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Update written by Joseph

Johnny and Wendy get close, then Johnny decides they should get her to work at DiMera Enterprises if they are going to find out if Li and EJ brainwashed Stefan. Johnny feels they deserve to be punished. Wendy points out that they don’t know what they did. Johnny reminds her that’s what they are trying to figure out. Johnny asks her what’s bothering her. Wendy brings up that she started all this to get leverage over Li to force him to give her a job, but now she has the job. Johnny asks if she wants to back out but Wendy says no as she still wants to know what Li is capable of. Johnny points out that he doesn’t need to find out about EJ because he already knows what he’s capable of, but he needs to prove what he did to Stefan so that he can bring him down. Wendy says that’s where they differ since Johnny hates EJ for what he did, but she still loves her brother Li as they are still family.

Li is at DiMera Enterprises, on the phone with his father, talking about giving Wendy a promotion. Li understands any mistakes Wendy makes is on him. Li thanks him for his input and hangs up as Kristen arrives. Kristen says she heard the end of his conversation and says if he’s handing out promotions, maybe he wouldn’t mind giving one to Chloe.

Chloe is at Basic Black, on the phone with her mom and says she understands why Brady felt he had to break up with her but she’ll never understand him moving Kristen in to John and Marlena’s house. Chloe remarks that Brady lets that bitch walk all over him, right as Brady arrives at the office.

Rafe and Gabi have coffee in the town square. Gabi tells him about Stefan trick or treating with Chloe in the town square which Rafe notes must have been awkward. Gabi adds that Stefan reminded her again that he wants nothing to do with her and says that’s fine because as far as she’s concerned, she’s with Li and they are very happy and going to get married. Rafe jokes about that being great like marriages solve everything. Gabi asks if he’s having problems with Nicole. Rafe wishes Nicole was as determined to stay away from Eric as Gabi is to move on from Stefan.

Eric and Jada have coffee in bed together. Eric suggests they call in sick but Jada says she can’t since Shawn is away and she and Rafe are working on a big investigation. Jada adds that it’s only Eric’s second day back at Basic Black so he can’t let Nicole regret bringing him back. Nicole then arrives at the door and is greeted by Jada while Eric goes to put some clothes on. Nicole says she needs to speak to Eric as something has come up. Eric comes out in his robe and questions why Nicole didn’t call. Nicole responds that she tried three times but he didn’t pick up. Eric notes that he had his phone on silent and asks what’s wrong. Nicole says she doesn’t know but they have been summoned by the editorial team at Bella as apparently there’s a problem, but she doesn’t know what it is and they want them at Titan ASAP. Eric goes back to get dressed. Nicole tells Jada that she’s sorry to interrupt but Jada says she’s not.

Gabi questions Rafe about he and Nicole still fighting about Eric since she thought they worked things out. Rafe says they did and he told her that she should work with Eric so now he has to put his money where his mouth is. Gabi encourages that the fight could’ve been a good thing. Gabi then points out Wendy and Johnny walking by and comments that she didn’t even know they knew each other.

Johnny asks Wendy if she’s sure she’s okay with spying on EJ and Li while trying to make a good impression at DiMera. Johnny clarifies that he doesn’t want her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Wendy assures that she wants to do this. Johnny advises her to be careful since EJ is always suspicious and he doesn’t want anyone finding out what they are up to. Gabi approaches and greets Wendy as she questions what they are up to.

Li tells Kristen that Chloe is doing a great job at Basic Black but he doesn’t see why he should give her a promotion. Kristen points out that the promotion would get her out of Basic Black and she wants Chloe here at DiMera, as far away from Brady as possible.

Chloe tells her mom that she will call her back and hangs up. Chloe asks Brady how much of that he heard. Brady says enough to know that she doesn’t think that highly of him but asks why she would. Chloe says she thinks highly of him as her boss and shouldn’t have been making personal calls at the office, so she’s sorry. Chloe says she has so much to do and mentions that the Bella issue is almost ready to hit the internet so she has to get exclusive previews to fashion influencers. Brady tells Chloe that this is not how he wanted this to happen. Chloe says he told her the reasons before and she doesn’t need to hear them at work. Brady repeats that it’s not what he wanted. Chloe declares that it’s what Kristen wanted and what Kristen wants, she gets. Chloe brings up how Brady was like a puppet on a string in the town square. Brady brings up Chloe being with Stefan and says he keeps thinking about what Stefan did to Abigail and points out that Chloe is vulnerable. Chloe cuts him off and questions where he gets off saying this to her.

Li apologizes to Kristen but says he can’t help her as he doesn’t have a single position available. Kristen asks if Wendy just happened to get the last opening in the entire organization. Li says she is a brilliant IT expert and they need that, not a fashion consultant. Li then questions why Kristen is asking him to promote her instead of just doing it herself. Kristen informs him that EJ fired her because she backed Gabi over him. Li tells her that she’s out of luck then. Kristen brings up that Stefano told her never to rely on luck when threats work so much better. Kristen warns Li to give Chloe that promotion or else she’s going to tell Gabi that he brainwashed Stefan in to loathing her.

Johnny tells Gabi that he and Wendy aren’t up to anything. Gabi questions how Johnny even knows Wendy since she just got here. Wendy tells Gabi that she can ask her about her personal life. Gabi guesses it’s just a coincidence that they know each other. Rafe comes over and greets Johnny. Johnny introduces Rafe to Wendy and calls Rafe his favorite ex-stepdad. Rafe points out that it looks like he and Wendy will be related soon. Johnny points out that Rafe is the police commissioner so that could come in handy. Gabi questions again how Johnny and Wendy know each other. Johnny says that his cousin Joey met her in Seattle. Gabi recalls Wendy taking Joey and Tripp as her two dates in Hong Kong. Johnny questions that but Wendy says it’s a long story. Johnny adds that when Joey told him that Wendy was coming to town, he offered to show her around. Wendy points out that Johnny even got her a place to stay which Gabi says is so nice of him. Johnny says he was just glad to help. Rafe says he has to get going down to the police station and says it was good to see them. Rafe welcomes Wendy to Salem and walks away. Wendy adds that she should get going too so she’s not late for her first day at work. Wendy thanks Gabi again for pushing Li to get her the job as she then walks away. Johnny tells Gabi that it was good to see her but Gabi stops him and says she’s not done with him.

Nicole and Eric go to see Alex at the Titan office. Alex thanks them for coming on short notice. Nicole remarks that his e-mail made it sound like they had no choice. Eric questions if he was unhappy with the photos. Nicole explains that something came up with the model, so she had to stand in. Alex thinks there’s been a miscommunication here because he loves the photos and thinks they are exactly what Bella needs, so much that he wants to put Nicole on the cover.

Jada joins Rafe in the interrogation room at the police station. Rafe talks about preparing for his interrogations. Jada notes that he doesn’t look a bit nervous. Rafe asks why he would be. Jada points out that he’s going to be questioning one of the kingpins of the drug business and he’ll have two of the highest paid lawyers that drug money can buy. Jada gives him a summary file in a folder and then yawns, so Rafe questions if she didn’t get her coffee this morning. Jada informs him that Eric brought her a cup but she didn’t get to drink it because Nicole dropped by.

Nicole questions Alex wanting her to be on the cover of Bella. Alex says he was blown away by the photos that Eric took of her and calls it a game changer. Alex mentions Nicole being one of the biggest models but Nicole says that was years ago. Alex says not if this is any indication as he shows them his tablet. Nicole blows it off as great lighting, luck, and an amazing photographer. Eric states that Nicole is being modest. Alex remarks that it’s like she’s making love to the camera which she laughs off. Alex says he can feel the tension in the photos and it’s electric. Alex comments that whatever they have, they bring out something special in each other.

Chloe tells Brady that he has nothing to say about her personal life. Brady says he’s just worried. Chloe asks if he’s worried that losing him as rendered her incompetent to live her own life. Chloe tells Brady to think twice about warning her about Stefan when he just moved a kidnapping, murdering sociopath in to his home. Brady knows it seems that way. Chloe asks if he’s finally going to tell her what the hell is going on.

Li tells Kristen not to get all moral with him since she was part of brainwashing Stefan from the beginning. Kristen argues that it was against her better judgment and that Li preyed on her devotion to Brady. Kristen says she did it to protect her family while Li did it to get power and control of her family’s company. Li says the fact remains that they both wanted Stefan to be with Chloe. Kristen laughs off that he still does while now that she has Brady back in her life, Chloe is no longer a threat to her. Li asks how she thinks Brady will take it when he finds out what she did. Kristen responds that Brady knows she’d do anything to keep her family in tact so it wouldn’t change anything between them, but that’s not true for him and Gabi. Kristen asks how Li thinks Gabi will take it that he used her husband as a lab animal and made him hate her in the process.

Johnny asks Gabi if there’s a problem. Gabi is not buying what Johnny and Wendy are selling, so she questions what they are really up to.

Li goes over Kristen managing to break up Brady and Chloe while now they are living together with their daughter and she wants him to move Chloe out of Basic Black in to DiMera. Li says she doesn’t sound like she believes that Chloe is no longer a threat, since she’s pretty desperate to get her away from Brady. Li questions if Kristen’s hold over Brady is not quite as strong as she hoped it would be. Kristen argues that it takes time to rebuild a relationship and they are just getting started, so she doesn’t want him to get distracted at work. Li feels the need to remind her that DiMera Enterprises is a business, not couples therapy. Kristen laughs at that and calls him a hypocrite. Kristen asks how he would feel if Gabi just found herself working side by side with Stefan. Kristen declares that if Li doesn’t want to help her, she’ll go straight to Dr. Rolf and order him to undo Stefan’s programming. Wendy arrives but stops at the door and listens in as Li tells Kristen that won’t be possible because he made sure that Dr. Rolf is long gone.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s waiting for him to say what he has to say. Brady tells Chloe to understand if there was any other way but they are interrupted as Alex arrives with Eric and Nicole. Alex says he’s glad they are both here. Brady questions what he’s doing there. Alex announces that he’s here to put their rag tag business and his magazine back on the map.

Johnny tells Gabi that Wendy is new in town so he’s just showing her around. Gabi argues that it must be a highly personal tour and remarks that she saw them and it didn’t look like they were talking about dry cleaning. Johnny then admits that Gabi got him and there’s more to it.

Kristen questions what Li has done with Dr. Rolf. Li tells her that’s none of her concern. Kristen pushes him and disagrees. Li tells her that a member of her family has been apprised as to why he had to get Dr. Rolf out of the country so soon and that’s EJ. Kristen guesses Li and EJ are in cahoots now. Wendy decides she needs to record this and reaches in to her purse to grab her phone, but she drops her phone. Kristen hears it and questions what that was. As Wendy gets down to pick up her phone, Li and Kristen come out from the room. Li questions what Wendy is doing.

Jada hopes she didn’t come across petty by telling him that Nicole came by this morning since it was business and something about the shots that Eric took of Nicole for the Bella magazine. Rafe comments that Nicole gave up modeling years ago. Jada explains that the model they hired didn’t show up so Nicole filled in. Jada adds that Eric said the shots were great, so maybe Nicole is heading back to the runway.

Brady questions what Alex is talking about. Alex responds that they have an incredible opportunity to launch Bella Magazine in to the next generation while also creating buzz for Basic Black’s next collection. Brady says it sounds good and asks how to do that. Eric says by putting Nicole on the cover of Bella in Basic Black contour. Chloe calls it a great idea while Nicole says not to encourage him. Brady asks if Alex has talked to Victor about this because he kind of hates Nicole. Nicole says she asked Alex the same question. Alex reminds them that he’s in charge of Titan, not Victor, at least until Sonny recovers. Alex declares that if he wants to put Nicole on the cover, there’s not a damn thing Victor can say about it.

Gabi says she knew it and asks what’s going on between Johnny and Wendy. Johnny claims that he’s just hitting on her in a charming and subtle way. Gabi is unsure since they seemed intense and remarks that Wendy is not his type. Johnny argues that she’s smart and gorgeous which seems like his type. Gabi acknowledges that he went from Chanel to her to Ava, so she guesses he doesn’t really have a type. Johnny responds that he likes what he likes. Gabi questions him pursuing Li’s sister now. Johnny says he’s exploring possibilities. Gabi responds that she just doesn’t want to see either of them get hurt. Johnny says he doesn’t want to see Gabi get hurt either. Gabi questions what that’s supposed to mean and how she could get hurt.

Wendy tells Li and Kristen that she was trying to take a selfie on her first day of work and dropped her phone. Li introduces Wendy to Kristen. Kristen welcomes her to DiMera Enterprises. Wendy says she looks forward to working for her but Kristen clarifies that it won’t be for her because EJ canned her. Wendy says she’s sorry to hear that. Kristen tells her that she still has her shares and remarks that Wendy’s brother is more loyal than her brother. Kristen adds that what she admires most about Li is that he’s always mindful of where he’s loyal.

Alex talks about how magazines have been struggling to remain relevant for years so they have to break the internet, which is why resurrecting one of Bella’s biggest models from it’s heyday could do just that. Nicole comments that she wasn’t dead, she just stopped modeling. Alex says that was a mistake and the latest photoshoot proves it. Alex adds that he doesn’t know what is going on but Eric’s photos bring out the best in her and he wants the rest of the world to see it. Eric decides if they are going to do another photoshoot, he needs to start setting up. Chloe goes to get makeup, hair, and wardrobe. Alex compliments Brady’s suit, which Brady explains is part of Basic Black’s upcoming line and that the designer suggested he wear it around the office to get feedback. Alex calls it killer and decides they are going to use it in the shoot with Brady. Alex compares it to Vogue having couples on the cover. Brady responds that he’s not a model. Alex says he is if he wants his collection on the cover. Nicole suggests letting Eric take a couple of test shots and agrees that this could give Basic Black a boost. Brady then gives in and agrees to do it.

Wendy decides to get to her office and start settling in. Wendy tells Kristen again that it was nice to meet her. Kristen wishes her luck with her new job as Wendy exits. Kristen asks Li where they were. Li tells Kristen that he’s not telling her where Dr. Rolf is. Kristen threatens to go tell Gabi and Stefan everything she knows, noting that they are already suspicious and so is Chloe. Kristen brings up that Marlena has reversed Dr. Rolf’s programming on more than one occasion, so she’s sure that she’ll be happy to help Stefan recover his passion for Gabi and then the two of them will run DiMera instead of him.

Gabi and Johnny sit together in the town square as she questions Johnny not wanting to see her get hurt. Johnny says he just feels kind of responsible for everything that happened with her and Jake. Gabi blames the Devil. Gabi adds that she did care for Jake, but they were never right for each other. Johnny points out that she and Stefan were though. Gabi says they thought so but he changed his mind. Johnny asks if that doesn’t seem weird to her to have such a drastic change. Gabi agrees that it was so weird that she thought Dr. Rolf did something to him but he didn’t. Johnny informs her that he thought the same thing. Gabi says she was so sure so she confronted Dr. Rolf, but he told her that he did nothing to Stefan other than bring him back from the dead. Johnny questions her just taking Dr. Rolf’s word for it. Gabi admits she’s never done that before but for some reason, she felt he was telling her the truth. Gabi declares that it doesn’t matter because if Stefan wants to be with Chloe, he can have her since she is with Li and they are in love and going to be married. Gabi adds that now nothing is going to stand in the way of her happiness.

Li tells Kristen that he will offer Chloe the promotion and asks if she’s happy now. Kristen responds that she’s over the moon and he will be too. Kristen declares that it won’t be long before Chloe is out of Brady’s life and once she is with Stefan, Li and Gabi can live happily ever after. Gabi calls Li and tells him that it’s almost time to audition the wedding cakes at the Bakery, so she wanted to make sure he was on his way. Li responds that he’s sorry but a personal matter came up at work that he has to take care of but he’ll be there as soon as he can. Gabi tells him to keep her posted as they hang up. Kristen then orders Li to go to Basic Black and offer Chloe her dream job. Kristen and Li then exit the room. After they walk away, Wendy sneaks back up to the door and calls Johnny. Johnny asks if she found anything out. Wendy responds that she sure did and she thinks they were right.

Jada apologizes to Rafe as she can tell that it’s bothering him that Nicole is modeling again for Eric. Jada admits she’s not thrilled about it either since Eric told her that’s how they got together all those years ago. Rafe says it’s not so much that she’s modeling, but that she didn’t tell him about it. Rafe wonders if she thought he would act like a jerk since he did when she told him that she hired Eric. Jada says that married people fight. Rafe says he learned that he has to trust Nicole. Jada adds that she has to trust Eric. Rafe calls it great that they figured this all out, so they can get back to work now.

Eric takes photos of Brady and Nicole for Bella Magazine. Alex gives instruction and reminds them that he’s in charge. Brady gets irritated by having to model and steps out of the room. Alex questions where he’s going as Chloe goes out after him. Brady tells Chloe that he’s going to get out of here. Chloe says that’s fine but questions what he was trying to tell her before Alex barged in.

Eric and Nicole exchange looks from across the office. Alex looks at them both and declares that’s it. Alex decides that Eric is the one that needs to be in the suit and model with Nicole.

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Days Update Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Sarah is in her new motel room on the phone with Maggie, assuring her that she and Xander will be fine while she is searching the motel room. Maggie complains about them living in a dive motel. Sarah tells her that Victor made it clear that the mansion is not their home. Maggie says she can handle Victor. Sarah tells Maggie that it’s okay as they will only be here until Xander gets out of debt and then will find a new home. Maggie hopes she’s right. Sarah tells her not to worry and that she loves her as she hangs up. Sarah remains searching the room and then looks underneath the bed and screams.

Alex enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Maggie, who asks how his mission went with the file that he stole out of Sloan’s apartment. Alex won’t go in to detail but tells Maggie that the file could’ve destroyed many lives but now it won’t thanks to them.

Paulina is in her office, on the phone with Sloan, assuring that the money is ready to go. Paulina says she’ll see her in an hour and hangs up. Paulina complains about wishing she could strangle her. Stephanie arrives. Paulina tells her that she has some nerve showing up here again after she failed to neutralize Sloan Peterson. Paulina complains that she has to go pay Sloan off with even more money than before thanks to her. Stephanie tells her that she doesn’t have to do that. Paulina continues that she doesn’t have a choice thanks to Stephanie and brings up Sloan having a file full of evidence that could destroy her daughter’s life. Stephanie says not anymore as she then reveals the file folder.

Xander rushes in to the motel room and says he heard Sarah scream from down the hall. Sarah has him look underneath the bed and he tells her that it’s just a cockroach. Xander says she almost gave him a heart attack as he thought she was in real danger. Outside their room, Ava lurks in a disguise wearing sunglasses and a blonde wig.

Johnny sits at the DiMera Mansion on the phone with Wendy and asks about her first night at Allie’s. Wendy responds that Allie and Chanel are great hosts and thanks him for hooking her up with a place to stay. Johnny says now they can focus on getting the goods on Li and EJ. Johnny then tells her that he has to go and will call her back as EJ walks in. EJ tells Johnny to save it because he knows he’s plotting against him so he can just admit it. Johnny thinks he misunderstood. EJ says this is about Johnny coming to DiMera and pretending he wanted to make peace. Johnny claims he wasn’t pretending. EJ wishes that were true and suspects that this is about Ava. Johnny claims not to know what he’s talking about. EJ tells him to be honest with him as he asks if he is seeking revenge on Ava’s behalf.

Ava hides outside the motel as Sarah thanks Xander for getting rid of the cockroach. Sarah complains that they are literally staying in a roach motel. Xander goes to shut the door but Sarah says to leave it open because there’s a smell. Xander apologizes to Sarah for all this since she deserves so much more. Sarah says it’s okay. Xander wishes they could’ve stayed at Jack’s but Sarah says she’d rather take her chances with the roaches than stay with Gwen. Sarah says they will just tough it out here for a little bit longer and then soon her probation at the hospital will be over and she’ll be back to full time with her salary. Xander says until then, he’ll keep looking for a job even if his prospects are pretty bleak at the moment. Sarah encourages that something will come along soon. Xander jokes that if not, he can always return to a life of crime. Ava smiles when she hears that from outside the door.

EJ tells Johnny to admit that he’s been plotting against him but Susan interrupts and tells EJ to leave Johnny alone becasue he doesn’t have any proof against him. Johnny didn’t know Susan was in town. Susan explains that she got in last night after having a vision that someone was out to get EJ. EJ mentions seeing someone outside in a clown mask wielding a knife. Johnny questions if EJ thought that was him. EJ brings up Johnny’s love of horror movies. Johnny declares that he does not want to murder EJ. Susan encourages that Johnny is innocent. EJ brings up that Susan said last night that she couldn’t get a read on Johnny’s true intentions. Susan blames that on a bad connection. Johnny tells EJ that he is his kid and he loves him, he is not plotting against him. EJ really hopes that’s true because he would hate to think his own son would betray him. EJ says he has to get the office and will see them tonight. EJ tells Susan that he’s really glad she’s there even if it is under unpleasant circumstances. EJ then exits the mansion. Johnny thanks Susan for sticking up for him. Susan says any time and asks if he is telling her the truth.

Chanel comes home and brings Wendy a coffee. Chanel tells Wendy that she’s glad they have a moment because there is something they have been wanting to discuss with her, but she thought maybe Wendy would be more comfortable if it was just them. Wendy stops her and asks if she’s going to ask her to have a threesome.

Alex looks at Stephanie’s number on his phone when Chad walks in and tells Alex that he needs his help. Alex asks what’s going on. Chad explains that Paulina fired Stephanie yesterday and threatened to have Victor do the same, so he needs Alex to convince Victor not to. Alex tells Chad that he doesn’t need to waste his time. Chad argues that it’s the least he could do after refusing to help Stephanie with Sloan. Alex jokes that Chad is always a little behind the times. Chad questions what he’s talking about. Alex reveals that he gave Stephanie the file last night.

Stephanie hands Paulina the file. Paulina questions how she got her hands on this and if she wants to know. Stephanie responds that an associate of hers was able to relieve Sloan of the file and it wasn’t Chad. Paulina questions if they broke in to Sloan’s apartment. Stephanie just confirms that they were able to life the file. Paulina responds that whoever their saving angel is, Stephanie should thank them twice because they saved her bid for Governor and Chanel’s future, but also kept Stephanie from losing a very important client.

Sarah argues that Xander can’t be serious about going back to a life of crime. Xander says of course not but then says maybe, pointing out that things are pretty dire right now. Xander argues that he’d only have to smuggle a few diamonds. Sarah argues that he’s not that guy anymore. Sarah encourages him to get an honest job. Xander assures that he will do that and move her in to a place she deserves. Xander decides he’s going to do that right now and exits. Ava then comes around the corner and follows Xander.

Chad doesn’t understand as he thought Alex didn’t feel comfortable deceiving Sloan. Alex says he doesn’t but he decided that helping Stephanie was the right thing to do. Chad asks if she told Paulina the good news. Alex says he doesn’t know as he was just about to check in with Stephanie when Chad busted in. Chad explains that he just didn’t think Stephanie should lose her job over one mistake. Alex responds that Chad came in swinging like he did. Alex asks if that was because he’s a loyal friend and employee or if he actually has feelings for Stephanie?

Stephanie asks if this means Paulina is taking her back. Paulina says the election is a week away so she will need her PR expertise to get her in to the Governor’s mansion. Stephanie asks if she’s sure. Paulina explains that she was only hard on her because she was worried for her daughter’s future. Paulina notes that Stephanie saw what’s in the file and it could ruin Chanel’s life, so she had to take it seriously. Stephanie understands and apologizes for misleading her as she didn’t want to let her down. Stephanie promises it will never happen again. Paulina responds that in the end, she came through and that’s all that matters. Paulina declares that now they can squash Sloan like the cockroach she is.

Sarah uses her phone to search for most effective way to get rid of cockroaches. Maggie comes in and startles her. Maggie questions why the door was open. Sarah tells her there’s a bit of a smell. Maggie brought Sarah lemon squares and admits it was an excuse to see how they were doing in person. Maggie asks where Xander is. Sarah responds that he went to go find a job.

Xander sits in the town square, looking through job listings in the newspaper. Ava appears at the table behind him, and tells him to forget the want ads as she has just the opportunity he needs. Xander turns and questions if she’s talking to him. Ava confirms that she is and tells him to turn back around and be discreet. Xander realizes it’s Ava and questions her disguise. Ava explains that she can’t be seen in public thanks to EJ trying to run her out of town. Xander asks what she did to him. Ava calls it a long story and says all he needs to know is that she won’t let him get away with what he did to her. Ava adds that if Xander helps her get revenge, she will make it worth his while. Xander questions what kind of revenge they are talking about. Ava reveals that she wants Xander to help her kidnap EJ’s mother.

Chad tells Alex that he and Stephanie already explained to him that there’s nothing going on between them. Alex points out that they actually let it slip that something did happen and accuses Chad of avoiding his question. Chad argues that it’s really none of his business and he’s not even sure why they are having this discussion as he thought Alex moved on with Sloan already. Alex clarifies that he has no feelings for Sloan so Chad realizes he’s still stuck on Stephanie. Chad says this might be hard for someone like Alex to comprehend, but she’s just not that in to him.

Paulina can’t wait to see Sloan’s face when she realizes that she and her mystery client are going to get a cent out of her. Stephanie acknowledges that Sloan will be on the warpath because she does not like to lose. Paulina asks if she’ll know how to handle her. Stephanie assures that she already has some ideas. Paulina asks what Sloan can do now that they have all the power in her hands. Paulina says Sloan and her client can talk to the press all they want as they don’t have any proof. Stephanie says she’s just going to be on high alert because sometimes even an unfounded rumor has a way of snowballing in to big trouble. Paulina threatens to slap Sloan with a slander lawsuit if so. Paulina declares that now that they have the file, Sloan can’t hurt them and Chanel is in the clear.

Wendy starts telling Chanel about how she’s not in to women but Chanel clarifies that she wasn’t going to ask her for a threesome. Chanel questions where she even got the idea. Wendy explains how Allie said something yesterday about how they had a threesome with a guy. Chanel insists that was a one time thing as they tried it, they liked it, but they aren’t constantly on the prowl for a third. Wendy asks what Chanel wanted to talk to her about then. Chanel questions what is going on with Wendy and Johnny.

Johnny tells Susan that if he wanted to get back at EJ, he wouldn’t dress up in a costume just to scare him. Susan is glad because the thought of them not getting along makes her unhappy. Johnny admits that he was pretty upset with the way EJ treated Ava. Johnny talks about how he and Ava got pretty close when she moved in. Susan is concerned about Ava being a mafia princess so she doesn’t want Ava leading Johnny in to a life of crime.

Xander questions Ava wanting him to kidnap Susan Banks. Ava brings up EJ having a soft spot for his mother. Xander feels he can’t just snatch up EJ’s mom. Ava assures he will be rewarded and she knows he’s hurting, unless he likes living in the roach motel. Xander questions if she’s been spying on him and his wife. Ava says she wouldn’t call it spying but she happened to hear them talking and he was about to go back to smuggling diamonds. Ava guarantees that her errand is much easier and more lucrative. Xander informs Ava that his wife doesn’t want him going back to his old ways, so his response is going to have to be go to Hell. EJ then approaches and questions who Xander is talking to.

Sarah tells Maggie that the motel isn’t that bad as they will just add some personal touches and it will start to feel like home. Sarah then finds that someone carved “I hope you die” in to one of the end tables. Maggie decides that’s enough and tells Sarah to pack her bags and come home with her. Sarah reminds her that they already tried that and it was less than a day before Victor and Xander declared war on each other. Maggie repeats that she can handle Victor. Sarah says she appreciates that but there’s no way that Xander will go back there now because he wants to prove that he can provide for them and without breaking the law. Sarah mentions Xander joking about diamond smuggling but she assures that she handled him and it’s going to be fine. Sarah is sure that Xander is hot on the heels of an honest living as they speak.

Xander tells EJ that he was talking to himself which EJ calls the first sign of insanity. Xander argues that positive affirmations can improve one’s day. EJ mocks Xander and calls him a glorified babysitter. Xander argues that they had great times together while he was his caretaker, so now he’d appreciate it if EJ returned the favor. EJ questions what kind of favor. Xander explains that he’s temporarily without a job and he’s been looking all morning but nothing is up to his standards, so maybe EJ could hook him up with an executive job at DiMera. EJ questions what he could possibly bring to the table. Xander responds that he happens to have some information that he might find rather interesting.

Susan tells Johnny about her brother Thomas getting pulled in to the seedy world of the underground and she doesn’t want that to happen to Johnny. Johnny assures that she doesn’t have to worry about that with him. Johnny adds that Ava is long gone now anyways thanks to EJ. Susan asks if there’s any chance of Johnny and Chanel getting back together. Johnny reminds her that she’s with Allie now. Susan decides she won’t meddle anymore. Susan encourages Johnny to never give up on finding love because he has such a big heart, so she knows eventually he will find someone to share it with. Susan then puts her hand on Johnny and says she’s sensing that he’s going to find love and it’s just right around the corner…

Wendy tells Chanel that nothing is going on between her and Johnny as they are not in a relationship. Chanel argues that they must be pretty close if he’s calling in favors to find her a place to stay. Wendy asks what are friends for. Chanel admits that was very nice of him, but she just wants to make sure Wendy is not using Johnny. Wendy assures that she’s not. Wendy knows they just met but thinks she will see that she’s a good person. Wendy adds that she and Johnny are just working towards a common goal to uncover whatever secrets his dad and her brother are keeping. Wendy insists that it’s totally platonic between them and that Johnny isn’t even interested in her like that anyway. Chanel apologizes for misreading the situation. Chanel says that she and Allie are just protective over Johnny since Allie is his twin sister and she’s his ex-wife. Chanel notes that Wendy will get to know her pretty quickly too and what happened between her and Johnny. Wendy assures that she’s not judging her. Chanel still feels really bad about hurting Johnny and now he’s just lost Ava, so she and Allie are concerned and don’t want to see him get hurt again. Wendy gets it and repeats that they are just friends so no hearts will be broken.

Chad knows Alex did Stephanie a favor but hopes he knows that won’t change her feelings. Alex responds that he was happy to do it and wasn’t expecting anything in return. Alex questions if he’s sure that she’s cool with Chad speaking on her behalf. Chad says he’s just looking out for a friend while Alex feels he’s marking his territory. Chad argues that he’s not competing with him for Stephanie’s affections. Stephanie arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion and listens from outside the room as Chad tells Alex that if Stephanie shared Alex’s feelings, he’d be cool with that which Alex says he doubts. Chad brings up that his wife just died, so he doesn’t want to move on with anyone right now. Chad tells Alex to leave it alone as he declares that there is nothing going on between himself and Stephanie and there never will be which Stephanie overhears and looks sad. Stephanie then walks in to the room and asks if she’s interrupting something. Chad says not at all. Stephanie asks what brought Chad here this morning. Chad explains that he came to see Victor about saving her job but it turns out she doesn’t need saving anymore. Stephanie confirms that she just dropped the file off with Paulina and she was very pleased, then hired her back on the spot. Stephanie tells Chad that there’s only a week left in the campaign so they are going to be really busy. Chad suggests they get to work. Stephanie mentions that first she actually stopped by to speak to Alex, so she asks Chad to give them a moment alone which makes Alex smile.

Chanel tells Wendy that she’s going back to work. Wendy apologizes again for the whole threesome confusion. Chanel apologizes for accusing her of using Johnny. Chanel and Wendy joke about how Johnny can come off arrogant, but deep down is like a puppy. Johnny then shows up at the door and greets them. Chanel and Wendy both start laughing so Johnny asks what is so funny.

Maggie questions if Sarah thinks Xander is going to smart smuggling diamonds again. Sarah says of course not but she hopes he finds a job soon for his self esteem. Maggie insists on writing a check to give Sarah some money to hold her over. Sarah initially refuses but then Maggie gets up and kills another cockroach, so Sarah goes to get her a pen.

Xander tells EJ that in exchange for a cushy job, he’ll give him some major intel on one of his enemies. EJ questions Xander being willing to sell out Victor and Titan and mocks that being an appealing quality in a new hire. Xander tries to explain but EJ remarks that he’s really not loyal. EJ declares that the difference between them is that he can be devious and ruthless but he also is loyal while Xander is pond scum. EJ says it’s no wonder Victor kicked Xander out of Titan. Xander argues that he chose to leave Titan. EJ mocks Xander going up against Philip and losing. EJ calls Xander a loser and a bum. EJ mocks him going through the want ads in the paper and declares that he’s just not DiMera material. EJ laughs at him losing to Philip and asks how stupid he can be. Xander calls him a pompous ass. EJ comments on him now hurling insults and says he’s quite the interviewee. EJ tells Xander that he considers himself a charitable man, so if he really needs a job, he will provide one for him. EJ jokes that Xander can stop by the house tomorrow because the hedges could use a trim. EJ then laughs and walks away. Ava turns around and asks if Xander still wants her to go to Hell or if he might reconsider her offer.

Chad tells Stephanie that he will go home and get his laptop, then she can call him when she’s ready to work. Stephanie and Alex thank Chad as he exits. Alex then asks Stephanie what she wanted to talk to him about. Stephanie says she just wanted to thank him for helping her out with Sloan as he really came through for her. Alex points out that she already thanked him last night. Stephanie adds that she also wanted to repay him by taking him out to dinner. Alex questions if that’s not crossing a line. Stephanie reveals that she’s decided to make an exception.

Chanel joins Paulina in her office and says she can’t believe the nightmare is truly over. Paulina declares that what happened in the past is going to stay in the past and will never come out. Chanel feels relieved for Paulina. Paulina feels the same for her as they hug.

Johnny tells Wendy that he thought they could do some strategizing on how to best use her new job to figure out what EJ and Li are up to. Wendy assures that she’s got this but she could use his opinion. Wendy asks if she looks okay and if her outfit is alright for her first day at DiMera. Johnny adjusts her collar and tells her she looks perfect.

Susan complains about the candy at the DiMera Mansion. EJ returns home with a chocolate croissant for Susan since he knows they are her favorite.

Sarah thanks Maggie and promises to pay her back as soon as possible. Maggie assures there’s no rush. Sarah insists they will be fine and she knows Xander will come through.

Xander tells Ava that EJ is such a tool but kidnapping is a big deal. Ava argues that he’s done much worse. Xander says that was before. Ava tells Xander that all he has to do is babysit Susan for a little while, like he did with EJ years ago and once EJ pays the ransom, they let Susan go and no one gets hurt. Xander asks how much money they are talking about. Ava says they will take millions from EJ which Xander admits he likes the sound of, but questions how he would keep it secret from his wife. Ava suggests telling her that he won the lottery or something. Ava is sure that Xander will come up with a good cover story as he’s not as stupid as EJ says. Ava asks if Xander is in.

Susan hugs EJ and calls him the best son ever.

Ava argues that Xander could pull off a kidnapping in his sleep and this one will be extra satisfying since he’ll freak out EJ and make a boatload of money. Xander then agrees to do it and declares they will bleed that bastard dry.

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Days Update Monday, October 31, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Sarah has to keep Xander away from the Halloween candy. Victor informs Xander that he has mail. Xander questions how they even know he’s there and if it’s all bill collectors. Victor remarks that Xander can’t pay a single one of them because he doesn’t have a job.

Stephanie tells Chad about how Paulina reacted after Sloan told her about their failed plan. Chad can’t believe Paulina fired her. Stephanie says not only did Paulina fire her, she threatened to ruin her and her business. Chad says he’s sorry. Stephanie responds that she should be apologizing since she hired Chad to work and now there’s nothing to work on like he jumped on board a sinking ship. Chad calls it interesting timing since a few hours ago, EJ offered him a job at DiMera and he turned him down. Stephanie asks if he can call him back to tell him that he changed his mind. Chad responds that he doesn’t want the job at DiMera because he likes working with Stephanie.

Sloan’s doorbell rings as she is handcuffed to her bed and blindfolded while Alex has stolen her file on Paulina and begins going through it. Sloan asks if he’s going to answer the door since she can’t. Alex tells her not to worry and they’ll go away but the doorbell continues ringing. Alex gives in and says he’ll get rid of them but Sloan reminds him that he can’t because she was under the belief that he had taken his clothes off for her. Alex then pretends to put his pants back on and answers the door to see Maggie has brought Holly trick or treating.

At the DiMera Mansion, Susan locks the doors and tells EJ that she’s keeping him safe. EJ insists that he’s fine while Susan complains that he’s not listening. Susan reminds EJ that she said he’s in terrible danger. EJ questions what she is talking about. Susan exclaims that she had a horrible premonition that shook her to her core because someone is out to get him.

Ava sees her dead son Charlie in the DiMera Crypt and questions how this is possible. Charlie asks if she’s really that surprised, reminding her that she saw him last Halloween when the Devil brought him back to life. Ava points out that the Devil is gone. Charlie responds that lucky for her, he’s still here. Ava asks why and how. Charlie then says maybe he’s all in her head or maybe not but he sees he got here just in time.

Xander goes through his bills and says he thought for sure he paid one off. Sarah interrupts to inform Victor that Xander already has a job which Victor questions. Sarah reveals that Jack offered Xander a job at the Spectator. Victor questions the assignment. Sarah informs Victor that it’s an executive job because unlike him, Jack sees what Xander brings to the table. Xander tells Sarah that they can discuss this privately but Sarah continues going off on Victor. Sarah talks about her situation since being stuck on the island and still being on probation at the hospital so Xander isn’t the only one that can’t pull his weight financially. Sarah tells Victor that soon, all of that is going to go away and Xander’s salary at the Spectator will pay off his debts. Xander cuts her off and tells her that it won’t because he didn’t get the job.

Alex tells Maggie that this is a surprise and that he was just visiting a friend. Maggie explains that Holly wanted her to take her for a second round of trick or treating. Holly questions what took Alex so long to answer. Alex says this isn’t his apartment and they were just having a Halloween party. Holly looks inside and questions who the lady on the bed is and why she’s blindfolded.

Susan questions what EJ was thinking by not having the doors locked and asks what kind of security system he has. EJ insists there is no danger. Susan argues that he just doesn’t see it. EJ questions Susan wearing the clown costume which she calls adorable. Susan tells EJ that she put on the costume when she got struck by the horrible premonition that someone was after him.

Ava questions what Charlie got there just in time for. Charlie says he just watched her tell her dead boyfriend that she’s not going to get revenge on EJ DiMera and questions why. Ava asks what good it would do her and says she needs to move on with her life. Ava declares that is why when Tripp goes back to Seattle, she is going with him. Charlie mocks her going back to Seattle with her tail between her legs. Charlie complains about Tripp living in peace while he’s in his grave and now he’ll have his mommy with him. Charlie remarks that Ava seems like the not stop until she gets her vengeance time but guesses she’s making a different decision this time. Ava questions what is so wrong with going to Seattle. Charlie asks if Ava’s not afraid that Joey will smother her in her sleep again.

Susan knows EJ thinks she made all this up but she insists it’s true. Susan reminds him that she was right about Satan and even with the Devil gone, that doesn’t mean EJ is safe from harm. EJ acknowledges that she might not be wrong. Susan asks why he suddenly believes her. EJ admits that earlier in the night, he saw someone outside in the same clown costume and they were holding a knife. EJ says he was looking right at them when Chad came in and startled him. EJ notes that Chad happened to be wearing the same costume. Susan jokes that great minds think alike and wonders who the third clown was. EJ says he just chalked it up to a Halloween prank but Susan promises that it’s not and that this is for real.

Holly asks Alex if the blindfold is part of the lady’s costume and why she’s handcuffed to the bed. Maggie tells Holly that they should get going so they don’t miss out on more candy and Alex can get back to his Halloween party. Holly complains that Alex didn’t give her any candy so he reaches back inside and gives her the whole bowl of candy. Holly exclaims that they hit the jackpot with full size candy bars. Alex offers to walk them out, so Holly asks if he’s coming trick or treating with them. Alex says he would love to, but he can’t. Alex adds that he does have a treat for Maggie as he then sticks the Paulina file folder in to Maggie’s purse, instructing her not to open it and to just hang on to it then he will explain later. Alex thanks her and wishes them a Happy Halloween as they walk away. Alex then heads back inside and tells Sloan that they are gone as he explains it was his Aunt Maggie and her granddaughter. Sloan calls it kind of weird for them to show up at her apartment like that. Alex reminds her that it is Halloween while Sloan comments that it was almost a mood killer. Sloan then asks where they were.

Stephanie tells Chad that it’s her own fault for thinking that she could scam Sloan. Chad points out that it would’ve worked if Leo hadn’t shown up. Stephanie complains that so much about PR is controlling the situation and twisting it to your advantage. Stephanie talks about getting out of situations like this before but this time, she completely botched it. Chad argues that it could’ve been worse. Stephanie questions how. Chad jokes that there could’ve been an office fire. Stephanie eats some of their candy until Chad’s kids, Thomas and Charlotte run in to the room and Charlotte hugs Chad.

Susan tells EJ that All Hallows Eve is one of her favorite nights of the year. EJ questions who was outside in the clown costume. Susan says the question of the hour is who wanted to hurt EJ. EJ jokes that it’d be a long list. Susan points out that it must be someone who is really mad at him or doesn’t like him much. EJ admits that someone does spring to mind. Susan declares that she won’t let them touch a hair on his head. EJ reveals that he’s thinking maybe it’s Johnny which Susan questions. EJ calls it possible. Susan asks why he would think that. EJ explains that he came between Johnny and Ava Vitali.

Ava tells Charlie that Joey is not going to murder her. Charlie asks if she’s sure about that and suggests double locking her door. Ava responds that they’ve moved past their difficulties. Charlie is glad she thinks so but questions what her big plan is in Seattle, mocking what she’ll do for a job. Charlie calls Ava the cold-hearted bitch that wouldn’t even save her own son. Charlie brings up Ava sabotaging the plane that killed Shawn Brady and Colleen which Ava blames on her being drugged. Charlie then brings up Ava framing Rafe and trying to send him to prison. Ava argues that he betrayed her with Nicole. Charlie says there’s always an excuse but she doesn’t have to make excuses for him. Charlie adds that they are more alike than she cares to admit. Charlie tells Ava that if she wants blood, she should go for it.

Sarah questions Xander not getting the job. Xander explains that Jack didn’t think it was a good idea. Sarah argues that Jack is supposed to be his best friend and that he’d be lucky to have him. Sarah starts to call Jack but Xander clarifies that Gwen needed a job too, so Jack hired her at the Spectator and didn’t think it was a good idea for them to work together. Victor questions why that is. Xander admits that Gwen still has feelings for him and apologizes to Sarah for not telling her sooner. Sarah then acknowledges that Jack always had very good instincts. Victor chimes in that he does too which is why he wouldn’t hire Xander either.

Chad reminds his kids that they are supposed to be sleeping. Thomas informs him that Charlotte had a nightmare. Charlotte tells him that it was about a clown. Chad blames himself for his costume. Stephanie adds in that she’s afraid of clowns too. Thomas questions who she is. Chad introduces Thomas and Charlotte to Abigail’s cousin, Stephanie. Thomas questions what she’s doing here and why they haven’t seen her before. Stephanie explains that she hasn’t always lived in Salem and grew up in California. Stephanie talks about Abigail visiting her there and how they watched Child’s Play which gave her nightmares. Charlotte asks what she did. Stephanie says she had Abigail stay up all night with her and calls her the bravest girl she ever met. Stephanie adds that they listened to her favorite song which helped and asks if Charlotte has a favorite song. Charlotte tells her that it’s “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo, so Chad offers to play it on his phone. Charlotte then asks Stephanie to take her back to bed. Stephanie says she’d be happy to and then takes the kids upstairs.

Sloan asks Alex if she can lose the blindfold now, noting that it was exciting at first but she’s losing her mind not seeing him. Alex undoes his shirt and agrees to then remove the blindfold. Sloan complains that he’s not naked. Alex reminds her that he had to answer the door. Sloan points out that they are gone so she tells him to ditch the clothes. Alex responds that he can’t because he can’t stay.

Ava questions how she and Charlie are alike. Charlie calls it obvious as to the outside world, they don’t seem like violent monsters and are just two people desperate for love but never getting it. Ava argues that she’s had love in her life. Charlie acknowledges that but points out that Jake is dead. Charlie brings up the rest of her history, noting Rafe and Steve didn’t want her and the only one that ever truly loved her is him. Ava disagrees. Charlie declares that there’s no love like the love between a mother and her son. Charlie calls Tripp’s love conditional while he loves Ava for who she really is and that is why he came back to help her destroy EJ DiMera.

Susan questions EJ saying that Johnny and Ava were loving each other until he busted it up. EJ argues that it was for their own good as Ava was trying to hurt their family and using his son in the process. Susan says sometimes you have to make kids take their medicine. EJ prefers giving it straight. Susan guesses Johnny didn’t like taking his medicine. EJ brings up that Johnny said something about making him pay even if it’s the last thing he does. Susan questions thinking he meant making him pay by showing up in a clown costume to scare him. EJ asks what she thinks. Susan responds that she needs to ask the spirits.

Xander and Sarah talk about being stuck with so much candy. Victor remarks that he knew it was too much and suggests Xander spend more time figuring out how to pay his bills. Xander tells Victor not to worry as it will all sort itself out. Victor asks how. Sarah announces that she’s going to take care of it but Xander says he can’t let her do that, noting that she’s only working part time and hasn’t been able to save up. Sarah admits she won’t be able to pay it all off at once but she’ll make payments. Sarah tells Xander that it’s okay as he’s her husband and they do things for each other. Xander tells her how happy he is that they got married as they kiss. Victor mocks them and questions Xander letting his wife clean up his mess. Xander says that’s enough. Victor remarks that Xander never has enough and isn’t even man enough to put a roof over his wife’s head. Xander then threatens Victor to shut his mouth or he’ll shut it for him.

Sloan questions Alex having to leave now. Alex reminds her that his Aunt Maggie was at the door. Sloan doesn’t understand and questions if he cares what she thinks about his sex life. Alex claims that as he walked her out, Maggie told him that Victor was on the warpath about Titan business so he has to go take care of it. Sloan questions if that can’t wait. Alex says these things can be time sensitive. Sloan asks what about her surprise. Alex says they are going to have to wait and notes that anticipation can be a good thing. Alex promises next time he’ll be there and he will text her later. Alex goes to leave but Sloan reminds him to uncuff her. Alex tells her it’s been a whole lot of fun. Sloan complains that it’d be more fun if he was staying. Alex tells her that duty calls. Alex says this was nice and he’ll see her soon. Alex kisses her and then exits the apartment.

Susan finds a photo of EJ and Johnny and declares that this will help her find out if Johnny means him harm. Susan holds the photo and calls out to the spirits to ask if Johnny is the one out to get EJ and if he’s the evil clown they are searching for. EJ asks if the spirits are giving her any indication. Susan says the vision is hazy and asks if the spirits can hear her. Susan tells EJ that the spirits are really restless tonight as there is something wicked in the air. Susan warns that whatever is out to get EJ doesn’t want to just scare him, they want to make him suffer.

Charlie tells Ava that she knows she wants to grind EJ under her heel and make him wish he never met her. Charlie brings up Ava reaching out to Gwen but Ava says she’s glad Gwen turned her down. Charlie disagrees and then brings up Xander being strapped for cash and having a corrupted soul, so he asks who better to do her bidding. Ava responds that she doesn’t need anyone to do her bidding. Charlie argues that she can’t go after EJ herself since he’s been itching to send her to prison and that’s why she needs to recruit a desperate goon like Xander to do the dirty work. Ava responds that even if she wanted help making EJ pay, she doesn’t even know what she would tell Xander to do. Charlie says it’s funny she should ask.

Victor asks Xander if he touched a nerve. Xander says he’s sick of it and asks what gives Victor the right to talk to him like that. Victor argues that he built an empire and this is his house so he’s the one who keeps him from being out on the streets so he owes him everything. Maggie then walks in, declaring that she just had the best time trick or treating but then stops and questions what is going on here. Xander announces they are moving out which Maggie questions. Maggie asks what happened as Sarah says she’ll talk to him and follows Xander out. Maggie then turns to Victor and questions what he said to his nephew. Victor claims he has no idea and that he’s not in the mood for lectures. Victor asks for black licorice from the candy bowl but Maggie asks who eats that. Maggie asks him again what he said to Xander and Sarah. Alex then comes in and asks Maggie for the file that he gave her. Maggie gives it to him and asks what this is all about. Alex responds that he’s just doing a favor for a friend and exits, taking some black licorice on the way out so Victor calls him a thief.

Stephanie returns to Chad in the living room and informs him that Thomas and Charlotte are both tucked back in to bed with no nightmares. Chad asks how many times she had to listen to “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo. Stephanie says only 3 or 4 times so Chad jokes that she got off easy. Chad then thanks Stephanie for what she said to Charlotte because he knows hearing stories about her mother makes her feel better. Stephanie says she’d be happy to stop by anytime. Chad says that means a lot. Stephanie decides she should go see Kayla since her brothers were visiting her before going back to Seattle. Chad asks how Kayla is doing. Stephanie says she’s great and getting released from the hospital tomorrow. Chad is glad to hear and she thanks him. Stephanie wishes she had better news to tell Kayla instead of having to tell her she got fired by her most important client. Chad says after everything Kayla just went through, having them together, happy, and healthy is enough and she won’t take that for granted. Chad adds that Stephanie will land another big client before she knows it because she’s talented and dedicated so anyone would be lucky to have her doing their PR. Chad adds that he’s happy to help get this sinking ship floating again. Stephanie says she’s really glad she hired him. They say goodnight as Stephanie then exits.

Charlie tells Ava that he’s been thinking about this a lot and talks about how the DiMeras like to present that nothing can hurt them but everyone has a weakness, even EJ. Ava says she has to go. Charlie tells her that he has faith that she will find EJ’s achilles heel and slice it open. Ava reminds him that Tripp is expecting her. Charlie suggests she message Tripp that she changed her mind and is staying in Salem. Ava says she can’t. Charlie argues that if she doesn’t, she’ll be sitting in Seattle regretting it and thinking every day how EJ bested her. Charlie tells Ava to think of how fun it would be to wipe the grin off EJ’s face. Charlie repeats that he knows who Ava really is and what she really wants, so he suggests she be honest with herself and admit that he’s right. Charlie remarks that a boy’s best friend is his mother. Ava’s vision of Charlie then disappears.

Chad eats a piece of the Halloween candy that he and Stephanie were having before.

Alex runs in to Stephanie at the hospital. She questions what he’s doing here as she thought he had a hot date with Sloan. Alex confirms that he did, but he cut it short and figured he might find her here. Stephanie questions him leaving his date to come see her. Alex reveals the file which shocks Stephanie, who says she thought Alex didn’t want to get involved. Alex explains that he didn’t but he started thinking that if Victor fired her, he’d put him to task to hire a whole new PR firm. Stephanie tells Alex that this is a huge help and thanks him.

Xander and Sarah return to the living room with their bags packed. Xander tells Maggie that they came to say goodbye. Maggie questions them really leaving right now. Xander responds that they have no choice. Maggie asks if they can talk about this and says Victor just can’t help himself. Xander calls it a mistake to come here in the first place. Maggie questions where they will go at this time of night. Sarah acknowledges that Maggie has a point and that Xander has every right to be upset, but questions if they have to rush out right now. Xander responds that he’s willing to listen if Victor wants to apologize. Victor questions why he should apologize for giving him a free place to live and says if he wants to move out, he can move in to a van by the lake. Xander tells Maggie that it’s useless. Sarah asks Xander where they will go. Xander assures that he’ll figure something out. Maggie tells them to call her when they get settled as they then exit the mansion. Maggie tells Victor that she hopes he’s happy.

EJ and Susan eat together. EJ asks if Susan has to go back right away or if she intends on staying. Susan is not sure and really wants to get a clear vision of who is after him. Susan calls Johnny the sweetest other than when he was possessed by the Devil. EJ tells her not to worry about it and that he’ll speak to Johnny when he comes home. Ava then sneaks up to the side door and looks in at them through the window. Ava thinks back to Charlie’s words that there’s no love like the love between a mother and son as she watches EJ with Susan. Ava then pulls out her phone and texts Tripp that she’s changed her mind about going to Seattle as there is something else she has to do.

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Days Update Friday, October 28, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Alex works at the Titan office when he gets a text from Sloan, asking if he’s up for more tricks & treats with a photo of her handcuffs. Alex starts to respond but Stephanie walks in.

Paulina leaves another message for Stephanie that as soon as she gets the file from Sloan, she wants it delivered to her immediately. Paulina thanks Stephanie for all she has done and says that she and Chanel are forever in her debt. Sloan then arrives at Paulina’s office and hopes it isn’t a bad time. Paulina responds that it always is and their business is concluded. Sloan questions who gave her that idea.

Tripp goes to the hospital and finds Steve dressed as a pirate for Halloween. Tripp realizes he missed the kids’ Halloween party. Tripp mentions being on the hospital staff but says it’s an old habit. Steve tells Tripp that he ran in to a kid earlier who was asking about Tripp. Steve suggests Tripp stick around town a little longer. Steve admits he hopes Tripp stays in Salem because he loves having him here. Tripp responds that he loves being here but his life is in Seattle now, so he got a return ticket tonight and he just came to say goodbye.

EJ is at home on the phone with Belle. EJ thanks her and says he’s thrilled to be back running DiMera Enterprises. EJ comments that he doesn’t plan to go public with Ava Vitali’s crimes as long as she abides by their agreement. EJ remarks that he’s sure he’s not the only one celebrating Ava being banished from Salem, never to be seen or heard from ever again. Behind him, Ava then appears outside the back door and looks in through window of the DiMera Mansion.

Sloan warns Paulina that her client is growing very impatient with her games. Paulina argues that she doesn’t play games. Sloan threatens that if Paulina doesn’t pay up, the whole world will know her and Chanel’s dirty little secrets. Paulina questions what she is talking about since Stephanie assured her that everything was resolved. Sloan responds that Stephanie spun a bunch of lies to both of them.

Alex tells Stephanie about closing a deal so he will need her to put together a press release. Stephanie says she will get right on that, but first she hoped she could ask him to do something for her.

Steve questions Tripp already booking his return flight. Tripp says now that Kayla is doing well, it’s time to get back. Steve says it makes sense but notes that Ava won’t be happy if he leaves town without seeing her. Tripp guesses he hasn’t heard. Steve admits he’s been at the hospital 24/7 until now so he asks what he didn’t hear. Tripp reveals to Steve that EJ ran Ava out of town and he has no idea where she is.

EJ tells Belle that he knows Gabi and Ava are out for his blood, but if they come for him, they will live to regret it or maybe they won’t live at all which he calls a little Halloween humor. Ava remains outside the mansion and puts on a clown mask costume with a knife in hand. EJ then turns around and is shocked by what he sees.

Tripp tells Steve that he knows Ava made some bad choices but she was going to marry Jake so that wasn’t a lie. Steve questions if that excuses her from faking a marriage and helping herself to Jake’s DiMera shares. Tripp admits it doesn’t but feels the punishment doesn’t fit the crime since she was grieving while EJ took away her job and home. Steve points out that EJ could have had Ava arrested and sent to prison so he’d say he treated her pretty well considering the circumstances. Tripp argues that EJ had his own ulterior motives but he’d rather not get in to it. Steve questions Tripp having no idea where Ava is which he confirms. Tripp says all he got was a text from her saying she’s fine and would see him soon. Steve says it doesn’t make sense because it’s not like Ava to just give in and leave.

EJ goes to investigate outside when Chad enters the DiMera Mansion in the same clown costume, scaring EJ, who complains that there is someone lurking outside in the same costume. Chad points out that he doesn’t see anybody while EJ insists they were just there.

Sloan tells Paulina that Stephanie crashed and burned and didn’t have the nerve to tell her that she sent Chad to pay her off with counterfeit money. Sloan says she only found out by chance, otherwise she’d be out her retainer and her client could have been arrested for passing fake bills. Paulina doesn’t believe a word of her story. Sloan says she has no reason to lie and questions if Stephanie has called her today. Paulina admits she hasn’t. Sloan wonders why she could be avoiding her. Sloan points out that Paulina is five points ahead in the polls and the election is next week so it would be a terrible time for her daughter’s exploits to be splattered on every news paper in the state.

Alex questions Stephanie asking him for another favor. Stephanie knows she already owes him big time for covering her with Sloan last night. Alex tells Stephanie that he won’t tell Sloan that she broke in to her apartment, but she can’t do it again. Stephanie agrees that she can’t try her luck but she told Paulina that she would present her with Sloan’s incriminating files today and she doesn’t know how she will do that without Alex’s help.

Joey visits with Kayla in the hospital. Kayla mentions that Stephanie told her it’s far more interesting in Salem than Seattle. Kayla talks about there never being a dull moment in Salem and his family is here. Kayla then informs Joey that she was wondering about Wendy Shin because she heard he and Tripp talking about her while they thought she was sleeping and it sounded like they are both kind of in to her. Joey complains about her eavesdropping. Kayla points out that they were in her room and talking very loudly. Joey admits they were and jokes that he’ll let it go this time. Joey tells Kayla that he and Tripp might be kind of in to Wendy but unless she wants Salem to be even more interesting, she definitely wouldn’t want them in an intense competition for the same woman so that won’t work to keep him or Tripp in Salem. Joey tells Kayla that he loves her and assures they will be video chatting all the time and they will visit. Kayla wants Joey to be happy wherever he is. Joey thanks her and asks if she’s still on track to get out tomorrow. Kayla promises she will sign her out herself if she has to. Joey asks if she’s sure it’s not worth to stay a couple more days to make sure she’s okay. Joey comments on all the cards Kayla has been sent. Kayla says she’s been so exhausted that she hasn’t had time to look at them all yet so Joey offers to help her with that. Kayla then opens a card that came with a box of candy, assuming it’s from Julie, but it turns out to be from Orpheus.

Chad thinks EJ probably just saw a trick or treater. EJ argues that they would come to the front door. Chad suggests they got lost or were playing a prank. EJ repeats that they were wearing the exact same costume as Chad. Chad says a hundred other people are too and mentions that it was on sale when he took Thomas and Charlotte to the town square. Chad insists that EJ probably just saw a kid. EJ supposes he’s right. Chad asks why he wanted to see him as he has to get home to the kids. EJ declares that he would like Chad to come back to work at DiMera.

Stephanie informs Alex that she still thinks the file is in the locked cabinet in Sloan’s apartment. Alex calls that total speculation. Stephanie points out that it wouldn’t be if she had a chance to pick the lock. Alex reminds her that they just agreed she can’t do that again. Stephanie agrees but suggests maybe someone who is a welcome visitor to Sloan’s bedroom could somehow find the opportunity. Alex questions if she’s asking him to pick a lock and legit commit a crime. Stephanie remarks that he probably doesn’t have the skills. Alex says that’s not the point. Stephanie suggests he could look around and find the key. Alex thinks he knows where the key is but he also thinks stealing from Sloan is crossing a major line. Stephanie tells him to think about the lines Sloan has crossed and that she never should’ve had these materials in the first place. Stephanie admits she thought helping Paulina get elected would be simple but she’s never dealt with blackmail before and thought she could just do her usual spin out of it. Alex talks about how she always thinks she can get out of things until she can’t and now she’s asking him to fix things for her. Stephanie argues that this isn’t just about her but about Paulina and her family. Stephanie adds that it’s about so much more than that, the future of their community and state. Alex says she’s laying it on thick. Stephanie states that Paulina’s campaign is more than just a job to her as she believe she will do great things for the state. Stephanie declares that she would work for Paulina for free. Alex uses that to joke about the ridiculous rate she is charging Titan. Stephanie asks if he will help her or not. Alex wants to be clear on what exactly she is asking from him. Alex questions if she’s asking him to go have sex with Sloan. Stephanie argues that he can go look for a key without having sex with her. Alex says there are no real feelings between he and Sloan but he doesn’t feel comfortable going to her apartment with a secret agenda of stealing from her. Stephanie decides she shouldn’t have asked him to do this as it’s her problem and she should handle it herself. Stephanie then exits to go deal with the press release.

Paulina complains of Sloan blackmailing her. Sloan calls it business. Paulina threatens to report her to the state BAR for unethical practices when she becomes Governor. Sloan warns that she will never be Governor if she doesn’t make this deal. Sloan adds that her stalling isn’t winning points with her client. Sloan then declares that the price just went up dramatically. Paulina decides she wants to deal with the client directly but Sloan says she gets paid to protect the client’s anonymity so she will deal with her and only her. Sloan hands Paulina the new price and the number for the offshore account. Sloan then declares that if the money isn’t in there by the morning, Paulina’s political career is over and so is her daughter’s life as she knows it. Sloan then exits the office.

Tripp agrees with Steve that it’s not like Ava to let go of anything without a fight, but he thinks that falling in love with Jake and then losing him so suddenly took all the fight out of her. Steve hopes that’s true for his sake because he knows he’s devoted to his mom and doesn’t want him to worry all the time. Steve mentions Joey being in with Kayla, so he invited Tripp to come join them to say goodbye. Tripp says he’ll be there in a minute as he’s going to text Ava that he’s heading out tonight since he’s still hoping to see her before he leaves. Steve says he hopes so too and heads to Kayla’s room. Ava then arrives in her clown costume and reveals herself to Tripp.

Joey complains about Orpheus sending Kayla a get well card and asks what it says. Steve then enters the room and asks what’s wrong. Joey informs him that Orpheus sent her a gift. Steve reads the card which says “Congratulations, you lived to tell the tale. I don’t know how you managed to get your hands on the serum but I’m man enough to admit I’ve been bested.” Orpheus goes on to acknowledge that he’s heading back to prison after screwing up his pardon but that the ladies will never be far from his thoughts.

Tripp brings Ava to a waiting room at the hospital and questions what she is doing here. Ava says she knew he was leaving town so she figured he’d be here with his family. Tripp tells her that he’s been worried about her and hates what EJ did to her. Tripp adds that he really got in to it with EJ and punched him in the face. Tripp asks what Ava’s plan is, where she is staying and if she has any money. Ava says she’s making due. Tripp asks if she needs anything and argues that she shouldn’t have to sneak around. Ava says she won’t have to sneak around much longer and says Tripp is the last person left that she cares about other than her grandson who barely knows her. Tripp then invites Ava to come back to Seattle with him.

Chad asks EJ what exactly he would be doing at DiMera. EJ says it’s whatever he wants and that Chad can name his terms since he knows the company inside and out, so he needs him on his team. EJ adds that his stock shares will be returned to him. Chad calls that unexpected. EJ explains that having the company back in the family’s hands means everything to him but having everyone getting along and working together means even more. Chad tells EJ that it means a lot and he’s very grateful that they were able to make amends. Chad says he’s flattered but he has to say no to the offer.

Alex goes to Sloan’s apartment dressed as a cop. Sloan jokes about playing dress up. Sloan tells him that she could really use a de-stress because she had a hell of a day. Alex asks what happened. Sloan responds that she can’t disclose details about her cases but brings up Alex hiring Stephanie at Titan and suggests that he get rid of her. Alex asks why but Sloan repeats that she can’t go in to detail. Sloan calls Stephanie an incompetent lying bitch. Alex says he’s sorry to hear that but he didn’t come to talk about business, but to handle it. Alex decides this time he will handcuff Sloan.

Stephanie goes to Paulina’s office and tells her that she got her messages. Paulina asks if she has the materials from Sloan. Stephanie says she doesn’t have them right this minute but she’s working on it as she speaks. Paulina complains that she’s furious because Sloan was just here a few minutes ago. Stephanie guesses she is fired.

Tripp swears that cost of living in Seattle won’t be a problem for Ava as she can stay with he and Joey in Stephanie’s old room. Ava points out that Joey wouldn’t be too happy about that. Tripp asks what the alternative is and if she’s going to go back to her old life in Philadelphia. Ava responds that she couldn’t even if she wanted to because cousin Angelo made it clear there’s no room. Tripp insists on Ava coming to stay with him and says Joey is his brother so he will understand. Tripp argues that Ava has worked too hard to turn her life around and doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. Tripp pleads with Ava to come with him and let him help her out for a change. Ava then agrees to go but adds that there’s one thing she needs to take care of first.

EJ jokes with Chad that it’s hard to take rejection from a clown seriously. Chad gets that EJ is not used to hearing no. EJ admits he’s painfully aware that he treated him abysmally last time they worked together but promises that this time will be different. Chad tells EJ that means a lot to him and he appreciates it. Chad says he probably would say yes to the offer but he’s already taken another job. EJ says he knows about that as he read the press release that he’s consulting at SJ PR. EJ argues that the company can’t be much of a future for him, pointing out that they are going to lose a major client a week after the election and he’d have a lot more responsibility at DiMera. Chad responds that he doesn’t want more responsibility as he’s just dipping his toes back in and can choose how much he handle there which he appreciates. EJ tells him that he can come back to DiMera at his own pace then. Chad states that PR is different and he kind of likes it and he really likes working with Stephanie. EJ thought he detected something when he said Stephanie’s name but Chad assures that he’s not ready to date yet and probably won’t be for a very long time. EJ understands and says if Chad’s happy at his job then he’s happy for him, but if he ever changes his mind, the door to DiMera will always be open. Chad thanks him and says he really appreciates that. EJ hugs Chad and sends his love to his kids. EJ tells Chad that he’ll still get his shares back. Chad asks if Kate will get her shares back but EJ says never.

Steve finishes a call with John and informs Kayla and Joey that Marlena and Kate got the same card from Orpheus. Steve argues that Orpheus knows he failed in his mission, so he’s doing everything he can to make them think he’s still a threat, but he thinks Orpheus knows that he can’t beat them. Steve assures Kayla that Orpheus is never going to beat them. Tripp enters the room and says it looks like he’s late for the party. Tripp then asks what’s going on. Steve says it’s nothing he needs to worry about. Kayla brings up hearing that Tripp and Joey are determined to go back to Seattle tonight. Tripp informs Joey that they might have a little company staying with them for a little while.

Stephanie tells Paulina that she can explain but Paulina doesn’t want to hear it. Paulina complains that Stephanie lied to her over and over again and assured that she had the situation under control when all she’s done is make it even worse. Paulina questions what Stephanie was thinking by trying to pay off a blackmailer with fake money. Paulina complains about Stephanie not letting her know what was going on or giving her a chance to decide how to handle it. Paulina declares that now because of Stephanie’s foolishness, Sloan’s client is demanding even more money and she has no choice but to pay it. Stephanie responds that she knows where the documents are and asks for a chance to get her hands on them so she can make this right. Paulina asks how many times she’s heard that. Stephanie insists that she’s been working 24/7 to fix this but Paulina says she hasn’t accomplished anything. Stephanie reminds Paulina that she said if she pays Sloan, the demands will never stop. Paulina argues that thanks to Stephanie, she has no other choice.

Alex handcuffs Sloan to her bed and then blindfolds her. Sloan says now she can’t see him. Alex says the point is for her not to see what’s coming as he kisses her. Alex then reaches in to Sloan’s purse and says he has a surprise for her as he steals her keys. Sloan questions what he’s doing. Alex claims he’s getting undressed as he goes to unlock her filing cabinet. Sloan asks what that noise is. Alex repeats that it’s a surprise. Alex talks about a story he heard about his cousin handcuffing someone at a sex party and then not even having sex with them. Alex then retrieves the folder titled “Price” from the cabinet.

Stephanie apologizes to Paulina. Paulina doesn’t want to hear another word from her and says she can’t risk this secret coming out and ruining her chances of becoming Governor and more importantly, Chanel’s life. Stephanie repeats that she’s so sorry. Paulina warns that Stephanie will be even more sorry when she calls Victor and all of her other high profile clients to tell them that they need to cut ties with her ASAP. Paulina declares that by the time she’s done with her, SJ PR willl be DOA.

Joey questions Tripp inviting his mother to live with them without even asking him. Steve questions Ava agreeing. Tripp points out that Ava didn’t have much choice as she has nowhere else to go. Tripp adds that Ava is sad, lost, and alone but she is his mom. Joey questions wanting her to be their roommate. Kayla asks if she can’t talk Joey in to staying in Salem now.

EJ goes back to working at home and looks behind him, then tells himself to get a grip as there’s no knife wielding killer out there. The door then opens and EJ sees the person in the clown costume once again.

Stephanie goes to see Chad. Chad asks if she wants him to come in to work but Stephanie says not tonight and maybe not ever because she just got fired.

Sloan’s doorbell rings which startles Alex as Sloan remarks about the lousy timing.

EJ grabs a knife and demands to know who the clown is and what they want. She unmasks to reveal EJ’s mother, Susan Banks. EJ questions what she is doing here. Susan exclaims that she has to tell him something very important. Susan then tells EJ that he is in terrible danger.

Ava goes to the DiMera Crypt and tells Jake’s plaque that this is goodbye as she is leaving town. Ava says other than her grandson Henry, the only thing she’s sad to leave is Jake. Ava talks about what a big decision this was for her as she was determined to get revenge on EJ for what he did to them but she talked to her son Tripp and decided to just let it go. The door then opens and Ava’s dead son Charlie appears and declares that was her first mistake, listening to the wrong son.

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Days Update Thursday, October 27, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Brady and Kristen’s daughter Rachel brings Marlena pumpkin pancakes at home. Rachel is dressed as a princess for Halloween and then Kristen joins her in the room, dressed as a queen. Rachel mentions that Brady will be a king. Kristen comments that they will then be the royal family. Rachel asks if there’s room for Marlena in the royal family. Kristen guesses that is up to Marlena.

Brady enters Kristen’s room and finds her bag on the bed. Brady opens it up but John walks in and questions what Brady is doing by going through Kristen’s things.

Nicole brings Holly to the Basic Black office. Holly runs in and excitedly hugs Eric. Eric tells her that she looks terrific and so does Nicole.

Stefan brings Chloe in to the DiMera Mansion and invites her to have coffee. Chloe doesn’t want to interrupt him working but Stefan says he’s just getting caught up on DiMera Enterprises. Stefan picks up a stack of papers and sees his divorce papers, then he flashes back to signing them. Chloe asks Stefan what’s wrong. Stefan claims nothing at all.

Li calls Dr. Rolf from his room at the Salem Inn. Li tells him that Gabi told him about confronting him at the lab. Li wants to know how Dr. Rolf convinced Gabi that he didn’t brainwash Stefan so they can keep their stories straight. Li questions what exactly Rolf told Gabi that got her to back down. Dr. Rolf reveals that he injected her with a drug to erase her memory because he told her the truth. Li argues that he wouldn’t have had to erase her memory if he didn’t tell her what she was never supposed to know. Li angrily calls Dr. Rolf spineless until Gabi comes out of the bathroom in a cat costume and questions who Li is talking to. Li hangs up and lies to her about the call being work related. Li tells Gabi that all she has to do is trust him when it comes to them taking over DiMera.

Stefan tells Chloe that he’s been thinking about her non stop. Chloe brought back the sunglasses and shirt from when he created a beach set up in her hotel room but Stefan says there’s no need and that they are a gift. Chloe thanks him and decides she should go but Stefan points out that she hasn’t had her coffee yet. Chloe then takes it and thanks him. Stefan calls it very kind of her to stop by and drop the stuff off so quickly, but he was hoping that she was just stopping by to see him.

Marlena compliments Rachel’s pancakes and thanks her. Kristen sends Rachel to the kitchen to get some jelly. Kristen then mocks Marlena’s Halloween spirit. Marlena thinks Rachel is pretty excited while Kristen complains that Marlena is treating her like an intruder. Kristen feels Rachel can see Marlena sneering at her. Marlena points out that this is Brady’s home and he invited her here without notice or warning. Marlena feels sad for Chloe because she thinks she and Brady were very happy together. Kristen argues that she can take that up with Brady because it was his idea to dump Chloe.

Brady claims that he wasn’t going through Kristen’s things but looking for Rachel’s favorite stuffed animal and now he found it. John tells Brady to cut the crap and questions him breaking up with Chloe out of the blue and now they have Kristen DiMera. John says when he asks him repeatedly, he goes in to his doing it for Rachel mantra. John questions it not being good for Rachel and how Brady could move Kristen in without talking to Marlena first. John asks if Brady has forgotten what Kristen has done to Marlena and everyone she loves. Brady shouts that he hasn’t. Brady apologizes and says things moved fast with Kristen and he intended to tell him. Brady asks John to just believe him when he says he’s doing what is best for the people he loves. John responds that he never doubted that for a moment but argues that he can trust him and tell him whatever the hell is going on here.

Holly invites Eric to come with her and Nicole to the town square but Nicole points out that Eric is working. Holly talks about all the candy they give out. Eric suggests Holly come back after in her costume and they can take photos. Nicole then gets a text and declares that she has to work today now too. Holly questions who is going to take her trick or treating.

Li tells Gabi that he likes her outfit a lot. Gabi explains that she’s taking her daughter Arianna to the Horton Town Scare where they decorate the town square and give out candy. Gabi talks about how Arianna wanted them to be cats and she’s missed so many Halloweens with her. Gabi feels now that she’s out of work, she’s making up for lost time. Gabi comments that Arianna will be a teenager soon and won’t want anything to do with her. Li remarks that he cannot imagine anyone wanting nothing to do with her. Gabi asks what about Stefan.

Chloe admits that she did want to see Stefan but it didn’t seem fair since she’s not the greatest company these days. Stefan says he’ll be the judge of that. Chloe brings up Stefan saying he was madly in love with her. Chloe thinks Stefan wants a girlfriend while she just wants pretend trips, so it didn’t seem fair to let him think it was something else. Stefan tells her not to worry about being fair as he enjoys spending time with her. Stefan knows she won’t get over Brady in a day and says it wasn’t cool how he dumped her. Chloe says she understands that Rachel hates her and Brady is really worried about her. Stefan feels it still doesn’t excuse how he treated her. Chloe gets that Brady is under pressure but doesn’t understand letting Kristen move in to John and Marlena’s. Chloe apologizes for talking about Stefan’s sister. Stefan acknowledges that Kristen is not popular. Chloe repeats that moving Kristen in to the house makes no sense and calls it so absurd. Chloe says she didn’t come to unload all her problems on him but Stefan says that’s what he’s here for. Stefan offers Chloe breakfast. Chloe says she’s late for work but Stefan convinces her to stay for 30 minutes and adds that they can pretend they are on Miami Beach.

Kristen tells Marlena that she’s always been mystified by Chloe’s ability to garner sympathy. Rachel returns with jelly for Marlena’s pancakes. Rachel asks if they were fighting. Kristen says no and that they were just waiting for King Brady. Kristen wonders where Brady and John are.

Brady tells John that he trusts him more than anyone on the planet and he knows this must be hard for him. John argues that he knows Brady is just handing him a cover story. Brady repeats to John that he’s doing what he thinks is best for his family and he’s doing it the way John would do it. Brady asks John to trust him. John asks if he’s sure there is nothing he can do to help him. Kristen comes in and interrupts them, questioning them being in her room, going through her things, and talking about her. John responds that it’s his house and Brady is his son, so he can talk to him when and where he wants to about anything he wants to. John then exits the room. Kristen tells Brady that this is only day one so she hopes John won’t crack under pressure. Brady assures that he won’t and neither will Marlena. Kristen says not to expect her to because she can take whatever they dish out. Brady asks if she’s given one ounce of thought about the environment she’s created for Rachel. Kristen complains about Brady so he tells her to move out. Kristen accuses Brady of invading her privacy and says she may be many things but not stupid. Kristen reminds Brady that her hold over him is that she has the serum to help Marlena. Kristen says if Brady had the serum, she would not have hold of him, so it’s not in her underwear drawer or under the floor boards. Kristen declares that the serum is some place where he will never find it and he is under her thumb.

Li acknowledges that Stefan hurt Gabi but says any man who doesn’t want to be with her is a damn fool. Gabi says it’s just the way that Stefan hates her and how it’s different from when they first met. Gabi says they used to fight but had an underlying connection and now he looks at her like she makes him sick. Gabi adds that’s why she knew Dr. Rolf had to have done something but she talked to Rolf and found out it wasn’t true. Li reminds Gabi that Stefan’s attitude towards her makes moving on easier because the Stefan that she knew and loved is gone, but he’s here and swears that the way he feels about her will never change. Gabi says she feels the same about Li and will concentrate on him. Gabi swears to forget about Stefan as she kisses Li.

Stefan and Chloe have breakfast together until Chloe gets a call from Nicole. Chloe tells her that she’s on her way. Nicole apologizes and says she needs a big favor. Nicole asks Chloe to take Holly to the Horton Town Scare because she promised they would go but something came up. Chloe says she’d love to so Nicole asks her to pick Holly up from the office. Chloe says she’ll be right there and hangs up. Chloe tells Stefan that it must be her lucky day as first she gets breakfast with him and now gets to take Holly trick or treating. Stefan offers to go with her.

John brings Rachel her favorite stuffed animal. Rachel goes to get John some orange juice. Marlena asks if everything is okay. John doesn’t think so and asks if she does.

Kristen tells Brady that she’s not angry with him which Brady laughs at. Kristen says she expected him to go searching for the serum but reiterates that he’s not going to find it. Kristen asks Brady to accept what he cannot change. Brady points out that she never does. Kristen thinks the three of them need serenity. Kristen declares that what they wanted is in their grasp and asks Brady to stop fighting it. Kristen reminds Brady that not long ago, he wanted them to be a family and now they are. Brady disagrees and says she’ll always be Rachel’s mother but what they had is gone. Brady tells Kristen that using three human beings to blackmail him is not a family. Kristen asks if Brady wants power over her and to bring her to her knees. Kristen sits on the bed and suggests this could be the time and place to do just that. Brady tells her no, not here, now or ever. Kristen says she wouldn’t count on that, remarking that there is a thin line between love and hate. Kristen reminds Brady that he used to love her. Brady argues that she’s not the woman he used to love because the Kristen he loved would never humiliate herself by trying to blackmail someone in to sleeping with her. Brady concedes that she has all the power and can make him do whatever she wants, but she can’t change how he feels and what he feels for her is contempt. Brady then walks out of the room. Kristen remarks that Brady is not going to win this one.

Stefan tells Chloe that he and Holly are like old friends and used to hang out all the time when she lived in the mansion. Chloe admits that Holly always liked him. Stefan decides the three of them will go together then. Chloe points out that they don’t have costumes, but Stefan says they do.

Gabi apologizes to Li for continuing to talk about Stefan. Li understands that her husband came back from the dead so she’s going to talk about him. Gabi admits that she’s having a hard time accepting that Stefan hates her and that’s why she was sure that Dr. Rolf did something to him but she knows that’s not true. Gabi feels like when Stefan died, so did his love for her. Gabi knows it’s over and they signed the divorce papers. Gabi thanks God that she has Li. Li responds that she always will. Gabi kisses him and says she has to get going to pick up Arianna from the Kiriakis Mansion. Li offers to go with her. Gabi says it’s for the kids and corny so she thinks he would hate it. Li thinks it sounds like a really good way for he and Arianna to get to know each other better. Gabi asks if he doesn’t have to go to work. Li says he can take the morning off, but he doesn’t have a costume. Gabi points out that she and Arianna are both cats, but Arianna doesn’t want to wear her cat ears because she says it messes up her hair, so she puts the ears on Li and they kiss.

Kristen rejoins Rachel in the living room and wonders what’s taking Brady so long. Rachel offers to go get him but Kristen decides to give him another five minutes. Kristen invites Marlena and John to come with them which Rachel agrees with. Marlena points out that they don’t have costumes. Kristen asks about Marlena’s Devil costume from last year and suggests John could find a collar around here. Kristen asks if it’s too soon. John says they will pass so Kristen says maybe next year. Brady then comes in dressed as a King. Brady, Kristen, and Rachel then exit together. John tells Marlena that this is a nightmare. Marlena points out that Rachel is having a good time. John says that helps some but Brady refuses to tell him what’s going on here. Marlena admits she’s baffled as she can’t figure out why Brady brought Kristen to stay with them.

Nicole finishes a call and tells Eric that they loved their proofs but the problem is, they want more photos now so they are sending over more clothes. Eric thinks that’s good news but Nicole says there’s more as they want her to do that shoot too. Eric isn’t seeing why this is bad news. Nicole says she wanted to spend time with Holly. Eric points out that Holly seemed pretty happy to go with Chloe and Stefan. Eric suggests they zip through it and get Nicole there in time to catch up with them. Nicole doesn’t want Eric to rush through the photoshoot because they were crazy about his work and this could get his photography career started again. Eric declares that when Nicole is the model, everything just works better and faster and they work really well together.

Stefan and Chloe bring Holly to the town square, dressed in their beach outfits while Holly is dressed as a shark. Holly goes to the bakery to get a brownie. Chloe tells Stefan that Holly seems to remember everything they did together. Stefan jokes about introducing her to Metallica and the Fast and the Furious. Stefan states that when he’s with Chloe, it’s like he’s not a money-driven corporate warrior. Gabi and Li arrive with Arianna. Gabi remarks that she really didn’t expect to see Stefan here.

Eric sets up for the photoshoot and tells Nicole that he’s ready whenever she is. Nicole comes out in a red dress and asks where he wants her.

Holly and Arianna run off together to get popcorn. Li gets a call from his dad and steps away to take it while Chloe goes to help Holly with her costume, leaving Gabi and Stefan. Stefan tells Gabi that she doesn’t need to make small talk. Gabi agrees that they have absolutely nothing to say to each other.

Marlena tells John that he hasn’t said a word in 20 minutes. John responds that he’s just mulling over something that Brady said when he was pounding him about leaving Chloe and moving Kristen in. John informs her that Brady said he’s doing what he thinks is best for the people he loves, not for Rachel, but the people he loves. John thinks he knows why Brady was in Kristen’s room going through her things, because he was looking for that serum.

Brady and Kristen bring Rachel to the town square and she goes to join the kids in bobbing for apples. Kristen comments on missing doing these things together and asks Brady to meet her halfway for Rachel’s sake. Brady argues that none of what Kristen is doing is for Rachel’s sake. Kristen argues that Rachel has never been happier with everyone she loves under one roof. Kristen adds that she’s making a huge sacrifice by living with John and Marlena. Kristen then sees a kid cut in front of Rachel so she decides to go make him regret it. Brady remarks to himself that it won’t be as much as he regrets ever laying eyes on her. Brady then turns around and runs in to Chloe.

John tells Marlena that they know Dr. Rolf was always on the DiMera payroll, so he asks what if Kristen got the serum from Dr. Rolf and used it to blackmail Brady. Marlena argues that it doesn’t make sense because Brady would have left Kristen and gone back to Chloe as soon as they got better, but instead, he moved Kristen in. John wonders why Brady was in her room then. John declares that whatever is going on, Kristen is calling all the shots and Brady is doing whatever he can to try and change that.

Chloe and Brady greet one another. Brady comments on still not believing adults should wear Halloween costumes but he’s doing it for Rachel. Kristen comes back and comments that she saw Chloe arrive with Stefan and she knows he adores her. Chloe says she hopes Rachel has a happy Halloween and walks away while Kristen remarks that she will because she’s with her parents and is very happy that they are a family again. Chloe goes back over to Stefan. Gabi comments on Chloe being with Holly and questions if Nicole is okay.

Eric and Nicole go over her photos. Eric picks one and says she looks beautiful. Nicole then goes to change out of her dress.

Chloe informs Gabi that Nicole asked her to take Holly. Stefan adds that he volunteered to tag along. Gabi asks how Brady feels about that. Chloe clarifies that she and Brady are no longer together. Gabi acknowledges that’s why Brady is here with Kristen. Chloe points out that Brady is here mainly for Rachel. Gabi remarks on Stefan not wasting any time making his move. Chloe responds that Stefan and Holly are her friends. Gabi mocks the idea that Stefan came to hang out with Holly and storms off. Li follows Gabi and asks if she’s okay. Gabi claims she’s fine and is just surprised to see Chloe and Brady broke up because she saw them a few minutes ago and it looked like there was still a connection. Gabi goes to check on Arianna while Li complains to himself about there still being a connection between Gabi and Stefan. Chloe apologizes to Stefan about Gabi but Stefan assures that they just signed the divorce papers and it’s exactly what he wanted. Chloe knows it’s not easy as she has experience. Stefan hugs Chloe while Gabi looks on. Kristen comes over to Li and remarks that it looks like they both got what they wanted. Kristen then goes back to Brady while Gabi rejoins Li.

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Days Update Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Abe hopes Paulina is kidding about hiring Leo. Paulina confirms that Leo is her new assistant to work on the campaign. Abe warns Leo not to get comfortable. Paulina questions what is wrong with her hiring Leo. Abe asks where he should begin.

Johnny finds Wendy in the town square and informs him that he spoke to his sister so Wendy is free to stay with her and her girlfriend until she finds a place. Wendy can’t believe it and calls him her savior. Wendy says this is so unbelievably nice of them. Wendy asks if Johnny’s sister is gay. Johnny clarifies that she is bi and so is her girlfriend, then adds that her girlfriend used to be his wife.

Allie asks Chanel what she wanted to tell her before. Chanel then gets Paulina’s text, saying their problem is going to be taken care of and things are looking up, so she tells Allie that she doesn’t even remember so it must not have been that important. Allie points out that she seemed really upset and questions her just not remembering.

Sloan meets Chad at the Brady Pub and questions Stephanie not being there when this is a major deal. Chad assures they will be just fine and offers her a drink. Sloan calls him quite the charmer but continues to question where Stephanie is.

Stephanie successfully breaks in to Sloan’s apartment and finds Alex inside, handcuffed to the bed. Both are shocked and question what the other is doing there. Alex remarks that it’s obvious what he’s doing here. Stephanie points out that he’s doing it alone. Alex informs her that Sloan had to go to a meeting. Stephanie asks if he’s okay with Sloan just leaving him handcuffed. Alex argues that what’s happening here is between two consenting adults so it’s not a crime, while Stephanie just committed a felony by picking the lock which means she wasn’t expecting Sloan to be here. Alex asks Stephanie again what the hell she’s doing here.

Chad informs Sloan that Stephanie isn’t there because it allows her a certain plausible deniability. Sloan questions the sudden urge to make the deal. Chad says they got the funds together so they are anxious to get the deal done. Chad asks her to give him the materials and then he will give her what’s in the briefcase. Sloan questions who talked Paulina in to the deal since she seemed pretty dead set against it. Chad responds that he can be very persuasive. Chad tells Sloan to show hers and then he’ll show his. Sloan remarks that she’s starting to understand why they sent him to meet her.

Wendy questions Johnny’s sister dating his ex-wife. Johnny adds that Allie is his twin sister but they have different dads. Wendy can’t believe it but Johnny swears it’s the truth as they sit together. Johnny talks about he and Chanel hitting it off right away but then he found out Chanel and Allie were old friends that had kissed a few times but they were in other relationships at the time. Johnny tells Wendy about how he and Chanel flew to Italy and got married but then The Devil came along and ruined everything. Johnny adds that after a bunch more drama, he and Allie both wanted to be with Chanel but she chose Allie. Wendy understands that must have been really hard for him. Johnny admits that it was but says he’s really happy for them now.

Chanel questions what made Allie think she was upset. Allie reminds her that she said no when she asked if everything was okay and now she’s acting like she can’t remember why. Chanel then says she has to run an errand and will be right back. Allie questions Chanel leaving when Johnny is about to bring Wendy over. Chanel promises to be quick and hurries out of the apartment.

Abe informs Paulina that Leo was recently facing multiple felony charges. Paulina exclaims that she knew Leo looked familiar and remembers that he was arrested for the murder of Abigail DiMera and stabbing Sonny Kiriakis. Leo argues that he was totally exonerated while Abe says he’s hardly innocent. Abe brings up how Leo blackmailed Sonny in to marrying him and conned Craig Wesley in to becoming his husband so there’s a pattern here. Abe calls Leo a gold digger. Leo argues that he was but now he’ll be earning his own by working a legitimate job. Leo questions if he doesn’t deserve a second chance but Paulina does when she’s made mistakes. Leo brings up Lani bring in prison. Paulina decides she likes Leo’s spirit. Abe warns Paulina not to let Leo fool her. Paulina says she has a gut feeling about Leo and that almost always pays off. Paulina tells Leo not to make her regret hiring him. Leo assures that he looks forward to serving her and he will see her at 9 AM as he then exits the office. Abe picks up Leo’s donkey mask and tells Paulina that he can’t believe she hired this jackass.

Wendy tells Johnny that it’s a bummer how things ended for him with Chanel. Wendy asks if he’s seeing anyone else now. Johnny says no and admits he came close with someone he really cared about but then his dad forced her to leave town. Wendy asks if that’s something his dad does a lot because she was talking to Tripp earlier. Johnny is surprised to learn Wendy knows Tripp. Wendy explains that she met Tripp and Joey in Hong Kong last summer. Wendy informs Johnny that Tripp told her that EJ forced his mom out of town, but then realizes Tripp’s mother is who Johnny was interested in. Wendy points out that Ava’s old enough to be his mother but Johnny says so what. Johnny praises Ava as great, funny, smart, and beautiful. Wendy tells him that she’s sorry it ended. Johnny jokes that it wasn’t as humiliating as what happened with Chanel since he didn’t lose her to his sister.

Sonny goes to Allie’s and brings her a picture frame that Arianna made her in art class for her birthday. Allie asks how Will is. Sonny says he’s good but busy. Allie guesses Sonny misses him. Sonny admits he does a lot. Allie tells Sonny that he can always come over any time he’s bored or lonely even though it’s often dull around here. Sonny questions that and brings up them being friends with Alex. Sonny asks if Alex isn’t keeping things exciting.

Alex says if Stephanie’s not talking, he’ll have to ask Sloan when she gets home, why Stephanie broke in to her apartment. Stephanie tells him not to so Alex tells her to start talking. Stephanie then informs him that Sloan is blackmailing one of her clients and they have a file full of damaging materials and they want money. Alex questions who the client is but Stephanie says she can’t tell him. Alex guesses that it’s Paulina. Stephanie says it’s a dirty deal and Sloan is fronting it. Stephanie remarks that Alex has horrible taste in women. Alex points out that he used to be attracted to her and calls it her loss. Stephanie questions how it doesn’t bother him to be sleeping with a snake. Alex blows it off. Stephanie argues that Sloan has no conscience or soul and profits off greedy cowards. Alex reminds Stephanie that she broke in which is a crime and questions how she knew Sloan wouldn’t be home.

Chad tells Sloan that he’s ready to do this and questions if she’s not. Sloan says she is but she wasn’t sure she could trust him, so she didn’t bring all the materials he’s asking for but he can just go back to her place and get them. Chad tells her there’s no rush. Sloan thought he was ready to do this. Chad suggests they take advantage of Stephanie not being there and says instead of working against each other, they can work together. Sloan doesn’t know what he means. Chad offers to go to Stephanie and tell her they couldn’t make a deal and that Sloan doubled the price, so Paulina pays up and they split it. Sloan remarks that she thought Chad was the good DiMera. Chad responds that something very bad happened in his life recently and that changes the way you see the world. Chad removes a stack of bills from the briefcase and suggests they talk it over drinks. Leo interrupts and asks if Chad’s giving that way then says to count him in. Chad questions what Leo is doing here. Leo responds that he smelled money.

Johnny tells Wendy that Ava is a very special person and was going through a hard time while he was rebounding. Johnny says nothing happened but now he’ll never know if anything would have thanks to EJ. Wendy understands Johnny’s motivation to take EJ down and realizes this isn’t just about having Stefan’s back after what EJ and Li did to him. Johnny admits it’s personal for him but he wants to move through it all and move on to something or someone less complicated. Johnny then decides they should get going to Allie’s.

Allie tells Sonny that Alex can be a lot of fun and that she and Chanel really like him. Sonny questions them actually liking him. Allie explains that they ran in to him in the town square in the summer and they really hit it off. Allie mentions that they were thinking about hanging out tonight. Sonny asks what was on the agenda. Allie says they had no set plans and were just going to see where the night took them. Allie questions Sonny’s look. Sonny then asks Allie if she and Chanel had a threesome with Alex.

Alex questions why Stephanie doesn’t seem worried about Sloan catching her in the act. Stephanie informs him that she arranged for Sloan to be otherwise occupied. Alex realizes it was the phone call earlier and questions if Chad’s just coming through for her in all kinds of ways. Stephanie tells him not to go there again. Stephanie begins searching the apartment for the file that Sloan is using to blackmail her client or at least find the name of the person behind it so she can neutralize the threat. Alex reminds Stephanie that even if she finds something, she has another problem in him.

Chad tells Leo to move on as they are in the middle of something important. Leo complains about Sloan interrupting his business to remind him that he owes her money. Sloan points out that it was in the town square and he looked like a jackass in the outfit. Leo informs her that he was just promoted to a high level position in Paulina’s campaign. Sloan finds that hard to believe. Leo shows her his first pay check. Sloan takes it and decides she’ll keep it as his first down payment. Leo argues that he was about to head to the ATM with that. Sloan tells Leo that he has to pay up on his debts. Leo asks her to give him something to get by on, so Sloan takes a bill from Chad’s stack of fake bills and gives it to him. Chad asks Leo to please leave so they can get back to their discussion. Leo then identifies the money as fake, questions Sloan about it, and says to never trust a lawyer as he then walks out of the Pub. Sloan questions Chad about trust. Chad tries to tell her not to listen to Leo but Sloan says she’s never met anyone more obsessed with money than Leo, so if anyone knows a fake, it’s him. Sloan declares that she’s out of here. Chad stops her and says they can figure something out. Chad says he’s just the messenger. Sloan questions if Paulina sent him with a briefcase full of fake cash to pass along to her. Sloan says she doesn’t think so and now she knows why Chad has been working that charm. Chad declares that if she wants money, he’ll write her a check right now but Sloan says she no longer trusts him or his money. Sloan warns Chad to tell his boss that the deal gets made tomorrow or else Paulina’s daughter’s secret will go public. Sloan then walks out of the Pub. Chad texts Stephanie that Sloan is coming and tells her to get out now.

Paulina is glad that Abe came around on Leo. Abe says he wouldn’t go that far but he believes in second chances. Paulina calls Leo a breath of fresh air with the election getting so close. Abe encourages that Paulina is well on her way to victory. Paulina calls him the most supportive husband but she doesn’t know about him stepping down as mayor if she wins. Abe tells her that’s already settled. Paulina agrees not to argue and tells him how much she loves him as they kiss. Abe brings up that before Leo showed up, Paulina said she had something she wanted to tell him, but then Chanel arrives. Abe invites Chanel to join them for dinner. Chanel thanks them but says she hoped to talk with Paulina privately. Abe says he’ll see Paulina at home and exits with the food. Paulina asks if Chanel got her text. Chanel confirms that she did but not until after she told Allie there was something she needed to know. Chanel adds that she was about to tell her but someone interrupted them. Chanel worries that Allie knows something is up so she won’t let it go.

Sonny tells Allie that he’s just wondering with no judgment and she doesn’t have to tell him. Sonny talks about Alex being braggadocios so he wants to hear it from her.

Johnny brings Wendy to Allie’s apartment. Wendy admits she’s a little nervous. Johnny encourages that she’ll fit right in. Johnny then opens the door with Wendy, right as Allie reveals to Sonny that she and Chanel had a threesome with Alex.

Stephanie orders Alex not to say anything to Sloan. Alex questions why he should protect her. Stephanie finds a file cabinet and says she’ll be gone in two minutes, then Alex can go back to his fun and games and pretend he never saw her. Stephanie gets Chad’s text that Sloan is coming back. Alex remarks that he can’t wait to fill her in. Stephanie pleads with Alex. Alex argues that he doesn’t owe her anything. Stephanie points out that if this job blows up, so does her career. Alex questions why he should care. Stephanie responds that there’s a lot more at stake here than her PR firm or Paulina’s campaign. Stephanie begs Alex to have a heart and argues that he’s not that petty to bust her for not going out with him. Alex asks if she’s sure about that as Stephanie goes to hide in the back while Sloan returns home. Sloan asks Alex if anything interesting happened while she was gone.

Johnny remarks that he didn’t realize they were walking in on a game of truth or dare. Allie introduces herself and Sonny to Wendy. Wendy thanks her for agreeing to this as Allie informs Sonny that Wendy is going to be staying with them for a little while. Sonny decides he should get going. Johnny suggests Allie might have more fun facts to share as Sonny exits the apartment. Johnny jokes that now it’s just the “three” of them now and makes a menage joke. Allie tells Johnny to grow up while Wendy tells Allie not to let Johnny bust her chops. Wendy adds that she’s totally cool with what they overheard. Allie thanks Wendy and says it’s nice to have someone who isn’t being a jerk about this. Johnny claims that he was just having some fun with it while Wendy argues that Johnny was trying to embarrass Allie. Wendy adds that Johnny has some history that some people might be as snarky about as he’s being with Allie.

Chad remains at the Pub and worries about Stephanie not texting him back.

Stephanie remains hiding in Sloan’s apartment. Sloan tells Alex that she should’ve never left him as that was a big mistake. Alex informs her that something did happen while she was gone. Alex claims he was all by himself and getting so lonely as they then start kissing. Stephanie then comes out, mouths “thank you” to Alex as he nods to her and she sneaks out the door.

Sonny runs in to Leo in the town square. They talk about Sonny being on the mend from being stabbed. Leo informs Sonny that he is newly employed. Sonny questions someone in Salem actually giving him a job. Leo reveals that he was hired by Paulina Price as he is the new executive director of affairs. Sonny takes it as he is her assistant. Leo calls it an honor to work for the future Governor and suggests they go out and celebrate. Sonny suggests waiting until Paulina actually wins the election first. Leo remarks that there is no doubt.

Stephanie joins Chad at the Pub. Chad explains how Leo interrupted them and recognized the fake bills right away. Chad apologizes and says he never should’ve took the money out of the briefcase. Stephanie says it’s not his fault that Leo walked in. Chad asks what their next move is and worries that Sloan could be at the police station right now. Stephanie disagrees since if Sloan told them about the fake money, she’d have to tell them that she tried to blackmail them and she’s too smart for that. Chad worries that they are on a very tight deadline so he hopes Stephanie has better luck than he did, or Paulina and Chanel are going to pay the price.

Paulina tells Chanel how much she trusts Stephanie. Chanel worries that Paulina is putting a lot of faith in one person and questions if she can really handle this. Paulina states that Stephanie told her that by the end of the night, Sloan Peterson won’t be a problem for them anymore. Chanel asks if she’s heard from Stephanie. Paulina says not yet but promises that everything is under control and she doesn’t have to worry. Chanel worries about Allie because she’s been through enough and doesn’t need this. Paulina encourages that Allie loves her and will stand by her no matter what. Chanel asks if she’s chickening out by not telling Allie because part of her is scared that Allie won’t look at her the same. Paulina understands that Chanel is trying to protect Allie the same way that she’s trying to protect Abe. Paulina informs Chanel that Abe offered to step down as mayor if she wins and move to the capitol with her. Chanel calls that amazing. Paulina calls it the most selfless, loyal, and generous offer so she doesn’t want to drag him in to this. Chanel cries that the waiting is so hard. Paulina encourages that it will be over soon and then they’ll be in the clear as they hug.

Leo questions if Sonny is not on Paulina’s team. Sonny assures that he is, but he’s just waiting until after the election to celebrate. Leo suggests they celebrate his new job then. Leo tells Sonny to pick a night and he’ll take he and Will out to dinner because it’s time they put their differences aside. Sonny responds that Will isn’t here as he’s in LA for work. Leo says it will just be them then and it will be epic. Leo tells Sonny to text him some dates for next week. Leo tells Sonny to take care of himself and hugs him, saying he’s so glad he’s doing better. Leo says he’ll see him at their celebration and then walks away.

Chanel returns home where Allie introduces her to Wendy. Chanel encourages that Wendy will really love it here. Johnny decides his work here is done so he will leave them to get better acquainted. Chanel stops him and says she knows it’s late but she wanted to celebrate Johnny and Allie’s birthday together, so she got them a cake from the bakery. Chanel lights candles on the cake and has Johnny and Allie blow them out. Wendy asks what they wished for. Allie jokes that her wish didn’t come true because Johnny is still there.

Stephanie informs Chad about Alex being handcuffed to the bed and calls it quite a sight. Stephanie feels if she had a little more time she could’ve gotten in to the filing cabinet. Chad worries that now that Sloan is on high alert, they will never get back in to the apartment. Stephanie then points out that Alex totally could have busted her, but he didn’t. Stephanie then wonders if it’s possible but they get interrupted by Paulina calling. Stephanie tells Chad that she told Paulina that she would have this handled by tonight, so she wonders what to say to her now.

Alex and Sloan continue kissing in bed and talk about it being worth the wait.

Stephanie answers Paulina’s call and admits she should’ve called sooner. Paulina complains that Stephanie said she had a fool proof plan and that it would be handled by tonight. Paulina questions if she made a promise she couldn’t keep. Stephanie assures that she meant every word. Paulina wants action and asks where the file is. Stephanie responds that she’ll have it in her hands by tomorrow and she will stake her reputation and the future of her company on it. Paulina complains that her daughter’s future is also at stake and tells Stephanie not to let them down because they are counting on her. Stephanie hangs up and tells Chad that she just keeps digging herself deeper. Chad asks what Stephanie was going to say about Alex earlier. Stephanie repeats that Alex could have blown her out of the water but he didn’t. Stephanie says Alex is not modest so something else must be going on. Stephanie mentions how she told Alex that Sloan was a sleazy criminal so she wonders if Alex wasn’t just saving her in the moment, but maybe he’s on their side in this now.

Sloan frees Alex from the handcuffs as they continue kissing in her bed.

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Days Update Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Stephanie and Chad go to the Horton House as Stephanie is on the phone with Paulina. Stephanie assures that she has this all under control and she has come up with a fool-proof strategy. Stephanie promises Paulina that Sloan won’t be a problem for her or Chanel anymore as they hang up. Chad asks Stephanie what the plan is that they have. Stephanie admits it beats the hell out of her.

Allie comes home to Chanel after dropping Henry off with Nicole for a sleepover with Holly. Chanel comments that it’s great that Nicole decided to make that a weekly thing. Allie points out that it means they will get one night a week all to themselves. Chanel asks what she wants to do tonight. Allie suggests they could call Alex.

Sonny is at home on the phone with Will. Sonny gets that Will has to stay and do his job, but admits he was really looking forward to seeing him. Alex walks in. Sonny asks Will what about next weekend and guesses he will try. Sonny tells Will that he loves him and hangs up. Alex asks what the hell Will did now. Sonny says nothing and that he was just supposed to come for a visit but he’s stuck in LA. Sonny asks Alex if he wants to stay in and hang out tonight. Alex informs Sonny that he actually has plans as Sonny might not be getting lucky tonight, but he sure as hell is.

Sloan walks through the town square and comes across a campaign table promoting Paulina for Governor with Leo dressed up in a donkey costume, handing out free cookies. Sloan stops and demands that he take off the mask, threatening to scream for the cops if he doesn’t. Leo reluctantly removes his mask and Sloan tells him that he is so busted.

Chanel questions Allie really wanting to call Alex. Allie asks why not. Chanel thought they agreed that the threesome wasn’t going to be a regular thing. Allie clarifies that she meant that they could go get drinks. Allie assures that they are on the same page regarding Alex and that the threesome was a one time thing. Allie figured that the sooner they go back to hanging out, the less awkward it will be. Chanel agrees that makes sense but asks if they can do it another night because she’s not really in the mood to go out tonight. Allie asks if everything is okay. Chanel admits that it’s not.

Sonny questions if Alex is just back to being a player. Alex reminds Sonny that he told him he needs to get over Stephanie and move on. Sonny questions him taking his advice. Alex informs Sonny that he found out that Stephanie is not just not in to him, but she’s hung up on someone else. Sonny asks who, so Alex reveals that it’s Chad.

Chad questions Stephanie telling Paulina that they had a plan when they don’t. Stephanie says she was up all night trying to figure out a way to neutralize Sloan but came up with nothing. Chad suggests hiring a private investigator to try and dig up dirt on her but Stephanie worries that would take too long. Stephanie wishes they could just get the original copies of what Sloan has on Chanel. Chad notes that would be complicated and suggests there’s always the option of paying off Sloan’s client. Stephanie says Paulina refuses to be part of extortion and also worries that Sloan’s client would keep demanding more. Chad points out that he never said Paulina had to be the one to pay it. Stephanie questions where else they would get the money. Chad suggests from himself.

Leo questions how Sloan knew it was him. Sloan informs him that her private investigator told her that he was hiding in plain sight, dressed as a mule and she thought he was kidding. Leo corrects her that it’s a donkey and says he’s not hiding but working for Paulina’s campaign committee. Sloan questions someone actually hiring him. Leo calls her rude. Sloan then demands the money he owes her now, unless he wants to play a very unpleasant game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Paulina texts Chanel that she can relax now because their problem is getting solved and everything is looking up. Abe then arrives at her office and asks what she is so happy about. Paulina tells Abe that her polling numbers went up. Abe advises her not to let her guard down because the other side will attack. Paulina assures that she’s tough. Abe relates his experience that the other side will come after the fact that Lani is in prison. Paulina remarks that it’s one thing to come after her but no one is going to come after her daughters.

Allie tells Chanel that she can tell her anything but they get interrupted by a knock at the door. They answer the door to see Johnny, who says he really needs a favor from them.

Sonny tells Alex that there is no way that Chad is interested in someone else when it hasn’t been that long since Abigail passed away. Alex complains that he just saw Chad with Stephanie and they didn’t even notice him because they only had eyes for each other. Sonny repeats that there’s no way. Alex adds that they denied it when he asked if they were hooking up which Sonny questions. Alex states that even if Stephanie wasn’t with Chad, it’s clear she’s not in to him. Sonny questions him going back to being a player. Alex reminds Sonny that he warned him someone would come in to his life to change his ways and that was Stephanie. Alex declares that now he’s going to soothe his broken heart with as much meaningless sex as possible.

Stephanie tells Chad that she would never ask him to use his own money to solve a client’s problem. Chad points out that she didn’t ask, he offered. Stephanie notes that Sloan’s client wants a million dollar payoff. Chad informs her that he has a trust fund. Stephanie repeats that she will not allow him to use his personal funds to get her out of a jam with a client. Chad reminds her that they are in this together. Chad comments that there’s worse things he could do with that money than help out the future Governor of their state and adds that he could use Paulina on his side. Stephanie asks what if the wrong person finds out and people say she used her company to help a DiMera get the Governor in his pocket. Chad admits he didn’t think of that and just thought throwing money at the problem would help. Stephanie then decides he could be right. Stephanie declares that they are going to give Sloan the payday she’s been looking for.

Sloan tells Leo not to play her since she successfully defended him against some serious charges so she tells him to pay up. Leo argues that he thought the free publicity was payment enough. Sloan warns that if Leo doesn’t cut her a check, she will send him to a collection agency that won’t take no for an answer. Sloan asks if they understand each other now.

Allie tells Johnny to start calling before he just comes over because they were in the middle of something. Chanel says it’s okay and that their conversation can wait until later. Chanel then asks Johnny what’s up since last she heard, he was moving in to the DiMera Mansion with Ava. Johnny confirms that he did but Ava had to leave town. Allie questions Ava not saying goodbye to her grandson Henry. Johnny explains that Ava had to make a quick getaway because EJ was going to have her arrested.

Leo argues that Sloan is threatening him with bodily harm which is against the law, so he could make a citizen’s arrest. Sloan tells him that he’s absolutely right but he misconstrued what she was saying because she would never threaten someone with bodily harm. Sloan warns that she’s getting fed up. Leo complains that he’s strapped for cash which is why he took a low paying job. Sloan remarks that she always gets her man and tells Leo that he bet on the wrong horse because there’s no way that Paulina will ever be moving in to the Governor’s mansion. Leo asks how she knows that since he saw she is pulling ahead in the polls. Sloan responds that all it takes is one dirty scandal and Paulina’s political career will be over as quick as Leo’s romance with Craig.

Abe praises that Paulina’s daughters are lucky to have a mom as fierce as she is. Paulina jokes that they both say she gets on their nerves but she loves them so much. Abe assures that they love her just like he does. Abe says he’s proud of her for wanting to be of service to the people of the state. Abe informs Paulina that he has made an important decision and hopes she thinks it’s a good one. Paulina questions what he has decided. Abe announces that if Paulina is elected as Governor, he will resign as Mayor and move to the capitol with her.

Sonny doesn’t think Alex should give up on finding the one. Alex responds that he met the one and it was Stephanie. Sonny argues that if she was the one, he wouldn’t have to convince her and it would just happen. Alex doesn’t like to let things just happen and wants to be proactive. Alex declares that he’s going back to doing what he does best which is having as much no strings sex with as many beautiful women as humanly possible. Alex reveals that he just finished an incredibly, smoking hot threesome. Sonny laughs it off at first but questions if he knows any of the parties involved. Alex confirms that he knows both of them and reveals his threesome was with Allie and Chanel. Sonny is shocked and asks if he’s kidding. Alex assures that he’s not but Sonny doesn’t want to hear any details, pointing out that Allie is Will’s little sister. Sonny warns Alex that he cannot let anyone find out about this. Alex then gets a text from Sloan to skip dinner and come straight to his place. Alex tells Sonny that’s his companion for the evening so he has to go. Sonny asks if Alex was just kidding about Allie and was just trying to mess with him. Sonny yells after Alex as he exits the mansion.

Stephanie tells Chad that they are paying off Sloan’s client now. Chad says he’ll go get his trust fund but Stephanie reminds him that she told him she won’t let him use his own money. Chad questions how else she would get her hands on that much cash. Stephanie responds that she just realized it’s easy as she will go to her father. Chad did not know Steve had that kind of money laying around. Stephanie responds that he does technically since John and Steve helped the DEA bust a drug dealer and used counterfeit money to set him up. Stephanie knows for a fact that the bogus bills are still stashed at the Black Patch office in case they needed to use it again. Chad argues that she can’t be serious. Stephanie feels that if the money fooled a drug lord then it will fool Sloan and she’s sure that Steve and John won’t mind. Chad questions Stephanie wanting to pay Sloan Peterson off with counterfeit money. Stephanie hoped to put Chad in charge of that while she breaks in to Sloan’s apartment.

Alex goes to Sloan’s apartment. Sloan tells him to just come in and shut his mouth as they start kissing.

Paulina tells Abe that she can’t let him move out of Salem when he dedicated his life to serving the people here. Abe says he’s very proud of that but now it’s Paulina’s turn to serve the people of the state and he wouldn’t want to miss that while his deputy mayor is capable of handling things. Paulina questions Abe giving up his career to be her first gentleman. Abe responds that there’s nothing he wants more. Paulina asks what she did to deserve him. Abe says she was just her and kisses her. Paulina then tells Abe that there is something she has to tell him but they are interrupted Leo in his donkey mask, saying he came for his check. Abe tells Paulina that he will let her handle this while he goes to pick them up some food. Leo then removes his mask so Paulina asks if she knows him from somewhere. Leo says he doesn’t think so. Paulina feels like she has seen him before.

Allie can’t believe Ava used a fake marriage license to get Jake’s shares at DiMera. Johnny explains that EJ figured her out as if he hasn’t done way worse things. Chanel asks about the favor Johnny needed. Johnny wonders if their couch is still available. Allie immediately says hell no and absolutely not. Allie tells him that they talked about this and he cannot stay here again. Chanel tries to argue but Allie says the last time drove her nuts and they are not going through that again. Johnny then clarifies that he’s staying at the DiMera Mansion and he’s asking for a friend. Johnny reveals that it’s Wendy who he just met but assures that they will love her.

Abe walks through the town square and comes across Maggie. They hug as Maggie says it’s been awhile. Maggie tells him that she was just shopping for Victor. Abe asks if she knows if Victor is going to support Paulina in the Governor race. Maggie assures that the whole Kiriakis family will and that she already mailed in her and Victor’s ballots, noting that she voted for Abe too. Abe says that means more than she knows. Maggie asks what if Abe and Paulina both win and if they will hate being apart. Abe reveals that they won’t be apart. Maggie questions how they will manage that. Abe responds that she’s the first to hear this news but if Paulina is elected Governor, he will be leaving Salem.

Paulina comments that Leo Stark’s name sounds familiar. Leo claims it’s just a common name but Paulina disagrees. Leo then acknowledges Paulina’s shoes as being from Theresa Donovan’s new collection which impresses Paulina. Paulina gives Leo his check and he questions that being it. Paulina says that’s the going rate for handing out cookies. Leo remarks that he’s going to have to hand out a lot more then. Paulina asks if he’s on hard times. Leo complains about a money grubbing lawyer breathing down his neck and reveals that it’s Sloan. Paulina questions how he got mixed up with her. Leo explains that she defended him for two weeks and now she thinks she owns him. Leo remarks that if he doesn’t pay her off, he’s going to be sleeping on a bench in the town square. Paulina says they can’t have that and that she might just be able to help him out.

Chad questions Stephanie planning to break in to Sloan’s apartment. Stephanie says they have to get their hands on the documents she’s holding over Paulina’s head. Chad asks what if they aren’t there. Stephanie says they have to start somewhere. Stephanie mentions being Steve’s daughter and that in school, she used her student ID to break in to the teacher’s lounge. Stephanie declares that she will do whatever it takes to get her hands on whatever Sloan is hiding.

Sloan and Alex kiss in bed until Sloan’s phone rings. Alex tries to convince her to ignore it but she gets up and answers the call from Stephanie. Sloan says she wondered when she would hear from her and hopes it’s good news for her client’s sake. Stephanie responds that Sloan is getting what she wants and her associate will be at the Brady Pub in one hour. Sloan says she’ll be there and hangs up. Alex questions where she’s going. Sloan responds that she has a very important meeting. Alex questions it being more important than the best sex of her life. Sloan jokes that he thinks highly of himself. Sloan says the meeting shouldn’t take long so she suggests Alex stay put. Alex tells her to forget about it but Sloan then pulls out handcuffs and cuffs him to the bed. Alex says that’s what he’s talking about as they kiss.

Stephanie tells Chad that his meeting is all set so she will go pick up the fake money and then head over to Sloan’s apartment. Chad asks if she really thinks this is going to work. Stephanie says it better and then exits.

Maggie goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and finds Sonny in the living room, watching a movie and eating pizza by himself. Maggie joins him and guesses he is missing Will. Sonny confirms that Will was supposed to come visit but he’s stuck in LA doing rewrites. Maggie relates to being in relationships with men who are married to their careers. Sonny asks if she ever wishes that they would put her first more. Maggie admits that she still wishes Victor would sometimes which Sonny relates to. Maggie knows this has been a problem for he and Will before. Sonny responds that something has to change as he can’t let this break them up again. Maggie suggest Will talk to Abe because she just ran in to Abe and he said if Paulina wins the governorship, he will resign as mayor and go wherever she is. Sonny would love to know how he made that decision.

Leo questions how Paulina can help him deal with Sloan Peterson. Paulina points out that he needs money to pay her off. Leo excitedly asks if she’s going to give him a loan and calls that so generous, asking how he can ever thank her. Paulina asks if she looks like a credit union to him and clarifies that she’s not offering him a loan, but a job.

Allie questions Johnny wanting them to let some random girl that he just met move in to their apartment that she has with her son. Johnny argues that she’s not some random girl as she is Li Shin’s little sister which means she will soon be Gabi’s sister in law. Chanel and Allie question why Wendy doesn’t just buy her own place or move in to the DiMera Mansion and take Ava’s old room. Johnny doesn’t want her living in the same house as him since they are working on something that involves EJ and Li. Allie questions what he’s up to now. Johnny says they just don’t want EJ to catch on to the fact they are working together. Chanel asks when Wendy wants to start staying here. Johnny says tonight. Allie complains that she and Chanel haven’t been living together that long and this will be their second houseguest thanks to him. Johnny insists that Wendy won’t be staying that long and just needs to save up enough money to get her own place. Chanel asks why she doesn’t just borrow from her brother. Johnny says she doesn’t want to do that. Allie asks what Chanel thinks. Chanel responds that she’s okay with it if Allie is. Johnny excitedly thanks them and promises to make it up to them. Johnny hugs Allie and calls her an angel.

Sloan leaves her apartment and after she walks away, Stephanie approaches. Stephanie calls Chad, who is waiting at the Pub. Stephanie asks Chad if he’s ready. Chad says he’s as ready as he’s going to be. They tell each other to be careful and hang up. Stephanie then starts to try and pick the lock of Sloan’s apartment.

Sonny asks Maggie about Abe giving up his whole career just for Paulina. Maggie confirms that’s what Abe said and he didn’t seem to have any doubts about it. Maggie asks what Sonny is thinking. Sonny responds that maybe getting stabbed in the back with a knife was sign from the universe. Sonny points out that Alex is in charge of Titan and is doing just fine, so maybe he should take a page out of Abe’s book and just quit to move to LA with Will. Maggie asks if that’s what he really wants. Sonny admits he loves being the CEO of Titan and it feels like what he was born to do while Maggie points out that Will loves making movies. Maggie thinks they should figure out a way to meet each other halfway which Sonny agrees with. Maggie hugs Sonny and tells him goodnight as she then exits. Sonny then picks up his phone and calls Will to tell him they need to talk.

Allie prepares things for Wendy while Chanel checks her phone and sees she missed a lot of calls and a text from Paulina. Allie asks if everything is okay with her. Chanel says Paulina is fine and just checking in. Allie reminds Chanel that they never finished their conversation when Johnny came by where Chanel said she had something to tell her.

Paulina informs Leo that her assistant Mary has been trying to handle the books for her campaign and her business from Florida and it’s not working out, so she needs another assistant here in Salem. Leo asks if that would be him. Paulina says it would pay better plus benefits. Leo exclaims that he will take it. Paulina compares herself to the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Leo assures that he’ll work his fingers to the bone to make sure her every need is met. Abe then returns and questions what Leo is doing here. Leo points out that he was there when Abe left. Paulina announces that Leo is now her new assistant, shocking Abe.

Chad sits at the Brady Pub with the briefcase of counterfeit money and says it looks real to him. Sloan then arrives and warns Chad that for the sake of his client and his boss, she better like what she sees in the briefcase.

Stephanie successfully breaks in to Sloan’s apartment and finds Alex inside, handcuffed to the bed. Both are shocked and question what the other is doing there.

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Days Update Monday, October 24, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Marlena is in her hospital bed, on the phone with Sami. Marlena assures her that she is feeling better and promises to call her when she gets out as John arrives. John points out that Marlena said she would call Sami when she gets home so he then reveals that she’s getting out in an hour which excites Marlena. Marlena mentions that John needs to call Brady since he’s been very concerned but John looks away, so Marlena asks what’s the matter. John informs Marlena that Brady just broke up with Chloe.

After Kristen tells Chloe that she’s moving in, Chloe questions if she’s completely lost her mind because there’s no way in Hell that Brady would ever let her move in. Kristen understands her reaction and says she could hardly believe it herself. Chloe argues that this can’t be true. Chloe asks Brady to tell her that Kristen is making it up and to then throw her the hell out.

Stefan goes to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn and knocks on the door, saying he heard about her and Brady so he came to check on her. Stefan continues knocking but there’s no answer. Stefan then starts to walk away but Li Shin comes around the corner and says he hopes Stefan isn’t giving up on Chloe that easily.

Dr. Rolf begins packing his things in his lab and says a change of scenery can be good for the mind while a new lab means new work and new ideas. Dr. Rolf declares that Salem is nothing without Stefano anyway. Dr. Rolf then goes to leave right as Gabi arrives. Gabi questions if he’s going somewhere and remarks that he looks like he’s fleeing the scene of a crime. Dr. Rolf says he’s done nothing wrong so Gabi questions why he’s in such a hurry to leave. Dr. Rolf informs her that he’s leaving town and has a plane to catch. Gabi stops him and says he’s not going anywhere until they talk about what he did to Stefan.

Stefan tells Li that he’s not giving up on Chloe but since she’s not here, he’s giving up on knocking on her door. Li encourages him to just keep trying. Stefan thanks him but points out that he barely knows him. Li continues to encourage him and mentions that Chloe is with Brady at the moment. Stefan responds that it’s not his business, but Chloe and Brady are not together anymore.

Nicole goes to see Eric, who says he wants to understand why she fired him. Eric argues that it wasn’t because of budget reasons but because she and Rafe got in to a fight last night over them working together. Nicole questions how he learned that. Eric admits that Jada told him and explains that she overheard them fighting outside the Pub on her way home. Nicole apologizes. Eric just wishes she fired him in person. Eric guesses she came to get his badge but Nicole reveals that she came to rehire him because she wants him to stay which shocks him. Nicole adds that she also wants to forget this ever happened. Eric asks what about Rafe. Nicole says that when she told Rafe that she fired him, he was really upset and didn’t want to be the reason that Eric lost his job, so he pretty much insisted that she hire him back. Eric admits that’s really big of Rafe but decides maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.

John explains to Marlena that Brady apparently felt the need to end things with Chloe for Rachel’s sake. Marlena says she understands the impulse and that Rachel doesn’t want someone to replace her mother. Marlena argues that Brady can’t succumb to every tantrum Rachel has. John brings up that Brady also said he didn’t have a choice. John isn’t sure what that means but thinks he has a pretty good idea. Marlena senses Kristen’s handy work.

Kristen tells Chloe that she’s sorry for catching her unaware and questions why Brady didn’t tell Chloe about their plans. Brady tells Chloe that he was going to tell her but he had no idea that Kristen was showing up here today. Chloe questions him knowing that she was moving in which Brady confirms. Chloe doesn’t understand and argues that this is Marlena’s house and he’s going to let the woman who spent a lifetime tormenting her move in. Kristen hoped they could conduct themselves as an adult. Chloe asks what John is going to think about this and tells Kristen to shove her snide remarks. Chloe understands Brady breaking up with her for Rachel’s sake but moving Kristen in is madness. Kristen tells Chloe to take this up with Brady and claims that it was all his idea.

Eric tells Nicole that working with her has clearly caused problems for her and Rafe, so he worries about causing those problems all over again. Nicole assures that it won’t happen since she and Rafe cleared the air and are much better now. Nicole starts to say that Rafe thought she rushed but stops. Eric asks what she was going to say. Nicole tries to say it was nothing but Eric says if she and Rafe cleared the air, they need to do the same. Nicole then admits that Rafe thought she rushed in to marrying him because of Eric which Eric questions. Nicole explains that Rafe thought she married him to avoid her feelings for Eric which she calls ridiculous. Eric asks if it is.

Chloe questions it being Brady’s idea to have Kristen move in. Brady says it’s obviously not ideal but Rachel wanted to spend time with her mom. Chloe questions Brady inflicting Kristen on to John and Marlena. Kristen calls it a time of healing. Chloe suggests shared custody being better than this. Kristen mocks Chloe for her input and blames Chloe for the judge not allowing shared custody. Chloe calls Kristen dangerous and unhinged. Kristen blames Chloe for this new living arrangement. Chloe argues that they can go back to the judge and make something else work that’s better than this. Brady tells Chloe that this is his only option which she questions. Chloe asks Brady why he is really doing this.

Li questions Stefan about Chloe and Brady breaking up. Stefan confirms that’s what Kristen said. Li asks what happened. Stefan says he doesn’t know as Kristen was so happy that he didn’t get a lot of the details. Li says that’s good for Stefan as now he has a clear shot with Chloe since Brady is out of the way, so it worked out for Stefan and Kristen. Stefan remarks that it worked out for Li too which he questions. Stefan says ever since he’s been back, Li has been shoving him at Chloe. Li points out that Stefan said he was in love with her. Stefan questions Li just wanting him to be happy and it having nothing to do with him being married to Gabi.

Dr. Rolf tells Gabi that all he did to Stefan was save his life. Gabi takes Dr. Rolf’s box of belongings and refuses to give it back until he tells her what else he did. Dr. Rolf claims not to know what she means. Gabi talks about Stefan being madly in love with her and now hating her, so she questions what he did. Gabi then breaks a glass tube from his box and threatens to destroy everything in the box and the entire lab if Dr. Rolf doesn’t start talking. Dr. Rolf repeats that all he did was bring Stefan back to life and how he was able to do so once Jake’s heart became available since they were twins. Gabi is shocked to learn Stefan has Jake’s heart. Dr. Rolf explains that he and Kristen tried to save Jake but after realizing it was a lost cause, he used his heart to bring Stefan back to life. Gabi argues that it’s not enough for her and breaks another one of his things. Dr. Rolf argues that he can’t help the way Stefan woke up and remarks that he believes it took a near-death experience for Stefan to realize that she wasn’t worthy of him. Gabi then grabs a scalpel and pins Dr. Rolf against the wall, threatening him to tell her what really happened or he’s a dead man and there won’t be anyone to save his life.

Eric apologizes to Nicole for asking as it’s none of his business but she says it’s okay. Nicole admits that dragging Rafe off to get married seemed like a knee jerk reaction but he was buried at work while in charge of Abigail’s murder investigation so she didn’t think they needed all that fuss and bother. Eric admits it makes sense. Nicole says she should have told Rafe that she was hiring Eric and it bothered him that she didn’t, so he started to question why she moved up the wedding and if it had something to do with them being at Abe and Paulina’s wedding. Nicole repeats that they cleared the air and now everything is fine. Eric says he’s glad. Nicole asks Eric if he’s now willing to come back to work for her.

John tells Marlena that he could point out that she thinks Kristen is responsible for every bad thing that’s ever happened but she’d be right. Marlena admits Kristen’s ferocity when it comes to Rachel scares her. John notes that Kristen will do anything to get her hands on Rachel. Marlena points out that Kristen wants Brady back too. John assures that won’t happen as he thinks Brady has finally seen the light about Kristen. Marlena responds that she wouldn’t be so sure as Brady does seem to have a weakness for Kristen. John insists that he doesn’t anymore and thanks God for that.

Brady pleads with Chloe to accept the fact that he’s doing this for Rachel. Chloe questions thinking this atmosphere will be healthy for Rachel. Kristen asks Brady to put an end to this and to tell Chloe it’s none of her business. Chloe agrees to leave. Chloe cries that she hated it but understands why he had to break up with her but after caving to Kristen, she doesn’t think she knows Brady anymore. Chloe then takes her things and storms out.

Li tells Stefan that given what he heard about him and Gabi, he was a bit thrown when he came back on the scene. Li brings up that Stefan keeps saying Gabi turns his stomach so he assumes that he no longer has feelings for her. Stefan acknowledges that when he “died”, his feelings for Gabi died with him, though he’s not entirely sure why. Li asks if it matters since it all worked out and he can be with Chloe now. Stefan points out that Li and Gabi can live their happily ever after.

Gabi demands Dr. Rolf start talking or he’ll be reunited with Stefano in Hell. Dr. Rolf doesn’t believe her. Gabi reminds him that she killed Nick Fallon and warns that she’s giving him one last chance to tell her what he did to Stefan. Gabi takes the scalpel to his throat until Dr. Rolf finally gives in and admits that he brainwashed Stefan. Gabi says she knew he made Stefan hate her. Gabi questions if he really hates her that much. Dr. Rolf says he does but it wasn’t personal and he was just following Kristen’s orders. Gabi asks why. Dr. Rolf explains that Kristen hoped if Stefan went after Chloe, he’d come between her and Brady. Gabi realizes that means Kristen could have Brady all to herself. Dr. Rolf adds that Kristen remembered Stefan’s previous feelings for Chloe so she asked him to pump up his attraction to her and rekindle his initial hatred of Gabi. Gabi questions this really having nothing to do with her. Dr. Rolf reveals that is what Kristen wanted but Li also wanted to protect his investment. Gabi questions Li knowing. Dr. Rolf confirms that Li knew all along that he had Stefan on ice. Dr. Rolf then reveals that the brainwashing was Li’s idea.

Li runs in to Rafe in the town square and says he was going to call him later. Li asks if Rafe has time for a drink because there’s something he would like to ask him. Rafe says sure so Li tells him he’s about to hit him up for a favor as they sit together. Li informs Rafe that he was wondering if he would be his best man which surprises him. Li knows they aren’t old friends but he thinks it would mean a lot to Gabi because of how close they are. Rafe guesses this means they have set a date. Li says not yet but now that Gabi and Stefan are divorced, there’s nothing stopping them. Rafe remarks that’s unless Stefan isn’t acting of his own free will.

Chloe goes home and questions what Stefan is doing outside of her door. Stefan says he was just leaving her a note as he heard she and Brady broke up. Chloe asks if he’s here to zero in on her when she’s down. Stefan responds that he’s actually here to check on her and make sure she’s okay. Chloe asks if Kristen told him that she’s moving in with Brady. Stefan says she didn’t. Chloe talks about Kristen having a lot of fun telling her and rubbing her nose in it. Stefan says he’s sorry. Chloe asks why since people break up every day so it’s no big deal as she then breaks down crying. Stefan hugs her as she cries.

Kristen sits on the couch and puts her feet up, talking about how she’s enjoying this because she’s been waiting for this for a long time. Brady talks about Rachel being sharp and wise for her age. Brady says Rachel’s feelings towards Kristen have to do with Kristen not being around and having convinced her that she was taken away. Brady says it’s worked because Rachel doesn’t even know who Kristen really is. Kristen asks if this is going somewhere. Brady points out that Rachel loves John and Marlena. Brady warns that if she tries to pull the same crap she pulled with Chloe with John and Marlena, it will register with Rachel that Kristen only gives a damn about herself. Brady advises Kristen to rethink this family thing and spending a lot of time with Rachel because it will be really hard for Kristen to maintain that maternal illusion. Brady doesn’t think it will hold up when Rachel says no to Kristen. Kristen asks if he’s done. Brady calls it food for thought. Kristen warns Brady to never question her relationship with her daughter again and reminds him that she has the upper hand, permanently. Kristen declares that if she wants them to be a family and live here then they will because as only they know, Marlena and her friends will need more doses of the serum or they will die. Kristen remarks that couples fight and then they kiss and make up and get on with their lives.

Nicole and Eric go to work at Basic Black. Nicole finishes a call and informs Eric that the model thought the photoshoot was cancelled, so she flew back home and she needed to get these photos done for Bella Magazine today. Nicole worries that Brady and Chloe are going to kill her. Eric then suggests Nicole be the model herself. Eric calls her the best model he ever worked with and insists it will be fine.

Li guesses that Gabi told Rafe her theory that Dr. Rolf somehow brainwashed Stefan which Rafe confirms. Li calls it just wishful thinking or a wounded ego as it’s hard for Gabi to accept how Stefan feels about her now. Rafe guesses they will be finding out soon enough. Li asks what he means. Rafe then reveals that Gabi is grilling Dr. Rolf as they speak.

Gabi argues that Li wouldn’t do that to her. Dr. Rolf confirms that he did because he wants her to himself and didn’t want to lose her to Stefan to the extent that he tried to murder Stefan in his sleep but Kristen wouldn’t let that happen so Li pitched the idea of brainwashing Stefan which Kristen got on board with. Gabi complains that she can’t think about all of that and demands that Dr. Rolf reverse the brainwashing. Dr. Rolf responds that he had already created an antidote but it was in his box, so he notes that it would be ironic if Gabi destroyed that too. Gabi lets Dr. Rolf go and orders him to get the antidote from his box. Dr. Rolf reveals a syringe and declares that with one dose of it, Stefan will be back to normal. Dr. Rolf then grabs Gabi and injects her with the syringe instead, causing her to pass out.

Chloe and Stefan go in to her room. Stefan imagines her encounter with Kristen was rough as she’s not exactly a gracious winner. Chloe cries that it’s hard enough that Brady broke up with her but to let Kristen move in with him is sickening. Chloe wishes she could get on a plane and get out of Salem. Stefan tells her to wait there as he has an idea and then exits the room.

John brings Marlena home where Brady greets them and hugs Marlena. Marlena says she’s never been so happy to be anywhere in her life. John wants to get Marlena in bed but Marlena says she just wants to sit here and enjoy not having people come in to ask how she’s feeling. Brady didn’t know she was coming home today and says there is something he has to tell them. Marlena asks what it is. Kristen then comes out from the back and welcomes them home.

Nicole puts on a dress to model in and asks Eric how she looks. Eric tells her that she looks great and talks about preparing the photoshoot. Eric starts taking photos and encourages that the camera loves her.

Kristen tells Marlena that she looks so much better as she looked like she was on death’s door at the hospital. John questions what she’s doing here. Kristen excitedly asks if Brady wants to tell them or if she should.

Stefan returns to Chloe’s room with bags and says that she said she wanted to leave Salem but they can’t because of their jobs, so he decided to recreate Miami like they did before at Doug’s Place. Chloe appreciates it but says she’s really in a terrible mood. Stefan insists on making her a margarita.

Li is shocked and can’t believe that Rafe let Gabi go to Dr. Rolf’s lab by herself. Rafe responds that she didn’t ask his permission. Li decides has to get there and gets up to go. Rafe reminds him that he’ll need the address. Li tells Rafe to just text it to him. Gabi then approaches and informs Li that she was taking to Dr. Rolf. Li notes that Rafe just told him and asks what Dr. Rolf said. Gabi starts to respond but stops and says she lost her train of thought as Rafe asks what he said. Gabi then says that Dr. Rolf said he didn’t do anything to turn Stefan against her and for some weird reason, she believes him.

Dr. Rolf declares that Li was right that he’ll be better off leaving Salem since he won’t have lunatics barging in on him whenever they feel like it. Dr. Rolf calls Gabi the craziest of them all and says thank God he had the vial of CRS-17, so Gabi won’t remember a thing.

Rafe tells Gabi that no one, especially her, ever believes Dr. Rolf. Gabi argues that she held a scalpel to his throat and he still didn’t say anything. Rafe comments that she shouldn’t tell a cop about that. Li asks if Gabi believes Dr. Rolf. Gabi confirms that she does and thinks it’s for the best as it makes moving on a lot easier. Li is so glad to hear her say that and announces that he just asked Rafe to be his best man at their wedding. Gabi calls that a great idea. Li points out that he’s actually still waiting for an answer. Rafe then says it would be his pleasure and they shake hands. Gabi thanks Rafe. Gabi hopes their marriage is as happy as Rafe and Nicole’s.

Nicole and Eric look over her modeling photos together. Nicole says they are great. Eric says she still has it. Nicole comments that after all these years, they still make a great team.

Stefan and Chloe have margaritas together. Chloe admits her drink is kind of perfect and calls this the nicest thing anyone has done for her in awhile as she thanks him.

Marlena questions Kristen living here with them which she excitedly confirms and calls great. Kristen says she has to get back to the kitchen so she doesn’t burn their first dinner together as a family. John thinks Brady has some serious explaining to do.

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Days Update Friday, October 21, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jada joins Eric in his room and invites him to lunch. Eric says he’d love to but he has a photoshoot today. Jada thought he was still taking time off but Eric says that since Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are doing so much better because the serum is really working, he’s back at work. Eric then gets a text from Basic Black Corporate and then informs Jada that he just got fired.

Nicole sits at Basic Black and shuts her laptop. Chloe arrives and apologizes for being late. Nicole tells her it’s okay as she assumed Chloe and Brady would have a late night at the hospital but she’s glad to hear the good news about Marlena and the others. Chloe cries that she’s assuming Brady had a late night but it wasn’t with her because he dumped her.

John comes home to Brady and says he’s just picking up patient files for Marlena since she doesn’t want to take a day off work while recovering. John talks about being surprised that the serum showed up. Brady agrees that they got lucky. John asks him if everything is alright. Brady says the fact that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are seemingly cured is the best news ever. John questions why he’s trying to fool him then and what he’s not saying.

Kristen sits in her apartment, reading the article in the Spectator about Kate, Kayla, and Marlena being cured by a mystery serum. Kristen toasts a glass of champagne to their recovery and says they don’t know what it has given her. Stefan shows up and tells Kristen to be straight with him as he asks if she messed with his brain.

Brady informs John that he broke up with Chloe. John doesn’t understand. Brady explains that it’s not about Chloe but about Rachel. John understands that Rachel blames Chloe for not letting her see Kristen but argues that can’t be it. Brady claims that it is as he can’t put Rachel through much more. Brady knows it’s not fair to Chloe, but says Rachel comes first. John calls it so out of the blue since he was hopeful that Rachel would come around. John questions what the hell happened to make him stop all that and take such a drastic step. Brady thinks back to Kristen’s demands. Brady then tells John that it was only sudden to him because he’s been preoccupied. John argues that he hates to see Brady throw something so great away without thinking it through. Brady responds that he has thought it through and he doesn’t have a choice.

Stefan tells Kristen that he’s grateful to her for everything she did to bring him back but it’s his feelings for Gabi. Stefan says it’s almost as if something was done to his brain before he was revived and she was there, so she would know. Stefan asks Kristen why he hates Gabi so much.

Gabi visits Rafe in his office at the police station and asks him to spill the tea. Rafe informs Gabi that he and Nicole had a fight after he walked in on her comforting Eric with a hug. Rafe says it was understandable as they’ve always been close and Marlena was really sick. Rafe talks about how Nicole and Eric’s marriage didn’t end the way they imagined so it’s understandable that they still have unresolved feelings. Rafe admits he got more and more frustrated and exploded in a rant at Nicole, so he slept in his office. Gabi tells Rafe that he’s not where he’s supposed to be. Gabi tells him that he should be with Nicole, trying to fix this together.

Chloe cries to Nicole that Brady wants to be a good father so he’s put Rachel first and he is as upset as she is, but he keeps saying he doesn’t have a choice. Nicole can’t believe Kristen is using her daughter like this. Chloe says things were so good for her and Brady this time as it happened so quickly but it ended just as quickly. Nicole tells her that she’s so sorry but she knows what it’s like because she thinks she might be next and it’s her own damn fault.

Jada questions why Eric was fired. Eric reads the message which just says his services are no longer required. Jada argues that it doesn’t make any sense since they just hired him. Eric agrees but insists that EJ must have had something to do with it. Jada asks if the e-mail is from EJ. Eric sees that it is not and that it’s from Nicole.

Rafe tells Gabi that he thinks it’s a bad idea because if he goes home, he and Nicole could end up in round two and then they both end up losing. Rafe blames himself for letting this go too long. Gabi understands that Rafe was hoping it would go away and giving Nicole the benefit of the doubt like Li has been doing with her since Stefan came back. Gabi informs Rafe that Stefan served her divorce papers this morning, so it’s definitely long gone and she loves Li. Rafe is sorry as he knows that must have been tough. Gabi says she never expected to see Stefan alive again but she needs to get over it and accept that the person she loved with all her heart finds her repulsive and is disgusted by her. Rafe calls that crazy and insists that Gabi is beautiful, successful, and smart. Rafe argues that Stefan was lucky to have had Gabi. Gabi calls him a loyal brother and thanks him but says she’s accepted the fact that it will never work out for her and Stefan. Gabi adds that she can’t get rid of the feeling that Dr. Rolf did something to Stefan to make him feel this way but Rolf is hiding underground so she can’t track him down to confront him about it. Rafe reveals that he can tell her where to find Dr. Rolf.

Dr. Rolf cleans up his lab while complaining about the cops searching his lab. Li arrives and calls it quite the mess. Li informs Dr. Rolf that he may have a solution and suggests he leave the lab the way it is. Dr. Rolf asks if he lost his mind. Li responds that he needs a new lab with everything he could desire. Dr. Rolf would like to see it. Li says it’s a little more involved than just a drive. Dr. Rolf asks how far away they are talking. Li reveals it’s 10,000 miles away.

Nicole tells Chloe that she was shocked because she’s never seen Rafe so upset and angry. Chloe says she’s sorry. Nicole adds that Rafe hasn’t returned her calls and texts. Nicole can’t stop thinking about the day she had a sex dream about Eric and how she had to go see him, then Jada was there so she lied about why she was there. Nicole says her reaction to the dream and the feelings it stirred up is the sole reason that Eric ended up working at Basic Black. Nicole declares that it’s now taken care of.

Jada comments on Eric being fired by e-mail. Eric wonders if EJ forced Nicole or if he’s just not that good anymore. Jada thinks back to seeing Rafe and Nicole arguing about Eric working with Nicole. Eric then asks Jada what it is. Jada reveals that she thinks she knows why this happened. Eric questions what she means and how she could know. Jada reminds Eric that he asked her to go to the Pub to let Roman know about the serum last night. Jada informs him that when she got there, Rafe and Nicole were arguing outside and she didn’t mean to eavesdrop but she didn’t want to interrupt so she caught the end of their fight. Eric asks what they were arguing about. Jada responds that it was about Eric.

Gabi questions Rafe knowing where Dr. Rolf is. Rafe informs her that they raided his secret lab the other day, thinking they would find the serum. Rafe says they didn’t find it but they did find Dr. Rolf so he suggests starting there. Gabi decides she’s going. Rafe wants to send a cop with her but Gabi says she’s not afraid of Dr. Rolf and doesn’t need an escort. Gabi says she’s been wanting answers since the day that Stefan showed up and rejected her, so she’s kind of overwhelmed that she might get the truth.

Kristen tells Stefan that she’s not his enemy. Kristen says he’s her brother and she loves him, so if she could help him she would. Kristen questions why she would want to manipulate his feelings for Gabi even if she could. Kristen says that she and Gabi were allies against EJ at DiMera Enterprises and claims that she would love it if Stefan and Gabi were together. Stefan guesses that makes sense. Stefan says maybe he was thinking about it wrong since Kristen is obviously not anti-Gabi, so maybe she’s just pro-Chloe.

John questions Brady saying he had no choice but to break up with Chloe and argues that there’s always a choice. Brady claims he didn’t mean it to come out like that and says he’s doing what’s best for his child no matter what. Brady calls John a great dad so he gets it. John respects Brady’s decision and devotion to support his daughter, but he’s just sorry to see Chloe go.

Chloe questions Nicole firing Eric in an e-mail. Nicole admits that she took the easy way out and didn’t even give him a reason why. Nicole calls it the right thing to do since Rafe was so upset about Eric and brutally honest about it, so she didn’t have a choice. Chloe wonders why Nicole really fired Eric. Nicole says she just explained that. Chloe asks if it’s because she’s feeling guilty about lying to Rafe or if there’s more. Chloe questions if Nicole wants to get back on track with Rafe and for her marriage to work. Rafe then walks in and declares that he’d like to know the answer to that himself.

Eric asks Jada if this is all about something Rafe said. Jada confirms that Rafe was upset about Nicole hiring Eric and said that it was a terrible idea. Eric questions Rafe being jealous of him. Jada confirms that he’s jealous of Nicole’s feelings for him. Eric realizes that Nicole fired him to save her marriage.

Chloe decides to let Nicole and Rafe talk, so she exits the office. Nicole tells Rafe that she’s very glad he’s there. Nicole says this is so hard and she doesn’t know where to start. Rafe starts by apologizing for losing his temper and saying things he shouldn’t have said. Nicole feels she should be apologizing for pushing back on everything he said. Rafe says he just wanted to let her know where he was at emotionally. Rafe repeats that he said things he shouldn’t have said and that’s not how he wanted to handle it. Nicole tells him not to blame himself because she was unfair to him by being so close with Eric. Nicole acknowledges that it’s Jada’s place to console Eric and not hers. Nicole says that Eric doesn’t need her to employ him. Nicole wants Rafe to know that she heard him loud and clear last night when he said that Eric working here was a terrible idea, so she did something about it. Nicole informs Rafe that she fired Eric. Rafe responds that she shouldn’t have done that.

John apologizes to Brady for pushing him so hard about Chloe when it’s his business. John knows Brady doesn’t need him twisting his arm to do what he thinks is right. Brady asks if Marlena is doing good and getting better along with Kate and Kayla. John calls it a miracle and says there’s no other word for it. Brady calls that the best news ever. John declares that in reality, they both know the serum didn’t just drop from the heavens. John doesn’t have a clue where it came from but he just wants to be sure the serum will keep working. John says he will stay optimistic. Brady knows John feels skeptical about it, but his gut tells him that everything’s going to be just fine and the serum is working, so it doesn’t matter where it came from.

Dr. Rolf questions Li trying to get rid of him. Li says they both stand to gain from this but Dr. Rolf disagrees. Li reminds him that the police already suspect him to be linked to the disease that struck Kayla, Marlena, and Kate so Salem is not the place for him right now. Dr. Rolf reluctantly agrees with him and says he doesn’t have much to pack. Li tells Dr. Rolf that his private jet awaits. Dr. Rolf still feels like he’s running. Li says that he is but there’s no shame in that. Li adds that the police are not the only ones looking for him as Gabi is too. Li says that Gabi wants to know if he brainwashed Stefan in to hating her and warns that he doesn’t want that nor does Kristen.

Kristen questions Stefan thinking she did all these mind altering things to play matchmaker for Chloe. Stefan clarifies that it would be for Kristen and Brady. Stefan says it’s no secret that Kristen’s been obsessed with Brady and that Chloe was in her way while he then miraculously and coincidentally woke up from a four year long nap with this intense disgust for Gabi and an equally intense longing for Chloe. Stefan says that’s the only way he can explain it. Kristen admits it makes sense but points out the detail that Brady and Chloe broke up which she claims was no thanks to her. Kristen tells Stefan that means Chloe is free.

Brady tells John to call him from the hospital with any updates which he agrees to do. John goes to leave right as Chloe arrives. Chloe asks how everything is going at the hospital. John says Marlena is getting better by the minute and he doesn’t even want to think about what would’ve happened if the serum hadn’t dropped from the heavens. Chloe says she’s happy for him. John says it’s good to see her as he then exits.

Stefan questions how Kristen knows about Brady and Chloe. Kristen says good news travels fast and it proves her point that Brady and Chloe were a ticking time bomb. Kristen imagines Stefan still has lingering doubts about his feelings from before the four years he was gone until now. Kristen says he had four years to resolve his conflicting feelings and woke up with a new sense of purpose, having finally figured it all out. Kristen declares that Stefan is now finally going after what he truly wants. Kristen claims it’s just her opinion and suggests he trust his gut. Stefan apologizes for bursting in like this and decides to get going. Kristen says he has a lot to think about as Stefan then exits. Kristen remarks that she does feel a little bad for Stefan, but she doesn’t need him to come between Brady and Chloe anymore, though it’s better safe than sorry.

Li assures Dr. Rolf that leaving is the best option as it’s better to be safe than sorry. Dr. Rolf argues that he’s not intimidated by Gabi and he can handle her. Li calls him a genius and an idiot. Li argues that Gabi is a lioness and would get the truth out of him in two seconds. Li encourages Dr. Rolf to go, so he’ll also be out of Rafe’s jurisdiction. Dr. Rolf says he will need a little time to get his things in order. Li says he will send a car to take him to the airport and insists that he’s doing the right thing. Li then exits the lab.

Nicole doesn’t understand as she thought she did the right thing. Rafe says they are supposed to be partners and they aren’t in a good patch, but he doesn’t want her to fire Eric because of him. Nicole questions what he wants then and argues that she did it to fix them, but it hasn’t. Nicole questions what the next step is and where they stand. Nicole pleads with Rafe to tell her what she can do or what he wants. Rafe responds that he wants them to be okay. Nicole says she does too but questions if that’s possible after last night since Rafe didn’t even come home. Rafe apologizes and explains that he was worried that he would just make things worse if he did. Nicole suggests they could’ve worked things out and had incredible make up sex. Nicole tells Rafe that she missed him so much. Rafe says he missed her too and they kiss until Rafe gets paged back to the police station. Rafe tells Nicole that she will see him tonight and kisses her goodbye as he then exits the office. Nicole then sits back down looking frustrated.

Eric knows Jada feels bad for sharing what she overheard but he thanks her because he needed to know. Eric decides he’s not going to a photoshoot after all and his afternoon will be free, so they can have lunch here. Jada points out that her lunch break is over now. Eric apologizes for talking her ear off. Jada says she has to head back to the station but they agree on dinner as they hug.

Brady questions what Chloe is doing here. Chloe apologizes and says she won’t be long but she left some things in his bedroom. Brady tells her to go ahead. Brady then stops her and says he feels really terrible. Chloe cries that she knows why he did what he did. Chloe then heads to get her things. The doorbell rings and Kristen arrives with her bag packed.

Rafe returns to his office. Jada comes in after him and asks if he has a minute. Rafe asks what’s up. Jada says it’s kind of awkward but she accidentally heard some of the fight between he and Nicole last night. Rafe admits that wasn’t his best moment and he’s sorry she had to hear that. Jada assures that she didn’t mean to overhear but she felt that he should know that she told Eric what she heard. Rafe is surprised to hear her say that. Jada explains that she was with Eric when he got an e-mail from Nicole that he was fired and he was so confused and she didn’t know how to help him, so she felt he should know. Rafe tells her not to worry about it as everything will work out fine. Rafe tells Jada that he never told Nicole to fire Eric and actually told her it was a mistake and that she should rehire him. Rafe declares that he has to be able to trust his wife.

Nicole goes to Eric’s room and says she wanted to explain the e-mail from earlier. Eric says he knows she didn’t fire him over budget cuts and that it’s about her marriage.

Brady questions what Kristen is doing here. Kristen reminds him that they talked about this. Brady argues that he just broke up with Chloe last night and needs more time. Kristen argues that she helped him dodge a bullet. Chloe comes out with a box of her things and questions what is going on. Kristen guesses Brady didn’t have the chance to tell her that she’s moving in.

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Days Update Thursday, October 20, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jack questions Xander wanting a job at the Spectator. Xander reminds him that they talked about it at the Pub until Jack was sidetracked when he realized Jennifer was the one who ran over Gwen. Jack reminds him to keep his voice down about that. Xander says he’ll start wherever Jack can use him and asks what he says. Jack responds that he’s afraid his answer is no.

Ava shows up in a disguise in Gwen’s hospital room and tells her that she needs her help. Ava says Gwen can’t tell anyone that she saw her as no one can know she’s here. Gwen questions why and what is going on. Ava informs Gwen that she’s been banished from Salem.

Wendy and Tripp sit together at Julie’s Place as Wendy asks Tripp about his mother being missing. Tripp tells her that he’s been calling and texting for hours with no response so he’s starting to get really worried. Wendy says she’s so sorry and asks if he has any idea where she might be. Tripp responds that all he knows is that EJ forced her to leave town.

Johnny goes to the DiMera Enterprises office and begins searching through folders on the desk, believing the password has to be there somewhere. EJ then comes back in and questions what Johnny is doing there. Johnny thinks back to planning in to hacking DiMera accounts with Wendy. EJ asks Johnny again and demands an answer.

Gabi informs Li that Stefan came over to give her their divorce papers. Li questions that being the errand that Stefan had to run. Stefan explains that as he was leaving the building, he ran in to his attorney, who informed him that the papers were ready. Li questions Stefan rushing over to personally deliver them. Stefan says he imagines they are anxious to get married, just as he is to cut ties with Gabi, so he got there as soon as he could. Li assumes they are signed then but Gabi says not yet. Stefan declares that as soon as they are, their marriage will be over so Li and Gabi will be free to live their happily ever after.

Jack tells Xander that he wants to help him but he doesn’t think bringing him on at the paper at this time is a good idea. Xander complains about not being good enough and lacking the skills for the job, then tells Jack to forget it as it was a stupid idea. Jack explains that his decision has nothing to do with his character, capabilities, or about Xander at all. Jack reveals it’s about Gwen.

Gwen questions who banished Ava from Salem. Ava tells her it was EJ DiMera. Gwen points out that she’s still here. Ava states that EJ doesn’t know that, so this visit needs to stay between them. Gwen agrees and asks what she did to anger EJ so badly that she’s banished from Salem.

EJ questions Johnny as to what he has caught him doing now and warns that he’s losing his patience. Johnny then claims that he came to apologize because he realized EJ was right about Ava since she did lie to them and just wanted to scam their family after Jake died. EJ says he tried to tell him. Johnny tells EJ that he’s really sorry. EJ acknowledges that Johnny really did care about Ava. Johnny claims that Ava was just using him to get to EJ and that EJ was right.

Ava informs Gwen that EJ is furious because she faked a marriage to Jake to inherit his shares. Ava clarifies that it was Gabi’s idea. Gwen can’t believe Gabi convinced Ava to put a wedding ring on a dead man’s finger. Ava argues that she and Jake were in love and if he wasn’t killed, they would be married now. Ava reminds Gwen that Jake proposed to her right before getting shot and even picked out her engagement ring. Gwen angrily reminds Ava that it was the same ring that Xander gave to her.

Xander asks Jack what Gwen has to do with him working at the Spectator. Jack informs Xander that he’s checking Gwen out of the hospital today and she’s worried as she didn’t have a job or a place to live, so he told her that she could come home with him and offered her a job at the paper. Xander argues that it’s a huge operation so there must be more than one opening. Jack confirms there is, so Xander suggests hiring both of them. Jack responds that he’d like to, but he can’t because his news room would turn in to a fight club.

Tripp tells Wendy about how he punched EJ. Wendy questions how EJ isn’t making him leave town too. Tripp reminds her that he already left town and lives in Seattle. Wendy jokes that she got distracted by picturing Tripp going all Anderson Silva. Tripp is impressed to learn that Wendy is a fan of MMA and says he didn’t think he could like her more. Wendy asks what happened after he hit EJ. Tripp explains that EJ was going to have him arrested but Li stopped him. Wendy is surprised that Li was there but questions why Li would go to bat for him. Tripp reveals that Li did it for Wendy to show his gratitude for what he did for her over the summer in Hong Kong. Wendy acknowledges that Tripp and his brother Joey saved her life. Tripp says that’s something they will both be very proud of. Tripp adds that they both think Wendy is great and that’s why Li sprang to his defense. Wendy wonders if Li really does care about her then since he doesn’t take her seriously or see her as a capable, ambitious adult. Wendy wonders if she would have an easier time if she conformed a little more. Tripp tells her not to change for anyone and calls her amazing exactly the way she is. Wendy questions why her brother refuses to give her a job then.

Li goes over the divorce papers and offers to be the witness for their signatures. Li asks who wants to sign first. Stefan decides he does and declares that he cannot wait to be rid of Gabi once and for all as he signs the divorce papers. Stefan then hands the papers to Gabi.

Xander questions Jack thinking he and Gwen would be brawling at the office. Jack points out that tensions can run high while there could be late hours and long nights. Xander assures that he’s in love with Sarah and he’s over Gwen. Jack responds that he knows, but he’s not so sure that Gwen is over him.

Ava questions if Gwen is still carrying a torch for Xander. Gwen asks why she would say that. Ava points out Gwen getting annoyed at her former engagement ring. Gwen denies that and says they are talking about Ava’s love life, not hers. Gwen asks Ava about the scam she ran on EJ. Ava says there isn’t much more to tell as she was out of her mind with grief and Gabi took advantage. Gwen questions Gabi ambushing her in the hospital. Ava confirms that Jake’s body wasn’t even cold while Gabi was pitching her on all the cash she could make. Ava says that EJ found out the marriage wasn’t real, so he’s in and now Gabi’s out. Gwen argues that it’s not Ava’s fault so Gabi still owes her. Gwen suggests Ava take this up with Gabi instead of her but Ava responds that Gabi has problems of her own.

Stefan questions what Gabi is waiting for. Gabi declares that Stefan might be alive again, but he’s dead to her now, as she then signs the divorce papers. Gabi doesn’t care what Dr. Rolf says and remarks that Stefan doesn’t have a heart anymore. Li then signs the papers as well. Stefan tells Li that Gabi is all his and Gabi is free to marry the man she loves. Gabi angrily responds that Stefan is free to chase Chloe. Stefan decides he will file the papers himself so there is no doubt that this marriage is finally and permanently over. Stefan then exits the room.

Tripp thought Wendy already worked for DiMera. Wendy complains about being stuck in Alaska, so she wants Li to get her transferred here with a promotion but he doesn’t want her to show him up. Wendy states that it’s sadly still a man’s world. Tripp hopes she wasn’t offended by what he and Joey did in Hong Kong. Wendy repeats that they saved her life and assures that she’s so grateful. Wendy brings up hearing about Tripp saving another woman’s life by throwing himself through a window. Tripp guesses he’s old school and always trying to be the knight in shining armor. Wendy admits she finds that kind of hot. Wendy then checks out Tripp’s hand and comments that it must have been some punch. Tripp admits it was actually more than one, so Wendy asks who else he hit. Joey then arrives and interrupts them.

Johnny remarks to EJ that thinking about everything Ava did to him was like getting punched in the face. Johnny claims that he can’t believe he defended Ava and calls her very persuasive. EJ responds that Johnny is less persuasive and admits he’s having a hard time buying this. EJ brings up how when he forced Ava to leave Salem, Johnny looked at him with sheer hatred and swore to make him pay. Johnny blows it off as just having a temper. EJ acknowledges the charm he used to cover up what he’s really up to and how he got that from him. EJ questions if Johnny really believes he got played by Ava or if Johnny is the one playing him.

Joey questions what’s going on. Wendy explains that she was just asking Tripp about how he banged up his knuckles. Joey hugs Wendy and says it’s so good to see her. Wendy says she’s glad to hear his mom is okay. Joey questions what Wendy is doing in Salem. Wendy says she was hoping to get a job but her brother is being a dork. Tripp jokes that he can relate to that. Joey asks where Wendy is staying. Wendy admits she’s still figuring that out. Wendy refuses to crash with Li and admits she can’t afford a hotel, so Joey suggests she stay with them.

Xander asks Jack if Gwen told him that she still has feelings for him. Jack thinks back to interrupting Gwen’s dream. Jack tells Xander that it was just an impression he got. Xander understands his daughter has to come first but assures that if he did hire them both, he would never lead Gwen on. Jack says that Gwen wants to get her life back on track and he wants to support her on that by helping her make better decisions than she has in the past and help her learn to not repeat her mistakes.

Ava argues that she won’t ask Gwen to do anything she hasn’t done before. Gwen says that’s what she’s afraid of and questions what exactly Ava wants her to do. Ava wants Gwen to help her get back at EJ. Ava says she doesn’t respond well to threats so EJ needs to pay for thinking he can threaten her and run her out of Salem. Ava just needs Gwen to get close to EJ and get him to like her. Gwen says no and refuses to infiltrate the DiMera family as she did that before and it was a disaster. Ava just wants Gwen to cozy up EJ but Gwen says she can’t. Ava argues that she can’t do it because if EJ finds out she’s still in Salem, he will have her arrested and thrown in prison. Ava reminds Gwen how she broke her out of prison with no questions asked. Gwen argues that was only for a few hours and because Ava threw her under the bus. Ava points out that she was the only one who could help Gwen back then and now Gwen is the only one who can help her. Gwen argues that they are even, so she doesn’t have to help her with anything. Ava offers to beg and says she refuses to tuck her tail and run just because EJ told her too. Ava declares that she doesn’t care if EJ hates her but he will not disrespect her. Ava adds that she would go after EJ herself in a heartbeat if she could, but she can’t, so she needs Gwen’s help. Ava questions what Gwen has to lose.

Johnny asks EJ why it’s so hard to accept that he’s admitting EJ was right. EJ points out that it’s never happened before. Johnny insists he had time to cool off and reflect, so he came around on Ava. Johnny brings up that EJ always said his place is here at DiMera and he was right. EJ questions suddenly changing his mind after years of fighting him. Johnny claims that the whole thing with Ava has cleared up a lot for him about loyalty, legacy, and what he wants in life. EJ asks if he wants to work here with him. Johnny knows he’s resisted it for years but maybe it’s time for him to grow up and learn the family business. Johnny asks what EJ’s working on these days anyway as he opens up the computer. Johnny then points out that it’s locked and asks what EJ’s password is.

Tripp reminds Joey that they live in Seattle. Wendy asks when they are heading back home. Tripp says as soon as he hears from his mom. Wendy tells Joey that Tripp hasn’t been able to reach Ava. Joey asks if she’s alright. Tripp says he thinks so but he just wants to make sure and then they can head back. Joey points out that they don’t have to leave quite yet, noting that Kayla isn’t out of the hospital yet. Joey suggests they can stick around to help out and have Wendy stay with them. Wendy doesn’t want to get in the way. Joey goes over how Steve and Kayla have a townhouse with two guest bedrooms. Tripp reminds him that they are in one and Stephanie is in the other. Joey suggests Tripp can move in with Stephanie while Wendy bunks with him. Tripp argues that Joey knows Stephanie way more than he does so it would make more sense for Wendy to bunk with him. Wendy suggests she could bunk with Stephanie while Joey questions why Tripp is making this so difficult. Tripp and Joey argue that they are both trying to do what’s best for Wendy. Wendy says she appreciates the offer but she will just find her own place. Joey and Tripp blame each other and argue until Wendy stops them and tells them to take this somewhere else because she has work to do. Wendy then kisses them both on the cheek and then they leave as Wendy goes back to work.

Jack offers Xander a handshake and asks if there’s no hard feelings. Xander hugs him and assures he’s still his best mate. Jack thanks him for understanding. Jack asks about Xander being a couple months behind on his bills at the Salem Inn. Xander reveals that he and Sarah have moved back in to the Kiriakis Mansion temporarily which is not their first choice but it will help. Jack offers to loan Xander some money until he finds something but Xander says he’ll figure it out as he always does. Xander then exits the hospital.

Gwen tells Ava that she has everything that matters to her to lose. Ava reminds her that she already lost Xander. Gwen says she’s talking about her father as being the daughter that Jack deserves is her main focus along with recovering from being slammed in to by a motor vehicle. Ava asks when Gwen is being released. Gwen informs her that it’s today and that Jack has invited her to stay with him. Gwen adds that Jack’s even getting her a job at the newspaper. Ava congratulates her on that while Gwen insists this is not a con and that Jack is giving her a chance to do things right, so there is no way she will muck it up. Gwen declares that whatever scheme Ava is cooking up with EJ, she’s out. Ava questions Gwen turning her down. Gwen says she is rooting for her and hopes that Ava makes EJ pay.

Johnny asks EJ for his password but EJ shuts the computer and says he was wrong as Johnny doesn’t belong behind a desk, he’s an artist. Johnny questions EJ not wanting him at DiMera. EJ assures he’d want nothing more than to have his son by his side but he wouldn’t be happy there. EJ encourages Johnny to be out there bringing his vision to life. Johnny brings up that his last vision didn’t turn out so well. EJ remarks that if he can beat the Devil, he can beat anyone. EJ says he has a lot of work to do as undoing all the damage that Gabi did as CEO is a bigger task than he imagined. Johnny decides to leave him to it then and exits the office.

Johnny returns to Wendy at Julie’s Place and asks if she had any luck. Wendy says she hasn’t because security is too tight on Li’s email. Wendy asks about Johnny’s luck. Johnny informs her that EJ walked in on him going through his desk, but insists there’s no chance that EJ is onto him.

EJ makes a call, saying he wants the tightest security on all of DiMeras devices including desktops, laptops, and phones. EJ asks the head of I.T. to personally oversee the upgrades and says there is no immediate threat but they can never be too careful.

Li asks if Gabi is okay. Gabi claims she is and asks why she wouldn’t be. Li says she just signed her divorce papers and knows that had to be very difficult. Gabi questions what Li is doing here when it’s the first day of him being EJ’s second in command. Li reminds her that is just temporary. Gabi tells Li that she loves and trusts him so she knows he’s looking out for her. Li states that he’s biding his time to get rid of EJ and all the other DiMeras, then it will just be them as Shin-Hernandez Enterprises. Gabi calls it Hernandez-Shin as she likes to be on top. Li assures that he knows as they kiss.

Jack returns to Gwen’s room and asks if she’s ready to head home. Gwen says that sounds really nice and thanks him for giving her this chance and for still believing in her after all the ways she disappointed him. Gwen promises this time will be different and she will do everything she can to make sure he is proud of her.

Ava complains about Gwen suddenly having a conscience and wonders where she will find someone to help her now. Xander walks by while on a phone call with the Salem Inn about how much he still owes. Xander says he just needs a little time and assures he will find a way to come up with the money. Xander hangs up and exits the hospital. Having overheard him, Ava declares that her problem is solved.

Gabi and Li lay in bed after having sex. Gabi points out that Li still hasn’t told her why he came back to the room. Li questions her still thinking about that after what they just did. Gabi says she’s curious. Li tells her that his sister texted him that she was going to stop by. Gabi informs him that she did. Li asks what she wanted. Gabi responds that Wendy wanted to see if Li would reconsider hiring her in Salem and then hoped Gabi would hire her, herself. Gabi says if she was still CEO, she would hire Wendy in a heartbeat because she’s a rock star. Li admits that she’s not the first person today to remind him of Wendy’s talents, so maybe he does need to reconsider. Gabi agrees unless he’s intimidated by powerful, strong women.

Tripp and Joey sit together at the Brady Pub. Tripp gets a text from Ava and says she’s fine and will check in again soon. Tripp tells Joey that now that they know both of their moms are fine, they can head back to Seattle. Joey questions Tripp being anxious to get back, arguing that if they stay, Wendy would choose him. Tripp says she would choose him so he’s saving Joey the humiliation. Tripp brings up Wendy being in to MMA which impresses Joey, who calls her like the perfect woman. Joey and Tripp toast to Wendy picking the best Johnson.

Wendy gets a text from Li and exclaims that he just offered her a good position at DiMera here in Salem. Johnny congratulates her on getting what she wanted and guesses that means they won’t be working together anymore. Wendy assures that they will because she still wants to know if Li and EJ worked with Dr. Rolf on Stefan and her new job puts them one step closer to the truth.

Stefan returns to the DiMera office. EJ asks if everything is okay as he was starting to worry. Stefan announces that he just got divorced as they just signed the papers and once the judge signs off on it, it will be official. EJ tells Stefan that he’s very happy for him and declares that he must be over the moon because Gabi is out of his life forever.

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Days Update Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Johnny is at the DiMera Mansion and calls Wendy Shin, leaving her a message to call back when she gets it because he has something important to talk about. The doorbell rings and it’s Tripp. Johnny didn’t know he was in town and invites him in. Tripp explains that he came back because of Kayla being seriously ill. Johnny mentions Marlena also being sick and asks how Kayla is. Tripp informs him that Kayla and Marlena are on the mend which Johnny calls great news and says he’ll have to give Marlena a call later. Tripp tells Johnny that he just came here to visit his mom but Johnny informs him that Ava left town. Tripp is surprised and asks why. Johnny reveals that EJ forced her to leave.

Wendy goes to see Gabi in her and Li’s room at the Salem Inn. Gabi greets her and mentions not knowing she was in town. Wendy is surprised Li didn’t tell her. Gabi says they have a lot going on. Wendy informs Gabi that she asked Li for a job at DiMera Headquarters but he shot her down. Wendy adds that she came here to try and convince him but points out that since Gabi is CEO, maybe she could overrule him. Gabi responds that she’s sorry but she’s not going to be able to do that because she’s not CEO anymore.

EJ trashes Gabi’s nameplate from the desk at the DiMera Office. Li questions that being necessary while EJ calls it enjoyable. EJ reminds Li that he said being engaged to Gabi wouldn’t be an issue which he confirms. EJ declares that now that he’s returned to his rightful position on top of DiMera, no unnecessary distractions will be tolerated. EJ states that his sole focus is running his empire. Li points out that it’s their empire as he wouldn’t have this position if not for him. EJ declares that he is CEO now and tells Li to be clear where he’s loyal since he knows what he did to Stefan.

Johnny informs Tripp that Ava and Jake were never really married and how EJ was ready to send Ava to prison for fraud but he made a deal to not press charges if Ava left Salem for good. Tripp can’t believe it and guesses Ava was ashamed to tell him. Johnny says he’s sorry and that he tried to talk EJ out of it since he really likes Ava. Tripp questions him feeling that way even after she tried to scam his family. Johnny responds that none of that mattered to him as much as Ava did. Tripp questions what that means. Johnny explains that he and Ava got really close after she moved in. Tripp questions how close they got.

Gabi informs Wendy that she was voted out as CEO this morning. Wendy questions who is in charge. Gabi informs her that it’s EJ DiMera and that he’s been wanting to get rid of her and anyone who supports her since he came back to town. Wendy guesses that means Li is out too but Gabi reveals that Li is staying on as EJ’s number two.

Stefan joins EJ and Li in the DiMera Office. EJ tells Stefan that he’s happy to have Li on board but it doesn’t change the fact that he took Stefan’s position. Stefan says they all want what’s best for the company. Li remarks that he wouldn’t have stepped in to the role if his father didn’t have doubts about Stefan. EJ argues that it’s obvious that Stefan is competent and once they prove that he’s capable of taking his rightful place as co-CEO, it’s only a matter of time before that happens.

Gwen has a dream about Xander coming back to her and saying he still loved her and wanted to get back together. Gwen then is woken up by Jack arriving.

Xander joins Sarah at the Kiriakis Mansion and greets her along with Maggie. Sarah talks about having a long night after an entire high school football team came in to the hospital with food poisoning. Xander reveals to her that he’s been upstairs because he swallowed his pride and asked Victor if they could move back in.

Tripp questions Johnny about how close he and his mom got. Johnny talks about how Ava was going through a really hard time after Jake died while he was bummed about Chanel leaving him for his sister, so they kind of leaned on each other. Tripp asks how. Johnny says they just gave each other a shoulder to cry on and that was it other than the time they saw each other naked but that’s not what he thinks. Johnny adds that there was also the time when EJ caught them in bed, so Tripp then punches Johnny.

Wendy questions Gabi about EJ naming Li as his second in command. Wendy then thinks back to Johnny’s theory that EJ and Li could be working together. Wendy tells Gabi that she didn’t realize EJ and Li had that kind of relationship. Gabi says they don’t and explains that Wei Shin and the board had doubts about Stefan. Wendy comments that it must have been a shock to Gabi when Stefan showed up. Gabi calls that an understatement. Gabi says when she lost Stefan, she thought her life was over and prayed for a miracle. Wendy points out that she got one but Gabi says he’s not the same man that he was. Wendy questions what she means. Gabi says it’s like a switch was flipped in his brain and now he hates her. Wendy asks if she has any idea why. Gabi doesn’t know how to explain it. Gabi brings up Dr. Rolf and says she feels like somehow in the process, he turned Stefan against her. Wendy asks why he would do that. Gabi responds that Dr. Rolf never liked her but admits going through that much trouble just to make her miserable doesn’t make sense. Wendy asks if it wouldn’t be out of spite. Gabi says there is always a larger purpose behind Dr. Rolf’s experiments.

EJ suggests getting down to business as he, Li, and Stefan sit at the desk. EJ declares that they must make sure they never lose control of the company again. EJ adds that they need to agree that everything discussed here remains confidential. EJ talks about Gabi being extremely dangerous so they don’t want to give her opening. Li assures he will keep his personal life separate from DiMera, so he has nothing to worry about. EJ doesn’t know why Li doesn’t get rid of Gabi altogether. EJ remarks that Gabi may dress nice but she’s a feral cat who used their family business to give herself respectability. EJ calls Gabi trash and argues that she did nothing for the company but taint it’s name. Stefan then interrupts and shouts that’s enough.

Tripp apologizes for hitting Johnny. Johnny understands that Tripp thought he was bragging about sleeping with his mother but clarifies that nothing happened. Johnny admits he would’ve done the same thing if he thought Tripp slept with his mother. Tripp guesses he’s sensitive when it comes to DiMeras because of how EJ treated Ava. Johnny doesn’t blame him and admits EJ was a total ass. Johnny adds that he really does care about Ava and thinks she got a rotten deal. Tripp asks if he has any idea where she went but he doesn’t. Tripp decides to see if he can track her down. Johnny wishes him luck in finding Ava as Tripp then exits the mansion.

Wendy tells Gabi that she’s kind of bummed not to be working for her anymore since she thought a female CEO at DiMera gave her hope about moving up in the company. Gabi says she was so impressed by her and was really looking forward to working with her. Wendy points out that they’ll still be seeing a lot of each other since Gabi is going to be her sister in law. Wendy asks when the wedding day is. Gabi says they haven’t set one yet but they will soon. Gabi tells Wendy that she will likely be the first to know. Wendy decides to get going. Gabi says it was nice to see her and she will let Li know that she stopped by. Wendy tells Gabi that for what it’s worth, she deserves better about the job as she then exits.

EJ questions Stefan if there’s a problem as he thought he couldn’t stand Gabi. Stefan responds that his personal feelings about Gabi have no bearing on his reaction but he just believes that speaking of ill about Li’s fiancée to his face is uncouth. EJ asks if he’d prefer he do it behind his back. Stefan then asks to be excused as he just remembered a pressing errand he has to run and exits the office. Li questions why EJ is pushing Stefan about Gabi and if he’s testing Dr. Rolf’s conditioning. EJ confirms that he is because he needs to make sure it’s working and given his behavior, he’s not sure it is. Li argues that Stefan only defended Gabi because of him but EJ doesn’t believe it. Li questions what they do if Stefan’s feelings for Gabi are starting to resurface. EJ suggests sending Stefan back to Dr. Rolf for a tune up. Li says that Dr. Rolf will just assure him he’s just fine. EJ argues that he’s wrong as Stefan might have cracked after another insult towards Gabi. Li accuses EJ of finding this amusing and enjoying it. EJ remarks that Li obviously doesn’t. Li decides he’s leaving. EJ questions what his problem is. Li complains about EJ’s total disrespect for him and the woman he plans to marry. EJ reminds Li that he just said he is loyal first to the company. Li tells EJ that he doesn’t appreciate him badmouthing his fiancée for any reason. EJ questions what exactly Li is going to do about it.

Jack brings Gwen flowers in the hospital and congratulates her because she’s finally getting out of the hospital. Gwen is surprised to learn she’s officially being released today. Jack confirms he’s here to walk her out which Gwen says she would like very much. Gwen tells Jack that when he walked in, she was dreaming of Xander. Jack knows how much Gwen loved Xander and that those feelings don’t just go away. Gwen acknowledges that Xander is happily married to Sarah and that she said she would let him go but after her accident, he was right there and had this concern in his eyes. Gwen feels it was like Xander cared about her.

Maggie questions Xander and Sarah both wanting to move in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander admits that crawling back to Victor was not his first choice. Maggie questions if they can’t afford an apartment. Xander admits he’s racked up debt at the Salem Inn and has no way of paying it off. Maggie brings up Sarah’s salary. Sarah mentions that she’s still on probation and not full time again yet. Xander adds that living in the mansion won’t be forever and only until he gets back on his feet financially which he hopes to be soon as he just asked Jack for a job at the Spectator. Xander mentions not getting an official offer because Jack got distracted by Gwen’s accident. Xander then thinks back to Jack realizing Jennifer hit Gwen.

Jack tells Gwen that she’s right that it was obvious how concerned Xander was and that he does care about her. Gwen assures that she gets that Xander chose Sarah over her. Jack just doesn’t want to see Gwen waste her time, pining away for someone who won’t return her feelings. Jack tells Gwen that she deserves happiness too. Gwen questions if she does after how she treated Sarah and Abigail. Jack says they all make mistakes. Jack encourages Gwen to think about what she’s going to do with the rest of her life when she gets out of here and to focus on the future. Gwen questions what future since she doesn’t have a job or a home. Jack says there’s something he can do about that in the short term and invites her to come home with him.

Wendy walks through the town square and listens to Johnny’s voicemail. Johnny then approaches and says he’s been trying to get in touch with her. Wendy says she just got his message and she has something important to talk to him about too. Johnny suggests they take this somewhere more private.

EJ tells Li that he meant every word he said about Gabi and questions if he’s going to defend her. Tripp then bursts in and confronts EJ, asking who the hell he thinks he is. Tripp informs EJ that Johnny just told him everything so he knows that EJ forced his mom to leave town. EJ mocks everyone throwing temper tantrums today. EJ tells Tripp that Ava got exactly what she deserved for trying to defraud his family and company. Tripp argues that Ava was grieving and trying to keep her head above water. EJ remarks that she just made up a lie about his dead brother. Tripp complains that even if Ava and Jake weren’t married, they were engaged and they loved each other. EJ brings up Ava jumping in to bed with Johnny. Tripp tells EJ that he’s too late if he’s trying to shock him because Johnny already explained everything. EJ wants to know how Tripp reacted to that. Tripp asks if EJ wants to know and then punches EJ in the face.

Gabi sits in her room looking at her engagement ring until Stefan shows up at her door.

EJ hopes Tripp punching him was worth spending the night in jail and threatens to ruin his medical career after charging him with assault and battery. Li suggests being lenient on Tripp, pointing out that Tripp and his brother saved his sister’s life in Hong Kong earlier this summer. Li says he knows Tripp is a really good guy, who just lost his temper because he’s worried about his mom. Li adds that if EJ calls the police, this becomes a major story and asks if he’s sure he wants that kind of publicity when he just took over. EJ reluctantly agrees not to go to the authorities. EJ warns Tripp to get the hell out before he calls security to drop him off the roof. Tripp thanks Li and then exits.

Johnny and Wendy go to Julie’s Place. Johnny goes over how they both have something important to talk about and asks who goes first. Wendy decides she will and informs him that she just got back from going to visit Li, only he wasn’t there and Gabi was. Johnny tells her that his news was the same thing; that Gabi has been ousted from DiMera, EJ is back in charge, and Li is his second in command. Wendy thinks this is exactly what they’ve been looking for. Wendy feels it’s proof that EJ and Li have been in cahoots all along. Johnny argues that it doesn’t prove they had anything to do with Stefan. Wendy mentions how Gabi said Stefan has been acting different ever since he came back, like he hates her without any reasonable explanation. Johnny asks if Gabi had any theories on why that might be. Wendy informs him that Gabi thinks Dr. Rolf might have brainwashed Stefan but also that Dr. Rolf doesn’t do anything without a purpose. Johnny wonders if EJ or Li put Dr. Rolf up to it.

Gabi questions what Stefan is doing at her room and guesses he came to gloat about voting her out. Gabi asks if he doesn’t have better things to do now that he got his shares and partnered up with EJ. Gabi questions him being here to taunt her instead of at the office with EJ. Stefan responds that he didn’t come to taunt her.

EJ wipes blood from his nose from Tripp’s punch. EJ tells Li that he hopes his sister appreciates him going to bat for her knight in shining armor. Li doubts it as they aren’t on the best terms. EJ asks why not. Li informs him that Wendy showed up in Salem yesterday and asked for a promotion at DiMera, but he said no way. EJ asks if she’s good at what she does. Li admits she’s the best, so EJ suggests he should reconsider since what’s best for DiMera is best for both of them. EJ tells Li that he should go find his sister and congratulate her on her promotion as he exits the office.

Wendy tells Johnny that maybe they need to talk to Dr. Rolf and asks how to track him down. Johnny says if EJ or Li put Dr. Rolf up to doing something to Stefan, there has to be a trail and says it’s worth looking in to. Wendy mentions that she already tried hacking in to Li’s e-mail but it’s protected. Johnny says if it’s a DiMera account, maybe he can help. Wendy says she’d need a high level DiMera password. Johnny says he doesn’t have that clearance but maybe he could get in to EJ’s. Wendy asks how since he can’t just ask him. Johnny admits EJ is paranoid but he had a severe injury a couple years ago and is still sensitive about lingering memory lapses so he writes everything down so he doesn’t forget. Johnny says if they could get in to EJ’s computer, they might not need Li’s. Johnny decides to head to the office now while Wendy decides to continue trying to hack Li’s e-mail. Johnny tells her that he will text her if he finds anything and walks away. Tripp then arrives and is surprised to see Wendy, who excitedly hugs him.

Gabi asks Stefan why he is here if not to gloat. Stefan informs her that he came here to deliver divorce papers as he imagines Li wants to get married soon, so she’ll need to be divorced first. Stefan says once Gabi signs the papers, he will file them and they can be rid of this mess of a marriage once and for all. Gabi points out that Stefan didn’t sign the papers. Stefan says he hasn’t yet. Gabi questions what he’s waiting for and tells him to go first.

Xander goes to the hospital and tells Jack that he wanted to follow up with him about bringing him on at the Spectator since he could really use a job. Xander asks if it’s looking good.

Tripp asks what Wendy is doing in Salem since he thought she lived in Alaska. Wendy responds that she thought he lived in Seattle. Tripp explains that he does and he came back because his stepmom had a health scare. Wendy says she’s sorry and asks if she’s alright. Tripp confirms that she’s fine now but he just found out that his mom disappeared.

Ava shows up in a disguise in Gwen’s hospital room and tells Gwen that she needs her help.

Johnny goes to the DiMera Enterprises office and sees that it’s empty so he begins searching through folders on the desk, believing the password has to be there somewhere. EJ then comes back in and questions what Johnny is doing there.

Stefan asks Gabi why it matters who signs the divorce papers first. Gabi questions why he didn’t sign them before he came if he hates her so much. Stefan assures that he wants this over as quick as possible, so Gabi tells him to sign. Stefan then takes the divorce papers but hesitates. Gabi questions what is stopping him from doing it. Gabi argues that she knows something in his brain is telling him to despise her, but urges him not to sign the divorce papers. Gabi knows he feels something and that something left inside of him still loves her. Li then comes home and questions what is going on in here.

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Days Update Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Steve, Joey, and Stephanie watch over Kayla in the hospital. Kayla tells Joey that she said she didn’t want he and Tripp there, but she’s really glad they are. Joey says they wouldn’t be anywhere else. Steve notes that Tripp should be back from the lab soon and hopes that he will have good news about the serum. Kayla asks Steve to get her purse so he does. Kayla tells Stephanie that she wants her to have Grandma Caroline’s bracelet to remember both of them.

Kate is in bed on the phone with her son Austin, telling him about her and Roman’s marriage. Kate wishes they could’ve sent out wedding invitations but they were up against the clock. Kate tells Austin not to come out because there’s nothing he can do without a miracle. Roman then enters and announces they just might have their miracle.

Kristen informs Brady over the phone that she gave the police enough of the serum for the first dose and reminds him that now he must hold up his end of the bargain and break up with Chloe, so that they and Rachel can be a family again. Kristen warns Brady that if even thinks about reneging on their deal, the future treatments depend on her good will and he wouldn’t want the three women’s deaths on his hands.

After Rex injects Marlena with the serum, she asks what happens now. Rex responds that they will monitor her vitals closely and wait for the drug to take effect and then if it does, they will give it to Kate and Kayla. Marlena’s monitors then start beeping and her heart starts racing. Rex encourages her to breathe while Marlena complains that she can’t and John tries to keep her calm.

Stephanie tells Kayla that she can’t take her bracelet but Kayla insists that she wants her to. Stephanie says she’s giving it back to her as soon as she gets better, so Steve then puts the bracelet on Stephanie. Tripp returns and announces that the lab analyzed the drug and it had traces similar to the orchid so they are testing it on Marlena as they speak to make sure it doesn’t have any adverse side effects. Steve tells Kayla that she will be cured. Stephanie worries that she needs it now. Tripp assures that as soon as they confirm it works and is safe, Kayla and Kate are next.

Brady tells Kristen that they are getting ahead of themselves and should make sure the first dose works before talking about the second and third. Kristen tells him that he should have a more hopeful attitude since Marlena could use the positive vibes. Brady says goodbye and tells Kristen not to call back as he hangs up. Chloe comes over and questions what that was all about.

John continues to encourage Marlena as she struggles but eventually she is able to breathe again and her monitors return to normal. Rex asks how she feels. Marlena responds that she feels better. Rex notes that her blood pressure is going back to normal and her vitals are rebounding. John asks what he’s saying. Marlena exclaims that she can feel that it’s working.

Brady claims to Chloe that it was Paul on the phone, asking questions about Marlena’s treatment and it frustrated him as he doesn’t know what to tell him and doesn’t have any answers. Chloe notes that he sounded pretty mad and asks if he’s sure that’s all it was. Rex then comes out from Marlena’s room so Brady asks how she is. Rex tells them that he wants to run more labs to make sure there’s no adverse effects but he’s cautiously optimistic that they have the antidote and it will also work on Kayla and Kate. Brady calls it great news. Brady says he will let Eric and Belle know as Rex then heads to the lab. Chloe hugs Brady and calls this the best news, adding that Brady must be so relieved. Brady confirms that he is. Chloe questions if he’s sure he’s okay. Brady says he’s just so thankful that she was there for him and his family and he’s really lucky to have her. Brady kisses Chloe as Kristen appears and watches from the corner. Brady tells Chloe that he really loves her. Chloe says she loves him too. Brady then says he’ll be back and walks away. Kristen then approaches Chloe.

Marlena tells John that she’s not out of the woods yet but feels like she can see the sunlight through the trees. John sees the hope in her eyes. Marlena jokes that he’ll have to put up with her for awhile. John kisses her and says he loves her.

Kate tells Roman that she doesn’t want to sound ungrateful but questions who decided Marlena would get the first dose. Roman explains that Marlena volunteered and she got sickest the fastest so she had the least time left. Kate tells Roman that he should go see Marlena and Kayla at the hospital. Roman responds that he will as soon as his replacement gets there which she questions. Roman explains that he didn’t want her to be alone, so he called someone to be with her while he’s gone. Chad then arrives and jokes about not being invited to the wedding.

Steve encourages Kayla to hang in just a little bit longer. Tripp notes that Rex is doing bloodwork on Marlena. Kayla then loses consciousness, causing the family to worry. Tripp checks on her and she regains consciousness. Steve and Stephanie encourage Kayla while Joey asks Tripp what’s going on. Tripp responds that this is the normal course of the illness and they were hoping not to get to this stage. Roman enters the room and announces that he just heard from Rex that Marlena is on the road to recovery. Roman then asks how Kayla is doing. Steve responds that they are running out of time and declares she needs the drug now.

Kate tells Chad that they would’ve loved to have him at the wedding but it was last minute. Chad tells her that he’s happy for her and he’s sorry he didn’t come sooner. Kate is sorry she wasn’t there for him with Abigail and Clyde. Kate says she knew when they released Clyde that he would never change. Chad tells her that there’s no way anyone could’ve known and all because he was afraid of it coming out that he had a bullet put in EJ. Chad calls it unfair that Dr. Rolf could bring back EJ but there’s nothing he could do for Abigail.

Chloe questions what Kristen is doing at the hospital. Kristen claims she came to see Marlena since she is her daughter’s step-grandmother. Kristen asks how she’s doing. Chloe mentions the treatment but notes that Kristen was furious with Marlena, so she’s pretty sure she doesn’t give a damn. Chloe then asks what Kristen is really doing here. Kristen admits she does have an ulterior motive.

Joey brings Rex in to Kayla’s hospital room and says she needs the drug. Steve pleads with Rex to give it to her now and says he doesn’t care about the tests. Rex agrees to do so and asks them to make space. Roman asks how long it will take to work. Rex responds that Marlena’s were almost immediate. Steve asks if Kayla can hear him. Rex injects the serum but Kayla calls out to her mom as she then flatlines. Rex and Tripp begin trying to revive her. Tripp asks for everyone to leave the room. Roman agrees but Steve refuses to leave Kayla. They are able to bring back Kayla’s pulse and her heart rate stabilizes. Kayla wakes up as Steve encourages that she got the serum and is going to get better. Stephanie questions why her heart stopped beating. Roman asks if the serum caused it. Tripp says there’s no way to know for sure. Roman then turns to Rex and asks if it’s safe to give Kate.

Kate comments to Chad that she can’t believe she ever thought Clyde was a decent man. Chad says she’s done well for herself this time. Kate agrees and calls Roman the most loyal and caring man she’s ever known. Kate says she has to stay positive and declares that she beat cancer so if she gets the serum, she will beat this as well. Chad agrees and calls her a certified badass.

Chloe mocks Kristen having an ulterior motive. Kristen responds that she’s here for Rachel. Kristen argues that Chloe’s made it her mission to come between her and her daughter. Chloe denies that and says she’s just trying to do what’s best for Brady and Rachel. Kristen accuses Chloe of trying to erase her from their lives. Chloe reminds Kristen that she already offered to end her relationship with Brady but he refused. Kristen suggests instead of offering, she could just do it herself and that would be less humiliating. Brady then comes back and questions what Kristen is doing here.

Marlena asks John if he has an update on Kate and Kayla. John responds that he’s still waiting. Marlena thinks they should’ve heard something by now. John says the serum worked for her so he’s sure it worked for them too. Marlena questions if he’s keeping something from her. John says no and he just wants her to focus on her own recovery while he’s sure they will have good news on them soon enough.

Steve tells Kayla to rest as much as she needs to and he’ll be right there when she wakes up. Stephanie says they all will be. Joey encourages Kayla to get better soon. Roman points out that they almost lost Kayla and that Marlena’s heart raced, so he questions how they know if the serum is safe to give Kate. Rex says it’s risk assessment. Rex and Tripp note that it’s possible it made her worse but also that it could’ve been the illness. Kayla wakes back up and asks why Roman is here instead of with Kate. Kayla knows Roman blames himself for Orpheus hurting them but says it’s not his fault. Roman just wants them to be okay. Tripp asks how Kayla is feeling. Kayla responds that she’s better, like maybe she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Roman then nods to Rex, so Rex announces he’s going to give the serum to Kate and exits.

Kate tells Chad that she saw the press release about his new job in PR, working for Stephanie. Chad confirms that he just started and he’s enjoying the work. Chad notes that professionally it’s fine but personally, he may have crossed a line. Chad calls it not important and says they don’t need to talk about it right now but Kate insists and wants to hear all about it. Kate calls it a distraction for her so Chad gives in. Chad tells Kate that he and Stephanie had too much to drink the other night and she was upset about Kayla while they were both in an emotional place. Chad says in the end, nothing happened. Chad notes that he likes Stephanie but he just realized that he’s not ready to be with someone else because Abigail is still with him and he can’t let her go.

Brady tells Kristen that if Rachel is upset, she should’ve called him and he could go pick her up now. Kristen says that would just make things worse and asks when he will admit this is an untenable situation. Brady responds that he can fix it. Kristen asks how since Rachel cannot stand Chloe or that Chloe is with her father so every day they are together, she’s pulling further away. Brady insists that he would never do anything to hurt Rachel. Kristen argues that being in this relationship is hurting her and asks how Brady can be so selfish. Kristen declares that they know what to do to fix this, so she’s going to leave them alone to chat. Kristen asks Brady to give Marlena her best and remarks that she hopes she has a full and lasting recovery. Kristen then walks away. Chloe complains that Kristen knows exactly how to trigger her. Chloe tells Brady that she’s sorry Rachel is having a tough time. Brady responds that it’s not her fault, it’s Kristen’s, but now he has no choice but to do something about it.

Chad tells Kate that he doesn’t think he’ll ever be ready to let Abigail go. Kate knows he feels that way now and she would never push him to do something he’s not comfortable with. Kate encourages Chad to take it day by day and what feels right to him. Kate tells Chad not to be too hard on himself. Kate then starts to lose consciousness. Chad starts asking her what’s wrong and tries to wake her up. Chad encourages her to stay with him and says he will call Roman. Kate asks him to stay there and sit next to her. Chad tells Kate that he can’t lose her too as he urges her to stay with him. Roman and Rex arrive. Rex questions what’s going on. Chad says they were talking and she was fine. Rex then quickly injects Kate with the serum.

Stephanie puts Kayla’s bracelet back on her and says that’s where it belongs. Steve jokes about them both being stubborn. Joey points out Steve being the most stubborn in the family. Tripp says he will take the blood samples to the lab but Kayla asks him to wait.

John kisses Marlena until Kristen walks in. Kristen remarks that someone is looking better. John asks what the hell she wants. Kristen responds that she heard the wonderful news of Marlena’s recovery and she had to come by to tell Marlena that she forgives her since she asked her to intervene on her behalf with Rachel’s custody but she refused. Marlena argues that it wasn’t her place. Kristen admits she didn’t take it very well that Marlena would support keeping a mother away from her own child and that the spiteful part of her might have hoped she suffered a little or even died but in those dark moments, she reminded herself that God is all forgiving. Kristen declares that God miraculously intervened to save Marlena, so she believes he will intervene in her situation as well.

Brady asks Chloe what Kristen said to her. Chloe responds that Kristen suggested that she offer to break up with him again or just end it herself and not give him a choice. Brady then sits down with Chloe. Chloe questions what he’s doing. Brady says he was just thinking that she may be right as they can’t go on like this. Brady tells Chloe that if there was any other way to make this work. Brady assures that he loves her but he loves his daughter and she’s miserable. Brady says Chloe keeps reminding him to put his little girl first. Chloe questions if he’s breaking up with her. Brady tells her that he’s sorry.

Rex notes Kate’s pulse is strong and her blood pressure is good. Roman encourages that she’s coming back. Kate confirms she feels better already. Rex notes that she’s experiencing the same as Kayla and Marlena but without the side effects this time. Kate hugs Rex and thanks him for saving her life. Kate hugs Chad and thanks him for coming. Kate then jokingly tells Chad and Rex to get lost because it is her wedding night, so they leave. Kate tells Roman that a couple of hours ago, she thought her wedding night was going to be her funeral night. Kate then tells Roman that he knows this look. Roman asks if she’s sure she’s feeling up to it as they start kissing.

Kayla tells her family that the last time the whole family was together like this was when Steve was kidnapped, brainwashed, and nearly killed while now it took her almost dying for them to all get together again. Kayla has them promise not to wait so long to all be together again. Steve then asks for some time alone with his wife. Joey, Stephanie, and Tripp say goodbye to Kayla and then exit the room. Steve sits with Kayla and says he always appreciates how lucky he is to have her, but asks her to never scare him like that again which she promises to do. Steve declares that from now on, they will both stay healthy and safe and he will tell her every day how much he loves her. Kayla agrees to do the same as they kiss. Kayla calls this the happiest day of her life as they continue kissing.

Joey and Stephanie go to a waiting room at the hospital. Joey jokes that if Kayla gave him Caroline’s bracelet, he would’ve kept it because it would’ve matched his tattoo. Stephanie is surprised and asks what tattoo but Joey says she’ll never see it. Stephanie gets a call from Chad, so Joey exits the room. Chad tells Stephanie that he heard about her mom and he’s happy for her family. Stephanie thanks him and asks how Kate is. Chad confirms she’s better and thanks her. Chad offers to handle things at the office if Stephanie wants to take the day to spend with her family. Stephanie assures that she’ll be there in the morning, bright and early, so she will see him then as they hang up.

John tells Kristen to stop talking in code and just spit out what she’s trying to say. Kristen believes he understands her and says she will leave them to their PDAs. Kristen says “you’re welcome” and then exits the room. John asks Marlena what the hell that was about. Marlena doesn’t care as she won’t let Kristen affect their happiness. John hopes after all these years of Orpheus coming after them that it’s finally over.

Brady tells Chloe that she has to believe that he never wanted it to come to this. Chloe cries that it’s okay as she’s the one who told him to and decides she should go. Brady tries to stop her but Chloe says to give her love to Marlena and rushes out of the hospital in tears. Kristen comes over and tells Brady that she knew he could do it. Brady responds that she’s not going to get away with this. Kristen says she already has and assures Chloe will be just fine until she finds out that he’s overthrown Chloe for her which will put a stake in her love story.

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Days Update Monday, October 17, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Rex and Shawn go to the police station as Rex complains about not finding anything in Dr. Rolf’s lab. Shawn thanks him for trying to help. Rex refuses to give up and hopes they find anything that will lead to a cure for Kayla, Marlena, and Kate. Rafe arrives and announces he may have good news.

Chloe shows up at Kristen’s door and says they need to talk. Kristen doesn’t see why. Chloe thinks everything needs to be out in the open. Chloe says the whole situation with them and Brady can’t keep going on. Kristen agrees because this situation has cost her, her daughter. Chloe knows she’s suffering but says so are Brady and Rachel, so for them, she thinks they need to call a truce.

Eric is on the phone with Sami outside the Pub. He tells her not to worry about Marlena as he has to go and promises to call her if there’s anything new. Eric hangs up as Nicole approaches. Nicole mentions talking to Chloe, who said that Belle said Marlena is really struggling. Eric confirms she’s unconscious a lot. Nicole tells Eric that she’s so sorry. Nicole says she just started walking and ended up here. Eric is glad she did as they sit together on the bench. Nicole asks if he’s heard any news about Kate and Kayla. Eric responds that they aren’t doing well either. Nicole asks how Roman is holding up. Eric reveals that he just married Roman and Kate about an hour ago. Nicole calls that the most lovely and heartbreaking thing she’s heard in awhile. Eric says that’s what it was like to be a part of. Eric explains that Roman surprised Kate with a ring and had to convince her to say yes, then he and Rex walked in so Rex became the witness while he performed the wedding. Eric states that Roman and Kate just looked so happy which Nicole calls beautiful. Nicole talks about Roman and Kate being through their ups and downs and with other people, but it’s like they are each others’ destiny.

Kristen questions Chloe wanting to call a truce and mockingly asks if they are going to hang out after. Chloe says they can act like civilized adults and that would be better for Rachel. Kristen assures that Rachel won’t get over this since she knows Chloe is the reason she can’t see her. Kristen talks about when she got the pardon and how she and Brady were getting along as co-parents until Chloe ruined everything. Chloe is sorry that Kristen feels that way. Chloe says she came to appeal to her as one mom to another, so she hoped for Rachel’s sake that Kristen would work for them. Chloe says if Kristen lets Rachel know that it’s important for them all to get along then she could help Brady convince the judge to let Kristen have visitation rights. Chloe declares that the three of them working together is best for Rachel. Kristen cuts her off and warns her not to tell her what’s best for her daughter. Kristen says what would be best for her and Rachel would be for Chloe to be out of their lives for good. Chloe accuses Kristen of putting the note in Rachel’s lunchbox that said Chloe is the reason her family fell apart. Chloe questions what kind of mother does that to her own child.

Brady arrives at the hospital to stop John from smashing the serum vial that Jada just delivered. John explains that he got a note with an orchid just like the police got with the vial and that his note said Marlena was going to wilt and die like the orchid and it was from Orpheus. John worries that Orpheus just wants to get the vial to Marlena to kill her more quickly. Brady stops him and asks about the note that the police got. Jada explains that the note said the vial is with the same serum that saved Roman’s life 25 years ago and it can save Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. John doesn’t believe it is and thinks it’s poison that will kill them. Brady disagrees and thinks it is what they have been praying for. John questions why the hell Brady would say that. Brady thinks back to Kristen agreeing to give the serum. Brady tells John that they don’t have anything else and they are running out of time. Jada thinks he might be right. Jada argues that John would never forgive himself if he lost Marlena and this turns out to be the cure. John decides they are right and asks what he’s thinking. John says he doesn’t have the right to get rid of whatever is in the vial. John wishes there was some way to know what was in it. Shawn and Rex then arrive at the hospital. Rex says that Rafe just told him about the vial of serum so he wants to take it to the lab to have it analyzed. Brady worries that will take time that they might not have. Rex understands but doesn’t want to inject three women with something they don’t know. Rex says he’ll tell the lab to fast track it and he will wait for it. Brady decides it’s John’s call, so John instructs Rex to go ahead. Shawn asks if Belle is still in with Marlena. John confirms that she is and he was just heading back there. John asks if Brady wants to join them but Brady decides to wait for Rex.

Eric tells Nicole that he should get back to the hospital. Nicole stops him and says she has to be honest that it’s killing her to watch him go through this and she knows how close he is with Marlena and she’s been there for him through rough times. Eric agrees, especially when he was drinking, leaving the priesthood, and when he and Sarah found out their baby died. Nicole asks Eric to let her be there for him. Nicole clarifies that she doesn’t mean like before since she’s married and he’s with Jada, but they are still friends. Nicole says that Eric is always the person that shows up for everyone else, so she wants to be the person that’s there for him. Nicole asks Eric to let her go to the hospital with him. Eric agrees that would be great and admits that nobody knows him like her. Eric adds that he was dreading going back to the hospital and seeing his mom in that condition, but then Nicole just appeared as she always seems to show up when he needs her the most. Nicole and Eric then hug as Rafe comes around the corner, shocked to see them again.

Jada asks if Brady has any idea who wrote the note that they got. Brady thinks back to the deal he made with Kristen and how she forbid him to say anything to anyone about it. Brady asks Jada why she would think he would know who wrote the note. Jada points out that he knows everyone involved and he was very insistent that the serum being used. Brady explains that Marlena is like a mother to him, so he was afraid that John’s anger would blind him from the fact that the serum could help Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Jada questions Brady not having any doubts about the serum. Brady claims he has a ton of doubts but it’s the only hope they’ve had. Brady decides to go check on the lab to make sure they are making progress and hurries off, leaving Jada confused.

Kristen tells Chloe that she did not write the note or put it in Rachel’s lunchbox. Kristen says she knew what it said because Rachel called her and read it to her. Chloe is sure Kristen told her that it’s true. Kristen says it is true so anyone could have written it. Kristen argues that anyone would be horrified to see a mother’s rights get trampled on. Chloe argues that Kristen can play the victim all she wants but they both know that she’s been out to get her since before she and Brady became a couple. Kristen brings up seeing Chloe around the courthouse that day so she knew the fix was in because everything was going her way until that day. Kristen adds that the judge was bending over backwards to give her the benefit of the doubt but then suddenly turned on her. Kristen declares that was Chloe’s doing and nobody will convince her otherwise. Chloe admits that it was her doing and she would do it again.

Shawn and John join Belle in Marlena’s hospital room. Belle asks if Shawn found anything in Dr. Rolf’s lab. Shawn says he didn’t but they do have good news. John informs Belle that someone dropped off a vial at the police station. Shawn adds that the note said it contains the same serum that cured Roman 25 years ago. Belle gets excited, though John warns not to get ahead of themselves as they don’t know anything for sure. Shawn notes that Rex went to the lab to get it analyzed. Marlena wakes up and calls out to Shawn. Shawn apologizes for not being here until now. John points out that Shawn has been working around the clock to try and help her. Marlena thanks him and asks Shawn to promise to take care of Belle. Belle turns away, holding back tears. John tells Marlena not to talk like that because no one is giving up. John encourages Marlena to hold on just a little bit longer.

As Rafe approaches, Nicole tells him that she was headed home and just ran in to Eric. Rafe says he came looking for Eric because he has news. Rafe informs him that someone dropped off a vial with a note saying it’s a cure for Marlena, Kate, and Kayla, so Jada took it the hospital and Rex is analyzing it as they speak. Eric can’t believe it and says he should get over there. Eric thanks Rafe for letting him know and runs off. Nicole says this is great news as maybe this is the cure that everyone has been hoping for. Rafe responds that maybe then he could stop finding her in Eric’s arms.

Kristen questions what Chloe did to poison the judge’s mind against her. Chloe says it wasn’t poisoning her mind, but her hands were tied since she couldn’t use any of Kristen’s previous crimes against her due to the pardon, so she just happened to have the video of Kristen trying to attack her with a letter opener since she hadn’t been pardoned for that and then the judge saw what she’s capable of. Kristen asks how Brady will feel when he finds out that Chloe did this to her. Chloe responds that she told Brady everything and he was thrilled and loved her for it. Chloe calls it really stupid for Kristen to come after her like that since Brady was prepared for shared custody with her but she had to have it all and overplayed her hand. Chloe tells Kristen that now Brady has Rachel all to himself. Kristen declares that will blow up in his face because Rachel hates Chloe for what she did and she’s furious with Brady for being with her so it won’t be long before she hates him and then she asks how Brady will feel about Chloe then. Kristen suggests Chloe save them a lot of heartache and give Brady his freedom. Chloe responds that she tried that earlier today actually, but Brady wouldn’t hear it. Kristen feels Brady might just change his mind.

Brady joins Rex in the waiting room. Rex informs him that they compared the vial to what Roman got 25 years ago and it is a close match. Brady asks what they are waiting for then.

Eric goes to the hospital and tells Jada that he just heard from Rafe about the vial and that she brought it here. Jada confirms that Rex is at the lab now having it analyzed. Eric thanks Jada for getting it there so quickly. Jada just wants it to work and find out where the anonymous tip came from but notes that it’s not a priority. Eric asks if Jada has a few minute since he has a big favor to ask. Jada says anything for him. Eric says he doesn’t want to leave Marlena, but Roman has no idea about the vial, so if they decide to use it, they may have to get Kate here pretty quickly. Jada agrees to leave now. Eric asks her to tell Roman that he will call as soon as he knows anything. Eric hugs Jada and thanks her so much as Jada then exits the hospital.

Nicole questions what Rafe just said. Rafe responds that it seems like every time he turns around, she and Eric are holding each other and it’s getting kind of old. Rafe brings up he and Jada catching them in a clinch last night. Nicole argues that they explained that Eric had just told her about Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Nicole thought Rafe understood that she and Eric are friends. Rafe argues that friends can show sympathy with a pat on the back. Nicole complains that Eric just told her that Marlena was dying and that Eric is always there for everyone else, so right now he needs someone to help him through this. Rafe complains that there’s always an explanation or an excuse. Nicole questions needing an excuse to be there for someone she cares about or a reason to be compassionate towards someone who is suffering. Rafe argues that it’s not just someone, but her ex-husband. Rafe adds that he’s getting a little tired of seeing her give Eric affection. Rafe reminds Nicole that he is her husband and asks if she’s forgotten about that. Nicole assures that she hasn’t and reminds him that getting married was her idea. Rafe points out that they were already planning a wedding where their friends and family could join them, but for reasons he still doesn’t understand, she was suddenly in a hurry to get it done. Nicole talks about thinking putting it off would be too much pressure. Rafe argues that Nicole never said anything about pressure and she just wanted to get it over with. Nicole says she was thinking about him as he was knee deep in the investigation of Abigail’s murder, so she had no idea when he’d have time for a wedding. Rafe asks if that’s what it was or if it was because she had just spent the day with Eric at Abe and Paulina’s wedding since it was right after that, she was in such a hurry to get it done. Nicole says seeing their wedding made her realize she wanted something simpler which Rafe mocks. Nicole apologizes. Rafe brings up Nicole and Eric being at Abe and Paulina’s wedding with romance in the air. Rafe wonders if Nicole thought she let Eric go too easily and that maybe they made a mistake.

Kristen questions Chloe trying to convince her that Brady can’t live without her. Chloe says she’s just telling her what happened earlier today. Chloe adds that she felt bad about the Rachel situation so she decided to take matters in to her own hands since Brady has a lot on his mind with Marlena possibly dying and Rachel acting like she hates him, but Brady still wouldn’t hear about them breaking up because he said he couldn’t let Kristen win. Kristen thinks back to making the deal with Brad for the serum. Kristen then tells Chloe that maybe Brady just didn’t want her to be the one to end things and maybe he wanted to do it himself.

Rex, Eric, and Brady enter Marlena’s hospital room. Rex announces that the serum’s chemical makeup is very similar to what cured Roman so he’s 95% sure it’s real, so his gut is saying to give them the serum. John continues to worry about what if the serum is toxic. Marlena says to just give her the drug and see what happens.

Chloe calls Kristen truly deluded. Kristen wouldn’t be surprised if Brady finally realizes that their relationship is too costly and an impossible situation. Chloe argues that Kristen makes it that way and says she shouldn’t have even come her. Chloe adds that Kristen doesn’t care about anyone but herself and has no decency. Kristen responds that she knows how serious Marlena’s situation is. Kristen questions why Chloe is here when Marlena is on her deathbed and she could die without a miracle. Kristen asks if Chloe doesn’t want to be there for the man she loves. Chloe then storms out. Kristen laughs, remarking that Chloe’s bad day is just beginning.

John tells Marlena that no one is asking her to be a guinea pig. Marlena responds that she knows and she’s volunteering. Marlena states that she’s conscious and her mind is stable but she doesn’t know how long that will last. Marlena suggests giving her the serum and if it improves her situation, they give it to Kate and Kayla. Marlena thinks they should do this right away. Rex turns to John, who says it’s not his decision. John asks Rex to please do what Marlena wants. Rex apologizes and says he’ll have to ask everyone to leave the room. Marlena stops Eric and says if this doesn’t go well, she’d like to receive last rites. Eric agrees to take care of her. Eric, Brady, Belle, and Shawn then exit while Marlena asks John to stay which Rex allows. John calls Marlena the one great love of his life.

Nicole questions Rafe thinking that she realized she gave up on Eric too easily, so her reaction was to marry Rafe as fast as they can. Nicole argues that it doesn’t make any sense. Rafe says it does to him, because she thought if she hurried up and married him, then she would stop pining for Eric. Nicole insists that she loves Rafe. Nicole says she didn’t want to fall in love with him because he was with Ava, so she tried to stop but she couldn’t. Nicole argues that if she was pining for anyone, it was Rafe. Rafe asks Nicole to just tell him the truth. Nicole responds that the truth is that she does not regret marrying him. Nicole calls him her husband and says she loves him. Rafe questions why she doesn’t ever come to him then or ask how he felt before she hired Eric to see if it would bother him. Nicole calls that unfair. Rafe brings up how Nicole and Eric fell in love when he was a photographer and she was the model. Rafe kind of felt like she wanted to recreate that situation. Nicole argues that Eric needed a job, so she gave him one and she’s his boss, not his model so it’s a totally different dynamic. Rafe questions if it really is. Nicole asks what Rafe would have said if she did come to him about hiring Eric. Rafe responds that he would’ve told her it’s a terrible idea because there’s no way in Hell that he wants Eric working with his wife right as Jada starts to walk up. Jada backs up and hides around the corner as Nicole questions Rafe trying to tell her who she can and can’t hire, asking when he became a caveman. Rafe argues that this isn’t a normal hiring situation, it’s Eric. Rafe questions Nicole thinking it’s a good idea for them to be working so closely together. Nicole asks if he doesn’t trust her then. Rafe admits that in this situation, he doesn’t. Rafe starts to walk away but Nicole argues that he doesn’t get to drop this bomb and walk away. Nicole declares that they are going to talk about this. Rafe questions what there is to say and then walks away. Jada watches on as Nicole calls out to Rafe.

Brady stands in the hospital and says to himself that Kristen better not be playing games with him. Chloe arrives and hugs Brady, saying she came to see how Marlena is doing. Brady tells her that there’s been a major development as a vial of serum was left at the police station with a note, saying it’s a cure for Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Chloe asks if he thinks it’s real. Brady responds that Rex thinks it’s promising and he thinks Marlena is taking it now. Brady says they will have to wait and see how she reacts to determine if it’s real or not. Chloe asks if they know where the serum came from. Brady then gets a phone call and claims it’s from Paul to check on Marlena. Brady steps away to answer and it’s Kristen. Brady asks what the hell she wants. Kristen says she was just checking in and wanted to let him know that the cure is being delivered to the police station. Brady confirms that Rex is giving it to Marlena right now. Kristen responds that Marlena should be feeling better real soon. Brady hopes she’s right. Kristen reminds Brady that he will have to hold up his end of the bargain and get ready to give Chloe the bad news.

Rex asks Marlena if she’s sure she still wants to receive this injection. Marlena responds that her mind is made up so Rex loads up the needle with the serum.

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Days Update Friday, October 14, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the hospital, John slams down the orchid that Orpheus sent in frustration as Stephanie arrives, thinking it’s the Orchid they have been looking for, and asks if John is out of his mind.

Steve sits with Kayla in the hospital and worries about her having a fever. Steve tells her that he’s here and not going anywhere. Tripp and Joey arrive to tell Kayla they are here too. Steve assures them that she’s not contagious. Joey hugs Kayla and tells her that he missed her.

Brady questions if Kristen is trying to say that she can cure Marlena when her doctors can’t. Kristen says she can cure Kayla and Kate too. Brady argues that the only treatment that can cure them is an Orchid that no longer exists. Kristen remarks that maybe the Orchid is closer than anyone knows. Brady asks if she’s trying to tell him that she has it. Kristen asks what if she is.

Stephanie panics over the Orchid, asking how the hell John could do this until John clarifies that it’s not that Orchid and was just one that could be found in any flower shop as it was sent from Orpheus. Stephanie calls Orpheus a son of a bitch for twisting the knife. John says that Orpheus is enjoying this and wrote that Marlena is going to die just like the flower. John is sorry she had to see that while Stephanie apologizes for yelling at him. John assures that he is just as scared as she is. Stephanie worries about what Kayla is going to do. John hugs her as she cries.

Steve tells Tripp and Joey that it’s so good to see them. Kayla asks why they are here and why they didn’t call. Joey says they couldn’t stay in Seattle. Tripp adds that they didn’t want them to try to talk them out of coming. Joey mentions Stephanie being vague. Tripp asks to be told what’s going on. Steve decides it’s time they knew. Kayla reveals that her, Marlena, and Kate have been poisoned. Steve says he’ll explain how it happened later. Tripp asks about an antidote but Kayla says there isn’t one which Steve confirms. Tripp wants to see her lab work and talk to her doctor. Steve praises Dr. Patel’s work. Joey asks if Kayla is in pain. Kayla says no and that she’s just sleepy and weak. Kayla adds that she’s not getting better. Tripp wishes they knew it was this serious. Kayla feels it was better this way as she didn’t want them to know, but she’s very glad they are here. Joey declares that they are not leaving until she gets better and he knows she will.

Brady accuses Kristen of lying. Kristen brings up Dr. Rolf brewing up the Orchid for Roman 25 years ago. Brady brings up that Dr. Rolf said it’s extinct and it can’t be duplicated. Brady adds that the police searched his lab and found nothing. Kristen suggests she moved the Orchid before they showed up. Brady warns her not to play with him. Kristen informs him that Dr. Rolf saved seedlings from the Orchid and secretly grew a new plant. Brady doubts her but asks where the orchid is if she has it.

Eric is at the Brady Pub, finishing a call with Billie as Jada enters. Jada tells Eric that she just got back from searching Dr. Rolf’s lab with Shawn and forensics but they found nothing. Jada says she’s sorry and asks how Marlena is. Eric admits she’s not good. Jada wonders if Dr. Rolf is telling the truth. Eric shouts that he doesn’t care what Dr. Rolf says because Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are running out of time. Jada assures that they are not giving up and that Shawn’s at the lab right now and called Rex to help him. Eric realizes that’s why Rex tore out of Roman and Kate’s wedding. Eric explains to Jada how he and Rex decided to check on Kate, then she and Roman decided to get married. Eric says it was hard to get through but they were so happy to get married. Eric notes that they have quite the history of being on and off, married and divorced, with two kids together. Jada encourages that Eric was able to marry them and they’ll always have that happiness no matter what now.

Kristen tells Brady not to worry as she has the Orchid stashed somewhere safe. Brady says he can see she’s loving this since she couldn’t break up he and Chloe or get custody of Rachel, so this is her new game. Brady doesn’t believe the Orchid exists so Kristen says she’ll prove she’s not bluffing. Kristen then shows her a photo on her phone of herself with the Orchid. Brady refuses to take her word for it. Kristen says it may be the miracle that Marlena needs. Kristen adds that the serum is being formulated as they speak while Marlena, Kayla, and Kate are fading fast. Kristen says she is doing everything in her power to help them while Brady is wasting time that they don’t have. Brady questions what she wants in return for providing the formula.

Joey asks Kayla what they can do or bring her. Kayla says having them here is all she needs. Steve decides to give her time alone with Tripp and Joey while he goes to check on Marlena. Steve notes that he won’t be gone long as he then exits. Joey questions Orpheus doing this to Kayla to get back at Steve. Joey then apologizes if she doesn’t want to talk about it. Kayla says it’s okay and adds that Orpheus also did it to get back at John and Roman. Tripp encourages that Kayla is the strongest woman he knows so if anyone can get through this, it’s her. Tripp talks about all the time he wasted being angry at Kayla and blaming her for what happened to Ava. Kayla says that’s all in the past. Kayla says she’s so proud of the men that they have become. Tripp mentions that he wouldn’t have tried to become a doctor if not for her. Joey says that Kayla and Steve saw him through the toughest time of his life, so he wishes he could do more for her now.

Stephanie tells John that she’s still kicking herself for jumping all over him and Steve for trying to protect her from Orpheus. John admits he was hopeful too that Orpheus had mellowed but Steve knew better. Steve then approaches so Stephanie gets up and hugs him. Stephanie asks how Kayla is. Steve says Joey and Tripp are in with her now. Stephanie is glad they could make it even though Kayla didn’t want them to see her like this. Steve notes that she changed her mind about that. Steve tells John that he just saw Marlena and talked to Belle. John worries that Marlena is getting weaker and weaker. Stephanie feels Tripp and Joey are probably mad at her for trying to keep them from coming so she goes to join them in Kayla’s room. Steve sits with John. John says that Steve was so right about Orpheus. John brings up Steve saying they needed to end Orpheus, but he talked him out of it. John swears that if their girls don’t make it, he will hunt Orpheus down himself and end him.

Kristen asks Brady what makes him think that she wants something which Brady laughs at. Brady guesses that if she gives him the Orchid, she gets shared custody of Rachel. Kristen asks what if that was the deal. Brady doesn’t want Marlena, Kate, and Kayla to die. Kristen remarks that it’s different from what he said in court. Brady tells her to stop wasting time and give him the Orchid, then he will give her what she wants. Kristen responds that she loves her little girl but shared custody isn’t what she wants. Kristen says she wants Brady to break it off with Chloe. Brady says no way in hell. Kristen declares that if Brady wants to save Marlena’s life, he must dump Chloe and get back together with her. Brady tells Kristen that he’ll get back with her when Hell freezes over and calls this insane, saying it won’t work. Brady argues that everyone would know she used the Orchid to blackmail him in to it. Kristen says if he says anything about it, the whole deal is off. Brady argues that nobody in town would believe it. Kristen argues that everyone will see he made the decision that’s best for Rachel and that Rachel hates Chloe which Brady blames Kristen for. Kristen argues that Rachel is miserable without her and says this would be the opportunity for her to grow up with both of her parents. Kristen adds that even Chloe will understand that. Brady calls her a monster. Kristen argues that she’s a mother who loves her child. Kristen states that there is no hope for Brady and Chloe, so he should end it with her now. Kristen remarks that Chloe is used to rejection and can handle it.

Chloe sits in the town square with Nicole, saying it’s taking everything in her to put distance between her and Brady but she knows she has to because Rachel can’t stand the sight of her right now. Nicole asks if Rachel needs to know they are together. Chloe doesn’t want to sneak around or do that to Brady when he’s in enough pain. Chloe complains that she doesn’t know what to do as she doesn’t know how to make this situation any less horrible. Nicole assures that she gets it more than she knows because she’d do anything to be there for Eric right now.

Eric tells Jada more about Roman and Kate’s wedding. Eric says he could see how scared Roman was that he could lose Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. Eric talks about Orpheus’ rage completely being at Roman. Jada mentions reading that in the case file and wishes she could do more to help. Eric encourages that she is helping. Jada talks about going over Dr. Rolf’s lab and wanting to be the hero who found something to give hope to Kayla, Marlena, and Kate. Jada adds that she wanted to be able to come to Eric and tell him that she did it for him.

Stephanie joins Tripp and Joey in Kayla’s hospital room. Stephanie asks if they can go talk out in the hall but they say they just got there so they aren’t leaving her. Stephanie apologizes for making it seem like it wasn’t as bad as it is. Joey questions why she did that while Tripp argues that they could’ve been here all this time. Kayla then informs them that it was her idea to keep them away.

John shows Steve the orchid he smashed on the floor and asks if Steve got one but he didn’t. John informs him that Orpheus sent it to Marlena to screw with their minds. Steve gets furious and declares he’s going to find Orpheus but John reminds him that they can’t leave the hospital with their girls like this. John convince Steve to sit back down. Steve brings up that Orpheus said he wants them to watch them die. John declares that they won’t let that happen. Steve talks about wanting to find a way to save them but this is science. John refuses to give up, so Steve asks what they can do. John tells Steve that they’ve faced impossible odds before and all the times they rescued each other. John admits he’s never felt as helpful as he does right now. Steve says it forces them to think of the possibility of life without their wives. Steve feels like a fool for all the years he spent away from Kayla. John knows what he means. Steve cries that he can’t do it again but they are running out of time and the odds are stacked against them. Steve notes that at least his whole family is together now since nothing makes Kayla happier than that. John declares that they are going to live for today and treasure every second they can. Steve agrees and heads back to Kayla’s room.

Kayla tells Tripp and Joey that she didn’t want them to come as she wanted to be able to call them and tell them that she was better. Joey points out that they aren’t kids. Kayla says Stephanie wanted them there and she was right. Kayla admits she’s so happy they are there. Steve comes back in and says he is too. Kayla points out that the five of them are all together. Joey doesn’t want to see her upset or crying. Kayla wishes she was at home, cooking for them. Steve encourages that she will do that when she gets better. Tripp suggests they have a family dinner right here. Joey agrees and offers to go get food with Tripp.

Nicole tells Chloe that Eric is the one who told her about Marlena, Kate, and Kayla and he was so broken up that she wasn’t even thinking when she hugged him and then Rafe and Jada walked in. Chloe asks how they reacted. Nicole says they were okay once they found out what was going on. Nicole adds that Rafe was great but Jada kind of staked her claim without saying a word that she is Eric’s girlfriend and it is her job to comfort him. Chloe asks if Nicole got that message. Nicole assures that she did. Nicole agrees that she’s married to Rafe and should back off from Eric, so she did. Nicole adds that Marlena is sick and when Eric is hurting, she feels like she wants to be there for him and admits she still feels that old pull.

Jada asks Eric if it sounds bad to want to be the hero during a time like this. Eric assures that he knows she’s not in it for the glory and is trying to help three women who need a miracle. Jada notes that she hasn’t heard from Shawn since leaving the lab so she decides to get back to the police station. Jada tells Eric that she’ll let him know if there’s any new developments. Eric says he’ll be here at the Pub in case Roman needs him. Eric tells Jada that she has been a person he can count on and kisses her as she then exits.

Brady goes over Kristen’s plan to have him break up with Chloe and then she will provide the serum to Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Kristen reminds him that after breaking up with Chloe, he must reconcile with her and then they become a loving family with Rachel. Kristen adds that Brady can’t turn around and dump her after they are cured because Dr. Rolf said they will need a second dose a few months later and maybe a booster after that, while she is the only one who can see to it that they get it. Kristen declares that they are in it for the long haul. Brady warns her that the serum better work. Kristen points out that it did before but warns Brady not to take too much time thinking about it because the ladies don’t have any time left. Brady says if he walks away, three women die, so he’s in.

Stephanie tells Steve that she’s really glad Tripp and Joey are there since the three of them need each other. Steve talks about how happy Kayla’s been since Stephanie came home. Stephanie wants more time with her. Steve encourages her not to give up hope and says they just have to make every second with her as filled with joy as they can. Joey and Tripp then return with pizza.

Chloe questions Nicole saying she still has a pull towards Eric. Nicole comments on her looking disapproving. Nicole argues that Eric’s mother may be dying, so it makes sense that she wants to be with him. Chloe reminds her that she’s with him all the time since she hired him at Basic Black. Nicole argues that he’s a great photographer and asks Chloe to give her a break. Chloe says she’s only hard on her because she’s her friend, she loves her, and wants her to be happy. Nicole guesses Chloe is telling her not to do anything stupid again. Chloe tells her that she understands. Nicole admits it’s nice to talk about this with someone she trusts and calls Chloe a good friend. Chloe jokes that Nicole has heard enough of her troubles and feels she’s going to need her as they hug. They then walk off together.

Brady tells Kristen that he’s not sure she will hold up her end of the bargain, so he’s not going to say a damn word to Chloe until the first dose is administered and he has proof that it’s working. Kristen agrees but says as soon as they start recovering, he needs to go straight to Chloe to deliver the news. Brady remarks that unlike her, he keeps his promises, so he will break up with Chloe and then he, Kristen, and Rachel will all live as a family under one roof. Brady reminds Kristen that she may have succeeded in using their little girl and three innocent women to get what she wants, but there is no way on earth that she will make him love her. Brady declares that she will be a lot more lonely in a loveless relationship than she was on her own. Kristen says time will tell. Brady asks for details, so Kristen says the serum should be delivered to the hospital soon and it won’t be long before the miracle cure is John’s hands. Brady hates Kristen for doing this. Kristen remarks that there’s a thin line between love and hate. Brady warns her to be careful what she wishes for as he then exits.

Kayla cries that she’s never been happier than this moment and encourages her family to eat the pizza.

Eric leaves the Pub while on the phone with Sami. Eric knows she’s scared and that she wants to be there. Eric understands she needs to be there for Sydney. Eric remarks that in times like this, you got to get the strength from the people you love as he turns around and sees Nicole heading towards the Pub.

Kristen tells herself that she’s not a horrible person and is doing a good thing by saving lives and all sorts of people will be grateful to her. Kristen asks why she should be the one to end up alone. Kristen declares that she will have her family together again and no matter what Brady thinks now, he’ll learn to love her again. Kristen says she can’t just sit back and let Chloe steal everything she loves, so now she’ll be out of the picture for good. Chloe then shows up at Kristen’s door. Kristen laughs and calls it a coincidence as she was just thinking about her..

Jada goes to the hospital and introduces herself to John as she reveals that a vial full of serum from the Orchid was just delivered to the police station. Jada shows John the note that it came with. John reads that it says it can save the lives of Marlena, Kayla, and Kate. John worries that it’s another one of Orpheus’ tricks and goes to smash the vial when Brady arrives to stop him.

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Days Update Thursday, October 13, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Roman is in his room on the phone with Rex while Kate sleeps in bed behind him. Roman tells Rex that Kate is resting now but asks if there’s anything more he can do for her. Rex is at the hospital and tells Roman that at this point, just let her rest and keep her spirits up. Roman agrees to do his best and thanks him. Rex asks Roman to tell Kate that he will be by soon when she wakes up. Roman then hangs up. Sarah then approaches Rex at the hospital.

John sits with Marlena in the hospital and encourages her to keep fighting, noting that they have been through Hell and back to be together. Belle and Eric join him in the room. Eric asks if there really is no cure other than the orchid. Belle asks what Dr. Rolf said when John and Steve confronted him. John says that Dr. Rolf swore to know nothing about this and insisted he didn’t have the orchid.

Dr. Rolf goes to see Kristen at her apartment. Kristen mockingly asks why he’s so upset. Dr. Rolf says this is serious and reveals that the police showed up with a search warrant and are tearing up his lab as they speak. Kristen remarks that they know what they won’t find as she holds the Orchid with her. Dr. Rolf is glad she is so calm. Kristen asks what he’s so worried that the police will find in his lab and asks if there’s anything illegal laying around. Dr. Rolf says he moved everything out but complains about how disrespectful it is to his work. Kristen talks about taking care of the Orchid and how they know if the flower dies, so does Kayla, Marlena, and Kate.

Kate wakes up and calls out for Roman. Roman brings her water and says that Rex made him promise to keep her hydrated. Kate asks if he’s been at her side the whole time which he confirms. Kate feels very lucky. Roman doesn’t know what he would do if he couldn’t be with her. Kate encourages that he needs to go see Kayla. Roman states that Kayla has Steve and he’s been checking in, so Kate is stuck with him watching after her. Kate asks if they’ve found the Orchid. Roman responds that they are still looking. Kate complains that she’s tired of feeling like this and having to fight to keep her eyes open. Roman encourages her to not give up and stay here with him. Kate asks if he has big plans. Roman responds that he does have to show her something and she won’t want to miss it. Roman then presents Kate with a ring and gets down on his knee to propose to Kate.

Sarah tells Rex that she’s sorry about his mom. They talk about Kate not being in the hospital as she wanted to be in her own bed with Roman around. Rex calls Roman the best treatment she could ask for since there is no medicine or treatment.

Kate praises the ring as Roman tells Kate that she is as beautiful as ever. Kate says she’s done a lot of questionable things in her life but she must have done one thing right. Roman praises her and jokes about needing an answer so he can get off his knees. Kate responds that she’s sorry but she has to say no.

Brady and Chloe lay in bed together as Chloe brings up breaking up. Chloe talks about Kristen trying to drive a wedge between them, causing one between Brady and Rachel. Brady encourages that it will all work out in the end and that Rachel will come around. Brady assures that he is putting Rachel first. Chloe complains that Rachel hates her and that’s not going to change anytime soon, so if Rachel’s happiness is most important to him then she thinks they need to break up. Brady points out that if they break up, it would be giving Kristen exactly what she wants.

Kristen thanks Dr. Rolf for trusting her to care for the Orchid. Dr. Rolf points out she gave him no choice. Kristen points out that if she didn’t take it, it would’ve fallen in to the wrong hands. Dr. Rolf admits that the police would have it and then Rex would use it as the cure for Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Dr. Rolf then asks if Kristen plans on holding on to the orchid until the three women die.

Belle asks what if the police come up empty handed at Dr. Rolf’s lab. John then gets a text from Shawn, confirming there is no orchid in the lab. Marlena wakes up and says she hopes nobody is giving up on her just yet.

Roman gets up and admits he wasn’t expecting Kate to turn down his proposal. Kate says she’s sorry but to look where they are. Roman jokes that he would’ve preferred to take her to Paris but his hands are tied. Kate tells him that there is no cure and they both know what that means. Kate says she’s been close to death before but not like this. Roman refuses to give up. Kate tells Roman that she loves him for everything he’s done for her but she’s filled with regrets for all the time she wasted making bad choices. Kate talks about all the years that Roman loved her and she was too stupid or proud to admit that she loves him back. Roman says that doesn’t matter anymore since he has her now and has no intention of letting her go. Roman calls every second with her precious and he wants the world to know that she is his wife forever. Roman pleads with Kate to say yes to his proposal so they will be husband and wife in this moment. Kate then accepts his proposal and they kiss.

John assures Marlena that nobody is giving up on her here. Belle says they will fight with her every step of the way. Marlena says she will take all the help. Eric offers to say a prayer which Marlena admits she would like. Eric, Belle, John, and Marlena then all join hands as Eric says a prayer for God to keep her with them longer.

Kristen tells Dr. Rolf that if Kate, Kayla, and Marlena do die, some would say it’s Dr. Rolf’s fault for creating the pathogen. Rolf argues that he had nothing to do with infecting the women and talks about how he began formulating the antidote serum with the orchid just in case. Kristen points out that then he could save the day and prove his innocence. Dr. Rolf says he’s innocent. Kristen says she is too but Dr. Rolf points out that she is keeping the orchid herself instead of saving the women. Kristen calls that not a crime and says she’s come to like having the orchid around. Dr. Rolf argues that if Kristen wanted the women to die, she would have destroyed the orchid instead of leaving it to chance that someone could find it. Dr. Rolf asks Kristen what her real plan is.

Belle tells Marlena to let them know if she needs anything. Marlena asks about Kate and Kayla. Eric says they are hanging in, just like her. Marlena asks about Roman. Eric notes that Roman hasn’t left Kate’s bedside for a second. Marlena tells Eric that he should go too which he questions. Marlena says she loves having him here but she thinks Roman needs him. Eric refuses to go anywhere. Marlena points out that Belle and John are here. Eric still doesn’t want to go but Marlena questions if he’s going to argue with her in this condition. Marlena says to give them her love. Eric then agrees to go check on Roman and Kate but says he’s coming right back. Eric tells Marlena that he loves her. Eric then hugs John and Belle before leaving the room. John then gets a call from Sami and gives the phone to Marlena. Marlena tells her that she’s much better after hearing her voice.

Kristen remarks that maybe it would serve her right if she let Marlena die. Dr. Rolf argues that it’s not her endgame since Marlena is Rachel’s grandmother and their rivalry over John is in the past. Kristen complains that Marlena refused to help her with Brady and Rachel. Dr. Rolf knows Kristen doesn’t take her eyes off the prize and the only prize to her is Brady while she has a rival for Brady’s affections.

Chloe questions Brady being willing to risk his relationship with his daughter so that Kristen can’t win. Brady says it’s more than that as he loves Chloe so much, so he’s not going to let anyone keep them apart. Chloe doesn’t want to be the reason he loses his daughter. Brady assures that he won’t. Chloe worries that Rachel’s anger won’t get better. Brady insists that Rachel will come around and be fine. Chloe asks what if she’s never fine with them being together. Brady says he doesn’t have an answer but he knows that sacrificing their happiness is not it.

Dr. Rolf talks about Kristen having him resurrect Stefan to go after Chloe in hopes he would woo her away from Brady but it didn’t work, so he thinks the Orchid is plan B. Kristen tells him that her motives are none of his business. Kristen tells him to trust her judgment like he would with Stefano. Dr. Rolf doesn’t think Stefano would approve of her putting Marlena at risk to get her husband back. Kristen warns Dr. Rolf to watch his place. Dr. Rolf argues that his place is upholding Stefano’s legacy. Kristen asks why he’s so worried about Marlena and points out that he has a stash of clones ready to go. Dr. Rolf claims to have no idea what she’s talking about. Dr. Rolf asks if this was about Marlena, does that make Kayla and Kate just collateral damage?

Kate thanks Roman for giving her life and love. Roman cannot wait to make her his bride. Roman then gets a call from prison and it’s Lucas. Roman asks if Kate feels up to talking to him. Kate says she has good news to tell him so Roman gives her the phone. Kate then informs Lucas that she’s getting married.

Sarah asks Rex if there’s anything she can do to help. Rex appreciates the offer but says without the Orchid, nothing can be done. Rex tells Sarah that he just wants her to be happy in her life after he messed up with them badly, but he’s grateful for the time they had. Sarah says she is too.

Kate tells Lucas that she’s so proud of him for taking responsibility for everything he did and calls it such a brave thing to do. Kate wishes Lucas peace and happiness. Kate is sure Lucas will be the man and father to his children that she knows he can be. Kate tells him that she loves him so much. Kate assures that she will see him when he gets out as they hang up. Kate tells Roman that she couldn’t tell him the truth because Lucas is suffering enough. Roman bets that Kate will see Lucas when he’s released. Kate says right now, she just wants to enjoy this moment with Roman. Roman wants her to be his wife. Kate doesn’t think they have time to get married but Roman says they can do it right here as all they need is an officiant and a witness. Rex and Eric then arrive. Roman calls it their lucky day as they are just in time for a wedding.

Kristen asks if Dr. Rolf is suddenly developing a conscious. Dr. Rolf calls it self preservation. Kristen responds that if any of them die, it won’t be traced back to Dr. Rolf. Dr. Rolf blames Orpheus for their illness but if they die with the cure in Kristen’s hands, that is on her and her alone.

Marlena tells Sami that she understands that she’s there for her daughter Sydney and she’d be here if she could. Marlena adds that there is something Sami could do that would make her feel a lot better. Marlena says she could talk to her sister as she then hands the phone to Belle. Belle holds back tears and tells her that she and Eric will take care of Marlena for all of them. Belle says she loves her too and hangs up. John asks if that was not what Belle expected. Belle admits that Sami was very kind. John takes it that Eric was right that sometimes there’s no limits to God’s miracles.

Kate puts her makeup on and jokes that maybe now she can look presentable for her wedding. Rex encourages her and says he’s just glad to watch her marry the love of her life. Roman returns with Eric and flowers.

Kristen talks about the Orchid being so delicate and fragile. Dr. Rolf points out that she is holding the last of it’s kind and the last chance for Marlena, Kate, and Kayla to survive.

John tells Marlena that she can stop trying to be strong now as it’s just them and he can see how hard this is for her. Marlena acknowledges that she could never hide anything from him. Marlena admits she feels awful and that everything hurts. John decides he will be strong for both of them now. Sarah then enters with an orchid plant that was delivered for Marlena.

Eric officiates the wedding of Roman and Kate. Roman has flashbacks to his first relationship and wedding with Kate as he smiles and says “I definitely do”. Kate then has flashbacks to their current relationship and says “I do”. Rex then hands over the rings. Eric pronounces Roman and Kate as husband and wife and then they kiss.

John observes the orchid plant that was delivered and finds the note. Marlena questions who sent it. John says it’s nothing. Marlena reminds him that they promised to be honest and asks for the card, so he hands it over. Marlena reads the card saying it’s not the Orchid she’s looking for, but it’s beauty takes her breath away. Marlena reads that it won’t be long before her last breath and the orchid will die with her as the card was from Orpheus.

Brady goes to Kristen’s apartment and questions her wanting to see him. Kristen says they need to talk. Brady brings up the letter that Kristen put in Rachel’s lunchbox, saying that Chloe is the reason she can’t see her. Kristen claims not to know what he’s talking about. Brady declares that he doesn’t have time for games because Marlena is dying. Kristen responds that maybe that doesn’t have to happen which Brady questions. Kristen declares that maybe she can save Marlena, Kayla, and Kate too.

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Days Update Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chanel goes to see Paulina in her office and questions what’s wrong as she looks really serious. Paulina suggests she sit down.

Alex goes to see Stephanie at her home and calls her the biggest hypocrite he’s ever met because he has to follow all the rules while she can do whatever the hell she wants. Stephanie questions what he’s talking about. Alex argues that she said she would only continue working at Titan if he stopped asking her out, so he’s been trying to keep it professional and business. Chad questions him showing up at her house with wild accusations not crossing any lines. Alex then asks if Stephanie sleeping with the new guy she just hired is not a violation of her rules or if she just makes an exception for Chad DiMera.

Johnny goes to leave the DiMera Mansion right as Wendy Shin arrives and says she’s looking for Stefan DiMera as she walks in.

At the DiMera Office, Gabi tells Stefan to look in to her eyes and questions where all of his love for her has gone. Stefan then has a flashback to admitting his feelings for Gabi. EJ asks Stefan what’s wrong.

Johnny tells Wendy that he didn’t invite her in but she says it’s too late. Johnny asks who the hell she is and what she wants. Wendy repeats that she needs to see Stefan but Johnny tells her that he’s not home. Wendy asks if he knows where she can find him. Johnny threatens to call security unless she tells him who the hell she is. Wendy then introduces herself and asks who the hell he is.

Stefan responds that what’s wrong is Gabi stole his job and he wants it back. Li argues that even if the shareholders vote their way, Stefan’s insane if he thinks EJ is going to let him run the company. Stefan tells him that he and EJ are going to run it together as co-CEOs. EJ notes that didn’t work out for he and Chad but he knows Chad will be overjoyed that they are back in charge at DiMera. Stefan says his first order will be to clean up and take out the trash. Li warns that this is a mistake while EJ declares that all traitors must go. Li tells Gabi not to worry and he will do everything in his power to help her. EJ points out that Li can’t help her because they will be getting rid of him too.

Stephanie questions how Alex came to the conclusion that she and Chad are sleeping together. Alex responds that he’s not an idiot and reveals that he saw them last night at Julie’s Place with a bottle of champagne. Alex complains about Stephanie lecturing him all this time about sexual harassment in the workplace. Alex tells Stephanie to just be honest because it’s clear what happened between her and her new employee last night and now here they are on the morning after. Chad jokes that he thought he said he wasn’t an idiot.

Chanel sits down and asks Paulina why she is here. Paulina responds that it’s about her campaign. Chanel says they can’t make more cookies but Paulina says it’s not about that. Paulina then reveals the file folder to her.

Li argues that his father is chairman of the board so they can’t oust him. EJ responds that he can and says he’ll be back shortly with Stefan’s voting proxy. EJ suggests they contact the shareholders to let them know they will be calling a meeting even though they already know the outcome. EJ laughs and then exits. Stefan advises Gabi to take anything she needs from the desk. Gabi argues that she knows it’s still there. Stefan can’t wait until she’s gone so he doesn’t have to listen to this anymore. Stefan then orders Gabi to clean out her desk. Li tells her not to do anything and declares that he’s going to find EJ and put a stop to this. Stefan warns that there’s nothing he can do to stop it. Li says they will see about that and goes after EJ.

Wendy informs Johnny that Li Shin is her older brother. Johnny remembers hearing that she kicked ass at the DiMera Gala in Hong Kong and calls it impressive. Johnny asks what she needs to see Stefan about. Wendy says that’s none of his business. Johnny introduces himself. Wendy asks if he knows when Stefan will be home. Johnny says he just left so it will probably be awhile. Wendy responds that she doesn’t have time to stick around but she’ll be back as she then exits the mansion.

Alex questions what Chad is laughing at. Stephanie states that Alex obviously knows she hired Chad and she’s been using her home as an office. Chad explains that with Kayla in the hospital and Steve staying with her, Stephanie has been here at home, working. Alex remarks that except when she’s out getting wasted with Chad. Stephanie informs Alex that Chad went home last night and came back this morning, pointing out that they are wearing different clothes than they were at Julie’s Place. Chad informs Alex that they didn’t sleep together. Stephanie suggests Alex go now because they have a lot of work to do. Chad adds that Stephanie is not a hypocrite but Alex has been a complete jackass.

Chanel is shocked by the folder and questions where it came from. Paulina responds that a sleazy lawyer Sloan Peterson brought it to her last night on behalf of a mystery client. Chanel questions Paulina being blackmailed and asks how they even know about this. Paulina doesn’t know as it happened so long ago that she was sure it would never come out. Chanel cries that it’s all her fault and that Paulina’s campaign could be ruined because of some stupid mistake she made in college. Paulina tells her to forget the campaign as that’s the last thing on her mind right now and she only cares about protecting her. Chanel worries about this getting out but Paulina assures that it won’t and that everything is under control. Sloan then enters and questions what makes her say that. Sloan introduces herself to Chanel and says she feel like they already met since she knows so much about her. Paulina warns Sloan not to talk to Chanel or even look at her. Sloan asks if they’ve come to any decision yet. Paulina argues that it hasn’t been 24 hours yet. Sloan informs her that her clients are getting antsy so she needs to know how they plan to proceed with the settlement offer. Paulina calls it blackmail. Chanel questions Sloan doing this for a living for people too afraid to show their faces. Chanel argues that she can’t do this. Sloan says there is a very simple solution but the clock is ticking. Paulina talks about dealing with people like her over the years and they all failed, so she doesn’t scare her. Sloan remarks that Chanel seems pretty scared. Paulina assures that her PR firm is handling the situation. Sloan calls it a lawsuit waiting to happen with a very unpleasant discovery process. Chanel calls her disgusting. Sloan suggests Chanel tell Paulina to deal with her directly. Paulina argues that Stephanie is trained to deal with delicate situations like this. Paulina then threatens to deal with her directly but says she has to get back to her campaign because she has more important things to deal with. Sloan argues that she is by far the most important thing she has to deal with. Sloan warns that if Paulina hasn’t discovered that by now, she soon will.

Alex admits maybe he jumped to conclusions and that he was surprised to come over and see Chad. Chad questions why he’s coming over at all. Alex says the point is that Stephanie has all these workplace rules that he’s trying to abide by but it’s impossible which she disagrees with. Alex asks how her date with Chad was then. Stephanie clarifies that it wasn’t a date and that they were celebrating his first day on the job. Alex questions how celebrating her new employee’s first day on the job is okay but if he wants to ask out his employee, it’s highly offensive and inappropriate. Chad explains that what happened between he and Stephanie was consensual. Alex thanks him for admitting there’s something between them.

Wendy sits in the town square with her laptop and tries hacking in to Li’s work e-mail but she can’t succeed. She complains and wonders what Li is hiding as Johnny jogs by and comments on her having a rough day at the virtual office.

Li follows EJ to the board room and says he needs to speak to him privately. EJ says there is nothing to discuss as they are going to vote Gabi out and once they are back in charge, Li will be fired and removed from the board. Li says he won’t be and warns that if EJ tries to get rid of him, he’ll make Stefan flip on him so fast that his head will spin.

Gabi reminds Stefan of something he got for her and argues that she triggered a memory. Stefan tells her to stop. Gabi argues that everyone in the room saw he got rattled because his feelings for her were trying to rise from the surface. Gabi points out that it’s just them now. Gabi tells him to look in to her eyes and tell her the truth. Stefan then admits he was thinking about them.

Sloan threatens to go straight to the press with this information. Paulina argues that she won’t do that because if she does, this is over and her clients will never get what they want from her. Chanel argues that this isn’t Paulina’s problem but hers. Sloan is pretty sure it’s Paulina’s problem too. Paulina warns her to keep her daughter’s name out of her mouth. Paulina orders Sloan to take it up with Stephanie. Sloan warns that if she doesn’t get the results she wants, she’ll be back. Paulina tells her to get the hell out of her office. Sloan then exits. Chanel cries to Paulina that she’s so sorry. Paulina hugs her and assures that it’s okay.

Alex argues that even if Chad and Stephanie didn’t have sex, there is something going on between them and asks her if he’s right. Chad responds that she doesn’t owe him an explanation. Alex agrees and says Stephanie can date whoever she wants but asks her not to paint him out to be a jackass when she is doing exactly what she told him that he couldn’t do. Alex tells Stephanie to just be honest with him that she’s not attracted to him. Chad points out that she has repeatedly. Alex says she can speak for herself. Stephanie would prefer to just end this conversation. Alex admits that he didn’t believe Stephanie wasn’t in to him and he thought maybe they would get to a point where she would feel comfortable. Alex adds that he would’ve quit his job because he thought they could have had something special. Alex states that he came over to tell Stephanie that he’s sorry about her mom being in the hospital and how he acted like a jerk at the hospital when he didn’t know. Stephanie says she insisted that she was fine but Alex says he still felt terrible. Alex talks about wanting to send flowers or text her but he decided to just come over. Alex hopes that her mom gets better soon. Stephanie thanks him. Alex then says he understands now that she’s not in to him and she never was and she’s found somebody else that she is in to. Alex declares that he will accept that and let them get back to what they were doing. Alex then exits the house.

Johnny questions Wendy trying to hack in to the DiMera e-mail server and says he used to work there so he recognizes the interface. Wendy responds that she works at DiMera too and is head of I.T. in Fairbanks. Johnny questions what she did to get banished there. Wendy talks about getting better grades than Li but the Shins couldn’t have the baby sister showing up the first born son. Wendy declares that she’s not going to take it anymore. Johnny asks if that’s what this is all about. Wendy doesn’t want to ruin Li’s life and is just looking for something to use to get what she wants which is being transferred to DiMera Headquarters in Salem. Wendy says her family is all about transactions. Johnny gets it but warns that the DiMera Office here is a snake pit and everyone who works there is a two faced liar with a new CEO every week. Wendy wants a chance to show what she can do. Wendy admits she has issues with Li but she still loves him and she’s actually a little worried about him. Johnny mentions overhearing her saying that she thought Li was hiding something. Wendy asks if he’s close with Stefan. Johnny admits that he just met him this morning because he’d been dead for four years. Wendy brings up Li being engaged to Stefan’s ex-wife. Wendy asks if it’s true that Stefan lost all interest in Gabi. Johnny confirms that Stefan told him that he didn’t love Gabi anymore. Wendy calls that a serious 180 and asks if he knows what happened there. Johnny says he has some ideas. Wendy says she does too and suggests they share them.

EJ argues that Li has no control over Stefan. Li asks who he thinks had him kept on ice for the past four years. EJ says it was Kristen but Li reveals that he’s wrong and that Kristen only stumbled upon Stefan when Jake died. Li explains that Kristen and Dr. Rolf brought Jake to Dr. Rolf’s lab to try to revive him and it didn’t work, but Stefan did get a new heart out of it. Li reveals that it was him, not Kristen, who continued to fund Dr. Rolf’s research until he was out of prison. Li then announces that Stefan came back to life on his orders, but only after he got Dr. Rolf to turn him against Gabi. EJ realizes that Dr. Rolf did brainwash Stefan then. Li confirms that he had it done and warns that he can have it undone.

Stefan tells Gabi that he was thinking about the time she had his heart ripped from his chest and gave it to Julie, claiming he felt flustered by a wave of a nausea as he realized what a snake she is. Stefan says he begins to feel ill every time he’s near her. Gabi wants him to admit his feelings for her. Gabi argues that their love is stronger than whatever Dr. Rolf did to him. Stefan shouts that Dr. Rolf brought him back to life. Gabi complains that they had amazing memories but now he has no emotional connection to them. Gabi questions why he doesn’t want to feel that love. Gabi asks Stefan to tell her where Dr. Rolf is and then she will make this right and make him whole again.

Paulina tells Chanel that she’s so sorry as she worked so hard to put this behind her. Paulina says it never occurred to her that running for Governor would lead to this being dug up but she should’ve known. Chanel insists it’s not her fault. Chanel feels terrible that this could ruin Paulina’s campaign. Paulina assures that Chanel means more to her and that is why she is going to drop out of the race.

Stephanie thanks Chad for the assist with Alex. Chad asks if Alex is always angry and irrational like that at work. Stephanie agrees he was angry but not irrational. Chad complains about Alex just assuming they almost slept together. Stephanie points out that they almost did. Chad feels that doesn’t give Alex the right to come over and start demanding answers about her personal life. Stephanie notes that Alex acknowledged that. Chad thinks Alex should just accept that Stephanie doesn’t have feelings for him. Stephanie feels guilty about Alex not knowing the whole truth. Chad tells her not to feel guilty unless she does have feelings for Alex.

Johnny tells Wendy his theory that Dr. Rolf may have brainwashed Stefan in to hating Gabi. Johnny says if anyone could do it, it’s him, but asks why. Wendy notes that Li could have put him up to it as he has a major motive. Johnny brings up that EJ has motive too since his chances of becoming CEO of DiMera would be over if Stefan got back with Gabi.

EJ points out that if Li unbrainwashes Stefan, he would lose Gabi. Li responds that Gabi wasn’t part of the plan and that he only kept Stefan around because he thought he could use him to gain power at DiMera, but he didn’t plan on falling for his widow along the way. Li says he’ll cut Gabi loose and end it. EJ points out that they are engaged. Li calls the company his life and admits he is willing to dump the woman he loves to retain his position. EJ doesn’t believe him. Li dares him to try him.

Stefan asks Gabi why he would tell her where Dr. Rolf is and says this has nothing to do with her. Gabi argues that it does and insists Dr. Rolf did something to him. Gabi says she is refusing to let him go because she knows he still loves her and that he can’t deny that feeling. Gabi says it will just get stronger until he cannot deny it any longer. Stefan reminds her that she is engaged to another man. Gabi accuses him of changing the subject because he’s afraid and she’s right that she’s still in his heart. Gabi points out that his heart is pounding and he can’t deny that.

Chanel tells Paulina that she can’t quit the race because it won’t help since they already have the information. Paulina refuses to pay the people off. Chanel offers to do it since the Bakery had a record quarter. Paulina won’t let her use her hard earned income to pay these people off, warning that they will just come back asking for more. Paulina declares that what Sloan is doing to them is illegal so they are going to shut her down before anyone finds out Chanel’s secret. Chanel questions how. Paulina informs her that Stephanie is on it as they speak. Paulina calls Stephanie smart and talented and she understands that confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Paulina adds that Chad signed an NDA because Stephanie hired him and he knows about neutralizing a threat. Paulina assures that Stephanie and Chad are all over this as they speak.

Stephanie tells Chad that they need to figure out this Paulina Price situation. Chad points out that she dodged him asking her about Alex. Stephanie doesn’t want to waste any more time on him. Stephanie worries that Sloan is going to call any minute and they need to have a strategy in place before she does. Sloan then shows up at the door. Stephanie thought they would schedule a meeting. Sloan shows their settlement offer and argues that her client deserves retribution and they’d like this go away as quickly and painlessly as possible without destroying Paulina’s campaign. Stephanie tells her that she will need some time to get the funds together and will call her when she’s ready. Sloan says that she’s making the right call and they will talk soon as she then walks away.

Wendy asks Johnny if he thinks EJ and Li could be working together. Johnny calls it possible since they both want the same thing. Johnny assures that he won’t say anything to EJ. Wendy asks if they don’t get along. Johnny calls EJ a condescending jerk who treats him like dirt, so if he’s trying to screw over Stefan, he wants to do something about it but he doesn’t know what yet as he has to figure out what’s going on first. Johnny then asks Wendy how she’d feel about teaming up together to find out the truth.

EJ and Li return the office with Stefan’s vote proxies. EJ says they will be back for the big vote. Li says they will be ready. Gabi asks if they came to an understanding. Li responds that they did.

Chad questions why Stephanie told Sloan that they would get the money together. Stephanie says she was just stalling for time since they didn’t have a plan. Stephanie worries that this is Paulina’s child and her future, so they can’t screw this up. Chad assures that they won’t. Stephanie wishes she was so sure.

Chanel cries that this did not have to happen if she had been more careful and made sure it stayed buried. Paulina assures that it was buried but someone dug it up to get rich and she will deal with that someone. Chanel feels she shouldn’t have to. Paulina feels she failed Lani but she won’t fail her. Paulina declares that she will never let down her children again as she hugs her.

Gabi asks Li what happened with EJ. Li responds that they came to a compromise of sorts but unfortunately, he still has the votes and there’s nothing they can do about that. Gabi asks if they are both out then. Li says no as he spoke to his father and he won’t allow his son to be fired. Gabi guesses he won’t protect her. Li says if there was any other way, he would never have agreed, but this way he can still be on the inside, fighting for her. Li calls it just a temporary setback and before they know it, they will both be back on top. Li hopes she understands that. Gabi is disappointed and devastated, feeling like she lost everything. Gabi cries that she just has Li’s love and loyalty. Gabi hugs Li and says she doesn’t know what she would do without him.

EJ and Stefan return home to the DiMera Mansion. Stefan pours bourbon and toasts to them as the two new CEOs of DiMera Enterprises and declares they did it. EJ responds that he’s afraid there’s been a slight change of plan because Li went running to his dad, who refused to go along with the plan to oust his son. EJ adds that Wei Shin also has some concerns about Stefan’s ability to run a company after being comatose for four years. EJ says they both know that he’s not impaired and that he just needs to see his abilities are in tact before putting him in charge. EJ states that Gabi will still be gone, he will be elected CEO, and Li will be remain on as his number two. Stefan questions if he’s left out in the cold then. EJ assures he will be given a high level executive position. Stefan questions EJ and Li running things. EJ responds that it’s the only deal that the board would approve but assures that it’s only temporary as he will find a way to get rid of Li and then he and Stefan will be on top together. EJ toasts to Stefan as his future co-CEO.

Wendy questions Johnny wanting her to team up with him when she doesn’t even know him. Johnny says he doesn’t know her either but he knows she’s smart and highly motivated. Wendy asks what if Johnny and EJ work things out and decide to stab her in the back. Johnny assures that won’t happen and that he could say the same about her but they both want the same thing. Johnny says two smart and highly motivated heads are better than one. Wendy then agrees to team up with Johnny.

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Days Update Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Alex has a dream about being in bed with Stephanie and then Chad appearing in the bed as well. Alex then wakes up in bed with Allie and Chanel.

Stephanie is at home on the phone with Steve, telling him that she got an emergency message from Paulina, so she’s heading to see her now and will be at the hospital after. Stephanie takes two pills from her purse and then checks the mirror, noting that she doesn’t look too hungover. Stephanie then goes to leave as Chad arrives at the door.

Li calls Dr. Rolf, leaving a message questioning where he is and why he’s not answering his calls. Li warns that Gabi is looking for him and is already suspicious that he did something to Stefan to make him hate her. Li adds that Dr. Rolf better be in his lab when he gets there and declares that he’s not about to lose Gabi to that bastard. Li hangs up and goes to leave his room but opens the door and is surprised to see his sister,  Jing-Wen aka Wendy Shin, has arrived.

Johnny storms in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion to confront EJ but finds Stefan instead. Stefan says EJ told him that Johnny moved back in last night. Johnny responds that they’ll see how long that lasts. Johnny adds that he was glad to hear Stefan’s not dead. Johnny asks if EJ is around as he really needs to talk to him. Stefan informs Johnny that EJ left about 20 minutes ago.

Gabi finishes a phone call outside of her office, threatening to find a new head of security if he doesn’t find Dr. Rolf by noon. Gabi then heads in to the office to find EJ sitting at the desk.

Allie and Chanel wake up in bed with Alex. Allie notes that it was quite a night. Alex says part of him feels like he’s still dreaming and jokes with them that his dream came true.

Stefan tells Johnny that EJ told him what Ava did. Johnny calls it a mistake and says EJ is making a federal case about it. Stefan is not surprised that EJ is furious. Johnny argues that EJ is delighted because he found a way to get even more money and that EJ would’ve done exactly what Ava did. Stefan argues that EJ is trying to get back something that was stolen from this family. Stefan declares that this isn’t about money but about making sure Gabi gets kicked to the curb. Johnny reminds Stefan that Gabi is his wife. Stefan says not for long. Johnny brings up how everybody said how happy they were together and how crazy he was about her. Stefan responds that he’s not crazy about her now and that Gabi is about to get exactly what’s coming to her. Johnny calls that intense and asks what exactly Dr. Rolf did to him.

Gabi tells EJ to get out as she has work to do. Gabi threatens to call security as he has no right to be there. EJ remarks that one of them doesn’t have the right and they both know who that is.

Li questions Wendy showing up at his door with no heads up and asks what it’s about this time. Wendy reminds him that it’s about the promise that was made to her about her dream job, so she questions where it is.

Chad apologizes to Stephanie for not calling before showing up. Stephanie says it’s okay and he just surprised her. Chad says he just wanted to come over before work to talk so she invites him in. Chad says he would like to apologize for last night. Stephanie assures there is no need as they both had a lot to drink and are paying the price this morning. Stephanie says last night, reality had beaten them both up so the second bottle of champagne was a mistake and so was the nightcap. Stephanie adds that before they did something stupid, Chad did the thinking for both of them and she thanks him for that. Chad tells her that he really enjoyed working with her and talking to her, so he really doesn’t want to screw that up. Stephanie suggests they forget what happened after leaving Julie’s Place. Stephanie brings up the message that she got from Paulina, sounding like an asteroid is going to hit Salem. Chad offers to come with her. Stephanie agrees, noting that she could use all the help she can get as they then exit together.

Chanel and Allie relate to Alex dreaming about a threesome. Alex then gets out of bed and goes to take a shower. Allie feels there is something going on with him. Chanel responds that Alex is in love with them. Allie doesn’t believe that but Chanel thinks last night freaked him out because they are so hot that he fell in love with them. Allie argues that Alex doesn’t even know them that well and hasn’t known them long enough to be in love with them. Chanel feels he knows them enough and says she saw it in his eyes, so she knows she’s right and that there is love in the air.

Stefan tells Johnny that Dr. Rolf didn’t do anything to him and that you can’t make someone hate someone. Stefan can’t wrap his head around why he ever loved Gabi. Johnny is sure he’s not the only one that finds that weird. Stefan confirms plenty of people have chimed in and it’s getting old. Johnny says that everyone is saying one thing while Stefan is saying the opposite. Stefan doesn’t get why people are surprised since he and Gabi started out hating each other, so maybe he just convinced himself there was more to it than there was. Johnny brings up Dr. Rolf again but Stefan insists this has nothing to do with Dr. Rolf. Stefan questions what Dr. Rolf would have to gain by making him hate Gabi. Johnny calls that an interesting question but notes that it wouldn’t be the first time a DiMera has hired Dr. Rolf to do something that can’t be done. Stefan points out that Stefano is dead. Johnny argues that EJ inherited Stefano’s playbook. Johnny goes over how if Stefan was with Gabi, she’d have an iron grip on DiMera but if he sides with EJ then she doesn’t stand a chance.

Gabi reminds EJ that he doesn’t have the votes and they are at a tie which means she remains in place. EJ asks Gabi if she’s happened to notice that Ava hasn’t shown up for work. EJ says that Ava and Jake’s marriage was a fraud. Gabi disagrees, saying they loved each other. EJ calls that irrelevant because the marriage was a legal fraud, the kind that puts people behind bars.

Stephanie and Chad meet Paulina in her office. Paulina questions what Chad is doing there. Stephanie says her voicemail sounded serious so she thought she’d want the whole team on whatever this is. Paulina confirms it’s serious and sensitive. Chad reminds Paulina that she recommended Stephanie hire him and he thought that was because she trusted him. Chad agrees that they should’ve called and offers to wait outside. Stephanie suggests Chad sign a non-disclosure agreement because she could use his help. Paulina apologizes for not being at her best this morning and says that she does trust Chad as she needs to trust someone. Stephanie asks Paulina to tell them what the problem is. Paulina says not until Chad signs.

Li tells Wendy this is not a great time and asks if it can wait. Wendy points out that it only took her 10 hours to get there so she can wait a little longer for what’s coming to her. Li complains that she wants things handed to her on a silver platter. Wendy argues that their dad promised she’d be out of the grunt I.T. job in Fairbanks. Li argues that he promoted her but Wendy complains about it being in Fairbanks. Li says that their dad is the one who wants her there while Wendy argues that Li is the one who could do something about it and get their dad to listen. Li reminds her that this isn’t a good time. Wendy asks if she’s driving him crazy and declares that she’s going to keep doing so until he gets her the dream job in Salem, the center of all things DiMera. Li argues that it isn’t that simple while Wendy points out that he’s engaged to the CEO. Wendy then asks if he screwed that up too.

Gabi tells EJ that Ava has a valid marriage license, signed, sealed, and delivered. EJ tells her to keep digging that hole for herself. EJ informs Gabi that knowingly filing a forged marriage license is fraud which means that every subsequent business transaction predicated on that license would be fraudulent. EJ adds that if Ava knew that Jake’s signature was forged, her taking a seat on the DiMera Board as Mrs. Jake DiMera would be a fraud as would voting his shares and if anyone else knew the license was fraudulent, that person would be a partner in that fraud and equally culpable. EJ declares that all of that would be criminal which means that every business meeting, corporate filing, and pay check cashed since August 13 would be fraudulent and that would all be public record of criminal activity. EJ jokes that it was fun to say all that. Gabi responds that it will be fun to watch him get thrown out. EJ says she can go ahead and make that call but informs her that he has the marriage license and the forensics reports that say Jake’s signature had been forged. EJ reveals that Ava caved and sold Gabi down the river and then said it was all Gabi’s idea. Gabi mocks Ava accusing her and says she would pin something she did on someone else. EJ says the trial would be interesting but his first priority is getting Gabi the hell out of his office. EJ tells Gabi that now that Ava is no longer entitled to Jake’s shares, they default to his closest relative which is Vivian Alamain. Gabi argues that Vivian can’t vote because she’s incarcerated. EJ confirms that means Vivian has a right to assign a proxy for her vote and he has someone at the prison getting that signed, sealed, and delivered. EJ asks Gabi if she can guess which of her ex-lovers will get the nod. EJ adds that the change of ownership of Jake’s shares is being prepared. EJ tells Gabi that she’s out of moves and this is checkmate. EJ asks if she has any idea how much Stefan is going to enjoy being the deciding factor that gives her the boot. EJ then tells Gabi to have a great day as he exits the office.

Li tells Wendy that he and Gabi are fine and questions what she is talking about. Wendy responds that the walls here are thin and reveals that before he answered the door, she heard him on the phone having a meltdown about Stefan DiMera, Gabi’s not so late husband. Li argues that Stefan is totally uninterested in Gabi. Wendy asks why he was panicking then. Li shouts back that he wasn’t panicking so she asks if she hit a nerve as Li then gets a phone call from Gabi, who says she needs him. Li asks what’s wrong. Gabi says she can’t tell him over the phone and she just needs him to get there. Li says he’s on his way and hangs up. Wendy tells Li that she will come with him and they can talk about the job in the car. Li argues that he kept his promise and he’s sorry that she’s not satisfied, but she never is. Li then storms out. Wendy wonders why he’s so freaked out about Stefan DiMera. Wendy opens up Li’s laptop and decides to see what she can do.

Stefan questions Johnny thinking that EJ paid Dr. Rolf to brainwash him about Gabi. Stefan tells him that there’s a hole in his scenario because EJ would have had to have been working with Dr. Rolf long before he was alive, but EJ didn’t know he was alive until Gabi told him. Johnny argues that EJ is the most accomplished liar on two continents and Stefan bought it. Stefan doesn’t know what went on between Johnny and Ava but it sounds like he’s having a hard time accepting what she did, so now he’s taking whatever he can find to see what sticks. Stefan adds that if he loved Gabi, he would know.

Alex comes out of the shower. Chanel asks if he’s still in a mad rush to get out of here since he got out of the bed like it was on fire. Alex admits it was a bit awkward. Chanel thinks Alex seemed a bit overwhelmed as if he was under the grip of a powerful emotion. Allie adds that Alex seems in a rush to get out of here. Alex apologizes if that’s the way it seemed and assures them that he had an amazing time and they are both awesome. Chanel says they know why he feels like he needs to get out. Chanel reminds Alex that what happened last night was just about sex, nothing more, and a one time thing. Alex questions where this is coming from. Allie explains that Chanel thinks there might be something more. Alex assures that he’s in to them both but that’s not something any of them need to worry about. Alex then decides it’s time to come clean and explains that he didn’t try to rush out because he couldn’t deal with some feelings, but because he had a dream. Alex then reveals that the dream wasn’t about them, but about Chad DiMera which surprises and confuses them.

Chad signs the non-disclosure agreement for Paulina. Stephanie then asks Paulina what they are dealing with. Paulina calls it something that can undo her entire campaign, but that’s not what has her upset which is why she had to have Chad sign the NDA. Paulina reveals it’s about her daughter, Chanel. Stephanie questions what Chanel has to do with her campaign. Paulina explains that last night, she got a visit from the lawyer, Sloan Peterson. Chad recognizes that she represented Leo Stark when he was accused of murdering Abigail, so there’s nothing she wouldn’t stoop to. Paulina informs them that Sloan has another client and delivered an ultimatum from whoever it is as they know something about Chanel. Stephanie asks what it is, so Paulina hands her the file folder.

Alex explains to Allie and Chanel that the dream was actually about Stephanie and her being with Chad. Chanel jokingly asks if he dreamed about having a threesome with them. Alex clarifies that he dreamed that Chad had the capability of taking Stephanie away from him. Chanel points out that he doesn’t have Stephanie while Allie adds that he doesn’t know that Chad has her either. Alex assures this was a dream and why he’s all mixed up. Chanel and Allie joke about him dreaming about Chad while in bed with them. Alex tells them that he had an amazing time with them and he cares about them both a lot. Alex calls them amazing. Chanel doesn’t think anything could change that. Alex says he has to get going, but he doesn’t know which one of them to kiss goodbye first, so they both kiss him on the cheek.

Li goes to the DiMera Office where Gabi complains to him about what happened with EJ. Gabi admits that she doesn’t know of any more moves. Li asks if she’s sure he’s not bluffing. Gabi doesn’t think so since Ava didn’t come in and her phone must be off and EJ says he has the marriage license with proof that it’s forged. Gabi talks about EJ laughing at the idea of Stefan casting the deciding vote against her. Gabi cries that Li is the only one in her corner and the only one she can trust as she hugs him.

Johnny advises Stefan to think about it and tells him that he can’t just believe everything EJ says. EJ then comes home and says he sees they have finally met. Stefan responds that they were just getting to know each other. Johnny says he was telling Stefan to watch his back when EJ is around. EJ understands he’s still angry about Ava but they can talk about that another time since he and Gabi are at an end game right now. EJ tells Johnny that soon, his financial future will be brighter so he could show some gratitude which he questions. EJ knows Johnny is upset about Ava’s duplicity. Johnny argues that he’s upset that EJ treated Ava like dirt. EJ says that in time, he will see he did what was the best for everyone. EJ calls Ava bad news and suggests that Johnny turn the page and find someone more age appropriate. EJ tells Stefan that his mother’s power of attorney is being transferred as they speak, so it should be waiting for them at company headquarters. EJ asks if Stefan would like to give Gabi a peek at her dismal future. Stefan responds that he’d love nothing more. EJ declares that it’s so great that Stefan is not dead anymore as they exit the mansion together.

Stephanie tells Paulina that she can see why she is concerned. Paulina complains that Sloan is just going between her and her blackmailer, going after her daughter. Chad adds that there’s no guarantee they wouldn’t keep asking for more. Paulina worries that they could still go public with this shortly before the election. Paulina questions what they do about this now that they know the situation.

Allie tells Chanel that they are good with Alex and asks if they are good. Chanel asks why she asked that. Allie points out that they just did something really crazy and it was basically her idea, so she’s asking if she asked too much. Chanel still can’t believe they did that. Chanel brings up Allie saying she thought it might make them closer and she thinks it worked. Chanel calls last night really hot but says just the two of them is hotter. Allie agrees as they kiss while Chanel’s phone rings nearby with a call from Paulina.

Alex returns home to the Kiriakis Mansion and sits down with his tablet, where he sees an article about Chad joining Stephanie’s PR firm.

Wendy hacks in to Li’s personal laptop but finds nothing of interest. She declares that she needs to find out why he’s so freaked out about Stefan DiMera. Wendy decides to get that information straight from the horse’s mouth.

Li tells Gabi that they need to slow down and think of a way to get EJ back in his cage. Gabi complains that EJ thinks he’s already won and is so enjoying using Stefan as his hatchet man. EJ then arrives with Stefan and tells Gabi that he brought her a surprise.

Chad goes back home with Stephanie. Chad talks about meeting with Sloan. Chad suggests letting him take care of this while she goes to visit her mother. Alex then shows up at the door. Stephanie questions what he’s doing there. Alex responds that he’s here to tell her that she is the biggest hypocrite he’s ever met.

Chanel goes to see Paulina and says she got her message and she sounded terrible, so she asks if everything is okay.

Johnny complains that EJ is full of himself and comments on EJ telling him to find someone more age appropriate. Johnny then goes to leave the mansion right as Wendy Shin arrives.

Li warns EJ to watch it. EJ says he told Gabi that he would come back with ammunition .EJ presents Vivian’s power of attorney that will grant her proxy shares to Stefan. EJ advises Gabi not to wait for the vote to start looking for another job. EJ jokes that Stefan could give her a recommendation since he knows her better than anyone else. Stefan remarks that he wishes he didn’t and wishes he never laid eyes on her. Gabi questions why he’s being so mean to her. Gabi argues that they were in love so there must be some part of him that remembers that. Gabi asks Stefan to look in to her eyes, insisting there must be something in there. Stefan then has a flashback to admitting his feelings for Gabi.

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Days Update Monday, October 10, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Sloan informs Paulina that she has information about a scandal involving her daughter which Paulina questions. Paulina argues that they both know she’s only here to stir up trouble and says it’s not going to work because it’s a matter of public record that Lani killed Ray Coates and she doesn’t back away from that. Paulina adds that she’s committed to exposing domestic abuse while she will never condone vigilante justice. Paulina argues that Lani owned up to it and is now serving her time so justice was served and it’s not a scandal but a tragedy. Sloan then reveals that she wasn’t talking about Lani, but about Paulina’s other daughter, Chanel.

Alex is at Allie and Chanel’s apartment having wine. Allie thinks back to suggesting the threesome to Chanel. Chanel says she hopes they aren’t keeping Alex from anything important. They talk about Sonny being out of the hospital. Alex then asks why they called him over. Allie says they’d love to tell him but then calls on Chanel. Chanel reminds Allie that she came up with the idea in the first place. Alex asks again what the idea is. Allie then informs him that they would like to take Alex up on his offer.

Chad and Stephanie kiss outside of Julie’s Place until Stephanie stops and says she knows he said he was trying to move on from Abigail, but questions if this is too soon. Chad thinks they should get out of here. Stephanie invites him to his place. Chad says that sounds perfect but notes that he drank too much to drive. Stephanie relates to being over the limit so they decide to call a ride as they then continue kissing.

EJ accuses Ava of never being married to Jake and says the marriage certificate is a total fraud. Johnny questions taking EJ’s word for that. EJ reveals they have a hell of a lot more than his word since his handwriting experts all concluded that Ava’s signature was real but Jake’s was forged. Johnny argues that EJ could’ve hired a team to conclude that. EJ notes that he has one prepared to testify which Johnny mocks. EJ warns him to be careful. Johnny says he should’ve known because it’s always a warning sign when EJ starts acting like a human being. Johnny asks if EJ did all this just to pull the rug out from under Ava over a stupid signature. EJ responds that it’s over a hell of a lot more than that. Johnny asks what the rest of it is then. EJ informs him that his team of detectives finally tracked down the person at City Hall who entered the marriage in to the system and it was long after Jake’s passing. Johnny argues that Ava already explained that. EJ says the funny thing is all the documents were generated after Jake was already dead, including the application for the license. EJ assures Johnny that Jake was already dead at the moment of his so called blessed union with Ava. Johnny then turns to Ava and asks if this is true as he questions if she was married to Jake or not. Ava then admits that she was not married to Jake.

Chad and Stephanie go back to Steve and Kayla’s. Chad questions if she’s sure this is okay. Stephanie tells him that Steve is staying with Kayla at the hospital so they have the place all to themselves. Stephanie calls for a nightcap and tells Chad to get comfortable.

Alex asks Allie and Chanel what his offer was again. Allie reminds him what they talked about before that he said the three of them could do together. Alex thinks she’s talking about taking a drive to Wisconsin. Chanel questions Allie going along with that being the idea and mocks it. Alex realizes they aren’t talking about that. Chanel asks if Allie isn’t quite ready for a threesome. Alex then gets excited upon realizing that’s the offer.

Ava confirms that she and Jake were not married and that’s not his signature on the certificate. EJ tells Johnny to think about it and let it sink in that Jake wasn’t even cold before she sprung in to action. EJ adds that Ava mourned Jake’s passing by devising a way to steal his family inheritance. Johnny questions it all being a lie. Ava assures that she loved Jake and he did ask her to marry him on the day that he died. Ava says Jake wanted to prove what they had was real so when she finally said yes, he got her the beautiful ring and the wedding bands. EJ asks if Ava set this up while seeing Jake lying there dead. Johnny asks Ava what it was like then. Ava then reveals that it was Gabi’s idea and she just did what Gabi told her to do.

Paulina asks Sloan if this is about Chanel being bisexual and says the days of that being a scandal are long over. Sloan assures it has nothing to do with Chanel’s relationship with Allie or her marriage to Johnny and she’s not here because of who Chanel associates with, but because of something she did.

Alex admits he’s a little taken aback. Chanel asks why since it was his idea. Alex asks if they are all on the same page. Allie assures unless he’s no longer interested. Alex remembers saying they could explore other things together but they told him that Hell would freeze over before they took him up on it, so he questions what made them change their mind.

Stephanie and Chad have another drink together and toast to where the night takes them. Chad says he’s sorry but Stephanie tells him not to be as they continue kissing.

EJ remarks that he’s not surprised that Gabi put Ava up to it. Johnny doesn’t understand. Ava explains that she was at the hospital and Kayla had just told her that Jake had died, so she went to try and say goodbye which is when Gabi came in. Johnny tells her to go on. Ava says that Gabi told her that EJ was coming to get his hands on Jake’s shares. EJ calls them vultures. Ava argues that she was in shock and grieving while EJ points out that Gabi wasn’t as she was calculating. Ava agrees that Gabi was cold-hearted and just trying to get Jake’s money, remarking that it reminds her of EJ. Ava adds that Gabi convinced her as she was scared and alone. Ava says that Jake wanted to marry her and the rings were in his pocket so she put them on their fingers, then Gabi said she would take care of the rest.

Sloan reveals to Paulina that she’s talking about an incident that happened while Chanel was in college. Sloan presents a folder to refresh her memory.

Chanel asks Allie what changed her mind. Allie admits it was kind of her idea and Chanel confirms that she’s totally on board with it. Allie says they have recently been going through a rough patch and have been bombarded by outside stuff that has left them feeling less close. Alex questions bringing someone else in to the mix being what might fix things. Chanel calls it an adventure or something exciting that they could share. Allie says it’s not about the other person but about them sharing something together. Alex jokes that’s not as flattering. Allie brings up that Alex first brought that up when they first met and she thought he was just wanted a good time. Chanel adds that they wouldn’t want to try it with someone who might want something more. Allie says that’s why they decided on him. Alex questions it being because he’s so shallow. Allie points out that Alex is also single so there’s no one to get jealous. Chanel adds that is unless he has something going on with Stephanie.

Chad and Stephanie kiss and begin to undress until Chad stops and says he’s sorry but he can’t do this.

Paulina asks what Sloan wants. Sloan says it’s not what she wants but about what her client was. Sloan adds that if the contents of this file become public, Paulina’s campaign would be over and she’d have absolutely no chance of becoming Governor. Paulina asks who her client is. Sloan says she doesn’t need to know that and offers to make a financial arrangement. Paulina accuses her of blackmail and questions what it’s like at the bottom of the barrel.

Chanel and Allie ask if anything has changed with Alex and Stephanie. Alex assures that nothing has changed, especially after he just went to Julie’s Place and saw Stephanie practically on Chad’s lap. Alex says it looks like Chad and Stephanie are going to make a night of it, so if they want to take him up on his offer, he says hell yeah to doing it.

Chad apologizes to Stephanie and says he wanted to come but now he can’t go through with it. Stephanie says it’s okay. Chad hopes she understands it has absolutely nothing to do with her as he really enjoyed hanging out with her but he just can’t do it. Stephanie understands they are both in bad places as Chad is missing Abigail and she’s worried about Kayla. Stephanie says being with Chad is great but she also doesn’t want to have sex just to forget being scared about her mom. They agree that it was a very bad idea.

EJ remarks that Gabi sure did take care of everything to her and Ava’s benefit. Ava says she can’t defend what she did but if she was going to have second thoughts, that went away when EJ showed up at the hospital ready to be CEO and proclaim that he was in charge. EJ points out that Ava was there ahead of him but she had to know that she couldn’t keep up this scam forever and that the truth would finally catch up to her. EJ declares that today is that day. Ava agrees that it’s time she pays the piper. Ava apologizes to Johnny for lying to him. Johnny responds that he doesn’t care as it doesn’t matter to him. EJ questions that as Johnny tells him to shut up and argues that Ava hasn’t done anything close to what EJ has pulled. Johnny asks why Ava shouldn’t get some of Jake’s money since the DiMeras have so much. Johnny says he could see how upset Ava was about Jake and how much she loved him. Johnny adds that Ava let him believe that she was married to Jake but never lied about anything else which is a rare thing in this house. EJ remarks that all good things must come to an end. EJ then announces he is calling the cops about Ava’s identity fraud and corporate fraud, so she will be going away for a very long time. Johnny stops EJ and tells him no.

Paulina tells Sloan that she doesn’t like being threatened. Sloan claims she isn’t threatening her and is just explaining her options. Paulina tells her to take her options and shove them where the sun don’t shine. Paulina declares that if the voters can’t understand that her daughter’s actions don’t reflect her then maybe she is not the right candidate for the job. Sloan adds that this isn’t just about her and warns her about what could happen to Chanel and her freedom if this information becomes public.

Alex, Chanel, and Allie drink shots and toast to one of the best nights of their lives. Alex thinks this will be incredible which means it will have to be repeated. Alex says that once they do this once, they’re going to want to do it again. Chanel asks how they start. Alex then kisses Chanel and then kisses Allie. Alex asks if that was okay which they both say it was. Allie and Chanel the begin kissing each other.

Johnny tells EJ not to do this as Ava made a mistake while she was grieving. EJ tells him not to get emotional about this. Johnny declares that if EJ loves him, he will put the phone down. EJ then agrees not to send Ava to prison but only if she leaves Salem immediately and never returns. EJ adds that Ava’s bags are in the foyer because he told Harold not to unpack them since he knew she wouldn’t be staying. Johnny calls this ridiculous and says EJ doesn’t have the right to just send her away. Ava says it’s okay and agrees to go. EJ decides to let them say goodbye as he then exits the room.

Paulina questions Sloan bringing up Chanel’s freedom. Sloan points out that it’s not exactly legal and advises her to take a closer look at the folder and leaves the copy with her. Sloan suggests she take the night to think about it and then get back to her as she then exits.

Chad decides to call another ride since Jack is watching the kids and he should check on them. Stephanie decides it’s probably best that they didn’t sleep together on the day she hired him. Chad asks if they are okay. Stephanie assures they got all the awkwardness out tonight so there is nowhere to go but up. Chad says he’ll see her at work tomorrow then and they shake hands as Chad then exits.

Allie and Chanel take Alex to the bedroom. Allie and Chanel kiss, then Alex kisses Chanel as they remove Alex’s clothes and the three of them continue their threesome, kissing on the bed. After they finish, they lay in bed as Alex says that was hot and he’s dehydrated. Alex gets up to go get drinks and calls for round two. Allie asks if Chanel is okay. Chanel says she’s better than okay. Allie tells Chanel that she loves her and Chanel says she loves her too.

Chad returns home to the Horton House and sees the photo of Abigail on the mantle.

Stephanie talks to Steve on the phone and says to tell Kayla she loves her and advises him to try to sleep as she hangs up. Stephanie then puts her phone down and misses a call from Paulina.

Paulina leaves a message for Stephanie to call her because she needs to see her as soon as possible since they have a big problem.

Johnny tells Ava that this is crazy and that EJ can’t just drive her out of town. Ava worries that EJ won’t have any problem talking to the police commissioner, who isn’t her biggest fan. Ava states that there’s almost nothing left for her here anyways. Ava is sorry they’ll never find out what could’ve been. Johnny suggests he go with her. Ava says that’s sweet of him but it’s best that they part ways here with nothing but good memories. Ava kisses Johnny on the cheek and then exits the DiMera Mansion with her bags packed. EJ comes downstairs and remarks that Ava has slithered off to find a new nest. Johnny bets he’s pretty pleased but vows to make EJ pay for this if it’s the last thing he does.

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Days Update Friday, October 7, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Ava joins Johnny at the door of the DiMera Mansion which EJ calls a surprise. Johnny asks why since he invited them both to move back in. Ava asks if EJ is excited to welcome his son and his sister in law back.

Sonny lays on the couch in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, talking to Will on the phone. Sonny says he just wanted to make sure he made his flight and tells him that as soon as Sarah gives him the green light, he will come visit and they can video chat tonight. Alex walks in and pours himself a drink. Sonny tells Will that he misses him already and he loves him as he hangs up. Alex asks about Will heading back to LA. Sonny sarcastically tells him that he’s off to Minnesota instead. Alex jokes about him making fun of him and says that means Sonny is on the fast track to recovery and that their truce is over.

Chad and Stephanie continue working outside of Julie’s Place. Stephanie asks how Chad is liking his first day on the job. Chad jokes that watching her work is exhausting. Stephanie puts over everything they accomplished and says she couldn’t have done it without his help as they shake hands.

Chanel questions if Allie really just said she thinks they should have a threesome with Alex Kiriakis. Allie confirms that she did. Chanel asks where this is coming from and how long she’s been thinking about this. Allie says it’s just been a while. Chanel says she had to know she would have questions about her springing this on her. Allie doesn’t think she’s springing it on her since they talked about it. Chanel said it was a joke because Alex wouldn’t stop trying to get in their drawers but Allie asks if it would really be so bad if he did.

Sonny apologizes to Alex for snapping and talks about almost dying, losing everything he cares about, and then Will has to leave so quickly. Sonny admits the separation makes it harder even though it’s temporary. Alex says he’s sorry. Alex tells Sonny that he and Will are lucky to have each other and are obviously really good at relationships which is why he hoped maybe Sonny could give him some advice about his love life.

Stephanie thinks DiMera Enterprises will rue the day they forced Chad out since their loss is her gain. Chad calls her a great teacher. Stephanie praises him as having great ideas. Stephanie knows they agreed he’d only work through the election but she might try to change his mind. Stephanie suggests they celebrate his first day with a bottle of champagne on the company. Chad agrees and jokes if that’s a perk then he might be in.

EJ tells Johnny and Ava that he’s delighted to have them both back where they belong and he’s only surprised because he didn’t hear from either of them about the offer. EJ says he’s glad they accepted and invites them in. EJ suggests they go have a drink while Harold gets the room ready. Ava clarifies that they will need two rooms because she and Johnny won’t be sharing.

Abe joins Paulina in her office which is filled with Vote for Paulina posters. Paulina says she thinks that lighting a fire under Stephanie worked after her progress report. Paulina hopes that Stephanie will take her advice about bringing Chad DiMera on board.

Chad and Stephanie finish their first bottle of champagne. Chad says he’ll have to get another bottle and asks what his official job title is. Stephanie admits they haven’t figured that out. Stephanie gets a text from Tripp and tells Chad that Tripp and Joey are texting every hour asking about Kayla. Stephanie wishes Kayla would let her tell them how sick she is. Chad guesses she figures it would be too hard on them, being too far away. Stephanie remarks that it’s no picnic being close by either. Chad says he’s sorry.

Alex tells Sonny that after Victor had he and Stephanie start working together, he thought they might be getting somewhere but then nothing ever happened and as soon as the meetings are done, she’s gone. Sonny argues that Alex is obsessed with Stephanie which is a turn off for her and not healthy for him. Alex complains that he doesn’t need a shrink, he needs him to help get through to her. Sonny advises Alex to stop trying and get over his obsession. Sonny tells Alex to accept that Stephanie is not interested in him, dislikes him, and wants him to leave her alone. Alex argues that he has to fix this and do something because he was a jerk to her at the hospital. Sonny asks what the big deal is since she already thought he was a jerk anyway. Alex says he didn’t know Stephanie’s mom was sick and he was on his high horse, so now he has to make up for it.

Chanel sits with Allie and questions her suddenly being fine with a threesome and asks if this has anything to do with Johnny. Allie says no and questions what her brother has to do with this. Chanel says they have been fighting about him and then she mentioned running in to him and now all of a sudden, she mentions a threesome. Chanel asks if Allie is still worried about her past with Johnny and if she thinks a threesome will solve that.

EJ acknowledges having a bad reaction when he found out about Ava and Johnny’s relationship but he got used to the idea, so he questions the pretense of separate rooms. Johnny says it’s not a pretense. EJ says it’s alright as the family has a history of unusual couples. EJ goes over how Gabi has worked herself through most of the men in the family other than himself and Tony, Kate was married to both Stefano and Andre, and Andre once married Kristen while pretending to be Tony. Johnny takes it as him making fun of them but EJ says he’s not and that their incestuous relationship is par for the course. Johnny then informs EJ that he and Ava are not sleeping together. EJ asks if that’s right. Ava confirms that they are friends and that’s it.

Alex asks Sonny what if he sends Stephanie flowers. Sonny tells him that it wouldn’t work, reminding him that Stephanie doesn’t date men that she works with. Alex insists it’s more saying I’m sorry than saying he wants to sleep with her. Alex decides flowers are out then and then says he’s got it. Alex declares that Stephanie’s issue is not wanting to date someone she works with. Sonny points out that she hated him before they started working together and she’s not in to him. Alex insists that he has the perfect solution. Alex repeats that Stephanie doesn’t want to date him because they work together, so he will fire her.

Stephanie apologizes to Chad for stopping their celebration. Chad understands she’s worried about her mom around the clock, so she shouldn’t be sorry for taking time for her own life. Stephanie worries about Kayla not getting better. Chad encourages that so many people at the hospital will be fighting for her and will pull her through this. Stephanie wishes she had his faith. Stephanie recalls when she was a little girl and she was told her dad was dead and believed it for years. Chad guesses it must have felt like a miracle when he came home. Stephanie confirms it did but all those years before that, her mom was her rock and her world was okay because she had her. Stephanie cries that she just can’t lose her.

Paulina makes Abe a drink. Abe says he could definitely use it as he’s had better days. Abe informs Paulina that he spoke to John this morning and Marlena is seriously sick, so John is really worried about her. Paulina recalls Chad telling her that Kayla is so sick, so she asks if there’s a bad bug going around. Abe wishes it was that simple but John said Marlena, Kayla, and Kate can all blame Orpheus for what ails them.

EJ doesn’t understand. Ava repeats that she and Johnny are friends and that’s it. EJ questions finding them in bed together. Johnny insists that nothing happened. EJ thought that was only because he interrupted them. Ava tells EJ that sometimes things happen that don’t revolve around him and reveals she’s the one who put the brakes on it. Ava reminds EJ that she recently lost her husband, so she’s not ready to move on with anyone just yet. Ava tells EJ to forget about adding her and Johnny to the twisted DiMera family history.

Allie questions Chanel really thinking she would suggest they hook up with Alex because she’s still scared of her being interested in Johnny. Chanel says that isn’t what she said but she’s really confused. Allie just thought this was something they could try together. Allie talks about Chanel being very open about being sexually fluid while she is bi. Allie states that they are both attracted to men. Chanel questions if Allie is saying that she misses having sex with men. Allie assures that she doesn’t and it’s not about missing anything. Allie just thinks it could be fun. Chanel says she’s learned with her that she can be happy in a loving relationship and she thought Allie was too. Allie says she is. Chanel asks if she’s sure. Allie says she is sure and she doesn’t want to cheapen what they have, she just thinks this is something they could share as a couple. Chanel questions bringing a guy like Alex in to their relationship. Allie says not in to their relationship, just in to their bed. Allie clarifies that this is just about sex with no feelings which is why Alex would be perfect because there is no way either of them would ever fall for him.

Sonny tells Alex that he can’t terminate Stephanie’s contract just because he wants to date her. Alex asks why not. Sonny complains that it’s textbook sexual harassment and calls him a dumbass. Sonny knows this is new to him to have someone not be attracted to him. Alex responds that it happened before in third grade and still hurts. Sonny says he gives up as this is pointless. Sonny suggests they treat this like a growing experience and accept the fact that a hard no does not mean maybe. Alex says he does hear where he’s coming from and maybe he’s right that firing Stephanie would be wrong on many levels, so he will quit. Sonny tells him that another CEO change would make Titan look as unstable as DiMera while Victor is very happy with the job he’s doing so he can’t quit. Alex asks what about his feelings for Stephanie then. Sonny grabs him and questions what part of this he did not hear. Sonny orders Alex to get over this obsession and back off. Alex says he gets that he needs to find a way to get it under control. Sonny encourages that he will as he’s just feeling rejected right now. Sonny notes that he’s feeling lonely and suggests they soothe their aching hearts by getting something to eat. Alex decides he will go get them chili dogs from Julie’s Place and exits the mansion.

EJ admits it was wrong of him to jump to the conclusion that Ava and Johnny were having an affair. Johnny agrees but he can’t believe EJ is apologizing. EJ adds that he mistook Johnny’s kindness to Ava. Ava calls that what EJ does, being nice to a grieving woman to get what he wants. EJ admits he also misunderstood Johnny’s intentions when he said he would move out if he forced Ava out when he should’ve known Johnny would never take advantage of a woman in Ava’s situation. Ava asks what he means. EJ says they both know how much Ava treasured her marriage to Jake.

Paulina asks Abe if trying to blow up Marlena, Kate, and Kayla wasn’t enough for Orpheus that he made them sick. Abe confirms that he infected them with a toxin. Abe talks about how Orpheus seems determined to kill the partners of his three greatest enemies. Paulina says they must be losing their minds. Abe knows he would be if she was sick. Paulina wants to go to the hospital to check on them. Abe says that the hospital is only allowing close family to visit while Kate checked herself out. Paulina jokes about Roman having to live with a woman so stubborn. Abe suggests they go see if they can do anything for them, but Sloan Peterson enters the office. Abe asks what she wants. Sloan responds that she’s here to see Paulina.

Chad tells Stephanie that he does have some idea what she’s going through. Chad talks about Kate always being there for him since his mom died and how she’s closer to him than EJ or Tony, so he’s scared for her now. Stephanie knows he’s still grieving Abigail too. Chad tells Stephanie that this job came around at just the righ time. Stephanie says it did for her too. She puts her hand on Chad’s right as Alex arrives and sees them together. Stephanie asks Chad how he’s been coping. Chad says he told himself that he’d feel better when they caught the killer, like it would bring closure, but it didn’t work out that way. Chad says that gave him a job and purpose but now he just feels lost until Stephanie threw him a lifeline, so he thanks her.

EJ tells Johnny and Ava that he will go down to the wine cellar and get a special bottle for this occasion. Ava jokes with him not to get locked in the secret room she’s heard about. EJ tells her not to believe everything she hears and heads down to the cellar. Ava asks Johnny if he’s buying the friendliness from EJ. Johnny responds that he knows EJ doesn’t do anything unless there’s something in it for him. Ava says that’s what she’s worried about but Johnny assures that he has her back.

Chanel tells Allie that she’s still a little thrown by this whole thing. Allie thinks she’s worrying too much. Chanel worries that Allie isn’t giving this much thought. Allie calls it just sex. Allie then admits that the thought of Chanel and Johnny still bothers her, but Johnny is not the reason that she thinks they should be with Alex. Allie recalls how much she enjoyed being with Tripp. Allie says she and Chanel have always been in to each other but also had amazing chemistry with the men in their lives, so she didn’t want them to miss that while ruining what they have. Chanel questions her thinking Alex is the one to do it with. Allie says it might be fun to figure out.

Paulina questions Sloan and Abe knowing each other. Abe responds that Sloan is thriving as a defense attorney but calls her an ambulance chaser and asks what she wants with his wife. Sloan brings up Paulina running for Governor and says she wants to speak to her privately. Paulina tells Abe to go ahead to the Pub without her and she will handle this. Paulina sends her love to Roman and Kate. Abe warns Sloan to be careful because Paulina has friends in high places. Abe then exits. Paulina asks Sloan what this is about. Sloan says she’ll get right to the point. Sloan reveals that she represents a client who is in possession of certain information that could end Paulina’s political career before it begins.

Stephanie tells Chad that she is the one who needed rescuing as if Chad didn’t walk in when he did, Paulina would have canned her and tried to ruin her career. Chad thinks she’s giving him too much credit as he was just following her lead. Chad admits this was just a distraction as he had just come from Abigail’s grave. Chad talks about imagining seeing Abigail there. Stephanie calls it so sad. Chad mentions his vision of Abigail telling him to move on with his life if only it were that easy.

Chanel tells Allie that before they take this any further, she has to make it clear that being fluid doesn’t mean that she’s always missing men. Chanel assures that she’s in a happy relationship with the woman she loves. Allie responds that she feels exactly the same way about her. Chanel asks what they do next if she says yes and how they will make it happen.

Alex returns to the Kiriakis Mansion with food from the Brady Pub for Sonny. Sonny thought he was going to Julie’s Place. Alex claims they were out of chili dogs so he just went by the Pub and got burgers and fries. Sonny says that sounds great but notes Alex’s mood and asks if he’s okay. Alex claims he is and that he’ll go get beers from the kitchen. Alex then gets stopped by a text from Allie and Chanel, asking him to come over.

Johnny tells Ava that he totally gets why she put the brakes on their relationship but he still thinks they’d be great together. Johnny tells her to take all the time she needs to grieve Jake, but if and when she’s ready, he’s here. Ava calls that good to know. EJ returns with wine and a present for Ava. EJ gives Johnny the wine to go get it opened. Ava opens her present from EJ and it’s her marriage license. EJ says he had it framed for her and decided to present it to her now that she moved in. EJ adds that the one problem is that is not Jake’s signature.

Paulina tells Sloan that Abe was right that she’s a damn ambulance chaser. Paulina tells her to think again if she’s expecting a hush money payoff because all of her dirty laundry has been aired out. Paulina tells Sloan that she can see herself out. Sloan then reveals that she wasn’t talking about Paulina, but about her daughter.

Chanel tells Allie that she can’t believe they are really doing this. Allie points out that they won’t be doing much of anything until Alex shows up. Chanel asks if it would be that terrible if he didn’t show up. Allie thought Chanel was up for this. Chanel assures that she is as Alex then arrives. They answer the door and thank him for coming as he asks what’s up.

Stephanie encourages Chad to give himself time. Chad says time hasn’t been working out for him which she questions. Chad says he put his recovery on fast forward. Chad thinks Abigail was telling him to be with somebody else, somebody he already likes a lot. Chad and Stephanie then start kissing.

Ava questions EJ starting this nonsense again with trying to prove her marriage to Jake wasn’t real. Johnny questions what EJ is trying to pull and insists it has to be Jake’s signature. EJ reveals he hired a team of handwriting experts to compare Jake’s signatures and they confirmed it had been forged. Johnny asks if EJ is lying. EJ responds that it’s his friend Ava who has been lying and said she had been married to get her hands on Jake’s shares of DiMera Enterprises. EJ declares that Ava may be a grifter and a con artist, but she is not a DiMera.

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Days Update Thursday, October 6, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Johnny sits in the town square holding a coffee cup. Someone walks by with the wrong idea and drops some change in to his cup right as Chanel walks by, causing her to question if Johnny is now homeless.

EJ has a drink at home while sending Ava text messages, asking if she has thought any more about his offer to move back in.

Ava and Gabi work at the DiMera Enterprises office. Ava’s phone goes off but she ignores it. Gabi comments on how quickly she checks when her phone goes off. Ava responds that she knows who it is and she doesn’t want to deal with it. Gabi says now she has to tell her. Ava then informs Gabi that EJ made her an offer. Gabi tells Ava to refuse and asks what the offer is.. Ava then reveals that EJ wants her to move back in.

Jada works at the police station until Rafe interrupts and tells her it’s time to go home because she has plans tonight with him. Rafe jokes that he hopes that’s not going to make her boyfriend jealous.

Eric is at Basic Black, finishing a phone call with Roman and says he’ll be praying for them as he hangs up. Nicole comes over and asks Eric what’s wrong. Eric responds that it’s his mom.

Chanel complains about Allie kicking Johnny out before he had a place and questions him sleeping on the street. Chanel says she’s not okay with this and Allie wouldn’t be either, so she’s going to talk to her about it and they will fix this. Johnny stops her and assures that he’s not homeless and that the woman just mistakenly ruined his coffee. Johnny informs Chanel that he has two offers on places to live but he’s just undecided.

Gabi can’t believe Ava would even consider moving back in to the DiMera Mansion. Gabi talks about how EJ tried to steal Ava’s shares and make her out to be a mentally unstable ghost whisperer. Ava informs her that EJ actually apologized for that and acknowledged that she wasn’t hallucinating, but just seeing Stefan instead of Jake. Gabi questions Ava accepting EJ’s apology. Ava says he seemed very sincere. Gabi argues that no one can fake sincerity like EJ and calls him a psychopath. Gabi decides that if Ava is still undecided then she’s going to answer for her as she then grabs Ava’s phone.

Will goes to see Allie. Will notes Allie’s disappointment so she says she just thought he was Chanel. Will says she’s about to be even more disappointed as he informs her that he’s leaving town and going back to LA. Allie questions him leaving with Marlena and Kate both sick in the hospital. Will adds that Sonny is just getting out too and he knows the timing is the worst but he doesn’t have many options as he has to go to meetings and a project is going in to pre production. Allie questions Sonny not going with him. Will wishes but says Sonny is staying and he’s not thrilled about being long distance but they know their relationship can withstand it. Allie wishes she had that kind of confidence.

Stefan enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and questions him not brimming with confidence when they are so close to achieving their goals with the company. EJ complains that they are not close enough as they are still a crucial vote short. EJ says they need either Ava or Johnny or ideally both on their side, so he went out of his way to offer them sincere apologies and invite them back to the mansion. Stefan asks where they are then. EJ says they are thinking about it but they haven’t responded to his texts. Stefan worries that’s not a good sign. EJ points out that they haven’t said no, so he’s remaining optimistic. EJ adds that if they refuse his offer, he’ll come up with more incentives for them to move back in. EJ declares that he will do whatever it takes as he needs their votes and then they can finally kick Gabi’s ass out of the CEO’s chair. EJ then remarks that it would be kicking Gabi’s perfect, sexy ass.

Ava takes her phone back and tells Gabi that she will make her own decisions. Gabi argues about how hard it was to get Ava her voting rights back. Gabi says if Ava moves back in to the DiMera Mansion, she’ll be under constant pressure to vote EJ’s way. Gabi adds that if she gets voted out, Ava will be next. Ava questions Gabi thinking that she’s that easily manipulated and that she’ll just crack under pressure. Gabi knows she’s savvy and strong but not as much as EJ. Ava declares that now she wants to move back in just to prove Gabi wrong. Ava warns that Gabi’s job is still at risk since EJ is also courting Johnny and invited him to move back in too. Gabi questions why she didn’t tell her that in the first place and orders Ava to tell EJ that she’s moving back in now.

Jada asks Rafe if he’s joking since he has to know that Eric wouldn’t be jealous of them grabbing a bite to eat or whatever. Rafe confirms that he was joking. Jada asks what their plans are. Rafe calls it a reward because now they have two dangerous perps off the streets and behind bars thanks to Jada’s hard work and incredible detective skills. Rafe invites her to eat with him unless she has plans with Eric. Jada says she does not as Eric is burning the midnight oil at his new job. Rafe asks how that’s going. Jada questions if Nicole hasn’t brought it up to him at all. Rafe says that Nicole just said she was thankful to be able to give Eric the opportunity and that he can be back doing something he loves. Jada calls Eric a very talented photographer. Rafe then suggests they surprise Eric and Nicole by bringing food over to Basic Black which Jada agrees to.

Eric tells Nicole about the mysterious disease that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla have being similar to what Roman had 25 years ago and it’s all tied to Orpheus. Nicole says she’s so sorry but points out that Roman was cured. Eric explains that there was a serum from a rare orchid that is apparently extinct now. Nicole asks what else can be done. Eric says at this point, no one knows. Eric informs her that Rex came in to town, so he and John went to see Dr. Rolf as a last resort but he told them that there’s nothing he can do. Nicole questions if Eric is saying that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla might not make it. Eric admits they don’t know. Nicole questions what Eric is doing here then and tells him that he should be with his mom. Nicole adds that she should be with him because he shouldn’t be alone. Eric assures that’s where he wants to be but John said it’s best that everyone stay home tonight since Marlena needs her rest. Nicole can’t imagine what they must be going through. Nicole encourages that they can solve the problem with the orchid and have a cure around the corner. Eric says that’s what he’s praying for. Eric thanks her for telling him what he needed to hear. Nicole says one thing she knows for sure is that Eric being there for them is a big help. Nicole tells Eric that he has a gift for comforting people and giving them strength and hope just by being himself. Eric then hugs Nicole as Rafe and Jada walk in with food.

Will asks Allie if something is going on with her and Chanel. Allie says she doesn’t know but they had a couple of fights and the last one was about Johnny sleeping on their couch for two days. Allie notes that Johnny is gone now but the fight kind of continues. Allie talks about Chanel and Johnny having this connection. Will points out that Chanel rejected Johnny and chose Allie. Allie admits maybe she overreacted. Will encourages Allie to tell Chanel that and make up. Allie says they did so Will questions what the problem is. Allie shows Will the note that Chanel left and complains about how she only wrote that she’s glad they made up as a “PS”. Will worries that Allie is just a little insecure. Allie admits maybe she is as she’s very new to being bisexual. Allie knows she’s still attracted to men, so she knows Chanel definitely is, so she worries that Chanel wants something that she can’t give her.

Johnny tells Chanel that Ava invited him to live with her platonically at the Salem Inn but before he could answer, EJ barged in and invited them both to live back at the DiMera Mansion. Chanel questions what Johnny is doing here on the bench. Johnny repeats that he’s undecided and so is Ava. Chanel questions turning down going back to a mansion. Johnny says he can’t speak for Ava but he doesn’t want to go back unless she does. Chanel gets that he wants to keep his options open but he’s not giving up on Ava which Johnny confirms.

Ava questions Gabi telling her that she should move back in with EJ now. Gabi points out that Johnny has a huge crush on Ava so if he moves back in without her, he will feel rejected. Ava points out that she already rejected him as they are wrong for each other for all the reasons she already explained. Gabi questions why she’s having such a hard time deciding whether to move in with him then. Ava talks about all the positives of the DiMera Mansion and then wonders why she’s debating this. Gabi then wonders if Ava isn’t interested in Johnny because she’d prefer EJ.

Nicole says she didn’t know Rafe and Jada were coming. Eric and Nicole explain that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are very sick. Eric adds that Nicole was trying to calm him down because he can’t be with his mom tonight and now he’s feeling better. Rafe says he’s sorry. Jada asks Eric what’s wrong with his mom. Eric doesn’t want to get in to it and says he’s gotten control of his emotions thanks to Nicole. Rafe assures that they understand and should’ve called, but they wanted to surprise them. Nicole says they appreciate it. Eric says he’s lost his appetite so he’s going to get out of here. Jada offers to go with him. Eric thanks her and accepts as they then exit together. Rafe comments that Eric looked so depressed and that it’s a good thing Nicole was there for him. Nicole responds that Eric is lucky to have Jada as he shouldn’t be alone tonight.

Will asks Allie if this is about Chanel missing guys in general or just one guy in specific, reminding her that she chose her. Allie complains that it took Chanel long enough and she used to be married to Johnny. Allie knows she’s all over the place but she’s really confused. Will then asks if Allie is missing being with guys too. Allie says maybe and she doesn’t know. Allie admits she thinks about Tripp sometimes and how great that was for awhile. Allie assures that she loves Chanel and that’s who she wants to be with, so she wants to make her happy and satisfied. Allie says that’s why she has been thinking more and more about something Alex Kiriakis mentioned which Will questions. Allie informs Will that they were hanging out and Alex threw it out there that they should have a threesome. Will is surprised but asks how they reacted to the suggestion. Allie talks about how she could tell that Chanel was interested, so she doesn’t want her to feel like she’s missing out on something. Allie wonders if the threesome is exactly what Chanel needs since they’d still be doing it together as a couple but Chanel could be with a guy. Will admits there’s logic in there somewhere. Allie then asks Will if he and Sonny ever had a threesome.

Ava questions Gabi pushing her to be with Johnny and then asking her about EJ. Gabi says they have talked about her and EJ before. Gabi talks about having an amazing sexual tension meter. Ava suggests she’s just projecting out of frustration which Gabi questions. Ava talks about Gabi getting engaged to a guy and then suddenly the real love of her life comes back and says he can’t stand the sight of her.

Stefan tells EJ that he’s a little surprised by his comment about Gabi’s physical appearance. Stefan feels the look on EJ’s face was as if he was challenging him to agree with him. EJ asks how he couldn’t and says some things are not up for debate even if he despises Gabi. EJ argues that Stefan can’t tell him that he doesn’t think Gabi is a stunning woman with a killer body. Stefan acknowledges that Gabi is a beautiful woman but says he is absolutely not attracted to her and he’s physically repulsed by the idea of being with her. EJ calls that strange. Stefan says not to him and he finds it strange that he ever could have been in love with Gabi or married to her. EJ then questions why Stefan is still wearing his wedding ring if he’s so disgusted by her. Stefan admits he doesn’t know. Stefan says after spending four years on ice, he woke up and it was there so it still is. Stefan calls it quite an adjustment to being resurrected after four years, so he hadn’t given much thought to the ring. EJ says he wasn’t trying to put him on the spot and was just curious. EJ questions if there’s some subconscious, unresolved feelings there. EJ notes that Stefan says he’s completely over Gabi, but before he died, the general consensus was they were soulmates madly in love. EJ questions if Stefan believes himself. EJ then suggests Stefan take off his ring if he’s so disgusted by Gabi.

Gabi asks Ava if it was really necessary to throw Stefan in her face like that. Ava complains that Gabi is throwing her personal life around just to keep her top spot at DiMera. Gabi argues that Stefan was the person she thought she would spend her life with and now he’s back and she disgusts him. Gabi complains that whatever Ava and Johnny have does not compare to what she and Stefan had. Ava agrees and apologizes. Gabi states that it doesn’t make sense and then suggests that Dr. Rolf must have done something to Stefan’s brain and heart, but she can’t find Dr. Rolf to beat the truth out of him. Ava questions why the truth is so important to her since she’s engaged to another man now. Gabi says she really does love Li, but now that Stefan’s back, it just feels unresolved and incomplete. Gabi doesn’t know how to move on without closure. Gabi says she needs to focus on her future at DiMera. Gabi thinks she deserves an answer after everything she’s done for Ava, so she asks if Ava is going to move in to the DiMera Mansion or not.

Johnny tells Chanel that he couldn’t help but notice that things got weird when the topic turned to Ava. Chanel calls it none of her business. Johnny tells her to say whatever she’s holding back. Chanel says it seems like the universe put he and Ava in a room together and they could’ve leapt at the chance and hormones, but she didn’t. Chanel thinks Johnny already has his answer but it’s not the one he wants.

Allie asks Will again if he and Sonny ever had a threesome. Will says he’s not comfortable discussing that without Sonny present because it wouldn’t feel right. Allie asks if he can at least tell her if he thinks threesomes are wrong. Will says no as long as everyone is consenting. Will adds that he doesn’t think she should do it just for Chanel and it has to be something she wants too. Allie admits she doesn’t know what she wants. Will encourages her to give herself some time to figure it out. Will says he has to go or else he’ll miss his flight. Allie says talking to him helped a lot. Allie adds that she’ll keep him updated on Marlena, Kate, and Sonny. They say I love you to each other as Will then exits.

Rafe and Nicole eat together at Basic Black. Nicole thanks him for bringing the food. Rafe says it turned out not to be a great night for a party but he prefers to be alone with her anyway as he then kisses her. Rafe points out that they are back at the Basic Black table where it all started.

Jada sits with Eric in his room. Eric brings up what she saw when she walked in. Jada assures that it’s okay and she’s glad that Nicole could be there to comfort him and calm him down. Jada admits that she’d like to be that person and she wants Eric to be able to confide in her and count on her. Jada assures that she’s here for him. Eric thanks her and insists that he knows that as they kiss.

Ava goes to the Salem Inn where Johnny greets her outside. Ava asks if EJ has been texting Johnny all day like he has with her. Johnny confirms that and announces he’s decided to move back in to the DiMera Mansion. Ava asks how he made that decision. Johnny says a friend gave him some good advice. Ava responds that she did the same and a friend helped her decide too.

Gabi talks on the phone about trying to find Dr. Rolf, complaining that she needs to find him ASAP. Gabi hangs up and declares that Dr. Rolf did something to Stefan so she’s going to figure out what. Stefan then walks in to the office. Gabi tells him that she was just thinking about him and asks why he’s here. Stefan informs her that he was reminded again that he’s still wearing his wedding ring and he decided that she should have it back because he doesn’t want any more reminders of their marriage or her. Stefan leaves the ring on her desk and walks out.

Chanel goes home and tells Allie that she ran in to Johnny at the town square. Allie questions if they hung out. Chanel says they talked a bit and says Johnny is all about Ava. Chanel adds that she told Johnny that she thinks he can do better. Allie looks on annoyed as Chanel continues on. Chanel then asks Allie if she agrees and asks what she thinks. Allie responds by announcing that she thinks they should have a threesome with Alex Kiriakis which catches Chanel by surprise.

EJ finishes a phone call, saying he’s very grateful as this is exactly what he needed. EJ hangs up as the doorbell rings and Johnny arrives. Johnny tells EJ that he thought about his apology and his offer, so he’s decided this is where he belongs. EJ says he couldn’t be happier and invites him in. EJ asks if Johnny has heard from Ava. Ava then walks up with Johnny so Johnny confirms to him that Ava is moving in too.

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Days Update Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nancy is surprised and excited to run in to Mike Horton in the town square. Mike is less enthused as Nancy says it’s nice to see him again. Mike then questions if she wants to pretend that she didn’t do the things that she did. Mike tells Nancy that he’s here for Jennifer and doesn’t have time for old enemies.

Jack and Jennifer sit at home waiting for Mike. Jennifer talks about wanting to get to rehab and start over again. Jack understands and says he’s packed all of their things for her. Jack tells Jennifer that he’s going with her but she says she doesn’t want him to.

Leo tells Gwen on the phone that he gets now that Jack is nobody’s sugar daddy. Leo complains about having nobody to pay for his pesky legal bills as Craig then approaches. Leo hangs up and tells Craig that he’s glad he ran in to him because he owes him an apology.

Brady brings Rachel in to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn where Chloe has set up a tea party for her. Chloe says she made her favorites but Rachel says she hates it and throws a piece of food at Chloe.

Rex and John talk at the hospital. John talks about Marlena losing her appetite. Rex talks about how there hasn’t been one case of the disease that Roman had 25 years ago since then. They talk about how the only cure was from the orchid in the amazon jungle. John then announces that he and Steve are flying down there this afternoon but Rex tells him to cancel that flight.

Kristen visits Marlena in the hospital.

Leo apologizes to Craig for accusing him of murder. Leo offers to buy him a beer. Craig recalls Leo always ordering champagne when he was paying the bill. Leo insists on Craig having a beer with him which he agrees to.

Nancy apologizes to Mike if he still thinks of her as his enemy. Mike responds that he hasn’t thought of her in years, but she did pop in his head about 30 minutes ago because he was looking at Abigail’s grave and thinking about the man that put her there which led to thinking of Nancy. Mike brings up how Nancy was Craig’s partner in crime. Mike asks if Nancy and Clyde were in on this together.

Brady tells Rachel that she was way out of line. Rachel doesn’t care and doesn’t want to have a tea party with Chloe. Rachel complains that she hates Chloe because she’s the reason she can’t see her mom.

Marlena questions what Kristen is doing here. Kristen responds that she came to see how she was doing since John blurted out in court that she might be dying. Kristen claims she was concerned. Marlena says it was thoughtful of her to come by but she’s fine and alive. Kristen says it boggles her mind that Orpheus did this to her with the illness that Roman had 25 years ago. Marlena questions how she knew about that.

John asks Rex why they would cancel their flight and insists he and Steve are going to get the orchid in person. Rex is afraid he has some bad news. John argues that it cured Roman. Rex then reveals that the orchid no longer exists.

Jack questions Jennifer not wanting him to go with her. Jennifer doesn’t think he should come now since she’ll be in the early stages of treatment and they won’t get to see each other much. Jennifer says she wants him to come eventually, depending on how long she has to be there. Jennifer reminds Jack that he has Gwen and she needs him. Jack tells Jennifer that he loves her and hugs her. Jack says even if he won’t be on the plane with her today, he will always be in her heart.

Brady tells Rachel that the judge said Kristen needs some time away before taking care of her again. Rachel complains that she can’t even see her and she knows why. Rachel then reveals a note that was in her lunchbox that says “It’s Chloe’s fault, your mommy can’t see you.”

Marlena tells Kristen that no one knows the details of this illness and the doctors are still trying to figure it out. Marlena questions how Kristen found out. Kristen thinks back to Dr. Rolf telling her but then claims that she just overheard doctors at the nurse’s station. Kristen doesn’t understand why it’s such a secret. Kristen remarks that it must be a relief to know what’s wrong so now they can cure her. Marlena responds that’s as long as they can find the orchid.

John tells Rex that if the orchid is gone, he knows Dr. Rolf doesn’t throw anything away especially a life saving cure. John believes if they find Dr. Rolf, they can get the cure from him. Rex mentions that Dr. Rolf was pardoned but they have no idea where he could be. John responds that he can think of someone who does.

Jennifer wonders what’s keeping Mike. Jack encourages that there is still time. Jennifer thinks that she should’ve gone to rehab the first time she started taking pills. Jack points out that she did get off of them. Jennifer said she was going to meetings then and she had her mom, who was her rock and always there for her, but now she’s gone. Jennifer cries that she doesn’t want to let Abigail down. Jack feels too much has been asked of her. Jack says that Gwen put Jennifer and Abigail through Hell and then when they thought it was over and things would be normal, they lost Abigail. Jack doesn’t think Jennifer should judge herself for things she did when her world fell apart. Jack declares that now they are going to put that world back together because that’s what they always do. Jack hugs her as she cries.

Kristen tells Marlena that it’s too bad John and Steve have to go all the way to South America to find another orchid. Kristen then thinks back to Dr. Rolf showing her that he has the cure. Marlena says she has faith in John and Steve finding the flower to make the medicine that cures them all. Kristen calls it good that she sounds confident. Marlena tells her that she’s tired. Kristen claims she just wanted to come by to wish her well. Marlena calls that new. Kristen knows they’ve had their differences. Marlena says that would be a colossal understatement. Marlena reminds Kristen that she was leaving. Kristen hoped that Marlena could do her a favor before she leaves.

Rex and John talk about Kristen getting Dr. Rolf pardoned so she must know where he is. John notes that Kristen won’t tell him anything but someone else might. John brings up that Stefan DiMera has been going around town telling everyone that Dr. Rolf brought him back from the dead which Rex questions. John explains that Dr. Rolf apparently kept Stefan on ice in one of his labs, so he bet he could tell them where to find him. Rex decides that he will go track down Stefan to see what he can tell them.

Nancy says she can’t expect to have Mike change how he feels about her, but she swears that she had no idea that Clyde did the things that he did. Nancy talks about not being in great shape when she first met Clyde and only saw what she wanted to see despite people telling her exactly who Clyde was. Nancy admits that she was a fool. Mike thanks her for sharing. Nancy assures Mike that she has paid and is paying for the things she’s done. Nancy cries that her entire life has been nothing but a lie.

Craig sits with Leo in the Brady Pub and asks about his apology. Leo explains that he really did believe Craig framed him and he was desperate to pin the crime on someone else. Craig laughs off Leo actually thinking he did it. Leo admits he may have been indulging himself and that he convinced himself that Craig was so desperate over losing him that he had a psychotic break. Craig reminds him that he dumped him. Leo says he’s trying to apologize and then says he’s sorry for doubting the man he loves and for thinking he was capable of doing this. Leo tells Craig that he still loves him and he doesn’t think Craig would have come in with him if he didn’t still have feelings for him too. Craig then admits that he does. Craig acknowledges that Leo is the first man he ever fell in love with, so what they had will always be special to him in a way. Craig then reveals he was outside and heard what he said to Gwen on the phone.

Mike sits with Nancy and tells her that he had no idea that she and Craig split because of Craig being gay. Mike reveals that there was a time as a teenager, he thought he might be gay but he’s not. Mike admits that back then, he was terrified of the thought but he’s thankful times have changed. Mike notes that they were together a long time so it must have been a pretty rough break up. Mike asks how she’s doing. Nancy admits at first she was angry and just looking to make Craig pay for what he did to her, but now their whole relationship has change and she just wants him to be happy as she knows he wants the same for her. Mike says that’s what they all deserve. Mike mentions having to get to Jennifer’s. Nancy asks how long he’s staying in town. Mike reveals that he’s not staying as he’s heading back to New York this afternoon. Nancy mentions that she’s going back to New York too if he needs anything. Mike tells Nancy to give him her number and they’ll make a date. Nancy says she will look forward to it. Mike says it was good talking to her. Nancy says the same as Mike then gets up and walks away.

Brady asks Rachel who put the note in her lunchbox. Rachel responds that she doesn’t know but she knows it’s true. Brady tries to explain but Rachel refuses to listen and runs in to the bathroom. Chloe realizes that Kristen is not going to stop. Brady complains that Kristen has no regard for what she’s doing to her own daughter and putting her through. Brady is sorry that Chloe is in the middle of it and that Rachel talked to her like that. Chloe understands and relates to when she was young, angry, and lost. Chloe thinks they just have to face the fact that Rachel hates her and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Marlena laughs at the idea of Kristen asking her for a favor and calls her self-absorbed. Kristen argues that she’s just thinking of Rachel and she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to be completely cut off from her mother which is what Brady is doing. Kristen asks Marlena to talk to Brady because he would listen to her. Marlena argues that Brady has full custody, so he will decide what’s best for that child. Kristen questions her not helping her then. Marlena says she thought this was about Rachel. Kristen decides to leave her be then and wishes her luck with the orchid because it would be a shame to the people she loves if she died. Kristen then exits the room.

Leo questions Craig hearing what he said to Gwen. Craig goes over that he heard him say something about legal feels and Jack being a sugar daddy. Leo says he can explain but Craig doesn’t want to hear it. Leo admits that he is drowning in legal fees and tried to blackmail Jack but it blew up in his face. Craig then asks if Leo is wanting him to be his sugar daddy now.

Mike goes to see Jennifer, who tells him that he didn’t have to come all this way as they hug. Mike says she’s his sister so of course he did. Jack thanks Mike for everything. Mike encourages Jennifer about the work the rehab facility does. Jennifer notes that the real work is up to her. Mike says he has all the faith in the world in her. Mike points out that she admitted to needing help which is the hardest part.

Brady encourages Chloe that Rachel doesn’t hate her and that she’s just going through a hard time and taking it out on her. Chloe says they have to do what Kristen is not doing which is think about what Rachel is going through. Brady doesn’t want to let Kristen use Rachel to drive a wedge between them. Chloe points out that he can’t stop Kristen from trying and it’s only going to be more difficult for Rachel. Brady decides he should take Rachel to a friend’s house and asks if Chloe is sure she’s okay. Chloe assures that she is and calls him an amazing dad. Brady insists they will get through this and kisses her.

Rex calls Stefan and asks if he can help him track down Dr. Rolf as it’s a matter of life and death. Kristen overhears him nearby and exits the hospital.

John sits with Marlena in her hospital room and asks how she’s doing. Marlena says she’s better now that he’s here. Marlena informs John that Kristen just visited her which he questions. Marlena explains that Kristen wanted her to talk to Brady about Rachel’s custody. John calls Kristen a bitch. Marlena doesn’t think that was the only reason Kristen was there as she thinks Kristen wanted to make sure she was at death’s door. John argues that she’s nowhere near that and assures that he and Steve are working on a cure and nothing will stop them. John adds that he was just talking to Rex outside, but Marlena then passes out.

Leo questions Craig thinking he wants to get back together because he’s broke. Craig confirms that’s exactly what he thinks. Craig says Leo would use his money to pay his bills off so he wouldn’t have to get a job or make money. Craig mocks the idea of just cleaning up all of Leo’s messes but admits he could be more fun than anyone he’s ever met but that’s not enough. Craig states that Nancy was his safety while Leo is like standing on the edge of a cliff, but he needs more. Craig needs someone who is right in the middle. Craig says he can’t expect Leo to understand that. Leo responds that he actually kind of does.

Nancy goes to Chloe’s room and brings her a late birthday present. Nancy comes in and sees the tea party set up and asks if she should go. Chloe tells her the tea party is over so Nancy asks what happened. Chloe tells her that Kristen doesn’t even have to be in the room to blow everything up. Nancy asks what she did now. Chloe explains that Kristen freaked out over Brady getting full custody and started full on guerilla warfare. Nancy decides that she was going back to New York but obviously she can’t go now, because Chloe needs her here.

Brady visits Marlena in her hospital room and asks where John is. Marlena informs him that John and Steve are trying to track down the cure. Brady asks if he should leave if she’s tired but Marlena says no. Marlena informs Brady that Kristen came to see her as she wanted to talk to her about Rachel’s custody. Brady knows it would be best if he tried to work something out with her but not right now. Marlena assures him that she told her no. Brady is glad because he feels like he needs to keep Rachel away from Kristen more than ever. Marlena questions what has she done now.

John and Rex arrive at Dr. Rolf’s lab. Dr. Rolf asks what he can do for them. John responds that they need his help.

Leo asks Craig if he can look him up if he ever makes it back to New York. Craig says sure. Leo adds that social media is the best way to keep in touch which Craig agrees with. Leo jokes that maybe one day when he’s rich and famous, he’ll sweep Craig off his feet. Craig then pays for their drinks. Leo promises to get him next time. Craig tells Leo to take care of himself, hugs him, and then exits the Pub.

Jennifer returns to Jack in the living room, crying about how hard it was to say goodbye to Doug and Julie. Jack promises to take care of them while she’s gone. Jack assures that this isn’t goodbye, just see you soon as they hug. Jennifer then exits for rehab with her brother, Mike.

Nancy gives Chloe a bracelet for her birthday. Chloe thanks her but tells her that she has to go back to New York. Nancy says she can’t do that with Kristen out to get her. Chloe points out there’s nothing Nancy can do about that and she doesn’t want her to be worried about her. Chloe encourages Nancy to go back to her life in New York. Chloe says it would mean the world to her if all the bad things that happened don’t stop her. Nancy then agrees to go but wants Chloe to come see her soon. Chloe agrees to as they hug. Nancy jokes that Chloe better call first because she just might have plans.

Marlena tells Brady to document everything that Kristen does and keep a journal just to be safe. Brady doesn’t want Marlena worrying about him or Rachel. Brady tells Marlena to just take care of herself. Brady knows John will get her whatever she needs. Marlena says she has no doubt in her mind.

Dr. Rolf comments on John seeming so stressed and brings up Marlena, Kayla, and Kate being on death’s door. Dr. Rolf wonders how Orpheus got access to those rare pathogens. Rex says they are only interested in finding a cure. Dr. Rolf recalls something about an orchid. Rex tells him that orchid is now extinct which makes Dr. Rolf their only hope. Dr. Rolf laughs at that and calls it a miserable position to find themselves in. Rex asks if he has access to the orchid and offers to pay for it. Dr. Rolf thinks back to having it but then claims to them that he doesn’t think he can help them.

Kristen is now watering the orchid in her apartment.

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Days Update Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nancy is on the phone with Chloe. Nancy assures that she’s fine and that a good night’s sleep helped her realize how lucky she is to be done with Clyde. Nancy says she loves her and hangs up. Nancy then looks in the mirror and complains that she looks ridiculous but is surprised when she turns around to see Craig arrive with flowers.

Doug and Julie visit Laura Horton’s grave. Julie leaves flowers and says they miss her so much. Julie thanks Doug for suggesting they stop by. Julie says the Horton family has had so much loss in such a short time. Julie supposes there is comfort in knowing that Clyde will rot in prison for what he did to Abigail but guesses she will have to wait on Gwen for what she did to Laura.

Jennifer goes to visit Gwen at the hospital. Gwen asks what brings her by and if she came to finish her off. Gwen has flashbacks to the accident and remarks that Jennifer looks like a deer in headlights. Gwen asks if that’s how she looked just before Jennifer pressed the gas pedal. Gwen informs Jennifer that she remembers it was her that ran her down and left her for dead.

Jack questions where Leo gets his information from. Leo informs him that Gwen told him that it was Jennifer. Jack notes that Gwen said she didn’t see the driver but Leo reveals that he just came from her hospital room and her memory came rushing back to her. Leo adds that it wasn’t hard to make Gwen realize that Jennifer did this on purpose. Leo declares that Jennifer needs to make restitution and that will come in the form of a check from Jack if he wants to make this all go away.

Gwen tells Jennifer to stay away from her. Jennifer says she didn’t come to hurt her, but to tell her how very sorry she is for what she did to her.

Chad helps Stephanie work outside of Julie’s Place. Stephanie acknowledges that Chad really made the press release better and says she really appreciates him as she’s been so worried about Kayla that she’s finding it hard to concentrate. Stephanie worries that if she doesn’t get a handle on all this work then she’s going to start losing clients. Paulina then appears and announces that the first one is going to be her. Chad stands and offers his seat. Paulina asks if Stephanie owns a calendar and complains that the election is a month away while her polling numbers are going down. Stephanie apologizes and tries to explain. Paulina just wants to do how she’s doing what it takes to get her behind the Governor’s desk.

Nancy tells Craig that Bonnie is helping her put highlights in her hair. Nancy questions him bringing her flowers and asks what he’s even doing here. Craig responds that he wanted to see how she is.

Gwen asks if Jennifer’s having second thoughts about trying to kill her. Jennifer swears that it wasn’t deliberate and didn’t see her until it was too late. Gwen argues that she knew she hit her and she left. Jennifer wishes she could tell her why she left but she can’t. Jennifer explains that she didn’t remember until an hour ago and as soon as she remembered, she knew she had to see her. Gwen questions Jennifer having no memory of hitting someone with her car. Jennifer confirms that she doesn’t because when she hit her, she wasn’t in her right mind as she was high.

Jack questions if Gwen is on board with Leo’s blackmail scheme. Leo calls it a settlement. Jack points out that he didn’t answer if Gwen authorized him acting on her behalf. Leo says they had begun talking about the possibility until they were interrupted by a nurse. Jack realizes Gwen doesn’t know he’s here. Leo admits that he took it upon himself to find a resolution for all parties involved. Jack finds it very hard to believe that Gwen would approve of this. Leo complains about what Jennifer did while Jack shouts that it was an accident.

Doug reminds Julie that Gwen told them that Laura’s death was an accident. Julie calls Gwen a liar. Julie brings up what Jennifer is going through and what a help Laura could have been to her. Doug states that Laura meant so much to everyone who loved her. Laura’s son, Mike Horton then surprises them and says truer words were never spoken. Julie is shocked to see Mike and excitedly hugs him.

Nancy asks how Craig even knew she was at the Kiriakis Mansion. Craig reveals that Bonnie called him and asked him to drop by and he’s relieved that she did. Craig explains that Bonnie thought she would need another friend to talk to. Craig asks if he is still her friend, but Nancy responds that she’s honestly not sure.

Paulina orders Stephanie to set up a press conference to make her national news by the end of the day. Chad interrupts and says Stephanie isn’t going to say anything, so he will, and that her mother is in the hospital so maybe Paulina could cut her a break. Paulina is surprised and says she’s sorry to hear that. Paulina complains that if Stephanie can’t do the job then she should be delegating the work to someone in her firm and she could have at least told her that she was dealing with a family emergency. Chad tries to explain but Paulina asks him to stay out of it. Stephanie tells Chad that it’s okay and tells Paulina that she’s right that she should’ve delegated and told her about her mom. Stephanie apologizes for dropping the ball and says she will start working on the press conference which Paulina notes is just what she wanted to hear. Paulina apologizes for laying in to her and says she’s truly sorry to hear her mother is in the hospital, so she will pray for her. Stephanie says she will call her later. Paulina suggests Stephanie delegate to her assistant but Stephanie clarifies that Chad is not her assistant and introduces him to her. Paulina then realizes who he is and apologizes as she sends her sympathy for what happened to Abigail which she calls a terrible tragedy.

Jack tells Leo that he and his wife buried their daughter a few weeks ago and are doing their best to take care of her two young children. Leo knows he’s been through a lot and that he’s worried about Gwen, so he would hate for him to lose his wife too which Jack questions. Leo points out that Jack called what Jennifer did an accident which confirms her liability, so Leo asks if Jennifer confessed. Jack responds that he was speaking hypothetically because if Jennifer did something like that, it would not be intentional. Leo says the point is that it happened and Jack knows about it. Jack questions what his part of the settlement is. Leo explains that Jack’s not the only one who has had a rough couple months as he got falsely accused of killing Abigail and had to hire a lawyer, who is now threatening to take him to court. Leo suggests they keep it easy and Jack can write a check for a million dollars but Jack says he can’t do that. Leo guesses he will have to alert the police and The Intruder about Jennifer’s accident then. Jack clarifies that he does not have a million dollars in his personal checking account, so he will have to go to the bank for that, and after the transfer is made, he’ll meet him somewhere. Leo decides he will wait right here to complete their transaction. Leo tells Jack that he’s doing the right thing for his wife and his family.

Julie calls Mike a sight for sore eyes. Doug says they have missed him so much. Mike knew he would see them later at the house but he wanted to come pay his respects to Laura and Abigail. Julie asks if Jennifer knows he’s here or if it’s a surprise. Mike reveals it’s no surprise and that he’s here because Jennifer needs him and asked for his help.

Gwen realizes Jennifer got high on those pills that she caught her with and questions why she decided to drive. Jennifer doesn’t know and says she was hallucinating seeing Abigail in the car. Jennifer swears it was an accident and she’s so sorry. Gwen argues that she didn’t come to apologize but to save her ass. Gwen complains that Jennifer knows she sped up and hit her but it didn’t matter. Jennifer claims she didn’t know she hit the gas pedal and thought she hit the brake. Gwen brings up their last conversation before the accident where Jennifer told her that she would be very sorry if she told Jack about her pills and that sounded like a threat to her. Jennifer points out that when she hit her, she didn’t know that Gwen had told Jack. Jennifer says she’s now glad that she told Jack because she needs help and is going to get it. Gwen talks about hearing all the same things from her mother growing up. Gwen says she’s learned that addicts are very cunning and they lie. Jennifer agrees and admits she’s said those same things to people she loves, so there’s no reason that Gwen should believe a word she says. Jennifer repeats that Gwen did the right thing by telling Jack about her, so she’s going to do the right thing too. Jennifer declares that she has just decided to go to the police station to turn herself in.

Mike explains that Jennifer called him and told him that she started abusing painkillers again. Doug mentions that they didn’t know for quite awhile. Mike decided a phone call wasn’t enough so here he is. Mike adds that Jennifer asked him to arrange getting her in to rehab. Julie is relieved that Jennifer will be getting help. Mike notes that Jennifer also told him how much their love and support meant to her. Doug assures they’d do anything for Mike and Jennifer, Laura’s two wonderful kids. Julie talks about how proud Laura was of them and how they are too. Julie suggests they go home for lunch. Mike decides he will meet them there since it’s been awhile so he needs to spend some time at his mom’s grave.

Jennifer tells Gwen that she has to go to the police now or she might lose her nerve. Jennifer repeats that she’s so sorry for everything. Gwen asks what about her addicition and if she wants to get clean. Jennifer is sure they have programs in prison. Gwen remarks that Jennifer wouldn’t last a week in prison. Jennifer responds that she’s stronger than she thinks. Gwen then stops her and tells her not to turn herself in. Jennifer questions that not being what she wants. Gwen thought it was, but she looks at her now and can see how much she’s suffered. Gwen talks about Jennifer’s mother dying suddenly and her daughter being brutally murdered, so it’s no wonder she turned to something to stop the pain. Jennifer points out that because of that, she almost killed Gwen. Gwen notes that she didn’t and she’s still here. Jennifer questions what she’s saying. Gwen responds that she cares about her and admits that’s a surprise to her as well. Gwen wishes someone told her mom that she cared about her. Gwen says it was just them growing up and she wasn’t up for it but she is now. Gwen tells Jennifer not to turn herself in and that she will go to the police and say she has no idea who hit her which shocks Jennifer.

Paulina talks about Jack and Jennifer being old friends of Abe and how she could see how much they were suffering. Paulina is thankful they finally caught the bastard who killed Abigail, which Chad calls a relief. Paulina couldn’t believe their governor turned that gang of violent criminals loose. Paulina gives her word that it won’t happen on her watch. Paulina then gets an idea and suggests Stephanie convince Chad join her campaign party since he has experience running a major corporation and could be a big help. Stephanie assures that if they need more help, she will hire enough staff to get the job done. Paulina says it’s her call and decides to leave them to their business. Paulina then exits. Stephanie jokingly tells Chad welcome to her world.

Jennifer questions why Gwen would cover for her. Gwen responds that she has two reasons, first is that she wants to see Jennifer do what her mother never managed to do and the other reason is because after everything she’s done to her family, she still allowed her to be part of Jack’s life. Gwen loves Jack and wants him to be happy and she can see his heart is completely broken from losing Abigail, so she can’t take Jennifer away from him too as that would absolutely destroy him and she won’t let that happen. Jack then walks in and questions what Gwen won’t let happen.

Doug and Julie go home. Doug heads upstairs while Julie goes in to the living room where she is shocked to find Leo eating donuts and watching cartoons.

Craig tells Nancy that he is sorry that she doesn’t think they can still be friends. Craig goes to leave but Nancy stops him and apologizes, saying she meant that she doesn’t think she was a friend to him since she paraded her engagement in front of him after he just had his heart broken. Craig responds that he knows Nancy did that because he hurt her, lied to her, and cheated on her with Leo which made her feel like nobody wanted her and she wanted him to know that somebody did. Nancy brings up that Clyde said he did love her and that she was good for him, but she wasn’t good enough to stop him from doing the terrible things he did. Craig acknowledges that no amount of love can change a man’s nature. Nancy says she knows that now too. Nancy thanks Craig for coming to check on her and for the flowers. Craig brings up that she was one of the first to come by when Leo broke his heart, so he just wanted to return the favor. Nancy says she just had the craziest thought and asks what if they got back together. Nancy knows it wouldn’t be a romantic relationship but there’s more about being together than just sex. Craig admits they know each other better than anyone else. Nancy jokes that they have seen each other at their best and their worst. Craig acknowledges that they care for each other and know how to take care of each other. Nancy says it would be so much safer than being with somebody new. Craig agrees that they wouldn’t have to risk having their hearts broken again. Nancy says it just wouldn’t be the romantic ending they both dreamed about. Craig agrees but says it would be pretty damn nice.

Julie questions what Leo is doing in their house. Leo says he smelled donuts and couldn’t resist. Julie complains that she made those for Doug and points out that he still didn’t answer what he’s doing here. Leo responds that it’s cool because Jack knows he’s there. Julie complains that it’s not cool with her as she knows who he is. Leo says she probably saw him on the news and that he didn’t kill Abigail. Julie points out that Leo still broke in to her bedroom, stole her jewelry and left behind the knife that killed her. Leo declares that’s enough about him and suggests they talk about what Jennifer did.

Jack tells Gwen that Leo came to see him which surprises her as he didn’t tell her he was going to do that. Jack explains that Leo said Gwen remembered the accident and demanded a million dollars in exchange for Gwen’s silence which shocks them. Jennifer realizes Jack knows what she did then. Jack confirms that Leo made sure of that. Jennifer assures that she blacked out and wasn’t trying to keep it from him as she just remembered it this morning and came straight here. Gwen tells Jack that she believes Jennifer that it was an accident, so she’s going to tell the police that she doesn’t remember what happened to her. Jack points out that Leo will then go to the police and tell them his version. Gwen argues that Leo wasn’t there, so without her, he has nothing. Gwen instructs Jack not to give Leo a penny. Jack is surprisd and questions why she’s doing this. Jennifer responds that it’s because Gwen is his daughter and she loves him.

Stephanie finishes a work call and tells Chad that now she just has to set up a press conference to put Paulina on the map. Chad suggests Stephanie take a break and call the hospital to check on Kayla. Stephanie says she will do that, but she has to get Paulina calmed down first. Chad calls Paulina unbelievable. Stephanie calls her a force of nature but says she does like her. Chad apologizes for shooting his mouth off while she was there. Stephanie apologizes for Paulina thinking he was her assistant. Chad points out that he is unemployed, so she has a point. Stephanie notes that he’s not hurting for money. Chad responds that he’s not but he does need to keep busy and she needs to hire more people, so he asks why not hire him?

Nancy and Craig agree that as nice as it sounds, they don’t want to give up on romance as they both deserve a chance at real love again. Craig tells Nancy that she has always been his friend and he wants her to have her happily ever after. Nancy says she wants that for him too. Nancy decides they will say goodbye, see each other around, and hang out some time. Nancy kisses him on the cheek as Craig then exits.

Julie questions the meaning of Leo’s crack about Jennifer. Leo decides he can’t divulge that. Julie demands he tell her or else she will hit him with her rolling pin. Jack then comes home. Julie informs Jack that Leo said he got in to the house with his permission. Jack responds that he did, but he’ll be leaving soon. Julie tells Jack to deal with him then and storms out. Leo assumes Jack meant he will be leaving with a big fat check but Jack says no because he just came from Gwen’s hospital room. Leo questions him lying about going to the bank. Jack responds that there was no need as they managed to settle the whole matter without him. Leo questions what that means. Jack informs him that the only eye witness to the accident is Gwen and she is not going to say a word about what happened. Jack yells at Leo to get the hell out, so he exits.

Stephanie asks if Chad really wants to help her make Paulina the Governor. Chad responds that he needs to focus on something other than himself and he honestly believes Paulina is the right choice for Governor. Stephanie notes that it will be very hectic. Chad gives her his permission to fire him if he sucks, so Stephanie welcomes him to SJ PR and they shake hands.

Jennifer comes home and tells Jack that she was afraid Leo would still be there. Jack assures that he made short work of him, so now he’s free to focus on her. Jennifer tells Jack that it was incredibly gracious of Gwen to cover for her and let this go. Jennifer says she’s so sorry for lying to Jack about the pills and for getting behind the wheel while she was wasted. Jennifer acknowledges that Jack already lost one daughter and she could have killed his other one. Jennifer asks if Jack can ever forgive her. Jack tells her not to talk like that and brings up how many times she has forgiven him. Jack says he’s so sorry that she was suffering with all of this alone and he never saw it. Jennifer guesses it’s what they call hitting bottom. Jennifer asks what she does now. Jack declares that whatever it is, she won’t be doing it alone as he hugs her.

Leo walks past the Brady Pub while on the phone with Gwen, saying he’s sorry as he assumed she wanted him to make the most of this opportunity. Gwen tells him that he assumed wrong. Leo thought he was doing this for both of them. Gwen tells him that he knows how she feels about Jack and he was furious when he came in, so Leo could’ve scorched her relationship with Jack for good. Leo gets now that Jack is nobody’s sugar daddy. Leo complains about now having nobody to pay for his pesky legal bills as Craig then approaches.

Mike stands in the town square at the plaque of Tom and Alice. Mike mentions staying with Doug and Julie and says he’s looking forward to seeing the people he hasn’t seen in so long. Mike says he’ll be back and turns around where he runs in to Nancy.

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Days Update Monday, October 3, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Will visits Sonny in his hospital room and informs him that he is getting out today or tomorrow which excites him. Will says now that Clyde is being transferred back to prison, they can finally put this whole nightmare behind them. Leo then arrives with a fruit basket.

Jennifer finishes a call at home about making travel arrangements as Chad arrives and says he couldn’t help but overhear, so he asks if she’s going somewhere. Jennifer reveals that she is going to rehab.

Gwen wakes up in her hospital bed as Sarah asks if she’s alright. Gwen tells her that she was having a nightmare about the accident. Sarah asks if she remembered something else, what kind of car it was, or the driver.

Leo asks if Will and Sonny are going to congratulate him on getting released from prison. They question what he’s doing here. Leo says that he came to say thanks and bring him a fruit basket. Leo declares that Sonny saved his life, so he’s eternally grateful.

Jack sits at the Brady Pub when Xander arrives and startles him. Xander says he looks like he could use some company. Jack responds that he’s just picking up takeout for Gwen. Xander asks how she’s doing. Jack says she’s still shaken up but is on the mend. Xander asks if the cops have any leads on the driver.

Gwen tells Sarah that she can see the car and the headlights. Gwen says there was a figure behind the wheel and she almost saw their face, but then she lost it. Sarah hopes it comes in to focus soon. Sarah is glad Gwen is awake. Gwen asks if she’s going to poke and prod her like every other doctor. Sarah says no but notes that Gwen is scheduled for more tests today. Gwen asks why Sarah is here then. Sarah thought it was time they talk about how Gwen tried to have her committed.

At the hospital, Stephanie is on the phone with Joey, assuring that Kayla is okay and promises to tell him if anything changes. Stephanie hangs up as Alex arrives and asks what she’s doing there and what’s wrong.

Sonny is not sure how to interpret Leo’s gratitude. Leo tells him to just accept it and let it lift his spirits. Leo explains that if Sonny hadn’t remembered smelling Clyde’s cologne, then he’d still be rotting in prison. Sonny tells him not to take it personally as he just wanted to see the right person punished. Leo says they are all on the same side now, so he hoped he could get his job back at Titan. Sonny asks if he’s joking. Leo points out that he did used to work there and claims not to remember accusing Sonny of sexual harassment. Sonny tells Leo that it’s not up to him because his brother Alex is in charge now. Leo complains that he should’ve known as he can’t count on anyone these days. Leo tells Sonny to take it easy and get well soon. Leo calls Sonny and Will an adorable couple as he exits the room.

Chad questions Jennifer going to rehab. Jennifer admits that she relapsed. Chad tells her that he’s so sorry. Jennifer explains that her brother Mike works with a facility in New York, so they are saving a room for her and she leaves later today. Chad brings up everything he’s put on her since Abigail died like asking her to watch the kids and worries that he leaned on her too much when he didn’t know that she needed help. Jennifer understands he couldn’t have known after losing his wife, so he was already suffering so much. Chad declares that at least they know who did it now. Jennifer says that means Abigail has justice and it will never be enough, but it’s something. Chad knows now that he needs to start moving on. Chad adds that it’s more about finding peace. Chad tells Jennifer that he saw Abigail and it made him realize that he needs to be strong for himself, the children, and Abigail.

Jack tells Xander that the police don’t seem to know who hit Gwen so far. Xander calls that odd since it happened right outside the police station. Jack says the cameras weren’t working that night and he heard they are having budget problems which Xander relates to. Xander worries that his luck is finally running out at the Salem Inn. Jack asks how he can help. Xander asks him to give him a job.

Sarah wants to talk to Gwen about the time that she broke out of prison to get back at her and Abigail by attacking Abigail while wearing the Sarah mask, so Abigail would suffer and Sarah would disappear from Salem. Gwen asks what she wants from her. Sarah wants to know if it was all just revenge. Sarah points out that Gwen was in prison so she couldn’t get Xander back which means all that mattered was ruining her life. Sarah questions what she ever did to Gwen. Gwen asks what she wants her to say. Gwen admits she did everything in her power to keep Xander away from her, but Sarah got everything she wanted in the end while she’s here alone, lucky to be alive. Gwen tells Sarah that all she can say is congratulations and that she is sorry. Sarah argues that Gwen is not sorry. Gwen repeats that she said she was. Sarah says she heard the words but only sees bitterness in her eyes. Gwen questions what more she wants from her since she won. Gwen assures Sarah that she will stay away from her and Xander until the end of time. Sarah warns that she damn well better. Sarah tells Gwen that a nurse will be by later to take her for tests as she then exits the room.

Stephanie tells Alex that she’s fine. Alex asks if she’s sure since she seems really upset. Stephanie insists that she’s fine. Alex apologizes for not following their rules and says she made it very clear when she turned down a simple lunch. Alex complains that they can’t talk personal, only business, and they are not friends, only colleagues, because she could never be friends with someone like him. Alex gives Stephanie the numbers for the quarterly returns and they aren’t great, so he tells her to spin that and walks away.

Will talks on the phone, asking why he can’t do the meeting remotely over Zoom. Will says to tell him what he needs to do and hangs up. Will informs Sonny that the star of his project won’t sign unless his dogs give him their stamp of approval which Sonny laughs at. Will says apparently to do that, he needs to be in the same room. Sonny tells Will that he should go. Will asks what he’s talking about as he doesn’t want to leave while Sonny, Kate, and Marlena are all in the hospital. Sonny assures that the doctors are doing a great job and they wouldn’t want him to put his life on hold. Sonny tells Will that he will be okay and that his project won’t write and direct itself. Will notes that he’s working on a couple of projects, so if he goes back, he might be gone for awhile. Will questions what that means for them if Sonny stays in Salem. Will then asks if they are going to be a long distance relationship.

Chad tells Jennifer that maybe he’s losing his mind, but it felt so real to him as he communicated with Abigail at the cemetery. Chad says he’s sorry if this is upsetting but Jennifer responds that she saw Abigail too. Jennifer thought maybe it was the pills but insists that she was in this room and then she came with her in the car when she went to the police station. Jennifer flashes back to driving to the police station while imagining Abigail.

Xander tells Jack that he actually came to the Brady Pub to beg them for a job but he’s much more suited to an executive position at the Spectator. Xander knows he doesn’t have experience with newspapers but he did once run Titan. Xander says if not an executive, maybe he could be an assistant editor or something. Xander asks what he says. Jack then reveals that he thinks Jennifer is the one who hit Gwen.

Leo visits Gwen in the hospital. Gwen is surprised that he’s out of jail. Leo says he came by to thank Sonny for his freedom and then he overheard nurses talking about what happened to Gwen. Leo asks if it’s true that someone ran Gwen down outside of the police station. Gwen confirms that’s exactly what happened, right after she came to see him. Leo asks if she’s okay. Gwen says she’s just bruised, traumatized, alone, and miserable but she will live. Leo encourages her and gives her a chocolate covered strawberry. Leo asks who the hell did this to her. Gwen says she doesn’t know as she was leaving the police station and next thing she knows, she’s staring down these headlights. Gwen then has another flashback and remembers that it was Jennifer driving the car.

Sonny tells Will that it’s not like he’s shipping off to war. Sonny says they will visit him in LA and he can come visit them here. Sonny notes that the whole reason he stayed in Salem was so he could follow his dreams of becoming CEO of Titan, so now Will has to follow his. Sonny points out that it won’t be forever. Sonny acknowledges that Will waited a long time for something like this, so he thinks he should make the most out of it. Sonny says when it’s all done, he and Arianna will be right here waiting for him. Will thanks him and says he loves him as they kiss. Will wishes Sonny was out of the hospital bed and back in their bed. Will encourages that he will be on his feet again soon. Sonny says then he can get his company back from his snake of a brother, Alex. Alex then enters the room and asks if somebody said his name.

Chad asks if Jennifer is alright. Jennifer says she’s fine and is just thinking about seeing Abigail in the car. Jennifer laments that she just made so many mistakes and can’t believe she allowed herself to get addicted again and lied to Jack. Jennifer feels she let down so many people that she loves. Chad encourages that’s not true and if anything they let her down. Chad knows he’s been struggling but feels he should’ve been there for her and he wasn’t, but he is now. Chad states that Jennifer is Abigail’s mother and always felt like a mother to him. Chad thinks Abigail would want them to be close. Jennifer confirms that she did and they are. Chad assures that won’t change while she’s away because they are family and he loves her, so he would do anything for her as they hug. Chad then exits as Jennifer holds back tears.

Xander questions Jack thinking Jennifer drove the car in to Gwen. Jack doesn’t know for sure but he thinks it’s possible. Xander asks why. Jack reveals that he just found out that Jennifer has been abusing drugs again. Jack says he’s been so overwhelmed with his own grief that he didn’t pick up on it. Jack questions not seeing it. Xander is sure she covered it well but Jack figured it out eventually. Jack explains that he didn’t as it was Gwen who told him since she caught Jennifer with the pills and told him. Xander says that doesn’t explain why Jack thinks Jennifer was driving the car. Jack tells him that Jennifer told him that she was high last night and that she drove to the police station which was exactly at the moment of the accident. Jack states that Gwen is the reason he knows anything was happening with Jennifer. Jack worries about Jennifer’s condition and that she wouldn’t even remember if she did it.

Gwen can’t believe that Jennifer was the one who did this to her. Gwen assures that she can see her face behind the wheel. Gwen asks Leo if he thinks Jennifer did this on purpose. Leo says of course she did because she’d have every reason to want to get back at her. Gwen asks why now. Leo reminds Gwen that Jennifer threatened her when she caught her with the pills and so she mowed her down before she could talk. Gwen questions if she would really do that. Leo says she’s a junkie, so of course she would. Leo doesn’t care that Jennifer is a Horton and that everyone worships her. Leo declares that he and Gwen are now going to expose Jennifer for the vehicular homicidal pill popper that she is.

Stephanietits outside of Julie’s Place while working on her tablet. Chad arrives and comments that it looks like she has a full day ahead of her and he can figure how that’s going. Stephanie mentions hearing that they found the person responsible for Abigail’s death and that it must be such a relief. Stephanie gets a call from Joey and tells him again that she will let him know if she hears anything so he doesn’t have to keep checking in. Stephanie says they’ll talk later and hangs up. Chad asks if everything is okay. Stephanie informs him that Kayla is in the hospital. Chad asks what happened. Stephanie says they don’t know as it’s a mysterious illness and that Marlena and Kate have it too. Chad can’t believe it as he didn’t know and asks if they are okay. Stephanie states that Kayla keeps saying there is nothing to worry about. Chad encourages her to go be with her. Stephanie says she was just there and Kayla is sleeping while Alex just gave her all this work for Titan and she’s completely behind on Paulina’s campaign, so she thought sitting out in the sun might make the work go by faster. Chad offers to help to make it go faster.

Sonny calls Alex a snake. Alex repeats that he didn’t steal his job. Sonny asks if he came back to make more excuses. Alex explains that Justin said he should try to settle things with him, which he was going to do until he walked in on him calling him names. Sonny asks what he expects and if he should just forget he tried to screw him over and move on. Alex responds that he didn’t do anything. Sonny complains that this is like when they were kids and Alex broke his toys. Sonny argues that Alex hasn’t changed. Alex asks Will to try to talk some sense in to Sonny. Will points out that one of them almost died and they are arguing about business. Will asks who cares since they are brothers and life is short. Will tells them to get over themselves and call a truce.

Gwen questions Leo saying they are going to expose Jennifer. Leo calls her his best friend and says he’s going to see to it that Jennifer pays for what she did. Gwen asks if they should call the police. Leo clarifies that he means make her pay as in money because he has legal bills, she has medical bills, and they don’t have a job. Gwen is unsure. Leo argues that she deserves a win after the hell she’s been through or she can just lie here and think about everything she lost. Leo asks what she says. The nurse then comes in to take Gwen to radiology for a follow up CT scan. Leo points out that it sounds very expensive and tells Gwen they will talk later as he then exits.

Jennifer has another flashback to driving to the police station, swearing to Abigail that everyone who ever hurt her her would pay, and then running over Gwen. Jennifer then realizes what she had done.

Will tells Alex and Sonny to stop being so stubborn and make up already. Alex admits he shouldn’t have gotten so defensive while Sonny admits he probably shouldn’t have called him a snake. Will tells them to keep going. Alex doesn’t want to fight with Sonny. Sonny says the same. Will encourages them to move on to the apologies. Alex apologizes and then Sonny does as well as they shake hands. Will calls that much better. Alex adds that he really did come to make things better but he was pissed off after running in to Stephanie and she bit his head off for asking how she’s doing. Sonny doesn’t think it was about him. Will explains that Stephanie’s mom is in the hospital and is pretty sick.

Jack tells Xander that if Jennifer drove her car in to Gwen, he has to talk to her and find out exactly what she remembers. Jack says they will figure out how to deal with it. Xander promises not to say anything. Jack thanks him for understanding and says they will talk about his job another time. Jack says he has to talk to Jennifer right now as it can’t wait. Jack remembers he was picking up takeout for Gwen, so Xander offers to take it to her and asks what are friends for.

Jennifer realizes that she was the one driving the car that hit Gwen and begins to panic.

Alex questions what’s wrong with Stephanie’s mother. Sonny says they aren’t sure but both of Will’s grandmothers are sick with it too. Alex wishes he knew before acting like a jerk as he would have at least offered her a shoulder to cry on.

Stephanie questions Chad wanting to help her. Chad points out that if they split the work, they’ll get it done in half the time. Stephanie asks how he would even know what to do. Chad responds that he’s done some PR at DiMera so he’s sure he could figure it out. Stephanie questions him wanting to pitch in for Titan. Chad says he’s unemployed and his kids are at school so he has time and it’s up to her. Stephanie accepts his help and gives him a press release to start with.

Xander goes to the hospital with takeout from the Pub. Sarah sees him and calls it a nice surprise, asking if he brought her lunch. Xander clarifies that it’s for Gwen from Jack as he ran in to him at the Pub. Xander asks if Gwen is in her room but Sarah says she’s taking tests so she will have a nurse bring it to her when she gets out. Xander thanks her. Sarah questions why Jack sent him. Xander says he would’ve brought it himself but he’s going through something.

Jack goes home looking for Jennifer but instead finds Leo, who says Jennifer isn’t home but the door was open so he let himself in. Leo says he needed to see Jack which he questions. Leo suggests Jack bring out his check book because his addict wife got behind the wheel and plowed in to his best friend, so if he wants him to keep his mouth shut, he’s going to write him a very large check.

Jennifer goes to visit Gwen at the hospital. Gwen asks what brings her by and if she came to finish her off.

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Days Update Friday, September 30, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Roman checks on Kate in bed. She complains that she’s wide awake and thought coming here instead of the hospital would help. Roman says he has something that might help as he then brings in her son Rex, who greets her with a hug.

Stephanie goes to the hospital as Steve is finishing a call. Stephanie confronts Steve over not updating her on Kayla. Stephanie questions not hearing from him that Kayla got so sick that she was in the hospital. Steve says he didn’t want to worry her. Stephanie argues that she’s not a child and complains that she had to hear it from Eric, who thought she already knew that not only is Kayla sick but so are Marlena and Kate. Stephanie asks if they are going to make it. Steve responds that right now, they just don’t know.

John prays in the chapel and talks about whipping the Devil again, but now they are up against another force of darkness in Orpheus. John prays for God to give Kayla, Kate, and Marlena the strength to fight this. Brady enters and tells him that Eric and Belle are in with Marlena now as she sleeps. John mentions sitting up with her all night. John says he wants to help the woman he loves from suffering but there’s not a damn thing he can do except pray as Brady hugs him.

Stefan goes to Chloe’s room with flowers and gift bags. Chloe questions what he’s doing here and reminds him that she’s with Brady now so he stopped by for no reason. Stefan responds that he came to wish her a happy birthday.

Dr. Rolf works in his lab until Kristen comes in and startles him. Dr. Rolf tells her that he’s working on perhaps his most important project ever. Kristen says she has a new project for him, so he’s going to have put that one on hold. Dr. Rolf questions what it is. Kristen doesn’t know the technical term but tells Dr. Rolf that she needs him to fry Chloe’s brain.

Steve apologizes to Stephanie for not telling her but he wanted to wait until they had a better idea as to what they are dealing with. Steve mentions waiting on more test results. Stephanie argues that it’s just like when Marlena and Kayla were kidnapped and asks what his excuse is this time. Stephanie points out that he clearly still doesn’t have the information. Steve informs her that what they do now is that Orpheus is behind this too.

John tells Brady that he just talked to Roman, who said Kate and Kayla are failing just like Marlena and their fevers are getting worse. John adds that the medication isn’t doing anything and they can’t find a cure unless they find out exactly what Orpheus did to them. John mentions that even the ISA are totally stumped. John complains about having to just sit here and wait.

Rex tells Kate that he came as soon as he heard. Rex feels Kate should be in the hospital. Kate asks what the point is since there is nothing they can do for her, so she wishes Rex hadn’t come. Rex says it’s too bad because he’s here to watch her get better. Rex encourages that they will figure out what’s making her sick and find a cure and he will be by her side until they do.

Stefan praises Chloe and gives her flowers for her birthday. Stefan asks if she has any special plans or if anyone is throwing her a party. Chloe says no. Stefan questions if no one else remembered her birthday. Chloe admits that no one did. Stefan points out that only he did.

Dr. Rolf tells Kristen that he does not fry brains. Kristen complains that Chloe’s is so small that it won’t be too challenging. Dr. Rolf asks Kristen to go because he’s busy. Kristen argues that she can’t let Chloe get away with what happened. Dr. Rolf responds that she doesn’t need him, she needs a lawyer. Kristen tells him about how she represented herself and she was so close to victory, but then suddenly the judge ruled against her. Kristen blames Chloe since she saw Chloe skulking around the court house right before the decision. Kristen doesn’t know what Chloe did but says she definitely pulled something and now she’s lost her daughter. Dr. Rolf wishes he could help her. Kristen tells him that he is going to help her and together, they are going to stop that homewrecking whore once and for all.

Stefan questions all of the people that Chloe loves forgetting her birthday. Chloe wants to drop the subject and says it’s totally understandable that it was forgotten. Stefan calls her awfully forgiving. Chloe feels there’s nothing to forgive since her father just went through a horrible divorce and breakup while her mother almost married a murderer, so she’s obviously a mess. Stefan says he’s sorry about that. Chloe is glad Nancy found out about Clyde before their wedding, but she can’t believe what he did to Abigail and Sonny and that he tried to kill Chad too. Stefan is glad EJ shot him and saved Chad’s life. Chloe mentions that Clyde survived. Chloe says the point is that her parents have so much going on that they probably don’t know what day it is. Chloe jokes that her little sister has never remembered her birthday so that’s no surprise. Stefan says all of that makes sense and is understandable, but questions what Brady’s excuse is.

John tells Brady that he’s been so wrapped up with Marlena that he didn’t even ask him about the custody hearing or apologize for losing it on the stand. Brady tells him not to worry about it as the case is closed and he won, so he still has custody of Rachel. John calls that great news and says he’s so glad it went his way. Brady notes that he has Chloe to thank since she went to bat for him with the judge and it made all the difference. John tells him that he and Marlena are so happy that Brady and Chloe are back together again.

Roman assures that they are going to find a cure and he knows Kate believed that when she checked herself out of the hospital. Kate wishes she still felt that way, but it’s hard to be optimistic when she keeps feeling worse. Kate doesn’t see how they can find a cure when they don’t know what’s wrong. Rex encourages that they will and they are on it. Rex says Roman gave him all the information so he’s gone over all of it. Rex adds that he will confer with other doctors but he’s pretty sure it’s not a natural pathogen. Roman asks if he’s saying this could be man made by Orpheus. Rex says he could be proven wrong, but right now he thinks Orpheus created this in a lab.

Kristen tells Dr. Rolf that all he has to do is kidnap Chloe, bring her here, and then zap her love for Brady out of her brain and strengthen her love and feelings for Stefan. Dr. Rolf says it’s out of the question. Kristen argues that he did it with Stefan and that she’s simply asking him to make he and Chloe’s feelings reciprocal. Kristen yells at him to get on it and get started now. Dr. Rolf repeats that it’s out of the question.

Steve and Stephanie go to Kayla’s hospital room. Stephanie hugs Kayla and apologizes for not being there sooner. Kayla says it’s okay as she didn’t want Steve to worry her. Kayla says she wants to go check on Marlena but they tell her that she has to take care of herself too. Steve assures her that Marlena is getting top notch care. Steve decides he will go check with Marlena to make Kayla feel better while Stephanie stays with Kayla.

Chloe tells Stefan that Brady forgot her birthday because he has so much going on right now too as he’s at the hospital with John because Marlena is very sick. Stefan apologizes as he didn’t know. Chloe adds that Brady also just went through a brutal custody battle with Stefan’s sister that was very stressful for him. Stefan asks if Kristen won. Chloe says she didn’t but the whole fight took a toll on Brady and now Marlena has a horrible disease. Stefan says he will definitely pray for Marlena as she was always kind to him even though he was not kind to her. Stefan admits he regrets locking Marlena up in the DiMera tunnels secret room. Stefan decides that Chloe has made it abundantly clear that she is in love with Brady, so he’s not going to push it and won’t pop in anymore. Stefan apologizes if he made her feel uncomfortable. Chloe is sure it’s not easy coming back after four years. Stefan assures he will get over it eventually. Stefan hopes they can still be friends.

Dr. Rolf asks Kristen if she forgot they were recently pardoned. Kristen argues that she is the one who got him the pardon. Dr. Rolf says he’s grateful but he does not want to return to prison and he already put his freedom at risk by conditioning Stefan. Kristen argues that no one knows about that and they only know he kept Stefan alive for four years and brought him back with a new heart so he’s in the DiMeras good graces. Dr. Rolf wants to stay that way and play by the rules, so he strongly advises she do the same. Kristen questions sitting back and letting Chloe steal her life. Dr. Rolf worries that if Kristen kidnaps Chloe, they will send her back to prison. Kristen argues that the cops in town are too stupid to catch her. Dr. Rolf points out that she would end up on the run again and would never see Rachel again. Kristen complains that Brady won’t let her see Rachel now and blames Chloe for convincing him to cut her out of the picture. Kristen declares that she won’t stand for that and she will have her family back. Dr. Rolf knows how determined she is but he is equally determined to hold on to his freedom. Dr. Rolf declares that if Kristen wants to kidnap and brainwash Chloe, she’ll have to do it without him.

Rex asks if Kate thinks Orpheus has access to a lab. Kate doesn’t know why not since he has resources all over the world. Rex feels this would have to be local. Roman points out that Orpheus and Dr. Rolf were pardoned on the same day. Rex questions if he thinks that crazy bastard is involved in this. Roman points out that they teamed up before. Rex says Dr. Rolf is known to engineer things. Rex recalls when Roman was sick in South America. Roman notes that was 25 years ago. Rex says it would be a bizarre coincidence but he wonders if Kate, Marlena, and Kayla could have the exact same illness.

Kristen pleads with Dr. Rolf to be reasonable. Dr. Rolf feels he’s done enough for her already and begs her to leave him to his work. Kristen comments on everything he does being expensive. Kristen offers an infusion of cash to fuel his grand ambitions. Kristen says if Dr. Rolf helps her with Chloe, she’ll make it worth his while. Dr. Rolf says she’s wasting their time. Kristen tells him to think about what he can do with all that money. Dr. Rolf refuses to make Chloe a subject. Kristen then argues that he’s dishonoring Stefano’s memory by refusing to help her. Dr. Rolf thinks Stefano would respect that he has far more important things to deal with than her love life. Kristen asks like what. Dr. Rolf then informs her that Orpheus broke in and stole a deadly toxin. Kristen argues that Orpheus is back behind bars so it’s not like he can do anything with it. Dr. Rolf responds that she’s wrong because he already has.

Stephanie can’t believe Orpheus did this to Kayla. Stephanie brings up Steve warning her that he was a serious threat and she just thought he was being overprotective. Kayla starts coughing so Stephanie asks if she should get a nurse. Kayla says a nurse can’t help her but having her there is lifting her spirits, so she is all she needs. Stephanie thinks they need to call Joey and Tripp to let them know what’s going on. Kayla doesn’t want them jumping on a plane. Stephanie says they will as soon as they find out she’s in the hospital and she can’t stop them. Kayla asks Stephanie to put a positive PR spin on this.

Brady and John come out from the chapel and run in to Steve at the hospital. Steve says he just talked with Dr. Patel, who said there has been no change and all they can do now is treat the symptoms. Steve says they just have to hope the ISA will come through with answers. John wants to go confront Orpheus at the police station but Steve reveals he tried that yesterday and almost killed him. Brady questions what happened. Steve says Orpheus pushed his buttons until he lost it, so if John goes now, the same thing will happen and it won’t help. John complains that they need something to go on. Steve feels someone is going to crack this open soon.

Roman questions Rex thinking that Kate, Kayla, and Marlena could have the same illness that he had 25 years ago. Rex calls it a hunch but thinks it’s worth looking in to. Roman points out that the circumstances couldn’t be more different since he was undercover with the ISA on another continent. Rex points out that he was exposed to a deadly toxin and he thinks it could be the same. Kate agrees that it makes a strange sort of sense since Orpheus’ vendetta begins with Roman as he targets him for his wife’s death. Roman admits that Orpheus did seem to single him out in the Pub. Rex says this would be poetic justice for Orpheus. Rex wants to compare Roman’s medical records from back then to Kate, Kayla, and Marlena’s. Roman gives Rex his permission. Rex tells Kate that they will figure this out and she will be cured of whatever this is. Rex says goodbye to them and exits for the hospital.

Stephanie calls Joey and tells him about Kayla. Stephanie assures that if she thought he needed to come, she would have booked his ticket already. Stephanie tells Kayla that Joey wants to talk to her but Kayla says no. Stephanie then claims that one of Kayla’s doctors just walked in and promises to call Joey back, then hangs up. Stephanie tells Kayla that she can’t put them off forever. Kayla knows she hates lying to them. Stephanie questions why Kayla didn’t want to talk to Joey. Kayla says she doesn’t feel well and he would hear it in her voice while she feels she needs to be strong. Stephanie hugs her as they cry.

Rex goes to the hospital and greets John and Steve. Rex informs them that he has a hunch about what’s going on with Kate, Kayla, and Marlena but he needs to get on a computer to look up old records. Steve is sure Kayla wouldn’t mind him using her office. Rex says he won’t be long because he knows what he’s looking for. John asks if there is anything they can do. Rex tells them to stick around because if he’s correct, he might need their help.

Dr. Rolf informs Kristen that Orpheus stole this toxin and then used it to make Marlena, Kate, and Kayla very sick. Kristen realizes that’s what John meant when he said Marlena could be dying. Kristen asks if it’s really that bad. Dr. Rolf responds that she should not be surprised since she’s seen this illness before when it almost killed Roman. Kristen questions him saying that the women have the same illness that Roman had 25 years ago. Dr. Rolf confirms that and if anything happens to them, he could be blamed since Orpheus stole the toxin from him. Dr. Rolf declares that now she can understand why he doesn’t have time for her ridiculous obsession with Chloe.

Stefan asks Chloe if he can still give her his birthday gifts as a friend. Stefan gives her a bottle of champagne and suggests they have a toast. Chloe thinks it’s a little early, so Stefan offers her a mimosa which Chloe admits does sound good. Stefan pours their glasses and toasts to the most extraordinary woman he’s ever met. Brady then walks in to see them having drinks together. Brady questions what the hell is going on here. Stefan says he’d expect Brady to comment on it being amazing that he’s alive. Brady says he’s glad to see that but he’s not glad to see him with his girl having drinks. Chloe clarifies that it’s okay as Stefan knows she and Brady are in a relationship and that they were just establishing that they are just friends. Stefan adds that he just came by to wish his friend a happy birthday. Brady realizes he forgot her birthday. Chloe tells him it’s okay as she doesn’t like making it a big deal. Brady apologizes and promises they will do something fun tonight. Stefan comments that he’d ask Brady to join them in a toast but he’s still not drinking. Brady wants some alone time with his girl so Stefan agrees to get out of his hair. Stefan tells Chloe happy birthday and that he’ll see her sometime soon. Stefan finishes his drink and then exits the room.

Dr. Rolf tells Kristen that so far, no one knows he was in possession of that toxin, but if it were ever traced back to him then he’d be in a world of trouble. Kristen questions what the hell he was doing with it anyways. Dr. Rolf says he was preserving it for research purposes and never meant to hurt anyone. Kristen points out that he did and if anything happens to Marlena, Rachel would be devastated. Kristen adds that Dr. Rolf saved Roman once when Stefano instructed him to come up with a cure. Dr. Rolf recalls Stefano offering to trade the cure from his freedom from prison. Kristen remembers them bringing John and Hope to his lab. Dr. Rolf says only Stefano’s brilliant mind could conceive the projects he had him working on. Kristen reminds him of how he perfected the cure for Roman and says he cured this disease once before, so she asks if he can do it again.

Rex shows John and Steve the lab results of Roman’s from 25 years ago which are very similar to Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Rex admits the symptoms are slightly different but Orpheus infected them with a very serious toxin so he thinks the best way to treat this illness is the same way they treated Roman’s and to pray that it cures them.

Stefan returns to the DiMera Mansion and tells the portrait of Stefano that he’s making progress and taking it one step at a time. Stefan declares that he will win because whenever he wants something, he goes after it with a vengeance and he wants Chloe Lane, so he will not stop until she’s his.

Brady questions Stefan just showing up and not even calling. Chloe confirms that he did. Brady is sure Stefan was happy that he wasn’t there and that he forgot her birthday. Chloe assures it’s okay as he has so much going on. Chloe asks how Marlena is doing. Brady says it’s not good as her symptoms are getting worse just like Kate and Kayla. Brady worries about if they don’t find a cure as Chloe hugs him.

Stephanie talks to Kayla about how she used to take care of her when she was sick, so now she wants to take care of her. Stephanie calls it a rare opportunity to take care of her and says she loves her so much.

Roman tells Kate that he just got a text from Rex and he’s in to the hospital system. Roman encourages Kate that he has total confidence that Rex can help her. Kate hopes so as she doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on. Roman tells her not to give up as she has to hang on for him and her kids. Roman says he loves her way too much to let her give up.

Kristen comments on Dr. Rolf looking exhausted. Dr. Rolf responds that he’s been working around the clock. Kristen asks him to tell her what he’s been working on. Dr. Rolf decides that he will instead show her.

John tells Rex that curing Roman was a bit more complicated than just getting a prescription because he and Hope had to go through the jungle to find the rare orchid that Dr. Rolf used for the serum. Steve declares that they need to get their hands on one of those orchids then.

Dr. Rolf presents the orchid to Kristen as the key to bringing Marlena, Kate, and Kayla from the brink of death. Dr. Rolf declares that this can save their lives.

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Days Update Thursday, September 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefan asks EJ about it taking all night to determine he was justified in shooting Clyde. EJ is glad Stefan shares their family loyalty. Stefan acknowledges that he and Chad are not on the best of terms right now, but he’s still a DiMera. Stefan declares that EJ saved Chad’s life and brought Abigail’s killer to justice, so he’s forever grateful for that. EJ knows Abigail was very dear to him. Stefan admits he thought he loved her once, but it turned out just to be obsession. Stefan adds that he didn’t know what love was until he met Chloe Lane.

Ava goes to the DiMera Office and tells Gabi that she just heard the news. Ava asks Gabi if it’s true that Stefan DiMera is really alive.

Chanel comes out of the bedroom at Allie’s apartment and finds Johnny sleeping shirtless on the couch. Johnny then wakes up and asks what Chanel is looking at. Chanel comments that he lost his blanket and picks it up for him. Chanel asks if he slept okay. Johnny jokes about them not having the air conditioning on. Allie then comes out from the bedroom and tells Johnny hello and goodbye.

Gabi confirms to Ava that Stefan is alive. Ava calls it amazing and asks if Gabi is so happy. Ava realizes that when she thought she was hallucinating her dead husband, she was actually seeing Gabi’s dead husband who is actually alive which means she’s not crazy. Gabi responds that she’s not so sure about that.

Chad returns to Abigail’s grave with flowers. Chad says there is so much he wants to say to Abigail but he doesn’t know where to start. Chad then imagines Abigail appearing before him which makes him cry.

Gabi tells Ava that first she saw “Jake” at the DiMera Mansion and she passed out but Li said he didn’t see anything unusual. Ava questions Gabi trying to say that she first hallucinated Jake and then saw Stefan, asking what the odds are of that. Gabi decides that whatever happened, it’s best for both of them if she’s not crazy. Ava agrees. Gabi says she needs Li’s father to restore Ava’s shares and complains that Stefan is trying to take her shares away from her. Ava questions why he would do that when he’s her husband and she is the love of his life. Gabi says not anymore and reveals that Stefan claims he never loved her and doesn’t love her now.

Stefan tells EJ that he and Chloe never got the chance to see what would happen between them because Gabi arrived. EJ calls Gabi a duplicitious lowlife and he’s glad that Stefan agrees that Gabi needs to be ousted from DiMera. Stefan points out that EJ did mention his shares might not be enough. EJ confirms there’s still a chance that Li could restore Ava’s voting rights, so to be certain, they may need someone to switch sides. EJ thinks Johnny could be persuadable. Stefan questions EJ’s own son voting against him. EJ blames Ava and complains that his threats have only driven Johnny further in to Ava’s arms. Stefan advises EJ to think strategically. EJ says that he is. EJ decides he’s going to see Johnny and Ava with the plan to lie good enough that he can convince them both to switch sides.

Johnny questions Allie saying goodbye. Allie reminds him that she said he could stay for a night and it’s now been two. Johnny complains that he hasn’t found a new place yet. Allie blames for that while Johnny brings up the cost of rent. Allie suggests he go spend a night at the Salem Inn. Johnny questions how she’s treating him. Allie argues that she can’t do any more as he makes more of a mess than her son Henry and leaves dirty dishes and sweat stains on the couch. Allie adds that he could also stop being provocative towards Chanel. Johnny complains about it being hot. Chanel adds in that she’s not provoked. Allie questions if she’s taking his side. Chanel says she’s not but asks what’s wrong with a few more days of Johnny staying on the couch until he finds a place to stay. Johnny says that’s unless Allie is worried that Chanel will succumb to the powerful sexual chemistry they have always had.

Chad questions why Abigail is appearing before him. Abigail says that after all these months of trying to find her killer, he finally has, so she wants to know how he feels. Chad admits he thought he would feel relieved as he was so determined to get justice and that was all he cared about, but now that he has and they know who took her from them, he just feels empty inside. Chad doesn’t know what he’s living for.

Stefan tells EJ that it’s dizzy keeping track of everybody’s revolving relationships but he’ll get the hang of it eventually. EJ asks if he has any idea why Dr. Rolf kept him on ice for so long. Stefan says he has no clue other than the heart transplant. EJ asks if anyone else was involved as he gathers Kristen played some sort of role.

Li goes to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn. Chloe assumes he’s here about Basic Black but Li says he just decided to stop in and see how she and her family are doing. Chloe calls that kind of him. Li calls it a horrible ordeal with Clyde Weston last night, especially for Nancy and says it’s a dreadful thing to happen on her wedding day. Li jokes that he breaks in to a cold sweat whenever he hears about wedding nightmares since he and Gabi are engaged, especially now that Gabi’s dead husband Stefan is alive.

Gabi tells Ava that EJ and Stefan are petitioning to have her shares returned to Stefan. Ava points out that Gabi did only have them because she was Stefan’s widow and now it turns out, she’s not. Gabi questions whose side she is on. Ava says she is on Gabi’s side for the time being because they share common interests. Gabi notes that if Mr. Shin can restore Ava’s voting shares then EJ and Stefan can’t vote her out. Ava hopes not because she doesn’t want her first day on the job to be her last. Gabi says she’ll still have six votes with Ava and now having Johnny on their side. Ava responds that she’s not so sure they can count on Johnny’s vote anymore.

Allie assures Johnny that she’s not worried about losing Chanel to him. Johnny says she could’ve fooled him. Chanel points out that she can speak for herself. Allie says she’s just responding to Johnny’s accusation of jealousy when the real reason she wants him gone is because she’s tired of his smelly, naked body taking up her apartment. Allie tells Johnny to go shower and get out. Johnny says fine and tells her to relax as he then goes to shower. Allie complains that Johnny is so infuriating. Chanel tells her that he’s just pressing her buttons. Chanel asks if Allie really thinks she has any reason to be jealous of her and Johnny. Allie asks if she wasn’t listening when she just said she wasn’t jealous. Allie then admits that she’s been a little bit thrown off, but it took Chanel weeks to decide which one of them she wanted to be with and now she seems totally fine with Johnny staying here indefinitely in his tiny underwear so she doesn’t know. Allie asks Chanel if she has a reason to be jealous.

Nancy enters Clyde’s hospital room where a cop tells her that Clyde isn’t allowed visitors. Nancy informs him that Rafe said it would be alright and she won’t stay long. Nancy tells Clyde that she just wants to know if anything between them was ever real and if he ever really loved her. Clyde responds that he told her he did time and again. Nancy doesn’t know why she even cares now except she thought it might help her better understand why she got involved with him in the first place. Clyde tells her to do whatever helps her. Nancy admits she was really messed up after losing Craig and she just needed somebody to make her feel desirable. Nancy adds that even after Clyde was arrested for possessing Abigail’s jewelry, she still believed his lies because that’s how much she needed him. Nancy states that Clyde killed Abigail and tried to kill Sonny, so she asks him if she would’ve been next.

Chad asks his vision of Abigail what he needs to do. She tells him to let go of his anger and guilt because there’s only one person responsible for what happened to her and that’s Clyde Weston. Chad brings up Clyde being on parole and says he should’ve been more careful and protected her. Abigail says she always lived in terror after what Ben did to her and that’s no way to live. Abigail points out that Chad almost died last night and asks if that’s what he wants. Chad says he could be with her. Abigail says that’s not his choice to make but Chad doesn’t think he can go on. Abigail tells him that he has to.

Chloe tells Li that it was quite a shock to learn that Stefan was still alive. Li asks her about Stefan claiming to still have feelings for her. Chloe confirms he said that and that seeing him was surreal. Chloe adds that there’s also no hope for them. Li asks if she’s certain since Stefan is a fascinating, charismatic man from a prominent family. Chloe points out that she already has one who she loves with all her heart and even if she wasn’t with Brady, she’d have a hard time going back to Stefan after he cheated on her with Gabi. Chloe is pretty sure that isn’t what Li wanted to hear, but tells him that if he wanted her to keep Stefan away from Gabi, that’s not going to happen. Li thanks Chloe and decides he’s taken up enough of her time. Li sends his best wishes as he then exits.

Stefan tells EJ that it’s all so hazy so he can’t remember anyone working with Dr. Rolf. EJ gets a text and informs Stefan that his shares are officially his for the taking, so he suggests they go retrieve them from Gabi.

Gabi wishes she could have seen EJ’s face when he thought Ava and Johnny slept together. Ava says it was a sight to behold but then EJ kicked her out and Johnny decided to go with her to the Salem Inn and slept on the floor. Ava notes that she and Johnny are still on good terms but admits that when she kicked him out, she felt bad and misses him. Gabi encourages Ava to go find Johnny, wrap her arms around him and tell him that she changed his mind and actually does want to sleep with him.

Chanel asks Allie if they are seriously doing this again. Allie says she sometimes has her doubts. Allie complains that Chanel admitted to still having feelings for Johnny. Chanel assures her feelings for Allie are deeper but it’s difficult for her when it seems like she doesn’t trust her. Johnny then comes out from the shower in just a towel. Allie asks if he ever wears clothes. Chanel tells Johnny to stop torturing his sister. Johnny says he will obey Allie’s orders and get the hell out. Chanel asks where he will go. Johnny doesn’t know and says he will figure it out and exits.

Johnny walks through the town square with his bag packed and runs in to Ava. Ava questions him still not finding a place to stay. Johnny says he stayed at his sister’s for a couple days but thinks he overstayed his welcome. Ava feels that’s not very sisterly of her. Johnny calls his family complicated. Ava asks where he will go now. Johnny guesses he should find an apartment, a job, and a life. Ava suggests he just come back to the Salem Inn with her.

Li goes to the DiMera Office and tells Gabi that he missed her last night. Gabi tells him that she stayed at Rafe’s and thanks him for giving her some time. Li knows it’s a lot for her to process to get engaged and then finding out that day that her husband is back from the dead. Gabi knows it can’t be easy for Li either. Li says he can be patient as she’s worth it. Li assures that he still loves her and wants to marry her, so he’s hoping she feels the same way. Stefan then arrives. Gabi guesses he’s there to take back his stock shares which Li questions. Gabi informs Li that Stefan and EJ are teaming up to oust her as CEO which Li had no idea about. Gabi asks where EJ is, figuring he wouldn’t want to miss this. Stefan says he’s filling out paper work while there is something he wanted to say to Gabi. Stefan states that he’s had some time to think since their last meeting and things are a little more clear in his mind, so there’s something he needs to say to Gabi.

Clyde tells Nancy that he never claimed to be one of the good guys but he swears that he wanted to be a better man for Nancy. Clyde calls her a special person and says while being in the hospital, he’s thought of her the most and how he hurt her. Clyde wonders if there’s any way she could forgive him.

Chad’s vision of Abigail tells him that he has to go on living, asking what would happen to their kids if they lost both parents. She knows Chad is suffering but pleads with him to remember all he has to be grateful for and to live for, especially their kids. Abigail states that every second she spent loving him is more precious than if she lived 100 years without him. She says the greatest gift he could give to her is to live his life and find joy and love again. Chad insists that there will never be anyone else. She encourages that he won’t feel that way forever and asks him to move on for her.

Johnny questions Ava wanting him to come back to the Salem Inn to stay with her since she was pretty definite about him leaving. Ava admits she may have been hasty and says it feels like fate that she ran in to him. Ava asks if he wants to come up and put his bag down upstairs.

Gabi asks what Stefan remembers. Stefan says it’s his feelings for Chloe. Gabi reminds him that Chloe doesn’t want him. Stefan argues that she will once he reminds her what they meant to each other. Gabi points out that Chloe is in a serious relationship with Brady now. Stefan says he’s aware but he’s not giving up on her. Stefan advises Gabi to move on with her life like he intends to do with his. Stefan then announces that he will be filing divorce proceedings as soon as possible. EJ walks in and declares that Stefan’s shares have officially been transferred back to him. Li complains that he should’ve been informed of this. EJ calls this his official notice. Stefan demands his shares while Li argues that they can’t do this. Gabi hands over her shares and complains that EJ is enjoying every moment of this. EJ responds that he enjoys things being restored to their proper place. Gabi argues that she’s still CEO. EJ says not for long. Li wants to throw them out but says it’s Gabi’s call because she’s in charge. Gabi has no idea what happened to Stefan, but tells him and EJ to get the hell out. Stefan says goodbye and walks out with EJ.

Chanel tells Allie that they’ve been going to bed mad the past two nights ever since their stupid fight about Johnny. Allie complains that it always comes back to him. Chanel knows she made things hard when she was choosing between them but says they have to get past that. Chanel says either Allie trusts her or she doesn’t. Allie says it’s Johnny that she doesn’t trust. Chanel argues that Johnny is over her and moved on to Ava. Chanel assures that she doesn’t want Johnny, she wants Allie as she then kisses her.

Johnny asks if Ava is sure. Ava says she is so they start to walk off together but EJ arrives. Johnny tells EJ that if he’s here to order him home, the answer is still no. EJ asks what if he asked them both to come back.

Nancy tells Clyde that what he did to her pales in comparison to him killing an innocent young woman, not to mention what he did to Sonny. Nancy says Clyde needs to ask forgiveness from Abigail and Sonny’s families, but agrees to pray for him because everyone deserves at least that. Clyde says he appreciates that. Nancy says goodbye to Clyde and then exits.

Johnny asks EJ what the catch is. EJ says no catch. EJ doesn’t know if Johnny heard what happened with Clyde last night. Johnny confirms he did. EJ guesses everyone has heard by now. EJ says it made him realize how important family is to him. EJ understands he’s hurt Johnny deeply and he needs to make amends as he’s pushed far too many people away and that stops now. EJ states that he and Chad have reconciled and he’s had a chance to get to know Stefan, so now he’s determined not to let any more time pass being estranged from his son. EJ asks Johnny to come back to the house where he belongs. Johnny asks what about Ava. EJ says she’s invited as well. Ava and Johnny question his sudden change of heart. EJ calls it a mea culpa for his unfair conclusions about Ava’s mental health. Ava mocks that as a gracious apology. EJ acknowledges that Ava wasn’t hallucinating seeing Jake and was seeing Stefan so she was not to blame for any confusion. EJ declares that the DiMeras owe Ava on a number of grounds, so he wants to start making it up to her. EJ asks Ava to come back to the house and insists his doors are open to the both of them. Johnny agrees to consider it but says he won’t speak for both of them. Ava decides they will talk about it as she and Johnny then head to the Salem Inn.

Stefan goes to Chloe’s room with flowers and gift bags.

Chad asks how he could ever think of loving someone else when Abigail still has his heart. She knows he will never stop loving her, just like she will never stop loving him or their children. Chad admits it helps that she lives on in their kids. She wants to know how specifically. Chad talks about Abigail living on in Charlotte’s kindness and sense of humor and in Thomas’s endless curiosity. She asks Chad to kiss her goodbye which he does. They say I love you and then Chad’s vision of Abigail disappears. Chad holds back tears as he kneels back at Abigail’s grave.

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