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The cast of "Leverage: Redemption" on IMDB.TV

The 2008-2012 show “Leverage” followed a five-person team: a thief (Parker), a grifter (Sophie), a hacker (Hardison), and a retrieval specialist (Eliot), led by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, who used their skills to carry out heists to fight corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on ordinary citizens.   Now, in “Leverage: Redemption,” the team reunites (except for Ford) to help Sophie out of a jam and to help a new character, Harry (Noah Wyle) punish a billionaire who makes his profits from the opioid crisis. They’re also helped by Hardison’s foster sister, Breanna.

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These episodes drop July 9:  “The Too Many Rembrandts Job”
“The Panamanian Monkeys Job”
“The Rollin’ on the River Job”
“The Tower Job”
“The Paranormal Hacktivity Job”
“The Card Game Job”
“The Double-Edged Sword Job”
“The Mastermind Job”

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“Leverage: Redemption” airs on IMDB.COM starting July 9 when 8 episodes will drop! 8 more will drop later in the year.

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Last Updated 7/9/21

Most of the cast of "Leverage: Redemption" on IMDb TV

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