Y&R Best Lines Thursday, November 24, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

The show was pre-empted for Thanksgiving football programming.

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Y&R Short Recaps Friday, December 2, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Tucker spends time with Devon and is also thrilled to spend time with his grandson Dominic.

Ashley and Nikki tell Phyllis that Jeremy Stark coming to find Diane could pose a danger to all their families. Phyllis thinks that the only way to get Diane out of town is for Jeremy Stark to confront Diane with her past. Nikki decides to ask Victor to increase security for their families.

Victor talks to Nick and tells him he had Sally investigated and found out she faked an illness in order to hold on to a man who didn’t love her. Victor thinks Sally is trying to drive a wedge between Nick and Adam to further her own ambition. Victor thinks Nick will regret it if he chooses Sally over his family.

Sally and Adam have a talk and he apologizes once again for hurting her. Sally tells Adam that she has been unable to concentrate on anything since he proposed to her. Adam tells Sally he wants to marry her and she tells him she still loves him. Sally and Adam kiss as Sally finally stops fighting her feelings for Adam.

Diane waits for Jack to arrive home since he texted her earlier to meet him at his house for dinner. Diane hears a knock at the door and is surprised when Jeremy Stark says “Hello Diane.”

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Y&R Short Recaps Thursday, December 1, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Connor tells Chelsea that he got into a fight at school because a boy at school overheard him talking to Johnny about her. Connor explains to Chelsea that the boy started calling her crazy, so he punched him to make him stop saying that she is crazy. Chelsea tells Connor that violence doesn’t solve anything and that he doesn’t need to defend her because she isn’t ashamed of her illness. Chelsea and Connor later tell Adam what happened at school and they try to find a way to handle the situation together.

Daniel thinks Billy hasn’t changed a bit and he is surprised Billy and Lily are in a serious relationship. Daniel explains to Billy that he thought, after Lily’s relationship with Cane, she would want to be with a man who was steadier.

Diane tells Kyle that Tucker wanted her to give him Jabot’s financial information, but she never did it…she was just trying to find out if he was planning to take over Jabot. Diane also tells Kyle she made a deal and turned Jeremy Stark into the police in exchange for immunity. Diane tells Jack and Kyle that Jeremy Stark is a very dangerous man who could hurt their family if he finds out she turned him into the police. Jack and Kyle promise they will protect Diane from Jeremy Stark. Kyle later tells Summer everything Diane told him, and tells her that Ashley, Nikki and Phyllis must be stopped before the Abbots and the Newmans are put in danger. Ashley and Nikki have a very long talk about whether they should contact Jeremy Stark, but they can’t decide what to do. Phyllis arrives at the Abbot house later and tells Ashley and Nikki that she spoke to Jeremy Stark anonymously and told him where Diane was and that she turned him into the police.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria is upset with Nick because he told Nate that he would have to work hard to gain his trust. Victoria tells Nick that as her CIO he has to support her decisions. Nick tells Victoria that he is worried that Nate is power hungry and will do anything to get her job. Victoria isn’t threatened by Nate’s ambition and she knows he will do a good job.

Adam tells Sally he loves her and wants to marry her because she is the only who has ever understood him and accepted him. Sally asks Adam to stop torturing her by proposing to her so many times.

Chelsea continues to struggle with depressing thoughts and wakes up startled because of those thoughts. Billy tells Lily he hasn’t had time to think about what he wants to do for his career because he wants to make sure that Chelsea is okay before he thinks about himself.

Sally tells Adam that she doesn’t want to be with him because he hurt her deeply and everything that people told her about him is true. Adam thinks that Sally is with Nick because she wants safety, but Adam is confident that Sally will come to her senses and they will be together again.

Sally tells Nick she is excited about the ideas she has for her new interior design business.

Elena agrees to think about Nate’s offer to do a podcast for Newman Media and leave Chancellor Winters. Elena accepts Nate’s invitation to go with him on his business trip to Los Angeles.

Chelsea and Lily have a talk and Lily tells Chelsea to rely on other people for support because Billy can’t support her 24/7. Lily tells Billy everything she and Chelsea talked about except the part where she told Chelsea Billy can’t support her all the \time. Chelsea sends a call from Billy to her voice mail.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Victor asks Chance about the problems he is having in his marriage to Abby. Chance explains to Victor that Abby thinks he is prioritizing his job over his marriage. Chance doesn’t tell Victor that Abby cheated on him with Devon but does tell Victor he should talk to Abby. Victor advises Chance to fight for his marriage because family is all that matters in life.

Devon and Abby talk and Devon tells Abby his relationship with Amanda ended because they grew apart and, in retrospect, he felt it coming when Amanda’s mother got sick. Devon tells Abby to talk to Chance and try to save her marriage but, if she and Chance do break up, he is confident she and Chance will find a way to co-parent Dominic.

Billy helps Chelsea get through a panic attack where she is having depressing thoughts. Billy encourages Chelsea to tell Chloe what happened so she can have the support of her best friend. Chelsea tells Chloe everything that she has gone through and she feels Chloe understands her pain. Chloe agrees to be Sally’s partner in her new business. Lily is upset with Billy because she feels he left all of his responsibilities because he gets, an adrenaline rush from saving Chelsea.

Billy thinks Lily is finally being honest and admitting that she is upset because he left Chancellor Winters and she is holding a because he left the company. Billy thinks that Lily is the one that has a savior complex and doesn’t know what to do with herself since he doesn’t need her to save him anymore.

Victoria asks Nate to go with her on a business trip to Los Angeles next week.

Chance tells Abby they should get a divorce as soon as possible and move on with their lives.

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, November 11, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Allie: We really are the perfect fit, you know?

Noah: Is that because I’m hilarious, and you’re working on cultivating your sense of humor?

Allie: Oh, there you go, making jokes again, whereas I live on the land of logic and reason.

Noah: Mm.

Allie: I’m just saying we balance each other out.

Noah: Yeah, that’s true. I do like when you get creative, though, like that one time you got real creative when Jack left the house, and we had it all to ourselves.

Allie: Oh. You have to stop.

Noah :And you went into the kitchen. You whipped up that great dinner. What’d you think I was talking about? Oh, you’re bad. Yeah.


Lily: Um, well, I have a meeting to get to, so I will let you two discuss. Good luck.

Billy: Well, I know you’re upset with me, but —

Jill: Don’t, don’t, don’t. I’m not interested in hearing your apology speech. I want to know what the hell is going on with you.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, November 10, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Phyllis: It’s Phyllis, Amanda. Hey.

Amanda: Hey.

Phyllis: Okay, I got here as fast as I could. I didn’t even know you were in town.

Amanda: Yeah, I just — i just got in today.

Phyllis: Okay. What happened?

Amanda: Well, I came to talk to Devon. You know, I wanted to surprise him because I’ve been gone for so long. But I got a surprise because he was naked on the couch with Abby


Phyllis: Wait, wait. You saw Devon with Abby?

Amanda: Mm-hmm, and it was perfect timing. Perfect timing, you know? I walk in the door after months of being gone, and the first thing that I see is that.

Phyllis: Well, I mean, were they — were they actually —

Amanda: Having sex? Yes. There is no doubt. I saw what I saw, and Devon admitted it, so…

Phyllis: What?! Why Abby?

Amanda: Oh, well, Devon claimed that they were really upset and they needed comforting, so it just happened.

Phyllis: Oh, it just happened? Really? She just happened to be naked? He just happened to —

Amanda: Yeah, pretty much.

Phyllis: Yeah. Okay.

Amanda: Pretty much, yeah. And he also repeated it half a dozen times just so that I could get the message.

Phyllis: Seriously? I mean, he’s with you. I-I thought he was a good guy, that he was the only one in this town left with integrity.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 9, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Jack: [Laughs] And what did you say to him?

Adam: Oh, I told him instead of our traditional Thanksgiving gifts, we should just give out live turkeys this year. Let people keep them on their desks as pets.

Jack: I’m guessing he didn’t find that funny.

Adam: No, not at all. Not at all. No matter where you go, which company you work for, human resources does not have a sense of humor.

Jack: Yeah, but do we want an HR department that’s cracking jokes all day?

Adam: Oh, come on. How about one? Just a single witty remark from H.R. — Is that too much to ask?


Abby: I’m so sorry.

Amanda: Help the lady find her shirt, Devon. Did you rip it off and throw it over there by the stairs? Or did she peel it off teasingly?

Devon: Please don’t do that.

Abby: I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. Chance. Chance! Chance!

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, November 8, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Jill: I’m here to see my son.

Esther: He’s not here at the moment.

Jill: Ah, well, then I will see Devon and Lily.

Esther: Lily’s here. Devon is not.

Jill: Well, where the hell is everybody? Never mind. I’ll find out for myself.

Esther: Jill.

Jill: Would you please explain to me why your entire c-suite appears to be out to lunch?

Lily: Jill, hello. To what do I owe this pleasure?

Jill: Oh, well, it’s not pleasure, it’s business.


Lily: Look, I know it’s been a trying time, but I can assure you that everything is being handled.

Jill: By you and you alone.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, November 7, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Lauren: Do you want to finally rethink your support of Diane and her return to Genoa City?

Michael: I’m withholding judgment until I know all the facts.

Lauren: How many more do you need? She lied. She colluded with Tucker in L.A. after swearing up and down she had no connection to him whatsoever.

Michael: Okay, okay, technically true, but context is everything.

Lauren: I’m sorry, but there is no context that’s going to change the truth.

Michael: There are gray areas.

Lauren: Ugh, your constant support of Diane Jenkins is just unbelievable. I don’t get it.


Devon: There you go. This playpen is a godsend, huh? Thank you.

Abby: Oh, Dominic loves it. Creates this whole home-away-from-home thing.


Devon: Well, I’m happy that both of you guys feel so comfortable here.

Abby: I’m sorry. Was I overstepping with my tea brewing? I feel like, since Dominic has two homes, I do, too, but that’s probably a bit presumptuous of me.

Devon: No, it’s not at all. Come on. You’re family. This is always your place.

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, November 4, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Summer: Hey, dad.

Nick: Hey, yourself. Well, excellent job with the sunscreen. You got the perfect glow going on.

Summer: Well, I didn’t want to come back looking like a lobster, so…

Nick: So, you and Kyle had fun in Costa Rica?

Summer: Yeah, we had a great time. The villa was phenomenal. It was, honestly, the best vacation I’ve ever been on.

Nick: Okay, well, then I got to ask. You just got back from a wonderful honeymoon in a tropical paradise with the man you love. Why do you look miserable?

Summer: [Scoffs] Wow. Thanks for the compliment.

Nick: Not an insult, just an observation.

Summer: No, I mean, the trip was perfect in every way, both before and after Harrison joined us.

Nick: Did something happen after you came home? Because I know this face, and that’s not the “happy supergirl” face.

Summer: [Sighs] I don’t want to get into details, but it’s more drama with Diane.


Ashley: Tell me everything. About you, Diane in Los Angeles.

Tucker: Sure. I’m happy to tell you anything you want to know. Should we order our drink first?

Ashley: Why don’t we wait and see how forthcoming you are, and then I’ll decide how thirsty I am.

Tucker: Fair enough. Diane and I had a completely chance encounter in Los Angeles. And, of course, I was stunned. There she is, alive. But not only that, she actually looked happy and healthy and a far cry from the bitter and vengeful woman that we all thought was dead. So, naturally, I was curious about her story. I wanted to know how she pulled off her murder. She just seemed like a completely different person than the one I knew in Genoa City. So anyway, she tells me that her new mission in life is to try to find a way to get Kyle to forgive her, to reestablish their relationship.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, November 3, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: There you go.

Connor: Where’s mom? Don’t you have to work today?

Adam: Uh, I do. I didn’t realize that Walnut Grove was giving you guys a day off for a teachers’ professional development day. But I guess that makes sense, since most of you probably need to come down from your Halloween sugar hangover.

Connor: Funny, dad. We didn’t eat that much candy last night.

Adam: No, if I knew you had the day off from school, I might have let you stay at Beckett’s house.


Adam: You don’t have anything to make up to your mom, okay? You’re allowed to have feelings. And you are allowed to express them. But were you intentionally trying to hurt her?

Connor: No. I was just angry.

Adam: That’s understandable. You know, we all are like that sometimes. But I hope you know your mother’s love for you runs deep. And it will always lead back to forgiveness where you’re concerned, no matter what you do, Connor.

Connor: I get it.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 2, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Nick: If this is your way of making things up to me —

Victoria: It’s my way of saying good morning to my COO.

Nick: Well, I’m not having a good morning. I still think it was a mistake firing Sally. It was completely unnecessary and heartless, and I don’t think the company should be run this way.


Nick: Have you recently instituted a non-fraternization rule?

Victoria: Not only would your relationship with Sally rob you of objectivity and decision-making…

Nick: That is insulting to her and to me.

Victoria: …It would also pit you against Adam. You might as well send him an engraved invitation to a family battle royale. And that’s the last thing that we need.

[Sighs] Look, whether you’re willing to admit it or not, you know in your heart that it’s true, Nicholas. It’s exactly why you’re keeping this thing with Sally a secret.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Tessa: So, what kind of turnout can we expect?

Sharon: Well, it’s been a pretty rough year for a lot of folks, so I would be prepared for a big crowd.

Nick: Don’t worry about the food. New Hope’s got you covered there. There’s going to be mounds of it for the guests.

Mariah: Wow, look at that. Ashland Locke managed to do some good in this world despite himself.

Sharon: Well, that huge donation he made to New Hope in Rey’s honor, I will always be grateful for.


Victoria: Oh, excellent. Well, put us to work.

Nick: Looks like you’re short a couple hands. Where’s Katie?

Victoria: Oh, well, she actually decided to go to the ranch and help the cook with dinner there.

Johnny: I want to know what part she’s “helping” with before I eat it.

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, November 22, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Diane: Kyle? Are you here?

Ashley: Oh, my god. You don’t even bother knocking anymore. Just you and me.

Diane: I’m looking for my son.

Ashley: I’m sure you are. Because you’re scared. And you need to find your very last ally before your lies come crashing down all around you, right?


Tucker: Would you care for a drink?

Jack: What do you say we skip the social pleasantries?

Tucker: What you call social pleasantries I call 18-year-old single malt.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, November 21, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Nick: Are you kidding me? With that dress? We are hitting the town.

Sally: Well, terrific, although I do feel kind of bad because you have to be up at the office bright and early, and I don’t have anything on my schedule tomorrow until a mani-pedi at 2:00.

Nick: Don’t worry about me. I operate on minimal sleep. Besides, we have a lot to celebrate.

Sally: Yeah. What are we celebrating, me signing up for unemployment?


Elena: I’m good. Good to see you two.

Billy: What do you say? Should we share a table?

Devon: I’m going to go ahead and pass, just because she’s here to meet with our favorite cousin. So, I’m going to keep my distance at the bar, if you don’t mind.

Elena: Yeah, I understand if you want your privacy, but you’re both more than welcome to join Nate and I.

Lily: Yeah, that’s going to be a no for me.

Billy: Yeah. Separate tables it is.

Lily: Yes. But I would love to catch up with you sometime soon, just the two of us.

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, November 18, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Phyllis: I would like to propose a toast.

Tucker: To what?

Phyllis: You. And, uh, the interesting tidbit you gave to Ashley about Diane and her activity in Los Angeles with Jeremy Stark.

Tucker: I hope you can put it to good use.

Phyllis: Absolutely. No stone unturned.

Tucker: Glad to hear it.

Phyllis: I’m not done. I have another stone.

Tucker: What stone’s that?

Phyllis: You. Why are you here, Tucker? What are you doing back in this town? What do you plan to get out of all of this?


Chelsea: As your mom, i always want to be honest with you. And I want this sadness to stop. I really do. But it’s an illness. It’s not like a physical one, like a — like a cold or an infection, but a mental one. So, I need help from my doctors to learn how to manage it and how to make it go away. But unfortunately, these things take time.

Connor: But if it isn’t physical, how bad did it have to be for you to know you had to go to the hospital?

Chelsea: [Sighs] Um… it was very bad. It hurt very intensely on the inside. Even if people couldn’t see it on the outside, the — the pain was unbearable. And I — I just wanted it to stop.

Connor: Was it so bad you wanted to die? .

Connor: Hey, you guys, I’m not a kid anymore. I know what it means to un-alive yourself.

Chelsea: What?

Adam: Un-alive yourself? Where did you hear that?

Connor: [Sighs] It’s what they call it online. When someone doesn’t want to live anymore, they un-alive themselves. You can’t use other words for it without getting into trouble on some sites.

Chelsea: Okay, well, I-I-I do not love that you’re seeing those kinds of things online. But, um — ugh. But…yes. There was a moment when my head told me the pain would go away if I wasn’t here anymore. Not because there aren’t wonderful things in my life — because there are. It’s just the pain was so heavy, I couldn’t feel those wonderful things through all the sadness. It was a scary, terrible time for me. I was feeling desperate and alone with nowhere to turn. But the point is, I don’t feel that way anymore. And I promise I am going to work so hard so I never feel that way, again

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, November 17, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Sally: Hello, Adam.

Adam: Mm. How lucky I am I that I am here at the precise moment when the two of you are meeting up for — what, drinks? Nice dinner? You guys fueling up for another round of hot sex?

Sally: Okay. That was out of line.

Nick: Watch your mouth.

Adam: Well, unlike you, I’m not in the mood to plaster a smile on my face. I’m just keeping it real.

Sally: Okay, I know you have a lot on your plate right now, but that’s no excuse to be crude, okay? After our last conversation, i thought maybe we were in a good place, that maybe we actually got to the point where we could be friends.


Sally: You couldn’t trust me. So you broke up with me and you claimed it was for my own good. Do you know how humiliated i felt?

Adam: And I have apologized for that repeatedly, Sally.

Sally: And yet somehow you’re the wounded party. I’m sorry. It doesn’t work like that.

Nick: Well, it does for a narcissist. Everything always happens to you. It’s never because of you. Does that sound about right?

Adam: Don’t get your hopes up thinking he will make you happy, Sally. He will never love you ’cause he can’t. ‘Cause the only woman he’s ever loved is Sharon. You’re just the latest substitute.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Sally: I invite you to brainstorm, and you bring me a bucket? And it is not even filled with muffins or a nice pumpkin chai.

Chloe: Miles left it in the sandbox. But we are going to fill it with positive things until it is overflowing with goodness.

Sally: You first.

Chloe: Okay. Um, first, we’re going to fill it with money…

[Coins clatter] …That we will be making very soon. And now our résumés will gleam now that we can add CEO and coo to our list of accomplishments.

Sally: And we have a wealth of knowledge and experience as fashion creators.

Chloe: Oh, not to mention all of the people that have worked for us. Our leadership skills are through the roof.


Chloe: Okay, when Sally came to town, like any true star, she just wanted to shine. And she didn’t allow for the fact that there is room for one more star in the galaxy, but she regrets getting off on the wrong foot with summer. Sally has changed. She has learned to focus her energies in a positive direction. And I know that summer doesn’t trust her, but I do. And summer trusts me. And she is the creative director of the hottest fashion house in town. So, all you need to do is convince summer that sally needs a second chance.

Sally: Chloe. Dial it back to zero now.

Chloe: [ Chuckles nervously ]

Sally: [ Sighs ] Ever leave your clothes in the dryer

Sally: Chloe, I told you we aren’t doing this.

Chloe: What? The worst thing he can say is no.

Sally: I don’t want anyone’s help. And, look, I’m sorry that she put you on the spot like that. I would never ask you to intervene and try and get us a job with Summer at Marchetti ever. And it’s nothing against summer, of course. You know, I would be very lucky to work with her, but Chloe was right. I was awful to her and to kyle, and I really feel terrible about that.

Nick: I know you do.

Chloe: But you also know that we would be an asset to marchetti. And with sally’s unique sense of style and my finger in the zeitgeist, I mean, we just — we just mix all of that up, and we could turn it into gold.

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Tucker: Oh, don’t sell yourself short. You’ve been an excellent mole.

Audra: Uh, I prefer liaison. I can feed you information, but I’m not going to get any access to any shares of the stock. And Nate knows vastly more about the inner workings of the company than I do. He could still give Newman an upper hand.

Tucker: Yes, but we do have a plan.

Audra: Right.

Tucker: [Chuckles] Your optimism is invigorating. So, what about Jabot? Did you get any intel on their financials?

Audra: Not yet.

Tucker: Uh-huh.

[Clicks tongue] I’ve given you plenty of time to do that.

[Sighs] Is there a problem? Something I don’t know about? Because I’ve done my part to pave the way for this strategy. Should all be coming together by now.


Phyllis: We just want to have a pleasant conversation with you.

Diane: Oh, okay. Sure. Um, what’s the topic? Oh. Me.

Phyllis: Uh, well, yeah, you. Uh, but the other topic is convicted felon Jeremy Stark.

Nikki: See, we know that you moved money around the world for him illegally. The fact that you didn’t go to prison alongside him is really quite the mystery.

Ashley: It is. And now that he’s about to be released from prison, I bet he’s thinking, “gee, I wonder whatever happened to my old accomplice, Diane Jenkins?”

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Diane: Is it possible that you ladies are actually getting worse at this? I mean, I almost have to laugh at the absurdity of your latest ploy.

Nikki: Hey, good idea. Why don’t you laugh yourself right out of town?

Diane: Uh-huh. I don’t know where you’re getting your story from, but the only connection I had to Jeremy Stark was that we went out on a couple of dates. The idea that he — wait, what was it? — That I was moving money illegally around the world for him is ridiculous. Oh! Wait. Tucker told you this story, didn’t he? Oh, my gosh, the three of you are even more gullible than i thought.

Ashley: Well, what difference does it make where it came from, as long as it’s the truth?

Diane: Well, Tucker has clearly decided he doesn’t have use for me anymore. He no longer needs me to tell him where you are or who you’re dating because he has a direct line to you now. And I — I guess you’re falling for his manipulations again. I mean, haven’t you learned your lesson?

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, November 14, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Kyle: Okay, mom, what is it?

Diane: [Scoffs] I hate that “what now?” tone. I’m worried that I lost some of the ground that I gained with you and the Abbotts when you learned what I did in Los Angeles, what I had to do in order to survive. I feel like I’m back at square one.

Kyle: I already told you —

Diane: I know you told me you understand why I did what I did, but I still feel like it’s changed the dynamic between us. I mean, look at the way you’re speaking to me right now, like you’re just — like you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Kyle: Maybe you should look at this latest confession from my point of view. It’s only natural that this news would make us feel guarded when it comes to you and your past. Yet, even after hearing about it, I’ve again given you the benefit of the doubt.


Amanda: I believe you when you say that you and Abby, whatever happened, it was spontaneous and unexpected.

Devon: Well, I appreciate that ’cause it’s the truth.

Amanda: But at any time from that first kiss, anything that followed, you could’ve stopped yourself, but you didn’t. And I’ve been thinking about that a lot. Why didn’t either one of you pull back? What would possibly carry you through to the ultimate betrayal? And I’ve come up with the only possible conclusion. Because you are a good man, Devon. You have a big heart and you are a thoughtful friend and you’ve been all of those things to me, and I really — when I came home from Virginia, I thought that you would be those things for me now.

Devon: And I’m sorry that I let you down.

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Victoria: Four weeks’ vacation. That sounds about right.

[Clears throat] Yeah. Oh, and you should know that Newman also has a very generous health plan — vision, dental, mental-health services, et cetera.

Nate: I’d expect nothing less.

Victoria: Okay. Well, I think that covers everything. I will send these deal memos off to legal.

Nate: You mean you’ll base a contract on the notes you scribbled on a cocktail napkin.

Victoria: [Chuckles] Well, it won’t be the first time they’ve seen something like this. The lawyers will work up a draft, and then we can take it from there.

Nate: Oh, one more thing — parking.

Victoria: Parking? Oh. Well, don’t you live like a couple of blocks from Newman towers?


Lily: I am sure Billy didn’t upset Chelsea. He was worried about her, so I’m sure he was being sensitive and thoughtful.

Adam: Look, I-I understand why you want to think the best of your boyfriend, but you didn’t see Chelsea. I did, and she was really upset.

Lily: That doesn’t mean it was Billy’s fault.

Adam: I-I want to know what happened up on that rooftop.

Lily: Well, why didn’t you ask them when you saw them?

Adam: I did, and Billy shut me down. He hurried Chelsea out of there like he didn’t want to hear from me at all. Okay, Lily, something is going on, and I would like to know what it is. This is the mother of my child. I have a right to know.

Lily: I don’t know what you want from me, Adam. I don’t control Billy.

Adam: Have you heard from him since he left here?

Lily: No, I haven’t.

Adam: Do you have any idea where he could have gone?

Lily: No, and if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.

Adam: Why not?

Lily: Because I don’t trust you. After the debacle at ChanceCom that you pulled?

Adam: Lily, Lily, that was business! This is the mother of my child, okay? My intentions are good. If she’s in trouble, I want to help her.

Lily: I know what you’re doing, okay? You’re trying to get information out of me, and it’s not gonna happen.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, October 31, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Lily: What do you think about getting out of here and going back to our place?

Billy: I knew it.

Lily: You knew what?

Billy: Well, you were gonna get me on the dance floor and you were gonna want to take me home.

Lily: Oh, really? Or maybe I just want to take you home so you can stop embarrassing yourself.

Billy: “Potayto,” “potahtoe.”


Nate: Trick or treat.


Victoria: Nate. Happy Halloween.

[Chuckles] Come on in.

Nate: Thanks. You know, I almost forgot it was Halloween until I saw your security guard downstairs dressed as

Victoria: Oh, yes, that’s — that’s Donny. The only problem is he dresses that way year-round.

Nate: Well, it’s good to see someone with holiday spirit. I’ve been wrapped up in my own head lately.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, 11/23/22

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Tessa: So, what kind of turnout can we expect?

Sharon: Well, it’s been a pretty rough year for a lot of folks, so I would be prepared for a big crowd.

Nick: Don’t worry about the food. New hope’s got you covered there. There’s going to be mounds of it for the guests.

Mariah: Wow, look at that. Ashland locke managed to do some good in this world despite himself.

Sharon: Well, that huge donation he made to new hope in rey’s honor, I will always be grateful for.

Nick: Before we begin with the food prep, um, I come bearing gifts. Christian wanted to contribute, so he made, uh, you know, decorations.

Mariah: That’s adorable.

Nick: Yeah, he wanted to bring them by himself, but he is staying home so he can make thanksgiving cards.

Sharon: Oh, so that’s what noah meant when he said he had to supervise an art project.

Nick: Yeah, they’ll be here later. Except for faith’S. I told her I’d take a picture of hers and make sure she gets it today.

Sharon: Oh, our sweet girl. I miss her so much. But, you know, it’s great that she’s such close friends with her roommate that she decided to go home with her for the holiday.

Victoria: Happy thanksgiving.

Sharon: Happy thanksgiving.

Together: Hi.

Sharon: I’m so glad you decided to join us. You know, we were just about to get started setting up.

Victoria: Oh, excellent. Well, put us to work.

Nick: Looks like you’re short a couple hands. Where’s katie?

Victoria: Oh, well, she actually decided to go to the ranch and help the cook with dinner there.

Johnny: I want to know what part she’s “helping” with before I eat it.

[ Laughter ]

Nick: Yeah, I wonder if she’s going to get your mom’s skills in the kitchen.

Victoria: Well, at least i know how to make a reservation.

[ Laughter ]

Chelsea: Hey, everybody.

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: Hi, you two.

Connor: Hey, there.

Chelsea: We’d like to volunteer. We have a dinner, but it’s not till later, so we’d like to donate our time since we have so much to be thankful for.

Abby: I hope this table’s okay.

Nikki: Oh, darling, it’s perfect. We’re just having coffee.

Abby: Great. I will have someone bring it over.

Victor: I didn’t know that you would still be here.

Abby: Well, we are sold out for a holiday dining event, and I wanted to be here to personally oversee all the details.

Victor: I see, I see. Well, I’m sure it’ll be a great success.

Abby: Well, I’m surprised to see the both of you here. I thought you’d be getting everything ready for the family gathering.

Nikki: Well, you know how your father is. He can’t stay away from newman even on a holiday.

Victor: What are you talking about? Speak for yourself. I know that you checked up on your office.

Nikki: Guilty as charged.

Victor: Right.

Nikki: So we’re just going to relax a bit before heading back to the ranch.

Victor: Of course, we’re looking forward to seeing you later with chance and our grandson.

Abby: Yeah, um, to be honest, chance and i are having some problems, so we won’t be spending the day together.

Victor: Huh. Sorry to hear that.

Nikki: I hope you’ll be able to work things out.

Abby: Thank you. Thank you for your concern. Um…I don’t want to get into the details right now, so, uh, if you’ll excuse me.

Nikki: You had no idea about this?

Victor: I have no clue.

Phyllis: Ah.

[ Screams ] Daniel! Oh, my gosh.

Daniel: Mom.

Phyllis: Oh!

Daniel: Happy thanksgiving.

Phyllis: Happy thanksgiving to you. Look at you. Very nice.

Daniel: Oh, thank you.

Phyllis: Okay.

Daniel: Okay.

Phyllis: Yeah. I didn’t know you were coming back into town. Why didn’t you tell me?

Daniel: I wanted to surprise you.

Phyllis: Oh, you did.

Daniel: It’s a good surprise?

Phyllis: Yes, it’s a great surprise. My baby boy. My baby boy. Ah.

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: Harrison is upstairs decorating turkey handprints.

Ashley: Cute.

Summer: He is so excited to be here with everyone today.

Jack: Yeah, he’s not the only one.

Allie: I am thrilled to be spending my first thanksgiving with my new family.

Traci: And we are so thrilled to have you here with us.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Kyle: I’ll get it.

Ashley: I think it’s so fantastic that we’re all here together. All of us loved ones sharing this day, it makes me happy.

Traci: It is fantastic, and the more the merrier, right?

Jack: I’m just so glad you could all be here.

Diane: Happy thanksgiving, everyone.

Music (“I swear”) plays

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provided by…

Abby: I wasn’t expecting to see you today.

Devon: I know. Tucker wanted to meet and have a holiday meal together, so we thought we’d beat the rush.

Abby: Well, I’m glad. Things have been so chaotic since…what happened. And, um…I don’t know. Something about seeing your face, it just makes me feel more calm.

Devon: I’m glad I can do something good for you. Have, uh, things gotten any better at all with chance?

Abby: No, um, I’m pretty sure it’s over. He moved out of the house. I don’t even know where he’s staying. He only comes by to see dominic when he knows I’m not going to be there.

Devon: I’m sorry.

Victor: I really thought chance was a good match for her. What the hell happened?

Nikki: I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough. But abby made it clear today is not the day to have that conversation. So patience, darling.

Sharon: That’s so sweet of you guys to want to help. We would love to have you.

Chelsea: Well, it seems like a great way to celebrate the holiday. Plus, it’s the least I can do, considering I’m living right upstairs now.

Victoria: You are?

Chelsea: Yeah, sharon’s the new landlady. Mariah and tessa moved to the tack house, so sharon offered me their old place. So where can we start?

Sharon: Well, you can help me with something in the back, and, connor, why don’t you take this box of decorations out to the patio?

Connor: Sure.

Nick: Don’t forget these.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Here you go, dude.

Sharon: And, victoria, if you wouldn’t mind rolling silverware sets into napkins, that would be a really big help. And, johnny, why don’t you have connor on the patio?

Johnny: Sure.

Sharon: Okay, well, let’s get to it, everybody.

Mariah: Alright.

Victoria: You okay?

Connor: Yeah. Fine. But I should go get started.

Victoria: Okay. Sharon gave chelsea the apartment upstairs. When did this happen? What did I miss?

Nick: I don’t know. Chelsea said sharon’s been incredibly kind and generous to her. Maybe just chalk it up to holiday spirit.

Victoria: Maybe. But it seems like there might be more to it than just that.

Connor: I need to talk to you about something so you’ll be cool around my mom. Not say anything mean to her.

Johnny: I was just planning on avoiding her. What’s going on?

Connor: Things were worse than I thought. Mom got super depressed and had to go into a hospital.

Johnny: Hospital?

Connor: I think she’s better. They wouldn’t have let her out otherwise. Dad let me stay over last night and she seems okay, but she takes a lot of deep breaths like she’s stressed out. I know she’s trying real hard to act normal.

Johnny: When I found out she was my biological mother, I completely freaked out. Acted like a total jerk to her.

Connor: I get it. You were worried things might change. So was I.

Johnny: I completely froze out chelsea. I didn’t mean for anything like this to happen.

Connor: I felt the same way and talked to my mom about it. Like, what brought this on.

Johnny: Yeah? And?

Connor: She keeps saying it wasn’t any one thing, and it’s definitely not about you or me.

Johnny: But is that really true?

[ Sighs ]

Mariah: You got it?

Sharon: Hey.

Billy: Hi.

Sharon: Wow, more helping hands. Excellent.

Lily: Yeah, thanks. Of course. How can we help?

Sharon: Why don’t you ask victoria?

Billy: Okay.

Victoria: Hey. Happy thanksgiving. Um, are charlie and mattie home?

Lily: Uh, no. They’re staying in new york.

Victoria: Oh, well, I’m sure you must miss them terribly.

Lily: Uh, yeah, but I tell myself there’s always christmas.

Billy: I got your text. So, uh, johnny’s here, but katie’s already at the ranch?

Victoria: Yeah, she sent me the cutest message, wearing an apron. Here’s a picture of it. I’m not sure what she’s making.

[ Chuckles ]

Billy: Oh, lordy.

Lily: Uh, you know, will you excuse me? Chelsea, hi.

Chelsea: Hey, lily. Happy thanksgiving.

Lily: Thank you. You, too. Um, I haven’t seen you since I heard the news, and I just had some things that I wanted to say. Moderate to severe eczema still disrupts my skin.

Phyllis: How long has it been since you’ve been home with your mother?

Daniel: Way too long.

Phyllis: Wa-a-a-y too long. That’s the correct answer. Way too long. But I’m glad you’re here now. Mm-hmm.

Daniel: You’re usually not this sentimental.

Phyllis: Oh, I’m not?

Daniel: No, you’re not.

Phyllis: Last year sucked for me. It was horrible. You were gone. Summer was across the ocean with her own family. I was all alone. But you’re here. It’s a good reason to give thanks.

Daniel: I’m a little surprised that you wanted to meet here. I figured you’d want to go to some fancy restaurant and have a proper meal.

Phyllis: Really? I don’t want to do that.

Daniel: No?

Phyllis: No.

Daniel: You sure?

Phyllis: Who are you talking to? Who are you talking to? Let’s have chinese. I’ll do that.

Daniel: Yeah?

Phyllis: Let’s have chinese. Let’s go out. Let’s go out to, um, that place that you always used to go to — I’ve never been there — in burlington.

Daniel: You want to go to the place in burlington?

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Yes. Do I?

Daniel: Okay.

Phyllis: But let’s go have fun, and then maybe we can meet up with summer for dessert or something after she does her thing with the abbott family.

Daniel: [ Laughs ]

Phyllis: And, uh, how’s that sound?

Daniel: Sounds perfect.

Phyllis: Good.

Daniel: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: I’m sorry. I’m not trying to make this all about me. How are you doing?

Devon: Well, I’m — I’m hanging in there. I don’t want you worrying about me at all, though. You have enough on your plate.

Victor: Hello, devon.

Nikki: Hi.

Devon: Mr. And mrs. Newman, hello.

Victor: Happy thanksgiving.

Devon: Happy thanksgiving.

Nikki: Good to see you. Thank you.

Devon: Good to see you, as well.

Abby: Are you taking off?

Victor: Yeah. Got to go.

Abby: Okay, I will walk you out.

Victor: Alright.

Devon: Take care.

Nikki: Good to see you.

Victor: Devon, nice to see you.

Devon: Yeah, you, as well.

Abby: I am so sorry, but I’m going to have to skip the family dinner tonight.

Nikki: Oh, darling, are you sure?

Victor: You can still come without chance.

Abby: I know, but I just feel like, with everything going on, I’m just going to bury myself in work and spend the rest of the day with dominic. But we will stop by the ranch to see you guys soon. Or, if you’d like, dominic’s there at our place with the nanny if you want to stop and see him on your way home.

Nikki: Well, we just might do that. But we understand. Don’t worry about it.

Abby: Thank you. Um, I’m going to get back to work, but happy thanksgiving.

Victor: You, too, sweetheart.

Abby: Mwah. I love you. Happy thanksgiving.

Nikki: Happy thanksgiving.

Tucker: Hello, there. Nice to see you both.

Nikki: We were just leaving.

Tucker: [ Chuckles ] Oh, hey, by the way, uh, I understand that ashley passed along the information about diane. I assume you’re pleased to get that and, uh, will be putting it to good use.

Nikki: Hopefully, it will encourage her to bid farewell to genoa city. We’ll just have to see.

Victor: You know, tucker mccall, I think we’d all be better off when you and diane get the hell out of town.

Tucker: Well, I hate to disappoint you, victor, but I have a couple more things to accomplish here. But, uh, happy thanksgiving.

Victor: Hey, tucker, you just remember I’m watching you.

Allie: Guys, there are so many pies in the kitchen.

Jack: Yeah, we abbotts take our desserts very seriously.

Kyle: Along with every other course.

Diane: I’m sure every bite will be divine.

Ashley: I’ll take this bottle back with the rest of them.

Kyle: Allie, what were some of your traditions growing up?

Allie: For thanksgiving, uh, let’s see.

Diane: Obviously, ashley isn’t thrilled that I’m here. I hope she can refrain on stirring up any trouble today of all days.

Jack: I agree. I have already warned her to cool it on the antagonism.

Diane: I appreciate that.

Jack: Please don’t read too much into that. Things are not completely resolved, as I see it.

Diane: I know I have a long way to go to get back into your good graces.

Traci: Hey, everybody, look who’s here.

[ Chuckles ]

Summer: Aww.

Harrison: Happy turkey day!

Jack: Happy turkey day, indeed.

Summer: Happy thanksgiving.

[ Laughter ]

Summer: Oh, my gosh.

Jack: Look at that.

Summer: Awesome. ()

Lily: I really hope that you’re doing better.

Chelsea: Thank you, lily. That’s very kind. I appreciate the support.

Lily: So how are things going so far?

Chelsea: Um, I’m taking it day by day. I was in crisis. It was crucial that I got the help that I needed. I really can’t thank billy enough. He truly saved my life.

Billy: Hey.

Johnny: We can stop pretending. I know chelsea went to the hospital because she was seriously depressed. It was bad. Connor filled me in.

Billy: Okay, well, now that you know, how do you feel?

Johnny: I think the crappy way I’ve been treating her ever since I found out that she was my bio mom may have really hurt her.

Billy: I know for certain that chelsea doesn’t feel that way, okay, and she would not want you to think that way, not for a second.

Johnny: Maybe not, but I still feel bad about it.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Johnny: I’d like to talk to her if you think that’d be okay.

Billy: I’m okay with it.

Victoria: If it’s that important to you.

Johnny: It is. And I’d like to do it now before a ton of people come for dinner and we’re all too busy.

Billy: You want me to come with you?

Johnny: Dad, no. Come on. No offense. Sorry.

Billy: Okay, yeah. None taken.

Johnny: [ Sighs ] Excuse me, could I talk to chelsea a sec?

Lily: Yeah, of course. Um, I have to get back to work anyway, but I’m really glad that you’re doing better.

Chelsea: Thanks. Have a seat, johnny.

Connor: Thanks. What would you like to talk about?

Billy: I know this comes as a shock to you.

Victoria: Yes. Poor chelsea. I had no idea she was in such a fragile state. How serious was this?

Billy: About as serious as it gets. We’re lucky to have her with us still. That first 72 hours in the hospital were crucial, but she’s doing better. I can tell she’s on a good path now.

Victoria: Well, I’m relieved to hear that, but why am I finding this out from johnny now instead of you?

Diane: Harrison, I just love my turkey handprint. I’m going to hang it on my mirror so I can enjoy it every day.

Kyle: Ooh, you hear that, buddy? Your turkeys are a hit. Great job.

Traci: They are. Every single one is just beautiful.

Allie: Yeah, harrison, you might be a little picasso.

Summer: It looks like we’ve got a few extras.

Traci: Nope, no extras. The red one is for phyllis. The pink one is for abby.

Summer: Aww.

Diane: Speaking of phyllis, how is she spending her holiday?

Summer: My brother daniel is in town, so she’s spending the day with him, and I’m going to catch up with them later.

Diane: Sounds nice.

Kyle: What about abby? What’s she up to today?

Ashley: She’s at society, helping with the preparations for their special thanksgiving event. Then she’s going over to the ranch for dinner, and, of course, I’ll be squeezing in some time for them both later, her and dominic.

Diane: I’m sure they’d love to see you.

Ashley: Because that’s what a mother does. I mean, a good mother manages to spend as much time as she can with her child.

Jack: Will noah be dropping by.

Allie: Yes, yes. He’s coming in right after he makes the rounds with the newmans.

Jack: Well, I hope he likes pie.

Allie: Oh, god, yes. He loves anything sweet.

Jack: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, clearly he does.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, excuse me.

Ashley: Do you think that when noah gets here, we can swap him out for diane and just tell her there’s not enough room at the table?

Traci: Ashley, come on. It’s thanksgiving. I’m begging you.

Jack: I just got a text from billy. They are taking part in the annual thanksgiving dinner for the homeless at crimson lights. He and lily say they’re running late, and they don’t know when they’re going to get here. Or, as billy says, “don’t let that bird get cold.”

[ Laughter ] So…dinner is served.

Kyle: Hey, hey, let’s do it.

Diane: Let’s go get some dinner.

Kyle: Hey, we’re going to go eat.

Diane: Come on.

Kyle: Oh, come on. Alright, come on. For people who are a little intense about hydration.

“The young and the restless”

will continue. What happens to your body language

Billy: It wasn’t my story to tell. I mean, that circle of trust was very small. It was sharon and i and, of course, chelsea.

Victoria: Well, I guess that explains why she’s been going out of her way for chelsea lately.

Billy: Sharon? Yeah, she’s been amazing, and her professional experience has been a godsend. And she agrees that this is chelsea’s story and she can choose when and how she wants to share it.

Victoria: Makes sense.

Billy: Look, if it makes you feel any better, adam and connor and lily, they only found out about this yesterday.

Victoria: And now johnny knows. I-I feel sorry for chelsea, and I don’t want to see her suffer, but our son has to be my top priority.

Billy: Absolutely.

Victoria: Just how much has connor told him? What’s chelsea saying to him now? And how’s this going to affect things moving forward?

Billy: I know that chelsea was pretty open with connor, but it doesn’t seem like connor got into the details with johnny.

Victoria: This is heavy stuff for kids that age.

Billy: It is. I’m worried about him, as well, okay, but some of this is out of our control. We just have to be there for johnny as he processes all of this.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I suppose.

Billy: I mean, look at him. He seems to be handling it with empathy and maturity. Maybe we should follow his lead.

Connor: Anyway, I know it really hurt you with the way i reacted when mom and dad told me the truth about how we’re…related, and as upset as I was, I shouldn’t have gone after you like that. So I’m really sorry if it messed you up, and I hope you’re okay now.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Johnny, thank you for saying that. That means so much to me. But [Sighs] You need to know none of this is your problem. You are not to blame. I really owe you an apology for ever putting you in an awkward position. And you have to believe me when I tell you that what happened to me was the result of a lot of things going on in my life. You know, I just went through a rough patch, but I’m better now.

Johnny: Really?

Chelsea: Really. Yeah. And I need you to know, I think you’re a great kid with terrific parents.

[ Chuckles ] And you’ve always been so kind to connor, and that truly means the world to me. So I’m just hoping…

[ Sighs ] I’m hoping, going forward, we can be friends.

Lily: Hey, I think it’s so great that everyone’s rallying around chelsea.

Sharon: Yeah, she really needs it right now.

Lily: Yeah, billy told me how much you’ve done for her since that night, and that must be such a good feeling.

Sharon: I’m happy that i could be there for chelsea, yeah. But, you know, you deserve a lot of credit, too.

Lily: For what?

Sharon: For the way you’ve hung in there with billy. He’s spent a lot of time helping chelsea these past few days. He’s put a lot of energy into that, and that had to be confusing for you if not frustrating.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Well, I mean, that was then and this is now, so, hopefully, things will be calmer from here on out.

Daniel: You know, I heard that you have been knocking it out of the park at marchetti.

Phyllis: Mm.

Daniel: And how great is it that you and summer get to work together?

Phyllis: Yeah, that’s super fun.

Daniel: Mm?

Phyllis: Ah, we’ve been talking about me nonstop. I want to talk about you. There’s so much — you know, we have just been texting. We have not really spoken voice-to-voice, okay, and I know there are some details that I’m missing out on.

Daniel: Ah, what details? Come on.

Phyllis: Details. You know. What’s going on with you? So, lucy and heather, where are they?

Daniel: Well, heather got a short-term gig working as a lawyer for this american company in portugal. She took lucy with her.

Phyllis: Portugal?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Interesting. You didn’t go with them?

Daniel: Eh, you know, I figured it’d be a good experience for lucy to spend some time abroad. And, look, I had a ton of stuff that I needed to take care of that couldn’t wait.

Phyllis: Yeah, like what?

Tucker: I’m delighted you were able to accept my invitation. I figured you and lily would’ve had plans.

Devon: No, nothing big. She’s just going to come hang at my place a little later.

Tucker: Nice. Now, it’s been too many years since you and I shared a holiday. That’s on me, of course.

Devon: Nah, you know what? It’s not on anybody. It’s just the way things are.

Tucker: You know, I’d like things to be different from now on, maybe be a more regular part of your life.

[ Sneezing ] Are you okay?

Abby: Um, maybe that table over there would be good?

Elena: Maybe we should go somewhere else.

Nate: Nope, we’re not going to play it like that.

Elena: Are you sure about that?

Nate: Baby, this is your favorite restaurant. We’re not going to run away because my cousin happens to be in the same room. Excuse me. Hello. Good to see you two.

Devon: Not really.

Nate: Can’t we at least be civil to one another on thanksgiving?

Tucker: See, I don’t think thanksgiving means giving a free pass to someone who stabbed you in the back. What you were planning to do to your family’s just reprehensible. And I don’t foresee devon forgiving you anytime soon, if ever.

Nate: You finished?

Tucker: Hey, man, you made your choice. If you regret it, that’s your problem. You deal with it. You’re going to leave devon alone now.

Phyllis: There’s more to the story, right?

Daniel: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Daniel: I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be able to hide anything from you.

Phyllis: What “anything”? What?

Daniel: Let’s just say that things with heather have been a bit rocky, and they have been for a while, I mean, before the whole trip came up. Look, I really don’t want to get into it. Not right now, anyway.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, I mean, everything seemed like it was okay in june when I saw you.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Alright. Well, I’m not going to push. I won’t do that. But, uh… I am here for you. I am always here for you. Okay? And your sister, she is here for you. And whatever you need, just call me, okay?

Daniel: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Hey, what are your big plans, by the way?

Daniel: [ Chuckles ] Well, I’m thinking of starting a new chapter of my life. I’ve been channeling my talents in a new direction.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. A new direction. Wow. I like hearing this, even though you haven’t told me anything.

Daniel: Well…

[ Both chuckle ]

Phyllis: Well, that is reason to celebrate. Clink.

Daniel: Cheers.

Jack: While we are waiting for the first course, I thought we might go around the table and each say what we are most thankful for today. I think it’d be a good example for harrison. Who wants to go first?

Ashley: I will. I am so grateful for my family and how unified we all are.

Jack: Traci?

Traci: I am so blessed by all of you lovely people who love me and support me every single day.

Allie: I’ll go next. I am so thankful for finding this wonderful family after losing my dad.

Kyle: Summer and harrison.

Summer: Kyle and harrison.

[ Laughter ]

Traci: Harrison, what about you, honey? What are you the most thankful for?

Harrison: Mashed potatoes.

[ Laughter ]

Jack: Diane, would you like to say something?

Diane: Oh, um, I’m grateful for kyle and being able to be reunited with him. And for my amazing grandson, harrison.

[ Chuckles ] And just for being allowed to be part of this family.

Traci: Well, everybody, your words had been quite moving, but I have to admit harrison is my absolute favorite. So extra mashed potatoes for my friend over there.

[ Laughter ]

Harrison: Yay!

Jack: I asked for no conflict today. Just today.

Ashley: There is no conflict, jack. I suggest you tell diane not to get too comfy here.

Allie: I want several.

Jack: Everybody get some rolls?

Traci: Oh, yes. Would you like some?

Jack: Yeah, I would love. I tried everything to remove fabric odors,

Nick: Alright, the line’s already. Halfway down the block. We’re going to open up the doors soon.

Sharon: Wow. Good work, everyone.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Nick: My man, connor, and I, we need an extra set of hands to get the food out of the catering van.

Lily: I’ll help.

Nick: Alright, alright, lily, let’s go.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Mariah: Okay, so what else do you need from us?

Sharon: How about an update? That young woman, joss, who’s been considering you as adoptive parents for her baby. What’s the latest? I know that you were anxious to hear more from her.

Tessa: Well, we were going to wait to tell you until after the holiday, but last night we got an e-mail from her, and, apparently, her cousin will be taking the child after the birth.

Sharon: [ Gasps ] Wow. That’s disappointing. I’m so sorry.

Mariah: Yeah, so are we. But she was really nice about it. And she said that she was so impressed with us, and if it had been anybody but family, then she would’ve picked us.

Tessa: Which means a lot.

Mariah: Yeah. I think it gives us some hope.

Sharon: Well, I’m glad you’re staying positive, and you’ll connect with the right birth mother soon.

Mariah: Well, christine prepared us. You know, she said that this possibly wouldn’t work out, and we knew that adoption was going to be a tough road.

Tessa: But the day that we finally bring home our baby, it’ll all be worth it.

Victoria: How did your talk with chelsea go?

Johnny: Good. I told her that I was sorry to hear how sad she was and that i never wanted to add to any of it.

Victoria: What did she say?

Johnny: She said that it had nothing to do with me. And she’s okay now.

[ Sighs ] I’m really glad I talked to her. It was the right thing to do.

Victoria: I’m very proud of you, son. I’m proud of you for being compassionate, for following your heart.

Billy: So, you’re quite the center of attention today.

Chelsea: Everyone has been so kind. You will not hear me complaining.

Billy: Well, that’s good. How’d your conversation with johnny go.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] He was so sweet. He apologized for how he treated me and asked how I was doing. I told him I’m better and that he’s not to blame for any of this.

Billy: That’s good to hear. How much do you think he knows?

Chelsea: Just the bare bones, that I was depressed and spent a few days in the hospital. Nothing about…

Billy: Right. Okay.

Chelsea: I think it was, um… I think it was really positive for both of us.

Billy: Well, that’s good. Um, what do you got planned for the rest of the day?

Chelsea: Connor and I have dinner without adam, actually.

Billy: Alright. Well, if you’re still up for some pumpkin, uh, you can come by devon’s for dessert. Unless, of course, you’re on pumpkin overload, then you can come for the conversation and hang out, if you’d like.

Chelsea: Oh, thank you, billy. That’s a very nice offer.

Billy: Yeah.

Chelsea: I don’t know how the evening will unfold, but I will keep that in mind.

Nate: I really wish that would’ve gone differently. I wanted today to be extra special since I blew it last night with our dinner date.

Elena: Yeah, I’m not really concerned about that right now. After the way tucker just laid into you, how worried should I be?

Nate: Do not worry. I can handle tucker mccall.

Elena: He had no right speaking to you that way. This didn’t happen to him, and I don’t care that he’s devon’s father. He hasn’t been a real parent to him in ages. You and devon need to work this out on your own without tucker’s unwanted interference. Why are you smiling?

Nate: I was just thinking that I am so incredibly lucky to have you by my side.

Elena: [ Sighs ]

Devon: I appreciate you speaking up for me like that, but you don’t have to. I can always fight my own battles.

Tucker: I — I know that, and I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help myself.

Devon: Alright.

Tucker: Oh, uh, be right back. Hey, you.

Ashley: Hi. Happy thanksgiving.

Tucker: Yeah, you, too.

Ashley: Have you seen abby?

Tucker: No, but I’m sure she’s back there somewhere. You okay? You seem a little worked up.

Ashley: [ Sighs ] I was forced to sit down and share a meal with diane today.

Tucker: [ Snickers ]

Ashley: Yeah, exactly. So I just needed to get some fresh air.

Tucker: Yeah, it went that well, eh?

Ashley: I can’t take it anymore. It’s time to bring that bitch down.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Well, I am so sorry that ashley had to leave, but I know she wanted to spend time with abby and dominic.

Summer: It’s totally understandable.

Jack: Well, ashley is just going to miss out on a fabulous final toast.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Kyle: [ Chuckling ] If dad does say so himself.

Jack: Seriously, I was just sitting here, thinking that john and dina sat at this very table for so many thanksgivings, and though I wish they were here with us now, I know they are smiling down on us because there is another generation at the table, their great grand children the sign of a growing family, the sign of an ongoing legacy. Everybody, grab a glass. One last toast.

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: [ Voice breaking ] To family. To love and loyalty. To kindness and compassion. And most of all, today, to gratitude that we can all be here together on this blessed thanksgiving day. And to many more family holidays and gatherings to come.

Diane: Aww.

Jack: Happy thanksgiving.

Together: Happy thanksgiving.

Summer: Here, here.

Traci: Well said, jack.

Kyle: Cheers. Cheers.

[ Laughter ]

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