GH Short Recap Friday, September 23, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Lucy tells Anna and Valentin that she doesn’t want to be rescued because she is very close to Victor telling her his big plan.

Elizabeth tells Finn that she saw the face of the woman at the bottom of the stairs, but she doesn’t know the identity of the woman. Elizabeth sees the picture of the woman on Finn’s phone and he tells her that is his deceased wife Rieko so Elizabeth pretends to have a headache and tells Finn she is going home. Elizabeth looks through old photos and finds a picture of her and her sister Sarah and on the back of the picture it says it was taken in the Mariana islands in Guam in 1997,*that is the same place Finn and his wife worked for Doctors without Borders early in their marriage.

Diane arrives at Brando’s garage to talk to Sasha and tells her Martin asked her to file a continuance in her case since he is still out of town. Sonny is still upset with Diane for grilling him on the stand during Michael and Willow’s trial when Nina was trying to get visitation rights with Wiley. Sonny thanks Diane for helping Sasha with her case. Sonny takes Sasha home but tells Dex to wait until Diane finishes looking for the guardianship papers Brando signed and then lock up the garage. Diane is in Brando’s office looking for the papers when the audience sees someone with a hook behind her.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, September 22, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Carly replaces her cell phone and Sonny is finally able to reach her and tell her about Brando’s death. Carly wants to return home, but Sonny tells her she is safer in Jacksonville because Jordan thinks the hook attacker is targeting people close to him. Sonny tells Carly not to return home until it is safe and he will keep her posted on what is going on in Port Charles.

Carly tells her friend Reese’s mother, Mrs. Roberts, that she isn’t going home until she makes sure her mother stays at the cemetery next to the beach where she wanted to be buried.

Victor takes Lucy to the Haunted Star for a private lunch, but then the ship leaves the dock and Victor says soon they will be miles away from Port Charles. Lucy puts coded messages on her Twitter and Anna and Valentin steal a boat to get to the Haunted Star to rescue Lucy. Victor tells Lucy something big is about to happen and he needs her help for his plan to work.

Finn looks at Brando’s autopsy report and the toxin that killed Brandon was venom from a reptile which was used by ancient people to keep away intruders. Kevin puts Elizabeth under hypnosis again and she is able to see the face of the woman at the bottom of the stairs. Elizabeth later draws a sketch of the woman, and the woman looks like the picture of a woman that Finn is looking at on his phone.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Finn doesn’t want Chase to investigate Brando’s death because it could put his reinstatement to the police force in jeopardy.

Sonny and Alexis think Kristina should take a break from her job and come stay with one of them until the hook attacker is caught. Kristina refuses to live in fear and wants to live her life.

Anna tells Valentin that Robert’s people refuse to help her because they are afraid of Victor.

Jordan tells Anna she has decided to stay out of Curtis and Portia’s business and let them be happy.

Valentin demands a visit with Charlotte from Victor but he is only thinking of Lucy.

Chase sings for Curtis hoping he will let him sing at the Savoy.

Victor considers investing in Deception and he invites Lucy to lunch to talk about it. Curtis tells Chase he will sing at the Savoy in the future.

Brando’s autopsy says that what killed Brando was a toxin that was on the hook.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Carly visits the grave of her adoptive mother Virginia Benson and tells her about her life. She also apologizes for not appreciating what a wonderful mother she was and for never listening to her wise advice. Carly finds out from the security guard at the cemetery that she will have to move her mother’s body because the cemetery is being turned into an access road for easier access to the beach. Carly also finds out that the beautification society headed by her friend Reese’s mother is behind the project. Carly decides not to go to Aruba and decides to fight to save the cemetery where her adoptive mother is buried.

Elizabeth tells Finn that while Kevin had her under hypnosis she remembered seeing a woman at the bottom of a staircase but she can’t see the face of the woman or the face of the person who pushed her but she fears that the person who pushed the woman down the stairs was her father Jeff Webber.

Brando has a seizure and coughs blood and Portia tries to save him but, Brando dies and his family says a tearful goodbye to him. Portia and TJ can’t figure out why Brandon died since he survived the surgery and the symptoms Brando had before he died are not consistent with an infection. Portia decides to consult Finn to see if he can find the reason Brandon died.

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GH Short Recap Friday, September 16, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Brad persuades Britt to give Cody a second date despite the fact that Maxie doesn’t think he is a good person anymore. Brad tells Britt if she wants Cody, she should just go get him.

Curtis thinks Jordan lost the divorce papers on purpose because she still has feelings for him and Portia asks Curtis if Jordan had been honest with him and not kept so many secrets would Curtis still be married to her.

Jordan tells Sonny that she thinks the hook attacker is targeting people that are connected to him and she wonders which of his enemies could want to target the people around him. Dante suspects Dex because he happened to be in close proximity when both attacks happened.

Sasha and Gladys both plead with Brando to wake up because they need him. Brando awakens when Sasha talks to him. Portia tells Sonny that Brando’s prognosis is cautiously optimistic and advises him to pray because prayer helps but, she also tells him to be prepared for the worst.

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GH Transcript Friday, September 16, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Sighs ]Last day of pool season. Wasn’t it worth taking the morning off? We’ll see. This pool owes me at least one uneventful day.

[ Scoffs ] Hey, I think the pool did right by you. It gave you more than a tan this summer. So, will we be seeing cowboy cody ambling in this morning? Wasn’t I promised mimosas? Your wish is my command. You need only bask.

[ Laughing ] I see what you do there. Yeah. You see? Yeah, you did. Oh. [ Chuckles ]

[ Scoffs ] Prosecco, not champagne. Do you even have to ask? Selena: I pegged you as more bitter than sweet. Hey. Howdy. How was the first night in the new pad? Uh…cut short. My cousin brando was attacked last night. Oh, man. Brando… that’s, um, married to the model, right?

[ Horse neighing ] Yeah. I’m sorry about that. Uh, is he — is he gonna be okay? I don’t know. He’s in surgery. Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. Can you tell me where you were last night? Curtis. What brings you here? Breakfast for portia. She’s been at it all night. That’s very kind of you. Yeah. I’m guessing you’re here because of brando. That’s terrible news. Yes, it is. I’ve gotta catch this person before they strike again.

[ Elevator bell dings ] City’s already on edge. Yeah. Good luck with that. You, too. Luck? Do I need it? You tell me. Gladys: What is taking so long? Why haven’t they told us anything about brando yet? These things take time. You gotta — we’re gonna have to just stay positive. Well, I– I’d rather stay informed. I mean, can’t you do something? You’re a big-shot donor here. He’s your family.

[ Sighs ] Okay, listen, I’m going to go — I’m going to check, okay? See what I can find out.

[ Whispers ] I can’t believe we’re here again. What’s that, sweetheart? I can’t believe we’re here again. Dex: Boss. You stay out of sight like I told you to? Joss never saw me. The dorm was pretty secure, but I kept watch on her room all night. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let that maniac hurt anybody I care about again.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hi. Any word on brando? Uh… I was just going to ask the nurse. You — how are you? I’m not great. I mean, I’m worried about sasha. I’m praying for brando. I’m not great. I’m okay, though. And I want you to stay that way. You understand me? Kristina: Hey. I thought you could use this, gladys. Any news? Not yet. Thank you, kristina.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Bye, basking. No need to stop on my account. Then let’s just get this over with. You don’t want me hanging out with brad. On the contrary, dr. Westbourne, I’ve come to realize that your association with my nephew has its advantages. Because I helped convince him to work for you? Not my finest hour. But look how bradley’s thriving. You’ve proved to be a good friend to him. One who caved under pressure. Because I mentioned lisbon in 2016? You were free to ignore my wishes and risk exposure of the incident in question. The fact that you chose the more prudent choice makes me more supportive of your friendship with my nephew. Miss wu, being your errand boy is only a temporary position for brad. You may have your hooks in him now, but I assure you, he’s his own man. Aunt selena, I — I wasn’t expecting you. Can I get you a mimosa? Hey, oh, have mine. All right, listen, I’m sorry about what happened to your cousin, but I didn’t have anything to do with that. You know that, right? Of course I know you didn’t have anything to do with it. Cody, I’m trying to see if you got an alibi. Probably not. You know, unless they can take statements from the horses. I made sure they were ready for bed, I did my walk through, and I went up to my room. No one can verify that. Nope. I don’t have an alibi for an attack on a total stranger that I’ve never even met. So what now? The chief of detectives going to interrogate me in person this time? Leo: Did you bring the lumps of sugar? Oh, I’ve got them. Maybe I should have worn different shoes for this. Like cowboy boots? Never! Except if they had fringes or maybe some studs. I bet chase would like that. You know, smarty pants, you’re right. I already feel lucky. I’d feel even luckier if we got those divorce papers resigned and filed. I, um, couldn’t help but notice some tension between you and sonny at trina’s party the other night. Everything okay? It’s nothing. I didn’t look like nothing.

[ Inhales deeply ] Uh, are you asking as the commissioner or as my wife?

[ Scoffs ] Neither. I’m asking as your friend. Sonny and I, we’re good. We just had a difference of opinion about favors. Why the interest? Just a renewed curiosity in the state of sonny corinthos’ relationships, friends and enemies. You may not be the only person sonny’s gotten on the wrong side of lately. Both ava and brando have close ties to sonny and both were attacked. Right. It could be a coincidence, or it could be that a pattern is emerging. I can’t speak to that. Portia’s breakfast is getting cold. I need to get going. Yeah, of course. But, curtis… are we good? Jordan a few days ago, I would have said absolutely. And now? You know what? I honestly am not sure anymore. Dr. Chang just finished operating, and he — he wanted me to let you know that your husband, he made it through the surgery. Thank god.

[ Exhales deeply ] How is brando doing? The damage, I– I– it was extensive. But the doctor, he — he was able to repair it. The good news is mr. Corbin is strong, and he’s in good health. And the bad news, dr. Robinson? What’s that?

There are always concerns after a major surgery such as brando’S. But I wouldn’t categorize it as — as bad news. These are just cautions. Like what? Well, one of the common concerns after a surgery like this would be sepsis — when chemicals released in the bloodstream to fight infection actually end up triggering inflammation. But it is highly, highly unlikely. We’re keeping a very close eye on him. Can we see him? Family only, a-and just one person at a time. Thank you, dr. Robinson. You know what, um, I got something I got to take care of, so I’ll be right back. Yeah, go. Sonny: Dr. Robinson, I want to thank you for the way you handled, you know, sasha and my cousin gladys. They were terrified. You were very calm. And I appreciate that. There’s no need to thank me, mr. Corinthos. That’s part of doing my job. Yeah. Yeah, I know. But you got a good way about you, and you’re very direct. So I’m going to be very direct with you right now. I want you to tell me — what are the chances of my cousin pulling through? Dante: So, what did you do here last night? Did you call anyone? Send any emails? I watched tv. Dante, what the hell’s going on, man? I’m trying to help you establish an alibi. Okay, I already told you. I don’t think you had anything to do with these attacks. Thank you. Now tell your boss to back off. Well, he’s my boss so he’s not going to listen to me, but he’s going to run the investigation how he sees fit. By turning it around on me? Man, I don’t need this aggravation. I don’t — I don’t need to be on the chief of detectives’ radar. All right? I just want to do my own thing and keep it moving. Brook lynn: Yoo-hoo, buckaroos. Hey, what’s going on? What’s up, little man? How’s comet today? He’s great. He’s missing his buddy, though. I’ll tell you that much. He’s out back. I was about to feed him. You wanna… help me? I got sugar cubes.

[ Giggles ] Let’s get to it. Brook lynn: [ Laughs ] Yay. Have fun.

[ Horse neighs ] I hope we didn’t interrupt. Dante: Nah! Brooke lynn, I’m always happy to see you. Oh, yeah, you liar. So anyways, what is this I hear about you and a change of address? Wh– how did — [ Sighs ] Chase. Well, I also — I do live with your mom, remember? That’s true. I’m up on all things dante. Oh, good, good. That’s good to know.

[ Chuckles ] But congratulations, though, really. I think it’s great that you and sam are moving in together. Thank you. Hey, back at you. You and chase, took you long enough, huh?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. All right, I gotta go. Uh, tell cody I’ll catch him later and not to sweat it. Okay. I’ll see you. Bye. I keep my mind sharp. Oh, uh, can I get you some coffee? Something to eat? A chaise? That isn’t necessarily, bradley. I’m just passing through. Right. The high roller from houston. Since you’re a cocktail aficionado, one day brad must introduce you to the green dragon. Always a pleasure, dr. Westbourne

[ Sighs ] The green dragon. Yeah, it’s a green drink, popular in china. Herbal liqueur makes it an acquired taste. Like your aunt.

[ Exhales deeply ] Well, on the bright side, I think she’s starting to warm up to you. She doesn’t like me any more than she likes you. We’re just useful to her. How are you useful to my aunt selena? I thought we were in a good place. So did I, until I realized we were still married. So this is about the divorce papers? I apologized, curtis. You seemed to understand. I accepted your apology. I never once said I understand.

[ Scoffs ] Jordan, how come you didn’t get back to me when you learned about those papers? You didn’t — you didn’t pick up your phone and call me. You didn’t send me a message. Nothing. Instead, I had to come to you. But bo ttom line, we discoveredthe mistake before your wedding. So it’s all good, right? Is it? Have I given you any other reason to think otherwise? Actually, yes. You forget, jordan, I know you. And I know how organized you are to a fault. But yet, one of the most important documents of our lives gets lost on your watch. You know good and well what kind of time I was going through. I was very ill. Right. Right. That’s what I keep trying to tell myself. That that’s all it was. What else would it be?

[ Sighs deeply ] Answer this for me honestly, jordan. How do you feel about portia and me getting married? I want you to be happy. You know that. That’s not what I asked you. Jordan, I need you to level with me, okay? You know how important honesty is to me. Does portia know that? What’s that supposed to mean?

First you tell me. What were you and aunt selena talking about? Just business. Mm. So, life as a foot soldier for auntie dearest is working out for you? It’s like I said before, okay? Things are going surprisingly well. I’m no longer feeling aimless, and I am definitely not bored. She hasn’t asked you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, right? You would tell me if she did. I’m adapting, so far, I don’t hate it. I mean [Chuckles] What more can I say? Do you regret working for her? I’m fine. Why? I’m just checking up on my bestie. Where’s dante? He leave? Yeah, he said to tell you, “don’t sweat it.” What exactly are you sweating, cody? Yeah, what are you sweating, cody? I made a big mistake, bud. I broke something very important to me. But I think I might have fixed it. You be careful? Mm-hmm. All right. Here. Careful. Wa– um.

[ Horse neighing ] You won this?

[ Cellphone rings ] I did when I was about your age. Yeah, I think I need to change my shoes. If you gotta take off, I got leo.

[ Ringing continues ] You good here, leo? With cody? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, buddy. Hey, you. You won this in a competition? Well, you know, someone once told me that you, uh, you earn your trophies during practice. You just pick them up at competitions. What do you mean? It’s kinda like winning or losing. It all comes down to how well you prepare ahead of time. I never forgot that. I never will. Neither will I. Just give it to me straight. Should I be preparing sasha and gladys? Mr. Corinthos, you know I can’t tell you this. I’m — I’m not asking you to give up. I’m just — I just want to be ready. I get it. Okay. I’ll give you this. These, um, type of wounds can have complications. It’s not unreasonable to be prepared. Are you a praying man? Yes, I am. Prayer helps. And I have every reason for cautious optimism. Thank you. Now,

if you’ll excuse me,I’ve been here all night, and I’m gonna grab some breakfast. You know what? You’ve helped my cousin so much. Breakfast is on me. People getting married should be on the same page. We weren’t, and it was our downfall. And that’s why this time I wanted to do something differently. Portia and I have been completely transparent with each other. If you say so. You know, that’s the second time you’ve made a comment like that. Do you think because our marriage failed, that portia and i can’t succeed? Or do you just not want us to?

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Hi, babe. Any word on who attacked brando? Nothing new yet. So, uh, where you off to? Oh, I was just gonna grab a quick bite. Quick enough? Oh, my god. Yes. Thank you so much.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Ohh. Oh. Oh, uh, sonny, I’m sorry to hear about your cousin. Appreciate that. Good to see you, jordan. Mr. Corinthos. I’m not used to seeing you this way. What way is that? Rattled. It’s been a long night. Hey. Hey. How’s brando? Yeah, well, you know, surgery went well. Good. Glad to hear that. Are sasha and mrs. Corbin around? Yeah, they’re on their way to the icu. Okay. I’d like to ask them a few questions. Now — no. That’s not a good idea. They’ve had a rough night. You’re gonna have to… make do with me. So, what’s up with cody, hmm? Are you gonna give him a second date? We’re in a holding pattern since cody is considering leaving port charles. What? Why? H-he’s got a good job, a cushy living situation in the quartermaine manse, no less, and he’s dating a bombshell. Why would he want to leave? The pcpd has been asking too many questions about him. You got to sit upright, but you still got to look relaxed. So here’s a trick. You pretend that you got a string tied to your head that’s pulling you up. But then you got to relax your butt into the saddle.

[ Chuckles ] You’re a natural, bud. Then what? Uh, well, then you take your horse to go do some tests, like different gaits, which is like how they walk, in big circles with minimal aid. The point of these competitions is to show control and mastery of the horse. Who taught you all this? Um, there was a horse trainer on the estate that I grew up on. He, uh — he taught me everything he knew about horses, which was quite a lot. He was the closest thing to a father I had. My dad isn’t my birth father, either. But he’s kind, too. Then I guess we’re both lucky, huh, leo?

[ Imitates explosion ] So, are you gonna tell me what sonny and I walked in on earlier or what? Just some housekeeping with jordan. Hm! The divorce papers, huh?

[ Inhales sharply ] Among other things. Oh, no. No, no. Curtis, you didn’T. Look. Honey! I’m not saying jordan intentionally misplaced those papers, right?

[ Sighs ] But after talking with you and tj… I’m beginning to think it’s a real possibility. Wait a second. What did tj say? He didn’t say anything about the divorce specifically, but it’s clear that jordan is throwing herself into work and neglecting her personal life. Well, maybe she’s just not ready to get out there just yet. Right. I mean, with work, she probably has no time to even sleep, much less meet up with someone new for a coffee date. Hey. You okay? Hm. I guess I’m more freaked out than I’m willing to admit. I can’t believe I saw that psycho stab brando. You saw who did it? Not clearly. The alley’s not lit, and it was pouring down rain. Also, you were probably in shock. Has that ever happened to you? First couple times I saw action. Takes a while to learn how to focus in stressful situations. Well, it’s a good thing you were there when ava was stabbed. I heard you were calm and collected. You know how they say a swan glides along the surface but is paddling furiously underneath? So you’re not as unruffled as you seem? Half of keeping your cool is faking it. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve definitely had my fill of horrible situations. That’s too bad. I hope you never have to see anything like that again, but if you do, just keep paddling. Alright. I’ll be right here. Are you also going in? Doctor said one at a time. I-I’ll go in after sasha. No. Gladys, it’s okay. You go in first. Thanks, baby.

[ Monitor beeping ] What can I do? Tell that it’s not gonna happen again… that I won’t lose brando, too. Well, dr. Robinson said that he — he’s doing fine. A-and think about everything that brando has to live for, with you being at the top of that list. Uh, it’S… it’s like when I brought you home as a newborn. I was so afraid to hurt you. This time, you’re already hurt. Tell me who hurt you, sweetheart. Tell your ma. Open your — your big blue eyes… and tell me who put you in this bed. So I can hunt them down and give them an ounce of the hell I’m going through now.

they don’t give out trophieswhere I go to ride. Are there any competitions in port charles? That’s a good question. I’ll find out if there’s a local chapter of the stirrup society. What’s that? Well, it’s an organization for kids that teaches riding and sportsmanship and how to take care of horses. You already taught me all that stuff. Yeah, but you could learn a lot more if you took some lessons with the stirrup society. They do events like riding events and competitions. I’ll, uh, maybe take you to one. Yeah! I’m gonna go tell comet! You’re so good with him. Oh, nah, he’s — he’s good with me. Leo’s one of the only people I don’t have to pretend with. You do a lot of pretending? Well, you know, new guy in town, it’s kind of hard to try and make a good impression. It seems like you’ve succeeded. Olivia adores you. Sam and dante. Britt’s not complaining — much.

[ Both laugh ] Yeah, dante and i go way back. Not too many people give me multiple chances. Sometimes it seems easier just to start over than to try to fix something that’s broken. Yeah, I’ve been there. I’ve run away. But wherever I’ve arrived, there I was. Damn, ms. Quartermaine. You’ve got layers!

[ Laughs ] That’s an understatement. Look, cody, I don’t know what you’re facing, but everyone in this house is really glad you’re here. Hope you stick around. Then he threatened to punch mac scorpio and maxie walked in. Ooh. Wait. Wasn’t maxie on team cody? Not anymore. Look, as a town pariah, I’m experiencing a sympathy cringe here. I mean, cody’s reaction makes sense. Hearing you’re a person of interest in a brutal attack would put anyone on edge, especially when you don’t know the victim. Which was my point to maxie, but she wasn’t having it. Now she thinks cody’s not worth my time. Maxie’s cool and all, but judging from her last fiancé, she might not be the best source for romantic advice. And we are? Hey! Speak for yourself. I just exchanged numbers with the guy over at the bar earlier. The mojo is back. Okay. Who says “mojo”? Whatever! Charisma. Magnetism. Uh…swagger. Hmm? You know who else has swagger? Don’t say it. No. Mm-hmm. Face it, britt. You are drawn to that big, brash bull of a man. So why not just cast aside all doubt and take cody bell by the horns?! Okay, granted, jordan is a busy woman, but whether or not she’s dating is not an indicator if she’s over me or not. But you seem to feel like she isn’T. Well, you brought it up first. You tell me. I’m wondering why it even matters at this point. Because it would explain why I get the sense that jordan is holding something back when it comes to those papers. Okay, look, I believe that jordan, you know, she does still harbor feelings for you, but I don’t get the sense that she’s angling, trying to get you back. Then why won’t she file those divorce papers? Okay. Okay. Let’s say that she intentionally “lost” the divorce papers and she wants you back. Would that change things for you? Uh, where’s kristina? How’s she doing? She’s on the 10th floor. Why don’t you go on up and I’ll meet you there? Okay. Yeah. Sounds good. I’ll see ya. Alright? Can you tell me anything about brando that might help? Any disgruntled employees? How’s his relationship with sasha? Everybody loved brando. He didn’t have an enemy in the world. What about cyrus renault? He used to work for him at some point. Are you looking at cyrus? I’m looking at every possible scenario, including a possible link to you. Have you been having any business problems lately? I mean, you know, just the normal ones. But brando doesn’t work for me. Ava doesn’t work for me. You want to help me find this maniac? Stop stonewalling. Because right now the only connection I can find between brando and ava is you. So, I usually go to perks, but this place is right around the corner from my building, so I figured, why not? Well, after waiting in line for nearly 10 minutes to overpay for a “pour over” coffee this big, now I know why not.

[ Laughs ] I know the place that you’re talking about. Corner of 8th and van ness? That’s it. The most pretentious, ridiculous — hey. Kristina. Hey. Hey. You been here all night or what? Where else would I be? Um, brando made it through surgery. Yeah, I heard. How are you holding up? I mean, it’s been rough, but dex has been helping me get my mind off of it and I’m just trying to chill. Oh. Yeah, dex. He’s a real great guy, this guy, isn’t he? You seem to be everywhere these days, huh? -It’s what I’m paid for. -Really? Did you know he works for sonny? I did. Yeah. Wait. Was one of your jobs to protect the family? Which I do when called upon. Huh. No one in your family is at risk for me. Oh, really? Well, we both know that isn’t entirely true, right? How’s he doing? Not in any pain that I can tell. Well, that’s good. Ohh. We’re taking it all for him. I would take it all if I could. How’s she? Desperate not to lose him. Makes two of us. You go to bat for everyone around you. Me. Gladys. Sonny and his family. I know that it must be exhausting for you. I know that

i must be exhausting. But I’m gonna have to ask you to rally one more time, brando. Fight! I need you to fight for me. I know that you’re tired. And I know that you’re hurting. But I need you to push through, okay? Fight. For me. And I pr omise you that you don’thave to worry about me anymore. I will do everything that I have to to get better… for you. You’re deserve the best. Because you are the best. And I believe in you, brando. I believe in you more than I have ever believed in anyone or anything.

Why would I agree to a second date with someone who’s ready to run as soon as there’s trouble? But he hasn’t, right? Cody’s still in port charles. For the moment. But they all leave eventually. Cody might be different. Maxie thinks cody’s up to no good.

[ Chuckles ] Like that’s a deal-breaker. No disrespect to maxie or anyone else, but come on. If you like the guy, if you think you two might be good together, then take a shot. Don’t freeze him out. Bradley! Are you advising me to give him the benefit of the doubt? Yeah. Novel concept. I know.

[ Laughs ] Brad. Hmm? Thanks for saying I’m a bombshell.

[ Scoffs ] Don’t be so modest. Go get your swagger on, girl. You know you can melt dry ice.

[ Laughs ] And besides, you’re always looking out for me. Least I can do is thank you for it. I told comet we’re going to join the stirrup society! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on there, partner. I said we could go watch. There’s a big difference. Besides, you’re gonna need your parents’ permission to participate. They’ll say yes, especially after I explain why they should.

[ Chuckles ] I thought I was the only one who could play my dad like a fiddle. Well, leo, a competition takes a lot of training and practice. You sure you’re up for that? Cody will train me. Well, have you asked him? He might have stuff to do. Cody, will you train me? I already know where I’ll put my trophy, but I can’t do it without you. You won’t have to, bud. Well, this is not the conversation I expected to have this morning. Neither did I. But we’re in it now. What if jordan wants you back, curtis? Jordan and I loved each other and we fought hard to be together. And that type of love doesn’t just vanish when you move on? No, it does not. I will always care for her. We built a history together. But, baby… that’s exactly what it is. It’s history. It’s in the past. You…are my future. My beautiful, exciting new future. You once viewed a future with jordan, though, didn’t you? That was before I realized we had fundamental differences, before I learned of all the secrets she kept. Baby, this is not about how jordan feels about me. This is about how

we feel about each other. I couldn’t be with someone like jordan because I could never build a future with someone who would have a problem being truthful with me. But… what if jordan was truthful with you? What if she was honest with you about everything? Would you two still be together? Both victims are related to you in some way. True. Brando’s my cousin, and ava’s the mother of my child. But that could just be a coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences. Do you? Look, sonny, I’m doing my best here, but you got to help me out. How? Tell me what’s going on. I’ve heard things haven’t been going right with your business. You know what? The regular up-and-down, you know? Nothing major. Sonny. Is it possible your family could be under attack? Okay. Listen to me. Do you have any evidence to suggest that? No, but why else would the person who targeted ava also attack brando? What if this is just the beginning? So, brando and i caught dex here, uh, threatening michael in the quartermaine stables. Is that true? I misinterpreted something that your father said about michael, and I decided to follow up. Hmm. I thought I was showing initiative, but I thought wrong. Initiative. Yeah, so he got upset that we intervened, and then he got upset that brando mentioned it to sonny. Mr. Corinthos and i worked that out. So did brando and I. Well, good. Well, if dad trusts dex, then that’s good enough for me. It’s j– it’s funny. Like, this guy is literally everywhere something happens. At the picnic right after ava gets stabbed. It’s a good thing. I saved her life. In the alleyway right after brando gets stabbed. Are you accusing me of something, detective? Dex, is that offer for coffee still on the table? That depends. We’ll go to perks, not the place on van ness. We good here? Yeah. Yeah, for now. Great. Let’s go. I’m sorry for pushing you away. And I’m sorry for… wasting time that… that I should have spent being with you. I’m sorry for every time I didn’t tell you how much I love you. I can’t lose you, too, brando. Please. Please come back to me.

[ Sobbing ] I can’t do this without you.

[ Gasps ] Brando? Brando?

[ Exhales sharply ] Brando. Hi.

[ Laughs ] Hi.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, September 15, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Carly sees the mother of her best friend when she was sixteen years old. Carly’s best friend’s nickname was Carly and her mother is upset that Carly is using her deceased daughter’s nickname. The woman is also upset that Carly slept with her husband when he was forty and Carly was sixteen years old. The woman also blames Carly for the car accident that caused the death of her daughter since her daughter was so upset that Carly slept with her father that she got in a car and had an accident. The woman tells Carly to get on a plane and leave Jacksonville because she never belonged there.

Nikolas asks Ava to give him another chance because he still loves her and believes they are soul mates.

TJ tells Sasha that the hook broke one of Brando’s ribs, and the piece of bone from his rib punctured his lung. TJ later tells Sasha that they had to stop the surgery until they stabilize Brando’s blood pressure.

Jordan interviews Gladys and Sasha about what happened before Brando was attacked, and Gladys tells Jordan that Josslyn was talking to Dex before she left Charlie’s pub. Rory talks to Josslyn who tells him Dex left his glasses and she wanted to catch up to him to return his, glasses. Josslyn tells Rory she didn’t see anyone in the alley when she left the pub. Michael tells Dex to stay away from Josslyn but that will be hard to do since Sonny wants Dex to discreetly keep an eye on Josslyn while the hook attacker is on the loose.

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GH Transcript Thursday, September 15, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


 I downloaded the syllabus, and I’m already psyched. The reading list sounds super interesting. Are you sure you guys don’t want to take this class with me? “Technology and ethics”? I feel like I can practically teach that class. I’m just surprised you signed up. Well, as a victim of revenge porn, I don’t want to pretend that it didn’t happen, you know? I — if anything, I want to learn as much as humanly possible about ethics and technology. Yeah, that’s how I feel about music theory. Like, I love singing and playing guitar. I just feel like, you know, there’s so much more to learn about what goes behind making music. Yeah. Hey, have you reached out to your out-of-town… I’m glad you joined us. I know you have work later. Well, nowhere else I’d rather be. So, uh, what classes are you excited about? Um, we don’t have to talk about that. Too bad about the rain. We could have gotten here earlier. Uh, trina, do you really want to talk about the weather? Or do you think that talking about college will make me feel bad because I never went? No, I j– I — I — yes. Maybe. Would it? I want to talk about what you want to talk about. Except the weather. Okay, then. Um, how about we talk about spencer? Carly, why aren’t you calling me back? Woman: May I say how much I admire you? Uh, thank you. But I’m not sure why. Oh. [ Chuckles ] I-it’s rare to see someone reading an actual book. Usually folks are just scrolling on their phone. Well, I can’t take the credit. I lost my phone. I won’t get a new one till tomorrow, so I bought the book at the airport. Although I am enjoying the digital detox. Oh. Well, I — I apologize for interrupting your reading. It’s okay. Thank you for the compliment. I’m mrs. Wade honeycutt. Please call me peyton. Nice to meet you. I’m carly. Carly corinthos. Carly… got your message. What’s up? Is there a progress report? You told me to take it slow, make sure sonny doesn’t get suspicious. Has he? I don’t think so. He wants me to hang around the docks, make sure the wus are sticking to their agreement. Right, making sure they’re not moving drugs through port charles. That’s right. I know keeping an eye on the wus doesn’t put me in the inner circle, but it’s a step up. Yeah, a small one. I mean, come on. You saved ava’s life. What else do you have to do to earn sonny’s trust? Well, come on, sonny. Do your worst. And not that this matters to you, but I’m not the one that tried to kill ava. I know that. Uh, you believe me? I don’t believe a word that comes out of your lying mouth. But you can’t be in two places at the same time. What does that mean? There’s been another attack. Did tj say how long brando will be in surgery? A few hours, at least. It’s only been a few minutes since we brought him up to the or, and it already feels like an eternity. The G.H. Surgeons are the best. Brando is in good hands. And I’m positive he knows we’re here waiting for him. He won’t let us down.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Nina: Hey! Sonny called me and told me. So, what’s the latest on brando? He’s in surgery. And I feel like I’m falling apart. We’ll make sure that that doesn’t happen, sasha. Okay?

I can get something incriminating on sonny, but I need more time. Well, um, look, I, uh — I never had a chance to thank you for what you did. Look, I-I can’t stand ava, but her daughter avery is my little sister, so… joss gets more than half the credit. She was with ava when I got there. I’m aware. And what happened? What were you even doing there? I had some paperwork for sonny’s signature. The front drive was plugged with cars, so I took the access road to park by the boathouse. I got out of the vehicle. I just heard someone screaming for help. And josslyn said that you were the one who insisted on getting ava to the hospital. She was on the verge of bleeding out. I had to drive like hell, but… joss was good. She held it together, managed to keep pressure on the wound. Those were extreme circumstances, and you and josslyn had no choice but to work together. But that can never happen again. So, how’s your mom doing? She doesn’t tell us much. She wants me and my brothers to think that she’s okay, but I can tell that she’s not. Is she getting help? Finn’s been around a lot. It’s been good for her. Is there anything that I can do to help? You just being here helps a lot. Couldn’t imagine going through this without you. Trina: So, I never got the chance to tell you why I was at the pcpd looking for spencer. Uh, you don’t have to explain. No, I-I want to. So, I learned that spencer was trying to help me the whole time. He lied about his feelings for esme, stayed with her, hoping that he can find some proof that she framed me for joss and cam’s sex tape. Wow. So is that why spencer showed up at your party? To tell you the truth? I think. But in the end, he didn’T. So how did you find out? Ava told me. She also told me that spencer had feelings for me. I figured he might. I mean, no guy is gonna risk returning to prison to give an alibi to someone he doesn’t care about. I was trying to talk to spencer about it, but it was too late. He left for pentonville, as you know. Now that you know the truth… does this change things between you and me? Well, w-what brings you to jacksonville? Business? Pleasure? Well, I’m not supposed to be here. I was on a flight to aruba, but our plane was grounded because of thunderstorms in the area. Well, on behalf of our city, I apologize for our inconvenient weather. Well, I wasn’t very happy that my flight was canceled, but I found a great hotel, I have a good book, and I met you, so… so far, so good. Well, I hope before you hurry off to the airport tomorrow, you might have a chance to look around our city. Yeah. I think I might. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been in jacksonville. Oh, well, then you have no idea what you’ve missed. Oh, the guild has sponsored a number of very successful projects in the last 10 years alone. The guild? I’m so sorry. It’s the jacksonville beautification guild. We just call it “the guild.” I’m a board member. That’s impressive. Well, improving city spaces benefits everyone who lives here, especially the property owners. And, oh, we are getting ready for our fall gala when we take over the ballroom and the hotel grounds. It’s our biggest fundraiser, and I don’t mind telling you, it’s an awful lot of work.

[ Laughs ] Oh, good lord. That — that’s joshua clark. He’s married to a friend of mine. That young woman is most definitely not his daughter. Someone else was stabbed? Where? W-who was it? My cousin brando. He was… attacked in an alley behind charlie’s pub. He’s in surgery now. How bad?

[ Sighs ] He’s strong. He’s gonna make it. Did they catch the guy? Not yet. What makes you think it was the same person who attacked me? There’s rumors that the cops say that the person who attacked you had a large hook, and a witness saw a similar hook used on brando. A witness? Who? Kristina. Thanks for coming. And please thank sonny for letting you know. Oh. Yeah. Of course I will. So, how are you g– how are you? I’m pretty freaked out. I mean, why would anyone want to attack brando? I have no idea. Why was he in that alley? I don’t know. He just said that he would be right back and he left. Maybe he saw something suspicious and went to check it out. Knowing brando, you’re right. He’ll always help someone in trouble. That’s who brando is. He has to help, no matter what the cost to him personally. I just hope the cost isn’t too high. Oh. Come sit, sasha. Yeah. Surgery’s gonna take a while. Tj? Tj? Why aren’t you at brando’s surgery? What’s wrong?

brando’s still in surgery. I just came to update you on his progress. Dr. Chang confirmed that the hook shattered one of brando’s ribs, and a piece of that rib punctured his left lung. That’s why my boy was struggling to breathe. Right. Now, the good news is that brando’s heart wasn’t affected, but the surgical team has to make sure they retrieve every shard of bone, and that takes time. How much time? We don’t know yet. Well, a-at least we know something. We — we were going crazy waiting for an update. Thought you might be. I’m headed back to the or. You’re all by yourself? Where’s sonny? Kristina witnessed the attack on brando? Did the attacker see her? He ran off as soon as kristina started screaming. And, uh, look– looks like she saved brando’s life. He was gonna… stab him a second time. Sorry, sonny. Ava and I will be praying for brando’s recovery. Yeah, and thanks for letting us know. I’m sure that you want to be with your daughter now. Yeah. Take care of yourself. I’ll tell avery that you love her. Nikolas. Don’t move from this spot. Don’t let anybody in unless ava says so. Copy that, boss. Do you feel better now that you know that I didn’t try to kill you? I guess so. You guess so? Do you want me to be guilty? My feelings for you haven’t changed. Despite knowing spencer was “team trina” all along? It means a lot to me that spencer believed in my innocence. But he still hurt me… still lied to me every time he defended esme. But he didn’t mean it. I didn’t know that. Spencer didn’t trust me enough to tell me the truth! And that is so typical of him. He’s always getting in his own way. I would much rather be with somebody who respects me enough to be real with me. And I’m real? Really real. Oh. Sorry. Am I interrupting? No. No, no. I was just — I was just checking some messages. Long day? I saw that yawn. Actually, I just woke up from a nap. Oh, I didn’t know a busy nurse and mother like you had the luxury of naps. Well, I asked for a reduced schedule at the hospital, and melanie agreed to stay late to keep an eye on wiley, so… nice. In that case, I’m gonna make you some tea. How about that? You have a seat. Your body is going through so much right now. I know — I know it’s got to be so hard. Who told you? Look, I hired you to infiltrate sonny’s organization because of your combat experience, your willingness to take risks, and you’re comfortable with “situational ethics.” Look, josslyn, she doesn’t know that you work for me, so every single time you have an interaction with her, it implies a lie of omission, and I hate lying to my sister, and I hate keeping secrets from her. Alright? So the less she sees of you, the better. Nina: I could go to your apartment. You know what? I’ll get you a sweater. It’s always cold in hospitals. Or something for brando when he gets out of surgery? Alright. It’s alright. You saw ava? Yeah. Uh, I filled frank in, and he’s guarding her, yeah. So you still have a 24-hour protection over her? Well, brando’s attack makes it less likely that ava’s stabbing is personal, but… you don’t want to stop her protection. Better safe than sorry. Right? How’s sasha? She’s scared. She’s worried sick. I know brando was appointed her guardian. It’s a long story. I don’t think that sasha’s in any shape to deal with his attack. I mean, who would be, dad? Sasha. If you need anything, if brando needs anything, I’m here, okay? Gladys: Dr. Ashford just gave us a progress report. Gladys: Commissioner ashford. Did you catch the monster who hurt my son? Not yet. I just came from the crime scene. Forensics is still gathering evidence. I won’t ask if you’re alright. I’m sorry, but if you’re here to ask sasha anything, now really is not a good time. I’m not here for sasha. I need to speak with kristina.

[ Exhales sharply ] Well, I-I have to speak to the manager. About what? Clearly she’s a call girl. Plying her trade at one of the best hotels in town? It’s a disgrace. Yeah, but joshua didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

[ Chuckles ] Men are weak. Trash like that can’t wait to take advantage. In what universe was that young girl “taking advantage”? And if you’re right and she’s a professional, it’s not like she was forcing joshua to do anything he wasn’t willing to pay for. My dear, solicitation and the sex trade are a blight on any city. They drive down property values. They erode civic pride. Oh, now, one of the most successful projects of the guild was when we got to re-zone chestnut street and finally were able to tear down ruby anderson’s house of ill repute. Did you say ruby anderson’s? You had her house torn down? Oh, yes. And good riddance. Well, ostensibly, it was — it was a boarding house. We all knew exactly what went on there. I think there was a real ruby once upon a time. It was decades ago. Ruby anderson was real. I should know. She was my great-aunt.

go down to the garden and get something to drink? Oh, I don’t really want to leave the pool yet. Is there any chance that you can get the drinks? Sure thing. I’d love an iced tea. Me too. Okay. Well, then, I guess I’ll be right back. Here. Sit. So…things looked pretty intense between you and rory earlier. Yeah. I told rory that secretly spencer was on my side all along. And you don’t owe me another apology. It was up to spencer to tell me how he really felt about me. Which he never did. And you’re with rory now. So how much does the truth about what spencer thought really matter? The truth always matters. But I don’t have feelings for spencer. They’re gone. So is he. I was found not guilty by a jury. And I’m getting on with my life without spencer. Wait. Told me what? That — that pregnancy can be hard? I-I really hope I didn’t overstep. No. That’s — that’s not what I meant. Oh. Okay. Sorry. What — what did you mean? I have no idea.

[ Chuckles ] Ugh! I have pregnancy brain. And not helped by still feeling half asleep. Aw. I’m sorry you’re going through such a rough time. It’s worth it. I just need to get through a few more weeks, and then my first trimester will be over. Good. You know what? Tea sounds great. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey. Are you okay? Yeah. Yeah. It’s just that the baby likes to mess with my equilibrium. Uh-huh. He or she is definitely a handful already. Alright. Okay. You have a seat. Come on. Sit down here. Let’s sit down. I’m gonna get you that tea. No, no. You really don’t have to. What? Come on! You’ve got a future quartermaine in there. You deserve to be waited on hand and foot. And there it is. She’s smilin’.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I was just thinking that wiley and this baby are so lucky to have such a great family. You are all so strong. Maybe sometimes a little too strong. But I know that, as their mother, wiley and his little brother or sister don’t have to worry about that. You’re gonna make sure they don’t get caught up in old quartermaine squabbles. It’s unbearable to think that the man I love, my husband, might be capable of attacking me. You were so angry that night. Y-you blamed me for spencer finding out that you slept with esme. You wanted to spencer to know about esme and me because you wanted to hurt me. Maybe I was just tired of all your secrets. All I wanted was a life with you, ava. To be happy. To love you. Instead, you blew it up. You were wrong and weak… and stupid. I was all those things. When esme fell off the parapet… I believed you when you told me that you didn’t push her, despite the staff hearing you guys argue. I protected you without hesitation because I love you. I have, from the moment we met. I always have and I always will. I know you made a statement to the officer on scene, but I want to hear it for myself, just in case he missed anything. Start with when you entered the alley. I arrived at charlie’s for my shift, and I cut through the alley to the back entrance. Do you usually enter through the alleyway? Sometimes. Okay. Anyone else there? Sometimes. When one of the busboys takes out the trash. And people in the neighborhood know that phyllis always gives out any remaining food at the end of the night, but it was too early for anyone to be around. Okay. Continue. There was a sudden downpour. The sky just opened up. So it was really hard to see, but… I saw movement… and this guy in a dark hoodie. He raised his arm up and… that’s when the hook caught the light. Hey, baby, you don’t have to continue if you don’t want to, okay? No. I’m okay. Are you sure? And you’re sure the attacker was a man? Well, I just assumed. Did this person see you? I don’t know. Maybe. Did you see their face? I-I don’t know. It was raining really hard. And I was so focused on the hook and seeing brando on the ground. And I-I was screaming. And then the guy just took off. Okay. You know what? Take — sweetie, take a break. Okay? Okay. Is my daughter in danger?

O believe the assailant would target kristina. We’re talking about the same guy who went after ava. Now what? He’s up to two, right? He can go after anybody. And that includes my daughter. Anything’s possible. But the attacks appear to be crimes of opportunity. I just wish that I could stop my head from spinning and thinking of everything that could go wrong. Yeah. Yeah. It’s just — it’s — it’s the waiting that’s challenging. I just wish that I could do something. Huh. [ Chuckles ] Is that cam? No, it’s avery. She’s saying good night to — and I quote — “the best sister ever.” Oh! Well, that’s quite an endorsement. She’s just happy I found her bracelet. Well, only the best big sister would go dumpster diving. But? But you shouldn’t have gone in alone. What if you had gotten stuck and couldn’t have gotten out? Um… what? You got stuck? No. I wasn’t alone. Dex was with me. Are you sure you’re the right man for the job? Of course I am. But the job is to pretend to work for sonny. So I have to play the part of a loyal minion, right? As long as you remain clear on the ultimate goal. To tear down sonny’s organization from the inside. And don’t get sucked into my father’s world. I won’T. But I got to admit. I don’t hate the guy. You know, when I first approached you, you said that you wanted to take a dangerous man off the streets. And I still do. Taking down sonny will make up for… for my mistakes. Okay? I am not going soft. I can still do the job you hired me to do. Commissioner. Detective falconeri sent me. What can I do? How can I help catch brando’s attacker? Take notes. Do you know why brando left charlie’s pub via the back entrance? No. We were eating dessert, and suddenly brando said that he would be right back. Where was he going? He didn’t say. Was anyone else in the pub tonight? Uh, your guy, sonny. Dex. He was talking to josslyn. Pcpd didn’t get statements from either one of them. I was just with ms. Jacks, and she never mentioned the attack. Uh, if memory serves, josslyn left before everything got crazy. Wait a minute. Josslyn left before brando was attacked? Your great-aunt was ruby anderson?

The ruby? The one and only. And were you employed at her “establishment”? No. I met ruby years later when she left florida and moved to port charles, new york. Port charles’ loss is jacksonville’s gain.

[ Chuckles ] Where do you get off judging ruby? Or anyone? There are such things as “standards,” and clearly you have no idea what I’m talking about, so allow me to explain. There’s a way to behave. There’s a way to conduct yourself that determines what circles you move in and who finds you acceptable. You said your last name was honeycutt. That’s right. Mrs. Wade honeycutt. He’s your second husband. How do you know that? Because your first husband’s name was daniel. And your daughter’s name was charlotte reese roberts. And you lived on bedlow drive. And you had a big, beautiful house with a swimming pool. And you drove a mercedes convertible. And I thought it was so cool. Oh, my god. You’re caroline benson?

Peyton: Caroline benson. You call yourself carly? My daughter is dead, and you’re using her name? My name is carly. I chose it, and I’ve been using it for most of my adult life. You weren’t born with it. Carly was reese’s nickname, my sweet, my trusting daughter. Worst day of her life was when she met you! Ah, she came home so excited, made a new friend, wanted you to come over. The instant I talked to your mother I knew it was a mistake. She said she was a secretary. She’d be unable to supervise the girls ’cause she had to work. You didn’t supervise very much, mrs. Roberts. You were always off at some luncheon or committee meeting. It was the housekeeper who drove us around until reese was old enough to do it herself. How many afternoons did you spend at our house? How many sleepovers? Little caroline, always so eager to fit in. Couldn’t quite manage with your discount clothes and the wrong shoes. But my reese was so happy to share.

[ Voice breaking ] Oh, my god. You wore the same size. You could almost pass as a girl from a decent family, so I let you tag along. It made reese happy, and I didn’t see the harm. I didn’t see the harm. Until it was too late. Until you betrayed my generosity. Until you seduced my husband! I’m glad you’re back with your family, drew. You’re a good influence. Oh, I don’t know about that, but… thank you. Hey. There you are. Why didn’t you respond to any of my calls?

[ Stammers ] Because I left my phone at the gatehouse. What’s wrong? Um, I just heard from kristina, and brando is in surgery at G.H. What do you want from me, nikolas? I want you to believe in me. The way that I believe in you. Our marriage, it started out in blackmail and suspicion, but it grew into something, a true union of our souls. And I thought that you understood me like no one else could because deep down we’re the same. We know each other’s heart, and we accept each other the way we are. And we’ve both made mistakes. But now the person that I thought knew me the best believes that I would stab them and I would leave them to die? I’m not the one who broke the trust between us. I thought when something broke, you fixed it. Not always. Are you saying there’s no way back? Cam made it seem like you were alone in that dumpster. Cam assumed, and I didn’t correct him. Because you were with dex. Look. I don’t understand what the look is for. Alright? Dex was doing something nice. He helped me find the bracelet. It’s no big deal. Uh, if it wasn’t a big deal, then why didn’t you tell anyone that you were with dex? Because I knew that people would do exactly what you’re doing now and make it something that it wasn’T. I’m not bothered that dex was helping you. I’m bothered that you lied about it. I didn’t lie. I just didn’t tell anyone. What’s the difference? Uh-oh. What did I miss? Do I even want to know? Rory. Did you leave your phone or something? It’s police business. Josslyn, I need to talk to you. Why? What happened? Brando corbin was attacked tonight. Sasha. Is brando out of surgery? How is he? I’m sorry, but there’s been a complication.

and the attacker fled after kristina screamed. And then sonny showed up a few seconds later. They called paramedics. And, yeah, brando’s at G.H. Poor sasha. I mean, she’s already struggling emotionally. And now this? I’m going to the hospital. I’ll come with you. I just got to call my mom first. No, no, no. You go. Go, go, go. I’ll call carly right now. Alright. Thanks, man. Okay.

[ Line ringing ] Come on, carly. Pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up. I had known your husband since I was 12 years old. I didn’t know how to say no to him. I don’t make excuses for my daniel. As I said, men are weak. And you, you were only too eager to give him what he wanted. That’s not true. He could see what you were, what you are. A greedy piece of trash. You envied reese. You wanted her life. And you thought you could get it by sleeping with her father? You ridiculous tart. I could laugh about it if — if you hadn’t have broken reese’s heart, if she hadn’t have found out. She should never have been driving the day of the accident. She was so upset. It was all — all of it was your fault! I was 16 years old. Your husband was in his forties, so by definition, it was his fault. Ah. And your family meant so much to me. I was too afraid to stop him. But I’m not caroline benson anymore wearing the wrong shoes. I’m a grown woman, and I don’t owe anything to anyone, least of all you. I advise you to get on your plane as quickly as you can, caroline. You don’t belong in jacksonville. You never did. You are not the injured party here. I’m the one betrayed, right? I’m the one in the hospital bed. It is not my fault that I don’t trust you anymore. Is that trust gone forever? I don’t know. You need rest. I’ll go.

[ Door closes ] Glady: Complication? What complication? Where’s my son? Brando is still in the or, but his surgery has been suspended to get his blood pressure stabilized. I want to see my husband. I’m so sorry, sasha, but that’s not possible. Brando will remain in the or so dr. Chang can resume surgery as soon as he’s stabilized. We’re doing all we can. You were at charlie’s pub earlier? Yes. When you left, which exit did you take? I went out the back. Why? Um, I was following dex heller. Hold on. Dex was there? Sonny’s man? Yeah, yeah, he was at charlie’s with sonny. He left his sunglasses behind, I grabbed them, and I tried to follow him out and give them back to him. And did you find him? No, actually. I still have his sunglasses. Did you see anyone in the alley? No. It was empty. Wait. Do you think the guy with the hook was there when joss was? I don’t know. I hope not. Huh. That’s not creepy. Alright, well, I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful. No. It’s okay. Maybe mr. Heller saw something. Tj: I have to return to the or. Just have the nurse page me if you have any other questions. Nina: Let’s find you a place to sit down.

[ Indistinct conversation ] I got your text. What’s up? Yeah, I saw you talking to josslyn at charlie’s pub. You guys seemed friendly. It was totally innocent. Oh, I know that’s true. Because if you tried anything, I’d kill ya.

[ Laughs ] From now on, I’ll stay away from josslyn. That’s not what I want. Um… you guys seem like, you know, friendly, and she seems to like you a little more. Can I — can I trust you to discreetly… keep an eye on her? You can count on me, boss.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Carly’s flight to Aruba has to land in Florida because of a storm and Carly leaves her phone on the plane and isn’t allowed to go back and get it since they have already been moved. Carly is told later that the flight has been cancelled due to the storms, but she has to spend the night in Jacksonville. Drew calls Carly twice and his call goes to voice mail so, he thinks she is on the plane to Aruba.

Dante tells Jordan that a large hook used for fishing is missing from the Quartermaine stables. Jordan tells Dante that the hospital report says Ava was attacked with, an object similar to a hook so, they deduce it is the fishing hook.

Nik tells Ava that he is a rat for sleeping with Esme, but he would never kill her because he loves her very much.

Kristina sees something moving in the alley outside Charlie’s pub, and she sees someone swinging the hook and attacking Brandon, but she can’t see the face of the attacker because it is raining. Brandon is rushed to the hospital and Sasha pleads with Brandon not to leave her because she loves him and needs him very much. Brandon gets to the hospital and is taken to surgery.

Sonny tells Ava and Nikolas that Brandon was attacked with a hook.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, September 14, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Faye: Passengers on flight 214, originally nonstop from port charles to aruba, due to severe thunderstorms, all flights out of jacksonville have been delayed at this time. We apologize for the delay. Hi. I’m on the flight to aruba and I just heard the announcement that all flights are delayed. Do you know for how long? Is there an estimated time of departure? I’m sorry, but until this storm passes, you’re not going anywhere.

[ Sighs ] Carly, hey, it’s me. I just finished a meeting at the grill, and I thought I’d give you a shot. But the fact that I’m getting your voicemail probably means you’re still bound for aruba with no wi-fi. Carly, your message said that you wanted to talk, so I’m here. Just as soon as you can, give me a call, okay? Hi, dad. Hi! Wow. Oh, my goodness. You look so beautiful! How did you know this is exactly what I needed? Lucky guess. Yeah. Lucky guess.

[ Sighs ] Again, this is a procedural question. If your service informed a subscriber that they had a genetic match and the other party removed their identity from the database, is there a way to contact the individual to confirm the match? Hey, the, uh, the sergeant said you wanted to see me? Oh, you’re on a call. I can come back if it’s important. I know that you’re anxious to talk to jordan again [Sighs] But are you sure that that’s the best tactic? Sure. Not having the divorce papers signed, sealed, and delivered is inconvenient. But your lawyer has a copy. You and jordan can sign them again. The judge can make it official, and… then you and i can plan our wedding. Well, you’re right when it comes to the paperwork. But it’s not a matter of when or how, but why? Why would jordan deliberately lose that paperwork? But why do you think that it was intentional? Accidents happen. She could have misplaced them. Jordan didn’t get to be commissioner by skipping details, and I don’t, for one minute, believe that that paperwork magically disappeared off of her desk while she was away recuperating. There has to be a reason why — why — why she got rid of those papers. Well, I can think of one reason, but we’ve been down that road before. Try me. Jordan lost the papers because she doesn’t want a divorce. She’s still in love with you. Are you sure you want to leave sonny’s bodyguard outside. I mean, aren’t you afraid that your loving husband is going to try to kill you again? You say that like it’s a joke. Even though the alibi you gave about being with elizabeth the whole time turns out to be a bold-faced lie. I explained that — I want the truth. Are you the one who tried to kill me the night of the quartermaine picnic? Gladys: Talk about true love.

[ Chuckles ] My brando’s been gone less than a minute and she misses him already. Sasha, hi. I know you’re still getting used to the idea of guardianship, but it could have been a lot worse.

[ Thunder rumbling ] Um, you love brando. You trust brando. You’re going to make decisions together, instead of some court-appointed officer. You can rely on brando, always. I do know that.

[ Thunder crashes ]

[ Suspenseful music plays ]

[ Chain jingling ]

[ Thump ]

[ Shouts ]

[ Screaming ]

Rse, I understandthe need for confidentiality. When it comes to someone’s identity, you can’t be too careful. Thank you so much for your help. Sorry about that.

[ Exhales deeply ] I was just following up on a lead. Uh, desk sergeant said you had an update on the ava jerome case. Possibly. Walk me through the inventory you did at the quartermaine boathouse. Anything missing? Yeah, there was, actually — a gaff, you know, like a slaughter hook? Used in fishing it. It’s, uh — you know, if a fish is too large or heavy to get out of the water and into the boat, they use the hook. Um — there’s a rack with fishing equipment and room for six hooks. There were five hooks there, and one was missing. Quartermaines say the sixth one that was missing is the largest. I just got confirmation from the surgeon and csi. Ava’s injuries were consistent with a curved implement with a barbed head. She wasn’t stabbed. She was speared with a hook. Brando:

[ Grunting, groaning ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Crying, breathing rapidly ]

[ Screaming continues ] Stay here. Kristina: Help me!! Brando! Help! Help!

[ Screaming, crying ] Sonny: Kristina! Please! What happened?!

[ Sobbing ] Do you really think that I’m the one that tried to kill you? Here’s a name you might remember. Hayden barnes. My relationship with hayden has nothing to do with what happened to you. Why did you lie about your alibi?

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Exhales sharply ] I was protecting elizabeth. She’s been having some mental-health issues. Yeah, I heard that she was at shadybrook for a time. Yeah, she had some kind of a blackout the night at the quartermaines. She had no memory of where she was when you were attacked. I do not believe for one second that elizabeth baldwin attacked me. Neither do I. But if she would have told the truth, it would have looked very suspicious. And I didn’t want her to get a third degree from the cops. Not after the hell that she’s been through. So what you consider a lie, I call protecting one of my oldest friends. Ava. Now, deep down in your heart, you believe me, don’t you? I believe you concocted an alibi. The question is, was it to protect elizabeth, or was it meant to save your own skin? What are you two doing here looking so elegant? This was actually scout’s idea. She got really high marks at lila’s kids.

[ Gasps ] Congratulations. Thanks, dad. I was the best swimmer in my age group. Really?! Mm-hmm. That’s my girl. No surprise to me. Yeah. And as you know, tomorrow is her first day of school. So I promised her a special mother-daughter dessert of creme brlE. Ooh! And if you didn’t know, this place comes highly recommended. Hm. First day of school. Will you take me? Absolutely. Cross my heart, okay. Aww. Hey, scout, honey, I think this is our special table. Do you want to sit there while I talk to your daddy? Okay, you go ahead. Okay. All right. I’ll be right back. What’s going on? As you know

[Sighs] Our daughter adores you. I am so thrilled to see her. You have no idea. I adore her, too. And that is no secret. But what did you want to discuss that you couldn’t say in front of scout? Carly: Okay, just so we’re clear, I’m okay with being rerouted. I’ll even take a connecting flight or two. Whatever it takes to get me to aruba so I can attend this seminar that I’m booked for. Do you understand? Ma’am, the weather here in jacksonville is the issue. No flights are currently taking off, and they won’t until the storm passes. Okay. Well, can you keep us posted? I will.

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Sighs ] I can’t believe this. They’re not even trying to get us out of here. Honey, you are in florida during hurricane season. Those airline folk are doing the best they can. But I have to say, in my experience, when a person is as eager to move out as you seem to be, it usually means they’re trying to run away from something or somebody.

Kristina: [ Sobbing ] A man has been stabbed, and he’s bleeding really badly. We’re — we’re at charlie’s pub, but we’re not in the pub, we’re in the alley behind it!

[ Groans ] Hurry! Please. It’s bad. No! No, brando!! Sasha: [ Screaming ] Brando! Oh, my god! Sonny: It’s all right. Go inside. Brando!! Gladys: What happened?! It’s all right. Kristina: He was stabbed! Oh, god.

[ Grunting ] Oh, my god. Sasha: [ Sobbing ] So ava was stabbed with a slaughter hook? Wow.

[ Inhales sharply ] Okay, so next question is, is was this a crime of opportunity — someone saw the hook and someone to use it on? Or was ava the target and the hook was the best available option? Let’s start with the second theory. Ava was the intended target. All right. Well, she’s got a ton of enemies, which means there’s a lot of possibilities. Well, we only need one. The right one. Okay. Well, you think about how many people were at the quartermaine picnic and the size of that property, I– it’s virtually impossible to figure out who was where when the attack happened. That means we going to have to do this the hard way. Go back over everyone’s statements and see which ones hold up and which ones don’T. Okay, I’ll, uh, I’ll do that and get on it right now.

[ Clears throat ] We don’t both need to pull an all nighter. I know you just moved into a new house. Don’t you have some unpacking to do? Yeah. Yeah, I do, actually, but… sam, she’ll — she’ll understand.

[ Scoffs ] Take it from me, that is a very slippery slope. First, it starts out with understanding, then it’s wondering what’s taking so long, until one day it — well, you already know how my story ends. What jordan and I had ended a long time ago. For you, maybe. But I wondered about it when trina was first suspected of the revenge porn against josslyn and cameron.

[ Inhales deeply ] Right. I remember you were worried that there was something personal about jordan’s investigation. Right. But I was mistaken. And in fact, thanks to jordan’s help, trina is free now. But… maybe jordan doesn’t really know how she feels about you.

[ Breathes deeply ] Maybe she thought she had put you behind her and that she had moved on. But I once thought that I had done the same thing, too, remember? Trust me, curtis ashford is a hard man to forget.

[ Chuckles ] Tj: Portia. Hey, I hate to interrupt, but mr. Ferguson is asking for you. He says you’re the only doctor he trusts. Can’t blame him.

[ Sighs ] Hopefully it won’t be too long, okay? Sorry to interrupt your conversation. No, don’t, t, actually, uh, you’re just the person I wanted to talk to. It’s about your mom.

[ Labored breathing ] Sasha: Brando?

[ Sobbing ] Brando, don’t leave me. What can I do to help? Kristina called 9-1-1. The ambulance is on the way. Put some pressure right there to stop the bleeding. I’ll take over.

[ Labored breathing ] You’ll be okay, brando. I’m here. I’m right here. What is taking so long?! Where’s the ambulance?

[ Sirens wailing in distance ] Can you hear that? Help I– help is on the way! Sasha: You’re all right. Hold on, all right? Hold on, dear, okay?

[ Labored breathing ]

[ Shakily ] Just hold on.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Sirens approaching ] Just hold on.

[ Panting ] Stay…

do you mind if I join you? Please have a seat. Okay.

[ Exhales deeply ] All right. Well, you know, you implied earlier that I was running from something when actually, I’m running to something. I’m on my way to a seminar in aruba where I’m going to learn how to shape my future and discover what opportunities are out there for someone with my skills and experiences. Oh. If you say so. What’s in the carrier? Is it a dog or a cat? Oh. That’s my — my rescue dog, gretel.

[ Laughs ] She — aww. She travels with me wherever I go.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sweetly ] Hi. She’s a great judge of character. Oh, she likes you. Yeah. Yeah? How can you tell? Well, we’ve been together a lot of years, and if gretel doesn’t like someone, I know right away.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Come on. You know, nobody likes to have to wait here, but you seem downright, uh, unsettled. I grew up in jacksonville.

[ Gasps ] Well, then you already know — 42 miles of beaches.

[ Chuckles ] The best fish on this side of key west and the gator bowl every new year’s eve. Ohhh! [ Giggles ] If you don’t mind my asking, what made you leave? Just looking for something else. Oh, did you find it?

[ Thunder crashes ] Yeah. Yeah, I think so. I have three beautiful daughters, an amazing son, the most adorable grandson, friends and family. Yeah. And yet, here you are, right back where you started. Life’s kinda funny that way, isn’t it? Hmm?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] You know, I have a weather app. I bet you it will show me when the storm’s gonna end. Oh, well, I don’t need a weather report to tell me what’s going on. Like I said, this is florida and hurricane season.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, jacksonville is great and all, but I had a tough time here, so when I left, I was really happy to go. Ohh. Oh, my god. I left my phone on the plane.

[ Sighs deeply ] Sam: Cards on the table? I heard you’ll leave that message for carly. Yeah. I was just returning a call. Ooh. She’s on her way to aruba… ooh, that’s a romantic destination. …To attend an executive leadership seminar. Okay. That doesn’t mean you can’t mix business with pleasure

if the right guy shows up. Don’t you have enough on your plate with dante and rocco moving in? Congratulations, by the way. Knowing you, you probably had a thousand justifications for putting it off. Ugh. You do know me well, don’t you? I think what happened was dante was trying to do what he thought I wanted, and I was trying to do what I thought he wanted. And you were making each other miserable.

[ Exhales deeply ] Really? Okay, the — the misunderstanding was miserable, but the resolution was… not. Mm. I’m not miserable. Sam. What? It’s okay. What? You can just say it — you and dante are happy. Yes, we are.

[ Giggles ] And I’m really happy for you. Come here. Give me a hug. Thank you. Aww. That’s so great. Scout: Why are you guys hugging? Oh. Oh, why are we hugging? Um… baby, he is always gonna be your dad, and we are always gonna be family. And we are… friends. We’re the best friends. Yeah. And we always will be. But I gotta finish this conversation with your mom. Would you mind playing your game just a little bit longer? Is that okay? Yeah. Maybe I can convince your mom to bring home some

[Whispering] Extra dessert. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I got it. Don’t you worry. You’re gonna spoil her. That’s what we do, right? I mean, we love ’em and care for ’em and set rules and boundaries, but then, yeah, [Whispering] We spoil ’em little bit. Yeah. You do all of those things. Well, scout makes it easy. Mm-hmm. Adult relationships — yeah. Man, those are the tricky ones. Those are a bit more complicated. Really? Anyone I know? You and sam are two of the lucky few who get another ride on the merry-go-round. So go on, get out of here, and live your life. I wa– that’s an order. Okay, I will. First, uh… I heard curtis and portia got engaged. How you doing with that? I appreciate you asking, but really, I’m fine. I mean, it hardly comes as a surprise, you know? They did buy a house, after all. And as for me, I — I’m just ready to start the next chapter of my life. So… anything else, detective? No, I’ll, uh, get out of here. Oh, uh, dante. Yeah. Sometime, I’d like to pick your brain. But definitely while we’re off the clock. Okay, about what? A case of mistaken identity. Or it could be… there was no mistake at all. Curtis: In general, how’s your mom? You know my mom. She is working 24/7 ever since the night of the quartermaine picnic. Unfortunately, they don’t have any leads, from what I understand. Well, I know how dedicated your mom can be and sometimes work, you know, it– it’s a convenient excuse. Excuse for what? Well, you know, not getting back out there, risking getting hurt again. Uncle, I don’t — I don’t — I don’t know what you want me to tell you. My mom doesn’t cue me in on her personal life. You’re divorce was barely final when she got injured, and she was away for months recuperating. And since then? Why are you asking me this now? What’s going on, uncle curtis? If elizabeth has no memory of where she was or who she was with when I was attacked, then she can’t incriminate you. Nor can she exonerate you.

[ Sighs ] You and I… we’re both hot blooded people, okay? And our marriage has left us with more than a few, shall we say, love bites. Is that what we’re calling a brutal attack now? But no matter how much we’ve hurt each other, there is no way in hell that I would ever try to kill the woman that I love, and you know it! Maybe you love me too much to try to kill me yourself, but we both know that wouldn’t stop you from hiring someone else to do the job, just like you did with hayden barnes! There’s a difference with hayden. I never loved her.

[ Breathing shallowly ] Sasha: Brando, I’m right here, okay? You gotta stay with me.

[ Sirens wailing, ambulance horn blaring ] Do you hear that? Listen to me, I love you so much. I love you so much. Man: Step back, please.

[ Sobbing ] Stay with me. Everything will be fine. Sasha, we — we have to give them space. Brando!

[ Gasps ] Oh! You have to save my son! Please, don’t let him die! Please! Sonny: Come here. Lis– listen to me.

[ Breathing shakily ] You did good, okay? Thank god you’re okay. Just tell me what happened. Talk to me. He– okay. I was — I was on my way to work, and I cut through the alley, like I do sometimes. And — and, um, it — the sky opened up and it started pouring rain, and [Inhales sharply] Um, I saw something moving, and it was a hook, and someone was swinging it at brando!

[ Crying ] And I saw brando fall to the ground and I started screaming. Sweetie, listen. Did you did you see the attacker’s face? No! It was pouring rain. And it all happened so fast. And — and [Inhales sharply] It was like a shadow that just suddenly came to life and — and — and that — that thing that — that — look, I saw it flash right before he– okay, okay, okay. It’s all right, it’s all right. Come here. Come on, come on. We’re losing him. Sasha and gladys:

[ Sobbing ] No! Brando!! Brando. Brando.

Okay. Excuse me. I don’t mean to bother you again, but I left my phone on the plane, so I have to reboard, search around my seat, and I need to find my phone. I’m sorry, but the plane has been moved. You can’t reboard. But I need my cellphone. You’ll have to look for it in the airline lost and found.

[ Thunder rumbling ] Only in jacksonville. I left my phone on the plane, and they won’t let me back on to get it. Oh, you young people and your cellphones. It’s like you’ve forgotten how to use your imagination. You have no good memories of jacksonville. Fine. But certainly you can, uh, close your eyes and think of something that makes you smile. You have no idea how many times I’ve pictured this. You have? You haven’t? About every 30 seconds. Mm. Think I’m at about every five. Sam: Drew. Drew. What? Yeah, no. Sorry. What were you saying? Wait. [ Mockingly ] What was I saying? Wait, no. What is that smile on your face? And I already know the answer, so I don’t even know why I’m asking. Uh…

[ Mockingly ] Uh… what?

[ Stammering ] Look, let’s just say… that… [ Sighs ]

[ Giggles ] There’s a lot at stake. Uh-huh. And a lot depends on timing. Okay, well, why don’t you just say it? We’re talking about carly, aren’t we? This case of mistaken identity — is that the call you were on when I walked in? Yes, it was. Listen, you want my opinion as a friend… what’s this about?

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Sighs ] Hold on. Yeah. Commissioner ashford. Dante, wait. Okay, thanks. I’m on my way. There was another stabbing in the alley behind charlie’s pub. According to an eyewitness, the weapon appeared to be a hook. Same thing that was used on ava. I’ll fill you in on the way. All right. I — t, I’m sorry, man. I don’t mean to pry. I just want to, you know, see that jordan finds genuine happiness like I found with portia. Or, you know, like you found with molly. Right. I know you want good things for my mom, but it’s been almost a year since the divorce, and all of a sudden you’re asking me questions. Do you know something that I don’t know? Woman: He’s got a pulse. Oh, thank you, god. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sasha: I’m his wife. I’m coming with you. Gladys: I’m his mother! Hey, can you let them go? I have my daughter here. We’re going to stay back and answer any questions you want to ask. Man: Yeah, that’s fine. Woman: Okay, let’s go. Don’t give up hope! Brando’s a fighter. I know you said that for their sakes, but… no, I meant it. Your cousin brando survived addiction, combat, everything cyrus renault through at him. He’s going to make it. He has to.

So you did find a happy memory to think about.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] It’s like I said, it works every time.

[ Both laugh ] You’re a very wise woman, and I bet you’re speaking from experience, and that you have a special someone in your life.

[ Inhales deeply ] Ooof. Well, yes and no. I had several attempts at love.

[ Chuckles ] But none of them could ever really stick the landing. I learned a long time ago I was better off loving animals. Never met a man as loyal as a dog.

[ Both laugh ] They never disappoint you, and they certainly never bounce a check. Oh, but you young people don’t even write checks anymore, huh? You have everything on your phones.

[ Chuckles ] Well, since my phone is on the plane, I should focus on my surroundings more. You know? Maybe there is something good in jacksonville. Thanks to you and gretel.

[ Chuckles ] Faye: For passengers traveling to aruba, I have an update. Is it that obvious to people that, uh, carly and I are circling around each other? Well, I am not most people, so I can’t speak for most people, but… I think I — I do know you better than most, and… don’t worry, your secret, not so secret — is safe with me. All right. So she hasn’t — I mean, she hasn’t said anything to you? No, not [Chuckles] Not a word. Okay. But, hey! When I see the two of you together, I see that there’s — there’s a spark. There is a connection. I — I just hope that that connection isn’t going to be, um, an issue for you. Oh! I mean, as long as you and carly can get your timing right. No worries. It’s no issue for me. You know, for the longest time when people would ask me about carly, I would always say that she was jason’s friend, not my friend. But in jason’s absence, carly and I have gravitated toward each other. Nice. Yeah, well. Mom. Yeah? I can’t get past this level on my game. Let me see. Okay, let me help you with that. I’ll be back. Okay.

[ Ringing ]

[ Beep ] Hi. You’ve reached carly corinthos.

I’m sorry I missed your call,

but leave me a message

and I’ll call you back.

[ Beep ] Hey, uh, it’s me again. I just thought maybe your flight might have landed by now. Um… just give me a call when you get a chance. Okay, bye. Look, ava. We’re both flawed people with serious errors in judgment in the past. And you can keep throwing hayden barnes in my face just like I could throw you swapping morgan corinthos’ bipolar meds with placebos, okay? Are we on a level playing field now? I suppose we are. Then let’s be honest. If you know me at all, you know that if I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t job it out. And I wouldn’t use a weapon. I would do it with my bare hands. Wow! Finally, an honest conversation between us. Even if it does have fatal implications. Well, isn’t that what made us different from the very start? Is now what we always had? Isn’t that what — what makes us so damn crazy about each other? I think a lot of people would say that we’re just plain crazy. Well, who cares what other people think? You and I were made for each other. Don’t look at me like that.

[ Whispering ] Why not? ‘Cause I — I don’t want to want you. So… you still want me? Of course I want you. And do you think that the — the pain of being stabbed hurts me more than knowing that you couldn’t keep your hands off esm prince? Yes! I am a man capable of sleeping with my son’s girlfriend. I’m not proud of it, but I own who I am. I am a cad, a rat, a liar. But would you believe me if I said I was anything else, if I — if I tried to convince you that I was some kind of a hero on a white horse? It’s not who I am. I know it. So do you. But we could still make some good out of this nightmare, ava. But we can’t do it apart. We can only do it together. What about the attacker’s height — over or under six feet? I don’t know. Can we stop? Look, you’ve asked, like, 100 different ways, you know, for her to describe the attacker, and she’s already given you everything she knows. Okay. Thank you for cooperating.

[ Sighs ] Thank you for that. I just — I want to go to the hospital and check on brando.

[ Door opens ] Okay, well, we’re — kristina, I heard you’re the only eyewitness. Sonny: Yeah, that’s true. But she’s already given her statement to that cop over there. And if — if you need me to come down to the station to answer any more questions tomorrow, I’m happy to do that. But I need to get to the hospital to check on my cousin. You know brando was the victim, right? Dante: Yeah, yeah, I heard. So we’re very tired, so we just want to go to G.H. I get that. You’re both free to go. Hey, wait, wait, wait. Just, uh… I just — I don’t — I don’t know — I don’t know. Tell sasha and gladys I’m thinking of ’em? Yeah, I will. Come on. Tj: We need a set for a central line and get the rapid infuser. I want three more units of 0-neg to fly in. And let me know when the blood gases come back. His trachea is deviating to the left. Portia: He has diminished breath sounds on the left side. His lung is collapsing. Hand me the 14-gauge needle. I need to decompress his lung till we get a chest tube.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Sniffling, beads jingling ] Hey, I know you’re both scared, and you have every right to be. The main thing to focus on now is that brando is getting medical care. Portia and tj are two of general hospital’s very best. He’s in good hands. He’s just so pale. I need him so much. Brando can’t die. He just can’T.

[ Breathing shakily ]

Okay, well, it was really nice meeting you. And it was nice meeting you, too, gretel.

[ Chuckles ] You have a great mommy, but I think you already know that. It was nice meeting you, too. See ya. Faye: For those of you on flight number 214 to aruba, that flight has been officially canceled.

[ Scattered moans and groans ] Canceled?

[ Groans ] Now what am I gonna do? Well, looks like you’ll be spending the night as a guest of the airlines.

[ Chuckles ] Welcome home, hon. Sam: There. That should do it. Well, I got to get going, but I am so happy for you. Your family just keeps getting bigger. Now, you and danny, you have mom, and you have dante and rocco, and you’ve got me. Who do you have, daddy? Scout. Daddy has us. That’s right. Always. I’ll see you, sweetie. Tomorrow — first day of school. Okay. Dante: Okay. That’s good. Thanks, matthews.

[ Camera shutter clicking, indistinct chatter ] So… kristina saw the attack, but not the attacker’s face. She saw the weapon. It sounds like it was this hook. The same thing that was used on ava jerome. But how does an attack on brando corbin fit together with ava? I don’t know. I don’t know. We got means but no motive. We may not have the time or luxury of knowing why. We need to find whoever did this before they attack again. You’re not playing fair. I’m being honest. How’s that not playing fair? If you’d come in here and sworn your undying love, I’d have called security and had you thrown out. But when you own up to what a lousy rat you are, how you can’t be trusted, it almost makes me trust you. Almost.

[ Door opens ] Cassadi– ava! What the hell is he doing here? It’s okay, sonny. I — I — I told frank to stand down. Nicholas and i had something to settle. And we’ve done that. Come on, sonny, do your worst. Not that this matters to you, but I’m not the one that tried to kill ava. I know. I just heard from the or. The team is ready for us. Portia: You heard the man. Let’s go. Let’s go! Sasha: Brando. Brando, I love you so much, okay?

[ Sobbing ] You’re going to be okay. You hear me? You’re gonna be fine! I’ll be right here. Listen to me. I love you so much, okay? I love you!

On the next “General Hospital” —

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GH cast animated GIF

GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Jordan tells Curtis that she forgot to file the divorce papers and now the papers and now she can’t find them. Jordan promises to sign the divorce papers, as soon as, his lawyer can get the papers ready. Aunt Stella thanks Jordan for covering for her about the divorce papers. Curtis doesn’t believe Jordan’s story about the papers and wants to find out the truth.

Elizabeth tells Ava that she wasn’t with Nikolas the entire time at the Quartermaine picnic, so Ava decides to have a talk with Nikolas.

Sasha signs the papers for Brandon to be her legal guardian..

Carly is on the plane on the way to her seminar and the flight attendant tells everyone to fasten their seat belts and brace for impact.

Brandon is outside Charlie’s pub when he is attacked by someone holding a hook.

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GH cast animated GIF

GH Transcript Tuesday, September 13, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


How could there be no record of our divorce? We — we — we filed that paperwork over a year ago, and I brought them here to you in this office. What exactly did your attorney say? He said because the papers hadn’t been filed, according to the state of new york, that [Sighs] — That we’re still married. But that’s impossible. Nothing’s impossible. What does that mean?

[ Grunts ]

[ Breathing deeply ] Hey, marshall, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

[ Breathing heavily ] Look — yeah, look, uh, I can’t talk right now. I’m on my way to meet epiphany. If I could just slow you down for one second, honestly, I owe you an apology. Thank you so much for meeting me. I know you got a lot going on with school starting. Mom, my dorm’s almost unpacked, okay? And you never bother me. Hm. Stop. So, is this about you going to aruba for the leadership executive seminar? You know I’m in full support. I got you. I know. And I don’t want you worrying about donna and avery because pilar is going to be with them around the clock while I’m gone. Yeah, well, I plan on spending time with them, too. And I appreciate that. But I know you have quite a few distractions.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Door closes ] You changed your mind? You’re — you’re thinking of telling the police you weren’t with nikolas at the time of ava’s attack? I don’t know if I was or wasn’T. Okay. You were… pretty determined

not to tell the police you’ve been losing time. I’m just curious — what changed?

[ Groans ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Grunting ] Help… help me.

[ Door opens, knock on door ] Ava?

[ Beeping continues ] You up for a visitor? Hm. Depends.

[ Elevator bell dings ] I don’t think you have any business here. My wife is my business, and I’ll damn well see her if I want to. If you get within five feet of ava’s room… you’re not gonna like what’s gonna happen. The judge has already reviewed dr. Rubin’s recommendation and the legal documents. Mr. Corbin, you will be in charge of your wife’s finances and medical care, and you will have her power of attorney. The judge agrees there will be no prison time so long as sasha agrees to the guardianship and commits to attend outpatient rehab and therapy. That’s very important. Sasha, once you’ve entered into this guardianship, only brando has the power to terminate it. Do you understand? Babe, this is completely up to you. It’s your choice. If it does not feel right, we won’t do it. But that’s the deal. If — if you don’t take the deal, sasha will go to prison. Yes, but she can change her plea and go to trial. Sasha, you still have options. You understand that, right? So? What do you want to do?

[ Breathes sharply ]

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an aspirin regimen. Do you want to go say “hi” to him? Oh, no, it’s fine. Are you sure? I mean, you guys saved ava’s life together. That’s kind of a big deal. Josslyn: Okay. Okay. Okay, I got it. Good job. Good job. It’s around. Okay. Now what? You keep pressure on the wound. Okay. My suv is nearby. I parked it in the back. We’re gonna carry ava to my car. You’re gonna ride in the back and keep pressure on the wound. I’ll drive. Okay, but won’t all this movement hurt her more? We do this or she dies. Carly: Joss? Hmm? Hello? Sorry, um, no, mom. It’s — it’s all good. We– we’ve talked since everything happened, and it’s all good. Okay. All right. Yeah. Um, so, back to you…

[ Chuckles ] Is there anything else you need me to do to facilitate your trip? Sasha: According to my attorney, martin grey, this is the best way to keep me out of prison. Correct? Yes. Hey. If you want to call this off, I will back you completely. Okay? We will find another way to fight the charges against you. I know I need help. And of course, I trust you, but…

[ Breathes deeply ] It’s just not easy signing my life over. I know, sash. Brando only wants to keep you out of prison and help you heal. It’s what we all want. And this is not a permanent solution, you know? Yeah. I-if you decide to go ahead with — with the guardianship, then we will schedule a formal check-in with dr. Rubin and the hospital administrator every month to see how you’re feeling. And we will decide together when to terminate the guardianship. I won’t let it go on longer than it has to — not one day. Won’t be soon enough for me. Bring back mr. Taylor.

[ Door opens ] You have no jurisdiction over this hospital or my wife. For whatever reason, ava thinks you tried to kill her, and that concerns me. And I’m trying to figure out how to deal with it.

[ Scoffs ] I would never hurt ava that way, and I have to make her understand that. And you keeping her away from me — that’s not helping. Why don’t you write her a note? Let me tell you something. If I get any proof that you had something to do with this, not even your uncle victor is gonna be able to help you. You coming? Go to hell. One look at ava, that’s where you’re going to go. Your bp is slightly elevated. Still a little anxious, I see. [ Chuckles ] Uh, no, I-I’m just a little distracted by that…

[ Monitor beeping ] …Giant bauble on your finger there to think about much else. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Curtis proposed.

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations. So why do you sound like you’re about to recite the changes in the tax code? Are you excited? No, really, I’m — I’m over the moon about it.

[ Chuckles ] It’s just that trina told me that you blocked nikolas from seeing you, and — I don’t know, I just didn’t feel like it was the appropriate time to share the news, considering everything else that you’re going through. That’s thoughtful of you. Thank you. And it’s true — things have gotten pretty bad. Portia, I’ve even wondered… …if nikolas was the one who stabbed me. Ava, no. No, no, no. That’s horrible. I mean, no, no. To even have to entertain the notion of your husband trying to kill you — oh, he — he says he has an alibi, but I still have unanswered questions. Like what? For one… would elizabeth baldwin lie to the cops to cover for nikolas? I was talking to dante, and it’s looking less and less likely that ava was targeted at random. He thinks the attacker knew her. That’s interesting.

[ Sighs ] Just say it. You think it’s suspicious that nikolas provided me with an alibi so quickly. No, no. Just wondering if that changes anything for you. I do wonder why he leapt to my defense so quickly. I mean, he said he doesn’t believe I did it, so why would I need an alibi? Unless the alibi was meant to protect nikolas. It’s just that impossible things happen all the time. I mean, you never know what to expect. Right? Right. I suppose, uh, it was just filed improperly because I can’t imagine what else it would be. But if either of you have a theory, I would love to know what it is. Well, we’re all human. Nobody’s perfect. And I know that you have experienced the power of forgiveness with your father. Auntie, what is this have to do with marshall? Someone at that clerk’s office made a mistake, and there should be consequences. Lives were affected, right? And I’m sorry that I just can’t let this go. I know what happened, curtis. Time. It’s life’s most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer. When your time is threatened, it’s hard to invest in your future. Until now. Kisqali is helping women live longer than ever before when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant… in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. Kisqali is a pill that’s proven to delay disease progression. Kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. It can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. Tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain… a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. Avoid grapefruit during treatment. Your future is ahead of you, so it’s time to make the most of it with kisqali. Because when you invest in yourself, everyone gets the best of you. Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? Try nervivenerve relief from the world’s #1 selling nerve care company. Nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. Try nervivenerve relief. (Buzz)

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call 1-800-quit now. Look, I’ve been wanting to say this for some time. I’m — I’m really sorry for setting you up on that fake job interview. I re– I — I should have apologized long before now. Nobody likes being fooled, right? So I felt like a sucker, and that ain’t me. But I had a lot of time to think about it, and I realized you were just trying to be a good friend to my son. Curtis has been a very good friend to me, sir. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can see that. You know, but I guess maybe if I — if I had been honest with curtis all along, you wouldn’t have gotten dragged into his mission to find out what I was hiding. Mm. So, there it is. I guess it’s on me. So no hard feelings? Yeah, man. We all good. I don’t like what you did, but I appreciate why you did it. Did it for my family. Yeah, and you were there for curtis when I couldn’t be. Okay, so I emailed you the emergency numbers for the girls’ pediatrician. Mm-hmm. Sonny already has all this information. It’s just in case he needs help from you, you should have it. Okay? Right. You know I know most of this, right? You know… this is a bad time for me to go away. It is. Because school is just starting. Ava’s still in the hospital. I mean, what am I thinking? Mom! Donna and avery are gonna be fine. They have me. They have pilar. They have sonny. Fingers crossed, I don’t need to visit them at sonny’s penthouse. If I do, oh, well. I’ll live.

[ Chuckles ] Stop stalling. What do you mean “stalling”? This is your time. Focus on you and your career.

[ Sighs ] I really want to go to this seminar. I really do. You know, I’ve just been so untethered since I lost my half of the hotel, and I’m not used to feeling aimless. So, yeah, I really want to go, and I want to get my life back on track… in every way. There’s something underneath that scares you. And I’m here to tell you… you don’t have to be afraid of me. Josslyn: Mom. Yeah? Where’d you go? Uh, just thinking about my next step, yeah. Great. Keep the focus on yourself. Everything’s covered here. I promise. Okay. All right. So, lunch is on me. Oh. And here you go. There’s a little extra just in case something comes up. Oh, okay. I have to get out of here because the day is getting away from me. All right. Here, give me a hug. Oh. I love you so much. I love you so much.Thank you for being you, okay? Have a wonderful trip.

[ Squeals ] Okay. Bye. Okay. Bye. Hey. Aren’t you supposed to get going? Yeah. I was just meeting with josslyn, giving her some, you know, last-minute information — that’s all. Yeah, but you know what? Don’t worry about it. ‘Cause pilar is at the penthouse with donna and avery. We — we got this. Yeah, I know, I know. I-it — I’m probably going to call every night before they go to bed just to check in, okay?

[ Chuckles ] I’m sure you will. Okay. Hey, um… good luck. Thanks. Nikolas seems to really love ava. I can’t see him trying to kill her. Yeah, you know him better than I do. Why do you think he insisted on making you his alibi? I told him I lost time. And maybe he couldn’t vouch for his whereabouts, either. You know, the thing is, there was a lot of people on the property that night. You don’t know what one of them may have seen or what they said to the police. I guess the concern is, the longer you hold out, the more it will cast suspicion on nikolas…or you. A situation has come up I need you to get to G.H. Right away. Nikolas told me that he was with elizabeth when I was attacked.

[ Monitor beeping ] Well, then it sounds like he has an alibi. They’ve known each other since they were teenagers. If anybody would lie to protect nikolas, it’s elizabeth. I just don’t think that elizabeth would lie to the police about something like that, ava — I really don’T. Maybe she doesn’t know she’s lying. Maybe she’s being manipulated. My husband is capable of very bad behavior. Surprisingly bad behavior. It’s true what they say, portia — the ones you love the most, they can hurt you the most. You should keep that in mind before you march down the aisle. I understand you’ve made a decision. Yes, I have.

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Papers rustling ] Jordan, you were there when portia and I got engaged. It never occurred to you to say something then? I only just found out about it.

[ Scoffs ] It’s my fault. I am very sorry, curtis. Help me understand, jordan. You said you filed those papers. I thought I had. I signed them, and I put them in my outbox. After our conversation at trina’s party, I looked through all the mail I received when I was at the clinic. It wasn’t there. And that’s when it hit me. I was going to take the envelope to the courthouse personally, but [Sighs] There was so much going on during that time, and I got called on another matter — I didn’t go. I guess I lost track of it, and [Sighs] It probably wound up getting covered in stacks of mail and documents on my desk. Okay, so you still have the divorce papers. We can file them. Can we look for them? Thanks. – Whoa. – Jake from state farm, I really need to know. Uh, go spicy or go home, right? What? No. What if I’m not sure I have the right coverage for my car? Oh, your agent can help you make sure it’s just what you need. What if I accidentally hit a food truck and it gets covered in empanadas? You can file a claim on the app. At state farm, we’re there for your “what ifs.” Ah, thanks! Oh… mmmm. That is too spicy. That’s for you! Like a good neighbor, state farm is there. Call or click to get a quote today. If you’re still having bladder leaks, it’s time for a change. Axonics therapy gave me my life back. It’s not another pad or pill. It’s amazing that a tiny device can provide 15 years of relief – and you can try it out first. Get started at findrealrelief.Com ask a bladder specialist if axonics therapy is right for you and to discuss potential risks. Results and experiences may vary. Let’s get your life back!

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[ Line ringing ] Drew:

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[ Beeps ] Keep an eye on the docks. You make sure that the wus are sticking to their agreement. You got it, boss. Anything else? That’s it for now. Hey, sonny.

[ Chuckling ] Hey. What’s going on, buddy? Not much, man. Care to join us for dinner? Or have you already eaten? Uh, uh, no. I got some business I gotta take care of, but thank you. Any– what’s — what’s — what’s going on here?

[ Inhales deeply ] Uh… how ’bout you two catch up, and I’ll go put in an order for the table? Skipped lunch, so I’m starved.

[ Chuckles ] I know what everyone likes. So do you mind if I make the selections? Might as well get used to it. We, um, actually just reached a decision with the courts. Um, sasha doesn’t have to serve prison time. That’s great, right? Sasha: Yeah. Yeah. Excuse me. I will be right back. What’s the agreement? Well, to avoid a prison sentence, sasha had to agree to a — a guardianship. She just signed over her entire life to me. Hi. You got a minute? Sure. Good. Uh, there’s something that we need to get straight. You know, if the police are going to catch whoever did this to ava, they — they probably need accurate information. You have a good point. And, hey, look, if nikolas is innocent, he’s got nothing to worry about. Except fabricating an alibi to begin with. What’s going to happen when I tell the police that nikolas and i weren’t together the whole time? We’re both going to become suspects. You know, it’s your call. Whatever you decide, I’m in your corner.

[ Sighs ] It’s a lose-lose no matter what I do. I just need to think about it for a minute. I understand. There might be one other thing to consider — as long as ava’s attacker is on the loose…

[Sighs] She could still be in danger. Yeah, you’re right. Ava deserves to know the truth. Are you gonna tell her? I don’t actually havethe divorce papers, curtis. Wha– you just said you had them in a stack of documents on your desk. That was a year ago. Just before I wound up spending several months recuperating in albany.

[ Sighs ] That envelope’s probably long gone. Jordan, this is all really irresponsible. My caseload was immense during that time, but that’s no excuse. Those papers were important, and I should have dealt with them immediately. I’ve complicated things for you and portia, and I’m sorry. Stella: Hey, life happens. You know, you — you should understand that, don’t you, curtis? I feel terrible about it. And I promise to do whatever I can to make sure your nuptials go as planned. I’ll have my attorney issue new copies, and we’ll refile. That’s probably the fastest way. I’ll sign them as soon as you have them. You have my word. Talk to you later. Jordan, why on earth did you do that? Portia: Curtis is, uh, well, he’s certainly nothing like nikolas, so… oh, no. No, of course he’s not. I’m — I’m so sorry. I’m — I’m not feeling very warm and fuzzy about marriage, but that definitely does not mean that they can’t — frank: You can’t come in. Nikolas: I’m going in there to see my wife. There’s nothing you can do to stop me. So I said, “yeah you’re saving hundreds with the home and auto bundle from progressive, but there’s no saving that casserole!”

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quilted northern. Step aside or my associate will move you out of the way. Frank: Try me. Mr. Cassadine, please leave. I won’t be barred from seeing my wife. Ava doesn’t want to see you. Now, if you don’t leave, I will have G.H. Security escort you out. Call them. You have no idea what I’m capable of. Is there a problem here? I know I didn’t just hear you threaten my fiancéE. My wife has been badly injured, and they’re keeping me away. What would you do? Well, the way I understand it, she doesn’t wish to see you. Ava’s blood pressure was spiking. That’s why I came out here.

[ Sighs ] You hear that? So, do you wish to pick a fight in the icu just to convince ava that you care? Look, the police are already on their way, okay? So if you don’t want them involved…

[Whispers] I suggest you leave. This isn’t over. Let’s go.

[ Sighs ] I’m gonna go check on ava.

[ Sighs ] Are you doing okay? Do you want to give you something to — to help you settle down?

[ Inhales deeply ] Well, you know, I doubt it would matter. I — I don’t think I’m gonna get any sleep now. You were furious with me, and you had every right to be. Why on earth would you take the blame for me? I’m not excusing what you did.

[ Sighs ] I know taking those papers was way out of line. I’m surprised you would do something like that. It’s so unlike you. But curtis has moved on. I don’t see any reason to undo all that progress now. But still, I — I can’t let you take the blame for me. You’re not. I volunteered. Curtis will be mildly annoyed with me, but he’ll accept it was an accident. I’ll sign the papers, he and portia will get married, you’ll officiate, and everything will be all right. I just don’t see any reason to cause problems between you and curtis or you and portia.

[ Chuckles softly ] I meant what I said when I told curtis that you are still family.

[ Chuckles softly ] And you always will be. Thank you, again, for helping me find avery’s bracelet the other day. It was an adventure. Yes. It — it wasn’t quite as heroic as saving ava’s life, but you stepped up. Literally.

[ Chuckles ] I’m grateful. You’re welcome. I judged you…hard. And that’s really embarrassing because I hate judgy people. So, basically, that makes me a hypocrite. I didn’t make the best first impression.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah, well… I still think that you’re an idiot to work for sonny. Duly noted. Yeah, well, I figured you’d say something like that, but believe it or not, I’m not telling you this because I despise him. I’m telling you this because sonny wrecks people… …and I don’t want you to be one of those people. Just because I don’t take your advice doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you giving it. I didn’t — I didn’t tell anybody, um, about you helping me out the other night. Not even cam. Your boyfriend? Yeah. It’s just really complicated to explain, so… I would appreciate it if you kept that just between us. Can you do that for me? I’m sure being sasha’s guardian is not easy for either of you. You know what? You’re gonna do right by sasha. You know that. Thanks, sonny.

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[ Sighs ] Yeah. I’m okay. Are you? Oh, I’m highly annoyed.

[ Scoffs ] But I don’t even know why I’m surprised by another one of nikolas cassadine’s little stunts. But at least my strong, handsome fiancé showed up when he did.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Everything’s fine. Oh, by the way, did you talk to your attorney about the divorce papers? Yes. That’s, uh, actually why I came here to talk to you. Apparently, there’s no record of the filing. How is that even possible? Babe, I wondered the same thing. So I went and talked to jordan. She said she thought she’d filed it, but as it turns out, she’d forgotten, and the paperwork must have got thrown away when she was at the clinic in albany. Wait, wa– [ Chuckles ] So you’re telling me that you’ve been married to jordan this entire time? Looks that way. But, baby, don’t worry.

[ Sighs ] Don’t worry. Okay? The attorney is expediting papers as we speak.

[ Sighs ] Well, that’s a relief, I guess. Uh. [ Scoffs ] Isn’t it? Babe? Uh, no, yeah. It is. It is. Definitely. Okay, something else is going on. Something is obviously still bothering you. Just tell me what it is. It’s jordan’s story — just doesn’t add up. And it reminds me of — it reminds me of how she dragged her feet to sign those papers in the first place. It means the world to me that you feel this way. I consider you family, too, stella.

[ Chuckles ] Who’d have thunk it?

[ Both chuckle ] I know what it’s taken for us to get this far. We had to work hard for our relationship. But I have grown to admire, respect, and care about you, jordan. And not just because you tj’s mother, but because of the wonderful person that you are.

[ Sighs ] And now, while I’m still happy for curtis and portia, I hope that you and i can continue to be in each other’s lives. I’d really like that. Besides, I don’t have a lot of family. We’re not all lucky enough to find lost cousins in england. Well, you know what? If you want to know more about your family, you should try a dna test, too. Uh, maybe I will. What was the site you used? I’m going to forward you the email that they sent with my results. Aside from that error saying I had another relative here in port charles, they’re fantastic. You — you gonna follow up? ‘Cause you never know what you’ll find.

[ Chuckles ] Dinner order’s in. Hey, hey. I figured we’d start with dessert first. Something fun and sweet to perk up the mood. Yeah. Where is everybody? Uh, sonny stepped away, and then, um, uh, sasha had to take a moment for herself, so she went to the ladies’ room. I hate that it’s come to this. Yeah, me too. But I am gonna do everything in my power to show sasha that she has the strength and that I have faith that she can get through this. What? What? Can’t a mother admire her son? Brando, you’ve become such a good man. I know we’ve had our differences — yeah, that’s one way of putting it.

[ Chuckles ] I know. I… handled a lot of things badly.

[ Sighs ] But despite my mistakes, you overcame your struggles and grew into this big-hearted man who not only looks out for his wayward mother, but all the people you care about.

[ Voice breaking ] I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed the support you’re giving sasha. And I’m so grateful to you for letting me back into your life and letting me be part of the family that you’re building.

[ Chuckles ] And I’m just so damn proud of you. I’m proud of you, too, mom.

[ Sighs ] And, listen, the past — that’s the past. I really appreciate you stepping up for sasha. I mean, you helped get us through our darkest times. I’m so glad you’re in our lives.

[ Sighs ]

[ Mouths words ] I love you, mom.

[ Whispering ] I love you. Sonny: Sasha? Hi. Brando, he, uh, told me about the guardianship. How you feeling about that? I, um, I can’t even describe it. It’s — I love brando, and I trust him. But I feel like an intruder in my own life. You know, your circumstances are — are different than mine, but I gotta tell you something — I’ve felt that before. I get it. You just gotta be — you gotta be strong. You gotta believe in yourself. You know [Sighs] Brando came into my life… …late. But he’s — he’s — he’s family, you know? And if he’s family, that means you’re family. And I want to let you know that if you need anything ever in your life… …I’m here for you. Thanks, sonny. Well, it looks like she got some [Laughs] — A lot of desserts and stuff, right?

[ Laughs ] You want some? Let’s do it. All right. Yeah, I hear what you’re saying. You talking about giving people — giving people time, not pushing them too fast. It’s just hard to know. Like, are you giving somebody time to figure things out, or… are you waiting too long? Like, what if you miss out on something amazing? I don’t know. I don’t know. If something’s meant to be, there’s always a sign. Mm. Hell, I’m glad I was finally able to see my sign before it was too late. Late. Man, I gotta bounce. Epiphany should be off by now. Okay. See you around. Yeah, definitely. You can count on that. All right. Okay. Good talking. You, too.

[ Cellphone vibrates ] Um, I’ll make this quick before I lose my nerve.

[ Breathes sharply ] There’s something you need to know. What’s that? I can’t guarantee that nikolas was with me when you were attacked. Why wouldn’t you know that?

[ Monitor beeping ] It’s, uh — it’s complicated. Is it? Did you lie to the cops or not? No. No, no, no. We were together, just not the entire time. Nikolas’ whereabouts can’t be fully accounted for. Were you just going to sit on this? Elizabeth was hoping to gather more information before amending her statement, but she thought you should know now. Although, it does seem like you have more than adequate protection. I just want you to be safe. But I would appreciate if you can give me some time so I can figure out all the facts. Well, it sounds like there’s a lot more to the story. I — I hope you find it. Thank you. Take care. You, too. Feel better. Oh, um, would you send frank in, please? You wanted to see me? Yeah. I need you to do something for me. (Vo) when you live with moderate to severe crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, your day can be full of reminders of your condition. Never knowing. Always wondering. You weren’t made for uc or crohn’s, but gut focused entyvio is. Entyvio works at the site of the problem to block certain inflammation-causing cells from entering the gut. Infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. Entyvio may increase risk of infection which can be serious. Although unlikely, a risk of pml, a rare, serious, potentially fatal brain infection cannot be ruled out. Tell your doctor if you have an infection, experience frequent infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. Liver problems can occur with entyvio. In clinical trials, entyvio helped many people achieve long-term relief and remission. Ask your doctor about entyvio. Entyvio, entyvio, entyvio I like to v ost it, v ost itmy vitamins can boost it I like to v ost it, v ost it we like to v ost it

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[ Beeps ] Carly, hey. I’m — I’m sorry I missed your call. I’m here. All right? I’m here whenever you can talk. What? Come on.

[ Rumbling ] Flight attendant:


The captain has instructed

all passengers

to secure your loose items

and make sure your seatbelts

are securely fastened.

[ Passengers murmuring ] Flight crew, prepare for

an emergency landing. I’m looking to clarify some test results. Initially, there was a match that was supposedly a close relation, but it disappeared. I’d like to find this person. Woman: We’re not allowed to disclose

our customers’ personal information. This is a procedural question. How is it possible that there was a match and now it’s gone? Is that a glitch in your system? I assure you, a glitch like that wouldn’t happen. Then how did the match disappear? The only reason a match

would disappear

is if the person withdrew their identity from the ancestry database. I’m sorry. Sorry. My patient is now fine and resting comfortably.

[ Sighs ] Still thinking about those divorce papers, right? Something doesn’t feel right. What do you mean?

[ Sighs ] Jordan wouldn’t forget something like that. And the idea that — that — that the police commissioner’s paperwork would be removed or thrown away, I find highly unlikely. Yeah, I see your point. But the question is, why would jordan tell you that if it’s not true? Maybe jordan made sure those papers weren’t filed. -[ Sighs ] -I think that went better than expected. I’m not sure how much time we bought. This partial memory I’ve been having is at the root of everything. I need more information on it and the blackouts before I go to the police. How do you plan on getting to the bottom of things? I think I know what I have to do. Sonny: Tiramisu. I love it! Here you go. Mm-hmm. Thank you. I have no intention of telling your boyfriend or anyone else about our little dumpster-diving adventure. Thank you for understanding. Um, so… so, we’re good?

[ Thunder rumbling ] We’re good, joss.

[ Rumbling continues ]

[ Beeping continues ] Thank you, frank. You can step outside and close the door. I need to have a chat with my husband.

[ Thunder rumbling ] Uh, I need to step out for a second. You gonna be okay? Hurry back, though. Okay. You got it.

[ Chuckles ] Mmm. Cherry?

[ Thunder crashing ]

[ Suspenseful music plays ]

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GH Transcript Monday, September 12, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


 grandpa, did you see my backwards somersault? I sure did. You were great. Uncle chase taught me. Yeah, and you know who taught me? Your grandpa. I did indeed. You look a little out of practice, son. Maybe violet should give you a few pointers. Ha ha. Hey, just ran into, uh, a buddy of mine. Dad, this is curtis ashford. Uh, curtis, this is my dad, gregory chase. Nice to meet you, curtis. Nice to meet you. Finn has told me all about your club, the savoy. Not that he’s ever taken me there. Not taking you there. Well, feel free to drop by any time as my guests. Drinks will be on me. Finn — finn can fend for himself.

[ Grunts ] What about me?

[ Laughs ] Well, I tell you what. I will open my place at lunchtime. And you can have all the shirley temples you can drink. Yay!

[ Laughter ] All right. Congrats on your engagement, by the way. Finn told me. Oh, the, uh, good old G.H. Grapevine, huh? Portia might have let something slip. You’re getting married? Can I come? I love weddings.

[ Laughter ]

[ Sighs ] Oh, lord, forgive me, but it’s for a good cause. Okay.

[ Exhales deeply ] Stella. Are you looking for me? Ms. Wu.

[ Chuckles ] I’m sorry. We’re closed. The club is always open for me. I’ll have an iced tea, no sugar, while I wait for my guest to join me. We don’t have any iced tea. I’m sure it won’t take you long to make some. Ms. Wu, thank you for meeting with me. I’m, uh, cody bell. Called you earlier. I’m not bleeding, so maybe that’s why you don’t recognize me. I assume you’re not back for another beating.

[ Chuckles ] No, definitely not. Uh, in fact, I have a proposition for you. Thank you for having lunch with me, dad. Thank you for inviting me.

[ Chuckles ] What’s up? Why does everyone always assume that I have an ulterior motive? Fine. I have something to tell you. Let’s hear it. Chase and i are dating. Wow. That’s great. It is? Isn’t it? Of course, it is. I just…

[ Scoffs ] Never mind. Are you happy? What do you think? Brook lynn, if you’re happy, that’s all that matters to me. So, has chase decided on who his manager is? What are you talking about? I’m chase’s manager, just like we planned. Uh-oh. Hey, elizabeth. Hey. What can I do for you? Uh, I need to see the E.R. Intake records for the night ava jerome was stabbed. I need to see if anyone else checked in with similar wounds. You think someone’s running around port charles attacking people? I don’t know. I mean, I doubt it. We didn’t get any other calls at the pcpd, but, uh, just thought I’d double check. Yeah, yeah, sure. Uh, but if no one else was attacked, does this mean that — it would mean that ava wasn’t the victim of a random act of violence. I think her attacker knew her. You have any idea who attacked you? I don’T. Why do I get the feeling you’re not telling me something?

[ Monitor beeping ] Who am I protecting you from, ava? I have no idea. You’re too smart to play dumb with me. Now, frank says you don’t want nikolas to visit. You were staying at the metro court before you got attacked. Obviously, you and nikolas were going through some problems. Do you think he would try to kill you?

What just happened here? You were happy that chase and I are dating. You seemed supportive of the idea of me managing chase’s singing career. So what changed? The other day, when you and leo were looking at all those photographs of eddie maine, I started to remember what it was like to work with your mom, when lois managed me and the band.

[ Chuckles ] It was really tough on our relationship. Mom left you because you chose elq over family. Sound familiar? Then I wish you well. Look, chase and I, we share a common goal, okay? To make him a star and rub linc’s nose in it. Sharing common interests bring people closer. Like when chase and i worked together to protect bailey lou from peter august. That’s when things changed between us. And look, I admit it, at first we couldn’t stand each other. That probably had something to do with me hitting him two or three times. You think? But we got past it. But there still is potential for friction, brook lynn. Okay. Like with all couples. Look, my point is, trying to maintain a romantic relationship while also conducting a business relationship is hard, sometimes impossible. Dad, chase and i make a good team, okay? We can succeed at anything we try. And if you don’t? You know, look, I-if this is a bad time, I can just come back at another time. No, not at all. Why did you want to see me? Um, it’s about curtis… and his engagement to portia. Oh. I hope you’re not angry you weren’t told right away. No, no, I understand. Um, but you and I, we didn’t even speak about the engagement last night. Are you avoiding? No, not at all. I almost witnessed the proposal myself and then got a chance to congratulate curtis and portia. Were those sincere congratulations? How much pain were you hiding? Their engagement was hardly a shock. I mean, they did buy a house together. Still, it had to be difficult. You loved curtis so very much. Curtis has moved on, and I need to do the same. Our marriage has been over for a while, after all. About that… I like my shirley temples with two cherries, not one.

[ Laughs ] Okay. [ Laughs ] Duly noted. Yeah.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Excuse me. Yeah. Hey, n’neka, what’s up? N’neka: Hey, boss. So…ms. Wu is here meeting someone at the club. I told her we’re closed, and she said the club is open for her. Okay, thank you. I’ll be there as soon as I can. I can’t imagine what you could offer that I might want. Well, I’m sure you remember that I am really good at poker. Mm. You fleeced my high rollers, leaving me with very unhappy patrons. As I explained that night, my players come to relax, have a good time, not lose their shirts in a few hands. Right. So your associate worked me over after you got your money back

[Chuckles] And left me with a pathetic $50 — not even enough to feed a horse in oats. Your point? I want in on the next game. You have the $10,000 buy-in? Okay. Hear me out. So you stake me, and I can pay you $15,000 on the back end. I promise I won’t clean anyone out. I’ll just lighten their wallets a little bit, even though your players can afford to lose. Just the one game? Why? Well, I need to ride off into the sunset permanently. Couple bucks in my belt will help set me up in a new place. Don’t you earn a salary working for the quartermaines at their stable? I’ve got a lot of debts that I got to pay off.

[ Exhales deeply ] I’m still broke. There’s no guarantee you’ll win. What if you lose my $15,000 and more?

[ Chuckles ] I won’t lose. No, I’m a sure thing. So what do you say? I wanted to go back in the water and practice my somersault. Please? You be careful, okay? Well, I guess that’s my cue.

[ Laughter ] Let’s go. Come on.

[ Grunts ] You’re getting bigger. I’ll grab an iced tea with you.

[ Sighs ] When you were in first grade, you had the biggest crush on this little girl that sat next to you in class. Gretchen? W-wait. Where is this going? She wouldn’t give you the time of day, and you couldn’t understand why. You thought about her all the time. You did everything you could to get her to pay attention to you. And the look on your face then was just like — the look on my face now. Something going on with elizabeth?

[ Inhales deeply ] I though things had gotten better between you two. The other night at the quartermaine picnic… elizabeth finally admitted she has a problem. No one else with a stab wound came in the night of the picnic. Hmm. All right. Well, thanks for checking. How’s the investigation going? Ah, you know, it’s, uh, early days. It’s too bad that ava couldn’t identify her attacker. Yeah. I mean, we’re still talking to everyone who was at the picnic. Something will come up. And no one suspicious has crossed your radar? Dante: Not as of yet. How about you? Anything of importance from that night that you can remember? Nikolas would never stabbed me. Really? Then why you acting like you think he’s guilty? And if he is, why are you protecting him?

[ Monitor beeping ] A little thing called love. Really? You don’t love anybody but yourself, ava. So much for playing nice. If it wasn’t for avery, you being her mother, I would let you and nikolas just, you know, tear each other to pieces. Please leave. Really? You want me — you want me to, uh, take frank with me? I didn’t think so. You gotta come clean, ava. What happened with esme?

you don’t think I can make chase a star. Brook lynn, I’m just trying to manage your expectations. You know better than anyone that only a small fraction of hopefuls make it in the music business. Thanks for the support, dad. I’m just being realistic. Come on, be honest with yourself. The things that you like about chase as a boyfriend may drive you crazy as his manager, or drive him crazy as your client. Just saying. Well, that worked out for the best, didn’t it? You’ll have a gig in no time. Brook lynn, you went way too far tonight.

[ Sighs ]

[ Singsong voice ] Violet’s got a crush. No, I don’T.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Normal voice ] I saw the way you were just looking at him getting out of the pool. I don’t have a crush on tommy richardson. He’s not my boyfriend.

Violet and tommy sitting in a tree

k-I-s-s who are you sitting in a tree with, uncle chase? Who is your girlfriend?

[ Chuckles ] Finn: It’s been hard. I just — I hate seeing elizabeth suffering. But she’s opened up to you, right? She thinks there’s something in her past that’s adversely affecting her and… she’s asked for some help. That’s progress.She’s not going alone anymore. I just — I wish I knew how to help her, dad. If you need to talk, here I am. Thank you. I — I appreciate you. What about elizabeth? I mean, besides you, she has a ton of family and friends. So she has a great support system, yeah? Yeah, she does. Although, I’m not sure everyone in her life has her best interests at heart. Was there anything you forgot to mention when jordan took your statement? No. Sorry. I have nothing else to add. Is the pcpd any closer to finding my wife’s attacker? The investigation is ongoing. Thanks, elizabeth.

[ Scoffs ] What? Why we need to talk… in private. How about it? Will you give me a seat at the table? Okay, fine. I’ll let you in the game, provided you work for me. What does that mean? You talk like you can control the game’s outcome. Can you ensure that another player wins big, too? Sure. I mean, as long as they’re not completely hopeless at poker. I’ll stake your buy-in if you follow my orders. You’re allowed to win, but I may ask you to help or hinder another player along the way. Losing your nerve? We’re not just talking about one game anymore, are we? You might want to reconsider your desire to leave town, at least for now. You’ll be making more than you ever dreamed of.

[ Exhales deeply ] Maybe so. I’m not crazy about taking orders from anyone, though. Think it over. But don’t take too long. I’m not known for my patience. I realized how hard I was on you at first. So bullheaded, I refused to attend your wedding to curtis. But you did come. And that meant so much to the both of us. After that, I was team jordan all the way. You refused to give up on our marriage, even when curtis and i separated.

[ Sighs ] Unfortunately, it was already too late. I kept too much hidden from him, and I couldn’t walk it back. You two were so good together. Except when we weren’T. But why are you bringing this up now? Are you opposed to curtis’ engagement? I thought you liked portia. Oh, I-I do. I do. But — but…

[ Inhales deeply ] It’s not about portia. It’s about me. What I did. How sorry I am. Stella, what did you do? Why are you asking about esme? She’s gone, isn’t she? To europe. Isn’t that what the cops are saying? Come on, ava. You know more about esme’s disappearance than the cops. Now you’re a mind reader, huh? Is that more lucrative than selling coffee… among other things? Well, you know what? I remember when you came to me and you wanted me to make sure that, uh, trina’s jurors found her not guilty. I said, “it makes more sense if I — if I talk to esme.” And you said, “no, no, no. Your guys aren’t gonna be able to find her.” So when you were in surgery… and we all thought you weren’t gonna make it, nikolas was a little strange. Strange how?

[ Whispers ] Like he was hiding something. That’s funny. ‘Cause — ’cause I heard that nikolas was frantic, that he was the picture of a devoted husband. We both know better than that. The world is full of make or break moments. Especially if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, it’s time to make your move to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia. Only prolia is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. Do not take prolia if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it, or take xgeva. Serious allergic reactions like low blood pressure, trouble breathing, throat tightness, face, lip or tongue swelling, rash, itching or hives have happened. Tell your doctor about dental problems, as severe jaw bone problems may happen or new or unusual pain in your hip, groin, or thigh, as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred. Speak to your doctor before stopping, skipping or delaying prolia, as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. Prolia can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium, serious infections, which could need hospitalization, skin problems, and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. Don’t wait for a break. Call your doctor now and ask how prolia can help you. Frustrated with occasional digestive upsets? Align women’s probiotic naturally helps promote a balanced gut and soothe occasional digestive upsets. Plus, it supports vaginal health. It’s recommended by gastroenterologists two-times more than any other probiotic brand. Try align. Finally. I told you I was on the clock, man. What’s so urgent? Why is your boss out to get me? Remember when I had that last stroke and I — I felt like I had forgotten something that was really important? Vaguely. Isn’t that common among stroke victims? Yeah, it is. But I finally remembered what it was, what was bothering me. And I am so sorry. I — you’d think by now I would have learned my lesson. But there’s no fool like an old fool. W-what did you do, stella? I meddled in your personal business — yours and curtis’. How? Happened right here in this office. I took the envelope that contained your signed divorce papers. They were never filed. You and curtis are still married. Thank you. That didn’t take you long. I saw your bartender call you. What are you doing here, and who did you have a meeting with? My meeting is none of your business. I stayed because I want to deliver a gift. Oh, that you’re gonna take your poker game somewhere else.

[ Laughs ] You have a wonderful sense of humor, curtis. No. This gift is my way of thanking you for the continued use of the savoy. I’m upgrading the club’s audio board. Not necessary. Your live music nights are very successful. An advanced audio system can only enhance your customers’ experience. Have you thought about focusing more on local artists? I’ve been hearing about a singer. You know what? You can stop right there. Ms. Wu, need I remind you that the savoy is my business, not yours. Mr. Quartermaine. Hey, chase. Is, uh, brook lynn here? I texted her that I was coming over. Yeah, she is here. I’m sure she’ll be back soon. Um… would you like some iced tea? I’m — I’m good. Thanks. And thanks again for helping me find the right look for… me being a professional singer.

[ Chuckles ] So, brook lynn tells me that, uh, you two are a couple now. Yeah. Is this the part where you tell me if I hurt your daughter — I hurt you? Yeah. I’m thinking about it. Like, I promise, I — I only want to make brook lynn happy. Mm-hmm. You know, it’s not always possible in relationships. But brook lynn is an adult, and I’ve never been able to keep her under glass. But I will hurt you very badly if you ever hurt her, in addition to what she will do to you. I-I know better than to cross brook lynn. If I’ve learned one thing, she can be ruthless. Elizabeth is friends with this guy — nikolas cassadine. They were together years ago. Sounds like you don’t trust the guy. Did their relationship end badly? Think he wants to hurt her? No. No. But he’s the reason hayden left town. Kind of guy that’s always in it for himself first and doesn’t care if the people around him get hurt. There’s a chunk of time I can’t account for after I left finn and before you found me — possibly the time when ava was attacked.

[ Scoffs ] I don’t believe for one second that you’re the one that stabbed ava.

[ Sighs ] Okay, so then when you lied to jordan about being with me, was that to protect me… or you? Ava: Nikolas couldn’t have stabbed me. He was with elizabeth at the time. That’s what he told the police. Well, I’m sure they confirmed his alibi with elizabeth. Yeah. Nikolas and elizabeth have been friends since they were teenagers. You really believe that pure-as-the-driven-snow elizabeth baldwin would lie to the cops to protect nikolas? Well, elizabeth is loyal to her friends. She thinks the best of everybody. But, you know, now that we establish that, you know, she could cover for nikolas, why do you think he stabbed you? Come on. Something happened with esme.

Chase, hi. What are you doing here? I texted you I was coming over. Oh, you did? Really? Oh, not that it matters. I can come back another time if it’s more convenient. Actually, chase, I’d like to continue our discussion. So brook lynn told me that she’s now officially your manager. Dad. You know, there’s a hell of a lot of pressure involved with getting a music career off the ground. I mean, it could lead to a lot of arguments. Don’t you have somewhere else to be? I suppose I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know. It’s good to see you, chase. And I am sure brook lynn will take very good care of you. Alone at last. Yeah. Is your dad, right? Are you gonna take good care of me? Oh, you can count on it. I will. I hope he didn’t get in your head. No, he didn’T. Although, I have been thinking the same thing about what the music business can do to relationships. Oh, no. Magazines are right. Women end up dating their fathers. Okay. [ Chuckles ] First, be serious. I’m being serious.

[ Clears throat ] Okay. And second, now that we’re dating… do you think going after linc is still worth it? My boss commissioner ashford? No. Mac scorpio. He’s chief of detectives, right? Yeah. What about mac? Well, he’s asking a lot of questions about me, treating me like a suspect in this attack at the quartermaines’. Mac thinks you stabbed ava jerome? Never even met her. But, you know [Chuckles] Rich people, they always blame the help. I’m working that case. Mac hasn’t said anything to me about bringing you in for questioning. No, he didn’t talk to me directly. But he asked britt a whole bunch of questions, which is ridiculous ’cause we’ve only been on one date, you know? Picnic didn’t count. All right, okay. Hold — hold on. Britt said mac thinks you’re a suspect? Well, she said that he asked her a bunch of questions. It’s — it’s pretty easy to fill in the blanks, you know? Media’s been all over this attack on the ava jerome woman and [Sighs]… Is your boss trying to pin it on me so he can say that he solved it? No. No, mac wouldn’t do that. I’m being paranoid? Depends. Have you done anything that would be considered illegal? No, no. Hell, no. All right. Okay. That doesn’t seem defensive at all. Okay, well, I’m the new guy in town, right? People tend to blame the outsider as soon as something bad happens. Okay, look. I’m here telling you relax. Mac’s gonna follow the evidence. That’s all he’s gonna do. I don’t want any more trouble with the police, man, had enough already. Well, that proves my point exactly. Back then, you were guilty. I wasn’t the only one. I would never presume to tell you how to run your business. I just want to lend a helping hand. Why? I’m invested in the savoy’s success. My players have grown fond of the club. They feel safe and comfortable here. Why your sudden interest in music? Selina: Has curtis given you any trouble? Nah, just a misunderstanding. I, uh, ran into a singer — harrison chase. You heard of him? The detective on suspension. Yeah, uh, good singer, good guy. I thought he’d be a good fit for the savoy. I appreciate you thinking of us and making the connection. I’m sure curtis will, too. I know what I like. Harrison chase brought the house down when he played at open mic night on the haunted star. I booked harrison chase. His contact canceled and said that he was no longer chase’s manager. Would you be willing to rebook mr. Chase? Why do you care? I know a thing or two about business and how to keep one profitable.

[ Sighs ] Harrison chase could be your big discovery and give the club the reputation of spotlighting new talent. Think about it. Yeah, uh, jermaine, did you find it? What? You really think that I stabbed ava? Nikolas… no, no, I don’t — I don’t want to think that. But then why were you so quick to give us a false alibi? How can we be sure it was false? The police don’t know the exact time of ava’s attack. Maybe it was when you and I were together. Then why didn’t you just say that? Come on. You’ve been acting very suspiciously. Have I? Elizabeth, what have I done since ava was attacked? I protected you. I’ve worried myself sick whether my wife was gonna live or die. I mean… I have been nothing but frustrated and concerned because the person who attacked ava is still out there. And I feel damn helpless because there isn’t anything I can do to try to catch him. And instead of understanding, you’re gonna think the worst of me? Is that — is that because… what you’re going through so much lately? Because your nerves are frail. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. Are you saying that I’m imagining your sneaky behavior? You know, if elizabeth had a — a known infection, I would track it down, I would identify it, and then I would design a protocol to treat it. Like you did with harry. Yeah. But this psychology thing, dad, I… I’ve made a real mess of it at times, you know? And please, please don’t tell me some story about when I was 5 and I went through every encyclopedia in the house trying to find a cure for the common cold. Why would I tell you that story? Yeah, to remind me that I have this way, that I always have to try to find the right answer. I will tell you what I told you then. You have to learn to read before you tackle the encyclopedia. So, in other words, don’t rush. I’d imagine there’s a reason why elizabeth repressed her memories. She can’t work through them until she’s truly ready to face what they are. Esme was a manipulative, spiteful, little viper that nikolas let into our home without consulting me. And she did everything she could to come between us. Even spencer saw her true colors. But nikolas is so stupid. Keep going ’cause it’s really interesting. Uh, but nikolas was stupid. Stupid ’cause he’s a man… like you. Like you with carly — alienating her and your family. Okay, this isn’t — this isn’t about me. It’s about you, nikolas, and esme. Something’s going on with esme. Why are you and nikolas covering it up? And why haven’t you told the cops that you think it was your husband who attacked you?

ah. I’m sorry. I shouldn’thave brought that up. You did me a solid back then. No reason to mess up both of our lives. Put all that behind you, though? 100%. Cops don’t like me. Never have. [ Chuckles ] Never will. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey. I’m a cop. All right, true. Okay, other cops have an aversion to me. Well, you know, uh, mac scorpio’s one of the fairest cops, fairest people, I know. And he was a friend of dominique stanton’s when she was in portugal. Yeah, yeah. So he told me. So maybe that’s why he’s got interest in you.

[ Sighs ] Maybe. Still, might be time for me to move on. Yeah? And you really think you’re ready to go? The divorce was never finalized… because of you? I just wanted to give you and curtis a chance to work things out. It was an unconscionable act of hubris. You had no right to play god with our marriage! What happened to the divorce papers? I don’t know.

[ Sighs ] I suffered the stroke at kelly’s and everything after that is — is still a blank.

[ Scoffs ] This is unbelievable. You are unbelievable! I know. I — and I realize there are not enough apologies in the world to make this right. I would have never let it go this far. But I lost track. I lost memory of — of taking the envelope from your desk. And then after…

[ Sighs ] …Hearing about curtis’ engagement to portia, some of it came back. Does curtis know? No.

[ Sighs ] I wanted you to know first. And…

[ Sighs ] …If sometime in the future, if you could just find it in your heart to forgive me — but, jordan, I understand if you can’T.

[ Knock on door ] I’m in the middle of something. Can it wait? I am sorry to interrupt, but it’s important. Auntie stella, what are you doing here? Don’t act like I’m the crazy one when I know you’re hiding something. I don’t think you’re crazy, but I do think you’re overreacting. Okay. All right, maybe — maybe I am. I don’t know. Maybe I am just crazy. You wouldn’t be the first one to think so. What are you — what are you talking about? I thought when you signed out of shadybrook everything was okay. Nikolas, something is happening to me. I can’t explain it, but my life is out of control right now.

[ Sighs ] How can I help? It will be okay. I promise. Did I hear what I think I just heard? Now that we’re dating, you want to back out of our deal? No, I’m not backing out. I’m just asking the question. Brook lynn, you and I could have something really great, but you working as my manager didn’t get off to a great start. What do you mean? When you asked sonny to use his influence to book me at the savoy. Well, I thought we got past that. We did. But I know you. And I know we’re not always gonna see eye to eye. Oh, so any friction that’s between us will be my fault? No, no, no. It’s — it’s — um… [ Sighs ] It’s just, I don’t want to do anything that could jeopardize our relationship. So maybe we should just drop this plan to get revenge on linc.

Okay. So, you’ve got concerns. Our romantic relationship is new. We don’t want to do anything to mess it up. We sure don’T. But you’re being an idiot. What? Just because we’re kissing doesn’t mean we can’t get past an argument or two. Chase, it’s not a myth. We can have it all, and we will. Okay, brook lynn…

[ Chuckles ] …I want you to be honest with me. Do you really think we can make linc look bad without letting revenge destroy us as a couple? Of course! Look, neither of us are fragile flowers, and we’ve got a bond that can’t be broken. Certainly not over a dirt bag like linc. Gotta love your passion. I mean, I love my job at the quartermaines’. And, you know, it’s been great getting to reconnect with you, make new friends, even if [Chuckles] Some of them are driving me crazy. So honestly, nah. I’m not ready to leave port charles. Yeah, it’s good. You want me to stay? Yeah, man. It’s been good reconnecting with you, too, even if I have had to arrest you a few times.

[ Laughs ] Well, I’ll try and behave from now on. Yeah, well, I will hold you to that.

[ Scoffs ] Meanwhile, I gotta get back to work. But, uh… listen, I promise you I won’t let you take the fall for the attack on ava jerome. I have faith in you, bro.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello? Yeah, ms. Wu, it’s, uh, cody bell. Do you have an answer for me, mr. Bell? I could use some extra cash. This means you’ll be my ringer in the poker games? Deal me in. I need a reason to visit jordan? She’s still family.

[ Scoffs ] What brings you barreling through my door, curtis? I just got off the phone with my attorney. Apparently, there’s no record of our divorce. How does something like that happen? You think it’s easy wondering if nikolas attacked me, that I enjoy having so little faith in him? Here’s the deal, ava. I-I’m not gonna allow… for avery to lose her mother.

[ Monitor beeping ] If I find out that nikolas stabbed you, I’m not gonna let that stand. Oh, I’m not gonna let nikolas get away with hurting me. I promise you that. I should get going. Okay. Finn. Finn: Nik. I’ll talk to you soon. Yeah.

[ Door closes ] You okay? I totally lost my cool with him. Was he being an ass? No, I was. I asked him why he lied to jordan about us being together when ava was attacked, and he insisted that he was just trying to help me out. But…? But I can’t shake this feeling that there’s more going on. How does that make you an ass? I’ve known nikolas for a long time, and I know when he’s hiding something. You didn’t accuse him of attacking ava? I came close, even though I don’t really think he did it. And then I-I… totally overreacted when I thought he was calling me crazy. Elizabeth, you’re not crazy. Thanks. But we both know something is happening to me. I’m losing time. And I think I have to tell the police that I don’t know if nikolas and I were together at the time of ava’s attack.

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GH Short Recap Friday, September 9, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Felicia and Maxie try to persuade Mac to do some research and find out if Cody is his son. Mac is scared to find out the truth because he is worried that Cody could disrupt the peace in their family, so he decides not to find out the truth.

Sonny warns Victor not to do anything to Ava or he will answer to him.

Sonny also wonders if Victor or Nikolas had anything to do with Esme’s disappearance.

Ava tells Trina about Spencer’s plan to get Esme to admit she posted the video so she wouldn’t go to jail. Ava also tells Trina that Spencer has had feelings for her for a long time, but he didn’t admit them because he was afraid Esme would hurt her. Trina rushes to the police station to say goodbye to Spencer but Spencer is already at Pentonville.

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GH Transcript Friday, September 9, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


why is mac so interested in you? Your guess is as good as mine. Okay. If that’s your story, stick to it. What? What? You don’t believe me? Why should I? I barely know who you are! I need to learn more about this guy before potentially blowing his world apart and letting him know that I could be his dad. Well, then do some research into his life, his background. And if you need some help, you have my P.I. Skills at your disposal. It might be better to forget the whole thing. Can you do that? Come on, mac. Just do the research. And if it turns out that cody is not your son, I mean, at least you know. I don’t need to know. As far as I’m concerned, whoever cody bell really is can remain a mystery. Forever.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Hang on one second. Okay. Yeah. Hello? Connor. Yeah, what’s up, man? You guys miss me already or what? Say that again. Jordan: I need you to process the prisoners awaiting transport to pentonville. No problem, commissioner. There is one you’re familiar with. I need your assurance that you can maintain your professional distance. Yes, ma’am. Mr. Cassadine. Officer cabrera will take it from here.

[ Door closes ] Nikolas: What do you mean I’m not on the list? That’s my wife in there. Those are my orders. Well, your orders have nothing to do with me. Sonny may be your boss, but he’s not mine. Actually, mr. Corinthos did not suggest that you cannot go in. Ms. Jerome did.

[ Chuckles ] Nice of you to join me. Join you? I’m the one who called the meeting. You did. And, yet, you are — oh, no — now 6 minutes late. Okay. Let me cut to the chase. You’ve made a lot of messes, victor. I want to know how you’re gonna clean it up.

You’ve caused nothing but trouble since you’ve come back to town — my town. It would really help me if you could be a little more specific. See, everyone thinks I leave a path of destruction everywhere I go, yet no one seems to come up with any evidence to support that notion. That’s because you’re good at covering your tracks. That makes two of us. There’s a difference between us. I don’t let my family go down for crimes I committed. Just your employees and best friends. What are you gonna do for spencer now that he’s going to prison to protect you, victor? Don’t you worry, sonny. I can protect my family. Like you protected ava? Are you saying that ava asked you to keep me out? Yes. Maybe ava’s not up for visitors. Why don’t we go get a coffee and maybe try back later? Oh, you can go right in, miss robinson. She’s expecting you.

[ Exhales sharply ] Uh, trina, will you please tell my wife that I’m gonna see spencer off to pentonville? Yes. Of course. Hopefully by then, she’ll have reconsidered. Put your personal effects into the envelope… anything of value you want kept here. You can take your chances with intake at pentonville, but items often go missing. Thanks, but this isn’t my first rodeo. Well, this is different. Coming from a famous, wealthy family helped you at spring ridge, but in pentonville, it can make you a target. I talked to my C.O. Buddy. He’ll see what he can do about getting you a work detail in the library. Thank you. But I can take care of myself. I hope that’s true. Not just for your sake… but for people who care about you. Ahh. Ahh! Trina! Oh, I’m so happy to see you. Oh, my gosh. I thought I almost lost you. What?! Never! No. I’ll always be here for you, trina, no matter what. Uh, yeah. Thanks, connor. I’ll be in touch. Everything okay? That was my neighbor. I guess his brother was visiting, and he saw the moving truck outside. He wants to put an offer on my house. Ooh! A good offer? Yeah. Like 20 grand over whatever market value is. That’s good. You wouldn’t even have to list it. I mean, that’s great, isn’t it? Yeah. No, it is. I just — honestly, I hadn’t even thought about putting it on the market yet. Oh, no? Why? You keeping your options open? Oh. Oh, no. No. I am all-in. But that is the house I shared with lulu. Oh, it must be weird thinking that if you do sell it, other people will live in there. It’s not even that. It just feels like it’s a decision… you know, I should be making, you know, consulting with her. Yeah, and it’s a huge decision. And once you decide to sell, it’s final. Right. It’s a good thing that you don’t have to decide tonight. Think about it? Sleep on it? Okay? That’s an excellent idea. Okay. Wait. I have — I have one more… oh, my gosh. What is it? …Favor. It’s not gonna be that hard, but… will you top me up, mister? Oh, yeah. Why don’t you want to know if cody is your son? After all these years, what difference would it make? It makes a huge difference for both of you! And just because cody is an adult doesn’t mean he’s not entitled to the truth. And this is your chance, mac, to, you know, have a child with your very own dna. You are more than enough for me. Oh, mac, I’m sure most of the time, I was too much. I mean, you’ve been such a great father to me and georgie. There isn’t a second that goes by that we’re not all grateful for that. So, you know, if cody is your son, I’m okay with it. I’m not gonna feel threatened. Can we just drop the subject?! We just want to make sure this is really how you feel. It is. I still want to know why. If cody is my son with dominique, just knowing that might be too high a price. Price? W-what are you talking about? I’m talking about what it could do to our family. Okay, so what was this mac guy asking you about me? General stuff. How we met, your movements at the party. My — my movements at the — w-why was he asking that? Probably to eliminate you as a suspect. He has to account for everyone’s whereabouts at the time ava was attacked. Fine. So you just told him I was with you, right? I’m not sure it came up. I probably forgot. Yeah. You forgot. You kissed me.

[ Laughs ]

You kissed me! Okay. Fine. You know what? Whatever. It’s just my luck. Every time a stranger comes to a new town, they get accused of murder. Has this happened to you before?

Answer the question, claire! How many murder investigations have you been questioned in? Britt, I have been a lot of things in my life. A skydiver, stuntman, stable hand. Hustler. Card shark. Yeah, well, one thing I am not is a cold-blooded killer. You know that, right? I wouldn’t be standing here if I thought you were. Think I need a lawyer? I don’t know. You know how expensive lawyers are? I do. On a stable hand’s salary? Maybe it’s time to pull up stakes and just get out of dodge. It — yeah. Maybe it is, if you have something to hide. I don’t understand, mac. What risk could cody possibly pose to our family? Okay. I have an appointment I need to get to. This is for you. Okay. Mom, thank you so much for babysitting. I appreciate it. Okay. Mac. Mac, honey, what are you so afraid of? I don’t know. Change? Felicia, I love the life we’ve built together. And it wasn’t easy. Oh, yeah, I know. After everything, losing georgie and nathan, gaining three beautiful grandchildren. We have endured so much. I finally feel like we have a little bit of peace. I just don’t want anything to disrupt it. Well, you know, life is change. And I wouldn’t begrudge you the opportunity to be there for cody if he turns out to be your son.

[ Sighs ] Well… at least we won’t be strapped with dirty diapers and those awkward conversations of adolescence. Oh, there’ll be plenty of awkward conversations. But just like you loved georgie and maxie just like your own, I don’t need blood ties to cody to welcome him into our family. Rory: You can hand over your phone now or just before prison transport leaves. I’ll hang onto it. Thanks. No problem. Just be sure to memorize your point of contact’s number and leave your attorney’s info with that person. It was my grandmother before, but she’s out of town. Pick a new one. Your grandmother’s husband maybe? Yeah, maybe. Spencer, when I walked in on you and trina at her party, I got the sense that, uh, you weren’t really finished, that there were things you both still needed to say. You’re mistaken. Trina and I are done, and we’re both moving on. So you have nothing to worry about. I’m not worried. I just don’t want you haunting us from prison.

[ Door closes ] Did you have any trouble getting in to see me? Uh, frank let me come right in. Great. I’m glad that you have protection, but I hate that you’re still in danger. That makes two of us. What did the police say? Do they have any idea who could have done this to you? Police are following leads. They’re — they’re ruling people out. As for me, I have some thoughts of my own. Who? Oh. You know what? Never mind. Just forget it. It turns out my personal prime suspect has an alibi and couldn’t have done it. So, um, I saw mr. Cassadine when I arrived, and frank wouldn’t let him in. Ava, you don’t have to tell me, but… why don’t you want your husband to come and visit you? Tell ballistics I need a hard copy added to the file. I want to see my son. Mr. Cassadine. Glad you stopped by. I have a few follow-up questions for you about your wife’s attack. I don’t see what help I can be. You already know I was with elizabeth at the time. Yes, I know you couldn’t have physically carried out the crime. What are you implying? I’d rather not imply anything. I just need facts so I can get closer to what happened and who’s responsible.

[ Sighs ] Okay. After I see my son. Where’s spencer? You know, most spouses in your position would be more cooperative. And I’m happy to cooperate after I see my son. Spencer’s in interrogation. Feel free to go in. Thank you. But before you go… be sure to leave your information with the desk sergeant so they can arrange a interview. You’ll want to have your lawyer present. Ava has a lot of enemies with threats coming at her from every corner. It’s almost impossible to keep her fully protected. Maybe somebody was targeting her that’s close to home. Just what are you insinuating? Everything copacetic between nikolas and ava? It’s a little volatile at times, I grant you. But nikolas and ava love each other fiercely. If you think nikolas could ever… my nephew is completely devoted to his wife. Really? Uh, so devoted that ava, uh, was staying at the metro court? ‘Cause I dropped avery off the other day, and I was surprised to see that, uh, ava was there. Maybe she was just tired of staying with — with esme. But that didn’t make any sense because esme’s gone. She’s vanished. Do you know anything about that, victor? I could ask you the same. After all, you snatched esme off the street. Okay. Let me tell you something right now! If I find out that you or nikolas had anything to do with hurting ava… …you’re gonna answer to me.

Be adversaries, surely. After all, we share family, as well as vision. Does anybody in your family actually talk to you? Does anyone in yours? I answered your summons. I’ve tolerated your baseless insinuations. Cast aspersions on my family again, and I’ll cease being a gentleman.

[ Sighs ] Alright, victor. Stay away from avery’s mother. And don’t let me have to call you again. Old pal. Ava: You know me and nikolas. When we’re getting along, it’s magic. When we’re not, it’s a curse!

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. But enough about me. I want to hear about you. How are you enjoying your vindication? Well, for starters, pcu reinstated me as a student. Ahh! That’s great news. Oh, good. I’m so happy for you. Thank you. I felt guilty meeting with the pcu administration while you were here in the hospital. What? Oh, no, sweetie. No. There’s nothing that you could have done for me. I’m happy that you’re taking care of yourself. I just thought you’d be one of the first people to celebrate my returning to school. Oh, damn straight, I would.

[ Both laugh ] And my parents did throw me a party. Oh. Well. I hate to miss a good party. How was it? Fun… that didn’t sound very convincing. What happened? An unexpected guest showed up. Get out! I know you hate me. When did you figure that out? Before or after you slept with my girlfriend?! Spencer, please give me five minutes. Was I unclear when last we spoke?! We are done! You are about to go to prison, and I am terrified! I do not care. I do not care. If you do not get out of here in the next 10 seconds, I will march out there and I will tell commissioner ashford exactly what you and ava were arguing about at the picnic. Uh, hey, let me know if you come across rocco’s gaming console. T-that would be the key to peace and happiness in this house. Okay, didn’t cody buy him some horse-race game when he was staying with you? Yeah. Yeah. He did. Those things are expensive. Well, he’s a pretty generous guy. Seems to be. Hey. What do you think sonny was talking to cody about? Who knows. Cody seems to take chances sometimes. But I don’t know. He seems like a pretty harmless guy, yeah? Yeah. You know, looks can be deceiving. What’s that supposed to mean? Nothing. Just, you know, like I’ve told you. When we were kids, he didn’t like to follow the rules. Yeah, but that’s when you were kids. Mm-hmm. And that was a long time ago.

[ Chuckles ] That’s true. People do a lot of living from adolescence up to being a grown-up. Oh, don’t I know it. I’ve done a lot of things that I regret. And I’m sure, back in the day, yes, cody played some tricks on some camp counselors, but that doesn’t mean that he’s up to something now. Hm. I’m human. We all have something to hide. I’m sure you have plenty. I used to. Mm-hmm. But all the bad, wicked criminal stuff, it all came out. I’m practically an open book. I bet there’s something. There isn’T. Anyway, this is about you. And, I mean, come on. “I can’t afford a lawyer. I got to leave town.” Overreaction much?

[ Mockingly ] Well, I wouldn’t have had to consider leaving town if you had given me an alibi. Oh, sorry. I only provide alibis after the third date. And since we’ve only been out once [Clicks tongue] You know, you’re right. You owe me nothing. See ya. Wait. You’d really just… up and leave port charles? Do you not want me to leave town? Oh, I mean, your buddy dante will probably be relieved that you escaped “the britch.” As for me, you know, I-I’m good either way. I think you’d miss me. For several minutes. A few, maybe. “Several” is pushing it.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Possibly I overreacted. It’s just… ever since I was a kid, I’ve been operating on fight-or-flight mode. Then why not stay and fight? You want me to fight?

[ Chuckles ] As long as you don’t sucker punch mac like you did scott. I make no promises. It sounds like that guy deserves it. What did you just say?

Hear you threaten my stepdad? Hey, maxie, we were just — no, britt. I’d like to hear this from cody. Why do you want to hit mac? Cody: From what I’ve been hearing, he thinks I gutted the woman at the picnic. Ava jerome. Yeah. Who, to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never even met. So why would I try and kill her? I can assure you mac does not think you attacked ava. Then why is he asking all these questions about me? ‘Cause he’s the chief of detectives. It’s his job to ask questions. Just answer directly and honestly, and you’ll be fine.

[ Chuckles ] So y-you’re suggesting that I talk to a cop voluntarily?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sternly ] Yes. Oh, maxie’s right. Just call mac. I’m sure he’ll put your mind at ease. Cops lie. Mac is not a liar! How did you know my mother? Um, well, I didn’t know her very well, but mac… dominique and i were friends. I met her when she was married to your father. Maxie, try to look at it from cody’s perspective.

We know mac is a good guy and that he’s just doing his job. But cody doesn’T. Cody could be leopold’s son. Maybe that’s best for everyone. Not for cody. Everyone deserves a loving, compassionate father. Like me? Like you. I know it’s not scientific, but when you met cody, you saw yourself in him, didn’t you? You see a resemblance? His eyes. Similar twinkle. His is mischievous, while yours is kind. Even if cody is mine, I mean, he’s an adult. How much parenting could he need? How much does maxie still need? Good point. You know, you keep seeing cody as a liability rather than an asset. Besides change, is there another reason why you are resistant to welcoming him into our family? No matter whose son cody really is, he’s a stranger. How do we know what kind of person is? Well, here’s a thought. We get to know him. And not just a person of interest and not necessarily even as a son, but just get to know him as a friend. Maybe I’m setting myself up for disappointment. What if this all goes south? What if it doesn’t? You would implicate me in ava’s attack? As the townies might say… damn straight.

[ Door closes ] You will do no such thing! You will continue to remain silent, spencer. Is that understood? Unless, of course, you’ve already let something slip while three sheets to the wind at that unfortunate party. Don’t worry, uncle victor. I have not sold out my faithless father yet. I haven’t even given him a second thought. How is your wife, nikolas? I hear she’s recovering. Oh, you “hear”? Sonny’s henchman wouldn’t let me in to see her. Is that right? Maybe everyone’s finally onto you. Onto me? Uh-huh. We are not having this discussion here. Whoa, whoa. Yes, we are. Spencer, do you think that I’m the one behind ava’s attack? Because you’re incapable of hurting the people you love? Let’s ask hayden. Alright. That’s it. Enough! Stop this! Right now. Now, listen, I know — I know we are playing on a bit of a sticky wicket right now, but it’s nothing I can’t fix if you two get yourselves together! Jordan: Good job, officer cabrera. You maintained your professional demeanor as you carried out your duties with spencer cassadine. Not an easy task. Thank you, commissioner. Uh, I feel you should know I did talk to him about trina. Well, there was no altercation, no raised voices. It was all very calm. Then it’s fine. Thank you for telling me. Uh, commissioner… at the risk of overstepping… you know trina’s dad very well. Do you have any tips for how I can get on his good side? I almost forgot to tell you. I sold a sculpture to an overseas collector through simone. Hm! Asking price? Of course. You know, maybe we should — we should close the gallery just temporarily. Why? Because I don’t want you spending what’s left of your summer behind a desk. That’s why. I can balance my social life and work at the gallery. Okay. But let me know if it gets to be too much for you. Or even if you just — you need a break, right? I will. Promise me that you won’t be at the gallery alone. Okay? Especially at night. Maybe rory can keep you company if you need to work late? Do you think who did this to you could come for me? I don’t know who, and I don’t know why, so I don’t know what they’re capable of. I think it’s best to take precautions. Okay. I’ll figure something out. Good. But, you know, I didn’t ask you about work. I asked you about your life. Let me guess. This, um, unexpected party guest… it was spencer, wasn’t it? I just don’t get him, ava. He wrote me a letter, then he tried to leave before giving it to me. He dropped it, and then after I picked it up, he wouldn’t even let me read it. Why not? Because he said we weren’t friends. But then he admitted that he still had some sort of connection with me but he’s been lying this entire time. Like, what am I supposed to do with that? Especially now that rory’s in the picture. Alright. I-I’m gonna stop you right there, okay? Okay. I’m sorry. I-I shouldn’t be talking about something so silly when you almost just died. No, no. No. Not because of that. I’m gonna tell you something. Because you only live once and you deserve to know. What is it? Sweetheart, according to spencer, he knew all along that you were innocent. But that doesn’t make any sense. He told me to my face. It was all a ruse. He only stayed with esme to help prove that you were innocent.

Look. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not judging cody for what he did when he was a kid. But that was just me back then. Now I got a family to protect. And that includes you and danny and scout. I appreciate that, but I do consider myself a good judge of character. Oh, yeah? And, yes, cody may be the guy who thinks he can take a walk on the wild side. I do, however, think he is a decent guy. Oh, okay. So you’re saying you like the guy. Yeah, I do. So sue me. Oh, good. But…? But sonny’s not the only one keeping an eye on him. Maxie, I am not trying to offend you, but your stepdad, he’s treating me like a suspect. I’m not just gonna wait around and let the pcpd build a case against me. What part of “that is not what’s happening here” do you not understand? And I’m just supposed to take your word for it? Yes! I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later. I’m starting to think I was wrong. I do not think you should give that guy a second chance. Jordan: Trina’s father? Uh, yes. Mr. Taggert has been pretty distant. Any advice? You’re right. This is overstepping. Uh, sorry, commissioner. But since you asked… just be yourself. Taggert values authenticity. And the buffalo bills. Thank you. Good to know. Someone tried to kill my wife. You’re calling it a “sticky wicket.” I apologize if I sounded glib. I simply meant that there is no hurdle that we as cassadines can’t clear. Even if I hurt my wife, which I didn’t, it’s nothing compared to what you’ve done, uncle victor. I know you’ve had a trying 48 hours, so I’m going to overlook that remark. But I still think you should respect spencer’s wishes and leave right now. Fine. But no matter how many times you push me away, spencer, I will not give up on you. Prison transport’s almost ready. Time to say your goodbyes. Victor: What is it? It’s just, um — I had hoped more people would be here. Spencer carried a torch for you for a long time. Why didn’t he tell me? Because, in his boneheaded way, I think he thought he was protecting you. He figured if he was honest about his feelings then esme would make you suffer even more. And knowing esme, I shudder to think what she might have done. And he told you all of this? In a rare moment of openness. Maybe I’ve been wrong about him. Look, spencer is a spoiled, entitled young man, and I am in no way vouching for him. But he does seem to genuinely care for you. That’s what was in the letter. Probably. He’s reporting to pentonville today! That’s where nikolas is, at the pcpd saying goodbye to spencer. He wanted me to tell you that, by the way. Oh. Thank you. Great. Do you think I should go see spencer? I think you’re the only one who can decide that. But, trina, if you do see spencer, first I think you need to think long and hard about what you want, about what you need. I can’t believe spencer really has feelings for me.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, sweetheart. Of course he does. Anybody with half a brain and working eyes would feel the same. Sweetheart… thoughts, feelings, words, it’s one thing. Action, that’s another thing. Whoever you choose needs to be worthy of you and act in your best interest. Thank you. Will you be okay? Oh, yeah, I’m fine. Just make sure you tell me how this all works out. Okay? Okay.

You know I’ll support any decision you make. Even if you don’t agree with it? It’s not for me to agree or disagree with. If you don’t want to find out whether cody is your son, then don’T. It’s your call. I appreciate that. Of course, I can’t stop maxie from collecting dna samples from you and cody and running them off to the lab. And that would just be like her.

[ Chuckles ] She loves you. She’ll feel compelled to meddle, mac. This all could be a moot point. Cody may not be interested in getting to know me, even if it turns out that i am his father. That’s true. He may not. But how will you know unless you try? I like you around cody. You loosen up a bit. What are you saying? That I’m uptight?

[ Chuckles ] Who? You? You are the guy who billed me for slashing your tires. I only did that ’cause I wanted to see you again. You did? That’s really cute. Yeah, yeah. But I — wait. I-I’m saying that it’s — it’s o-okay to be cautious. Mm-hmm. I just — I kind of like the vibe you have going on with cody. I approve. You do? Do you approve? Yeah. Okay. And that’s very generous of me. Yeah! It is, it is. But maybe it’s actually just because, you know, we moved in together and now you’re worried you’re gonna get sick of me. Oh, you’re right. You know, I’m actually regretting that decision… yeah. …By the second. Right. Mm-hmm. And you just want to make sure you can pawn me off on my friend whenever you need space? Mm-hmm. You know, I think it’s really healthy to have outside friendships. Yeah, it is. You’re right. Mm-hmm. I know. I just like when you say that. You’re right. Oh. You’re right. Can you do me a favor? You’re right. Can you move that box off the couch? Mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles ] What is up with you? You liked cody, like, an hour ago. Yeah, well, that was then. Okay. Yes. Things got heated. Look, britt, you said you wanted for me to look at things from cody’s perspective, so I’m gonna do that. If I were a wandering cowpoke, why would I want to punch the chief of detectives? Oh, please. Like the authorities have never accused you of something you didn’t do. Maxie! I’m thinking. No, no, the authorities always knew what I was up to. They just never had sufficient evidence.

[ Chuckling ] That’s the story of my life. Anyway, if cody’s not a suspect in ava’s stabbing, then what’s the big deal? This will all blow over. I don’t think so. Cody was so defensive just now. He might not have attacked ava, but it’s pretty clear he’s up to no good. Yeah. Hi. It’s cody bell. We met recently, and I clearly did not make a good impression. Can I have a second chance to change your mind about me? Why are we here? Given what we are about to discuss, wouldn’t it be best to meet somewhere private? Privacy is overrated. In private, people tend to raise their voices. Next thing you know, a priceless ming vase is in pieces on the floor. No, here at least we’ll, uh — we’ll be forced to be well-behaved, speak in civilized tones. And if we should break anything, it can easily be put back together again with a dollop of glue. So why don’t you go first? I can’t believe that you and spencer think I’m capable of doing that to ava. Of course you’re capable. Everyone’s capable of anything. But regardless of that, we have bigger problems. Yeah, like my son going to pentonville. Like sonny corinthos asking questions about esme. Sonny: Ava. Hm. Hello. You look better. You’re sounding good. You’re able to say “I love you” to our daughter. That’s a great thing. Thanks for that. And for the security. Knowing that he’s out there, I… can actually feel safe when I close my eyes, so… what are your dreams like? That’s a different story. But thankfully I don’t remember too much of them when I wake up. And the pain meds help with that. Do you have any idea who attacked you? No, I don’T. I just get the — I get this feeling that you’re — there’s something you’re not telling me. Who am i protecting you from, ava? Jordan: Trina. Can we help you? Am I too late? Sorry. You missed him.

[ Door clangs ]

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Sonny asks Cody not to take advantage of Spinelli because he is a good person. Cody tells Sonny he has no intention of doing anything to hurt Spinelli.

Austin’s cousin Mason asks him to take care of a special patient that will be coming to the hospital and Mason also assures Austin that he didn’t attack Ava.

Mac and Felicia tell Maxie they suspect that Cody is his son, but he is scared to find out he has q grown son he never knew had been born.

Anna tells Robert that she is planning to take down Victor and she needs his secret list of contacts.

Victor asks Lucy to a business lunch and Anna promises Lucy that she won’t be in danger.

Valentin persuades Alexis to think about writing an article that shifts suspicion away from the Cassidine family regarding Ava’s attack.

Sonny meets with Victor so they can have a talk.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, September 7, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


I think just why are we meeting here? Oh, sometimes, when I’m having a bad day, I stroll past.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, it makes me feel better. I don’t know whether to find that funny or really disturbing. Both work. You didn’T…do this… I — no. I’m not into graffiti. Although, I might have been tempted. I mean, apart from the midnight vandals, this is the last place on earth anyone’s ever gonna visit. Here you go. Thank you. Do not be stingy. The uv rays are not messing around today. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Mmm. Ohh. That is so nice. Thank you. Victor: Well, I’m glad you approve.

[ Breathes deeply ] Spf 50. Well… one can’t be too careful. A good headline is a real balancing act, isn’t it? It’s got to be vivid enough to attract the eyeball but responsible enough to not play to the dregs of humanity. That’s one way of describing it. I think that was supposed to be a compliment. Thank you. You’re welcome. You want something from me? And why would you assume I want something from you? Because you’re a cassadine, and I can always tell when one of you is holding something back. Ah, one of “us” — ’cause last I checked, you and I are still family. Hi! Thank you so muchfor coming. I cannot believe my babysitter canceled so last-minute! Hello. I’m felicia — your mom. Oh, yes. Mm-hmm. We’ve met. Well, then, you know I would take any opportunity to spend time with my grandchildren. Still, I appreciate it. So…where are my little precious angels? James is at lila’s kids. Boo!

[ Cellphone dings ] Ugh. Mom. And bailey lou is taking a nap. Felicia: Already? Yeah, that’s what happens when you wake up so early.

[ Sighs ] Oh, it’s sam. Dante’s moving into the penthouse today. Ooh, how exciting. Yeah, I told her I would help out, but I guess cody has it covered. Cody…bell? Yeah. You know… if I wasn’t so into austin, I could see myself looking more than twice at cody. That would be a very bad idea. Britt: I’m not saying that you’re wrong. No, you’re just saying that you’re right. Well, yes, I am.

[ Laughs ] Dr. Westbourne. Dr. Gatlin-holt. Got a minute? Yes. Um, if this is about the quartermaine picnic, I-I already gave my statement. I’ve read them. I’m looking for some insight. On what? I’m trying to put together a profile of ava’s attacker. And not just the physical, but the emotional — what kind of person might have done this. Sounds like you need a psychiatrist for that. I’ve read the guest list for that night, and I know most of them, but some are virtual strangers — to me, at least. Any stranger in particular you’re interested in? He’s a friend of yours. Cody bell. Sam: Oh. “Rocco’s bedroom.” That one by the stairs. -Got it. -And what’s — what’s that?

[ Strained ] Living room. Okay. What is on top? Your new doormat. Okay. I’ll — I’ll be the judge of that. Okay. Okay. Let’s see. Wow. That’s uh — italian.

Si, si, signor.

[ Chuckles ] Uh… get it? When people show up, it welcomes them — right? And when they say goodbye… and then when they leave, it’s, uh — yeah. It says it right there. It says — yeah. It says goodbye. Yeah. Goodbye. Okay. You like it? Um…I like you. Not the mat? I’ll just — I’ll — I’ll keep it in rotation. But we’ll see. In — in the rotation? Yeah. How many — how many doormats do you have? Oh, a lot. More than you have boyfriends? Oh, no, I have way many more doormats. I only have one boyfriend. Well, that’s good to hear. That’s you. I’m a lucky guy. Mm-hmm. Dante? Mm-hmm. Welcome home. Thank you.

It just doesn’t even seem possible that emma is in college. She’s in college! Hmm. Tell me about it. God. I mean, you know, shouldn’t she be… oh…yea — yea high and… yeah. …Running about, blowing on that didgeridoo? Oh, god. That damn didgeridoo. Ohh! Best present ever. No, I’m surprised that robin didn’t disown you about that. Yeah. Yeah, me too.

[ Chuckles ] So, is — is — is that what you wanted to talk about? Robin? The family? Granddaughter? No. Did — I didn’t think so. I need your list. Laundry? Grocery? Bucket? What?

The list. The one that you have in the little black book. All the names of every contact you’ve ever encountered.

[ Sighs ] I’ll have you know… I hold that little black book in very high esteem and take great pride… trust me. I am aware of that. I mean, in this digital age, has the little black book ever been hacked? No, it hasn’T. No, it hasn’T. Has there ever been a glitch in it? No, there hasn’T. No, it hasn’T. Has it ever accidentally lost any of its material — I-I get it. I get it. You’re right. The rest of the world is completely wrong. You are god’s gift to every little black book everywhere. Mm. Mm. Now, can I see it? Well [Sighs] Last I heard, you’re in good standing with the bureau, hm. Well, yeah, I am, but, um… I made some discreet inquiries, but it is imperative that they stay off the record. And, uh, under the radar? Yeah. So…you going to tell me what the “this” in this is? It can only be between us. Well, you, me, and the stiff here. Victor cassadine is going down. So, what happened to the, uh, pool attendant? Oh, well, uh… I’m apprenticing. Nothing like hands-on experience.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you’re certainly lucky it’s me, because another woman might have called the authorities. What, for wanting to protect your skin? Mmm. Don’t you know you should never really touch a woman without her permission? Oh. A thousand apologies, ma’am. As they say, I’m a novice. I’m learning on the job. I bet you’d make an excellent teacher.

[ Breathes sharply ] You know, you’ve always been my favorite. Cassadine? I sure hope so. You don’t care for private islands or private scores to settle. You, uh, built a life for yourself. You torched it to the ground, but then you built it back better than before. So have you. Are you gonna screw all that up by doing your father’s bidding? My father’s bidding? Come on! Valentin, admit it. You’re here on victor’s orders, aren’t you? Look how I found outside.

[ Laughs ] How’s your moving day? Oh, hey. Sonny, hi! Got something for you. Oh. Wow. Okay. Uh, what’s — what’s this? Homemade lasagna. Ohh! Dang. No way. No. Sam: Nice. Sonny corinthos cooks? Yeah, he does. But, you know, you — you just — you gave us a whole case of champagne. You can’t drink it on an empty stomach. That’s the bensonhurst way. When you’re sad, you eat. When you’re happy, you… you eat!

[ Chuckles ] Yes. I love it. Thank you. Thank you, neighbor.Neighbor? Yeah, he lives across the hall. I had, uh, no idea. This is “kitchen,” by the way. Where do — oh. Why don’t — yes. -Okay. -[ Strained ] I got that. Yeah. I’m gonna put this in the kitchen, too. I cou– hm. So, that’s, uh — that’s gonna be pretty cool, living so close to dante. You and I n-need to get something straight. All I know about cody bell is what maxie’s told me.

[ Cellphone dings ] And I’m assuming you’ve already spoken with maxie. No, we haven’t had contact since the picnic. Right. I-I got to take care of this. But dr. Westbourne’s really the one you should be talking to. She’s got way more experience with that guy. I-I-I don’t have that much experience with him. But he is a friend of yours. A new friend. Would you mind telling me more about him?

[ Knock on door ] Hi. I am dr. Gatlin-holt. And why don’t we get started by you telling me what brings you to general hospital? I’ll give you one guess. Well, that reactionwas intense. I’m sorry. Do you know something about cody that I don’t know? No, nothing concrete. Because from what I can tell, he’s a really good guy, a refreshing change of pace from all the city slickers in these parts. He’s an actual cowboy. Yeah, I, too, believe that he is a good guy. But…? But there’s this possibility that, uh… uh, cody could be, um, uh — oh, my god, mom. Whatever it is, just say it! I-I’ve been sniffing around. Around cody? And it’s increasingly looking like mac could be his dad.

[ Gasps ]

so, cody announces that dominique stanton is his biological mother. I guess the woman who raised him told him on her deathbed. That is dramatic. But what does this have to do with mac? Mac and dominique had a romance back in the day. She was married to this horrible man, leopold taub. Wait. Like peter horrible? Or just run-of-the-mill horrible? He was pretty bad. He was older than her. He kept her as a virtual prisoner in their home. And eventually, he shipped her out to shadybrook for six months. She couldn’t talk to anybody or see anybody. She couldn’t even check herself out until after leopold died! Once that happened, did she and mac get back together? Yeah, they did, but I think they realized they weren’t right for each other. Well, duh. Well, I think it was a nice relationship. I mean, mac doesn’t seem to have any regrets about it at all. But the point is that she and mac were together

before her stint in shadybrook. Yeah. So if she was pregnant during that time… the baby could very well be his. There’s honestly not a whole lot to tell… unless cody knowing how to make an entrance is relevant. I heard he parachuted into town.

[ Scoffs ] Did he ever. Anything else? Why all the questions? You don’t think cody was involved in the attack on ava? He’s not a suspect, but he is a person of interest. For you or for the police? Meaning? I just know that you were friends with cody’s mom back in the day. Is that what this is about? Thanks for your time. I’ll let you get back to your work. That was weird. What are you doing here, mason? Well, you’ve been so busy since that picnic, only way I could see you was to make an appointment. It’s time to go home, cuz. They’re expecting you. This is my home, mason. And if anybody should be hightailing it out of here, it should be you. What’s that mean? Well, the night of the picnic, you said we needed to take care of ava. Shortly thereafter, she was stabbed by an unknown assailant. So is that why you’re here? Finish what you started? -Cody, right? -That’s me. Good to see my son’s reconnecting with an old friend. Uh, yeah. No, it’s been good for me, too. Any friend of my son is a friend of mine. So, there’s something going on with you and spinelli. Look, I know that spinelli’s strange, but he’s a good person. And I would hate to see a friend of my son exploiting a good person. I get it. Do you? I do. I’m — I’m — I’m not doing anything now and I won’t in the future to hurt spinelli. I’m gonna hold you to that. You know, it’s not like this is anything new. I mean, not that long ago, I walked in and you were sitting at my desk. Is that because you like my office so much? Well, it is a nice office. It’s because victor wanted to use the invader for his purpose. And my answer was… no. Unequivocally. And so if you come to me right now with the same pitch, what makes you think my answer is gonna be any different? Because there are other people involved. Who? Spencer and — and nikolas? Victor doesn’t honestly believe that either one of them would attack ava. This isn’t about what victor believes. This is about public perception. Why send you? Why send me? If victor is so keen on protecting spencer and nikolas, why doesn’t he just talk to me personally? Why is he asking you to do his dirty work? And, more importantly, why are you agreeing to it? Well, would you at least consider his point of view? Sure. I’ll speak to him personally. Well, I’m afraid that’s not possible right now. Really?

[ Zipper slides ] Why not? Because at the moment, victor is otherwise engaged. So did you have, uh, fun at the quartermaine picnic? I mean, of course, before ava was attacked. For which the perpetrator will pay. Ohh. I didn’t know you cared. Nikolas is my family. You assault his wife, you assault all of us. But come on. Let’s not spoil a beautiful day with such dark thoughts.

[ Chuckles ] How about I make us a reservation for dinner al fresco? Hm! I would love that. Unfortunately, I’m booked. Oh. Lunch, then. My, you are persistent. One of my many virtues. Okay. Um… to be honest, victor, I am just not sure that the two of us seen out dining — it just — it really might give the wrong perspective.

[ Chuckles ] It’s a harmless lunch. I-I just don’t think that martin may see it as harmless. And you do know that valentin and martin are very, very close. Oh, don’t you worry about valentin. His lips are sealed. I’ll see to that. How? Just don’t you worry yourself with the details. Trust me. It’ll be our little secret. If victor’s the target, then count me in. You can’t be involved.

[ Scoffs ] Look, I had this guy dead to rights when he came back from greece if the bureau hadn’t cut a deal with him. I-I know. I understand your instinct. I do. But…

[ Sighs ] I-I just — I can’t risk any collateral damage. Because there are innocent lives at stake here. All the more reason to have the bureau involved. Let’s just say their calculus when it comes to human life is different from mine. So, what amounts to an unacceptable loss in your world? Let me guess. Would it have the initials “vc” in it? And the “v” doesn’t stand for victor?

An ask, I will figure something else out. Valentin means this much to you? Does getting victor mean this much to you? Look.

[ Scoffs ] Gotta tell you — I haven’t been in the field for quite a while. Contacts — they come, they go, they die in dark alleys. We’re still standing. Who’s to say that maybe some of your contacts aren’t also? Okay. I’ll share. Ohh! Thank you. But there’s one condition. Oh, god. Victor isn’t the only one who’s busy. I have a paper to run, you know. So the news never slee– I got this. Of course. The price being? I don’t know. What’d you get?

Your price. The police want the public’s help finding ava’s assailant. You’re the voice of the public. I think the invader’s resources could go a long way steering the search in the right direction. The direction leading anywhere other than toward the cassadines. Our town here loves its gossip, and they seem to love to gossip about me.

[ Chuckles ] I bet you’re a favorite topic among many. Well, um, what I’m saying is maybe we should just keep our friendship out in the light of day. You know, just keep it public. Oh, well, the last thing I want to do is put you in a compromising position. But I have to say, I feel like I’m getting mixed signals here. From moi? Well, at the picnic, I felt like we were on the same page? Was I wrong? Um, no. No. No. Absolutely not. It’s just that, you know, I have been here before, and it always ends in disaster. But you haven’t been “here” before with me.

[ Sighs ] And is this the real reason you’re hesitating? Or has someone poisoned you against me? We good? Yeah, we’re good.

[ Sam laughs ] Hey. Uh, what’d we miss? Uh, nothing much, except me having to take off. Oh. Well, hey, man. Thanks for all the help. Yeah, it was fun, and let me know when you’re ready to move the rest of the stuff in. Yeah. Yeah. You sure? I mean, I will. Um, next time we’ll repay you with a beer. Never gonna say “no” to that. Congrats on the new digs. Well, new to you. You know what I mean. Hm. Yeah. Alright. Well, it’s actually an upgrade for me. Oh, it — cool. Text you later, man. Um, and, mr. Corinthos, it was great seeing you again. Call me sonny. Yours? Oh, yeah!

[ Sam laughs ] I like it. -Yeah. See? -Yeah. See? That’s ’cause he’s got good taste. Well, I agreed to, um, keep it in rotation. That’s true. Right? Yeah. You did. You know what? I’m happy for you guys. Thank you. And not — not just for the apartment, but just, you know, because you found each other. Well, we did have to take a detour to get there. Yeah, but, uh, you know, we made it. Well, I’ve — I’ve got the doormat to prove it. Yeah. You do.

[ Both laugh ] So, what is mac gonna do? Well, we actually haven’t talk–

[ Knock on door ] Grandpa grandpa reporting for duty! Oh, my gosh! Mac! My mom was just filling me in on the fact that cody might be your son! Oh, wait a minute. Please tell me that the two of you have discussed this.

[ Sighs ] We danced around it. This is just the first time we’ve actually said it out loud, that’s all. And you think that mom might be wrong? No. I think your mom has it right. There’s a good chance that I might be…

[Breathes deeply] …Cody’s father. Of course, we won’t know until there’s a dna test, but I honestly don’t know if I want to find out. What?! Why not?! Because I’m having a hard time accepting it… …that I might have had a son all these years and didn’t even know he existed! Take it easy. None of that vulcan death grip stuff. You know, mason, you’ve always been dumb, but I think somehow you got dumber. Ava jerome is being guarded by sonny corinthos’ personal bodyguard. And the chief of detectives is literally right down the hall. You got it all wrong, though. How do I have it wrong? I didn’t try to off that jerome woman. I was with you that night, remember? Not the whole night. It wasn’t me. Now, can we get back to the main subject? There’s a patient coming to the hospital next week. No. You’re gonna take a personal interest. I — no, I-I don’t take orders from you, mason. You know as well as I do they’re not my orders. I don’t take orders from her, either. Now, you think that’s wise? Austin, did you get my text? Oh, sorry. I didn’t know you were with a patient. Wait. I know you.

Open mic night on the haunted star. You were with austin. And you never introduced us, cuz. Shame on you. Is this your cousin? Austin: Yes. My apologies. Mason, this is dr. Britt westbourne. Britt, this is mason. Pleasure’s all mine. Thanks for the referral. Be seeing you soon. And hopefully you, too, doc.

[ Sighs ] What the hell was that? I was young. You know? She was in this impossible situation. But my memory of dominique, s-she was a bright light — just a sweet, kind, genuine person. But obviously didn’t hold a candle to mom. No one could.

[ Chuckling ] Aww! Were you in love with dominique? I was. But, more important, I wanted to help her. Yeah, mom told me that leopold guy, he was really horrible. The worst. The way he treated dominique like she was his property. I was almost relieved when she went off to shadybrook. Because that meant she was away from him.

[ Sighs ] I got to say, this dominique woman, she does not sound like the type of person who would have a baby and then abandon it. She wasn’T. I know that for a fact. Which is why I believe this happened at shadybrook. I mean, either they drugged her… or convinced her she was hallucinating. Something. There’s just no way dominique knew she had a kid out there. Sonny: You know what? Uh, I got a meeting I got to go to. That’s too bad. Thanks for the lasagna. Yeah. Thank you. The kids are gonna be excited. And I-I hope you join us. Uh, yeah. Can I bring a plus-one? Because nina’s got her own apartment, but she’s gonna be staying with me…

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Carly may be stopping by every once in a while. I hope that’s not a problem for you. No, I don’t have a problem with that. But — but do you have a problem with nina? No. Look. Hey. We’ll make it work. Alright? That’s what families do, yeah? I love you guys. Love you, too. We love you. Thank you. Enjoy your new home together. And I’ll see you later. Let’s go, frank. Ohh. Enjoy our new home, we will. Yeah, that’s the plan. Ahh. I would lay down my life for you. But I cannot bring you in on this. Understand? I’m not asking you to. This one’s off the books. But the fact that victor’s involved, that makes it just so much more dangerous. I can take care of myself. No one knows that better than me. Your one condition?

[ Chuckles ] We’ve already established that I’m, um, old school. Okay?

[ Sighs ] What is this? Cellphones. They break. They get confiscated. They get lost. If it all goes south, who you gonna call? You do know that payphones are obsolete now? But you’re anna devane. You’ll find one. Ah, my reputation isn’t exactly sterling. Ah, and whose is? Hm. For instance, your friend scott baldwin may be harboring some ill will toward me. Yeah, you know, you could say that ’cause scott did tell me that he made some sort of exit out of a plane at 10,000 feet, ha!

[ Chuckles ] But, you know, nobody’s perfect, including me. Oh, I beg to differ. How sweet. Alright. How about this? We make it a business lunch. A business — well, I-I had no idea. I don’t think we’re in business together. Oh, you’re a — a partner in deception, where, it just so happens, my son is a major investor. Hm! Fine. I tell you what. Let’s make it a business lunch, then. I-I do have to run along and change now.

[ Both chuckle ] Ah. I’m very fond of you, lucy. But a word of caution. Don’t waste my time. In business… or in anything else.

[ Chuckles ] For all of nikolas’ faults — and there are many — he actually loves ava. Well, that is why victor’s coming to his defense. The police are hyper-focused on nikolas. They’re not even considering that it could be a complete stranger obsessed with ava. It wouldn’t be the first time. It’s a fair point. It’s just that your motives ring false. I’m just looking out for the family. Don’t you see?

I’ll get you the book as soon as possible. Ohh. Thank you. I really appreciate it. There’s one more piece of advice. Just the one? Hm. Even if you do manage to nab victor, there’s always gonna be something. With valentin, you mean? He’s not a person who can escape his past. But good luck. I’ll help you any way I can. God knows the world’s gonna be a better place without victor. But you still have that fundamental problem with valentin. And I think you know it. He’s gone.

[ Grunts ] This is a very, very strange place for a meeting. I didn’t pick it. Well, it doesn’t matter. Because I am finished. I am over this. I am out of here.

Finito! Hmph! Why? What did victor do? Asked me to lunch. I’ll think about it. I’ll take it. And thank you for that. You didn’t have to do that. No problem. Maybe next time, we’ll get a chance to have lunch together. I would really like that. How’s charlotte? I haven’t seen her in a long time. You and me both. But, uh, she’s enjoying her new boarding school, her new friends, and her horses. And her papa. I bet you miss her a lot. More than I can tell you. But, uh, not for much longer. Planning a visit? Something like that. Well, milady, I mean, the boxes are here. I’m in. We just gotta unpack ’em. So where — where do — where do you want to start? Um, before we start… yeah. …I just — I want to let you know that I actually have a plan. You do? Yeah, I do. A well-thought out, meaningful, methodical plan. Mm. Really? Okay. ‘Cause, you know, I was thinking we could just start, you know, upstairs and work our way down. Ooh. Or prob– a better idea would probably be to start down here and work our way upstairs… way up? …And end up in our bedroom area. Mm-hmm. You think that’s a good idea, do you? I do. Don’t you? Um, it — it is a good idea. Yeah. But right now I have a better idea. At least I think you’re gonna think it’s a good idea. But I have it right over here. Good. Where is it? Oh! Yep! Bingo! Uh-huh! Champagne, huh? Yeah. What do you say we have a toast? You want to start there? I think we have

plenty to celebrate. I think we do, too. I’ll get a box cutter. If you’re trying to pull something… I’m not trying to pull anything. Mason is my cousin. He’s from pau– right. What? Pautuck. Except that night on the haunted star, you said he was just a guy who asked you for a light. Mason is my family. Sometimes I wish mason were not my family. Yeah, well, I know that feeling. Hmm. I got your text. What’s up? Exactly what kind of trouble are you in? Another reason it makes sense that mac is cody’s father — if the baby was leopold’s, he would have wanted it. Not just to love and take care of it, obviously, but because it would have given him a stronger hold on the fortune. But if the baby wasn’t his, that would have come between him and the fortune. Exactly. So leopold takes the baby that dominique doesn’t even know she had… this is so sick. …And gives it to the bells to raise. Leopold is killed, and dominique checks herself out of shadybrook and lives the rest of her life without knowing that she has a son. Without knowing that she has a son…with you.

This is either the best idea or the worst idea. I’m definitely going with the best idea ever. Really? Yeah. Yeah, but what happens if we have a few more of these and then we’re completely unmotivated to unpack anything? Then I say we stay unmotivated and get re-motivated tomorrow because we… have all the time in the world. Yeah, we do. Hey… mm-hmm. Look. I really want you to feel at home here. I do. No, I mean, like — like really at home. Like this is your place, too. Not just my place with your things in it, but your place.

Our stuff with our things. I already feel that way.

[ Chuckles ] You do? Yeah. And, look, rocco, if — he’s gonna be fine, and, you know, it might take him a bit, but… wherever you and danny and scout are, that’s home. This is gonna be amazing, isn’t it? [ Chuckles ] To the next chapter. Give me one second. -What? Where you going? -You’ll see.

[ Dante laughs ] Dante: Ahh! I’m never gonna live that mat down.

[ Both laugh ] Okay. Okay. Okay. Now I am… ready for that toast. I love you. I love you. More than you know. Okay, you want to fill me in on what I’ve been accused of and by who? Mac scorpio. Never heard of him. Actually, you met him. The night of the picnic? Maxie’s father and the chief of detectives. Okay. What about him? Well, that’s what I want to know. Why is he so interested in you? The mechanics of the where and the why are important. But the bigger thing… …if this is true and cody’s mine… …then I have an adult son that I don’t know. That I didn’t know existed. What do I owe him? What does he owe me? Do I even want to open that door? Those are all fair questions. I need to know more about this guy before potentially blowing his world apart and letting him know that I could be his dad. I made myself really clear with you. I don’t want you here. Hm. Well, you can paralyze me as many times as you want. It’s not gonna change anything. Your problem is somebody else. Just do as you’re told, and you got nothing to worry about. Mason: Hm. I’m not trying to get you to compromise your journalistic integrity, but we are cassadines, and if we don’t look out for each other, then who will? Hm! I couldn’t have said it better myself. You do what you think is best for your family, and I’ll do what I think is best for mine. You have to take that business lunch with victor. No, because I might be the main course! I promised you that I wouldn’t compromise you, didn’t I? Well, victor might. Look, I have every confidence that you can get all the information I need without betraying martin. Look, those words better not be idle. I don’t do idle. Ah, eager as I am to hear what headway you made with alexis… shove off? …I do have an important meeting.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] Nice of you to join me. She’s all yours.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer asks Trina to give back the letter he wrote to her since she told him they are not friends, anymore. Spencer apologizes to Trina for bringing Esme into her life and tells her he wishes things had been different in their relationship. Spencer later burns the letter he wrote to Trina because he wants her to be happy.

Aunt Stella remembers taking Curtis and Jordan’s divorce papers when Curtis and Portia ask her to officiate their wedding. Aunt Stella tells Curtis to check if his divorce is final before he gets married.

Jordan talks to Trina and finds out she had a DNA test for a project in high school about her family. TJ reminds Jordan that Aunt Stella went on a website to find her family and discovered that she had a close relative in Port Charles before she found her cousin who lives in London.

Willow has a nightmare that Nelle kills Michael and Carly and takes Wiley with her. Nina also imagines a conversation with Nelle while visiting her grave on the anniversary of her death. Willow and Carly arrive at the cemetery and they have an argument with Nina. Carly tells Nina that she is just like Nelle thinking she is a victim of circumstance never taking responsibility for her actions.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, September 6, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


mr. Corinthos, sir, this here is a celebration. We don’t want no trouble. Yeah, I don’t want any trouble, either. I’m here to celebrate trina, like everybody else. I just — I just want to have a minute with curtis. Well, now’s not a good time. You heard my son. I think it’s best you leave now, sir. Nothing’s gonna happen. You sure about that? 95% sure. Oh, and you like those odds? Whatever’s gonna happen, sonny and curtis can work it out. I hope you’re right. I just wanted trina to have a lovely party to celebrate and…

[ Sighs ] Looks like she’s got some drama of her own. It has my name on it. Did you find it somewhere? No. Can you just give it back, please? Why should I? It’s mine. No, actually, it’s mine, and I was go– I was going to give it to you. Okay, well, now I have it, so why do you want it back? Michael. Michael.

[ Wiley giggling ] Wiley? Nelle: Say, “bye-bye, grandma. Bye-bye, daddy!”

[ Wiley giggling ] Wiley? Wiley. It’s mommy. Tell me — oh, my god. Michael. Carly. It’s no use, willow. You’re too late. And now please welcome ana montoya. Hello there, fellow students… one prilosec otc in the morning blocks excess acid production for a full 24 hours. Unlike pepcid, which stops working after 9. 24 hour protection. Prilosec otc one pill, 24 hours, zero heartburn. Give me my son. I don’t have your son. Oh, you mean my son. No. You are nothing to wiley. Wrong again. See, now that the obstacles have been removed, my son and i are free to be together. What did you do to michael and carly? Me? I didn’t do anything. You did. No. No. No. No, no, no. I am so glad that karma is finally paying you back for stealing my son from me. Now there’s no more michael, no more carly. Thanks for that, by the way. No. No, no, no! No! And when I disappear with my son, you won’t have anybody anymore. Say, “bye-bye!” Bye-bye, mommy. No!

[ Screams ]

[ Gasps ] No. No. Oh, my god. Michael?! Thank you so much for letting me stop by and help put wiley to bed. I’m gonna miss that little guy when I’m on my trip. Wiley loves spending time with you. And I appreciate the reinforcement because, uh, willow has been going to bed really early lately. Of course. She’s working

and pregnant. I know. I’m starting to realize how big of a deal that is. Yeah.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Oh. Thank god.

[ Breathing heavily ] Willow, what — what’s wrong? Nelle. It doesn’t matter why i didn’t give it to you. They’re my words, and I no longer wish for you to read them, so give it back. No. No! Please. That letter is my property, trina. Possession is 9/10 of the law, so if you want it back, you’re gonna have to do more than just say please. Follow me. No disrespect, mr. Ashford, but this doesn’t involve you. Well, regardless, sonny, I decide who I have a conversation with in my own club. Hey, uh, excuse me, gentlemen. Hey, sonny, do you mind if I steal you away for a second? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Alright. So he’s gone. Now, tell me, what the hell’s going on here? Dad, thanks. I know what you’re doing, okay? Uh, sonny and I, we go back a ways and whatever issues we have, we can resolve them on our own. Okay. But, uh, you know, I have been in the music business a long time, and I’ve seen sonny’s type and how they behave in establishments like yours and once they get their hooks in, there ain’t no getting them out. And you’ve warned me about this before. Trust me, I get it. I’m not meddling, alright? But, you know, you — you do have a real great backup there with police commissioner ashford. All you have to do is call it in. But hey, hey. I’m not meddling. So, I’m working on a case involving one of those genealogy companies, and it reminded me of when stella took her test. I’d almost forgotten that’s how she found her cousin in london. It was. And her life has been a whirlwind adventure ever since. Right? But at the time, we all thought her long-lost relative was here in port charles. And the results indicated a closer match than a cousin. I guess we were wrong. I don’t know. I mean, when — when aunt stella found her cousin, we let it go. But honestly, mom, the whole thing never sat right with me. Why not? We chalked it up to a technical glitch, but it seems highly unlikely that a reputable company would make that kind of mistake. Thomas jr., Get over here and give me a hug.

[ Laughs ] Hey, auntie. Hi, baby. Mm.

[ Laughs ] Hey, you got somewhere else to be? Just got a little surprise planned. Hmm, another secret? Mm. It’s close enough. Well, you’re the one who’s keeping all the secrets. Didn’t know my girlfriend was a pro dumpster diver. Oh [Chuckles] Yeah. Listen, joss, are you still mad at me? For? Not telling you spencer’s plan to save trina. Mnh, no. I mean, of course I wasn’t thrilled, but I-I get it, you know. Spencer put you in an impossible situation. Until I give it to you, that letter is my property, and I’m not giving it to you. This is totally unfair. Do you really want to complain to me about what is or isn’t unfair?! I’ll give you the letter back. Thank you. But first, you have to tell me why you’re being so weird about it! Okay, fine. I’ll just open it myself. Trina, don’t! It’s not for you! It says my name right here! That’s because it’s addressed to trina, my friend, and according to you, we’re not friends anymore.

in the interest of not keeping any secrets… yes? Spencer wrote trina a letter. In it, he explains everything about how he always believed trina and that he was only pretending to back esme. He did? Yeah. Wow. I’m almost proud of him. Do you think that’s what they were talking about? I hope so. I mean, all these secrets, they’ve just not been doing anyone any good. It’s time for everything to just be out in the open. You’re right. I set a boundary. And I’m just trying to respect it. I didn’t mean to hurt you when I said that we can’t be friends anymore. The cassadines have ice in our veins. You can’t hurt me. But thank you. I appreciate that. I know you weren’t trying to hurt me. You have to admit — our relationship got really toxic. Trina, toxic or not, our friendship meant a lot to me, and it always will. It’s meant a lot to me, too. But our friendship wasn’t good for me.

[ Scoffs ] I felt like I kept compromising myself over and over again. I just really hope that you understand. I do. And since we’re sharing, there’s something that I’d like to tell you, too. It’s good to see you, stella. You too, jordan.

[ Laughs ] Now, where’s that nephew of mine? Marshall: I know what you’ve done to this club. Oh. And you’ve built it to a really big success. Right, well, those two look like they can use a minute. Now, tell me what’s going on with you. Starting with how thin you’re getting. What? Is molly feeding you enough? I-I’m sorry. You’re a modern couple and you feed yourselves. Okay, between her schedule and mine, we manage to grab the occasional meal, and I promise I have been taking care of myself. Okay. Okay? What’s going on with you? You’re kind of quiet. Everything alright? Oh! I’m so sorry to interrupt, but I had to come say hello! Portia, hi, darling. Oh! How you doing? It’s good to see you. You too. Wait a minute. What is this? I know you don’t like sonny corinthos, okay? But I got it covered. Look, look. Don’t get it twisted. This isn’t personal. I barely know sonny corinthos. I know his type. The type that can cause a lot of trouble.

[ Sighs ] Now, if sonny is trying to rope you or the savoy into something shady… I know, dad. …We got to deal with that. Okay, I hear you, okay?

[ Sighs ] But sonny and I don’have that kind of relationship. I had wiley by the hand, and I tried to take him from her and then he disappeared. And then I was standing there with you and your mom and… you were both dead. And then I woke up. No wonder why you were so freaked out, but it was just a dream. Yeah, but I had some pretty intense dreams when I was pregnant. I get it. I hope this doesn’t last until I deliver. I’m tired enough as it is. I’m cutting back my hours at G.H. So I can pace myself. That’s smart. And I’m sure G.H. Is understanding. And you have me to take care of you. And your entire family. I appreciate that. And I promise you, we are going to make sure that you have no stress during this pregnancy. Hello, daughter of mine. Oh. I’m sorry I-I didn’t get here earlier. It’s just — it’s been a long, exhausting day. But you’re never — you’re never far from my thoughts. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I lost you. It’s been a very… interesting two years. Come to think of it, I never even got to visit you this day last year. Nelle: No big deal. I’m literally living rent-free in your head. Hi, mom.

Mr. Corinthos.Always a pleasure. I didn’t expect you here tonight, ms. Wu. Curtis is a valued partner of mine. I came to express my congratulations for trina’s good fortune. That’s very generous. Sit with me and have a drink. Unless you’re waiting on ms. Reeves. Oh, no, ms. — Ms., Uh, reeves is, uh, not with me tonight. Then we’re both unescorted. Since curtis is occupied with family matters at the moment, we should have a chat. About what? There’s always business to discuss, hmm? I’m sorry that I made our friendship so confusing. That’s all on me. I should’ve been up-front about esme, and I definitely should’ve told esme about my feelings for you. Maybe if I’d have done that, then it could’ve saved us from this whole path of destruction that we’re on. That would’ve been preferable. And maybe then you and I could, uh… the point is that everyone deserved better and, um, that’s essentially what I wrote there in that letter, so… I just wanted an opportunity to come clean and… tell you that I would’ve done everything differently. I appreciate that. I understand why we can’t be friends anymore. I really do. I-I messed up your life, and I’ll always regret that. Portia, this looks like an engagement ring. Well, curtis proposed. We’re engaged! What?!

[ Laughs ] Wiley is safe and sound, sleeping like the angel he is. Ah, well, doesn’t hurt to make sure, does it? But you, uh — you — you got dressed. Are you — are you going out? Yeah. Yeah, I’m just getting some air. Okay. I’ll go with you.

[ Chuckles ] One of us needs to stay with wiley. Um, mom can do it, or we could — we could take him to the main house? So you want to wake him, so you can babysit me? You know what? I-I actually need to go over a few things with you before I go on my trip, if you don’t mind. I’ll be fine. You better be.

[ Door closes ] Okay. What do you want to talk about? Nothing. I get that your heart’s in the right place, but willow, I think, needs some time alone. I-I don’t want to hover. I-it’s just that willow’s been acting so off lately, and I just — I can’t shake the feeling that… there’s something she’s not telling me. Normally, I’m not a fan of being forgotten. I-I didn’t forget you. Oh, I know. You were doing the lord’s work in nixon falls. Thanks for that, by the way. I mean, I know you didn’t do it for me, but you did do it because of me, so… that’s good enough. I was upset with carly because she hesitated. She let you slip off that cliff, didn’t she? And then even after she knew what she did, she didn’t —

[Voice breaking] She didn’t tell me that you were my daughter. She just… left you out there alone. I didn’t mean, though, for things to go as far as they did. Didn’t you? It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that it paid off beautifully — you broke up sonny and carly and you took sonny for yourself. Well, I’m not gonna apologize for my relationship with sonny, but I-I did hurt a lot of people, including wiley. Eh, wiley’s a baby. No, ne– he’s not gonna remember any of it, anyway. Nelle, nelle, he’s not a baby anymore. He’s old enough to have things affect him. If michael and carly and that baby-stealing, insufferable willow want to tell him things about you or me that might be hurtful, then that’s on them. We’re in the clear. I don’t want anyone to hurt wiley. He’ll get over it. It’s not like anyone’s stealing his kidney for cash. Thanks again, frank benson. You know, my deepest regret is that I couldn’t protect you from growing up with such a horrible, neglectful person. I mean, your mom did put you in a coma. If I would’ve been your mother… …your life would’ve been different, wouldn’t it have? Yeah, it would. You would’ve given me so much love, like everything that I ever wanted or needed. I mean, I could’ve followed in your footsteps. Maybe become the editor-in-chief of crimson magazine. I wish I could’ve given you that life. Yeah, it’s a shame that we didn’t know who we were to each other. I could’ve learned from the best, and together… we really could’ve made michael and carly suffer. I mean, we could’ve made sure carly stayed in the nuthouse for the rest of her life, hid my son away from michael for all of eternity. I mean [Chuckles] Working together, we really could’ve done a lot of damage.

Pregnancy can be a roller coaster, you know? One minute, you’re glowing and happy, and the next minute, you’re just miserable. I know I’m being overprotective, but how random is it that she just dreamed about nelle? Random? Nelle died two years ago today. Oh! I didn’t realize. I try not to think about it, but sometimes it just hits me, you know? Me reaching out, trying to grab nelle and help her and she just falls. God, it was awful! And then I felt relief. “Nelle’s gone. My friends, my family, they’re all safe,” you know? Then I was terrified I was gonna be blamed for nelle’s death. And, of course, I was, once nina found out the truth. You know, I’m — I’m — I’m just gonna call willow and check on her. Hey, michael, it’s been five minutes. Come on.

[ Sighs ] Voicemail. You don’t think that willow would go to nelle’s grave, do you? You know her best. What do you think? I think it’s a possibility and since it’s the anniversary of nelle’s death, I think there’s a chance she could run into nina. Carly: Oh, my god. It’s true. Nina’s willow’s mother. What happens if willow runs into nina? I-I think it’ll be unpleasant, but I don’t think nina would do anything to hurt her. You know what? I’m just — I’m gonna go check on her. Would you mind watching wiley for me? Of course, yes. Thank you. Yeah. Wiley: Daddy! Where are you going? Hey. Buddy, I’m just — I’m just gonna go pick up mom, okay? No! Grandma carly’s gonna watch you. Oh! Hey, what’s wrong, buddy? You love grandma carly. I had a bad dream, and I don’t want you to go. It’s okay. I understand. I’ll go check on willow, alright? You stay here with your son. And don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to her. Thank you.

[ Door closes ] If your mother hadn’t pawned me off on frank benson, if carly hadn’t let me plummet to my death… …and if we had known who we were to each other, I mean, I could’ve had the most beautiful life. And we could’ve punished them all! No. No, nelle, that’s not at all what I wanted for you. You know, everything that I did, all the mistakes that I made, it’s because I was in pain.

[ Crying ] You’re my baby. I miss you. But I’m gonna have to spend the rest of my life making up for my mistakes. What’s the point in worrying about that? If madeline hadn’t done what she did to you and frank benson hadn’t done what he did to me, I mean, look, it’s the best “get out of jail free” card ever. No, just because we suffered, it doesn’t absolve us. We got hurt, so then we turned around and hurt the world around us! Face it, nina! You and i are exactly the same. You know, we had a connection, but you couldn’t let yourself recognize that I was your flesh and blood. Not while I was working for you. Not while I was standing in front of you. Not while you were testifying against me, trying to take my baby away from me! You had every opportunity to be the mother you always wanted to be and you pushed me away.

[ Sobbing ] I didn’t — I didn’t know! I didn’t know! I don’t know what to say. You don’t have to say anything. I just wanted you to know that I’m sorry. I just wish things were different. Yeah, me too. Spencer.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Uh, sorry to interrupt. You’ve been gone for a while. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. Yeah. Um, we were just — it’s okay. I’ve kept you from your party long enough. We’re done here, anyway. Aren’t we? Are you okay? Yeah. Um… I don’t know what just happened. Do you want to get out of here? No. This is my party and I want to enjoy it with my date. It’s a little late for business. Friendship, then. Allow me to buy you a drink. I don’t want to intrude any longer. It’s hardly an intrusion. You’re welcome here. Or have you been made to feel otherwise? So, that thing you had to take care of — anything to do with spencer? We just cleared the air. I told him that we couldn’t be friends anymore. Smart decision. I know it wasn’t easy, but that kid, he’s — he’s no good. Stel la, we we’re gonnatell you tonight. This is not how we wanted you to find out. I am so sorry. Hey, aunt stella. Hey. Sorry for what? It seems that you have been keeping some things from me.

[ Laughs ] She — she saw the ring, so… oh, yeah, well, auntie, we were going to tell you together in person tonight. Oh, independent corroboration. Well, we will, uh, give you guys some privacy. Stella, I’m so sorry — no, you don’t owe me an apology. No.

He does. But first, allow me to welcome you to the family. Ohh! Thank you. So, you finally take my suggestion and propose and I’m the last to know. It wasn’t on purpose. Well, have you guys started making plans yet? Auntie.

[ Laughs ] Slow down just a bit. We just got engaged. Like that’s an excuse. Well — ah, ah, you know what? Actually, there is one thing that we did. Yes, and — definitely agree on. A-and it’s part of the reason why we waited till tonight to tell you. Okay, well, I’m dying to know. Well, we would like to know if you would marry us. Me?! Yeah. I’ve never officiated a wedding before. It’s easy. What? You just go online, fill out some paperwork, and register with the clerk. And you can just drop it in the mail. I need a mailbox. I just gotta make — oh! Are you alright? Portia: So, stella, will you please do us the honor? Because… there’s really no one better to marry us.

Marrying the two of you would be the honor of my life. And I’ll see to the music. Oh. You don’t trust anyone else to handle it, do you? Would you?

[ Laughter ] Marshall, thank you so much. Of course. See? That’s one thing down. Now we just need to pick a date, uh, a venue, guest list, and, um…apply for our marriage license.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, you do. And, for that, you have to… supply proof of your divorces. Yeah. You know, come to think of it, I don’t remember ever getting that. You better look into that. Yeah. Thanks, auntie.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Who were you talking to? Myself. I was — I was talking to myself.

[ Sniffles ] Well, I’m — I’m — I’m sorry for intruding. I know how hard this day must be for you. It is hard. You know, I didn’t know that nelle was my daughter when she was alive, but I carried her. She was my baby. And you’re probably wondering why I’m grieving for her, because she did some pretty horrible things. She was still your child. And a mother’s love is unconditional. Feeling sadness over what could’ve been, that’s just…human. Thank you. I’m guessing you’re here for jonah. Actually, I’m here for nelle. Has curtis given you any trouble? Nah, just a misunderstanding. I, uh — I ran into a singer — harrison chase. You heard of him? The detective on suspension. Yeah. Uh, good singer, good guy. I thought he’d be a good fit for the savoy. I appreciate you thinking of us and making the connection. I’m sure curtis will, too. Hey, jordan. You got a minute? Sure. What’s up? This is gonna sound strange, but, um, did you ever receive any official notification that our divorce was finalized? Now that you mention it, I’m not sure. Yeah. I remember filing our papers, but — maybe it’s because I moved. The notification got lost in the mail. But you sure you got yours? I don’t remember seeing it, but I did get a lot of mail while I was away at the clinic. I can double-check. Maybe I misplaced it. Would you do that? I hate to ask, but, um, you know, I’ll need — I’ll need it to apply for my marriage license. Of course. Because in order to get married again, you need to be divorced. Congratulations! I had every faith you’d be exonerated. Oh, my gosh! I appreciate it. And thank you so much for coming. Absolutely. Absolutely. Aunt stella. Can I steal you away for a minute? Excuse me. Okay. Hey, hey, hey! I am going to bounce, so have fun, stay late with your friends, enjoy being young while you can. I suppose I can do that. As long as you promise to get lattes with me at haven bistro soon. Mm…twist my arm? Aah! Okay.

[ Laughter ] Oh! I have such a good daughter, don’t I?

[ Laughter ] Okay. See ya, ashford. Where’d rory go? Uh, I think he went to go get us drinks. Oh. I was gonna tell him about a break in a case, but I guess shop talk can wait. Oh, no. He would love to hear about that. He loves his work. It’s — it’s pretty interesting. One of those dna genealogy sites gave us some important evidence. Wow! That’s so cool. Yeah. Makes me glad those tests have become so mainstream. Have you ever done one? Nelle was wiley’s birth mother. I…felt I should pay my respects, for his sake. You came here out of respect for nelle. That’s very nice, willow. You must be conflicted, since you’re trying to erase nelle from wiley’s life.

[ Scoffs ] We are not trying to erase nelle. We are protecting wiley. Oh. Even you have admitted that nelle did terrible things. Oh, that’s right, and that’s what we want to do. We want to lie to wiley and tell him that people don’t have flaws. Nelle was way beyond flawed. If she had had her way, michael would never have known that wiley was his son. You would never have known that he was your grandson. Every time — every time I think we’ve made some headway, you prove that there is just no reasoning with you. You only see what you want to. Get off your damn high horse. I am sorry that nelle did these horrible things to you, I am, but it has made you so self-righteous that you can’t acknowledge anyone else’s pain but your own! Carly: Enough! If anyone needs perspective, nina, it’s you. No matter how hard you try to rewrite history or how badly you wish nelle could’ve been redeemed, it doesn’t change the facts, nina! She was a kidnaper and a murderer and the only reason we’re safe is because she’s dead!

I’ll handle my business with curtis. You and I go back a long way. Many years and many favors. Yes, we do. So, if there’s anything I can do to strengthen our ties, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll keep that offer in mind. So, you and curtis have been doing a lot of business together. How’s that working out? Splendidly. I’ve found curtis to be quite accommodating. I’m — I’m gonna let him, you know, get back to his family and all that. I think you should probably do the same ’cause you know what they say a-about a good man.

[ Whispers ] They have their limits. Thank you for the advice, but I know exactly where curtis and I stand. Well, I took a dna genealogy test for a project in high school. Why you ask? Curtis: Good evening, everyone, and thank you for coming to the savoy to celebrate trina.

[ Cheers and applause ] Ow, ow, ow! You know, when I first met trina, it’s safe to say that she was

profoundly unimpressed.

[ Laughter ] I remember. But I, on the other hand, I immediately noticed what a strong and smart and resilient young lady she is. It’s impossible not to, right? Marshall: That’s right. Portia: Yes. So, in honor of trina and without further ado, please help me welcome tonight’s entertainment — cameron webber.

[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen of the savory, how are we feeling tonight?

[ Cheers and applause ] Alright, this first song is dedicated to our trina. In fact, these all are dedicated to trina ’cause this is her party.

[ Laughter ] And this song is about a person we both know. You’ll get what it means. Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da whoo! Da da da da da da da da 1, 2, 3! Ooh, waaaaaaah da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da darling, darling let me help you understand even with your cheating I’d still had the better hand the way you spun your lies it almost got them fooled girl, I’d trade you for the devil if I could somebody helped me before I fell into your snare somebody stop me before I say some things I normally wouldn’t dare won’t let anybody tell me that I can’t we’re on top and now it’s time for us to dance we knew that she was messed up in the head but we don’t give a damn da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da darling, darling had ’em going for a while to see you running, girl it makes me wanna smile you’re all figured out it’s time for you to ditch got a couple words I’ve been saving for a bitch somebody helped me before I fell into your snare they better stop me before I say some things I normally wouldn’t dare won’t let anybody tell me that I can’t we’re on top and now it’s time for us to dance we knew that she was messed up in the head but we don’t give a damn won’t let anybody tell me that I can’t we’re on top and now it’s time for us to dance we knew that she was messed up in the head but we don’t give a damn ooh ooh ooh

[ Cheers and applause ] Carly: Willow, you need to go home and take care of yourself and the baby. Michael and wiley are waiting for you. You’re right, carly. It was a mistake to come here. Oh, this is precious. I come here to have a private moment with my daughter. You two show up, uninvited, and I’m the villain. My god, you’re just alike! Nothing was ever nelle’s fault, and nothing is ever your fault. I’ve taken responsibility for my mistakes and I’ve paid the consequences. Yeah, but you don’t believe you deserve them. See, you and nelle sing the same tune — that you’re a product of your circumstances and that excuses your actions. You know, you, of all people, should sympathize. With you? No! Not with me, with nelle. Because it was your adopted father who neglected her, who abused her, and sold her for parts! I had compassion for nelle. And, in return, i got months in ferncliff, michael was left to burn in a car, and she switched wiley for willow’s dead baby. Do you get that? Nelle used someone’s dead infant as a prop. How proud you must be. It didn’t have to be this way.

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GH Transcript Monday, September 5, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


You said you had an ideaabout how to book me a gig? Okay. I’m listening. There’s no time to explain. You just have to trust me. You do trust me, don’t you? You know, when you and ava were talking in — at the hospital and I walked in, ava clearly seemed like there was some kind of trouble going on. No. No, no, no. It’s — it’s nothing important. It didn’t feel that way to me. Sonny. I — come on. You made it perfectly clear there are things that happen in your life that we can’t talk about. And it needs to go both ways. Okay? Ava and I, we’re friends, and there are some things that need to stay between us that you can’t be a part of. Okay, I know she’s your friend, but she’s also avery’s mother. So I-if… if she’s in trouble and you’re not telling me something, I want to know, just like if you were in trouble.

[ Squeals and laughs ] Curtis: And please remember the majority of people attending tonight just finished their freshman year of college, so they’re under 21. No alcoholic beverages for anyone wearing an orange wristband. Thank you.

[ Chuckling ] Wow! It looks amazing! Trina is gonna feel so special! Honey! [ Chuckles ] Oh, my gosh! This is incredible.

[ Portia laughs ] Thank you so much for shutting down the club tonight for us. Well, it’s the least I could do. And we all deserve to celebrate and a little happiness for a change. Well, thank you anyway. I love it!

[ Chuckles ] Honey, this is above and beyond. My pleasure. Now, listen. I have some things I got to arrange. But you two enjoy the party. Yes!

[ Chuckles ] Hey, you know, uh, congratulations on your engagement. I’m really happy for you. Jordan: Likewise. Oh! Jordan. I-I — tj told me I was invited. But given how trina’s trouble started, is me being here gonna be a problem? Hey, trina! Oh, my gosh. Congrats on this very, very special night. You must be so relieved that this whole thing is now finally over. Yes. Well, thank you. Where’s joss? I figured you two would be coming together. You know, she said she had to stop by G.H. First, but I-I swear she should’ve beaten me here. I wonder what’s keeping her. Wait a second. You’re not actually gonna crawl into that? We’re just talking about a bracelet. Why don’t you just buy your sister a new one? No! My sister is going through enough right now, okay? Look, if there’s a chance the bracelet’s in here, I’m gonna look for it. Are you gonna help me or not? Sure. Why not? Hold this. Still no text from joss, but I-I’m sure she’ll be here soon. Okay. No rush. Okay. It’s early, and I plan on living it up. Me too.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Telephone rings ] Tj: Brando. Hey. Tj. Feel free to tell me this is none of my business, but I saw you sitting here while I was still on duty. That was over an hour ago. I’m headed off to a party in a few minutes, but I have some time to talk if you want. Um… sasha’s in trouble, man. And I don’t know how to help her or even if I can. Lucy. Hi! Ah, it has been way too long since we got together. Yeah. Hi, there, you. Why here and not the metro court? Oh! Um, you know what? I just thought… let’s get a change of scenery going on, you know? And maybe it’s good sometimes to get out of the building where our offices are, right? I couldn’t agree more. Alright. So let’s be honest. You guys have been radio silent with me for a week or so. I’m glad you decided to bring me back in. I’m ready. What’s on the agenda for today’s meeting? That would be you… and, um, your future with deception.

Course ava’s worried.I mean, she was attacked. She didn’t see who attacked her. And there’s no suspects. So the person who did this is still on the loose. And, for me, I-I’m not in trouble. It’s just I have a lot on my mind, given the date today. How do you mean? Brook lynn: Uncle sonny! Hey! Brook lynn. Nina: Hi. Brook lynn!Brook lynn: Hey, nina. Hey. -How are ya? -I’m doing great, actually. That’s why you got that big smile on your face. What’s the reason? Well, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but, um, chase and I are now officially a thing. Ah — a thing, as in we’re a couple. Yeah. -Hey! -Congratulations. Welcome to the family. Uh, so to speak. So, we should do dinner one night, you know, like a double date. D-do you really think that michael would be okay with that? Look, I love my cousin, but we don’t see eye to eye on everything. Besides, we’re adults. I really think we should do it. It’ll be a blast! Brook lynn, how long have I known you? A long time, right? Brook lynn: Yeah. I know when you’re buttering me up. So…what favor do you need? I didn’t realize that my future with deception had to be addressed. I am an equity partner after all. Yes. Exactly. Um, and, well, your behavior as of late has made the company vulnerable. And, um, I don’t know if you noticed — I hope you at least noticed — but business has taken a very big hit. So perhaps you could just take a step back from deception just — just for a while until you’re well.

[ Stammers ] Okay. I am well, and I don’t like this one bit. But you know what? I, um — I understand where you’re coming from. I will take a step back from the fall campaign. The winter one, too, if need be. All this drama should be forgotten by then. What? We’re gonna need more than that. I heard about sa sha’s incidentwith smoltz at the metro court. Sent you a couple of texts just checking in, but when I didn’t hear back, I-I figured you had a lot on your plate. Sasha’s attorney came up with a strategy for her to avoid prison. Wait. It’s that serious? It could be if we don’t find a way to address it. We had an appointment this morning with dr. Rubin, and the idea was for her to pitch a potential solution to sasha. But the session didn’t go as planned. How so?

[ Sighs ] Look, brando, I’m not just your friend. I’m also a doctor, so any medical information you share with me, I will consider that privileged. I have felt so helpless, tj. I couldn’t save my son. I couldn’t stop sasha from spiraling. And now I am worried that I might have crossed a line with her. I hold no ill will about your role in trina’s investigation. I’m sorry. I thought I made that clear before. Jordan, you were just doing your job. And I know that.

[ Chuckles ] And when push came to shove, you helped lead the charge against esme. Yes, yes. And all of that is behind us now, anyway.

[ Chuckles ] If you’ll excuse me, I need to go check on something. Okay? I hope I’d be able to extend the same grace to portia if the roles were reversed. You know, I’m just glad the two of you were able to mend fences. Maybe it’s time for all of us to leave the past in the past. I’ve already been waiting for an appointment for genetic counseling. Yes, yes, put me on the schedule as soon as you possibly can. No, it’s not concerning me. It’s concerning my daughter. Actually my medical history, I-it’s not relevant. And the screening, it’s in reference to my daughter’s paternal line. I wonder if that’s ever truly possible. Trina. I was just with spencer. He didn’t mention anything about your party. I-I had no idea he was planning to come. Yeah. Neither did I. Honey. Do you need anything from me? I’m fine, mom. In fact, I think I’d like a couple of minutes alone with spencer. Well, we’re right here for you if you ever decide you need backup. For a second, I thought that you were going to have me escorted out. Everyone just wants the mood for tonight to remain fun. Mm-hmm. For me and my friends. Which is why I wanted to congratulate you before I get shipped off to pentonville tomorrow. Because we are friends. No, spencer. We’re not. Is this your first dumpster dive? Or are you one of those progressive college students who’s into, like, repurposing old food? Gross. No. This is my first time going through trash, public or private. You must really love your little sister. Of course I do. What are you, an only child? No. I-I’ve got siblings. But we don’t get along very well. Or at all, actually. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m super close with all of my siblings. Well, it is what it is. I’m better off without them. What makes you say that? Well, uh… if I never moved on, then I would have never come to port charles and… I would have never crossed paths with the people I met here. We should keep searching. My foot’s stuck. Hey — oh —

Can’t a girl just wantto spend some quality time with her favorite nonbiological uncle and his second life’S… partner? I’ve been called worse. You’re playing with fire now, brook lynn. Okay. You called me out. Mm-hmm. And you’re right. I do need a favor. Actually,

we need a favor. Because I have decided to follow in my mom’s footsteps and become a behind-the-scenes force in the music industry. Believe it or not, it’s been two years to the day since I lost my voice, thanks to nelle attacking me and depriving me of the gift of singing. Look, I may have been down, but I am not out, okay? I have a ton of experience in the music biz. I-I can still write songs, and I can take everything I’ve learned and help new talent, you know, manage them, which is what I’m doing with chase. So, uncle sonny, I know you have a ton of connections. I was hoping maybe you could flex a little bit of that muscle and help me get him some gigs. What do you say? I know that I’ve said some stupid and, uh, regrettable things to you, but, um, this all started because we were friends last year. Okay. Look, spencer. I can’t deny the past. Yes, we were friends. Unfortunately, things have changed since then. The most important thing that I need to do is heal. And, honestly, I just — I can’t do that if you’re still part of my life. But what you said on the witness stand when you tried to give me an alibi… I won’t forget that, either. You sacrificed your own freedom to try to give me mine. That’s a big deal. But we both need to move on. Take care of yourself in pentonville. I really want the best for you. Truly. I do. Okay. Um… 500 showers aren’t gonna fix this. We were just lying in trash. Well, you were falling, and I tried to help you, but you’re really strong. Yeah. Alright. Well, the important thing is we just keep looking for the bracelet, alright? Ohh! Ta-da! I found it. Look. Avery’s bracelet. You’re sure that’s it? I’m positive. Impressive. Yeah. Well… I had help. Well, what did you do that you think crossed a line?

[ Sighs ] I was so desperate, tj. Sasha’s been making all kinds of rash decisions lately about her health, about her finances, even this legal situation. She’s — she has an issue with drugs, but she’s resisted treatment for months. That’s what led to all of this. And I’m not judging her. I mean, I’m — I’m speaking as a former addict myself. But sasha had a psychiatric break, man. And it didn’t happen privately. It happened during her appearance on the “home & heart” show. Yeah, yeah, I didn’t get to see it live, but I caught a clip of it on social media. Yeah. That was — it was rough. Yeah. And then there was that incident with that reporter smoltz where she lost it and attacked his car. And that’s — that’s when… her attorney, martin grey, came up with the idea that the court might be more lenient on sasha if she agreed to a guardianship. Now, I would be her conservator. I’d be in charge of all of her treatments. And, um, I would have power of attorney for her. I could — I could see how an attorney would be in favor, and I guess it could work… as long as sasha agreed. That’s where I screwed up. I didn’t include sasha in the conversations. When dr. Rubin pitched it to her, she snapped. What are you looking for, lucy? A public apology? You want me to do another interview and open up a vein and beg for forgiveness?! And for what?! Grieving the loss of my son? For relapsing? Oh. Okay. Wait, wait. It’s a lot more complicated than that, and you know it. You have been struggling for quite some time now, and you’ve also made some very rash decisions that have affected your well-being. Well, guess what. It’s also affecting the well-being of our company. And I hate saying this, you know? It’s — it’s horrible to have to say, and I hate that you have to listen, but you are. You’re right. You’re an equity partner in deception, which means you have the power to make decisions over all of deception, even if you’re not in the right headspace for that kind of responsibility! Okay, okay, okay. Enough with the slow wind-up. What’s the bottom line, lucy? You want to push me out of my company?

[ Sighs ]

A second? Just hang on. We haven’t even heard uncle sonny’s reaction. So? What do you say? Well, I know a few people who would book chase as a favor to me. Oh, my god! You’re amazing! Well, nah, nah, nah. Listen. Last time you came to me for a favor, it was about teaching linc a lesson. It had nothing to do with chase’s career. I’m sorry. You did what? Whoa. Linc is a dirt ball. Okay? And, chase, you have real talent. Booking you at some real venues both promotes you and gets me a little payback on linc. Seems like a win-win to me. Look, we are just trying to set up our next chapter while making sure linc gets the punishment he deserves. That’s good enough for me. Consider it done. Okay. Hang on a second. I’ve got something to say. Here. Take my hand. No, no, no. I’m good. I can do this myself. Thank you. Look. I give you credit for finding the bracelet. But it’s gonna smell so bad, you’re probably gonna have to buy your little sister a new one anyway. Yes, well, I’ll be going home and cleaning it because obviously I have to change all my clothes before trina’s party. See, that’s why, no matter the weather, it’s always a good idea to wear layers. Do you plan your day looking for chances to take your shirt off? Haven’t had any complaints so far. But, you know, I could have kept my shirt clean and just let you look for your sister’s bracelet alone. You’re right. Thank you. Any time. Have fun at your party. Thanks. Couldn’t hear what you and trina were saying, but I read your facial expressions. You okay? Not really, but I was just about to leave anyway. What’s that? Um — [ Chuckles ] I had this crazy idea that I would confess everything in a letter to trina, that I would give it to her in person and she would read it and she would forgive me and everything would be better again. Typical me, right? Always trying to solve things by taking the easy way out. I guess it was a really stupid idea. Spencer… that is your first non-stupid idea you’ve had all year. Man. Curtis. Hey, dad. Congratulations on your engagement to portia. Lord knows I’m glad I’m here to see it. Well, you know, we decided to fight for our relationship, the same way you encouraged trina to fight her court case. Come on, now. She did the same for me. Because of trina, I’m able to have a shot at doing something with my family. And you. I can’t say I’m all that surprised. I mean, who would love the idea of signing over their free will to someone else, even if it’s their spouse? So you think I overstepped. I’m not a psychiatrist, so it’s not my place to say medically. And I’m not inside of your marriage. I was gonna bring up the idea of the conservatorship to sasha last week, but, like, I just — I couldn’t muster up the courage. And then I tried to convince myself that dr. Rubin would be able to explain it better. You know, it’d be in a safe, controlled environment. But… that wasn’t the truth, man. Then what was the truth? This is really hard to admit… but I was ashamed of what I was asking sasha to do. I demand an answer, lucy! Are you kicking me out of deception? No. No. We are not voting you out. Then what are you asking for?! What we’re asking is just you simply voluntarily put your fiduciary responsibilities and your financial stake in deception into a trust. That’s all. And then we can monitor it until it’s deemed you’re better. Better? [ Scoffs ] And who gets to decide when I am better, huh? Some doctor? Or you?! Are you gonna take a vote?! No. Listen to me. If you don’t help us out here, work with us, cooperate, then, yes, we would be forced to vote you out. But we don’t want to do that. We want what’s best for you. So come on. Just — just think about it, okay? Please. Just — what do you say? Take a step back from deception, just for now. Hell no!

I never give sasha the chance to ask for help. I-I always overstep before she’s ready, and then she pushes me away. I don’t give her a chance to come to me. There may be some truth to that, but isn’t the better question… why are you telling all this to me and not to your wife?

[ Chuckles ] Good point. Look, sonny, I mean no disrespect, but I see brook lynn’s attempt at making me a pop star is more of a — a sabbatical. My first love is being a police officer, and I am still holding out hope that I can be one one day, if the civilian review board allows it. Our lines of work don’t exactly overlap very well. Yeah, I-I understand, and I respect your honesty. But you’re lucky because my business contacts at the music venues, you know, it has to do with… I distribute coffee to them. Yeah, but your name alone comes with many connections, and I’m on such thin ice at the pcpd that I just can’t risk it. Well, I might have a potential solution, okay? I am really good friends with curtis ashford, and we both could put in a good word about you performing at the savoy. Uh… I mean, I guess if the ask came from you, I could live with that. Thank you, nina. Yeah, that — that would be really great. And, of course, thank you, uncle dimples, for always making time to listen to me. I’m actually going to go see curtis because I want to congratulate him on his engagement! Will you come with me? Yeah. Okay. See ya. See you both. Bye. Thanks, guys. Well, that worked out for the best, didn’t it? You’ll have a gig in no time. Brook lynn, you went way too far tonight! Look, we — we all want trina to have a fantastic night. Yeah. God knows she deserves it. Spencer, she also deserves to know the truth. Okay? That way, she can make an accurate assessment of what kind of role she wants you to have in her life. And I’m not saying this because I think you guys have a chance together.

[ Chuckles ] It’s slim, alright? I-I’m saying this because I learned the hard way, through my mom, that suppressing your feelings, it — it only leads to trouble. And I think the fact that you came here uninvited to deliver that letter in person, instead of just dropping it off at a mailbox, says that you think that, too. What’s that? Oh, it’s my calendar. Sasha has a deception meeting at the pc grill tonight. I’m supposed to meet her there afterwards. That was…until everything blew up. I’m headed to the savoy. If you want, I can drop you off at the grill first. Thanks. Yeah. Yeah. I-it’d be good for sasha and me to talk about things when tensions aren’t so high. Let’s go. I am not gonna step back and be some phony figurehead! Please. Please, please. Keep your voice down. The last thing deception needs is another public spectacle.

[ Scoffs ] Is that why you chose the grill? You thought I wouldn’t cause a scene in such an upscale place?! Well, think again, lucy! You betrayed me! This is a company that I put my blood, sweat, and tears into!

[ Patrons murmuring ] Okay, that’s enough. Stop right now! You listen to me. I love you. I — I love you like a daughter. And you know that! You know that! But I will be damned. I am not gonna let you jeopardize everything I’ve worked my entire life to build! No way! Yeah. Like a daughter, huh? Yet at the first sign of trouble, you decide to shove me off the lifeboat! First sign of trouble?! Come on, sasha! This has been building for well over a year! This is not the first sign! So you just abandon me now, huh? Just like everyone else?! Go to hell, lucy!

ething,isn’t she?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. She is. I’m just lucky I survived to watch her grow up… you know, sometimes into a person I don’t even recognize, you know? Trina’s definitely her own person.

[ Chuckles ] I’m a — I’m a strategist. I game everything. Portia, she’s a healer, more holistic, but… trina? She leads with her heart. She’s a rescuer by nature. Wants to save the world. Sometimes I just wonder where she gets it from.

And I mean it for real

my heart is beating for you excuse me. Oh. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] I am so sorry epiphany couldn’t make it tonight. Ohh. I remember cramming for the mcats, and I — whew. I don’t envy her at all.

[ Chuckles ] How are things going between the two of you? Very well. We look good. Yeah. You know, portia, I told epiphany about my diagnosis, and that woman couldn’t have been more supportive. Oh, I’m happy to hear that. Yeah. Me too. I often wonder what it could have been, had I been honest about my original diagnosis back in the day, but… I don’t know. I — I got blindsided. Maybe if I had had symptoms when I was younger, maybe I could have — coulda, woulda, woulda, coulda — been better prepared to handle it. Nina! Hey. Glad you could make it. Sonny. Well, thank you for the invitation. And, look, I know this is a party to celebrate trina, but congratulations on your engagement! Thank you. You know what? I’m gonna go congratulate portia, okay? See you later. Yeah. I got to go check on something. Curtis. What’s going on? I mean, can we just clear the air here? ‘Cause why do I get the sense that you think that I’m crashing the party? Because you are. No. Hold on. I mean, nina was invited, and I thought you and I were friends. Look, we did favors for each other, or so I thought. Right. As it turns out, it was only one-sided. Are you still mad because I didn’t dig into your father’s arrest record? Oh, my gosh! Why didn’t you tell me you could dance?! I don’t know. It doesn’t really come up in casual conversation. And we’ve never gone out dancing before. Usually I try to bust a move at weddings or parties with work people. You know, there’s this cop banquet thing next month. People are supposed to bring their significant others, if, uh, you’re ready for that. You know what this whole trial situation has taught me? That I shouldn’t waste time being so cautious. So I’m ready to take the leap if you are.

This is how I really feel and I mean it for real -hey. -Hey. You finally made it. Yeah. Good to see you. I was wondering what was keeping you. Did you go all the way home to change? I can’t believe we’re catching another meltdown from the basket case of deception. -No. No, no, no. Sasha! -Watch it! Leeches! All of you are leeches! You’re just trying to get a piece of me when I’m trying to get my life back on track?! This is a public place. If you don’t want attention, act normal. Act normal, huh?! Like you were by filming me! -Ohh! -What the hell?! How’s this, huh?! Is this crazy enough for the basket case of deception?! -Ma’am. -Is this what you wanted? Ma’am. We’re gonna have to ask you to leave. Get your hands off me! I said get off me! Stop it! Stop! Get off me! Hey! Sasha.

Okay. It’s fine, really. It’s — it’s okay now. Okay. I’m so sorry. What am I doing? What’s going on? Are you okay? No. No. I’m — I’m not okay, brando. I need help.

[ Crying ] I need help. -Hey. -Tj. You’re so late. Was there an emergency at the hospital? No, no. Excuse me. Um, just had to give a friend a ride. But aunt stella texted me. She is on her way from the airport, and she really wants trina to know how happy she is for her. Well, maybe this will encourage stella to stop traveling the world and stay put in port charles. Yeah, I’d like that, too. But I’m happy that my auntie has had the opportunity to see the world. And to think that almost got taken away from her from a technical glitch. What are you talking about? You forgot? The ancestry website, it initially matched her with the wrong person before her cousin in london. They said she had a close relation here in port charles. I went too far? What are you talking about?! I was even kind of polite and everything. That favor you asked sonny? You never even asked me about it. The last thing I need is to be associated with the mob. My reputation needs to be on the up-and-up. Okay. Okay. Okay. You’re right. I’m sorry. Well, all’s well that ends well, right? Because it turns out we owe nina for this favor, not sonny. I-I just want to be clear. It is important to me that you don’t put me in another compromising position again. Unless… message received. Okay? I will not compromise your integrity while we figure out a way to take down linc. Thank you. I don’t know what you expect me to say. I asked you for a favor. You turned me down. And at that moment, I learned that I can’t depend on you. It’s that simple. You have no idea what I’ve done to protect your family. Okay, well, here’s your chance. You know what? Forget about it. Okay. You know… I like you, curtis, but can — why don’t we just work this out? Sonny, you made your rules abundantly clear. I just don’t like ’em. We got a problem here? I did change. Yeah. I’m surprised you even noticed. Well, I’m a little bit stupid, but you changed outfits completely. Yeah, I mean, it’s — it’s no big deal. You know, like I told you earlier, avery lost her charm bracelet, and it was from ava, so I had to go look for it, and she said that she wore it to G.H., And my search led me into a trash bin. So I wound up doing a little bit of dumpster diving, which was pretty disgusting, but I ended up finding the bracelet. My girlfriend is a certified badass. I’m just sad that you didn’t call me, though. I-I wouldn’t want you to do that alone. I’m gonna get a water. Do you want one? Sure. Spencer, wait! I’m gonna take your advice to heart. I-I’m really sorry. I’ll see you when I see you. Have fun tonight. Um… spencer. What is this?

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GH Transcript Friday, September 2, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


thank you for getting me away from the house. Things are crazy. It’s swarming with cops and people cleaning up from the picnic. Yeah, I can’t believe someone stabbed ava at a crowded event. Well, the good news is she’s out of surgery and in stable condition. I’m sure the pcpd will figure out what happened. I sure hope so. Anyway, can we, um, change the subject? Absolutely. Hey, can I just say how happy I am that we both finally got out of our way and we’re doing this? We’re going on a date. Yeah. We’re gonna at least give it the old college try. Oh. We can do much, much better than that. Excuse me, miss. Is, uh — is this seat taken? Well, I was saving it for someone. Huh. But he’s like 15 minutes late. Is he? Damn. Uh… maybe I can be a seat-filler for a little bit? You know? What’s with this dude? He’s late? W-who does that? That’s so rude, isn’t it? No, I wouldn’t say that. He probably has a good reason. Mm. I mean, he is — he’s a cop. Oh. Yeah. A detective. Ooh. Mm-hmm. So what are you saying? That he puts his work ahead of his personal life? No. [ Chuckles ] No, no. I’m not saying that at all. He’s just really dedicated to his job. Here you go. Oh, thanks. I’m sorry. I-I feel like I should be waiting on you, considering everything you’ve just been through. Sure you’re okay? I am now. I mean, when I first saw ava, I think I just froze. There was so much blood. But then she opened her eyes, and I went to grab my phone to dial 911, obviously, but I had left it inside. And I knew that I had to get help, but, cam, she was so scared. She wouldn’t let me leave her. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Eventually, I-I found a towel, you know, something to apply pressure to the wound. By that time, ava had passed out, and I didn’t know whether I should run and get more help or stay and keep applying the pressure. And that’s when dex showed up. Just checking in, boss. I’m not gonna need you for the rest of the night.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Are you sure? I know selina wu has a shipment coming in. I can go down to the docks, make sure everything goes smoothly. You want to help that bad? Yeah. I’ve said it before. I’m determined to prove to you that you can count on me. Okay, then. I won’t let you down. Okay. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Uh… yeah? There’s something else I need you to do for me.

[ Door closes ] God. I feel like crap. Maybe a shower.

[ Groans ] Maybe a nap.

[ Exhales deeply ] Terry: Willow? Are you alright? Yeah. I’m fine. It’s just the end of my shift. I’m just a little tired. Nurse tait, my office. Now.

[ Monitor beeping, door opens ] Nina: Hey. Hi.

[ Wheels roll ] Oh. Hm. Are you in much pain? You know, at the — at the moment, I can’t feel much of anything. Which is probably good, right? I’m looking forward to the painkillers wearing off. Oh, w-was avery here? Yes, avery was here. Sonny brought her by earlier. She needed to see for herself that her mommy was alright. Oh, good. That’s good. Listen, I figured you’d want some company, but if you’d rather sleep, I’ll just go. Mnh. Mnh. Stay. It’s better not to be alone. Yeah. Speaking of being alone… why are you alone? Where’s your husband? I told nikolas to stay away. Well, when I saw him earlier, he seemed pretty worried about you.

[ Chuckles ] I bet he did. Ava, why don’t you want to see nikolas? He hurt me. He betrayed me. In the worst possible way.

Dex was there? Sonny’s guy? Yeah. He helped me save ava’s life. I mean, he really knew what he was doing. I’m sure he did. I’m sure he’s dealt with many stab wounds, considering his line of work. Dex was a soldier. He served in afghanistan. Didn’t know that. All i do know about him is that you saw him pressuring one of the jurors in trina’s trial. Right, yeah, and I still think that he’s an idiot to work for sonny. All I’m saying is that he has a few redeeming qualities. I mean, when he found me and ava, he didn’t panic. He knew that we had to get to the hospital right away. If we had waited for that ambulance, ava would be dead. So, yes, I helped, but dex saved her life. Yeah, I can’t help to wonder, where was spencer during all this? I-I don’t know, but are you implying that you think he could be the one who attacked ava? No. No, no, no. Of course not. I — spencer did stalk ava, but I would never think he’s capable of that kind of violence. I — I mean, if esme were still in town, maybe she could be the one, but… I-I only ask because ava is spencer’s stepmom. This attack affects him. I didn’t see spencer at the picnic, but apparently he got totally wasted. Spencer: Trina?! Cam! Joss! They’re not here. Neither is trina. It’s just you and me. Why did you come back? Oh, I never left. Well, not really. You don’t have to pretend. I know you missed me. The only thing that I missed was seeing the police arrest you for framing trina. I-I’m disappointed that you managed to skip town before the cops got you. Liar. Aren’t you really disappointed in yourself? That all your hard work was for nothing? At least I got you out of my life. One call to commissioner ashford, and you’re done. I’ll have you sent to prison.

[ Chuckles ] That makes you smile? Prison? Fine, spence. I’m out of your life. But I took your father and trina with me. Ava, don’t tell me that nikolas is the one that attacked you. Mnh. Well, I — I don’t know who attacked me, but I don’t think it was nikolas, no.

[ Sighs ] Then how did he hurt you? Betrayed me. In the most basic way. He cheated on you? Yes. Oh, my — I am so sorry. Such an idiot. Who was it? Not that it matters, because cheating is cheating. Oh, no, it matters, alright. Who was it? Esme. Spencer’s girlfriend, esme? Nikolas slept with his son’s girlfriend?! That’s disgusting! Mm-hmm. Nikolas claims that he… thought that our marriage was over and that he’d been… drinking heavily and that esme came on to him. So is that why she left wyndemere? You ran her out of town? Something like that. Whoo! [ Chuckles ] Sorry I’m late. You…are forgiven. Well, good. Yeah. Besides, I had plenty to keep me occupied. What do you mean? Over there. -Your former partner and blq. -Oh! The two of them cannot… wow! …Keep their hands off each other. Wow. Look at that. They finally got their act together. I think it’s in the air.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. No, a-actually, I think it’s kind of easy to get in your own way. What do you mean? Like… me totally over-thinking the whole moving-in thing. No, but you didn’t do that. You were just — you had your reasons, right? And as long as I know that you want to move forward, then rocco and I, we — we move in, uh, someday. S-someday? Yeah! It’s all good. How about tomorrow? What do you want me to do? Okay, I need you to go to the icu, stand guard by ava’s room until frank gets here. That’s it? I can do a lot more than just stand guard.

[ Chuckles ] How many times do I gotta tell you? You know what your job is? To just do what I tell you to do. Now, do you got a problem with that? Sonny! Is there an update on ava? Police have any idea who attacked her? Is there any reason why I should know that? It was a fundraiser for sick children — picnic, barbecue, and games on the quartermaine grounds — and somehow ava got stabbed in the middle of it. Michael, what are you suggesting? We both know that violence tends to follow you around. Were you involved?

Okay. We have to stay focused.We have a plan. Do you think it’s time? Oh. Uh, just about. What? I just think you’re really beautiful. Would you stop? I should’ve known you’d become a mush-ball after we got together. If you think calling me a mush-ball is an insult, it’s not.

[ Chuckles ] Because after all these months of hiding my feelings, I finally get to say things out loud.

[ Whispering ] Guess what, brook lynn.

[ Loudly ] I think you’re beautiful!

[ Chuckles ]

[ Normal voice ] And wicked smart and impossibly funny. And what you did for maxie and bailey lou… who’s got a bigger heart than brook lynn quartermaine? Which is why you deserve an epic first date. What? You don’t have anything planned?! That is a letdown. Oh, I’ve got plans. Yeah, lots and lots of plans. What the hell?! Is this how you think a manager services her client? Huh? That’s hardly professional… brookie. Thank you. I feel much better already. I don’t need to tell you. Nursing is a strenuous occupation. Spend most of the day on your feet, and it’s usually go, go, go. Oh, I know that. But I still love it. I’m proud of graduating, and I am proud of being a full-time nurse. It’s quite an accomplishment. Willow, when I found you in the hallway just now, it looked like you were about to faint.

[ Chuckles ] What nurse isn’t wiped out by the end of their shift? I can still do my job. If you decide to take a medical leave, your job will still be waiting for you. I’m not even out of my first trimester yet, and you want me to take off the rest of my pregnancy and maternity leave on top of that? I-I would be gone for almost a year. Willow, I’m not talking about your pregnancy. I’m talking about the time that you’re gonna need to beat your leukemia. Pregnant women get tired, even if they don’t have leukemia. Yes, and you’re handling both while keeping your diagnosis a secret from your partner. It is my choice! And my mind is made up. Have you considered that maybe ava was targeted because of her connection to you? You shut your mouth! Hey. Get — let me tell you something. Stop that. Stop jumping like that. Okay. Let me explain something to you, michael. Ava is avery’s mother, and that’s the only connection I have to what happened. The attack took place on the quartermaine property. So maybe… your other family should have had better security. You know, I think that the G.H. Board should reconsider their entire relationship with you. My donations have built not one but two wings to this hospital. Money can’t buy respectability. Can’T. What a shame. He has no right to speak to you that way. Okay. Just, when I tell you to do something, just do it. Go to the icu. Now. Okay? Be outside ava’s door till frank shows up. Yeah, yeah, go. Spencer: Do not talk to me

about my father! I cannot believe that you had sex with him! Mm. Are you really that surprised? I mean, I was your first, but you were hardly my first. Deep down, you had to know that you just… weren’t experienced enough for me. Okay. How do I explain this in a way you’ll understand? Um — oh! I know. That you just weren’t man enough to keep me satisfied. The thought of touching you, it physically repulsed me. Huh. It’s true. I was never your top priority. You chose your friends over me. Especially trina. Is it any wonder I turned to someone else, to a man of experience, for comfort?! You could have turned to anyone else! You could have turned to anyone else, and I wouldn’t have cared. But you chose my father. How could you? How could he?! Poor spence. Poor little rich boy. Your father chose me over you. Just like your beloved trina chose rookie rory over you. That makes you… the biggest loser. Doesn’t it? You lost your father.

And the girl. That’s because trina doesn’t know the truth. Hm! She doesn’t know that I was on her side the entire time. And if she did? What then? Do you think trina is gonna drop officer six-pack and come running after you? Keep dreaming, spence. I had to act like I didn’t believe trina to trick you into admitting that you had set her up. Mm-hmm, but I was smarter, was I not? No way would i incriminate myself. The only reason trina got exonerated was because that rat of a bartender sold me out. Your plan… it didn’t accomplish

anything. Well, I guess that’s not strictly true. You played your role so well that trina is never going to forgive you, ever. And you know that. So why haven’t you told her, spence? It’s not some noble gesture. You are far from noble. It’s because you’re scared that it won’t make a difference. Trina still won’t want you. I made sure of that. Shut up! Esme: Enjoy pentonville. I’m sure you’re gonna make a ton of friends!

[ Esme laughing ] Shut up, esme! I said shut up!

[ Esme laughing ]

[ Gasps ] Cameron: Spencer’s going to pentonville tomorrow. I don’t blame him for wanting to cut loose. Yeah, I’d probably do the same exact thing if I were in his shoes. Do you think that we should check on him? He’s at the metro court. I’m sorry. He’s spending his last day of freedom at the pool? He’s staying there. I think he got into yet another argument with his dad. I asked him how he was doing earlier, and he said he was going there to shower and get some sleep.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey, munchkin. Okay. Okay, okay. Slow down. Where are you? Are you sure? Okay. I’m gonna go look for it. And then I will tell you if I find it, alright? Okay. Bye. What are you off to look for? Avery’s charm bracelet. Yeah. She’s upset. Her mom gave it to her, so… she thinks she left it at G.H., So I’m gonna head over there. I have enough time before trina’s party. Sure. Yeah. Um, I think I’ll take this opportunity, then, to check on spencer. Okay. Might be my last time to say goodbye to him before he’s off to pentonville. Alright. I’ll see you at the party. Alright. Bye.

[ Door opens ] So your husband slept with his son’s girlfriend… and you found out about it and you walked away? See, that does not sound like the ava jerome that I know and love. I would expect some epic shakespearean payback. Well, believe me, I wanted to make nikolas pay. But I had to wait. Why?

[ Both grunting ]

[ Esme screams ] Where — where’d you go?

[ Stammers ] It just wasn’t the right time. That’s all. It sounds like you’re talking about something very specific, ava. What is it? Come on. What made you wait?

spencer: “Dear trina…

I want you to know the truth.

I wasn’t going to tell you.

I figured you’re better off

without me in your life.

But I need you to know.

From the moment I walked

into that interrogation room

after you had been arrested,

I knew you were innocent.

Despite what I said,

I believe in you.

I always have.” I can’t believe a dirtbag like you is lecturing about professional behavior.

[ Scoffs ] Didn’t I warn you? All brook lynn wants is to get you into bed.

[ Scoffs ] Actually, we’re dating. Didn’t you see this thing on my face? It’s a smile… because I’m happy. A manager and a client are hooking up. And you’re calling it “dating”? Oh, I’m not surprised you don’t understand the concept. You see, dating, linc, is when a woman

actually wants to spend time with you. We have a meeting on the books, chase. You’re supposed to be with me right now, not her. We have to talk about studio musicians. Yeah, we had a meeting, uh, but I’m canceling it. I don’t need 30 days to decide who my manager is gonna be. I’m ready to sign with brook lynn. What about the gig at the savoy I just got for you? I’ll still do the gig, and you’ll get your cut. What, you think I’m gonna promote somebody else’s singer? Unless you sign with me, that gig is off, man.

[ Laughing ] Stop it. Why are you laughing? I’m j– because — no, I’m not — I’m not laughing. Actually, just, you know, when I brought it up, us moving in together, you seemed hesitant at first, and now you’re all gung-ho about it, which is great. I love this change of pace. But I-I don’t know. I don’t want you to feel like we got to rush into anything. No one said anything about a rush. I was just thinking it would be really good for rocco to move in before the school year starts. Unless, of course, you… are too busy working. I will always make time for us. Andrea. Hey. I’m here to meet willow. Mm-hmm. We’re going out to dinner. Have you seen her? Yeah, I saw her earlier on the third floor, but I believe she’s in dr. Randolph’s office. Thank you. Mm-hmm. I don’t even know what I’m saying.

[ Chuckles ] Really. I just — I think it’s all the pain medication they have me on. Just — just please promise me that you won’t tell anybody about nikolas and esme, huh? It would just be so humiliating if people knew that he cheated on me with a girl young enough to be his daughter. Okay. Shh. It’s alright. I’m not gonna tell anyone. I promise you. It’s nikolas who should be ashamed of what he did to you, what he did to — to his own son. I mean, you — you didn’t do anything wrong. Mm, I’m not sure everybody would agree with you. No one’s gonna blame you for this situation. I’m not a particularly popular person. Nikolas knows this. And even after I-I knew about him cheating, he tried to convince me that we still need each other. And you know what? Part of me actually believes him. Why is he saying that you guys need each other, ava? What — what aren’t you telling me? What did you do?!

I’m waiting. Either you sign with me and keep your show at a first-class venue where I can guarantee you at least two promoters from manhattan in the audience… or you can blow it all playing kiss and tell with the sequel to “clueless.” Hey! Who you calling clueless? Would you prefer…. dazed and confused? -[ Scoffs ] -Look. I’ve made up my mind. The savoy gig would have been fun, but I’m sticking with brook lynn. You’re a fool. I would’ve made you a star. All brook lynn can do is keep your bed warm.

[ Scoffs ] Watch it. Alright, man. Enjoy your career as a wedding singer. Oh, and brush up on the village people. Folks can’t get enough of “ymca” at receptions. Well, I didn’t love the insults, but we did it. Step one is complete. Now on to step two. I feel like you are pressuring me to tell michael about my leukemia diagnosis. I’m sorry. The last thing I wanted to do was add any stress to your life. The decision to share your diagnosis or not is yours alone. But as your boss and your doctor, it’s my duty to point out to you that if the people around you don’t know that you’re ill, they’re going to expect you to maintain your busy schedule. So it’s gonna fall to you to take care of yourself. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to jump down your throat. It’s just —

[ Sighs ] I’m not lying. I basically feel fine. I just lack some energy. My goal is to keep my life as normal as possible for as long as I can. But I have leukemia. Luckily, we caught it early, but my life is no longer normal. I have to face that.

[ Knock on door ] Excuse me. Hi. Dr. Randolph. Um, I’m looking for willow. I’m in here, michael. Come in. Hey. Uh, sorry. I had the right time, right? Your shift’s over? Or — am I interrupting something? No, no, I’m — I’m glad you’re here. You need to know what I’ve decided.

[ Knock on door ] Who is it?! Cameron: It’s cam! What are you doing here? Yeah, it’s nice to see you, too. Came in to check on you. Heard you got a little drunk at the quartermaine picnic. What gives? I’m going to pentonville tomorrow. I thought I deserved a big send-off. Mm. Sure that’s it? Yeah. Yeah. Well, if that’s the case, then on your last night of freedom, what are you doing here alone and not with your family at wyndemere? Here to take over for you. Boss is inside. Oh. Dex. Frank. Hey. Um, how is ava doing? Frank just got here. I’ve been here for a while. Things have seemed pretty quiet since she woke up. Okay. No medical emergencies that I saw. What are you doing here? Avery lost her charm bracelet, and she thinks she might have left it in ava’s room or somewhere in the waiting area. Oh, I’ve been here for a while. Haven’t seen anything like that. Okay, well, I’m gonna keep looking because the bracelet is from ava, so avery’s pretty upset. You know what? The janitor came and took the trash from the waiting area not too long ago. Maybe he knows what happened to it. Uh, when I came in here, it got a little quiet. Is everything okay? Well, for starters, some lunatic stabbed me with a hook, and the cops don’t know who it was. You have any idea who attacked you? I didn’t see anything. Well, maybe she will when she recovers, right? Mm. I hope so. Is avery alright? Wasn’t too scary to see me like this? S-she’s just reassured that her mom was sleeping. And she just wants her mommy to get better. I want that, too. But until the person who did this is caught… what’s to stop them from trying to finish the job?

-keep your eyes open, frank. -I’m on it, boss. Josslyn. What are you doing here? Um, avery lost her charm bracelet, the one ava gave her. She thinks she might have left it here. Uh, I found the janitor, but I was too late. He already took the trash to the dumpster. Well, I’ll figure this out. You don’t have to wait. Well, I just appreciate you looking out for your sister. I always will. Alright. I’m sorry your little sister lost her bracelet. Oh, this isn’t over. Do you know where the dumpsters are? I-I was just so happy to get my nursing degree that I tried to do too much, so… I was talking to dr. Randolph about cutting back my hours. Well, I am completely supportive of this. I-I’ve been worried about you since you fainted. And once the baby comes, our lives are only gonna get busier. I mean, I’m just glad you’re getting your rest now while you can. I promise you… my goal is to be 100% when this is over. My uncle victor got me the room. Something about not wanting to haul my drunk ass all the way back to wyndemere. So since this is my last night of freedom, I figured I’d just spend it here. I wanted some five-star luxury before my three months in maximum security. Yeah. That makes sense. So your dad — is he, uh, at the hospital with ava? Yeah. Yeah, I assume so. You scared to go to pentonville? Of course I am. Yeah. Who wouldn’t be? My life is royally screwed up. And for nothing. Not for nothing. You were helping your friend trina. That matters. Except it turns out that it was completely pointless because I didn’t do anything to help her. It was that bartender’s testimony that got the charges dropped, so… what is important is that you were helping a friend. Yeah, maybe. You know, if you want, I can stick around, play some video games. I can be a little late to trina’s party. Did you hear? Trina’s having a party in celebration for pcu dropping the title ix charges. She’s going back to classes in the fall. That’s great. That’s great. Good for her. Uh, but you don’t got to stick around. Yeah, I’m fine. Are you sure? Yeah. Yeah, man. Get out of here. I’ll see you in a few months. A few months? Don’t you think I’m gonna come visit you, idiot? You are? Well, you’re my friend, aren’t you? Yeah, I am. How is the investigation into ava’s stabbing going? Uh, slow. I mean, whoever stabbed her took a big risk, doing it at a picnic with so many people around. Hey, maybe it wasn’t about the risk. Maybe it was a crime of passion. I knew we’d up the stakes if we got linc interested in signing you, and then you make a big deal about signing with me. It’s a good plan. Oh, I know. And it’s just gonna make linc want to sign you even more. He’s one of these guys who always wants what he can’t have. And then to step two — got to find some way to make me some kind of success as a singer. Oh, we’ll make linc want to take something else away from me, as much as he wants another moneymaker. And step three, link will buy out my contract. At a very good price, might I add. And then I’ll abandon my singing career and leave linc in the lurch. Yes. That is the final step. Then the hard part. You’ve gotta make me a star. Oh, come on. Easy-peasy.

What do you say we get out of here… mm! …Go get a pizza, and then go to my place and start packing up? Okay. Yeah? Wait, wait, wait. Wh– okay. Are you sure that rocco is gonna want to give up his backyard? You have a-a beautiful park like a block away from your penthouse. Yeah. Okay. What about him wanting to live with two kids? W– listen. They already spent so much time together at the quartermaines’. And you and I already spent so much time together. Danny, rocco, and scout, t-they’re pretty much siblings already. They are, aren’t they? Yeah. Okay. Alright. So… okay. Mm.

[ Chuckles ] It’s a go. Alright! Let’s get outta here! Yes! Dante: Oh, oh! Lookee who we have here. You know, I was gonna say you two should be enjoying each other a little bit more, but I don’t think that’s possible. Oh, are we that obvious?

[ Chuckles ] Well, only in the best way possible. -You guys have a good night. -You too. Ugh! That smell. So gross. Garbage. What were you expecting? Alright. See? It says the number 10. So, the janitor said this was trash, not medical waste. So there shouldn’t be any needles or anything. That’s what he said. Okay. W-wait a second. You’re not actually gonna climb into that, are you? I mean, it’s just a bracelet. Why don’t you just buy your sister a new one? No! Ugh. My sister is going through enough right now, alright? If there’s a chance that the bracelet’s in here, I’m gonna look for it. So are you gonna help me or what? Thanks for hearing me out. You’re an excellent nurse, willow. We want to support you any way we can.

[ Telephone rings ] Excuse me. I have to take this. This is dr. Randolph. H-hang on. Yeah. Something wrong? Do you think we could just maybe skip out on the metro court tonight and just have a nice, quiet dinner at home? I’m just a little worn out. Of course we can. Of course we can. As long as we’re together, I don’t care where we go.

[ Monitor beeping ] Ma’am. You gonna be outside my door all night? Yes, I will. And you won’t let anybody in who hasn’t been approved? No, that’s right. I have a list here on my phone. Is nikolas cassadine on that list? Yes, he is. He shouldn’t be. Take my husband’s name off. If making someone a star was that easy, wouldn’t every karaoke singer do it? I’m not talking about karaoke singers, remember? I have experience. I have contacts. And you are the total package. Every guy is gonna want to be you. Every girl is gonna have a poster of you on her wall. Anyone who hears you is gonna become an instant fan. Oh, is that all it’s gonna take? Well, you can be very charismatic. And you can be very… convincing. How are we gonna get me in front of a crowd?

[ Footsteps approach ] Oh, I have an idea. Trust me. So, uh, nina. I know I interrupted something between you and ava ’cause when I walked in the room, it was tense. Sonny, you don’t — you don’t need to know about this. It’s just a– it’s just ava’s been through a lot and she’s emotional right now. You know that’s not it. Tell me the truth. What were you and ava talking about?

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GH Transcript Thursday, September 1, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


something doesn’t add up. If nikolas always knew he could vouch for your whereabouts, why didn’t he just say that? More to the point, why didn’t you? Because nikolas is lying. You’re not alone, okay?

[ Monitor beeping ] Your family is right outside, even spencer, just waiting for you to wake up.

[ Monitors beeping loudly ]

[ Gasps ] She needs help! We’ve been keeping secrets from one another. We have? I think it’s time we stopped doing that, put our cards on the table. Would you like to go first? No. I think we can both jump in as need be. You’ve got lucy coe trying to get information on me. That’s clever. Well, given the players, I thought sequins might be a good camouflage, because you’ve been so opaque. And I’ve got my reasons. Actually, I have one very good reason. Your daughter. Charlotte’s in danger, isn’t she? My man, drew. So what brings you by? Well, after everything that happened at the family manse yesterday, I needed a little bit of a distraction. Right. I heard about what happened to ava. Is she gonna be okay? Well, last I heard, she was critical but stable. It’s so horrible. I mean, do they have any idea who might have done this to her? Pcpd is working on it. The boathouse is cordoned off as a crime scene, and I spent most of the morning answering questions. Oh, well, no wonder you need a distraction.

[ Both chuckle ] Um… speaking of distractions, should I tell drew or do you want to? Tell me what? We got engaged.

[ Laughing ] What?

[ Laughter ]

[ Sighing ] I can’t give in to you. Why not? Because I lost everything that, in my mind, identified me, and I hate it. And I don’t want to hide from it by turning to you. When I come to you, I want it to be for the right reasons.

[ Door opens ] Hey, carly. Hey. Hi. You were a million miles away just now. Yeah, I have a lot to think about. [ Chuckles ] That’s why I’m here. My daughter needs me, and I am here for you. Thanks.

Nikolas lied. What a shocker. But I did find you two together. I wasn’t with him the whole time. Why’d he tell jordan that you were? He was being a friend. He was covering for me. So where were you, then? I don’t know. Well, the, uh, quartermaine estate is a big place. I guess no one would fault you if you didn’t know exactly where you were. Finn… I haven’t told you everything. It’s time I did. Poor avery. How’s she taking it? She’s really upset, and she’s confused, but I can’t go away to a seminar when avery’s mother’s in the hospital. Mm. If you want to say something, why don’t you just say it? You’re using ava’s stabbing as an excuse not to go. What are you talking about? Why would I need an excuse not to go to a seminar? After the merger disaster, you picked yourself right up, and you were so excited to get your life back on track. And now… now what? And now you’re looking for excuses not to take the next step. So what changed? Oh, congratulations, you guys! I am so, so happy for you. Really, man. Thanks, drew. We’re pretty excited about it ourselves. Yeah. We’re pretty lucky, aren’t we, babe? Yeah. Yeah, we are. Mr. Cassadine. What’s going on? Why did the alarms go off?

Yes. Victor has charlotte. Oh, god, valentin. I wanted to be wrong about this. How did he get to her? Huh? I thought that charlotte was safe. Peter was gone, and I made the mistake of thinking I could let my guard down.

[ Sighs ] I think we both underestimated him. I mean, using your own granddaughter as a hostage? That is a new low. Well, that’s the thing about my father. He has no low to hit. Victor saved charlotte from peter. She wanted to see me in the clinic. I thought it was okay for victor to bring her to me. And that’s when he took her? As soon as they left the clinic, he took her to a new school. It’s a state-of-the-art, high-security boarding school, the kind where sheikhs and oligarchs send their children. Suffice to say, I can send texts, I can call, but neither the school nor victor will allow me physical contact.

[ Sighs ] And with your daughter as leverage, he knows he has control over you. That’s exactly right.

[ Exhales sharply ] I have to do everything he says, because if I don’t, he’s made it very clear… he’s gonna hurt her. Your wife’s blood pressure dropped dangerously low. We gave her medication to stabilize it. But she’s stable? With her vitals and the way she’s responding to the medication, I expect mrs. Cassadine will regain consciousness soon. Can I see her? Of course. Um… I’m gonna go head to the vending machine. Does anybody want anything? No, thank you. I’ll go with you. Are you, uh, holding up okay? I’m just concerned about my wife. Mr. Cassadine. Why don’t we let your nephew and ava have some time alone? Now it’s your turn to answer questions. So, now that the charges have been dropped, pcu expunged their title ix ruling and reinstated trina. That is fantastic. It’s so great that you guys are throwing her a party. I mean, trina deserves to have a little bit of fun after everything that she has been through. I just wish she didn’t have to worry about ava now. Yeah. I have to check on a few patients before the party. I will see you tonight? Okay. And it was really good to see you, drew. Great to see you, too. Congratulations again! Thank you. Mm. Aw. So, now that it’s just the two of us, you want to tell me the real reason why you stopped by? I cannot fly off to aruba to take a leadership course when my personal life is complicated. Oh, god. Don’t tell me this is about sonny. No. God, no. This is not about sonny. This…[ Sighs ] It’s about jason. How can jason be causing you problems?

[ Sighs ] ‘Cause I think I have feelings for his brother? Oh, that. What do you mean, “oh, that”? Please, carly. Everybody knows.

[ Scoffs ] Okay, what does everyone think they know? I don’t know what the big deal is. You are both healthy, single adults. Mom, it’s not nearly that simple. Okay, then. Tell me everything.

[ Sighs ] Well, I mean, after jason died, you know, drew and i were getting closer and becoming friends. And then we started what I thought was just harmless flirting. And now I realize I have feelings for him.

Does drewreturn your feelings? I think so. I mean, well, yes. Yesterday at the picnic, I asked him point blank what was going on. And? Okay. I know that look.

[ Laughs ] I take it the conversation went pretty well? Yeah. I mean, after a while, there wasn’t a lot of talking happening, so… so. I love those conversations. Yeah, but before it got too hot, the fire kind of stopped everything. You lost me. We kind of left the grill unattended.

[ Gasps ] Carly. I know, I know. But it was fine, because someone put the fire out, and it actually gave drew and i a minute to think. And he stopped by earlier, because he wanted to talk about where I thought things should go between us. What did you tell him? I told him that, um, in the past year, I’ve lost my marriage, my career, and my best friend, and my life has gone from stable to uncharted, and that it wouldn’t be fair for me to start anything with him when I wasn’t really sure where my life was going. So you’re putting your life on hold to protect drew? Last time I looked, drew was perfectly capable of protecting himself. Drew: Wait, what is this? Are you accusing me of having ulterior motives to come look in on a friend? You look like you got something on your mind.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, well… alright, so I just came from carly’s, and, um… okay, just — yesterday, at the quartermaine picnic, um, she accused me of flirting with her. Oh.

Were you flirting with her? Oh, yeah.

[ Laughs ] And did she return the vibe? Yes. Okay. But… when I went to talk to her today and I told her that I really wanted to see where this could go, she said that, um… she needs to sort her own life out first. Hmm. Drew, I hate to say it. She might be right. Yeah, probably. And I’m gonna tell you something — while carly is getting her house in order, maybe you should do the same. Nikolas needed to cover for me… because I don’t know where I was. You think maybe you lost time again? Yes. Look, maybe you don’t remember ’cause you hit your head. No. No, I-I’ve lost consciousness before and had a hard time remembering, and this was different. It was like — it was like when those pills were making me sleepwalk, which means I can’t explain my whereabouts when ava was attacked, and nikolas knew that it was gonna make the police suspicious. And I can’t risk anything happening to me, because my boys — my boys need me. Yeah, they do. I don’t know what to do. I need help. Okay. Hey. Hey, we start from the beginning, alright? And we’re gonna figure this out together. Chief scorpio said you were among the people who showed up to the boathouse after ava was found. Yes. One of many. We were concerned when we saw all the police there. Mr. Cassadine, prior to that, can you tell me where you were and who you were with? Well, when ava was so viciously attacked, I was with spencer. He had been taken ill. Are you sure? Because the quartermaine staffer who confirmed spencer was intoxicated at the time of the attack said he was alone. Another witness stated they saw you and spencer around 10:15 P.M., After the attack. And nikolas already stated that he was with elizabeth baldwin when ava was assaulted, so can anyone confirm your whereabouts? I do commend your pursuit of justice, commissioner, but right now, my family needs me. I trust eventually you will find the person responsible for this dreadful crime. Thank you for your time, mr. Cassadine. I will be following up. Dr. Valero thinks you’re gonna wake up soon. I wonder if you’ll be able to tell us what you saw.

[ Monitor beeping ] Ava!

[ Whimpers ] No. No, stop. Nikolas.

Last night, after we fought about you calling sarah, I stormed off, and then I blacked out. And maybe our fight triggered it? Uh, maybe. I was pretty angry. All I could hear was your voice telling me that my boys are probably aware that I have a problem. And then — then I-I was… I was someplace else, and I have no idea how I got there. And that’s when nikolas showed up. And that was around the time ava was attacked. Yes, and I have zero recollection of where I was or what I was doing. Even if you don’t know where you were, there’s no way you did this. How can you be sure? You had no reason to want to hurt ava. I hurt chase. That’s because whatever part of your subconscious is doing this didn’t want him to discover what was going on. What if — what if when I was out of it, I ran into ava, and I perceived her as a threat? I mean, anything is possible, because I don’t know what I was doing. What do you mean, I should get my own house in order? Drew, what have you done since you came back to town? First, you threw yourself into investigating victor cassadine, then it was helping the quartermaines get elq back from valentin. Yeah. Those are really important things. They are, but to other people. So, I don’t — what are you saying? I should be more selfish? I’m saying that you were so busy righting the wrongs from your past that you stopped yourself from moving forward. Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m not protecting drew. Maybe I’m protecting myself. From what? Oh, come on, mom. You tell me. How could it not be a mistake, after everything that’s happened in my life, for me to get involved with jason’s brother?

[ Exhales sharply ] Honey, are you afraid that you’re seeing drew as a substitute? No, of course not. Because nobody could ever take jason’s place in your life. Exactly. And what place was that? Jason was your safety net. No matter what shenanigans you ever got up to, or no matter how questionable your behavior — and believe me, I am not judging here. You sure about that? I’m not. And jason wouldn’t either.

[ Sighs ] There was nothing you could ever do that would drive jason away. He might have been hurt or angry or bitterly disappointed, but jason would never turn his back on you, even when you might have deserved it.

[ Chuckles ] But drew? Drew might not be as forgiving of your impulses. Carly: Oh, my god, it’s true. Nina’s willow’s mother.

[ Exhales deeply ] Like whatever it is you’re thinking about right now. Trina? Mom! How are you holding up? I was in the room with ava when the alarms started going off. No! Is she okay? The doctor said she was gonna be fine, but… I’m scared out of my mind. Honey, I’m sorry that you have to go through this right now, especially after everything else. Yeah, um, about that, uh… I was thinking that maybe tonight isn’t the best time to have a party? Would you be upset if we canceled it? Is there any change with ava? Not that I’m aware of that. But then, I’ve been held up by that police commissioner. I tell you, that’s someone who could benefit from some more professional detachment. Meaning? Meaning, if commissioner ashford continues to make insinuations disguised as questions, she’s gonna learn the hard way what it means to cross a cassadine. For what it’s worth, I know what you’re going through, okay? I know you do. I just wish you could teach me how you handled it.

[ Voice breaking ] Because she’s not safe, and there’s nothing I can do about. I’m helpless. Why didn’t you tell me? I mean, not at first, obviously, because you couldn’t risk having a message intercepted. But I — when you came home, I was here. Please believe me, I had no choice. Protecting charlotte is my only priority, and if he knew that we were having this conversation, there’s no telling what he would do to her. I’m going insane! Oh, stop, stop, stop. Oh, god. Alright, it’s alright. I can’T… it’s alright. I understand. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Okay. So, look… we will bring charlotte home, alright? I promise you that. But in order to do it, we have to take victor down. So you’ve been working for him, have you? Since you left the clinic? I have. And you’ve done everything that he asked? Just about. What did he ask you to do? Let’s rule a few things out, alright? Um, have you started taking any pills again? No. No, not since I-i checked myself into shadybrook. But, finn, this came on all on its own. I don’t know what’s happening to me. Alright. But something had to have triggered it, alright? You said you were replaying our fight in your head. Was there anything else? Yeah. I’ve been having these — these fragments of a memory. I’m — I’m a teenager and I’m shouting at a woman. I’m telling her to stay away from my father. What woman? I don’t know. I don’t know. No one I-I remember or recognize. Yet. And then it — it happened again after our fight. That’s the last thing I remember until I came to. Okay. How often has this been happening? The first time was after I talked to scott about walking in on you and terry talking about me behind my back. And this time was when you were angry about me contacting sarah, so these events have something in common. You were angry with me. Wait, no, there was — there was another time. When I checked myself out of shadybrook and I came to work, do you remember you found me in the stairwell? Mm-hmm. I don’t think this is being caused by — by arguments or me being angry. I think these images are — are — are happening every time somebody confronts me about what’s been happening. And normally, that person is you. And if you’re right, I mean, maybe this is more than — than my grief over losing franco. There is something very wrong with me. Nikolas: Commissioner, please. My wife just woke up. She’s in distress. I see that. No, she’s in no condition to answer questions. I got the okay from dr. Valero. Well, you’re also gonna need my okay, and I’m actually not okay. Wh-what…? Um, I don’T… what happened? Ava, it’s commissioner ashford. You’re in the icu. You were stabbed last night. I was stabbed? Yes, and we’re making every effort we can to find out who did this to you, but time is of the essence. Do you feel up to answering some questions? I want them to find who did this more than anybody, but not at the expense of your recovery. Let me get the doctor. No, no. I want — I want to talk. I-I don’t know that I can help you, though. I don’T… I-I didn’t see who attacked me. What’s the last thing you remember? I was at the — the quartermaines’. I was — I was outside the boathouse. Was anyone with you? I was alone. I thought so. I-I went there just to take a moment for myself. And then… and then pain here. What else do you remember? I’m sorry. It’S… it’s all a blur after that. I-I think that — that I tried to call out for help. Do you know who found me? Josslyn jacks. She and a man who works for sonny brought you here. They — they saved your life. What were you doing prior to going to the boathouse? Why did you need a moment alone? Nikolas: This is what you always wanted, to see the relationship with my son destroyed, huh? It killed you to see us get close. That is absolutely not true! Because it hurt too much, knowing that you would never get the chance to heal with kiki that I had with spencer. But you’re the only one to blame for that. Commissioner, please. Clearly, my wife needs to rest. This can wait. Ava, when you woke up, you seemed upset with your husband. Why is that? We had a fight.

I just don’t want drew to be a crutch I use to get over everything that’s happened. Isn’t he already? Well, as a friend, yes, but that’s not what either one of us are talking about. I mean, if something happens between me and drew, we want it to be about us and not anyone else. I don’t see you and drew being a rebound thing. Neither do I, ’cause it’s not gonna happen. Carly. What? What about all those feelings you just admitted to having? They’re not going to go away. And you know better than anyone, you can’t help who you fall for. Okay, well, then we’re just gonna have to deal with it. And who knows? Maybe someday, something will happen between me and drew. But the way things are right now, I can’t afford to lose another friend. When I was in that cell, all I wanted was to get back to the life that I remembered. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I got back and time hadn’t stopped. No, man, time doesn’t do that, no matter how nicely we ask. But you and portia, you guys were lucky. You managed somehow to find your way back. Yeah, we weren’t lucky. We worked hard to get to where we are now, and to get from the mistakes of our past. See, when portia and I — when we got together back in the day, she was married, I didn’t know that, and I was in my first year of recovery. Yeah, but even then, you guys still had a connection. Right, but it was nothing we could build on, so inevitably, it ended badly. Now that we find ourselves back together… mm. …We’re the same people, but we’re in different places in life. But you’re in better places. Much better places. And the thing is, is we’re not trying to re-create the past. We’re exploring a beautiful future. But that’s the thing with carly. The future that I want with her is nothing like our pasts. But I-I — I know what you’re gonna say, that I gotta respect the fact that she doesn’t want to mess with our friendship. Valid. But it’s also a good excuse not to take risks. She doesn’t think it’s time. And, yeah, I wish that she didn’t feel that way. I think that we could be incredible together. But just because I’m ready to move forward doesn’t mean she is. Were you the french captain? Capitaine francois olivier. I wish I were more surprised. I am so sorry. No, no. Please, don’T. I understand why you did what you did. What is victor after? Why is he doing all of this? I don’t know. He won’t tell me, and he doesn’t have to, because he’s got charlotte. Please believe me, I am completely in the dark. I guess now that I know that jennifer was — was framed, I can — I can call the wsb. No, no. That’s out of the question. This has to stay between you and me, because if it doesn’t, and he knows I’ve betrayed him, he’ll take it out on charlotte. We can’t leave an innocent woman in prison. Anna, I’m too far in. I’m not gonna let anything happen to charlotte. I’m not gonna lose my daughter. And what did you and nikolas fight about? What we always fight about. His son. Spencer and I don’t like each other very much, and it, uh… causes friction. And this was right before you were attacked? Exactly how heated did this argument get? Commissioner, I didn’t stab my wife, so I fail to see how this is relevant. It’s relevant, mr. Cassadine, because just this morning, I asked you if before she was attacked, was she upset? I asked you if she experienced any conflict, and you said no. Yet here she is, having fought with your son. Why did you lie to me? The cassadine family, their arguments are traditionally dramatic, okay? So when you asked me about conflict, I assumed that you meant outside of the family. And I’d love to believe that. Well, one thing you should believe, both of you, is that I deeply regret getting in a fight with ava. I mean, god, if we hadn’T… if we hadn’t have fought, you might not have gone to that damn boathouse, and I might have been there to stop anyone who’d want to cause you harm, and instead, I was venting about the argument to elizabeth baldwin. I’m just — I’m so sorry. I should have never left your side. One silly fight and I almost lost you. I should have been there for you. Thank you, nikolas. It’s the thought that counts. I’m — I’m sorry, but I’m getting a little tired now. I understand. Thank you for speaking with me, ava. We’ll pick this up when you’re feeling a little stronger. I’ll speak with you later. How are you feeling? When I heard you were attacked, I was so scared, ava. What’s the matter? Last night, we said a lot of things to each other. Yeah, we did. And I would — wait. You don’t think I did this to you, do you? Well, of course you can cancel the party, but honey, are you sure? Mom, I just — honey, you are always putting everyone else’s needs before your own. And after everything that you’ve been through, don’t you think you deserve an evening to yourself and celebrate your accomplishments? Yes, I want to do that, but I just — I also want ava to be there. And when ava wakes up, what do you think she’s gonna say when she finds out that you canceled your party on her account? She’d probably tell me I shouldn’t have. The ava I know would insist that you have the party as planned. Honey, it’s high time that you focused on yourself. I have no idea why we are protecting my father. How often must I tell you, spencer? We cassadines protect our own. There are limits. Uncle victor. My father deserves to be in prison for everything that he’s done. Well, this is one thing he didn’t do. The only interesting piece of information I gleaned from commissioner ashford was that your father has an airtight alibi. He was with elizabeth baldwin while ava was being attacked. Even better. If my father isn’t the one who hurt ava, then I have zero reason to withhold the truth. I will tell commissioner ashford that he slept with esmé.

Think that I’mthe one that did this to you, do you? You couldn’t have. You were with elizabeth, right? Yes, I was. That’s not the only reason you think that — I don’t know what you think. Ava! I would never do anything like this, no matter what we said to each other, no matter how angry. Please tell me that you believe me. I’m tired. I want to be alone. Ava! Let me rest. Oh. How’s ava? She’s awake.

[ Gasps ] Oh! Okay, I gotta go text joss and tell her the news. Okay. Commissioner, I have something that I — oh, commissioner. That’s wonderful news about our ava. Thank you. Spencer, shall we? Mom, do you think I have enough time to go get some of ava’s stuff to her before the party? Now that she’s awake, I know she’ll want something familiar in her room. Oh, honey, you’re gonna be cutting it really close. I mean, wyndemere isn’t exactly around the corner. Yeah, but the metro court practically is, and that’s where she’s been staying for the past couple of days. Oh. Oh, okay. Well, in that case, why don’t — yeah, yeah, yeah. You can take my car. Okay. Okay, come on. Listen to me, great-nephew. I’m gonna tell you this once and you are going to remember it for the rest of your life. Neither your father’s marriage nor anything else relevant to our family is of concern to the authorities. Is that understood? Yes, uncle. Look, I know you’re angry at your father. You have every reason to be. But his movements at the time ava was attacked are well accounted for. So his betrayal of you, no matter how painful, is totally irrelevant. Maybe to the authorities, but it is relevant to trina. How so? Because if commissioner ashford knows why esmé left town, she can use that to find her.

[ Sighs ] It always comes back ’round to ms. Robinson, doesn’t it? I admire your good intentions, but esmé didn’t tell anyone where she was going, and you are just complicating things for yourself if you go back and change your story now. You tried it once, and look where it got you. But uncle — listen to me. Don’t invite any more trouble, spencer. You’re in enough already. Hey, you listen to me. There’s nothing wrong with you. I think this just means that there’s something in your past, something hidden, that you’re not dealing with. I’ve been trying to fight it. I tried to push it down, just hoping it would go away.

[ Voice breaking ] But I just can’t do it anymore. Whatever this memory is that I’m blocking out… …I just need to face it. Whatever happens next, you’re not alone. We’re gonna find the answers together. Drew, I’m just saying, if you really feel that you and carly have something special, wouldn’t you want her to make sure she feels the same thing? Even if it took a while? You know what, curtis? That’s some pretty solid advice right there, man. And I’m not even gonna sit up here and tell you that what worked for portia and me is gonna work for you. But it seems I remember a saying that life is long and full of surprises. Mm. It’s just, I really think that carly and i could make each other happy. But to answer your question, yes. Yes, I can give carly time. I can give her whatever time she needs to make sure she’s ready. Oh, it’s from josslyn. Ava’s gonna be okay. Oh, my gosh. Avery is going to be so thrilled. Well, good, ’cause now you have no reason not to go to that seminar. Oh, mom, I think I need to stay put. Honey, you are doing it again. Hmm? You are making excuses to postpone the next chapter of your life. No, no, I’m not. I’m trying to be sensible. Please. Sensible is not your thing. Okay, you know what? Great talk. Here. It was nice seeing you. Oh, honey! You are a creature of impulse. And when you want something, you go for it. I’m really trying to look before I leap, and I thought you would be proud of me. No, honey. You are looking for reasons not to leap. Maybe losing that hotel was a blessing in disguise, okay? Maybe you can find happiness in a new career, maybe even with a new man. Maybe even with a manyou’ve known for a while. Oh, my gosh. I love you. You have to go. Goodbye.

[ Laughing ] Oh, my gosh. Thank you for coming by. I love you. I love you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Charlotte is our priority, but I want you to remember that you’re not carrying this burden alone now, and that gives us some leeway. No one else can be involved. Alright, no wsb. No friends, no allies, no nothing. We will figure out a way to keep charlotte safe ourselves. He has to think he can trust me. He will. He’ll never know that you confided in me. Once charlotte is safe, then we’re gonna put an end to victor.

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GH Short Recap Friday, September 2, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn and Chase go on their first date. Chase tells Linc he has decided he wants Brook Lynn to be his manager. Linc isn’t happy about the news and tells Chase that Brook Lynn will only make him a wedding singer..

Dante and Sam pack up the things at his house so that he and Rocco can move in with Sam.

Ava tells Nina that Nikolas slept with Esme and makes Nina promise not to tell anyone about how Nikolas betrayed her. Ava tells the bodyguard that is a at her hospital door to take Nikolas’ name off the list of approved visitors.

Spencer has a nightmare where Esme calls him a loser and says that he is too scared to tell Trina the truth about his plan to exonerate her. The nightmare makes Spencer decide to write Trina a letter telling her about his plan and that he is in love with her.

Willow tells Michael she is cutting back on her hours at the hospital in order to take care of herself and the baby.

Cameron goes by the Metro Court to tell Spencer goodbye and assure him that he will visit him while he is at Pentonville.

Ava is afraid that her attacker may return to finish the job and kill her.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, August 31, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


oh. Lucy coe, what are you doing here? Looking for pickles? Hmm, very nice. No, actually, I would like a word about deception. And — you know, ’cause you are one of our fancy-schmancy, big-time investors. Is this about sasha gilmore pleading guilty to assault and battery on that would-be journalist?

[ Sighs ] Yeah. I hate that she is having to go through that. It’s the last thing she needed, after everything she has endured. I’m sensing a “but.” But… there it is. Okay. What happens in a courtroom is one thing. It’s an entirely different trial that is happening in the court of public opinion. What’s your point? My — my point is, sasha’s the face of deception. She is the physical representation of our brand, and right now, our brand is tarnished. Because of sasha. Yeah, but I-I think I do have a way to fix it. It’s just my partners are sort of dragging their feet. I’m sorry. Where do I come in, exactly? Okay. [ Sighs ] I can’t believe I even have to say this. I don’T… for the sake of our company and for all — everybody else who’s involved… sasha has to go. Hey. You okay? I don’t know what I am. Okay, well, look, after this meeting’s behind us, it’s all gonna be better. How? Well, because then you will finally be able to stand in front of a judge, knowing that we have done everything possible to, a, prove that you’re taking responsibility for your actions, and, b, that you are prepared to get the help that you need. And if the judge still decides that I am a threat to the community? Brando, I could go to prison for a really long time. Anna: Fancy seeing you here. Anna. Won’t you join me? Are you sure? Oh, please, do sit. Thank you. I suppose, despite our mutual distrust, we do have one thing that bonds us. Oh? What’s that? How much we both care about valentin. You know, I have to say, ever since he’s come back, he’s been like a new man, and I have no doubt that I have you to thank for that. Jordan: Based on the blood loss at the scene, my officers believe ava was injured just before she was discovered. That gives us a short window for the approximate time of the attack, somewhere between 9:45 to 10:00 P.M. Uh, that’s, uh… probably around the time I-I ran into maxie and spoke to her briefly. Thank you, dr. Finn. And you, nurse baldwin? What? Do you remember where you were during that time? Yeah, I took a walk around the grounds at some point. Alone? Mm-hmm. I needed a minute to just clear my head. Did something happen to upset you? I’m sorry that ava got hurt, mostly because it hurts you. I figured you’d be here. You’re here for me? Always. And as my uncle victor reminds me, we have to support family no matter what. And ava is my family. And you want to support your father, too. The hell I do. If you only would have listened to me, it would have never come to this.

[ Monitor beeping ] You seem to be at peace for the first time since esme poisoned things between us. It could have been so different! It’s too late now. You’re here early. You want some coffee? That would be great. Okay. Yeah, thanks. Um… so… so, I, uh… I’ve been thinking a lot about last night. Kind of all I’ve been thinking about, actually. Every five seconds? Now it’s pretty much constant, actually. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it nonstop, too. I know that you said that you wanted time, and I — and I — I — I really don’t want to step on that. I don’t, but… there’s taking time… and — and there’s missing a chance. ‘Cause… that was amazing at the boathouse. It was. And I — I feel like we are on the brink of something pretty incredible. And I want it. I want it, and I want you.

I want it, too. You do? What I loved about yesterday — and there was a lot to love… yes, there was. It was that it was so smooth and easy. And it felt… it felt right. Until it didn’T. And I don’t mean it felt wrong. I’m just so scared to see the ending before it even starts. Does that make sense to you? Not really. I know you think you want to see what can happen between us — no, i know I want that. But you don’t know me, drew. You don’T. How can you, when I don’t even know myself? What are you thinking? Just say it. I’m thinking, is it okay to call you out right now? Yeah. ‘Cause I’m thinking what you just said, it’s a load of crap. Okay. If anyone knows themself, carly, it’s you. It makes my blood boil just thinking about it. Smoltz and sienna, they set me up, they destroyed my reputation, and now I’m the one at fault? You’re right, okay? They pushed you past your breaking point, and that is not fair. But focusing on that right now is counterproductive. We need to just get through the day, do whatever it takes to get you home to the people who love you. That’s me, by the way. I love you, too. You ready? Okay. I’m dr. Rubin. Hey, I am brando corbin. It’s nice to meet you. You too. You must be sasha. Please come in.

[ Door closes ] I still don’t understand why you came to me. I mean, I’m not involved in the day-to-day at deception.

[ Scoffs ] Replacing the face of deception is hardly day-to-day. Well, if you feel so strongly about it, force a vote and take care of it.

[ Sighs ] It’s not that simple. A lot of my partners feel like perhaps that might send sasha over the edge. Perhaps it will. Anyway, martin is saying that she’s seeing a shrink. Yep! You talked to martin, didn’t you? If you — I swear, cassadine, if you sent my pickle photo with victor and me to martin, I’ll kill you! I knew it. This nothing to do with sasha or deception. You’re worried about martin. Okay, yeah, you got me. I am wored about martin. I have been worried about martin since the day he left. Could have fooled me. Excuse me? You weren’t worried about martin when victor was fawning all over you at the picnic. Anna: You know, I’m really glad that we ran into each other, actually, because I have been meaning to reach out to you to thank you for going the extra mile to try to smooth things over between us. I-I appreciate that. Oh, you’re very welcome. Because you’re right. It’s easy just to fall back on old habits, isn’t it, and just get ruled by mistrust and suspicion. Surely one conversation wasn’t enough to dispel all your doubts about me? No, but it was a nice reminder of how much we both care about valentin. Sitting there between father and son, you know, and I really realized how much — how much he’s changed, post-convalescence. Wouldn’t you agree? Oh, I-I would.

[ Chuckles ] Tell me, what’s your secret? Does it really matter why I went for a walk? It’s personal. She’s being kind. I was an idiot last night and I brought up a touchy subject, and rightly so, elizabeth left before one of us said something we regretted. And this was…? At the stables. And what did you do next? I was upset, and I went looking for her. I-I-I — like I said, I ran into maxie and asked her if she’d seen elizabeth. She said no, and then I went up to the main house, and, um, I ran into valentin and — and — and spencer cassadine. Spencer had a couple drinks, and I tried to help him. If I asked spencer, would he corroborate? Yeah, if he remembers, but, uh, valentin was there. He would remember, and victor was there, too. And after you left finn, you went for a walk? That’s right. Did this walk happen to take you by the boathouse? I thought things were better with you and your dad. What changed? Nothing. Um… and that is the problem. He’s still the same nikolas cassadine. He’s out for himself, everyone else be damned. He hurt you, didn’t he? He opened my eyes, so I guess you could say he did me a favor? If you need to talk about it, you can. It’s not your problem anymore. I’m gonna go check on ava. I hate to see you suffer like this.

[ Door opens ] What are you doing?

Trina. I’m glad you’re here. Are you? I know how much you mean to ava. She means just as much to me. Are there any updates on who did this to her? No. Unfortunately, ava has her fair share of enemies. Finding our culprit will be difficult. But not impossible. No, of course not. You know, I just don’t get it. Why now? I’ve been asking myself the same question. And? To do something this vicious… it must have been someone who hates her very much. I’ll give you some privacy. Mr. Cassadine? It could also be someone who used to love her. Drew, look around. I mean, yeah, it’s the same kitchen. It’s the same refrigerator. It’s the same coffee maker. It’s the same griddle, yeah, okay. Only because I happened to get the house in the divorce. Of the things that defined me three years ago — my marriage to sonny, my kids, my friendship with jason, and my hotel — three of the four are gone. It’s just me and my kids, and thank god I have them, because if I didn’t, I — let’s not even go there.

[ Sighs ] The jason part was unavoidable because he died, and it was heartbreaking and shattering, but people aren’t guaranteed to be with you till the end of the ride. But my hotel, I gambled and I lost. My marriage to sonny ended because I’m — because the guy who came back from nixon falls wasn’t the same guy that you married. I told you that, didn’t I? Yeah, a couple times. And you were right. Dr. Rubin: I need you to understand that whatever happens next is entirely up to you. No one is forcing you into anything. But in my professional opinion, this is your best option not only to guarantee your freedom, but also your mental well-being. Um…

[ Laughs ] I thought this was a psychiatric exam. You ask me questions and I give you answers. What do you mean, option? I’m sorry. I thought you’d discussed this. Um, so, before he left town, martin suggested an alternative that, like dr. Rubin said, pretty much ensures your freedom. What is it? If you agree, we can ask the court to appoint brando as your guardian. I care very deeply for marty. You got a funny way of showing it. Okay, mr. Judgy judgerson. You did everything but bite victor’s gherkin. Oh! What you saw was a perfectly innocent exchange, and I can’t help it if you’re reading something untoward into it. What — what is that icky, little smirk? Uh, you’re a lot of things, lucy. “Perfectly innocent” not one of them. Neither is my father, for that matter. Well, whatever you saw or think you saw, my loyalty to marty has not wavered. If you say so. I do say so. Well, lucy, if you weren’t putting the moves on victor… I never would — I didn’t, and I don’t want to. …Then you were working him for information. In the espionage business, that’s called a honey trap. Which begs the question, what were you hoping to learn from victor? Much as I’d like to take credit for my son’s transformation, I’m afraid I had no part in it. How do you explain it, then? I don’t know. Perhaps… perhaps he’s just come to realize he’s not alone in the world. Valentin has family now. He’s always had family. Family he’s close to. You? Nothing means more to me. I mean, just look at spencer and nikolas awaiting word about poor ava. Families close ranks when the situation demands it, and the cassadines are no exception. Doubt our loyalty at your own peril. Is that a threat? Simply a statement of fact. I see.

Do you see, anna? Or is this friendly overture just for show? Look, when valentin left town, you two were barely on speaking terms. And now he’s returned, you’re this dynamic father-son duo, so you can’t really blame me for wondering why.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t remember. You don’t remember where you went walking?

[ Chuckles ] The quartermaine grounds are enormous. It was dark. Not to mention, I was upset. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. So, no, I can’t tell you my exact route. But you did or did not go by the boathouse? I don’t know! Finn: Hey, come on. Let’s be real. Can you account for every second last night? Can anyone? My job is to reconstruct the circumstances of ava’s attack. I need to know who was where when it occurred. Wait, you don’t think that i had something to do with this? Do we need a lawyer present, commissioner? I’m not accusing anyone. Are you sure about that? I don’t think we should say another word without an attorney here. I think it might be time for you to go, commissioner. Believe it or not, I’m on your side. My goal is to eliminate you from any possible suspicion. That’s why it would help if you could say definitively where you were at the time of the attack. I can help you with that.

Nikolas: Looks like you hit your head.

How did that happen? I don’t know. Well, what’s the last thing that you remember? I was at the stables with finn, and we had an — an argument, and now I’m here. You know, we’re not — we’re not that close to the stables. You — you really don’t remember walking here or how you got that scrape on your forehead? No. Spencer and I had just had a fight. That’s when you found us, remember?Mm-hmm. Why didn’t you say so? Because, at the time, we didn’t know what was happening. It’s only now, looking back, that the time makes sense, that that was right around the time that ava was… how is she? She’s stable. She hasn’t regained consciousness. She’s strong. She’s gonna pull through. I hope so. Any more questions, commissioner? I’m good for now. The account seems to tie up nicely. What do you mean, “seems to”?

[ Cellphone rings ] Just that I may need to speak with you again. Excuse me. Commissioner ashford. Okay, what was that all about? Guardianship? Only in A… like I’m a child who can’t take care of herself? Just the opposite, sasha. It demonstrates awareness of your mental health issues.

[ Scoffs ] Trusting someone — in this case, your husband — to help make important decisions will send a message to the judge. Not help make. Make for me. Hey, you know that I would never do that. Look — hey, this could lighten your sentence. It’d — the judge might even — he might even toss the punishment out altogether. Isn’t that what you want? Not like this! Brando, you cannot listen to these people. They’re wrong. Honey, I disagree.

[ Scoffs ] When did you stop believing in me? What makes you think I want something from your father? Are you saying you don’t? I just want you to exploit the attention that victor can’t wait to lavish on you. Just shake the tree a bit, see if any information about valentin comes loose. And what makes you so sure that I can get victor to let his guard down? Have you seen the way he looks at you? Trust me, you have all the… necessary assets to be my asset. Nope. Flattery is not gonna get you anywhere. Well, I hope for marty’s sake you’re wrong about that. I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you let me worry about victor, and you perhaps could consider what I told you, to think about sasha and her future at deception. What about martin? Oh, I am all in.

[ Door opens ] As I said, valentin now understands the value of family. As i said, he always has. Oh, well, yes. Of course. His bond with charlotte is unparalleled. How is she, charlotte? Oh, she’s wonderful. Just loving her time at boarding school. Why didn’t she come home for summer? Well, apparently, there was a — a state-of-the-art equestrian center was recently donated. Can’t tear herself away from the horses. Yes, she — apparently, she practically begged valentin to let her stay. How could he say no? Precisely. Well, I really should be getting back to the hospital to check on ava. I’m so happy we had this chat. So am I. So am I. Look, I’m the poster child for the stuff that you go through changes you, but it — it really does. Like, my experience definitely made me realize what truly, truly matters in life, and sonny’s experience clearly changed him. Well, that’s obvious. But what’s not so obvious is the person that got screwed in all of that, that’s you. Look, sonny came back, and he had different priorities, but I actually understand that. A bunch of my priorities when I got on that plane to afghanistan — not my priorities when I got home. I want to hear all about that. I really do. And I’ll tell you. But right now, I need to acknowledge, I need to point out and say out loud that you — you spent a big chunk of your life in a marriage that — it wasn’t always easy. In fact, one could argue that at times, it was just flat-out hard. One could, yeah. And you gave all of yourself. You gave everything, in the good times, in the bad times, and everything in between. And now…that’s gone. And that’s a big loss. Wow. I feel like that… I feel like I’ve been saying that, screaming it out loud, and no one could hear me, let alone see me. I see you. I don’t want to stay there. You know, it’s not something I want to hold onto, and that part of my life is gone. It’s just really nice… really nice to get credit for going through something, you know, and I just…

[ Sighs ] I actually got you a trophy.

[ Laughs ] Shut up. No, no, it’s in the car. I just gotta, like —

[ Laughs ] I gotta polish it up before i bring it in and give it to you. Drew? What? Thank you. You said that already. I know.

The good news is, I get to figure out who I am without those three core pieces of me. The bad news? I have to do that before I get into a relationship with you. Mm. Because what I really, really don’t want to do is make the mistake of rebounding again. Again? Not romantically. But I can see that while I really wanted to help and support you and michael…

[ Sighs ] …Jeopardizing my hotel by that investment, it was a knee-jerk reaction. You know, like, something awful happens to me, so I have to counteract it by doing something positive, so I made a really risky investment and I paid the price. You know, that’s life, I guess, so… question. Okay. If it had worked out… I would be happy. I would be really, really happy. Hmm. But it didn’T. And, you know, it’s not about the money. I mean, would the money have been nice? Sure. But that’s not the important part, you know? I can get over that. What I can’t get over is if I messed things up with you. Brando: I do believe in you. Clearly, that’s not true. Sasha, I know this is shocking and painful, but you did assault someone. There were extenuating circumstances. I’m sure there were. The fact remains, though, that you committed a crime. So that leaves you with two choices — conservatorship or prison. No. Brando: Sasha, I love you. I am only doing this to try and help you, to try and help us stay together. I could not stand it if they take you away. This helps us avoid that. By you being in charge of me? By showing the court that someone who cares about you will be responsible for your treatment. In charge of me. Do not think about it like that. But that’s what it would be! No, it’s not. Yes, that’s what it would be. You would make all the decisions — about small things, like the usage of my credit cards and my cellphone, but big things too. Where I go, when I go, who I go with. Is that honestly better than prison? Yes. And I think if you take a little time and really think about it, then you will actually agree. Where are you going? I need some air. Sasha. I wish I could do something. Make it so none of this ever happened.

[ Monitor beeping ] But we can’t go back in time, can we? If we could, there’s so many things that I would change, different things that I would choose. But do you know what I would do the exact same way? My friendship with you.

[ Crying ] I need you, ava. So can you please open your eyes and come back? Please? I don’t know how to do this without you. I don’t know what there is to tell you. You saw us together at the quartermaines’. Unless you’re suggesting that I’m keeping something from you. Aren’t you?

[ Cellphone chirps ]

[ Sighs ] I got a patient in the er that wants to see me. Go. Uh, we’ll talk about this when you’re done. Okay.

[ Door opens ] Why did you do that? Do what? Tell the truth? Only part of it. Nikolas, when you found me with this cut on my forehead, I had no idea how it happened or where I had been. And? Why didn’t you say so? How’s ava? Trina’s in with her. Oh, is that why you’re here? For trina? Why are you here? To wait for ava to wake up or to pray that she never does? I just spoke with a member of the quartermaine staff who was working the picnic. Oh, congratulations. She had something interesting to say about spencer. What about me? Where you were at the time someone tried to kill your stepmother.

Come on. We both know you didn’t attack ava. Someone did. Hold on. Are you implying that it was me? No. Why would you go out of your way to give me an alibi? Because I care about you. You know, we go way back, elizabeth. Yeah, let’s not talk about that. Okay. And also, I don’t want the pcpd wasting their time and energy on you when the real criminal is out there.

[ Sighs ] Everything okay? Yeah. How’s your patient? Good. Good. Alright, well…

[ Sighs ] I’m gonna go check on ava. You know, you can have a little empathy. Can’t you see how upset he is? With that guy, you see what he wants you to see. The question is, what does he want from you? You heard him. He just wants to help. Helping you or himself? I mean, honestly, why wouldn’t I want to be with you? I’ve been asking myself that same question. You’re handsome. You’re really funny. You’re kind and ridiculously sexy. Oh. I was kind of waiting for that last one. And we already established… effortless. Yeah, it is. You’re not gonna make this easy on me, are you? No. I can’t give in to you. Why not? Because I lost everything that, in my mind, identified me, and I hate it. And I don’t want to hide from it by turning to you. When I come to you, I want it to be for the right reasons. So it’s self-definition time, huh? Mm.

[ Sighs ] Yep.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh, god. I mean, who am i without sonny and jason? I mean, I don’t know. It’s been since I was 22 years old, when I met them, and I have grown up and changed so much since then, but with them by my side, so I-I… I have to try this on-my-own thing for a while. Well, I… I look forward to meeting her, whoever she turns out to be. Me too. But I don’t think that’s what’s really going on here. No, what I’m looking for specifically is the name of the benefactor that donated the equestrian center to the school. Yes. So if you can find that for me, that would be great. Thank you. As soon as possible. Hello? Lucy? Bye. No, wait. Come here. Wait. No, no, no. I don’t want to wait. I do not want to. Why not?

[ Sighs ] Because every time I talk to you, I seem to get into more trouble. Why? Has there been a development with victor? Oh, no, no. It’s just that valentin is now accusing me of throwing myself at his daddy. Well, then, obviously, you got his attention. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I got his attention. I got his eyeballs. I got his hands. And you — you promised me it wouldn’t go this far. I am not doing this to marty. You don’t have to do anything, but if you care about marty as much as you claim you do — that’s how this whole thing started. Of course I care about marty. Well, then just keep victor on a string, and I will keep marty off the government radar, as we promised. Fine. For how long? Until I am certain of what hold victor has over valentin. And I’m getting closer, alright? Oh, gee. Hurry up.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Are you seriously accusing my great-nephew of attacking his stepmother? Apparently, spencer was three sheets to the wind, getting sick in the bathroom at the time of the attack. Well, are you surprised? Facing 90 days in jail would drive anyone to drink, particularly if he was just looking out for a friend. I’d ask if you saw anything suspicious near the boathouse, but given your state, you wouldn’t be a reliable witness.

[ Chuckles ] Apparently, it runs in the family.

Everything you said sounds great, and — and you obviously believe it, and…some of it might even be true. Some of it? But there’s something else. There’s something underneath it that scares you. And I’m here to tell you… …you don’t have to be afraid of me.

[ Door closes ] It seems we’re not being as honest with each other as we claim to be. Are we, darling? Aren’t you the face of deception? Why, yes, I am. You want a selfie? Nikolas loves ava. He would never hurt her. Oh, I’m not accusing him. Oh, okay. So you’re accusing me. No. No. But something doesn’t add up. If nikolas always knew he could vouch for your whereabouts, why didn’t he just say that? But more to the point, why didn’t you? You know, I’ve had just about enough of your so-called investigation. If you’re not accusing my friends, you’re going after my son. Meanwhile, the person who actually tried to kill my wife is out there, roaming free. I don’t need him to defend him. No, no, no. Spencer, your father’s quite right. The police seem to be doing everything but catching the real culprit. Or maybe we’re closer than you think. You’re not alone, okay? Your family is right outside, even spencer, just waiting for you to wake up.

[ Monitors beeping loudly ]

[ Gasps ]

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