riz check. Ugh. She’s just a slimy. As her pal Leo starts. Actually, that guy’s worse. He’s sadistic little.

I thought I could hold a grudge. You’re still pissed at Leo, I promise. Taking you down to the cleaners, huh? No, I have a much more pressing reason to hate the guy. That little vermin just blackmailed me. What’s he holding over? I’m not gonna tell you that I’ll have two people holding something over. Nah, clay, I’m not gonna do that.

Trust me, Leo works for me, but I’m not exactly his biggest fan. You know what I mean? Fine. Leo overheard me saying something negative about Brady’s daughter and now he’s threatening to publish it in his column unless I give him thousands of dollars worth of basic black merchandise.

Sorry, I’m late. You’re sorry, Alex. We are doing the conference room in five minutes and what happened to your. Sander happened. Sander, and what did you, no, you know what? Just scratch that. I don’t wanna know. I need to get to this meeting. Okay, well, let me just freshen up real quick and I’m right behind you.

Hell no. I can’t let Titan look like a gang of hooligans. Is that blood on your shirt?

Oh, oh, no, no, no, no, no. Are not going anywhere near that conference room. I’m taking this meeting alone, auntie

oh oh oh oh. And Alex, when I get back here, you and I are gonna have a serious conversation. About your future at this company,


I would go easy on the eyeshadow next time. Hmm, good call. Um, I told your assistant that I had an appointment. I hope my little fear isn’t going to get you in trouble with boss Maggie. Trust me, one, your little fib would be a drop in the bucket. As far as Maggie’s concerned, she’s already totally fed up with me.

I’m so sorry, Alex. This is all my fault. How is it your fault? When I’m the one that let Xander under my skin? I started that whole stupid fight. Yeah. But Xander targeted you because of me.

Um, you know, um, maybe we should just, you know, call it.

No way. A little bump on head is not gonna scare me off. Zander be damned. I think that we should let this ride and see what it takes us. What do you think? It’s like a plan. It sounds like a plan.

I do your makeup next time.

Oh, amazing. So it was all just delivered. Oh, thank you. Of course, Leo didn’t tip your delivery person. He’s such a stingy little creep. Nicole, thank you. I, I owe you my life. Thank. Love you. Bye. Ugh. I am off hook. Leo got his merchandise. Now I’m saved from that gossip column. Ah, Chloe. I’m afraid no one is saved from the lady.

What is that supposed to mean? Leo just turned in this new column, Chloe Lane Brady. Daughter is a deranged monster like her mother. Oh my God. That double crossing snake Xander. After everything that Brady and I have been through, we finally had a chance at a fresh start. Now you still did. You, you tell Brady that is so alive, but it’s not.

I actually said this. I let Kristin der go me into insulting their daughter, and now when Brady sees this, I am gonna lose him forever. Oh my God. On my God.

Is this house gonna be till Rachel’s 18? A tug of war of threats back and forth. I threatened to take her away from you. You threatened to take her away from me. You made it the. I did not want it to be like this. Oh, right, right, right. Because I am always the bad guy. You are the one that stoked Rachel’s resentment of Chloe in the first place.

Okay. You have used our daughter as a weapon against the woman that I love. You are using my love for my daughter against me. You’re no better than I am, Brady.

Maybe not, but I’m the one holding the cards right now.

I will write Chloe a letter of recommendation to our daughter. Will that satisfy you?

Make it glowing,

Well, you and Stephanie seem to be getting along pretty well these days. Yeah. Yeah. Things are good. And the kids, they love her. Well, dad seems to be pretty fond of her too. I am. I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to move on after you lose the, the love of your life. No. No, you don’t. You know, I never thought I’d find in love again after I lost your sister, but Paulina.

Well, she makes me very happy. It’s obvious. . Well, it’s also obvious that Stephanie makes you feel the same way she does. Couple of lucky old dogs are we? Indeed we are. Uh, don’t think I ever noticed that satisfying little grin on your face all morning. Really? Hmm. I’ve been grinning. Or maybe it’s the twinkle in your eye.

Uh, whatever it is. , I’m guessing it’s because Chad has been lighting up your day and hopefully you are nice too. Am. . I like to remain professional and discreet, but yes, he’s been lighting up my dates and my night . Oh, I knew it. Oh, a woman. A woman can sense these things. . I’m so happy for you. After all that awfulness with.

Yeah. Yeah. That was a bad situation. Mm-hmm. . Well, you have yourself a winner now. Just like my Abraham. Oh, I’m telling you Stephanie. Oh, everything. Everything is coming up Roses for me and for.

Oh my God. Oh my God.

Neil, I’m troubling you. I mean, normally I wouldn’t ask about someone else’s life, but your sadness amuses me, . I’m trying to text this girl I met at a party. It’s so much pressure. I feel like I’m gonna die. Neil picking up a pizza from Chuck E. Cheese doesn’t count as a party. . It was a real party. For my grandmother’s 90th birthday at her care home

Oh, that’s the stuff. But I did meet a very cute nurse. Her scrubs had puppies on them, so I told her I have a puppy. I’ll have to figure that out later.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Morning baby mama. Oh, I see you took down that health one sign . And I’m sorry I had to put down my foot about it. Mama left. Chanel. Chanel . No, I know you run off your feet put Allie gone. But it’s outta my hands. The court won’t let you hire anybody. Mama, you didn’t let me finish. I already did.

Mm God. I love these Brady Pub Muffins.

Mm. I’m not so sure what, I dunno. Something’s missing. Trying to figure out what it is. Brown sugar? Mm-hmm. . Oh yeah. How come I didn’t think of that? You know, it’d be more perfect that you had added a little bit more of a caramel note too. Caramel note, huh? Yeah. Everything else is great though. I mean, I still can’t believe you get to roll out of bed and have breakfast like this waiting for you.

What? Well, don’t get too used to it. Now that you found a job, you’re gonna have to find your own place too. I don’t plan on sharing my bed with my little sister forever. Why not? It’s not like you’re sharing it with anybody else.

Commissioner, find a house. Call come bearing documents. Still think you’re making a mistake, but uh, you want to drop the charges against Brady and Eric, you’re gonna need to sign on the dotted line. I do. Don’t come in. Okay. Look, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I enjoyed being kidnapped and worked over by a met scientist, but gotta say I can’t complain about the end.

Come. Right? Yeah. You made that clear. So why did the police commissioner find it necessary to run this errand in person? Well, actually, I’m not just here to have you sign documents. I’m also here about my sister, Gabby,

you won’t regret agreeing to take this meeting, Mr. Sax. Hmm. In fact, I’m, I’m very confident that you’ll be impressed with my wife. She’s not only a a, a brilliant businesswoman. She’s extraordinarily creative. Good morning, Mrs.

Good morning, and it’s been a very enjoyable one so far.

Oh, a text really this hour. It’s not a text. It’s an alert.

It’s an alert to let me know if there’s any job opportunities for a photo. and it’s may be covered because of you and I appreciate it, but I need to fill my daytime hours.

What a lovely way to wake up. Did you sleep well? Better than I have in. O I don’t know how long, uh, well, not having a drug-induced hangover probably helps, no doubt. You know, maybe what also helps is you and Stephan finally sitting down and hashing everything out. Yeah, about that. There’s a bit more to the story.

Hmm. We’ll film in, please. Yes, Ste and I hashed things out, but that doesn’t mean everything’s settled far from that, you see. Though my brother may not know it. I’m as committed as I am and was to taking him down

like sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Stop. Stop. What? The alert. Just cancel it. Sorry. I need a job. Right. No, I get that. But not just any job. You’re incredibly talented. Eric, a wonderful photographer. So who needs a boss? Hmm? You should be your own boss. You should open up your own gallery.

I don’t understand. I mean, not that I expected you and Stefan to become best friends. I understand. Look, I said all the right things to him. But I did have my fingers crossed behind my back, as did my brother, I’m sure. And it’s obvious he wants what he’s always wanted Lee out of the way, Gabby in his life, and the two of them running the mirror, which I am not going to allow to happen, meaning I have to stop the two of them teaming up to sme.

Okay? And how are you gonna accomplish? Well, they’re forming my own team, of course, which I’ve actually already done with Lee Shin.

Mm-hmm. . I look forward to it as well. Yeah, talk soon then. Thanks. So how much did you hear? I heard your comments about me, your very effusive comments, all of them sincere. You want this deal for your fashion line to go through at Saxons, don’t you? What I, no. I haven’t even agreed to go in and pitch them and hear you her setting it up.

Well, you seem intrigued enough last night you took all the paperwork to bed with you. Just curious. That’s all. It doesn’t mean I’m ready to make a deal. It’s just an initial meeting and no one’s gonna rush you into anything. Gabby, I want you to have an outlet. This incredible creativity of yours and Saxton seems very interested, but if, if I’m being too pushy, I can always call them back and cancel the meeting.

So can I assume that Gabby living with Lee bugs the hell outta you as much as it does me. I hate it a lot. Figured as much, although I will admit, I, uh, don’t really know all the details of their arrangement considering Gabby, uh, well, she stopped confiding in me since she knows how I feel about Lee as opposed to all the warm and fuzzies you feel about me.

Well, let’s just say that he makes you look. Uh, now with that said, I hope to hell you, uh, haven’t given up on getting her away from. Oh no. Never giving up on that. You can bank on it. Good, good. Just be careful. You know, Shannon obviously already tried to pull the plug on you once. I, uh, don’t think he really likes competition.

I’m not competition shin. I’m gonna blow that son of a bitch out of the water.

A gallery. Me. Well, when I couldn’t fall asleep last night, I spent a good hour going through your portfolio. Eric, you would have no trouble filling in entire gallery’s walls, especially with those photos you took in Africa, . Now you’ve been building this whole library of images. And meanwhile, you set alerts on your phone for someone who has a 10 of your talent, hoping that they’ll dein to hire you.

Listen, I need a job, Sloan. No. What you need is to take charge of your career. You know, I appreciate your support, but I mean, God getting a gallery space, do you know what it takes? It takes money to buy the supplies, not to mention a gallery. So how am I supposed to find that I have the perfect place? It’s called Sweet Bits.

You may remember the person I hired. Her name is Talia and she is perfect for sweet bits. I remember her fine. You are the one forgetting we can Scott throwing money around Chan. Now every penny we spin is being watched by the court. Damn it, mama. I can’t believe Sloane Peterson got that judge to sign off on a plan like this.

Please tell me that bail is working on getting that freeze on our accounts reversed. Believe me, she’s trying. I mean, she’s hoping to get the whole crazy case that’s missed, but we have to be realistic. Baby girl. She’s a lawyer, not a miracle worker. Okay, well, neither am I and I can’t rent a successful bakery without any.

I need to swoop in and lock Talia down before I lose her. But what if you made this girl an unpaid intern? No. Nope. Just until the lawsuit is over. I cannot do that. Mama. She worked at one of the most successful bakeries in New York City. I mean, I have to offer her a competitive salary or else someone else in Salem is gonna snap her up in.

Now I guess you need to win the lottery.

I open my door to you, give you a place to lay your head, and this is the things I get grief about my love life. I was just joking. Really? You thought that was funny? Ugh, you’re too sensitive, Jada. And look, I’m not with anyone else either right now and it’s fine. Me and you we’re independent women, right?

We do just fine on our own. That we do. So here’s to the both of us flying solo.

So how long has it been, since what? Since that flying solo and here I thought we were dropping the subject. Fine. It’s none of my business. No, it’s. But I, I have nothing to hide. I broke up with someone a few months ago. Wow. A few months. It’s a long time. My breakup was pretty loose. I’m doing fine, Talia, and I’m sure you are.

But is there someone new on the horizon at least?

After my brother and I got honest with each other, I invited Lee over to tell him that I’m willing to join forces, and now he knows that I fully support his reconciliation with Gabby, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Okay. And what did you tell him about the situation with Stephan?

Nothing he can use against. Leon knows what I want him to know, and more importantly, Leoni heard what he’s willing to hear, and in return I got an earful. Meaning, meaning he’s cooked up some wonderful distraction for Gabby one, which she’s just made.

Don’t cancel. The meeting won’t look on either one of us if I bail now. So I’ll go in beat with sex and see what happens. I actually know what will happen. You’ll go in there and press the hell out of them. Before you know it, everyone will forget all about Gabby Sheik and your new designs will leave them in the dust.

Okay. You can dial down on the flattery. I know how good I am. Oh, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded, does it? I’m gonna go get ready for this meeting. Oh. Then I’ll make you breakfast to remember.

So Gabby might have a new fashion line through Saxon’s department stores. Department starts, right? So while Stephan’s forced to sneak around, try and statue a few stolen moments with. She’ll be going to bed every night just a few feet from the man who revived the artistic side of her career. My Gabby’s in love with Stephan, and she’s mourned him for years.

She’s never gonna be able to stay away from him. Mm. And that’s where things get interesting. Oh boy. How so? He filled me in on a very important stipulation in his and Gabby’s deal. She will get his Demir shares if she remains in the marriage for six months, but only if she remains faithful. Oh my God. The contract actually has a fidelity.

one, which I might be able to take advantage of. Aj, you’re playing a dangerous game. What if Stephan finds out what you’re doing behind his back? ? Well, I like taking risks. That’s the fun in life, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you say? Yeah, bet. I guess it depends on what that risk is. Wow. Getting involved with someone romantically.

That’s risky business, isn’t it? Since one. You can have that poor little heart. True, but it’s definitely fun nonetheless. Wouldn’t you agree? Yes.

The hell do you think you’re doing? Getting dressed. This is my bedroom. Remember living out a suitcase over here, unless of course you wanna change our sleeping agreement, invite me into your bedroom. Nice try. I’m gonna go get ready myself. Hey, listen for breakfast, um, egg white omelet with spinach butter toast, coffee, black.

Coming up.

Hello Stephan Lee. What the hell are you doing? Answering Gabby’s phone.

Uh, sweet bits. They’re going out of. Well, Chanel and Paul might not know that yet, but yes, and once I win my case against them, the space is mine. I want better use of it than for your gallery. Are you sure about this? Did it all win? No. Yes. No. No, no. But this is a good idea. Look, I get it. You don’t wanna take business away from Chanel and you won’t be, you know, that’s, that’s my job.

And believe me, I’m really looking forward to doing it. You’re just like the beneficiary. And with the cash I win from my judgment against them. I mean, hey, I can even be an investor too,

me with Brown Gallery. Oh, don’t say no because it’s Complic. Say yes because it’s thrilling.

You better get that. This maybe. About the case. Hold on, on Peterson here.


God, I hated this never ending war with Sloan. Oh, believe me. Believe me. I hate it too. And you are right. This is war. That’s why we need to think strategically now. If you hire this girl, it’s gonna look like you’re trying to put one over on the court, and then the judge will penalize you and then Sloan wins

it’s bill. Well, well answer. It’s probably about the case. Hello? What

Bella are you. Oh, no, no, no. She knows right here. She’s right here with me now. Y Yeah. Okay. No, I have to call you back. Oh. Oh, Lord. Oh, Lord, Lord, mama. Stop calling for the Lord and tell me what happened. Come on. What did Bell say? Mama? Mama. You’re scaring me. Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know what we’re gonna do now that we’re gonna have all this free time since Bell got the case thrown out.

Oh, baby throw we free, which

Good morning, brave. Hi. Hi. So, uh, you enjoying your time in Salem so far? You know, I was until about 20 minutes ago when my big sister was saying I was cramping. Her style. Need to move out stack. But little does she know you have to have style to cramp first. . Please feel free to ignore her. Yeah, duly noted.

That’s, what were you guys talking about a second ago when I walked up? This seemed kind of intense. You know, it’s funny you should ask, didn’t you say you have the new Java Co too? You know, we didn’t want you to be late. Oh no, it’s. A good point. You know, now that I’m a baker, I have to get used to the early morning shifts.

Wait, wait, wait. You’re going to be working at a bakery? Mm-hmm. at Sweet Bits in Horton Town Square. You know it. That’s your new job. What’s wrong with that? Sweet Bits has the best donuts in town, and they’ll be even better now that I’m there. What’s going on? Why would you work as a baker? What’s wrong with Bakers?

Nothing. That’s your chosen field, but it isn’t yours now, is it? What am I missing here? It’s just that tie here is not a baker. She’s a doctor.

You’re a doctor? I have a medical degree, yes. Stop making it sound like you just got your learner’s permit. She got her degree from Stanford, one of the best medical schools in the country, and she graduated top 10% of her class. Top 5%. Actually, you know, you’re only proof my point, right? How is working at a baker using any of your talents?

I’m a very talented. When you said you got a job, I assumed it was at University Hospital. I thought it was always your dream to follow in daddy’s footsteps. No, it was daddy’s dream to me. Follow him into medicine. It doesn’t make it mine. But you worked so hard. Who walks away from a career like that? Me.

And you’re right. I don’t wanna be easily from my new job, so I’ll catch you guys later. Bye. Re bye. Bye, Jada.

I wonder if Chanel Dupree knows just how overqualified her new baker is.

So this means I can hire Talia or No, I already hired her. So this means now I don’t have to fire Talia . Oh, you can hire, uh, baker’s dozen of Talia if you want to. Oh, did you see what I just did there? Uhhuh. . Yeah. I, I did what? I’m just way too happy to even complain about your terrible sense of humor. , we owe Bill big time.

Oh, do we ever hold that? Brilliant woman left Sloan. Dust

I wondered how that witch is taking it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s okay. Okay. It’s okay. Please. Everything is not okay. That whole lawsuit, everything, everything relied on that, and now it’s dead in the water. They’re murderers, and they won again. Right. It was just a civil case, right? No one was going to prison. It’s about money you have. It was never about the money.

They’ve torn my family apart and they just keep getting away with it because they’re cute and cuddly and fun and everyone loves them. But me, Sloane Peterson, he’s the soest soulless ambulance chaser. God forbid I forget about my mother being pushed off of a roof to her death. She’s like, whatever happens to me, whatever I get taken from me, you know?

Oh, I deserve it.

Sorry, I’m on your side and I’m sorry if. It sound like your case was unimportant.

Is my last shot my,

can I help you? You can help me Lee, by giving Gabby her phone back. I’m afraid. My wife is a little busy right now. Doesn’t have time for Chit Chat. She’s getting dressed for a very important meeting. What meeting? If Gabby thinks it’s any of your business, I’m sure she’ll tell you. It’s just not my place.

The clock is ticking on that little six month deal you. You know what happens when time runs out? I know what will happen if you keep calling here. I also know what will happen if by some bizarre chance you actually succeed attempting her into some secret rendezvous thought of that scares you to death, doesn’t it?

It should scare Gabby to death because she fails to resist you. She’ll lose all those dememer shares and she’ll have you to thank for that because you couldn’t keep it in your pants. So do her a. Do yourself a favor and stay away from my wife, Lee. Lee.


Uh, is there a problem, brother?

Thanks for all your incredible work. Bell, you, you are truly a lifesaver. You don’t know how much of a relief this is to me and Chanel, oh, we are eternally grateful. . Mm-hmm. Oh, oh, you too. Bye now. Oh, what are you working on, honey? Oh, I am revising the budget for Sweet Bits with Talia on board. I’ll be able to add back some of the popular items to our menu, and thanks to Bill, I will be able to actually pay my new employee

I didn’t know that was an issue. , but I’m certainly happy that you can. Hi, Talia. Uh, this is my mother, Paul Price. Mama. This is my new employee, Talia. Oh, I am so sorry. I forgot your last name. I, I know it was on the application. Oh, it’s Hunter. Hunter? Mm-hmm. . Any relation to Detective Jada Hunter? Yeah, she’s my sister.

You know her? No, but I do know of her. My partner arrested me once.

I just don’t get it. She spent all those years in medical school just to become a baker. She’s trying to change her life, pursue her dream. Her dream was to become a doctor and she pursued that dream with a vengeance. Totally driven. Little Miss Overachiever. You heard the way she corrected me about where she graduated at Stanford.

I mean, who does that if they’re not proud of their. Well, it’s certainly something to be proud of. Exactly, but I know better than to try to sit her down and set her straight. It’d be a complete waste of breath. I wanna hear that. I mean, Garo and Gabby, they have made some curious choices over the years, despite my excellent advice.

Must be hard being right outta the time. Mm-hmm. , . And also being the older sibling, you know, we were born to be, um, ignored, disrespected, and resented, but we love those disrespectful, recent, resentful, young ones anyway, don’t we? Dearly . Yes, we do. And we will never stop trying to rescue them from themselves.

Damn right. We won’t.

Hey, will you put that omelet in a container for me? I want to eat it later, but I don’t wanna be late. Wow. Saxtons is about to be deluged with women who wanna look exactly the way you do now. I told you to tone it down on the flattery. Well, why are you dressed up? You don’t think you’re coming with me, do you?

Well, I, I I was the go-between. I, I I’m the one who told them to snatch you up. Yeah, but it’s my pitch. I can do it myself. I don’t need help with that. They are expecting both of us. That’s fine. I can just tell ’em that you’re Stephan called.

I dunno what my problem is. His name’s Lee Shin.

He just told me that Gabby was too busy to talk because she’s headed to some important business meeting, and I’m sure that creep made the whole thing up as another ploy to keep us apart. Well, maybe it wasn’t made up. What do you mean? Word on the street is Saxon’s, maybe partnering with Gabby on a new fashion line.

Word on the street. Well, yeah, I hear things at Basic Black, that’s part of my job. Well, if that were true, Gabby would’ve told me about it, and I would’ve heard first.

I can’t speak to Gabby’s willingness to share information, but if I were to guess what’s going on here, it sounds like Lee is trying to get her interested in a new business opportunity. So she loses interest in his DEMIRA shares and by extension, You. No way that’s gonna happen. Gabby loves me and she wants nothing more than to be back together.

No, Wakely distract her by waving some shiny new business opportunity in front of her face. But if she gives in to her feelings for you, she could lose her mirror shacks. How do you know about that?

You wanna ride to the station? Sure. We can talk about what a bummer it is, being the older sibling. And you can tell me what you and Talia were talking about when I walked up. I mean, it’s none of my business. It’s just what? Hmm hmm. Oh, just the look on your face is when I came. Nevermind. Oh, you know, it, it’s Sean.

Uh, you know, we’ve been trading info on the case we have, so I should probably take this. You you go ahead. I’ll drive myself. Hunter.

So you never went to culinary school? No, um, actually I had a different focus, but baking is just something I know. Do you also know that you’re talking to a couple of criminal. You think you’ve won, don’t you? Oh honey, we know we have. Well, you are wrong. I am not giving up on making YouTube bitches pay for what you’ve done.

Look, I don’t know what your problem is, but you can’t just talk to them like that. They’re my problem. This one’s a murderer and this one covered it up. Your lawyer may have pulled a rabbit out of her. But you are not off the hook. You listen to me, Sloan Peterson, you have lost and you will keep on losing and losing.

So how about you’ll find something better to do with your time than trying to hurt me and my family trying to drag us a court to satisfy your sick need for revenge. When my daughter and I, we have done nothing wrong. Do you hear me? Maybe. Maybe I don’t need court to get my revenge. Ever thinking that,

so Stephan called and you didn’t think to tell me. You saw the notification before I had a chance. Uh, it was a very brief call. He asked for you and I said you were getting ready for a meeting. Needed to stay focused. Lee, I don’t need a secretary, nor do I need you answering my phone without my permission.

Well, I I, I’m sorry. I, I just, I wasn’t thinking, uh, why don’t you call him back now if you like. I mean, it might make us late for the meeting at Saxon’s, but. We can probably make up the time on the break. No, I don’t wanna be late and there’s no, we okay. It’s just me remember. Fine. Um, the only thing is they’re expecting me to, and I wouldn’t want them wondering why I didn’t show up.

That would be an unnecessary distraction, and I wouldn’t want to spoil your pitch before you even get to make it.

You’re driving.

Oh. Uh, Lee’s little sister, Wendy, she mentioned something about her morals clause in their, uh, marriage contract. Wow. Surprise Lee would share that information with her and that she would just impart that knowledge onto. Well, no one’s ever accused Wendy of discretion. Look, I’m sorry if I spoke out of tone.

I didn’t know that this clause was on a need to know basis. Either way, I, I, I don’t envy you, Stephan. It certainly is a very tricky situation. It is indeed. He’s watching us like a hawk waiting for me and Gabby to give into feelings for one another, and I, I can’t figure out a way.

Well, Stephan, maybe I can help you. How? Well, maybe, um, yeah, I can arrange for you and Gabby to meet privately. I mean, after all, Lee’s not watching.

It’s a very kind offer. What can I say? I’m, I’m a romantic at heart, and I just, I really want you and Gabby to be happy together, and since you two boys have made peace, I’m on your side as much as EJ is.

That’d be amazing. Thank you. Of course. But I, I’ll, uh, I’ll get to work and. I’ll let you know as soon as I come up with something. I’m very grateful, Nicole, and I know Gabby will be too.

Well done Oscar worthy. Now I was just following the plan. Now all we need is for Lee to catch Ste and Gabby and the act and it’s by by shares. Gabriela earned controlled D mirror. Let’s just hope Stefan makes it worth it.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victor: Jill, there you are. How nice to see you.

Jill: Nice to see you, too.

Victor: Have a seat.

Jill: Thank you. Thank you. So you sounded like it was urgent on the phone, so I made the ranch my first stop, but I am late for the arbitration.

Victor: Oh, is that today?

Jill: Yes, victor, that is today and I’ve got to get going and I’m sure you’d like to cut to the chase anyway, yes?

Victor: Well, then, I have to say, my timing is perfect.

Victoria: Oh, I’m glad you’re here. It’s like you read my mind.

Nate: Oh, yeah?

Victoria: I was hoping to go over some budgetary issues regarding newman media’s next quarter.

Nate: Okay, well, I’m happy to do that, but I was hoping we could discuss something else first.

Victoria: Sounds like something’s bothering you. Is there anything that I can do to help?

Nate: Yeah, look, um…

Victoria: It’s fine. You can talk to me about it.

Devon: Amanda.

Amanda: Devon.

Devon: I was surprised to hear that you agreed to come back and represent chancellor-winters ’cause i figured you’d never want to see me again.

Amanda: Well, when lily reached out to me, it made perfect sense to take this case, since I was instrumental in solidifying the merger in the first place. No one knows the ins and outs better than I do.

Devon: Except for maybe me and lily.

Lily: I don’t think now is a time or place for this.

Amanda: No, no, it’s okay. See, devon, you were more about the big picture. I was the one in the trenches dotting the “I’s” and crossing the “t’S.” But I simply see this as a natural extension of what I was already doing for jill and lily.

Devon: Well, sure, but you know that sometimes a case is about more than just “I’s” and “t’s,” and it’s about right and wrong.

Amanda: I couldn’t agree more.

Devon: And about knowing the history and how much time I’ve put into a company like hamilton-winters.

Amanda: Oh, I know. Do you not remember all of the long conversations we had about neil? The fact that you are here touting your history and loyalty is a joke

Devon: Joke? So is this, like, revenge, then, for you?

Amanda: Don’t flatter yourself. I am here to win an arbitration. Having a front-row seat to watching you lose? That’s just a perk. Not flossing well?

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provided by…

Christine: Good morning.

Devon: Hey.

Christine: Everyone’s exchanging pleasantries. That’s nice to see. Devon, why don’t we go inside?

Devon: Sure.

Christine: If you want any shot of walking away with your company, you can’t let them get under your skin.

Devon: I — abby gave me the same advice. I know how to handle myself.

Christine: Okay, it’s just, you seem a little rattled. Clearly, that’s part of their strategy.

Devon: Maybe I’m letting them think that they’ve gotten to me.

Christine: Then you’re doing a good job.

Arbitrator: Are both sides ready to proceed?

Christine: We are, ms. Shannon.

Devon: I don’t think we are yet, as we’re missing someone important. Is jill not meant to be here?

Christine: Why don’t you let me speak on our behalf?

Amanda: Ms. Winters is here on behalf of chancellor-winters. These legal proceedings are of the utmost importance to both ms. Winters and ms. Abbott, but they still have a company to run. The massive reach of their conglomerate necessitates that someone be available at nearly all times, but I assure you ms. Abbott will be joining us as soon as she’s able to step away from her professional obligations.

Arbitrator: Very well. Then let’s begin.

[ Knock on door ]

Elena: Audra, hey. Nate around?

Audra: I think he’s in a meeting.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Let me guess, with victoria.

Audra: I believe so. Is everything okay?

Elena: Honestly, I don’t even know.

Audra: Hey, maybe we could have a chat — away from this place. You up for a cup of coffee?

Nate: I think we need to address what happened the other night.

Victoria: I thought that we were pretty clear with one another.

Nate: Saying everything is fine is one thing, but is it really? Victoria, I don’t want what happened to change our work dynamic, and I hope it doesn’t alter the trust and comfort we have with one another.

Victoria: Nate, don’t give it any more thought. Really, it bears little to no weight on my end.

Nate: I hope that’s the case.

Victoria: Look, if it would make you feel better, I will willingly admit that i overstepped, and I’ll apologize. I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable.

Nate: No apologies necessary

[Chuckles] Because you wouldn’t mean in anyway.

Victoria: Excuse me?

Nate: You don’t feel like you overstepped, now, do you?

Victoria: No, I don’T.

[ Chuckles ]

Jill: Would you please stop being so cryptic? You have my attention.

Victor: Ooh, I’m being cryptic now.

Jill: [ Chuckles ]

Victor: Well, to be honest with you, I was surprised to learn that you’re willing to go to war with devon over hamilton-winters.

Jill: Why would that surprise you.

Victor: And put lily against her brother?

Jill: Look, if there had been a more amicable option, I would have taken it. You of all people know there isn’t always one. And when you’re dealing with family, things can turn very ugly.

Victor: Only too true.

Jill: I take no pleasure in this battle with them. I can already see the emotional toll it’s taking on lily and devon. But he accepted this merger with the full knowledge that I would retain the majority interest in chancellor-winters.

Victor: Right.

Jill: And as open as I am to listening to other people’s opinion, in the end, the decision’s mine, and I like the company the way it is.

Victor: You bet. Hi. I keep my home fresh with febreze fade defy plug.

Victor: Now, you must remember that I do understand that you have a certain vision for your company, as you should. You’re the decision-maker.

Jill: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Let me ask you, how do you think katherine would feel? She realized you drew a very hard line with devon. I mean, devon is her grandson.

Jill: You’re playing the katherine card, aren’t you? Look, katherine had a lot of opinions, a lot of opinions about a lot of things, and most of them I did not agree with. But make no mistake, there are times when I miss her like crazy.

Victor: Yep.

Jill: What I don’t miss is when she harped at me on how to run the company all the time. She and I can discuss that in the afterlife.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Well, that’s fair enough.

Jill: Just so you know, lily and I did try to come to an agreement with devon, okay? We offered him a really, really generous settlement, we offered to let him retain the hamilton-winters name, but he shot all that down. He’s trying to make some sort of a point. I don’t think it can be made in the time he has left. The trouble is, he’s playing with a really weak hand. I mean, he’s got the emotion and the sentiment, but he has no legal standing.

Victor: Yeah, you’re correct about all of that, I think. However, I think your personal relationship with him is going to suffer some damage, and that would be a shame, you know? I mean, I asked you to come here knowing full well what the complications can be, but instead of a lawsuit and all those legal entanglements and hostilities, I’m willing to offer you an alternative.

Christine: Hamilton-winters was founded on one core principle — family. Created by neil winters and his son devon, it was the culmination of familial love and devotion. Neil and his wife, drew, adopted devon when he was a teenager and brought them into their loving home and helped mold him into the successful man he is today. The company they started and built, grew was and continues to be a shining symbol of neil’s legacy, a living monument of a man who wanted to become a father, a son who loved him, and the importance of family. Unfortunately, it’s that sentiment that ms. Abbott and ms. Winters preyed upon when they convinced mr. Hamilton to merge hamilton-winters with chancellor industries. They used devon’s deep regard for family bonds, the role that neil played in his and his sister’s lives, and they coerced him into merging. And their argument? To create a family-run company that would make neil proud. Well, shortly after they convinced him to merge, ms. Abbott and ms. Winters insisted on opening up the company to an ipo. Okay, so that’s taking a family-run company and letting in outside money and influence, taking the power out of their hands and putting it in to others. Immediately, devon objected to this and after multiple attempts to try and stop the ipo and amicably dissolve the merger, ms. Abbott and ms. Winters flexed their collective muscle and made it very clear they had no intention of bringing this dream that they sold to devon to fruition. You see, my client’s not asking for money or stock or some sort of windfall. All he is asking for is to walk away with the company that he and his father created.

Elena: [ Sighs ] I hope you don’t think I’m jealous or insecure, because, trust me, I’m not.

Audra: No, I don’t think you are.

Elena: It’s just, I’m struggling with the amount of time nate is spending at work.

Audra: Well, a business like newman media, the demands are intense.

Elena: Which I completely understand.

Audra: But I think you have some legitimate questions about what’s going on between nate and victoria.

Elena: You do?

Audra: It’s probably not my place to say anything, but I’m a little troubled by it.

Elena: I understand that nate and victoria have a tight working relationship. He’s always been good in groups. That’s part of what made him such a great surgeon, his ability to flow with all the people around him.

Audra: I don’t want to cross any lines, elena, you know, or across any issues in your relationship with nate, but I think, um…

Elena: Just say it.

Audra: Well, I think maybe nate and victoria’s relationship is a little deep, but this could also just be me talking from my own biased point of view, because sometimes I feel a little out of the loop, but at times, you know, it just doesn’t feel like a normal employer/employee dynamic.

Elena: In what way?

Audra: Well, they’re together constantly, and I’m sure that’s — that’s great for nate. I’m sure he’s learning a lot. But I’m not sure they’re always focused on the business at hand.

Elena: So what are you saying? There’s something more going on?

Audra: I’m sensing there’s a lot more.

It’s the most wonderful

time of the year

Victoria: We’re adults. Clearly, there is a chemistry between us. And would I have liked to have explored that chemistry and how explosive it might be? Yes. That’s why I invited you to my hotel suite.

[ Sighs ] But I understand that we’re in two different situations. I — I have a certain freedom that you don’t currently have. Look, I’m a single woman. I saw something interesting, and I acted on it.

Nate: Oh, yeah, you did.

[ Chuckles ]

Victoria: You made your choice. I respect that.

Nate: Okay. I’ll just assume you mean that.

Victoria: We are smart, sophisticated, successful, and I’m sure that we can control ourselves somehow. This attraction that we have for each other, I mean, it doesn’t have to be acted on, right? No matter how powerful it is.

Audra: It’s difficult to hear. I know.

Elena: It is, but I appreciate your honesty. So, what, you think they’re having an affair?

Audra: Well, I’m not sure if anything physical has happened, but if not, I sense it’s heading in that direction. I know you’re probably skeptical. I’m just telling you what I’ve seen.

Elena: No, I don’t doubt it. I just don’t know what to do with this information. It doesn’t make sense to me. Yes, nate and I struggled last year, but we also fought really hard to get through it, so I don’t see why he would jeopardize us.

Audra: Some men are just like that.

Elena: Yeah, you know, when we first got together, we were both in relationships.

Audra: That’s concerning.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, I guess it is, but we are adults, and we made a choice. Now I guess I have a choice to make. What, do I just wait to catch them in the act? Do I trust nate when he says nothing’s going on? Or, what, do I fight for him?

Audra: That’s a decision you’re going to have to make, but if you’re asking for my opinion, look, I’m not one to sit back and do nothing. I’m guessing you’re the same way.

Elena: Well, yeah, I’m willing to fight for my relationship, but what makes this difficult is nate loves his job. He’s so passionate about it. And victoria is a part of that. So she has him right where she wants him.

Audra: I may have an idea that could change up the status quo in a way that helps you.

Victor: Now, jill, I think i know why devon is so adamant about getting hamilton-winters back.

Jill: Yes, he misses his autonomy.

Victor: That’s one of the reasons. The other reason is that he’s worried about you wanting to take the company public.

Jill: Look, he can blame the ipo all he wants, but at best, that was the last straw for him.

Victor: Come on. You and I know what it means when you take a company public. That means you invite all kinds of strangers who are shareholders who interfere in your decision-making process. If that’s the reason devon wants hamilton-winters back, I understand him, okay? I have a feeling you didn’t think this through.

Jill: You said you had an alternative for me.

Victor: Right.

Jill: Is that it? That I don’t know what I’m doing?

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s no reason to get defensive, okay? I think you will like what I have to propose.

Amanda: There is no doubt that the work that mr. Hamilton put into building hamilton-winters along with his late father was admirable. The success of the company was a large part of why my clients proposed the merger in the first place. That being said, the reasons behind why mr. Hamilton decided to merge his company with chancellor industries are irrelevant. Whatever he claims was implied to him during private conversations are not germane to these proceedings. He entered into a contractual agreement period, and nowhere in that contract was there a promise that the newly merged company would remain private throughout its tenure. Effectively, he has come to arbitration to request that the courts assist him in a breach of contract. He wants to break the agreement that he entered into of his own volition. He wants to break his promise. He doesn’t want to hold up his end of the bargain. He wants to throw it all away. But in doing so, he may potentially cause irreparable damage to the existing company. (Terrie) if you’re a smoker.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Audra: Whenever I start a new job, I always do my research, which means I’ve done a deep dive into victoria’s life. That woman has led a colorful life. No lack of romantic partners, to put it politely. Did you follow the drama with her last husband, um, ashland locke?

Elena: Yeah, he and nate used to be close.

Audra: Really? I’m not sure I want that guy as a friend.

Elena: Nate found out pretty quickly that he was manipulating him. Yeah, that — that man was a piece of work.

Audra: Seems like victoria’s married a few of those, including, uh, billy abbott — more than once. But, apparently, she had one former partner with a particularly interesting story. From what I’ve learned, he may have been the love of her life. You know, they break up, reunite, and so on. And then one day he disappeared. He was gone for a really long time, and when he came back, he’d changed. He was violent, dangerous.

Elena: Are you talking about J.T. Hellstrom?

Amanda: The foundation of the contract between chancellor industries and hamilton-winters was based on fairness for all parties involved. Because jill abbott was given the largest stake in the merged company. Other terms were put in that were more favorable to mr. Hamilton. This was the compromise that both parties agreed to. In fact, I personally reviewed the documents for mr. Hamilton during various stages of the merger. I found the terms to be quite fair to him. Initially, I was not formal counsel for either party, so I could view things with an impartial eye, and nowhere did I see terms that were purely one-sided without a caveat to level the balance. Nothing has changed throughout the process except for mr. Hamilton’s desires. Now that he wants to move in a new direction, he’s regretting the deal that he signed, calling foul and pointing his fingers at my clients.

[ Scoffs ] You’re not allowed to do that. You’re not allowed to change the rules in the middle of the game. It’s not the way business works or life. And no amount of emotionally charged accusation is going to change the reality. There’s only one person guilty of breaking the chancellor-winters agreement, and that person is you.

Christine: We knew it was going to be like this. Just keep it together.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Would anybody mind if we took a recess?

Christine: Uh, perhaps an early lunch?

Arbitrator: Okay.

Devon: [ Sighs ]

Jill: Well, look, I don’t know what you’re offering me, but there is one thing I want you to know, that this ipo was not unvetted nor impulsive on my part, and I don’t appreciate the insinuation.

Victor: I didn’t mean to imply any wrongdoing on your part, okay? But I’ve known you long enough and know you well enough to know that you share one characteristic of all moguls. You want to keep control.

Jill: I care about the bottom line and the health of my company.

Victor: Yes. Now, for your information, I have often thought — well, not often, but sometimes thought of taking newman public. But the notion of shareholders coming in, strangers coming in, interfering with my decision-making process? To hell with it. Okay? Unless, of course — unless I needed the money, and public offering brings an influx of capital. And I suspect that this is what it’s all about, right?

Jill: Well, business is about making money.

Victor: There are more creative ways of raising funds, you know? Not an ipo. Keep all the shareholders, all the strangers away. That would allow you and devon to maintain control of the company.

Jill: I am aware of the other options, okay? Could you be more specific?

Victor: I’m talking about private investor who would stay out of any decision-making process that you and devon would be involved in, and they would guarantee that in writing.

Jill: And I assume you have someone in mind.

Audra: You’re exactly right. J.T. Hellstrom. Did you know him?

Elena: No, but I did hear a lot of stories about when he came to town. Everyone thought he was dead, but when he returned, something was off. Well, he ended up almost killing victoria, nikki, and sharon. And when all was said and done, they actually found out that J.T. Had a brain tumor. So that was the reason he was spiraling, and it actually wasn’t his fault.

Audra: That’s obviously awful for all involved, but maybe with your medical background, J.T. Might be an interesting case study.

Elena: Yeah, maybe in a purely medical sense, but I don’t see what that has to do with nate and victoria.

Well, I did my research into J.T., As well. It turns out he was released from prison. He’s just avoided genoa city since he’s been out. And I was thinking someone like J.T. Deserves to have his story told. And that’s when it occurred to me. Wouldn’t his life make an interesting story on your medical podcast? I’m sholeh and I lost 75 pounds with golo.

Amanda: Thanks. So, this case is going as well as expected. How are you feeling?

Lily: I don’t know. Feeling torn. I feel like the way that we’re going about this is causing devon a lot of pain.

Amanda: You want to win, right?

Lily: Yeah, of course I want to win, but I don’t want to hurt him in the process. And, I don’t know, I feel like you were attacking him professionally and personally.

Amanda: It’s my job to use all ammunition in my arsenal. If my mere presence is putting him off-balance, so be it. Lily, I understand that you are conflicted, but just remember, devon brought this on himself.

Elena: You think I should bring J.T. To town to interview him about his medical history?

Audra: For a few reasons. One, it would be the perfect way to kick-start the reboot of your medical podcast at newman media. I mean, what’s splashier than bringing back genoa city’s long-lost prodigal son? You know, give him the opportunity to clear the air, explain what he’s been through, and publicly make amends.

Elena: No, I don’t want to exploit anyone for ratings.

Audra: Right, but the reason why people would listen is because it would be healing for everyone. So we’d be doing a good thing.

Elena: Yeah, I guess, if it were done respectfully.

Audra: Yeah, and it would give you the opportunity to work directly with nate. Wasn’t that part of the reason why you and nate decided to bring the podcast back to newman, right?

Elena: Yeah, that was the driving force of reinstating my contract at newman.

Audra: And as a final bonus, and I’m not making any promises here, but if you look into J.T.’S story, who knows? Might have an impact on victoria. Maybe a love like theirs never really dies.

Victoria: Newman media’s growth looks good over the next quarter, but there’s going to be a low cash flow due to all of the recent acquisitions that we’ve made.

Nate: I’m confident the buys will be paying off soon.

Victoria: Oh, I agree, but we just need to find a way to increase the revenues to offset the money that we’ve spent.

Nate: Okay. I’ll go over the budget line-by-line.

Victoria: That’s why I called this meeting.

[ Sighs ]

Nate: Right.

[ Clears throat ]

Victoria: Is there some kind of problem?

Nate: [ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I am having trouble focusing this morning. Lily and devon’s arbitration hearing started today.

Victoria: I heard.

Nate: I know how you want it to play out because of the way it may affect your play for mccall, but, for me, either way it goes, I am very worried about my cousins. I still wish there was something more I could do for them.

Devon: Thank you. [ Sighs ] Again, christine, I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have done that.

Christine: Called a recess? That’s your lawyer’s job.

Devon: I apologize. I do. I just — it came out before I knew what I was saying.

Christine: Well, we had prepared for that sort of approach from them.

Devon: Believe me, I know we did. It’s just it’s really different to see amanda in person and see that she’s clearly enjoying this opportunity to go after me. And lily’s letting her take shots below the belt. So it’s a whole lot.

Christine: I understand. You’re frustrated. But you have to maintain your composure. Their strategy is working because you’re letting it.

Devon: I’m aware. It’s — it’s a lot harder than I thought, sitting back and not saying anything when the attacks are personal. And I know that amanda doesn’t care about what she’s saying or the contracts. She just literally wants to watch everything that I’ve built burn to the ground. Okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition.

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Christine: I empathize with you, and I know you need to vent your feelings, but do that here with me at society, not at arbitration. You can’t explode in there. That would be giving lily and amanda exactly what they want. Plus, it could hurt our case because the arbitrator could look at this entire lawsuit as an irrational, selfish move that they’re claiming it is.

Devon: Well, yeah, I didn’t even think about the arbitrator. Did you get a read on her? Like, is it — is it bad?

Elena: I admit, the idea of shifting victoria’s attention away from nate is tempting. And, of course, I would love to work with nate again, producing the podcast.

Audra: It would be a win/win for everyone. Or, almost everyone.

Elena: I also love the idea of bringing awareness to the effects that a brain tumor can have on one’s conscious or unconscious thought processes. I think it’s valuable to have someone who’s been negatively affected talk about their experience. That way, we’d be educating people and rebuilding relationships.

Audra: That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Elena: But there is a downside. What you’re saying in totality is just wrong. Toying with people’s emotions and making them relive traumas just so victoria can stop trying to steal my boyfriend? That’s not really a game I want to play.

Audra: I-I never meant to imply anything like that. But you’re absolutely right. All of that should stay in the past — the painful parts as well as the romance.

Elena: Yeah. Well, thank you for your insight, and I appreciate the conversation. And even though a J.T. Podcast is off the table, you have given me a lot to think about.

Audra: Absolutely. Whatever I can do to help.

Victoria: Despite our disagreement about the chancellor-winters arbitration outcome, I get why you want to make things right in your family. I mean, I wanted the same thing for mine. And having my parents working here with me at newman and convincing nick to come back to the company, I consider that one of my greatest successes of late. There’s something very powerful about having your family together, united and working towards the same goal.

Nate: Yeah, there is. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for us, and I take my heavy share of the blame for that.

Victoria: Well, I’m impressed that you’re taking responsibility and that you’re making amends for what you did. I am. And I… I really, truly hope that you can heal this rift in your family, nate.

Nate: I hope so, too.

Victoria: You know, I’ve been with some very unscrupulous people romantically, so your moral compass is a really nice change of pace.

Nate: Even though we’re not together?

Victoria: Right. You know, core values are also very admirable in business. You shouldn’t feel guilty about how things unravel between devon and lily. You really shouldn’T. That didn’t happen in a vacuum. You were provoked. You should try to cut yourself some slack.

Nate: I appreciate you saying that, but I think you’re the only one who feels that way.

Lily: I’m just not sure if this is the right way to go about it.

Amanda: But it is the best way to win. Devon is trying to destroy everything that you accomplished, everything that you worked so hard to achieve. I mean, how many nights did you spend alone at the office, especially after both coos left? Was devon working with the same level of commitment towards building and fortifying chancellor-winters? Absolutely not.

Lily: Hm. It’s funny. Daniel said the exact same thing to me earlier. He said that I have every right to try to preserve the company as is.

Amanda: Lily, everyone who cares about you knows that you deserve this, and devon is trying to rip it away for purely selfish reasons.

Lily: The way he ripped apart everything you and he had?

Amanda: Yes. And, yes, I am using our relationship to my advantage, to our advantage. If he’s flustered by that, so be it. Maybe he should’ve thought about the consequences of his actions before he cheated on me.

Lily: Amanda, this should not be about you getting back at him.

Amanda: No, it should not. It should be about you keeping your company intact. And I told you that I would do everything to make sure that that happened. You agreed to my methods. It’s really too late to back down now.

Lily: [ Exhales sharply ] I don’t know.

Amanda: You may have some ambivalence, but you have to let me work my way. This is where I excel, where I thrive. I understand that you may be torn, but jill is not. She wants chancellor-winters to stay intact, and I intend to deliver.

Victor: Now, you’re right in assuming that devon is playing with a weak hand in this suit, you know, and I think you’ll win.

Jill: And you want him to win?

Victor: Well, yeah, because if devon keeps on this path, then he will destroy the company that he and his father, neil, built, and I can’t allow that to happen, if only for neil’s sake.

Jill: So it’s about neil?

Victor: And devon. Now that devon is more intimately involved in abby’s life and my grandson’s life, I want to make sure that neil’s legacy passes through his son onto my grandson.

Jill: And you would be willing…?

Victor: Willing to offer you the money that you think chancellor deserves.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, March 21, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne



dante. Hey. Come on in. What brings you by? I was just checking on you, actually.

[ Knock on door ] Dex, open up. We need to talk. Uh, it’s, uh… not — not really a good time. Okay, well, make time. It’s important.

[ Sighs ] One sec. Can I come in?

[ Dramatic music plays ] Josslyn? So, it all makes sense now. You’re dex’s mystery boss? You still love chase, don’t you? Doesn’t matter. We’re over. Which really hurts because…yes. I’m still in love with chase. Ugh, I keep telling myself that I’m gonna get over it and that the feelings will fade and eventually disappear. But every time I see him… your heart starts to race. Butterflies kick in, and it’s all I can do but to grab him and tell him how badly I want him back.

[ Doorbell rings ] Literally saved byhe bell. I’ll get that. What is this? What, mousy librarian or something? You like it? No! It’s not altogether original. Come on, let’s go. Wait — mnh-mnh! Where? What do you mean, where? We’re going back to the safe house. No. No? No. The nurses’ ball cannot survive without me. Um, hello?! I’m standing right here. All right. If victor realizes that you’re alive, this whole operation goes up in smoke. Not to mention that people’s lives are at risk. Do you understand that? Do you want that on your head? I’m guessing this is why laura refused to sell charlotte’s elq shares — because she knew you were still alive.

[ Scoffs ] No more games, valentin. What is going on? A group of us, including laura, are working secretly against victor cassadine. Who else is in the group? Anna, felicia, robert scorpio, and… lucy coe. Not exactly a combat-ready bunch. I’ll say. If victor is gonna use the same kind of firepower he did in crete, you’re gonna need somebody with a military background. Do you have anyone in mind? Me.

No, o-of course I do not want people to die. I mean, come on. I didn’t want luke to die. He w– he was a very special friend to me. You remember some of his nurses’ ball performances? The disco that he did? He was so amazing. And this cause was so important to him, and he would want me to — stop talking! Okay, listen. I understand that you are so disappointed that you can’t participate in this year’s nurses’ ball. But here’s the thing. Victor is planning something big — potentially catastrophic. It is up to us to end it. At the expense of the nurses’ ball? Come on! You know everything we have done, the nurses’ ball did for robin! Oh, don’t play the robin card with me. I’m — I’m just saying that the nurses’ ball is very, very important to you. I know. And if anybody knows, that’s me. I know that. Exactly! That’s my point! Maxie: Ladies! Enough! Okay, I cannot believe I’m about to say this, but we already have a solution. Lucy came up with it. You’re volunteering? Well, that depends. I need to hear the plan first. Victor cassadine has a long-term plan, some grand design that has to be stopped. I don’t have details, but I know it involves a necklace. A necklace? Mm-hmm. Containing diamonds cut from the ice princess. What? But why is this necklace so important? And — and does it have anything to do with operation demeter? I don’t know. I don’t know why victor cassadine would go to such great lengths to interrogate you over operation demeter. I just know that he wants the necklace because it has a code or a formula engraved on one of the stones. Those are beautiful. Um, is — is willow here? Oh, yeah. She’s, um, in the living room. Chase. Hi. Willow. How are you feeling? Pretty much the same.

[ Chuckles ] Well, that’s not worse. So that’s good.

[ Chuckles lightly ] These are for you. You remembered. That you’re obsessed with daffodils? Of course I remembered. Thank you. That is really, really sweet. I’ll leave you two to visit. It’s good to see you. It’s good to see you, too.

[ Sighs ] So, what’s the latest? Big news — we’ve decided to reschedule the wedding for after the bone marrow transplant. So there’s more to celebrate. Exactly. Do you have a date for the transplant? Not yet. My “great-aunt liesl” was on medication that has to be completely out of her system before she can donate. So, in the meantime, I am keeping myself busy planning a summer wedding in the rose garden. Everyone’s pitching in to pull it off. You know, brook lynn has been a huge help.

[ Sighs ] Do not eavesdrop. Do not eavesdrop. Come on, brook lynn. Get it together. It doesn’t surprise me that brook lynn is stepping up. You bring out the best in everyone. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Michael’s a lucky guy. I thought I made it clear I don’t want josslyn anywhe near this. You did. And you agreed. That’s right. But the situation has changed. Yeah, apparently. You need to go, josslyn. What? We’ll talk about this later. It’s vital right now that I talk to dex. Michael. Michael, it doesn’t matter, okay? There’s no point. I already know that he’s collecting evidence against sonny. I know about pikeman. What i didn’t know was who he was working for. And now I do. All right. The job’s over. You’re leaving port charles tonight. Uh, rocco said he saw nina in the lobby, and she looked upset. For my self-absorbed teenager to notice that and then to tell me about it, she must have looked really upset, so I figured it had something to do with willow. No, no, everything’s the same on that front. We’re waiting on liesl to be cleared for the transplant. Oh, that’s good. Yeah. All right, well, hey, look, your relationship with nina, that’s your business. I don’t want to pry. You want to talk, you know where to find me. I’ll be down the hall. Rocco’s right. Yeah. It’s — it’s nina. She’s upset. And it’s my fault.

As my employer, you can fire me, but you can’t force me to leave port charles. He can’t leave, michael. Sonny will think he’s a traitor. And then what happens?

[ Sighs ] Sonny will track him down and have him killed. But more importantly — more important than your life? I can’t leave joss.

[ Sighs ] Sounds like you two already talked about this. Yes, michael, we’ve — we have talked about this, okay? Look, the best option is for dex to finish the job that you hired him to do so that you can turn sonny into the feds. This is why I didn’t want you involved in this. Why not? You know how I feel about sonny. Okay? I feel the same way you do. Let me help you take him down. Right. And what happens after that? Sonny goes to prison where he belongs. And avery and donna are devastated. Not to mention dante and kristina. Now, I’m prepared to deal with the fallout from that, to take on their anger and their blame. I didn’t want any of that to fall on you! So, tell me. What’s the deal with nina? Well, it’s not like we’re breaking up. At — at least, I hope not. I love her as much as ever. So what happened? She’s experienced what I would call the realities of my world. It’s a lot to process. Is that why you got the guards all over the building? I had a — a security issue. A security issue, huh? Yeah. We didn’t hear anything about, um, shots fired or missing persons, so I’m assuming you didn’t report it to the police. I-I have reason to believe that the — the focus was solely on me. The reason I got guards on my kids and nina is — just a precaution? I told carly and ava I don’t want donna or avery anywhere near me. I’m guessing you told nina the same thing. I just hope that when this is over, she’ll come back to me. What solution? Wasn’t the whole point of this rude ambush to — excuse me. It wasn’t a rude ambush. Might have been an ambush. Not a rude ambush. [ Chuckles ] Wasn’t the whole point to get me to agree to be your eyes and ears of the nurses’ ball? Uh, yes, but you seemed less than enthusiastic. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I not have the reaction that you wanted? Oh, what, you needed, like, some time to adjust? Yes. And — and I happen to be an amazing event planner. I have my own ideas, my own vision, as you like to call it. So, I’m happy to collaborate, lucy, but I will not just be taking your orders. You don’t — y-y-you don’t get it. We do not have time for collaboration. Don’t you see? The nurses’ ball is syncing up with the 60th anniversary of the hospital. Which means we are, like, right in front of this speeding freight train that’s bearing down on us. I am the only one that can pull this off. I am the only — I agree. What was that? No. 100%. That you should do everything lucy tells you to do, just the way she tells you to do it. I’m sure you’re an excellent event planner, but I’m sure that you’re very capable of following lucy’s lead, especially when it’s for the greater good. Fine. Anything you want. “Just the way”… just the way you want it. Guys, I really think this could work.

R latest duet. Oh, you liked it? I love it. It’s a beautiful ballad. Thanks. The majority of the props should go to blaze. I mean, her vocals were off the charts. Maybe one of these days, a girl can actually get an autograph?

[ Both laugh ] Willow, I never took you as a groupie. Well, I guess I just can’t help myself. Your wish is my command.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] Are you gonna listen in on a private conversation, brook lynn? . You are not. You are a grown-up.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Playing chords ] Besides [Sighs] You don’t want to know what chase thinks of you now, anyway.

[ Plays chord ] Chase: You’re also caring…

passionate… and incredibly sexy… and I’ve been falling for you for a long time now. And even if you don’t feel the same way about me, I-I still had to tell you, because we miss 100% of the shots that we don’t take. I couldn’t agree more. I’m sorry. Wanted to let you sleep in. Why would I want to sleep in when I could spend my morning with you? Oh. Chase: Just tell me. When were you gonna let me know that dante asked you to write a letter to the civilian complaint review board recommending that I get my badge back? Never? Brook lynn: We can work this out. Brook lynn, you lied to me! You kept me from the thing that makes me who I am. There’s nothing to work out, all right? It’s over!

[ Plays discordant note ]

[ Sighs ] You blew it, girl. Maybe you should write a song about that.

[ Clears throat ] “To one of the bravest, strongest, and best people I know.” Back at you.

[ Inhales deeply ] So…

[ Chuckles ] What is it like being an honest-to-god rock star? Oh. [ Chuckles ] It’s cool. I guess I’m gonna miss it. Why are you going to miss it? Well, hopefully when the review board meets this spring, they’re gonna reinstate me. Back to police life. If it all works out, yeah. I mean, look. Do I enjoy singing? Sure. But the only reason I have been performing is so I can stay in close proximity to blaze’s sleazy manager. Brook lynn’s ex-manager, right? Linc brown. He is the worst. I mean, sexual harassment, shady business practices, you name it. So is the plan to find something to charge him with or…? And hopefully soon. Because I won’t feel right going back to the force if it means leaving blaze and brook lynn to contend with that sleaze. Aha! “Aha”? W-what does that mean? This is really about helping brook lynn. When sonny was holding dex because he suspected him of being the hook, you came to me for help. Yeah, I did.

[ Scoffs ] How did I not see it? I should have known right then and there you were too close to this. I should have pulled the plug! No, no! You shouldn’t have. Okay? Dex saved my life when heather attacked me on new year’S. What are you talk– britt westbourne saved your life. Well, she helped fight heather off, yes, of course, but she was losing that battle until dex showed up. He’s the one who fired at heather. That’s what made her run off. I-I’m just hearing about this now? Michael. I work for you. Anything related to that is fair game. But what I have with josslyn… it’s personal. Why wouldn’t nina come back? I mean, she’s obviously crazy about you. I mean, she’d have to be, given the grief that you guys went through over how you got together. I mean, after enduring all that, why would she just walk away? How do I explain this? I was a different man in nixon falls. Ha ha! No kidding. Kinder. Simpler. Hey. Yeah. But you know what I noticed? A lot of that kind of followed you back here. This has been a pretty peaceful time in your business. That’s what I’m saying. Hm. I was free to focus on my family. And nina? Yeah, she — she made me better in a lot of ways. She got you to cut back on your drinking. That’s the least of it. I think — I think I misrepresented my life. Not that nina didn’t know that it was dangerous or what I do for a living is allegedly… ah. Thank you for that. …Illegal. But now… she’s getting an up-close and personal view of it for the first time. What if she doesn’t want to be in my life? What about you? What about me? If nina’s not in it, is it still the life that you want? Uh, we haven’t been able to crack the code, but we do know that it’s pivotal to the success of my father’s plan. And how do you know that? Because he’s still looking for the necklace, with the help of his operative, eileen ashby. Wait a minute. Deputy mayor eileen ashby? Yeah, that’s the one. She’s working for victor? She was. Now she’s working for us. We’re having her deliver a duplicate necklace to victor. With a false code engraved on it. That’s right, and we’re hoping once he has what he thinks he needs, he’ll make a move. So you trick victor into making his final play, but you don’t give him the means to accomplish what he’s actually after. And in the process, he incriminates himself. And that’s how we’re finally gonna bring down my father.

Sorry. Stay here. Alright. It’s all clear. Lucy! I-I’m c-coming. I’m coming. I just — it’s impossible to text with these glasses on. I just can’t see what I’m doing. Okay. You seem to be managing perfectly well. Confetti cannon or just a big drop? Hm. I don’t know. Which would have the most impact? Can you just stop? What?! What are you doing? What — what — what is the problem? Hey! Hey, hey, hey! What is the problem? You almost got us all killed. Listen, this whole plan hinges on complete secrecy. Hence you and lucy faking your death and anna playing fugitive? Well, actually, victor thinks that anna is dead, as well. He thinks he’s got a straight shot for the necklace. And he would have no idea that I was involved. So what do you say? Will you help us? But if secrecy is key, what are you doing out here out in the open like this? Lucy coe has gone rogue. Of course she has. She wants to take control of the nurses’ ball. Anna’s gone after her. So anna is risking discovery, too. I mean, maybe it’s a good thing we showed up. Like you said, we’re not exactly combat-ready. We could use you. You got me. I mean, yeah, the only reason I got into the music business was to help brook lynn. And at the beginning, it was great until I found out there was a lot of stuff that she wasn’t telling me. I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that. Not by brook lynn. Or by me. Willow, I w-wasn’t trying — I know you weren’T. But it doesn’t make it any less true. I married you when I was already in love with michael. Because you thought I was dying. We all did. I told myself I was doing the right thing, giving you one final gift to make you happy. And you don’t believe that anymore? I-I do. My intentions weren’t the problem. It’s just… now that I’m faced with dying myself… hey. You’re not there yet. Faced with the possibility. I’ve realized that life is not only too short, but too precious to waste any time on lies. Don’t misunderstand. I am very grateful that you saved josslyn’s life, okay? I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t been there. Neither can I. But the bottom line is, we had a deal. We did. And when you first told me to stay away from josslyn, I had every intention of doing just that. Turned out to be impossible. So you lied. About my personal situation. I’ve never lied about anything relating to pikeman or sonny. Speaking of, there’s something you should know. Someone tried to kill sonny in an ambush the other night. Where? In one of his warehouses. Your father wasn’t hurt, but I was grazed. Are you okay? I’m fine. But the good news is, sonny trusts me now more than ever.

[ Sighs ] I can’t have you near this, joss. Michael — I can’t! If, god forbid, something happens to you… why would anything happen to me, okay? I’m not in the line of fire! He is! That’s because it’s his job! Look, I hired somebody from a security firm because I wanted somebody who understood the danger. Look, I get it, okay? You hired him to perform a service. But he is so much more than that to me now. Okay? I-I care way less about sonny being brought to justice than I do about him surviving this! Well, you know what? That’s going to require some sacrifices. Now, if you want dex to see this through, sonny has to trust him. Did you not hear the part where dex saved sonny’s life? It won’t matter if sonny finds out that you two are together, which means he can’T. A-are you ordering me to stay away from joss? No. I tried that before. It didn’t work. And even if you were willing, josslyn clearly isn’T. Look, this isn’t about policing your relationship, okay? This is about taking sonny down. And until that happens, sonny can’t have any reason to suspect you. So if you want dex to live through this, make sure he doesn’t find out that you two are together.

[ Door closes ] It’s a little too late to ask me if this is the life I want. It’s the life I got. It’s the life you chose when you were too young to know any better. Well, you know how it works. If I decide to leave the business, then I got to leave the country, I got to leave my family. I’m not willing to do that. Maybe there were some things that you liked about mike from nixon falls. There were some things that i liked about mike from nixon falls. Really? What? Yeah. Well, you were, uh… less reactive. A little — I don’t know — calmer maybe. You seemed like you were prioritizing your family over the business. But I have a feeling all that’s about to change. It has to. It’s just a lot harder than I thought.

I wasn’t honest with you when we were married, but I’ve learned my lesson and I’m going to be honest with you now. This sounds serious. It could be. And I swear I’m not trying to meddle. Says every person before they dive into meddling. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of brook lynn earlier. What? It’s true. You light up when you’re around her, chase. I would know. Once upon a time, you used to light up like that around me. I think — I think you’re seeing things that aren’t there. Am I? Okay, yes, I still have feelings for brook lynn because what we had was real. What you had was love. And I can’t just flip a switch and turn that off because… brook lynn really hurt me. I’m not pretending she didn’t or even saying you were wrong to end things between you two. But what if brook lynn is your person, chase? Is being right really worth being without her? You’ve been… uncharacteristically quiet. From the minute you showed up, I knew valentin wanted you involved. And it was your choice to make. I didn’t want to influence your decision. Now that I’ve made my decision? You want my opinion? Always.

[ Laughs ] First tell me why you said yes. Because. Victor stole two years of my life. I-I can’t let him get away with that. That’s not all of it. No. No. Come on. It’s not about revenge for you. It’s — it’s victor’s lust for power and for control. And this has been going on for so long, for four decades. He infiltrated the wsb, and now he’s moving toward some mysterious goal. Nobody knows what it’s about. And personally, I don’t need to know… to know that it is a very serious threat. The man has to be stopped. A-and I think that valentin and the others, I think they need — they need my help to do it. So now tell me what you think. I think you’re doing the right thing. But you have reservations.

[ Scoffs ] Don’t you? I have many. Jason died on cassadine island. And now you’re going after victor. I don’t want to lose you, too. The only reason that you weren’t shot with a real bullet — you understand? The only reason that you’re able to breathe today is because victor thought he had a use for you. But now, I-if he’d seen you tonight, he would have killed you in a heartbeat. Okay. I get it. I am sorry. Do you get it?! I do. I swear. I ap– I apologize. Okay? I really never had any intention of jeopardizing you or me or the whole plan to get victor. I-I didn’T. And, you know, I-I-I-I promise it’s just me. Sometimes I get carried away. Yes! You’re the poster child for getting carried away! Well, good news. I-I am 99.9% sure that victor didn’t see me in the restaurant. Great. What restaurant? What? You were in the metro court with victor? One minute. T-two minutes, tops.

[ Door opens ] Oh. Yeah, you’re right. She just — she’s blown the entire operation.

I had good life before nixon falls. Treasured my family, accepted the risks. The, uh, expected periodic episodes of danger? I didn’t say I liked it. I, you know — comes with the territory. Yeah, pun intended. You can’t miss what you never had. Except now there is something to miss,ight? Because what you had in nixon falls, you got to give that up, right? You know, it’s not permanent. I-I’m gonna resolve the situation, and I’m gonna be able to get — to get my kids and nina back. But there will be another situation. I mean, there always is one, right? I just hope that my family a-and nina stick with me. Well, I will be here. I’ll tell you that. I’m not going anywhere. I appreciate that, especially coming, you know — your profession. What, ’cause I’m a cop and you’re an “alleged,” uh… thank you for that. …Gangster?

[ Laughs ] Hey. This isn’t about that. It’s about being father and son. I don’t want to leave you. The sooner I get evidence against sonny, the sooner this will be over. But until then, I can’t risk alienating him or doing anything to make him suspicious. Which means you can’t risk being seen with me. Yeah, michael was very clear about that. I don’t like it, but I get it. No one says you have to like it. I’m gonna be staying at sonny’s for at least another day. But after that, we can figure out a way for us to meet. In the meantime, you can’t come by here, okay? And if you see me for whatever reason… pretend like I don’t know you? Now, that would be suspicious. You can say hi. Just don’T… act like I care? I’ll try. But I do care. Any regrets? Me neither.

[ Door closes ] Wow. When you meddle, you don’t mess around. You just go right for that jugular.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I have less patience for wasted anything these days, but especially wasted time.

[ Door closes ] Hey, chase. Chase: Hey. I don’t think I’ve seen you since the news broke. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Thank you. Looking forward to it. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but you’re about to marry a very wise, perceptive woman. Now, if you excuse me, I have somewhere I need to be.

[ Sighs ] So where’d you disappear to? Um, I was in the final stages of a project. I was tempted to cut my losses, but I realized the best way forward was to see it through. The sooner, the better. Sounds like you have it all figured out. Yeah, I just — I just want to focus on what really matters. You and the kids. I like the way you think. Well, coming from such a “wise and perceptive woman,” I’m honored. So what was all that about with, uh, chase? It was driving me crazy, watching him and brook lynn dance around each other. So…I might have stuck my nose in where it doesn’t belong. Here’s hoping it works. You working on a new song? So far, I’ve got about three verses on regret.

[ Sighs ] It’s garbage. Brook lynn quartermaine does not create garbage. Oh, you’re just being nice. I’m being honest. I love your songs. I love a lot of things when it comes to you. Talking with you. Spending time with you. Really? I miss that, brook lynn. I miss us. I’m being ridiculous. I’m sorry. You are not being ridiculous. Look, if our positions were reversed, I — I’d be scared, too. I’m tempted to go just to keep an eye on you. You can’t go anywhere. I know I can’T. I can’t because willow’s so sick and my kids and my grandkids need me. I get it. Well, truthfully, I’m actually kind of happy that you’re gonna stay and you’re gonna be safe. You have to stay safe. You have to stay safe. If it makes you feel any better, I have had a little bit of training and experience with this sort of thing. I can — I can handle myself. Counting on it. And I know you have to go for all the reasons you said, but if and when you go… …promise me you’ll come home. Promise me. I promise. Hey. Um, I-I-I was totally unrecognizable. I am dressed as a librarian. Tell him. She’s dressed as a librarian. Yeah, yeah. See? See? Look. Look. And I promise you, the minute I saw victor — the second, I turned my back. Well, I suppose this near-miss underscores the need that, uh, we stay indoors until this is all over. Yeah. Yeah, I-I-I get it. From this moment on, I am going to be the essence of cooperation. Hope you mean that, lucy, ’cause I really need you to. I do. I-I-I swear I do. And — and it’s really good because maxie’s gonna be my eyes and ears for the ball, and she’s agreed to follow all my instructions to a “T.” So that’s good, too. And I’m gonna be really good. Could I please, please, please have my burner phone back, please? Thank you! Okay. A-and I really am sorry. I-I’m not kidding. I-I’m very sorry. And I apologize for any trouble I may have caused. “May have caused.” Hi, bobbie. It’s me. I-I know. I’m calling you from the landline.

[ Cellphone chiming rapidly ] Something is going on with my cellphone. Uh, I wanted to let you know I have some new ideas for the nurses’ ball. Lots and lots of new ideas.

[ Chuckles ] What? I thought you would have been more upset. If I was, I’d be a hypocrite. How come? I couldn’t leave without you. So I went for a walk and I ran into carly. And drew cain. Whoa. Regular party. Long story short, uh, they’ve been briefed, and drew cain is on board to help us out. Really? That’s — that’s actually very good news. I hope it is. Yeah. I’m really sorry. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I kind of attacked you. I really overreacted. But when I came in here and I saw that the table was overturned and stuff, I thought maybe that you’d taken me at my word, gone to europe… um, which I would have deserved. But I would have — I would have really missed you. Anna, if victor knew you were alive, he would kill you. And I have loved you always. We’ve lived our whole lives apart, and if I were to lose you now, I couldn’t take that. Ohh. Let’s not lose each other through all of this. Let’s bury victor instead.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Steffy: Thomas, this dress was beautiful on paper, but this? This is flawless. How– how did you get it done so fast?

Thomas: Long hours and a lot of motivation.

Petra: I’m gonna miss all of our fittings. Any chance you’re free for a drink later?

Thomas: Uh, I– I actually think I’ll be working late, but maybe rain check?

Petra: Anytime.

Thomas: Okay, well can you tell martin no changes? Thanks.

Steffy: I see you’re interested in someone that’s not hope.

Thomas: Uh, yeah, she’s amazing, but I’m more focused on being the best designer and brother and person that I can.

Steffy: I’m really proud of you.

Thomas: I hope– I hope dad feels the same way. Have you talked to him about bringing me back to the company.

Steffy: I wasn’t sure you were gonna come back to the company until I heard from hope.

Thomas: Yeah. Um, well, I mean, we’re all moving forward, right?

Steffy: Yeah.

Thomas: I think that’s– that’s a great thing. There’s no way that he would be upset about that.

Steffy: Honestly, I’m um– I’m beginning to wonder how involved dad wants to be. He hasn’t been back to L.A. In so long.

Ridge: Can you please get back to your house and get sheila to talk some more?

Bill: She can stew. I’m on a donut break.

Ridge: Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were complaining about how long this was taking.

Bill: You know what? All you have to do is watch tv like it’s some kind of twisted reality show. I am living with that nut in my home, pretending to be the lovesick boyfriend, alienating my family, all so I can keep them safe.

Ridge: At least you get to see your family. I’m stuck in here with chen! No offense.

Chen: I’m sitting here, guys, and thanks to both of you, there’s a very good chance this murderer might finally be put away.

Bill: And then our families will finally be safe, once and for all, from sheila carter.

[ Phone buzzing ]

Sheila: Deacon, you can’t just hang up on me like that.

Deacon: I’m sorry. I had to, all right? Can you come over?

Sheila: What?

Deacon: Come over to the apartment, sheila, please. I need to see you. It’s urgent.

Bill: There’s no way sheila can figure out that her phone is bugged, right?

Chen: No.

Bill: Why does deacon want her to come over? All that stuff she was saying about me being on to them. I don’t like it. We can’t have any mistakes. I have worked too hard and sacrificed too damn much for this thing to fall apart now.

Thomas: So, dad’s been out of touch?

Steffy: He checks in, but you’re right. He hasn’t been back to L.A. In so long.

Thomas: You’re starting to worry.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Hope: Hey.

Thomas: Hey.

Hope: Um, I just saw petra in the new design. I mean, thomas, it is gorgeous.

Thomas: I’ve been feeling incredibly inspired lately and I think we’re gonna take hope for the future to new heights.

Hope: Well, I like the sound of that.

[ Thomas chuckling ]

Sheila: We– we shouldn’t even be talking right now.

Deacon: Which should tell you how important this is.

Sheila: You miss me. I get it.

Deacon: Sheila, this isn’t some booty call, all right? When I say it’s urgent, it’s urgent.

Sheila: I just need to be home before bill gets back.

Deacon: Just get over here as soon as possible.

[ Sheila sighing ]

Bill: I’ve had it with sheila. It makes me want to literally vomit in my mouth sharing my bed with her. Seeing her nine grimy toes walking around my house. I gotta do something more drastic.

Chen: We need to stick to the plan, maintain her trust. Get sheila’s confession.

Ridge: Mm-hm. And when we do, she’ll be out of our lives forever.

Crack the science

of stronger hair

Steffy: Hope and I wouldn’t have had you come back to the company if we didn’t think that you’d changed.

Thomas: Oh, this is just the beginning, you know? I am planning on improving every part of my life and that also means doing the best designs I have ever made for you, hope.

[ Phone ringing ]

Steffy: Just give me a second.

Hope: Hey, is uh, is this one new?

Thomas: Yeah, actually I just finished that one last night. What do you think?

Hope: I mean, I really like it. What do you think about maybe dropping the neckline a little bit?

Thomas: I like that. We can also– we can bring the embroidery around from the bodice.

Hope: Mm, it’s dramatic, but that is what makes your design so compelling, thomas. The element of surprise.

Thomas: Mm. I like dramatic.

[ Both chuckling ] Um…

Hope: It’s uh… it’s good to have you back, thomas.

Thomas: Thank you. That means a lot. It’s not gonna be a problem?

Hope: No, no. I… think we’re gonna create a lot of buzz together.

Thomas: I love that. Buzz.

Hope: Um, so you know how we were talking about either doing a theme or structural design? I feel like this one’s still a little bit structural.

Steffy: Hope thinks you’re hot.

Thomas: I’m not lying to you.

Steffy: So, you’re telling me hope just walked in on you in your underwear. You know, we have a locker room, by the way?

Thomas: You know what? Forget I said anything.

Hope: Stoning instead of embroidery?

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: I like that. It definitely plays into the fantasy element.

Thomas: Okay, we could do that.

Hope: So, we do it…

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Sheila: Hey. I can’t stay. I’ve got to get back to the house before bill gets home. I don’t want him to ask me all kinds of questions about where I’ve been. Well, why am I here?

Deacon: Sheila, we gotta talk.

Sheila: Hello, that’s why I am here. What’s going on?

Chen: Copy that. Hold position. Agent murphy confirms sheila did go over to deacon sharpe’s apartment. I’ll get another update once the target leaves.

Bill: Maybe I should’ve left her in jail when the cops took her out of my house, ended it there.

Ridge: It wouldn’t– no. It wouldn’t have been the end of it. She would’ve found a way to get out.

Chen: We kept her in L.A. Under surveillance.

Ridge: You know, what she did to steffy and finn was despicable, but not her worst crimes, right?

Bill: She has to go away for first degree murder.

Chen: As the two of you, along with chief baker, knows, she’s a person of interest in at least a couple of unsolved homicides.

Ridge: Yup. Killing lance, dr. Garvin, it should be enough to put her away for life, no parole.

Bill: Maximum security prison.

Chen: She trusts you, bill. Thanks to your act with the judge, she believes you control her freedom. It was a good call bringing him in on this.

Bill: Steffy bought that hook, link and sinker. She believes I bought off mcmullen.

Ridge: She does. I wish we could bring her in on this, bill.

Chen: But you’re all committed to keeping this operation secret.

Ridge: Yeah.

Bill: It’s the only way it’ll work. Everyone has to buy in so sheila buys in. If she gets one inkling it’s a setup, she’s gone.

Ridge: She’s gotta crack.

Bill: She needs to crack because everyday she doesn’t is another day I’ve gotta lie to my family.

Ridge: You’re protecting them.

Bill: It doesn’t make the lies any easier, ridge, especially the biggest one. Makes me sick every time I have to say it. I’m in love with… with sheila carter.

[ Bill sighing ] Hi, I’m katie, I’ve lost 110 pounds

Hope: This lace is gorgeous.

Thomas: Yeah, we do wanna keep it subtle though, right? So maybe use it to accent the bodice?

Hope: I like it. Some added texture.

Thomas: Great.

[ Phone chiming ] Oh. I almost forgot. They need me in the sewing room. Uh, we’re good here, right?

Steffy: Yes, yeah. We’ll catch up later.

Thomas: Okay, cool.

Hope: Oh, thomas. Don’t forget your sketch.

Thomas: Uh, keep it. We’ll talk about it when I get back.

Hope: What? I– I trust your brother’s instincts.

Steffy: Yeah. You’re giving him a lot of encouragement.

Hope: Is there something wrong with that?

Steffy: I just thought you might be a little more reserved.

Hope: I mean, well, it surprised me too how easily we were able to fall back in step with one another.

Steffy: In a purely professional sense, right?

Hope: How else would I mean it, steffy?

Deacon: Don’t act like you’re the only one taking risks here.

Sheila: You asked to see me. Why?

Deacon: I put a lot on the line for you.

Sheila: And I am greatly appreciative of all that.

Deacon: And you know how I feel about you.

Sheila: Yeah, because you show me every time we’re together. But we don’t have time for any of that today, deacon.

Deacon: We don’t have time for anything. Not today… or ever again.

Sheila: What?

Deacon: Sheila, hope stopped by the restaurant when you and I were on the phone call. She’s proud of me. She’s finally proud of what I’m doing with my life.

Sheila: So you– you’re worried she’s gonna find out about us. Oh.

Chen: I’m gonna check in on the other team.

Ridge: You know where I’ll be. You knew this was gonna be a challenge.

Bill: We are– we are way past challenge, ridge. This is nightmare territory. Every day, I have to wake up next to that– that creature. Never let my guard down.

Ridge: None of us can let our guard down. But steffy and her family are being left alone and that’s because of you.

Bill: I think that’s maybe a veiled thank you.

Ridge: I think you’re reading into stuff. There’ll be plenty of people thanking you when sheila’s gone.

Bill: Well, right now, they all think I’m nuts.

Ridge: Falling in love with sheila, that’s a nutty thing to do.

Bill: And that’s why I have to work so hard to convince everyone. Keep them away, make them hate me. Burn every bridge to keep them safe from that monster.

Ridge: Temporary.

Bill: It’s time I’ll never get back.

Ridge: Yeah, I know. But the time you will have with your kids, your grandkids, it’ll be spent without fear.

Bill: That’s the plan.

Ridge: And you, sir, are executing it very well.

Bill: You know what, ridge? I don’t need any pats on the head, I don’t need any

[Indistinct], All right? This isn’t a review of some kind of broadway performance, all right? This– this is real life. The fact that this is life and death and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Ridge: You don’t think I know that? The fbi is on our side.

Bill: I need to make sheila think I’m on her side. Us against the world. Us against my family. I have to stay focused on the end game. That’s the only way I can get through this.

Ridge: All right, good. Then do that. Focus and get the information that we need.


Hope: Do you think I’m being unprofessional?

Steffy: No, no. I… okay, I’m going to be honest. Are you gonna be able to work with my brother?

Hope: Um, we already are and very well. I mean, you can see that.

Steffy: Yeah, I don’t wanna make something out of nothing, but…

Hope: Okay, steffy. I’m not sure what you’re talking about because you’re the one that insisted that I take thomas back as my lead designer.

Steffy: Absolutely. I’m glad I did that. Hope for the future is gonna be amazing, but should I be concerned about how this is gonna affect you personally?

Hope: Oh. Steffy, I already talked to liam about this.

Steffy: Liam is your business. You and thomas are mine.

Hope: Okay, and we’re getting along great.

Steffy: I’m just wondering how this is all gonna play out, given liam’s feelings for my brother and yours.

Hope: Mine? Steffy, what are you insinuating?

Deacon: If hope finds out about us, she’d never trust me again. If she even sees that you’re on my phone–

Sheila: Wait a minute. Wait.

Deacon: What?

Sheila: I’m on your phone?

Deacon: Come on, sheila. You know what I’m talking about. You gotta be going through the same thing with spencer. Keeping secrets, sneaking around.

Sheila: No, it’s really not the same.

Deacon: Hope just showed up downstairs earlier. If she just drops by here and sees the two of us together, she’s the only good thing that I’ve ever done in my life. The only pure thing, out of all my poor judgement, all my– my horrendous decision making and impulses. She’s my daughter, sheila. I love her. I can’t lose her. You’ve gotta understand that more than anyone.

Sheila: Yeah, of course I do.

Deacon: Do you?

Sheila: Yeah. That’s why we just have to make sure that we’re just that much more careful.

Deacon: You’re not hearing me. We can’t see each other anymore.

Sheila: You know what? Don’t lie to yourself.

Deacon: Sheila, this has to end!

Sheila: You… you can’t stop seeing me, can you?

Deacon: No. No, I can’T.

Bill: I’m telling you, this whole thing with sheila and sharpe, it could be a problem. I don’t like it.

Ridge: I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem. You’re her number one guy. You could give her things that deacon can’T.

Bill: Well, she’s right about that. I mean, all sharpe can do is make her pizza and license plates.

[ Ridge chuckling ] I’m her protector. I’m her defender. When my kids are telling me to come to my senses. When steffy is telling me that I have to protect her and my granddaughter. When katie is telling me that she’s gonna take will away from me. I have to stand there like a freaking mummy. I can’t say a word. And sheila, sheila tells everybody to get lost. Do you know how intensely frustrating that is?

Ridge: It’s necessary.

Bill: Well, it better pay off.

Ridge: It will pay off. You think you have problems? It pains me to say this because I don’t wanna like you, but this is working because of you. We’re gonna put sheila away because of you, when you get her confession.

Bill: If, ridge. If I get her confession. This was supposed to be a slam dunk. She’s so grateful to me, I just say a few kind words, I tell her I understand her and that’s it, but– but no. No, we’ve had to go way past that. I’ve had to play things I can’t even imagine. And then this catatonic stoicism due to deeply painful emotions. I had to reach for things in my life that I put away a long time ago. How long? How long do I have to play this broken, lost man who’s only found love in the arms of sheila carter? Sheila carter!

Ridge: How long? You know how long! As long as it takes to get the truth. So whatever you have to do, I’m sorry. If you have to go to your past and open up wounds, I’m sorry! We need her confession!

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Days Short Recap Monday, March 20, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla demanded that Rolf tell her who was in the mystery chamber. He said that he never told them that it wasn’t Stefano. She and Marlena told him that he implied that it wasn’t Stefano. They wanted him to talk about his success. Megan wanted Bo to kill Kate. She begged him not to do it and wanted Megan to give her a second chance. Bo hesitated and Megan got worried. He told her that it would be too messy for the lab. He wanted to kill her outside. Megan walked out of the room. Kate begged Bo not to shoot her, but he shoved her so she could move. Rolf was about to tell Kayla and Marlena what they wanted to know when Megan walked in the room. Megan told him to stop talking. Hope let John and Steve know that Andrew gave her clearance to talk to Harris. She wanted them to go back to Salem. She said it was something she had to do on her own. Later on, John and Steve arrived at the pub to talk to Roman about what happened. Roman wondered if it was worth Hope risking her life. John and Steve told him that Megan needed to be stopped. Roman couldn’t believe that Megan was alive, but their wives weren’t. Hope showed up to see Harris. She said he was locked up tightly and learned he wasn’t cooperating with the police. She wanted to get in the cage with him alone. The agent didn’t think it was a good idea. She threatened to tell Shane what the agent did if she didn’t get to be in Harris’ cell. He was surprised to see her after what he did. He wondered why she wanted to see him after what he did. She wanted to talk to him about Megan’s brainwashing. She got him help, but he kept resisting it. She knew he was still under Megan’s control. She saw the real him when they were alone. She wanted to remind him of what they had together.

Harris told Hope that what they had was a con. Hope didn’t believe that was true. She knew something grew between them even if he didn’t want to admit it. He wanted Hope to tell him the truth. She tried to kiss him, but he stopped her. He put his hand around her neck and warned her not to play with him. He warned her that he could snap her neck instantly. She knew he wouldn’t do it. She reminded him that he’s a victim just like her. She asked him to help her get rid of Megan. She told him about what Megan did, but he didn’t see how that would benefit him. She told him that Megan made him a killer. Hope wanted to help him if he was willing to help her. Kayla and Marlena try to figure out Megan’s plan and Kate’s fate. Marlena thought Kate was resourceful and would be okay. Bo was ready to kill Kate. She told him to think about Hope. He reminded her that she was his ex-wife. Kate told him that she was still the one for him. He didn’t care about Hope. Kate tried to give him her wedding ring. She wanted him to give it to Roman. Bo remembered they weren’t together anymore. Kate told him about their reunion. She used Roman to keep him from killing her, but he didn’t budge. She tried to use Chelsea as a way to keep him from shooting her too. He reminded her how Chelsea killed one of his kids. Kate told him that he got over that. She said his family was happy except for Hope. There was a flashback of how Rolf and Megan ended up with Bo. Megan revealed that her plan was to make her and Bo young like they were in high school so they could be together again.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe went to the DiMera mansion. He had papers for him to sign to drop the charges against Eric and Brady. Rafe told him he shouldn’t have done that. Stefan said he was happy with how things turned out. Stefan wanted to know why Rafe was there. Rafe said he wanted to talk about Gabi. They talked about not wanting her to live with Li. Rafe said he doesn’t care for Stefan but he was better than Li. Rafe told him to be careful because Li was dangerous. Stefan said he had it. EJ told Nicole that he still planned to take Stefan down. He said Stefan felt the same way. He said he was going to stop Stefan and Gabi from teaming up against him. He told her about Li. He said he was using LI, but playing his cards to his chest. He said the plan Li had for Gabi might work. Nicole said Gabi may be happy with the fashion line, but she would never give up on Stefan. EJ told her about Li fidelity clause. Gabi heard Li talking about her on the phone. He was talking to someone about a meeting for her fashion line. They talked when he got off the phone. She agreed to take the meeting. When she left to change her clothes, her phone rang. Li answered her phone. It was Stefan. He reminded Stefan about the fidelity clause. Stefan was upset and threw the phone. EJ and Nicole walked in the room. Stefan told them what was going on with Gabi and Li. Nicole said she heard Gabi was starting a fashion line. Stefan said she would have told him about it. EJ brought up the fidelity clause Gabi had to follow. Stefan asked how he knew about it.

Eric and Sloan talked about him starting an art gallery. She said he could use Sweet Bits. He said he didn’t like her taking everything away from Paulina and Chanel. She said he wouldn’t be the one taking anything. She said she would be taking it. While they were talking, she found out that she lost her case. She started throwing things. He tried to comfort her. She broke down. She said they were murderers and won. She said it was never about the money. She said they tore her family apart. She said everyone loved them because they were cute and fun. She said she lost so much but everyone thought she deserved it. She said that was her last shot at justice for her mother. When Gabi was ready for the meeting, she told Li he wasn’t going. She checked her phone and noticed that Stefan called. She was upset that he didn’t tell her about the call. Li apologized and told her to call him back. He said it might make her late for the meeting. He said everyone was expecting both of them and he didn’t want to ruin her chances. She told him he was driving.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Mamie, the woman that helped raise Jack, Ashley, and Traci after Dina left, returns for the Genoa City Bicentennial Masquerade Ball and Jack tells her all the latest Abbott family news.

Billy accepts Jack’s job offer to become Jabot’s co-CEO.

Daniel is excited about Chelsea’s game concept and he tells her he is happy to be working with her.

Kyle gives Jack and Diane his blessing for their marriage.

Jill arrives at the arbitration hearing before the arbitrator makes a decision about the merger, and Devon and Lily agree to listen to her before continuing with the hearing. Jill tells Devon and Lily that Chancellor Winters is not going public and she hopes they can put their differences aside and work together at the company. Devon tells Jill that he can’t do that because he has been hurt by everything that has happened.

Kyle tells Summer Diane thinks Jeremy and Phyllis are working together on a plan against her. Summer sends Phyllis a text message asking Phyllis that they need to talk and Phyllis considers not working with Jeremy. Summer is angry with Phyllis and asks her if she is working with Jeremy to do something against Diane. Phyllis doesn’t answer the question. Summer knows she is working with Jeremy. Summer asks Phyllis to stop her vendetta against Diane or just go away because she is hurting her family. Phyllis tells Jeremy they are putting their plan in motion tonight at the Masquerade Ball because Diane has to be stopped now.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Anna persuades Maxie to follow Lucy’s directions about how to plan the Nurse’s Ball so that Lucy will stay at the safe house and not sneak out again.

Willow persuades Chase that life is too short for him to be arguing with Brook Lynn when he still loves her. Chase later tells Brook Lynn that he misses their relationship.

Drew agrees to help Anna and Valentin take down Victor.

Michael is very upset when he finds out that Dex and Josslyn have a relationship and that Dex told Josslyn the details of the plan to take down Sonny. Josslynn tells Michael that she wants to help him bring down Sonny. Michael tells Josslyn that she can’t be involved in the plan, but if she wants Dex to be safe, Sonny can’t find out that they have a personal relationship.

Michael later tells Willow that he was thinking about canceling this project that he was working on but he has decided the best thing to do is to finish his project to protect his family.

Sonny tells Dante that he is worried that he may lose Nina that she has seen the reality of his business. Sonny hopes that Nina will return to him once he has taken care of the person targeting him.

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Days Update Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Paulina walks through the town square and greets Chanel at the Bakery. Paulina sees that Chanel is removing the “Help Wanted” sign from the bakery and starts talking about how she’s sorry she had to put her foot down but reminds Chanel that the court won’t let her hire anyone. Chanel then stops her and reveals that she already did hire someone.

Jada and her sister Talia have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Jada praises the muffins while Talia is unsure, feeling they could use brown sugar and caramel. Talia comments that she still can’t believe Jada gets to roll out of bed and have breakfast like this waiting downstairs. Jada tells Talia not to get too used to it, reminding her that now that she has a job, she will have to get her own place. Jada jokes that she doesn’t plan on sharing her bed with her little sister forever. Talia then questions why not, remarking that it’s not like she’s sharing it with anybody else.

Rafe goes to the DiMera Mansion. Stefan answers the door and questions why he’s making a house call. Rafe says he comes with documents and notes that he still thinks Stefan is making a mistake, but if he wants to drop the charges against Brady and Eric, then he will have to sign on the dotted line. Stefan confirms that he does and invites Rafe in. Stefan says it’s not like he enjoyed being kidnapped and worked over by a mad scientist, but he can’t complain about the end result. Rafe says he made that clear. Stefan questions why the police commissioner found it necessary to run this errand in person. Rafe admits he’s not just here to have him sign the documents as he’s also here about his sister, Gabi.

Li is at home on the phone, saying they won’t regret taking this meeting with his wife. Li praises Gabi as she comes out of her room and he greets her.

Eric and Sloan kiss in bed. Sloan calls it a very enjoyable morning so far. Eric gets an alert on his phone which he explains is for if there’s any job openings for a photographer. Eric notes that his nights have been filled thanks to her but he needs to fill his daytime hours.

Nicole and EJ kiss in bed which EJ calls a lovely way to wake up. EJ says he slept better than he has in a long time. Nicole jokes that not having a drug induced hangover probably helped. Nicole adds that maybe it also helped that he and Stefan finally sat down to hash everything out. EJ informs her that there’s a bit more to the story about that. Nicole asks him to fill her in. EJ confirms that they hashed things out, but that doesn’t mean everything is settled as it’s far from it. EJ reveals that Stefan may not know it, but he’s as committed as he ever was to taking Stefan down.

Nicole tells Eric to stop the alert and job search. Eric responds that he needs a job. Sloan says she gets that, but not just any job, noting that he’s incredibly talented and a wonderful photographer. Sloan suggests Eric should be his own boss and open up his own gallery.

Nicole tells EJ that she doesn’t understand. EJ says he said all the right things but he had his fingers crossed behind his back and he’s sure Stefan did too. EJ adds that Stefan still wants what he’s always wanted and that’s Li out of the way, Gabi in his life, and the two of them running DiMera which he is not going to allow to happen, so he has to stop Stefan and Gabi from teaming up to oust him. EJ declares that he will stop that by forming his own team, which he’s already done, with Li Shin.

Li finishes his call and asks Gabi how much she heard. Gabi says she heard his comments about her which Li calls all sincere. Li asks if Gabi wants the deal to go through with her fashion line. Gabi complains that she hadn’t even agreed to go to the store but he’s already setting it up. Li remarks that she seemed intrigued enough last night since she took all the paperwork to bed. Gabi says she was curious but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to make a deal. Li calls it just an initial meeting and assures no one is going to rush her in to anything. Li wants Gabi to have an outlet for her incredible creativity. Li adds that if he’s being too pushy, he can always call back and cancel the meeting.

Rafe assumes that Gabi living with Li bugs the hell out of Stefan as much as it does him. Stefan admits he hates it a lot. Rafe admits he doesn’t know all the details of their arrangement considering Gabi stopped confiding him since she knows how he feels about Li. Stefan asks how that compares to how he feels about him. Rafe states that Li makes Stefan look good, so he hopes Stefan hasn’t given up on getting Gabi away from Li. Stefan assures that he’s never giving up on that. Rafe advises Stefan to be careful since Li already tried to pull the plug on him once and he doesn’t like competition. Stefan responds that he is no competition because he’s going to blow that son of a bitch out of the water.

Eric questions Sloan thinking he should open a gallery. Sloan informs him that while she was having trouble sleeping last night, she went through his portfolio for an hour and sees that he would have no trouble filling a gallery’s walls, especially with the photos he took in Africa. Eric insists that he needs a job. Sloan thinks he needs to take charge of his career. Eric appreciates her support, but reminds her that it takes money to buy the supplies and the space for a gallery, so he questions how he’s supposed to find that. Sloan responds that she has the perfect place and it’s called Sweet Bits Bakery.

Chanel informs Paulina that she hired Talia and she’s perfect for Sweet Bits. Paulina complains that Chanel is forgetting that they can’t start throwing money around since every cent they spend is being watched by the court. Chanel can’t believe Sloan got the judge to sign off on a plan like this. Chanel asks if Belle is working on getting the freeze on their accounts reversed. Paulina assures that Belle is trying and hoping to get the case dismissed, but they have to be realistic. Chanel argues that she can’t run a bakery without any help, so she needs to lock Talia down before she loses her. Chanel adds that Talia worked at one of the most successful bakeries in New York City, so she has to offer her a competitive salary or someone else is going to snap her up in no time. Paulina guesses that she needs to win the lottery then.

Jada questions Talia giving her grief about her love life. Talia says she was just joking and says she’s too sensitive. Talia points out that she’s not with anyone either and calls them independent women who do just fine on their own. Jada agrees and toasts to them both flying solo. Talia then asks Jada how long it’s been since she was not flying solo. Jada thought they were dropping the subject. Talia accepts that it’s none of her business. Jada decides she has nothing to hide and informs Talia that she broke up with someone a few months ago. Talia calls that a long time compared to her break up being pretty recent. Jada assures that she’s fine. Talia asks if there’s at least someone new on the horizon. Rafe then enters the Pub.

EJ explains to Nicole that after he and Stefan got honest with each other, he invited Li over to tell him that he’s willing to join forces, so now Li knows he fully supports him getting back with Gabi and is willing to do whatever it takes to help make that happen. Nicole asks what he told Li happened between he and Stefan. EJ assures he told him nothing that he can use against him and Li only knows what he wants him to hear. EJ adds that Li only heard what he wanted to hear anyway and says he’s cooked up a wonderful distraction for Gabi that she might just fall for.

Gabi tells Li not to cancel the meeting since it won’t look good to bail now. Gabi agrees to go and see what happens. Li encourages that she will impress the hell out of everyone and they’ll all forget about Gabi Chic and will be blown away by her new designs. Gabi says he can dial down the flattery because she knows how good she is. Gabi decides she will go get ready for the meeting. Li says he will too and then he’ll make her a breakfast to remember.

EJ explains to Nicole that Gabi will have her new fashion line in department stores, so while Stefan will be sneaking around trying to steal a few moments with Gabi, she will be sleeping just a few feet from the man who will have revived the artistic side of her career. Nicole points out that Gabi is in love with Stefan and she mourned him for years, so she won’t be able to stay away from him. EJ says that’s where things get interesting as he informs Nicole of the contract that Gabi must stay in the marriage for six months to get Li’s DiMera shares, but only if she remains faithful. EJ feels he could take advantage of that. Nicole worries that EJ is playing a dangerous game and asks what if Stefan finds out what he’s doing behind his back. EJ responds that he likes taking risks and calls that the fun in life. Nicole feels it depends on the risk. EJ jokes that getting involved with someone romantically is a risk, since one could get their heart broken, but it’s still definitely fun which Nicole agrees with. Nicole says it’s definitely worth the risk as they kiss.

Stefan looks at a photo of Gabi on his phone and then goes to her number.

Li starts getting dressed in front of Gabi, so she questions what the hell he’s doing. Li reminds her that the living room is his bedroom, unless she wants to change their sleeping arrangements and let him in to her bedroom. Gabi says nice try and decides to go get ready herself. Gabi tells Li what she wants for breakfast as she heads to her bedroom. Gabi left her phone behind as Stefan calls. Li answers the phone. Stefan questions what the hell he is doing answering Gabi’s phone.

Eric questions Sloan telling him that Sweet Bits is going out of business. Sloan says that Paulina and Chanel might not know it yet, but once she wins her case, that space will belong to her. She asks what better use for it than Eric’s gallery. Eric asks if she’s sure about this being a good idea. Sloan gets that he doesn’t want to take business away from Chanel, but says that’s her job and she’s really looking forward to doing it. Sloan says that Eric will just benefit and with the cash she wins from the case, she could even be an investor too. Sloan encourages Eric to say yes as they kiss until her phone rings. Sloan answers the call and is shocked by what she hears.

Chanel complains to Paulina that she hates this never ending war with Sloan. Paulina says she does too but it is war, so they have to think strategically. Paulina worries that if Chanel hires Talia, it will look like she’s trying to put one over on the court and the judge will penalize her, then Sloan wins. Paulina gets a call from Belle, who tells her some surprising news. Chanel questions what she said. Paulina responds that she doesn’t know what they are going to do with all this free time as she announces that Belle got the case thrown out. Chanel can’t believe it as Paulina tells her that their longshot came through. Paulina declares that they are free of that witch at last as they hug.

Rafe greets Jada and Talia. Rafe asks if Talia is enjoying her time in Salem so far. Talia jokes that she was until about 20 minutes ago when Jada said she was cramping her style and needed to move out. Jada tells Rafe to ignore her. Rafe aks what they were talking about when he walked in as it seemed kind of intense. Talia says it’s funny he asks but Jada interrupts and reminds her that she has to get to work. Talia talks about having to get used to early morning shifts now that she’s going to be a baker. Jada questions Talia working at a bakery. Talia confirms her job is at Sweet Bits in the town square and asks if she knows it. Rafe asks what’s wrong with that and says they have the best donuts in town. Jada questions what is going on and why Talia would work as a baker. Talia asks what’s wrong with bakers. Jada says nothing but points out that is not Talia’s chosen field. Rafe questions what he’s missing. Jada informs him that Talia is not a baker and reveals that she’s a doctor! Rafe is surprised as Talia confirms she has a medical degree. Jada points out that she graduated from Stanford in the top five percent of her class. Jada questions how working as a baker is using any of her talents. Talia argues that she’s a very talented baker. Jada says when Talia got a job, she assumed it was at the hospital and that her dream was always to follow their dad’s footsteps. Talia clarifies that it was only their dad’s dream for her to follow him in to medicine but that doesn’t make it her dream. Jada points out that she worked so hard and questions who walks away from a career like that. Talia says she does and that she doesn’t want to be late, so she says bye to Rafe and Jada as she then exits the Pub. Jada wonders if Chanel knows how overqualified her new baker is.

Chanel tells Paulina that this means she can hire Talia and doesn’t have to fire her which Paulina encourages. Chanel says they owe Belle big time. Paulina agrees and exclaims that Belle left Sloan in the dust. Paulina wonders how Sloan is taking it.

Sloan begins throwing things in her apartment. Eric gets up and tries to encourage her that it’s going to be okay. Sloan complains that everything relied on that lawsuit and it’s over. Sloan cries that Paulina and Chanel are murderers and they’ve won again. Eric reminds her that it was just a civil case so no one was going to prison and she has money. Sloan shouts that it was never about money as they tore her family apart and they just keep getting away with it. Sloan screams that everybody loves Paulina and Chanel except her and refuses to forget about her mother being pushed off a roof to her death as she breaks down crying. Eric tells her that he’s sorry and assures that he’s on her side. Sloan cries that this lawsuit was her last shot at justice for her mom as Eric hugs her.

Li asks Stefan if he can help him. Stefan tells him to give Gabi her phone back. Li says he’s afraid that his wife is a little busy and doesn’t have time for chit chat as she’s getting dressed for a very important meeting which Stefan questions. Li is sure Gabi will tell him if she thinks it’s any of his business, but it’s not his place. Stefan warns him that the clock is ticking on his six months while Li warns that he knows what will happen if Stefan keeps calling or if he somehow tempts Gabi in to some secret rendezvous. Stefan asks if the thought of that scares him to death. Li says it should scare Gabi since if she fails to resist him, she’ll lose all those DiMera shares and have Stefan to thank for it because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. Li tells Stefan to do himself and Gabi a favor and stay away from her as he then hangs up on him. Stefan throws his phone out of the room in frustration as EJ and Nicole enter. EJ asks Stefan if there’s a problem.

Paulina calls Belle back and thanks her for all of her hard work, saying she doesn’t know how much this means to her and Chanel and that they are eternally grateful. Paulina hangs up as Chanel begins revising the budget for Sweet Bits and says she can bring back some popular items and she’ll actually be able to pay her new employee. Talia then walks up and says she didn’t know that was an issue but she’s glad she will be able to. Chanel greets Talia and introduces her to Paulina. Paulina notes Talia’s last name of Hunter and asks if she has any relation to Jada. Talia confirms that is her sister and asks if she knows her. Paulina says no but she knows of her because her partner arrested her once.

Jada tells Rafe that she doesn’t get it since Talia spent all those years in medical school just to become a baker. Rafe suggests she’s changing her life and following her dream while Jada argues that Talia’s dream was to become a doctor which she pursued with a vengeance. Jada knows trying to set Talia straight would be a waste of breath. Rafe relates to that with trying to advise his siblings over the years. They agree that they love their younger siblings and they will never stop trying to rescue them from themselves.

Gabi gets ready to go then questions why Li is dressed up and if he thought he was going with her. Li points out that he was the go-between that set this up. Gabi argues that it’s her pitch and she doesn’t need help with that. Li confirms they are expecting both of them. Gabi starts to say she can just tell them something but then she sees on her phone that Stefan called which she questions.

Stefan informs EJ and Nicole that his problem is named Li Shin, who just told him that Gabi is too busy to talk because she’s headed to some important business meeting. Stefan says he’s sure Li made the whole thing up as another ploy to keep them apart. Nicole suggests maybe it wasn’t made up since word on the street is Gabi may be partnering with stores for a new fashion line, noting that she hears things at Basic Black. Stefan argues that if that were true, Gabi would have told him about it and he would’ve heard first. EJ says he can’t speak to Gabi’s willingness to share information, but it sounds like Li is trying to get Gabi interested in a new business venture so that she loses interest in his DiMera shares and by extension, Stefan. Stefan says there’s no way that’s going to happen since Gabi loves him and she wants nothing more than to be back together. Stefan declares that there’s no way Li can distract her by shining some business opportunity in her face. EJ points out that if Gabi gives in to her feelings for Stefan, she could lose her DiMera shares. Stefan then questions how he knows about that.

Rafe offers Jada a ride to the police station which she accepts. Rafe brings up wondering what Jada and Talia were talking about when he walked in, noting the look on their faces when he came in. Jada then gets a call from Shawn and says they’ve been trading information on a case so Rafe can go ahead to the station as she answers the call.

Talia tells Paulina and Chanel that she never went to culinary school as she had a different focus, but baking is just something she knows. Sloan interrupts and asks if Talia also knows that she’s talking to a couple of criminals. Sloan guesses they think they’ve won. Paulina says they know they have. Sloan tells her that she’s wrong and that she hasn’t given up on making them pay. Talia tells Sloan that she doesn’t know what her problem is, but she can’t just talk to them like that. Sloan responds that they are her problem. Sloan calls Chanel a murderer and says Paulina covered it up. Sloan remarks that her lawyer may have pulled a rabbit out of the hat but she hasn’t won. Paulina tells Sloan that she has lost and will keep losing, so she suggests finding something better to do with her time than hurting her and her family. Paulina argues that she and Chanel have done nothing wrong. Sloan decides maybe she doesn’t need court to get her revenge and asks if they ever thought of that as she walks off.

Gabi questions Li not telling her that Stefan called. Li says she saw the notification before he had the chance. Li adds that it was a very brief conversation as Stefan asked for her but he told him that she was busy preparing for the meeting. Gabi complains that she doesn’t need a secretary or Li answering her phone without her permission. Li apologizes and says he wasn’t thinking. Li suggests she call Stefan back now if she’d like. Li notes that it might make them late for the meeting but they could probably make up the time. Gabi says she doesn’t want to be late and reminds him that it’s only her. Li points out that they are expecting him too, so he doesn’t want them wondering why he didn’t show up as that would be an unnecessary distraction. Li says he wouldn’t want to spoil her pitch before she even gets to make it. Gabi tells Li that he’s driving. Li smiles and follows her out.

Eric goes through some of his pictures and come across a photo of Nicole.

EJ claims to Stefan that Wendy mentioned the morals clause in their contract. Stefan is surprised that Li would confide that to Wendy and that Wendy would just share it with him. Nicole jokes that no one ever accused Wendy of discretion. EJ apologizes if he spoke out of turn and says he didn’t know the clause was on a need to know basis. EJ states that he doesn’t envy him as it certainly is a very tricky situation. Stefan complains that Li is watching them like a hawk, waiting for he and Gabi to give in to their feelings for each other and he can’t figure out a way around it. Nicole suggests maybe she could help by arranging for he and Gabi to meet privately, since Li’s not watching her. Stefan calls that a very kind offer. Nicole says she’s a romantic at heart and she really wants Stefan and Gabi to be happy together. Nicole adds that since Stefan and EJ have made peace, she’s on Stefan’s side as much as EJ is. Stefan agrees that would be amazing and thanks her. Nicole says she’ll get to work and let him know when she’s come up with something. Stefan tells her that he’s very grateful and he knows Gabi will be too. Nicole and EJ then exit the room. EJ praises Nicole, who says she was just following the plan. EJ declares that now they just need Li to catch them in the act and it’s bye bye to Gabi’s shares and control of DiMera. EJ hopes that Stefan makes it worth it.

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Days Transcript Monday, March 20, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


If it wasn’t Stefano, then who was the last person in that chamber? I never said it wasn’t Stefano, but you strongly implied it, and you said that you kept that person alive for over a decade and impressed his feet even for you. You are impressed. Well, we are women of science. Of course we are. Yeah. And I would think that you would be dying to tell people about your achievement.

So am might not share it with us. I mean, who are we going to tell you raise a good point. I suppose I wouldn’t her to brag a little about one of my great successes.

There’s no sense in drawing this out any longer. You might as well go ahead and kill her. No, no, no. You don’t wanna do that Megan. Call him off. Kate, you destroy the serum, but you see you to me now. I’ll do what you want. Just give me a second chance. No, Bo No. You know you don’t want to do it. Oh, I think he.

Actually, she’s right. Thank you. Oh, what are you doing? This could get messy. You don’t want blood all over the lab, do you? Ah, good point. How about to take this outside? Great idea. Kill her outside and then leave her to rot. Hmm.

Thank you so much, Andrew. I’ll be in touch.

The Isa granted visiting privileges for Harris. Michaels great. Let’s go. No, no, no. Hold on. You too. Should hit back to Salem. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You don’t want us to come along. John, this is something I need to do in my own.

I have brought people back from the dead, of course, but in this case, I think you will be awestruck as well as jubilant. When I tell you that’s a person in question is, look what we have here. I do hope I’m not interrupting anything. No, it’s fine. And just asking me questions about my new serum. Rolf was just telling us that you were planning to use it on Kate, like she’s some kind of Guinea pig.

Where is she? What have you done with her? Well, you don’t need to worry about those tests anymore. Kate refused to cooperate, so she’s gonna suffer a different trait now.

Okay. Megan’s gone. You know, you don’t have to follow her orders. You can, you can say that I got away, or the, the gun jams. I know you don’t wanna do this.


like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Ah, Katie, will I ever hear from you again? What will it take to make you reach out?

Do I have to plot another murder?

Maybe I’m crazy. I just imagined it all.

Okay. That’s good. That’s good. I think this is a perfect place for you to die. Okay. Look, I, I, I don’t know what Megan stands to you. Oh, no, not about her. Okay, well that’s good because she’s crazy and you need to get the hell away from her bow. Elena, Kayla and I, we all know you. This is not you. So me the real blow.

See a sweetheart of a guy most of the time, but you are definitely not a stone cold assassin. Okay? Do you know how many people are going to beat overwhelmed by the fact that you’re so alive? You need to think about. Okay. Because you loved her, why would she think if she saw you like this?

Ms. Brady, welcome to Isa PSYOPs. Thank you, agent Rose and uh, Ms. We’re so honored to have you visit us. Agent Donovan called and said you were coming, but not to fango out. You and your late husband are kind of legends around here. That’s very flattering. Thank you. My condolence is on his death. Thank you.

You must still miss him every day. Commander Michaels is in here. Yes, right inside. May I please see? Of course.

We’re never getting out of this door. Now I wanna tell Megan comes back for us. What do you think she’s planning now? I mean, saying that Kate is going to suffer a different kind of fate. I, after all she’s been through, um, she did find a cure for the virus. She put us into a cryogenic state until she decides to wake us up, but she wanted to keep us alive for some reason.

Remember Ralph said that she was planning on using the serum on Kate. I don’t know. I think Megan’s new plan sounds ominous at best. Yeah. Do you think I’m overreacting? No, I don’t. I think we’re in a world of trouble here.

Do you think it might have been shortsighted for you to order bull to kill our test subject? How so? You can make a new serum, right? Yes, but it’ll take time. Fine. And we still have two women that we can test it on. Megan, don’t question me Wolf. Get to work very well

and no more procrastinating. It’s been months since Bo and I were reunited. We all the respect, you’ve already waited 40 years. And I don’t want to wait any longer than I have to.

Oh my God, it works. Bone. You’re conscious.

It’s me, Megan. Oh, what’s darling? I knew you would come back.

Can you say something, please?

What’s hope?

I literally brought that man back to life and all he could think about was her. Yes, you gave me quite an earful about it at the time. Why do you have luck? Megan, let me outta here. I have to fly my wife. Come on. I gotta find hope. Megan,

Ralph. Thank God. Last thing I remember I was in the park. I was dying in hopes. I have to get to her. As you can hear this must stop is you’ve taken me away from a very important project your brother Stephan did. I don’t care about that. Megan, I need you to make this stop. I cured more of his brain tumor.

And I need you to cure him of Hope Brady,

I did as you asked. Yes, but it didn’t turn out as I expected.

Why would I care what hope thinks? Because she’s your wife. Uh, correct me if I’m wrong, but ex-wife got a divorce. Okay, well, there’s the mother of another one of your exes whose heart she broke. I know all too well that hope was the one great love of your life and that you never got over it. Isn’t that true?

Oh, what a beautiful story. Okay. Time to die. Okay. Is at least, uh, take this. Take my wedding. So you can return it to Roman.

Sorry man. I know you’re closed. Not to you guys. Come on.

Right. What are you, uh, doing back to her? What’s going on? Did you find Megan? Well, not exactly bud. We got an. What’s going on? Your nephew, Andrew did us a real solid, let us access ISA records. So we found out where Megan went after she left Ruckus. We got there. It was too late. She’d already cleared out. So that was the end the line.

Maybe not. We went into Hope. Oh, yep. What was she doing? Same thing we were doing, I suppose. She has an idea that Harris Michaels might know something that could lead us to Megan. Well, if he does that, bastard’s never gonna tell. Maybe, maybe not. You see, when he was in Montreal, he indicated to hope that he thinks maybe he.

Was brainwashed by Megan, so if she used the same techniques on him that she used on us, he could be reachable. Kayla got through to me. Marla and Paul were able to reach John help figures. She gets a face-to-face with Michaels. She might have a breakthrough there also, but Harris never really loved hope, did he?

I guess we’ll see about that.

You got him locked down pretty tight with good reason. Commander Michaels has been quite uncooperative. I can’t say that surprises me. Advised arrangement after he sent the third agent to the hospital. Thank you. One of our top psychoanalysts Donovan’s wife. Has met with him several times, but he’s been highly resistant to treatment.

Yes. So I see. I’d like you to let me in there with him alone. Yes, Erin. It’s some privacy that would be inadvisable. As I said, he’s very dangerous. Yes, I understand an agent Rose, but I need to look him straight in the eye for this to. I can call Shane if you’d like. It won’t be necessary. I trust you. Thank you.

Here’s your panic button.

We’ll be right outside if you. Thank you agent.

Hello, hope.

It’s been a long time.

I had such high hopes at first.

What? What is happen? What, bro? What are you doing to me? Just relax. Bob. You’ve been through a little procedure. That’s all procedure. What kind of procedure on your brain just need to make sure that it’s worked?

How does that make you.

Ah, excellent. As I said, , the procedure worked exactly as intended. Yes. He no longer wanted hope, and he was loyal to me. He did everything I asked him to. But the spark between us, the the spark was gone.

What’s with the yearbook? Well, it’s our yearbook though. Don’t you remember? We are a voted best couple. Yeah, so well, we could be that happy again, . That was a long time ago, but the feelings can come back. I know they can.

He was supposed to love me. I warned you that a procedure could not create romantic feelings out of nothing. They’re not nothing. They’re just. Dormant. Now, this serum, this serum had better work as you promised when Megan’s said that Kate was going to suffer a different kind of fate. Now, do you think that she was just trying to scare us to get us to behave?

I mean, why would she kill Kate after she had gone through so much trouble to revive her? Well, she wouldn. And even if that were her intention, I, Katie was just, she’s resourceful and, and she’s able to talk her way out of any dire situation. I know she will. Here again, as I recall, you and Roman were over a long time ago.

Well, we got back together again recently and actually we got. On my deathbed, although it was the first time, you know, because I got sick and then I recovered and then I relapsed, and then apparently I died. And yet here I am. Which is pretty miraculous. Wouldn’t you say ? No, no. Ralph made it happen. Have Megan’s request.

Oh, well Ralph makes a lot of things happen, doesn’t he? Did you see I’m a survivor? You’re a survivor. Roman’s a survivor. Do you remember, do you remember saying goodbye to him on that beach when you thought he was dead? Because Roman loves me. If you kill his wife, he’s gonna be devastated. Is that what you want?

So you only think that hope can get through this Harris, my close guy. I mean, he might not know anything even if, uh, she gets in to talk and after the way he got the upper hand on both of you. Oh, hey, we were on Bush, man. Come on. That’s right. Hey, we’ve been prepared on that. Hey, relax. Okay. I’m not questioning your skills.

All right. I’m just worried about hope. The point is he is in ISA custody. It’s a highly controlled situation. We wanted to go with. , but she insisted she had to do this on her own and you know how damn headstrong she can be. Yeah. She almost got herself killed last time she got involved with this guy. I hope she’s being safe this time.

What are you doing here? Why would you even want to talk to me after everything I did to you and your family?

The last time we saw each other in Montreal, you said you thought Megan had done something to you, brainwash. You said that you wanted help. We got you that help Harris, but I’m confused because ever since then you have fought it every step of the way. Why is that? I was lying. I said whatever it took to mitigate that.

Punish. No, no, no. I don’t. I don’t believe you. If they were two, you’d still be keeping up with that. No, I think that you are still fully under a million’s control and why? It’s the reason why you wouldn’t open up to Kimberly, and that’s why I only see the real you when we’re alone. Harris, look at me, Harris.

I came all this way today.

Remind you of what we had. There was nothing between us. We had was a card. I was just playing you to get to the prisons just like you were playing me. No, it’s not true. Not in the beginning. I wasn’t. Here is something, something grew between us. Before I realized that you were after the prison, you said it yourself.

It’s the reason you couldn’t pull the trigger. When Megan had urged you to kill me, I said what you wanted to hear. Yeah, yeah, I know. To communicate your punishment. I heard you.

All right

then. Tell me this. Why? Why did Megan have to hire Thomas Banks? Put him up in the rafters to kill me? You could’ve killed me. You could’ve done it from two feet away. It’s a backup plan. Why am I still alive, Harris?

Because I failed. No,

because you succeeded. You succeeded. Aris, you stopped.

I am alive because of you.

You felt something for me.

You still do. It’s real. It is.


What about you?

Do you feel something for me too?

Do you don’t hope is risking her life? Is it worth it, Roman? Megan’s out there somewhere behaving like a true Demir Stephanie’s daughter through and through who knows what she could be planning right now to hurt even more people we love. She’s still a threat. We need to stop her. Whatever it takes. As you recall, I made no promises, but if it works, This serum will allow you and Bo to go back again and start at the beginning.

It’s about time my flight was delayed from Jakarta and frankly, I’m not even sure why you summit me. I thought my work was done. Not quite. Although Bo has forgotten his feelings for hope, then what’s the problem? The problem is, That the spark between us, between bow and I is gone. And how do you suppose I can change that?

What are you asking me to do? I read an article in the Salem Spectator the other day about an orchid that seems to have magical healing properties and or could you grew in your lab before it disappeared? And what does that have to do with. I’m just wondering if you might be able to use it to help bow and me to turn back time.

Ah, you want to reverse the aging process? Oh, and I lost so much. And you think the orca could be your own personal fountain of youth? Almost as good as a time. Is it possible? I know you told the police that it’s gone, but I wonder if you might not know where I can get my hands on it. Actually, I do.

When we’re young, again, like when we first met, I know he’ll love. Instead of just following my orders like a loyal soldier, you know, he has never once questioned what I’ve asked him to do or why.

No one knew he was in Salem. They all still think he’s dead and they’ll never know otherwise. Come on, we’re Homan thinks you’re dead. I pull this trigger. We’ll make a damn bit of difference to him. I know, because eventually he will find out what you. I guess the truth always comes out, doesn’t it? Both. I don’t really care if the truth comes out.

I don’t care about Roman. You know? I don’t believe that. I really don’t. I mean, I think that you’re lying to yourself because I think everything that I’ve said to you deep down has struck a chord with the real vore who is devoted to his family, who adores his sisters, Kimberly and Kayla and his brother Roman, and his children and his grand children.

Sean, Douglas, Sierra, Zach, Claire, Chelsea. I mean, you could forget about Chelsea, your daughter. With my Billy. I mean, I can see you trying to deny that you have feelings for hope, even for Roman, because certainly those relationships are fraught. They, they’re complicated. There’s not a baggage there. But the parents love for their child.

That is pure, that is unshakable, even in the worst of circumstances. So you see Chelsea is my flesh and blood. Blood. You wanna see blood? I’ll show you blood. Listen to me. You are not going to break Chelsea’s heart by killing her grandmother. You and I. That you are not going to pull that trigger. You know that I will only to shut you up.

So you were together for a whole year. When you kissed me, I felt something that wasn’t just part of the game.

Come on hope. I want the. Okay. The truth,

as much as I wanted to stay disconnected, there were moments I thought something,

okay, I admitted it. I can, I can you Can you admit?

Or maybe, um,

Me just think about what Megan was willing to do to get revenge on hope. Yeah, on a pure spine. Well, just because Bo lived another woman, it’s not like she could have ’em anyway. Now. and if she has succeeded in getting hope out of the way. Yeah, I still can’t believe it. I mean, Megan Hathaway is still alive and our wives are damnit.

You know what guys? I mean, sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy. I mean, I, I tell people, you know that Kate is talking to me from the great beyond

through an.

So have you picked up on anything from her lately? Now she’s gone silent and that’s what makes me wonder. I mean, did I. Did I imagine that Paulina herd of two?

I saw Kayla. She came to me. John, what about you? What about you? Did anything like that happen to you? Did you ever hear from Martin Le?

I haven’t heard anything at all from Doc. I thought appealing to to Ralph’s ego might get us somewhere. It was getting us somewhere. I’m sure that he was about to tell us who was in that fourth chamber when Megan walked in. Not that it even matters now. But it might because if somebody had been in there and they got away, maybe if they’re friendly, they was able to come back, they could help us escape.

You don’t think My relationship with Chelsea was complicated. She’s responsible for the death of one of my kids. I know, and you got past that because of your love hurt. Both, you know, Chelsea and Max London now because they’re, they’re so happy. Bella and Shawn are happy. Sierra and Sierra and Banner sailing around the world just like you would hope to, but you know who’s not happy?

Hope hope’s miserable because she, because she misses. And you could, you could fix that. You have another chance. I, there’s no fixing that. It was over a decade ago. Let’s see. So you’re just, what? You’re just meeting’s lap dog now. So some may think it’s selfish of me to keep them all to myself, but I brought him back to life.

And I’ve loved him faithfully all these years. , which is more than anyone else can say, I deserve this. I deserve him.

Dr. Marlena, Evan. Dead virus claims. Third victim. I had no idea that you get sick again, sorry ladies,

but I needed this beauty for myself.

Oh, hey, what are you doing?

What are these women doing here? Oh, they’re here for us though. You see, with their help, you and I are gonna get back all the time that we lost and finally live halfway ever after.

When you got here a few weeks ago, Ralph, I gave you this facility and the plant continues to thrive. You can make limitless amounts of the serum. Quantity is not the issue. Assuming every single is just planned. When the testing process is complete and we are able to administer it, foe and I will be young again and we can start all over from the.

This time he’ll stay and he’ll love me forever and ever and hope will go off of some other poor stop.

Do not try to play me again.

You know, I can stamp your neck in an instant. You could, but you won’t. You can’t. Any more than he could bring yourself to pull the trigger. God, I went into yours.

You’re making sweet just like I was. You still are. Do you want that woman to get away with everything she’s done?

Like you give it down what happens to me? I do.

Course I Care. Harris, we’re not our only victims.

She kill my sister-in-law, Kayla and her brother, Roman’s wife, Kate Roberts, and hi. John Black’s wife. She’s, she’s killed a lot of people I love and care her about greatly.

Why should that matter to me? Because you were so much more than a trained assassin. You are a Navy hero. Before Megan got ahold of you, you were a good man. You were an honorable man, a good and honorable. You forget the fact that I killed two men. That wasn’t you. That wasn’t you. Doesn’t change the fact that that was the brainwashing Harris, you have the chance, the opportunity to get your life back.

To get back what’s real.

Don’t you want that? I wanna help you. Let me, let me help you and then you can help me make sure that Megan never hurts anyone ever again.

I, them, I don’t, I don’t care what Megan did,

didn’t do it for me. Harris,

do it from me.

Good coffee man. We’ll let you know if we hear anything from Hope. Hang here to Roman. Yes, you too.

Damn. A hell of a wind man. Looks like uh, we’re in for storms. Yeah, that’s what they say. Okay. You guys be careful out there. Yeah. All right.

You okay? Oh yeah. Quiet time’s the hardest, I guess. I keep trying to reach out somehow to John and my family. Have to know how much I love them. Oh, I end up picturing in there the pain. Hello. I remember how I breathed for Steve when I thought I’d lost him, went on for years. And to think about our families going through that, well motivate us to get out of here.

That’s what it’s


Ms. Brady, is everything all right? Yes, everything is. Perfect. In fact, manager Michaels has agreed to another session with Dr. Brady Donovan and I have a feeling that, uh, he’s gonna be a lot more cooperative this time around.

No, I mean, nobody’s lap dog really. That’s not what it. Like to me, I mean, this is Megan’s idea. This was in your idea. Take her outside and, and, and kill her. Now, I don’t know. It, to me, you just look like a glorified Aaron boy, I pray you’re right. You know as well as anybody that we have to keep our faith right now.

We are going to get out of here. The two of us and Kate, so you think this is the best time to insult me? , I, I, I don’t know. I. It’s just that I’m surprised. I’m really surprised. I wouldn’t think that you would fall in with a two bit wannabe Ste like, Megan, stop, stop, stop. Or what? I mean, you’re gonna shoot me because that’s what Megan expects you to do.

I, I don’t know. I don’t understand where is the boat that, that I knew that was a rebel that would’ve come in here and would’ve blown off this whole lap and taken off on his motorcycle without ever bothering to look back at the flames. I mean, this is not an action movie. This is real life, my life. And yours for the next few seconds anyway.

Fine. That’s fine. I, I just never expected to see you go out this way. I mean, how many times did you take down Megan’s old man I, that though Brady, I did not follow orders, did hated anyone to tell him what to do. That Bo. Right now we think that you’re disgusting that you’re doing something just because someone ordered you to do it.

Someone, my, the likes of Megan’s Hathaway. How about Chris? I want you dead. Do you? Do you really? Because if you do, Pull that trigger. Shoot me.

Did you hear that the deed is done. I heard now you need to get back to work and make some more of that serum so we can test her Marlena and. And if it works, then it had better control. And I will be young and in love, and we will finally have our happily ever after. Ah, it’s done. I know. I heard the gunshot.

I’m very proud of you though. Okay, now look, I’ve got something else that I need for you. I don’t give a damn what you need. I don’t take orders from you, lady. It’s over.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, March 20, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Traci: Well, welcome home! How was your romantic getaway with diane? You know, you didn’t stay away as long as I expected.

Jack: No, we cut the trip a little shorter than we planned.

Traci: Well, judging from the smile on your face, it looks like it was the drama-free escape you were hoping for.

Jack: It was very relaxing. And I have some exciting news.

Traci: Oh, well, I love exciting news. It’s so much better than that normal news.

Jack: We decided to keep this just with the immediate family, okay?

Traci: By coincidence, i am immediate family. Now, come on. Stop stalling. What you got for me?

Jack: I proposed to diane. And, lucky me, she accepted.

Traci: Oh, my god. Jack, that is exciting news. Oh, I’m so, so happy for you.

Jack: Thank you, traci. Thank you.

Traci: Ohh. This happened awfully quickly.

Jack: Yeah, I know. It was the timing, the romantic setting. Everything just fell together. It was perfect.

Traci: Oh, I just knew it.

[ Laughs ] I knew that you were going to be able to find this kind of love again. I know you didn’t see it, and i know you were content to immerse yourself in the arms of your family, but it just makes me so happy that you’re so happy. You have the biggest, most loving heart of anyone I’ve ever known. And if anyone deserves this, it’s you.

Jack: I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. And I’m not sure everyone else is gonna be quite so enthusiastic.

Jeremy: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, god. What are you — what are you — what are you doing, yelling my name? I just made this whole show that I washed my hands of you and your plans for diane. I — I — I just made a big deal out of it. W-we can’t be seen here together. That’s why we’re meeting in your room.

Jeremy: I just finished my morning workout, and my endorphins are in overdrive. Now I’m ready to sit down and discuss next steps.

Phyllis: Okay, well, let’s do that, but let’s leave before we get busted. Let’s go and get out of this…

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ] I should have known. Every word out of your mouth was a big, fat lie.

Lily: Thank you.

Daniel: Good morning.

Lily: Hello. Morning.

Daniel: Is everything okay? Are you ready for your arbitration hearing?

Lily: Um, yeah, everything’s fine. I just — I didn’t sleep very well last night.

Daniel: Figured as much, seeing that very large cup of coffee. Did you ask them if they’d sell it to you by the gallon?

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Daniel: Hey, uh, I was hoping maybe we could chat for a couple minutes before you head off to face this battle with devon.

Lily: Yeah. No, I have a lot I have to get done right now.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, whoa, come on. Just sit with me for a minute. Maybe I can help you work through some of this anxiety.

Lily: Okay, daniel, I know that you think that maybe you can help solve things with devon and me, but we’re way past that point.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa. Hold on. You’re wrong. I know that that’s not an option anymore. I just want to make sure that you’re not second-guessing yourself.

Abby: How are you feeling? You got up a couple times last night.

Devon: Yeah, that was just to get water. I’m okay, though.

Abby: You don’t sound worried at all.

Devon: No. I mean, there’s — there’s no point to worry about something i can’t control. I know I have one of the best attorneys in christine. And she’s gonna put together a great case for me to keep control of hamilton-winters.

Abby: Yeah. I mean, I don’t doubt that at all. I just… you know, the one thing we haven’t talked about is the opposing counsel. This is gonna be the first time you’ve seen amanda since the two of you broke up.

Devon: Right. I still can’t believe that lily even did that in the first place, to bring my ex back, to twist the knife even more.

Abby: I know how difficult this is gonna be for you. And I want to go. I want to be there by your side. I want to support you.

Devon: I know. I know, and I appreciate you wanting to do that, but I really don’t think it’s a good idea if you come.

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Daniel: Lily, you are a decisive leader, who is capable of making tough decisions. And I also know how important family is to you.

Lily: Yeah, it’s the whole reason behind this merger in the first place.

Daniel: Right. I mean, you pinned all your hopes on building a company and family that was working together. I know that you poured your heart and soul into making that a reality.

Lily: Well, I thought it would be a success.

Daniel: Right. Because business plus family equals success.

Lily: Yes, I know. It’s a faulty formula.

Daniel: Well, maybe this time there were just too many variables. I’m not really a math guy, so… look, all I can tell you is every time I would have a show, you know, an exhibit that was disappointing or even a single painting that just didn’t feel right, I would always wind up doing a postmortem afterwards. I’d analyze every aspect of it and try and figure out what went wrong.

Lily: Right, so that you could see how to do it better next time.

Daniel: Exactly.

Lily: Yeah, that’s exactly what I was doing last night. I just kept going over and over in my mind of how we ended up here. I just — I wish that devon and I could figure out an amicable solution.

Daniel: But you tried.

Lily: Yeah, I tried everything. I offered to give him the company name, told him I missed him and I wanted to work things out between us.

Daniel: I’m sure you did everything that you could. And you need to be clear about that when you walk into that arbitration. You didn’t want this fight. You did everything in your power to try and keep things from getting this far off the rails. There were just too many variables.

Lily: Why are you telling me this?

Daniel: ‘Cause I want you to stop beating yourself up and just accept the fact that you’re absolutely right to do whatever it takes to win.

Abby: I don’t get it. Why don’t you want me to go with you? I mean, I want to be there for you. Is this about amanda?

Devon: No, it’s not entirely.

Abby: Because I know how complicated this is for you emotionally, and I want to be there. I want to support you. I mean, are you worried that it’s gonna be awkward seeing her again with me by your side?

Devon: No, this is not about me. It’s about you. I’m thinking about you. Do you want to be in that room and sit across from her and know that she’s gonna do whatever she has to do and say whatever she has to say to win?

Abby: Alright, what are you so worried about? Are you scared that I’m not gonna be able to keep my mouth shut, that I’m gonna tell lily and amanda exactly what I think about what they’re doing?

Devon: No. You’re more than welcome to do that.

Abby: ‘Cause I promise I just want to be there for you. I want to support you. I want to have your back.

Devon: You want to know how to support me the best?

Abby: How?

Devon: I want you to stay home with our son and have the best day possible so that, no matter what happens in that hearing today, I know that I can come home to the both of you.

Abby: Okay.

Devon: Okay?

Abby: Yeah, fine. I will stay here with dominic, and we will have so much fun. But when you get home, we’re gonna throw our arms around you and give you lots of love and kisses and remind you of all the good things in your life. But I’m gonna be thinking about you every second of the day.

Devon: Well, I’ll be thinking about you, too. You have any idea how grateful i am for you? I mean it. You and dominic are everything to me.

Phyllis: Uh, excuse me, diane. I didn’t lie.

Diane: Oh, really? What do you call that phony emotional outpouring you gave jack and me at society? “Oh, I would never have anything to do with him. He’s dangerous. He’s a bad guy.”

Phyllis: I am shocked to see him here. I thought he was on his way to europe, so…

Diane: You’re lying, phyllis, and you know it. It’s obvious that jeremy never left town. And you know how I know that? Because he’s right here.

Jeremy: Hold on, diane. Phyllis is telling the truth.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Jeremy: I was on the jet, i was on my way, and I realized i forgot my lucky socks. So I turned around, come back to get them.

Diane: Oh, for pete’s sake.

Jeremy: Oh, come on, diane. You remember my lucky socks. I don’t dare conduct business without them. But the big surprise is that you’re back in town. What happened? Did you and jack get sick of each other already?

Diane: Well, I’ll admit we left town to get away from you, but then we realized what a mistake it was. Why should we let you have that kind of control over our lives? So we decided to simply ignore you and come back. Because, you see, jeremy, your tactics aren’t going to work on me. I’m not afraid of you now. You have no power over me.

Phyllis: Wow. Did you buy that? I didn’T. We used to struggle with greasy messes.

Devon: Are you gonna talk to your dad about him seeing you come downstairs in my shirt?

Abby: Ohh, yeah. I’m probably not gonna talk to him about that today because, um, I want to focus on you and everything that you have going on. Promise me that you will take to heart everything that christine has to say. And don’t let your anger get in the way. Just let her guide you through this.

Devon: I will not lose it. I promise.

Abby: Okay. ‘Cause I know that that anger is really coming from the hurt that you’re feeling. And, trust me, I understand. But lily will do anything to win, and she’ll probably use that to provoke you. This is about law and contracts. It’s not about family issues or an ex with an ax to grind.

Devon: I know. I know that. And I’m gonna leave it all outside the door. And I will not let my personal feelings affect what happens in that hearing, okay?

Abby: Okay.

Traci: Can you believe it, nikki? Tonight’s the night. It’s finally here. Thank you, honey. Thank you. The genoa city bicentennial gala. Oh, my gosh, we’ve been working so hard to pull all of this together, and it’s finally, finally gonna happen.

Nikki: Oh, I know, but it seems like there’s still so much to do. Oh, we are expecting a lot of press, local and national, so please double-check the rsvp list.

Traci: I have done that, and everything is accounted for. Um, and you’re absolutely right. There are going to be some amazing vips, both locally and nationally.

Nikki: Ah, fantastic. Just as we had hoped.

Traci: Yes. And how about you? Were you able to go over the numbers with michael and lauren for the caterer? The last thing we need is to run out of alcohol or food on a night like this.

Nikki: Oh, tell me about it. No, no, no, no. They are all set. They finalized the arrangements this morning.

Traci: Everything’s going to be perfect. This is the biggest event in genoa city in a really long time.

Nikki: Absolutely. This is going to be an unforgettable celebration, bringing together the former and current members of our community.

Traci: Oh, it’s so exciting.

Nikki: [ Sighing ] Oh. My only regret is that you and I didn’t get to spend a lot of one-on-one time together planning it.

Traci: Ah, I know, nikki. It’s just there was too much to do!

Nikki: That’s for sure. Well, it’s all coming together now. And things are almost set for a special presentation we have planned, too.

Traci: I am so looking forward to it. But you know what? The entire evening is going to just be spectacular. There’s something about a masked ball that really speaks to the novelist in me.

Nikki: Well, you’re right. There always seems to be a hint of intrigue and romance in the air when people arrive masquerading in a world of fantasy.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Nikki: It should prove for a magical evening.

Traci: It’s my kind of party.

[ Laughs ] And, you know, the timing is just perfect, as well. I think that we really needed a joyous occasion like this, especially in light of recent events.

Nikki: Recent events? Like what? Are you talking about something specific?

Traci: [ Sighs ]

Diane: It makes perfect sense the two of you found each other. It’s just a match made in hell.

Phyllis: Hell. What was that like? I mean when you died. But you didn’t really die. Hey, but tell me — when you fake die, do you go to fake hell? How does that work?

Diane: Trust me, phyllis, you won’t be going to fake hell. I can’t believe you went running to kyle and summer with the news that jeremy had left town, knowing full well that they would relay that information to jack and me. You wanted to get us back to town and put us in danger. Shame on you! And you know what? I bet there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation before using your own daughter as a pawn in your scheme. How low can you go?

Phyllis: Is it hard for you to manufacture this level of outrage? Is that difficult? You know, the thing about you from before — at least you knew that you were a terrible person. But now it’s like you’ve just bought this fairy tale that you’ve created of, you know, saintly reform.

Diane: I have reformed.

Phyllis: Okay, now you’re just a hypocrite.

Jeremy: You were so much more fun when you were taylor jensen back in L.A.

Diane: I have apologized for my mistakes, and I have made every effort to prove that I’ve changed.

Phyllis: Okay, but, see, there’s still quite a few people who don’t believe that. There’s still a few people who will never forgive or forget what you did to them. And those people will be so happy if someone comes along and makes you pay for what you did. I mean, I’m not one of those people. But, anyway…

Diane: I hope that two of you enjoy each other’s company. I can’t think of two people who deserve each other more.

Phyllis: I don’t even know him.

Diane: It must really bother you, though, that all your attacks against me have only made me stronger and even more united with jack.

Phyllis: You actually believe that. Seriously? Things must not be that great between you and jack, or else you wouldn’t feel the need to scream it from the rooftops.

Diane: Mm. Yeah. You know what? It’s — it’s fascinating that you keep insisting that you don’t have any romantic interest in jack, and yet, my gosh, you’re so obsessed with the fact that we’re in love and we’re back together again.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I’m not obsessed, and you don’t have the capacity for love.

Jeremy: Unless you can fall in love with a bank account.

Phyllis: Well, look at that. He knows you very well.

Diane: Alright, alright, you guys can just keep attacking me. But pretty soon you are going to hear some news that lets you know your hatefulness won’t win. I don’t care what either of you think. I don’t have the time or the energy for your nonsense.

Who’s on it with jardiance?

Traci: I’m just talking in general terms about things that have happened lately, nothing specific. You know, there’s just been a lot of circumstances that have affected a lot of us on many levels.

[ Sighs ] I think it’s a really great thing that we’re all going to get together to celebrate this historic event. Nikki, 200 years! It’s just important to bring people together to celebrate something positive and uplifting, right?

Nikki: Traci, you’re not a very good liar.

Traci: [ Sighs ] I know.

Nikki: So, what news were you talking about? Something at the abbott house? Diane and jack’s rekindled romance? Or were you referring to the fact that jeremy stark is back in town?

Traci: Jeremy stark. Why would you bring him up?

Nikki: Oh, I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about that man, all the danger that he poses to every one of us. And just for the record, luring him back to town was strictly phyllis’s idea.

Devon: I’ll see you.

Abby: Mm. I’m still worried.

Devon: You’re still worried.

Abby: I’m still worried.

Devon: For what? What are you worried about?

Abby: [ Sighs ] Honestly, what do you think’s gonna happen? You think I’m gonna hear something that amanda says and just freak out and start yelling at people and flipping chairs over or what?

Abby: No, nothing that dramatic, but I know you have that in you. Look, I have seen you passionate, I have seen you angry, and most people just see cool, calm devon. Nothing rattles you. But I know there’s a lot underneath the surface.

Devon: Well, it makes me happy that we’ve been in each other’s lives for long enough that you do know that about me.

Abby: But you know who else knows that about you?

Devon: Who?

Abby: Lily and amanda. And I don’t want them to use it against you.

Devon: I’m prepared, though.

Abby: Are you?

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Really?

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Okay. Because what if amanda — sit down. What if she gets in your face with a lot of questions?

[ Sighs ] “Mr. Hamilton, why should anyone believe you in these proceedings? You are a known liar, philanderer, and heartbreaker. You probably cheated in these business dealings the same way you cheated on me. So, why should anyone believe anything that you have to say?” Okay, that was probably a little too far, but, you know, something along those lines.

Devon: I understand what you’re doing, and, yeah, I know, she’s — yeah, she might say that.

Abby: Yeah, and we have to prepare for all contingencies.

Devon: Well, you’re preparing both of us.

[ Chuckles ]

Abby: How can you be so calm? There is so much at stake.

Devon: Because I know that no matter what happens today, I’m always gonna be able to come home to my life, which is you and dominic.

Abby: Yes, and that will never change, but…

Devon: Right.

Abby: I know how much this means to you.

Devon: Sure, it means a lot to me, but in the grand scheme of things… it’s like — it’s like that talk that we had a long time ago about love.

Abby: When was that?

Devon: You don’t remember that? It was a while back. I don’t know exactly what i said, but I remember that we both agreed that real love and a real relationship is when you can count on the person to catch you when you’re falling. And I know that no matter what happens today in that hearing, you and dominic are gonna catch me.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: Right?

Abby: [ Breathes deeply ]

Diane: [ Sighs ]

[ Door slams ]

Jack: Hey. What’s got you so riled up?

Diane: You will never guess who I ran into at the grand phoenix. Phyllis and jeremy stark, thick as thieves.

Jack: Wait. He’s already back in town?

Diane: He never even left. We were right to suspect that phyllis was lying when she said that he had flown off to europe. And no doubt she was also lying when she said that she didn’t want anything to do with his plans for me.

Jack: Unbelievable.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Jack: What am I saying? Of course it’s believable. It’s phyllis. She never changes. It’s not bad enough that she decided to throw in with this man. She dragged summer and kyle into it, too. She lied to them and used them to deliver her lies to us.

Diane: It was all a plan to get us to let our guard down. They wanted us to think that the coast was clear so that we would come running back to town.

Jack: The question is why? What are those two planning?

[ Door opens ]

Phyllis: What was that about? I mean, what is going on? What news is diane talking about? What is she up to?

Jeremy: Who cares? It doesn’t matter.

Phyllis: No, it does matter. She’s the bane of my existence. She is psychotic, okay? You give her an inch, she’ll take a mile.

Jeremy: Okay, I can’t let you get distracted. That’s exactly what diane wants. Whatever plan that she and jack have will be a moot point soon, okay? They’re planning a future together that’s never gonna happen, not if everything comes off the way we want. We have to focus on our plan. Now, do you think you can do that?

Phyllis: I got this, okay?

Jeremy: Now, I need your full attention on this next move. You take care of your end, I’ll take care of the rest. But I need to know — are you still on board with this 100%? Knowing where you came from,

“The young and the restless”

will continue. I occasionally get bladder leaks.

Jack: Whatever they are up to, I am not surprised that stark managed to get his hooks into phyllis. I am deeply disappointed. She has clearly let her hatred for you consume her to the point of no return. She has alienated everyone in her life.

Diane: And that’s exactly the kind of vulnerability that jeremy preys on. He’s playing on her emotions perfectly — not that I’m excusing phyllis’s part in this, not at all. And it doesn’t help that she sees us getting closer. It’s only making her even more dangerous.

Jack: Why does that even matter to her? It’s not like we have a chance of getting back together. I have made that very clear.

Diane: Jack, that’s not why she’s so angry. This goes back years. Decades. We fought over you. We competed for your affection, and phyllis feels like she’s lost.

Jack: Oh, come on. That’s ridiculous.

Diane: But it’s how she feels. Losing out on your love has filled her with rage towards me, towards you, towards the world. I mean, and in her mind, she doesn’t think that I deserve to be happy. She doesn’t think that I deserve you, especially if it comes at her expense.

Jack: Well, that is troubling because there is no remedy for that. If you are right, she has painted herself into a corner.

Diane: That’s what I’m afraid of.

Jack: I have been holding out hope that the threat of losing her kids might snap her out of this. That is what’s so frustrating. I know how much she loves them. I thought that would be enough to pull her back from the brink, make her realign her priorities.

Diane: She is so full of hatred that she doesn’t care about anybody. She only cares about herself and her vendetta against me.

Jack: It doesn’t make sense. She was so happy when daniel moved back to town. She would be able to be close to him again, even after she lost her job at marchetti.

Diane: Oh, oh, oh, when summer fired her.

Jack: Yeah, even after summer fired her, she had an opportunity to work with her son. And what did she do? She squandered that, too. I’ve seen this all before. She cannot help herself. She always gives in to her worst impulses. She did it with christine. She did with sharon. God knows she’s done it with you.

Diane: Well, and no matter how terrible her behavior is, she somehow finds a way to justify it all to herself. It’s frightening. I mean, phyllis’s drama mixing in with jeremy’s twisted psyche? God only knows what they have in store for me.

Jack: Whatever it is, don’t you worry. We will handle this together, soon as husband and wife.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Jack: We’re not going to let them or anyone else take this happiness from us.

Diane: I hope so.

Phyllis: Don’t worry about me. I’m not gonna get distracted by anything that jack and diane have planned, okay? Don’t micromanage me.

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] Your confidence — it never ceases to amaze me. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate you doesn’t deserve to know you.

Phyllis: That’s for sure.

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] We make a pretty good team, don’t we? Together, you and I, we could light the world on fire. I can see a lot of opportunities opening up for us, endless opportunities.

Phyllis: Okay. Alright. Stay focused.

Jeremy: I am focused.

Phyllis: No. I mean focused. That’s the name of the game. You got it? Nothing else can screw up what we have planned for diane. I have waited a really, really long time for this. Hey, I’m not gonna get distracted by some really handsome, strong-shouldered ex-con, alright?

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] I’m flattered.

Phyllis: Don’t be.

Daniel: Listen, this is, uh, not on you. I mean, in my book, it’s all on devon. He’s the one who’s being selfish. He’s the one who’s being shortsighted. And where the heck does he get off acting like he’s the only one that can have any grief for neil?

Lily: Oh, my god. Thank you. I’ve been saying that exact same thing to him. Of course I care about what he and my dad have created together, and I honor and i respect that. And of course I want to carry on his legacy, too.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. And now you’re moving forward. You’re charting the course of what the chancellor and winters legacies are gonna look like in the future.

Lily: Right. But devon thinks he can change his mind and cling to the past and just throw away everything that we have worked so hard for.

Daniel: Right? I mean, he wants to forget about contracts, forget about agreements. He wants to forget about your time, your effort, your hard work, basically the opportunity for you to make your dream come true.

Lily: Yeah.

Daniel: So you need to walk into that arbitration not thinking about what your brother wants, but what you want. You know? I mean, you have built something. You are carrying on a legacy, and devon — he doesn’t have a reason or the right to tear that down. Any judge will see that.

Lily: Do you really think so?

Daniel: Of course I really think so. I wouldn’t have said it if i didn’t think so. Yes. No, you have got this. Go get him.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] No, you’re right. Thank you. I mean, I should go, but thank you. I — I really needed to hear that. Thank you.

[ Sighing ] (Geri) I smoked and I have copd.

Devon: Okay. So, no more worrying, please.

Abby: I would be a lot less worried if you were more worried.

Devon: I will tell you what. After the hearing, I’m gonna come home and I’m gonna kiss you just like this. And then we’re going to spend some time playing with dominic. And then we’re going to get dressed and go and have an amazing time with at this gala tonight.

Abby: Well, that sounds wonderful. Can’t wait.

Devon: Me neither.

Abby: Good luck.

Devon: Thank you. See you.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Abby: You’ve been in love, right?

Devon: You know I have.

Abby: Well, what does it feel like? What am I missing?

Devon: Are you really asking me what love feels like?

Abby: Is that ridiculous?

Devon: No, it’s not.

[ Chuckles ] Um…

Abby: I just — I — I need an answer, some sort of point of reference.

Devon: Love is — is, um… dangerous. It can be dangerous ’cause it can pick you up and whip you around like a rag doll and you have no idea where you’re gonna land. But if it’s real, then you always know that someone’s gonna be there to catch you.

Abby: Yeah. Wow. Um… yeah, I’ve never felt like that before. Is that how you felt with roxy?

Devon: Yeah. It is. It is. I, uh… but where’s this coming from, abby?

Abby: Well, someone had the audacity to tell me that i shouldn’t be giving out relationship advice because i have never been in love.

Devon: Well, that’s not true.

Abby: Maybe it is. I mean, carmine, not love. Chavez, cute, but not love. Tyler.

Devon: That was real, right?

Abby: I don’t know. The whipped around like a rag doll part, that was — that was there, but I never knew if he was gonna be there to catch me.

Devon: That’s kind of the most important part.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: Thank you.

Jeremy: Nikki newman. How lovely to see you.

Nikki: Wish I could say the same.

Jeremy: I get why you pretend to be outraged with my mere existence. I can see why, given your lofty perch in genoa city society.

Nikki: You don’t know me. I don’t care about appearances. I just don’t want you here.

Jeremy: You know, of the three women in your little group who united solely for the purpose of driving diane jenkins out of town, I find you most intriguing.

Nikki: Oh, well, I’m sure phyllis naturally will be thrilled to learn that news.

Jeremy: You’re from the other side of the tracks. You know what it means to fight and scrape to get what you want. We both share that quality.

Nikki: Let me get something straight with you, mr. Stark. Don’t make assumptions about me. And we have just barely tolerated your presence here. You have a lot of gall coming back here after being arrested for breaking into our apartment in chicago and stealing my necklace.

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] I was framed. I think you’re smart enough to know that.

Nikki: And I think you’re smart enough to take some advice. Don’t press your luck. Leave town. Don’t give my husband an excuse to ruin your already pathetic life.

Jeremy: I can assure you that I am no threat to you or anyone you know.

Nikki: If you say so. Try convincing victor newman of that.

Jeremy: You turned on me rather quickly, nikki. It wasn’t that long ago when you saw me as the answer for all your problems with diane. And I find it fascinating that you’re willing to let all that go. Or maybe you believe that diane is the kind of woman who will eventually get what’s coming to her.

Traci: Well, this is a surprise.

Phyllis: Ah.

Traci: Uh, hi.

Phyllis: Hi. Good to see you. Uh, I was supposed to meet summer here. She just texted me and said she’s running a few minutes late.

Traci: Oh. Uh, well, I’m sorry. I — I’m — I’ve got back-to-back meetings and I’m heading out. Um, jack and diana are upstairs with harrison. I’m sure they’ll be down in just a few minutes. I guess you could…

Phyllis: Okay.

Traci: …Wait here, um, if you want to, as long as you promise you won’t steal anything in the meanwhile.

[ Both laugh ] Bye.

Phyllis: Bye.

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Diane: What the hell are you doing? I’m jonathan lawson

Nikki: I think you’re overestimating my interest in diane jenkins. I don’t give her nearly as much thought as you seem to think i do.

Jeremy: Hmm. How admirable. You know, living in anger and resentment is such a waste of energy. It could suck the soul right out of you. It took me years in a prison cell to learn that.

Nikki: Mm. And they say crime doesn’t pay.

Jeremy: It also made me realize that there’s more to life. Instead of wallowing in fury and regret, there are so many more good and uplifting things that i could be focusing on, like this gala you’re helping to throw for the town’s bicentennial.

Nikki: It’s invitation-only, and you are not invited.

Jeremy: Well, maybe not yet, but I intend to make a donation to the sponsoring body of the event — historical society. Now, my finances may be in flux, so my — my donation may be modest at best.

Nikki: It’ll take a lot more than a donation to gain admittance to our event. And I can assure you, your name will not be on the guest list, no matter how many zeroes your check might have.

Jeremy: Nonetheless, I still intend to do my small part to make this gala a success. I have no doubt this will be a night to remember.

Diane: What are you doing lurking around? How did you get in here?

Phyllis: I’m not lurking around. Summer asked me to come here. I’m meeting her, and traci let me in.

Diane: Well, summer isn’t here, and I don’t believe for one second that that’s why you’re here. And look at you, once again using your daughter for whatever it is you’re up to.

Phyllis: Okay, I have no idea what you’re talking about. You have a very paranoid imagination.

Diane: Stop it. Now that we know that you’re working with jeremy, you shouldn’t be anywhere near this house. You have made it clear that you have it in for us, and I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you.

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Oh, here’s a text from summer. Okay. Well, she can’t meet after all. Nice chatting. See you later.

[ Sighs ]

Lily: Hey, devon.

Devon: Hey, lily.

Lily: [ Sighs ] It’s our last chance.

Devon: It’s our last chance for what?

Lily: Once we start this, there is no going back. I mean, we have to try to find some common ground, devon. Please. Please, won’t you to at least consider talking about it?

Amanda: Lily, don’t say another word.

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GH Transcript Monday, March 20, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


 lucy? Have you seen lucy? No, why? Is she not in her room? No, I just checked. She said she wanted to take a bath and read martin’s letter. I didn’t hear any water running.

[ Whispering ] Lucy? She’s not in the bathroom.

[ Sighs ] Damn it! Oh! I’m so sorry, ma’am. Oh! Oh, that’s okay. Are you alright? Uncle victor, just the man I wanted to see.

[ Lowered voice ] I’m fine. Really. I promise. Shh. Are you sure? Thank you. [ Chuckles ] Bobbie: Well, that went well, don’t you think? Maxie: Better than well.

[ Chuckles ] I can only hope that lucy is someplace smiling, knowing that the nurses’ ball can get on without her.

[ Laughs ] Have you changed your mind about getting evidence against sonny? I don’t know if I’d go that far, but he could have easily left me in that warehouse. But he came back for me and probably saved my life. Thank god.

[ Sighs ] So, yeah, I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me look at things — and at sonny — differently. Hey, what has you so enthralled? None of your business. Should I be jealous? If you must know, I am looking at wedding gowns. So it is my business. Now that we’ve decided to postpone the wedding until after the transplant, I have enough time to order a custom gown. Whatever you want. I want to walk down the aisle to you in the perfect dress, feeling strong and healthy. I want to dance at our wedding…

[ Chuckles ] …And I want to look forward to a long life together. I want that, too. And it’s gonna happen. Just ask aunt liesl. Hey. She’ll — she’ll be cleared for the transplant in time, okay? I know it.

[ Door closes ] I know it, too. Well, hello. Willow, you needed to see me? There is something only you can help me with. Carly brought donna by. Donna’s here? What a treat. Unfortunately, she’s — she’s not staying. Because of me?

Would you mind giving us a minute alone? Of course.

[ Sighs ] And no eavesdropping. Wow. Well, uh, I’m a quartermaine. Eavesdropping is kind of in my blood. Everything okay? Yeah. Yeah, I’m good. Really? ‘Cause it doesn’t look that way to me. Look, it’s no secret that I don’t want my daughter anywhere near you, but that’s not why she’s leaving. Okay. Then why? Nina, I’ll tell you about it later. Let them go, ’cause I don’t want donna to overhear. Carly: Donna, can you come out here, please? Okay. Hey. Nina: [ Laughs ] There she is! Hi! Auntie nina! Oh! [ Laughs ]

[ Laughing ] Hi! Oh! Are you here for a sleepover? The hard truth is — sonny saving my life doesn’t change the fact that he’s breaking all kinds of laws with the pikeman deal. I’m talking federal laws. Just ’cause I’m personally grateful to the guy… doesn’t make him any less guilty. Yeah. And not for nothing, but ex-service here. Okay, violating the national security act goes against everything I trained and sacrificed for. Well, on the other hand… I’m now in sonny’s debt. Something else I don’t take lightly. And I don’t know — don’t I owe him? What would you owe him, though? A warning about what’s about to happen, or…? If you do that, you’ll be signing your own death warrant. What? Nothing?

[ Door closes ] There are footprints in the snow outside lucy’s window. She ran off while I was talking to laura. Oh, god, that is unbelievable. You know, this is all because of the nurses’ ball and the fact that she can’t face that it is going to go on without her. Motive does not matter at this point. Pack light. We’re getting out of here. Ferry to canada. Gonna go to toronto, take a flight to europe. I’m gonna contact laura, ask her what to do about charlotte. Charlotte? What are you doing? It’s risky to take her, but I’m not gonna leave her here if victor thinks we’re alive. No, no, no, no, no. Stop. Stop! What are you doing? Firstly, we can’t be sure victor thinks we’re alive. And secondly, I am not going anywhere. Maxie: Well, if we get the support from the guys we just met with, the nurses’ ball is fully funded. Up top. Bobbie: Awesome!

[ Both laugh ] That means all of the proceeds can go to hiv/aids research and charities. Yeah, I was nervous. Lucy always said these backers were a tricky bunch — “easily offended and hard to handle.” Well, I think lucy, god rest her soul, had the tendency to exaggerate prepping for the nurses’ ball. You know, it — it just made her seem more heroic, pulling it off, year after year. Yeah, that sounds like lucy.

[ Chuckles ] But look at us — we’re doing the job every bit as well as she ever did — maybe even better.

[ Chuckles ] It’s good to see you, spencer. With valentin gone and nikolas god knows where… cassadines have ever been more vulnerable. But seeing you renews my hope in our future. A future in the form of you and your little baby brother. That’s why I’m here. My little brother’s in danger, and I need your help to save him.

This was in my room. Did you leave it for me? I did. I did. The minute I saw it, I knew that you had to have it. I love it. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] You’re welcome. Will you read me the princess story tonight? I’ll wear my crown. Uh… sonny: You know — you know what? Uh… we’re gonna have a sleepover soon, but tonight you’re gonna go home to your mom, okay? But I thought I was staying here with you. Carly: I’m sorry, honey. I know, but something’s come up. But you’ll be able to have a sleepover with daddy really soon. I promise. Absolutely. Okay. Love you, baby. Love you too, daddy.

[ Chuckles ] Alrighty. Bye, princess. Alright, you ready? Yeah. Come on. We’ll talk? Sonny: Yeah. Yeah. Alright, come on. And let’s make it home in time to watch a movie, and we’ll pop some popcorn. How’s that sound? Donna: Good. Okay? Alright. Go on. What just happened? Whatever you need my help with, you got it. You might want to find out what it is before you say yes. Hopefully in remission so we can [Breathes deeply] Really celebrate. Yeah. Nice. That sounds like a good plan. But I still need your help. The only father I ever knew is dead. I’d really love it if you gave me away at my wedding. I mean, overall, the news is — is good, you know? I’m all for good news. Yeah. Um, well, liesl obrecht, she’s on — she was on this — this blood-thinning medication and was waiting for it to get out of her system. She’s on track to provide willow with the bone marrow transplant. And we’re so confident that’s gonna happen that we — we rescheduled the wedding till after the transplant. That’s great. Yeah, willow, she, um — she wants the wedding to be a real party, so she wants to be done with the whole transplant and in remission, and I want that, too. But, um, it all depends on aunt liesl. And by the time she’s ready to donate — I don’t know — willow could be too weak for it to work. We’ve talked about this. If sonny has any idea that you’ve been working against him, he’ll kill you. Or, more accurately, he’ll have someone else kill you. You’re right. Okay? Tipping sonny off is a terrible idea. He really was doing me a favor, wasn’t he? Leaving me out of the planning? Yeah, he gave you deniability. And now I know too much. I can’t warn him without exposing myself. This is hard for you. It’s harder than I expected. When I took this job, that’s all it was — a job. How did you even get hired?

[ Breathes deeply ] I was working for a security firm, basically private soldiers for hire. It’s mostly short-term jobs — two, three months at a time. They sent me on this interview. The employer wanted someone like me — young enough that sonny would want to train me and take me under his wing, but… look, the job sounded interesting. I liked the idea of being stateside, of being undercover, I guess. And everything was going according to plan until you busted me and sonny threatening that tabloid reporter.

[ Scoffs ] Then everything got blown to hell. Sorry.

[ Chuckles lightly ] Never. But I started to invest in taking sonny down — not as a job, but as something that needed to happen. And then, at the warehouse… when he could have easily left me there — most employers would — but he came back, and he personally rescued me. I hate feeling like I owe him, but I do. I get it. I owe him, too. He saved you. But telling him — it’s just not an option. I know, but — but if sonny goes to prison off of evidence that I secured… I’m gonna feel pretty damn crappy about it. Well, I mean, there’s another option, and we’ve discussed it.

[ Breathes sharply ] You could disappear. Once lucy has been discovered alive, victor is going to know that we staged our deaths. What then? How long until he realizes that eileen ashby has turned against him? He’s coming after us! Yeah, you don’t think victor would try to kill you? I don’t know that, no. But I know he’ll try to kill you. And I’m not gonna let that happen. Okay, you’re jumping to conclusions. How am I jumping to conclusions? Well, the only thing that we can be certain of is the fact that lucy left the safe house. We don’t know where she is. We don’t know that anyone has seen her. We don’t? She’s the exact opposite of discretion. Okay. Well — of course somebody has seen her. We certainly don’t know that victor has spotted her. Alright? We can fix this. I can find her and bring her back. Are you out of your mind? Maxie: Okay, now, what about the mistress — or master — of ceremonies? Another area where lucy may have exaggerated her own importance. I mean, sure, she always did a terrific job, but there were so many times when the ball threatened to cross over from charity gala to “the lucy coe show.”

[ Chuckles ] Still… lucy is irreplaceable. Yeah. I don’t know. Maybe we could divvy up the emcee duties? How so? Uh, epiphany, amy, and felix — they could represent general hospital. Ned and brook lynn could represent elq. Um, maybe even… what? Well, it would mean a lot to liesl if she could be included. That’s a gamble. Trust me, I’m aware. And there would be pushback. On the other hand, her daughter was co-chief of staff. My main fear is that liesl will get up on that stage and just completely lose control.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughing ] Just like lucy did every year.

[ Laughs ] I’ll be right back. I got to take a powder room break. Esme remains determined to keep the baby with her in prison.

[ Scoffs ] Proof that memory or no memory, she’s as selfish as she ever was. Exactly. Which is all the more reason to get my baby brother away from her. Now, is that something that you could accomplish with your… connections? I’m sure something can be worked out, but I will be needing some guarantees in return. Victor cassadine. I’ve been meaning to have a word with you about my brother.

I know how she thinks. I will be able to find her, and I’ll bring her back here. And risk you getting spotted. Listen to yourself. What? We have come too far to jump ship right now. What’s wrong with you? What? You’re better than this. I’m sorry? We’re professionals. When an op goes south, you walk quickly and quietly as possible. No. No. Not this time. No. We –you don’t stick around because sticking around gets you killed. We — we can’T. It’s too soon for us to bail. You’re over-invested. That’s what this is. What? This is about lucy. You dragged her into this. Now she’s a liability, and you can’t own up to that. You screwed up, and you can’t own up to that. That’s what this is! Do you want to stop your father? You know I want to stop my father! Okay, well, in my professional opinion, this is the best chance we have, and I am going to see it through. So, you feel free to go back to europe or wherever it is that you deem safe.

[ Door slams ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Grunts ] Jaime: Ms. Jones? Hey, jaime. Hi. Um, hotel management has been trying to reach you. Oh, no. Apparently, there’s a problem at the deception offices. One of the door alarms, they said? Gladys. She never sets it correctly. I’ll take care of it. Thank you. Luke’s passing was, indeed, tragic, but that was more than a year ago, and… as if I haven’t been counting the days since you had my brother killed. Excuse me? I did no such thing. You know, it just — it never made any sense. Luke cheated death a million times. And then he dies in some supposedly random tram accident? Right about the same time you slithered back into town. That is hardly evidence of a crime. I don’t have any proof — that’s true. Certainly nothing that would hold up in court. But I know you did it, victor. And one glorious day, you will pay.

[ Keys jingling ]

[ Beeps ] Hi. This is maxie jones at deception. Uh, I checked the office, everything looks good. And I reset the alarm on the way in. No, no, you don’t needto send anyone up. It’s all good. Okay. Thank you. Bye.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

[ Keys jingling ] Hello? Is anyone here?

[ Muffled scream ]

[ Grunts ] Joke’s on you! I know self-defense, you creep!

[ Groaning ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Lucy? I would be so honoredto walk you down the aisle. Thank you.

[ Chuckles lightly ] Thank you for — thank you for asking. I’m so — I’m truly touched. Well, I just want this wedding to be perfect. Michael’s been so wonderful through all this. Mm. He forgave me for keeping my diagnosis from him. He’s been by my side, taken… such wonderful care of me. Oh. He deserves a happily ever after.

[ Both chuckle ] Or at the very least, a kickass wedding reception.

[ Both laugh ] Well, that’s very generous that you want that for michael. But what about you? I don’t understand. What do you want, willow? For you? Right now, it’s a waiting game.

[ Sighs ] Waiting to see how long it’s gonna take the blood thinner to get out of liesl’s system. Waiting to see how long willow can keep going.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry, michael. It’s torture. Everybody tells us to s-stay positive. So what’s more positive than planning a wedding, right? It just feels like we’re pretending, you know? We’re burying our heads in the sand.

[ Sighs ] Because the truth is — I mean, the god’s honest truth is we just don’t know. We — we —

[ Breathes shakily ] We have no idea how this is gonna play out… and I don’t know what to do, brook lynn. I mean, I have no idea how to — oh. I’m sorry I’m — no, don’t be.

[ Breathes sharply ] You are being strong for everyone else, okay? You’re allowed to have a moment. Yeah, just one? As many as you need.

[ Sighs ] What is it? What?

[ Stammers ] You want to say something, what is it? I know you’re under so much pressure, and I don’t want to add to it. So if that’s how you feel, you just tell me and I’ll zip it. Done. I was just wondering, with all this uncertainty… is willow maybe more open to reconciling with nina? If carly’s not the reason why donna can’t stay over, what is it? I told you — it — it’s a business situation. Yeah, I’m aware of that. I see the bodyguards outside. There are two bodyguards at my apartment following my every move. It’s — it’s gone further than that. Well — sonny, how much further? You know there’s an attempt on my life. I just need to be clear that I’m not a target… …and I can keep the people that I love safe. Until then, my children are not gonna be visiting me. And neither are you.

This is your wedding, willow. More importantly, this — this is your life. You should live it as — as fully and as richly as possible. That’s the plan.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Good.

[ Breathes sharply ] Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] What did I do? Where do I start?

[ Scoffs lightly ] You’ve been so kind to me and such a rock for michael. You’ve been the best “funkle” to wiley and now amelia. I’m sorry. “Funkle”? Yeah. “Fun uncle.”

[ Both laugh ] I kind of love that. In this very quiet but steady way, you have become essential to the only real family I’ve ever been a part of. You have no idea how much that means to me. And that’s why I want you with me when I marry the man I love.

[ Breathes deeply ] I’ll be there. You can count on me, willow, always. I know. I’m not asking for nina’s sake. I just thought that it might help willow to make peace with her mother.

[ Sighs ] I’ve — I’ve thought the same thing. Thing is, though, is if willow —

[ Sighs ] Please, god, if willow lives, there’ll be time for her to decide if that’s what she wants. Okay? But — but — if these are willow’s last days… oh, I can’t even go there. If — if they are, then she shouldn’t have to spend them trying to make nina happy. Either way, it’s her decision, and I’m — I’m not — I’m not gonna try to influence her. Understood. Thank you for trying to help, though…

[ Sighs ] It’s just — that’s all I’m trying to do, really. For willow’s sake. You know? Not just for her, but for sonny, too. I mean, it means so much to him. After all he’s done for me… well, I’m glad you can, uh [Sighs] See the good in him when I can’T. Um, if willow asks where I am, can you — can you tell her I went to go run an errand? Sure. Great. Thank you.

[ Door opens ] Okay. This is a precaution only. I have no reason to think that my kids or you are in danger. And the reason I’m keeping you away and the guards is just for safety. I understand that you have to do this for your kids. I do. But I am a grown woman, and I do not like the idea of leaving you just because it’s dangerous. Nina, you can’t be part of this. Do you understand that? Believe me — I want nothing to do with any of this — except for you, sonny. I want everything to do with you because I love you. I love you, too. So what are we — a-and if I can put up with the guards outside and at my apartment… and if I can knowingly accept the danger — that’s a “yes” also — you — then — then why can’t I stay? Just because you — you may be willing to accept the danger doesn’t mean that I have to accept it for you. Joss, we talked about this. Okay? If I disappear, sonny will hunt me. That means I have to hide from everyone, including you. Unless you come with me. Look [Scoffs] If it was just me, I would. But I have a family. Willow is sick, and michael needs me. And I have a niece and a nephew. And donna and avery. I get it. You’re lucky to be so close with them. Don’t give them up. Ever. Well, I don’t want to give you up, either. I don’t want you to go into hiding, and — and I don’t want you to have to betray sonny. But most of all, I — I don’t want to be the reason that you make this decision. Whether you stay or whether you go, you have to leave me out of it, okay? Too late. Cannot tell you how happy I am that you’re here. Thank you. And I’m not entirely surprised. Oooh. You are lucy coe. Yep, that I am.

[ Both chuckle ] There was a part of me that always held out hope. That’s really sweet. Thank you, maxie. Thank you. Maxie: That being said… where have you been this whole time? And did you have to ambush me like that? Yep. Why? Because. That was the only way to save the nurses’ ball.

[ Waves crashing in distance ] Ab this is about lucy. You dragged her into this. Now she’s a liability, and you can’t own up to that. You screwed up, and you can’t own up to that. That’s what this is! Do you want to stop your father? You know I want to stop my father! Okay, well, in my professional opinion, this is the best chance we have, and I am going to see it through. So, you feel free to go back to europe or wherever it is that you deem safe. Carly: Aren’t you supposed to be dead?

Brook lynn: How’s it going in here? Drew agreed to give me away at the wedding. [ Chuckles ] You didn’t honestly think he’d say no. No [Chuckles] But it is nice to have that settled. One more item checked off the to-do list. I think drew is an excellent choice. Me too. Michael told me you guys are rescheduling the wedding until after the transplant. Two weeks was never a realistic timetable.

[ Both chuckle ] I really want to take my time and plan it all out so that when it happens, michael and I can really enjoy ourselves. Speaking of which, um, michael just ran out to — to do an errand. He wanted me to let you know. How do you think he’s doing? Michael? Great. He’s being a total rock star. I worry about him. I can see how hard it is trying to maintain a positive attitude. Probably about how hard it is on you. Okay. Look. I really — really do appreciate you and bobbie stepping up to steer the nurses’ ball. I mean, I also understand the urgency of it because… the 60th anniversary of the hospital is coming up, but you clearly do not know what you’ve taken on. And that’s clear why exactly? Because the ball is huge. I mean, it — it — it takes networking and — and vision and management, and it just requires a special touch. That’s all. Yours. Correct. Look, lucy, it’s really great that you’re not dead and all… thank you. That’s very sweet. But that does not mean you can come back here — listen. Unfortunately, I still have to stay dead. I kind of have to stay in hiding, which is a total drag, believe you me.

[ Sighs ] However, I can’t really be as hands-on as I have been in the past with the ball. But that’s okay, because I have you.

[ Sighs ] “Have me”? Mm-hmm. You are gonna be my eyes and ears.

[ Chuckles ] Yay!

[ Chuckles ] If you’ve quite finished making these groundless accusations, I was in the middle of a conversation with my great-nephew. Spencer, these accusations aren’t groundless. And I believe, in your heart of hearts, you know that. Now, laura has never actually come out and admitted to me that she thinks victor had luke killed, probably for fear that I would go after you with revenge on my own. But your grandmother and i have known one another all of our lives. And some things don’t need words to be conveyed. Laura knows victor is guilty. That’s why she wants you to have nothing to do with him. Alright. That’s quite enough. Now leave the boy alone. He’s your namesake. You’re called spencer after my brother. I know. How can you sit here with his murderer? I don’t suppose I can convince you I’m just a massive hallucination. Hm. Out of all the dearly departed people in my life, you might be the last person on the list that I’d want to conjure up. Yeah. Alright. I’ll concede that point. So you didn’t die in a sewer in paris? Catacomb. Whatever. It’s still an awful lot of trouble to go to to fake your death. It was a lot of trouble, and right now I’m hoping it wasn’t all for nothing. Well, you need to convince me to keep your secret. So start talking. Victor cassadine. I’m trying to prove that my father murdered your uncle luke.

I told you about my first wife. Yes. That she was pregnant and then she died in an explosion. She was my pregnant wife, and she died in a car bomb that was meant for me. After that, I didn’t know if I wanted to live or die. Then I-I got myself together. 20 years later, my son gets killed in a car bomb.

[ Breathes deeply ] Must have been horrible. It was — it was the w– I cannot — i won’t go through that again. The reason I’m asking you to go is ’cause I love you. And I-I don’t know what I would do with myself… …if I asked you to stay and something happened. Okay? Okay. I’ll keep my distance.

[ Sniffles ] Thank you. Sonny… promise me you’ll figure this out. Promise me we’ll have a future together. You’re my future.

[ Sighs, sniffles ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Door closes ] I go back and forth so often I’m giving myself whiplash. One second, it’s all gonna be okay — I’ll marry michael, get the transplant, live happily ever after. The next? I die… …and leave michael to raise our kids alone. He and wiley will grieve me.

[ Breathes sharply ] Amelia will never even know me.

[ Breathes deeply ] The prospect is [Sighs] So utterly terrifying. Of course it is. Huh! It’s ironic, isn’t it? What? When I married chase, it was because we thought he was dying. And now I’m planning my wedding, and I’m the one who — listen. Okay? I’m not one to feed some B.S. That everything’s gonna be okay when I don’t know that it is. But there’s still a life-saving option on the table, willow. Don’t lose sight of that. I won’T. Can I ask you something? Anything.

[ Chuckles ] Do you regret marrying chase? I regret the pain it caused that I married chase when I didn’t love him. Because he is so deserving of love. He is. More deserving than maybe anyone I’ve ever known. My turn… to ask you a question. You still love chase… don’t you? -Does it hurt? -Nothing hurts right now. I could just fall asleep with you. Why don’t you? ‘Cause I have to go back to sonny’S. Oh. So you’ve decided to stay? I’ve decided that the only thing that matters in this whole mess is being with you. So, yeah, I’m gonna stay. I’m gonna get evidence against sonny and turn it over to my boss. I would really like to know who this mystery boss is. Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm. Yeah. First, I would thank him or her for bringing you to port charles. And then I would slap them. Oh, for what? Paying you to risk your life instead of nailing sonny themselves. Trust me. This person has only good intentions. How can you be so sure?

[ Knock on door ] Michael: Dex? It’s michael. Open up. You can either leave now, or I’ll have you escorted out. That’s not necessary. I am sorry for your loss. And you are entitled to your beliefs. But I’m willing to give my uncle the benefit of the doubt.

[ Voice breaking ] Whatever he’s offering you in exchange for your loyalty, it’s not worth it. My apologies for all that unpleasantness. Now, where were we? We were discussing how I can get custody of my younger brother. And if that’s something that you can help me with, then you’ll have my full support. I’m sure you remember that you need to call bessoir, the best lighting director. Every decent show has a great lighting director. Bobbie would never, ever think of that. Okay. Enough about the lighting, lucy. Uh, no, the lighting’s very important. I’m gonna put that on the list. Are you not listening to me? I’ve been listening. Uh, the thing that interests me the most is how you’ve been in hiding while being presumed dead for months. Why, lucy? Who have you been hiding from? Anna: Me. If she’s got any sense.

[ Laughs ] Anna! Yes. Of course. Because you’re a fugitive. And you are also standing in my office. Do either of you care to tell me what the hell is going on? Yeah. Don’t have time. You, with me, now! I didn’t know you were so attached to luke that you’d be willing to disrupt your life for him in this way. My father is a criminal. Luke spencer is only part of his story. He’s also framed anna devane for the murder of lucy coe. So anna was with you in paris? I can’t confirm or deny who I’m working with. Come on. Valentin, I caught you red-handed, and now you’re stonewalling? Why should I trust you? It’s not like you’re a trustworthy kind of guy. How the hell do I know you’re not working with victor? Okay, maybe you won’t trust me, but maybe drew will. He’s my rival in business, but we worked well together against my father when we were his captives in greece. Drew: Well, I remember that. Because of the hell that we went through, I will hear you out, but don’t waste my time with lies or with anything else that you want to feed me. I want to hear the plan to take down victor, and I want to hear all of it.

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B&B Transcript Monday, March 20, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Console beeping ]

[ Machine beeping ]

Ridge: How are you holding up, partner?

Bill: How am I holding up? How am I holding up? How do you think I’m holding up? I am ready. I am so ready to put sheila carter behind bars for life.

Ridge: You have to hang in there a little longer.

Bill: That’s easy for you to say, forrester. This little sting operation was supposed to last for a week.

Ridge: You said you wanted this done the right way.

Bill: Don’t tell me what I said! Fine, that’s what I said, but this has gone on for months. Months of that vile creature living in my home, sleeping in my– sleeping in my bed.

Ridge: And why is that? This is your idea. This phony love affair and she’s buying into it. Good.

Bill: Yeah, my love for her freedom. Makes me wanna puke. I hate that woman. With a passion!

Ridge: And you’re alone on this? How do you think I feel? Tried to kill my daughter, tried to kill finn, but this– we’re almost there. It’s gonna be the end of it. We’re gonna put her away. Our family’s gonna be safe.

Bill: Who’s she talking to?

Chen: Deacon sharpe. My team’s monitoring the call.

Ridge: What’s she saying?

Sheila: He’s– he’s acting

so strange. Could he suspect something?

Deacon: About us?

Sheila: God, I hope not. How could he? We’ve been so careful. I’ve only seen you a few times.

But I’m worried, deacon.

Bill can never be on to us.

Bill: We’re on to you, all right.

Ridge: Do you see what that is? That is a woman who’s starting to lose it. We’re gonna have her exactly where we want her.

Sheila: We’ve got to play it safe, deacon. We can’t afford to make any mistakes.

Deacon: Look, I know you’re stressed out about this, but you’ve got to– sheila, I’ve got to go. Keep it together and stay strong and keep us out of trouble. Hey, honey. How are you?

Hope: Hi. Uh, good. How are you? Is everything all right?

Bill: I love watching sheila pace around like a caged animal.

Ridge: It is satisfying. Maybe not for you, seeing your girlfriend flirt with someone else, but for us.

Bill: Well, I think I’m gonna be able to get over that. Are you kidding me? That pizza boy convict is doing me a favor. Less time I have to spend around that vile woman, the better. Plus, it’s given me an opportunity to plant some seeds in her brain. Make her squirm.

Ridge: Well, maybe you can find a way to make her squirm enough to give up some information. What do you think?

Bill: She was very close.

Ridge: Really close.

Bill: She was about to confess her deepest, darkest secrets until the lights flickered and she clammed up!

Chen: Technical glitch with one of the bugging devices. It shouldn’t happen again.

Bill: It better not happen again!

Ridge: How is this helping anybody? She trusts you. We’ll get her to that place again.

Bill: I don’t think I fully appreciated the lengths I would have to go to when I involved the fbi. And it better not all be for nothing.

Ridge: She’s– she’s gonna pay for what she’s done. To my family, to your family. Can we just take a moment? Can I– can I ask you something? And look, I didn’t think you had it in you that you could make anybody love you. You– you’ve done it. Tears rolling down your face, it was– it was beautiful.

Bill: Yeah, save it, samurai sam.

Ridge: Whatever you did wasn’t enough. You gotta keep going. You gotta keep pushing her. We need a confession.

Bill: I have given it everything I’ve got. Man, I can’t believe she hasn’t caved yet. How– what’s keeping her from just confessing?

Ridge: She will. And when she does, we got her. Not for attempted murder on my daughter, but for actually killing somebody. Murder one.

Bill: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Murder one. She found it.

Deacon: I’m just not sure how I feel about you and thomas working together again.

Hope: Dad, he has to respect the boundaries I put in place, otherwise he’s gone.

Deacon: Well, your husband isn’t quite sure he’s gonna be able to hold up his end of the bargain.

Hope: Liam and I have had this discussion and I– I thought we were on the same page, that we don’t want this to affect our marriage.

Deacon: That’s easier said than done.

Hope: Look, I get why liam would be upset about this, especially since I initially told him that I wasn’t going to bring thomas back on board, but I am allowed to change my mind.

Deacon: It’s a woman’s prerogative. Hey, focus on the positive. You got douglas coming home and that is great news.

Hope: Yeah, it’s wonderful.

Deacon: Hope, take care of that little family of yours.

Hope: I will, but dad, I really do feel like everything is gonna be okay. It is actually you that I’m a little worried about because it’s very rare that I see you stressed out and you got off that phone pretty quickly, so… what’s really going on?

Bill: After I rescued finn from that apartment and got him back to steffy, I– I couldn’t stand by knowing that sheila had escaped. I knew everyone would be in danger. That– that whole bear mauling bs. I didn’t buy your missing toe story for a second. Ugh. It– it is actual torture having to look at that woman on camera and off.

Ridge: Well, it isn’t a picnic for us either, watching her 24/7.

Bill: Watching me 24/7.

Ridge: Or watching you 24/7, right. Although this morning, I gotta say, bill, your pajamas, they were form fitting but still classy. Nice job. Nice color.

Bill: Well, coming from the dress maker fashionista, I suppose I should be flattered. God, there are no cameras in my bedroom. There are no cameras in my bedroom, right?

Ridge: No, there aren’T. And you know why? Because no one could ever unsee that.

Bill: Well, you’re right about that. But seriously, this whole setup, the cameras, the mics, it makes me feel like I’m living in– in a freaking fish bowl.

Ridge: Well, it’s to keep you safe. To keep everyone safe.

Chen: We’ve been maintaining close tabs on sheila to make sure she doesn’t hurt anyone. Especially when she leaves your house.

Bill: Practically had her. I mean, she was just about to confess all her sins. Killing that– that lance day with the bees. I mean, who– who does that? Pushing that dr. Garvin to his death, shooting steffy and finn and who knows what else? She said she has done things that are absolutely unimaginable. Why couldn’t she just spit it all out already?

Ridge: This is really taking a toll on you.

Bill: You have no idea, forrester. I– I have had to go so deep into this thing that there are times when I– I actually believe what I’m saying. I mean my sons, brooke, katie, they actually think that I’ve lost my mind! That I’ve gone to the dark side and fallen for sheila carter. If they only knew the truth.

Ridge: Well, they will know the truth and when they do, you’ll be a hero.

Bill: I don’t give a damn about any of that. I just want everybody to be safe. I just hope they will understand and forgive me.

Ridge: Of course they’re gonna forgive you. They’re gonna throw you a party. You know why? Because they’re gonna realize that the police weren’t gonna hold sheila. They couldn’T. Attempted murder? She’s not gonna be in there forever. That’s why we need that confession. So she goes away for good and brooke, taylor, our kids, our grandkids, everyone’s gonna be safe.

Bill: I’m trying, ridge.

Ridge: Well, you’re not trying hard enough. As long as she’s out there, no one is safe. (Terrie) if you’re a smoker.

Customer: Thank you.

[ Hope clearing her throat ]

Hope: Something’s up with you.

Deacon: I– okay, I’m a little stressed. I mean, I’m trying to make a success of this place. I’ve got investors on my back, but you know what? These are high end problems. I’m good.

Hope: You sure?

Deacon: Yes, absolutely.

Hope: Okay because I could help out. I could roll up my sleeves, wash some dishes. I make a mean margarita. I could even mop the floor.

Deacon: Are you implying that my floors are dirty?

Hope: I would never. I know I could eat a pizza of that floor. I am just saying I don’t like seeing you stressed out. I mean, this is supposed to be fun. Are you having fun?

Deacon: I am, I am. I– I do, yes. I’m good.

Hope: Okay. It’s the same way you worry about me, I get to worry about you.

Deacon: I know. Listen. I got everything under control. I’m not gonna do anything to ruin this life that I’m building.

[ Sheila sighing ]

Bill: I love you, sheila.

Sheila: You love me?

That’s all I ever dreamed of.

That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Is to be loved. Oh.

[ Sheila sighing ]

Bill: I’ve done my damnedest to get to sheila, but she’s holding out on me.

Ridge: She’s loosening up. You’re saying all the right things, you just gotta step it up a bit.

Bill: I gotta what? I gotta step it up a bit? Well, easy for you to say, forrester, as you sit in here day after day, eating hot dogs and donuts. Let’s not forget who’s doing the heavy lifting. You have– you have no idea what it’s like. Can you even imagine being intimate with a murderous, vile woman like sheila?

Ridge: Yeah, I– I’d rather not imagine any of that.

Bill: No, no, no. I want you too, all right? I really want you to kind of– to live in that for a minute. Imagine what that’s like.

Ridge: All right. Couple of things. Number one: Don’t touch a grown man’s chair. Number two: You know I don’t like you. I never will, but I respect you because I could never do what you’re doing. Not with someone as dangerous as that. I couldn’T.

Bill: Yeah, you know what I have to do? I have to sleep with one eye open.

Ridge: I want this to be over. All I’m doing is sitting here and growing hair. My kids think I’m in europe. I’m only just a couple miles away from them, trying to keep them safe. That’s all I’m doing.

Bill: You’ve done a lot. Not to the level of me, but you’ve done a lot.

Ridge: It’s never to your level, I know that.

Bill: Yeah.

Ridge: But you know what? I’m doing what I can. He’s doing what he can. You do what you can and in the end, sheila’s gonna be gone for good. Life… doesn’t stop for diabetes.

Ridge: I thought you were nuts when you came up with this crazy scheme.

Bill: Every attempt in the past to keep sheila locked up failed. We gotta come up with proof. Iron clad proof that she is responsible for several murders and attempted murders.

Ridge: And you’re right, if you can get her to admit it on camera, then we got it.

Bill: If I can get her to say the words.

Ridge: If anyone can get her to say the words, it’s you. You figure out a way to give her something that she’s always wanted. Love.

Bill: I actually duped her into thinking that she’s finally got that from me.

Ridge: Took one for the team.

Bill: I didn’t think it through. How to maintain my dignity in the process.

Ridge: I’m– bill spencer and dignity in the same sentence, that’s a tough one for me.

Bill: Listen. I– I mean it, ridge. It is really hard to keep up this façade, you know? I– I am looking pure evil in the eye night after night, whispering sweet nothings in its ear, pretending that I accept sheila for who and what she is.

Ridge: So, you know what we should do? We’ll cut together a tape and send it to the academy because I think best actor. It’s– you know.

Bill: Get my speech ready.

Ridge: You did it. You reeled her in like a pro.

Bill: Yeah. It all began that night when I lured her to the beach. I knew sheila had been watching me at il giardino. I sent enough signals to grab her attention. So she would follow me to the beach. I was playing the part of the lonely, heartbroken, misunderstood man. Sheila bought it. Hook, line and sinker. When she hesitantly walked toward me, I acted surprised to see her. I didn’t lash out, which obviously shocked her. I pretended to open my heart and soul up to her. We sat there together for hours, talking through the night. I worked my magic to get her to trust me, using all of sheila’s vulnerabilities and insecurities against her. Not to mention, the promise of freedom. Something I ultimately said I would give her. It was risky. Sheila could’ve gotten suspicious. It was also risky to tell her that taylor shot me, but she had to be in on it for the blackmail scheme to work. That’s why I went to the feds and made sure that they were to exonerate taylor of any charges.

Ridge: I don’t like that she had to be involved at all. I don’t like what it did to steffy or to finn.

Bill: Everyone’s had to suffer as a means to an end.

Ridge: Yeah, all of us. I don’t like being away from my family.

Bill: Yeah. At least they don’t hate you. I’ve had to push my family away.

Ridge: Well, they’re not gonna hate you once they figure out what you did with sheila.

Bill: Part of me’s a little offended. I mean, I know I put on the performance of a lifetime, but come on. They all actually believe that I have fallen for sheila carter? Ugh.

Ridge: To be fair, you guys make a very, very handsome couple.

Bill: I know you’re trying to keep things light, forrester, I’m gonna be real with you. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Ridge: I know. And I don’t blame you at all. But bill, we’re this close. We’re this close to doing what the police couldn’t do, put sheila away forever. Don’t quit. Not now.

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Days Update Monday, March 20, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Kayla asks Dr. Rolf who was in the cryogenic chamber if it wasn’t Stefano. Rolf responds that he never said it wasn’t Stefano. Kayla brings up that he said he kept this person alive for a decade. Marlena and Kayla pretend to be impressed and encourage Dr. Rolf to share his achievement. He admits there might not be harm in bragging about one of his greatest successes.

Megan declares there’s no point in dragging this out any further and instructs Bo to go ahead and kill Kate. Kate tells Bo that he doesn’t want to do that and tells Megan to call him off. Megan points out that Kate destroyed the serum so she has no use to her at all. Kate asks for a second chance and pleads with Bo. Megan thinks Bo does want to do it but Bo says that Kate is right. Megan questions what he’s doing. Bo points out that it could get messy and she wouldn’t want blood all over the lab. Bo suggests taking this outside which Megan calls a great idea. Megan instructs Bo to kill Kate outside and to then leave her to rot.

Hope finishes her call with Andrew, thanking him and says she’ll be in touch. Hope hangs up and informs John and Steve that ISA granted visiting access to Harris Michaels. Steve wants to go but Hope says they should go back to Salem. John questions her not wanting to come with her. Hope calls this something that she needs to do on her own. Hope looks up Harris Michaels on her tablet.

Dr. Rolf says he has brought people back from the dead, but in this case, they would be awestruck and jubilant when he tells them who it was. Megan interrupts. Dr. Rolf says they were just asking questions about his new serum. Kayla and Marlena question Megan about Kate. Megan informs them that Kate refused to cooperate so she is going to suffer a different fate now.

Kate tells Bo that Megan is gone now so he doesn’t have to follow her orders anymore. Kate argues that they can say she got away or that the gun jammed because he doesn’t want to do this. Bo keeps his gun aimed at her and walks her out of the lab.

Hours later, Roman is at the Brady Pub with Kate’s urn, wondering if he will ever hear from Kate again and what it will take to make he reach out. Roman questions if he has to plot another murder. Roman decides maybe he’s crazy and just imagined it all. Roman then closes the Pub for the night.

Bo walks Kate outside and declares this is a perfect place for her to die. Kate doesn’t know what Megan did to him and calls her crazy, saying he needs to get away from her. Kate says she, Marlena, and Kayla all know that this is not Bo. Kate argues that Bo is not a stone cold assassin. Kate tells Bo of how many people will be overwhelmed by the fact that he’s still alive. Kate urges him to think about Hope and asks what Hope would think if she saw him like this.

At an ISA Facility in Frederick, Maryland, Hope meets Agent Rose. She tells Hope that they are honored and notes that Hope and Bo are legends around here which Hope calls flattering. Rose gives her condolences on Bo’s death and says Hope must still miss him. Hope confirms that she does every day and then asks to be taken to see Harris Michaels which they then go to do.

Kayla complains that she and Marlena are never getting out now. Kayla wonders what Megan is planning now by saying Kate is going to suffer a different kind of fate. Marlena talks about Megan finding a cure for the virus and putting them in a cryogenic state. Kayla wonders why Megan wanted to keep them alive. Kayla worries that Megan’s new plan sounds ominous at best. Marlena agrees that they are in a world of trouble here.

Megan brings Dr. Rolf back to the lab. Dr. Rolf thinks it was short sighted for her to order Bo to kill their test subject. Megan orders him to make a new serum which Dr. Rolf says will take some time. Megan points out that they still have two women they can test it on and tells him not to question her. Megan orders Dr. Rolf to get to work and not procrastinate. Dr. Rolf points out that she’s already waited 40 years to be with Bo. Megan responds that she doesn’t want to wait any longer than she has to. Megan flashes back to last July, when Bo first regained consciousness inside of the cryogenic chamber and his first words were asking “where’s Hope?” Megan then complains about how she literally brought Bo back to life and all he could think about was Hope. Dr. Rolf remembers Megan giving him quite an earful about it at the time as they flash back to Bo wanting to escape to find Hope and Megan ordering Dr. Rolf to cure Bo of Hope. Dr. Rolf states that he did as Megan asked. Megan admits that it didn’t turn out as she expected.

Bo asks Kate why he would care what Hope thinks. Kate states that Hope is his wife. Bo recalls that they were divorced. Kate insists that Hope was the one great love of Bo’s life and that he never got over it. Bo mocks that and says it’s time to die. Kate asks Bo to take her wedding ring so he can return it to Roman.

John and Steve join Roman at the Brady Pub. Roman questions what they are doing back so early, what’s going on, and if they found Megan. They say not exactly but they have a lead. They explain that Andrew got them ISA access and they were able to track where Megan went to but they were too late and she was already gone. John then reveals they ran in to Hope, who was also looking for Megan, and she has an idea that Harris Michaels might be able to tell them something about where Megan is. Roman feels if Harris knows anything, he’ll never tell. John reveals that Harris told Hope that he thought maybe he was brainwashed by Megan too, so maybe Hope could get through to him. Roman questions if Harris ever really loved Hope. Steve guesses they will see about that.

Hope comments on Harris being locked down pretty tight. Agent Rose informs Hope that Harris has been quite uncooperative and sent agents to the hospital while he’s been highly resistant to treatment. Hope wants to be let in to the room alone with Harris because she needs some privacy. Rose warns that Harris is very dangerous. Hope insists that she needs to look him straight in the eye for this to work. Agent Rose gives Hope a panic button and says they’ll be right outside if she needs them as Hope then enters the room with Harris. Harris greets her and says it’s been a long time.

Megan tells Dr. Rolf that she had such high hopes at first. She flashes back to September after having Dr. Rolf brainwash Bo to get rid of his feelings for Hope. Dr. Rolf tells Megan that the procedure worked exactly as intended. Megan acknowledges that Bo no longer wanted Hope and he was loyal to her, but the spark between them was gone. Megan flashes back to trying to jog Bo’s memory by showing him their old yearbook where they were voted best couple. Megan told Bo that they could be that again and insisted the feelings could come back. Megan complains to Dr. Rolf that Bo was supposed to love her. Dr. Rolf argues that he warned her that he couldn’t create feelings of love out of nothing. Megan warns Dr. Rolf that this serum better work as promised.

Kayla wonders to Marlena if Megan was just trying to scare them and questions why she would kill Kate after going through so much trouble to revive her. Marlena says that Kate is resourceful and can talk her way out of any dire situation.

Bo tells Kate that as he recalls, she and Roman were over a long time ago. Kate informs him that she and Roman got back together and got married. Kate goes over how she apparently died and now she’s here. Bo guesses Dr. Rolf made it happen under Megan’s orders. Kate tells Bo that if he kills Roman’s wife, he will be devastated and asks if that’s what he wants.

Roman questions John and Steve thinking that Hope can get through to Harris Michaels. Roman worries that Harris might not know anything. John states that Harris is in ISA custody in a highly controlled situation. Steve adds that they wanted to go with Hope but she insisted on going alone. Roman worries that Hope almost got herself killed last time she was involved with Harris, so he hopes she’s being safe this time.

Harris questions why Hope is here and why she’d even want to talk to him after he almost killed her and her family. Hope brings up the last time they spoke, he said he thought Megan had brainwashed him so he was sent here for treatment but she questions why he’s fought against that every step of the way since. Harris claims he was lying and said whatever it took to get out of punishment. Hope doesn’t believe him since he’s not keeping up that lie now. Hope believes Harris is still fully under Megan’s control and that’s why he wouldn’t open up to Kimberly and she only sees the real him when they are alone. Hope tells Harris that she came all this way to remind him of what they had. Harris claims there was nothing between them and it was just a con. Harris says he was playing her to get the prism just like she was playing him. Hope says in the beginning, she wasn’t. Hope says there was something real between them before she found out about the prism which is why he couldn’t pull the trigger when Megan ordered him to kill her. Hope questions why Megan had to hire Thomas Banks to kill her. Harris calls that a backup plan. Hope asks Harris why she is still alive. Harris says it’s because he failed. Hope argues that he succeeded in stopping Megan. Hope declares that she’s alive because of him. Hope states that he felt something for her and he still does, insisting that she knows it’s real. Harris asks if she feels something for him too.

Roman tells John and Steve that Hope is risking her life and questions if it’s worth it. John responds that Megan is out there somewhere, behaving like a true DiMera, so who knows what she could be plotting to hurt even more people they love. Steve agrees that Megan is still a threat, so they need to stop her, whatever it takes.

Dr. Rolf tells Megan that he made no promises, but if this serum works, it will allow her and Bo to go back again and start from the beginning. They flash back to November when Megan summoned Dr. Rolf back to the lab where she asked him about the orchid with magical healing powers which she wondered if he could use to help her and Bo turn back time. Megan asked about reversing aging like a time machine and Dr. Rolf revealed to her that he knew where she could get the orchid. Back in the present, Megan tells Dr. Rolf that if they are young again, she knows he will love her again and not just follow her orders like a loyal soldier. Megan notes that Bo has never once questioned anything she’s had him do. Megan then reveals that she had Bo steal the orchid from the DiMera tunnels in December. Megan declares that nobody knew Bo was in Salem as they all think he’s dead and it’s going to stay that way.

Bo tells Kate that Roman already thinks she’s dead so if he pulls the trigger, it won’t make a difference to him. Kate disagrees, insisting that he will find out because the truth always comes out. Bo says he doesn’t care if the truth comes out or about Roman. Kate thinks he’s lying to himself and that she’s struck a chord with the real Bo, who is devoted to his family. Kate brings up Bo’s siblings and children’s names. Kate says she can see Bo deny his feelings for Hope and Roman, but a parent’s love for their child is pure and unshakable even in the worst circumstances. Kate brings up that his daughter Chelsea is her flesh and blood too. Kate argues that Bo won’t break Chelsea’s heart by killing her grandmother, so they know he won’t pull that trigger. Bo responds that he will, if only to shut her up.

Hope states that she and Harris were together for a whole year. Hope confirms that when he kissed her, she felt something. Harris asks if it wasn’t just part of the game and says he wants the truth. Hope admits that as much as she wanted to stay disconnected, there were moments where she felt something. Hope says that she admitted it and asks if he can do the same. Hope touches his arm and says maybe he needs her to remind him. Hope leans in to kiss Harris but he suddenly grabs her by the throat and stops her.

Steve and John tell Roman to think about what Megan did just for revenge on Hope. They argue that it’s not like Megan could have Bo no anyway. Roman can’t believe Megan Hathaway is still alive and not their wives. Roman says sometimes he feels like he’s going crazy since he told people that Kate was talking to him from the great beyond through an urn. John asks if he’s picked up anything from her lately. Roman says now she’s gone silent which makes him wonder if he imagined it. John points out that Paulina heard it too. Steve insists that he saw Kayla. Roman asks if anything like that happened to John or if he ever heard from Marlena. John confirms that he has not heard anything at all from her.

Marlena tells Kayla that she thought appealing to Dr. Rolf’s ego might get them somewhere. Kayla says it was and she’s sure that he was going to tell them who was in the other chamber until Megan interrupted but it won’t get them anywhere now. Marlena wonders if the person who was in the chamber got away, maybe they will come back to help them escape.

Bo asks Kate if she doesn’t think his relationship with Chelsea was complicated, pointing out that she was responsible for the death of another one of his kids. Kate encourages that he got past that. Kate talks about Chelsea and Max being happy in London now, Belle and Shawn are happy, and Ciara and Ben are sailing around the world just like Bo and Hope did. Kate adds that Hope is not happy, she’s miserable because she misses him and he could fix that. Kate encourages that he has another chance. Bo responds that there’s no fixing that since it was over decades ago. Kate questions if Bo is just Megan’s lapdog now.

Megan says some may think it’s selfish of her to keep Bo all to herself, but she brought him back to life and has loved him faithfully all these years which is more than anyone else can say so she deserves him. Megan flashes back to January where she read the article about Marlena, Kate, and Kayla’s deaths as she held on to the orchid and then to February, where Bo questioned what the three women were doing there. Megan told Bo that with their help, they would get back all the time they lost and finally live happily ever after. Back in the present, Megan reminds Dr. Rolf that she got him this lab and the orchid is thriving so he can make lots of the serum. Dr. Rolf talks about the time it will take while Megan declares that she and Bo will be young again, so they can start from the beginning. Megan declares that this time Bo will stay and love her forever while Hope will go off with some other poor sap.

Harris warns Hope not to play him again as he could snap her neck in an instant. Hope says she knows that he won’t just like he couldn’t pull the trigger on their wedding day. Hope argues that he is Megan’s victim, just like she was, and he still is. Hope asks if he wants Megan to get away with everything she’s done to him. Harris doesn’t believe that she gives a damn what happens to him but Hope insists that she does care. Hope adds that they are not Megan’s only victims, revealing that she killed her sister in law Kayla, Kayla’s brother Roman’s wife Kate, and John’s wife Marlena. Hope says that Megan has killed a lot of people she loves. Harris questions why that should matter to him. Hope argues that he is so much more than a trained assassin. Hope says he was a navy hero, a good and honorable man before Megan got a hold of him. Harris reminds her that he killed two men. Hope argues that it wasn’t him and blames the brainwashing but Harris says it doesn’t change the fact that they are dead. Hope encourages that Harris has the opportunity to get his life back and asks if he wants that. Hope says she wants to help him and then he can help her make sure that Megan never hurts anyone ever again. Harris responds that he doesn’t care about Megan. Hope asks him to do it for her then.

John and Steve tell Roman that they will let him know if they hear anything from Hope. They go to leave the Brady Pub and notice the wind has picked up. Roman notes that they must be in for a storm and warns John and Steve to be careful as they leave. Roman heads back inside the Pub and goes back to put Kate’s urn behind the bar.

Kayla asks if Marlena is okay. Marlena guesses quiet times are the hardest and keeps trying to reach out somehow to John and her family to let them know how much she loves them but all she ends up picturing is their pain. Kayla remembers how she grieved for Steve when she thought she had lost him for years and now thinks about their families going through that. Marlena calls that their motivation to get out of here.

John stands outside the Pub and hears Marlena’s voice telling him not to give up on her. John calls out to her but guesses it was just the wind and walks on.

Hope brings Harris out of his room and informs Agent Rose that Harris has agreed to another session with Dr. Brady-Donovan and she has a feeling that he’s going to be a lot more cooperative this time around.

Bo tells Kate that he’s nobody’s lapdog. Kate says that’s not what it seems like to her since this was Megan’s idea and not his. Kate says to her, he just looks like a glorified errand boy.

Marlena tells Kayla that they have to keep the faith that they are going to get out of here along with Kate.

Bo questions Kate thinking this is the best time to insult him. Kate says she’s just surprised that Bo would fall in with a wannabe Stefano like Megan. Bo tells her to stop. Kate questions if Bo is going to shoot her just because Megan told him to. Kate asks where the Bo is that she knew, that would’ve blown up the whole lab and taken off on his motorcycle without bothering to look back. Bo tells her that this is not an action movie, it’s real life. Kate tells him that she just never expected to see him go out this way. Kate brings up how many times Bo brought down Stefano and says that Bo didn’t take orders from anyone and would be disgusted by him. Bo declares that he wants Kate dead. Kate questions if he really does and tells him to go ahead and pull the trigger if he does.

Marlena and Kayla hear a gunshot.

Megan tells Dr. Rolf that the deed is done, so he needs to get back to work and make more of the serum so they can test it on Marlena and Kayla. Megan adds that if it works, she and Bo will be young and in love so they can finally have their happily ever after. Bo returns and informs Megan that it’s done. Megan says she heard the gunshot and she’s very proud of him. Megan tells Bo that she has something else that she needs, but Bo says he doesn’t give a damn because he doesn’t take orders from her. Bo tells her that it’s over and walks off.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Audra tells Elena that she thinks Nate and Victoria have deep feelings e each other but she doesn’t think they have acted on those feelings yet. Audra tells Elena that JT is out of jail and he has made it a point not to return to Genoa City. Audra suggests to Elena that she bring JT back to town to tell his story on her medical podcast. Audra thinks it would give JT a chance to make amends to the people he hurt. Audra thinks that JT would also distract Victoria away from Nate. Elena doesn’t want to bring JT to town and exploit his illness and cause his victims pain but she does thank Audra for telling her she thinks that Nate and Victoria have feelings for each other. Nate and Victoria, once again, decide not to act on the attraction they have for each other.

The arbitration hearing between Devon and Lily begins for the future of Chancellor Winters. Devon is clearly rattled by Amanda and Lily isn’t happy that Amanda is using her past relationship with Devon to rattle him.

Victor tells Jill that he is willing to be a silent private investor in Chancellor Industries and give the company much needed cash so she won’t have to take the company public. Victor tells Jill the only thing she has to do is let Devon buy back his company.

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Y&R cast animation

Interview with Brian Gaskill

TV Interview!

Brian Gaskill of "A Bachelor's Valentine" on Tubi

Interview with Brian Gaskill of “A Bachelor’s Valentine” on Tubi by Suzanne 3/20/23

It was great to speak with Brian. I’ve been a fan of his since he appeared as Bobby on “All My Children” years ago. His best role on soaps, in my opinion, was playing Rafe the angel/vampire slayer on “Port Charles.”  We all loved him back then because he was a great actor, and very handsome, and he had a nice smile. Now, years later, he still has all those things, but we’ve also learned that he’s a really nice guy because of what he says and how he talks to his fans on social media. He’s an even better actor, too. Please watch his movie on Tubi! It’s an enjoyable romantic film. One correction: the movie takes place in Middletown, Ohio. I said “Millstown” in the interview, for some reason.


MORE INFO: Trailer

Poster for "A Bachelor's Valentine" on Tubi

When Claire Knapp moves to Paul Bachelor’s small Ohio town, they reluctantly team up and work together on a project that will benefit the entire community. Claire’s vindictive ex-husband will do anything he can to keep that from happening.

Watch it for free on Tubi!


About filming the movie in Milltown, OH

Soap Opera Digest Interview

Interview with The Locher Room

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Brian Gaskill in "A Bachelor's Valentine" on Tubi

Days Transcript Friday, March 17, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Andrew. Hi Paul. If you’re looking for my dad, uh, he, he’s just left for the airport a few hours ago. Excuse me. Up with your uncle Steve. Yeah, I figured

so. What are you doing here?

I came to see you,

so, uh, vacuuming. Yeah, of course.

I think it worked.

I think you got it, man.

Hello ladies. Welcome back to the Land of the Living.

No. Freaking way.

Night. Night. Golden girl.

Is that you? Yeah. Uh, long time. No see.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Hey mom, it’s me. Um, can you gimme a call back when you get this? I, uh, what I’d like to hear from? Hello, am I glad to see you. Hey. Ugh. Long day. What was it ever? I’m just leading the courthouse. The jury wanted to stay and deliberate so they could come up with a verdict tonight, which they did. You, okay? Uh, yeah.

I just, I’m, I’m worried about my mom, why I can’t seem to reach her. I called her a bunch of times. I left a message and she hasn’t returned. I just tried again and went straight to voicemail. I’m sure she’s just, Yeah, I hope that’s all it is. Hope Brady. What the hell are you doing here? The same thing you are, I assume.

Looking for Megan Hathaway.

I just can’t believe this. Your life. Yep. How? I mean, it’s just, it’s so wonderful. But how

Megan, the prisons, right? I mean, So we assumed that she wanted the prisons because she wanted her father back, but she wanted you, she wanted to bring you back. Mm-hmm. , she succeeded. Look at me. So you’ve been in presentation the whole time? Yeah. You’ve been here while, I’m so sorry. I, I, but I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled because I ran into you.

She had me imprisoned here too. Really? Yeah. That’s just me. Marlena, your sister. Oh, Kayla. Yeah. Kayla. Kayla. Kayla’s here. And Marlena. I mean, it’s all, I have no idea why she did it, but Megan had all three of us here on ice against Star Wheels.

Oh, no,

I’m sorry. Are you going somewhere? I still can’t believe you’re alive. You know, wait to Kayla sees you. She’s gonna just die. She’s, but you know, she’s, of course she already did die, right? So did I. So did Marlene. It’s all. It’s crazy. Yeah. Look, we have to find them. We have to free them. And then all four of us are gonna get the hell out of here.

Right? Come on. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. Um, we can’t do that.

My dad ran outta here pretty fast when he got that call. Yeah,

he said that Steve had a potential lead on the location of Megan Hathaway. I’m guessing that you gave that to him,

like I’m not asking you to tell me where she is. I just wanna know if you think they have a shot of finding her. Well, come on, man. I mean, we’re talking about the woman that murdered my stepmother. Your, your aunt and, and uncle. Your uncle Roman’s wife. I know, but it’s not my case. And even if it were, I’m not allowed to discuss anything related to top secret information.

Yeah, I get it, Paul. Believe me, I care about this too. It’s personal for both of us, for our families. And while I’m not allowed to disclose anything about the investigation, I can assure you that the ISA is doing everything in its power to get justice for these women. Do you trust me on that?

Good. Because I’d really like to talk about something other than Intel such. us.

I didn’t think, there wasn’t us . I mean, I was just telling my dad that you and I stopped talking to each other. Not that we, you know, had a falling out or anything. I mean, you know, I was just us living on opposite sides of the country. Trying to build a relationship like that is, it’s pretty difficult. And, you know, top of that to my, my coaching schedule and your caseload and, and we just didn’t seem to figure out logistics.

I know, I remember. They, the thing is I’ve missed you.

I missed you too.

Well, did something happen? I mean, do you have some reason to believe your mom’s in trouble? No. No, it’s nothing like that. I’m just frustrated that I can’t get ahold of her. Um, you know, I want coming up there on the Megan Hathaway case. Yeah. Her possible connection to my mother’s death. God, I just can’t believe that this woman that I, I’ve never met, that everyone thought died like 40 years ago.

Come in and upend all of our lives and just cause so much sorrow for so many people. And for what? Some ancient grudge. Yeah. Well, I mean, she’s stepping out the mirror’s daughter. Resurrection and vengeance is what that family does best. Yeah. Taking wives away from their husbands and mothers away from their daughters is just, Hey, you know that Megan’s not gonna get away with this.

Especially a black patch on a case. Yeah, I know. That does make me feel better knowing that my dad and Steve are out searching for that murderous bitch.

This is, uh, John, look at you, girl. Oh, Steve. Steve, I’m good to see you. I can’t believe you guys. I can’t believe you’re here. No. Well, we. , we heard that this is where Megan Hathaway was hiding out. Yeah. That she came here after Caracas last July. Yeah. But the ISA only recently discovered that and they’ve kept a top secret.

So how’d you find it outta Shane? Well, we didn’t, but the person we did pry it out of took a little convincing, especially considering what Megan did to us last summer. Yeah. See, the agency thought that maybe we were still under her control, but we’re definitely. But I got a question for you. How did you find out where to look for Megan?

You know, luckily she didn’t mess with my head. So the agency didn’t have the same concerns really. Well that, uh, Intel is still highly classified. I mean, you couldn’t just walk in and get that information unless you got it from Shane. Well, let’s, let’s just say I still have a few friends in high place.

That’s why don’t we? But hey guys, I. No matter how we all got here, I’m so happy to see you both right back at you. Hope we opened that door. The last thing we expected to see was a friendly face, especially one as pretty as you . Steve, you look like you were ready for a fight. , I had one way or another, we’re gonna take half the way down and if it’s gonna be the hard way, so be after what she did to you.

I don’t blame you. That woman deserves what’s coming her way. Well, The fact is it isn’t just about what she did to us.

We should have known that you were gonna show up. I mean, how would we think we were gonna wake up from the dead without you? How indeed you may express your thanks at any time. Don’t hold your breath. So now you’re in league with Megan Hathaway. Hmm. Oh, surely that doesn’t surprise. Well bit you would take directions from somebody who was evil and unhinged.

No, it does not surprise me. I serve as a pleasure as a Demer family. Aunt Megan is a dememer. She’s a daughter of a man who caused pain and suffering to everybody he ever met. Untrue certain. Dara has a legend lost to us far too soon. It is now my duty, honor and privilege to carry on some issues of his progeny.

I shall. Her wish, as they say, is my command. Look, we don’t really have time to wait, okay? No. Oh, did you? Did you hear what I said? Kayla and Marlena, they’re both here somewhere, so Yeah, I heard you, but we can’t leave. If you are worried about Megan, there’s no problem there. She’s incapacitated. What do you mean?

I mean that she had me tied up. She was trying to inject me with some kind of drug, so I punched her in the jaw and I knocked her out. But she could come too anytime. So we need to go Where, where did this happen? Right on the other side of this door, right before I ran into to you. So the love of God.

Let’s get out of here. Um, sorry, but we have to go that way. No. No, we don’t. It’s way too risky. Nope. Don’t have a choice.

I know it didn’t turn out so well for us the last time. Ended up devolving into a bunch of texts about when we could possibly meet up and all the times that we couldn’t. Right. But even when we lost touch, I, I couldn’t stop thinking about last summer meeting you for the first time traveling around the world together, trying to find your dad.

Yeah. It’s not often a, on our first date where we end up in a shared hotel room in Hong Kong. , I’ve never been happier to return someone’s gym clothes , when she could probably tell Yeah. When we kissed . Yeah. Yeah. I, I could,

you know, I thought about that kiss many times. You know, it felt like, uh, it felt like the start of something. Sometimes when I’m sitting at my desk working late, I think about that moment and now I wish we could go back to him.

Maybe we could,

have you heard anything from your dad since you left? No, not yet, but I’m sure I’ll call when there’s an update. Well, knowing your dad and my uncle. Your phone’s gonna be ringing real soon. There aren’t two people on this planet more motivated to find Megan. Yeah, I wish I could do what they’re doing and just throw myself into the search and then give myself away to take my mind off all this grief, you know, in a way that’s productive.

But you know, even if they do find Megan and she does end up behind bars forever, it doesn’t really change anything for me. What do you mean? I mean, no matter how much Megan pays or Orpheus pays, I don’t get what I want. More time. My mom. Where the hell is Megan? And what has she done with Kate? Such anger.

You’re damn right. We’re angry and we’re worried about our friend. You didn’t be really. Why is that? Because she’s been given a great honor. Thanks to her contribution, I will be able to determine if my scientific genius has been successful yet again. And what contribution is that? Well, due to our doctors as well.

Certainly you are familiar with the concept of a test subject. Yeah. But in legitimate medicine, a test subject, volunteers. I’m pretty certain that Kate did not volunteer to help you. Well, actually she was fortunate enough to be chosen. As I said, it is a rare and coveted opportunity. What? Kate will be the very first recipient of my new.

What serum is that?

You think Megan’s the one who stole the orchid? Yes, and it was the only thing that could have occurred. Kayla, Marlene and Kate Hathaway is responsible for their deaths. What I.

Oh, dear God, I’m so sorry.

I’m, I’m in shock. I’m so sorry. I,

I can’t even imagine what you’ve both been going through. I make behind it

all these years, she’s still causing so much destruction and pain to the people I love. I’m. Well, she’s obviously just as vindictive and deranged as she ever was. It all started with her obsession with Bo. You know,

here’s the thing. All the doors in this place, they flock automatically. It’s, it’s like this. You go into a room or whatever and door closes behind you, and it’s locked. Okay. Well, I was just able to let myself out of this room, so, oh, well. When is a door, not a door? When it’s a jar, it must have been open a little bit.

What are you trying to tell me? That, that we’re not gonna be able to get out of here? No, we just, we have to go back in there and get Megan’s. Okay, fine. Let’s just do it. Okay.

Well, there she is, right where I left her. What’d you do to her? Exactly what I told you. I knocked her out. Let’s get those keys and get out of here,

Megan. Hey, wake up. Okay. Just nevermind her. Just get the. Good job. She’s out cold. Yeah, it is good. So good. Get look at her pocket, Megan. Oh, look at her pocket. Let I, I’ll do it. Stay where you are. You said that we needed to get the keys to escape, so let’s just shut up and stay where you are. Hey Megan again.

Can you hear me? Hey, time to wake.

What happened? Hmm? You got cold caught.

Oh, you all right?

I think so. No thanks to her. Yeah, I think she’s figuring out that she got played

I don’t have to tell you what it’s like doing it. No, no you don’t. Not that I wouldn’t get how terribly difficult this is for you anyway, but um, I mean, having gone through this with my dad, I know how much you still miss him. You know, he’d be really proud of you, of everything you’ve accomplished. I mean, you dedicated your entire life to protecting people and not just family and friends, but everybody.

You honor him every day by doing that. I know there, I can’t help but think about all the things that he’s missed out. I mean like another chance with my mom seeing Claire grow up, not being able to spend time with Sierra and her new baby, all the family milestones, birthdays, holidays, and all the ones yet to come.

Yeah, they should both be with us. Your dad and my mom. There’s a day that goes by that I don’t think about him, but. I made peace with the fact that he’s gone. And I think that a big part of being able to do that is that, is that I understand it. I mean, yeah, his death was terrible and it was tragic, but, but it made sense.

And what happened with your mom? It made no sense at all. I’m so sorry, bill. I would do anything to give you more time with your mom. And I would give anything to be able to help you with this pain.

What serum are you talking about? The details are not for me to disclose. Well then who should we ask? You should direct any inquiries regarding the serum to Madame Hask. But trust me when I tell you, it could be life changing or not. Just for her. What is that supposed to mean? Most people get over their high school sweethearts, not her.

Megan never did. So this all goes back to Megan and Bo going steady in high school. Yeah. She thought that Bo had broken up with her and he thought that she had done the same to him, but in fact, neither were true. So what happened? Megan’s mother, she caused the breakup. She manipulated both of them. And when Megan found out she lost it, she, she’s, something broke inside of her.

That’s when she became obsessed with ball and desperate, really desperate to get him back. Are you sure you’re all. Yeah, I’m, I’m fine, but would you just mind helping me out?


Back in business.

Look at her like a deer in the headlights. Stunned silence. No, she wouldn’t shut up earlier to hold it. Hold it.

You’re not going anywhere.

What’s wrong? Um, nothing. Nothing. I, I’m just wondering, maybe, maybe this is, maybe this is not a good idea. Do you not want to No, no. I, I do. I I definitely do. But i’s just like what we just talked about, you know, we tried this before and it didn’t work out. I dunno, maybe we’re just setting ourselves up for more disappointment.

I see your point. Well, I, I, I, it’s like we really had, I mean, we really do. We have such a strong connection and, and I would love to see where that takes us. But the last time around, I mean, finding time for each other was such an impossibility. I don’t know, maybe, maybe we should just be smarter if we just cut our, cut our losses now.

Mm. And before we get in too deep. Probably right? I mean, we live so far apart. Our lives are so busy. I mean, there’s a really good chance that this won’t work, but there’s a chance that it might, it’s a chance I’d like to take. Would you.

So your serum is meant to be life changing and not just for Megan. So who else’s life is it going to change? So many questions. And did the answers have anything to do with that? Is Marlina Wright is it also gonna change the life of whoever the former occupant of that tube? Ah, yes. Well, my earliest prototypes, the technology was far more limited back then on, yet it was a very successful project.

Successful how I was able to keep the subject in a cryogenic state for nearly a decade. A decade. Who was it? Who was your subject?

Put down the gun. You’re not going anywhere. Come up. We’re both going somewhere. We’re leaving. Push me. You’ll regret it. I wouldn’t test him if I were you. Look, I, I don’t know what she put you through. Look, clearly you have been through something and you don’t even know what you’re saying. You. You have to trust me.

Okay? I’m on your side. Let me help you. Please

go. We’re not strangers. Okay. We’re, we’ve known each other for years. We’re a family. I was married to Victor. You were married to my daughter. Bo doesn’t need a history lesson, so stop babbling so that we can pick it up where we left off before you so rudely assaulted me and. Phase two will finally begin.

Don’t listen to her. Don’t listen to her. We’ll ditch her and we’ll get out of here. We’ll be free and we can go back to our homes and to the people that we love. Bo I find your lack of gratitude. Very disappointing. God, what do you want me to be grateful for? For what you did to me. I saved your life, didn’t I?

And now I’ve chosen you to be the initial recipient of my new serum. Well, I choose not to be the recipient of a pable fatal drug. Okay. Oh, relax. It might not kill you, but it does need to be tested so it stop wasting time and get on with it. Now, where is that vile?

You mean this?

You know, we really don’t give a damn what Megan’s motivation is. We just want to track her down and make her pay. So, looks like you’ve got a headstart on us. Did you find anything poking around here? I have searched every inch of this labyrinth and, uh, there’s no sign of her. So indication where she might have gone, nothing.

Nothing If there’s a affording address, she did not leave it lying around. Damn, damn well, partner. Looks like it might hit a dead end here. Dead end. What are you talking about? There’s no dead end. There’s gotta be a way to figure out where Megan went. Yep.

You are absolutely right. I missed you. Maybe there is.

Thank you for always knowing exactly what to say. No, I, I don’t always. Don’t even think I do most of the time . I just think that I do in this case because you know, I’ve been there and if there’s something that I can tell you, it’s that you’re never gonna stop missing them. But time, time definitely helps, you know, although there are days that I will feel the loss of my dad, so it’s a cute thing.

It’s like, it just happened yesterday. And then there are other days that I remember all the fun times I had with him now that we had, you know, and think about all the funny things that he’d say and times that he’d tell me that he loves me and that he’s proud of me and that definitely it makes things less painful.

Yeah, right. You know, another thing that. Hmm. So when I remind myself just how blessed I am to be able to share my life with someone like you, someone so kind and so wonderful, who I just happen to love with all my heart, I love you with all my heart too, and I need you so much right now. You have me now.

You have me now, and you have me always.

And do you know what else we need to remind ourselves of? Mm-hmm. , not only do we have each other, got an incredible daughter. Yeah. We’ve got a great big family to lean on.

And now

I’m officially off the clock. I said, what do you say? We go home and we lean on each. On the couch. That sounds really good.

That was perfect.

Ah, exactly the words I was looking for. So can we talk about what happens next? Well, I was thinking.

No. No. , no. Do we discuss where we go from here? Yeah. Yeah. We probably should, but not, right? No, I just wanna enjoy this perfect moment with you.

It’s all right. Get it.

Donovan? Yeah. Pat your through

hope. What can I do for you? I need a favor. I need to go to see Harris Michaels.

We know that you kept Stephan Damara on ice for four years, but a decade. That’s quite a feat, don’t you? Thank Marta. Yes, I do. It’s quite remarkable. Mm-hmm. . So the person must have been very important. Yeah. I’m just, I’m just so curious. I can’t stop thinking about who it might be. I can’t stop thinking about it either.

I mean, it could be, but No, that’s silly. Now what are you thinking? Well, I’m just thinking that maybe what if it’s, uh, somebody famous? You mean like a world leader or a rockstar or a Hollywood legend? Maybe an athlete? You know, I did hear a while back that there was a baseball player who was Cryogenically frozen.

Wait a minute, wait a minute, maybe. Maybe we’re on the wrong track. Maybe it’s somebody who was, I don’t know, closer to home, maybe somebody from Salem, somebody that we all. Yeah. What about that Ro? Somebody we all knew. Somebody close to Salem. I didn’t say anything, but nice try. If I went in such a hurry to complete my experiment, I’d stay and applaud your creativity.

We don’t need your applause. We’d just like to know who was in that tube. And we are pretty. Wasn’t Stefano because you took his essence and put it in Steve. Another hugely successful experiment of mine ruined by stefano’s well meaning, but misguided children for a tremendous loss. When Chad and Tony destroys that microchip, you can lament it later.

Just tell us who it was for the last time. Tell us who was in the tub.

Hand it over. Do you really think that you’re gonna be able to make it out of here without Bo shooting you dead? Or perhaps you think that another pathetic speech about how the two of you used to be family is gonna change his mind. Oh, please give it. You heard the man,

whatever kinship the two of you used to have, it’s long over. I’ll stop wasting time and let’s get on with it.


That was stupid. Really not allowing you to make me your personal Guinea pig. I think it was one of my smarter moves. How typically arrogant and ignorant of you. Congratulating yourself when you’ve just made one of the most idiotic decisions ever. How’s that? The only reason that I was keeping you alive was to make sure that that serum worked.

Now that it’s gone, you’re of no further use to me,

no point in drawing this out any. You may as well go ahead and kill her.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Transcript Thursday, March 16, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne



Okay. Send him.

Uncle Steve

desk job. Huh? Who’d you piss off? Nice to see you too. I, not to seem too hostile or anything, but what the hell are you doing here? Why do you think I’m. I need your help to find Megan Hathaway,

my dear ladies, your whole family still PS you’re dad, but I don’t want you to sleep your whole life away. Once again, it’s time to wake up. We have so much to do,

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Hey, Robert Lucas. Now I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out why you wanted to see me again.

We can take it by your attitude that this is not a social cult. No, it isn’t. We found out which Demaris told the orchid and. It was step’s. Daughter, why would Kristen take the orchid from herself? Not that daughter. His other daughter made an Hathaway, who’s that? Well, you might have forgotten her because she appeared to die 40 years ago, how Salem offered to appear to die.

Yeah, Larry Wells killed and, uh, stuck her in a hot tub and proceeded to zap it with electricity. It’s pretty thorough. You would think so, but you know how hard it is to kill Dira. And in true Dira form, Stefano took the body and maintained it in life form cryogenic. But now she is very much alive, fully functioning, and totally lethal.

Where is she now? That’s a million dollar question, John. Steve looking and I am here. To find out what you might know.

You know, dad, ah, you need to tell you about this new device that came out with, it’s called a phone. Sorry. Did you show up like this kid? No, it’s fine. It’s a bit surprised. That’s all.

How you doing? About as well as can be expected, I guess.

If it’s hard for me to believe she’s gone, it must be hell for you.

You okay?

Yeah. I forgot how much you love to talk about your feelings. Don’t really see any point in talking about I’m not gonna change anything. Right. Hey, but you know what though? The good thing is, you know, I, I really wanted to stay on in, in Salem after the funeral on. Yeah, well you got a chance to coach Triple A.

You can’t pass that up. So how’s it going up pretty well, actually, here’s the thing, uh, we’re starting a, a home stand. Three games. So don’t you stay around for a couple days, coach my coaching. We’ll see.

Why do I get the feeling that you didn’t come out here to talk about baseball? Because I didn’t. You on a case, Steve and I are you. Look, we ought to sit.

You have to know that finding Ms. Hathaway is one of the agency’s top priorities. Wow. Agency speak, getting real good at that. The thing is, this isn’t my case, but I can’t put you in touch with the agent in charge. Well, if I wanted to talk to the agent in charge, I wouldn’t be in your office. Now, remember when we spoke on the phone a few days ago, I got the distinct feeling that you were giving me the runaround.

So I’m here face to face to get some answers. Steve, it’s not that I won’t answer your questions. I can’t.

Are you awake too? Oh, I was having a nightmare. I think we’re actually living one. Yeah, it trumps it. Megan was holding this captain and we didn’t know why. Well, I don’t think we have time to find out. We need to get outta here. Here I, I’m okay. Why don’t you help Kate? Damn. What is it? She’s gone. How could she be

here? Go. What the hell are you smiling at? I’m happy because phase two. Is finally about to begin.

What? What is going on? Why am I tied up? Where am Marlena and Kayla? Okay, I, who the hell do you think you are? Does it not compute that you are the one who’s tied up? And I am not? That you’re not in a position of power and that I am, perhaps it would be wise of you to at least try not to infuriate me. I didn’t realize you were so fragile.

Not at all. I just think that life is short and we should all try to get along as best we can. Okay. Okay. Remind if I. Uh, would you be so kind as to tell me where Marlena and Kayla are and if they are okay. The doctors, Evans and Johnson are absolutely fine. , see your idea of absolutely fine. And mine are probably not the same.

They ain’t dead. How’s that? Has anyone ever told you that you’re a complete pain in the. Well, your father thought I was absolutely delightful, but then again, he had a sense of humor. , is that what you think it was now? I have something very important to discuss with you. No, I do not wanna talk about anything with you.

You need to get me and Marlena and Kayla back home and to our husbands.

I didn’t even know there was a Megan Hathaway. How, how would I know anything about her? Well, we didn’t know that. We thought maybe your mom had mentioned something when she and uh, Stephanie were married. No, I would’ve remembered. I, I would’ve said so. I would’ve said something as soon as Oria said that, that a DIR stole the orchid who effectively killed my mother.

Yeah, I know that. Look, Lucas we’re, Glassman saw us here. John and Steve are in touch with the isa, but it seems at this point that Megan has just vanished into thin air. Stephanie could do that too, right? Yeah. Well, I think the two of them have lots in common. What I don’t get is why would a woman who’s been, I don’t know, dead for 40 years, why would she come back and try to kill my.

My mom didn’t even know her. I’m telling you, I’m telling you. When my mom was married to Stefano, I never once heard either of ’em say the the name Megan Mali. I don’t think Kate was a real target from what I configured. The bitch was after Kayla and Myla.

You think Kate really found a way out here and left us behind? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that she looked after number one. No. No, it wouldn’t. If Kate found a way out of here, she must have done it with some planning. Don’t you think that Megan wouldn’t have security cameras everywhere? Who knows?

Locked? Of course it is. But if Kate got out of here, she would not have locked the door behind. So Megan must have done that. Yeah. I’m getting really tired of this. Megan Hathaway. Yeah. Yeah. She kept talking about her plan. I, I wonder if maybe Kate was part of that plan. Oh, we have gotta find a way out of here.

Are you gonna.

Another cryogenic cylinder.

So who the hell was in here?

So you think Andrew can help you track down Megan Hathaway? Oh, that’s what we’re hoping. So he didn’t mention anything to you off the cuff about her? No. You want a beer? I’m gonna have a beer. Don’t take this personally here. He’s not trying to shut you out. ISA agents can’t really bring their work home with him.

Hell, it’s not like that. Yeah. And what’s it like? Nothing. Yeah. Angie and I aren’t really talking to each other about. And that’s it.

If you have any idea where Megan Hathaway is, which I think you do, I don’t understand why you won’t tell me. You and John don’t have clearance. We don’t have clearance. Do you have any idea how long John and I have been doing the agency’s dirty work? Just ask your father how many times we put our lives on the line and then tell me we don’t have clearance.

I don’t have to ask my father. I grew up on the. And everyone here knows and respects your history. Oh, my history. Listen now we’re trying to find the woman responsible for the death of our wives, and you tell me we don’t have clearance. Why the hell not? Because there’s a concern that you and John have been compromised.

And it’s not like Andrew and I had a falling out. Hmm. You just said that you and Andrew aren’t talking to each other. About anything, so, so how is that not a falling out? No, I mean that we didn’t get in a big fight or anything and it wasn’t that we didn’t get along. We did, we’re getting along. That sounds pretty tepid.

So in other words, what? No heat. Dad. Oh dad, what? Come on. You told me when you two in Hong Kong, there was a lot of chemistry there. So what happened? He comes here to visit. What? The movie doesn’t live up to the preview. Okay. What happened was, we had a great time together and we thought we could make it work, but then reality checked in.

He lives in dc I live here. He’s got a demanding job. I’m transitioning to become a coach. You know, long distance relationships, they involve, well, a lot of logistics. I see. And it’s, it’s too hard for a couple middle-aged farts to make adjustments, not middle-aged Well, you know, the way he could’ve fooled.

Come on, you got a secret agent, you’ve got a superstar athlete, and you two act like a couple of insurance adjusters. So you know, you, you’re fine. You, you sit here, you sit here all alone, and you just keep convincing yourself that logistics are too complicated to be with someone who could actually make you happy.

How do you really feel about it?

Compromise. Huh? What the hell’s that supposed to? It means the last summer in Hong Kong, you were Megan Hathaway’s hired muscle. We weren’t hired, we were brainwashed, and it was pretty effective. You held a whole room hostage. You put a gun to Wendy Shin’s head. We were under Megan Hathaway’s. Control. And how does anyone know that you’re not now?

Oh, you think John and I are sleeper? I don’t, but some very important people in the organization have reservations, so now my partner and I are in the impossible position of having to prove a negative. You said you don’t believe it. Why? Because I was there when Paul broke through to John and broke Megan’s spell.

While I understand your desire to get back to Salem and your dreary little lives, I’m afraid I can’t accommodate you. As I said, phase two is about to begin and your participation is non-negotiable.

what does that even. I didn’t even know there was a phase one and now apparently it’s all over. You don’t need to know you. Marlena and Kayla are just chest pieces on the board pawns in someone else’s game. Okay, I so are Roman, John and Steve. Are they paws as well? Is that why they believe we’re all dead?

They believe you’re all dead because someone took the only thing that could have saved your.

Damn look, actually I think it’s quite beautiful.

So was Kayla and Marlene who put the kibosh? When Megan’s big plant Katie had nothing to do with she telling me my mom died for no good reason. Yeah, it feels that way and that’s why we have to find Megan to make her pay for what she did. It’s not gonna bring my mom back. You think? I don’t know. I’m sorry.

I know this has been hard for you too. How are you doing? Want me to lie to you? Tell you I’m doing okay. I can see you’re not okay. I want you to tell me the truth. Well, I got lots of people looking out for me. Abe came over the other day and, uh, told me how he fell when he lost Lexi, and how he thought he’d never fall in love.

I knew I meant well, but, uh, all does. Lets, uh, remind me how much time your mom and I wasted and how damn happy we were when we got back together. And now I have to face the fact that I will never see her again. And I am very sure that John and Steve feel exactly the same way.

Look, it’s power down and the locks have been released. There’s no one in there. Now. Whoever was in there, Megan had to have let them go. Well, I’m no expert, but it looks like that is a lot older than these are. Then you heard what Megan said. She never throws anything away. She also told Steve and John that she was cryogenically frozen after she was supposedly.

So maybe that’s where she was stashed. And what about the prisms? She said she wanted those to help cure someone. She cared about someone we all thought was dead. And who was it who was in the tube? Oh God. I think I know.

I know it’s not exactly the same, and I know I don’t have any right telling you this right now, but the way you feel about my mom is exactly the way I feel about Sammy. Sammy’s not good. Yeah, I know, but I’m pretty much as good as dead to her. She’ll never forgive me. I’ve never loved anyone the way I loved her, and I’ll never have a chance to get her back.

I, I know I blew that. You’re not always wrong, and I know she’ll never forgive me, and I know you’ll never forgive me. That’s why I’m really appreciative that you come here and you talk to me and you tell me what’s going on. I know that I don’t deserve it.

Well, you know what? You won’t get a big argument from me on that, but the thing is, You’re Kate son. She did forgive you and she did love you. And I am thinking, Lucas, that in a way you and I talking to each other this way is a good way to honor your mom’s memory. So that’s the orchid. The orchid. When I got you here, you were all at death’s store.

How else do you think I was able to revive you? I had to use the orchid to count of the effects of the toxin that Orpheus gave you. Kind of weird thinking about your life being dependent. A flower. I had someone prepare and administer the necessary second. That is why you’re still here.

This flower’s healing power. It’s not restricted to what ailed the three of you. I took it because I needed to remedy my own condition. And that of someone who is very dear to me,

Ste. You think it was Ste? Well, what if Megan was just keeping him on ice and now she has the three prisms and, and she’s thinking that what the Phoenix may rise. Well, you know what? I have a second thought. Even if that man’s body was able to be preserved, he would just be a shell, his, his spirit, his soul, as if he had one.

You know, he did have one, but it was evil and destructive, and it was taken from his body in the form of a microchip, and it was put in Steve’s head, and then I was able to remove it. And then Chad and. Burned it. Okay. Then Stefano is gone. Stefano is dead. He has to be,

my wife is dead and John’s wife is dead because of Megan. Now, how could you people think that we’d be helping her? I told. I don’t think that, and I know how much you loved on Kayla. I did too. I don’t want justice for her as much as you do. Don’t talk to me about justice. My Kayla is gone and the agency has decided that we can’t be trusted with clearance and you are gonna play it to the agency.

Okay, that’s fine. We’re gonna keep looking for her and we’re gonna find her. Whether you help us or not

good, you just get back to your busy work

and say hello to your dad for me. Uncle Steve,

I just pulled up our file on Megan Hathaway because I have clearance. I can view it whenever I want. I’m just not at liberty to share it with you. But what I can do is offer you a cup of government issue, coffee, and it’s a coffee station at the end of the hall. Would you like a cup of coffee and take me maybe three, four minutes?

Yeah, I’d like a cup of coffee. Thank you. It’s the least I can do.

You. Sorry kid, I didn’t mean that. Shouldn’t have said anything. It’s really none of my business.

Saved by the bell. I gotta take this.

Yeah. What’s up? I might have a possible location on Megan Hathaway. It’s a long shot, but right now it’s our only shot. So how fast can you get to the airport? You know, I don’t think we have to worry too much about who was in that tube, because right now I think that Megan has Kate, and if that’s. I think things are gonna start changing pretty fast around here, and we better be getting out while we still can.

Agreed. We need to find a way through that door from the look of it. We’re not gonna break it down. I think that we just have to start getting smart about this.

I, I, I could give you a ride to the airport. Oh, I’m fine, thanks. Or you could get two tickets to wherever it is you’re going. You know that place? That’s your only shot. Just a figure of speech. Oh, come on dad. We were just in a heated discussion about my failed love life and how I’m basically screwing life up in general, and then Steve calls and what You’re outta here.

So I know it’s important. I know it’s urgent and it’s probably dangerous, so let me help you. Let me come with you. No, because Steve and Eric, we just need to do this on our.

All right, but please be careful. I don’t wanna have to fly halfway around the world to save your ass again. I’m never gonna hear the end of that, am I? No.

Listen about before I’m. I’m sorry, I I had no right to talk to you like that. I was really outta line. Do you really think that? I don’t get that. It must be damn frustrating when you’ve lost Marlena and to, to see me all alone and apparently not doing anything about it. But still, it, it’s, it’s none of my business.

You’re my dad. And as much as I hate to admit it, you got a point. So you and I were cool. Okay. You’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about. Okay, thanks. I gotta run. Good. Okay. Well, uh, you know, just, just let me know when you’re o when you’re okay. When you have the time. I can’t help. I, I just worry about you.

Good luck this weekend.

Okay, well, I’m gonna check in with, uh, John, Steve, see if they’re having any luck. Just keep me busted first. Hurt while, alright,

so you said that you had to use it to remedy your own condition. Are you sure you really did that? Cause you’re not looking so.

The lighting’s not very good in here. I’m fine. You know, I could have let you die,

You expect me to. Thank you. Uh, oh. Maybe I should have sent you a fruit basket when I get home, but then I’m again, to do that I would need your address, so, so what’s it gonna be? Is it gonna be a cell at Statesville or a padded room at Bayview? You know, you really are a pain in the ass. Which erases any hesitation that I might have had to proceed?

What do you mean I’m going to use you as a Guinea pig? You see, someone has made me a little serum. Only it came with a caveat. What doesn’t make me stronger might in fact kill me, and I don’t see any reason that I should take that risk, not when I have you here to do a trial run on.

This, please. Like a damn labyrinth. Yep. Been switching these hallways for. Almost an hour no sign. Megan Hathaway was ever here. Well, the ISA analyst put the probability at 12%. These aren’t good odds partner. That’s the only lead we got. You know the agency checked it out before, maybe they missed something.

You don’t wanna stop, do you buddy? We’re not gonna stop till we find that woman in Baker Bay.

Guys mock up. You gonna turn, lock pick on you on, man? You said you were bringing yours ia, security confiscated. Oh, okay. So now what do you,

what’s. A nice little cocktail that someone whipped for me. I have it on good authority that you and my dearly departed brother Andre, had an affinity from martinis. Shaken, not injected. You are right. I am not yet fully recovered from being well, you know.

And I’m told that this could be the answer to my prayers. Well then why not use it on yourself rather than waving around near me, because while it may take care of whatever it is that I need, it does come with the one-off chance of an unpleasant side effect. Well, I suggest that you try something homeopathic first, then I’m more inclined to do a trial run on you.

You see, look at the kill you. It could potentially have very extraordinary effects. Something that you’ll thank me for later, and if it does happen to kill you, who knows? Maybe someone will bring you back to life again. Right?

Oh my. And you’ve been at that forever. Maybe we should try something else. Ah, ah, I got it.

You think that’s going to get us out of here? You know, when you pointed to the chamber, it reminded me of a date that I had with Steve where we talked all about how to pick a lock. So I got him to teach me. And you know, it, it’s actually pretty simple if you have a wire. What like a, like a bobby pin? No, no.

Nine times outta 10, those will break. You need something industrial like from a, a heating or cooling unit, like, like this, uh, cryogenic chamber. Well, let’s just hope that Steve taught you. Well, man. Kathy’s not the heating unit around the corner. Nice.

Before you do whatever you’re going to do to me, can I, can I at least say something? Final last words. Make it snappy. It’ll be short. Just a sentence. Okay. What is it? The rope on my hand wasn’t tight. Stop it.

I think it worked.

I think you got it, man. Click.

Oh, I miss you. I haven’t heard your voice in a while, but if there’s a way for you to reach out to me again, I know you’ll make that happen. I love you.

Night. Night, golden Girl.

Andrew. Hi Paul. Well, if you’re looking for my dad, uh, he, he’s just left for the airport a few hours ago. He’s meeting up with your uncle Steve. Yeah, I figured.

So then what are you doing here? I came to see you,

so, uh, yeah. Come in. Ah, yeah, of course.

I think it worked.

I think you got it, man. I heard a click.

Hello ladies. Welcome back to the Land of the Living.

No. Freaking way.

Night. Night. Golden girl.

Is that you? Yeah. Uh, long time. No see.

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