GH Short Recap Friday, January 27, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Ava is there to support Nina who is devastated that Willow doesn’t want anything to do with her. Ava makes Nina promise not to give up on Willow.

Martin gets taken to a safe house and has a romantic reunion with Lucy. Laura and Alexis are brought in on the plan thought up by Anna, Felicia, Robert, and Valentin to make Victor think Valentin is dead hoping that Victor will be so grief stricken he will confess to his crimes. Victor refuses to believe that Valentin died because the catacombs were flooded in Paris when the pipe burst and flooded the catacombs.

Willow decides to give birth early so that Terri can use the stem cells from the baby’s umbilical cord and placenta to cure her leukemia.

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GH Transcript Friday, January 27, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


why are you smiling? Did you know that when you sleep, your nose wrinkles just a little bit? It does not. No, it does. It does. It does. I like it. You’re being ridiculous. Yeah, maybe. Ridiculously happy. Good morning. Yeah, it is. Give me the latest. Have they determined the cause of the flooding? Pierre: A water main

underneath the building burst.

[ Sighs ] Well, I am perfectly aware the pipes are old, but it is inconceivable they should just happen to burst on the very night that valentin and anna come to retrieve my guest. Have they found my son?

Not yet, or ms. Devane or ms. Coe,

for that matter. You do realize that’s not the answer I was looking for? What’s the holdup? A section of the adjoining catacombs collapsed. The area is too unstable. I couldn’t care less how dangerous it is. I want a team down there right now looking for my son.

[ Button clicks ]

[ Sighs ]

I hope I wasn’t too much of a disappointment. I was wondering if you would like to join me for dinner. You actually were very, very good, and I was actually very impressed. But what about that belly and your beard? What about them? Mmm. You ready for another round?

[ Laughs ] Oop. My dear, sweet lucy, where are you?

[ Elevator bell dings ] You have been ignoring my calls, which I do not appreciate. What the hell — tell them I’ll pay triple the rate. Because my son might be trapped in those catacombs. He could be injured. Just find him. Alexis. Victor. Everything okay? Oh, just wonderful. Are you having breakfast with your daughters here? I’d love to see them. You never give up, do you? Well, family is worth every effort. Ah. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m here to see the mayor, not my children. Oh, well, that’s a pity. Will you excuse me? So, how’s everything going with nikolas? Oh, I assume you’re referring to my utter and total disappointment in my nephew? Fathering esme’s child is just… so unseemly? Yes. So I guess things are a little tense at wyndemere? Oh, they would be, but I’ve taken a suite here at the metro court. Not that that has anything to do with a conflict with nikolas. Oh, but why? Oh, I’d have thought my nephew would have told you. He’s handed spoon island over to ava as part of the divorce settlement. Oh, I completely forgot. Britt’s memorial is today, isn’t it? At general hospital? Yeah. We’re honoring her work as co-chief of staff. You know, I think she would really like it. Practicing medicine was really important to her. It showed. How are you holding up? I’m fine. You know, my job right now is to be strong for aunt liesl, and that’s what I’m going to do. I was referring to the willow situation. We haven’t had a chance to talk about that yet. I still can’t believe it. Willow is your daughter? A fact I would never know if that bitch carly had gotten her way.

[ Monitors beeping ] Hey. Morning. Is it morning? It’s always so hard to tell in here. Did you get any sleep? Uh, yeah, a few hours.

[ Inhales sharply ] Oh, I’m sorry. Did I hurt you? No, no, no. I don’t mind the pain. Just promise you won’t let go. I promise. When a cold comes on strong, knock it out with vicks dayquil severe. Just one dose starts to relieve 9 of your worst cold and flu symptoms. To help take you from 9 to none. Power through with vicks dayquil severe. What carly did was unconscionable. First it was nelle, now it’s willow. Mm, to be fair, though, carly didn’t know nelle was your daughter until after she had died. And that makes it okay? No, of course not, and I’m not defending her. Well, I should hope not, ava. Because there is no defense. Of course, saint carly will be forgiven because she was protecting willow from evil me, who no one would ever want as a mother. And now that I’m not a bone marrow match, there’s no foul, no harm. Nina — what? We know that that is what carly is going to say, ava. And everyone, people will buy it. You just wait and see, okay? But I’m going to tell you this. I don’t care if the whole world forgives carly. I’m not, ever. And I am not going to rest until that woman pays for what she did to me. It is so incredible being alone with you. Do you have any idea how hard it is to pretend that we’re just friends? Really? ‘Cause I thought it was easy. Oh, do you, now? Yeah, yeah. I mean, like, I would see you across the room and I would say, “oh, yeah, there’s drew. Whatever.” Okay, that’s how it is, huh?

[ Laughs ] Alright. You know I’m kidding. God. When I would see you across the room when we were at the quartermaines’ for christmas, you have no idea how bad I wanted to come across the room and just kiss you. Yeah? Yeah. Well, if you’re feeling the urge. Thank you… for sticking with me. You had every reason to bail. I’m just really glad you didn’T. I am, too. Any regrets? Except the fact that we can’t go public? Oh, gosh. No. It’s so frustrating, because the aurora-elq merger didn’t even happen, so I don’t know why there’s an issue with insider trading. Yeah. Well, I mean, that helps on some level, I guess, but somebody could still report it to the sec, and if that happens, then…

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Can we talk about something else? Yeah, please. You start. Okay. I love waking up with you. I love waking up with you. Anything else you like doing with me? Mm, I can think of a few things. Yeah? Tell me more. I’d rather show you. How are we doing in here? Willow’s in some pain. Is there any way we can up her meds? Michael, no. I don’t want that. You’re uncomfortable. If I have more, I’ll just want to sleep, and I refuse to waste… we’re — we’re ready to discuss treatment now that we know that nina isn’t a viable bone marrow match. The donor registry could still come through. Right, but we can’t count on that, though. I wouldn’t advise it. So what now? There is another option. Please, let’s hear it. As you know, when bone marrow is taken from a donor, stem cells are harvested, and your body can use those healthy stem cells to fight leukemia. But bone marrow isn’t the only source. You can also find stem cells in cord blood from the umbilical cord and placenta. If you’re talking about taking something away from the baby to help me, the answer is no. Willow, willow, if there is an option that can save both you and our daughter, please just hear the doctor out. I find it hard to believe that nikolas would give up wyndemere. Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps he felt he owed it to ava after sleeping with his son’s ex-girlfriend. Well, when you put it that way. It still seems really out of character for my nephew. I hope you’re happy. I don’t know, am I? You’ve gone too far this time. Too far! I’m sorry. What on earth are you talking about? I was just contacted by the paris authorities. Valentin is dead.

What did you just say? Valentin is dead? Laura: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. A portion of the paris catacombs collapsed last night. Oh, my god. How? Why? I guess they flooded when a water main broke. Rescue efforts are ongoing, but they have already recovered three bodies. Oh. Oh, my god. And one of them has been identified as valentin.

[ Exhales deeply ] What about — what about anna? Wasn’t she with him? Martin told me that he saw them leave ireland together, yes. So is one of the other bodies…? A woman, but not identified yet. I–I can’t believe — I can’t believe valentin is gone. I know. It’s horrible. It’s just horrible. All we can think about is charlotte. She’s going to be so completely devastated. Oh, my god, and robin… well, we don’t know about that yet. We don’t have confirmation on that. As bleak as it may look, there is still the possibility that anna survived somehow. Enough. Is the blindfold really necessary? Clearly, I’m cooperating. I think it’s best for all of us, you included, if you don’t know where we are. Well, mission accomplished.

[ Knocks rhythmically ] Okay. Come in. Come on. Come on. Get over here! It’s so good to see you safe. And breathing. Yes, well, there’s that. Good to see you, love. Thank you. Hello, can I please take this thing off? I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Marty, marty, marty, marty! Lucy! Oh, marty! Lucy! Oh! Oh! Oh, are you a sight for weary eyes or what? Okay, take it all in. Take it all in. And then kiss me this instant. If you insist. At last, this nightmare is over. Not quite. There’s still the small matter of my death. I want to stay right here forever. Is that too much to ask?

[ Chuckles ] I got to admit, hiding out sounds pretty damn perfect right now. Oh, yes. I don’t want to go back to the real world. You know? Where willow has cancer and wiley might lose his mom and michael — oh, michael. Michael. I promised michael that I would bring wiley to visit willow. I can’t believe he hasn’t texted me. Michael asked you to bring wiley? That’s promising that things are going to be okay between you two. Yeah. Yeah. I’m lucky michael has a big heart.

[ Cellphone rings ] Okay, it’s sonny. I think there’s probably news about nina. Hello? No. Are they sure?

[ Sighs ] Okay. Thanks for calling. Oh, my god. Nina’s not a match? No.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry. Oh, my god, willow is so sick. What if they don’t find a donor in time? I mean, I could strangle her for trying to keep my daughter away from me. I mean, who does she think she is? Nina, stop it. No! Ava, are you saying that I don’t have the right to hate her? Of course you do. But carly is not what’s important right now. I’m not gonna let it go. I’m not. I can’T. I can’t let it go. I know. Because it’s easier to be angry with carly than it is to feel the pain and fear of possibly losing another child, isn’t it? Nina, willow is your daughter and she’s sick. She’s very sick. I can’t save her, ava. I can’T. I won’t do anything to jeopardize our baby’s health. I understand. But the baby won’t be affected in any way other than being delivered by c-section a few weeks early. I know. I agreed to have the baby early to prepare for a marrow transplant. But I was never comfortable with it, and I’m still not. I’d prefer that our daughter be born when she’s ready. But I’ve consulted with dr. Navarro, and she’s confirmed that this late in the pregnancy, the risks to your baby are minimal. 99% of babies born at this stage not only survive, but thrive. And after the birth, when the umbilical cord and placenta are no longer serving a purpose, it’s possible to harvest stem cells from the blood. So what is the success rate of this type of transplant? Nothing’s 100%, but it’s the best chance we have. Because the stem cells would be coming from your baby, he only need about half the hla markers to match, which is less than bone marrow stem cells. That’s incredible. In my medical opinion, this is by far your best option. Will you give it a shot?

Do you know how many times I have imagined this? Not nearly as many as I have. Oh, how I have missed thee. Let you count the ways? I don’t think they have numbers that go that high. Oh, please, you two. Get a room, huh? Mm! Oh, robert. That’s an absolutely brilliant idea. Guess what? We actually have a room. Right this way, mr. Grey. Where you lead, I shall follow.

[ Laughing ] I think it’s sweet. Is there any reason that we needed to bring him here? It was vital. Yeah, otherwise, lucy would have driven us crazy. When you called this morning to say that you brought lucy back, I don’t remember the last time I was so relieved. And you, your life as a fugitive is over. Are we forgetting the fact that the pcpd happens to have a videotape of someone looking a lot like you putting a shot into lucy point blank. Okay, well, lucy’ll just say the shooter wasn’t anna. Charges dropped, right? I don’t know that I’m ready to reveal myself just yet. Not since we have gone to the trouble of trying to convince victor that valentin is dead. Look, any plan that puts him six feet under is fine with me. Yeah, I thought you’d like that. Oh, robert. Just stop. You know, you really need to think about this. There are people other than victor that will be very upset. What, that he’s croaked? Yes. Are you willing to have that on your conscience? Who contacted you, and why did they call you and not me? Laura: Because charlotte is valentin’s next of kin. Oh, poor charlotte. How do they know the body’s valentin? Oh, don’t pretend you care. Of course I care. He’s my son! Who you tried to control by threatening his little girl.

[ Sighs ] Charlotte was never in any danger. Oh, face it. You only value family when it works to your advantage! I need to make some calls. I’m just filled with regret — what we missed out on and what could have been. Will you stop talking in the past tense? Willow is not gone. There is still hope.

I was her hope. And now that I’m not a match — see, I was supposed to be the game changer. My bone marrow was supposed to save her life, and… and then she’d forgive me and she’d love me, and…

[ Voice breaking ] But she doesn’t want to be my daughter, ava. She — she doesn’t want anything to do with me. I’ve been there. I know how much that hurts.

[ Inhales shakily ] I can’t breathe. I just feel like the pain is going through my body with every heartbeat. Now I have to go to the hospital and say goodbye to my cousin when I know my daughter is there fighting for her life, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. The very worst part. I won’t survive losing her. I won’T. Oh… so what do you think?

[ Door opens ] Is now a good time? Oh, yeah, of course. Yeah, bring him in. Wiley? I’ll give you some time to consider your options. Okay. Mommy, mommy! Whoa! Incoming. Hi, sweet boy. Wiley, I’ll lift you up. Just remember to be careful, okay? Oh, forget careful. I want the biggest, strongest hug I can get get. I’ve missed you so much. I’ve missed you too.

I want to know exactlywhat the paris police know, and I mean down to the last detail. This — this is unacceptable. My son was never supposed to be harmed, and I want answers, and I want them immediately! Victor seemed really shaken up. Did he ever?

[ Chuckles ] Well done, madam mayor. You were very convincing. Yeah. This better work. Laura and alexis know the truth. We brought them in on it. But what about charlotte? I mean, you can’t be okay with letting her believe that you’re dead. There’s a plan in place. Laura knows exactly what to say to charlotte. And if everything has gone according to plan, then laura should have broken the news to victor about now. I’m sure that our illustrious mayor is spot on the target and will deliver on schedule.

[ Chuckles ] What? You know, sometimes I just can’t believe it. Little laura on the run from frank smith, holding the cassadines at bay with a machine gun. And here we are, the epitome of law and order. Look who’s talking, mr. District attorney. Yeah. My, how the mighty have fallen. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Lucky, you swear to me you’re alright? Mm-hmm? I’m fine. I’m okay. Victor’s goons, they didn’t hurt you, they didn’t touch you in any way? Mnh-mnh. Don’t I feel alright? You… you… you feel… you feel incredible. Still, still, it had to be awful, being victor’s prisoner. Okay, yeah. I mean, I did spend every minute of every hour of every day praying to get out of there, and I did manage to concoct a few escape plans. That’s my girl. I’ll bet you did. But actually, surprisingly, they treated me physically okay. Well, except for the part where I was chained in the basement. I mean, literally chained. I mean, chain chains. I think it was all part of that plan to get anna and valent– I swear to you, I could just kill that smug son of a bitch. I know. Mm. Okay, to tell you the truth, the worst part? The catacombs! I actually had to swim through the catacombs, and it was disgusting and icky. Okay, deep breath.

[ Breathes deeply ] That is all in the past, and I am back and I’m home safe with you. Yeah.

[ Laughs ] Yes, you are. And I thank god for that. But I’m not kidding — watching you get shot — that — that drone footage… I know. You know, rubber bullets, they are really not that rubbery. It’s not a joke. It’s not funny. But they hurt! That was one of the worst moments of my life. My poor baby. I am so sorry you had to go through all of this. Is it is just me, or does this not feel real? It’s real, and I know just how I can convince you it’s so. Oh, I’ll just bet you do.

[ Laughs ] You evil, evil —

[ Laughs ] Ava: Oh, nina. You have to hold on to hope. Is there any? Course there is. As long as willow is alive, so is the chance to reconcile. Well, if she beats this cancer, the possibilities of that are remote. Look at it this way. Your feelings changed as soon as you learned that willow is your daughter, yes? You immediately saw her in a different light. Yeah, but it wasn’t the case for willow, and she’s made that abundantly clear. Still early days, nina. I tried to remember the first time that I saw willow, and I don’t know if it might have been the park or the classroom when she was just ms. Tait and she was giving charlotte a hard time. I couldn’t stand her. Because you thought she was picking on your kid. Yeah. Turns out that she was my kid, too. It makes sense that we didn’t get along. She’s a lot like me, never running from a fight. Willow’s always been really strong. Now it’s your turn. Don’t let her push you away. What do you suggest that I do? You want me to force myself into her hospital room? That might be going a little bit too far. Ava, you’re a really good friend. No giving up. No giving up. That’s more like it. Cream cheese or butter? Both. You had cream cheese

and butter on your bagel? We cut it in half. Yeah. He had one of each. Oh, now, that’s smart, wiley. That way you don’t have to choose. When are you coming home? I’m not exactly sure. But listen, the second the doctors tell me that I can, I’m going to run all the way to the gatehouse. In your hospital gown? I have to. I’d like to see that. Yeah, me, too. Hey, wiley. Here. Let’s give mommy your card that you made her. For me?

[ Laughs ] Aww. Oh. [ Crying ] You didn’t make this. Yes, I did. I — this — these pictures are amazing. I mean, they must have been drawn by a professional artist. Mommy, I’m the artist. Well, um… thank you. Thank you so much. I love it. I am going to put it right here next to my pillow, so that way, it’s the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.

[ Door closes ] Thank you for bringing wiley. Seeing willow’s face light up when she saw him, you know, that’s everything. Yeah. It obviously means the world to her. Meant the world to me that you asked. Hope this means that we’re okay. We’re — we’re okay. Or at least we will be eventually. What did doctor randolph have to say? It was actually good news. There may be a way to save willow.

I was really relievedto get your call this morning, because I was starting to lose hope. Yes, I know. I was, too. But it is absolutely true, anna, valentin, and lucy, safe and back to the U.S. Good. Alright, so do you think valentin’s supposed death will survive and hold up under victor’s scrutiny? I think so, at least in the short term. And by the way, thank you for your help on that. Well, the invader will print the official story, that the french authorities say that valentin was caught in an underground flood in paris. He’s been declared dead. Excellent. Alright. I should get going. Britt westbourne’s memorial is going to start very soon. I’m so sorry. What happened to her, it’s really tragic. Yes, but she did die a hero. If only all of us could say the same. So we’re good? I got it from here. Thank you. Okay, I-I just — I have to tell you something. You know, it’s true what they say, when you think it’s over, your life flashes before your eyes. Must have taken a while.

[ Gasps, laughs ] No, I — hey! That’s not what I meant. Listen, you’re the definition of ageless beauty. No, I just was thinking that, you know, my lucy, there’s a woman who’s lived one heck of a life. She sure has. And, you know, I love that about you. You live. You live each day to the fullest and then some. Okay, you know what my last conscious thought was before I hit that water? No. I just thought I didn’t want it to be over. And you have a lot to do with that, you know? Do I? I just — I just feel like I have so much I want to do and so much life left to live, and I would kind of like it if you would do it with me, be by my side? Thank you for coming back to me. Anytime. I mean it. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’T. Well, you know I would never, ever let victor cassadine get the best to me. Never. Thank you. Have you heard from holly? No, but I don’t expect to, at least not till she finds ethan. And then what about those pieces of the ice princess that victor was looking for? Victor thinks that that was destroyed in the explosion. Oh, god. It’s happening, robert. We are getting closer and closer to victor paying for what he did to luke. Yeah. It’s good to have the gang back together, isn’t it? Oh, yeah. Am I part of the gang? You did okay in paris. Managed to not slow anna down. That’s high praise. How about this? As long as anna trusts you, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but the second you step out of line… message received. Michael, this is incredible. It’s the answer we’ve been waiting for. I wouldn’t get too excited. Willow hasn’t agreed to it yet. Why wouldn’t she? You’ve seen how protective she is over the baby. I’m just afraid she’s gonna say no. Oh, come on, michael. That’s insane. We have to convince her to do this. I’ll do my best, mom, but ultimately, it’s willow’s decision.

[ Sighs ] Okay, baby, it’s time to come out. We’re ready for you. Wiley’s right. It’s time. Really? We’d better call dr. Navarro. We’re having a baby. Yay!

[ Crying ] I love you. I love you, too. You excited? Yeah? [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Victor, I’m sorry to intrude. Have you been able to find out anything? Ah, not yet. It’s absolutely unfathomable that valentin is gone. We got off to a rocky start, but we ended up in a good place. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for your loss. Oh, don’t be. Screw these reports. I refuse to accept my son’s dead. Thank you, laura. I will pass along that update. Talk to you soon. What? Victor bought it. Oh.

[ Gasps ] Oh, that’s great. We finally have him off balance. Yeah. So what’s the next part of the plan? We exploit victor’s guilt. Maybe he will admit to something in his grief-stricken state. Ramp up the pressure? Big time. Yeah. Ideas? Don’t worry. I have plenty. Carly, hey. Hey. What is it? Did willow have a setback? No. I mean, it’s just the opposite. I think willow’s gonna be okay. Really? Really. That’s incredible. It’s incredible! I want nikolas out of wyndemere by tomorrow.

[ Chuckles ] No, no, no. This is not a negotiation, demetrius. The house is mine. I want him out. Good. No, no, I don’t — I don’t plan on moving in right away. I’m — I’m needed here, for the time being. I’ll have dr. Randolph paged right away. Thank you. Do you have any apple juice? Wiley. Sorry about that. It’s no problem. You know what? I think we can scrounge up some juice. What does “scrounge” mean? Well, come on, let’s find out.

[ Door opens, closes ] So you really mean it? You’ll go through with the cord blood transplant? Yes. I’m going to trust the doctors that our daughter won’t be hurt. She won’T. She won’T. She’s strong, just like her mother. I can’t wait to meet her. Neither can I. And someday, we get to tell her how she saved her mother’s life.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, January 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Cody overheard a conversation between Selina Wu and Gladys where she tells Mrs. Wu that she will give her Brando’s garage to help pay the $ 175,000 she owes her. Cody suspects Gladys is Sasha ‘s mother-in-law but he gets confirmation when he asks Mrs. Wu Gladys’ last name.

Trina tells Spencer that she doesn’t think he is emotionally ready to raise a child, but she will support his decision because they are friends.

Nikolas tells Ava he loves her and someday when she finds out how much he has sacrificed for their love they will get remarried and be happy. Ava tells Nicolas that she almost fell for his lies but that will never happen again. Ava gives Nikolas back the wedding ring he gave her.

Drew and Carly talk and he tells her he forgives her but they must be honest with each other from now on if they want their relationship to last. Drew and Carly go back to her house and have sex. Nina and Willow are devastated because Nina isn’t a bone marrow match but Michael assures Willow that they will find a match for her.

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GH Transcript Thursday, January 26, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Nina: This looks great. Sonny: Yeah. Thank you. You got to eat. Right. Okay. Let’s see. I little of this.

[ Chuckles ] You know, sonny, I’m sorry. It’s just — it’s — it’s no use because I just — I can’t sit here waiting for the results of my blood work. Not when my daughter’s life depends on me. Nina. I can’t believe I just said that. Nina. It’s all gonna work out. Yeah. I really love you for trying to distract me, but I need to get to the hospital, and I need to go now, okay?

[ Knock on door ] Hey. Hey. She went in the back, so she’s gonna come out. Hi! What are you doing here? Someone told me you can use a friend.

[ Monitor beeping ] Need something else to read? The good news is pashminas are still on trend for 2023. So all is right with the world.

[ Sighs ] Talk to me. This waiting is torture. I’m scared. I’m scared, too. Oh, hold that elevator! Dad? What are you doing here? N’neka, add mr. Bell’s drink to my tab. Generous. You were very effective in the game tonight. That’s what you pay me for. Money well spent. I wasn’t sure you would show, given recent events. My condolences. Now, why would the murder of my almost-girlfriend keep me from fulfilling my obligations? Shall we grab a table? What’s up? I warned cody about that woman. Why do you care what happens to cody? Please don’t ruin the moment. I’m unwinding from the day. What do you want? I’m here because of what you want. The divorce settlement agreement. Congratulations, ava, on getting everything you asked for and I’m losing the only thing that I treasure. Your father may not be the best option to raise the baby, but he’s the only option. Not necessarily. What? What about me?

[ Scoffs ]

[ Chuckles ] I mean, w-what about you? I’m sure you’ll be a good father someday in the far-off future. What if the future wasn’t so distant? You’re saying your father may not be able to raise the baby? I plan on making sure of it. I’m going for custody, trina. I just came to check on wiley. Ah, well, you, um — you just missed him. He went up to the main house with olivia for a sleepover with leo. Oh, that’s great. Yeah. Perfect distraction for him. I just stuck around to, um, lock up. Oh, um…okay. I’ll leave you to it. Hey, carly. Don’t go.

Did sonny tell you? Sonny was kind enough to invite me over, but it was willow who told me. What did she say about me? It’s okay. You don’t have to spare my feelings. Willow is reeling, same as you. I think you’re both struggling to reconcile your history with the news that you’re mother and daughter. You know what? You guys talk ’cause I-I gotta make a phone call. Okay. Let me take your coat. Thanks. Are you hungry? Do, um — do you want something? Sonny’s been taking really good care of me. Oh, looks delicious. Hey, was I keeping you from leaving? It looked like you were going somewhere. Yeah, I was just gonna — I was going to G.H. Because I had a blood test to determine if I was a bone-marrow match with willow. And there’s an outside chance that the lab will have the results in tonight. And the odds are really good that you’re a match, right? A sibling is the best match, but nelle is…gone. Well, let’s hope that you’re a match. I don’t even want to think about what will happen… if I’m not. Dad, just promise me one thing. Hmm. Be nice. I’m always nice. Be nicer.

[ Sighs ] You gave me what I asked for? Spoon island and everything on it? Including wyndemere and all the contents in it. You left me with nothing, ava. Not even my pride. Well, welcome to my world. The whole city knows you knocked up a girl who can’t even legally drink this martini. They didn’t have to know. That wasn’t my plan. It’s never your fault, is it? You’ve lost your son, your wife, your house. Still the excuses. I’m owning my mistakes. Witness that document in front of you. I gave you everything without a fight. It’s easier to own your mistakes when your hand is being forced, isn’t it? My god, you’re so weak. I can’t believe there was a time I didn’t see it. You saw me, ava. And you loved me regardless. Just like I saw you. We beat the odds again and again. After everything we survived, can you really say that the love is gone? You’re gonna try to get full custody of your baby sister or brother? What — what about your father? What about esme? I’m not worried about esme. She’s not fit to parent a child. She doesn’t even know who she is. Yeah, but she might remember.And that would be even worse. Let’s not pretend that either of this baby’s parents are moral, upstanding citizens. They’re far from it.

[ Scoffs ] Some might say the same of you. My father has a proven history of selfishness, immorality, and neglect. Diane miller thinks that I may have a chance. Sounds like you already got your mind made up. I want to do whatever it takes to protect this baby. You’re looking at them again. I know you, mac scorpio. You care about cody. He’s dominique’s son. She’d want me to look after him, whether he was mine or not. You can’t kid a kidder. Oh, mac, you’re such a good man. There’s always room in your heart for more. And I’m not just talking about robin and the girls. But all those rookies that you took under your wing on the force, giving them guidance and counsel. I know how much dante appreciates your mentorship. Cody might, too. Cody’s made it clear that he’s not interested in that. I just want to make sure that he doesn’t get mixed up with the wrong people. And selina wu is definitely the wrong people. I know you weren’t a fan of britt. Dr. Westbourne and i came to an understanding. My nephew’s quite devastated by her loss, as I’d imagine are you. I have sympathy for those grieving. Yeah, bet you’re all choked up. People express emotions many different ways, much like you’re doing now. If you’ll excuse me. Ah. If it isn’t my old friend gladys. So, did wiley ask about his mom? Yeah, there — there were some questions. You know, it was kind of tricky, to be honest. I didn’t want to say more than willow and michael wanted me to share. He’s a smart kid. Did the best I could. Yeah. I’m sure you did great. It’s a fine line, you know? I-it’s tough to know what to tell him at this age. Hmm. It’s a delicate balance, for sure. Yeah. Ultimately, honesty is the way to go. I really thought I was protecting willow. Truly. And look, I know that nina and sonny are determined to believe that this was all about revenge on nina. I don’t think that, carly. I know you came to my defense earlier with sonny. But other than that, you’ve been really quiet on the subject. What do you think?

If anyone knows what an incredible lawyer diane is, it’s me, right? Sure. But your dad has plenty of resources. He’s not giving up custody of his child without a fight. I know. I’m well aware. But I have a secret weapon. Which is…? Ava agrees with me, and she’s going to help. Pause.

[ Scoffs ] You’re telling me ava supports this? Yeah. For the first time, ava and i are actually in agreement that neither my father or esme are fit to parent this child. Oh, that’S…really something. Are you surprised because we agree or because you don’t agree, that is? I mean, it’s not really my place to weigh in. But it is because I’m asking you because I’m curious about what your thoughts are, and your opinion matters to me, trina. Okay. Since you asked… I don’t think you’re ready to be a father. Cody, how’s it going? Mac, felicia. Date night? No, just unwinding. Sorry to hear about britt. How you doing? I’m hanging in…now. Thanks. It’s strange having people ask me how I’m doing. [ Laughs ] Britt and I really didn’t know each other that long. That doesn’t mean you didn’t care about her. I did. And I want to thank you. For what? This lovely lady right here. You sent her to tell me. I thought it might soften the blow. Well, you thought right, and I appreciate it. Hearing you lost someone is hard. Living with it is even harder. I know I should have come to see you immediately after the game, but I had to run to the restroom to, um, collect myself. Tough night, huh? Win some, lose some. Seems you’re losing more and more. And it’s time to cover your debt. I feel like the rug keeps getting pulled out from underneath me. First I had to let go of the idea of you as my daughter. Thank god now you’re my friend. Then I found out that nelle was my daughter after she died. And willow, she’s my child. And it might be too late to have a relationship with her. Don’t say that it’s too late. She hates me.

[ Glass clinks ] Willow is alive, and so are you. It is not too late. Show up for her the way that you showed up for me. Be there and show her the nina that I came to love. And no matter how long or short the time that we have together, it’s precious. And it’s so, so worth it. I want that with all of my heart. But willow has made it very, very clear that she doesn’T. Both she and michael seem hell-bent on punishing me. And sonny.

[ Monitor beeping ] I hope you like them. Ned: We won’t stay long. I’m sure you’ve had lots of visitors. Everyone has been incredibly kind. Chase and sasha stopped by earlier. Sorry. For what? Anyone want anything from the cafeteria? I’ll join you. Boy, you can sure clear out a room, can’t ya?

[ Laughs ] I’m sorry. I did not mean to bring up a sore subject. It’s fine. How are you coping with the breakup? Great. Mostly. Ned, just want to say thank you for coming. It meant a lot to willow. We love willow. You know that. But I didn’t come here just for her. Carly, you — you already explained y-you were trying to protect willow. You didn’t think that she would want to know that nina was her mother. But it wasn’t my secret to keep. And I regret that. And I told michael and willow how sorry I am. Well, that’s good. It’s so important to make amends. But there’s another apology that I owe, and that’s to you. And — and I should have said it sooner. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that I went behind your back and that I lied to you because the last thing I want is for you not to trust me. Thank you. I mean, if the circumstances were different and willow’s life wasn’t on the line, I-I don’t know if I would regret keeping the truth from nina. I mean, I’m still processing all the pain that she caused my family, especially michael and willow. I never thought that you were obligated to tell nina. You know, that was always willow’s call to make. And I see that now. And I’m so grateful that willow has forgiven me. I’m just wondering, hoping… can you?

And michael may still want to take me down, but she — she did ask me if I would reconcile with — with michael. What? Yeah. You didn’t tell me that. Well, I did– there was a lot going on in a couple of days, you know, so — but I think the situation has motivated her to encourage amends.

[ Chuckles ] How about that? If willow feels that michael and sonny can let go of their past and reconnect, then there’s hope that she would do the same with you. Yeah. Do you think? Maybe things are falling into perspective for her. Yeah, especially if I can give her the bone marrow that she needs. I just — I want to show willow that I will do anything for her. Of course you will.

[ Cellphone rings ] Just give me one second. It’s the lab. It’s — it’s the lab. Alright. Nina reeves. Thank you for getting back to me. Chase and I are in a better place these days. That’s good to know. Even if it’s not what I asked. How do you feel? Only you would be in a hospital bed asking how someone else is doing. Chase is a hard man to forget. Impossible. What do I do? Should I hold out hope or just try to move on? So much of my life these days is about holding out for hope. Keeping the faith. Believing that the impossible is possible. My situation is different. Chase and I, our relationship is not life or death. Feels that way, though, doesn’t it? If you can’t picture your life without chase, don’t give up. Miracles happen every day. I know things are tense between us, and I don’t like being at odds with you, michael. Yeah, ned, none of that matters now. Agreed. What’s important is seeing you and willow through this, which is why I’m here. Because no matter what happens in business, we are, first, foremost, and forever family. Why don’t you join mac and me? I really should be hitting the hay. It was a long night. Yeah. So what have you been doing these days? Keeping busy, huh? This and that. Anything to keep my mind off of…you know. Maxie organized tomorrow’s memorial for britt. Will we see you there? I know my assets aren’t very liquid at the moment, but — but if you stake me again, I will break this losing streak. You’ve exhausted your line of credit. You owe the house $175,000. 175 grand? A-are you sure? Very sure. I’ve got an mba in finance. Really? When can I expect payment? I hold our love in the same esteem you held my dignity. Everything in order? Seems so. What’s the catch? There’s no catch. I just want to do right by you. No counter? Nothing you want from me? Just one thing. Of course. And what is that? I need you to listen. You’re forgetting… I owe you nothing. You owe me. I grant you that. But since you seem to prefer to go through my uncle victor as an intermediary these days, this might be the one last time I get to speak to you directly. Well, unless you can tell me that you didn’t sleep with esme and elizabeth, there really isn’t much to talk about. Things aren’t exactly as they seem. Spencer, I-I don’t think you’re really equipped for this. Financially, maybe, but emotionally? Raising a child takes an insane amount of responsibility, more than we can imagine. Yeah, my uncle sonny said something similar, but how am I supposed to become a more responsible person without first taking on more responsibility? You’d be learning at the expense of the baby. Trina, that is literally how all first-time parents learn. Have you thought about what this will do to your social life? You’re still young, spencer. Being an insta-father will affect your friendships and put a definite crimp in your future relationship. Are you saying that people won’t want to be my friend or be my girlfriend if I’m raising a baby? I’m not saying it’s one way or the other. Some might. Well, what about you? Would you want to be with a man who’s raising a baby?

You consider beingwith a man who’s raising a baby? I mean, well, I-I wouldn’t know the answer to that. I would have to…be in the situation. Fine. But what about the situation that you’re in with me? Is me going after custody of this child going to impact whatever is going on between us? What do you mean “whatever is going on between us”? I just mean that everything, what we’ve been doing with trying to, um, catch the killer by pretending to be friends, potentially even more. I mean, it worked. Didn’t it? Esme showed up and now she’s locked away. I mean, she may not be the killer. But what are we doing, though? Are we playing the game, or is the game playing us? I-I-I don’t really know what you’re asking. Be real, trina. We’re hanging out. There’s no cameras around. We text each other constantly. But we don’t publicize it. It’s a lot of behind-the-scenes effort for pretense, don’t you think? Okay. It may not just be play-acting for me. I, uh — I haven’t decided yet about the memorial. Well, it might be helpful for c-closure. Yeah, I’m not sure I really believe in closure. Felicia only means that facing what you’re really feeling can sometimes set you free. And sometimes just reminds you of all the ways you screwed up. You guys have a nice evening. I don’t have that kind of cash on hand. Then we have a problem. Oh, I know, I know. I-instead of cash, you can take my son’s garage. Are you the owner of the property? Depends on what you mean by “owner.” Everybody makes mistakes, carly. Not you. You’re damn near perfect. I make mistakes all the time. I used to blow through town with a chip on my shoulder. All anybody can hope for is — is forgiveness and — and the chance to make things right. That’s all I want. I just want to make this right somehow. Well, you did the right thing by telling nina, by urging her to get tested. Maybe that’ll make the difference. I pray it does. But what about us? Where do we stand? I can’t do this again, carly. I know I seem like I’m an easygoing guy, but I — I’ve got limits. Right. I understand. And I’m really sorry. In the future, we — we can’t lie to each other anymore. You said “future.” I want one. With you. I can’t promise that it’s gonna be easy. I’m willing to try if you are. I’m ready. I’m willing and able. Will you come home with me?

Cally, the garage belongsto my daughter-in-law, but — but we’re in the process of selling it, so I’ll just cut out the middleman and sign it over to you. I mean, sonny says it’s worth a pretty penny. And your daughter-in-law will consent to this? Oh, yeah. I-I-I have the power to make these decisions for her. I wound up having a nervous breakdown on live television. I’m guessing that’s where the guardianship came in. Yeah. Originally, it was brando. But when he died, his mother, gladys, took over. Wait, your — your mother-in-law’s name is gladys? Why? Well, it’s just, I-I know a woman named gladys, but she’s — she’s probably not your mother-in-law, though. You would know if you met her. She’s pretty memorable. Gladys: My daughter-in-law will be fine with this, especially once I win it back. Do we have a deal? Sorry. I didn’t mean to disrupt your visit with brook lynn, but I thought…you’d want to know tonight. Know what, nina? The lab called me. The results of my blood work are in. And? It’s not a match. Despite our familial dna, I-I don’t have the right markers to be your donor. I’m so sorry. I thought I would be able to end this nightmare for you. I’m not sure anyone can.

[ Monitor beeping ] We — we go through all of that a-and nina is not even a match? Hey, we can’t give up hope. I’m sorry, buddy. It’s gonna be fine. I know. I hurt you. I betrayed our trust. I dishonored our marriage. I’m gonna have to live with that. But one day, you are gonna realize that our marriage was undermined by outside sources. Sources whose names both begin with the letter “e”. You’ve got it wrong. And once the truth is known, I feel confident that you’re gonna see things differently. What do you mean? All I can say is that there’s more to this story. Now, I know I haven’t given you any reason to believe me, but I loved you, ava. And I still do. With all my heart. So you take everything that I have. And one day… all those possessions that I’ve granted you, they’re gonna be ours again. And we’re gonna be married and living in wyndemere, and we’re gonna be in love, in lust and happy. How can you be sure? Because our story isn’t over. One day you’re gonna realize all of the sacrifices I made for what we had. And when that day comes, I’ll be waiting for you. Trina: For the last few weeks, I started to see you in a certain light. Same here. Why didn’t you say anything? Because you burned me. I’m a little sensitive. Fair enough. Um… I hope that you know that — I hope that you know that I’m never going to hurt you again, trina. I do. Which is why I told my mom how I really feel about you. You did? And how’d she take it?

[ Chuckles ] She was concerned, but I-I told her that you’ve grown up. You changed. You think so? That’s very nice of you to have noticed. I do. And I told my mom that I can make my own choices when it comes to you, that you’re my friend. And she doesn’t have a decision on the matter. So we don’t have to pretend anymore. Or — or hide our friendship. Friends. Yeah. And I know I said we weren’t friends, and I-I was just — I was just really hurt. But so much has changed, and you’ve really been there for me. Trusting and steadfast. Like a golden retriever. Not quite. Dogs are obedient. Um… anyway, I just — I really hope that you feel the same way. You have no idea.

[ Sighs ] I have wanted this for months. Me too. Part of me wanted to guard my heart. You know, play it safe. So I didn’t risk the pain of losing you. But then the wiser part of me knew that I couldn’t waste this chance. I know you, carly. You’re not afraid to take a chance. Neither am I.

I really hope that me going after custody of this baby doesn’t change things between us. By that I mean joss and cam and me and you. Me too. Would you please do me a favor and keep everything that I told you here today confidential? I think that diane wants me to keep this quiet for right now. Of course. So you’re determined to do this. With or without anyone’s approval. But it would mean the world to me if I had your support.

[ Sighs ] Well… you know I have my reservations about you taking on this level of responsibility, but… I’m really, really proud of you for stepping up. Thanks. You haven’t seen anything yet, but you will. I’m not like my father. When I make a commitment to someone, I…I stick to it. And I’m ready to do just that.

You can let my one light be my one light habit you can let my one light be my one light habit and it grows, yeah, it grows higher, can’t fight it when it grows, yeah, it grows higher, can’t fight it can’t fight it can’t fight it can’t fight it can’t fight it willow was in such good spirits. I mean, we were teasing each other like always and now this. It’s more than one person should have to bear. I just hate that devastating things keep happening to all the good people in my life.

[ Sniffles ] Willow has so much to live for. She has so many people who love and support her. Chase has to be updated. It’s gonna kill him to hear. Both: I should call him. That, uh, woman you were just talking to right now, the one I took to the cleaners tonight, what’s her last name? Why do you ask? Well, I think gladys and I might have a mutual acquaintance. And if so, I’d like to keep my distance. Corbin. Gladys corbin. She’s also involved with deception. So it would seem. For a minute there, you almost had me. I almost believed you. I nearly fell for your lies again. But believe me when I tell you, I will never let that happen again.

[ Monitor beeping ] You heard? I heard. That’s it. Michael, we’re out of options. Come here. You’re wrong. We can do this. We can find you a donor. How?

[ Siren wailing in distance ] Damn it. Damn it! Damn it! Hey, hey. Damn it!! What do you need? Tell me what you need.

[ Sobs ] Sonny. What do you need? I won’t — I won’t survive losing another child. I won’T.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, January 25, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Grandmother. Hello. Spencer, trina, hi. Nice to see you, mayor collins. So nice to see you, too. Yeah. Listen, kids. Um… I think cameron really needs some friends tonight. Oh, no worries, grandmother. Trina and I will look after cam, make sure he’s okay. Thank you. Good to see you both.

[ Sighs ] Do you know what’s going on with cam? Joss stabbed him in the back. Josslyn: I hurt you, cam. And now you want to hurt me. Maybe I deserve that. But that doesn’t change the fact that if sonny finds out that dex and I slept together, he could turn on dex. He might have him killed. You really believe I’m gonna go on the internet, tell everyone that my girlfriend left me for some stupid criminal? No, your secret’s safe with me. Thank you. Don’t you dare thank me for being a better person than you are. Unlike you, I don’t betray the people that I care about.

[ Knock on door ] Hey. Hey. I got your message. What’s wrong? I screwed up. Whew!

[ Panting ] Wow! You’ve been lifting weights, bud? No.

[ Grunting ]

[ Strained ] Then you’ve been definitely eating spinach. Oh! How did that just happen? I’m strong! Yeah, you are. I demand a do-over. I wanna tell grandma. Can I?

[ Exhales sharply ] I think I’m gonna like us. A lot. I already do.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I’m perfectly aware the accommodations are not as luxurious as our guest would wish, but they’ll have to do for the time being. Yeah, and keep me apprised of any developments. She might just be my best hope for bringing my son back to me. Lucy! Lucy, can you hear us? It’s anna and valentin.

[ Muffled talking ] What?

[ Muffled talking ] Yeah? Lucy, nod your head yes or no. Are you hurt?

[ Muffled shouting ] O-okay. Okay. Look, w-we’re coming to get you.

[ Breathing heavily ] Victor…

You can tell grandma about your epic win later. Right now, it’s time for bed.

[ Knock on door ] I wonder who that could be. Annabelle.

[ Laughs ] Last I checked, dogs don’t knock, bud. Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Hi, mama q! Oh! Honey, I told you. It’s auntie olivia, eh? Cody says it’s mama Q.

[ Laughs ] Is annabelle with you? No, annabelle’s sleeping ’cause she’s all tired out from playing with you. Well, speaking of being tired out and time for bed, you got to get to bed. It’s pj time, man. Well, that’s actually why I’m here. ‘Cause wiley is officially invited for a slumber party up at the main house. What? What do you think? How does that sound, buddy? Yeah!

[ Laughs ] Goody. So go pick out your favorite pjs and two toys. Only two? I know. It’s gonna be hard to narrow it down. So you’d better get up there and get started. Oh! Cutest kid ever. Yeah. Other than leo, of course. Of course. Of course. Of course. And that’s very sweet of you to invite him up to the main house. Well, I figured you guys could use a little break. I mean, y-you’re doing a pretty good job of, uh, keeping your feelings from wiley, but I can tell you’re really worried about willow. Mm. Yeah, well, aren’t we all? And, yeah, I’ve — I’ve definitely gotten closer with willow and with michael this past year. It’s just — she’s just — she’s — she’s so incredible. She’s such an incredible woman. It kills me that she’s going through this right now. At least now there’s hope for a donor, right? I assume that you know that nina is willow’s mother. I do. But how do you know?

[ Laughs ] Drew, how long have you been with the quartermaines? Yeah, I guess news travels faster than the speed of light in this family. Yeah. Yeah, whatever my feelings are for nina, and — and — and there are a lot

[Sighs] I just hope that she’s a good match and I hope that willow’s gonna be okay. You know, she could be okay already, you know. Look, willow could already have her bone marrow transplant. She could be on her way to recovery if — if what? Drew? What are you not telling me? And why do I get the distinct impression that it has something to do with carly? Carly: Hey. What happened? I’m sorry that I didn’t see you when I was at the hospital. Um…[Sniffles] How’s willow? She was asleep when I was there. She’s the same. Just… waiting to see if nina’s a bone marrow match. I should have stayed.

[ Breathes deeply ] There was just so much going on. What’s going on? What is going on with you? You didn’t give me a lot of detail on the message you left. I hurt cam all over again. I lost him as a friend.

[ Voice breaking ] We’ve known each other forever. And I blew it.

[ Breathes sharply ] Now, why do you say that? Cam came over here tonight. And I wasn’t alone. Okay, you need to explain this to me. What do you mean joss stabbed cam in the back? Spencer: I can’t believe that your best friend didn’t tell you. Tell me what? What’s going on? I’m sorry. You really don’t know? I kept my mouth shut for once. About what? If something’s gone wrong between you and joss, I need to know. You want to tell her, or should I? Martin: Well, looky here. Must be my lucky day. How is it the two most attractive ladies in the room should pay attention to little old me?

[ Laughs ] Well, kevin is working late, and charlotte and I decided to have a girls’ night out. Right? Would you like to join us? You know something, charlotte? It’s official. You are as well-mannered as you are beautiful. But I would never intrude on a girls’ night out. Hey, uh, what do you say you wash up before dinner? Okay. Okay, hon. Think about having dinner with us, uncle martin. You look like you could use a friend.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Out of the mouths of babes. Mm. She’s very observant. And she’s right. You should have dinner with us. I mean, if nothing else, we’ll provide a distraction. I want frequent updates and a speedy resolution. Oh, hold it right there, granddaughter. Enjoy your girls’ night out. I have no need or reason to subject my brand-new niece to a serious case of low spirits. Martin, you’ve got to have faith. I believe that anna and valentin are going to find lucy and bring her home. Yeah. And amen to that. Truth be told, I was sitting here stewing about how I could tip things in their favor. Speaking of, have you ever pondered what was said at pentonville? We had that little tte–tte with our dear incarcerated brother. You mean when he suggested that we work together to bring victor down? You’re not actually considering that, are you? I know the way in. Follow me. Wait, wait, wait. There’s a door right there. Is — is that the only entrance?

Oui. Yeah, but it’s gonna be guarded, obviously. You sure there’s no other point of entry? Oh, I think we’re looking at one. What? These joints are so rusted, I think we can yank this grate right off. Okay. T

Carly knew that nina was willow’s mother. She’s known since harmony died, and she didn’t say anything. She what?!

[ Stammers ] Carly believed that she was protecting willow. And as soon as she found out that willow was sick, she did tell the truth.

[ Sighs ] But in the meantime, she kept that information from everyone. Including you. And… that wasn’t the only lie. She was so determined… to make sure the truth didn’t come out, she actively sabotaged my search for willow’s birth family. How did you find out about all of this? Well, c-carly confessed once I told her that willow had leukemia.

[ Sighing ] Oh, wow. Okay. You’re dealing with some very heavy stuff here, drew. You know what? Willow collapsing, willow being rushed to the hospital, that’s heavy stuff. We got to — we got to show up for her, and — and — and that’s all that matters right now. Of course that’s what matters most, but — but… your relationship with carly, it matters, too. You think that your “friendship” can survive this? I talked to michael a little bit, um, but he was totally focused on willow, of course.

[ Sniffles ] And I was just sitting around the hospital, and I didn’t want to run into sonny or nina. And then dex showed up. And we rode in the elevator together, and I brought him back here. And it really helped… …to talk to him and… …to be with him. And, uh, we decided to order food. Dex was only in his pants. I wasn’t in much more. And when we went to answer the door, it was cam.

[ Sobs ] The look on his face.

[ Sighs ] Mm. Hey. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. So am I. I’m not sorry that I was with dex. But I’m so sorry that I hurt cam like that. Trina: Joss broke up with you on new year’S. And I’m just hearing about this now? Why didn’t she tell me? I don’t know. Maybe she was embarrassed. Embarrassed? I’d be embarrassed to break up with cam. But why did she break up with you in the first place? She said that we grew apart. Yeah, allegedly. You don’t believe her? I already told cam that I think that there’s more going on than josslyn’s lame reason. And judging by the look on his face, I’d say that I’m probably right. You know as well as I do that cyrus’s good intentions also come with an agenda. I guess. You’re right. Don’t worry, I’m not seriously considering working with cyrus. But I did bump into victor earlier when I was… at the hospital.

[ Sighs ] It was a rather harsh and in-your-face reminder that he’s the real reason I’m not sitting here having dinner with lucy tonight. Okay, I believe that anna and valentin are going to bring lucy home. I promise you. How are you in a position to promise me that?

[ Sighs ] Well, valentin sent me a message on christmas. Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Did he — did he say anything about lucy? No, he didn’T. He didn’T. But he did say that things were going well and that they’re making headway. Yeah, headway. Headway. What the hell does that mean? Headway. You and I both know the longer it takes the two of them to find lucy, the worse her chances are of survival. I’ll tell you what, I am sick and tired of sitting around. Putting my eggs in alternate baskets. I think I found myself another way to get to mr. Victor cassadine. By representing esme prince. Charlotte, how lovely. You know, I have been meaning to visit you for ages now. But your grandmother has other ideas. She and I do have our differences, but I was hoping we could put them aside as far as our shared family is concerned.

[ Breathes sharply ] Oh, well. So how are you doing, my dear? I’d be a lot better if I knew where my father was.

[ Grunts ]

[ Grate clangs ] Lucy: Oh! Oh, lucy. Oh, my god.

[ Breathing heavily ] Are you alright? Oh, my god. You — you sa– you saved me. A-after you tried to kill me. No, I didn’t, I didn’T. It’s not what you think. It’s not what you think. I don’t understand. What the hell is going on? Okay, it was a setup. I was framed. We don’t have time to explain. We got to get you out of here. Come on. Renee: I’m sorry. But she’s not leaving. And neither are you.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Mother nature can be very powerful. These storms go over all of our roads. The minute

the windstops blowing we’re open. If you’re evacuating, we have food, we have water, come inside. Letting them know that you’re not along in this. It’s been unbelievable in the way everybody has stuck together. You can really see we have a family. There’s no limit to what we can do as long as we’re taking care of people. Be ready for whatever life throws your way. Only dial provides a hard-working clean but is gentle to skin with its skin smart complex and 3 moisturizers to leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy. Nothing cleans like dial. I asked dex to leave. He didn’t want to, but he did. And the second that me and cam were alone, he asked me straight out… if I had slept with dex before we broke up. I didn’t even need to say anything.

[ Scoffs ] He could see the truth on my face. What is the truth? Dex and I have been sleeping together since new year’S. So now cam thinks I’m a liar and a cheater and that I broke up with him for dex, and I didn’T. Okay, I know. Two things can be true. You know, your feelings for cam could have changed at the same time you were starting to connect with dex. I should’ve broken up with him weeks ago. But I kept putting it off. And part of that is legit, because we had a lot going on. But the other part of me didn’t want to hurt him. And now I ended up hurting him even worse. And it’s not even that he just walked in here. It’s also that I asked him — i had to ask him… not to say anything about me and dex. Sonny told dex to stay away from me. If he finds out that dex disobeyed him, he could kill him.

[ Sighs ] You’re right. Dex is risking his life by being with you. But he’s also risking his life by working for sonny. That doesn’t seem to bother dex. Does that bother you? I-I don’t know what you’re asking me. Josslyn.

[ Sighs ] I was about your age when I met jason. And he also didn’t have a problem with risking his life. In fact, I think he liked it. And I liked that he liked it. You know, that he was dangerous… but yet he could make me feel safe. Jason would take these crazy chances, but I always knew that he would be there for me. Is that how dex makes you feel?

[ Sniffles ]

[ Crying ] Yes. Then you’re going down a really difficult road. And you need to be sure this is what you really want. Carly outright lied to me when she told me that nina wasn’t willow’s mother. I — I had no reason to doubt her. I-I certainly had no idea that she could go to such lengths to cover up the truth. You’re angry. You’re damn right I’m angry! On willow’s behalf, knowing what she’s going through, and on mine. I-I-I trusted her.

[ Sighs ] You know what? Drew, you and i got a lot in common. We’re both straightforward people. We don’t like the lies and the secrets. We want everything out on the table where you can deal with it. You know, that’s been a real challenge for me dealing with the quartermaines. And it’s gonna be a challenge for you dealing with carly. I can understand why — why you’re very upset with her. On some level, I get why she lied to me. You know, beca– she found out about willow’s dna results right during wiley’s visitation hearing. And I remember that. I remember how — how hard it was on willow, how furious she was at nina. And that’s why actually I stood up for carly when her family was laying into her a little bit about withholding the truth. Clearly you still care a great deal about carly. Of course I care about her. But it doesn’t change the fact that she lied to me. You would have to ask joss. I only know what she told me. I mean, y’all are going through a rough patch right now. But you always seemed meant to be. Maybe you can work through it. Trina, just drop it, alright? Me and joss are done. Spencer: Hey, man, go easy. What the hell are you guys even doing together right now? Esme’s been found. You can stop pretending. Isn’t there enough B.S. To go around already? Okay. Wow. Sorry about that. It’s fine. Cam’s just hurting. Maybe we should give him a break. It was nice of you to stick up for me, though. Any time. Is anyone in your corner tomorrow for dr. Westbourne’s memorial service? Oh. I can’t believe that she’s gone. I really don’t know if I’m ready to say goodbye. Well, would it help if I tagged along?

[ Sighs ] It would.

[ Breathes deeply ] Yeah. Okay. Then it’s a lock. Cool. Thank you. Cam’s right, you know. About what? Well, there’s no reason for us to keep… pretending that we’re closer than we really are. How could you? How could you take her case? Number one, I didn’t have much of a choice. And, number two, don’t you dare. If I had to wait around for your approval for all of my clients, I would never work again. Seriously, I seem to remember you having a really dim view of me representing peter august, and look how that turned out. Okay, look, esme is no peter august. But she did horrible things to my family. Horrible. Who, by the way, are your family, too. Yeah, which your son made abundantly clear to me when he had me assigned to esme’s case pro bono. And just so you know, when I tried to remove myself, he promised me triple my normal rate to remain her attorney. Now, I may have been born yesterday, but I stayed up all night. And even if nikolas is hiding something up his sleeve, two can play that game, because your boy and his beloved uncle have been thick as thieves lately. Please tell me that you’re not gonna use a pregnant girl who has traumatic memory loss as leverage. A little. Don’t look at me like that. I’m not a monster. We both know that information is power. If something lands in my lap helps me free lucy, I am damn well gonna take advantage of it. Okay. I suppose I understand that.

[ Sighs ] I do, but consider this a warning, okay? If you try to outmaneuver victor, you’re only gonna end up in trouble. Please, join me for a bit. Can I get you a soda? No. Now [Sighs] Why would you think I’d do anything to your father? I’m not naive, grandfather. You sent me to boarding school in switzerland to keep me away from him. I thought you were enjoying your school. I didn’t enjoy not being able to leave or not seeing my papa. And now you’ve done something to get him out of port charles. My dear charlotte, your father makes his own choices. And I’m very sorry if those choices keep him away from you for too long. But I fully intend to bring us all back together again soon. We’ll be skipping that reunion. Charlotte, let’s go. Step away from lucy.

[ Exhales deeply ] Anna devane, always looking for an escape plan. But there’s no escaping this.

[ Speaking french ]

[ Door opens ] On your knees. Hands behind your head. Valentin: Who paid you to sell me out, renee?

Je suis désolée,

mon amour. I needed the money. I had no choice. No, you had a choice. You just made the wrong one. Depends on where you’re standing. Or kneeling, as the case may be. No, no, no, th-they’re not gonna — you’re — you’re not gonna kill us, are you? Maybe.

[ Breathes sharply ] I’m sorry. You’re interrupting. I was just catching — let’s go, charlotte.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Sighs ] What? Everything’s set. Would you like to speak to everyone? Yeah, put me on speaker.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Victor: Valentin, anna,

how is the reunion going? I’m sorry it’ll be short-lived.

The cops don’t think that esme is the killer, which means the real hook is still out there, still attacking people who are connected to me. Right. Which means that keeping up this charade is our best bet to lure her out of whatever rock she’s hiding under. So we’re agreed. We keep pretending to be a couple? Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Right. Mm-hmm. Even though my mom called me out for letting you back into my life.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I can’t say that I’m surprised that, uh, she had a strong reaction to us. She hates me, and I probably deserve it. It doesn’t matter. I stood up to her, told her who I hang out with is my business. Well, I am sorry to cause problems between you and your family. I keep telling them that they need to learn boundaries, that I can make my own choices. Your family just cares about you. A lot of people do. I can’t tell you how to live your life. You’re exactly like me. No one can tell you anything. You’re gonna have to figure it out for yourself. But my life can be divided… between what happened before I met jason and everything that happened after. And that’s gonna be the same for you if you stay with dex. That person that puts you in danger and gets you out of it. That person that makes you want to take crazy chances. Person you want to lie for, even when he doesn’t want you to. I got to tell you, as your mother, I don’t want that for you. Do you want that? Because this isn’t just some other guy, joss. This will change your life. I can’t un-meet him. I can’t un-care about him. What’s going to happen between me and dex has already started. And I don’t want it to stop. I do understand that no one likes to be lied to. Mm. I understand that better than anybody. But carly kept the truth from willow because she was trying to protect her. Her motives could not have been further from selfish.

[ Sighs ] Understanding carly’s motives and trusting her, those are two different things. You know… I am willing to bet that you were drawn to carly for all of these traits that you’re grappling with right now, her open heart and — and her determination to protect her family at all costs, even when those things sometimes hurt the people that are closest to her. Your eyes are open. There is no pretense about who carly is, about the things she’s done. And you chose her anyway. You’re gonna have your goons kill us while you’re half a world away?! Never pegged you as a coward, dad. Do you think I could dispose of you that easily, my boy? I couldn’t make charlotte an orphan. Besides, I still have hope for our relationship, although it probably never stood a chance with her influence. Whose influence? Just know you’ll always be my son. I’ll never give up on you. Gavin. Here.

You know where to take ms. Coe

and my son. Get rid of ms. Devane. I’ll kill you myself, victor!

You’re right. I wanted to be with carly for all of that, for everything that she is. I know better than anybody that carly sometimes goes about things in a backwards way when she’s trying to protect her family. She and I have had some epic arguments about our sons. But she’s also come through for me many, many times. I care about carly. A lot. I just don’t see what kind of future we could have moving forward. Do you really think that — that it was easy for her to lie to you about this? No, no, no. Listen. I’ve known carly for a lot of years. We’ve been friends a long time. She feels things very deeply. I’m willing to bet that she was at war with herself about this, wanting to be honest with you, wanting to protect her family, not wanting to lay another secret on you. But s-she was — she was so adamant that she did the right thing. And who knows? Maybe she did. Based onhat she knew, based on what she didn’t know. Lookit, carly will protect the people she loves at all costs. And damn if that’s not the person that I want to have in my corner. Bottom line is we can’t be in a relationship where lying is okay.

[ Sighs ] I get that. Okay. Drew… only you can decide what’s okay and what’s not okay in this relationship. Yo u’re gonna have to makethat decision for yourself. I’m gonna go wrangle wiley. Um… you lock up before you leave. You know how I said that dex is gonna be the person you lie for? Yeah. Don’t ever lie to me. Okay? I’m not always gonna approve of what you’re doing or agree with everything, but I will always have your back. And I need to know that you will always come to me when there’s something wrong. But you have your own problems and your own life. Josslyn, stop it. Nothing is more important than being your mother. Nothing. Okay. Okay what? Okay, yes, I’ll come to you. You better. You miss jason? Every day. But drew helps? He did.

[ Breathes sharply ] He did? What does that mean? You broke up? Well, uh, no. I mean, not yet, anyway. What happened? What happened? You — honey, you know that… I found out that nina was willow’s mother, and I didn’t say anything. So he’s mad? He feels betrayed. You know, I kept things from him. I lied to him. So what, you’re just gonna give up?

[ Chuckles ] This doesn’t really sound like you. I am — oh, I am holding on to hope that we can work through this. But, you know, I… I do understand how drew feels. I know why you kept willow and nina’s relationship a secret. It’s the same reason that I kept my feelings for dex a secret from cam. Why inflict unnecessary hurt? But willow and cam still got hurt despite our best intentions. Yeah. Because we can’t control how other people feel and we can’t control how other people are gonna react to our decisions. That’s why it’s better to tell the truth. It’s less painful than defending a lie.

[ Chuckling ] What? Just wondering how you got so wise. I’m not sure.

[ Sighs ] Have you spoken to your father since the… you know? Since he got my ex-girlfriend pregnant? No.

[ Chuckles ] I’ve, uh, tried to avoid him as much as I possibly can. And I plan to keep doing so. He’s hurt me again and again and again and again. I hate him for it. I want nothing to do with him. I get the impulse, but that may not be feasible. Why not? You’re about to have a new sibling. Are you really going to let your feelings about your father prevent you from having a relationship with your new baby sister or brother? Grandmother, do you know where papa is? Sweetheart, we know that he’s safe because he sent us that message on christmas. But that’s not the same as knowing where he is, what he’s doing. What if grandfather victor’s done something to cause papa to disappear and we’ll never see him again? Oh, sweetheart. Please, I’m begging you! Don’t — don’t do this!

[ Speaking french ] Ow! Don’t you — what’s this? These were in her bag.

[ Beep ]

[ Explosion ] That’ll be the c-4 that I attached to the water mains when you thought I was lost. In about one minute, this whole chamber is gonna be flooded. Anna was on to you from the very beginning, renee. Yeah. You changed your appearance when you left our hotel room. So I kind of figured maybe you’re more than just a cataphile. And I do everything she says.

[ Water rushing ] I hope you can swim or breathe underwater.

[ Grunts ] Anna!

Of course I’m not going to turn my back on my sibling, but my father is toxic, and I need to make sure that he doesn’t get the chance to hurt my sibling and treat him the way that he treated me. Good. Your brother or sister will need you. The best thing to do would be to ensure that my father isn’t the one who gets to raise the child.

[ Scoffs ] Obviously, that would be best. But esme is not much of an improvement. Besides, she’s facing criminal charges and may be sent to prison. So your father may not be the best option, but he’s the only option. Not necessarily. What? What about me? One thing I know about your father is that he will move heaven and earth to get back to you. And the rest of us are gonna be right here for you till he does. Thanks, grandmother, uncle martin. I think it’s my turn to wash my hands.

[ Chuckles ] Be right back. Mm. Victor: Excuse me.

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Sighs ] Leave charlotte alone. You can try to turn my family against me, laura. But you won’t succeed. Charlotte will come around… if she ever wants to see her father again.

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Coughs ] Oh, god. I don’t think…

[ Coughs ] …You’ve ever been more beautiful than when you punched renee in the mouth. You’re so romantic. You alright? I don’t know. I don’t know.

[ Breathing heavily ] Okay. Thank goodness you gave me this. Or I might have ended up like that renee and those guards. Oh, my god, I’m not gonna miss them, but seeing their dead bodies, I’m not gonna get that sight out — out — it’s okay. It’s tragic, lucy, but it was you or them. Come on. We got to move. No. No, no, no, no, no. I don’t want to go yet. Do you have a phone? A phone that’s still working? Please, I really — I really need to call marty, please. No, listen to me. You can’t — you can’t call — you can’T. Why?! I want to talk to marty! You can’T. Why not? Because as far as the rest of the world knows, we’re all dead. And we have to stay that way.

[ Breathing heavily ]

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Cameron tells Trina that Josslyn broke up with him, but he doesn’t tell her the reason for the break up. Trina tells Spencer she will go with him to Britt’s memorial service. Spencer tells Trina that he intends to fight Nikolas for custody of his baby brother or sister.

Drew talks to Olivia and tells her that Carly lied to him and didn’t tell him Nina was Willow’s mother. Olivia persuades Drew to talk to Carly and see if they can save their relationship. Josslyn has a long talk with Carly and tells her the details about her argument with Cameron and she also tells her that even though she hurt Cameron she can’t turn off her feelings for Dex. Carly tells Jocelyn that being with Dex is a risk and Josslyn tells her Dex is worth the risk even though she doesn’t like the fact that he works for Sonny.

Anna and Valentin find Lucy inside the catacombs and once they try to get her out of the water Renee turns her over to Victor’s men. Victor’s men put a bomb with a timer in the water to kill Anna while they take Lucy and Valentin out of the water. Lucy, and Valentin punch Victor’s men knocking them into the water. Anna punches Renee who is in the water with her and Valentin gets Anna out of the water just before the bomb goes off killing the men and Renee. Lucy wants to call Martin to let him know she is okay, but Anna tells her she can’t do that because the world has to think they are dead.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, January 24, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne



sorry for interrupting before. No, that’s okay. As long as you know it’s always family first, right? I do. Mm-hmm. So, what is it that you have to tell me, dex? You told me to stay away from josslyn. I couldn’T. Please don’t tell anybody about me and dex. Excuse me. What? You dump me for him and expect me to keep my mouth shut? Please. It has to stay a secret. Why? Because you’re ashamed of what you did? No. Because I’m afraid of what sonny could do if he finds out.

[ Dance music playing ] -Hey. -Hi. I am so sorry I’m late. No, no, don’t apologize. I’m just happy we get to do this. It’s important for us to make time to see each other when we can. Oh. You’re thinking of britt. Yeah, britt and… all the times I wanted to text her to hang out or go shopping, but she was really busy. So let’s just say there are a lot of texts I never sent. But when your name came up in my phone, I — I thought, “I’d really like to see my friend.” Oh. You know what? It’s really good to see you, too. So tell me, what’s going on? My mother’s in town. Carolyn? Why? Do you think she wants to make amends? Well, apparently, that’s just a bonus. She’s here to consult on a patient. And you don’t believe her? Well, I don’t know. After everything she and my dad have done, can I really risk trusting her? Did your mom deliberately try to get in touch with you tonight? I don’t think so. I-I think she just ran into me by accident. But when we talked, she seemed sincere about wanting to make up for all the harm she caused and the lost time. But it’s just that — it’s just that with your history, it’s hard to trust her. Exactly. Yeah, I’m sorry. I understand. You know, unfortunately, I’m starting to feel that way about nikolas. I came all the way from monterey because you said my daughter was in trouble and needs my help. Yes, it’s very true. I trust you haven’t told anybody about your trip, especially elizabeth? I hadn’t, but actually, I ran into my daughter at kelly’S. Really? What did she say? I did what you asked, and I didn’t tell lizzie about your phone call that prompted my visit, just that I was here to consult on a case. I knew I could count on your discretion. Would you like a drink? No, thank you. But, um, you can answer my question. What’s going on with lizzie? What kind of trouble is my daughter in?

[ Cellphone buzzes ] Good evening. Good evening. May I help you? You speak english? Oh, um, sorry it’s so late, but we’ve been reading all about this ancient monastery, and — and it’s just so, uh — the history is fascinating. We’d like to pray it lasts another thousand years. Yeah, uh, so — so we’ll go pray. Thank you. I tell you, if your friend renee doesn’t arrive soon, we’re gonna have to pray for a miracle, ’cause we won’t have enough time to go and find lucy before it’s too late.

What did nikolas do this time? He wants me to side with him when he sues esme for full custody of her baby. No. Really? Yeah. I’m sorry. Is it — is it hard for you to hear this stuff when you were just recently involved with him? Oh, um, n-no. I-I — what happened was — it — I mean, it ended as quickly as it began. We’re back to just being friends. Oh, good, good. Yeah. I’m glad to hear that. I think he needs all the friends he can get right now. I know the feeling. Well, I’m glad you reached out to me.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, would you like me to try to talk to carolyn? You know, try to find out why she showed up so suddenly after all these years? Especially after you told her that you didn’t want to have anything to do with her or jeff. Thank you, but my mom is an expert at mind games. She played them on me when I was a teenager, and I’m still dealing with the consequences. You know you’re a part of my family, too, right? I know. You’re the mom I always wish I had. But now that my, um, my birth mom wants back into my life, I keep asking myself, should I give her another chance? Elizabeth’s troubles — they began before she ever came to port charles. Or do I need to remind you how young your daughter was when you and her dad cut her loose and sent her away to save what was left of your marriage? Is that what elizabeth told you? Yes. Elizabeth and i are good friends, have been for years. We tell each other everything. Elizabeth told me all about her dad’s unfortunate affair when he was supposed to be serving humanity out there in the pacific. Jeff’s not perfect, and neither am I. She also told me about the unintended consequences that led to the death of hamilton finn’s wife, reiko, and how you used your skills as a psychiatrist to suppress elizabeth’s memory of the incident. So, dr. Webber — or may I call you carolyn? — If you really want to help your daughter, you will stop asking me questions and you will do exactly as I say. Everything’s set for britt’s memorial. I’m sure if it were up to britt, it would be another bash like her birthday. Now, I heard that was legendary. Oh, beyond. Uh, the drag emcee and shirtless waiters were just the beginning.

[ Laughs ] You know, I… I realize now that britt meant that to be a goodbye party. Well, she had been diagnosed with huntington’s disease. She knew she was terminal. She should have had more time, years more. I hope it’s some consolation that britt died saving someone else’s life. The only consolation will be when the police identify the hook and send them to jail for the rest of time. Yeah. Which got me to thinking — has dante shared any details from the police investigation with you? Well, has mac shared any details from the investigation with you? Please. Mac never shares any police details with me. But I’m sure he does with my mom because, you know, they’re a couple and he trusts her. And with a high-stress job like that, you need someone to confide in. You and dante are a couple. Yeah. Which gets me thinking… okay, most of the time, you would be wrong. And this time? This time…you’re right. Dante and i are working together. We can’t wait any longer. Okay, so if the entrance to the catacombs is somewhere here, then we have to look for it ourselves. No, we’ve got to wait for renee. She’s not that late. She’ll be here. She’s a cataphile. She knows the catacombs better than anyone I’ve ever met. Can I ask you something? Huh? What is it about her? Is it her knowledge of the catacombs that fascinates you? Or is it the history you share? Darling, I was another man. That was another life. I took large risks. I made huge amounts of money illegally for a lot of people, including renee. And I can’t say I regret that time in my life because it was a lot better than the one I had previously. And now you’re revisiting it. There you are. Have you brought everything you need? Oh, yeah, everything we need is in that backpack.

[ Speaking french ] Monk: The doors are closing soon. We won’t be long. Promise. Stay close. We may have to find our way in the dark. You want to explain to me why you couldn’t stay away from josslyn? On new year’s eve… mm-hmm. …I was crossing past pier 55 when I heard sounds of a struggle. Mm-hmm. I went to check it out, and I found josslyn on the ground and a woman that turned out to be britt westbourne struggling with the hook. Go on. I took a shot. It was a bad angle, and I didn’t want to risk hitting dr. Westbourne, but the attacker dropped her weapon and ran off. Then I-I went to check on josslyn. She was shaken up, but she wasn’t injured. And dr. Westbourne said she was okay. She must not have realized she’d been hit. So th-this happened new year’s eve. Why am I just hearing about it now? Josslyn: Sonny told dex to keep his distance from me. If he finds out that we’ve been seeing each other… sonny prides himself in having his own code. If you break that code, you pay with your life. So what you’re saying is you want me to keep my mouth shut to save the neck of your new boyfriend? I’m asking you to save a life. Okay, yeah, it’s dex’s life. I understand. But I know you. You would never deliberately hurt somebody else just for the sake of payback, cam. Maybe you don’t know me as well as you think.

Keep an eye on the monk in case our path runs into a dead end. I will not allow you to question my motives. I came all the way across the country to help my daughter. Nothing more, nothing less. I knew there was a chance that lizzie wouldn’t even talk to me. But that’s between my daughter and me. First of all, no one in elizabeth’s life calls her lizzie, no one. And second, elizabeth’s fate and mine are intertwined inextricably because we played a pivotal role in each other’s life, not just for years, but for decades. Can you say that? I get the feeling that if you and elizabeth are having a problem, you’re the one to blame, not my daughter. I’m not gonna deny that, because you’re right. But elizabeth and i are well past the place of pointing fingers. We are both in trouble, end of story, unless you choose to act and you act now. Or were you just lying when you said you wanted to help? What is it you want me to do? Years ago, you went to great lengths to protect elizabeth. Or so you said. Use those same skills to save your daughter before it’s too late. My mother does seem to genuinely regret the choices she made. And it’s not like I’ve never crossed a line or done something I’ve regretted. Sure. Welcome to the club. I think it’s called being human. The important thing is that you just can’t let your past mistakes determine your future. So shouldn’t that same standard apply to my mom? Yeah. So let’s start by assuming that your mother really is sincere and she just wants a fresh start with you. Do you think you could meet her halfway and begin the healing process? I have always dreamed about my boys knowing their grandparents. So what stops you? At what point can I let go of the past and actually forgive my parents? Cam, I understand. I really do. I did not handle the situation the right way. And I’ve given you every reason to hate me. But I just can’t believe that you would stand around and let sonny blame it all on dex. You are so selfish! You totally broke my heart, but I thought, “hey, it’s okay. At least she’s being honest with me.” Turns out you were lying! This wasn’t because we — we grew apart. You dumped me because you found a new guy. And now you want me to help him?! The answer is no, joss. I am not doing a favor for you and your new boyfriend. No, cam, don’t call him that. That’s what he is! Isn’t he? But what goes around comes around. You got with dex by cheating on me, and I am just looking forward to the day that he turns around and cheats on you, because that’s what you deserve, josslyn jacks. You got dex, but at a cost, which is our friendship, which is dead and buried. And let me be perfectly clear. It was you who ended it, not me. Absolutely. I get it. I waited too long to tell you what I felt. So blame me. Don’t blame dex. You made your choices, josslyn. I have my own, too. And I will be damned if I keep dex’s secrets for him. Right after new year’s, ms. Reeves found out her daughter has leukemia. You’ve been focused on that. That’s why I came here today. I’d already left it too long, and I knew you needed to know. So you took a shot at the hook. The hook ran off. Then what? Dr. Westbourne wanted to call the police. I knew if I was there, they would confiscate the gun, trace it. Since I don’t know where you got it, I didn’t want to risk the scrutiny. But I didn’t feel like I should leave josslyn alone. She was still really shaken up. So you took her with you. I explained to her why I couldn’t stick around for the cops. And I gave her a choice. She chose to come with me. You just left britt right there? She agreed to cover for us. Right. Okay. None of us saw the hook’s face. She was wearing some kind of mask. None of us had any other information to offer. Okay, there was — there was nothing to be gained by joss or i talking to the cops. It would have only caused complications. So you and josslyn left the pier. Where’d you go? Back to my apartment.

She didn’t want to go back to her mom’s, and her dorm didn’t feel safe. She was still really shaken up, and I-I didn’t think she should be alone. How long did josslyn stay with you? I was afraid I’d never get to do this again. A couple hours. And then she asked to go to kelly’s, and then I took her back to her mom’S. Oh, carly knows? Yes, sir. But you waited until now to tell me? Only because of ms. Reeves. She needed you, and you were focused on her. I-I figured that was more important. Well, I appreciate the gesture, but it still doesn’t let you off the hook. Josslyn: Cam, you’re right. You don’t owe dex anything. But I’m not asking for his sake. I’m asking for the sake of what we have meant to each other. And what is that exactly, joss? It’s clear to me that you didn’t give a crap about me. That’s not true. I do care about you! Cam, I’m talking about before we broke up. You mean before you slept with dex? Cam, come on! I hate seeing you this hurt. And that’s on me, I know.

[ Crying ] And I knew what my feelings were, and I didn’t say anything because I was trying to shield you, and I made everything worse.

[ Breathes shakily ] And I am sorry.

[ Crying softly ] You are a good guy. And we’ve been friends forever. So I am asking for the sake of those two friends who shared everything, the good and the bad. Does he mean that much and I so little that you’re willing to compromise yourself and expect me to do the same? So the reason I was late is because I just got back from spring ridge. Who were you going to visit at spring ridge? Esme prince. Ugh. Because? There seems to be a connection between esme and the victims of the hook attacks. Right, right. I, uh, read all about it in the invader. Your mom’s coverage is must-read journalism. No, my mom is actually the reason why I went to spring ridge. She wants me to track down esme’s nanny. That’s not random or anything. It’s sort of a convoluted story, and there are details about the investigation that are privileged and I can’t share with you. But what I can share with you is that this woman, the nanny, she raised esme after her adoptive parents died, but the nanny, maggie fitzgerald, she could potentially have information on a suspect in the hook attacks. That’s a lot of “mights” and “potentials.” I know. It’s a long shot. And where does dante fit in? Well, the police are on a parallel track, so dante and I are gonna go to london to track down the last known address — excuse me. When were you gonna tell me about this? Mm, well, I was just telling you that dante and i were gonna go track down — yes, yes, I know. You need to track down the nanny who might have information, blah, blah, blah. You and the man you love are going to england.

[ Chuckles ] This is exciting! Yes, actually. It’s really exciting. I’m not suggesting that you give your mom a free pass,

but I think you might regret it if you don’t at least try to work things out with your mom. You know? It —

[ Groans softly ] It is ultimately your decision, and I will be here for you no matter what you decide. You don’t play fair, do you? All this appealing to my better angels.

[ Laughs ] Is that a yes? That’s a, “I’ll do my best.” And that’s all any of us can do. There is a young woman who is currently being held in a minimum-security prison known as spring ridge. Have you ever heard of it? It’s where ryan chamberlain is being held, correct? Yes, he is the most infamous inmate. But the young girl that I mentioned — she’s fascinating in her own way. How so? Before she was sent to spring ridge, she showed up at G.H. Very pregnant. She had no clue how she got that way. Are you saying she has memory loss? So it seems. She’s a total blank slate. But more importantly, she has to stay that way. Important to who? You? And elizabeth. And what exactly don’t you want this poor young woman to remember? It’s better if you don’t know.

And it’s better for your daughter if this poor young woman never gets her memory back.

[ Doors close ] Okay, coast is clear. Where’s the entrance to the catacombs? Can you feel it, too? Feel what, renee? The thrill, the rush. Just like it used to be. Trust me, it can be that way again. Well, you know me. First we finish the job. And then? Okay, where is it? What are we waiting for?

You’re asking me to medically manipulate an already-damaged young woman to serve your needs? I am asking you to use your expertise for the greater good

while serving elizabeth’s needs. If my daughter agreed to that, she’d have asked me herself. Elizabeth has a good heart. It’s partly why she’s in this mess. She needs her mom to help her out, using your skills and your training to suppress esme’s painful memories like you once did for elizabeth. No, when I did that procedure on lizzie, I was thinking of her emotional well-being. I don’t think elizabeth thought it was in her best interest. We both know how much she’s suffered since then. I mean, isn’t that what lured you back here? The opportunity to make it right? And you call yourself her friend. I’m a better friend than you are a parent.

But you have the chance to atone for that. I’m offering you one last chance.

[ Crying ] Your friendship is something I cherish. Stop pretending like you have

any respect for me. All this crap about how we couldn’t make it as a couple — that didn’t mean anything because you didn’t want to make it work. You found someone else. A-and now you want me to — to keep your dirty little secret? Dex works for sonny. That complicates things. I know that what I did hurt you, okay, and I hate that. And if — if our friendship has to take a time out because of that, that’s fine. I understand. But I just want our friendship to have a future, somehow, somewhere down the road. And I want you to want that, too! And what if I don’t want that, joss? What if I can’t find it in myself to ever forgive you? What then? Then I’m gonna have to tell dex before this gets back to sonny. I picked up the casing, so there’s nothing that ties this gun to what happened on new year’S. But I understand if you don’t trust me with it anymore. Keep it. And — and I’ll tell you what. Spend some more time at the shooting range, ’cause I don’t want you to miss next time. Copy that. Okay. As long as you can swear to me — you can look me in the eyes and swear to me that you’re telling me everything. That smell really brings back memories. Yes, the smell in the catacombs is very memorable. And not in a good way. We’ve been walking for a while now. How far have we gone? We’ve gone at least one mile underground. Well, then are we getting close to the compound where we think victor’s holding lucy? It can’t be far now. Anna. Anna! I don’t understand. She was right behind us. It’s easy for people to get lost, especially when it’s their first time. We have to go back to look for her. Or we could celebrate that it’s just you and me now.

I told you everything. If you don’t believe me, you can ask josslyn. Oh, don’t worry about that. I-I plan to. But I do, you know, appreciate you showing me respect, especially with what’s going on with michael and — and willow. They’re having a tough time. If you don’t mind my asking, how are michael and willow doing? Well, you know, we’re just waiting for — to see if nina’s a match so she can be a marrow donor for willow. I hope so. It’s tough. Uh, I-I hope everything works out. I appreciate that. Thank you for looking out for — for josslyn that night. I’m not officially the stepfather anymore. I mean, she doesn’t want anything to do with me, and I have no say, but she’s still very important to me. That goes with the job, right? Protect everyone that’s important to you. That’s funny, ’cause that’s the same thing I used to say when I was young. I always had to prove myself. You’re doing good. Sky’s the limit for you, dex. All this talk about cherishing our friendship — that’s all just B.S. You’re just trying to butter me up so I stay quiet about your new wannabe mobster boy toy. I hurt you, cam. And now you want to hurt me. Maybe I deserve that. But that doesn’t change the fact that if sonny finds out that dex and I slept together, he could turn on dex. He might have him killed. Killed! You get that? Don’t you dare try to make this my fault! You screwed me over, josslyn. I don’t owe you a damn thing. Where are you going? To kelly’S. You know, to go to my normal, boring, non-mafia job. What are you gonna do? What do you think I’m gonna do, joss? You really believe I’m gonna go on the internet, tell everyone that my girlfriend left me for some stupid criminal? No, your secret’s safe with me. Thank you. Don’t you dare thank me for being a better person than you are. Unlike you, I don’t betray the people that I care about. It’s pretty clear that there’s something else that’s weighing on you. Want to talk about it? It’s okay. I don’t want to involve you in any more of my troubles. Are you sure?

[ Chuckles ] As much as I would love to blame everything on my parents, I am not the 15-year-old girl they shipped off. I’m a grown woman with three kids of my own. At some point, I need to take responsibility for my own decisions. Yes, that’s something that we all have to do. But if what you’re struggling with has something to do with nikolas, I’m already involved. He’s my son. I love him. I always will. But I know how persuasive he can be. I mean, really, he can make a bad idea seem reasonable. Oh, I know. Has he imposed on your friendship in some way? He talks a good game. But the choices I made are the choices i made, and I have to live with them. But you can always change your mind. Elizabeth, whatever it is, you can tell me. I’m so happy that you found love again. I mean, to have been hurt so badly and to have grieved and then risk your heart again, I really admire you. You know, falling in love with dante wasn’t, like, some courageous act. It was actually the easiest, most natural thing that I think I have ever done. I mean, when you think about it, we were — we were friends, and I’ve always, like, liked him. And then I was like — like, “wow. I-I love him.” And then he told me that he loved me, and it just… I don’t know. It felt right. And don’t get me wrong, you know. There’s been plenty of bumps in the road along the way, but I don’t know. Maybe I could have took a lot of pressure off of the whole, like, moving-in-together situation. Why? Because it was so important, you were afraid you might screw it up? Like moving in together could be the beginning of the end? Yeah. Or pretty much. But, actually, moving in together wound up being really, like, wonderful. We just — we fit really well together as a family. That’s awesome. And dangerous. Dr. Webber, what do you say? You want to put your psychiatric skills to use to help your daughter? Go to hell. All those years ago, when I used my skills so elizabeth could forget that traumatic experience, I told myself I was doing what was best for my daughter. But that wasn’t true. I was taking the easy way out for me and my husband. And I’ve spent a lifetime wishing I could undo that mistake. That’s the one and only reason I came to port charles — to make right with elizabeth. I’m certainly not going to compound my mistake at the expense of another poor, young, innocent woman. The woman in question is hardly innocent. See, that’s the trouble, nikolas. I don’t trust you. And I absolutely will not use my knowledge of the human mind to play god with someone else’s life. I made that mistake decades ago, and I’ll always regret it. Well, maybe this time elizabeth will regret it. Renee, it is just you and me. And that’s a problem. At least, it is for me. We have to go back to find anna. What’s the rush? If anna is as resourceful as you keep telling me, don’t you think she will catch up? Eventually, that is. I know you still feel the heat between us. Those old feelings don’t just evaporate.

[ Laughs ] I can still remember those wild times we had. I don’t think it’s possible for you to forget them. It can be like that again… only better, if you play your cards right. Oh, there you are. Ah. Sorry. I-I took a wrong turn. I thought I lost you.

[ Exhales deeply ] Did something happen while I was gone?

I can’t believe you call yourself my daughter’s friend. When elizabeth graduated high school, I was there. Where were you? When she graduated nursing school, I was there. Where were you? When her three boys were born, when franco died. For all those times, I was there to hold her hand, to wipe her tears away, to celebrate her victories. I was there for all of them. You were there for none of them, so don’t you dare take that sanctimonious tone with me, because, lady, that flag won’t fly. What jeff and I did to elizabeth all those years ago broke our hearts. But at least we were able to tell ourselves that she had her grandmother to look out for her when we couldn’T. And her friends, or so we thought. Well [Scoffs] Now I see how wrong we were. Well, we can finally agree on one thing. Audrey was a saint. She took great care of elizabeth, and so did her friends, including me. If elizabeth needs anything, day or night, all she has to do is call me and I will be there. Oh, please. You’re just out to save yourself. Well, you’re partially right, because, yes, I do want to save myself,

but I also want to save elizabeth, too. Can you say that? Elizabeth: It started out so simply. I just wanted to repay a friend. Nikolas had been there for me when my life went sideways after franco had been killed. And — and I — when I — the more I got involved in his plan, I just — mom? Grandma? Hi.Hi. Hey. It’s great to see you. It’s nice to see you. I-I didn’t think that you’d still be here. You weren’t waiting for me, right? No, your grandma came to meet me, and we just got to talking. Okay, good. Are you okay? Yeah, no, I’m fine. Never better. In fact, I’m so fine, I want to treat you guys both to a very special dessert. Oh, no, honey, that’s okay. You don’t have to do that. No, no, no, I want to. It’s on me, on the house. Is he trying too hard? In a word, yes. You know, you and dante really are the picture of domestic bliss. Two jobs, three kids. All you need is a dog. Oh. But? But all that domesticity really can get in the way of romance. Mm. Tell me if this sounds familiar. Between your job and his job, making dinner, helping kids with the homework, by the time you guys are alone together, you’re already in bed, and it’s inevitable that one of you are asleep by the time the other one can turn out the light. Okay, yeah, occasionally that happens.

But in london, you and dante will be alone together, away from your daily lives. Yes, you’ll be investigating, but maybe you’ll have time to take a stroll through kensington gardens or have a candlelit dinner or room service in bed. Well, I hope we get the chance. But even if we don’t, you’re right. Dante and I are actually gonna be alone together. And this is gonna be our first trip together as a couple. And I am really excited about that. Yeah, I bet dante is, too. Cheers to you and dante in london. Cheerio. I’m glad we had this talk. Good night. Good night, boss.

[ Cellphone rings ] What’s up? I just had a horrible conversation with cam. He said some pretty harsh things about me. You don’t sound good. I just lost my oldest friend. Are we in trouble? I don’t think so. Cam said he wouldn’t say anything. That’s good. I just told sonny about the night dr. Westbourne was killed,

when I took you

back to my place. How much did you tell him? He believes nothing happened between us. We’re all good. Hey, I need you to check on dex heller. Thank goodness you’re okay. I was afraid you’d gotten lost, darling. Yeah. We were about to circle back to look for you. Weren’t we? Mm. [ Speaks french ]

[ Speaks french ] Mm. So what do we have here? Is this, like, a dead end? Well, I’m not so sure. Hang on a second. Oh, my god. Be ready for whatever life throws your way. Only dial provides a hard-working clean but is gentle to skin with its skin smart complex and 3 moisturizers to leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy. Nothing cleans like dial. “P” — pace yourself. You can’t do everything. Look, conserve your energy. Make smart choices. Heat equals more violence. Blackouts equals more theft. It’s gon’ be a busy day today, so pace yourself.

[ Power shuts down ] Don’t worry. The city has laid out top dollar for a state-of-the-art generator, which should turn on right about…now. Not everyone else is gon’ be so lucky, so be safe out there. Everyone’s 10-8.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Yes, sir? The heat wave’s been here for a week. She doesn’t know what cheap is? Uh, well — I assume you reviewed it with her. Uh — nolan, either you reviewed it with her and she forgot, or you forgot to review it with her. So who do I have a problem with? I did go over it with her. Yes, sir. She — she just forgot. She’s riding with me today. Sir? I want to see what else she forgot — what else you didn’t drill into her. Are you evaluating her or are you evaluating me? You. You have an issue with that? No, sir. No. No, I — did the a/c come back on? Because it’s so — officer juarez, you’re riding with me today. Come on. Any advice? Uh, yeah. I would just go light on the astrology talk and crystals. And auras. And tarot cards, too. And — and definitely no dreams. Okay, so keep it professional. No hobbies. Yes. Unless you come up with one of those case-solving insights, then yes, you speak right up. Okay. So you want me to be myself? Yes. And also no. Just if you get one of those feelings, go back and figure out the facts that led you to feeling that way. Okay, so don’t be my– me. Juarez, let’s go. You’re gonna be great. Please be great. Hey. How’s it going? I see you have a lot to, uh, liaise. And enjoying every minute of it. I thought we said we would never lie to each other. That was a lie. You’re miserable. No. Mm-hmm. No, it’s not that bad. You know, nice people. Low stress. Wait, wait. Um, that reminds me… next week. Thank you. You’re welcome. Be safe out there.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll see you at the end of shift.

[ Sighs ] I, uh, speak spanish. Okay, that’s not good. Great spot. Tell me why. Well, I’m not sure. I can just tell something’s wrong. Bad aura? A feeling? A hunch? Well, stopping someone on a hunch is illegal, sergeant grey. Correct. Tell you what. Why don’t we walk that way while you talk it through? Pretend you don’t see them. Okay, well, the store is open. No one’s in distress, and there’s an employee with them. He’s even laughing. Why does it bother me? So we’re getting closer. Tell me what you know or we walk away. There’s a crime happening right now, officer juarez. Each one of those saws is about 900 bucks. I mean, that’s almost nine grand in tools. In a blackout, debit cards don’t work, and who walks around with nine grand cash? See, that, celina, is absolutely perfect. Control, 7-adam-200. I got a plate. 2-william-adam-charlie-4-8-4. Hey, guys, quick question. Great tools there. Did you pay cash or card?

[ Grunts ] Hey, hey, hey. Sgt. Grey: Hey. Turn around. Turn around.

[ Man grunts ] You good? Yeah, I’m good. Nolan: No, I agree. A dollar is a lot for a glass of lemonade, but that’s just smart business, not price gouging. Certainly doesn’t buy you the right to threaten anyone. Yeah, especially not a bunch of 9-year-old girls. Woman: Turn to the left. Kicking over their stand, threatening them. They were terrified. You’re lucky that the oldest one doesn’t have her black belt yet. That could have been a lot worse, andrew. Yeah.

[ Powering down ] Okay. According to grey, they should be back on about…now. I guess you need grey’s magic touch. Yeah. Want to go check it out? Oh, you guys are already on it. Any luck? I think it’s dead. Nolan: Check the battery? Yeah. All good. Maybe the coolant leaking? I don’t see any. Maybe the shut-off valve is closed. I’ll check it out. Hey. Buddy, hey, we got it. You know, it’s a little crowded in here. You mind?

[ Dramatic music plays ] You guys from this precinct? I’m new here, so maybe we haven’t met yet. I am. Bobby here’s usually with the 57th. Okay. Huh. Well, nice to meet you. Lapd doesn’t have precincts. No such thing as the 57th. Impersonating an officer and stealing police property are both felonies. I’m sure they didn’t teach you that in your imaginary police academy. We weren’t trying to steal the generator. Then what were you doing? I noticed the smell this morning. You smell it?

[ Groans ] Yeah. I-I figure an animal got in there and died. Could be a rat, but it’s a big smell for a rat. Maybe a raccoon. Skunk. Mountain lion. You think a mountain lion got in there and died? Well, there’s one way to find out. Can I see those lock cutters? Maybe I should cut it. I mean, if it’s a mountain lion, you probably want to shoot it. Well, I mean, if it’s dead, I won’t need to shoot it, right? Oh, good point. Control, seven-l-19. I’m at unit 15. About to cut the lock to make entry.

[ Both coughing ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] Whew. Ugh. That ain’t good. Poor thing probably got trapped looking for food.

[ Gasps ] That’s not good.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Sam tells Maxie about Esme’s nanny Maggie and that she and Dante are going to England to find nanny Maggie and talk to her.

Dex tells Sonny about saving Joss and Britt from the hook killer but, when Sonny asks him if he is telling him everything he lies and tells him yes when he is leaving out the part about he and Joss sleeping together. Joss pleads with Cameron not to tell anyone that she and Dex have a relationship because if Sonny finds out he could kill Dex. Cameron tells Joss he owes her nothing and he thinks they will never be friends again. Cameron tells Joss he will keep her secret because unlike her he doesn’t betray the people for which he cares.

Elizabeth talks to Laura and decides to try and forgive her parents. Elizabeth almost tells Laura that she helped Nikolas keep Esme prisoner, but their conversation is interrupted by Cameron.

Sonny asks one of his men to investigate Dex because he is suspicious of him again.

Nikolas asks Elizabeth’s mother Carolyn to suppress Esme’s memory but she tells him no because she won’t make that mistake again.

Anna, Valentin, and Renee go through the Parisian catacombs to get to Victor’s compound and search for Lucy.

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GH Transcript Monday, January 23, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript proofread and provided by Suzanne

Nikolas: I need three bedrooms. Actually, let’s make it four. Three’s sounding a little bit cramped. Uh, two-car garage. Uh, one cellar is preferable, but not essential. Tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. No, this can’t wait. Okay. Alright. Thank you in advance. Bye.

Sonny: What was that about?

Nikolas: That was a realtor. I need to find a house. ASAP.

Sonny: I told you, you can stay here with me.

Nikolas: And I appreciate that, but I just don’t think that it’s going to look very good…in court.

Sonny: Uh, what’d you do now, Spencer?

Nikolas: I didn’t do anything. It’s what I’m going to do.

[ Door opens ]

Laura: Hi!

Nikolas: Mother. Hey. What — what brings you by?

Laura: You invited me.

Nikolas: I did. Ahh. T-thank you for coming. Thanks.

Laura: Oh, my goodness. You are really distracted. Did something just happen?

Nikolas: [ Sighs ]

Ramona: Hey! New girl! That’s my seat!

Esme: I-I’m sorry. I-I didn’t know that this seat was yours.

Ramona: I can’t stand people like you. Think you’re entitled to everything.

Esme: Okay. I said I was sorry. I had no way of knowing that the seat was yours.

Ramona: You don’t want to do that.

Esme: What?!

Ramona: Get the guards involved.

Elizabeth: Mom.  What are you doing here?

Carolyn: I came in for some coffee.

Elizabeth: In Port Charles? I made it clear to Dad that I didn’t want to see either of you.

Carolyn: Yes, you did. I’m in town to consult on a psychiatric patient.

Elizabeth: You’re here for work?

Carolyn: Yes. And…no. I’m also here hoping to try and reunite with my daughter.

Sam: Hi!

Dante: Hey. Uh, what’s going on? Where are the kids?

Sam: Um, they’re at a sleepover with Leo.

Dante: They’re at a sleepover with Leo?

Sam: Yeah. Mm-hmm…

Dante: Ohh. Could that mean that we, uh — we have some alone time?

Sam: Oh, yeah. We’re alone now.

Dante: Mmm. Oh, damn it!

Sam: What?

Dante: Well, I have to work tonight. I have to go see Heather Webber at Spring Ridge.

Sam: I know. The timing is perfect.

Dante: What? Wait. How can the timing be perfect?

Sam: Because… I am coming with you.

Austin: Mason, what have you done?

Mason: Take it easy. I told you, I just offered little Georgie a treat. She turned me down, though. Either she doesn’t like lollipops or she’s been warned against strangers. Thing is, is that I’m not gonna be a stranger if I visit her again. Little kids can be so trusting.

Austin: You wouldn’t dare.

Mason: Then don’t make me.

[ Knock on door ]

Ava: Knock, knock! Am I interrupting?

Austin: No, no, not — not at all. Hey. Can I help you with something?

Ava: Yeah. You told me to come by.

Austin: Oh, the referr– I’m so sorry. Give me one second. That’s — yep.

Ava: Hey.

Mason: How you doin’?

Ava: Do I — do I know you? You — you look so familiar.

Mason: Oh, I’m this guy’s cousin. I — I come to visit every now and then.

Ava: Odd. I’m having the strongest sense of déjà vu right now. Oh, no. I-I remember. You were there when I was attacked.

Josslyn: Cam, what are you doing here?

Cameron: Looks like I’m interrupting. So, is that it, Joss? You’re with Dex now? Is he the reason why we broke up?

Cameron:  I’m out of here.

Josslyn: Cameron. Cameron. Can we not do this in the hall? Please. [ Softly ] Please.

Dex: Look, man, I’m sorry that you —

Cameron:  No, you’re not, man. You are loving this.

Dex: Trust me, I’m not.

Cameron:  You guys are probably laughing your asses off about how clueless you think I am.

Josslyn: Do you really think I’d do that?

Cameron:  I don’t know, Joss. I really didn’t think you were gonna dump me. And I sure as hell didn’t expect opening the door to another man tonight. So I guess I don’t know what you’re capable of, Joss. What am I doing here? Screw you both. Get the hell out of my way!

Dex: Cameron. Wait.

Josslyn: Cameron. Cameron! Wait!

Carolyn: Can we sit? Please? [ Sighs ] So… how are you doing?

Elizabeth: You mean now that I know the truth?

Carolyn: I know it’s a lot to process.

Elizabeth: Finding out that I’m indirectly responsible for someone’s death? Yeah. It is.

Carolyn: You’ve had to confront a lot of trauma. Maybe…talking can help you contextualize your feelings.

Elizabeth: Oh, stop talking like a shrink. You’re not my doctor. And you don’t get to help me pick up the pieces, not when you’re the one who messed with my head.

Carolyn: I know you’re angry. I’m here. Whatever it is you need to say to me —

Elizabeth: Why did you stay with Dad?

Dante: Wait. Y-you want to see Heather?

Sam: Oh. God, no. If I never see that psycho again, it’ll be too soon. I want to talk to Esme Prince.

Dante: Why do you want to talk to Esme?

Sam: Because of Esme’s old nanny, Maggie Fitzgerald. Spencer said that Maggie was the only one that Esme could count on, so I was hoping that maybe hearing her name might jog her memory.

Dante: I’m assuming you want to find out something more specific.

Sam: Well, Esme told Spencer that Maggie had some information about her biological parents. According to Spencer, Maggie wrote something in a letter implying that Esme’s birth father was somewhere maybe in New York State — possibly Port Charles — which means…

Dante: She might have made contact with her father?

Sam: And maybe he’s the overprotective sort? I mean, what if he is behind The Hook attacks?

Dante: Okay, but The Hook being a woman — your theory is maybe he hired this woman to get revenge on Esme’s enemies?

Sam: It is a theory. And since you can’t talk to Esme without a lawyer present…

Dante: Ohh! Look at you!

Sam: Yes.

Dante: You’re pretty good.

Sam: Yeah. I think it’s a gift.

Dante: Mm-hmm.

Sam: So what do you say? We work together on this tonight?

Dante: I say… let’s do it.

Sam: Okay.

Dante: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah.

Dante: Good.

Mason: I’m sorry that you were attacked, but I wasn’t there.

Austin: Ava.

Ava: Hmm?

Austin: Uh, perhaps you would like to elaborate?

Ava: Oh, gladly. Um, I was stabbed — or, more precisely, hooked the night of the Quartermaine charity picnic. And you were most definitely there.

Mason: Blood or no blood… when I call, you answer. And it will be, “yes, sir,” and, “thank you, sir,” when I give you instructions. You got it?

Austin: Loud and clear.

Mason: I was at the picnic. But that’s all.

Austin: Ava… a-are you suggesting that my cousin, Mason, was the one who attacked you?

Ava: Oh, I’m not suggesting that. Not yet.

Sonny: Spencer, sit down and tell me what you’re gonna do before you do something stupid. Is this about Nikolas?

Spencer: It involves my father, yes.

Sonny: Alright. I know you’re angry, but you’re too young to try to get revenge and ruin your life. I promised you that I would take care of you. You got to trust that I can do that.

Spencer: This is something that I need to do on my own.

Sonny: What — what are you planning?

Spencer: I’m gonna make sure that my father doesn’t ruin anyone else’s life.

Nikolas: I just received my settlement agreement for my divorce.

Laura: Oh, I’m sorry.  You know something? Even when you’re expecting it, when it comes time to finally sign those papers, it’s hard.

Nikolas: Yeah, I can hardly believe that it’s happening. What makes it even more difficult is… I’ll be leaving Wyndemere.

Laura: Where are you going? You’re not leaving town again, are you?

Nikolas: No, I’m not, but Ava and I agreed that she gets Spoon Island in the divorce.

Laura: But Wyndemere has been your home ever since you first came to Port Charles. Why would you give that up in a divorce? And why does Ava want it anyway? Just so she can tear it down?

Nikolas: Spite.

Laura: You know, I — I guess that makes sense, but why are you agreeing to it?

Nikolas: Because… she’s entitled to her rage. I was unfaithful. I’m having a baby with someone else. I mean, we both need a new start, and there’s no better start than a new baby, right?

Laura: know Esme was arraigned today, right? She’s been remanded to Spring Ridge awaiting trial.

Nikolas: Okay, I’m glad the court is taking her pregnancy into consideration, not sending her to Pentonville. She’s gonna be safer in Spring Ridge.

Esme: Please, whatever you do, just don’t hurt my baby!

Ramona: You think you’re special just because you’re having a kid?!

Heather: How ya doing, Ramona? And you’re right about one thing. Esme is special. And so is her kid. Understood?

Ramona: Sorry, Heather. I didn’t realize she was your friend. My mistake.

Heather: Yeah. Spread the word.

Esme: Um, thank you for intervening. I don’t know what she would have done.

Heather: Nothing to worry about now. Or ever again.

Esme: Sorry I was short with you before.

Heather: [ Chuckles ] Hey. I can be a little extra sometimes. [ Chuckles ] So… friends?

Elizabeth: Dad cheated on you, not only with Reiko, but so many other women.

Carolyn: I remember them all, Lizzie. And I could have divorced him, ended things before they got out of hand. But I chose to focus on the life we were building together.

Elizabeth: Why let him treat you like that? Honestly. Don’t you have any self-respect?

Carolyn: Dad and I had a good marriage. We have a good —

Elizabeth: As long as you look the other way. How could you forgive him again and again?

Carolyn: I love him.

Elizabeth: More than you love me?

Mason: The papers — they already said that The Hook Killer was a woman, so definitely not me.

Ava: The media gets stuff wrong all the time.

Mason: [ Scoffs ] I don’t have to listen to this.

Ava: You know, the cops wanted to interview everybody that I interacted with that night, and I… I forgot to mention…

Austin: Mason Gatlin. G-A-T-L-I-N.

Ava: Oh. Of course. Same as yours.

Austin: Well, only half.

Mason: I live in Pautuck. [ Scoffs ] I don’t even live in Port Charles.

Ava: So what you doing here?

Mason: Visiting my cousin. Right, Austin?

Ava: And how often do you “visit”?

Mason: Only when necessary.

Austin: Which is really never. Uh, sadly, Mason’s really got to get going now. Isn’t it time for you to get back on the road and head home? Isn’t that right? Cuz?

Mason: Yeah. Awesome.

Austin: How much of that did you hear?

Ava: Enough to know you don’t like your cousin very much.

Austin: Eh… thank you for the assist.

Ava: My pleasure.

Austin: Just… don’t do it again.

Esme: Thank you.

Heather: Don’t worry. Ramona will make sure all the inmates know you are under my protection now.

Esme: I don’t know what I did to deserve your kindness, but I do appreciate it.

Heather: Oh, you don’t have to do anything. The moment I saw you, I just knew, deep down, we were the same. Didn’t you feel it?

Esme: Honestly, all I’m feeling right now is overwhelmed. I mean, people keep telling me that I’m a-a criminal. And, honestly, all I am is scared. I mean, what if I did all of those horrible things that I’m accused of? I mean, what if I… really killed all of those people?

Heather: Then I’m sure you had a good reason.

Esme: What reason could I possibly have?

Heather: Like protecting your child. A good mother will do anything to make sure that her child is safe and happy.

Esme: I’m sure you’re a great mom.

Heather: You think so? I do my best. I really do my best.

Spencer: I cannot think of two worse parents than my father and Esme.

Sonny: Well, okay. So what are you gonna do?

Spencer: I’m gonna hire Diane and I’m gonna sue for custody of the baby.

Sonny: Diane said she would take the case?

Spencer: She is considering it.

Sonny: You think you’re ready to raise a child?

Spencer: No, of course not. Not while I’m still living here. And that’s what the house is for. So the kid will have his own room. I’m gonna hire a live-in nanny. I have my own money now. Granted, this house is going to need to be on a much smaller scale than what I could afford if I had full access to my trust fund.  I’m gonna call Ava.

Sonny: Okay. Wait, wait. Sit down. And you need to slow down.

Spencer: I want you to know that I can take care of a little brother or a little sister. I really can.

Sonny: But what you’re saying proves that you can’t.

Dexter: Call me after so I know you’re okay?

Josslyn: Mm-hmm. Why are you here?

Cameron: Right now I do not know.

Josslyn: You could barely look at me at Kelly’s.

Cameron: I found out about Willow’s cancer, and I kept on thinking about what you said — that we have been friends forever. And I wanted to be here in case you needed me. But you didn’t.

Josslyn: I’m sorry that happened.

Cameron: Or sorry you got caught.

Josslyn: You didn’t “catch” me. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, Cam. We broke up.

Cameron: Like 10 minutes ago!

Josslyn: Cameron, over is over. And I’m so sorry that I hurt you. I really am. But as far as who I choose to spend my time with…

Cameron: Oh, that’s what we’re calling it now.

Josslyn: I don’t owe you anything.

Cameron: Well, tell me this, Joss. Did you at least wait until after we had broken up before you slept with him?

Ava: Just trying to help. After all, it’s the second time I walked in on your cousin threatening you. And I don’t much like bullies.

Austin: And I’m truly grateful.

Ava: Are you sure?

Austin: Yeah, I am. But y-you don’t want to get involved in this. It’s not your fight. You don’t want to be in the middle.

Ava: Fair enough. But what does he have on you? I have to know.

Austin: Uh, okay, well, the good news is it’s not blackmail.

Ava: What’s the bad news?

Austin: It’s just old family business.

Ava: Eh, your Cousin Mason seems to think it’s pretty current.

Austin: Yeah, I don’t care what Mason thinks. I’m gonna live my life the way I want to… and that’s far away from the Gatlins.

Cameron: You slept with him while we were still together.

Josslyn: I didn’t want it to happen that way.

Cameron: You just couldn’t help yourself.

Josslyn: Cam, I — listen. It was New Year’s. I went to Kelly’s to break up with you.

Cameron: I know. I was there.

Josslyn: No, no, no. This was before. I went there, and you were out. You were on a catering job. So I went home to change for Britt’s party, and I went to Pier 55, and I got attacked, okay, by The Hook.

Cameron: Wait. What?

Spencer: What did I get wrong?

Sonny: Pretty much all of it.

Spencer: This child is my sibling. Of course I’m gonna pay attention and love it.

Sonny: Okay. You know what? Love is a starting point. You got to support the child, emotionally and physically. They have to know that you’re gonna be there. And I’m talking from experience.

Spencer: Please.

Sonny: Took me a long time to learn to be a father and what I — I came to the conclusion that being a good father means you got to show up. You got to rock the child. You got to make the child laugh, make sure they feel safe. If they fall down, you pick them up so they can try again. And let me tell you something. You raise a child… it stops becoming about you. It’s all about them. So… you gotta ask yourself. You think you’re ready to raise a child?

Carolyn: I am sorry I made you feel that I chose your father over you. At the time, I truly believed it was best for you to forget what happened with Reiko. I wanted to save you from the crushing guilt you were feeling.

Elizabeth: But, still, why stay with Dad when he was the one that caused so much of that hurt?

Carolyn: Was I furious with Jeff? Of course I was. But the damage had been done. I did what I thought was best in an impossible situation. We’ve given each other a lot to think about. I should go.

Elizabeth: Wait.

Nikolas: I’m glad you brought up Esme. She and the baby are why I wanted you to come by tonight.

Laura: Oh? Go on.

Nikolas: Well, I want you to know that I plan to sue for full custody of my baby. And I-I hope that I have your support.

Laura: Well, I can certainly understand you wanting to raise the child.

Nikolas: Well, Esme certainly can’t, especially if she’s in prison.

Laura: I don’t think the D.A. will charge Esme for The Hook murders. I think that she will be tried for making and distributing revenge porn. And if she’s found guilty, she will probably receive a relatively light sentence.

Nikolas: I don’t care what happens to Esme as long as I can keep her away from my child.

Laura: Are you saying you wouldn’t even want her to have visitation rights?

Nikolas: Absolutely not. Even without her memory, Esme is not fit to be a mother.

Laura: Not allowing that child to see his or her mother is a mistake, one that you would regret.

Esme: Oh!

Heather: What is it? What? Happened?

Esme: Nothing. Um… the baby just kicked.

Heather: Ohh —

Esme: Oh, please don’t!

Heather: Hey. It’s okay. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s just seeing you like that reminds me of when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was such a miracle, feeling her kick inside me for the first time.

Esme: Sorry for overreacting.

Heather: Ohh. [ Chuckles ] Just the hormones, right? It happens to the best of us. May I?

Esme: Um… maybe when we know each other a little better.

Heather: Okay. Sounds like a plan. You know, I understand that you feel scared about being a mother. But trust me. You’ll be a natural.

Esme: You really think so?

Heather: I do. I think that baby is very lucky.

Esme: “Lucky” is not the word I would use when you have a mom in prison.

Heather: Hey. You are not going to prison.

Esme: What makes you so sure?

Heather: Hm. Just trust me. Soon enough, the cops are gonna realize there is no way that you could have been The Hook Killer.

Esme: Was there a break in my case? Another suspect?

Heather: Oh, the PCPD is very good at following breadcrumbs. They’ll get there.

Sam: What do you think they’re talking about?

Dante: I don’t know. Do you want to go find out?

Sam: Yeah. Will do.

Dante: Hey, Heather.

Heather: Oh!

Dante: Do you want to have a little chat?

Heather: Well, I-I’m a little busy right now.

Dante: Come on. Don’t make me fire up the bus to D’Archam, alright?

Heather: Okay, Detective Handsome. I’ll be right back. Can we at least talk over there?

Dante: Yeah.

Heather: Samantha.

Sam: Heather. Esme.

Esme: Um, look, if you’re a cop, my lawyer told me not to talk to the police, so…

Sam: No, I’m — I’m not a cop. I’m a private investigator. My name is Sam McCall. I’ve been looking into your background.

Esme: Why?

Sam: I don’t think you’re The Hook.

Esme: And those other things?

Sam: Well, yeah. Y-you did those.

Esme: Oh, great.

Sam: Look, you — you deserve to know who you are and what’s going on.

Esme: Thank you. Um, but I’m afraid that I can’t help you. I don’t remember anything about my past.

Sam: I think maybe there’s someone who does.

Esme: From what I’ve been told, I’m all alone in the world, so…

Sam: Actually, that’s not true.

Laura: I think that Esme deserves the chance to be a mother. Listen. If she fails at it, that’s a different story. But listen. She might not.

Nikolas: Esme is a sociopath!

Laura: [ Sighs ] I visited her in the hospital. All I saw was a scared young woman.

Nikolas: You spoke to Esme?

Laura: Yeah. I was curious about the memory-loss thing. I guess I wanted to see for myself.

Nikolas: And?

Laura: She’s pretty convincing. She only said one thing that sort of stood out to me.

Nikolas: What’s that?

Laura: She seems to think that Spencer could be the father of her child.

Sonny: I think your heart’s in the right place. It’s just you’re trying to figure out what to do with your own life.

Spencer: Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. There’s so much that I don’t have figured out. But the one thing that I do know… is that I want to save this baby. I want to save this baby from being betrayed by my father… of being abandoned when it becomes inconvenient.

Sonny: Sorry you had to ever feel that way, Spencer.

Spencer: Yeah.

[ Knock on door ]

Sonny: Yeah? Frank.

Dexter: Sorry for interrupting. I need to get something straight with you.

Cameron: The Hook attacked you?

Josslyn: It was so scary. It was so scary. She kept coming for me. And I almost got away. And then I fell. If Britt hadn’t shown up, I’d be dead.

Cameron: But are you okay? You’re not hurt, right?

Josslyn: No, I’m not hurt. I’m fine. Britt saved my life.

Cameron: I am so sorry that you had to go through that. But what does that have to do with this?

Josslyn: Britt fought the hook. But it wasn’t until Dex showed up that The Hook ran away.

Cameron: Right. And you were so grateful to him that you just had to have sex with him!

Elizabeth: I can understand how you wind up making bad choices.

Carolyn: Thank you for hearing me. I have come all —

Elizabeth: I’m not forgiving anything, but I know how someone can do something unforgivable in extreme circumstances.

Carolyn: Have you done something you think is unforgivable?

Elizabeth: If I did, I wouldn’t talk to you about it.

Carolyn: Of course. Sorry. Now I really do have to run. But if on the off chance you do want to talk more, I’ll be staying at the Metro Court.

Elizabeth: How long will you be in town?

Carolyn: Until I finish my consultation. So a few days, maybe longer. It’s impossible to say just yet.

Elizabeth: Right. Well, I hope it works out.

Carolyn: Elizabeth, in my experience, very few things are truly unforgivable. Often it’s just a matter of time.

Josslyn: Cam, I did not sleep with Dex out of gratitude.

Cameron: I-I don’t want to know the reasons. Just admit that you lied to me.

Josslyn: I didn’t lie. I didn’t lie!

Cameron: Yes, you did, Joss! With that whole B.S. speech — “It’s not you, it’s me.” You never once mentioned Dex!

Josslyn: Cameron, it wasn’t about Dex.

Cameron: No.

Josslyn: Yeah. That’s right. We just grew apart. We did! We grew apart! We saw each other less and less. And when we did, I would hear myself saying all the right things, but I didn’t feel the way that I felt before.

Cameron: Because of what Esme did?

Josslyn: No. No. Because of me. I changed.

Cameron: Yeah, you started sleeping with Dex!

Josslyn: No.

Cameron: Yeah. Yeah. And you — you broke up with me so you could continue sleeping with him and not feel guilty about it.

Josslyn: I told you — I had already decided that we were over long before that night. I just hadn’t found the time to tell you.

Cameron: I’m sorry I got in the way of your hook-up.

Austin: This is your referral. Dr. Partha. The best plastics guy on the east coast. Should be able to deal with that scar that The Hook left, maybe even remove it all together.

Ava: Thank you very much.

Austin: You’re welcome.

Ava: I’ll give him a call. For what it’s worth, I do know a thing or two about family “disagreements.” I am the daughter of a crime boss, after all.

Austin: Oh. Yikes.

Ava: Yeah.

Austin: You ever just want out?

Ava: At first, I wanted in. I wanted it all. Yeah, I didn’t know that I was a Jerome until I was an adult, so… what about you?

Austin: Me? I — I — I had a great childhood. It was amazing. And then things started to get a little weird when I lost my dad. Jimmy Lee. He was a great guy. And he would have wanted me to stand my ground. So that’s what I’m gonna do.

Dante: What do you want with Esme?

Heather: What kind of question is that?

Dante: Well, I know you, Heather, and I know you like… collecting babies.

Heather: Oh, come on. Alright. So my maternal instincts got me carried away once or twice. As for Esme, I want nothing from that girl except the best for her.

Dante: That’s good. ‘Cause you remember the only reason you’re here at Spring Ridge is because you promised Robert Scorpio that you would give him intel on Ryan Chamberlain’s connection to Esme, right?

Heather: Absolutely.

Dante: Right. Okay, good. So what do you got?

Heather: Oh, I got something, alright.

Dante: Yeah?

Heather: Ryan asks about Esme every single day.

Dante: That’s it?

Heather: Well —

Dante: Oh, come on. This free ride’s gotta end. We gotta get you outta here.

Heather: No, no, no, no. Don’t be so hasty. There’s a definite advantage to me being here still, especially now that Esme’s here.

Dante: Mm-hmm.

Heather: I can make sure that Esme and Ryan bump into each other.

Dante: Hm.

Heather: When they do, I’ll be the translator, all the while acting like I couldn’t care less about the content of their conversation. Ryan is bound to tell her something, right? And I thought you cops wanted a little information on whether or not Esme had a partner in crime. [ Chuckles ]

Sam: Does the name Maggie Fitzgerald mean anything to you?

Esme: Why? Who is she?

Sam: Maggie was your nanny. She basically raised you after your adoptive parents died.

Esme: That’s an interesting bit of trivia, but I don’t think I’ve needed a nanny for a while now.

Sam: Well, I have reason to believe that you stayed in touch through letters.

Esme: Can I see them?

Sam: Unfortunately, I don’t have them right now. Actually, I don’t know where they are. I think you may have took them with you when you left Wyndemere.

Esme: Maybe. I mean, I could have done literally anything.

Sam: Do you remember riding on a boat?

Esme: Not really. I… [ Sighs ] Sorry.

Sam: No.  Don’t — don’t worry. It’s okay. Just — just take your time.

Esme: I’m starting to think it might be better if I never remember who I am. I mean, do I really want to remember a life where the only person who cared about me was paid to do it?

Sam: Maggie mentioned in one of her letters that your biological father could be somewhere here in New York State.

Esme: I mean, if that’s the case, why hasn’t he tried to contact me?

Sam: I don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t know y-you’re in trouble. Do you want me to try and find him?

Sonny: Is this an emergency or what?

Dexter: No, but it is important.

Spencer: My uncle and I are having a family discussion. So, errand boy, go polish a fender! Pick up somebody’s dry cleaning! Okay?!

Sonny: Spencer. I got it. Wait outside.

Spencer: I really don’t like that guy!

Sonny: Yeah, you don’t — you don’t have to worry about — about him. Trust me. I just want you to know that I’m proud that you want to protect your brother or your sister. You know? There’s a lot of your mother in you.

Spencer: Really?

Sonny: Yeah. She’d have been very proud of you.

Spencer: But do you think that fighting for this baby is a mistake?

Sonny: Well, that’s just my opinion. It doesn’t matter what I think. I just want you to know — if you take this on, it’s gonna be a fight with your father.

Nikolas: Esme thinks Spencer might be the father of her baby? How?

Laura: I don’t know. [ Sighs ] She talked to Spencer. Probably Spencer told her who they used to be to each other.

Nikolas: No, this seems more like an Esme trick. I mean, god, even without her memory, she’s still a schemer.

Laura: Maybe. My gut instinct is that she really can’t remember who she used to be.

Nikolas: Let’s hope it stays that way.

Laura: Why? I mean, if she remembers, I think it will make your case against her stronger. Why wouldn’t you —

[ Cellphone rings ]

Laura: I’m sorry about this. Um, I — I’m gonna answer this. I’ll just be a minute.

Nikolas: By all means.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Laura: Hello? I’m on my way.

Cameron: If you thought I couldn’t look at you before at Kelly’s, that is nothing compared to how I feel right now.

Josslyn: I’m sorry. But I’ve got to ask you. You cannot tell anybody about me and Dex

Spencer: I need some fresh air. I’m gonna go for a walk. And, uh, promise to think about what you said.

Sonny: I know you will.

Spencer: Alright.

Sonny: And if you need me, you know I’m here to talk, right? No matter what time or whenever…

Spencer: I know.

Sonny: You know. Do what you gotta do, okay?

Spencer: Thanks again.

Sonny: Yeah.

Spencer: You’re up.

Sonny: Dex.

Dex: I’m sorry for interrupting before.

Sonny: That’s okay.  I just want you to know it’s always family first.

Dex: I do.

Sonny: So what do you got to tell me?

Austin: Good luck with Dr. Partha and with everything else.  I hope things go your way.

Ava: Thanks. Good luck to you, too.

Austin: Thank you.

Dante: You got one week. One week to get something solid that leads to something out of Ryan. Or, I’m sorry, it’s back to D’Archam.

Heather: Know that it won’t be that easy, but Ryan and I do have a very special connection.

Esme: It’s a very kind offer, but from what I understand, I have no money to hire you to help me find my father or this… nanny.

Sam: It would be no charge.

Esme: What’s in it for you?

Sam: Well, the truth would affect a lot of people I know. And if it doesn’t pan out, then neither of us is any worse off.  But if it does, then we both get answers. Come on, what do you say?

Esme: I say let’s do it.  Thank you.

Sam: Excellent. I’ll get right on it.

Esme: Um, I really hope you can find this nanny, but I know that it might not be the happiest story, but I need to know everything you can find out about who my father is.

Heather: What’s this about a nanny?

Esme: Oh, turns out my old nanny Maggie, um…

Sam: Fitzgerald.

Esme: Fizgerald. Um…Turns out she might know where my father is.

Laura: So, tell me, what’s going on?

Elizabeth: My mother’s in town.

Laura: Carolyn?

Elizabeth: Hm.

Laura: Why? Do you think she wants to make amends?

Elizabeth:  Well, apparently that’s just a bonus. She’s here to consult on a patient.

Laura: And you don’t believe her.

Elizabeth:  Well, I don’t know. After everything she and my dad have done, can I really risk trusting her?

Nikolas: Thank you so much for coming.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Anna (to Valentin): There’s not enough time before it’s too late.

Elizabeth: Can I really risk trusting her?

Nikolas (to Carolyn): You’ll do exactly as I say.

Laura: I’m starting to feel that way about Nikolas.

Maxie (to Sam): When were you going to tell me about this?

Josslyn (to Cameron): I’m afraid of what Sonny could do if he finds out.

Sonny (to Dex): That still doesn’t let you off the hook.

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GH Update Monday, January 23, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Angela

Spencer tells Sonny that he is looking for a house to look better when he goes to court. Sonny questions why he would be going to court. Laura goes to see Nikolas and notices he’s very distracted. Esme is accosted by another inmate. Liz is surprised to see her mother, Carolyn, in Port Charles and reminds her that she doesn’t want to see her or her father. Her mother tells her she is there for work and to try to reunite with her. Dante gets home and is disappointed that he can’t enjoy alone time with Sam because he has to interview Heather Webber. Sam tells him she is going with him. Mason threatens Georgie and Ava walks in and interrupts Austin right before he attacks him. She recognizes Mason. Cameron sees Dex and Joss together and questions if that is why they broke up.

Cameron tries to leave but Joss asks him to stay so they can talk in her room. Dex tries to apologize but Cameron is angry and confronts them about the situation. He tries to leave but Joss stops him again. Carolyn asks Liz to sit and talk with her. Liz reluctantly agrees. Liz asks her why she stayed with her father. Dante questions why Sam wants to go with him. Sam tells him that she wants to talk to Esme to try to find her old nanny which could lead to finding her biological father. They agree to work together. Ava says she remembers Mason from the Quartermaine picnic and flashes back to Mason threatening Austin with a knife. Austin asks if she is suggesting Mason is the one that attacked her. Ava replies that she isn’t doing that yet. Sonny questions what Spencer is doing. Spencer tells him he’s going to make sure his father doesn’t ruin anyone else’s life. Nikolas tells Laura about the divorce agreement that gives Ava Spoon Island. Laura questions why Ava wants it, and Nik says it is out of spite, but she’s entitled to it because he cheated. They discuss Esme’s arraignment. Heather rescues Esme from the inmate who is threatening her. Esme thanks her and apologizes for being short with her before. Heather asks if they can be friends.

Liz reminds her mother about her father’s cheating. Her mother says she knows about all of the other women, but she loves him. Liz questions if her mother loves her father more than she loves her. Ava and Austin intimidate Mason into leaving by implying he could be implicated as the Hook Killer. Austin thanks Ava for her help but tells her not to do it again. Heather reassures Esme she is under her protection. Esme tells Heather she is afraid she might have really done everything she is accused of. Spencer tells Sonny he is going to sue for custody. Sonny questions if Spencer is ready to take care of a child. Dex leaves Cameron and Joss alone to talk. Joss asks why he is there, and he tells her that he heard about Willow and wanted to make sure she was ok. Cameron is angry about finding her with Dex and Joss reminds them that they broke up and she can see who she wants to. Cameron asks if she waited to sleep with Dex until after they had broken up.

Ava tells Austin she was just trying to help and he says he is grateful but doesn’t want her in the middle. Austin tells her he is going to live his life the way he wants to, far away from the Gatlins. Joss admits to Cameron that she cheated on him and tries to explain. She tells him about being attacked by the Hook Killer. Sonny explains what actually goes into raising a child to Spencer and tells him to ask himself if he is ready. Carolyn apologizes to Liz and Liz again asks her why she stayed with Jeff. Carolyn says she did what she thought was best and goes to leave. Liz stops her. Nikolas tells Laura he is suing for full custody and asking for her support. Laura tells him she doesn’t think Esme is going to jail even if found guilty. Nik tells her he wants to keep Esme away from the baby completely. Laura tells him that doing that is a mistake. Heather wants to feel the baby kick but Esme asks her to wait until they know each other better. Esme is worried about going to prison, but Heather assures her that the police will soon realize she is not the Hook Killer.

Esme asks Heather if there is another suspect just as Dante and Sam show up and interrupt them. Dante asks to talk to Heather alone and they leave Sam to talk to Esme. Sam tells Esme she doesn’t think she is the Hook Killer and that she thinks there is someone connected to her out there. Laura tells Nik that Esme deserves the chance to be a mother and that she visited her in the hospital. She said she believes her amnesia is real. She tells Nik about Esme thinking Spencer is the baby’s father. Spencer tells Sonny he wants to save the baby from Nik. Dex shows up to talk to Sonny. Joss tells Cam about her attack and that Dex showed up and ran the Hook Killer off. Liz tells Carolyn she understands how someone can do something unforgivable in extreme circumstances. Carolyn asks Liz if she has done something unforgivable and Liz says she would not tell her if she had. Carolyn says she has to go but says she is staying at the Metro Court while she’s in town. Liz asks her how long she will be in there.

Cameron wants Joss to admit she lied to him about why they broke up. She tells him it wasn’t about Dex. She broke up with him because they had grown apart. She tells him she was planning on ending it before she slept with Dex but hadn’t found the right time. Ava and Austin discuss their families and childhoods. Dante questions what Heather wants with Esme. She tells him her plan to get information about the connection between Ryan and Esme. Sam asks Esme if she remembers anything about her nanny. Esme doesn’t. Sam tells her that the nanny mentioned her biological father being in New York. She asks Esme if she wants her to try to find him. Spencer acts superior to Dex and Sonny tells Dex to wait outside. He tells Spencer that he is proud of him for wanting to protect the baby. Spencer asks if he thinks he is making a mistake. Sonny tells him that if he does this it will be a fight with his father. Nikolas questions why Esme thinks Spencer is the father of the baby. Laura tells him she talked to Spencer. Nikolas thinks Esme is scheming. Laura says she thinks the amnesia is real and Nikolas says he hopes it stays that way. Laura asks him why but is interrupted by her phone ringing. She tells the caller that she is on her way.

Cameron wants to leave but Joss tells him that she has to ask him to not tell anyone about her and Dex. Spencer goes for a walk and Sonny calls Dex in. Ava and Austin wish each other luck and Mason returns to Austin’s office after Ava leaves. Dante gives Heather one week to get him information. Sam tells Esme she will find her father for no charge because the truth can help a lot of people. Heather overhears them talking about the nanny and asks about her. Esme tells her that the nanny might know who her father is. Liz tells Laura that her mother is in town to consult about a patient. Nikolas opens the door to Carolyn and thanks her for coming.

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GH Transcript Friday, January 20, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Nikolas: Your expertise will make all the difference. Yes. I promise to address any concern you might have.

[ Sighs ] Sorry. I have to go. I will see you soon. Well, that sounds important. Business. Yeah, well, you and I have some pressing business to discuss. Such as? Finalizing your divorce. Wound is healing nicely. That’s good. I guess then all that remains is the ankle-plasty. Sounds good. Yeah, this is cutting-edge reconstructive surgery where they replace your knee with an ankle.

[Laughing] What are you saying? I’m sorry. What did you say? Just playing around. You okay? You seem a little distracted. Yeah, I guess I am. I’M… I guess because I-I care a little too much. I don’t suppose there’s a medical procedure where my heart could be removed altogether? I’m sorry for being so quiet on the way over. You got a lot on your mind. When you’re ready to talk, I’m here. Dex? Can we talk now? I mean, if you have time. For you? Always. Violet: Cameron, I’ve missed you! Oh, not more than I missed you. Violet insisted on two things today — a brownie and a visit with her cousin. In that particular order, I assume. Cameron, if you’ve missed me so much, where have you been? I know you don’t want to hear it, but I still think that there is a possibility that you might have been misdiagnosed and you don’t have schizophrenia. I know you think you mean well. There’s such an easy way that we can find out and we can see and maybe you can show up for curtis after all. Why don’t you want to take the steps to find out for sure? Because it’s too late. It’s never too late to advocate for yourself, marshall. Portia, I appreciate your interest and all that. This has gone beyond interest. But you have to understand; I’ve already made peace with my diagnosis. And I respect that, but is this really acceptance or has it morphed into some sort of complacency at this point? Portia… if not for yourself, then do it for curtis. Enough! Why can’t you just mind your own business?! How’s willow? Why do you ask? It’s obvious you don’t give a damn about her. Michael, of course I give a damn. Willow’s well-being is the most important thing. Yeah, her physical well-being, maybe, but you concealed this secret for months with no regard for how important it was for willow to find her mother. I mean, sure, yeah, y-you confessed to save willow’s life, but you couldn’t care less about her actual feelings. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Uh, no, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to disappoint you, but from a medical standpoint, I don’t think that there is a way to remove a human heart. At least not without putting another heart back in. Hm. Yet anyway. Darn. Well, you’ll keep me posted, though, right? I-I will. I’ll let you know. I will be the first test patient, so… bad breakup, huh? Yeah. You? Yep. Pretty bad. Oh. No. You may have seen… some of the gory details in the invader, as a matter of fact. Not at all. Never read the newspaper. I don’t believe you. Hey, h-have you seen nina reeves around here today? I did see nina earlier today, yeah. I wonder if she got the results from her bloodwork. I mean, I know about willow and hopes for a bone-marrow match. And I was just thinking about nina ’cause she called me when she was waiting. Yeah, I can’t speak to the bloodwork, obviously, but, um… yeah, from what I could tell, she seemed to be suffering from the same affliction as you — heartache. Nikolas: I haven’t had a chance to meet with ava about the divorce yet. Oh, no need. All the details have been ironed out. By whom? By ava and myself. Ava and you discussed the end of my marriage without me. Yes, well, you’ve been a little preoccupied lately, haven’t you? Well, not that it’s surprising, given your pregnant mistress escaped her captivity. Ava hates me so much that she couldn’t even sit with me to talk this through. I’m sorry. Talk what through exactly? Nikolas, your marriage is over. Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you’re still holding out hope after cheating on ava with esme and elizabeth. Ava and I — we shared something special. It’s indescribable.

Shared. Past tense. Just I never truly believed that she wouldn’t come home. Oh, no. Ava’s coming home. It’s just… you won’t be here. I’ve just been working a lot. What about jake and aiden? Well, they’re in school. Just like you. Aunt elizabeth hasn’t been over in forever. Does she not like me anymore? Are you crazy? Of course she likes you. We’ve just all been really busy with the holidays. But never doubt for a second that she likes you. She loves you. We all do. That’s good. Because I love you, too. Oh. Is it you? What do you mean, is it me? Do you not like aunt elizabeth anymore? Uh… my mom kept a secret from our family. I’m guessing a big one. Huge. You don’t have to tell me if… no, it’s fine. You’re — you’re gonna find out eventually. Um… god, it sounds so weird to say. Nina reeves is willow’s biological mother. Damn. Yeah. And your mom knew? She’s known for months, apparently, but she didn’t want to say anything until… until she realized that willow was sick. Yeah, and as you can imagine, that has made messy things within my family even messier. That explains why your mom stormed out of the chapel. I went to find sonny, and to say he was pissed is an understatement. Oh, sonny’s not the only one who’s pissed. Michael is furious. Well, how about you? How do you feel? I feel terrible. I feel awful for michael and willow. I mean, what they’re going through… it’s the worst thing that anyone could possibly face. But I still feel really bad for my mom. Did you ever just stop for a second to think about the impact withholding this secret would have on willow? Willow’s feelings were all I was thinking of. Willow told me she did not want to know who her birth mother was. It was clear how willow felt about nina. How you feel about nina. How we all feel about nina, michael. That woman tried her best to destroy our family. Can you imagine the damage she would have done if she had known that willow was her daughter? So, yeah, whatever it costs me, however much I lose, I will not apologize for trying to stop her. Sorry. I shouldn’t have raised my voice. I-I shouldn’t have pushed you. Is everything okay? Why did I hear yelling? That would be me, son. It’s my fault. No, no. I-I never should have spoken to you that way. Please. Please accept my apology. Only if you’ll accept mine. What are you apologizing for? We — we — look, look, look, if the two of you are at odds, I would rather you squash it now. We’re having a difference of opinion. About what? Portia thinks I should get a second opinion for my diagnosis. She has this crazy notion that I may not have schizophrenia at all.

Aside from the episode that precipitated marshall’s arrest all those decades ago, he hasn’t suffered any other signs of acute mental illness, no signs of psychosis associated with schizophrenia — hallucinations, delusions, paranoia. Okay, but my dad’s been on those medications all those years. Aren’t they designed to repress those symptoms? Well, yes, absolutely, but — [Sighs] How do you explain the fact that marshall hasn’t had an episode in nearly 40 years? Couldn’t that just mean the illness is being managed properly? Or it can mean that you never had the illness at all. And then you factor in curtis’ genetic testing results — completely devoid of any of the markers for schizophrenia. Hm, yeah, but that’s not that unheard of. It’s not always inherited. The simple fact is, marshall’s answers to my many, many inquiries has led me to believe, in general, that his life and behavior, they don’t fit a clinical diagnosis. Have you ever suffered from any cognitive challenges? No. Depression that’s escalated to suicidal ideation? That would also be a no, but, portia, w-with all due respect, you are not a psychiatrist. Well, then, dad, maybe it’s time you saw one. Michael’s losing his mind right now because the woman he loves might die. I remember that feeling. With oscar. You’re going crazy because you feel like there’s nothing you can do. And you’re getting angry and you’re picking a fight. I-I get it. Michael just wants to feel like he’s making an impact. And who’s a safer place for him to unload on than your mom? Exactly. There’s nothing that michael could do to ever make my mom stop loving him. So eventually he just has to understand that my mom was trying to protect willow. She wasn’t trying to hurt her. You’re good at that. Good at what? Seeing all the different sides, understanding where everybody’s coming from. Well, I’ve had practice. Oh, so this isn’t the first time people in your family have been at odds? Oh, it’s shocking, I know. I just hate that my mom’s the one taking all the heat when the people to really blame are sonny and nina. Will you stop growing?! It’s getting out of control! Tell me about it. Hey, sweetheart, why don’t you, um… why don’t you go grab us a table? Pick any one. Would you like to have a brownie with us? Yeah. I mean, if you have the time, you’re welcome to join us. -Yay! -I’ll grab the brownies. I’ll grab the table.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Clearly I walked in on something. Yeah, well, she just had some questions about… us. Mm. What have you told her? Not much. I mean, I didn’t really know what to say, to be honest. But…don’t worry. I’ll — I’ll figure something out. How about we’ll figure something out…together? So you’re not sorry? For trying to protect you, willow, and your family? No. But I am very sorry for how I went about it. Right. You know — and how did you go about it? Because I already know you lied by omission, you conducted a dna test without consent. But something tells me that’s not the whole story. It’s gonna do us no good to keep going over — mom, mom. Just tell me the truth. Now. Okay. What do you want to know? Did you enlist that firefighter to lie to drew about who willow’s mother was? Yes. And when you offered to assist drew with his investigation… my goal was to obstruct it.

You asked me if you and aunt elizabeth and i would ever live in one house together? Will we?! No. Oh. Yeah. Um, let me try this another way. You know how anna and i almost got married and then we didn’t? You and aunt elizabeth are gonna get married?! No! Ohh… oh, boy. I am really bad at this. You really are, daddy. -Yeah. -Elizabeth: How are you? I’m good. Cameron. I mean, I’ve been better, but I’m not falling apart over the breakup. I know you’re not, but it’s still hard. Especially since you’ve always been such a big source of support for josslyn. It must feel weird not being there for her while her family’s going through this nightmare. What nightmare? My family is so fractured right now. We’re in no position to handle this type of crisis. And I’m sorry, but that’s on sonny. Him drop-kicking all of us to run away with nina didn’t exactly leave us on stable ground. But you don’t want him back with your mom. Never. I wish that i never had to hear his name or see his face ever again. And I want to choke every time he says that we’ll always be a family. Because I can’t stand avery and donna growing up idolizing that man when I know that he’s gonna fail them like he failed all of us. And — god, I just wish… you wish what?

[ Sighs ] It doesn’t matter. Tell me anyway. I wish that you’d quit. I wish that you would hand sonny back his gun and tell him you’re not taking orders anymore and walk out. I’m going to. What? When? Within six months. Hopefully a lot less. I will no longer be working for sonny. Why don’t you just quit now? There’s something I have to finish first. I’ll tell you what it was and why I had to do it once it’s done, but until then… you’re just gonna have to trust me. If you want, you can stop by my office later. I’ll give you a referral for a plastic surgeon that can look after the scar you got from the hook. Okay. Thanks. Yeah. Oh, hey, doc. I don’t know you very well. I mean, I don’t know you at all. But from what I can tell, I think — I think it would be a real shame to remove that heart of yours. Thank you. What about a mental-health evaluation? And I can get you a referral. You gonna jump on this bandwagon, too? Portia makes some great points. I know. You young people, you think you know everything. That’s not what it is. Yeah, let me tell you something. The treatment I got back then worked. Why mess with it now? Because you had an episode. Okay? And it could be tied to your meds. Who knows what the long-term effects could be or even if you need to take them at all? The pills help. Or maybe you just think they do. I have been able to perform without anxiety as long as I wasn’t trying to solo. That could be psychosomatic, marshall. You said to me yourself that the illness doesn’t affect your music, just your ambition. It could very well be what’s held you back all these years isn’t schizophrenia but the mistaken belief that you have it. That’s quite a leap. Maybe it is.

[ Chuckles ] But maybe it isn’T. All we’re asking is for you to find out. So you actively prevented or tried to prevent willow from discovering that she had a family? Yes. You delayed her cancer treatment, mom. Unknowingly. I didn’t know willow was sick. Doesn’t matter. Don’t you get it? You made decisions for willow without even considering the consequences. I mean, you played god with her life. You can’t possibly think that I would want to hurt willow. I don’t — I don’t — I don’t think that you did this out of malice, okay? But — but — but you — you basically thought that, what, that nina was the enemy, right? So — so willow wouldn’t even have wanted her a-as a mother in the first place. I know she wouldn’t because she told me. But what you’ve done here — t-the lying, the — the manipulation, the double dealing. I don’t know, mom, but that sounds an awful lot like nina. And if nina is the enemy, then — then — then what does that make you?

ly believed that willowneeded protecting from nina. I still do, michael. Well. [Sighs] You aren’t — you’re not wrong about nina. Willow told me that she’s already lobbying for a relationship. With willow? And the kids. Oh, god. That woman cannot help herself. We need her, mom. She’s our best chance. I know. I know. And just so we’re clear, the last 24 hours has not changed my opinion of nina. She’s — she’s self-centered, greedy, and unstable. And she’s the last person I would have chosen to be willow’s mother. So I’m not gonna pretend that I… that I don’t understand why you did what you did. If I was the one who harmony confessed all this to, yeah, I… I would have considered hiding it myself. So in six months, when you’re not working for sonny anymore, you’ll give me all the details. When it’s over, I will tell you everything. Okay. I’ll trust you. Thank you for telling me. It’s kind of a relief. Yeah, it’s a big relief. You won’t be around nina and sonny. Might even make it a little bit easier to bite my tongue when everyone’s pointing fingers at my mom saying that she’s out for revenge. It’s not the reason she kept the secret. It’s just not. For what it’s worth, I think you are handling everything that’s going on with your family really well.

[Sarcastically] Yeah, I’m handling things really well. My family’s in a crisis, and instead of being with them, I’m cooped up here with you, hiding. You’re not hiding. What would you call this? There’s a reason soldiers are rotated home for r&r, why we all sleep at night, okay? You need a break from the physical, the mental, the emotional. You’re allowed to take a breather. So I’m not being selfish? Good. Because right here with you… is the only place I want to be. I had no idea that willow was sick. No one did. Josslyn was just here, and I was so cold to her. Wait. Where are you going? To find joss. I need to make sure she’s okay. Can you deliver these for me? Yeah. Of course. Thank you so much. Okay, missy, this one is for you. Yum! And for you. Thank you. Uh… is cam okay? I saw him rush out of here pretty quickly. Josslyn. Ah, got it. I’m gonna draw a picture of cam and his girlfriend. Actually, violet, cameron and josslyn aren’t dating anymore. Do you know what that means, sweetheart? When people break up? What the hell are you doing? You know, I could ask you the same thing. You turned away a patient you were ordered to treat. I don’t turn away patients, mason. If I can’t treat them, I refer them to another physician. Semantics. No, it’s my job. Except you’re not doing your job, cuz. You defied a direct order from the boss. I’m not playing this game anymore. Alright? Tell the boss I’m done taking orders! You promised to give ava spoon island? That’s right… including wyndemere and most of its contents. I excluded some of the more important cassadine family mementos, naturally. Yeah, naturally. Oh, I’m sensing a little sarcasm. Well, are you also sensing complete and utter shock? How could you? Oh, well, quite easily actually. You see, when ava let it be known that she was in possession of information and materials that could seriously damage the cassadine family name, well, wyndemere is a small price to pay for the family name, don’t you think? No, I, uh — I disagree. In fact, I strenuously object. Yeah, well, it’s too late now anyway. Listen, how long do you think it’ll take to pack all this up and — and move out? Oh, not long, considering that I’m not going anywhere. You can’t take away my home. How long have portia and you been talking about this genetic thing? A few months. Sounds about right. And do you trust that portia has your best interests at heart? Of course. Do you trust her expertise? Implicitly. Well, then that’s where you lose me, pop. Why the resistance? My reasons are mine alone. But I want to understand. And so do I. A-and I promise, I’ll never bring it up again if that’s what you want.

[ Exhales sharply ] This damn disease. It ruined my life. Forced me to abandon my family. And I missed out on precious years with my sons. If I was misdiagnosed, that means all those… those sacrifices — it was all for nothing.

Thank you. You’re welcome. Not for that. Though I did enjoy myself. Good. I meant thank you for telling me it’s okay to take a break… and for being a refuge. It’s your dorm room, joss, not mine. It’s not the room. It’s you. Life is so strange. You can feel so many things at once. Yeah? What are you feeling? Safe and happy… and worried and guilty. Why guilty? For feeling safe and happy when my brother is in hell. I mean… michael has had a pretty rough romantic history. And to think that he found love, the real thing, and could possibly have it ripped away is — we’re not there yet. I know, but the thought that we could be… I can’t stand it. Think about something else. R&r, remember? I’m not a soldier. No, you’re way tougher than those guys. Oh. You know what else I am? Hmm? Starving. Oh, thank god. Me too.

[ Both laugh ] Sushi or pizza? Is that even a question? Both: Sushi.

[ Both laugh ] So that’s why we haven’t seen a lot of each other lately. Your dad and I just needed a little time apart. But why? Finn: Because sometimes people realize they’re not meant to be together. Like you and anna? That’s right. Yeah. And now you and aunt elizabeth. Yeah. But that doesn’t mean that we don’T… like each other. No, quite — quite the opposite. So that means maybe you’ll get back together? Not this time, sweetheart. We can still be friends. Yeah, and you’ll — you’ll always be family. Elizabeth is your aunt and her sons are your cousins, and that will never change. And we love you so much. Can we all go camping together? Oh. Well, I mean, I would really like that. Yeah, as soon as it warms up. And we can invite grandpa and uncle chase, too. How’s that brownie? Delicious. You should get one. Oh, well… uh, aunt elizabeth can — can share mine. I walked away from my wife… …and my sons… my sons, breaking all of our hearts in the process to protect them from — not just from the violent instincts, but from the stigma. And, by god… by god, I stayed away for — for it all. Tj’s birth.

[Sobbing] Tommy’s death. Your — your — your struggles with addiction. All because of one diagnosis — one diagnosis — I-I avoided being close to anyone for over half my life. So when you tell me… I may not have schizophrenia, that I may not be sick… it forces you to face painful questions.

[Sobbing] Have I wasted… please, have I wasted my entire life?

[ Sniffles ] Pop… my entire life or… worse. Was it stolen from me? Genetic testing is the first step to figuring this out. And no matter the result, none of this is your fault. Portia: Curtis is right. I-I know that this is terrifying — the prospect that you’ve been operating under misinformation this entire time. But think about the other side of it. Think about how freeing it could be to be out from under this diagnosis. And I know curtis wouldn’t tell you this, but he’s already shared with me his fears that this disease would steal you away from him again. You said that? Wouldn’t it be nice to know if this was something

we didn’t have to worry about? Please, marshall. For your family. I don’t think I can. You knew what this blood tie to nina could do to our family. I was so afraid to let her in. Yeah, and you were right to be. I would have felt the same way. But unlike you and what you did, I would have let willow decide. Why not give her all this information and let her decide where to take it from there? I see now that that’s what I should have done. I was…trying so hard to protect our family because nina has hurt us all so much. I don’t know, michael. I just had tunnel vision, and it just seemed like the only option.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry. Well, where do things stand with drew? He’s really disappointed and… he has every right to be.

[ Sighs ] I’m just really great at ruining things. You know, I just… well, drew is a very forgiving guy, so don’t give up hope. What about you? Can I hold out hope for you? Or are you as done with me as you are with your father? I may have lost my wife and son. I won’t lose my home. Hm. You’re forgetting a couple of vital points, nikolas. See, I have a storage locker filled with evidence that you held esme against her will. Now, that junk may be damning. It’s not definitive. Then there’s your written confession to pushing esme over a parapet, not to mention the recorded version that’s already in ava’s possession. And not to mention a very alive esme. And if she can’t remember, she can’t testify. Alright, nikolas. Hayden barnes. You know, my patience with you is nearing an end. After all I’ve done for you… and what about all I’ve done for you? I sheltered you on cassadine island, for god’s sake. And that’s the only reason I haven’t washed my hands of you altogether. And here I thought it was because you were such a family man. Well, I do have big plans for this family, nikolas, but you keep throwing a monkey wrench into them. Plans you’ve yet to follow through on. I call your bluff, uncle victor. I will say this just once more. The next time you defy me, nikolas… will be your last. You know, the boss doesn’t like a quitter. She’s not my boss anymore ’cause I quit. Tell me something. Why can’t she just find another doctor that’s more amenable to the cause? Look, I know you don’t take well to being strong-armed. Nobody does. So how’s this? The next time we send you a patient, take care of them. Or what? Come on. What? What’s gonna happen? Mason, the answer’s no. No. I recently lost a good friend. I’ve been dumped by my girlfriend. I’m really starting to feel like I got nothing left to lose. I guess that’s me told, huh? You bet. So I should leave you to your legal doctoring. Hallelujah. Lollipop? No, thank you. Hmm. You know, I’m starting to take that personally. Maxie’s daughter wouldn’t take one either.

Your father and I have mademistakes that hurt you. It would kill me if you cut me out of your life. Look, dad didn’t just make one mistake. He chose nina over his family again and again. And what you did was wrong. But you did it for your family — my — my family. You have to know, the second I heard that willow was sick… I know, I know, I know. And so — and so does willow. She understands. Can you forgive me? I’ll tell you this much, willow already has. Do you ever wonder if we deserve her? Every day. Now, I have a long way to go until I’m as forgiving… as willow. But I do know that I — I need you in my life. And my children need you. And, uh, you know, willow needs all of us. I need you, too. More than you know. More than you know, michael. I have to believe that you are strong enough to face a future that is different from what you’re used to. One that includes curtis, tj, stella, trina, epiphany… and me. And anybody else who comes along. Can I have all that without unraveling everything else? You can try… but I have a feeling your past will always come back to haunt you. You can’t go back, marshall. No one can. But if you get these answers… …well, the next chapter could be a whole hell of a lot better than the one before it. Austin: When did you see georgie? This morning. With her brother and little sister at the playground. They were with a very attractive, older couple. Maxie’s parents, I bet. Mason, what have you done? Take it easy. I already told you. I just offered the girl a treat. She turned me down, though. Either she doesn’t like lollipops or she’s been warned against strangers. Thing is, I’m not gonna be a stranger again when I visit her. Kids can be so trusting, you know? You wouldn’t dare. Don’t make me. Ava: Knock, knock! Am I interrupting? I’ll take what you said under advisement. Now, if you’re finished, I have a meeting here soon. Yes, of course. And I’ll make myself scarce. Oh, but, um, before I forget… what’s that? Your divorce settlement papers. You’ll notice amongst the standard provisions there’s a paragraph here ceding the deed to spoon island over to ava. Please have it signed before I return. I’m gonna draw a new family picture at the camping ground. Oh, fun. Hm! Cam, jake, and aiden will be on a log. Grandpa and uncle chase will be in the lake. Is it okay if you two sit next to each other in my drawing? As long as we’re not

in the fire, I’m good. Silly! You’ll be by the fire roasting marshmallows. Just don’t make me look too short next to your dad. You’ll wear heels. Heels? Camping? Fashion first. Maxie taught me that. Of course she did. Hey, you know, kiddo, it’s getting late. You want to finish your drawing at home? Maybe say good night to aunt elizabeth? Okay. Good night. Good night, baby girl. Give me a hug. I love you. I can’t wait to see you again. Let’s do it again. Okay? I can’t wait. Yeah. Here, sweetie. Put your coat on. Here, you take that. Bye! Bye, baby. Bye. Bye. Carolyn: Hi, lizzie. Mom.

[ Knock on door ] That would be the food. The delivery person has horrible timing. Can you get it so I can put something on? Do you have to? Yes.

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GH Short Recap Friday, January 20, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Curtis and Portia persuade Marshall to get genetic counseling to find out if he was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia.

Mason tells Austin that the next time their boss sends him a patient he had better treat that patient. Austin says no that he can tell their boss he is out of the business. Mason tells Austin that if he doesn’t treat the next patient that the boss sends to him something could happen to Georgie.

Elizabeth and Finn tell Violet that they are not dating anymore but they are still friends. Finn and Violet leave Kelly’s and Elizabeth’s mother, arrives, and wants to talk to her.

Michael has a long talk with Carly and tells her that she should have told Willow that Nina was her mother and let Willow decide if she wanted a relationship with Nina. Michael tells Carly that he forgives her because she was trying to protect Willow from Nina.

Nikolas tells Victor he won’t give up his home or Spoon Island to Ava. Victor tells Nikolas that the next time he disobeys him will be the last time. Victor leaves Nikolas the divorce papers from Ava and tells him to sign them and return them to Ava’s lawyer.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that Willow has leukemia so Cameron goes to Josslyn’s dorm to offer support but he is stunned when a shirtless Dex opens the door and he sees Josslyn also half naked.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, January 19, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Marshall refuses to play a clarinet solo at Curtis and Portia’s wedding because he is afraid it will trigger a schizophrenic episode. Portia once again asks Marshall to take the test to find out if he was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia. Marshall once again refuses to take the test again.

Spencer thinks that Josslynn isn’t telling Cameron the real reason that she broke up with him. Cameron trusts Josslyn and he believes that they grew apart and didn’t intend to hurt him.

Nina tells her Aunt Liesl about Willow and how much she wants to make Carly pay for keeping the truth about Willow from her. Liesl persuades Nina to concentrate on Willow and deal with Carly later. Liesl is determined to make Esme pay because she thinks Esme killed Britt.

Michael tells Josslyn that Nina is Willow’s mother and that Carly knew the truth and kept fit rom Willow. Josslyn can see Carly’s side of things and encourages Michael to cool down before he talks to Carly.

Sonny and Carly argue about y reason that she kept the truth from Nina and Willow. Sonny thinks Carly enjoyed watching Nina suffer but Carly insists that she was trying to spare Willow pain.

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GH Transcript Thursday, January 19, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


And then we can put my cousin jared right there. Oh! We have officially finished the seating chart for our wedding!

[ Sighs ] Wow.

[ Sighs ] And it only took… 3 hours, 12 minutes, and 14, 15 — 16 seconds.

[ Laughs ] But who’s counting? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tease all you want to, but checking things off of our to-do list [Sighs] Just makes me feel like our wedding is coming up faster than I thought. And our honeymoon. Oh, yes. Florence. Verona. I can’t wait to walk those ancient streets hand-in-hand with my husband. And I can’t wait to celebrate beautiful you as my wife all day.

[ Smooches ] And all night? And all night.

[ Chuckles ] I didn’t know anybody was in here. No, stay. Stay. Um… we’re both here for the same thing. Praying that willow’s gonna be okay. Yeah, she will be…

[ Sighs ] …As long as nina’s a match… which we would have known a long time ago if you didn’t let your hatred for nina blind you.

[ Tense music plays ] Nina: You suspected that I was willow’s mother when harmony died last year? And if I would have known that willow was sick, I would have said something a long time ago.

[ Door opens ] I’m so sorry. I-I was told this room was empty.

[ Chuckles lightly ] You okay? Are you waiting for someone? I’m — I’m just waiting for my blood test results. Okay. I’m — I’m surprised you haven’t heard already. I’m a — a potential bone-marrow match for willow tait. Oh, well, that’s a — it’s a very generous gesture for somebody who, until recently, I-I think you were fighting in court, right? I don’t have a choice. Willow’s my daughter.

[ Breathes deeply ] Whoa! Late night? Yeah. I, um, I forgot that I picked up this extra shift, and I just left class, so… you’ve been doing that a lot lately, picking up extra shifts. Your psych professor would say that you have an avoidant attachment disorder. Oh, yeah? And what would my psych professor say I’m avoiding? I don’t know. Bad breakup.

[ Scoffs ] I am so mad at joss for ending things with me. But I miss her so much. I just wishI could just go one day without thinking about her.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Telephone rings in distance ] Excuse me. Um. Can I help you? Um… can you, uh, give, uh, willow tait another blanket and some — some more water? It’s cold in her room. Of course. I’ll be right back. Thank you. What are you doing here?

Oh! [ Chuckles ] So, how many more items do we have to check off this list? Just a few. Right. Mm. Maybe we can do it later. Mm! Mm-hmm!

[ Chuckles ]

[ Clears throat ] Don’t mind me. I’m just going up to my room, trying to stay out of the almost-newlyweds’ hair. Um, dad, actually, uh, do you have a minute?

[ Exhales sharply ] We would like your help at the ceremony. What are you doing at G.H.? Looking for sonny. He texted me that something was going on with his family and to meet him at G.H. What did he want? I don’t know. I couldn’t find him downstairs, so I figured I would check the third floor. I heard about willow’s diagnosis. What — my father told you? Um, no, no. I overheard him tell josslyn. Is willow okay? No, not really. I’m sorry. Thanks. Is there anything I can do to help? Just stay on top of the plan to bring my father down. On it. Oh, uh, dex, as long as you’re here, uh, you called me the other night, said there was a problem? What is it? Dex: Where are you going? Well, I’m gonna go to his office and I’m gonna tell him that I can see whoever I want to see, and it’s none of his damn business. Nothing to worry about. You sure it’s not something I need to know? I’m so sorry about britt. Thanks. It’s nice to see you. Is it, joss? Is it really nice to see me? Of course. What are you doing here? I came to get willow her favorite slice of pie. I didn’t know that cam would be working today. He’s always working. All right. That’s not true. I have a life. If this is awkward for you, I’ll just go somewhere else. It’s whatever, all right? I just need to clock in. What’s your problem?

[ Scoffs ]

My problem? The guy’s heartbroken. Don’t you think it might be a good idea to steer clear of this place and cameron for a little while? Willow is your daughter? That’s — I — okay, I mean, when did you find that out? Yesterday. Right. Well… what are you doing here? Why are you — why are you hiding out in here? Shouldn’t you be with her? Well, I wish I could be with her. I would think you two would have a lot to talk about. Willow and I already said everything that we need to say to each other. The only thing I can do now is try and save her life. You sure about that? She won’t accept anything else from me. I’m s– I’m really, really sorry… no. …But it’s been a very long couple of days. Yeah. I — is there something I can do to help? I — okay. Nina, listen, please feel free to give a shout if you ever need anything, okay?

[ Door closes ] Hey, it’s me. Nina needs you. You think I kept the truth from willow because I hated nina more than I loved willow? Didn’t you? I’m not even gonna dignify that with an answer. You’ve been aching to get revenge on nina ever since that you found out that she knew I was in nixon falls. Not to mention everything else. Nina deserves to pay for everything she’s done. But I have washed my hands of that. This wasn’t about revenge. Okay. So why didn’t you tell her that — that willow’s her daughter? I don’t owe you an explanation. You owe nina. The hell I do! Nina’s own choices have led directly to this. The only ones I owe anything to are michael and willow. What about the baby? And wiley? You don’t think you owe them an explanation if their mother dies because of the secret that you kept?

Where is she? She’s right in there. Thank you for calling me. Yeah, no problem. I-it was part of my hippocratic oath. I mean, if I didn’t know how to help a patient, I swore that I would just call you. You’ve helped, dr. Gatlin-holt, more than you know. First, my britta — now nina. You doing okay? One day at a time. Isn’t that what you americans say? If you’ll excuse me.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Voice breaking ] Aunt liesl. How are you doing, liebchen? What are you doing here? Doctor gatlin-holt called, said you needed me. Are — are you sick? Hurt? No, physically, I’m fine. Then why are you here? Aunt liesl…

[ Breathes deeply ] …There was a miracle. I-I found out I had another daughter.

[ Breathing quickly ]

Mein gott!

[ Gasps softly ] But h-how is this possible? I am so sorry. This is probably the last thing that you want to talk about after britt. Oh, no! I would never begrudge you the joy of discovering you have a child. But why are you upset? This is — this is good news, ja? It is. But there’s complications. Like what? Carly. That was a low blow, sonny. Did I say anything untrue? I didn’t know willow had leukemia. But if you had not withheld the information, she wouldn’t be up there right now fighting for her life. You can’t possibly think that I would have kept this secret if I knew willow was sick. Michael and willow didn’t tell anyone. I could only make a decision on the information that I had. That’s not your decision to make — on willow’s behalf, on nina’s behalf. She deserved to know she had a daughter. It meant so much to her. Can you imagine thinking that your daughter was stolen? That you — you can never raise her? That does a lot of damage. But you still decided to punish her.

[ Breathes sharply ] This was never about nina.

[ Sighs ] I did this for willow because I knew the pain it would cause if she knew the truth. Nina had pushed willow so far that willow didn’t even want to find her biological family. I did this for willow. A lot of good that did. You know what? You got a lot of nerve throwing around all this concern for willow now, because you sure as hell didn’t have any when nina was harassing her and torturing her in court. Don’t worry about the call. You’ve got enough going on. Besides, it’s been handled. Well, fill me in anyway. I haven’t heard anything more about the pikeman deal. Sonny took me to the meeting, so I assumed I would have access. But if he’s still negotiating or if they’ve set a date for the first shipment, I don’t know about it. And unless sonny tells me himself, I’ve got no way to find out. I’m never in the room when he and brick have a call. But pikeman is not gonna pull out of the deal. And sonny has already taken their cash, so he can’t, either. When the shipments start, he’ll need me. That’s when I’ll know. I just got a little jumpy. The sooner this is over, the better for me. Yeah, me too. Sorry about the false alarm. I won’t keep you from willow. Just give me a minute before you come out? Will do. Oh, and, dex, um… I just want to say thanks. With everything going on with my family, it’s — it’s nice to know that I can trust you. Don’t you think it’s a good ideato mind your own business? Do you really want to run into cameron just to get coffee and pie? Hmm? Spencer, my grandma owns kelly’s, all right? I’m not gonna avoid the place just to avoid cam. And by the way, I did not know that he was working here today, all right? We don’t talk much since we broke up. And why did you break up? Because I got his explanation, but I never got yours. I don’t have the bandwidth to deal with you today, spencer. Oh. My life is crazy enough. And like I said, it’s none of your business. Okay, but cam is my friend. So it is a little bit my business, josslyn. You’re supposed to be

my friend, too! I’ve known you since we were five years old. I’ve seen you make more mistakes than I can count, spencer. But I’m still here talking to you. And I’m still here talking to you. What’s your point? I’d never make you choose sides, but clearly, you already have. So you’re telling me I’ve completely lost your friendship over this? I never said that, but it doesn’t mean that I get it. Cam is the sweetest kid on the planet. I know! That’s what makes this so hard. I’ve known him my whole life. You think that just because we broke up that I don’t care about his feelings anymore? Really? I’ll go somewhere else. Wait. Joss, wait. Please. What the hell, dude? I thought I told you to stopfighting my battles for me. Portia and I feel very strongly that, um… well, our wedding isn’t just about us — it’s about this whole blended family that we’ve created with our wonderful, wonderful relationship. You, stella, and tj have been so welcoming to me, and I’m proud to call you my in-laws.

[ Chuckling ] Well, I-I like the sound of that, future daughter-in-law.

[ Both chuckle ] And then I got to thinking about, last time I got married, you weren’t a part of my life. I am now. And, uh, I hope you realize how happy I am to be here to witness you and this lovely young lady saying your vows. Well, pop, it would sure mean a lot to me — and portia and I — we — we got to talking, and we would like to have you involved in the ceremony.

[ Chuckling ] Well, son, I’m — I’m a little too old to be a groomsman.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you so much for your help with the music and all the songs and the arrangement that you chose, but.. we’re just wondering if we could take it a step further. Pop, would you p lease play,uh, the clarinet solo at our wedding ceremony? Would you do us that honor?

[ Sighs ] Wow. [ Clears throat ] I’m, uh, I’m honored — I’m honored that you would ask. But I don’t think I can.

[ Scoffs ] What — did you get a better offer somewhere else? I just, um… I wouldn’t know what to play. Curtis and I have a request. A favorite song that we share. The wedding — it’s in a few weeks. I-I don’t have enough time to prepare new music. Well, pop, I hear you in your room playing every night. You’re constantly working on your craft. I hear you riffing and all that, so it’s definitely in your wheelhouse. Son, that’s just me keeping my skills up. Learning new music, that’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax entirely. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. [ Chuckles ] You can have the sheet music with you if you like. Why don’t you lay it on me straight, pop? Do you not want to perform at our wedding? I’m sorry, man. I didn’t mean to overstep. I just hate seeing you like this. Like what, spence? All sad! I overheard joss telling you that this is hard on her, too. You really believe that? Why wouldn’t I? Joss was just saying that to save face. Okay, you have known joss as long as I have. Bs isn’t really her style. Maybe not. But something is…off with this breakup. Okay, last time I checked, she broke up with me, not you.

[ Sighs softly ] That excuse that she gave you, that you two grew apart, that’s like breakup excuse 101. What does it even mean? See, it makes as little sense to you as it does to me. I guess so. I know so. Plus, I’ve been through more breakups than you. No, you haven’T. Esme was your first girlfriend. Okay, yes, but I’ve had more relationships fall apart. Like with my father. And with me and esme, we did not grow apart. Yeah, you found out she was, like, the worst human being in existence.Right, like with my father. They did things that made me realize that they weren’t who I thought. So you’re saying that josslyn isn’t who I thought she was? No, I just don’t think that she’s being straight with you.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Telephone rings in distance ] Michael: Joss? Hey! Um… I’m sorry that I didn’t get here sooner. I had an exam this morning, and mom said that willow’s condition is stable. I thought that willow might want some pie if she feels up for eating. But you didn’t respond to my text. Doesn’t matter — I brought two forks and two iced teas just in case. Thank you. Appreciate it. Willow’s asleep right now, but I’m — I’m sure she’ll appreciate this when she wakes up. How is she?

[ Sighs ] She’s weak. She’s gonna be staying here for a while. I-is there any update on a bone-marrow donor? Yeah. She, uh, actually might have found one. What? Michael, that’s great. W-when did we find out? Mom didn’t say anything.

[ Sighs ] Okay. What’s going on? Every time I mention mom, you act weird. Something happening between you two?

[ Voice breaking ] As awful as harmony was, and she was awful, at least she told carly the truth on her death bed. And carly took it on herself to do a dna test without my or willow’s consent. And she found out that willow was my daughter. And she didn’t say anything for months and months. And if willow wasn’t sick, she probably still wouldn’t have. How dare that horrible woman keep you from yet another child? I don’t know. I just keep going through it until I’m dizzy. The cruelty of all of it. And carly had the nerve to say you were in the wrong for keeping sonny from her family. I knew that carly had it in for me, but to do this? To sit back and watch my relationship with willow just fall apart, knowing that willow…

[ Breathes sharply ] …Was my daughter? It’s cruel. And now, when willow needs a mother the most, of course, she doesn’t want anything to do with me. All I can do is just wander around here just helpless, aunt liesl, hoping that my bone marrow will save her life. You are not helpless. You are doing everything possible to help your daughter… and more and more — …like a good mother should. I just — I have to get those results. The more and more I wait for those results, the angrier and angrier I get. Because, aunt liesl, I feel like time — time is slipping by! If I knew that willow my daughter, I wouldn’t have spent all that time arguing with michael and willow for denying access to wiley. Because I thought wiley was my only connection to a family that was stolen from me. That wasn’t the truth. Carly knew better. I could kill her. Are you seriously comparing this to what happened in wiley’s court case? Your feelings for nina may have blinded you, but I saw the pain that nina caused willow then and many times since. Willow looked at me and told me that if her mom was anything like nina, she wouldn’t want to find her. So, no, I wasn’t gonna let nina make willow suffer more. Oh, so you’re doing this in, uh, willow’s best interests? Is what you’re saying? Not just hers, but michael’s, wiley’s, and the new baby. I made the decision I did for the greater good of my family. Don’t you dare tell me you don’t know what that’s like. Okay, you can dress this up however you like.

[ Scoffs ] And this pr job, you’re doing great in your head. “It’s gonna hurt willow. It’s gonna hurt your family. Nina was a horrible person.” You can lie to yourself, but you’re not gonna lie to me. We both know you’re not protecting anyone. Nina suffered, and you like it.

That I don’t wantto play at your wedding, son. Then what is it?

[ Sighs ] Your wedding should be about you and portia. Wouldn’t be right for me to play and steal the attention away from you both. Well, I don’t think that will happen.

[ Sighs ] That sounds like another excuse. Now, you want to tell me the real reason? I love portia. She’s a wonderful partner for you. Look, I get it, dad. You kept yourself away from family for 40 years. And — and it’s probably very scary for you to publicly commit yourself to a whole new family. But you know how important this is to me. I can’t! I’m sorry. I just — I just don’t trust myself. While I certainly understand your desire to murder carly… I don’t think you have it in you.

[ Crying ] Well, maybe not literally, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t make her pay. You know, aunt liesl, she was there right from the beginning. She would just encourage that animosity from michael and willow. And I — I understand that I made my mistakes, and I take full ownership of them. And I am the one that is going to have to make that up to willow. But… …even before I went to nixon falls, even before, you know, I found sonny, she was trying to take wiley away from me. She would undermine me to michael and willow. So even if I made the smallest little mistakes, she would have planted the seeds of doubt. She was always there, trying to, you know, reinforce her angry feelings or horrible feelings against me. Well, I’ll tell you this — I have had enough of it!

[ Crying ] I am gonna make carly suffer for this. I know exactly how you feel. But you cannot strike back against carly. You have no idea what I’m feeling. Oh, I know how you think, carly. I know you better than anyone. You hate nina because she kept me from the family — understandable. So you wanted to hit her where it would hurt her the most, and that’s by taking her child from her. You stole the chance of her ever being a mother, and you knew that was the thing she wanted the most. So, congratulations. Nina’s in pain. Willow doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. She hurt you like you hurt her. Now, can we end this madness? I just want to make sure I get this straight — you are now blaming me for their lack of relationship? Nina has her own damn self to blame for her pain. After everything nina put her through, willow has every right to hate her. And guess what, sonny. The feeling’s mutual because she and willow hated each other long before I found out they were mother and daughter. Stop justifying your lies!

[ Scoffs ] The potential donor for willow is, um, nina. Ohh. Well, I’m glad that we found a donor. But why does it have to be her? Well, because nina is willow’s birth mother. What?

[ Inhales deeply ] Nina gave birth to twins, and, uh, nelle went to the bensons, and willow was given to harmony. I’m sorry. Are you sure? Has anyone run a dna test? There’s no way that willow could possibly be related to nelle or nina. I mean — mom ran a dna test. Mom? Mm-hmm. Harmony told her right before she died. And then mom ran a paternity test on nina and willow. And mom…

[Breathes deeply] She knew for months that nina was willow’s mother. Not that she said anything. Oh, michael. Yeah. Mom claims that she was protecting willow. That she was better off not knowing. I mean, if willow hadn’t been sick, who knows if mom would have said anything?

[ Sighs ] But willow is sick.

[ Sighs ] So… mom told the truth when it counted. Yeah, but it was almost too late. I mean, willow could have died waiting for a bone-marrow donor.

[ Sighs ] Listen. [ Chuckles ] I understand why you’re upset, obviously. But… you and willow — you guys didn’t tell anybody that she was sick. So how was mom supposed to know?

[ Sighs ] Now, look. The point is, mom was making choices for willow that she had no right to make. Choices that jeopardized her life. Look, I-I don’t think I can ever forgive her for that.

Wait a minute. Trust yourself? Pop, what does that even mean? Is this about your schizophrenia, marshall? I can’t play solo. Not since my diagnosis. I’ve seen you perform solo at G.H. Son, it’s one thing to perform for a few patients who’s just looking for someone to brighten up their day. It’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax to play at your big occasion on your wedding.

[ Sighs ] My anxiety, it acts up. But — but this isn’t a bunch of anonymous strangers. This is your family. Family and friends. Doesn’t matter. After my diagnosis, portia, I could — I could feel myself going to this scary place every time I performed solo. I’ve been afraid that this could trigger an episode. That’s why I only perform with a band now, where I can stay in the background and just do my thing from there. But didn’t you tell me that you’ve never had an episode? I’ve been fortunate. Don’t mean it ain’t never gonna happen. No, no. I’m not gonna risk it. Not on your big day. Having me play, that’s only inviting trouble. So, as much as I would like to — son, as much as I want to, I can’T. I need you to understand, son. You’re not gonna forgive mom? Ever?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. I’m just so angry, I can’t even think straight. Willow is pregnant and has leukemia. Of course you’re overwhelmed.

[ Breathes deeply ] I mean, mom — mom knew that willow was looking for her biological family, and she just went on withholding this information.

[ Sighs ] I am not saying that I think mom made the right decision. Of course I completely understand why you’re upset. All I’m saying is… there’s extenuating circumstances here. Willow’s long-lost mom is a woman she cannot stand. A woman who took you and willow to court. I understand that, but, look, this doesn’t change the fact that this should have been

willow’s decision to make. And mom should have came to — to willow the moment she found out that nina was her mother.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. I hear you. All I’m saying is — is I can see mom’s side of it. There are some things that people are just better off not knowing. Yeah, well, it’s not up to mom to decide what will or won’t hurt willow. I mean, look what happened. She’s hurt anyway. And it could have had deadly results. It still might.

[ Exhales deeply ] I gotta — I gotta get back to willow. And, uh, thank you, uh… michael. Thanks for just letting me vent. Feel whatever you need to feel. Just… maybe don’t talk to mom right now. Maybe just cool off a little first.

[ Scoffs lightly ] Yeah, I’ll try. Look, joss breaking up with me came out of nowhere. So I understand why you think something’s up, but I don’T. Okay. Why not? Well, w-we loved each other. That was real. Exactly. And those feelings don’t just disappear overnight. People who love each other, they don’t just split up for no reason, cameron. Yeah, sometimes people split up for a lot of reasons. I’ve been so hurt and angry that I shut myself off to the possibility that joss might be in pain, too. And seeing her just now, I believe her when she says that this hasn’t been easy for her. Joss has always been honest with me. So, if she says that we grew apart, why would I think that would be a lie? The sonny I used to know… …would have seen that nina has done nothing but torture willow right up until the moment she found out that she was her mother. And he was the one who taught me that sometimes you have to do questionable things to protect the people you care about. And he would understand why I did what I did. But that sonny’s gone. You’re right, carly. I have changed. We all have. You know what that means? That we don’t have to keep doing the same things we always have. Right. Sorry it took me so long to find you. You didn’t answer my text. Yeah, I’ve been busy. What can I do for you? I’ll call you. I-I-I gotta see nina.

[ Voice breaking ] Who are you, and, um, what have you done to my aunt liesl? Normally I would be the first to tell you not to turn the other cheek.

[ Sniffles, sighs ] When someone wrongs you, you must strike back, send a message that there are consequences for hurting you. Every fiber of my being aches to destroy the monster who murdered my britta. But… …britta is not here. Willow is.

[ Breathes deeply ] Not only do you have a new daughter, you will also have a new grandchild. Yeah. That is where your focus should be. But I told you that willow doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. Willow needs you to save her life. And you cannot do that when you are… consumed by revenge on carly. Willow must be your priority now, not carly. You know, I know what you’re saying. But I-I-I — no “buts,” nina! Do not squander your second chance to be a mother. I am grateful every day that I got a second chance with britta.

[ Voice breaking ] Cherish — cherish this gift you’ve been given, liebchen. Please?

[ Indistinct conversations ] Dex: Joss. You’re back. You okay? Not really. How ’bout we get out of here? I guess you have to trust your instincts. My instincts certainly weren’t great when it came to esme.

[ Chuckles ] I mean… maybe I wanted to see that things were okay. And maybe joss just experienced our relationship differently. Maybe. I have no reason not to trust her. She’s been a part of my life for forever, a-and I would hate for that trust to just go away just because we didn’t work out as a couple. And maybe we do find our way back being friends. Joss was honest about her feelings. It’s not like she set out to hurt me. Thank you for talking sense into me. I need to focus on willow. And I will deal with carly later. Mm.

[ Door opens ] Oh, I’m so sorry — sorry to interrupt. I think my work here is done. Hm? Thank you. You’re doing the right thing.

[ Sniffles ] What is, uh, liesl doing here? She was just reminding me that I shouldn’t give up on my daughter. And I won’T. Dr. Gatlin-holt. Yeah? Is esme prince still in the hospital? No, liesl, she was released. When? Why?

[ Scoffs ] Has she recovered from her injuries? I — w-where did she go? From what I heard, they took her away for an arraignment. I can’t tell you whether or not she was remanded to prison or if she’s free on bail. She could be free and roaming the streets after murdering my daughter?

[ Cellphone chimes ] You gonna be okay? I will be… excuse me. …As soon as I track down ms. Prince. It would mean a whole lot if you performed at our wedding, but I understand if you don’t want to. It’s your choice, and I respect that. But I want you to know that… we believe in you, pop. Excuse me. I gotta call the savoy. Mm. Marshall, can’t you see how badly your son wants you to be a part of his wedding? I don’t think I can. And I know you don’t want to hear this, but I still think there’s a possibility that you’ve been misdiagnosed and you don’t even have schizophrenia. I know you feel you’re doing the right thing — there is an easy way for us to find out, and then we can see, and maybe you can show up for curtis after all. Why don’t you want to take the steps to find out for sure? Because it’s too late.

[ Door closes ]

[ Indistinct conversations, telephone rings in distance ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Elevator doors open ] Hey. How’s willow? Why do you ask? It’s obvious you don’t give a damn about her.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, January 18, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


 if I could go back to the night that I found out that nina was your birth mother… if I knew then what I know now… alright, so it’s willow’s fault for keeping her condition a secret? No, michael, no. I’m not second guessing or blaming. I’m not at all. If I were in your shoes, I would have done the same thing. I would have done whatever it took to save my baby. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. And I’m in awe of your courage. But still, if I would have known what you were facing, you have to believe I would have never kept you from knowing who your birth mother was. Even if it was nina? The woman who took everything from you? Uh, can I — can I ask you a question? Um, why do you have to do another test? Didn’t that sample that you took from my cheek swab — didn’t that indicate that I was a match? Well, the cheek swab was only an indicator that you might be a match. But once we have a blood sample from you, we can compare it with willow’s, and that will definitively tell us if you’re a match. And then willow will get a bone marrow transplant and she’ll start to heal and she’ll be able to have the baby. Okay, nina, nina.

[ Laughs ] Nina. Look, come here. I know you’re — you’re excited, but we have to let tj and the nurse do their job first. Okay. [ Laughs ] Give us a sec. Of course. Yeah. Um…

[ Door closes ] Donna, she always gets a lollipop before she gets a shot. Is there anything I can do for you to take care of you? U-uh, sonny, I —

[ Sighs ] Well, I don’t need a lollipop, but I do need you to do something. Name it. Be happy for me. There was a time that I believed in your father — that I believed in us as a couple. Well, look where that faith has gotten you. He cheated on you with my ex-girlfriend. I’m not saying that I believe in our marriage now.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, right. There was a time I did, and if that makes me a fool for love, then so be it. At least I was happy for a time. Some people never even get that. When I came back to town, I thought that you were the root of all evil. I know. You were quite vocal on the subject. Well, I now know that — that that was wrong. I thought that if I could only break up you and my father’s marriage, then everything between he and i would fall into place. And now I realize that the problem was never you. It was my father. There’s no question that nikolas wronged us. He wronged us both. But he didn’t do all that damage on his own. He had a little help from esme. This is what we call occupational therapy. We make friendship bracelets. [ Laughs ] Here, try it. According to the cops and the staff at general hospital, I don’t have any friends. That’s okay. That’s okay. You can have the one that I’m making when I’m done with it. A gift from one new friend to another. Ever since I woke up in that hospital bed, I have been tread like a criminal or like this baby inside of me is some ticking time bomb. Well, not anymore. I’m not gonna let that happen. I don’t understand. We just met. Why do you care what happens to me? A cataphile. Tha-that’s impressive. Did you go to school for that? Like, uh, you know, the history and layout of parisian catacombs? But, of course. I went to the school of hard knocks. [ Laughs ] We learned together, didn’t we? Roaming the catacombs at night. Popping up to get our pick of the finest jewelry shops in paris. [ Laughs ] Sounds exciting. And what did you do during the day? Oh, my dear anna, what do the parisians do better than anyone?

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ]

U again, a woman’s life is at stake and every second counts. Yes.

Bon. So be it. We’ll keep it all business. So we need access to the compound. We need to gain entry so that we can get in and extract our prisoner, and then we need to get out and make a getaway. What do you think? Can it be done? Sadly, no. Except by the greatest cataphile of them all — moi.

[ Laughs ] Alright, does that mean you’re willing to help us? Yes? For valentin, uh, I’d do anything. I know exactly which branch of the mines will afford us access to the compound. So, you said mines?

Oui. It’s a common mistake to call them catacomb. The truth is, it’s a network of 15th century subterranean mines connected by large galleries. Still, for your purposes, all that matters is that I get you to where you want to go without detection. Yeah. Thank you. That’s good. Here. To make arrangements.

[ Speaks in french ]

[ Door closes ] S-shall I just clean you off a little bit? Just, uh, here and here. You are rightnot to trust just anyone. Shows you got good breeding. You must come from good people. If you say so. But then again, why should I trust you?

[ Laughs ] That’s my girl. Your girl? What does that mean? No, I-I just meant that if you and I stick together, we can help each other. I mean, most ridgees are harmless enough in here, but every place has its share of riff-raff. Like who? Like… ryan chamberlain. Avoid him at all costs. But dr. Collins said that he had a twin brother named ryan and that he couldn’t hurt a fly. Yeah, well, ryan appears to be suffering from a physical condition that’s left him a bit declawed, but you trust me — stay away from him. He’s as sick as they come. And what about you? You never told me what you did to end up in here. I loved too much. At first, I-it was about my sons. Now one of those is in the slammer and the other’s six feet under. I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anyone else? Yes. A daughter. My one and only. Esme is anything but an innocent victim. And even if it is proven that she is not the hook killer, she is still no more fit to raise a child than my father is. And that is why I am hoping to hire diane miller to sue for custody. Y-you want custody even though the child isn’t yours? Yeah, it may not be my child, but it would be my half sibling, my flesh and blood. And that baby will be the only innocent person in this entire family. And if there is any hope of salvaging something good out of all of the pain and all of the lies that my father has inflicted on us, it lies with that baby. What was diane’s reaction? She said that it’s a long shot, but that she would consider going to war for me. Diane’s no fool. No. If she thinks there’s a chance, then… well, I’m pretty certain that you haven’t told your father about your intentions. He will know when the time is right. And what about trina? What does she think of your plan? Ah, I see. You haven’t told trina eithe have you? Nina didn’t take anything from me and sonny made his choices and the metro court is just real estate. I have my family, and you and your baby are a part of that family, and I would never knowingly put you at risk. But you did by keeping the truth from her. I was just trying to protect willow! I was so worried about the harm that nina would cause. And I knew that if she wormed her way into your life, she wouldn’t stop there. Just call it what it is. It was revenge. It was not! Michael, I need to talk to carly, alone. I-I don’t think that’s a — please. Do this for me. Yeah. I’d do anything for you.

[ Door closes ] Okay, um… it’s just you and me. You say whatever you need to say, and don’t hold back. Don’t worry. I won’T. Nina, I am happy for you. I just — I’ve been — you know, I just — I start thinking about carly and how she kept that secret from you and willow, and it could have been life and death. Well, let me make this perfectly clear. I have no intentions of forgiving and forgetting what carly did to me, okay? But right now, this is about saving my daughter. My whole life, I’ve wanted a child. I thought I had a chance with sasha, but that was just — that was a cruel lie. And then finding out that nelle was my daughter only after she was dead. This — this is this incredible gift that was given to me. I get to be a mother. And no matter how willow feels about me, no matter what our history is, she needs me. And I tell you, willow is lucky to have you. And I’m lucky to have her even more, because I need her just as much.

[ Door opens ] Are we good to go? Yeah. Yeah, we’re good. Alright.

[ Laughs ] Alright.

[ Laughs ] Okay, let’s do this.

I know you’ve always had my back, carly. Not for one minute do I believe that you would deliberately hurt me, any more than you would hurt michael or wiley. Thank you for understanding. I’m not finished.

[ Monitors beeping ] I get why you think you were protecting me from nina, but that wasn’t your choice to make. Once you found out who my mother was, you owed it to me to tell me, to trust me to be able to handle it. I’m not made of glass, carly. I lost a child, and thought I’d die with him, but it didn’T. I found the strength to go on. And if it’s not too late… I pray I have the strength to live for michael and wiley and our baby. You’re right. I did the very thing that I’d hate if it were done to me. I didn’t trust you to stand up for yourself. Do you think you could find it in your heart to forgive me? I already have. Thank you. And I’m so sorry, and I’m so grateful for you. And I love you as if you were my own daughter. I’ll let you get some rest. And if there’s anything, anything you need… can you stop by the house and give wiley a hug? I can do that. I truly pray that nina comes through for you and your baby. So do I, carly. So do I. Before you say anything, there’s nothing going on between renee and me. I know. Not now, yes, but in the past. Do you remember I told you about those smash and grab robberies that I engineered in prague, berlin, milan, paris, of course. Of course. Uh, well, renee was a key part of the operation because of her understanding of the catacombs. I think for her, it was the thrill. She enjoyed being a rule breaker. And for you? It’s an opportunity to make a large sum of money by separating some very rich people from their baubles, and I’ve never claimed to be a choirboy. However, I’ve made some very generous donations to charity, and the high-end jewelry stores were heavily insured. So it’s a victimless crime? No, no, I-I wouldn’t say that. But, anna, there are far uglier ways to make money. Hmm. And renee… well, like I said, she was in it for the thrill. But there was never a real connection. Not like I have with you. I just wonder if we can trust her. And this is not jealousy — far from it. But you’ve climbed out of the catacombs into the light, and I just wonder if she’s in it for an easy score or to break some more rules, you know? Lucy’s life is at stake. There’s no time to find anyone else, certainly not with renee’s skills. So how do you want to play this? Took your sweet time. It’s freezing out here. Will this keep you warm? There is more where this came from. You still work for victor cassadine? Who? Ask monsieur cassadine what it is worth to him to have his son and anna devane served up

en brochette? My little girl was taken away from me when she was just a baby. I wish someone would take mine. Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that. Getting my little girl back, keeping her safe and happy is all I live for. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do. No, not anything. Oh, uh — um — you’re hurting me. I’m sorry, esme. I-I didn’t — uh, guard? Is my room ready yet? No, honey, don’t — don’t leave yet. Don’t leave yet. We’ve — we’ve just begun to get acquainted.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Door opens ] Hey, I got your message. You wanted to see me? Can’t believe I’m saying this, but… how’s nina? I’m not asking for me. I’m asking for…

[Inhales deeply] Wiley… for my baby… …and willow. Look, I know there’s going to be a lot of — there’s going to be a lot of — a lot of baggage dealing with nina as…

[Sighs] Willow’s mother in the future, but that…. that’s next week’s problem. For today, just please, please, please let them be a match. Just… [ Sniffles ] Just give willow a chance. That’s all I’m asking.

[ Door opens ]

I knew I could count on you. What’d I tell you? She’s one of a kind. Oh, she’s everything you said she’d be, only more so. Just like old times, huh?

N’est-ce pas, mon amour? So, anna dear, are we in this together? Looping in trina on my plans would only complicate her life, which is something that I have done plenty of already. You can’t have it both ways, spencer. You can’t try to renew your friendship with trina and then keep her in the dark about such a big move. Or haven’t you learned anything from the last time, when you came back to town with esme? You really think that I should tell her? Yes, I do. Tell her and let her make the choice whether she wants to be involved in your plans. I know. Okay. I know. You’re right. But I didn’t ask you here to get advice. Then what? Because I know that diane is expensive, but you certainly don’t need my money or my approval. That’s true. But if I’m going to go up against my father, I cannot do it alone. Look, um, I’m sorry if I — if I came on too strong. It’s just seeing you in the family way like that just pushed my buttons. So do you know yet whether it’s a boy or a girl? And if so, you pick– you picked any names? Look, um, I just met you, and, um, what I decide to do with this baby is strictly my business. Understand? Yes. I understand completely.

[ Laughs ] That baby is not just an inconvenience to you, no matter how much you try to pretend. You care about that child almost as much as I care about mine. I’ll keep my distance. No, um… willow needs all of our prayers. You know, um… you keep saying what willow needs. What about you? Is there room in your heart for me?

Remember, anna, we have to move quickly before victor learns about our plan and moves lucy to another location. It’s now or never. Then it’s now. Look, I know what you want to hear, but I can’t deal with you right now. All that matters is willow, and I need to be with her. I don’t know if there is a happy ending for me. Don’t say that. You’re going to have a beautiful baby, and you’re gonna get much better. Trust me. Even you can’t guarantee that. So if it turns out that I’M… not here for my family, I need you and michael to stop being enemies. Become father and son again. I’m not saying it will be easy. You’re going to have to earn it. But please, sonny… do whatever you can to win his forgiveness. Because I know he needs you. And you need him. I’m gonna do what I can. You take care of my grandchild, you understand me? Diane already warned you that you’re in for a fight. And I know nikolas, and he will not hesitate to play dirty when it comes to the custody of his child. I’m ready. After all, he taught me all of his same dirty tricks. Well, spencer, I admire your initiative, but you’re right — you are going to need all the help you can get. You’re going to need to count on somebody who’s willing to get down and dirty, too. Do you have anyone in mind? Guard: Your room is ready. Let’s go. I can’t do this.

[ Stammers ] I know it’s just your hormones talking. Don’t worry, I understand what you’re going through. I’ll be here when you need me.

[ Sighs ] Well. Oh, wait! You forgot your bracelet. Nina. I thought you’d be long gone by now. I personally made sure that the lab has your blood work, so there is nothing more you can do until we have the results. Yeah, I know. I just wanted to know what was gonna happen next, ’cause I am gonna be a match. Do you know how soon that willow can get her, you know, bone marrow transplant? So, nothing can happen until willow gives birth. After that, she’ll go through another round of chemotherapy to kill the diseased cells. After that, they take stem cells from you and inject them into willow’s bloodstream. Oh. Okay. And then? Well, if all goes well, willow will produce healthy new blood cells. It has to. All has to go well. Hey. Is there any news? Nina a match? I haven’t heard anything yet. I… I said a prayer for you and the baby. I need all the prayers I can get. Yeah, that’s what I told my mom. Now, you might, uh, be able to forgive her, but… I’m not sure I can.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

The judge sends Esme to Spring Ridge to await trial. Heather gets to know her daughter, but she gets a little too eager and scares off Esme.

Spencer tells Ava that he plans to try and get custody of Nikolas and Esme’s child. Spencer asks Ava for her help to go up against Nikolas.

Anna meets Renee, an old girlfriend of Valentin’s and she is suspicious of her but Valentin tells Anna he trusts Renee to help rescue Lucy. Anna’s instincts are correct because Renee meets with one of Victor’s men and asks him to ask Victor how much it is worth to him to have Anna and Valentin handed to him on a silver platter.

Willow tells Carly that as soon as she found out Nina was her mother she should have told her. Willow tells Carly that she isn’t made of glass she could have dealt with the truth. Willow tells Carly she understands why she wanted to protect her and forgives her for not telling her the truth. Michael tells Willow he isn’t sure he can forgive Carly for keeping the truth from them. Willow asks Sonny to do everything he can to reconcile with Michael because Michael will need him if something goes wrong with r transplant. Nina takes additional tests to find out if she is a bone marrow match for Willow.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Anna and Valentin are in Paris looking for Lucy, and the son of one of Victor’s guards tells Anna and Valentin that he has seen Lucy in the building where Anna and Valentin had suspected. Martin tells Victor that he could concentrate better on Emma’s case if Lucy was back home. Victor calls his guard and tells him to double security where they are holding Lucy because he has a few that Anna and Valentin are on their way there.

Sasha persuades Willow to induce labor tomorrow so she can have the bone marrow transplant. Nina gets the long-awaited call to tell her she is a potential bone marrow match for Willow.

Heather plans to breaks out of Spring Ridge intending to stab Josslynn with the hook so Esme will no longer be suspected of the hook killings.

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GH Update Tuesday, January 17, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

In Paris, Anna was disheartened that her search with Valentin had not revealed more details on Lucy’s location.  

Anna admitted her guilt over having involved Lucy in her quest to bring down Victor. There was a knock at the door and Valentin answered. Outside, a young boy named Antoine indicated he had information for Valentin.  Anna and Valentin invited him in. Antoine spoke in French and told Valentin and Anna that his father had been complaining about the American woman who would not stop speaking. Antoine said that the woman had uttered the words “Ciao” and “Ta” often. Anna and Valentin realized the woman he spoke of was Lucy.

Valentin thanked Antoine and gave him money for the information and asked him to remain quiet about their meeting. Antoine said that he had never met Valentin.  Valentin and Anna smiled and bid Antoine goodbye. After he left, Valentin and Anna realized that Antoine was the son of one of Victor’s men. Anna and Valentin were thrilled to know that Lucy was alive and still putting up a fight. They spoke of how to rescue Lucy. Valentin said that perhaps they could use the sewer system to gain access to Victor’s compound. Anna believed the catacombs would be of better use to them.

Anna studied the maps of the catacombs and realized that the location of Victor’s prison for Lucy was a veritable fortress and not easily accessed by any means. Valentin suggested that there were many areas of the catacombs not reflected in the blueprints or on any map.  He said that there still might be a way to reach Lucy and they both agreed they would make an attempt to free Lucy from Victor’s men.

At GH, Victor visited Esme. Victor spoke to Esme as if she was faking her amnesia, but Esme had no clue who he was. Victor told Esme to call him “Uncle Victor.”  He manipulated Esme into thinking that he was there to make sure she received the best of care and representation because she was carrying the “next Cassadine heir.”  Victor was obviously surprised that Esme had a genuine case of memory loss.

Esme said that given the awful things she stood accused of, it might be better if she never regained her memory. Victor asked Esme what she planned to do after leaving the hospital. Esme replied that she would go to court and hoped to avoid prison.

At that point, Martin entered. Victor reminded Martin and Esme that the police had no physical evidence to tie Esme to any of the hook killings. Martin grew angry, and asked to speak to Victor outside the room. Martin called Victor an “unrepentant sociopath,” and conversation became heated when Martin spoke of Lucy. Martin issued a veiled threat by implying that he didn’t know if he would be able to fully concentrate on Esme’s case because he was so worried about Lucy’s disappearance. He said that Esme might have to have her baby behind bars. Victor asked Martin if he was threatening him. Martin said that he was only stating the facts.  Both men stared at each other with enmity, Martin knowing all too well that Victor was behind Lucy’s disappearance and Victor not doing a very good job of concealing his guilt. Martin walked away from Victor knowing he had the upper hand now that he was Esme’s only hope of being exonerated.

Later, Victor placed a call to a henchman named Gavin in France. Victor asked about their “guest,” and he warned Gavin that Anna and Valentin had still not been located and he feared that they might be headed in his direction.  He ordered the guard to double security.

Heather made her way into Ryan’s cell and was startled when he leapt from his wheelchair and approached her.  Heather told Ryan that her favorite security guard had been fired for stealing.  She revealed her plan to bust Esme out of GH and that they would run from the authorities.  It bothered Heather that Esme had no idea who she was and probably didn’t even know her name.  Ryan confirmed that Esme had no clue who Heather was.  This further angered Heather, who despite Ryan’s objections said she was carrying out her plan immediately with no delays. Ryan insisted she needed a better plan and to think things through.  She dismissed him and when she left the cell she said that she would “send him a postcard.”

In Willow’s room at the hospital, Willow told Michael that she didn’t want to deliver their baby prematurely. Michael grew angry, and he said that Willow having the baby a month before its due date would not pose a great risk to the baby’s overall health. Michael added that by delaying treatment for the leukemia, Willow was gambling with her life. 

Michael left Willow’s room to go for a walk with Chase, who had come to the hospital to offer their support for Michael. In Willow’s room, Sasha confirmed that she knew that Willow had leukemia. Sasha was floored when Willow said that she had just learned that Nina was her biological mother. Willow sarcastically said that she was “better off with Harmony” as a mother. Sasha asked if Willow was thinking about refusing a transplant merely because Nina was the donor.

Willow believed that Nina would “leverage” her bone marrow as a way to gain visitation with Wiley. Willow claimed that she wouldn’t refuse a transplant from Nina. After Michael returned, Sasha departed.

Alone in the room, Michael apologized for having grown angry with Willow. Willow said that she had decided she would bring their baby into the world if Dr. Randolph thought it was too risky to delay treatment. Michael was relieved, and he told Willow that he loved her. 

At Sonny’s penthouse, Nina kept calling the hospital and asking if she was a bone marrow match for Willow.  She became angry at how long it was taking the lab to perform a “simple blood test.”  Nina was thrilled that she might be able to save Willow.

Nina, who was overcome with emotion and couldn’t stop crying, said that she would never forgive Carly for having kept the truth from her. Sonny admitted that he was “mad as hell” over Carly’s actions. Sonny told Nina that he and Michael had shared a moment the previous night. Sonny said that he had seen a glimpse of the person Michael used to be.  

Nina received a phone call and learned she was a potential bone marrow match donor for Willow.  She shared the news with Sonny, who told Nina that “as long as there is life, there is hope.”

Nina said that she had to get to the hospital and Sonny asked her if she would like him to go with her.  Nina said that she wouldn’t have it any other way.  The two kissed and laughed.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, January 17, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Siren wailing ] It’s so frustrating! That’s four days with nothing.

[ Sighs ] I wouldn’t say nothing, darling. We now know the building in question is victor’s stronghold. Yeah, but there’s no feasible way in. And to add insult to impenetrability, we don’t even know that that’s exactly where lucy’s being held. The whole damn thing is just a giant waste of time.

[ Sighs ] Well, look on the bright side. There’s a bright side? Yeah. We’re in paris, and we’re together. That’s from wiley. And also… he sent a kiss for his little sister. How is our little smoocher doing? He’s fine. He’s just worried about his mama. I hate that I just collapsed in front of him. He must have been so scared. You know what? I’m sure he’s gonna feel a lot better the moment that he meets his little sister. Did you tell wiley the baby’s coming early? Not yet. But I-I do think we need to fill him in. Make him part of bringing the baby home so he doesn’t feel left out. I agree. We’ll do all of that… when the baby comes. Right. Which — which — which has to happen before you can receive the bone marrow transplant. So if nina does turn out to be a match… nina. …Then you can be induced as soon as tomorrow. I could… …except I’m not willing to do that. What — what — what are you saying? I don’t want to deliver early. I want the baby to come when she’s ready. Even if it costs you your life? Morning, richie. Don’t worry. It’s just me. I promise you, we will not be disturbed. Oh! Alone at last. Do I have to? I’ve been cuffed so long, my wrist is sore. Sorry. Those are my instructions. Can’t you just wait until my lawyer gets here? You can put them on me when the two of you escort me to court for my hearing.

[ Knock on door ] Hey, maybe that’s your lawyer now. Oh, don’t you look lovely, my dear. And so good to see you up and about. Who are you? Hmm? Oh, right. Uh, you can call me uncle victor. I can’t believe willow has been battling leukemia all this time and didn’t tell anyone. I get it. Illness is a deeply private thing. Fair enough. Anyway, now we know, which means we can be here for willow and michael. Right? Right. Nina reeves. Listen, I need to confirm that I am a bone marrow donor match with willow tait. I have no idea why it’s taking so long. It was a cheek swab for a preliminary screening. Okay, then can you put me on a, I don’t know, a priority list? I’m trying to save my — if you could just call me when you get the results, I would appreciate it. Thank you very much. Thank you for pulling me off the ledge. I’m glad I could help. Well, what — what time did you get to bed? Like 4:30-ish. I’m not sure. My mind is just racing. I have a daughter! I have a daughter! Willow is my daughter. Nelle had a twin. I have another chance at being a mother. That’s great. I’m — I’m happy for you. And my bone marrow… is gonna save her.

[ Coughing/sneezing ]

[ Door knocking ]

Valentin: I think this might help. Oh, god. Thank you so much.

De rien. Mm. What are you hoping to learn by looking at the map again? Just looking for something that we might have missed. Okay, so let’s run it one more time. Well, the building is under constant surveillance. 24 hours. Naturally. And the shifts are staggered, which means that no two posts change guard at the same time. There’s always someone on watch. Right. So that means that we can’t attach ourselves to an arriving group and just slip inside. I don’t think we’ve exhausted all our options. No? You don’t? Well, there’s always a variable, a fatal flaw. So we’ll find a weakness in victor’s defenses, and we’ll exploit them. And go in and rescue lucy. And she’ll more than likely be unharmed. Oh, god.

[ Sighs ] Ohh. That’s supposed to make me feel better but it doesn’t, because I got her involved in this. And if anything happens to her… sir, you can’t be in here. Well, I assure you, I have no ill intent. I have to ask you to leave. Officer, um, I know it’s against procedure or whatever, but as you know, I have no memory of who I am or what I’ve done. And this man may have some answers that could help me. So if you could just… give us a few minutes, please? Two minutes, but the door stays open. Thank you. Well played, esme. I wasn’t playing him. I just told him what I wanted. So, um, you’re my uncle? No one told me I had family. Well, perhaps my introduction was a bit misleading. My name is victor cassadine, and you are carrying the next cassadine heir. So you’re here for the baby, not me. Well, right now, the two of you are more than a bit inseparable. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Apparently, I’m not a very good person. Apparently. So your memory is still a blank? It’s not gonna make it ring any faster, nina. Yeah, I know. I just can’t help it. I can’t help it because I just — sonny, I just feel like this amazing gift has been dropped in my lap, and it can all go away just as quickly. I have… hey. I have a daughter. I have a daughter. One that I didn’t know about. She’s in the hospital fighting for her life — a life that she doesn’t want me to be a part of. But my bone marrow is gonna save her. My bone marrow is gonna save her. Nina, nina, listen to me, okay? Willow is as thrown by this news as you are. Everybody’s just trying to wrap their head around, you know, you being willow’s mother. Except for carly. Because she’s known for months, almost a year. She didn’t tell us. She just sat and watched willow and i tear into each other about wiley, and she didn’t say a word. I will never forgive that. Dr. Randolph has been very clear that you have to deliver the baby before you can receive the transplant. And you need the transplant to live. Yes. She has been very clear. Willow, you’re eight months pregnant. You’re far enough along that — that the baby — having it now will pose minimal risk. Premature babies can have health problems that affect their entire lives. I’m stable right now. If we wait another week or two, it can make all the difference in the quality of our daughter’s life. The longer you wait, the more the leukemia will progress and the less likely that — that the transplant will work. Come on, please, willow.

[ Sighs ] I don’t want to risk your life any more than we already have. You mean more than I already have. No, “we.” Always, always we. Look, I don’t want our children to grow up without a mother. I don’t even want to imagine life without you.

Someone’s feeling frisky this morning. Our daughter is still in police custody. And I told you that I would take care of that. What are you so nervous about? As soon as someone else gets hooked while esme’s still in custody, the cops will have to let her go. And yet no one has died since she’s been arrested. What’s the hold up? Well, I may have had a little snag. Just a teeny, weeny bump in the road. My favorite friendly security guard, dietrich, got fired for stealing. You’ve got to be kidding. I know, right? Good help is hard to find these days. The point is, I no longer have easy access in and out of spring ridge right now. Bummer! Yeah. Look, the only reason I know my own name is because someone told it to me. And now I could go to prison for something that I don’t even know if I did or not. Well, what does your attorney have to say about your potential incarceration? Mr. Grey says that if I can remember where I’ve been the past few months, then I might be able to prove that I’m not the killer. But given that everything people say I did, I’m starting to think that it might be better if I never remember who I used to be. I mean… revenge porn? Oh, well, I’m not one to judge. I don’t know. That seems pretty judge-worthy. The sooner you stop caring about what other people think, my dear, the freer you and your conscience will be. Right. Well, um… I think our two minutes are up. So if there’s anything specific you wanted to ask me… no, I’m — I’m only here because I’m worried about you. You mean the baby. Well, you, the baby, the future. What are your plans once you leave this hospital? My immediate plans are going to court and then…who knows? I’m just hoping that I won’t end up in prison. Well, mr. Cassadine, you’re here. I shall have a talk with my sister, the mayor, about that. Esme, is this man bothering you? Not at all, um… so are we headed to the courthouse now or…? No, not yet. I thought we’d have a moment to strategize before your arraignment. I wonder, mr. Grey, how much strategy is actually required to get a pregnant woman with amnesia out on bail? The police think I’ve killed three people. Yes, I know. Indeed they do. But they have no physical evidence tying you to any of those crimes, esme. Isn’t that right, mr. Grey? Mr. Cassadine, I’d like a word in the hall with you alone, if I may. Esme, I’ll be right back. I’ll be in touch, my dear. Mr. Cassadine, what do you want? I am merely looking out for my family, mr. Grey. Esme is the mother of my great niece or nephew. And as such, I want to do anything I can to help her. Well, if that’s the case, then why don’t you just stay away? Because the last thing my client needs right now is to be seen in the company of an unrepentant sociopath such as yourself. You are forgetting yourself, mr. Grey. Well, you’re just gonna have to forgive me. Fact is, I might remember my manners better if I wasn’t worried sick about my poor lucy. Actually, between you and me, I’m concerned I might not be doing my best by my clients because I haven’t been able to think straight since lucy disappeared. You mean since anna devane shot lucy. Well, no, that’s the thing, isn’t it? They never did find lucy’s body. Just like your nephew. Twice. Imagine that. And while hope remains alive, the uncertainty that I may never see lucy again — well, that does no one any good, does it? Least of all, my clients. Why don’t you speak plainly, mr. Grey? How do you think the fate of the unfortunate ms. Coe has anything to do with esme prince, hmm? I’m afraid if I can’t focus on esme’s case, that poor girl is gonna wind up having her baby behind bars… in pentonville. I knew carly hated me. But even at her worst, I didn’t think that she was capable of doing this to me again, that she could keep me from — not once but twice — my children, sonny. First nelle, then — then willow. I am mad as hell at carly right now because I don’t care what she felt about you, she had no right to hide the fact that you’re willow’s mother. I’m beyond mad. I didn’t think anything could hurt as much as finding out that nelle was my daughter only after she was dead. But this… to knowingly keep me… from my living daughter. She sat by and watched me and willow turn our relationship into this toxic thing. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t say anything. And then I heard willow say… that this doesn’t change anything between us. Do you understand it just rips my heart out of my body? She just… sit down. Come here. She said that she thinks so little of me, sonny, that she wanted to know what I wanted in return for my bone marrow. I’d give her my life. Listen. Okay? Willow now has to figure out what’s going on. But things would’ve been different… yeah. …If we knew that we were mother and child, she was my daughter. If carly would have told me, I wouldn’t have ever acted that way. I wouldn’t have pushed so hard to try to get wiley. It just would have happened. What if by me trying so desperately to hold on to my grandson… …what if that’s what makes me lose wiley… and willow? And the baby. We’re gonna get through this. You understand me?

[ Sobbing ] Mr. Corinthos, how can I help you? I need to talk to dr. Randolph right now. She’s in a consultation right now, but I’ll tell her the moment she’s available. Thanks. Mm-hmm. There he is. Hey, chase, sasha. How are you doing? You hanging in there? I’m trying. Michael, did something happen with willow? Has she gotten worse? No, no, she’s — she’s stable. Oh, thank god. No, the biggest danger that willow’s facing right now is herself. What do you mean? I know — I know I shouldn’t be arguing with willow right now, that she needs to save her strength to fight this thing. But she is not listening to reason. You know, why don’t you and i go for a walk? Get some fresh air. Yeah. Yeah. You two go do that, and I’ll go sit with willow. I don’t want to leave. Then maybe just a lap around the floor, get the blood pumping. Okay, yeah, I can do that. Call me if you — if anything, you know, happens. Promise. I know your dad is worried… about both of us. But I promise you, sweetheart, I’m going to protect you as long as I possibly can. And I will always, always put you first.

You’re making a not so subtle threat to undermine your own client’s case in return for a little quid pro quo. Mr. Cassadine, that is an appalling insinuation. I would never. Well, I was hoping you’d say that. The point I’m making is that sooner or later, everybody’s luck runs out. And when they find lucy, the wsb is gonna know exactly what happened to her that night on the docks. Oh, I’m sure they will… if they find her. Well, here’s hoping. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really must be getting to court. You know, there’s one thing we can agree on, mr. Cassadine. It behooves us all to do everything we can to see justice served. Mm. I’m sorry you were without charlotte for christmas. Yeah. That hurt. Yeah. But we were able to get a message to laura on christmas day, so charlotte knows that I’m all right. I’m grateful for that. I think laura’s changing her opinion of you. No, I wouldn’t say that. I think she’s tolerating me for charlotte’s sake. And that’s a victory in itself. I feel it’s more than that. I think that she’s — she’s giving you credit for good intentions. Well, let’s not go crazy.

[ Knock on door ] You expecting someone? I don’t know.

[ Speaks french ]

[ Speaks french ]


Bonjour, madame.


[ Gasps ] Lucy. Lucy. Can I come in? Yes, please. Have you seen michael? He’s with chase. I’m glad someone he has someone to talk to. So I…assume you know. I know about the leukemia, and I know that you delayed treatment because of your pregnancy. I think it was a brave choice. I would have done anything to save liam if I could. I knew you’d understand. But michael doesn’t? Michael: I mean, you know willow. She’s always putting everyone else’s needs before her own. Yeah, I remember. And now we have a potential donor. You do? That’s great. Yeah. Yeah. If it doesn’t fall through, like the last one. And if willow doesn’t delay the transplant for too long. You know how relatives are supposed to make the best donors? Well, I’ve been searching for my birth mother. Oh, my god. You found her? We did. Right here in port charles. How is that not good news? According to a dna test, my birth mother… is nina. I just, uh, want you to know things aren’t as bad as it seems. Optimism looks really good on you. The lab is gonna call you and tell you that you’re a viable donor for willow. The transplant is gonna save her life. And when she’s healthy, she’s gonna realize that… …she deserves you for a mother. You can’t promise that. Oh, yes, I can. Really? How? Well, because last night, I talked to michael, and he opened up a little bit. I mean, not like it used to be, but it’s [Sighs] More than we’ve talked in a whole year. That’s wonderful. And I saw the son that I thought that I had lost forever. And — and there’s something I realized. That… as long as there’s life… …there’s always hope.

Nina… the most selfish, vindictive, manipulative person I know, the woman I fought to keep from wiley. That’s my mom. I know that you and nina don’t get along. “Don’t get along”? Sasha, that woman hated me from the moment we met. In fact, she hated me before she walked into my classroom. When I was charlotte’s teacher, she was convinced I had it in for charlotte. She would not accept that charlotte was acting out. Nina is very protective of the people she loves. Nina is toxic. It is literally horrifying to think that we are related. I was better off with harmony.

[ Chuckles ] Willow… are you thinking of refusing the transplant because nina is the donor? Esme going to prison wasn’t part of my plan. Well, good, because that would have been a terrible plan. I need her free. If my daughter can’t — our daughter. If our daughter can’t move without police surveillance, then how was she supposed to help me reunite with ava? Ava?! I don’t give a damn about ava! I am not doing this for ava! I am doing this for me and my baby girl. My steven lars was ripped of my arms when he was a child! Franco had to grow up without me. Esme is my last chance. Then don’t blow it. Stab someone. Anyone. As long as esme’s alibi is unshakable. And make sure you include details that only the police would know. We don’t want them to think that there’s a copycat. Don’t tell me how to do my job. I’ve waited my whole life to have a relationship with my daughter, with my esme. No, you haven’T. And now that I’m this close, just within touching distance of her, you really think I’m gonna let the cops lock her away somewhere where I don’t get a chance to see her? And what about her baby? Prison is no place for a child. That’s our grandchild. Yes, better to leave the baby on the doorstep of some convent. Oh, come on. I did the best I could. And it’s no fair anyway. You’ve already gotten a chance to see her. You’ve gotten a chance to spend time with her. I’ve never even had a chance to speak with her. She probably doesn’t even know my name. She doesn’T. She will, and I will be a part of her life. Dream big or go home. Oh, ryan! I’ve lived this long without my daughter, just wondering where she is, just waiting for a glimpse of my baby girl. And now we’re back in fantasyland. You mark my words. I will set my daughter free if it is the last thing I do. Great! How?

[ Exhales sharply ] The only way I can… by busting out of here. You know, sonny, I hated my mother. I was convinced that she was cruel and self-absorbed. You’re two for two. Yeah, I was just an extension of herself. Then I have to ask myself, what if willow describes me that way — cruel… and self-absorbed? She’d be wrong. Maybe she’s not. You know, I don’t — I don’t know your mother too well, but it’s pretty obvious she didn’t understand love and family. Well, she had a firm grasp of inheritance law. When your mother took your children away from you, she broke you. Just like deke broke me. We have a hole inside of us. Our souls were ripped out from people we thought that we could trust. You’ve hurt people, right? Yeah, I’ve hurt people. That’s because we feel too much. We love too much. We fight too hard… …because we react quickly. We drive the people we love away. We’re too much. Well, you’re not too much for me. Well, you’re not too much for me either.

[ Laughing ]

[ Laughs ]


Au revoir.

Au revoir. Ahh. That, by the way, was the son of one of victor’s bodyguards. I gathered. God. Could espionage be any more adorable? Okay, so now we know lucy is in the building. She’s still fighting. As long as there’s breath in her body, there’s two things she’ll never do — shut up or give up. And we’re certainly not giving up on lucy. No. So what do we do? Alright. So we can’t go in the front way because there’s too much foot traffic. And we can’t go in the back way because there are too many cameras and motion sensors. So, we… so… we parkour across the rooftops and rappel from above? No. Maybe we perform a reverse shawshank and pop up from the sewers? Not the sewers. The catacombs. Nina claims there are no strings attached. You don’t believe her? How can I? Let’s — let’s just say it all works out. Nina’s bone marrow saves my life. You don’t think she would try to leverage that into time with wiley or my daughter? So even after all this, the kids will still be off limits to nina? Nina is still the same person she was when she dragged me and michael into court seeking visitation with wiley, the same person who badgered and manipulated, who tried to convince michael I was having an affair with tj. Willow, she could also be your best chance at survival. I won’t refuse the transplant because of nina. I just want to wait as long as possible to give my daughter the best chance at a healthy life. And I would expect nothing less from my friend. Your guard/doorman got himself canned for stealing. How do you expect to get out without his help? Oh. Getting out’s easy. It’s getting back in that’s the tricky part. Are you saying you could leave here any time you want? Absolutely. How? With this. Oh.

[ Laughing ] Nice craftsmanship. Sometimes you say the sweetest things. Here’s what I’m gonna do. Okay. I’m gonna take a guard hostage, break out. I will hook that smug little josslyn jacks once and for all. And esme’s exonerated. And then she and the baby and i can go on the run together. Oh, that’s good. And what about me? Well, I don’t know. You can come if you want, I suppose. But we’re leaving now. You mean today? Yeah. Why not? Because, heather, we need a real plan, not just stab and run. Oh, unclench, will you? Loosen up. Improvise. Live in the moment. I don’t think you’ve thought this through. You know what? Okay, fine. I’ll do the hard work. I’m used to it. Don’t worry, handsome. We’ll send you a postcard. Oh. Nina is willow’s mom? Yeah. Yeah. Wow. I can see how that would be a lot to deal with. Nina’s been a wrecking ball for willow from the get-go. Okay, but now that nina’s lost her case to get visitation with wiley, things have calmed down, right? Look, nina accused willow of cheating… on me with tj. Because in her eyes, comforting a friend who has cancer and cheating are too — too impossible to tell apart. Alright. Um, I don’t even know what to say to that. I mean, willow — willow is the most generous, open-hearted person in the world and she despises nina. Now, how bad do you have to be for willow to hate you? I mean, nina — she — she wants things, but she doesn’t want to earn them. And she has no idea what’s best for wiley. Do you think that maybe willow is willing to risk her own life for her daughter’s sake to prove that she’s not like nina? I don’t know. I don’t think that’s it. I mean, willow always puts everyone else’s needs before her own, right? I mean, she was even willing to go to jail to protect wiley from shiloh. I mean, her loyalty is one of the things I love the most about her and it’S… it’s why her family needs her.

oh, god. Well, there’s another brilliant idea just shot to hell because victor’s stronghold is not accessible by the catacombs. Now, hold on, hold on. I mean, that might be all the official data, but there are plenty of catacombs that are left unmapped. There might be one or two that lead directly where we want to go. Oh, so what are we supposed to do? Just find an underground passage that may or may not be structurally sound, explore it blindly, and hope that it winds up in the basement of victor’s fancy parisian fortress? No. No? We don’t have to do it ourselves. There are plenty of people that have already done so. Illegally. Unofficially. Okay. And as it happens, I just might know somebody. Why am I not surprised? But you are impressed, though, right, because otherwise, why am I doing this? No, I’m very impressed. You’re very impressive. In fact, I think you’re amazing. Let’s go get lucy out of there. Gavin. How’s our guest? Any sign of trouble? Good. Well, stay alert and double security. I haven’t been able to locate anna or valentin, and they just might be headed your way.

[ Footsteps approaching ] When I first came to town, I was pretending to be nina’s daughter, which makes me your fake sister.

[ Both laughing ] Finally, a little good news. Uh-oh. What are you two up to? I’ll let willow fill you in. Anytime you want to talk… back at you. That goes for you, too. I know. You’re back. Yeah. Here I am. You okay? I’m sorry for arguing with you. Sorry for arguing with you like that. I’m sorry, too… for letting you think that I abandoned our family. I promise you… I do not want to die. I know. And I-I know it’s ultimately up to you to decide if you want to delay the birth, so… thank you for saying that… because I have thought about it. And if dr. Randolph says it’s too risky to delay the transplant, then, yes, we can bring our daughter into the world a little early. Thank god. I love you. I love you, too. Of course, none of this matters if nina’s not a match. Sonny. I’m a potential donor match. I told you there’s still hope. You couldn’t resist saying “I told you so,” could you? No, ’cause I like to be right. So what do you want to do? You want to go? You want to… well, I have to go to — I have to go to gh and get a blood test. I’m one step closer to saving my daughter’s life. Do you want me to go with you? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ohh… what would I do without you? You’re not gonna have to find out.

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GH Transcript Monday, January 16, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

Portia: I’m not going to sit here and watch Spencer Cassadine worm his way into my daughter’s heart again.

Curtis: I get it. Just tread lightly.

Portia: Oh, it’s too late for that. I’ve already made that extremely clear, and Spencer knows exactly how I feel on the matter as well.

Curtis: I’m not talking about Spencer. I’m talking about Trina. [ Sighs ]  If you try to keep her from him, you might end up doing the exact opposite and push her straight into Spencer’s arms.

Spencer: Thanks so much for coming right over, Ms. Miller. Please.

Diane: My fee for an after-hours consultation is substantial, young man.

Spencer: I’m good. And I’ll cover your retainer right now to prove it.

Diane: Retainer? Is this a criminal matter? Spencer, you just got out of Pentonville. You haven’t had time to cash your commissary check.

Spencer: I don’t need a commissary check. But don’t worry, counselor, this is not a criminal matter. It’s more of a civil one.

Diane: I’m listening.

Spencer: It involves Esme Prince’s baby. I want custody.

Elizabeth: So you’re sure the police found nothing at Wyndemere?

Nikolas: It was as if Esme was never in the tower.

Elizabeth: But how?

Nikolas: Victor took care of it.

Elizabeth: Victor knows? How did he figure out what we were up to?

Nikolas: No. He knows what I was up to. I left you out of it. He doesn’t know that you were helping me.

Elizabeth: Thank you. So the police are satisfied? They’re not an immediate concern?

Nikolas: No. But my family is.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Esme: Oh!

Laura: Oh. Hi.

Esme: Wow. God.

Laura: It’s all right. It’s all right.

Esme: [ Breathes deeply ]

Laura: I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to startle you. I was trying not to wake you up.

Esme: You’re not a doctor. Are you a cop?

Laura: No, uh, just an interested party.

Esme: Then how did you get in here?

Laura: Funny, I was about to ask you the very same question.

Carly: My guess is Nina’s in the lab, getting her cheek swabbed.

Sonny: She agreed to be tested as a potential bone marrow match?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Th– that’s why you came into the chapel? ‘Cause Nina was willing to get tested. You didn’t guilt her into it, did you?

Drew: Sonny, you got this all wrong.

Sonny: W–

Carly: It was Nina who laid the guilt trip, okay?

Sonny: What do you have to feel guilty about?

Willow: Get out! Leave me alone!

Michael: Not now, Nina.

Willow: Not ever! I want you out of this room. I want you out of my life for good!

Nina: I — [ Stammers ] I’m sorry, Willow, but… your life may depend on me.

Willow: You should talk to a shrink about that savior complex of yours. Get her out of here. On second thought, don’t give her another reason to drag us into court. Call hospital security.

Nina: I’m not leaving. Not yet.

Willow: Michael.

Michael: [ Sighs deeply ] You need to hear what she has to say.

Laura: One day, you just disappeared. Some say you went to Europe. And others say that you stayed here in Port Charles and committed some pretty heinous crimes.

Esme: Well, what do you think?

Laura: I’m not…

Esme: [ Coughs ]

Laura: Sure.  That’s why I’m here, actually.  Drink. You want to be sure not to get too dehydrated right now. So, tell me, where were you during those months that you were missing, and how did you get here with hypothermia?

Esme: I wish I knew. Thank you. So you sat here patiently watching me sleep, gave me a nice drink of water… Do I know you?

Laura: My name is Laura Collins. I’m the mayor of this city.

Esme: Wow. The mayor? Judging by what people think of me, I’m guessing that you’re not here to give me the key to the city.

Laura: No. I’m here because I am also the grandmother of the baby you’re carrying.

Portia: I need another drink. [ Scoffs ] [ Groans ]

[ Knock on door ]

Curtis: Portia.

Portia: If that’s who I think it is — oh, no, no, no. I got this. I’m calm.

Curtis: [ Sighs ]

Taggert: Hey, sorry I didn’t call.

Portia: Oh, my god! Hi! Come, come out of the cold.

Taggert: Thank you.

Portia: I didn’t realize you were back in town.

Taggert: Yeah, I came back when I saw all the photos of Trina with that Cassadine kid. Do I need to worry about my baby girl?

Sonny: What have you done, Carly?

Dante: Hey, uh, I heard about Willow.

Sonny: I’m sorry I haven’t called you. I just got a — there’s a lot going on.

Dante: Yeah, that’s okay. Uh, I stopped by her room, but Michael and Nina were there. I didn’t want to interrupt.

Carly: I’m sorry, did you say Nina was in Willow’s room?

Dante: Yeah. What’s her prognosis?

Carly: Willow has stabilized, but she’s in desperate need of a bone marrow match.

Dante: I should, uh, I should go get tested then, yeah?

Carly: Uh, Drew, can you show Dante where the lab is so he can get tested?

Drew: Yeah. Yeah. You got it.

Carly: Can I talk to you? Nina’s Willow’s mother.

Willow: Michael, tell me what is going on.

Nina: I-I don’t want to upset you.

Willow: Epic fail.

Nina: Willow, I am so sorry for all the arguments that we’ve had. The ugliness, the bad feelings. I’m sorry for all the ways that I have disappointed you.

Willow: You’ve said all this before. It’s just lip service, Nina. You never mean it, and this time is no different.

Nina: No, this time is — it’s very, very different.

Willow: [ Scoffs ] Why?

Nina: Because n– now I know that… [ Breathing unsteadily ] …You’re my daughter.

Willow: [ Laughs ] Your daughter. You have lost your mind.

Nina: No. It’s true.

Willow: Nina, please. Stop.

Nina: I just found out. You know what? They kept if from me. They kept it from both of us.

Willow: My mother is dead, Nina.

Nina: They said that. They did. But they were lying to you.

Willow: Oh, you’re accusing someone else of lying? That’s — that’s rich. Can you believe her?

Michael: Willow, um, I do. I do believe her because… …it’s true.

Elizabeth: Why would Victor want to keep evidence of Esme’s captivity in a storage unit?

Nikolas: Why do you think? Leverage.

Elizabeth: Against who? You? Oh, that’s disgusting.

Nikolas: No. That’s Cassadine.

Elizabeth: So this isn’t over? Do you have any idea where the storage unit is?

Nikolas: Could be anywhere. Even if I knew, I doubt I would be able to access it.

Elizabeth: [ Scoffs ] So that’s it?

Nikolas: [ Sighs ]

Elizabeth: Your uncle has the power to destroy us both.

Nikolas: No, Elizabeth. I’m quite sure he doesn’t know that you’re involved. Or he would have mentioned it. He has no evidence leading back to you or I’d already know.

Elizabeth: I don’t see how you can be so sure.

Nikolas: I can’t. [ Sighs ] But I promise that I am gonna do whatever it takes to shield you from any of the trouble that I brought you. And I’ll take all the blame if that’s what’s needed. But right now, it’s not Victor we need to worry about talking. It’s Esme.

Esme: You’re Spencer’s mother?

Laura: I’m Spencer’s grandmother. His father, Nikolas, is my son. You stayed with my husband, Kevin, and me when you and Spencer were together.

Esme: Uh, Kevin Collins, the psychiatrist?

Laura: Yes.

Esme: I-I met him. He looked so familiar.

Laura: Do I look familiar?

Esme: The — the guy who came to see me was telling me his name was Spencer. But, wait, I-I’m sorry. I’m confused. You said that Spencer is your grandson, but that I’m carrying your grandchild?

Laura: It’s a lot of names to keep up with, isn’t it?

Esme: Yes.

Laura: How about that? Is this the guy who came to visit you.

Esme: Um, the guy who came was younger. That’s him. That’s my baby’s father.

Diane: All right. Take it from the top.

Spencer: How hard is it to gain full custody of a newborn?

Diane: Well, there was a time when fathers were not favored in family court, but that hasn’t been the case for decades.

Spencer: What about custody being awarded to family members?

Diane: That’s a little trickier. And given your family’s unusual history, I would say that Laura would be in the best position to petition. And don’t forget, Esme will need to be stripped of all parental rights. But given that Esme is Esme, I see that as a possibility.

Spencer: What about a sibling gaining custody?

Diane: A sibling of the baby?

Spencer: Yes. Does that happen?

Diane: Well, yes. I mean, it’s rare, but in this case, there is no — Esme’s baby isn’t yours, is it? Nikolas? Is Nikolas the father?

Michael: Drew confirmed it. Nina is your biological mother.

Willow: No. No.

Nina: Are you okay?

Willow: No.

Michael: I think we should call a doctor.

Willow: No. Drew was looking into my family. He would have told me this himself.

Nina: Well, Drew didn’t know until you were hospitalized.

Willow: How did he find out?

Michael: [ Exhales deeply ] New information came to light.

Willow: And Drew told you?

Nina: Carly told me. Willow, we’re all very, very worried about you.

Michael: Look, I know this is a lot to take in, okay? We don’t — we don’t have to have this conversation right now.

Willow: If not now, when? I may not have much time left.

Michael: No.

Willow: There is no time to wait. I need to know how this happened. And I need to know now.

Carly: That’s why I came to find Nina in the chapel. I wanted to tell her that she and Willow were biologically related, and she needed to be tested as a bone marrow match.

Sonny: Okay, stop right there. [ Sighs ] How did you come by this information?

Carly: Harmony told me.

Sonny: Harmony’s been dead for — for months. How long have — have you known?

Carly: You know, what’s important right now is saving Willow. The details don’t really matter.

Sonny: Yeah, the details matter, because they matter to Willow, they matter to Nina, and they sure as hell mattered to you because you kept your mouth shut.

Sonny:  I just want to know if this is true and why you waited so long to tell Nina.

Carly: Yes, it’s true. And I can only assume that Nina is in there telling Willow right now.

Sonny: Why didn’t you say anything when you found out?

Carly: I’m not getting into the details with you. Okay?

Sonny: Yeah, well… you knew about this, too?

Nina: I didn’t know that I was pregnant with twins. My mother, Madeline, she gave my babies to two separate women. She gave you to Harmony, and she made Phyllis, my nurse, give Nelle to the Bensons.

Willow: Nelle was my sister. I fought my own sister in court. [ Gasps ] After I found out Harmony wasn’t my biological mother, I thought I had no blood relations. And now… it seems I have two.

Nina: You have more. I have my Aunt Liesl and sweet little James.

Willow: So if this is true, it makes… Wiley my nephew.

Nina: It is true, Willow. I thought I lost my only child. And you thought that there was never gonna be a chance for you to have a relationship with your real mother. Maybe this is a way for both of us to get something we never had before.

Taggert: I thought Trina was done with this Spencer creep.

Portia: Okay, let’s try to keep it down. She’s upstairs sleeping. And I know — I thought that she was done with Spencer, too. But apparently they’re friends again, no matter what we think about it.

Taggert: Oh, we’ll see about that.

Portia: I understand your sentiment. I really do. But thankfully, Curtis talked me off the ledge before I made things even worse.

Taggert: Oh, you did, did you?

Curtis: I-I was saying that I think we should give Trina space to figure things out for herself.

Taggert: No offense, but you’re not my daughter’s father.

Laura: Why do you think that Spencer is the father of your baby? Did he say that he was?

Esme: He said it was possible. It is possible, right?

Laura: The two of you have had, uh, quite a history.

Esme: I sure hope he’s the father. He was so kind to me. He told me that we used to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but that we broke up.

Laura: Yeah.

Esme: Was the first photo you showed me Nikolas? He’s your son?

Laura: Yes. Has he been to see you?

Esme: Not yet. But if he’s any bit as nice as you and Spencer, I wouldn’t mind.

Laura: Hm.

Esme: Can I ask you a question, Mayor Collins?

Laura: Of course.

Esme: I get the feeling that not very many people in this town like me. And it’s weird not knowing if I’m guilty of the accusations about me or not. I mean, someone in this town must have cared about me, other than maybe Spencer. You said I lived with you, right? Can you tell me anything about me?

[ Knock on door, door opens ]

Dante: Laura.

Laura: Dante.

Dante: Sorry to interrupt. I was, uh, hoping to get some answers.

Esme: I’ll try my best.

Spencer: Do I have a chance?

Diane: Well, the courts are not usually keen on taking a child away from both biological parents without good cause.

Spencer: It should be easy enough to convince a judge that Esme is unfit. Not only is she facing legal troubles, her state of mind and her health challenges — those are factors.

Diane: All fair points. But a good lawyer could argue all of that on — on behalf of Esme.

Spencer: Well, lucky for us, you’re not just a good lawyer — you are the best.

Diane: Well, flattery is nice. A good case is nicer.

Spencer: Look, I know that it’s possible. I know that it’s possible because Michael was able to gain custody of his sister Avery at one point.

Diane: Correct. And, yes, your Aunt Alexis won that case, but — but that was short-lived. Michael ultimately gave Avery back to Sonny and Ava, and now they have joint custody of their daughter. But I’m assuming you don’t want to just temporarily remove this child.

Spencer: No. If I get my way, this baby will never know either of its parents.

Willow: Can you give Nina and me a few minutes alone?

Michael: Uh, I don’t think —

Willow: Michael, please.

Michael: I’ll be close by.

Willow: This won’t take long.

[ Door opens ]

Nina: It’s a lot, huh? I’m reeling, too, you know? I spent years and years looking for my child, and the pain of that loss, it haunted me every single day. But I have a daughter. [ Voice breaking ] Who hates me.

Willow: Don’t put words in my mouth, Nina.

Nina: Well, it’s no secret that all we’ve done — you know, we fight with each other. But I am hoping that ends here and now, that we can move forward, that we can build a new relationship with each other, that, you know, we can look back on all of this with a new sense of wonder about how we’ve come so far. We can tell that story to Wiley, and then we can tell the story to the new little one.

Willow: You won’t be telling either of my children stories, Nina. I asked Michael to leave to spare you some dignity. But make no mistake — the fact that we have a blood tie changes nothing between us.

Sonny: You hid the truth from Nina and Willow, too?

Drew: I would have told them had I known.

Sonny: So this is a vendetta.

Carly: It’s not a vendetta!

Drew: Sonny. [ Sighs ] Carly wasn’t trying to hurt Nina. She was trying to protect Willow.

Sonny: Okay. Make that make sense to me, Drew.

Drew: Because Willow was furious after the visitation hearing. She didn’t want her anywhere near her family.

Sonny: Because she didn’t know that Nina was her mother, Drew.

Carly: Have you forgotten the hell Nina put Willow through?! Have you?!

Sonny: You know what? You can fool Drew all you want. You’re not gonna fool me. You weren’t protecting Willow. You were doing this because you wanted to get back at Nina.

Carly: You can think what you want.

Michael: Enough! Enough!

Diane: You have every right to feel betrayed, because you were, but you have no obvious legal right to your father’s child.

Spencer: Uh —

Diane: Now, look, look. I’m gonna be blunt because that’s just part of my charm. I am concerned that a judge will hear the anger that I just heard and wonder about your motive. So I’ve got to ask you — what you’re trying to do, is it in the best interest of the child, or are you — are you seeking revenge against Nikolas and Esme?

Spencer: I don’t care about my father and Esme. Although, yes, sticking it to my father would be the icing on the cake.

Diane: And there it is again.

Spencer: This is about saving a child from an amoral mother and a dangerously selfish father. This is about breaking a cycle. A cycle that I’m all too familiar with. When my father was not pretending that he was dead, he was choosing a woman over me. This goes beyond bad parenting skills. My father is a toxic and damaging person, so I do not want to sit idly by while he breaks another child’s heart or while he damages another child’s self-esteem… because my little brother or sister deserves better than that.

Diane: As did you. Well said, Spencer, and we can put forth that argument. But I got to tell you, the odds are stacked against you.

Spencer: What if there is something that I could do to even those odds?

Elizabeth: From what I can tell, it doesn’t appear that Esme will recover her memories any time soon.

Nikolas: Good.

Elizabeth: For us. Not so much for her.

Nikolas: A blank slate could be a blessing. Esme has no memories of the low-down dirty deeds she’s done. She doesn’t have to carry the guilt like I do.

Elizabeth: It’s a double-edged sword. Being spared the painful memories is kind of a blessing, but knowing there’s something you can’t access, it’s just torture.

Nikolas: Are we still talking about Esme?

Elizabeth: Like I said, I don’t think she’s gonna remember anytime soon, which makes Victor’s evidence moot.

Nikolas: Exactly. No, it’s a pile of junk. Even with Esme’s DNA, I mean, it doesn’t pinpoint time or location. I mean, Esme, she lived at Wyndemere for months on and off.

Elizabeth: Mm.

Nikolas: As long as she doesn’t remember, we’re safe.  [ Sighs ] It’s gonna be okay, Elizabeth. I mean, there’s no real evidence, no testimony. Means no proof or case.

Dante: Does this look familiar?

Esme: It looks like a Christmas ornament.

Dante: Yeah. You had it on you when you were admitted. Can you take another look? It might actually give us a clue as to where you were before you turned up.

Esme: [ Sighs ] It doesn’t look familiar.

Laura: May I look? Oh, it looks hand-painted.

Dante: Yeah, it’s probably part of set. We’re trying to figure out who made them.

Laura: Mm-hmm.

Esme: I’m sorry. It means nothing to me.

Dante: If you can think of anything, if anything comes to you, can you give me a call?

Esme: No. Why would I help the police build a case against the girl I used to be?

Michael: You know, Willow’s life is imploding, and you’re out here fighting like children.

Carly:  How is she?

Michael: On top of the fact that she’s sick, she’s having to deal with the idea that the woman who she actively hates, who she told to drop dead, is her mother.

Drew:  Okay, look, we are here for you, for both of you, in any way possible.

Carly:  I’m sorry. And we can put our disagreements aside and focus on Willow, but why the hell was Nina’s first instinct to go in there and talk to Willow and not get tested first?

Sonny: You have no right to question Nina after what you’ve done, Carly.

Carly: Go to hell.

Michael: I need to talk to you in private.

Michael: I can’t believe that Mom knew that we were looking for Willow’s family, and she didn’t say a thing.

Sonny: That’s because she wanted revenge on Nina.

Michael: I don’t give a damn about Nina. Look. Willow is my one and only priority, okay?

Sonny: Right. Okay. I want to help you. How can I help you?

Michael: By dealing with your feelings towards what Mom did later, okay? Away from me. Away from Willow.

Sonny: I can do that. How are you holding up?

Michael: [ Sighs ] I don’t care about me. I care about Willow. She’s — she’s devastated, and I have to make things better for her.

Sonny: That’s what you’re doing, Michael. You’re looking out for her best interests. You’re there for her as a partner. As a father. You’re doing all the right things, son.

Diane: What do you mean, “even the odds”?

Spencer: I was with Esme for years, and according to my father, he was only with her for one night. Who’s to say that I’m not the father?

Diane: That’s an interesting wrinkle. Look, obviously I am always and only about presenting the best possible case for all of my clients. So if you tell me that you’re the father, I will take that into court. But if you have even an inkling that a DNA test might prove otherwise, I’m not gonna go down that road. I will not be party to fraud. So if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve got to keep looking for another lawyer. And your father, don’t forget, can bring in his own DNA test. And what do you think those results are gonna be?

Spencer: Fair enough. Okay, Ms. Miller, what are my options?

Diane: Well, here’s my charming bluntness. Again, it is very difficult to strip a child away from its biological parents. That’s a long shot. And we would be fighting on two fronts because Esme, while she doesn’t have the resources that your father has, still has rights. But your father is gonna level everything he’s got at you. He will attack you. And you are fresh from Pentonville. Not your first stint, but your second. So you will be playing defense yourself.

Spencer: I am sure that you can handle that.

Diane: Yes, of course I can handle it. And I would present a very effective case on your behalf. But I got to warn you, Spencer, I cannot guarantee you a win.

Dante: Well, chalk one up for nature versus nurture, I guess. Right? Even in Esme’s supposed state of amnesia, her instinct was to protect herself.

Laura: Yes, I noticed that. That Christmas ornament — is that somehow related to The Hook Killer investigation?

Dante: We don’t know yet, but we are pivoting away from Esme as the prime suspect in the killings. Could she be involved on some level? Maybe. But there’s no way she committed the acts herself.

Laura: [ Sighs ] Ah, that’s such a relief.  [ Laughs ] Yeah. But she is still under investigation for the revenge porn charges, right?

Dante: Yeah. Yeah. And the drugging of Oz Haggerty.

Laura: She will be discharged from the hospital soon. Will she be granted bail or held in a facility?

Dante: You know what? That’s above my pay grade.

Laura: Ah.

But I’m sure the D.A. will be calling you, and you and he will have to figure out the right answers to that.

Laura: I’m not sure there’s a right answer to this question. No matter how we choose to deal with Esme, the public will be watching and judging.

Elizabeth: I should get going.

Nikolas: Wait. All that talk of memory loss felt personal. I should have asked you this before, but did you ever figure out why you were losing time?

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ] Sorry I never told you, but yes, I did. Sleepwalking, the blackouts — they were the result of the illustrious Dr. Carolyn Webber using her psychiatric expertise to repress my memory.

Nikolas: What?! Did your father know?

Elizabeth: Yes. Anyway, I know my situation isn’t the same as Esme’s. But I’ve been where she is. I know what it’s like to not be able to rely on your memory or to be confused by the lack thereof.

Nikolas: What happened? What made your parents so desperate for you not to remember?

Curtis: Look, I may not be Trina’s biological father, but I am speaking from experience. She didn’t appreciate it when I weighed in on her personal life, and she all but told her mother to butt out of her business before she went up to bed.

Taggert: Well, that may be. I mean… Trina’s always been strong-minded and independent, but [Sighs] giving your daughter space so she can make her own mistakes is a lot different than standing back and watching her put herself in danger. Portia and I, we didn’t let her play in traffic as a child, and we’re not gonna let her play with the Cassadines. I know that family — too well. Tell the Princess to call me when she wakes up.

Portia: I will.

Taggert: [ Sighs ] Sorry for ruining your evening.

[ Door closes ]

Portia: Now, you know that I value you and your opinion and your support. It’s just that when it comes to Trina, um, Taggert is territorial.

Curtis: I get it. I totally understand. And so for now, I’m just gonna go ahead and keep my parenting advice to myself.

Portia: [ Chuckles softly ]

Curtis: That is, until we have our own.

Carly: I can deal with Sonny’s anger. I expected it. But the way Michael avoided my eyes…

Drew: We all need a little time.

Carly: And if it… affords Willow more time, it will have all been worth it.

Willow: If there is proof that you are my biological mother, I will accept that fact. But I will never accept you. You continually tried to destroy our family, first by keeping Sonny away from his loved ones, then insinuating yourself with my son and ripping our reputations to shreds in open court.

Nina: Willow, you’re not well enough for this.

Willow: I haven’t been well for months. But that didn’t stop your torment. You accused me of having an affair with TJ when he was supporting me through my diagnosis.

Nina: I didn’t know.

Willow: You didn’t care to know! You jumped to conclusions because you have been hell-bent on taking me and Michael down by any means necessary. And this is the story you want to tell Wiley someday? Not a chance.

Nina: I thought that Wiley was my only tie to a woman who I believed was my only daughter. Losing a child left me broken and untethered. If anyone understands how that affects a mother, you do, Willow. A crime was committed against me. And you. You were taken without my consent. I couldn’t save your sister, Nelle. But I’m saving you.

Michael: I have to get back to Willow.

Sonny: Of course.

Nina: As your closest relative, I stand the best chance to be a donor match.

Willow: And if you are a match, what do you want in exchange?

Nina: Nothing… [Voice breaking] Whatsoever. You don’t — you don’t owe me anything. Do — do you think I came in here to emotionally blackmail you?

Willow: I don’t know… what to believe. I… I only know I don’t trust you.

Nina: Okay. I accept the fact that this might not change anything for you, but I want you to know this — when I leave this room, I am going to the lab, and I’m gonna get tested. Look at your eyes. We have the same… eyes. This might not ever change your mind, but you’re my daughter. And if I have the power to save your life, I’m not gonna let anything stop me. Not even you.

[ Door closes ]

Portia: Well, now, discussing parenthood in the abstract is one thing, but bringing a child into the world, I mean, that’s another.

Curtis: Okay. Well, let’s do more than discuss it.

Portia: [ Laughs ] I love you so much.

Curtis: [ Laughs ] I love you, too.  Look, honey, we have our entire future ahead of us.

Portia: And in that future, you really see yourself being a father?

Curtis: Oh. [ Chuckles ] I know there are no guarantees, but… hell yeah. I would love to continue the Ashford name and have a child of my own.

Diane: [ Sighs ] If you are serious about gaining custody of this baby, then I will seriously consider taking this case. But you’ve got to stop calling me Ms. Miller. From now on, you call me Diane.

Spencer: As long as I can call you. Thank you, Diane.

Diane: Don’t thank me yet. It would be a long and arduous road.

Spencer: Understood.

Diane: Is it? Spencer, you know what the most terrifying thing about wildfires is? Once they get started, once they’re lit, they are nearly impossible to control. And every time a case like this comes into a courtroom, it’s like a wildfire has been lit within a family. Look at Sonny and Michael, or more recently, look at Michael and Nina and Willow.

Spencer: I don’t have much of a family, especially not where my father is concerned.

Diane: Okay. But a decision like this will upend your young life. And it might impact every single one of your relationships. So before you call me again, I want you to think long and hard about how far you’re willing to go. Because once this wildfire is lit, it’s gonna rage with unforeseen consequences.

Nikolas: So sorry that happened to you.

Elizabeth: Well, I’m sorry your Uncle Victor is threatening you.

Nikolas: Ha. You got to love the irony of relying on Esme to evade both the law and my uncle. The fates must be laughing themselves silly.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs] We’re both at the mercy of Esme and her recollection. I know it may be hypocritical, but my self-preservation is stronger than my empathy right now. I just wish there was a way we could make sure she would never get her memory back. But that’s next to impossible.

[ Door closes ]

Nikolas: Never say never.

Laura: This is a very high-profile case, and unfortunately, I am front and center. I mean, I don’t like to sound like a politician, but I am painfully aware of the optics. Esme was my grandson’s girlfriend. She lived in the house with us for a while. The baby she’s expecting could possibly be my close relation. [ Sighs ] We can’t let her go without consequence. But how do we prosecute a woman who can’t recall the crimes that she’s alleged to have committed?

Dante: I don’t know. I don’t know. I mean, I don’t envy you and Robert right now ’cause it sounds like a nightmare.

Laura: Yeah. And I can’t help but feel for Cameron and for Spencer. Their lives were so impacted by Esme’s actions. How do we get restorative justice for them?  You know, if we take it on faith that Esme’s memory is gone, gone for good…

Dante: Okay. That’s a big if right there.  What do you think? You think she’s faking it?

Esme: [ Sighs ]

Drew: Revealing the truth was painful, but in doing so, you’ve given Willow a chance to survive.

Carly: I hope so. I pray, you know? Thank you.

Drew: For what?

Carly: For not making me feel worse.

Michael: [ Sighs ] Hey. Talk to me.

Willow: Why her? Why couldn’t it have been anyone else besides Nina?

Nina: Sonny… …I have a daughter.

Sonny: Yeah, you do.

Nina: It’s Willow, and… she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.

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Michael (to Chase): The biggest danger that Willow’s facing right now is herself.

Sasha (to Willow): Are you thinking of refusing the transplant?

Sonny (to Nina): As long as there’s life, there’s always hope.

Ryan (to Heather): Alone at last.

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GH Short Recap Monday, January 16, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Portia is worried about Trina and Spencer being friends again, so Curtis tries to talk her down. He suggests that she might run the risk of pushing them closer together. Taggert drops by, having seen the photos of Spencer and Trina together. He gets annoyed at Curtis’ interference. He, too, thinks the Cassadines are too dangerous.

Diane meets with Spencer because he wants to get custody of Esme’s baby. She’s surprised that Nikolas is the dad and not him. They have a very intense talk about it. Diane isn’t sure he would win such a case and warns that it might blow up his whole life and that of his family and friends, but he’s determined to keep the child from the two awful parents.

Nikolas meets with Elizabeth to tell her that the police didn’t find any traces of Esme at Wyndemere. However, Victor found some evidence and is keeping it in storage in order to control Nikolas. He assures her that Victor doesn’t know about her involvement. They’re both worried about whether Esme might get her memories back. She fills him in on how her parents repressed her own memories. When she remarks that it’s too bad there’s not a way to make Esme’s amnesia permanent, it gives Nikolas an idea.

Laura visits Esme and asks where she’s been. Esme claims she doesn’t remember Laura. Laura shows her photos of Spencer and Nikolas. Esme says that Spencer visited her. She seems to think that he’s the father of her baby because they’d been together. Laura tells her that she’s her baby’s grandmother, which confuses Esme. Dante visits, too, and asks Esme if she recognizes the hand-painted Christmas ornament that was found on her when she washed up, but she claims not to recognize it. When Dante asks her to call him if she remembers anything, she refuses. Dante tells Laura that the police no longer think that Esme was The Hook Killer, although she may have been involved. Laura wonders how they can prosecute a pregnant woman with amnesia, and how she can get justice for Cameron and her other victims.

Willow orders Nina out of her room, but Michael confirms Nina’s story that she’s Willow’s bio mom. After demanding some details, Willow asks Michael to leave them alone. Nina is overjoyed to be Willow’s mom, but Willow tells her that this changes nothing and she doesn’t want Nina in her life or around her kids. Nina is hurt when Willow wonders what Nina wants in return for her bone marrow. Nina declares that she’ll save Willow’s life, whether she wants her to be her mother or not.

Dante comes by G.H. to get tested, to see if he’s a match for bone marrow for Willow. Carly asks Drew to take him to the lab while she tells Sonny how she knows that Nina is Willow’s mom. He’s furious with her for keeping the truth away from them for months and accuses her of just wanting revenge on Nina. Drew and Carly both protest that Carly was merely looking out for Willow, but Sonny doesn’t buy it. Michael comes out of Willow’s room to tell them to stop yelling and arguing. Sonny takes Michael aside and asks about how he’s doing, but Michael’s only concern is Willow. Sonny looks relieved that Michael is being nice to him again.

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GH Short Recap Friday, January 13, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Trina argues with Portia because Portia doesn’t want her to be friends with Spencer. Trina tells Portia that she hopes one day she can see that Spencer isn’t like his family. Trina asks Portia to trust her about Spencer but in the end she is going to be friends with Spencer.

Spencer tells Alexis about Esme’s nanny Maggie because he thinks that Esme’s nanny could be the hook killer. Joss gets questioned by Dante and Jordan and after she gets Diane to be with her during questioning she tells Jordan and Dante that she didn’t see the killer because she was wearing a mask. Joss also tells Jordan and Dante that she couldn’t tell if the hook killer was pregnant because she was running for her life. Joss doesn’t tell the police that Dex shot the hook killer in the arm.

Drew tells Michael that Nina is Willow’s mother, and he is about to tell Willow, but she gets upset at the mention of Nina’s name. Carly tells Nina that she is Willow’s mother but Nina doesn’t believe her until she remembers the connection that they have always had even though Willow has always hated her…there were times that they really connected with each other. Nina arrives at the hospital and Willow tells her to leave but Nina says she can’t leave because she is the only person who can help her.

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GH Update Friday, January 13, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At the Robinson residence, Trina revealed that she had been in touch with Spencer. Portia lectured Trina about remaining in contact with Spencer. Trina recalled how helpless Esme had seemed when she had approached Trina and Spencer on the Haunted Star on NYE, and she admitted that she did have sympathy for Esme. Trina wondered aloud if it were possible that her amnesia had changed Esme.

Trina said she was ready to move on with her life. Portia asked how letting Spencer back into Trina’s life would help. Trina said that Spencer had been there for her like no one else since Rory’s death. Portia then began blasting the entire Cassadine family. She claimed that she had tried to keep an open mind about Nikolas, but then immediately started picking apart Nikolas and Victor in particular. Portia very condescendingly added that Spencer was a convicted felon.

Trina said that one day she hoped they could see eye to eye on Spencer but she added that this was not a necessity because Spencer was her friend and she called the shots in her life.  She made it clear she was disgusted with Portia’s actions and words and retired for the night to her bedroom.

Curtis entered the room carrying both he and Portia a glass of wine. Portia asked if he had overheard her conversation with Trina.  Curtis said that he had heard most of it. Portia vowed that Spencer wouldn’t become a habit. “Not if I have anything to say,” Portia said.

At Sonny’s penthouse, Alexis visited Spencer.  She and Spencer discussed Esme’s claim to have memory loss, and he was still heartbroken at the loss of Britt. Alexis said that whatever Spencer decided about the baby it was imperative that he not hold an innocent child to blame for their family problems. Spencer said he would never hold a grudge against an innocent baby, but he was concerned that Esme might take the baby far away from Port Charles. Alexis nixed that idea, when she told Nikolas that his father was resigned to have total custody of the child.  When she told Spencer about the conversation she had with Nikolas about custody of the baby and how Nikolas didn’t want Esme anywhere near his child because she was unstable.  Spencer paused and said, “pot meet kettle.”  Alexis agreed and told him she had reiterated that point to Nikolas as well.

Alexis wanted Spencer to tell her about anyone that might have been loyal enough (other than the psychopath Ryan Chamberlain) to Esme to kill those people she regarded as threats to Esme and her child. Spencer recalled that Sam had looked into Maggie, Esme’s nanny, whose last whereabouts had been in London. Spencer told Alexis that Maggie had warned Esme in a letter not to have anything to do with her birth father. Alexis thanked Spencer for the scoop.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Jordan asked Dante for a lead on the hook killer. Soon afterward, Josslyn appeared. Dante, Jordan, and Robert started to formally question Josslyn about her encounter with the hook attacker. Dante showed Josslyn a grainy photo that he said had been taken 15 minutes before Britt had called in the attack on New Year’s Eve. Jordan asked if it was Josslyn’s life that Britt had saved. Before Josslyn could say anything, Diane arrived and ended the interview by looking at Josslyn and saying, “not another word.”

Diane, Robert, and Jordan were pushed out of the interrogation room so that Diane could confer with Josslyn. Diane soon reappeared and said Josslyn was prepared to give a statement. In the statement, Josslyn admitted that she had been on the pier during the night of the attack and that someone had attacked her with a knife. Josslyn claimed that during the night of the attack, she hadn’t seen anything that could help the police. Dante asked if the attacker had looked pregnant, and Josslyn said she couldn’t recall.  Josslyn said there was no need for this interrogation style meeting, she told Dante if she could have helped the police in any way she would have come to Dante on her own.  Dante agreed.

Dante asked Diane for permission to speak to Josslyn alone, and Diane asked Josslyn sho said that it would be fine. Alone in the interrogation room, Josslyn self-righteously claimed that Dante had “ambushed” her, and she gloated that she had “learned from the best” to not talk to the police. “Yeah, you did,” Dante said. So, what was the family emergency?” Dante asked Josslyn.

At the hospital, Drew told Michael that Nina was Willow’s birth mother. Michael was livid and his face did not hide his disgust and exasperation. Drew tried to console Michael and to remind Michael that the important thing now was to get Nina tested for the bone marrow donor registry.  Michael begrudgingly agreed and returned to Willow’s room.

In the hospital chapel, Carly said that Nina might be the only person who could help Willow. “Nelle isn’t your only daughter. Willow is, too,” Carly told a confused Nina. Nina became her typical self-righteous self and demanded answers from Carly, who explained that years earlier, Nina had given birth to twin daughters under medical supervision. “So, if Willow was Nelle’s twin, you’re saying that Madeline handed Willow off to…” Nina said. “Harmony. Your mother gave the baby to Harmony,” Carly answered without any doubt in her mind.

Carly admitted that Harmony had suspected that Nina was Willow’s mother on the night that Harmony had died. Carly later added that she knew for a fact that Nina was Willow’s biological mother, and she admitted that she had proof. Carly admitted that she had run a DNA test on both Nina and Willow and that the results were conclusive. This made Nina angrier as she accused Carly of stealing her DNA and then conducting an unauthorized DNA test without her knowledge or consent.  Carly said that none of this mattered because what was done was done; and that Nina and Willow were mother and daughter.

Nina remained skeptical that Carly was telling the truth, but Carly pleaded with her that now was not the time for doubts. Nina needed to be tested. Nina flashed back to a series of conversations and run-ins with Willow through the years. Carly continued to plead with Nina, who grew visibly angry. Nina rushed to the door of the chapel, but she turned to look at Carly again. “You made me feel like the scum of the earth for a year. You kept saying over and over how I was wrecking your family. What about my family? How could you keep me away from my child?” Nina said as her voice started to give out.

Carly said that Nina could lash out at her after Nina had been tested. “Don’t tell me what to do, Carly! Go to hell… you selfish bitch! I’m gonna go save my daughter,” Nina yelled. Slamming the chapel door.  Carly looked absolutely wrecked.

Sonny sat with Willow in Willow’s room. Sonny told an unconscious Willow that she was tough and that Michael would get her the best of care. Sonny said he wished he could take care of both Willow and Michael.

Sonny continued to praise Willow, and he thanked her for having never lost hope in repairing his relationship with Michael. Just then, Michael entered the room.  Sonny explained to Michael that Josslyn had to leave and that she had asked Sonny to stay in the room with Willow so that she would not be alone. Michael said he appreciated Sonny having stayed with Willow. Sonny left to give Michael and Willow space. Alone with Willow, Michael whispered that he needed Willow, and he pressed his face against her hand. Willow awoke, and she asked what had happened. Michael recalled that Willow had passed out and had been brought by ambulance to GH.

Willow recalled that Nina had been in the gatehouse with Wiley. Michael confirmed that Wiley had seen Willow pass out, and he said they would explain everything to Wiley. Willow surmised that there was something Michael wasn’t telling her, and she asked what was wrong. Michael said that what he had to say was about Nina. Willow coldly remarked that she never wanted to hear Nina’s name again.

Just then, Nina entered the room. Willow demanded that Nina leave. “I’m sorry, but your life may depend on me,” Nina said still reeling from the news herself.

Outside Willow’s room, Sonny chatted with Drew. Sonny was surprised that Drew hadn’t known about Willow’s diagnosis until recently. “Can I ask you a question? Carly’s in the chapel right now with Nina instead of Michael and Willow. Do you know anything about that?” Sonny asked Drew.

Drew remained tight-lipped, and he said that it wasn’t his place to share why Carly had wanted to speak to Nina. Sonny “suggested” that Drew tell him the truth. After leaving the chapel, Carly appeared. Carly told Sonny to “back off.”

“What’s going on, Carly?” Sonny asked directly.


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GH Transcript Friday, January 13, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript proofread and provided by Suzanne

Curtis: And it is your play, Trina.

Portia: Trina, w-w-what are you doing on your phone? You’ve been texting this whole evening. W-what’s going on? Who are you texting?

Curtis:  Only if you feel like sharing.

Trina: [ Sighs ] Uh, sorry. Um, I don’t mean to be rude. It’s Spencer. He needs me.

[ Knock on door ]

Spencer: Hey.

Alexis: Hey.

Spencer: Thanks for coming.

Alexis: Yeah. You said it was important. What’s up?

Spencer: [ Sighs ] Take your pick. Um, Esme was found, my father has sunk to a new low, and Britt is dead. [ Sniffles ]

Alexis: I’m really sorry about Britt, Spencer.

Spencer: It’s so wrong that she’s gone. And it scares me that there’s someone else out there who may be even more dangerous and unhinged than Esme is.

Jordan: How’d it go?

Dante: Hey, I’m just cueing up the footage now.

Jordan: I understand the position you’re in, but this investigation needs a break. Bennet’s interview with Westbourne was helpful in that we now know The Hook’s wearing a mask, but she’s still on the loose.

Dante: Yeah, I know.

Jordan: If you feel more comfortable, I can take the lead on the questioning.

Dante: No, no, no, no, no, no. It’s all good. It’s all good. We just — we need to get to the bottom of what happened, uh, to Britt Westbourne that night.

Jordan: That we do. And I’m hoping your connection with the witness pays off for all of our sakes.

Michael: Hey, drew, do you know where my mom is?

Drew: I do, yeah. Um…she’s with Nina.

Michael: Nina? This night is already bad enough. Why would she talk to Nina, of all people?

Drew: Michael, there’s, um… there’s something that you need to know.

Michael: Not — not if it has to do with Nina. Um, not now.

Drew: And I-I get it. I get it. Nina has made life very difficult for you and Willow.

Michael: Yeah, she’s been hounding us for months. I mean, she took us to court over Wiley, she was claiming that Willow was cheating on me. Nina can’t stay out of our lives, no matter what we do to avoid her.

Sonny: Hey.

Josslyn: Hey. Have you seen Michael?

Sonny: No, I, uh… I’m sure he’s close.

Josslyn: Something’s come up and I have to go. But I told Michael I’d stay with Willow, and I just feel really bad leaving her.

Sonny: I’ll sit with Willow. You go ahead — go ahead and go. I-I’ll explain it to Michael.

Josslyn: Okay.

Nina: Carly, before you start, if this is about me upsetting Willow again, I did not go over there for that.

Carly: That’s not what this is about. As you know, Willow is sick.

Nina: Yeah. I know that. That’s why Sonny and I were at the chapel. We were praying for Willow.

Carly: Praying is good. But you can do more to save Willow.

Nina: Anything I can do.

Carly: Good. Because you may be the only person on earth who can help.

Portia: Spencer needs you?

Trina: He needs a friend, Mom.

Portia: I didn’t realize you still considered Spencer to be a friend.

Trina: Well, I mean, Esme resurfaced, and Spencer found out that she’s pregnant — by his father — and then he lost Britt, who he was very close to. I mean, it’s — it’s been a lot on him.

Portia: I don’t doubt it. [ Chuckles ] Especially the pregnancy part. I-I’m sure Spencer has a lot to unpack. But what about Josslyn and Cam? Can’t they help him? [ Stammers ]

Curtis: Your mother and I know how amazingly compassionate you are, Trina.

Portia: Of course, we are extremely proud of your instinct to want to help someone that’s in need. But, um… [Sighs] You have a very giving and forgiving heart, and you’re going through a lot right now yourself.

Curtis: Your mother and I want to make sure that you’re supported. There’s just so much to process. Like, how do you feel about Esme being caught?

Trina: Wow, uh, that’s a question. [ Sighs ] And honestly, I’m conflicted. I mean, for months, I wanted Esme to face consequences for filming that video and framing me. She made my life hell.

Portia: Of course. Yes. You would want justice.

Trina: [ Sighs ] Yeah, I-I did, but… …I wanted more than justice. I wanted revenge. And part of me still does.

Alexis: So you’re living here now?

Spencer: I am living here now.

Alexis: Enough about that. I assume you’ve been told that the PCPD is no longer considering Esme as a suspect?

Spencer: Yes, but that doesn’t mean that she’s innocent of anything else. [ Chuckling ] I’ve learned to never underestimate Esme.

Alexis: No. Hard won wisdom.

Spencer: I did speak with her, though.

Alexis: What’d she say? I’m asking as your aunt, not as a — as an editor.

Spencer: That’s cool. Either way, she didn’t know who I was. Either she’s a very convincing fake, or she’s got amnesia.

Alexis: Or maybe it’s possible she committed the crimes and doesn’t remember.

Spencer: [ Scoffs lightly ]

Alexis: I think it’s smart that the PCPD moved on to other suspects.

Spencer: I almost wish that she was guilty just so that I could stop worrying that someone is targeting Trina and our other friends.

Alexis: Britt was incredibly brave.

Spencer: I almost wish that she wasn’t. Yes, she put her life on the line, but if she had just run away like the person who she was protecting, maybe she would have lived to fight another day. I don’t know.

Dante: Joss, hey. Thanks for, uh, coming down here so quickly.

Josslyn: Yeah, well, you said it was important on the phone.

Dante: Yeah, it is. It’s about The Hook Killer.

Josslyn: Did you find her?

Dante: Not yet. But I’m hoping you can help us out with some questions.

Josslyn: Well, I want to do whatever I can to help, but will it take long?

Dante: I don’t know. Why? Do you have someplace to be?

Josslyn: Actually, yes. I was with Willow. What’s this?

Jordan: Come in, Josslyn. Have a seat.

Sonny: You look so fragile.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Sonny: But I know you’re anything but. I’ve seen you take on Shiloh and Nelle to protect… Wiley. Been in a jail cell. [ Whispering ] Hey, you’re a fighter. That’s why I know you’re gonna fight this. You have the best medical care, and Michael’s gonna do everything he can to take care of you.

[ Beeping continues ]

Sonny: I just — I just wish I-I knew how to take care of you both.

Michael: Nina actually came to our house tonight and accused me of jeopardizing Willow’s health. She confused Wiley. She upset Willow. Look, if I have to get a restraining order, I’ll get one. I’ll do everything in my power to keep Nina away from Wiley and Willow.

Drew: Michael, Michael. You do not want to do that, okay? Listen, Carly and I think that Nina could be a bone marrow match for Willow.

Michael: What do you mean? Why? Why? What?

Drew: Well… [ Sighs ] Y-you know how I’ve been searching for Willow’s birth family, right?

Michael: Oh, come on. Don’t tell me that — that Nina’s some distant relative.

Drew: Not so distant.

Nina: I’m happy to get tested, just like everyone else.

Carly: You’re not like everybody else. You need to get tested now, and you need to rush the results.

Nina: Carly, I understand the urgency — I do, because Willow’s having a medical crisis. But why did you have to come to me personally?

Carly: Because a related donor transplant has the best chance of success, and you are the most likely match.

Nina: Willow and I are not related.

Carly: You are.

Nina: Are you alright? We’re only connected through Wiley, Carly, and that’s only because Nelle was my daughter.

Carly: Nelle isn’t your only daughter, Nina. Willow is, too.

Dante: Uh, you obviously know that, recently, Britt Westbourne was murdered by The Hook.

Josslyn: Yes.

Jordan: Dr. Westbourne was nicked trying to defend someone else.

Dante: We’ve been searching for the intended victim — the person that Britt rescued — and we got video footage from security cameras at the docks, and we think we have a lead. You recognize anyone?

Josslyn: Well… it’s grainy.

Dante: Yeah. Uh, look, Joss, that footage was captured on Pier 54 at 11:57 P.M. The night of December 31st, 15 minutes before Britt called the police about the attack on Pier 55.

Josslyn: What’s your question?

Jordan: Josslyn, was it your life that Dr. Britt Westbourne saved the night she died?

Curtis: You’re only human. It’s perfectly natural that you would want Esme to pay for her crimes.

Trina: Except… I don’t think I do anymore. A-at least not like I used to. I mean, you should have seen her when she showed up on the deck at The Haunted Star. She looked… pathetic. Soaking wet, shivering, pregnant, and completely vulnerable.

Portia: That night, yeah, maybe. But that doesn’t mean that she’s still not a threat.

Curtis: She drugged Oz Haggerty to the point that he had to be in a medically induced coma. And she’s still a suspect in The Hook killings.

Trina: Look, no doubt that Esme has done some horrible things, but that was the old Esme.

Portia: So — so you believe that Esme doesn’t remember what she’s done?

Trina: I heard that’s what the doctors think. And if they’re right, I mean, is it possible that amnesia changed Esme?

Sonny: I’ve lost so many people in my life.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Sonny: My son can’t lose you. For Michael, the sun rises and sets in your eyes.

[ Beeping continues ]

Sonny: You’re the mother of his children. You’re his best friend, his soulmate. And I know you’ve encouraged him to communicate with me, to meet me halfway. You’ve never lost hope. We’re going to be a father and son again. Everybody needs you. Your family needs you. I need you. Losing you would mean there’s no hope of… …my family getting back together again.

Michael: Wait, Nina is Willow’s birth mother? Nina? What, the woman who’s been badgering and antagonizing Willow since the time she was a teacher? You — and Harmony knew the whole time?! I mean, how — how — how could she —

Drew: Michael, Michael, I know that this is a lot to take in. I know that, but Willow needs you. She ne– she needs your support, okay? And, listen, Carly wanted to tell her, but because time is of the essence —

Michael: yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah, you’re right. I j– she’s needs to hear this from me.

Nina: What are you talking about? Willow is not my daughter.

Carly: Look, I understand this is a shock.

Nina: A shock?!

Carly: And there’s an explanation. I’m happy to give it to you, but later. Please come with me to the lab —

Nina: I am not going anywhere with you…

Carly: There is no time to waste here.

Nina: …Until you tell me — then talk fast.

Carly: You had twins.

Nina: Impossible.

Carly: No. No. You were in a coma.

Nina: Well, I had medical attention, Carly. Phyllis was one of my nurses. She took Nelle, they went to Florida, and she gave Nelle to the Bensons.

Carly: Phyllis didn’t know about the second baby. And I’m guessing that was by design, because Madeline wanted to make sure that, if she separated the babies, she could get her hands on your inheritance.

Nina: Okay, I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I-I’ll play along with you. Okay, so if — if Willow was Nelle’s twin, you’re saying that Madeline handed Willow off to — Harmony.

Carly: Your mother gave the baby to Harmony.

Dante: The person in that footage looks a lot like you. And if it is you, Joss, that means you were in the vicinity of the attack and maybe you could help us identify the killer.

Josslyn: Look, I would tell you if I thought it would help.

Robert: There’s no need to be cagey. I mean, you’re in no trouble.

Jordan: We believe you were a victim that night. It’s just curious that you didn’t say anything.

Dante: Joss, we think you were the intended target the night Brando was killed. And if what we suspect is right, then the killer got a second shot at you on New Year’s Eve.

Jordan:  If Britt hadn’t shown up, your family might be planning your funeral.

Robert:  Look, we can’t protect you unless you give us all the information. Talk to us —

[ Police radio chatter in distance ]

Diane: Not one word.

Curtis: Whether or not Esme has amnesia… Trina, you can’t let your guard down. It’s possible that she’s a killer.

Trina: You guys, I hear you. I-I fully believe that Esme’s a psycho. But not a serial killer.

Portia: Look, I-I’m not really clear on the laws dealing with memory loss, but I don’t think it warrants Esme a free pass. She committed crimes. She’s a criminal. She needs to face the consequences of her actions.

Trina: A-and that’s what Spencer said. A-and I don’t disagree. [ Sighs ] Okay. I’m not saying I’ll ever trust Esme again. I’m just not using her as a means for my closure. I am ready to end that chapter of my life and move on.

Portia: And how does letting Spencer back in help you do that?

Alexis: Spencer, you arguably were closest to Esme. She didn’t have any family. True?

Spencer: Um, just adopted siblings. They’re not close. I know that. But in due time, Esme will give birth and contribute directly to her family tree.

Alexis: And ours.

Sonny:  So, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to do everything we can to get you well… so you can get back to your kids and my son.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Sonny:  And even if I’m not invited back into the fold, it doesn’t matter. I just want you to be together and happy. [ Whispering ] Open your eyes. Come on. You can do this. Just…

[ Beeping continues ]

Nina: Well, who knows how Harmony got Willow? I mean, that woman was a pathological liar.

Carly: One that tried to kill me and Alexis just to keep this secret safe.

Nina: Well, if she wanted to keep the secret safe, Carly, how did you find out?

Carly: Harmony told me… …the night she died.

Nina: She told you? You suspected that I was Willow’s mother when Harmony died last year?

Carly: And if I would have known that Willow was sick, I would have said something a long time ago.

Nina: Did you tell Willow this?

Carly: No.

Nina: Good! Because, Carly, there is no evidence beyond a troubled woman’s sick confession on her deathbed!

Carly: Nina, no.

Nina: You know what, this is irresponsible of you to just go out and present this as truth! And I can kind of understand it because of what Willow is going through, but I’m going to do you a big favor right now, and I’m going to pretend that this conversation never took place.

Carly: I know for a fact you’re Willow’s biological mother.

Nina: How?

Carly: I have proof.

Sonny: Josslyn was called away. She didn’t want to leave Willow alone.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Michael: I appreciate you being here.

Sonny: Yeah, of course.

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Um, I’m gonna let you guys — I’ll leave you two alone.

[ Beeping continues ]

Michael: [ Sighs ] You know, I could hear your voice in my head… telling me to go after him. [ Breathes deeply ] That life’s too short, and he’s trying. Just please don’t tell me that our life is going to be cut short together. [ Breathes deeply ] I need you. [ Sniffles ] Now, you’re my conscience voice in my head. [ Sniffles ] And I need to hear it. [Sniffles] Out loud… [ Sighs ] …Even if it’s scolding me. [ Sighs ]

Willow: I’ll remind you you said that.

Trina:  Since Rory died, Spencer’s really been there for me.

Portia:  At what cost? I will always be grateful that Spencer did the right thing in the end. But I’ll never forget that he lied and he took Esme’s side.

Trina:  Mom, he was playing her.

Portia:  Not the entire time, he wasn’t. I don’t get it. I don’t get how you can excuse that and let him back in. How is that moving on with your life?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Curtis: [ Scoffs lightly ] I gotta check in on the club.

Portia:  [ Sighs ]

Trina:  Yeah? I understand your concerns, Mom, but my eyes are wide open. I see how Spencer’s matured this last year. Those months in Pentonville, and now losing people he loved… it’s — it’s — it’s changed him, given him purpose. He’s committed to doing better.

Portia:  I am genuinely so sorry for what Spencer is going through. I really am. And the way his father betrayed him, it — it — it — it’s indefensible. I know.

Trina:  Spencer’s crushed. He was really tight with Britt. And his father, the — the only parent he has, keeps letting him down over and over again.

Portia:  And that’s one of the other reasons why I am so uncomfortable with you two reconnecting. The Cassadines are dangerous. Even to themselves. Honey, everyone that gets near them ends up getting burned. Look at me. Everyone gets burned.

Alexis: I take it you’re not that thrilled about having a new sibling?

Spencer: [ Scoffs, sniffles ]

Alexis: Just keep in mind, it’s not the baby’s fault. The baby is innocent.

Spencer: I’m not going to hold a grudge against the baby.

Alexis: I know. I know. You’re a good one. You’re filled with forgiveness and empathy.

Spencer: Thank you. Here’s the issue — is that if Esme finds a way out of this, she’s going to take that baby as far away from Port Charles as she possibly can.

Alexis: Yeah, good luck with that. Esme’s got some real serious legal trouble pending. And even if she finds some way to get over that, your father is resolved.

Spencer: Resolved to what?

Alexis: Oh, he wants full custody of that child.

Dante: Well, I should have known Josslyn was going to call Diane. She’s Carly’s daughter. She taught her probably to never talk to the police without a lawyer present.

Robert: Diane looks to be in fighting form.

Dante: Mm.

Robert: Killer Miller.

Diane: Did I hear my name? My client is ready to make a statement.

Dante: We wanted to keep this informal.

Diane: Did you? So you have her stepbrother call her down here and then ambush her with the District Attorney and The Commissioner? You know the rules. You cannot compel a perceived or potential witness to say anything.

Robert: [ Chuckles ] There’s no need to pull out the heavy artillery. We’re just talking.

Diane: [ Clears throat ] My client is ready to make a statement. The moment this turns into an interrogation, I’m pulling the plug. Josslyn.

Josslyn: [ Sighs ] I was on Pier 55 at midnight on New Year’s. Someone did come at me with a hook. I do not know who it was. She was wearing a mask. I tried to get away, but I was in heels. I fell down, and she was basically on top of me. She was going to stab me, and then Britt came out of nowhere swinging her bag. And she told me to run, and I did.

Jordan: Why didn’t you come forward the moment you heard she had died?

Josslyn: I only found out about Britt a couple of hours ago, and we had a family emergency.

Robert: Well, if what you’re saying is truthful, why did you feel the need to engage counsel?

Diane: Well, first of all, it’s her constitutional right.

Robert: If she was arrested, which she wasn’t.

Diane: It is always a sensible idea to retain counsel. She’s only following her mother’s example, and the example of her Uncle Jason, who, if you will recall, never, ever sat down to a police interview without benefit of counsel. And think about how many “misunderstandings” we avoided over the years. And here we are again — avoiding another one.

Robert: Well, there’s really no comparison. Unless, of course, you’re accusing my office of persecuting victims of crime?

Diane: Not at all, District Attorney. I trust you to act in good faith, just as Josslyn trusts me to ensure that you do. Anything to add?

Josslyn: I did not see anything that night that could help you. I wish that I had.

Dante: Do you by any chance remember if your attacker was pregnant?

Josslyn: Um… I mean, I don’t — I don’t really know. I wasn’t paying much attention. I was kind of focused on the hook and trying to get away.

Diane: I know exactly how you feel. Alright, are we done? Yep?

Jordan: Only if Josslyn has nothing more to add.

Josslyn: No.

Diane: Okay.

Robert: I’ll walk you out.

Diane: Alright.

Dante: Hey, Joss, could I have a minute with you?

Diane: Um, only if this is a family matter and not police business.

Dante: It is a family matter.

Diane: Josslyn?

Josslyn: It’s fine.

[ Door opens ]

Dante: [ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

Dante: I’m sorry about this.

Josslyn: Was this your idea?

Dante: No, but I did go along with it.

Josslyn: Dante, if I knew anything that could help you with this case, you wouldn’t have to ambush me. I would have come to you myself.

Dante: I know. [ Breathes deeply ] Looks like you, uh, outmaneuvered us anyway by calling Diane.

Josslyn: Well, like she said, I learned from the best.

Dante: Oh, yeah, you did. Hey, so, what was the, uh, the family emergency?

Nina: What proof do you have that Willow’s my daughter?

Carly: I ran a DNA test on the two of you.

Nina: You did what?

Carly: After Harmony told me that you were Willow’s mother, I was skeptical, so I took a few strands of hair from Willow’s hairbrush and a glass that you had used at Charlie’s pub.

Nina: You stole my DNA, and then you conducted an illegal DNA test without my knowledge or consent?

Carly: The results were conclusive. With a probability of 99.9%… you and Willow are biologically mother and daughter.

Sonny: It’s good you’re here.

Drew: Sorry, what’s that?

Sonny: Michael needs all the support he can get, you know, and, uh, he doesn’t want it from me.

Drew: Josslyn said you filled her in about Willow.

Sonny: Have you known all along?

Drew: No. No. Willow just filled me in a couple weeks ago.

Sonny: Kills me they didn’t loop us in.

Drew: It’s always better to have things out in the open, that’s for sure.

Sonny: Can — can I ask you a question?

Drew: Yeah.

Sonny: Carly’s in the chapel right now with Nina instead of Michael and Willow. Do you know anything about that?

Spencer: My father wants the baby?

Alexis: He plans to sue for custody on the grounds that she’s unfit.

Spencer: Pot, meet kettle.

Alexis: I know. I know. I-I-I don’t know the details. I don’t want to know the details. I just know that he’s serious.

Spencer: And with his considerable resources and no one to vouch for Esme…

Alexis: He stands a good chance.

Spencer: Uh-huh. [ Sniffles ]

Alexis: Okay, so if Esme is not the killer, who is?

Spencer: I wish I could tell you. I really thought it was her.

Alexis: Does Trina have any enemies?

Spencer: No, everyone loves Trina.

Alexis: What about Portia? What about Taggert or Curtis?

Spencer: Her mom? I don’t think so. Her dad and Curtis, they were both in law enforcement, so maybe, but why would they go after Trina instead of going after them directly? Are you looking for a scoop?

Alexis: I’m looking for the truth. I would like the killer caught. I have to go to work. I have a conference call. Please don’t tell your father that I told you about his plans.

Spencer: I won’t. It’s good to see you.

Alexis: And as far as vouching for Esme… is there anyone important to her aside from the sociopath Chamberlain?

Spencer: Um. Yes. There’s a, um — yes. And she’s very devoted to Esme. Maybe even enough to kill for her.

Portia: I’ve tried, Trina. I really tried to be open-minded… about your connection with Spencer. But his father lost me when Nikolas terrorized you kids at Wyndemere because he was trying to teach Spencer a lesson. And now that same man cheated on his wife with Spencer’s girlfriend and got her pregnant. The very same girl that terrorized Ava. And please don’t get me started on Victor Cassadine, because I can’t —

Trina: I know, Mom. I know Spencer’s family is really messed up.

Portia: “Amoral” — I think that’s a better word for it. I don’t want you anywhere near those people, Trina. I don’t.

Trina: Spencer is not his family. He’s his own man.

Portia: He’s a two-time convicted felon, is what he is.

Trina: Growing up, you taught me never to judge people by their worst mistakes. That’s what I’m doing.

Portia: I know. But you also have to look at the patterns that people do, honey.

Trina: Okay. [ Breathes deeply ] I get that you’re looking out for me, Mom. But please, trust my judgment.

Portia: I do. I do.

Trina: But you’re not —

Portia: okay.

Trina: No, but I hope one day you’ll see Spencer the way I do. But ultimately, you don’t have to… because he’s not your friend, Mom. He’s mine.

Willow: What happened?

Michael: You, uh — you collapsed back at home, but you’re stable now.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Willow: Nina. She was in the house with Wiley. Oh, my god, Wiley.

Michael: No. Wiley — Wiley is with — with Brook Lynn and Chase. He’s — he’s — he’s fine.

Willow: Did he see me pass out?

Michael: I’m afraid so, yeah.

[ Beeping continues ]

Willow: He must be terrified now.

Michael: Well, he knows you’re sick, but he doesn’t have all the details. We, um… we can, uh — we can explain it to him together.

Willow: Will I make it home to do that?

Michael: Yeah, of course. Why would you ask that?

Willow: You have the strangest expression on your face. What aren’t you telling me?

Michael: Um… look, it’s about — it’s about Nina.

Willow: I never want to hear that woman’s name again.

Drew: I do know why Carly needed to speak to Nina, but… …it’s not my place to share.

Sonny: Carly’s not here. I need some answers. And if it involves my family, I need to know. So I suggest you tell me.

Nina: I want to see those results.

Carly: I’ll get you a copy —

Nina: No, actually, never mind. Because I don’t even know if you used my sample or Willow’s. I’ll get my own test.

Carly: We don’t have time! Why would I lie?

Nina: I don’t know, Carly! I don’t know why you do the things that you do. Maybe because you’re a liar and maybe because you hate me, or this is some bizarre revenge because I fall in love with Sonny!

Carly: Willow is dying! She has stage IV leukemia! She needs healthy blood-forming cells from a relative, and she has one, Nina — she has you!

Nina: I’m sorry your relationship with your mother was so fraught.

Willow: Yeah, me too. It’d be nice to look to her as an example for how to best be a mom to Wiley.

Nina: You don’t need an example, Willow. You’re a wonderful mother to Wiley.

Nina: He’s my grandson. He’s the only thing that I have left of my daughter. He’s my blood.

Willow: Blood doesn’t entitle you to have a relationship with someone. Not if you’re going to hurt them.

Nina: Willow Tait, you’re as selfish as they come.

Nina: It’s really hard, isn’t it… …growing up with a mother who you think doesn’t care about you at all?

Willow: And even harder when you know that you can’t trust her.

Nina: Get off your damn high horse. I am sorry that Nelle did these horrible things to you, I am, but it has made you so self-righteous that you can’t acknowledge anyone else’s pain!

Nina: You know, Willow, I have a child out there, too, somewhere in the world, and I don’t know where they are. I don’t even know if my child is alive, but see, I hold on to wishful thinking because the alternative is unbearable.

Carly: You can hate me all you want — the feeling’s mutual. This isn’t about us. This is about Willow. Please go get tested. Please!

Nina: [ Sniffles ] [ Voice breaking ] You’re a monster!

Nina: You made me feel like the scum of the earth for a year. You kept saying over and over again how I was wrecking your family. [ Voice breaking ] What about my family? How could you keep me away from my child?

Carly: You can lash out at me all you want after you get tested.

Nina: Don’t tell me what to do, Carly! Go to hell, you selfish bitch! I’m gonna go save my daughter.

[ Door slams ]

Trina: It’s been a long day. Uh, tell Curtis thanks for dinner. I’m not in the mood for dessert. Good night.

Portia: Um, Trina…

Curtis: I heard. Most of it.

Portia: Thank you.

Curtis: Yeah. You want to talk about it?

Portia: Whew. It’s that obvious?

Curtis: I know your face. I’ve literally memorized your every expression.

Portia: [ Sighs ]

Curtis: Call it a survival tactic. [ Chuckles ]

Portia: I really thought that Trina had put Spencer in the rearview, but it seems like she’s determined to revive their friendship.

Curtis: I wondered that when I saw them together. I hoped it wouldn’t become a habit.

Portia: Oh, it won’t. Not if I have anything to say.

Curtis: I’m not sure you do, babe. Trina has made it clear that she values boundaries.

Portia: [ Scoffs lightly ] And I want to respect that, Curtis, I really do, but I’m not going to sit back and watch Spencer Cassadine worm his way back into my daughter’s heart again.

Spencer: Last Esme mentioned, Maggie is living in London, but, um, Sam could tell you more.

Alexis: My Sam?

Spencer: Yeah. I asked Sam to find Maggie Fitzgerald when I thought that she could be the key to getting Esme to confess that she framed Trina, but then Trina was exonerated, and then I never followed up. Oh, um, in a letter, Maggie had warned Esme against having any contact with her birth father.

Alexis: You said that she didn’t have any family.

Spencer: Not that she knew of. But Esme claims that Maggie knew who her biological parents were, but she never told her.

Alexis: Alright, well, thank you for this, Spencer. Let me know if you — if you hear anything else.

Spencer: [ Sighs ]

Alexis: A reporter took a picture of you and Trina together…

Spencer: [ Sighs ]

Alexis: …Leaving Cabrera’s funeral.

Spencer: Uh, we’ve been spending time together.

Alexis: Please be careful. If she’s a target, it’ll put you at risk.

Spencer: Don’t worry. I know how to protect my own.

Alexis: “My own”? My, my. You are growing up.

Drew: Look, Sonny, I’m not gatekeeping family business here. This is a personal matter. It involves Nina.

Sonny: Nina’s my family.

Drew: Well, then I’m sure she’s going to tell you.

Carly: Alright, Sonny, back off, okay?

Sonny: What’s going on, Carly? Where’s Nina?

Willow: Every time I turn around, Nina is invading our space… making wild accusations… trying to get close to our son. Nina is toxic, Michael.

Michael: I know. But you have to try and calm down.

Willow: You need to make me a promise. Promise me, if I lose this battle —

Michael: That’s not gonna happen.

Willow: Promise me Nina will never have access to Wiley ever again.

[ Door opens ]

Willow: Get out. Get out! Leave me alone!

Michael: It’s okay.

Willow: Not now. Not ever. I want you out of this room! I want you out of my life for good!

Nina: I’m sorry. [ Breathing quickly ] I’m…sorry. But your life may depend on me.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Curtis (to Portia): It might end up doing the exact opposite.

Laura: I was about to ask you the very same question.

Spencer (to Diane): This baby will never know either of its parents.

Sonny (to Carly): What do you have to feel guilty about?

Michael (to Willow): We should hear what she has to say.

Nina (to Willow): Your life may depend on me.

Willow: No!

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GH Short Recap Thursday, January 12, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Alexis encourages Gregory to become a reporter, and not just teach journalism.

Cameron has a long talk with Elizabeth, and he finally tells her Josslyn broke up with him. Cameron blames Esme and the sex video for being the reason he and Joss lost their connection to each other. Elizabeth makes Cameron see that it was not just one reason that his relationship with Joss ended.

Sasha and Cody bond over their grief for Brando and Britt.

Michael’s family is there to support him and Willow at the hospital. Terry tells Michael and his family that the baby is healthy, but Willow is in critical but stable condition. Michael tells his family that the donor Willow had was not healthy enough to donate to her. Carly heads over to Nina’s place to tell her she is Willow’s mother and she could be the only person who can save Willow’s life.

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