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[ Gulls cawing ]

Sheila: “I’m so sorry for yesterday. Just had to see you. So proud of the man you’ve become. I wish I could hold hayes. Not possible. I know. I won’t be a problem for you. Promise. I’m leaving town. You’ll never see me again. Love always, mom.”

Steffy: Hayes has a full belly and he’s already back in dreamland.

Finn: Did you sing him a lullaby to get him down?

Steffy: No, he, uh, he requested a nursery rhyme. What do you think, he’s trying to tell me something?

[ Laughing ] So, handsome, um, would you mind if I head to the office? I want to talk to my father and figure out where things stand with the whole restraining order. I know sheila is your birth mom, but we just have to be careful. I just want to make sure she doesn’t stop by here. We need to think about hayes. Okay, let’s just, let’s just stop talking about sheila altogether. You know what I want to talk about? I want to talk about my sexy, handsome, doctor husband. That’s who I want to focus on.

Ridge: Dad. Hey! Hi, did you hear anything I said, or…

Eric: What? I’m sorry, son, what, what is it?

Ridge: Well, now I don’t know if I need to go back.

Eric: Come on, what?

Ridge: I’m talking about the restraining order and why I hadn’t heard from carter.

Eric: So, you think there’s a problem with carter?

Ridge: No, I, what? No, I just told you. I said that he’s gonna talk to the judge about sheila and what she’s done to our family, and he’s gonna get the order.

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: What’s going on with you? It’s that, isn’t it? Your divorce papers. Well okay, all it takes is two signatures and you’ll have closure.

Carter: Make sure her honor gets my message as soon as her meeting’s over. Yes, it’s that important.

Quinn: Ooh. Oh, you are so sexy when you take control.

Carter: Need to get that restraining order against sheila. Ridge made it very clear.

Quinn: Yeah, for good reason. I mean, sheila’s been making the forresters’ lives a living hell for years, even when I was married to eric.

[ Phone dinging ] Oh. My divorce papers have been finalized, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Carter: Yeah, I, um, I didn’t know how to tell you. Today is the day.

Paris: Ah, I am interrupting! Sorry.

Steffy: No, no, we were just done.

Finn: We were doing, um, what newlyweds do.

Steffy: Yeah.

Paris: Are you sure you guys don’t want to take a few days to just be alone? You could drive up the coast and stay in a romantic b&b, or amelia and i could take the kids–

Steffy: That’s, that’s really sweet, and we’d probably take you up on it, but you know, with everything going on…

Paris: Yeah, I, I get it. Now is not the right time, with the shocking appearance from finn’s birth mother, but I am glad to see it didn’t put a damper on your romance. Not that anything could.

Ridge: So, how’s it feel? Free of quinn?

Eric: Ridge, you all warned me about this. You all told me if I married this woman, I’d be sorry. Brooke told, everybody who cared about me–

Ridge: Well, it doesn’t matter now.

Eric: No? There’s not a small part of you that wants to say, “I told you so, dad”?

Ridge: Don’t do that, no, there is not. I know you don’t take divorce lightly.

Eric: No, I don’t, and I never will.

Carter: I was thinking that if your marriage to eric is truly over…

Quinn: It is. I mean, the divorce papers are finalized, as you know.

Carter: Yeah.

Quinn: There’s only one thing left for eric and me to do, and that’s to sign them and then, it’s official.

Carter: That’s how it works. Look, quinn, um, we fought so hard not to give into these, to these feelings. You loved eric, and I was loyal to him and ridge. We tried to stay apart, but there is this, this pull that we ultimately couldn’t deny, and you’re about to sign these divorce papers, and once you do, you’ll be free. But I guess, what I’m trying to say is that I don’t, I don’t want our relationship to be a secret anymore. This is new special k dipped.

Steffy: Amelia’s on her way. She’s gonna take care of hayes, while I’m at work.

Finn: You don’t trust his old man to watch him?

Steffy: No wait, you said you wanted to go surfing. Amelia can pitch in.

Paris: Or I could, I totally don’t mind.

Steffy: No, girl, you said you want to go to the beach, no way.

Finn: Well, I am already missing my beautiful bride.

Steffy: Oh, I feel terrible. You met your birth mom, only to find out who she really is.

Finn: I’m the one who feels terrible. I’m the one who brought her back into your life and into your family–

Steffy: No, no, baby, it’s not, it is not your fault. Just promise me you’re gonna stay away from sheila. Alright, I have to go to work, I love you. Bye.

Finn: Love you.

Ridge: Despite how things ended, there was a time when you and quinn were happy, when she was a loving and loyal wife.

Eric: She was. Although, I’m surprised to hear you say that, given what she did with you and brooke.

Ridge: This is not about what she did to us, it’s what she did to you with carter.

Eric: No, just, keep it away from carter, alright? Let’s not talk about–

Ridge: Okay, okay.

Eric: Thank you very much.

Ridge: I know, I’m just not, not sure she would want to throw away everything you worked for.

Eric: She was unhappy, ridge. She felt rejected because I was unable to give her what she felt she should have from me. I wasn’t able to do that for her. Sometimes, I think that I am the one who shoved her towards carter.

Ridge: Don’t ever say that again. She went to somebody else. It’s on her, and not you. You have to understand something. You’re not alone in this. I know how hard it is for you, but we’re here, we’re all here. Your family is here, you understand, right?

Eric: You need to go to the office, go on.

Ridge: Hey, come here. I love you.

Eric: Love you too, son.

Ridge: We’ll figure this out, okay?

Eric: Alright, come on.

Quinn: Carter, what are you saying?

Carter: I’m saying that I don’t want us to be a secret anymore. I don’t want us to sneak around. And I know what you’re gonna say, that if we do this, eric will fire me.

Quinn: He will!

Carter: What happens at forresters’ happens.

Quinn: Okay, it’s not vegas. Come on. You’re gonna lose your job, everything you’ve worked so hard for, you’re just gonna sacrifice?

Carter: I don’t know if you know this, but I am a brilliant, successful attorney, quinn. I’ll find a great job somewhere else.

Quinn: But–

Carter: No, no, no. This is what we need to do. The thought of not being with you, I can’t accept that, and we can’t let other people dictate our lives, who we should be with. I’m tired of hiding. I want the whole world to know what we have together. You’d never want leftover onion residue

Carter: I hate to see you leave, but eric has the divorce papers, and I know it’s not going to be easy saying goodbye to a life, to a man you once cared about, but I promise I’ll have something special for you when you get home.

Quinn: Home?

Carter: Yeah. Yeah, I want this to be your home too.

Quinn: Hm.

Ridge: What do you think? Hey, earth to steffy. Hi!

Steffy: Sorry, what were you saying?

Ridge: Pick a model. You’re distracted because of sheila?

Steffy: Yeah, I, I still can’t believe what happened at my wedding reception. It was the most beautiful day until that lunatic showed up.

Paris: I cannot get over living in malibu.

Finn: Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. The ocean breeze, the sea air, it really does help clear your head. Well, getting pummeled by the waves has the same effect.

Paris: Stop, you rode those waves like a champ.

Finn: Oh, you should see steffy. According to ridge, she was a real water baby growing up. Alright, I’m gonna check on amelia and the kids.

Paris: Finn, look, I know you went surfing to take your mind off all of this, but with your birth mother showing up, and the fallout– and if I’m overstepping, please tell me– but, how are you doing?

Quinn: Eric. Hi.

Eric: I didn’t hear the doorbell.

Quinn: I was assuming you were expecting me.

Eric: I was.

[ Sighing ]

Quinn: Wow. Well, that gives me a hint as to what’s gonna happen.

Eric: Well, this was at steffy’s request. She wanted her grandmother present at her wedding ceremony. The two of them shared something, very, very special.

Quinn: So did we, when we were married. Look, I meant it when I said I’m done apologizing, but it doesn’t mean I don’t still hate myself for hurting you the way I did. You’re a man like no one I’ve ever known before. You’re kind, compassionate, decent to a fault. Part of me is always gonna, always gonna love and care about you.

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Ridge: We’ll have the restraining order by the end of the day, and if sheila gets near to you or hayes, she’ll end up in prison, where she belongs.

Steffy: Yeah, I wish I could believe that, but you know her. You know how clever and devious she is. Like how did a woman like that give birth to such a sweet, innocent man like finn? Like, how is that possible? How is that possible that she shares the same dna as my son? I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure that sheila stays away from finn and my children.

Finn: Thanks again, amelia. Drive safely.

Paris: Next time you go out to clear your mind, you should take baby hayes with you. I know steffy thinks he is too young, but I am sure he would love a ride on daddy’s surfboard.

Finn: Yeah, he is a little young, but maybe when he gets older, that’s a good idea.

Paris: Look, finn, I don’t mean to pry, but if you ever need someone to talk to, you can talk to me.

[ Sighing ]

Eric: Your relationship with carter, I’m not certain I’m ever really going to understand it completely.

Quinn: We didn’t set out to deceive anyone. It’s just circumstances drew us together. But, hurting you, being unfaithful to you is… I’m gonna regret that for the rest of my life. And, I know you probably don’t believe me, but it’s true.

Eric: I believe you. I do, I can hear it in your voice, and I, I also believe you when you say that a part of you will always love me.

Quinn: Yeah, you, you gave me the best years of my life. I’m gonna, I’m gonna cherish those memories. And, once we sign those papers, that’s, that’s exactly what our marriage is gonna be, just, just a bunch of memories. You know, I don’t want to make this any more painful for us than it already is, so I’m gonna, I’m just gonna sign this so that you can–

Eric: Quinn, don’t, don’T. I’ve been thinking a lot about us, and about my part, the part I played in, in… pushing you away to carter, and what the two of you did together. How I shut down physically and emotionally and I denied you the affection and the contact that you deserved, that any woman deserves from a husband. I was thinking about this woman who came into my life, and what you brought to me, and how happy we were together, and how we were alone against everybody else in the world. It was a happy time, and it didn’t bother us. Together, we could build a wonderful future, a happy, wonderful future together, no matter what, no matter what.

Quinn: ‘Til I messed it up.

Eric: Everybody deserves forgiveness. Me too, and as you’ve said, I’m willing to forgive other people. I know I want to forgive you. My time with you, the years we were married together, all these years, I was happier than I ever was any other time in my life. I loved you. I want you. I don’t want this divorce. I want you back, quinn.

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B&B Transcript Friday, August 13, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Giggling ]

[ Moaning ]

Quinn: Okay. This time I mean it.

Carter: Well, you always mean it.

Quinn: This time, we have to stop.

Carter: And how do we do that?

Quinn: Ugh, I don’t know.

Ridge: We have to do something.

Eric: We can’t let sheila get close to steffy’s family.

Ridge: How much closer can she possibly get? She was at your house, at the reception, acting like, like she had a right to be there.

Brooke: Finn had no idea who she was. He thought we would be thrilled to meet her.

Ridge: Sheila’s son is married to my daughter. How is that possible?

Steffy: Another cup of coffee, my husband?

Finn: I want something hotter.

Steffy: Oh?

Finn: My wife. I could kiss you forever.

Steffy: Good. Because that’s how long we’re gonna be together. I can’t believe I’m your wife. Our wedding was so beautiful and perfect. Just like you. Our reception, different story. I know neither of us want to talk about her right now, but… we have to. We gotta talk about sheila.

Quinn: I have nothing to lose. I mean, my divorce papers are gonna be finalized any day now, and I’ll be a free woman. But you…

Carter: I’m where I want to be.

Quinn: I don’t want to leave, but eric made it very clear that you need to stay away from me. No contact. Hm.

Carter: And yet, here we are.

Brooke: I really can’t believe we’re in this position again. I mean, sheila was gone, she was out of our lives for good.

Eric: So we hoped.

Ridge: No, we didn’t hope. She was gone. You made sure of it. She wasn’t coming back.

Brooke: But she had to see her son.

Ridge: Oh god, her son. Really? It’s gonna be tearing steffy up, and finn too. Sheila is hayes’ grandmother. I’m gonna make sure she has no place in his future.

Finn: I hate that we have to deal with this.

Steffy: I know, but the thought of sheila just, it makes me sick. And, I know, it’s not your fault, you didn’t know.

Finn: She said she was mother, I got exciteD.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: But then, seeng your family’s reaction and then learning the history…

Steffy: It’s a lot, yeah. I’m sorry, I’m sorry this ever happened. I don’t really know.

Paris: Oh, the newlyweds have moved the honeymoon into the living room. I’m sorry, I’m interrupting.

Steffy: No, no, it’s alright.

Finn: It’s okay, paris.

Paris: I was just gonna offer to keep an eye on hayes.

Finn: Oh, that’s sweet.

Steffy: Uh, yeah,& but I think we’re gonna keep hayes close to us for a while.

Paris: Well, um, is everything okay?

Steffy: Well, since you’re staying with us, I think you should know what’s going on.

Paris: What’s wrong?

Sheila: So handsome, so accomplished. My son, and now you’re married to a forrester. If only I could be a part of your life, part of my grandson’S.

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Brooke: Sheila has already caused this family so much pain.

Eric: These should be the happiest days of finn and steffy’s life.

Brooke: Instead, they’re gonna be worried about their safety and the safety of–

Ridge: No, they’re not going to be worried, no they are not.

Brooke: If sheila really is finn’s birth mother, it’s gonna be more complicated than that.

Ridge: We can’t do anything about who she is to finn, but I will protect my daughter and my grandson.

[ Phone ringing ]

Carter: That’s ridge’s ringtone.

Quinn: Answer it.

Carter: Hey, ridge.

Ridge: Carter, hi, I could use your help with something.

Carter: Yeah, no problem, and I wanted to touch base with you, man. How was the wedding?

Ridge: Ceremony was great. Reception, not so much.

Carter: What happened?

Ridge: We had an uninvited guest. That’s why I’m calling you, I need a restraining order.

Carter: Restraining order?

Ridge: I want that maniac nowhere near our zip code.

[ Mouthing ]

Carter: Okay, who is it for?

Ridge: Sheila carter.

Finn: I’d never met my birth mother before. I didn’t know anything about her. The last thing I expected was her showing up on our wedding day.

Steffy: Yeah, under normal circumstances, it would have been another reason to celebrate. Finn, having this connection with his mom, the same day that we were starting our new life together, like it, it almost felt like it could have been kismet.

Paris: Hm, but I’m not getting that vibe.

Steffy: So, I don’t know how much you know about my family, but a lot of bad things have happened, and a lot of it is due to finn’s birth mother. I wish I could be happy for my husband. I want to be happy for you. I wish you could get to know the woman who gave birth to you, that she could have a place here, but I can’T. This woman, your birth mother, has caused so much damage in my life that I, I can’t even fully describe.

Eric: Sheila forrester.

Sheila: Say that again.

Eric: Sheila…forrester.

Sheila: I’m your wife, you know, I can’t get over it.

Eric: I hope you never do.

Sheila: Hayes forrester finnegan. Not touching is still touching protection.

Carter: Wait, sheila just showed up to steffy’s wedding? What did she want?

Ridge: Same thing she always wants, to creep away into our beautiful family. Gotta make sure that that doesn’t happen.

Carter: Of course, but I need more information.

Ridge: I can’t get into all that right now, just know that finn is adopted, and well, he’s never met his biological parents, so…

Carter: No.

Ridge: Sheila claims she is finn’s birth mother.

Carter: That, that can’t be true.

Ridge: We didn’t think so, but it almost seems like now she is telling the truth for the first time in her miserable life.

Eric: Carter, it’s eric. Brooke is here too. Look, we’re concerned about how this is gonna affect, how it’s gonna affect steffy, and hayes.

Carter: Yeah, so am I.

Eric: Carter, she could use this to work her way back into our family.

Ridge: And we have to make that impossible, alright? We gotta protect steffy and hayes.

Carter: I’m on it.

Eric: You know our family. We’re trusting you to protect it.

Paris: She, she shot your mom?

Steffy: Mm-hm, in cold blood. Sheila is a psychopath.

Paris: Finn, I’m, I’m so sorry, that must have been devastating, to learn about all of this after finally meeting her.

Finn: I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it.

Steffy: But you didn’t know. She was a complete stranger to you.

Finn: I was so excited to introduce her to everyone, I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t want to come back to the reception.

Steffy: I’m just happy we were able to get rid of her.

Paris: Well, I hope it didn’t ruin your day. The ceremony was beautiful, and it was so full of joy.

Finn: We’re great.

Steffy: Yeah, we are, we’re so great. We’re not gonna let her mess with our marriage. And kelly and hayes, they’re happy, and they’re safe, and we’re gonna do whatever we can to shield them, okay? Dad and granddad are taking care of it, so right now, we’ve just gotta focus on this moment and plan our future, and raise our children, and don’t let this outside noise dampen our joy.

Finn: Absolutely.

Steffy: Finn didn’t know anything about his birth mother. She hasn’t been in his life. She’s not going to be in hayes’ life. It’s not gonna happen, ever.

Paris: So, you’re just gonna put her out of your minds?

Steffy: No, we, we have to be on guard because we don’t know what she is gonna do, but she’s not gonna affect us.

Paris: She’s still in la?

Steffy: She knows she’s not welcome here. We don’t want anything to do with her, so there’s no reason for her to be around.

Sheila: Yes, may I please speak to dr. John finnegan?

Nurse: He’s unavailable. You can contact his service.

Sheila: No, no, it’s really important that I speak to him now. Maybe you can help me. I’m calling from the lab, and he put a rush on some results that he asked me to text him as soon as I got them, but I, I’m having a hard time reading his phone number. It’s his personal number. It’s 310…

Nurse: I’m sorry, I can’t give out that information. I can give you the number for his service.

Sheila: No, it’s really important that I get in touch with him right now. I’m, I’m so embarrassed. I’m not supposed to have food on my desk, and I was running late for work today. I had to get my daughter to school. I should have left the, the coffee in my car, but I needed to clock in and I set it on the desk, and sure enough, it spilled all over my notes, and that’s why I can’t read the number. I am so angry with myself.

Nurse: Hey, listen, I’m a mom too.

Sheila: Then, you understand.

Nurse: I do. Mornings are chaos. It’s okay.

Sheila: No, it’s really not. He was really counting on me for this.

Nurse: Alright, I’ll help you out this once.

Sheila: Thank you. Thank you so much. Yes. Ah-uh. I got it.

Nurse: Oh, before you go, if dr. Finnegan asks about those results, who should I tell him I talked to? Hello? Hello? For people who could use a lift

Steffy: I hope you don’t mind I told paris all that stuff.

Finn: No. She needs to know what we’re dealing with.

Steffy: Yeah. She would have felt the tension between us. I didn’t want her to think like anything was wrong.

Finn: Well, there isn’T.

Steffy: No, there isn’T. But I’m really sorry that this happened. Meeting your birth mom could have been a very magical moment.

Finn: Meeting her was emotional, it was, it was shocking. I am never gonna see her again, okay? I promise. I’m not gonna talk to her. If she comes back, I’m not gonna go near her. I know that’s what you want, right?

Steffy: It’s the way it has to be.

Finn: It’s okay. I get it.

Steffy: Okay.

[ Hayes crying ] Yeah, he’s hungry. I’m gonna go. I’m gonna go feed him.

Finn: Right.

[ Hayes crying ] All my life, I’ve wondered about meeting you. What, what you would be like, and if I would see myself in you the day that I met you. Today’s that day.

[ Phone dinging ]

Finn: “So sorry for yesterday. Just had to see you. So proud of the man you’ve become. I wish I could hold hayes. Not possible. I know. I won’t be a problem for you. Promise. I’m leaving town. You’ll never see me again. Love always, mom.”

[ Knocking ]

Keith: Hi, ms. Carter? I called a car for you.

Sheila: Well, keith, you didn’t need to do that. You’re the assistant manager.

Keith: Well, it’s my pleasure. I’ll send up the bellman.

Sheila: Thank you. I guess it’s time to leave.

[ Phone dinging ] He loves me. Oh, my son loves his mother.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, August 12, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: That’s what you get for tormenting me and my family.

Ridge: And don’t even think of slapping her back. Don’t even lay a finger on my daughter.

Sheila: You know what? I really hadn’t planned on it.

Finn: Can we all just, please, take a step back and–

Brooke: Finn, I am so sorry for you, but you have no idea of the kind of person that you’re dealing with.

Ridge: She’s evil.

Li: I can’t believe this is happening.

Steffy: You got some nerve showing up here at my wedding.

Brooke: Announcing that you’re finn’s mother. That is insane.

Sheila: I am his mother. I gave birth to him.

Brooke: You gave him up.

Eric: These are finn’s parents. Jack and li, they raised him.

Steffy: They made him into the man he is today. The man I fell in love with. You are not my mother-in-law, and you are definitely not hayes’ grandmother.

Brooke: You are poison, sheila. You are nothing to us.

[ Fire crackling ]

Hope: Kids are finally asleep.

Liam: I, I can’t believe that happened today.

Hope: On steffy’s wedding day, of all days.

Liam: I know, so sheila carter, sheila carter shows up, and it turns out that she is the mother of the groom. That’s insane.

Hope: I just, I feel terrible for steffy. I mean, I–

[ Sighing ] Do you think there was more that we could have done? I mean, should we have taken hayes for the night too?

Liam: No, I don’t think so, because thomas took him home, and he’s gonna stay there with him, and the babysitter’s there.

Hope: Yeah, and well, I guess paris will be there too.

Liam: Yeah, and I think there are plenty of grown-ups looking after hayes right now.

Hope: It’s just, what a horrible ending to such a lovely day.

[ Chuckling ]

Liam: It’s surreal, isn’t it? Sheila is the woman who gave birth to finn, and we can’t ever unlearn that.

Hope: Of all people!

Liam: So sheila is now steffy’s mother-in-law.

Hope: Oh, I can’t think of anyone worse.

Liam: I know, although, you know, it’s not like she played a role in finn’s life.

Hope: No, she may have carried him for nine months, but li is finn’s mother in every sense of the word.

Liam: Yeah. Hell of a way to find out, though, today of all days.

Hope: Oh, and to think, it was going off without a hitch.

[ Both chuckling ]

Liam: How naive of us! If only we knew.

Hope: It was a forrester wedding, after all.

Liam: To the bitter end, baby.

Hope: I wonder what ended up happening.

Liam: I don’t know, but everyone was really pissed.

Hope: Oh, rightfully so.

Liam: I mean, I, I know, maybe a fraction of all the stories about sheila, honestly.

Hope: Well, don’t worry, because I can fill you in. My mother has been telling me those stories for years.

Liam: Oh gosh, well just, just, let’s just take the fact that sheila shot your mom, and taylor.

Hope: Uh, she’s crazy, and vindictive, and now, she is trying to worm her way into finn’s life.

Ridge: This was all part of your plan, wasn’t it?

Steffy: You knew exactly what you were doing when you showed up here today.

Sheila: I wanted to see my son.

Eric: Sheila, you know you’re not welcome here.

Sheila: I had no intention of seeing any of you. I wanted a private moment alone with my–

Ridge: We know what’s going on in your crazy head. Let it go. You’re not going to mess with my daughter or my family. Never again. There are times, I wonder…

Hope: Sheila has been in and out of jail, and psychiatric hospitals for as long as I can remember.

Liam: I mean, all these details, like that, the fact that she kidnapped ridge and brooke, the fact that she tried to kill taylor, how, how, how is she walking free, I don’t get that?

Hope: Also, she has other kids out there. Finn is not the only child she’s given birth to.

Liam: Okay, so her just, her popping up like this, do you think that she was trying to elicit feelings of guilt from finn, so he would be compassionate toward her? Like, what, what’s–

Hope: Oh, it was all a manipulation. I mean, that was designed to pull at finn’s heartstrings.

Liam: She hijacked the guy’s wedding, you know? Like–

Hope: Steffy’s wedding too, and I bet she enjoyed every second of it.

Liam: Well, if that weren’t bad enough, do you remember there was a moment where someone mentioned hayes, and did you hear what she said?

Hope: Yeah, clearly, she wasn’t just there to meet finn.

Liam: No, I think she wants to meet her grandson.

Hope: And that is the most unsettling part for me.

Liam: Well, the good news is, you know, hayes is a teeny-tiny baby, there, there isn’t a single person in that room that would let her within a mile of him.

Hope: Yeah, but liam, what if she still tries?

Liam: Yeah, but steffy’s not gonna allow it.

Hope: No, I know that, but it, it makes me worried for the kids.

Liam: Oh, let her try. I’m not letting sheila near any one of our kids.

Finn: This is not the way I ever imagined this would go down.

Li: Are you okay, sweetheart?

Finn: I don’t, I don’t know, to be honest, um.

Li: You’re not the only one.

Steffy: This was the most perfect day. You couldn’t have been happier, then this woman shows up.

Ridge: And ruins it.

Eric: Don’t give her that power.

Jack: Yes, nothing can take the feelings you shared away.

Brooke: Sheila loves causing chaos.

Ridge: You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? Couldn’t settle down ’til steffy’s wedding.

Brooke: It seems very calculated, very premeditated, but you’re the master at that, aren’t you? I haven’t forgotten all the atrocities that you’ve committed against this family through the years. Shooting me, shooting steffy’s mother, and now, here you are. You’re doing it again. You’re obsessing over finn and their child. You will never see hayes. You’ll never get near him, or any of their children. Ridge and I will make sure of that.

Steffy: You expect us to believe that you are finn’s birth mother? Everything that you say is a lie. You are a liar, a master manipulator.

Finn: You heard my dad, they communicated.

Brooke: She could have been lying then.

Steffy: Yeah, finn, you don’t understand, I know, I get that you’re overwhelmed right now, but this woman, this woman is a monster. She is a liability, and she cannot be part of our lives.

Sheila: May I say something?

Brooke & eric: No!

Brooke: We don’t want to hear any more of your lies or your excuses.

Ridge: We were done with you years ago, you know that.

Steffy: I’m sorry, finn, they’re right. I don’t, I don’t know what else to say.

Eric: Birth mother or not, you’re not allowed in this house. You can’t be here. I can’t even, I can’t bear to see her, I can’t bear it.

Ridge: Time to go. And you’re never coming back. As someone who resembles someone else,

Hope: It’s unfortunate. There was such warmth and joy in the room.

Liam: Then this, this dark cloud just like, descends and shifts everything.

Hope: Dark cloud named sheila.

Liam: You know, I didn’t even get to dance with you? I had been looking forward to that all day. You look gorgeous.

Hope: You like the dress?

Liam: The dress is good, I, I like who’s in it even more.

Hope: Huh. Well, good, because she likes you too. Liam, I am so grateful for what we have. Today was a reminder, again, of just how quickly life can change.

Liam: You gotta think, I mean, however many times finn imagined meeting his biological mom, he did not picture this.

Hope: Poor finn. Poor hayes.

Sheila: You know, I have stood here patiently and taken it on the chin, literally. I think I deserve to have you hear my explanation of things.

Brooke: God, you deserve nothing, sheila.

Sheila: It’s like I said earlier. The only reason I’m here is because I wanted to wish my son well on the day he got married. I wanted him to finally meet the woman that carried him. Is that a crime?

Eric: As a matter of fact, it is, sheila.

Ridge: You’re trespassing, so yeah, that’s a crime.

Sheila: Okay, so it’s quite clear that none of you want to move on from the past, but to take such a, a precious moment and an innocent gesture, and turn it into this–

Steffy: Are you serious? Are you really playing victim right now?

Sheila: I’m not. I know how hated I am by you, and your family. I didn’t come here to cause trouble. I didn’t want to take that unpleasant walk down memory lane. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt finn. I want what’s best for my son, I always have.

Brooke: Really? Well, if that were the case, you never would have come here. You would have allowed finn to continue living his life without you.

Li: He’s thriving. He’s been doing so well.

Sheila: And I am so proud of you, son.

Steffy: No, you don’t get to take credit for that, for who, or what he’s become.

Jack: I have spent my entire life protecting him.

Sheila: Protecting him? Jack.

Steffy: You should have left him, left him alone. Let him be.

Brooke: How could knowing you as his birth mother be any good for him?

Steffy: Get out of here, sheila, go. This is my wedding day, get out!

Sheila: I told finn this would be a bad idea. I knew the minute I walked through that door that you would attack me and persecute me the way you are.

Finn: And I talked her into it. I did, I was just, I was in awe of meeting my birth mother–

Eric: Finn, no one blames you, son.

Li: You couldn’t have known, honey.

Sheila: You’ve raised such a strong, amazing man, and I thank you for that.

Li: After all I’ve heard, just walk away. Stay out of our lives.

Sheila: Oh no, there is one more thing that I am going to say to the bride and groom. You tell my grandson that I love him, and you let him know that his grandmother will always be thinking of him.

Brooke: You witch!

Eric: Ignore her. Get her out of here, go on. And sheila, don’t ever come back.

Brooke: We don’t want to see your face anymore.

Ridge: Come on, let’s go. To be a thriver

Finn: Well, my nerves are shot.

Eric: Not exactly the kind of nerves you’re expecting on your wedding day.

Finn: No.

Steffy: I can’t believe she did this to you.

Eric: Ridge, good. Um, is she completely gone? She’s completely off the property, right?

Ridge: She’s gone. I took care of it.

Eric: Good.

Brooke: Ah, to think that she even had the gall to come here.

Eric: We could never underestimate the lengths to which she will go.

Steffy: See, that’s what concerns me.

Jack: Excuse me, everyone. Sorry to interrupt. Steffy and family, please don’t let this affect your relationship. You’re, you’re a beautiful couple, and you have a gorgeous son. I don’t know what to say about sheila, but it’s like I’ve always told finn. It’s not where you come from, it’s who you are, and how you live your life that matters. And, the important thing is that you’re married now. You get to share a life and two families together. I will admit that I was shocked by everything I heard you say about sheila. I did know there was a connection between her and your family, but I didn’t know it was so awful. But she should not be a reflection of him. Please don’t judge him because of her. Li and I have done our best to raise him right. We have loved him with all our hearts. He’s our boy, li. You’re his mother. You rocked him back and forth when he was baby. You drove him to school. You helped him with his projects, and most importantly, you inspired him. And you inspired him to become a doctor. Not her. You. We’ll let you all have a moment to digest this, but steffy, I do want you to know that you married an exceptional man, and you’re gonna share a beautiful life together, and have a great future, we all are. I hate that sheila showed up here today, but don’t let it ruin this for you, for all of us to cherish you. This is your wedding day. Should we go, li?

Li: I can’t believe sheila contacted you and you never told me. I am so sorry for the disturbance. I am so sorry, son.

Finn: I love you, mom.

Li: I love you so much.

Finn: I love you.

Steffy: I can’t imagine what you must be going through.

Brooke: Sheila has that effect on people.

Ridge: Well, it’s over now, so we gotta focus on your marriage, okay?

Eric: Yeah, we never really got a chance to congratulate you on this wonderful event. My beautiful, beautiful, wonderful granddaughter.

Steffy: Thank you granddad, for everything.

Brooke: You look so beautiful today.

Steffy: Thank you.

Brooke: Your father and I wish you the very best.

Steffy: Thank you so much. Dad, don’t get me started, please don’T.

Ridge: You mean the world to me.

Steffy: I love you.

Ridge: Love you.

[ Sighing ]

Eric: I can’t help feeling responsible for how this evening ended.

Steffy: What, why?

Eric: No, no, I am the one that brought her into our lives, and she’s still wreaking havoc on, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Steffy: No, no, it’s not your fault.

Ridge: No, the ceremony was great. Reception wasn’t perfect, but look, it’s done now. She’s gone, she’s gone for good.

Finn: I hope you all know that I, I had no idea about her. I would never have brought her back into your lives if I had known. I just… I love you, and I love our son, hayes. Please tell me that this won’t change us.

Steffy: You really didn’t know about any of this?

Finn: Nothing, I knew nothing.

Steffy: I believe you. You’re my husband. And if sheila is… your birth mother, and you had no idea, I can’t fault you. But, make no mistake, that woman is, she’s evil, finn. She’s vicious. So, promise me one thing, okay?

Finn: Anything.

Steffy: You’re never gonna see her again. Not ever. I won’t let her tear us apart.

Finn: I love you.

Steffy: I love you. I’m not gonna let her ruin our wedding day.

[ Crickets chirping ]

Sheila: My son. Married to steffy. Stephanie forrester. Oh, do you really think I’m gonna turn my back on him and my grandson? Do you really think you’ve seen the end of me?

[ Cackling ]

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sheila: You married my son. I’m your mother-in-law, steffy.

Steffy: This can’t be true.

Sheila: Well, it is. I gave birth to finn. You married my son. We’re family now.

Eric: Finn joined our family today, sheila, not you.

Sheila: But it’s my blood running through his veins, and your son’S.

Brooke: It’s a lie, it’s a convoluted lie.

Sheila: Didn’t he already confirm it?

Ridge: Confirm what? That you approached him when finn was a baby, what does that prove?

Sheila: What do I have to gain by lying here, ridge?

Brooke: Who knows? You’re always involved in some kind of scheme.

Sheila: A scheme? A scheme about a child that was born years ago? A child I had no way of knowing would ever come in contact with you or your family, brooke? You’re delusional. You think this is some sort of a long-term con, is that what you’re thinking? Look, I know that this is a shock, but I am telling the truth. I got to meet my son today. And, I gained a daughter.

Katie: Hey. Hey, hey, hey, isn’t this your reject pile?

Donna: Yeah?

Katie: Well, then what is this doing in it? I mean, look how hot you look in that bathing suit, and it’s one of your favorite suits. I mean, I’m just saying, if you’re trying to make eric feel better.

Donna: Oh, okay, alright, I like your thinking. Oh. Wait. I don’t know, should I reconsider this? I mean, eric looks so cute. So happy.

Katie: Well, that’s probably because he was unaware of all the hell that sheila was about to cause. Mm, it is a good picture, if you cut her out of it.

Donna: Oh, okay.

Katie: I think it’s so wonderful what you’re doing for him.

Donna: Oh well, you know, after what quinn put him through, he deserves a little cheering up.

Katie: Still, you’ve always been so sweet and affectionate with each other, even years after your divorce. Not every ex-wife would be so kind.

Donna: Wow, that was almost cathartic.

Katie: Cutting sheila out?

Donna: Yeah, felt pretty good. Wanna give it a try?

Katie: Yep. If only it was as easy to cut shiela out of eric’s life back then.

Brooke: I don’t understand how any of this can be possible.

Sheila: What’s not to understand? I had a child I couldn’t raise, so I–

Ridge: A son who just happened to grow up and marry my daughter? There’s more to this. You never met this woman before, is that what you’re saying?

Finn: No, no, not until today. I fantasized about meeting her.

Ridge: And then, I’m sorry, she just showed up in the guest house, and congratulated you?

Eric: And so, you were sneaking around the property, waiting for an opportunity to–

Sheila: To avoid all of this, yes. I didn’t want to make a scene. I just wanted a private moment to finally meet my son. To tell him how proud I was of him, how happy.

Li: Ambushing him on his wedding day?

Sheila: I did not ambush him. I said hello. It was a lovely moment.

Ridge: It sounds like a lovely moment, and then you what, you decided to walk in here with this ridiculous lie?

Sheila: It wasn’t a lie. I had no intention of interrupting. Finn convinced me.

Brooke: You manipulated him. You got him excited to introduce his mother to us.

Steffy: Which you’re not. You can’t be.

Ridge: So, she came to you when finn was a baby, is that right?

Jack: She did.

Li: And you didn’t think I should know?

Jack: Of course, I did. I just thought I made it clear to her to stay away and let us raise him.

Li: You still should have told me, especially if you were suspicious of her.

Jack: You were dealing with so much. We had a newborn, putting in extra hours at the hospital, I didn’t want you stressed. I didn’t want to put that burden on you.

Ridge: And you’re positive this is her?

Jack: Yes.

Ridge: Yes? So, you knew? You knew that this lunatic, who’s obviously obsessed with my family, is finn’s birth mother, and you said nothing?

Jack: Ridge, I’ve been living with this for a long time, and I prayed that she would never show up, because I knew she wasn’t well. But, understand this. I was aware that there’s a connection to your family, I was aware there was some bad blood, but I never, never knew the full extent of it.

Ridge: You’re about to hear the full extent of it, because I’m gonna tell ya every single detail about sheila carter.

Ever notice how stiff clothes can feel rough on your skin?

Donna: That should do it.

Katie: You’ve gone through all of them?

Donna: Yep, yep, I think I have plenty to work with, and plenty to throw away.

Katie: Oh, yeah. You are tossing these out, that is for sure.

Donna: Yeah, or maybe burning them. Let’s face it, do you know anyone who would have use for this one? I didn’t think so.

Ridge: Well, the first thing you should know, no, the first thing you should know is that this woman should be in prison.

Sheila: Well, I served my time.

Eric: I think, maybe not enough.

Li: Because of what she did to your family?

Brooke: Yes. Lies and manipulations. Shootings.

Jack: What?

Ridge: You sound surprised. Are you surprised, or did you know sheila was coming today?

Jack: No.

Ridge: No? Jack, I want to trust you. Really, li, I want to trust you too, but more than anything, I want to trust you. So tell me right now, tell me you weren’t using my daughter.

Finn: No! Never, this is the first time I’ve laid eyes on her.

Li: My son’s telling you the truth. We’ve never known anything about his birth mother. Well, finn and I never have.

Ridge: Oh, don’t do that. No, he was protecting you, he just said. Or, maybe he was protecting sheila. Did you know about this from the very beginning?

Jack: No.

Ridge: No? So, this is just a coincidence, this one showing up at my daughter’s wedding? You didn’t know anything about it?

Jack: I just said–

Ridge: What about you, I asked you once, I’m gonna ask you one more time, son. Did you use my daughter, did you plan this?

Steffy: Finn, answer him. Tell me you’re not involved.

Finn: As much as I wanted to know her, what she looked like, and if she ever thought about me, no, I knew nothing. Nothing at all.

Erc: Well, you might have been better off if you hadn’t learnt, you know. Now, you want to know all about her, don’t you? The woman who gave birth to you, who gave you life? Who gave you away? Alright, it’s time you know. It’s time you did know the history, the dark and sordid history of ms. Sheila carter here.

Katie: Oh. Hey, hey why is this in the throwaway pile?

Donna: Uh, look at me. My eyes are closed.

Katie: Yeah, but look at me, I look so cute. Look at my hair, and I love that dress.

Donna: Okay fine, keep it, but I better not see you posting it on social media. As for the rest of these, ugh. Good riddance… to bad memories.

Katie: Hopefully, that’s all sheila will ever be to us, just a bad memory.

Hope: Things are getting pretty intense. We should go upstairs and get the girls.

Liam: Yeah, I think that’s probably a good call. Hey, hey guys, we’re gonna take beth and kelly home, I think.

Hope: Yeah.

Thomas: Yeah, that’s a great idea. Actually, I’ll grab hayes.& I’ll look after him until this is all done.

Steffy: Yeah, thank you.

Eric: Thank you.

Sheila: Wait a minute. Hayes, hayes is in the house? My grandson is here?

Steffy: No don’t, don’t you dare say his name.

Sheila: Steffy, I would really just love to see him once, please? Before, before thomas takes him.

Steffy: No, you’re never going to do that. Could you please go down the back stairs? Please?

Eric: You think that’s an overreaction? Not letting her see the baby? Because, it’s not. My grandson there, thomas, going up the stairs? He wouldn’t be here in this world, if she had had her way. He would have died an infant.

Sheila: Oh my gosh. You took that seriously? That threat? I never would have harmed him.

Ridge: Of course, you would have. That’s how much you hated my mother.

Sheila: It’s the way she treated me, not that any of you held stephanie accountable for any–

Eric: Don’t say her name, don’t do that. You tried to kill her, you tried to drown her, you shot her. You poisoned her, you left her for dead. She tried to kill steffy’s grandmother.

Li: My god.

Finn: Did you do all that? Did you do that to steffy’s grandmother?

Sheila: It’s gonna be hard to understand. They’re gonna try to paint me out to be some sort of a, an evil, horrible person, and you know what? Maybe, at one point in my life, I was, but I’m not–

Brooke: Maybe?

Sheila: Look at the way that you all treated me. Stephanie, especially, she hated me. She hated that eric married me.

Eric: I did. I’m the one who brought her into our lives. I saw goodness in you. I thought I did. We loved each other, didn’t we? I know you loved me, in your own way, but that’s, it’s toxic, it’s very strange. You’re sick, sheila. You’re… sick.

Ridge: I’m so, um.

Finn: I’m trying to, wrap my head around all this.

Brooke: Don’t try to understand, finn. You’ll never be able to. The terror and the crimes, and the way she attacked our family members over and over again–

Finn: I hear you, brooke, okay? I do, but she’s been to prison. Maybe, she’s changed, and she’s been able to turn over a new–

Steffy: No, no, no. You don’t understand. You have no idea what this woman has taken from me. No idea.

Finn: What, what did? What did she take?

Steffy: The worst crime, the worst thing you’ve ever done to me, to me, to thomas, to phoebe.

Finn: What?

Steffy: She took my mom away. Not only did she pull a gun out on my grandmother, she shot my mom. She shot her right here, and I thought she was dead. I thought sheila killed my mom.

Finn: You’re saying that my birth mother my birth mother tried to kill your mother?

Steffy: Yes. Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches,

Finn: You tried to kill steffy’s mother?

Sheila: It sounds bad, I know, but–

Steffy: It sounds bad? I lost time with my mom, because you brought a gun here.

Sheila: I told you how sorry I was about that, but it’s really not fair for you to say that I tried to kill her. I never wanted to hurt taylor. She came into the room and she started interfering.

Eric: Don’t you dare try to blame taylor for this.

Sheila: If she hadn’t tried& to grab that gun, eric, none of it would have happened.

Brooke: She did that because you were pointing it at me. She tried to stop you. Sheila shot us both that night. I walked in, didn’t know she was there, and you tried to warn me.

Eric: Yeah, I did.

[ Thunder rumbling ]

[ Gunshot firing ]

[ Gunshot firing ]

Steffy: I didn’t see my mother for years, and it was because of you, sheila.

Brooke: She was obsessed with this family. Desperate to be a part of it. Now, she is.

Steffy: No, she’s not. Whether you’re finn’s mom or not, you’re never going to part of this. Not ever.

Finn: She is. She’s my birth mother.

Jack: No. Your mother’s right here, finn. We raised you, we’re your parents.

Sheila: And you did an amazing job, because I have one amazing son, but you wouldn’t have a son if it weren’t for me. I’m the one that carried him in my womb. I am the one that nursed him. I am the one that gave him life, and that is a bond that you will never break. We will always have a connection. The two of us, and hayes.

Steffy: Your blood is in hayes. I can’T. No, no, I’m not gonna accept that, no. No, I am not.

Sheila: Look, I didn’t want to cause trouble. I just wanted to come here and see my son on his wedding day.

Steffy: Bull. I know exactly what you were doing. You didn’t come here for finn. You don’t care about finn. You’re here just to create chaos, and you think you did it. But, you didn’T. Didn’t affect us. You’re not going to spoil my marriage. You’re not going to spoil my wedding. You will never be part of my family, do you hear that? Do you hear that? I never want to see your face again.

[ Smacking ]

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Eric: Sheila?

Finn: You guys have already met. I… know I shouldn’t probably be bringing anyone to your home, but…and I apologize, but wait until you hear. You–you don’t mind, do you? If–if…she joins us?

Ridge: Of course he minds. We all mind.

Brooke: Get her out of here.

Finn: What’s going on?

Sheila: I never should have let you talk me into– to coming in here. I knew exactly how they were gonna react, so I’m just gonna– I’m just gonna go.

Finn: No, no…

Steffy: What are you even doing here? It’s my wedding day.

Finn: That’s what I want to tell you. That’s what we want to tell you. I have the most exciting news. You are never gonna believe what I just found out.

Katie: Oh, my gosh! Where did you get all these photos?

Donna: Pammy gave these to me. I guess she was, you know, cleaning out a closet or something, making more space for crocheted doilies or…

Katie: [Chuckles]

Donna: Or was it baking supplies? You know, honestly, I only listen to half of what she says. But I wanted to do something with these, you know? Make a special surprise for my honey–

Katie: Hmm?

Donna: For eric. Eric. You know, after everything that happened with quinn. Just trying to cheer him up a little. Oh, my god, look at this!

Katie: Oh!

Donna: It’s the twins when they were babies! I mean, how could that not put a smile on eric’s face?

Katie: Oh, of course it will. Gosh, look at steffy! So grown up. And she already has kids of her own! How did that happen?

Donna: I don’t know. I don’t know, and she’s getting married today.

Katie: Did you see the photo that brooke texted?

Donna: Yeah. Looked like a beautiful ceremony.

Katie: Mmm.

Donna: Unusual, though.

Katie: Unusual how?

Donna: A forrester wedding without drama? Since when does that happen? I mean, come on.

Katie: [Chuckles] Very true.

Donna: Aw! Look.

Katie: Oh, my gosh. Brookie! Sissy.

Katie: Is this a picture of finn’s father?

Donna: Oh, right, jack. Jack. Um, he and finn’s mother stopped by forrester the other day, and they seemed really nice.

Katie: Are they local?

Donna: No, no. They, um, they flew in from, um… actually, I–I don’t think they said.

Katie: You know, come to think of it, we don’t really know that much about the finnegan family.

Donna: No, we don’t, but I’m assuming that’s gonna change, now that steffy’s become one.

Katie: Well, I can’t wait to meet finn’s father and mother.

Donna: Right? Oh…

Katie: [Gasps]

Donna: How did this get in there?

Katie: Oh, my gosh! Pam really is a packrat. I would’ve thought she would’ve gotten rid of this photo a long time ago.

Donna: [Laughs] Okay, I’m gonna pass on including any photos from that time of eric’s life.

Katie: Yeah, uh, that’s a wise choice.

Donna: [Groans] And we thought quinn was bad. But sheila? Sheila? I still can’t believe he was ever married to her.

Katie: I’m just gonna put this in the reject pile.

Donna: Good idea.

Brooke: You don’t even know what you’re getting yourself into, finn.

Sheila: Brooke, please, stop. You know things have changed.

Ridge: Changed how? What’s changed?

Sheila: I’ve stayed away, haven’t I?

Steffy: But you’re here now.

Finn: Okay, seriously, what is going on?

Sheila: Yeah, I’m gonna go, and I’m gonna let them explain everything to you. I just hope that someday you’ll– you’ll ask to hear my side of the story.

Steffy: No, there’s no reason for my husband to be in contact with you.

Eric: Or for any of us, sheila. You’re not welcome in this home.

Ridge: Come on, you heard the man, time to go.

Finn: Wait, wait, you don’t understand. She belongs here. Let her stay. Gorgeous and talented and

Katie: Oh, please. She alhe was henry viii.

Katie: Of a liberty. Liberty.

Liberty. Liberty.

Katie: Of all of eric’s wives, you definitely were the best suited for him.

Donna: Oh, come on, don’t make it sound like he was henry viii. There weren’t dozens of us.

Katie: I know, but looking back, you were certainly the best match, and I’m sure that eric would agree.

Donna: Well, don’t tell brooke.

Katie: Oh, please. She already knows.

Donna: Well, thank you. I actually agree.

Katie: [Chuckles]

Donna: But you know, I mean, let’s face it. It’s not like brooke could give her full attention to him. I mean, she knew in her heart she was meant for ridge. And stephanie? Forget about it. I mean, look, I respected that woman like no other, but… being a caring, loving wife was definitely not in her repertoire.

Katie: Well, you can say the same for quinn and sheila. I can’t believe he ever married either one of them.

Donna: Yeah, but, you know, I could see why he fell for quinn. I mean, she’s gorgeous and talented and she’s so smart. But sheila? Hello?

Katie: I guess you can kind of say the same thing about her. I mean, we weren’t really there when it went down. We weren’t living here when it all happened. So, thank god.

Donna: Yeah, but we heard about all the gruesome details. You remember, brooke would call and tell us what sheila was up to. And we just– we wouldn’t even believe it.

Katie: They were stories right out of a nightmare.

Donna: Stories that can’t be forgotten. Because the moment you do, the moment you put your guard down around someone like her…

Katie: Oh, no, no, no, no. You can’T. Not ever. Someone like sheila can never be trusted again.

Donna: [Shudders]

Ridge: I don’t know what she told you to make you think that she belongs here, but she doesn’t, and she knows she doesn’T.

Sheila: I do. I–I was hoping maybe… okay, you know what? We don’t need the theatrics, ridge, okay? I’ll leave on my own.

Finn: No, no, no, no. Please don’T.

Ridge: Do you know this woman?

Finn: No, we–we just met.

Ridge: Well, you never have to meet her again. Get her out of the house.

Steffy: This is our wedding day, this is our celebration. I know you don’t understand, but she’s not welcome.

Finn: It’s a time to celebrate with friends and family.

Steffy: She is neither. Trust me on this.

Thomas: She used you, finn. She’s just here to crash the wedding for some reason.

Finn: No, I know the reason. That’s what I’m trying to tell you.

Brooke: How did you manipulate finn into thinking he should allow you in here? What kind of lies did you tell him?

Finn: Lies?

Sheila: No. I wouldn’t lie to you, I swear.

Brooke: You don’t know how to tell the truth. You never have.

Sheila: I would–I would never lie about this, something so important as this.

Steffy: Important? Finn, nothing she has to say has any importance to us. Trust me on this.

Finn: This is where you’re wrong, okay? This is… this is so important.

Steffy: Then what is it? What does she have to say?

Finn: Just, if you give me a chance, I will tell you. I want her here, celebrating with all of us. And after you hear what I have learned… you will, too. (Asaad) since my mother got cancer from smoking, oh, my god! Look at that!, Or two… frame them or put them

Katie: So what are you gonna do with these? Are you gonna frame them or put them in some sort of album?

Donna: I don’t know exactly. I guess it depends on how many I use. Ooh! Look at this! Eric and stephanie when they were so young! Oh, my god! Look at that! This is a keeper, this… definitely a keeper.

Katie: You know, I’m impressed that you’re using photos of other women instead of just making this a tribute to your time with eric.

Donna: I definitely thought about it, trust me. But… [Sighs] You know, the point of this is to remind eric that he has a lifetime of happy memories to look back on. You know, fashion shows and vacations and family gatherings, children and grandchildren, yeah, a wife, or two… or three. [Laughs] Am I gonna sprinkle a few extra pictures of my time? You betcha, but… yeah, I don’t want to ignore the other parts of his life that brought him joy. But I will definitely, 100%, ignore the painful ones. I mean, 100% no quinn and no sheila.

Katie: Yeah, that would be a completely different album. It would be like, “here you go, eric. Here’s a retrospective of all of your worst decisions.”

Donna: Oh, my god, can you imagine?

Katie: You know, maybe that’s why his martini tradition got started. He was trying to forget all the horrible things that sheila did.

Donna: [Laughs] No amount of booze is gonna ever make you forget those horrible memories, but…

Katie: All that violence. That vile, ugly behavior.

Eric: Sheila, no, no.

Sheila: Eric:, You stay where you are. Nothing’s gonna change my mind so don’t even try. No, it is going to end right here, right now. And it’s going to start with you, stephanie.

[Gunshot echoes]

[Insects buzzing]

Lance: Oh, my god, bees! They’re everywhere!

[Panting] My allergies… help me. Help me, please.

Sheila: Help you the way you helped me, lance?

Lance: Oh, god…

Sheila: Oh, you made a big mistake, lance. You messed with the wrong mama.

Donna: The thought of sheila just gives me the creeps. I just–I never want to see that woman again.

Katie: Well, at least we haven’t seen her in a while. Hopefully it stays that way.

Donna: Yeah.

Ridge: All right, everyone take a breath. I’m gonna walk this one off the premises, okay?

Steffy: Good idea.

Finn: No, hey, that’s not a good idea. She’s a part of this. She’s part of us.

Liam: Dude, finn, you’re not getting it. She’s trying to protect you.

Finn: Protect? I don’t need protection–

Brooke: From sheila? Yes, you most certainly do. You want me to tell you what she did to me in this very room?

Sheila: You know, maybe you should hear what he has to say before you rehash ancient history.

Thomas: Ancient history? Steffy and I spent years without our mother. We’re supposed to forget about that?

Sheila: And I apologized for that and I meant it. You’re about to learn some things, and it’s gonna be really difficult to hear. It’s gonna be difficult for me, too. But what you really need to know is these people knew me a lifetime ago. So much has changed since then. It truly has.

Finn: Okay, I’m–I’m sorry. I’m–I’m very confused here. I have this incredible news. We had an unbelievable conversation. I want them to be happy for me.

Li: Honey? Honey, what is it? What did this woman say to you?

Finn: Mom, you know I love you, right?

Li: Of course.

Finn: Blood or not… you’re always my mother.

Li: Always.

Finn: But I’ve had questions over the years, wondering… you know, where I came from.

Li: I wish I had answers for you. Your father and I never received any details about your birth parents. I know you’ve wondered about them. Especially your mother. When you were young you used to ask me if she remembered you.

Finn: It was important… for me to know that I wasn’t forgotten. And it turns out I wasn’T. She’d been thinking about me all these–all these years.

Li: Are you– are you saying…

Finn: She’s made herself known today.

Steffy: Finn…

Finn: On my wedding day.

Steffy: No…

Finn: This… this woman, sheila, is my birth mother.

Steffy: [Groans quietly]

I may have moderate to

severe rheumatoid arthritis. The way she tells itonna: Eric was so brave

Donna: Eric was so brave that day. Standing up to sheila with a gun pointed right at him.

Katie: Well, brooke was pretty brave, too. I mean, the way she tells it, she could’ve gotten out of there, but then she heard the gun go off and… sheila had shot taylor. She ran back in, put her own life at risk.

Donna: Thank god eric was able to wrestle that gun away… and knock sheila out the way he did. Otherwise, all three of them might have been killed.

Katie: I don’t even want to think about it. Or her. I’m just grateful that she’s out of our lives. So very grateful.

Steffy: Your birth mother.

Finn: Yeah.

Eric: She’s lying.

Sheila: Eric…

Ridge: You’re finn’s mother? You want us to believe that now?

Li: I’m his mother.

Sheila: And I am so thankful to you. I never could’ve given him the life that you did.

Brooke: I don’t believe this, not for a second.

Sheila: Look, that time in my life, I wasn’t in a good place. I thought I was doing what was best for him.

Brooke: Are you kidding me? When have you ever been in–

Sheila: You don’t need to attack me.

Brooke: The idea that you would put a child’s needs first–

Sheila: You know, I know what I’ve done, the mistakes that I’ve made, and the biggest mistake I have ever made… was giving you up. I truly regret that. I didn’t come here today to ruin your wedding. I came here today to meet my son.

Brooke: We don’t believe you.

Ridge: So this is good. You found out he is adopted, so you came up with this sick plan.

Sheila: What do you want me to do, take a dna test?

Ridge: Why not?

Brooke: Uh, yeah! I’m sure that you’ve probably figured out a way to–

Finn: I really don’t think that she’s lying.

Li: I realize you want to be excited about this. A part of you wants to be excited and I want to be excited for you, too, but… honey, what the forresters are saying…it’s clear this woman has an agenda.

Steffy: It’s all a lie! It’s a con!

Jack: No, it’S…it’s not.

Li: What?

Jack: She’s telling the truth.

Li: No. How could you know? You’ve never had any information about his birth parents. Jack?

Jack: She contacted me years ago.

Li: And…you didn’t tell me?

Finn: You knew? I could’ve had a name, I could’ve had a– I could’ve had a picture.

Jack: A mug shot, you mean? I didn’t want that for you, son. These people, they’re not lying. She’s not the kind of person you want in your life. That’s why I kept it a secret, to protect you, to protect both of you. And then when I heard you got involved with… steffy forrester, yeah, I knew the name from fashion, but I also knew because of her. I don’t know all the sordid details, but I knew there was a connection somehow. And, uh… most likely a disturbing one. I should’ve told you.

[Sniffs] I just prayed she wouldn’t show up on your wedding day.

Steffy: So it’s true. She’s finn’s mother. Sheila. Sheila…

Sheila: You married my son. I’m your mother-in-law, steffy.

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B&B Transcript Monday, August 9, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sheila: Congratulations.

Finn: Oh, uh, thank you. Um, I didn’t realize someone was in here. Who are you?

Sheila: It’s me, sweetheart, your mother. I’m your mother.

Finn: You’re my, my mother?

Thomas: So, steff, what are we supposed to call you? Mrs. Dr. Steffy finnegan forrester?

Steffy: Mrs. Dr. Steffy?

Thomas: Yeah, what, what–

Steffy: Steffy is just fine.

Thomas: That’s fine?

Steffy: Or, your sister.

Thomas: Okay.

Steffy: It’s easy.

Thomas: How about your honeymoon? Can I ask where you’re going, or if you’re even doing it?

Steffy: You know what, we, we’ll do it eventually, but we don’t want to be away from hayes right now, or kelly.

Hope: But please, tell me you’ll do it at some time, right?

Liam: Yeah! Newlyweds deserve a honeymoon, that’s the rule.

Steffy: Honey, every day with finn is a honeymoon.

Liam: Ooh!

Paris: Oh wow, so much happiness. Just the way it should be on such a special day.

Thomas: Well, steffy is literally glowing, so.

[ All laughing ]

Zende: Of course she’s glowing, she’s married the man of her dreams.

Paris: Speaking of your new, handsome hubby, where is he?

Steffy: Uh, he’s actually on a call right now with a patient, but he’ll be back shortly.

Ridge: Hey! How are my daughter’s new in-laws doing?

Eric: Have you gotten used to the fact that your son is a married man now?

Brooke: Not to mention, a first time father.

Ridge: Mm hm!

Li: We’re just so happy for finn, and for our beautiful steffy.

Jack: I don’t think we’ve ever seen a couple so in love.

Brooke: Oh, I don’t know.

[ Giggling ]

Li: And we’re just so thankful to you all, for such a lovely wedding.

Brooke: It was, wasn’t it?

Ridge: And the best part, we got through all of this without any drama and interruptions. Let’s drink to that.

Li: Cheers!

Paris: Ah, you must be thrilled and relieved the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Steffy: Well, that’s thanks to my matron of honor. Honestly, if it weren’t for hope, I don’t even know what I’d–

Hope: Oh, please no, I didn’t do anything.

Steffy: Are you kidding me? You stood up for me. You didn’t even think twice about it. You were such a help. Honestly, the things that you said up there, it’s really sweet. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Liam: Hey, guys. Take a picture. Could this day get any better, seriously?

Ridge: Oh, I’m sorry, I just assumed that everyone knows about forrester weddings. There’s always some kind of drama, right? Don’t take my word for it. Ask dad or logan, they’ll both tell you.

Li: Logan?

Brooke: Ah, that’s my maiden name. Ridge has been affectionately calling me logan since–

Ridge: Since we started doing whatever this is, right?

[ Giggling ]

Eric: As you can see, the forresters are a very romantic bunch. Expressions of affection are not unusual.

Ridge: Yeah, and you’re relieved too, everything went smoothly today, right?

Jack: Ah, very relieved. Very, very grateful.

Ridge: Cheers.

Finn: You’re my, my, uh, birth mother?

Sheila: Yes. I realize what a shock this must be for you. Maybe, maybe I shouldn’t have come here, especially today, but I, I couldn’t stay away. I had to see my son on his wedding day.

Frank is a fan of fast.

He’s a fast talker.

Liam: I don’t know.

Hope: You don’t want to go inside?

Liam: I have had it with– hey, how are hayes and kelly?

Steffy: Oh, they’re still asleep.

Liam: Oh, really?

Hope: Oh, too much wedding excitement!

Paris: Yeah, being a flower girl must take a lot out of you.

Steffy: Right? Is finn still on that call?

Thomas: I have no idea. I told you, I can go look for him, though.

Zende: You want me to check?

Steffy: No no, it’s fine. I’m sure he’s on a call with his patient. And it’s personal to him, trust me, I should know.

Ridge: Wait, he’s still on the phone?

Steffy: Yeah–

Ridge: Let me go find him this is–

Steffy: No, no. Dad, it’s fine. It’s fine. Actually, finn would, he wouldn’t want us standing here. He’d want us to party.

Ridge: Party?

Thomas: Hey!

Zende: Woohoo!

Ridge: What was that?

Steffy: I don’t know.

Zende: Hey!

Li: Actually, if I could just take a moment. I just want to thank all of you once again, and I know I speak for jack and finn, when I say how delighted we are to be a part of such a warm and loving family like the forresters. As most of you may know, jack and I adopted finn as a baby. We gave him the best life we possibly could, and he has made us so proud, with one exception, the punk rock band he started in high school.

[ All chuckling ]

Ridge: Good to know.

Li: Anyway, I couldn’t have loved finn more if I’d given birth to him. He’s been the light of my life, and jack’s from the moment we held him. And now, to see him married to this beauty, the two of them starting their own family, I can’t help but wonder about finn’s birth mother from time to time, if she thinks about him, especially on his birthday. I can only imagine what it would mean to her to see him today on his wedding day.

Sheila: I probably shouldn’t have done it like this, just showing up with no warning on your wedding day. You, you’ve never seen me. You’ve never heard from me. To you, I’m, I’m a total stranger, but I’m not. I gave birth to you. I still… regret ever giving you up. I had to see you. I just had to see you and let you know that I’ve never forgotten about you. I’ve been, I’ve been following your life, and your career from, from afar. And, I just want to tell you I am so incredibly proud of your accomplishments. A well-respected doctor, a healer. Whoever would have thought that I could give birth to someone like this?

Finn: You’re, you’re going to have to give me a minute, okay? I’m trying to wrap my head around all this.

Sheila: Yeah, of course. It’s a lot to, to experience.

Finn: Yeah, it’s a lot to take in, especially today. I was not expecting this on my wedding day, so like, why now?

Sheila: It’s okay if you’re skeptical or, or guarded. Anybody would be, in your position. I certainly don’t blame you for that. But, I had to see you. The thought of not seeing my son on his wedding day, congratulating you for marrying such an amazing woman as, as steffy forrester. You’re a father now. I have a grandchild. You are gonna have the most amazing life. I just wish I could be a part of it. I, I know I can’T. I know that’s not possible. I really should just leave.

Finn: No, what, leave?

Sheila: It would be for the best, but like I said, I just had to see you. I had to let you know that I have never stopped loving you. I never will.

I may have moderate to

severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Jack: It’s our son’s wedding day. We shouldn’t dwell on finn’s birth mother. She’s never really been a part of his life. We should focus on finn and steffy and their beautiful children, and the amazing future that is ahead for all of them.

Eric: Hear, hear.

Liam: Absolutely.

Ridge: Couldn’t agree more.

Zende: So, everybody ready to cut loose?

Paris: Oh, zende has been dying to show off his dance moves.

Hope: Wait, what about finn? Shouldn’t he be having the first dance with his beautiful bride?

Thomas: Yeah, if he would ever get off his phone.

Ridge: Alright.

Eric: Should we be concerned, steffy?

Steffy: It’s completely fine. Even though it’s our wedding day, he still has to take care of his patients. That’s why his patients love him so much, I get it.

Thomas: Okay, that makes sense to me. I notice his generosity when I first met him, so okay.

Steffy: Yeah, like he feels things with such an intensity, in his personal life and with his work, it’s the kind of man he is. It’s the kind of man you raised.

Sheila: And I realize now it was probably very selfish of me to interrupt your, your happy day, but when I saw the wedding announcement online, and when I read that you were getting married, I just knew I had to be here. There’s no way that I could miss such an important day with my son.

Finn: You said you never stopped thinking about me?

Sheila: Never.

Finn: What about all those years? I never heard from you. I never, never got a phone call, a text, or a letter, it was nothing.

Sheila: And I’m really sorry for that, but I knew that you were being loved by an incredible family and I just didn’t want to disrupt that. I have had a lot of trouble in my past. I would not have been a good influence on your life. But that doesn’t mean that I ever stopped loving you. Just know I’ve never stopped thinking about you and I am so incredibly proud of the man you’ve become. You’re a father, you’re a doctor, you are so happy. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for you. I wish I could have given you that myself. I just wasn’t able… and I am still not. So, that’s why I should go.

Finn: Go? No, I don’t want you to go. I, I just married the most incredible woman. I want you to meet her. I want you to meet the whole family, they’re amazing. This has been the best day of my life and then, out of nowhere, you appear. My birth mother, the woman who gave me life. I have the best parents, the best upbringing anyone could ask for, yet, I still, I thought about this moment since I was a little boy. I’ve thought about this moment, seeing you for the first time, and it’s, it’s happening, it’s here. You and me, we’re here, together. I’m not letting you leave. You’ve walked into my life. I’m not letting you walk out.

Sheila: I’ve, I’ve waited decades for this occasion, to see my son, the son that I, I placed for adoption. I… you know, I’ve gone over this a million times, wondering what to say, how you would react, whether or not you would forgive me.

Finn: Forgive you? You don’t need my forgiveness. You did what you had to do because you wanted to give me a better life. You were thinking of me. You weren’t thinking of yourself, and I believe you. I believe that you did what you felt you had to do, but what I’m having trouble with is you’ve come all this way to meet me, and now you, now you’re gonna leave?

Sheila: I don’t want to leave, I have to leave. It’s better for everyone, especially you.

Finn: Please, can you just listen to me? All my life, I’ve wondered about meeting you. Wondered what you’d be like, and if I would see myself in you, the day that I met you. Today’s the day. Today’s the day. You need to come, meet steffy and meet the whole family.

Sheila: No, I, I, I told you, there are things I’ve done in my life that I regret–

Finn: No, I, I get that. It’s okay–

Sheila: No, no, you don’t get it. This is such a happy day for you, and I don’t want to be the presence that ruins it.

Finn: Ruin it? You are not going to ruin it, you are gonna make it better.

[ Phone dinging ] It’s steffy, she’s asking when I’m gonna be back.

Sheila: Okay you, you, you should go. Go, go. Go to your family, go to your new family, and just please, don’t tell anybody about me. Not, not your mother, not your father, and definitely not steffy.

Finn: You’re not making any sense.

Sheila: This is just the way it has to be.

Finn: No. I’m not taking that for an answer. You’re gonna come with me, you’re gonna meet the family, you’re gonna meet steffy. You have a grandson I want you to meet. This has been an incredible day for me, and I want to share it with you, my mother.

Liam: Did paris and zende leave?

Hope: Oh, um, apparently they wanted some alone time.

[ Giggling ]

Jack: Hey, have you heard from finn?

Steffy: No, I haven’T. I texted him, but I haven’t heard anything.

Jack: Hm.

Li: Jack? What, what’s wrong?

Jack: Nothing. At least, I hope it’s nothing.

Brooke: What is it, ridge?

Thomas: Yeah, dad, what’s going on?

Ridge: Nothing, I’m just wondering, like the rest of us, where finn might be.

Brooke: Oh.

Ridge: Oh, sorry.

Brooke: Let me hold that for you, okay?

Finn: Hey, everyone, I, I, sorry to keep you waiting. I just– the most incredible thing has happened. Um… I met someone.

[Glass shattering]

Brooke: Sheila?

Ridge: Sheila.

Eric: Sheila?

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B&B Transcript Friday, August 6, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Jerry: Thank you all for being here to offer steffy and finn your encouragement as they take the next step in their lifelong journey together. Now, finn and steffy have come together to unite in marriage. If there’s anyone here who knows of any reason that they should not be joined as husband and wife, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Jerry: Since no one objects, and I really didn’t think anyone would…

[ All chuckling ]

Zende: Have you met my family?

Jerry: Finn and steffy’s family and friends have words of encouragement and congratulations to share with the couple. Hope?

Hope: Well, love creates harmony, within a marriage, and within a family. It can transform lives, and make anything possible, and steffy asking me to be her matron of honor today is proof of that. It was our love for our children that allowed us to overcome our differences and pave the way for us to be here together today. Although, finn, I do think you may have played some part in that. But, anyone who knows steffy knows that family is important to her, and this ceremony is a reflection of that. In the forrester home, underneath your grandmother’s portrait, and you’re surrounded by people who care about you, and this big, extended family is getting even bigger. Jack and li, I know we are all excited to get to know you, and even more so, find out all those deep, dark secrets that dr. Finnegan has been hiding over here, because, I mean, let’s be honest, he is a little too good to be true, am I right?

[ All chuckling ] I am obviously joking, but steffy, you, you have found yourself an amazing man. Finn, you are decent, kind and honorable, and you are marrying someone equally as amazing. I wish you nothing, but all the happiness in the world, for yourselves and for your family.

Steffy: Thank you, that’s beautiful.

Hope: Of course.

Jerry: Before steffy and finn make their declaration of marriage, they will pledge themselves to each other, with their own personal vows. Finn, you may begin.

Finn: Steffy, before I give you my pledge, I just want to tell everyone how excited I am to be standing here with you in this beautiful home, in front of your family and mine. Effy, you have opened me up with your sense of adventure, and your spirit. You have inspired me by your success in business and how devoted you are as a mother, and I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed by your beauty, and your strength. You have given me the greatest gifts…

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: Hayes… and the chance to be a doting stepfather to kelly. I pledge to be a partner that you can rely on. I promise to be a father, and a stepfather, to our children that they can depend on. I’m going to be right by your side, as we grow into our future, stronger together, able to weather any storm, connected by love, year after year. I love you.

Jerry: Steffy, you may begin your pledge.

Steffy: I love you. I love you so much, but you already know that. You’re such an incredible father. You’re an amazing stepfather. I’ve learnt so much from you, the power of resiliency, acceptance, your corny dad-jokes.

[ Both laughing ] Your steadfast goodness, you’ve been there for me from the very beginning. You’re still here. You’re kind, you’re caring, and you’re giving. You’ve captured my heart and the way you are with kelly and hayes, your unconditional love for all of us. You look at your son with such pride in your eyes, it’s the same way your parents look at you. I can’t wait to get to know them. We have been through so much together, but there is so much I need to discover. I want to know every little thing about you. So, I vow…

[ Inhaling shakily ] I vow to love you the way you love me, because we are doing this together. We’re gonna grow together. We’re on this crazy, amazing ride, but we’re doing it together.

[ Giggling ]

I may have moderate to

severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Jerry: Now, the ‘I dos.’

Finn: It was about time.

Jerry: Do you, john finnegan, take stephanie forrester, to be your wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others for the rest of your life?

Finn: I do.

Jerry: And do you, stephanie forrester, take john finnegan to be your husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others for the rest of your life?

Steffy: I do.

Jerry: May I have the rings?

[ All laughing ]

Jerry: Finn, place the ring on steffy’s left hand, and give her your pledge.

Finn: I give you this ring as a sign of my love and commitment to you.

Jerry: Steffy.

Steffy: Yeah. I give you this ring as a sign of my love and commitment to you.

Jerry: Now that finn and steffy have committed themselves to each other by solemn vows, the joining of hands, and the exchange of rings, it is my pleasure to pronounce them husband and wife. Steffy, you may kiss your husband.

[ Applause ] To be a thriver

Steffy: What are you doing, dad?

[ Crosstalk ]

Brooke: Hey! It really was a beautiful ceremony. So beautifully done, guys.

Li: Your vows were so touching.

Ridge: How’s it feel, guys?

Steffy: It feels good. Great. We did it. We’re married.

[ Giggling ]

Liam: Oh, thank you. Delicious, though.

Pam: I am so proud of you and steffy.

Hope: Aw.

Eric: It was wonderful to see the two of you come together like this.

Liam: Agreed.

Hope: Oh, it just feels like a big step forward for all of us, and it feels nice to finally put all that tension and conflict behind us.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: So, here’s to better days.

Liam: To better days!

Eric: To better days it is.

Pam: Cheers.

Zende: It must feel good knowing your sister is with a great guy like finn.

Thomas: Yeah, it’s what she deserves.

Paris: It’s wonderful to see them together. All that closeness, that’s just so real.

Thomas: Yeah, it’s interesting, I think that finn might be the most authentic guy I’ve ever met.

Steffy: Aunt pam, you can’t stay?

Pam: I am so sorry, sweetheart, I have to be–

Steffy: Is this because of the cake? Because brooke handled it?

Finn: It’s probably my fault. I did mention liking a certain pastry–

Pam: No, no, you two, it’s fine. It’s fine. Your cake is gorgeous, and it’s kinda nice, just being a guest, for a change. I really wanna thank you for putting my sister’s portrait back up so she could watch over all this. It’s not just her name, steph. You are so much like her, which makes you a very lucky man, unless you misbehave, and bring down the wrath of stephanie, in which case, good luck.

[ Laughing ] It was so wonderful to meet you.

Steffy: I’ll walk you out.

Pam: Oh, thank you, baby.

Li: So handsome.

Jack: Satisfaction looks good on you, son.

Finn: Ah, I’ve wanted this moment since the day steffy and I met.

Pam: I love you.

Steffy: Oh.

Caterer: Congratulations.

Steffy: Thank you.

Caterer: Well, gotta say, I do a lot of these, you’re by far the happiest bride I’ve seen.

Steffy: Oh, really?

Caterer: And, good job with the groom.

Steffy: Right?

Thomas: The woman of the hour.

Steffy: Hi.

Thomas: I am so happy for you, sis.

Steffy: Thank you. You know, now that I’m married, you know what this means?

Thomas: I am the most eligible forrester in the world. No?

Steffy: Uh, sure.

Thomas: Okay.

Steffy: You don’t have to be my overprotective brother anymore.

Thomas: I’ll never stop being that, but I am glad that you finally found a guy that you can depend on.

Ridge: I wish mom could have been here to see this.

Brooke: I don’t think stephanie will ever stop watching out over her family.

Eric: She must be at peace, looking down on this room today.

[ Giggling ]

Steffy: Baby, come here.

Finn: Hey.

Steffy: Hi. We’re married.

Liam: So, congratulations.

Steffy: Thank you.

Finn: How great was kelly?

Liam: Oh my god, she was the best flower girl ever. She was so happy just to be included, it was great.

Finn: Well, it was important to me, and to include you too.

Liam: You know, I gotta feeling, that the four of us are going to do a really nice job raising these kids.

[ Glass tinkling ]

Eric: Everyone, I would like to, I would like to make a toast. If it’s alright with the father of the bride?

Ridge: Your house, your rules, do whatever you want.

Eric: You’re right about that, aren’t you?

[ Laughing ] To steffy and finn, I wish you all the joy in the world, especially on this wonderful day. And having been married a few times myself, I wish you a fortitude and forbearance.

[ Chuckling ]

Brooke: Well, now that is good advice.

Eric: It is. It worked for you and mom for a long time. It did. My late, my late wife cared more for her family than for anything else in this world. She would have wonderful advice for the two of you, for your joy and your happiness, but most especially for you, finn. Knowing how much her namesake resembles her, her advice would be, good luck, my boy.

[ All laughing ] To steffy and finn, everyone.

Finn: Cheers!

Zende: Hear, hear!

[ Glasses clinking ]

Steffy: Well, thank you to everyone, for sharing this day with us, and for standing up for us, witnessing our union. It’s incredible, seeing how supported we are. We’re all actually getting along, which is amazing, it’s really amazing. This is a wonderful start, and I want to continue that, not just for finn and me, but for all of us.

Finn: Well, I second that, and I know I speak for my parents when I say it feels wonderful to be welcomed in the forrester family. I appreciate your warmth and humor, and your support for steffy, and our marriage.

[ Soft laughing ]

Liam: Aww!

[ Glasses clinking ]

All: Cheers!

Ridge: Nice speech.

Li: What my son said is true. You’ve all made us feel so welcome.

Ridge: Well, the finnegans and the forresters are family now.

Eric: We look forward to getting to know all of you much better, especially finn.

Jack: We feel grateful to be part of this family.

Ridge: Cheers.

Eric: Thank you. Cheers.

[ Phone dinging ]

Steffy: Hospital?

Finn: Yeah, I’m sorry. I need to check on one of my patients.

Steffy: The life of a doctor’s wife. I’m kidding, you can, you can go. I love the way you take care of your patients. It’s one of the many things I love about you. Go.

Finn: I’m gonna be in the guest house, I won’t be long.

Steffy: Okay. I love you.

Finn: Love you.

Hope: Hi.

Steffy: Hi. Hope, your speech was amazing.

Hope: Oh, thank you. I just wanted it to live up to this beautiful moment. I mean, your beautiful ceremony, your beautiful relationship with finn.

Paris: Oh, and not to mention, this gorgeous dress. You look beautiful, steffy.

Steffy: Thank you. But, this is the man you should be complementing.

Ridge: Hey, for what? Making you look beautiful? Thank your mother for that. Sorry she couldn’t be here.

Steffy: Finn and i understand. Plus, I get to have you here, and paris, and hope, and granddad. That’s incredible.

Ridge: You know what, with so many people rooting for you, there was nothing that was gonna ruin this day.

Finn: Hi, yeah, I got your message. Those numbers looks good. I think we should just stick with the protocol, yeah, and I’ll get back to you. Thank you.

Woman: Congratulations.

Finn: Oh, uh, thank you. Um… I didn’t realize someone was in here. Who are you?

Woman: It’s me, sweetheart, your mother.

Woman: I’m your mother.

[ Glass shattering ]

Taylor: Don’t come any closer!

Woman: Put it down.

Everybody says I’m back now

Eric: Sheila?

Ridge: Sheila?

Brooke: Sheila?

[ Glass cracking ]

Everybody says I’m back now

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B&B Transcript Thursday, August 5, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Eric: Didn’t seem to… cause any trouble. How are you doing? There’s no pre-wedding jitters?

Finn: No, not too bad. I’m more, uh… I think excited.

Thomas: Well, we’re all thrilled for you guys.

Ridge: I couldn’t have picked a better son-in-law myself.

Finn: Thanks. That’s very kind of you to say. You all have been… so welcoming. And you, eric, especially. Opening up your house like this.

Eric: We’re thrilled that you and steffy are getting married in a family home.

Brooke: And it’s so wonderful to see stephanie above the fireplace again.

Eric: Steffy wanted to honor her grandmother and here she is.

Liam: Hello, hello!

Finn: Hey!

Liam: Got your flower girl delivery right here.

Finn: There she is!

Brooke: Kelly, you look so pretty!

Ridge: Your mom’s gonna love that dress. Look at that.

Finn: Do you want to go show your baby brother?

Kelly: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah? He’s in the den with amelia. You want to go? You remember how to get there?

Kelly: Yeah!

[ All laughing ] Go ahead. Go! Come on, this way.

Ridge: Uh, hope is upstairs, helping steffy.

Thomas: Ah. I never thought I’d hear those words.

Liam: That makes two of us.

Eric: I think it’s wonderful, the two of them making peace.

Brooke: I agree. None of us ever expected steffy to ask hope to be her matron of honor.

Hope: You know, I keep half-expecting you to tell me that you’ve been joking this entire time.

Steffy: Uh-huh, I am. I’m just kidding. I love that you’re here.

Hope: Well, it’s my privilege to be your matron of honor, and I know obviously, your mom was your first choice, but I mean, out of all the people in the world, you chose me.

Steffy: Just glad we were able to get to this point. Can’t believe we actually like each other. You know, I was thinking the same thing.

Steffy: Right. You know, it’s almost like we’ve finally given each other permission to just enjoy each others’ company.

Hope: What a crazy concept!

[ Both chuckling ]

Hope: But seriously though, steffy, thank you. Yeah, I’m really happy to be able to share this day with you and I am just overjoyed for you, and for what the future holds.

Steffy: This is not just a new beginning for finn and me. It’s a new beginning for all of us.

Li: There he is.

Finn: Ah, hey mom. We were just talking about you. Hey!

Jack: Ahh.

Finn: Um, mom, this is, uh, liam.

Liam: Hi.

Finn: Liam, this is my mother, li, and my father, jack.

Liam: Nice to meet you guys.

Jack: Likewise.

Eric: Welcome, you two.

Jack: Ah, thank you for hosting, sir. What a lovely home.

Eric: Jack, good to see you.

Eric: Thank you.

Li: You and steffy have been so kind and inviting. We’re so pleased our son is marrying into such a terrific family.

Ridge: We feel the same.

Li: Thank you.

[ Humming “here comes the bride” ]

Steffy: Oh, okay! We’re getting this party started.

Paris: Oh, you cannot be more drop dead.

Steffy: Oh, thank you, you look amazing!

Paris: Oh, this little thing?

Steffy: Yeah!

Paris: I just threw it on.

Steffy: It is gorgeous. Hope: And that bag!

Paris: Right? Oh wait, you know I came prepared.

Hope: Oh my god.

Paris: Tissues, weddings get me…

[ Laughing ]

Steffy: That’s so sweet, oh my gosh.

Paris: But seriously, you and finn, I mean, I don’t want to sound cliche, but…if two people were ever meant to be… I’ve seen how obsessed you two are with each other.

[ Giggling ] You guys are gonna have a beautiful life together. Nothing’s gonna stop you.

Steffy: Oh! Okay, I’m drinking.

Hope: Let’s get the party started!

Paris: Here.

Hope: Yes!

Steffy: Yes!

Paris: All right, cheers.

Hope: To the bride!

Paris: To the bride!

[ Glasses clinking ] When it comes to laundry,

Jack: He looks fine, li.

Li: Oh, can’t a mother fix her son’s tie one last time?

Brooke: Steffy is a very lucky woman.

Ridge: Yes, she is. You two will always have our support, not that you need it.

Eric: You two are very good for each other.

Brooke: You walked into her life at the right time.

Ridge: And you put a big smile on her face.

Finn: I’m going to do everything I can to keep that beautiful smile.

Ridge: I’m sure you will. Okay, let’s get this show on the road. I wanna check on the bride.

Eric: Okay.

Finn: Okay, good?

Li: Yeah.

[ Door clicking ]

Jerry: Hello!

Thomas: Hey, uh, let me guess, you’re the minister.

Jerry: Jerry.

Thomas: Thomas, I’m the bride’s brother.

Jerry: Pleasure. How are you?

Finn: Hey, jerry. Appreciate you doing this on such short notice.

Jerry: Oh, listen, I hope I wasn’t holding you up. I got kinda twisted around on those winding roads.

Finn: Oh, right on schedule. I’m hoping we’re ready to start the ceremony.

[ Gasping ]

Steffy: I think I’m ready!

Hope: Oh my gosh.

Steffy: I just have to put on my gown.

Paris: Ah, you look flawless.

Hope: Unbelievably stunning.

Steffy: Thank you.

[ Knocking on door ]

Hope: Oh?

Ridge: Hey, hi. Uh, is there room for one more?

Steffy: Look at you, you’re looking very sharp, dad.

Ridge: Nice, right?

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: I thought this was gonna make me look fat, but it turns out, it’s the fat that makes me look fat.

Hope: Never!

Ridge: Uh, could I have a moment alone with my daughter? Is that cool?

Hope: Oh yeah, absolutely.

[ Sighing ]

Ridge: Look at you.

Steffy: Dad, I don’t even have my dress on yet.

Ridge: I don’t mean that’S… you’re exactly where you want to be. I couldn’t be happier.

Zende: Too bad douglas couldn’t be here.

Thomas: Yeah, well we didn’t want to make him miss his field trip.

Liam: I know, but it’s all he’s been talking about for weeks, so…

Hope: Well, steffy said she completely understands.

Liam: Hey!

Hope: Is that for me?

Liam: It is now.

Hope: Thank you.

Paris: Thank you.

Eric: No, I’m good. No, you ask! Well, we’re just– we want to ask you, what is it that we don’t know about your son?

Finn: Oh god, mom, careful, please.

Brooke: There’s got to be some secrets, come on!

Li: Can I?

Jack: Sorry, excuse me.

Brooke: Okay.

Finn: There was a band, you can talk about the band.

Li: Oh, okay.

Jack: Excuse me, this is a private ceremony. Can I help you? You. Is it you? This is the sound of an asthma attack…

Jack: Is it you? Is it?

Pam: It’s me, all right. You expecting someone else, cowboy? I’m pam douglas. Stephanie forrester’s sister.

Jack: Uh, jack finnigan, uh, finn’s dad.

Eric: Oh! Pam, you made it.

Pam: Yeah, the traffic was a bear. I thought I’d miss the ceremony.

Eric: Oh, I see you met jack.

Pam: Yeah. I think maybe my veil threw him off a bit.

Eric: She loves to make a dramatic entrance.

Jack: Yes, I, I saw that.

Pam: Go big or go home, right?

Eric: Oh, and this is li. This is finn’s mother.

Li: Hello, lovely to make your acquaintance.

Pam: The pleasure is all mine. I hear nothing but fabulous things about your boy.

Jack: Thank you.

[ Gasping ]

Oh my goodness. Steff.


Eric: Hey.

Pam: My heart just skipped a beat.

[ Chuckling ]

Eric: I wish I could take credit. It was steffy’s idea.

Brooke: It was steffy’s way of including stephanie on her very special day.

Pam: You’re getting the best of the best, mister.

Brooke: You are.

Finn: And don’t I know it!

Steffy: You’re right, I’m thrilled to be marrying finn. He’s so, so amazing and we have hayes.

Ridge: Mm-hm.

Steffy: And most of our family will be here. Mom’s not gonna be here, but.

Ridge: I know, she wanted to come, sweetie.

Steffy: Yeah, but she had that missionary trip, and I, I totally get it. I actually video-chatted with her this morning and I showed her my gown.

Ridge: I bet she liked it.

Steffy: She did. We spoke about phoebe too.

Ridge: You must be missing your sister today.

Steffy: Yeah, I am. But, she’ll be here in spirit.

Ridge: Yeah, but… you just… look at you, your heart and your determination. Everything you’ve been through, um… there’s so many things I want to say, but I’m, I’m, that’s not–

Steffy: Dad, please don’t do this, don’t embarrass me right now.

Ridge: Of course, I’m gonna embarrass you. I’m your dad, it’s my job.

Steffy: You’re the best, dad.

Ridge: You amaze me everyday.

Steffy: Dad, stop, please, stop. I’ve just put my mascara on and I don’t want it to run, and then we’re gonna have finn waiting, so please, please don’t do this right now.

Ridge: That boy will wait a lifetime for you, you know that?

Steffy: Yeah. He’s incredible.

Ridge: It’s incredible what he’s done to you. But don’t forget, you’ll always be my little girl.

Steffy: Always.

[ Sighing ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Hope: Steffy? I don’t mean to interrupt.

Ridge: You’re not. It’s, uh, it’s good, I’ll see you downstairs.

Steffy: Yeah.

[ Sighing ] God!

Hope: I bet he’s so proud.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah he is. You know, he has this tough exterior, but on the inside, he’s a softie. I just need to wait for these tears to flow after I walk down the aisle. I’m gonna get my makeup all over me.

Hope: Don’t feel bad, I have a feeling there’s gonna be a lot of happy tears in the room.

Steffy: Is finn nervous?

Hope: Not really, but I do think he is eager to get things started. So… shall we get you in that dress?

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, let’s do it.

[ Giggling ]

Finn: Granddad, will you be blessing us with any songs today?

Ridge: You get a couple of martinis in that guy, and he’ll bless you with anything you want.

Thomas: I can make him one, because I really gotta hear this.

Eric: I have had no requests from the bride today. So, if there is enough time later, and she wants to hear something, yeah, maybe.

Fine: Ooh!

Li: Sounds like a yes to me.

[ Laughing ]

Ridge: Sounds nice.

Eric: Certainly right.

Hope: Everyone? The bride is ready. You can take your seats.

Eric: Sit here.

[ Gentle acoustic music ]

[“Here comes the bride”]

Jerry: Welcome, everyone, to the marriage of steffy forrester and john finnigan. Steffy and finn have asked a few people to speak before they exchange their vows. Let us begin this celebratory day with a few words from the father of the bride. Ridge?

Ridge: Hey, uh, thank you all for coming. Jack, li, thank you for being here, but more importantly, thank you for raising this man the right way. He’s, uh, brought a lot of light into steffy’s life, kelly’s life and he gave us hayes, and that little boy is the best, isn’t he?

[ Chuckling ] So, welcome into our family. Finn said something to me earlier, and it kinda stuck with me. He said, no, he promised he would look after my daughter. Keep the smile on her face, and that’s the only thing a parent wants to hear, really. But, it’s not the first time that you heard that. You heard it the day you were born. From me.

[ Throat clearing ] And, I still want to keep my promise, but I’m supposed to give you away today, and I don’t know who came up with that idea, because it doesn’t make any sense. Who said that? How do you give your kid away? How do you give–

[ All chuckling ] How do you give away the person… how do you give away the person that makes you breathe? So that’s it, everybody out.

[ All laughing ] One drink, a sandwich, a cookie and that’s it.

[ Throat clearing ] I wish it were that easy, but it’s not, because we’re dealing with steffy, and no one tells her what to do. You can’t give her away and you can’t hold onto her, unless that’s what she wants. Because this woman this extraordinary woman. It surprises me everyday, she, uh… she’s been through so much, and she’s here stronger than she ever was. But, she chooses her path and she chooses to be on that path with you. She wants you to take care of her and to make her happy, and I’m gonna have to find a way to deal with that. But, sorry.

[ All chuckling ]

Steffy: Oh wow!

[ All laughing ]

Ridge: This girl…

Brooke: Aw!

Ridge: That… on, on this very day, took her 20-25 minutes to decide between vanilla and chocolate ice cream, because she didn’t want to hurt the other ice cream’s feelings.

[ All laughing ] This little girl that… girl that saves baby crows and baby possums, because she believes in her heart… that every creature deserves to be loved. Now that girl, I’m gonna hold on to, forever, and you’re gonna have to deal with that. I see the two of you, I see how strong you are together, how bonded you are, and there is nothing that is ever going to come in the middle of you. It’s not gonna happen. I’m sorry. I wish you life, and love, and happiness. And, I love you both.

Eric: That’s my boy.

Steffy: I am so ready to marry you.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Hope: I have a feeling you won’t be getting much sleep tonight.

Steffy: I know. I have a million things to do before finn and i say our vows tomorrow. But we’re going to make it work.

Liam: Of course you will. Something’s meant to be, it’s meant to be…

Hope: You’re marrying a great guy, steffy. Not that I have to tell you that.

Liam and I, we’re thrilled for you.

Liam: The only question now: What do we get you for a wedding present?

Steffy: You already gave it to me. I have my my matron of honor.

Liam: Well, this is awkward. Return luxury yacht.

[ Laughing ]

Steffy: This is way better.

Hope: For me, too.

Liam: Hey, um… I just want to say… I’m so happy you’re happy. And I’m happy you’re happy with finn. I know I wasn’t his biggest fan in the beginning, but… I’ve really come to appreciate him because of the way that he loves kelly. And the way he loves her mom. I’m so happy for you, steffy. I really am.

Hope: Okay, my turn. I’m so excited for the wedding tomorrow.

Steffy: I know. I have so much to do.

[ Knock on door ]

Carter: Door’s open. That was fast.

Quinn: Were you expecting me?

Carter: Quinn! I’d ordered some dinner–

OH. Sorry to disappoint.

Carter: You never disappoint.

Quinn: I had to see you.

Carter: I was just wrapping up a workout.

[ Laughing ]

Quinn: Wish I had your discipline.

You don’t need it. You’re perfect. You alright? You don’t seem quite like yourself.

Quinn: There’s a wedding tomorrow.

Carter: Steffy’S.

Quinn: A forrester wedding… at eric’s house. Need I say more?

Liam: My lady.

Hope: Cheers.

Liam: Cheers. So, I don’t know about you, but I keep wondering what finn’s parents are like?

Hope: Well, I guess we will find out at the wedding tomorrow, but steffy seems to like them.

Liam: Yeah. That’s kinda key though, isn’t it? I mean, liking your in-laws, having them like you. You get on their bad side and you’re in a world of pain.

Hope: Oh. Is that why you’re always kissing up to my mom? Because you don’t want to be on her bad side?

Liam: Okay, first of all, I do not kiss up to your mom. She just happens to have been genetically engineered in a lab to be the perfect mother-in-law and I, I–

Brooke: I am? That’s very nice of you to say, liam.

Liam: I didn’t– no, that’s not–

Hope: Like I said, suck up!

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: What’s up, mom?

Brooke: Well, ridge is working late and donna is up playing with douglas and beth and I was wondering what their parents were doing?

Hope: Well, if you had just stopped by a little sooner, you actually would’ve run into steffy.

Brooke: What was she doing over here the night before her wedding?

Steffy: Finn…?

Finn: Welcome home my soon-to-be bride.

Carter: I’m glad you came by.

Quinn: I wasn’t sure if I should.

Carter: Need convincing?

Quinn: I’m convinced.

[ Laughing ] That’s not what I mean when I said I wasn’t sure if I should stop by.

Carter: Okay, would it have anything to do with what’s happening tomorrow?

[ Sighing ]

Quinn: It’s gonna be a big day. Steffy– stephanie’s namesake– the crown jewel of the forrester family is getting married. In the forrester mansion. My former home. Everyone’s gonna be there.

Carter: Yeah. Everyone but you and me.

Quinn: Don’t get me wrong. I’m not feeling sorry for myself… not when I have all this…

[ Laughing ]

Carter: Still. I have to imagine steffy’s wedding reminds you of everything you gave up when you lost eric.

Hope: Well, first you should know that taylor won’t be able to make the wedding.

Brooke: I heard.

Liam: Well, well, but you should also know that steffy’s okay. Like, she was very happy, she was in a positive mood. She had nothing but nice things to say.

Brooke: Really?

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: I mean, after tomorrow, she will be married to finn, I’m obviously married to this guy right here and we will both be married to the men we love, who love us and we can finally try to be that one big, happy family that we’ve always wanted to be. Which is why… steffy asked me to be her matron of honor.

[ Gasping excitedly ]

Finn: Kelly and hayes are sleeping. My parents are off to their hotel. And paris is out for the night.

Steffy: Wow. You have been busy.

Finn: And I also asked my dad to be my best man.

Steffy: He actually said yes?

Finn: Practically before I got the question out. He’s so excited for us.

Steffy: That’s good. You know who else is excited for us?

Finn: Who?

Steffy: I asked hope to be my matron of honor.

Finn: Hm. Wow, okay.

Steffy: All I want our wedding to be about is a celebration of family. And now that I’ve met your parents and I’m absolutely crazy about them, I love them even more now that I know they adopted you. It makes them even more special.

Finn: I want our wedding to be a celebration of family too. But tonight… I want to celebrate the beautiful, strong, exceptional woman who is about to become my wife. You try to stay ahead of the mess

Liam: I think your mother may be speechless.

Hope: Mom, are you okay?

Brooke: Well, you said yes, right?

Hope: Oh, yes. Of course! I mean, obviously. For steffy to want me to be part of her wedding… for her to see it as an opportunity for a new, exciting chapter? Not just for her and finn, but for all of us…?

Liam: What better way to turn the page than a wedding? There’s been so much drama between hope and steffy over the years, and that’S… amainly because of me. But, I don’t know, I don’t know, it kind of feels like all that is behind us now. Steffy is head over heels with finn. I’ve never loved hope more than I do right now. I…I think there’s a happy ending in sight for all four of us.

Hope: Starting with steffy and finn’s wedding tomorrow. When they say exchange vows and become husband and wife for the rest of their lives.

Steffy: You do realize we’re tempting fate…

Finn: How so?

Steffy: I’m the bride. You’re the groom. We shouldn’t be staying together the night before the wedding. It’s bad luck.

Finn: I didn’t know you were superstitious.

Steffy: I’m not. Obviously.

Finn: You know what I think?

Steffy: What?

Finn: You know what I know for sure? That I could look into those beautiful, green eyes… listen to your laugh… get lost in that stunning smile… for the rest of my life.

You light up my heart, steffy; you light up my life. A life that is going to be even more incredible tomorrow.

Quinn: This is where I want to be, carter. This…oasis. Where the world just… disappears for however long I’m here with you. Just you and me. I don’t know. I guess this wedding got me feeling… reflective, and I just… I needed be with this gorgeous, caring who lifts me up. I feel so alive when I’m with you. And that feeling stays with me even when we’re apart. But tonight… I didn’t want to be apart from you. What’s the #1 retinol brand

Quinn: What happened to your dinner order?

Carter: Oh. Worked up an appetite, did you?

Quinn: Always when I’m with you. I never thought I would experience something like this with a man as extraordinary as you…

[ Sighing ] I know we’re risking a lot being together. But I can’t stay away.

Carter: Don’T.

Quinn: Okay.

Liam: Do you hear that?

Hope: No. I don’t hear anything.

Liam: Exactly. The kids are all down for the count for the night. Which means… I get you all to myself.

Hope: Someone’s in a romantic mood tonight.

Liam: Yes, but… I’m also in a grateful mood. I’m grateful to my wife. I’m grateful we have the family we do. I’m grateful the future is looking as bright for us as it is. I’m sure steffy and finn’s wedding tomorrow will be beautiful, but… it won’t compare to the one we had right here in this room. Or any of the perfect memories we’ve shared before… or since. You’ve brought so much joy to my life. So much light to my life and you have taught me so much. You’ve taught me about family. You’ve taught me how to forgive. You’ve taught me how to be forgiven. You’ve taught me about love. I am so lucky to be your husband. I am so lucky that you are the mother of my child. And I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone. And I always will.

Steffy: And I love that you did this. You stopped everything so we could be alone. I mean, I could be getting ready for tomorrow, but… nothing is more important than my sexy doctor. You’ve changed my life.

Finn: I don’t know about that.

Steffy: You have. Are you kidding? You stood by me through thick and thin. Saw the worst of me. And I love you so much. The way you take care of me and the way you take care of kelly, and now we have this beautiful, magical, little son, hayes. When I woke up in the hospital and I saw you looking down at me, it’s like, I don’t know. Something just flipped in me. And I knew you were going to be in my life forever. You are so remarkable. You transformed my life. You really did. And now we’re going to get married. We’re getting married tomorrow. Tomorrow!

[ Laughing ]

[ Laughing ]

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Liam: I know I’m keeping you from work.

Hope: Mm.

Liam: But I don’t care.

Hope: Uh, yeah. You are giving me a reason to hurry up and, uh, get this all done so we can have a little time together before the kids come home.

Liam: Mm, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh. Yeah! Uh, I’m–I’m gonna finish my emails too. I don’t wanna slow you down.

Hope: All right, well, I just need to sign this one document.

Liam: Cool.

[ Phone chimes ] It’s steffy. It’s their wedding announcement. Steffy and finn are getting married.

Steffy: And my cousin zende usually works in here. He’s also a designer.

Jack: Wow. Is your whole family in the business, steffy?

Steffy: [ Laughing ] Yeah, yeah, pretty much.

Li: So lovely you’re all so close. It’s really nice meeting your dad, and your brother, and your grandfather. Brooke, too.

Steffy: Well, they were very excited to meet you too, li.

Finn: And now, they know my whole life story, with pictures. Thanks, mom.

Steffy: [ Laughing ]

Li: I know you don’t like to talk about yourself, finn. Your fiancée didn’t even know you were adopted.

Finn: Well, until we had hayes, I never really thought about it. And you guys are my parents.

Steffy: And you raised an incredible son.

Hope: Steffy sent the announcement to you, too?

Liam: [ Laughing ] Not just to me. It’s–it’s all over social media.

Hope: [ Laughing ] Well, they’re obviously excited for their wedding.

Finn: Yeah. Well, they’re not waiting around, are they?

Hope: No, when finn proposed, I thought they might get married right away.

Liam: Yeah, but you know, there was a lot going on. Baby and all that.

Hope: Well now, they can have the big celebration that they deserve.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: I’m really happy for them both.

Liam: Me too.

Hope: It feels like a big step forward, for all of us. I mean, you’re finally home. We’re enjoying our family together. And steffy has met the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Steffy: Just gave them a behind-the-scenes tour.

Eric: Oh, that’s great.

Li: It’s fascinating.

Eric: You just missed phyllis summers.

Steffy: Oh, really? She came in from genoa city?

Eric: Yes, and it was a quick trip. She had to get back for–for a meeting. She, uh, was sorry to miss you. She wanted me to give you her best wishes for this wonderful time in your lives. So, um, how was the tour?

Steffy: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Oh, you have built a very impressive business, eric.

Eric: Thank you. But I have to give my children and my grandchildren credit for what it’s become.

Li: Steffy says you’re still very much involved.

Steffy: Oh, yes, you are working on a fabulous collection.

Eric: Yes, I am, and I have some wonderful new ideas. One in particular, I think you’d be interested in.

Steffy: What is it?

Eric: How would you like to get married at my house?

Steffy: At your house?

Eric: I mean, you have a wonderful home. I love your place. But it’s up here, it’s at the ocean. It’s beautiful, right?

Steffy: I mean, having a wedding at your house, that’s family tradition, and I–I would love… well, it’s–it’s really up to both of us. Would you wanna do it?

Finn: Uh, yes, what…

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, we would love to. It’s so wonderful how much you wanna make this day so perfect for us.

Eric: Good. Makes me very happy.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Hope: You’re really happy for steffy?

Liam: [ Laughing ] Y-yes. Hell yes, I am. Finn’s a good guy.

Hope: He adores her.

Liam: And, he adores kelly, which is a big deal for me.

Hope: Steffy can depend on him, and kelly can too.

Liam: Right.

Hope: He wants to be a good stepfather to her.

Liam: Yeah, and I think steffy believes that he will be.

Hope: And what about you?

Liam: Like… for… I just–I just want kelly to be loved by everyone in her life. That’s my thing. I mean, it’s–it’S… yeah, no, nobody’s gonna love kelly as much as I do. But that doesn’t mean I’m jealous of finn’s relationship with her. Or his relationship with steffy, for that matter.

Hope: Good. I’m glad to hear that. I mean, obviously, you and steffy are always going to be connected. And you know, sure, at times, that has been difficult to accept. But we’ve all been through a lot together. And sure, steffy and I have always been rivals, but we don’t want it to affect the kids. We can only keep fighting these same battles over and over again so many times. I–I really do think this wedding is the beginning of a new chapter for all of us.

Steffy: My grandfather’s house is gorgeous. It’s the perfect spot for a wedding.

Eric: Yeah, we’ve hosted quite a few, but I think this one would be extra special. You know, your relationship, the two of you, it’s been an absolute inspiration.

Li: Finn says your family’s been very supportive.

Eric: Yeah, we–we find finn very interesting, yeah.

[ Both laughing ] No, we appreciate very much this extraordinary young man that you’ve raised, and how happy he’s made my granddaughter. I hope you’re aware that she likes to do things her own way. You know that.

Steffy: Oh, yeah, okay. I’m a little unconventional, but the more I think about it, I–I want our wedding to be about–about family.

Jack: I am so sorry that your mother can’t get back for the ceremony.

Steffy: Thank you. I was really hoping she could be my matron of honor. But since she can’t be there… it’d be really important for me to have someone else, if it’s okay with you.

Eric: It’s your wedding, you can have anyone you like.

Steffy: Okay, good, um… because I would… I would love to have my grandmother.

Eric: I get it. So, you wanna put stephanie’s portrait back up above the mantle?

Steffy: I would love that. Uh, my–my grandmother, she’s not just my namesake. Um, she was everything to me. I went to her for support and advice. I mean, she was one tough cookie, but she loved this family more than anyone.

Eric: She would be very proud of the woman you’ve become. It’s a great idea to have her at the wedding. Of course.

Steffy: [ Chuckles ] Thank you.

Eric: Yeah. Oh, I–I would love to tell you both about stephanie, and I will one of these days. But I have to–I have a meeting across town, I’m sorry.

Jack: Oh, please, excuse us. Um, didn’t you want to get back to the house to check on hayes and kelly?

Finn: Yes, uh, before amelia takes kelly to her class.

Eric: All right, I’ll see you both very soon.

Li: Okay, all right.

Eric: Bye-bye.

Li: See you soon.

Eric: Good to see you again.

Jack: Pleasure.

Eric: See you soon.

Steffy: Um, I’m gonna just, uh, I’ll be a little longer. I’m just gonna, um, do some wedding things real quick.

Finn: Okay, do you want our help?

Steffy: No, no, no, it’s fine, it’s fine.

Finn: Yeah?

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: Okay.

Steffy: I love you.

Li: Okay, bye, steffy.

Steffy: Bye.

Hope: But I wanna start introducing the–

[ Phone chimes ] Oh.

Steffy: Hey.

Hope: Liam and I saw your announcement. Congratulations.

Steffy: Thanks. Where are you?

Hope: We’re at the cabin.

Steffy: Can I stop by? It’s important.

Hope: Sure. Yeah, we’ll be here.

Liam: Steffy coming over?

Hope: Mm-hmm, and she says it’s important. I wonder what she wants to see us about. Ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,

Finn: Thanks, amelia. Have fun, kelly. I’ll see you when you get home, honey. Hayes still sleeping?

Li: All wrapped up like a little burrito.

Finn: Oh, you are a pro.

Jack: Where’s kelly off to?

Finn: Uh, tumbling class.

Li: You two are so cute together.

Finn: Oh, I know. I love being her stepdad.

Jack: Do you get along with her father?

Finn: Uh, we’re respectful.

Li: Liam, is it?

Finn: Liam spencer. He’s a–he’s a good dad. He loves kelly, and he cares for steffy too. But, uh, put it this way. They have a long, complicated history. He’s not a bad person, just not the right one for steffy.

Li: They had a bad relationship?

Finn: Uh, she could never feel secure with him. Too many… surprises. But when steffy and i got together, I freed her from that cycle. She can depend on me. And even my jokes are reliable. The last thing that I would ever wanna do is bring any complications into her life.

Liam: So, steffy wanted to see us both?

Hope: Yep.

Liam: I mean, that’s gotta be about the wedding, right?

Hope: I don’t know. I don’T… know if she’d even want to involve us in that.

Liam: [ Laughing ]

Hope: So…

Liam: Yeah, maybe not–maybe not us. But did–but how did she–like, she said it was important, you said. So, did she sound stressed or…

Hope: No, it was just–it was a quick phone call. It just–it just sounded like she had a lot to get done.

Liam: But like from her tone, was it good news or bad news? ‘Cause she’s gonna tell us something.

Hope: Well, I think we’re about to find out.

Liam: I know, but I wanna– I wanna prepare myself. If it’s bad news, I…

Hope: Hi!

Liam: Hey!

Steffy: Hi.

Hope: Come on in. Congratulations again.

Steffy: Thank you. Hey.

Liam: Congratulations.

Steffy: Thanks. Finn and I are very excited.

Liam: I bet kelly’s excited too.

Steffy: Oh my gosh, you should see her. She’s already, like, practicing her flower girl walk.

Liam: Aw.

Steffy: It is so cute.

Hope: Aw.

Steffy: Finn’s parents are so charmed.

Liam: Are his folks in town?

Steffy: Yeah, jack and li. Yeah, they’ll–they’ll be at the ceremony. It’s perfect timing.

Hope: Well, that’s coming up fast, isn’t it?

Steffy: Yeah, yeah. My–my grandfather offered to have it at his house. He didn’t know if I wanted something traditional, but you know, I–I say why not? It’s a new chapter. And it’s, you know, my family’s home, we have so much history.

Hope: Mm.

Liam: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Well, I agree. I mean, it does feel like a new chapter for all of us.

Steffy: Yeah, that’s exactly what I want my wedding to be about. Just something new, you know. We’re honoring the past, and looking towards the future. Actually, my–my grandfather’s gonna put my grandmother, her portrait on the wall. It’s gonna be so nice.

Liam: Oh, that’s a nice touch.

Steffy: Yeah, it is, especially since my mom’s not gonna be there. But I’m–I’m still trying to figure out a way to pull the family together. Finn has brought so many incredible changes in my life. I mean, there’s so many times our–our relationship could have gone off the tracks. But he made sure that didn’t happen, and he always knew that we had a future, and he wouldn’t let anything get in the way.

Hope: Well, that’s certainly something to celebrate.

Steffy: That’s why I came by. I know our announcement was a little impersonal.

Liam: Oh, no, stop.

Steffy: But finn and I are just so happy, and we want everyone to know it. The actual ceremony, I think it’s gonna be a little more private.

Liam: Sure.

Steffy: Intimate, yeah.

Hope: It’s your day. It should be whatever you want it to be.

Liam: Exactly. The last thing that you need right now is drama.

Steffy: Yeah. You’re right. Finn helped me get to a place of real peace. And that’s what I want my wedding to be about. A new start. A fresh start. That’s why I’m–I’m really hoping you’d agree to be there.

Hope: Us?

Liam: You sure you want us at your wedding?

Steffy: I do. To be a thriver

Finn: Yeah, I know it seems like steffy’s lived this charmed life with all these advantages. And–and she’s had that. But what’s really remarkable about her is how much she has overcome.

Li: We’d never presume to know what someone else has been through, finn.

Jack: Everybody has their own challenges to face.

Finn: Steffy’s been carrying a lot on her own. And when we first got together, I wanted her to change that. And I’m not slamming liam. I’m sure his intentions were good. But his follow-through was not. For whatever reason, he could never make steffy a priority. I do.

Li: And she’s lucky for it.

Finn: No, we both are. She’s given me so much. Our love, and kelly, and hayes. You know, I’ve always found purpose in my job. How I’ve been proud, especially following in my mom’s footsteps and becoming a doctor. But our family is so much more. It’s–it’S… I mean, I can’t even put it into words.

Jack: We’re parents, son. We understand.

Finn: Yeah, and I know steffy feels that too. I wanna make sure she always feels that way. She deserves a smooth, serene, drama-free life.

Li: Mm. Well, I’m confident that you will bring steffy nothing but joy.

Steffy: Thanks, mom.

Li: Right, jack?

Hope: You want us at your wedding? I mean, of course we want to support you.

Steffy: Well, you and liam are part of the family. We always wanted to put the kids first, give them a sense of connection.

Liam: Actually, I think we’ve done a really good job of that.

Steffy: Yeah, we have. But honestly, this is more than the kids. Like, our history… it doesn’t have to be a negative thing. The forresters, and spencers, and finnegans, we could really just be like a big, messy family.

Liam: [ Chuckles ]

Steffy: I’d–I’d like that. I believe that could happen.

Hope: I do too.

Steffy: So, you’ll be there?

Liam: Yes, steffy. Absolutely, we’ll be there.

Steffy: Great. Thank you.

Hope: No, thank you.

Liam: Yeah.

Steffy: Hope, I know we’ve been in this, like, vicious tug-of-war. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and I know we vowed that we were gonna stop it, and didn’t always work out, but…

Hope: No, and that was frustrating, because I–I know we can do better.

Steffy: I know. We have. Especially recently. I really think that we’re moving forward. Which is why I would like to do something to acknowledge that. I’m starting a new life with finn. You’re happy with liam. We have beautiful children, we’re strong accomplished women, and we need to be there for each other. Which is why I’d be very grateful if you’d be at the altar with me.

Hope: At the altar?

Steffy: Yeah, if you were my matron of honor.

Hope: W-wait, you want me to be part of the ceremony?

Steffy: I would absolutely love that. And we could get ready together, we could plan the wedding. Think about what it would mean to our daughters. Honestly, imagine what it would have been like for us if our moms actually got along. This would mean a lot to me.

Hope: And to me. I mean, so, so much.

Steffy: So, you–you’ll do it?

Hope: Yes.

Steffy: Yes! Oh!

Hope: Yes, of course! I’d be honored to stand for you, steffy.

Steffy: Oh, really?

Hope: Yes.

Steffy: Oh. I’m really excited about this. No, I–I can’t wait to tell finn. This has just–this made my wedding even more exciting. Thank you, this is gonna be a day we’re never gonna forget.

[ Laughing ]

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B&B Transcript Monday, August 2, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[Seagulls cawing]

Jack: Wow. Finn… it’s just that, as a father… you dream that one day your son will find someone that makes him happy. Every parent wants their children to find love. To be loved, you know?

Steffy: I do. I love your son very much.

Jack: I can tell. He hasn’t stopped smiling since I walked in here.

Steffy: [ Laughing ]

Jack: Is he always like this?

Steffy: Yep, every day.

Jack: Just a big cheeseburger grin?

[ Laughter ]

Finn: What can I say? I mean… I can’t help it.

Jack: Don’T. It looks great on you.

[ Knocking on door ] I’m guessing that’s your mother.

Finn: Mom?

Steffy: Oh…

Finn: Oh, mom!

Li: My baby.

Finn: Hi! Oh, my god! Here, come in, come in, come in. Mom, this… this is steffy.

Steffy: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Li: Lovely to meet you. Hi, honey.

Jack: Hi.

Li: I got in an hour earlier than I expected.

Jack: I was gonna say.

Finn: Mom, it’s so good to see you.

Li: Are you eating? You look a little thin. Doesn’t he, jack? He’s looking a little thin.

Jack: He looks fine, li. He’s just a new dad.

Finn: Yeah, I may have skipped a couple meals between diaper changes. I’m proud of you, finn.

Jack: [ Chuckling ] Speaking of proud, um, you just missed a pretty big moment.

Li: Yeah?

Finn: Yeah, I just told steffy that I was adopted by the best mom and dad in the world, but that I never knew my birth parents.

Li: You waited this long?

Finn: Oh, no, I didn’t mean to. It wasn’t like it was a secret, it just… I didn’t tell her at first, and then the longer it went on, the weirder it felt to just suddenly mention.

Steffy: Well, I’m so happy I finally get to know you.

[ Hayes gurgling ]

Steffy: Oh…

Li: Is that my grandson?

Steffy: Yeah, it is. Would you like to meet him? This way.

[ Hayes gurgling ]

Jack: Steffy is wonderful, son.

Finn: I know, dad. I’m really lucky to have her in my life.

[Voice muted]

Eric: Thomas, it’s nice. I like what you did with the neckline. It’s lovely.

Thomas: Oh, is it… hitting a little low?

Ridge: Could maybe raise it a quarter-inch.

Eric: It accentuates the drape off the shoulders. Really nice.

Thomas: Yeah, but won’t that pull?

Ridge: Nah, you just keep the stitch on the outside. You’ll be okay.

Thomas: Oh, okay, so… something like this?

Eric: There you are, beautiful.

Ridge: That’s good.

Thomas: Great, well, I think we’re good for today. Awesome.

Eric: Thanks, maxine. Thanks for coming in today.

Thomas: Thank you.

Maxine: Thank you so much.

Brooke: Well, that was magical.

Eric: What?

Brooke: Watching the forrester men work. Completely in sync.

[ Phone chime ]

Ridge: Sorry. It’s steffy. She wants to come by the office and talk to everyone. Says it’s important.

Brooke: Hmm, I wonder what it’s about.

Ridge: I don’t know, maybe I should dust off my tux.

Brooke: Your tux? Think it’s about a wedding?

Thomas: [ Chuckling ]

Eric: [ Chuckling ]

[ Waves rolling ]

Li: Hayes is absolutely beautiful. And I know all grandparents say this, but it’s true. He’s breathtaking.

Finn: Well, he takes after his mom.

Jack: Thank god.

Li: Jack.

Steffy: I can’t say it enough, I am just so happy to finally meet you.

Jack: Likewise. I’m just sorry that we couldn’t get here sooner.

Steffy: Oh, no need to apologize, I completely understand.

Jack: I do need to let you know that li and I know of you and your family.

Steffy: Please don’t believe everything you read.

Li: Finn’s always been the greatest judgement of character.

Jack: Which is why, when he told us about you, we knew you must be something special. I, uh, I can’t tell you how please I am that our son found such an incredible woman like you, steffy.

Think wearing less makeup

means no need for a wipe?

Eric: Steffy and finn… been engaged for a while now. Anybody find it surprising that there’s not been any kind of an announcement about a wedding?

Thomas: You think… think steffy’s hesitant?

Ridge: I don’t think so, I think she just wants everything to be perfect. She wants her family to be here, and she wants friends, people here too, so…

Eric: He doesn’t talk much about his family, does he?

Brooke: We don’t know much about them.

Ridge: What do you wanna know? People like us, they have issues, you know, just like us.

Thomas: That’S… an understatement.

Ridge: But in the end, we pull together, right? If–if there’s a problem, we pull through. We’re there for each other, and I’m sure finn’s family is the same way.

Brooke: I’m sure. He’s a lovely young man. His family. His parents must be amazing.

Thomas: Or not. I mean, he may be a great guy in spite of his upbringing. I mean, look at how I turned out.

Brooke: Oh.

Ridge: That seemed unnecessary. But I get it. I know what you’re saying. It doesn’t even matter, like, when… when they do get married, the two families are gonna get together, and we’re gonna–we’re gonna find a way to–

Brooke: Pull through.

Ridge: To pull through. Exactly.

Eric: Look, in spite of everything, I’m just very glad that steffy’s in a good place right now. She’s found love. We have a wonderful, new addition to our family. It’s great. I’m glad there’s some good news in our family for a change.

Thomas: Granddad? You okay?

Eric: Okay? Yes, yes, I’m okay. Life’s complicated, isn’t it, my boy?

Thomas: It is.

Eric: Delicate. There’s enough heartache in this room to go around for a thousand lifetimes, there really is, and it can take you into a dark place and… and not let you out. But… the light at the end of the tunnel is family, and that’s what we have. Look at steffy, look at her. With that wonderful boy. That beautiful… great-grandson of mine. Holding him in my arms. Puts things in perspective.

Ridge: I’m sure it does.

Eric: It’s great that steffy’s in such a good place.

Ridge: That’s all we can- ask for, as fathers.

Eric: Or great-grandfather.

Ridge: Bottom line is, I really don’t care if steffy’s gonna get married or not. She’s happy. That’s what’s important. Right?

Brooke: That’s right.

Li: I just can’t get over how adorable hayes is. I mean, I could stare at him for hours.

Steffy: Oh, I have.

[ Laughing ]

Li: And jack and I are so excited to meet kelly.

Jack: Yeah, finn’s told us so much about her.

Finn: Oh, you’ve gotta meet her, I mean, words don’t describe how amazing this little girl is. She is so cute and smart. Witty and funny, and… I mean, the world just stops when she wraps her little arms around your neck and gives you that big squeeze.

Steffy: Finn is so good with her. She absolutely loves him.

Finn: Well, I love her too.

Jack: It’s quite the family you have here, son. I am beyond proud of you.

Li: We both are. What you’ve done with your career, and now you have this beautiful family.

Finn: Well, it’s because of you guys. I mean, mom, you were my role model in wanting to become a doctor, and… you taught me how to love and what a relationship ought to be. That’s always supported me.

Li: Even when you started your punk rock band in high school.

Steffy: Punk rock?

Finn: Mom.

Steffy: Punk rock.

Finn: Okay, you can stop.

Li: I’ll send you pictures.

Steffy: Please do.

Finn: Well, I have to say, I couldn’t have asked for better parents.

Steffy: I already knew you two were gonna be so special. Just from the man he is. It’s incredible.

Finn: Well, is it nice to know that my family isn’t full of a bunch of crazies.

Steffy: Yeah, that too is good.

Li: [ Laughing ]

Jack: So, when do we get to meet the rest of your family, steffy?

Steffy: Uh, well, we could today. Amelia, our nanny, is coming back with kelly, so we could be with her, and then we could go to forrester creations and meet my dad and my grandfather and my brother. They’re all there.

Finn: And you’re gonna love the forresters. They’re really great people.

Steffy: Yeah.

Jack: You are gonna be a great father. You know what’s funny? I can remember not long ago when he would climb up in our bed in the middle of–

Li: Because he was afraid of the dark.

Finn: Okay, guys, I don’t think steffy needs all the details.

Steffy: Yes, I– I definitely do. And I want those punk rock pics.

Li: You got it.

Finn: [ Scoffing, chuckling ]

Steffy: This is… everything I imagined and then some. Hayes is so lucky to have you as grandparents. Family is everything to me. People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Eric: And these are zende’s for hope for the future, right?

Ridge: Yeah, and they’re really good.

Eric: Are you surprised?

Ridge: I’m– no, I’m not surprised, I know he’s talented, but this is knocking it out of the park, right?

Eric: It’s gorgeous.

Thomas: Oh, wait a minute. Just got a text from steffy. They are on their way up.

Brooke: They?

Thomas: She and finn? I don’t know.

Ridge: Well, why would she bring finn up here unless there’s something…

Eric: Maybe she just wants to visit with her grandfather.

Ridge: Maybe, or maybe there’s an announcement.

Steffy: Hi! I have some very important people I’d like you to meet. This is jack and li finnegan. They’re finn’s parents. Jack and li, this is my father rick, his wife brooke, my grandfather eric, and my brother thomas.

Thomas: It is A… pleasure to meet you.

Jack: A pleasure to meet you all.

Eric: The pleasure is ours, for sure.

Finn: Um, there’s also something, um… I want you all to know. Something I meant to tell steffy for quite a while but just told her recently. Um… I was adopted… as a baby. But these are the only parents that I’ve ever known, and, um… I couldn’t be luckier.

Ridge: Okay, well, that’s– okay, all right–

Brooke: It’s nice to know.

Ridge: Love is thicker than blood, and knowing you the way I do, you… did a great job as parents.

Finn: Yeah, they… I think they did.

Jack: Well, I don’t wanna pretend like we don’t know who you all are, so, um… in fact, I bought my wife one of your dresses a few anniversaries ago.

Thomas: Really?

Li: And I loved it.

Eric: Obviously it was one of mine.

Ridge: If you overpaid, then yes, it was one of– are you guys settled in? Is everything good?

Li: Not yet, we needed to meet our grandson first.

Eric: He’s really something, hayes, he’s beautiful.

Jack: Words cannot describe.

Ridge: Well, I–I try to find a word, and I think it might be “precious.” Right?

Li: So this is your second grandchild?

Ridge: No-no, no-no, there’s three of ’em. I’ve got douglas.

Thomas: Yep.

Ridge: Thomas’s kid.

Jack: Oh, you guys are pros. I’m gonna need some grandparent pointers.

Ridge: Pointers– it’s easy. You know, you pick up the kid, play with ’em, buy ’em whatever they want, and then… if they need their diaper changed, you just give ’em back.

[ Laughter ]

Steffy: Thanks, dad.

Ridge: And that’s it. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Brooke: Well, yeah, I mean, it’s like you get a second chance, and it’s remarkable to see your children raising their children.

Li: I bet it is.

Ridge: And looking at you, you’re– you’re a great father already.

Thomas: Well, I have to say, uh, you’re definitely a wonderful and refreshing change for steffy.

Ridge: Hey, since we’re… sharing things that maybe we shouldn’t share in a first meeting, um, I need–I need to say this. When the two of them met, steffy was… in a bad place. She was in a lot of trouble, but this one didn’t run. It just shows me what kind of a person you are, and it’s a testament to how you raised him.

Jack: Well, thank you, ridge.

Eric: Well, I’m sure you don’t wanna spend your whole visit in some office someplace. Let’s get a big table.

[ Overlapping chatter ]

Steffy: Hold that thought, hold that thought. Finn and I brought you together for a reason. Finn, never in my wildest dreams did I think I… I’d meet such a kind, caring, selfless man. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you. So, we decided to get married right away.

[ Overlapping exclamations ]

[ Exclamations continue ]

[ Laughter ]

Ridge: That’s amazing– hey!

Eric: Congratulations… why hide your skin if dupixent

Ridge: I knew it, right? I said it, there’s gotta be an announcement.

Brooke: Congratulations.

Finn: Thanks, brooke, we’re, uh, we’re really excited.

Steffy: Yeah, you know, we had so much going on with hayes, and we wanted the wedding to be perfect, but it feels like the right time.

Eric: This has been a really interesting time for the two of you, hasn’t it?

Ridge: But now the dust has settled.

Steffy: Yeah, it has, and now, after meeting jack and li, I’m 100% certain that I wanna get married right away.

Ridge: That’s great.

Thomas: Well, I am excited for you too, I mean, if anyone deserves happiness, it’s–it’s you guys.

Finn: Thanks, tom.

Brooke: So, when’s the date?

Ridge: Yeah!

Brooke: What’re you planning?

Steffy: I–I don’t know, but I don’t wanna wait.

Finn: No, I–I think we’re gonna get married pretty soon.

Eric: I think that’s fantastic.

Ridge: What about taylor? Have you talked to your mom?

Steffy: Yeah, she’s not gonna make it, she’s still doing her missionary work.

Eric: I’m sorry to hear that.

Steffy: It’s okay, I mean, I’m disappointed, but she’ll be there in spirit. And she’s really excited to meet hayes, and it means a lot to her that we named him after her.

Jack: Beautiful.

Ridge: What’s that, jack?

Jack: Um… your family, it’s so beautiful. I can’t tell you how pleased we are that our son met a woman like steffy and… has a family like yours.

Ridge: Well, the feeling’s mutual, I mean, our family’s gonna be one, and you’re right, that’S… that’s beautiful.

Steffy: I actually have, um, well, we have another surprise.

Ridge: You pregnant again?

Steffy: Dad, no!

Ridge: What? She’s finishing up the surprise, that’s usually what she comes up with.

Finn: Not that kind of surprise, ridge.

Brooke: Oh, my gosh, I can’t take you anywhere.

Steffy: Okay, we have… our wedding announcement, and we’re gonna post it online. Here, hold on. Two seconds, and…

Ridge: What is she doing?

Brooke: I don’t know.

Ridge: Oh, look at that!

Brooke: Oh!

Eric: That’s great!

Ridge: And the motorcycle again…

[ Soft chatter ]

Ridge: Steffy… I love it.

Thomas: Hey, that is badass.

Eric: You took the words right out of my mouth.

[ Whispering softly ]

Brooke: You’re beautiful, steffy.

Steffy: Thank you.

Jack: So, what, uh, you’re just gonna post that for the whole world to see?

Finn: Yeah, the world will see it.

Li: I think it’s very sweet. And what thomas said– badass.

Finn: Thanks, mom. All right, so, are you ready?

Steffy: Yeah, let’s do it. Okay, okay.

Both: One… two… three…

[ Notification bell ]

Ridge: It’s official!

Steffy: It’s official.

Thomas: Awesome.

Li: Oh… that’s great.

Ridge: Congratulations, guys.

[ Soft chatter ]

Finn: Mwah, oh, I can’t wait to be your husband.

Steffy: I can’t wait to be your wife.

[ Soft chatter ]

Brooke: Oh…

[ Soft chatter ]

[ Notification bell ]

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B&B Transcript Friday, July 30, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: Oh, this outfit could be so cute for our little flower girl. Oh, my goodness.

Finn: What’s that? Your sister might upstage us? Valid concern.

Steffy: Are you excited for mommy and daddy to get married? I am. We’re gonna have a big party. And you’re gonna meet everyone. And you’re gonna see your daddy’s parents. They’re gonna be super excited to meet you. Daddy just keeps them hidden for some reason.

Finn: Not for long though, because like it or not there’s no way my parents would miss our wedding.

Eric: All right. Good. I pulled your hair, didn’t I? I’m sorry. Okay. I won’t do it. I’m on it. Can I see this the other way.

Brooke: You know, it never gets old. Seeing the finishing touches of a gorgeous design.

Ridge: Well, this one’s all dad.

Brooke: Oh. Well, you meant what you said then, eric. You’re recommitted to your art. And it’s no coincidence that your creative juices are flowing now that a negative energy is out of your life.

Eric: Well, I admit I feel like I’m on a roll. I really do. Thank you karen, I appreciate it.

Karen: Thank you.

Eric: We’re all done. Okay. There you go. Carter.

Carter: Hmm?

Eric: So, any news about the divorce?

Carter: No news yet, but try not to worry. These things can take time.

Brooke: Okay. Well, could you speed up the process a little bit? The sooner quinn is out of eric’s life, out of all of our lives, the better.

Quinn: Carter, I need to see you.

Ridge: Has quinn even hired a lawyer?

Eric: No, she hadn’T. At least, she hadn’t the other day when I saw her.

Brooke: I can’t believe she showed up here. It was unsettling to see her.

Ridge: Yeah.

Eric: Have you? Carter, have you seen her?

Carter: When she came here? Uh, no. But ridge and brooke told me all about it.

Brooke: Why does she think she can just waltz into the building? She’s not allowed here. Nobody wants to see her.

Carter: Uh, we can send a strongly-worded reminder for her to stay away.

Brooke: Yeah.

Carter: In fact, I’ll get on that right now.

Eric: Good. I’d appreciate that. And carter, get on it, will you, please? My whole divorce is in your hands. Let’s go.

Brooke: You’re a good guy, carter. And you’re not accustomed to playing dirty. But for eric’s sake, you’re gonna have to. You’re his attorney. It’s your job to stick it to quinn.

Steffy: Like it or not… finn, your parents can’t be that bad.

Finn: No. No, they aren’T. And I didn’t mean to give you that impression.

Steffy: Well, you have to admit, you have been a little secretive. Like, every time I bring them up, you always change the subject. Is there a reason?

Finn: There is something you should know. Something I probably should’ve told you a long time ago.


Brooke: Quinn came over here, a place she’s not welcome, and she told you she’s done apologizing?

Eric: Yes, she did.

Brook: Well, the nerve of her. After everything she’s done, eric. She cheated on you. And now, she doesn’t want to admit she was wrong?

Eric: Well, she has admitted that time after time, after time. But that’s the whole point, that she said she’s finished doing that. She wants to move on.

Brook: Well, how convenient. She gets to forget about all the pain that she caused.

Eric: Yeah. Well, I’m not about to defend her, not really. She caused me a lot of pain. I caused her a lot of pain.

Ridge: Really, how was that?

Eric: Well, she claims it’s because I was, uh… I was never defending her. I was always taking the family side against her, taking your side, brooke. You know, that’s quinn’s biggest problem, is her insecurity about you. She may have broken my trust, and she may have destroyed our marriage, and caused this divorce to happen but, it’s my constantly valuing you over her that I have to take some responsibility for.

Carter: Quinn? Quinn?

Quinn: Thanks for coming.

Carter: What’s going on?

Quinn: I had to see you. Were you with eric when I texted?

Carter: Yeah. Ridge and brooke too, but I was careful.

Quinn: I can only imagine what brooke was saying about me. Not that I care.

Carter: What’s this about?

Quinn: You have to ask.

Steffy: So you have been hiding something? It wasn’t just my imagination.

Finn: No, not hiding. Um, avoiding maybe.

Steffy: Well, now, I feel bad. I’ve been joking that you had some deep dark secret and now, I’m finding out that you’re actually struggling with something.

Finn: No, that’s just it. I–I’m really not. How can I put this? Um… have you ever been to a party and you’re talking with someone who knows your name but you’ve forgotten theirs and it’s just too embarrassing to ask?

Steffy: Okay. Yeah–yeah.

Finn: Uh-hmm?

Steffy: I–I have been there but what’S…

Finn: And then you see them a week later and you definitely can’t ask them then, right?

Steffy: No, you can’T. You’re, like, in this vicious cycle you have to, like, never ask them for the rest of your life.

Finn: Exactly. Right. That’s what this, kind of, feels like. You know, I could have told you the first time you asked about my parents but… for some reason, I just–I–I didn’T. And then before I knew it, it just became too awkward to mention.

Steffy: But I’m not gonna judge. Look at my family.

Finn: Your family is great.

Steffy: Finn you can tell me anything. It’s a safe place. I am your soon-to-be wife, and a supportive one at that.

[ Knock on door ]

Finn: Are you expecting someone?

Steffy: No, but I’m gonna go answer, I don’t wanna– to wake up hayes. I just put him down.

Finn: Yeah. I really hope he doesn’t wake up.

Steffy: Hi.

Jack: Ah, you must be steffy. Jack finnegan.

Finn: Dad?

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driving you crazy?

Ridge: You see what she’s doing, right? She’s trying to make you feel like you made a mistake. Trying to justify sleeping with another man.

Eric: Yeah, I get that. All right. I get that. And I’m just saying it’s not all–it’s not all black and white. I was not the perfect husband. But the fact is, that doesn’t make me any less angry about what’s happened here.

Brooke: And you have every right to feel that way, eric, but just don’t let her get to you. You’re vulnerable right now. She could manipulate you.

Eric: Am I so easily manipulated, brooke?

Brooke: No. I just don’t want her to have the opportunity, because I know you. You don’t like being alone and you never have. Now, if she keeps coming at you like this… look, the best thing to do is just to speed up this process and get the divorce finalized as soon as possible. No more conversations with quinn. She’s trouble, and you know it. Any more communication with her goes through the lawyers. She’s in carter’s hands right now. Not yours.

Quinn: I can’t stop thinking about you. How you make me feel. And I keep thinking about eric… and our marriage ending. Everything that’s happened is just–it’S… it’s unbelievable.

Carter: Well, you… haven’t signed the divorce papers yet. There’s always a chance. Don’t have to give up. You can convince eric to take you back, you know. Deep down, he still loves you. And how could he not? You’re beautiful. You’re sexy. You’re playful. You are the most spellbinding, passionate woman… I’ve ever met.

Finn: Dad, what are you doing here?

Jack: Meeting my grandchild, I hope, now that I’ve, finally met my future daughter-in-law.

Steffy: Well, I’m very glad you’re here.

Jack: Ah, looking good son. Malibu agrees with you.

Finn: Yeah. Well, I have no complaints. Is mom not with you?

Jack: No, she had to catch a later flight. I hope it’s all right that I showed up unannounced. I thought it might be fun to surprise you.

Finn: Oh, yeah. Uh, I’m surprised but it’s good to see you.

Jack: So, this rumored grandchild of mine, he’s around here somewhere, I presume?

Steffy: He’s– he’s asleep right now, but he’ll be thrilled to meet you. I’m thrilled to meet you. It’s so nice to put a face to the name. Starting to think you are imaginary.

Jack: Oh, I’m sure finn wishes that sometimes.

Finn: Oh, come on. That is not true. I couldn’t have asked for better parents.

Steffy: I’m really looking forward to getting to know you. Finn has been very immersed with my family for quite some time, so it’ll be nice to get to know everyone, especially since our son’s part of it. And soon I will be too.

Jack: Well, we welcome you with open arms.

Steffy: Thank you. It means a lot. Finn knows family is very important to me, so I’m–I’m very happy to be joining yours.

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Quinn: But we shouldn’T.

Carter: Uh-hmm. But I can’t stop.

Quinn: Hmm. Carter… what are we doing? I’m too old for you.

Carter: What are you talking about?

Quinn: No, I don’t mean it that way. I mean… you’re going to want to have a family someday, children. I can’t give that to you.

Carter: I want you.

Quinn: Well, in that case…

Carter: [ Chuckling ]

Jack: Adorable, beyond adorable. He’s gonna have your mother wrapped around his little finger.

Finn: Oh, no doubt.

Steffy: Oh, my mother, too.

Finn: Hayes is named after her, right?

Steffy: He is. I’m sure finn told you I also have a daughter named kelly and she’s named after her father’s mother.

Jack: So, you’d better get working on baby number three so your mom doesn’t get jealous.

Finn: Yeah, I don’t know. Two is pretty intense. And don’t worry, my mom is not the jealous type.

Jack: Yeah.

Finn: But I–actually, I was–I was just gonna open up to steffy about our family.

Jack: You haven’t told her?

Finn: Uh, no, it never really came up, but now that you guys are meeting, uh, I think this is… the perfect time to have that conversation.

Steffy: Okay, you two are being very mysterious.

Finn: Oh, it’s nothing bad. It’s actually pretty awesome. I didn’t know how lucky I am. Because, if things came out differently, who knows where I’d be right now. And what I’m about to tell you, just… know that it doesn’t define me. But it’s a part of me, an important part. And it’s something you should definitely know because it affects hayes.

Steffy: You swear this isn’t bad?

Finn: It’s not, no– it’s just, you know, often as a doctor, I have to ask patients about family history, and that’s something I… personally am never able to answer. And hayes won’t be able to either, at least on my side. Look, I…grew up with an amazing, an amazing family and a great home with great parents, but… biologically, I am not theirs. I’m adopted.

Steffy: Oh. Wow. Uh…you had me worried for a second, I mean… did you always know?

Jack: Oh, yeah, we… explained it to him from an early age.

Steffy: Oh. Do you know anything about your birth parents?

Finn: No. Um…no, um, I’ve–I’ve never met them, but I’ve often wondered. I’ve thought about looking them up, you know, like, especially on my birthday. I always think of my birth mother then… wondering the reason for giving me away. It’d be cool to thank them one day… you know, for giving me such great parents. I hope you’re not upset for not telling you.

Steffy: No. No, not at all. I’M… I’m glad that you did. It’s important, you know. We need to know this for– for hayes because… that means we don’t know much about his history or–or background. But you and your wife, you’re a part of hayes. You made finn the man he is… and I love you so much, no matter where you came from.

Jack: Do I tell them?

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B&B Transcript Thursday, July 29, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: I am so excited to be your wife.

Finn: We’re really doing this.

Steffy: Yes, we are.

Finn: You’re making me a happy man, steffy.

[ Steffy laughing ]

Steffy: We’ve been engaged for so long. And we have a baby, it’s, like, time to make it official.

Finn: Mm, you know who’s gonna be really excited about this?

Steffy: Mm-hmm, our little flower girl?

Finn: Yes, kelly has been talking about our wedding since we got engaged.

Steffy: You know what we need to do? We need to get, like, a–a little baby tuxedo for hayes.

Finn: [ Laughing ] Okay.

Steffy: I am so grateful for what lies ahead.

Finn: Oh, me too.

Steffy: So let’s do this. Let’s get married.

Ridge: Well, dad, you’re at the top of your game.

Brooke: Eric, it’s so spectacular. I love the way it drapes so beautifully across the shoulders.

Eric: Thank you. I’m glad you approve. How does it feel?

Sequoia: Like butter.

Eric: Like butter, see? That’s exactly what I had in mind. Thank you, sequoia. Thanks for coming in today.

Ridge: Oh, dad, you seem inspired.

Eric: Yes, well, since my marriage ended, I’ve… I feel like recommitting to my arts.

Brooke: I can see that. Eric, you seem so free now that you’ve said goodbye to quinn.

Quinn: Well, it was A… little more strongly-worded than “goodbye,” but… you did seem at peace.

Brooke: [ Sighing ] Quinn, what are you doing here?

Quinn: It’s good to see you, eric.

Brooke: You know you’re not allowed in the building. You have very strict orders to stay away–come on, eric, tell her.

Eric: You know you shouldn’t be here. You agreed to work remotely.

Quinn: I know. I know, but apparently, my badge still works, and, well, I wanted to deliver my latest designs to you in person.

Brooke: You know that eric doesn’t want you here. And yet here you are.

Quinn: Eric, can I speak to you alone? I’d rather not stand here being demonized by brooke.

Brooke: No, you absolutely may not.

Ridge: I think you should leave.

Quinn: Eric?

Brooke: I’m calling security.

Eric: Give us a few moments.

Brooke: Eric, don’t let her do this, she’s trying to get under your skin.

Eric: I can handle it, brooke. It’ll be all right.

Brooke: I really hope this is the last time that we have to put up with you. Can’t wait till you’re out of eric’s life for good.

Ridge: Okay. We’ll be right next door if you need us.

Brooke: Yeah.

Eric: What is this? Is this another apology?

Quinn: No. It’s not. That’s not why I’m here.

Eric: So why are you here? What do you want, quinn? I brought in ensure max protein,

Brooke: We have to do everything we can to stop quinn from working her way back into eric’s life.

Carter: I’m sorry, I thought the office was empty.

Ridge: No worries, brooke and I are just here temporarily, come on in.

Brooke: [ Sighing] Hopefully not for much longer.

Ridge: The big office is taken. By eric and an uninvited guest.

Brooke: Quinn.

Carter: Wait, quinn? I thought she was not allowed. Did eric ask to see her?

Brooke: No, of course not. She just waltzed her way into the building.

Carter: I can’t imagine that went well.

Brooke: [ Laughing] She’s so predictable. And eric is so polite. I would’ve kicked her out by now.

Carter: What, he didn’t?

Ridge: He didn’T.

Brooke: Eric is alone with quinn right now.

Eric: Now that you’re here, we can talk about the divorce.

Quinn: Do we have to?

Eric: Is this about your designs? I’m sure they’re wonderful as always.

Quinn: Thank you. I appreciate that. I really do. And I want to continue challenging myself with my work. Remotely, of course.

Eric: The only way you can work at forrester.

Quinn: I know. I’m actually enjoying my new setup.

Eric: Well, I’ve yet to hear from your attorney.

Quinn: Well, you’ll be waiting a long time because I haven’t hired one.

Eric: You haven’t hired a lawyer?

Quinn: No. Whatever the settlement is, I’ll take it.

Eric: Surprised to hear that.

Quinn: I’ve never wanted your money, eric. I was a single working mother for years, I’ve been successful on my own. I can take care of myself.

Eric: I’ve never doubted that.

Quinn: And I’ve never doubted your sense of fairness. I’ve really appreciated your generosity over the years. It was your inability to defend me… that became a point of contention and concern for me. In every situation, you sided with brooke and your family over me.

Steffy: Look at you. You’re everything I hoped for and more.

Finn: Now you’re giving me a lot to live up to.

Steffy: Well, when I’m right, I’m right.

Finn: Mm, I have a feeling that you’re going to be telling me that a lot over the next few decades.

Steffy: Yeah, that’s correct.

Finn: Honey, you’ve given me so much. The most incredible gift, our son, our sweet hayes. And now we’re about to get married.

Steffy: Mm-hmm. It’s gonna be so special. Celebrating our commitment to each other in front of our friends and our family. Actually, we should start planning, what are we gonna do? Are we gonna get a dj or a band, like… honestly, I don’t–I don’t care where or how we do it. I just want our family to be there. And our little hayes gets to know his other grandparents. And I get to meet your parents.

Finn: [ Chuckling ]


Brooke: It’s obvious why quinn is here. She’s trying to play on eric’s big forgiving heart.

Ridge: I think she has realized by now that ship has sailed.

Brooke: You really need to push this divorce forward. The less time she has to influence him, the better. I’m not making you uncomfortable, am I, carter?

Ridge: Brooke. Why would you think that? Talking about an affair he had with the boss’s wife? The biggest mistake he’s ever made–why do you think it would make him feel uncomfortable? It doesn’t, does it?

Finn: A little bit.

Ridge: Of course it does. Give him a break. He put a stop to it.

Brooke: Well, thank god. You’re saving yourself a lot of heartache, trust me. I realize that was the agreement you had with eric, but… I’m glad that you came to your senses, and you ended it with her. You told her you wanted nothing to do with her. I just hope that’s what eric is doing right now.

Quinn: I apologized to you over and over again. I begged and pleaded for your forgiveness, but you… you refused to forgive me.

Eric: I did. Not this time, quinn, not this time.

Quinn: I’m not justifying my actions.

Eric: You can’T. There’s no excuse for turning to another man.

Quinn: Well, if only you could’ve met me halfway. I tried so hard to get close to you again, to be… intimate with you. But you just… you just kept shutting me down. You couldn’t get over it. My role in… ridge and shauna’s wedding. You hated the fact that I went against your… your precious brooke. A woman who has been campaigning for my removal since day one.

Eric: I hated that you betrayed ridge. And I hated that you betrayed me.

Quinn: I took responsibility for my actions. And I tried… to win back your faith in me. I tried and I tried, but you… you were having none of it. And then you gave brooke carte blanche to vilify me day after day after day. I’m your wife. Why is it… that you couldn’t excuse me when you have absolved so many others over the years? Thomas… shauna… brooke, I don’t even know how many times, all your ex-wives. Everyone but me. Why is that, eric? Why couldn’t you find it in your heart… to forgive me?

Finn: When you say you don’t wanna put this off, you mean it.

Steffy: Has the grin on my face convinced you yet?

Finn: [ Chuckling ] It’s a pretty adorable grin.

Steffy: We got a good thing. When I think about all this, it really makes me emotional, you know? Because we’re doing this together. Blending our families. You know what we need to do? We really need to pick a date so everyone’s there.

Finn: Okay.

Steffy: Where are your parents living? Like, are they in california? You haven’t really told me, and I didn’t wanna pry because you didn’t say anything, but I’m really excited to meet your parents.

Finn: Yeah, no, and I… I know they’re gonna love you just as much as I do. But, uh, I mean, do we have to schedule and… make plans right now? I just wanna enjoy you. You know? And… savor this moment with my soon-to-be wife.

Steffy: Take advantage. Baby’s sleeping.

Finn: You read my mind.

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Finn: How is it possible? I think you’ve gotten more beautiful… and sexy… since you begged me to marry you.

Steffy: [ Laughing] I did not.

Finn: Yeah. Most bladder leak pads were similar.

Ridge: Well, we’re talking your ear off. Why don’t you get some work done?

Brooke: Yeah, we know you’re busy, carter, but really, we hope you find time in your very-busy schedule to push this divorce forward. And the sooner the better.

Carter: Is it love? Is it lust?

Quinn: I think it’s just us. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Eric: I did forgive you, quinn. I was in our home ready to renew our vows when I found out that you and carter were… having an affair.

Quinn: You’re right. I made a mistake. But I refuse to be defined by that mistake. I turned to carter for a reason.

Eric: So you’ve said.

Quinn: Eric, when two people make vows to each other… sometimes… they’re going to face… certain obstacles in that relationship. And they have to be there for each other, they have to attend to each other’s needs. Mine included. I know I hurt you, eric, but I’m done apologizing. Because you took brooke’s word over everyone’S. Including mine. I made a mistake. A big mistake. But you should’ve defended me. And you didn’T. Like earlier. Brooke was standing here, talking down to me, and you did nothing. You said nothing. Like you always have.

Eric: I defended you to everyone I knew in my life. I stood up for you from the very beginning.

Quinn: When? Huh? Where was I when this happened? Because I didn’t feel protected. I didn’t feel particularly cared for. I promise you, there is nothing worse than living with someone who gives you the cold shoulder. Being stuck in a marriage that’s lacking warmth and intimacy. I own my mistakes, eric. But in the end, I’m walking away from this marriage knowing I gave it everything I had. You know, I… I tried. Tried to conform to being the matriarch. The… ohh, the upstanding member of the forrester family, but you know what? Hey… hah, maybe I’m just not cut out… for being queen and having my portrait hanging above the fireplace. But that’s okay. Because I need to be true to myself. And for the first time in a long time, that’s exactly what I’m doing. And I’m proud of the woman I’m becoming.

Finn: Hayes is still sleeping?

Steffy: Amelia’s out with kelly.

Finn: Let’s go to the bedroom–

Steffy: No-no-no, no-no-no, hayes is sleeping in there. He’s still sleeping in there.

Finn: Oh, that’s right, I don’t wanna scar him for life.

Steffy: It could be here.

Finn: Your parents could walk through that door any minute.

Steffy: Oh, yeah, she could. Okay. Maybe it’s not the right time.

Finn: Okay… all right. We’re just gonna wait.

Steffy: Mm-hmm, yeah. Can you?

[ Both laughing ]

Finn: After several cold showers.

[ Both laughing ]

Steffy: Oh, I can’t get enough of you.

Finn: Believe me. Look at you, this is taking… all my self-control.

[ Both laughing ]

Steffy: We do have the rest of our lives.

[ Both sighing ]

Finn: That’s true.

Steffy: Uh-huh.

Finn: Yes. We… we’re tough, we can–

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: We can survive–

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: –A couple hours.

Steffy: Yeah, a couple hours. Okay, we should start planning for the wedding? Okay, what do we want? We want… gotta figure out the grooms. Where’s my pen? Brides–bridesmaids. We gotta figure it all– we have to figure it out.

Finn: Look, I know how important it is for you to do this right.

Steffy: Yeah, I want to. It’s–it’s our wedding. I want it to be perfect.

Finn: All I wanna do is marry you. All right? And give you everything that you want, but, you know, weddings, they just–they take time. There’s all that planning, and you pick a color scheme.

Steffy: Uh-huh?

Finn: You’ve always been a free spirit. Rule-breaker.

Steffy: [ Laughing ]

Finn: Let’s just break the rules. You know… not do a traditional thing. We’ll do the… the unexpected.

Steffy: Are you trying to get a quickie wedding again?

Finn: Yeah, why not?

Steffy: Baby… I adore your enthusiasm, but… I want my family there. And I want the opportunity to meet yours. I want to meet your parents. They made you who you are. I can’t wait to meet your mom and dad.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Brooke: So, I was wondering, did being locked up change bill at all?

Katie: [ Laughing ] You mean, did it make him more humble? Uh, no. I think it’s gonna take more than a jail cell to accomplish that. I’m kind of relieved. I mean, it’d be weird if he came back and he was all transformed.

Brooke: If will is anything like beth and douglas, I’m sure he’s thrilled to have his father home.

Katie: Yeah, he is. And bill is spending every possible moment with him.

Brooke: Same at our place. Hope and liam are really focusing on the children and making sure that they feel safe and secure.

Katie: Well, family seems to be the thing these days. Especially now with steffy and finn and their little one.

Brooke: Ridge is there right now. He can’t get enough of his little grandson.

Katie: Well, he must be really pleased at how steffy’s turned her life around since she and finn got together. Makes me wonder if there will be another wedding soon.

Ridge: To be clear, I support your relationship with finn. He’s a good guy, he loves your children, he loves you. I just didn’t like that he wanted to marry you on the couch without your–your family. It just didn’t seem right.

Steffy: Well, you know, he’s full of surprises.

Ridge: Yeah, and even though you turned down that wedding proposal, I can see in your eyes that it’s gonna happen. Am I right?

Paris: I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but you must have been a little bummed when steffy didn’t go along with your impromptu wedding.

Finn: Yeah, but I get why. She wants one with her family, and it takes a lot of time to plan. We got a lot going on right now.

Paris: Yeah, valid reasons. I still think that isn’t what you wanted to hear.

Brooke: Steffy and finn are as committed as it gets.

Katie: And now, they have a child. It’s just amazing how quickly your life can change.

Brooke: I know. If finn wasn’t working that shift at the hospital that night when steffy had her accident, they may never have met.

Katie: Well, I guess that just validates your belief in fate.

Brooke: Yes! Fate is real. If two people are destined to meet, they’re going to meet, no matter what stands in their way. I’m just happy that steffy is back on the right track, for her sake and for hope’S. Not that it was bad before. It’s just, doesn’t hurt to have a wonderful man by your side, like finn.

Ridge: Finn has made an incredible difference in your life.

Steffy: He sure has. I can’t imagine my life without him.

Ridge: And now, you have, uh, little hayes.

Steffy: I know. It just keeps getting better and better.

Ridge: You’re happy. It’s obvious.

Steffy: Yeah, I am.

Ridge: And to think…

[ Baby cooing ] What is that sound?

Steffy: The baby.

Ridge: No, no, no, it’s something else. It’s, uh…

Steffy: What sound? What are you…?

Ridge: Wedding bells. I hear it loud and clear.

Steffy: Uh-huh. Dad.

Ridge: Don’t throw stuff at me.

Steffy: I’ll throw all the toys at you.

Ridge: All right.

Steffy: [ Laughing ] What’s the #1 retinol brand

Paris: I don’t mean to be up in your business. I’m just checking on you, making sure you’re okay.

Finn: I’m good. But I appreciate your concern for steffy and me.

Paris: Well, I’m–I’m not, really. I can see that you guys couldn’t love each other any more. Especially seeing it up close? I mean, talk about relationship goals. You guys have set the bar very high.

Finn: Oh, what can I say? You know, steffy, she’s–she’s pretty easy to love.

Paris: Oh, don’t sell yourself short. You’re pretty special too.

Finn: That’s kind of you to think.

Paris: Not think, know. And I will challenge anyone who tries to say different.

[ Both laugh ]

Finn: Well, I like you, paris, and I, um, I’m glad you’re part of our lives.

Paris: I couldn’t be more grateful for your generosity. Staying with you and steffy has made all the difference. The pressure to find a place, like, now, is gone. I get to walk on the beach every day. And if that’s not enough, I get to spend time with your beautiful kids.

Finn: Oh, I know the kids are enjoying it too.

[ Door opens ]

Zende: This is the file steffy needs.

Finn: Yes, thank you, I appreciate that.

Zende: So, what’s the verdict on the new baby? Gonna keep him?

Finn: [ Laughing ] Yeah, we’re, uh, we’re leaning that way.

Zende: Paris says that hayes is something.

Finn: Well, I mean, steffy and I seem to think so. But, um, anyway, I better get back, so…

Zende: Good seeing you.

Finn: Thank you very much. Um… later?

Paris: Later.

Finn: All right.

[ Door closes ]

Zende: He’s a good guy.

Paris: Yeah. He sure is.

Katie: So, ridge approves of finn, right?

Brooke: How could he not? Finn puts a smile on her face that we haven’t seen in a long time. She is genuinely happy.

Katie: I think it’s more than that, though. She just seems… settled in a mature way, right?

Brooke: Yeah. There’s no drama. They’re sure about their future together.

Katie: Hmm. Fate.

Brooke: You said it, not me.

Katie: That’s because I know you wanted to.

[ Both laughing ]

Brooke: You tease me, but i know you believe it too.

Katie: Oh, sure, when it comes to you and ridge, absolutely.

Brooke: And you and bill.

Katie: I’m not so sure about that.

Brooke: Oh, come on. You guys will get back together, and he’ll have plenty of time to charm you.

Katie: Yeah, charm is kind of an understatement. He’S… relentless.

Brooke: Oh.

Katie: Why are we talking about me and bill? We’re talking about steffy and finn, and how happy she is now that finn is in her life.

Brooke: And baby makes four.

Katie: You know, I–I realize that steffy doesn’t need a man to define her. But he is the father of her son, he’s the stepfather to her daughter. They’re crazy about each other, so… what’s the hold up?

Ridge: My grandson’s getting better looking by the minute. And he was gorgeous to start with.

Steffy: Yeah, he’s especially cute when he’s sleeping.

Ridge: Is he not letting you sleep?

Steffy: No, not really, but we love it. And we’re taking turns. But it’s so cute seeing finn like this. This is his first experience as a dad, so… it’s nice to watch him.

Ridge: It’s sweet that… your face light up every time you talk about that guy. It’s nice. Do that again.

Steffy: What?

Ridge: Your face. Just turn that way a little bit.

Steffy: Why?

Ridge: Just do it.

Steffy: Okay, like this?

Ridge: Yeah. Why can’t I… mm, I’ve spent too long with this stuff. There it is.

Steffy: What are you doing?

Ridge: Uh, just adjusting something I’ve been working on.

Steffy: Wait. Are–wait, wait a minute. Are you…

Ridge: Nothing, just let–

Steffy: Are you designing my dress? No, let me see.

Ridge: No.

Steffy: Just let me see, dad. Please, please, please, please–

Ridge: No, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I know you don’t like surprises, but let me have this one. Just let me finish it, ’cause we’re gonna need it sooner or later, right?

Steffy: I’m not confirming or denying anything till I talk to finn.

Ridge: All right, fair enough.

Steffy: But I do love the guy like crazy.

Finn: I hope the guy you’re referring to is me.

Steffy: Hey.

Finn: Hi.

Ridge: Well, that is my cue to leave. You guys go ahead and discuss the future.

[ Both laughing ] Love you.

Steffy: Love you. Bye, dad.

Ridge: All right.

Finn: What about the future? In the midst of hate, I found there was, within me,

Zende: You keep going back to that one.

Paris: Oh, it’s exquisite.

Zende: You really think so?

Paris: Who would know your work better than me?

Zende: Oh, I don’t know. Hope?

Paris: Okay, maybe. But I’m a close second, so i know what I’m talking about. You have completely leveled up with this one design.

Zende: I don’t see it.

Paris: Are you kidding me?

[ Scoffs ]

Zende: No, I’m still too in the details. I can’t take it all in yet because I don’t know what it’s gonna end up being.

Paris: All right, well, you go ahead and keep surpassing yourself, ’cause this is a showstopper.

Zende: Don’t tell thomas.

Paris: My lips are sealed.

Zende: You know, I’m glad that we decided to take things a little bit slower. One day at a time. This ease I feel with you, I don’t want to put that at risk.

Paris: Yeah, I–I feel the same. You know, after witnessing zoe, carter, quinn, and eric blow up, destroy their relationship to no repair, I just don’t wanna see that happen to us.

Zende: So, earlier when–when finn was here, it felt like I was walking in on something. Is everything okay at the beach?

Paris: Yeah. It’s just, you know, when you live with someone, you can pick up on nuances and whatnot. I just want the best for steffy and finn.

Brooke: I think hope will agree with your changes for the campaign. You just have to call her and schedule a meeting. Oh, but do it next week sometime, because they’re still trying to settle in with liam being back home.

Katie: Yeah, of course. I understand.

Ridge: Ladies!

Katie: Hi.

Ridge: Hey, I didn’t know you were here, how are you?

Katie: Good.

Ridge: Good.

Brooke: Wow, you’re all charged up.

Ridge: Hi, you look good.

Brooke: Mm, wow!

Ridge: I–you… do you remember going to hawaii? Do you remember that?

Brooke: Uh, yeah.

Ridge: Yeah, sitting on the beach, and–and the water was perfect, and the sand was perfect, and we’re just having a couple of drinks. And the sun is out, and we’re just having a good time. You know how that feels at night?

Brooke: I know.

Ridge: How you’re charged up, right? That’s–no, that’s how I feel when I have my little grandson. I’m–I’m holding him.

Katie: Oh, my god.

Ridge: And not that it was on the beach, but I’m just– I just felt like I’m charged up.

Katie: Grandpa is a goner.

Brooke: Wow.

Ridge: I am!

Katie: He is on the beach somewhere.

Ridge: With my boy. It’s amazing.

Brooke: Okay, well, you know what, how’s steffy?

Ridge: Steffy?

Brooke: Yes.

Ridge: I guess she’s okay. She’s okay too. I don’t–yeah, she’s good.

Brooke: Okay.

Katie: Well, we were just talking about her, how happy she is since she found finn.

Ridge: No, she is happy. It’s–it’s a good life. It’s–it’s a good life for her, she’s very happy.

Katie: They’re a real family now.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: And finn seems like a traditional guy, so we were actually wondering why they’re not married yet. Especially now that there’s hayes.

Finn: I still can’t get over him. I mean, he’s really here. It just–it still gets me.

Steffy: I know, it’s like so much anticipation for months, then it just feels like he’s always been here.

Finn: Mm, I know, he steals my heart a little bit more each day.

Steffy: Mm-hmm. We made a good baby.

Finn: Yeah, we did. Mm, I got the file for you from the office.

Steffy: Thank you for saving me the drive.

Finn: I’m happy to do it. And you gave me a son. The least I can do is pick up some paperwork.

Steffy: It’s more than that. You’re so kind. And considerate. And you’ve been like that from the very beginning. I’m so lucky to have you in my life.

Finn: I think I’m the lucky one.

Steffy: [ Chuckles ] We’re both lucky. The way you take care of me and kelly, and the love you have for hayes… I never want to let you go.

Finn: Good. ‘Cause I won’t go anywhere.

Steffy: Good. I just wanna keep my arms around you like this, always. Till death do us part.

Finn: Wait. Are you saying what I think you’re saying?

Steffy: Mm-hmm. There are times, I wonder…

Ridge: Well, this is new. The two of you concerned about steffy.

Brooke: She’s my stepdaughter. Of course I’m concerned. I want her to be happy.

Ridge: And I’m–I’m not saying you shouldn’t be. I’m–I’m happy that you’re happy. But there was a time when she wasn’t your favorite person, right?

Brooke: Not when she was making my daughter’s life miserable.

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: So, I can’t deny I am thrilled that steffy and finn are together. Now that it takes her off the playing field for liam, everybody is happy and they’re in the right place.

Ridge: Katie, do me a favor. Can you write that down? ‘Cause that is it. This is the world according to logan.

Brooke: You know it’s true, ridge, come on. He adores steffy. And there’s no competition for his heart.

Katie: Which has got to be a relief to know where she stands with her man.

Ridge: It’s a relief for me to know that my daughter, my extraordinary, talented daughter doesn’t come second to anyone. This has nothing to do with liam, really. Maybe a little bit, but I–I’m glad that liam is with hope. And steffy should be with finn.

Brooke: Okay. Well, that takes us back to the wedding question. Now, I know that steffy doesn’t need a husband. But under all that fiery exterior and independence, I think that she wants a traditional family, you know?

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: And the best man for her to make up that husband material is finn.

Katie: I completely agree. So, that begs the question, why hasn’t she made it official?

Ridge: I’m sorry. This is–this is fun for me.

Katie: What?

Ridge: You guys are speculating about things, and I actually have information.

Katie: You’ve been letting us go on and on and on, and you have actual intel?

Brooke: Oh, my god! Spill it already!

Ridge: You guys wanna hear it?

Katie: Yeah!

Brooke: I do!

Ridge: Okay, well I–I was over at my daughter’s house, and we were talking about weddings and marriages and stuff, and she said, “well, I need to talk to finn about that.” And… she will. So, I’m not sure about you guys, but I feel that there’s gonna be wedding bells very soon.

Brooke: [ Chuckles ]

Katie: Oh!

Brooke: [ Laughing ]

Finn: I don’t want to jump to a wrong conclusion, but when you said, “till death do us part,” sounds pretty familiar.

Steffy: What about, “do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Finn: Are you serious?

Steffy: When you proposed to me, I was so happy. I accepted, and I–I put on your ring. And then we had hayes. When you wanted to get married right away, that meant so much to me. I know it probably stung when I told you I–I needed time.

Finn: Steffy, I heard you. Like, a lot has happened, you know, really fast. And… I know you just needed to catch your breath before the next life-changing event. It’s–it’s totally understandable.

Steffy: I don’t know where you came from, or how our worlds collided. But I am–I am so grateful.

Finn: Me too.

Steffy: You changed everything for me. Even the way I value myself. I’ll never doubt how much you love me, because it’S… it’s the way you show me. And I promise, I’m gonna love you… until death do us part.

[ Chuckles ] I wanna marry you, finn. And I wanna do it right away. If you still wanna marry me.

Finn: Are you serious? Yes.

Steffy: Yeah?

Finn: Steffy. I wanted that since the first moment I laid eyes on you. You say I changed everything? Look in the mirror. I am a different man. I am a better man for loving you. And I would be so honored to have this vibrant, beautiful, sexy, fearless woman that you are as my wife. Today, or tomorrow, or a hundred years from now.

Steffy: No, no, I wanna marry you right away. I wanna marry you right away. I wanna be your wife. I wanna do it right away. And I finally get to meet your parents.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: Bye, kelly. Have fun at the zoo with amelia. Love you!

Finn: Do you hear that, bud? Your sister gets to go to the zoo, and you get to hang out here with your folks.

Steffy: Are you gonna do one of your world-famous jokes?

Finn: I thought you hated my jokes.

Steffy: Oh, your– your dad jokes.

Finn: Yeah?

Steffy: No, go for it. Go for it.

Finn: Okay, you know what? Just for that, knock-knock.

Steffy: Oh. I forgot. I have to review those pages, the financial reports.

Finn: Oh. No, come back here. Your mom’s a nut, you know that? But she’s also smart, fierce, and drop-dead gorgeous, inside and out. See, hayes, your mom has this great, big heart, and she loves with everything she is. Especially you and your sister. You’re the most important things in her world, just like you are with mine. And you know what? Let’s make a pact. Okay? You and me. See, your mom didn’t go for the impromptu wedding, and I get it. She wants to plan more. But I think if we stick together, we can make it happen real soon.

Paris: This is one of your most inspired designs yet.

Zende: You think so?

Paris: For sure.

Zende: Thank you. It means a lot coming from you.

Paris: Well, I am a zende forrester fan. I have been practically since the first day we met.

Zende: And I’m glad we did, that our paths crossed the way they have.

Paris: Yeah, me too.

Zende: You know, getting to know you, the amazing girl you are, I’m just so grateful that I have you in my life.

Paris: Yeah, I feel the same about you. Especially with all the changes going on around here. Zoe leaving.

Zende: I know that’s hit you hard. Have you heard from her?

Paris: There’s been a few texts. I told her that I’d moved in with steffy and finn, and she was happy for me. But… hey. Did I lose you?

Zende: No. No. It’s just, um… there’s something I wanna say to you. About the two of us.

Paris: I’m not sure what you mean.

Zende: Well, what I said about you being amazing, I totally meant that. Along with everything else I’ve ever said about you.

Paris: All the good stuff you mean.

Zende: Now, how can there be anything but good stuff? When you’re as open as you are. How you’ve embraced people wherever they are, whatever they need. Like you’ve done with me.

Paris: Well, I think it’s a little different between us.

Zende: It is. Because of who we are to each other, how quickly we’ve connected.

Paris: I’m still not sure what you’re getting at, zende. What are you trying to tell me?

Steffy: Oh, no. Donna sent over the wrong files. She sent last year’s first quarter numbers. I need this year’S.

Finn: Can’t you access them on your computer?

Steffy: No. No. The system’s down for maintenance. She messengered these last night, and I don’t know what to do.

Finn: It’s no problem. I was gonna do a diaper run anyway. I’ll just stop by forrester and pick up the right file.

Steffy: You sure you don’t mind?

Finn: Not at all. I took the day off to be with you and my son, and whatever you two need, I’m right here. You be good, little man.

Ridge: Hey. Is this a good time for my daily grandson fix?

Finn: Hayes was just saying he needs his daily grandpa fix. I’m on my way out.

Ridge: Hospital?

Finn: No. Forrester. Steffy will explain. I love you.

Steffy: I love you. Bye.

Finn: Love you too, gramps.

Steffy: [ Laughs ]

Ridge: Quite a guy.

Steffy: Yes, he is.

Ridge: Hello, little man. How you doing? Hi. Read any good books lately? Yeah.

Steffy: It’s so crazy. Like, who knew when I opened my eyes at the hospital and I saw this handsome doctor standing over me, that he was gonna be my fiancé, the father of my son. I feel so blessed to have finn in my life.

Ridge: Well, he is too.

Steffy: There’s something you should know.

[ Hayes crying ]

Ridge: Oh.

Steffy: Oh, I’ll get him.

Ridge: You need your mama.

[ Hayes crying ]

Steffy: It’s okay, baby. It’s okay. (Denise) my husband has lung cancer from smoking.

Zende: I’ll talk to hope and back to you.

Paris: Problem?

Zende: Possible fabric shipment mix-up. I won’t bore you with the details.

Paris: Oh, no worries. I enjoy listening to your work.

Zende: Even the mundane stuff like missing fabric?

Paris: Yeah. I mean, you listen to me talk about budgets and fundraising. That can get pretty mundane too.

Zende: Yeah, but your work isn’T.

Paris: Neither is yours. Hope for the future is having a big impact. Diversity. Sustainability. Women empowerment. That message is powerful. And your designs are a big part of that message.

Zende: You see? This is why I like you. You’re always so positive.

Paris: But?

Zende: No. No “buts.” You know how I feel about you, paris.

Paris: Yeah, I thought I did, but maybe you should tell me.

Zende: Look, we’ve been dating, and… clearly there’s an attraction here. It’s just… I mean, we’re coworkers. We’ve been doing really well for ourselves, and I would just hate to mess that up for either of us.

Paris: So, what are you saying?

Zende: We should just be a little careful. Am I making sense?

Paris: Yeah. Actually, I’ve been thinking the same thing.

Zende: Really?

Paris: Yeah. I mean, we’ve built something really special, and I wouldn’t wanna mess that up, especially now that I don’t have any more family in L.A. I don’t wanna lose you too.

Zende: So then we’re…cool just taking things a bit slower?

Paris: Mm-hmm. In fact, I think it might make us tighter in some ways.

Zende: I agree. Okay, then. We’ll take this one day at a time.

Steffy: He is back to dreamland.

Ridge: That’s a mother’s touch right there.

Steffy: Well, this isn’t my first rodeo.

Ridge: But it’s his first rodeo. And how’s your, uh– how’s little finn boy doing?

Steffy: Good. He’s really bonding with hayes.

Ridge: I can see that. He’s a good guy.

Steffy: He likes you, too.

Ridge: Well, come on, what’s not to like? I’m attractive. I’m rich. He wants to be on my good side.

Steffy: Oh, my gosh.

Ridge: It’s nice to see you like that. You’re happy. You are happy, right?

Steffy: Yeah, I am.

Ridge: Good. You deserve that after the year you had with… liam and hope and up and down and up and down. You deserve this “happily ever after” with finn, which I don’t know anything about this guy.

Steffy: That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about. That’s so crazy you said that. Um… yeah, it just feels like it’s all, like– it’s happening fast. I mean, made our proposal. We have hayes. He wanted to marry me here the other day.

Ridge: Wait. What?

Steffy: Yeah. It was actually really cute. He wanted hayes to be the witness. It was adorable.

Ridge: Wait, wait. You didn’t do this, did you?

Steffy: No. I wouldn’t break your heart like that.

Ridge: Okay, good. That is good, right?

Steffy: Yeah. It’s– it’s good. I just, you know… we have hayes, and we’re a family. And… it’s just, like, a lot right now.

Ridge: So you don’t– you don’t want that?

Steffy: No, I do. I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m tired, dad. Just–okay. I want–I can’t imagine my life without finn. You know, he’s absolutely amazing. He’s an incredible partner, incredible fiancé, a spectacular father already. And I don’t have to share his heart with anybody else. It’s so nice.

Ridge: Makes sense.

Steffy: Things are really good right now, you know? And I really don’t wanna mess it up. And no offense or anything, but, you know, everything that happened with, um… with you and brooke and mom.

Ridge: Oh, yeah. No, no, no.

Steffy: That environment.

Ridge: I understand. No offense taken.

Steffy: Okay. I just wanna…

Ridge: I’m sure finn understands that too.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, he gets it. He just, uh… he did ask me if I still had feelings for liam.

Ridge: Do you still have feelings for liam?

Steffy: We’re always gonna be connected. He’s kelly’s father.

Ridge: But you don’t love him.

Steffy: No. No. He’s happy with hope, and I’m really happy with finn. It’s nice to get off the roller coaster. It feels great.

Ridge: Yeah. So everything’s gonna be fine as long as you don’t get married here with an infant as your witness.

Steffy: It’s a beautiful testament to his love for me. But… we are just so crazy right now. We have so much going on. I mean, dad… I gotta quiet my voice because we have a newborn, and we just, like, don’t even have a routine right now. Honestly, like, I–I don’t know why we need a piece of paper to validate us being husband and wife. Things are–are great. We should keep it that way. We’re a couple, and we’re parents, and…

Ridge: Yeah.

Steffy: Like, it’s good right now.

Ridge: Good. Everything’s great.

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: That’s it. I’m not missing anything here, am I?

Steffy: [ Sighs ] Breyers is always so delicious…

Zende: So we’re good with this?

Paris: Taking things one day at a time?

Zende: I hope that you don’t feel I’ve led you on or anything like that.

Paris: No, no. You could never do that. It’s not who you are.

Zende: Well, who you are is gorgeous, smart, caring, creative.

Finn: Oh. I’m sorry. Uh, I feel like I’m interrupting something.

Zende: Yeah, you are, but, uh, it’s okay. Hey. We’re cool, right?

Paris: Absolutely.

Zende: Okay.

Finn: Uh, so I just came to pick up this year’s first quarter numbers for steffy. Donna messengered the wrong ones. She’s not at her desk. You don’t know where this file is, do you?

Zende: Uh, yeah, I actually do. I’ll get ’em for you.

Finn: Okay. Thanks, zende.

Zende: And by the way, I don’t know how you managed it, but well done.

Finn: What do you mean?

Zende: You and steffy getting paris to live with you. Now you got a built-in babysitter. Smart move.

Paris: Ha ha ha. I know he was just kidding.

Finn: Yeah, good. Like you would have the time. We’re just glad you’re hanging out with us at our lovable but noisy brood.

Paris: I’m glad to, as long as I’m not in the way.

Finn: Of course not. You can stay as long as you need.

Paris: Thanks. You know, you and steffy are such special people. It’s easy to see why the two of you work so well. You guys are so attentive to each other.

Finn: Well, steffy’s my wife. Uh, steffy’s the mother of my child. I’ll always be there for her.

Steffy: You’re not missing anything.

Ridge: Okay, good. Because I’m with finn on this one. He found the perfect person. He’s found you. You’re amazing. You’re perfect. You’re one of a kind. And he just wants to find a way to lock it down as soon as possible.

Steffy: Dad.

Ridge: Here’s what I don’t get. We’re forresters. We do weddings. That’s what we do. We’re good at it. And it seems to me that he’s trying to dodge a forrester wedding. I don’t like it.

Steffy: No, it’s not like that at all. But thank you for looking out for me.

Ridge: I’m always looking out for you. I’m your dad. And I don’t want you marrying someone if I don’t know who his parents are. You’re always gonna be my little girl. I’m not just gonna let you leave like that. And I know what you’re gonna say. We’ve talked about this. You’re not a little girl anymore. I know that. But you are to me. It doesn’t matter how many people you marry, how many kids you have. You’re always gonna be my little girl. And I’m sorry. I wasn’t a good role model for you.

Steffy: I shouldn’t have said that. I didn’t mean it.

Ridge: It’s okay. I should’ve shown you what a marriage should be like, and I didn’t, ’cause I was torn between two women. And it was hard for you, thomas, phoebe, all you guys. But, you know, you gotta remember, you’re not me. You’re you, and you’re not torn between liam and finn. You’re not torn between finn and anybody. He’s your guy. He’s the guy you’ve been waiting for. It’s the way he looks at you. He gets you. And he’s great with the kids, and…[ Sighs ] That’s it. That’s who you wanna be with. It’s not a question of if you wanna marry him, but when. Right?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah. Exactly.

Ridge: He’s okay with you turning him down with this impromptu wedding you had here. He’s not upset, is he?

Steffy: Ah. I– I didn’t mean to hurt him. I really didn’T. But I feel the exact same way you do. Like, I want to know his parents. I wanna know where he came from. And I really wanna enjoy this moment, but if he does feel rejected, like, I would hate that. I know I’m so crazy right now, dad, but, like, the more I’m speaking about this and really thinking about it, I’m realizing, like, I don’t wanna wait. I-I’m sorry. I don’T. I thought we were rushing into things, but– what am I doing? Like, I really wanna marry him, and I… like, right now. I should. Finn is my person. Why wait? I wanna marry him. I wanna be with him forever. Always. There are times, I wonder…

Paris: I don’t mean to pry, so if I’m sticking my nose somewhere it doesn’t belong, just tell me.

Finn: Hey, we’re living together now. It’s gonna be next to impossible to keep any secrets. Not that I have any. Whatever you need to know, you can just ask.

Paris: Well, this is more of an observation really. I’ve been watching you and steffy– the way you relate. It’s clear how much you love each other. And it’s clear how committed you are to her and hayes.

Finn: Absolutely. They’re the center of my world now. Everything else takes a back seat. Well, not everything. I mean, being a doctor is still pretty damn important to me.

Paris: Well, that’s just because you’re really good at taking care of people.

Finn: You know what I’m also really good at? Changing hayes’ diaper. I mean, those are some serious skills.

Paris: Yeah, I’ve seen you in action, and very impressive. I think steffy might even be a little envious of how good you are.

Finn: I know, right? And she was already a pro after kelly.

Paris: Regardless if it’s changing a diaper or all the other ways you guys support each other, it’s–it’s lucky that you guys have found one another.

Ridge: So, what are you saying? I should put champagne on ice and call this planner?

Steffy: Okay, okay. Let me call my fiancé first. But maybe you should let mom know.

Ridge: I’ll let her know. You know what? I’m gonna call his parents too, because I don’t know them, and you need to know someone’s family. It tells you a lot about who they are.

Steffy: Yeah, I’m sure finn agrees after meeting you.

Ridge: All right. Take it easy.

Steffy: I’m kidding. He’ll be lucky to be marrying into this family. Just like I’ll be lucky to be marrying into his.

Ridge: Yeah. Come here.

Steffy: Oh, dad.

Ridge: I like the kid. I really do. Especially now that he’s given me another grandson.

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: What? If you’ve got some doubts, some reservations, then…

Steffy: No. None at all.

Ridge: ‘Cause I’m not saying you need to get married tomorrow. I mean, look, it would make finn happy. It would make me happy.

Steffy: [ Laughs ]

Ridge: It’s not really about us being happy as much as it is about you being happy. So, when are you getting married?

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B&B Transcript Monday, July 26, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Crickets chirping ]

Ridge: So that means the two of you are gonna be heading home together?

Steffy: Mm-hmm. Just one of the many great things about having paris live with us.

Paris: I cannot thank you enough for welcoming me into your home. It has been driving me crazy trying to find a place after zoe left town.

Steffy: You’ll find one, but until then, be our guest.

Paris: I’m excited.

Steffy: Me too. I know the kids are, especially hayes.

Ridge: Why especially my grandson?

Steffy: He and paris are, like, full-on besties. He was having a meltdown, and then paris sang this lullaby and totally calmed him down when finn and I couldn’T.

Ridge: That sounds like a good setup.

Steffy: Yeah. It is.

[ Chuckles ]

Ridge: Well, at least something good came out of this whole situation. I mean, paris wouldn’t even be looking for a place if quinn and carter hadn’t done what they did.

Carter: We don’t have to define it, put a label on it.

Quinn: It just…happens when we’re together.

Carter: Yeah.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] We’ve tried to say goodbye so many times.

Carter: But I can’T.

Quinn: I can’t either.

Paris: Oh. Hey.

Zende: I’m just trying on some new designs.

Paris: Well, you wear it well.

Zende: Thank you. Makes me feel good.

Paris: Well, I’m feeling pretty good myself. I got some good news.

Zende: You found a place?

Paris: This pretty awesome situation just fell into my lap.

Zende: Hey, congratulations. Tell me about it.

Paris: Well, I didn’t plan on having roommates, but turns out I’m gonna have four.

Zende: Four?

Paris: Mm-hmm. And I’ve been warned that two of them get pretty loud.

Zende: Um, hopefully, you can just ask them to keep it down, right?

Paris: I can try. I’m sure kelly will try, but hayes, I don’t think he’ll understand what I’m saying.

Zende: Wait. Hayes? You’re living with steffy and finn?

Ridge: Well, it was kind of you to give paris a place to stay for the time being.

Steffy: Finn and I are glad that she accepted our invitation. She’s been really lonely now that zoe’s in paris. Like, I understand why she wanted to stay there. I don’t know what I would do if I found out the man I loved was having an affair with the boss’ wife.

Ridge: Quinn and carter did hurt a lot of people.

Steffy: Hmm.

Carter: I’m not ready for it to end.

Quinn: [ Inhales ] Carter.

Carter: And neither are you. I can’t imagine living without this. Never holding you. Never looking into your eyes. Smelling your skin. Tasting your lips.

Quinn: Mmm. I feel it too. It took all of the strength I had to walk out of here.

[ Sighs ] It’s complicated. My plaque psoriasis…

[ Crickets chirping ]

Paris: Steffy and finn are so generous, giving me this beautiful place to stay right on the beach.

Zende: Living the socal dream, huh?

Paris: It’s more than I ever could have asked for. I couldn’t believe it when they offered.

Zende: You said yes right away, I guess, huh?

Paris: Once I realized they were being serious, you bet I did.

Zende: You’re not gonna have a lot of privacy.

Paris: Oh, after living by myself at zoe’s place, I can’t wait to be around people again. I hated coming home to an empty house and eating dinner by myself in front of a computer screen. I like activity.

Zende: Ooh. You will get plenty of that. I’m not saying things are crazy over there. I’m sure that finn and steffy have things under control.

Paris: Oh, yeah. They do. But I thought I could pitch in, you know. I offered to help with kelly and hayes, but they insisted that I’m their guest.

Zende: It won’t be, I don’t know, a little bit awkward living with the boss?

Paris: I don’t think so. Steffy and I really clicked.

Zende: Hmm.

Paris: And I haven’t spent a lot of time with finn, but he seems just as laidback and nice as steffy does.

Zende: He’s made my cousin very happy.

Paris: Yeah. I’m looking forward to getting to know him more.

Steffy: I’ve been meaning to ask. How’s granddad?

Ridge: You know how he is. He’s been over to the house, right?

Steffy: Yeah. He’s great with hayes. He loves his great grandchildren. But I get the feeling he’s putting on a brave face.

Ridge: Well, that’s the forrester way, isn’t it?

Steffy: Yeah. I just– I can’t stand what quinn did to him. All he did was defend her and give her the benefit of the doubt.

Ridge: He loved that woman. Didn’t listen to me. Didn’t listen to brooke. Just believed that she could never do anything wrong. That’s why this affair threw him.

Steffy: I hope he doesn’t think that we’re judging him.

Ridge: He knows we’re here for him.

Steffy: [ Scoffs ] I can’t stand what she did.

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B&B Transcript Friday, July 23, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Wyatt: What are you keeping from me?

Quinn: Nothing.

Wyatt: Mom?

Quinn: Nothing.

Flo: I–I can leave if you two rather would just talk on your own.

Quinn: No, no, no. You stay here because I’m the one who’s gonna be leaving. So–

Wyatt: Mom, if you need my help with something, you have to talk to me.

Quinn: Uh, no. No. Just drop it. Okay. I’m not keeping anything. There are no secrets. If you haven’t realized, all the secrets have been exposed recently.

Wyatt: Okay. Fine. Well, if you need me, I’m here for you.

Quinn: Thank you very much, sweetheart. But all I need to do now is–is go because somebody is waiting for me. So–

Flo: Well, you don’t want to keep a lawyer waiting. I hear they charge by the minute.

Quinn: Yes.

Flo: Assuming you’re trying to go talk to someone about your divorce.

Quinn: I am. I am. This is about my future. So, okay. Bye.

[ Door slams ]

Carter: Hey.

Brooke: Something wrong?

Carter: No. I’m just on my way to a meeting, unless you need me.

Ridge: Uh, no, there’s a couple things, but we can deal with that later.

Carter: Okay. I won’t be long.

Ridge: Hey, Carter. Were you as surprised as I was that Dad went along with your suggestion?

Carter: No, no. It, uh, makes sense, financially.

Brooke: Oh, what suggestion are you talking about?

Ridge: We’re gonna keep Quinn’s jewelry line.

Brooke: What?

Ridge: Carter’s recommendation and it does make sense, financially. It really does. But it means more paperwork for you.

Carter: More paperwork?

Ridge: Yeah. It’s a bitter divorce. She’s still gonna be a part of the company, can’t be easy.

Carter: Nothing that I can’t handle. So, don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything in regards to Quinn. See you soon.

[ Door slams ]

Wyatt: No, absolutely not. Those aren’t the terms that we agreed upon and you’re not changing them now. Well, I could get my father on the phone, but we both know how that would go. Oh, very good. That’s exactly what I thought you’d say. No, no, no, no, no. Thank you. Sorry. Uh, didn’t mean for that to take so long.

Flo: It’s no problem. You know I always like watching my sexy fiancé in his business mode.

Wyatt: It was kind of sexy, huh? Holding people to contracts?

Flo: Oh, it’s so sexy.

Wyatt: Do you want me to yell at somebody else?

Flo: Maybe.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Flo: Would you really have gotten Bill involved?

Wyatt: No, no. I’m not that cruel. [ Clears throat ] But I just–I am thankful to know that’s an option again. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have my dad and my brother out of jail.

Flo: Yeah. It must feel really good not to worry about them anymore.

Wyatt: Now I can focus all of my concern and worry on my mom.

Brooke: Is this some kind of joke? Quinn really is still a part of the company?

Ridge: All right. Before you get all riled up–

Brooke: Oh, this is terrible.

Ridge: It’s not terrible. It makes sense, financially. The line makes us money.

Brooke: Well, I could still make us money with a different designer.

Ridge: Finding a different designer and starting over takes a long time.

Brooke: Oh, gosh. I guess I was really naive thinking we got rid of Quinn for good.

Ridge: We’re almost there, but…

Brooke: But–but what? Carter spoke up? Arguing to keep the line? To keep Quinn?

Ridge: What are you saying?

Carter: Hey.

Quinn: Hey. Hey, let me in before anybody sees me.

Carter: Well, thank you for coming.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] I shouldn’t be here, especially if Eric finds out you’re still in contact with me.

Carter: Where did you park?

Quinn: Two blocks down.

Carter: That’s good. Smart.

Quinn: It’s not smart to be here and it is not smart to be alone with you, Carter.

Flo: I’m sure you noticed this too, but your mom was acting weird, right? Like, weirder than usual?

Wyatt: Oh, totally very weird. Like, this whole divorce is probably killing her inside. She built her whole life around Eric and their marriage.

Flo: Or so we thought. And then, Carter comes around and… you know what? Good for her. I mean, I’m–I’m– I’m just saying. It–like, he’s smart, he’s gorgeous, he’s successful and gorgeous. I mean that smile and those arms. Did I mention he’s gorgeous?

Wyatt: No.

Flo: I mean, he’s totally not my type, like, at all, but I could see how she could fall for him and have a connection.

Wyatt: Right, because of how gorgeous he is?

Flo: Is he? I didn’t notice. I love you.

Brooke: I don’t wanna second-guess Carter’s reasoning.

Ridge: But you are.

Brooke: Okay. Look, Eric is trying to divorce Quinn. He’s trying to disassociate himself from her and his lawyer should advise him to get rid of the line. Instead, Carter is encouraging Eric to keep it. I mean, that sounds kind of strange, don’t you think?

Ridge: Carter promised to stay away from Quinn. That’s why he still has a job. And his job at this company is to make sure we make money and the jewelry line makes money.

Brooke: Yeah. And I guess you’re right. It is a money maker. It’s just disappointing. After everything that Quinn has done, I was really looking forward to seeing Eric kicking her to the curb.

Quinn: We already said our goodbyes. We agreed we weren’t gonna see each other anymore.

Carter: I know, but something happened, something I need to tell you about.

Quinn: Okay.

Carter: Okay. So, you know how Eric called, he wanted to see me?

Quinn: Yeah. He–he knows we’re still seeing each other. And–and even though we’re not, we agree we weren’t going to, so you need to find a way to make sure he understands

Carter: It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. He doesn’t suspect a thing. That’s not what we… talked about. Um, hmm, we, um– we went over the divorce, the, uh, professional and personal details and he said he wanted to end the jewelry line.

Quinn: Ugh. You know, Wyatt was speculating about that. He–he–he–he said– I–I mean, I–I just– does Eric despise me that much that he would throw away years and years of my work? I mean, my art, my contribution to Forrester Creations, it…

Carter: Yeah. I know. I know. You worked so hard. It’s a part of you, it’s a part of Forrester, and I couldn’t let him get rid of it. Not without a fight. One of the advantages of being a lawyer is that I’m good at building a case.

Quinn: What are you saying?

Carter: I’m saying that your line isn’t going anywhere. I convinced Eric to keep it.

Wyatt: So, am I getting this right? My future wife is–is suggesting that if an attractive, gorgeous-armed man looks her way, it’s okay?

Flo: No, no, no, no, no, no, that’s–that’s not what I’m saying. I am–I am not condoning what your mother did at all. Betraying her marriage like that and hurting Eric is very wrong.

Wyatt: Okay. Good.

Flo: But knowing that Eric was turning her down and stopped touching her, I guess part of me kind of understands it. I mean, if–if Eric wasn’t making her feel loved and wanted and Carter was– everyone deserves to feel desired. It’s a basic human need.

Wyatt: Well, it’s a need I hope I’m fulfilling.

Flo: Oh. You for sure are.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Flo: I feel very grateful to have you in my life. What we have is extremely special and… I’m lucky to have found you again.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ] So, 20 years from now…

Flo: Uh-hmm.

Wyatt: …Right? When–when–when everything I say just bores you, my jokes don’t land…

Flo: Uh-hmm.

Wyatt: …And this beefcake gorgeous lawyer starts chatting you up–

Flo: I will thank him very much for his legal advice and I will come right home to you.

Wyatt: Your inseparable husband?

Flo: You probably will be, right?

Wyatt: What?

Flo: [ Laughs ] But I will love you all the more for it. You’re more gorgeous.

Wyatt: Thank you. I–I was waiting for you to say that. And I’ve been working out, you know. These arms are–

Flo: I know.

Wyatt: They’re not, uh–

Flo: They’re not bad.

Wyatt: They’re not Carter’s, I guess. Carter.

Brooke: So Quinn will be working completely off-site?

Ridge: Yup. Not allowed in the building.

Brooke: Okay. Well, that’s one thing to be grateful for.

Ridge: That’s hurtful. You’re married to this and you only have one thing to be grateful for? Well, I guess I got to try a little harder.

Brooke: Come on. You know what I’m talking about. This whole Quinn mess.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: I prefer her to be out of our lives for good, but I guess as long as she’s banned from the building, that’ll be okay. I’m just glad that Carter agreed to that.

Ridge: So, you’re gonna be okay with it?

Brooke: Oh.

Ridge: All right. I’m gonna tell you what I told Carter and what I told my dad. This whole thing is awful. What happened to my dad and where he is now, it’s a really hard thing to deal with. But you know what? In a way, Carter did us all a favor. He showed this family. He showed everybody who Quinn really is.

Quinn: You’re serious? You talked Eric into keeping my line?

Carter: Uh-hmm. You’d have to work remotely, but…

Quinn: [ Scoffs ]

Carter: …It’s profitable. Always has been. I just had to remind him of that and tell him to put his emotions aside and make the best decision for Forrester.

Quinn: Thank you.

Carter: Of course.

Quinn: And thank you so much… ugh, was that wise, Carter?

Carter: For the company? Yeah.

Quinn: No. Was it wise for you? I mean, Eric is–is– is gonna wonder why you are defending me. He’s gonna question your motives. You have to be careful. I don’t want you to lose your job. You–you–you’ve built an amazing career at Forrester and–and–and I don’t want that to go away because of me. I’m not gonna allow that. I–I’m not worth that. I–

Carter: Stop, stop, stop. What did I tell you?

Quinn: You don’t want me saying that.

Carter: Never again because you are worth it, Quinn. You are.

Brooke: And that’s an odd way to put it, but you’re right. I mean, we all tried to warn Eric about that relationship from the very beginning. He was just blinded.

Ridge: Even when no one showed up at his wedding. Didn’t see it, didn’t wanna see it.

Brooke: Well, you’d get glimpses sometimes of her craziness and her selfishness. But he always found ways to forgive her but not now. I guess you’re right. We do owe Carter thanks. He was able to do what none of us could do. There’s no way that Eric’s gonna let Quinn worm her way back into his heart.

Ridge: No.

Brooke: Not after all of the damage she’s done, her terrible stunts. She’s gonna be alone, alone for the rest of her life. That woman is incapable of loving anybody but herself.

Ridge: Hi.

Brooke: Hey.

Quinn: [ Moans ] You have no idea how much I wanna keep kissing you right now.

Carter: I think I do. I think I have a good idea.

Quinn: [ Groans ]

Carter: It’s safe, Quinn. We’re alone.

Quinn: No, it’s not safe because one kiss is going to lead to another, and to another. We both know what’s gonna happen. We have to be strong. We have to avoid this… desire and temptation. I’m trying to protect you.

Carter: And I’m thankful. I am. Quinn, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be to forget about you, to forget about our connection.

Quinn: I know it’s hard, but we have to do this. You have to forget about me. There’s no other choice.

Carter: And what if I can’t?

Quinn: You have to.

Carter: You’re right.

Quinn: I know. I’m always right.

Carter: Uh-huh.

Quinn: You have a huge future at Forrester Creations. I’m not gonna let you ruin that. I mean, look, they need you there. Eric was gonna–he was just gonna throw away my jewelry line which would have been a huge financial loss to them, but you talked them out of it. See? And thank you, by the way. You know that line is– it’s like a second child to me.

Carter: Yeah. That’s why I fought so hard. I was determined to change his mind.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] Carter, Carter. I am so bad at expressing emotion, you know. I mean, especially vulnerable ones. I’m really good with anger and cynicism. I mean, I have got those down pat, but gratitude and affection is just–it’s not–it’s not in my wheelhouse. But with you… the way you look at me with those eyes, your calming touch and your sweet voice. You have to know the effect that you have on me. And I–I–I’ve walked into every relationship in my life ready for battle. You know, locked and loaded. I–I–I had my– my fists up, my chin up. But with you, I just– I just wanna– I just wanna lay down my sword and feel so free to be me. Oh. Ugh. Ugh. I’m going on. I’m going on and on about emotions. Oh, it must be–oh, you–you must be grossed out. I’m sorry.

Carter: You see me going anywhere? I’m where I wanna be… right here… with you. You may think you don’t show emotions when with everything you said, I’ve known it. I’ve seen it in your looks, in your smile, when we’re alone, wrapped in each other’s arms. And I feel… the same exact way. And I’ve never felt this way before. Is it love? Is it lust?

Quinn: I think it’s just us. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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B&B Best Lines Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Paris singing a lullaby to baby Hayes on B&B

Best Lines provided by Suzanne

Quinn: We can’t keep doing this.

Carter: I know.

Quinn: Or this.

Carter: Mmm-hmm. Nope.

Quinn: Or this. Okay. Why is it… every time I try to head for the door, I keep ending up in a different position?

Finn: Should I just do a diaper run?

Steffy: No, no, we had plenty. I just don’t know what I did with it, like what–what– where is my brain? Honestly, where is my– diapers are behind the couch. Diapers are behind the couch.

Finn: You got them.

Steffy: Oh.

Finn: Nice.

Steffy: Oh, my goodness.

Finn: As you can see, we’re, uh, we’re– we’re very organized.

Finn: Don’t listen to her. Steffy’s on top of everything. We’re just running low on, um, what’s it called? Uh, sleep.

Steffy: Sleep. Sleep. Yeah.

Brooke: I’m just curious. What would you think of me as your co-CEO?

Ridge: What–what would i think of you taking a job that’s already taken by someone else?

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, he’s my lawyer. I wanna get going on this and I wanna get him in here.

Ridge: All right. Then, video call him, put some fire under him.

Paris: Uh, of course. I love Malibu. The ocean, the views, it’s so peaceful and tranquil.

Steffy: Yeah.

Hayes: [ Cries ]

Finn: Peaceful and tranquil, huh?

Ridge: Carter, uh, is there someone there with you?

Brooke: Oh, honey, leave him alone.

Ridge: Uh, there’s–there’s a dress over there back at the couch and I don’t think it fits him.

Carter: Oh, Ridge, that’s, um, not mine.

Eric: Well, that, uh– that was a little awkward.

Ridge: I guess we know what kind of workout Carter was doing.

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B&B Short Recap Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

After the magazine mistakenly names Brooke as Ridge’s co-CEO, he’s worried that Steffy will be upset. Brooke wonders if perhaps she could be his co-CEO instead of Steffy. Ridge wonders what she means, so she suggests that she step in until Steffy is back full time. At Carter’s place, he and Quinn keep trying to say goodbye to each other, but they can’t. They keep having sex instead. Meanwhile, Eric wonders why Carter hasn’t come into the office again so he can get started on his divorce. He calls Carter with a video chat. Quinn jumps out of the way just in time so that Eric can’t see her, but Ridge sees that there’s a dress on the sofa behind Carter. Carter tells Eric that he’s been working out but that he’ll be in the office soon. Quinn feels bad that she’s risking Carter’s job and ruining his life, but he insists that she’s not.

Paris visits Steffy to talk about the Forrester Foundation. Things are in a bit of disarray because of the baby. Paris brought them some fish tacos, which they’re very grateful for. Paris suggests that Finn serve on the Foundation’s advisory committee (because of his history treating addiction). Steffy and Finn like the idea. When the baby cries, Paris rocks him and sings him a lullaby until he goes back to sleep. They’re impressed with everything Paris has done.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

Quinn: We can’t keep doing this.

Carter: I know.

Quinn: Or this.

Carter: Mmm-hmm. Nope.

Quinn: Or this. Okay. Why is it… every time I try to head for the door, I keep ending up in a different position?

Brooke: Wow. Can you–

Ridge: Well, that’s not good. It’s a mistake.

Brooke: Brooke and Ridge Forrester, co-CEOs. Yeah, that’s what it says.

Ridge: I know. But everyone knows that I’m running this company with Steffy half a year, um, still but hasn’t come out yet.

Brooke: Do you think Steffy would be upset if it has?

Ridge: Of course, she’d be upset. You’d be upset if somebody got credit for the work you’ve done. I mean, she’s totally committed to this company, it’s important to her.

Brooke: Well, maybe this is a– a good opportunity to talk about it.

Ridge: Talk about what? How important this company is to my daughter?

Brooke: No–I mean, yeah. Uh, I’m sure it’s important to her, but what if I were to be co-CEO with you?

Finn: Should I just do a diaper run?

Steffy: No, no, we had plenty. I just don’t know what I did with it, like what–what– where is my brain? Honestly, where is my– diapers are behind the couch. Diapers are behind the couch.

Finn: You got them.

Steffy: Oh.

Finn: Nice.

Steffy: Oh, my goodness.

Finn: As you can see, we’re, uh, we’re– we’re very organized.

Paris: You’re new parents. Cut yourself some slack.

Steffy: I’m not a new parent. You are. I don’t get a pass. I should be better at this.

Finn: Don’t listen to her. Steffy’s on top of everything. We’re just running low on, um, what’s it called? Uh, sleep.

Steffy: Sleep. Sleep. Yeah.

Finn: Yeah. But, uh, what parents of the newborn aren’t?

Steffy: Paris, thanks for coming by to talk about the foundation. I need my notes and I don’t know where my notes are.

Finn: Notes?

Steffy: Yeah, babe. Where are they? What did I do? Um, okay. Um, I’m not sure where they are.

Finn: Notes?

Steffy: You’re– you are my hero. Thank you. By the way, Paris, I’m going back into the office very soon, so you don’t have to make the trip all the way out here.

Paris: I don’t mind. And I have a hard time tearing myself away from little Baby Hayes, too. He’s adorable. You and Doc sure made a handsome little boy.

Brooke: I’m just curious. What would you think of me as your co-CEO?

Ridge: What–what would i think of you taking a job that’s already taken by someone else?

Brooke: By your daughter, yes.

Ridge: Yeah. And she’s not stepping down. She’s raising a family and she’s gonna do a great job running this company with me.

Brooke: And I’m not saying she won’t.

Ridge: Okay. Then what are you saying? What’s going on in that beautiful head of yours?

Steffy: Okay. Give me a couple more minutes to get up to speed on your latest outreach proposals.

Paris: Oh, no rush. Oh, I almost forgot. On my way here, I stopped by Malibu Fish Tacos. You guys may not want them, but I grabbed a couple extra. I heard how crazy it can be having a newborn in the house.

Finn: Is this woman a lifesaver or what?

Steffy: Right?

Finn: Yes.

Steffy: I mean, we have been so swamped. We haven’t even had a chance to eat yet.

Finn: I want this so bad.

Paris: Geez. No food, no sleep? How are you still even going?

Finn: Um–

Steffy: I don’t know.

Finn: –Somehow when you have a new baby, you don’t notice those things. The joy that he brings even when he’s fussing and keeping you awake, it, um– it’s totally all worth it.

Paris: Spoken like a loving, doting dad.

Steffy: He definitely is. He’s so lucky to have you as his father and I’m very lucky to be doing this with you. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

Quinn: Hmm. I could stay like this forever.

Carter: Mmm-hmm. Me too. But forever isn’t an option for us.

Quinn: I know. Eric made it very clear that you need to stay away from me.

Carter: Mmm-hmm.

Quinn: If he had any idea that you and I are still.

Carter: Yeah. It’s a huge risk.

Quinn: Yeah. And I’m not willing to let you take it. As much as I love being with you, you have such a huge future ahead of you, and I’m not gonna do anything to ruin it. That’s exactly what would happen if Eric got even the slightest hint that you and i were still involved.

Steffy: Hmm, it sounds like you’re enjoying yourself. Okay. I love you. I love you. All right. Bye-bye. Kelly’s having a good time with her daddy. Well, she’s very excited to get back for a play date with her little brother.

Finn: Hmm. Well, I think Hayes is too, but at the moment he’s finally catching up on some Z’s.

Paris: Oh, you know, he’s such a good baby. I have not heard a peep out of him since I’ve been here.

Steffy: I know. Speaking of which, we should get back to it. So these changes you’re suggesting to the foundation’s mission statement, I think they’re great. You know, I especially like how they reflect the foundation’s evolving goals.

Paris: Thanks. The foundation has been making significant strides in all areas including homeless and food and security. But I know it’s also important to you that we focus more resources and attention on drug addiction as well.

Steffy: Yeah. I’m sure you realize why.

Paris: Yes.

Steffy: My struggles with opioids, it really opened my eyes, like I had no idea it was such a pervasive problem until I went through it myself.

Finn: Addiction is insidious that way. You know, it slowly takes over a person’s life before they can realize it. The more help that’s out there and– sorry, I–I–I’m not involved in the foundation, I probably shouldn’t be weighing in.

Steffy: Of course, you should. You’re at the hospital, you see problems every day.

Paris: Hey, you know what? I just had a thought. What if Finn could serve on one of the foundation’s advisory committees? I’m sure his input would be invaluable. I mean, only if that’s something you’re interested in.

Finn: No, I mean, yeah, definitely.

Steffy: All right. I like it. The issues of better medical care and access to the needy, I really wanna dive deeper on that. Let’s talk about it the next time I see you. And I really want to expand the foundation’s footprint. Again, feel free, you should actually talk to dr. Finn again if you need anything, you know, pick his brain when he’s not diapering or saving lives.

Finn: Folding laundry?

Steffy: Yeah. [ Laughs ]

Finn: No, definitely. I’d, um– I’d love to give some input.

Paris: Cool. I’m looking forward to it.

Finn: You know, Steffy, she’s always saying how impressed she is with you and I can definitely see why she feels that way.

Steffy: If Hayes understood what we were talking about, he’d be very impressed with Paris, too. He would.

Brooke: Having that conversation with Ellen and remembering all of the contributions that I’ve made here.

Ridge: Okay. This company wouldn’t be the same without you. There’s no question.

Brooke: Thank you. I appreciate you saying that. You and I did have a discussion about me having a more important role here and now that Eric is stepping down a little bit from his responsibilities, I mean, think about it. I could really help out here until Steffy comes back full time. Wouldn’t it be fun? Ridge, think about it. We could run this company the way Stephanie and Eric did.

Ridge: Hey, Dad.

Eric: I still haven’t been able to track down Carter. Has he been in touch with either one of you?

Ridge: No, he has not. It’s about your divorce proceedings, you just wanna get going on it, huh?

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, he’s my lawyer. I wanna get going on this and I wanna get him in here.

Ridge: All right. Then, video call him, put some fire under him.

Carter: That’s the ring I set for Eric.

Quinn: Do you think he knows I’m here?

Carter: No.

Quinn: Of course not.

Carter: But I do need to get this.

Quinn: Okay. Go ahead.

Eric: Carter, are you okay?

Steffy: Okay. I think we’re good for today, unless there’s anything else we need to cover.

Paris: No, I think we covered everything we needed to cover and then some.

Steffy: Thank you again for coming out all this way.

Paris: Uh, of course. I love Malibu. The ocean, the views, it’s so peaceful and tranquil.

Steffy: Yeah.

Hayes: [ Cries ]

Finn: Peaceful and tranquil, huh?

Paris: Yeah, nice.

Steffy: Hi, baby. Oh, what’s going on?

Finn: See? Um… here, Steff, maybe he’s hungry.

Steffy: Oh, no, maybe he’s– maybe he has a wet diaper.

Finn: You think so? Um, maybe both.

Steffy: Here, let me.

Finn: Maybe just– maybe just try to feed him.

Steffy: Okay. Okay. Come on, baby. Come on, come on, come on.

Hayes: [ Cries ]

Steffy: No, no, he doesn’t–he doesn’t want the bottle.

Finn: Here, maybe i can try it. Hey, come here, buddy.

Steffy: Oh.

Finn: Hey, man, what’s going on?

Paris: I don’t wanna overstep but I could give it a try. I’m pretty good with babies.

Finn: Yeah, sure. We could use all help we can get.

Hayes: [ Cries ]

Eric: Carter, what’s going on? And you’re half-dressed. Did I get you in the middle of something?

Carter: Um, I just finished a brief workout and I figured since I was working from home that I’d, uh, get it in. Is there something you need from me?

Eric: Uh, yes, yes, and I’d like to, uh, do it in person if I may.

Carter: Of course. I’ll–I’ll leave for the office right away. Um, what does this concern, may I ask?

Eric: Carter, it’s about the divorce. I wanna get started right away. And, uh, there’s a few things about the jewelry line I wanna talk about.

Carter: I see.

Eric: You know, actually, I don’t think you do, but you will once we talk. Look, I wanna get this started. I wanna get all this business, all this ugliness behind me as soon as possible. And I’m sure you feel exactly the same way.

Carter: Uh, yes, absolutely.

Eric: Yeah, look, first things first, drop a letter to–to Quinn and her attorney letting her know that you’re my lawyer and that you’ll be representing me during the divorce. I wanna get started on this right away.

Ridge: Carter, uh, is there someone there with you?

Brooke: Oh, honey, leave him alone.

Ridge: Uh, there’s–there’s a dress over there back at the couch and I don’t think it fits him.

Carter: Oh, Ridge, that’s, um, not mine.

Ridge: Don’t worry about it, my wife is right, none of my business.

Carter: So I’ll–I’ll see you soon, Eric.

Eric: Yes. Carter, look, it’s a good thing that you’re stepping up that you’re willing to try to make things the way they were. And I appreciate your dedication to the–the family and to the business all these years. That’s more important now than ever. I don’t want that to change.

Carter: Okay. Um, I’ll see you soon.

Carter: What are we doing?

Quinn: Yeah. I can see how difficult this is for you and I can’t do this to you anymore.

Paris: Are you sure?

Finn: Yeah, of course. And we appreciate the offer.

Steffy: What were you thinking?

Paris: Well, my mom said she’d do this to me when I cry. She says it always works.

Steffy: Um, yeah, yeah, go for it.

Paris: Okay. Give me that.

Finn: Okay.

Paris: Oh, my goodness. Oh, okay. ♫♪ Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top when the wind blows the cradle will rock when the bough breaks the cradle will fall and down will come baby cradle and all rock-a-bye baby on the tree top when the wind blows the cradle will rock and when the bough breaks the cradle will fall and down will come baby cradle and all ♫♪

Steffy: You have the magic touch.

Finn: Thank you.

Steffy: Um…

Eric: Well, that, uh– that was a little awkward.

Ridge: I guess we know what kind of workout Carter was doing.

Brooke: Any idea who the woman might be?

Carter: That was too close.

Quinn: Hearing Eric’s voice right now just reminds me how special the man is. It also reminded me how special you are to the Forrester family. You are not just respected by them, you’re not just a valued employee, you are part of their family. I care too much about you to risk losing all of that over me, I mean, I have made your life difficult enough as it is.

Carter: You did not make my life difficult, Quinn. I was heartbroken and I was angry all the time. And you brought something wonderful and unique into my life. You changed my world in the most amazing, unexpected way, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Quinn: I wouldn’t trade it either, but–but it’s not worth it to risk losing… losing everything. You’re–if-if Ridge and Eric find out that we’re still involved, you’re not just gonna risk losing your job, you’re gonna lose your friendship with them. And then what? What? You’re gonna be shut out. You’re gonna be a pariah like I am and that is too much. I’m not worth it. I am not worth it.

Carter: Yes, you are.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, July 22, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

Finn: Yeah, just close it behind you. How’s our little guy?

Steffy: He is still asleep.

Finn: Okay.

Paris: We’ll be quiet.

Steffy: Oh, Hayes can sleep through almost anything.

Paris: Oh, cute and perfect. With parents like you, I’m not surprised.

Finn: Hmm, well, you just wait.

Paris: Oh, please, Finn. I can handle a crying infant and a demanding toddler.

Steffy: I don’t know about that. Are you sure you wanna move in here? You’re gonna be dealing with a lot of screaming.

Paris: No. This is liberating, just getting all that stuff out of my trunk.

Finn: Yeah. I can’t believe your sister’s not coming back to la.

Paris: Yeah. It’s, uh, it’s crazy. It all happened so fast.

Steffy: Uh-hmm. I know you’re looking for a place, but you are more than welcome to stay as long as you’d like.

Wyatt: It’s not like I don’t have anything better to do than wait for my mother.

Flo: Okay. Wyatt, I’m sure she’s just stuck in traffic. It’s really no big deal, okay?

Wyatt: Well, it’s kind of inconsiderate, I mean, I got–I have things I have to do.

Flo: It–she’ll be here soon, I’m sure.

Quinn: I’m here. Hey, I’m here. Sorry, I’m late.

Wyatt: Okay. Cool. Where were you?

Eric: No, you’re right, Brooke hasn’t been coming in as much as she used to.

Ridge: She’s always been a very important part of this family and this company.

Eric: Yeah, she had. For a very long time. I’m glad she’s starting to wanna come in again.

[ Door opens ]

Ridge: Carter. Are you just coming in now?

Carter: Yeah. Uh, sorry. I got held up.

Ridge: Yeah. No, we saw your, uh, video call, it looked like you were entertaining someone special.

Steffy: How are you such a stylish person and you’re only bringing in a few bags?

Paris: Oh, trust me, 90% of that is clothes. There’s a few family photos in there, but I’m not really big on having a ton of material possessions. Unless it’s some fabulous bag. Fashion is my one vice I don’t feel guilty about.

Steffy: Girl, same.

Finn: Uh-hmm. Yeah, Steffy is not kidding. You should see the closet space she gives me.

Paris: Oh.

Finn: Like, about something like that.

Steffy: Can you stop that? Stop. Stop.

Paris: I just try to be smart about my money. Especially since I’m just starting out in my career and I’m not exactly rolling in it.

Finn: Well, um, I mean, I’m pretty close with the boss lady. I can put in a good word.

Quinn: Oh.

Wyatt: I love you.

Quinn: I love you, too, sweetheart.

Wyatt: Uh-hmm. But where were you? I’m concerned.

Quinn: About me?

Wyatt: Yeah. You.

Quinn: Why?

Wyatt: Because I texted you like 10 times, it’s like you’re avoiding me.

Quinn: No. I’m here now.

Wyatt: And it was like pulling teeth trying to make that happen.

Quinn: Wow. Well, the way I’m being treated right now, I’d rather be at the dentist.

Wyatt: Girl, bye.

Flo: Okay. Quinn, Quinn, I think what Wyatt is trying to say is that you two clearly have a lot of talk about.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Quinn: Um–

Wyatt: Yeah. Yeah. Like, how you managed to screw everything up and sabotage your marriage?

Eric: Looks like you put Carter on the spot here.

Ridge: Well, I saw a dress over the back of his couch and I thought maybe– I don’t know what I thought.

Eric: Well, I don’t care anything about his personal life, it’s none of our business, anyway. All I care about is that he complies with the conditions of his second chance here at Forrester, that he has nothing to do with Quinn.

Paris: I can’t thank you guys enough for letting me crash here until I can find a new apartment.

Finn: It’s our pleasure.

Steffy: Yeah, we’re happy to have you.

Paris: Oh, and–and–and whatever I can do to help, I’m happy to roll up my sleeves, wash some bottles, change some diapers–

Steffy: No. No, no, no. You don’t have to do any of that, but with, uh, a newborn, Kelly is gonna love the extra attention.

Paris: Oh, I’m happy to oblige. I’m already a big fan of that little cutie pie.

Steffy: Oh, I think the feeling’s mutual.

Finn: Yeah. She’s gonna be, uh, pretty stoked when she finds out you’re staying with us for a while.

Paris: That’s sweet of you guys to say.

Steffy: Well, you have a great energy about you, you’re positive and you’re enthusiastic about life.

Paris: I don’t know about all that, Steffy. But I try to stay optimistic. Keep things real. To be honest, this right here just feels meant to be. Like, the timing was perfect for all of us.

Steffy: Yeah, I agree.

Finn: Hey, well, let’s get your stuff, and get into your room, and you can settle, and kick back.

Steffy: Yeah.

Paris: Oh, I love the sound to that.

Steffy: You might be able to see the sunset from your window. It’s beautiful.

Paris: Oh, I love the sound of that even more. Oh.

Wyatt: Eric was the most important thing to you, and you just let it slip away.

Quinn: Well, you’re wrong, Wyatt. Because as much as I love Eric, the most important thing to me always has been and always will be my son.

Wyatt: Oh, besides me, though. I just don’t get how– how you could run the risk of losing everything, mom.

Quinn: Look, I could try explaining this to you over, and over, and over again, but it doesn’t change the fact that I hurt Eric terribly, and I’m not proud of it.

Flo: Oh, are–are you sure it’s completely over, though, Quinn? Eric won’t work on the marriage, or maybe go to counseling, or something?

Quinn: Nope. He’s done with me. And to be honest, he has every right to be.

Wyatt: You know, it’s not like you to just give up so easily.

Quinn: I’m not giving up. Come on, you saw Eric’s face when he found out about my affair with Carter.

Flo: Yeah. He was devastated.

Quinn: Yeah. I ran my marriage into the ground. Used up all nine lives. I never thought I would say this, but my marriage is dead. It has come to an end.

Wyatt: Well, then, I’m sorry. I know how hard this must be for you.

Quinn: I only have myself to blame.

Wyatt: So what’s next? I mean, assuming you– you ended your involvement with Carter, right?

Eric: I don’t want this to be an issue.

Ridge: Dad, don’t do that. You asked him to stay away from Quinn and then that’s what he’s gonna do. He’s one of the smartest guys I know, so you don’t have to keep bringing it up, all right? Carter.

Carter: Yes. I’m assuming you wanna speak about the divorce.

Eric: There are few items we wanna iron out, yes, but mostly I wanna talk about the jewelry line.

Carter: Okay. Well, I’ve been working on a new deal with our manufacturers.

Eric: Don’t bother.

Carter: I’m sorry?

Eric: Don’t get yourself involved with that, all right? There’s, uh, no reason to do that.

Carter: But the deal expires at the end of the quarter.

Eric: It will run out. There’s no need to extend it.

Ridge: What Dad is saying is that he doesn’t want Quinn around here anymore.

Eric: I don’t wanna have anything to do with Quinn. And she’s had a good run here at Forrester, she’s a talented designer. But I’m–I’m terminating the jewelry line.

Finn: All right.

Steffy: Well, that didn’t take long.

Paris: Thanks for helping me get settled in. The view from my room is incredible.

Finn: Oh, yeah, it’s gonna be nice, and peaceful, and away from the main craziness– n: –Of this house.

Paris: Oh, I’m super excited. I’ve always thought Malibu was one of the coolest places in the world. And now, I can say I live here even if it’s only temporary.

Finn: Yeah. And it’s a beautiful place to wake up to. I mean, you can make a pot of coffee and then just take a walk on the beach.

Steffy: Uh-hmm.

Paris: Oh, I cannot wait for that.

Finn: I hope you’re used to getting up early, though, things start rolling around here at ungodly hours.

Steffy: Okay, don’t try to scare her.

Finn: No, I’m just preparing her. I mean, you–you’re probably used to sleeping in on Sundays?

Paris: Sometimes.

Finn: You can say goodbye to all of that.

Steffy: Oh, okay. It’s not that bad.

Finn: I mean, it’s pretty bad. But in the most amazing and meaningful way possible, but–I mean, look at my eyes.

Paris: Oh, yeah, they’re a little bloodshot.

Finn: I haven’t slept in three days.

Steffy: Babe. Okay, we’ll try to shield you from Kelly’s karaokeing and the baby’s screaming sometimes, but–

Paris: Oh, no. No. I’m not worried about it at all. I mean, a house full of giggling, and toys clanging around, and even babies crying, that sounds amazing to me.

Finn: Hmm, even at 4:00 am?

Paris: Even at 4:00 am.

Finn: Uh-hmm.

Paris: Recently, my life has just been way too quiet.

Steffy: Well, then, you’re definitely at the right place.

Paris: Bring it on.

Wyatt: Mom, you’re no longer seeing Carter, right?

Quinn: Do you know how risky that would be for Carter? The–the impact that our involvement has already had on him?

Flo: Oh, I can’t imagine Eric is too thrilled about it.

Quinn: Well, look, Carter has as long way to go to gain back Eric’s faith and trust. I mean, that relationship was severely damaged. Who knows if it’s ever gonna be healed, uh, not to mention his standing at Forrester.

Wyatt: Wait, I thought Eric decided not to fire him, that he’s still COO and lead counsel.

Quinn: Well, yeah, I mean, luckily, he is. I mean, Carter is–well, he’s an exceptional man. He–he’s worked so hard for all of the success that he’s earned.

Flo: But what– what about you, Quinn? I mean, I would– I would hate to see this happen, but are–are you expecting a pink slip to come your way?

Quinn: Oh.

Wyatt: Oh, great. Here we go. Divorce served with an extra-large side of…

Quinn: Yeah. Oh, okay.

Wyatt: …Pink slip. That’s great.

Quinn: All right. Bite your tongue, both of you. Look, I may not be welcome at Forrester anymore, come on. My jewelry line is far too valuable for Eric to just dump it. Besides, I’m just– I’m more concerned with, you know, what’s gonna happen with Carter and his standing, not just with the family but with the company.

Quinn: [ Sighs ]

Carter: You wanna end Quinn’s jewelry line?

Eric: It’s the only option.

Carter: I understand why you may feel that way, but–but is that–

Ridge: Carter, easy. It’s Dad’s company, he doesn’t have to explain anything to anybody. He’s the boss.

Carter: And I get that part. But part of my job is to advise you on financial matters and Quinn’s line is one of our biggest assets.

Eric: We’ll make up for it elsewhere, all right? This isn’t a first for us. We’ve phased out other lines before.

Carter: The accessory line sold a million units last month alone. It consistently generates massive revenue.

Ridge: It does sell out season after season.

Carter: And last I checked the resort line, there’s a waiting list right now.

Ridge: There is a waiting list.

Eric: So, the suggestion is what? That we ramp up production on this line instead of killing it?

Carter: That’s not what I’m saying. The point I’m trying to make is, is that we have to be smart. We can lose tens of millions of dollars per year. Now, Eric, as your COO, I’m asking you if you could– if you can set aside your personal feelings and find a way to keep Quinn’s line alive.

Carter: This company is a success because of your business acumen, your leadership, Eric. You’re the reason why we all have jobs to come to every day. Now, rarely does an emotional decision fare well in a global enterprise this massive and Quinn’s jewelry line is one of our most reliable moneymakers.

Ridge: I agree with Dad. Quinn shouldn’t be anywhere around this building ever again. But Carter’s got a point. It seems that every fashion house has their own accessory line and if we get rid of ours, we can’t replace it, then, lose money, a lot of it. I’m not sure we can make that up.

Eric: He’s not wrong, but I don’t want Quinn in this building, anywhere.

Carter: That’s understandable. She can work offsite. I don’t foresee her having issues with that.

Ridge: You think that’s doable?

Eric: Write it up. Make it clear to her.

Carter: I’ll draft a letter setting the parameters. She’ll be required to work off premises, but still be legally obligated to fulfill her contract at Forrester.

Eric: It was a good advice, Carter.

Carter: Just trying to help.

Ridge: You got to go or you’re going to be late for your meeting downtown.

Carter: Yeah.

Eric: Get it done.

Carter: Yes, sir.

Ridge: I’ll walk you out.

[ Door shuts ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Quinn: I–I have to– I have to take this. [ Clears throat ] This is Quinn.

Carter: Hey, it’s me. Are you not somewhere you can talk?

Quinn: Uh, exactly.

Carter: Okay. Well, I know we said our goodbyes, but I need to see you as soon as possible.

Quinn: I’m not sure that’s where we wanna go with this.

Carter: Well, please, it’s important. Meet me at my place. You won’t be disappointed.

Quinn: Okay. I think I could make that happen. I’ll see you there.

Flo: Is everything okay?

Wyatt: Yeah. You seem anxious.

Quinn: Me?

Wyatt: Yeah. You. Who was that on the phone?

Quinn: Who?

Wyatt: What?

Quinn: What?

Wyatt: See? This is what she does. This–when she’s acting all secretive and keeping something from me, that’s this. What’s going on?

Quinn: Uh…

[ Birds chirping ]

Finn: Here.

Paris: Headphones?

Finn: Noise-cancelling headphones. I suggest you wear them to bed to cancel out the early morning cartoons.

Steffy: Yeah. Kelly likes things very loud.

Finn: Yes.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: And she watches the same 12-minute video over and over.

Steffy: Over and over that we now have it memorized.

Finn: Yes. And you will, too in a, uh, few days.

Steffy: Yeah.

Paris: Oh, you guys are clowning. I am so fired up about this.

Steffy: You really are.

Paris: Yeah. And being around family is just comforting, even if it’s not my own. Honestly, that might make it a little bit easier. [ Laughs ] Zoe and I had some drama when I first got here and just when we were starting to repair our relationship, now she’s gone to Paris. So, I try to lose myself in my work and spending time with Zende, but there’s still this void. So, spending time with you and your beautiful kids will help fill that little void in my heart.

Steffy: And you’re filling a void in my heart. Like, I’ve been neglecting my girlfriends, so this is nice.

[ Laughter ]

Paris: Well, you are CEO and you have two kids. I mean, it’s not like you aren’t busy.

Steffy: Yeah, it’s a lot but I still miss my friends, so it was nice that you’re gonna be our roommate.

Finn: Yeah. And don’t look at it like we’re doing you a favor because I think it might be the reverse.

Steffy: I hope your energy rubs off on me, honestly. [ Laughs ] And your– your dedication for helping others and your patience with Finn’s Dad jokes.

Finn: Hey. What?

Steffy: Well, it’s–well, it is–it’s true, babe. [ Laughs ] You really have a kind soul. And you sing lullabies like Beyoncé.

Paris: Oh, those are some big shoes to fill. [ Laughs ]

Steffy: I’m really excited for what we’re gonna share.

Paris: Yeah, me, too.

Steffy: Yeah. I feel like we’re gonna have so many surprises this summer. [ Laughs ] It’s gonna be fun.

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B&B Best Lines Monday, July 19, 2021

Ridge and Brooke in a photo shoot on B&B 7/19/21

Best Lines provided by Suzanne

Steffy: You wanna get married right now like… this is our wedding? Really?

Finn: Yeah, I mean, if you want it to be. Yes. I mean, let’s just do it with Hayes as our witness.

Steffy: He’s a baby, Finn.

Brooke: Uh, good. Yeah, this is going good, I’m a little bit rusty, so Ellen is being really patient, but I’m kinda getting it. Yeah.

Ellen: Don’t listen to her. She–she still got it.

[ Laughter ]

Ridge: I know that better than anyone.

Ellen: Yeah. Oh? [ Laughs ] Look at that. A little flirty.

Ellen: Oh, you know, I want your eyes to meet across the room.

Ridge: You want me to look at my hot wife? I can do that, one of my favorite things to do.

Quinn: And this has to end. And eventually, we’re going to have our last kiss. And say… goodbye.

Carter: Just a kiss?

Quinn: Oh.

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B&B Best Lines Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Carter and Quinn kissing on B&B 7/20/21

Best Lines provided by Suzanne

Finn: I can’t believe you showed up with exactly what we needed.

Steffy: And the exact moment we needed it. And our favorite place, no less.

Finn: Yeah, you even got us our favorite kind.

Steffy: [ Laughs ]

Paris: Well, when the sign says, “Malibu Fish Tacos”, you get with the fish tacos.

Finn: And now, Steffy’s stuck. There’s no getting rid of me now that we have this beautiful family.

Steffy: As if I’d try.

Finn: Well, you could always send Paris to Paris. Is that redundant?

Steffy: What?

Finn: [ Laughs ] What?

Steffy: No. I’m sorry. He’s trying to work out the dad jokes.

Finn: [ Laughs ]

Paris: Wow.

Steffy: Wow is right.

Paris: [ Laughs ]

Brooke: Eric. Not that I’m happily anticipating or anything, but, uh, how’s the divorce going with Quinn?

Ridge: That’s subtle. Real subtle.

Brooke: I agree. I mean, there’s no telling what Quinn might’ve done to seduce him. She’s always had a roving eye and that’ll never change.

Eric: I know how we all love to speculate about things that are none of our business in other people’s lives but, uh, a dress over Carter’s couch doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a woman there.

Brooke: And, you said that the dress looked too small for Carter, so who could it be?

Steffy: There’s only two things I need.

Paris: Okay.

Steffy: One, you need to chill and make yourself at home.

Paris: Oh, you’re driving a hard bargain there.

[ Laughter ]

Steffy: And two, what’s mine is yours.

Paris: [ Chuckles ]

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

Carter: You’re beautiful. Inside and out.

Quinn: I almost believe that when I’m with you.

Carter: Believe it. You’re an incredible woman, Quinn. You’re warm and funny. You’re talented and creative. You’re sexy as hell. I never wanna hear you doubt your worth again.

Finn: That was so good.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: I can’t believe you showed up with exactly what we needed.

Steffy: And the exact moment we needed it. And our favorite place, no less.

Finn: Yeah, you even got us our favorite kind.

Steffy: [ Laughs ]

Paris: Well, when the sign says, “Malibu fish tacos”, you get with the fish tacos.

Steffy: Yeah. This would’ve been enough to be our hero. And then, you top it off and you sing to our baby Hayes.

Finn: Yeah, after his parents failed to quiet him down.

Steffy: I know. You come here and you have all the updates for the Forrester Foundation. I’m impressed. You’re a rock star.

Paris: Thanks for the props, but I’m just glad I could help. I can’t imagine how hard it is to manage Kelly, a newborn, and your jobs.

Finn: Hmm, it is challenging.

Steffy: Yeah, we’re working off of no sleep.

Finn: But hey, I’m having the time of my life.

Paris: Aw.

Steffy: You are so adorable.

Paris: Definitely a keeper.

Steffy: [ Laughs ]

Finn: And now, Steffy’s stuck. There’s no getting rid of me now that we have this beautiful family.

Steffy: As if I’d try.

Paris: You guys are so lucky. Family is everything.

Steffy: You miss your sister.

Paris: More than I thought I would, actually. [ Scoffs ] When I went to college, I didn’t really see much of her, and then I came to la and moved in with her, started working at Forrester, we spend a lot of time together. And now, I guess I’m just really feeling her not being here.

Finn: Well, you could always send Paris to Paris. Is that redundant?

Steffy: What?

Finn: [ Laughs ] What?

Steffy: No. I’m sorry. He’s trying to work out the dad jokes.

Finn: [ Laughs ]

Paris: Wow.

Steffy: Wow is right.

Paris: [ Laughs ]

Brooke: Eric. Not that I’m happily anticipating or anything, but, uh, how’s the divorce going with Quinn?

Ridge: That’s subtle. Real subtle.

Brooke: I’m not gonna pretend that I’m not excited to have that woman out of Eric’s life and out of our family for good.

Eric: Well, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to wait a little longer. We’re just at the beginning of this whole thing.

Ridge: Can I ask you something, Dad? You love this woman. You’re okay with all this?

Eric: Quinn and I are well and truly over.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] Well, that is music to my ears. But I don’t think she’s gonna walk away without a fight for some kind of settlement. She’s not gonna be happy just ending up with nothing after being a Forrester for so many years.

Eric: Yes. I think you’re right about that. But, um… Carter is on top of it. I’ll leave her in his capable hands.

Quinn: Don’t you know just what to say.

Carter: I’m only speaking the truth.

Quinn: Uh-hmm. No. Your sincerity… is one of the most beautiful things about you. The fact that– that you hold me in such a high esteem, I– I’m touched. And you know it goes both ways. But this– this incredible moment, this–this connection–

Carter: Is deep and profound.

Quinn: And it’s too costly, Carter. And you have too much at stake. There are times, I wonder…

Paris: Sleeping like the angel he is. How can you guys stand the preciousness?

Finn: Oh, I know. Hayes is the most beautiful, amazing child ever born.

Paris: [ Laughs ]

Steffy: He said modestly.

Paris: No, it’s true. I want one just like him some day.

Finn: So you want kids?

Paris: A family. I want what I’m looking at. What you guys have.

Steffy: My advice? Be patient. This was a long time coming.

Paris: Obviously, it was worth the wait.

Steffy: Oh, without a doubt.

Finn: Uh-hmm. Well, you took your sweet time coming into my life. I mean, I’d almost given up hope in finding someone to commit my life to, and then, Steffy, she came crashing into my ER.

Steffy: Oh, yeah. What turned out to be the worst day of my life ended up being the best. I found my future when I wasn’t even looking or conscious, actually. [ Laughter ]

Finn: Oh, I knew as soon as I laid eyes on Steffy that my life had been changed forever.

Steffy: [ Chuckles ]

Finn: And something, uh, inside of me just recognized that you were the woman I was meant to be with… and here you are. You, me, Kelly, and Baby Hayes completes our circle.

Paris: You both chose well.

Ridge: I’m glad you’ve given Carter another chance. He screwed up, but he is remorseful.

Brooke: I agree. I mean, there’s no telling what Quinn might’ve done to seduce him. She’s always had a roving eye and that’ll never change. You know, I–I think she just gets bored.

Eric: And it’s exhausting and I don’t wanna put up with it anymore. At least Carter’s not wasting any time moving on.

Brooke: Right?

Ridge: It did seem like he was entertaining somebody else.

Brooke: Hmm, what was your first clue? The fact that he was shirtless or that there was a dress draped over the couch?

Ridge: I was just wondering who it might be, that’s all.

Brooke: Uh-hmm.

Carter: So, after everything you lost, because of this, because of us, you– you’re concerned about me.

Quinn: Why should we both lose everything? You’re COO and lead counsel of Forrester Creations. I mean, you have such a huge future ahead of you and, uh, I don’t wanna ruin that because we can’t stay away from each other.

Carter: But doesn’t that mean something?

Quinn: Yes, it means that we can’t explore it. Look at what just happened. [ Laughs ] I mean, that was a close call, pun intended.

Carter: Okay. Yeah, I have to admit, I freaked out when I saw Eric on the video.

Quinn: Yeah. And then, Ridge saw my dress behind you. If I hadn’t jumped out of the way in so quickly, it would have been disastrous., Eric’s forgiveness and acceptance for you is based on you never seeing me again. I shouldn’t even be here. I have brought nothing but chaos into your life.

Carter: That’s not true.

Quinn: Carter.

Carter: It’s a little true.

Quinn: Oh, come on. Hey, it’s Quinn, the human wrecking ball. I heard Eric’s voice on that phone… and I thought about… all the years we’ve spent together. We were so happy. So happy. And I– I should’ve guarded that with my life. But what did I do? I–I– I destroyed it. I didn’t just destroy it, I hurt the sweetest, kindest man who’s never done anything but give me just pure love in my life. And I am so afraid that I’m gonna do the same thing to you. I care too much about you to let that happen.

Eric: I know how we all love to speculate about things that are none of our business in other people’s lives but, uh, a dress over Carter’s couch doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a woman there.

Brooke: And, you said that the dress looked too small for Carter, so who could it be?

Eric: [ Laughs ] So? It could be a million other things.

Ridge: Yes. Such as, go ahead. What–what is your opinion? You obviously wanna say something.

Brooke: [ Laughs ] Oh, me?

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Oh, I don’t know. Uh, I guess, why not, right? He’s single, he’s not with Zoe anymore, she moved to Paris, and maybe, this is exactly what he needs. I–I don’t…

Ridge: Or maybe Dad is right. That there are a million reasons why there could be a dress in his apartment. Maybe Carter is just sitting there alone trying to pick up the pieces.

Quinn: You didn’t ask for me. I just showed up [ Chuckles ] And almost tore down everything you’ve spent so many years to build.

Carter: You act like I wasn’t in the room. I was with you, Quinn. I was close so I felt your breath on my skin, kissing you, touching you… making love to you. Those are all choices that I made just like you.

Quinn: And did you not see how I destroyed my marriage to the kindest most forgiving man in the world? You have to do what Eric says. You–you– you can’t see me anymore.

Carter: It’s not that easy. Quinn, I’ve never met a woman like you, I’ve never experienced anything like what happens when we’re together.

Quinn: [ Sighs ]

Carter: I can’t get you out of my head. And I know this shouldn’t happen… but I don’t want it to end.

Paris: Oh, this view is everything. You got the ocean. Oh, a private beach.

Steffy: Yeah, I love it here.

Finn: I know, right? Me, too.

Paris: I mean, what’s not to love? It’s like a permanent vacation. It sure as heck beats the convenience store view from Zoe’s apartment. [ Laughter ] Um, but I had thought about the Foundation. We should create an online platform that enables us to tell stories inspiring people to help and reach out. But these would be like ordinary people, not Forrester business associates.

Steffy: Yeah, I–I like it. Do you have a proposal?

Paris: No, not yet. Uh, there’s just a lot going on.

Finn: What’s been going on?

Paris: [ Sighs ] Well, it was a curve ball when Zoe decided she wasn’t gonna come back to la, so everything’s fallen on me. I have to vacate her apartment, put all of her stuff in storage, and find my own place. And, you know, it’s just been hard, especially because la is so expensive, especially on the west side where I’d like to be. And I don’t know. I just kind of like a vagabond, living with my life in the trunk of my car.

Steffy: Seriously?

Paris: Unfortunately.

Steffy: You must be under a lot of stress now that Zoe decided to stay in Paris.

Paris: I mean, yeah, it–it’s just–it was jarring, but don’t worry. I’ll be fine.

Finn: Are you still in the apartment?

Paris: No, I left. Now, I’m in a hotel.

Steffy: You’re in a hotel?

Paris: Yeah, but it’s only until I find a place.

Steffy: Paris, would you like to stay with us?

Paris: I couldn’t have heard you right.

Finn: No, we’d love for you to stay here.

Steffy: Yeah. We don’t want you sleeping at a hotel with half your stuff in a car.

Finn: Yeah, and there’s plenty of room.

Steffy: Even if it’s for a few days until you get situated.

Paris: Oh, no, I couldn’t impose on you like that.

Steffy: We’re offering. That’s what Forresters do. We look out for one another. I mean, if you’re cool with, like, two kids screaming 24/7.

Paris: Oh, I–I–I love kids. Screaming and all.

Finn: But what–what– what is it?

Paris: I don’t know. I–I guess I’m just still getting used to the fact that Zoe is not coming back to la and I guess I’m just feeling alone, and then you guys reach out with all this love and generosity.

Finn: So, will you stay?

Paris: [ Sighs ] Okay. If–if you mean it, I promise I won’t be an imposition. Or–or outstay my welcome. I will be out of here as soon as I find a place. And I’ll–I’ll pitch in around here, I’ll help in with the kids and help with the housework.

Steffy: No, you don’t have to do that. You’re our guest.

Finn: Yes. And you can take as much or as little time as you need.

Steffy: There’s only two things I need.

Paris: Okay.

Steffy: One, you need to chill and make yourself at home.

Paris: Oh, you’re driving a hard bargain there.

[ Laughter ]

Steffy: And two, what’s mine is yours.

Paris: [ Chuckles ] Wow. This is the nicest thing that anyone’s ever done for me. Thank you, Steffy.

Steffy: Of course. Oh, my gosh. We’re–we’re so happy to help you.

Paris: You, too.

Finn: What Steffy said.

Eric: I don’t understand what’s taking Carter so long.

Ridge: You seem to be in quite a hurry, Dad.

Eric: [ Sighs ] Look, I wanna get this whole thing started, this whole divorce proceeding. And I want us to talk about the future of the jewelry line.

Brooke: Really sounds like you’re hoping Carter sticks it to Quinn.

Quinn: You have been… such a revelation to me, Carter. I have never known a man like you before. And I wanna know everything there is to know about you. Hmm. But it can’t be. I have to let you go. Otherwise, I’m gonna ruin your life. It’s my special talent.

Carter: Stop putting yourself down. Quinn, you’re a wonderful, talented, complex woman. You’ve captured me. My imagination. You–you’re in my head all the time.

Quinn: [ Laughs ] Same here. The man that you are, everything that you stand for, everything that you’ve worked years and years to accomplish… it’s all gonna be gone because of me. And you know what? Won’t even be worth it because I’m just gonna hurt you the way I’ve hurt every other man who’s ever been in my life. And you’re just gonna end up hating me in the end. And I couldn’t stand that because I care too much about you. You know I’m right. [ Sighs ] I’m always right.

Carter: Not this time.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] I shouldn’t even be here. I just… just wanted to see you one last time.

Carter: I’m glad you did.

Quinn: Then this is it. Goodbye.

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B&B Short Recap Monday, July 19, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Real life fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth takes photos of Brooke in a shoot for a magazine. Ridge comes in and says hi to their “old friend.” He makes flirty comments about Brooke, so Ellen insists that he get in the shot with Brooke. Ridge didn’t know about the shoot, so Brooke flirts back with her and they kiss. Later, they see the online photos and realize that they were mislabeled, saying that Ridge and Brooke are Co-CEO’s. Ridge knows that Steffy might be upset if she sees that. Meanwhile, Carter and Quinn try to say goodbye, but they make love twice instead. Quinn feels “at peace” about ending her marriage because of Carter. She no longer feels the pressure of being married to Eric and not measuring up.

At Forrester, Paris tells Zende that she was just on the phone to a moving company because the lease is almost up on Zoe’s place. They discuss the scandal with, Quinn and Carter. At home, Finn suggests to Steffy that they get married right now, but she wants a big wedding and to meet his parents. He wonders if Liam is the reason for the delay, but she assures him he’s not.

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