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“General Hospital” premiered on April 1, 1963 on ABC, set in Port Charles, New York. The main families on the show currently are the Quartermaines, who own ELQ, a large corporation; The Corinthoses, who sell “coffee” but are really a crime family; The Spencers, most of whom have left town; the Webbers, who are connected to the hospital; The Ashfords, who are in law enforcement; The Davises, who are involved in law; The Scorpios, who are spies; The Cassadines, another crime family; The Jeromes, a former crime family; The Jackses, a rich corporate family; and the Baldwins, which are connected  to law and the hospital These are the main ones right now. This show is very dramatic and has a lot of action. Someone’s always getting shot, kidnapped or blown up. It’s exciting!

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