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Update written by Joseph

Tripp and Wendy play a video game together. They joke about Tripp’s victory after. Tripp thanks Wendy for keeping him company all day. Wendy says she’s happy to be there. Tripp asks if she’s sure because he noticed her checking her phone every few minutes. Wendy admits that maybe she thought she would hear from Johnny, but she’s sure he must be busy with family stuff.

Allie comes home to see Chanel and Johnny hugging. Allie asks if they are kidding and says she’s sorry to interrupt their special moment. Johnny tells her it’s not what she thinks. Allie questions if they weren’t about to cheat on her. Johnny says no but Allie argues that this is the second time she has caught them getting cozy together so obviously something is going on and she would like to know what it is.

Sloan and Eric continue their breakfast at the Pub. Sloan questions letting Paulina get to her. Eric tries to encourage her but Sloan complains that Paulina ruined her life and now her pancakes are ice cold. Eric offers to warm them up for her but she says it’s okay as she’s not even hungry anymore. Sloan asks how she can eat after having to deal with Nicole and Paulina in the same day. Eric says he’s sorry things got out of hand between her and Nicole. Sloan declares that at least now, Nicole knows Eric has moved on and hopefully she realizes that it’s time for her to do the same.

Nicole starts kissing EJ until he stops and questions what she’s doing. Nicole tells EJ to make love to her right now and starts kissing him again.

Gabi leaves the secret room in the tunnels where she has Stefan tied up and calls Li, asking if he’s home because she hoped to stop by. Li brings up that she said she couldn’t stand being in the same room as him. Gabi says she just had a run in with Stefan that got ugly. Li asks if he hurt her. Gabi says it was nothing like that and claims she just wants to talk if that’s alright. Li says he’ll be waiting and they hang up. Gabi declares that she’s going to get Stefan deprogrammed whether he likes it or not.

Roman brings Tripp some chowder from the Brady Pub for him and his family. Roman asks if Steve is around. Tripp informs him that Steve and Stephanie just went to St. Luke’s to make arrangements for Kayla, but they should be home soon. Tripp introduces Roman to Wendy. Wendy tells Roman that she’s so sorry to hear about his wife and sister. Wendy mentions meeting Kayla in Hong Kong and says she was a total badass. Roman asks Tripp about his black eye. Tripp claims it was just a weird thing at the park but it’s all good now.

Johnny tells Allie that there’s nothing going on between he and Chanel. Allie asks why Johnny is even here. Johnny explains that he came to see Wendy. Allie questions if he decided to throw himself at Chanel since Wendy wasn’t there. Chanel argues that they were just talking. Allie points out that they were hugging too. Chanel insists that she wouldn’t cheat on her. Allie questions that since she admitted last night that they almost kissed, so she asks how far they would’ve gone today. Allie remarks that if she hadn’t walked in and stopped them, they might be having sex on the couch right now.

Eric offers to get Sloan something else to eat, insisting on some chowder to warm her soul and says it’s on the house so she can’t say no. Sloan responds that she can never say no to him.

Nicole and EJ continue kissing until EJ pulls away and says he doesn’t think this is a good idea. Nicole asks why the hell not. EJ points out that she’s still upset about Eric. Nicole argues that she doesn’t care about Eric and he obviously doesn’t care about her as he’s probably off doing it with Sloan. Nicole wants to rub this in Sloan’s face. EJ doesn’t think Sloan would care if they slept together. Nicole says she’ll rub it in Eric’s face then. Nicole says they should just do this an continues kissing EJ. Nicole then pushes EJ onto the bed and climbs on top of him.

Wendy asks Tripp if he’s sure he doesn’t want her to stick around until his family comes home. Tripp assures that he’ll be fine and jokes that she’s relieved of her babysitting duties. Wendy responds that she actually likes hanging out with him and they joke about their video game playing. Wendy calls Tripp a good guy, pointing out that he didn’t rat out Johnny when Roman asked about his eye. Tripp says the family is going through enough and adds that Johnny apologized, so they’re cool. Wendy says he probably saved Johnny a lecture from Roman and he didn’t have to. Wendy then asks if Tripp will be sticking around Salem for now. Tripp says he’s not sure but he will be at least through Kayla’s funeral. Wendy tells him to feel free to hit her up if he ever needs to talk. Tripp thanks her and says he appreciates it as they hug.

Johnny asks Allie to stop overreacting and says he was just telling Chanel that he’s happy they are together. Chanel adds that she was telling him that she’s happy he found Wendy. Johnny tells Allie that what she saw was just them wishing each other well. Johnny tells Allie to just chill. Allie responds that maybe she would if they hadn’t almost kissed last night. Chanel calls that a dumb, impulsive moment that will never happen again. Allie questions why she would believe that. Johnny calls it the truth and complains that Allie is getting worked up over nothing. Johnny remarks that Allie is starting to sound like Sami with all this jealousy. Allie demands he take that back. Johnny argues that Allie is jumping to conclusions, throwing tantrums, and making it all about her. Allie then accuses Johnny of acting like EJ since EJ makes moves on women who are already taken like Belle or when Sami was with Rafe. Johnny argues that he’s not making moves. Allie says that just like EJ, Johnny doesn’t care about the relationships he ruins as long as he gets what he wants.

Nicole and EJ kiss in bed until EJ stops her. Nicole asks what the problem is since he was all about them getting together on New Year’s. EJ reminds her that she put the brakes on because she wanted to stop making impulsive decisions. Nicole argues that it’s been almost a month so there’s nothing impulsive about it. EJ notes that she made it very clear that she wasn’t ready. Nicole says now she is ready and questions why EJ is doing this. Nicole asks if EJ wants her. EJ says of course he does. Nicole asks why he keeps pulling away then. EJ responds that he doesn’t think she’s in the right mind to make an informed decision, pointing out that she’s drunk as a skunk.

Gabi goes to Li’s room at the Salem Inn. Li informs her that EJ fired him. Gabi guesses that’s not surprising but she’s sorry. Li thanks her and asks what happened with Stefan. Gabi says she was trying to convince him again to get deprogrammed. Li notes that she does not give up. Gabi says she tried to remind Stefan of their love but he doubled down, calling her vicious names and saying she’s a terrible person. Li hates that Stefan is doing that to her. Gabi thanks him. Li asks why she’s telling him all of this and asks if she’s going to yell at him again for brainwashing Stefan. Gabi says that’s not it, so Li asks why she’s here. Gabi claims she came to say he’s right that when it comes to Stefan, she’s wasting her time and the person she should be with is Li.

Johnny tells Allie that she doesn’t get to criticize his dad when her dad is in prison for kidnapping their mom. Allie asks if he really thinks her dad has committed more crimes than his. Johnny tells Chanel that if Allie starts to feel too insecure, she might have her kidnapped. Chanel tells them to stop. Allie asks if she heard what he just said. Chanel says it’s time for Johnny to go which he says is fine with him. Johnny asks Chanel to tell Wendy that he stopped by which she agrees to do as she opens the door. Allie then shouts that she’ll be sure to tell Wendy that when she wasn’t there, he hooked up with her girlfriend instead, right as Wendy then arrives and questions what she just heard.

Eric questions Sloan never having clam chowder before and asks if she doesn’t like it. Sloan admits it’s not really her thing. Eric jokes that they can’t be friends after this. Sloan says she’s more of a chicken noodle traditionalist which Eric jokes is blasphemy. Eric talks about how Roman would react. Sloan says she’s glad that he’s going to keep it between them then because she wouldn’t want Roman to hear that she actually hates the chowder. Roman then appears at their table and remarks that she certainly wouldn’t want him to hear that.

Nicole jokes with EJ about being drunk and then argues that she can’t be drunk after just one mimosa and champagne. EJ points out that it’s hit her pretty hard. Nicole claims she’s perfectly fine as she gets up and spins around. Nicole then feels sick and rushes to the bathroom.

Li tells Gabi that this is very surprising since last time he saw her, she dumped a bucket of ice on his head. Gabi says she was just upset after everything he did. Li argues that doesn’t explain her sudden 180. Gabi claims that she knows the passion between them. Li asks if she admits it then. Gabi admits she feels very strong emotions around him and he was right about a lot of things. Li asks like what. Gabi responds that they are the same in that they both go to drastic measures for what they want and that Stefan would never love her like he does. Li points out that she didn’t want to hear it before. Gabi says she can’t deny it now. Li asks what she is saying. Gabi tells him that she needs to give up on Stefan and really give their marriage a try. Gabi then kisses Li.

EJ asks Nicole if she’s okay as she comes back from the bathroom. Nicole feels embarrassed since she jumped him, he turned her down, and then she puked. EJ says he’s flattered that she wanted to be with him. EJ assures that it was hard to turn her down. Nicole asks why he did then. EJ responds that she was too drunk to know what she was doing. Nicole argues that it doesn’t make sense since she only had a drink and a half and everyone knows she can hold her liquor. EJ reminds her that she didn’t have breakfast and suggests it was an off day. Nicole then suggests something was wrong with the champagne. EJ points out that he had some and he’s fine. Nicole wonders what happened to her then.

Eric introduces Sloan to Roman. Sloan tells him that it’s a pleasure to meet him and she’s very sorry to hear about what happened to his wife. Roman thanks her even if she hates his chowder. Sloan clarifies that she hates all clam chowder. Sloan says she’s grateful for the hospitality and hopes he doesn’t hold that against her. Roman says he doesn’t but he does hold against her the way she’s gone after Paulina. Roman goes over how Abe is his best friend and Paulina being married to him makes her family. Roman declares that nothing is more important to him than family. Sloan responds that she feels the same way which is why she won’t stop until Paulina and Chanel both pay for their crimes. Sloan declares that they took her parents from her, so she won’t stop until they have both been brought to justice.

Johnny tells Wendy that he was not hooking up with Chanel and that Allie just completely misread the situation. Wendy cuts him off and says it’s fine. Wendy tells him to do whatever he wants and storms off. Johnny then tells Allie that she’s nothing like their mom and rushes out. Allie tells Chanel that she’s going to the office to work but Chanel stops her and says they are going to talk this out. Allie says she’s not in the mood. Chanel thought she came home to work things out. Allie says she did but then she saw him in her brother’s arms. Chanel repeats that it was totally innocent. Allie argues that she knew she was really upset about them almost kissing so she questions why Chanel thought it would be okay to have him over and give him a hug. Chanel repeats that she and Johnny are just friends and she has nothing to worry about. Allie mentions that’s what Alex said. Chanel then questions Allie going to see Alex.

Li tells Gabi that he missed her so much and asks if she’s serious about giving their marriage a try. Gabi wants to show him how serious she is and brings up their wedding vows. Li asks if she’s giving up on Stefan. Gabi says he gave up on her a long time ago and she just couldn’t see it. Li questions if he’s just the consolation prize. Gabi assures that she loved him before Stefan came back and she just had a hard time accepting that the Stefan she used to love is gone for good. Gabi claims that she believes she and Li can get back where they used to be. Li can’t believe it and asks what their first step is. Gabi points out that they never did consummate their marriage. Li questions if she wants to do that now. Gabi says she wants to feel close to him again and every time they made love, they had a deep connection. Gabi says doing that again could get closer to building back their relationship. Li calls this incredible. Gabi questions him hesitating. Li just wants to make sure this is what she really wants. Gabi says she wants to make this a real marriage and she wants to commit. Li states that he’s ready to commit. Gabi then asks him to take a shower first since he was at the gym. Gabi says she will get undressed in the meantime. Li tells her that she has no idea how happy she made him as he kisses her. After Li goes to shower, Gabi begins searching the room and says there has to be something in there that will get her to Dr. Rolf.

Eric knows Roman is loyal to Abe and his family but calls this a complicated situation. Eric points out that Sloan lost her mother because Chanel pushed her off a building. Roman says he understands that was self defense but Sloan insists that Chanel and Paulina are lying about that. Roman points out that the London authorities not thinking so. Sloan mentions suing in civil court and expecting to be vindicated. Eric feels Sloan has every right to pursue this while Roman argues that all she is doing is causing more pain when they’ve all had enough of that. Sloan doesn’t want to get between them and cause more tension, so she thinks she better just go. Eric reminds Sloan that they are in the middle of a lunch date. Sloan gets a call from a client. Sloan tells Eric that it shouldn’t take long but maybe it will give he and Roman time to sort though things. Sloan then exits the Pub to answer her call. Eric asks Roman to just give Sloan a chance. Roman asks if they are getting serious. Eric says no, but he likes her. Roman asks about Nicole. Eric says they are over and have moved on. Roman notes that he’s heard that before and asks if he’s sure this time.

EJ brings Nicole tea and toast in bed, hoping that it makes her feel better. Nicole thanks EJ for being a gentleman earlier as she can’t believe she made such a fool of herself. Nicole wants EJ to know that not everything she said and did was because of the alcohol. Nicole tells EJ that she’s sick of pining over Eric as he’s not the same person she used to know, so she’s ready to move on and if EJ is willing, she’d like to move on with him.

Johnny catches up to Wendy in the park. Wendy tells him that he doesn’t need to explain anything as they weren’t even a couple. Wendy adds that they only kissed on New Year’s Eve and hadn’t even gone on a date, so he can hook up with Chanel. Johnny insists that he’s not hooking up with Chanel and that Allie only said that because she’s in a fight with Chanel. Johnny explains that Allie wanted to mess things up with her to hurt him. Wendy asks if there’s nothing going on with him and Chanel then. Johnny says he wants to be honest with her and admits that last night at the hospital, he almost kissed Chanel.

Chanel questions Allie being upset with her for hanging out with Johnny, while at the same time, she was being consoled by Alex. Allie argues that Chanel and Johnny were married. Chanel argues that Allie had sex with Alex. Allie points out that they both did. Chanel suggests maybe Allie decided she wanted to turn their threesome in to a twosome. Allie reminds her that she had Henry with her and they were just talking. Chanel says her and Johnny were just talking as well. Chanel remarks that Allie sounds like a hypocrite. Allie argues that she never had feelings for Alex. Chanel says her point is that she trusts Allie, so she questions why Allie can’t trust her. Chanel then points out that she’s not the one who has cheated before. Allie calls that really unfair, noting that she cheated on Tripp with her because they are meant to be together. Chanel apologizes and admits that she shouldn’t have said that. Allie acknowledges that she shouldn’t have accused her of cheating with Johnny. Chanel says emotions are clearly running high so they should stop before saying something they regret. Chanel suggests they take a little time apart. Allie agrees that they could both use some space. Allie offers to go to her Grandpa’s but Chanel says her family is dealing with a lot right now, so she will go pack a bag and stay at Paulina’s.

Wendy questions Johnny almost kissing his sister’s girlfriend and asks what that means. Johnny responds that it means that they probably would have kissed if Allie didn’t walk in. Wendy realizes that’s why Allie is mad at him. Johnny says it wasn’t like that as he was just upset about Marlena and Chanel was comforting him. Wendy questions her doing that with her lips but Johnny admits that he was the one who instigated it. Johnny reminds Wendy that Chanel used to be his wife and in that moment, he just needed to feel close to someone. Wendy asks if he still has feelings for Chanel. Johnny says no. Johnny adds that he’ll always care about her and there’s probably something unresolved between them but that doesn’t matter because Chanel is committed to Allie and he really likes Wendy. Johnny says if it’s alright with her, he’d really like to take her on that date.

EJ asks Nicole what exactly moving on with him entails. Nicole asks if she really has to explain it to him. EJ asks if they are talking about a relationship or just a roll in the hay. Nicole admits she doesn’t know and suggests they just figure it out as they go along. EJ tells her that he’s game for either one. Nicole feels they’ve been down this road many times, so making a full on commitment would be premature. EJ suggests that when she’s feeling better, they can go out to dinner on a proper date and see how things go from there. Nicole responds that she would love that and agrees to the date.

Eric asks Roman to just trust him that the ship has sailed for he and Nicole, so it’s over. Roman says he’s really sorry to hear that. Eric insists that it’s time for both of them to move on. Roman questions doing that with Sloan when she’s in the middle of a heated legal battle with Paulina. Eric doesn’t want to talk about his love life and asks how Roman is doing. Roman says he’s hanging in. Eric asks where he’s at with funeral arrangements. Roman reminds him that Kate didn’t want any fuss. Eric asks what about Kayla and Marlena. Roman says he can talk to John and Steve but he understands there’s nothing more to do at the moment. Sloan returns and says she hopes she gave them enough time. Roman says definitely and that he will bring her something less authentic than the chowder to try. Sloan jokes to Eric about her making fabulous first impressions.

Gabi continues searching Li’s room and then checks his phone. Gabi says he must have a burner phone around somewhere which she then finds in his drawer. Gabi calls the number on it and tells Dr. Rolf not to hang up on her because she needs his help and she’s not taking no for an answer.

Wendy tells Johnny that she’d really like to go out with him, but his life seems really complicated right now. Johnny insists that he’s not interested in Chanel but Wendy says it’s more than that. Wendy brings up that he just lost both of his grandmothers and has all this drama going on with his sister, so he should really be with his family right now. Johnny says maybe she’s right that it’s not the ideal time to start a relationship but asks is it ever. Wendy just wants to be sure they are both in it for the right reasons. Johnny suggests they both take some time, he’ll be with his family and let Allie and Chanel cool off. Johnny says then when things are more settled down, he wants to take her on that date. Wendy says she can live with that and that they’re good as Johnny hugs her.

Chanel packs her bag and tells Allie that maybe she should take the next few days off from work since she’s dealing with a lot and her family needs her. Allie says okay if she’s sure they have enough coverage and thanks her. Chanel tells Allie to text her if she needs anything. Allie says she will. Chanel then leaves the apartment while Allie holds back tears.

Sloan eats a salad and says this is more like it. Eric is glad she’s finally satisfied. Sloan says she wouldn’t say satisfied and invites Eric back to her place tonight if he wants to satisfy her. Sloan adds that’s if he’s up to the challenge which Eric says he always is as they then kiss.

Nicole falls asleep so EJ puts a blanket over her.

Gabi tells Dr. Rolf that if he does what she asks, he’ll be back in the good graces of the DiMeras and he’ll be out of prison. Gabi asks if they have a deal and then tells Dr. Rolf to get to Salem ASAP. Gabi then hangs up and puts the phone back. Gabi goes to leave the room but Li comes out of the shower and questions where she is going.

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Days Update Thursday, January 26, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Chanel repeats to Johnny that it’s not a good time so Johnny says he understands and will go try to track down Wendy on his own. Johnny turns to leave but stops and says he can see Chanel is upset about something and they are good friends. Johnny offers to talk about whatever is bothering her. Johnny asks if it has anything to do with Allie. Chanel admits it might so Johnny guesses they didn’t patch things up. Chanel informs him that when she got home, Allie was home with Alex and wanted to have another threesome.

Alex works out at the Kiriakis Mansion without a shirt on as Allie walks in and watches with a smile.

Sloan asks if she was interrupting something between Eric and Nicole. Sloan then says she just thought Eric would want his phone back and talks about how they made such a mess that he left it in her bed. Sloan tells Eric that she’ll see him around, but Nicole calls her pathetic.

Stefan opens the vial from his pocket and slips it into the drink he’s making EJ. Gabi sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion behind him. Stefan remarks that he hopes EJ enjoys his drink because after this, his judgment will become so impaired that the DiMera Board will have no choice but to remove him and he cannot wait. Gabi then grabs a nearby statue and uses it to hit Stefan in the back of the head, knocking him out. Gabi quickly shuts the door and tells Stefan that she’s sorry that she had to do that, but some day soon he will thank her. Gabi then begins dragging Stefan’s body away.

Sloan questions Nicole calling her pathetic. Nicole argues that instead of giving Eric his phone back discreetly, she let everyone know that she’s a pathetic slut. Sloan asks if she’s pathetic for enjoying instead of feeling ashamed about her sex life, while Nicole is throwing around slurs against women. Nicole doesn’t care who Sloan sleeps with and tells her to have some class and keep it to herself. Sloan argues that Nicole cares very much since she is sleeping with Nicole’s very handsome ex-husband. Sloan tells Nicole that she should be asking herself why she cares. Sloan asks if it’s because Nicole still has the hots for Eric while she’s drooling and panting over EJ DiMera.

Gabi continues dragging Stefan’s body as she hears EJ coming back to the room. Gabi gets Stefan’s body outside as EJ then enters and questions what the hell is going on here and why she is in the house. EJ tells Gabi to save her lies and guarantees that Stefan will never submit to deprogramming. EJ adds that Gabi desperately sneaking in to his home will only lead to her being charged with breaking and entering. Gabi says that is exactly why she’s there and asks what EJ knows about love. EJ assures he knows more than her and he’s also well versed in loathing which is all Stefan feels towards her now. Gabi says she’s very aware of what Stefan thinks he feels towards her but she knows deep down in his heart, beneath Dr. Rolf’s mind control manipulations, Stefan still loves her and they are going to be together again. Gabi declares that Stefan will be hers forever. EJ applauds her performance. Gabi says she will see herself out but EJ stops her and says he won’t have her wandering around the grounds, so he will personally see her out the front door himself. EJ then escorts Gabi out, while Stefan’s body lies outside the side door.

Belle walks through the town square while on the phone with John. Belle breaks down crying that she can’t believe they are planning Marlena’s funeral. Belle finishes the call and comes across Paulina, who tells her that she’s so sorry about Marlena. Paulina adds that Tammy is devastated as well and sends her love to their family.

Alex finishes his workout and puts a shirt on as he asks Allie what brought her by. Allie explains that she was dropping Henry off with Will, but she’s glad she ran in to Alex because she wanted to apologize for what happened last night at her place.

Johnny questions Chanel about Allie wanting another threesome. Chanel explains that Allie only said it to get back at her because they almost kissed. Chanel says Allie was so upset and she tried to talk to her about it, but they got in to a huge fight.

Nicole tells Sloan that she doesn’t know anything about her or about her and EJ. Sloan agrees but remarks that she does happen to know Eric intimately and he doesn’t want her. Sloan then suggests Nicole stop being so desperate and throwing herself at him. Nicole slaps Sloan and Sloan slaps her back. Eric gets in between them and says that’s enough. Nicole tells Eric that she knows he’s grieving and maybe that’s affecting his judgment, but there’s no excuse for the horrible human he’s become. Nicole remarks that if he ever breaks out of this spell, she has no doubt that he’ll regret ever laying eyes or any other body part on Sloan. Nicole calls Sloan a loathsome, awful bitch. Nicole tells Eric that she’s really sorry about his mother and then storms off.

EJ sends Gabi out the front door as she shouts that she’ll be back. EJ shuts the door and says he finally has peace and quiet. EJ calls out to Stefan, wondering where he disappeared to. EJ remarks that he doesn’t blame him for disappearing when Gabi is stalking him. EJ heads upstairs looking for Stefan while Gabi sneaks around and back in to the living room. Gabi says it’s the things we do for love as she opens the entrance to the underground tunnels and begins dragging Stefan’s body back inside.

Alex tells Allie that she will never have to apologize with him for offering a threesome. Allie says that’s very funny but it was unfair to drag him in to a fight between her and Chanel. Alex jokes that she can keep him in mind for future invitations. Alex asks if they made up after he left. Allie tells him that they slept in separate rooms and when they did talk, it just led to another fight. Alex says that sucks and he’s sorry to hear that. Allie adds that she did get Chanel to admit that she and Johnny were about to kiss at the hospital.

Johnny argues that he and Chanel both know that what happened at the hospital meant nothing and that she was just comforting him as he was upset about Marlena. Johnny insists that she should just let him talk to Allie but Chanel assures that he’s the last person that Allie wants to see right now other than maybe herself. Johnny says he’s sorry. Chanel says she couldn’t deny it anymore and Allie cornered her and forced her to admit that what she thought almost happened did almost happen.

Paulina tells Belle that her family is there for her if there’s anything they can do. Belle thanks her and says it means a lot. Paulina says she doesn’t want to keep her and she has to call her attorney. Belle asks who is suing her. Paulina informs Belle that Sloan has slapped her with a civil suit.

Eric asks Sloan if she’s sure she’s okay. Sloan assures that she gave as good as she got. Eric asks if this was totally necessary. Sloan reminds him that she was bringing him his phone which Eric says he appreciates. Eric offers to buy her breakfast. Sloan says he doesn’t have to but Eric says there’s no strings and they are at the Pub. Eric says he owes her for all the beer, takeout, and visits to her place. Sloan then accepts his offer and decides she could use a mimosa or four after today, so they head in to the Pub.

EJ returns to the living room and finds Nicole. EJ assumed she went to the office and asks if she’s okay. Nicole responds that she’s a fool because she went to see Eric to give her condolences and tell him how sorry she was about his mother, but then Sloan flew in on her broom, bragging that she slept with Eric. EJ grabs the drinks that Stefan poured and gives one to Nicole. EJ says that Stefan seems to have disappeared, so now he and Nicole will toast to Sloan moving in on Eric, and to Nicole moving on from that hypocrite. EJ declares that Sloan deserves Eric while Nicole deserves better. EJ and Nicole then drink the drinks that Stefan poured, with Nicole having the one that Stefan had drugged.

Allie complains to Alex that Chanel and Johnny are sticking to the same lame story that Chanel was just consoling Johnny. Allie argues that she’s upset about Marlena too but she’s not making out with the person standing in front of her or going after Johnny’s girlfriend. Allie acknowledges that she can’t cut her brother out of her life forever, but she doesn’t want to worry about him going after her girlfriend or about Chanel betraying her.

Johnny wants to go find Allie but Chanel doesn’t want him to. Johnny insists that their almost kiss meant nothing and whatever it was, was all him. Johnny says that Allie needs to know that and insists that he can get her past this. Chanel stops him and says she can’t let him take all the blame. Chanel acknowledges that Johnny did lean in to kiss her, but she didn’t stop it. Chanel then admits that in that moment, she didn’t want to stop it.

Paulina tells Belle that after everything she did, Sloan has filed a civil suit for wrongful death. Belle questions why she didn’t come to her right away. Paulina points out everything she’s been going through. Belle says that work gets her mind off things so she asks to help Paulina and Chanel which will help herself too. Paulina says she’d be happy to add her to the team if she’s sure. Belle assures that she’s positive and declares that she likes Paulina almost as much as she hates Sloan. Paulina says the feeling is mutual and offers Belle breakfast while they talk strategy on how to take Sloan down.

Eric and Sloan eat breakfast together at the Brady Pub. Sloan tells Eric that he was right that provoking Nicole was a mistake. Sloan knows she shouldn’t be looking for trouble, but says Nicole makes it easy to get under her skin. Sloan then admits that maybe she was a little jealous because it’s very clear that Nicole still has feelings for Eric. Sloan then asks if Eric still has feelings for Nicole.

EJ asks if Nicole is feeling better. She says she is feeling much better. EJ asks what happened between her and Sloan. Nicole complains that Sloan is beyond smug. Nicole says that Sloan saw her hugging Eric and she really was just consoling him. EJ jokes about Sloan harassing her for hugging her boyfriend. Nicole tells EJ about how Sloan used returning Eric’s phone as an opportunity to gloat about how he’s another notch in her bedpost. Nicole argues that Sloan made an uncomfortable situation even worse by making lewd assumptions about them. Nicole then gets up to pour another drink. EJ warns her about overdoing it but Nicole insists that she can hold her liquor. Nicole then drops her glass, smashing it on the floor.

Stefan wakes up in the tunnels and is tied up in a chair. Stefan screams out asking who did this. Gabi then appears and admits it was her.

Alex tells Allie that he’s the last person to give relationship advice since he ruined his last relationship, but he’s seen Allie and Chanel together and how much Chanel loves her which is why she chose to be with her over Johnny. Allie argues that Chanel and Johnny were married. Alex points out that they are not anymore. Alex encourages that Allie is beautiful, smart, funny, and way hotter than her brother. Alex calls Allie probably the hottest girl he’s ever been with which she says makes her feel a lot better. Alex encourages her to go home and make up with her girlfriend.

Johnny questions Chanel wanting to kiss him. Chanel says maybe she shouldn’t have said that, but it was in that moment. Chanel insists that she loves Allie and is totally committed to her, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still feel something for Johnny. Chanel acknowledges that she loved Johnny once too. Johnny asks what they are going to do about this lingering attraction.

Eric tells Sloan that there will always be a connection with Nicole but they’ve had more than enough chances to make it right and never did. Sloan instructs Eric to answer the question of whether he still has feelings for Nicole. Paulina interrupts and says she doesn’t see how anyone can have an appetite with Sloan here. Sloan tells her to get used to her presence since they are going to be stuck in a courtroom together very soon. Sloan adds that she can’t wait to see what joker Paulina hired to represent her and Chanel. Belle then arrives and reveals that she is Paulina’s lawyer. Belle remarks that she’s already beaten Sloan once and she can do it again with her hands tied behind her back.

Nicole tells EJ that she just got a bit woozy but she’s fine now. Nicole says she just hates that she let Sloan get her so upset. EJ tells her not to give Sloan that power over her as she knows how to illicit an emotional response from her and throw her off balance. Nicole doesn’t want to give Sloan the satisfaction of getting her upset and getting to her. Nicole then asks why she should deny herself the satisfaction of going and ripping every hair out of Sloan’s head. EJ says he wouldn’t tell someone to deny their darker impulses. Nicole leans in to kiss EJ but EJ decides to help get her upstairs.

Stefan struggles with being tied up and says his head is killing him as he calls Gabi a psycho. Gabi says she’s sorry as she didn’t want to hit him that hard but there will be no permanent damage and they know he has a thick skull. Gabi remarks that she’s not the one with mental problems and since Stefan no longer wanted to undo the mental problems, she felt desperate action was required because she’s not giving up on them. Stefan suggests they can open up discussions again about it. Gabi tells him that he’s not getting out of it this time and whether he likes it or not, they’re going to fix that thick skull of his and then they will see where his heart lies.

EJ helps Nicole to her bed and tells her to get some rest. EJ offers to stay with her if she’d like. Nicole thanks him and says she will just lie down for a minute. Nicole says she usually can hold her liquor so she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. EJ tells her there is nothing wrong with her. EJ calls her a smart, dynamic and very beautiful woman. EJ calls Eric a fool, who never should’ve let her go.

Belle questions what Eric’s problem is, arguing that their mother just died and he’s hanging out with Sloan. Eric accuses her of being an ambulance chaser. Belle argues that this is an attack on innocent people and a lawsuit with no merit. Eric tells her to stop grandstanding and to save it for the courtroom. Eric says he’s seen enough to know that she’s on the wrong side of this. Eric argues that Sloan is the injured party here and he can relate to having lost a mother too soon. Eric says it’s done irreparable harm to Sloan that Chanel took her mother from her and Paulina covered it up, end of story.

Gabi offers Stefan some aspirin. Stefan asks if she’s out of her mind and declares that he will never ingest anything from her ever. Stefan screams at her to untie him and let him go. Gabi says it’s just aspirin. Stefan calls her unbelievable and says this is why he abandoned any possibility of ever getting back with her. Stefan complains about her psychotic drive and obsessive need to get her way. Gabi argues that these are reasons he couldn’t live without her before. Stefan questions being forced to be someone he’s not against his will and being brainwashed again. Gabi insists that it’s for the love that she knows is in there and that was taken against his will. Stefan tells her that he doesn’t want to be with her and he never will. Gabi knows he believes that and it hurts her to hear him say it, but she knows it’s the brainwashing talking. Gabi says she had no other option and they will get through this together. Gabi promises that when it’s done, he will see it was all worth it. Stefan questions how this is going to work since Marlena is dead and Dr. Rolf has disappeared. Gabi tells him that they don’t know where Dr. Rolf is, but they do know somebody who does. Gabi then calls Li and says she really needs to see him.

Chanel tells Johnny that normally, she would just ghost him but since she’s in love with his twin sister, she doesn’t really see that happening. Johnny jokes that he’d prefer not to be ghosted regardless. Johnny guesses they’ll just have to be more careful around each other from now on and he promises not to lean in anymore. Chanel promises the same. They shake hands on that. Johnny tells Chanel that he really cares about her and Allie. Johnny says they were able to overcome this triangle before and he doesn’t want to come between them again. Johnny adds that he thinks this thing with Wendy could be really good. Chanel says she’s happy for him. Johnny says he’s happy for her and Allie and he knows they are going to figure this out. Johnny and Chanel hug right as Allie comes home and sees them.

Paulina tells Eric that normally she would defend her daughter to the death but out of respect for his mom, she’s not going to do that. Paulina decides she and Belle will go to Julie’s Place instead and they leave. Sloan tells Eric that maybe she should get going too, pointing out that first there was Nicole and now this. Sloan says she doesn’t want to be the person that comes between Eric and his sister, Belle. Eric assures it’s nothing he can’t handle and he likes having Sloan around.

Nicole thanks EJ for what he said and says it’s always nice to hear, especially these days. Nicole tells EJ that he’s right about Sloan and she doesn’t need to go engage with her because that’s exactly what she wants. Nicole declares to Hell with Eric, Sloan can have him as she doesn’t need him anymore. Nicole tells EJ that she wants to have him and they start kissing.

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Days Update Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Allie and Chanel have an awkward morning of not speaking to each other. Chanel has enough and tells Allie that they need to talk about this. Allie tells Chanel to just admit that while her grandmother was dying, she was busy macking on her brother.

Tripp is on the phone, being told by the doctor at Bayview that he can’t come visit Ava. Tripp tells him to call him if anything changes. Tripp then hangs up and answers the door to see Johnny.

Gabi finishes a call with Will at home, saying she’s so sorry about Marlena and Kate too. Gabi says to let her know if she needs to pick up Arianna and hangs up. Wendy then shows up at the door with flowers, but Gabi answers the door and asks what the hell she wants.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefan talks with the portrait of Stefano in the living room. Stefan knows Stefano doesn’t approve of him going after EJ, but argues that EJ struck first by not saying a word about what Li did to him. Stefan declares that Stefano wouldn’t approve of DiMera vs. DiMera, but that this DiMera deserves to pay. Nicole then opens the doors to the living room.

Li gets dressed in his hotel room when his phone rings. Li answers the call from Dr. Rolf and questions why the hell he’s calling him. Li says he’ll get him whatever he wants as long as he remembers their deal that if anyone asks, he had nothing to do with Stefan’s brainwashing. Li hangs up as EJ shows up at his door. Li says he was just on his way to the office. EJ responds that he’s saved him a trip then. Li doesn’t understand, so EJ informs him that he’s fired.

Johnny apologizes to Tripp for just dropping in and hopes he didn’t interrupt breakfast. Tripp says that Steve just went out with Stephanie and Joey to talk to the priest about Kayla’s funeral service. Tripp invites Johnny in. Johnny knows he has a lot going on and says he’ll make it quick. Johnny acknowledges that he said some unkind things last night about his mother which was unfair and uncalled for. Johnny says he knows whatever Ava did was not Tripp’s fault. Johnny admits he was just upset about Marlena and took it out on him. Johnny acknowledges that he was way out of line, so he just wanted to come say he’s sorry.

Stefan greets Nicole and offers her coffee which she accepts. Nicole then informs Stefan that she couldn’t help but notice he was talking to Stefano’s portrait about making a DiMera pay. Nicole questions which DiMera he was referring to. Stefan claims it was Kristen since she conspired with Li to have him brainwashed. Nicole points out that Kristen is already facing severe punishment as it’s almost certain she will be charged with the murders of Kate and Kayla. Stefan adds that next she will be charged with the murder of Marlena Evans, which shocks Nicole as she did not know. Stefan tells her it’s all over the news. Nicole mentions that she turned her alerts off and asks if he’s saying Marlena died. Stefan shows her the article on his tablet and confirms that she died last night.

Eric wakes up in bed with Sloan. Eric comments that she let him sleep in. Sloan figured he could use some rest after last night. Sloan talks about reading Marlena’s obituary. Sloan says it’s wild and says something about Marlena being a serial killer which she questions. Eric tells her that it’s all alright and kisses her.

Gabi questions why Wendy is here. Wendy knows she’s upset with her and has every right to be, but she just wanted to come by and apologize again for what Li did to Stefan. Wendy adds that she didn’t agree with it and was horrified by it. Gabi remarks that she must not have been too upset since she didn’t bother to tell her. Wendy swears that she wanted to and came close many times as keeping that secret was agonizing. Gabi responds that what’s agonizing is finding out the man she married is a criminal and the woman she asked to stand up for her is a liar. Wendy argues that Li begged her to keep quiet because he was so afraid of losing her. Wendy is glad it all came out and calls it a huge relief. Gabi asks what if it didn’t come out and she didn’t remember. Gabi questions if Wendy would’ve kept her in the dark forever. Wendy admits she doesn’t know. Wendy says she just wanted Li to be happy and Gabi made him happier than anyone ever has, so she couldn’t take that away from him. Wendy declares that Li is her big brother and she loves him but she knows that’s no excuse. Wendy states that she just came by to tell Gabi that she knows what she did was wrong.

Li tells EJ that they both know he can’t fire him. EJ asks why not since he is the CEO. Li reminds him that he was the one who got him the votes he needed to boot Gabi out and take back control of the company. EJ says on behalf of the entire DiMera family, he expresses his gratitude for Li’s years of service but he’s no longer needed. Li tells EJ that he’s going to remain in his position as his #2 unless he wants Stefan to find out about EJ’s role in his brainwashing. EJ then reveals that Stefan already knows as he told him everything and now Li no longer has anything to hold over him, so he’s out.

Allie accuses Chanel of kissing Johnny and tells her to just admit what she did so they can move on but Chanel denies it. Allie argues that when she got off the elevator, Chanel and Johnny sprung apart like they had been caught because they had. Chanel argues that she was comforting Johnny. Allie compares it to when she and Chanel had sex behind Tripp’s back. Chanel complains that it’s only what Allie thinks she saw. Allie tells her to stop trying to make her seem paranoid. Allie tells Chanel to admit what is obviously going on and tell her the truth that she and Johnny were about to kiss. Chanel then admits that they were. Allie states that Chanel finally admits that she did want to kiss Johnny. Chanel says she’s sorry but Allie tells her not to be because now she knows how she really feels. Chanel argues that it wasn’t like that and she was really comforting him. Chanel asks Allie to let her tell her what really happened. Chanel explains that she went to the hospital, looking for her and she ran in to Johnny so they started talking and then she got Allie’s text that she had left. Chanel says she was going to leave but John came to ask them to set up the rooftop. Allie says she already knows all of this. Chanel tells Allie about how the whole time they were on the roof, Johnny was trying to stay positive and then they saw Marlena and she could see how sad and scared Johnny was. Chanel adds that once they got downstairs, Johnny lost it so she hugged him and they talked about Marlena and John. Chanel claims after that, she doesn’t really remember what happened but Johnny leaned forward to kiss her. Allie questions if she’s blaming it on him now. Chanel says she’s not blaming anyone and is just telling her what happened. Chanel says that Johnny was a wreck, emotions were running high, and it just happened in the heat of the moment. Allie questions what that even means. Chanel says it means nothing and reminds Allie that she’s in love with her, she chose her, and only went to the hospital in the first place to be there for her. Chanel knows Allie is in pain and she needs support right now which she wants to give her. Chanel asks Allie if they can just forget about this. Allie says that depends since Chanel says she’s the one she wants to be with, that she chose her, and that what happened with Johnny was meaningless. Allie argues that almost kissing somebody means there’s attraction there. Allie then asks Chanel if she’s still attracted to her brother.

Tripp appreciates Johnny’s apology and says it means a lot. Tripp adds that he doesn’t blame him for being angry at Ava. Tripp says he loves Ava but is also very aware that she’s done truly terrible things. Tripp states that Ava is sick and he kicks himself every day for not being there and knowing how bad it was to get her the help she needed sooner. Johnny asks if Ava is in Bayview now. Tripp confirms that she’s not getting out anytime soon. Johnny says he’s sorry and acknowledges that Tripp is having a rough time between Ava and losing Kayla. Johnny admits that hitting him was not cool. Tripp tells him not to worry about it, pointing out that he took a swing at him first. Johnny decides he should get going and tells Tripp to give his family his condolences. Tripp says the same and agrees they are good as they shake hands as Johnny then exits.

Li says Stefan must be furious with EJ if he told him the truth. EJ responds that Stefan was actually very understanding which Li questions. EJ says that Stefan sees the bigger picture that he saved the company and preserved their legacy for generations to come. Li questions EJ saying that Stefan approved his betrayal. EJ says that he respected it and forgave him, so from now on they will be running the company as co-CEOs and it will be all in the family, as it should be. Li says it’s funny he should mention family. Li reminds EJ that his father is chairman of the board and he won’t like that he’s being dismissed, so he’ll never stand for it. EJ is not sure what he can do since Li tried to murder Stefan and then had him brainwashed by a mad scientist. Li argues there’s no evidence of that. EJ says not yet. EJ warns that Kristen could flip on Li to save her own ass. Li argues that they all have nothing on him, so his father will make the very strong case that unless he’s proven guilty of a crime, he deserves to remain right where he is. EJ points out that Wei Shin is not a DiMera, so his opinion will never carry the same weight as theirs. EJ declares that as CEO, he has every right in making this decision and he can always call on his voting block if he has to. EJ says Li going to prison may be an open question but whether he has a job is not. EJ wishes Li luck in his future endeavors. EJ warns Li to let this be a lesson that you don’t cross a DiMera and get away with it. EJ then exits the room.

Gabi tells Wendy that she accepts her apology which surprises her. Wendy thanks her and gives her flowers as a peace offering. Wendy comes in and asks what happens now with Stefan. Wendy asks if he’s going to be deprogrammed. Gabi says they could do that but Stefan is no longer interested. Wendy questions what happened. Gabi explains that after getting over the initial hurdle of this nightmare and Stefan believing he was brainwashed, he said he understood how horrible everything had been and apologized for hurting her. Gabi then adds that Stefan also told her his feelings for Chloe are real, so she told him that they should find Dr. Rolf to undo what he did, so he could decide if he still loves her. Gabi says that Stefan agreed until they found out that Dr. Rolf has disappeared, so her only option left was Marlena. Gabi says she went to see Marlena yesterday and she knows she was dying, but she had no other choice. Wendy asks what she said but Gabi reveals that Brady wouldn’t let her in. Gabi calls that a huge mistake since if anyone believes in the power of love, it’s Marlena. Gabi says if Marlena could have helped, she would have, but now it’s too late. Gabi explains that she thought it was what she and Stefan both wanted so they could be together, but when he found out that she tried to see Marlena, he was repulsed and said he never wants to see her face again.

Nicole can’t believe Marlena is gone. Stefan states that it did happen stunningly fast and comments on the impact of her loss. Stefan says every paper across the globe has picked up her obituary and her impact reached beyond her patients to her colleagues and friends. Nicole brings up Marlena’s children as well, so Stefan asks if she’s thinking about Eric. Nicole assures that she is thinking about of Marlena’s children including Eric, Sami, Belle, and Brady. Stefan wonders what’s keeping EJ. Nicole asks if he’s not at the office. Stefan says he asked EJ to take care of something for him first. Nicole worries that can’t be good, but Stefan says it’s a very good thing because he asked EJ to fire Li Shin. Nicole questions that being on his order. Stefan argues that it’s the least EJ could do considering he knew that Li brainwashed him and didn’t say a word for months. Nicole questions EJ knowing about that. Stefan informs her that EJ came clean last night. Nicole claims she had no idea but Stefan says nice try. Stefan tells her that he’s heard she’s a gifted liar but her acting could use work. Stefan declares that Nicole was clearly faking surprise about EJ, just like she was pretending not to care exclusively about Eric. Nicole responds that she has to go to work and exits the mansion.

Eric puts his clothes back on. Sloan questions not having a round two. Eric says he’d love to but he can’t since his family needs to arrange Marlena’s services, so he has to go home and help. Sloan reminds Eric that if he needs to work through anything, she’s there for him. Eric says he’ll remember that and kisses her. Sloan tells him not to be a stranger as Eric then exits the apartment.

Gabi tells Wendy that it’s like Stefan doesn’t know her at all, like she’s a cruel and selfish person. Wendy encourages that Stefan didn’t mean what he said. Gabi blames the brainwashing and says if he would just get deprogrammed, he would still love her but he hates her so he’s never going to get deprogrammed, so she’s stuck. Wendy remarks that it’s too bad she can’t make him do it. Gabi asks how she would force him. Wendy points out that she said Stefan isn’t in his right mind, so if she could have a mentally ill person committed, there must be a way to convince Stefan to have the brainwashing reversed. Gabi asks if she means get a court order. Wendy says maybe the best strategy would be a full court press and get everyone who knows and loves Stefan to convince him that he has to do this, like an intervention. Wendy encourages making it all about how it would give him back control of his feelings and life. Wendy says after that, he would choose to be with Gabi. Gabi feels even if Stefan gave his consent, she’d still be stuck because Marlena is gone and Dr. Rolf is missing so they have nobody to fix the damage. Gabi declares that she’s completely out of moves. Wendy decides she’s imposed on her long enough and gathers her things. Gabi asks if there’s anything else. Wendy guesses she’s just a little surprised because she’s seen how hard Gabi fights for what she wants, so she never expected Gabi Hernandez to give up. Wendy then exits the house. Gabi remarks that she doesn’t have a choice.

Wendy goes to see Tripp and says she just came by to see how he’s doing after last night. Wendy notes his black eye. Tripp says it looks worse than it is. Wendy still can’t believe Johnny hit him. Tripp informs him that Johnny actually just came by to apologize. Wendy says that’s good because he can’t just go around punching people. Tripp points out that he took a swing first. Wendy understands that was because Johnny said horrible things about his mother. Tripp notes that Johnny apologized for that as well, saying he was upset about Marlena and lashed out at him. Tripp admits he didn’t like it, but he gets that Johnny just lost somebody that he really loved.

Chanel questions Allie asking if she’s still attracted to Johnny. Allie says it sounds like there’s still chemistry there. Chanel questions Allie and Alex looking pretty cozy together when she came home and asks if she’s not attracted to him. Allie responds that they were talking. Chanel remarks that she’s thinking Allie wanted to do more than that, considering she asked for another threesome.

Gabi sits alone, thinking back to what Wendy said to her. Gabi declares that Wendy is right that she can’t just sit back and accept this, so she has to do something and she will.

EJ comes home to the DiMera Mansion and informs Stefan that it’s done. Stefan asks how Li took it. EJ says Li made a lot of noise about how there’s no proof and his dad is chairman of the board. EJ assures that Stefan doesn’t have to worry about Li anymore and as soon as the paperwork is finished, they will be co-CEOs like it should’ve been all along. EJ declares that with the DiMera Brothers back in charge, the sky’s the limit. Stefan suggests getting champagne to celebrate. EJ says he just has to e-mail the paperwork to the lawyers and he’ll be right back. EJ heads upstairs while Stefan pulls a vial out of his pocket and looks back at the portrait of Stefano.

Allie questions Chanel throwing the threesome comment back in her face when she knows she didn’t mean that. Chanel says she sounded pretty serious to her. Allie argues that she was making a point while Chanel complains that she was airing their private business in front of Alex and making him uncomfortable. Chanel calls it mean that Allie made it sound like she’s unfulfilled in their relationship. Allie says Chanel is not going to turn this around on her when she’s the one who almost kissed Johnny. Chanel tries to argue that Allie brought Alex home while Allie clarifies that Alex took her home after seeing how upset she was about Marlena and not wanting her to be alone. Chanel asks why Allie can’t understand what happened to her. Allie argues that Johnny is her ex-husband. Chanel insists on the ex part while Allie complains about Chanel comforting him. Chanel asks if Allie ever thought that maybe she needs some comforting too since she was recently arrested for murder. Allie points out that the charges were dropped. Chanel informs her that it’s not over since Sloan is suing her and Paulina in civil court and has made it clear she’s not going to stop until she ruins their lives, so she’s kind of having a hard time right now. Allie asks if she’s not when she lost both her grandmothers right before walking in on her twin brother about to shove his tongue down her girlfriend’s throat. Allie declares that she doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. Chanel asks if she’s just going to walk away. Allie tells her that she has to go work on Marlena’s arrangements, so she’s going to get Henry and then they are out.

Wendy asks Tripp if there’s any news on his mom. Tripp informs her that he just spoke to her doctors and they asked him to stay away because they think seeing him might trigger Ava. Tripp says he feels so helpless since he can’t go see his mom and he could’ve gone with his siblings and Steve to talk to the priest about Kayla’s service but that didn’t feel right. Wendy asks about him being close to Kayla. Tripp says she was like a second mom to him over the last few years, but at a time like this, he felt it was inappropriate to group himself in with Stephanie and Joey. Wendy is sure they wouldn’t mind. Tripp says he just doesn’t want to intrude. Tripp admits he doesn’t know what to do with himself and he’s lost. Wendy tells him that’s okay because there is no road map with grief and illness. Tripp asks how to find the way out of it. Wendy is not sure you ever do completely, but she thinks in time it gets better. Tripp asks what he should do for now. Wendy instructs him to stay calm, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and eventually, he will end up exactly where he belongs.

Nicole runs in to Eric outside the Brady Pub. Nicole tells him that she just heard about his mother and she’s so sorry. Eric thanks her. Nicole calls it such a terrible loss that is senseless and shocking. Nicole says she can’t imagine what he’s feeling. Eric responds that right now, he feels numb. Nicole says that makes sense. Eric says he has to get inside. Nicole starts to say something but says never mind. Eric tells her to just say it. Nicole then asks if it would be okay if she gave him a hug. Eric says of course. Nicole asks if he’s sure. Eric says yes, so Nicole hugs him. Sloan then approaches and says she didn’t mean to interrupt. Eric asks her if everything is okay. Sloan says everything is fine and reveals that Eric just left his phone in her bed, which annoys Nicole.

Johnny goes to Allie and Chanel’s apartment. Chanel answers the door and tells him that now is not a good time. Chanel adds that until everything settles down, they should probably stay away from each other. Johnny clarifies that he came to see Wendy. Chanel tells him that she’s sorry but Wendy isn’t there. Johnny asks where she is. Chanel says Wendy left pretty early, but she’s not sure where she went.

Wendy offers to get Tripp ice for his eye and says she’s just glad that Johnny apologized, noting that she’s also on a bit of an apology tour with Gabi. Tripp asks how that went. Wendy says she first thought Gabi was going to shut the door in her face, but then she heard her out and forgave her. Wendy wishes she could help Gabi with Stefan but he refuses to undo the brainwashing. Tripp asks why. Wendy says it’s a long story but even if Gabi could convince Stefan to do it, there’s no one that can undo it, so she’s stuck with him hating her. Tripp says that sucks. Wendy feels bad that there’s nothing Gabi can do…

Stefan opens the vial from his pocket and slips it into the drink he’s making EJ. Gabi sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion behind him. Stefan remarks that he hopes EJ enjoys his drink because after this, his judgment will become so impaired that the DiMera Board will have no choice but to remove him and he cannot wait. Gabi then grabs a nearby statue and uses it to hit Stefan in the back of the head, knocking him out.

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Days Update Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Alex sits alone in the town square, drinking a beer. He looks through pictures of he and Stephanie on his phone, then decides to call her.

Stephanie pours a glass of wine at home when she gets Alex’s call, but chooses to ignore it.

Eric drinks at the Brady Pub while in tears, wondering what he’s going to do without Marlena as he finishes his 5th shot.

Johnny finds Chanel sitting in the park and joins her on the bench. Johnny starts to ask her a question but he gets a breaking news report on his phone about Marlena, which he says makes it pretty real. Chanel says she will fall apart when she loses her grandma, while noting that Johnny lost Marlena, Kate, and Kayla plus Susan. Chanel holds his hand to comfort him while Johnny wonders when does it end. Chanel brings up that Johnny was going to ask her something. Johnny says she never told him what happened with her and Allie after he left. Chanel points out that he found her sitting here alone, so that should tell him everything he needs to know.

Abe goes to the hospital and runs in to Allie. Abe hugs her and says he’s so sorry for her loss. Allie says she’s sorry for his too as Marlena meant so much to so many people. Allie calls this day the worst. Abe asks if she wants to sit and talk but Allie doesn’t think anything she would say would make sense, so she’s going to take a walk and clear her head. Abe tells her to do what she needs to do. Abe asks if John is still at the hospital. Allie informs him that he is on the roof which is where Marlena died, so she thinks he could really use an old friend right now which Abe agrees with.

Marlena sees the white light and her spirit leaves her body.

John returns to the hospital rooftop and says he knows Marlena will be in Heaven, looking out for all of them.

Marlena enters the gates of Heaven which then shut behind her. Marlena wonders aloud where she is as she looks around.

Alex leaves a message for Stephanie, saying he knows he has no right to be asking anything of her but he asks her to try giving him a chance to make this up to her. Alex says they had something great going and he doesn’t want to give up on that as he then hangs up.

Stephanie gets the news alert on her phone that Marlena has died and then sees a voicemail from Alex, but Paulina shows up at her door. Paulina doesn’t know how many terrible things could happen to one family in a short time, so she wanted to tell her in person how sorry she is and she brought her dinner. Stephanie thanks her. Paulina feels it’s the least she could do since Stephanie had been there for her when she needed help. Paulina adds that it’s not the only reason she came and declares that she needs Stephanie’s connections now more than ever.

Eric goes to Sloan’s apartment. Sloan remarks that at least he didn’t bring the kid with him this time. Eric responds that Rachel’s situation seems to be the only thing in his family that is under control right now. Sloan asks what that means. Eric then reveals that his mother died today.

Marlena says she doesn’t understand what is happening as the last thing she remembers is being on the roof with John. Marlena starts calling out for John, asking if he is there, but she is instead greeted by Susan Banks, who says John isn’t there but not to worry because she is.

Stephanie asks Paulina if this is a political problem because she can’t change her mind now that the new Governor has been sworn in. Paulina assures that she hasn’t changed her mind as she is staying in Salem, but she’s at war and for Chanel’s sake, she cannot lose.

Chanel tells Johnny that she told Allie that she only went to the hospital to check on her. Johnny guesses that didn’t make much of a difference. Chanel says that Allie can’t get over walking in on them. Johnny argues that his grandmother was about to die and that’s why she had her arms around him. Chanel admits it was a little more than that. Johnny says to let Allie be mad at him for it but Chanel acknowledges that it was both of them. Johnny argues that Chanel tried to comfort him and he tried to turn that into a kiss.

Alex gets up from his table in the town square and sees Allie walking through. Alex tells her that he just heard about Marlena and he’s so sorry. Alex adds that if she’s looking for Chanel, she’s not there. Allie responds that it doesn’t matter which Alex questions. Alex argues that Allie can’t be alone right now and she doesn’t look okay. Allie admits she’s the farthest thing from okay right now. Alex decides to take her home.

Abe joins John on the rooftop of the hospital. John asks how he found him. Abe mentions running in to Allie at the nurse’s station. John explains that they were just sitting and looking at family photos. Abe realizes that’s what the projector was for. John tells him that Marlena wanted him to take her home, so he thought this was a compromise to try to make her happy. Abe encourages that he did. John knows Marlena is up there now, looking down on him and wanting him to be strong. John declares that he is never getting past this.

Marlena is excited to see Susan, thinking this means she is alive and well but Susan clarifies that she is not so much alive.

Sloan tells Eric that she’s so sorry as she knows what it feels like to lose a mother. Eric argues that this didn’t have to happen. Sloan asks if the doctors or the hospital screwed up her care. Eric says no and assures they did everything they could. Eric says it was a virus and it was too strong while they couldn’t find the cure to fix it. Sloan asks if Eric came over to tell her that Marlena died instead of being with his family right now. Eric responds that with family is the last place he wants to be right now. Sloan asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want to be with someone that he cares about. Eric says he cares about her. Sloan says she meant someone he loves and they both agreed they weren’t doing that. Eric argues that he’s not asking for a shoulder to cry on. Sloan asks what he wants then. Eric responds by kissing her.

Paulina explains to Stephanie that she thought she and Chanel had made short work of Chanel after the London cops decided not to press charges, but now Sloan is suing them both for wrongful death in civil court. Paulina worries that Sloan could take her to the cleaners and Chanel could lose the Bakery. Stephanie doesn’t see how she can help. Paulina wants someone on the inside to know Sloan’s strategy. Stephanie asks if she wants her to be that person. Paulina reveals she was actually thinking of her boyfriend, Alex, pointing out that he saved them once by stealing the file from Sloan. Paulina says they need him again. Stephanie says she’d like to help but responds that she can’t do that. Paulina questions what the problem is but Stephanie informs her that she and Alex split up.

Alex brings Allie home to her apartment and offers to stick around if she doesn’t want to be alone. Allie doesn’t know what she wants or where she was going. Alex questions why Chanel isn’t home if the Bakery is closed. Allie responds that she doesn’t know where Chanel is and she may be with Johnny, which Alex questions. Allie asks if he wants a beer and says that sounds really good right now. Alex cannot believe Marlena is really gone and says she was like an institution, always helping people. Allie says she sure helped her. Allie says Marlena was so strong that she really thought she would make it through this. Alex suggests Allie slow down on the beer because she doesn’t need a hangover. Allie responds that what she needs is her grandmother. Alex says he’s going to call Chanel but Allie asks him not to do that. Alex questions if there is something going on with them. Allie states that it’s what’s going on with Chanel and Johnny that scares her.

Johnny tells Chanel that he’s going to go find Allie to talk some sense in to her. Chanel stops him and says talking to Allie is her job. Johnny suggests letting Allie vent to him and then she’ll be calmed down by the time Chanel gets home. Chanel feels they are both grieving over Marlena and too raw, so it will only make things worse. Chanel declares that it has to be her. Johnny guesses it’s her call. Chanel wants to give Allie a little more time, so she and Johnny sit back down on the park bench. Johnny asks if she thought about what he said about wanting to kiss her.

Marlena questions if Susan is saying she’s really dead. Susan reminds her of the explosion and says she got her body back as soon as she showed up here. Marlena asks if this means she is dead too. Susan says she’s afraid so and explains that without the orchid, they couldn’t do a thing to bring her back to life along with Kate and Kayla. Marlena asks where Kate and Kayla are.

Eric asks Sloan if he’s pushing her in to something she doesn’t want. Sloan says she must be losing her touch if he thinks that’s possible as they continue kissing.

Johnny states that Chanel was trying to be there for him and he tried to come onto her. Chanel responds that she didn’t take him seriously since he had just finished telling her about how great Wendy is. Johnny thinks he just screwed that up too since he ran in to Wendy and she was with Tripp. Johnny says he picked a fight with Tripp. Chanel asks how bad it was. Johnny says Tripp tried to punch him, but he decked him. Chanel asks what it was about. Johnny says it was Tripp’s lunatic mother, Ava Vitali, who caused the explosion that killed his other grandmother, Susan. Johnny adds that Wendy was not impressed with his behavior and he doesn’t blame her. Chanel understands he’s mad at the world right now. Johnny says that Chanel is being great about it. Johnny apologizes for making a pass at her and promises he won’t do it again.

Allie informs Alex that she got off the elevator and saw Chanel and Johnny about to kiss. Alex points out that they were about to, so they didn’t actually kiss. Allie says that’s only because she showed up and if she was ten seconds later, he would’ve been all over her. Alex asks what she did. Allie says she didn’t have time to do anything because Sarah showed up and told her about Marlena. Alex suggests that Chanel could’ve been just trying to comfort Johnny but Allie argues that Chanel and Johnny are crazy about each other. Allie brings up that they were married and probably still would be if Johnny didn’t get possessed by The Devil. Allie points out that’s the only reason that she and Chanel even got together, and Chanel took forever to choose between them. Alex encourages that Chanel did choose Allie and is sticking with her. Allie questions why he’s taking their side. Alex assures that he’s on her side. Alex says what she saw today could be right or she could be wrong. Alex suggests Allie should just try trusting them and notes that he’s talking from experience. Allie asks if he’s having problems with Stephanie. Alex responds that Stephanie is having major problems with him, but it’s his own damn fault.

Paulina asks Stephanie about her and Alex being on the outs. Stephanie assures that it’s over. Paulina asks if he cheated on her. Stephanie wishes it was that as she’s dealt with that before, but says this is worse. Paulina questions what could be worse than a man who cheats. Stephanie explains that her mother died and because of Alex, she wasn’t there. Paulina says she will have to tell her more. Stephanie informs her that Chad found out about Kayla and tried to call her to let her know, but she was out of the room and Alex was near her phone and saw Chad was calling, so he turned off her phone without telling her. Stephanie calls it the worst thing anyone has ever done to her. Stephanie says she was starting to think she and Alex had a future, but that’s over now and he’s dead to her.

John asks Abe if Orpheus is enjoying his triumph now. Abe calls him a monster. John says it should’ve been him, but Orpheus went after the women they love. Abe says he knew it would hurt more. John complains that the Devil himself went after Marlena twice and she survived that, but Orpheus got her. Abe encourages that Marlena was so strong to the end. Abe says the incredible love they had for each other is not gone and will last forever. John knows he’s right but cries that they beat all the odds together, so he questions how to leave without her. John asks Abe how he went home to an empty bed when Lexie died as Abe hugs him.

Marlena wants to know where Kate and Kayla are. Susan laughs off the idea of Kate making it to Heaven after she broke all the ten commandments. Marlena argues that Kate was a great friend to her and underneath it all, was a good person. Susan remarks that Kate was not like Marlena and Kayla. Marlena asks where Kayla is then.

Sloan and Eric lay in bed together after having sex. Sloan asks if that helped or made him feel more alone. Sloan apologizes if he felt like she was pushing him away as she just got tense when he spoke about his mother because it brings up a lot of memories of her own mom. Eric apologizes if he made her feel like he was using her. Sloan understands that he needed her and she’s not really used to people needing her. Eric suggests talking to her could help him understand how to get through it. Sloan doesn’t think he seems like the vengeful time. Sloan talks about hitting a bump in her road with the courts in London, but she’s not giving up. Sloan declares that Chanel and Paulina will not get away with what they took from her as there are other ways to make them pay.

Chanel decides that she’s given Allie enough time, so she better go see how she’s doing. Johnny encourages that Allie loves her and will come around. Chanel hugs him and thanks him for trying to make her feel better. Johnny points out that Allie could come walking through any minute and see them. Chanel responds that she will risk it because Johnny is a special person and she’s so sorry that he’s hurting.

Alex tells Allie about turning off Stephanie’s phone so she wasn’t able to be there when Kayla died. Alex tells her to go ahead and call him a selfish idiot who is getting exactly what he deserves. Allie thinks that might be overdramatic. Allie understands that if it was Steve or anyone else in the family calling, he wouldn’t have turned off the phone while he thought Chad was butting in again. Allie states that Alex misjudged the situation and messed up but if she were Stephanie, she’d be pissed but they would work through it because he would never deliberately keep Stephanie from being at her mother’s bedside. Allie declares that Alex made a stupid mistake but that he should be forgiven.

Paulina can’t believe Stephanie didn’t know her mom was dying and assures that she’s not overreacting. Paulina argues that Stephanie’s phone is none of Alex’s business and he kept her from seeing her mother for the last time. Stephanie thanks her for the backup as she sometimes thinks maybe she was too angry. Paulina encourages that she doesn’t need a man sneaking around, trying to arrange her life how he wants, when she has so much to offer. Stephanie thanks her but says she still can’t get Alex to help with Sloan, so she hopes Paulina can find another way to get Sloan out of her life. Paulina says she’s not letting Stephanie off the hook that easy since she’s helped her before. Paulina suggests bringing Chad on board since he’s smart and not bad to look at either. Paulina adds that Alex would probably think she’s doing it to get to him. Stephanie responds that she could care less what Alex thinks.

Susan tries to avoid Marlena’s question but she insists on trying to find Kayla. Susan looks through the list but doesn’t find Kayla’s name. Susan checks under Brady and notes that Bo’s name is there with an asterisk next to it and doesn’t know what that means. Susan reveals that she doesn’t see Kayla’s name at all…

Stephanie tells Paulina that she will start thinking about how to spin this and will give her a call. Paulina encourages her to take time to grieve but to get ready for war too. Paulina says Sloan made her daughter a target. Stephanie relates that Kayla would’ve done the same for any of them. Paulina encourages that they will have wine one night where Stephanie can tell her all about Kayla. Paulina tells Stephanie not to focus on not saying goodbye because she’ll never escape the pain. Paulina assures that they were past words and that Kayla knew how much Stephanie loved her. Paulina urges her to think about the good times and that Kayla will never be far away. They hug and then Paulina exits as Stephanie holds back tears.

Alex tells Allie that she actually managed to give him some hope that maybe Stephanie will come around. Alex calls her the only one so far to have his back. Chanel then comes home and asks what Alex is doing there. Allie says after Alex heard about Marlena, he was nice enough to offer her a shoulder to cry on like Chanel did for Johnny.

Abe encourages John that he has his children and grandchildren that need him and that’s what will make him go on. John tells him to just keep reminding him of that. Abe invites John to come stay with he and Paulina tonight but John says that will just postpone the inevitable. John feels he needs to be home where he can feel Marlena’s presence. John knows it will be hard but insists that’s what he needs right now.

Marlena doesn’t know why Kayla is not on the list. Susan suggests her paperwork hasn’t come through yet and talks about how long she had to wait to talk to Elvis. Susan insists that Kayla is around somewhere. Susan tells Marlena that she is here to help her make the transition to the other side.

Eric tells Sloan that one of the things he learned as a priest is that the hunger for revenge is not a natural instinct, but more of an obsession. Sloan asks if anything makes it go away. Eric responds that he has one idea and kisses her.

Stephanie starts working on strategies to help Paulina. She then plays Alex’s voicemail from earlier while looking upset.

Alex decides he will take off now that Chanel is back but Allie stops him and suggests they could have another threesome since she feels life is getting boring for Chanel. Chanel argues that’s not true and tells her not to put Alex in the middle of this. Allie says it’s been a long and awful day for her, so she’s going to try to get some sleep in her son Henry’s room.

Abe joins Paulina in the town square. Paulina asks how John is doing. Abe responds that he’s going to be a in a bad place for a long time because Marlena was his life.

Marlena asks about the transition. Susan explains that it’s hard for folks to accept they are really gone and to let go of their loved ones. Susan talks about having to accept that she would never see EJ again, so she knows it won’t be easy for Marlena to let go of John.

John remains on the rooftop. He picks up the remote and turns off the slideshow of photos of he and Marlena.

Marlena tells Susan that John kept telling her that she was going to pull through, so he must be in so much pain. Susan assures that he is crushed but he has the rest of his family and friends. Marlena starts to cry about her children. Susan tells Marlena that she’s been through enough for one day and needs to rest. Marlena says she can’t rest with so many questions. Susan directs Marlena through another set of doors to go rest. Afterwards, Susan removes her glasses and is revealed to be possessed by The Devil, who then begins laughing.

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Days Update Monday, January 23, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Wendy sits in the town square and sends a text message to Johnny, asking how Marlena is doing and tells him that she’s there for him if there’s anything she can do.

At the hospital, Johnny tells Chanel that the slideshow of John and Marlena really got to him. Johnny talks about how long they’ve been together and all they have been through, like the Days of their Lives was a movie. Johnny notes that they were together before he was even born, but ever since he could remember, they were so solid even after everything they went through. Johnny says there was never any doubt between them that they were with the person they wanted to be with. Johnny compares John and Marlena to famous movies, saying they always had the connection no matter what was going on around them. Johnny mentions always thinking that he would find someone where the first time he fell in love would be the last, but now it’s the end.

Eric prays in the chapel with Will and Belle, asking God to save Marlena.

Sarah goes to check on Marlena but finds she is gone from her hospital room. Sarah pulls out her phone and makes a call, questioning why Marlena was moved.

John holds Marlena on the rooftop as they watch the slideshow of their photos. John says they have had a lifetime of wonderful memories. John then calls out to Marlena as she passes out in his arms. John then starts to cry.

Chanel puts her hand on Johnny’s face and they almost kiss before Allie arrives and questions what the hell is going on here.

Sonny goes to the chapel and announces they can visit Marlena, but only two at a time. Will tells Eric and Belle that they should go so they exit. Sonny asks Will how he’s doing. Will admits he’s not great. Sonny says he’s sorry and hugs him.

Allie asks again what the hell is going on here. Chanel explains that Johnny was just really upset about Marlena. Johnny mentions that Marlena is up on the roof with John.

John tries telling Marlena that she’s going to be okay and he’s going to get her some help.

Sonny offers to pray with Will, encouraging that God knows how he feels and that he loves Marlena. Will recalls when he and Sonny first got together and how he was scared of his feelings while the only person he could talk to honestly about it, was his grandmother Marlena, who told him to fight for Sonny. Sonny holds his hand and says thank God that she did. Will then gets a call from work. Sonny says he should answer it, pointing out that Marlena wouldn’t want him to put his entire life on hold. Will answers the call and asks if they are kidding.

Wendy runs in to Tripp in the town square. She asks if he saw his mom. Tripp confirms that he did. Wendy asks how it went. Tripp calls it a nightmare.

Chanel explains to Allie that Johnny found pictures of John and Marlena to put together in a slideshow and they set it up on the roof. Johnny adds that Marlena didn’t want to die in a hospital bed.

Eric and Belle go to Marlena’s hospital room. Belle starts to panic when she sees Marlena is not there but Sarah tells her it’s alright. Sarah says on the phone that she needs to know who authorized the move and why she was not consulted. Sarah informs Eric and Belle that Marlena has been moved and she doesn’t know why. Sarah tells them not to worry as if there was a change in her condition, she would’ve been told. Eric questions not knowing where she is. John then wheels Marlena back in and tells them that Marlena needs help right now.

Will says he understands and ends his phone call. Sonny says it sounded like good news. Will informs Sonny that the project he’s been working on got the green light. Sonny exclaims that’s wonderful and hugs him. Sonny then asks if it’s not wonderful. Will then reveals that they want him on set now and the set is in New Zealand. Will says he will call his agent to cancel. Sonny knows the timing sucks but repeats that Marlena wouldn’t want him to pass this up. Will wants to stay in Salem until he figures out what is going on with her. Sonny suggests he call his agent to tell him what’s going on with Marlena, but not to say he’s not going. Will then states that it’s not just Marlena, but he can’t go because of them.

Wendy and Tripp sit together in the town square. Wendy gives him some calming tea and asks more about what happened with Ava since he looks pretty upset. Tripp informs her that Ava was hallucinating the whole time. Wendy says she’s sorry as that must have been rough. Tripp adds that she didn’t even recognize him and thought he was his dead brother, Charlie.

Johnny mentions giving Rafe a statement so he can arrest Kristen for what she did to Marlena. Allie responds that she already knew and asks if he wants a medal. Allie sarcastically calls him brave for standing up to the DiMeras. Chanel tells Allie that Johnny is upset about Marlena, just like she is. Allie says she doesn’t need her to explain her brother to her. Allie adds that it’s not about Marlena but about what she just walked in on. Johnny questions what that means. Allie declares that it’s a little hard to believe that Johnny is grief-stricken when she just saw him coming on to her girlfriend.

Eric questions John taking Marlena up to the roof. John explains that Marlena didn’t want to be in the room anymore and she wanted to go home, but he couldn’t take her from the hospital so he took her to the roof. John cries that maybe it was too much. Belle encourages that he did the right thing. John adds that Marlena wanted to go home and be in her own bed. Sarah then announces that she’s sorry, but Marlena is gone. Belle says she can’t do this and rushes out of the room. John tells Eric that he needs to be with Belle. John asks Eric not to leave Marlena alone as he goes after Belle. Sarah asks Eric if he wants her to tell the rest of the family. Sarah says she’s so sorry as she exits the room while Eric sits at Marlena’s side and holds her hand and cries.

Wendy questions Tripp saying that Ava thought he was his dead brother, Charlie. Tripp explains that he was his half-brother as they didn’t grow up together and he only met him recently. Tripp adds that Charlie did some very bad things. Wendy responds that she has a brother like that. Tripp states that Li hasn’t done anything close to what Charlie did. Tripp calls Charlie a lost soul. Tripp thinks that Charlie had so much pain inside that he had to inflict it on others. Wendy asks what he did. Tripp notes that he hurt a lot of people, worst of all being what he did to Allie.

Johnny tells Allie that they are all really upset and not thinking straight. Allie says she knows what she saw. Johnny argues that he was about to fall apart and Chanel was just trying to comfort him. Allie doesn’t want to hear Johnny’s twist and questions if Chanel is going to lie to her. Sarah then approaches. Allie asks if it’s Marlena.

Eric remains at Marlena’s side and cries that none of this makes any sense to him. Eric says he listened to other peoples’ problems in their lives, while Marlena was the only person he could count on to listen to him. Eric notes that Marlena always knew his faith was strong even when life was hard, until now. Eric states that he asked God to spare Marlena’s life, but he stopped listening. Eric then breaks down crying over Marlena and says he’s never needed someone to talk to more than right now but she’s gone.

Sonny asks Will to explain things. Will says that if Marlena gets better and then he goes, he and Sonny will be apart for at least six months with a sixteen hour flight so they will never have time to see each other. Sonny argues that he put so much time and effort into this movie. Will acknowledges that he might not get another chance. Will talks about their fight on Christmas and how it didn’t feel like them which scared him. Sonny understands it scared him that he befriended Leo Stark. Sonny admits that Will was right and he was wrong about Leo changing. Sonny encourages that this movie is Will’s dream come true, so if he holds him back, he won’t be himself anymore.

Tripp tells Wendy that Charlie had a gift for getting under peoples’ skin. Tripp states that Charlie made Ava feel like everything he did was her fault and that she loved Tripp more than him. Tripp says Ava’s guilt made her think that he was Charlie. Wendy says that’s awful. Tripp talks about how Ava started seeing Charlie after her first breakdown like a devil on her shoulder. Tripp hoped the meds would make the hallucinations go away, but right when he walked in, she immediately started screaming and blaming him for all the horrible things she had done. Tripp says he tried to get through to her so she could see it was him, but he couldn’t, so he had to watch them restrain and sedate Ava, and then drag her away after she begged him to stop them. Wendy encourages that Ava didn’t know it was him. Tripp wonders if part of her did. Tripp worries that maybe Ava hates him for leaving her in that place alone in a nightmare with Charlie. Wendy then hugs Tripp.

Sarah hugs Allie as she cries and tells her she’s so sorry. Johnny decides he needs some air and exits the hospital.

John brings Belle back to Marlena’s hospital room. Belle checks on Eric and they both admit they are not okay. Eric decides he will give Belle some alone time with Marlena. Eric says he loves her, hugs Belle and John, then exits the room. Belle sits at Marlena’s side and says she loves her too, as does everybody. Belle adds that they respect and admire her. Belle cries about being proud to be her daughter. Belle recalls when Marlena was in a coma and she had to fight to honor her wishes to not keep her on the ventilator, but then it was Hattie. Belle wishes it was Hattie now and that someone would tell her this is not her mom. Belle recalls when they were little and would play hide and seek. Belle cries about being a grown woman but feeling now like a scared little girl. Belle wishes this was a game where she could find her. Belle breaks down crying over Marlena. John tries to comfort her as Belle cries that she can’t lose her. Belle decides that she will let John say goodbye and she’ll be outside if he needs her. John responds that they are all going to need each other right now. They say they love each other as Belle then exits the room.

Johnny walks through the town square and finds Wendy with Tripp. Wendy asks how Marlena is. Johnny reveals that she just died. Wendy gets up and hugs him, saying she’s so sorry. Tripp adds that he’s sorry too but Johnny tells him to save his sorry as he just lost his grandmother. Wendy points out that Tripp also lost his stepmother. Tripp says he knows what he’s going through since Orpheus killed Kayla too. Johnny blames Tripp’s lunatic mother for killing his other grandmother, Susan. Tripp says he can’t defend what Ava did, but says she’s mentally ill. Johnny laughs that off as convenient. Johnny says Ava led him to believe she was a good person but she was just leading him on to get what she wanted and now that she’s going to pay for what she did, she’s suddenly Norma Bates. Tripp warns Johnny to watch it. Johnny tells Tripp that his mother is a homicidal, lunatic bitch. Tripp tries to hit him but Johnny blocks it and punches Tripp down. Wendy yells at Johnny. Johnny says he started it and storms off as Wendy checks on Tripp.

Belle comes from Marlena’s room and hugs Allie. Allie asks how John is. Belle responds that he’s with Marlena now, saying goodbye. Allie says she’s never seen anyone love anyone like John loved Marlena. Belle offers to call Sami. Allie asks her to do so since she knows Sami was going to try to be strong for her and she doesn’t want that for her right now. Belle says she will give Sami her love and walks away to make the call. Allie tells Chanel to go as she really needs to go find Will, so she’ll just see her later. Allie then walks away.

Will tells Sonny that he doesn’t want to talk about this right now. Sonny agrees to not until they know how Marlena is doing. Will brings up being apart from Sonny for that long. Sonny reminds him that he didn’t want to talk about it now, so he suggests they wait as now is not the time. Will says he loves him and they hug. Allie then enters the chapel and hugs Will as they break down crying.

Belle finds Eric at the hospital in tears. Belle mentions that she just left a message for Sami to call her back. Belle suggests they go to the chapel to say one more prayer. Eric tells Belle to go because God is not listening to him anymore. Eric then gets up and walks away.

John sits with Marlena and says this is so wrong as she was the strong one who could go on, while he’s not so sure about himself. John brings up when they first met and how he didn’t know who he was but Marlena saw the man he was and the man he could be again. John says their first kiss changed everything because it was the first time that he knew who he was. John talks about falling in love with her and trusting her. John declares that he will always loves her and kisses her. John says from their first kiss to their last, their love story begins. A montage of John and Marlena’s life together plays. John then tells Marlena that their story isn’t over yet and cries that one day they will be together again as he says he loves her.

Wendy helps Tripp up and asks if he’s alright. Tripp says he’s fine. Wendy knows Johnny was upset but argues that he had no right to say those things about Tripp’s mother. Tripp thanks Wendy for being there for him. Wendy says that’s what friends are for.

Johnny finds Chanel sitting in the park and joins her on the bench.

Belle joins Allie with Sonny and Will in the chapel. Belle tells Sonny that Marlena loved him like a son. Sonny says they were just talking about how Marlena was always on their side. Will suggests saying a prayer. Allie asks where Eric is.

Eric goes to the Brady Pub and starts drinking. He takes a shot and then orders another.

Sarah returns to Marlena’s hospital room as John exits. Sarah then turns out the lights and leaves the room. Marlena then sees the white light and her spirit leaves her body.

John returns to the hospital rooftop and says he knows Marlena will be in Heaven, looking out for all of them.

Marlena enters the gates of Heaven.

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Days Update Friday, January 20, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

EJ sits at the chess table in the living room of the DiMera Mansion when Stefan and Chloe enter. Stefan notes that EJ didn’t come for dinner so he thought he was out. EJ explains that he was dealing with some unwanted guests in Rafe and Jada. Stefan mentions that they were there before, looking for Kristen. Chloe notes the good news that they have an arrest warrant. EJ points out that they can’t find her and were hoping he could help out, but he couldn’t. EJ adds that while they were there, Rafe got a call from Brady so the police should be closing in on Kristen as they speak.

Rafe finishes reading Kristen her rights as he and Jada arrest her. Kristen calls it ridiculous because she didn’t murder anyone. Rafe points out that she did withhold a life saving treatment from two women who are now dead while Marlena is hanging by a thread. Kristen claims not to know anything about the treatment but Brady tells her to give up the act because they know the truth. Kristen questions what he’s talking about. Rafe reveals they have a recording of her confession. Kristen accuses him of bluffing and says this isn’t going to work. Rafe says they can talk about that at the police station. Kristen continues to complain as they escort her out while Brady states that Kristen is getting what she deserves.

Johnny goes to the hospital while on the phone with Steve. Johnny hopes that Rafe is closing in on Kristen as they speak. Johnny tells Steve not to thank him as it kills him that none of this will bring Kayla back. Johnny says he will call him if he finds out anymore. Johnny then hangs up as Chanel approaches and asks about Marlena. Johnny says he was about to check on her and asks if she came to see Allie. Chanel figured Allie could use the moral support and guesses it’s really bad which Johnny confirms.

John tells Marlena that he can’t take her home in her condition. Marlena cries that she doesn’t want to die here. John encourages her not to talk like that. Marlena says they both know they’ve done everything they can and nothing is working, so she just wants to be in her own bed. John assures that the doctors are buying her time until Steve and the ISA can find the damn orchid. Marlena feels there is no time now and they both know that. Marlena pleads with John to get her out of the hospital.

Chloe tells EJ about how she had Kristen cornered with the fireplace poker, so if Stefan hadn’t have stopped her, she could have had Kristen knocked out before Rafe even got there. EJ asks if she’s serious. Chloe assures that she is because there are two dead women and Marlena could be next. Stefan explains that Kristen refused to admit to that she made a deal with Brady the first time the women got sick which EJ questions. Chloe explains that Kristen forced Brady to break up with her or else she was going to let Marlena, Kate, and Kayla die, but now they got sick again and she claims to have no idea where the Orchid is. EJ wondered how she managed to reconcile with Brady. Chloe calls Kristen a monster who is using her own child as a weapon against Brady. Chloe complains that all Kristen does is cause misery and doesn’t take any responsibility for any of it. Stefan gets a text and says that’s about to change as he announces the breaking news that Kristen DiMera has been taken in to police custody.

Chanel asks Johnny if Rafe is going to arrest Kristen. Johnny confirms that as soon as he can track her down, he will. Chanel asks about Rafe wanting to Johnny to testify against her. Johnny says it’s to verify the conversation they had when she confessed to everything. Chanel calls that slick of Steve to bug the place but feels it puts Johnny in a tough position. Johnny argues that Kristen needs to be stopped since her withholding the cure is what led to Kate and Kayla’s death. Johnny admits he’s scared to death that Marlena might be next.

Marlena reminds John that he’s been through this before with Isabella. John states that she had enough time for him to take her back to Venice. Marlena says she’s not asking for Venice, just across town. John points out that there was nothing he could do for Isabella. Marlena feels her odds aren’t much better so she continues to beg John. John asks if she will settle for a compromise. Marlena asks what he’s thinking. John tells her that he will be right back and exits the room.

Chanel tells Johnny that she should go find Allie. Johnny says last he knew, she was in the chapel. Chanel then gets a text from Allie, saying she left the hospital as she didn’t want the babysitter putting Henry to sleep. Chanel guesses she will head back then but John comes out of Marlena’s room so Johnny asks about her. John tells him that if he has a minute, he could really use his help.

Brady finishes a call with Belle about keeping each other up to date on Kristen and Marlena. Brady tells her to let him know if anything changes at all as he then hangs up. Rachel comes out of her room and asks where Kristen is. Brady tells her that they have to talk. Rachel asks if she’s in trouble. Brady says no, but Kristen is in a bit of trouble. Brady points out that Kristen was going to take her on a trip and didn’t even ask him. Brady informs Rachel that her mom has done some seriously bad things which is why she had to move out. Brady adds that it now seems Kristen may have to go back to prison for a little while. Brady hugs Rachel and tells her it’s not her fault.

Rafe and Jada bring Kristen in to the interrogation room where they play the recording of Kristen’s confession. Kristen questions where they got that. Rafe says he got it and that’s all she needs to know. Kristen tries to claim it’s not her on the tape and it’s someone who sounds like her, so it won’t hold up as evidence. Rafe says it’s a nice try as they play the recording again. Jada adds that Johnny agreed to testify that the conversation took place between them. Kristen then demands to talk to her lawyer.

Chloe tries to look up Kristen’s mug shot. Stefan questions what possessed EJ to let Kristen move back in. EJ responds that she is family. EJ invites Stefan to a game of chess. Stefan points out that he doesn’t want to neglect his guest but Chloe says she’s actually ready to go home as it’s been quite a day and she’s pretty tired. Chloe tells them to enjoy their game. Chloe adds that she’s going to sleep so much better tonight as she exits the DiMera Mansion. EJ comments on Chloe and Kristen not getting along. Stefan reminds EJ that he used to be a chess champion. EJ then gets a call from Kristen. EJ says he heard she managed to get in to trouble. Kristen responds that she needs him to get her out of it by coming to the police station as her lawyer. EJ says he’s in the middle of something. Kristen warns him not to jerk her around and orders EJ to get to the station or else her next call will be to Stefan and she’s sure he’d love to hear how his own brother sold him out for control of DiMera Enterprises.

John returns to Marlena’s hospital room. She asks where he went. John says he just had to make a few arrangements and he luckily ran in to a guy who will set everything up so he can stay here. Marlena asks about his compromise. John tells her to let him surprise her. Marlena asks for a hint, so John tells her that she’s about to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Johnny and Chanel decorate on the rooftop of the hospital and set up with a Bluetooth projector while they talk about how Chanel talked a coffee shop in to letting them use their window. Johnny thanks her for helping. Chanel says it takes her mind off her own problems. Johnny thought she wasn’t having charges pressed against her. Chanel notes that hasn’t stopped Sloan Peterson from suing her and Paulina in civil court. Johnny tells her that he’s so sorry and he wishes he knew that. Chanel says it’s okay as there is nothing he can do. Johnny still wants to know what’s going on in her life. Johnny says just because they aren’t married anymore, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still care about you. Chanel asks him if Wendy is okay with them being friends. Johnny asks why she would ask about Wendy. Chanel asks if he and Wendy are a thing now.

Rachel tells Brady that she doesn’t want Kristen to go back to prison. Brady says he’s sorry but they can visit her. Rachel complains that it won’t be the same as they won’t be able to go places together and she won’t be able to read to her at night. Rachel argues that they were supposed to get married but Brady wouldn’t and now Kristen is gone. Brady tries to encourage that they will get through it like they did before but Rachel shouts that she doesn’t want him, she wants her mom. Brady calls out to her but Rachel tells him to leave her alone and runs back to her room. Chloe then shows up at the door.

Rafe brings food for he and Jada at the police station and tells her it’s for a job well done. Jada points out that it was Steve who got Kristen on tape. Rafe notes that Jada was the one who suggested Johnny verifying the conversation. They wonder about court. Rafe hopes that Melinda will understand Steve didn’t get a warrant because he was so worried about his wife. Jada mentions hearing that the DiMeras are experts at eluding justice. Rafe admits that’s right and bets Kristen is talking to EJ now about how to do exactly that.

Kristen asks how soon EJ can get there. EJ responds that he’d love to help her but the CEO of DiMera Enterprises can’t get involved in a murder investigation as it’s not a good look for the company. Kristen tells him not to play this crap with her. Kristen warns EJ to get her out tonight or she will blow him out of the water. EJ declares that his decision is final. Kristen responds that she will be giving Stefan a call then. EJ says there is no need to as Stefan is right here with him. EJ then puts Kristen on speaker phone and informs Stefan that Kristen has something she would like to tell him.

Johnny and Chanel continue decorating and setting up. Chanel points out that Johnny didn’t answer her question about him and Wendy. Johnny responds that there’s not much to tell as they technically aren’t even dating. Chanel guesses she got the wrong idea because they are always together. Johnny explains that they wanted people to think they were a couple as a cover while they were investigating Li Shin. Chanel asks what they thought Li was doing. Johnny informs her that Li was engaged to Gabi and they thought he might be doing something shady to keep Gabi from getting back with Stefan. Chanel recalls it all coming out at the wedding about the brainwashing. Chanel remarks that Li sure sounds like a creep which Johnny agrees with. Chanel asks where that leaves Johnny and Wendy now. Johnny guesses they decided they didn’t want to stop seeing each other and admits he really likes her. Chanel says that’s great and she’s happy for him. Johnny notes that they probably would’ve gone on their first date if Marlena hadn’t gotten sick. Chanel stands on a chair to hang some lights but ends up falling in to Johnny’s arms. They end up face to face and get close as Johnny asks if she’s okay.

Jada calls Steve and tells him that Kristen is in custody and it’s all thanks to him. Jada says they will make sure Kristen pays for what she did. Jada tells Steve to try to get some rest and hangs up. Rafe asks if Jada is okay. Jada says Steve sounds like a light went out inside of him. Rafe notes that Steve and Kayla fell in love when they were really young, so he doesn’t know if Steve will ever recover from losing her. Jada complains that it didn’t have to happen and questions how one woman could cause so much pain and suffering for so many people. Jada asks how Kristen lives with herself.

Brady tells Chloe that he’s happy to see her and asks what brings her by. Chloe mentions hearing that Kristen was arrested, so she couldn’t stop thinking about him and Rachel. Chloe asks how he’s doing. Brady responds that it’s been a day as he came home to find Kristen preparing to take Rachel away with her. Chloe is thankful that he stopped her. Brady admits it was really close. Chloe asks if Kristen knew she was being arrested and that’s why she was running. Brady explains that Kristen realized she didn’t have any more leverage over him and that he’d probably take Rachel from her, but she was very surprised to see Jada and Rafe show up. Chloe asks if Rachel was there when they took her away. Brady confirms she was in her room. Brady questions how to tell his little girl that her mother has done such terrible things that she may be in prison for the rest of her life. Chloe is sure Brady handled it well, but Brady says not well enough. Brady can’t believe this is happening to his little girl.

Kristen tells EJ that this is ridiculous and orders him to take her off speaker phone. EJ argues that she was so eager to tell Stefan everything, so this is her chance. Stefan questions what she’s telling him. Kristen doesn’t know what EJ is doing. EJ says he’s grown tired of Kristen’s games and she wanted Stefan to know the truth. Stefan tells them to stop screwing around and tell him what the hell is going on. Kristen responds that it’s nothing and that EJ is just acting like a child. EJ decides he will do it himself then. EJ then reveals to Stefan that what Kristen wanted to tell him is that he knew that Li had Dr. Rolf brainwash Stefan, and out of self-interest, he decided to keep that to himself. Kristen calls EJ an idiot. EJ tells Kristen that he won’t be her attorney and hangs up on her. Stefan questions EJ knowing that Li had him brainwashed. EJ clarifies that he knew after the fact while Kristen was in on it from the very beginning. EJ admits he did know for months. Stefan asks how he found out. EJ says after they pulled off their coup at the board meeting. Li pulled him aside and told him everything. EJ states that he was appalled, but then Li pointed out that if he set him straight, he might remember his love for Gabi and side against him. Stefan questions this being a business deal. EJ confirms it was for him while it was personal for Li. Stefan asks what Kristen got out of it. EJ tells him that he kept Chloe occupied and unavailable to Brady. Stefan questions EJ knowing what Li did and still making him his number two at DiMera. Stefan brings up EJ saying that Wei Shin questioned his mental capacity. EJ admits that was a lie as he had just assumed control of the company and he didn’t want that taken away from him. Stefan can’t believe it. EJ adds that Li and Kristen have been holding what he did over his head this entire time, but it’s over now and he’s glad, even if it means dealing with the consequences of his actions.

Chanel tells Johnny that she’s okay as they remain in each others’ arms until John wheels Marlena out and asks if everything is ready to go. Chanel and Johnny turn on their display which Marlena calls lovely. John says they did such an amazing job in a short time that he won’t forget it. Johnny gives John the remote to the projector and says it’s all ready to go. Chanel gives Marlena strawberries from the diner. Johnny kisses Marlena on the cheek and says anything for her as he loves her. Johnny hugs John and then leaves with Chanel. John tells Marlena that he knows it’s not the same as taking her home, but he thought if something happened, he could get her downstairs in a hurry. John and Marlena then kiss.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s so sorry he has to deal with all of this while Marlena is sick. Brady calls it a perfect storm and tells her about how they almost lost Marlena but the doctors brought her back. Chloe asks how she is now. Brady doesn’t know how much longer she can hang on as they need a cure. Chloe asks if he’s sure Kristen isn’t lying about the orchid being stolen. Brady says all he knows is that the orchid was not where she said it was. Brady feels powerless to do anything and feels a lot of guilt because he was supposed to save Marlena’s life by playing Kristen’s game. Brady feels he should’ve done something more but he didn’t. Chloe encourages that it’s not his fault. Brady points out that he hurt Chloe, allowed Kristen to control his daughter and forced them to live with her. Brady worries that if John loses Marlena, he won’t be able to go on and he doesn’t know how to live with himself if that happens. Chloe hugs Brady until Rachel storms back in and tells Chloe to get away from her dad.

John and Marlena sit together on the rooftop with the strawberries. Marlena asks about the remote. John explains that he had Johnny download some family pictures to his cloud so they could reminisce a little. Marlena calls that perfect as they view the photos on the projector, showing photos throughout Marlena’s life. Marlena asks how it went so fast while John wishes they could live it all over again. John holds Marlena as she cries.

Johnny and Chanel return down to the hospital. Johnny thanks her again for getting things set up on the roof and says he wouldn’t have been able to get done in time without her. Chanel says what John did was so sweet and that she sees where Johnny gets his romantic streak. Johnny says John and Marlena’s whole life has been one big long epic romance. Johnny says their breakups never lasted because they always figured out they couldn’t live without each other, but now they might have to. Chanel encourages that Marlena seemed to be hanging in there. Johnny feels that was for John’s benefit while he thought she looked so frail. Johnny says that he could see in her eyes that Marlena knows what’s coming. Johnny talks about always being able to go to Marlena when his parents drove him crazy, so he’s not ready to lose her.

Brady tells Rachel not to talk to Chloe like that as she’s done nothing wrong. Rachel responds that Kristen said she had to move out because of Chloe. Brady informs her that Kristen says a lot of things that are not true. Rachel accuses Chloe of telling on Kristen and that’s why the police came. Brady says the police came because Kristen broke the law. Chloe states that she would never do anything to hurt her. Rachel argues that Chloe ruined everything and shouts that she hates her. Brady tells Rachel to go to her room for a timeout. Rachel says he seems mad. Brady says they are going to get some things straight as Rachel heads back to her room.

Rafe and Jada return to Kristen in the interrogation room. Rafe asks if Kristen hired an attorney. Kristen says she hit a bit of a snag. Jada suggests a public defender but Kristen refuses. Rafe suggests she rethink that because he’s going to want a statement from her before he books her and takes her down to the holding cells. Jada adds that she might want to tell them what Li did to Stefan as well. Kristen asks if they are offering to cut her a deal if she rolls on Li. Rafe confirms it’s possible. Kristen wants murder charges off the table and total immunity. Rafe tells her to tell them what she knows about Li and then they will talk.

Stefan recalls when EJ first came to him and pitched the idea of them joining forces to hold on to the company. Stefan thought he finally had an ally in this pit of vipers and a sibling he could connect with. Stefan thought they made a great team but now he tells him that as soon as he got what he wanted, he stabbed him in the back. Stefan says that makes him king of the vipers. EJ explains that when they joined forces, he did not intend for that, but then Gabi made a run at controlling the company and he could not allow that to happen. EJ knows it’s a poor excuse for what he did. Stefan agrees and says they both know this wasn’t just about the company, but about EJ holding on to total control. Stefan argues that EJ owed him and hated it. EJ admits that and says he’s sincerely sorry for what he did while he has every right to be furious. Stefan assures that he is furious and the only reason he hasn’t knocked his ass out is that it wasn’t EJ’s idea to rewire his brain. Stefan asks if it’s true that EJ found out after the fact which he confirms. Stefan says that in EJ’s mind, he was doing what’s best for the company. Stefan remarks that he’s sure their father Stefano would’ve approved. EJ asks if this means they could work this out. Stefan asks if he means can he forgive him. Stefan looks up at the portrait of Stefano and declares that they can do that under one condition. Stefan is willing to put what EJ did behind him and move on if they go back to their original deal of them being co-CEOs. EJ acknowledges that Li Shin has become a liability, so he will terminate him in the morning and then he and Stefan will run DiMera together. Stefan declares they have a deal then and they shake hands. EJ says he will contact the board in the morning and thanks Stefan for being so reasonable about this. Stefan warns that he still doesn’t trust EJ and doesn’t think EJ trusts him, but he’s sure Stefano would be proud of what they are doing. EJ agrees and then exits the room. Stefan stands up and pours a drink. Stefan remarks that he was being upfront when he told EJ that he was playing chess against a champion. Stefan declares that he’s going to get EJ and he won’t see it coming.

Brady tells Chloe that he’s sorry about Rachel. Chloe notes that Rachel has made it very clear that she wants her nowhere near him. Brady says that’s not her call. Chloe says Rachel’s feelings are her feelings and wonders if it’s the universe saying they shouldn’t be together.

Kristen states that she’s not writing anything down until she consults an attorney. Rafe says that’s her choice but warns her to do whatever she can to get a lighter sentence, because they already got her for two murders and unless Marlena gets a miracle, it’s going to be three.

Chanel gets Johnny a water and tells him that he can cry because this is really sad. Johnny tells her that having her to talk to has really helped. Johnny says he’s glad he ran in to her today. Chanel tells him that no matter what went on between them, she will always be his friend. Johnny thanks her and says he could use a friend right now as they hug.

John and Marlena’s slideshow of photos continues. John says they have had a lifetime of wonderful memories. John then calls out to Marlena as she passes out in his arms.

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Days Update Thursday, January 19, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Rafe and Jada exit the DiMera Mansion. Jada asks Rafe if he thinks Stefan is telling the truth that he doesn’t know where his own sister is. Rafe points out that Stefan’s own sister had him brainwashed to smooth out her own love life, so he guesses if Stefan knew where she was, he’d draw them a map and Chloe would drive them there. Jada guesses they go back to the beginning and wonders where the hell she is. Rafe guesses he’s supposed to think like Kristen, but says he’d rather die.

Kristen asks Rachel if she wants to skip town with her and hit the road. Rachel asks why Brady can’t come with them. Kristen tries to compare it to when Rachel and her friend get mad at each other. Kristen says she and Brady need a little timeout, so Rachel is going to have to choose who she wants to be with.

Allie rushes into the chapel and informs Brady and John that Marlena has gone code blue. John rushes out.

Eric watches as Sarah and other doctors begin to work on Marlena. Eric asks what’s happening but Sarah says she needs him to get out, so he leaves the room.

Belle arrives at the hospital and tells Eric that she got there as fast as she could and asks how Marlena is. Eric responds that it’s not good as he hugs her and says he’s sorry.

John enters Marlena’s hospital room and asks what’s happening. Sarah tells John that he can’t be in here. John wants to know she’s going to make it. Sarah says she’s doing everything she can. Marlena flatlines, so Sarah calls to use the defibrillator.

Kristen tells Rachel that they don’t have much time, so she needs to make up her mind. Rachel asks if they will come back. Kristen says of course they will. Rachel asks if Brady is okay with it. Kristen claims that he is. Rachel asks if they will then stop fighting and be happy. Kristen promises that will be the case, so Rachel agrees to go with her. Kristen promises to do everything to make her happy. Rachel reminds her that she said they have to hurry. Kristen says they will hit the road and goes to leave the park but runs in to EJ, who questions her leaving so soon.

Sarah manages to revive Marlena to being stabilized. John tells her great job. Marlena wakes up and calls for John. John assures that he’s right there and she’s okay. John encourages that Marlena pulled through and is going to be fine.

Belle tells Eric that she knew she shouldn’t have stayed in South Africa this long. Eric understands Claire needed her. Belle talks about how much Claire loves Marlena. They talk about not knowing that Marlena would relapse. Belle cries that Claire missed what could’ve been Marlena’s last Christmas. Eric encourages that Sarah is doing everything she can and John is in with her. Belle asks if anyone has murdered Kristen yet because she’ll volunteer. Eric thinks John and Steve are in line ahead of her. Belle says that two women are dead and now Marlena is fighting for her life all because Kristen wanted to get her claws back in to Brady.

Allie sits with Brady in the chapel and recalls when they were little. They pray for help and faith. Brady brings up that Marlena did beat the Devil, so if anyone can get through this, she can. Brady gets a call from Rafe, so Allie decides to go check on Marlena and exits. Rafe asks Brady how Marlena is. Brady says she’s not great. Rafe informs Brady that he needs to know if he’s heard from Kristen. Brady says last he heard, she was at the DiMera Mansion. Rafe says they were just there and there was no sign of her. Brady questions why he’s looking for her. Rafe then reveals that he has a warrant for her arrest.

Rachel excitedly runs up and hugs EJ. EJ mentions being taken aback to see them together. Kristen claims she’s just a mom taking her daughter to the park. EJ asks Rachel if he can speak with Kristen, so they step aside. EJ reminds Kristen that Brady has sole custody and wouldn’t want Rachel’s deranged mother anywhere near her. Kristen tells EJ to can it. Kristen argues that she has every right to see her daughter. Rachel reminds Kristen that she said they had to hurry. Kristen tells EJ that it’s always fun chatting with him. EJ questions where they are going now. Kristen tries to cover but Rachel tells EJ that they are skipping town because Kristen and Brady need a timeout.

Allie hugs Belle and says she’s so glad she made it. Belle says that Shawn had Victor send the Titan jet. Will joins them and hugs Belle, noting that Marlena will be really happy to see her. Belle only wishes she got there sooner. Will mentions that he ran in to Sarah and she said that they got Marlena stabilized but they are talking hospice and that her only chance of surviving is a second dose of the antidote. Eric realizes Marlena doesn’t have much time left.

Marlena tells John that she’s getting worse. John encourages her to save her strength. Marlena feels there’s not much time. John insists that they have people turning over every rock to find the orchid and tells her to just hang in a little while longer. John says for as long as he’s known her, Marlena has never given up, so he’s not going to let her start now.

Rafe informs Brady that Steve bugged the DiMera Mansion and Kristen said she really didn’t want anyone to die. Brady points out that two people still did and now Marlena is hanging on for dear life because of Kristen. Rafe apologizes and says Brady doesn’t need this right now but Brady says it’s exactly what he needs. Brady asks more about the recording. Rafe explains that Johnny agreed to confirm it and that’s how they were able to get the warrant for Kristen’s arrest. Rafe says obviously it won’t bring back Kate and Kayla or help Marlena, but at least she’ll have to answer for what she’s done. Rafe tells Brady to let him know if he hears anything and to not do anything on his own. Rafe asks how Allie is. Brady says they are all just kind of like zombies right now. Rafe tells Brady to tell Allie that he loves her as they hang up. Allie then returns to Brady in the chapel. Brady asks how Marlena is doing. Allie says they were able to stabilize her but it’s still not good. Allie asks what Rafe wanted. Brady tells her that he sends his love. Allie calls him the best stepdad ever but says that can’t be why he called. Brady admits that he was looking for Kristen as they have a warrant for arrest.

EJ questions Rachel saying her and Kristen are leaving Salem. Rachel exclaims they are going on an adventure. Kristen tells Rachel that she needs to talk to EJ. Rachel argues that they just did. Kristen says it’s important and promises it will only take a moment, so she sends Rachel to the playground. EJ questions what the hell Kristen thinks she’s doing. Kristen responds that she’s taking her daughter on a trip. EJ pulls out his phone and says he’s calling Brady.

Belle joins John in Marlena’s hospital room. Marlena wakes back up and calls out to Belle. Belle apologizes for not being there. John says she’s there now and that’s all that matters. John decides to step out and give them time alone. Marlena asks Belle about Claire. Belle says she’s good and she sends her love. Belle says that Claire knows about Kate and Kayla so they thought it would be best that she stay in South Africa in case she needs more therapy sessions. Belle adds that Shawn decided to stay with her as they don’t want her to have any setbacks. Marlena says to send her love to Claire. Belle encourages that they will be able to visit each other. Marlena says that would be wonderful. Belle starts to cry as Marlena hugs her.

Brady tells Allie about Steve planting a bug at the DiMera Mansion and recording Kristen’s conversation with Johnny. Brady remarks that he’s surprised Steve went through all that trouble instead of killing Kristen on the spot with his bare hands. Allie hopes it was worth it. Brady asks what she means. Allie says she wants Kristen to pay as much as anyone but points out that she could get the recording thrown out if she didn’t know about it. Brady notes that’s why Rafe made sure that Johnny would agree to confirm it. Allie guesses that Kristen finally went too far. Brady says now all they have to do is find the bitch.

Rafe finishes a call at the station. Jada tells him that she’s been going over Kristen’s case file and wonders if someone might have tipped Kristen off about the warrant. Rafe thinks there has always been a DiMera mole in the police station. Jada worries that Kristen could be planning her next escape. Rafe thinks they should visit to the one person that Kristen might actually lean on for help. Rafe and Jada then exit the station.

EJ and Kristen fight over his phone until Rachel comes back and asks if they are playing keep away. Kristen tells Rachel that she told her to go play on the jungle gym. Rachel responds that she’s tired of it and wants to go. Kristen notes that she’s not very patient. Rachel asks if they can say goodbye to Brady first. EJ says of course and that’s why he was just calling him. Kristen interjects that she told him not to because Brady is very busy since Marlena is sick. EJ mutters whose fault is that. Kristen tells Rachel that they will call Brady from the road and tells her to say goodbye to EJ which she does. EJ warns Kristen that he won’t let her get away with kidnapping. Kristen argues that EJ did the same with Sami when the mood struck. EJ says he saw what that did to his kids, so he’s not going to let her do the same to Rachel. EJ declares he’s calling Brady but Kristen warns that if he does, she will tell Stefan that EJ stood back and watched as Li had him brainwashed. Kristen asks how he thinks Stefan will react to that.

John sits with Eric and Will at the hospital. John talks about how he keeps staring at the desk, thinking Kayla is going to show up. Will offers to take John home but he refuses. John says he’s only not in Marlena’s room because Belle is in with her mother. John says there is no way he could rest or do anything except stay close to his wife and pray. John, Eric, and Will join hands to pray.

Belle recalls Marlena reading her favorite book to her when she was little. Belle calls her the best mom anyone ever had. Belle says she will do for Marlena, what she did for her, and read the book to her.

Kristen wonders which of Stefan’s parents he will channel when he extracts revenge on EJ; Stefan or Vivian. EJ says she made her point. Kristen asks if they are free to go then. EJ says if her conscience won’t stop her, he won’t either. Rachel asks if they can go now and says goodbye to EJ again. EJ hugs Rachel and says he will miss her. Rachel calls it just a timeout and notes that they won’t be gone forever. Kristen says goodbye to EJ and walks away with Rachel.

Allie asks Brady if the police have any idea where Kristen might be. Brady says it doesn’t look like it and he’s worried that if Kristen knows about the warrant, she’ll try to come say goodbye to Rachel. Allie asks where Rachel is now. Brady says her friend’s mom picked her up from school. Allie asks if Kristen knows that. Brady notes that it wouldn’t be hard for her to figure it out, so he decides to call the friend’s mom, Leslie, to give her a heads up. Brady tells her that it’s possible that Kristen may be on her way over to pick up Rachel, but he is informed that Kristen picked Rachel up for school. Brady says he has to go and hangs up, saying he’s going to kill Kristen.

Belle finishes reading her book to Marlena. Sarah returns to the room and watches as Belle pleads with Marlena to get better. Belle cries that she can’t lose her.

Allie goes to John, Eric, and Will to inform them that Kristen took Rachel.

Rafe and Jada go back to the DiMera Mansion. EJ answers and argues that he doesn’t have the orchid. Rafe says it’s not about that. EJ asks what it’s about then. Jada informs him that they have a warrant for Kristen’s arrest and Rafe asks where she is. EJ says he doesn’t know where she is. Rafe then gets a call from Brady. Jada asks EJ if he knows where she might have gone. EJ guesses she’s going far away if there’s a warrant out for arrest. EJ says to excuse him as he’s worried about his son. Rafe hangs up and tells EJ that he should also worry about his niece, because Brady just told him that Kristen has apparently kidnapped Rachel.

Kristen goes to get Rachel’s things. Rachel wants to say goodbye to John and Marlena but Kristen says they have to go right now. Kristen opens the door to leave, only to see Brady standing in the doorway. Brady asks if they’re going somewhere.

EJ has a drink in the living room and talks to the portrait of Stefano. EJ calls it interesting that Kristen was adopted but so like Stefano; ruthless, inventive, and amoral. EJ doesn’t think Stefano played quite enough chess with Kristen since he was always able to see the move after the move after the next move. EJ thinks Kristen has lost her ability to think things through and that she’s badly overplayed her hand while wildly overestimating her opponent. EJ declares that as dim as Brady is, he’s Kristen’s match in his devotion to Rachel. EJ really thinks this time, Kristen is going down.

Rachel tells Brady that Kristen said she couldn’t say goodbye to him. Brady questions where they were going. Rachel says they were going on a trip for a timeout which Brady questions. Rachel questions him not knowing. Brady says he’s been so worried about Marlena that he hasn’t had time to pay attention to what Kristen has been up to. Brady says Marlena is still in the hospital, so he doesn’t think it’s a good time for Rachel to be going anywhere. Brady adds that he and Kristen do need a timeout. Brady sends Rachel back to her room to draw Marlena a picture so he and Kristen can talk. Kristen claims that they just got their wires crossed. Rachel jokes that she never wants to be a grown up and heads back to her room. Brady asks if Kristen ever thinks about Rachel when thinking about pulling off crap like this and what it would be like for Rachel to be on the run. Kristen complains that Brady was going to take her daughter from her. Brady says he’s trying to protect her since her grandmother is going to die and it’s going to be Kristen’s fault. Brady adds that Kristen will have to live the rest of her life, knowing that she’ll have to trust that he won’t tell Rachel that. Kristen argues that he wouldn’t. Brady agrees because unlike her, he thinks about Rachel’s feelings and happiness and how it would really affect her if she knew who her mother really was. Brady says he’s been really getting upset lately when Kristen pulls crap like this, that he doesn’t know what he might say. Brady warns Kristen about pissing him off and tells her that she doesn’t have the upper hand. Brady declares that this little game is over and done. Rafe and Jada then arrive. Brady informs them that Rachel is in her room as Jada handcuffs Kristen. Rafe informs Kristen that she is under arrest for the murders of Kate and Kayla as well as the attempted murder of Marlena. Rafe then reads Kristen her rights.

Allie, Belle, Eric, and Will pray in the chapel. Allie gets a text from Brady that he has Rachel and that Kristen has been arrested. Belle remarks that it couldn’t happen to a nicer bitch. Belle doesn’t know if she should be in the chapel since she has so much hate in her heart for Kristen. Eric encourages her. Allie calls it more than anger since Kristen is still out there while Kate, Kayla, and Marlena aren’t. Eric brings up the Christmas when they thought they were going to lose Marlena but they didn’t because their prayers were stronger than the Devil. Eric asks them to pray with him, so they join hands. Eric prays for Marlena’s strength and to help her.

John lays at Marlena’s bedside. Marlena wakes up and calls out for Belle. John tells her the kids are in the chapel and asks if she wants him to call them. Marlena says no and remembers that Belle was reading to her but she fell asleep. John encourages that she can go back to sleep but Marlena doesn’t want to. Marlena cries that she wants to go home and asks John to take her home.

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Days Update Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Kristen starts to go upstairs when the doorbell rings again. Kristen answers the door to see Chloe. Kristen tries to shut the door but Chloe says they need to talk about how Kristen tried to steal her life.

At the hospital, Brady tells Johnny that he can’t believe he ever loved Kristen. Brady asks how he’s supposed to face Roman and Steve. Johnny assures Brady that none of it is his fault as Kristen is the reason they lost their wives. Brady admits he’s afraid now that his dad is going to join them. Johnny encourages that John will find a way to save Marlena somehow. Brady decides he will go check on him in the chapel. Johnny says to tell him he’s praying for her too.

At the police station, Jada finishes a call with Indonesian authorities and there is still no trace of Dr. Rolf. Rafe remarks that Dr. Rolf is a master of disappearing and this time, he had the help of Rafe’s new brother in law.

Li interrupts Gabi and Stefan’s argument in the town square. Li tells Stefan that he can’t talk to Gabi like that and that he owes her an apology. Stefan agrees and tells Gabi that he’s sorry that she’s nothing but a cold, bottom feeding snake who only cares about herself. Li declares that’s enough and punches Stefan down. Stefan gets up and guesses they are even which Gabi questions. Stefan remarks that Li must have gotten his ego bruised when he knocked him on his ass earlier. Li argues that this isn’t about what he did to him, but what he did to Gabi. Stefan mocks Li suddenly being the hero in the story after he lied to Gabi and rewired his brain. Stefan remarks that Li probably didn’t to do any of that because he probably would’ve ended up hating Gabi anyway. Stefan declares that Gabi and Li deserve each other as he storms off. Li asks Gabi if she’s alright. Gabi says she’s fine. Li states that Stefan is wrong about her and that he knows who she really is.

Rafe tells Jada that he promised Gabi that he would make Li pay for what he did to her but without Dr. Rolf, there’s not enough concrete evidence and Li gets away with it. Steve then arrives and suggests they arrest Li’s accomplice, Kristen DiMera, instead.

Kristen tells Chloe that she’s really busy and not in the mood for this. Chloe doesn’t give a damn as they have a lot to catch up on. Chloe brings up Kristen blackmailing Brady in to breaking up with her, threatening the people he loves so she could move in with him, and then brainwashing her own brother to distract her from Brady. Kristen suggests Chloe put this in an e-mail but Chloe says it’s so much better saying it to her face. Kristen asks if she’s done. Chloe says she’s just getting started because none of that compares to what she did to Kate and Kayla. Chloe argues that Kate and Kayla are dead because of Kristen hiding the orchid and now Marlena is clinging to life. Chloe asks what Kristen has to say about any of this. Kristen responds that she has no idea what she’s talking about.

Brady joins John in the chapel. Brady says he’s sorry to interrupt. John asks if something happened to Marlena. Brady says there’s no change and he just wanted to check on him. John claims he’s okay but then admits he’s not good and cries that he can’t believe he’s losing her.

Johnny joins Allie in a hospital waiting room. Johnny asks how Marlena is. Allie says she’s the same and she didn’t want to leave but she’s only allowed two visitors at a time and Will and Eric are in now. Johnny is sure they will let them know if anything changes. Johnny asks if she’s okay. Allie starts to cry and asks what they are supposed to do without Marlena if she doesn’t get better. Johnny hugs her.

Brady tells John that he’s sorry and blames himself for Marlena being in the hospital since he let Kristen hold the serum over his head for months. John understands he was in an impossible situation. Brady feels he made the wrong choice and talks about John knowing there had to be a reason that he moved Kristen into the house. Brady wanted to tell him the truth so many times. John recalls finding Brady going through Kristen’s stuff and Brady almost told him everything but Kristen walked in and it was like she sucked the life right out of him. Brady admits that he caved to Kristen’s threats. Brady keeps thinking he should’ve just told John but he didn’t and now, Kate and Kayla are gone. Brady shouts that Kristen should be locked up but he’s really sorry.

Chloe questions Kristen acting like she doesn’t know what she did. Kristen continues to claim to have no idea what she’s talking about. Chloe tells Kristen that Brady told her everything about how she blackmailed him and withheld the treatment. Kristen continues to play dumb. Chloe argues that she doesn’t get to act like none of this happened. Kristen claims it didn’t. Chloe shouts that Kristen doesn’t get to gaslight her and her entire life then pretend it never happened. Chloe grabs a fireplace poker to threaten her with. Kristen laughs at her and asks if Chloe is going to kill her. Chloe responds that she just might.

Steve complains to Rafe that Kristen is a murderer since she’s the reason Kate and Kayla died as she could’ve helped them but chose not to. Rafe assures that he’s just as disgusted but he can’t arrest Kristen because they have no direct evidence or confession. Steve reveals that actually they do and plays his recording of Kristen confessing from the device he planted in the DiMera Mansion. Steve declares that it sounds like a confession to him. Rafe questions where he got that recording. Steve says he acquired it himself. Rafe guesses Steve planted a bug in the DiMera Mansion. Jada asks if Kristen just admitted everything to him. Steve says it wasn’t to him but he caused a distraction, allowing him to plant the bug, and as soon as he left, she spilled everything to Johnny, so now they have a confession straight from Kristen’s mouth. Rafe says it’s great that it confirms everything they suspected about Kristen, but they can’t use it.

Allie tells Johnny that she is so grateful that her and Kate were on good terms in the end, since she was so upset with her for keeping quiet about Lucas kidnapping Sami. Johnny asks how she was able to get past that. Allie explains that she realized that Kate wasn’t trying to hurt her and she was protecting her dad. Allie repeats that she’s so grateful because she was able to tell Kate that she forgives her and loves her. Johnny assures that Kate always knew, just like Marlena knows how much they love her. Allie cries that it’s not enough as she wants to make more memories.

Brady tells John that he was in constant fear that Kristen would destroy the orchid and let them all get sick again if he told anyone, but it happened anyway. Brady feels it’s on his head because he didn’t have the guts to tell John. John insists that he has nothing to apologize for since who knows what Kristen would have done if he told him. John states that Brady is the reason that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla survived the first time since if Brady didn’t sacrifice his happiness, they would have never got treatment and they would’ve lost them months ago. John adds that Brady is the only reason that Kristen didn’t let Marlena die.

Chloe orders Kristen to admit that she let Kate and Kayla die. Kristen argues that they both know she’s not going to kill anyone. Chloe warns that she’s done it before. Stefan runs in and questions what Chloe is doing. Chloe remarks that she’s doing what she should’ve done a long time ago and taking her life back. Kristen mocks that she’s lost her mind. Chloe complains that Kristen is acting like they don’t all know she’s a murderer. Stefan urges Chloe that the fireplace poker is not the answer. Stefan reminds Chloe that she has too much to live for and that this is not the way to do it. Chloe drops the poker and runs out of the room. Kristen thanks Stefan for coming when he did. Stefan tells her not to thank him and that she’s lucky he doesn’t use it on her himself.

Gabi says she needs to go but Li stops her and asks why Stefan was so angry at her since he thought she convinced him to get his programming reversed. Gabi responds that she thought so too. Li asks what happened. Gabi tells him that they couldn’t find Dr. Rolf, so she tried to ask Marlena for help at the hospital. Li points out that Marlena is very sick. Gabi argues that helping people is what Marlena does. Li knows her intentions were good because she’s a passionate person who goes after what she wants. Li tells Gabi that Stefan had no right to lash out at her like that as she doesn’t deserve that. Gabi remarks that this isn’t about what she deserves. Li asks what it is about then. Gabi says no to Li standing up for her or comforting her. Gabi blames Li for Stefan treating her this way. Li tries to stop her from leaving but Gabi pushes him away, hurting Li’s hand in the process.

Allie talks to Johnny about all the times that Marlena helped her and saved her. Allie says she wouldn’t have gotten through Charlie raping her if it wasn’t for Marlena. Allie doesn’t think she could have rebuilt her life if not for Marlena. Johnny states that Marlena has done that for so many people, but they got to call her Grandma while to everyone else, she was a friend, a legend, and a hero. Johnny hopes that while Marlena is lying in the bed, she can feel all the love of everyone whose lives she has touched.

John tells Brady that he’s not upset with the choices he made. John says he’s grateful for what Brady did for Marlena. John acknowledges that Brady gave up the woman he loves for Marlena. Brady argues that Marlena is John’s life and talks about how hard it is to see John being afraid of losing her. John encourages that it won’t happen and that Marlena is a fighter. John declares that their story is far from over. Brady says he believes that and talks about their lives together as a family. Brady jokes about all the crap he gave Marlena when he was a kid. John admits he was a handful but says none of that matters now. Brady tells John that he loves Marlena like his own mom. John knows that’s why Kristen threatened Marlena, because she knew that Brady would do anything to help her. Brady assures that Marlena would have done the same for him as John hugs him.

Gabi asks if Li hurt his hand punching Stefan. Li tells her it’s fine but Gabi asks to take a look. Gabi tells him that his knuckles look bad, so he might need an x-ray. Li tells her that it was worth it. Gabi argues that nobody asked him to defend her honor. Li says nobody had to. Gabi decides to go get him some ice.

Stefan asks if Kristen is going to gaslight him and tell him that she wasn’t part of the scheme to monkey with his brain. Kristen says she was just playing with Chloe while they are family, so they can speak honestly with each other. Stefan argues that if Chloe used the fireplace poker on her, she would have deserved it. Kristen asks if he’s here to take revenge on her now too. Stefan thinks he’s entitled to it after everything she did to him, so she could hold onto Brady. Kristen argues that they could come up with a lot of things he’s done in the name of love. Stefan responds that he’s never withheld life saving treatment from three innocent women. Kristen argues that she gave them the serum. Stefan complains that two of them are now dead, all because she couldn’t stand the fact that Brady and Chloe were together. Kristen argues that she and Brady have a daughter, so if he had a child, he would understand. Stefan responds that he understands Brady kicked her out and there’s no coming back from this one, especially if Marlena dies. Kristen asks if she’s just supposed to let Rachel go. Stefan says it’s her only option since Brady has full custody and any judge would see to it that she’s never allowed near Rachel. Kristen asks who the hell he thinks he is. Stefan declares that he’s the son of a bitch that she can’t control anymore. Stefan says he can’t even stand to look at her anymore and screams at her to get out of his sight so she leaves the room.

Rafe tells Steve that he recorded Kristen without permission or a warrant, so this would be an illegal search. Steve questions it being admissible if one of the parties consented it. Jada asks if that means Johnny knew he was recording. Steve calls it possible while Rafe argues that he can’t falsify evidence. Steve insists that the confession is real and suggests Rafe use it to pressure Kristen into pleading guilty. Rafe feels Kristen is too cagey for that. Steve suggests going to Melinda then. Rafe insists that he can’t do it because the law is the law. Jada interrupts and says she actually may have a loophole they can use.

Johnny tells Allie that he spent all that time trying to make that movie about Marlena’s life, but he picked the wrong thing to focus on. Johnny says he wrote a script about the worst thing to happen to her because he thought it would be scary or cool, but the Marlena Evans Story could’ve been about so many other things. Johnny gets a call from Rafe, who asks him to come to the police station as it’s pretty important. Johnny says he’ll be right there and hangs up. Allie asks if everything is okay. Johnny says he doesn’t know and that Rafe just asked him to come to the station. Johnny asks Allie if she’s sure she will be okay here. Allie admits she’s not but she has a lot of friends and family to lean on. Johnny hugs Allie and tells her that he loves her. Allie says she loves him too as Johnny then exits.

Brady tells John that what really bugs him about this is that he should’ve forced Kristen’s hand sooner since he knew Marlena and the others would eventually need another dose of the serum. Brady feels if he did something sooner, they would have got to the orchid in time. John encourages him not to second guess himself and points out that he and Eric did do something eventually. Brady credits Eric for coming up with the idea since he knew Rachel would be their best bargaining chip and that Kristen would do anything for her.

Kristen brings Rachel to the park where they sit on the bench with hot chocolate. Rachel asks about Kristen leaving the house since Brady said it was because she did bad things. Kristen tells Rachel that the reason she had to leave was because of Chloe. Rachel says she doesn’t like her. Kristen calls Chloe selfish and dangerous. Kristen adds that Chloe is the reason they can’t be together.

Chloe rejoins Stefan in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Stefan brings her a glass of water. Chloe questions if she really threatened to murder Kristen with a fireplace poker. Chloe complains that Kristen was pretending to be innocent and taunting her, so she just lost it. Stefan understands Chloe was trying to take back her life. Chloe says there’s just something about Kristen that makes her lose all rational thought. Chloe asks if Stefan is freaked out. Stefan says he thought she was badass and noble. Stefan feels Chloe is justified after everything Kristen has put them through. Chloe asks if Stefan has spoken to Gabi and if they were able to get Dr. Rolf’s programming reversed.

Gabi returns to Li with a bucket of ice. Li tells her that he really appreciates it and she didn’t have to do this. Gabi then dumps the bucket on Li’s head instead. Gabi mocks Li thinking she was going to help him after everything he’s done to her.

Johnny goes to the police station. Rafe thanks him for coming. Johnny asks what’s going on. Rafe explains that Steve has some potential evidence, so they’d like him to hear it. Steve then plays the recording of Kristen confessing to Johnny. Johnny questions how he got that. Steve reveals that he planted a recording device because he couldn’t let Kristen get away with what she did and it was the only way to get justice for Kayla. Johnny says he understands and asks if they can use it to nail Kristen. Rafe says not exactly. Steve says that’s where Johnny comes in. Johnny doesn’t understand. Rafe explains that the recording was made without consent. Steve says that’s assuming Johnny didn’t know he planted the bug. Rafe wants to make sure that Johnny knows no one is asking him to lie. Johnny asks what he can do. Jada explains that Johnny heard Kristen say these things directly so it’s not hearsay. Johnny questions if they are asking him to testify in court against his aunt. Rafe says what they need is a sworn statement that he had a conversation with Kristen about the Orchid and that this is the conversation. Rafe says that should be enough to get an arrest warrant for Kristen. Steve asks if he’s willing to do that. Johnny says of course he will.

Stefan informs Chloe that he did speak to Gabi and he doesn’t think it will be so easy to undo what Dr. Rolf did as Li apparently sent him to parts unknown and not even the police have any leads. Chloe brings up Brady saying that Gabi thought Marlena might could help reverse it. Stefan complains that Gabi didn’t give a damn that Marlena is practically on her deathbed. Chloe remarks that when Gabi wants something, very little stands in her way. Chloe is sorry that Stefan hit a dead end. Stefan says he’s actually kind of relieved. Chloe brings up that Gabi said Stefan made up his mind that he wanted to be deprogrammed. Stefan says when he found out what Dr. Rolf did, he felt violated and wanted to get back to normal. Chloe asks if he means the guy who fell in love with Gabi. Stefan says when he just saw her, he was repulsed by her actions and the fact that she is so blinded by what she wants that she wouldn’t even think about what Marlena’s family is going through. Stefan declares that he can’t be with somebody like that. Stefan asks if Chloe wants to be back with Brady, now that she knows he dumped her because of Kristen’s blackmailing.

John tells Brady about how many regrets he has. Brady points out that Kayla and Kate are gone, so there’s no way to take that back. John says Marlena has no time to lose, so all his energy has to go in to getting her home, happy and healthy. Brady asks if there’s anything he can do. John says he’s doing it just by being here. Brady asks what the doctors are saying. John says they are just giving the best care they can, while he has every Black Patch agent trying to find Dr. Rolf and the Orchid. Brady guesses they are doing all they can do. John notes that there is one more thing. John and Brady then sit together to pray.

Li tells Gabi that he shouldn’t have expected her to help him after all the lies he told her. Gabi questions why he’s smiling. Li explains that what he’s been most afraid of is not that she’s angry at him, but that she didn’t care anymore and the passion was gone. Li says that she went to the Salem Inn to fill a bucket of ice to make him think she was going to help, only to dump it on his head. Li remarks that if that’s not passion, he doesn’t know what is. Gabi storms off in frustration.

Chloe informs Stefan that she did talk to Brady and he explained how he never stopped loving her and how it was torture when Kristen forced him to break up with her. Chloe confirms that Brady asked if she would take him back and if they could pick up where they left off. Stefan asks what she told him. Chloe responds that she told Brady that when he broke up with her, her heart was broken and she felt like her entire life was just falling apart while Stefan was there to help her put it back together again. Chloe says Stefan helped her heal and she developed real feelings for him. Stefan is glad to hear her say that. Chloe brings up that Gabi would say Stefan only cared about her because he was programmed to. Stefan says at first sure, but he’s not a machine and his feelings grow and change. Stefan assures that his feelings for her are very strong and real. Stefan calls Chloe the only one he wants to be with.

Steve thanks Johnny for doing this even though Kristen is his family. Johnny responds that Steve is family too and so was aunt Kayla. Steve assures that Kayla would be proud of him. Johnny hopes so and promises to do whatever he can to get justice for Kayla, even if it means sending his aunt Kristen to prison forever.

Stefan and Chloe are interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Stefan answers the door to see Rafe and Jada. Stefan asks what he can do for them. Rafe reveals they have a warrant for the arrest of Kristen DiMera. Stefan responds that he’s sorry but she’s not there. Jada asks where she is.

Kristen tells Rachel that she can’t see her anymore because Chloe told Brady to make her leave and go away. Rachel wants their family to be together. Kristen says she does too, but that’s not going to happen right now. Kristen tells Rachel that the two of them can be together, but they can’t stay here anymore. Kristen asks Rachel what she says about them leaving Salem together.

Allie rushes in to the chapel and tells John and Brady that they both have to come now as it’s about Marlena.

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Days Update Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Brady is on the phone at the hospital with his son Tate, encouraging him about Marlena hanging in there. Brady thanks Tate for calling and tells him that he loves him. After he hangs up, Gabi arrives at the hospital and tells Brady that she needs to see Marlena now.

Li is in his hotel room, on the phone with his father. Li assures that he’s not proud of what he’s done but argues that he won’t go down for anything because the police can’t prove that he was working with Dr. Rolf and that’s how it’s going to stay. Li adds that his position as EJ’s second in command is completely in tact. Li acknowledges that he made an enemy of EJ’s brother Stefan, but assures that he can handle him. Li hangs up and then Stefan shows up at his door.

Stephanie lays on the couch at home in tears as she holds Kayla’s last note to her. Her brothers, Tripp and Joey then arrive and hug her.

Kristen comes downstairs at the DiMera Mansion as the doorbell rings. Kristen answers the door and is shocked to see Steve. Kristen tries to shut the door but he blocks it and chases her inside. Steve grabs Kristen and declares that it’s time for her to answer for what she did to Kayla.

Johnny comes downstairs at the Brady Pub and runs in to Wendy. Johnny hugs her and asks what brings her by. Wendy says she just came by for breakfast and thought he would be at the hospital. Johnny responds that he was there all night and just came by to check on Roman. Wendy is sure he appreciated that. Johnny says Roman lost his wife and his sister in the same day. Wendy calls it unimaginable and asks how Johnny is doing. Johnny claims he’s okay but Wendy notes that he doesn’t look okay and like he hasn’t slept. Johnny admits he doesn’t remember when he last ate. Wendy encourages him to take care of himself too. Johnny responds that he can’t stop thinking about Marlena. Wendy asks what the doctors are saying and if she made any improvement over night.

Brady tells Gabi that Marlena is in critical condition so visitation is strictly limited. Gabi argues that this is urgent and everything depends on it. Brady doesn’t understand. Gabi reminds Brady that he was at her wedding when she remembered Dr. Rolf telling her that Li brainwashed Stefan, and now Stefan wants it undone so she needs Marlena to make it happen. Brady questions this being about Gabi’s love life and asks if she’s out of her freaking mind.

Li tells Stefan that this might sound crazy but he’s glad he’s there as they have a lot to discuss. Li says that Stefan is clearly angry but he hopes they can be adults and hash this out with a conversation. Stefan doesn’t think so and responds by punching Li down.

Stephanie didn’t know Tripp and Joey were getting in so early or she would’ve picked them up. They assure it’s fine. Stephanie is glad they are both there as Steve really needs them all now. They ask where he is. Stephanie responds that he got up early and went out, so she thinks he just needs some time alone…

Kristen tells Steve that he doesn’t want to do this, that she feels for him and she’s so sorry about Kayla. Steve responds that sorry won’t bring his wife back. Steve argues that she knew those women would need boosters to survive and said nothing. Steve calls her a selfish pathetic psycho that couldn’t get Brady to love her, so she blackmailed him with three lives over his head while the virus was ticking away. Kristen argues that she did care but Steve shouts that she only cared about herself. Steve says if Kristen wasn’t so cold blooded and deranged then Marlena would be home while Kayla and Kate would be alive. Steve declares that Kristen took away the love of his life and the mother of his children, so now she needs to pay.

Stephanie tells Joey and Tripp that she’s never seen Steve like this before. She talks about Steve wanting to find a solution to make everything okay but he can’t this time. Joey says they have to take the stress off of Steve and let him know they will be okay. Joey says they will start as soon as Steve gets home. Tripp assures that he’s there for Steve but mentions that he also has to go see his mom since he’s all she has left and he can’t turn his back on her. Tripp says he won’t be long and then exits. Joey reads Stephanie’s note from Kayla. Stephanie cries that those were Kayla’s last words to her which Joey questions. Stephanie informs him that she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Kayla because someone robbed her of that chance.

Johnny tells Wendy that Marlena isn’t saying goodbye yet and is fighting with everything she has. Wendy encourages that she will win, reminding him that Marlena beat the Devil twice. Johnny acknowledges this is bad and that the doctors are trying but everything is experimental. Wendy tells him something will work. Johnny says that’s what he’s praying for. Johnny gets a text and says he has to go. Wendy tells him to go be with his family. Johnny remembers that last time he saw her, she was on her way to talk Gabi in to taking Li back and asks how that went. Wendy informs him that Stefan got there before her and told her everything, so Gabi tore in to her and threw her out. Johnny says at least she tried. Wendy states that Li and Gabi getting back together is not going to happen as there’s only one person Gabi wants to be with now.

Li guesses he deserves that punch but remarks that violence doesn’t seem like Stefan’s style. Stefan says it’s not but it felt extremely satisfying. Stefan tells him to relax as he won’t hit him again even though it’s tempting since it’s not every day you find out you were brainwashed. Li gets up and says if he tells anyone, he will deny it, but he’s sorry. Li explains that he was desperately in love with Gabi and terrified of losing her. Stefan acknowledges that love will have you do some crazy things and in Li’s case, it wasn’t just brainwashing but attempted murder. Stefan reveals that he knows Li turned off the machines that were keeping him alive. Stefan adds that he’s suddenly thinking maybe one punch wasn’t enough.

Gabi argues that this isn’t about her or her love life, but about Stefan. Brady tells her that he’s sorry but Stefan is not a priority right now. Gabi mocks him having no compassion for a brainwashed man and argues that Stefan wants his mind right after being brainwashed and she knows that Marlena would want to help him. Brady responds that what Marlena wants is to not die like the two women before her. Gabi doesn’t see the harm in just letting her ask. Brady can’t believe she’s serious since Marlena is hanging on by a thread to stay conscious. Brady asks if Gabi stopped to think how insane this is. Gabi reminds Brady that Stefan was also programmed to love Chloe. Brady calls her unbelievable. Gabi remarks that she thought that would make this urgent for him but guesses he doesn’t love Chloe anymore. Brady assures that he does love Chloe. Chloe then arrives at the hospital.

Wendy exits the Brady Pub and runs in to Tripp. They hug and she says she’s so happy to see him, asking when he got in. Tripp says it was just awhile ago. Wendy tells him that she’s so sorry about Kayla as she knows they were really close. Tripp says they never imagined she would relapse and he just wishes he had been there. Tripp asks how Wendy is doing. Wendy says she’s okay. Tripp mentions hearing some stuff about her brother and he wasn’t sure if it was true as it seemed pretty out there. Wendy confirms that it is. Tripp says he’s sorry as it sounds rough. Wendy responds that she learned a lesson to stay the hell out of people’s love lives.

Chloe greets Brady and Gabi, asking what they were talking about. Gabi remarks that it was nothing important to Brady. Chloe says she just came to check on Marlena and see if there’s anything she could do. Brady responds that it’s good that someone is here for the right reasons. Chloe asks if she’s missing something. Brady calls it just a wild display of selfishness on Gabi’s part. Gabi argues that it’s the opposite of selfish as she’s trying to help someone she cares about. Brady explains that Gabi wants Stefan back and she thinks the way to do that is to bug Marlena about it which is not going to happen. Gabi tells him to forget it and that she’s leaving. Gabi warns Chloe that Stefan wants to be deprogrammed and she will make it happen, so it’s not a matter of if he leaves her, but when. Chloe remarks that she’s awfully confident. Gabi declares that true love always wins as she then exits the hospital.

Stefan asks if Li’s not going to deny it. Li admits that he pulled the plug and he still can’t believe it but luckily Kristen showed up when she did. Li tells Stefan that he has to understand that he wasn’t in his right mind as all he could think about was losing the woman he loved. Li knows what he did was reprehensible but calls it a moment of madness. Li swears that it was temporary insanity and that he regrets all of it. Li wishes there was something he could do to make it up to him. Stefan responds that there is something. Stefan says that Marlena is in the hospital, dying, while he wants to undo what was done to him and there’s one person who can fix both. Stefan declares that if Li wants to make up for what he’s done, he will help him find Dr. Rolf. Li responds that he’s sorry but he has no idea where Dr. Rolf is and suggests he ask Kristen.

Kristen tells Steve that he’s scaring her and swears that she would’ve done anything to help those women. Steve asks why she didn’t come to them with the Orchid so they could’ve made more serum to save their lives then. Steve argues that she would’ve lost her leverage over Brady and calls her a spiteful bitch. Steve bets the orchid isn’t even stolen and that she has it hidden somewhere, waiting for Marlena to die. Steve says that Kristen loves having the power to take lives. Steve warns that Kristen has made so many innocent people suffer, so now it’s her turn. Steve tells Kristen to think about her family and future because it’s all going to slip away from her. Kristen tries to fight him off but Steve overpowers her. Kristen pleads with him not to do anything he’s going to regret as Steve begins choking her.

Stephanie informs Joey about Alex turning off his phone. Alex calls it so unbelievably wrong. Stephanie talks about how she could’ve been with Kayla to comfort her. Stephanie cries that she took it for granted when Kayla got better the first time. Joey encourages that it’s not her fault, but Alex’s, for her not being there. Stephanie wishes she never got involved with him. Joey admits he’s surprised she did since after the last guy, she said she wasn’t ready to get involved with anyone again. Stephanie says she wasn’t ready and she told Alex numerous times that she wasn’t interested in him. Joey asks what happened. Stephanie guesses he wore her down and was so damn persistent that she gave it a shot and look where that got her.

Steve chokes Kristen, asking how she thinks Kayla felt when she took her last breath. Johnny then runs in and pulls Steve off of Kristen.

Stefan asks Li why Kristen would know where Dr. Rolf is. Li responds that Kristen employed him for years. Stefan argues that Li set him up in Jakarta, so it would make sense that he would move him. Li responds that he was as surprised as anyone that he took off. Stefan guesses it must have been a huge relief that he was gone before the authorities showed up. Stefan bets he could tear the entire room up and not find a single piece of evidence linking Li to Dr. Rolf. Li assures that he doesn’t know where he is and he’s not in contact with him. Li asks if Stefan believes him. Stefan warns that if he finds out Li is lying, that punch he got will feel like a pat on the back compared to what’s coming his way. Stefan adds that Li’s going to want to clear his desk out at DiMera. Li responds that it’s not his call as only EJ can fire him. Stefan questions if he thinks EJ is going to let him stay on after what he’s done. Stefan declares that nothing is more important to EJ than family as he then exits the room. Li mutters that there’s nothing more important to EJ than covering his own ass. Li then grabs the phone and calls Dr. Rolf.

Brady tells Chloe about how Gabi thought she could just sail in to Marlena’s room and request that she undo Stefan’s brainwashing but he shot her down which is why she was nastier than usual. Chloe remarks that Gabi’s reason towards her was because she’s with the love of Gabi’s life. Brady calls that hard to forget. Chloe apologizes for how that came out. Brady asks if Chloe came to see Marlena. Chloe says she knows Brady is going through a lot, so she came to check on him too. Brady doesn’t want to make a fool of himself. Chloe assures that he’s not and assumes he wanted to ask if she changed her mind about him.

Stefan comes out of the Salem Inn and runs in to Gabi in the town square.

Joey guesses things between Stephanie and Alex got serious pretty quickly. Stephanie says that’s why what he did hurt so badly. They talk about Kayla being their constant rock. Stephanie declares that now they have to find a way to be okay without her as it’s just them now.

Johnny questions what Steve is trying to do and if he wants to go to prison. Johnny tells Steve that he needs to stay away from Kristen. Johnny checks on Kristen while Steve argues that she deserved it. Johnny tells Steve to go. Steve questions Johnny defending her. Steve tells Johnny to take care of the woman who killed his Aunt Kayla and Kate. Steve then reminds him that his grandmother Marlena might be next. Steve then walks out of the DiMera Mansion. Kristen thanks Johnny for saving her life. Johnny responds that he did it for Steve, not her.

Wendy asks Tripp how Steve is doing. Tripp says he hasn’t seen him yet since he wasn’t home when they got in, so he decided to come check on Roman and pay his respects. Wendy mentions that Johnny was just there checking on him. Tripp calls it the saddest trip to Salem ever since he’s going from here to Bayview to see his mom. Wendy offers to go with him but Tripp says he can handle it. Tripp notes that they might not even let him in as they said it depends on the state that she is in when he gets there. Tripp adds that Ava probably hasn’t had a single visitor which he understands since she did terrible things, but he can’t just abandon her. Wendy knows what he means as people will definitely judge her for standing by her brother after what he did, but she can’t desert him since she’s pretty much all he has left. Tripp asks if there’s anything he can do to help. Wendy thanks him but says this is Li’s mess and if he could clean it up, he would.

Li tells Dr. Rolf that he’s on a burner phone so no one can trace this call to his new location. Li says he’s sorry that he started to enjoy Jakarta but he needed to be moved. Li informs him that Stefan is starting to suspect he knows where he is, but he’s doing his best to convince him otherwise so Dr. Rolf needs to do his part too. Li reminds Rolf that if anyone shows up asking questions, he’s never heard of him.

Gabi asks if Stefan was visiting Chloe at the Salem Inn. Stefan informs her that he was in Li’s room, trying to find out where Dr. Rolf is as he is still on board with getting the brainwashing reversed. Stefan notes that Li was no help so he doesn’t know if it’s going to happen. Gabi assures that it will and reminds him that they make a great team. Stefan tells Gabi that he loves Chloe and she’s the woman he wants to be with. Stefan adds that whether or not they find Dr. Rolf, that’s not going to change. Gabi says they’ll see. Gabi mentions that she was working to find Rolf too at the hospital but complains that Brady banned her from seeing Marlena when she was only trying to ask her to deprogram Stefan so they can be together again. Stefan asks what the hell is wrong with her. Stefan argues that Marlena is dying and Gabi wants her to reprogram his brain so they can reconcile. Stefan questions how Gabi could be so heartless.

Brady tells Chloe that he’s not going to push since she asked for space but admits he felt like in the moment that she cared. Chloe says she does care but thanks to Kristen, she thought it was over for them. Brady reminds her that he told her he was being blackmailed and that breaking up with her was the last thing he wanted to do. Chloe cries that she knows it’s been really hard for him too but she spent a really long time in the dark about this and struggled to figure out how the man she was in love with could just abandon her. Chloe adds that Stefan came along and gave her a chance to let it all go and try to move on. Chloe cries that she started to feel a little normal again and then Gabi dropped her bombshell about Stefan being brainwashed. Chloe says it’s been one thing after another so she’s really confused and doesn’t know what to think or feel. Brady then grabs Chloe and kisses her.

Steve comes home to find Joey at the house. Steve hugs him and cries that he’s so glad he’s there. Steve asks where Tripp is. Joey responds that he had to run out and Stephanie did too, but they’ll be back in a bit. Joey mentions Stephanie saying Steve left early, so she thought he needed time alone. Steve admits he wasn’t alone as he went to see Kristen at the DiMera Mansion. Joey questions what he did. Steve reveals that he almost killed her.

Kristen complains to Johnny that Steve almost murdered her. Johnny argues that she’s fine now. Kristen questions if he’s okay with what he did. Johnny responds that what he’s not okay with is Steve going to prison because he’s the only parent his kids have left thanks to Kristen. Johnny adds that Roman is shattered and Marlena is in the hospital, clinging to life. Johnny declares that given all the damage she’s done to his family, he doesn’t give a damn if someone damages her. Kristen shouts that she didn’t want to hurt anyone. Kristen admits she hid the Orchid, knowing the women would need more doses of the serum, but swears she was never going to withhold it if they got sick because she never wanted them dead. Johnny says maybe not, but that’s what happened.

Brady and Chloe continue kissing until she pulls away. Brady apologizes and says he shouldn’t have done that. Chloe tells him not to apologize and says it wasn’t wrong but it wasn’t right. Chloe knows she’s not making any sense. Chloe tells Brady that she’s sorry, but she just can’t as she then rushes out of the hospital.

Li calls EJ and tells him that he’s on a burner phone because Stefan is on the warpath and thinks EJ is going to fire him because of what he did to him. Li tells EJ that they both know that’s not going to happen, unless he wants Stefan to find out about his betrayal and how he kept quiet about his brainwashing so he could take over DiMera. Li says that’s what he thought.

Gabi questions why Stefan is so angry. Stefan says what she did is disgusting. Gabi blames the programming for why he’s overreacting. Stefan argues that she imposed on a critically ill woman for her own stupid and selfish reasons. Gabi tells him that this is a very serious life changing issue that won’t undo itself. Gabi declares that Dr. Rolf is missing and they may never find him which leaves Marlena. Stefan repeats that Marlena is dying. Gabi says that’s why they need to move quickly. Gabi argues that Marlena is Stefan’s only hope, so she did this for him. Stefan tells her not to lie because the only person she was thinking about was herself. Stefan insists that Gabi did this for herself. Gabi complains that Stefan said this is what he wanted. Gabi asks how else they will access his real feelings. Stefan complains that she only cares about his feelings for her. Gabi insists it’s for them and talks about their love. Gabi thought they would spend their life together until he was shot and now they have a miracle. Gabi declares that they have to get in touch with how he really feels and nothing can get in the way of that. Stefan questions how she can be so cruel. Stefan remarks that he’s starting to think Li did him a favor by brainwashing him because it got him away from a bitch like her. Li comes out of the Salem Inn and intervenes, telling Stefan to leave Gabi the hell alone.

Johnny goes to the hospital and asks Brady about Marlena. Brady responds that there’s no change. Johnny asks if John is there. Brady says he made him go home to sleep but he just came back a couple minutes ago. Brady asks if Johnny got any rest. Johnny says there was a bit of a situation at his place. Brady asks what he means. Johnny explains that he walked in and Steve had his hands around Kristen’s throat, so he thinks he was trying to kill her. Brady remarks that he can’t say he blames him. Johnny says he sure doesn’t since Kristen has wronged so many people.

Kristen starts to go upstairs when the doorbell rings again. Kristen answers the door to see Chloe.

Joey questions Steve saying he almost killed Kristen. Steve tells him not to worry and reveals it was just an act. Steve explains that he purposely made a lot of noise, hoping someone would break it up and then Johnny did. Steve adds that while Johnny checked on Kristen, he planted a bug in the room so after Johnny kicked him out, everything they said went to his device. Steve says they had to release Kristen due to lack of evidence, but he will give Rafe everything he needs to make sure she goes down for murder. Steve then plays the recording of Kristen swearing she didn’t want to hurt Marlena or the other women and then admitting that she hid the Orchid but wasn’t going to withhold it. Steve declares that’s a confession.

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Days Update Monday, January 16, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Justin and Bonnie walk to the Brady Pub and run in to Sarah. Bonnie invites her to join them for dinner. Sarah says she’d love to join them but is afraid she wouldn’t be much company since she’s wiped out after working nonstop trying to find the cure for Marlena. Justin asks if she’s had any luck. Sarah says no and they can’t do much without the Orchid, but assures they will keep trying. Bonnie says they are all praying for her. Sarah then tells Justin that she’s glad she ran in to him because there’s something she’d like to discuss. Sarah informs Justin that she’s going to divorce Xander and was wondering if he could help her.

Gwen goes to Xander’s motel room. Xander answers the door while drinking and says he’s delighted to see her because he’s in the middle of a crisis as he just ran out of scotch.

Will enters the Horton House and listens in from behind the wall as Leo talks to Sloan in the living room. Leo tells Sloan about how Will is already trying to prove to Sonny that he can’t be trusted. Sloan remarks that Leo only made that job so much easier with his latest stunt. Leo complains that Will would eat this up if the truth came out and he would lose Sonny’s friendship for good. Will smiles as he hears this.

Alex has a drink at the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny walks in and asks how things went with Stephanie. Alex responds that it’s over as he just lost the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Stephanie is at home and calls Chad, who is walking through the town square. Stephanie asks if he’s busy or if it’s not a good time. Chad says he’s just running some errands and asks if she’s okay as it sounds like she’s crying. Stephanie admits things aren’t too great and asks him to come by because she could really use a friend. Chad says he’s on his way and hangs up.

Justin and Bonnie sit with Sarah in the Brady Pub as Justin tells Sarah that he would be happy to help her divorce Xander after what he did to Bonnie. Bonnie interrupts to say she thinks divorce might not be the best idea. Justin assures that the case is no problem to him since Xander showed no family loyalty. Bonnie explains that she knows it will sounds crazy but she honestly thinks Sarah should give Xander a second chance.

Xander complains to Gwen about needing more liquor. Xander says he’s only on his third bottle and then finds another which he says will keep him going until his delivery arrives. Gwen asks him what’s going on. Xander asks if she means besides his life blowing up and his family thinking he’s the scum of the earth and Sarah wanting to divorce him. Xander adds that then he’s probably going to prison but Gwen declares that he’s not if she has something to say about it.

Leo asks Sloan to represent him. Sloan says she will try her best but it’s not a slam dunk as it will take some serious legal creativity to get him out of this. Leo argues that Xander is the one who kidnapped Sonny’s stepmom and all he did was help him cover it up afterwards. Will smiles as he listens. Sloan warns Leo that it’s still a crime. Leo knows that if he doesn’t play his cards right, this could still blow up in his face.

Sarah can’t believe Bonnie of all people thinks she should work things out with Xander considering he kidnapped her and Susan. Bonnie assures that she was furious at him but now that she’s had a chance to process everything and she’s not seeing clowns everywhere, she realizes she’s been a hypocrite concerning Xander. Justin questions what she’s talking about. Bonnie brings up what she did to Adrienne and how it may have been worse than what Xander did but Justin found it in his heart to forgive her and now they are happy. Bonnie thinks that if Sarah can find it in her heart to forgive Xander, maybe they could be happy again too. Sarah argues that the big difference is that Bonnie didn’t cause Adrienne’s death while if Xander didn’t kidnap Susan, she might not have died in that horrible way. Sarah questions how she could get past that.

Gwen informs Xander that Rafe came by to offer her a deal that would keep her out of prison entirely, but only if she threw Xander under the bus. Xander asks what she told him. Gwen explains that Leo asked Sloan Peterson to represent them and that Leo thinks they’d both get off free if they turn on Xander. Gwen then informs Xander that she came to tell him that she will not cooperate with the police. Xander tells her to take the damn deal.

Will continues listening in as Leo complains that he never should’ve agreed to dress up as the clown, especially for what Gwen paid him. Sloan still can’t believe Leo was able to fool Bonnie in to thinking he was the clown that kidnapped her, joking that it must have been a hell of a bodysuit. Leo argues that it was his performance that sold it, but instead he’s going to land in prison. Sloan tells him to relax while Will sneaks upstairs.

Sonny tells Alex that he’s really sorry but he thinks it was important for him to come clean. Alex explains that he didn’t really get the chance because by the time he got there, Stephanie had already basically figured out that he was the reason she didn’t get to say goodbye to her mother. Sonny tells him to give himself a break. Sonny argues that it wasn’t cool what he did, but he didn’t know why Chad was calling. Alex says it doesn’t matter because Stephanie hates him. Sonny encourages him to give her time to process all of it. Alex argues that Stephanie is still going to hate him for depriving her of her last moments with her mother which is exactly what he did. Alex adds that Stephanie told him that she never wants to see him again and he thinks she meant it with every fiber of her being.

Chad goes to see Stephanie. Stephanie says she’s sorry for making him come back over but she needed to talk to someone and he was the first person to come to mind. Chad asks what’s going on and if it’s about her mother. Stephanie responds that it’s about her not getting to see her before she died and what Alex did. Chad reveals that Sonny told him that Alex turned her phone off because he knew Alex was coming over to confess. Stephanie says she was able to piece things together before Alex got there. Chad asks what happened when she confronted him. Stephanie says he tried to apologize, but what he did was unforgivable. Stephanie states that because of Alex, she missed the last chance to see her mom before she died. Stephanie then declares that her and Alex are done for good. Chad hugs her as she cries. Chad tells Stephanie that she has every reason to be mad as hell at Alex, but in his defense, he didn’t know why he was calling and just wanted to be alone with her. Stephanie doesn’t give a damn and argues that he had no right to turn off her phone, calling it a total violation. Chad says he gets it but Alex was already annoyed that they had spent the day together and he intruded on their romantic evening together on Christmas Eve, so it makes sense that Alex didn’t want him interrupting them again. Stephanie argues that he wouldn’t have been interrupting and she would’ve told Chad they were busy if it was about anything other than her mom, but Alex didn’t trust her to do that and took that choice away from her, so she missed her last chance to say goodbye to her mom before she died. Stephanie cries that it would’ve meant everything to them, but now because of Alex, it’s too late. Chad tells her that he’s sorry and asks how he can help.

Alex sits on the floor alone in the living room, drinking in front of the fireplace. Alex thinks back to being with Stephanie. Alex declares that he can’t stay here and decides to leave the Kiriakis Mansion.

Bonnie argues that Sarah isn’t being fair here since Susan’s death wasn’t Xander’s fault since in the end, he let her go. Bonnie is not condoning what Xander did but understands the position he was in as she’s been there before, stuck with something you don’t want to do but unable to get out. Sarah compares it to Stockholm Syndrome. Bonnie assures it’s not that and asks Justin if he knows what she’s talking about. Justin responds that Bonnie has one of the biggest hearts of anyone he knows and he believes she may be being too charitable in this case, but she may have a point. Bonnie tells Sarah that they are just trying to help her because they know how much she loves Xander and how great they are together. Justin encourages Sarah to take a little more time before really making the decision to end her marriage.

Gwen tells Xander that there is no way she will sell him out to the cops and nothing he can say will change her mind. Xander asks what Gwen wants in return. Gwen says not a thing. Xander questions if she’s sure because she’s told him more than once that he owes her one. Xander adds that he’s probably going back to prison, so if there is something she wants from him, now is the time to collect.

Leo asks Sloan how soon she can get him a deal to testify against Xander, anonymously. Sloan tells him that she’s afraid it’s not that simple since Xander has the legal right to know who his accuser is. Sloan says Leo can be anonymous to the people but Xander would have a right to know, adding that his lawyers are going to want to cross examine. Leo jokes that he could wear a diguise and alter his voice but Sloan thinks Xander would know exactly who he is. Leo asks if there’s any way to stop Xander from telling anyone else but Sloan says there is nothing to stop Xander from telling everyone that Leo is the one who turned on him. Leo worries that Sonny would still find out. Sloan points out that at least he wouldn’t be in prison. Leo complains that’s not good enough and repeats that he does not want Sonny finding out the truth.

Will goes to the hospital where Sonny runs up and hugs him. Sonny says he’s glad to see him and saw his bags at the house, so he figured he must have come here. Sonny asks if Will has been able to see Marlena yet. Will says not yet since they are only letting two people in at a time, but hopefully he will get in soon. Sonny tells him he’s sorry again about Kate. Sonny asks if Will has been able to spend time with the rest of his family. Will confirms that he has and that they are in the chapel as he just came back from dropping off Julie’s rosary. Sonny asks if he wants to go back to join them. Will responds that he’s actually glad they have a moment alone because there’s something he needs to tell him about Leo.

Sarah questions Justin siding against her too. Justin thinks Xander is a very troubled man, who has only a nodding acquaintance with the truth, but he also knows Xander has on occasion made Sarah very happy. Justin suggests she let the dust settle a bit before filing for divorce right away. Bonnie suggests couples therapy and relates that her sessions with Marlena did wonders for her PTSD. Sarah argues that Xander has lied to her and betrayed her so many times over the years, so she questions how to believe he’ll never do it again. Sarah adds that even if she could find a way to trust him again, it would all be a moot point if he ends up in prison.

Gwen admits that she does want something from Xander and that’s for him to stop being so defeatist and pull himself together. Xander asks what’s the point when Sarah is divorcing him and he’s going back to prison. Gwen orders him to stop whining and rolling over. She tells him to fight for his marriage and his freedom. Xander asks how. Gwen says they are going to sober him up and then come up with a gameplan. Gwen sends Xander to the shower to clean up.

Sloan thinks Leo should take the plea deal because if helps Melinda, he’d be off the hook. Leo would rather keep his mouth shut and take his chances, so Sonny won’t know what he did. Sloan questions him rather risking prison than have his friend know he did something shady. Sloan remarks that Leo must really have it bad for Sonny. Leo laughs it off and claims he’s not even his type. Leo then admits that Sonny is handsome, funny, kind, completely wonderful, and totally his type. Leo declares that he’s completely crushing on Sonny again.

Will informs Sonny about Leo knowing that Xander kidnapped Bonnie and Susan the whole time and then covering it up to get Xander off the hook. Will adds that Leo put on a bodysuit to pretend to be the clown. Sonny argues that Sarah was so sure that Gwen was behind all of it. Will then reveals that Gwen paid Leo to do it. Sonny can’t believe this and asks if he’s sure he didn’t misunderstand. Will assures that Leo laid out the whole thing to his attorney as he’s desperate for some kind of plea deal to keep Sonny from finding out. Sonny calls Leo a sneaky son of a bitch.

Leo tells Sloan that he’s been denying it to himself, but Sonny does make him weak in the knees. Sloan thinks it’s obvious that Leo has great appreciation for Sonny’s attributes, but he is married. Leo argues that they hit a rough patch and they live in separate cities so it wouldn’t take much. Sloan questions Leo thinking Sonny would just turn to him. Leo argues that he can hope and points out they were married once before. Leo adds that even if not, he still wants to be Sonny’s friend and to keep him in his life any way that he can.

Sonny asks Will if it’s okay to leave for a little bit. Will assures he’s fine. Sonny kisses him goodbye. Will tells Sonny to tell Leo that he says “hello, good riddance, go to Hell, and screw you”. Sonny agrees to pass that along as he exits the hospital.

Sloan finds Alex at the Bistro and questions him being solo, asking where his girlfriend is. Sloan mentions hearing Alex and Stephanie were attached at the hip. Sloan jokes about not getting a thank you note since she’s the reason they got together. Sloan figured that Stephanie was so grateful that Alex stole the file from her that she had to give him the time of day. Alex tells her that she’s not that far off, but in spite of that, it’s over now. Alex declares that it’s because he’s a total jerk, egotistical, dishonest, misogynistic, and arrogant. Alex states that he screwed up.

Chad makes spaghetti and meatballs for he and Stephanie. Stephanie asks if it’s an old DiMera recipe. Chad mentions that it was actually Kate who taught him how to make it. Stephanie mentions that she didn’t get to say before but she’s sorry about the loss of Kate as she knows Kate was like a mother to Chad. Chad thinks Kate probably understood him more than his own parents did. Chad says Kate was hard as Hell on him but she always lifted his spirits. Stephanie toasts to Kate and says she’s gone, but not forgotten.

After Gwen forces Xander to get in the shower, she asks if he feels better. Xander complains that now he’s just soaked and miserable. Gwen encourages that he can change out of wet clothes in to dry ones. Xander suggests she should get changed too. Gwen heads to the bathroom but looks back as Xander removes his shirt before heading in.

Leo goes to the Kiriakis Mansion, trying to tell himself that he could pull off a disguise in court. Sonny arrives so Leo greets him and mentions Will stopping by earlier. Sonny informs him that he just ran in to Will at the hospital. Leo asks if Sonny wants to have dinner but Sonny says there’s no need because they won’t be there for long. Sonny then orders Leo to pack his things and go. Leo questions what is going on and guesses it was Will going on about what a menace and loser he is. Sonny responds that he doesn’t want Leo anywhere near him. Leo asks what’s going on. Sonny informs Leo that he knows what he did and that he was involved in Bonnie’s kidnapping.

Stephanie thanks Chad for dinner and for the company, saying it was just what she needed. Chad says now they need dessert and offers to get some but Stephanie is sure they have something in the fridge. Stephanie checks and finds one of Kayla’s apple pies. Stephanie finds a note with it, saying she made it for her since she missed out on Christmas. Chad then hugs her as she starts to cry.

Sloan asks Alex if he got bored with Stephanie. Alex states that Stephanie’s mom died and she dumped him because she didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to her, which was entirely his fault. Sloan asks how. Alex explains that he was getting sick and tired of Chad hanging around and the night that Kayla died, he turned Stephanie’s phone off because he saw Chad calling again but Chad was calling because her mom was dying. Sloan remarks that he really did screw up. Alex sarcastically thanks her for confirming that. Alex asks if she thinks there’s any chance he could fix this. Sloan responds that there’s not a chance. Sloan brings up when her mom died and says she would’ve given anything to have a last chance to say goodbye to her and if any guy got in the way of her doing that, she’d hate him for the rest of her life. Alex admits that’s what he thought.

Leo tells Sonny that he has it all wrong but Sonny screams at him to knock it off. Sonny reveals that Will overheard Leo talking to Sloan. Leo questions if Will was stalking him. Sonny asks how Leo could do this to him and hurt his family like this after everything he did for him. Sonny argues that he helped Leo look for a job and put a roof over his head. Leo apologizes and argues that he needed the money and at the time it seemed like a harmless prank. Sonny complains that Bonnie was scared to death and had already been kidnapped once. Leo argues that technically he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Sonny shouts that technically, he’s guilty as hell. Sonny complains that Leo lived in this house, knowing what Xander did, and said nothing. Sonny screams that Leo saw how traumatized Bonnie was and how concerned Justin was but he still said nothing. Leo admits he screwed up and apologizes. Leo knows he messed up and deeply regrets it. Leo asks Sonny to give him another chance, calling him the only true friend he’s ever had and the only person to ever believe in him. Leo promises to do better and make amends to everyone he hurt. Leo pleads with Sonny to forgive him but Sonny says he’s not making that mistake again. Sonny talks about vouching for him and getting in a huge fight with Will because he insisted that Leo changed. Leo insists that he’s becoming a better person for him. Sonny declares that Will was right that Leo is still just a despicable, selfish con-artist and always will be. Leo tells him not to say that. Sonny adds that the craziest part is he actually started to think they were friends. Leo says they are but Sonny declares that Leo is not his friend and is nothing to him. Sonny orders Leo to get out of the house before he has him thrown out.

Bonnie tells Justin that she feels bad for Sarah since she can tell underneath that Sarah still loves Xander. Bonnie thinks there may still be hope for them yet. Justin calls her incredible since Xander terrorized her yet she’s sticking up for him and rooting for him to save his marriage. Bonnie states that she’s been where Xander is and she feels for him. Justin declares that Bonnie has once again proven that she’s one of the best people he knows and he’s so lucky to have her. Bonnie tells him the same as they kiss.

Gwen comes out of the bathroom in the shirt that Xander gave her while Xander is struggling to get his pants on. There’s a knock at the door which Xander excitedly hopes is his liquor store delivery. Gwen decides he’s had enough and she will just tell them to get lost. Gwen answers the door to see Sarah, who comes in and questions what the hell this is.

Chad and Stephanie eat apple pie together. Chad calls it amazing and says knowing Kayla made it makes it that much more amazing. Chad is grateful to get to share it with her. Stephanie is glad that she found it as Kayla would’ve been disappointed if it went to waste. Stephanie thanks Chad for coming over as she doesn’t know if she could’ve gotten through the night without him. Chad says anytime.

Sloan comments on Alex really taking this hard. Alex mocks it being no big deal that the only woman he ever loved never wants to see him again. Alex asks how to not take it hard when you feel like your life is over and you don’t know how to get through the rest of the day. Sloan responds that Alex made the fatal mistake of getting emotionally involved and this is why no strings is always the way to go. Sloan tells Alex that she’s sorry as nothing is worse than a broken heart is what they say. Sloan then walks away.

Sonny calls Will and tells him that as soon as Leo is gone, he will meet him back at the hospital. Will tells Sonny to take his time as getting Leo out of their lives is their biggest priority. Sonny admits that Will was right about Leo and he should’ve listened to him. Will says he’s just sorry that Leo hurt him again. Sonny tells Will that he has to go and he loves him. Sonny hangs up as Leo returns with his bags packed. Leo asks Sonny if he’s going to tell the police about what he did. Sonny responds that he hasn’t decided yet. Leo tells Sonny there’s one thing he wants him to know before he goes and that’s that he really did care about him. Leo states that Sonny’s friendship means everything to him. Sonny argues that Leo was just playing him the entire time. Leo insists the bond they had was real, sweet, special, and great. Leo is certain that deep down, Sonny knows that is true. Leo repeats that he’s so very sorry for everything as he then exits the mansion.

Sarah remarks that she knew coming here was a huge mistake. Gwen tells her it’s not what she thinks. Xander tries to tell her that she has to let them explain but he falls to the floor and Sarah tells him to shut up. Sarah declares that they disgust her as she walks back out the door.

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Days Update Friday, January 13, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Leo is on the phone with Gwen, hoping that she has come to her senses. Gwen responds that her answer is still no as she will not betray Xander and help send him to prison. Leo knows how much Gwen cares about Xander but suggests she always look out for number one. Will then enters the Kiriakis Mansion and remarks that Leo sure as hell abides by that.

Allie and Chanel talk about Allie’s son Henry being wound up. Chanel feels that Henry senses that Allie is wound up. Chanel says she’s sorry for everything Allie is going through. Allie talks about going through old pictures and she can’t believe Kate and Kayla are gone. Allie cries that she can’t lose Marlena too. Chanel hugs her and says she wishes she could take her pain away. Allie assures that she’s just grateful to have Chanel by her side.

Sonny tells Chad that Stephanie shouldn’t blame herself for not being there for Kayla since it wasn’t her fault. Chad says he tried to tell her that but she won’t stop beating herself up for turning off her phone. Sonny then reveals to Chad that Stephanie didn’t turn off her phone. Chad asks what he means. Sonny informs Chad that Stephanie wasn’t the one who turned off her phone.

Stephanie asks Alex to tell her the truth as she asks if he’s the reason that she didn’t get to say goodbye to her mother.

Leo hangs up with Gwen and greets Will. Leo thought Will returned to LA while Will thought Sonny would’ve seen through Leo’s act by now. Leo hopes he’s not upset that Sonny let him crash her a while longer. Will says he can’t stand the sight of Leo and thinks Sonny is being incredibly naïve by giving him the benefit of the doubt. Leo argues that Sonny is just helping a friend in need. Will says that he knows Sonny is a good guy which makes him an easy target for guys like Leo, who always look out for number one. Leo claims he was just finishing up a job interview on the phone. Will asks if he really expects him to believe that. Will decides he doesn’t have time for this as he just came by to drop off his luggage. Will tells Leo that if he sees Sonny, to tell him that he’s at the hospital visiting his grandma.

Chanel encourages Allie not to give up hope as Marlena is strong, brave, and battled Satan twice. Allie argues that Kate and Kayla were strong and brave too but now they’re gone. Allie declares that she has to get to the hospital to see Marlena. Chanel wishes she could go with her but says she will stay with Henry. Allie thanks her and says she loves her. Allie kisses Chanel and tells her that she will call if there’s any change as Allie then exits. After Allie leaves, Sloan shows up at the door.

Chad doesn’t get how Sonny can be so sure that Stephanie didn’t turn off her own phone. Sonny tells Chad to just trust him on this. Chad argues that they are best friends and questions what he’s not telling him. Sonny then reveals that he’s sure Stephanie didn’t turn off her phone, because Alex did.

Stephanie tells Alex that Chad called her multiple times and left messages about her mom being gravely ill that she didn’t get and she doesn’t remember turning her phone off, so the only possible explanation is that Alex did. Stephanie asks Alex again if he turned her phone off on the night that her mother died. Alex then admits that he did.

Will joins Allie at the hospital. Allie hugs him and says she’s so happy that he’s there. Will says his plane landed an hour ago. Allie mentions that Sami said she’s doing everything she can to get here. Will asks if there’s any update on Marlena. Allie says the doctors are doing everything they can but it’s not looking good. Will wants to see her. Allie says she does too but John and Eric are in with her now and they are restricting her visitors, so they will have to wait and pray. Allie repeats that she’s really glad Will is there so they can wait and pray together as they hug.

Leo goes to see Gwen and apologizes for hanging up so abruptly since Will showed up for a surprise visit. Gwen asks if Will overheard their conversation. Leo says he only heard him say that his motto is to look after number one but he covered his tracks. Leo assures there’s no way that Will is going to find out he had anything to do with Xander’s cover up. Leo knows that if he did, he would go running to Sonny so fast that he’d lose his only other friend.

Chad doesn’t get why Alex would turn off Stephanie’s phone. Sonny guesses that Alex didn’t want to be interrupted. Chad questions Alex admitting to Sonny that he turned Stephanie’s phone off because he didn’t want someone interrupting their alone time. Sonny explains that Alex specifically didn’t want Chad interrupting them.

Stephanie orders Alex to explain himself fast. Alex says it happened when she went to the bathroom to change as her phone started ringing and it was Chad calling again. Stephanie questions Alex deciding to turn her phone off. Alex argues that he didn’t know why Chad was calling. Stephanie asks why it matters and says it’s none of his business. Alex says he knows and that’s why he is so sorry. Stephanie tells him that sorry doesn’t cut it. Stephanie questions Alex policing her phone calls. Alex tells her that he only did it because they had wanted to be alone for a long time and then Chad starts calling, so he figured it was work again or the kids and he had just interrupted them at Christmas. Alex assumed incorrectly that the phone call could wait this time. Stephanie argues that it wasn’t his decision to make and now she didn’t find out her mom was dying until it was too late to say goodbye to her. Stephanie declares that Alex robbed her of that and she will never forgive him for it.

Chanel tells Sloan that it’s a bad time as she’s dealing with a family crisis. Sloan compares it to the crisis she put her family through when she killed her mother and seduced her father. Chanel argues that her mother’s death was an accident and she feels horrible for everything that happened to them. Chanel reminds her that the courts in the UK declined to press charges and suggests they both get on with their lives. Sloan questions it being that easy for her. Sloan declares that Chanel’s life is over because she made a promise to make her pay for what she did to her family, so she’s going to do exactly that.

Allie asks Will about his flight. Will admits it was terrible as he couldn’t sleep or eat while worrying he wouldn’t get there in time. Allie is glad he did since Marlena is hanging on. Allie asks where Sonny is. Will says he doesn’t know since he wasn’t home, but unfortunately Leo was there to greet him.

Leo wants to continue he and Gwen’s conversation. Gwen repeats that she won’t turn Xander in. Leo argues that the cops already know Gwen helped him by creating the website for the fake company. Gwen argues there’s no proof linking her to any crimes. Leo worries that they won’t stop digging until they find something that leads to him. Gwen realizes that Leo isn’t worried about her and is just worried about himself. Leo argues that Xander kidnapped the two women, not them. Gwen argues that the police don’t know that while Leo brings up that they already have evidence of the muscle bound bodysuit that fits him perfectly. Gwen says she’s sorry but she can’t turn her back on Xander. Leo asks if she’s prepared for her father to turn his back on her then. Gwen argues that it won’t happen but Leo insists that when Jack finds out that Gwen helped Xander, he will disown her. Leo reminds Gwen that she’s worked so hard to regain Jack’s trust, but all that goes away if Jack and Jennifer find out that she was Xander’s accomplice. Leo urges Gwen to at least agree to meet with a lawyer to figure out their options. Gwen reluctantly agrees and asks if he has anyone in mind. Leo responds that he does.

Sloan hands Chanel an envelope and says she wanted to deliver this to see the look on her face. Chanel opens it and sees that Sloan is suing her for wrongful death. Sloan adds that Paulina is a co-defendant for her role in covering up her mother’s death. Chanel calls her mother’s death an accident but Sloan says she’s tired of hearing her say that and calls it a lie. Sloan complains about Chanel making it sound like she’s the victim. Sloan warns that she can still make them pay and when she’s done in civil court, the only thing left of Paulina’s fortune will be the crumbs of Chanel’s bakery. Sloan then storms out of the apartment.

Chad questions Alex turning Stephanie’s phone off because he was afraid of him interrupting their romantic evening together. Sonny admits it was a very selfish thing to do but notes that Alex had no idea Chad was calling about Kayla. Chad complains that Alex can’t handle his friendship with Stephanie so now she didn’t get to say goodbye to her mother. Sonny points out that Alex feels terrible about it. Chad argues that he should because Stephanie is agony over the fact that she could’ve been there but she wasn’t because Alex was afraid of him interrupting his latest conquest. Sonny argues that Alex didn’t know what Chad was calling about. Chad shouts that he doesn’t care as it wasn’t his place to turn off her phone and now he has to go break her heart. Sonny stops Chad and reveals that Alex is already telling Stephanie himself.

Alex tells Stephanie that if he had any idea why Chad was calling. Stephanie argues that it doesn’t matter as he had no right to turn off her phone. Alex says he knows that and he just wanted to be alone with her. Stephanie responds that Alex got his wish, so instead of being with her mother while she was dying, they were having sex. Stephanie asks if Alex has any idea how disgusted that makes her feel. Alex responds that he does and he gets why it would and that’s why he would do anything to go back in time and change what he did. Stephanie argues that he can’t and now her mother is gone and so are any feelings that she had for him. Stephanie declares that she never wants to see Alex again and opens the door for him to leave.

Will tells Allie about Leo living under the same roof as Sonny and how it’s driving him crazy. Will argues that people like Leo don’t change, they just figure out ways to get more devious to prey on their victims. Allie agrees and is surprised Sonny would give Leo another chance. Will says that’s what Sonny prides himself on. Allie guesses they have to admire that. Will says he would if the person in question was worthy of second chances, but insists that there is no good in Leo and he doesn’t deserve Sonny’s forgiveness or friendship.

Chad guesses Sonny had to convince Alex to come clean. Sonny admits he strongly suggested it but Alex agreed. Sonny insists that Alex is not a bad guy and wants to make amends. Chad argues that Alex should’ve grown a conscience instead of turning her phone off before robbing her of the chance to say goodbye to her dying mother.

Stephanie questions why Alex is still there since she said she never wants to see him again. Alex argues that she doesn’t mean that. Stephanie tells him not to tell her what she means. Stephanie complains that Alex only hears what he wants to. Alex cries that he was coming here to admit he made a mistake. Stephanie mocks the idea of it being an innocent mistake when he purposely turned off her phone because he’s jealous of her friendship with Chad. Stephanie cries that his pathetic insecurities are the reason why she couldn’t be with her mother when she needed her the most. Stephanie adds that the worst part is if she hadn’t figured it out, he was never going to tell her.

Leo calls Sloan over to the Horton House to meet he and Gwen. Sloan says she almost didn’t show up since Leo doesn’t pay his legal bills on time. Leo argues that she got her money and reminds her that she got to steal back her file on Paulina and Chanel because of him. Sloan thanks him for being careless enough to not catch her. Sloan still doesn’t understand why Gwen wouldn’t publish her story about Paulina and Chanel. Gwen says she had her reasons. Sloan tells her that she missed out on the scoop of the decade. Gwen argues that any charges are not being pursued so her scoop is nothing. Sloan tells her that she’s wrong and says just because they skirted justice, doesn’t make them innocent. Sloan then asks Leo why she is here. Leo says they need legal advice. Gwen adds that they need to make sure the conversation is strictly confidential. Sloan laughs at Gwen sweeping another crime under the rug. Gwen asks if they have attorney-client privilege or not. Sloan says that will require a retainer so Leo tells Gwen to pay her.

Paulina goes to see Chanel at her apartment. Paulina says she rushed right over after getting her message and asks what’s wrong. Paulina talks about praying for Marlena and asks what is the matter. Chanel informs her that Sloan was just there. Paulina asks what the hell she wants. Chanel reveals that Sloan is suing them both.

Sloan goes over that Xander kidnapped Susan and Gwen helped cover it up, then roped Leo in, and now Leo is worried that it’s only a matter of time before he’s implicated as well. Gwen asks what their options are. Sloan goes over the crimes and laughs at the thought of them having options. Sloan declares that they are pretty much screwed.

Julie goes to the hospital and hugs Allie and Will. Julie asks about Marlena’s condition. Will informs her that she’s still in the ICU but it’s not looking great. Julie cries that she’s so sorry. Julie mentions bringing sandwiches since Eric is leading prayer in the chapel for family and friends. Julie then realizes she forgot her rosary.

Sonny tells Chad that he’s not proud of what his brother did. Chad accuses Sonny of making excuses for Alex. Sonny says Alex might be arrogant and full of himself, but he’s got a really good heart and will do whatever it takes. Chad questions how to make it up to someone when you kept them from saying goodbye to their mother. Chad shouts that you can’t make that up. Sonny reluctantly agrees. Chad adds that even if Alex was stupid enough to try, he doubts he will ever get the chance.

Alex knows Stephanie has no reason to trust him right now, but he came here to tell her the truth himself, because he is riddled with guilt and regret. Stephanie asks if he wants her to feel sorry for him. Alex says he’s just doing his best to be honest. Alex insists that he came on his own to tell her the truth and that he’s sorry for what he did and about her mom. Alex adds that if she doesn’t believe him, she can ask Sonny. Stephanie declares that she knows all she’ll ever need to know about the kind of man he is. Alex knows she is upset, hurt and grieving. Alex begs her not to throw away what they have. Stephanie says she didn’t throw it away, he did when he invaded her privacy, disrespected her and lied to her. Alex says he will always regret that as he wanted them to have a romantic night together but he made this thoughtless mistake. Alex swears that he’s learned from it and it will never happen again. Stephanie questions that making her feel better and argues that she’ll never have another chance to say goodbye to her mother. Stephanie asks if he doesn’t get that. Alex responds that he does, but he knows they could get past this if she allows him to make this up to her. Stephanie repeats that there is nothing he could do as every time she looks at him, all she sees is her mother lying in the hospital, cold and dead.

Chad tells Sonny that his problem is he spends too much time seeing the best in people. Sonny questions that being a bad trait. Chad argues that there has to be exceptions as some people are irredeemable. Sonny disagrees and asks if it’s more honorable to think everyone is dishonest and cruel. Chad thinks it’s more self-protective to distrust everyone. Chad brings up Leo and insists that he’s going to cause Sonny problems and let him down because that is who he is and what he does.

Leo tells Sloan that there has to be something she can do since this is small compared to getting him off from murder. Sloan argues that was a murder he didn’t commit so it’s very different since they actually did help Xander in these crimes. Leo insists that if anyone can get them off, it’s her. Leo praises Sloan as a lawyer. Sloan calls it a pipe dream to get them out of this unscathed. Sloan offers to cut a deal where they will testify about Xander in court. Leo tells Gwen that he told her they should flip on him. Leo explains to Sloan that Gwen doesn’t want to turn on Xander because she’s in love with him. Gwen insists that they are just friends but she is not selling Xander out no matter what. Gwen decides if there is nothing more, she’s leaving and they can see themselves out. Gwen then exits. Sloan remarks that she can’t make them take the plea deal so she’s out too. Leo stops her and says he has a proposition for her.

Julie tells Allie and Will that she was rushing to get there that she forgot to pack the rosary. Will offers to go get it but Julie says he needs to be there for Marlena. Allie points out that they are restricting Marlena’s visitors right now anyway. Will insists that he will go get the rosary and be back soon. Julie thanks him as he exits. Julie knows how much Allie loves Marlena and how hard this is for her, but encourages that she’s strong just like Marlena and Sami, so she will get through this. Allie responds that she has to be strong for her son, Henry. Julie says their children and all the people they love need them as they hug. Allie has one of Julie’s sandwiches which she says hit the spot. Julie guesses that’s the first time she ate today and advises her to take care of herself. Julie asks how things are going with Allie and Chanel. Allie says Chanel has been amazing through all of this and been her rock even while dealing with her own family drama. Julie thought things were better for Chanel and Paulina after the murder charges were dropped. Allie says they have been, but she’s worried that Sloan is going to continue to cause trouble because she is determined to get revenge.

Paulina complains about Sloan not knowing when to quit. Chanel worries that this is bad and Sloan isn’t going to stop until they have nothing left. Paulina assures it’s not the end of the world. Chanel thought she’d be more upset about the lawsuit. Paulina says with as much money as she has, lawsuits come with the territory. Paulina insists that her attorneys will make mince meat out of Sloan.

Sloan questions Leo having another proposition. Leo asks what if they leave Gwen out of the plea deal and he can testify against Xander alone, saying he hired him to wear the clown suit, not Gwen. Sloan calls that a lie but says she doesn’t have a problem with that. Leo says the only problem is that he needs to testify anonymously. Sloan says she’s sure Gwen will still find out. Leo says he’s not worried about that as they always go back and forth but at least they would be free. Sloan questions why be anonymous if he’s not worried about Gwen finding out. Leo responds that it’s because of Sonny. Sloan questions what he has to do with this. Leo states that Sonny is his friend who believed in him when no one else would. Will appears in the house as Leo tells Sloan that he can’t have Sonny finding out that he’s involved in something like this.

Sonny asks if Chad sees him as a pathetic tool stumbling around to be taken advantage of. Chad says he just meant that he’s too trusting. Sonny says he chooses to give people like Leo and Alex the benefit of the doubt because they could all use a little redemption from time to time. Chad says they do once in awhile, but in this case, Alex deprived Stephanie of her last goodbye to her mother, so he doubts Stephanie will be as forgiving as Sonny is.

Alex apologizes to Stephanie for robbing her of her last moments with her mom and says he will spend the rest of his life trying to make up for it if she lets him. Stephanie says he can spend eternity trying to make it up to her but nothing he ever says or does will give her back what he took from her. Alex pleads with her but Stephanie declares that she’s done and wants him to leave. Alex tries to argue but Stephanie tells him to respect her wishes and go. Alex then exits as Stephanie breaks down crying.

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Days Update Thursday, January 12, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Roman sits at the Brady Pub with the urn of Kate’s ashes.

Lucas is in prison with the bottle of whiskey that Orpheus left him. Rex arrives so Lucas quickly hides the bottle in his pocket. Rex hugs Lucas and says it’s good to see him.

Stephanie is crying at home when the doorbell rings and Chad arrives. Chad apologizes for showing up without calling but he just wanted to see how she was doing. Stephanie doesn’t know how to answer that. Chad brings up losing someone you love so suddenly. Stephanie knows that he knows all too well. Chad asks if there’s anything he can do to help. Stephanie says no but she appreciates him asking. Stephanie notes that Steve is taking care of most of the arrangements. Chad says he just wanted to stop by and see if she needed anything and to give her a card from the kids.

Sonny is at the Kiriakis Mansion, texting Will to let him know when he gets in. Alex walks in, so Sonny asks how Justin is doing. Alex responds that he’s pretty broken up about Kayla but Bonnie has been great with him. Sonny can’t believe that Kayla is gone just because some evil bastard wanted to get even or something. Alex says he’s sorry. Sonny mentions feeling so bad for Stephanie, Tripp, and Joey because he knows what it’s like to lose a mother. Sonny adds that he can’t imagine what Steve is going through.

Steve enters Kayla’s empty office at the hospital and approaches her desk with tears in his eyes. Steve sits in her chair and looks at their wedding photo on the desk as he cries.

The prison guard interrupts Rex and Lucas, warning Lucas that he’s on thin ice after what happened with Orpheus. Rex wonders what he’s talking about. Lucas claims it’s nothing but Rex feels it didn’t sound like that. Lucas explains that after Rex told him about Kate, he was really upset and attacked Orpheus. Lucas adds that after Orpheus found out about Kate, he decided to express his sympathy by giving him a bottle of whiskey to ease the pain.

Alex asks Sonny if Will got his flight back. Sonny confirms that he did. Alex says that’s good so he will be there soon. Sonny hopes so, since Will already missed saying goodbye to Kate and they are all hoping Marlena pulls through, but if not, he hopes Will makes it back in time to say goodbye to her. Alex says he gets that. Sonny asks if Stephanie was able to be there with Kayla to say goodbye. Alex admits that she did not.

Stephanie tells Chad that the card was so sweet of the kids. Chad tells her that he explained to them last night that Kayla went to Heaven, so they wanted to make it for her. Stephanie reads the card where Thomas suggested they could read books together and Charlotte related to missing her mom. Chad hugs Stephanie as she starts to cry.

Steve cries that this still doesn’t seem real to him and talks about Kayla fighting the virus. Steve really thought Kayla would beat it. Steve talks about waking up this morning and expecting her to be next to him. Steve cries that even now he still expects her to walk through the door. The door to the office then opens.

Rex questions why the hell Orpheus would give whiskey to Lucas. Lucas says he’s trying to get him to fall off the wagon but he didn’t touch it or even open it. Rex asks why he doesn’t just get rid of it then. Lucas complains that it sucks in here, so he is tempted. Rex says he can only imagine. Lucas promises he won’t let Orpheus win and will try to stay strong. Rex urges him to do it for Kate. Rex asks Lucas to give him the bottle, pointing out that it’s the last thing that Kate would want.

Abe and Paulina go to the Brady Pub. Paulina hugs Roman and tells him that their hearts go out to him on the terrible tragedy. Abe hugs him and says he’s so sorry. Paulina asks how they can help. Abe adds that they’ll do whatever he needs. Roman appreciates the offer, but says Steve is taking care of Kayla’s arrangements and Kate didn’t want a funeral. Paulina asks what she wanted then, so Roman shows her the urn.

Jada enters Kayla’s office and tells Steve that she’s sorry for not knocking but Steve invites her in. Jada hopes she’s not bothering him, but Stephanie told her that he was at the hospital. Steve says he had to come sign papers so they could release Kayla’s body to the funeral home and he just wandered in to her office. Jada had a feeling this is where she would find him. Steve says all her things are just the way she left them. Steve points out Kayla’s reading glasses, her water bottle, and a vase that Stephanie made for her. Steve cries about Kayla doing everything she could to send her patients home to their families, so they wouldn’t have to go through this. Jada hugs Steve as he cries.

Stephanie tells Chad that she’s sorry as he doesn’t need to see her falling apart after everything he’s been through. Chad responds that what he needs to do is be here for her, helping her and comforting her if he can. Chad says it would help his heart. Stephanie says he’s being very kind. Chad tells Stephanie that her mom was a wonderful woman who lifted his spirits. Chad says he and Abigail loved her, like everyone did. Stephanie assures that Kayla loved Abigail, Chad, and their kids too. Stephanie states that the hardest part about it is that she didn’t get to say goodbye to Kayla. Stephanie complains that Joey and Tripp got to talk to Kayla on the phone from Seattle while she was less than five minutes from the hospital and didn’t get to. Stephanie wishes she would’ve gotten to the hospital sooner to tell Kayla how much she loved her. Chad assures that Kayla knew. Stephanie can’t believe she missed Chad’s messages and calls.

Alex informs Sonny that Stephanie came over last night and they slept together for the first time, then Chad showed up and told her that her mother was dying. Alex declares that it’s his fault that she didn’t get there in time. Sonny encourages that there’s a million reasons that Chad couldn’t reach her as she could’ve been doing anything else, so he can’t blame himself because he was making love. Alex responds that is not why he blames himself. Sonny asks why else. Alex then reveals that Chad was trying to reach Stephanie, but he turned her phone off.

Chad tells Stephanie that he’s so sorry that she didn’t get his calls. Chad says when she didn’t answer her phone, he did everything he could to find her and checked the Bistro then took a gamble in going to Alex’s house. Stephanie says it’s driving her crazy that Chad tried to call her multiple times and she never even heard the phone ring. Chad guesses she must have just turned it off. Stephanie calls that the only possible explanation but she doesn’t remember doing that.

Sonny questions Alex turning Stephanie’s phone off. Alex says he didn’t know Chad was calling to tell Stephanie that her mom was dying. Alex explains that he didn’t want Chad to interrupt them again since it happened on Christmas where he and Stephanie were about to make love but Chad showed up feeling upset, so Stephanie felt bad for him and let him stay. Sonny sees why that could be frustrating. Alex argues that it was supposed to be a romantic evening but it turned in to the three of them playing video games. Alex complains that Chad is a third wheel. Sonny tells Alex to cut Chad a break since he just lost his wife and probably doesn’t want to be alone. Alex says he feels for Chad but this is getting ridiculous. Alex brings up having a meeting scheduled with Stephanie yesterday, but instead she goes ice skating with Chad and the kids. Alex complains that it’s like every time he turns around, Chad is there. Alex admits that he saw Chad calling and turned her phone off without her knowing. Alex says he thought maybe it was just the kids calling to say goodnight and that it was harmless and she could just call back, but he had no idea that she wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to her mom.

Steve apologizes to Jada while Jada says she’s the one who should be sorry as she didn’t mean to intrude. Jada offers to come back later but Steve assures that it’s fine and he’s good now. Steve asks what Jada’s got. Jada says unfortunately not much at the moment, but if Kristen is telling the truth, they are going to track down whoever stole the Orchid. Jada says Rafe’s team is searching every inch of the secret room in the DiMera Mansion. Steve hopes they find it as it may be too late for Kayla and Kate, but he sure hopes Marlena can be spared.

Roman explains to Abe and Paulina that Kate wished to be cremated, so it’s comforting to have her urn this close to him. Roman talks about thinking it was strange how Anna carried around what she thought was Tony’s ashes but he kind of gets it now. Roman adds that it is comforting but he’s just numb right now as it doesn’t feel real. Roman guesses that’s being in denial. Paulina understands losing his wife and sister is too much. Roman agrees that it’s way too much as Paulina hugs him.

Lucas gives the whiskey bottle to Rex and thanks him for saving him from himself. Rex says he’s his brother and they have to be there for each other, especially now. Lucas asks if he told Billie and Austin yet. Rex says he talked to Austin yesterday and he’s trying to get in touch with Billie, who is on assignment. Rex adds that he spoke with Cassie so everybody knows. Lucas responds that it’s not everybody as he still has to tell Philip. Rex brings up that Philip has been missing for a year and he didn’t want to believe it, but he assumed that he died. Lucas then reveals that their brother Philip is very much alive. Rex is shocked to learn that Philip is in a mental institution and asks how he knows this. Lucas reveals that Philip framed Brady for stabbing him as he was in a complete jealous rage over Chloe and had a breakdown and if he was found out, he’d probably be in prison with him. Rex questions if Kate was okay with this. Lucas explains that Kate didn’t think Philip could handle prison so she and Victor had him sent away somewhere where he could hopefully get better. Lucas adds that Kate wanted to do the same thing for him, but he wouldn’t let her. Rex admits it doesn’t surprise him and jokes that it’s vintage mom. Lucas agrees that even when the chips were down, Kate was always looking out for her kids.

Paulina tells Roman that Kate and Kayla were such wonderful women. Paulina says she didn’t know Kayla well but she always made her feel welcome in Salem. Paulina adds that Kate was direct and honest which is why they ended up with a really good connection because they had a lot in common. Paulina says talking to Kate felt like a kindred spirit and she was lucky to know her.

Jada recalls when she was a kid, her father would speak very highly of Kayla and say how lucky Steve was to have found her. Steve says Marcus sure was right about that. Jada says living in Salem allowed her to see how amazing Kayla was. Steve states that Kayla gave her all to her friends, family, and her patients. Steve says he and the kids were the lucky ones because they had Kayla’s love. Jada encourages that Kayla will live on through their kids and her love will always stay with him in his heart.

Chad questions Stephanie not remembering turning off her phone. Stephanie confirms she doesn’t, but she knows it was off because this morning, she went to check her e-mails and had to turn it back on. Stephanie guesses she must have turned it off when she was with Alex. Chad suggests maybe she didn’t want to be disturbed. Stephanie remembers being in Alex’s room and going to the bathroom to change. Chad says that’s probably when she did it. Stephanie insists that she doesn’t remember doing it.

Alex tells Sonny that if he could go back in time, he would give anything to not have turned Stephanie’s phone off. Alex says as soon as Chad got there, they raced to the hospital but they were too late. Alex laments that if they just got there sooner, Stephanie would’ve been able to say goodbye but instead, she’s beating herself up for not having her chance. Sonny asks what Alex is going to do. Alex doesn’t think there’s anything he can do as he obviously can’t fix this. Sonny responds that he can’t, but he could tell Stephanie the truth and come clean about what really happened.

Paulina goes to fix her makeup. Roman tells Abe that he married a really good woman and he appreciates all the good things Paulina said about Kate and Kayla. Abe assures that she meant every word as she was fond of both of them. Abe brings up how close he was to Kate and Kayla. Abe says he loved Kayla almost like his own sister. Abe admits he and Kate had their issues over the years, but they ended up being very good friends. Abe jokes that Kate did drive him crazy sometimes but that’s because she was a force to be reckoned with. Abe notes that when Kate wanted something, she made sure she got it as he hugs Roman.

Lucas tells Rex that he has to go to the sanitarium to tell Philip what happened. Rex asks where he is. Lucas informs him that Roman can give him all the details. Rex questions Roman knowing about this too. Lucas explains that Kate wasn’t going to lie to Roman, so she told him everything. Lucas assures that Roman will be able to point him in the right direction. Rex agrees to go. Lucas thanks him and knows he’ll break the news gently. Rex says he doesn’t want to make Philip’s life any worse or more difficult than it already is. Rex declares that now that Kate is gone, the siblings have to stick together.

Chad understands why Stephanie can’t stop replaying what happened last night and trying to figure out why she didn’t get the messages. Chad mentions that Marlena told him that thinking you could change the outcome is just a way to feel like you still have control. Chad relates to when Abigail died and how he kept thinking if he didn’t take the kids to the movies or if they just went to Boston that night, things would be different. Chad says it took a long time for him to realize it wasn’t his fault as there was no way to know what was going to happen. Stephanie is sorry to keep harping on this but says she hardly ever turns her phone off, so for it to be off just when she needed it the most. Chad is sorry that it’s making this so much harder for her. Stephanie mentions that when she saw Chad called, she just wanted to turn back time and answer the call, so she would’ve run to the hospital to see Kayla and held her in her arms. Stephanie breaks down crying as Chad hugs her.

Alex tells Sonny that he can’t tell Stephanie the truth or she’ll hate him and it won’t change anything. Sonny argues that it can’t change last night but it can change what happens going forward. Sonny questions if he really wants to start their relationship with this huge secret hanging over his head. Alex argues that the whole point is that they just started, so if he tells her this, they are done. Sonny questions what kind of relationship they will have if he doesn’t tell her. Sonny asks if Alex is comfortable lying to Stephanie about something this important.

Jada goes to the Brady Pub and picks up her lunch order from Roman. Jada notes that she didn’t come just for lunch. Jada says she hasn’t had a moment to tell him how sorry she is about Kayla and Kate. Roman thanks her and says that means a lot. Jada knows it goes without saying how she felt about Kayla, but she wanted him to know how kind Kate was to her. Roman knows Kate liked her a lot and says she was a good person to have in her corner. Roman adds that he sure was lucky to have her in his.

The prison guard informs Rex that visiting hours are over. Lucas thanks Rex for coming and for everything. Rex tells Lucas to take care of himself for the sake of everyone who cares about him, including him. Rex then goes to the prison guard and warns him to tell Orpheus to stop pushing booze on his brother, or he will go to the warden and have him fired. Rex looks back to Lucas and declares that Kate Roberts’ kids stick together. Rex then exits the prison.

Abe joins Steve in Kayla’s office. Abe mentions running in to Jada at the Pub, who told him where he could find Steve. Steve appreciates Abe checking up on him, but claims he’s fine and just had to come make some arrangements. Abe asks if he can help with anything. Steve says he can handle it but thanks him. Abe knows Steve knows that Kayla was one of his closest friends and he was far from the only one. Abe tells Steve that Kayla touched so many lives and they want to do what would make her happy. Abe declares that right now, that means looking after Steve. Abe hugs Steve as he cries and thanks him.

Stephanie thanks Chad for coming by and saying all the right things. Chad tells her that he’s around if she wants to talk. Stephanie thanks him and says she appreciates that. Stephanie thanks the kids for her card and says she loves it. Chad tells her that the kids are crazy about her. Chad tells her not to hesitate to call him anytime and he’ll be there. Stephanie thanks him again. Chad then exits the house.

Alex tells Sonny that he’s not comfortable lying to Stephanie and he wasn’t trying to hurt her, but he just made a mistake. Sonny argues that this mistake is eating him up inside and the longer he waits, the more it’s going to hurt. Sonny asks what if Stephanie figures the truth out on her own. Alex questions how she would figure that out. Sonny doesn’t know but says it’s sure as hell possible and then she will know that he didn’t just turn off her phone, but he lied about it too. Sonny suggests it would be better if she just found out the truth from him.

Steve breaks down crying at Kayla’s desk.

Rex goes to the Brady Pub and tells Roman that he just came from seeing Lucas. Roman asks how he’s holding up. Rex says that Lucas is holding up the best he can and he also told him about Philip. Roman apologizes for not being the one to tell him. Rex understands that he was doing what’s best for him. Rex adds that Lucas wants him to go to the sanitarium to tell Philip about Kate. Roman agrees that he should. Rex asks if he’s sure as he doesn’t want to leave him alone. Roman appreciates his concern but he wants him to go. Roman says that Philip needs to know what happened and Rex is the best person to tell him. Roman adds that it’s what Kate would’ve wanted as they hug.

Chad walks through the town square and runs in to Sonny. Sonny tells Chad that he’s sorry about Kate. Chad thanks him and responds that he’s sorry about his aunt Kayla. Chad mentions just seeing Stephanie. Sonny asks how she’s doing. Chad says she’s in a lot of grief, obsessing over not getting his call last night which is why she didn’t get to say goodbye to her last night. Sonny says that’s got to be tough for her. Chad notes that she’s in a lot of pain and beating herself up for turning off her phone…

Stephanie sits down at home and thinks back to when she went to the bathroom to freshen up before being with Alex. Alex then shows up at her door and says he just stopped by to check on her as he hugs her. Stephanie says she’s glad because there is something she has to ask him. Stephanie then asks Alex if he turned her phone off when she went to the bathroom to change.

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Days Update Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Rafe questions Johnny saying that he knows where Dr. Rolf is. Johnny informs Rafe that Dr. Rolf is in Jakarta, Indonesia. Rafe questions what he’s doing there. Johnny reveals that Li Shin set him up with a secret lab there. Rafe guesses Li thought no one would find Dr. Rolf on the other side of the world. Johnny says but he did find him, with the help of Li’s own sister.

Li goes to find Wendy at Allie’s apartment in a rush. Wendy asks him what’s going on. Li says that his life is falling apart and he needs her help.

Stefan shows up at Gabi’s door. Gabi asks what he’s doing there. Stefan informs her that he just spoke to Johnny and apparently Johnny and Wendy found Dr. Rolf in Jakarta back in November and Rolf told them the same thing he told Gabi about Li and Kristen brainwashing him to turn him against her. Gabi asks if that means he believes her now. Stefan confirms that he does.

EJ questions Kristen saying she’s coming home. Kristen points out that he has a room and she needs a place to stay. EJ thought she was staying with her baby daddy at John and Marlena’s. Kristen reveals that she was until Brady threw her out. EJ calls that not surprising, considering what she did to him. Kristen asks what exactly he’s heard. EJ responds that Johnny just spoke to Allie, so he knows everything which is why he doesn’t want Kristen living in this house.

Chloe questions Brady as to how Kristen forced him to break up with her. Brady calls it extortion. Chloe asks what she was holding over his head. Brady responds that it was the lives of people that he loves. Brady reveals that Kristen played God and now two women are dead.

Nicole and Eric come across each other in the town square. Nicole mentions that she heard about Kayla and she’s so sorry. Eric thanks her. Nicole asks how Marlena is doing. Eric responds that she’s in ICU and not doing well. Nicole doesn’t know what to say but says it’s awful and she wanted to reach out before. Eric says he should get going. Nicole stops him and says Eric just lost his aunt and this is so much more important than what’s going on between them. Nicole asks Eric to just talk to her.

Chloe can’t believe Kate and Kayla have died and asks about Marlena. Brady responds that she’s barely hanging on and is at the hospital because of Kristen. Brady explains that all three women had a relapse of the virus that Orpheus infected them with. Chloe thought they were out of the woods and doesn’t understand what Kristen has to do with this. Brady reveals that Kristen had the Orchid and was the one who provided the serum in the first place. Brady adds that the only way she was willing to turn it over was if he agreed to end his relationship with Chloe.

EJ can’t believe Kristen was holding the lives of the three women over Brady’s head. Kristen argues that EJ would’ve done the same thing to win over the person he loves. EJ questions doing all of this so he would break up with Chloe. Kristen explains that Rachel wanted them to be a family and she wanted to give that to her. Kristen insists that she and Brady belong together. EJ says they need to talk about the fact that two women are dead and there could be a third. Kristen insists that she had every intention of giving them their dose but someone stole the orchid so that’s not her fault. EJ calls that debatable and says Brady doesn’t see it that way. Kristen acknowledges that Brady is furious which is why he kicked her out the door. EJ mocks her coming back here with her tail between her legs. Kristen argues that she came because this has always been her home and EJ is going to welcome her with open arms. EJ asks why he would do that. Kristen then threatens to tell Stefan exactly what he did to him if he doesn’t.

Gabi gets excited about Stefan seeing what she’s been saying this whole time about Dr. Rolf messing with his head and making him hate her. Gabi questions Wendy knowing since November and just telling him now. Stefan guesses that she was protecting her big brother. Gabi argues that they were going to be sisters and questions how she could let her marry a man who did something so horrible. Stefan says that Johnny told him that Wendy felt horrible but couldn’t bring herself to betray her brother. Gabi remarks that Wendy betrayed her instead. Gabi declares that now they know what they all did to keep them apart.

Li tells Wendy that he just went to beg Gabi for another chance but she threw their wedding cookies at him, told him that she hates him and that they are done forever. Wendy says she’s so sorry. Li appreciates her sympathy but says that’s not what he needs from her right now. Li tells Wendy that she must talk to Gabi and change her mind.

Chloe questions Brady about Kristen withholding the serum until he broke up with her. Brady adds that Kristen forced him to move her in and if he didn’t, she would let all three women die. Brady says she wasn’t bluffing since he watched the women get weaker. Chloe asks why he didn’t tell her and argues that she could’ve kept quiet and helped him. Brady says she has no idea how much he wanted to tell her the truth and admits he almost slipped a couple of times but she was threatening him so he was nervous that if he told her and Kristen somehow found out, those three women would have died. Brady notes that Kristen claimed the women needed supplemental doses to stay healthy and that’s how she kept him on the hook. Chloe questions Brady not telling anyone. Brady admits that he reached his breaking point and confided in Eric, then they came up with a plan to get the Orchid back.

Eric tells Nicole about Kristen blackmailing Brady this whole time and that’s why he broke up with Chloe. Eric says it was the only way to save Marlena, Kayla, and Kate, but he couldn’t tell Chloe. Nicole mentions that she just came from seeing Chloe and then Brady showed up to talk to her alone. Eric confirms that Brady is finally telling Chloe the truth. Nicole says that will be a shock since Brady broke Chloe’s heart. Eric says at least Brady will be free to be with the person he loves and belongs to. Nicole questions what happened to the Orchid. Eric says that Kristen claims it was stolen and that John has his people looking everywhere for it. Eric wishes they came up with their plan sooner to force Kristen to turn over the Orchid. Nicole questions what the plan was and how they were going to force her. Eric reveals that it was by kidnapping Rachel.

EJ tells Kristen that he has no idea what she thinks he did to Stefan. Kristen tells him to stop playing games as she had a very long day. Kristen goes over Brady kicking her out, her daughter being kidnapped, and Eric pulling a gun on her. EJ remarks that she’s lucky Eric didn’t pull the trigger considering what she did to his mother. Kristen guesses he’s disappointed. EJ says he has no ill will towards her, despite the fact that she betrayed him and voted to keep DiMera Enterprises in Gabi’s hands. EJ adds that he doesn’t want Kristen’s drama or machinations in this house. Kristen mocks that he only wants his own drama and machinations. EJ argues that he didn’t do anything to Stefan. Kristen brings up EJ knowing about Stefan’s brainwashing for quite some time and keeping it a secret. Kristen warns that she also kept it a secret until now, but they both know how fast that can change.

Johnny sends Rafe the address in Jakarta and knows it’s out of his jurisdiction but asks if there’s any way he can get to Dr. Rolf. Rafe assures that he has contacts over there so he’s sure he can get in touch with someone. Johnny warns that they have to hurry because finding Dr. Rolf is the only way they could save Marlena’s life. Rafe asks if Johnny remembers seeing an Orchid in Dr. Rolf’s lab. Johnny says he doesn’t but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Johnny adds that Kate and Kayla are already gone while Marlena is fading fast, so this is their only hope. Rafe promises to do everything they can to find Dr. Rolf and the serum.

Wendy questions Li thinking anything she says to Gabi will make her take him back. Li argues that Gabi is very fond of her. Wendy calls it a lost cause. Li disagrees and argues that they both know he’s better for Gabi than Stefan. Li brings up how Stefan has treated her. Wendy brings up that being because Li had Dr. Rolf change how he feels towards her. Li insists that he loves Gabi in a way that Stefan never could and they were good together. Wendy says it’s not up to her. Li pleads with Wendy to talk to Gabi, insisting that she will listen to her.

Gabi complains that Wendy is a hypocrite for pretending to be on her side while lying the whole time to protect her brother. Stefan states that they have both been lied to a lot. Gabi says she will deal with Wendy later, but what matters now is that Stefan knows the truth. Gabi talks about thinking she lost him forever and then he came back but couldn’t stand her and now he knows why. Gabi argues that if it wasn’t for Dr. Rolf, they would be together and that’s why he came here. Gabi declares that this changes everything for them but Stefan says it does not.

Brady tells Chloe about Kristen leading him to the Orchid, but it was gone and she claims she has no idea what happened to it. Chloe questions believing her. Brady points out that Kristen would never willingly give up her leverage over him, since now she has nothing to hold over him. Chloe questions that being why he kicked her out. Brady says he kicked her out as soon as he could and came straight here because he wanted Chloe to know that he never stopped loving her. Brady says he was forced to do what he did, but he knew he would find his way back to her. Brady notes that Chloe isn’t saying anything. Chloe wishes she would’ve known all of this before she slept with Stefan.

Gabi questions Stefan saying this doesn’t change anything between them. Stefan reminds her that she’s now married to someone else. Gabi says that’s someone she now despises and she needs to call a lawyer about a divorce or annulment. Gabi asks how she could want to be with Li after what he did to them. Gabi argues that Li’s lies ripped their lives apart. Stefan admits now that he knows the truth, he feels horrible for how badly Gabi has been hurt in all of this and he’s so sorry for the way he treated her. Gabi blames it all on Dr. Rolf and Li. Gabi assures that she still loves him. Stefan knows she does but responds that he doesn’t still love her. Gabi argues that’s because Dr. Rolf turned him against her and pushed him in to Chloe’s arms. Stefan says however it happened, his feelings for Chloe are real and he knows in his head that he used to love Gabi, but now he only feels terrible for how much Gabi has been suffering and doesn’t feel any attraction towards her. Gabi repeats that it’s because Dr. Rolf conditioned his brain to hate her but he doesn’t hate her, he loves her. Gabi tells Stefan to answer one question and asks if he wants to be with Chloe, who is someone that someone else forced him to love, or if he wants to be with her, the person he chose to love.

Li argues that he’s asking Wendy to do the right thing. Li insists that it’s clear that Stefan belongs with Chloe and he belongs with Gabi. Wendy argues that Gabi wants nothing to do with him and is furious with him. Li says Gabi just needs tor remember how good they were and instructs Wendy to tell her how sorry he is. Wendy argues that Gabi won’t listen. Li orders Wendy to make Gabi listen and says he believes that she can do this for him. Li goes to open the door right as Johnny arrives. Wendy hugs him and says she’s so sorry about his aunt. Wendy asks about his grandmother. Johnny responds that they are holding out hope that she’ll beat this thing. Li interrupts and says he’s very sorry about all of this, but Wendy needs to get going. Wendy tells Li to see how upset Johnny is right now. Johnny understands if she has something important to do. Wendy says it can wait but Li says it can’t. Wendy then informs Johnny that Li wants her to convince Gabi to give him another chance. Johnny then informs Wendy that they knew about the brainwashing before the wedding as he thought it was only right that Stefan knew Gabi was telling the truth. Li argues that’s all the more reason for Wendy to go talk to Gabi before Stefan does. Li urges Wendy that this is his life and he needs her. Wendy tells Johnny that she will call him later and then exits the apartment. Johnny wishes Li luck. Li stops him and says they need to have a word.

Kristen tells EJ that it’s always refreshing when they can be honest with each other. EJ brings up that it wasn’t long ago Kristen was telling him that she was sorry about his mother’s death. Kristen argues that she offered to accompany him to the funeral but he didn’t want her sympathy. EJ asks if this is payback. Kristen calls it desperation because she needs a place to regroup and figure out her next move on winning Brady back. EJ mockingly suggests she could have Dr. Rolf mess with Brady’s brain to have him fall back in love with her. Kristen asks EJ if she can stay or if she needs to go find Stefan to tell him how EJ betrayed him. EJ reminds Kristen that she was apart of it long before he was. Kristen argues that she’s not running the company, so she has nothing to lose. Kristen adds that what she and Li did was for a higher moral purpose as they did it for true love while EJ kept the secret to hold onto power that he could lose if Stefan learns he was complicit. Kristen tells EJ to go ahead and grab her bag as she still stay in the guest room on the west wing. Kristen asks if he would rather she tell everyone what she knows. Rafe then walks in and asks what she knows about.

Nicole questions Eric about kidnapping Rachel. Eric explains that it was a ruse to get Kristen to turn over the Orchid. Nicole argues that Rachel must have been traumatized and he knows how dangerous Kristen is. Eric insists that Rachel was safe the entire time. Nicole asks where she kept her. Eric informs her that she was with Sloan. Nicole can’t believe it and calls Sloan his shady hookup buddy. Eric calls Sloan someone he completely trusts and questions Nicole having a problem with that. Nicole says the question is why Eric doesn’t have a problem with it. Nicole calls Sloan a menace. Eric says it’s not his place to judge her. Nicole argues that he has no problem judging her. Eric says here we go again. Nicole complains about what Sloan did to Chanel and Paulina. Eric asks if it’s really about them or if Nicole is just jealous that he and Sloan are sleeping together.

Rafe says he’s sorry to interrupt but Harold let him in. EJ shouts that he’ll have a word with him about that. Kristen asks if there’s something they can help him with. Rafe says he hopes so and asks if they were just discussing the missing orchid. Kristen calls it the stolen orchid. Rafe asks if it’s been recovered. EJ assures that if he knew anything, he wouldn’t keep it to himself. Rafe asks if he’s sure about that. EJ argues that Marlena is his son’s grandmother, so losing her right after losing his other grandmother would break his heart and he’d never want that to happen. Rafe then asks how Kristen would feel if Marlena didn’t survive.

Johnny tells Li that he should get to the hospital to check on his grandma. Li says he won’t keep him long and just has one question before he leaves. Li questions if Johnny happened to tell Stefan about EJ’s role in all of this and that EJ knew what Dr. Rolf did and kept quiet. Johnny admits he did not. Li complains that the DiMeras all stick together but he had no problem throwing him under the bus.

Gabi tells Stefan that she’s not asking him how he feels right now, but who he wants to love. Gabi asks if he doesn’t want to take back his free will. Stefan asks if that means losing Chloe. Wendy shows up and says she understands Gabi is upset with her. Gabi says that Stefan just told her that Wendy knew all about what Li did, so she does want to talk.

Brady questions Chloe sleeping with Stefan. Chloe informs him that it was on New Year’s Eve right before Gabi burst in to their hotel room. Brady admits he was afraid that’s where they were headed. Chloe just wishes she knew any of this. Brady says that it hurts, but it’s not her fault, since he put her in this position. Brady adds that at least Chloe knows Stefan’s feelings for her aren’t real. Chloe understands that but reveals that her feelings for Stefan are real, which shocks Brady. Chloe explains that when Brady ended things between them, she was devastated as it felt like she lost him as well as solid ground in life because it felt like he still loved her and that’s why it made no sense and was so hard to process. Brady is so sorry he put her through that. Chloe knows he wasn’t trying to hurt her and that he had to sacrifice his own happiness to save someone else that he loves. Brady acknowledges that he saw how much pain it was causing her. Chloe cries that she won’t pretend it wasn’t awful and that she didn’t cry herself to sleep every night, but Stefan was there for her at her lowest moments and he helped her heal. Chloe admits they got close and she would’ve never slept with him if her feelings for him weren’t strong and real, but they are.

Gabi tells Wendy that she thought they were friends and almost sisters, so she questions how she could keep something like this from her. Wendy assures it’s not something she’s proud of. Gabi asks if that’s supposed to make it better. Wendy responds that she came to say she’s sorry. Gabi cuts her off and says she hates Li for what he did to her and Stefan. Gabi says that won’t change even if Dr. Rolf tries to brainwash her. Wendy tries to plead with her but Gabi says she’ll see her around and shuts the door on her.

Kristen tells Rafe that she and EJ were both just stating the obvious that losing Marlena would be a tragedy, just like Kayla and Kate’s deaths. Rafe doesn’t believe her. Rafe thinks they were conspiring about something when he walked in and asks if they want to share. EJ responds that they were discussing a family matter. Kristen says it doesn’t concern Rafe. Rafe says speaking of family, he thought they might want to know that their family doctor, Dr. Rolf, is about to be arrested in Jakarta. Kristen questions him finding Rolf. Rafe confirms that as soon as he is arrested, he will be extradited to Salem where he will have to answer for his crimes. EJ tells Rafe that Li was the one who stashed away Dr. Rolf and they had nothing to do with that. Rafe thanks him for the clarification and guesses they won’t mind if he has a forensics team check out the secret room for any leads. Kristen questions calling it a secret room when everybody knows about it. EJ tells Rafe to go ahead because they have nothing to hide. Rafe adds that he will also need to review the security tapes for the past week. EJ insists that they want the orchid found just as much as he does. EJ declares that Johnny has already lost one grandmother, so he will do everything he can to make sure he does not lose another.

Johnny tells Li that EJ had no idea what Li had Dr. Rolf do to Stefan until after the fact. Li mocks that Stefan won’t be delighted to hear that. Johnny argues that EJ was not the one who had Dr. Rolf dig around Stefan’s brain, pull him away from the woman he loves, and almost pull the plug on him as that was all Li. Li responds that he had his reasons. Johnny remarks that Li sending Wendy to talk to Gabi is weak. Li argues that Wendy is being a good sister. Johnny accuses Li of pressuring Wendy into it and putting her in another impossible situation. Li says he just wants Gabi to understand how much he loves her. Johnny reminds him that DiMeras stick together, so he hopes Gabi makes it explicitly clear to Wendy that she’s not taking him back, because she loves Stefan and she always will. Johnny then exits the apartment.

Nicole tells Eric that this is not about jealousy and that Abe is like family to her, so she is protective of anyone in his family. Eric argues that Chanel and Paulina are hardly innocent in this situation. Nicole can’t believe Eric is defending Sloan. Eric says she doesn’t even know her. Nicole feels she knows enough. Eric states that Sloan lost her mother under terrible circumstances and he’s afraid that he’s about to relate to that. Nicole decides this is not the appropriate time to be arguing about Sloan. Eric asks why and says he’s very happy to have this conversation. Eric adds that they can also talk about who Nicole is shacking up with. Nicole responds that she’s not pretending she or EJ are saints, but when they decided to end their marriage, they agreed that she was too much of a sinner and Eric was too much of a choir boy, but now she doesn’t know. Nicole questions what kind of man Eric is. Eric responds that he did what he did because he was protecting his family. Nicole asks if he slept with Sloan to protect his family. Eric clarifies that he’s talking about the kidnapping and that he did it to protect his mother. Nicole says she gets that. Eric questions her not liking that he had Rachel babysat by someone that she doesn’t approve of. Eric suggests they can talk about Nicole and how she acted to end the life of his child.

Chloe tells Brady that he can’t expect her to just come back to him and act like nothing has changed. Brady argues that nothing has changed for him. Chloe cries that she thought he didn’t want her and that he chose to be with Kristen and that was devastating, so she had to protect herself and force herself to get over him.

Rafe informs EJ and Kristen that the forensics team is on their way so he assumes they won’t give them any trouble. EJ jokes that he’ll even offer them snacks. Rafe then informs Kristen that Eric was in his office earlier, demanding that he arrest him for withholding the orchid that could save his mother’s life. Kristen questions Rafe not complying with his demand. Rafe responds that he doesn’t have the facts to back up an arrest yet, but he’s sure as soon as he gets his hands on Dr. Rolf, he can get him to flip on Kristen, Li, and anyone else who might be involved. Rafe says he’ll be in touch and tells them to have a great day as he exits the mansion.

Gabi tells Stefan that she can’t believe Li sent his little sister to try and change her mind about him, especially since she was keeping his secret. Stefan calls it not a winning strategy. Gabi adds that no one can change her mind about how she feels about Stefan. Gabi wishes he would say something. Stefan knows she wants to be with him and he feels horrible for how badly she’s been hurt through all of this, but it’s not going to happen. Gabi knows it’s hard to imagine but insists that they can find Dr. Rolf and have him undo what he did. Stefan questions if she thinks he’ll just fall back in love with her. Gabi admits she doesn’t know as he may continue hating her or continue to love Chloe. Gabi asks if Stefan doesn’t want to be whole again, to make his own choices, or to want his free will back.

EJ returns from the tunnels and informs Kristen that Rafe’s team have descended into the tunnels and the not so secret room. Kristen asks if they are going to find anything. EJ calls it unlikely. Kristen then asks if he’s going to welcome his sister in. EJ remarks that she hasn’t given him a choice. EJ agrees to let Kristen stay for now but warns that she better pray for her and Marlena’s sake that they find the orchid.

Brady knows he can’t just ask Chloe to flip a switch and go back to where things were before, but says she needs to know that he didn’t have a choice when it came to being with Kristen while Chloe has a choice. Chloe understands that but she can’t make that choice in this moment. Brady decides to give her all the time she needs and he will wait for as long as he has to. Brady says he better get back to the hospital to check on John. Chloe sends them her best. Brady tells Chloe that he loves her and when she’s done figuring this whole thing out, he hopes she will come to realize that she loves him too. Brady then exits.

Nicole asks Eric if he knows how cruel it is to blame her over and over again for Jada’s choice. Nicole calls it unfair and repeats that she did not talk Jada in to not having his baby but he goes on and on accusing her as if she dragged her to the abortion clinic. Eric argues that she helped by painting a negative picture of what motherhood would be like. Nicole argues that if Jada wanted to have the baby and be a mother, then nothing anyone said would’ve made a damn bit of difference. Eric disagrees. Nicole decides she no longer cares if Eric thinks she deprived him of his dreams of being a father. They agree to no longer discuss it. Nicole declares that she’s off to go pray for his mother and for him too as she storms off.

Wendy returns home where Li is waiting. Li asks if she talked to Gabi. Wendy confirms that she did, but Stefan was there when she arrived. Li screams in frustration that Stefan got to her first. Li blames Wendy for fighting with him. Wendy cuts him off and says this is over because Gabi hates him for what he did. Wendy declares that it’s time to face reality and accept that Gabi never wants to be with him again.

Rafe returns to the police station and finishes a call as Gabi and Stefan arrive. Gabi tells Rafe that they need his help in finding Dr. Rolf. Rafe asks why. Stefan responds that he now believes Rolf brainwashed him. Gabi adds that Stefan has agreed to have Dr. Rolf undo whatever he did and then they will see where that leads them. Stefan mentions that Johnny thinks he knows where Dr. Rolf is. Rafe reveals he has some bad news as he just got off the phone with the Jakarta police and they raided Dr. Rolf’s lab, but he wasn’t there. Gabi questions him being gone. Rafe declares that he disappeared without a trace.

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Days Update Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

EJ brings Nicole’s breakfast to her room at the DiMera Mansion. Nicole thanks him and jokes about there not being a newspaper with it like Harold usually brings. Nicole asks EJ what’s going on. EJ then informs Nicole that he has some sad news and wanted to break it to her, himself.

Johnny is in the living room of the DiMera Mansion, reading the Spectator article on Kate and Kayla’s deaths with Marlena in critical condition. Johnny is on the phone with Allie and says he’s so sorry about Kate. Johnny says he will meet her at the hospital when visiting hours start. Johnny says he loves her and hangs up. Stefan returns home. Johnny notes that he’s finally back. Stefan says it was pandemonium at the airport with every flight delayed, so it’s a miracle he even made it back from Miami. Stefan jokes he wouldn’t have minded a couple of extra days of paradise with Chloe. Johnny asks if he had a good time then. Stefan confirms that they rang in the New Year on the dance floor of the hottest nightclub in Miami. Johnny questions if he didn’t have any unforeseen interruptions. Stefan guesses he knows about Gabi. Johnny confirms that he drove her to the airport. Stefan confirms that Gabi did find him and told him everything.

Gabi returns home from Miami. Rafe asks how it went and if she saw Stefan, but notes that she doesn’t look good. Gabi breaks down crying as Rafe hugs her and says he’s sorry.

Li sits in the town square, trying to come up with a message to text Gabi but gives up in frustration. Chloe arrives and confronts Li, saying he damn well better answer her questions.

Kristen returns home to John and Marlena’s and sees she forgot Rachel’s lunchbox. Eric comes in after her and reveals that he just came from seeing Roman. Kristen asks how he’s doing. Eric informs Kristen that Roman’s wife just did and so did his sister. Eric declares that Marlena could be next, or maybe Kristen will beat her to it, as he pulls a gun on Kristen.

Gabi tells Rafe about how she arrived in Miami to find Stefan in bed with Chloe. Rafe asks if she told Stefan what Dr. Rolf did. Gabi confirms she told him everything, but Stefan says it doesn’t matter at all and he doesn’t care.

Johnny questions Stefan saying that Gabi told him everything. Stefan confirms he heard the whole alleged conspiracy and brainwashing from Dr. Rolf and Li. Johnny questions him not being upset that Dr. Rolf turned him against the woman he loves. Stefan asks how he’s supposed to believe any of that. Johnny asks what he means. Stefan brings up that Gabi tracked down Dr. Rolf before he left town and she believed his denial, but now she suddenly changes her story and believes the opposite, so he questions how he knows what story to believe. Johnny then reveals that he knows Dr. Rolf brainwashed him because he heard it straight from Rolf himself.

EJ informs Nicole about the deaths of Kate and Kayla. EJ explains that they had a relapse of the rare disease they had months ago. Nicole can’t believe it as she thought they all took the anonymous vial. EJ explains that they all thought they had been cured since they had been perfectly healthy all this time, until now. Nicole asks about Marlena since she had it too. EJ informs her that Marlena has been similarly affected and is very ill, but she’s still holding on for now. Nicole starts to cry and worries about Eric.

Kristen asks if Eric wants revenge and argues that he’s not a murderer since he was a priest. Eric brings up the bible saying an eye for an eye. Eric yells at her to shut up and says this isn’t a game and he’s not the coward that she thinks he is. Eric reminds her that he kidnapped her daughter. Kristen calls that a glorified playdate. Kristen knows he wouldn’t hurt Rachel, just like he won’t hurt her. Eric asks if that’s what she thinks. Eric demands Kristen hand over the Orchid or else they are both going to find out what he’s capable of.

Gabi tells Rafe that Stefan threw her out and told her that he wanted to stay with Chloe, so he didn’t even believe her. Rafe says he’s so sorry. Gabi argues that they need to find Dr. Rolf so maybe he can undo what he did to Stefan. Rafe assures that he’s doing everything he can to find Dr. Rolf since they need him to backup her story that Kristen and Li masterminded this whole mess. Rafe mentions that he did have to release Kristen and Li from custody since he didn’t have enough evidence told him, but declares that he will not let them get away with what they did to Gabi and Stefan.

Li tells Chloe that he’s not sure what she’s heard. Chloe responds that she knows everything since she was with Stefan when Gabi crashed their New Year’s in Miami. Chloe goes over Li brainwashing Stefan away from Gabi since he knew he couldn’t compete. Chloe accuses Li of playing God with Stefan’s life and Gabi’s life. Li argues that he loves Gabi very much. Chloe says she has a hell of a way of showing it since she hates him now. Chloe questions why Li dragged her in to this.

Stefan questions when Dr. Rolf told Johnny about this. Johnny explains that Wendy overheard Li having a conversation about Dr. Rolf and Stefan, so she got worried that Li was in over his head somehow. Stefan then realizes this was what the Jakarta trip was about. Johnny admits they took the company jet to Indonesia to find Dr. Rolf and it wasn’t a joyride, but a mission. Johnny says that Wendy tricked Dr. Rolf in to admitting everything about the brainwashing, but he got the upper hand on them and tried to inject them with a drug that would make them forget everything, just like he did to Gabi when she confronted him before he fled Salem. Stefan realizes that Gabi really was drugged and that’s why she was convinced that Dr. Rolf was innocent. Johnny explains that when the drug wore off, Gabi blew up her whole wedding and got on a plane to tell Stefan everything. Stefan calls this all very enlightening, but says there’s just one piece missing for him. Stefan goes over Johnny going to Jakarta weeks ago and questions why he’s just now hearing about this.

Nicole tells EJ that Eric has lost his aunt and stepmother and now possibly his mother, just like that. EJ calls it an unspeakable tragedy. Nicole worries that Eric’s already in a bad place after everything he’s been through. EJ encourages that Nicole didn’t do anything and that Eric turned his back on her for no good reason. Nicole says whatever it is doesn’t matter. Nicole declares that she wants to be there for Eric, but she’s afraid that she’s the last person he wants to see.

Kristen swears to Eric that if she knew where the orchid was, she’d tell him. Kristen questions how to convince him when he’s holding a gun on her. Eric questions why he should believe her when she’s always been a liar as well as a murderer and rapist. Eric goes over the orchid magically disappearing when they need it the most and yells at Kristen to shut the hell up. Eric says it’s too convenient to be a coincidence. Eric tells Kristen that her game is over because he has the gun. Eric orders Kristen to take him to the Orchid or he’s going to a put a bullet in her. Brady then comes home and asks what the hell Eric is doing.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s so sorry. Nicole thanks him but feels she played her part in this. Nicole disagrees that Eric pushed her away for no reason. EJ feels she’s too hard on herself. Nicole thinks she’s not hard enough on herself. EJ encourages that she’s a good person and says she’s been great company to have around. Nicole is glad someone thinks so. Nicole knows it seems crazy that she’s not ready to move on from Eric, especially when he hates her guts. EJ tells her that she knows what feels right, so he won’t press her on it. Nicole starts to drink the coffee from her breakfast but says her New Year’s Resolution was to quit caffeine but it now seems trivial. EJ says he will add decaf. Nicole declares that she now thinks she’s going to give up men instead.

Gabi tells Rafe that she was a fool to trust Li Shin and now she’s actually married to him. Rafe jokes that now they can be divorce buddies since he just got his papers from Nicole. Gabi says she’s sorry but Rafe says it’s for the best. Rafe says he has to get to work and advises Gabi not to give up on Stefan. Gabi promises she will never give up on the man she loves as Rafe then exits.

Stefan questions Johnny and Wendy flying halfway around the world, risking her job, and come back with the truth but then lied to his face. Stefan doesn’t get it. Johnny thinks back to promising EJ that he wouldn’t tell Stefan about his involvement. Stefan then questions what Johnny is not telling him. EJ then walks in and acknowledges Stefan being back. EJ then questions what’s going on here.

Chloe tells Li that when Stefan woke up, he hated Gabi and was fixated on her. Chloe questions why since it made it no sense as they had broken up way before he had died and she was with Brady then. Li suggests she ask herself who would stand to benefit to drive a wedge between her and Brady. Chloe asks if he’s saying Kristen had a hand in this. Li says he’s not saying anything but she drew her own conclusion. Chloe calls him a son of a bitch and argues that he can’t screw with people’s lives and then not own up to it when he’s caught. Chloe orders him to take some responsibility but argues that he can’t do that because he’s a disgusting excuse for a human being. Li reminds Chloe that she works for him. Chloe says not anymore and announces that she quits as she then walks away.

Brady tells Eric that Kristen doesn’t know where the Orchid is and asks him to give him the gun. Eric questions why Brady believes everything Kristen says or does. Brady reminds him that Kristen swore on Rachel’s life and has no reason to lie. Eric shouts that she has every reason to manipulate him. Brady tells Eric that his mother needs him and they are running out of time as he pleads with him to give him the gun. Eric reluctantly gives Brady the gun and declares that he’s not playing these games anymore. Eric warns Kristen about if anything happens to his mother and she dies as he walks out of the house. Kristen thanks Brady. Brady responds that he didn’t do it for her, but for Eric. Brady then asks Kristen to go pack her bags and get out of the house.

Nicole goes to Chloe’s hotel room at the Salem Inn. Nicole says she heard Stefan was back so she figured Chloe would be too. Chloe hugs her and says she’s so glad to see her. Chloe guesses she’s heard about the disaster in Miami but Nicole says no as she didn’t even talk to Stefan. Nicole tells Chloe that she’s so sorry but she felt Gabi should know where Stefan was after what happened at her wedding. Chloe says it’s okay and she wishes someone told Gabi sooner, since she and Stefan rang in the New Year by sleeping together. Chloe explains that she almost didn’t go through with it since she couldn’t stop thinking about Brady, but then she just thought that she deserves to be happy and to feel good, so she went through with it and it really was wonderful, but then afterwards, Gabi bursts in to their hotel room and tells them everything about Dr. Rolf brainwashing Stefan in to hating Gabi and fixating on her. Chloe feels so stupid since the only reason Stefan wanted her is because Dr. Rolf engineered those feelings. Nicole is sure that’s not the only reason. Chloe says that Stefan insists his feelings are real, but questions if she can really believe that.

Johnny tells EJ that they were just talking about what Dr. Rolf did to Stefan. Stefan adds that Johnny just told him that he knew what Rolf did all along and was just about to attempt to explain himself. Johnny claims that he kept quiet because of someone he cares about. Stefan asks him who. Johnny says that it was Wendy which relieves EJ. Johnny says that he and Wendy got really close and Li begged her not to expose him and she agreed, so he felt he had to keep his mouth shut too for her. Stefan asks if that’s the whole story. Johnny claims that it is.

Li goes to see Gabi. She says she has nothing to say to him. Li asks her to just hear him out. Gabi asks why she should when all he’s done is lie to her and he knew Stefan was alive and never said anything. Li argues that Stefan had no heart, so all he had was a vague promise from Dr. Rolf that he might wake up someday. Li claims his interest in Stefan had nothing to do with Gabi, but about what resurrecting him might do to DiMera. Gabi argues that Li chose business over her. Li asks her to let him put it all in to context. Gabi questions how this could ever be made forgivable. Gabi asks for the business reason for Li trying to pull the plug on Stefan. Gabi then tells him to save it since Dr. Rolf explained the whole thing and then drugged her, which she’s sure Li knew about. Li says he was desperate as he was deeply in love with her and didn’t want to lose her. Gabi declares that now that Li is a lying bastard with no integrity, he’s lost her forever.

Rafe is on the phone at the police station, saying they need access to DiMera’s records and proof they financed Dr. Rolf’s move to Indonesia. Rafe says they will figure it out when they get the warrant and hangs up. Eric arrives and remarks that DiMeras are nothing but liars who cover up the truth until people you love are going to die. Rafe responds that he’s really sorry for what he’s going through. Rafe wishes there was something he could do. Eric tells him to arrest Kristen right now.

Kristen questions Brady wanting her to go. Brady tells her not to act surprised since the only reason she was living her was because she was holding the orchid over his head. Brady says now two women are dead and a third might not make it, while she lost the only thing that could save her life so he wants her out. Kristen asks how Rachel will feel when she comes home from school and she’s not there. Brady assures that Rachel will be fine and will eventually understand why Kristen can’t be apart of her life. Brady says that Marlena is not fine as she’s dying in the ICU, so he doesn’t want John coming home to see Kristen’s face, as a widower. Brady orders Kristen to get out now. Kristen cries that she has nowhere else to go. Brady shouts that it is not his problem.

Li tells Gabi that he knows what he did was wrong. Gabi asks if he’s that arrogant or deluded to think he can just apologize and all is forgiven. Li argues that Gabi knows what it’s like to cross the line for love and says they are the same because they are not afraid to take drastic measures when something is truly worth the risk. Li says Stefan isn’t like them because he gave up on her which is something he will never do. Gabi argues that Stefan didn’t give up, he was brainwashed by him so he had no choice. Li argues that if Stefan loved her enough, no amount of brainwashing could have stopped him. Li declares that Stefan never loved her like he does. Li says that Gabi has every right to judge him harshly, but deep down, she knows why he did it because she would’ve done it too which proves they belong together and she knows it.

Chloe tells Nicole that they all thought it was strange when Stefan started showing up at her door with flowers considering how in love with Gabi he was. Chloe adds that she wasn’t interested since she only had eyes for Brady, but then Brady walked out on her and went back to Kristen while Stefan was there, treating her like the best thing to ever happen to him. Chloe says for the first time in a long time while in bed with him in Miami, she stopped hurting and was happy but then Gabi crashed in and ruined that too. Nicole says she’s so sorry that it’s such a mess, but she’s here for her. Chloe thanks her for listening and says enough about her. Chloe then asks how Nicole’s New Year’s was.

Johnny apologizes to Stefan. Stefan hoped that family loyalty would trump his burgeoning relationship with Wendy, but what’s done is done. Stefan then takes his bag and heads upstairs. EJ thanks Johnny and says it’s one thing for Stefan to believe Johnny was involved in the cover up, but he is his brother and his boss. Johnny states that he kept the secret this long, so there’s no reason to let it out now. Johnny notes that Stefan didn’t really seem to care what Dr. Rolf did but maybe the shock of knowing the truth will wear off. Johnny gets a call from Allie and asks her what’s happening, then he is shocked by what she tells him.

Rafe tells Eric that Kristen claims that she doesn’t know who could have taken the orchid. Eric argues that she’s playing dumb and assures that she knows more than she’s putting on. Eric tells Rafe to go haul her ass out and get it out of her. Rafe tries to explain things. Eric then argues that he knows Rafe blames him for what happened with Nicole, but tells him not to let Marlena suffer because he’s angry with him.

Brady talks to Theresa on the phone and says she’s so sorry about Kayla. Brady asks her not to tell their son Tate about Marlena yet. Brady thanks her and hangs up. Kristen comes back in to the room and tells Brady that he doesn’t need to do this, arguing that Rachel will need her mother more than ever. Brady says that’s because she might lose her grandmother because of her. Brady doesn’t know why he let Kristen get away with this for as long as he did because he was worried that if he told someone, she’d let someone die and then it happened anyway. Brady suggests maybe if he tried harder in the beginning, he’d have the orchid and then Kate and Kayla would still be here. Kristen tells him not to blame himself. Brady assures that he blames her. Kristen tells Brady to tell Rachel that she loves her. Brady says goodbye to Kristen.

Gabi questions Li expecting her to forgive him when he tried to kill the man she loves and then married her, knowing what he had done. Gabi warns Li to get the hell out or she will kick him out. Gabi then starts throwing food at him until he leaves.

Johnny hangs up with Allie and then informs EJ that Allie just spoke to Brady and found out that Kristen had apparently been hiding an Orchid here in the Mansion in the secret passages for months, but now that it’s needed to make a serum for Marlena, it’s missing. EJ wonders what the hell Kristen has done. Johnny notes that Kristen swears she doesn’t know where it is, but Marlena is getting worse, the clock is ticking, and they need that serum now. Johnny says there has to be a way they can make more of it. EJ says maybe Dr. Rolf would know. Johnny decides he needs to go see Rafe and rushes out of the mansion.

Rafe understands that Eric is worried about Marlena and desperate to save her, so he feels terrible for what he’s going through. Rafe then tells Eric no more playing amateur detective and to come to him next time. Eric argues that he was trying to get medical help for his critically ill mother. Rafe says that he will follow up on every lead, but right now Eric is wasting his time, so the best thing he could to help his mother is leave.

Nicole informs Chloe that she spent New Year’s with EJ but assures that nothing really happened. Chloe asks about Eric. Nicole responds that Eric is sleeping with Sloan Peterson which surprises her. Nicole knows it’s insane but they are barely speaking to each other and she wishes she could reach out to him with everything going on with his family. Chloe asks what she means. Nicole remembers that Chloe just got back so she hasn’t heard about Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. Chloe questions what is happening with them but they get interrupted by Brady showing up at the door. Chloe asks what he’s doing there.

Johnny goes to the police station. Rafe says he heard about Marlena and he’s so sorry, asking if there’s anything he can do. Johnny says he just found out from Allie that Marlena is in desperate need of the serum that comes from the Orchid, but it’s gone missing although it’s possible that Dr. Rolf could make more. Rafe says they are actually looking for Rolf regarding another case. Johnny reveals that’s why he came and declares his search is over, because he knows where Dr. Rolf is.

Stefan shows up at Gabi’s door.

Brady asks if he can talk to Chloe alone. Nicole says she was just leaving. Nicole tells Chloe to call her any time and exits. Chloe asks what Brady wants. Brady says he wanted to tell her the reason why he broke up with her and admits it had nothing to do with Rachel, but Kristen forced him to do it.

Kristen enters the DiMera Mansion with her bags. EJ asks what the hell she is doing here. Kristen asks what it looks like and declares that she’s coming home.

Nicole walks through the town square. Eric walks by and stops when he sees her.

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Days Update Monday, January 9, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Alex lays in bed and waits for Stephanie as she’s freshening up in the bathroom. Stephanie’s phone rings again with a call from Chad. Alex sees it and questions Chad calling again and not taking a hint. Alex rejects the call again and declares that Chad is not interrupting them this time.

At the hospital, Chad leaves a message for Stephanie, saying she needs to get to the hospital right away as it’s her mom. Chad hangs up and worries that Stephanie doesn’t have much time.

Steve brings Kayla water in her hospital bed. Kayla remarks that nothing should surprise them about Kristen, but she can’t believe Kristen would knowingly put three people’s lives at risk because of her obsession with Brady. Steve tells her not to worry about Kristen and to focus on beating this thing and getting better. Kayla wishes she had his optimism but worries about not getting the orchid soon. Steve tells Kayla that they need to keep the faith.

John takes care of Marlena at home. John says Brady is out looking for the orchid with a couple of Black Patch investigators. Marlena wonders if Kristen is lying about the orchid being stolen and says she wouldn’t put it past her. John agrees that he wouldn’t put anything past Kristen, but he thinks she’s on the level this time. Marlena guesses they just have to hope they find it before it’s too late.

After Rex announces Kate’s death, Roman urges him to do more but Rex cries that they’ve done all they can and he’s sorry but Kate is gone. Roman says they just found their way back to each other and they were going to get it right this time. Rex decides to give them a moment alone. Rex tells Roman that Kate told him many times how happy Roman made her and that she loved him very much. Rex then exits the room.

Steve reminds Kayla of how many times they’ve overcome obstacles that they didn’t think were possible over the years. Steve credits the power of their love. Kayla asks Steve to go check on Roman and Kate, but Steve says they have each other so he’s not going to leave her side. Kayla assures that she’s fine and stable and has her call button. Kayla points out that Kate was worse than her, so she just needs him to go check if Roman and Kate are okay. Steve agrees if that’s what she wants and says he won’t be gone long as he then exits the room.

Chad tries calling Stephanie again. Alex says he’s relentless but says not tonight as he rejects Chad’s call for a third time. Stephanie then comes back from the bathroom in her underwear and asks Alex if it was worth the wait. Alex says definitely as she gets in bed and they start kissing.

John tells Marlena that he has a theory about who could have taken the Orchid. Marlena asks who it is. John asks who else, but the maniac that put this whole thing in motion.

Orpheus is in prison, reading The Art of War.

Marlena questions John thinking that Orpheus has the Orchid. John says that Orpheus’ reach goes far beyond prison, so he could have easily had someone do it for him. Marlena guesses John will be taking a trip to prison but John says he doesn’t feel comfortable leaving her like this. Marlena points out that Eric is there if she needs anything, so John decides he will take a quick trip. Marlena assures that she will be fine because she has John to live for. John tells her that he loves her and kisses her.

Lucas goes to the prison waiting room but sees Orpheus and decides that he will come back later. Orpheus then tells him not to leave on his account and asks about seeing his lovely mother here earlier. Lucas warns him to watch what he says about his mother. Orpheus says he was just paying her a compliment. Orpheus remarks that Kate was sure looking well. Lucas says that’s no thanks to him and that he knows all about how Orpheus tried to kill Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. Orpheus tells him to take it easy. Orpheus remarks that even if he had poisoned them, obviously it didn’t take, since Kate is still alive and well…

Roman wishes he hadn’t wasted so much time wanting Kate from afar and says he’s so sorry that he waited so long to tell her how he felt and that he couldn’t protect her from Orpheus and Kristen. Roman hopes they suffer in Hell forever for what they did to her. Roman cries that he loves her so much and he will forever for the rest of his life. Roman breaks down crying that he will miss her so much.

Chad sees Rex come from Kate’s room and asks him what’s going on. Steve comes over as Rex announces to Steve and Chad that Kate is gone, shocking them as Steve hugs Rex.

Stephanie and Alex kiss until she asks him what’s wrong. Stephanie reminds him that he doesn’t have to worry about protection since she came prepared. Alex reveals that he did too. Stephanie asks what the problem is then. Alex says he just really wants to make sure that she’s ready. Stephanie assures that she definitely is and asks if he is. Alex responds that he’s been ready since the first moment he saw her in the town square. Stephanie decides that settles it then as they resume kissing.

Steve hugs Chad and says he will go check on Roman. Rex mentions that he has to go call his brothers and sisters, so he tells Steve to take care of Roman. Steve tells Chad that he’s so sorry as he knows Kate loved him very much. Chad responds that Kate was always there for him. Steve asks if he was able to reach Stephanie. Chad informs him that he called her several times and left messages, but she hasn’t called him back. Steve says he needs Stephanie here. Chad tells Steve to go be with Roman and he will go find Stephanie. Steve asks if he even knows where she is. Chad thinks he has an idea. Chad tells Steve not to worry as he will get Stephanie there.

Stephanie and Alex continue kissing in bed.

Eric brings Marlena soup in bed. Marlena says she’ll try to get some down a little later on. Eric asks how she’s feeling. Marlena responds that she’s better now that he’s there, but she’s worried. Marlena brings up Eric taking Kristen’s daughter and how volatile she can be when provoked, so she wonders if Eric thought about that. Eric guesses he should have. Marlena mentions that it’s like playing with fire. Eric knows he should’ve since Marlena has more experiences than anyone dealing with psychopaths in town. Marlena says speaking of people that are unbalanced, John went to Statesville to see Orpheus. Eric hopes that John has better luck getting Orpheus to tell them where the Orchid is than he had with Kristen.

Lucas tells Orpheus that he better be glad they found that serum in time to save Kate and her friends. Orpheus mockingly questions what Lucas would’ve done if they hadn’t and calls him pathetic. The guard warns him to knock it off. Orpheus responds that he’s just having a little fun with Bill Horton’s bastard. Lucas says screw you to Orpheus as John arrives and tells Lucas to relax as Orpheus isn’t worth it. Lucas asks what John is doing here. Orpheus remarks that John must have come to see his ex-son in law, the booze hound who kidnapped his stepdaughter. Orpheus jokes that God will cut John some slack if he let Lucas rot in prison. John responds that he’s not here for Lucas, but for Orpheus.

Steve joins Roman in Kate’s hospital room and tells him that he’s so sorry. Steve states that he and Kate had their differences but one thing they had in common was their love and respect they had for Roman. Steve knows they were meant for each other and how happy Kate made Roman. Roman hopes he made her happy too. Steve assures that he did. Roman asks how Kayla is. Steve responds that she’s hanging in there. Roman says she has to make it and that he’s praying for her and Marlena. Roman cries that Kate would be doing the same thing as he hugs Steve.

Orpheus questions John being there for him and jokes that he’s surprised and flattered. John accuses Orpheus of having the Orchid and asks where it is. Orpheus claims to not have it nor any idea where it may be. Lucas asks what’s going on. John reveals that Kate, Marlena, and Kayla are sick again and apparently need another dose of the original serum but the Orchid has gone missing. Lucas declares he has to go check on Kate and rushes away. Orpheus guesses Christmas came late around here because John is definitely the bearer of good tidings.

Marlena wants to talk about Eric and his life. Eric mentions Nicole convincing Jada to have an abortion but he knows that’s not exactly what happened and that the decision was Jada’s. Marlena asks about him blaming Nicole. Eric just wishes she hadn’t gotten involved. Marlena brings up Eric getting involved in bar room brawls. Marlena knows how much Eric wanted a family. Marlena promises he will have one but she doesn’t want what’s happening in his life to harden his heart. Eric tells Marlena that he loves her.

Lucas uses the prison phone to call Rex. Lucas says he just saw John. Rex says he was just about to call him. Lucas asks what’s going on. Rex wishes he had better news and that he didn’t have to tell him over the phone. Rex then informs Lucas that Kate is gone, leaving him in shock.

Steve returns to Kayla’s hospital room. Kayla asks how Kate is. Steve tells her that he’s so sorry. Kayla starts to worry about Roman and Kate’s children. Kayla declares that she needs to see their kids and asks where Stephanie is. Steve tells her that Chad went to go find her. Kayla cries as Steve tells her it’s okay.

Chad walks through the town square and tries calling Stephanie again. Chad leaves another message that he’s at the town square and thought she and Alex would be at the Bistro. Chad says he didn’t want to have to leave this voicemail but he can’t find her and she’s not picking up her phone. Chad reveals that Kate is dead and that Kayla is really sick, so he needs her to call him back or get to the hospital right away.

Alex and Stephanie continue kissing in bed as her phone lies on the table nearby.

Roman joins Steve in Kayla’s room. Kayla tells Roman that she’s so sorry about Kate. Steve decides he will go out and make some calls to see if he can reach Joey and Tripp. Kayla tells Roman that she asked Steve to call their kids because she needs to see them. Kayla tells Roman that she’s so glad he’s there but her heart goes out to him losing Kate as she knows how much he loved her. Roman talks about how they were able to appreciate each other more than ever and not take each other for granted. Roman is grateful their son Rex was there with them as he’s been such a comfort. Kayla encourages that Rex will get through this because he has Roman as a dad. Kayla calls Roman the strongest person. Roman encourages Kayla that she’s going to beat this. Roman declares that he just lost his wife, so he’ll be damned if he loses his baby sister too.

Orpheus questions John telling him that Kristen used the Orchid in to blackmailing Brady in to playing house with her but then couldn’t produce the Orchid. John accuses him of stealing it from the DiMera Mansion where Kristen had it hidden. Lucas comes back and goes after Orpheus, shouting that he’s going to kill him like he killed his mother. John questions him. Lucas reveals that he just talked to Rex, who told him that Kate is dead. Lucas wants to make Orpheus pay. Lucas tries to attack Orpheus but guards pull him off. John tell the guard to take it easy as Lucas just lost his mother. Lucas cries about not getting a chance to say goodbye. John assures that Kate knew how much he loved her. John hates to leave him like this but he has to get back to Marlena. Lucas says he’ll be praying for her. John tells Lucas to take care of himself and stay away from Orpheus.

Alex and Stephanie lay in bed together after having sex. Alex asks how she’s feeling. Stephanie says she’s more relaxed than she’s felt in a long time. They kiss until Chad bursts in and covers his eyes as he apologizes. Alex questions what the hell he’s doing there. Chad explains that Henderson let him in. Chad says he’s been calling Stephanie and she’s not answering her phone. Stephanie says she didn’t get any calls while Alex says they were a little busy doing something. Stephanie asks Chad what could be so urgent that he had to track her down here. Chad reveals that it’s her mom as she’s in the hospital and has relapsed. Stephanie asks what he means. Chad explains that it seems Kayla, Kate, and Marlena needed more than the original dose of the cure. Chad says it’s bad and reveals that Kate didn’t make it. Stephanie is shocked and says she has to get to her mom as she rushes to get ready. Alex says he can’t believe this and it’s terrible about Kate as he hopes Kayla can pull through. Chad says he hopes to God that she does and he just wishes he could’ve reached Stephanie sooner. Chad says he’ll meet them downstairs and exits. Alex then looks over at Stephanie’s phone.

John returns to Marlena and Eric at home. Marlena asks if he got any information out of Orpheus. John says no as he denies knowing anything about the missing Orchid. John assures that they aren’t giving up and his investigators are staying right on top of it. Marlena hopes that Kate and Kayla can make it through the night. John looks away, so Marlena asks what’s wrong. John then informs her that Kate didn’t make it. Marlena can’t believe it. John reveals that Lucas was on the phone with Rex and told them. Eric decides he needs to go check on Roman and Kayla and hurries out. Marlena cries over losing Kate and prays for Kayla to be okay.

Steve returns to Kayla’s room and says he got Joey and Tripp on the line. Roman decides he will let Kayla talk to them in private but promises he won’t be far as he exits. Steve gives Kayla the phone to talk to Joey and Tripp. Kayla says it’s so good to hear their voices. Kayla tells Joey that she’s so proud of the man he’s become and calls him the gift that God gave them when they got back together years ago. Kayla tells Tripp that she may not have given birth to him but she loves him in every way a mother could. Kayla says she loves all three of her children. Kayla says see you later and tells them to be good and to look after Steve. Kayla says goodbye and hangs up. Kayla cries to Steve that she needs to sleep but Steve says she has to wait for Stephanie. Kayla responds that she can’t as she has to go with her mom. Steve cries that they need her here. Steve pleads with Kayla not to leave them. Kayla says she needs to see Stephanie. Steve encourages her to hold on as she’s coming. Kayla says she can’t as she is so tired. Kayla tells Steve that she loves him. Steve cries that he loves her forever and hugs her.

Stephanie, Chad, and Alex arrive at the hospital. Chad hopes it’s not too late.

Stephanie enters Kayla’s hospital room as she has flatlined and Steve is crying over her. Steve tells Stephanie that he’s sorry and hugs her as she breaks down crying.

Chad goes to Kate’s hospital room and starts to cry. Chad sits at her side and says he loves her and will miss her more than she could ever know.

Lucas calls Orpheus a real son of a bitch. Orpheus tells him to calm down. Lucas argues that his mom is dead because of him. Orpheus apologizes for the way he behaved earlier and admits it was insensitive. Lucas tells him to save it as he doesn’t need his sympathy. Lucas shouts that he knows what a monster he really is. Orpheus then offers Lucas a bottle of whiskey and asks if a monster would bring him that. Lucas questions what he’s doing. Orpheus responds that he knows the pain of losing a loved one, so he thought it might take the edge off. Orpheus calls it a bereavement gift as he leaves the bottle with Lucas and exits the room.

Eric returns to John and Marlena’s room. Marlena asks if there’s any news on Kayla. Eric announces that he spoke to Roman and shakes his head. Marlena breaks down crying for Kayla.

Stephanie pleads with Steve to tell her this isn’t real and that Kayla’s not gone. Steve responds that he’s so sorry and she tried to hold on for her. Stephanie asks if Kayla was asking for her. Steve confirms that she was very weak in the end. Stephanie asks again if she asked for her. Steve admits that she did as her kids were her world. Stephanie cries that she wasn’t there and didn’t get to say goodbye. Steve hugs Stephanie as she cries and assures that Kayla knows. Alex looks in to the room and sees them. Alex turns back to Chad and informs him that Stephanie was too late. Chad responds that he can’t believe Stephanie’s phone got turned off and now she never got to say goodbye as he walks away, leaving Alex looking mortified at what he caused.

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Days Update Friday, January 6, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chad brings tea for Stephanie at the Horton house to thank her for spending time with the kids. Chad jokes about hearing Thomas upstairs telling Jack that their day was lit. Stephanie and Chad agree that they also thought the day was lit.

Roman thinks they should get Kate to the hospital. Kate argues that it was just a sneeze. Kate acknowledges that Rex said her test results might mean she’s relapsing but also might mean nothing. Roman doesn’t want to take any chances and wants to take her to get checked out but Kate says she doesn’t want to. Kate wants to stay at the Pub and have dinner with Roman. Kate suggests chowder as what the doctor would order.

Steve asks Rex about the test results. Rex says it doesn’t necessarily mean Kayla is relapsing. Kayla argues that he can try to be optimistic but she sees the numbers and that her and Kate’s results were almost identical last fall, but the rate of decline has vastly accelerated. Steve asks what that means. Kayla responds that it means she and Kate might be in real trouble, so she suspects Marlena might be too.

Marlena and John rehearse fighting at home about Kristen. Marlena ends up getting carried away and throws a glass of water on him, then apologizes. John says it’s okay and that it’s why they are rehearsing as they want the fight to look as real as possible since that’s the only way he’ll get Kristen to trust him. Marlena hopes as soon as he does, he can find out what she has over Brady.

Kristen brings Brady to the secret room in the DiMera Tunnels but the Orchid is gone. Kristen says she doesn’t understand as it was right there and she just checked on it the other day. Brady tells her to stop lying. Kristen insists that someone took it. Brady asks if this is another one of her tricks. Kristen says he has to believe her. Brady declares that he’s done and warns her to find the orchid now or she will never see Rachel again.

Chad and Stephanie laugh about Stephanie taking a video of Chad falling while ice skating. Stephanie mentions that she promised to send it to the kids. Stephanie gets up and notes a pain in her ankle as it’s been a long time since she’s skated. Chad offers to massage her ankle. Stephanie says he doesn’t have to but Chad insists that he wants to, so she allows him to.

Steve asks if Rex has any more of the serum. Rex reminds them that they only had one vial to begin with. Kayla recalls that there wasn’t enough left to cure one person, let alone three. Rex notes that the only way to reproduce it is with the Orchid that created it. Steve says they are at the mercy again of whoever brought the serum. Kayla declares that they are not going to just sit around and wait for a miracle, they are going to find some other treatment. Kayla adds that they also need to warn Kate and Marlena.

Marlena tells John that she’s glad they put their plan on hold for the holidays as she doesn’t like fighting with him, even if it’s pretend. John says if this works, they may finally get Kristen out of Brady’s life for good. Eric then shows up at the door. John hugs him and wishes him a Happy New Year. Eric apologizes for just popping in. Marlena asks what brings him by. Eric says he’s looking for Brady. John says he can’t help him as they just got home and he wasn’t home. Marlena thanks Eric for volunteering to watch Rachel for them, so they could have a movie night alone. Eric is glad they enjoyed it, but admits that he had an ulterior motive. John asks what that means. Eric responds that it gave him a chance to kidnap Rachel.

Brady tells Kristen to quit playing games with him. Kristen asks why she would do that when he’s threatening to take her child away which she calls a despicable, heartless thing to do. Brady asks if she’s kidding since she’s been holding Marlena, Kate, and Kayla’s lives over his head for months. Kristen argues that Rachel is innocent. Brady asks if she thinks he wanted to bring his daughter in to this and says she gave him no choice. Brady demands that she give him the orchid but Kristen complains that she can’t because it’s not there. Brady declares that he’s going to tell Rachel that she said goodbye. Kristen pleads with him and starts to cry as she swears on Rachel’s life that she’s telling the truth that someone stole the Orchid.

Chad massages Stephanie’s ankle. Stephanie admits it feels pretty good. Chad talks about learning a thing or two from dating a physical therapist for a few weeks. Stephanie says her ankle feels better already. Chad is glad he could help. Stephanie then gets a call from Alex. Alex didn’t think she would pick up and asks if she’s still mad at him. Stephanie says no and that they are good. Alex says that makes him happy. Alex says he just wanted to call and apologize for being a jerk earlier. Alex admits that he was feeling like Chad just keeps finding ways to spend time with her but it’s behind them now and he apologizes so he hopes they can move forward. Alex asks Stephanie if she wants to grab dinner tonight and offers to pick her up at her place. Stephanie decides that she’ll meet him and they decide on the Bistro. They hang up. Chad asks if Stephanie is heading out. Stephanie tells him that she and Alex are going to have dinner. Stephanie thanks Chad for the massage and the day, commenting that it was really fun. Stephanie then exits the house.

Brady asks Kristen who would steal the Orchid. Kristen says she doesn’t know and says anyone that lives in the DiMera Mansion could have wandered down there. Brady argues that Kristen had the one thing that could save Marlena, Kate, and Kayla’s lives and questions her leaving it in a place where an army of people could have access to it. Brady asks how she could be that careless. Kristen talks about EJ securing the tunnels and the construction has been going on since last fall. Brady asks what her point is. Kristen figured everyone would steer clear until the construction was done. Brady says she figured wrong and points out the construction team would have been around all along and argues that some construction guy could have given the orchid to his wife. Kristen insists that it has to be here, somewhere in this house. Brady hopes to God that it is, for her sake.

John questions Eric saying he kidnapped their granddaughter. Eric explains that Rachel is safe, in Salem, and thinks she’s on a fun adventure. John asks who she is with. Eric says she’s with a friend who is trustworthy. Marlena questions if Brady signed off on this. Eric promises that he wouldn’t have done it if Brady didn’t and nothing happened to Rachel at all. Eric explains that it’s all an act for Kristen’s benefit. Marlena jokes a lot of that is going around. John questions involving Kristen’s kid and worries that something like that could push her off the deep end. Marlena agrees as much as she dislikes Kristen. Eric argues that it was the only way to neutralize Kristen. Eric adds that Kristen has been blackmailing Brady for months and forced him to break up with Chloe and move her in. John declares that he knew it all along. Marlena asks what Kristen has over Brady. Eric responds that it’s Marlena’s life.

Roman finishes a call with Kayla. Kate guesses it’s not good news. Roman informs her that Kayla’s test results were almost identical to Kate’s. Kate guesses they are relapsing together and tries to change the subject. Roman tells her that this is serious. Kate knows she’s getting sick again and last time she almost died, but she didn’t so she doesn’t intend to die this time either, so she just wants to enjoy her dinner.

Kayla informs Rex that Roman is going to break the news to Kate and hopefully will convince her to come in for more tests. Rex guesses Kate will put up a fight. Kayla decides that she should call Marlena, but she then faints as Steve and Rex rush to check on her.

Brady paces in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Kristen comes in and says no one is there except Harold and he said no one has been in the tunnels since the construction started as they were all warned to stay away due to toxic hazards. Kristen adds that none of the workers would steal anything. Brady argues that it brings them back to her. Kristen insists that she didn’t move it. Kristen reminds Brady that it was her leverage over him and she would never give that up. Kristen admits that she doesn’t really want Marlena and the others to die. Brady screams that now they might because of Kristen’s selfishness and insanity. Kristen repeats that she’s sorry as she really didn’t want any of this to happen. Brady declares that if anything happens to the three women, their blood will be on Kristen’s hands.

Eric reveals to John and Marlena that Kristen was the one who provided the serum but only after Brady broke up with Chloe. Marlena says they always knew Kristen was manipulative, but she never believed that she would go this far. John talks about having suspicions months ago and recalls catching Brady going through Kristen’s things. Marlena argues that it doesn’t make sense since Brady didn’t go back to Chloe after they were cured and instead moved Kristen in. Marlena wonders why he would do that if the threat to them was over. Eric then reveals that according to Kristen, it’s not over, as she claims that all three of the women will need another booster shot and she won’t turn over the Orchid unless Brady keeps doing what she wants. John asks if Marlena has been feeling okay. Marlena says she has but then she sneezes.

Rex brings Kayla water as Steve checks on her. Kayla says she’s better but just got dizzy. Rex checks Kayla and says she’s burning up, so they need to admit her immediately. Kayla argues that she has too much work to do. Rex insists that everyone she cares about would want her to take care of herself. Kayla can’t believe this is happening again. Steve has no doubt they will beat this again like the last time.

Roman tells Kate that to beat this, she needs to be where they can make sure it doesn’t get worse. Kate refuses to go through that again. Roman gets that it’s really hard and assures that he’ll be with her every step of the way, as will Rex and the entire team at the hospital. Kate repeats that she will not go to the hospital. Chad then arrives and asks if everything is okay. Roman hopes Chad can talk sense in to Kate. Chad asks what’s going on. Kate says it’s nothing. Roman informs Chad that the virus that Orpheus infected her with is back and she needs to go to the hospital. Roman asks if Chad agrees. Kate argues that it doesn’t matter and declares she will not go to the hospital. Kate then gets up, but faints in to Chad’s arms.

Stephanie joins Alex at the Kiriakis Mansion for dinner. Alex apologizes and says he had no idea the Bistro was closed for renovation. Stephanie says it’s fine and she prefers this. Alex apologizes again for how he was earlier because he hates that he acted jealous, insecure, and territorial. Alex says he’s not that guy, or at least he wasn’t until he met her. Stephanie promises that he has no reason to feel threatened by Chad as they are just friends. Alex points out that they are friends who almost hooked up not too long ago. Stephanie points out that they didn’t because she was wroried about her mom’s illness and he was still grieving his wife. Alex argues that Chad is going to be ready to move on at some point. Stephanie insists that has no bearing on their relationship. Stephanie assures Alex that she is with him, not Chad. Stephanie jokingly asks when he will get that through his thick head.

Chad and Roman lie Kate down on the floor at the Pub. Chad notes Kate’s pulse is weak and says they need to get her to the hospital so he’s calling an ambulance. Roman says he’s not waiting and tells Chad to call Kayla to tell her they are coming.

Steve and Rex have Kayla in a hospital bed. Kayla asks for her tablet so she can at least do some research while she’s stuck here. Steve gives her the tablet but notes that he thinks she should try to get some rest. Kayla calls that impossible and argues that someone out there has to have found a way to treat this disease, so she’s going to find out who that is. Kayla then gets a call from Chad, who informs her that Kate just passed out at the Pub and that Roman is on his way to the hospital with her. Kayla says they will be ready and hangs up. Kayla then informs Rex that his mom passed out at the Pub and his dad is bringing her in. Rex decides he will meet them downstairs and rushes out of the room. Kayla then tells Steve that he needs to call Marlena.

John points out that this is the second time Marlena has sneezed today. Marlena blows it off as probably nothing. Marlena then asks Eric if he thinks Kristen was lying when she said everybody would need additional doses of the serum. Eric says Brady doesn’t think so but he wasn’t willing to chance it. Marlena acknowledges that Brady sacrificed so much by giving up the woman he loves and complains that Kristen is so cruel. John asks why Brady didn’t just tell them what Kristen was holding over him. Eric explains that it was part of the terms that if Brady didn’t keep quiet, Kristen was going to destroy the Orchid. John questions if it was Eric’s idea to force Kristen’s hand or she’ll never see her daughter again. Eric responds that she should be turning over the Orchid as they speak. John says he doesn’t know about this since Kristen is such a loose cannon. John worries that between Kristen’s blackmail blowing up in her face and being arrested for brainwashing Stefan, the walls are closing in on her and this whole thing could go sideways in a hurry. Eric encourages that they will find out soon enough. Brady and Kristen then come in. Eric asks what happened and where the orchid is. Brady responds that it’s gone.

Alex and Stephanie lay together on the couch in front of the fireplace. Stephanie says this is nice after she was freezing on the ice all day. Alex is glad he could warm her up. Stephanie notes that it has to be -10 outside, so she’s kind of dreading going home. Alex suggests she not go home then and invites her to stay the night if she wants to, adding that there’s no pressure. Stephanie responds that she would really like that as they kiss.

Kayla tells Steve that he has to go call John and Marlena. Steve says he will in a minute, but he wants to make sure she’s okay first. Kayla says she’s fine now but it just makes her angry that even from behind bars, Orpheus is still wreaking havoc on their lives. Steve promises they will figure this out. Kayla is all for optimism but says they need to be realistic. Kayla says they survived last time because they got lucky since someone anonymously dropped off the serum. Kayla wishes she could figure out who that person was. Steve feels he dropped the ball on that, but he was just so happy that they were okay. Kayla says he can’t blame himself as they were all just relieved that the nightmare was over. Steve hopes that whoever it was will come through for them again.

Brady explains that they searched the whole DiMera Mansion and the Orchid is not there. John suggests maybe it never was and Kristen has it hidden somewhere else. Kristen swears that she does not know what happened to it. Marlena questions why they should believe her. Kristen responds that Brady threatened to take off with Rachel and she was not willing to risk losing her. John points out that Kristen had no problem risking the lives of three women to get what she wanted and risking taking Marlena, Kate, and Kayla away from their kids. John calls Kristen a twisted and evil monster. Kristen argues that John quickly turned on her, so she’s guessing Brady and Eric weren’t the only ones putting on a show. Kristen tells Eric that it’s obvious that he took her daughter. Kristen brings up Brady arranging for Eric to be with Rachel that night. Kristen calls them all a bunch of liars which Marlena mocks her for. Kristen argues that all she tried to do was get her family back. John argues that Brady tried to be reasonable about custody but there’s no reasoning with her because she’s deranged and pathetic. John shouts that now Kristen has put her own daughter in the line of fire. Kristen blames Brady and Eric for doing that. John calls her a sick freak and tells her to think about it. John declares that if Kristen really lost the Orchid, then Rachel could lose her grandmother and asks how she’s going to feel when she finds out that Kristen was responsible for that. Eric adds that it includes Kate and Kayla and comments on Kristen traumatizing Rachel. John says it was all because of Kristen’s damn sick obsession with Brady. Kristen suggests maybe they will find the orchid. Brady asks what the plan is if they don’t and the symptoms come back. John gets a call from Steve and says he’ll have to fill him in on what’s going on here. Steve asks if Marlena is feeling okay. John says she’s fine and asks why. Steve responds that he has some bad news.

Rex has Kate in a hospital bed as she wakes up. Rex asks how she’s feeling. Kate complains that she didn’t want to go to the hospital. Rex says they took a vote and she was on the floor of the Pub, so she lost. Kate worries that it’s bad. Rex is just glad she’s there. Kate calls it so strange as she felt fine a moment ago, but now she wakes up here and she feels so weak. Kate notes that it’s happening faster this time. Rex encourages her to just rest as he will take good care of her. Kate asks Rex to not let her die here and to bring her home.

Alex and Stephanie go to Alex’s bedroom. Alex notes her limp and asks if her leg is okay. Stephanie says it’s just her ankle as it’s been a long time since she skated. Alex offers to massage it for her but Stephanie says that Chad already did. Alex questions that but Stephanie swears it wasn’t like that. Alex insists that he’s not jealous and he doesn’t want to spoil the mood. Stephanie jokes about getting him to behave with the promise of sex. Stephanie suggests they stop talking as they start kissing.

John tells Marlena that they need to get her to the hospital. Marlena laughs it off as a couple of sneezes. Eric points out that Steve said Kayla and Kate were fine before they passed out. John asks Marlena to lay down for him. Marlena remarks that if Kristen hadn’t been playing her games, the doctors could’ve found a cure by now. Marlena warns that if anything happens to Kate or Kayla and they don’t make it, that’s on Kristen. Kristen responds that this was not her intention and claims she was planning to turn the Orchid over at the first sign of any symptoms. John then takes Marlena to their bedroom. Eric states that they need to find the Orchid. Kristen argues that there’s a pressing matter at hand and demands her daughter back now.

At the hospital, Steve informs Chad and Roman that Kristen had the Orchid the whole time but now it’s gone missing. Roman complains that Kristen knew they would need another dose and if she had given them the Orchid at the start, they would be in the clear. Roman asks what the hell is wrong with Kristen. Steve explains that she apparently was using it to control Brady. Chad calls it playing games with peoples’ lives. Steve says that means the women they love could pay the price.

Rex knows Kate doesn’t want to be in the hospital but insists that it’s the best place for her right now. Kate asks about not having the antidote. Rex assures they are doing everything they can to find another cure. Kate thought they were cured. Rex says with Roman, it only took one dose, so he just assumed. Rex apologizes but Kate tells him not to blame himself. Rex asks if there’s anything else he can do for her other than let her go home. Kate instructs Rex to call his siblings and tell them not to come. Kate then starts reacting and says she feels so strange. Rex tries to figure out what’s going on. Roman rushes in and questions what is happening. Kate tells Rex and Roman that she loves them and she then flatlines causing Rex to panic.

Brady asks if Kristen thinks Dr. Rolf could have stolen the orchid. Kristen questions what his reason would be. Brady argues that he’s just asking if it was possible. Kristen tells him that Dr. Rolf is halfway across the world. Eric then returns with Rachel, who excitedly runs up to hug Kristen. Rachel mentions that Eric said she couldn’t come home because her and Brady were sick. Rachel asks if she’s better now. Kristen responds that they are perfectly fine. Brady wishes they could say that about everybody else.

Steve tells Chad that he’s going to break the news to Kayla about the Orchid. Chad asks if there’s anything he can do to help. Steve asks Chad to call Stephanie for him because he’s sure she’s going to want to be there for her mom. Chad agrees to do that right now.

Alex and Stephanie continue kissing. Stephanie decides she’s going to freshen up and she will be right back, so she heads to the bathroom. Stephanie’s phone then vibrates in the room with a call from Chad, which Alex sees and chooses to reject. Alex then lays in the bed and waits for Stephanie.

Steve tells Kayla about Kristen having the Orchid all along and losing it. Steve says they will figure out a way to make Kristen pay as soon as Kayla is better. Steve asks if Kayla found anything useful but Kayla says there is nothing on any sort of other treatment. Steve assures they are doing everything they can to find the Orchid and maybe some of that serum will show up. Kayla doesn’t know how long they can wait and admits she’s scared. Steve insists that the fight isn’t over yet so she can’t give up. Steve calls her, Kate, and Marlena the strongest women he knows, so this disease doesn’t have a chance against them and he knows they are all going to be fine.

Rex uses the defibrillator to try to revive Kate but is unsuccessful. The nurse says it’s time to call it. Roman urges him to try again but Rex states that there’s nothing more they can do. Rex announces that Kate has died at 8:02. Roman tells him not to stop but Rex says he’s sorry and hugs him.

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Days Update Thursday, January 5, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Marlena joins John in their hotel room at the Salem Inn. Marlena talks about her massage and thinks it was a good idea for them to get a room for New Year’s. Marlena notes John is distracted and asks him what’s wrong. John informs her that he’s reading a disturbing message from Brady. John tells Marlena that she’s not going to believe what Kristen has done now.

Kristen paces at home and angrily questions how this could be happening. Brady tells her to come sit down but Kristen shouts that she can’t sit and she can barely breathe. Kristen asks why there hasn’t been a ransom demand. Brady reminds her that they were told to wait for further instruction so they just have to be patient. Kristen screams that their daughter has been kidnapped. Kristen talks about what they went through to be a family and cries that they can’t lose her. Brady assures that they won’t. Kristen questions Brady being so calm and asks how he can be so sure.

Eric, Sloan, and Rachel have sandwiches at Sloan’s apartment. Rachel complains that she doesn’t like peanut butter so Sloan offers to make her something else. Sloan mutters that it’s not like she didn’t aid and abet a felony against her will. Rachel questions what she said as she didn’t hear her. Sloan claims that she just asked if she wants a grilled cheese instead but Rachel declines. Eric asks if she wants to watch Jurassic World, but Rachel says she wants to go home. Eric thought she was having fun. Rachel responds that she’s not now. Eric suggests she and Sloan were going to do a makeover but Rachel doesn’t want to. Eric encourages that it will be fun but Rachel repeats that she wants to go home. Eric then tells Rachel that she can’t go home, so she questions why not. Sloan urges Eric to explain to Rachel why she can’t go home.

Kate and Roman sit together at the Brady Pub. Kate says one of her New Year’s Resolutions is to stop at the first bottle of champagne. Roman points out that they did have a lot to celebrate. Rex arrives and greets them. Kate mentions that she’s going to see Lucas at the prison this afternoon and invites Rex to come. Rex says he would love to, but they have something very important to discuss first. Rex then presents Kate’s test results. Kate opens the envelope and sees that she has elevated liver enzymes again and low acid. Rex reminds her that those levels had returned to normal after receiving the serum. Kate asks if he thinks she’s relapsing. Rex says not necessarily and asks how she feels. Kate says she’s fine other than a hangover. Roman asks if anything else could cause abnormal results like these. Rex jokes that overindulging on egg nog would affect her liver function. Kate assumes he wants to run more tests. Rex says she will show antibodies for this virus for the rest of her life, so they can test for reinfection. Roman asks what they can do. Rex responds that he wants to run tests on Marlena and Kayla to see if they get similar results.

Marlena asks John what Kristen has done now. John responds that he’s not sure but Brady says he thinks they should hang out here a little longer but he didn’t say why. John adds that Brady did say he had a pretty rough night as Kristen was arrested for brainwashing her own brother.

Brady tells Kristen that he’s calm because he has to be and Rachel needs them to keep clear heads. Kristen asks what they can do to find her. Brady encourages that John is on the case and chasing leads while Eric is looking for her as well. Kristen worries that Rachel has to be scared. Brady thinks she’s exhausted and encourages her to lie down but Kristen complains that she can’t even sit still. Kristen cries that she loves Rachel so much and she can’t believe this is happening again as Brady hugs her.

Eric tells Rachel that she can’t go home right now because Kristen is sick and she doesn’t want her to get sick. Rachel asks why can’t Brady pick her up then which Sloan eggs on. Eric claims that Brady is sick too. Rachel then excitedly declares that means Brady and Kristen must have kissed at midnight because that’s how you attract germs. Sloan sends Rachel to the kitchen to get a cookie. Sloan complains to Eric about being stuck babysitting a stir crazy kid and not having a choice in the matter. Eric apologizes and promises to make it up to her. Sloan says he better, warning that she could be disbarred for this. Eric insists that they won’t get caught. Sloan is not as sure and declares that she needs this to be over today or else he will have to come up with a new plan.

Kate tells Rex that this isn’t really an emergency since she feels fine since he took the blood sample on Christmas Eve. Rex calls it reason to be optimistic but he’d like to know what they are dealing with which Roman agrees with. Steve and Kayla arrive. Roman welcomes them home. Steve and Kayla say it’s good to be back and wish them a Happy New Year. Kayla questions why everyone looks so serious. Roman responds that they have some news and it’s not good.

Marlena asks if Dr. Rolf drugging and brainwashing people will ever stop. Marlena is surprised that Rolf was taking orders from Li and Kristen. John explains that Li was at the helm of DiMera so he and Kristen shared the same goal. Marlena questions Kristen’s motivation. John explains that with Stefan after Chloe, it would open up a path for her and Brady and it turned out she was right. Marlena remarks that it’s always about Brady. John agrees that every thing Kristen does always goes back to her obsession with Brady.

Brady tries to calm Kristen down and acknowledges that it’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Kristen says she keeps blaming herself and wonders if someone took Rachel to get back at her. Kristen then brings up Sarah Horton making the house call when Rachel was sick a few weeks ago. Brady argues that she’s grasping at straws but Kristen insists that it makes total sense and she bets Xander helped. Kristen wants to go over there but Brady stops her and says he will make some calls. Brady urges Kristen to go to bed and get some rest. Kristen wants to be there while he makes those calls but Brady says she doesn’t need to be and that he will give her any information. Brady adds that Rachel wouldn’t want her getting sick over this. Kristen then agrees to go try to sleep so she heads to the bedroom. Brady then pulls out his phone.

Eric knows he’s asking a lot of Sloan but assures that it won’t last much longer. Sloan says it better not. Rachel returns from the kitchen and asks Eric if she can call her parents now. Eric says they are resting now but promises she can talk to them soon. Sloan suggests that makeover and promises it will be fun so Rachel agrees to do it. Sloan sends Rachel to the bathroom to pick out her favorite makeup colors. Sloan tells Eric that he’s welcome. Eric knows he tricked her in to this. Sloan points out that he lied to her face. Eric remarks on what a skilled liar he’s become. Sloan jokes that he’s lucky she’s madly attracted to him or else she would’ve turned him in already and tells him not to push it. Eric says he will call Brady to tell him that Rachel is homesick, so they need to move to the next phase which Sloan calls a good idea. Eric then gets a call from Brady, who asks how Rachel is holding up. Eric informs him that she’s missing him and is homesick, so he told her that they had colds. Brady knows Eric wanted to keep this going a little longer to get Kristen desperate enough to fold but he doesn’t think she’s going to get any more desperate than she is. Brady says he could come up with wacky theories to pretend to investigate and adds that he’s tried to stall John and Marlena but they are going to come home any second and complicate everything. Brady thinks they should pull the trigger and make the demand of Kristen now. Eric agrees. Brady declares that the sooner he gets the Orchid, the sooner he gets his daughter back and they can put an end to this whole thing.

Rex assumed that one dose of the serum would keep the illness at bay forever. Roman calls it reasonable, comparing it to his illness years ago while Rex explains it was different and the cure was mysteriously dropped off in a vial. Steve wishes he worked harder to find out who that mysterious benefactor was. Kate points out that they don’t even know that anyone is sick. Kayla suggests she go to the hospital with Rex to draw her blood. Rex agrees to put a rush on the labs. Kayla says they’ll do it themselves. Steve asks how long it will take. Rex says it could be later today or tomorrow at the latest. Roman asks what about Marlena. Kayla suggests giving her more time with John instead of worrying her until they actually know what’s up.

Marlena asks John if Kristen had Dr. Rolf brainwash Brady. John says Brady would be a lot more enthusiastic about having Kristen in their house and sleeping with her instead of walking around with a dark cloud over his head if he were brainwashed. John adds that Brady made it clear that Kristen didn’t give him a choice when it came to breaking up with Chloe and moving Kristen in, so she’s holding something over his head.

Brady tells Eric that he almost feels bad for putting Kristen through this Hell, but then he keeps reminding himself of why they are doing it. Eric says there couldn’t be a better reason than saving three women’s lives. Brady says that’s if Kristen is telling the truth about them needing another dose of the serum. Brady adds that when they make the demand for the orchid, Kristen’s going to know it’s coming from him since he promised to never tell another soul, so he will have to be careful about how he breaks the news to her so she doesn’t go off the deep end. Eric remarks that she’s already there. Brady worries that she could always go further. Kristen comes back in to the room behind Brady, as he tells Eric that Kristen is going to go nuts when she finds out that he was the one behind kidnapping Rachel, so he’ll have to be really careful about finding the right moment to drop the bomb on her. Kristen then whispers behind him that she thinks he just did.

Kate tells Roman that she’s going to see Lucas and that Rex can go another time. Roman offers to drive her but Kate insists that she’s fine and she will call him when she gets there. Kate says goodbye to Steve and exits the Pub. Roman asks Steve if he can get him anything. Steve says he’s lost his appetite. Roman is sorry he had to come back to this. Steve hates to think the worst if the women suffer through that illness again. They agree that they can’t let that happen.

Rex and Kayla go to the hospital. Kayla asks Rex what made him decide to run the test on Kate when she wasn’t showing any signs. Rex says he was just checking boxes to prove to the FDA that the treatment is still working. Kayla asks how Rex is. Rex responds that he hopes he didn’t fail his mom or all three of them.

Marlena tells John that she wishes they could find out what Kristen is holding over Brady’s head. John says then they could get Brady out of the situation and Kristen out of their home. Marlena says the real mystery is why they were asked to stay at the Salem Inn a little longer to accommodate Kristen. John doesn’t know but says it’s not like it’s hard to be alone with her like this which she agrees with. John suggests they make real productive use of this time together as they kiss.

Brady tells Eric that Kristen is there so he has to go and hangs up. Brady tells Kristen that he was hoping she would be able to get some sleep. Kristen says she bets he was. Brady doesn’t know what she overheard. Kristen reveals that what she heard was that her suffering and being sick to death with worry about Rachel is all on Brady’s head. Kristen screams at him, questioning what the hell he did with her daughter.

Sloan asks Eric if they are onto the next phase. Eric confirms that Brady is telling Kristen as they speak. Eric hopes there’s no weapons in close proximity and that this will all be over. Sloan calls Rachel in to show Eric her makeover. Eric tells Rachel that she looks beautiful. Rachel says she was going to give Sloan a makeover next, but she had a better idea; that it’s Eric’s turn.

Kristen demands an answer from Brady as to where Rachel is. Brady responds that Rachel is fine. Kristen asks where she is. Brady says he’s not telling her. Kristen questions why he’s doing this. Brady says she gave him no choice. Kristen doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Brady says he needed leverage on her, so he took Rachel, and she’s not going to get her back until she hands over the Orchid.

John and Marlena continue kissing until John stops to sneeze which they laugh about. Marlena then suggests John give her a massage which he agrees to.

Rachel and Sloan give Eric a makeover with makeup and bows in his hair. Sloan and Rachel then decide it’s time to do his lips with lipstick.

Kristen argues that Brady can’t do this. Brady responds that he already has. Kristen complains that Brady doesn’t give a damn about the hell he’s put her or her daughter through. Brady insists that Rachel is fine and in very good hands. Kristen asks whose hands and who the other accomplice that he was talking to on the phone. Brady says she’ll never know. Kristen argues that he’ll never get away with this. Brady brings up Kristen complaining about the hell he’s put her through and asks what about the hell she’s put him through and what about Chloe. Kristen is sure Chloe is having a grand time in the afterglow with her new lover and they’re on cloud nine now. Kristen declares that Brady has screwed himself big time, because he lost his slutty girlfriend and now his daughter which he questions. Kristen asks if Brady thinks a judge is going to let him have custody of Rachel after this stunt. Brady argues that no other judge will ever know about this. Brady tells Kristen that she screwed herself by playing with the three women’s’ lives and she pushed him to do this. Brady declares that if Kristen ever wants to see Rachel again, she’ll hand over the Orchid to him and then Rachel will come home in a heartbeat. Brady warns that if Kristen doesn’t, he promises that she will never see Rachel again.

John and Marlena lay in bed together. Marlena says she could stay like this with him forever. John says there’s nothing he would like more, but his alarm is going off that it’s time to go home since he already pushed their checkout time by an hour. Marlena suggests another hour. John admits that’s very tempting but declares that they need to get home to see if they can find a way to help Brady out. Marlena guesses it’s back to the real world.

After having her blood drawn, Kayla calls Steve, who asks how she is feeling. Kayla says she’s the same as she was 30 minutes ago and Rex is in the lab and the test results should be back any minute. Steve says he’s on his way. Kayla tells him he doesn’t need to but Steve says he’ll be right there, so she thanks him and hangs up.

Rachel draws a heart on Eric’s arm with lipstick and says she will give Brady and Kristen one when she gets home. Rachel mentions being excited for Brady and Kristen. Eric points out that they don’t know for sure what happened between them. Rachel insists that they kissed and will soon get married. Eric knows that’s what she wants. Sloan interrupts and sends Rachel to wash the makeup off her hands. Sloan questions Eric getting her hopes up about her parents. Eric says he didn’t know what else to say. Sloan is sure he could’ve come up with something and worries that Rachel’s heart will be broken when she finds out the truth that her dad hates her mom and they will never get married. Eric argues that his mother’s life is at stake as well as his stepmom and his aunt, so if this is what it takes to save them and get Brady out from under Kristen’s thumb, then it’s all worth it.

Kristen argues that Brady wouldn’t do it because it would break Rachel’s heart if he kept her from her. Brady suggests they just do this the easy way then. Brady asks her to just give him the Orchid. Kristen argues that he would just kick her out of the house and go running back to Chloe, even though she doubts Chloe will have him. Brady guesses they will find out. Kristen says they won’t. Kristen demands he bring Rachel back or she will let the three women die. Kristen asks if that’s a risk he wants to take. Brady warns that if she threatens him, he will threaten her right back. Brady tells her if she withholds the orchid, she will never see her kid again. Brady asks if that’s a chance she wants to take. Kristen then says “fine, let’s go.”

Steve arrives at the hospital and joins Kayla at the front desk. Kayla talks about having a lot of catching up to do at work and worries about being out for weeks again. Steve asks if this is really how she wants to spend her time if that’s even a possibility. Steve hugs Kayla as Rex comes back with the test results. Rex hands them to Kayla, who sees the same abnormalities as in Kate’s blood work. Kayla mentions that she still feels fine right now but then she sneezes. Steve argues that sneezing doesn’t necessarily mean anything but Rex points out that’s how the illness presented itself last time in all three cases. Kayla declares that they both know she is relapsing.

Kate returns to the Pub and asks Roman if there’s any news. Roman informs her that Kayla called Steve, so he went to get the test results, so they should all know something soon. Roman asks how Lucas is. Kate then sneezes.

John and Marlena return home. John notes it’s awfully quiet. Marlena suggests maybe Brady persuaded Kristen to leave. John takes their bags to the bedroom. Marlena then sneezes and blames the massage oil. John comes back and wonders where everybody is.

Kristen brings Brady to the DiMera Mansion. Brady questions her keeping the Orchid here and asks who else is in on it. Kristen says no one is and asks where else she would keep it. Brady then asks where it is. Kristen tells him to follow her as she opens the entrance to the underground tunnels.

Eric gets a text from Brady and informs Sloan that Kristen has apparently taken Brady to get the Orchid, so this is going to be over today.

Kristen brings Brady in to the wine cellar in the tunnels. Brady can’t believe he didn’t figure this out since everything is always kept in the secret room. Kristen then opens the cabinet, only to find that the Orchid is gone.

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Days Update Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

At the police station, Rafe asks Jada if she’s had any luck on finding Dr. Rolf. Jada responds that so far, every lead has been a dead end. Rafe tells her to keep on it because they need to find Dr. Rolf and get him to admit what Li did to Stefan. Jada gives Rafe an envelope that was dropped off for him. Rafe opens it and it’s his divorce papers.

Maggie questions Sarah wanting to divorce Xander. Sarah responds that she doesn’t want to but feels she has no choice after what Xander has done. Maggie knows how hurt she is, but asks if it’s possible that she’s overreacting. Sarah argues that Xander kidnapped two women, committed multiple felonies, and now one of those women is dead, so she thinks she’s underreacting.

Gwen questions Leo as to who Sarah told that Xander was the kidnapper. Leo reveals to her that Sarah told Maggie, Bonnie, and Justin and they were not too happy about what Xander did to Bonnie.

Bonnie and Justin go to see Xander. Bonnie punches Xander in the stomach and warns him that this isn’t over as they are just getting started. Xander asks what it’s for. Bonnie questions if he’s going to pretend they don’t know what he did. Justin reveals that Sarah told them everything. Bonnie declares that Xander is going to pay for what he did to her.

In the park, Alex asks Stephanie why she’s upset. Stephanie reveals that she just heard him telling Chad that he needs to back off because they are together. Alex explains that he didn’t think this was appropriate on a work day. Alex calls this a misunderstanding. Stephanie argues that he has no right to tell her who she can and can’t see because she’s not his property. Alex assures that he does not think she is his property. Stephanie questions him thinking it’s his right to tell Chad to stay away from her. Alex argues that is not what he was saying. Stephanie asks how he would describe the conversation then. Alex argues that Chad was not being honest about his feelings because he had romantic feeling for Stephanie and he doesn’t think he’s over that. Stephanie insists that Chad made it very clear that he’s not ready to be with anyone yet because he’s still in mourning. Alex questions Chad still finding ways to spend times with her. Stephanie argues that they work together while Alex complains that Chad shows up on Christmas with gifts for her and then asks her to go ice skating with he and his kids on a work day. Stephanie clarfies that Chad didn’t ask her but the kids did. Alex comments on the Christmas presents being from the kids too. Stephanie asks if he’s accusing Chad of using his kids to get close to her. Alex believes that Chad is taking advantage of the situation.

Sarah questions if Maggie is defending Xander to her. Maggie clarifies that she’s not defending his actions, but she just thinks that she should think about what drove Xander to such a terrible decision before making such a drastic step as divorce. Sarah asks if being in debt justifies kidnapping two women. Maggie insists that nothing justifies that, but she believes that Xander never meant to hurt either of them and points out that Xander did eventually let them go. Sarah mocks the idea of that making him a hero. Maggie says she’s just trying to help her see that it doesn’t have to end if she doesn’t want it to because she can save her marriage. Sarah asks what kind of person she would be if she condoned that. Maggie doesn’t think staying with Xander means she condones it. Sarah argues that she’s a doctor and it’s her job to help people, so she questions how she could be with someone who put someone else’s life in danger. Sarah declares that she can not be married to a man like Xander.

Justin guesses now he knows why Xander didn’t want to sue “Rednax”. Xander asks him to let him explain. Justin can’t believe he actually tried to help him. Xander didn’t want to involve him. Justin complains that he involved him when he kidnapped his wife and lied to him about it for weeks. Xander says he never wanted Bonnie involved. Bonnie says he has a funny way of showing it and complains that he must have thought it was funny to watch her trip all over herself to thank him and calling him her hero. Xander promises that he felt terrible guilt and shame. Justin says he should be ashamed. Bonnie tells Xander that he should be proud of being a criminal mastermind, so he should enjoy his handy work. Bonnie calls it a genius move to get someone else to pretend to be the Clown. Bonnie demands to know who his accomplice was and asks if it was Gwen.

Jada tells Rafe that she’s sorry. Rafe says it’s not like he wasn’t expecting it. Jada knows it’s not fun to see the papers. Rafe explains that he actually sent the divorce papers to Nicole, so she just signed them and sent them back. Jada guesses it’s basically done then. Rafe confirms that as soon as he signs the papers, his marriage is over. Jada asks if he’s sure he wants to do it right here instead of in his office. Rafe says it’s fine but hesitates and admits maybe it isn’t. Jada recalls when her divorce papers came and how they had been separated for awhile but there’s still something about how final it feels. Jada says she tried very hard to save her marriage but it was just over. Rafe assures that if he thought there was a chance to save it, he would still be fighting. Jada asks why the hesitation then. Rafe guesses he feels like he failed again.

Maggie can’t imagine how betrayed Sarah must feel by Xander’s actions and she’s sure that she feels the best solution is to wash her hands of him. Maggie relates to feeling that way in her marriage a few times. Sarah argues that this is different since Victor never pretended to be anything other than who he was. Maggie states that Victor did a lot of things that she didn’t like. Sarah doesn’t think she is as forgiving as Maggie. Maggie responds that it’s not about forgiving, but about love. Sarah questions if loving someone means accepting them no matter what. Maggie encourages that you have to hang on and fight until you can’t any longer. Maggie reminds Sarah that she made vows to Xander. Sarah is not sure that for better or worse included kidnapping. Maggie asks if Sarah still loves Xander. Sarah admits that she does and she’s always going to, but questions how she can trust that he’ll never do something like this again and how she stays in a marriage if she can’t trust her husband. Maggie declares that if Sarah decides she can never trust him again, then she should divorce him. Sarah asks if Maggie thinks there’s still a chance. Maggie says it’s too soon to make that decision because the pain and betrayal is too raw, so she needs time to think and make sure because she may change her mind tomorrow, next week, or next month. Maggie doesn’t want Sarah to do something that she can’t undo. Maggie tells her that she loves her and calls her the strongest person she knows, so whatever she decides, she’ll be here to support her. They hug as Sarah thanks her. Maggie then exits the room.

Gwen complains to Leo that it was wishful thinking that Sarah would keep her mouth shut. Leo can’t believe that Gwen and Xander were so careless to have a conversation in the middle of the park. Gwen decides she has to warn Xander but Leo takes her phone and asks why. Gwen says she already feels guilty about her role in Sarah finding out, so she can’t be the reason he goes to prison. Leo argues that Xander kidnapping people would be the reason he goes to prison. Gwen thinks if she gets to him in time, maybe she can help. Leo stops her and tells her that she needs to stay the hell away from Xander.

Xander questions why they would think Gwen was the clown who attacked them. Justin calls it the clown that he enlisted. Xander tries to deny it but Bonnie reveals that they know Gwen created the fake website for him and covered up his crimes. Xander promises that Gwen had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Justin guesses Xander won’t roll over on Gwen, but maybe he’ll change his mind when he talks to the cops which Xander questions. Xander argues that Justin doesn’t have to do this. Justin advises Xander to get himself a good attorney because he’s going to need one. Xander tries to plead with him but Justin and Bonnie exit the room.

Stephanie tells Alex that she and Chad are friends and he’s not forcing her to hang out with him. Stephanie states that coming here today was her decision and certainly not Alex’s. Alex tells her that she’s right and he’s sorry for overstepping. Alex says he can’t help that he cares about her and worries about her. Stephanie asks if he thinks Chad is manipulating her. Alex calls the whole situation unfair. Stephanie doesn’t understand where this is coming from since Alex was the one who asked Chad to stay and play video games on Christmas. Stephanie asks if he was just pretending to be nice and he didn’t really want him to stay. Alex admits he didn’t want Chad to stay considering they were about to have sex. Stephanie asks why he didn’t say something then. Alex says he wasn’t going to throw Chad out in the cold on Christmas and he didn’t want to look like a jerk. Stephanie remarks that he’s making up for that now. Stephanie says she’s sorry that he didn’t want to spend Christmas with Chad and that he thinks she spends too much time with Chad, but he’s still grieving his wife, who was her cousin. Stephanie declares that if she can help Chad, then she owes it to Abigail. Alex asks if she really thinks that’s helping or maybe making it worse. Stephanie questions what that’s supposed to mean. Alex asks if it ever occurred to her that maybe she’s leading Chad on. Stephanie argues that she would never do that. Alex says maybe not intentionally, but she hired him to consult at her company, he comes over on Christmas with gifts, and she goes ice skating with him and his kids. Stephanie points out that the kids are her family and they just lost their mother. Alex argues that she’s not just going with the kids, but together as a family. Alex complains that it’s not just today or Christmas, but any time that Chad shows up, upset, she lets him in. Stephanie remarks that he’s her friend. Alex points out that Chad wanted something more out of the relationship. Alex argues that the more chances she gives him and the more time she spends with him, the more of a chance that Chad thinks there will be something more between them. Stephanie questions Alex thinking that her being kind to Chad is signifying that she wants to be with him and for him to get over his dead wife. Alex says maybe he’s not explaining this correctly. Stephanie assures Alex that there is nothing romantic going on between her and Chad. Stephanie adds that Chad knows she and Alex are seeing each other and he respects that and respects her, which is more than she can say for some people right now. Stephanie then tells Alex that the kids are waiting, so she will text him to reschedule their meeting. Stephanie then walks away, leaving Alex frustrated.

Jada tells Rafe that just because his marriage failed, doesn’t make him a failure. Rafe informs her that he’s had three marriages and now three divorces. Rafe says at a certain point, you got to start looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering what the hell is wrong with you that you couldn’t make it work. Jada encourages him not to think like that, so Rafe asks how he should think. Jada states that she hasn’t known him very long, but he still seems to believe in love. Rafe doesn’t know why. Jada says he’s been hurt but he’s still taking chances. Jada feels it’s better to have loved and lost. Rafe doesn’t know if that’s true. Jada tells Rafe that nobody said he has to sign the divorce papers right now. Jada advises him to take his time, go for a walk, and make sure it’s something he’s ready to do. Rafe instead then quickly signs the divorce papers. Jada questions him not even waiting until she finished her advice. Rafe says he appreciates her effort, but he was just dragging out the pain and now, he’s glad it’s over. Jada asks if he’s sure he’s okay. Rafe responds that it wasn’t actually that bad. Jada suggests he take the rest of the day off but Rafe refuses and declares that he will get back to doing what he does best and that’s getting rid of the bad guys. Justin and Bonnie then arrive at the station. Bonnie announces that they have one of those bad guys for him.

Gwen questions Leo thinking she should stop talking to Xander. Gwen argues that she can’t abandon him now. Leo tells her to save her ass while she can. Gwen asks what if Xander needs her. Leo argues that Xander roped her in to a kidnapping scheme that ended with somebody dead so she needs to abandon ship. Gwen wants to offer a lifeboat. Leo points out that Gwen hasn’t been arrested. Gwen wonders if Sarah will leave her name out of it. Leo guesses that Sarah is probably blaring her name out in neon lights.

Sarah goes to her and Xander’s motel room. Xander is surprised to see her and offers to leave if she needs to rest. Sarah clarifies that she’s not staying. Xander admits he should’ve known that would be too much to hope for. Xander adds that she just missed Bonnie and Justin. Sarah asks how that went. Xander responds that Bonnie punched him in the gut and Justin vowed to have him thrown in prison. Sarah argues that Bonnie has been living in terror, thinking some maniac was out to get her. Xander understands why she told them and doesn’t blame her. Xander asks if that means she’s also going to talk to the police. Sarah responds that she has not spoken to the police. Xander notes that Justin and Bonnie just left for the police station to turn him in as the kidnapper, but the whole case is based on what Sarah told them that she overheard. Xander wonders if she will corroborate their story. Sarah admits she hasn’t thought about it. Xander guesses it must have crossed her mind before telling Bonnie. Sarah argues that Bonnie was a victim and deserved to know who terrorized her. Xander worries that now she’s going to share that knowledge with the police and their first question will be who she heard this from, so Sarah will be their next call. Xander asks Sarah what she’s going to say to the police.

Rafe and Jada take Justin and Bonnie in to the interrogation room where they fill them in on everything. Bonnie asks if Rafe is going to arrest Xander now that he knows exactly what he did to her. Bonnie adds that she knows exactly where he is, unless he tried to flee already. Rafe is afraid it’s not that simple. Bonnie asks why not. Justin points out that they brought secondhand knowledge that can’t be used in court which Jada confirms. Bonnie argues that Sarah heard Xander talking about it and told them, so she can tell them. Justin notes that they will still need proof. Bonnie asks about the fact that she was held prisoner or the fact that Susan is dead. Rafe clarifies that they need proof that it was Xander under the clown mask. Bonnie questions if they are going to let him get away with it and if they are just supposed to move on like nothing happened. Rafe assures they want to make sure he faces the consequences, but to do that, they need definitive evidence or someone to confess.

Leo tells Gwen that he’s never done a better acting job than when Bonnie was questioning him about the second clown. Gwen is relieved that she didn’t figure out it was Leo, but then Leo reveals that Bonnie thought the clown was Gwen.

Chad and Stephanie sit together on the bench. Chad asks where Alex is. Stephanie says he had to go back to work. Chad apologizes about before. Stephanie asks what he means. Chad says they had a meeting scheduled, so he’s sorry for making her miss it. Stephanie tells him not to worry about it. Chad still feels a little guilty. Stephanie asks if that’s because of what Alex said to him and admits she heard a bit of their conversation before she walked up earlier. Stephanie tells Chad that she doesn’t agree with Alex since they are friends and she enjoys spending time with him. Chad notes that Alex seemed pretty upset. Stephanie insists that he has no reason to be and is just letting his insecurities get the best of him. Chad still feels like he’s becoming an issue and he didn’t’ want to become a problem for them. Stephanie assures that he’s not, because it’s Alex’s issue, not hers or Chad’s. Chad responds that it’s not unreasonable for Alex to want to spend time with the woman that he’s seeing. Chad admits that if they were dating, he wouldn’t want to share her with another man either.

Gwen questions Leo saying that Bonnie thought she was the clown. Leo explains that it was technically Sarah’s theory which wasn’t a stretch since she knows that Gwen helped cover the original kidnapping. Gwen questions how she could pass for a muscle bound clown. Leo says the same way he did and reveals they knew about the bodysuit thanks to the cops finding some evidence. Gwen questions Sarah and Bonnie thinking that Xander actually had a physical fight with her. Leo admits Bonnie was skeptical. Gwen hopes so, but Leo worries that they could be led right to him. Leo argues that he’s finally getting his life together and Sonny’s starting to trust him, so he’s not a complete screw up and the last thing he needs is trouble with the law. The doorbell then rings. Gwen wonders who that could be and goes to answer the door. Gwen then returns with Rafe and Jada. Rafe says he hopes they aren’t interrupting.

Sarah tells Xander that she can’t lie to the police, so if they ask her what she heard he and Gwen talking about, then she has no choice but to tell them. Xander understands and says he would never ask her to lie, but she might not have to. Sarah asks what he means. Xander points out that she does have the option of not saying anything at all. Sarah argues that she’s not the one under suspicion. Xander explains that a wife can’t be compelled to testify against her husband. Sarah remarks that would be presuming that she still is his wife.

Stephanie appreciates Chad trying to understand Alex’s point of view, but she doesn’t want anything he said to affect their friendship. Chad assures that it won’t and says he’s really grateful for the time she has spent with him and the kids. Chad thinks it really helped the kids get through their first holiday without their mother. Chad notes that they are past Christmas now if she needs a break. Stephanie assures that she doesn’t as she likes spending time with Chad and the kids. Chad thinks that’s part of Alex’s issue. Stephanie says that’s too bad as she’s not looking to upset Alex, but who she spends her time with is her decision and not his. Stephanie adds that Alex has nothing to worry about since she and Chad are just friends. Chad then responds that they are more than that.

Justin and Bonnie return home to the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin tells Bonnie that he’s really proud of her for telling the police what Xander did to her as he knows how hard that was for her. Bonnie is just glad it’s over, but it was worth bringing up those awful memories if it can make sure that Xander gets what he deserves. Justin hopes it will put an end to her nightmares, so she no longer has to live in fear of being attacked by a clown. Bonnie thanks him and says he makes her feel so safe. Justin always wants her to feel that way as he hugs her. Bonnie says she feels bad for him because Xander is his family and he trusted and cared about him. Bonnie says Justin must feel so betrayed. Justin admits that he is, but the most important thing is to make sure that Xander and whoever helped him get what they deserve.

Gwen asks what she can do for Rafe and Jada. Rafe says it won’t take long. Gwen asks what this is about. Jada responds that it’s the kidnapping of Bonnie Kiriakis and Susan Banks. Gwen asks what about it. Rafe says there’s no need for the innocent act since they already know she was an accessory after the fact. Gwen is not sure what that means. Jada explains that Bonnie came by the police station and laid out everything about the kidnapping and it’s aftermath. Gwen responds that Bonnie must be so traumatized and asks if she accused her of something. Rafe informs them that Bonnie told them that Xander was her kidnapper. Leo calls that so awful. Jada says that’s why they are here. Gwen claims not to understand. Rafe explains that they know Gwen helped Xander, but they also know she wasn’t the mastermind. Rafe says any details Gwen could provide to help them build a case against Xander would be greatly appreciated. Gwen claims she would love to help but that she doesn’t know anything about the incident. Rafe says if she suddenly remembers something, they can work something out which Leo questions. Rafe says it seems unfair for Gwen to be punished for Xander’s crimes, especially after how he treated her. Rafe adds that he knows Xander and promises that as soon as Xander is faced with prison, he’s going to take Gwen down with him.

Stephanie questions Chad saying they are more than friends. Chad says they are family, so they will always be connected and he thinks that’s probably what struck a nerve with Alex. Stephanie says Alex will either get over it or he won’t. Chad knows the kids love spending time with her and he does too. Stephanie assures that she doesn’t think he’d ever be taking advantage but promises to let him know if it ever became too much for any reason. Chad jokingly asks Stephanie not to hurt his feelings too bad and let him down easy. Stephanie tells him not to give this Alex stuff another thought as that’s for her to worry about.

Gwen tells Rafe that his offer is very generous, but she’s afraid she has nothing to say. Jada questions if she has nothing to say or if she’s just not going to say anything. Gwen responds that either way, she won’t be talking until she talks with her attorney. Rafe says that’s fine but warns her not to wait too long because this case is not going away. Gwen says she understands. Jada tells them to have a nice day as she and Rafe then exit. Leo tells Gwen that was stressful. Gwen complains that they practically threatened to arrest her. Leo asks what she’s going to do. Gwen doesn’t know. Leo asks if she thought about taking the deal. Gwen questions throwing Xander under the bus. Leo knows she still loves him, but says he’s still pining after Sarah. Leo agrees with the cops in questioning why Gwen should suffer for something that Xander did.

Maggie joins Justin and Bonnie in the living room. Bonnie tells her about punching Xander in the stomach. Maggie calls it understandable. Justin explains that the police are trying to build a case against Xander as they speak. Justin asks how Maggie feels about that. Maggie thinks Xander should face the music for what he did to Bonnie. Bonnie appreciates her saying that since Xander is her son-in-law. Maggie acknowledges that she cares about Xander very much and despite what he did, he loves her daughter. Bonnie calls it so awful for Sarah to know that she’s married to a kidnapper. Maggie then reveals that Sarah is thinking about ending the marriage.

Xander asks if Sarah is saying she doesn’t want to be married to him anymore. Sarah responds that Maggie tried to convince her that she was rushing in to this and she admits that she didn’t know how she would feel when she saw him. Sarah adds that her heart was racing when she got to the door as she wasn’t sure what she would find. Xander asks what she means. Sarah says she didn’t expect him to be in here with his clown mask, but it just proved to her that she doesn’t trust him anymore and she never will. Xander tells her not to say that. Sarah announces that she will be filing for divorce when she leaves here. Sarah then goes to pack her things, leaving Xander holding back tears.

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Days Update Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Alex has a dream about being in bed with Stephanie, but then is woken up by Leo appearing next to him in bed, asking him if he has any other flavors of toothpaste which startles him.

Stephanie goes to the Horton house, where Chad tells her that he just left her a voicemail that he was taking a personal day because he’s taking the kids ice skating. Stephanie says she’s not here for work, but she brought gifts for Thomas and Charlotte. Chad says that’s very nice and invites her in. Stephanie asks if the kids are upstairs. Chad says he’ll get them in a second but he wanted to ask her a question. Chad asks Stephanie if he ruined her Christmas.

Will is at Allie’s apartment, on the phone. Will says Christmas didn’t exactly turn out as he planned. Will adds that he knows he said he’d be back in LA after the holidays but he’s dealing with some stuff. Will is aware there is work to do and says he’ll be on a plane as soon as he can be. Will then hangs up and Sonny shows up at the door.

Justin and Bonnie have breakfast at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie joins them. Bonnie notes her good mood. Maggie says she was just looking at real estate prices and announces she just found one that might work for Sarah and Xander. Maggie notes their looks and asks what’s wrong. Justin informs her that there’s something she needs to know about Xander and the company he supposedly worked for. Bonnie reveals that Rednax was just Xander spelled backwards and there was no company which shocks Maggie. Justin adds that there was no job opening and Xander made the whole thing up and lied to Sarah. Sarah comes in and announces that’s not all that Xander lied about.

Gwen goes to Xander’s motel room and knocks on the door, asking if he’s in there. Gwen then tries the door and it’s open. She comes in to find Xander passed out on the floor. Gwen checks on him and says he wasn’t answering his phone, so she thought he was hurt or worse. Xander responds that he can’t stop thinking about what a wretched human being and liar he is. Gwen tells him to get up and dust himself off. Xander responds that he can’t start all over again. Gwen pulls Xander up to his feet and tells him that it’s an order.

Sarah vows to never forgive Xander for this. Maggie goes over Rednax not existing. Justin explains that Gwen created a fake website and employment contract. Bonnie adds that Gwen claims she was just doing Xander a solid by helping him keep from Sarah that he wasn’t working. Maggie is so confused as she thought Xander had the job and then quit. Justin says he made that up too and when he offered to sue Rednax for wrongful termination, Gwen gave him a fake CEO name. Bonnie talks about putting it together when she saw “Rednax”. Maggie guesses she’s the last to know about this employment ruse. Maggie tells Xander that there seems to be a reasonable explanation as it sounds to her that Xander went to extremes to convince her that he had a job because he was feeling awful that he wasn’t able to provide for her. Sarah argues that this is about so much more than a stupid fake job. Sarah declares that Xander had a job, he just couldn’t tell them what it was because his boss was Ava Vitali. Justin is shocked and Bonnie says that can’t be. Sarah wishes it wasn’t but reveals that Bonnie was right the first time as the kidnapper was Xander.

Gwen asks Xander what beating himself up is going to do. Xander questions what to do when the woman he loves wants nothing to do with him. Gwen relates to that feeling and encourages Xander to look forward to a better future. Xander asks how he can’t stay in a miserable funk. Xander complains that he has called Sarah and left messages dozens of times but there’s no response, like he no longer exists and it’s over. Gwen says not necessarily. Xander reminds Gwen that she was there when Sarah said she never wanted to see him again. Gwen suggests he focus on what she’s done rather than what she said to find a silver lining.

Chad tells Stephanie that she and Alex had the whole place to themselves, then he showed up and stuck around until like 2 AM playing video games. Chad asks if he ruined her plans with Alex. Thomas and Charlotte then excitedly run in and hug Stephanie. Thomas notes that Chad didn’t tell them she was coming. Stephanie says he didn’t know but she wanted to bring them gifts and suggests they open them when they get home from ice skating. Thomas and Charlotte then ask Stephanie to come with them. Stephanie jokes that she’s more popular around here than she thought.

Alex questions what Leo is doing in his room and demands that he give his toothpaste back and get out. Leo complains that Sonny is out and he couldn’t find any toothpaste in his bathroom. Alex asks where Sonny went. Leo responds that he went to go try and smooth things over with his crybaby husband. Leo wonders if they are going to kiss and make up. Alex says definitely, as long as Sonny agrees to kick Leo out on his ass.

Sonny asks Will if they can talk. Will asks where Leo is. Sonny responds that he’s at the Kiriakis Mansion where he left him. Will says if he’s still staying there, then there’s nothing left to say. Will then shuts the door in Sonny’s face.

Xander questions Gwen saying there’s a silver lining in his wife ignoring him. Gwen points out that Xander didn’t spend the night in jail or get arrested for kidnapping. Gwen encourages that if it hasn’t happened, it’s not going to, which means Sarah didn’t tell the cops. Gwen adds that she doesn’t think Sarah went straight to Bonnie and Justin and she hasn’t heard anything from Jack. Gwen thinks that means there is hope since Sarah kept what he did to herself.

Justin questions that Xander admitted to working for Ava. Sarah explains that Ava somehow knew Xander was having financial problems, so she used that to get Xander to put on the clown mask, kidnap Susan, and collect some of the ransom as a pay day. Sarah asks if it surprises anyone that Xander turned to Gwen when he needed help covering his tracks. Maggie asks if she’s saying Xander was cheating on her. Sarah admits that she doesn’t know but she doesn’t put anything past him since he doesn’t have a good moral compass with being a kidnapper. Bonnie argues that it doesn’t make any sense since Xander was kidnapped too, so it’s kind of impossible and the kidnapper had to be somebody else.

Leo tells Alex about Will storming out. Alex says he’s with Will on this one. Leo argues that Will ditched his family to fly off to LA. Alex argues that Will did what he had to do for work. Leo brings up Will telling Sonny that he wasn’t coming home for Christmas, while Alex argues that he did come home to surprise Sonny, only to find him with Leo, who has caused them a whole lot of misery. Alex argues that Leo’s whole M.O. is to target vulnerable men. Leo insists that he and Sonny are just friends. Alex talks about how when someone says that, one of them is pining after the other and then when he’s about to have sex, the other friend shows up and he’s left out in the cold. Leo doesn’t think they are talking about he and Sonny anymore.

Thomas and Charlotte cheer for Stephanie, so she agrees to go ice skating with them. Chad sends the kids to get ready. Chad asks Stephanie if she’s sure about this. Stephanie jokes that he needs them since the kids totally own him. Chad and Stephanie then exit together.

Sonny knocks on the door and calls for Will to open up. Will says slamming the door shut meant go away. Sonny comes in and says they are going to talk. Will argues that they are not alone because Leo Stark is in the middle of their lives. Sonny questions him thinking that shutting him out is the best way to get through it. Will argues that they shouldn’t have to get through anything. Will tells Sonny to kick Leo out and then the problem is solved. Sonny admits he has every right to be upset. Will complains that Sonny just has to do one thing and it’s over. Sonny argues that Leo has nowhere else to go. Will argues that Sonny is feeling sorry for a predator. Will calls Leo a gold digging grifter, who only causes pain and misery. Sonny questions why it’s so hard for Will to accept that someone can change. Will doesn’t want to have this conversation. Will doesn’t think Leo can change. Sonny clarifies that he’s not saying Leo is a completely different person or excusing his past behavior, but he’s been spending a lot of time with him and it’s become clear that he’s a real human being with feelings and dreams. Sonny says he’s seen it and maybe if Will was here, he would see it too. Will asks if he means that he abandoned him to go to LA.

Alex accuses Leo of trying to cause problems between Sonny and Will. Alex tells Leo to go because he has to get dressed and forces him out of his room.

Bonnie tells Sarah that the clown couldn’t have been Xander since he was tied up right next to her and brawled with the clown. Sarah says somehow the clown got out without being unmasked. Sarah calls it a setup and an act to make Xander look like a hero. Maggie asks if that’s possible. Justin points out that he would’ve needed someone to help him. Sarah responds that she knows who it was. Leo then walks in and greets them, asking what he missed.

Gwen tells Xander that she doesn’t think Sarah will ever say anything and that she just needs time to calm down and realize that he never meant to hurt her. Xander acknowledges that he did hurt her badly. Gwen points out that it wasn’t his intention. Gwen says Xander is only in this mess because he loves Sarah so much. Gwen encourages him to have faith in Sarah’s love for him too and hope that he will come to understand that he did it all to prove he’s a good husband. Xander says there is no way she will give him the benefit of the doubt on this. Xander appreciates her trying to cheer him up and he feels awful for dragging Gwen in to this. Xander knows how hard she has worked to get back in to Jack’s good graces and worries about him finding out that she’s been helping him. Gwen tells him to let her deal with her dad. Xander declares that he’s messed up his life beyond repair, so he’s not going to do the same to her. Xander offers to tell Jack that he forced her to help him and promises to protect her. Gwen argues that he already has so much to deal with. Xander reminds Gwen that she kept saying he owed her one, so he’s trying to pay his debt and tells her to let him do it.

Will asks if Sonny is taking shots at him for going to LA. Sonny swears that’s not what he meant and would be happy to talk about how they can live separately. Will goes over how Sonny wants to be roommates with Leo and refused to kick him out. Will asks what else there is to discuss. Sonny argues that he would hear Will’s opinion in a disagreement, so he asks him to do the same for him which Will agrees to do. Sonny explains that when Craig left, Leo lost it and hurt a lot of people but he knows he made a mistake. Will questions him honestly believing that. Sonny insists that he does because he can see the sadness in his eyes and hear the regret in his voice when he talks about it. Sonny adds that Leo spent a lot of time reflecting and wanting to change. Sonny reveals Will that he offered Leo a job. Will brings up how Leo almost destroyed Titan. Sonny adds that Leo shut him down because he knew Victor would freak out and fire him which is proof that he’s changed since he put him above his own needs. Will questions Sonny being naive because of Leo doing one unselfish thing. Sonny wants Will to understand the choices that he made and if he does and he still wants Leo gone, then he’s gone.

Leo comments on the morose mood and asks if someone died. Bonnie responds that she’s just glad she didn’t die when the clown kidnapped her. Bonnie explains that Sarah thinks Xander was the kidnapper and that he hired a fake kidnapper so she wouldn’t think that he was the real kidnapper. Leo calls that far fetched. Maggie adds that Sarah was about to tell them who she thinks Xander’s accomplice was. Justin notes that she seems pretty sure about it. Sarah insists that only one person makes sense.

Gwen questions Xander wanting to repay her and thinks they are getting ahead of themselves. Gwen is still optimistic that things will work out for him. Xander says he’s going to drown his sorrows. Gwen decides she’s going to be brutally honest with him. Gwen tells Xander that he’s never more unattractive than when he wallows in self pity.

Stephanie calls for a break from ice skating and sits on the park bench. Alex walks by and greets her with a kiss. Stephanie asks what he’s doing there. Alex responds that her assistant said he might find her there. Stephanie asks why he needed to find her. Alex reminds her that they had a strategy meeting today and asks if she forgot about him. Stephanie informs him that she left a message with his assistant about rescheduling. Alex guesses they got their wires crossed. Alex then asks what Stephanie is doing here and who she’s here with. Chad then comes over with the kids.

Will thought Sonny felt strongly about this. Sonny states that he does. Will asks if he’s willing to change his mind. Sonny explains that he and Leo will still be friends since they worked through a lot and that means something to him, but he will find him another place to live as soon as possible if it upsets Will. Sonny declares that Will is his husband, so he always comes first. Will feels like he’s forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Sonny responds that all he wants to do is make him happy as that’s the most important thing to him. Sonny tells Will that he loves him whether things are great or they are fighting. Sonny can’t believe Will flew all the way out here and he still hasn’t received a single kiss yet. Will wishes him a Merry Christmas and Sonny says Happy New Year as they kiss.

Gwen tells Xander that love conquers all. Xander is tired of her positivity. Gwen refuses to let him give up on the woman of his dreams. Xander asks what choice he has. Gwen urges him to change his mindset and stop feeling sorry for himself. Gwen tells him to think about Sarah. Xander complains that he lost all of that forever. Gwen encourages him to imagine himself with his wife if he’s not a loser or a quitter. Gwen tells him to keep the mental image in his mind to motivate him and put this fire underneath him until Sarah is back in his arms. Xander agrees that’s what he needs to do and hugs Gwen. Xander thanks her and says she’s the only one who could’ve brought him back. Gwen jokes that she is his mate so it’s the least she could do.

Maggie questions Sarah thinking Gwen was Xander’s accomplice. Sarah explains that she heard him going over everything to her. Justin notes that he may have told Gwen about the kidnapping but that doesn’t necessarily mean she was in on it. Justin adds that Gwen was in on the lie about the job. Bonnie insists that the clown was a big man who didn’t look like Gwen. Justin brings up that Rafe called earlier and he said that found evidence that the clown was wearing a bodysuit to bulk up their image. Leo watches on nervously as Justin says this means it could’ve been Gwen or a man with a smaller frame. Justin asks Leo if that’s right. Leo asks why he’s looking at him. Sarah points out that Leo is Gwen’s friend, so she asks if Gwen said anything to him and warns him not to think about lying. Leo swears on a stack of bibles that he knows absolutely nothing about Gwen dressing up as a clown and quickly exits the room.

Chad introduces the kids to Alex. Chad says he heard Stephanie missed a meeting and says that’s on them for dragging her in to this. Thomas says they want to back to skating so Stephanie decides she will take them, so Chad and Alex can catch up. Chad tells Alex that he’s sorry as the kids wanted her to come. Alex says it’s all good and he’s glad they are having a good time. Alex then says he wants to be clear on where they stand and that Chad knows that he and Stephanie are together. Chad assures he knows that. Alex apologizes for that coming out harsh and says he knows how rough Christmas was for him and that he’s missing Abigail. Alex admits he had a really good time hanging out with Chad but reveals that right before Chad showed up, he had gone to the drug store to get some protection. Chad acknowledges that he’s becoming the third wheel and insists that was not his intention. Chad admits he was feeling lonely over the holidays and Stephanie is a friend that’s easy to be with. Alex points out that the holidays are over and it’s just another work day where he and Stephanie had a meeting, but instead she’s here with Chad having what looks like family time.

Will tells Sonny that he’s been away for a lot longer than they thought and he’s sorry for that even though it was unavoidable. Will adds that Sonny supported his decision to go but he feels like he stranded him here and he knows that’s been hard. Will says it’s been hard for him too but he’s surrounded by people all the time, so he’s okay with Sonny having a new friend too even though he wishes it was somebody else. Sonny jokes that they don’t want a relationship where they can veto their friendships. Sonny declares that he’s still going to be friends with Leo and Will doesn’t like that, so he asks where that leads to them.

Leo runs in to the Horton house, out of breath, telling Gwen that they urgently need to talk. Gwen says she has too much on her mind so this is going to have to wait. Gwen tries to hurry Leo out the door and accidentally shuts the door on his foot.

Maggie sits with Sarah and tells her that she’s so sorry about all of this. Sarah responds that it’s all on her because she knew something was wrong with Xander and she pushed it off. Maggie says that’s because she loves him. Sarah argues that she let that blind her to who Xander is and will always be. Sarah then gets a call from Xander but throws her phone across the room.

Xander calls Sarah and leaves a message, saying he knows he has so much to make up for but he swears that he did it all for love because he loves her so much with all his heart. Xander asks her to call him back and hangs up. Justin and Bonnie then show up at his door.

Will guesses he and Sonny are left in a pretty awkward place. Will admits it’s hard for him to accept that Sonny is friends with someone who has done so much damage, but acknowledges that they have mended fences and he is loyal to him. Will adds that all he can do is respect that. Sonny asks if they will just agree to disagree. Will jokes that’s until he realizes he’s right. Will says he hates fighting with him. Sonny agrees but loves making up as they start kissing.

Chad questions Alex saying they are having family time. Alex says it’s not an accusation as he knows the ice skating is innocent, but he also knows that Chad had feelings for Stephanie. Alex asks Chad man to man if there’s something brewing here that he should know about. Stephanie hides behind the bushes nearby and listens in as Chad laughs it off and assures that there is absolutely nothing romantic going on between he and Stephanie. Chad states that Stephanie is his friend and his boss and that’s it. Stephanie then comes back over and says the kids are with some of their friends and they said they want Chad back skating. Chad thanks her and goes to rejoin the kids. Alex offers to go rent a pair of skates to join her on the rink but Stephanie cuts him off and asks who the hell he thinks he is.

Gwen helps Leo in to the living room and says she’ll get him some ice. Leo says they have to talk as he has bad news. Gwen argues that it can’t be worse than Sarah overhearing her and Xander talking about the kidnapping. Gwen then calls it a miracle that Sarah has decided to keep it to herself. Leo stops her and informs her that Sarah is not keeping her mouth shut and is telling everybody what Xander did.

Xander tells Justin and Bonnie that he spoke to Gwen if this is about Rednax. Bonnie then responds by punching him in the stomach.

Maggie pleads with Sarah not to blame herself as this is all on Xander. Maggie asks what Sarah is thinking and what she will do next. Sarah responds that the only thing she can do is divorce Xander.

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Days Update Monday, January 2, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ and Nicole wish each other a Happy New Year as they then kiss.

Johnny and Wendy watch the fireworks in the town square and wish each other a Happy New Year and then they kiss.

Li tries calling Gabi and screams in frustration when she doesn’t answer. Li leaves a message, asking her to call him back when she gets this and asks for a chance to explain everything because he loves her so much.

Stefan and Chloe continue kissing in bed until Gabi barges in to the room. Stefan questions what the hell she’s doing here and how she got in. Gabi guesses she was too late and explains that she showed the front desk that her ID says Gabi DiMera and that this is her husband’s room.

Brady questions Kristen saying that Rachel is gone. Kristen responds that she’s not in her bed and it’s after midnight, so she doesn’t know where she is. Kristen pulls out her phone and calls Eric but it goes to voicemail. Kristen argues that Eric was supposed to stay with Rachel until they got home. Brady thinks back to he and Eric’s plan. Brady tells Kristen that Eric is the most responsible guy he knows so there must be an explanation. Kristen shouts that their daughter is missing and Brady doesn’t even look upset, so she questions what is the matter with him.

Nicole tells EJ that she knows it’s traditional to kiss at midnight and asks if this was just a New Year’s kiss. EJ responds that it could mean whatever they want it to mean as they continue kissing.

Johnny and Wendy agree that their kiss was totally unexpected. Johnny talks about the act they came up with to make everyone think they were a couple so they wouldn’t guess what they were up to. Johnny says now it’s starting to feel like what they are really up to instead of an act. Wendy points out that it’s New Year’s Eve, so them kissing could just be going with the flow. Johnny responds that it felt pretty real to him. Wendy admits she felt the same.

Li has a drink in his hotel room. Li insists to himself that Gabi will call and give him a chance to explain. Li then sees a message from Dr. Rolf and declares that he has some explaining to do as he calls him back.

Chloe questions Gabi saying this was her husband’s room and tells her to go find Li and leave them alone. Gabi clarifies that Li is still in Salem and she wants no part of him. Stefan argues that she’s not making sense. Gabi informs him that at the wedding, she remembered that Dr. Rolf did brainwash Stefan and wiped out his feelings for her. Stefan calls that ridiculous since she told him herself that Dr. Rolf denied it and she believed it. Gabi explains that she remembered Dr. Rolf injected her with a drug that made her forget. Chloe questions how she remembers now. Gabi says as soon as she and Li were married, it call came back to her. Gabi argues that Stefan still loves her and if she can remember that, then so can he. Chloe questions why Gabi is doing this and what she gets out of it. Gabi says it’s the truth. Chloe argues that everyone in Salem knows that Dr. Rolf is devoted to the DiMeras, so she questions why he would brainwash Stefan. Gabi responds that it wasn’t his decision and somebody else forced him to do it. Stefan asks who would do such a thing to him. Gabi informs him that it was Li Shin.

Li questions Dr. Rolf as to how the hell he could do this to him. Li explains that he couldn’t answer his call before because he was getting married to the love of his life, but it doesn’t matter now because his shot wore off about five seconds after they were married and she’s on her way to Miami now to find Stefan. Li questions Dr. Rolf saying he’s sorry. Li guesses he’s not the genius that he thought he was. Li screams that Dr. Rolf has now ruined his life and hangs up.

Johnny and Wendy talk about it being late after midnight. Johnny asks if she wants to go to a walk. Wendy brings up her brother’s whole world blowing up tonight. Johnny points out that she warned him that would happen. Wendy admits she feels so bad for Li and it kind of makes it hard for her to focus on how happy she is with Johnny. Wendy worries that Li might lose his job at DiMera and could even go to prison. Johnny gets that she wants to be there for her brother. Wendy asks if she will see him tomorrow. Johnny says chances are excellent and promises to ask her on a real date which Wendy says she would like very much. They wish each other a Happy New Year as Wendy then walks away.

Brady suggests to Kristen that Eric probably took Rachel to see fireworks. Kristen complains about Eric not answering his phone. Eric then comes out of the kitchen and says sorry as he turned his phone off. Kristen questions him as to where Rachel is. Eric responds that he tucked her in bed around 11. Kristen argues that she’s not in her room. Eric calls that impossible as he just checked on her ten minutes ago. Kristen says she’s not there now and questions what happened to her baby girl.

EJ and Nicole go to the bedroom and continue kissing. They begin to undress and kiss on to the bed.

Brady says he thinks he knows what’s going on and suggests Rachel must have been sleepwalking in to one of the other bedrooms. Kristen warns that she better be or Eric’s in big trouble. Kristen goes looking for Rachel while Brady asks Eric what he’s doing and where his kid is.

Rachel is at Sloan’s apartment and they are having ice cream together. Rachel thanks Sloan for letting her stay up past midnight and calls her the best girlfriend that Eric has ever had.

EJ and Nicole kiss in bed until Nicole stops and points out they have been here before. EJ responds that they keep coming back because there’s an undeniable attraction between them. Nicole says that doesn’t mean they should give in to it. EJ questions why not. Nicole feels it’s a distraction for not having what they really want. Nicole brings up the last time, how she was trying to get over Rafe and he was trying to get over Sami. EJ points out that they did both of those things so EJ thinks they should celebrate. Nicole stops him and says for her, it’s just the same tactic but a different guy. EJ reminds her that Eric has moved on. Nicole disagrees. EJ suggests that Eric is probably making passionate love to Sloan Peterson.

Brady questions Eric leaving Rachel with Sloan and asks if he’s nuts. Eric assures that Rachel is fine and that she and Sloan hit it off immediately. Brady argues that he didn’t tell him that he was bringing Sloan in to this and questions how he knows he can trust her. Eric reminds him that she is his lawyer but Brady argues that doesn’t mean a thing since she aided him in a crime.

Stefan and Chloe get up and get dressed. Stefan questions Gabi as to why she thinks Li would do this to him. Gabi explains that Li found out that Dr. Rolf was keeping him alive. Chloe asks how he found out. Gabi says all she knows is that Li thought it would be good leverage for the business, but then he fell for her and things got complicated for him. Stefan can’t believe this and says he doesn’t know Li that well, but he cannot believe that he would go this far. Gabi argues that Li changed when he met her and was scared of Stefan making her forget all about him, so he wanted to make sure that didn’t happen by pulling the plug on the machines that were keeping him alive.

Wendy goes to Li’s room. Li questions what she’s doing there as she said he was on his own. Wendy thought he might not want to be alone right now. Li brings up that she said she and Johnny drove Gabi to the airport, so he thought maybe she didn’t get on the plane. Wendy doesn’t think there was any chance of that since Gabi was totally determined to get to Stefan.

Chloe questions Gabi saying that Li tried to murder Stefan. Gabi confirms that Rafe arrested Li tonight for it and drove him straight to police headquarters. Gabi declares that it turns out that she doesn’t know the man she married at all. Stefan says he’s sorry about that but questions what she expects him to do about it. Gabi expects him to go find Dr. Rolf and help her undo what he did to him. Stefan tells her to forget it as he’s not going anywhere with her. Stefan declares that he’s staying right here with Chloe.

Eric tells Brady that what’s important is that Rachel is happy and he knows where she is. Brady remains unsure about Sloan. Kristen runs back in and shouts that Rachel isn’t there and she’s been looking everywhere. Kristen questions why Brady isn’t looking for her. Brady claims he’s about to. Kristen declares that she’s calling the cops.

Nicole argues that Eric is just using Sloan to get over her, but that doesn’t mean she should use EJ to get over Eric. EJ jokes that he’s at her disposable. Nicole admits that she would love nothing more than to get lost in the bed, but it wouldn’t hurt to try to restrain for once in her life. Nicole admits she’s not close to being over Eric and she’s not even divorced from Rafe yet. EJ supposes he understands. Nicole announces one of her top New Year’s resolutions is to stop making decisions that she’s going to regret. EJ hopes that if she resorts back to instinct, that he will be there. EJ kisses her and gets out of the bed. EJ adds that he assumes Nicole will keep to herself that he knew what Li did to Stefan. Nicole confirms he’s right so EJ thanks her. They say goodnight to each other as EJ then exits the room.

Li tells Wendy that he knows he’s made a total mess of things. Wendy acknowledges that he’s always ruthless when going after what he wants. Li says he learned from their father, not that he’s to blame for what he has done. Li declares he has no more secrets left to keep. Wendy then asks if he really tried to kill Stefan.

Gabi asks if Stefan didn’t hear a word she just said. Stefan says none of it matters to him. Gabi argues that the part of his brain that loves her was wiped out and questions him being okay with that. Stefan tells her that he and Chloe were in the middle of something important. Gabi questions if he’d rather have sex than find out what happened to him. Stefan declares that he and Chloe just made love for the first time and that is a very big deal to him. Gabi argues that it only happened because Stefan is not in his right mind and doesn’t remember the part of his brain that still loves her.

Brady reminds Kristen that she’s not on good terms with the police right now. Kristen doesn’t care since their baby is missing and questions Brady being so blaise about it. Brady argues that Eric was here so there’s no way someone could have broken in. Kristen asks what if Rachel woke up and wanted to see New Year’s Eve so she sleepwalked out the door. Kristen starts to call the police, but she gets a text from an unknown number, saying that Rachel is fine and will stay fine, unless she calls the police. Brady asks her what happened. Kristen screams at Eric that she could kill him and she trusted him while Brady holds her back. Kristen screams that someone took Rachel and breaks down crying while Eric says the doors were locked, so he doesn’t understand.

Sloan and Rachel continue watching TV.

Eric declares he’s going to find Rachel and get her back. Brady says he’s going with him. Kristen says she is too. Brady says she should stay here but Kristen argues that she can’t while some monster has her daughter. When Kristen turns her back, Eric secretly texts her phone, telling her to stay home and wait for further instructions and to comply with them or she’ll never see Rachel again. Kristen shows Brady the message. Brady says they need to do what they want, so he needs her to stay there. Kristen guesses she has no choice. Brady declares they are going to find her and bring her home safely. Brady and Eric then exit together. Brady tells Eric that he hates this. Eric admits he doesn’t like it either, but he prefers it to watching Marlena get sick in the hospital and die this time. Brady knows what Kristen is capable of. Eric asks Brady what Kristen got arrested for earlier. Brady explains that they found out Kristen and Li Shin had Dr. Rolf brainwash Stefan in to wanting Chloe and hating Gabi. Eric can’t believe it. Brady states that Kristen wanted Chloe out of his life, so she found a way to make it happen. Eric points out that everyone at the wedding knows so Kristen could go back to prison. Brady admits he doesn’t know what she’s going to do next. Eric decides he’s going to check on Rachel to make sure she’s alright. Brady says he should, because he doesn’t like the fact that Rachel is with Sloan right now. Eric instructs Brady to go back in and keep an eye on Kristen. Brady questions what to tell her as far as why he came back so soon. Eric suggests telling her something about being a united front and play guilty or desperate. Brady decides he’ll go down to the garage with Eric and come right back. Eric reminds Brady that he has to convince Kristen that this is real. Brady vows to do whatever he has to do, because he wants that bitch out of their lives.

EJ goes to the living room and pours a drink. Johnny comes in. EJ says he was just about to have a toast with Stefano’s ghost, but Johnny is much better company. EJ pours Johnny a drink and they wish each other a Happy New Year. EJ asks Johnny if he got Gabi to the airport on time. Johnny confirms that she barely made her flight, but she’s probably in Miami now and could be with Stefan, telling him everything. EJ is more concerned with what Li is telling the police and hopes him being upset over Gabi doesn’t cause him to spill his guts. Johnny tells EJ that he’s in luck because the police had to let Li and Kristen go, so the only person with Li now is Wendy.

Li explains to Wendy that he went to Dr. Rolf’s lab to get a look at the love of Gabi’s life and he was just lying there, helpless, having been dead for four years. Li admits he wanted Stefan to stay that way because he was so in love with Gabi and he knew if Stefan came back, he’d lose her to him. Li reveals that then he saw the plug to the machine that was technically keeping him alive and that was all that stood in between of him and what he wanted more than anything. Li asks if Wendy thinks he’s a monster now.

Gabi tells Chloe that anything she thinks is real between she and Stefan isn’t because he was programmed to be repulsed by her and attracted to Chloe. Stefan tells Chloe not to listen to Gabi. Gabi brings up Chloe still being on the rebound from Brady and suggests she get dressed and leave. Stefan declares that the only one leaving is Gabi because he and Chloe came here to spend New Year’s Eve alone together, so that’s exactly what they are going to do. Gabi shouts that it won’t happen now because they both know the truth as Stefan rushes her out the door.

Brady returns home, Kristen asks if he found something out. Brady says that Eric is out there looking while he decided to spend with her in case there’s a ransom call. Brady says he was worried about her and doesn’t think she should be alone right now. Kristen thanks him and says she never expected anything like this to happen. Brady says he didn’t either. Kristen asks who would take their baby girl.

Eric goes to Sloan’s apartment and sees that Sloan has put Rachel to sleep. Sloan complains to Eric that she had to spend her New Year’s watching cartoons. Sloan thought she and Eric were going to ring in the New Year together but instead she spent it emergency babysitting. Sloan declares that at least it’s over. Eric reveals it actually wasn’t a babysitting emergency as there’s something he didn’t tell her.

Gabi continues pounding on the door and says she’s refusing to go anywhere. Stefan tells Chloe that if Gabi doesn’t stop, he will call the front desk and have them send security. Stefan asks where they were. Gabi continues knocking on the door until she stops to listen to her voicemail from Li. Stefan tells Chloe that they can order more room service. Chloe goes over what just happened with Gabi and that Dr. Rolf brainwashed him. Stefan wants to forget Gabi was even there. Chloe questions him not being curious about what happened to him. Stefan says he’s heard so many versions of what happened that he doesn’t care anymore. Stefan suggests Gabi just married Li and realized what a terrible mistake she made. Chloe points out that Gabi seemed pretty sure about him. Stefan assures that he doesn’t care how Gabi feels about him as he can’t stand the sight of her. Stefan tells Chloe that they just made love for the first time and that is what is important to him tonight. Stefan knows she is the one he wants to be with, so he’s praying she feels the same way.

Li asks Wendy again if she thinks he’s a monster. Wendy points out that Stefan is still alive, so she’s hoping that means he plugged him back in. Li explains that the alarm went off right when Kristen got there, so she plugged him back in. Wendy questions if Li would’ve let Stefan die. Li admits he doesn’t know and now he’s glad that Kristen showed up. Li thinks he temporarily lost his mind. Wendy asks if that’s what his lawyer is going to tell the cops. Li admits he’s not the nicest guy, but says he’s no killer. Wendy asks what happens now. Li says that the police commissioner is Gabi’s brother, so he’s out to get him. Li adds that if Rafe finds out that Johnny and Wendy knew about all of this, Rafe will want them to corroborate Gabi’s story. Wendy says it sounds like Li is asking her to lie for him and she doesn’t know if she can do that. Li then gets a phone call from Gabi. Li thanks her for calling him back. Gabi hoped he wouldn’t answer because he would have been locked up. Li explains that Rafe let he and Kristen go because he doesn’t have any proof that he did anything wrong. Gabi argues that she knows what he did and she hates him for it. Gabi promises to make him pay if it’s the last thing she does.

Stefan asks Chloe how he can convince her that he got over Gabi on his own. Chloe doesn’t know but admits she will have to be convinced. Stefan says he will do just that. Chloe brings up that Stefan said before that he would get his own room, so now she thinks that’s a good idea. Stefan says if that’s what she wants, that’s what he will do.

Gabi tells Li that before she hangs up on him forever, she’s in Miami and she talked to Stefan. Li asks if Stefan remembers how he felt about her. Gabi says not yet, but he will come around. Gabi tells Li that all his tricks and efforts were for nothing because Stefan will love her again. Gabi then hangs up.

Kristen cries to Brady that she doesn’t want to go on living if they don’t find Rachel. Brady assures that they will get her back and that she’s fine. Kristen questions how he knows that. Brady says he just knows. Kristen asks him to keep telling her that. Brady hugs her as she cries.

Sloan questions Eric about having her help him kidnap Kristen DiMera’s daughter. Eric explains that it was his only option since Kristen is holding his mother’s life in her hands and the only vulnerable spot in her life is Rachel. Eric hopes Kristen won’t take long to give in. Sloan senses that Eric is enjoying this. Eric informs her that Kristen ruined his life years ago and if he told her some of the things she’s done to people he cares about, she wouldn’t believe him. Eric admits he doesn’t care if Kristen suffers for one moment, especially if he makes her do the right thing.

Nicole starts to text Eric a Happy New Year wish but erases it and decides not to.

Johnny tells EJ that as far as he knows, Li kept him out of this. EJ worries that Rafe won’t let it go and will come sniffing around eventually. Johnny assures that he won’t tell Rafe or Stefan anything. EJ says he appreciates that since he knows how much he and Wendy didn’t like keeping this secret. Johnny admits they are both glad that’s over. EJ asks what is going on between Johnny and Wendy. Johnny calls that none of his business. EJ guesses that means there is something. Johnny says they will see what happens in the new year. Johnny asks about EJ and Nicole. EJ responds that they’ll see what happens in the new year.

Li tells Wendy that she can take off because he wouldn’t want her to hang around with a guy who has ruined everything for himself. Wendy says at least he sees that now, so that’s something. Li declares that he has nothing left. Wendy asks about her. Wendy tells him that he’s her big brother and he drives her crazy, but they are family, so no matter what he does, she will always love him. Wendy hugs Li.

Stefan packs his bag and asks Chloe if she’s sure about this. Chloe responds that after tonight, she’s not sure about anything except that she did have a really nice New Year’s Eve with him, so she thanks him. Stefan calls it the best night he can remember having in a long time. Stefan kisses Chloe goodbye and then exits the room. Gabi remains in the hall and sees Stefan come out of the room, so she excitedly says thank God that he believes her and she can’t wait to see the look on Dr. Rolf’s face, but Stefan tells her to get the hell out of his way and walks off. Gabi tells herself that it will happen and it’s just going to take some time.

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Days Update Friday, December 30, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Stefan and Chloe continue kissing. Stefan asks if she wants to. Chloe nods, so Stefan begins undressing her as they kiss until Chloe stops and says she can’t do this.

Gabi confronts Kristen and accuses her of telling Dr. Rolf to brainwash Stefan. Kristen responds that she’s hallucinating. Brady comments on the idea of Kristen doing something underhanded. Brady questions why Kristen would do this to Stefan. Gabi continues remembering further and reveals it was because Kristen wanted to break up Brady and Chloe. Kristen asks if Brady believes her. Brady argues that she can’t claim it’s out of character. Kristen stands up and admits that she was at Dr. Rolf’s lab when Stefan woke up, but declares that if Rolf did brainwash him, it wasn’t her idea. Brady asks whose idea it was then. Gabi continues remembering further, revealing that Li knew all along about Stefan and that the brainwashing was his idea. Gabi then turns back to Li and declares that it was his idea. Gabi shouts that Li did this as everyone watches in shock.

Chloe apologizes to Stefan and says it wasn’t fair to him. Stefan tells her that they both just had their lives turned upside down, so they would be idiots to expect to be rational, fair, or predictable. Stefan says that Chloe pulling back wasn’t a conscious choice, so maybe they should both let it go because it doesn’t matter. Stefan declares that there is only thing that matters to him right now.

Li questions what Gabi is talking about. Gabi tells him not to lie to her anymore as she remembers Dr. Rolf admitting that this was all Li’s idea. Rafe realizes Gabi was right that Stefan was brainwashed. Gabi argues that Dr. Rolf made Stefan hate her. Li argues that it doesn’t make any sense as to why Dr. Rolf would incriminate himself like that. Gabi reveals that she had a scalpel to Rolf’s throat and he admitted it was all Li’s idea. Li claims that she’s mistaken and that Dr. Rolf had to say that to prevent her from killing him. Li says he could never do something like that to her and he could never betray her like that. Gabi continues flashing back to her confrontation with Dr. Rolf where Rolf added that Li tried to murder Stefan in his sleep. Gabi then declares to everyone that Dr. Rolf admitted that Li tried to kill Stefan in his sleep which Rafe questions. Gabi announces that Li tried to murder the man that she loves.

Eric watches cartoons with Rachel as they eat popcorn together at John and Marlena’s. Eric comments on Rachel’s good mood. Rachel says she still misses her mom and dad but now she knows they are getting back together. Eric questions why she would think that. Rachel says it’s because they went to a party tonight. Eric says that doesn’t mean they are getting back together. Rachel knows that’s what Brady says, but she points out that it’s New Year’s Eve which means at midnight, they will have to kiss.

Gabi argues that when Dr. Rolf wouldn’t let Li kill Stefan, he took over his mind. Gabi complains that Li knew she loved Stefan and he lied to her over and over and over. Kristen remarks to Brady that they say the first five minutes are the hardest. Rafe asks if Gabi wants to go home. Gabi questions what Li tried to do to Stefan while he was in a bed, defenseless. Li argues that she can’t believe he would do something like that and that it must be some kind of false memory. Li reminds Gabi that she told him that Dr. Rolf said he hadn’t brainwashed Stefan and that she believed him. Rafe admits that seemed weird to him and questions why anyone would believe what Dr. Rolf says. Li insists that something happened because he didn’t try to murder Stefan. Li questions Gabi not rememberring before now. Gabi’s flashbacks continue and remembers Dr. Rolf injecting her with a drug. Gabi then reveals that Dr. Rolf injected her with something that made her forget what Li did to Stefan, but now she remembers all of it.

Stefan wants to make sure that he and Chloe can remain friends. Chloe says of course and that she’s so grateful to him for everything. Chloe assures that she was really having a good time and didn’t want to spoil the evening. Stefan insists that she didn’t and wonders if it was his fault for coming on too strong, but they agree that neither of them should be sorry. Chloe then asks if they can have their dessert now.

Gabi asks how Li could do this to her when she trusted and believed in him. Li asks if they can go somewhere to talk but she yells at him not to touch her. Li argues that they can’t talk about this here in front of all these people and insists they can work this out. Rafe declares that Li is not going anywhere and neither is Kristen.

Eric and Rachel play Go Fish together. Rachel wins the game and then asks Eric why he is here. Rachel questions if he didn’t want to go to the party too and if that wouldn’t be more fun than playing Go Fish with her. Eric thinks back to he and Brady’s plan to fake kidnap Rachel. Eric then tells Rachel that he was going to ask her if she’d like to join him on a top secret adventure.

Kristen questions what Rafe thinks he’s doing. Rafe says it’s his job. Li asks if he’s really going to arrest them while Kristen argues that it’s on recovered memories from a clearly unstable woman. Kristen remarks that Gabi’s dress alone proves she’s not in her right mind. Rafe warns Kristen to watch how she talks to him or his sister. Kristen says she’s refusing to go. Rafe then calls Jada over and Jada then handcuffs Kristen. Jada asks if Kristen wants her to read her rights or if she has it memorized by now. Rafe then handcuffs Li, who questions if this is really necessary. Rafe thinks it’s best to do this by the book. Rafe asks if Gabi will be okay. Gabi instructs Rafe to just get Li out of her sight. Kristen asks Brady if he’s coming. Brady responds that he wouldn’t miss it for the world. Rafe and Jada escort Kristen and Li out in handcuffs while Brady follows out after them.

Stefan and Chloe finish their dessert together. Stefan suggests they go out and get crazy. Chloe says he’s being really sweet but he doesn’t have to pretend. Stefan assures that he didn’t bring her to Miami to sleep with her, but to bring in the New Year with her. Stefan points out that there’s still a few hours left and suggests they go dancing at a nightclub. Chloe questions if he’s sure he wants to go. Stefan says if she’d rather stay in and watch the ball drop, that’s okay too as he just wants to be with her. Chloe decides they will go out. Stefan pours them glasses of champagne and toasts to the New Year. Chloe asks if they’re supposed to wait until midnight. Stefan decides it’s close enough and a new beginning can’t come soon enough.

Wendy asks if Gabi is alright. Gabi asks her not to try to tell her that she’s wrong about her brother. Wendy says she wasn’t going to. Gabi guesses Wendy doesn’t believe her but Wendy reveals that she does. Gabi questions that even though she just accused Li of trying to murder someone. Wendy responds that Rafe will sort that all out. Wendy asks if Gabi wants to go home, but Gabi says she needs to find Stefan. Gabi gets her phone to call Stefan.

Stefan asks Chloe if she’s ready to get crazy in Miami for New Year’s Eve while his phone rings nearby on vibrate with Gabi’s call.

Rachel asks about Eric saying they can’t tell anyone about their adventure, including her mom. Eric says they can tell her after and claims it’s like a surprise for her. Eric then gets a call from Brady, who asks where he is. Eric responds that he’s at Marlena’s. Brady says it’s good that he hasn’t left yet. Eric says everything is fine and they are about ready to go. Brady says they need to put the brakes on that. Eric argues that this is not the time to get cold feet. Brady reveals that there has been an unexpected development as Kristen has been arrested.

Rafe and Jada bring Li and Kristen in to the interrogation room. Li argues that Rafe should be with Gabi instead of throwing his weight around because she’s falling apart. Rafe disagrees and says Gabi is upset because the man she just married tried to play God with her life. Kristen questions Rafe being the cop, judge, and jury. Kristen argues that Rafe hasn’t said a word about lawyers. Rafe says that’s because there hasn’t been any charges yet and this is just preliminary. Rafe adds that they will have to do a follow up. Rafe orders Li and Kristen to write down their entire history with Dr. Rolf and everything they have done to Stefan DiMera. Kristen remarks that it will be short because she’s done nothing but rejoice in his return from the dead. Li says he concurs with Kristen. Kristen wants to confer with her lawyer and demands legal representation. Li says the same. Kristen questions if she can get a drink around here.

Stefan and Chloe exit their hotel room together. Stefan leaves his phone behind.

Gabi’s call goes to voicemail and tells Stefan to call her because she swears it’s urgent. EJ tells Johnny that it’s only a matter of time before Stefan learns the truth. EJ points out that it seems Dr. Rolf didn’t tell Gabi that he knew everything, so he doesn’t think there’s any reason for Gabi to find that out. Johnny mocks the idea of doing what’s best for Gabi. EJ says it’s up to Johnny if he thinks it’s necessary and declares that his fate is in Johnny’s hands. Johnny states that Li is the one who started all of this, so he doesn’t see a reason for EJ to be arrested too. EJ thanks him. Gabi complains that she can’t just stand around and she has to go find Stefan. Johnny offers to take her to the DiMera Mansion but Gabi points out that he’s not there as he went to Miami with Chloe. Gabi asks Nicole if Chloe told her where she is staying. Nicole admits that she’s at the Fountainhead Hotel. Gabi thanks her and says she has to go to the airport. Johnny decides they will drive her. Gabi calls Sonny to let him know that she’s going to Miami as she hurries out of the room. Nicole remarks to EJ that Chloe is going to have one heck of a New Year’s.

Four Hours Later…

EJ and Nicole return home to the DiMera Mansion and drink champagne. EJ comments that tonight shows that in Salem, making it through the vows does not mean you’re home free. Nicole notes that EJ seems to be taking this in stride. EJ responds that disastrous weddings are par for the course in this town. Nicole says she means that EJ doesn’t seem very taken back by the fact that Li had his brother brainwashed. EJ states that when one’s father is turned in to a computer chip, one develops a bit of imperturbability. EJ adds that the police is handling it and questions what else he can do. Nicole suggests that EJ fire Li. EJ points out that Li’s father is chairman of the board. Nicole argues that this is EJ’s family’s company and Li tried to murder a member of the family, so she doesn’t think it’s a hard sell to send him packing. Nicole questions if EJ isn’t angry and wanting to take Li down. EJ repeats that it’s not that simple which Nicole questions. Nicole says that’s unless it’s because Li could take EJ down with him.

Jada asks Rafe about Kristen and Li’s lawyer not being in with them yet. Rafe reveals he hasn’t let them call their lawyer yet. Jada points out that they demanded legal representation but Rafe remarks that you can’t always get what you want.

Kristen tells Li to just relax because Rafe is going to keep them as long as possible but he will have to let them call their lawyers. Kristen says it will probably be all night and that Rafe is going to play hard ball because Li wronged his sister. Li argues that he loves Gabi and declares that he has to get back to her.

Johnny comments on Wendy shivering and says she must be freezing. Wendy says at least Gabi made her flight and there was no stopping her. Wendy wonders what the hell is going to happen when she gets there.

Gabi arrives in Miami and knocks on Stefan and Chloe’s hotel room, saying she knows Stefan is with Chloe but they need to talk. When there’s no answer, Gabi declares that one way or another she is going to get in that room and walks away.

EJ questions why Nicole would say Li could bring him down too. Nicole responds that EJ is just like his father and nothing goes on in the family without him knowing about it. Nicole guesses that when EJ went over to Johnny, they weren’t talking about Gabi. EJ admits that she knows him too well. Nicole questions what he did and asks if he held Stefan down while Dr. Rolf went to work. EJ clarifies that he didn’t do anything and he had no idea what Li was up to until after the fact, but he chose to keep quiet which Nicole questions. EJ points out that he didn’t know until tonight that Li had tried to kill Stefan. EJ then explains that they had already redirected Stefan’s affections from Gabi to Chloe and admits he wanted Stefan on his side to get his votes so they could oust Gabi from DiMera. EJ guesses Nicole thinks he’s a terrible person now.

Johnny understands that Wendy has a lot to process. Wendy talks about feeling horrible all this time for not telling Gabi what Li had done, but it all came out anyway. Johnny points out that at least they didn’t have to be the ones to say it. Johnny then guesses that Wendy almost did and that she was about to stop the whole wedding. Wendy confirms that she was because when she saw Gabi about to marry a man who had lied to and manipulated her, she didn’t know if she could live with herself if she let it take place, but then she saw Li’s face and how much he loves Gabi and she couldn’t go through with it. Wendy repeats that it all came out anyway and even more than they knew. Wendy asks if Johnny really thinks Li tried to murder Stefan in his sleep. Johnny admits he doesn’t know. Wendy prays for it not to be true. Johnny holds her hand to comfort her.

Li tells Kristen that when Wendy interrupted the wedding, he thought it was all over then, but for some reason she changed her mind. Kristen remarks that she probably realized what it would do to the Shin family fortune. Li calls her completely cynical. Kristen says Wendy was protecting him but none of it matters since the fact that Gabi remembered her encounter with Dr. Rolf. Li complains that it doesn’t make any sense and questions how her memory could come back like that. Li then remembers that Dr. Rolf kept calling him but he couldn’t talk because Rafe was there, so he wonders if Rolf was trying to warn him. Kristen asks if it would’ve made a difference because Gabi’s memory came back and Rafe is the police commissioner, who is very fierce about his family.

Jada tells Rafe that she’s not sure this is a good idea since all they have is what Gabi says she remembers and the longer they hold them, the more their attorny could claim false cause and the whole case could go up in smoke. Rafe says that’s right which Jada questions. Rafe acknowledges that they are going to have to let them go. Jada asks why the delay then. Rafe explains that Li and Kristen are in there thinking that they are scrambling to get a warrant and when they let them go, they will think they don’t have a case and that they backed down. Jada realizes they will leave with a false sense of security. Rafe wishes Gabi hadn’t been so public with her accusations since Li and Kristen would still think they got away with everything. Rafe says at least they got the warrant and decides Li and Kristen have been in there long enough. Rafe declares that tomorrow morning, he starts building a case against Li Shin to put him away for a very long time. Brady comes over and asks what’s going on. Jada announces that they are letting them go, so Brady and Kristen can still ring in the New Year together. Rafe tells him to enjoy as he and Jada head back to the interrogation room. Brady then calls Eric back and declares the plan is back on.

Stefan and Chloe return to their hotel room. Chloe calls it the most fun she’s had in a long time. Stefan checks his phone and Chloe asks if something is wrong. Stefan responds that there’s a message from Gabi.

Nicole tells EJ that hearing what he did doesn’t change her impression of him in any way and jokes that she always thought he was a terrible person. Nicole then adds that she thinks she’s a terrible person too, so maybe that’s why they get along so well. Nicole says they don’t have to maintain any illusions. EJ says they aren’t really the same, since in her own way, she’s a very decent person. Nicole responds that none of her other ex-husbands would agree with him. EJ states that none of her other ex-husbands deserved her. Nicole then stops and asks how long Johnny has known. EJ asks if she’s clairvoyant. Nicole points out that after Gabi spilled the beans, EJ went straight to Johnny which looked like damage control to her. EJ explains that Johnny knew that he knew, but promised not to say anything. EJ says none of it matters anyway since it’s only a matter of time before Stefan finds out everything. Nicole says there won’t be much time since she told Gabi where Stefan and Chloe are staying. EJ laughs and declares that Miami is going to see some real fireworks tonight.

Wendy and Johnny walk through the town square. Wendy talks about what Li did. Li approaches them. Wendy thought he was at the police station. Li says they let him go and asks where Gabi is because he needs to talk to her. Wendy reveals that he can’t because they took her to the airport and she went to Miami to find Stefan.

Chloe questions why Gabi would be calling Stefan. Stefan responds that he doesn’t know or care and that she probably wants to gloat about the wedding. Stefan says he will go downstairs to check about getting another room but Chloe says he doesn’t have to because she wants to stay. Chloe tells Stefan that she had a really amazing night with him and she doesn’t want it to end as she then kisses him.

Wendy imagines Gabi feels that Stefan has a right to know what happened to him and what Li did to him. Wendy tells Li that they have nothing to talk about and declares that from now on, he’s on his own.

Brady brings Kristen home and remarks that she’s been a busy girl in 2022. Brady asks if it bothered her at all to mess with her brother’s head. Kristen argues that she did it to be with him and Rachel and it was before she knew about the Orchid. Brady guesses Stefan was just collateral damage. Kristen tells him to be self-righteous alone because she’s exhausted. Kristen says she’s going to kiss Rachel goodnight and then go to bed herself. Kristen remarks that Brady can tip the babysitter generously since Eric’s been out of work, so he can use it.

Johnny and Wendy sit together in the town square. Johnny offers to take her home, so she thanks him. Johnny points out that it’s almost midnight.

EJ informs Nicole that it’s just about midnight and suggests they watch the countdown. They sit on the couch as EJ turns on the TV.

Rafe and Jada walk past the Brady Pub. Jada comments that until the bitter end, it’s been one hell of a year. Rafe agrees and declares that next year has to be better as there’s no way to go but up.

EJ and Nicole wish each other a Happy New Year as they then kiss.

Rafe and Jada watch the fireworks at midnight and wish each other a Happy New Year.

Johnny and Wendy watch the fireworks and wish each other a Happy New Year and then they kiss.

Li returns to his hotel room alone and watches the fireworks out the window with tears in his eyes. Li looks down at his wedding ring.

Stefan and Chloe, now with their clothes off, kiss in bed together and agree that they like the way the New Year is starting out. Stefan comments that Chloe was more ready to move on from Brady than she thought as they continue kissing.

Kristen returns to the living room and frantically tells Brady that Rachel is gone.

Stefan and Chloe continue kissing in bed until Gabi barges in to the room.

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Days Update Thursday, December 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Stefan and Chloe arrive at their hotel room in Miami, Florida. Chloe comments on going from record low temperatures in New York to record high temperatures in Miami. Chloe remarks that now she’s melting in her clothes, so Stefan suggests the solution is she take her clothes off.

Gabi tells Wendy that she’s having pre-wedding jitters. Gabi says it doesn’t make sense since she’s been married before. Wendy asks if there’s something particular that she’s worried about. Gabi responds that she doesn’t know, but she can’t shake the feeling that something is going to go horribly wrong.

Brady is at home and calls Eric to let him know that he and Kristen are about to leave for the wedding. Brady says that he plans to keep Kristen at the reception until at least midnight, so that should give him more than enough time to get Rachel out of here. Brady hopes they are doing the right thing and hangs up. Brady calls out to Kristen that they should get going. Kristen then comes out in a robe and informs Brady that she’s not going to the wedding.

EJ goes to Nicole’s room at the DiMera Mansion. Nicole apologizes for being late. EJ jokes that Gabi better watch out or Nicole might upstage the bride.

Wendy asks Gabi why she feels like something is going to go wrong. Gabi says she doesn’t know. Wendy asks if she’s having second thoughts or if she thinks she’s making a mistake. Gabi assures that she loves Li very much and she’s happy but it’s been a crazy couple of months, so maybe she feels like she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Wendy thinks she does and that Li is a very lucky man. Gabi thanks her. Gabi admits she’s just being weird and goes to bring tea to Arianna. Wendy then gets a call from Johnny, who asks what color her dress is so he can match his tie with it. Wendy tells him to just pick one he likes and it’ll be fine. Johnny notes that she sounds strange and asks if she’s okay. Wendy blames the champagne and says Gabi started the party a bit early. Wendy says she was already a bundle of nerves and now Gabi is too. Wendy worries that deep down Gabi is having second thoughts about marrying Li. Johnny asks if she said something. Wendy assures that she didn’t but she feels worse than ever about keeping a secret from the bride, as Gabi comes back in to the room.

Li is in the shower while Rafe waits for him in his hotel room. Li’s phone rings so he calls out to Rafe to answer it for him. Rafe answers the call and it’s Dr. Rolf!

Brady questions Kristen saying she’s not going to the wedding. Kristen says she’s not going to leave Rachel alone as she just saw John and Marlena taking off. Brady says he forgot to tell her that he felt bad because John and Marlena love going out on New Year’s Eve, so he asked Eric to babysit instead. Kristen questions him not asking her if it was okay. Brady assures that Eric is great with kids and was the only person he could find that didn’t have anything going on tonight, so he was grateful to have something to do and it all worked out. Kristen feels he went through a lot of trouble so that she could go to the wedding with him. Brady reminds her that he half-expected her to force him to go with her anyway and remind him that she holds Marlena’s life in her hand, so he figured he’d have a better time if it was his idea. Kristen asks if he’s sure that’s all it is.

Nicole thanks EJ but says the last thing she wants to do is upstage Gabi at her own wedding. EJ calls that thoughtful of her but Nicole calls it self protection because she doesn’t want to ignite Gabi’s fire. Nicole adds that Gabi is already ticked off that Li invited her after how she treated Rafe. EJ comments that it would’ve been poor form to snub DiMera leadership. EJ adds that Gabi feels the same way about him. EJ offers to give Nicole a ride since they are heading to the same place. Nicole thanks him but says that’s not necessary. Nicole adds that there is one thing he could help with and asks him to zip up her dress which he agrees to.

Rafe informs Dr. Rolf that it’s Commissioner Hernandez, not Mr. Shin, but he’s curious as to what business he has with Li. Li then comes out of the shower with a smile and asks if it’s the justice of the peace on the phone. Rafe informs Li that it’s Dr. Rolf and he wants to speak to him.

Wendy tells Johnny that she has to go and hangs up. Wendy asks if Gabi is ready to get ready. Gabi says that can wait as she heard her on the phone and questions what secret she has been keeping from her.

EJ walks in to the living room and questions what Johnny is doing in a tuxedo. Johnny says he can ask EJ the same thing and asks where he’s going. EJ responds that he’s going to see Li Shin shackle himself to Gabi Hernandez. EJ jokes that at least he gets to celebrate that Gabi’s last name will no longer be DiMera. EJ then asks Johnny the same. Johnny informs him that he’s going to the wedding too as Wendy asked him. EJ questions if they are planning on making a big scene. Johnny asks how many times they have to promise not to tell anyone that he knew Dr. Rolf brainwashed Stefan. EJ makes a joke about Stefan’s emotional depth. Johnny mocks the situation being funny to him. Nicole then comes in and announces she’s finally ready. Johnny questions her going too. EJ informs him that they will be representing DiMera Enterprises. Johnny starts to bring up Rafe but apologizes. Nicole acknowledges that Rafe is going to be there and remarks on not being thrilled to be going. Nicole asks if Johnny has big plans tonight. EJ informs her that Johnny is also attending the wedding as Wendy Shin’s date. Johnny explains that Wendy is Gabi’s maid of honor, so she is getting ready with her. Johnny asks if he can ride with them which EJ allows. EJ thinks this wedding will be a perfect ending to a rather ghastly year.

Li takes the phone and pretends to be upset, questioning how the hell Dr. Rolf got this number. Dr. Rolf responds that he gave it to him and didn’t think he’d be foolish enough to let someone else answer his phone. Li asks what he wants. Dr. Rolf informs him that he’s collected some new data that he thought he should know about. Li responds that it’s his wedding day and declares he’s not about to talk business with anyone, especially him. Li tells Dr. Rolf not to call back and angrily hangs up. Li tells Rafe that Dr. Rolf said he wanted DiMera to fund his new project but he turned him down flat and wants nothing more to do with him. Rafe remarks that he bets especially after he brought Gabi’s ex-husband back from the dead. Li insists that he’s not threatened by Stefan and asks why he would be since in a couple hours, he and Gabi will be married.

Wendy claims to Gabi that the secret is something Li has been planning for their wedding night and she helped him with it. Wendy says Li would kill her if he found out that she ruined it, so she asks Gabi to forget she heard anything. Gabi says she can’t wait to see what it is. Gabi adds that she came back in to give her a present for putting up with her bridezilla ways. Wendy opens it and it’s a bracelet. Gabi explains that she designed it herself just for her. Wendy feels it’s too much. Gabi adds that she had it inscribed to say “hermanas” which translates to “sisters”. Gabi notes that she knew she liked Wendy from the moment she met her and she went toe to toe with Li and stood up for herself. Gabi cries that she lost her sister but now she has Wendy as she hugs her.

Brady asks Kristen why else he would ask her to go with him to the wedding. Kristen suggests part of him wants to walk in with her on his arm. Kristen brings up that Brady kissed a nun, thinking it was her, and now Chloe is off in Miami with Stefan so maybe he’s realizing it’s time to look to the future with her.

Chloe questions Stefan suggesting she take off her clothes and points out that they haven’t had a chance to eat. Stefan clarifies that he meant getting out of their clothes to get in to something fancy and go have a nice dinner then see where the night takes them. Chloe says she likes the sound of that.

Gabi tells Wendy that Arianna just started throwing up and begins worrying about a stomach virus going around. Gabi panics that she can’t leave Arianna here and can’t take her to the wedding, so she doesn’t know what she’s going to do.

Rafe goes to the Brady Pub to meet Jada, who comes out in a blue dress. Rafe is impressed and says she looks great but apologizes if that was too much. Jada thought it came across as nice and flattering. Rafe jokes that normally, she isn’t chasing after criminals in 4 inch heels. Jada tells Rafe that he doesn’t look half bad himself. Rafe thanks her and says he’s glad she’s here. Rafe adds that it promises to be quite a party since the groom is Li Shin. Jada remarks that it beats staying at home to watch the ball drop with a bowl of popcorn. Rafe promises it won’t be boring. Rafe then realizes that this is her first Salem wedding. Jada mentions taking a two semester course on Salem weddings at the police station. Rafe admits that Salem weddings tends to be high drama and high risk but hopes this will be the exception for Gabi’s sake since it’s been quite a rocky road to the altar. Rafe feels it is going to be smooth sailing. Rafe and Jada then exit the Pub together.

Gabi complains that anyone she could call to stay with Arianna is already going to the wedding and questions who would want to stay with a vomiting child. Wendy then offers to stay with her. Gabi says she wouldn’t ask that of her and notes that she’s probably contagious. Wendy doesn’t see any other option unless she postpones the wedding.

Brady and Kristen arrive at the wedding. Kristen questions why they had to rush out of the house when hardly anyone is there. Brady comments that at least a few people saw her walk in on his arm. Kristen complains that no one they know did. Brady says there’s always a few familiar faces as they spot EJ and Nicole. Brady greets Nicole with a hug and asks how she’s feeling after the explosion. Nicole says she’s better and will be getting back to work after the holidays. EJ greets Kristen and comments that she and Brady look so domestic together. Kristen jokes that she at first felt hurt that EJ excluded her from Susan’s memorial, but it looks like she dodged a bullet or a bomb. EJ remarks that it’s always about Kristen. EJ then takes Nicole to go get a drink. Kristen asks Brady if it was something she said. Brady responds that people can get touchy when she makes a joke about their dead mother. Kristen remarks that they have thin skin. Kristen brings up that she promised Rachel that she would take a picture of them in their fancy outfits at the fancy wedding. Kristen has Brady smile as they take a picture together.

Chloe comes out of the bathroom after changing clothes and finds Stefan has set up a candle lit dinner of room service. Chloe asks what this is. Stefan explains that he figured they were both hungry and tired, so he thought they could eat first and then go out after. Chloe calls him a man after her own heart and says it looks amazing. Stefan jokes that he’s excellent at ordering room service. Stefan tells her to relax while he opens the wine and lights the candles. Chloe mentions that while he does that, she will check to make sure Nancy didn’t post any mortifying pictures of them ice skating. Chloe opens up her social media on her phone and sees the photo that Kristen and Brady just took has been posted.

Brady gets Kristen a glass of wine as they sit together while EJ, Nicole, and Johnny sit at another table. Rafe and Jada walk in together. Kristen comments that this could be uncomfortable. Nicole decides she needs a refill of her wine, so EJ goes with her. Jada asks Rafe if he’s okay. Rafe assures that he’s fine but he didn’t expect Nicole to be there. Rafe asks if she’s okay. Jada responds that she is as she doesn’t blame Nicole for what happened between her and Eric, but she does blame her for being lying and manipulative. Rafe brings up how Nicole has been saying that her living situation with EJ is strictly platonic, but here they are at his sister’s wedding as a couple. Jada remarks that where ever Nicole lays her hat is home. Li comes in and tells Rafe that he’s officially freaking out because Gabi isn’t there yet and he hasn’t heard from her, so he worries that she got cold feet.

Gabi questions Wendy suggesting postponing the wedding. Wendy says that if her daughter can’t be there, she’s sure Li would understand…

Stefan tells Chloe that dinner is served, but notices Chloe is distracted and asks her what’s wrong. Chloe says it’s stupid but she just saw a picture of Brady and Kristen at the wedding. Chloe explains that when she ran in to Kristen, she said that her and Brady were getting closer but she assumed that she was lying. Chloe declares that the moral of the story is that she should unfollow Brady on social media. Stefan agrees and is sorry that she’s upset.

Kristen wonders how Stefan and Chloe are enjoying Miami and calls it a big milestone for them, but points out that it’s not like they haven’t slept together before. Brady asks if she just loves rubbing salt in the wound and calls it pathetic. Brady argues that Kristen has screwed up his life and temporarily derailed he and Chloe, but that doesn’t mean she will keep them apart forever. Kristen points out that Chloe is with Stefan now, so Brady will just have to accept that. Brady responds that he won’t and starts to say Kristen will have to accept, but then says it’s nothing at all. Wendy arrives, so Rafe asks her what’s going on and where Gabi is. Wendy informs him that Arianna is sick but they got Sonny to stay with her. Wendy says they didn’t want to call and freak everybody out before they got it all figured out. Wendy adds that Gabi is in the bridal room now, but she’s pretty on edge. Rafe says she’s not the only one, since Li thinks Gabi has cold feet. Wendy says she bets. Rafe decides that he will go tell Li that Gabi is there. Johnny comes over so Rafe greets him as he walks away. Johnny then tells Wendy that she looks great. Wendy thanks him. Johnny asks how she’s hanging in there. Wendy says she barely is and informs him that Gabi heard her on the phone with him earlier, talking about the secret, but she told her that she was talking to Li about something he was planning for their wedding night. Johnny hopes that Gabi forgets about the whole thing. Wendy wonders if the universe wanted her to tell Gabi then and she had the perfect chance. Li then calls everyone’s attention and apologizes for the delay, but asks everyone to take their seat because they are about to begin. Kristen tells Brady that she still melts at his smile as she looks at the photo they took. Brady reminds her that picture was for Rachel and says that Kristen can force him to smile but she can’t force him to love her. Kristen argues that he already does and that his smile isn’t forced nor is their body language. Brady calls her delusional and says it’s not a picture of two people having fun at a wedding but a picture of a blackmailer and her victim. Kristen gets upset and declares she’s not having fun, so she’s going to go ring in the new year with someone who appreciates her, their daughter. Brady stops her and tells her that she can’t go.

Chloe apologizes to Stefan for continuing to talk about Brady as she still can’t understand why he left her the way that he did. Stefan says Gabi felt the same way about them as she was desperate to know why his feelings for her changed so completely. Chloe asks if he’s absolutely sure he doesn’t want to know.

Kristen asks Brady why she shouldn’t go since he never wanted to go with her in the first place. Brady apologizes for hurting her feelings and points out that the wedding is about to start. Brady tells her to just sit and he’ll make it up to her, so they sit back down. Rafe and Li then walk in, followed by Wendy. Everyone then stands as Gabi walks in. The Justice of the Peace then begins the ceremony. He asks if anyone objects. Gabi thought they took that part out. Wendy then interjects that she has something to say. Li questions what she is doing. EJ watches nervously, so Nicole asks if he’s okay but EJ reassures her. Wendy then claims that she just wanted to say how happy she is for Li and Gabi. Wendy declares that she always wanted a big sister and she couldn’t ask for a better one. Li complains that it might have been better said as a toast. Gabi tells her it was lovely and has her hold her flowers. Gabi asks Li not to be so harsh on Wendy and to give her a break. Li apologizes and calls it force of habit. Li agrees that it was lovely and thanks Wendy from the bottom of his heart. Wendy apologizes and the ceremony continues. Li says “I do” to marrying Gabi.

Stefan tells Chloe that he and Gabi had a very complicated relationship at best and spent most of their time hating each other. Stefan adds that even their marriage was a ploy for Gabi to hang on to power at DiMera and look who she is marrying now. Stefan says maybe a little time and perspective is what he needed to realize how toxic Gabi is. Chloe jokes that she’s never heard being dead called time and perspective before. Stefan responds that he’s glad that Gabi has moved on and he’s even more glad that he has moved on too, or moved back. Stefan declares that leaving Chloe for Gabi was one of the stupidest things he’d ever done in his life and he’s certain it’s a mistake that he’s not going to make again.

The wedding continues. Gabi has a flashback to her wedding to Stefan. Gabi then says “I do” to marrying Li, so they exchange the rings. The Justice of the Peace then pronounces Li and Gabi as husband and wife as they kiss. Wendy and Johnny exchange glances. Everyone rings their bells as applause. Rafe jokes that Wendy already gave her toast so now it’s his turn. Rafe welcomes Li to their family and thinks it’s great that Li and Gabi have worked together, so he already knows she’s fierce and determined in business, but also with her family, friends, and loved ones. Rafe assures that Gabi will have Li’s back and as her brother, he can say there’s no one he’d rather be in the trenches with than Gabi. Rafe adds that Li is fierce too and he can see how much Li loves her. Rafe knows that together, they can get through anything which is good because marriage can be tough at times and things will happen that they just don’t see coming. Nicole looks uncomfortable at that so EJ reaches over to comfort her. Rafe repeats that they can get through anything because he sees how open and honest they are with each other. Rafe declares that whatever life throws at them, they will get through it. Li’s phone then rings. Li thought he turned it off as he pulls his phone out and sees it’s a private caller. Rafe asks if it’s Dr. Rolf again which Gabi questions. Li tells her that Dr. Rolf called about funding his new lab and guesses he won’t take no for an answer. Gabi remarks that she had no idea they were even in touch.

Dr. Rolf leaves a message for Li that he needs to know that he just learned that CRS-17 can wear off in mere weeks with certain triggers. Dr. Rolf hopes that doesn’t happen in Gabi’s case.

Stefan points out that dinner is getting cold and he doesn’t want to spend the whole evening talking about Gabi and Brady. Chloe apologizes. Stefan says he’s just so happy to be here with her that he’d rather celebrate the New Year than talk about the past. Chloe agrees as they toast their champagne.

Rafe brings champagne over and asks if Gabi hated her toast that much since she seems a little distracted. Gabi drops her glass and it shatters. Li asks if she’s alright. Gabi has a flashback to her confrontation with Dr. Rolf. Gabi responds that she remembers. Li asks what. Gabi says when she went to see Dr. Rolf before he left Salem. Gabi remembers threatening Dr. Rolf to tell her what he did to Stefan. Gabi then declares that she remembers that Dr. Rolf admitted he did brainwash Stefan and that Stefan did love her, so Rolf made him hate her. Li is shocked, Kristen looks on angrily, EJ watches nervously, and Wendy looks with worry while Gabi stands in disbelief.

Stefan and Chloe finish their dinner. Stefan asks if she wants dessert but she’s full. Stefan suggests something not on the menu as they kiss.

Li tells Gabi they can go outside and get some air. Rafe questions what Gabi means by Dr. Rolf brainwashing Stefan. Li argues that Gabi is confused, reminding her that she said herself that Rolf denied it and she believed him. Gabi declares that what she remembers now is different and it’s coming back to her. Li encourages that she needs some air but Gabi refuses. Gabi closes her eyes and continues to remember her confrontation with Dr. Rolf where she demanded to know why he brainwashed Stefan and Rolf responded that he was following Kristen DiMera’s orders. Gabi opens her eyes and declares that it was Kristen who made Dr. Rolf do it, so everyone looks to Kristen.

Stefan and Chloe continue kissing. Stefan asks if she wants to. Chloe nods, so Stefan begins undressing her as they kiss.

Gabi confronts Kristen and accuses her of telling Dr. Rolf to brainwash Stefan. Kristen responds that she’s hallucinating. Brady comments on the idea of Kristen doing something underhanded. Brady questions why Kristen would do this to Stefan. Gabi continues remembering further and reveals it was because Kristen wanted to break up Brady and Chloe. Kristen questions if Brady believes her. Brady argues that she can’t claim it’s out of character. Kristen stands up and admits that she was at Dr. Rolf’s lab when Stefan woke up, but declares that if Rolf did brainwash him, it wasn’t her idea. Brady asks whose idea it was then. Gabi continues remembering further, revealing that Li knew all along about Stefan and that the brainwashing was his idea. Gabi then turns back to Li and declares that it was his idea. Gabi shouts that Li did this as everyone watches in shock.

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Days Update Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Li has a nightmare about Stefan bursting in and revealing the truth to Gabi about Li having Dr. Rolf brainwash him. Li then wakes up in a panic.

Gabi comes out from her bedroom where Rafe is cooking in the kitchen. Gabi tells Rafe that he said he wasn’t going to go to any trouble for her today. Rafe admits he lied because today is her special day, so he is obliged to treat her like a queen. Gabi jokes that the food is fattening and questions how she’ll fit in to her wedding dress after this. Gabi then assures that Li loves her the way she is, unconditionally.

Stefan and Chloe are together in New York City. Stefan asks Chloe if she has no regrets about him tagging along on her trip with her mother. Chloe asks if he’s kidding and calls this the trip of a lifetime. Stefan agrees and points out that they haven’t even made it to Miami yet to ring in the New Year. Chloe says she would be really excited for that but she’s feeling a little bit guilty since it is Gabi’s wedding day and she’s depriving him of the chance to be there when the justice of the peace asks if anyone objects. Stefan jokes that if he was there, he’d be cheering and throwing confetti. Stefan remarks that Gabi and Li deserve each other.

At the DiMera Mansion. Wendy wears the shawl that Johnny got her for Christmas and asks what he thinks. Johnny jokes that he’s got excellent taste. Wendy calls it her favorite Christmas present and adds that she was planning on wearing it to her brother’s wedding tonight. Johnny questions that not clashing with her maid of honor dress. Wendy says it definitely will but jokes that Johnny can use it to gag her and keep her quiet when she starts feeling guilty about keeping secrets.

Brady is at the Brady Pub, on the phone with Rachel. Brady promises they will play every video game she got for Christmas together soon. Brady finishes the call as Eric arrives. Brady tells him that they had the best Christmas and it almost made him forget about the Hell that Kristen’s been putting him through. Eric encourages him not to forget. Eric declares that the holidays have passed so now it’s time to put their plan into motion. Brady states they are kidnapping his own daughter. Eric reminds him that it’s the only way to force Kristen’s hand. Brady understands and says they just have to make sure they find the right time to do it. Eric responds that it has to be tonight. Eric reminds Brady that they have to make Rachel believe they are going on an adventure. Brady agrees that since Kristen will be tied up at Gabi and Li’s reception, it will make for the perfect diversion. Eric insists that they can’t wait another second if they are going to beat Kristen at her own game.

Kristen goes to Li’s hotel room. He answers the door and tells her it’s a bad time and asks what she’s doing here. Kristen responds that it’s his wedding day and even though their alliance has hit rough patches, it’s paying off beautifully and she wanted to wish him good luck. Li thanks her and says he’s going to need it.

Gabi tells Rafe that she and Li slept apart last night to stick with tradition. Gabi talks about being in front of the justice of the peace, marrying the man she loves. Rafe hopes that Li Shin is the man that she loves.

Stefan tells Chloe that he’s glad they got out of Salem for the holidays. Chloe asks if that has anything to do with the wedding. Stefan admits it might be part of it. Chloe says she couldn’t care less about the wedding as she’s enjoying the memories of the opera they attended. Chloe thanks Stefan for everything since he’s treated them like royalty and she intends to show him how thankful she is when they get to Miami. Stefan calls that something to look forward to as they kiss. Stefan remembers that he promised her mom that he would pick up a box of bagels so he better get going. Chloe offers to go with him but Stefan tells her to stay and relax as it’s right down the street and he won’t be long. Stefan kisses her and then exits. Nancy comes in and asks where Stefan is. Chloe informs her that Stefan wanted to treat them to breakfast before they leave. Nancy complains that she’s going to miss them already. Chloe comments that they’ll be back to visit. Nancy adds that she and Mike can come visit Salem as well since they both have family there. Chloe comments that they seem really happy together which Nancy confirms that they are. Chloe adds that she and Stefan are too as she can see. Chloe calls Stefan a great guy. Nancy responds that he’s extremely generous, but she just wonders. Chloe stops her and says she knows Nancy was pulling for her and Brady, so she doesn’t think she’s over him. Nancy then asks if she is over Brady. Chloe assures that she is over Brady and asks why she wouldn’t be since he moved on with Kristen and she’s moved on too with a great guy. Chloe asks if she hasn’t noticed that she’s been on cloud nine for this entire trip. Nancy argues that she was on cloud nine with Brady too not long ago. Chloe insists that is over now. Nancy remarks that Chloe rebounded and landed with Stefan so fast. Chloe argues that it hasn’t been that fast and they are getting to know each other again. Chloe says they are taking things slowly but she doesn’t want to have this conversation with her mother. Nancy points out that Chloe and Stefan haven’t slept together yet and suggests there’s a reason for that. Nancy acknowledges that Brady hurt her but reminds Chloe that Stefan cheated on her with Gabi back in the day and then treated her terribly. Chloe calls that the past while she’s focused on the present. Chloe declares that between Brady and Stefan, the choice is clear. Chloe understands Brady putting his daughter first but notes that he didn’t waste a second moving Kristen in. Nancy says she’s not excusing Brady’s behavior. Chloe knows Nancy thought she and Brady were meant to be and admits she thought that too for awhile, but she just doesn’t anymore.

Brady tells Eric that this is not going to be a cake walk as the wedding is good but Rachel had plans and John and Marlena were going to babysit. Eric feels they can easily get around that and says they just need to make sure that Kristen doesn’t bail and leave the wedding early. Brady offers to steal her car keys. Eric says he has a better idea, but Brady’s not going to like it. Brady questions Eric wanting him to take Kristen to the wedding as a date. Eric knows it’s not what he wants to hear but calls it perfect. Eric says Brady will show up with Kristen on his arm while he kidnaps what means the most to her, so it can’t fail.

Kristen asks Li why he needs luck tonight and if he’s getting cold feet. Li says he just had a bad dream but he wants to forget about it. Li thanks Kristen for stopping by. Kristen guesses that Stefan was in his dream since she noticed guilt all over his face. Li argues that it’s not guilt. Kristen asks if he’s afraid of getting caught and what makes him think that Stefan is going to find out what he did since she’s certainly not going to tell.

Johnny tells Wendy that they’ve kept what they found out in Jakarta for this long, so that has to count for something. Wendy points out that unlike him, she’s actually in the wedding and has to stand next to Gabi while Li promises to love and cherish her, knowing full well that he broke his promise before he even got to the ceremony. Wendy says part of her thinks that the only way to keep this secret is to suddenly come down with something and skip the wedding altogether.

Gabi questions Rafe doing this on her wedding day. Rafe says as her big brother, it’s his job to ask the important questions. Gabi accuses him of being a buzzkill and asks if he’s seriously questioning her feelings for Li. Rafe says if she is head over heels for Li by the time she says “I do” then they are all good, but he remembers how head over heels she was for Stefan before he died. Gabi says that’s why she was so hurt when Stefan came back and started treating her like something on the bottom of his shoe. Gabi adds that she’s not saying they would’ve gotten back together since she was already with Li, but Stefan’s rejection has proven to her that everything was a lie and he never really loved her. Rafe and Gabi sit together to eat breakfast. Gabi hopes they are past the questioning who she really loves part of the wedding day. Rafe jokes that being her big brother isn’t as easy at it looks. Gabi says he’s mostly great it and jokes that he could balance the playing field by starting to date again so she could give him grief too. Rafe responds that he’s actually enjoying his bachelor status. Gabi questions that and says she detected something between he and Jada at Christmas. Rafe says that was either her imagination or the egg nog. Rafe assures that Jada is a co-worker and that’s it. Rafe adds that even if he had interest, HR has rules against dating your subordinates so she’s not an option. Gabi argues that rules don’t apply to true love. Rafe says good thing it isn’t true love then. Gabi suggests Rafe invite Jada to the wedding. Rafe asks if she wasn’t listening to what he said. Gabi argues that he never listens to what she says and decides that if Rafe doesn’t invite Jada, she will.

Jada approaches Eric and Brady’s table at the Brady Pub. Eric comments that he didn’t see her come in which Jada notes was obvious. Jada tells him that she never sees him anymore, so she assumed he’s been avoiding her. Eric promises that he’s not. Jada says that would be childish and guesses Eric was just hoping that he’d never run in to her again.

Chloe tells Nancy that when she ran in to Kristen and Rachel on Christmas, Rachel did mention that Kristen and Brady aren’t sleeping in the same room yet so maybe things haven’t taken off yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Nancy argues that maybe that means there’s still a chance for Chloe and Brady. Chloe questions her being in denial about how close she and Stefan have become. Chloe goes over how they have had an amazing time in New York. Nancy questions if they are madly in love then. Chloe says she didn’t say that. Nancy asks if she’s not in love then. Chloe says they are taking the time to make things right and that fate has stepped in to give her and Stefan a second chance.

Li tells Kristen that he doesn’t think Stefan will find out. Kristen comments on his dream and says she should express her gratitude, since thanks to Li, Chloe is an afterthought for her and Brady which she calls a relief. Kristen confesses that she thought everything was going to implode when Wendy went to Jakarta but says obviously she and Johnny didn’t find out the truth. Li knows why she would assume that but tells Kristen to brace herself. Li then reveals to Kristen that Johnny and Wendy know everything.

Rafe takes the phone back from Gabi and declares that she’s not going to call Jada because it’s not her place to invite Jada to her wedding as his date. Gabi says she just thought it would be nice for him to have someone to talk to and for her not to have to worry about him being bored on her wedding day. Rafe tells her that he has to get to work. Gabi calls him a party pooper. Rafe assures Gabi that he just wants her to be happy. Gabi tells Rafe that is the reason she’s marrying Li, because he makes her happy. Rafe hopes so as he then exits.

Kristen questions Li about Wendy and Johnny knowing everything. Li assures that they won’t divulge it to anyone. Kristen asks why not. Li explains that Wendy is his sister and is extremely loyal to him, while Johnny has his own reasons for keeping quiet since EJ is still grieving and he doesn’t want to make things worse for him. Kristen hopes he’s right. Li insists that he is and that the bullet has been dodged. Kristen remains uncertain since it seems there is a lot riding on those two kids staying the course and especially for Li. Kristen says she could handle it becoming public but Li is a different story. Li responds that he’s confident that Johnny and Wendy will stay the course. Kristen hopes his confidence is justified and says she’ll see him at the wedding as she then exits the room.

Johnny questions Wendy suggesting skipping the wedding and says she can’t be serious. Wendy asks why not. Johnny thinks not showing up to the wedding would just raise even more questions. Wendy supposes he’s right. Johnny gets the guilt but says she has to fight it. Wendy agrees to try and says now it’s time to get to Gabi’s to start her maid of honor duties. Johnny jokes that it will be fun and apologizes as they get close. Johnny says maybe the only way to keep this secret is to realize that coming clean would just be swapping out one form of guilt for another. Wendy agrees since breaking her promise to his brother would ruin his life. Johnny adds that she’d have to live with it for the rest of her life.

After Jada walks away, Brady tells Eric that was close and asks if he’s okay. Eric doesn’t blame Jada for being bitter but says they need to focus. Brady says he’s not looking forward to this, but he knows what he needs to do. Eric says he needs to relieve John and Marlena of babysitting, so they don’t realize what they are doing. Brady and Eric wish each other luck as Brady then exits the Pub. Eric gets up and goes over to Jada to ask if they can talk. Jada thought they just did. Eric means really talk as he just wants her to know that he hasn’t been avoiding her and he just hasn’t been staying at the Pub. Jada mentions hearing that Eric was in jail and that his lawyer is a full service attorney. Jada says she doesn’t care and they will live their lives. Jada knows why Eric got arrested and says she’s not interested in being the reason why he’s spinning out. Eric says he’s not spinning out and she’s not the reason he got arrested. Eric says the last few weeks have been a struggle for him, but he would like to find a way to get past that and for them to be friends again. Jada asks if he thinks that’s possible. Eric points out that it’s how they started. Jada argues that things have changed. Eric agrees that they will never see eye to eye on the pregnancy but says that wasn’t the real issue between them. Jada asks what was in his opinion. Eric states that it was him getting involved with her while he had unresolved feelings for Nicole. Eric thought he could handle it with time but he didn’t and he’s sorry for not being honest from the very beginning. Jada thanks him for saying that and says she’ll need some time for them to be friends again. Eric says he can wait. Jada is glad they talked and apologizes for being so hard on him before. Jada says she has to get to the police station. Eric says he’ll see her soon. Jada tells him to try to stay out of jail as she then walks away.

Nancy apologizes to Chloe as she’s not trying to put her on the spot. Nancy guesses it’s just because it’s New Year’s Eve and she was thinking about her favorite movie, When Harry Met Sally. Chloe argues that her life is not a movie. Nancy says it could be. Nancy says she could fly home to Salem to meet up with Brady just before midnight and how romantic that would be. Stefan returns and asks what he missed.

Gabi looks at photos of her and Li on her phone but then comes across an old photo of her and Stefan. Wendy then shows up and Gabi tells her she’s right on time as she excitedly hugs her and says it’s going to be so much fun. Gabi opens them a bottle of champagne.

Rafe and Jada work at the police station. Rafe asks if Jada has any more on the kidnapping case. Jada says not since they went over it on Christmas. Jada thanks Rafe for giving her a place to go on Christmas. Rafe is glad she came and says that Gabi likes her a lot. Jada says she likes Gabi too and calls her smart and funny like her brother. Rafe notes that today is the big day of Gabi’s New Year’s Eve wedding. Jada says it sounds like it will be a blast. Rafe then asks Jada if she’d like to come. Jada asks if he means with him.

Chloe tells Stefan that he did not miss a thing and that they were just talking about New Year’s. Stefan says the bagels took longer than anticipated so they won’t have time to indulge if they are going to make their flight to Miami to celebrate. Chloe suggests they start packing then. Stefan and Chloe head to their room while Nancy looks disappointed.

Johnny sits with his tablet, reading an article in the Spectator about Gabi and Li’s wedding until the doorbell rings. Johnny answers the door and is surprised to see Li. Johnny says EJ isn’t around but Li says he came to see him. Johnny argues that he was going to see him tonight at the wedding and asks if it couldn’t wait. Li explains that he came to make sure there would still be a tonight at the wedding.

Kristen walks through the town square. Brady spots her and pretends to be on a phone call as he walks through and bumps in to Kristen. Brady apologizes and claims he was distracted by trying to make sure Gabi and Li’s wedding gift got there on time. Kristen tells him it’s okay and that he can bump in to her anytime. Brady says he doesn’t know why this didn’t occur to him before but says they are both going to be leaving for the wedding at the same time, so it’d be silly for them to go separately. Kristen questions if he’s asking her to go with him. Brady asks if she doesn’t want to. Kristen says she does but she can’t figure out why he’s asking her. Brady says he kind of wanted to beat her to it and figured that with her access to the Orchid, she’d probably force him to go so he wanted to do it on his own terms. Brady asks if Kristen wants to go with him or not. Kristen says she does very much so Brady decides they will. Kristen then suggests they should bring Rachel because she would love an outing with her parents and says she will give her a call which worries Brady.

Rafe tells Jada that they could show up together but he meant since she and Gabi hit it off, she could be there to congratulate her in person. Jada thanks him but says she’s not a party crasher. Rafe assures that she wouldn’t be and there’s always room for one more. Rafe jokes that he has an in with the bride so Jada asks how she could say no.

Johnny reminds Li that he already assured him that he wouldn’t tell anybody what he did to Stefan, so he asks if Li doubts his sincerity. Li says when they first spoke, the knowledge was new to him. Johnny asks if he’s concerned that he changed his mind. Li just wants to cover his bases and it would keep him from sweating if he had his promise. Johnny calls him a crappy brother since Wendy is tied up in knots because of being loyal to him. Li asks how dare he speak to him like that and argues that he’s a good brother to Wendy. Johnny asks if he means like being a good husband to Gabi by starting off the marriage with a lie. Johnny warns that lies have a way of coming to the surface, so he might as well just level with her now and take his chances. Li responds that he can’t do that. Johnny says it’s his call but feels that he will live to regret it. Johnny says he’ll see him tonight as Li exits.

Gabi and Wendy drink champagne. Gabi says this is how to get a wedding day started. Wendy comments on how incredibly happy she looks. Gabi declares that starting tonight, she and Li will finally be officially together. Wendy says she will do her very best to make sure it’s a day she remembers for the rest of her life.

Stefan tells Nancy that it’s been great fun but they must say goodbye. Nancy wishes they could stay. Chloe says they’ll be back soon. Stefan thanks Nancy for letting them stay. Nancy thanks him for all the wonderful nights in the town. Stefan says he was just trying to impress his new girlfriend. Chloe responds that he definitely succeeded. Chloe tells Nancy that she loves her as they hug. Stefan takes his bags and exits. Chloe assures Nancy that this is what she wants and that she’s really over Brady. Chloe wishes Nancy a Happy New Year and then exits.

Brady stops Kristen from calling Rachel and points out that the wedding is at night and it’s New Year’s Eve, so the reception will probably go in to the morning. Kristen agrees that it’s too late for Rachel. Brady adds that John and Marlena are already set to babysit her anyway and suggests they stick to that plan. Brady remarks that maybe they would have more fun alone anyway. Kristen and Brady then walk off together.

Eric calls Marlena and says he knows she and John are watching Rachel tonight, but he doesn’t have any plans so there’s no reason they shouldn’t go have some fun tonight. Eric insists that he’d really like to watch Rachel. Eric says he will let Kristen and Brady know. Eric adds that he’s really looking forward to spending some time with his niece and hangs up.

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Days Update Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Abe and Paulina exchange Christmas gifts at home. Abe got Paulina a bracelet while she got him cuff links. Paulina grabs her phone and complains that she keeps thinking about Sloan Peterson. Abe encourages that Chanel is free of all charges in Sloan’s mother’s death, so they are both free. Paulina says she couldn’t be more grateful that Chanel is home, but she can’t help feeling like this is a long way from being over. The doorbell then rings and startles Paulina.

Stephanie and Alex kiss on the couch and start to undress until Alex stops and asks if she’s sure she’s ready to take the next step. Stephanie reminds him that they would’ve taken to the bedroom last time if Paulina hadn’t called, but now her phone is on do not disturb and so is she. Stephanie assures that she’s definitely ready and asks if he is.

Will arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion to surprise Sonny for Christmas, but is shocked to find Sonny shirtless with Leo Stark in the room. Sonny questions Will being there. Will remarks that it looks like he wasn’t expecting him. Sonny responds that he thought he was staying in LA. Leo talks about California but Sonny tells him to shut up. Sonny asks Will why he didn’t tell him that he was coming. Will responds that he wanted to surprise him, but didn’t expect to be surprised himself. Will adds that maybe a more accurate word would be horrified.

Xander and Sarah go in to a waiting room at the hospital after finishing the Christmas party for the kids. Sarah comments on Xander being a huge hit with the kids as Santa. Xander says he was glad to put smiles on their faces, especially since they have to spend Christmas in a hospital. Xander plays Santa again and gives Sarah one more Christmas present.

Bonnie sees the folder that Gwen gave Justin and notices that “Rednax” is Xander spelled backwards which she calls a funny coincidence. Justin responds that he doesn’t think it’s funny at all.

Sarah opens her Christmas present which is tickets to Greece. Xander tells her that recruiting Gwen to help him pick out a gift was a bad idea, so he hoped he could redeem himself and they could enjoy the honeymoon that they never got to have. Sarah calls it incredible but questions how he will pay for it. Xander says he always finds a way and reveals that he already talked to Kayla about getting Sarah the week off because he wanted it to be a surprise. Xander notes that Sarah seemed a bit distant today and asks what it is. Sarah responds that she was wondering why he didn’t tell her that Bonnie had accused him of being the clown that kidnapped her.

Justin questions how he never noticed that Rednax was Xander spelled backwards. Bonnie says he’s had a lot going on. Justin argues that this means there is no Rednax and that Xander must have made it up. Bonnie asks why he would do that. Justin turns to Gwen and asks if she has any ideas.

Sonny repeats that he thought Will was staying in LA. Will responds that the studio wanted him to, but he hated the thought of being away from Sonny on Christmas, so he told them that he would work from Salem and do zoom calls, then hopped on a Christmas red eye flight and got here as quick as he could because he kept picturing Sonny alone on Christmas. Leo points out that just a few days ago, he was picturing both of them alone and now they ended up both not alone. Sonny tells Leo that he’s not helping. Will remarks that it’s also not helping that Sonny has his shirt off. Sonny puts on the shirt that Leo got him and says he can explain, so Will says he’s waiting.

Paulina worries that Sloan is at the door to exact her revenge. Abe tells her that they don’t know who it is and encourages her to relax. Paulina doesn’t know why Sloan has her so on edge. Abe assures that he will take care of it. Abe answers the door and it’s Eli with the twins, surprising Abe and Paulina.

Alex tells Stephanie that this is a bit new for him as he got used to being the guy rushing in and sweeping a woman off her feet, but from the moment he met her, she knocked him off his feet. Stephanie asks if that means he’s ready. Alex confirms that he is, so they start to head to her bedroom. Stephanie stops again to ask if Alex has protection. Alex says he didn’t come here expecting this, so he’ll run to the store and be right back. Alex kisses her and says he’ll be back in 10 minutes as he rushes out.

Paulina tells Eli how good it is to see him and that she’s so happy he’s there as well as the twins.

Xander tells Sarah that he didn’t tell her about Bonnie’s crazy theory because it was just a crazy theory. Sarah talks about Bonnie didn’t think it was crazy and how the clown knew her daughter. Xander says a google search would reveal that. Xander thought they moved past this and asks what happened.

Justin asks Gwen about doing research on Rednax for an article for the Spectator. Gwen says everything seemed to check out. Bonnie questions her having no idea that the company was fake. Gwen claims that there was a website and when she called the number, somebody picked up. Justin mentions being to the website too and it looks real, only there are no employee names including the CEO. Gwen calls that strange. Justin says it is, especially since Gwen gave him the name of Maeve Wilson and asks where she found that. Gwen claims she doesn’t remember and says it must have been a public record or that Xander told her. Justin doesn’t think any of that is true. Justin doesn’t think there is a Maeve Wilson and believes that Gwen made it all up to protect Xander.

Sonny says he understands Will is upset. Will questions why he would be upset over coming home to spend Christmas with his husband, only to find him half naked with Leo. Sonny explains that Leo gave him the shirt as a gift, so he was just trying it on. Leo comments on the shirt fitting Sonny good but Sonny and Will both tell him to shut up. Will tells Sonny to make this make sense. Will questions why Leo is giving Sonny a Christmas present and why he is wearing pajamas. Will adds that if he didn’t know better, he’d think Leo spent the night. Sonny then admits that he did.

Stephanie waits for Alex to return, but instead Chad shows up at her door. Chad says she looks flushed and asks if she’s okay. Stephanie says she is and was just cleaning up. Stephanie admits she thought he was Alex. Chad asks if he’s coming over. Stephanie explains that he was already there but stepped out to run an errand. Chad apologizes for not calling first but Stephanie says it’s fine and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Chad gives her a present from Thomas and Charlotte as they wanted to make sure their mom’s cousin got something. Stephanie guesses it’s an Olivia Rodrigo CD from when she helped Charlotte through her nightmares. Stephanie says now she just needs to get a CD player and says to thank the kids for her. Chad wishes her a Merry Christmas. Stephanie acknowledges that today must be so hard for him. Chad admits that it is, but most days are. Stephanie asks how the kids are holding up. Chad thinks they are better than he is. Chad says when the kids saw the presents under the tree, it made him forget for a second that Abigail wasn’t there to share it. Chad says that Abigail was always really good at making the day perfect for them. Stephanie is sure he did that for Thomas and Charlotte too. Stephanie tells him that she’s so sorry and hugs Chad right as Alex returns.

Sarah tells Xander that she did apologize for accusing him of being the clown that kidnapped Bonnie. Xander points out that now it feels like she’s accusing him again. Sarah says she’s sorry and that Bonnie just got in her head. Xander reminds her that Bonnie was seeing clowns everywhere. Sarah admits that Bonnie is suffering from very serious PTSD and she shouldn’t let her get to her. Sarah apologizes again for doubting Xander since she knows how hard he’s worked to become a better man. Sarah declares that he’s been honest with her and she knows he wouldn’t lie to her as she hugs him. Sarah then suggests they go back to their motel so she can give him his Christmas present. They kiss and then Sarah exits to go change out of her costume.

Gwen admits to Justin and Bonnie that Xander did lie about the job. Justin asks if Rednax is not real. Gwen confirms that it is not, that she made the website, and forged his unemployment contract. Justin realizes that’s why Xander was so against him filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. Bonnie questions the whole thing being a cover. Justin asks why she went through all of this. Gwen responds that Xander did this because he was ashamed to let Sarah know that he didn’t have a job. Gwen says she’s sorry but she was just helping a friend and took it a bit too far.

Will tells Sonny that this must be a nightmare. Sonny asks Leo to give them a second. Leo responds that he’ll go change out of his pajamas and give them a chance to catch up. Leo tells Will to try to find some Christmas spirit while he’s gone. After Leo exits, Will tells Sonny to start talking.

Xander changes out of his Santa suit and gets a call from Gwen. Xander answers and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Gwen says she hates to bring him coal on Christmas and says it seems he might end up on the naughty list. Gwen asks if he’s done playing Father Christmas. Xander confirms he is and asks what’s going on. Gwen says they have to figure this out and asks where he’s at. Xander tells her he’s at the hospital but they can meet at the park in ten minutes. Xander asks if he should be worried. Gwen says she’ll see him in ten minutes and hangs up. Xander exits the room and then Sarah comes back around the corner.

Paulina gives Jules and Carver toys as presents for their birthday and says she always keeps toys ready to spoil her grandbabies. Paulina says nothing gives her more joy than seeing their smiles, especially after the month her family had. Paulina wishes the twins a happy birthday. Abe wishes Lani was here to see this.

Chad apologizes to Alex and mentions that Stephanie had said he just went out to get something which Alex confirms. Stephanie covers by saying he went to get candy canes because she was craving them. Alex asks if Chad is alright. Chad claims he’s good and asks to use the restroom to splash water on his face before picking up the kids. Alex then asks Stephanie what he missed.

Sonny explains to Will that it was really sad that Leo had no place to go for Christmas, so he invited him over for dinner and a place to stay. Will questions why Sonny cared if Leo had no place to go since he can’t stand the guy. Sonny argues that it’s Christmas. Will argues that there are limits. Will brings up that Leo put Sonny through Hell, drugged him, and took pictures of him in bed and now he’s trying a new angle to get him to trust him. Sonny insists that Leo is not working an angle. Will asks how he knows that. Will complains that he flew through a blizzard to get here and instead of holding each other and enjoying their holiday, they are fighting because of Leo. Sonny argues that they are fighting because Will isn’t even trying to understand him. Will shouts that what he understands is that Leo is always trying to get between them and that’s what he is doing now. Will doesn’t understand why Sonny doesn’t see that.

Justin and Bonnie sit together in the town square. Bonnie has a drink and says she knows it’s early but jokes that she will need it to get through Christmas dinner with Victor. Bonnie notes that Justin is distracted. Justin says he can’t stop thinking about the story Gwen told them and says it seems like a lot of trouble to go through. Justin points out that Sarah knows who Xander is and married him anyway. Bonnie admits that she doesn’t buy it either. Bonnie says there’s a lot more to it than Gwen is letting on and she thinks she knows where it is.

Xander meets Gwen in the park. Gwen informs him that Bonnie and Justin came to see her and that Bonnie figured out “Rednax” was just Xander spelled backwards. Xander asks what she said. Gwen says she covered for him as best she could and said Xander made up the company because he didn’t want Sarah to know that he didn’t have a job. Xander thanks her but notes that if Justin doesn’t believe her, he won’t let this go. Xander wonders about Justin saying something to Sarah since she still has her suspicions and doubts. Xander then worries about Sarah finding out what he did to Susan and Bonnie. Sarah then appears behind him and announces that she already knows.

Stephanie explains to Alex that Chad came over to give her a gift from the kids and they started talking about Christmas and Abigail. Alex understands the holidays are rough when you lose someone you love. Alex declares that they obviously can’t throw Chad back out in the cold if he’s hurting that bad. Chad comes back in to the room and wishes them a Merry Christmas. Alex stops him and invites him to stick around for a bit but Chad doesn’t want to be a third wheel. Chad tells him about the racing video game that they have been playing and asks Chad to help him figure out how to beat Stephanie. Chad then agrees to stay but jokes that he’s probably going to beat him even worse than Stephanie does.

Paulina finishes a call with Chanel, saying she will see her soon and she loves her. Eli asks how Chanel is. Paulina responds that she’s free. Paulina mentions that Chanel and Allie are at Marlena’s but they will be over soon as they have birthday presents for the twins. Eli jokes that he should’ve brought a trailer just for the gifts. Paulina hopes Eli plans to take the twins to see their other grandmother too. Eli confesses that he took them to see Julie last night. Paulina questions him not coming to her first but then decides he’s here now and that’s all that matters. Abe then asks Eli how Lani is. Eli responds that she’s strong but he knows it’s killing her to not be with family for Christmas. Abe hopes that next year she will be out and they will all be together. Eli says at least Paulina and Chanel aren’t locked up for the holidays as well. Eli asks if that whole nightmare is over. With no response, Eli asks what he’s missing. Abe informs Eli that Sloan has been making threats against Paulina and Chanel. Eli offers to go let Sloan to know whose family she’s messing with.

Sonny doesn’t think Will understands how hard it is for him when he’s gone. Sonny assures that he’d rather spend time with Will than Leo, but Will wasn’t here. Will thought they both agreed that he couldn’t miss out on this opportunity in LA. Sonny stands by that and says he’s so proud of him. Sonny apologizes for not telling Will about this sooner but says it just kind of happened. Will asks what kind of happened. Sonny responds that he and Leo just started hanging out and it wasn’t planned, but they just kept running into each other and they talked about a lot. Sonny thinks he’s come to understand Leo a bit better. Sonny knows Leo comes off as an arrogant jerk who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Sonny states that Leo has had a really hard life and has made a lot of mistakes, but he’s trying to be a better guy. Will knows Sonny tries to see the best in everyone, but says sometimes you have to see reality. Will declares that Santa Claus doesn’t exist and didn’t suddenly leave Leo a conscience under the tree. Sonny argues that Will always sees the worst in people and complains that when Will walked in, the first thing he thought was that he was cheating on him. Will argues that Sonny did the same thing when he found him in Phoenix with Leo. Sonny shouts that he had reason to think that since Will had already cheated on him once.

Bonnie tells Justin that Gwen’s a good liar, but she doesn’t buy that she went through all that trouble just to make Xander look good to his wife. Justin agrees, so Bonnie thinks Rednax must be a cover for something else. Justin wonders what Xander’s secret is. Bonnie informs Justin that she believes Gwen and Xander are having an affair.

Xander questions what Sarah is doing here. Sarah reveals that she overheard him on the phone, saying he was going to meet Gwen in the park, so she followed him. Xander asks her to let him explain. Sarah tells him to go ahead and start with how he kidnapped Bonnie and Susan or how he lied to her over and over again or how he’s been sneaking around behind her back with Gwen. Xander calls Gwen just a friend. Sarah calls her a friend that helps him lie to his wife and commit felonies. Gwen tries to speak but Sarah tells her to shut her mouth as this is between her and her husband. Xander says this isn’t Gwen’s fault. Sarah questions if he’s seriously defending Gwen right now. Sarah then asks if Gwen put Xander up to this. Sarah asks if Ava recruited Gwen to get Xander to do her dirty work. Xander says that’s not how it happened. Sarah then demands he tell her how it happened and to tell her the truth for the first time in forever.

Paulina tells Eli that he’s not going anywhere. Eli argues that Sloan doesn’t get to push her around. Paulina appreciates him wanting to defend his family but she doesn’t want him going anywhere near Sloan. Abe agrees and points out that everybody is safe, so they don’t want any more trouble than there already is. Eli asks if they are sure they don’t need him. Paulina assures that they need Eli to be a husband to Lani and a father to their grandbabies. Paulina suggests making it a party for the grandbabies’ birthday, so Eli agrees to stay.

Justin questions Bonnie thinking that Xander is sleeping with Gwen behind Sarah’s back. Bonnie responds that in her experience, when a man lies, it’s usually about his pay check or his love life and she thinks Xander is lying about both. Justin hopes that’s not true. Bonnie points out that Rednax is a fake company but Gwen is a real person and she sees the way Gwen looks at Xander. Justin acknowledges that Gwen does seem to still be enamored with Xander. Bonnie suggests that while Xander was telling Sarah that he was going to work at Rednax, he was going to play with Gwen.

Xander explains to Sarah that Ava overheard that he was desperate for cash and he wanted to prove to Sarah that he wasn’t a loser who couldn’t pay his rent. Sarah yells at him to stop and not to make this about her. Sarah asks if Rednax is even real. Xander admits that it’s not. Sarah questions if Ava was his boss all along. Xander confirms that she was. Sarah then asks what Ava hired him to do. Xander reveals that the plan was to kidnap Susan for a simple transaction of EJ paying up and then Susan is free, but there was a complication when Bonnie found Susan, so he panicked and didn’t know what to do. Xander says when he came to his senses, he let them go and Ava swore to him that Susan wasn’t going to get hurt. Sarah points out that Susan went off of a cliff and died in a fiery car crash. Xander says he feels horrible about that but he let Susan go and couldn’t have known that she would get in between EJ and Ava. Sarah argues that if Xander hadn’t kidnapped Susan, she’d still be alive, so her blood is on his hands. Xander tries to say he didn’t mean to but Sarah states that he did it. Sarah declares that Susan is dead and Bonnie is traumatized while Xander lied to her, so everything she thought they had between them is a lie too.

Will can’t believe Sonny would bring up the time he cheated on him. Sonny argues that it wasn’t just a time. Will thought they got past that and it wasn’t an issue for them anymore. Sonny apologizes and complains that Will is accusing him of cheating on him with Leo when clearly Leo is just a lonely guy on Christmas who he’s trying to be a friend to. Will decides that he believes Sonny is just being a good person and nothing is going on with he and Leo. Sonny asks Will to promise that he trusts him as he would never do anything to hurt him or their relationship because he loves him so much. Will responds that he trusts him. Leo opens the door and listens in. Sonny tells Will that he doesn’t want to fight with the man he loves on Christmas or any day. Sonny cries that he’s so glad to see Will and that he’s home. Will says he is too but declares that now that he is home, Leo has to go.

Chad and Alex play the racing video game against each other. Stephanie brings them snacks and watches with a smile.

Paulina, Abe, and Eli sing happy birthday to Jules and Carver. Eli knows their wish for Christmas and their birthday is for their mom to be home. Paulina says that’s what they all wish and pray for.

Leo comes back in and says it’s okay as he’s not one to overstay his welcome. Leo mentions that he’ll be going to the soup kitchen. Leo thanks Sonny for his kindness and generosity. Leo wishes them a Merry Christmas and goes to leave but Sonny stops him and declares that he’s not kicking him out. Will argues that Sonny can’t be seriously falling for Leo’s sad act. Sonny knows he’s playing it up a bit but he invited Leo to stay, so he’s not going to throw him out. Will then declares that if Leo’s not leaving, he will. Sonny says he can’t be serious but Will then walks out.

Bonnie tells Justin that she hates to gossip about Xander after he saved her from the clown, but says it’s obvious to her that Xander and Gwen share a deep dark secret. Justin finds it hard to believe that after all they’ve been through, that Xander would betray Sarah that way. Bonnie asks if he really doesn’t think Xander and Gwen are doing the deed. Justin states that whatever they are keeping from them, he’s worried it’s even worse than an affair.

Xander pleads with Sarah to go on their trip together so they can figure this whole thing out but Sarah refuses to go anywhere with him. Sarah declares that she never wants to see him again. Sarah gives him the trip tickets back and tells him to take Gwen to Greece because they deserve each other. Sarah then storms off.

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Days Update Monday, December 26, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Stephanie is at home on the phone with Kayla. Stephanie thanks her for her necklace and says she misses everybody. Stephanie sends her love and hangs up. Stephanie comments on having a depressing little Christmas tree, until Alex shows up at her door, surprising her with a larger Christmas tree as he wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Leo comes downstairs and in to the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion where he greets Victor. Victor questions what the hell Leo is doing in his house. Leo questions if he hasn’t heard and announces that he lives here now.

Bonnie goes to the hospital and wishes Sarah a Merry Christmas. Sarah asks how Bonnie is. Bonnie assures that she will be okay but Justin convinced her that she should talk to someone about the clown visions she’s been having. Bonnie notes that Marlena agreed to meet her this morning and they just had their first session. Bonnie says it’s just beginning but she feels really good about it. Bonnie then sees a clown in the hospital and worries that it’s happening again.

Gwen goes to Xander’s hotel room. Xander thanks her for coming and hopes he didn’t pull her away from any holiday family festivities. Gwen assures that he saved her from having to go to church with the Hortons, specifically Julie. Gwen asks him what was so urgent. Xander informs her that Sarah is at the hospital, so it’s the perfect opportunity for them to be alone. Gwen questions what for. Xander then presents the lingerie he got for Sarah which catches Gwen by surprise.

Justin goes to the police station to ask Rafe and Jada if Ava has said anything about who her accomplice was. Jada explains that they tried questioning her, but mentally she is completely checked out, so they won’t be getting any answers anytime soon. Justin questions if that’s it and he’ll just never figure out who kidnapped and terrorized his wife. Rafe assures that they are not giving up. Rafe says they are waiting on a forensics report from the warehouse and if anything turns up, they will let him know. Justin thanks them and says this whole ordeal has traumatized Bonnie. Justin worries that Bonnie is starting to feel like she’s losing her mind.

Bonnie confronts the clown in the hospital and says she knows he’s not real and is only a hallucination. Bonnie says she is facing her fears until Sarah comes over and explains that he is Clarence the Christmas Clown, the entertainment for the pediatric patients. Bonnie questions him being real. Clarence tells her to stay away from him and calls her a freak as he walks away. Bonnie decides she’s going to need a few more therapy sessions as Sarah hugs her.

Gwen asks if this is because she told Xander that he owed her one. Xander says it is, but Gwen says he doesn’t have to repay her in this way as she would never ask him to be unfaithful to his wife. Xander clarifies that he’s not suggesting they have sex. Gwen questions the lingerie then. Xander explains that it’s the gift he got Sarah and that Thomas overheard Gwen on the phone saying he owed her, so Gwen told Thomas that she helped him with the gift. Gwen realizes that Thomas told Sarah which Xander confirms. Xander adds that now Sarah thinks that he asked Gwen to pick out some sexy lingerie for her. Gwen remarks that she’d have much better taste. Xander asks if they are on the same page. Gwen says yes but her one request is that they forget the part where she assumed he wanted to have sex with her.

Leo sits with Victor and asks how Christmas mornings work around here and when they open gifts. Victor responds with about an hour after they throw Leo out on his sugar plum ass. Victor calls Henderson to escort Leo out of his house, but Leo reveals that he can’t do that because he is an invited guest. Victor questions by whom. Sonny then walks in and declares he invited Leo.

Stephanie tells Alex that she wasn’t expecting him until tonight, but this is exactly what she needed as they decorate the Christmas tree. Alex figured she might be lonely this morning since her family is out of town. Alex asks if she’s talked to them. Stephanie confirms that she did right before he came. Alex asks how Tripp is. Stephanie says he’s still upset about his mom and he wanted to stay nearby but Steve pointed out it would be a couple days before Ava can even have visitors at Bayview, so it was good that Tripp went to be with Steve, Kayla, and Joey in Seattle. Alex mentions seeing Paulina’s statement about stepping down as Governor, so he thought for sure that she would’ve gone to Seattle. Stephanie responds that it wouldn’t have worked out time-wise since she’s been so busy dealing with the fallout of Paulina’s resignation. Stephanie adds that she’s looking forward to spending Christmas with him and his family. Alex jokes that she might end up rethinking that by the end of the night between Bonnie’s hallucinations and Sonny’s new houseguest as the place is a little more nutty than usual.

Sonny explains to Victor that he was going to tell him last night but he was already asleep when he got home and then this morning, he had to get Arianna ready for Gabi to pick her up. Victor tells him to cut to the chase as to why he invited Leo in to their house. Sonny informs Victor that he told Leo he could stay with them temporarily because he was about to be evicted. Victor questions why that’s his problem. Sonny argues that he couldn’t let Leo spend Christmas Eve alone out in the cold. Victor says that Sonny gave him a warm bed and now it’s time for Leo to scamper back to Hooville. Sonny says that he told Leo that he could stay with them for the holidays. Victor says absolutely not and demands he have Leo removed from the house now or else he’ll call the police to have them do it.

Jada hands Rafe the crime scene analysis and asks if he wants her to stick around to go over it with him. Rafe tells her that her shift is over so she doesn’t have to stay but Jada says she does or else she wouldn’t have an excuse to turn down Kate’s invitation to a Very Brady Christmas lunch. Jada says it was kind of Kate to invite her but with Eric there, it would just be awkward as hell. Rafe understands and decides she can stay and help, joking that she can’t say he never did anything nice for her. Jada points out that Rafe will be paying her double overtime since doesn’t work for free, but says she will return the favor by helping him crack the case of the kidnapping clown.

Gwen is sure that Sarah wasn’t too pleased that she supposedly picked out a sexy nightie for her. Xander confirms it was awkward but it was better than telling the truth since if Sarah ever finds out that he was the kidnapping clown, she’ll never forgive him. Gwen assures that she’ll never say anything and Leo won’t either. Xander asks how she knows. Gwen responds that she trusts Leo and jokes that he enjoyed wearing the muscle suit and wrestling around with Xander a bit too much. Gwen tells Xander that she best get going. Xander thanks her again for everything. Gwen tells him any time. Xander then opens the door for Gwen to leave, right as Justin arrives and asks if he’s interrupting.

Bonnie tells Sarah that she can’t believe she almost punched an innocent clown. Sarah encourages that she didn’t and she was facing her fears. Bonnie worries that therapy won’t be a quick fix. Sarah assures that it’s important to stick with it. Bonnie responds that she’s just tired of being scared all the time, knowing the clown is still out there. Sarah says she’s so sorry that she’s dealing with this. Bonnie talks about how thankful she is that Xander was there to save her from the clown and how it made her feel so bad that she accused him of being the kidnapper which Sarah is surprised to learn. Bonnie says she was sure of it and she was so mean to him about it. Sarah questions why Bonnie thought Xander was her kidnapper.

Justin tells Xander that he can come back another time but Xander says he’s not interrupting anything and that Gwen just came by because he forgot his scarf at the Hortons last night, so she returned it. Xander then asks what Justin is doing there. Justin responds that he stopped by the police station to ask Rafe if he had any more information on who kidnapped Xander and Bonnie but he didn’t have any new information and was awaiting a forensics report from the warehouse. Xander says that’s too bad but thanks Justin for the update. Justin then gives Xander an envelope which he says is a Christmas present and a thanks for rescuing Bonnie. Xander opens it and asks what it is. Justin reveals that he drew up some papers because he’s going to help him sue the pants off Rednax.

Bonnie questions Sarah about Xander not telling her that she went off on him and says that proves what a good guy he is because he probably knew she made a fool of herself. Sarah asks her what happened. Bonnie explains that the night they were both kidnapped, she had run in to Xander earlier in the park and overheard him say the exact words that the Clown said to her and Susan which was “I will not let this situation destroy my life.” Sarah calls that odd and wonders why Xander would be saying that and who he was saying it to. Bonnie adds that she never got the chance to ask as Xander then said to keep your voice down which is another thing the Clown said. Sarah calls that a very strange coincidence. Bonnie says that then she explained to Xander that the Clown texted Justin and Maggie that she was going to see Mimi, which indicated the Clown was someone who knew her, like Xander. Bonnie adds that the clown was also muscular like Xander so it all seemed to fit.

Stephanie tells Alex that she’s glad Bonnie is getting help. Stephanie informs him that she also once suffered from PTSD and it was one of the worst times of her life. Alex asks her what happened. Stephanie reveals to him that EJ DiMera had her kidnapped which shocks Alex. Stephanie explains that when she was dating Philip, she got caught in the feud between the Kiriakis family and the DiMeras. Stephanie says she was held in a morgue. Alex tells her that he’s sorry. Alex says he knew that EJ was a ruthless bastard. Stephanie assures that it was cruel and unjust punishment. Alex brings up EJ being responsible for Tripp’s kidnapping too and wonders why it seems like EJ is making a habit out of messing with her family. Stephanie says he doesn’t know the half of it. Stephanie turns the topic back to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks about Alex saying Sonny has a guest. Alex reveals that Sonny asked Leo Stark to stay with them which shocks her after everything Leo has done to Sonny. Alex remarks that Sonny is a big softie and the opposite of Victor. Alex adds that when Victor finds out, the place is going to be a war zone…

Victor asks if Sonny has completely lost his senses, reminding him that Leo blackmailed him in to marriage and almost destroyed their company with a lawsuit. Sonny responds that he’s well aware of Leo’s past. Victor points out that it was just last year when Leo drugged him and took compromising photos of him in bed to sell to the tabloids. Leo notes that he has apologized to Sonny repeatedly as he feels so terribly guilty about that, especially in light of how incredibly kind and forgiving Sonny has been. Victor doesn’t understand why Sonny would forgive Leo. Sonny argues that he forgave Leo just like many people have forgiven Victor for his transgressions, because he’s genuinely sorry and he’s expressed profound interest in becoming a better person. Sonny is surprised that Victor is so shocked given how many people have forgiven him. Sonny declares that he would now consider he and Leo friends. Victor calls that the stupidest thing he’s ever heard. Victor demands Sonny get rid of Leo now or he’s fired. Sonny questions Victor firing him for giving his friend a place to stay. Victor argues that Sonny calling Leo his friend shows his judgment is impaired. Victor declares that until Sonny comes to his senses, he will just replace him with his brother, Alex. Leo says he will leave but Sonny argues that Victor can’t keep holding his job over his head, especially since Victor begged him to take it but now every time he does something he doesn’t like, he threatens to fire him. Sonny declares that he’s not going to be pushed around anymore. Victor tells him that he can take his righteous indignation and shove it because he’s still out on his ass. Sonny tells Victor to fire him and he doesn’t care. Sonny offers his phone and tells Victor to call Alex to tell him he’s got the job. Sonny declares that he’d rather have his integrity and help out a friend in need than bow down to his ridiculous demands.

Stephanie makes hot chocolate for her and Alex. Alex finishes decorating the tree, so Stephanie declares that it finally feels like Christmas. Alex then gives her a Christmas present of a video game system. Alex explains that Stephanie said she loved playing video games with her brothers back in Seattle and she looked forward to having a tournament with them, but since she couldn’t get back to Seattle, he thought they could have their own tournament. Alex realizes it’s not the most romantic gift, but Stephanie calls it the most thoughtful so it is the most romantic gift that anyone has ever given her as she thanks him.

Xander tells Justin that it’s very kind of him but they talked about this and he doesn’t want to pursue legal action. Justin argues that he was wrongfully terminated for refusing to do something illegal by his boss, so they can’t let this company get away with it. Xander responds that he doesn’t have the money to pay him. Justin says it’s pro-bono after what he did for Bonnie. Justin adds that he could end up with a huge settlement and all of his financial problems would disappear. Xander argues that it would be he said, she said. Justin says he’s worked with less. Justin tells him that all he will need is the full name of his boss before he can file the lawsuit. Xander tells Justin that he doesn’t want to do this. Justin asks why not and if there’s something he’s not telling him. Gwen stops Justin and declares that she will tell him everything.

Sarah asks Bonnie what Xander said when she accused him. Bonnie explains that he vehemently denied it and she was going to tell Justin her theory when she got knocked out from behind. Bonnie says the next thing she knew, she and Xander were both tied up and then the Clown came in which is when she knew Xander was telling the truth because obviously it couldn’t have been him.

Rafe and Jada go over the analysis. Jada notes there isn’t much to go on with no evidence or fingerprints. Rafe notes that it seems like after Bonnie and Xander escaped, the Clown went back there and cleaned up before their guys got there. Rafe then discovers that he might have missed something as forensics found a torn piece of flesh colored polyester fiber which didn’t match anything Bonnie or Xander were wearing. Rafe adds that Bonnie said the clown was wearing a blue suit again, nothing flesh colored. Jada calls it strange.

Stephanie and Alex play a racing video game together. Stephanie wins the game. Alex jokes that he never would’ve bought it for her if he knew she’d be such a monster at it. Stephanie says she’s just competitive. Alex jokes that she had an unfair advantage due to her racing background, so they decide to try a different game.

Victor gives in and tells Sonny to keep his job which surprises him. Victor declares that he changed his mind because he has a heart of gold. Victor tells Sonny that he’s made his decision, so he should just accept it. Sonny decides that it’s accepted and that means Leo can stay. Victor says as long as he’s put in a room far away from he and Maggie. Leo thanks him and says any room is fine, joking that he wants one with a bathroom. Leo gives Victor his word that he will never hurt Sonny again. Victor doesn’t know how Leo expects people to take him seriously while sitting there in pajamas. Victor then asks Sonny how his husband feels about his little sleepover party. Sonny admits he hasn’t told Will yet which Victor says he suspected. Sonny explains that Will decided to stay in LA to work instead of coming home for Christmas, so he doesn’t get a say in this. Victor remarks that if he did, Leo would be out on a park bench while Sonny would have a lot of explaining to do.

Justin asks what Gwen knows about Xander’s situation. Gwen responds that she knows the name of his boss and claims that it’s Maeve Wilson. Justin asks how she knows that. Gwen claims she was going to interview her to do some press for the company but when she found out they were crooked, she ditched the story. Justin asks if he has her contact info. Gwen says she has her e-mail in her research file somewhere. Justin says he has to pick up Bonnie from the hospital and asks if he can come get the info from Gwen after. Gwen says sure. Xander adds that he actually has to get to the hospital too since Sarah has enlisted him to play Santa for the kids in pediatrics. Gwen jokes that she’d love to see that. Xander asks Justin for a ride over there so maybe he can talk him out of the lawsuit on the way. Justin says sure but insists he won’t change his mind. Xander tells Justin to let him grab his costume and then he’ll meet him at the car. Justin tells Gwen that he will see her later and exits. Xander questions Gwen as to what the hell that was all about. Gwen argues that Justin was getting suspicious. Xander understands but questions who she’s going to get to play Maeve Wilson, asking if she’s going to Leo to dress in drag or call his old friend Jackie. Gwen assures him that Maeve Wilson actually exists and is a girl that she went to school with who was a real proper bitch. Xander questions how that’s relevant. Gwen says it’s not as they are going to send Justin on a wild goose chase and Xander will never be found out.

Jada asks Rafe if it’s possible that the fabric is from the clown mask. Rafe says it’s hard to say as all they know is that Susan bought the mask in the town square and it was made of latex. Jada asks if there’s anything else. Rafe notes that forensics also found piece of poly filled padding like the kind used in stuffed animals or pillows. Jada wonders if it could’ve been made at the factory or the warehouse. Rafe says his gut is telling him that this ties back to the kidnapper but he’s just not sure how. Rafe gets a call from Gabi and promises he’s leaving work soon and won’t be late. Rafe hangs up and tells Jada that he will have to pack it in soon because he can’t be late for Christmas lunch. Jada tells Rafe that he can go ahead while she sticks around to work on the file. Rafe suggests Jada come with him instead. Jada doesn’t want to impose but Rafe assures that she wouldn’t be as it’s just Gabi, Li, and Arianna so it’s all very casual. Jada asks if he’s sure. Rafe says she’d be doing him a favor since he wouldn’t be the odd man out. Jada agrees but says she would like to stop somewhere first and she’d like him to come with her.

Justin goes to the hospital to pick up Bonnie. Justin asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to stick around for the Christmas party. Bonnie assures that she doesn’t want another run-in with Clarence the Clown. Xander arrives dressed as Santa Claus and gives Bonnie a candy cane. Justin wishes Xander good luck with the kids and says he’ll get back to him regarding what they discussed. Justin tells him to have fun as he exits with Bonnie. Sarah asks Xander what that was all about. Xander responds that Justin was just helping him with something and he’ll explain later. Xander and Sarah as Santa and Mrs. Claus then head for the party.

Sonny and Leo eat together in the living room. Leo talks about Sonny going above and beyond by sticking up for him and being willing to lose his job rather than have Victor throw him out. Sonny says it was as much for himself as for Leo as he is sick of Victor pushing him around. Leo calls it totally impressive. Leo then gives Sonny a Christmas present. Sonny argues that Leo is broke so he shouldn’t have got him anything. Leo insists and calls it a small token of his appreciation for letting him stay. Sonny opens the present and it’s a t-shirt that says “Gay as Christmas Morning”. Leo says he saw it in the store window and immediately thought of him. Sonny thanks Leo and says he loves it.

Stephanie and Alex play a dancing rhythm based video game. Alex gives up and jokes that Stephanie must be a professional dancer. Stephanie says she wasn’t but she was a cheerleader in high school. Alex jokes that he gives up at the games because she has all these secret advantages. Alex says he does have some talents as he kisses her.

Rafe and Jada arrive at the hospital. Jada tells Rafe about how her dad used to talk about the hospital Christmas party. Rafe calls it a wonderful tradition. Jada thanks him for coming with her. Xander as Santa speaks to the kids and has Sarah read the Christmas Story to the kids. Rafe, Jada, Xander, and the kids watch and applaud when Sarah finishes.

Stephanie jokes that she knew Alex was good at something. Alex guesses he’s not a total loser. Stephanie calls him a champion kisser. Alex asks for a victory lap as they continue kissing. Alex stops and asks her what’s wrong. Stephanie suggests they move this to her bedroom.

Xander and Sarah pass out presents to the kids. Jada remarks to Rafe that she’s surprised that a man as vain as Xander would willingly cover up his muscles with all that padding. Rafe then comes to a realization about flesh colored filling and the padding. Rafe declares that the kidnapper was wearing a bodysuit under his clothes. Jada asks why which Rafe calls a good question.

Justin and Bonnie go to see Gwen at the Horton house. Gwen gives Justin a folder that she says includes Maeve’s e-mail and all her research into Rednax. Justin thanks Gwen. Justin says he knows Xander is hesitant to pursue the case, but calls it the right thing to do. Bonnie then sees the folder and notices that Rednax is Xander spelled backwards which she calls a coincidence.

Sonny tells Leo that it was really sweet of him to get him the shirt and says he can’t wait to wear it. Leo says it’s the least he could do and suggests Sonny try it on now, adding that if it doesn’t fit then he will return it to get him the right size. Sonny says okay and removes his shirt. Will then walks in to surprise Sonny for Christmas but sees him shirtless with Leo in the room. Will then questions what the hell is going on here.

A tribute video aired to John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) who passed away on November 11, 2022 as this was his final episode.

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