B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Hope: We have to get Ridge back here. We have to tell him what really happened.

Brooke: Honey, you need to calm down.

Hope: He is worried about his son for good reason, and that is because he is dead.

Brooke: Okay, please, stop saying that.

Hope: Thomas is in a vat of acid because of me, and I’m not going to keep that secret.

Brooke: You’re forgetting how this all happened. Thomas brought this on himself. His actions made you react. And what kind of a father does that, takes his son and puts him in an empty room, and leaves him there in an empty building so that he can chase you around and have sex with you? He was coming on to you, Hope. He cornered you.

Hope: But that shouldn’t have cost Thomas’ life. I should have tried using my words. I should have tried talking to him. He listened to me. Or at least he did before I killed him.

Brooke: Oh, honey, how many times do I have to tell you? It was an accident.

Hope: Do you really think that’s going to make a difference to Ridge? To Steffy or to Douglas? I killed Douglas’ father, mom, after he just lost Caroline, and Douglas trusts me. He trusts me.

Brooke: Honey, you’ve gotta listen to me, okay? God only knows what would have happened if you didn’t defend yourself. Thomas was intimidating you. You had to protect yourself.


B&B Best Lines, Monday, November 18, 2019

Liam: Well, I just wrapped up things down in here. So…yeah, I guess all that’s left is to clean out my desk.

Steffy: Who says you can leave?

Liam: Wait, what?

Steffy: We can still hold him to his contract, right, dad?

Liam: Wait–

Ridge: Yes, absolutely.

Liam: Whoa. Hold on. What?

Ridge: But that means that big, bad Bill Spencer’s gonna come over here, and he’s gonna make the whole place smell like musk and hair product, and it just– I’m gonna miss you, but, uh…


B&B Best Lines, Monday, November 11, 2019

Hope: Yeah. Right. Of course. Um… I’ve been missing you a lot, too.

Brooke: Oh! Oh, my God! Oh, Douglas! Wow! I am so happy to see you. I’m so glad you could come over tonight. What happened? I was waiting for you to call me back.

Hope: I, uh, I couldn’t…

Douglas: Hope said we might have a sleepover.

Brooke: Oh, that’s great. Well, things must have gone well if Thomas agreed to a sleepover.

Hope: Uh, actually, it’s possible that Douglas might be staying here for a while.

Douglas: Really?

Brooke: Oh, would you like that?

Douglas: If daddy’s okay with it. We’ll have to ask him, right, mommy?

Hope: Yes. Yes, we will.


B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Hope: Yeah. Right. Of course. Um… I’ve been missing you a lot, too.

Brooke: Oh! Oh, my God! ] Oh, Douglas! Wow! I am so happy to see you. I’m so glad you could come over tonight. What happened? I was waiting for you to call me back.

Hope: I, uh, I couldn’t…

Douglas: Hope said we might have a sleepover.

Brooke: Oh, that’s great. Well, things must have gone well if Thomas agreed to a sleepover.

Hope: Uh, actually, it’s possible that Douglas might be staying here for a while.

Douglas: Really?

Brooke: Oh, would you like that?

Douglas: If daddy’s okay with it. We’ll have to ask him, right, mommy?

Hope: Yes. Yes, we will.


B&B Best Lines, Friday, November 1, 2019

Shauna: I gotta hand it to him. He really does seem like he’s doing the best he can for his son.

Ridge: He’s making an effort. It’s important.

Shauna: Yeah, I mean, we all make mistakes. I understand why you’re supporting him. I do.

Ridge: Glad to see somebody gets it.

Shauna: What is this? Is this it? Is this the best you can do for your Halloween costume?

Ridge: What’s wrong with it?

Shauna: Um, I just thought maybe, you know, shirtless gladiator or half-naked cowboy.

Ridge: Okay. You’ve already seen me half-naked. What more do you want?

Shauna: I can think of something.


B&B Best Lines, Thursday, October 31, 2019

Quinn: Oh, yeah. Mm. Whoop. Careful of my lipstick, Caesar.

Eric: Okay.

Quinn: Hee hee hee!

Ridge: All right, take it easy.

Quinn: Ohh!

Ridge: Is that what I’m gonna see every time I walk in here? Come on.

Quinn: Yeah. Especially Sunday brunch. We do it naked over there on the couch.

Ridge: Really? Okay. Uh, mental note– don’t sit on that couch and don’t be here Sunday ever.

Quinn: Ridge!

Ridge: Yeah.

Quinn: What’s going on with your costume?

Ridge: What? It’s almost done. I, uh, I learned something about myself today. I’m a lot better dressing other people than I am dressing myself. And speaking of other people, you forgot to tell me that Shauna’s in the guest house.


B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Charlie: Hey, chief, uh, you got a sec?

Ridge: It’s about all I got. Come on in, Charlie.

Jake: Maintenance on the washers is underway.

Charlie: You, uh, you don’t remember.

Ridge: Uh, I’ve got a lot on my plate. What?

Jake: The industrial washers. They were leaving rust deposits on the garments. Not any longer. I hired a company that specializes in this sort of stuff. They’re pickling as we speak.

Ridge: They’re pickling?

Jake: Yeah, it’s a term for how you remove the rust.

Charlie: Jake says they’ll be purring like happy kitties real soon.

Jake: Yeah, at the moment, though, they’re in pieces being cleaned in hydrofluoric acid.

Ridge: Wait, what?

Jake: I know. It’s a big project. Don’t worry. It’ll be out of this building before you know it.


B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Thomas: Hope hasn’t moved on.

Zoe: She’s back with Liam. You know, they’re raising Beth.

Thomas: Okay, look, she still wants to be a mother to Douglas.

Zoe: Okay, but she had your marriage annulled, so that’s not going to happen.

Thomas: That’s what she wants more than anything. She said it. I mean, that’s where her focus is. But I know something else is going on–something underneath the surface. I could tell while I was there, but it was something she didn’t want me to see.

Zoe: Like what?

Thomas: I don’t know. But if I’d gotten her to stay, I would have found out.

Zoe: You asked her to stay the night?

Thomas: That’s all it’d take. One night with me, and… everything would be different for us.

Zoe: You think you’re that good.

Thomas: I know when a woman is into me.

Zoe: Well…then this shouldn’t surprise you at all.  Well, look at that. Thomas Forrester is speechless.

Thomas: You made my point.

Zoe: And what’s that?

Thomas: Hope doesn’t know what she’s missing.

Zoe: Hope?

Thomas: Yeah, and if she’d stop being so uptight and just give into her desires, we’d have a lot of fun together.

Zoe:  Okay, I plant a kiss on you, and you’re talking about Hope? Thomas, I thought that you came here to talk about your future, not your past.

Thomas: Hope wants a relationship with me.

Zoe: Oh, God, come on.

Thomas: She’s talking about shared custody. She wants to be in my life.

Zoe: Yeah, I was trying to get your attention, but it’s like you can’t keep your mind off of Hope. I’m starting to think that you’re just obsessed with her. I mean, seriously, did that kiss have no impact on you at all?

Thomas: Look, Zoe, you… You are a beautiful woman. Sexy. And under different circumstances… but there’s only one woman for me, and I’m doing everything I can to get her back in my life.


B&B Best Lines, Monday, November 4, 2019

Hope: What are you saying?

Thomas: You heard me. You give me you… I give you Douglas.

Hope: You want me… in exchange for a place in Douglas’ life?

Thomas: Not if you don’t want to. Look, maybe we should just forget this.

Hope: What?

Thomas: Yeah, the whole thing, the custody, everything. I mean, maybe you’re not as committed to this as I thought you were


B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Quinn: No. But with all the comings and goings… you know Thomas, Douglas, and  Ridge are now staying in the house.

Shauna: You mean Ridge in the guest house.

Quinn: No. You’re in the guest house. You did sleep here last night.

Shauna: Yes.

Quinn: Or did Ridge?

Shauna: Yes.

Quinn: Shauna!

Shauna: Yes.

Quinn: No!

Quinn: You didn’t.

Shauna: I woke up with a big, handsome man in my bed. What’s a girl to do?

Quinn: Ohh. No, you’re messing with me.

Shauna: Mm-mm. A big, handsome man with no wedding ring on.

Quinn: Wait. Ridge wasn’t wearing his wedding ring?

Shauna: Nope. Apparently, Brooke is in an eye-for-an-eye mode. Since Thomas helped steal Hope’s daughter, she wants Hope to have Thomas’ son.

Quinn: I wonder if Eric knows about this.

Shauna: Well, I wouldn’t worry about it. I mean, there’s no way that Ridge is gonna allow that to happen, and good for him. I mean yes, Thomas might be, you know, a psychopath sometimes, but hell, if you and I can raise sane, sensible children, he’s not a complete lost cause, right?


B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Shauna: I feel ridiculous. I have seen you on hundreds of magazines. You’re this deliciously talented, amazing Ridge Forrester.

Ridge: Hmm.

Shauna: And here you are, and here I am……… Face masque, looking ridiculous in these pajamas. I’m just so embarrassed. You know what? I am just gonna stick this on my head because I can’t even look at you after you catching me like this. Don’t laugh.

Ridge: I’m not. Hey.

Shauna: It’s embarrassing.

Ridge: Hey, where’d you go? Hi.

Shauna: I’m in here.

Ridge: I’m not laughing at you.

Shauna: I’m embarrassed, though.

Ridge: Okay. Don’t be. Just I was laughing at this situation, us being here like this.

Shauna: Well, I swear I had no idea that you were gonna come by here.

Ridge: Yeah, I didn’t know that, either. Ahem.

Shauna: Ahem. With both of your rings off, does that have anything to do with Thomas?

Ridge: Brooke had adoption papers drawn up. She wanted hope and Liam to take Thomas’ boy away from him.

Shauna: What?

Ridge: I don’t understand. I–I can’t wrap my head around that this is my wife, my partner. And my boy, my little boy. How do you…

Shauna: I am so sorry.

Ridge: Me, too. I want my marriage, and I want my wife. But not at the expense of my son.


B&B Best Lines, Monday, October 28, 2019

Brooke: They practically dragged Douglas out of here.

Donna: Well, I thought Thomas and Ridge were okay with Douglas staying here.

Brooke: Yeah, as long as Hope was a glorified babysitter. But she was way more than that to him. And Douglas loved her. He called her mommy. And Hope was just heartbroken when they took him out of here. I mean, she didn’t deserve to have another child taken from her. But Ridge doesn’t care. He is so focused on Thomas right now nothing else matters.

Donna: You matter. Your marriage matters.

Brooke: Well, I thought it did.

Donna: Brooke… what happened to your wedding ring?

Brooke: I gave it back to Ridge.

Donna: Why would you do that? Why would you take off your wedding ring?

Brooke: What’s the point in wearing it if my husband can’t be loyal to me?


B&B Best Lines, Friday, October 25, 2019

Donna: Honey bear. Ah. Oh. Um… we’re alone, right?

Eric: Yeah, if Quinn were here, you would have been slapped by now.

Donna:  What can I say? Old habits.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Um, actually, I’m looking for Ridge. Um, I’m supposed to patch him into a conference call in, um, five minutes, I think.

Eric: Uh, bad news for you. He just, uh, he just left. He’s not gonna be back today, I don’t think.

Donna: Oh. Okay. Um, do you know why?

Eric: I ran into him and Thomas on their way out a while ago.

Donna: What’s going on?

Eric: They’re picking up Douglas. Thomas is taking him back.

, Donna: If Thomas and Ridge snatch Douglas away from…

Eric: No, they’re not snatching Douglas. It’s not a kidnapping. It’s Thomas’ son. Ah, I hate how much this is hurting Hope.

Donna: You know, even though Beth is back now, all those months apart really made a permanent scar, and–and bonding with Douglas saved her. Thomas has to know that.

Eric: It’s just a terrible situation, no matter how it turns out.


B&B Best Lines, Thursday, October 24, 2019

Bill: So you’re adding babysitting services to your resume.

Wyatt:  Well, you always did tell me to diversify. No, the nanny called in sick and Steffy asked if uncle Wyatt would take care of Kelly till she gets home.

Bill: Well, you know, normally I would dock an employee’s pay for not showing up at the office.

Wyatt: But–

Bill: But in this case I’m going to make an exception because it gives me an excuse to see my granddaughter.

Wyatt: You want to say hi to grandpa? Grandpa!

Bill: Come see your Grandad.

Wyatt: Grandpa!

Bill: You beautiful little girl, what do you got there?

Wyatt: Oh, you better take that compliment now. Otherwise he’s gonna tell you how to live your life.

Bill: No, I only do that to you.

Wyatt: Ha, ha, ha.

Bill: What’s that?

Wyatt: How’s Katie doing?

Bill: Oh, boy. We still have nurses coming 24/7, but thank God, she’s getting better every day.

Wyatt: That’s good. Yeah, I was thinking about her.

Bill: You know, we haven’t had much of a chance to– to connect with everything going on, Wyatt.

Wyatt: Yeah, we can wait on that. Unless you came over here purposely because you knew I couldn’t escape.

Bill: An engagement, Wyatt?

Wyatt: Oh, here we go.

Bill: Really? You got down on one knee for Sally Spectra? Your uncle, huh? Your uncle.

Wyatt: I know, it’s time for your nap.

Bill: I’m not even tired.

Wyatt: Not you. But this is a very important life lesson here, okay? Whenever grandpa starts asking you about things, you tell him it’s none of his damn business.

Bill: Oh, a much more important life lesson is to never listen to your uncle Wyatt. See, grandad is super rich, and always puts family first.

Wyatt: Fine. Yes, I’m engaged to Sally. Yeah, I know, we’re coming over here. But if you have nothing nice to say about it, I don’t want to hear it.

Bill:  I didn’t say a word. What are you talking about?

Wyatt: I know you, and you never liked her. Right?

Bill: Well, what do you want from me? She took a shot at me with my own gun, in my office.

Wyatt: At Skye, at your skyscraper.

Bill: Same difference.

Wyatt: It wasn’t even near you.

Bill: All right, listen. I didn’t come here to criticize you, Wyatt.

Wyatt: That’s a first.

Bill: I came here to… to hear you out. I want to know how you really feel about  Sally.


B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Thomas: I know how it sounds, um, but I’m not used to rejection. And it threw me a little knowing that you didn’t want me. But I knew. On some level I just… I was… too stubborn and proud to admit it. I’m ashamed. But look, I need to make one thing absolutely clear. Me letting Douglas stay here with you, that does not mean I don’t love him. I love that kid with everything I’ve got.

Hope: So what are you getting at?

Thomas: If I were to ever sign adoption papers, it would be for one reason and one reason only. You. I might sign them for you.


B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hope: Was she okay in the car?

Liam: Yeah, yeah, she’s– she was good. She’s better now. Um, she was–I thought she’d be hungry when we got home, but she just wanted her nap.

Hope: Are you annoyed with me right now?

Liam: Annoyed? No, no. No. Uh, I-I was…uh…a little… surprised.

Hope: Liam, when I see a text message from Steffy with heart emojis and X-O-X-O’s…

Liam: I know, but, you know, I get a text message from Pam at work, and it’s got heart emojis and X-O-X-O’s. Like–

Hope: You weren’t married to Pam.

Liam: Okay, but then, given my history with Steffy, shouldn’t a text like that seem pretty…normal? Listen, you–you wanted me to give Steffy this verbal smackdown in front of you, and I didn’t wanna do it because she–she lost a child that she loves, and she’s– she’s trying to handle all of this with grace, so, like, why–why would we deliberately hurt her more?

Hope: Okay, you’re right. You’re right. I took it too far. I mean, Steffy isn’t a threat, but Thomas is, and there is another child to think about. We have to think about Douglas, too.

Liam: Yeah, well, Douglas is clearly happier away from Thomas.


B&B Best Lines, Monday, October 21, 2019

Thomas: It’s kinda wild, huh? That we’d end up in the same apartment complex? We should move Xander and Flo in, call the whole place Phoebegate or Bethgate or… victims of Reese Buckingham’s Estates. That must have been tough, uh, being there for the trial, watching your father get sentenced.

Zoe: Yeah, it was tough and scary…surreal. You know, there was some relief that he didn’t get away with it, you know, for any of us to ever move on and… find some closure.

Thomas: You know when I’ll have closure? Whenever the last Logan is out of my company.

Zoe: Wait. I… I just realized you’ve got… Shauna in the, uh, “in” column.

Thomas: Flo’s mom– she may be the key to pulling this whole thing off.: Brooke is out. All the Logan’s are.

Zoe: Even Hope. Well, look, it’s–it’s just that you pursued her for so long. I mean, you even married her. And you just want her out of the company?

Thomas: It doesn’t matter, as long as my dad is free of Brooke and Liam’s free of Hope, I mean, he can be over there with his child. That’d mean so much to Steffy.

Zoe: Yeah, but, I mean, you can’t stand Liam. Why would you even–

Thomas: Who cares? Look, he makes… he makes my sister happy. They have a child together. They have a family. He would be with Steffy right now if it wasn’t for Hope. I mean, I can’t believe it, that the hold that these Logan women have, and my dad has been sucked up into it for his entire life, but you know what? Liam–he still has a chance. Liam can get out.


B&B Best Lines, Friday, October 18, 2019

Hope: Are you really going to go there, Steffy? Attacking my family, bringing up old history?

Steffy: I’m just saying how it felt watching you walk out the door with my daughter.

Hope: My daughter, Steffy. My little girl with Liam.

Steffy: And Kelly is my little girl with Liam.

Hope: Okay, so you’re saying what, that that gives you permission to undermine my relationship with my daughter’s father after everything the three of us have been through?

Steffy: I’m not trying to undermine anyone. In case you haven’t noticed, I have given you space to be with your daughter and Liam. I’ve been focusing on myself, my daughter, going through my own heartbreak. But Kelly and I are family with Liam, too. She needs her daddy. He loves her, and she loves him.

Hope: Of course he does. Liam being with me and Beth doesn’t mean that he loves Kelly any less. He’s always, always going to be here for her, Steffy. It’s just that Liam sees his future with me.

Steffy: And you’re sure about that? I think you’re getting way ahead of yourself.

Hope: Because there’s not a ring on my finger yet? You know how that sounds, Steffy? Like–like you think he’s still fair game, like you can still pursue him. You understand that we’re living together, right? We’re sharing a bed.

Steffy: But, like, for how long, though? It’s not like you made a permanent commitment.

Hope: That still doesn’t mean that you get to go behind my back. Liam and I, we’re in a relationship, so show some respect, the same kind of respect that I would show you if it were the other way around, not sending little messages with heart emojis and xoxo. Like, I’m not going to tolerate it, Steffy.

Steffy: Why were you even on his phone?

Hope: It just popped up.

Steffy: Oh, I’m sure it was.

Liam: Whoa. Whoa. Hey, guys. Hope, what is going on? What is happening right now? Why are you talking to Steffy this way?

Steffy: It’s okay, Liam.

Liam: Well– well, no, it’s not okay, given everything that you’ve been through. Hope, do you realize that, for Steffy, it’s as if there was a death in the family? I mean, as far as she’s concerned, she lost her Phoebe, right? She lost the little girl that she had loved and raised and cared for for months. I mean, I– I should have been bringing Beth over here more. We, as a couple, should have been bringing our daughter over to play with Kelly more. I mean, can you– can you try to show some compassion?

Hope: I do feel compassion for Steffy.

Liam: Okay. Then you got to respect my choice to bring Beth over here.

Hope: No, it’s not about that. It’s about her showing respect for us, for our family.

Liam: How is she not showing respect for us and our family? Look, we’re all in a tough spot here, right? I have daughters with each of you. We’re doing our best.

Hope: I understand that, but if Steffy is feeling the way she’s feeling, like she’s stuck in some sort of limbo, then…

Steffy: I never said that.

Hope: Okay, well, it still amounts to the same thing, right? And the one person who can put an end to it is Liam, so, Liam, can you give us a clear answer once and for all? Who does your heart belong to? We’re in love. We’re living together. We’re raising our daughter. That doesn’t mean that you won’t see Kelly. You are an amazing, attentive father to her, but that is where it ends. And you need to be straight with Steffy that you see your future with me. You know, I actually– I–I think this is good that this is happening, that we are all here and discussing this because obviously there are still some shades of gray and confusion about this matter, so let’s… set things straight. Let’s not give Steffy any false hope. Okay? You two are just co-parenting, and the romantic relationship is over. Please tell her. What–I don’t even think this needs saying. Liam, we’re in a relationship. We don’t need a piece of paper or a ring to say that. Our love speaks for itself, and Steffy should respect that. Okay? So I’m gonna need you to tell her Liam, that–that, if Steffy sees some sort of future with you, it’s misguided. The two of you are just co-parenting, and the romance is over. Can you please make that clear to her, Liam, please? It’s the kind thing to do. She deserves to hear that from you. It’s– it’s the right thing to do so she can move on with her life. So for once and for all, Liam, tell Steffy it’s over.

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B&B Best Lines, Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thomas: Sorry. What? What do you want?

Zoe: Why are you in my building?

Thomas: You live here?

Zoe: Yeah, this, uh, dumpy studio is all I could afford after I got fired.

Thomas: Ah. Well, at least you have your own place. I’m staying with a friend.

Zoe: What, your family doesn’t have an extra mansion you can use?

Thomas: Not very many places are open to me right now, Zoe. Uh, I’m just gonna grab some water. Do you want to come in? My friend won’t mind, and, well… you must have a million questions about what happened.

Zoe: Uh… yeah, I can come in for a minute.

Thomas: Sure. Sounds like things have been rough for both of us.

Zoe: Yeah. Rough is a understatement. Can’t find a job, and I’m nearly broke. Today the judge hit my dad with the maximum sentence.

B&B Best Lines, Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Ridge: You said nothing happened that night.

Shauna: I didn’t want you freaked out. You’re freaked out.

Ridge: I’m not freaked out at all. I just–this kiss, what–what, uh–

Shauna: It was all my doing. I mean, you were passed out drunk. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Ridge: Okay, but this, um, this kiss, what–what kind of a kiss we talking about here?

Shauna: A nice one.

Ridge: Oh, God.

Shauna: I know, you were just laying there and you looked so sweet.

Ridge: I was… But I didn’t kiss you back, because I was out, right?

Shauna: You were pretty out of it.

Ridge: Yeah.

Shauna: But you did kiss me back.

Ridge: Oh…

Shauna: I have another confession. I felt something. It made me want to kiss you again.


B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ridge: Did you check in at the hospital at all?

Brooke: Bill and Will practically camped out in Katie’s hospital room the last few days, so I’m gonna go over there in a bit.

Ridge: Now you have to admit, past mistakes aside, Flo really stepped up.

Brooke: They released her from the hospital. She should have gone back to prison instead of back to her apartment.

Ridge: I saw you laying into Shauna. What was that all about?

Brooke: Ridge, I just don’t want them creeping back into our lives.

Ridge: Creeping back in? Flo saved your sister’s life. She gave her a kidney. So to me, it looks like they’re trying. And what about you? No understanding? No forgiveness?

Brooke: Forgiveness? No, after what she did to my daughter, I can’t even believe that you’re asking me that.


B&B Best Lines, Monday, October 14, 2019

Sally: Uh, where does Hope keep the extra diapers?

Wyatt: What? If you went through all the extra diapers in the nursery, I mean, we got problems on our hands.

Sally: Ah. Your uncle thinks he’s so funny. Oh, no.  No, I wanted to restock them before Hope and Liam got home, you know, just so they didn’t have to do it whenever they got back.

Wyatt: Well, then let’s just, let’s look at the list.

Sally: What list?

Wyatt: The list that Hope gave us with all the instructions. I mean, I’m sure it tells us where all the extra diapers are, right? It’s just I gotta… gotta find the list. Uh-oh. Sal…do you–do you know where the list is?

Sally: I didn’t know there was a list.

Wyatt: Did you put it somewhere?

Douglas: Here.

Wyatt: The list!  Where did you find it?

Douglas: You put it on the fridge so you wouldn’t forget where it was.

Wyatt: That’s exactly what I did. Thank you. Uh, diapers now. Where are the diapers?

Douglas: Right here.

Wyatt: That’s–yeah. That’s exactly where they are.

Sally: Yeah, I could use one of him around our house.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Sally: Wyatt is always losing something.

Wyatt:  Especially disagreements with her.

Sally: Ha. Ha ha ha ha.

Wyatt: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Right?

Sally: Well, according to this, it is time for Beth’s nap.

Wyatt: Sure doesn’t seem very sleepy. Maybe we could fudge on the nap time?

Douglas: Mnh-mnh.

Wyatt: Or not.

Douglas: Hope says naps are important.

Sally: And Hope is right. They are.

Douglas: Liam usually rocks her in his arms. She likes that a lot.

Wyatt: Well, that’s exactly what we’re gonna do, right?

Sally: You know, Douglas, Wyatt and I haven’t looked after a lot of babies, and it can be kind of intimidating even with babies as sweet as Beth. But with you here, it has been easy-peasy.


B&B Best Lines, Friday, October 4, 2019

Shauna: I’ve been dying to tell you two newsflashes. One–Thomas Forrester came by after you left for work.

Flo: Oh, god, really? How does he know where we live?

Shauna: I assumed you had an employee file at Forrester.

Flo: What did he want?

Shauna: To tell me newsflash number two. Brooke knows I spent the night with her husband.

Flo: Oh, my God.

Flo: How did she find out?

Shauna: You didn’t say anything to anyone?

Flo: Of course not, mom. Why–wh–I would never– I would never tell anyone. God, you know… I always had this, like, fantasy that the Logan’s would eventually forgive me and just take me back into their family, but–

Shauna: Well, that still can happen. Why not? You didn’t sleep with Ridge… or next to him. Oh, poor Brooke. Stolen granddaughter. Sister in kidney failure. And now this thing with me and her husband, which sounds a lot spicier than it actually was. I know she hates our guts, but I actually kind of feel sorry for her.


B&B Best Lines, Friday, October 11, 2019

Brooke: Shauna, what are you doing here?

Shauna: Uh, excuse me for interrupting.

Brooke: You can’t just barge in here like this. We’re in the middle of a private family matter.

Shauna: Actually, I’m here because…

Brooke: I don’t care why you’re here. We’re about to meet Katie’s kidney donor. It’s just family, so please just leave.

Shauna: I wish seeing me didn’t upset you so much, but I understand, and I will leave. I certainly don’t want to interfere with something so special. I’m sure you have a lot to talk about. And you’re right, Brooke. This is a family moment, a family that includes Flo. No matter what happened, she’s your niece. She’s still a Logan. You know, I look at all of you gathered around Katie and supporting and caring for her, and this is definitely, you know, something that Flo should be a part of. She was very worried about her aunt.

Hope: Please.

Shauna: It’s true. We both were so concerned, and that’s why Flo wanted to do something.

Ridge: Do something? What are you talking about?

Shauna: Katie, meet your donor.

Brooke: Ohh.

Ridge: What?

Hope: Flo?

Brooke: You’re serious? Your daughter?

Shauna: Storm’s daughter, your niece, saved Katie’s life.