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Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

The wedding was underway, and Victoria walked out wearing the dress Sally designed. Summer thought the dress was stunning, and even Phyllis grudgingly admitted she’d never seen Victoria look more beautiful. Adam asked Sally how she convinced Victoria to wear the dress. Sally said that she just told the truth, and it worked. Sally took Adam’s hand and squeezed it. Tessa sang softly while Leslie played as Victor escorted Victoria down the aisle. Victor kissed Victoria and wished her all the happiness in the world. Billy looked somber as he watched the wedding unfold.

The priest said marriage was a union between two hearts and two souls, and he gave advice on making a marriage stand the test of time. Ashland said Victoria changed him. He’d had some unexpected and difficult obstacles in the past year, and she helped him put them in perspective. She helped him cope and strive to be a better person. “You have seen me at my best and my utter worst,” he said. Adam stole a glance at Sally. Ashland continued that Victoria stood by him and accepted him for who he was. He wasn’t sure he could repay that gift, but he’d try with everything he had. He promised to give her more than he’d ever given anyone, and he vowed to be absolutely honest going forward. Lily looked at Billy.

Ashland said Victoria showed him the power of true forgiveness. Phyllis whispered to Jack that Victoria forgave this guy, but she wouldn’t forgive Nick. Ashland promised Victoria all the joy they could have in the time they had left. Victoria told the crowd that Ashland was a tough act to follow. The camera focused on Billy when Victoria said she saw herself as stronger because of Ashland. Victoria said Ashland helped her to grow as a person and to come into her own in so many ways and on so many levels. They merged their companies and now they were merging their lives and families. She’d never felt more complete. She’d made mistakes, but she felt that they all brought her to him. Victoria said no one was perfect, but that didn’t mean they were incapable of change or unworthy. She believed love transcended all.

Victoria acknowledged that “in sickness and in health” had a deeper meaning to them, but she was honored and grateful to stand by Ashland’s side fighting his illness along side him. She wished she could promise him forever, but she could promise that they’d spend every precious second they had together.

In the palazzo, Nick confronted Gaines – who was he and what was he doing in Nick’s room? Gaines said he was a friend of Ashland’s, and he tried to leave, but Nick stood in his path, because he wanted to know why Gaines was in his room. Nick advanced on Gaines and ordered him to start talking before this got ugly. Gaines put his hands up to show he meant no harm, but Nick still wanted answers. Gaines refused to tell Nick anything, so Nick gave him a little shove and closed the door. Gaines realized who Nick was, and everything he’d read told him that Nick was a righteous kind of guy. Gaines surmised that, since Nick wasn’t downstairs, he didn’t approve of the wedding. He asked what Nick actually knew about the man his sister was going to marry. Nick wanted answers from Gaines. Gaines introduced himself and admitted he wasn’t a friend of Ashland’s – quite the opposite, because he knew Ashland’s deepest darkest secret.

Nick stated that he knew all Ashland’s secrets, but Gaines was sure he didn’t know this one. He revealed that Ashland was involved in forging Camilla Rhodes’ will. That piqued Nick’s interest. Gaines told Nick the whole story about the forged will, Victor finding out and pressuring Gaines to keep silent and Billy flying Gaines here to expose Ashland. Nick asked if Gaines confronted Ashland or Victoria. Gaines said not yet because he didn’t trust Billy. He’d been hiding out at the palazzo waiting for the most opportune moment to make his move. Gaines said that Nick interrupted him before he could stop the wedding, and now it would go forward unless Nick cooperated with him and acted fast to stop Victoria from marrying that ruthless and dangerous man.

Gaines looked out the window at the ceremony and told Nick that time was running out. Nick went to the drawer and got out a key, then he told Gaines to stay put. Nick left and locked the door from the outside. “Don’t lock me in here! Take me with you!,” Gaines bellowed as he ran over and tried to get out of the room. It was no use, so he went back to the window.

Nick went to the patio door and heard Ashland say “I do.” Adam saw his brother watching the ceremony from the living room and went inside to see what was going on. Nick asked if Adam knew Jesse Gaines. Adam said they’d been looking everywhere for him. Back outside, Harrison gave his father the rings. Kyle and Summer looked at each other then smiled at Harrison.

Adam asked if Gaines was going to sabotage the wedding. “Well it sounds like he has good reason to, and if what he says is true then I want to help him,” Nick snapped. Billy saw Adam and Nick inside and told Lily that this wasn’t good. Meanwhile, Ashland put the ring on Victoria’s finger. Back inside, Adam urged Nick to think this through. Nick said that if Gaines was truthful, Victoria was about to marry a lying thief.

Billy’s phone vibrated, but Lily told him not to answer it. Back inside, Nick started to the door, but Adam wouldn’t let him go. He pointed out how happy Victoria looked and he said that she’d never forgive Nick for torpedoing her wedding. Victoria put the ring on Ashland’s finger and the priest pronounced them husband and wife. They kissed and everyone outside applauded. Nick looked upset.

Adam told Nick that he did the right thing. Nick wasn’t sure, but it was strange getting advice from Adam. It was strange for Adam to give moral guidance too. Nick asked what he should do now. He said it wasn’t like he could just join the party, because he had Gaines was locked away, and he was a powder keg. Adam said he’d alert security while Nick checked Gaines.

Victoria was glad the wedding went smoothly. Ashland thanked Victor for his support. Victor said he’d do anything for his daughter’s happiness. As Victor walked away, he passed Billy and told him to behave himself. Billy congratulated Victoria and Ashland and told her that all he’d ever wanted was for her to be happy. “Well, I guess you got your wish because I am. I’m happier than I’ve ever been,” she replied. Billy went to get a drink.

Nicely done, Mr. Reverend…Sir,” Sally said to the priest. He said Pastor was fine. She asked, of all the couples he’d married, how many he thought stayed together. He stammered, and she realized it was awkward, so she made a quick exit. She ended up near Elena and Lily, who were raving about Victoria’s dress. Lily wanted to know the designer, which made Elena ask if she needed a wedding dress soon. Lily said no, and she asked if Elena did. Elena didn’t either. Lily still wanted a dress as gorgeous as Victoria’s, and she said she’d pay the designer any amount of money to get one. Sally soaked up all the praise, but she didn’t take credit.

Phyllis was clearly annoyed when she went to Victoria and passed along Nick’s best wishes. She said that Nick didn’t feel welcome at the wedding. “And yet you still felt welcome to show up and offer your opinion,” Victoria replied, then she walked away.

Victoria and Ashland were with Nikki and Nate. The couple thanked Nikki and Nate for being their wedding attendants. Victoria said she couldn’t have picked a better matron of honor. Ashland said Nate did a stellar job.

Tessa and Noah were together. He told her that her voice was stronger and more beautiful than ever. He was glad his family had her perform. Noah sensed that Tessa was distracted. She said she was fine. Noah urged Tessa to open up to him. She replied that she missed her girlfriend.

Jack approached Phyllis and said he overheard what she said to Victoria. Phyllis had felt compelled to say something. She knew it was going to be a long bumpy road for reconciliation between Victoria and Nick. Phyllis said Nick was hurt, and she didn’t understand why he didn’t want her to help. Jack suggested that Phyllis was blowing things out of proportion. He pointed out that Nick had just been through back to back destination family weddings.

Lily and Billy talked. She could see that the wedding wasn’t easy for him. She recalled him saying that he wanted to go to the wedding to prove he was over Victoria. Lily was 100% confident in her relationship with Billy, but she was also confident that if she wasn’t here, he would’ve read the text from Gaines. He said he hadn’t looked at it, and she asked if he wanted to. He did want to know where Gaines was and what he wanted. Nothing about this trip went the way Billy expected or wanted, but maybe it went the way it was meant to. He wondered if the universe was trying to tell him something. She suggested the cosmic lesson was not to give a shady guy a duffel bag of money. He’d been thinking about why he was so determined to make sure Victoria knew about Ashland’s past. Of course he wanted to protect her, but he guessed part of him wanted to prove Ashland wasn’t a better man than he was. Billy was so upset that Victoria knew the truth and was still marrying Ashland because he wanted Victoria to judge Ashland as harshly as Billy had felt judged at times. He knew that was silly because Victoria forgave him for many things and she held him accountable, as she should. Lily thought that was insightful and she thanked him for sharing it. The most important thing he felt the whole time was how much he’d moved on. He loved Lily and they loved what they had. He admitted self-awareness wasn’t cheap. There was a lot of money in that duffel bag. She said he’d spent that much gambling without learning anything.

Adam called security, then he and Nick went to the room. Gaines was relaxing on the bed.

Phyllis texted Nick to ask if he was going to the reception.

Summer and Kyle talked about their wedding, which they said was low key, but just as special as this one. He thought the palazzo was fantastic, and he suggested they should renew their vows here. She liked the idea, but wasn’t it a little soon. He said that with a wife like her, he could marry her any day. Summer saw Sally sitting alone and said she almost felt sorry for her.

Nikki talked to Victoria about the audacity of Sally to steal Victoria’s wedding dress and substitute her own. Victoria said she was wearing Sally’s dress because she preferred it to the other one. Nikki thought Victoria made the right choice, because she looked stunning. Summer walked over and asked which one of Lauren’s designers made the dress. Victoria said Sally designed it, and Summer was shocked. Victor came to talk to Victoria, so Nikki took Summer off to tell her about the dress situation. Victor took Victoria’s hands and told her he was so proud of her and he loved her so much. He was so happy for her. She loved him too.

Jack knew he and Ashland had their rough patches, in business and personally, but he wished Ashland a long and happy marriage. Kyle came up, and Ashland thanked him for taking such good care of Harrison. Ashland intended to get stronger, and he hoped Kyle kept the parental channels open. Kyle promised he would. Ashland excused himself to talk to Victor.

Ashland thanked Victor for making sure the wedding went off without a hitch. He’d thought Gaines might show up and disrupt things, but apparently he had other ideas. “I take care of things,” Victor replied.

Victoria approached Sally and said she was glad she wore Sally’s dress. However, she didn’t agree with Sally’s methods. Sally knew she crossed the line, but she believed she created the perfect dress for Victoria. Victoria thanked Sally and hugged her.

Billy checked the text. Gaines had sent him a video. Back inside, Nick wondered where security was, and Adam wondered why Gaines looked so pleased with himself when his plans had been ruined. Adam admitted he never called security, because he wanted to keep this situation quiet and controlled. Victor entered and he had a grave expression. Nick said he should’ve known Victor was pulling the strings. Gaines chimed in, and Adam told him to be quiet. Victor said Gaines was a threat Victoria and her company, and Victor wouldn’t allow that.

Lily found Billy and asked what Gaines said. Billy stated that Gaines gave them the scoop of the year. He recorded himself detailing Ashland’s crimes, including the evidence. Lily watched it and said it was huge. Gaines was giving ChancComm an hour to post it, then he was going to send it out globally. Lily asked what they should do. Billy looked across the area at Victoria and Ashland, who looked very happy.

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Y&R Update Thursday, October 14 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

When Victoria woke up, Ashland was already dressed, but he’d gotten back in bed and was looking at her with love. They were pleased that their wedding day was finally here. He told her that he could never dreamed he could love anyone as much as he loved her. She loved him too, and she’d never been more certain of anything in her life. They agreed that what they had was special and unique and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought or did. They kissed. Later, she was out of bed and enjoying a fancy breakfast. She mentioned that she woke up last night, and he wasn’t in bed. He said he was restless, so he went for a walk. He thought the grounds were almost as beautiful as her. She said it was theirs now, and with some careful planning, they could run Newman/Locke from the palazzo, when the kids were on break. Right now, all he wanted to think about was marrying her. They kissed until Nikki knocked on the door. She was there to help Victoria get ready.

Ashland got ready to leave because he wanted to preserve the tradition of not seeing Victoria in her dress. She called him a romantic. He promised everything would be okay today, and he tried to kiss her, but she wouldn’t let him because she wanted their next kiss to be as husband and wife. He left the room. Nikki asked how Victoria slept. She barely slept, and she mentioned that Ashland left in the middle of the night and took a walk. Victoria felt great now though, and she couldn’t be more excited. She was sure today would be the most incredible day of her life.

Nikki forgot to get something old, new borrowed and blue. Victoria said that Victor’s spectacular wedding gift covered all of that, plus her relationship with Ashland was unconventional. Victoria said she’d experienced that tradition enough times. Nikki said they both had, but you still went into marriages with hopes and dreams, no matter what happened before. Nikki said Ashland was complicated, and Nikki knew about loving a complicated man. Victoria was clear about what she was going through. She’d never felt a connection like this before – she never felt so loved and appreciated and seen. It was a little shocking to find out about his past, the way she did and she knew a lot of people were invested in seeing her relationship fail, but she was pushing that aside and thinking about what she wanted and how she felt. She said he was still the man she fell in love with, and she knew he loved her too. That was all Nikki wanted for Victoria. She’d always be protective of Victoria, but she just wanted Victoria to be sure. Victoria was. Nikki hoped Victoria and Ashland would be able to enjoy that happiness for a long time. Victoria went to the closet and unzipped the garment bag. “What the…? This isn’t my dress,” she exclaimed.

Victoria said that she spoke with Lauren about making a few alterations, but this was a completely different dress. Nikki suggested Ashland got it, but Victoria was sure he wouldn’t take a chance like that. She wondered if it was a gift from Summer, then she said no, Summer would’ve told her about it. Nikki suggested Fenmore’s sent the wrong dress. Victoria looked the dress over. She thought it was breathtaking, but it wasn’t hers. Nikki suggested that Victoria try it on.

Billy walked into the palazzo living room. Victor was there, and he said he’d thought Lily had the sense to convince Billy to leave. Billy assumed Victor knew all about Gaines and Ashland’s secret. He said Gaines had mysteriously disappeared, and he asked if Victor had anything to do with that. Billy said that if Victor didn’t have anything to do with that, there was a problem because Gaines was a wildcard who’d been waiting a long time to cause damage. Victor blamed Billy for Gaines being here, and he vowed that Billy would pay one day. Victor told Billy to get lost. Billy sensed that Victor didn’t know where Gaines was, and he thought Victor was worried about what Gaines would do.

Billy returned to his room and told Lily that Johnny, Katie and Harrison were having a great time with the nanny the Newmans hired, but the bad news was there was no sign of Gaines. She suggested Gaines left, but he said guys like Gaines didn’t just leave. He thought Gaines was hiding and biding his time, or something happened to him.

In their bedroom, Nick told Phyllis that he was determined to get Victoria’s trust back, no matter how long it took. He apologized that things were a little tense between him and Phyllis last night. She clarified that she wasn’t tense, he was. She said that she just didn’t like the way his sister was treating him. “Well, I apologize, so…” he replied and he started toward the door. She didn’t think that was actually an apology. He kept walking and left. He returned later, after she was dressed. She spun around to show off her dress and cape. He loved it, but he’d decided not to go to the wedding. She groaned that he had to go. When he was on his walk, he’d weighed his options and decided not to go. He wanted Victoria to be happy and stress-free. Phyllis contended that Victoria had never been stress-free in her life, and she was marrying a guy who took on another guy’s identity. She didn’t understand why he suddenly wasn’t going, but she said it was his family, so he should do what he wanted. She wondered whether or not she should go. He thought she should. She noted that she’d be going to his family event alone. She asked if he’d go to the reception, and he said he’d think about it.

Nick and Billy ran into each other in the hallway. Nick stated that Billy’s plan to get Victoria to call off the wedding failed. He asked if Billy was planning any last minute fireworks. Billy wasn’t going to intervene. He thought the wedding was a mistake, though and he believed Nick agreed, since he wasn’t dressed for the event. Billy knew Nick cared about Victoria, and Billy did too.

Sally was alone on the patio when Adam came up and asked if she slept well. She hadn’t. She was so nervous because today could make or break her career. It all depended on Victoria’s reaction to the dress. He assured her that the dress was beautiful, and she asked if he really thought so. He said even if he didn’t, the plan was already in motion. He suggested she get some breakfast, but she was too wound up. He pointed out a path and told her she could go for a run and get a great view of the countryside. He’d go with her, but he just got back, and he’d hate to embarrass her by leaving her in the dust. “You had to go there, just when I was starting to think that you were actually a good influence on me,” she joked. He said he’d been called a lot of things in his life but never a good influence.

Later, Adam was alone when Victor joined him. Victor thought Adam promised to make this a perfect day for his sister. Confused, Adam said he did. “Then son, why the hell did you bring that woman as your date?,” Victor asked. Adam said Sally promised not to do anything to sabotage the wedding. He said that if he and Victor were judged on their past actions, they wouldn’t be here. He respected Sally for trying to make amends, and he thought she deserved a second chance. Victor sarcastically said it warmed the cockles of his heart. Adam changed the subject to Gaines and said he heard Victor and Ashland talking last night. Victor said Billy brought Gaines thinking it’d cause Victoria to call off the wedding, but now he knew that Victoria was aware of Ashland’s history. Victor was sure that Gaines was planning to cause trouble. Adam was willing to help in any way he could. Victor said to just make sure this was a wonderful day for Victoria.

After Adam left, Ashland joined Victor and asked if there was any sign of Gaines. There hadn’t been, and Victor thought Gaines may have taken the money Victor gave him and gotten out of Dodge. Ashland hoped so, but he worried Gaines was still around here somewhere, and even if Gaines left the palazzo, he was still a threat. Victor told Ashland to relax, and they’d deal with that when the time came. Victor said Ashland was marrying one of the most powerful beautiful women in the world. Ashland asked why Victor said “one of.” “Have you seen her mother?,” Victor replied. Victor left, and Ashland thought he was alone, so he let his frailty show. He gripped the back of a chair for balance. Nate walked out, and Ashland pretended he was stretching, not using a chair to hold himself upright. Nate wanted to know the truth. Ashland said he was just stressed about the wedding. He was sure Billy hoped he’d collapse and be unable to get married, but he said nothing would stop him from marrying the woman of his dreams, not a jealous ex, people trying to exploit his past, or this dreadful disease. Nate advised that Ashland conserve his energy. Ashland said that once he saw the woman who loved and accepted him for who he was, everything else would fall away. He’d never thought he’d have unconditional love. Nate noticed that when Ashland talked about Victoria, his breathing became stronger and more steady. Ashland said Victoria was good for him.

Noah, Summer, Kyle and Tessa chatted in the living room. Kyle had heard about Noah’s latest exhibition from Summer. Noah told a story about how a mishap with the exhibition was avoided, and it lead to a lot of good press for him. Summer said Noah was the darling of the art world now. Noah thought she was overstating it, but she said she wanted to brag about her older brother. She said he created an amazing life in London, and his career was skyrocketing, so she didn’t understand why yesterday, he said he was looking for a change. He felt like there was something more for him out there. Tessa asked where he’d go. He said as great as it was to live abroad, there was no place like home. Kyle was caught off guard, Summer was sure that Noah was joking. He said they loved life in Milan now, but they might decide to come back to Genoa City too one day. Sally walked in and the conversation dried up. Sally commented that this was awkward. Sally understood she wasn’t Summer’s favorite person, since she was slightly responsible for Summer’s move to Milan. Summer said Sally was rewriting history since Sally and Tara were involved from the beginning, and the job at Marchetti was Sally’s idea. Sally congratulated Summer on the job and the wedding. Kyle asked why Sally was even here. Sally said she was Adam’s date. “So much for his claims about wanting to make things right with the Newmans,” Kyle replied. Sally said she and Adam wanted Victoria to have a perfect day. Sally introduced herself to Noah. He shook her hand and mentioned that he was Summer’s brother. Sally guessed he’d heard of her, and she said some of it was true, and some of it wasn’t. Summer didn’t want to discuss this anymore since today was about Victoria. Sally agreed, and she suggested that they pretend it was water under the bridge and be civil.

Jack ran into Adam. Jack thought Adam had evolved, but here he was, using his sister’s wedding to get under people’s skin. Adam wasn’t aware that he was doing that. Jack said Adam brought Sally to the wedding knowing what she did to Summer. Sally walked up and overheard Adam say Jack should ask himself why he really objected to Sally being his date. Sally joined the men, and Jack excused himself. Sally wished she thought this trip through. She was so concerned about getting her dress to Victoria that she forgot she was the last person any of these people wanted to see. Adam knew from experience that you got used to it. He told her she should go get changed so she could make the pitch when the time was right. She was still in her running gear, and she rushed off.

Sally returned in a dress that wowed Adam. She said she hoped he meant his compliment in a strictly professional sense. Nikki found Victor, who was talking to Summer and Kyle. She pulled him away and whispered that they delivered the wrong dress. He didn’t see why that was a big deal. She hissed that he bride had the wrong dress. He still seemed mystified about why this was an issue. He asked if Victoria was refusing to wear it. Sally overheard all this and rushed off. Summer and Kyle made a comment to Adam about Sally’s abrupt departure. Adam replied that Sally wanted the wedding to go well. Kyle asked why Sally would be invested in Victoria and Ashland’s wedding. Summer sensed Adam and Sally were up to something.

Sally went upstairs and knocked on Victoria’s door. Victoria saw Sally and was about to close the door, until Sally blurted out that she was behind the wedding dress switch. Victoria insisted that Sally come inside and explain herself. Sally explained that she designed this dress specifically for Victoria. Victoria realized Sally hoped she’d see the dress and either not notice or fall in love with it anyway. Victoria said Sally had badly miscalculated, and she’d clearly learned nothing from all the other stunts she’d pulled. Sally knew it was a risky move, but she was sure she was right. She asked if Victoria fell in love with the dress Lauren’s designer made. Did it spark joy? Sally said it didn’t, and it couldn’t because that designer didn’t consider the woman it was made for. Sally designed this dress after studying every detail of who Victoria was – her style, body type, the way she moved, her strength and elegance. Sally designed a dress that captured Victoria’s essence. Victoria asked where the first dress was and she asked if Sally destroyed it. Sally sighed that Victoria really thought the worst of her. Sally had the dress in her room, and she’d give it back after Victoria tried on the new one. Sally knew Victoria would fall in love with the new dress. Nikki walked in and demanded to know what Sally was doing here. Victoria ordered Sally to go get her dress and hang it on the door. Sally left.

Phyllis went out to the patio in her dress, which she told everyone was a Marchetti. Summer asked where her dad was, and Phyllis said he was being fashionably late, as usual. Summer said that actually wasn’t like him. Noah figured Nick was skipping the wedding. Noah said he’d go straighten this out, but Phyllis said they had to respect Nick’s choice. Jack waved at Phyllis, and she went over to him.

Billy was on the patio when Lily called and said she was having a hair emergency. He overheard Victor tell Ashland about the dress situation. Billy assured Lily that she had some company since Victoria was having issues getting ready too.

Sally came back outside just as Nikki directed the guests to take their seats. Ashland brought Harrison out, then he and Nikki exchanged smiles. Leslie began to play the piano. Victoria walked out, and Sally’s mouth fell open. Victoria was in the dress Sally designed. Summer whispered to Kyle that the dress was stunning. She wondered who designed it. Adam told Sally she did well. Phyllis grudgingly told Jack that she’d never seen Victoria look more beautiful. Victor joined Victoria and told her she looked stunning. She thanked him for everything, and he kissed her on the cheek.

Gaines went to Nick and Phyllis’ empty bedroom and looked out the window. Nick returned and asked who Gaines was and what he was doing here.

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Y&R Update Wednesday October 13 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

How dare you bring that horrible man here.” At the palazzo, Victoria confronted Billy while Lily and Ashland watched. Billy tried to explain, but Victoria didn’t want to hear it because there was nothing he could say to justify trying to hurt her this way. Billy assumed that Gaines said something to upset Victoria. He swore that this wasn’t the way he wanted her to find out about Ashland’s past. Victoria clarified that she didn’t talk to Gaines, and she didn’t need to because she knew the whole story. Billy doubted that. Ashland said he told Victoria all about the real Ashland’s death and the inheritance fraud. Victoria accused Billy of hoping to find some deep dark secret that would blow up her entire relationship. Lily thought Billy just wanted Victoria to know what she was getting into. Scoffing, Victoria said if that were true, Billy would be relieved that Ashland confided in her instead of being a shattered mess because he wasn’t the one who got to drop the bomb. Billy denied being a shattered mess. Victoria said Billy knew how important this wedding was to her. She stated that Ashland was in chemo, and he was fighting so hard to make this a beautiful ceremony that they could cherish the rest of their lives. She said Billy was trying to take that from them. She ordered him to stop harassing them and let her go. Victoria and Ashland left.

Lily stared out the window. Billy hoped she didn’t let what Victoria said get to her. “There’s nothing wrong with us trying to uncover the truth,” he said. “You – not ‘us,’” Lily replied. She felt that he went too far bringing Gaines to what Victoria wanted to be a joyous and stress-free event. Billy said Ashland kind of attacked Billy’s credibility, so he brought Gaines because he didn’t think Victoria would take his word for it without proof. Lily said that was because Billy incorrectly thought Ashland would lie. She told him to admit it. He conceded that he didn’t expect Ashland to come clean about all the crimes he committed. Lily reminded Billy that when they fell in love, he told her about all the things he did that he was ashamed of. She said maybe not everything Ashland did was cold and calculated – maybe he actually loved Victoria and they had something real. Lily didn’t think Billy liked hearing her say that.

Billy said he didn’t have a hidden agenda. He asserted that Victoria was pushing that angle because she was in denial about how serious Ashland’s crimes were. Lily said that might be because Victoria didn’t think something that happened 40 years ago was relevant to who Ashland was today. Billy suggested that Victoria was trying to protect Ashland because of the merger. He wouldn’t be surprised if her father pushed her into it. Lily didn’t think Victoria’s motives mattered – all that was important was that she was standing by Ashland, and Billy’s plan backfired. Billy thought that Victoria had been so defensive earlier because Ashland’s crimes bothered her, which they should, because the guy was a liar and a criminal. “Billy, I need you to listen to me okay? The wedding is happening tomorrow whether you like it or not,” Lily firmly said. Billy asked if Lily wanted him to just drop it and let Victoria make a mistake. Lily said all the guests were doing their best to celebrate Ashland and Victoria, and if she and Billy couldn’t do that, they didn’t belong here. She told him the kids could fly home on Victor’s jet. He didn’t think that was necessary. He didn’t apologize or trying to uncover the truth, and he didn’t think Ashland deserved credit for confessing due to the pressure of the investigation. Lily noted that Victoria was still marrying Ashland. Billy said he’d pay Gaines some more money to convince him to abandon the plan to get revenge, then he’d buy him a first class plane ticket. He thought he and Lily should be at the wedding so that his kids saw that their parents supported each other. He knew Victoria would need support when Ashland started to deteriorate, and he wanted her to know she could count on him. Lily was impressed by Billy’s shift in attitude. He said this whole time he’d been trying to do the right thing – Victoria had been hurt a lot, mostly by him. Lily knew Billy was just trying to make amends in his own antagonistic way. He also wanted Lily to know that he loved and was committed to her her, and he thought they should go to the wedding so she could see that he wasn’t hung up on his ex. She knew he was passionate and that he’d go to extremes for the people he loved, which was exhausting, but endearing. They kissed.

Out on the patio, Phyllis wondered where Jack went, and Kyle said he was off playing with Harrison. Summer said Harrison was so sweet that all her fears about being a stepmom had melted away. She couldn’t imagine their lives without him. Kyle praised how Summer was with Harrison. Noah teased Summer about her huge clothing collection, and she teased him back by saying she wore outfits once then gave them away. When he believed her, she laughed at him for being gullible. Kyle, Summer, Phyllis and Noah were all chatting and having a great time, but Nick was just silently taking it all in. Kyle, Summer and Noah went to refill their wine glasses, and Phyllis commented that Nick was so quiet. He said it was all good.

Adam and Sally got to the palazzo, and her confidence faltered. He asked what her next move was. She said she guessed she’d just corner Victoria and convince her to try on the dress. Adam said that if Victoria saw Sally first, she’d never get a chance to unzip the garment bag. He had another idea.

Jack joined everyone out on the patio and told Kyle and Summer that Harrison wanted a bedtime story. The newlyweds left. Noah asked Nick if there was any progress with Victoria. Nick said he was giving her space, like she asked. Phyllis thought that whatever was going on with Victoria had very little to do with Nick. Nick wanted them to be on their best behavior. Phyllis sensed that what he was really saying was that he wanted her to be on her best behavior, and she asked why she wouldn’t be. Noah changed the subject and said he wondered where Ashland and Victoria were.

Up in their bedroom, Victoria paced around ranting. She said she was so supportive when Billy moved in with Lily – she even bought them a plant. Ashland thought Billy was in love with Victoria. Victoria wasn’t sure that was true. She thought it was more about Billy’s enormous ego, but even if he were in love with her, she wondered what Billy hoped to accomplish. Victoria said she’d never trust Billy again. Ashland said Billy wasn’t their problem – Gaines was. He thought Gaines wanted to publicly humiliate him. She said they should have security throw him out. Ashland went to handle it.

Tessa arrived in Tuscany and talked with Nate and Elena in the palazzo living room. They asked where Mariah was. Tessa said Mariah decided not to come. Later, after Elena and Nate were gone, Nikki and Victor came in and introduced Leslie and Tessa. Tessa and Leslie had video chatted earlier about the song they were going to perform at the ceremony, and they were both excited about working together. Leslie, Tessa and Nikki went off to chat. Adam came downstairs and greeted Victor, just as Noah and Nick came in from outside. Victor was delighted to have three generations together. Adam and Noah were civil, but it was awkward. Adam complimented the job Noah did on the Newman Media branding package. Victor appreciated that they all came and that they were trying to get along. Across the room, Tessa sang while Leslie was at the piano. Noah looked moved as he stared at Tessa and listened to the love song.

Adam headed out to the patio and chatted with Nate and Elena. Elena asked if Adam caught up with Billy after they missed each other at Society. he said he did, but it didn’t go well, so he’d steer clear of Billy in Tuscany. On the other side of the patio, Phyllis griped about Adam having the audacity to show up. Jack was sure Victor was glad he did. “Does it bother you at all what he’s done to his family?,” she asked. She said that this family drove her crazy. Jack told Phyllis to let it go because this would be over soon.

Victoria did her makeup and damned Billy. She said she wasn’t going to let him ruin this night for her. She left the bedroom, and Sally sneaked in with the dress. Sally was going to put her dress in the closet and take the wedding dress that Victoria already had. Victoria suddenly returned, so Sally hid. Victoria got her shoulder wrap. She noticed that her closet door was open, and she found it odd, but she just closed it and left. Victoria went downstairs and listened to the music, then she joined Victor, who was now alone on the couch. He asked if she was okay, and she said yes. Nick and Noah returned and Victoria turned away from her brother.

Nick went back outside and talked with Phyllis. She told him Victoria would come around and Victoria would owe him a big apology. Nick knew Phyllis didn’t like his sister, but he said exploiting this wasn’t helping. She said she wasn’t exploiting it, she was sympathizing with him. He didn’t see it that way, and he walked off. Jack joined Phyllis and told her Nick was upset, so she shouldn’t take it personally. Phyllis said that didn’t make it any better, and she walked away.

Noah approached Tessa and told her didn’t realize until now how much he missed her. The exes found a private place to chat, and she asked how London was. It was going well, he had three commissions. She marveled that he was doing photography for a living, she was singing, and they were both living the dream. He thought she was smarter than him when choosing a dream to pursue. He loved art, but it was different than the music world. He said that when people paid to hear her sing, it was because they loved her voice, but sometimes people bought his art as an investment and intended to flip it like a condo. It could be a little discouraging. Once, a client offered to pay him to make less art, that way the value of the pieces he already owned would go up. She said if it made him feel better, music was commercial too. They bantered with each other, and he gazed at her.

Sally found Adam and said mission accomplished, now they just had to see how the bride reacted. The dress was designed specifically to Victoria’s taste and figure, so she had to believe that Victoria would love it. Kyle and Summer came outside laughing about something cute Harrison did. Adam congratulated them on the wedding. Summer saw Sally and asked what she was doing here. Adam said Sally was his date.

Later, Adam and Sally were off somewhere else, and Jack and Phyllis were with Summer and Kyle. They were talking about Adam saying Sally was his date. Summer thought it was tacky. Summer doubted Victor knew Adam was bringing Sally, because there was no way Victor would want Sally here after the way she treated Summer. Kyle said that if it bothered Summer that much, she could tell Victor, who’d surely have Sally thrown out. Phyllis loved that idea, but Summer didn’t want Sally to get the satisfaction of knowing she got under their skin. Jack told Phyllis that Summer had the right idea, and he said she should stay away from Sally and any ice buckets. Phyllis said Sally should stay away from her.

Elsewhere on the patio, Adam noted that Sally liked riling people up. She said everyone needed a hobby. She figured she should probably go to bed, since his family would probably be less likely to wake her up to throw her out. He said his dad and sister had more important things to worry about than ousting Sally. She went inside.

Adam went inside too and saw Ashland whisper something to Victor. Victoria also saw them speaking. Victor and Ashland stepped outside. Victor was glad when Ashland told him that Victoria put Billy in his place. Now they had to be concerned with Gaines. Ashland knew it wouldn’t be easy to get rid of Gaines – it wasn’t the money, he had a score to settle. Ashland said even if they could keep Gaines from the wedding, he could still damage Newman/Locke. Victor said that wouldn’t happen. They walked away, and Adam stepped out from around the corner, where he’d been eavesdropping.

Victoria got ready for bed. Ashland came in and said he and Victor briefed the security team on the situation. He promised Gaines would be found and removed. Victoria hoped everything would go smoothly at the wedding. He assured her it would and that this time tomorrow, they’d be married. They kissed.

Elena and Nate found a private spot to talk and enjoy the night air. They heard Leslie playing, and they danced.

Phyllis found Nick sitting alone and she joined him. He apologized for snapping at her earlier. She said it was hard for her to hang out with his family, because they didn’t like or trust her, and the feeling was mutual. But she was doing this for him. He said he was out of line, and it wouldn’t happen again. She teased that she didn’t fully forgive him, and he’d have to work for it. Jack strolled to the patio doorway and his mouth fell open when he saw Phyllis and Nick talking. Nikki joined Jack and asked if he’d seen Victor.

Lily and Billy were in bed, basking in the afterglow and listening to the music outside their room. She was glad they didn’t leave. She admired his ability to course-correct. He asked if there was anything else she admired. She whispered something in his ear, and they kissed.

Mariah invited Kevin for coffee at Crimson Lights, and he came. She recently went back to work, and everyone had been amazing. He thought it was too bad that she couldn’t take more time off and go to Italy with Tessa. Mariah said that she was going to go, but the baby got sick. Kevin was concerned, and Mariah said it was just a cold. Kevin asked why Mariah couldn’t go with Tessa then. Mariah explained that Abby was talking about weaning Dominic while she was gone, and Mariah thought that was too soon. Especially when the baby was sick, and breast milk was good for the immune system. Kevin understood Mariah’s protectiveness, since he had a baby too. She pointed out that Dominic wasn’t her baby. He said she and Dominic went through a lot together. Kevin could relate to Mariah’s ordeal, due to his childhood. Mariah had heard the stories. He said he knew what it was like to be locked in a small space for a very long period of time. Mariah said she was doing okay with that aspect of it. She got a little jumpy if she heard footsteps behind her, and she didn’t like it being too quiet or being alone for too long, but she could function. She asked how his kids were doing.

Kevin pulled out his phone to show off photos of Miles and Bella. Miles was walking. Mariah realized she missed his birthday. Kevin knew Mariah was otherwise occupied, and birthday parties for babies were pointless because babies didn’t care. He joked that if Mariah and Tessa had kids, they shouldn’t even invite the baby to the party. Tessa called, and Kevin stepped away from the table. Mariah asked how Tessa was and if she was jet lagged. Tessa slept on the plane. She whispered that this place was over the top in the best way, and everyone was asking about Mariah. Tessa was excited about getting to meet Leslie Brooks. Mariah said she didn’t get much sleep last night, and she was buried in work, so she couldn’t talk now. The call ended. Kevin wondered about Mariah blowing off her girlfriend. Mariah didn’t want to talk about it now. Right now she just wanted to hear about the kids. He told her about Bella’s dance recital. She was dressed as a mouse, but another little girl was dressed as a giant sugar cube. Kevin could barely contain his laughter as he explained that the sugar cube child fell and wasn’t able to get back up because of her costume. Mariah didn’t get into the story and laugh with Kevin.

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Y&R Update Tuesday October 12 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At the palazzo, Victoria walked in on Victor and Ashland in a tense discussion, and she asked what was wrong. Ashland declared that he was through hiding things from Victoria. He was about to tell her everything, but Victor interjected that he and Ashland were having a the kind of discussion that a man had with his future son in law. Ashland went with the story and said he and Victor were going to make sure this wedding went off without a hitch. Victoria thought that meant something that needed to be dealt with. Victor told Victoria that all she needed to know was that any potential threat was under control. He left. Victoria asked Ashland what was really going on. Ashland said he’d had some trouble breathing, but he was fine now and Billy came to his rescue. She mentioned that Billy had been calling her non-stop, and he seemed eager to confront her with some news. Ashland told Victoria that there was nothing Billy knew that she didn’t already know. She said her mom told Billy not to come, but she was glad he did because she couldn’t wait to see how crushed he’d be when he found out he flew all this way for nothing. She wondered where Billy was now. Ashland told Victoria not to worry about it.

In their room at the palazzo, Phyllis had just learned that Nick was thinking of leaving. At first, she though about her dress going to waste, but then she said that she was willing to follow his lead on whether to stay or go. She promised to keep the disparaging remarks about Victoria to herself. He didn’t think he could sway Victoria. Victoria had said he could stay, but he didn’t want to be a dark cloud over the wedding. Just as Nick said he wanted to leave, Noah (now played by Rory Gibson) walked in. He could tell something was wrong with his father, and he’d noticed it at Kyle and Summer’s wedding too. Phyllis left so they could talk in private. Nick told Noah about the clash with Victoria. Nick was leaving because he didn’t want to stay where he wasn’t wanted. That sounded like an excuse to Noah. He thought that Nick should stay and fight for Victoria’s forgiveness if it was really that important to him. Nick said he wouldn’t have looked into Ashland’s past if he didn’t care about Victoria. Noah stated that Nick always taught him not to run from a challenge. Noah said he’d be disappointed if Nick didn’t follow through on his own advice.

Billy ended up on the patio in his search for Gaines. Jack and Nikki started to chat with him. Nikki asked where Lily and the kids were. He said they should be here any second, then he excused himself. Nikki didn’t know what Billy was doing, but she was wary. Victor walked out, and Nikki took him aside and warned him about Billy. He assured her that he had it under control. Across the area, Jack observed Nikki and Victor’s quiet talk, and he told Elena and Nate that there seemed to be some intrigue. He hoped it had nothing to do with his brother. Nate wondered if he should check on Ashland. Leslie Brooks arrived and caught up with her old friends, Victor, Nikki and Jack. Jack introduced her to Elena and Nate. Nikki was thrilled Leslie could play for Victoria and Ashland’s ceremony.

Jack saw his brother walking around looking everywhere and went over to see what he was up to. Billy claimed he was looking for Lily, and Jack didn’t believe him. He thought Billy was up to something regarding the wedding. Billy looked at his phone and lied and said he just got a text from Lily saying she was lost on the estate. Billy rushed off. Phyllis joined Jack

Victoria and Ashland came downstairs, and she wondered if they’d planned too many events – there was the cocktail party, the big family ceremony, and the reception. He assured her that he was more than ready. They walked out hand in hand. Everyone applauded. Leslie spoke with Ashland and Victoria, and Ashland asked if he could impose upon Leslie to play one of his favorite pieces. She was happy to do so as a gift to the happy couple. Leslie went inside and began to play as everyone listened out on the patio. Elena and Nate observed how happy Ashland and Victoria were, and it helped him find inspiration for his best man toast.

Billy burst into the bedroom saying “damn it where are you?” Lily thought he was talking to her, and she said she was right here. He said he didn’t know she was here since she didn’t text him. She explained that she’d been busy juggling the kids and luggage with minimal Italian. The Palazzo staff had promised Lily they’d alert Billy, but apparently they didn’t. She said the kids were napping, because they were cranky after the flight. She was annoyed that he seemed unhappy to see her. He gave her a quick kiss and assured her he was thrilled to see her. He asked how Mattie was. Mattie was fine, but she was so brilliant that she was struggling to find people on her wavelength. Lily wondered who he’d been expecting to find in this room since he didn’t know she’d arrived. He pretended not to know what she meant. She said he was flustered, and she asked what he’d done now. He kept covering, but she wanted to know the truth. He told her that he found evidence that Ashland committed fraud by altering Camilla Rhodes’ will. He’d paid Gaines a hefty sum for the information. She thought Victoria needed to hear this information.

Billy told Lily how he brought Gaines to Tuscany and lost him. She didn’t think he was right to bring Gaines here. He explained that he was going to introduce Gaines and Victoria, so he could tell her everything and she could make her decision, but now he was missing. Lily asked what Billy was hoping to accomplish – a newsworthy exposure of Ashland right before the wedding? He didn’t want a big showdown, and he didn’t plan to publish the information. He just wanted Victoria to know she was about to marry a liar and a fraud. He had no idea where Gaines was now. At one point he’d wondered if Victor’s security team found Gaines and threw him out. Lily didn’t think so, because if that happened, Victor would’ve tossed Billy too. Billy said Gaines despised Ashland, and he might have his own plan.

Noah greeted Victoria and met Ashland. Noah thought Ashland was lucky to have Victoria, and Ashland agreed. Noah mentioned Ashland showed excellent taste choosing Nate, who’d done a lot for the family over the years. Noah hoped to get to know Ashland better, maybe they could meet up next time Noah came home to visit. Ashland thought Noah was charming. Noah hoped Victoria didn’t mind, but he convinced his dad to stay. At that point, Nick came up and stared at Victoria from inside the patio doors.

Summer and Kyle arrived, and everyone clapped, then they went around hugging their family. Victoria wished she’d been at Summer and Kyle’s wedding. Summer understood that Victoria was busy working so she could take time off for her own wedding. Kyle said Summer had become a bit of a celebrity. People in the fashion district recognized her on the street. Nick, who’d joined the party outside, said he always knew his Supergirl would be a star. Ashland was thrilled Summer and Kyle were here and more importantly, that they were taking such good care of Harrison. He asked where his son was, and at that moment, Harrison ran out of the house and into Ashland’s arms.

Everyone chatted and mingled while Ashland held Harrison and Nick and Victoria looked at each other from across the room. Jack told Phyllis that it looked like Victoria and Nick called a truce. Phyllis thought maybe Noah talked Nick out of leaving. Jack hoped so, because he’d hate it if Phyllis had to leave already. Phyllis wasn’t sure how it’d work out, but she wanted to stay so she could spend time with her daughter. She thought Summer’s wedding was beautiful intimate affair, unlike this drama-filled event. Jack thought Phyllis liked drama. She did, but not like this. She felt like she could never say the right thing to Nick about his sister. She was an outsider in the family, and she thought the way they treated each other was horrific. Jack insisted that Phyllis wasn’t an outsider, especially to Nick. Phyllis commented on how supportive Jack was being of Nick and of her relationship with Nick. She thought he was overcompensating for what he’d said before, and she didn’t think that was necessary. Jack said he only wanted the best for Phyllis, and she replied that she found this exhausting. She wanted him to stop trying to humor her and stop being so careful, because it was annoying. She knew she could be annoying sometimes. She wanted their relationship to go back to normal, and he agreed to do that.

Nate and Elena talked with Leslie. Elena asked if it ever got old for people to ask her to play. Leslie said it came with the profession. She likened it to the way people must discuss their health issues with Elena and Nate. Leslie believed it was a duty to share your gifts, plus she enjoyed performing. Leslie assumed Nate and Ashland were old friends, since Nate was best man. She asked what he thought of Ashland. Nate clarified that they only met recently, but he was impressed with Ashland. Leslie understood Ashland and Victoria were devoted to starting fresh, and she liked the idea of not looking back. Nate agreed.

Nikki joined Nick and told him that Noah was a talented confident young man who reminded her of Nick. Nick mentioned that Noah just gave him some of his own advice. Nick brought Nikki up to speed on how he failed to patch things up with Victoria, and he was thinking of leaving. Nikki wasn’t happy to hear that. He wanted to wait and see how things played out. He’d said his piece and did his best to convince Victoria that everything he did was for her sake, but he couldn’t force her to be okay with it. Nikki asked Nick to try and be patient with his sister.

Jack told Kyle he was glad he and Summer found their way back to each other. He missed Kyle and Harrison, but he was glad of the way Kyle and Summer missed up. He was also proud of the way Kyle honored the bond between Harrison and the man who raised him. Kyle said that Harrison missed Tara and Ashland, but he was a happy child, and his happiness came first. He was glad to be able to give Harrison time with Ashland. Jack was touched that Kyle put his son’s happiness first. Kyle said he learned that from Jack, and they hugged.

Noah and Summer talked in private about their dad. She wondered why Nick was being so weird, both here and in Milan. Noah caught Summer up on the problem with Nick and Victoria. Summer was surprised Nick and Victoria were still fighting at this stage in life instead of realizing that they’d make up eventually and just doing so now. Noah wasn’t sure people grew out of sibling rivalry. Summer said she and Noah did. Noah didn’t love being away from the family, but he didn’t miss the constant drama. Summer could relate – she missed everyone from Genoa City, but it was chaos-free in Milan. Noah teased Summer about being a married old lady, and she said everyone would expect him to get married next. He didn’t think settling down would be the worst thing in the world. She was surprised because she thought he liked casually dating. He explained that after the example Nick and Sharon set, he didn’t trust relationships to last. He was sure Summer understood since Nick and Phyllis were like that too. He brought up the roller coaster she and Kyle used to be on, and he was sure that got old. She said she and Kyle were on again off again for a really long time until they realized they wanted to be together forever. Noah admired that and wanted it for himself someday. Summer invited Noah for a long visit or suggested he move there. She’d met so many amazing women she could introduce him to. He said he had been thinking about a change of scenery.

Victor got everyone’s attention and made a toast to Ashland and Victoria. Victor said Ashland was almost as ruthless as he was, but Victoria was a worthy adversary. He said that Victoria and Ashland merged their companies and created an empire that he hoped would honor the legacy of Newman and Locke. Victor saw the love between Victoria and Ashland, and it meant a lot to him. Victor said that fathers never thought anyone was good enough for their daughter, but Ashland was a good man. Victor welcomed Ashland to the family. Ashland privately thanked Victor after the speech. Victor sent Ashland to make sure Billy didn’t do anything. Ashland went looking for Billy and ran into Gaines instead. Gaines heard Victor’s speech, and he said perhaps he should go make a speech about the way Ashland built an empire on deceit and criminal behavior. He suggested that he might announce it tomorrow before the ceremony, or maybe he’d make Ashland so nervous that he’d call off the wedding. Victoria joined Ashland and asked what was going on. Gaines told the pair to enjoy their evening, and he left. Victoria guessed that was Gaines. Ashland was going to call security, but Victoria told him not to because she was going to handle it. She walked off, and he followed.

Back in their room, Lily asked what Billy thought Gaines was going to do. He didn’t know. He thought Gaines was very disappointed that Billy didn’t want to interrupt the wedding. Lily said that Billy couldn’t let Gaines wreck the ceremony. He knew because if that happened, Victoria would never forgive him. Victoria and Ashland walked in. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?,” Victoria asked.

Nate told Elena he came up with a perfect angle for his speech. He said he and Ashland were from different generations, and they didn’t know each other from the business world. Ashland was a new friend that Nate came to know under extraordinary circumstances. He talked about Ashland’s strength and fortitude under the face of adversity, who was marrying Victoria, who Nate wanted the best for. Elena loved the speech. She thought it was heartfelt and honest like the man who gave the speech. She suggested that they could focus on the romance of Italy and this amazing wedding now.

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Y&R Update Monday, October 11 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Jack and Phyllis were in a bedroom at the Palazzo. He was there to drop off a Marchetti dress Phyllis left on the plane. Phyllis said she was going to wear it to support her daughter’s flourishing career. He asked where Nick was, and she said Nick was off taking the bull by the horns. She noted that she and Nick were here against Victoria’s wishes. Jack hoped Victoria would let Nick stay at the wedding. Phyllis said that the siblings had lots of fights over the years, but this was out of control. Jack stated that Victoria was loyal to the man she loved, just like Nick had defended Phyllis to Victoria. Phyllis said that Nick saved her hotel when Victoria went after The Grand Phoenix. Jack told Phyllis that she couldn’t convince Victoria to change her mind on Nick. Phyllis knew that, but she suggested that Jack might be able to sway Victoria. He refused to get involved, because he thought the siblings should work it out on their own.

Phyllis stated that Nick was just trying to help Victoria. Jack said that at least Nick accepted that the wedding was inevitable, unlike Billy. Phyllis respected Nick for going above and beyond for the people he loved, however, she thought Nick might be handling this the wrong way by talking nicely. Jack said to relax – what was the worst that could happen? Phyllis said the security could throw them out. Phyllis and Jack’s phones chimed in tandem – texts of wedding photos from Kyle and Summer. Phyllis said Ashland and Victoria’s splashy affair didn’t hold a candle to this beautiful and intimate ceremony. Jack was sure both weddings would be beautiful.

In their bedroom in Tuscany, Victoria told Ashland that their guests had arrived or would be soon, so things were all set. He wanted to know what she felt in her heart now that things had time to sink in. He didn’t want her to go through with the wedding tomorrow if her main motivation was to save their company. Victoria said one way or another, Newman/Locke would be safe. He asked what his beautiful bride had up her sleeve – it sounded like she had a plan to save the company. All she wanted to focus on now was their love and their wedding. He kissed her forehead and said it meant to much that he was standing by him, despite everything. She kept thinking about his childhood, imagining an anxious boy running from an abusive home, leaving everything behind and losing the only friend he had in a car accident. She added that he’d felt like the woman who meant more to him than his own mother, his mentor, betrayed him on her deathbed. The story haunted Victoria, so she could see how it followed him everywhere, even after he became the formidable Ashland Locke. He marveled that she really understood. She knew he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to taint the beautiful relationship they were building. She said it had now, but she promised him that everything would be okay. She assured him that, this time tomorrow, they’d be husband and wife, and nothing was going to stop them.

Victoria was concerned when Ashland started to cough. He said he was fine. She hoped the stress of the last two days hadn’t exacerbated his condition. He promised nothing would slow him down or get in the way of reciting his vows. She asked if he knew what he was going to say. He said his were written in his heart. Hers were written on on paper, but when he asked for a preview, she said no. She was dressed, and he didn’t want to let her go. She said they’d have so many moments in the future. She told him to hurry and get dressed and meet her downstairs. He smiled, but as soon as she was out of the room, he dropped onto the chair and coughed again.

Nick was outside on the patio with his parents. He was hoping they could give him a read on Victoria before he approached her. He asked if they thought there was a chance he could repair things before Victoria said “I do.” Nikki wasn’t sure Victoria would be receptive to Nick’s surprise appearance. He said he couldn’t stay away on his sister’s wedding day. Nikki stated that Victoria was already stressed. Victor added that a lot of that stress was caused by Nick digging into Ashland’s past. Nick pointed out that he and Victor were both investigating Ashland. Victor countered that he didn’t go to New Jersey and dredge up old skeletons. Nick owned what he did. Right now he wanted to make things easier on Victoria. He said he and his sister had been in lots of fights and they always made up. Victor was adamant that he didn’t want anyone to cause problems on Victoria’s happy day. Nick bristled because he thought Victor was calling him a problem. Nikki said Victoria didn’t need Nick and Victor arguing. Nick was taken aback to learn that his parents were both supportive of Victoria marrying a man who exploited a death.

Nick didn’t know how Nikki and Victor could condone this union. He noted that it wasn’t long ago that he and Victor were both investigating Ashland, so what changed. Victor said Ashland confessed and came clean about his identity. Nick argued that Ashland only came clean because Nick confronted him with the truth. Nick added that Ashland left out the part where he left his best friend to die in a burning car. Nikki pointed out that Ashland thought his friend was already dead from the accident. Nick didn’t know how they could make excuses for Ashland. Victor liked Nick’s concern for his sister, but he wanted Nick to let this go.

Victoria walked up. Nikki said Nick came to make peace. Victor asked if that was okay with Victoria. She said it was fine – nothing Nick could say would make her more upset than she already was. Nikki and Victor left. Victoria hoped Nick wasn’t going to tell her to stop the wedding, because that wasn’t going to happen. He never intended to betray her. She snapped that he did though. He never wanted to find dirt about Ashland. He looked into Ashland’s past out of concern for Victoria. After thinking about it, he guessed he could understand why Ashland worked so hard to keep that painful memory a secret. Nick wasn’t going to try and convince Victoria to change her mind about the marriage. He respected her decision, but he didn’t like it, and he didn’t trust Ashland. Victoria said that Nick destroyed her trust in him. She didn’t see how she could ever confide in him again. He swore he’d never hurt her on purpose. She said his apology didn’t begin to make up for what he did. He asked if she couldn’t forgive him a little – it was her wedding day, and he wanted to be there. He promised not to say another word about Ashland. She appreciated his effort, but she could tell he was still holding back about her fiance, and that was the last thing she needed. She didn’t forgive him, but she said he could stay because their parents wanted him there. He said it was her wedding, and her opinion was the only one that mattered. He asked if she wanted him there or not. She said that her attention would be focused on Ashland, and she probably wouldn’t notice if Nick was in the crowd or not. He asked where things stood. She refused to discuss that. Victoria said Nick hurt her, and it wasn’t her job to absolve him. She was going to focus on Ashland and her wedding.

Nikki and Victor went inside. Victor was worried Nick wouldn’t let this go and that he’d ruin Victoria’s day. Nikki thought Nick would put Victoria’s happiness first. Nikki’s biggest concern now was that Nick didn’t know about Ashland’s latest surprise. Victor said the less people who knew the better. Nikki said this latest secret was atrocious, and if Nick found out, it’d add fuel to the fire. Victor thought the important thing was Victoria made peace with it. He vowed to make sure the other secret stayed buried.

Billy snuck Gaines into a bedroom at the palazzo. Gaines said he’d been waiting a long time for Ashland’s downfall. He was thinking they could humiliate Ashland while he was at the altar waiting for his bride. Billy said he was here to protect Victoria, and he didn’t want to cause more pain than necessary. He was going to try and get Victoria to join him in this bedroom, then Gaines could tell her the truth. He wanted to give Victoria some space and privacy. Gaines was okay with that as long as the outcome was the same – Locke getting humiliated on his wedding day. Billy told Gaines to stay in hiding while he went to get Victoria.

Elena found Nate in the Palazzo living room with his tablet, and she commented that he was holed up instead of exploring the estate. He wanted to spend time with her, but he was struggling with his best man toast. He wanted it to be smooth, warm and brilliant, something worthy of a power couple. She thought it was understandable that he’d have a hard time since he hadn’t known Ashland very long. She told him to come with her and find romantic inspiration.

Nate and Elena went back to the palazzo after visiting a winery down the road. He enjoyed it, but it didn’t help his writer’s block. They talked about Victoria and Ashland’s work bringing them together. “Working long hours togeher. Saving lives. Oh wait, that’s us,” Nate said. He and Elena weren’t sure exactly what Ashland and Victoria did in the office. Billy walked in, and Elena hoped his presence meant he’d accepted that the wedding was happening. He thought things would go how they were supposed to. He excused himself and resumed his search for Victoria.

Billy went upstairs and overheard Ashland having a coughing fit. Billy stepped into the bedroom and offered to help Ashland or get Nate. Ashland, still coughing, insisted he was fine, but he asked for water. Billy poured him a glass. Ashland was surprised Billy came after Nikki urged him not to. Billy said he wasn’t going to miss the event of the year. Ashland was telling Billy not to disrupt the wedding when Victor showed up and asked what Billy was doing here. Billy said he and Ashland were talking in private. Victor was here to talk to the man who was actually worthy of his daughter. Victor noted that it was his property, and Billy could leave or get thrown out. Billy said he and Ashland weren’t done. Ashland was in agreement with Victor.

Billy asked where to find Victoria. Victor ordered Billy to stay away from his daughter. He wouldn’t have Billy destroy Victoria’s happy moment. Billy said he wouldn’t be the one to cause the bride any distress. He left. Ashland said he was just about to tell Billy that Victoria knew all his secrets, including the one Gaines was holding over him. Victor didn’t understand why Victoria invited Billy, especially after the information Victor just received from Adam. Victor said that a man fitting Gaines’ description was on the chartered flight Billy took to Italy.

Nikki joined Victoria outside. Victoria said she wasn’t thrilled Nick was here, but she was letting him stay. Nikki thought Victoria made the right choice. Jack came up and complimented the palazzo. Victoria wished she’d been able to go to Summer and Kyle’s wedding, but she was glad they were coming to hers so she could congratulate them in person. Jack mentioned that they were bringing Harrison, and Victoria said that Ashland was excited to see his son. Victoria excused herself to check on something. Jack mentioned to Nikki that Victoria seemed tense. Nikki suggested it was a wedding thing, and she reminded Jack that she was a bundle of nerves on both their wedding days. Jack said he heard there was friction between Nick and Victoria. Nick admitted that was true. Jack thought that was natural, and he said he’d been in that situation with his sister more times than he could count. He was sure things would be fine.

Nikki said the wedding would be small, and the reception would be grand. Elena and Nate walked out. They all chatted, and Jack was surprised to hear that Nate was Ashland’s best man. He didn’t know they knew each other well. Nate said it was a new friendship, but a strong one. Jack stated that Ashland was a man of many surprises. Elena talked about the beauty of the estate, and Nikki said she and Victor had many romantic holidays here. Jack said you could almost feel the magic of Tuscany in the air.

Victoria went inside. Her son, Reed called to apologetically tell her he couldn’t make it. She understood. He asked how she was, and she said that everything was perfect.

Back upstairs, Victor told Ashland that they had to think of a way to handle this. Ashland asked how Gaines made it to Italy without Victor knowing. Victoria walked in and asked what was going on.

Billy went back to the room to get Gaines, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Nick came into his bedroom looking dejected. He said his sister wasn’t in a forgiving mood. Phyllis asked if his parents interceded with Victoria, and he said no because they were on Team-Ashland. Nick said Victoria said he could come to the wedding, but he still didn’t feel great about it because she only letting him go because she wanted to stop arguing. Phyllis thought that Nick did everything he could to fix this. She didn’t get why Victoria was acting this way, and she said maybe it was a bridezilla thing. Phyllis thought Victoria was being petty and treating Nick like dirt. Phyllis didn’t like it. Nick contended that Victoria had a right to her feelings. He didn’t want Phyllis to start trashing his sister. He said he’d deal with his own battle. She knew it was his battle, but she wanted him to know she was in the trenches with him. He felt bad. All he wanted to do was help his sister, but he hurt her. He didn’t want to cast a shadow over her wedding by staying.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, October 11, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Christine

Victoria assured Ashland that their company would be safe, and he sensed that she had something up her sleeve. Victoria understood why Ashland hid his past, and she promised that nothing would stop them from getting married. Nick went to Tuscany uninvited in hopes of reconciling with Victoria. He was shocked to find out Nikki and Victor both supported Victoria marrying Ashland. Nick’s efforts to smooth things over with Victoria didn’t work. She wouldn’t forgive him, but she said he could attend the wedding since their parents wanted him to be there. Reed let Victoria know he couldn’t make it to the wedding. Victor didn’t want Nick to find out about Ashland’s latest secret. Billy brought Gaines to the palazzo and hid him in a room. Billy shot down Gaines’ idea to reveal Ashland’s secret at the wedding in front of everyone. Billy didn’t want to do anything to hurt Victoria more than necessary. Billy looked for Victoria so he could take her to Gaines. He found Ashland having a coughing fit. Ashland refused Billy’s offer to go get Nate. Victor found Billy and Ashland together and threw Billy out of the room. Victor warned Ashland that Gaines was on the flight manifest on Billy’s chartered plane. Victoria walked in and asked what was going on. Phyllis worried about Nick’s relationship with Victoria, and Jack told her that the siblings would work it out. Nick told Phyllis that he didn’t want to cast a shadow over the wedding by staying if Victoria didn’t want him there. Nate struggled with writing a best man toast, since he hadn’t known Ashland very long. Elena helped him. When Billy went back to the room to get Gaines, he wasn’t there.


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Y&R Update Friday, October 8 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Adam went to Billy’s and asked for Jesse Gaines. Billy pretended he’d never heard the name. He wanted Adam to leave so he could pack for Tuscany. Adam entered uninvited and stated that Billy that was not going to Tuscany. Billy asked if

Adam was going to stop him. Adam told Billy that if he was smart, he wouldn’t make this move he’d come to regret. Adam asked Billy why he was so hell-bent on sabotaging Victoria’s happiness. Billy stated that he was trying to ensure Victoria’s happiness. He was at peace with trying to stop Victoria from marrying a deceitful, duplicitous man. Adam contended that, no matter what Ashland did, Adam, Billy and Victor had no room to throw stones.

Adam thought Billy looked petty trying to track down this guy from Ashland’s past. Billy maintained that he had no idea who Adam meant, even pretending that he thought the guy’s name was Jamie Gams. “Just come off of it,” Adam ordered. He knew Billy met with Jesse Gaines, a shady guy from Ashland’s past, whose father worked for Camilla Rhodes. Billy thought that Adam was here because Victor ordered him to come. “Your father told you to jump and you said ‘how high?’” Billy said that Adam didn’t really know any details because Victor didn’t trust him enough to tell him. Billy thought that made Adam pathetic. Adam argued that he was actually on the inside, and Billy was the one on the outside of the situation. Adam thought Billy was trying to divert attention away from the matter at hand. Adam and Victor were in agreement that Victoria had the right to have the wedding go off without a hitch. Billy contended that Adam didn’t give a damn about his sister, and she barely tolerated him. Adam didn’t pretend he and Victoria were close, but things were better than they’d ever been, and he respected her as a businesswoman. Billy said that Victor put Victoria in charge and wasn’t micromanaging her. Adam said Victor was focused on his new venture with Adam. Billy said that Adam got the consolation prize. Adam was thrilled about working with his father, and he was working to repair his relationship with his siblings. He wasn’t out to destroy anyone’s life, unlike Billy. Billy insisted that he was protecting Victoria and the kids. Adam said Victoria could take care of herself and her kids. Adam thought Billy was jealous and insecure and unable to let go. He believed it killed Billy that Victoria moved on to a man who was superior to him in every way. Adam liked Ashland, and he thought he was a good influence on Billy’s kids. “Don’t mention me. Don’t mention Victoria and don’t ever talk about my kids,” Billy ordered. Adam said to relax – this was just a talk. Billy said they both had planes to catch, and unless Adam drugged him, he couldn’t stop him from leaving. Adam said that Billy was going to fail, and he couldn’t wait to have a front row seat to his humiliation. Adam left.

Gaines came downstairs and asked if that was who he thought it was. Billy said it was Adam Newman. Gaines was concerned that Victor’s son was part of this now. Billy told Gaines they were going to the airport. Gaines never agreed to that, and he refused to go. Billy insisted and promised to make it worth Gaines’ while. As much as Gaines would love more money, there were other factors to consider. He said that if he went to Italy, he’d be delivered into the hands of the two men he betrayed. Gaines asked how to know he could trust Billy not to use him and throw him to the wolves. Billy swore he had Gaines’ back. He was sure that Ashland and Victor wouldn’t do anything in front of that many people, so all he and Gaines had to do was get in, talk to Victoria and get out. Gaines was still wary.

Billy thought that Gaines could get something sweeter than money – revenge. Billy assured Gaines that he was justified in resenting Ashland for stealing Gaines’ father from him. Billy stated that Ashland got all the praise and accolades and Gaines Jr. got shoved to the sidelines. Gaines felt like Billy really understood. Billy knew something about being the black sheep, and he said that Gaines had it worse than he did because Ashland used Gaines’ father. Billy said that Ashland still didn’t respect Gaines. Gaines was happy to help expose Ashland, and he thought it would be a magnificent moment. Billy told Gaines to imagine how satisfying it’d be to be part of taking Ashland down. “You’d be able to see the look on his face when he realizes that you were the one with the power all along,” Billy said. Gaines was sold. “When do we leave?,” he asked. Billy said he had to finish packing and make a phone call. He told Gaines to grab himself a drink and a bite to eat. Gaines said this trip would be one for the ages. Billy agreed – Gaines would get his revenge, and Billy would prevent someone he cared about from making one of the biggest mistakes of her life. Billy called Lily to see how she and Mattie were. They were fine. She asked about his kids, and he said Hannah would have them packed and ready to fly to Tuscany with Lily. He said that she might not have to get on that flight though because if things went the way they thought he would, there wouldn’t be a wedding to attend.

In Tuscany, Ashland was glad to have a private moment with Victoria. He wanted to know why she was going forward with the wedding. He wanted nothing more than to be her husband, but now he wasn’t sure she should marry him. He thought, perhaps, he should call off the wedding. She asked where this was coming from. He said Nikki was worried Victoria was getting married for the wrong reasons. If that was true, that would devastate him. He wanted her to be happy and for this to be the best day of her life. She knew her mother meant well, but she was wrong. Victoria said she was doing exactly what she needed to do. Ashland asked if Victoria was marrying him to avoid questions and potential scandals and protect the company. She said that was in both their best interests. He said, a year ago, he would’ve felt that way too and focused on protecting the company at all costs. He held her hands and said her love profoundly changed him, and he knew he betrayed that love with his secrets. He could see how deeply wounded she was – earlier, when she could barely look at him, it destroyed him. He didn’t want her to go through with the marriage if her heart wasn’t in it. “You think you have me all figured out, but even when I was furious with you, I never said that my heart wasn’t in it,” Victoria replied.

Ashland was sorry he hid the truth and that his past was threatening what they built together. He asked what she thought when she looked at him. Last night, Victoria kept thinking about what he told her, and she wondered what she’d do in his position. He had no doubt she would’ve done the morally right thing in each instance because she was a good person and there was a line she’d never cross. She asked what that made him. He said he was a ruthless sometimes self-serving man who wanted to be better because of her. He wanted to live because of her, and he wanted a chance to make amends because of her. She believed him, and she wanted to give him that chance. Despite everything she loved him, and she always would. She still wanted to be his wife. They kissed.

Upstairs in their Tuscan bedroom, Nikki informed Victor that she encouraged Ashland to call off the wedding. Victor didn’t agree with this. He said they were sending mixed messages because he’d just told Victoria how happy he was that she was marrying Ashland. Nikki didn’t understand how Victor was okay with the wedding after everything they’d just learned about Ashland. It occurred to her that he’d known about Ashland’s secret prior to today and that he didn’t tell her or Victoria. He confirmed that this was true. He said he kept it quiet because he didn’t want the press or Billy finding out. She asked what exactly Billy knew. Victor had no idea, but he knew Billy continued to investigate. Nikki had a lot of thoughts about Billy and about how Victor handled this situation, but her main concern was Victoria. He felt the same way. She asked how he could believe it was a good idea for Victoria to get married simply because she thought it was good for business. “Obviously her heart is broken,” Nikki said.

Victor said that if he thought the wedding would be to Victoria’s detriment, he would’ve asked her to walk away. Nikki didn’t think Victor saw Victoria’s true feelings underneath her armor. Nikki said Victoria always wanted to look tough and in control in front of Victor. All Victor knew was that Victoria and Ashland loved each other, and he thought that was what was important. He knew Ashland desperately wanted to spend whatever time he had left with Victoria. Nikki wanted Victoria to be happy, and if the marriage made her happy, Nikki would support it.

Nate and Elena entered the Palazzo and interrupted Ashland and Victoria’s deep kiss. Elena talked about how wonderful it was to fly on a private jet. Nate thanked Ashland. Ashland felt that it was the least he could do for his best man and his lovely lady. Nate offered to help Ashland and Victoria in any way he could. Victoria appreciated that, but she only asked that they enjoy themselves. Ashland took Elena and Nate to their room. Later, Nate and Ashland were alone on the patio, and Nate noticed Ashland stumble. Ashland admitted he wasn’t feeling well, but he wasn’t letting anything in the way of the wedding. Elena returned from her walk and talked about the stunning view.

Ashland thanked Nate for the sage advice to follow his heart the other day. It seemed to him that things had worked our pretty well. Elena and Nate exchanged a look, and she encouraged him to tell Ashland. Nate revealed that he and Elena ran into Billy in Genoa City. Billy had alluded to some information he learned about Ashland, perhaps some of the stuff Ashland had been worried about when he spoke with Nate. Elena added that Billy didn’t want the wedding to happen. Ashland appreciated the warning, but he, Victoria and her parents were aware of Billy’s intentions, and there was nothing he could do to stop the wedding. Ashland urged the pair to settle in and he said he’d catch up with them later. He left. Elena was glad Ashland wasn’t worried, because it’d be a shame if Billy caused trouble in paradise. Nate was glad to see how calm Elena was. Elena felt a bit anxious because she didn’t know how they’d get a chance to see everything there was to see of Italy. He said they couldn’t, but they could come back to Italy later. She asked what his can’t miss sights were. He wanted to show her the Theater of Silence and the waterfall nearby. She said she’d love to see that with him. The thought of being here with him in such an idyllic place made her heart race. He felt it too.

Nikki and Victor were outside by another part of the Palazzo. They admired the ambiance and he said it’d help Victoria and Ashland because you couldn’t help but fall more in love here. Victor kissed Nikki on the cheek, then he got a call that he had to take, so he left. Nikki continued her walk and found Elena and Nate. They talked about the Palazzo, and Nikki mentioned that it was going to Victoria and Ashland as a wedding gift.

Adam called Victor and brought him up to speed on Billy. Adam thought Gaines and Billy were colluding, and he couldn’t dissuade Billy from going to the wedding. Victor knew Adam did what he could. Adam felt that he’d been at a slight disadvantage since Victor didn’t give him any specifics on Gaines or the threat to Victoria and Ashland. Victor said it wasn’t that he didn’t trust Adam, he just didn’t want to disseminate this information, for Victoria’s sake. He didn’t even tell Nikki. Adam wanted all the details, because he thought the more he knew, the better he’d be able to help. Victor told Adam everything. Adam said that Ashland’s secret was a lot to take in. he asked how Victoria was handling it. Victor thought Victoria’s relationship with Ashland transcended everything that happened years ago. Adam was glad. Victor thought those two belonged together. Adam said that they would be as long as Billy didn’t show up shooting his mouth off. That would be mortifying for Victoria and Ashland, and it’d damage Ashland’s legacy and Newman/Locke. Victor was unhappy because he paid Gaines a lot of money to go away, and he broke his word. Adam asked how far Victor wanted him to go to stop Billy and Gaines.

Ashland, Victoria, Nikki, Nate and Elena had drinks on the patio. Victoria said that if Elena and Nate ever wanted to get married, she and Ashland could loan them the Palazzo. Nate and Elena were caught off guard by the topic of marriage. Nate said that Victoria and Ashland made tying the knot look appealing though. Victoria said communication was key. Victor joined them, and he was pleased to see how loving Victoria and Ashland were with each other. He whispered to Victoria that everything was going well and would continue to go well.

In their suite, Tessa packed for Italy and told Mariah that she wished she was coming too. Tessa hated the idea of Mariah being here alone. Mariah accused Tessa of being scared that she’d fall apart or freak out over Dominic. Tess clarified that Mariah was putting words in her mouth. She wasn’t scared to leave Mariah alone, but she was concerned. Mariah was adamant that she was fine. She just wanted to be nearby Dominic in case he still had a cold or any other crisis came up. Tessa carefully asked what Mariah was going to do if that happened. Mariah wanted to protect him like she did before he was born. Her mind knew that wasn’t her job, but her heart hadn’t caught up. Tessa got that, and she was sorry. Mariah was doing her best to accept that her role changed, and that was why she was keeping her distance. Tessa didn’t think Mariah was really keeping her distance if she felt like she needed to stay nearby. Mariah got that this didn’t make sense to Tessa, but she needed this. Tessa knew that experience changed Mariah, and she was okay with that, because she loved every version of Mariah. She just wanted Mariah to be happy again. Mariah replied that having a baby would make her happy, but Tessa took that off the table, so now what? Tessa thought they should take their time and plan for their future as parents. Tessa said that if Mariah went to Tuscany, maybe they could spend a few extra days in Italy and go sightseeing or go see that Italian metal band they liked that won Eurovision. Then after they were relaxed and rejuvenated, they could start talking about a baby. Mariah thought this sounded like a bribe. Tessa asked if it was working.

Mariah was tempted by the offer, but she wasn’t ready to pull away from Dominic. She said moving out of the mansion was a huge step and the right one, but she had a lot of work to do before she could comfortably disconnect in a healthy way. She knew Abby would take care of Dominic, but what if Mariah was gone, and he needed breast milk? Tessa said there were other options. Mariah said Abby talked about switching to formula, but Mariah felt like she needed to be here to provide for him. Tessa felt like Mariah was making a lot of excuses.

Mariah insisted that she had legitimate reasons for staying in Genoa City. Tessa didn’t intend to sound harsh. She didn’t mean to put any pressure on Mariah or make her feel like she wasn’t with her 100%, because she was. Mariah said it didn’t always feel that way. Tessa felt that this was hard for both of them, and that her words came out wrong. She promised she was here for Mariah and she’d help in any way she could. “Then stay with me. Please don’t go to the wedding,” Mariah replied. Mariah said Victoria and Ashland already had Leslie Brooks, so they didn’t need two musicians. She suggested Tessa pretend to be sick. Tessa couldn’t do that. It would be unprofessional. Mariah told Tessa to go and have a great time. Tessa wanted to keep talking, but Mariah said they could talk when Tessa got back. Mariah went to another room.

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Y&R Update Thursday, October 7 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Ashland walked into the living room of the Tuscan Palazzo and told Victoria that he didn’t sleep well because they were in separate beds last night. She thought he was blaming her for his insomnia, but he said that wasn’t what he meant. He knew he had to give her space to process things. He asked how she slept. She thought she did more thinking than sleeping. He asked where her head, and more importantly, her heart were at. Before they could talk, Victor and Nikki walked in. Victoria thought they were supposed to be in Milan. Nikki said they left right after Summer’s wedding so they could make sure that The Palazzo was ready for Victoria and Ashland’s wedding. Nikki noted that she was the matron of honor. Nikki was glad that they all got here early so that they could go over the details and make sure things would be perfect. Victoria changed the subject and asked about Summer and Kyle’s wedding. Nikki gushed about its simplicity and elegance, Summer’s exquisite Marchetti gown and how Summer and Kyle’s love shone through at the ceremony. Ashland beamed when Nikki said the best part was little Harrison, who thought he was a ring barrel instead of a ring bearer. Victor said that Harrison was looking forward to doing the same thing for Ashland and Victoria. Ashland couldn’t wait to see his son. Nikki asked if everything was okay, and Victoria said yes.

Nikki and Nikki left the room, ostensibly to discuss the wedding plans, but once they were outside on the patio, Victoria revealed that Ashland and Camilla Rhodes’ lawyer forged a codicil to her will that left Ashland everything. Nikki was so shocked she had to sit down. She wondered if Ashland was hiding anything else. Victoria was inclined to believe this was the last secret since she’d made it clear she wouldn’t tolerate any more lies. She just wished he’d come clean in the first place. Nikki felt so awful for Victoria and asked what she could do to help. Victoria didn’t say anything. Nikki offered to take care of canceling the wedding.

Victoria said all that mattered was protecting Newman/Locke. They couldn’t let the family business be decimated by a scandal, or the merger. Victoria looked at this from every angle, and she said she couldn’t do anything that would cause an investigation into Ashland or into Locke Communications Group. As a mother, Nikki wanted to know about Victoria’s emotions. Victoria couldn’t think of that now. The wedding had to happen, she stated. Nikki thought Victoria sounded like her father. Victoria was sure that her thinking was correct – they had to make sure there were no red flags anyone from the outside could latch onto – they had to keep this contained. Nikki didn’t think this was the right path for Victoria, because she knew Victoria took wedding vows seriously. Nikki asked if this wedding was for show and if Victoria was forcing herself into marriage that shouldn’t happen. Victoria said she wasn’t forcing herself into anything. Nikki asked if Victoria could be playing into Ashland’s hands. Victoria was adamant that she knew what she was doing. She thought Ashland was smart enough not to keep anything else from her. Nikki asked if Victoria thought she could have a happy marriage. Victoria said she could handle it. Her one concern was Billy, who seemed very determined to derail the ceremony. He’d been leaving her messages saying he had information she needed to know. Nikki suggested that he did, but Victoria was sure that he didn’t, because she was confident that Ashland told her everything. She said Billy couldn’t sway her plans about the wedding, but he could ruin things if he found out the truth and exposed the story to the world.

Nikki hoped Victoria changed her mind about letting her brother attend. She said Abby was staying home, so it would be nice to have some family for support. Victoria replied that Adam was coming. Nikki scoffed and said he couldn’t be Victoria’s only sibling at the wedding. Nikki said Nick was upset he wasn’t invited. Victoria said he should’ve thought about that before he dug up dirt on her fiance. Nikki thought Victoria was lashing out at the wrong people, and she suggested Victoria should be upset with Ashland. Victoria asked how many secrets Victor kept from Nikki over the years that he only came clean about because he had no choice. Nikki said far too many, and she was trying to spare Victoria that pain. Victoria said no marriage was perfect – it wasn’t like Ashland committed a crime against her and her family. He did this 40 years ago, and there was no need to relive it. She said she should’ve been able to trust Nick, but he betrayed her confidence. She would’ve stood by his side if the role were reversed. What Nick did hurt Victoria more than anything. Nikki didn’t want to argue about this. She asked what Victoria felt about Ashland. Victoria didn’t know.

Ashland guessed that Victor didn’t really rush here to check on wedding arrangements. Victor told Ashland that Billy was trying to start trouble by digging into Ashland’s past. Ashland already knew that. Victor said Billy might seem like an idiot, but he was also wily and tenacious. Victor had Adam watching Billy. Ashland wasn’t worried about that anymore because he told Victoria everything, though he didn’t want the story to go public. He assumed that wouldn’t be an issue since Victor took care of Gaines. Victor said Gaines slipped off his radar, but he’d be found. He wouldn’t allow anyone to ruin Victoria’s wedding day.Victor asked how Ashland was doing. He knew firsthand how it felt when your past caught up with him. Ashland was alright, but the distress Victoria felt was weighing on him. He said Victoria gave him a reason to live, and he hated bringing her pain. Victor blamed Gaines and Billy for the trouble, but Ashland admitted he was the one to blame – the choices he made in the past came back to haunt him. Victor respected Ashland for taking responsibility and for coming clean to Victoria. Ashland hoped he didn’t lose Victoria.

Victoria and Nikki came back inside. Victoria mentioned the wedding, and Ashland was hopeful because it sounded like it was still happening. He asked if he and Victoria could go for a walk around the grounds. Nikki asked Victoria to show her and Victor to their room first, and she and her parents left. Once they were in the bedroom, Victor asked Nikki for a moment with Victoria. Nikki left, and they talked about Ashland’s secret. Victoria said it was a lot to take in. Not just the money, but she assumed that Nick told Victor how Ashland got his name. Victor had been filled in, and he asked Victoria to forgive Nick. He’d been looking forward to having Victoria, Nick and Adam together at the wedding. Victoria said Nick would have to earn her forgiveness. Victoria appreciated Victor doing what he could to keep the Camilla Rhodes story quiet and protecting Newman/Locke from backlash. Victor said that wasn’t why he paid Gaines off. He did it because he’d never seen Victoria as happy as she was with Ashland. He knew this was good for the company, but mostly it was good for her, and that was more important than anything. She said she had every intention of proceeding with the wedding.

Downstairs, Nikki told Ashland that she had serious doubts about whether it was a good idea for Victoria to marry him. She said Victoria thought the wedding was the right choice for practical reasons, but she didn’t want to admit how much she was hurt. Nikki said she predicted all along that getting involved with Ashland would bring Victoria nothing but heartache, and that had proven to be true. She noted that there was his health, these secrets from his past – they weren’t good omens. He said he wasn’t superstitious. Nikki felt that if Ashland cared about Victoria, he’d call off the wedding. “Relieve her of this burden,” Nikki said.

At his place, Billy was on the phone with Hannah. He said he was flying to Italy alone. After Lily got back from California, she was going to pick up his children and bring them to Italy too. He said that there was a work emergency, and he needed to put out the fire. He asked Hannah to tell Victoria his change of plans, since she wasn’t taking his calls. He hung up. Gaines was there, and he commented that it seemed more like Billy wanted to burn everything down. Billy gave Gaines a duffel bag full of money, and Gaines told Billy what Ashland did. He thought the readers would be interested. Billy said this story wasn’t for clickbait -it was to prevent Victoria from making a huge mistake. Billy said that all the money he gave Gaines came from his personal account, and he wasn’t letting Gaines leave until he got proof that the story was true. Gaines pulled out a copy of the letter that Camilla wrote to Locke, not the new one that Ashland and Gaines Senior forged. Gaines wouldn’t give Billy the copy of the letter until he had a guarantee of protection from Victor. Billy said Victor would definitely come after Gaines, but Billy promised to protect him. Billy asked Gaines to read him the letter, since he wasn’t willing to hand it over.

In the letter, Camilla said Ashland was like a son to her. She was impressed by his drive and ambition, and she thought the obstacles he’d overcome had been character building. Gaines stopped reading to complain that Ashland was a money-hungry tyrant. He then continued to read aloud. Camilla said she wasn’t giving Ashland an inheritance, and she told him to go forth and prosper. Billy asked where Gaines proof was that Ashland and Gaines Sr. forged a codicil in the form of a deathbed letter. Gaines thought the letter was all the evidence Billy needed, and he said Locke would agree since he’d been paying Gaines to keep it hidden for years. Billy asked if anyone else knew about the forgery – a secretary or clerk, perhaps. Gaines said that nobody else knew. Camilla didn’t have a family, and she was going to be leaving her estate to charities, but they had no idea they’d been left in the will. Billy was intrigued and asked which charities, because in a way, Locke stole from them. Gaines said Camilla was eccentric, so she’d planned to leave her money to charities for cats, exotic plants etc. Billy assumed Ashland was pissed he got passed over for felines and flowers, but Gaines said Locke was a bastard and master manipulator who convinced Gaines Senior that he’d been wronged by Camilla. Billy wanted to know why Gaines seemed to have such animus toward Ashland.

Gaines had spent his whole life being ignored by his father. Then Camilla introduced Gaines Sr. and Ashland. Gaines Sr. took to young Ashland right away, and it made Gaines Jr. sick. When Ashland inherited all that money, Gaines Jr. knew something was wrong, and so he did some digging and he found the real letter and original will in his father’s files. Gaines took the letter, and shortly thereafter, the other files got destroyed. Gaines Jr. confronted Gaines Sr. about the letter, and the father was angry and ashamed. Senior knew he’d be destroyed if the truth came out, so he insisted that Junior keep quiet. Junior kept it a secret until his father’s death. In the meantime, he’d kept reading stories about Ashland in the news and getting angrier and angrier. He felt like Ashland stole his father, and he said Ashland had to pay. Billy said Ashland had been paying. Gaines said the money Ashland was giving him meant nothing to Ashland. Gaines complained that Ashland built his business on lies and he pulled Gaines’ father into that deceit. Billy thought it sounded like Gaines Sr. was a willing participant. Gaines argued that his father was a good man who played by the rules until he was manipulated by Locke. Gaines conceded that his got some financial compensation – the forged codicil included a payment for him, and Locke gave him a lucrative position, so it seemed like a victimless crime. Gaines contended that the crime weighed on his father and drove him to an early grave. Billy said that Ashland might be heading for an early grave. Gaines knew, and when he first heard about it, he almost felt bad for Ashland. Gaines said the diagnosis made Ashland seem human, but when Gaines came to get his final payoff, Ashland was dismissive and condescending. Billy couldn’t blame the man for being a bit rude to his blackmailer. Gaines asserted that Ashland was a fraud and master manipulator who’d ruin people to save himself. Gaines came here and risked crossing Victor to give Billy what he needed to take Locke down. Gaines wanted his revenge and he wanted to blow up Locke’s life while he was still alive to suffer.

Billy asked who knew about the letter. As far as Gaines knew, it was just the two of them, Locke and Victor. Billy didn’t understand why Victor would quash the story – he couldn’t condone the wedding anymore. Gaines suggested that Victor didn’t see what Locke did as a crime, since Victor probably did similar things on his way to the top. Gaines asked what Billy had against Locke. Billy said Victoria was the mother of his children, and she was a good person. Billy said he’d caused Victoria enough pain, and he didn’t want to see her suffer anymore. Gaines didn’t buy that Billy was being noble. Billy didn’t care if Gaines understood. He said the only person who needed to know the truth was Victoria. Since she wasn’t taking his calls, he was going to Tuscany early, and he was taking Gaines with him, so Victoria could hear the truth from the horse’s mouth.

Sally and Chloe were at Society. Sally said she reached out to some people in the LA fashion world to let them know she was going to the Newman-Locke wedding. Since she’d burned her bridges with everyone in the L.A. fashion scene, she knew that they’d all gossip about what she was up to. Chloe wasn’t thrilled that their plan now depended on gossip mongers – it was so risky. She also thought that Newman Media should be the ones publishing a story on the wedding. Sally thought it’d look self-serving if Newman Media put out a story about her designing Victoria’s dress, but if another outlet did it, it would give Sally credibility. Chloe liked the idea of planting the story for other outlets to pick up, but she was still not sure Sally’s plan to get Victoria to wear the dress would work. Chloe hoped that this plan didn’t backfire. Sally said that this would help Newman media become a fashion powerhouse complete with their own designs, just like Chloe wanted. Chloe decided to go to the airport with Sally so she could get one more glimpse of the dress.

At Crimson Lights, Adam checked in with the security team and learned that they hadn’t found Gaines. Adam wanted him to be located before Adam left for Italy. Sally arrived and smiled when she heard Adam on the phone with Connor. Adam told Connor how much he loved him. The P.I. walked in and said he had an update on Jesse Gaines. Sally seemed intrigued. Adam and the P.I. stepped out to the patio. Security footage showed that Gaines and Billy were together in Billy’s apartment. Adam said he’d take it from here. Adam went back to Sally. She asked what was with the cloak and dagger routine. He said that he had something to take care of, so he’d meet her at the airport. She said that if he was trying to impress her, she’d been on private jets before. He wasn’t trying to impress her or anyone else, he just wanted a comfortable ride. He said this was favor, not a date. She asked if this could at least be the start of a beautiful friendship, and he said no. she told him she was just teasing him.

Chloe arrived just as Adam got off the phone with a fashion editor. The editor had heard Sally was going to the wedding and that Newman Media was promising to give a scoop. The editor wanted confirmation. Sally started to tell Adam what to say, but Adam cut her off and said he was going to the wedding to show he was committed to playing a role in his family. This made it look like it was a self-serving business trip. Chloe said she was the one who leaked the story, not Sally. Chloe said she got excited and told a friend, and gossip traveled. Adam told Chloe that was reckless. He asked what if Victoria didn’t wear the gown. Sally was sure that Victoria would love it. Adam said he was only giving Sally a ride, he wasn’t going to get her an audience with Victoria, because his sister had enough on her plate. Sally was sure it’d all work out, and she thanked Chloe and Adam for having faith in her. He asked them not to allow any more leaks or gossip. He didn’t want anything to take away from Victoria’s big day. He left.

Sally thanked Chloe for covering for her. Chloe said she’d rather Adam be mad at her than at Sally. Chloe was used to Adam being mad at her. Sally said the dress was very delicate, and she was glad she didn’t have to stuff it into an overhead bag. Sally was going to spend the entire trip visualizing Victoria wearing her gown, because she believed in positive thinking. Chloe thought that Sally should listen to Adam, because there was a chance Victoria wouldn’t wear the dress, and then it’d be a wasted trip. Chloe asked Adam to go easy on the flirting, because it wouldn’t be good to cross Adam. Sally said fine, but she wanted this so badly that she was willing it into existence. Chloe couldn’t believe she’d hitched her wagon to someone nuttier than her, but she wished Sally left.

Adam went to Billy’s. Billy sent Gaines to hide, then he answered the door. Adam asked where Gaines was, and Billy pretended not to know who he was talking about. Billy said that he wanted Adam to leave so he could rest up for his trip to Tuscany. Adam stated that Billy wasn’t going to Tuscany.
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Y&R Update Wednesday October 6 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

In Tuscany, Ashland felt revived after a wonderful lunch. Victoria hoped that meant he was ready to be honest with her. He warned her that once he shared what he did, if she chose not to expose his act, she’d become an accessory after the fact, at least in the eyes of the public. She was startled to learn this was about an actual crime. He asked if she still wanted to know, and she said yes. Ashland’s story was about his mentor, Camilla Rhodes. The real Ashland had set up a job interview with Camilla, which the current Ashland went to. The real Ashland was fascinated by the news and broadcast journalism, and he talked about it constantly. Some of it sunk into the current Ashland/Bobby’s mind. Current Ashland did some research to prepare for the interview, but he was a mess – he was a kid, and he’d just survived a brutal car accident and seen his friend die. All he had to go on was this conviction that he wanted to live Ashland’s life for him. Camilla had other candidates that day who were more articulate, better prepared and better dressed, but no one wanted it more than Ashland. Camilla sensed that, and she gave him the job. At first, Ashland was just a gofer, but Camilla took a liking to him and took him under her wing. Victoria was sure that meant a lot to Ashland, since he was just a boy without a family. Ashland said it did. Additionally, he thought it meant a lot to Camilla, because she didn’t have a family either. According to Ashland, Camilla treated him like the son she never had. With her trust and faith, she helped him map out a future for himself in the media realm that he never could’ve manifested on his own. Then it all went to hell.

Ashland acknowledged there was no excuse for the choice he made back then, but he said he was just a little boy at the time. He said Camilla had been his entire support system – she took care of him and protected him in ways that his mother couldn’t, or wouldn’t do. When she died, it was a terrible loss, almost as hard as when the real Ashland died. Camilla always talked about how much she appreciated, supported and admired Ashland, so he’d just assumed there would be a provision for him in her will. Camilla’s lawyer was the senior Jesse Gaines, and he informed Ashland that Camilla had willed her estate to charity. The charities Camilla chose weren’t reputable institutions – they were just little things she got a kick out of when she was alive. “A cat sanctuary, for God’s sake,” Ashland said. At the time, he’d felt like she was making a mockery out of the trust and faith he had in her. He knew now that this sounded like the thoughts of a spoiled brat. Victoria asked Ashland if Camilla cut him out of the will because she was upset with him. Ashland said Camilla left Gaines Senior. a letter saying that Ashland didn’t need an inheritance because she had faith that he could make it on his own. He said she was right, but at the time, he was immature, angry and confused, and Jesse was angry on Ashland’s behalf too. Victoria asked why Gaines Sr. cared. Camilla introduced Ashland and Gaines Sr. and encouraged Gaines to act like paternally toward Ashland. It was incomprehensible to Gaines Sr. that Camilla would scatter this vast estate to this motley collection of beneficiaries. Senior had tried, unsuccessfully, to talk Camilla out of her plan.

After Camilla died, Jesse Gaines Senior and Ashland stewed over her will and came to realize they could fix it. Senior forged a letter, supposedly written by Camilla right before she died, instructing Senior to revise the will. Victoria asked how much “Camilla” left Ashland in this letter. Ashland said it gave him the whole estate. Ashland explained that he and Senior were hurt and angry, and they did a terrible thing. He knew Camilla would’ve been outraged. Ashland used the money to buy the TV stations, which started his empire. Victoria noted that he built his empire on stolen funds. Ashland recognized that Camilla deserved better. When he grew up and realized what he did, it was just too late to change it, and there was no point in exposing Senior’s complicity. Victoria asked why Senior would take such an enormous risk. Ashland said it wasn’t really risky – Camilla didn’t have any heirs to challenge the will, and making Ashland the beneficiary seemed to be a logical choice. It was generous, but not suspicious. He said Senior just really wanted to reward Ashland’s service commitment to Camilla and her company. Victoria knew that Jesse Gaines Jr. currently worked for Ashland. She asked if he was in on this. Ashland said absolutely not – Junior was an idiot and a worthless human being, even Senior knew that. Senior made a foolish mistake – he didn’t dispose of the original letter from Camilla stipulating that Ashland wasn’t to receive an inheritance. Junior found it, and he saved it. After Senior died, Junior used the letter to blackmail Ashland. When Junior found out Ashland was dying, he realized this was the end of the gravy train. Junior wasn’t bright enough to make another living, so he demanded one last big payout from Ashland. Victoria realized that Ashland was trying to gather money to pay Gaines Jr, not for a wedding present. Ashland was ashamed he’d lied to Victoria and that he did it so easily. He said the scared little boy became a ruthless cutthroat, and after living that way for a lifetime, it became second nature. He’d wanted to shield her from this. She asked where things stood with Gaines now that Ashland paid him off. Was he gone? He admitted that Victor beat him to paying off Gaines.

Victoria asked Ashland if he sought help from Victor to pay off Gaines. He said of course not. Ashland didn’t know how Victor got involved. When Ashland got to the hotel with Gaines’ money, Victor was there, Gaines was gone, and Victor said he’d handled it. Victoria didn’t understand why her dad got involved. Ashland said Victor made it clear that it wasn’t for Ashland’s sake. “He loves you so much and he just sees how happy you are and he wants you to stay that way,” Ashland said. Victoria felt like there had to be more to it. Ashland knew nothing was simple when it came to Victor. He suggested that Victor was concerned that, with the Newman/Locke merger, this would hurt the company’s image. Victoria thought that was probably it. Ashland imagined that Victor was delighted to have leverage over him. Aside from that, he took Victor at his word. Victor had said he could relate to making regretful choices in his youth, and he didn’t want the foolish things Ashland did when he was young to derail his relationship with Victoria.

Ashland said Gaines Jr. was still a threat, because he still had the first letter from Camilla. Since Victor handled this, he didn’t know about the letter or that he had to retrieve it to neutralize Gaines. Ashland said Gaines Jr. despised him and he always had. Victoria asked why. According to Ashland, Gaines Sr. had no respect for Gaines Jr. and he didn’t think his son measured up to Ashland. Victoria thought that sounded like a twisted form of sibling rivalry. Ashland suspected that Gaines Jr. had been fantasizing about taking him down for years, but he didn’t because he was relying on Ashland’s money. Now that Ashland was dying, Gaines probably realized it was now or never. “And if he tries to come after you in any way, you do realize that it’s gonna blow back on my company, don’t you?,” Victoria asked. “Our company,” Ashland clarified. Victoria stated that this was fraud, conspiracy and theft, and as Ashland said, if she didn’t come forward, she’d be complicit. He thought they were protected from any legal repercussions. She asked if he was sure. He said the statute of limitations ran out a long time ago, but this would tarnish the reputation of Locke Communications Group, and since their companies had merged, Newman would also face the fallout. Victoria didn’t know what to say. He asked her to put that aside for a moment because he wanted to know if she was still going to marry him.

As the CEO of the company, Victoria said it was her responsibility to focus on the business aspect of this first. “If this story comes out it is gonna undermine everything that we’ve accomplished. I have spent years trying to make Newman strong and resilient and now I have to worry about a ticking time bomb!, she said. Ashland still thought there was a chance they could keep this quiet. But what was really weighing on him was what was going on between the two of them. He didn’t want to pressure her to follow through with the wedding. He didn’t think she needed to make that choice now. She ordered him not to tell her how to react, and she asserted that she never should’ve been been put in this position. He agreed and said he never intended her to be pulled into this. He’d tried to keep this secret under wraps for forty years, and he’d planned to take it to the grave. He was so sorry she was going through this, but he wanted her to understand why he did what he did. He asked if there was any chance they could work through this.

Billy entered Society and overheard Elena tell Nate that she was excited about going to Italy. Billy suggested that they do the double date they’d been planning in Tuscany. They wondered if the four of them could fly out together, and Nate said that Ashland was sending his jet to Genoa City to pick Nate and Elena up tonight. That didn’t work for Billy. Lily was still out of town with Mattie, and they had kids’ schedules to figure out. He added that Ashland would probably reroute the flight to Antarctica if Billy was on board. Nate said Lily told him there was tension between Billy and Ashland. Billy said he told Victoria and Ashland that they were rushing into things. Elena pointed out that there was a reason for that. Billy acknowledged Ashland was on borrowed time, but in Billy’s opinion, there were other factors that should take precedence. He still hoped Victoria called off the wedding.

Elena said she and Nate were friends with Ashland and Victoria, and Ashland adored Victoria. “Of course he does. What’s not to love?,” Billy asked. Billy made it clear that he wasn’t pining for his ex – he and Lily were deliriously happy, and he wanted Victoria to be happy too. However, he didn’t think Ashland was the man he said he was. He understood that they saw Ashland differently – he was charismatic and likely fun to be around. Nate said his friendship with Ashland went deeper than that. He admired the graceful way Ashland was handling his illness. Elena thought Billy should support Ashland and Victoria instead of trying to hold him accountable for something he may have done ages ago. Nate stated that Billy had a past, and Lily accepted him for who he was today. Billy said he and Lily had known each other forever, and he’d been open and honest with her about everything, but he couldn’t say the same for Ashland. If looking out for his children and their mother made him a hypocrite, he was fine with that. He wasn’t going to ignore the red flags. Elena asked if Billy was going to interfere with the wedding. Billy said that Victoria was capable of making her own decisions, and he wanted to make sure she had all the facts. “The facts according to whom?,” Nate asked. Billy got a text and abruptly left.

Sally ran into Adam in the park and told him she had a lot of luggage, so they’d need a big car for the trip from the airport. He noted that they weren’t going for long. She had to bring her sewing machine, steamer and other equipment. He said he’d reserve a limo. He asked if she had a plan to get in front of Victoria. She was working on it, and she was sure she’d come up with a strategy once she scoped out the villa. He told her it was a Palazzo. She thought those were the same thing, and he explained that, traditionally, a villa was a country home, a getaway, while the Palazzo was the official residence in town, though these days, they were interchangeable. She guessed the family Palazzo was gorgeous beyond belief. He’d never been there, and she said they could explore it together. He told her they were flying on the same jet – that didn’t mean they were together. She thought that sounded like a distinction without a difference.

Adam made it clear that he and Sally weren’t a couple, and she wasn’t his date to the wedding. They wouldn’t be sleeping in the same room. She told him she was kidding – she understood and was fine with the ground rules. She added that he wasn’t quite as irresistible as he thought he was. He started to defend himself, but she was joking again. Sally said they were just travel companions and colleagues, and she’d make sure no one got the wrong idea, since she thought that was his biggest concern. He said it was his second biggest concern, after making sure she didn’t get the wrong idea. Adam got a text and said he had to leave. Chloe arrived as Sally mentioned the airport. Chloe asked what was going on, and Sally brought her up to speed. Adam left. Chloe didn’t think this was a good idea. Sally felt compelled to at least try and get the dress to Victoria. Chloe questioned going with Adam. Sally said that Adam was the bride’s brother, with an actual invite, and he could get her past security. Chloe understood, but she didn’t like it. Sally said she and Adam weren’t going over as a couple – this wasn’t about romance. Chloe was concerned Sally would start thinking about romance because of the setting – a lavish wedding at a beautiful palazzo. Sally thought Chloe worried too much.

The text Adam got informed him that Billy was at Society, but by the time Adam arrived, Billy was gone. Adam texted to ask if Billy met with anyone. The P.I. replied that Billy met with Nate and Elena. Inside, Elena told Nate that she wanted to hire a full time nurse for the clinic. He said he’d talk to Devon. Adam walked in and made up a story about how he was supposed to be meeting Billy here. They said Billy got a text and left. They assumed he got a scoop. Adam looked at the ChancComm site and didn’t see any breaking news stories. Nate asked why Adam would be meeting with Billy, since they weren’t on good terms. Adam said that his sister’s wedding was coming up, so he’d wanted to make a temporary truce with Billy, for the sake of family unity. Elena was surprised Adam was going. Adam said that he and Nick were in a better place after Faith’s transplant, and he wanted to improve his relationship with Victoria too. He said he was hoping he and Billy could agree to be happy for Victoria and Ashland and make a pact not to disrupt the wedding. Nate didn’t think Billy and Adam were on the same page about that.

Elena mentioned that she and Nate would be at the wedding and that Nate was Ashland’s best man. Adam thought that was terrific. Adam left. Elena thought it was nice that Adam was supporting his sister. Nate assumed Adam was trying to score points with Victor. Nate thought it was good that Adam was being civil though, because he could be trouble, and Ashland and Victoria had enough trouble to deal with. Elena wanted to go home and make sure she packed everything. Nate said she could buy things in Italy. She just really wanted this trip to go well. She thought it would be a great step forward for them, and she was glad he decided to give them another chance to get it right. He was feeling good about them too. He was glad about taking some time off work and spending time with her. He said it didn’t even have to be in one of the most beautiful countries on earth – it could even be Fresno.

Marty, the investigator working for Billy, found Gaines Jr. and brought him to Billy’s home. Billy arrived after getting the text from Marty. Billy noted that Gaines left after agreeing to give Billy a scoop on Ashland. Gaines got a better offer. Billy assumed it was from Victor, and he asked how much it was. Gaines said it was more than Billy offered before, and he assumed it was more than Billy was going to offer now. “Newman won’t be happy that I gave his people the slip. He’s gonna be even more furious if I go back on my word and tell you what I know about Locke. So I need you to guarantee me protection from him. Or this conversation ends right now,” Gaines said.

Billy was confident he could protect Gaines. Gaines wanted more than just Billy’s word. He wanted to sign off on every detail Billy’s security team came up with. Billy asked why Gaines came back if he was concerned about Victor’s reaction. Billy sensed that this was about more than money. He got the feeling that Gaines wanted this story to come out. Gaines confirmed that this was personal to him, and he said Billy would understand why after they made their deal. Billy had already deduced that Ashland and Gaines Sr. cooked up an illegal scheme that helped Ashland launch his career. Gaines said Billy was on the right track. Gaines was ready to tell all as soon as they settled on a price and Billy guaranteed him protection from Victor.

Sally ran into Adam at Crimson Lights. She had found some earrings that would go perfect with the dress, and she thought he could give them to Victoria as a wedding gift. He already chose a gift. His assistant found a chef who’d make Ashland, Victoria and the kids a delicious home cooked meal on any night of their choosing. Sally thought that gift had a great balance – special and kind of posh, but considerate and homey. She was sure Victoria would appreciate the effort Adam was making. Sally had to step away to do something. Victor called to see if Adam was at the airport. Adam told Victor that Billy got some kind of tip, presumably about Ashland. Victor was disturbed, because Jesse Gaines had slipped through the fingers of his security team, and he had a feeling Billy had something to do with it. Victor instructed Adam to stay on it, because they had to make sure that man didn’t cause any further damage.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, October 5 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Billy was dining alone at Society. Adam walked in and asked if Lily finally left him. Billy said that Lily was away on a trip. They traded barbs, which concluded with Billy said he’d be at the wedding, unlike Adam. Adam clarified that he’d be there too, because Victoria invited him. Adam thought Victoria finally found a man worthy of her. Billy assumed that Adam was going as Victor’s plus one. Adam stated that Victoria personally invited him, and he graciously accepted. Billy found that hard to believe, but it didn’t matter, because he heard there might not be a wedding. Adam thought this was a lame attempt to get him to cancel his plans. Billy didn’t care what Adam did. He said that Victoria already left, but she might not walk down the aisle. Adam thought this was more wishful thinking on Billy’s part. Billy was sure Victoria would wake up and realize the insanity of committing to an enigma of a man. Adam stated that his sister was deeply in love, and for the first time in a long time, she knew exactly what she was doing. Billy didn’t think Adam had any insight into Victoria’s heart, given their history of hostility. Adam noted that Billy had a rocky past with Victoria, so he might not know her much better. Adam said that maybe Billy didn’t recognize Victoria and Ashland’s true love because he was comparing it to Billy’s sitcom-inspired relationship with Victoria. Billy argued that Adam had no idea what his relationship with Victoria was like. Adam said it was less than a week to the wedding, so Victoria was past the point of no return. Billy suggested that something or someone would help Victoria see the light.

Billy went to work and talked to his investigator on the phone. He was positive that Camilla Rhodes mentioned Ashland in the will. The investigator found something that both startled and angered Billy. He called Ashland a son of a bitch. Billy’s investigator, Marty, arrived. She informed Billy that there were no record of Camilla Rhodes’ will or her banking records. He asked if Ashland made them permanently disappear. She couldn’t be sure, but she said her people may have hit paydirt on another angle. They finally got a lead on Jesse Gaines. Billy asked where Jesse was, because he likely had all the answers Billy was looking for.

Adam called Victor, who appeared to be at an outdoor cafe somewhere. He said he was in a bit of a hurry, as he was going to Summer’s wedding. Adam just wanted Victor to know that Billy might be planning to disrupt Victoria’s wedding. Victor groaned that Billy hated to see Victoria happy. He wanted Adam to help him stop Billy. Adam wasn’t sure he was the right man for the job, since Victoria barely tolerated him. Victor thought Adam should do this for Victoria since she invited him to the wedding.

Sally and Chloe were in a hotel suite at The Grand Phoenix. Sally unzipped a garment bag and showed Chloe the dress. Chloe loved it and she thought it was way better than the one Lauren’s team made for Victoria (Lauren had shown Chloe pictures). Sally wanted to find a creative way to get this dress on Victoria. Chloe didn’t think Newman Media needed Sally pulling an over the top stunt. Chloe decided to call Victoria and mislead her into thinking that Lauren wanted her to come here for another dress fitting. Chloe said if Victoria wore this dress, Newman Media would be one step closer to becoming a fashion house, as Chloe dreamed. Chloe made the call, and Victoria’s assistant revealed that Victoria left for Tuscany already. Chloe felt horrible for Sally, who went through all that trouble for nothing. Sally wasn’t giving up. She was going to bring the dress to Tuscany.

Chloe and Sally went to Society. Chloe thought that Sally was taking it too far, flying all the way to Italy. Sally was confident that Victoria would love the dress as much as Chloe did. Chloe noted that Sally had a big strike against her, due to the machinations against Victoria’s niece. Sally knew the odds were against her, but this was her make it or break it moment. Chloe admired Sally’s determination and wished her luck. Chloe left to take a call. Sally saw Adam and asked if she could bum a ride to Italy with him. Sally told Adam her dilemma. He knew she was talented. He said if he went along with this little stunt, he still wanted to keep things strictly professional with Sally. She said that if Victoria wore her dress, it would get Newman’s fashion division more clicks than all the other divisions combined. He commented on her confidence. She asked if it would really be that terrible to fly over together and keep each other company. He decided to help her.

Later, Adam met with an invsestigator and told them to find out everything about ChancComm’s investigation into Jesse Gaines. Adam instructed the man to stay one step ahead of Billy Abbott.

Victoria and Ashland arrived at her family palazzo in Tuscany. Ashland opined that it was as breathtaking as the woman he wanted to marry. Alessia, the household manager, showed them to a bedroom and left them alone. Victoria was quiet, so Ashland filled the silence by marveling at the house. Victoria had been planning to say this on their wedding night, but she decided to say it now – Victor gave them the deed to The Palazzo as a wedding gift. Ashland thought it sounded like there was still going to be a wedding. She asked if he thought she’d fly 4,000 miles on his private jet if she’d already decided not to get married. She was leaving things open so that they could talk without interruptions. She was expecting this new confession he had to make to be worse than the others.

Ashland wanted to do everything in his power to convince Victoria to marry him, but he wasn’t going to do that, because he didn’t want to push her into doing something that didn’t feel right in her heart. Victoria knew Ashland got whatever he wanted, and part of the reason she fell in love with him was she was exactly the same way. He hoped tha love would endure. She said she still loved him. He realized he should’ve been forthcoming form the start. She sort of understood why he didn’t. She said she grew up with a father who kept things from the family whenever it suited him. She lived with Billy and his lies and gambling. He felt regretful about creating another cloud of dishonesty in her world. He said that he never told anyone, except her and Nick, about the decision he made the night of the crash. There were only two people who knew this other thing that he needed to tell her. He said there had been a wall around him ever since his damaged childhood that he couldn’t let anyone else through. He tried to lower the wall for her, but it didn’t come naturally or easily. He made some huge mistakes, and he wanted to make it right. He wanted and needed to make this work more than anything. He vowed to prove he wouldn’t ever lie again. She said it was more that he withheld information. He promised that wouldn’t happen again. Victoria assumed this had something to do with Jesse Gaines, and Ashland confirmed it. He thought it was time he told her how he made his fortune. It had been a long day though, so he suggested they go get some food, and he thought she’d need a glass of wine or two.

It was the day after Sharon and Rey’s honeymoon-inspired date. They were at Crimson Lights, and she was wearing the perfume he gave her. Mariah entered, and she was in a good mood. Sharon carefully asked where this new attitude was coming from. Mariah said not to worry – she and Tessa weren’t pregnant, but having a baby wasn’t off the table. Rey didn’t realize Mariah and Tessa were thinking of having a baby. Sharon explained that she didn’t say anything out of respect for Mariah’s privacy. Mariah said that Sharon and Tessa thought having a baby was a knee jerk reaction, but she and Tessa had an amazing conversation, and they agreed not to even discuss it until after Victoria’s wedding. Sharon thought that was a good idea to give everyone some time to think. Mariah was going to visit Abby and the baby today. She wanted to apologize and explain about her abrupt departure. Sharon was concerned, but Mariah insisted that she could handle it. She left. Rey thought Mariah seemed back on track, but Sharon didn’t think that was the case.

Sharon’s instincts told her that there were warning signs with Mariah. According to Sharon, Mariah specialized in pretending things were okay when they weren’t. Tessa came in, and Sharon told her about Mariah’s visit. Tessa didn’t realize Mariah planned to go to Abby’s. Sharon said that Mariah seemed upbeat, and she asked if Tessa thought that was true. Tessa wanted to believe Mariah was doing better. She said Mariah was angry at first about Tessa and Sharon talking behind her back, but she seemed to calm down, and she agreed to put the baby discussion on the back burner until they got back from Tuscany. Sharon was glad Tessa and Mariah were going to the wedding – she thought they both needed a vacation and time away.

Abby and Devon were asleep in the Chancellor living room. Abby bolted awake to check on Dominic. He was calm in his bassinet, and his breathing and temperature were normal. She told Devon that it looked like Dominic would be okay. Devon got on his phone, and Abby hoped he was texting Amanda. That was what he was doing. Abby was sorry she kept Devon here all night, but he said they both fell asleep watching Dominic, which wasn’t her fault. She said that they slept through the night, which meant Dominic slept through the night too. She went to get a bottle, and Devon looked in on Dominic. Mariah showed up, and Devon told her what happened last night. She went over to check the baby. Devon said Dominic only needed saline drops, and it was nothing to worry about. He added that Abby only called him because she was having trouble getting Dominic to sleep. “Abby called you,” Mariah said. Abby came in and was happy to see Mariah. Mariah said she was sorry for how she abruptly moved out, but Tessa was helping her, and she felt like she was in a better place. Abby said she and Devon were there for Mariah. Mariah thought it seemed a little soon for Dominic to be sick, and she asked what Abby did to treat him. Abby said Dom was fine. She asked when Mariah and Tessa were leaving for Tuscany. Mariah said they were flying out soon, but she’d been stockpiling breast milk and she was bringing bottles. Abby revealed that she’d decided not to go. Dominic was too young to fly, in her opinion, and she didn’t want to leave him with a nanny that long. She also decided to switch Dominic to formula.

Abby hoped this was okay with Mariah. Mariah was fine with it. Abby wanted to make this as easy on Mariah as possible, so if she had feelings or emotions she wanted to share, Abby was listening. Devon said the same applied to him. Mariah thanked them for understanding and left. Dominic didn’t finish the whole bottle, and he was crying again. They decided to call the doctor again just to be safe. The pediatrician wasn’t too concerned since the baby was active and alert. The call ended, and Abby said she was already an overreacting mom. Devon said you couldn’t overreact when you had a little life like that to take care of.

Mariah went home and remembered unsuccessfully trying to convince Tessa that they should have a baby. Tessa came home and said Sharon and Rey said Mariah went to see Abby. Mariah hoped they weren’t keeping tabs on her. Tessa said it wasn’t like that, but she was surprised Mariah didn’t mention her plans to visit earlier. Mariah said it was a spur of the moment decision that didn’t go how she planned. She said that Bowie was sick, and Abby said it was only a cold, but even if it was, he wasn’t even a month old. Mariah couldn’t help but worry. Tessa was sure Abby was doing everything she could to take care of him. Mariah said that Abby called the doctor, who said things were fine. Mariah said she couldn’t leave the country while Bowie was sick. Tessa thought Mariah should take a step back and let Abby deal with this. Tessa was sure Abby would take great care of the baby. Mariah yelled that she couldn’t just stop caring about the baby because they didn’t live with him anymore. She loved Bowie, and he was sick. She said that having their own baby was supposed to help – she’d have someone new she could put her love into, but Tessa shut that idea down. Tessa said she didn’t shut down the idea, she just felt they should talk about it more. She thought they’d agreed to table this discussion until after the trip. Mariah said she wasn’t going to Italy. She had to be here in case Bowie needed her.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, October 4 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Christine

Nick refused to tell Billy what he found in New Jersey. Victoria told Ashland she still loved him, but she wanted the whole truth about him, starting with the reason Jesse Gaines was in town. Ashland asked Victoria if they could talk on the plane to Tuscany, and she said yes. They agreed to fly to Italy tonight. Nick ran into Victoria and asked if they could talk, but she said no. they disagreed about whether he betrayed her. Ashland didn’t want Nick to tell anyone what he learned in New Jersey. Amanda and Devon’s night together was cut short because Abby needed Devon’s help with Dominic. Dom and Devon spent time alone when Abby stepped out to buy something for the baby’s congestion. Amanda spent time with Phyllis. Phyllis heard Devon was with Dominic, and she told Amanda about Jack’s bond with Summer. Amanda thought Phyllis was delivering a warning that the baby could come between her and Devon. Amanda said she supported Devon being in Dominic’s life. Amanda asked if Jack’s bond with Summer caused tension between Nick and Phyllis. Without naming names, Billy sought Amanda’s input on Ashland coming into money at the age of twenty. She shared her thoughts, and it made him think that Ashland and Camilla Rhodes’ lawyer worked together to tamper with the will. Phyllis told Amanda that she regretted the way she and Billy hurt Jack. Sally told Adam how determined she was to get her dress to Victoria.

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Y&R Update Monday, October 4 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Billy approached Nick at Society and asked what he found in New Jersey. Nick refused to discuss it. Billy contended that they both wanted the same thing, but Nick argued that Billy just wanted to damage Victoria’s relationship at any cost. Billy stated that he wanted the truth. Billy had been following Ashland’s money, and he had a theory on it. Nick ordered Billy to let it go. Billy thought that Nick found out something bad. Nick was tired of Billy pretending like they were co-conspirators in a plan to bring Ashland down. Nick only cared about protecting his sister. Billy said he wanted that too. Nick thought Billy wanted to be proven right and that he’d get sanctification out of knowing he wasn’t the only person who let Victoria down. Billy said that wasn’t true, and he accused Nick of sounding like Victor. Billy was a little hurt that Nick thought that way of him, but he agreed to drop the subject, and he said he’d see Nick in Tuscany. Nick didn’t reply, and Billy asked if the wedding was off. Nick said there would be a wedding and that he was finished with the discussion. He was flying to Milan to see his daughter get married. He left.

Victoria and Ashland were in in the hotel suite he rented to give her some space. Ashland was ready to hear what Victoria had to say. He also hoped she didn’t blame Nick for trying to protect her. Ashland never had familial love and loyalty growing up, and he thought it was worth holding onto. She said she didn’t come to discuss Nick. She also didn’t come to judge him for a decision he made as a desperate kid. She could see that it haunted him. She didn’t understand the choices he’d made since they got together, though. Being being lied to was unsettlingly familiar to Victoria, because she’d lived with a habitual gambler for years. Billy was charming and fun, but he was a master at lying to her. One of the reasons Victoria fell in love with Ashland was that she thought he was nothing like that. Now it turned out that he was just as unpredictable as Billy, she said. Ashland believed Billy’s search into Ashland’s past resurrected these old feelings of uncertainty in Victoria. Victoria said she couldn’t and wouldn’t live with lies again.

Victoria noted that she asked Ashland point blank if there was anything else she needed to know, and he swore there wasn’t. It made her wonder if there was anything else he was holding back and not willing to admit until he was forced into a corner. He understood how she felt and he hated that she saw the similarity between him and an addict. He asked if he could do anything to change that. She wanted the whole truth, and she thought they should start with the real reason Jesse Gaines was in Genoa City. Ashland promised Victoria the whole unvarnished truth about Jesse, but he asked if he could tell her on the flight to Tuscany. His plane was ready to go whenever they were ready. He said that, despite what she’d learned, he wanted to believe she still loved him. “How could I stop loving you? You’ve gotten inside of my heart. And that’s not something that you get rid of so easily,” Victoria replied. He was relieved. She thought the flight might be a good idea. They could get away from her family and the people trying to interfere, and maybe they could work things out.

Nick entered the hotel as Victoria was leaving. He was hoping that she’d gone up to Phyllis’s suite looking for him. She snapped that he was the last person she wanted to see, and she told him off about betraying her. She said that Ashland was the first man in a long time that she felt this kind of connection with, and they pulled off the merger of a lifetime. She asked Nick not to investigate, and he did anyway. He said he had concerns about Ashland, and Ashland only told the truth because he’d been forced into it. Nick didn’t see how he’d betrayed Victoria. She accused him of trying to dig up something before the wedding to make her doubt Ashland. He said that wasn’t his goal. Ashland came downstairs and overheard Nick ask Victoria if she had more doubts about Ashland.

Ashland went over and informed Nick that he and Victoria were flying to Tuscany tonight. Victoria had to go home and pack. She told Ashland that she didn’t want her brother at the wedding. She left. Nick asked Ashland how the hell he pulled this off. Ashland said Victoria was more open minded than Nick. He said that, like Victor, Victoria realized that the world wasn’t black and white and that people made mistakes and could be forgiven. Nick stated that he’d made mistakes and forgiven people. Ashland said it was clear that Nick hoped Victoria wouldn’t forgive him. Nick said he wanted Victoria to know who she was dealing with, and now she did. Nick started to leave, but Ashland said they weren’t finished.

Ashland said that what happened to “Bobby DeFranco” the night of the car accident, the choice he made was the most painful event of his life. It was tragic and overwhelming. “And character defining,” Nick added. Ashland said Nick would never understand what he’d carried inside of him since then and what it took to relive it with Victoria earlier. All Ashland could do was look forward. He said if Nick had any decency or compassion, he’d keep what he knew to himself.

Devon and Amanda played poker at their place. She thanked him for this perfect way to unwind after spending the night at the ER with Naya. The doctors handled the incident easily, but they warned the family to expect these kinds of things with her illness. Amanda was relieved the doctors took care of it. Back to the game, she thought he was bluffing, because his eyes were smoldering, but he suggested that was just the way he looked at her. She won the game, but he smiled and told her he still felt pretty lucky.

Abby was at home, and the baby was crying. Abby wished Nina was here to help, instead of in California. She noted that his father wasn’t there. Abby thought about calling Mariah and decided against it. Back at the penthouse, Devon and Amanda were flirting over the game of cards when Abby called and asked about Amanda’s mom. He said she was fine. He heard Dominic crying and asked about it. She was sorry for calling at this hour, but she’d tried everything, and last time Devon was the only one who could calm the baby. She was sorry for interrupting his night with Amanda. Amanda told Devon to go.

Devon and Abby thought Dominic felt warm and that he sounded congested, so she called the pediatrician. Dr. Bradley suggested saline drops, and since Dom had calmed down in Devon’s arms, Abby asked him to babysit while she went to the pharmacy. She left, and he told the baby how much everyone loved him. Abby returned with the drops and gave them to Dominic. She and Devon high fived, and she thanked him for everything. She promised to perfect the parenting thing so she didn’t have to keep calling him. He wanted her to keep calling – he’d take any excuse to see Dom. She said he was always welcome. She hadn’t spoken to Mariah, outside texts about Tessa dropping off milk for the baby. Abby didn’t want things this way, but she had to accept it for now. Devon said they’d just wait to help once Mariah was ready. She was video journaling for Chance again. She felt bad that he was missing the first few weeks of the baby’s life. Devon said that Chance would have a lifetime of memories with the baby. Dom cried, and Devon got him out of the bassinet. Abby watched them together and smiled. Devon fell asleep in Abby’s living room.

Amanda went to The Grand Phoenix to visit Phyllis. Phyllis playfully pouted about Amanda moving out of the hotel without telling her. Phyllis was excited Amanda and Devon moved in together. Phyllis thought it was about time those two acknowledged what the rest of the world saw. She saw the chemistry and respect between Amanda and Devon. Amanda felt lucky to have such a great guy. Amanda was free since Devon was helping Abby, so she wanted to see if Phyllis wanted to hang out. Phyllis was happy to spend time with her friend, but she looked concerned about Abby and Devon. She asked how Devon was doing after the baby was born. Amanda said it had a profound effect on him, and he felt a deep connection with the baby.

Devon called Amanda and brought her up to speed on Dominic. She was glad he went to help Abby. The call ended, and she relayed the information to Phyllis. Amanda didn’t seem bothered, but Phyllis looked suspicious. Phyllis said Jack delivered Summer, and they had a special connection, even though they weren’t biologically related. Amanda asked if Jack’s connection to Summer caused conflict between Phyllis and Nick. Phyllis said there were extenuating circumstances. Amanda felt like Phyllis was trying to warn her that this Devon’s bond with Dominic could cause trouble between Devon and Amanda. Phyllis said she wasn’t doing that. Amanda said she supported Devon being a big part of Dominic’s life. She saw this as something that had enriched Devon’s life, and by extension, hers. Amanda thought it was great that Phyllis and Jack were so close. She heard they were married once, and she asked what happened. Phyllis wasn’t sure the hotel lobby was the place to discuss it.

Phyllis and Amanda went to Society, and Billy was still there. He told Phyllis she just missed Nick. Phyllis asked Billy if he didn’t need to meet Lily, and he said that Lily was in California handling a minor crisis with Mattie, so he was free. Phyllis groaned because she couldn’t have an intimate conversation with Amanda with Billy here. Amanda suggested the three of them could have a drink, as long as Billy agreed to behave. He promised he would. Phyllis stepped away to take a call from her hotel manager. Billy and Amanda caught up. She said she was going to be opening her own legal practice with her sister. He was happy for her. She was glad things were going well for him. He told her they were having an issue with a story. ChancComm was following the money of a twenty year old who came into a huge influx of money. He wanted Amanda’s take on the case. Amanda said maybe this guy formed a connection with someone who left him an inheritance. She granted that it was a long shot though. He asked how difficult it was to change a will of someone who passed away. He knew she worked on a similar case when she first came to town. She said the person who’d have the easiest time changing a will was the attorney who drew up the will in the first place, though they’d face disbarment and jail time. Another way to do it was if someone came forward with a document saying the deceased changed their mind. Phyllis returned and asked what Billy and Amanda were talking about so intently.

Phyllis made it clear she wanted Billy to go, and he took the hint and left. Amanda got the feeling that Billy and Phyllis were intense together. She said they did crazy things, and she’d always regret the way they destroyed Jack. Phyllis said she held Jack close to her heart.

Billy went to work and called his P.I. and asked them to find out everything they could about Camilla Rhodes’ will. He wanted to find out if Ashland pulled off something shady to get her money.

At Crimson Lights, Adam overheard Sally talking with the person who’d be sewing the dress she designed for Victoria. He asked about it, and she told him that if Victoria wore the dress, the publicity would be good for Newman Media. She added that, if the dress was a hit, they could make a cheaper version and sell it to consumers. He told her she was taking quite a gamble with his money. She said this was an investment, not a gamble. She was sure that Victoria would love it and insist on wearing it. Adam said Victoria wouldn’t wear the dress if she knew it was from Sally. Sally was hoping Victoria would appreciate the design and craftsmanship and maybe respect Sally’s chutzpah. “You clearly don’t know my sister at all,” he replied. Sally said Adam might be the black sheep of the family, but you didn’t get to be the CEO of Newman Enterprises without occasionally fighting to get what you wanted. She hoped Victoria would see a bit of herself in Sally and admire the effort it took to get her the perfect dress. Adam said Sally might piss Victoria off. Sally was willing to take the risk. She knew there was no love lost between Victoria and Phyllis, so it might be a bonus that Phyllis despised Sally. Adam said Summer was Nick’s daughter, and Victoria was close to them both, so Victoria wouldn’t appreciate what Sally did to her niece. Sally didn’t think she hurt anyone, since Summer was at her dream job and marrying her dream guy.

Sally showed Adam the dress she designed and she asked for his opinion. He thought it was spectacular. He asked if Chloe helped, and she said no it was 100% her design. She hoped it’d be ready to show Victoria by tomorrow afternoon. He asked what if it wasn’t – would she fly to Tuscany and crash a destination wedding? She was going to do whatever it took. He thought she was playing with fire. She believed he liked that about her. He stammered that he never said that, but she told him he did. She said she was going to seize the day, like her namesake and create a huge buzz for the fashion platform in the process. He said that when she set her mind to something, she really committed to it.

Victoria went to the office and stared at the portrait.

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Y&R Update Friday, October 1, 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At Society, Ashland thought about and decided against calling Victoria. Nate came in to get some dessert to surprise Elena. Nate noticed Ashland seemed a little off. Ashland said he was dealing with unresolved issues. Nate said he was here if Ashland needed a friend. Ashland replied that it’d been awhile since he had one of those, and he could use one now. Ashland said some details about his life that he wanted to keep private recently came to light. When he was young and desperate, he made some choices people might not understand. In a defining moment, he saw the opportunity to improve his life, and he grabbed it. Since that time, he worked tirelessly to become the man he is now, and he tried to forget the man he used to be, as if one could truly forget one’s history. His bride-to-be knew about this chapter now. Nate admitted he suspected something happened because Victoria was unusually tense earlier. Ashland said that was before Victoria even knew the whole story. Nate asked if the wedding was still on.

Nate liked to think he was a good judge of character, and he believed Ashland was a decent guy. Ashland said thanks – it meant the world to him that Nate though of him that way. Nate believed most people had ghosts of one kind or another in their past. Ashland appreciated Nate giving him the benefit of the doubt. He hoped Victoria could be convinced to do the same. Ashland wasn’t expecting to fall in love after his ex ran roughshod over his heart, but Victoria changed all that. She gave him a reason to live. Planning a future with Victoria meant everything to Ashland, and the thought that his past could threaten that… He didn’t know what happened next. His mind told him to wait and give Victoria time, but his heart told him something different. Nate suggested Ashland should follow his heart.

Nikki showed up at Victoria’s office and asked if Ashland had answers to Victoria’s questions. Nikki could see that Victoria was upset, and she offered a non-judgmental ear. Victoria said she finally knew who Ashland was. Victoria told Nikki the whole story about the friend and the car accident. Nikki understood why Ashland wanted to hide it. Victoria said Ashland hid it from her because it was a painful part of his life that he didn’t want to talk about anymore. Victoria saw the pain in Ashland when he told her what happened, and it was heartbreaking watching him relive that story. Victoria was disappointed that the only reason Ashland told her was because, once again, he was backed into a corner. Nikki assumed Billy had forced Ashland’s hand. She said she told Billy to back off. Victoria said it wasn’t Billy – it was much worse – it was Nicholas.

Victoria was tired of people running around behind her back interfering under the guise of looking out for her. Nikki thought Nick genuinely was looking out for Victoria, unlike Billy who was just trying to undermine Victoria’s relationship with Ashland. Nikki said Nick just wanted Victoria to be happy. Victoria said she would be happy if people did as she asked. She asked Nick not to interfere, but he went sneaking around. He disregarded her wishes, and when he got the information, he went to Ashland, and not her. Nikki said that maybe Nick thought Ashland would be able to explain. Victoria said there was no excuse – she was his sister. Nikki was so sorry this happened. Nikki was shocked when Victoria said she dis-invited Nick from the wedding. Nikki thought Victoria would regret not having Nick by her side, if there was still going to be a wedding. Nikki noted that Victoria hadn’t said one thing about how she felt about Ashland. Victoria couldn’t turn her emotions on and off. She still loved Ashland. “Of course you do,” Nikki said. She said she wasn’t trying to tell Victoria what to do. Victoria appreciated the support, but that was all she cared to say. She said Ashland would be the first to know what she decided. Victoria left, and Ashland showed up. and Nikki told him that Victoria just left. He asked if Victoria was at a meeting or making wedding arrangements. Nikki said there was no need to dance around it – Victoria told her everything. Ashland asked if Nikki saw him differently now. Nikki hadn’t decided what she thought of Ashland now. He understood. She hated what it was doing to Victoria. Ashland did too. He loved Victoria and he wanted to make things right. Nikki said she wasn’t going to offer Ashland insight into handling this situation, if that’s what he was hoping for. She thought that he should wait for Victoria to be ready contact him. He said he’d get a hotel room until Victoria let him come home.

Ashland was on his way to the Grand Phoenix elevator when Victoria showed up and called his name.

Nick went to the Abbott house, and Phyllis asked how his trip was. Jack left the room to call the pilot. Nick said Victoria was making a terrible mistake. Nick told Phyllis the Bobby DeFranco story. He said Ashland stole his dead best friend’s identity. Nick had put together bits and pieces of the story, and he’d wanted to confront Ashland alone. He didn’t want to involve Victoria until he knew what he was dealing with, but she and Ashland showed up together and insisted that she stay. Nick said Victoria went off on him and said she was done with him. “That’s what I get for doing the right thing,” he sighed. Phyllis chalked it up to a sibling squabble, but Nick said Victoria didn’t want him at the wedding. Phyllis thought Victoria was just shooting the messenger. Phyllis was shocked Ashland stole a dying man’s identity. Nick explained that Ashamed said he had no way to save his friend’s life, and he had once chance to get away from his abusive father. Phyllis understood making that decision, if the story was true. Nick wondered what else Ashland was hiding. He thought his sister deserved better. Phyllis insisted that Nick had to go to the wedding and work this out with his sister.

Nick wanted to reach out to Victoria, but he thought that space would do them both some good. He’d figure things out after Summer’s wedding. He didn’t want any part of this to cast a shadow on their little girl’s big day. Jack returned and said there was a storm coming, and the pilot thought they should fly out tomorrow morning. Phyllis and Nick were disappointed. Jack said he already talked to Kyle, and he and Summer were willing to adapt. He told them to go home and get some sleep. Phyllis thanked Jack for keeping her company while she waited for Nick, and he said she never had to thank him for that. They left. Traci came in and said she rearranged her schedule so she could fly to Milan with them. Jack said that was great. He added that Ashley was flying in from Paris. Traci noticed a glow in Jack when they talked about Phyllis earlier and a wistfulness when he saw her leave with Nick. Jack admitted he’d been thinking about his history with Phyllis. Traci asked how worried she should be. Traci thought friendship was one thing, but this was Phyllis. Traci hoped he wasn’t planning on creating new memories with Phyllis. Jack said he wasn’t planning to act on his feelings. He respected Phyllis and Nick’s relationship. Traci asked where this was coming from. He thought the whole debacle with Sally made him think about what he’d loved and lost. He didn’t say this to get Traci’s pity. He wanted her to give him space and he didn’t want her to worry about him. She laughed at the idea that she wasn’t going to worry.

Traci found Jack looking at a picture of Dina. He said he had a dream of her giving him advice. It was funny because he used to have visits with their dad after he passed. Traci mentioned that she saw and talked to Colleen all the time. She said sometimes it was about simple things, and sometimes they were more significant, like the day Colleen came into the world and the day she left it. She thought it was normal. He said she never told him that. She didn’t think it was a big deal. He said maybe not. He thought it was amazing he was so invested in parental advice – he never listened to John’s advice when he was alive, and he always felt so so distant from Dina in those later years. Traci said Dina wasn’t known for being parental. She didn’t think it was odd that Jack wanted to listen to his parents now – love never left them, it just changed form. It was their responsibility to recognize the way it came into their lives. He agreed that love came and went and changed shape, but it never died – everyone who touched their heart stayed there, and he felt like they were the better for it.

Phyllis and Nick went to her place and talked to Summer on the phone. They were pleased Summer sounded happy. Phyllis said Summer and Kyle would get the life they deserved. Nick thought every couple should feel that way on their wedding day. Phyllis asked Nick if he regretted finding out the truth about Ashland. She blamed herself for encouraging him to follow his instincts and go to New Jersey. He said he would’ve done it whether she gave him her approval or not. It was completely his decision. He had no regrets. He did what he thought was right, what any brother should do. He said Victoria still loved and respected Ashland despite everything. Phyllis said maybe this strengthened Victoria’s bond with Ashland, and Nick helped Victoria go into this with her eyes open. He knew his sister wouldn’t see it like that, at least any time soon.

At their place, Mariah asked why Tessa talked to Sharon about her emotional state or desire to have a baby. Tessa said Sharon was Mariah’s mother, and they both loved her. Mariah said it should’ve stayed private. Tessa admitted Mariah had a right to be upset, but Tessa didn’t know who else to talk to. Mariah felt Tessa should’ve talked to her, but Tessa said she didn’t feel like she could. Tessa stated that she tried to talk to Mariah, but Mariah didn’t want to hear what she had to say. Mariah said that Tessa knew they could talk about anything. Tessa admitted she backed down because she didn’t want to disappoint Mariah more. Tessa also felt like Mariah wasn’t listening to her. More than anything, Tessa wanted to have a family with Mariah one day, but this wasn’t the right time. There were their careers to think about, they needed a home to live in. Mariah started to wave away Tessa’s concerns, but then she stopped and promised to listen. Tessa wasn’t sure she was ready to be pregnant or be a mom. She was also worried that Mariah’s decision was coming from a place of desperation. “Ouch,” Mariah said. Tessa said Mariah was kidnapped, she gave birth, now she was trying to find her place in Dominic’s life. Tessa thought Mariah was trying to distract from all the emotions going on inside, and she thought Mariah should work through that first. Mariah heard Tessa, but she disagreed.

Mariah said she wasn’t escaping, she was saving herself. She’d been on her own her whole life, and she hadn’t just survived, she thrived, and she said Tessa had done the same. Mariah thought she could be a surrogate then go back to her life, but she couldn’t. “Because you were kidnapped,” Tessa said. Mariah said no it was because being pregnant with Bowie changed her. She was ready to pour love into a child. Tessa wasn’t ready for that. Mariah asked what first time parents were ever ready. Tessa stressed that she needed to be in the right mindset, and she thought Mariah needed to find her balance again. Tessa didn’t think anyone should have a baby to mend a hole in their heart. She insisted that it was wrong to saddle a child with the chore of healing a wound. “It’s not fair to push me for something that I am not ready for because then I will lose my balance and we will both be a mess,” Tessa cried.

Mariah asked if that was it? End of discussion? Tessa said she’d never shut down all conversations about having a baby. She wanted to hear Mariah’s thoughts and help her in any way she could. Tessa thought having honest conversations like this were a step in the right direction. They agreed to keep the lines of communication open. They thought that together, they could handle anything. They said they loved each other, and Tessa said they’d both get to where wanted to be, eventually. She felt it in her heart and soul. Mariah felt that too. In the meantime, Tessa thought they should back off the baby discussion until they got back from Tuscany. Mariah accepted this. She didn’t want to push Tessa away – she needed her more than ever. Tessa said she wasn’t going anywhere without Mariah.

Later, Tessa walked in and saw Mariah in bed, and Tessa said she couldn’t think of a better way to end this day than falling asleep in Mariah’s arms. Tessa chattered about what she and Mariah could do tomorrow, like mani-pedis, but she noticed Mariah’s eyes were closed. Tessa said I love you and turned out the light without climbing into bed. Mariah opened her eyes.

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Y&R Update Monday, September 27 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Billy went to the Grand Phoenix for his meeting with Gaines, who was nowhere to be found. Billy inquired at the front desk. Crystal, the hotel manager, checked the computer and said it looked like he’d checked out. Billy spotted Victor sitting in the lounge, doing something on his phone. He walked over commented on how strange it was for Victor to spend this much time at Phyllis’s establishment. He theorized that Victor sent Gaines away. Victor told Crystal that if anyone was looking for him, he’d be in the hotel restaurant. He left.

Ashland was in Victoria’s office. Gaines had missed their meeting earlier, and Ashland wasn’t happy. He called Gaines and left a testy voice message about it. Ashland warned Gaines that it would be extremely foolish to renege on their deal. Victoria entered, and Ashland dropped the menacing tone and ended the call. Victoria said it sounded like someone was in trouble. Ashland claimed that one of his employees wasn’t getting on board with the merger. Victoria asked why Ashland didn’t just fire them, and he told her that this person was the holder of a lot of institutional knowledge that they couldn’t afford to lose. She felt that he was being deliberately vague, and one again, it felt like he was hiding something from her. She reiterated that he could confide in her. She was his ally, and she’d be his wife. She asked what the phone call was really about. Nikki walked in with terrific news. She realized she was interrupting.

Ashland told Nikki she wasn’t interrupting, and so she announced that, while Tessa had already been slated to sing at the wedding, Leslie Brooks had agreed to play something. Ashland said he couldn’t wait, then he quickly tried to excuse himself. Victoria pointed out that they hadn’t finished their discussion, but he left anyway, claiming he had to make some international calls right this minute. Nikki asked Victoria if everything was alright, and she said of course. It was clear to Nikki that something was on Victoria’s mind. Victoria said she may have spoken too soon when she said Ashland felt safe with her and like he could tell her anything. She said he seemed worried, but he was pretending everything was fine. She wondered if it might have something to do with Billy – maybe he was continuing his harassment campaign. Nikki had no doubt Billy was still investigating. She said other investigators might be trying to dig into Ashland’s history too. Victoria said that Ashland didn’t tell anyone else the truth about his past. Nikki suggested that someone figured it out on their own.

Ashland showed up at the hotel. Billy rushed right over and informed him that Gaines was gone. Victor appeared, and he claimed Ashland was there to meet him. He said their table was waiting. Billy hoped it was a table for three, because he had questions for them both. Laughing, Victor called Billy a pest. Billy didn’t think Victor and Ashland actually scheduled a meeting here. He thought it would be more natural for a board member and company owner to meet would be at Newman Media, which was just around the corner. Ashland said he and Victor were more than colleagues – they were about to be family. Billy hadn’t forgotten. Ashland said he and Victor were here to discuss the wedding. Ashland thought it was obvious that Billy regretted letting Victoria go. Victor said it was a mistake to meet here, and he suggested he and Ashland go to his ranch instead. Billy was sure Ashland had fond memories of the ranch where Victor watched him have a heart attack instead of calling for help. Victor told Billy to take a walk off a cliff.

Billy ran into Victoria and Nikki at Crimson Lights. He mentioned that he saw Ashland earlier, and they Ashland both had a meeting with Jesse Gaines. He stated that this was Ashland’s lawyer, or ex lawyer, who was in town for a few days. Victoria pretended she didn’t care. Billy could tell Victoria was trying to cover the fact that she’d never heard that name before. He was surprised Ashland didn’t tell her about Gaines. Victoria said she, Ashland and Nikki were running an international conglomerate. She asked if he really thought they had time to give each other a rundown of who they spoke to in the course of a day. He tried to convince her that she needed to know Gaines. “I don’t care, Billy!,” she snapped. She ordered him to leave her and Ashland alone and stay the hell out of their lives.

At the ranch, Ashland declined Victor’s offer of a drink. Ashland thanked Victor for running interference with Billy. Ashland could handle Billy, but it was getting to be a bit much. “Don’t worry about it. I took care of it for you, okay?,” Victor stated. Ashland wished that were true, but he thought Billy would remain a thorn in his side. Victor clarified that he was talking about taking care of Gaines, not Billy. Victor asked Ashland if he’d like that drink now. Ashland said Jesse Gaines was a nobody, an old acquaintance he’d recently gotten back in touch with. Victor said Gaines collected $300,000 a year from Ashland for decades, without doing a thing. To Victor, it looked like extortion. Victor offered Jesse a lot of money to leave Ashland alone for good. He said to consider it a wedding gift. Ashland asked if Gaines asked Victor for money. Victor said that he sought Gaines out and offered him a payoff or a prison stint for blackmail. Ashland asked what Gaines said about their history. Victor didn’t care what Gaines had to say. He said he and Ashland were similar – they had rough backgrounds and they pushed people around a lot and did things they’d probably regret now, but it made them who they were today. Victor was a firm believer in letting bygones be bygones. Ashland said that Gaines couldn’t be trusted to keep his word. Victor knew, and he was keeping an eye on him. Victor made it clear that he did this for Victoria, not Ashland. He said Victoria was the happiest she’d ever been because of Ashland, and Victor didn’t want that to change. Victor warned that what he’d done today, he could undo in the blink of an eye. Ashland understood. He promised that he just wanted to make Victoria as happy as she’d made him. “As long as it stays that way, you have nothing to worry about,” Victor replied.

At the Chancellor house, Abby held Dominic and tried to figure out why he was crying.

Mariah entered her hotel suite and found a note saying Tessa was running errands. She started to unpack her bag and found a bib in it. It caused her to flash back to moments with Dominic. Devon stopped by to check on Mariah and Tessa. Mariah said she was good, though it must’ve seemed like she freaked out on the day of the baptism. He said nobody thought that, but they’d been thinking about her. She asked if he and Abby had been discussing her mental health. He said Abby wanted everyone to be happy, and if they weren’t, she felt responsible. He said they were all trying to figure this out together. He wasn’t even sure what his role in Dominic’s life would be.

Holding Dominic in the first moments of his life was the single most amazing experience Devon ever had. He knew that connection would only get stronger. He also knew that he was the godfather, not the father, but it wasn’t that simple. Mariah asked if Devon shared this with Abby. He didn’t, because she had enough on her plate. Mariah asked if he thought she shouldn’t have shared her feelings with Abby. Devon thought Mariah made the right choice, since she and the baby were under the same roof, and she needed that separation. Mariah wondered how things got so out of control. He thought things would settle as time went on, and once Chance got home. He asked how she was really doing. He offered to hire her a bodyguard if she still felt unsafe, though he was sure Stitch was long gone. Right now, she wasn’t too worried, though she’d be relieved if Stitch was found. Mariah stated that she and Tessa had a plan to help Mariah heal. Nothing was concrete yet though. He was glad she was hopeful bout the future. She said she was incredibly excited, and he could tell Abby that she was well on the road to recovery.

Devon showed up at the Chancellor house, and Abby said it was perfect timing because she just put the baby down for a nap. Devon was disappointed, since he’d hoped to spend some time with the baby. They talked about the baby. Dominic was a night owl, but Abby loved motherhood, even when she was up at 3 AM. She asked about his life. He said he asked Amanda to move in. Abby wanted all the details. Dominic started crying, so Abby went upstairs to check on him. Devon looked at his grandma Katherine’s portrait while he waited. Abby brought the baby downstairs, and he was still crying. She said she couldn’t take the oft-given advice to sleep while the baby slept, because he never slept. Devon offered to take Dominic for a walk so Abby could rest. She didn’t want to impose, and he assured her he didn’t mind.

Devon took Dominic to Chancellor park and told him about Katherine, his great grandmother. He said Dominic had the Newmans, Abbotts and Chancellors, and the Winters. He wished Dominic could’ve met Neil. Devon said Dominic had deep roots here, and he’d never question where he belonged.

Tessa went to Crimson Lights. Sharon asked if Mariah was coming. Tessa said Mariah was taking a walk, so Tessa decided to come check in with Sharon. Sharon was glad Tessa came. Sharon said that Mariah asked her for space, and it was really hard to comply. Tessa thanked Sharon for respecting Mariah’s wishes. Sharon was optimistic that Mariah was on the way to emotionally distancing herself from Abby’s baby. Tessa wasn’t so sure about that. She informed Sharon that Mariah wanted a baby as soon as possible. She wanted some advice on how to talk to Mariah about this without upsetting her. Sharon thought that Tessa needed to decide whether she wanted a baby right now. Tessa said it wasn’t just about what she wanted. It was obvious to Tessa that this idea wasn’t coming from a healthy or grounded place. Tessa started crying – the fantasy was lifting Mariah’s spirits, and Tessa didn’t want to take that away from her. Tessa also didn’t want to make promises she might not be able to keep though.

Tessa wasn’t opposed to the general idea of a baby, but she wasn’t sure she was ready, and after all Mariah went through, Tessa didn’t think that Mariah was either. Sharon thought Tessa should follow that instinct. She said Mariah was grieving and trying to fill a void. Tessa said if daydreaming was helping, was there any harm in letting it go on any longer. Sharon didn’t think it was right to let Mariah get her heart set on the idea, then have that taken away from her too. Tessa realized that was true, but she knew talking to Mariah wouldn’t be easy. Sharon thought Mariah would understand.

After Tessa left, Rey showed up. His shift ended early. Sharon was glad to see him, because she needed him to save her from herself. She was having a hard time not running over to the hotel and mothering Mariah to death, whether she wanted it or not. Tessa had made it sound like Mariah was really struggling. Rey thought it was great that Sharon got closer to Tessa while Mariah was missing. That meant Tessa would be more likely to come to Sharon if there was an emergency she needed to get involved in. Sharon admitted that was a good point. In the meantime, he had some ideas for how to keep herself occupied.

Later, Sharon met Rey at Society, where he’d prepared a surprise. He was wearing a shirt he bought in Miami, and the speakers were playing a song they danced to on their last night in Miami. The menu tonight also featured foods they ate on their honeymoon. She wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to top this date. Rey held a fragrance strip in front of Sharon’s nose. Her eyes were closed. It smelled like the botanical gardens in Florida, but she didn’t know where he’d find tropical flowers in Genoa City. He had her open her eyes. She saw a bottle of perfume. He said every time she wore it, she’d be transported back to that magical time, so their honeymoon would never end. She said she had a honeymoon surprise for him when they got home – she’d be wearing nothing but the perfume.

Tessa went home with the mail she picked up from their old apartment. They’d received Victoria and Ashland’s wedding invitation. Mariah thought it was nice that they received an invitation even though they weren’t going to be there as guests and were only invited because Tessa was singing. Tessa was so excited for the trip to Italy. She thought they needed a change of scenery. Mariah said they could try and make plans with Summer and Kyle for after the wedding. Tessa hoped Kyle understood why Mariah couldn’t be his best person at his wedding. Mariah said she explained everything to Kyle, and he was understanding. Mariah thought this would be the perfect trip before she and Tessa settled down, not that you couldn’t travel with a baby. Tessa attempted to say something, but Mariah interjected to share a fantasy about their baby, Bowie, and a child of Amanda and Devon growing up together. Tessa assured Mariah that she wanted a baby with her, but she wasn’t ready yet. She thought they had to make sure they were both prepared to take on this life changing move. Mariah was sad, but she understood.

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Y&R Update Thursday, September 30 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Nick wanted to talk to Ashland alone, but Victoria refused to leave, and Ashland said he wanted her to stay. Victoria testily asked if Nick dug up some ancient dirt. She informed him that she knew what he was up to, thanks to Phyllis being unable to explain why Nick took a trip to the town where Ashland got his start. She said she told her fiance all about it. Nick said this was about a 40 year old car crash that killed a guy named Bobby DeFranco. Ashland tensed up at the mention of the name, and Victoria asked if he was okay. Ashland never wanted to hear that name again, especially from someone in Victoria’s family. She asked who that was, and he revealed that he was Bobby. “You’re… Bobby DeFranco?,” Victoria asked. “I was. Before I became Ashland Locke,” he replied. Victoria shrugged it off – they all knew he’d changed his name. Nick asked if the crash wasn’t concerning. Victoria didn’t think it was a big deal that Ashland tried to cover his tracks by pretending his original identity died in a car crash. Nick clarified that a young man really did die. Ashland admitted this was true, and it was foolish to think he could run from it forever.

Ashland told his story. He was born Robert DeFranco, son of an abusive father and an enabling mother. He had a friend who gave him the courage to change his situation, a young man his parents didn’t even know – the real Ashland Locke. Bobby and Ashland were kindred spirits, so much so, that they did what a lot of dumb sixteen year olds did – they got matching tattoos. Victoria asked Ashland if it was the one on his calf, and he said yeah. Back to 40 years ago, Bobby’s father beat him up for getting a tattoo. Ashland saw Bobby all banged up and convinced him to run away. Ashland and Bobby left together, and they did odd jobs on the Jersey coast. One day, they were at an arcade on the boardwalk in Keansburg, when they heard a commotion. It was Bobby’s father, who was furious and looking for Bobby. Ashland hid Bobby, then he told the father that Bobby had gone to Philadelphia with a girl. After that, Bobby owed Ashland big time, and their bond deepened. They were inseparable. The real Ashland didn’t have a family, and the boys became family to each other. Bobby had big plans for him and Ashland to strike it rich. “So this is about money for you,” Nick interjected. Ashland was shocked that this was what Nick got from this story. Ashland said he and the real Ashland were just kids. They didn’t think about stuff like that or know what they were going to do. The real Ashland wanted to be involved in broadcasting, and somehow he got an interview with this woman name Camilla Rhodes. The woman who became the current Ashland’s mentor. The original Ashland was going to try and intern at one of Camilla’s stations. However, he never got a chance to go to the interview.

The real Ashland owned this beat up Camaro that he liked to drive really fast, and it scared Bobby. The night before the interview, Ashland and Bobby were in the car, and Ashland was speeding. He lost control of the car and hit a tree. Bobby was ejected and knocked unconscious. When he came to, Ashland was pinned against the steering wheel, and he didn’t have a pulse. Bobby couldn’t get his friend out of the car, and it caught fire. Bobby screamed for help and pulled Ashland so hard that Ashland’s wallet flew out of the car. The car was now engulfed in flames, and the situation was disorienting for Bobby. Bobby threw his own wallet on the ground and picked up Ashland’s, then he ran because the car was about to explode. After the explosion, and another car pulled up to see what was going on. Bobby was scared to talk to the other driver, because he thought they’d call the police and that the police would call his dad. When Bobby saw the police coming, he ran off into the woods. At that moment, he made the decision to become Ashland Locke and let his life as Bobby DeFranco burn up in flames.

Victoria asked Ashland where he went after the crash. He went to an old abandoned beach hut, and he stayed there for awhile. He stole newspapers to keep up on the crash. The body was badly burned, and the police assumed, due to the wallet, that the dead teen was Bobby DeFranco. The father was called in to identify the body, and he made a positive I.D. based on the tattoo on the calf. DNA testing was limited in those days, so there was no need to investigate further. Ashland took this chance for a fresh start and a permanent escape from hell with his father. He went to the interview with Camilla Rhodes, who wasn’t suspicious when Bobby showed up, because she’d never met never met the real Ash. He got the job, and the rest was history. Nick thought this split second decision to switch wallets seemed awfully calculated. Ashland said he’d been surrounded by flames and smoke, and his only friend in the world was dead. He knew his father would’ve beat him for days if he’d found him, and so his survival instincts kicked in. Nick asked why Ashland didn’t ask the other driver to help him pull his buddy from the car. “I thought he was dead! And here was gonna be no miracle rescue!,” Ashland exclaimed. Ashland had been thinking about that moment day in and day out for his whole life. Ashland didn’t care if Nick didn’t believe him. He just hoped that Nick never found himself in a similar situation. “Ashland Locke saved my life when my father was coming after me. And I wasn’t able to save his,” Ashland said.

Ashland asked how much of the story Nick knew before tonight. Nick didn’t have all the details, but he’d pieced most of it together. Nick had tracked down the reporter who covered the crash. According to Nick, the reporter always thought there was more to the story, but the case had never been properly investigated because of the witness – the driver of the other car. It was clear to the police that the witness was drunk, so when he told them that he saw a kid running off into the woods, they didn’t think he was reliable. Ashland said that was probably a lucky break for him. “Yeah, you’ve had a lot of those, huh,” Nick said. Ashland admitted that he should’ve told Victoria the whole story from the start. He’d been ashamed of how he acted all those years ago, but he was more ashamed of hiding it from Victoria. Victoria’s eyes were downcast as she said “How could you do this?” Victoria looked up at the target of her question, and Nick and Ashland were both startled to realize that it was directed at Nick. “So about hearing about this crash from your fiance, I’m the one you’re mad at,” Nick said. Victoria got up and left. Ashland guessed Nick got what he wanted. Nick said he wanted the truth, which Ashland wouldn’t give them. Ashland sarcastically said the truth solved everything and gave Victoria peace of mind. Nick argued that the bottom line was Ashland built his career and his life on the back of a tragedy. Ashland conceded the point, but he said he didn’t get everything handed to him. A disapproving Nick stated that Ashland watched his best friend die, and his first instinct was to grab his wallet and run. Ashland said he had to get his hands dirty and make some hard choices in a tragic situation, which was probably something Nick would never understand.

Victoria was alone in her office staring at the portrait Ashland gave her. Ashland arrived, and he said he was sorry about not being completely honest when she first asked him about his past. She said he told her there would be no more secrets, and how was she supposed to believe that now? He’d understand if she never trusted him again, but it would devastate him. She asked why he didn’t tell her. He was ashamed, and it was too painful to talk about it. He’d never told another living soul until this day. For 40 years, he’d held onto the image, the memory of Ash, and that horrible night haunted him ever since. He liked to think he built his life with the ethos of no regrets, but there wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t wonder the same thing Nick did. What if he’d stayed? What if, by some miracle, he’d been able to rescue Ash? How would that have made his life different? She asked if he’d reached any conclusions, and he said no. He’d been trying to convince himself that Ash would’ve wanted to give up his identity to rescue him. He kept telling himself that he would’ve given up his identity for Ash, if the situation was reversed, but he’d never know. He said that if his life had taken a different direction, he would’ve never met Victoria, and there was nothing secretive or false about what he felt now. He’d never loved anyone the way he loved Victoria, but he’d completely understand if she broke up with him. Victoria needed some time to process this. Ashland understood, and he said he’d give her all the time she needed. He left.

Nick went to Newman to see Victoria, but she said she didn’t want to talk to or see him. He said he got it, but she didn’t think he did. She accused him of betraying her trust. She’d told him how much she loved Ashland, and she begged him not to be like Billy and dig in Ashland’s past. Nick reminded Victoria that she’d admitted she had serious concerns about the man she was marrying. She was adamant that this didn’t give him an invitation to investigate. Nick was sorry if Victoria was hurt, but he didn’t regret what he did. He said it forced Ashland to come clean, and who knows what other shady things he did during that time. Victoria said Ashland had been in the business a long time, and she was sure he’d done some ruthless things, but nothing illegal. Nick wondered what Ashland was capable of if he’d leave his best friend to die. Victoria defended Ashland – the car was about to blow up, and the friend was probably already dead, so Ashland had to make one of the hardest decisions he’d ever made in his whole life. She pointed out that he wasn’t even an adult yet. She asked Nick if he remembered what Noah and Summer were like at that age. She asked how Nick would’ve dealt with that when he was young. “How would you like the mistakes from your past, from your youth to be thrown back in your face,” she demanded. He stated that he’d never done anything like that, and she countered that he’d never been in that position. “Your father was tough, but he wasn’t physically abusive,” she added. She contended that Ashland’s father was a monster, hunting him down. Victoria snapped that Nick was born privileged and advantaged, and he could never relate to what Ashland went through. “So don’t come in here telling me that he is a terrible person until you understand the position that he was in,” she said. She asked if he could blame Ashland for what he did. “How does something that happened 40 years ago mean that he is not worthy of love and forgiveness and happiness?,” she asked.

Nick brought up what Victoria said about Ashland being in a tough spot and having to make a different decision. Victoria stood by that. “Well I guess you and I have different opinions about what’s right and wrong,” Nick spat. Exasperated, she told him not to get self righteous with her. She asserted that he betrayed her the minute he got on the plane to New Jersey when she’d asked him not to look into Ashland’s past. She noted that it was time for him to head to Summer’s wedding in Milan. She told him not to bother heading to Tuscany afterward. He asked if she was uninviting him from the wedding. She ordered him to leave. He believed that this revelation bothered her more than she was willing to admit.

Ashland went to Society and had a drink.

At the Chancellor house, Abby tried to get Dominic to sleep before it was time for her to go to the restaurant. She was going to be leaving him with the nanny, but she promised she’d be back before he woke up, and she’d take care of him, because that was what mommies did.

Tessa brought in room service – chicken piccata for Mariah. Mariah hopefully asked if Tessa got it with extra piccata, and an amused Tessa said that was not a thing. Sharon dropped by with a home cooked meal, and Tessa said she had errands. Mariah noted that it was late, but Tessa said she just had some things to do, and it’d give Mariah time with Sharon. Tessa left. Sharon knew that Mariah was thinking that she’d asked everyone for time and space. Mariah confirmed that she was thinking that. Sharon said she gave Mariah space. Mariah stated that Sharon only lasted 24 hours. Sharon thought Mariah seemed better, but she wanted to know how Mariah was doing.

Mariah felt much better. Stronger after getting out of that house. Sharon heard some things, second hand. She asked why Mariah left the Chancellor estate. Mariah asked if people were gossiping about her. Sharon said it was just concerned people sharing their thoughts, and Mariah contended that this was the same thing as gossip. Sharon thought Mariah was avoiding the question. Mariah admitted it was harder to be around Dominic than she thought it’d be. She knew he wasn’t hers, but there was still a strong bond. She noted that Sharon warned her about that bond. Sharon wasn’t going to say “I told you so,” she knew it was rough. Mariah said it was rough seeing Bowie and knowing he wasn’t hers to raise. Sharon asked if there was anything she could do to help Mariah. Sharon suggested Mariah move into the cottage with her, Rey and Faith for awhile. Mariah appreciated the offer, but she wanted space.

Mariah said what she and Tessa wanted to do first was find a new home. Sharon asked what Mariah was going to do about her postpartum separation anxiety. She offered to recommend some therapists. Sharon didn’t want Mariah to isolate herself or rush into anything big. Suspicious, Mariah asked what Tessa and Sharon had been talking about. Sharon covered for Tessa. Sharon said she went to Tessa and grilled her and poured on all this motherly guilt, until Tessa revealed that Mariah wanted a baby. Sharon asked if Mariah really thought she was ready. Mariah said she was 100% ready, but obviously Tessa was not. Sharon saw the benefit in waiting six months, or a year. She thought Mariah and Tessa would make wonderful mothers, but she didn’t think they should have a baby as a knee jerk reaction. Mariah snapped that it wasn’t a knee jerk reaction – it was a natural next step.

At the penthouse, Amanda and Devon were dressed for dinner. Moses ran in and upstairs, and Faith walked in too. They were also dressed up for their date. Moses came down with his wallet. Faith still didn’t know where they were going for the date. Devon knew, but Moses swore him to secrecy.

Tessa went to Society. Abby missed having Mariah and Tessa living at the house. She wanted them to come over and spend time with Dominic. Tessa said Mariah was finally starting to get back to her old self, so hopefully she’d be up for that soon. Abby said that they had an open invitation to visit any time. Tessa got a terse text from Mariah saying they needed to talk. Devon and Amanda arrived, and Tessa left. Abby congratulated the pair on moving in together. Amanda said Moses and Faith weren’t here, so this wasn’t the location of the date. They brought Abby up to speed. She thought love young was cute, and she couldn’t believe her niece was already dating. Devon said he’d remind Abby of this when Dominic was dating. She said he was so tiny, she couldn’t even think of that. Amanda got a text from Imani. Naya’s heart rate was spiking, so they were going to the ER. Devon was going to go with Amanda, but she said Naya wouldn’t want too many people around. She left, and he told Abby it was dinner for one.

Abby asked about Amanda. Devon said she was anxious about Naya. He said she worried about her mom because it was a new relationship. He mentioned that Tessa seemed frazzled earlier. Abby said Tessa was worried about Mariah. Abby stated that Tessa was claiming to be optimistic, but to Abby, it sounded like Tessa was engaging in wishful thinking. Devon was willing to do anything to help Mariah, but he thought she needed time.

Faith and Moses went to Crimson Lights, on the patio, after their date, which was at Top of the Tower. She had so much fun. Moses had reserved a private room at the restaurant that overlooked the city. Before tonight, Faith didn’t even know that her grandfather’s restaurant had private rooms. He said he called in a favor from her grandfather. Moses beat Victor in a game of chess to get the favor, but Victor was happy to help. Devon had a new singer serenade Faith and Moses. It was magical, and she’d never forget it. It was the most perfect night ever. Sharon was inside, and she smiled at them.

When Tessa got home, Mariah confronted her about telling Sharon that Mariah wanted a baby. Tessa asked Mariah to calm down. “No! You went behind my back again. First Abby, now my mom. Why would you do that to me?!”

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Y&R Update Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At ChancComm, Billy made some calls trying to figure out why Gaines abruptly checked out of the hotel and where he went. He had a feeling Victor had something to do with it. He ordered his investigator to figure it out. Jack came in and asked what the problem was. Billy said that Lily was visiting Mattie at Stanford. Jack asked if Billy was doing something that Lily wouldn’t approve of. Billy said that she knew the whole story. Billy admitted that he was investigating why Victoria shouldn’t marry Ashland. Jack revealed that, according to Phyllis, Nick was on a similar mission. Billy recounted the story of Ashland somehow buying two news stations at the age of twenty. Jack figured Ashland used his inheritance. Billy said Ashland was a teen runaway who didn’t have any money. He revealed that he’d been invited to a Newman family meeting, where Ashland told them all a heartfelt story about changing his name to escape an abusive father. Billy said there was no public record of the name change. Jack suggested Ashland was trying to protect Harrison. Billy added that Victor and Nick were looking into Ashland too. Billy felt that Ashland’s story raised more questions, but he’d refused to ever share his real name. Billy wasn’t looking to make this information public, he was simply trying to protect Victoria and the children, but Ashland thought everyone should back off and stop asking questions. Jack understood why Ashland wouldn’t want to spend the limited time he had left fending off attacks from Victoria’s ex. He said if Victoria was satisfied, that should be enough. Billy could tell that Victoria was starting to question Ashland, and Billy wasn’t going to let her marry someone whose life was built on lies and deception. He said they didn’t know Ashland was sick. Jack said that Ashland was going through chemotherapy and he’d made the gut-wrenching choice to let Harrison go to Italy. Jack told Billy that he had to stop making leaps of logic to justify what he was doing. Billy maintained that he was protecting Victoria. Jack didn’t think this was about protecting Victoria or the kids, or possibly even about Ashland. He thought that Billy was trying to stop Victoria from moving on.

Billy said he was very happy with Lily. Jack said, historically this was about the time that Billy would start to sabotage himself. Billy insisted that he was protecting Victoria and the kids. Jack said this was Billy’s ego talking – Victoria could take care of herself. Billy asked if Nick’s ego made him investigate Ashland too. They shifted gears into this topic, and Jack mentioned that Nick was on the east coast. Billy was glad if Nick was looking into Ashland, because that meant they were on the same page. He said he could care about his ex without having an ulterior motive or being possessive.

Phyllis was at the hotel. Nick called from Atlantic City and said the plane was having mechanical issues. She asked what he found out. He uncovered something really bad, but he didn’t want to get into it on the phone. He thought she, Jack and Traci should head to Milan without him. She mentioned that Traci wouldn’t be on the plane, and he said okay. She thought he should just fly to Milan from New Jersey. He replied that he had to come home and confront Ashland first, but he promised he’d be there to see Summer get married.

Phyllis went to the Abbott house and talked to Traci. Traci learned that Jack and Phyllis would be alone on the flight. She said she’d pour Phyllis some wine, and they’d have a little talk. Jack came home and saw Traci and Phyllis laughing and talking about books. Phyllis said that the last time they talked was at the escape club. Jack said Phyllis had poured her heart and soul into the hotel and overcome obstacles that would be insurmountable to anyone else. Traci thought Phyllis’s hotel was a reflection of her and how much she’d grown in the last few years – she’d risen from the ashes, like the phoenix. She wondered what was next for the colorful protagonist that was Phyllis. Jack said next would be a jet ride to Milan, escorted by the proud and dashing father of the bride and groom. Traci said Jack must not have heard the news. Phyllis said Nick’s flight might not make it back in time, so they might have to go to Milan without him. Jack said he’d just have his pilot file a later plan, once they knew Nick’s status, and in the meantime, they could have dinner. Traci had work to do so she excused herself. Jack was surprised to see Phyllis and Traci getting along so well. Phyllis asked if Jack had confided in Traci about his feelings for Phyllis. Jack said he only talked to Phyllis and Nick about that. Jack said he’d get Phyllis more wine, and he’d have soda, because the last time he drank around her, he bared his heart to her, and he wouldn’t subject her to that. She said he could bare his heart to her any time he wanted, and he said the same applied with him.

Jack made Phyllis a grilled cheese sandwich. They talked about how, this time tomorrow, they’d watch their kids get married. She said Summer Ann was her little miracle. She reminded him of how many doctors said she’d never have another baby after Daniel. They flashed back to Jack delivering Summer in an elevator. Phyllis thanked Jack for giving her a miracle. In the present, Jack said that he felt the same way about Kyle – finding out Kyle was his son was an unexpected surprise. They thought about the time they got married, almost twenty years ago. There was a flashback to a before-the-wedding kiss that they shared.

In present day, Jack gazed lovingly at Phyllis, then he felt foolish about wearing his heart on his sleeve. She assured him that part of her heart would always love him. She loved spending time with him. He toasted to happiness. Nick called and said he was back in Genoa City. He had something to do, then he’d meet her and Jack. Jack noted that Phyllis never told him exactly why Nick was in Genoa City, though he’d surmised it was about Ashland Locke. Jack said he spoke with Billy earlier, who was convinced Ashland was keeping a secret big enough that it might cause Victoria to call off the wedding. Ordinarily, Jack would think Billy was just trying to keep Victoria from moving on, but Nick was also involved, and he’d only be involved to protect his sister. Phyllis said Nick had something, but what Victoria decided to do with it was up to her. She changed the subject back to the Summer/Kyle wedding. She thanked him for postponing the Jabot jet so that Nick could fly to Milan with them. He said he was glad it worked out.

Nikki and Victoria were in the CEO’s office after they finished working. Talk turned to the wedding, and Victoria said she wasn’t thrilled with the wedding dress. It was another stressor she didn’t need. Nikki said she was there to help. She told Victoria it was normal to be anxious. She asked when Victoria last talked to Ashland. Victoria said he texted to say he might cancel their dinner plans because he had some business to take care of.

Ashland met with his accountant and said he didn’t need the money anymore. The accountant asked if the wedding surprise fell through. Ashland went with that story, and the accountant left. Ashland called Victoria to say that they could have dinner after all. Victoria said she couldn’t wait to hear about his business meeting. The call ended. Victoria still seemed troubled, and Nikki wondered why. Victoria said that after Billy went on about Jesse Gaines, she’d looked him up online. She found out that Jesse’s father was an attorney for Camilla Rhodes, Ashland’s mentor. She had to wonder what that attorney’s son was doing in Genoa City. She was hoping Ashland would say something to her. She didn’t want to make it seem like she didn’t trust him. Nikki said she walked in on Ashland and Victor at the ranch talking very quietly, almost conspiratorially. Victoria wished she wasn’t having these doubts so close to the wedding. She blamed Billy for planting doubts in her mind.

Back at ChancComm, Billy was on the phone with the investigator again. He was unhappy that they hadn’t figured out where Gaines disappeared to after promising to sell information on Ashland to Billy. Nikki walked in and ordered Billy to stop trying to fill Victoria’s head with doubts. She reminded him that Victor explicitly warned him about interfering with Victoria’s happiness. “Defy him at your own risk. Oh and here’s a newsflash. You should worry just as much about defying me,” she snarled. Billy said he wasn’t causing Victoria to doubt things. He contended that Victoria was questioning Ashland on her own, and for good reason, because every day another piece of disturbing evidence popped up. Nikki demanded to know what Billy found. He didn’t have anything concrete. She wasn’t surprised. She accused him of trying to derail this wedding to feed his ego. He thought the fact that Victoria wasn’t blindly accepting Ashland’s version of things was a good thing. He felt that Nikki should be glad Victoria was asking questions of her fiance – a man whose name she didn’t know. Nikki vowed to look out for her daughter. She was not glad that Billy was meddling. Nikki maintained that, after what Billy put Victoria through, he had no right to criticize her new fiance. She was adamant that Victoria would marry Ashland and that Billy would stop trying to undermine them. He maintained that he was trying to uncover the truth. She told him he was no longer welcome at the wedding. She left. Billy called Nick and left a message hoping Nick found the answers they wanted.

Nate ran into Ashland at Society, and they spent time together while waiting for their significant others to arrive. Nate mentioned that he was enjoying the challenge of his new job. Nate noticed Ashland seemed tired and asked how he was managing the chemo. Physically, Ashland felt well, which was surprising, given the warnings he’d gotten about chemo. He’d had a stressful few days, but he thought he’d handled the trouble. Now, he was going to focus on this special time with the woman he loved. Victoria and Elena arrived around the same time. Victoria looked displeased when Ashland requested a table for four, but she didn’t object. They chatted over dinner, then Nate and Elena left. Ashland asked Victoria if something was wrong. She snapped that she felt like he was keeping something from her. She asked if he got health news he wasn’t sharing. Or maybe this had something to do with the fact that her brother went to New Jersey for some reason. Or maybe it was about a lawyer named Jesse Gaines who was connected to his past and the woman who mentored him. Ashland looked alarmed. He asked that they go back to her office where they could speak in private.

Nate and Elena were at Crimson Lights. She noticed that Victoria had been tense, and she wondered if it was about the wedding plans. Nate didn’t think that was it. When he talked to Ashland earlier, it reminded him of the reason this wedding was being rushed. Elena asked what Ashland’s oncologist was saying. Nate said he and Ashland didn’t get into it. It was clear to Nate that Ashland wasn’t as well as he was claiming to be, though. He’d advised Ashland to slow down and stop trying to manage everything. Nate thought this time should only be about the love Ashland and Victoria shared and the commitment they were making. That was why Nate agreed to join Victoria and Ashland for dinner, even though he would’ve preferred to be alone with Elena. He knew she’d been working hard with AskMDNow on top of everything else, and he asked if she wanted to unwind alone. She said she’d never forgive him if he left. She took his hand and they went up to her place.

Victoria and Ashland arrived at her office. He assumed Billy went running to her about the attorney. She noted that Jesse Gaines was a former attorney who lost his license for malfeasance. She didn’t understand why she didn’t hear this from him, and she told him not to pretend it wasn’t a problem. She reminded him that he promised not to keep secrets, but she kept getting unsettling information, and it was getting harder to convince herself nothing was wrong. She wanted him to stop with the vague reassurances and tell her the truth. She wanted answers from the man she was going to marry, not anyone else. Nick texted Ashland wanting to meet, and Ashland told Victoria. She asked what Nick wanted, and he said they were about to find out.

Ashland and Victoria met Nick at Crimson Lights. Nick had thought he’d meet Ashland alone. Ashland wanted Victoria to hear whatever Nick had to say. Victoria said that Nick ignored her wishes and dug into Ashland’s past.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, September 28 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At the hotel, Phyllis texted Nick to ask if there was an update on Ashland. Jack entered, then he walked up behind Phyllis and said something. She jumped and told him not to sneak up on her. He said he didn’t – she just didn’t notice him come in because she was buried into her phone. He wanted to know what was with the cryptic text she sent him today. Phyllis was glad Jack opened up to Nick about having feelings for her, because she’d felt awkward about keeping it from Nick. However, she was suspicious about Jack’s reasons for coming clean. Jack explained that he had a dream that Nick was upset that Jack still had feelings for Phyllis. Phyllis pointed out that dreams weren’t real. Jack believed his dream was telling him that he felt guilty. He didn’t want his feelings for her to affect her relationship with Nick. He asked if things were okay, and she said things were fine with Nick. She mentioned that Nick was out of town, and she wasn’t sure he’d be back before it was time to leave for Milan. Nick might have to meet them in Italy. Jack said that meant he and Phyllis would be alone on the jet. She thought Traci would be there, and Jack said she was going to NY to meet her agent. He asked if she was comfortable with this.

Phyllis said there was no situation in the world that would make her uncomfortable with Jack. She apologized for being suspicious of his intentions toward Nick. Victoria showed up asking if Phyllis heard from Nick. Jack left. Victoria asked why Nick took the jet to New Jersey. Phyllis said it was for New Hope. Victoria said New Hope didn’t have business in New Jersey, but Ashland got his start there. Phyllis asked why Victoria was suddenly suspicious of her brother who only wanted the best for her. Victoria said that a lot of people claimed they had her best interest at heart, and they were trying to dig up dirt on Ashland. Phyllis suggested that this was transference – Victoria was targeting her suspicions onto Nick, instead of the place it should be – on Ashland. Victoria said that was ridiculous. Lauren came over with Victoria’s dress. She loved it, and she thought Victoria would too. Lauren reserved a room upstairs for Victoria’s fitting. Phyllis mentioned that she only got to help Summer with her dress over video call. Phyllis offered to take a look at the dress if Victoria wanted another opinion, but Victoria said that Phyllis hadn’t risen to bridesmaid status. Victoria and Lauren went upstairs. Sally showed up and tried to sneak into the elevator, but Phyllis saw her and said she wasn’t welcome at the hotel. Sally said she wasn’t going anywhere. She was part of this town now.

Phyllis stated that this was her hotel, and she’d get security to throw Sally out if necessary. Sally asked if Phyllis really wanted to cause another scene at her hotel. She grabbed her phone to record it. Chloe walked up and said she asked Sally to meet her here, and she had a proposal for Phyllis. Phyllis didn’t want to do business with the person who drove her daughter out of the country. Sally scoffed and asked when Phyllis was going to let that go. She said if Summer were miserable in Milan, she and Kyle would’ve come back. Sally said either Summer loved Milan, or she was staying because she secretly hated being around Phyllis. Chloe changed the subject and said they wanted to do a shoot for the fashion platform here at the hotel. It would be great publicity. Phyllis loved the idea, and she’d do it if Chloe fired Sally. Phyllis walked off.

Phyllis called Nick, and he sent it to voicemail. She left a message asking for an update. He immediately texted back. “I don’t like what I’ve found. Will fill you in when I see you.”

Chloe chided Sally for messing things the potential deal with Phyllis. Sally said they may not have failed on all fronts. Sally said she saw Lauren and Victoria going upstairs with a garment bag. Chloe was sure that Victoria had turned down Sally’s offer of a dress. Sally had tried to set up a meeting with Victoria, but Victoria’s assistant kept turning her down. Chloe thought it was time for Sally to let it go, since it sounded like Victoria already got her dress. Sally said letting things go wasn’t how she got to where she was. “Where you are? You’ve alienated half of Genoa City. Your tainted reputation is going to take a very long time to repair,” Chloe replied. Sally thought she might be able to quicken the pace if she gifted Victoria a one of a kind masterpiece. Chloe said that Sally insinuating herself into Victoria’s wedding plans could blow up in her face.

Upstairs, Victoria put on the dress, and she said it wasn’t what she’d pictured when she saw the sketches. Victoria didn’t blame Lauren or the designer. She really wanted the wedding to be spectacular. Lauren promised they’d make this dress worthy of the occasion. Lauren sent the seamstress out of the room and asked if something else was bothering Victoria. In Lauren’s experience, powerful brides to be weren’t this subdued when the dress didn’t meet their expectations. She told Victoria that if something else was bothering her, it was okay to take it out on the dress. Victoria insisted that things were fine.

At the penthouse, Moses teased Amanda about all the bags she was bringing in. He assured her he was just joking, and he thought it would be good to have her. He said he’d help her with her bags, but he had to go meet Faith. He left. Devon came downstairs. She thought he was at work, but he said he rearranged his schedule so he could be here with her. She called herself the new roommate, and he told her that she wasn’t a roommate – this was her home. Later, she’d unpacked, and he said he bought all her favorite foods. She wasn’t hungry, but she wanted to hang out with him. He told her how he got to have alone time with the baby. It was special to spend time with that little guy. She noted that he was being careful not to call Dom his son. He thought that was an important boundary to keep. He saw what Mariah was going through after she got overly attached. Amanda said that Devon loved Dominic, and they shared genes, so it was natural to be attached. He changed the subject and said Mariah was doing better. He was glad he could talk to Amanda about this. Devon asked how things were going for Amanda. She said Naya was seeing the right doctors, which was promising. Amanda liked having a sister that she could share her anxieties with. She hadn’t known Imani long, but she felt comforted with her. It was kind of like what she had with Devon. She felt like she was home. He felt like he should give her a tour. She said she’d seen the shower and his nice sheets. He said it would be different now because it all belonged to her. “I’m going to invite you to join me in our bedroom,” she said. They ran upstairs.

Faith was at Crimson Lights. Sharon called because the school informed her that Faith was behind in her homework. Faith, who was currently surrounded by books, promised she’d finish it. She swore she wouldn’t jeopardize her second chance or disappoint Sharon and Nick again. The call ended. Faith looked at her phone notification, which stated that it was date night with Moses. She looked upset. Moses arrived, brimming with excitement about the date he’d planned. Faith said she couldn’t go because Sharon was making her work at the coffeehouse. Moses said he’d talk to Sharon about how special tonight was, and Faith said no. He asked why she was really backing out of the date. Embarrassed, Faith admitted she’d been procrastinating, and now she was behind in all her classes. She was slow at typing, so it would take her forever to finish her essays. She felt terrible about messing up the date. Moses took the blame for distracting Faith from her work. She said that’s what her mom thought, so she couldn’t go out with him now. She was sorry she ruined everything. He thought he had a solution.

Moses said that they could do this work together, so they’d finish it faster. Faith thought that sounded like cheating. Moses noted that Faith had written most of her work in her notebooks, but she was a slow typist. He was a fast keyboarder, so he’d transcribe what she’d already done. She smiled. They got to work, drinking coffee and being playful as they finished Faith’s stack of homework. When they finally finished, she said this was the best date ever, even if they didn’t do anything else tonight. She said she had to go home and change. He thought she looked beautiful the way she was, but he said he’d pick her up in an hour.

Adam was in his office looking at an invitation to the wedding of Victoria Nicole Newman and Ashland Marcus Locke.

Jack went to Crimson Lights and ran into Adam. Jack mentioned that he read a complimentary article on Newman Media. It had said Adam was in a renaissance. He was glad that Adam was turning things around. Adam said Connor inspired him to be a better man. Jack asked if Adam would be at Victoria’s wedding. Adam got an invitation, but he assumed the wedding planner sent it by mistake. Jack suggested that Victoria was impressed Adam turned over a new leaf. Adam was trying to be a better person, but he didn’t think Victoria was ready to accept him as a brother that she could love. Jack said that if Adam went to the wedding, he could show Victoria that he cared. Adam wasn’t sure that would work, besides he didn’t want to leave Connor behind or pull him out of school. Jack was sure Adam would do what was right for Connor and for himself.

Adam showed up at Victoria’s office and got a cool reception. He said his instinct was right – the wedding invitation was a mistake. He turned to leave, and she grudgingly admitted that it wasn’t a mistake. He asked why she changed her mind, and he asked if things could warm up between them. She said he invited him because of Victor. He asked if Victor asked her to. She said that Victor didn’t need to ask – they all knew how important family was to him. She admitted that the new and improved Adam lasted longer than she thought. She added that he must be in the middle of a renaissance. He knew she’d read the article. She thought inviting him would be a nice way to thank Victor for his support. She said Victor even gave his blessing for her portrait. Adam looked over and saw it. She hated to inflate Adam’s ego, but Ashland admired the way he stepped up and took over Newman Media, despite the fact that most of the world despised him. “Thank you?,” Adam replied. Victoria asked Adam what he thought. He asked if she genuinely wanted him at the wedding. Victoria said not to push it, because she wasn’t going to beg. She thought they both knew that she, personally, did not want him there. At first, he thought he was doing Victoria a favor by not attending, but then he realized that after all the years of trying to get her to include him, she’d finally opened a door. He thought it would be a mistake not to take the chance, and it’d be rude not to attend. He saw that the wedding was important to her, so he wanted to be there to witness it. She said it was weird that he was being so thoughtful. She said it didn’t mean they were friends, though. “I’ll settle for family,” he replied. After he left, she got a text from Ashland. “May have to cancel dinner. Something’s come up. Nothing to worry about. Will explain later.”

Chloe and Sally were waiting for Adam outside his office. Sally showed Chloe the sketch of the wedding dress. Chloe thought it was gorgeous, sophisticated with hints of old world glamour, but cutting edge. but she said to save it for the next Genoa City wedding. Sally said this was designed specifically for Victoria – her delicate frame, her classic stately good looks – she was the perfect combination of a modern hardworking woman and timeless beauty. Chloe thought Victoria would love it. Chloe said, between her, Sally and Chelsea, they were a goldmine of untapped designer talent. It made her think they should aim bigger than a fashion media platform. She thought they should have a clothing line – the next step in their plot to world domination. Adam walked up and asked what they were plotting. Chloe said Sally was on her way to meet a renowned fashion editor to promote Newman Media. Adam told Sally to knock ‘em dead. Sally asked if Adam was going to Tuscany for the wedding. Adam said Victoria sent him an invitation, but he wasn’t looking for a date. Sally called Adam full of himself. She said she wasn’t asking to be his date, but if he wanted a friend or colleague to join him, he had her number. After Chloe and Sally left, Adam filled out his RSVP card, indicating that he would be at the wedding.

Sally was at Society. she called someone and asked how long it took to get a wedding dress made. The answer was acceptable, and she sent them her design.

Jack went home and called the pilot to change the flight plan to just him and Phyllis.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, September 27 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Christine

Billy showed up for the meeting with Gaines, only to learn that Gaines had left the hotel for parts unknown. Billy saw Victor at the hotel and accused him of sending Gaines away. Victoria overheard Ashland leave a terse but vague message for Gaines. She asked him about it, and he told her that an employee was causing trouble. Victoria felt like Ashland was still hiding something, and she urged him to open up. When Nikki walked in, Ashland seized the opportunity to leave. Victoria told Nikki that she thought something was weighing on Ashland, and she wondered if it had something to do with Billy’s harassment. Billy caught Ashland coming to the hotel, presumably to meet Gaines. Victor covered and said Ashland was there to meet him. Billy and Victor exchanged words. Billy told Victoria and Nikki about Gaines. Victoria didn’t care, and she told Billy to stay out of her and Ashland’s lives. Victor told Ashland that he’d paid Gaines a lot of money to leave Ashland alone. Victor did it because he wanted Victoria to continue to be happy. Victor said that he’d bring Gaines back into the picture if Ashland hurt Victoria.

Mariah had flashbacks to times with Dominic. Devon confided to Mariah that he was also trying to figure out his role in Dominic’s life. Devon visited Abby and the baby. Abby was exhausted, so Devon took Dominic to the park. Tessa told Sharon that Mariah wanted a baby right now, but Tessa didn’t feel that way. Sharon gave Tessa advice on talking to Mariah. Mariah was disappointed, but understanding when Tessa said she wasn’t ready to start a family. Sharon felt sad because she wanted to be there for Mariah, but she had to respect Mariah’s request for space. Rey got Sharon’s mind off it by taking her on a date inspired by their honeymoon in Miami.


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Y&R Update Friday, September 24 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Victor went to Victoria’s office and saw her portrait. He loved it and commented on the poise and grace. She mentioned that Nikki was worried he wouldn’t be enthusiastic. He thought it was a fitting symbol of Victoria’s new position. Victoria stated that it was a gift from Ashland. Victor revealed that he had a gift for Victoria too. She was almost in tears when he presented her with the deed to his palazzo in Tuscany. It would be transferred to her on her wedding day. He wanted her to spend many happy years with Ashland there. She was touched by this symbol of his support for her marriage. He said he loved her. He’d never seen her this happy, and he wanted that to continue. Victor was moved by the story of Ashland’s childhood and name change. Victoria knew that resonated with Victor because of his own past. Victor prided himself on his ability to read people, and he saw the pain in Ashland’s face when he talked about his childhood. Victoria said that it meant a lot that Ashland opened up – he’d never shared that part of his life with anyone. Victor stated that Billy made Ashland relive his painful past. He thought Billy was jealous of Victoria and Ashland’s relationship. He didn’t believe Billy was doing this out of concern for the children, and he thought it was a mistake for Victoria to invite Billy to the wedding. Victoria said Billy wasn’t a threat, but Victor warned her to be careful. He believed that Billy intended to spoil the wedding.

Nick and Phyllis were in her suite while she went sleuthing into Ashland’s background. He noted that she wasn’t the first expert to try and find something. She was confident that she’d be the first to succeed. He wanted to confirm Ashland’s story before he married Victoria. Phyllis assured Nick that sleuthing and scheming were in her wheelhouse, and she was madly in love with him and wanted to see him happy. She checked out the databases for doing a legal name change, and there was nothing. She was dumbfounded that Ashland successfully buried his original identity.

Nick wondered how a young guy with no resources even knew how to make a new identity. He thought maybe a shady friend or associate helped. Phyllis looked for a real Ashland Locke who died, thinking maybe the guy they knew assumed his identity. She didn’t find anything. She said she and Nick both knew it was easy to pay someone off if you had enough money. Nick said Ashland had money now, but he changed his name when he was just starting out and trying to get away from his abusive father. Phyllis was skeptical of the abusive dad story. Nick said Victor believed it, probably because it hit close to home for him. They theorized that there was an actual Ashland Locke that the new Ashland got his name from. Maybe the original Ashland was really sick or wanted to disappear, and he sold his identity to the man going as Ashland now. Nick pointed out that the man Victoria was marrying wouldn’t have had the money to buy an identity back then. He wondered if the real Ashland was dead.

Nick told Phyllis that Victor’s PI had uncovered the fact that Ashland purchased the stations from Camilla Rhodes’ estate. Phyllis did a search and found out the stations were in Toms River New Jersey and that Ashland was 20 when he started working there. Phyllis pulled up a list of deceased males around Ashland’s age, reasoning that one of them was the key to Locke’s real identity. Later, they’d narrowed it down to three possibilities. She asked if he was sure he wanted to do this. He said he had to. She wanted him to really think about it because it could change everything – his relationship with his father, with his sister, with the merger. He hoped Victoria would know he was doing this out of respect and love for her. Phyllis got ready to find out if one of these men was the real Ashland Locke.

Ashland was at Society. He made a call and arranged to get the $500,000 for Gaines. After the call, Abby walked up and started a conversation. She thought they should get to know each other since they’d be family soon. They made small talk on various subjects. He asked about her baby, and she said he was named Dominic Philip Newman Abbott Chancellor. He commented that it sounded like the baby was born in an ambassador’s role. Abby knew that role well, as the child of a Newman and Abbott. He thought that must’ve been interesting, given the unique history of those families. She wanted to hear Ashland and Victoria’s love story. He said he’d felt a spark, a connection with her from the beginning, even though he didn’t sell her his company. The first time they kissed, he knew something had changed. For the first time in his life, he found someone who made him happy to be alive. Abby seemed distant, and she explained that her thoughts had drifted to her own wedding and how much she missed her husband. Ashland knew that must be tough, but he assumed she was also proud of Chance. She was. She admitted she had her reservations about him and Victoira at first, but now she saw why Victoria fell in love with him and why she was willing to take this step, after everything she’d been through. He assumed she meant with Billy. Abby clarified that she loved her Uncle Billy, and he was the perfect father, but Victoria spent an inordinate amount of time putting out fires when she was with him. Ashland heard the stories. Abby made a list – the gambling, the affairs, the drinking, the shady business dealings. She knew every relationship had ups and downs, like Ashland’s health, but that wasn’t something he could control. She said he and Victoria were dealing with it together, and the way he merged his company with Newman showed how much he admired Victoria’s business acumen. He said it was one of the myriad reasons he loved and adored her sister. He chose to do chemo because he wanted more time with Victoria. Abby could see the love for Victoria in Ashland’s eyes, but she knew his reputation was similar to Victor’s. She asked him not to ever lie to Victoria – Billy did that, telling himself he was protecting her, but he was only protecting himself. He said he’d take that to heart.

Later, Phyllis unexpectedly showed up at Victoria’s office. She commented on the portrait, and they talked about that for a minute. Victoria wondered why Phyllis was here. Phyllis was there to drop off the bracelet Victoria left at the spa. Victoria wondered why Phyllis was being nice to her two days in a row. Phyllis said not to get carried away – she was being civil, not nice. Victoria was going to tell Nick, because she was sure he’d be surprised too. Phyllis said that Victoria was about to get married, and she was Nick’s sister, and she wanted them all to be happy. Abby called Victoria, so Phyllis got ready to leave. Victoria thanked Phyllis.

Abby told Victoria that she’d talked to Ashland. She thought he was a sweetheart who was completely in love with Victoria. Victoria called Abby the best sister. Abby said Ashland was smart, funny and powerful. She was so happy that Victoria finally met her equal.

When Phyllis got back to her suite, Nick was getting ready for a trip to Toms River. He was going to follow up on the three deceased young men she found, one of whom could be the real Ashland Locke. He thanked her and said he never could’ve done this without her. She just kept thinking about Victoria. He thought Victoria would be better off with the truth.

Billy intercepted Jesse Gaines at The Grand Phoenix and asked for ten minutes of his time, promising to make it worth his while. The went up to Gaines’ suite. Billy had learned that Gaines lost his law license for malfeasance many years ago, yet Ashland was claiming Gaines was one of his lawyers. If Ashland was lying about that, what else was he lying about, Billy pondered. Gaines sensed that Billy had a personal beef with Locke. Billy explained that he wanted to be sure his kids’ soon to be stepfather could be trusted. He believed Ashland was hiding something monumental, and he intuited that Gaines knew what it was. Gaines said he was a consultant on retainer. Billy theorized that Ashland was paying Gaines to keep something quiet. He offered to pay for Ashland’s secret. Billy promised to keep Gaines’ name out of it and call him an anonymous source in the story. Gaines asked what he’d have to do. Billy wanted to details on how Ashland was able to afford the two news stations that launched his career. Gaines asked how much that would be worth. Billy offered $100,000. Ashland knocked on the door and called Gaines. Gaines wrote $500K on a pad and showed it to Billy. Ashland assumed Gaines wasn’t there and left.

Ashland went downstairs and ran into Victor. Victor thought Ashland looked like he had a lot on his mind. Ashland said he was meeting his lawyer, tying up loose ends so he could focus on Victoria at the wedding. Victor mentioned the portrait of Victoria. He was impressed Ashland got Merrill Londeree to paint it. Ashland was glad that Victor had that reaction. He joked he’d been concerned they’d have to step into the ring. He’d heard about Victor’s boxing skills, and he hoped Victor could show him the ropes one day. He hoped Victor’s opinion of him hadn’t changed since he admitted he’d changed his name. Victor’s opinion of Ashland had actually risen. He said Ashland could’ve followed in his father’s footsteps and lived a life of pain, abuse and addiction. He admired that Ashland pulled himself out of the mire. He appreciated that Ashland opened up to everyone, even though it must’ve been painful. He welcomed Ashland to the family. Victor said he had to vet Ashland’s background, and he’d always look out for his daughter. Ashland would expect nothing less, and he also vowed to protect Victoria, because she meant everything to him.

Billy came downstairs and overheard Ashland suggesting he and Victor have a drink. Billy called them future FIL and SIL, father and law and son in law. He said it was funny how one detail could bring the whole thing crashing to the ground. “You cause one second of heartache for my daughter during this happy time… I will crush you,” Victor said. Billy said that was good to know, and he left.

Billy went to work and called Lily to tell her how things went with Gaines. He was planning to pay Gaines what he’d asked, because Ashland’s secret was worth every penny. He and Gaines were meeting soon to discuss things. “So much for the big Italian wedding,” Billy said to himself after the call ended.

Ashland went to Victoria’s office, and she mentioned his meeting with Abby. He said it was good to get to know her sister, even though he’d had to postpone some of his own personal business to talk with her. She asked if that personal business had to do with the surprise he’d alluded to earlier – the one he’d arranged the large amount of cash for.

Gaines was up in his room, impatiently waiting, when he heard a knock on the door. “Finally,” he said as he answered. He was startled to see Victor. “Mr. Gaines, I presume?,” Victor said. Victor could tell that Gaines recognized him. Victor asked what Gaines was up to.

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Y&R Update Thursday September 23 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Ashland was in Victoria’s office. He thought he was alone, so he placed a call and told his accountant that he needed $500,000 in cash, in an hour. He claimed he wanted to buy a wedding gift for Victoria. The accountant raised concerns about the IRS. Ashland didn’t care about all that. He insisted that the man find a way to give him the money. Ashland turned around and was caught off guard to see Victoria standing behind him. He ended the call. Victoria was curious about this wedding present, and she asked if she’d have to wait until Italy to find out what it was. He knew she was tough enough to stand the suspense. He also knew that Nikki would be arriving shortly, so he’d make himself scarce so they could talk. He hoped Nikki had time to adjust to him changing his name, but he also understood Nikki had concerns, as any loving mother would. Victoria hadn’t discussed this with Nikki, so she didn’t know how her mother felt. In the end, it didn’t matter, because Nikki made her own decisions. Ashland loved Victoria’s independence, but he also knew it was important for her to have Nikki help with the wedding, and that meant it was important to him too. She knew he told the truth to protect her relationship with her family. That meant a lot to her, but she couldn’t control the way her family reacted to this. He said most people went their entire lives without realizing that you couldn’t control how people thought or felt. He asked her to lunch later, and she said that depended on whether he told her what he was up to or not. He smiled and said not a chance. He left.

Victoria looked at the portrait, then she flashed back to Ashland giving it to her. Nikki arrived and gasped when she saw the portrait. She thought it was beautiful, but she wondered what Victor would think of it. Nikki said it made quite a statement. “As it should. Newman is mine, now,” Victoria stated.

After Nikki and Victoria talked business, they moved on to talking about the wedding. Nikki showed off pictures of the new landscaping at the Palazzo, and Victoria was pleased. She marveled that her wedding was really happening, just the way she envisioned. Nikki asked if there was some reason Victoria thought that wouldn’t, or maybe shouldn’t, happen. Victoria snapped that she didn’t have any doubts, and she accused Nikki of projecting. Nikki said it was just a little unsettling to hear about Ashland’s secret. Nikki said she and Victor were survivors of their father’s cruelty, so she could relate. Victoria said that Ashland’s childhood was hell, and she respected him more for overcoming it. Nikki asked if it didn’t bother Victoria that it was so easy for Ashland to lie to her. Victoria said that Ashland had been telling this invented story for so long, it started to feel real to him. It was a coping mechanism, and she didn’t judge him for that. She said now Ashland knew he could tell her anything. It bugged her that Ashland felt like he had to confess. Nikki asked if Victoria thought Ashland ever would’ve told her on his own. Victoria grumbled that they’d never know, now that Billy backed Ashland into a corner. Nikki wanted to make sure Victoria was making decisions for the right reasons. Victoria said she was marrying Ashland because he made her happy and he understood her in a way no one else did. She gestured to the picture and asked who else would’ve thought of that. While Ashland didn’t say it, Victoria thought it was obvious that he was thinking about what would happen if he died. He gave her something she could look at every day to remind her of how he saw her. She added that Ashland was planning another big and extravagant surprise, which she accidentally overheard him arranging. Nikki remembered that, when she and Victor first got together, he loved nothing more than dazzling her with extravagant gestures.

Nikki said she’d be there for Victoria, no matter what she chose to do. Victoria asked if this was Nikki’s way of saying the wedding was a mistake. Nikki didn’t think there were right or wrong answers. She thought she should trust her instincts and trust her strength to get through anything that happened. Victoria trusted Ashland’s love for her. His original name didn’t matter to her, because she knew what was in his heart.

At Society, Billy and Lily talked about how much the kids would enjoy the tourist attractions in Italy. He admitted that the wedding would be a blast too. She warned him not to get himself uninvited from by taking his investigation too far. He assumed she thought Ashland would go after them and ChancComm. He said he wasn’t intimidated by Ashland, but she suggested he should be. He pointed out that Victor never followed through with his threats to come after ChancComm for the expose on Adam. She said Victor still held an intense grudge against him, and if things got ugly between Billy Ashland, Victor would take Ashland’s side. Billy said Victor saw Ashland as a younger version of himself, especially since Ashland had been so ingratiating with Victor. Lily assumed Ashland sized Victor up and decided he’d make a better friend than enemy. Billy said he’d never sucked up to anyone, especially Victor. Lily loved that about Billy, but she didn’t want him to take any unnecessary risks. Gaines walked in, and Billy discreetly told Lily that this was the guy he saw meeting with Locke earlier.

Lily thought Gaines looked ordinary, not sinister they way Billy made him sound. Billy said Locke and Gaines were definitely in confrontation yesterday, but they’d tried not to make a scene. Lily said that it may have been a business deal gone sour. Billy reminded Lily that Ashland had been charming when they talked business with him. It was clear to him that Ashland didn’t like Gaines. He said their new friend would be very useful. They didn’t know Gaines’ name yet. Lily saw the waitress take Gaines’s credit card, and she distracted the woman and took a peek at the card. Lily returned to the table with a name – Jesse Gaines. Billy looked the name up online, and found a Jesse Gaines Jr. from Toms River, NJ. They assumed that was their guy, because the TV stations Ashland bought when he first started were in Toms River. Gaines walked by, and Billy noted that he was younger than Ashland. Lily theorized that he worked at one of the stations. When Gaines left, Billy and Lily followed.

At the Grand Phoenix, Jesse gave the hotel manager his name and suite number, so she could see if he had messages. Billy lied and said his dad used to work with a lawyer named Jesse Gaines in New Jersey. Jesse Jr. said that may have been his dad. Jesse took over the law practice when his father passed away. Billy introduced himself. Jesse, of course, had heard of Jabot. He wondered what business their fathers would’ve had. Billy suggested it was for fragrance manufacturing, but Jesse said his dad wasn’t involved in anything like that. Billy said maybe it was advertising – newspapers, magazines or news stations. Jesse said his dad did work with a couple news stations. He thought it was amazing that Billy would remember Jesse Sr., who’d stopped working when Billy had to have been very young. Billy said his steel trap memory was a curse. Billy asked what brought Jesse to town, and he said it was personal. Lily was in the vestibule. She saw Ashland walk in and greeted him loudly, alerting Billy. Billy said Jesse must be here to meet Ashland.

Jesse reiterated that he was in town for personal reasons. Lily wasn’t able to stall Ashland any longer, and he went inside. He found Billy telling Jesse how beautiful this town was. Ashland said Jesse was one of his lawyers, here to help with the merger. Billy said that Jesse took lawyer client privilege seriously and didn’t say a thing. He said he and Jesse were talking about Jesse Sr. who did legal work for TV stations, apparently the ones Ashland owned. Billy said it was awhile ago, before Camilla Rhodes passed away. He asked if Ashland knew Jesse Sr. Ashland stated that Jesse Sr. was a good man, then he and Jesse left. .

Ashland and Jesse ended up at the park. Ashland said all he could get today was half a million dollars in cash. He’d give Jesse that another half million every month for the next five months, totaling the three million Jesse demanded, and their arrangement would end. Jesse didn’t believe a man like Ashland didn’t have access to his funds. Ashland said it wasn’t about access – he didn’t want to draw undue attention to their arrangement. The point of blackmail was to keep it quiet. Jesse asked what if Ashland died before he paid up. Ashland vowed to live long enough to make Jesse wealthy. Jesse said it was obvious that Billy was suspicious, and he’d likely love to write another Adam Newman style article. Jesse asserted that the secret of how Ashland managed to buy Camilla’s stations and the revelation that he’d been paying Jesse to keep it a secret, would make a juicy story. Jesse wanted the $500,000 today, and unless he got the other 2.5 million within three days, he’d go to Billy and sell the story to ChancComm.

Nick got out of the shower looking for Phyllis, but she wasn’t in the suite. He found a note she left with a lipstick kiss on it saying she’d see him downstairs. Nick flashed back to the entire talk he and Phyllis had regarding Jack being in love with her. When he’d admitted he wasn’t sure their relationship was solid, she kissed him and said she knew how to prove to him that things were good between them. After the memory, Nick went downstairs and told Phyllis he was glad they were okay. She replied that they were better than okay. They talked about last night, when they put the Jack thing aside, and she said that Nick really outdid himself last night. He grinned and said you’re welcome. She had one last thing to say about Jack – her heart ached for him, but she thought he’d find the perfect match, like she and Nick did. Nick’s expression made Phyllis ask if he agreed that they were the perfect match. He nodded and said yes, of course.

Phyllis recalled Jack saying that he didn’t want Nick to know how he felt. She understood why Jack changed his mind and decided Nick should know. However, Phyllis wondered why Jack didn’t come to her and give her a heads up first. Nick suggested Jack felt like he owed it to Nick. Nick mentioned that his relationship with Phyllis had come up during a talk with Jack. Phyllis was caught off guard. Phyllis assumed that Nick told Jack that he and Phyllis were happy and that Jack didn’t take it well. Nick looked uncomfortable. He said Jack probably just felt better having everything out in the open. They decided not to talk about this topic anymore. He asked her to meet him at the park later and he said to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Phyllis went to the park wearing something more casual than the dress she was in earlier, but her heels were definitely unsuitable for the activity Nick had planned. He was in sweats, and he said he signed up to be Christian’s flag football coach, and he wanted Phyllis to be his assistant. He said Christian wanted her to be involved. She thought that was sweet, but she was picturing just attending the games and cheering them on. She didn’t know anything about football. He said he’d teach her everything. She was open to trying. He tossed the football at her, and she made no attempt to catch it, and it softly bounced off her abdomen. He promised they’d work on this.

Nick told Phyllis that a lot of the parents she knew and liked would be there, like Julia Sweetwater and Mark Mason. She didn’t look interested in spending time with either person. She thought Nick was throwing himself into this to distract from Victoria’s wedding. She assumed he wasn’t going to dig into Ashland’s past because he didn’t want to upset Victoria. He said there was more to it than that. He told her about the sadness in Ashland’s voice when he talked about his abusive father and the mother who wouldn’t protect him. She was sure it reminded him of Victor’s history with his dad. Nick confirmed that it reminded him of the time he and Victor confronted Victor’s father, Albert Miller. Albert was one of the worst people Nick ever met. Albert said terrible things to Victor, and Nick felt bad. It was one of the few times he’d ever seen Victor fall apart and cry. If Ashland’s father was anything like that, Nick understood why Ashland did everything he could to get away. Nick didn’t want to make Ashland relieve that while he was going through chemo. On the other hand, Nick talked to Rey and got his take. Nick said that, according to Rey, if there was nothing more to this story than Ashland being a scared kid trying to get away from his parents, they should found his real name by now. Changing your name was a legal process that required paperwork, and since there was no record of that, it seemed like Ashland probably didn’t use the regular channels to make that happen. Nick couldn’t stop wondering what that meant.

Later, after some other attempts, Phyllis caught the ball Nick threw her, and he said she’d be an amazing coach. She told him he had to know that wasn’t going to happen. She had a job at the hotel, and she wouldn’t be able to commit to coaching. She’d let the kids down and send a bad message. Plus, she was so competitive that she’d probably make a kid cry, and get red-carded. He said that was soccer, and she felt that proved the point that she shouldn’t be involved in this. She said she’d be at every game with snacks, though. He was disappointed, because he thought this could be a family activity. She suggested that football be a father-son thing, and they’d come up with something else they could do with Christian, just the three of them. She added that if he needed a super-sleuth to find out the identity of a certain billionaire, she was his girl. He said they should just go back to the hotel. He walked off and didn’t see her grab her back in pain as she followed.

Later, Nick and Phyllis were lounging in bed, and he rubbed her feet. He asked if she was really willing to help him find out who Ashland was. She said definitely. He asked why. She wanted to help because it mattered to him. He knew he was risking royally ticking off his sister, but this was worth it. He couldn’t shake the feeling that Ashland was hiding a lot more than his name. Phyllis said that if Nick was wrong, Victoria never had to know he’d looked into it. Nick said that if they found anything, he’d let Victoria know and she could do whatever she wanted with the information. Phyllis felt that Nick was doing this out of love for his sister, and he didn’t have a grudge or vendetta, like Billy. She was happy to help him. He gave her the green light to investigate.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, September 22 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Traci came home and found Jack transfixed by Summer and Kyle’s wedding invitation. She invited him to join her when she visited Abby and the baby. He noted that it was late, and she said the baby was still awake. He decided not to go, and she asked why he was looking at the wedding invitation. He pointed out that he was given a plus one, but he’d be going solo. This was the umpteenth wedding he’d attend alone. Traci noted that Jack kept going through this cycle of falling in love, breaking up, swearing off love and getting lonely and yearning for romance. She said this was part of the pattern, and he just happened to be at the lowest point right now. She felt that he had been since… He knew that she meant since their mom died. She was optimistic that he’d find love, since he had such a good heart. She suggested he go to bed, but he was trying to stay up late enough to call Kyle once it was morning in Italy. She sent her best to Kyle, Summer and Harrison, and she left. He murmured that his son was getting married, and he was still single. He heard Dina say “they grow up so fast, don’t they?” He went to the mantle and picked up a picture of himself with Dina.

Jack fell asleep downstairs and dreamed that he was having a conversation with Dina, though she wasn’t visible. He wished she would be at the wedding, and she assured him that nothing would stop her from seeing her grandson get married. He repeated what she said about kids growing up fast, and she told him not to waste a moment, like she had. She told Jackie to follow his heart. Jack’s dream shifted, and he was suddenly at the Chancellor house with Abby, Dominic and Traci. They all talked reverently about the love between parents and children. Jack said they lived their lives as parents trying to live up to promises they made at moments when their children were infants – promises to always protect them and never let anyone break their heart. Traci said that no one could keep promises like that. She stated that heartbreak was part of the human experience – it helped you learn to overcome pain and move on. She said he’d had his heart broken over and over, and he kept coming back for more, because he loved to be in love. He thought everyone wanted to love and be loved. She felt he’d elevated it to an art form. He said he never found the right person. She asked if he was sure. Traci and Abby disappeared, and Phyllis showed up. She blew him a kiss then quickly disappeared again.

Jack teleported back to his home, and he heard one of Dina and John’s favorite song playing. Traci walked in and she noted that their parents had seemed so happy. She wondered if it was just a facade, or if something changed. Traci was looking for answers, just like Jack. He told her not to give up – answers sometimes came from where you least expected them, just like love. Jack thought John knew on some level that Dina was unhappy. Traci wanted to believe John felt that his love with Dina was strong enough to endure all, and that if circumstances were different, they could’ve worked it out. Traci thought Jack believed that too, and that was why he never got jaded or bitter after all he endured. She thought he believed in love, even for himself. She could see he was yearning for it. Traci disappeared, and a furious Nick showed up.

Dream-Nick felt that Jack was trying to ruin his relationship with Phyllis. “I trust you. I respect you. What are you doing?,” Nick demanded. Jack argued that Nick did far worse – he pursued Phyllis when she was still with Jack. Nick didn’t think that justified Jack’s actions. Nick snapped that Jack put all these thoughts in Phyllis’s head, and now her relationship with Nick had changed. Jack never intended to do that, he was just trying to be honest with his feelings. Nick noted that he’d told Jack he was concerned his relationship with Phyllis was fated for disaster. Jack recalled Nick saying that someone besides Jack put doubts in his head. Jack said that nobody could make Nick doubt his relationship with Phyllis unless he was already feeling that way. Nick accused Jack of trying to shift the blame. He demanded to know why Jack would confess his love to Phyllis while she was with Nick. Phyllis appeared and told Nick to stop. She said Jack wasn’t the reason for what was going on between them. Nick asked what was going on, and Phyllis softly asked if she needed to spell it out. Jack told Phyllis not to say anything rash. He said he had no right to tell her how he felt. She said it was fine – she found his unbridled honesty to be beautiful. Jack apologized to Nick. Jack admitted he never let Phyllis go. Sally appeared and said she would’ve loved him more than Phyllis if he’d just let Phyllis go and moved on.

Sally told Jack that he made a legendary mistake letting her go and making a play for an old painful error in judgment named Phyllis. Phyllis faded away. Jack denied making a play for Phyllis. Sally said that she and Jack could’ve been a power couple, but he blew it. He thought she was misremembering what happened between them. She admitted she made a mistake or two, but she said he was mostly to blame because she genuinely cared about him and part of her still did. She said at least she knew when to give up and move on. She told him he needed to shut the door on his past, or he’d miss even more opportunities in life. Jack admitted Sally briefly manipulated him into wondering if this was his fault. He said it was her fault – her lies and deceptions and sabotage of his son’s relationship. Nick brought up Summer. Sally sarcastically apologized for getting Summer a fantastic job. Jack said Sally was talented, but she didn’t trust it. He said they couldn’t have a relationship because she didn’t know who she was or who she wanted to be. She asserted that she knew exactly who she was, but he just couldn’t accept it. She didn’t think she did anything worse than Phyllis. She didn’t run anyone over, like Phyllis did, so why should Phyllis get a free pass? “Because she’s Phyllis,” Jack and Nick said in unison. Sally was sorry Jack couldn’t forgive her the way he forgave Phyllis countless times. He told her he was sorry. She said they could’ve had fun. Nick noted that fun and games didn’t last, and Jack supposed that was true. Sally sniped that Jack should ask Phyllis to the wedding, and Nick told him not to even think about it.

Jack found himself at Nikki’s home. She was about to take a drink, and he took the bottle from her and asked what Victor did now. She snarled that she and Victor had been happy for years, and they had each other, while Jack didn’t have anything. He stammered that he had lots of things that brought him happiness, like Harrison. She scoffed and said Harrison was in Italy. Jack didn’t understand why Nikki was attacking him. She said it was because he was jealous of her and Victor. She stated that Jack always wanted love and devotion, and that was why he hurt Nick. She said Phyllis broke Nick’s heart again, thanks to Jack. Jack was shocked this was why Nikki was drinking. She asked how Jack of all people, could do this to Nick. Jack didn’t see why his feelings for Phyllis made a difference. He cared about Nick and Phyllis, and he’d never do anything to jeopardize their relationship. Nikki asked Jack if he was sure about that.

Dream-Nikki said that Jack bared his soul to Phyllis because he wanted to destroy her relationship with Nick. Jack swore that wasn’t his intention. He regretted opening up to Phyllis. It was late, he explained, and he’d had too much wine. He wasn’t saying that was an excuse, but the alcohol lowered his inhibition. He said this could be written off. Nikki told Jack to be honest. Victor showed up. Victor said that Jack fooled a lot of people into believing he was a saint, but Victor knew the truth. Victor watched Jack do underhanded things while putting a sheen of respectability on it. “I suppose you’re the saint,” Jack scoffed. Victor fully admitted he was no saint, but he didn’t pretend to be. He said he was ruthless, but he didn’t whisper sweet nothings in his old flame’s ear, knowing she was involved with someone else. Jack refused to argue about Phyllis with Victor, of all people. Victor didn’t give a damn about Phyllis. He said Nick would move on. “He changes women the way he changes careers,” Victor said. Nikki added that it didn’t make the heartache less painful. Nikki asked what everyone else thought, and Traci, Nick and Sally appeared at the main house.

Jack didn’t regret what was in his heart. He contended that his feelings were none of their business as long as he didn’t act on them. He wanted a partner, but sometimes loneliness was part of life. Traci told Jack to find someone besides Phyllis. Everyone repeated how they felt to Jack, but he said he didn’t care what anyone thought or felt. He said he didn’t break any laws or hurt anyone. He held all of them in their heart, to some degree. He had love in his life, and that was more than enough. Jack was plunged into a pitch black room, and Phyllis was there. She gently urged him to be honest – the love he had from his friends and family wasn’t enough. “What you really want, more than anything is to be with -” Jack woke up before Phyllis finished her sentence.

He poured himself a drink, then he texted someone asking if they could talk about something important. He went to Crimson Lights, then he remembered confessing his feelings to Phyllis the other day. Nick walked in, and Jack thanked him for coming by, even though it was late. Nick came because Jack said it was important. Jack admitted that he told Phyllis he never stopped loving her. Nick wasn’t surprised, and Jack thought it was because Phyllis already told him. Nick said that Phyllis didn’t have to tell him this. Nick could read Jack like an open book, and Jack’s feelings for Phyllis had been clear for some time. Nick said Jack and Phyllis spent a lot of time together because of what went down with Summer and Kyle. He thought it was only natural that Jack was thinking about the times he had with Phyllis. Jack asked if Nick wasn’t bothered. Nick didn’t feel threatened. He thought, after Jack’s relationship with Sally, it was understandable that Jack would be gun-shy about a new woman. Nick wasn’t saying Phyllis was safe, but she was familiar, and it was understandable that Jack would have feelings for her, because “She’s Phyllis,” Jack and Nick stated in unison.

Nick said Phyllis didn’t make it easy to forget her, and he knew what Jack and Phyllis had was special. Jack said it was no more special than what Nick and Phyllis had. Nick knew. Jack said he spent some of the best years of his life with Phyllis, not that they didn’t have their share of problems. Nick thought it was normal for Jack to fondly remember what he and Phyllis used to have. Nick did the same with Sharon. Nick reminisced about the good times and thought about the mistakes, and when you looked back, you could change and grow. Nick said his relationship with Phyllis was different than the one they had when they met or even after Summer’s birth, not that one version was better or worse. He said people had to evolve. Jack agreed. “If you knew exactly how I felt about Phyllis, why did you confide in me the other day? Why did you ask me those questions about your relationship with Phyllis?,” Jack asked. Nick wasn’t sure why he did that. He said maybe he was testing Jack. Jack asked if he passed, and Nick grinned and said he failed miserably. Nick told Jack that he and Jack were good. Nick asked what happened now. Jack said nothing – he’d made it clear to Phyllis that he’d never act on those feelings. Jack just felt he needed to tell Phyllis, and he thought Nick definitely needed to know. Nick appreciated that, especially since he didn’t deserve this kindness. Jack didn’t know why Nick felt that way. Jack noted that he’d been Nick’s stepfather, workmate and friend, and he looked back fondly on all those times. Nick did too, but he did Jack wrong when it came to Phyllis, and he was still feeling guilt. Jack said it was done – the heart went where it wanted to go. Nick said Jack controlled his feelings for Phyllis for all those years, while Nick couldn’t help acting on them. Jack wanted to leave that in the past. Nick was sorry Jack hadn’t found a woman who loved him as much as he loved Phyllis. Nick knew Phyllis was a tough act to follow, but he also knew someone was out there for Jack.

Nick went to Phyllis’s suite. He informed her that Jack told him about confessing his love to Phyllis. She was surprised Jack opened up to him. Nick asked if that was all Phyllis had to say. Phyllis was glad Jack said something, because holding it in was a burden. He asked why she didn’t tell him. She didn’t want to share Jack’s personal business. She added that people did and said a lot of things they didn’t mean when they’d had a few drinks. She didn’t think Jack’s feelings had anything to do with her or with her relationship with Nick. Nick asked Phyllis if she was sure she didn’t know how Jack felt before. She asked how she would know. Nick assumed Phyllis knew how unforgettable she was. She was glad this was out in the open. “This hasn’t changed anything with us, right?,” she asked. She was alarmed when he admitted he wasn’t sure. She insisted that they were solid. He stammered that he knew, he just thought… She told him not to think, and she she kissed him. She said she knew how to make him stop thinking and how to make him sure their relationship was solid. She pulled him into a deeper kiss.

Jack went home and called Kyle to let him know how much everyone was looking forward to the big weekend in Milan. Kyle asked if Jack would bring a guest. Jack said he’d be alone, but he’d be surrounded by people he cared about. He sent Summer and Harrison his love, and he got choked up as he ended the call. Dina told Jack that he’d find love again, because he was yearning for it. She said she loved him, and he said he loved her too.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, September 21 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Ashland and Victoria went to her office and hung the portrait of her on the wall. He said when people came here, they’d see what he saw – a strong powerful beautiful woman watching over her empire. He felt that she was the rightful leader of Newman/Locke. She thanked him again for the incredible gift and for understanding what hanging it in that place symbolized to her. He said he wanted to give her a gift for the merger and for their wedding. He felt the portrait represented a new beginning for them both. They were talking about the wedding when he got a text, and he told her that he had to go take care of something. She had a meeting too.

Phyllis sighed deeply when Victoria showed up at the hotel. Victoria stated that she was here for the spa, not Phyllis. Phyllis said she handpicked every treatment, so she’d take that as a compliment. Victoria mentioned that she was getting a facial, and Phyllis suggested the bridal package, and she added that as mother of the bride, Nikki may be interested as well. Phyllis added that she was going to use that package before Summer’s wedding in Milan, then she and Nick would head to Tuscany for Victoria’s wedding. She asked if Victoria was excited. Victoria couldn’t wait – she’d never felt more secure or happy, and Ashland was the best thing to ever happen to her. “Why don’t you tell me how you really feel?,” Phyllis replied. “You think that I sounded over the top about marrying Ashland? I’m sorry. I guess I let my enthusiasm get the best of me,” Victoria stated. Phyllis said not to apologize. She also knew how it felt to feel like you were finally in the right relationship. Victoria admitted she’d thought Phyllis and Nick would’ve imploded by now. Victoria asked what was different this time – had Phyllis changed or was Nick more of a saint than before? Phyllis said maybe it was a bit of both. Phyllis asked if Victoria ever expected to be with someone like Ashland. Victoria said no – she viewed people and love very differently now. Phyllis did too. Phyllis commented that she and Victoria were having an adult conversation. Victoria and Phyllis both said they didn’t want be friends, though. Jack arrived just as Victoria excused herself for her appointment.

Jack invited Phyllis and Nick to ride on the jabot jet to Italy with him. Phyllis jumped at the chance to bypass flying with Victor, though she said she’d have to run it by Nick. Jack and Phyllis were excited about getting to see their kids. He talked about Summer and Kyle being in love and building a life together. Phyllis thought Jack wanted that for himself too. He said Kyle’s happiness was enough, and she told him not to dismiss what she’d said. She’d been thinking a lot about what he said the other night. She said she loved him too, and that would never change. He noted that it wasn’t the same thing, but he appreciated the sentiment. She asserted that it was the same – she really loved him, and he’d always be in her heart.

Nick and Billy met at Crimson Lights because Billy wanted to talk about the family meeting that Ashland called earlier. Billy wasn’t sure that Ashland was telling the truth about his past, and he wanted to join forces with Nick to do more research. Nick declined. He didn’t want to alienate Victoria, and he thought Ashland’s explanation for changing his name made sense. Billy thought it was suspect that Ashland wouldn’t tell them the entire story or tell them his birth name. Billy said he saw the look on Nick’s face after Ashland declared that he was finished asking questions. Billy wanted Nick to admit that he wasn’t satisfied. Nick conceded that he wanted more information from Ashland, but unlike Billy, he wasn’t looking to stir up trouble or make headlines. Billy said he wasn’t trying to do that either. Nick heard Ashland was so annoyed with Billy’s attitude that he confronted him after the family meeting. According to Billy, Ashland warned him to stay out of his life. This further convinced Billy that Ashland was desperately hiding something. Nick asked if Billy was okay with frustrating Victoria. Billy said he was willing to take the hit to protect his kids. He didn’t like that Ashland kept this from Victoria until he was forced to come clean. It also bothered him that Ashland wouldn’t tell them where he got the money to buy the stations or what his real name was. Nick didn’t think Victoria would care how Ashland got the money. Billy said that his gambling got Victoria kidnapped at one point, and now his kids’ potential stepfather openly admitted to erasing his entire history. Billy said Ashland thrived on being a larger than life mogul, then he sold his empire to a woman he barely knew, and now they were engaged. He understood Ashland’s illness could be altering his decisions, but every event in Ashland’s life was a big question mark. Billy was determined to find the truth.

Billy left. Nick ran into Rey and asked to speak to him in confidence. Nick relayed what Ashland said about changing his name to escape an abusive father. Rey could relate to having a problematic father, so he understood. Nick said Ashland had been the source of a series of surprising revelations, and it had him wondering if Victoria needed to know more about Ashland. He knew his sister was smart and savvy, and he believed Ashland genuinely loved her, but he was concerned. Rey understood why Nick was being protective, but there weren’t grounds for an official investigation, and Rey wasn’t comfortable doing something off the record. Nick was planning to do his own investigation, and he was hoping Rey could point him in the right direction. Rey said that people had to put name changes in the newspaper and file paperwork. Nick said that Billy and Victor both had people looking into that, and they hadn’t found anything yet. Nick asked if the courts would’ve allowed Ashland to conceal his identity so he could stay hidden from his father. Rey said it didn’t work that way back then. If the name change wasn’t in the public records, it meant Ashland found a way to bend the rules. Nick didn’t know how Ashland could pull that off back when he was young and without resources. Rey said that in order to completely change your identity, you needed a new birth certificate and social security number. It was hard for him to believe that Locke, who’d been under public scrutiny for so long, kept something like that hidden. Nick was left with even more questions.

Nick walked into the hotel just as Jack was leaving. Jack mentioned the plane. Phyllis wanted to ride with Jack instead of spending 10 hours with Victor, but she said it was Nick’s call. Nick agreed to fly on the Jabot jet. Jack left. Phyllis mentioned that she and Victoria had a pleasant conversation. Nick said he’d been thinking a lot about Victoria’s marriage to Ashland. Phyllis knew Nick was bothered by whatever Ashland revealed to the family. Nick said every time he felt ready to let it go, another bomb dropped. Ashland was dying, then he and Victoria were merging the companies, then they found out Ashland wasn’t who he said he was. Nick was sure Victoria was bothered, even though she wouldn’t admit it. Nick wanted to look into Ashland’s past, but if Victoria found out, she might cut ties with him forever. Phyllis acknowledged that she’d told Nick he shouldn’t meddle at first, but now she thought he should follow his instincts. She said either he could save his sister from potential disaster, or he could be nice and polite and do nothing. Phyllis knew what she’d do.

Ashland met with a guy named Gaines at Society. Gaines was surprised Ashland looked well, given the reports about his condition. Gaines asked how Ashland was feeling. Ashland wanted to get on with the meeting. Gaines laid out the background information – Ashland had been paying him a yearly pension. Gaines wanted more money now that Ashland was terminally ill. When Gaines referred to the arrangement as an agreement, Ashland said it was blackmail. Gaines thought they’d gotten past all that after all these years and settled into a civil relationship. Ashland asked what Gaines wanted. Gaines had grown accustomed to the $300,000 a year Ashland had been paying him. He’d assumed Ashland would have a longer lifespan, but fate had its own plans. Gaines wanted what should’ve been his, but he wasn’t greedy. He’d settle for ten years of payments in one lump sum. $3,000,0000 in cash, by the end of the day. Gaines would then leave Ashland’s life, and Ashland could die knowing his secret was safe. Ashland couldn’t produce that kind of money by tonight. He was in the middle of a merger, so the entire Locke enterprise was under a microscope. He said he’d pay Gaines after he came home from Italy. That wasn’t acceptable to Gaines. Since the business day was about to come to a close, he’d give Ashland until tomorrow. Ashland sighed, because that wasn’t feasible. Gaines thought Ashland could do it, since he’d proven in the past that when he wanted something, he could make it happen. Ashland groaned and said he’d take care of it, and he warned Gaines that he’d better not come back for more. Billy came up outside the restaurant and saw Ashland and Gaines through the window.

Ashland went back to Victoria’s office. She said after her respite at the spa, she probably wouldn’t be able to get away for dinner. He understood. She noticed he seemed tense, and he blamed the treatments and said he had a lot on his mind. He wanted the wedding to be a wonderful day for her. She wanted the same, but she said the wedding was just one day, and the marriage was what really mattered. He sensed that she still had doubts about him. Victoria knew Ashland loved her, and she wanted to marry him now as much as she did the day he proposed. He said whoever he once was, he was still the man who fell head over heels for her. He’d never told anyone else about his past, but he opened up to Victoria, her family and even Billy, all to avoid that look he just saw in her eyes. She said that meant a lot, but she was just trying to take it all in. she needed to know there wouldn’t be any more surprises. He promised she knew everything important there was to know about him.

At the penthouse, Amanda asked if Devon was sure about inviting her to move in. She brought up Moses. He said he’d already ran it by Moses, and he was fine with it. He was also certain that he wanted to spend every day with her, but he didn’t want to pressure her. She said she’d love to live with him, and they kissed. Later, they got dressed after an intimate celebration. She said she had to go get her things so they could start living together ASAP. They said they loved each other, and she left.

Just as Amanda got to her suite, Imani rushed up looking upset. Imani was worried about Naya’s heart. Amanda mentioned that she reached out to some doctors, and Imani was surprised she’d already taken care of that. Imani said, growing up an only child, she never had anyone to lean on like this, other than their grandfather and her parents. She was sorry if that sounded insensitive. Amanda didn’t mind. She said that they’d both have to get used to this, but she was glad she had a sister to turn to. Imani was glad too. Imani suggested they have some sister time and stream that new French film. Since they both spoke the language, she said they could turn off the subtitles and see whose French was better. Amanda accepted the challenge. She stepped away and called Devon to tell him that she was going to spend some time with Imani, and she’d see him at home later. That sounded weird to her, but he said it sounded right. The call ended. Imani admitted she was eavesdropping, and she asked if Amanda was moving in with Devon. Amanda said she was. Imani was happy for Amanda. Amanda wondered if she should be worried to be this happy. Imani thought Amanda deserved to be happy. Imani was a little jealous Amanda found someone as spectacular as Devon, a once in a lifetime catch.

In their hotel suite, Tessa was glad Mariah had come up with an idea to move on, but she said they didn’t have to make any big decisions now. They’d just moved out of Abby’s, and they could take it slow. Mariah didn’t need time, because the answer appeared like a lightning bolt. Tessa didn’t think there were easy answers. Mariah wasn’t saying it would be easy, but this was the right path forward. “I think we should have a baby of our own!,” Mariah exclaimed. She noted that she and Tessa had discussed it before. Tessa clarified that they’d had a brief abstract discussion. She didn’t think they’d do it this soon. She noted that Mariah hadn’t started to unpack what happened to her. Mariah said she’d go to therapy. It was because of her experience that Mariah thought she wanted and needed this. Mariah explained that Bowie – Dominic – made her realize she had maternal instincts and so much more love to give. Starting a family with Tessa would be the most wonderful feeling in the world. Tessa thought that was a wonderful sentiment, and she shared it, but it had only been a few days since Mariah gave birth to Abby and Chance’s baby. Mariah noted that her OB-GYN said not to get pregnant for at least twelve months. Mariah thought Tessa should carry the baby, so she could experience pregnancy and birth. Tessa looked stunned.

Tessa didn’t think they should have a baby while Mariah was so emotionally raw. Mariah thought this was the best time. Tessa planned to be with Mariah for the rest of her life, and when they were both really ready, they’d talk more. Hopefully they’d be ready soon, but for now, Tessa thought their top priority would be dealing with what happened with Abby and Dominic. Tessa thought Mariah should rest, and Mariah agreed, and she decided to take a nap. Tessa got a text from Abby asking how Mariah was. She’d wanted to reach out to Mariah, but she was giving her space. Tessa replied that Mariah was napping, and she seemed okay.

Tessa picked up her guitar and played softly, but it still woke Mariah up. Mariah said it was the best sound in the world to wake up to. Mariah felt at peace because she and Tessa were going to be having a baby. The look on Tessa’s face made Mariah realize Tessa wasn’t on board with this. Tessa had no problem with the idea of starting a family, but this was all very sudden. Mariah said it wasn’t sudden for her. Tessa said that this was too important to rush, and they shouldn’t do it for the wrong reasons. Tessa was just trying to do what was best for Mariah. Mariah understood that, but she really needed this.

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Y&R Update Monday, September 20, 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At the Chancellor house, Mariah held Bowie and told him goodbye. She thought it was best for everyone if she and Tessa moved out. Abby tried to change Mariah’s mind and offered to call Sharon. Mariah snapped that Abby had to stop taking care of her. Mariah told Abby to take care of Dominic.

Amanda met Nate at Crimson Lights to talk about Naya’s atrial fibrillation. Nate said it was treatable with the right care. Amanda wanted her mom to get the best treatment ASAP. She didn’t want to lose any more relatives. She was about to cry, and he assured her it would be okay. He promised to give her the best possible options for doctors. She thanked him. She felt so stressed out. Her grandfather’s trial was coming up, and she was worried about how it’d affect Naya. She was also worried about Devon, who’d had conflicting emotions since Dominic’s birth. Nate told Amanda that she needed to take time for herself, or she might not be able to be there for the people she loved.

Adam brought Connor to Crimson Lights and asked if Sharon had a minute. Sharon said no, and she stepped away to answer Mariah’s call. Sharon was sorry she missed the baptism, but she was coming to the reception. Mariah said it was over, and right now she needed to be alone to process things. Sharon understood and promised to be there to help Mariah through this. The call ended, and Sharon told Adam that she had some time to talk after all. Adam prodded Connor, who apologized to Sharon about the way he acted the other day. Sharon said the apology wasn’t necessary. Adam said that Sharon wasn’t to blame for what happened between him and Chelsea. Connor didn’t seem convinced. Sharon knew this was confusing for Connor, but she promised she wanted the best for him and his parents. Adam reminded Connor how helpful Sharon was when Connor was having difficulties. He added that Sharon helped Chelsea too. Sharon said Connor could come to her if he needed someone to talk to, and he said thanks. Now that Connor had warmed up to Sharon, Adam went to the patio.

Rey walked in and approached Adam. Adam hoped Rey wasn’t going to get pissed off about Adam bringing Connor to talk with Sharon. Rey had connected with Connor on their road trip. He cared about the Connor, and he was glad Adam told Connor the truth. Adam thought he and Rey ahd found common ground and asked if they could coexist.

Back inside, Connor said lots of kids at school had parents who’d split up. He’d felt bad for those kids, and now he was one of them. He wasn’t sure who he was going to live with – if he lived with one parent, the other would be sad. Sharon told Connor that it wasn’t his job to take care of his parents. He was worried his parents would pretend not to fight when they were around him, because he could tell when they were being fake, and that was worse. Sharon said that his parents weren’t going to fake their love for him, and when they were together as a family, that love was all that mattered.

Abby asked if Mariah was doing the right thing by exiling herself from the baby. Tessa pointed out that they lived nearby, so it wasn’t exile. Abby wanted the Chancellor house to be a safe place for Mariah. Mariah appreciated the concern, but this was the right choice. She said she’d keep pumping milk for Dominic. Devon asked if that would be too much. Mariah wanted to do it. It was just hard to be there around the baby all the time. She had to leave because she didn’t want to hurt Abby. Abby accepted this. Tessa and Mariah were leaving when Dominic started to cry. Mariah froze, but then she continued out the door. Abby felt bad about how things turned out. She said they’d made agreements and covered their bases. They’d gone from being a happy extended family to Mariah not being able to stand being around her and the baby. Devon said Mariah went through something traumatic. Abby suggested that Mariah may have felt this way even if she didn’t go through that ordeal. Devon felt that they should give her time and the distance she needed to figure out how she fit in with all of them. He was glad Mariah had Tessa.

Later, Abby was home alone. She rocked the baby and said she missed his dad. She knew that Dom never met Chance, so he didn’t miss him. She assumed Dom missed Mariah, though. Abby was grateful to Mariah for protecting Dom and bringing him into the world. Abby thought about how hard it must’ve been for Mariah to be locked in the room with only Dominic to talk to. She wanted to do something for Mariah. She suggested that, in time, Mariah could be a part of their lives. Abby found Mariah’s bracelet, and she was about to call her until she realized it would be best to give Mariah the time and space she requested.

When Devon got home, Amanda was there wrapping up a call with a doctor. She told him she’d talked to the doctors Nate recommended, and she was feeling positive now. Devon was glad Amanda reached out to Nate. Amanda was used to being on her own, and asking for help didn’t come naturally. Devon could relate, but he said you had to learn to ask for support when you needed it, especially because so many people were happy to help her. She said she was about to say the same thing to him. He asked what she was going to do now that she wasn’t working for her family anymore. She, Naya and Imani talked about it on their trip. Amanda decided to follow through with starting her own firm, and Imani was going to be her junior partner. Amanda looked forward to being with her partner/sister, and her healthy mother as they heard a guilty verdict in Sutton’s trial. Amanda asked about the baptism. He didn’t think she needed to hear him vent now, but she wanted him to open up, because that was part of being in a relationship. He was embarrassed because she’d warned him that it could get messy. She said that was why she urged him to draw up the legal agreement. He said that he’d learned a contract didn’t account for how people really felt. He was okay with her saying “I told you so.” Amanda said she’d never say that – they were partners, and they needed to be each other’s safe place.

Devon admitted the baptism was rough, mostly because of how much Mariah was struggling. He repeated what Mariah said about not knowing how to not be Dominic’s mom. Amanda said Mariah was losing someone she loved. Devon disagreed, because Abby would always allow Mariah to be in Dom’s life. Amanda said it was still a loss, because Mariah would never be able to love the baby the way she wanted to – the way she loved him when she carried and nurtured him for nine months, especially when they were trapped. He added that Mariah’s departure had Abby feeling guilty about loving her own child, which she had to deal with without her husband. Amanda wanted to know how Devon felt. Devon felt good about standing up and pledging to be the godfather, but it also felt strange because he was Dominic’s father, but he wasn’t the legal father. Amanda assured Devon that, per the legal agreement, Dominic would always know who Devon was. Devon said Dominic wouldn’t call him Dad. “What does it say about me that I wish could have that?,” he asked. Amanda thought it said that he cared deeply about his friends and their child. She thought Dom was lucky to be so fiercely loved by Devon. Devon poured Amanda wine and told her they were celebrating. He told her she was right – they were each other’s safe place. He felt like she could see his heart. She felt the same way. He said they were helping each other navigate through uncertainty, and he didn’t want to be without her. He asked her to move in.

Mariah and Tessa got a suite at The Grand Phoenix because the old apartment didn’t feel like home anymore. Mariah said she didn’t need Tessa to comfort her or treat her like she was fragile. She felt that the separation was what she needed to step away from the connection she felt with Dominic. She said that her feelings toward Dominic needed to be familial, not maternal. Tessa thought it sounded like Mariah was talking with her head, but Tessa was worried about Mariah’s heart. Tessa went up behind Mariah and wrapped her arms around her waist. Tessa told Mariah not to try and be brave with her. She knew this would be painful, but she was here for Mariah through the good, bad and ugly. Tessa promised they’d get through this next phase of their lives together. They kissed.

Later, Tessa and Mariah were cuddled in bed. Mariah said Bowie and Tessa kept her sane during the abduction. She even sang some of Tessa’s songs to the baby, and it calmed her down. She mentioned the dream she had that Tessa rescued her. Tessa was glad she could be a source of comfort and sanity this time, since it was usually the other way around. They thought that they’d found the perfect balance.

Later, Mariah’s eyes were filled with tears. She was alone in the room, and she thought about times she’d spent with the baby, when she was kidnapped and after giving birth. She remembered wishing she could breastfeed the baby and telling him that he was drinking her milk. Mariah yelled for Tessa, who was just getting out of the shower. Mariah said she thought she’d figured out a way to heal and move on.

Chloe and Sally were at Society. Sally said she was on a run in the park when she saw a kid alone and upset. She recognized him from pictures in Adam’s office. She’d discreetly texted Adam, then she chatted with Connor. Sally gathered that Connor had just gotten upsetting news, she assumed it was about his parents splitting up. She was surprised at how easily she’d connected with Connor. She said who knew she had the mom gene. Sally asked how working parents did it. Chloe said it wasn’t easy. Sally thought about how hard Adam had it as a single parent. Chloe said that Connor had a mother, and Chloe’s best friend and their future co-worker. Sally got the message to stay away from Adam, but seeing him as a good dad made him even hotter. Chloe choked on her drink, and Sally said she was just kidding. Chloe said that Chelsea was the reason Connor was a great kid. Sally was sure Chelsea was a good mom, but she was away, and Adam was doing it alone. Sally gave him credit for that.

Chloe was alone now. She called Chelsea. Chelsea was mad because Adam talked to Connor about the separation without her. She was also angry that Adam had Connor talk to Sharon, of all people. She wasn’t surprised Connor got upset. Chloe felt for Connor, but she thought this was best for Chelsea. Chelsea felt like Adam controlled the situation and wouldn’t let her be there so they could tell Connor together. Chloe wasn’t surprised, because that was what Adam was like. Chloe said Chelsea could get on with her life now, and they could kick butt at the fashion platform. Connor had told Chelsea that Sally helped calm him down. Chelsea wanted to thank her.

Chloe thought Sally’s talents lay more in design than taking care of kids. Chelsea still appreciated Sally being there for Connor when Chelsea couldn’t be. Chloe promised to pass along Chelsea’s gratitude.

Sally sent to Crimson Lights and approached Connor and Sharon. Connor wanted Sally to tell Sharon about getting ice water dumped on her head. Sally thought everyone heard that one. Sharon coolly commented that Sally and Connor had a rapport. Sally said they were pals. Sharon went back behind the counter. Connor asked if Sally had more embarrassing stories. Adam and Rey walked in and saw Sally making Connor laugh. Adam thanked Sally for hanging out with Connor the other day. He said he and Connor were going back to the office. Connor asked if Sally could come. Sally was heading there anyway. They all left together.

Sharon was concerned about what happened with Rey and Adam. He said that Adam thought they found common ground. Rey asked how things went with Connor. She thought he’d be okay. He noticed she was still concerned. Sharon thought Sally had her eye on Adam. Sharon said Nick told her that Sally had a reputation for targeting wealthy men. She did it in LA, and she immediately made a play for Jack when she got here. Sharon thought Sally was the last kind of complication Adam needed. Rey asked if Sharon thought Adam was interested. Adam had told Sharon he wasn’t interested, but Sharon said he was lonely, which made him vulnerable.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, September 20 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Christine

Mariah and Tessa moved out of the Chancellor house and into the Grand Phoenix. Tessa was there for Mariah. Mariah came up with a way that she could heal and move forward. Nate put Amanda in touch with some doctors who could treat Naya’s atrial fibrillation. Sharon talked to Connor about his parents’ separation. Rey and Adam had a civil conversation about Connor. Abby wanted to help Mariah. Amanda and Devon talked to each other about the things they were dealing with. Devon wished Dominic could call him Dad. Amanda was going forward with starting her own law firm and hiring Imani as her junior partner. Devon asked Amanda to move in with him. Sally told Chloe how she’d helped Connor. Sally found it easy to talk with Connor, and she thought it meant she had a mom gene. Chloe pointed out that Connor had a mother. Sally was impressed that Adam was being a single parent. Sally went up to Connor and Sharon. Sharon saw Connor and Sally’s rapport. When Adam took Connor to the office, Connor requested that Sally go with them. Sharon thought Sally had her sights set on Adam, just like she’d gone after other wealthy men. While Adam had said he wasn’t interested, Sharon said he was lonely, which made him vulnerable.


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Y&R Update Monday, September 13 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At the Chancellor house, Abby rebuffed Mariah’s attempts to help her with the baby’s stroller. Abby said she was taking Dom to Chancellor Park, and she left. Shortly afterward, Tessa came in and saw Mariah crying. Tessa asked what was wrong. “Abby and Bowie, sorry, Dominic, they were going out and the stroller, just and I… I just wanted to help,” Mariah stammered. She pulled herself together and said she felt sad when she saw Abby and Dom walk out the door. She wasn’t sure why. She just worried sometimes for some reason. Tessa thought that was natural after what Stitch put Mariah through. Mariah had this feeling she couldn’t shake, and she felt so bad. “Abby’s history is the reason why Bowie and me were put in jeopardy. You know, her relationship with Stitch,” Mariah stated. She pointed out that Abby needed a surrogate because of her relationship with Stitch, then he came back, and he brought chaos and disaster. She said Stitch still wanted Abby, and he was willing to do crazy things to get her back. Tessa asked Mariah if she blamed Abby for Stitch’s actions.

Mariah was ashamed of her thoughts. She said she didn’t blame Abby, but then she was going to say something else that she decided against voicing. Tessa assured Mariah that she could be open with her. Mariah was terrified that Stitch would come back. Tessa said that Stitch was a wanted fugitive, and none of them would be tricked by them again. She added that Chance would return, and Stitch would realize he had no chance with Abby. Mariah countered that they had no idea how long that would take. She wanted to be brave, but she couldn’t. She felt like she used up all her bravery in that room. She had so many thoughts that were drowning out all the good things around her. Tessa wished Mariah could see herself from Tessa’s perspective. She thought Mariah needed time and space to work through things. She suggested they go do something as a distraction, but Mariah didn’t feel up to that. She wanted to be alone, so she left the house.

Nick went to The Grand Phoenix and flirted with Phyllis on his way to the hotel gym. After he left for his workout, Jack showed up. He wanted to apologize to Phyllis for making her feel uncomfortable. She assured him that he didn’t make her uncomfortable. He knew she was with Nick now. She confirmed that she was with Nick, and she noted that Jack never declared that he was pursue her. Phyllis stated that she and Jack had known each other a long time, and he didn’t have to apologize for telling her his truth. He made it clear that he was apologizing for possibly making her uncomfortable – not for the things he said last night, because they were true then and now. Nick returned and said he got a text from Summer saying that it was time to make travel preparations for her civil ceremony with Kyle. Phyllis gushed about all the Italian weddings, and Nick said there was a lot of love in the air. Jack looked wistful.

Jack headed to Chancellor Park, where he was delighted to run into Abby and Dom. He called Dom a miracle and asked if Chance was enjoying the pictures. Abby said that Chance didn’t know the baby had been born. Jack offered to try and use his connections to reach Chance. Abby said that Christine had tried, and if she couldn’t reach him, no one probably could. Jack knew what it was like to be separated from someone you loved, and it had to be harder when you couldn’t communicate with them. It broke Abby’s heart that Chance didn’t know he was a father. Jack said at least Abby had a bundle of joy to hold while she waited. Abby said that Chance would be home soon and Dom wouldn’t miss out on one bit of love – everyone at the house would make sure of that.

Abby went home and told Tessa that while Dom was probably too little to take a lot of things in, he’d seemed so curious about his new surroundings. Tessa confided that Mariah was scared and worried after Abby and the baby left. Obviously, it was the kidnapping, but Mariah missed Dominic too. Tessa said Mariah was struggling, and it was getting worse. Abby didn’t know how anyone could hold up after what Mariah went through. She loved Mariah and was grateful to her and wanted to help her through this. They didn’t notice Mariah had returned and overheard them talking.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis showed Nick some dresses that she thought might be right for Summer to wear at her ceremony. He didn’t seem interested in the conversation. She acknowledged that something was distracting him. He said he was happy with what he was feeling – it was comfortable and content. He stated that they had flirtation and fun. “But it’s not all we have, right?,” he asked. She thought they had a good balance of love and fun. She said they’d been through a lot and paid their dues, so this was easy. He was glad they were on the same page about where things stood this time around. He guessed they were lucky. She grabbed his hand and said she felt lucky and grateful. Jack returned and saw Nick and Phyllis holding hands. He left before they saw him.

Victor wanted to get to know Ashland better, since they were going to be in laws. He mused that it wasn’t always about business. Ashland was surprised to hear Victor say that. Victor asked how Ashland’s treatment was going. Ashland had some rough days, but he felt stronger after the sessions. Victor asked about Ashland’s early career. Victor assumed Ashland was familiar with his early days. Ashland had read the biography – Victor grew up in an orphanage – he had a father who deserted the family and a mother who promised to come back for him but was never able to. Ashland added that Victor left the orphanage as a teen, changed his name and took charge of his life, laying the groundwork for the empire. Victor asked if any of his story resonated with Ashland. Ashland said that he also had to jump start his life as a teen. He was close to his parents, who were well-meaning people. He said a book about his life wouldn’t be as interesting as Victor’s. He said that Victoria had been key in teaching him to live in the moment, and he felt like he should never look back. Victor asked if Ashland didn’t think early experiences made them who they were today.

At Society, Billy ran into Victoria. He mentioned that he’d heard Ashland personally invited Nate to the wedding. Billy was wondering where his personal invitation was. Victoria wondered why she even added Billy to the guest list, when all he did was dig for dirt on her fiance. Billy said he’d get out of her hair if she told him about Ashland’s history. She told him that he wasn’t being as charming as he thought he was. He changed the subject and asked how Nate became Ashland’s new BFF. She said they weren’t BFFs – Nate and Ashland had a few things in common and they hit it off. He asked why she wasn’t curious about Ashland’s past, and she told him not to presume to know what she cared about. She was tired of the fishing expedition. He said he was just trying to fill the holes. It seemed like Ashland didn’t exist before he met his mentor, Camilla Rhodes. Victoria called that ridiculous. Billy said they hadn’t found a birth certificate on Ashland or a death certificate for his parents, whom Ashland said he lost as a teen. Victoria mocked Billy for thinking this was a big deal. She said documents back then were on paper, maybe they were just missing or buried in a warehouse. Billy admitted that Lily said the same thing. Victoria wondered what a smart woman like Lily was doing with Billy. Billy said he wasn’t looking for reasons to doubt her fiance – they just kept falling in his lap. She thought they’d be better off if he’d drop this ridiculous search. She told him he’d better not badmouth Ashland to their children. He asked if she really thought he’d do that. She didn’t know what he was capable of when it came to Ashland. She said if he kept this up, she’d let him know what she was capable of. She left.

Ashland and Victoria got home around the same time. She said an encounter with Billy left her with a bitter taste. She relayed what Billy said about the missing vital records on Ashland and his family. She thought Billy was being ridiculous. Ashland got another text from the unnamed person. The original said “You’re a hard man to keep track of.” The new one said “you’ll regret ignoring me.” Ashland stared at the phone, and Victoria asked if he was listening. He admitted Billy wasn’t wrong, and there was something Victoria needed to know.

Adam and Chelsea were on a video chat, while he was in his office. They’d just finished talking about what a good time Connor had at camp, and she was blindsided when he said it was time to tell Connor what was going on between them. She’d just thought things would get better with time. Adam thought it was time for them to go their separate ways. Chelsea asked if they shouldn’t try again for Connor’s sake. Adam noted that Chelsea recently wanted him out of her life so badly that she tried to send him to prison. Chelsea thought, after all they’d been through, this would warrant a longer discussion, but she accepted that this was how Adam felt. She told him he had to wait until she came home so she could be part of the discussion. He asked when she’d be back. She wasn’t sure – Anita fell and re-injured herself, and Chelsea had to stay and take care of her. Anita wouldn’t let her hire a nurse. Adam thought Anita was just being Anita. She asked if he was accusing her mother of faking her fall. He just knew he didn’t want to wait – it wasn’t fair to Connor. He thought he should just deal with this himself. She suggested he bring Connor to Minnesota so she could be part of the conversation. He didn’t like that idea, because he was worried Connor would get the wrong idea about the trip and be crushed when he learned the truth. Chelsea felt like Adam was making up excuses to exclude her from the discussion. He asserted that he wasn’t trying to be cruel, he was trying to do what was best for their son. She accused him of thinking about what was easiest for him, and she ended the call.

Rey went to Crimson Lights on his break, hoping to surprise Sharon, but she wasn’t there. When she walked in, she revealed that she’d gone to see Adam. He asked why. She noted that Rey already knew – Adam wanted advice on talking to Connor, and Rey was the one who urged him not to put that off. Rey said he suggested that thinking that someone besides Sharon would give Adam guidance. He knew it was in Sharon’s nature to want to help though, and that was one of the things he loved best about her. He asked if Adam would ever be out of their lives. He had to head back to the station. She asked him to stay for a few minutes, but he saw no point since he’d said his piece, and he didn’t think it would change anything. He left. Sally was by the door, and she saw Rey leaving.

Sally went to Sharon and she struck up a conversation with Sharon that was laced with tension. Sally said she was getting bored with her drink order. She asked Sharon to pick one for her. Sally mentioned she used to read Restless Style and asked if Sharon missed fashion. Sharon said not at all – she had a Master’s degree in psychology, and along with running this place, her life was full. Sally pointedly stated that Sharon had a great career and a handsome husband. Adam walked in and told Sally that Chloe was looking for her at the office. She offered to wait for him, and he said he wasn’t heading back yet. Sally left. Sharon told Adam that Sally seemed like a handful. He was amused by her take on Sally, who always seemed to get a reaction out of people. Sharon said she was reacting to Sally’s obvious crush on Adam. Adam thought Sharon was letting her imagination run wild, but Sharon said she was good at picking up on things like this. He stated that even if Sally was crushing on him, it didn’t matter because he was focused on Connor and his business. After the conversation he just had with Chelsea, the last thing he needed was to get involved with another complicated woman. Sharon suggested that the complications made it interesting, but he said it wasn’t. He thought he was the problem – he failed with Sharon and Chelsea, and he didn’t want to put someone else through that inevitable train wreck. He was fine being alone for now. She said sometimes, that was the best approach.

Sally went to work and pumped Chloe for information on Sharon and Adam’s past. Chloe was dismayed because she thought Sally had a thing for Adam. Sally denied this and said she was just curious. Chloe said Adam and Sharon had a complicated and profound relationship. Chelsea and Adam’s relationship blew up because his bond with Sharon pushed Chelsea over the edge. Chloe didn’t think Adam would ever get Sharon out of his system.

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