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Update written by Joseph

Nicole works at the Basic Black office as Jada arrives and says she knows it’s Eric’s first day but they must have mixed up each others’ phones as she has his. Nicole then asks if they woke up in bed together this morning.

Brady joins Chloe in her hotel room at the Salem Inn and happily announces that he has full custody of Rachel. Chloe tells him that she’s so happy for him as they hug. Brady admits he’s surprised that the judge ruled in his favor after everything Kristen dredged up. Chloe then reveals that knows how it happened.

Rafe brings Craig to the interrogation room and asks when he got back in town. Craig says it was just last night. Rafe then asks when he last saw Leo. Craig says other than just now, it probably would’ve been the morning after their aborted wedding. Rafe questions if Craig left town right after that. Craig confirms he went right back to New York and wanted to cut ties. Rafe then asks where Craig was on September 1 as that was the night that Sonny Kiriakis was stabbed.

Nancy tells Chad that it’s odd because Craig never wore aftershave or cologne during their marriage. Chad suggests he started wearing it after they split up. Nancy says that would be a coincidence because vanilla is what Clyde wears. Nancy says at first she thought it was feminine, but now she kind of likes it. Chad then thinks back to Craig hugging him and remembers that Clyde was standing nearby. Chad comes to a realization, so Nancy asks what’s wrong.

Clyde fills out his drug test paperwork at the hospital. Clyde then gets up and looks in the window of Sonny’s hospital room. Clyde then flashes back to being the one who stabbed Sonny! Will then approaches Clyde.

Chloe informs Brady that she happened to run in to the judge outside in the hallway and told her that she knew they couldn’t use Kristen’s previous crimes against her but that she had evidence of Kristen attacking her with the letter opener as she had the surveillance video from their office, so she assumes the judge watched it. Brady questions why she didn’t tell him earlier. Chloe worried that if Kristen found out she was the reason that she lost the case, she would use it against her and Brady with Rachel. Brady questions the judge being okay with this. Chloe admits she was weary but she sensed she was frustrated with the whole situation. Chloe adds that because of Kristen’s pardon, she couldn’t consider all the facts so she felt this untied the judge’s hands to make the ruling she wanted to make. Chloe knew it was risky but says she couldn’t stand by and watch Brady lose custody of Rachel to Kristen, so she’s not sorry for what she did. Brady tells her that she doesn’t have to be sorry for anything and declares that because of her, he will never lose his little girl. Brady tells Chloe how much he adores her as they kiss.

Jada remarks on Nicole not being very transparent. Nicole questions if she offended her. Jada questions Nicole asking if their phone mix up happened while they were in bed together. Nicole feels it’s a reasonable assumption. Jada says they don’t keep their phones in the bed. Nicole says she just pictured them waking up together. Jada feels Nicole is bothered by the fact that she is seeing her ex-husband. Jada brings up that Nicole is a newlywed and married to a great guy. Nicole claims she’s not bothered but just protective and she hopes they are right for each other. Jada mocks the idea of that making Nicole happy. Jada tells Nicole to be honest that she’s not rooting for them to be happy and that she’s hoping they fall apart. Nicole calls that not true but admits she overstepped by commenting on them waking up in bed together as whatever they do behind closed doors is none of her business. Nicole repeats that she already knew they were sleeping together. Jada brings up that Rafe mentioned Nicole came by to offer Eric a job. Nicole thought they would have more interesting things to talk about at the police station. Jada says this is interesting since the day after Nicole’s visit, Eric was just talking about looking for a photography job and how scarce the jobs are. Nicole says Eric was perfect for this job and they happened to have an opening. Jada questions why Eric didn’t mention this job since that’s what she told Rafe. Nicole questions if Jada is calling her a liar.

Craig asks Rafe if he’s asking him if he stabbed Sonny Kiriakis. Rafe responds that he’s just gathering information. Craig mentions just visiting Leo and he was going on and on about how he must have wanted payback for him breaking his heart and kept saying this accusation over and over. Rafe admits he’s aware of the accusation. Craig calls it the raving of a desperate man. Craig says Leo is accusing him of stabbing Sonny and murdering Abigail. Craig argues that Rafe can’t actually believe that he would be so blinded by hatred for Leo that he would take an innocent woman’s life and forget his oath to do no harm. Craig questions if Rafe actually believes Leo.

Will asks what Clyde is doing at the hospital. Clyde responds that he just got called in for a random drug test as part of his parole, joking that Will should know about that since he’s an ex-con. Clyde knows Will got his conviction overturned but he did serve time. Will remembers Clyde trying to shiv him in prison but then Ben tried to stop him and got the shiv instead. Clyde talks about Ben turning in to a stand up guy and now he’s trying to turn his life around as well. Clyde says he’s a changed guy. Clyde mentions that he and Nancy are about to get married, so Will congratulates him. Clyde tells Will to take care of Sonny and remarks that he’s really glad to hear they caught the guy that attacked him as it must be a real relief knowing that scum like that is off the street now. Clyde then exits the hospital.

Nancy asks Chad what it is. Chad remembers Clyde standing there when he saw Craig, so it must have been his cologne he was smelling. Chad asks where Clyde is now. Nancy informs him that Clyde is at the hospital taking his drug test and encourages Chad to get some of that cologne. Nancy asks Chad if he’s sure he’s alright since he’s as pale as a ghost. Chad claims he’s fine and says he just has to be somewhere, so he rushes off.

Jada tells Nicole that she never accused her of lying. Nicole feels she’s certainly insinuating it. Jada decides to just leave Eric’s phone and go but Nicole says not until she lets her explain. Nicole questions why she would lie to her husband about offering Eric a job if she hadn’t. Jada suggests maybe Nicole came to see Eric for another reason, but says she didn’t come to argue with her. Jada feels they are in a competition for Eric’s love and affection, even though Nicole is divorced and married to another man. Nicole argues that she’s not competing with her and repeats that she and Eric have a long history as friends. Jada understands that she’s protective of Eric, but she doesn’t get her being so protective of their relationship as if she’s not good for him or like he needs protection from her. Eric then arrives and asks what’s going on.

Craig tells Rafe that he did not stab Sonny or murder Abigail and he’s not a homicidal maniac. Craig adds that he wasn’t even in town when the attacks occurred. Craig says the fact that Rafe is listening to Leo is an insult and an outrage. Rafe asks if Craig would be able to provide an alibi. Craig confirms he would. Rafe says he’ll need one for September 1 and June 10 as well. Craig argues that he doesn’t know what he was doing three months ago. Craig says he’s often on call but doesn’t know where he is day to day. Rafe notes that could be a problem for him. Craig decides he will have his secretary check his schedule and get back to him. Rafe says the sooner, the better as Craig then exits the room.

Brady tells Chloe that he doesn’t have to pick Rachel up for about an hour and suggests they make their celebration official. They continue kissing until Nancy knocks on the door and interrupts. Chloe answers the door, so Nancy comes in and announces that she and Clyde are getting married today.

Chad goes to the hospital and asks Will how Sonny is. Will says he’s sleeping after having Alex visit earlier. Chad asks if he’s seen Clyde around anywhere. Will confirms that he just saw him here actually. Chad questions if he went in to Sonny’s room. Will says not that he saw but he was standing at the window and that he was here for a drug test. Will asks why and what’s going on. Chad reveals that he doesn’t think Leo hurt anyone and that it’s been Clyde this whole time. Will questions where this is coming from. Chad reminds Will of how they tried to help Sonny remember what happened and he said he smelled vanilla. Chad talks about smelling vanilla and at first, he thought it was Craig but then Nancy said that Clyde wears a vanilla cologne. Chad declares that it is Clyde.

Chloe is shocked that Nancy is marrying Clyde today and asks when this happened. Nancy responds that it was Clyde’s idea so they are going to get married at City Hall in an hour. Chloe questions why she is rushing in to this and argues there’s no reason to get married today. Nancy argues there’s no reason not to. Nancy declares that Clyde is the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with, so she asks why not make it official as soon as possible. Nancy reveals that she’s here because she’d like for them to be their witnesses. Chloe asks if they can talk about it for a minute. Nancy says no because Craig will be there any minute which Chloe questions. Nancy explains that she asked Craig to come because she wants both of them to be a part of her wedding. Craig then arrives. Nancy hopes Craig is free to come to the wedding. Craig responds that he’s not sure. Chloe argues that even Craig thinks she’s rushing in to this. Craig clarifies that it’s not that but he’s not in a celebratory mood because he just got accused of murder.

Will and Chad go to Sonny’s hospital room and wake him up. Sonny asks what’s going on. Will informs him that Chad believes something that might prove who his attacker was. Sonny asks if it wasn’t Leo. Chad confirms he doesn’t think so. Will knows Sonny’s memory is hazy but they want to try to jog his memory again. Chad asks if Sonny remembers seeing Clyde Weston when he was attacked.

Eric calls it a surprise to see Jada. Jada explains that she thinks he has her phone. Eric checks and confirms that he does, noting that he didn’t even notice. Jada guesses it must be a slow crime day or else he would have gotten a barrage of text messages. Jada says she better get back to the office and tells Eric that she’ll see him at home. Jada kisses Eric and exits. Nicole asks Eric if he’s all set for the photo shoot downstairs. Eric questions if it’s just him or if things were very tense between Nicole and Jada. Eric asks if there’s something going on between them. Nicole admits there was some tension between them, so Eric asks why. Nicole admits that it’s because she lied to her husband and Jada called her out on it. Eric questions why she lied to Rafe. Nicole explains that she hadn’t told Rafe that she came to see Eric, so when he asked her why she did, she didn’t want to tell her current husband that she was dreaming about her ex-husband, so she told him that she offered him a job. Nicole adds that she felt bad about lying to Rafe, so she raced over to Eric’s place to offer him a job for real. Eric questions Nicole offering him a job to make her lie the truth which she admits to. Eric then declares that he quits.

Jada goes to the police station and apologizes to Rafe for being late as she had to run over to Basic Black to see Eric since they accidentally switched phones. Rafe asks how Eric’s first day there is going. Jada says so far, so good. Rafe is glad things are working out for him. Jada says she didn’t stay too long as she wanted to get to work and asks if there’s any update on the case. Rafe says there might be and brings up Jada having run ins with Melinda Trask. Jada notes that Melinda seems like a very tenacious prosecutor. Rafe worries that she’s too tenacious, especially if the suspect is innocent. Jada questions who they think is innocent. Rafe reveals it’s Leo Stark which shocks Jada.

Chloe questions Craig about Leo accusing him of framing him and calls that absurd. Nancy agrees that it’s totally ridiculous since Craig is an upstanding citizen and a doctor, so he wouldn’t hurt anyone much less kill anyone. Craig comments on Rafe buying in to Leo’s story. Brady argues that Rafe must know better than to believe anything Leo says. Craig says that Rafe questioned the hell out of him. Nancy repeats that it’s ridiculous, remarking that Craig is no more guilty than Clyde is since he was accused of killing Abigail too but he had an alibi, so he was innocent. Nancy declares that Craig and Clyde have both been unfairly accused.

Chad tells Sonny that Clyde wears a cologne that smells like vanilla, so he asks Sonny again if he remembers seeing Clyde that night. Sonny says he’s trying but there’s nothing. Sonny wishes he could see anyone but there’s nothing happening. Will continues to encourage him to take his time and try again. Sonny recalls being at the filing cabinet and hearing someone coming. Sonny says he started to turn. Will and Chad ask if he remembers something.

Nicole questions why Eric is quitting when he just started. Eric responds that Nicole just admitted that the job offer wasn’t legitimate and he’s not going to take the job just to ease her guilt because she chose to lie to her husband. Eric says he’s going to pack his things but Nicole stops him and asks him to listen. Nicole admits that initially she may have offered him the job to ease her guilt but they do really need him because there has been a lot of staff turnover thanks to Kristen. Nicole insists that they do need a photographer who she can trust and he’s definitely qualified. Nicole says as strange as her offer may have been, she still wants him here if he wants to work here. Eric admits that he does want to work here on the condition that she will be upfront with Rafe about them working together from now on, because the last thing he wants is to cause any trouble between her and her husband.

Jada questions Rafe thinking Leo Stark is innocent. Rafe clarifies that he said he might be, but as time goes on, the more he thinks so. Jada brings up all the evidence. Rafe says it’s hardly an ironclad case and there’s a possibility that Leo is being framed, but when Melinda settles on a suspect, she will try and push the whole case through without looking back. Jada asks what Rafe has in mind. Rafe wants Jada to look at all the evidence they have since she’s a fresh pair of eyes and might see something that he missed. Jada asks if he thinks there’s anything to Leo’s accusation of Craig Wesley and if Rafe is leaning in that direction. Rafe admits he’s not sure but he’s hesitant to lean in any direction without giving it a lot more thought. Rafe says he is going to check on Craig’s alibi while he wants Jada to go through all of the evidence to see if there’s any evidence that someone other than Leo committed these crimes.

Chad urges Sonny to remember if he saw anything. Sonny remembers seeing the reflection in the glass painting when he started to turn and confirms it was definitely Clyde Weston. Sonny questions why Clyde would do this to him. Chad declares that it’s not just Sonny since the knife he stabbed him with was the same knife used on Abigail which means Clyde murdered his wife.

Clyde gets dressed for his wedding and walks through the town square. While sticking the rose to his suit jacket, Clyde accidentally cuts his finger.

Nancy argues that it seems like the Salem police have accused everyone except the guilty party. Nancy is sure this will all go away as soon as Craig provides Rafe with his alibis. Craig hopes she’s right. Nancy assures that she is and then all of this will be over, but today is about her so she asks if they can just celebrate. Craig insists that he wants her to be happy. Nancy thanks him and says she really wants him there because they are still family. Nancy asks if there’s any way Craig can put aside all his worries to celebrate today with her. Craig agrees to come and be there for her. Nancy thanks him and decides she has to go get dressed so she’s not late for her own wedding. Nancy then exits the room.

Chad complains that they had Clyde in custody but they let him go. Will and Sonny bring up Clyde having an alibi that he was fishing on the docks and there was surveillance footage to prove that. Sonny is certain that he saw Clyde’s reflection, so he questions how that could be.

Rafe checks back with Jada at the station. Jada informs him that she might have something as she went back over Clyde’s statement about Leo selling him Abigail’s jewelry and it mentions his alibi. Jada says since she wasn’t there at the time, she decided to watch the footage herself of Clyde fishing on the docks at the time of Abigail’s murder. Jada reveals that there is a problem with it.

Chad asks Will if Clyde said where he was going after his drug test. Will confirms that Clyde said he was going to City Hall to marry Nancy today. Sonny questions what Chad is going to do. Chad responds that he’s going to the police to tell them what they learned and where they can find Clyde. Chad then exits the room.

Nicole tells Eric that she will be honest with Rafe in the future and admits she never should’ve lied to him in the first place. Eric questions why she did then and why she would lie about something as silly as having a dream about him cooking sloppy Joe’s. Nicole then admits that she lied to Eric too as she didn’t dream about that. Nicole reveals the dream she had about them was a sex dream which Eric questions. Nicole insists it didn’t mean anything and was just a dream. Eric then admits he lied too about the dream he told her that he had about her and that it was a sex dream about her too. Eric repeats that it was just a dream which Nicole agrees with. Eric decides he will see her downstairs and exits the office.

Craig tells Brady and Chloe that he is going to get ready for the wedding and will see them downstairs. Chloe stops Craig and argues that he can’t honestly think this wedding is a good idea. Craig responds that he just wants Nancy to be happy. Brady feels that’s a longshot with Clyde Weston while Chloe worries that it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Chloe asks Craig to help her stop this wedding.

Nancy comes out of the Salem Inn and runs in to Clyde. Nancy worries that they aren’t supposed to see each other before the wedding. Clyde reminds her that she had already seen him today so they can throw that tradition out the window. Clyde declares they are not going to have any bad luck. Clyde informs her that he passed his drug test and nothing is going to stop them from being husband and wife and sharing a wonderful life together.

Jada and Rafe go over the footage of Clyde fishing on the docks. Jada reveals that she went frame by frame and that the timestamp was off, which means Clyde did not have an alibi for the time of the murder.

Will asks Sonny what’s wrong. Sonny responds that Clyde Weston is still out there and worries about him coming back to finish him off. Will says if Clyde was trying to frame Leo, it wouldn’t make sense for him to go after him while Leo is still locked up. Will assures that Sonny is safe here and he won’t let anything happen to him. Sonny points out that it’s not just about him and it could mean that Clyde really killed Abigail. Will bets Chad is doing his best to convince the cops of that now.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion and removes a gun from the safe.

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Days Update Thursday, September 22, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Clyde and Nancy sit together at the Brady Pub and talk about being crazy about one another. They kiss until Clyde gets a text and complains about them being interrupted. Clyde informs Nancy that it’s his probation officer as he has to take random drug tests as a condition of his parole. Nancy hopes nothing is wrong. Clyde admits back in the day, he did some dealing but right now, her love is the only drug he needs.

Jennifer is at home and takes more painkillers until Jack walks in.

Leo sits in a jail cell, complaining that he trusted Gwen and thought she was his friend. Leo can’t believe Gwen ratted him out to the cops and argues that she was the one who helped him figure out who was setting him up. Craig then appears outside the cell and remarks that they say talking to yourself is the first sign of losing one’s mind. Craig asks if Leo is laying the groundwork for an insanity defense. Leo says he didn’t know Craig was back in town. Craig responds that he got back last night and that it looks like Gwen turned him in, but it looks like he sold her out first. Leo questions what he’s talking about. Craig says he’s been following the case and knows Leo steered the cops right to Gwen. Leo claims he had no doubt she would get out of it. Leo remarks that maybe he earned a little payback himself but warns Craig that he is going to burn in Hell for what he did.

Jack questions what Jennifer is doing. Jennifer claims she was just straightening Abigail’s picture on the mantle. Jennifer starts to cry and hugs Jack in order to hide the bottle of pills behind him. The doorbell rings so Jennifer tells Jack to get it. Jack says they’ll go away and that she’s more important. Jennifer says she’s just having a moment and encourages him to go see who it is. Jack then goes to answer the door while Jennifer hides her bottle of pills behind Abigail’s photo.

Alex visits Sonny in the hospital, bringing him balloons, candy, and a stuffed pony as he says he cleared out the gift shop for him. Sonny questions what Alex is doing here. Alex says he’s trying to make him feel better. Sonny responds that they both know that’s not what he really wants. Alex questions what he’s talking about. Sonny then accuses Alex of trying to steal his job and take over Titan. Alex responds that he doesn’t want his job and isn’t trying to take his job. Sonny questions if he was forced to step in as interim CEO then. Alex tells him that Victor practically begged him to do it. Sonny questions it being Victor’s idea for Alex to take over the company. Alex clarifies that it’s only until Sonny is back on his feet. Sonny says he’s reading that Alex is making big moves and acquiring other companies. Alex explains that he’s trying to do what is best for the company. Sonny calls him unbelievable. Sonny yells at him that he’s mad at him for taking over the company. Alex argues that Sonny should be thanking him because he’s busting his ass trying to keep the stock price up so he has a company to run when he gets out. Alex repeats that he doesn’t want Sonny’s spot in the company. Alex starts to storm out but Sonny stops him and apologizes. Sonny admits he’s just frustrated that he’s stuck here and he overreacted. Alex sits down and tells him that he only wants what’s best for him. Alex recalls how hard Sonny took it when Leo took him out the last time and now Leo took him out again, so he wants to help him make good on his second chance.

Craig claims not to know what Leo is talking about and says he did nothing to him. Craig adds that Leo is the one who tricked him in to believing that he loved him and then humiliated him on their wedding day. Leo says his words are dripping with scorn. Craig admits he was hurt, humiliated, and mortified. Leo says all of that turned him bitter and filled him with anger and resentment, so he dedicated his life to making him suffer. Craig questions if he’s somehow blaming him for his predicament. Leo shouts that Craig’s the reason he’s in here. Leo declares that he knows the truth and figured out that Craig is framing him for the attempted murder of Sonny and the murder of Abigail.

Jack returns to the living room with Gwen. Gwen greets Jennifer and apologizes for dropping by unannounced as she’s sure she’s the last person she’d want to see. Jennifer responds that she’s actually grateful that she came because it gives her a chance to thank her for turning Leo in to the police. Jack says they know that couldn’t have been easy for Gwen. Gwen says she’d like to say she turned in Leo for Abigail’s sake but she did have her own selfish motives since Leo falsely accused her of killing her sister and she was not about to let him get away with that, so she called the police mostly out of spite. Jennifer doesn’t care why she did it as all that matters now is that Abigail’s killer is in custody. Gwen responds that she wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Nancy shows Clyde the article about Leo’s arrest. Clyde says it looks like Leo got sold out by his best friend. Nancy is glad that Abigail and Sonny are finally getting the justice they deserve and that Leo is getting what he deserves. Clyde adds that Nancy and Chloe are safe. Nancy tells Clyde how much he means to her. Clyde says the same and comments that the ring looks really good on her finger. Clyde tells Nancy that he wants to marry her and he’s tired of waiting. Clyde proclaims that he’d like to get married today. Clyde jokes that he’s not sure he’s ever seen her at a loss for words. Nancy questions him wanting to get married today. Clyde says having dinner with Craig last night got him thinking and says Craig turned a deep shade of green when he saw that ring. Nancy admits he did look a little jealous. Clyde suggests doubling down and giving him a wedding to really be jealous about. Nancy questions wanting to get married today just to stick it to Craig. Clyde assures that he wants to because he loves her and wants to spend his life making her happy. Clyde thinks sticking it to the guy who caused her so much pain would just sweeten the deal. Nancy acknowledges that Craig would not be happy. Clyde jokingly asks if she’s afraid of Craig and questions what she thinks the big bad doctor is going to do.

Chad meets with Rafe in the interrogation room and informs him of his theory that Craig could be the murderer. Rafe questions what makes him think that. Chad explains that he and Will were with Sonny to try and help him remember what happened when he was attacked. Rafe mentions questioning Sonny himself and he didn’t see anyone. Chad clarifies that Sonny didn’t see anyone but he remembers smelling vanilla when he was attacked and then after that on his way home, he ran in to Craig, who offered condolences about Abigail. Chad states that Craig gave him a hug and then he got a strong whiff of vanilla.

Leo accuses Craig of killing Abigail and then followed him to the Titan office where he laid in wait to plunge the knife in Sonny’s back. Craig questions Leo actually thinking that he stabbed two people for him. Leo tells Craig that it’s just them here and asks Craig to talk to him. Leo encourages Craig to admit what he did.

Sonny gives Alex some of the jelly beans he brought him and calls it a performance bonus for the great job he’s doing while he’s stuck in the hospital. Sonny admits Alex is making some smart moves and he’s glad that Victor put him in charge. Sonny adds that he’s proud of him and apologizes for doubting him. Alex accepts his apology and hugs him. Stephanie then enters the room and asks if she’s interrupting a power lunch. Alex says they are just splitting some beans. Stephanie mentions just getting a call from a reporter asking for a comment about a new business deal. Sonny asks what about it. Alex suggests letting him handle this while Sonny rests but Sonny insists and asks what it is. Stephanie then reveals that they want to know why an LLC owned by Alex bought the company and then immediately turned around and sold it to Titan, which shocks Sonny. Stephanie asks if she said something wrong. Sonny recalls working on that deal for months and then losing it at the last minute to an unknown competitor and now he finds out it was Alex. Alex tries to explain that it’s not what he thinks. Sonny can’t believe he fell for this and accuses Alex of plotting against him ever since he got to Salem.

Jack questions Gwen thinking Leo is innocent. Gwen admits that Leo is anything but innocent but she doesn’t think he’s the one who killed Abigail. Jennifer asks why she says that. Gwen says she’s known Leo a long time and he’s been vocal about denying this from the start. Jack points out that it wouldn’t be the first time Leo has lied. Gwen agrees but she doesn’t think Leo has the stomach to stab someone. Jennifer questions basing this on Leo’s word. Gwen explains that when she and Leo were together before she turned him in, he swore that he was being framed and was awfully persuasive. Jack admits that he’s had his doubts as well as something about this never added up. Jennifer argues that there’s so much evidence against him and questions if Leo didn’t kill Abigail, then who did? Gwen reveals that Leo is convinced that it’s Craig Wesley.

Leo says a part of Craig must be dying to admit what he did, rub it in his face, and prove how smart he is. Leo asks if Craig wants him to beg for forgiveness. Craig tells Leo that he reeks of desperation and asks if he really expects anyone to believe his crazy theory. Leo responds that he does because they both know it’s true and he’s going to prove it which Craig laughs at.

Nancy tells Clyde that Craig does have a temper but she’s not worried about him getting mad. Clyde asks what the problem is then. Nancy explains that when they get married, she wants it to be the perfect time for them, not to get back at her ex. Clyde suggests they still get married today and just not tell anybody so it’s only because he can’t wait to make her his wife and will have nothing to do with Craig or anyone else. Clyde says it’s just him wanting to spend his life with her and calls her the best person he knows. Nancy then agrees and calls Clyde the best thing ever as they kiss. Nancy then adds that she does really want to have Chloe there and she’s going to want to have Brady there. Nancy then says she’s sorry but Craig should really be there too since Craig wanted her at his wedding to Leo. Nancy states that she and Craig share two beautiful daughters and a lot of wonderful memories so they will always be family. Clyde brings up all the pain he caused her and lies he told her. Nancy acknowledges that Craig has made mistakes, but deep down he is a good man.

Leo talks about Craig leaving Nancy and giving up his whole life to be with him, then on the day of their wedding, he found out he was lying. Leo mentions that Craig said he was hurt, humiliated, and mortified. Leo adds that Craig had given himself to him and then something inside him broke, he snapped, and that’s why he killed Abigail. Craig then grabs Leo through the cell bars.

Alex tells Sonny that he was not plotting against him. Sonny questions why he bought that company then. Alex responds that he bought it because Sonny almost blew it. Alex says that Victor said Sonny is not a killer and he’s not, but that’s okay because he’s here and saw an opportunity. Sonny argues that Alex just wanted to make himself look good at his expense. Alex questions if he seriously thinks that’s what he thinks this is about. Sonny remarks that Leo Stark is not the only person who stabbed him in the back. Alex warns that he’s crossing a line. Leo screams at Alex to take his gifts and get out of his room. Stephanie asks if they can talk about this but Alex walks out.

Clyde tells Nancy that he can’t wait to make her his bride, but admits he wishes that Ben, Ciara, and their baby were here with them. Nancy says they’ll celebrate with them another time but today is just for them. Clyde tells her how happy that makes him and says all they have to do is go to city hall and make it official. Nancy suggests Brady could be Clyde’s best man and Chloe could be her maid of honor. Clyde points out that Craig could be the witness and could even walk her down the aisle. Nancy wonders if he’d do it because she kind of likes the symbolism. Nancy decides to give Craig a call while Clyde says he’ll go take his drug test now so nothing spoils their day.

Chad suggests to Rafe that the vanilla could have been Craig’s cologne or aftershave. Rafe questions Chad wanting him to lock up someone else based on hunches and smells. Chad argues that he just wants the right person behind bars for murdering his wife. Chad would love to accept that it was Leo so he could start to get a little closure. Rafe wants that for him too. Chad brings up Leo having tons of enemies and ruining Craig’s life in a very public manner. Rafe questions the motive being vengeance and killing Abigail so that Leo would be locked up for a murder. Chad feels it’s not that crazy of a theory. Rafe agrees to look in to it. Chad thanks him and then exits.

Craig doubts anyone on earth would miss Leo if he dies in his cell. Craig shouts that he did not stab anyone and if someone is framing Leo, it’s not him. Leo calls him a scary, sadistic maniac. Leo says the look in Craig’s eyes is the look of a stone cold killer. Craig says if someone asked him a few months ago, if he thought Leo could kill or stab anyone, he would think they were crazy but he didn’t know him. Craig declares that he doesn’t know Leo and thanks God that Leo is out of his life forever. Leo calls him an excellent liar, even better than him. Leo states that Craig lied to his wife and to himself for his whole life, but he’s on to him. Leo questions Craig thinking he can frame him for murder and get away with it. Leo warns that he’s going to prove he is innocent and that Craig is guilty and when he’s done, Craig will be sorry he ever laid eyes on him. Craig responds that he already is sorry.

Jennifer argues that she’s known Craig for a long time and he’s hardly an angel, but questions him being a murderer and why he would kill Abigail. Gwen explains that Leo’s theory is that Craig was furious and humiliated from being duped by Leo so he went off the rails and was willing to kill for revenge. Gwen says if that’s the case, Abigail was just collateral damage. Gwen looks at Abigail’s photo on the mantle and says she knows how much she hurt her and she’s very sorry that she was unable to make amends for what she did to her. Gwen hopes that whoever killed Abigail pays for it dearly and she means that from the bottom of her heart. Jack thanks Gwen for coming and says he’ll walk her out. Jack tells Jennifer that he is going to the paper to check on the Orpheus story and then he’ll be back as soon as he can. Gwen tells Jennifer to take care as she exits with Jack. Jennifer then retrieves her bottle of painkillers from behind Abigail’s photo as Gwen comes back in, having forgot her purse, and sees her. Jennifer claims that she is taking antibiotics for a sinus infection but Gwen informs her that she knows what those are. Gwen talks about her mom hiding those bottles behind picture frames when she was growing up. Gwen says she sees in Jennifer’s eyes that it’s more than grief. Jennifer argues that Gwen has no idea what she’s going through. Gwen says she’s not judging her and she knows Jennifer is wanting to stop her pain. Gwen brings up Jennifer being an addict and being in recovery for awhile. Jennifer says that’s none of her business. Gwen reminds Jennifer that she did research her family before coming to Salem, but now she wants to help her. Gwen wants to go catch Jack but Jennifer warns her not to even think about it.

Stephanie apologizes to Sonny as she didn’t mean to cause trouble between him and Alex. Sonny says it’s okay as she didn’t know. Stephanie thought he knew about the deal Alex made. Sonny says he didn’t but he does now and he knows that he can not trust his brother and he never will again.

Alex goes to leave the hospital and runs in to Clyde getting off the elevator. Clyde says “watch where you’re going, son” while Alex responds that he’s not his son as Clyde walks off.

Nancy leaves the Pub and calls Craig, leaving a message that it would mean the world to her for him to be at her wedding. Nancy then hangs up and runs in to Chad, noting that she hasn’t seen him and she’s so sorry about Abigail. Chad thanks her and mentions running in to Craig yesterday. Nancy says he’s in town because of Leo. Nancy asks what Craig said to him. Chad says he just had some kind words about Abigail but he couldn’t help but notice Craig’s cologne or aftershave. Chad asks if Craig has always worn something that smells like vanilla.

Craig comes up to the police station from Leo’s holding cell where Rafe greets him and asks if he has a few minutes to talk. Craig asks what about. Rafe brings up that Craig was engaged to Leo, so he figures he knows him better than most people. Craig can’t imagine what that would tell him but says he’s happy to. Rafe then takes Craig to the interrogation room.

Alex goes to the Titan office where Stephanie is working. Stephanie informs him that Sonny is trying to get discharged to get his job back. Alex asks if he can tell her his side of the story. Stephanie asks if his side also includes him screwing over his brother. Alex guesses she’s on team Sonny. Stephanie argues that she’s team Titan and it’s her job to squash this mess before it becomes a story. Alex wants to help and invites her to lunch so they can figure it out but Stephanie turns him down. Alex reminds her that she bought him a drink the other day. Stephanie calls that a mistake and suggests they stick to business. Alex says this is business but Stephanie says she will handle it herself and exits.

Jennifer accuses Gwen of trying to rat her out to Jack after everything she’s done to her family. Gwen argues that Jennifer needs help. Jennifer yells at her to mind her own business. Gwen points out that Abigail wouldn’t want this for her. Jennifer tells her to never compare herself to Abigail and says Gwen has been nothing but a virus in this family. Gwen says that’s why she’s trying to make things better and she owes it to Jack to tell him. Jennifer argues that Gwen owes her and says Gwen only has a relationship with Jack because she allows it. Jennifer warns that if Gwen thinks about going to Jack with what she saw, she will make sure she never sees her father again. Jennifer then screams at Gwen to get the hell out of her house, so Gwen exits.

Nancy tells Chad that it’s odd because Craig never wore aftershave or cologne during their marriage. Chad suggests he started wearing it after they split up. Nancy says that would be a coincidence because vanilla is what Clyde wears. Nancy says at first she thought it was feminine, but now she kind of likes it. Chad then thinks back to Craig hugging him and remembers that Clyde was standing nearby.

Clyde fills out his drug test paperwork at the hospital. Clyde then gets up and looks in the window of Sonny’s hospital room. Clyde then flashes back to being the one who stabbed Sonny!

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Days Update Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Orpheus is in the interrogation room, handcuffed to the table. Steve enters, so Orpheus mockingly says he was waiting for one of the Justice League of Salem to show up and asks if he drew the short stick. Steve warns Orpheus that he’s giving him one chance to tell him what he did to Kayla, Kate, and Marlena.

Kayla is in Marlena’s hospital room, on the phone with Stephanie. Kayla claims she can’t make it to lunch because she’s swamped at work and that Steve is just as busy. Kayla sneezes but says it’s just her allergies. Kayla tells Stephanie that she loves her and will call her later as she hangs up. Kayla informs Marlena that she and Steve decided to spare Stephanie. Marlena notes that she and John made the same decision not to tell their children. Kayla is afraid to prescribe anything because they don’t know what they are dealing with. Kayla asks if John went home to get some sleep. Marlena responds that John said he had something to take care of.

Belle has John on the stand at Brady and Kristen’s court case. Belle asks John to tell them what kind of man and father that Brady is. John is distracted as he thinks back to Orpheus warning that they will stand by and helplessly watch the women they love leave them and then they know what he felt when they took his Rebecca. Belle asks John if he heard the question. Brady calls out to John. John wipes a tear from his eye then snaps out of his distraction and asks if they said something.

Roman goes to Kate’s hospital room and finds her getting dressed. Roman questions what she’s doing. Kate responds that she’s getting dressed to get the hell out of here.

Chloe goes to the police station where Shawn asks her what’s wrong. Chloe tells him that it’s about Philip. Shawn asks if she heard from him. Chloe says she hasn’t and no one has in almost a year but Kristen is using that by dredging up the investigation to make it seem like Brady killed him just to get custody of Rachel. Shawn is not surprised that Kristen is doing something vicious, vile, and disgusting to get her way. Chloe complains that she hates Kristen and that she’s floating it out there that Brady might have killed Philip. Chloe argues that Kristen doesn’t care about Rachel and all Brady can do is deny it. Chloe worries about Kristen getting away with this and Brady losing Rachel. Chloe hoped Shawn would go back to the hearing with her to tell the judge that Kristen is wrong and that Brady did not kill Philip. Shawn responds that he can’t do that. Chloe questions why not since he knows Brady wouldn’t do that and questions if he wants Kristen to take Brady’s daughter. Shawn argues that he’s an officer of the law and Philip’s disappearance has been classified a cold case, so he’d have to testify to that. Chloe declares that Kristen will win again then.

The judge asks if John needs a moment. John apologizes and says he just gets a little emotional when he hears someone question what type of father Brady is. Belle asks him to elaborate on that. John brings up when Kristen was in prison, all Brady did was take care of Rachel and he never said a bad word against Kristen and tried to shield Rachel from what other people were saying. John adds that Brady was desperate to never let Rachel find out that Kristen stabbed her great-grandfather right in the chest. John says with all that going on, Brady made sure that Rachel got to see Kristen as much as possible and always put Rachel first which is what good parents do. Belle thanks John and sits down. The judge asks if Kristen has any questions for John. Kristen announces she has one for the court. Kristen says John is here to testify to Brady’s character, but questions if John is a good judge of character. Kristen brings up John’s wife going on a three month crime spree and he didn’t seem to notice, suggesting that John only sees what he wants to see and turns a blind eye to the rest.

Roman tells Kate that she can’t leave as they don’t even know what’s wrong with her. Roman argues that the lab is working 24/7 on finding out what Orpheus infected them with. Kate says they can call her then and she’ll come back, but until then, she wants to be home with Roman.

Orpheus asks Steve how the girls are this morning. Steve responds that he’s not here to play games and says he’ll get straight to the point as he holds a pen towards Orpheus.

Roman warns Kate that he’s making a big mistake as she has no idea what’s wrong with her. Kate complains about sitting in this room waiting because it seems like she’s already dead. Roman hugs her. Kate says she doesn’t want sympathy. Roman says it’s love. Kate apologizes for doing this impulsively instead of trying to explain it to him. Roman just wants Kate somewhere that she can get help. Kate doesn’t feel like herself here and if she only has a short time left, she doesn’t want to spend it like this. Kate asks Roman to understand, but declares that she is leaving whether he does or not. Kate then exits so Roman reluctantly follows her out.

Orpheus laughs at Steve threatening him with a pen. Steve warns that if he jams the pen in to his carotid artery, it will go straight to his brain, killing him instantly and that’s what’s going to happen if he doesn’t tell him what he did to Kayla.

Marlena finishes a call with a patient while trying not to cough. Kayla warns that she really shouldn’t be working. Marlena feels Kayla should feel the same. Kayla points out that Marlena’s immune system took a bigger hit than hers. Marlena wants to distract herself from the custody hearing. Kayla understands but doesn’t know what judge in the world would grant custody of a child to Kristen DiMera.

Belle argues that Marlena is not on trial. Kristen argues that Marlena threatened to kill Doug and Julie while John didn’t even seem to notice. Kristen goes over everything Marlena did while possessed. Brady calls her a hypocrite. John argues that they both know Brady is a good father. Kristen questions his standards since John is married to a woman who threatened to murder Ciara’s relatives with torches if they tried to prevent her kidnapping. Belle argues that Marlena was not in her right mind when these alleged acts took place. Kristen mocks the Devil making her do it again and asks if Belle was possessed too. Belle says the Devil framed her. Kristen questions these being the people that she is supposed to trust her daughter with. The judge warns Kristen that she is skating on thin ice and tells her to either move on or sit down. Kristen apologizes and says she just has one more question. Kristen then asks John where Marlena is today and why she isn’t here supporting her stepson. John then reveals that Marlena could be dying right now and calls Kristen a miserable bitch.

Roman and Kate go to the Brady Pub to eat. Kate knows he’s mad at her. Roman thinks what she is doing is stupid and totally irrational but says he has no right to be mad and that he didn’t fall in love with her because she was rational. Chloe approaches and apologizes for interrupting. Kate says it’s nice to see her which makes Chloe question what is wrong with her. Roman says if she came by because of Clyde and Nancy, they don’t like it either but there’s nothing they can do. Chloe clarifies that this isn’t about Clyde, but she was hoping for Kate’s help for Brady. Chloe asks Kate to testify at Rachel’s custody hearing and to tell the judge that she doesn’t think that Brady killed Philip. Kate is shocked and thinks back to telling Roman the truth about knowing where Philip is.

The judge calls a recess for one hour. Belle and Brady question John about what is going on with Marlena. John says he’s sorry but she’s really sick. John explains that Orpheus didn’t just kidnap Marlena, Kate, and Kayla, but he infected them with some kind of violent toxin. Brady questions why he didn’t tell them. John explains that Marlena didn’t want them to be distracted and worried about her while this is going on. Belle declares that she has to see her. John says he was on his way there, so Brady decides he’s going with him. Kristen stops Brady and asks him to please wait. Brady tells John and Belle to go ahead and he won’t be long. They warn Brady not to let Kristen goad him as they exit. Brady then asks Kristen what she wants.

Kayla urges Marlena to try to get some sleep but Marlena says she can’t sleep without knowing what’s going on at the custody hearing. Kayla thinks John’s testimony will really help. Marlena worries about John since he was trying to sleep in the chair, but she could hear him having nightmares all night. Marlena imagines Steve is going through the same thing. Kayla reveals that Steve has gone to see Orpheus. Marlena worries that won’t help. Kayla says she couldn’t tell Steve to be patient and wait. Marlena remarks that they are both married to men of action. Kayla admits to being scared of what Steve is going to do.

Steve tries to stab Orpheus with his pen until Shawn walks in and questions what the hell he’s doing. Shawn pulls Steve off. Orpheus complains that Steve is trying to kill him. Shawn warns Steve that ending up in a jail cell won’t help anyone. Orpheus threatens to press charges as Shawn forces Steve out of the room.

John brings Belle to Marlena’s hospital room. Belle hugs Marlena. Marlena questions John telling her. John says it just kind of slipped out. Belle questions them not even knowing what it is. Kayla says they are working on it and goes to check with the lab. Belle tells Marlena that she can’t lose her. Marlena assures that she’s not going anywhere as they hug.

Kristen tells Brady that she just wants to say she’s sorry about his mom. Brady mocks her. Kristen says she didn’t know Marlena was will and if she had, she never would have pushed John like that. Brady argues that she would’ve thrown it in his face. Kristen tells Brady to drop the high moral tone and complains that he has his whole family behind him to keep her from Rachel, so he can’t expect her not to fight for her. Brady says she can drop the whole fighting for her daughter act as this is not about Rachel but about Kristen’s sick compulsion to win. Brady calls Kristen her father all over. Kristen warns him to imagine what she’d do to keep her own daughter. Brady argues that it’s not about Rachel to her, but about ownership. Brady says there was a very low point where he thought they could share custody but after seeing her behavior in the court room, he will do anything to keep Rachel safe from her. Brady then storms out of the room.

Chloe tells Roman and Kate that the idea of Brady killing Philip is like a black cloud looming over the court room because of Kristen. Roman questions her thinking that Kate could help. Chloe explains that when Brady denies everything, Kristen just looks at the judge, while the judge would believe Kate as Philip’s mother. Kate says they don’t know that’s true. Chloe knows she’s asking a lot and that it’s very painful for her to talk about Philip. Kate agrees to think about it. Chloe remarks that it’s just the life of a little child on the line and apologizes for interrupting their breakfast. Chloe then exits the Pub. Roman tells Kate to go upstairs and rest when she finishes breakfast because he’s going to tell the judge that Philip is alive.

Shawn questions Steve as to what that was about. Steve responds that he was going to kill Orpheus but Shawn stopped him. Shawn argues against that being a good idea. Steve says he shouldn’t have stopped him. Shawn reminds him that Orpheus is in police custody, so he can’t hurt anyone anymore. Steve says that is just not true.

Brady goes to Marlena’s hospital room and asks how she feels. Marlena says she’s just a little tired and that she didn’t want them to know about this. Brady says they had to. Marlena insists that she’ll be just fine. Marlena asks Brady and Belle to go back to the hearing and fight like hell for Rachel. John jokes that they better do what she says because she never swears. Brady hugs her and says he loves her. Belle gets a text from the court that recess is almost over. Belle says she’ll be back as soon as she can. Belle and Brady then exit together. John tells Marlena that they did good with their kids.

Kate pleads with Roman not to do this to her because if he tells the judge that Philip is still alive, then the FBI will track him down and put him in prison when all he needs is help. Kate says Philip is getting better but he can’t deal with this as this will put him over the edge and she will lose him. Roman declares that he can’t stand by and let Kristen take Rachel away from Brady as that would be wrong on every level. Kate offers to go to the judge and say she doesn’t think that Brady killed Philip. Roman warns her to think about what Rachel’s life would be like with Kristen. Roman says if Kate does this to help Brady, he would ask for leniency with Philip. Kate argues that they don’t know that. Roman complains that Brady didn’t deserve what Philip did to him and he doesn’t deserve to lose his daughter because of it. Kate calls that unfair because Philip is her son. Roman knows she’s in a difficult position and relates to Sami being his daughter. Roman decides it’s Kate’s call and agrees not to say anything about Philip unless she tells him to, so he tells her to think about it.

Chloe goes to the court room where Kristen reminds her that she was advised to stay away. Chloe says she just needs a word with Brady. Kristen points out that he’s not there. Chloe asks if she knows where he went. Kristen remarks that if Brady wanted her to know, he would’ve told her. Kristen thinks Brady has enough on his mind that he doesn’t need Chloe stalking him. Chloe mocks Kristen breaking out of prison dressed as Susan Banks and talking about stalking. Kristen says she has to do what she has to do. Chloe asks if she means like trying to convince her newly returned from the dead brother in to seducing her. Kristen claims not to know what she’s talking about. Chloe tells Kristen that she and Brady saw right through her plan. Kristen tells her that she needs to go over her closing argument and heads back in to the court room, shutting the door behind her. Chloe turns around and runs in to the judge, so she asks to speak to her for a second.

John tells Marlena about how he called Kristen a miserable bitch in court because she kept pushing his buttons until he lost it, but he hopes he didn’t lose the case for Brady. Marlena assures that the judge saw through what Kristen was doing. Marlena brings up how she feels about Kristen but admits to knowing that Kristen loves Rachel, so she can’t imagine that Kristen would put her own needs above her child. Marlena starts coughing so John offers to call Kayla. Marlena tells him that Kayla is trying to get the test results from the ISA lab. John hopes that they can finally find out what this is.

Steve goes to the hospital and finds Kayla coughing, so he urges her to go lay down but Kayla insists that she’s fine and asks how it went with Orpheus. Steve admits he got nothing and apologizes. Kayla says she didn’t have high hopes but asks if he’s still alive. Steve asks if Shawn called her. Kayla says no but she didn’t think Steve would be polite. Kayla questions what he did. Steve claims he just tried to persuade him to tell him what he did to her. Kayla then gets a call from the lab.

The judge resumes family court and asks if Belle has any more witnesses. Belle says no, so the judge asks for the closing argument. Belle concludes that it’s in Rachel’s best interest that she remain in the custody of her father, who has provided a loving, stable, and sane environment no matter what kind of chaos Kristen has created. The judge then calls on Kristen for her closing statement. Kristen says it would be dangerously wrong to leave her daughter in the custody of a man who is so obsessed with Chloe, that he would kill his own uncle to be with her. Roman then enters the room and introduces himself, announcing that he has something to say that he is sure will be relevant to this case.

Kate goes to her room and calls Philip. Kate says it’s good to hear his voice and he sounds so much better. Kate tells Philip to go to his therapy and claims she was just calling him to tell him that she loves him. Kate says goodbye and hangs up.

Kristen protests Roman barging in to give one sided statements when both sides have rested their case. The judge questions why she’s so sure Roman’s statement would be in favor of Brady. Kristen complains that Roman and his whole family hates her. Belle wants to hear what Roman has to say, but the judge declares that is not going to happen. Roman pleads but the judge informs him that he’s too late as she has already made her decision.

Shawn enters the interrogation room where Orpheus complains that he might need medical attention. Shawn assures he will be fine. Orpheus accuses him of putting personal feelings over professional. Shawn argues that if that was the case, he would pound the crap out of him for terrorizing his aunt. Orpheus argues that he’s punishing the innocent women to punish their guilty significant others. Orpheus declares that they will watch the women they love die and then he will finally be avenged.

Kayla and Steve go to Marlena’s hospital room. Kayla announces that the ISA lab is having a hard time figuring out what is wrong. Kayla then faints in to Steve’s arms.

Roman goes to Kate’s room. Kate asks what happened and if he told them about Philip. Roman reveals that it turns out, he didn’t have to because the judge had already decided to rule in Brady’s favor.

Brady and Belle hug as Brady questions if that really happened. Kristen calls it an outrage, arguing that Rachel belongs with her. Belle responds that the court doesn’t think so. Belle warns Kristen that any interference or harassment will lead her to criminal court. Chloe enters the room. Brady informs her that he has full custody and hugs Chloe. Kristen accuses Chloe of doing this and that’s why she was around earlier. Brady tells Kristen that she did this by showing the judge exactly who she is, which he thinks was a big mistake. Kristen questions what exactly Chloe did. Chloe thinks back to asking to talk to the judge. The judge told her that she couldn’t talk to her outside of court but Chloe provided a video of Kristen trying to kill her in her office. The judge said it should’ve been presented to evidence but Chloe explains that she couldn’t because if Kristen knew, she’d try even harder to make their lives miserable and turn Rachel against her. Chloe asked the judge to just watch the video and make her own decision on if a woman like that should be responsible for raising an innocent child. Chloe then tells Kristen that she guesses the judge put the child first. Kristen warns that this isn’t over and exits the room. Brady feels like he can breathe again as Rachel is going to be okay and they are all going to be okay as he hugs Chloe and Belle.

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Days Update Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

EJ and Stefan finish dinner at the DiMera Mansion and return to the living room with wine. Stefan praises the home cooked meal and says he’s starting to feel like himself again. EJ is glad to hear and asks to continue their previous conversation about DiMera Enterprises. EJ reminds Stefan that he and Chad lost control of the company earlier this year, but he hopes that they can now take it back.

Jack informs Chad that Xander’s gut instinct was that Leo wasn’t capable of murder and that he was a weasel, but not a killer. Chad responds that Sonny feels Leo was sincere in his apologies and that he had plenty of chances to finish him off since but didn’t. Jack declares that if Leo didn’t do it, someone is trying to make it look like he did. Chad confirms that Leo was trying to make Sonny believe that he was set up. Jack asks if Chad believes that. Chad admits he doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

Gwen questions Leo figuring out who set him up. Leo says it all makes sense now and declares that his ex, Dr. Craig Wesley hates him enough to do it. Leo adds that there’s no doubt in his mind that Craig couldn’t wait to commit those horrible crimes and then frame him for them but he is the real killer.

Nancy and Clyde are shocked as Craig Wesley enters the Pub and greets Nancy. Nancy didn’t know he was in town. Craig calls it a last minute decision. Nancy asks what he’s doing here. Craig responds that he came back because of Leo. Nancy calls what happened to Sonny and Abigail absolutely terrible. Craig says especially because it seems to be all his fault.

Gwen questions Leo thinking that Craig is framing him when he’s a respected doctor. Leo brings up everything Craig gave up to be with him and how he ripped apart his family. Gwen reminds Leo that Craig left him at the altar when he found out he was just after his money. Leo insists that he fell in love with Craig but the damage was already done and now Craig wants his revenge.

Nancy questions how it’s Craig’s fault if Leo stabbed Sonny and killed Abigail. Craig says it’s because Leo only came back to Salem to see him. Nancy argues that he didn’t know he was dangerous. Craig points out that Chloe and Brady knew, so he wishes they would’ve listened to them sooner and then Sonny and Abigail would have never gotten involved. Nancy repeats that Craig couldn’t have known Leo was a monster. Clyde agrees that there’s no way Craig could’ve known that dumping Leo at the altar would send him on a murderous rampage. Craig asks if he and Clyde have met. Nancy apologizes and introduces Craig to Clyde as her fiancée which surprises Craig.

Gabi goes to Rafe’s office and informs Rafe about Stefan being alive thanks to Dr. Rolf keeping him alive all these years and now that he’s had a heart transplant, he’s walking around completely fine. Rafe is shocked and doesn’t know how to process this. Gabi tells Rafe about Stefan saying he doesn’t love her and can’t stand the sight of her. Rafe talks about Stefan being dead for years. Gabi wants to track him down because she has a lot of questions for him but she doesn’t know where he is.

Stefan recalls the first time he met EJ when Sami had just dragged him out of the fire and he was all bandaged, barely alive. EJ recalls when he was fully recovered, Sami mentioned owing Stefan a lot of money and questions why he let her off the hook. Stefan says he could tell Sami needed it to get EJ the best possible medical care and obviously it worked. EJ says he always wanted to thank Stefan for that. Stefan says they are family and take care of one another. EJ feels they are clearly cut from the same cloth and together, they can accomplish great things at DiMera. EJ declares that first on the agenda is destroying Gabi Hernandez. Stefan turns away and gets up. EJ notes how when he first brought up the idea, Stefan was quiet, and now he’s pacing. Stefan says he’s just thinking. EJ doesn’t think it should be hard to give him an answer as he was under the impression that he’s no longer in love with Gabi. Stefan confirms he’s not and says it baffles him that he ever was. EJ questions why he seems so hesitant to bring Gabi down when this is his chance to take back what is his. Stefan suggests he’s just hesitant to rush in to a decision without knowing all the facts. EJ says it’s not really that complicated. EJ explains that Gabi has been able to hold on to the CEO position by the slimmest margins and inherited Stefan’s shares after his death. Stefan notes that now he can take them back. EJ says that should give them enough to oust Gabi, but Stefan would have to be willing to take her down. EJ asks if he is.

Gabi informs Rafe that Stefan apparently spent last night at DiMera Enterprises and Li found him camped out in her office but he took off and she doesn’t know where he went, so she asks Rafe to put out an APB. Rafe points out that it doesn’t sound like he’s missing and he hasn’t committed any crimes. Gabi says it was worth a try. Rafe asks how her boyfriend feels about all of this. Gabi responds that he’s not her boyfriend anymore, so Rafe asks if they broke up. Gabi then reveals that they are engaged, so Li is now her fiancee.

Nancy informs Craig that Clyde popped the question just before he walked in, so he’s the first to know. Craig mentions that Chloe said Nancy was seeing someone but he didn’t know it was so serious. Nancy says Clyde just swept her off her feet. Craig suggests they celebrate with drinks. Clyde calls that kind of him so Craig goes to the bar.

Gwen tells Leo that she understands Craig might still be very angry about how things went down with them, but asks if he really thinks Craig would murder Abigail just to set him up and calls that very extreme. Gwen doesn’t think Craig is capable of something that cold-blooded. Leo argues that they’ve only seen the soft side of Craig, but he’s heard that he used to be a petty, scheming bitch and that he and his ex caused all sorts of trouble in town. Gwen asks if Craig has ever tried to kill someone before. Leo says not that he’s aware of but losing someone you love can drive you to do crazy things. Leo adds that unlike Darius, Craig is not squeamish about blood. Gwen tries to argue that Craig’s a doctor who saves people but Leo reminds her of the doctor that forced her to be a drug dealer. Leo declares that he may have accused the wrong Wesley at first, but now he’s positive he’s right that Craig has gone off the deep end and is trying to take him down with him.

Jack finds Jennifer in the living room, looking at old family photos. Jack brings in ice cream sundaes for them which Jennifer calls thoughtful but says she doesn’t think she’s up for it. Jennifer points out that it was one of Abigail’s favorite family traditions, so she’s not sure she wants to carry on the tradition without her.

Leo goes over his theory that Craig came back to town and starts watching him, then sees he’s camping out in the DiMera basement so Craig realizes Leo would be the prime suspect if anything happened to Chad or Abigail. Gwen questions thinking Craig was planning it that long. Leo goes over how Craig saw his opportunity and used his knife to kill Abigail. Gwen notes Leo admitting that he had the knife. Leo says it must have driven Craig mad to see the cops go after every other suspect, so he comes back to town and stabs Sonny with the original murder weapon and brings his revenge list. Gwen asks how he would’ve gotten the list. Leo suggests he stolen it from his bag. Gwen points out the hole in Leo’s theory being how Craig would have known about his list.

Craig informs Nancy and Clyde that Chloe told him about Leo’s hit list, so he knows Chloe and Brady had to be on it. Clyde says the police have provided security to Chloe and Brady. Nancy notes that Leo hasn’t signaled that he is after them which is strange since they are ones that rallied the troops against him. Nancy wonders why Leo would spare them. Craig responds that she might have him to thank for that..

Gwen decides maybe Leo is right that Craig is the killer. Leo responds that it has to be because the setup feels personal. Leo admits plenty of people hate him but no one this much. Gwen decides she wants to call the police then.

Rafe questions when Gabi got engaged. Gabi says it was yesterday but the news kind of got overshadowed by Stefan’s return. Rafe points out that Gabi and Li haven’t been dating that long so he thinks it’s moving kind of fast. Gabi compares it to Rafe and Nicole getting engaged after only a few months. Rafe argues that they had been friends for a very long time. Gabi argues that she’s known Li for years but Rafe calls that a little different. Gabi states that when it feels right, it feels right. Rafe guesses she’s right and asks how it feels now that Stefan has returned from the dead. Rafe feels Stefan being back obviously changes the equation. Gabi points out that for starters, she and Stefan are still married. Rafe declares that the question is: does Gabi want to stay married to Stefan or does she want to marry Li?

Stefan questions EJ saying that they would maybe have enough shares to oust Gabi with his and asks if he’s not certain. EJ responds that at the moment, the other side potentially has six votes so they have to either convince someone to change their vote or continue working on getting Ava disqualified. Stefan asks how that is going. EJ admits not as well as he’d hoped because Ava was deemed unstable since she was seeing her dead husband but it was Stefan, which means she wasn’t hallucinating after all. Chad enters the mansion and starts to head upstairs but EJ calls him. Chad comes in to the living room and starts saying he won’t stay long but he’s shocked to see Stefan. EJ informs Chad of the good news that their brother Stefan is alive. Stefan greets Chad and says long time no see.

Gabi admits to Rafe that she doesn’t know what she wants. Gabi agrees that she hasn’t known Li for that long but she does love him and he really loves her, so if Stefan didn’t come back, she would have no doubts about marrying Li. Rafe is surprised to hear her say that because last time they talked, she said she didn’t think she could ever love someone the way she loved Stefan. Gabi confirms that she thinks of Stefan as the love of her life and maybe that’s because she lost him so early in their marriage, but when Li proposed, she was ready to move on. Gabi cries that she was really ready to put Stefan behind her, but asks how she can do that when he’s right there. Gabi adds that even if Stefan says he doesn’t love her, she can’t just give up. Rafe feels Stefan isn’t giving her much choice.

Chad questions Dr. Rolf keeping Stefan on ice and never saying anything. Stefan guesses Dr. Rolf felt there was no point because he couldn’t wake him up without a heart. Chad remarks that he never had one before. Stefan knows they’ve had their differences. Chad angrily asks if he has to remind Stefan of what he did to his wife. Stefan hopes this can be a new beginning for them but Chad declines. Stefan doesn’t expect Chad and Abigail to welcome them back with open arms. Chad quickly informs him that Abigail is dead which shocks him. EJ confirms it’s true as Stefan asks what happened. Chad responds that she was murdered.

Jennifer appreciates Jack trying to lift her spirits and she wants to enjoy doing things like this with him, but it’s something that she remembers doing with Abigail. Jack assures that he gets it. Jennifer knows it’s supposed to get better with time, but every day that goes by, she misses her more. Jack suggests next time they’ll have ice cream sundaes with the kids and share memories of Abigail. Jennifer agrees that would be good for the kids. Jennifer decides they shouldn’t let the ice cream he brought to go to waste because she thinks Abigail would want that too.

Craig tells Nancy and Clyde that he’s thinking Leo hasn’t gone after Chloe and Brady because he still cares about him. Clyde jokes that it sounds a bit narcissistic. Craig knows Leo is not happy with what happened at their wedding but warns about if he came ever near his daughter. Nancy asks if he’s seen Chloe since coming back to town. Craig says no because he came straight here as he was hungry. Craig then suggests they all go out to eat together to celebrate their engagement with Chloe and Brady. Craig calls it his treat. Nancy calls that very kind of him. Clyde agrees and calls him a real stand up guy.

Leo stops Gwen and says she can’t call the police. Gwen argues that they have to investigate Craig to clear Leo’s name. Leo asks if she’s going to turn him in. Gwen asks why she would do that. Leo feels she’s probably still mad about him lying that she confessed. Gwen admits she’s still miffed about that but she understands why he did it. Leo insists that he had to get away and apologizes for throwing her under the bus. Gwen says the important thing is they prove his innocence or else he will spend the rest of his life on the run. Leo then agrees that he wants to bring Craig’s life to a screeching halt.

Nancy, Clyde, and Craig walk through the town square. Nancy stops and decides she’d like to share the good news with Chloe by herself first. Nancy suggests Craig and Clyde get to know each other in the meantime since they are going to be family. Nancy then walks away. Craig tells Clyde that he’s glad Nancy gave them this moment together. Craig says he didn’t want to say in front of Nancy but brings up Chloe having a little trouble with Clyde’s past and something about his run-ins with the law. Clyde responds that he doesn’t pretend to be a saint but he’s paid his debt to society and since he’s been out of prison, he’s managed to stay out of trouble and got a simple job at the Pub. Craig questions Clyde’s drug deals, kidnappings, and attempted murder not meaning anything. Clyde asks if he doesn’t believe him. Craig responds that he just doesn’t think Clyde is good enough for Nancy. Clyde calls that funny since Craig is the one who deceived her for their entire marriage and nearly destroyed her by cheating on her. Clyde declares that Craig is the last person that has any right to be judgmental about him.

Gwen tells Leo that she will text Rafe directly because this is too important not to go directly to the top. Leo reads her text aloud, saying she has reason to believe Leo is being framed and she strongly suggests he launch an investigation in to Dr. Craig Wesley as she suspects that he is the killer. Leo wonders if Rafe will take her seriously. Gwen guesses they will soon find out.

Rafe gets the text from Gwen. Gabi questions it. Rafe says it’s about Abigail’s case and he can’t really talk about it but he does need to look in to it. Gabi says she has to head to work anyway. Rafe notes it being late but Gabi calls it a 24 hour job. Rafe tells her to call if she needs anything. Gabi tells him the same and they say I love you as they hug.

Stefan questions Abigail being stabbed in the house and asks if they found the killer. Chad responds that the current theory is Leo Stark. Stefan remembers Leo trying to get a job from him and calls him super shady. Stefan tells Chad that he’s so sorry and calls it a terrible tragedy. EJ questions if they’re sure it was Leo since he read that Sonny was unable to positively ID him as his attacker. Chad confirms that Sonny never got a good look at him but he remembers smelling vanilla for whatever that’s worth. EJ hopes they find Leo or whoever did this and brings them to justice. Chad says he just came to look for Charlotte’s stuffed elephant. Chad decides he will go check upstairs and then he will have a very large drink to try to wrap his head around this. Stefan says it was good to see him as Chad heads upstairs. EJ then asks Stefan where they were. Stefan believes EJ was trying to persuade him to take his shares back from Gabi. EJ asks if he has succeeded.

Jack and Jennifer eat ice cream sundaes while recalling how Abigail used to say ice cream was the solution to everything. They joke about when they first met. Jack says Jennifer saved him and jokes that he could have turned in to Victor otherwise. Jack says Jennifer taught him that loving someone with all your heart is the most important thing anyone can do. Jack calls the day she came in to his life, the luckiest day of his life.

Gabi goes to work at the DiMera office. She stops and looks at her engagement ring, then pulls out her old wedding ring. Gabi talks about praying and wishing for so long for Stefan to come back to her. Gabi says she’s so grateful he’s alive but questions how he forget the love they shared and what they meant to each other. Stefan then enters the office and asks if she has a minute to talk. Stefan then notices she is holding her wedding ring. Gabi points out that he is still wearing his. Stefan says he hadn’t even noticed. Gabi thinks maybe on some level, that might mean that he still loves her.

Craig tells Clyde that he doesn’t regret embracing his life and who he truly is, but he’s not proud of hurting Nancy because she was a wonderful wife to him and a beautiful mother. Craig declares that he doesn’t want to see Nancy get hurt again and that’s why he’s going to protect her at all costs. Clyde responds that it’s not his business, but the last thing he would ever do is hurt Nancy as she is kind, sweet, and makes him very happy. Clyde declares that as her husband, he will treat her with the love and respect that she deserves. Chad then walks by and runs in to them. Chad mentions not knowing that Craig was in town. Craig says he just got in today and asks if he knows Clyde. Clyde says they go way back. Clyde is glad they ran in to Chad because he’s still waiting for his apology since Chad falsely accused him of murdering his wife. Chad doesn’t think this is the time or place. Clyde responds that it is because Craig needs to understand in case he hears that he was a suspect and Craig thinks he’s not good enough for Nancy. Clyde explains that he had an ironclad alibi and the police felt foolish when they realized they had the wrong guy.

Leo asks Gwen if she’s cool with him hiding out here until the cops arrest Craig. Gwen says of course. Leo says it will be fun just like the old days. Leo hugs her and says he doesn’t deserve a friend like her. Suddenly, Rafe then bursts in to the room with his gun drawn and orders Leo to put his hands in the air as Gwen stands back with a smile. Rafe declares that he is taking Leo back in to custody. Leo questions how he even knew he was there. Rafe suggests asking Gwen. Gwen reveals that the text she sent Rafe was actually an SOS that a dangerous fugitive had arrived at her door. Leo asks how could she. Gwen says she’s sorry but one good turn deserves another. Rafe then handcuffs Leo.

Stefan and Gabi are interrupted by EJ arriving at the office. EJ announces he dropped off the paperwork with legal so they are all set. Gabi questions what paper work. EJ asks if Stefan didn’t tell her. Stefan says he was about to but got sidetracked. Stefan brings up Gabi inheriting his shares upon his passing, but he has now officially requested that they be taken from her and given back to him.

Jennifer offers to do the dishes but Jack insists. After Jack leaves the room, Jennifer goes to her purse and takes painkillers.

Leo complains that this is so wrong. Gwen warns him to think twice about stabbing someone in the back. Leo argues that he’s innocent and thought Gwen believed him. Gwen says she sort of does but she’s not going to get in trouble for harboring a fugitive. Rafe calls that a wise decision. Leo pleads with Rafe that he knows who the real killer is. Rafe responds that he does too and he’s taking him in to custody. Leo argues that Rafe doesn’t understand, that he’s being set up, and shouts that the real killer is Dr. Craig Wesley as Rafe drags him out of the room.

Craig tells Chad that he didn’t know Abigail very well but he knows she was an exceptional young woman who was taken way too soon, so he’s very sorry. Craig gives his condolences and hugs Chad. Chad then realizes that he smells vanilla which Sonny remembered from when he was stabbed.

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Days Update Monday, September 19, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Clyde sits outside the Brady Pub on the phone. Clyde says to keep this under hat because the last thing he’d want is for Nancy to find out, right as Nancy approaches.

Xander goes to see Jack, who calls it a nice surprise. Jack asks how everything is going with the new bride. Xander informs him that it’s a disaster.

Sarah goes to the Kiriakis Mansion with her bag packed. Maggie questions what she’s doing there instead of on her honeymoon. Sarah responds that the honeymoon is over and so is her marriage.

Gwen sits in her room with a photo of her and Xander. She tells herself that marriage is over. She is then startled by Leo frantically knocking on the door. Leo comes in and tells Gwen that she has to hide him.

Clyde greets Nancy and asks if she was hiding from him. Nancy says she didn’t want to interrupt him on the phone. Clyde says he was just catching up with Ben. Nancy asks how Ben and Ciara are doing. Clyde says they are living the dream. Clyde invites her in to the Pub while he’s on break.

Sonny tells Will and Chad at the hospital how Leo was in his room, dressed as a nurse and took off before the cops came. Chad doesn’t get how there wasn’t police outside his door. Sonny argues that he doesn’t need protection from Leo. Will asks why he would say that. Sonny acknowledges that Leo did sneak in wearing a disguise, but it wasn’t to kill him. Sonny adds that he knows it sounds crazy but he has a gut feeling that Leo really is innocent.

Leo begs Gwen to help him because the cops are after him as they think he killed Abigail and stabbed Sonny. Leo insists that he’s innocent and he’s being framed so he worries about what to do. Gwen threatens to call the police and tell them that Leo just confessed which is what he did to her.

Jack questions Xander as to what happened. Xander reveals that Sarah packed her bag and went home to Maggie. Jack points out that it’s only been 24 hours since the wedding and questions what he did. Xander explains that he told her about how he slept with Nicole last year and now she wants nothing to do with him.

Sarah complains to Maggie about Xander sleeping with Nicole and then using that to break up her marriage. Maggie recalls it being awful. Sarah questions her knowing about it and not telling her. Maggie says she thought Sarah would’ve already heard about it but either way, it wasn’t her place to tell her. Sarah agrees but says she didn’t hear about it and Xander didn’t tell her until it was too late and she made the stupid mistake of marrying him. Sarah questions why she would want to marry a man who could be so reckless and cruel as to break up someone’s marriage for profit. Sarah questions if Maggie is going to take Xander’s side. Maggie argues that she’s not taking sides but doesn’t see why it’s a deal breaker since Xander was going through a terrible time. Sarah tells her not to make excuses for him. Maggie says it’s just how she feels about it but it’s up to her. Sarah declares that she has decided she wants to be the hell away from Xander. Maggie says she won’t stand in her way. Maggie adds that if she leaves Xander and their marriage, she can think of someone who will be very happy about it. Sarah can’t believe Maggie is insinuating that Gwen will swoop right in. Maggie thinks that is true.

Gwen asks Leo if she should call the police station or Rafe. Leo apologizes for telling the police that she confessed and says it was his lawyer’s idea. Leo argues that Sloan convinced him that he had to give the police something. Gwen complains that he threw her under the bus. Gwen talks about Leo hanging around the office after stabbing Sonny and leaving his list so Chad could come after him almost like he wanted to be caught. Leo argues that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Leo repeats that he’s being framed and someone is trying to set him up. Leo declares that Gwen is the only person that can help him figure out who it is. Leo adds that if she doesn’t believe him at the end of the conversation, then she can call the cops. Leo pleads with Gwen as his only friend in the world and says he has nowhere else to go. Leo remarks that she has no idea what it feels like to be so alone. Gwen responds that actually she does and agrees to give him ten minutes to talk.

Will questions Sonny thinking Leo is innocent. Sonny asks why he wouldn’t have just killed him when he came in if he was guilty. Chad asks what Leo did to. Sonny says he did nothing and just asked questions about his stabbing like he wanted to know every detail. Chad argues that Leo was acting to get him to let his guard down. Sonny points out that Leo didn’t try to hurt him and said he only came to the office to get Alex to back off which made sense. Will worries that could’ve been another lie. Sonny argues that if Leo wanted to kill him, he would have just done it then. Sonny adds that Leo finally apologized for leaking those photos to The Intruder. Chad brings up that when he showed up, Leo was standing over Sonny’s bloody body and questions how to explain that.

Clyde gets Nancy a sandwich and asks if she’s not hungry. Nancy guesses she’s just worried about Chloe since Leo Stark is still on the loose while both Chloe and Brady are on his hit list. Clyde reminds her that the police have assigned security to both of them, so he doesn’t think she has anything to worry about. Clyde adds that Brady is pretty tough and very protective of the people he loves, so he wouldn’t let Leo touch Chloe. Nancy agrees that Brady would never let anything happen to Chloe. Clyde jokes that she should know better than to doubt him by now. Nancy then says she can’t do this anymore and pretend when nothing is going right. Clyde asks what is troubling her so bad. Nancy responds that she knows he’s lying to her.

Chad continues to question why Leo came back to Sonny’s office and why he was standing over him with the knife in his back. Sonny responds that Leo said he came back to have his parking validated which Chad and Will can’t believe. Leo knows it’s weird and far fetched. Will talks about Sonny’s huge heart being a reason he loves him so much, but they both know that Leo is incapable of being honest. Will questions what makes him think that this is the one time he’s telling the truth that he didn’t stab him or Abigail. Sonny doesn’t know and calls it a strong gut feeling.

Jack argues that Sarah can’t really be that upset with Xander’s one night stand with Nicole since he got over the fact that he was engaged to Gwen and married to Chanel. Xander explains that him sleeping with Nicole is not why Sarah left but it’s that he used that to bust up Nicole and Eric’s marriage and that he did it because Sami paid him a million dollars. Jack then understands Sarah’s reaction and asks how he can help. Xander asks what he can do to fix this. Jack says he doesn’t have the answer. Xander argues that Jack helped him before so he wants him to work his magic again and asks him again to help him fix this.

Sarah asks Maggie why she would even want to think about Gwen when her marriage just ended. Maggie apologizes for going there. Sarah tells Maggie that even if Gwen did try to get Xander back, there is no way he would go back to her after he knows all of the awful things that she did. Maggie brings up that Gwen is a very manipulative person and points out how hard she tried to keep Sarah and Xander apart, so if she thinks Sarah willingly left Xander, she will try every trick in the book to take advantage of that situation. Maggie says she’s probably at Xander’s hotel room now, offering him a shoulder to cry on. Sarah yells at her to stop.

Gwen asks if Leo has some idea of who is setting him up. Leo says he’s been thinking it over and it has to be somebody who hates him. Gwen believes that but says that doesn’t really narrow it down since there’s no shortage of people in town who would like to see them both disappear. Leo says whoever is trying to frame him doesn’t just hate him, but really has an axe to grind against him. Leo then declares that he knows who it is and says it’s Nancy.

Clyde questions what Nancy is talking about. Nancy says she knows he wasn’t on the phone with Ben before and questions why he said he didn’t want her to find out what he was talking about. Clyde says it’s not what she thinks. Nancy tells him to save it because she knows that whatever he’s up to is illegal and amoral so she doesn’t any part of it. Nancy declares that they are through.

Sarah questions how Maggie could say Gwen is going to be trying to get Xander back and asks if she actually thinks that’s helpful for her right now. Maggie says she’s just trying to make a point. Maggie talks about Xander being a mess when Sarah was gone, doing anything to stop thinking about her and the pain from losing her. Maggie compares it to marrying Victor despite knowing he had made a lot of mistakes but she vowed to love all of him, good and bad. Maggie says she promised herself not to blame Victor for his past, so she doesn’t think Sarah should blame Xander for his.

Jack wishes he could give Xander a magic fix for his relationship but he doesn’t know what that would be. Xander figures there is no fix. Xander says Jack just listening and not judging is enough. Xander admits that looking to other people to fix his problems is what got him in to this situation in the first place. Jack calls that real emotional growth. Xander asks if there’s any word on Abigail’s case. Jack informs him that he just got a call from Rafe but unfortunately, Leo Stark is still on the loose. Xander questions Leo being the prime suspect now. Jack says not just in Abigail’s murder but in Sonny’s stabbing as well. Xander asks if the cops are sure it was him. Xander knows Leo is a scam artist and a buffoon, but he’s not convinced that Leo is a killer. Jack questions if he’s honestly defending Leo Stark. Xander admits Leo is not one of his favorite people, but Jack is, so he wants to make sure he gets justice and the real killer gets locked up. Xander calls it a gut feeling that he’s not sure that person is Leo Stark.

Gwen questions Leo thinking Nancy is setting him up. Leo argues that it makes perfect sense since Nancy hates him and blames him for breaking up her marriage to Craig. Leo adds that Nancy knew about his list as he was stupid enough to tell her that Chloe was on it. Gwen doesn’t think Nancy would ever stab Sonny or kill Abigail. Gwen says Nancy might hate him, but seems like an actually nice lady that would draw the line at killing people. Leo disagrees and says he wouldn’t put anything past Nancy. Leo then admits that he’s trying to picture Nancy stabbing someone, so maybe it wasn’t her.

Nancy announces that she can’t be with Clyde anymore as he’s obviously not the man that she thought he was. Clyde argues that he is and says it wasn’t about anything illegal. Nancy doesn’t want to hear his excuses and says she can’t keep doing this. Nancy then asks if Clyde is cheating on her. Clyde swears there is no other woman. Nancy asks if there’s another man like with Craig. Clyde promises there is no man or woman. Nancy questions what the hell he’s keeping from her then. Clyde then pulls out a ring box from his pocket and reveals it’s this.

Sonny tells Will and Chad that he was attacked from behind, so he never saw the attacker’s face. Chad suggests Marlena hypnotizing him to get his memory back. Will calls that a good idea but mentions that Marlena is under the weather so she can’t do it. Chad then suggests they don’t need Marlena and maybe they can help him get his memory back. Chad encourages Sonny to concentrate on exactly what happened when he was stabbed. Will doesn’t want Sonny to have to relive that moment but Sonny says it’s okay since Will is with him and if it gets too hard, they can just stop. Chad says he doesn’t have to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. Sonny says he wants to do it as he wants to understand what happened to him and who is responsible.

Jack tells Xander that he made his career as a reporter by seeking out the facts and not rushing to judgment but based on all the evidence the police has, he finds it very likely that Leo is the killer. Xander hopes they find him soon if that’s the case. Xander says his heart goes out to Jack for having to suffer through this investigation to find out who is responsible. Xander decides he’s going home to try and figure out how to win back his wife. Jack encourages that Sarah will come around because she loves him.

Sarah questions Maggie saying she should just forgive Xander and chalk it up to one of his many mistakes. Maggie clarifies that she’s not telling her what to do, but yesterday was their third wedding day in the past year and a half. Maggie knows it hasn’t been easy for them, but Xander spent most of that time thinking she wanted nothing to do with him, yet he never stopped loving her. Maggie offers to have Henderson take her bag up to her old room or she can go back home and start that honeymoon with her husband. Maggie asks Sarah which it will be.

Clyde explains that he didn’t want Ben to spill the beans before he had a chance to pop the question. Clyde says it’s nothing fancy but it’s all he could afford. Clyde tells Nancy that he’s trying to be the man that is worthy of a woman like her, so he wants to do this right. Clyde then gets down on one knee and proposes to Nancy.

Leo agrees with Gwen that Nancy is no killer but he thought she was the most likely suspect since he did ruin her life. Gwen points out that Nancy’s isn’t the only life he’s ruined and brings up his ex-husband Jackie Cox aka Darius Rose. Gwen says he’d have a pretty big axe to grind since he was going to take Craig’s money to split it but then stabbed them in the back..

Will tells Sonny to relax and try to go back to being in his office right after Leo left. Sonny remembers going to get a file, hearing a noise, and then the pain in his back and it goes black. Will asks about the noise he heard or if he heard or saw anything. Sonny then remembers smelling vanilla.

Nancy calls the proposal unexpected. Clyde’s having a hard time figuring out how she feels since she’s about to cry. Nancy says she’s just emotional because not too long ago, she felt rejected and foolish because she found out Craig, her husband of 30 years, didn’t love her and now she feels wanted and loved, so this means more than he’ll ever know. Nancy cries that it makes her feel hopeful. Clyde is happy to hear that because she is wanted and loved. Clyde says he’s a lucky man to have her in his life. Clyde understands he had given her plenty to be doubtful about. Nancy then accepts his proposal and they kiss.

Leo tells Gwen that she didn’t stab Darius in the back, but she’s right that he totally ruined his life but mentions that he got deported back to Canada. Gwen asks how he could come back twice to kill Abigail and stab Sonny then. Leo notes that’s a good point and talks about Darius being unable to stand the sight of blood, so there’s no way he did it. Gwen says that crosses Darius off the list then. Leo questions who it was then.

Will, Sonny, and Chad talk about whoever stabbed Sonny smelling like vanilla. Chad talks about showing up to the office and seeing Sonny bleeding on the floor, so he worried that he lost him too. Sonny assures that he’s not going anywhere.

Chad goes to see Jack and tells him that Sonny is doing much better, but much to his surprise and disappointment, Sonny is not entirely convinced that Leo is guilty. Jack notes that Xander was just there and said basically the same thing.

Xander goes home and tells himself that he has to get this right as his marriage and his whole life depends on it. Xander starts writing a text message to Sarah, but Sarah then comes home. Xander asks if she came back to get more of her stuff. Sarah says no and that she’s bringing her stuff back because she realizes that she may have overreacted. Xander says she was right to be upset with him. Sarah responds that she wasn’t right to give up on him because she loves him and made a commitment to him. Xander says he loves her so much as they kiss. Xander asks if this means she’s back. Sarah says on the condition that he has to promise to never pull anything like that again. Xander agrees because she does make him a better man and she’s all he needs or wants as they continue kissing.

Clyde puts the ring on Nancy’s finger. She calls it beautiful. Clyde promises to do the best he can to make her happy and help put her painful past behind her. Someone then enters the Pub, surprising them.

Leo wonders who hates him enough to set him up for murder. Leo then has an epiphany. Gwen questions what it is. Leo calls it a vivid image in his mind. Leo declares that he knows who the murdering bastard is, who killed Abigail and almost killed Sonny. Leo then announces that he knows who it is for real this time…

Nancy and Clyde are shocked as Craig Wesley enters the Pub.

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Days Update Friday, September 16, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Johnny goes to Allie’s apartment where Chanel answers the door. They both say they were not expecting to see each other.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ makes a call to someone to track down Stefan because he is his ticket to ridding himself of Gabi once and for all.

At the DiMera Office, Gabi talks to Li about when Ava thought she saw Jake at the door but it had to be Stefan. Gabi questions Li about how he didn’t see Stefan too.

Chloe answers her door and is shocked to see Stefan. Chloe asks if she’s seeing things but Stefan says that she’s not and reveals he’s alive. Chloe asks how this is even possible. Stefan says if she lets him in, he’ll tell her all about it, so she does.

Brady questions what Kristen is talking about as he didn’t murder anyone. Belle objects, calling Kristen’s accusation outrageous with no basis in facts. Brady argues that Kristen has no evidence to prove her case, so she’s making this up. Kristen disagrees and then declares that Brady killed his uncle Philip in cold blood. Brady calls that a lie. Kristen calls him a murderer. Belle calls that absurd. The judge warns Kristen. Kristen asks if Brady was charged or not. Brady responds that the charges were dropped because the district attorney didn’t have a case because the police never found Philip’s body. Kristen argues that there was nothing left after Brady was done with him.

Stefan explains to Chloe that Dr. Rolf kept him alive this entire time and eventually brought him back when he found a heart for him. Chloe calls it unbelievable and asks if his family and Gabi knows. Stefan responds that he doesn’t give a damn how Gabi feels as he doesn’t care about Gabi which surprises Chloe. Stefan tells Chloe that she is the woman he cares about.

Li tells Gabi that Stefan must have ran off before he arrived. Gabi argues that it makes no sense since Li caught Ava when she fainted and Ava fainted because she saw Stefan. Gabi questions how Li caught Ava if Stefan ran off before he showed up. Li then questions what Gabi is accusing him of and asks if she thinks he’s lying to her.

Johnny guesses he shouldn’t be surprised to see Chanel there and asks to come in to talk to Allie. Chanel responds that Allie isn’t here right now and asks about his bag. Johnny explains that he needs a place to crash and hoped Allie would let him stay here. Chanel thought he was staying with Ava at the Salem Inn. Johnny says not anymore.

Ava questions why Allie is making such a big deal about this. Allie argues that she can’t blame her for being protective of her brother, especially since she knows what Ava is capable of when a relationship goes wrong. Allie brings up Ava threatening to kill Kayla if Steve didn’t sleep with her and she tried to frame Rafe for a crime he didn’t commit. Ava assures that Allie doesn’t have to worry about that with Johnny because she cares about him and they are not in a relationship. Allie argues that she and Chanel saw them going in to the Salem Inn together. Ava clarifies that Johnny stayed over night in her room on the floor as they are buddies and that’s it, so she doesn’t have to worry about her hurting her brother.

Gabi says she’s not accusing Li of anything, she’s just really trying to figure out what happened. Li argues that just because Stefan is alive doesn’t mean that Ava stopped hallucinating Jake. Gabi says it would be quite the coincidence. Li doesn’t know what to tell her and claims he didn’t see Stefan that night, but he did see him a little while ago here in the office.

Stefan tells Chloe that she must remember that they had something special when she was living under his roof. Stefan knows it started out as just giving her a safe place to stay but they were building a deeper connection that went far beyond friendship and gratitude. Chloe guesses he clearly doesn’t remember sleeping with Gabi behind her back. Stefan complains that he was an idiot for falling for Gabi’s tricks as she was trying to seduce him for revenge for her going back to prison. Stefan declares that if he had his way, Gabi would still be in prison. Stefan tells Chloe that what Gabi did makes his blood boil as she wanted to destroy him but in the end, she destroyed him and Chloe.

Belle complains about Kristen’s statements, so the judge warns Kristen to stick to asking questions. Kristen brings up Philip last being seen alive at the river bank where Chloe left him, but when she returned, Philip was gone and Brady was passed out, drenched in Philip’s blood with a bloody knife next to him and his fingerprints on it which Brady confirms. Kristen brings up Brady’s blood alcohol level and argues that it is relevant to determining if Brady is a fit parent. Belle repeats that the charges were dropped. Kristen argues that everything leading up to the charges is a matter of police record and since Brady refuses to answer her questions, she would like to enter those records in to evidence.

Chanel tells Johnny that when she and Allie saw he and Ava going in to the Salem Inn, they thought they were getting a room together. Johnny explains that he just stayed one night since it was late when EJ kicked them out and they had nowhere to go. Chanel admits she thought they were sleeping together. Johnny admits it was heading in that direction but Ava had second thoughts and she’s still grieving. Chanel asks if Johnny wanted to sleep with Ava but didn’t because she couldn’t handle it. Johnny acknowledges that Ava is a very attractive woman and says they really bonded while she was staying with them, so maybe some day.

Li tells Gabi that Stefan said he was in the office all night as he wanted to be somewhere familiar where he felt in control. Gabi wonders if he was looking for her. Li assures that he wasn’t. Gabi questions how he knows that. Li thinks back to Stefan telling him not to worry about him coming between he and Gabi. Li tells Gabi that Stefan made that pretty clear. Gabi asks if he has any idea where Stefan went. Li suggests maybe he went looking for Chloe Lane.

Chloe reminds Stefan that he got past what Gabi did, fell in love with her, and married her. Stefan says that all may be true, but he realizes now he made a huge mistake. Stefan tells Chloe that he never should’ve got involved with Gabi and he never should’ve let Chloe go. Stefan knows this is all very overwhelming for her but calls it a wonderful thing as they can be together now and pick up where they left off. Chloe informs Stefan that she’s sorry but that isn’t going to happen as she’s with Brady now.

Brady assures the judge that whatever is in the records has no bearing on what kind of father he is. Brady calls it an isolated incident where he harmed no one while Kristen has terrorized people for years. Brady adds that Kristen has gone after him and almost every member of his family. Kristen objects. Brady declares that Kristen stabbed his grandfather, raped his brother, and was caught trying to kidnap their daughter. Kristen argues that she served her time and was granted a full pardon. Brady says that doesn’t change the fact that she drugged people, held people hostage, and poisoned people. The judge reminds that Kristen’s past crimes are inadmissible in court. Brady then brings up Kristen threatening Chloe with a letter opener just a couple days ago. Brady calls Kristen the same violent psychopath she’s always been. Belle apologizes for Brady’s outburst and declares that he has nothing further to add. Kristen believes after reviewing the documents and considering Brady’s outburst here with frightening volatility, then the judge will understand why she doesn’t want her daughter being raised by a homicidal alcoholic.

Johnny tells Chanel that he and Ava have a real connection, but she’s not ready to jump in to anything serious as she just started a new job and is trying to find a place to live. Chanel adds that Ava is old enough to be Johnny’s mother and she is Tripp’s mother, so she asks if Johnny thought about what Tripp would think if he knew. Johnny says they didn’t sleep together. Chanel notes that he said it still could happen. Johnny questions what she’s thinking. Chanel continues to question Johnny wanting to have sex with Ava. Johnny then wonders if this is about what Tripp would think or if it’s about what Chanel thinks.

Allie sits with Ava and tells her that she is relieved. Allie adds that she and Johnny have had their issues and admits their relationship is strained now, but says he’s a really good person and has been through a lot lately. Allie apologizes to Ava for coming off insensitive and says she’s really sorry for her loss. Allie asks if Johnny is not staying with Ava anymore. Ava confirms she told Johnny to either move back home or find a new place to live.

Gabi questions why Li would suggest Stefan went to see Chloe. Li reminds Gabi that Stefan said yesterday that Gabi ruined his chances with Chloe. Gabi doesn’t think that could mean anything and calls Stefan and Chloe’s relationship a big fat nothing. Li says that’s not the impression he got from Stefan. Gabi argues that Stefan has been unconscious for four years and they don’t know what Dr. Rolf did to him. Li asks if she’s saying that Stefan didn’t have feelings for Chloe then. Gabi argues that Stefan took pity on Chloe for like a minute and helped her out of a jam with a drug lord. Gabi declares that she is the only woman Stefan ever really wanted or loved. Li questions if she’s sure about that.

Stefan questions Chloe being with Brady. Chloe confirms that she’s in love with him. Stefan doesn’t understand, bringing up that Brady was in on the plan with Gabi to break them up, so he’s as manipulative and deceitful as she is. Chloe calls that a long time ago and says they moved past that. Chloe tells Stefan that she’s glad he’s alive, but they are not going to be together, so she thinks he should go. Stefan warns that he’s not giving up on her as he was given a second chance on life, so he’s hoping she will give him a second chance at love. Stefan then exits the room.

Kristen tells Brady that she is sorry about this as she knows what he did to Philip wasn’t his fault. Belle argues that Brady didn’t do anything. Kristen understands her denial and says Brady used to be a good and decent man until he got involved with Chloe again. Belle objects. Kristen brings up the judge saying earlier that her only concern was the best interest of the child, so she’s trying to paint a full pictures so she understands how dangerous Chloe is. Kristen adds that earlier, Chloe admitted to being a kidnapper and if she’d changed, they wouldn’t be here now but she did not. Kristen complains that Brady was doing so well until along came Chloe, who used his jealousy towards Philip to worm her way back in to his life and drove him to drink and commit murder. Belle calls this pure fiction. Kristen claims that Chloe pushed Brady to kill, so who knows what she’ll push him too. Kristen then asks the judge to grant her full custody, declaring that until Brady rids himself of Chloe, she doesn’t want him to go anywhere near her daughter.

Chanel asks if Johnny is implying that she’s jealous. Johnny says he’s just surprised that Chanel is being so judgy. Chanel argues that Ava being old enough to be his mother isn’t judging, it’s a fact. Johnny brings up that Chanel was all about loving the person regardless of gender and asks if gender doesn’t matter, then why should age. Chanel admits it shouldn’t. Johnny states that Ava needed someone to be there for her and to comfort her while he did too because they were both feeling lonely and lost. Chanel says she gets that.

Belle declares that now that Kristen has finished presenting inaccuracies, she would like to present some truths and she has witnesses lined up to testify to what a wonderful father Brady is. The judge decides that’s enough for one day and they will resume in the morning, so she exits. Brady tells Kristen nice try but her smear campaign won’t work as the judge won’t forget about the terrible things Kristen’s done. Kristen reminds him that the judge can’t consider that but she can consider Brady acting like a lunatic today and the files she brought. Belle points out that the files clearly state the charges were dropped. Kristen complains that was only because his granddaddy went to bat for him. Kristen adds that she also needs to tell the judge that Victor and Kate signed a document declaring Philip was legally dead but then revoked it and questions why they did that. Kristen argues that Victor knew Philip was gone but that he talked Kate in to pretending there was no murder so that Brady wouldn’t go to prison. Brady argues that Kristen knows he didn’t kill Philip and that he would never hurt Rachel, so this isn’t about them but about her pathological jealousy. Kristen argues that it’s about his deadly obsession with a homewrecking, baby stealing whore. Kristen says it’s her obligation to protect Rachel. Kristen warns that when the judge reads the files, she’ll agree that she had no choice but to tell the truth about he and Chloe.

Gabi assures Li that Stefan loved her and is just a little confused now as he hasn’t fully regained his memory, but he will. Li says he wouldn’t be so sure, reminding Gabi that Stefan congratulated them on their engagement and was glad she had moved on. Gabi argues that Stefan was just being polite and that doesn’t change the fact that she was the great love of his life.

EJ makes another call, telling them to try harder to find Stefan because he couldn’t have disappeared in to thin air. Stefan then enters the living room and sees EJ.

Allie returns home and asks what’s going on. Chanel informs her that Johnny came by to ask her if he could stay here because he needs a place to crash. Allie says she heard. Johnny says he’ll take the couch and promises to be no trouble. Allie says she’ll think about it. Johnny argues that he’s her twin brother and asks if she really wants him out on the street. Allie is sure Johnny has plenty of other options besides her couch. Johnny assures that she has nothing to worry about and shouldn’t feel threatened. Allie assures that she doesn’t but questions why she should help him with anything. Johnny argues that family helps family. Allie brings up how Johnny tried to get Paulina help break up her and Chanel.

Belle asks Kristen if part of her really still loves Brady. Kristen says that’s what she said. Belle brings up how much Rachel loves her father. Kristen asks what her point is. Belle argues that the entire time that Kristen was on the run, Brady raised her daughter all by himself and was incredible, so trying to cut her out of Brady’s life is cruel. Kristen doesn’t see it that way. Belle knows Kristen is angry that Brady doesn’t want a future with her, but he and Chloe are going to be together no matter what and cutting Rachel out of his life won’t change that. Belle says it will only traumatize Rachel more and keep her suffering. Belle asks Kristen to drop the suit and work out a joint custody agreement. Kristen tells her to forget it. Belle argues that Brady only wants what is fair and isn’t trying to cut her out of Rachel’s life because he knows it’s in Rachel’s best interest. Belle knows that it’s really hard to set aside her pain and it feels impossible, but if she loves her daughter, she’ll do it for her.

Chloe finishes a call as Brady returns to her room. Chloe asks how it went after she left. Brady informs her that it went from bad to worse as Kristen tried to convince the judge that he murdered Philip and even gave the judge a police record of all the gory details. Brady admits he blew up in court which didn’t help his cause much. Chloe assures that Belle will sort it out. Chloe suggests calling Belle now to start brainstorming but Brady says he’s fried and just has to hope tomorrow goes better. Brady invites Chloe to join him in the shower but Chloe says there’s something she needs to talk to him about that is kind of a big deal. Chloe then informs Brady that Stefan DiMera showed up alive here today.

EJ tells Stefan that he heard he was back and calls it wonderful news as he hugs him. Stefan appreciates the warm welcome but points out that they’d never even met before and he’d only seen EJ in the hospital before. EJ points out that they both made miraculous recoveries. Stefan says they are strangers so he questions why EJ is so happy to see him.

Li tells Gabi that he knows it’s a shock that Stefan is back as they were in love and married, but a lot of time has passed and it’s clear that Stefan doesn’t feel the same way about her. Gabi argues that he just doesn’t remember. Li suggests maybe it’s better that way since Gabi has moved on with her life and is in a really great place now. Li points out that they are engaged and love each other. Li tells her to imagine how complicated it would be if Stefan did remember his feelings for her. Li declares that this way, they are both free to move on and the slate is wiped clean. Li knows how hard this must be for her and says he’ll do everything he can to help but she also has to help herself on moving on and focusing on her future with him. Li tells Gabi that she needs to let Stefan go.

Ava sits at the Bistro and thinks back to kissing Johnny.

Johnny apologizes to Allie and Chanel for teaming up with Paulina and says he knows that was a mistake and he’s trying to move past it. Allie questions if he means moving on with Ava, who is the same age as their mother and just lost her husband. Johnny tells her to relax as he just explained to Chanel that he and Ava are just friends. Allie informs him that Ava told her that Johnny pursued her and she rejected him, but she knows that when Johnny wants something, he goes after it with a vengeance. Johnny argues that she does too, complaining that she went after Chanel even though she was his ex-wife. Allie warns him that he’s not doing a good job of convincing her to let him stay here. Johnny agrees and apologizes but says he still needs a place to crash, so he asks if he can take the couch. Allie agrees to let him but tells him not to get too comfortable.

Chloe informs Brady that Stefan told her that marrying Gabi was a mistake and he wanted Chloe back. Brady calls that insane but then brings up who would benefit from Stefan suddenly being alive and pursuing her. Brady reminds Chloe about when Kristen came in asking “where is he” and wonders if she was expecting Stefan. Chloe realizes that must have been it. Brady thinks that Kristen is up to her neck in this.

Kristen tells Belle that she loves her daughter with all her heart and soul and that’s why she’s doing this. Kristen says Belle can tell Brady that as long as Chloe is in his life, she’s not dropping this case. Kristen thinks she has a real good chance at winning. Belle asks if she won’t even consider making a deal. Kristen declares that if Belle wants a different outcome, she can convince Chloe to let Brady go and move on to someone else.

EJ tells Stefan that they may not know each other but they are family and family is everything to him as it was to his father. EJ pours them champagne and toasts to the return of Stefan O. DiMera, saying he knows they’ll do great things together at the family company. Stefan thought he was no longer CEO. EJ says he was unceremoniously unseated by Gabi, but she was voting with shares that she inherited from Stefan and now that he’s back, perhaps the situation might change. EJ understands that Stefan’s feelings towards Gabi are gone, so he thought they could work together to take back the company and they could start by getting rid of Gabi.

Gabi appreciates Li’s support but says this is a lot and she can’t talk about it anymore right now. Gabi decides she really needs to be alone. Li understands and agrees to give her the time she needs. Li tells Gabi that he loves her and when she’s ready, he’ll be there. Li then exits the office. Gabi sits down and pulls out her old wedding ring from her purse.

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Days Update Thursday, September 15, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Brady and Chloe wait outside the court room. Brady worries about possibly losing Rachel to Kristen today and admits it’s scaring the hell out of him. Chloe questions what kind of judge could give custody to a woman like Kristen, pointing out that she has spent most of Rachel’s life either in prison or on the run, so she has no idea what personal responsibility is like. Brady thanks Chloe as she continues to encourage him. Belle arrives and asks where Kristen is. Brady says he has no idea but knowing her, she’s probably up to no good.

Li finds Kristen outside the Brady Pub and says they need to talk. Kristen responds that she’s due in court so she doesn’t have time but Li grabs her by the arm and warns her to make time because it has to do with Stefan.

Gabi goes back to the DiMera Crypt and retrieves her wedding ring that she left at Stefan’s plaque. Gabi thinks back to saying goodbye to Stefan and then running in to him. Gabi declares that Stefan came back to her, so this time, she’s not going to let him go.

Ava goes to her room at the Salem Inn. Johnny comes out from the shower in a towel and asks how her day was. Ava is freaked out and questions what he’s still doing there, reminding him that they agreed that he would stay one night. Johnny says he’s fine with that so Ava tells him to put his clothes on and go as she had her orientation at DiMera Enterprises today and it wasn’t a lot of fun. Johnny asks what happened. Ava doesn’t want to talk to him about it and reminds him that he shouldn’t still be there. Johnny explains that he was at the gym and just came back to shower and will now be on his way. Ava asks if he’s going back home to the DIMera Mansion. Johnny responds that it depends on if EJ’s changed as far as trying to ruin his life. There’s a knock at the door which Ava questions. Johnny remembers that he ordered room service which Ava complains about. Johnny says he was just hungry and tells her not to freak out. Johnny then answers the door to see EJ, who orders him to get his clothes on and come with him.

Gabi thinks back to kissing Stefan and their subsequent argument where Stefan said he could barely stand her. Gabi wonders what Dr. Rolf did to him.

Li tells Kristen that Dr. Rolf told him that she ordered him to wake Stefan up last night when he wasn’t done programming him. Kristen argues that she had no choice as she is on her way to her daughter’s custody hearing and Chloe promised to take the stand to make her look like the worst mother to ever live, so she needs Stefan to distract Chloe and come between her and Brady. Li responds that from what he hears, that’s not what happened. Kristen argues that Dr. Rolf told Stefan to straight to Chloe, so she questions where the hell he went instead. Kristen asks if Li knows. Li reveals that he actually does.

Belle points out that Kristen’s lawyer isn’t at court either and wonders if she decided to call the whole thing off. Brady assures that she’ll be there. Chloe wonders what Kristen is up to. The judge stands and questions where Kristen and her attorney are. Belle responds that they have no idea. The judge says she doesn’t tolerate tardiness in her court room. Belle points out that if Kristen can’t be there on time, she’s not demonstrating an ability to care for a child 24/7, so she moves to dismiss the case.

Allie and Chanel talk at home about making 10,000 cookies for Paulina’s campaign until the oven went down at the Bakery. They hope Paulina hasn’t changed her mind about running. Allie comments on family, so Chanel then asks Allie if she’s talked to Johnny about the fact that he’s sleeping with Tripp’s mother.

Johnny tells EJ that he’s not going anywhere with him. EJ argues that he has to come home eventually. Johnny says he’ll be fine. EJ mocks Johnny’s relationship with a woman he barely knows in Ava. Johnny argues that EJ doesn’t understand. EJ tells Ava that he’s doing his best to take Johnny off her hands. Ava asks who asked him to. Ava tells EJ that she and Johnny have plans this afternoon and suggests EJ gets the hell out of her room. EJ argues that he’s just caring for his son’s well-being. EJ declares that he won’t make that mistake again and exits the room.

Li informs Kristen that Stefan went straight to the DiMera Crypt where Gabi happened to be. Li adds that Stefan told Gabi that he never loved her and blamed her for wrecking his relationship with Chloe. Kristen concludes that they both got what they wanted the and asks why the hell Li scared her like that. Li argues that Kristen took a very dangerous chance behind his back. Kristen asks if he doesn’t know where Stefan is. Li admits he hasn’t seen him since yesterday as Gabi wanted to take him to the hospital but he refused and took off, so he has no idea where he went. Kristen argues that if someone saw dead Stefan DiMera walking around, she’s sure they would’ve heard about it. Li says Gabi is a mess and couldn’t sleep last night. Kristen brings up Stefan being the great love of Gabi’s life and questions wanting her to just shrug it off. Li argues that Kristen should want Gabi to shrug it off if she wants Stefan to go after Chloe. Kristen declares that Stefan is going to be in love with Chloe, so it doesn’t matter what Gabi wants. Kristen adds that Gabi is Li’s problem, while she has her own battles to fight. Kristen then storms off.

Gabi tells herself that she will never say goodbye to Stefan again as she then exits the Crypt.

The judge points out that Kristen is almost 20 minutes late and decides to give her one more minute before granting the motion to dismiss. Kristen then arrives and apologizes, saying she was unavoidably detained. The judge questions where her attorney is. Kristen reveals that she fired her and has decided to represent herself. Belle laughs at that and asks if she’s kidding. Kristen then calls Chloe as her first witness. The judge points out that this is not a trial but family court so she asks the questions and makes the determination on custody. Kristen argues that the forms they failed out had a section on partners of both parties and she’s afraid that Brady’s lawyer advised him not to give full information on he and Chloe. The judge questions what she means. Kristen explains that she went to Chloe’s room last night to straighten things out but Brady answered the door in his boxers, so they are in a very serious relationship where they spend all day working together and then all day after. The judge questions the problem. Kristen states that their daughter Rachel hates Chloe. Belle objects, calling that pure speculation, pointing out that Chloe and Brady aren’t married and Chloe is not Rachel’s caregiver so she has no role in this. The judge says she will decide and asks if Kristen has more to say. Kristen responds that the judge doesn’t know Chloe like she does and thinks it’s important that she should. The judge calls upon Chloe and agrees to let Kristen ask her a few questions. Brady begins to worry as Chloe takes the stand. Kristen asks Chloe why she’s trying to steal her daughter from her.

Allie tells Chanel that they don’t know if Johnny and Ava are sleeping together. Chanel argues that they saw them going in to the Salem Inn together and questions what else they would be doing. Allie brings up the power struggle at DiMera and suggests maybe Johnny and Ava just couldn’t take it anymore. Allie adds that she’s learned to stop judging her brother’s decisions and start respecting them because it’s his life. Chanel questions respecting the fact that Johnny is moving in with Tripp’s mother. Allie admits it’s weird but says her and Tripp are broken up, so it doesn’t bother her, then points out that it seems to bother Chanel.

Johnny asks Ava if she wants to split his room service but Ava reminds him that she wants him to leave. Johnny thought maybe she changed her mind about him. Ava points out that she was very clear with him that she’s grateful for his support and friendship but they are never going to sleep together. Johnny argues that she just told EJ that they were going to spend the afternoon together in bed. Ava clarifies that was just to drive EJ crazy because he deserved it for how he’s treated her since Jake died.

EJ goes home to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and pours a drink, then notices Gabi is in the room. EJ informs her that her role at the company does not give her the right to enter his home without permission. Gabi responds that she’s looking for her husband. EJ questions if she and Li got married already. Gabi clarifies that she’s looking for Stefan. EJ suggests she go to the Crypt. Gabi responds that she did and that’s where she found out that Stefan is alive.

Li goes to the DiMera Office but is surprised to find Stefan at Gabi’s desk. Li questions what he’s doing there. Stefan tells him that when Dr. Rolf and Kristen woke him up, he wanted to get the hell out of there but as soon as he did, he didn’t know what to do with himself, so he decided to revisit his old life, house, and grave. Li asks where he went when he left and what he did. Stefan says he just wandered. Stefan remarks that seeing Gabi made him realize that maybe he wasn’t ready to revisit his old life which Li calls understandable. Stefan questions being dead for four years which Li confirms. Stefan states that so much has changed and yet so much has stayed the same. Li asks if he came to see Gabi. Stefan says no and that this is just his old office, so he wanted to be somewhere where he felt control. Li says he’s sure Gabi will be there soon, so Stefan says he should get going. Li questions if Stefan’s sure he doesn’t want to see Gabi. Stefan tells Li that if he’s worried about him coming between he and Gabi, he doesn’t need to be. Stefan remarks that the thought of Gabi turns his stomach.

Gabi explains to EJ that she stayed at the Crypt after Jake’s service to say goodbye to Stefan and let him go but then she turned around and there Stefan was. EJ complains that now he has two crazy women on his hands and it’s bad enough having Ava insisting on seeing dead Jake. EJ asks if this lunacy is contagious. Gabi reveals that Li saw Stefan too which EJ questions. Gabi explains to EJ that Ava isn’t crazy either and wasn’t hallucinating Jake, she was seeing Stefan in the flesh.

Johnny tells Ava that he said he’d go back to the DiMera Mansion if EJ stopped trying to run his life, but she saw how he was and that he’s never going to stop, so he’s never going crawling back. Ava brings up Johnny’s trust fund and asks if he can’t get his own place. Johnny argues that paying for a room with his dad’s money doesn’t make a statement. Ava asks what kind of statement staying in her room and sleeping on the floor makes. Johnny remarks that his dad wouldn’t know that. Ava questions Johnny picking a fight with EJ over her. Johnny says he didn’t pick the fight and told him that if EJ kicked her out, he was going too. Johnny questions why he would go back when he’d much rather stay here with her, even sleeping on the floor.

Chanel tells Allie that it doesn’t bother her if Johnny and Ava are together, she just finds it gross since Ava has a son who is older than Johnny. Allie argues that Chanel said she was sure when she picked her, so she questions why Chanel is obsessing over who Johnny is obsessed with. Chanel denies being obsessed but Allie doesn’t believe her.

Chloe tells Kristen that she’s not trying to steal her daughter. Chloe brings up her son being enough for her. Kristen argues that it wouldn’t be the first time Chloe tried to steal another woman’s child. Belle calls this ridiculous. Chloe argues that she has never stolen a child. Kristen brings up Chloe giving birth to Nicole’s daughter. Chloe argues that she was a surrogate as Nicole asked her to be. Kristen questions Chloe not telling her when she was pregnant. Chloe explains that she didn’t want to risk a miscarriage. Kristen brings up Chloe backing out of the custody agreement with Nicole. Chloe says she did what she thought was best at the time. Belle argues that this has nothing to do with the custody of Rachel. Kristen complains that Chloe went to extreme lengths to hold on to another woman’s child. Chloe argues that Nicole was with a violent man at the time. Kristen questions Chloe not approving of Nicole’s choice and says she didn’t come to family court then. Belle interjects to ask Chloe what her relationship is to Nicole and her daughter now. Chloe responds that she and Nicole are best friends and when Nicole is away, she asks her to take care of Holly. The judge thanks Chloe and excuses her. The judge then calls a ten minute recess. Chloe tells Brady and Belle that she’s so sorry. Brady asks Belle how bad it is. Belle responds that it’s not over yet, but it’s worse than she expected.

Chanel questions why Allie is trying to make her feel guilty, arguing that she didn’t do that to her when she was choosing between her and Tripp. Allie questions if Chanel is bothered by Johnny having someone new because he’s not panting over her anymore. Chanel claims she’s just worried that he might be sleeping with a woman twice his age from a mob family. Chanel brings up how Ava tried to have Rafe sent to prison. Allie argues that she won’t do that to Johnny. Chanel asks how she knows that and if Allie doesn’t care what happens to her twin brother.

Johnny tells Ava that he knows he came on strong, hoping that they could be more than friends but he respects that’s not what she wants so he’s totally fine hanging out with her here, watching TV and ordering room service. Ava calls him a sweet guy and she’s sorry he doesn’t get along with his dad, but that doesn’t mean he belongs here with her. Ava tells him that this room is not the answer. Johnny asks what is then since he can’t go home. Johnny questions where else to go.

EJ asks Gabi how Stefan could possibly be alive. Gabi says he got Dr. Rolf like EJ did. EJ asks if she’s sure it was Stefan and not Jake. Gabi confirms that she saw the scar on his chest where his heart was. Gabi argues that Dr. Rolf had Stefan on ice for four years and she thinks that Kristen had something to do with it. Gabi mentions that Stefan says Kristen gave him one of Jake’s suits. EJ wonders what Kristen is up to now.

Brady asks Belle what they are in for after the recess. Belle says she has no idea but she sees Kristen fired her lawyer because she wants to run the show. Brady questions Kristen about how she’s playing this. Kristen responds that she didn’t bring up anything that wasn’t true and exits the room. Chloe argues that now she really wants to testify against Kristen. Belle says that won’t be easy since she can’t bring up Kristen’s past. Chloe brings up Kristen threatening her with the letter opener. Belle worries that Kristen will spin that as her goading her in to it. Brady complains that Kristen gets to do whatever she wants. Belle suggests the best thing for Chloe to do is not engage and thinks that she should just leave.

Allie tells Chanel not to accuse her of not caring about her brother. Allie says she has to be careful about stirring things up with Ava and if Johnny wants to talk to her, he knows where she is. Chanel complains that other than that, she doesn’t give a damn. Chanel then decides that she’s taking the cookies to Paulina by herself and storms out.

Ava tells Johnny that it’s not up to her to tell him where to live, just that it can’t be here with her. Ava admits he’s been a great comfort to her and a great guy. Johnny thinks she’s pretty great too and asks when he will see her again. Ava doesn’t know and says it probably won’t be for awhile. Johnny says if that’s what she wants. Johnny then takes his bag and exits.

Gabi tells EJ that she has no idea what Kristen is up to or where Stefan is. EJ asks how Stefan took the news of her engagement. Gabi refuses to talk about her personal life with him. EJ assumes seeing Stefan wasn’t the joyful reunion she hoped for. Gabi tells him to go to Hell and storms out while EJ laughs at her.

Stefan tells Li that he shouldn’t be surprised that Gabi ended up with the chairman of the board and with his old job. Stefan says it should be interesting to see what happens next. Stefan then gets up from the desk and says he just realized he has no idea where to go. Li brings up that Stefan mentioned Chloe yesterday and how Gabi came between them. Stefan remembers he was on his way to see Chloe when he got sidetracked. Li informs him that Chloe is at the Salem Inn now. Stefan responds that now he knows exactly where to find her, so he exits the office.

Chloe questions Belle wanting her to leave because Kristen went after her. Brady feels that’s caving. Belle explains that it’s her professional opinion since Kristen is making this all about Chloe, so it would be best to get out of her line of fire. Brady adds that if Chloe testifies, Kristen will make her the bad guy in Rachel’s eyes. Chloe decides she’d do anything to help Brady get full custody so she will leave. Chloe wishes him luck and kisses him. Kristen comes back and asks if Chloe is leaving so soon. Chloe asks why stick around when they know how this will turn out with Kristen losing badly. Chloe kisses Brady and then exits. Kristen warns that she’s actually just getting started.

Ava comes out of the Salem Inn and runs in to Allie in the town square. Ava asks how Henry is doing and suggests setting up a time to get together. Allie asks if Ava has a minute to talk about Johnny. Ava questions why she wants to talk about Johnny. Allie wants to know what the deal is between them. Ava suggests she talk to Johnny but Allie says only Ava can tell her what she wants to know, so she asks Ava what exactly are her intentions with Johnny.

Chanel returns to the apartment, saying she came back to apologize to Allie and not leave things like that but she finds Allie is gone. Chanel wonders where Allie went as Johnny then shows up at the door.

Allie asks Ava what she wants from Johnny. Ava says she’d expect a question like that from Sami but not her. Ava asks if this is some sort of test. Allie says that Johnny is very vulnerable right now and still not over Chanel. Ava brings up Allie dumping Tripp. Allie says she was sorry for that and thought they agreed to be civil for Henry’s sake. Allie says that her and Johnny’s relationship is strained but she knows she caused a lot of his pain, so she wants to make sure that he doesn’t get hurt again. Ava questions why she thinks she would hurt him.

EJ talks to the portrait of Stefano about the strange turn of events that Dr. Rolf has apparently returned Stefan to them which means Gabi’s shares of DiMera stock now belong to Stefan and could be the key to prying her off the CEO position once and for all. EJ declares that he might not be able to do anything about Ava right now, but if he can get rid of Gabi then it might not matter.

Gabi goes to the DiMera Office and asks Li what he’s doing there. Li says he was looking for her and got worried as he asks where she has been. Gabi explains that she couldn’t concentrate so she went on a long walk and still can’t believe that Stefan is alive. Li calls it such a shock. Gabi feels bad for Ava for thinking she saw Jake and was hallucinating. Gabi states that someone has to set Ava straight. Gabi then realizes that Ava thought she saw Jake twice but passed out the first time and by the time she got there, Li was there. Gabi questions how Li could not have seen Stefan there.

Stefan goes to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn, leaving Chloe in shock.

The judge resumes the hearing. Belle argues that all of Kristen’s issues are with Chloe while she has had nothing to say about Brady because there’s nothing to say. Belle says that Rachel Black is a happy and healthy child in Brady’s loving care, so she sees no reason to change the current custody arrangement. Kristen argues that she’s not finished making her case. Brady asks what now. The judge questions what else she has to say. Kristen wants to ask Brady a few questions which the judge allows. Brady complains to Belle about the judge treating Kristen like a normal person. Belle advises Brady to just answer her questions as he then takes the stand. Kristen then asks if Brady can explain to her why he thinks it’s appropriate that their daughter be raised by a murderer.

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Days Update Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Xander brings in room service for he and Sarah and calls it the first day of married life. Sarah asks if he doesn’t think it’s over the top. Xander feels it’s the opposite since they are finally married after all the false starts, so he thinks that’s cause for celebration. Xander pours them champagne and says it’s just the beginning.

Eric gets out of the shower and Nicole shows up at his door which he calls a surprise. Nicole tells him that she needs to talk to him about something and asks if she can come in.

Steve, Roman, and John get a video call from Orpheus, saying he hears the women they love are under the weather. Orpheus is sure they’ve figured out by now that he’s behind what’s happening to them. Orpheus declares that he doesn’t want to keep them in suspense about what’s in store for them and notes that it sounds ominous. Orpheus guesses they are getting sick of him but warns that the ladies are going to get a lot sicker.

Xander and Sarah talk about staying in bed all day as they kiss. They talk about being very happy. Xander can’t believe they are really married and finally at the happily ever after part of their story. Sarah says yesterday, she woke up with a sense of dread about what would ruin the wedding this time. Sarah mentions getting scared when Gwen showed up. Xander assures that Gwen is in the past and there’s nothing more she can do to hurt them. Sarah talks about not knowing who else would show up since Xander was engaged to Gwen and married to Chanel while she was gone. Sarah remarks that she doesn’t know who else claimed his heart while she was otherwise engaged. Xander then thinks back to having sex with Nicole. Sarah asks if she hit a nerve but Xander claims he was thinking about something totally unrelated and gets up to get coffee. Sarah tells him that he better tell her or she’s going to assume the worst. Sarah guesses there was someone else. Xander then admits that there was, but it was just a one night stand.

Eric asks if Nicole had another dream about him. Nicole says no, then thinks back to Rafe telling her about his nightmare. Nicole tells Eric that she needs to speak with him and would rather not do it out in the hallway, so Eric invites her in but then stops and decides he’ll get dressed and meet her downstairs. Nicole admits she probably should have called first. Eric says he just needs a few minutes and shuts the door.

Rafe tells Jada that Nicole said she offered Eric a job at Basic Black, but Jada notes that Eric didn’t say anything to her about it.

Orpheus regrets having to resort to this one-way video communication because he would like to see the looks on their faces but he’ll just have to rely on his imagination. Orpheus imagines Steve having his arm around Kayla, John’s scowl, and Roman’s look. Orpheus says the reason for this video is to reassure them that what he’s infected the ladies with is not contagious so the men will remain perfectly healthy so they can watch the women die. Orpheus mocks them as men of action and says this is a medical deal so there’s nothing they can do. Orpheus says he has effectively sidelined the ladies’ knights and their heroics isn’t worth squat. Orpheus knows they don’t want to watch anymore but they can’t risk it. Orpheus guesses they realized the whole kidnapping, puzzle solving, and bomb was an elaborate ruse and misdirection to cover up the real reason he needed the women isolated and unconscious. Orpheus says he was less than candid but he did leave clues along the way like he always has. Orpheus guesses they are hoping he still will and that they can discern a hidden message because it would be unbearable that he’s making them listen to all of this simply because he enjoys torturing them.

Xander tells Sarah that the one night stand was meaningless and just sex. Sarah demands to know who it was. Xander doesn’t think it matters but Sarah insists on knowing. Xander reminds Sarah that he thought she had left him. Sarah understands that but says when they decided to get married, she thought she knew everything that had happened while she was gone and had time to process it. Sarah tells Xander that she needs to know who it was.

Jada questions Rafe about when Nicole offered Eric this job. Rafe says it was the other day when she went to Eric’s. They get interrupted by Rafe getting a phone call, so he steps away to answer it. Jada thinks back to talking to Eric about his photography. Jada says to herself that if Eric had a job offer, he would’ve said something. Jada then wonders why Nicole is lying to her husband.

Nicole sits at a table at the Brady Pub and calls Chloe to tell her that she’s going to be late coming to the office because she has to talk to Eric. Nicole explains that she decided to talk to Eric because Jada decided to tell Rafe about her visit and now she has to do damage control because Rafe had a nightmare about her and Eric. Nicole complains that Jada must have really spun things to make Rafe have a nightmare like that, so she needs to talk to Eric and get him to back her up. Nicole then reveals that when Rafe was so upset, she told him that she went to offer Eric a job, so now she’s here to make that lie the truth. Eric then appears at her table, so Nicole hangs up. Eric questions what she meant about making that lie the truth. Nicole then tells him about how Kristen is trying to break up Brady and Chloe, even getting Gabi to put her in charge of Basic Black and is trying to get Chloe fired but she’s not going to let that happen. Eric asks why she would want to make these lies the truth and questions if she wants to expose Kristen. Nicole responds that chloe knows what she means and that’s all that matters. Nicole then says she’s running a little behind so she wants to get to why she came. Nicole claims that she thinks she mentioned the other day that Basic Black is looking for a photographer but Eric quickly points out that she didn’t. Nicole says they are and asks what he thinks about coming to work for them. Eric can’t believe she’s saying this because he was just telling Jada that he was thinking about going back to his photography. Nicole says here they are thinking the same thing on the same day. Eric adds that they also dreamed about each other on the same day. Eric then thinks back to his sex dream about Nicole.

Sarah is shocked to learn that Xander slept with Nicole. Sarah argues that Nicole hates him for good reason. Xander explains that it wasn’t about loving or hating but more about need as they bumped in to each other when they had both hit rock bottom. Xander adds that he thought he lost Sarah forever and they were both very drunk while Nicole was lost and alone. Sarah questions if this was after Nicole and Eric broke up. Xander admits it wasn’t but she hadn’t seen Eric in almost a year and kept cancelling his trips home. Sarah asks if he felt sorry for Nicole. Sarah asks if Eric found out and that’s why he divorced Nicole. Xander says no because they had other issues. Sarah then questions if Eric doesn’t know but Xander assures that he does. Sarah asks how Eric found out. Xander asks if it really matters since they’ve moved on, got divorced, and Nicole is married to Rafe now. Sarah questions if Nicole told Eric and that’s why they got divorced. Sarah guesses there is more to it. Xander then admits that he told Eric, not Nicole.

Rafe returns to Jada at the police station and asks her about Eric and the job at Basic Black. Jada says she had a late night and that Eric did mention a photography job but not that Nicole offered him one. Jada adds that Eric just plays things close to the vest. Rafe gets another phone call. Rafe hangs up and informs Jada that apparently the lab has a backup and can’t get the results from the warehouse that Orpheus used until tomorrow, so he’s going to pay them a visit to see if he can convince them to change their minds.

Orpheus remarks that the bomb that John, Steve, and Roman diffused could’ve offered a much quicker death, like his wife Rebecca when Roman shot her and broke his heart. Orpheus says they could have saved them a prolonged agony by not saving them but he understands they had to be heroes. Orpheus adds that now they can do it one more time because they’ll have to do everything in their power to figure out what exactly the women have contracted. Orpheus wishes them luck with that, acknowledging that was in poor taste. Orpheus declares that no matter what they do, the prognosis is certain death. Orpheus remarks that it all began with a simple sneeze and they all fainted, so the symptoms are just the beginning but they will grow in severity and become increasingly more painful. Orpheus wishes he could stick around and see them all suffer but he will give that pleasure to Roman, Steve, and John as they stand helplessly by to watch the women they love leave them and then they will finally know what he felt when they took his Rebecca. Orpheus says he’ll see the ladies in Hell and adds that he won’t make it back to their funerals. Orpheus tells the guys that he’s sorry for their loss and says goodbye as the video ends.

Sarah questions Xander telling Eric as if it was his call and asks if he even told Nicole that he was going to tell Eric. Xander admits it’s so much worse than she can imagine. Xander then reveals that he crashed Eric and Nicole’s anniversary party and told the whole crowd. Sarah can’t believe he set out to publicly humiliate them. Sarah asks if Xander felt like a big man, bragging in front of a crowd about his conquest. Xander argues that’s not why he did it and that their marriage was a mess anyways. Sarah doesn’t think Xander is in any position to judge Eric and argues that he cannot justify what he did as it was cruel. Xander calls it business and reveals that Sami paid him a million dollars which he couldn’t refuse. Sarah tells him that he could have and should have refused. Xander complains that Sarah doesn’t know what it was like as he lost her and didn’t care about anything anymore. Sarah warns him not to put this on her, arguing that she’s not his conscience, she’s his wife. Sarah complains that it’s not just that he did it but that he thinks it’s okay and keeps making excuses for it. Sarah declares that she’s now married to a man who destroyed someone else’s marriage for money. Xander tries to get through to her but Sarah says she’s heard more than enough and storms in to the bathroom.

Nicole asks Eric what he says to her job offer, arguing that he can’t stay at the Pub, working for his dad forever. Nicole wants to know how he’s feeling about the job offer. Nicole knows it’s been awhile since he’s shot high fashion but she’s sure he’d pick it up in a heartbeat. Eric responds that he’s more worried about how Rafe would feel about them working together.

Rafe returns to the station with the forensics report and goes over it with Jada. Rafe notices a very specific type of ink that Orpheus used. Jada calls it a start that maybe will lead to where Orpheus is hiding.

John and Marlena join Kate, Roman, Steve, and Kayla in Kate’s hospital room. John sees that Orpheus sent them the same video. Steve asks what the plan is.

Xander asks Sarah to at least talk to him. Xander admits now that he should’ve told her before. Xander knows it was terrible but he wants to explain. Sarah questions if Xander is going to defend what he did after all the pain that Kristen and Gwen caused them. Xander wishes he didn’t tell her now. Sarah tells him that he shouldn’t have told Eric. Sarah declares that he shouldn’t have humiliated Eric and she shouldn’t have married Xander as she then storms out of the room.

Jada worries that there’s too many ink places to check and that Orpheus would be gone by then. Rafe points out that Orpheus doesn’t do anything randomly and likes to drop clues. They then come across a place called “Rebecca’s Printing and Graphics”. Rafe points out that Rebecca was Orpheus’s late wife’s name, so they rush out of the station to get there.

Nicole claims to Eric that she and Rafe talked about it and asks why he wouldn’t be okay with it. Eric points out that they used to be married. Nicole states that Rafe knows they are just friends now and is fine with it. Sarah enters the Pub and apologizes for interrupting but says she wanted to talk to Eric. Nicole tells her it’s okay as they were almost done. Sarah then says she’s glad Nicole is there too. Eric asks if Sarah is okay as he notes that she’s shaking. Sarah says she’s just upset. Sarah sits down and says she needs to apologize to them as she just found out from her husband this morning about what he did at their anniversary party. Sarah feels so awful about it and says she’s so sorry as if it wasn’t for Xander, Eric and Nicole would still be together. Nicole tells her that it’s no secret that she hates Xander’s guts and she’ll never forgive him for what he did at their party. Nicole says as much as she wants to blame him for what happened, she can’t, as Xander didn’t break up her and Eric. Nicole adds that Xander was just the messenger and he wasn’t lying. Nicole acknowledges that she slept with Xander, so she broke their marriage up. Eric acknowledges that he played a big part in that by spending almost every day of their first year of marriage 8000 miles away. Eric thought he was doing good by just checking in on her and apologizes to her. They agree that maybe they should’ve had this conversation earlier. Nicole tells Sarah that their problems were their problems and Xander was just a symptom. Eric hopes they learn from their mistakes.

Kayla suggests they all act like they are on the job and they are going to find out what this is to treat it. Kayla says in her head, she’ll be working in the ER and calls it like an ISA case. Kayla says they will work like Orpheus lied and that there is a cure, so they can deal with their feelings later. Marlena agrees that Orpheus saying he’s won doesn’t mean he has and declares that he’s underestimated them.

Rafe and Jada catch two guards outside of the warehouse and back them off with their guns. They then burst in to find Orpheus inside. Rafe tells him that they’ve been looking for him while Jada asks if he really wants her to shoot him.

Xander complains that he couldn’t make it past day one without screwing up. Sarah then returns to the room and tells him that she just apologize to Eric and Nicole for him. Xander is relieved as he thought she was leaving him. Sarah then responds that she is and she just came back to pack. Xander asks to explain but Sarah says that will just make it worse. Sarah tells Xander that it’s over and nothing he says or does can change that.

Nicole tells Eric how that was out of the blue. Eric can’t believe Sarah actually married Xander but guesses things aren’t working out for them. Nicole jokes that the first day is the hardest. Eric worries that Sarah has been through enough. Nicole remarks that people should just not get married in Salem. Eric asks if that’s what they did wrong then apologizes for saying that. Nicole says she has to go but tells him to think about the job offer. Eric says he doesn’t have to think about it and agrees to take the job. They shake hands on the deal.

Orpheus puts his gun down and puts his hands in the air. Rafe takes his gun and arrests Orpheus for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Marlena Evans. Orpheus questions him saying attempted murder as if he failed to do what he set out to do. Orpheus warns that he’ll soon find out how wrong he is.

Roman blames himself for bringing this on to Kate. Kate tells him not to say that as he saved her from Orpheus once before and she knows he will again.

Kayla calls in test results while Steve sends Orpheus’ video to the ISA and to Rafe. Kayla says to tell them that they have to find Dr. Rolf. Kayla gets dizzy so Steve suggests giving this case to someone else so she can lay down but she refuses.

John gets Marlena back in a hospital bed and encourages her to sleep, promising to be there when she wakes up. John prays for God to help her.

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Days Update Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

John and Marlena wake up in bed together. Marlena comments that she hasn’t slept that well in ages. Marlena calls it nice that everything is back to normal. John responds that he’s not so sure about that. Marlena assures that everything is back to normal.

At home, Kayla calls upon Steve and warns that they are still in trouble as she finds a bouquet of flowers at the door. Steve tells her that it’s not what she thinks as Kayla worries that Orpheus is not giving up and drops the flowers.

At the Brady Pub, Roman calls Kate and leaves a message for her to call him. Kate then arrives. Roman complains about waking up and she wasn’t there. Kate is sure he was scared and apologizes for not thinking. Roman warns her that Orpheus is out there somewhere. Kate says she just ran out to get him a make up birthday cupcake.

Rafe wakes up from a nightmare about walking in on Nicole in bed with Eric. Nicole then asks Rafe what’s wrong.

Eric and Jada wake up in bed together. Jada says she didn’t plan on sleeping with him again last night but they ended up here. Eric jokes it was pretty intense and asks if something is bothering her. Jada points out that she broke one of her rules to not sleep with someone until they’ve at least been on three dates and they have technically only been on two. Jada guesses she might as well throw that rule out the window. Jada brings up that Eric was a priest, so she can’t help but wonder if he thinks less of her because they’ve gone to bed together and they just met.

Roman reminds Kate that he didn’t want to make his birthday a big deal and now the celebration is going on a third day. Kate says he never got to have a cake on his actual birthday, so the third one is the charm. Roman asks what could go wrong. Kate lights a candle and tells him to make a wish. Roman wishes that the next time she leaves him in bed, she leaves a note so he doesn’t get worried sick about her. Kate sneezes again on the cupcake, taking out the candle. Kate can’t believe she did that again and wonders what is wrong with her.

Kayla worries about the flowers and wants to call Rafe but Steve reveals that he sent her the flowers. Steve apologizes for scaring her and points out the card. Kayla says she was too scared to look at it. Steve explains that he just wanted her to have her yellow roses as that’s their thing and he wasn’t going to let Orpheus take that away from them. Kayla calls them beautiful and thanks him. Kayla smells the flowers but then suddenly sneezes. Steve asks if she’s coming down with a cold. Kayla points out there’s no other symptoms and blows it off as nothing. Steve asks if she’s not contagious then as he kisses her. Kayla mentions needing to get to work. Steve asks her to call as soon as she gets there so he doesn’t spend the morning worrying about her. Kayla agrees to do that and prays they find Orpheus soon because she hates living like this.

Kate apologizes to Roman. Roman says it’s just a cupcake but he is worried about her. Kate says she feels fine and wonders if it’s allergies. Kate adds that she can’t describe how she feels. Roman checks her and says she feels a little warm so he wants to get her seen by a doctor as he thinks she has a fever. Kate says she doesn’t have the energy to fight and wants to find out if she’s contagious. Roman wants to get her to the hospital but Kate says she’s driving herself in case she is contagious. Kate then exits the Pub. Roman then throws away the cupcake.

John tells Marlena that things are not back to normal because Orpheus is still out there. Marlena says she won’t let him control their lives, so she will pretend things are normal. Marlena brings up that Orpheus kidnapped three women so the police and FBI are looking for him. John worries that it doesn’t guarantee anything. Marlena asks if they have to talk about it because she doesn’t want to think about it for one day. Marlena gets up and decides she’s going to work because that is what’s normal for her and she wants normal. John asks if she really has to go. Marlena says she must have a ton of work piling on her desk. John asks if they can talk about it. John points out that it’s a beautiful day and suggests they go down to the inn on the lake. John guarantees the paper work will still be there when she gets back. Marlena says that sounds wonderful but it sounds like they are letting Orpheus run everything now. John feels that he is and talks about he and Steve interrupting Stephanie’s meeting because of him. Marlena argues that he couldn’t have known what was happening so he can’t blame himself and they have to stop feeling afraid. Marlena declares they have to let the police handle this for them. John urges her to be careful. Marlena assures that the hospital has security in place and are on alert for Orpheus, so she couldn’t be any safer than she is there at the hospital. John jokes that he hates when she starts making good points. John offers to drive Marlena to the hospital which she accepts because she knows he’ll just follow her anyway. John kisses her and asks if she wants to stay. Marlena goes to shower while John makes coffee.

Eric apologizes to Jada if she feels like he’s judged her. Jada clarifies that it’s not him as she really wanted this to happen, but maybe he didn’t and she doesn’t know him very well. Jada adds that she’s never known a priest before. Eric states that he’s not a priest anymore and assures that he wanted this to happen too which Jada says is good to know. Eric adds that it can happen again and kisses her.

Rafe tells Nicole that it was just a dream. Nicole asks him to tell her about it. Rafe says it was about her. Nicole asks if something happened to her in his dream and assures that she’s right there. Nicole tells Rafe that he can tell her anything as he’s starting to scare her. Nicole says if he doesn’t tell her about the dream, she’s going to imagine something worse. Rafe then admits that he dreamt that he caught her in bed with Eric. Rafe talks about how real it was. Nicole is sorry that he had such an awful dream but questions what brought this up. Rafe says he doesn’t know and suggests maybe it was something Jada said at work the other day which Nicole questions what that was.

Eric and Jada kiss in bed. Eric tells her that he doesn’t have to work this morning and offers her breakfast in bed. Eric talks about working for his dad and getting to plan his own hours and only work when he has to. Eric says he enjoys working at the Pub and being around his dad. Jada says she likes Roman too. Eric talks about being in Africa the last few years and always having something to do that mattered. Eric guesses in the end, it seemed to matter more than his marriage and his life here. Jada asks if he’d want to go back to Africa. Eric says he was fired as a priest so there is no going back. Jada asks if there’s something that matters here that he can do. Eric is sure there is and brings up how he used to run the Horton Center but he doesn’t want to go backward and he wants to move forward. Eric says he was always clear about what he wanted to do and his goals, but right now he’s so unclear and he doesn’t know what he wants to do which is new for him.

John goes to Steve’s and tells him that he just dropped Marlena off at the hospital. Steve says he wanted to take Kayla too but she wouldn’t let him. John knows Marlena just wants to move forward like nothing’s wrong but they know Orpheus is out there and this time, he doesn’t want to get blindsided by his next attack.

Kayla arrives at the hospital and texts Steve that she made it safe and sound. Marlena arrives and greets her. Marlena mentions that John insisted on taking her to work this morning. Kayla guesses they can’t blame them for being worried and knows she’d be hypocritical because she worries about Steve and the kids. Marlena hates always looking over her shoulder. Kayla tells Marlena about Steve sending her yellow roses and she freaked out, thinking they were from Orpheus. Marlena relates to always thinking it’s going to be Orpheus when the elevator opens. Kate then arrives and tells Kayla that she came to get checked out because she wasn’t feeling too good. Kayla asks what the problem is. Kate talks about having a fever and not feeling great. Kate notes feeling woozy coming up here. Kayla and Marlena point out that Kate looks pale and suggests she sit down. Kate tries to blow it off and say it was just Roman that wanted her to get checked out but she’s sure she’s fine. Kayla insists on getting her to an exam room. They start to head that way but Kate suddenly collapses. Kayla rushes back to check on her and asks if she can hear her.

John tells Steve that Marlena thinks they should just leave everything to the police. John mentions calling Shawn and they have nothing on Orpheus. Steve doesn’t trust the silence as he knows Orpheus is up to something, so he doesn’t want to wait around for it just like John. John agrees and thinks it’s time they make a move on their own.

Kayla and Marlena get Kate in a hospital bed. Marlena goes to call Roman. Kate wakes up and asks what happened. Kayla informs her that she fainted, has a slight temperature, and was feeling woozy. Kayla asks if she has any other symptoms. Kate then starts sneezing and says she didn’t even feel it coming on. Kayla brings up that she’s been sneezing too. Kate asks if she has a temperature. Kayla admits she feels a bit warm. Kate asks if she’s thinking what she is thinking. Kayla then decides to get a thermometer, but Kayla then collapses.

Eric and Jada have breakfast together. Jada asks if Eric ever thought about being a chef because it’s really good. Eric admits he enjoys cooking but it’s not his passion. Jada asks what his passion is. Eric talks about helping people in counseling at the Horton Center but they have a new director. Jada asks what he did before he was a priest. Eric informs her that he did photography for fashion and mentions that Nicole was a model but apologizes saying there was no need to bring up his past relationship. Jada disagrees and asks how they can get to know each other without talking about their past. Eric guesses that’s true. Jada asks if he fell in love with Nicole while photographing her.

Nicole asks Rafe what Jada said. Rafe calls it nothing but Nicole thinks it’s something if it triggered a dream. Rafe tells her that Jada thought Nicole might think it was weird that she’s going out with Eric. Rafe says she told her that Nicole was fine with it but Jada reacted like she was skeptical. Nicole asks if she told him that she went to see Eric the other day. Rafe reveals that Jada didn’t say that but Nicole just did. Rafe questions her going to see Eric and why. Nicole thinks back to her sex dream about Eric. Nicole then tells Rafe that she wanted to talk to Eric about something which Rafe questions.

Eric tells Jada that was when he and Nicole met a long time ago. Jada asks if he’s still interested in photography. Eric talks about he used to reach for his camera at every spare moment in Africa. Eric talks about his photos winning a competition. Jada would really like to see those photos so Eric suggests right now and goes to get them.

John tells Steve that the only people Orpheus really cares about is his kids and grandkids. John brings up Zoey being in New Zealand with Evan’s kid and that Evan is on his way there with he and Jan Spears’ kid. Steve doesn’t know if it will do any good but he has an old ISA contact in New Zealand that he can call. John brings up Zoey being different than the rest of them as she was always very honest about what a good job Rafe did with little David. John wonders if they should get Rafe to appeal to Zoey as a parent. Steve says he’ll take anything as they have to get a hold of Orpheus before he strikes again…

Kate checks on Kayla on the ground until she wakes up, asking what happened. Kate tells her that she fainted and doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. They bring up Orpheus and worry about Marlena.

Roman arrives at the hospital and asks Marlena how Kate is. Marlena says she will take him to her, but then stops and collapses in to Roman’s arms.

Rafe questions why Nicole went to see Eric. Nicole claims that she was going to offer him a job because Basic Black has a new campaign coming up and they don’t have a photographer and she thought this project would really help him get over not being a priest. Rafe points out that Nicole didn’t say anything about it to him. Nicole claims that’s because he’s been so busy at work, so it just slipped her mind. Rafe asks if Eric is going to take the job. Nicole says that Jada interrupted, so she never got to finish the conversation. Nicole knows they both have to go to work but says she’s going to take a shower first. Nicole kisses him and then goes to shower.

Eric shows Jada some of his favorite photos. Jada calls them really great and powerful. Jada asks if he ever thought about getting back in to it. Eric admits that it’s crossed his mind but there are other photographers. Jada brings up Eric saying his brother owned a fashion company. Eric mentions that he co-owns it with Nicole. Jada remarks that all roads lead back to Nicole. Eric apologizes. Jada says she’s sorry as it was a dumb thing to say. Eric understands and says there is something that crosses his mind. Eric offers to talk to Jack about doing work for the Spectator. Jada says they’d be lucky to have him. Jada says she has to get going and thanks him for the breakfast. Eric says anytime and he looks forward to their their third date. Jada jokes that she hopes they can figure out something to do as she exits.

Roman gets Marlena in to a hospital bed as John arrives. Roman then goes to check on Kate. John tells Marlena that he knew she shouldn’t have let her talk him in to bringing her to work. Marlena says it wouldn’t have changed anything as she still probably would’ve fainted. She’s just glad Roman was there to catch her. Marlena mentions Roman being so worried about Kate. Marlena says it can’t be a coincidence that she and Kate both fainted. John then reveals that Kayla had fainted also.

Steve sits Kayla up on the hospital bed as Roman sits with Kate. Steve asks Kayla if she’s sure she’s okay. Kayla says she is for the moment but it just comes over her in waves. Kate feels the same. Kayla declares that it’s Orpheus. Roman asks if she has any idea what it is. Kayla says the symptoms are sneezing, low-grade fever, and fainting. Kayla asks if they feel fine. Roman confirms that they and John feel fine so it can’t be that contagious. Kayla guesses that Orpheus exposed them to something in the warehouse. Steve says that means the kidnapping was just a setup and they were meant to find them. Kayla worries that with Orpheus associating with Dr. Rolf, it could be anything. Steve says that one thing they know about Orpheus is that he likes to take credit for everything and put his signature on it, like sending Kayla flowers and messaging them about the puzzles and the bomb. Roman realizes the bomb was never going to go off and this was the payoff. Steve guesses that Orpheus wanted them to know and that they are going to be hearing from him real soon.

Rafe goes to work at the police station. Jada arrives and hopes she’s not late. Rafe points out that she’s actually six minutes early and asks how her evening was. Jada says it was good as they celebrated Eric’s dad’s birthday. Rafe asks how things are going with her and Eric. Jada says it’s early but she thinks it’s going great and they are getting to know each other which she calls nice. Rafe asks Jada if Eric said he was going to take that job, but Jada questions what he’s talking about.

Eric gets out of the shower and Nicole shows up at his door.

Steve, Roman, and John get a video call from Orpheus, saying he hears the women they love are under the weather. Orpheus is sure they’ve figured out by now that he’s behind what’s happening to them. Orpheus declares that he doesn’t want to keep them in suspense about what’s in store for them and notes that it sounds ominous..

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Days Update Monday, September 12, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Alex is in the Titan office on the phone with Justin. Alex tells Justin to give Sonny his best and that he’ll see him soon. Alex hangs up as Stephanie enters the office. Alex informs her of the great news that Sonny is awake which relieves her. Alex adds that Stephanie’s press release worked it’s magic on the Titan stock prices. Stephanie congratulates him but Alex says it’s thanks to her and suggests they celebrate by going out for drinks.

Ava questions why Johnny is being so nice to her. Johnny responds that he likes having her around and he cares about her a lot. Johnny and Ava then start kissing onto the bed.

Li enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and tells EJ that he was grateful to be invited to Jake’s memorial since he was closer to him than most of the family. EJ responds that now that it’s over, he can feel free to make a quick exit. Li says that EJ will be free of him as soon as Gabi is finished saying her final goodbyes to Stefan…

Gabi removes her old wedding ring and places it at Stefan’s plaque in the Crypt. Gabi says she never imagined she’d be telling Stefan about her feelings for another man and she hopes he understands that as wonderful as what they had was, she needed to make a new life for herself. Gabi adds that even though she and Li are engaged, Stefan is the love of her life and always will be, but she has to let him go. Gabi says goodbye to Stefan. Gabi then gets up to leave right as Stefan returns to the Crypt. Gabi is shocked as Stefan says hello to her.

Chanel and Allie go to Paulina’s apartment, bringing her and Abe 9,998 “Vote for Abe” campaign cookies. Chanel asks if they meet her quality but Paulina responds that she’s sorry as they just won’t do.

Johnny and Ava kiss in bed until Ava stops and says they can’t do this. Johnny asks why not since it felt great to her. Ava points out that she’s old enough to be his mother while Johnny remarks that he’s always been mature for his age. Ava worries that EJ would flip. Johnny doesn’t care how he’d react after how he treated them. Ava says she doesn’t either but she doesn’t want to come between them. Johnny says that’s great because EJ already did that himself so she has nothing to worry about.

EJ questions how long it takes to say goodbye to a guy who has been dead for four years. Li points out that today was especially emotional for Gabi because he proposed to her. EJ mentions that Anna and Tony told him, so he offers his condolences. Li decides he will wait for Gabi outside. EJ brings up Gabi still wearing her wedding ring around her neck, so he must be aware that her heart still belongs to Stefan.

Gabi says she can’t believe Ava was right all along that she saw him alive as she believes he is Jake. Stefan questions why people keep confusing him with this Jake guy and points out having the same birthday, so he asks if he’s his twin brother. Gabi doesn’t understand and asks what he’s saying. Stefan declares that he’s not Jake, he is Stefan DiMera.

Stephanie tells Alex that only an amateur buys in to his own PR, warning that he’s next in line to be cancelled if he keeps up. Stephanie reminds Alex that their relationship will not ever extend beyond business. Alex explains that he was just offering to buy her a drink as a thank you for a job well done, not asking her to go to bed with him. Stephanie says she started out on the racing circuit, so she is well versed in men like him, who think they can have whatever and whenever they want. Stephanie warns Alex to read the Titan handbook on sexual harassment because it’s not acceptable to ask a subordinate out on a date. Alex apologizes for overstepping and says he’s just never felt like this before about anyone. Stephanie argues that feelings have to go both ways. Stephanie tells Alex that his attempts at charming her in to changing her mind about him is wasting their time and dangerous to his career because if he continues to overstep, they won’t be able to work together.

Chanel questions Paulina not liking her cookies and asks what’s wrong with them. Paulina says it’s that they say “Vote for Abe” and she’s been so busy but she’s been meaning to call. Abe and Paulina then reveal that Abe is not running for Governor, Paulina is.

Ava questions Johnny being over Chanel. Johnny argues that Chanel made her choice and is with Allie now, while he needs to move on. Ava then suggests maybe she’s not ready to move on after her husband just died a few weeks ago. Johnny apologizes for being insensitive and doesn’t want to push her in to anything she doesn’t want to do, but he is attracted to her and he thinks that she’s attracted to him too. Ava admits that she’s scared that she’s losing her mind. Johnny insists that she’s not crazy. Johnny suggests EJ could be behind it since he has a history of gaslighting women. Johnny feels there has to be an explanation for why she keeps seeing Jake but asks her not to hold back to protect him.

Li tells EJ that he has no illusions about Gabi’s feelings for Stefan. Li acknowledges that Stefan was the love of Gabi’s life so far, but she is ready to move on. EJ says she’s at least persuaded him that she is. Li questions EJ feeling threatened by Gabi’s commitment to him. EJ says he’s not in the least and is just warning him that Gabi’s commitment to him might not be so whole-hearted. Li warns EJ to mind his own damn business. EJ argues that Stefan was his brother while Gabi and Li are on a mission to consolidate power at DiMera, so it is very much his business. Li argues that they are not on a mission and they are very much in love. Li shouts that Gabi’s heart belongs to him, not EJ’s dead brother.

Gabi argues that it’s impossible because Stefan had his heart taken out of his chest and she begged Dr. Rolf to help, but he said that Stefan was beyond help. Gabi argues that she donated Stefan’s heart to Julie. Stefan reveals that Dr. Rolf gave him a new heart and had him on ice for four years. Gabi argues that he’s wearing Jake’s suit. Stefan says that Kristen brought it to him. Stefan assures that suit or not, he is Stefan. Gabi asks if it was him that Ava saw earlier and not Jake which he confirms. Gabi can’t believe Stefan is alive and really back. Gabi then grabs Stefan and kisses him.

Alex promises to never offer to celebrate anything with Stephanie ever again. Stephanie agrees that they should celebrate Titan’s successes separately. Stephanie mentions having another client to see. Stephanie says she loves her job most of the time. Stephanie asks if they are clear on where they stand. Alex confirms they are as she exits the office.

Chanel excitedly asks where Paulina running for Governor came from. Paulina informs her that they met with Stephanie. Abe adds that Stephanie believes Paulina would be a stronger candidate. Abe says that this was Paulina’s dream all along, so they decided she should go for it. Paulina hopes she can count on their support. Chanel says of course. Paulina assures they will pay for all the cookies but she’d like to place an order for 10,000 more that say “Vote for Paulina”. Allie jokes that they are going to need a bigger cookie.

EJ remarks that Li’s defensiveness about Gabi’s devotion to him leads him to believe that he’s not so sure of it himself. Li suggests they limit their conversation to business. EJ calls his latest hire an idiotic mistake. Li says that Ava is as shrewd as they come. EJ argues that she’s also off her rocker and hallucinating her dead husband. EJ adds that it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that Ava and Jake’s marriage never occurred. Li responds that he and Gabi stand by Ava, as does Johnny. EJ says Johnny’s judgment is clouded. Li argues that EJ underestimates Johnny as he does anyone who isn’t blindly loyal to him. Li decides he should go check on the CEO of EJ’s father’s company because he and Gabi have so much to celebrate.

Stefan pulls away from Gabi and questions why the hell she kissed him. Gabi argues that she is his wife and asks if he doesn’t remember her. Stefan says he does remember her. Gabi reminds him that she loves him but Stefan says he doesn’t love her and can barely stand the sight of her, leaving Gabi confused.

Ava tells Johnny that he’s very persuasive, sweet, and supportive and she really does like him but they are not going to happen for many reasons. Ava says she needs to at least try to heal from losing Jake and needs to keep her life as simple as possible right now. Johnny says he’s trying to understand. Ava says that Johnny defending her against EJ and the way he’s been pursuing her helped her ego and lifted her spirits, so he’s helping her heal. EJ then knocks on the door, asking if Johnny is in there, arguing that he missed Jake’s service. EJ then walks in, shocked to find Johnny in bed with Ava.

Chanel and Allie sit together in the town square. Allie questions if they are really about to go back in to the Bakery to make 10,000 more cookies. Chanel talks about Paulina having to pay more for bigger cookies and says she’ll straighten that out with her in the morning. Alex approaches and says they are just the pair he was looking for because he needs their wisdom, guidance, and relationship advice. Chanel asks what he needs all that for. Alex responds that they need to help him get over Stephanie Johnson.

EJ screams at Ava to get up, get dressed and get the hell out of his house. Johnny tries to explain but EJ says he knew exactly what this was and calls Ava a scheming slut. Johnny warns him not to talk about her that way. EJ argues that Ava is using Johnny to get to him. Ava tells him not to flatter himself. EJ brings up questioning her marriage to Jake, her sanity, and her ability at DiMera. EJ accuses Ava of taking his son to bed for revenge. Johnny argues that he doesn’t understand but Ava says he does. EJ orders Ava to get out of his house now. Ava responds that she will because the sight of EJ makes her sick. Johnny reminds EJ that if she goes, he goes which EJ calls a win-win.

Gabi argues that Stefan has been through a trauma and is confused. Gabi urges him to try to remember how much they love each other. Stefan responds that he doesn’t feel that way at all. Gabi pleads with him. Li then enters the Crypt and pretends to be shocked.

Stephanie goes to see Paulina and Abe. Stephanie informs Paulina that she got her a magazine interview for tomorrow and brought her materials to prepare. Stephanie asks Abe to also participate in the interview. Abe reminds her that he’s not running. Stephanie explains that a portion of the polls showed people weren’t keen on voting Abe as Governor because they didn’t want to lose him as Mayor which means they can parlay his popularity in to a huge asset for Paulina. Stephanie calls them a political power couple which Paulina loves. Abe doesn’t want it to be about him. Paulina jokes that it won’t be with her standing next to him. Paulina tells Stephanie about how she was trapped in a very painful relationship with Lani’s father and then she met Chanel’s father and lost him, so after that she decided she was done with men and didn’t need love or the pain it brought because her business was enough. Stephanie relates to that. Paulina says that was untli she met Abe and realized just how wrong she was.

Chanel questions Alex wanting to get over Stephanie. Allie thought she was the woman of his dreams and it was love at first sight. Alex assures that’s true but that Stephanie pointed out that feelings have to go both ways and she drove home that in this case, they don’t. Chanel calls that rough. Alex assures that he understands no means no but he wasn’t used to hearing that until moving back here. Allie and Chanel joke about how anyone could say no to him. Alex says he has no idea how to get over Stephanie but says he never should’ve listened to Sonny when he told him to find love and settle down. Alex says he was great having casual encounters with wonderful women with no feelings to complicate things, but now he has all these feelings for Stephanie and she wants nothing to do with him. Alex questions how to stop obsessing and not feel so needy or pathetic. Chanel suggests Alex go back to his old ways for just a hook up with no strings to get his mind off Stephanie. Alex agrees that might work. Alex then asks if there’s any chance Allie and Chanel might want to volunteer to help him through a tough time with some no strings fun.

Li pretends to think Stefan is Jake. Stefan questions when people are going to stop calling him Jake. Gabi says she knows it’s hard to believe but this is Stefan. Li calls that impossible. Gabi explains that Stefan told her that Dr. Rolf brought him back from the dead. Stefan asks if Li is still with DiMera which he confirms. Stefan jokingly asks who the CEO is this week. Li responds that Gabi is and she’s doing an amazing job. Stefan notices Gabi’s ring and asks if that’s an engagement ring. Li then confirms that he and Gabi are getting married.

EJ comments that Ava has already started packing. Ava says she can’t wait to get out. Johnny feels the same. EJ says good riddance to the both of them and storms out of the room. Johnny apologizes to Ava. Ava says it’s for the best and that she’ll just get a room at the Salem Inn. Ava asks what about Johnny since this is his family’s home. Johnny assures that EJ needs to realize he can’t just bully people and get away with it. Ava asks where he’s going to go. Johnny responds that he’ll go to the Salem Inn with her. Ava argues that they just met a couple weeks ago. Johnny feels they had an immediate connection. Ava reminds him that they can’t be. Johnny says he’ll sleep on the floor and it doesn’t have to be about sex but jokes that he kind of loves that EJ thinks it is. Ava admits she does too. Ava doesn’t think it’s the right time for them to move in together. Johnny says they can start with just one night. Johnny tells Ava that he didn’t try to sleep with her to prove a point to EJ but because he really likes her. Johnny says they helped each other. Ava assures they are just friends but says she wasn’t looking for revenge against EJ but she won’t complain about that as a benefit.

Allie and Chanel turn Alex down again on the threesome. Alex argues that they’d be doing a good deed by helping him get Stephanie out of his system and helping him through a tough time. Allie says it would maybe help get Alex out of his misery temporarily but she thinks it would be a mistake. Allie argues that just because Stephanie turned him down doesn’t mean there isn’t someone else out there for him to have a real relationship with, that shares his feelings. Chanel agrees and suggests Alex consider this a bump in the road on his way to finding that special someone. Allie suggests instead of jumping in to fun, Alex should deal with his feelings as it might be therapeutic. Alex thanks them for listening and admits he respects that they aren’t in to the threesome idea. Alex says that after meeting Stephanie, he understands the idea of wanting to be in love with one person. Alex says he’s envious of what they have and then walks away.

Stephanie asks if Paulina and Abe was love at first sight. Paulina assures it was not. Paulina says when she first met Abe, she could tell he was a catch but told herself that she wasn’t interested until she eventually couldn’t ignore what was in front of her, so she opened up and gave in and she’s so glad she did. Paulina says they have had potholes along the way but calls Abe the best thing to ever happen to her. Abe adds that Paulina has made him happier than he ever thought possible. Paulina tells Stephanie that sometimes you think you know what you want and don’t want, but as it turns out, you don’t have a clue. Stephanie suggests she share that in the interview tomorrow.

Stefan congratulates Gabi and says he’s glad to see she’s moved on and hopes they have a happy life together. Stefan goes to leave but Gabi stops him, saying she doesn’t know what Dr. Rolf did to him but they have to get him checked out at the hospital. Stefan refuses. Gabi argues that he has to remember. Stefan responds that he remembers and that Gabi needs to be reminded that he was living a happy life with Chloe Lane until Gabi came along and ruined everything.

Johnny and Ava walk in to the living room where Johnny announces to EJ that if he needs him, he’ll be at the Salem Inn with Ava. EJ can’t believe it and argues that Johnny can’t be moving with Ava. EJ calls Ava a cougar that is using him and says this is wrong on so many levels. Johnny and Ava then exit the mansion together, leaving EJ frustrated.

Stephanie has a drink at the Bistro, thinking back to Paulina’s words about not having a clue what she wants. Alex arrives and says he’s sorry as he didn’t realize she’d be there so he’ll leave. Stephanie tells him it’s okay as it’s a public place so he’s allowed to be there. Alex says it’s okay but Stephanie stops him, saying she knows that she said they should celebrate separately but since they are both here, she doesn’t see why they can’t celebrate together. Stephanie says it’s just one drink and calls it business. Alex asks if she’s sure. Stephanie tells him to pull up a stool as she’s buying.

Allie asks Chanel if she thinks Alex learned anything. Chanel thinks Alex learned it’s a bummer to get hurt. Allie adds that they don’t need a man in the bedroom to have a good time. Allie tells Chanel that she doesn’t want to share her with anyone for any reason as she could not handle that. Chanel assures she will never have to and that she wouldn’t want to share her either. Allie kisses Chanel. Johnny and Ava then approach. Johnny greets them and informs them that EJ just kicked them out so they are getting a room at the Salem Inn which surprises them. Johnny tells them to have a good night as he and Ava head to the Inn.

Gabi questions Stefan saying she stole him from Chloe. Stefan brings up Gabi trying to seduce him to get her foot in the door at DiMera which seemed to be the theme of their whole relationship. Stefan hopes she comes to her senses and wishes her luck as he then walks out. Li tells Gabi that he’s so sorry as this must be so disturbing and painful for her. Li assures her that he will make it okay as she hugs him.

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Days Update Friday, September 9, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Li proposes to Gabi. Gabi doesn’t know what to say which Li worries is not a good sign and unlike her. Gabi calls it unexpected since they haven’t even been dating that long and questions where this is coming from. Li thinks back to talking to Dr. Rolf about solidifying his love for Gabi so that she’ll want nothing to do with Stefan. Li tells Gabi that he loves her and he was afraid if he waited any longer to make her his wife, he’d miss his chance and that would be unbearable because he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and hopes that she feels the same.

In the living room of the DiMera Mansion, Tony complains to Anna about Gabi being in control of DiMera and now his own family turning against each other. Anna laughs it off as nothing new. Tony doesn’t understand why Johnny is so protective of Ava. Anna thinks it’s obvious that Johnny has a crush on Ava.

Johnny assures EJ that Ava can handle the memorial and that she’s a lot stronger than he gives her credit for. EJ asks if he’s sure about that since Ava seemed pretty shaken up when she thought she saw Jake the other day. Johnny argues that Ava realizes that was her imagination now. EJ asks what if this pushes her over the edge and makes her start seeing dead people again.

Ava enters the DiMera Crypt and sees Stefan inside, but believes that he is Jake. Ava asks if it really is him and questions how this is possible since he’s dead. Stefan responds not anymore.

Johnny argues that EJ would like for Ava to have some sort of breakdown, so he could make a play for her shares. EJ admits the idea has crossed his mind. EJ suggests the memorial isn’t such a good idea if he’s so concerned about Ava’s state of mind. Johnny tells EJ that Ava is fine with it and that nobody is forcing him to go as he just thought he’d want to pay respects to his brother. EJ remarks that he hardly knew Jake. Johnny argues that he’s still family and that meant something to Stefano. Johnny thought it meant something to EJ too but guesses he was wrong. Johnny then walks away.

Ava tells herself that this isn’t real and isn’t happening as it’s just like the time before when he came to the house. Stefan notes her looking pale and suggests she sit down. Ava continues telling herself this is in her head. Stefan isn’t sure what’s going on. Ava says she’s going crazy and repeats that this isn’t real and he’s not Jake as she runs out of the Crypt. Stefan wonders who the hell is Jake.

Brady answers the door of Chloe’s hotel room to see Kristen. Kristen is surprised to see Brady, who asks if she was expecting someone else. Kristen walks in and searches through the room, asking where the hell is he. Chloe questions who exactly she is looking for. Brady asks Kristen who else she thought was there. Kristen thinks back to ordering Stefan to get to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn. Kristen then claims that she thought an intern that Chloe has been flirting with would be there. Kristen claims that she thought Chloe was cheating on Brady and that she would catch them getting it on. Kristen admits she was clearly mistaken so she’s going to get going. Chloe stops her and argues that they know damn well she didn’t come because she thought she was cheating on Brady. Chloe then asks Kristen what she is hiding.

Stefan sits in the Crypt and looks up at the plaques on the wall. Stefan sees Jake’s and wonders if it’s a coincidence that they have the same birthday. Stefan asks if Jake is maybe his twin brother and if that’s who this woman thinks he is.

Tony and Anna talk about how EJ will go ballistic if Johnny and Ava get involved. Tony worries that things are bad enough between EJ and Johnny. Anna argues that EJ needs to get over himself and stop trying to control everyone around him. Anna adds that if Johnny is interested in Ava, good for him. Johnny then walks in and asks if he heard his name. Anna greets him and says she was just saying how sweet it was of him to put this memorial together and adds that Ava must be very appreciative. Johnny hopes it brings Ava some peace. Ava then rushes in from outside, saying she saw him in the Crypt. Anna asks who she saw. Ava says never mind, but Tony guesses that she saw Jake. Ava then confirms that she saw him again.

Li asks Gabi what she’s thinking. Gabi tells Li that she’s sorry but she needs a moment to process everything. Li tells her to take her time. Li says he thought about proposing in a more romantic setting but he figured this is where they first connected, so it was appropriate in a way. Li asks if she’s still processing. Gabi didn’t even know he was thinking about marriage. Li admits he’s thought about it for awhile now as ever since he met her, he’s been captivated by her beauty, intelligence, strength, and determination. Li calls the last few months the happiest he’s ever been, so he doesn’t want that to end, but he’s beginning to feel he may have jumped the gun. Gabi then tells him he did not necessarily.

Ava explains that she wanted a moment alone before the memorial, so she went down to the Crypt and “Jake” was standing there right next to his plaque. Tony asks if she talked to him. Ava confirms they said a few words but she freaked out and came in. Ava knows it’s impossible but insists it seemed real. Ava asks if Johnny thinks she’s crazy. Johnny says he doesn’t and offers to go to the Crypt with her to get to the bottom of this. Ava thanks him and they exit.

Kristen claims she’s not hiding anything. Kristen expresses her regret on accusing Chloe of being a cheating whore. Brady tells Kristen to get out. Kristen agrees to let them get back to whatever they were doing and tells Brady that she will see him tomorrow in court. Kristen exits and Brady wonders what the hell that was about.

Tony tells Anna that EJ must be right that Ava is having a nervous breakdown. Anna argues that the Crypt is incredibly dark and creepy, so she can’t be blamed for thinking she saw a ghost down there. EJ walks in and asks if they are ready to go pay respects to his brother. Tony thought EJ wasn’t attending. EJ admits that Johnny shamed him in to it. Anna suggests they wait here a bit which EJ questions. Anna explains that Ava and Johnny are at the Crypt so she thinks it’s best that they don’t interrupt them. EJ questions what is going on. Tony then reveals that Ava thinks she saw Jake again which makes EJ smile.

Johnny and Ava go to the Crypt. Ava stops outside and says she needs a minute. Ava admits on one hand she’s afraid that Jake won’t be in there but on the other hand, she’s terrified that he will be and she’ll be the only one who can see him which would confirm she’s lost her mind. Johnny tells Ava that whatever happens, he will help her through it as they will figure it out together and he’s here for her. Ava then agrees to go in.

Gabi tells Li that when they first got together, she thought it would just be a fun little fling and that’s what she wanted, so she assumed he was fine with that but as time went by, she started to realize it wasn’t just a fun little fling and has grown in to something deeper. Gabi mentions having a conversation with Rafe about a month ago when she told him that she was done with love and that no one could take Stefan’s place in her heart. Gabi notes that it’s still true to an extent but Rafe also told her not to give up on love. Gabi is starting to realize that there is room for someone else in her heart, for Li. Gabi tells Li that if the offer still stands, she would be honored to be his wife as they kiss.

Johnny and Ava enter the Crypt and see no one is there. Ava talks about seeing “Jake” next to his plaque and he was wearing his favorite suit but decides it couldn’t have been real. Johnny brings up that his family does have a history of cheating death with Stefano, EJ, Tony, and Kristen all coming back from the dead, so maybe Jake did the same thing.

Li and Gabi say “I love you” to each other as Li then puts the ring on Gabi’s finger which she calls stunning. Gabi worries that it’s too extravagant but Li wants to give her the world. Li suggests they go celebrate and says he’ll book the DiMera Jet. Gabi reminds him that they’ll have to go after Jake’s memorial. Li admits he’s excited to see how EJ and the rest of the DiMeras will react to their engagement, guessing they won’t be too pleased that they have consolidated their power. Li hoped that wasn’t the only reason she accepted his proposal as they kiss again.

Kristen returns to Dr. Rolf’s lab asking if Stefan is there. Dr. Rolf thought he went to see Chloe but Kristen reveals that she just saw Chloe and Stefan clearly had not paid her a visit, so she questions where the hell he went.

Johnny tells Ava that they should go outside because Jake could have wandered off but Ava says no. Ava wants to believe Johnny is right and that Jake is alive but it doesn’t make any sense. Ava says if Jake was back and came back for her, he wouldn’t have let her walk out the door since they were in love. Johnny can’t explain it but says if they find him, they can ask him. Johnny doesn’t see any harm in trying but Ava worries about EJ trying to use it against her again. Ava states that if EJ finds out that they are out chasing ghosts, he will have her locked up. Ava cries that maybe Bayview is where she belongs because she’s obviously lost her mind. Johnny disagrees and assures there is a logical explanation. Johnny suggests going to get her checked out by a doctor but Ava says it doesn’t feel like hallucinations. Johnny says they can’t just assume she’s insane. Johnny wants to think about what could be going on here. Ava complains that she can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not and she can’t take it anymore. Ava declares that it’s too much and runs out of the Crypt. EJ then arrives and asks Johnny if Ava is alright.

Kristen doesn’t understand since she told Stefan to go to the Salem Inn and gave him Chloe’s room number so she questions how he could go and screw things up. Dr. Rolf reminds her that he warned her it was too soon to release Stefan out in to the world as he would have preferred another round of conditioning. Kristen questions if his brainwashing didn’t take. Dr. Rolf says he can’t say for sure and it worries him that he didn’t go straight for Chloe. Kristen complains that it’s ruining her day and possibly her entire future. Kristen declares that if Stefan wasn’t compelled to go straight to Chloe and if he’s still in love with Gabi, then this is on Dr. Rolf and he knows what that means.

Anna tells Tony that they better get down to the Crypt since EJ took off when they told him that Ava thought she saw Jake again. Tony hopes EJ won’t be too unkind to Ava. Li and Gabi then arrive. Gabi apologizes for being late. Tony asks if it was a busy day at the office. Gabi says you could say that as she announces she and Li are engaged. Anna hugs Gabi and congratulates them. Tony congratulates them, calling it a strategic merger on their parts. Li assures it has nothing to do with business as they are very much in love. Gabi asks if Johnny and Ava are at the Crypt already. Tony says they are and hopes Ava will be well enough to attend the memorial because she thinks she saw Jake again. Li is shocked and asks where. Tony explains that Ava says she saw him in the Crypt so Johnny went with her to take a look around. Gabi feels bad about Ava having hallucinations. Li suggests they go down there and make sure everything is okay.

Johnny assures EJ that Ava is fine and just feeling emotional about the memorial. EJ questions why since Tony and Anna just told him that Ava still thinks Jake’s alive. Johnny realizes EJ knows then. EJ says he’s been trying to tell Johnny that Ava is mentally unstable and asks if he believes him now. Johnny complains that it’s all going exactly how EJ planned it. EJ asks what the hell he’s talking about. Johnny accuses EJ of gaslighting Ava and trying to convince her that she’s insane so he can get his hands on her shares. EJ argues that Ava is making herself insane and doesn’t need any help from him. Johnny brings up that EJ told Ava it wouldn’t be long before she had another vision of Jake and then it happens, giving him the evidence he needs to take her shares. EJ questions how he would arrange that. Johnny suggests EJ put on a Jake mask. EJ responds that he must be confusing him with Kristen because he doesn’t do masks. Johnny suggests he could’ve hired a lookalike. EJ says Johnny is just being crazy. Johnny states that Jake has somehow turned up twice and he thinks EJ is behind it and trying to scare Ava. EJ argues that he’s not responsible for Ava’s hallucinations and complains that he’s sick and tired of him taking Ava’s side over his. Johnny argues that Ava is EJ’s sister in law. EJ remarks that you’d have to be an idiot to believe that Ava and Jake were actually married. EJ calls it more of Ava’s sinister lies as she’s an amoral woman with no conscience and that’s still the case no matter what she says to him. Johnny asks if that’s what EJ tells himself to justify his campaign against her. EJ argues that there is no campaign. EJ complains that Johnny defending this deranged woman is not only infuriating but downright sad. EJ calls Johnny gullible and naïve. Johnny responds that he’d rather be that than cold and cynical like EJ. Johnny declares that Ava is vulnerable and he will not let EJ push her over the edge. EJ says he’s not trying to. Johnny yells at EJ to stay away from Ava and leave her the hell alone. Johnny then storms out of the crypt.

Johnny goes to Ava’s room and finds her packing her bags. Johnny questions what she’s doing. Ava responds that she can’t stay here because the house is driving her insane. Johnny asks where she would go. Ava guesses she’ll go back to the garage. Johnny tells her not to do that because she shouldn’t be alone right now. Ava points out that she won’t be because Kristen is still staying there. Johnny argues that’s even worse because Kristen’s favorite game is getting people to question their sanity. Ava argues that she never belonged here and maybe that’s why she’s being punished. Johnny says she didn’t do anything. Ava says she’s done plenty of terrible things in her life so maybe it’s all coming back to haunt her literally. Johnny brings up what Stefano has done and he still has his portrait on the wall. Johnny says that Ava fought to overcome her past so she should be proud of all she has accomplished. Ava calls him sweet but says he’s giving her too much credit. Ava says she’s not the lovely person that he thinks she is and she’s losing her mind, so he shouldn’t have to deal with that. Johnny disagrees. Ava asks how else to explain what she thought she saw. Johnny admits he can’t but if she just stays, they can figure it out together. Johnny asks Ava not to go.

Dr. Rolf gets a text from Li that Ava thinks she saw Jake on the DiMera property again. Kristen guesses that means she saw Stefan again. Dr. Rolf says that would mean Stefan went back home instead of seeking out Chloe. Kristen argues that means he went to track down his wife. Kristen blames Dr. Rolf for not wiping out his love for Gabi after all.

EJ speaks to Gabi, Li, Tony, and Anna in the Crypt about how Johnny accused him of gaslighting Ava and complains that all Johnny does is assault him and doesn’t feel loyal to him. Gabi feels Johnny has reasons to be suspicious since EJ would do anything to get his hands on Ava’s shares. EJ insists he is in no way responsible for Ava’s decline and warns that he’s going to let Mr. Shin know about this latest incident in case they try to cover up for Ava again. Gabi calls EJ a creep. Anna reminds them that they are supposed to be here to pay their respects to Jake. Tony agrees and asks if they should begin the memorial. Anna says the less time spent in the Crypt, the better. Tony then begins the memorial, commenting that Jake has joined his twin Stefan in the great beyond…

Stefan enters the DiMera Mansion and asks if anyone is there. He looks around the living room and guesses not. Stefan then pours himself a drink and looks back at the portrait of Stefano, saying it’s good to see him again.

Kristen argues that Stefan was supposed to fall in love with Chloe and drive a wedge between her and Brady. Kristen shouts that her whole plan is going up in smoke because of Dr. Rolf. Rolf questions how it’s his fault when he told her that Stefan wasn’t ready. Kristen says he should’ve been more forceful with his concerns because now he’s ruined everything, her plans and Li’s as well. Kristen warns Dr. Rolf that if Stefan shows up to reclaim Gabi, Li Shin will make him pay with his life.

Anna compliments Tony on a lovely tribute to Jake. Jake thanks her but admits he found it hard to come up with cherished memories of a brother he hardly knew, but he did his best. Tony stops to ask if anyone invited Kristen. Anna says she didn’t. EJ says he didn’t as this whole thing was Johnny and then Johnny and Ava didn’t even have the courtesy to attend. Anna is sure Ava is grieving in her own way. Tony asks if they should get back to the house for cocktails. Li looks at Gabi, noticing that she is looking at Stefan’s plaque on the wall. EJ says not to let them keep them if there’s some place else they’d rather be. EJ exits. Li thanks Tony as drinks and food sounds lovely. Anna and Tony then exit the Crypt. Li asks if Gabi is alright. Gabi asks for a moment alone with Stefan as she would like to share their news with him and sort of ask for his blessing. Li says of course. Gabi says she won’t be long. Li kisses her and then exits.

Johnny pleads with Ava not to go. Ava says she has to because nobody wants her here. Johnny takes her hand and says he does. Johnny states that the house is a lot more bearable with her in it. Ava questions why he’s being so nice to her. Johnny responds that he likes having her around and he cares about her a lot. Johnny and Ava then start kissing.

EJ, Anna, and Tony return to the living room. EJ decides he’s going to look for Johnny. Anna suggests he wait a minute and give him more time, adding that he won’t want to miss the champagne toast as she reveals Gabi and Li are engaged which shocks EJ. EJ questions why the hell he would toast to that when they are just trying to consolidate their power at the family company. Tony admits he had the same thought. Anna asks Tony to help her pick out a bottle of champagne. Anna notices an empty glass there but Tony tells her not to worry as Harold will take care of it. Tony and Anna then exit together.

Gabi removes her old wedding ring and places it at Stefan’s plaque in the Crypt. Gabi says she never imagined she’d be telling Stefan about her feelings for another man and she hopes he understands that as wonderful as what they had was, she needed to make a new life for herself. Gabi adds that even though she and Li are engaged, Stefan is the love of her life and always will be, but she has to let him go. Gabi says goodbye to Stefan. Gabi then gets up to leave right as Stefan returns to the Crypt.

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Days Update Thursday, September 8, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the DiMera Office, Gabi finishes a call with Will about Sonny doing better. Gabi is relieved and mentions only telling Arianna that he was sick so she didn’t worry her. Gabi asks him to let her know when Sonny is available for visitors and hangs up. EJ then arrives, so Gabi asks if there’s something she can help him with. EJ says he just stopped by to tell her that she made a major mistake. Gabi argues that she’s not the one who went down in flames in front of the entire board. EJ points out that she did give Ava Vitali a job. EJ calls it ironic as he’s been racking his brain trying to figure out a way to get her out of that chair but she went ahead and took care of it for him.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny goes to Ava’s room and says he just wanted to check on her after everything that went down with EJ. Ava thinks it would’ve been harder on Johnny. Ava says EJ attacked her but he betrayed Johnny.

Chloe walks through the town square and calls Rafe, letting him know that she’s almost back at the Salem Inn and Brady is still at work. Chloe notes that the security detail has been incredible. Chloe asks if there’s any word on Leo as it’s not fun to think that psychopath is on the loose somewhere. Chloe says they’ll talk soon and hangs up. Kristen then approaches and questions what she is doing. Chloe remarks that she was just talking about psychos on the loose and tells Kristen that she’s going home. Kristen says no and says she just dropped by the office to go over all the mistakes Chloe made on the projections she sent and they said Chloe left nearly two hours before the end of the day. Chloe responds that it was Brady’s decision, so she can take it up with him. Kristen accuses her of persuading Brady to let her off early. Chloe repeats that it was Brady’s decision as he said he needed time to prepare for the hearing tomorrow where he will be fighting Kristen for full custody of Rachel.

Li goes to Dr. Rolf’s lab, complaining that Dr. Rolf hung up on him over an hour ago and never called back. Dr. Rolf claims he was tending to his patient. Li questions if Kristen was the visitor that dropped by. Li then sees the vial Dr. Rolf is holding and questions what it is. Dr. Rolf asks Li to leave as he’s interrupting his work. Li grabs Dr. Rolf and says he’s scared and that something is wrong. Li pulls back the curtain to see Stefan in the bed, no longer hooked up to machines. Li then angrily questions if Dr. Rolf ended up killing Stefan.

Anna and Tony have martinis in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. They talk about the family dinner happening tonight. Anna guesses EJ isn’t home yet since things are quiet. Tony confirms they still have that to look forward to and jokes about it. Anna remarks that sometimes it seems that EJ doesn’t bounce back when things don’t go his way. Tony calls that an understatement since first Johnny voted against him in the board meeting and then defied his father when he tried to throw Ava out. Anna reminds him that EJ secretly taped Johnny and played it to a room full of people, so she doesn’t think EJ should be surprised by Johnny standing up to him. Tony points out that Johnny first backed Gabi over his father and then EJ had to back down over Ava. Tony assures that EJ is not going to take any of this lying down.

Ava apologizes to Johnny and says she had no business saying that. Johnny says she just told the truth and that’s a refreshing change of pace around here. Ava doesn’t want to make things worse between Johnny and his father. Johnny says she didn’t do anything as EJ recorded a private conversation and then played it in public, so he betrayed him. Ava says EJ was trying to protect the family while Johnny argues that EJ was just trying to put himself in charge. Johnny feels EJ cares more about himself than him. Johnny says it opened his eyes and promises Ava that he will never let EJ treat her like that again. Ava tells Johnny that he doesn’t have to protect or worry about her. Ava says everything turned out how it’s supposed to and reveals she is now working at DiMera. Johnny questions when that happened. Ava informs him that Gabi gave her a job this morning.

EJ reminds Gabi that the fact that she and Li lied about Ava seeing her dead husband doesn’t mean that she didn’t see him and will most likely see him again. EJ mocks Gabi hiring a mafia princess who is in the process of losing her mind and asks what could possibly go wrong. Gabi tells EJ that Ava is grieving and fragile at the moment, but she has a good business head and is excellent at management. Gabi tells EJ to go. EJ doesn’t believe Ava got this job on her merit and accuses them of working together. EJ says thanks to Ava’s so called marriage to his recently departed brother, Gabi thinks Ava can help her keep her in the job she doesn’t deserve. EJ calls Ava’s marriage an obvious sham and argues that Gabi can’t believe differently. Gabi says it doesn’t matter what they believe since she didn’t lose her job, but EJ lost his son.

Dr. Rolf tells Li that Stefan is fine and just recuperating from the first cycle of his conditioning. Li asks if Stefan will be in love with Chloe when he wakes up. Dr. Rolf says he doesn’t know until he returns him to full consciousness as he’ll have no idea if he will need more cycles or not. Li asks how many cycles it will take. Dr. Rolf complains about Li asking so many questions. Li warns that he didn’t answer his question. Dr. Rolf says he’s only just begun and would rather be certain that he’s over his feelings for Gabi before returning him to consciousness which Li admits he agrees with. Li declares that the last thing they need is for Stefan to escape again and go after Gabi again. Li still doesn’t understand how Stefan overpowered Dr. Rolf. Dr. Rolf calls it the power of love. Li suggests he up his security then because the last thing they need is Stefan going after Gabi again. Li notes that he and Kristen are in complete agreement about that.

Kristen questions believing Brady closing Basic Black on the account of the hearing. Chloe says if Kristen doesn’t think Brady would do everything in his power to keep Rachel, then she doesn’t know what kind of man or father that Brady is. Kristen warns Chloe not to dare tell her that she doesn’t know what kind of father Brady is. Kristen says that it’s Chloe she doesn’t trust and as long as she is in Brady’s orbit, she needs to protect her daughter. Chloe questions if she really thinks keeping Rachel away from her or father is what’s best for her. Chloe calls Kristen a violent sociopath and she plans on telling the court exactly that. Chloe brings up Kristen threatening to stab her with a letter opener and says she’s going to work on her testimony as she heads in to the Salem Inn.

Anna can’t help but feel sorry for Ava. Tony says the issue is not whether or not to feel sorry for her but whether or not Ava is capable or competent enough to hold a seat on the Board. Anna guesses he’s right but compares not being sane or rational to Kristen, who kidnapped half of Salem and put them on a desert island but EJ didn’t challenge her competency. Anna argues that EJ went after Ava because she was vulnerable and that was a mistake. Tony declares that EJ may have lost the battle but this war is not over. Anna clarifies that she’s not talking about a business mistake but EJ kicked Ava while she was down and betrayed a confidence to Johnny to do so. Anna states that EJ could still end up being the DiMera CEO but she doesn’t know if Johnny will ever feel the same about him again.

Johnny tells Ava that it’s great and he knows she will do a fantastic job. Ava thanks him. Johnny says he’d like to be there when EJ finds out. Ava repeats that she really doesn’t want to come between him and his father, so maybe it would be easier for them to work things out if she wasn’t here. Johnny disagrees and argues that somebody has to stand up to EJ because he can’t keep treating people like dirt. Ava knows how angry he is. Johnny says there’s something else he wanted to talk to her about. Johnny brings up EJ mentioned having a service for Jake in the family crypt. Ava didn’t think EJ was serious. Johnny says probably not but he still wants to do it as he thinks it would be good for everybody to say goodbye to Jake as a family. Ava asks if he means help her lay his ghost to rest.

EJ tells Gabi that his relationship with his son is none of her business. Gabi remarks that it looks like she hit a nerve. EJ is not interested in what she might guess. EJ argues that she’s not a DiMera so what happens between he and Johnny is family business. Gabi says he made it DiMera business by bringing the recording in to the board meeting which led to Johnny moving to her side to support her. Gabi declares that maybe Johnny can finally be free of him because he doesn’t deserve a father like EJ and EJ really doesn’t deserve a son like him. EJ then walks out of the office.

Brady goes to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn. Chloe tells him that she just had a run in with Kristen and thought she might be back for round two.

Dr. Rolf hooks Stefan back up to the machines and says he responded well to their initial session, so now they are going to continue to ensure that he feels nothing but hatred towards Gabi and will direct all of his affections towards Chloe Lane. Rolf notes that his heartbeats are steady which is better for his work. Kristen then walks in and orders Dr. Rolf to wake Stefan up right now.

Li goes to the DiMera Office where Gabi questions where he has been since his assistant said he was out. Li claims that he was taking his father to the airport. Gabi hopes he had a nice trip but admits she won’t miss him. Li notes Gabi’s mood. Gabi says she just finished a very uncomfortable conversation with EJ, who is really mad that she hired Ava.

Ava tells Johnny that it would be lovely to say goodbye to Jake as a family and it was very sweet of him to think of it. EJ appears in the doorway and remarks that it didn’t take Ava long to move from Jake to his nephew. Johnny responds that he thought EJ hit rock bottom last night. EJ asks if he’s supposed to forget who Ava is and how she operates. EJ accuses Ava of worming her way in to the family and is using that access to get closer to Johnny. Johnny argues that he has no proof that Ava did anything and the harder he tries, the worse he looks. Johnny then asks if EJ came to record another one of his private conversations. EJ says he actually wanted to have a word with Ava. EJ asks to speak to Ava in private. Johnny says he’s not going anywhere but Ava says it’s okay and she can take care of herself. Johnny then exits the room. Ava asks EJ how she can help him.

Chloe complains to Brady that she let Kristen get under her skin and ended up telling her that she’s testifying tomorrow, but she’s sick of Kristen pushing her around and wanted to wipe the smug look off her face. Brady is sorry that she has to deal with her. Chloe says it’s nothing compared to what Brady has to deal with. Brady disagrees and blames himself for getting involved with Kristen in the first place. Chloe thought Brady was having early dinner with Rachel. Brady explains that Rachel got invited to a sleepover. Brady talks about seeing how fragile this whole thing is making Rachel. Chloe asks if she’s still angry with her. Brady says no but Chloe calls him a bad liar and wants the truth. Brady then admits that Rachel still thinks that Chloe is trying to break her parents up. Brady says he’s told her that’s not the case and thinks in time, she will understand that. Chloe says not if she testifies tomorrow.

Dr. Rolf questions Kristen wanting him to wake Stefan up now when he’s only had one cycling of conditioning and will need more. Kristen is sure he will be fine and tells him to wake him up. Dr. Rolf asks about Li as he would want to be there. Kristen remarks that you don’t always get what you want. Dr. Rolf argues that Li is as invested in this as Kristen is. Kristen disagrees since Li sees Stefan as a means to an end, while she sees her brother and family. Kristen tells Stefan that it’s time to wake up now.

Johnny enters the living room where Anna asks if he’s alright, hoping he’s not traumatized by EJ’s behavior. Johnny says nothing EJ does surprises him anymore Tony thinks EJ was surprised by him. Johnny complains that EJ has a hard time remembering he can’t just steamroll over him. Tony thinks EJ will remember yesterday for quite awhile. Tony knows Johnny is angry. Johnny says he actually came to talk to them because he and Ava are putting together a small memorial for Jake at the Crypt so he hoped they would be there. Tony says they will which Johnny says Ava will really appreciate. Anna asks if it will just be the four of them. Johnny responds that he’s inviting the whole family and was just about to call Gabi now.

Li questions Gabi hiring Ava. Gabi asks if that’s a problem. Li is not sure how his father will feel about it. Gabi suggests Li can bring him around on the idea because after the board meeting, she didn’t have much of a choice and needs all the support she can get. Gabi complains that the numbers are not what they should be. Li tells Gabi that there’s something he wants to talk to her about but Gabi gets a call from Johnny.

Ava asks EJ again what she can do for him. EJ responds that he’d like to talk about her, her state of mind, and how she’s using his son. Ava argues that Johnny has been nothing but kind to her since she moved in. Ava realizes that EJ may not understand that. EJ calls Johnny naïve and thinks Ava is a grieving widow but they know the truth. Ava responds that her husband is dead. EJ questions if she knows that since just the other day, she was convinced that he came by for a visit. Ava complains about EJ being unable to let that go even after his power play cost him his son. EJ declares that he’s not going to let it go because he’s going to prove that she’s unstable. Ava wishes him luck with that because she’s as sane as he is. EJ says she may be now but it’s only a matter of time before she starts seeing Jake again and when she does, Mr. Shin will have no choice but demand that Gabi fire her and then they will pack up her things and ship her off to Bayview.

Kristen asks Dr. Rolf why Stefan is not coming to. Dr. Rolf says it may take a few minutes for the sedative to wear off. Kristen argues that they don’t have time to waste and the sooner he wakes up, the sooner he can go find the woman he loves. Stefan then wakes up and says “the woman I love”. Kristen encourages that now he can go find the woman he loves. Dr. Rolf asks Stefan if he knows who Chloe is. Kristen tells Stefan to talk to her and asks if he knows where he is. Stefan identifies Dr. Rolf’s lab and that he woke up here. Kristen tells him that he’s been here for some time which Stefan acknowledges as four years because he died and got a new heart. Dr. Rolf confirms everyone thought he was dead and his ashes are in the DiMera Crypt. Kristen declares that all that matters now is that he’s alive and he can go home to his love. Stefan says “Chloe” which excites Kristen, who encourages that Chloe and Stefan were together before he died and now he can get out of this bed and go climb in to Chloe’s.

Ava tells EJ that there is nothing wrong with her. EJ asks if she can just will herself to not go crazy when she keeps seeing her dead husband. Ava tells EJ to just go. EJ mocks her seeing ghosts and says she’s not seeing Jake because she misses him but guilt over using his death for her personal gain. EJ accuses her of acting like she’s not thrilled that Jake got murdered and she gets to be rich. Ava threatens to call Johnny to escort him out of her room. EJ argues that they both know it’s only a matter of time before Ava sees Jake again. Ava responds that she needs to get ready for her husband’s memorial service which Johnny so graciously arranged. EJ remarks that Johnny is just so full of ideas. EJ mockingly tells Ava to say hi to Jake for him next time she sees him as he then exits the room.

Gabi tells Johnny that she’ll be there and hangs up which Li questions. Gabi informs him that Johnny is setting up a memorial service for Jake and she told him that she would go because she does want to pay her respects, but it’s in the DiMera Crypt and she hasn’t been there since Stefan died. Li says if it’s too painful, she doesn’t have to go and everyone would understand. Gabi assures that she is going, but she would just like Li to go with her.

Brady mentions that Chloe told Kristen that she was going to testify. Chloe complains that she just wanted to shut Kristen up and push back and a big part of her really wants to take the stand. Brady understands because of how long Kristen has been terrorizing her. Brady brings up that Belle thinks Kristen threatening her with the letter opener was calculated. Brady talks about Kristen wanting to turn Rachel against Chloe without any thought of what that would do to her daughter. Brady encourages Chloe to take the stand and testify to make sure Kristen goes back to prison where she belongs.

Kristen sends Stefan to change in to the suit that she brought from Jake’s closet. Kristen encourages that Dr. Rolf’s treatment clearly worked and he’s going to find Chloe. Dr. Rolf worries that Kristen gave him no choice and there’s no way of knowing if he had enough time to be fully removed from Gabi and on to Chloe. Kristen points out that Stefan didn’t seem to remember trying to go after Gabi the other day which is a good sign. Kristen is sure that Stefan can’t wait to sweep Chloe off her feet. Dr. Rolf remains unsure that this is going to work the way she wants it to.

Chloe tells Brady that Kristen provoked her on purpose to set him off but they can’t play her games and they have to do what’s best for Rachel, so she thinks she should not testify tomorrow. Chloe adds that Belle said worst case scenario is shared custody and they can live with that as it will give Rachel the time and space to heal from all this. Chloe encourages that they are in it for the long game and someday, Rachel will see how much she loves her and Brady. Brady tells Chloe that he loves her so much as they kiss.

Li questions Gabi wanting him to go with her and asks if the service is not just for the family, so he’s not sure if the DiMeras would want him there. Gabi insists that Li and Jake were friends, so she wants him by her side. Li then agrees to go and is really glad Gabi feels that way as they kiss.

Stefan returns to the lab and asks how he looks in his suit. Kristen tells him he’s perfect and that Chloe is going to be so happy to see him. Dr. Rolf asks if Stefan remembers Chloe. Stefan confirms that he does. Kristen declares now he is ready to win Chloe back, so he needs to get to the Salem Inn right now. Kristen gives him Chloe’s room number and instructs him to knock on her door and show her how much he loves her. Stefan looks confused but agrees and exits. Dr. Rolf remains unsure but Kristen tells him to zip it.

Brady and Chloe lay in bed together. Brady says thanks to her, he’s feeling better about tomorrow. Chloe reminds him to keep asking what’s best for Rachel. There’s a knock at the door so Brady gets out of bed and answers the door to see Kristen. Kristen is surprised to see him. Brady asks if she was expecting someone else.

Stefan goes to the DiMera Crypt and looks at his plaque on the wall.

Gabi questions Li being surprised that she wants him by her side. Li responds he’s just glad to know that she really cares about him. Gabi assures that she does. Li says that’s good because there’s something he wants to talk to her about. Li then pulls out a ring and gets down on one knee, shocking Gabi, who questions what he’s doing. Li then proposes to Gabi.

Tony asks Anna if she thinks EJ will go to the memorial service. Anna doubts it but says he certainly should. Anna brings up everything Johnny has been through this year and how close EJ came to losing him, so they should both realize how important family is. Tony worries that too many outsiders have driven their family apart and if EJ and Johnny keep butting heads over Ava, it’s not going to end well.

EJ approaches Johnny in the hall and asks him about planning a memorial service for Jake. Johnny thinks everyone deserves a chance to say goodbye. EJ says he would normally agree but in this case he’s worried about Ava. Johnny mocks that since EJ attacked Ava at the board meeting and told her to move out. EJ claims that he was trying to protect Johnny. Johnny argues that Ava’s not a threat. EJ remarks that when people are drowning, they often drag down the people who are trying to help. Johnny calls him unbelievable. EJ argues that Johnny thinks he knows all the answers and asks if he’s sure the memorial service is a good idea or if Ava can handle it. EJ asks what if Ava cracks under the pressure.

Ava enters the DiMera Crypt and sees Stefan inside, but believes that he is Jake.

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Days Update Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

John brings Marlena breakfast in bed but complains about her always being on her computer lately. Marlena responds that she’s just catching up with work e-mails. John shuts her laptop and declares that work can wait. John reminds Marlena that after Orpheus put them through an ordeal, she promised to let him take care of her and spoil her.

Kate brings Roman’s birthday cake to the Brady Pub and tells Eric to hide it behind the counter. Eric jokes with her that it’s late because Roman’s birthday was yesterday. Kate then reveals that she had organized his birthday party yesterday, but that before she was kidnapped and almost killed which shocks Eric.

Stephanie has coffee with Abe and Paulina. Paulina informs her that she owns the coffee brand. Abe thanks Stephanie for coming. Paulina talks about wanting their meeting to be a bit more casual and safe after last time, Steve mistook her for Orpheus and John almost tackled her to the ground. Stephanie admits that her father can be overzealous.

Steve and Kayla bring Jada to where Orpheus was holding Kayla, Marlena, and Kate hostage. Kayla explains that Orpheus had them chained to the three chairs while Steve shows what is left of the bomb that he disarmed with seconds to spare. Jada questions Steve being proud of himself. Jada tells Steve that she respects him, but questions what the hell he was thinking.

Dr. Rolf is in his lab, on the phone with Li. Rolf informs Li that he’s finally having success in suppressing Stefan’s feelings for Gabi and amplifying his love for Chloe. Dr. Rolf says he has a visitor, but he’s sure it’s just Kristen asking him to resurrect her brother but he will put her off. Dr. Rolf says he’ll talk to Li later and hangs up. Dr. Rolf is then surprised to see Orpheus arrive at the lab, asking if he’s not happy to see his old pal. Dr. Rolf calls it a pleasant surprise but says he’s not used to having company. Dr. Rolf questions how he found his secret lab. Orpheus doesn’t think there should be secrets between friends since that can lead to distrust, misunderstandings, and bad blood.

John shows Marlena the massage lotion he got for her. Marlena decides she will choose where the massage begins as they kiss.

Eric questions Kate revealing that Orpheus was going to blow them up and how he’s just now hearing about it. Eric asks how Marlena is. Kate assures that they are fine but they wouldn’t have been if John and Steve hadn’t rescued them. Roman arrives. Kate calls him her personal hero and kisses him.

Kayla argues to Jada that Steve was a hero and saved all of their lives. Jada feels they almost all got blown to bits but got lucky. Jada reminds Steve that they have a bomb squad trained to handle this type of situation. Steve brings up his experience with the ISA but Jada reminds him that he’s no longer in the ISA. Steve argues that doesn’t mean he forgot how to operate. Jada brings up her father telling her stories and asks how many times Steve has almost gotten himself or Kayla killed. Kayla calls that unfair. Jada argues that the second they were kidnapped, Steve should’ve called the police and let them do their job, but he always has to be the one to save the day.

Stephanie tells Paulina that she has plenty of issues with her dad being overprotective. Paulina understands as she can be that way with her daughters too. Paulina then brings up why they brought her over, to talk about the governor’s race. Paulina thinks it’s a waste of time and money because everybody loves Abe and the state would be lucky to have him running it. Stephanie reveals that she’s afraid they have a problem which Paulina questions. Stephanie shows her file which Paulina points out a lot of Abe’s positives. Stephanie confirms that Abe has very few negatives so the majority of voters appreciate what they know about him, but that support shows vulnerability when specific questions are asked. Stephanie reveals the numbers are softer than she expected. Paulina complains that she knows Abe better than anyone. Abe reminds her that they are paying Stephanie to do the research so they have to hear her out. Stephanie then continues that she conducted more focus groups and learned that people like Abe but no matter what, people just didn’t really want to talk about him. Abe asks what they did want to talk about. Stephanie reveals it was Paulina, who then begins to worry that she’s dragging Abe down and says that John and Marlena told her she might be a problem. Paulina starts to panic and declares the only way to fix this mess and restore Abe’s reputation is for them to get a divorce.

John and Marlena lay in bed together. Marlena says while she was held captive by Orpheus, she kept wondering if she’d ever see her family again. John assures that he would never let Orpheus take her away from him. John says they have face down a hundred lifetimes and challenges but have always come out on top and stronger than ever. John doesn’t know what’s coming next but he knows he will always keep her safe.

Eric remarks that if you miss a day, you miss a lot. Roman is sorry that Eric is just hearing about the kidnappings but Orpheus said if they told anyone then they would never see Kate, Kayla, or Marlena again. Eric clarifies he’s talking about them being back together. Kate explains that she finally took responsibility for her part in Lucas kidnapping Sami. Roman then adds that he, Allie, and Marlena all forgave Kate. Kate brings up the last time she saw Eric and how she was pushing hard for him to get back with Nicole which was a mistake. Kate apologizes for that and says she would just like for him to find the happiness that she has found with Roman. Roman then suggests maybe Eric already has.

Steve knows that Jada thinks they put lives at risks because they didn’t follow protocol but Orpheus threatened them to not contact anyone, especially the police. Jada knows all about Orpheus, his past, and his vendetta against him. Kayla feels that Jada should understands why Steve had to act quickly then. Jada complains that if Steve kept them in the loop, they would have Orpheus in custody now but instead, he’s out there and they don’t know what he will do next.

Dr. Rolf asks Orpheus not to touch anything in his lab. Orpheus questions if he’s doing some important work. Dr. Rolf argues that all of his work is important and sensitive. Orpheus reminds him that he is the one who got Dr. Rolf included in the pardons. Dr. Rolf assures that he’s very grateful. Orpheus says that’s good but now their paths have crossed again. Dr. Rolf argues that he is quite busy. Orpheus asks if his current pet project is taking up a lot of his time, revealing that he’s heard about it. Orpheus tells Dr. Rolf to show him what all the buzz is about. Dr. Rolf says he can’t let him back there. Orpheus says it’s okay and he doesn’t have to worry about him seeing what he’s hiding, because he already knows.

Abe tells Paulina that they are not getting a divorce. Paulina says it wouldn’t be permanent, but he would get some distance from her and then when he’s elected Governor, they quietly get remarried. Abe questions when she ever did anything quietly. Paulina asks if Stephanie sees the merit of her plan. Stephanie then clarifies that Paulina’s scores weren’t lower than Abe’s, they were higher which shocks them. Stephanie explains that people described Paulina in the focus groups as strong, fearless, and inspirational. Stephanie states that the qualities people used to describe Paulina strongly correlates to winning candidates over the last six years. Stephanie states that people are looking for someone who will do what it takes to get things done. Paulina questions if she’s suggesting they give up the campaign. Stephanie says she’s not saying that at all and reveals that she is saying Paulina should run for Governor instead of Abe and she thinks that she would win.

Kate asks Eric about a new woman being in the picture. Eric doesn’t want to discuss this. Roman says they don’t need to keep secrets from Kate. Eric argues that there isn’t a secret. Roman tells Kate about Eric getting pretty hot upstairs. Eric stops him and says he was just fixing Jada’s air conditioner. Kate then questions if Eric and the new detective are sleeping together, right as Jada enters the Pub.

Dr. Rolf laughs off Orpheus as bluffing and says he doesn’t know anything but Orpheus responds that he doesn’t bluff. Dr. Rolf asks what he thinks he knows then. Orpheus reveals that he knows Rolf resurrected Stefan DiMera and that he’s lying sedated behind the curtain with a bunch of wires hooked in to him. Orpheus assumes that he is brainwashing Stefan. Dr. Rolf calls that an old fashioned term and says he is conditioning him. Orpheus questions what he is conditioning him to do. Dr. Rolf calls it none of his business. Orpheus points out that Stefan was once dead and now he’s alive. Dr. Rolf questions what his interest is in this project. Orpheus says it’s just curiosity and reveals that he has his own project to keep him occupied. Orpheus declares that his objective is to bring as much pain and suffering as possible to Steve, Roman, and most of all John Black.

Marlena asks John if they can forget the whole nightmare and get back to their lives. John wishes they could but Orpheus is still out there. Marlena points out that he has the whole police department and FBI searching for him to find him, lock him up, and throw away the key. John hopes she’s right. Marlena insists that she is right because when John rescued her, he told her it’s all over. Marlena asks if he doesn’t believe that. John says that challenge was over but they both know Orpheus doesn’t give up that easily. Marlena asks if he thinks Orpheus is planning something. John confirms that he does but he just doesn’t know what the hell it is.

Roman tells Jada that she doesn’t have to answer Kate’s question. Jada admits she wasn’t about to. Roman adds that he doesn’t make it a policy to gossip. Kate takes the blame because she was curious and introduces herself to Jada. Eric explains that Kate is Roman’s girlfriend. Kate says it’s very nice to meet her. Jada recognizes that Kate is one of Orpheus’ victims. Kate prefers to see it as one of his survivors.

Dr. Rolf tells Orpheus that there is no love lost between himself and the objects of his malevolence. Orpheus acknowledges that no one hated John, Roman, and Steve like Stefano. Dr. Rolf wishes Orpheus luck but says he must return to his work. Orpheus brings up that Dr. Rolf’s work means everything to him and that he keeps samples of some of his most extraordinary medical achievements. Dr. Rolf says he’s unsure of what he’s referring to. Orpheus says this isn’t just a lab but practically a museum of his work. Orpheus bets if he searched the drawers and cabinets then he would find all sorts of interesting things like the serum that revived so many people in town, the drug that restored the memories, or perhaps a chip that can save one’s consciousness. Dr. Rolf calls that a theory and speculation. Orpheus believes Dr. Rolf is saving some of those things in this lab, revealing that this isn’t his first visit as he’s been here before and he’s seen everything there is to see.

Steve regrets that he didn’t neutralize Orpheus before he had the chance to hurt Kayla. Kayla tells him to stop beating himself up over all this because he saved her life again and now she’s safe. Kayla adds that Steve can keep talking or he can shut up and kiss her to let her thank him properly for saving his life. Kayla and Steve kiss until Stephanie barges in and questions how Steve could lie to her and not tell her that her mom was kidnapped.

Paulina and Abe talk about this being unexpected. Paulina feels it’s crazy and says Stephanie is sweet, but she’s been in sales her whole life and she’s sold on Abe. Abe asks if they’re just going to ignore the focus groups. Paulina says they are because she knows they can make his case to the voters. Abe suggests they take Stephanie’s advice because he believes the state is ready for a strong woman of color to be in the Governor’s mansion and he would be honored to be her first gentleman.

Jada tells Kate that she will need her to come to the police station to give a full statement when she’s ready. Eric questions Orpheus still being out there. Jada says no thanks to Roman, reminding him that he’s not a cop anymore so he should’ve reported Kate’s kidnapping to the police the minute it happened. Roman argues that he didn’t have a choice because Orpheus threatened to hurt Kate, Kayla, and Marlena if they didn’t keep quiet and play his game. Jade notes that Steve gave the same story but argues that Roman used to be the police commissioner so she would think he’d have more trust in the police department. Roman shouts that he had nothing to do with trusting the police while Jada fires back that it was all about Roman going rogue with John and Steve.

Kayla realizes Stephanie heard about the kidnapping. Stephanie confirms it just came through as an alert on her news app. Steve is sorry she had to hear about it that way. Stephanie complains that Steve told her that Kayla and Marlena were at a medical conference. Kayla intervenes and says that Steve had a very good reason to keep Stephanie in the dark. Stephanie guesses he was trying to protect her. Steve states that he was trying to protect Kayla, Marlena, and Kate because he and John were instructed not to tell the police or anyone. Kayla confirms that’s the truth and adds that Stephanie needs to take away that Orpheus tried to hurt them again but he failed and they are all safe. Kayla then hugs Stephanie.

Dr. Rolf questions Orpheus being in his lab. Orpheus confirms that he gave himself a tour while he was out. Orpheus jokes that he was disappointed not to find a horde of Marlena clones stuffed in his broom closet but he was thrilled by what he found locked in the steel cabinet behind him. Orpheus declares that once he saw that, he knew he had found exactly what he needed to destroy the lives of his enemies…

John tells Marlena that he can’t promise her what’s coming next but he promises to always protect her no matter what Orpheus tries. Marlena responds that she’s not afraid of Orpheus. John complains about Orpheus trying to blow her up again. Marlena points out how many times Orpheus has tried to match wits with them but they always win and always will. Marlena adds that if Orpheus tried to harm John, he’d have her to deal with. John jokes that he loves when she’s tough and angry like that as they kiss.

Paulina tells Abe that she doesn’t know why they are entertaining the idea of her as Governor. Abe says it makes sense to him which she questions. Abe talks about how this quest was her idea from the beginning while he wasn’t sure he even wanted to run but she pressured him and recruited his friends. Paulina says she believes in him. Abe responds that he believes in her too. Paulina insists that this is crazy. Abe tells her that the numbers don’t lie. Abe says Paulina talks about wanting to make up for her mistakes by doing good to help people and she can do a lot of good in the world. Abe tells her that she can make the world a better place like she made his world better. Abe feels the universe is sending her a message and she needs to answer it.

Stephanie tells Kayla and Steve that she had a meeting with Paulina and Abe. Steve hopes they have forgiven him. Stephanie admits they understand the threat Orpheus poses to their family and now, she does too. Steve thanks her for that. Stephanie mentions checking in on Sonny and they say he’s going to make it. Kayla confirms his condition is guarded but he has fought through the worst. Stephanie is relieved but notes that Victor is giving her a hard time about how this may look for Titan. Steve says that’s the Victor they know and love; family first as long as it doesn’t affect the bottom line. Stephanie says she does have to get back to work. Kayla and Steve invite Stephanie to stay for an early dinner.

Roman argues that Jada has been in Salem for five minutes. Jada responds that she’s been a cop a lot longer than that. Roman says that Salem is a different animal. Jada questions what that means. Eric tells her that it means she’ll have to get used to private citizens going rogue. Kate confirms that people in this town do play hero. Roman argues that nobody was playing anything. Kate assures that Roman is a hero and says she’s lucky to have him. Jada feels she’s lucky that Roman and his buddies didn’t get them blown up but they will just have to agree to disagree. Roman says that works for him. Eric asks if he can get Jada something to eat. Jada declines and says she just came to look over some files in her room. Kate invites Jada to stay since she brought a big cake in for Roman’s birthday. Roman doesn’t want to fuss about his birthday but Eric insists that they are going to celebrate right. Jada admits that she does love cake and wishes Roman a happy birthday as they shake hands.

John and Marlena remain in bed together. John brings up her massage. Marlena suggests he start with her neck and see where he heads up as they kiss.

Dr. Rolf tells Orpheus that what he found in the cabinet is not available for him or anyone else’s use. Orpheus clarifies that he has no intention of taking the vial that he locked in the cabinet since he has no need to take it as he reveals he already got it, which shocks Dr. Rolf

Paulina questions if Abe really thinks she could win. Abe responds that he’s learned to never doubt her. They then decide they are doing this. Abe calls her Madam Governor Price which Paulina admits she likes the sound of as they kiss.

Dr. Rolf warns Orpheus to be careful with the vial and asks him to set it down. Orpheus then tosses it to Rolf, revealing the vial is empty because he’s already used it’s contents, leaving Dr. Rolf in shock.

Kate, Jada, and Eric sing Happy Birthday to Roman. Kate tells Roman to make a wish and blow out his candle. Roman says he already got his wish so this is just a formality but before he can, Kate sneezes and accidentally puts out the candle.

Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie prepare to have dinner when Kayla suddenly sneezes.

John massages Marlena until she suddenly sneezes. John asks if she’s not getting sick. Marlena says she feels great but wonders if she’s allergic to the lotion as she sneezes again.

Orpheus informs Dr. Rolf that he knows John, Roman, and Steve are very proud of their heroics but they only delayed the deaths of Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Orpheus is sure now they are celebrating their health but declares that soon, they will wish they let that bomb go off…

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Days Update Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Xander comes out of the shower in his room at the Salem Inn where Sarah informs him that she has decided to make an appointment with her former department head at the hospital as she is hoping to be reinstated there. Xander says she should be since she didn’t do anything wrong. Sarah hopes the board feels that way as she has to convince them that everything she went through didn’t change the kind of doctor she is. Sarah wants to start getting her old life back. Xander suggests they could finally get married then. Sarah tells him to just let her know the day, so Xander asks how today sounds.

Jennifer returns home and retrieves the bottle of painkillers from the trash can. Jack then walks in and startles her. Jack asks if something is wrong as she hides the bottle behind her.

Chad goes to the police station and questions what Melinda thinks she’s doing. Melinda responds that she is looking through paper work. Chad complains that the man who killed his wife and stabbed his best friend is walking around free. Melinda assures that she shares his frustration, but Rafe is on the case personally which surprises Chad. Melinda adds that she just found out that Rafe knows where Leo is hiding out, so he should be putting him in handcuffs as they speak.

Rafe informs Sloan that he checked the parking lot and the entire building, so Leo was gone long before they got there. Sloan doesn’t understand since Leo promised he would wait for her. Rafe guesses Leo knew he was coming and that’s why he left in such a hurry. Sloan assures she didn’t tip him off. Rafe tells her to stop lying because she was the only one who knew. Rafe accuses Sloan of double crossing him. Sloan insists that she didn’t but Rafe tells her to stop lying and asks where the hell Leo is.

Leo sneaks into the ICU dressed as a nurse in a blonde wig. Sonny then wakes up looking confused. Sonny questions why Leo is dressed like a nurse. Leo responds that it was the only way he could get in to see him. Sonny asks what he’s doing here and what happened. Leo questions him not remembering somebody stabbing him in the back. Leo urges Sonny to tell him who did this to him. Sonny then responds that it was Leo. Leo argues that Sonny is confused and encourages him to think hard. Sonny insists that Leo snuck in here to finish him off. Leo shouts that he didn’t stab him and is not here to hurt him. Sonny recalls Leo being there. Leo confirms that he was at his office to declare a truce between them and he only came back to validate his parking ticket. Sonny continues to accuse him of trying to kill him. Leo states that somebody came in after he left and stabbed him. Leo questions Sonny not remembering who it was.

Melinda assures Chad that there is no doubt in her mind that Leo Stark murdered Abigail and then made an attempt on Sonny’s life too, so he can be confident that Leo’s prosecution begins the moment Rafe brings him in here in handcuffs. Chad asks if he can hang around as he’d like to see it with his own eyes which Melinda allows. Chad asks if it’s not Leo, what happens to Gwen. Melinda assures that Gwen is still in custody. Gwen then enters and declares that she’s not anymore.

Xander jokes with Sarah that they’d be an old married couple by now if it wasn’t for Gwen. Sarah still can’t believe that Gwen tried to make it seem like she killed Abigail and tells Xander that Gwen is still obsessed with him. Xander wants to prove to the world that Gwen can’t keep them apart anymore as he doesn’t want to wait another minute. Xander declares that Gwen can’t get in their way now since she’s locked up. Xander offers to call Maggie. Sarah suggests they put it off a little longer to get a jump on their wedding night as they kiss.

Jennifer tells Jack that a lot of things are wrong. Jack responds that he’s talking about the pills in her hand. Jennifer thinks back to lying to Maggie about it being for Doug. Jennifer then claims to Jack that she’s having headaches and that Kayla gave her prescription strength ibuprofen. Jack notes that she didn’t tell him about headaches. Jennifer says he’s had a lot going on. Jack offers to get her water to take one but Jennifer says he doesn’t have to and that just seeing him makes her better as they hug. Jack then says there’s something he has to tell her. Jennifer guesses it’s not good and asks what now. Jack reveals that he hired a lawyer to represent Gwen.

Melinda doesn’t know how Gwen managed this and makes a call, arguing that a prisoner escaped. Chad questions how she got here. Gwen points out that she was locked up last night while Sonny was stabbed, so her lawyer argued that there was evidence of a connection between Abigail’s murder and Sonny’s stabbing and that Leo just framed her for what he did. Gwen mocks Melinda for letting Leo go after Sonny. Gwen suggests the Kiriakis family should sue her office. Melinda warns Gwen that Leo’s guilt does not prove her innocence and tells her not to leave town. Chad asks where Melinda is going. Melinda declares that she’s going to get answers from a more reliable source than Gwen and then she’s going to fire whoever blew the hearing this morning as she storms out of the station. Chad remarks that Gwen must be very pleased with herself. Gwen argues that she’s free because she’s innocent and when Leo is arrested, Chad will see that Leo was lying about her.

Rafe questions if Sloan signaled to Leo that he was coming with her. Sloan argues that Rafe heard her phone call and that she didn’t say a word about him, so Leo must have figured it out on his own. Rafe searches the room but Sloan says he’s wasting his time. Rafe remembers threatening to arrest her as an accessory. Sloan calls it a bogus charge that will never stick. Rafe warns that she’s about to find out how sticky he can make things for her.

Sonny questions why Leo is still holding the call button if he’s not trying to kill him. Leo says he’s just very cautious. Leo knew what he was risking by coming here but he can’t trust anyone including his lawyer. Leo says Sonny is the only one who can get him out of this jam. Sonny argues that Leo can’t make him say what he wants to hear. Leo reminds him of his truce offer and to concentrate on what he said. Sonny recalls saying they would never be friends but they could leave each other alone and then Leo left. Leo urges him to keep remembering. Sonny states that he sat down at his desk and then went to get something from his file cabinet with his back to the door, then he heard a noise. Sonny says he went to turn around but something hit him in the back and then it just goes black. Leo questions him not getting a look. Sonny assures that he can’t clear him since it could’ve been him. Leo argues that it was the person trying to frame him and asks if he would’ve left his list behind for the cops to find. Sonny questions what list. Leo admits he made an enemies list of everyone who busted up he and Craig. Leo argues that somebody found the list, brought it to Sonny’s office and then stabbed him, left it on his desk and crossed off Sonny and Abigail’s name. Leo then admits he did cross off Abigail’s name but only because she was dead so she was no longer a threat. Sonny questions what his point is. Leo shouts that someone is trying to make him look like a serial killer.

Jennifer questions Jack hiring Gwen a lawyer without talking to her first. Jack apologizes and calls it a knee jerk reaction, but points out that Gwen couldn’t have stabbed Sonny so maybe she’s not lying when she says she didn’t kill Abigail. Jack adds that he couldn’t let Gwen go back to prison for something she didn’t do. Jack admits that he made Gwen part of their lives by asking Jennifer and Abigail to accept her which they both did. Jack notes that when he believed Gwen killed Abigail, he didn’t know how to face Jennifer but she was understanding, so he’s asking her to be understanding now. Jennifer asks if he feels that Leo only pointed the finger at Gwen to divert attention from himself. Jack says Leo set Gwen up and everybody bought it. Jack acknowledges that Gwen is no saint, but she deserves a lot better than she’s gotten from him and he did what he did to make up for it. Jack asks Jennifer if it’s okay because he doesn’t want to make this harder for her than it already is.

Gwen guesses Chad wishes that Jack left her in jail. Gwen insists that she told him the truth when he came to see her, that she didn’t kill Abigail and that Leo set her up. Chad tells her not to play the martyr. Chad wouldn’t put it past her and Leo to point the finger at each other to muddy the case against them. Gwen reminds Chad that she told him that Leo made a list of all of his enemies and now Abigail is dead while Sonny is ICU and they were both on the list along with Chad. Gwen argues that Melinda put Leo on the streets at her expense. Gwen asks what if Leo decides to come after Chad next.

Leo tells Sonny that he’s cutting him slack because of his condition but he doesn’t have time. Leo asks if Sonny is going to tell the cops that he did this to him. Leo gets a call from Sloan but ignores it. Leo tells Sonny that he’s laid this out in a very logical way. Sonny asks how he knows Leo doesn’t have a weapon. Leo reminds Sonny that they kind of had a moment last night, complaining that Alex threatened to kill him and he was scared, so he begged Sonny to tell Alex that they were okay. Leo asks why he would put himself through that and then stabbed him instead of saving himself from the humiliation. Leo asks if Sonny gets what he’s saying. A nurse then enters and is happy to see that Sonny is awake. She says she’ll have to let his doctor know that he’s making such good progress. Leo then claims there’s no need as he’s already done that and the doctor is on his way.

Sloan tells Rafe that her call went straight to voicemail and asks if there’s anything else she can do to prove that she and Leo aren’t in cahoots. Rafe acknowledges that maybe Leo got spooked like she said, but maybe she set him up. Rafe declares that he was wrong to trust her because now Leo is back on the streets and his investigation is back to square one. Rafe makes a call for an update on his APB, revealing that he lost Leo. Rafe orders a search to be setup and says he will alert Melinda.

Melinda brings Gwen a bag of her personal effects minus the Sarah mask. Gwen argues that she has to let her go because she took the word of a born liar. Gwen tells Melinda to do a decent job this time and get justice for Chad and his children because nobody should have to suffer the way that they did. Melinda then walks out of the station. Gwen is thankful that this nightmare is finally over for her now. Chad remarks that she got a get out of jail free card. Gwen sees it as a sign to take hold of a new lease on life and right now there is somebody that she needs to thank, so she then exits the station.

Jennifer guesses she understands why Jack did this for Gwen and admits she’d probably do the same in his shoes. Jack thanks her. The doorbell then rings so Jack rushes to answer it and it’s Sarah and Xander, dressed for their wedding with a bottle of champagne. Jack invites them in. Sarah hopes they are not intruding. Jennifer says of course they are not. Xander knows how bad things are for them now but that’s kind of why they are here, to pick up their day a bit. Jennifer says that would be wonderful. Jack asks what’s up. Xander announces they are finally getting married today and hoped Jack and Jennifer might be their witnesses. They agree they would be honored as they hug Sarah and Xander. Jennifer says it’s wonderful to see people get their lives back on track. Jack asks when and where they are getting married. Sarah says Maggie is meeting them at City Hall. Xander adds that they didn’t feel right using the Kiriakis Mansion after what happened to Sonny. Jennifer then suggests they get married, noting that it’s Sarah’s family home. Xander doesn’t want to put them out but they assure they aren’t as Jennifer declares it would be a blessing to have a cause for celebration again. Sarah then agrees to do it as they hug.

Sonny goes along with Leo’s story that he called the doctor and he’s on his way so that the nurse leaves. Leo asks if this means Sonny believes him. Sonny warns that he better not regret this. Leo declares that if Sonny believes he didn’t do this to him, then he also believes he’s being framed. Sonny confirms that he does.

Sloan asks Rafe if Melinda chewed him out. Rafe confirms that she did. Rafe notes that Leo took off about 45 minutes ago and then realizes that the hospital is nearby where Sonny is in the ICU. Rafe rushes out of the room while Sloan points out that he still has her keys.

Maggie arrives at the Horton House and hopes the third time is the charm since this wedding is long overdue. They talk about Sarah going to freshen up and make a grand entrance. Jennifer brings in flowers to Maggie goes to help her decorate. Jack comments that it’s been a long time since he’s seen Jennifer smile and thanks Xander for making them a part of this day. Xander says it wouldn’t be right without him and talks about wanting him there the last time they tried. Jack brings up that the only reason Sarah was arrested was because of Gwen and he’s so sorry about that. Xander assures it wasn’t any of Jack’s doing. Jack starts to bring up Gwen but decides it can wait. Jennifer and Maggie come back in with the flowers. Maggie says she wasn’t expecting to see Jennifer again today and asks how she’s doing. Jennifer claims she’s much better and thanks Maggie for talking to her. Maggie states that Jennifer is the one who had the strength to throw away the pills, calling that a very big deal. Maggie asks what Jack said when she told him. Jennifer claims that she hasn’t had the chance to talk to him about it yet because there’s been so much going on. Maggie questions what has been going on. Sarah then enters the room. Maggie tells her they are so happy. Sarah talks about not thinking this kind of happiness was possible for her anymore. Sarah confirms she’s ready and asks Xander if he wants to get married. Xander says yes and they kiss. Outside, Gwen arrives to the door cracked open and hears everyone celebrating inside. Gwen wonders what’s going on and if she should just go. Maggie then begins the wedding of Sarah and Xander. Xander asks Maggie to just skip to the good bits and avoid the whole anyone objecting part. Maggie brings up that they prepared their vows a year ago and now get a chance to say them. Maggie calls on Xander to start but he can’t remember his speech. Xander says he went over it but his mind has gone blank. Maggie suggests he just say what’s in his heart right now then. Xander calls Sarah the best thing to ever happen to him and more than he ever dreamed of. Xander talks about when he thought he lost her and then a miracle happened because of Abigail. Xander declares that Sarah came back to him and now he’s going to spend the rest of his life taking care of her and being grateful for that miracle. Sarah says she knows the real Xander and talks about thinking she got everything that she wanted until she thought she lost him forever, but here they are. Sarah declares that she gets to spend the rest of her life with the love of her life. Maggie then asks if Xander takes Sarah to be his wife and he says I do. Maggie asks Sarah if she takes Xander to be her husband and she says I do. Xander pulls out the rings and they put them on their fingers. Maggie then finally pronounces Xander and Sarah as husband and wife. They kiss as Jack and Jennifer applaud. Gwen then walks in to the room.

Sonny hopes he’s not making a huge mistake by trusting Leo. Leo questions him still thinking that he’s lying. Sonny points out that Gwen’s in jail and asks who else would do this to him. Leo gets a call from Sloan and says he has to take this. Sonny argues that Leo knows more than he’s letting on. Leo answers his call and Sloan complains that she’s stuck at the motel and he’s not there. Leo responds that he’s sorry but he can’t trust anyone anymore and he thought it was a trap. Sloan confirms that it was because Rafe threatened to arrest her if she didn’t bring him along. Leo calls her a traitor. Sloan tells him to shut up and listen, arguing that she better not disbarred for this. Sloan asks where Leo is. Leo questions why he would give her anything about his location. Sloan then reveals that Rafe thinks Leo is at the hospital to finish off Sonny. Sloan warns Leo not to go anywhere near the hospital because Rafe is heading there now and should be there any minute. Leo then hangs up in a panic.

Xander turns around and questions what the bloody hell Gwen is doing there. Gwen apologizes as she didn’t mean to intrude. Xander asks what she did mean to do and questions why she’s not in jail. Gwen reveals that her new lawyer convinced the judge to release her and they are looking for Leo now. Gwen apologizes as she didn’t mean to ruin their wedding as she can see now that they are meant to be together. Xander says it’s no thanks to her. Gwen just wanted to come thank Jack for having her back again even though she’s done nothing to deserve it. Gwen decides she will leave now and tells them to go back to their celebration. Gwen adds that she had no intention of hurting Jack that night and admits it was just her desperate attempt to get Sarah away from Xander. Gwen then admits that she didn’t kill Laura, her death really was an accident and she told Abigail that and she believed her. Gwen hopes Jennifer will believe her too. Jennifer agrees to think about it. Gwen wishes them a world of happiness and then exits the house. Sarah remarks that at least Gwen didn’t show up in time to object to the wedding. Xander responds that she’s gone now, hopefully for good.

Gwen returns to her motel room which is where Leo was hiding out and sees it a mess from being searched and questions what the hell happened here. Gwen pulls a box from under the bed and says thank God it’s still there as she takes out a photo of her and Xander, holding it with tears in her eyes.

Xander tells Sarah that he intends to enjoy this moment as it’s the first day of his life with Sarah and wants to celebrate which Jack, Jennifer, and Maggie agree with. Jack pours them glasses of champagne and toasts to Mr. and Mrs. Xander Cook.

Gwen lays in bed with the photo of her and Xander as she breaks down crying.

Rafe arrives at the hospital and asks the nurse for an update on Sonny. She informs him that Sonny has regained consciousness. Rafe is relieved and asks when someone last checked on him. She reveals that another nurse is in with him now, who Sonny called “Leona”, and notes that she’s never seen her before. Rafe then rushes to the ICU but finds Sonny alone. Rafe asks if Leo was there. Sonny confirms that he just missed him.

Leo escapes from the hospital through the elevator despite the other nurse trying to tell him that Rafe wants to see him.

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Days Update Monday, September 5, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jennifer sits with Maggie at the Horton house and talk about how they can’t believe Sonny was stabbed. Jennifer asks about Victor. Maggie says he’s doing his best to be strong for Justin but she’s really worried about him.

Victor sits at home, reading an article about Sonny’s stabbing and complains the article is only worried about money. Victor declares that he should’ve eradicated Leo Stark from the planet a long time ago. Alex walks in and says this is on him. Victor questions what he’s talking about. Alex responds that he had the chance to take care of Leo last night and he didn’t do it. Alex declares that if Sonny doesn’t make it, he’ll never forgive himself.

Sloan goes to the police station and warns Rafe that she doesn’t appreciate being summoned. Rafe responds that he doesn’t appreciate deranged killers freely roaming his streets, so he asks her to tell him where Leo Stark is.

Leo has a nightmare about Chad showing up at his place and stabbing him. Leo then wakes up in a panic.

Chad goes to the hospital where he sees Justin hugging Stephanie. Chad quickly approaches and hopes this doesn’t mean the worst. Justin clarifies that Sonny is alive, but he’s in the ICU. Chad is glad Sonny made it through the night. Justin notes that the knife did a lot of damage, so he is still critical but stable. A nurse calls Justin over to alert him that he can see Sonny now, so he heads to his room. Stephanie encourages Chad that Sonny is tough and has so much to live for, so he’ll pull through. Chad responds that he has to as he can’t handle losing anyone else he loves.

Sloan questions Rafe wanting pull Leo in after having to drop the charges against him. Rafe then shows the knife to Sloan. She tells him to get to the point. Rafe informs her that last night, Chad went to Sonny’s office and found Sonny with this knife in his back and Leo standing over him. Rafe asks if they can knock off the games now. Rafe adds that Leo and Sonny hate each other. Sloan argues that Chad didn’t see Leo stab Sonny and suggests it’s possible that Chad walked in just as Leo was trying to administer first aid to Sonny. Rafe says not with Leo and Sonny’s history which Sloan questions. Rafe informs Sloan that Leo blames Sonny for ruining his romance with his last mark and Leo used to work for Sonny, so he knew how to talk his way through security, and his fingerprints are all over the handle of the knife. Rafe declares that Leo had means, motive, and opportunity. Sloan suggests Leo could have been trying to pull the knife out in a panic. Rafe asks her to explain why the coroner also believes that the knife was used in the murder of another of Leo’s enemies, Abigail DiMera.

Victor tells Alex that the only person to blame for what got done to Sonny is Leo Stark. Victor tells Alex to stop trying to make this his personal tragedy. Victor declares that Leo will rue the day he ever laid a hand on a Kiriakis.

Leo calls the hospital and pretends to be Alex to get an update on Sonny. Leo thanks them and hangs up, relieved that Sonny is still alive which means he can’t be framed for another murder. Leo declares that now he has to figure out the name of the rat who is setting him up.

Stephanie mentions hearing Chad found Sonny and asks if he slept at all and offers to get him breakfast but Chad says he can’t eat until he knows Sonny is okay. Stephanie doesn’t want him passing out. Will arrives and asks where Sonny is so Stephanie takes him to the ICU.

Justin sits at Sonny’s side in the ICU. Justin sings a song that Adrienne used to sing to Sonny when he was a baby. Justin cries that he’d give anything to hear Adrienne sing it again. Justin tells Sonny that he loves him and pleads for him to come back to them as he can’t lose him too. Will enters and hugs Justin. Justin tells Will that they just have to wait for Sonny to wake up. Will sits at Sonny’s side and tells him that he’s there.

Jennifer wants to make Maggie something to eat but Maggie says no and asks how Jennifer is getting through these days. Jennifer admits that Jack’s been a wreck since Gwen was charged as he never thought she would go this far. Maggie reminds her that she asked how she is, but she told her how Jack is. Jennifer responds that it’s harder for Jack because of Gwen. Maggie feels it’s just as hard for her. Maggie relates to losing a daughter and says she wasn’t as close to Summer as Jennifer was to Abigail. Jennifer tells Maggie that people grieve differently and insists that she’s okay because she has to be. Jennifer adds that Jack, Chad, and the kids need her to be strong. Maggie worries that there’s no one to be strong for Jennifer. Jennifer then gets a work call and says she has to take it so she exits the room to answer the call. After Jennifer leaves, her purse falls over on the couch and a bottle of painkillers falls out which worries Maggie.

Alex questions Victor wanting him to focus on business while his brother is fighting for his life. Victor wants Sonny to come back to a striving company which is where Alex comes in. Alex asks what he’s talking about. Victor reveals that he wants Alex to take over as interim CEO of Titan.

Will asks Justin what the doctors say. Justin says that they’ve only said Sonny is holding his own but he’s not out of the woods. Justin adds that they are hopeful but they are monitoring his condition very closely. Will states that he can’t lose Sonny. Justin encourages that Sonny is not going to leave them and he will pull through. Will says he has to.

Stephanie brings Chad a sandwich and encourages him to have breakfast then go home to sleep. Chad repeats that he’s not leaving Sonny. Stephanie points out that Sonny has Will and Justin with him. Chad questions her wanting him to go home and sleep while the person that killed his wife and almost killed his best friend is on the loose.

Sloan argues with Rafe and says that he’s going to have to drop these charges against Leo too because his case is entirely circumstantial. Rafe adds there is one piece of evidence he hasn’t told her about yet. Rafe then presents Sloan with Leo’s list of people that he was out to get and reveals they found it at the crime scene with Abigail and Sonny’s names crossed off. Sloan calls it more circumstantial evidence. Rafe responds that he’s not charging Leo yet, but he is going to talk to him and he’s pretty sure she knows where he’s at. Rafe threatens to charge her as an accessory if she doesn’t help bring him in.

Alex complains about the article going after Titan. Victor says he can’t have them losing confidence in Titan, so he wants Alex to take over and he wants Stephanie Johnson working full time to get this PR crisis under control. Alex asks if Victor is sure that he wants him to work with Stephanie since he had just told him that if it were up to him, he wouldn’t have Steve’s daughter cleaning the floors at Titan. Victor assures that he meant that, but Sonny hired her so he thinks it’s about time she earns her keep.

Justin comes out of the ICU and returns to Chad and Stephanie. Chad asks how Sonny is and if he knew he was there. Justin responds that he doesn’t know but Will is with him now and that’s probably the best medicine for him. Justin says he will be in the chapel if anyone is looking for him. Chad decides to go check on Will while Stephanie says she will wait for him here. Stephanie then gets a call from Alex, who says he needs to see her right away at the Kiriakis Mansion in ten minutes. Stephanie then hangs up and exits the hospital.

Jennifer returns to Maggie from her call. Maggie mentions accidentally knocking her purse over and finding her painkillers. Jennifer claims that they are Doug’s and that Julie asked her to fill it. Maggie questions Doug being in pain. Jennifer calls it an old injury or maybe he fell and Julie doesn’t want anyone to know about it. Maggie tells Jennifer that she can tell her the truth.

Leo packs his bag, complaining that someone hates him enough to frame him for a murder and an almost murder but he can’t figure out who it is since the people who hate him most are the same people who love Sonny and Abigail, so it doesn’t make any sense. Leo then gets a call from Sloan, who asks where he is. Leo responds that this has been real but he doesn’t need her services anymore. Sloan says she can still help him. Leo questions how when someone is trying to pin two crimes on him. Sloan wants Leo to tell her exactly what happened in Sonny’s office. Leo asks what difference it makes since the cops already think he did it and so does Chad. Sloan asks if anyone saw him do it. Leo says no because he didn’t. Sloan says she can still help him then. Leo argues that Sonny had already been stabbed when he got back to his office and he’s the one who found him. Sloan tells Leo that she believes him as she knows he didn’t murder Abigail and that he’s too smart to try to kill Sonny. Sloan declares that someone is trying to set him up and she wants a chance to prove it. Sloan asks where he is and she’ll come to him. Leo says it’s too late for that. Sloan warns that it looks bad but will look worse if he tries to run. Sloan insists that she is on his side.

Will remains with Sonny and talks about Arianna. Will says he’s sorry he wasn’t here. Will mentions Gabi taking Arianna shopping today. Will needs Sonny to wake up and remind him not to sweat the small stuff. Chad then joins Will in the room. Chad asks if Arianna knows. Will says no since Gabi wanted to keep it from her until Sonny gets better and he didn’t know what to do, so he just went along with it. Chad points out that it’s in the news. Will notes that Arianna isn’t in to the Spectator and Gabi will keep her off social media. Chad says he just wanted to get a look at Sonny but he will leave them alone. Chad goes to leave but Will stops him and asks him not to go yet. Will tells Chad that he can’t stop thinking that this is his fault because Sonny was obsessed with breaking up Leo and Craig and he had a lot of opportunities to get Sonny to back off. Chad argues that it wouldn’t have worked because there was no way Sonny was going to Leo scam Craig the way he scammed them. Will says he loves Sonny so much.

Stephanie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and complains that she was at the hospital and hasn’t even gotten to see Sonny yet so this damn well better be important. Victor asks how Sonny is doing. Stephanie responds that the doctors told Justin that he’s not out of the woods yet but he’s stable which Alex says is great. Stephanie mentions that Will got there just before she left. Victor remarks on Will managing to tear himself away from Los Angeles. Stephanie questions what she is doing here. Victor responds that the doctors can take care of Sonny while Stephanie and Alex can see to it that Sonny doesn’t come back to a company that’s tanked in his absence. Stephanie asks what the problem is. Alex shows her the article in the Spectator. Stephanie notes that they didn’t waste any time. Victor argues that Stephanie is being paid a great deal of money to see to this sort of thing, but not alone as he wants a Kiriakis to supervise. Victor appoints Alex and says he wants them to put their heads together and work nonstop to salvage the reputation of his company. After Alex and Stephanie exchange looks, Victor questions if there’s a problem he’s not aware of. Stephanie responds that there is no problem at all and they are on it. Victor then orders them to get to Titan headquarters and get busy.

Maggie asks Jennifer how many painkillers she’s taken. Jennifer swears that she hasn’t taken any and that they give Doug 30 at a time. Maggie says that she believes her. Jennifer then admits that she was thinking about taking them. Jennifer is glad that Maggie didn’t see her going through Doug and Julie’s medicine cabinet. Jennifer admits that she had to lie to the pharmacist to get them to fill it. Maggie questions how long she’s been struggling with this. Jennifer reveals it’s been ever since she lost her mom. Maggie asks why she didn’t come to her. Jennifer thought she was handling it but then everything happened with Abigail. Maggie says she’s so sorry that she has been struggling with this and feels she should’ve figured out that something was wrong. Jennifer cries that she’s been trying to hide the fact that she could barely make it through the day. Jennifer adds that Jack doesn’t have a clue. Maggie points out that Jack isn’t an addict in recovery like she is, so she should’ve seen the signs. Maggie asks when Jennifer last went to a meeting. Jennifer admits it’s been too long, though she has thought about it but she didn’t want to go talk about Abigail and admit that it made her want to use as that made her feel like such a failure. Maggie says that’s the disease talking as it makes them feel bad about themselves for needing help. Maggie encourages that Jennifer found strength in admitting she has a weakness. Maggie points out that Jennifer being honest with her was the first step. Maggie mentions that there’s a meeting at the hospital every day at noon and if they leave now, they can make it. Maggie asks Jennifer what she’s going to do with the painkillers. Jennifer then gets up and says she knows it’s the right thing to do as she drops the bottle in to the trash can. Maggie hugs her and says she’s so proud of her. Maggie and Jennifer then leave for the meeting.

Sloan asks Leo to just tell her where he is and argues that he needs someone on his side that he can trust which is why he hired her. Leo tells her that Chad walked in on him looking at Sonny with a knife in his back so he’s in major trouble here. Sloan argues that he hasn’t given her a chance and says to tell her where he is so they can figure this out together. Leo guesses he doesn’t have a choice and gives her the address to his motel room. Sloan responds that she’s on her way and hangs up. Rafe stops her and asks where Leo is. Sloan responds that if he wants Leo Stark then he will have to give her something that she wants. Rafe argues that he’s not going to barter with her as they already had a deal in place. Sloan argues that she never made that deal. Rafe questions what she’s trying to pull. Sloan says that when she sees Leo, she will recommend that he come in and make a statement. Rafe questions believing that. Sloan refuses to sell out her client. Rafe argues that her client may have already committed one murder and attempted another. Sloan points out that he may have but he’s innocent until proven guilty. Rafe insists that he already has enough to bring Leo in on suspicion of murder and she knows it. Rafe warns Sloan to either tell him where Leo is or she’s going to spend the night in a holding cell. Sloan then gives in but says she’s coming with Rafe. Rafe tells her to forget it. Sloan argues that Leo has the right to have his attorney present while Rafe questions him. Rafe then reluctantly gives in. Sloan points out that if they show up in a cop car then Leo will be gone, so Rafe agrees to take her car but says he’s driving as they then exit the station.

Leo finishes packing his bag and says Sloan better make it fast because he doesn’t have all day.

Maggie goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Victor if there’s any news on Sonny. Victor informs her that he’s stable but they have to keep him in the ICU and that Will is with him now. Maggie is glad to hear there is hope. Victor asks where she’s been. Maggie apologizes for being go so long but she stopped by to check on Jennifer and she’s glad she did because she’s having a really hard time. Maggie thinks Jennifer is feeling a little bit better now. Victor comments that Maggie has that effect on people.

Jennifer returns home and retrieves the bottle of painkillers from the trash can.

At Titan, Alex informs Stephanie that he just got a text from Justin, who says that Sonny’s vital signs are holding steady which Stephanie says is great. Alex guesses Sonny’s condition improved after Will got there to be with him. Stephanie says they have something really special. Alex agrees and remarks that he hopes to have what they do someday. Stephanie tells Alex that she’s working on the press release announcing him as the new interim CEO. Alex reads over it and calls it pretty good then calls it absolutely amazing, just like her. Stephanie reminds him to watch his boundaries. Alex tells her that he’s quite impressed how she made his vast experience cultivating an atmosphere of corporate inclusivity and his adeptness and vertical integration sound almost sexy. Stephanie responds that she’s really good at what she does which Alex agrees with.

Sloan and Rafe show up at Leo’s motel room. Sloan knocks on the door, asking Leo to let her in but there’s no response and the door is locked. Rafe then tries pounding on the door and yells for Leo that they know he’s in there and to open up. Rafe then kicks the door open with his gun raised but they find the room empty. Rafe questions what the hell is going on. Sloan doesn’t know since Leo told her that he’d be there. Rafe says Leo obviously lied to her and questions if Sloan still thinks he’s innocent.

Leo sneaks into the ICU dressed as a nurse in a blonde wig. Sonny then wakes up looking confused.

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Days Update Friday, September 2, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Bonnie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion looking for Justin to have a late dinner but finds him in the living room with a picnic setup on the floor for them. She calls it perfect as she joins him and they toast to each other. Bonnie comments on Justin dialing up the romance. Justin admits he may have been influenced by Alex, remarking that his son really knows how to impress the ladies…

Stephanie tells Alex that she should get going since she has her first day on the new job tomorrow. Alex says she can be late and offers to write her a note. Stephanie tells him to give up since she’s not just going to fall in to his arms because he’s handsome, noting that might work on other women but not her as she then exits. Alex remarks that she thinks he’s handsome and declares he’s still in the game.

Chloe sits in her room at the Salem Inn until Nicole shows up. Nicole complains to Chloe that Eric and Jada are sleeping together.

Rafe goes to the police station and tells Jada that he thought her shift ended hours ago. Jada says it did but she’s just taking another look at the suspects in the Abigail DiMera case. Rafe mentions that they now have Gwen in custody since Leo told them that she confessed to him. Jada says she knows, but she doesn’t trust that guy.

Leo returns to Sonny’s office to ask him about the parking rates but he doesn’t see him. Leo then finds his hit list of enemies with Brady, Chloe, Chad, Sonny, and Abigail’s names on it and questions how it got there. Leo then notes there is blood on it. Leo then looks over and finds Sonny on the ground bleeding with a knife in his back! Leo rushes to Sonny’s side and asks if he can hear him, then declares that he is dead.

Nicole tells Chloe about how she knocked on Eric’s door and Jada answered in a towel. Nicole talks about how she was relieved when Jada said she was just using the shower. Chloe feels that’s inappropriate and can’t believe Nicole said that to a woman she hardly knows. Chloe says whoever Jada sleeps with is none of her concern. Nicole argues that it is her concern if she cares about that person. Chloe calls it a private matter. Nicole informs her that Jada confirmed that they slept together. Chloe says good for them which Nicole questions. Chloe mocks Nicole obsessing over this. Nicole argues that she’s not and that this is important to her. Chloe says she’s worried that Nicole is so freaked out that Eric is with someone that isn’t her. Nicole tells her to forget it and she will leave but Chloe stops her. Chloe feels Nicole shouldn’t care if Jada and Eric had sex since she is a married woman.

Rafe tells Jada that she is right to not trust Leo since he would do anything to get himself out of trouble including pointing the finger at his best friend. Rafe brings up how Leo turned on Gwen last time by giving them the Sarah mask and he’s sure Leo thought that would be enough to get himself off the hook but when Melinda tried to charge them both with murder, Leo suddenly swears that Gwen told him that she murdered Abigail. Jada asks if Rafe agrees in thinking that Leo is making up this confession. Rafe calls it certainly possible which Jada says would mean Gwen is innocent. Rafe notes that he took Gwen’s statement himself and his gut tells him that Gwen was telling the truth that when she left Abigail’s room, Abigail was still alive. Jada brings up Gwen saying she threatened Abigail with a syringe, not a knife, and they know Abigail was stabbed to death. Jada wonders if Gwen is telling the truth then what happened to this knife which Rafe calls a good question.

Sonny make a noise so Leo is relieved that he is alive. Leo worries about what to do and declares that he is going to help him but realizes that he can’t remove the knife in Sonny’s back because then he will think that he did it, but if he leaves him here, he will bleed to death. Leo decides to call an ambulance but Chad walks in and questions what the hell he did.

Justin suggests he and Bonnie take their little party outside to the hot tub. Justin says he’ll go change in to his trunks, but Bonnie points out that no one is home so she feels it’s a perfect opportunity to skinny dip. Alex then comes home and interrupts them.

Stephanie goes to the Brady Pub where Eric is working and is surprised to see her as he didn’t know she was in town. Eric hugs her and says it’s been forever. Stephanie feels like she’s playing catch up with everyone and mentions that she was really sorry to hear that he and Nicole split up.

Nicole tells Chloe that she knows that she’s married but that doesn’t mean she can’t be concerned about Eric. Chloe feels it kind of does. Nicole argues that they are good friends with a long history together. Chloe warns that this is dangerous territory as she’s wondering about her ex-husband’s sex life. Nicole says it’s because Eric is in a very vulnerable place right now, having just left the priesthood so he’s not ready for anything serious. Chloe asks what it this is not serious and it’s just sex. Nicole argues that it’s never just sex with someone like Eric. Nicole brings up that even Chloe said Eric wouldn’t just jump in to bed with someone unless feelings are involved and that’s why she’s worried. Chloe argues that Nicole is not being rational about this and reminds her that Eric is a grown man and Nicole is a married woman. Nicole is annoyed by that being constantly pointed out to her and says it has nothing to do with her being married or Eric being a grown man. Nicole declares that this is about a friend who has made a huge and disorienting change in his life and is involved with a virtual stranger. Chloe remarks that she’s not a stranger to Eric if he’s having sex with her. Nicole thinks they should hire someone to do a background check on Jada. Chloe tells Nicole that she has lost her mind.

Jada tells Rafe that finding the murder weapon would answer a lot of questions. Rafe agrees and notes that forensics thinks it was a steak knife that went missing from the DiMera Mansion on the night that Abigail was murdered. Jada feels that Melinda will have a very tough time getting a conviction if it’s not found. Rafe points out that Melinda already thinks she will be able to get the conviction, especially with Leo’s testimony in her pocket. Jada worries that all the evidence surrounding Gwen is circumstantial. Rafe adds that he told Melinda that he believes Gwen but it doesn’t matter as she’s on the warpath and wants a conviction, even if it’s the wrong person. Rafe believes they won’t get justice by rushing through this and convicting the wrong person. Jada suggests they keep digging. Rafe confirms they will and they have to do it carefully, meaning they need Melinda to believe that they are gathering evidence to convict Gwen. Jada remarks that meanwhile, Leo Stark is running around free doing God knows what…

Chad questions if Leo killed Sonny as he runs over to him. Leo shouts that Sonny is still alive. Chad asks what the hell happened. Leo says he doesn’t know as he walked in and found him like this. Chad confirms that Sonny has a pulse and urges him to stay with him.

Rafe tells Jada that he’s going to take off and he appreciates her dedication but he doesn’t want her to burn out, so he suggests she call it a night too. Jada mentions that she did have dinner plans with Eric. Rafe notes that Nicole said that they were dating. Jada feels it’s kind of weird that she’s dating his wife’s ex-husband and asks if that doesn’t seem incestuous. Rafe jokes that in this town, you kind of get used to it. Jada jokes that like underground tunnels and secret rooms, it’s all normal in Salem. Rafe confirms that it is and tells her that Nicole was once married to a guy twice, who was married to a girl twice, who he was married to once. Jada asks if he doesn’t see any potential problems here. Rafe questions why there would be. Jada thinks back to Nicole confronting her about sleeping with Eric. Rafe insists that Nicole is not interested in Eric’s love life and asks why she would be. Rafe admits they have a history, but questions what Jada isn’t telling him. Jada says she’s going to go ahead and call it a night but Rafe notes that she looked worried for a second. Rafe asks if Eric said something to her but Jada says it’s all good and tells him to enjoy his evening as she then exits the station.

Chloe questions Nicole wanting to do a background check on the woman that her ex-husband is dating. Nicole asks why that’s so weird and argues that nobody knows anything about Jada. Chloe argues that they know plenty, bringing up that Jada’s dad was a respected doctor in Salem and one of Steve’s oldest friends. Nicole asks what about her and who knows what Jada could be hiding. Nicole brings up how many people have showed up in this town over the years and lied about who they really are and had a dark side they didn’t want anyone to know about. Chloe is pretty sure Rafe probably did a background check to make sure Jada doesn’t have a secret past as a serial killer. Nicole shouts that she doesn’t know what she is saying.

Stephanie repeats to Eric that she’s really sorry it didn’t work out for him and Nicole as they sit together. Eric admits it was rough at first but they’ve moved on and she’s with Rafe now while he is dating which Stephanie is glad to hear. Eric asks if Stephanie has anyone special. Stephanie says there was last summer, but he ghosted her. Eric encourages her to get back out there. Stephanie says she’s mostly been focused on work right now and adds that the only guy who has shown any real interest in her lately is a total jackass.

Alex joins Justin and Bonnie’s picnic and tells Justin all about Stephanie, calling her everything he’s ever looked for in a woman. Alex knows she is the one which surprises Justin as he’s never talked like that about anyone. Alex says the one problem is that Sonny won’t let him near her since he hired Stephanie to do PR for Titan, so he’s insisting they keep it strictly business. Alex says he’s head over heels in love with Stephanie while Sonny is telling him to back off.

Chad yells at Leo to not just stand there and call an ambulance, so he does. Leo asks if Sonny is going to be okay. Chad warns that he better hope so, because if Sonny dies, Leo dies. Chad keeps pressure on Sonny and urges him to hold on. Chad questions where the ambulance is and if Leo really even called one. Chad accuses Leo of wanting Sonny to bleed out on the floor. Leo yells that he didn’t do this and that he just showed up and he was like this. Chad calls Leo a liar and says he made it very clear that he wanted revenge after he lost Craig. Chad brings up that Gwen told him that he was going to pick them off one by one and he’s done it by murdering Abigail and stabbing Sonny. Chad shouts that Leo is going to spend the rest of his life in a cage or he’ll get the death penalty and go straight to hell. Chad screams about the ambulance so Leo goes to check on it.

Justin tells Alex that Sonny is being a smart CEO since it’s his job to protect Titan. Alex thinks Sonny should support him and want to see him with the woman of his dreams. Justin brings up that Alex wasn’t around when Leo served Sonny with a bogus sexual harassment lawsuit. Alex says he heard all about that. Justin says Sonny was obviously innocent and ultimately cleared, but the experience was devastating, so he just wants to keep Alex from going through the same Hell that he did. Alex questions thinking Stephanie would sue him. Justin would rather not find out and says as long as she’s an employee of the company, the wisest course of action would be to not get involved with her. Alex tries to argue against it but Justin advises him to stay clear of Stephanie. Bonnie intervenes to say that she thinks that’s a load of crap.

Eric asks Stephanie about the guy that’s interested her. Stephanie complains that he won’t take no for an answer as she completely blows him off. Stephanie says it’s not worth talking about and she wants to hear about the woman that Eric is dating. Eric calls it a getting to know you kind of thing so far and it’s been good. Jada then enters the Pub, so Eric says she’s right there. Eric then introduces Jada to his cousin, Stephanie. Stephanie recognizes Jada as Marcus Hunter’s daughter, then reveals that she is Steve and Kayla’s daughter and that she was at Jada’s 8th birthday party. Jada can’t believe it as they hug and says she didn’t know Stephanie lived in Salem. Stephanie says she hasn’t for a long time but just moved back to town. Stephanie says it’s great to see her and hopes they can get together soon. Jada says she’d like that. Stephanie says goodbye to Eric and Jada as she exits the Pub. Eric calls it a small world. Eric informs Jada that her air conditioner is fixed so she thanks him. Eric asks if everything is okay. Jada says they didn’t really get a chance to talk this morning since it was obvious that he needed to have a private conversation with his ex-wife.

Chloe promises Nicole that she’s not trying to be hard on her, but she just thinks that she’s overreacting but it’s not registering with her. Chloe goes over all of Nicole’s concerns about Eric. Nicole brings up her sex dream about Eric. Chloe mentions Nicole wanting to share that with Eric despite her telling her not to. Nicole admits to Chloe that she chickened out about it being a sex dream and just told Eric that she had a dream that he came over to make Sloppy Joe’s and then Eric mentioned that he had a dream about her delivering a singing telegram. Nicole then realizes that if she lied about her dream, what if Eric lied about his and he had a sex dream too. Nicole asks what if Eric did what she did and lied about having a sex dream. Chloe guesses it’s possible but says it would be a huge coincidence. Nicole says they already dreamt about each other in the same morning. Chloe says she dreams about the people in her life all the time. Nicole feels it makes sense. Chloe guesses the only way to settle this is to call Eric right now.

Eric tells Jada that he’s sorry about this morning as he had no idea that Nicole was going to stop by. Jada asks what she was doing there anyway. Eric says she stopped by to pick up some takeout and said she just wanted to see how he was doing. Eric calls it just a friendly visit. Jada asks if he’s sure about that. Eric says he is, but obviously she’s not. Jada admits she’s not, then decides it’s none of her business so she suggests dropping it. Eric tells Jada that if there’s something she needs to tell him, to just say it. Jada tells Eric that she told Nicole that they slept together and she seemed just a little too interested in that fact, especially since she is married to someone else.

Stephanie runs in to Rafe in the town square and they hug. Stephanie jokes about her past time with the fake Rafe years ago.

Bonnie tells Justin that she’s sorry but he’s dead wrong on this one. Justin argues that he’s trying to save Titan from a lawsuit. Bonnie argues you can’t live your life fearing what might happen. Justin says it’s not fear, it’s common sense. Bonnie argues that people these days are so afraid to take a chance that they are losing that one chance at real love, even if someone sues for sexual harassment. Justin questions how she can say that after what happened with Harrison. Bonnie calls that a completely different situation and so is what happened to Sonny. Bonnie says that Alex isn’t a creep or a con, but a good man with a good heart and he thinks he’s found the person he belongs with. Bonnie says if you find that person you belong with, you can’t let them go and you have to hang on. Bonnie compares it to her taking that chance with Justin. Justin argues that they don’t work together and there’s a big difference between taking a chance and ignoring what Stephanie wants. Bonnie says if it’s a no go then Alex backs off. Bonnie states that she left it all on the line and got the best thing to ever happen to her, so who are they to say that Alex shouldn’t do the same. Alex hugs her and jokes that he loves having her as a stepmom. Justin gets a call from Chad, who informs him that he has bad news.

Rafe asks Stephanie how long she’s in town for but Rafe gets a call and says he’ll be right there. Stephanie asks if it’s bad news. Rafe then informs her that her cousin Sonny has been stabbed.

Justin thanks Chad and says they’ll be right there. Bonnie asks what’s wrong. Justin reveals that Sonny has been stabbed. Alex asks if he’s okay. Justin says he doesn’t know as Chad found him in the office and paramedics are taking him to the hospital now. Alex goes to get the car while Bonnie hugs Justin.

Paramedics stretcher Sonny out of the office as Chad watches on in shock.

Nicole tells Chloe that she’s not going to call Eric. Chloe says she was just making a point and tells Nicole to get a grip. Nicole mocks Chloe’s understanding and support. Chloe argues that Nicole is acting like a crazy person. Nicole says maybe she shouldn’t have come. Chloe apologizes and knows that having Jada in the picture has been really difficult for her, but she has to see what she’s doing. Chloe asks if she’s thought of what could happen if Jada goes to Rafe to tell him how overly interested she is in Eric. Nicole says that won’t happen. Chloe asks how she knows that since Jada is clearly very direct. Chloe loves Nicole as her best friend but says she has to be honest with her. Chloe tells Nicole that Rafe is her husband, so either she ends her marriage or she works on it. Chloe declares that she must decide and she can’t keep obsessing about Eric.

Eric asks Jada what Nicole said. Jada says it was nothing and it was just a little awkward. Eric points out that they didn’t get to have breakfast, so he’d like to make up for that with dinner which Jada accepts. Jada then gets a call and says she’ll be right there. Jada tells Eric that they’ll have to take a rain check on dinner because she has to get back to work.

Chad remains in the Titan office as Rafe arrives and asks how Sonny is. Chad says they just took him to the hospital and he should probably get there. Rafe says he has a few questions and promises it will just take a minute. Rafe asks if Sonny was in the office when he found him. Chad confirms he walked in and Sonny was lying there with a knife in his back. Rafe asks if anyone else was there. Chad informs Rafe that Leo Stark was standing over him.

Leo rushes in to his motel room, questioning how this could have happened again. Leo thinks back to finding Sonny and then realizes it was the same knife as the one used to kill Abigail.

Chad goes to the hospital and finds Stephanie, who said she heard about Sonny and asks if he’s okay. Stephanie hugs Chad as he cries. Alex then arrives at the hospital and sees them.

Sonny is taken in to the emergency room. Justin and Bonnie stand by. Justin shouts that they are here and they love him so much. Sonny’s monitors start beeping so Justin demands to know what is happening. Bonnie encourages that Sonny is going to be okay.

Rafe investigates the crime scene with his team as Jada arrives and asks what they’ve got. Rafe informs Jada that it looks like she was right about Leo Stark as Chad found Leo standing here over Sonny Kiriakis, who had a knife in his back. Rafe reveals they have bagged the knife and declares that it looks like they might have found the murder weapon in the Abigail DiMera case.

Leo sits in his room, repeating that it was the same knife. Leo thinks back to finding his hit list and wonders how that got there as well.

Rafe shows Leo’s hit list to Jada and mentions that Gwen said Leo kept a list of everyone he wanted to get back at and it looks like he just checked off another one.

Leo argues that this doesn’t make any sense because he never crossed off Sonny’s name. Leo then declares that he’s being framed.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Update Thursday, September 1, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At Titan, Sonny asks Alex if he looked at the business proposal that Victor flagged as priority. Alex responds that he approved it this morning. Sonny notices Alex is on his phone and questions who he’s texting. Alex says Stephanie which upsets Sonny. Sonny angrily reminds him that Stephanie works for Titan now which means he can’t hit on her. Alex questions him being serious about that.

Stephanie sits in the town square when she gets a text from Alex, saying he’s excited about their new partnership and invites her over to his place to celebrate with champagne and relaxing in the hot tub. Stephanie remarks that she’s all for celebrating but not with Alex. Stephanie then uses her laptop to search places to have a decent cosmo in Salem.

Leo is at the Bistro having a drink when he comes across an article in The Intruder with an update on Abigail’s case, titled “Leo Fingers Gwen”. Leo remarks that he would never, but he did.

Gwen paces in her holding cell, complaining that she can’t believe Leo did this and swears about getting her hands on him until Chad walks in and questions what she’s going to do, kill Leo like she did his wife?

John and Steve sit with Roman in the closed Brady Pub. Steve asks what Roman told Abe and Paulina. Roman says he told them that they had to shut the party down as Kate called and said she was feeling sick so he had to go get things ready for her. Steve says that’s good because Orpheus left a note, warning them not to tell anyone that he has Marlena and Kayla. Roman adds that now the son of a bitch has Kate too. Steve thought they would’ve heard from Orpheus by now. There is then a knock at the door so John grabs his gun and goes to check but sees no one is there. John opens the door and finds a box left a the door and guesses it’s from Orpheus.

Orpheus returns to his warehouse where he has Kate, Kayla, and Marlena tied up and gagged. Orpheus removes their gags. Kayla warns that they are prepping his cell in prison. Marlena questions how long he’s going to keep them there. Kate swears he will pay for this. Orpheus reveals that he dropped by to let them know that one way or another, this all ends tonight.

Sonny tells Alex’s phone and questions his text to Stephanie. Sonny complains that he promised Stephanie that he would keep things professional. Alex calls it team building exercises and reminds Sonny that he told him that he should settle down with someone. Sonny points out that he meant someone that can stand him. Alex argues that Stephanie doesn’t even know him yet and that in time, he will win her over. Sonny says he wouldn’t sound so confident if he heard Stephanie talking about him. Alex compares it to Will wanting nothing to do with Sonny when they first met. Sonny explains that was different because Will just wasn’t ready to be with a guy yet, so he backed off but eventually Will came around and that’s the only reason it worked out. Alex calls that too risky for him because Stephanie is the woman of his dreams, so he’s not going to let her slip through his fingers.

Stephanie goes to the Bistro where she meets Leo. They compliment each others’ style and Leo invites her to his table and offers to buy her cosmo which she accepts. Stephanie introduces herself and Leo introduces himself as “Matt”. Leo asks if she’s new here because he hasn’t seen her around. Stephanie clarifies that she grew up here but had been living in Seattle and just moved back for work and family as her parents still live here. Stephanie says she was looking forward to spending time with her parents but then her mom disappeared.

Kayla questions what Orpheus means by saying this ends tonight. Kate asks if it’s an implied threat. Orpheus says if he explained it all, that would spoil the surprise. Kate warns that he will really regret doing this to them. Marlena argues that John and Steve are going to rescue them and asks if he really thinks he’s going to win. Orpheus responds that they will find out soon enough who the winners and losers are in this game. Orpheus tells them to enjoy their evening and exits.

John, Steve, and Roman open the box and find a video to play on a computer. The video shows Orpheus telling them to let the games begin. Orpheus goes over having Kate, Kayla, and Marlena hidden somewhere but he’s going to give them a chance to save them and to do so, they’ll have to solve a series of puzzles which will give them clues to discover the location. Orpheus warns that they will have to work quickly because if they fail to complete their mission within an hour, then something very unfortunate will befall the women they love. Steve questions what the hell that means. John declares that they are on a time limit because Orpheus is telling them that he has a bomb. They continue watching the video where Orpheus says they are in a high pressure situation now and must be thinking how meaningless their lives will be if they fail, which he relates to. Orpheus is confident they will rise to the occasion, especially since he’s already given them everything they need to determine the location and eliminate the threat. Orpheus wishes them luck and declares that their hour begins now. The video then shows Marlena, Kayla, and Kate tied up. Roman asks if they notice anything in the room that gives away their location. John declares that they have no choice but to roll up their sleeves and play his lousy game.

Kayla doesn’t get why Kate is here. Kate responds that she was at the Pub when Orpheus showed up, so he must have realized that she and Roman are back together again which surprises Marlena. Kate adds that Orpheus holds Roman responsible for the death of his wife, so he must have taken her to get back at him. Kate explains that she had just left Roman’s birthday party to get a cake when someone grabbed her from behind with a chloroform cloth over her mouth. Marlena remarks on that being the same way Lucas kidnapped Sami. Kayla guesses it was a bad time for Roman to forgive Kate. Kate says maybe it was but she’s glad he did anyway. Kate adds that she is hoping Marlena will be able to forgive her too.

Alex tells Sonny that he’s going to head out. Sonny mocks Alex going on and on about Stephanie. Alex points out that she still hasn’t texted him back yet and guesses it’s back to his original plan of going out for drinks with Allie and Chanel. Alex invites Sonny to come with him but he says he can’t because he has too much work. Alex asks why he didn’t tell him so he could help him out. Sonny says he has to do it himself as Stephanie wants a list of things that he wants her to focus on. Alex asks if he made the cut which Sonny laughs at. Alex knows they don’t always see eye to eye but says he’s really glad they are working together. Sonny says he is too. Alex tells Sonny that he loves him as he then exits.

Stephanie and Leo have drinks as Stephanie tells Leo about how her ex disappeared from her and she never heard from him again after she thought things were getting serious until he stopped responding. Stephanie admits she was heartbroken and spent a lot of time listening to Adele and Olivia Rodrigo which Leo relates to. Leo comments that Stephanie reminds him of his best friend and says they used to have so many good times together but they recently had a falling out that was his fault. Stephanie says she’s sorry and suggests maybe she’ll come around. Leo doubts it as he really screwed her over.

Gwen pleads with Chad to hear her out. Chad states that when the cops asked him who might have a motive to kill his wife, Gwen popped in to his head because he remembered they had a big fight that day but he convinced himself that Gwen wouldn’t be able to break out of prison, commit a murder, and then break back in, but once again he underestimated her. Chad says he should’ve known Gwen would get her revenge. Gwen insists that she didn’t kill Abigail. Chad screams at her questioning why she admitted it to Leo then. Gwen shouts that she didn’t do that either and that Leo just lied to get himself off the hook. Gwen argues that Chad has to believe her. Gwen swears that she told Rafe the truth but Chad screams that she’s not capable of telling the truth. Chad questions Gwen going through all the trouble of breaking out of prison and putting on the Sarah mask just to scare Abigail. Gwen admits she did that but she didn’t want to hurt her, she just wanted to frame Sarah. Chad screams at her asking why. Gwen explains that she wanted Sarah locked away so she wouldn’t be around Xander anymore. Chad says that doesn’t put her in a better light. Gwen swears it is the truth.

Stephanie asks what Leo did to his friend. Leo suggests they order another round of drinks. Stephanie says she wants details after as Leo then goes to get drinks. Alex then enters the Bistro, on the phone with Chanel. Alex tries convincing Chanel and Allie to come out for drinks but then he sees Stephanie is there and tells Chanel that he’ll let her know how it goes and quickly hangs up. Alex then greets Stephanie and asks if she got his text. Stephanie responds that she did and then deleted it. Alex points out that they are both here now and offers to buy her a drink but Stephanie says she’s with someone. Alex thought she said she was too busy to date. Stephanie says she made an exception. Alex suggests she make another exception and hang out with him instead. Alex promises she won’t regret it. Stephanie repeats that she’s just not in to him at all. Leo returns and upon seeing Alex, asks if Stephanie is out of her mind.

Marlena questions if Kate really thinks this is a good time to iron out their own personal differences. Kate doesn’t know why not since they are stuck here. Kayla argues that they could still find a way out. Kate complains that they’ve been trying to find a way out for hours and they are still stuck here, so she thinks it is a good time to iron things out. Kate doesn’t know if it will make any difference but she did take responsibility for her actions by turning herself in to the police and she got charged with accessory after the fact. Kayla questions why she isn’t in prison then. Kate explains that she’s on probation, paid a very big fine, and has to do 200 hours of community service. Kayla calls that a slap on the wrist. Kate says the point is that she made amends to the community and to Roman. Kate then asks Kayla to tell Marlena that she should forgive her but Kayla refuses, because she doesn’t think that Marlena should.

John and Steve look through the rest of the box and find a letter from Orpheus, saying “To find the women you love, think back to when our story began.” Roman recalls partnering up with Orpheus on a mission that went wrong before the 80s and that was the beginning of everything as it was a very intense, dangerous operation where they were tracking some very dangerous people. Roman says one night he heard someone and he told them to identify themselves but they didn’t and it turned out to be Rebecca. Roman says he said it three times and threatened to shoot but there was nothing so he fired in the direction and they know the rest. Roman insists the year Orpheus is talking about is 1979. John points out the lockbox that was inside and needs a 4 digit combination. John asks if they should try 1979. Steve worries about if they’re wrong and if they won’t get another shot. Roman says three women’s lives are at stake and Orpheus is playing it like an escape room. Roman tells John to put 1979 in the lockbox to see if it opens. John puts it in and successfully opens the box, praising Roman for figuring it out. Steve points out that they still don’t know where their wives are or what kind of bomb they are dealing with and they have less than an hour. John pulls out the note from the lockbox, where Orpheus says because of them three, he lost valuable time with the people he loves the most, so they can count on the same happening to them if they fail to decipher this puzzle; “All roads lead back to those broken bonds.” Steve says they people he’s talking about is his wife Rebecca and his kids Zoey and Evan but they need to know what to do with that information. John points out that there’s nothing else to go on. Roman thinks the key word is count as in they need to convert the letters of his loved ones names into numbers. John agrees and they start to work on it.

Kate questions Kayla but then decides it’s up to Marlena anyway. Kate remarks that Kayla never liked her but she thought she and Marlena were friends. Kayla clarifies that she’s never disliked Kate even though she had several reasons to, like framing Sami for the death penalty, blackmailing Tripp, and keeping quiet when Steve was Stefano. Kate argues that in the end, she tried to do the right thing, just like now. Kate declares that no one is perfect, not even the two of them. Marlena agrees which Kayla questions. Marlena decides that if Roman can forgive Kate, she guesses she can too. Kate thanks Marlena then thanks Kayla for nothing.

Leo questions how Stephanie could not be in to Alex. Alex questions Leo being her date, which she confirms. Alex tells Leo that he looks familiar which he questions. Stephanie introduces Leo as “Matt” but Alex recognizes him as Leo Stark. Leo tries to claim he has him confused with someone else but Alex grabs Leo and questions what he’s trying to pull. Stephanie tells Alex to let him go. Alex asks if she has any idea what this creep has done. Leo says if he’s talking about Abigail’s murder, he was exonerated. Stephanie can’t believe Leo was a suspect in her cousin’s murder. Leo repeats that he was exonerated and is not guilty. Alex reveals his little brother is Sonny and that Leo was not exonerated for drugging Sonny and taking filthy pictures of which shocks Stephanie. Alex threatens to beat Leo’s ass but Stephanie pleads with him to just let Leo go for his own sake. Alex tells Leo to get out of his sight and warns that if he sees him again, he’s going to kill him. Leo tries to argue that he just paid for his drink but Alex tells him to get out. Leo then exits.

Gwen doesn’t deny being furious with Abigail that day since she asked her for a simple favor, to deliver a birthday present to their father, but instead Abigail smashed it. Chad brings up that Gwen convinced Jack that Abigail was responsible for her miscarriage, so he thinks that’s worse. Gwen admits it was, but cries that she never wanted to hurt Abigail and would never take her own sister’s life. Chad questions her having standards now. Gwen says she’s never killed anyone. Chad asks what about Abigail’s grandmother, Laura. Gwen insists that she didn’t do that and that she only told Abigail that she did because she was angry. Chad calls her a monster. Gwen tells Chad that she tried to pass herself off as Sarah but Abigail saw through it and ripped her mask off, so she begged Abigail to just let her go back to prison and she’d never bother her again which Abigail agreed to. Chad questions why Abigail would do that. Gwen says that’s just Abigail and as awful as she was to her, she still gave her another chance. Chad says that he does believe. Gwen tells Chad that when she left their room that day, Abigail was still alive. Chad questions why Leo would tell Rafe that Gwen admitted to it. Gwen says she has no idea as the last time they spoke, Leo said he was going to have his lawyer represent her but instead he told that stupid lie and sold her out. Gwen wonders if his lawyer convinced him to go against her. Chad asks why she would think that. Gwen tells Chad that Melinda made it no secret that she wanted to charge her and Leo as co-conspirators, so maybe his lawyer convinced Leo that giving evidence against her was his only way out. Gwen suggests Leo was so afraid that the truth would come out if he didn’t set her up and that truth is that Leo killed Abigail.

Leo goes to Titan and in to Sonny’s office. Sonny questions how the hell he got past security. Leo reminds him that he used to work here, so he knows all the ins and outs. Sonny asks what the hell he wants. Leo informs him that he just had a run-in with Alex and he was afraid that he was going to rip his head off. Sonny asks if he can blame him after everything Leo did to him and Will. Leo argues that Sonny got more than even by breaking up him and Craig, so he doesn’t think Alex should be attacking him in public. Leo adds that he was making a new friend and Alex ruined that too. Sonny asks what he expects him to do. Leo asks him to have Alex back off and maybe not kill him like he threatened to. Sonny questions why he would help him when Leo won’t even admit to drugging him, let alone apologize for it. Leo responds that if he had drugged him, he would admit that would not be a very nice thing to do. Leo says he was lost without Craig and all he could do was think about getting back at the people who took Craig from him, but after Abigail died, he realized that revenge is not all it’s cracked up to be. Leo declares that life is too short to hold a grudge, so he hoped they could be friends and asks Sonny if he thinks that’s possible.

Stephanie admits she was impressed how Alex stood up for Sonny. Stephanie can’t believe she was having drinks with the guy who did those things to Sonny. Stephanie actually thought she had made a friend and admits she lied about Leo being her date. Stephanie offers him a drink and says he earned it.

Kayla wishes she knew what kind of game Orpheus was playing. Orpheus’ voice comes in to the room and says he’s glad she asked. Orpheus updates them that earlier tonight, Roman, Steve, and John received a puzzle and if they succeed in solving it, they’ll end up there to save them before the bomb goes off. Orpheus reveals the bomb is in the electric panel to their right and he gave them a time limit but they aren’t here yet and time is growing short. Orpheus doesn’t think they are going to make it, so he wanted to wish them farewell and says it was fun while it lasted. Kayla shouts that he can’t do this to them. Orpheus hopes their men don’t feel too guilty about failing all of them, but he doesn’t see how they will avoid it. Kate worries that they are going to die here.

Steve, John, and Roman come up with 150. Roman wonders if it’s a building number or street address. John goes back over the riddle of “All the roads lead back to those broken bonds”. John realizes Orpheus is talking about the treasury bonds he was looking for in Stockholm. Steve asks if there’s a Stockholm Street in Salem. Roman confirms there is and it includes 150. John realizes they need to use Christian instead of Evan for Orpheus’ son given name. Steve comes up with 209 and they settle on 209 Stockholm Street. Roman points out they don’t have much time. Steve worries that all they have is his word so it could be a trap but John notes they don’t have a choice.

Gwen reminds Chad that they know Leo was camping out in his basement. Gwen admits that she told him how to get there but she didn’t think he was going to kill Abigail as he just had no money and no place to stay. Chad argues that Gwen knew Leo hated him, Abigail, and Sonny for breaking up him and Craig. Gwen admits that Leo came to see her in prison and asked her to help him come up with a plan. Gwen says she told him she’d think about it, but she didn’t think he would hurt anyone and now it’s obvious that he did want to do that. Gwen insists that Leo murdered Abigail as payback.

Sonny questions Leo wanting to be friends and calls that convenient. Sonny believes it’s an act in case the cops do decide he killed Abigail. Leo argues that he didn’t kill her and it was Gwen. Leo says he hated ratting out his best friend but he wasn’t going to go down for something he didn’t do. Leo declares that Gwen will never forgive him, but he’s hoping Sonny will. Leo tells Sonny that he’s truly sorry for everything he’s ever done to him. Sonny calls it too little, too late. Leo asks if they can at least not be enemies. Sonny then tells Leo that he forgives him, but he’ll never trust him, and that he won’t have to worry about Alex. Leo tells him to have a lovely evening then and jokes that he’ll always be his favorite ex-husband as he then exits the office.

Stephanie and Alex sit together at the Bistro. She tells him about her past as a race car driver. He jokes that he thought she couldn’t get any sexier. She tells him not to start. Alex says the offer still stands to relax in the hot tub with champagne. Stephanie asks if he’s kidding. Alex thought they were vibing. Stephanie says they are having a friendly, casual conversation but that doesn’t mean she’s suddenly in to him as she’s made it very clear where she stands. Alex thinks they are making progress but Stephanie tells him that he thought wrong.

Kate worries that they could blow up any second. They then hear gun shots outside. John, Steve, and Roman burst in to the room. Kayla directs them to the electrical panel on the wall to find the bomb. Steve uncovers it and finds that they have 35 seconds before the bomb goes off but he doesn’t know which colored wire to cut. Steve complains that Orpheus said he gave them everything they needed. John asks Marlena and Kayla if Orpheus said anything that referenced colors. Kayla points out that Orpheus called her blue eyes which he’s never done. Orpheus tries the blue wire but it does nothing and they have 22 seconds left. Kate points out that Orpheus called the guys white knights so she asks if there’s a white wire. Steve cuts the white wire but it does nothing with 15 seconds left. Marlena then suggests Black for John Black. Steve cuts the black wire with 1 second to go which successfully disarms the bomb, relieving everyone in the room. John, Steve, and Roman untie Marlena, Kayla, and Kate as they all embrace. John assures Marlena that it’s’ all over now. Orpheus remains watching on a screen and declares to himself that the games have just begun.

Stephanie tells Alex that she should get going since she has her first day on the new job tomorrow. Alex says she can be late and offers to write her a note. Stephanie tells him to give up since she’s not just going to fall in to his arms because he’s handsome, noting that might work on other women but not her as she then exits. Alex remarks that she thinks he’s handsome.

Chad questions Gwen thinking he’s going to take her word about Leo or anything when she lies for a living. Gwen insists it was Leo. Gwen brings up the list Leo made of all the people he wanted to get even with and he was obsessed with this list. Gwen informs Chad that Abigail, Chad, Sonny, Brady, and Chloe were all on it. Gwen says that if someone doesn’t go after Leo now, he’s going to keep checking names off that list so they should all be watching their backs.

Leo returns to Sonny’s office to ask him about the parking rates but he doesn’t see him. Leo then finds his hit list of enemies with Brady, Chloe, Chad, Sonny, and Abigail’s names on it and questions how it got there. Leo then notes there is blood on it. Leo then looks over and finds Sonny unconscious on the ground, bleeding with a knife in his back!

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Days Update Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Dr. Rolf declares to Stefan that they are ready to begin and when he is done, Stefan will no longer love Gabi and it will be Chloe Lane.

Rachel tells Chloe that she heard what she said and complains that she’s trying to keep her away from her mom. Brady tries to explain and promises that she will get to see her mom. Rachel demands that Brady call Kristen right now then.

Belle comes home where Shawn is working out. Belle asks if he didn’t go to the gym this morning. Shawn responds that he felt like doing more. Belle decides she’ll go make dinner while he finishes then. Shawn stops her and informs her that EJ called for her about an urgent DiMera matter that he needs her input on, so she’ll have to call him back. Belle stops and says she doesn’t want to talk to EJ, she wants to talk to Shawn.

EJ decides to start by announcing his request that Ava be removed from the meeting and disqualified from voting. Ava and Gabi question what he’s trying to pull. EJ responds that he’s trying to protect the future of the company. Wei Shin points out the laws of the situation and says that as Jake’s widow, she is entitled to his shares and a vote, so he questions why she should be disqualified from the vote. EJ responds that it’s because she sees dead people.

Brady tells Rachel that he’s not going to call Kristen right now. Rachel argues that he promised. Brady says he’ll never lie to her and the truth is that Kristen did something she shouldn’t have done. Brady knows it’s hard for Rachel to understand but in court, you have to take an oath and swear to tell the truth, so Chloe has to do that. Rachel complains about Kristen possibly getting sent away again and asks Brady not to let her do this.

Ava realizes this emergency meeting was all orchestrated by EJ. EJ tells Ava that he’s sorry but he had no choice as everyone at the meeting needs to know what’s been going on. EJ announces to everyone that Ava has been hallucinating and seeing her dead husband. Ava calls him a bastard. EJ argues that Ava needs help as she’s not in control. EJ says that none of this is her fault as she is traumatized, so they as a family will do everything they can to help her find her way back, but they can’t in good conscience allow her to make decisions on the future of the company. EJ tells Mr. Shin that he needs to make the determination to disqualify her from the board as they can’t have a hallucinating, emotionally unstable woman, voting her dead husband’s shares. Tony wonders if someone here can take Ava’s place.

Dr. Rolf says he’s taking Stefan on a journey back in time and at the end of the journey, he will loathe Gabi. Dr. Rolf tells Stefan to remember the last time he saw her and he was deeply in love. Stefan flashes back to his last night with Gabi. Dr. Rolf then presses a button to erase that memory.

Gabi asks if EJ is enjoying this. EJ calls it his duty but a sad one. Kristen says this is too much. Tony calls that rich coming from her. Kristen argues that Ava just lost her husband, so she’s grieving but that doesn’t make her incompetent. EJ argues that Ava is seeing people that aren’t there so he asks what if she starts investing in companies that aren’t there. Kristen says unless EJ has a psychiatrist to back up his assertions, it seems to be a power play based on totally unsubstantiated accusations. Wei Shin asks what EJ has to say to that and if he has any evidence to back up his claim. Ava responds that there isn’t any because EJ is lying through his teeth. EJ says they will see about that.

Brady assures Rachel that Kristen is not going anywhere. Chloe tries to explain that she doesn’t want to hurt her and she doesn’t have to go to court. Rachel then suddenly screams that she hates Chloe and tells Brady to make her go away now.

Shawn thought Belle was going to start dinner. Belle knows that EJ never calls the landline and just did that to goad him. Shawn argues that he’s fine but Belle tells him to stop it. Belle says it means the world to her that he let her move back in and they are having dinner together, but she hates tip toeing around each other and making small talk when there’s so much they aren’t saying. Belle complains about sleeping in separate bedrooms and tells Shawn to scream at her or throw her out instead of this. Belle admits that she can’t take back that she slept with EJ and she can only imagine how EJ calling the house made him feel. Belle adds that she did not move back in to be his roommate. Belle says that Shawn thought he could get past what happened, but maybe he can’t and it was just too much to ask.

Ava doesn’t think anyone in the room would be surprised to hear that EJ is a liar. Ava says they can ask Kristen that EJ would say anything to get what he wants which Kristen calls a family trait. Ava argues that EJ only called this meeting to take away her vote because she made it clear to him that she would not be his rubber stamp which EJ calls a lie. Ava insists that she never hallucinated and she lives with the knowledge that Jake is dead and not coming back. Ava says that EJ made up this ghost story but doesn’t have one shred of evidence. EJ suggests another eye witness and calls upon Li and Gabi.

Dr. Rolf takes Stefan back to the moment that he first decided he was in love with Gabi. Dr. Rolf declares that it will be a pleasure to annihilate that particular memory as he presses the button again.

EJ tells Wei that his son Li and Gabi were both there when it happened and saw everything, so he doesn’t need to take his word for it. Wei asks if it’s true that Gabi was there when Ava thought she saw Jake. Gabi doesn’t know how to answer that. EJ suggests the truth. Gabi calls it a loaded question and says she was there last night, but she didn’t see Ava hallucinate. Gabi suggests EJ came up with this to force her out as CEO. Wei asks Li if he was there last night and if he saw anything. Li thinks back to stabbing Stefan with the syringe and dragging him out after Ava had fainted. Wei tells Li that he needs an answer now. Wei asks again for an answer. Li then confirms that he was there and can state that EJ is lying. EJ argues that he’s just backing up Gabi but they are both lying. Wei points out that three major shareholders are insisting that EJ’s allegations are false. He adds that they all understand EJ’s ambitions because it’s no secret he wants to be CEO again. EJ then pulls out his phone and reveals a recording which he plays of the conversation he had with Johnny, where Johnny told him about Ava telling him that she saw Jake and how it felt real. EJ then declares that as they can hear, Ava admitted it herself to his son Johnny. Johnny questions EJ recording him. EJ says he had a feeling that Ava might deny what happened so he apologizes to them both but feels he didn’t have a choice.

Brady assures Rachel that everything is going to be okay and that everyone just wants what’s best for her, including Chloe. Brady knows she’s upset and sends her back to her play date. Brady apologizes to Chloe. Chloe tells him it’s fine. Brady says he’s going to have to talk to Belle and says he’ll be back as soon as he can as he goes back to Rachel.

Shawn tells Belle that he doesn’t know what to say as he heard EJ’s voice and couldn’t stop thinking about his hands on her. Belle says she’s so sorry. Shawn says even if EJ didn’t call, he can’t just get over this. Shawn knows this isn’t what Belle wants to hear but he needs more time. Belle says no as she doesn’t think that’s true. Belle then grabs Shawn and kisses him.

Dr. Rolf declares that it’s time to adjust Stefan’s emotional makeup a bit, so instead of lusting for Gabi, he will be repulsed by her. Stefan has more flashbacks as Dr. Rolf continues erasing his memories while Stefan starts shaking uncontrollably.

Wei accuses Lei of lying to him. EJ blames him spending a lot of time with Gabi. Wei declares that he’s said enough and he’s heard enough to make a decision. He adds that it’s clear after hearing the recording that what EJ said is true, but removing Ava from the meeting would be too disruptive. He declares that he will be prohibiting Ava from voting her shares until a determination can be made of her mental state. Tony calls that check mate.

Shawn pulls away from Belle and questions what she’s doing. Belle says no matter when it happens, it’s going to be awkward and she doesn’t think they should just sit around and wait for the perfect time. Belle suggests they go upstairs and make love. Shawn argues that’s Belle’s solution to everything. Belle calls that unfair. Shawn warns her about using the word fair since it wasn’t fair when she crawled into bed with EJ. Brady walks in and apologizes since they didn’t hear him knock. Brady tells Belle to call him when she gets the chance. Shawn tells Brady not to go as he was just trying to work out, but he’s going for a run instead, so Shawn then exits.

Dr. Rolf complains that Stefan and Gabi’s marriage wasn’t a love match in the beginning but it grew in to one. Dr. Rolf declares that today is the last day of that love story as he erases the memory of their wedding.

EJ votes to remove Gabi as CEO and install him in her place. Kristen calls those two separate and distinct motions. EJ asks why waste time since everyone knows the vote would be just a formality. EJ points out that the last vote as a 6-6 tie which allowed Gabi to remain as CEO, but her side just lost a vote which means the majority is no longer in her favor, so she will have to step down and they need to install her replacement as quickly as possible. EJ declares that they need to vote immediately but Johnny interrupts and says EJ might not want to do that because the vote might not go the way he planned it.

Shawn goes for a run until he comes across Chloe in the park. Chloe asks if he knows if Belle is at home because Brady went to go talk to her. Shawn confirms that Brady is there talking to her now. Chloe adds that she knows Shawn and Belle are trying to work things out, so Brady wouldn’t interrupt unless it was really important. Shawn assures that he did not interrupt. Shawn then remarks that the truth is, they aren’t working anything out.

Belle guesses she was naïve to think she could just move back in and things would fall back in to place. Brady hoped it would. Belle thinks the marriage is a lost cause as Shawn can’t get over that she slept with EJ. Belle says Brady didn’t come to talk about her problems, so she asks what’s up. Brady informs her that Kristen has filed for full custody and reveals he just got served.

Kristen thinks Johnny has something to say, which he confirms. Johnny says that EJ just said it was a given that the vote would be 6-5 in his favor and asks how he knows without taking the vote which Kristen laughs at. Johnny then announces that he is switching his vote and voting for Gabi which shocks EJ. Johnny states that what EJ just did to Ava was disgusting as she’s suffering in real pain but he saw that as a liability and a means to an end, just like EJ recording him confiding in him. Johnny states for the record that he votes against the motion so that’s Gabi, Kristen, Li, their two proxies, and himself, six votes to EJ’s five, so Gabi stays. Gabi thanks Johnny and tells EJ that last time it was a tie, but this time it’s the majority so she won and he lost after wasting a great deal of all of their time. EJ warns that he won’t forget this and walks out of the office.

Brady shows Belle that Kristen hired Sloan Peterson as her attorney, who Belle identifies as a shark. Belle adds that they can’t use any of Kristen’s past crimes against her because she was pardoned. Brady then informs Belle that it just so happens that Kristen threatened to stab Chloe with a letter opener just a couple days ago. Belle says that will make a compelling testimony but Brady adds there’s a problem with that because Rachel overheard them talking about it and it made her very upset, so now Chloe is nervous that if she testifies against Kristen, then Rachel will hate her. Belle guesses that Kristen is just trying to cause tension and make Chloe the bad guy. Belle adds that just because Kristen filed for full custody does not mean she’s going to get it. Belle says worst case scenario, they will share custody. Brady says as long as it means he doesn’t lose Rachel altogether. Belle encourages that no judge would ever give Kristen full custody and tells him not to worry as everything will work out for him. Brady responds that everything will work out for her and Shawn too.

Chloe tells Shawn that she’s been on both sides of this kind of situation and it sucks but he has to ask if he’s really trying to work things out with Belle or is he just trying to punish her. Chloe asks if he doesn’t think he’s capable of forgiving her, then was it a good idea to ask her to move back in. Shawn agrees that she’s right. Chloe says that Belle has done everything she can, so the ball is in Shawn’s court and he has to make a decision one way or the other.

EJ and Tony return home and have drinks. Tony tells EJ that he tried. EJ responds that he’s not done and this isn’t over. Ava walks in and complains that it’s her fault for forgetting that EJ isn’t human, that he can never be trusted, and that he’ll use the worst thing to happen to someone to bring them to their knees. EJ then orders Ava to pack up her things and get the hell out of his house because she’s no longer of any use to him. Johnny walks in and announces that if Ava goes, he goes too.

Gabi thanks Kristen for her support. Kristen reminds her that she’s only one vote away from EJ taking over again. Gabi assures that EJ won’t let her forget that. Gabi says she has to go do damage control and goes over to Wei and Li Shin. Wei warns Li that he’ll never forget that he lied to him. Li argues that EJ was using Ava’s grief to seize power and asks if that’s the kind of person he wants running the company. Wei reminds Li of who founded this company and says a high moral character was never a requirement. He warns that Gabi is not above reproach while Li argues that she’s doing an incredible job. Wei responds that he’ll make up his own mind about that. He reminds Gabi that she didn’t get her shares or position as CEO because of merit, but because her husband died. He warns her not to forget that as he then exits the office.

Dr. Rolf tells Stefan that it’s time to go deeper into his past and remember Chloe Lane, causing him to have flashbacks to his relationship with Chloe. Stefan then smiles while remaining unconscious.

EJ asks Johnny if what he did at the meeting wasn’t enough. Johnny asks if EJ questioning Ava’s mental state in public wasn’t enough for him. EJ argues that there is no reason for Ava to be here when it’s their family home. Johnny points out that Ava is his brother’s widow so she’s family. EJ accuses Ava of poisoning his own son against him. Johnny clarifies that he didn’t say that he has to let Ava stay, just that if she goes, so does he, but it’s completely up to him. Tony argues that EJ doesn’t want to lose his son over this. EJ reluctantly allows Ava to stay then. Ava and Johnny then exit the room. Tony tells EJ that he did the right thing, repeating that he doesn’t want to lose his son over this, and encourages him to let it go. EJ smashes his glass against the wall and screams in frustration.

Johnny walks Ava to her room. Ava thanks him for standing up for her as she doesn’t think she could handle having to look for another place to live. Johnny says now she doesn’t have to. Ava points out that was quite a risk he took because he could’ve ended up out on his ass too. Johnny admits it wasn’t completely unselfish because he likes having her around.

Li apologizes to Gabi and says his father shouldn’t speak to her like that. Gabi says it’s okay as she has a tough skin when it comes to business, but she doesn’t want him to be angry with Li. Li assures that it will blow over. Gabi thanks Li for backing her up as she knows it wasn’t easy to lie to his father. Li assures that he would do anything for her as they hug.

Kristen returns to Dr. Rolf’s lab and asks how it went. Dr. Rolf responds that it’s working and declares that when Stefan comes to, he’ll never want anything to do with Gabi ever again and will only have eyes for Chloe.

Brady returns to Chloe in the park and informs her that according to Belle, they don’t need Chloe to testify. Chloe hates that he’s going through this. Brady figures the worst case scenario is sharing custody with Kristen and he guesses he can live with that as it’s probably the best thing for Rachel anyway. Chloe hopes he’s right. Brady encourages that there’s no reason to worry as there is nothing that Kristen can do to come between them as he hugs her.

Shawn returns home. Belle is glad he came back and apologizes for trying to force the issue and pushing too hard. Shawn tells her not to apologize as she was right that this isn’t working with them living together like this again. Shawn doesn’t know how to say this. Belle asks if he thinks it was a bad idea. Shawn questions why he’s having so much trouble finding the words. Belle suggests he go shower, they’ll have dinner, and in the morning, she will go pack her stuff. Shawn doesn’t want to have dinner and he doesn’t want her to leave, but he doesn’t want things to stay like this. Shawn then admits he does need to take a shower and asks Belle if she wants to join him. Belle asks if he’s sure. Shawn says he is and Belle admits she would love that as they then kiss. Shawn takes her hand and they head for the shower.

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Days Update Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

In the living room of the DiMera Mansion, EJ is dressed in a black suit. He looks up at the portrait of Stefano and says he feels like Stefano will be smiling down on them today. Tony comes in through the side door and tells EJ that he was overseeing the caretaker in the DiMera Crypt as he finally put up a plaque in Jake’s honor. EJ asks if he wasn’t worried that it might be a waste of time. Tony questions what that means. EJ asks if he didn’t hear that their dearly departed brother is still alive.

Ava is in the DiMera Crypt and thinks back to seeing Stefan, who she believed to be Jake, before fainting. Ava hears the door, so she asks if it’s Jake.

Dr. Rolf watches over Stefan in his lab when he gets a call from Li, who questions Rolf not answering his phone when he’s been calling since last night. Dr. Rolf argues that he’s been preoccupied with keeping Stefan unconscious. Li brings up the close call at the DiMera Mansion and is thankful that Ava answered the door and not someone else. Dr. Rolf calls it a pure stroke of luck that Ava mistook Stefan from Jake or else his escape would’ve been catastrophic. Li warns Dr. Rolf that he’s not cleaning up his mess again as Kristen then enters the lab. Li adds that next time Stefan wakes up, he better be completely over his feelings for Gabi. Gabi then enters the office and asks what about her.

Kristen questions if she just heard Dr. Rolf say that Stefan escaped his custody as Rolf hangs up the phone. Kristen argues that she put her entire future in his hands and he can’t keep tabs on a half dead man. Dr. Rolf points out that Stefan is here now. Kristen complains that he wasn’t and he didn’t tell her. Rolf insists that he and Li had the situation under control. Kristen asks if he’s made progress on getting Stefan to forget his feelings for Gabi and asks if he’s feeling romantic towards Chloe. Dr. Rolf is afraid there might be a small problem on that front.

Gabi asks Li if she just heard her name. Li claims he was speaking to his father, who wanted a status update on everything. Gabi asks what he told him about them. Li says he told him he’s head over heels for her. Gabi hopes he approved. Li says he was worried at first about their relationship getting in the way of business, but he can’t argue with success since the company is doing better than ever. Gabi brings up Basic Black and says nobody there is happy since Kristen forced her to put her in charge. Gabi says Kristen is making Chloe’s life in Hell and she wishes she could do something, but Kristen stood up for her at the shareholders meeting so she has to keep her happy. Gabi adds that they also have the matter of Ava Vitali.

Johnny enters the DiMera Crypt and jokes about Ava being so disappointed. Ava says she just wasn’t expecting him. Johnny says he was just out for a run and saw the door to the crypt open which freaked him out a bit since last time he was in here, Satan was hanging out. Ava notes that she hasn’t seen Satan here today. Johnny asks what she is doing out here. Ava informs him that the family just put up the plaque for Jake and they are waiting on the medical examiner for his ashes but she feels close to him in here. Johnny says he understands and mentions hearing her say Jake’s name when he walked in. Ava guesses he will think she’s crazy but for a second, she thought he was going to be Jake, especially after last night. Johnny asks what happened last night. Ava questions no one telling him when she thought it would be the talk of the house. Johnny says he wasn’t around. Ava informs him that she was meeting with Gabi and someone was at the door then when she opened it, Jake was standing there or at least she thought he was. Ava says Jake was in the hospital gown that he died in and she touched him. Johnny asks how that’s possible. Ava doesn’t know and says she got so overwhelmed that she passed out and when she woke up, Li told her that it was him that he saw. Ava doesn’t believe that though and says she would swear it was Jake.

Tony questions EJ saying Jake is alive. EJ says he is in Ava’s mind anyway and he’s surprised he didn’t hear about the commotion yesterday. EJ informs him that Gabi found Ava passed out in the foyer after she insisted on seeing Jake at the front door. EJ says it wasn’t true unless you believe in ghosts. EJ adds that it was apparently Li at the door, so Ava must be hallucinating. EJ says he’s worried about Ava as she suffered a terrible loss and is clearly not dealing with it well. Tony says he’s saying the right things, but he sees the look in his eye, so he asks what EJ is up to.

Brady and Chloe talk in the park. Chloe argues that Kristen can’t possibly think she would get full custody of Rachel. Brady worries that Kristen feels invincible since her pardon. Chloe says that even if her record was wiped clean, every person in town could testify that Kristen is a dangerous criminal. Brady worries that judges usually side with the biological mother. Chloe says not when the mother is Kristen DiMera. Brady says in the eyes of the law, Kristen is now an upstanding citizen because her crimes don’t exist. Chloe asks what if Kristen’s committed a crime since being pardoned.

Kristen questions Dr. Rolf saying there’s a problem. Dr. Rolf explains that Stefan’s feelings for Gabi are proving more powerful than he anticipated. Dr. Rolf talks about how Stefan leapt out of bed, desperate to get to Gabi, and he couldn’t stop him but thankfully he and Li got to him before he could reveal himself to Gabi. Kristen asks if anybody saw him. Dr. Rolf admits that Ava did see him, but it’s all under control because she believed she was hallucinating Jake. Kristen says they dodged a bullet, unlike Jake. Kristen asks Dr. Rolf to fix this. Dr. Rolf knew this would be a challenge but Stefan has been dead for four years and woke up with one single thought; getting back to his wife. Dr. Rolf calls it a more powerful love than he knew. Dr. Rolf admits that he doesn’t know whether it can be overcome.

Gabi tells Li that she was going to throw Ava a bone and give her a meaningless job title to make her happy while ignoring her outrageous demands, but during their job interview, she answered the door and imagined her dead husband. Li calls that unfortunate and that it was like her brain short-circuited over the trauma. Gabi hopes Ava just takes the job title, the salary, and gets out of the way. Li notes that Gabi seems a little stressed out and asks if she’s doing okay. Gabi says she’s hanging in there but blackmail, secrets, and lies are a lot.

Johnny asks if Ava is saying that she doesn’t think Jake is dead. Ava doesn’t know what she’s saying since she was at the hospital when Jake died, so there’s no doubt that he’s gone, but then she started having waking dreams where Jake would come to her and they’d talk. Johnny asks if last night could have been a dream too but Ava assures that it was too real as she touched him. Ava guesses it could have been a flashback or PTSD or maybe she’s just crazy. Johnny points out that Marlena doesn’t believe in that. Johnny adds that he was possessed by The Devil so nothing sounds crazy to him anymore.

EJ asks what makes Tony think he’s up to something. Tony says ever since EJ found out that Ava was married to Jake, he’s been trying to get his hands on her DiMera shares. EJ claims that she’s family and needed help. EJ admits maybe he did have a plan. Tony asks if he planned to win her over with her many charms. Tony then questions if he’s planning to seduce his brother’s widow. EJ says it doesn’t matter what he was planning as the situation changed, resulting in some tension between he and Ava. Tony asks if he means romantic tension. EJ responds that he has no desire to build a relationship with a lunatic. Tony jokes that it hasn’t stopped him before. EJ states that Ava’s delusions are concerning, so he’s concerned about the family and the company, questioning how they can trust such an unstable shareholder to faithfully uphold her responsibilities. Tony jokes he’d have to oust half the shareholders by that standard. EJ declares that perhaps that’s true but today, he only has to oust one.

Brady says that as far as he knows, Kristen has been on her best behavior since her pardon. Chloe says that’s aside from literally trying to kill her at the office yesterday which Brady questions. Chloe didn’t want to say anything because she didn’t want to worry him. Brady says it’s too late now as he’s worried. Chloe reveals that Kristen threatened to stab her with a letter opener which shocks Brady. Chloe insists that Kristen won’t be satisfied torturing her with power play techniques. Chloe doesn’t want Brady to get worked up but Brady says he already is. Brady declares that Kristen will not get any custody of his daughter.

Kristen reminds Dr. Rolf that he promised that he could get Stefan to fall out of love with and in love with Chloe as she needs Stefan to come between Brady and Chloe, so she can get her family back. Dr. Rolf agrees to do his very best but he cannot promise to make Chloe return Stefan’s feelings. Kristen tells him to do the same procedure on her. Kristen doesn’t care as she needs this to happen. Dr. Rolf notes that Kristen seems more agitated than usual. Kristen asks if he knows how long they kept her from her daughter. Kristen mentions seeing her yesterday and it melted her heart but Brady ripped her away without letting her say goodbye. Kristen says she needs to be with Rachel and she needs them to be a family again. Dr. Rolf wants that too but asks what happens if he can’t come through for her. Kristen insists that he will. Kristen declares that she will be with Brady and Rachel while Stefan will be Chloe, so everyone will live happily ever after. Dr. Rolf points out that’s everyone except for Gabi.

Gabi is sorry that Li got dragged in to this whole Ava thing but notes that he said he wanted to know everything. Li is glad she told him because they are in this together. Gabi admits they make a hell of a team. Li repeats that stock prices are at an all time high and profits are way up. Gabi says this kind of talk is making her hot. Li jokes that he hasn’t even started talking about revenue. Gabi tells him not to stop as Li starts kissing her. Gabi then clears off the desk and begins to undress as they kiss.

Tony goes over EJ wanting to relieve Ava of her shares and then holding another shareholders meeting to remove Gabi and insert himself. EJ confirms he would have 6 votes to 5 since he would have his, Kate’s, Chad’s, Johnny, Theo, and of course Tony’s. EJ says Kristen siding with Gabi broke a tie but without Ava’s vote, it would be in his favor. Tony questions how he plans to disqualify Ava’s vote since Li makes those decisions. EJ notes that Li also has his own vote too. Tony says Li is Gabi’s lover so he’s not likely to disturb the current power structure. EJ agrees which is why he has to go over Li’s head…

Li and Gabi continue kissing on the desk until Li’s father Mr. Shin walks in and angrily questions what is the meaning of this, shocking Li.

Ava thanks Johnny for being so cool about this. Johnny just wants her to be okay. Ava says he’s been so nice to her since she moved in. Johnny calls her his friend and part of the family now, so nobody gives her crap and gets away with it. Ava jokes that he sounded very Vitali-esque there. Johnny says maybe the Vitalis and DiMeras aren’t so different. Ava talks about being so eager to put her past behind her and pretend her old life never happened, and then she ran in to Jake in Salem which was suddenly a comfort to have that shared past and understanding between them. Ava adds that it turned in to something more, so you never know where life is going to take you. Johnny agrees and says he’s sorry for her loss. Johnny didn’t mean to interrupt her private moment. Ava says she appreciates everything he said and thanks him. Johnny decides he will let her be with Jake and exits the crypt.

Tony questions EJ going over Li’s head to his father. EJ confirms that he did and claimed that there were a few matters that required his urgent attention here in Salem, so he’s calling a shareholders meeting shortly. EJ declares that soon, the company will be returned to the DiMera family as it rightfully should’ve been all along. Johnny comes in and asks what’s going on.

Li asks what his father is doing here. He says he wanted to discuss some important matters, such as this workplace relationship. Li argues that he told him that they were involved and he gave his blessing. Mr. Shin argues that was before he found them fornicating on company property. He suggests locking the door. Gabi apologizes and says it’s all her fault. Li says he got carried away and it won’t happen again. Mr. Shin says it certainly won’t and then exits to go freshen up. Li apologizes to Gabi for that happening and he knows that must have been mortifying. Gabi brings up that Li said he just got off the phone with his dad, so she questions why he didn’t tell her that he was in Salem.

Kristen gets a call from Brady. Kristen assumes that he’s calling because he got served. Brady questions her wanting full custody. Kristen argues that she would’ve settled for joint custody if he didn’t yank Rachel away from her but he obviously doesn’t want to play fair. Brady questions emotional blackmail being fair by telling Rachel they are going to be a family again. Kristen says it’s obvious that Brady doesn’t want to be co-parents, so she thinks he’s had full custody long enough and now it’s her turn. Brady responds that it will never be her turn and that Chloe told him how she nearly stabbed her at the office yesterday. Kristen remarks that if she wanted to kill Chloe, she’d be dead. Kristen argues that it would Chloe’s word against hers, so if he puts Chloe on the witness stand, they will make her look like the desperate homewrecker that she is. Brady tells Kristen that he didn’t want to go to war with her, but she’s gone too far once again. Brady says he tried to work it out with her but now she is never getting Rachel back, ever and then hangs up.

Johnny questions EJ talking about the family business and something being restored as it should’ve been all along. EJ claims that he was thinking about having Stefano’s portrait touched up a bit. Johnny says it looks fine to him. Tony calls it a perfect likeness so EJ agrees to leave it as it is. EJ then tells Johnny that Ava isn’t here so there’s no need to parade around half naked. Johnny informs him that he was on a run and it’s hot out. Johnny adds that he knows Ava isn’t in the house because he just ran in to her in the Crypt. EJ questions what Johnny was doing in there. Johnny says he just saw the door open and wanted to make sure everything was okay. EJ asks if she told him that she saw Jake’s ghost or whatever he was. Johnny confirms that she did. EJ asks what exactly she said. Johnny says Ava said that it felt real, she touched his face, and was sure it was him but she couldn’t explain what was happening so maybe she was hallucinating since it was actually Li. Johnny adds that she said EJ was comforting. Johnny is glad that EJ was kind to Ava when she needed a friend since he knows they’ve had their issues.

Ava remains at Jake’s plaque and says she knows he’s not here and he’s not going to walk through the door. Ava guesses that she just wanted it so badly that her brain made it happen. Ava adds that she knows their marriage wasn’t real, but her love for him was and always will be. Ava hopes he doesn’t mind that she’s lying to his family and admits that she became a DiMera partly out of selfishness but she mostly did it for Jake because she’s going to do all the things that he never had the chance to. Ava declares that this is for Jake.

Kristen informs Dr. Rolf that Brady wants to keep her from Rachel but he can’t and he won’t. Kristen orders Dr. Rolf to speed this up. Dr. Rolf says it’s a process. Kristen tells him to do it faster but Dr. Rolf says it doesn’t work that way as it has to program early memories of his days with Chloe and negative memories of Gabi and then his brain will do the rest of the work and he will be in love with Chloe while disgusted by Gabi. Kristen asks him to test it before he lets him out again. Dr. Rolf assures that Stefan will not step foot outside of the room until his heart and mind are fully reprogrammed. Kristen gets a text and says she has to go because she’s been summoned by Mr. Shin for a meeting at DiMera. Kristen wonders what this is about as she exits the lab.

Li tells Gabi that he spoke to Mr. Shin earlier but he never mentioned that he was in Salem. Gabi questions why he would keep that from him. Li knows it sounds strange but it’s how he operates and he’s been doing it since he was a kid. Gabi feels he must have major trust issues. Li states that his father likes to catch him off guard. Gabi hopes there aren’t any consequences from this. Li guesses they will find out. Mr. Shin returns the office. Li apologizes for what he just witnessed. He tells him that it could have been worse and he wants the desk scrubbed which Gabi says she will handle. Mr. Shin announces that he just summoned a meeting of the DiMera shareholders. Gabi asks for what purpose. He responds that she’ll see.

Ava walks in to the living room and asks if she’s interrupting. EJ says no and that they were just talking about her which she questions. EJ says he was going to suggest they hold a small service for Jake when they get his ashes in order to honor his memory, assuming it’s alright with Ava. Ava admits that would be nice and thanks him. EJ then gets a text and says it’s strange but it appears Wei Shin is in town and he’d like them to go to DiMera for a shareholders meeting ASAP. Ava questions a sudden meeting being common and asks if he has any idea what this is about. EJ claims he does not at all.

Li tells Gabi that she’s not going to scrub the desk as she is putting on gloves. Gabi says she doesn’t mind getting her hands a little dirty and she doesn’t want Mr. Shin to have any excuse to remove her from power. Li assures that he can’t even if he wanted to, because he has a vote. Gabi points out his influence but Li says it’s not enough to change things, especially when Gabi is doing so well. Gabi questions why he’s here then and why he’s calling this meeting. Li doesn’t think it has anything to do with them but Jake died and his shares wound up in the hands of a former crime boss, plus Kristen is out of prison and making waves. Gabi worries that’s a lot of uncertainty. Kristen arrives and calls this interesting. Gabi says she’s a hands-on executive. Kristen didn’t know Mr. Shin was in town. Li says he didn’t know either. Kristen assures Gabi that she’s still on her side which Gabi says she appreciates. Kristen understands if she’s terrified that the rug is about to be pulled out from under her. Gabi says she’s not but Kristen says maybe she should be since she only has her shares because Stefan is dead and now Ava has her shares because Stefan’s twin Jake is dead. Kristen remarks that you never know which way the wind is blowing around here…

Brady tells Chloe that he thinks Rachel will be fine. Chloe says she’s sorry but Brady tells her not to be. Brady assures that Rachel adores Chloe but Kristen has gotten in her head and it’s too much to take. Chloe agrees to give her space and follow Brady’s lead. Brady says it’s only until they get this Kristen thing sorted out. Chloe admits that she wasn’t really thrilled that Brady shared the letter opener incident with her. Brady assumed that she would be willing to testify since she brought it up. Chloe says she’d do anything to help Brady and Rachel, but Kristen already wants to get rid of her so she asks what if she’s the person responsible for Kristen never seeing her daughter again.

EJ, Tony, Ava, and Johnny arrive at the DiMera Office. Kristen comments on them all arriving together. Johnny asks when the meeting begins. Li says now as Mr. Shin enters and says the gang is all here.

Dr. Rolf tells Stefan that life as he knew it will never be the same.

Brady tells Chloe that it’s her decision, but before he reaches out to Belle, he needs to know if he can count on her testimony. Chloe questions if the judge would even believer her since it is her word against Kristen’s. Brady assures that Chloe is much more credible than she is so Chloe agrees to tell the judge what Kristen did to her and say that she doesn’t think Kristen should have any custody of Rachel, right as Rachel comes over to them and questions why Chloe doesn’t want her to be with her mom.

Before the meeting begins, Kristen argues that she has places to be and things to do, so she wants to skip the boring stuff and get straight to the point which Gabi and EJ agree with. EJ decides to start by announcing his request that Ava be removed from the meeting and disqualified from voting.

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Days Update Monday, August 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Allie and Chanel question Alex meeting the woman of his dreams. Alex tells them that it happened right here in the town square and that Sonny had told him he would meet someone one day who would knock him off his feet which is exactly what happened. Chanel asks what her name is. Alex responds that it’s Stephanie Johnson and calls her the woman who has changed the direction of his life.

Sonny tells Stephanie that he’s taken aback as he thought she would’ve jumped at the chance to work for her. Stephanie responds that she’d love to do PR for him but she’d have to report to Alex. Sonny promises that won’t happen but Stephanie asks how he knows since Alex won’t take no for an answer.

Steve meets John in the park and informs him that he interviewed everyone within 10 miles of his house and no one saw or heard anything last night. John questions what the hell is going on and says he checked out all of Orpheus’ old hideouts but he hasn’t used any of them. Steve worries about Orpheus having their wives for a full day now and admits it scares the hell out of him to think of what they could be going through.

Marlena and Kayla wake up tied to chairs in a warehouse. They complain of having headaches. Marlena notes that usually Orpheus would hang around to enjoy his handy work, so she wonders why he’s not here.

At the Brady Pub, Roman says Abe told him that Paulina talked him in to running for Governor. Kate says this has turned in to a great day in all ways. They toast to Roman’s birthday, Abe being the next Governor, and the four of them all having a great year. Paulina declares that nothing can stop them now. Orpheus then enters the Pub and declares that it looks like he’s just in time for the celebration.

Allie reveals that Stephanie is her cousin. Chanel jokes that it seems everyone in town is her cousin. Allie says they are a complicated family. Alex exclaims that this is great since Allie can put in a good word for him since Stephanie turned him down which caught him off guard. Alex calls getting turned down a new experience for him. They point out that they and Gabi did too. Alex calls that different since it was before Stephanie. Alex says his whole world changed when he saw Stephanie. Alex insists that he’s not letting Stephanie get away. Allie jokes that it sounds like she already did. Alex assures that Stephanie will see that they are meant to be together and they are soulmates.

Stephanie tells Sonny that she can’t work with a guy like Alex because he’ll be hitting on her all the time and he’ll never be her type. Sonny questions her turning him down because of Alex. Stephanie says there is another reason as she came to Salem to take on a big job with a new client and they just had their first meeting where she found out just how demanding she is. Sonny says that if she can deal with Alex, she can deal with her. Stephanie responds that he doesn’t know this lady and she could be more than she can handle.

Paulina tells Orpheus that she got grabbed John yesterday because of him. Orpheus mocks John and Steve. Roman questions what the hell he did now. Orpheus explains that Steve got it in his head that he was going after his daughter Stephanie. Orpheus thought Steve would know after all these years that his interests have always laid elsewhere…

Kayla tries screaming for help but Marlena tells her that Orpheus has made sure no one can hear them. Kayla encourages that Steve and John have to know they are missing so they will find them. Marlena says until they do, they have to take care of themselves since Orpheus will be back and they need to figure out what to do.

Steve reminds John that Orpheus’ note said they can’t contact the police or tell anybody. Steve thinks they should get a hold of Shane Donovan on the down low since nobody knows Orpheus better than Shane. John worries that Orpheus worked in the ISA for so many years, so he’d still have spies on the inside. John declares that this is up to them, they have to save Kayla and Marlena, and they are going to do it on their own.

Sonny tells Stephanie that she has a full staff and can have more than just one big client. Stephanie suggests other firms but Sonny only wants her. Stephanie feels that Kiriakis men don’t take well to the word no. Sonny asks if it is about Alex then. Stephanie responds that Alex is not her type and never will be, so she doesn’t want him cornering her at every turn. Sonny promises her again that won’t happen. Stephanie asks how he knows. Sonny responds that he’s been observing his brother for a very long time and when it comes to women, he has a very small attention span.

Alex declares that from now on, his whole focus is going to be Stephanie as he has never felt like this about anybody. Alex says they are meant to be together. Chanel asks how he knows that. Alex says they ran in to each other twice in the same day and questions that not meaning something. Allie asks if Stephane is even in to him. Alex asks why he’s even talking to them about this and decides he needs to get back to the office because she might still be there. Allie reminds him that no means no. Alex assures that he’s not going to pressure Stephanie in to anything and he’s going to play it cool. Alex declares that he’s waited his entire life to meet a woman like this, so he’s not going to blow it by coming on too strong. After Alex walks away, Chanel and Allie joke to each other that he’s definitely going to blow it.

Steve tells John that he got a text from Stephanie this morning that she and Kayla were supposed to have breakfast this morning and asks if he knew where Kayla was. John asks if he came up with a story to tell Stephanie. Steve says not yet and that he hates lying to her. Steve questions if he’s supposed to tell her that Orpheus was able to kidnap Kayla and Marlena because he was stupid enough to walk right in to his trap. Steve feels he at least should’ve followed Stephanie alone and left John with Kayla and Marlena. John assures he wouldn’t have come if he didn’t think he was doing the right thing. Steve blames himself for making a stupid mistake by leaving Marlena and Kayla like sitting ducks. Steve wishes he neutralized Orpheus as soon as he showed up and threatened his kids.

Abe warns Orpheus that he was lucky enough to get a pardon, so he should take up golf or fishing and leave decent people alone. Orpheus claims he’s here in Salem to make a fresh start. Orpheus guesses John and Steve got to them. Roman asks if he can blame them for being suspicious of his every move. Orpheus responds that Roman needs to come down from his high horse because if anyone has a right to be angry about what was done to his loved ones, it would be him. Orpheus informs Paulina that Roman shot and killed his wife and mother of their two small children. Roman argues that Orpheus used her death as a license to live out his sadistic fantasies on Salem. Orpheus suggests not dredging up the past. Roman points out that he started it. Orpheus claims he is just at the Pub for the chowder. Abe declares that this is a private party, so he wants him out of here. Abe warns Orpheus to get out or the place will be surrounded by cops. Paulina argues that she doesn’t need to wait for the cops and can kick his ass to the curb, herself. Orpheus says it’s all good as he is leaving. Orpheus remarks that he’s sure he’ll be seeing all of them around town in the near future as he exits the Pub.

Kayla agrees with Marlena that they just have to keep it together and stay on the offensive. Kayla asks her how to do that. Marlena responds that they don’t know what Orpheus has in mind for them. They talk about how they got kidnapped, blindfolded, and thrown in his car. They go over how he drove them around for hours and made a U-turn so he must want them to think they are farther from Salem than they are. Marlena recalls hearing bells while Kayla recalls hearing a power saw, so they wonder if it’s a construction area or if the bells could’ve been church bells since they are restoring St. Luke’s. Marlena remembers that the docks are near St. Luke’s and warehouses are on the docks which Kayla notes is right up Orpheus’ alley. Marlena thinks they can do more than sit around and wait to be rescued. Kayla suggests they make a plan. They maneuver themselves from sitting across from each other to sitting back to back. They try to untie each other. Marlena points out that Orpheus won’t kill them right away as this is to torture John and Steve. Kayla jokes that at least this beats being sealed up in a burning coffin. Marlena wonders what game Orpheus is playing this time since he gets such a kick out of seeing them go through all the steps. Kayla says it’d be great if Orpheus came back and they were gone. Kayla assures Marlena that she’s going to get her free from being tied up.

John encourages Steve that Kayla and Marlena are smart and tough. Steve worries that Orpheus still got them. John declares that they know they won’t give up.

Roman jokes about how he should’ve thrown Orpheus out. Kate encourages him not to let Orpheus ruin his birthday celebration. Paulina agrees and calls Orpheus creepy. Roman asks her about her getting scared yesterday. Paulina explains that she arranged a meeting with Stephanie and asked her not to tell anyone about it. Abe clarifies that Steve thought Orpheus set up the meeting and that Stephanie was walking in to a trap. Paulina adds that the room was dark and Stephanie came in, then John lunged at her, thinking she was Orpheus but they got it all straightened out. Roman questions why this meeting was so secret. Abe explains that it was politics because Paulina hired Stephanie’s firm to work on her campaign. Kate is so glad Abe decided to run. Roman agrees that the state could use a guy like Abe in the Governor’s mansion. Abe promises that guys like Orpheus will be locked up and they will stay locked up. Kate pleads for them to stop talking about Orpheus and start talking about cake since this is Roman’s birthday celebration. Paulina offers to go get a cake from the Sweet Bits Bakery but Kate decides it’s on her, so she will get it.

Sonny tells Stephanie about how earlier today, he walked in on Alex half naked on the couch with some woman and he just wondered what Adrienne would’ve said. Stephanie jokes that she can hear Adrienne now. Stephanie says she misses Adrienne and can only imagine how Sonny feels. Sonny says he wants them to work together because they love the same people and have the same history. Sonny bets money that Alex has already moved onto someone else. Sonny asks Stephanie not to make him beg. Stephanie then agrees to take on Titan as a client on the condition that Sonny makes sure Alex understands boundaries. Alex then arrives with flowers for Stephanie. Stephanie says she will let them talk and quickly exits the office. Alex remarks to Sonny that he thinks she’s really warming up to him and asks if Sonny got her to accept the job. Sonny confirms that he did so Alex excitedly starts talking about all the ideas he had. Sonny tells Alex that there were conditions. Alex wants to go find Stephanie so they can start brainstorming but Sonny gets in his way and says he’s stopping him from making a huge mistake.

Allie tells Chanel that if Alex is in love, maybe he’ll give up on that threesome idea. Allie admits it was sweet to see Alex like that. Kate approaches and apologizes for interrupting but asks if they have a cake for Roman’s birthday celebration. Allie responds that they already sold all the cakes. Chanel says she’s sure they can find something for Roman’s party and goes to the bakery. Allie questions Kate celebrating Roman’s birthday with him, which she confirms. Allie thought Roman was done with her. Kate responds that he was, but he forgave her and she’s hoping that Allie will forgive her as well.

Paulina tells Roman that she’s glad he took Kate back because she likes her. Abe decides it’s picture time and tells Roman to smile.

John comments on Steve being quiet and asks what he’s thinking about. Steve thinks he should go back home to make sure they didn’t miss anything that could tell them where Orpheus took Marlena and Kayla. John suggests he shower and eat while he’s there because they are going to need clear heads to find him. Steve then heads home. John gets a phone call from Abe, who says he just called Marlena and Kayla but neither one of them answered. John claims they are at a medical conference in Chicago and asks what’s up. Abe informs him that they are having a birthday party for Roman at the Pub. John says he’d like to make it but he’s tied up right now. Abe states that they could really use some friendly faces because Orpheus showed up and it got nasty, so Roman’s not in a party mood anymore. John then decides he’ll be right there and hangs up.

Kayla manages to get one of Marlena’s hands free but Orpheus returns and remarks that it looks like he stayed away a bit too long as he asks if they missed him. Orpheus then handcuffs Marlena and Kayla to their chairs instead of tying them. He remarks that he expected them to try to escape. Kayla asks if this is all part of his game. Orpheus asks if she’s not having fun. Orpheus says he tried to get takeout from the Pub but complains about the service and staff, so he went by the drive thru. Marlena questions how to eat while in handcuffs. Orpheus guesses they will just have to watch him eat.

John arrives at the Brady Pub and wishes Roman a happy birthday. Roman thanks him coming. John says he wouldn’t miss it and brings up hearing that Orpheus paid them a visit, questioning what the hell that was about.

Marlena asks what Orpheus plans to do with them. Orpheus tells her to have patience because all of her questions will be answered in due time, but right now, there’s something he needs to attend to. Orpheus tells them to sit back and enjoy the evening because the party is just getting started as he then exits. Kayla wonders what that means.

Allie thinks it’s nice that Kate is having a birthday party for Roman, but she doesn’t think her and Kate have anything to say to each other. Kate informs Allie that she plead guilty to being an accessory after the fact in the kidnapping of Sami. Allie asks what’s going to happen to her. Kate responds that she got lucky and got probation, a really big fine, and 200 hours of community service. Allie admits that’s something. Kate knows what happened to Sami was hideous and unfair. Allie argues that Sami was a wreck when Lucas brought her back. Kate admits all she could think about was protecting Lucas and she didn’t think about Sami, Allie, Will, or Roman. Kate adds that she will regret that for the rest of her life. Kate tells Allie that she’s so sorry for her part in this whole thing. Allie then hugs her. Kate asks if she can see Henry now, which Allie allows. Kate then tells Allie that she will take her shopping afterwards. Allie decides to go see what is taking Chanel so long with the cake and heads to teh bakery.

Alex tells Sonny that whatever he’s trying to do is not going to work and that he has no idea what’s going on. Sonny informs Alex that he’s been watching him for a very long time and that Stephanie is his type because she is young, beautiful, and has a pulse. Alex argues that he doesn’t have a type anymore because Stephanie happened. Sonny argues that he just bumped in to her in the square. Alex says that’s all it took and it was exactly like Sonny said this morning when he said he would meet a special woman. Alex declares that Stephanie is the one for him.

Steve goes home and looks at a photo of he and Kayla. Steve can’t believe he let Orpheus take Kayla and wonders where she is. Stephanie then comes home and startles him.

Sonny knows he told Alex that he would meet that special someone but he didn’t mean today. Sonny asks if he’s sure he didn’t just put the idea in his head. Alex argues that Sonny wasn’t there so he doesn’t know what it was like. Alex says he can’t explain it. Alex admits he’s attracted to a lot of women, but says this is different. Sonny informs Alex that he just hired Stephanie and she works Titan, which has a very strict no dating policy which means Alex can’t date her or even take her out for coffee. Alex questions what he’s talking about. Sonny reminds him that he found out the hard way. Alex argues that Leo was Sonny’s assistant while Stephanie is a consultant, so she’s not even an employee. Sonny asks if he really thinks dating the head of the PR division is good for the company. Alex threatens to quit then, arguing that what he does on his own time is none of the company’s business. Sonny complains that he’d be putting himself out of a job for no reason. Alex says he’ll have plenty of reason since he’ll have Stephanie but Sonny says he won’t. Sonny knows Alex fell for Stephanie, but she doesn’t feel the same way about him at all.

Steve hopes Stephanie didn’t hear him talking to himself. Stephanie confirms she didn’t but asks if he knows where Kayla is since she didn’t meet her for breakfast and she wasn’t at the hospital either. Steve claims that he was supposed to tell her that Kayla forgot she was going to a medical conference today with Marlena. Stephanie guesses that’s why Marlena didn’t keep her appointment with Chad. Steve asks how Chad is doing. Stephanie says he’s hanging in for the kids, but she doesn’t think he’ll be over this for a long time, if ever. Steve questions how Chad’s supposed to get over losing the love of his life or how anyone does that.

Roman tells John that Orpheus just stopped by to give them a hard time. Paulina responds that they gave it right back to him. John asks if Orpheus touched anything while he was there. Abe remarks that Orpheus does have an annoying habit of leaving bombs behind. Roman assures that Orpheus didn’t take anything or leave anything behind. Abe points out that these games of his have always landed Orpheus back in a prison cell but he’s been out for awhile and hasn’t made a move against anybody, which makes him think that maybe the man has finally seen reality…

Marlena wonders how long they have before Orpheus comes back. Kayla questions why it matters if they can’t get out of the handcuffs. Marlena points out that they aren’t chained to the wall and suggests backing their chairs together again to try and figure a way out of the cuffs.

Alex doesn’t understand as he questions Sonny saying that Stephanie wants nothing to do with him. Sonny asks how he can be so crazy about a woman that he just met. Alex suggests Sonny help him but Sonny says he can’t because one of Stephanie’s main conditions when she said yes, was that Alex would back off. Alex argues that it’s only day one and Stephanie isn’t in to him yet. Sonny asks Alex as his brother and tells him as his boss, to respect Stephanie’s wishes. Alex insists that Stephanie will come around and like him. Alex then exits the office. Sonny remarks that Alex will see another woman and forget all about Stephanie.

Stephanie apologizes to Steve for being so hard on him last night. Steve admits that he overreacted and was wrong. Stephanie understands that he was looking out for her and he just wants to keep them all safe, adding that he does a really good job of it as she hugs him.

Abe steps aside with John and asks if there’s something he’s not telling them. John claims that everything is fine.

Chanel and Allie return to the town square with the cake from the Bakery to find Kate is gone, confusing them.

Paulina remarks that Kate must have decided to eat the cake all by herself while she wants to get the party started. Roman then gets a call from Kate’s phone, but it’s Orpheus. Orpheus remarks that he just realized he forgot to tell him happy birthday and that some of his guests won’t be able to make it. Orpheus tells him that Marlena, Kayla, and Kate all send their regrets and then hangs up as he now has Kate, Kayla, and Marlena all handcuffed and gagged in chairs.

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Days Update Friday, August 26, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Allie and Chanel wake up together. Allie jokes about her son Henry actually sleeping in and Chanel praises her own idea of hiring extra help at the Bakery so they could be off together. Chanel checks her phone and notes that both of their phones are blowing up with messages from Alex, wanting to take them out for drinks again. Allie jokes that Alex is like a dog with a bone.

Stephanie walks through the town square until Alex runs in to her, causing her to drop her coffee and Alex to fall to the ground. Stephanie tells him to watch where he’s going. Alex looks up at Stephanie in awe with a smile as he thinks back to Sonny’s words, saying that he would meet someone who just knocks him off his feet and then he’d fall just as hard as the rest of them.

Chad goes to see Sonny at Titan and tells him about seeing Stephanie at the hospital. Sonny is surprised as he didn’t even know she was in town. Chad guesses she’s landing some big client here in Salem. Sonny mentions hearing that she’s doing great with her firm and jokes that he gets his business sense from his mom’s side of the family. Sonny notes that he has been looking for a new PR firm as Titan could use some rebranding. Chad is sure Stephanie would be up for the challenge and hands Sonny her business card.

Eric comes downstairs at the Brady Pub and wishes Roman a happy birthday. Roman jokes that he doesn’t want a big deal made of it. Roman mentions hearing from Sami an hour ago and she claims she’s fine. Eric has a water while Roman asks if he went for a run since it looks like he worked up a little sweat…

Nicole knocks on Eric’s door but is surprised when Jada answers the door wearing a towel and she sees the bed not made. Nicole apologizes as she thought it was Eric’s room. Jada informs her that it is.

Chanel asks Allie if she should text Alex back and tell him they’re on for tonight. Allie questions her wanting to go out for drinks with him. Chanel asks why not, pointing out that Allie had a good time last time. Chanel thinks it’s time they get back to having a social life. Allie agrees but she doesn’t necessarily think they should include Alex. Chanel thought she had fun the other night. Allie admits that she did until Alex brought up a threesome and she doesn’t think them saying no will stop him from asking again. Chanel agrees but questions if that would be such a bad idea…

Alex tells Stephanie that she is perfect and asks her out. Stephanie calls that a cheesy pick up and turns him down. Alex asks her to think about it. Stephanie tells him that she has to go get another coffee. Alex offers to replace it which she allows. Alex tells her not to go as he goes to get her coffee. Stephanie worries that he’s going to screw up her order.

Sonny thanks Chad for Stephanie’s business card. Chad says he has to head to the court house which Sonny questions. Chad wants to make sure that Leo and Gwen pay for what they did to Abigail. Sonny reminds Chad to reschedule with Marlena. Chad wishes him luck with Stephanie. Sonny knows Chad is going through a lot right now with Abigail and he just feels like he’s talking about himself a lot and that he let Chad down. Chad tells Sonny that talking about his life and business is not letting him down. Chad admits he should probably be thinking about anything else, so it helps. Chad doesn’t want Sonny feeling guilty as he is his best friend and they hug. Chad then exits the office.

Roman notes that Eric couldn’t have gone for a run since he just came downstairs. Eric explains that Jada’s air conditioner was broken and he said he’d try to fix it, so he asks for the toolbox. Roman asks if any other units are broken, noting that his room and the Pub are both cool. Roman presents the toolbox and asks Eric about his unit. Eric says his is fine, so Roman questions why Eric is so flushed and sweaty.

Jada tells Nicole that Eric should be back shortly if she wants to wait. Jada explains that Eric is fixing her air conditioner, so Eric let her use his shower. Nicole laughs as she realizes Jada is using Eric’s shower. Nicole admits that seeing Jada in a towel in Eric’s room made her think that they slept together. Jada then reveals that they actually did which shocks Nicole.

Allie questions if Chanel is saying she wants to have a threesome with Alex as she thought she wasn’t interested. Chanel assures that she’s not interested but says that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the attention. Chanel asks if it didn’t feel good having Alex practically begging to sleep with them. Allie calls it like a conditioned response with him while Chanel feels it was flattering. Chanel admits Alex is a very hot guy and he’s interested in them. Chanel adds that Alex is right that Allie is irresistible. Allie accepts as long as Chanel knows that going out with Alex doesn’t mean going home with Alex. Chanel assures that she’s only interested in a twosome with her as they kiss.

Alex returns to Stephanie with her coffee. She thanks him and takes a drink, surprised that he got it right and actually listened to what she said. Alex admits that he didn’t and just asked the barista what she ordered while he compliments her eyes and calls her the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Stephanie asks if he came onto the barista too. Alex insists that he didn’t even notice her as he was just looking forward to getting back to her. Stephanie says she’s never encountered anything like this before. Alex asks if she’s never had anyone fall for her then. Stephanie questions how shallow he is to fall for her without knowing a damn thing about her. Alex tells her about the mental process of intuition. Stephanie is weirded out by all this intensity coming from a total stranger and says goodbye. Alex stops to introduce himself. Stephanie points out that he never apologized for running in to her. Alex says that’s because he was dumbstruck. Stephanie then introduces herself. Alex invites her to an incredible French place in Chicago but Stephanie continues to turn him down, reminding him that she’s weirded out by the intensity coming from someone she doesn’t know. Alex admits he came on too strong and offers to apologize over a nice bottle of wine. Stephanie tells Alex that she’s not interested as she’s too busy to date someone she’s attracted to, let alone him. Alex questions her being too busy to date. Stephanie responds that running her own business takes up all her time. Stephanie then gets a call from Sonny, who mentions that Chad just told him that she’s in town and he might have a business proposition for her if she’s interested. Stephanie asks what it is. Sonny offers to tell her in person and invites her to the office. Stephanie says right now works for her so Sonny says he’ll see her soon. Stephanie hangs up and tells Alex that this has been interesting, but duty calls. Alex asks about dinner. Stephanie suggests maybe the barista is free tonight as she then walks away. Alex comments to himself that he thinks Stephanie really likes him.

Eric questions Roman asking why he’s sweaty when it’s the middle of summer. Roman points out that he hasn’t been outside. Eric says he just came down to get some tools and questions getting the third degree. Roman says it was just a question and they definitely gotta get Jada’s AC fixed. Eric says he will do that and wishes Roman a happy birthday as he takes the toolbox and heads back upstairs.

Jada tells Nicole that she doesn’t know why she just told her that. Nicole says neither does she. Nicole then questions Jada sleeping with Eric and feels it’s kind of fast. Jada questions her. Nicole argues that Jada just got to town. Jada points out that it’s been a couple of weeks. Nicole says as far as she knows, they’ve only been out on one date unless she’s mistaken. Jada questions how this is any of her business. Nicole thought that since Jada volunteered the information, that she wouldn’t mind talking about. Jada says that’s true but Nicole and Eric are now divorced and Nicole is married to Rafe, so she’s not sure why she cares. Nicole says that she and Eric are divorced but he is and will always be her friend, so she is concerned about his welfare. Jada assures that she’s not a threat to Eric, but it seems like she may be to her. Nicole questions what that’s supposed to mean. Jada calls this somewhat awkward but asks if she’s sure that the way she feels about Eric isn’t more than friendship. Eric then comes home and is surprised to find Nicole inside with Jada.

Kate goes to the Brady Pub and brings Roman a birthday present. Roman thanks her but says he would’ve preferred that she kept her word. Kate asks what makes him think that she didn’t. Roman points out that Kate is still out and about when she told him that she was going to turn herself in. Kate explains that she went to the police station and told them that she didn’t know Lucas was the kidnapper while Sami was captive, but shortly after, she did and she didn’t come forward. Kate says that they charged her as an accessory after the fact.

Chanel and Allie continue kissing. Allie suggests maybe they need another shower but they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Allie answers the door to see Abe and Paulina. Abe hopes they aren’t too early. Paulina jokes about them being up because they are bakers and how she used to have to drag Chanel out of bed in the mornings. Chanel asks why Paulina is here. Paulina says it’s to share the wonderful news as she announces that Abe is going to run for Governor. Abe jokes that he won’t have to look for a spokesperson. Chanel congratulates Abe. Paulina says they still have work to do and they want Chanel and Allie to be part of the campaign. Chanel reminds her that they have a bakery to run. Paulina says that her PR person had the most wonderful idea to reach the voters through the Bakery by having Chanel and Allie make thousands of “Vote for Abe” cookies. Chanel tells Paulina that she needs to apologize to Allie first.

Stephanie goes to see Sonny at Titan. They hug and Sonny says it’s so good to see her. Sonny brings up Chad saying that she had a big new client in Salem, so he hopes he’s not pulling her away from anything. Stephanie says actually he saved her because she just bumped in to a guy in the town square who was trying to pick her up with cheesy lines. Alex then arrives to tell Sonny about what happened but he’s then stunned to see Stephanie inside. Stephanie questions if he followed her and accuses him of stalking. Stephanie asks Sonny to call security to have Alex thrown out. Alex then reveals that he works here and realizes Stephanie’s call was from Sonny. Sonny then reveals that Alex is his brother. Stephanie questions them then being cousins but Alex clarifies that he is Sonny’s half-brother as they have different mothers which means there is not a single impediment standing in their way but Stephanie insists that there is.

Allie tells Paulina that she doesn’t need to apologize but Chanel insists that she does for teaming up with Johnny to try to break them up. Allie insists that it’s fine but Chanel argues that it’s not. Paulina admits that Chanel is right that she was wrong and there is no excuse for it. Paulina says she was just holding onto an old fashioned idea of what she wanted for her daughter. Allie says she understands. Paulina is glad that Chanel got on to her about how out of line she was because in the end, all that really matters is her happiness and she sees how happy Allie makes Chanel.

Roman is glad that Kate accepted responsibility for what she did. Kate calls it a rather novel experience for her. Roman knows it couldn’t have been easy under the circumstances and he appreciates it. Roman adds that kidnapping is a felony, so if Kate’s been charged as an accessory, that could be a prison sentence of up to three years. Kate says she’s aware of that. Roman then questions if this means she’s going to prison.

Eric asks what Nicole is doing there. Nicole explains that she came to see him but Jada answered the door. Jada says she should get back to her room. Eric mentions being on his way to fix her AC. Jada says she should get dressed and that it looks like Eric and Nicole have a lot to talk about as she then exits.

Allie thanks Paulina, who says that they are family. Chanel thanks Paulina and admits that was really big of her. Paulina asks if this means they will take the cookie order. Chanel and Allie say they would love to. Paulina says they’ll need at least a thousand. Abe suggests checking the campaign laws first so they aren’t accused of bribery. Paulina says she’ll get her PR woman on it and tells them to get to the Bakery to make sure they have everything they need. Chanel asks if she wants to check out a sample first but Paulina says nobody has time for that. Allie says they are on it then and tells Abe that they are happy to help with his campaign. Chanel wonders what they have gotten themselves into.

Sonny explains that Stephanie owns her own PR firm and he thought that Titan could use a rebranding. Alex agrees and he knows how busy Sonny is so he will take this one as he thinks he and Stephanie will do an amazing job. Sonny says they still have some details to work out so he will call Alex when they are finished. Alex decides he’ll head to his office now but realizes that he doesn’t have his keys and must have dropped them when he bumped in to Stephanie. Alex says he’ll be right back and calls it a very eventful morning. Alex adds that Stephanie literally knocked him off his feet as he then exits. Sonny comments to Stephanie that Alex make a big first impression.

Kate tells Roman that she’s not going to prison since she came forward voluntarily, so Melinda knocked the charges down to a misdemeanor and she will be paying a fine along with 200 hours of community service. Kate jokingly asks if waitressing at the Pub for free would count but Roman doubts it. Kate asks if Roman is disappointed that she’s not going to prison. Roman says he’s not. Roman admits he was upset that she covered for Lucas and he believes that actions have consequences, but he also cares about her, so he doesn’t want her to go to prison. Kate asks if he really means that. Roman assures that he does. Kate then asks if there is any chance that they could get back to what they had.

Eric guesses Nicole was surprised to see Jada in his room and explains that her air conditioner was busted, so he told her that she could shower here. Nicole says it’s okay as Jada told her that they slept together. Eric calls that very forthcoming of her. Eric then asks why Nicole stopped by to see him again. Nicole thinks back to her sex dream about Eric. Nicole then tells Eric that she came by to tell him that she had a dream about him this morning. Eric calls that weird. Nicole asks why. Eric then reveals that he had a dream about her too.

Alex returns to the town square and retrieves his keys, saying it really is his lucky day. Allie and Chanel approach, noting that they haven’t even said yes yet. Alex asks say yes to what. Allie says to getting drinks and asks if he already forgot all the texts he sent them.

Roman tells Kate there are no guarantees but he is ready to give it another try. They hug as Kate says she’s so happy he said that. Abe and Paulina arrive. Paulina asks if this means what she thinks it means. Kate confirms it does which Abe says is great. Kate announces that Roman forgave her, so they are going to give it another go. Abe calls that fantastic while Paulina calls it a reason to celebrate. Paulina calls for a toast. Abe wishes Roman a happy birthday. Roman says his birthday is no big deal but Paulina calls for champagne. Roman says she doesn’t have to do that but Abe says when his wife decides to celebrate, they are going to celebrate.

Eric asks Nicole about her dream. Nicole responds that she dreamt that Eric came over to her house and then claims that he was just cooking and a mess was made, so she thought it was funny and wanted to share it with him. Nicole then asks Eric about his dream. Eric thinks back to his sex dream about Nicole.

Alex remembers sending Chanel and Allie those texts. Allie asks if they are still on. Alex says sure unless he has to work late. Chanel questions him having to work late when his brother is the CEO. They question if Alex doesn’t need them to be his wing women to help him scope out his next conquest. Alex suddenly responds that he’s not all that interested in that anymore. Chanel questions him. Alex says he does love all women, but he’s only interested in one as this morning, he met the woman of his dreams.

Sonny tells Stephanie that he’s really looking forward to working with her. Stephanie stops and says she doesn’t think this is such a good idea.

Before Eric can tell Nicole about his dream, Jada comes back and tells Eric that she has to get to work but she left her door open if he can still look at her AC which he assures that he will. Jada kisses Eric on the cheek and then exits. Nicole asks Eric again about his dream. Eric claims that Nicole showed up at his door with a singing telegram. Nicole jokes that it must have been a nightmare but Eric says in his dream, she had a beautiful voice. Nicole comments on them both having dreams about each other on the same day and how that’s weird. Nicole decides she will see him later and exits.

Paulina and Kate sit together in the Pub. Paulina tells Kate that she told her that Roman would come around just like Abe did and now they are back together while she and Abe are married and Abe is running for Governor. Kate says that’s great. Roman and Abe join them. Roman says Abe told him that Paulina talked him in to running for Governor. Kate says this has turned in to a great day in all ways. They toast to Roman’s birthday, Abe being the next Governor, and the four of them all having a great year. Paulina declares that nothing can stop them now while someone watches them through the window from outside.

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Days Update Thursday, August 25, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eric has a dream about hooking up with Nicole and then wakes up.

Nicole has her own dream about hooking up with Eric and then wakes up in bed.

Sonny walks in to the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion to find Alex and Sloan kissing on the couch in their underwear. Sloan gets up and gets dressed, saying it’s nice to see Sonny again. Sonny responds that the feeling is not mutual and tells her to get the hell out of his house.

Leo remains handcuffed to the table in the interrogation room at the police station. Melinda Trask enters and informs Leo that he has a visitor. Leo assumes it’s his attorney but it turns out to be Gwen. Leo questions what the hell she’s doing here. Melinda asks if that’s any way to greet an old friend. Leo claims that he’s not up for visitors as he’s waiting for his attorney and until then, he has nothing to say. Melinda thinks he and Gwen have loads to talk about considering she’s charging them both with first degree murder. Gwen and Leo both argue they are innocent. Melinda says they can deny it all they want but she has enough evidence to convince a jury that they conspired to kill Abigail DiMera.

Eric lays in bed until Jada knocks on his door. Eric answers the door and asks what’s going on. Jada thinks her air conditioner is broken. Eric notes that his room is pretty hot too.

Rafe brings Nicole breakfast in bed but notices her demeanor and asks what’s wrong.

Alex questions Sonny being rude to Sloan. Sonny then reveals that Sloan is Leo Stark’s attorney. Alex is surprised to learn that Sloan is a lawyer which Sloan notes she told him like six times. Alex guesses he was focused on other things. Sonny reminds Alex of all the horrible things that Leo has done to him and his family and now he’s accused of murdering his best friend’s wife. Sloan points out that the key word is accused. Sonny tells her that Leo is a con man, a gold digger, and a disgusting piece of filth. Sloan points out that he’s entitled to a defense. Sonny doesn’t want her in his house and brings up the bogus sexual harassment that Leo brought against him which almost ruined his life, family, and career. Sloan notes that lawsuit went away. Sonny argues that Leo didn’t go away as he just chose another innocent victim and when he led the charge against him, Leo went on a revenge rampage and took pictures of them in bed together, then sold some bogus story about Chad and when that didn’t work, he murdered Abigail. Alex agrees that Leo is garbage so he can’t continue sleeping with Sloan if she’s going to continue to represent Leo. Alex tells Sloan that she’s going to have to dump Leo as a client but Sloan says they could just end this instead. Alex guesses that’s an option but admits it wouldn’t be good for his ego. Sloan tells him that this has been fun but her career comes first. Alex wishes her luck as she then exits.

Melinda informs Leo and Gwen that they are both scheduled to be arraigned this morning. Melinda notes that Leo’s attorney will be here this morning while Gwen has yet to retain counsel. Melinda questions Gwen’s strategy, warning her that she is going to remind the court of how Gwen showed no mercy to Abigail when she was being viciously stabbed to death. Melinda says she’ll see them in court and exits the room. Gwen tells Leo that this is all his fault as she can’t believe he sold her out. Leo argues that he had no choice because Clyde blabbed about him having Abigail’s jewelry and then Thomas said he ran in to him in the tunnels on the day Abigail was killed. Gwen complains that Leo betrayed her to save his own ass. Leo responds that he loves her, but he’s not doing life in prison for a crime that she committed.

At the hospital, Stephanie tells Chad that she and Kayla made plans to have breakfast but she’s not in her office and not answering her phone. Chad notes that Marlena is not either. Stephanie guesses something came up and they will be in touch soon. Chad mentions that Kayla talked him in to making an appointment with Marlena as she made him realize that he wasn’t handling Abigail’s death in the healthiest way. Chad asks Stephanie to thank Kayla for him which she agrees to do. Stephanie then suggests that since they both got stood up, she asks Chad to have breakfast with her which he accepts.

Rafe asks Nicole what’s going on as she’s all flushed. Rafe checks and sees she feels warm. Nicole assures that she’s not sick but there is something that she needs to tell him.

Jada tells Eric that she woke up in a sweat and asks if he did too. Eric checks his AC and says it seems to be working fine. Jada says hers is definitely broken and she couldn’t find a fan. Eric offers to take a look at her air conditioner to see if he can fix it. Jada stops and grabs his hand, suggesting he can do that later as she kisses Eric.

Stephanie and Chad have breakfast in the town square. She thinks it’s good that he goes to therapy. Chad admits he probably should’ve done it sooner but he’s been busy and guesses he’s avoided dealing with the grief while focusing on trying to find out who killed Abigail. Stephanie says he’s getting help now and that’s what matters. Stephanie adds that she’s here if he ever wants to talk. Chad says he appreciates that. Stephanie mentions that she’s been keeping up with Abigail’s case and she knows they have two people in custody. Chad says either one of them could have done it or they were both working on it together. Stephanie is sure it will be a huge relief when they finally close the case. Chad says even if they are convicted, his wife is never coming back.

Gwen warns Leo that he should’ve left well enough alone. Leo argues that he couldn’t take the chance that she’d pin the murder on him. Gwen calls him the rat, not her. Leo brings up that he asked her what happened on the night that Abigail died and she wouldn’t tell him which left him concerned. Gwen brings up Leo fishing the mask out of the dumpster a second time and using it to throw suspicion off of himself and pin it on her. Leo admits it sounds bad when she puts it that way. Gwen asks how his plan is working out for him as she knows he planned to parade out of here, leaving her to fry but now they are both on the hook for murder together.

Sloan goes to the police station and tells Melinda that she hoped to have a word with her client before his arraignment. Melinda directs her to the interrogation room and notes that Gwen is in with him. Sloan argues that Melinda has Gwen dead to rights and questions her risking that by tying her to Leo. Melinda doesn’t see any risk as she sees an opportunity to put two co-conspirators away for life. Sloan questions why she’s going after Leo so hard when he led her to the mask which implicates Gwen, so thanks to Leo’s cooperation, she was able to place Gwen at the scene of the crime. Melinda tells Sloan that she will see her in court. Sloan argues that Leo gave her half the case so he deserves her consideration. Melinda questions what she wants her to consider. Sloan wants her to cut Leo loose.

Sonny tells Alex that he’s sorry about Sloan. Alex says there’s plenty of fish in the sea and a lot of beautiful women in this town, including Allie. Sonny reminds him that Allie is taken. Alex says he’s not in the business of breaking up happy couples which is why he offered to hang out with both Allie and Chanel, but they turned him down and didn’t go for the whole threesome idea but maybe they’ll change their mind.

Jada apologizes to Eric and says she’s not usually this forward and doesn’t know what she was doing. Eric kisses Jada back and onto his bed.

Rafe tells Nicole that she can tell him anything and to say whatever she needs to. Nicole tells Rafe that he’s the sweetest, sexiest, and most amazing husband a woman could ever had as they then kiss in bed.

Chad tells Stephanie that Abigail was the love of his life and always will be. Stephanie can’t imagine having the love of her life. Chad asks if she’s never been serious with anyone. Stephanie mentions being engaged to Philip Kiriakis but that was years ago and she was a totally different person then. Chad asks about after she left Salem. She says she’s mostly been focused on her career. She says there was one guy last summer that she might turn in to something but when the summer ended, so did the relationship. Stephanie guesses getting serious scared him off but he never gave her an explanation. Chad calls that very uncool. Stephanie feels she didn’t need an explanation as she was in denial about it but the signs were all there that a commitment was the last thing he wanted as he was a womanizer and a player.

Sonny talks about Alex being a player which he denies, saying he has the utmost respect for women. Alex asks what’s wrong with being upfront with his intentions as he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Alex says he doesn’t want anything serious and any time it goes in that direction, he’s out. Sonny tells Alex that there is something to be said about finding that special someone. Alex responds that he’s not looking to settle down. Sonny encourages that one day, he hopes he realizes there’s more to life than just random casual sex.

Eric and Jada lay in bed together after having sex. Eric asks if Jada is okay and why she’s so quiet. Jada responds that she’s embarrassed because she doesn’t really do this sort of thing and this is the first time she’s slept with someone since her divorce. Eric admits it’s been awhile for him too. Jada jokes that she couldn’t tell if he was out of practice. Jada says when she knocked on Eric’s door, she had no idea this was going to happen. Eric assures that there are no complaints. Jada asks if he hadn’t slept with anyone since he was a priest. Eric confirms not since he was married to Nicole.

Rafe and Nicole lay in bed together after having sex. Rafe wishes he could stay here all day but he has to get ready for work. Nicole mentions reading last night that he made progress in Abigail’s case. Rafe informs her that both Leo and Gwen are being arraigned today. Nicole can’t believe Abigail’s very own sister would do something so horrible. Rafe notes that she admitted being in the DiMera Mansion, but denies killing Abigail. Nicole asks if he believes her. Rafe states that the evidence against her is quite damning and her story is totally far fetched, but his gut tells him that Gwen is telling the truth.

Gwen tells Leo that she’s going to tell him the same thing she told Rafe. Gwen admits that she was in the DiMera Mansion that night and she saw Abigail but she did not want to kill her, she wanted to get rid of Sarah Horton. Leo says she lost him. Gwen explains that she snuck in to Abigail’s room, wearing the Sarah mask, and acted as though Sarah was having a hallucination of seeing Kristen DiMera. Leo questions why. Gwen felt that if Sarah were to attack Abigail with a syringe, then everyone would look at her like she’s dangerous and crazy, so she would get locked up and Gwen would get reunited with Xander but her plan was a bust when Abigail ripped the mask off and threatened to call the police. Gwen adds that she convinced Abigail to let her go back to prison and assures she had no intention of hurting Abigail, as she was just a means to an end. Gwen calls this whole thing so stupid. Leo questions Abigail just letting her walk away. Gwen confirms that Abigail gave her an hour to get back to her cell before she would turn her in, so she ran out of the house as fast as she could. Gwen insists that when she left, Abigail was alive. Leo asks if Rafe believes her story. Gwen cries that she doesn’t know and she doesn’t care. Gwen tells Leo that he’s the only friend she has right now in the whole world, so she doesn’t care if the jury wants to convict her or if everybody hates her guts. Gwen declares that all she cares about is that Leo believes her. Gwen then asks if Leo believes her.

Melinda questions Sloan wanting her to release Leo. Sloan insists that he’s innocent. Melinda responds that Gwen claims to be innocent too and denies any involvement in Abigail’s murder. Sloan argues that Gwen can claim whatever she wants but with the evidence against her, Melinda could destroy her and Gwen doesn’t even have a lawyer. Melinda says she doesn’t yet but this is a career making case, so some hotshot defense attorney could show up any minute and cast doubt on Gwen’s guilt and point the finger at someone else like Leo. Melinda reminds Sloan that there’s a mountain of evidence against Leo too. Sloan calls that purely circumstantial so the only case is Gwen. Melinda thinks putting both of them on trial doubles her chances of getting a conviction and assures that she will at least get one. Melinda admits she sees a scenario where one could avoid trial altogether if one of them flipped on the other. Sloan argues that Leo already did by giving her the mask. Melinda says that’s not enough and Leo needs to give her the nail to put in Gwen’s coffin. Melinda then walks away.

Leo tells Gwen that he does believe her and he’s so sorry for doubting her. Leo and Gwen manage to hug while handcuffed to opposite ends of the table. Leo asks now what to do. Gwen says now they stick together and remain a team so they won’t have a case against them. Leo says to make up for throwing her under the bus, he will get Sloan to represent her. Gwen complains that she can’t afford her. Leo says he can’t either but Sloan can’t put a price on the publicity she will get from representing both of them. Leo adds that he just had to promise her a cut of any future book deal so Gwen can do the same. Gwen tells Leo that if he can get Sloan to help her, she would appreciate it very much. Leo declares that once this is all over, they can write a book and turn it into a movie. They joke about winning at the Oscars as they high five and laugh together. After Gwen leaves, Sloan enters the room. Leo informs her that she has the chance to achieve fame and fortune beyond her wildest dreams if she also represents Gwen. Sloan immediately cuts him off and tells him to forget it as he needs to worry about himself right now. Sloan reveals that she just spoke with Melinda and she’s determined to convict him. Leo argues that she can’t because she doesn’t have enough. Sloan points out that’s only because she doesn’t know Leo was in Abigail’s room with a knife on the night she was killed. Leo says to just not tell her then. Sloan says this is out of her control as half of the police department and the DiMera family are pouring out resources to try to solve this case. Sloan declares that it’s only a matter of time before they find out and when they do, they’ll have everything they need to put him on death row. She asks if that’s what he wants. Leo says of course not, so Sloan declares that Leo needs to give Melinda something to tighten the noose around Gwen’s neck.

Alex tells Sonny that he didn’t come to Salem looking for Mrs. Right but to be with him. Sonny comments on Alex flirting with a lot of women. Alex says he’s a free spirit but he also has a job, so he needs to get dressed and head to the office. Sonny stops him and asks if he never met a woman that he thought was the one. Alex says he hasn’t and he hopes that never happens because when that happens, the fun is over. Alex states that romance is not his bag and he’s not interested in love. Sonny argues that love makes the world go round. Alex says he didn’t get that memo. Sonny thinks he did and he chose to ignore it, but one day he will meet someone that just knocks him off his feet and then he will fall just as fast and hard as the rest of them…

Stephanie tells Chad that just when she started to think she might have a future with her last guy, he totally ghosted her. Chad says it’s his loss. Stephanie repeats that the signs were all there and she was deluding herself in to thinking he cared as much as she did. Stephanie adds that when the right person comes along, it will be a totally different story but until then she has her friends, family, and career. Stephanie shows Chad the business card for her firm which impresses him. Chad notes that he’s no longer at DiMera, but if he ever gets pulled back in, he’ll need an image makeover. Stephanie gets a text that she just landed a new client. She says she can’t say who it is because they haven’t gone public yet but she can say the job will keep her in Salem for awhile. Chad says he’ll let her get to it. Stephanie tells him that breakfast is on her and reminds Chad that she’s here if he ever needs to talk. Chad jokingly guesses that she charges less than Marlena. Stephanie confirms that she does for good friends.

Jada tells Eric that she didn’t expect them to go from 0 to 60. Eric admits that he didn’t either. Eric tells Jada that he likes her. Jada says she likes him too. Eric states that sometimes things like this just happen and feelings take over as they kiss.

Nicole calls Chloe and says she desperately needs to talk to someone. Chloe asks what’s going on. Nicole tells her not to say I told you so which she agrees to. Nicole tells Chloe that she loves Rafe and doesn’t regret marrying him for a second, but she can’t stop thinking about Eric.

Leo tells Sloan that he doesn’t have anything to give Melinda. Sloan warns that he better think of something before she finds out about him and the knife. Sloan suggests something that will make a jury believe that Gwen killed her sister. Leo questions if she’s asking him to lie. Sloan clarifies that she’s asking him to help her do her job which is to make all of this disappear, but in order to that, she needs him to be honest with her about Gwen no matter how hard it is. Sloan tells Leo that the truth will set him free.

Nicole tells Chloe that she had a sex dream about Eric so clearly she’s having lingering desires that she shouldn’t have. Chloe reminds Nicole of when she mistakenly though Eric and Jada went upstairs to have sex on their first date. Nicole says she was worried they were moving too fast and that Eric would get hurt. Chloe thinks that’s what the dream is really about. Chloe asks if Nicole is still concerned about that. Nicole asks how she could not since Jada was moving down the hall 5 minutes after their date. Nicole admits it’s none of her business and asks what’s wrong with her. Chloe understands that Eric is her ex-husband and first love, so she thinks it’s normal to feel protective of him. Chloe encourages Nicole not to go jumping to the wrong conclusion again since just because Eric and Jada are living under the same roof, does not mean they are sleeping together…

Eric and Jada get out of bed and get dressed. Eric suggests they go downstairs for breakfast unless she has to go to work. Jada says she has the morning off, so it sounds like a plan. Jada asks if she can grab a shower first. Eric suggests she use his shower while he goes to check on her air conditioner. They kiss and then Eric exits the room.

Nicole thanks Chloe for helping her try to figure this out, but she thinks maybe she should just go talk to Eric. Chloe questions why she would do that. Nicole feels she could get it all out in the open. Chloe is all for communication but really thinks she should keep a lid on that one since she’s married. Nicole suggests she should go tell Eric about the dream, he’ll tell her how ridiculous she is and they’ll get a good laugh out of it. Chloe thinks that’s a really bad idea but Nicole asks when that has ever stopped her.

Nicole goes to Eric’s and tells herself that Chloe is wrong and that she and Eric are friends so they can talk about this like mature adults. Nicole knocks on the door but is surprised when Jada answers the door wearing a towel and she sees the bed not made.

Leo and Sloan come out of the interrogation room to face Gwen and Rafe. Gwen asks if it’s a done deal. Sloan responds that it is. Gwen thanks her for agreeing to represent her, but Melinda appears and reveals that’s not the deal that Sloan made. Gwen doesn’t understand. Leo tells Gwen that he’s so sorry which Gwen questions. Leo says he really tried, but he cannot lie for her anymore, so he had to tell the truth. Gwen asks what truth and what Leo has done. Leo claims that he told them what Gwen told him; that she killed Abigail.

Stephanie walks through the town square until Alex runs in to her, causing her to drop her coffee and Alex to fall to the ground. Stephanie tells him to watch where he’s going. Alex looks up at Stephanie and thinks back to Sonny’s words, saying that he would meet someone who just knocks him off his feet and then he’d fall just as hard as the rest of them.

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Days Update Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Stephanie goes to her meeting and asks who is there. John and Steve barge in and Steve covers Stephanie while John grabs the person in the room. John calls for Steve to turn on the lights and when he does, it is revealed that Paulina was the client that Stephanie was meeting with. Paulina questions what the hell is going on here as John lets go of her.

Kayla answers the door to see Orpheus has arrived. Kayla asks what he wants. Orpheus says he just wants to catch up and asks if he may come in. Kayla says no and tries to shut the door but Orpheus stops her and says that’s not very friendly. Orpheus then reveals a gun and suggests she reconsider.

EJ has a drink at the Brady Pub, wondering what the hell Gabi and Ava are up to now. Abe arrives and says he’s sorry to interrupt but he’s been meaning to offer his condolences for Jake. EJ calls that gracious of him since it was because of Jake that Abe was shot last year. Abe points out that Jake didn’t pull the trigger so it wouldn’t be fair to blame him for that. EJ notes that not many people would be so understanding. Abe understands that a young life was cut tragically short and for that, he is profoundly sorry. EJ calls it uncanny that Jake and his twin Stefan met similar fates, so may they both rest in peace.

Li questions what Dr. Rolf means by saying Stefan left the building when he was supposed to keep him sedated. Dr. Rolf argues that he and Kristen also told him to find a way to make him forget his love for Gabi and focus on Chloe instead. Li argues that none of that meant waking him up and setting him loose on Salem. Dr. Rolf says it wasn’t intentional as he was running some tests and making adjustments and he just woke up, asking all these questions, so he had to tell him that he’s been on ice for four years. Li asks why he didn’t just knock him back out again. Rolf says he tried but was afraid Stefan would overpower him. Li argues that Stefan couldn’t overpower him. Li screams in frustration and asks if he has any idea where he might have gone. Dr. Rolf confirms that Stefan went to reunite with his wife.

Stefan rings the doorbell of the DiMera Mansion. Gabi asks Ava if she wants to get that. Ava says she’s sure Harold will. Gabi questions Ava barely moving in and already acting like the mistress of the manor. Ava says that Gabi isn’t exactly down to Earth and she’s heard that Gabi had Harold running everywhere when she lived there. Gabi remarks that at least she was capable of answering her own door. Ava tells Gabi that if she wants to save Harold the trouble, she can be her guest. Stefan waits outside, wanting Gabi to open up.

Marlena tells Orpheus that John and Steve will be back in a moment. Orpheus responds that he happens to know that they are otherwise engaged in some meeting that they think he set up with Steve’s daughter as they apparently thought he lured her in to a trap, but he had nothing to do with that. Orpheus says he’s clean of the meeting but he is using it to his advantage since while Steve and John are off protecting Stephanie, he gets to spend quality time with Marlena and Kayla.

Stephanie questions what the hell John and Steve are even doing here. John apologizes as they thought Paulina was Orpheus. Paulina argues that they need to have their eyes checked. Steve apologizes as they thought this meeting was a trap since Orpheus was threatening his family. Stephanie argues that Steve leapt to an unreasonable conclusion and ambushed them. Stephanie assures Paulina that she is just as surprised and appalled. Paulina is surprised to learn that Stephanie is Steve and Kayla’s daughter as she introduces herself. Paulina says she should’ve done her research. Stephanie argues that the only ones who should be apologizing are Steve and John.

Li states that if Stefan was on foot, he couldn’t have gone far but Dr. Rolf reveals that Stefan took his car keys. Li asks if there’s anything else he neglected to tell him. Dr. Rolf assumes Stefan went to the DiMera Mansion. Li notes that Gabi is there now, so if she finds out Stefan is alive, then she’ll never choose him over Stefan. Li declares that he’s going to lose Gabi because of Dr. Rolf.

Gabi tells Ava that she said she was able to open her own door but this isn’t hers anymore. Ava asks Gabi what job she is going to give her at DiMera. Gabi suggests starting in the mail room but Ava says she’ll have to do a lot better than that if she wants to remain CEO. Gabi asks what job she wants. Ava suggests something interesting, glamorous and something that will piss off EJ. Gabi comments on EJ really getting under her skin. Ava mentions that EJ accused her of trying to seduce his son. Gabi asks if she was. Ava says no and remarks that Gabi is one to judge since Jake told her that Gabi practically slept with Johnny herself. Gabi argues that she and Johnny are almost the same age while the idea of Ava being with him is gross. Ava says from the look on Johnny’s face, gross is the last thing he was thinking. The doorbell rings again so Ava shouts that she’s coming. Gabi says if anyone asks, she’s not there. Ava then exits the living room and opens the front door where she is shocked to see Stefan. Ava says this can’t be happening and she must be dreaming. Stefan responds that it’s no dream. Ava, assuming that he is Jake, questions if he’s really alive. Ava then faints in to Stefan’s arms. In the living room, Gabi wonders what is taking Ava so long.

EJ tells Abe that his family has suffered so many losses over the past decade with Jake, Abigail, Stefan, Andre, Stefano, and of course Lexie. Abe can’t believe that it’s been over ten years since Lexie passed away. EJ calls her truly the heart of the DiMera family. Abe says Lexie held the hearts of many people. EJ toasts to Lexie, saying she is missed just as much today as the day they lost her. EJ remembers to congratulate Abe on his new marriage and says he knows Lexie would be very excited to know that he found love again. Abe calls that very nice of him and says it means a lot. EJ jokes that Abe’s new wife is a force to be reckoned with which Abe agrees with. EJ mentions that he and Paulina exchanged a few words over Johnny and Chanel, but he admits he ended up respecting the hell out of her. EJ asks Abe where Paulina is tonight. Abe responds that he’s not sure as she had some mysterious meeting to attend..

Stephanie complains that Steve lied to her when he said he would back off and that she had the right to make her own decisions. Steve says he wasn’t about to let her walk in to a dangerous situation, totally unprotected. Stephanie calls Steve the danger here for physically assaulting Paulina. John apologizes for grabbing Paulina. Stephanie thought they were having dinner and asks if Marlena and Kayla were in on this. Steve assures they didn’t know until right before they left. Stephanie mocks them ditching their wives for a wild goose chase and says she’s sure they can’t be too happy about that right now…

Kayla asks how Orpheus knew about Steve’s suspicions or how they followed Stephanie to her meeting. Orpheus reveals that the yellow roses he sent Kayla were only part of the gift as when she was signing for the flowers, the delivery guy planted a bug on the house plant near the door, so he listened to everything they said. Orpheus jokes that he had no idea Steve was so eager to kill him and his feelings were hurt. Kayla points out that she talked him out of that and Steve promised that he wouldn’t go after him. Kayla swears that if he hurts them, Steve and John will hunt him down and make him pay. Marlena says if Orpheus backs out of whatever he’s planning right now then nobody has to get hurt. Orpheus asks where’s the fun in that. Kayla asks what he plans on doing with them. Orpheus says it’s nothing he’s done before since he hates to be predictable. Orpheus wants to try something he’s never done before that will leave a lasting impression on John and Steve, but not in this dreary apartment. Orpheus decides that what they are going to do requires a change of scenery. Marlena refuses to go anywhere with him but Orpheus says they don’t have a choice and that they are going to have some fun.

John asks Stephanie not to go too hard on Steve as he had the best of intentions. John admits all the secrecy was a little suspicious. Steve questions Paulina about meeting in an abandoned office building and not telling Stephanie who she was. Paulina says it’s called discretion as she was thinking of hiring Stephanie to work on Abe’s campaign for Governor but since he hasn’t agreed to run yet, she didn’t want it to leak out. Stephanie feels that makes perfect sense. Stephanie warns Steve that if he costs her this job, she will never forgive him. Stephanie then asks Paulina how she knows Abe. Paulina reveals that Abe is her husband. Stephanie congratulates her and says she knew Abe had remarried but she didn’t realize it was to one of the most successful real estate moguls in the country. Stephanie calls her success story legendary and says that Abe is one lucky guy which pleases Paulina.

EJ asks Abe if Paulina is working on some big real estate deal. Abe says not that he knows of as he thinks her mysterious meeting is probably about him which EJ questions. Abe explains that when Paulina has made up her mind, she doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants and right now, what she wants is for him to be Governor. EJ calls that quite an ambitious move. EJ jokingly reminds Abe of when first ran for Mayor and had the misfortune of running against a real son of a bitch. Abe says to be fair, they both did things they regret. EJ calls that very generous of him and admits that the better man won. EJ hopes Abe’s bid for Governor isn’t as contentious. Abe responds that he actually hasn’t decided whether or not to run. EJ encourages that he should and recalls their mayoral debates. EJ says he could tell that Abe would be a great Mayor and he’s actually kept his promises so that Salem is thriving because of him. EJ adds that the state could use a little Abe Carver magic as well. EJ informs Abe that if he does decide to run, he definitely has his support which surprises Abe. EJ knows they’ve had their differences, but they are still family and jokes that it never hurts to have friends in high places. Abe jokes that he knew EJ had an angle.

Stefan lays Ava on the floor and tries to wake her up. Stefan says he doesn’t have time for this as he needs to go find his wife. Stefan gets up but Li arrives and stabs him from behind with a syringe to knock him out and drags him out of the mansion. Gabi comes out from the living room and finds Ava passed out on the floor. Gabi rushes to check on Ava. Li returns to the entry so Gabi questions what he’s doing here while Stefan lies unconscious outside. Li claims that he came to see how Gabi’s doing. Gabi responds that she’s fine but Ava isn’t and asks if he saw what happened to her. Li claims he opened the door and she fainted. Gabi questions him just staying outside. Li claims he went outside to call the police but then didn’t because he didn’t think Ava would want them to make that kind of fuss since she’s never been a fan of the police or authority which Gabi agrees with. Li suggests getting her to the couch to see if they can revive her and if they can’t, then they will call. Dr. Rolf arrives outside and finds Stefan on the ground.

Abe says he’s going to order some food and asks if EJ wants anything. EJ says no as he should head home now. Abe wondered why EJ was drinking here and not at the mansion. EJ explains that he invited Jake’s widow to move in and there’s been some friction as Ava is like Paulina but without the charm. Abe suggests he uninvite her then since it is his house. EJ states that there are some benefits to having Ava around. Abe guesses he is playing an angle which EJ admits. Abe advises EJ to be careful because Ava Vitali has mellowed in recent years but she still has a history of being mentally unstable and he’s not sure that’s all gone away so he doesn’t want to cross her. EJ agrees to take his concern under advisement. EJ hopes Abe takes his advice as well because he could accomplish great things as Governor. EJ then exits the Pub.

Stephanie tells Paulina that she’s definitely interested in discussing Abe’s campaign with her if she’s still interested in her firm after all of this. Paulina assures that she won’t hold Steve’s behavior or John’s grip against her or them because Steve knows more than anyone what lengths she would go to protect her daughter, so no harm. Stephanie thanks her. Paulina asks if they should get on with their meeting then. Steve guesses that’s their cue to leave. Stephanie remarks that she’s sure Kayla and Marlena can’t wait to have them home.

Kayla questions what Orpheus plans on doing with them. Orpheus suggests they could revisit some of their favorite spots like Stockholm, his private island, or a simple warehouse by the docks. Orpheus decides he’d rather surprise them. Orpheus heads for the door but Marlena grabs him and hits him while Kayla breaks a glass vase over him. Kayla and Marlena open the door to run but find two bodyguards positioned outside.

Li and Gabi get Ava onto the couch in the living room where she regains consciousness. Ava wakes up asking where Jake is as he was just there. Li claims that it was him, not Jake, that she saw at the door. Ava insists it was Jake and he was wearing the hospital gown that he died in but he’s alive. Gabi guesses she must have been imagining things but Ava says she touched him and it was real.

Outside, Dr. Rolf starts dragging Stefan’s body away.

Ava insists that Jake is alive but Li calls it impossible. Ava says she will prove it to him and shoves past Li to go looking for Jake. Ava opens the door to the mansion, wondering where he went.

Steve suggests maybe he and Jake should hang around a little longer. Stephanie says they are just going to talk business and don’t need to bore him. Steve argues that the area is deserted which Orpheus could take advantage of. John convinces Steve to go. Steve asks Stephanie to promise to come right home after. John takes Steve out while Stephanie asks Paulina if they can start over.

Orpheus recovers and comments on Marlena and Kayla being feisty after all these years but it wasn’t entirely unexpected which is why he brought his men with him. Kayla tells him that he’s making a big mistake. Marlena adds that he needs to let go of his vendetta against them. Orpheus asks why he would do that since when they all got together to bring him down, they cost him a lot of years with his children that he can never get back. Marlena argues that he did that himself and it was his choice. Orpheus responds that he chooses to blame them. Orpheus adds that he hates to lose and declares they can’t keep vengeance waiting. Orpheus and his men then walk Marlena and Kayla out with their guns.

Ava goes back inside and says she doesn’t understand where Jake went. Li insists that it was him at the door. Ava asks if he thinks she can’t tell the difference. Gabi says they are trying to help her. Ava tells her to help her find Jake then. EJ walks in and asks what all the commotion is about. Ava tells EJ that his brother Jake is alive which he questions. Gabi states that Ava fainted because she thought she saw Jake. Ava assures that she did see him. Li doesn’t think they are helping the situation by just upsetting Ava. Ava repeats she knows what she saw. Li suggests they leave now that EJ is home. Gabi doesn’t want to leave Ava like this but EJ tells them to go and says he’ll handle it from here. Ava questions if she’s being handled now. Gabi wishes him luck and exits with Li. Ava tells EJ that she knows what she saw and Jake was there. As Gabi and Li exit, Gabi comments on it being so strange that Ava is seeing ghosts while Li picks up the syringe he used and puts it in his pocket.

EJ tells Ava that he searched the entire house and there’s no sign of Jake. Ava swears that she did not imagine it this time. EJ asks if she’s saying she has seen Jake before. Ava tells him that the first time was right after he died and she was still in the hospital, standing by his body and he appeared to her and the next time was the morning after at her apartment. Ava says as real as those encounters felt, she knew that was in her head but tonight was different as she touched him and felt the warmth of his skin. Ava tells EJ that he was wearing his hospital gown and had on his wedding ring. Ava knows it sounds like she lost it. EJ thinks she’s experience post traumatic stress but Ava swears that Jake was really there. EJ reminds Ava that she admitted to having visions before so she’s obviously desperate to see Jake and her heart is just getting the better of her mind. EJ finds it natural after everything she’s been through. Ava decides maybe he’s right as maybe that’s the only way to explain what she saw.

Gabi and Li return to their room at the Salem Inn. Gabi says that was not how she imagined their night turning out. Gabi thought Li was just there to help him deal with Ava and then questions why he was there since he said he wanted to see how she was doing. Li responds that he knew how desperate Ava was for Gabi to give her a job at DiMera, so he was worried that she might be playing hard ball, so he figured she could use some backup. Gabi asks if he doesn’t think she can play hard ball when she works on multi-million dollar deals all the time. Li says this was one is personal since there’s so much animosity between her and Ava, so he panicked and had to make sure everything was okay. Gabi calls him sweet and thoughtful. Gabi says sometimes she thinks she doesn’t deserve him as they kiss.

Paulina brings Stephanie to the Pub, where Abe greets her with a hug and says he didn’t know she was back in town but it’s wonderful to see her. Abe asks if she’s visiting her parents. Stephanie says that’s part of it but she might be sticking around Salem for awhile thanks to Paulina. Abe asks what’s going on. Paulina explains that Stephanie runs a very successful PR company out West, so she asked her to lend her expertise to Abe’s campaign for Governor. Stephanie says she said yes because she can’t think of a better man for the job. Abe responds that Paulina might be a little premature. Paulina questions what he’s saying while Stephanie asks if he already hired someone else. Abe says there may not be a job because he hasn’t made up his mind whether to run or not. Paulina decides it’s time that he did and asks Abe if he wants to be Governor of the state or not.

Steve and John return home as Steve apologizes for that turning in to such a fiasco as he guesses his protective instinct got the best of him. John says they might have missed the mark this time but they know Orpheus is out there, waiting to make his next move. Steve mentions not looking forward to telling Kayla what just happened because she’s going to flip out. John knows Marlena will give it to him too. Steve and John then head inside to find Marlena and Kayla are gone as they frantically begin searching the house.

Dr. Rolf gets Stefan back in his hospital bed at his lab. Rolf says he doesn’t know how Stefan found the strength to get out of the bed and drive halfway across town after being unconscious for years and recently having a heart transplant. Dr. Rolf guesses he greatly underestimated Stefan’s love for Gabi.

Li gets a text from Dr. Rolf that everything is under control and breathes a sigh of relief. Li tells Gabi that he ordered room service since she never got dinner. Gabi thanks him and says as much as Ava gets on her nerves, she felt for her tonight. Gabi says she would never pity Ava but she understands how she feels since it’s exactly what happened to her after Stefan died. Li asks what happened. Gabi explains that she was at the cemetery and had a vision of Stefan showing up, so she imagined that he was back with her and that Rolf figured out some way to save him but it wasn’t true and it was just in her head as Stefan was gone for good.

Ava has a drink of water. EJ offers her something stronger to calm her nerves but Ava declines. Ava admits she’s curious as to why EJ is being so nice to her all of a sudden since when he left, he was acting like a jerk. EJ blames his behavior on being protective of his son. Ava assures that he’s in no danger from her as she has no interest in Johnny. EJ says now that he’s had time to cool off, he believes her and he apologizes for upsetting her, especially if his reaction contributed in any way to what happened tonight. Ava assures it didn’t and it’s not his fault. EJ suggests this as an opportunity for them to start over with no more hidden agendas, suspicions, or accusations. EJ asks her how that sounds and offers his hand. Ava shakes EJ’s hand and thinks back to Gabi telling Ava that she felt sexual tension between her and EJ. Ava tells EJ that she’s going to call it a night. EJ tells her not to hesitate to knock on his door if she needs anything. Ava thanks him and exits. EJ looks to the portrait of Stefano and says that was enlightening as Abe was right that it appears Ava is a tad unstable…

Paulina knows Abe has been wondering whether he’s the right man for the job but anyone that knows him has no doubt. Abe argues that none of them could be considered unbiased. Stephanie is sure Abe has a lot of support and their polls will prove it. Paulina asks if Abe has read any of the press that he’s been given about the wonderful job he’s done in Salem and says that’s why she’s been pushing it so hard. Paulina declares that Abe is the best person for the people of the state but it’s entirely his call. Abe then agrees to do it and tells Paulina that she wins. Paulina assures that he will win too as they hug.

John tries calling Marlena but it goes to voicemail. John decides he’s going to call Rafe but Steve then finds a note from Orpheus on the floor that says “Sorry I missed you, but calling the police would be a fatal mistake”.

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Days Update Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Marlena meets John in the town square. John surprises her with flowers. Marlena asks what the occasion is. John says it’s just been too long since they’ve had a date night. They go to kiss but Paulina arrives and interrupts them as she exclaims that they are just the people she was looking for. Paulina then asks to join them.

Kayla goes home where Steve is cleaning his gun. Steve states that he’s going with Stephanie to meet her mystery client tonight but Stephanie comes in and says he’s not.

Ava enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion, where EJ says there is something they need to discuss. Ava tells him that she’s busy and to get to the point. EJ then asks Ava why she’s trying to seduce his son.

Li and Gabi lay in bed together. Li guesses she’s still thinking about Stefan. Gabi says not exactly, but she can’t get what Dr. Rolf said out of her mind that if she knew what he was able to achieve, she’d be on her knees thanking him. Gabi wonders what Dr. Rolf meant by that. Gabi adds that he also said she was showing her ignorance of his powers and wonders if he did something that she should know about.

Dr. Rolf continues working on Stefan in his lab. Dr. Rolf declares “finally!” as Stefan then wakes up and grabs Rolf’s arm. Dr. Rolf says he didn’t expect Stefan to regain consciousness as it’s too soon. Rolf goes to inject him with a syringe but Stefan manages to push his arm away.

Paulina hopes John and Marlena don’t mind her intruding on their date night but says this is important. Paulina states that they are two of Abe’s closest friends and she needs their help. Marlena asks if there’s something wrong. John notes that Abe hasn’t mentioned anything to him. Paulina says Abe wouldn’t which is why she has to, so it’s time for his friends to step up. Paulina tells them that they need to convince Abe to run for Governor since he’s stubbornly resisting. Marlena calls that a very big decision that could change one’s life. John is sure that Abe has reasons if he doesn’t want to run. Paulina argues that Abe can’t see that he could actually win since all the focus groups love him and he’s at the top of every poll. Paulina asks what the problem is since he’d do an incredible job. John responds that with all due respect, the problem is her.

Steve tells Stephanie that they’ve been through this that she’s his daughter and she’s about to walk in to a trap, so he’s not going to let that happen. Stephanie tells him that she can take care of herself and she trusts the person who set up this meeting. Steve says he doesn’t. Stephanie worries that he could blow this deal and wonders what the client would think if her dad shows up with a loaded gun. Steve argues that it’s not a client, it’s Orpheus. Stephanie argues that he doesn’t know that. Steve points out that she doesn’t know it’s not him and she doesn’t even have the name of the person she’s meeting with. Steve asks if Kayla is with him on this, reminding her that Orpheus was planning and threatening to travel to Seattle because their kids live there. Stephanie complains that Steve sounds paranoid and freaked out over the alarm system going off. Steve admits he’s extra vigilant when it comes to Orpheus, but argues that Stephanie doesn’t understand how dangerous he is. Steve brings up how Orpheus kidnapped Kayla and Marlena, sealed them in coffins, and set them on fire. Steve declares that he’s not going to let Orpheus do something like that to Stephanie.

Ava questions what EJ just said. EJ informs her that he happened to be walking past her bedroom earlier after their argument and saw Johnny holding her on her bed. Ava states that she was upset and Johnny comforted her. EJ argues that it doesn’t justify a woman her age going after a man young enough to be her son. EJ remarks that it makes her look pathetic, so Ava then slaps EJ.

Li tells Gabi that Dr. Rolf is an egomaniac. Gabi says he’s also a genius. Li feels Gabi just wounded his pride so he’s desperate to prove himself. Gabi wonders what project he’s working on. Li says he’s always talking about his work and is delusional. Gabi still wants to know. Li asks if she really cares and calls it all madness. Li brings up a rumor he once heard that Dr. Rolf made an army of Marlena clones and says he wouldn’t put it past him. Gabi asks if Li isn’t concerned about what Rolf is up to. Li is sure he has wild schemes in his head but he doesn’t think she needs to worry about him. Gabi decides she’ll take that off her list then. Gabi thanks him for being so reassuring and asks if they should have dinner. Li says maybe later but right now he wants to reassure her more as they kiss.

Dr. Rolf warns Stefan that he could hurt himself as he’s in no condition to get out of the bed. Stefan angrily declares that Dr. Rolf doesn’t tell him what to do as he is Stefan Octavius DiMera and he tells Dr. Rolf what to do.

Kayla tells Steve and Stephanie that they both have a point but notes that Stephanie has to admit it is a bit suspicious that her client is not revealing their name. Stephanie says it happens all the time in her business. Steve assures he won’t come in guns blazing and if it turns out legit, he will walk away and leave her to it. Kayla thinks that sounds reasonable. Steve adds that if it is Orpheus, she will be glad he’s there. Stephanie argues that he’s not listening to a word she says and is treating her like she’s still a child. Stephanie complains that she can’t live this way. Kayla assures that they don’t think of her as a child. Steve refuses to apologize for trying to protect his daughter. Stephanie tells him to back off and let him live her life. Steve decides to go take a walk and exits.

Paulina thinks John feels she is the problem because of her almost tearing down the town square for Price Town but John says it’s not that. John clarifies that it’s the life Abe and Paulina are building together. John states that Abe loves Salem, all of his friends are here, and it’s his home so if she puts him out on the campaign trail for months and then has to move to the capitol, he will miss all his friends and they will miss him. Marlena adds that they would miss Paulina too. John calls Abe the best man he knows and says they watched Abe grieve and suffer when he lost Lexie all those years ago. John knows part of Abe never got over that and he threw himself in to his kids and his work but now his kids are no longer close by, but he’s finally found real happiness with Paulina. John asks why not just let Abe enjoy that.

EJ asks Ava if slapping him was really necessary. Ava says it was and it felt good. EJ questions if she’s sensitive about her age. Ava tells him to go to Hell. Ava says that what EJ saw between her and Johnny was two people being kind to each other, which he wouldn’t understand. Ava explains that Johnny stopped in to see if she was okay after he watched his father treat her like dirt. Ava complains that her husband just died and all EJ cares about is getting his hands on Jake’s shares so he can vote Gabi out. EJ responds that he has a responsibility to his family. Ava is glad it all came out and that EJ showed his true colors. Ava calls him a snake for accusing her of helping Gwen to escape prison, threatening to call the cops, and ordering her to move out if she didn’t hand over her shares. Ava argues that EJ doesn’t give a damn about family since his brother died and he didn’t even blink. EJ responds that he barely knew Jake, so he was nothing to him and neither was his twin brother Stefan.

Stefan questions what the hell he’s doing here. Dr. Rolf tells him to relax. Stefan screams at him that he doesn’t tell him what to do as he works for him. Stefan asks where he is and why he’s here. Dr. Rolf informs him that he’s in a medical facility in Salem, recovering from a very serious injury as he was shot. Rolf explains that people were trying to kill his mother, so he dove in front of the bullet. Dr. Rolf asks if Stefan remembers anything about that at all.

Paulina questions if John doesn’t think she and Abe would be happy as Governor and First Lady. John thinks she needs to give Abe the space to decide for himself. Paulina argues that she is which is why she wants them to convince him. John doesn’t feel comfortable about that. Steve approaches and says he’s sorry to interrupt but asks to talk to John in private as it’s kind of urgent. John then steps away with Steve and asks what’s going on. Steve tells John that he needs his help as he’s afraid Orpheus is going after his daughter. Paulina thinks Marlena thinks she’s being selfish for wanting Abe to be Governor. Marlena asks why she’s pushing it. Paulina thinks it would be great for Abe since he’s been a bit lost since Lani left and he needs something bigger to work for in his life. Paulina doesn’t want to drag Abe away from Salem or his friends and insists they will be back all the time. Paulina thinks it’s at least worth considering. Marlena thinks they need to sit down and talk about this together to see what they both want and make the decision together. Paulina guesses she means no more accosting his friends while they are on a date. Paulina thanks Marlena for the advice and says it’s just hard for her sometimes as when she wants something bad, she goes after it with a vengeance. Marlena praises her and Abe as strong and confident, so she thinks when they sit down together, they will decide what’s right for both of them.

Stefan yells at Dr. Rolf that he needs to get out but Dr. Rolf warns that it wouldn’t be a good idea as he could suffer a setback. Dr. Rolf wants to sedate him but Stefan yells at him not to and shouts that he needs to find out what the hell happened to him. Dr. Rolf reminds him that he took a bullet meant for his mother as he was trying to help her escape from Salem but she got caught and he heroically jumped in front of the bullet to save her. Dr. Rolf asks if he remembers that. Stefan responds that it’s starting to come back and asks how long he’s been in here. Dr. Rolf reveals it’s been four years which shocks Stefan. Dr. Rolf is sorry he had to find out this way. Stefan doesn’t understand and asks if he was in a coma. Dr. Rolf responds that it wasn’t a coma, he was dead.

Li and Gabi lay in bed after having sex. Gabi says she feels very reassured and offers to call room service. Gabi then gets a call from Ava, who says she never got back to her about the job she offered, so she thinks it’s time they finalize the terms. Gabi says it’s not the best time but Ava doesn’t care as she is here with EJ, who is trying his damndest to get her to turn against her. Ava tells Gabi that EJ is standing right there and invites her over for dinner, so they can talk it over like adults. Gabi repeats that it’s not a good time, but Ava says it’s happening with or without her, but she will definitely want to be there for this. Ava hangs up. EJ wants to discuss before Gabi arrives but Ava says anything he has to say to her, he can say in front of Gabi. Ava then heads to the kitchen to plan the menu.

Kayla tells Stephanie that Steve is just worried about her. Stephanie complains that he’s trying to take over her life and it’s getting in the way of her business. Stephanie feels she doesn’t need Steve’s protection as she’s been taking care of herself for a long time and she isn’t going to stop just because Steve wants to keep her in a box.

After Paulina leaves, Steve brings John back to Marlena and says he’s sorry that he took him away from her. Marlena thanks him and asks if everything is okay. Steve says they are working on it. John asks if Marlena has ordered yet. She says no because she was waiting for him. John says that’s good because Steve just invited them over for dinner at his place. Marlena asks if that’s what they had to talk about in private that was so urgent. Steve claims he just didn’t want Paulina to feel left off. Marlena asks if Kayla knows about this. Steve says he’ll text her on the way and notes that Stephanie hasn’t seen them since she’s been back home, so she will be really happy to see them. John asks what Marlena says. Marlena says if it’s what John wants, so they walk off together.

Stefan questions what Dr. Rolf means by telling him that he was dead. Dr. Rolf explains that the bullet killed him and his heart was removed, then donated to someone else. Stefan doesn’t follow. Dr. Rolf tells him not to worry as he took care of everything and now he’s very much alive. Stefan notes that his heart is beating but Rolf said it was removed. Dr. Rolf informs him that he has a new heart now which Stefan questions. Dr. Rolf knows it’s unusual but he’s the one who kept him alive after his wife authorized the donation. Stefan then remembers Gabi.

Li tells Gabi that she doesn’t have to go to the DiMera Mansion. Gabi responds that she has to keep Ava happy but Li says she doesn’t. Li reminds her that Ava can’t flip on her or she’ll reveal that her marriage to Jake is a sham. Gabi says it sounds like Ava is trying to choose between her and EJ. Li feels it’s bad precedent to let Ava feel like she’ll go running over there any time she threatens her. Gabi admits that she hasn’t moved forward with her job offer. Li argues that Ava won’t throw away the opportunity just because she’s playing hard ball. Gabi points out that Ava is with EJ every day and he can be very convincing when he wants to be. Li offers to go with Gabi in case she needs backup. Gabi thanks him for the offer but she doesn’t want Ava to know that he knows her marriage to Jake is a sham. Gabi tells Li to just trust her. Li advises her to be careful. Gabi assures that she’s got this and then exits the room.

Ava returns to the living room with a bottle of wine and informs EJ that she picked out shrimp appetizer and lobster as the main course. Ava asks if there’s a problem. EJ points out that Ava picked the most expensive wine in his cellar and questions what the hell she is doing. EJ remarks that she’s awfully easy with his money. Ava points out that it’s the family money since she is a DiMera. EJ warns her to be careful with the wine glasses as they are family heirlooms. Ava then drops one of the glasses, smashing it. EJ asks what the hell is wrong with her and if she’s insane. Ava then picks up the second wine glass but EJ grabs her arm to stop her. Gabi walks in and asks if she’s interrupting. Ava says no and to watch out for the broken glass. Gabi asks what happened. EJ claims that Ava’s hand slipped. Gabi asks why she’s here. Ava responds that they have a lot of DiMera business to discuss so she’s here for dinner. Ava tells EJ that since he doesn’t have a role at the company right now, what she and Gabi have to talk about doesn’t concern him, so he can leave.

Stefan asks Dr. Rolf where Gabi is. Rolf tells him not to worry about her. Stefan argues that she’s his wife. Rolf informs him that Gabi has no idea about his situation. Stefan questions if Gabi doesn’t know he’s alive. Dr. Rolf says they will deal with that in due time and encourages him to lay down. Stefan refuses, insisting that his wife spent the last 4 years believing he is dead. Dr. Rolf says there is plenty of time to make things right, but he doesn’t want to risk further injury so he will prepare further injection. Stefan orders him to stay away from him as he needs to get home to his wife.

Steve returns home with John and Marlena. Stephanie excitedly hugs Marlena and John as they welcome her home. Kayla remarks that she’s not so sure that Stephanie is happy to be home. Marlena asks if they are missing something. Steve states that they had a disagreement before he left. Steve knows things got tense before and he’s sorry, but he also knows she’s a grown woman and can make her own decisions so he will try to step back. Stephanie thanks him and says that means a lot. Marlena likes to see communication and asks if they don’t want them here right now. Kayla says they are always welcome. Stephanie wishes she could stay but she has an appointment. Steve wishes her luck and hopes her meeting goes well as they hug. Stephanie thanks him and says it means a lot to her that he admitted he was wrong. Stephanie says goodbye to them and then exits. Steve then grabs his gun and tells John it’s time for them to hit it. Kayla questions what is going on. Marlena questions them leaving. John calls for a rain check on date night. Kayla asks where they are going. Steve responds that they are following Stephanie to her meeting. Kayla argues that he promised her that he wasn’t going to do that. Steve declares that it’s his job to protect their daughter. Steve then rushes out with John. Kayla worries that Stephanie is not going to be happy about this.

EJ questions Ava thinking she can dismiss him from his own house. Ava asks if he’s going to hang around their dinner like some creeper. EJ argues that neither of them belong here. Ava and Gabi point out that their late husbands would beg to differ. Ava calls this a private meeting and suggests EJ use this time to look for a job and remarks that Julie’s Place is hiring. EJ argues that they both think their so clever, but they’re really just screwed up, angry, and bitter women. Ava and Gabi joke about EJ still being there. EJ then walks out of the room. Gabi tells Ava that was not what she was expecting when she came over. Ava calls EJ a selfish, controlling, narcissist but says she knows how to deal with guys like him. Gabi asks how she’s going to do that. Ava says she will let EJ hang himself as he completely showed his hand and that he only invited her to move in to manipulate her and now his hostility is out in the open as he wants her gone but she’s not giving him the satisfaction. Gabi says when she came in, she felt a little tension between Ava and EJ that felt a little sexual. Ava disagrees but Gabi says she knows heat when she sees it. Ava argues that EJ was trying to stop her from breaking his family’s precious wine glasses and asks if Gabi wants to help her break the rest of them. Gabi feels that they couldn’t stop looking at each other and brings up the thin line between love and hate. Gabi points out that’s how it started with her and Stefan.

Stefan demands Dr. Rolf’s car keys and says there’s nothing to talk about as he needs to get home to his wife. Dr. Rolf tells Stefan that he cannot drive. Stefan insists that he’ll be fine. Dr. Rolf disagrees and tells him that he needs to get back in bed, pointing out that he’s not even dressed. Stefan doesn’t care, reminding Dr. Rolf that he works for him. Stefan demands Rolf’s car keys again. As Dr. Rolf goes to get his keys, he discretely texts Li messages of “SOS”

Stephanie goes to a dark room for her meeting and asks if anyone is there, then she is startled by a noise behind her.

Kayla tells Marlena that she was really convinced that Steve and Stephanie had worked things out. Marlena says she was too, but she can’t blame Steve for wanting to protect Stephanie. Kayla says she won’t but Stephanie will since she doesn’t want them treating her like a kid anymore. Marlena agrees that it’s unnerving to have Orpheus running free. Kayla wonders what to do about Steve and Stephanie. Marlena says when Orpheus is involved, she agrees with Steve that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Stephanie asks who is there. John and Steve barge in and Steve covers Stephanie while John grabs the person in the room.

Kayla wishes it didn’t have to be like this, but the more she thinks about it, the more she’s glad that John and Steve are there just in case, then there’s a knock at the door.

John calls for Steve to turn on the lights and when he does, it is revealed that Paulina was the client that Stephanie was meeting with.

Kayla answers the door to see Orpheus has arrived.

Li goes to the lab and asks Dr. Rolf what’s going on and what his texts were about. Li then sees the empty bed and questions where Stefan is. Dr. Rolf responds that Stefan O. DiMera has left the building.

Stefan limps his way back to the DiMera Mansion and starts having a flashback of his last night with Gabi. Stefan declares that he has come back to Gabi.

Gabi tells Ava that she remembers when she and Stefan used to fight. Ava assures Gabi that there’s nothing going on between her and EJ and she has no interest in him. Ava declares that the only DiMera that was for him was her husband. Gabi tells Ava that they are alone so she can stop calling Jake her husband. Ava warns Gabi to keep her voice down as EJ has a habit of eavesdropping. Gabi assures that EJ is gone and they both know that Ava didn’t marry Jake which is the reason she can’t just call whenever she feels like it because she can expose the truth. Gabi reminds Ava that she is not the Widow DiMera. Gabi declares that she is the only Widow DiMera.

Stefan approaches the front door of the DiMera Mansion and says he can’t wait to see the look on Gabi’s face as he then rings the doorbell.

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Days Update Monday, August 22, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Gwen paces in the interrogation room, complaining about trusting Leo. Gwen guesses Leo must have gone to the dumpster to retrieve the mask and gave it to the police. Rafe enters the room and tells Gwen that talking to yourself can indicate a guilty conscience. Gwen thinks there has been a mistake. Rafe says the biggest mistake was Gwen’s because she trusted Leo Stark as he then places the Sarah mask on the table.

Sloan visits Leo in his holding cell and informs him that Gwen has been arrested thanks to Leo selling her down the river. Leo argues that it was either her or him and asks if that means he can get out now.

Dr. Rolf can’t promise to program Stefan’s feelings with Li and Kristen’s visions, but he can only promise to do his best work. Li says that’s all he can ask and says he has faith in him. Li asks Rolf to keep him updated on his progress which he agrees to do. Li opens the door for Rolf to leave but is shocked to see Gabi. Gabi questions why Li didn’t tell her that he was meeting with this creep and asks what the hell Rolf is doing there. Gabi questions Li letting him in. Li responds that Dr. Rolf came with a proposition. Gabi suggests Rolf head back to prison where he belongs. Li reminds her that the governor pardoned him. Li claims that Dr. Rolf came by looking for work. Dr. Rolf’s phone rings. Gabi tells him to answer it outside because he’s going to work for them over her dead body. Dr. Rolf responds that he’s fine with that.

Kristen remains in Marlena’s office as she calls Dr. Rolf. She complains that now is not the time for him to go radio silent. She leaves a message, asking if Dr. Rolf talked to Li about killing Stefan’s unfathomable love for Gabi and aiming it at Chloe. Kristen declares that she needs to know as soon as possible. Chad then walks in and questions what Kristen is doing there. Kristen says she didn’t expect to see him here. Chad mentions hearing about her pardon and congratulates her. Kristen responds that she’s just grateful for a second chance. Chad jokes that it’s more like a 302nd chance. Chad questions what Kristen is doing in Marlena’s office and asks if she’s trying to figure out why she’s such a terrible person. Kristen informs him that Brady would only let her see Rachel in what he calls a neutral territory, under supervision. Chad asks if seeing Rachel went okay. Kristen calls it like Heaven and asks how Thomas and Charlotte are. Chad admits they are not great and asks where Marlena is. Kristen says Marlena got called away and she has to get going too. Chad stops her to question her about the call he heard her on about Chloe.

Dr. Rolf questions Gabi’s hostility. Gabi responds that she knows who and what he is. Rolf suggests letting go of the past. Gabi reminds him that she begged him to save Stefan’s life and he refused. Dr. Rolf argues that he didn’t refuse and there was nothing he could do as Stefan was beyond saving. Gabi calls him a worthless hack and says that’s not the whole story.

Jack and Jennifer are at home as Jack talks about how painful it was to not know who killed Abigail but says that’s nothing compared to it being Gwen. Jennifer questions how it could even be since Gwen was locked up in prison. Jack explains that Xander said he and Sarah figured out that Gwen got out that night and went to the mansion, so the woman that Lucas thought was Sarah wasn’t Sarah because of the mask. Jack cries that he doesn’t have the words. Jennifer states that they are facing that Jack’s daughter killed their daughter. Jack responds that he’s so sorry.

Gwen finds it remarkable that Rafe would believe a single word from Leo Stark since he would say anything to save his own ass. Rafe responds that it’s not what he said, but the physical evidence in the mask which has been used more than once to assume the identity of Sarah to implicate her in a crime that she did not commit. Gwen reminds him that she was in prison. Rafe brings up Gwen not being there during the bed check at the same time that Lucas saw what looked to be Sarah. Rafe adds that only Gwen knows where she was. Gwen insists that she didn’t kill her sister, so he can’t prove that she did. Gwen states that she would never do that to her father. Rafe argues that there’s no way a jury will believe her and they will want to make her pay for what she has done. Rafe warns that Gwen has one shot to make him believe her. Gwen then says she will tell Rafe the truth. Rafe turns on the recorder to take Gwen’s statement. Rafe asks where she was on the night of June 10th. Gwen admits that Xander and Sarah were right that she missed bed check and that is because she left the prison temporarily. Rafe asks how but Gwen says that doesn’t matter and the point is that she managed to escape. Gwen confirms she went and got the Sarah mask but before she continues, she needs to go back and tell him why. Gwen recalls Abigail visiting her in prison earlier that day, to ask her to give Jack a mug she made for his birthday. Rafe asks how Abigail responded that. Gwen informs him that she purposely dropped it, smashing it to bits. Rafe questions that being just a few hours before Abigail was murdered. Gwen confirms that it was. Rafe notes that she then had an agenda coming from the prison. Gwen guesses he could say that.

Leo claims to Sloan that he was living in the DiMera Mansion basement. Sloan tells Leo to take her through everything step by step. Leo says he needed a place to hang his hat and recalls Gwen telling him about the tunnels underneath the DiMera Mansion. Leo says after running in to Thomas and telling him that he was the Tooth Fairy, he realized he had to get out but he was entitled to whatever he could get his hands on first. Leo declares that Chad and Abigail destroyed his one chance at happiness with Craig Wesley, so he helped himself to some food and a couple bottles of champagne. Leo adds that before he left for good, he went upstairs to Abigail’s bedroom.

Kristen tells Chad that she could go on and on about Chloe but he doesn’t want her to do that. Chad questions if she’s not going to tell him then. Kristen informs him that Gabi gave her a position at DiMera, overseeing Basic Black, where Chloe is floundering. Kristen calls her a disaster. Chad mocks her being unfair. Kristen suggests changing the subject and asks about Chad’s bandaged hand which Chad blows off as nothing. Kristen thinks there’s a reason Chad isn’t looking her in the eye and a reason that he came to Marlena’s office. Kristen guesses it has to do with Abigail. Chad tells her to go to Hell and starts to walk out. Kristen stops him and says she sees he has the weight of the world on his shoulders right now. Kristen adds that she came to the house to check on him but EJ said he had moved out. Kristen is so sorry about Abigail. Chad argues that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Kristen argues that Chad is her brother and family so she does care.

Gabi calls Dr. Rolf a creep since he let her believe that Jake was Stefan when he first showed up. Gabi suggests Dr. Rolf donate his brain to science and calls him a joke, loser, and laughing stock. Dr. Rolf argues that if she had any idea what he has achieved, she’d get down on her knees and thank him. Gabi asks what the hell that means. Li claims he agrees with Gabi that Dr. Rolf is worthless and she’s the CEO, so what she says goes. Li decides he’s taking Dr. Rolf out of hte hotel personally. Li then walks him out and warns that he almost blew everything. Li orders Rolf to go back to his lab and finish the job.

Chad questions if Kristen gave a damn about him when she kidnapped his wife and held her prisoner on the island. Kristen admits she’s done terrible things and is the worst of the DiMeras which is really saying something, but Chad’s the best of them. Chad calls that a very low bar. Kristen thinks Chad came to the office to ask Marlena for help. Kristen says she never asked for help as she was circling the drain and just doubling down on DiMera, so now she has to ask permission to see her daughter and she can’t even be in a room with her alone. Kristen says she loves Rachel but she wasn’t humble, strong, or good enough to put her first. Kristen encourages that Chad is and he will get through this awful pain because he loves his children and is a good man, so he will put his children first and he won’t fall apart like she did because they need him and he will be there for them. Kristen states that is what good parents do. Kristen adds that it may not mean anything to Chad, but she is really sorry for what she did to him and Abigail. Chad states that the time that she was on that island was time they should’ve been together and time they will never get back. Kristen agrees that she is of no use to him, but she really wishes she was. Kristen then takes her purse and exits the office.

Jack tells Jennifer that he’s made everything worse by giving Gwen second chances because he wanted Gwen and Abigail to be sisters. Jennifer assures that she doesn’t blame him and encourages that she needs him to get through this for their sanity and to look forward, not back.

Rafe tells Gwen to take him back to that night. Gwen recalls the DiMera Mansion being quiet when she slipped in and she put the mask on before going inside in case anyone saw her. Rafe asks why she wore the mask. Gwen explains that Sarah had come to see her in prison and she knew that Sarah was still dealing with residual effects from the drug and seeing people, thinking they were Kristen, and even attacking some of them. Rafe guesses she took that information and ran with it, so she attacked Abigail and people would think it was Sarah. Gwen says she’s getting to that. Gwen states that once she got upstairs, she went to Abigail’s room, and saw her sitting on the bed, working. Gwen recalls portraying “Sarah” and attacking Abigail with a syringe, as if she was Kristen. Rafe asks what about the murder weapon. Gwen tells him to let her finish. Gwen says that Abigail fought back hard and eventually pulled her mask off, revealing Gwen. Gwen tried to explain how Sarah sees everybody as Kristen. Abigail guessed she was trying to get her and Sarah both locked up. Gwen assured that she didn’t really have any of the drug left in the syringe and that Abigail was just the means to an end. Rafe questions Gwen now claiming that she did not kill Abigail. Gwen says that’s exactly what she is claiming and that he already has the real murderer behind bars.

Sloan asks Leo what exactly did happen in the room. Leo responds that he’s trying to tell her. Leo says that Gwen called him, furious with Abigail over some mug she made for Jack and that Gwen wanted him to get a knife and use it to stab Abigail. Sloan questions him not telling someone that. Leo says they were best friends and she was going on about a knife, but there was a knife on his breakfast tray. Sloan asks if Leo is telling her that he took the knife upstairs and was thinking about murder. Leo says he was only thinking about stealing, but he wasn’t going upstairs without a backup plan. Leo adds that the problem is, once he got up there, the bedroom was a little crowded. Leo recalls hiding in the bathroom as Chad and Abigail had come home to the bedroom. Leo goes over how afterwards, Chad took the kids to the movies while Abigail stayed behind to work. Leo thought he’d be stuck in there forever since he knew if Abigail saw him, it wouldn’t end well for him. Leo says then he got a break, when she left the room, so he came out of hiding. Leo says he should’ve kept going but there was a jewelry box on the dresser, so he used his knife to break the lock. Sloan wants to know more about the knife and asks him to describe it. Leo says it was what he used with his breakfast and very sharp. Sloan tells him to focus on where the knife is now. Leo recalls stealing the jewelry and leaving the knife behind on the dresser. Leo says he was in a hurry, so it must’ve been there when Gwen arrived, so after he was gone, she must have gone upstairs wearing the Sarah mask and seeing the knife must have triggered something dark in her, then killed Abigail in a frenzy of rage. Leo tells Sloan that is the whole story and then tells her to go tell Rafe so she can get him out of here. Sloan says that’s the last thing she’s going to do, no matter what Gwen did after he took off.

Rafe asks Gwen if that’s not the whole story. Gwen assures that she’s getting to it. Gwen recalls Abigail threatening to call the prison while Gwen plead with her and admitted her plan was horrible, acknowledging that she wouldn’t get Xander back. Gwen told Abigail that she’d just go back to prison on her own, she’d never have to see her again, and they could pretend this never happened. Abigail asked why she would do that after everything Gwen had done and refusing to tell her what she did to her grandmother. Gwen swore she didn’t do anything to Laura and that it was an accident, exactly as she said it happened, so she did not kill her. Gwen said she would go back to prison and serve out the rest of her sentence if Abigail let her go. Abigail reluctantly agreed to give Gwen an hour to get back to prison, so she thanked her and left. Gwen asks Rafe if he’s happy now that he knows how pathetic she really is.

Li returns to the room and claims to Gabi that he really enjoyed tossing Dr. Rolf out in the gutter. Li asks if she’s okay. Gabi complains that Dr. Rolf made her remember how Stefan died and how much she hoped he would come back. Li says if he knew she was coming back, he would’ve thrown him out earlier. Gabi tells him that it’s not his fault. Li offers to help her forget about all that stress. Gabi says she would like that as they kiss.

Dr. Rolf returns to his lab where Kristen is watching over Stefan. Kristen complains about Dr. Rolf not calling her back. Rolf responds that he couldn’t because he was in the middle of an unpleasant encounter with Gabi. He explains that he went to confront Li about his attempts to shut down Stefan’s life support. Kristen tells him to forget about Li and stay focused. Kristen needs to know if Dr. Rolf can erase Stefan’s feelings for Gabi. Dr. Rolf responds that it will give him great pleasure to erase those feelings forever. Kristen tells him that she and Li have slightly different goals. Kristen says that Li wants Stefan to have no interest in Gabi, but that’s not enough, as she needs him to have laser focused aim on Chloe. Dr. Rolf says it’s one thing at a time as this will be a delicate operation that some would call impossible. Dr. Rolf explains that he will have to amplify Stefan’s brainwaves just enough to manipulate his memories and feelings, but no more than that to compromise his viability in the process as they don’t want to kill him. Dr. Rolf tells Kristen to let him get to it as he will need total concentration and solitude. Kristen warns that she wants results as she then exits the lab.

Rafe tells Gwen that it was really pathetic, but it does not get her off the hook for murder. Gwen swears but Rafe argues that all of her lies, her swears don’t mean anything. Rafe adds that Gwen knew as soon as they picked up Leo, she would have to come up with some lie as to why she was in the room. Rafe says if Gwen wanted to implicate Sarah, she could’ve just put on the mask and attacked anyone, so he questions why go to the DiMera Mansion where there’s an elaborate security system full of people who loathe her. Gwen cries that she was crazy and just wanted to scare Abigail, but not kill her. Gwen admits she ran out and Lucas saw her. Rafe brings up Lucas seeing her drop what might have been the murder weapon. Gwen insists it was the syringe and then she hid the mask, ditched the mask and made it back to prison late. Gwen declares that she did not know Abigail was dead until the next day and that she was alive when she left the house. Gwen asks if Leo can say the same thing.

Leo doesn’t see why Sloan doesn’t believe him. Sloan responds that she does believe him, but warns that telling the police that he was in possession of the murder weapon could be disastrous for him as it puts him alone in the room with the victim and the murder weapon which went missing afterwards. Sloan tells Leo that this stays between them until they slam the door on Gwen.

At the Horton House, Jack and Jennifer inform Chad that it was Gwen that killed Abigail. Chad questions it being Gwen all along and asks where Leo fits in. Jennifer says they don’t know and asks if Chad is okay. Chad responds that he’s going to make the kids dinner and quietly walks out of the room, leaving Jack and Jennifer confused.

Sloan approaches Rafe at the police station and says now that he has the real murderer in custody, he needs to call the district attorney to let her client go. Rafe reminds her that without the murder charge, Melinda has more than enough to hold Leo without bail for breaking and entering, possession of stolen property, robbery, and a murder charge is still possible. Rafe declares that he’s going to hold on to his two suspects.

As Gwen is escorted to her holding cell, she yells at Leo for throwing her under the bus to save his own skin. Gwen shouts that two can play that game. Leo questions what lies she told them.

Li and Gabi lay in bed together. Li asks if she’s hungry and if he should order room service but notes that she is distracted. Li guesses she’s still thinking about Stefan. Gabi says not exactly, but she can’t get what Dr. Rolf said out of her mind that if she knew what he was able to achieve, she’d be on her knees thanking him. Gabi wonders what Dr. Rolf meant by that.

Dr. Rolf talks about Gabi thinking he’s a joke and a loser while he works on Stefan. Dr. Rolf declares “finally!” as Stefan then wakes up and grabs Rolf’s arm.

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