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[ Upbeat music]

Taylor: Oh, my timing is off.

Steffy: Oh, mom.

Taylor: I get you when you guys are in the middle of kissing. And this time you’re breaking apart. So,

Steffy: No, no– I– ha. Ha. You’re so funny.

Finn: I have to say, it is probably hard not to… interrupt us kissing.

Taylor: I know the struggle is real. I see it. And it makes me so happy for both of you.

Steffy: I think I know what would make you happier. If, like, dad were here with you, especially in this cute number. It’s really amazing. Why is it, like, too early to parent trap?

Taylor: You know, speaking of parent trapping. Brooke came by very heated and told me what you did. Steffy, I know– I know that you have the best intentions. But hey, please don’t ever do anything shady like that again.

Steffy: Shady? Me? I did dad a favor. I saved him from being summoned back to brooke’s house. You know he’d rather be here, mom.

Thomas: Bowling? That’s what you want to do this week? Because I’m always throwing gutter balls. No. What? Ah, there it is.

Douglas: Just like you say, you just got to keep practicing, dad.

Thomas: You want the apple, huh?

Douglas: I want the apple.

Thomas: Here you go. Now, here you go. Take it. Take it.

Douglas: Oh, grandma.

Brooke: Douglas. Oh, so good to see you. Couldn’t you use something a little safer?

Thomas: I’ve been cutting apples like this my whole life, brooke. It’s all right.

Brooke: Well, I’m sure eric has something in the kitchen.

Thomas: Hey, you know what? No big deal. Anyway, what’s going on?

Brooke: Well, I wanted to stop by and see douglas. I understand that you’ve been letting hope come by an awful lot.

Thomas: She’s always welcome here.

Brooke: Mm hmm. Yeah. Well, I haven’t seen my grandson in a long time.

Douglas: Hey, you want to come bowling with us on the weekend?

Thomas: Hey, you know what? I think that brooke is probably always busy. She’s got a slam packed schedule, so. Ah, you know what? Why don’t you go out and see donna? She said she’d look after you while I was at work.

Douglas: Um, good seeing you, grandma.

Brooke: Good seeing you, honey. See you soon, okay?

Douglas: Yeah.

Thomas: Have fun. Apple?

Brooke: No, thanks.

Thomas: Okay.

Brooke: We need to talk.

Thomas: What about? You know what? I’ve been cutting apples like that my entire life, so.

Brooke: Oh, no, no, not that. We need to talk about douglas coming home.

Thomas: Douglas is already home, brooke.

Brooke: He hasn’t been at his other home for a very long time. A home where he feels safe. And hope certainly doesn’t play with knives.

Thomas: Will you let that go?

Brooke: No, I won’T. Not if you expect him to be here with you.

Thomas: Okay, fine. I will use a peeler next time.

Brooke: Look, don’t make fun, okay? Because I will always watch out for douglas. I will always protect him.

Thomas: That’s not your job, brooke. I can protect my son. Now, if that’s all.

Brooke: No, that’s not all. Hope told me that you knew what steffy did the other night, intercepting my phone call to ridge.

Thomas: I was there. Yeah.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, that’s enough. No more attack on my marriage. By you, your mother, steffy. Just stay out of it. None of you can sabotage my relationship with ridge.

[ Taylor exasperated sigh ]

Taylor: If it’s meant to be, it will happen.

Steffy: Look how things are turning around for our family. The next logical move is dad finally coming to his senses and getting back with you.

Taylor: Well, I don’t know how logical it is. But just to shut you up, I’m going to say, “I’ll buy it.”

Steffy: Good. Great.

Ridge: What are you buying? Don’t buy anything. Whatever it is, don’t buy fuzzy bears. Because I tried that once, and I don’t want to compete with you.

Taylor: Oh, god. I don’t know if I can compete with such fuzzy cuteness. And the bears are cute, too, huh?

Steffy: They’re adorable, dad.

Finn: Kelly is going to flip out, in a good way.

Ridge: Where are the kids?

Steffy: Out with amelia. But if you wait around, you could give it to them. We could do another, like, family dinner.

Ridge: Yeah, we could do that. Let me just check with brooke. Yeah, you know, but my phone doesn’t seem to work here.

Steffy: Oh, she told you about that?

Ridge: You knew she was going to tell me about it.

Steffy: Yeah. I just felt it was like the right moment for all of us to be together. I hope you’re not mad.

Ridge: No. If you want to be my secretary, you can go ahead and answer my phone. But if you don’t, then please let me do it.

Steffy: I get it. I completely get it. I thought it was just a really nice, you know, dinner we were having. And we were all laughing and really enjoying each other’s company. And you two were, like reconnecting. I hope we have more nights like that. I really do. Life… doesn’t stop for diabetes.

Thomas: Okay. Look, brooke. You are kind of like spiraling right now, so you need to ease up on the dramatics. There’s no reason to overreact about a phone call.

Brooke: It was completely inappropriate for steffy to interfere.

Thomas: Was there some sort of emergency? A real reason for interrupting our entire family?

Brooke: No. I don’t need an emergency to talk to my own husband.& I was planning a very special evening for us.

Thomas: Oh, special evening. It have to do with a red teddy and some giggling. You know what? He has seen that so many times, it’s probably just boring.

Brooke: Doesn’t matter what I had planned. The fact is, steffy shouldn’t have intercepted my phone call to my husband.

Thomas: Okay. Maybe. I mean… is that really the reason why you’re hounding me about this?

Brooke: No. I don’t want to argue with you, thomas. I don’T. I just want you to respect my marriage with your father. And it’s time for douglas to come home. He needs to get back into his routine.

Thomas: He has a routine, right here.

Brooke: Well, this is like an extended sleepover, and it needs to end. He has to come home.

Thomas: Says who? You? Look, this is between hope and me. So, stay out of it. I know that it’s going to be really, really, really hard for you. But please, stay out of our lives.

Ridge: I enjoyed the other night and we’ll do it again. If it doesn’t happen tonight, we’ll find some other time. I promise.

Steffy: And I promise not to confiscate any phones.

Ridge: Good. What was I doing when you were talking to brooke anyway? Where was I?

Steffy: You and finn– I think you guys were having like a– I don’t know. Some kind of, like dad competition. Dad joke competition.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: You guys were laughing. And mom, you were like, groaning. That’s exactly what was happening.

Taylor: Yes, yes. And I have to say, finn won fair and square.

Finn: Thank you.

Ridge: Really though?

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: Come on.

Taylor: Yes, he did. The bubbles joke? Come on.

Ridge: All right. All right.

Steffy: Do you see them looking at each other?

Finn: Same as when you were young.

Steffy: Exactly.

Ridge: What look is that?

Steffy: As if there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. This is exactly what thomas and I wanted. Our family together. The forresters winning. And it really does feel like we are winning. Thomas is having real time with douglas. My husband is back, and that is such a miracle. And you two are getting closer. We’ve had so much time apart. I just feel this genuine connection. This feeling right now. We could feel it every single day. I can’t help but repeat myself because I see it. You two belong together. Dad just come home. Go back to mom. I’m jonathan lawson

Brooke: So, you expect me to sit back and say nothing about what you’re doing to my daughter and my grandson? No.

Thomas: What am I doing besides stepping up and providing a good, solid home for my son?

Brooke: You are using him.

Thomas: How? Like, for what purpose?

Brooke: To create problems for ridge and me.

Thomas: Okay. This– this may be really hard for you to understand, brooke. But me stepping up and being a great father to my son, reconnecting with him, it’s not about you.

Brooke: Okay, wait. So, you think you’re the influence that douglas needs? I mean, thomas, are you going to just pretend you haven’t had issues in the past?

Thomas: Yeah, you know what? I have had issues. I have. And I think I’ve worked through them. But if I had tons of issues, you might want to look in the mirror to see where they came from.

Brooke: Oh, wow. So now you’re blaming me for all the terrible things that you’ve done.

Thomas: You talk about influence on a child. I think about you and how you were always lurking around my entire family and what you did, hurting my grandmother and my mother. This oversexed, gold digger just bulldozing her way through my entire family. My father, my grandfather, my uncle. And you know what? I heard– I heard about the things that you said behind my back. I know what you said. You think that doesn’t affect a child? It does.

Brooke: Okay. So, me stepping in as your stepmother, when your mom was gone, that gives you reason for all those bad mistakes and decisions you made your entire life. No, I don’t think so.

Thomas: This is just classic you. Not taking any responsibility. Of course, you wouldn’t take responsibility. You know, that doesn’t really matter to me, because steffy and I, we’re moving past this whole thing.

Brooke: Oh. Well, that is a relief.

Thomas: We’re putting it behind us because the forrester’s are finally rising up. Yes, brooke, I am talking about my mother and father. Their time together has finally come.

Ridge: You want the family back together? I know. I know how much that would mean to you.

Steffy: You know what it would mean to you? The difference it would make for you and for mom?

Ridge: Are you– I see your mother and I– and I see your husband. And these are two people who have dedicated their lives to helping others. And– and– I mean, that’s a choice, right? That’s a choice you make in your life. And I look at my choices and my life. Honestly… I– as long as I can remember, I’ve been selfish. Everything I did still is selfish.

Taylor: Ridge, you don’t– you don’t need to apologize.

Ridge: I’m not. I don’t– I don’t know– I don’t know if– um, I wish thomas was here right now because I have to say this. I have to say to you and I almost have to say it so I can hear it. I’ve made bad choices all my life. And they’ve affected my kids, especially when they were younger. And now… I’m standing in your house and I look at this guy. This amazing person, your husband. Doesn’t mean he’s amazing because he saves people. Yes, that’s part of it. But the amazing thing is you come home.

[ Ridge exhaling ] Oh. You– you take care of your family. And your kids are going to grow up knowing what a father and what a husband should look like, and that’s important.

Finn: Thanks, ridge. That means a lot. And you’re right. I will always come home to steffy and the kids.

Ridge: I know. That’s my point. That’s what I’m saying. Of course, you’ll come home because you’re going to take care of these guys. You are going to take care of your family. I mean, you’re not going to be sidetracked by some– you’re not going to be– you’re the– the father, the husband that I should have been.

Steffy: Dad, you did the best you could.

Ridge: The best I could, steffy. That doesn’t compare to what you deserve. Both of you. I’m sorry. Hi, I’m karen.

Taylor: You know, it’s a shame steffy and finn had to go to work.

Ridge: You know, I think steffy made up that meeting so we could be alone.

Taylor: You think?

Ridge: I meant what I said earlier about bad choices. I could have been a better dad. Definitely could have been a better husband.

Taylor: Well, hindsight really is 20/20, isn’t it? It never does any good to hold on to feelings of guilt and shame about the past. I mean, we all do it but–

Ridge: Yeah. What I do know is that when you came back all those years ago, that was it. That was our time to be together as a family. The five of us. It’s what thomas wanted. Steffy. Phoebe. But I couldn’t give it to them. I had to walk away from them. I turned my back on you and a beautiful family.

Taylor: But, it’s all being healed now.

Ridge: Really?

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, because– because time heals all– most wounds.

Ridge: Huh.

Taylor: Listen. You know, of course our marriage breaking up left an imprint on our children. Of course, it did. Ridge, they were so young, and they didn’t even have the emotional capacity to process what was happening. So, they– they learned to cope. Steffy– steffy became the strong one. She doesn’t want anyone to do anything for her because she doesn’t want to risk being let down. And phoebe, all she wanted was love and family. And thomas. Thomas was the sensitive one, for sure. And he’s the one who got lost. It affected him the most.

Ridge: Because of me.

Taylor: No, ridge.

Ridge: Yes, because of me.

Taylor: Because of all the confusion. So much confusion. That the past is just a trail we leave behind. It doesn’t– just tells us where we’ve been. It doesn’t tell us where we’re going. That’s what now is for, right now. And yeah, we can– we can– we can imagine the future wisely. We can– we can see what it is that we want to create, what we desire, what makes us feel good. How we want to love. And be loved back. Kind of like right now. Right now.

Brooke: Even if you’re right and you’re not. But let’s just say that ridge and taylor do get together. It’s not like I’m going to be out of your life for good. I have forrester children.

Thomas: You’re right. And you did your best to ruin their lives, too. I mean, gosh, I only had to spend like part time with you. But them, it was like full time. Rick, rj, bridget. I mean, it’s kind of interesting actually, because all of them decided to leave los angeles, almost like they’re getting away from you.

Brooke: How dare you?

Thomas: It was hope though. She’s the only one who keeps justifying all the things that you have done. But you know what? I feel for her. Because she actually had to spend her entire childhood with you.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, then how did she turn out to be such a good person and somebody that you could trust with your child?

Thomas: Dumb luck, recessive gene kicking in, who knows?

Brooke: It’s really not fair that you would blame me for all of your bad behavior.

Thomas: I just wonder what it would have been like if I had the chance, the opportunity to grow up without you as a mother.

Brooke: So, because of my influence, you turned into the kind of person that would lie about a baby being dead or think that kidnapping is a courtship. And I’m not even going to mention the mannequin. To think about what you put my daughter through. And you really wonder why I’m so worried that douglas is here alone with you.

Thomas: Worry all you want, brooke. I don’t really care what you think. And soon my dad won’t either.

Brooke: No, that’s not true.

Thomas: You know, my mother is a thousand times the woman that you are. And her and my father, they are getting closer because they’re meant to be. I mean, that kiss in monaco. That was meant to happen. A day is coming and soon will be, when your reign and your grip over my father and my family ends. Mark my words, brooke, they will end.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, September 22, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Brooke: Enough is enough. You really need to keep your daughter out of my marriage.

Taylor: Okay. Brooke. Whatever it is that you think steffy did, I’m sure there’s–

Brooke: “Whatever it is I think she did.” I know what she did, taylor. She crossed the line. She wouldn’t let me talk to my own husband. She is being very immature and quite disrespectful–

Taylor: Okay, don’t– don’t do that.

Brooke: She is coming between ridge and me and I won’t allow it.

Paris: Hey. Is everything okay between you and steffy? I just passed her in the hallway and she seems pretty upset.

Hope: Uh… no, it’s– it’s okay. It will be fine.

Paris: I– I wasn’t born yesterday and I can tell that there’s something going on between you two.

Hope: Look, paris, I really value our friendship. And I know you’re close with steffy, too. And I just, I– I don’t want to put you in the middle.

Paris: I can handle it. Is it serious?

Hope: Yeah. And it… it might get worse.

Bill: No, no, no. I’ll be taking care of that.

Jj: Bill spencer. Ever the charmer.

Bill: So you’ll do it?

Jj: You realize I have a client base that books out years in advance.

Bill: And you realize I have deeper pockets than all those clowns put together.

Jj: Modest.

Bill: Money. Come on, jj. You have to come through for your boy, dollar bill. This is a huge release party. I need the best. And the best is you.

Jj: All right, get your assistant to call mine and I’ll have a venue list to you by the end of the day.

Bill: Ah, I can count on my jj.

Jj: I’ll see you soon.

Bill: Okay. Take care. Li.

Li: Bill. Hello. What a wonderful surprise.

Bill: Yeah, it’s been a while. How have you been?

Li: Great. Really great. Things have been just better and better.

Bill: Well, I’m glad to hear that. If anyone deserves it, it’s definitely you.

Li: It’s really good to see you, bill.

Bill: Yeah, you too. I hope I’m not interrupting. Are you meeting someone? Finn?

Li: Oh, no, no. He has a long shift today at the hospital. I’m here alone.

Bill: Well, what do you know? So am I. Join me?

Li: Uh, looks like you already ate.

Bill: Uh, yes, but suddenly I’m feeling very hungry again.

Li: Well, in that case, I’d love to.

Bill: Wonderful.

Paris: Hope, I don’t mean to pry but if there’s anything I can do to help–

Hope: I appreciate that. And I wish there was something you could do. It’s just…

[ Sighing ] This is way bigger than just steffy and me. It’s the history of our families and it’s honestly been going on since before steffy and i were even born. And it’s–

[ Clearing throat ]

Thomas: Uh, hey, uh, don’t mind me. I was just going to grab my sketchpad.

Hope: Actually, can i talk to you about something?

Thomas: Okay.

Paris: I’ll… give you a call later.

Hope: Yeah, thanks.

Thomas: Did you, uh, did you see the designs zende and I left you?

Hope: Yeah, I just– I just looked at them.

Thomas: Is everything okay?

Hope: Oh… depends.

Thomas: On?

Hope: On if you were aware of what steffy did last night, how she prevented my mom from speaking to ridge.

[ Thomas sighing ]

Brooke: I just want to know what– what right does steffy have to keep me from speaking with my husband?

Taylor: Listen, brooke. This is the first I’m hearing about it. Okay? And it’s coming from you. So, if there is truth to it, I will talk to steffy and I– and I– and I understand why you’d be upset.

Brooke: Well, of course there’s truth to it, taylor. It’s no secret that your kids want me to break up with ridge so that you can have a chance with him. But now, they’re actively trying to make that happen and I won’t tolerate it. So, you need to stop your daughter from interfering. And you need to do that today.

[ Taylor sighing ] Want your clothes to smell freshly

Bill: How’s finn doing?

Li: Oh, he’s doing great. Almost fully recovered. It’s truly a miracle.

Bill: Yeah, a miracle you made happen. You saved him. You found hope in what others would deem a hopeless situation.

Li: Had no choice. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my son.

Bill: Well, that much is clear. And I would have done the same in your situation.

Li: I realize in retrospect, I should have told steffy that finn was alive. It wasn’t fair, but it felt right at the time.

Bill: All right. Stop beating yourself up about that. You were trying to save your son. Mission accomplished. We all carry, uh, regret and we make mistakes. But it doesn’t outweigh who you are and what you were able to do. Finn is lucky to have a mother who loves him so fiercely.

Thomas: Steffy might have gone too far last night.

Hope: Might have? Come on, thomas. Look, I know you’re always going to have your sister’s back but come on.

Thomas: It’s complicated. Your mother…

Hope: Hurts your father?

Thomas: Yes.

Hope: They both have over the years. And my mother has made a lot of mistakes in the past, but she has done her best to make up for them. And I would hope that you, of all people, would understand that.

Thomas: It’s not exactly the same.

Hope: How? How is it any different? You are working so hard to prove to people that you’ve changed and– and– and to show that you’re a different thomas.

Thomas: Right. And brooke is never going to believe that, no matter how hard I try. But I get it. I– I understand where she’s coming from. She is trying to protect you, just like we’re trying to protect our father from her.

Hope: I’m sorry, we’re? You never– you never did answer my question from before. Did you know? Were you aware that your sister prevented my mother from speaking to your father?

Thomas: Okay, look. Hope. I want you to know that I respect you and that I– I would never lie to you. Yes. I know that steffy grabbed the phone and kept my father from speaking to your mother. I was standing right there.

Brooke: You really need to make her stop.

Taylor: Okay. All right, I will. I am going to ground her as soon as she gets home from school. Come on, brooke. She’s a grown woman.

Brooke: Well, then maybe you should remind her of that. She is acting like a child. What is wrong with her? She should be happy. She should be grateful. She found out that finn was alive. She’s reunited with her husband. I’m sure that makes her feel blessed.

Taylor: You know it does.

Brooke: Okay. Well, that’s what she should be focused on. Her family, her husband, her children. Not my marriage to ridge.

Taylor: You know, she is, uh, she’s focused on it because she’s just concerned about her father. That’s what it– she’s looking out for him.

Brooke: I see. Okay. So, I’m a monster because of mistakes I’ve made in my past. But steffy? No, she’s a sweet little angel.

Taylor: Everybody makes mistakes. Everyone does. But you’ve made the same ones over and over again for decades with ridge.

Brooke: Oh. God. And you think he deserves better, right? Well, guess what, taylor? He chose me. He loves me. And I love him. We’re married. We have a future together. And we don’t call each other destiny just because it sounds cute. We call each other destiny because nothing or no one will ever come between us.

[ Coughing/sneezing ]

[ Door knocking ]

Bill: It’s so good to see you smiling and happy again. Quite a contrast to the person I found in the alley.

Li: I was A… very different woman.

Bill: On the surface. But, when I looked into your eyes, I could see that fire, that passion.

Li: You really saw all of that?

Bill: Yeah. Maybe that’s why I was so drawn to you.

Li: You were so gentle and kind to me. I was so disorientated. But there you were, reaching out to me. Thank you.

Hope: So you were right there when steffy stopped my mom from speaking to ridge.

Thomas: Like I said, it is important that you know that you can trust me. And that you know that I’m telling you the truth, even if the truth disappoints you.

Hope: Okay… so then, what really happened?

Thomas: We were all over at steffy’s, having a great time. And dad’s phone was sitting there on the table. And it lights up when brooke called, but it was on silent. Steffy sees it, she goes, she grabs it, she answers it. Look, I think it was a pretty aggressive move on her part.

Hope: And manipulative. Look, thomas, if your dad decides that he doesn’t want to be with my mom anymore,& then fine. But, let that be his own decision and not because of some outside interference.

Thomas: I get why you’re upset. I really do.

Hope: Yeah. And you just stood there and let it happen.

Thomas: Have you ever tried to stop steffy from doing something?

Hope: Did you even want to stop her? I mean, do you– do you really even think that what she did was wrong?

Thomas: I think she was trying to protect our father. And I think if one missed call can ruin the relationship, it’s not that great of a relationship.

Hope: Huh? So you don’t think it was wrong?

Thomas: I think it’s complicated.

Hope: Look. I don’t want to fight with you. But what steffy did was low. She’s deliberately trying to undermine my mother’s marriage and get your dad back with your mom.

Taylor: All right. Um, I– I don’t think that you make ridge happy but that’s just my opinion. And ultimately it’s ridge’s opinion that matters here. And, brooke, I’m just– I’m just following his lead. I’m not the home wrecker that you want to believe I am.

Brooke: Really? Well, then what happened in monaco? And I’m not talking about the reunion between steffy and finn. I’m talking about the reunion you hoped would happen after you kissed ridge.

Taylor: I kissed him back. And it was truly A… it was a moment.

Brooke: Yes, it was a moment with my husband.

Taylor: I don’t think that I can actually explain–

Brooke: Look, I don’t mean to be insensitive. I mean, I certainly don’t understand exactly how it felt to be there and find out that finn was alive and that he was reunited with your daughter who was broken at the time. But then she became whole again. And it must have been– must have been amazing. It was miraculous and I’m sure very exciting.

Taylor: Yeah. That’s it. I’m– I’m glad you understand.

Brooke: Yeah, I do, I do understand how ridge could get caught up in that moment. But you? No. I think you knew exactly what you were doing. You see, you act all sweet and innocent and caring but really, you’re very manipulative. Say whatever it is you want. Really doesn’t matter. The fact is, you laid your lips on my husband. If you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer,

Bill: I was just trying to do what was right. So, I would really appreciate it if you would stop thanking me.

Li: But I can’t because you didn’t just save me. You saved my son. You played a key part in reuniting him with steffy and the kids. You’re a good man, bill.

Bill: That is stretching it. I have done many things that I’m not proud of. Li: What was it someone once told me? We all carry regrets, make mistakes. But it doesn’t outweigh who we are or what you’re able to do?

Bill: No, no, no, that’s not how it works. Nah, that’s not allowed. You can’t be throwing my own words back at me.

Li: Oh, but they’re good words.

Bill: I enjoy getting to know this version of you.

Li: Not the disheveled woman you found in the alley.

Bill: You mean the woman who– who beat down impending death? Or the woman who fought through trauma to save her son? That woman’s pretty impressive. I mean it. It is a pleasure to have this– this strong, accomplished, beautiful woman sitting across from me.

Thomas: Hope. I don’t want to argue with you. And we have worked too hard to get to the good place we’re in.

Hope: We have.

Thomas: It’s tough, though. I mean, our families don’t exactly make it easy. I don’t know who’s worse, our moms or our dads.

Hope: Oh… I don’t know. I– I think it’s a tie, there.

Thomas: Two families, both alike in dignity.

Hope: From ancient grudge break to new mutiny.

Thomas: See! If romeo and juliet can figure it out then we can.

[ Hope laughing ]

Hope: You know, they both died in the end, right?

Thomas: You’re right. That’s a terrible example. But what I’m saying– like, I know that this whole forester-logan thing has taken its toll on you. I mean, you have done so much work trying to mend that bridge. And– and you have been incredible allowing douglas to– to spend as much time as he has over with me at the forresters. I think that that’s– that’s beautiful. And I get how you feel about your mother and what she’s going through and the– and the worry and the frustration that you get seeing that. Steffy understands that, too, though.

Hope: Oh, please.

Thomas: She does. Look– look at what’s happening with our mother. Okay, every time our dad goes to be with your mom… think about what that does to our family. Think about what that does to our mom. We have felt every inch of worry and frustration that you have.

Taylor: I’m sorry.

Brooke: What?

Taylor: You heard me. That– that kiss was not planned. And I didn’t have any intention of making a play on your husband in monaco. I– I know you don’t want to believe it, but it’s true.

Brooke: How can you expect me to believe you after everything we’ve been through?

Taylor: Because as much as we fight, I don’t want to hurt you, brooke. Seeing you in pain doesn’t do anything for me. But I love ridge, too. And I always will. And it’s not just because he’s the father of my children. Or because we had a beautiful life that was ripped away all those years ago. I love him for who he is, for everything that he is. From his grumpiest moods to his happiest moments, I… he– he understands me better than anyone ever has. And, I’m sure you feel the same.

Brooke: Yes. Of course. He’s my husband.

Taylor: And your husband is in love with both of us.

Brooke: Okay, um. What are you getting at? Ridge is torn between his feelings for you and his feelings for me. Don’t tell me that you don’t feel it.

[ Brooke scoffing ] When you’re with him, it’s like he’s there, but you don’t have him 100%. He loves us both. And he is desperately trying to figure out if he wants to stay in his marriage with you. Or move on to A… anew life with me.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Brooke: Oh, you’re probably still on your conference call, but I… I just wanted to touch base. Sorry I missed you last night, and again this morning. You left before I woke up. Anyway, just call me.

Hope: So you and ridge weren’t together last night?

Brooke: No.

Hope: Why is that? What happened?

Brooke: Steffy happened.

Steffy: So this is a joint effort?

Zende: Thomas and I were hanging out after eric went to sleep, and then we thought we’d put the time to some creative use.

Thomas: Yeah, I think it’s pretty good, don’t you?

Steffy: Yeah, I think it’s really fascinating. You’re both blending your styles together. That’s cool. You should show this to hope. This just proves my point.

Thomas: What point is that?

Steffy: Instead of being competitive, we’re collaborating. It’s kinda like what’s happening with our family. We’re all coming together.

Zende: I think you’re right. We forresters, we’re in a good spot right now. Granddad is happy with donna.

Thomas: Yeah. You and finn are reunited.

Steffy: Yeah, and douglas, he’s spending more time with you. All we really need is our mom to reunite with our dad and we’d be great.

Taylor: Steffy! Seriously? Is no one safe? Are you seriously trying to enlist zende in your quest to reunite your dad and me?

Steffy: It’S… not what I’m doing.

Liam: So– I mean, you know, not that your company isn’t always a treat, but… why the hell are we here?

Bill: What do you mean why the hell are we here?

Wyatt: He’s asking why you summoned us.

Liam: Yeah, like– like, is there a problem?

Bill: No, there’s no problem. Can’t I just wanna have lunch with my boys?

Liam: Really? That’s– that’s all this is?

Bill: Yes. A simple lunch that has nothing to do with business. How about you show some appreciation? All right, give me a kiss.

Wyatt: Oh, jeez.

Liam: Oh, god. Stop it, please. Okay, okay– let me just make sure– you know, I have, like a, like a concept of this in my brain. You just wanna catch up?

Bill: Exactly.

Liam: Okay. How about we start with the fact that ridge walked in on you and brooke in each other’s arms?

Bill: Oh, that’s funny. That’s very funny.

Wyatt: You and brooke, dad? Again?

Bill: Alright, you see? This is how rumors get started. It is not how liam made it sound when he told you. And it’s not how I made it sound when I told you.

Liam: You–

Bill: No, no, no. We were not in each other’s arms. That’s a gross exaggeration.

Wyatt: Is it, though?

Bill: No. I mean, yes.

Liam: A-ah!

Bill: I mean, there was nothing going on between brooke and me. All right? Forrester walks in, and makes something out of nothing like he always does because the guy is riddled with insecurities. All right? I was just there to talk to brooke about katie.

Wyatt: So how did you end up in a– what, a hug? Cuddle? Brace, maybe?

Bill: A little embrace.

Liam: Right. Well, given how, you know, ridge feels about you, don’t you think any amount of proximity to his wife, especially in his own home, would be a bit… triggering?

Bill: Oh. Triggering.. That’s like the new word. Everybody gets triggered. All right? This is all I know. God forbid that ridge doesn’t control every aspect of brooke’s life. Why she puts up with poser the clown, I will never understand.

Hope: Steffy happened? So, what does that mean?

Brooke: She’s making sure that her influence is felt. The romantic time that I had planned with ridge, it didn’t happen because he didn’t come home in time for us to be together.

Hope: And why not?

Brooke: Because he was over at steffy’S. And she made sure her dad didn’t come home ’til very, very late.

Steffy: Zende, please tell my mother that I’m not enlisting you.

Zende: She wasn’t, but I’m always up for helping a worthy cause.

Taylor: Okay. Yes. And I love your philanthropic heart, but don’t let my kids work you. They’re relentless.

Thomas: But it’s for your own good.

Steffy: Yeah. Dad’s, too.

Zende: We were just talking about what a great place the family’s in. Finn and steffy got their miracle. Thomas and douglas have been bonding like crazy.

Steffy: We just want dad to come to his senses and leave brooke for you. The world is full of make or break moments.

Bill: You know, you think you’d be used to by now? Or at least accept that it’s none of my business. But every time I see forrester, undeserving of brooke, I wanna grab him by his neck and say, “you fool, don’t you realize how lucky you are to have this magnificent woman?” I mean, he should be on his knees every day thanking whoever blessed him. But instead he manipulates brooke, and he takes for granted, and… she stays. Or goes back.

Liam: Yeah, and ridge does the same.

Wyatt: I think that’s the destiny part. You know where they end up together no matter what.

Bill: What am I missing? Forrester’s an uptight, entitled waste of skin. What does she see in him?

Liam: Well, like… do you actually wanna know the answer? Or is that rhetorical?

Bill: Oh, yeah. No, no. You have some insight, I wanna hear.

Liam: Okay. I mean, you live there long enough, and you start to see the other side of ridge. The side that you don’t really get to see. He’s a, he’s a family man. He’s looser. He… he laughs more. He actually has a sense of humor, believe it or not. But the connection between him and brooke, the deep love that they feel for each other, it’s pretty undeniable up close.

Bill: What do you know?

Liam: I– that. That is what I know. I know that. And I also know that there are outside forces working against them. Steffy and thomas, for example.

Hope: Tell me everything. What did steffy do?

Brooke: Well, it was getting later and later, and ridge still didn’t show up. So of course, I was concerned. So I, I called him, and guess who picked up the phone. Steffy.

Hope: But how did she even get ahold of ridge’s phone?

Brooke: I don’t know. But she said ridge was there, and enjoying himself with her and thomas and taylor, and he didn’t want to be disturbed. And I had to remind her that I am his wife. And then you wanna know what she had the nerve to say to me?

Steffy: Not for long.

Hope: She actually said that to you?

Brooke: Yeah. I can’t believe it. She said he was happy, and he was having a really good time, and– because he was with the woman that he truly loved. And then she hung up the phone.

Hope: Wait, what? Mom, please tell– did you call back?

Brooke: No. I mean, what was the point, really? By the time ridge got home, I was already asleep.

Hope: Oh… and then he had that early morning conference call, so I bet he has no idea what steffy even did.

Brooke: I’m sure he doesn’T. Unless she told him, which I’m sure she didn’T.

Hope: What gives steffy the nerve to refuse to allow you to talk to your own husband? I mean, she has no right. I have long been an advocate for peace between our two families. For understanding, for acceptance. But taylor and steffy– they’ve gone too far.

Brooke: You’re right. I completely agree. I think it’s time to have a talk with taylor.

Hope: I think it’s time I have a conversation with steffy about her blatant campaign against your marriage.

Zende: You don’t pull any punches, do you, steffy? You just come right out and say it.

Steffy: I believe in the direct approach.

Thomas: I’m with my sister on that one.

Taylor: Do you see, zende? Relentless. You know, kids, sometimes the thoughts that pop into your head should never come out of your mouth. Like wanting to end your dad’s marriage.

Zende: It sounds like you could use a moment alone with these two. And I gotta make some calls, so I’m gonna hit the road, and I’ll see you back at the house.

Taylor: Bye, zende.

Zende: Bye bye.

Taylor: I love you both so much. I really do, so much. And I know that you wanna see your father and me happy together. But please stop. Both of you, please. Just focus on your own lives and your– your own family. And don’t worry about your dad and me. Okay?

Steffy: We’re always gonna be worried about our parents.

Thomas: Yeah, and we have your best interests at heart.

Steffy: And we know exactly what that is, even if you’re not ready to admit it yet. Which is– it’s obvious. The way you and dad look at each other, it’s beautiful, and it is criminal that you are wasting this much time. You could be together right now, planning your future.

Taylor: You’re both impossible.

Thomas: But you still love us.

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: I really do. I brought in ensure max protein

Wyatt: So, when did steffy and thomas become the bosses of ridge and brooke? And don’t they have their own stuff going on?

Liam: Excellent questions.

Bill: Yes. Kids should stay out of their– especially grown kids should stay out of their parents’ lives.

Liam: Well, that’s the thing. It’s not just the whole full-frontal assault. I mean, ever since thomas basically started holding douglas hostage, there have been all these forrester family gatherings that, you know, yours truly is not invited to, of course, but hope is, as douglas’ mother. And if she wants to see the kid, she’s gotta keep going over there, which keeps her in thomas’ orbit.

Bill: Oh, when he’s at his best playing the caring, devoted dad.

Liam: That’s– exactly. That’s exactly right. It’s classic thomas. And hope just doesn’t see it that way, in my opinion because I think he’s getting into her head.

Wyatt: It’s not working, though, is it?

Liam: Well, I– I don’t know. I keep expressing my concerns. Obviously, it would be devastating for me if– if hope fell for it again. But– but there’s also another piece to this, which is, you know, hope keeps getting distracted by the stuff she’s seeing when she goes over there. Like steffy and thomas constantly disparaging brooke to ridge, and then taylor taking every opportunity she can to be all cozy with ridge, and get all cute. It, like, stresses hope out. She doesn’t know, you know, whether to tell brooke, how much to tell brooke, because it would all most certainly ratchet up the whole forrester-logan war again, which she doesn’t want.

Bill: But nobody has to coddle brooke. I mean, beneath that sweet smile andthat twinkle in her eyes… brooke’s a fighter. I mean, it’s beyond me, but especially when it comes to ridge. She won’t let anyone undermine her marriage.

Thomas: I’m sorry that call took so long.

Taylor: Oh, that’s okay. It’s all right. Are you headed to work now?

Thomas: Uh, yeah, just for a little bit. And then I’m taking douglas to the skate park.

Taylor: Oh, yay. It’s a great day for it. God, I love seeing the two of you have so much fun together.

Thomas: It really is great. I mean, spending all this time together, day in and day out. It’s amazing. I mean, I missed so much time with my little boy.

Taylor: Oh, but honey, you’re making up for it now. And douglas is happier than he has ever been, and it’s all because of you.

Thomas: Thank you for supporting me.

Taylor: I will always support you. I love you so much.

Thomas: I love you, too.

Taylor: Have fun.

Thomas: Okay.

Taylor: Okay.

Thomas: If you are looking for my sister–

Brooke: No. I see what I’m looking for.

Taylor: Okay, well I think this is your cue to go. Tell douglas I said hi.

Thomas: You two play nice.

Tayor: Hello, brooke. What’s wrong?

Brooke: Uh… your daughter’s out of control, and I expect you to put a stop to steffy.

Paris: Is it just me, or are these designs fantastic?

Steffy: They really are. I love that they have, like, a whimsical feel to it, too.

Paris: Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Steffy: Right?

Paris: Has hope seen these?

Taylor: No, not yet.

Paris: Oh, hey hope. Have you seen zende’s latest design for “hope for the future”?

Steffy: Hey, hope.

Hope: Um, I actually haven’t, but I’ll take a look at them later. But I was hoping to have a moment alone with steffy?

Steffy: Go. Thank you for your input.

Paris: Yeah, anytime.

Steffy: Yeah. Here, I’ll take this.

Paris: Yeah.

Steffy: See you.

Paris: Okay.

Hope: We’ll talk later.

Steffy: We were talking about your– your line. Dunno why you chased paris out of here. It’s a little inappropriate.

Hope: Oh, wow. What a word choice. Inappropriate. Kind of like you deliberately trying to sabotage my mother’s marriage to ridge? Be ready for whatever life throws your way.

Taylor: Okay, here’s what’s not gonna happen. You coming over to my daughter’s house, expecting me to do anything. Why are you coming after steffy?

Brooke: It’s the other way around, taylor. Look, we’re all happy that finn is alive. And he’s back with steffy, where he belongs. The family’s together. Family is so precious. But wedding vows are very precious, too. And steffy seems to have forgotten that. She is blatantly trying to interfere in my marriage. And I need you to put a stop to her.

Taylor: Of course, steffy is in favor of ridge and me getting back together, yes. Every kid wants their family to be whole.

Brooke: She’s not a kid anymore, taylor. She is a grown woman. A grown woman with children of her own. And you know what? She needs to focus on that. Not on my marriage with ridge.

Taylor: Now you’re not going to believe this, but I just told steffy and thomas the exact same thing. I did. I understand where they’re coming from, but I also understand why you’d be angry.

Brooke: I’m frustrated. I was very frustrated last night.

Taylor: What happened last night?

Brooke: You really don’t know? Okay, well, it was supposed to be a special evening with ridge and me, and we were gonna have time to reconnect. Just the two of us. But it didn’t happen. He didn’t come home in time.

Taylor: Yeah, he was here having a family night. I’m sorry that your plans didn’t work out, but to be fair, you had all day to coordinate with ridge about your– your night. You know, you can’t blame steffy for that.

Brooke: I called him.

Taylor: You called him? What– when, when he was here already? And I didn’t– I didn’t hear his phone. Didn’t– don’t remember him on the phone.

Brooke: I called him and steffy answered. She said that he was busy. She didn’t put him on the phone.

Taylor: Oh, god. I don’t wanna believe that.

Brooke: Well, you have to believe it. You can ask her yourself. She is playing the gatekeeper. That’s what she’s doing. She refused to put my husband on the phone with me. And she’s doing that because she wants my marriage to fall apart, so that you… you can have your chance with ridge.

Hope: You’re screening your dad’s calls? Refusing to let him speak to my mother, who, by the way, if I need to remind you, that’s still her husband.

Steffy: You’re overreacting, hope.

Hope: Oh, really? How so?

Steffy: We were having a family evening. Obviously, there was no emergency on brooke’s end. My mom, thomas, the kids, me, we deserve quality time with my father.

Hope: Are you kidding me? Ridge spends more time at your house than he does at home. And that’s all part of the plan, isn’t it?

Steffy: What are you talking about? My father can go wherever he wants. If he wants to stay at my house, go for it.

Hope: My gosh, you are so obvious. First, it’s all the talk, telling ridge that he should go back to taylor, that he’s better off with her than he is with my mom.

Steffy: That’s exactly what I believe.

Hope: But to actively interfere in their marriage? That’s a step too far. Come on, steffy, I thought we were past this. What happened to bringing the families together? What happened to putting the children first?

Steffy: This isn’t about kelly, hayes, douglas, or beth. This is about my parents. A future that was stolen from them. This is about my father’s happiness. About a woman who loves him unconditionally. Who will never throw herself into the arms of another man. My father’s starting to feel, like, what it’s like to just be. No drama. No pain. Just love. And that’s exactly what my grandmother wanted for him all those years ago. Well, she’s not here to fight the battle anymore. But I am. Brooke’s disrespected my father long enough. It’s time for my father to come back to his real family. The forresters.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: It’s right here. It is so clear.

Thomas: Steffy’s right. It’s right in front of you. You have to see it.

Steffy: All you have to say is, “I love you… and I want to be with you.”

Brooke: All right. So andre’s going to have everything in the kitchen and all I have to do is light some candles and get dressed.

Hope: Okay, but you still haven’t even heard back from ridge.

Brooke: Right. No, not yet.

Hope: You texted him a while ago?

Brooke: Well, honey, he said he was in a meeting and he’ll call me when he’s finished. So by then, I’m going to have everything ready for this romantic evening!

Liam: Who’s having a romantic evening? Is it us? Say it’s us. It’s us, right?

Hope: Well, that depends how fast you get beth to sleep tonight.

Liam: Oh.

Hope: No, it’s actually, uh, my mom and ridge have the plans.

Liam: Oh, that’s– that’s good. I was– uh, I was just with my dad. I got a little worried when he said that ridge caught you two together.

Hope: Wait. Bill was over here and ridge caught you?

Sheila: Grandma loves you so much. I hate being kept apart from you. Oh, my precious little grandson, you just– you were so comfortable in my arms. Is it serious?

Deacon: Were you just talking to someone in here?

Sheila: Right. Who would i be talking to by myself in here, deacon?

Deacon: Why so grumpy? Maybe it’s something worse. What’s that look in your face?

Sheila: What look?

Deacon: I don’t know. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

Deacon: All right, sheila. What’s going on? What dark thoughts do you have racing around in that pretty little head of yours?

Sheila: Why do you always assume the worst of me?

Deacon: Have I been wrong? Even once?

Sheila: Yeah, well you are this time. Thinking about my grandson.

Deacon: Well, don’t do that, ’cause that doesn’t lead anywhere good.

Sheila: How can you say that? I adore that little boy and his father. They are the most important people in my life.

Deacon: And you are going to stay away from them. You understand me?

Hope: Bill was here?

Liam: Uh, my bad. My bad. I didn’t realize that you hadn’t heard that.

Brooke: He came by earlier and I wasn’t expecting him. He wanted to talk about katie. And he was about to leave when ridge came home.

Liam: My dad said it wasn’t a big deal, though.

Hope: But was it a big deal to ridge, mom?

Brooke: You know how ridge feels about bill. He wasn’t very happy.

Steffy: You deserve to feel this way all the time. You’ve been apart way too long.

Thomas: All you got to do is remember what you want. Your future could be yours. Today.

Taylor: Does it seem like we’re watching an infomercial?

Ridge: Yeah, it seems that we should be changing the channel.

Steffy: No, this is the best channel. You even said how much you love seeing finn and me together. The joy you see every time we’re with the children.

Thomas: Yeah. And that’s how we feel about you guys.

Steffy: Mom, something happens inside of you every time you look at dad. I mean, it’s the same type of electricity I get when i look at my husband.

Finn: And for what it’s worth, it’s not just your kids who see it, okay? I see it, too.

Ridge: Oh, boy.

Finn: Yeah.

Ridge: I’m out of here.

Finn: We lost them.

Steffy: You can’t ignore it.

Taylor: We’re not ignoring it. We’re not, are we ridge? No. Look, I know that your father loves me. I do. I do. And in some ways, everyone can see it. And in other ways, it’s just us. Like, I know what he needs.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, we have our unspoken language, I think, you know, kind of like right now. And it’s a really beautiful thing to share that with someone. Nobody can ever take that away. Cheers. Time. It’s life’s most precious commodity,

Deacon: Hey. Get the hell away from the window. What is it with you? It’s becoming, like, a full time job keeping you out of trouble.

Sheila: I don’t need a savior, deacon.

Deacon: Well, that’s a good thing, because I can’t even save myself. Take a look at me. Shacked up with a, an escaped convict.

Sheila: They’re not looking for me. Not anymore.

Deacon: Sheila. That would change in a minute if you got picked up for stalking.

Deacon: And god forbid, the forresters figure out you’re still alive, too. Because those people with their resources, they’d never stop chasing you.

Sheila: Oh, my gosh, aren’t you just a little, gray cloud today? Hmm.

Deacon: Hmm.

Sheila: Well, maybe we should just go take a hot shower and wash away some of that doom and gloom.

Deacon: No, no, no, no, no. I see– no, I see what you’re doing. No, no. You’re not going to distract me. What is it? What? What is going on in there? What is it that you don’t want me to know? Oh. [ Laughs ] You just won’t give it up, will ya? You won’t give up this idea that somehow you’re going to be reunited with finn and your grandson.

Brooke: I explained to ridge that I was just talking with bill.

Hope: Oh. You mean in this house where, if i remember correctly, bill isn’t exactly welcome? Wow, this sounds familiar.

Liam: Yeah. The word, “boundaries” isn’t really part of my dad’s vocabulary.

Hope: And we all know how very important they are to ridge.

Liam: Hey! Ridge didn’t freak out, though, according to my dad.

Brooke: No, he didn’T. Why would he? What we were doing was innocent. I mean, bill just came by to talk about katie and he was thanking me for listening. And we said our goodbyes…

Hope: I don’t know. I really think this might be a problem with ridge.

Brooke: No, it won’t be, but…

Hope: What?

Brooke: He– he did make it very clear how he feels about deacon or bill here in the house.

Ridge: Let me show you something.

Taylor: What?

Ridge: Come sit. This right here, this is your family. You created these monsters. Your love–

Taylor: I did–

Ridge: Created these guys.

Taylor: We did.

Ridge: Eh…

Taylor: Yeah. I wish I wasn’t gone for so long.

Ridge: Well, even gone, you kept us together. Kept it going for all of us. See? Distance means nothing to you.

Steffy: Well, now you’re both here getting closer. This makes you happy.

Ridge: What– I would– stop. They don’t stop.

Taylor: No, they don’T.

Ridge: I am happy. Your mom makes me happy. I agree with everything you’re saying. This is complicated. You see that, right?

Steffy: I get– I get it. I get that you… you love mom but you can’t erase your feelings for brooke. Is that what you’re saying?

Thomas: All brooke does is hurt you, dad.

Steffy: All she does is let you down–

Taylor: Okay. Just stop, please. He knows how all of us feel about his wife. And you need to stop. Both of you. Okay? It’s not fair. Just stop wishing for the end of his marriage. Okay? Sweet pillows of softness! nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”..” Nci test for “the talk”..” ‘S it going to take for you to give this up? Maybe a spanking.

[ Sheila laughs ] Look, I get how much you love finn? I mean, after all, you shot the guy and you took him hostage. Sort of. But that’s just you showing your feelings, right? Come on, come on, loosen up. Tell me what’s going on.

Sheila: According to you, there’s nothing to talk about, right? Just never going to get to be a part of my son’s life.

Deacon: I’m a parent. I get it. It would tear me up not to see hope, to be separated from her. But this is your reality. And it sucks and it hurts. I get it. And if you want someone to vent to, I’ll listen. I’ll give you some advice or, I don’t know, a bus ticket out of town. I’d try and help you out there, I guess. But you need to hear me very clearly. You are not going to have a relationship with finn and your grandson. Not now. Not ever.

Sheila: Never say never to me.

Hope: Here. I was thinking that once you and ridge settled back into your life that, I don’t know, he might relax a little bit.

Liam: Yeah, that’s obviously not happening now.

Brooke: He’s not being unreasonable.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. He hates bill. He hates my dad. He doesn’t want to deal with either of them.

Brooke: He knows that I respect his feelings on that.

Hope: Okay. And yet he walked in on you and bill together, and now all of a sudden, you’re planning this big, impromptu, romantic evening, so…

Brooke: Yes, of course. And why not? Ridge and i need some alone time together.

Hope: Mom. It’s okay. If you think there’s a problem, if you’re worried, you can say it.

Brooke: Oh, honey, no. I don’t think there’s a problem. It’s just tonight is, is about us. We need to reconnect and spend some time together. That’s what tonight’s all about.

Hope: And nothing else.

Liam: You know what? Maybe you guys would be more comfortable talking about this on your own–

Brooke: No, liam, it’s okay. Really. Your father’s right. What happened today was no big deal. Okay. All right. So he has been spending a lot of time lately with his other family because they found out that finn was alive and now he’s back with their daughter and they’re all so excited. They’re having these family get-togethers. And of course, ridge wants to be a part of it. I totally understand that. So. Tonight, is going to be just about ridge and me reconnecting. That is it. I’m going to make damn sure that happens.

Ridge: You are quite the mediator, doc.

Taylor: You got to be with these scavengers.

Ridge: Yeah. Never thought I’d actually miss the day when they were arguing with each other.

Taylor: Yeah. Now they argue at us.

Ridge: Relentless. But thank you for getting them off my back.

Taylor: Yeah, well, I only bought you five minutes because they are very strong-willed.

Ridge: Wonder where they got that.

Steffy: You see this?

Finn: Yeah. And they don’t seem bothered at all.

Steffy: Everything we said was right. They want to be together.

Taylor: Oh, oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah

Finn: If anyone can make them see it, it’s you. I’m gonna go check on the kids.

Steffy: Okay.

Finn: All right.

Thomas: First of all, thanks for the heads up. Secondly, I really thought he was going to come around tonight.

Steffy: I know. I was hoping, the way dad was talking about pulling our family together.

Thomas: It’s just, uh… one little problem: He’s still technically married to brooke. Dad’s honoring a commitment that brooke threw away long ago. Brooke’s stood in our parents way long enough. Hi, I’m nancy.

Deacon: Whether you believe it or not, I am trying to help you, sheila?

Sheila: No, you’re not. You’re not helping. You’re… you’re just telling me what I can’t do.

Deacon: Oh, and you hate that, don’t you? But hanging on to this pipe dream is just a disaster waiting to happen–

Sheila: No, because it’s not a dream. Reunions, they happen. Families do forgive one another.

Deacon: Everyone in your family thinks you’re dead. Everyone in the world thinks you’re dead. For you to stay out of prison, you need to stay dead.

Sheila: No. Not dead. I’m– ju– I’m stuck, I’M… I’m just in limbo here with you.

Deacon: Well, there’s the door, honey.

Sheila: I’m– I’m grateful for my freedom but I– I– I feel like I’m just trapped in this situation where being a part of my son and my grandson’s lives is impossible. Or is it? I don’t know–

Deacon: All right, you need to stop right there because I’m not always going to be around to be the voice of reason. I got to get out of here. I got to go meet somebody.

Sheila: Who?

Deacon: Honestly, I don’t know. What I do know is that you’re going to stay here. And you’re not going to do anything crazy.

Liam: Hey. What was that for?

Hope: Do I need a reason?

Liam: No, touché. Yeah, kiss me anytime you want. No reason required.

Hope: Thank you.

Liam: For what?

Hope: Just you being you.

Liam: Are you just saying that because I’ve been giving you all this grief lately about thomas and douglas?

Hope: No. Although I do know you aren’t exactly thrilled about all the time I’ve been spending with thomas in order to be with douglas. But I was actually talking about my mom, and how concerned you were about her. I still can’t believe ridge walked in on her hugging bill in his house.

Liam: Yeah. I mean, I was concerned too, obviously, just because it’s my dad and my dad has this habit of downplaying all of his mistakes. But, you know, brooke says she’s not too worried. So yours truly is not going to be too worried. There we go.

Hope: Yeah, it’s just that it’s a lot of stress.

Liam: Yeah. Well, then, I mean, maybe there it is. Maybe a romantic evening is exactly what they need.

Hope: Yeah. I don’t know. It’s just seems like everything is trying to pull them apart. And I just, I want this night to be exactly what my mom wants it to be, which is just a night to bring them together.

Steffy: It’s like they refuse to see it.

Thomas: Mom can see it. She knows they should be together. It’s just, she’s not going to undermine his marriage.

Steffy: Maybe we should have tried harder. We could have gotten through to them.

Thomas: Yeah, okay, maybe. But I don’t know–

> Steffy: Oh, my god. Brooke’s calling.

[ Buzzing ]

Thomas: What are you–

Steffy: Hey, brooke.

Brooke: Steffy? Why are you answering ridge’s phone?

Steffy: Oh, he’s, uh– he’s busy right now.

Brooke: So you’re at the office?

Steffy: No, he’s home with me, thomas, my mom…

Brooke: Oh, uh, I– I need to talk to ridge, please.

Steffy: No, I don’t think I’m going to disturb him right now.

Brooke: I’m his wife.

Steffy: Not for long. He’s hanging out with my mom right now and they’re laughing. They’re really enjoying each other’s company. It’s– it’s sweet. You can tell how much he loves her.

Brooke: Okay, you know what? I’m not going to debate this with you. I just need my husband to come home as soon as possible.

Steffy: He is home, brooke. His real home. He belongs here. Okay. You have a good night.

Brooke: Wait, steffy. Put ridge on the phone.

[ Line beeping ]

[ Brooke gasps ]

[ Sighs ]

Thomas: Okay. That was, that was strong. But what do you plan on doing if she comes over here?

Steffy: I don’t care. Not focused on her. He’s wasted way too much time on brooke. He needs to focus his attention on mom.

Thomas: Frankly, I don’t know how we can make that any more clear–

Steffy: Just keep trying, thomas. Mom and dad are so good together. They love each other. We just got to get brooke out of the way. Once and for all.

Taylor: Oh, boy.

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B&B Transcript Monday, September 19, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: What a day.

Finn: Right? That was the best.

Steffy: I know. Playing hooky from work, spending time at the beach with our kids. Can’t get better than that.

Finn: Yeah. I mean, and the sandcastles that kelly and hayes built? We’re gonna have a couple of engineers on our hands.

Steffy: I think so too. It was so much fun.

Finn: Yeah, it was. Wiped ’em out though. They were both begging for a nap.

Steffy: Yeah, good. I love this. Family together, making memories.

Finn: Me too.

Steffy: You know what else I love?

Finn: Hmm?

Steffy: I love when I have a brilliant idea and my husband goes along with it.

Finn: Oh, yeah. I do, huh?

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Finn: What brilliant idea do you have now?

Steffy: Well, since we had an incredible family day, I was thinking we could extend it to my mom and dad. Think it would be fun.

Finn: You dog.

Ridge: How do you feel?

Paris: Like air.

Ridge: What about you?

Zende: Me?

Ridge: Yeah, it’s another very impressive design.

Zende: It turned out all right.

[ Ridge laughs ]

Thomas: I’m gonna have to step my game up.

Ridge: I don’t– I don’t think you’re the problem. I– I gotta find a way to be more prolific. Just can’t focus on anything.

Thomas: Well, there’s an easy solution for that there, pop.

Brooke: I knew I could count on you, andre, even on such short notice. Thank you so much.

[ Phone beeping ]

Hope: Well, it sounds like someone’s planning something special.

Brooke: Oh! Yes, I am.

Hope: Okay, well, what is it?

[ Brooke laughs ]

Brooke: Well, it’s not so much what it is. It’s what it’s about.

Hope: Which is?

Brooke: Ridge and i always thrive when we shut out the real world and we take the time to reconnect to our love for each other. And that’s been really hard to do lately with everything going on. So tonight, I intend to remind my husband what it is that makes us so good together. Now and always.

Hope: You two are pretty incredible together. Even after all these years and all the challenges you’ve faced.

Brooke: Challenges we’ve overcome.

Hope: Yeah.

Brooke: And yet here we are facing more challenges.

Hope: Hmm, does that mean taylor?

Brooke: It just means all the noise that keeps us from being focused on each other. That’s why I’m determined to make tonight about nothing but the two of us.

Hope: Well, I think it’s a really great idea, mom. Especially given all the pressure that ridge is getting from thomas and steffy, you know, wanting him to reunite with their mother.

Thomas: I’m just saying. You ditch brooke, you go back to mom, problem solved.

Ridge: Hey, thomas.

Thomas: Yeah?

Ridge: Is there any way we can stop doing this?

Thomas: What?

Ridge: I know how you feel about my wife and my marriage, but I would love very much to get back to zende’s design. Can we do that?

Thomas: Uh, I don’t think we really need to ’cause this thing’s a lock.

Zende: I still wanna make a few tweaks, incorporate some of your father’s suggestions.

Paris: There he goes again. The eternal perfectionist.

Zende: Okay, okay. Stop, stop. Paris and I, we’re gonna get out of here and let you two continue your private conversation.

Paris: Good luck, thomas.

Thomas: Thanks. Oh, yeah, and thanks for stepping in for vanessa.

Paris: Any time.

Ridge: See you guys.

Thomas: Before you say anything, okay, just hear me out. Let me tell you all the reasons you need to be with my mother.

Steffy: My dad isn’t happy with brooke. I mean, he thinks he is, but he has more downs than ups. He needs to be with someone who’s completely devoted to him, committed, and that person, you know, is my mom. Like, they’re perfect for each other.

Taylor: Oh, my god. No.

Finn: Hey.

Taylor: Has it really come down to this? It’s not enough that you and your brother have teamed up. Now you’re recruiting poor finn in your campaign to reunite your father and me? Steffy. Does your plug-in fade too fast?

Ridge: Thomas, it seems to me like we’re having the same conversation over and over again. I don’t know why you and your sister find it necessary to champion your mother to me. It’s not necessary at all because I’m the person that respects taylor and loves her more than anyone.

Thomas: You see, you say that, but then you went to go live with brooke again ’cause you took pity on her and her ankle.

Ridge: I went to live with brooke because she’s my wife.

Thomas: Right. Well, there was a time that you were living with mom over at steffy’S.

Ridge: No, I was never living with your mother. Never was. I was staying in the guest house.

Thomas: Okay, maybe you didn’t spend every night in the same bedroom–

Ridge: We didn’t spend any night in the same bedroom. Where are you getting this from?

Thomas: You know what? Doesn’t matter. You were living with mom for a time, and it was a special time because you always have a special time together. And then you left, and you went over to granddad’S. And I understand. I get why you did that. But now you’re back over at brooke’S.

Ridge: And now we’re back to the same place we just started from. I am at brooke’s house because she is my wife. I’m her husband. She is the woman I love.

Thomas: Yes, you love her, but… you don’t love her the same way that you love mom. At least admit that.

Ridge: What?

Hope: Um…

[ Clears throat ] Just so you know, I did defend you and your commitment to ridge to steffy at the office yesterday. I walked in on her bashing you to thomas and–

Brooke: Oh, honey, you stood up for me.

Hope: Well, of course I did. You’re my mother. I will always support you. I just… [ Sighs ] I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking on their part, but thomas and steffy seem really convinced that ridge is going to reunite with taylor and their family soon.

Brooke: Of course they do.

Hope: Well, they have been putting a lot of pressure on ridge. And she told me, I mean, they’re saying stuff to him like, “well, if you stay with her, then she’s just going to betray you again.” And…

Brooke: That’s not exactly news, honey. Thomas and steffy have been saying that to ridge for a long time now. And now taylor, too.

Hope: It’s just the more– the more that they actively try to get ridge out of here and back with taylor, first of all, not only is it disrespectful to you and your marriage, but it also just reignites that stupid forrester/logan family feud, which I don’t– I don’t want. Why do any of us want it? I don’t want it for douglas and beth. I thought steffy didn’t want it for kelly and hayes, and yet here we are. You know, thomas wants douglas to live with him permanently, and taylor is not exactly hiding her feelings. And I just feel like… this fragile peace that has been there between the two families… might finally end. If it hasn’t already.

Steffy: I don’t need to recruit finn, do I?

Finn: No. No, no. See, steffy, she’s right about everything always. See, that’s– that’s what keeps the marriage so blissful.

Taylor: You are such a smart man. You know, as much as I love seeing the two of you have fun together, I would rather it not be about ridge and me.

Steffy: Okay, debbie downer, negative nancy, bad time betty.

[ Taylor laughs ] Mom, you and dad belong together. And who knows? Who knows? Maybe, I don’t know, maybe it could happen tonight.

Taylor: Huh? Tonight?

Steffy: Yeah. Things move really quickly around here. Isn’t that right, babe?

Finn: Uh, this is the part where I’m supposed to say yes, right? But I don’t know. What are you talking about?

Taylor: I’m not really sure what she’s talking about either, but I know that look in her eye. And you are up to something, young lady. What is it?

Steffy: Me?

Taylor: You.

Steffy: Um… (birds chirping)

Taylor: Steffy forrester.

Steffy: Ooh, she’s using her mom voice. I’m gonna be in trouble.

Finn: Okay, then maybe answer her question next.

Steffy: I will not.

[ Phone ringing ] Ooh, saved by the bell. I think you should, uh, you should answer that. I’m sure it’s, like, a patient.

Taylor: Um, yeah, it is. Okay, I’m gonna take this upstairs, but when I come back down, you’re gonna tell me everything.

Steffy: I’m gonna tell you everything. Yeah, absolutely. Maybe, mom.

Finn: Who are you calling? Steffy…

Steffy: Hey, are you still at forrester?

Thomas: Yeah, I’m meeting with dad. What’s up?

Steffy: Could you guys come to the cliff house?

Thomas: You wanna tell me what it’s about?

Steffy: No, just hurry and get here, okay? Okay, bye.

[ Phone beeps ]

Thomas: We gotta go.

Ridge: What’s going on?

Thomas: Going over to steff’S. I don’t know.

Steffy: What? I meant what I said to mom. Things are gonna change for her and dad.

Hope: Steffy’s on a mission. She’s acting like she has to right some long-standing wrong.

Brooke: If ridge wanted to be with taylor, he would be. It’s not like I’m holding him against his will. He knows what’s in his mind. He knows what’s in his heart. And as much as he loves his kids with taylor, he’s certainly not gonna let them dictate his life.

Hope: I hope you’re right, but with the three of them coming at him nonstop.

Brooke: I know, it’s terrible what they’re doing. They’re putting him in the middle once again. I mean, I just wish taylor would go away. I wish she would leave it alone and find another guy.

Hope: Well, the thing is, I think for taylor, ridge is it. And if taylor can’t have him, then–

Brooke: Well, she can’t have him. He’s my husband, and we have a future together.

Hope: I just wish that steffy and thomas could get it into their heads that you aren’t to blame for their parents not being together.

Brooke: Maybe I am to blame. I mean, not that I did anything underhanded or manipulative to try to keep ridge away from taylor. I didn’T. It’s just that… I loved him. And he loved me right back. Just like he will tonight.

Finn: Champagne?

Taylor: Well, if things go the way I’m hoping, we’re gonna be celebrating. Kids out?

Finn: Out like a light. Wait, have you not told your mom yet?

Steffy: No.

Taylor: Um, told me– told me what?

Steffy: Oh, good, you’re off that call. Great.

Taylor: Yeah, new-client calls take a while. What is going on here, steffy?

Steffy: Nothing, I was just, like, cleaning.

Taylor: Nothing?

Finn: For once.

Steffy: Hey, what took you so long?

Ridge: What took us so long? This guy was driving like a maniac. What were you doing?

Thomas: Steffy said it was urgent.

Ridge: What is– what’s the mission? What are we doing here? Or should I even ask?

Steffy: We just took the day off and wanted to spend some time with kids, family, you know?

Ridge: Yeah. Where are the kids?

Finn: Uh, they’re asleep. They’re worn out from all the fun in the sand.

Steffy: Yeah, and we just wanted to continue this family day. Especially for you and– and mom. I hope that’s okay. Charcuterie? You trusted me as your state treasurer.

[ Phone chiming ]

Brooke: Hopefully that’s ridge texting that he will be home soon.

Hope: Oh, well, then I should get going. I know you have a lot to get ready around here.

Brooke: Oh, no. It’s just an appointment reminder. My yearly physical, which I missed, of course, mm-hmm.

Hope: Ah. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on.

Brooke: Yeah. [ Chuckles ] I do. Ridge and I both do. That’s why it’s so important, honey, to take this time and reconnect. Just the two of us.

Hope: Well, I do know he was in a meeting with thomas, zende, and paris, but it should be over by now. So just give him a call and find out.

Brooke: Oh, I’ll just wait ’til he reaches out. If not, I’ll call him.

Hope: Okay.

Brooke: I just wanna thank you, sweetie.

Hope: For what?

Brooke: For all of your support.

Hope: Well–

Brooke: You’re just the most amazing, wonderful, loving daughter a mother could have. And I just love you so much.

Hope: Love you too, mom. Always.

Brooke: And forever.

[ Hope laughs ]

Hope: Come here.

[ Laughter ]

Finn: It’s one of the reasons I went to medical school. It’s the truth, I swear.

Thomas: I am sure. You know what? Hayes has said like one word, right? And– and– and so it makes sense for him to say all of his career aspirations and that he wants to be a doctor like his old man.

Finn: That’s exactly what he said.

Ridge: Why are we making stuff up? Let’s just all be honest with each other. I told you about the conversation I had with hayes in my office where he told me he wants to be a designer.

Steffy: Really?

Taylor: You are lying, and I know that you’re lying. Because hayes told me he wants to be a psychiatrist like his grandma.

Ridge: That’s not what he–

Finn: No, no, no, no. We have enough.

Steffy: No, I mean, he has many interests, but the good thing about our family is that we’ll always support and love him. That’s what our– our family does, right?

Ridge: That is what our family does.

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: I still can’t believe that he’s here. You know, every now and then, I just– I look over, you know, how is that possible? And with a shirt! But to see you here, it’s not just good for steffy. It’s great for all of us. And those kids, they have both their parents. And– and that is– that is the most important thing. And– and let’s– let’s not forget that you are part of this family. You are– you’re a forrester. And what we do for each other, we– we connect, we support, and we love each other. To the forresters. Come on.

Taylor: To the forresters.

All: To the forresters.

Steffy: Well, I couldn’t agree more. I love this man so much, and I’m so grateful that we– we get to share our lives together again. It’s just– it really is such a miracle. And I know you’ve heard this from me before, but I just have a whole new perspective on life. I see things so differently now, you know? Every moment like this is– it’s so precious. Family. This. Who started it? You and mom.

Ridge: Oh, here we go.

Steffy: I know you don’t wanna hear it, and I know you’re sick of it, but thomas and I can’t help it. Like… we see it. Come on, let’s be real right now. There’s an energy. The way you two look at each other, there’s this love, and it’s, it’s– you guys touch each other. It’s– it’s really profound.

Thomas: Steffy’s right. Mom, you– you are really an incredible person. You– you– you give your life to others every day. You’re– you’re kind, and you’re compassionate, and literally, you’ve made your entire life out of helping other people. And that’s impressive, and you do that for the family. And– and you and dad together? I mean, that– that’s what we need– you guys united as a team leading the family forward. The forrester family.

Steffy: That is true. Do you not see it? You feel it? Like, you’re looking at each other right now. There’s– like I said, there’s this energy. You can’t deny it! That love is there, I know it. Stop wasting time. Start your lives today together. All you have to do is just say “I love you.” And “I want to be with you.”

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B&B Transcript Friday, September 16, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Hope: If ridge had wanted to be with your mom, he would have left mine a long time ago.

Steffy: He did when brooke got drunk and, uh, kissed deacon.

Hope: Yeah, but once he found out that she had been manipulated, he went back to her.

Steffy: It’s only temporary.

Hope: According to you.

Steffy: Hope, I know how this plays out. I’ve watched my whole life. So have you. It’s only a matter of time before brooke lets down my dad again.

Brooke: Ridge. It’s not what it looks like.

[ Inaudible ]

[ Inaudible ]

Carter: Come on, let’s do it. Finish strong. Let’s go. That’s it, man. Damn, thomas! You’re an animal, bro.

Thomas: What do you mean?

Carter: Nothing, dude. I just thought I was big into lifting. But you? You? I’m impressed. You’re keeping me honest.

Thomas: Well, it’s good to get out of the office, you know, break a sweat, and i did actually want to pick your brain about some legal stuff.

Carter: What did you do?

Thomas: Nothing. I– I– nothing. It’s just, uh, it’s about custody of douglas.

Thomas: Look, I don’t want to put you in an awkward position. I know that you and hope are close.

Carter: I know, but we’re talking about custody. You’re not taking hope to court, are you?

Thomas: No, no, no, that’s the last thing I want. I don’t want some kind of legal battle.

Carter: Good, good, ’cause court is a last resort if at all possible.

Thomas: Yeah. It’s just– okay, hope and I, we have shared custody of douglas.

Carter: It was mutually agreed upon, correct?

Thomas: Eh, sort of. Hey, look, man, douglas spends like 95% of his time with hope and liam.

Carter: Okay, and you want that to change.

Thomas: Yeah, but I– the last thing I want to do is hurt hope.

Steffy: Everything I’m saying about your mom is true.

Hope: She has owned up to her mistakes in the past. She’s committed to ridge.

Steffy: Okay, she’s been on a good streak for the last few months, but it’s only a matter of time before she gets herself in trouble again. Aren’t I right, mom?

[ Taylor sighs ]

Taylor: I just walked right into this, didn’t I?

Steffy: My mom has too much class to sling mud. Your mom’s reputation with men is notorious. I just don’t want my father to see your mom falling into the arms of another man again.

Bill: Brooke’s right. Nothing for you to be concerned about.

Ridge: Really?

Bill: Just giving an old friend a simple hug goodbye.

Ridge: But why were you here in the first place?

Bill: I was hoping to get some insight into katie. Who better to talk to than her big sister?

Brooke: Bill’s worried about katie. She’s, uh, giving him the cold shoulder.

Ridge: Okay. Bill is worried about katie. What are you doing? For copd,

Thomas: Obviously, I want to be a full-time father to my son. You know, I mean, being a father is the greatest gift you could ask for. And I made mistakes in the past, you know? I wasn’t– I wasn’t proud of the man that I’d become, and, uh, and I realized I needed to make a change, right? And I did. Not just– not just for myself. For my family and for my son.

Carter: That’s great, man. It’s not easy to admit.

Thomas: I’m ready for more responsibility, you know? With douglas. And hope and I, being his parents, we– we have to find a way to work together on this. And especially since we’re not living together.

Carter: And you’ve accepted that, right? That– that hope is married to liam. This isn’t about you still being attracted to her?

Thomas: Okay, look. Obviously, hope’s a beautiful woman, and– and I will always love her, but douglas adores her. She’s the most amazing mother to him, and that’s what this is about. That’s the reason that I don’t want to alienate him. Carter: Tell you what. Look. This is understanding that you want more consistency with douglas and want to expose him to the forresters’ family. That’s admirable, but I’m getting a vibe that you’re talking about more than just a potential custody issue here.

Thomas: I mean, okay, yeah, there– there is more at play.

Carter: What’s at play? What– what– what’s at play?

[ Thomas sighs ]

Thomas: Okay. There’s another situation. Like, there’s my father, and obviously steffy and I want him to be with our mother. Hope disagrees. She thinks that my dad should be with brooke.

Carter: Sounds like the makings of another epic struggle between forrester versus logan.

Hope: So, what brings you here, taylor? Are you looking for ridge? I know you’ve been spending a lot of time with my mother’s husband lately.

Steffy: We’ve been bonding and celebrating my husband not being dead.

Hope: And I’m thrilled for all of you, but I do think it is more than just that. I’ve seen the stolen moments between you and ridge.

Taylor: Yes, um, there have been some conflicting moments between ridge and I, yes. Um, I can understand why you’d be upset.

Steffy: No, mom, stay here. The only reason dad’s staying at brooke’s house right now is to help her with her broken ankle. There’s magic between you two, elements of a lasting relationship. The kiss in monaco was only the beginning. Dad’s finally waking up and realizing you’re the love of his life, not brooke.

Brooks: Ridge–

Bill: All right, all right, all right, look. For the record, this is on me. Brooke had no idea I was coming over. I just showed up.

Ridge: Well, you got to stop doing that. Maybe, what do you think? Set some boundaries?

Brooke: Bill, if you don’t mind, I would like to talk to my husband alone.

Bill: Yeah, no, of course. I mean, this is unnecessarily awkward. I was really just leaving.

Ridge: Bill, maybe next time give somebody a heads-up. Phone call, text, or even better, don’t come over.

Brooke: Good luck with katie.

Bill: I’m gonna need it. Forrester, this is an incredible woman. Don’t be a fool and blow it.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Ridge: Guy’s got a lot of nerve, huh?

Brooke: I didn’t mean for you to walk in on that, bill and me hugging. I mean, really, ridge, it wasn’t what it was–

Ridge: Not the jealous type. I know nothing happened.

Brooke: Okay. Okay, I’m glad to hear you say that. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if you were a tad bit jealous.

Ridge: Maybe I am a little bit. We talked about this, right?

Brooke: I know.

Ridge: I don’t like walking in here and seeing guys like deacon or bill. You get that?

Brooke: Yeah. What’s the #1 retinol brand

Carter: Great workout, man. Thanks for not letting me bail.

Thomas: Of course. You got to stay in shape for quinn, right? No, honestly, I’m really happy for you guys. And granddad seems happy too, you know? Donna’s moved in, and… anyway, I guess all’s well that ends well, right?

Carter: Yeah.

[ Carter chuckles ] Your dad seems like he’s struggling a bit, though.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, he’s never– he’s never quite settled, you know? He’s always stuck in the middle, trying to please too many people.

Carter: I mean, it’s not a total curse having two incredible women in your life like brooke and your mother.

Thomas: He could pick one, though.

Carter: A specific one.

Thomas: Absolutely a specific one. You know, there’s one that kind of ruins his life all the time and gives him anxiety, and then there’s one that– that brings out the best version of himself, and I– I wish that they would just realize that.

Carter: Mmm.

Thomas: Anyway, I’ve taken enough of your time. Thanks for the, uh, the advice.

Carter: I don’t know if I gave you much advice.

Thomas: You did not.

[ Carter chuckles ]

Carter: I do have a suggestion, though. Keep things amicable with hope. Ultimately, that’s what’s best for douglas.

Thomas: I agree. What’s best for douglas should be first. Though it may be hard. It’s always been tough keeping things amicable between the forresters and the logans, but it might get a lot worse if my dad goes back to my mother like I’m hoping.

Carter: It’s never a dull moment.

Thomas: No. That’s true. That’s true.

Taylor: Ooh.

Steffy: Please don’t be upset about hope.

Taylor: No, I– I– I understand her point of view. She’s defending her mom.

Steffy: She’s defending the defenseless.

Taylor: Ah, but from her perspective, so are you.

Steffy: I’m doing what’s right. You and brooke are two completely different people. You cherish and you nurture dad. Brooke just causes him pain. All dad does is just walk around worn out. Like, who lives like that?

Taylor: You know when someone changes? When they’re ready, and not one second sooner.

Steffy: Dad’s not blind, mom. He knows that you are the realest source of joy and trust in his life. And, mom, you are such a good person. You are like a saint in comparison to brooke. All you’re doing is just expressing your feelings. You love dad. And he loves you. He said so himself. Never, ever, ever forget that.

Ridge: Okay, I don’t blame you. Bill came over uninvited, and it’s not your fault.

Brooke: Yeah, no, of course it’s not my fault. I mean, bill didn’t call. He didn’t text. He just came over here, and he was very distraught about katie, and of course then I was concerned. I didn’t want to just send bill away.

Ridge: And there it is, right? You’re concerned about other people, and I love that about you. But spencer? Come on.

Brooke: I get it. I do.

Ridge: Do you?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: You get what it might feel like when I walk into our home and I– I see someone like bill or deacon hanging out here? You– you get how that makes me feel?

Brooke: Mm-hmm. You are entitled to your feelings.

Ridge: Thank you.

Brooke: Yes, I do get it, but they’re gone. Bill is not here. Deacon’s not here.

Ridge: Well, I know, but, uh, just– they’re like cockroaches. They never really go away. They’re always around.

Brooke: Ridge…

[ Brooke laughs ] It’s okay. Really. All that matters is that you’re here and I’m here, and I am so happy that we’re back under the same roof. ‘Cause you are the man that I love, the man that I will always love. And not a day goes by where I don’t give thanks that you’re back in my life. (Vo) start the day with cheerios oat crunch almond.

Taylor: Steffy, you are my biggest advocate, and I appreciate that, but–

Steffy: You and dad deserve everything.

[ Taylor sighs ] You have incredible careers. You’re amazing parents, grandparents. You’re just missing that one thing.

Taylor: Honey, you’re so sweet for caring as much as you do, but please let your father and me figure this out. And you just focus on– focus on finn and kelly and hayes. One miracle at a time, okay?

Steffy: You’re right, it is a miracle. I wake up in gratitude every morning knowing that finn is alive. And like I told dad, life is short. It’s fleeting. I thought I lost my soul mate, my husband. My whole world was shattered. I just don’t want you and dad to wake up one day and realize you could have done things differently. Made different choices. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

Taylor: Steffy, he’s married to someone else.

Steffy: Yeah, someone who is toxic, who constantly disappoints him and disrespects him. Mom, if you– look. You give me the best advice. What would you tell yourself? Honestly.

[ Taylor exhales sharply ] What do you want? Who do you want to be with? You know it’s dad, and I know you want our family to– I know you want our family to reunite. Don’t worry about brooke or hope. Be with dad.

Thomas: Steffy’s right. I hate to admit it, but my zebra-themed sister here is spot on. You just have to believe it.

Steffy: It is true. You could have the most incredible future together. Just put all the other stuff to the side. Focus on dad.

Thomas: If you stay open to it. I– I’ve never seen two people that are more right for each other.

Steffy: Can’t deny it. You and dad belong together.

Taylor: I am so lucky to be loved by you two.

Brooke: I know there are forces trying to pull us apart. I know it. I mean, I– I’m not gonna point any fingers, but I can feel it. And I know you can too. But the important thing is that we’ve overcome a lot of things, lot of challenges through the years. Not every relationship is perfect, ridge. There’s always some cracks here and there. But we have a foundation, a very strong foundation, and we’re not gonna let anybody destroy that. Not thomas, not steffy, not hope with douglas’s custody, not taylor, who has obvious feelings for you. I love you. My heart still skips a beat every time I look at you. Just like it did the very first time I set eyes on you. ‘Cause you and all of this is my destiny.

Steffy: Dad doesn’t love brooke. He loves mom. This time with brooke, it needs to end. We need to make sure of it. We need to make it happen. Dad and mom, they need to be together. We need to make it happen, thomas.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, September 15, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Taylor: I know you love me. I do. But what does that mean to you? What are you saying? Are you– are you ready to leave brooke? Put our life and family back together?

Hope: I’m not going to let you bash my mother like that.

Steffy: I’m just speaking the truth.

Hope: Your version of the truth.

Steffy: I don’t think I’m saying any lies here. Right, thomas?

Thomas: I– I think you’re both sounding really harsh, so maybe we just apologize and we can [ Clicking tongue ] Go on out for coffee.

Steffy: I’m just– no, I’m just saying out loud what everyone knows about brooke. I’m definitely not going to apologize. Our grandmother never did, so why should I?

Hope: Oh, if you’re about to follow that up with what stephanie used to call my mom, then–

Steffy: Your mother hasn’t changed. No matter how devoted and committed my father has been, your mom always falls for another man. It’s just the truth.

[ Door knocking ]

Brooke: Coming! Bill!

Bill: Uh, I know. I know don’t– don’t say it. I should’ve called first. Is grumpy here? You know that ridge always has his shorts in a bunch about something. And I don’t feel like dealing with him today.

Brooke: No, it’s just me. Come in.

Bill: Good.

Brooke: So, what is it? What’s going on?

Bill: I had to see you.

Brooke: Bill, why are you so upset? Come on, tell me. You’re making me worry.

Bill: It’s katie.

Brooke: Oh, no. What? It– it’s not her heart, is it?

Hope: Just because you want your parents to be together doesn’t mean–

Steffy: I’m not going to apologize for wanting my parents to be happy.

Hope: And ridge can’t be happy with my mom?

Steffy: Have you been paying attention to the relationship? My father’s tried with her over and over again, but it never works. So, yeah, I want my parents back together. I want him to feel peace.

Thomas: Yeah. You know what? He really is different. You know, I mean, he– it’s like he’s got more joy and happiness and– and peace when he’s with her. And that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love brooke, because he obviously does. But if you compare who he is with our mom versus who he is with brooke, it’s obvious who he should be with.

Steffy: I think he finally realizes that.

Hope: And what do you mean by that?

Steffy: I was talking to my dad, urging him to be honest with himself. And based on what he was saying, I think he’s decided to go back to my mom. I think he could be reuniting with her right now.

Taylor: I’m not trying to put you on the spot, but I’m totally putting you on the spot.

Ridge: Uh, well… maybe that’s why I came over. To, you know, talk about the future and talk about… feelings. It’s–

Taylor: Strong feelings. Because the l word was used.

Ridge: I know what I said. I know. And I’m not– I’m not going to hide how I feel about you. The way I feel about you is a huge, huge part of my life. So, it’s– yeah, I love you. I’ll always love you. Doc. This is the sound of better breathing.

Brooke: Please don’t take this the wrong way.

Bill: Thank you.

Brooke: I certainly am not trying to minimize what you’re going through, but I am so relieved there is nothing wrong with katie.

Bill: Well, I wouldn’t say there’s nothing wrong. I mean, this is a woman who is resisting my advances. You tell me.

Brooke: Oh, okay. Uh, well, she hasn’t officially said there’s no chance right?

Bill: Not to me. Has she said it to you? Do you have any insight at all?

Brooke: Every time I broach the topic, she either gives me a vague answer or she changes the subject.

Bill: Right. I know I’ve hurt katie. Let her down one too many times, but I– I– I really thought she would give us one more chance to be together, to be a family again.

Brooke: I want that for you, bill.

Bill: I know you do. That’s why I’m here. Not just to see if you knew more about what katie was thinking, but mainly because you’re the one person who gets what I’m going through. Who gets me. You might understand me better than– than anybody else in this world, brooke.

Steffy: Brooke and her men. The scandals are legendary.

Hope: The scandals are in the past.

Steffy: You actually believe that?

Thomas: Sad thing is he does. Over and over again.

Steffy: Yeah. He thinks that brooke’s matured. She’s grown, and then, boom, reality hits. She lets deacon sleep over. She kisses bill. It’s like clockwork all over again.

Hope: You know what’s like clockwork? Your attacks on my mom. She’s committed to ridge and their marriage would be fine if it wasn’t for your interference and your mother’S. And I’m starting to question yours as well. My mom believes that you are actually pushing for more time with douglas in order to cause problems between her and ridge. And I hope that’s not true.

Thomas: I want to be an amazing father to my son and spend more time with him. This has nothing to do with brooke or her marriage.

Steffy: But brooke makes it all about her. Like you wanting to spend time with your son is some kind of conspiracy. Dad’s put up with brooke’s selfishness for far too long. And he told me how he feels about mom. And I bet you he’s telling mom right now.

Taylor: So, you’ll always love me. Always. It’s a long time.

Ridge: I’d extend it if I could, but that’s impossible even for me.

Taylor: No, no, I will– I’ll settle for always. Seriously, though, it’s just– it’s– it’s really good to hear it. It really is.

Ridge: What are you doing?

Taylor: What?

Ridge: Why are you surprised? You know how I feel about–

Taylor: No, I’m not surprised. I mean, of course, I just, you know, we’ve been through a lot and I just– you– why? Why are you telling me now? Is– is– is it a hint? Are you hinting at what you want for your future?

Ridge: I don’t know. I don’t know any of that. I’m– I’m trying. It’s difficult. ‘Cause I’ve– I’ve got a life. And– and you’re here and you’re– what we have, the time we have as family, that’s– that’s a big, important part of me. You’re this intelligent woman who’s never gonna let me down. Is always going to be there for me. And I know that. You… you… you, uh, bring me calm. You are– you are my calm.

Taylor: I’m basically a human form of melatonin or lavender.

Ridge: And sometimes– sometimes you’re funny.

Taylor: Most of the time. I’m pretty funny.

Ridge: Not funny right now. But there– there were times in the past when you made me laugh. Okay. You said you were in a difficult situation. And that’s because… you love two women. (Vo) red lobster’s finer points of fun dining

Hope: So, did we scare thomas off?

Steffy: He had a meeting to go to, though I’m sure he’s not disappointed about it.

Hope: I don’t– I don’t want to argue.

Steffy: I don’t either.

Hope: I wanna put our differences aside for the sake of our children. I want them to have a sense of solidarity. I– I think they deserve that.

Steffy: They do have that. I think we know how to parent cooperatively. That’s not the problem. I think when we talk about our parents, that’s when we run into trouble.

Hope: Well, maybe we wouldn’t if we just let them decide.

Steffy: And let them be miserable? Sorry, I can’t do that. I’m going to speak up. I want my parents to be happy. And for my father, that means putting brooke behind him. I’m looking out for my dad. Brooke just disappoints him over and over again. Betrayal after betrayal. And if he stays with her, she’s just going to break his heart again.

Brooke: I do understand you, bill. I know how hard it’s been for you to be without katie and without will. I know it’s painful. But I’m– I’m happy that you came here, that you’re comfortable enough to confide in me.

Bill: Are you kidding? Who else could I trust with this?

Brooke: With your emotions?

Bill: Ugh. Emotions. I mean, I’m– I’m working on it. I really am. I’m trying to be more… open.

Brooke: Ah.

Bill: Especially with liam and wyatt. But, it’s awkward. They’re my boys, I’m their dad, and… they’ll never know me the way that you do. I don’t think anyone could. Not even katie.

Brooke: Why do you think that is?

Bill: I don’t know. That’s not true. I– I do know. I– I worry about what katie thinks. About disappointing her. About her judging me.

Brooke: Mm.

Bill: She had a tendency to point out my faults, and listen, I don’t need anybody to point out my faults. I am painfully aware of them. But I don’t worry about that with you. I don’t think about it. Because, for the most part, you like me just as I am. You know, our marriage was– was more about lifting each other up. We made so many memories together. Do you ever wonder?

Brooke: What?

Bill: So many relationships, they go bad. They get stale. I don’t think that would have happened with us. We were so very happy together, brooke. And I think we would have stayed that way.

Ridge: Why do you do that?

Taylor: Mm?

Ridge: Why do you ask me a question you know the answer to already?

Taylor: I just–

Ridge: I moved in with brooke because I love her.

Taylor: It’s just a lot of back and forth. A lot. Do you have stock in a– a moving company?

Ridge: Why do you– no. Look, brooke and I, we went through some stuff. We’re fine. Everything’s fine.

Taylor: Yeah, but for some reason, you keep going back.

Ridge: Not some reason. She’s my wife.

Taylor: But should she be?

Ridge: What does that?

Taylor: Are you happy? Ridge, it’s hard to see you so unhappy. She’s– she’s gonna hurt you again. She will. Whether it’s bill or deacon or some other random guy who she ends up with. I– and what she’s doing to thomas? Trying to play gatekeeper to his own son. Why?

Ridge: That’s–

Taylor: Why? I know you’re not okay with the way that she’s handling the situation with douglas. It’s not okay. She’s going to betray you. She’s going to let you down. And, ridge, she’s not gonna do it because– because she’s purposely trying to hurt you. That’s just who she is. It’s who she’s always been. It’s who she will always be. So yeah, that is– that is hard. Is that the life that you want? Is that– is that the life? Because if it is, cool. Okay. I– I will– I will support you. But it is going to be so hard to watch because you don’t have any… you don’t have any consistent happiness. Or calm. And I think you know that on some level, you’re never going to if you stay with brooke. What’s the #1 retinol brand

Hope: I think you’re forgetting how much my mom cares about ridge. And she would never betray him again.

Steffy: Maybe not intentionally, but…

Hope: But what? Ridge is the love of her life and always will be.

Steffy: You believe that. Your mom believes that. But, I think it’s my mom.

Hope: And that’s what you believe. But frankly, what you or I believe shouldn’t even matter. We need to trust in what ridge believes. And he is still married to my mother. And I think that speaks for itself. They are husband and wife, and their marriage should be respected.

Steffy: Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Just like my mom and dad’s marriage should have been respected all those years ago. But brooke had different plans. When will you stop making excuses for your mom and finally admit who she really is. Admit that she will never be committed or devoted to any man, including my dad.

Brooke: I don’t know. I mean, I would like to think we could have stayed happy. But there were just so many complications.

Bill: Ah, nothing we couldn’t overcome if we really tried. You know what we should have done? We should have gotten the hell out of L.A. And moved to aspen.

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah, we should have.

Bill: So many great times there. The balloon ride and a thousand others.

Brooke: How could I ever forget? But I am married to ridge now.

Bill: Yeah, I know. And he’s the– he’s the love of your life, right? I’m not here making a pitch for us, brooke, but nothing wrong with talking about the memories we share. Reminiscing. That doesn’t take anything away from what you have with ridge.

Brooke: No. Right? No, I agree. And those memories were– were amazing. And they will always be there. It was– it was a very special time.

Bill: Yeah, it was. Look at you right now. Those beautiful eyes. Beautiful smile. All those memories come flooding back. Everything we share. Everything we had.

Brooke: Well, uh, as much as I feel for what you’re going through, bill, and I do, there is somebody that wouldn’t feel the same way.

Bill: Yeah.

Brooke: And I think you should go before he comes home.

Bill: Yeah, right. I don’t– I don’t wanna cause any trouble for you.

Brooke: Yeah. Well… if you need me to talk to katie, I will.

Bill: I appreciate that. Frustrating as hell that I can’t get through to her.

Brooke: Yeah.

Bill: Thank you for listening, brooke.

Brooke: Of course.

Taylor: It’s who she will always be. She’s going to let you down.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: Dad, come on. I’m talking about you and mom and the love you have for each other. It’s obvious. Here’s what I know: Life is a gift. Your whole life can change in a moment. I mean, finn and I, yeah, we were happy with each other. We didn’t take each other for granted, but our time? Yeah. Absolutely. We always thought that we would have our future. Years and years of raising our children, growing old together. And that awful night, everything was taken away. And I did, I– I learned something. That life is fleeting. And in a moment, the person you love can be taken away. I know you know that. I just don’t understand why you continue to be with someone who constantly hurts you. Stop wasting your time on brooke. Have the life you deserve, dad. Have it with mom.

Taylor: Yeah, for sure. Just, ye– refill his current prescription. Yeah, every– keep everything the same. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that’s fine. Okay. Thank you so much. Okay. Bye. Oh, my god.

Thomas: What’s shakin’?

Taylor: Oh, my god. I love you. Thank you so much. This is such a nice surprise.

Thomas: Yeah. Oh, you’re welcome. It is– oh, it’s– okay, go ahead. Yeah, just enjoy it.

Taylor: Mmm. Oh, my god. It’s perfect.

Thomas: They call that the legen-dairy birthday cake.

Taylor: It’s– and it’s– it feels like my birthday.

[ Laughing ]

Thomas: It’s punny, is what it is.

Taylor: That was good.

Thomas: Anyway, so your office said you’re working here.

Taylor: Mm-hm.

Thomas: What’s going on?

Taylor: Nothing, really. I mean, I love my office, but I hate the traffic.

Thomas: Totally get that.

Taylor: I– yeah.

Thomas: I just spent an hour in it, so, you know.

Taylor: So, how’s it going over at eric’s with douglas?

Thomas: Oh, it’s great. Oh, man. It’s so amazing having so much, like, concentrated time with my son.

Taylor: Yes! That’s as it should be.

Thomas: Yeah. I mean, we’re just so lucky that hope is, uh, allowing us to spend this time together, you know?

Liam: I like how you say hello.

Hope: Oh, well. Hello.

Liam: I love you.

Hope: I love you, too.

Liam: It’s, um, getting kind of awkward how quiet it is without douglas here.

Hope: Oh, I know. I miss him too.

Liam: I think it’s time we bring him home.

Hope: I was just talking with my mom about this.

Liam: I– yeah, it doesn’t shock me. Brooke and I are usually on the same page when it comes to this stuff.

Hope: Okay, so I’m going to tell you exactly what I told her. Which is more than anything, I want douglas home here with us. But at the same time, I don’t wanna push it with thomas. I– I don’t wanna start a custody battle.

Liam: Okay, but– nobody wants a custody battle. But that, that fear, that fear of pushing it with thomas, you can’t let that prevent douglas from being wh– you know, where he lives, namely with us.

Hope: Uh– I know, but I– I have been to eric’s, and I have seen first hand how much fun he’s having there, how happy he is to be with his father.

Liam: Aw, man. I get– okay. I always hate it when it gets to this point where I hear myself saying this stuff, but… I– I– I’m worried thomas is getting in your head again.

Taylor: Okay, just to clarify, it’s– it’s not hope’s place to allow you to see douglas. He’s your son.

Thomas: Okay. Heh. That’s true. But I don’t want things getting contentious between the two of us and hope and I are in a good place. And she realizes that I’ve changed. And that’s a good thing. We’ll work things out. Okay?

Ridge: I know what you’re doing. You’re being a good daughter. You’re trying to protect your mother and me.

Steffy: I just love you both so much. And I see the incredible potential you have for a wonderful future. And I know you see it, too. I see it. I see it all the time. And I just can’t stay quiet about it.

Ridge: Ah, ’cause you’ve been quiet this whole time.

Steffy: I to– I’ve definitely been quiet.

Ridge: Mm.

Steffy: Okay, what I’m saying is that you need to move out of brooke’S. Move in with– with granddad. Do whatever it takes to have a future with mom. That’s what I’m saying.

Hope: I just don’t want us to forget that douglas is the one who asked to spend more time with thomas. And I get that you’re concerned, and in the past, yes, thomas has given us a lot of reason to be–

Liam: Okay, but– okay, but that– but that is kinda the question, isn’t it? I mean, I– I’m not convinced it is in the past. I’ll tell you this: When I left him, it was the exact same sinking feeling I used to have.

Hope: Still can’t believe you went to go see thomas.

Liam: I know. I’m sorry. I should’ve– I was trying to be helpful. Helpful liam. You know, I thought maybe I could bring douglas home on my own. Didn’t work.

Hope: So, what gave you that sinking feeling?

Liam: It’s the whole– it’s the whole thing. It’s the whole, you know, it’s– it’s thomas showing up all of a sudden, demanding more time with his son. And when you are kind enough and generous enough to give that to him, what does he do? He takes advantage of it by never, literally never, bringing douglas back home again, which means that if you wanna see your own son, you have to keep doing these visits over at eric’s, to which I am never invited, by the way. So, what does that tell you? It’s just– it’s just very– it’s just all very classic thomas manipulation mode stuff.

Hope: I know, I know. And I get it. But I– I’m going to need you to trust me. I am well aware when it comes to thomas, but right now, right now, liam, I just wanna keep the peace. But where we should maybe be concerned is my mother.

Liam: What? Why? What did I miss?

Hope: Oh, just more of the same. Except now I really do think that steffy and taylor might be trying to break up my mother and ridge’s marriage.

Liam: Oh.

Hope: Yeah.

Thomas: Yeah. So, talking about hope and me and– and how we’re parents and we’re wonderful parents, I think, is– is great, and it’s so much fun for me. But I think we should talk about you, some other parents, you and dad. Hm? How you belong together.

Taylor: Oh, god. Uh– you know, you should’ve been here earlier when steffy was here, and the two of you could’ve teamed up. Done that thing that you do so well.

Thomas: Yeah, we do that– a really good job at that. You know, um… I will say, steffy and I don’t always agree, but on this, uh, she’s right on the money. I mean, you and dad, you do belong together.

Taylor: Oh. Too bad he’s married to brooke.

Thomas: Technically.

Taylor: Okay, well, then, technically, you and your sister want me to steal brooke’s husband. And that is not why I came back to L.A. And you guys keep doing this.

Thomas: Well, we wouldn’T. We wouldn’t tell you to do that because we know you’re not that kind of person. You would never try and steal someone’s husband. Brooke would. She– she has. She would again. It doesn’t matter. What I’m saying is is that we can see that you and dad belong together. You’re so great for each other. And if I could make a perfect world, I would take dad and just stick him with you.

Taylor: Oh, that’s so romantic. But I– you know, I think that your father has a say in all this, thomas.

Thomas: Yes, he does have a say in all this.

Taylor: Oh, boy.

Thomas: And I think deep down, this is what he wants. He loves you and you love him.

Taylor: Yes, this is true.

Thomas: Okay. I– I told dad the same thing I’m telling you right now. You two belong together. So, you know, just get together.

Taylor: Ah.

Thomas: Do it.

[ Taylor sighing ]

Ridge: Why are you making it sound like this is a simple situation? It’s not. I’m married to brooke because I wanna be.

Steffy: You don’t have to be. And you shouldn’T. Especially all the times she’s disrespected you. I mean, you could be with mom who loves you, honors you. Cherish–

Ridge: ‘Til death do us part.

Steffy: Now you’re getting the picture.

Ridge: I’ve always gotten the picture. I know you want. You– you want me together with your mom and have a happy family. Ye–

Steffy: I’m not askign for myself. I mean, yeah, thomas and I would love our parents to be back together. But ultimately, that is your choice. You have to decide. You can be with brooke, who cheats on you–

Ridge: Oh, come on.

Steffy: Who’s careless with your heart, or– or you could be with mom, who loves you and will make sure you’re always heard and seen. And who would never– she would never, ever, ever cheat on you. Mom is waiting for you with so much love in her heart. Look, if– if you don’t– if you don’t love her, then say it and– and I’ll stop trying.

Ridge: Of course, I love her. You know I love her. I will always love her. At metro by t-mobile… you can save more…

Hope: I get it. I– I’m sure this probably sounds paranoid, but I really do think I’m right. Taylor and steffy are actively trying to work against my mother’s marriage to ridge.

Liam: That doesn’t sound paranoid at all. I know your mom feels the same way.

Hope: Well, I thought she was at first just being overly cautious, given their history. But now, I think taylor and steffy definitely want ridge back with taylor.

Liam: Okay. But d– do you feel like they’re getting anywhere with that?

Hope: Well, it’s never smart to underestimate my mom and ridge’s connection. But at the same time, taylor did kiss him in monaco. And now, there are all of these forrester get togethers.

Liam: Yeah, right. Yeah, must feel like old times.

Hope: Yeah, except now there’s a lot of grandkids running around. But you should have seen them together, liam. It was like taylor took every opportunity to cozy up to ridge. I mean, she was practically in his lap.

Liam: It’s got to be uncomfortable for you to just have to sit there and watch.

Hope: Watch another woman pursue my mother’s husband right in front of my eyes. Yeah, it’s just a little bit weird, but, um, I haven’t said anything to my mom yet. I just– I don’t want her to get upset. And maybe overreact and then do something that would further taylor and steffy’s cause, but–

Liam: Oh. Yeah.

Hope: But it needs to stop.

Liam: Where are you going?

Hope: Oh, just to have a friendly chat with steffy.

Thomas: Okay, look. Steffy and I, we’re both grown-ups. We have kids of our own. Okay? We don’t need our parents back together. We don’t need to be one wonderful family unit, but…

[ Sighing ] We see what both of you are missing. Okay? And weirdly, it’s the same thing for both of you, even though you’re single and dad is supposed to be married.

Taylor: Um, he is married.

Thomas: Would you like to know what you’re missing?

Taylor: Nah, you’re going to tell me.

Thomas: I’m definitely gonna tell you. There’s no way I’m not going to tell you.

Thomas: It’s love. It’s– it’s– it’s happiness. It’s– it’s mutual respect. It’s joy in the relationship. And you guys are wonderful together. You have this– this dynamic that– it just is– is beautiful and comfortable and healthy. And– and it’s not like that with brooke. Okay, with brooke, it’s all about she– she’s got an issue every single week that needs to be solved, and she needs him to solve it. So, he’s got to be her savior. That’s not healthy for him. That’s not healthy for her either. But you guys together, it’s– it’s– it’s wonderful. He– he– he comes to life around you. And I know it’s the same way for you, too.

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Thomas: Right.

Taylor: You know, steffy says that it’s only a matter of time, but I just–

Thomas: Well, steffy’s right. I think it is only a matter of time. You guys are going to end up back together. And when you do, dad is going to, uh, look at his two wonderfully brilliant kids and be like, “hey, why didn’t I just listen to them?”

Taylor: Oh, my god. Come here, you brilliant kid.

[ Thomas laughing ] I love you so much.

Thomas: I love you, too.

Steffy: I love hearing those words come out of your mouth. The simple truth: You love mom.

Ridge: I have never denied that.

Steffy: And this is your chance. You just said that you love her.

Ridge: I know what I said and of– of course I love. I have a family with her. I have a history with her. Se does thi–

Steffy: Then claim the life you’ve always wanted. I mean, if you wanna find real happiness, you gotta grab it. Hold on to it. That’s exactly what you have with mom. And deep down, you guys are so connected, and no offense or anything, but you’re not getting any younger.

Ridge: Well, that’s rude. I’ve been taking care of myself. I look great.

Steffy: You are– you look great. But what I’m saying is that you can find true happiness with mom. She’ll give you stability, peace, everything. Brooke’s not gonna give that to you. So why don’t you leave here, go to mom, say that you, um, love her, and go back to her. Go back to mom.

[ Thomas sighing ]

Steffy: Where have you been?

Thomas: I was over at your house talking to mom about dad.

Steffy: Really? Great minds think alike. I was actually talking to dad about mom.

Thomas: I like that we’re in sync about this, because if both of us keep saying things to them, maybe one of them will hear us.

Steffy: I know. Here’s hoping. I mean, if they could only realize they could have an amazing future. It could be so magical.

Thomas: I know. It really would be. I mean, I– they’re so great together. They should just finally do it already and then move into a beautiful life together.

Steffy: Yeah. Well, dad actually admitted to me that he loves mom. He just needs to end this unhealthy cycle with brooke. I mean, think about all the things she has done. She’s cheated on dad with his father, with his brother, it’s disgusting.

Thomas: It’s toxic.

Steffy: I don’t know why he’s loyal to her. He should just move on to be with mom.

[ Door slamming ]

Hope: You know, I think that’s enough bashing of my mother for one day.

Thomas: Hey, hope.

Hope: You have a lot of nerve judging my mom.

Steffy: Well, it’s my father’s marriage, so I’m allowed to have an opinion.

Hope: Yeah, and ridge loves my mother, and no amount of you putting her down or trying to pit the forresters against the logans is going to change that. And for the record, I am no longer going to sit idly by and allow you and taylor to undermine my mother’s marriage.

Steffy: It’s only a matter

of time before you and dad

are back together.

Thomas: You guys are going

to end up back together.

[ Door closing ]

Ridge: Ah.

Taylor: Hey.

Ridge: Hey, yourself.

Taylor: What are you doing?

Ridge: I was just with steffy and she gave me an earful.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh. Thomas was just here doing the same.

Ridge: Those kids, right?

Taylor: Yes, I know.

Ridge: Quite a team.

Taylor: They really are. So, what are you doing here?

Ridge: I came to check on you.

Taylor: Because?

Ridge: Because if I got an earful, I knew you were gonna be next. And you were.

Taylor: Yes, I was.

[ Both sighing ]

Taylor: Those kids, they– they want us together so bad.

Ridge: The kiss in monaco raised their hopes.

Taylor: Yeah. And it’s so silly, right? Because we were just– were just caught up in the moment, and steffy and–

Ridge: Well, it was more than that, right?

Taylor: What are you saying?

Ridge: Saying that our kids are smart.

Taylor: Mm.

Ridge: Intuitive.

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: They get that from their mother.

Taylor: Me.

Ridge: I know.

Taylor: Yeah. They can see right through me. Mm. It is so annoying. They know how much I love you.

Ridge: Well, I love you too, doc.

Taylor: Say that again.

Ridge: Well, I love you too, doc.

Taylor: It feels really good to hear that. So, is that why you came by? Just to– just to tell me you love me and that maybe you’re ready to start a future with me?

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Finn: What happened to your meeting?

Steffy: It was postponed.

Finn: Should have called me back in.

Steffy: Why? I loved watching you shred it out there.

Finn: Well, if I’d known you were watching, I would have shown off a little bit.

Steffy: Oh, really?

Finn: Mm-hmm.

Steffy: I’d like that.

Taylor: Oh, god. Sorry. Sorry. I swear I don’t do this on purpose. This–

Steffy: It’s– it’s fine. I apparently can’t take my hands off of you. Hi, mom. Hi. It’s just awkward yet again.

Finn: Um, it’s actually– I have to go to work, so your– your timing’s– your timing’s perfect.

Taylor: Okay.

Steffy: Sorry.

Finn: Yeah.

Taylor: Sorry.

Finn: Happens a lot.

Taylor: I love seeing you guys so happy.

Steffy: It’s gonna happen for you, mom.

Zende: I didn’t think you had time this morning, so i didn’t schedule a fit model.

Paris: Oh, I’m always happy to help out.

Ridge: So, that’s the second one, right?

Zende: Yeah, yeah. I made the changes that you requested to the neckline.

Ridge: Oh, okay, now– I can see it now. You– you want the eyes to come up. It’s looking good.

Ridge: Thank you. It was your suggestion.

Thomas: Is everything all right?

Ridge: Yeah, it’s just the latest addition to a collection. Nice job.

Thomas: You just seem a little distracted. What’s going on? Or can I guess?

Brooke: You can see why I’m so concerned.

Hope: Well, I want douglas to come home just as much as you do.

Brooke: And where is he, honey? You are his mother.

Hope: He’s enjoying his time with thomas. I– I think it’s good for them.

Brooke: Do you really believe that?

Hope: Well, I don’t think–

Brooke: You can be honest with me, hope. Are you just trying to avoid a confrontation?

Hope: Well, I don’t believe that a giant custody battle benefits anybody.

Brooke: Including ridge and me? Honey, the last thing you should be thinking about is how any of this would affect my marriage. You aren’t, are you? Your focus needs to be on douglas and what’s best for him.

Hope: It is. And I’m also aware of how this situation could cause a lot of conflict for everybody, and i don’t want that.

Brooke: So you’re just gonna let your son stay with thomas indefinitely?

Hope: You know that douglas asked to spend more time with his father, and there’s already enough tension as it is between our families, and I don’t want to make it worse. Especially knowing how taylor feels about ridge.

Ridge: Everything’s fine. Why are you asking?

Thomas: I’m just saying I– I– I know that brooke doesn’t exactly like the idea of douglas over at granddad’s with me, so…

Ridge: I– I don’t really care if she likes it or not. I like it. I like that you guys are spending time together. The family’s doing great. Business is doing great. Good young designers. You did amazing fixing this. And thank you, paris, for stepping up.

Paris: Of course.

Thomas: All right, I’ll see you guys in a minute. I got to talk to him about something.

Ridge: What’s up?

Thomas: You know how you, uh, you say that you just love spending time with douglas?

Ridge: I do.

Thomas: Oh, he loves spending time with you too. So, I was thinking that maybe– maybe you should come back, come back over to granddad’s, stay for a little while.

Steffy: If it seems like I’m pushing, I am.

[ Taylor laughs ] I’m sorry, I’m just not gonna let up. You and dad are meant to be together.

Taylor: Honey, if we’re meant to be together, then it will happen. But we love our very well-meaning and persistent children all the same.

Steffy: It’s gonna happen, mom.

Taylor: Did I say “persistent”? I meant “relentless.”

Steffy: The life you want is still possible. Please just don’t give up on your future with dad. You know why I love halloween?

Thomas: So, what do you think?

Ridge: What do I think? Waking up at dad’s house, having cereal with your son, and watching cartoons? I– I can’t think of anything better.

Thomas: I remember you doing that with me.

Ridge: I remember that too. And now you get to make these memories with your own kid.

Thomas: Yeah, and I want you to have some of those memories too.

Ridge: And I will have them, and I will come on weekends and holidays, barbecues, sitting by the pool, but I’m married to brooke, and some people frown upon husbands not living with their wives.

Thomas: Okay, but before you went back to brooke’s after she broke her ankle, you were living at granddad’S. Who’s to say you couldn’t come back and live there again?

Ridge: Thomas, come on, man.

Thomas: Look, there– I did not realize how much i was missing with douglas. I’m– I’m– I’m having these moments with him, and it’s like, yeah, I had time with him before. We would– we would hang out, and we would have these, you know, sleepovers, but it wasn’t the same. I’m not there with him-with him every day. I’m not being a father to him. And in that, I’m being able to create these wonderful memories day in and day out. And it’s beautiful, and I want you to be more of a part of it.

Ridge: I do too, but moving in with you guys is not practical.

Thomas: Okay, but sometimes the best things in life aren’t exactly practical. I can think of, like, you know, uh, playing with paint in granddad’s living room. Not practical.

Ridge: No, that got messy really quick.

Thomas: Yeah, yes, it did, but douglas loved it. And he loves it over there. He loves walking through grandmother’s garden, and he gets to– to see about the family. He loves learning about it, right? And I’m sure that you have little nuggets you could give him about the family history, about that property, things he would never know, that no one else knows. Think about it. It’s four generations of forrester men in the same household. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Brooke: Honey, you don’t have to worry about me.

Hope: Well, I’m glad to see you’re feeling confident.

Brooke: Don’t misunderstand. As long as taylor is out there stirring up trouble, I have to be on guard. And so do you. That woman has an agenda. But I certainly am not going to be disturbed by that kiss. I mean, ridge was in monaco, and taylor was there, and yes, they just found out that their daughter got her husband back, so they were elated.

Hope: Did they have to kiss?

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Taylor will take advantage of every second she can to come between ridge and me. But I am not insecure, and i definitely am not naive. I am very well aware of the fact that taylor is still very much in love with my husband.

Taylor: Well, thank you for your unfailing support.

Steffy: I mean it. I wouldn’t be so adamant if i wasn’t sure it could happen.

[ Taylor sighs, chuckles ]

Finn: I’d listen to her, taylor.

[ Laughter ] I mean, she hasn’t led me astray yet.

Steffy: It’s true.

Taylor: Aww.

Steffy: I love you.

Finn: Love you.

Steffy: I love you. Have a good day at work.

Finn: I will.

Steffy: Bye.

Finn: See you, taylor.

Taylor: Bye. Have a good day.

Steffy: You deserve to be this happy and hopeful.

Taylor: Who says I’m not? I love my work. I love my kids, my grandchildren. I’m happy.

Steffy: Okay, but nothing compares to the electricity you felt in monaco after you and dad kissed. Boom.

Taylor: Boom, okay, but, you know, it was just a– it was just a moment of– of joy and relief and…

Steffy: Mom, what are we talking about? It was more than that. Yes, you were relieved, but you can’t deny it. Mom, I can see it every time you think about when you two kissed.

Taylor: Because that kiss hit different in monaco. It just did.

Steffy: Because?

Taylor: Because your dad and I are learning who each other are again, and, I don’t know, I mean, we’re– we’re– we’re totally different people now, but– but when we kissed, it was like that old connection just came back. I’ll never forget it.

Steffy: Neither will dad. Because you and dad love each other. Nothing’s ever gonna change that. Not even brooke.

Tide pods ultra oxi

Taylor: Yes, I love your father, and he loves me, but to– to have a future with him is a very different thing and–

Steffy: Mom, come on.

Taylor: No, would I love it? Yes? Would it be beautiful? Of course. I– the man makes me so happy. Like, even in his grumpiest and grouchy days. Like, no one brings me more joy and laughter than he does.

Steffy: Then, joy and laughter is what you’re gonna get.

Taylor: What?

Steffy: We’re gonna make it happen, mom.

Taylor: Steffy–

Steffy: We are. I love you.

Taylor: Love you.

Ridge: Well, thomas, you make a good point.

Thomas: You’re considering it.

Ridge: I’m– I’m considering showing douglas the best places to climb and the best places to hide, of course.

Thomas: You know, granddad mentioned that you and thorne built, like, a– it was, like, a tree fort or something. It was next to the tennis court, yeah?

Ridge: Me and thorne? Thorne can’t build anything. It was me. I built it. And when it was finished, felicia and kristin just took it away from us.

Thomas: See? This is what I’m talking about. These are the kind of stories i want douglas to hear.

Ridge: And he will hear them. I don’t have to live with you to tell him stories.

Thomas: But if you did, it would be epic.

Ridge: It would be epic, but I don’t think brooke would be on board with it.

Thomas: I’m thinking about douglas, and I’m thinking about granddad. I’m thinking about you and me. All of us, when we come together, it’s incredible. We have this– this wonderful camaraderie as a family. We have these beautiful moments, and it’s incredible, but it’s exactly like it was when you– when you kind of came home. When you were living at steffy’s, you were– you were there with mom, right?

Ridge: You’re making it sound like that was a vacation. That’s not what that was.

Thomas: No, I’m not saying it’s a vacation. I’m just saying that it– it was a home that you deserved to be in. It was this beautiful place there with mom. She– she cultivated a wonderful environment. I saw you laughing with her. She brings this joy out of you. Steffy saw it too. Okay? You guys are incredible together. That’s– that’s who mom is. I mean, she brings people in. She brings them together, and she– she makes them feel heard. They– they feel comforted when they’re around her. It is her superpower. And it happens to all of us. I want you to think about that, because– ’cause you do get that way when you’re around her. You– you– you have this joy in you, and it’s wonderful to see. But when you leave here, what are you leaving? What are you– what are you going to? Are you leaving to go to a place that is full of joy and fun? Or are you going to a place of anxiety and drama?

Hope: Look, I– I didn’t mean to bring up a sore subject.

No, I– I can’t let taylor get to me. I have to have faith in our relationship. Ridge and I can handle anything.

[ Inaudible ]

[ Inaudible ]

Steffy: Zende sent his designs down to cutting?

Ridge: Uh, yes. Yes, all approved and ready for production.

Steffy: All right, on to the next. Fashion moves just so quickly.

Ridge: Like my beautiful daughter. How are you?

Steffy: I am fantastic. Finn’s home. The kids are thrilled. My mom’s here. Douglas is living with thomas. The only thing that would make me really happy is if my father woke up and realized his true love is my mom.

Ridge: Um… dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Hope: You’re right to be cautious.

Brooke: But I shouldn’t be paranoid or overreact.

Hope: Well, you’re definitely not doing that. I mean, taylor loves ridge, and she’s trying to get him to choose sides.

Brooke: Taylor and steffy say that I’m doing that.

Steffy: Mom, you’re trying to save your marriage, so, yeah, no, I don’t think that’s the same thing, not even close. And besides, taylor and steffy, they– they’re always trying to make it about logans versus forresters, but really, they’re just out to get ridge.

Steffy: The life you want is

still possible.

Ridge: Well, that was


Taylor: Was it?

Ridge: Oh, great. You’ve been talking to your brother.

Steffy: Both know how happy you were with mom. Seems like you’ve forgotten.

Ridge: I have not.

Steffy: Then, why aren’t you doing anything about it? I just don’t want you to miss this opportunity. Our family’s finally coming back together. Not just finn and me. All of us.

Ridge: Why are you making it sound like I’m standing in the way of that?

Steffy: No, you’re not. You’re not standing in the way. Brooke is.

Ridge: Brooke is my wife.

Steffy: Mm-hmm. She’s also cheated on you with your dad and your brother and like a dozen other men.

Ridge: Brooke and I, we’ve both done things, and we accept each other for who we are and what we’ve done.

Steffy: Okay, but she still disrespected you. She’s careless with your heart.

Ridge: I know this is a– a very complicated topic for you, but I would appreciate it if you couldn’t maybe go after the woman I love. I– I don’t like hearing it.

Steffy: Hey, I get it. Okay. But you love mom. And she loves you. With integrity. And loyalty. I mean, come on. This exceptional, loving, giving person is completely devoted to you. And you thought you lost her the same way I thought I lost finn. You honestly believed that she was never gonna come back. I know that grief, that sorrow, that– that emptiness. It makes you vulnerable. And that’s how brooke drew you in. Look, a miracle happened. Finn is back in my life, and I will be forever grateful. I never want to let him out of my sight, and deep down, I– I think you feel the same way about mom. Like, after what happened with finn, my life changed completely. You know, the way I see things, I now know that life is short. And it is so precious. And, really, the only thing that matters is– is love. And when it comes back, you got to grab it. That is why I am urging you, dad, to end this unhealthy cycle with brooke. Be with someone who you truly care about, who loves you unconditionally. ‘Cause I’m sorry, dad, it ain’t brooke. It’s mom.

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B&B Transcript Monday, September 12, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sheila: Oh, grandma misses you so much.

Finn: Oh. I also need to schedule a consult–

[Hayes babbling]

Sheila: I just wanna hold you in my arms and never let go.

Finn: But please let them know.

Brooke: Look, I’ve tried to be nice about this, taylor, but if you refuse to respect certain boundaries.

Taylor: Boundaries?

Brooke: Yes, boundaries. Ridge is my husband, and hope is douglas’s mother. And if you try to undo those two things–

Taylor: I’m not trying to undo either of those things, brooke. They’re just happening naturally on their own. But the fact that you think I’m doing it to you tells& me everything I need to know.

Thomas: Oh.

Liam: You getting a few laps in?

Thomas: [Laughs] I had no idea you were here.

Liam: Sorry. Sorry. I, uh, actually I did text you, but, obviously, you don’t have your phone on you.


Thomas: Obviously. What’s up?

Liam: Just– I was, uh, looking for douglas.

Thomas: Oh, he’s not here.

Liam: Where is he?

Thomas: Uh, he’s with steffy and kelly. Why?

Liam: Well, because I’m– I am here to pick him up. It’s time for douglas to come home.

Brooke: I don’t even know what you’re talking about. You have an agenda, taylor. You’re trying to uproot douglas out of the one stable, loving home he’s been in since caroline died.

Taylor: You know that is not what I’m trying to do. Thomas deserves to be with his son.

Brooke: Okay, fine. Hope is not stopping him at all. He’s always had full access to douglas.

Taylor: No, but he wants more now. And he deserves that.

Brooke: What if it’s too much too soon?

Taylor: Well, thomas doesn’t feel it is.

Brooke: Well, I don’t think he’s the best judge of that.

Taylor: Okay. And you are?

Brooke: Yes, I am. I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. I’ve witnessed it. Douglas is in a very stable, loving home with beth, and liam and my daughter.

Taylor: Yes. And I’m very grateful for that.

Brooke: Okay.

Taylor: But ouglas is thomas’ son.

Brooke: And hope& is douglas’ mother. His adoptive mother. And she has as many legal rights to him as thomas does.

Thomas: This is douglas’ home. This is the forrester family home. Right. His last name is forrester. So this is also his home.

Liam: I– what, wait. I think you know what I actually mean. Douglas has been here for days now. Hope has been trying to be understanding. But this is a lot that you’re asking.

Thomas: I’m asking to be a presence in my son’s life. A full-time presence. And douglas wants to spend more time with me as well. And I think hope understands that. But that’s not exactly why you’re here, is it?

Finn: No, that– yeah. I mean it would be great. But flying off to a medical conference

[Finn’s voice fades off]

Sheila: Grandma loves you so much. I hate being kept apart from you. It is the most painful thing in the world.

[ Hayes babbling]

Finn: But right now I’ve got a little boy who’s waiting for his dad to play with him. No, absolutely. I’m just– I’m still on the mend, so. Yeah. Tell him thank you. Okay, thanks. Bye-bye. Hey, bud. Sorry– how did I, uh, how did mr. Buddy end up on the floor? Hey, hayes. Sorry to take that call bud but I’m all yours now. Okay? What’s the #1 retinol brand

Taylor: I am not questioning hope’s rights as douglas’ legal guardian, and I’ve always been grateful to the love she has shown my grandson.

Brooke: But?

Taylor: But I’m just unsure at this moment why– why thomas actually signed those papers. They weren’t together at the time, and he was in a very bad place back then.

Brooke: Thomas was obsessed with my daughter.

Taylor: I know. I know. I remember.

Brooke: Do you also remember the harm that he caused?

Taylor: He was in a very bad place mentally. So naturally, the fact that he signed those adoption papers it’s always concerned me.

Liam: I really didn’t come here to get into all this. I just wanna pick up douglas and take him home.

Thomas: And I told–

Liam: I know he’s out. I got it. Whenever he gets back.

Thomas: But that might not be for some time.

Liam: Then I will wait.

Thomas: Okay. Suit yourself. But you should know douglas did invite his friend over they wanna do, like, a cookout thing tonight, and I think they’re kinda stoked about it. Why are you reacting that way?

> Liam: Oh my god. See? You keep saying you’re a changed man, and yet you pull the same crap over and over again.

Thomas: Like you would care. Like you would ever think that I’m a changed man. You know what? I don’t care. Do you think I love my son? Do you think my son loves me?

Liam: Yeah.

Thomas: Great. That’s all that matters. I wanna be with my son. I wanna be a father to him. And I wanna have a deepening bond. And you know what? In the last couple of days since he’s been here, I’ve seen that in action. We’ve been getting closer and closer. And I think as a father, you would understand that. As a son, you would encourage it. But you know what? You’re doing the same thing you always do. I’ll tell you what, liam, if you ever try and come between my son and me, there’s gonna be hell to pay.

[ Knocking at door ]

Finn: What did you forget? Ah, zende. Hey. Sorry. Um, thought you were steffy.

Finn: I’m sorry to disappoint. Um, here, come in.

Zende: Thank you. Thank you. I’m guessing the mrs. Is not here?

Finn: Oh, she’s, um, with kelly, uh, and douglas. Was she expecting you?

Zende: No, not really. I was eager to drop off these new sketches, though. It’s a bit of a different vibe from me.

Finn: Oh, you made a special trip?

Zende: Yeah, well, that was my cover anyway. What I really wanted to do is get some playtime in with my baby cousins.

Finn: Kelly is gonna be disappointed she missed you. Hayes, too. But I literally just put him down for a nap, so.

Zende: That’s a bummer. Wow, man. To think you almost missed your chance at all this, all because of sheila.

Sheila: Just those few precious moments holding you in my arms again, hayes.

[ Sighs ] I just wish it could have been longer.

[ Door opens ]

Sheila: What are you doing?

Deacon: Just took a break. I wanted to check on you.

Sheila: [Giggles] You mean check up on me?

Deacon: Sheila. Look, I know it seems like I’m your jailer, but I’m not. I’m just trying to look out for you.

Sheila: [Laughs] How sweet.

Deacon: Okay, you know what? Fine. You know, you wanna poke fun? Go ahead. I’m the only one who knows you’re still alive. So guess what? You stuck with me.

Sheila: Aw, got my son and my grandson.

Deacon: Except you don’t, sheila. I mean, look, if finn ever figures out that you concocted this whole bear mauling scheme and you’re still roaming around free I–

Sheila: You know that maternal pull, it’s always there. And wanting to be with finn and my grandson, that doesn’t go away. It’s all I think about, you know. I dream about that. If only things could be different. If only.

Why do dermatologists

choose dove?

Brooke: I can’t believe what you’re suggesting. Hope loves douglas as deeply as if she’d given birth to him.

Taylor: I have never questioned that. Not once. But hope could still be in my grandson’s life without having to seek legal control through paperwork.

Brooke: What? She has given douglas a stable, loving life. She’s been a wonderful influence for him.

Taylor: Oh, of course, she has. Yes, she has. But hope and thomas share custody. But the thing is, is she hasn’t really shared. Douglas has spent the majority of his time at your cabin with hope and liam and not my son. And see, now it’s time for thomas to get his son back. It is time for douglas to be with his father and the rest of the forrester family.

Liam: Can I clarify something with you? This is not me coming between a father and a son. That is not what’s happening here. But if you are the changed man you say you are, you would at least acknowledge that staying with hope and beth and me is what’s best for douglas right now.

Thomas: I’m not sure that that’s what’s best for douglas.

Liam: How? How can you think that? You know how happy he is over with us.

Thomas: Yes. And he’s happy over here, too. And hope has seen it for herself.

Liam: Yes. Which is why he should exist in both worlds. He should have both. But at this point, dude, you are– you are holding the kid and you are using it as a reason to get hope over here more and more.

Thomas. Okay. Stop. Stop. If you’re insinuating–

Liam: I’m not– I’m not insinuating. I’m telling you that you should look in the mirror right now because I think that your obsession with hope is kicking back up again. I really do.

[ Thomas scoffs ]

Zende: You know, man as someone who was adopted too, I’m sure you’ve been dealing with some pretty complicated emotions. I mean, li raised you. She’s your mother in every sense of the word, but sheila only gave birth to you. There’s no denying that. But to know what sheila did to you, to steffy, that is a lot to deal with emotionally.

Finn: Yeah. It’s, um, it’s been a challenging time for us. But I’ve just been focused on steffy and kelly and hayes, the family.

Zende: Uh, as you should. It’s just that, ah, I don’t mean to pry.

Finn: No, it’s okay. And you can. You can relate more than others. I appreciate you checking in. But the truth is, sheila, she’s gone. I never have to worry about her or think about her ever again. She’d never come back.

Sheila: I know what you’re going to say. That I’m dead to finn and hayes is never gonna know his grandmother.

Deacon: That’s how it is. That’s how it has to be. No, I–

Sheila: It’s not the way that I want it to be.

Deacon: Look, sheila. I get it, alright? I’m a parent, too. But you know hope is my whole world. But our situations are not the same. I mean, the stakes, they are astronomical. If you try and see hayes or finn again, you can never see them again.

Limu emu & doug

Brooke: Douglas can spend time with thomas and with the forrester’s any time he wants.

Taylor: Oh.-Brooke: Hope has made that abundantly clear.

Taylor: Okay, but you know that this isn’t about an occasional sleepover anymore. Thomas wants a permanent arrangement, and it’s only fair considering the amount of time he’s lost with his son.

Brooke: And that is not hope’s fault.

Taylor: I didn’t say that it was. But the fact is, is that thomas and hope share custody. But she hasn’t been doing that. She’s been keeping douglas to herself.

Brooke: What are you talking about, taylor? Hope stepped up. She gave douglas a loving, stable home when thomascouldn’T.

Thomas: And now he can. That little boy deserves a relationship with his father, he’s going to have it. Thomas is ready to be a loving and devoted father to his son.

Thomas: There it is. That’s what this is about. You’re acting like you’re concerned about douglas, even though there’s no reason to be. When really you’re just concerned about hope and think that I might still be obsessed with her.

Liam: Okay. All right. You tell me, then. Should I be concerned? Actually, no. You know what? Scratch that. More to the point. Should you be concerned? Should douglas be concerned? Should your family be concerned? Because the truth is, you’re the only one that truly knows if your obsession with hope is starting back up again. I mean, you’re standing here, you’re saying that you regret all the things you’ve done in the past, but here you are and you’re doing it again, right? You– you’re keeping douglas over here. You’re using it to woo hope over for visits. By the way, I’m not getting these invitations. Only hope. Not me. Do you know what that tells me? It tells me you’re enjoying the fantasy of you, hope, and douglas as a nuclear family. And if your obsession is starting back up again, you and I know what happens. We know where this goes. You will lose control. And I’m so– the only difference is this time, I’m– I’m not just gonna wait around for it to happen. Okay? My job is to protect hope and beth and douglas, even if that means from you at all costs.

Deacon: I know this is rough for you. Should probably have my head examined for letting you stay here, but I feel for you. I do. I know how much you love finn and hayes, and I can see that this is breaking your heart. Not being able to hold them and laugh with them. But that’s just how it has to be, sheila. You have to accept this. I gotta get back to work. You gonna be okay?

Deacon: I have to go.

[ Hayes babbling ]

[ Sheila giggles ]

Finn: Oh, bud, did you have a bad dream? Oh, it’s okay. Alright. Daddy’s here. And I’mma make everything okay. I’d never let anyone or anything harm you. Okay? All right. Here, let me get mr. Giraffe for you.

Sheila: Oh, it’s like I still– still feel you in my arms. I don’t care what deacon says. I am gonna be part of hayes’ and finn’s life again. I– I will somehow.

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B&B Transcript Friday, September 9, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Zende: So what do you think?

Paris: I think vanessa will be bummed that she’s out sick today.

Thomas: Seriously, zende. Really great work.

Zende: Aw. Thank you, man. And thank you for modeling.

[Knocking on door]

Taylor: Hi. Wow. Whose is this? This is fantastic.

Thomas: This annoyingly talented guy.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh. I love it. Am I interrupting?

Thomas: No, no, no. Actually, this is a great time. Brooke isn’t here.

Donna: I feel like– I feel like I’m living in a dream.

[Brooke laughs]

Katie: Well, we always had a feeling about you and eric.

Brooke: And now, look. You’re back together again, you moved into the house.

>Donna: I couldn’t be happier. But this time around, it’s, like, that much sweeter.

Brooke: Oh, I’m thrilled for you, sweetheart.

Donna: Thrilled for you, too. I mean, ridge is home, where he should be.

Brooke: Yeah. I mean, he’s been seeing a lot of his ex-wife and kids over at eric’S.

Donna: Yeah, he has been coming around quite a bit.

[ Hayes crying ]

Li: Can you say “grandma?” Can you say “grandma?”

Finn: Oh… he’s, like– he says “waah.”

Li: Yeah, it’s okay. I remember you at this age. I remember you, yeah. I think your first word was “stethoscope.”

Finn: Oh, was it? Oh, that tracks.

Li: Yeah.

Finn: Did I cry this much?

Li: Kind of.

Finn: I think, grandma, you can come over any time. We really love having you here.

Li: Oh, certainly is nice without all that security outside. Now that the threat of sheila’s gone.

[ Water running in background ]

Deacon: Seriously, what the– dammit! They still haven’t fixed the hot water yet. And no jokes about needing a cold shower. Sheila, what are you doing? Come on. Again?

Sheila: What?

Deacon: You’re looking at pictures of finn. You know how you get when you start obsessing. What scares me is you still have nine toes.

Paris: If you’re looking for ridge, he’s not here.

Taylor: Um…

[ Chuckles ] No, well, believe it or not, I am– I am here to see my handsome and amazing son.

Thomas: What?

Taylor: Yes.

Thomas: Lucky me. Though I’m sure that dad is gonna be bummed he missed you.

Taylor: Oh. Well, I’m– I was thinking I was gonna see your mini me here. Isn’t this his half day?

Thomas: Oh, yes. Steffy has him. She took kelly and him to a pottery class.

Taylor: I love that.

Thomas: Yeah.

Taylor: And I love that you get to spend so much time with douglas. And so does his family.

Brooke: Taylor and steffy are the ones organizing this forrester family time.

Katie: They really had a family get together, and you didn’t get to go?

Brooke: Yeah, but it was last minute. So, it’s really not a big deal.

Donna: No, no. So, eric– eric would’ve wanted you to feel welcome. And believe me, I would’ve insisted on it had I been there.

Brooke: Honey, it’s okay. Everybody’s just so happy that finn is back. We are, too.

Donna: Yeah.

Brooke: I just feel like taylor’s using this to drive a wedge between ridge and me.

>Li: Hayes fell right to sleep.

Finn: You’re just– you’re so great with him.

Li: Oh, gosh. You know, being able to share these moments with him. Read him a story… there’s just nothing better.

Finn: It never gets old, does it?

Li: Such a blessing. Breaks my heart to think that he almost lost his father because of sheila.

Sheila: I think about finn all the time.

Deacon: Maybe a little too much. Sheila, you get there’s nothing you can do about it at this point.

Sheila: I’m never gonna stop pushing. For the day that I– I get to hold him again.

Deacon: I get that this is rough for you. I know how much you miss finn. But, sheila, it’s like you keep forgetting. Everyone thinks you’re dead, including finn. With downy infusions,

Taylor: So, zende. Um, when would someone be able to purchase this amazing piece from forrester creations?

Paris: Oh, you’re gonna have to fight me for this one.

[ Laughs ]

Taylor: I wouldn’t dare. This is– this is made for you, paris.

Zende: I’ll tell you what. I still gotta make a few more tweaks, but when it’s all finished, I might be able to hook both of you up.

Paris: And that is on the record.

Thomas: Oh, I heard it. Well, look at you. Getting all the vip treatment.

Taylor: I know! But you’re still my favorite designer.

Thomas: I know, but, you know, zende’s really coming along.

Taylor: Oh, honey, I love this. I just– I love seeing all of this. You’re, you’re getting along with your cousin at work, and… well, you just seem so happy.

Thomas: I am. I really am happy. What’s there not to be happy about? Things are great here at work, and I get to spend more time with my family, and douglas. Bonding with him, my son, who I love more than anything.

Taylor: I know you do. This time that you guys are sharing together is… it’s just so long overdue, you know? Honey, I don’t want you to worry about brooke and everything she’s doing. Because she does not get to dictate my grandson’s life or his future. He is a forrester, after all.

Brooke: Oh, this forrester versus logan stuff is exhausting.

Katie: I mean, we all understand family loyalty, but this is taking things to the extreme.

Brooke: It’s crazy. This fantasy that taylor and her kids have that their little family is gonna get back together with ridge and– poor douglas! He’s just caught right in the middle of it.

Katie: How long has it been since he’s even been home?

Brooke: Too long. He was only supposed to be there one night.

Katie: This is just not okay.

Brooke: I don’t like thomas having that much influence over douglas.

Donna: You don’t think he’s changed?

Brooke: I think he’s made an effort, but I don’t think he’s completely reformed, no.

Katie: And let me guess. Ridge has total confidence in his son.

Brooke: Oh, yes, he does. And I don’T. So I have to be careful. Because I don’t want this to become a problem for ridge and me.

Li: You clearly have a deep love for your family.

Finn: I mean, they completely changed my life.

Li: You know, I’ve always wanted this for you, finn. Always. You were so focused on your career. I worried you may never find the right woman.

Finn: I might not have if steffy hadn’t been brought into the er that night. I guess it’s kinda fitting I met her at work, huh?

Li: So glad you did. It was always you, me and your father for so many years. And now, look, you have this great big family.

Finn: You know, you and dad. You were always enough for me growing up. That’s why I never really wondered too much about my birth mother.

Li: Until sheila came barreling into our lives.

Sheila: Do you really have to go?

Deacon: I gotta get down to the bar and start my shift.

Sheila: It’s really torture. Being here all alone. I’m just left with my own thoughts. My head is just playing it over and over and over again.

Deacon: I know that you can’t imagine life without finn or hayes, but, sheila, that is how it’s got to be.

Sheila: Oh, but this… this is killing me, deacon.

Deacon: I get it.

Sheila: I really, I– I need this connection with my family.

Deacon: You’re gonna have to figure a way to channel this into something else.

Sheila: I want– I want to hold my grandson again.

Deacon: Well, sadly, that is not going to happen again. Alright, sheila? You convinced everyone that you were eaten by a bear, remember?

Sheila: Well, what choice? What choice did I have? It was either that or die in prison.

Deacon: Regardless. Okay? That’s how it is. No more crazy stunts. You can’t leave here. You can’t go looking for finn. It’s too risky. Stay here.

[ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ]

Donna: Poor brooke. It’s like, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Katie: Well, she seems so stressed out. Hopefully, going to the office will help take her mind off things.

Donna: Yeah, yeah… and you know, I get it. Ridge is in a tough position. He’s getting pulled between his kids and his wife. But come on, it’s like, I dunno.

Katie: Well, I meant what I said before. Brooke and ridge are gonna get through this. They just aren’t on the same page about a few things.

Donna: Mm. One of them being douglas.

Katie: Yes, brooke is very concerned about him.

Donna: Well, you know, given thomas’s history, I don’t really blame her.

Katie: I don’t blame her either. And she also feels like her marriage is under attack from taylor, and… she might be right about that.

Brooke: Just when I thought it was gonna be a good day.

Li: You were always stronger than you realized. I’m so proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish, finn. The man you’ve become.

Finn: Well, I am who I am because of you, mom. I mean, I get my strength from you.

Li: Some days I don’t feel so strong.

Finn: Are you kidding? I don’t know very many people that have survived the wrath of sheila, and you did.

Li: Barely.

Finn: It must have been so frightening for you.

Li: Yeah, it was. It was surreal. I was– I was afraid of what she would do when she found out you were alive. I knew I needed help immediately. I tried to get away, but sheila was on to me. I jumped into the car and sped off, but she had to chase me. Next thing I knew, I had lost control. My car burst into flames. And I was going off a bridge. Then… I don’t remember much after that.

Finn: Mom. The trauma that you underwent… I mean, the fact that you lived through it all.

Li: I couldn’t leave you with sheila. You needed me, still.

Finn: Look at us now. We did it, we cheated death. You prevailed over sheila carter. We don’t have to be afraid of her anymore. I’m steve.

Li: You strong, courageous boy. I guess I must’ve done something right.

[ Finn laughs ]

Finn: You did everything right. Mom, I mean, I… couldn’t have asked for a more selfless, dedicated mother. And you literally brought me back from the dead. Everything in my world that I treasure, and that I hold near to my heart, is possible again because of you.

Li: And I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my son. Watching you with your wife, and the children, fills my heart with the most incredible joy. Knowing my beautiful grandchild will now have a father and family that he deserves. Sheila tried to snatch that from hayes. From all of us. She failed. She lost everything. You, hayes. Sheila paid the ultimate price. I hope she’s rotting in hell.

Finn: I mean, look, we don’t have to think about her anymore. Alright, sheila? She’s in the past. She’s not here now. She won’t be in our future.

Li: Thank god. Thank god for that. We can all stop looking over our shoulders now.

Finn: Mom, I’m sorry. I’m so glad you stopped by.

Li: Oh, it was such a treat to have breakfast with you and hayes.

Finn: He’s a– he’s a big fan of yours, I can tell.

Li: Well, please give him a big kiss from grandma when he wakes up, okay?

Finn: I will. Alright, let me walk you out.

Li: Okay.

Brooke: I’m surprised to see you here. Although I shouldn’t really be surprised, you seem to be popping up everywhere these days.

Taylor: If you’re looking for ridge, he’s not in the office.

Brooke: I know where my husband is. Thank you.

Taylor: Oh, you’re welcome. Brooke, you don’t seem happy to see me.

Brooke: No, I am. I’m very happy. I understand that steffy had another one of her forrester family soirées.

Taylor: Yes. Yes. Everybody had a really wonderful time last night.

Brooke: That’s good. But douglas didn’t come home. Thomas had him for yet another night.

Taylor: He was with his father.

Brooke: And hope is his mother. And his home is with hope, liam and beth. And he’s been gone for days, that is unacceptable.

Taylor: Okay, well, hope still gets to see him. And douglas wants this time with his father. They have a lot of time to make up for.

Brooke: Okay. Well, I don’t want things to escalate between hope and thomas. Between you and me, with ridge.

Taylor: Okay, well, that last part is a little late. I’m still cleaning paint out of my ears.

Brooke: I wonder whose fault that is. You know, I’ve really been trying to reach you, taylor, as a mother, as a psychiatrist. I just don’t think that I’m getting through to you. So, let me be a little bit more direct. This campaign to take douglas away from his mother, and from his home… to take ridge away from his wife, and our home, stops today. To-day. Do you understand?

Finn: Did you have a good nap? Did grandma read you a good story? I’ll tell you what, maybe when mom and kelly come home from the beach, we can go for a walk. Does that sound fun? Yeah?

[ Phone ringing ] Does that sound fun? Okay, one second. Hey, this is dr. Finnegan. Yeah. Oh, okay. Great. Um… uh, yeah. Just let me grab my laptop, and I’ll get right back to you. Okay, bubba, you stay here.

[ Hayes crying ] Oh, bubba, I’ll be right back. I just gotta take this call. Look, look. Okay. Alright, one second.

Sheila: Oh, my darling hayes. Grandma loves you so much, sweetheart. I hate being kept away from you and your daddy.

Finn: How’s the patient’s cardiac profile? Okay. And you ran an ekg? What’s the blood pressure? Okay. How long till the results come back?

Sheila: Hi, sweety. Hayes. Oh. Oh, thank you. Would you come to grandma?

Finn: Okay.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, September 8, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Liam: It doesn’t help, you know.

Brooke: What?

Liam: The pacing. Believe me, I’ve tried. It only makes the anxiety worse.

Brooke: Well, maybe it’s because we know it’s legitimate. I get extremely uncomfortable when thomas is too much in the picture.

[ Liam laughing ]

Liam: Yeah, tell me about it.

Brooke: And I still don’t think he can handle his feelings when it comes to hope. I mean, I want to believe that, but I’ve been lulled before.

Liam: Yeah, I hear you.

Brooke: And then there’s steffy and taylor trying to come between ridge and me. It just feels like we’re under attack.

Liam: Really.Ldthing from hope? Like what– what is going on over at eric’s?

Brooke: At yet another forrester family soiree that you and I are not invited to.

Eric: So, what do you think? Obscenely vain?

Zende: No. No, not at all. It uh– it feels right. And kind of weird. I’m so used to seeing quinn up there.

Eric: Yeah.

Zende: You okay?

Eric: What? About the breakup? Yes. It was time for both of us to move on.

Zende: And you have. You’re back with donna.

Eric: Yes, I am. She makes me happy from the inside out.

Zende: I’m very happy for you, granddad.

Eric: Thank you. How about you? I know things have been– I know things have been kind of tough between you and paris. Rest assured, everything turns out okay in the end. You’ll see.

Zende: Thank you.

Hope: Amelia is so amazing.

Steffy: I know. Now, we can nanny share her.

Hope: Oh, seriously.

Steffy: The kids really love her. And they love being here. I am actually glad that you came. You can see first hand how much douglas loves hanging out with his father.

Liam: What’s up?

Brooke: Well, uh, I texted donna to see if she could report back to us and let us know if there was anything weird or sneaky going on over at eric’S.

Liam: Oh, brilliant. Wh– what did she say?

Brooke: Uh, unfortunately, she’s not over there. She’s going to dinner and a play with katie.

Liam: Oh. Do you think we’re overreacting?

Brooke: Overreacting? To thomas demanding custody of douglas and keeping him over at eric’s this long?

Liam: Yeah.

Brooke: No, I don’t think we’re overreacting.

Liam: Yeah, no, no, no. Alarm bells are definitely, um, definitely justified. I just don’t know– I don’t know what thomas is trying to achieve where hope is concerned.

Brooke: Well, okay. I think we have to look at the big picture here. Starting with taylor, who still has feelings for ridge, and then there’s steffy and thomas, who want their parents back together, right? Want to create this family. And then thomas always thinks of family with hope involved, right? You get it? It’s like, it’s a concerted effort on their part to reunite this forrester family no matter who stands in their way. And that’s you and especially me.

Ridge: Thomas looks good.

Taylor: Yeah, he really does.

Ridge: All that worry for nothing.

Taylor: I know. He seems– he seems happy and he seems excited about the future.

Ridge: You know what I think? I think he wants to be the best man possible for that little boy.

Taylor: I think douglas is a great, little motivator.

Ridge: So is hope.

[ Taylor sighing ]

[ Steffy laughing ]

Hope: Oh hey, you two.

Finn: Hey.

Hope: Uh, we actually were just talking about you both and, I don’t know, we just want to let you know how grateful we are that everything turned out okay. I’m sure no more than steffy and the kids, but it really would’ve been a major blow to this entire family if we had lost you.

Finn: Steffy and i both know we’re very blessed.

Steffy: Yeah. We promise to share every moment as a couple, as a family, and celebrate moments like this.

Thomas: As a family.

Steffy: Yeah.

Thomas: And that includes you because you’re douglas’ mother, so you are a part of this family. Time. It’s life’s most precious commodity,

[ Brooke sighing ]

Brooke: Taylor came back to town for one reason and one reason only: To see if she could put her family back together with ridge. But, he was inconveniently still in love with me.

Liam: I– I mean, at this point, taylor’s gotta know it’s a given, right?

Brooke: She’s just hoping that I would mess up so bad that ridge can’t forgive me and she’ll be able to reel him back in. I mean, look what happened when ridge moved back in to take care of me. She ended up kissing him in monaco.

Liam: So, uh– do you think it’s possible that that kiss was more a product of euphoria and not so much manipulation?

Ridge: Well, maybe for ridge. Definitely. I mean, I don’t fault him for that. I’ve forgiven him, actually, just the way he’s forgiven me many times in the past. But uh, my issue isn’t with ridge. My issue is with taylor. Taylor and steffy.

Eric: Ridge, how does brooke feel about you being here without her?

[ Ridge sighing ]

Ridge: She’s fine, you know. She um… I asked her to come, but she decided not to ’cause she wasn’t on the original guest list.

Finn: But, does she really wanna be? I’m the new guy, learning the ins and outs, all the dynamics, but I mean this is the family that you made with someone else. Someone that your kids still very much would like you to be with again.

Ridge: Where are you getting this information from? Because my kids are really shy and don’t share stuff.

Eric: That just proves once again that no matter how old our kids get, they always want their parents together.

Zende: How you doing surrounded by all these forresters, no logan backup?

Hope: Oh, I think I’ll survive.

Thomas: Yeah, well, you know what? You don’t need logan backup because you got a little forrester backup upstairs if you need him. You’re part of this family whether you like it or not, so you’re stuck with us.

Zende: Well, that’s the good news. You always have been stuck with us, so nothing changes.

Thomas: That’s right.

Hope: Well, that’s what I would like, for things to stay the same.

[ Thomas sighing ]

[ Thomas clearing his throat ]

Steffy: I noticed you and dad together.

Ridge: And you didn’t interrupt us by pointing us out? Oh, I admire your restraint.

Steffy: I just hope you realize how good you two are together. I mean, did you hear all the sweet things he was telling you?

Taylor: Oh, yeah. I did. But, he said things about the whole family.

Steffy: Okay.

Taylor: They’re very nice.

Steffy: Mm-hm.

Taylor: Honey, I don’t want you to worry about your dad and me. My eyes are wide open.

Steffy: I know they are. I hope his eyes are open too.

Taylor: Hey, guys. Everybody.

Ridge: Uh-oh. Speech coming up. I feel it.

Taylor: I don’t know if it’s a speech. I just wanted to say something. I’m not good at speeches, but… I’m pretty good at feelings, so I’m just gonna let that lead me. I’m feeling, um– I’m feeling very happy, very grateful right now. Seeing everybody’s smiling faces and… hearing my– our grandkids upstairs laughing and playing. Knowing that kelly and hayes’ innocent little lives are restored now that finn is back. My heart is full. Ridge said something earlier about how we’ve gone through such a rough time recently, our family, and boy have we ever. But, on the flipside of that, there’s um– there’s miracles and we’ve experienced a lot of miracles too. Steffy’s beautiful family is whole again. And thomas, his relationship with douglas, their bond is getting stronger every day and their getting closer and closer and as a mom, I can’t tell you how much it means to me. It’s everything. This family is everything to me and I love you all so much. Including this handsome, brooding guy right here.

[ Ridge growling ]

[ Taylor chuckling ]

Finn: Hey. I’m gonna get him settled in the car.

Steffy: Oh, yeah. Of course.

Finn: Okay. All right. Good night, everyone. Thank you, eric, for everything.

Eric: My pleasure.

Finn: Bye.

Steffy: Yeah, I think we’re gonna head out. Thank you again. I’ll get kelly.

[ Kelly shouting ] Whoa, hi. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. What got you so wound up?

Douglas: Oh, rocks.

Steffy: Oh, rocks?

Kelly: Amelia showed us how to paint them.

Steffy: Oh, that sounds pretty awesome.

Kelly: So awesome.

Douglas: Th– they’re not done yet, okay?

Thomas: Okay.

Douglas: But hey, can kelly come over tomorrow so we can finish? Please?

Thomas: Uh… yeah, we’ll talk about it later.

Steffy: I don’t mind bringing kelly over. We could do that.

Thomas: Okay, I’ll let you know.

Steffy: Okay.

Zende: I’m gonna get out of here, but this was great.

Ridge: I’m actually gonna do the same. I’m out.

Steffy: Yeah, granddad, thank you for hosting us on such short notice.

Eric: Can’t be enough for me. It’s a nice evening.

Steffy: Mom, you uh… you ready?

Taylor: I will be out in a second, yes.

Ridge: I can give you a ride.

Taylor: I should go with them. Thanks.

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: I don’t trust taylor and steffy when it comes to douglas either.

Liam: So, you– you don’t think that they have douglas’ best interests in mind?

Brooke: They think they do, but they really don’t because this is about winning for them. The forresters versus the logans. And unfortunately, douglas is caught in the middle because he’s thomas’ son. Now, I’m not saying that they don’t love him or care about him. I am sure that they do, but they have an agenda and this agenda includes taking douglas away from his family, from his home and that’s you, beth and hope.

Liam: Yeah, it’s– it’s a complicated situation, I get that. Thomas is douglas’ father and obviously, he wants to spend more quality time with him now that his mind is– is in a seemingly better place, but here’s the problem though. He can have all of that without uprooting douglas from everything he knows.

Brooke: Well, exactly.

Liam: It’s like– nobody– who wants it to get ugly? Nobody. Who wants a big custody battle? Nobody. But– but the longer thomas keeps getting his way, the more entitled he’s gonna feel to keeping douglas and I don’t understand why hope isn’t putting her foot down and insisting that douglas come home like tonight. Like now.

Thomas: Thanks again for coming. I know it meant the world to douglas and I– I hope it wasn’t like a little too weird though. All forrester all the time.

[ Hope laughing ]

Hope: Well, I’m pretty used to it at work, so.

Thomas: Oh, that’s true. Yeah, makes sense.

Hope: So, look. About douglas.

Thomas: Speaking of. Hey, man.

Douglas: Hey!

Hope: Hey.

Douglas: Hey, mom.

Hope: Hi, sweetie.

Douglas: Thanks for letting me stay here so long with dad. I’m really having the best time.

Hope: Well, I’m glad you’re having fun, sweetie, but you know, just don’t forget that liam, beth and I, we miss you like crazy.

Douglas: Okay. Can do. Hi, I’m karen. Since starting golo and taking release, I was hoping to lose maybe 20 pounds. And it was so easy and simple. To see it work the way it did, before I knew it, 58 pounds had fallen off. Not flossing well?Then add the whoa! Of listerine to your routine. New science shows it gets in between teeth to destroy 5x more plaque above the gumline than floss. For a cleaner, healthier mouth. Listerine. Feel the whoa! (Vo) at the tidy cats innovation lab.We live to solve litter issu

if I could be you and you could be me for just one hour

if we could find a way to get inside each other’s mind

walk a mile in my shoes

walk a mile i n my shoes

well before you abuse, criticize and accuse

walk a mile in my shoes

Finn: I got the touch.

Steffy: Yeah, I do know that.

Finn: You kidding me?

Steffy: What were you talking about?

Finn: How long was i in there? Mere minutes, both those kiddos down.

Steffy: That’s because they’re exhausted from the family gathering.

Finn: I think you’re just jealous.

Steffy: I am not jealous.

Finn: Oh, you’re jealous.

Steffy: I am not.

[ Steffy laughing ] Maybe a little.

Taylor: Oh, man. I am so annoying. I can’t stand myself right now.

Steffy: Um, mom, no it’s– no, it’s– it’s fine. It’s– I’m guessing you’re doing your regular refrigerator raid?

Taylor: Yes, well, actually, I just wanted some nuts for now. I don’t know.

Finn: Is that mother daughter code?

Steffy: She does some late night snacking when she’s thinking about something.

Taylor: Is it that obvious?

Steffy: Only to someone who loves you. I know dad going home with brooke hurt you on some level, but you have to remember all of the amazing things he said about you. I’m right. It’s only a matter of time before you and dad are back together.

Ridge: You know, seeing finn and steffy together, it just never gets old. I thought that part of her life was gone and now it’s just shining so brightly.

Brooke: Sounds wonderful. It sounds like a good time was had by all.

Ridge: Logan, come on–

Brooke: No, ridge. You don’t need to apologize. You invited me even though steffy didn’t, but I could understand why she wouldn’t want me there at a forrester family get together with taylor.

Ridge: I just don’t want you to get hurt.

Brooke: I’m not hurt. No. I just… missed you.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Mm-hm. And I would like to show you just how much.

Ridge: Okay.

Liam: Hey, hey.

Hope: Hey.

Liam: What– where is douglas?

Hope: Still at eric’S.

Liam: You said you were gonna bring him home.

Hope: Well, thomas knows that I wanted to.

Liam: Okay, so thomas refused to let you take your own son. Like that is– that is a problem, hope.

Hope: No, it’s not thomas.

Liam: Okay, all right, okay. So, then what? What happened?

Hope: Douglas. He’s just so happy there right now and um, he started this rock project with kelly and he didn’t

Finn: I got the touch.

Steffy: Yeah, I do know that.

Finn: You kidding me?

Steffy: What were you talking about?

Finn: How long was i in there? Mere minutes, both those kiddos down.

Steffy: That’s because they’re exhausted from the family gathering.

Finn: I think you’re just jealous.

Steffy: I am not jealous.

Finn: Oh, you’re jealous.

Steffy: I am not.

[ Steffy laughing ] Maybe a little.

Taylor: Oh, man. I am so annoying. I can’t stand myself right now.

Steffy: Um, mom, no it’s– no, it’s– it’s fine. It’s– I’m guessing you’re doing your regular refrigerator raid?

Taylor: Yes, well, actually, I just wanted some nuts for now. I don’t know.

Finn: Is that mother daughter code?

Steffy: She does some late night snacking when she’s thinking about something.

Taylor: Is it that obvious?

Steffy: Only to someone who loves you. I know dad going home with brooke hurt you on some level, but you have to remember all of the amazing things he said about you. I’m right. It’s only a matter of time before you and dad are back together.

Ridge: You know, seeing finn and steffy together, it just never gets old. I thought that part of her life was gone and now it’s just shining so brightly.

Brooke: Sounds wonderful. It sounds like a good time was had by all.

Ridge: Logan, come on–

Brooke: No, ridge. You don’t need to apologize. You invited me even though steffy didn’t, but I could understand why she wouldn’t want me there at a forrester family get together with taylor.

Ridge: I just don’t want you to get hurt.

Brooke: I’m not hurt. No. I just… missed you.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Mm-hm. And I would like to show you just how much.

Ridge: Okay.

Liam: Hey, hey.

Hope: Hey.

Liam: What– where is douglas?

Hope: Still at eric’S.

Liam: You said you were gonna bring him home.

Hope: Well, thomas knows that I wanted to.

Liam: Okay, so thomas refused to let you take your own son. Like that is– that is a problem, hope.

Hope: No, it’s not thomas.

Liam: Okay, all right, okay. So, then what? What happened?

Hope: Douglas. He’s just so happy there right now and um, he started this rock project with kelly and he didn’t finish it and it just… I don’t know what to do. I love him and I miss him and I want him here with us, but he just seems so happy with– over at eric’s and with his dad and his whole family and I just–

Liam: Okay, okay.

Hope: I don’t know what to do.

Liam: It’s okay.

Hope: It just didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel right to pull him out of that. Not tonight. Not yet. Sorry. Sorry.

Liam: Hey, hey. It’s okay. It’s okay. I–

[ Hope laughing ] No, I get it, I get it, I get it, okay? I get the dilemma. You’re um… you’re trying to give douglas a voice, you’re trying to respect his wishes, um, and that’s super cool, it’s part of what makes you a good mom. Just, what I care about is that you don’t lose sight of how manipulative thomas can be because this– look at you. Like, he knows you’re going through this. He knows you have this conflict and he will use it to his advantage. But, only if you let him.

[ Hope sniffling ]

[ Thomas sighing ]

Thomas: Stop, thomas. Hope’s married. You can’t go back there.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Taylor: Ah. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!

Steffy: Oh, mom.

Taylor: I’m sorry.

Steffy: No, you don’t have to sneak around. This is, um–

Taylor: No, I’m just getting myself a snack, I–

Steffy: Actually, um, I’ve been wanting to talk to you. And you. I have an idea I’ve been kicking around.

Taylor: What?

Steffy: Well, the last time we were at granddad’s, we had so much fun. And I was just thinking, now that douglas is living with thomas, we should do it again.

Taylor: I– I– I love the idea. We have so much to celebrate.

Steffy: Yes, including your imminent reunion.

[ Door opening ]

Ridge: Hey.

Brooke: Hi.

Ridge: I had a rough day.

Brooke: Aw…

Ridge: Hm. Hi.

Brooke: Hi.

Ridge: What was that for?

Brooke: No reason. Just enjoy kissing my handsome husband, any chance I can.

Ridge: Well, I don’t blame you. Look, I mean, honestly.

Brooke: Well, be prepared ’cause you’re gonna have a lot more kisses coming your way.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Mm-hmm. And to think that you were considering moving over to eric’S.

Ridge: Well, to be fair, I still don’t think it’s a bad idea because you’re worried about thomas with douglas and if I’m over there, it could put your mind at ease.

Brooke: No. I don’t want you going anywhere, for any reason. I want you right here, with me. Besides, how much longer is hope going to allow douglas to stay over there?

Douglas: So cool. These baseball cards were all yours?

Thomas: Well, they were. ‘Til today. I’d like to give them to you.

Douglas: Seriously?

Thomas: If you’ll take care of them.

Douglas: Yes.

Eric: Wow. Look at all this. Nice score, douglas. You know, I think your dad has some of these that are actually autographed.

Thomas: Yeah, I may have kept those separate.

Eric: What a good idea. You might wanna do that with some of these, too. They’re in danger of being drooled upon. Steffy just called and wants to do another family gathering. You know how hayes is.

Thomas: Ah, gotcha.

Eric: You two are available for another family get together, aren’t you?

Thomas: There’s nothing we’d like more.

Liam: Has thomas given any indication? Any indication, at all, of when he’s going to let douglas come home?

Hope: No.

Liam: Okay. This is getting freaking weird, man. Every day that passes, thomas wants douglas to live with him even more. Like why– why are you not just saying to him that– that douglas needs to come home? Like, today.

Hope: If I thought douglas was in danger, or being mistreated, I would put an end to it immediately. But we both know that’s not the case. He’s having a great time, and I have to be really careful about how I handle this because I do not want this to turn into some full-blown custody battle. I don’t wanna put douglas through that, and it just would be awful for him.

Thomas: There.

Douglas: All right, thanks again. I know right where I can put these in my room. Oh, is it okay if I keep the cards there?

Eric: Of course. It’s your room, douglas.

Thomas: Thanks again, granddad, for letting us stay here. I really appreciate it.

Eric: Well, I wish you wouldn’t think of it as me letting you stay here. I mean, this is your home. You’re forresters. And the more of us there are in this house, the better I like it. Nothing more important than family.

Thomas: Yeah, I couldn’t agree more.

Taylor: Well, don’t get too excited ’cause your dad might not be available. Brooke might have plans for him.

Steffy: She may, but they could always postpone it. Can’t hurt to ask.

[ Phone dialing ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Brooke: So elegant. I love this one, really.

Ridge: Steffy. How’s it going?

Steffy: Great. Even better if you say yes.

Ridge: What am i agreeing to?

Steffy: We are thinking about meeting up at granddad’s? Finn, myself, the kids… mom’s gonna come too. We just figured that last time was so much fun. So, what do you say? You wanna join us?

Ridge: That– that sounds great. I’ll see you over there.

Steffy: Okay. Cool. Yeah, I’ll– we’ll be seeing you soon.

Ridge: Love ya.

Brooke: So, you’re meeting steffy somewhere?

Ridge: Yeah, over at dad’S. She wants to bring the family together again.

Brooke: That means taylor. Am I invited? Who says you have to spend more on skincare

Ridge: It’s a family get together. You’re family, so yeah, you’re invited. You wanna go?

Brooke: Did steffy invite us or you? Okay, look. I’m gonna just stay home.

Ridge: You sure?

Brooke: You are my husband. And I know you’ll be coming back here very soon. For more of those wonderful kisses. Enjoy yourself, and please give everybody my best.

Ridge: I’ll do it.

Brooke: Okay.

Liam: Hey. At the end of the day, I’m gonna support you, full stop. No matter how you decide to handle this with thomas. Okay? I just– I just really, really, really want you to be careful, and not let your guard down.

Hope: I never do.

Liam: Good.

[ Phone ringing ]

[ Both sighing ]

Hope: Oh, it is…

Both: Thomas.

Hope: Um, well, maybe it’s him calling to ask about dropping douglas.

Liam: Oh-ho-ho, I doubt it.

[ Clears throat ]

Hope: Hey, thomas.

Thomas: Hey, you’re on speaker.

Douglas: Hi, mom!

Hope: Oh, hey, bud. I’m so happy you called. What’s up?

Thomas: A lot. Actually, we are planning another whole big party. Steffy and finn are on the way.

Douglas: It’s gonna be super fun. Maybe you could come?

Hope: Oh, um… yeah, I guess I could stop by for a little bit.

Douglas: Awesome. Thank you!

Hope: I guess I’ll see you soon.

[ Phone beeps ]

Liam: Invite to what?

Hope: Oh… you know, eric’s just having a big family gathering at their place, and douglas really wanted me to be there. And I already know what you’re going to say, but you should have heard him. He was so excited.

Liam: Hey. Why do you suppose it is that, um, I didn’t get an invite? Do you think it’s possible, at least possible, that thomas’s old feelings for you are starting to be rekindled?

Donna: Hi, honey bear. You ready for a martini?

Eric: Donna? I thought you were… donna? Wh– douglas? Was that you?

Douglas: Yeah. This really funny app. You just sample somebody’s voice, and then you say whatever you want, and it says that in that voice. Really cool, right?

Zende: Now, what is this I’m hearing about a party?

Eric: Not a party– a party? Who said anything about a party? No, no, no. When steffy called, she said it was just a get together. If she had said party, I probably would’ve said no. But, you know…

Thomas: Right. Sure. If it was up to you, I think that you’d have a party every night.

Eric: You’re absolutely right.

Douglas: Yeah, mom’s coming, too.

Eric: Now, that’s great news.

Douglas: Yeah.

Eric: Cool. That’s cool.

Ridge: Hello, hello!

Eric: Hello, ridge. Come in, come in.

Ridge: Dad, I got bad news for you. There’s riffraff in your driveway. You gotta change the code to your gate. It’s just getting worse and worse.

Steffy: Hey! Not kicking us out this time.

Kelly: Hey douglas, wanna play?

Douglas: Yeah! Let’s go to my room.

Ridge: Ah, [Indistinct].

[ Taylor laughs ]

Eric: Look at that, running up those stairs. I love that. Look at this guy! Has he grown another foot since I saw him last?

Steffy: Oh, he’s getting big. I think he’s gonna be big like his daddy.

Ridge: Well, he may get his height from his dad, but good looks? Boom, right here.

Taylor: Oh, no…

Eric: It’s a whole family of good looks.

Ridge: No?

Thomas: No.

Zende: He’s getting his swag from his cousin, that’s for sure.

Taylor: Okay, it does not matter who he gets his good traits from. We’re gonna love him anyway.

Eric: That’s true. Look, no offense. I know his last name is finnegan, but… to me, he’s a forrester. Through and through.

Finn: Oh, no. I’m not offended. In fact, I’m almost certain he’s gonna take after his strong, determined, fearless forrester mother.

Steffy: Yeah. Totally.

Eric: I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to explain to you how much this means to me to have you all here. This multi-generational group. This house where I raised my own kids. And some of my grandkids are here, and then my great-grandson, and my great-great-grandson.

[ Chuckling ] It brings this house alive to have you all here. You fill it with love. Thank you. I have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis.

[ Hope sighing ]

Liam: Listen. You are my wife. The love of my life. And I can’t help it, every instinct I have is about protecting you and our family. And I just– I just really want you to be safe.

Hope: And I appreciate that, I do. But I really don’t think I need any protecting from thomas. And if I’m being honest…

Liam: Uh-huh?

Hope: I don’t think douglas does either. So, try not to worry. Okay? I’ll keep you updated?

Liam: Okay.

Hope: Okay.

Liam: Oh, but– hey, hey, you– but you are gonna– you are gonna, like, bring douglas home with you today, right?

Hope: Yes. But I– I mean, we also have to see how it goes.

Liam: See how it g– the kid’s been over there eight years already. Come on!

Hope: He has certainly been over there too long. Yes, I know.

Liam: Okay.

Hope: Bye.

Liam: Bye.

Hope: Oh! Mom, hi.

Brooke: Oh, hi honey.

Hope: Um, liam actually– he’s going to update you on everything, so…

Brooke: Oh, okay.

Hope: Bye.

Brooke: Well…

[Laughs] Where is she going in such a hurry?

Liam: Oh, let me tell you. Uh, thomas and douglas called and invited hope over to a little family soirée, which I’m pretty sure is french for pretext.

Brooke: Oh. Well, that’s interesting. Ridge is on his way over there too. I feel like there’s something more going on here.

Liam: Funny, I have the same feeling.

Zende: Steffy, thank you for suggesting this. I was bummed that I wasn’t home the other night when you guys got together.

Steffy: Granddad told me about your hot date.

Zende: I would’ve preferred to be here.

Thomas: Well, you’re in luck, zende, because steffy’s new thing is to have parties. So, if you miss one, there’ll be another one coming up.

Steffy: Is that a problem?

Thomas: No, actually, I love it. It reminds me of old times.

Steffy: Yeah, me too.

Thomas: Anyway. Hope is on her way, just fyi.

Taylor: Oh.

Ridge: Oh, boy.

Steffy: Hope’s coming?

Taylor: Yeah, you didn’t– you didn’t tell us that you invited her.

Thomas: Yeah, I know that she’s, like, a dreaded logan and all, but she is douglas’s mother, right? So, she’s– she’s family.

Eric: And she’s welcome in this house any time.

Steffy: Yeah. I’m just hoping that hope doesn’t bring up where douglas should or shouldn’t be living.

Taylor: Yeah. I mean, how does she feel about douglas spending so much time over here?

Thomas: Well, she actually doesn’t mind douglas spending time over here. It’s when he stays, that is kind of an issue. But she’s being as supportive as she can be.

Steffy: Is she coming around to the fact that you want douglas living with you?

Thomas: Um, well, I don’t know if she’s exactly gone that far. Look, we’re trying to do our best to make this work, and not put douglas in the middle of it or cause him any harm.

Taylor: Yeah, the thing that bothers me is that she thinks you would cause him harm.

Thomas: That is why I invited her over here, so that she can see that this is an amazing place for douglas to be.

Steffy: Okay. Just don’t be surprised if hope insists on bringing douglas home tonight.

Hope: Hi.

Thomas: Hey.

Eric: Hope, hi. Come in. I’m glad to see you.

Hope: Um, did thomas let you know that I’d be stopping by?

Steffy: He warned us, yes.

Thomas: [Whispers] Steffy…

Hope: Okay, great. Um, is douglas…

Thomas: Oh, yeah, yeah. He’s upstairs with kelly, they’re playing, and amelia’s watching them.

Hope: Okay. I won’t interrupt him just yet.

[ Clearing throat ] But thank you, everyone, for including me.

Thomas: Ah, you’ll– you’ll always be included. It’s what I was just talking about before you got here. You are douglas’s mother, and that makes you family. Alice loves the scent of gain so much,

Liam: Hope can think that thomas isn’t consciously up to no good, this time around, but how can she deny that something is off? You know?

Brooke: I feel the same way. It’s like there’s outside forces at play. And taylor and steffy, they are all too eager to take advantage. And we both know that steffy and thomas want their parents back together.

Liam: Yeah, well, they can want what they want, but ridge is still your husband.

Brooke: Doesn’t seem to matter to them. Now that douglas is over there, they have even more ammunition. I think they have more reasons to lure ridge over there, to be a part of their sweet little family.

Ridge: Here’s to us. You look good.

Zende: Thank you.

Ridge: Come on.

Taylor: [Indistinct]

Eric: [Indistinct]

Ridge: Gin and tonic.

Taylor: Oh, thank you.

Ridge: You’re welcome.

Zende: I cannot believe how cool this is. Seeing you two in each other’s arms. I still can’t quite process what happened.

Steffy: I know, I’m still trying to process it, too.

Taylor: It was so beautiful. It really was. I– I wish I could explain to the two of you what happened. It was filled with so many emotions, and… I dunno, it was just– it was a day filled with magical surprises.

[ Thomas laughing ]

Thomas: Oh, those looks!

Hope: The look that kelly gave douglas.

Thomas: I know, and he just dove and it was– it was crazy. With the– he just threw, like, I feel like it was [Indistinct]–

Steffy: What is– what is going on?

Thomas: Oh, you had to be there.

Hope: It was just– they were fighting over who got to put the last puzzle piece, and it was just…

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah.

Steffy: Douglas seems like he’s really enjoying himself here.

Hope: And I’m– I’m pleased that he is. That he gets to spend time with his dad and his great granddad. I think that’s important.

Ridge: Oh, it’s important. It’s the most important thing because we all can learn from this great man, mr. Eric forrester. The patriarch. I’m still learning from him. Thank you so much for having us– always having us. And welcoming us with open arms, always.

Eric: We’re family, all of us. That door is never locked to any of us.

Ridge: And we appreciate that ’cause this is– what do you call it? Our…

Steffy: Shangri-la.

Ridge: Shangri-la, right? This is a place where forresters go to do whatever they need to do, whether it’S… a funeral or a wedding or any kind of celebration. And that’s what today is. It’s a celebration. And I’m so glad you’re here for it because we wanna celebrate you and celebrate everything that you’ve done for that little boy. Everything that you gave him. You gave him everything he needed.

Hope: And I will always be there for him.

Ridge: No, I know that. I know that. But now, you don’t have to do it alone because thomas is here, and he’s a loving, caring father, just like you. Look at you, you’re such a great dad, and a great husband.

Finn: There’s nothing more important to me or cherished, than steffy and the kids.

Ridge: The kids– they’re always going to be your kids. You know that, right? I look at these two goofballs, and they’ve fully grown, but they’re still my kids. And I’m so proud of you guys. We are– we’re– we’re proud of you.

Taylor: So, so very proud. Yes.

Ridge: And if I haven’t said it before, you guys are who you are because of this woman. Because of her strength, and her wisdom and she– she loved you into the people that you are today. This gorgeous, amazing woman right here. Look, if I learned anything, it’s that this family is not the same when you’re not around. This has been a rough couple of months for all of us, but we made it through. We weathered the storm, right? And we’re here, and we’re stronger than ever. Forresters!

All: Forresters.

[ Glasses clinking ]

Ridge: Love you, dad.

Thomas: Cheers.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: I’m never going to take any of this for granted.

Finn: It’s hard to do when every moment feels like a celebration.

Steffy: Exactly.

Finn: I hope that feeling never goes away.

Steffy: It won’T. This is our future. Sheila can never steal it from us.

Sheila: I’m still here, finn. Mama loves you so much. I’m still here.

Brooke: Oh, I didn’t know you’d be home early.

Ridge: Yeah. I went to dad’S. You know, hope said she was going to be there. And see how it went.

Brooke: Douglas was really happy to see her.

Ridge: Taylor said they had fun.

Brooke: Oh. So, taylor was there.

Ridge: Yeah. They encouraged. Were all encouraged. You are too, right? Come on, please. I know you’re concerned about my son’s past. But, let’s– can we just focus on the future, for now. See that we can find some common ground where douglas is concerned. Thomas loves his son and douglas loves him and– thomas, he’s– he’s a good guy with a big heart. And I wish you could embrace that. The way your daughter has embraced it.

Hope: Is douglas with you? Did you bring him home?

Thomas: I texted you. It’s about the back to school supply list. You said that I could take douglas shopping.

Hope: Oh, I must have had my notifications turned off.

Thomas: It’s okay. I– douglas said that some of the stuff is, like, really specific. I didn’t want him winding up with the wrong kind of markers.

Hope: I– I could have emailed you the list.

Thomas: Yeah. Um, well, I also wanted to see you. Are you alone?

Hope: I am.

Thomas: Hey, I just– I thought that we could also talk about us.

Ridge: I know hope would prefer if douglas lived with her family.

Brooke: In his home, with his family.

Ridge: Look, hope and liam did a great job with the kid. They did.

Brooke: Of course. Hope adopted him. She’s his mom.

Ridge: And she always will be. I’m not saying that she won’T. Look. When thomas was struggling, she stepped up. She was a great parent to that kid. She was his rock. And that’s never going to change. But thomas has changed. And I need you to accept that, the way that hope has accepted it. Look at me. We’re talking about my son.

Hope: You want to talk about us?

Thomas: Yeah. I wanted to talk more at the house, but I thought we might get interrupted by douglas.

Hope: And so, you came all the way over here to talk privately?

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. Just want to talk about our role in douglas’s life as parents.

Hope: Oh. Right. Right.

Thomas: What did you think I meant?

[Sfx: Stomach gurgling]

Ridge: Thomas and hope are going to work this out together and do what’s best for douglas. Okay?

Brooke: Mm-hmm. So, will I. And so will you. Nobody is questioning that. Oh, I’m sorry. It just– I wish I felt differently. I wish I could trust thomas the way that you do.

Ridge: Well, ah, maybe that moment will come. Maybe he just needs an opportunity to prove himself. But what do we do right now? I assure you, we’re doing everything we can to set them up for success.

Brooke: We? You mean you and taylor?

Ridge: Yeah– no. The family. That’s why he’s living at dad’s house. He needs that support. Yes. Taylor and I are going to help too. That’s our job as parents. We– that’s what we’re doing. We’re gonna make sure he’s okay because, you know what? If I’d done that earlier, then maybe he wouldn’t have made these stupid mistakes in the first place.

Brooke: Thomas made his own mistakes. You are not responsible for his bad choices.

Ridge: I know. But I am responsible now. It’s my son. And I’ll make sure he does the right thing by his little boy. I’m here and I’m determined to see that happen.

Thomas: You knew I was talking about co-parenting.

Hope: Right.

Thomas: About us being a mom and dad.

Hope: Of course.

Thomas: Right. We’re on the same team.

Hope: I hope so.

Thomas: So, we’re in agreement?

Hope: Are we though?

Thomas: Okay. Look. I know that you’re worried about douglas, right? And you’re worried about where he’s going to live. And if he’s living over with me.

Hope: It would be a huge change out of nowhere. I mean, think about everything douglas has already experienced in his young life. Losing his mother. The upheaval with you. And I know that you’re past it and you have a really strong relationship now. I just believe that douglas still needs stability and consistency.

Thomas: Yeah. And you gave him that. You did. But I can, too, hope. That’s what I want. I want nothing else, but my son’s well-being. It’s first for me, and I don’t want to upset douglas or you.

Sheila: Oh, god. Deacon, what are you doing here?

Deacon: What are you– what the hell are you doing here? I had a feeling when I left you at the apartment that something was wrong, so I went back. You weren’t there. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out where you’d gone.

Sheila: I just wanted to see my son.

Deacon: I don’t know what kind of nutso fantasy reunion thing you’re conjuring up here. But it ain’t happening. You can’t see finn. He thinks you’re dead. Everyone else thinks you’re giving a bear indigestion. It’s a good thing. Because if anyone, anyone thinks you’re alive, they’re going to send a platoon of armed guards to storm the deck.

Shelia: Are you worried about me?

Deacon: Get out of here. Go.

Steffy: Deacon? What– you know, it’s customary to use the front door, right?

Deacon: I figured you’d be around back. I mean, you know, if I lived at the beach, that’s where I’d be.

Steffy: What are you doing here?

Deacon: Um. (Vo) purina one has the inside story on your pet’s health.

Brooke: I do understand your devotion to thomas. I do. And your desire to help him succeed. Every parent wants that. But what thomas is suggesting, to take douglas away from his home.

Ridge: I think what he’s suggesting, is that he wants to take the rightful place in his son’s life.

Brooke: Don’t you think that might be a little bit detrimental?

Ridge: Honey, what part? Father and son spending time together?

Brooke: Well, I’m not saying this to be mean or cruel, and I don’t think it will be as bad as it was last time.

Ridge: What is it? What do you mean? Why do you start like that? May not be as bad? What if it is not bad at all? Let’s start there.

Brooke: Would you see it if it were? Look, thomas tried so hard to gain your respect and your support. And he has. You and steffy and taylor. You’re all behind him 100%.

Ridge: Because of that you think we would miss something? How about that? How about I move over there? How about I stay at dad’s and I keep an eye on douglas and thomas until you can give him a chance?

Brooke: You would do that?

Ridge: I would stay at dad’s until you see what I see.

Brooke: Oh, so you would move over there away from me and leave our home?

Thomas: You’re wondering if we’re in agreement? I’m telling you, we are.

Hope: Even though you’re determined to take douglas away.

Thomas: I want to be his dad again.

Hope: You are.

Thomas: No. Not like for an overnight experience. Like, I actually want to be his dad. I want to be there in the morning when he wakes up. I want to put him to bed at night. I want to make him breakfast and send him off to school. Right? I want to tell him no when it’s necessary.

Hope: Really? He rarely makes you do that.

Thomas: Right. But if we’re living together, sometimes I’ll need to. But that’s okay, because he’ll know that I’m there. He’ll know that I’m looking after him, that I’m setting boundaries for him and making sure that he’s safe.

Hope: And I know you can be that type of father.

Thomas: Yeah?

Hope: I do.

Thomas: I know that we’ve been through a lot. And… I’ve made mistakes. But it means a lot that you believe in me. And I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.

Hope: I appreciate that. But I think if we just… slow down and think about what we’re doing and what douglas needs. Then you’ll hopefully come to realize that douglas’ place is still here with liam, beth and me.

Deacon: What– what am i doing here? I was il giardino, and I saw finn earlier. And I– I just started thinking about that night, you know. And I wanted to come down here and tell you what I told him, which is that I’m just so relieved that you guys are okay.

Steffy: Thank you. It’s kind of you.

Deacon: I’m sorry if I’m bringing up a painful memory.

Steffy: It can’t be pleasant for you either, considering you’re the one who found us.

Deacon: I can’t seem to shake it.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, I’m trying to erase it from my memory, too.

Deacon: Yeah. Well, you know, you got lots of good things to look forward to, though. You got your life with finn, the kids.

Steffy: It’s a true miracle. One you were a big part of. I mean, if you didn’t call 911 when you did. I’m sure you spoke to finn.

Deacon: Oh, yeah. I mean, look, there’s no reason to thank me. I made a phone call. That’s all. I’m no hero.

Steffy: Well, now we don’t have to worry about sheila.

Deacon: Yeah.

Steffy: Hey– hey, do you want to come in and talk to finn?

Deacon: No, no, no, no. I’m going to go. I did what I came here to do. Take care of yourself.

One bounty versus two of the

leading ordinary brand

Thomas: You want me to tell you this is where douglas belongs?

Hope: For right now. At least while we work this out.

Thomas: Hope, he means so much to me and I don’t want there to be any conflict. Look, I am confident that we can make this work for douglas and for us.

Brooke: I don’t want you to go anywhere, ridge.

Ridge: But if that’s what it takes to make you feel good, I got to do it.

Brooke: There’s nothing good about you leaving.

Ridge: Won’t be for a long time. I’d just go for a little while.

Brooke: No. I want you here. Besides, hope is the one who should be monitoring douglas. Ridge, I just got you back. I don’t want something to take you away, especially my own concerns.

Ridge: Well, I take your concerns very seriously.

Brooke: Well, thank you. And I love you for that. We need this time together to reconnect. The longer we’re apart, the more distance is between us. And I certainly don’t want that.

Ridge: It was just an idea.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, it’s a bad idea. Remember everything that happened with deacon and sheila, how we handled that, we didn’t face it together. And that’s what we have to do, ridge. We have to face these things together. Oh, and of course, there was a kiss you had in monaco. I love you. And we really need to take our relationship seriously. We need to love each other. We need to support each other, respect each other. I want that. Please tell me you want that too.

Finn: So, deacon was here?

Steffy: Yeah, he was out on the deck. Kind of weird, right?

Finn: A little bit. I– nothing against the guy. And if it weren’t for him, we could have died in that alley.

Steffy: I don’t want to think about that.

Finn: Is that why he was here?

[ Steffy sighs ] Brought up some bad stuff?

Steffy: Yeah. I just have these nightmares, finn.

Finn: Hey, we’re safe now. And I will always make sure that you are. They’re just bad dreams, babe. They’re going to fade, okay?

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: Over time. The only thing that I want you to remember about that night is I love you so much that I will literally lay my life on the line for you. Not that anything like that will ever happen again.

Steffy: You better not.

Finn: Look, there’s nothing to be afraid of now that sheila is gone.

Deacon: Am– am I going to have to lock you in here?

Sheila: Oh, well, I don’t know. Are you into prisoner/warden games? I can– I can do that.

Deacon: You know, the entire way back here, I’m thinking to myself, is she really nuts? And then I remember you are the girl who cut her own toe off. And you couldn’t just disappear, could you? You had to set the scene like some kind of creepy horror film.

Sheila: Yeah, and because of that, everyone thinks I’m dead. So why don’t you just cut me a little slack here? Okay, warden?

Deacon: Do you want to go back to prison?

Sheila: I just wanted to see my son.

Deacon: That is not going to happen. Don’t you get it? That’s the price that you have to pay for your freedom. You do not get to have a relationship with finn unless you want to do it from behind bars. Great. Swell. No beer. Going to get one. Stay.

Sheila: Not going to happen? That’s what you think.

[ Sheila chuckling ]

Finn: Hey, steffy. I’m home.


Sheila: Yes, sweetheart,

it’s– it’s me.

Finn: They told me

you were dead.

Sheila: I know, but I’m–

I’m not. I’m sure that this

is a shock to you. But I’m–

I’m alive, sweetheart.

Finn: I’m– I don’t

believe this. This is–

this is a miracle. This is–

this is a miracle you’re here.

You’re here

and you didn’t leave me.

Sheila: No, I didn’T.

Mama is never going

to leave you. I am always–

I’m always going to be here,

finn. Always.

Ah god, I love you so much. Soon, finn. Soon.

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B&B Transcript Monday, September 5, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Finn: Hey.

Steffy: Hey.

Finn: How was the meeting?

Steffy: Productive.

Finn: Hmm.

Steffy: How are things here?

Finn: Good. Amelia has the kids, they’re having a blast.

Steffy: How was today? You saw your mom, right?

Finn: Yeah, I met her at il giardino.

Steffy: I’m sure that meant a lot to her.

Finn: It means a lot to me. Never appreciated my mom more than I do now. What?

[ Steffy sighing ]

Steffy: I hope this doesn’t come off as insensitive or anything, but it is a relief. Knowing when you talk about your mom, it’s– it’s li. You don’t have to worry about sheila anymore, she’s dead.

Sheila: You don’t have to babysit me. You can go back to work, it’s not like I’m gonna–

Deacon: What, do something stupid or crazy again? Yeah, I buy that.

Sheila: I had a disguise on, nobody recognized me.

Deacon: But they could have. Finn could’ve.

Sheila: I didn’t know he was gonna be there. I just wanted to bring you your cell phone.

Deacon: Yeah, well, in doing that, you put my freedom and yours at risk in the process.

Sheila: It was a risk. But you know what? It’s one that I would take again because I got to see my handsome son’s face. The boy that I love more than anything in this world. What don’t you understand about that?

Brooke: Honey, of course thomas was on his best behavior when you were there.

Hope: Well, I’m just saying that thomas aside, you could tell how comfortable douglas was. How much fun he was having over at eric’s with his dad.

Liam: I mean, that’s obviously a good thing, but… you don’t think it changes the fact that douglas’s actual home should be here with you, me and beth, right?

Taylor: Nothing at all. Hi.

Ridge: Hey!

Thomas: Hey, douglas is over at connor’S. They are– well, connor’s got a new puppy, so they’re teaching him to play fetch.

Eric: Oh, that’s nice.

Ridge: How’s that going?

Thomas: It’s– it’s going. I mean, it’s more like the kids are playing fetch, and the dog’s just, like, rolling around, being cute.

Taylor: That makes sense.

Eric: Maybe we should get a puppy, let’s get a dog. Douglas would love that.

Ridge: No, he’s not staying–

Taylor: I would love that.

Thomas: That would be great, I love dogs. And douglas would enjoy– you know, it’s just, things are in flux at the moment, so maybe we should just wait for now.

Taylor: Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. I’m glad that you asked hope to stop by to see how everything was going here, you know. Do you think that– that she can see that douglas belongs here? With his father, who loves him, and the rest of his forrester family?

Thomas: You know, I think that I’m making some progress in convincing her of that.

Taylor: Good. This is a tough situation, you know. Especially with brooke being so hyper vigilant about everything, and–

Ridge: Okay.

Taylor: What? She’s– she’s telling hope that– that douglas only belongs there, and not with us. It makes me sad. This whole thing is turning into a logan versus forrester tug of war.

Ridge: I don’t, um– I don’t think anybody wants to see a tug of war, especially when a young man’s future’s at stake.

Taylor: Thomas and hope can make their own decisions without being influenced or pressured.

Thomas: That’s what we’re trying to do. Though, in all honesty, I can see why hope has her concerns. You know, I mean… her, and liam, and beth, they have a family together. And it’s a wonderful family that they’ve made in every sense of the word. And so to uproot douglas from that, bring him over here, I mean, yeah, obviously we have a family as well, it’s just that… there’s a lot to consider.

Eric: You’re right about that. There is. But whatever you decide, you’re welcome here.

Thomas: Thanks, granddad.

Taylor: Hold on, have you changed your mind about having douglas with you?

Thomas: Not at all. It’s just– I’m really trying to be sensitive to hope’s feelings.

Hope: Of course, I want douglas to come home, but there’s also no denying how much of a wonderful time he’s having over there.

Liam: Oh, yeah, but– but nobody’s questioning that. What we’re questioning is– is whether that means thomas should be douglas’s primary caregiver, especially given his past. I mean, for me, the answer’s no.

Brooke: I agree. No matter how much taylor claims that thomas has changed, I will always be wary of him. And you should be too, sweetheart. You can never let your guard down.

Finn: We don’t have to talk about sheila.

Steffy: We haven’t really spoken about sheila since we learned she died. I haven’t wanted to push or anything, but… if you need to talk about it. I’m sure you have some conflicting emotions about her death. You can tell me. And I will do everything I can to try to understand.

Sheila: Finn was there. Deacon, my son was there. I couldn’t believe it.

Deacon: You know what I couldn’t believe? That you had the nerve to waltz your butt into the restaurant. I mean, you– you almost gave me a heart attack.

Sheila: Yeah, but just to see him there, just to get a glimpse of his face. It was– it was like–

Deacon: Like what? Like you never put a bullet in him.

Sheila: You know, I just– I am so proud of him. I mean, any mother would be proud to have a son just like finn. I know that we’ve had our challenges, but, you know… I can sense my– my… my beautiful angel, he still loves me. I could feel it in my heart, deacon, he loves me. Hi, I’m denise.

Eric: All right. Sorry to rush off, everybody. I’m meeting donna at the club.

Taylor: Aw.

Thomas: All right. Have fun, granddad.

Eric: Okay.

Ridge: Pickleball?

Eric: Yeah, pickleball.

Ridge: It’s what the kids call it these days.

[ Door closes ] Your grandfather’s very happy that you and douglas are staying at the house.

Taylor: Yeah, he really is. I just pray that hope uses her discernment in all of this.

Thomas: I really do think that hope believes I’ve changed.

Taylor: Good. Because brooke does not share the same opinion as her daughter.

Hope: Mom, I love that you’re always looking out for me, but–

Brooke: It’s just…

[ Sighing ] You always look for the best in people, honey.

Liam: Which is one of our favorite things about you, let’s be clear. It’s just… where thomas is concerned, just because he’s been a better dad lately, doesn’t change all the horrible stuff he’s done in the past.

Hope: Okay. All right, fine. I get that. But believe me, I haven’t forgotten any of it.

Liam: All right, that’s it– well, that’s all we care about, is that– I mean, so one visit hasn’t changed your mind, right? You don’t suddenly think that– that now douglas should go live with thomas full time, right?

Steffy: I don’t wanna push. So, if you’re not ready to talk about sheila, I understand.

Finn: It’s okay. Really, I just, I– I haven’t said much about sheila since we found out what happened because I’ve been focused on… on you. On my gorgeous wife. Our amazing kids, this loving home. When I was apart from all of you, it was that love that gave me the strength to keep fighting, and get back to my family. It was that love that kept me alive. As for sheila, I mean, she said that she loved me, and maybe she did in her own warped way. But it was a selfish love, an obsessive one.

Steffy: A destructive one. Never forget the reason we almost lost you was because of sheila.

Deacon: Sheila… I know that you wanna believe that finn doesn’t hate you.

Sheila: He doesn’t hate me. He doesn’t hate anyone.

Deacon: No, of course not. Finn’s a boy scout. My point is–

Sheila: Finn has a huge heart. A huge, forgiving heart. And yes, I realize that he’s probably very angry with me right now, but– but in time, he’s not gonna look at me so harshly.

Deacon: Most people would call that wishful thinking. I mean, especially considering the fact that you almost killed him.

Sheila: What did you just say?

Deacon: Sheila, you came this close to– the guy almost bought the farm because of you. I mean, if you think that he could actually love you after that, I’m sorry. It’s delusional. Big time! (Vo) red lobster’s finer points of fun dining

Taylor: Hi.

Ridge: Hey.

Taylor: Are you doing okay?

Ridge: I’m great.

Taylor: No, you’re not.

Ridge: Why?

Taylor: God, ridge. Thomas appreciates your support so much. You know, really does. He needs it. And he knows you’re gonna stand by him. Even if it’s the last thing brooke wants.

Brooke: Douglas has made incredible progress with you and liam. And for thomas to risk that.

Hope: He doesn’t feel like he is, though. He feels like he is ready to take on that responsibility.

Liam: But– and, what? Like, you’re– you’re inclined to agree now just because that’s what thomas wants?

Hope: Well… what if it’s what douglas wants and needs?

Brooke: Did douglas say something like that?

Hope: No, no. Douglas has not asked to go live with thomas. And of course, I want douglas home here with us, but he is douglas’s father. Douglas idolizes him. And he deserves to have a healthy, loving, committed father.

Finn: Wish I could just forget that any of this ever happened and that my birth mother was the reason for it.

Steffy: We just went through a lot, you know. So much grieving. I mean, I thought you were gone because of that woman.

Finn: I’m sorry. For all of it. No, every tear that she made you shed, every moment that she stole from us. Sheila’s dead. And she’s not gonna hurt you or anyone that I love ever again.

Sheila: I know finn’s feelings for me must be very confusing.

Deacon: Oh, you think?

Sheila: Oh, would you stop? Could you just be a little more supportive?

Deacon: Supportive? Are you kidding me? I’m letting you live here! A ginormous risk to me! I don’t know what else to do to be more supportive.

Sheila: Well, okay, I want emotional support where my son is concerned. You, of all people, know the relationship that I was building with him. Was it ideal? No. I had some challenges. I mean, steffy… she was just not making it easy, okay? You know, she’s the one that pushed me to the edge, and she cost me so much. My relationship with finn, with hayes, even with taylor.

Deacon: It’s not like you and taylor were bffs.

Sheila: No, but– ugh. She at least was giving me a chance. You know, I had a shot at having a place in that family. And then everything happened in the alley. Oh, god, I just– I thank god that… that finn survived.

Deacon: Okay, uh, break time’s over. I gotta get back to work and back to the land of reality. So, if you could just stay here, don’t do anything crazy. That would be tremendous for all of us.

[ Deacon sighing ] Sheila, I’m sorry, all right? I– you exasperate me. I know how much you love finn. I do. You gotta let it go. That relationship is dead, and it’s dead because finn thinks you’re dead. Don’t ever forget that.

Sheila: I refuse to believe that I am never going to have a relationship with my son.

You never know

what opportunities

Thomas: I want what’s best

for douglas.

And, yeah, do I want him

living here in the family

home with me?

Yeah, but the ideal is that

he lives with both of us.

Unlike liam,

I’m a one woman man. Hope? Is it a bad time? You seemed kinda lost in thought.

Taylor: It’s no fun. Let’s talk about our kids, and how happy we are for them. I mean, look at thomas and douglas, they’ve– they’ve never been closer.

Ridge: That’s for sure.

Taylor: And steffy… her family’s back together again. She’s happy and smiling.

Ridge: So are her parents. Nice to see them, the whole little family. What a nice unit.

Taylor: You know, it– it meant a lot to me and the kids, when you vowed to be there for our family.

Ridge: Well, I meant what I said, doc.

Taylor: I know you did. Okay, I know that you’re brooke’S. But when you call me “doc”… it feels like you’re here with me.

Steffy: I know how much you love me, and the kids. I know how committed you are to us. But you haven’t really answered my question. Sheila was your birth mother. She brought you into this world. She did horrible things and now she’s dead. How do you really feel?

[ Finn sighing ]

Finn: I just wished sheila was different. Something I still can’t fathom is how a woman who gave me life, could come so close to taking mine. And my wife’S. You’re the mother of her grandchild. I don’t really know what to do with that, steffy, if I ever will. There’s a tiny part of me that can’t forget that if it weren’t for sheila, I never would have been born. I would never have been here with you.

Sheila: Someday, I’m gonna be holding you again, too. Because I love you, finn. Mama is always gonna love you.

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B&B Transcript Friday, September 2, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Finn: I just want to put that entire night behind me, which has been easier to do now that sheila’s no longer a threat. I assume you heard through hope that sheila, she– she died.

Deacon: Yeah.

Finn: Something wrong?

Deacon: It’s just, uh… that’s a lot to take in.

Finn: Are you– are you okay?

Deacon: I’m just, uh… sorry. I’m just trying to figure out if we’re gonna get a big rush or not, if we have enough stuff– would you mind if I handled something really quick? Do you need anything?

Finn: No, I’m okay.

Deacon: I’m gonna get you some water. I’ll get you some water.

Finn: Okay.

Deacon: Go. Now.

Sheila: [Mouthing] What?

Deacon: Now.

Brooke: Oh… I worry about her.

Liam: Me too.

Brooke: You know, hope is so optimistic, and she puts so much faith into people.

Liam: Yeah, she does. Not sure thomas deserves any of that.

Brooke: No, he doesn’T. He’s trying to prove that he does. Inviting hope over to witness his wonderful parenting style.

Liam: Yeah, I’m pretty sure that is what this little trip is all about. I’m just not convinced he’s doing any of it for the right reasons.

Brooke: Yeah, well. I guess we’ll find out. Hope’s over there right now, watching thomas in action with douglas.

Hope: I spy with my little eye… something that starts with F.

Douglas: [Whispers] Flower.

Thomas: Flowers. Flowers. Flowers. Flowers?

Hope: Yup, you got it.

Douglas: Oh yes.

Thomas: Oh, yeah.

Douglas: Okay, I spy with my little eye… something that starts with A… P.

Hope: P? Hmm. P, p, p, p, P… possibly pillows?

Douglas: Yeah! Your turn, dad.

Thomas: Okay. I spy with my little eye… something that starts with an M.

Douglas: M…

Thomas: It also starts with H. It’s beautiful. It’s kind. It’s sweet.

Douglas: Oh, mom.

Thomas: Yeah, that was a little too easy.

Douglas: I’m glad you came here. It’s really fun and I love spending more time with dad.

Liam: There was a time when I really did think that thomas had changed. It’s just the way he’s acting now makes me doubt it all over again. Should I have gone over there with her?

Brooke: I don’t think you were invited. I’m pretty sure he only asked hope to come over.

Liam: Touché. I know that hope can handle herself. I know that. But you know what thomas is capable of, right? And the fact is, hope would do anything, literally anything, for douglas. And he could– he could easily exploit that.

Brooke: Yes. Yes, he could put on a performance of a lifetime. But hope knows thomas. She knows what he’s capable of. There is no way she’s gonna let thomas convince her that douglas should live there with him.

Thomas: I’m glad you like being here, bud, it means we get to hang out more together.

Douglas: I’m having so much fun here, mom. Dad has just the best dinosaur voice.

Thomas: Oh, you mean like this one?

[ Imitating dinosaur roar ]

Douglas: Yup, okay. He even made me pancakes. Yours are better.

Thomas: What? What do you mean? No! I put bananas, and blueberries in those things, it was so good!

Hope: I am sure your dad’s are pretty good, though.

Thomas: Thank you.

Douglas: He, uh, he does tell the best stories. Great grandad too.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, uh, definitely doing a lot of bonding over here. He’s been getting all the forrester classics.

Hope: Nice.

Thomas: Yeah, really has been great having this guy to myself for the last few days.

Douglas: Oh, I wish I could see you every day, dad.

Customer: Thank you.

Deacon: [Indistinct] Finn, got you some water. Uh, you want a beer or something? One of the perks of the job, I can give away free booze.

[ Chuckles ]

Bill: Finn! Hey.

Finn: Bill! What’s up, man?

Bill: Doesn’t get old, the sight of you alive and well.

Finn: Grab some lunch?

Deacon: [Mouthing] Go. Go.

Bill: Yeah. That’s why I’m here. Bill spencer eats too. (Assad) since my mother

Brooke: I really do hate feeling this way about ridge’s son. I mean, thomas can be calculating and cunning, and of course, I’m going to doubt his intentions.

Liam: Yeah, but it’s not like you don’t have a reason.

Brooke: Everybody’s saying that thomas is changed. Taylor says that he’s a perfect saint, so I’m trying to look at him in a different light. Trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it’s hard, you know, because of the past, of what’s been done.

Liam: But it’s not– it’s not just the past. I mean, I’m struggling with the way he’s acting now.

Brooke: We can’t forget about his past behavior, right? The things that he did. How he threatened hope and made her feel uncomfortable, and all of his secrets.

Liam: Yeah, he was obsessed with her. And it made him unstable around douglas.

Brooke: I feel like we’re going backwards. Worried about thomas’s influence, once again.

Liam: I think I’m just realizing that I’m never not gonna have my guard up when it comes to thomas. I mean, in a perfect world, if I had it my way, hope would just never have to interact with him at all. But, that’s impossible. Because hope and thomas are douglas’s parents.

Hope: So, how do you feel? I know school will be starting up again soon.

Thomas: Yeah, douglas, what are you most excited about?

Douglas: All my friends.

Hope: Aw, I bet you’re excited to see them, and share all the fun stuff you did this summer?

Douglas: Yeah, like me and dad, we went camping.

Hope: Camping?

Thomas: Totally. Out on the lawn. You know, we lasted, like, 45 minutes before we came inside and realized our beds were upstairs?

Hope: Oh.

Douglas: It’s super fun though.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. Well, we saw a shooting star.

Douglas: It’s called a meteor, dad.

Thomas: Genius, I’m telling you.

Hope: Well, I’m sure you’re going to have another terrific school year.

Thomas: Yeah, you know what? I just wanna say that we are so proud of you. You always do your best, and you make us proud, and I want you to know that if you ever need anything, like you need help with homework, right? Or if the kids are bugging you at school. Or you want to talk about girls…

Douglas: Girls?

Hope: I think he is still in that phase of liking lizards and rocket ships.

Thomas: Yeah.

Douglas: Well, thank you for letting me stay here so long, mom. It’s been awesome, and I really miss dad when we’re not spending time together, you know?

Thomas: I miss you, too, bud. I hope we get to spend more time together soon.

Douglas: I hope so.

Bill: Well, it is great to see you out and about.

Deacon: Doesn’t he look great?

Finn: Yeah, it’s pretty surreal for steffy and me both.

Bill: Yeah, I’ll bet. Sheila put you guys through hell.

Finn: Glad to put that chapter behind me. Thanks again, by the way, for all your help.

Bill: Forget it.

Finn: No, you were instrumental in reuniting steffy, the kids, and me. I mean, flying me your jet to monte carlo?

Bill: It was my pleasure. I was happy to do it. What are you doing here by yourself? You’re not hanging around with this bozo, are you? And don’t you have a dish to go scrub or something?

Deacon: Do you want a drink or not?

Bill: Yeah, I do. I want your best scotch.

Deacon: Great.

Bill: And don’t spit in it.

Deacon: Haven’t thought of that.

Finn: Um, you know, it’s, uh… my mom and I, we were having lunch here earlier.

Bill: Nice. How is li?

Finn: She’s good. She’s great, um, again, big part thanks to you rescuing her.

Bill: All right, I’m begging you, finn. You gotta stop thanking me. You and your mom are good people. Steffy is the mother of my granddaughter. I’ll always do what I can for you guys. You were all victim to that maniac, sheila.

Finn: Well, I mean, it’s like I told my mom earlier, I refuse to let sheila control my life. Especially now that she’s dead.

Deacon: [Whispers] Get out of here now. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Liam: I mean, you gotta hand it to hope. She’s been incredibly patient with thomas, beyond accommodating.

Brooke: I just don’t get it. I mean, for years, thomas wasn’t even capable of parenting. He wasn’t even focused on it. And now that’s all that he wants to do?

Liam: It’s kind of a 180, isn’t it?

Brooke: I just hope he’s not up to something. I hope he’s not playing some kind of game. And I hope he has douglas’s best interests at heart. Even then, I don’t think he should be a full-time parent.

Liam: No, he absolutely shouldn’t be. And by the way, why is he doing this to hope? Douglas’s adoptive mother. Yes, she didn’t give birth to him, but she’s his mom in every way that counts.

Brooke: And she loves him so much. This is douglas’s home. This is his family. You, hope, and beth.

Thomas: You know, we are raising a pretty impressive kid.

Hope: Douglas is a smart, sensitive boy, and I think it’s a good sign that he’s so eager to go back to school.

Thomas: Yeah. You know, all those things he was saying… he loves spending time here, and he misses me, I… I didn’t coach him.

Hope: I know.

Thomas: Okay, ’cause, you know, it’s– like, I just sometimes feel like the boy who cried wolf. I’ve deceived you so many times. But I made a vow to myself that I was going to be a better man. The kind of man that douglas can look up to, the kind of father he can be proud of. And I think I have, I think I’ve really straightened myself out. I hope you can believe me.

Deacon: Hey, you got those drinks for me?

Bartender: Yeah, right here.

Deacon: Thanks. Just put those on my tab, all right? On the house, boys.

Bill: Hm. From you, impossible. What’s the catch?

Deacon: I just wanna make sure everyone’s happy.

Finn: Thanks. Got a good lunch crowd in here today.

Deacon: Yeah. Gotta get back to work.

Bill: Listen, finn, uh… I gotta tell you. It’s pretty brave, coming back to the scene of that horrible night that almost ended your life.

Finn: Yeah, I, uh… my heart raced a little bit when I drove through the neighborhood, but like I said, I’m not going to let sheila dictate my life.

Bill: Good for you. You know that bear did you a favor, all right? It did us all a favor. I can’t imagine a more fitting end to a miserable life. Sheila carter being torn to shreds like the animal she was.

Finn: That’s a pretty brutal way to go.

Bill: And well deserved. I mean, what are the odds? Sheila runs from the cops, hides in the woods like the coward that she was, and ends up being eaten for breakfast. Payback’s a bitch.

Finn: I’ll never understand why she did the things she did.

Bill: Oh, it’s simple. She’s a certifiable maniac.

Finn: Maybe she was. Definitely had some issues.

Bill: Yeah.

Finn: But she is the woman who gave birth to me. I wouldn’t be here without sheila carter.

Liam: Come on, hope, text me back.

Hope: Beth is alive.

Liam: Yes. She’s been with us the whole time.

Hope: As phoebe.

Liam: Yes, and thomas– thomas knew. He knew, and he kept it from you.

Hope: No.

[Door opens loudly]

Thomas: What the hell do you think you’re doing? Get away from my wife.

Hope: Thomas!

Liam: You lying son of a bitch.

Hope: Thomas. Thomas, look at me. What liam is saying, is it true?

Liam: Go ahead, thomas. Now’s your chance, tell the truth for once in your life.

Thomas: I am warning you. Back off.

Liam: You see this, hope? Hope he’s not denying it. He is using your grief to manipulate you because that’s what a sick bastard like this thinks love is.

Thomas: You are the lying son of a bitch.

Liam: Tell that to your son.

Hope: Liam! Liam!

Thomas: No. No.

Hope: No. Thomas, what is wrong with you?

Thomas: This way, this way.

Hope: Let me go! Liam!

Liam: Tell her. Tell her you’ve been lying to her. Tell her that you’ve been keeping her daughter from her! Tell her!

Hope: Oh, my god…

Liam: Don’t let him get inside your head.

Hope: Yes, thomas. I do believe that you’ve changed. I can see how much you care about our son, and it is very clear how much he adores you.

Thomas: That’s why I need more time with him. I mean, you’ve had him for so long.

Hope: What do you mean by “you’ve had him”? I’m his mother.

Thomas: No, you’re right. You are his mother. And douglas does need you, but he also needs me. He needs both of us.

Hope: I can see that he’s having a great time here, but that is also because it is different. It’s new, it’s exciting. It’s– it’s not home. It’s not his home, where he has a little sister who’s been asking about him. So, I just don’t understand why you’re trying to take that away from him, or from me.

Thomas: My intentions are not to hurt you, okay? They’re not to hurt anyone. I want what’s best for douglas, and yeah– do I want him living here in the family home with me? Yeah! Absolutely. But the ideal is that he lives with both of us. And I get that that’s impossible, I understand, you’re with liam. But unlike liam, or my father, I’m a one woman man. And that woman is you.

Deacon: What the hell, sheila? What were you thinking?

Sheila: I was doing you a favor. You forgot your phone.

Deacon: A favor? By what? Getting us thrown back in prison?

Sheila: You know, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect to run into anybody that knew me, let alone my son. But, oh my god, what a blessing. To see his handsome face again, and to hear what he– he said about me. Oh, god, you could hear the sadness in his voice. He misses me.

Deacon: Please…

Sheila: Look, okay, you think I’m crazy, but my son still loves me. He’s sad that– that– that I died, I– I could just sense it, and being in the same room with him was–

Deacon: Was a huge mistake, is what it was.

Sheila: No, it was better than I could have ever expected. No, every– everything that I’ve done, I mean– faking my own death, risking everything. My freedom to come back here. I mean, just to– just to see him and– and know that he still cares about me. His mother!

Deacon: All right, just take it down a notch. All right? Enjoy your little victory lap here, ’cause this is the last time you’re gonna see finn. Even that stupid disguise, it’s too risky.

Sheila: But my son!

Deacon: Sheila. Sheila! Come back to reality. Hi. Don’t get any wild ideas.

Sheila: Oh, this changes everything, deacon. There’s no way that I’m leaving los angeles. Not when I know that I have a chance at a relationship with my son. Ughh!

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B&B Transcript Thursday, September 1, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Deacon: Take it easy there, stumble-dore. You don’t have a nasty fall.

Sheila: You think it’s wise to tease a woman that’s willing to cut off her own toe to stay out of prison?

Deacon: You know, sheila, I’m not even gonna mention the creep factor, having your little friend over there. But I mean, the lengths that you’ll go to– to get what you want, it’s disturbing.

Sheila: You should remember that, handsome.

Li: Sheila’s pure evil. She was pure evil. Still scares the hell outta me that she almost took you from me.

Finn: I know. I know. Me too, but I’m here. Okay. We’re here.

Li: You know, I’m actually surprised you chose this restaurant of all places given what happened in the alley.

Finn: No, but I’m not gonna let that night define the rest of my life. Plus, this place has the best ravioli in L.A., So.

Li: How do you do that? No matter what happens, your light… your warmth never dims.

Finn: I mean, I’m just– I’m grateful, mom. And now more than ever, I have this amazing second chance at life. And it’s all because of you.

Brooke: Douglas is spending another night at eric’s?

Hope: He said he was having a great time.

Brooke: And you’re comfortable with that?

Hope: I am trying to keep an open mind. And besides, I’ve always wanted him to have a strong relationship with his father.

Liam: Yeah. We want that too, but thomas getting quality time with his son, it’s not exactly the concern.

Brooke: I am getting worried that thomas has no intention of bringing douglas home.

Taylor: You know, douglas, these are so good. You’re– you’re really good at this.Nd and I’m not just saying that because you’re my grandson. Like these are spectacular.

Douglas: I’m sorry, I didn’t make you an outer space painting. When I got back from the playground with kelly, there were– all the paints were gone. I guess maybe one of the housekeepers threw it away by accident.

Eric: Yeah. Maybe that’s what happened here. Yeah, that’s like– stuff like that happens from time to time. Don’t worry about it.

Thomas: You’d be surprised how often.

Taylor: Yeah, but you know what? Today, I am gonna go and get you all new supplies, smocks and paints and– and the works, you know?

Douglas: Yes.

Taylor: Paint can get really messy when you’re on a mission.

Eric: You know, you’re really a wonderful artist. You really are. You are, uh, definitely a forrester.

Douglas: Well, thank you for letting me stay here the last night, great-granddad.

Eric: You don’t have to thank me. You can stay here anytime you want. This is your home too.

Douglas: I’m having so much fun here and the best time with dad.

Li: Oh.

Finn: What? What, do I have sauce on my shirt?

Li: Well, maybe a little.

Finn: Where? I don’t have any– are you serious? Are you serious? I don’t have.

Li: Where do you think you get your sense of humor? It’s just to see you healthy and happy is all I hope for. It’s a miracle you’re alive.

Finn: I guess that makes you a miracle worker.

Sheila: Finn is still my whole life. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. I can’t go back to prison. I’ve already missed too much of his life.

Deacon: What are you talking about?

Sheila: Oh, my god. Well, to– to think that I could see him strong and healthy again.

Deacon: Are you– are you insane? Don’t even answer that. If finn even gets a glimpse of you, that whole bear mauling death hoax thing, the one that necessitated you cutting off one of your little piglets. Guess what? That gets torn to shreds.

Sheila: Yeah. Well, you– I have a disguise. Do you remember that?

Deacon: Okay. Don’t get cocky, all right? I was drunk and hope said that you looked familiar when she came in here. Great.

Sheila: What?

Deacon: My phone’s dead and I need it for work. Look, just lie low. Don’t do anything that’s gonna risk getting us thrown back in prison.

Liam: By the way, I hope you don’t feel like we’re ganging up on you.

Hope: No, I don’T. I know you’re worried and I am too. It’s just–

Brooke: Douglas has been with thomas for days. It is time for him to come home.

Hope: And I agree. I actually talked to thomas yesterday and expressed my concerns.

Brooke: And?

Hope: He asked me to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Brooke: Honey, haven’t you been doing that for years? After everything he’s put you through.

Hope: Thomas has changed though.

Brooke: Okay. Maybe he’s trying to change, but definitely not enough to have that little boy alone.

Hope: Thomas actually suggested that I go to eric’s and see just how great a time that douglas has with him there.

Eric: You know, douglas, as long as it’s okay with your father and mother, you can stay here as long as you want. And I promise there’ll always be a lot of art supplies. Lots of paint, lots of brushes.

Douglas: Can we paint together?

Eric: Absolutely. As long as you remember one thing, you have to remember who taught your father and your grandfather everything they know.

[ Taylor laughing ]

Douglas: Okay. Can we do it now?

Thomas: Wait. Oh, hold on. You got reading to finish. Come on. Let’s get to it.

Douglas: Okay. But after?

Eric: Absolutely. That’s a great kid.

Thomas: Yeah, he is.

Eric: He reminds me of you when you were his age. Curious and eager.

Taylor: Yeah. It’s no wonder you guys get along so well.

Thomas: We’ve lost so much time together and it– it’s great having this time, but you know, I don’t– I don’t wanna be apart from my son another day.

Li: You know, it’s understandable that sheila’s death is complicated for you, sweetheart. She was a monster, but she was also your birth mother.

Finn: I mean, I’d always hoped to find out where I came from. I just never thought in a million years it would be someone like her. You know, she showed up on my wedding day. That’s the best day of my life. And it’s just been one nightmare after another.

Li: It’s finally over.

Finn: It is. But do I feel conflicted? I wish things were different. I wish she was different. I’d hope to find some good in her somewhere. I mean, that’s– that’s why I held on for so long. But there wasn’t, it was just darkness. And she tried to kill steffy. She shot me. She almost killed you.

Li: Thank god the nightmare is finally over. Sheila is dead, and we’re finally free.

Sheila: Deacon, I assure you that I’m being very careful. I didn’t go through the trouble of cutting off my own toe to do something stupid that was gonna put me back in prison.

Deacon: Yeah. Which is exactly what we’ll be if you get caught.

Sheila: My disguise works.

Deacon: You got lucky.

Sheila: No, you got lucky. You fell for it. You fell for me. Hope fell for it too.

Deacon: Hope said you look familiar. She was trying to figure out where she knew you from.

Sheila: She didn’t recognize me. Hope looked me dead in the eyes and she didn’t have a clue who I was.

Brooke: So, thomas wants you to go over to eric’s so that he can prove to you that douglas should be living with him. Hope, you can’t let that happen.

Hope: I know. Mom, I know. This is douglas’s home. This is where he belongs. He has a little sister who’s missing him, but I also don’t wanna start some nasty custody battle.

Liam: That you’ll win.

Hope: Well, we don’t know that, and either way, it will be very difficult for douglas. I just want him happy and healthy.

Brooke: Honey, that’s what we all want. And you and liam, you’ve created this wonderful environment here where he has flourished. Thomas wanting douglas to be with him is more about thomas than douglas.

Hope: And that is why I’m taking him up on his offer.

Liam: Wait, you’re going over to eric’s?

Hope: To pay them a surprise visit.

Thomas: You know, when I came back to L.A., I– I– I did a lot of things I’m not proud of. Douglas needed a stable home and hope and liam provided him that.

Eric: They did a great job with douglas.

Thomas: I wasn’t fit to raise him on my own.

Taylor: Yeah. But look at you now. You– you got help and you did a lot of hard work, so.

Thomas: Yeah. It’s ’cause I love douglas more than anything in the world. I wanna be the kind of father he can be proud of. The kind of father he deserves, you know? And– and I think I am now. Right? If I didn’t think I was ready, then I wouldn’t be doing this. I wouldn’t be pushing for this, but I am. He’s lived with– with hope for so long and– and it’s time for him to live with me.

Eric: Well, I hate to say this, but you could be in for a pretty long, difficult custody battle.

Thomas: Yeah. I hope it doesn’t come to that. I believe I can convince hope that this is where douglas belongs.

Without the right start

to your day…

Li: Thank you. I really enjoy our get-togethers. I just– just wish we didn’t spend the whole time talking about sheila.

Finn: Yeah. Yeah. But you know, I think it’s good to get it all out. You know, it’s healthy. It’s– she’s been such a weight on all of our lives.

Li: I hate that you went through all of this.

Finn: Yeah, me too. But I’ve been talking with taylor and now she says it’s important to try and find the silver lining when one reflects on traumatic events.

Li: Silver lining?

Finn: Yeah. Like how the good in us push through. You know, even when it was dark. I took a bullet for my wife. I saved steffy’s life and now we’re back together. And after she thought she lost me forever, that– that deepened our love beyond words. Not so different than a mother doing everything she could to save her son’s life, risking her own life to do so. I can’t describe to you how much I love you.

Li: I love you too.

Finn: But, now we’re free. And we never have to worry about sheila again.

Deacon: Okay. I’m gonna head down to work. Sheila, please. Pretty please. Just– just stay here. Don’t do anything that’s gonna wind up putting us back behind bars.

Sheila: I glad your confidence in me is just exhilarating.

Deacon: You know, you’ve done some terrible things in your life, but I have never doubted how much you love finn. I know that you wanna have–

Sheila: No, I– I need.

Deacon: You need to see him again, but you can’T. It’s too dangerous. Be good

Sheila: Deacon. Deacon.

Brooke: So, how are you handling all of this?

Liam: Uh, you know, it’s fine. I’m fine. I– you know, I– I don’t wanna push too hard, but I also trust hope implicitly whatever she ends up deciding.

Brooke: But?

Liam: But, I don’t trust thomas and I never have and I never will. And we’re talking about douglas’s health and well-being here, so.

Brooke: Yeah, I agree.

Liam: Here’s– here’s the thing. Hope has this amazing ability as you know, to forgive, right? She can look at anyone and see the good in them. And I just– I just– I don’t want thomas taking advantage of that and convincing her to let him keep douglas full-time.

Brooke: Okay. So we can’t let that happen. I fear for that boy if he’s taken from the home that you and hope have created.

Thomas: I wanna thank you for always being there for me. It’s hard. Sometimes, some people only see you at your worst.

Taylor: Yeah. But there are only a few of those. Okay? And I will always support you because I’m your mom. And I believe with all my heart that you can provide a loving home for your son. And that’s what he is. He’s your son.

Thomas: Hope.

Hope: Hi.

Thomas: Hi.

Taylor: Hi, hope. I will give you guys some time.

Thomas: Okay. Come on in.

Hope: So I, um, wanted to take you up on your offer. I stopped by so I could see what it’s like here for douglas.

Thomas: Wow. I– thank you so much. I know this isn’t exactly easy for you. The fact that you’re trying it– it means so much to me. Thanks for giving me a chance. For giving douglas and me a chance. I’m steve.

Liam: You know what’s funny is that after all this time, I still just– I hate thomas and hope alone together. I hate it. And I know– I mean, I gue– I know that the guy’s been working on himself and to some degree, he’s changed.

Brooke: Deep down though, you still feel that he’s in love with her, still obsessed with her. It would be foolish not to keep her guard up.

Liam: Yes. But in this one instance, I am totally supportive of hope going over there because I want her to see with her own eyes what the deal is with thomas and douglas.

Hope: So, what have you two been up to?

Thomas: We’ve been having so much fun. We’ve been reading, uh, hiking, swimming. I mean, douglas is just having a great time.

Douglas: Dad, dad, dad, dad.

Thomas: What?

Douglas: You’re never gonna believe this, but did you know that spiders aren’t insects? They’re animals.

Thomas: What?

Douglas: Oh, mom!

Hope: Hey.

Thomas: What are you doing here?

Hope: Oh, I just– I miss you.

Douglas: I miss you too. Same for liam and beth, but I’m having so much fun here. Thank you for letting me stay here.

[Hope chuckles]

Hope: Oh.

[Thomas chuckles]

Deacon: Excuse me, sir. If you’re done with that, I’ll be happy to–

Finn: Deacon. Hey, man. Come here. I, um, you know what? I– I still haven’t thanked you.

Deacon: No, no, come on. It’s okay.

Finn: It is not okay. I mean, I– you saved my life. I’ve been meaning to reach out and I just have–

Deacon: Listen, coming back from the dead, it’s busy work.

Finn: Yeah. Yeah. But you saved my entire world and if you hadn’t come, steffy and I, we would’ve–

Deacon: I was at the right place at the right time. You are the walking miracle.

Finn: No. Well, it’s a miracle that wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t called 9-1-1.

Deacon: I’m just glad you’re okay. How– how you feeling?

Finn: I’m good. I’m good. I’m just taking it one day at a time.

Deacon: It’s gotta be incredible to be back with your wife and your kids and I hear your mom’s doing okay too.

Finn: Yeah, she is. Um, my mother’s a strong woman.

Deacon: I– I’m just so sorry you guys had to go through this. I can’t even believe it.

Finn: It has been easier to do now that sheila no longer a threat. I assume you heard through hope that sheila, she– she died?

Deacon: Yeah.

Finn: Something wrong?

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Brooke: So, are you proud of yourself?

Taylor: I’m sorry. What?

Brooke: Look! Look at what you’ve done.

Taylor: Oh. Really? I– I did this? I’m the bad guy. Of course, I am. That’s right. I did all of this, right?

Brooke: Yes, you started it and you laughed at me.

Hope: It is always logan versus forrester with you.

Steffy: Because that’s how it always ends up.

Hope: But it doesn’t have to.

Steffy: Talk to your mom. She’s the one who started the feud.

Hope: Okay. All right. You know, if you wanna keep living in the past, then fine, that’s your call. But, I’m not going to sit by and let douglas become a victim of this endless feud between our families.

Bill: Did I miss something or is thomas demanding full time custody of douglas coming out of nowhere?

Liam: No, you’re right. It’s surprising. Nobody expected it, especially not hope.

Bill: Well, that can’t happen under any circumstances. Thomas raising douglas on his own should not be a thought in anyone’s head, ever.

Bill: Douglas absolutely cannot live with thomas. The guy has proven over and over again that he’s unstable. He can’t take that little boy out of the only home he’s known and throw him into– into crazy town at worst, and unpredictability at best.

Liam: I mean, no argument here. Sure, thomas has been working on himself. He hasn’t had an incident in a matter of months. Does that magically mean he should be the primary caregiver in douglas’ life?

Bill: Hell, no.

Liam: Exactly. And hope feels the same way.

Hope: Douglas loves his life with us. He loves being beth’s older brother. There is no reason to uproot him.

Steffy: You’re wrong. There’s a very big reason. Thomas is douglas’ blood. He deserves a more prominent role in his life.

Hope: And I have never done anything to deprive douglas of the time that he wants to spend with his father. But I think you’re forgetting one very important fact, and that is that I am douglas’ mother. I adopted him. Thomas and I share custody. Douglas is my son, too.

Thomas: What did i just walk in on?

Taylor: Okay, all of this.

Brooke: Ugh.

Taylor: All of this because– because I laughed at you? Okay.

[ Taylor laughing ]

Brooke: All right, you know what, taylor?

Taylor: What?

Brooke: I think I missed a spot.

Taylor: Brooke, please don’t do it again. Stop.

Brooke: No, no, no. Hang on.

Taylor: Brooke, seriously, no!

Brooke: Ooh! Oh-ho-ho, right there.

Taylor: Wow, wow. It’s really cold.

Brooke: Wait, let me look.

Taylor: You know what? It’s really cold in here, brooke. You look like you could use another coat.

[ Brooke screaming ]

Brooke: Okay, that’s it. That is it.

Taylor: Uh, hi.

Ridge: Really? Facing expensive vitamin c creams with dull results?

Liam: Imagine how devastated hope would be if thomas actually succeeds in taking douglas away from her. But, like, has he– has he thought about that? Hope stepped in to take care of douglas when thomas couldn’T. He actually asked her to do that, originally. So, what? Now, he just arbitrarily changes his mind and goes, “nah, never mind?”

Bill: It’s outrageous.

Liam: And it’s not– it’s not even like he– he doesn’t get to spend time with douglas. The dude has complete access. So, why would he rip hope’s heart out? Because let’s be clear, that’s what he would be doing by taking douglas away from her. Like, the kid belongs in the home he knows.

Bill: Yeah, I completely agree. And listen, I can say there’s some– some small part of me because the circumstances are so different, but some small part of me that understands thomas wanting to be with his kid. I mean, I missed out on so much time with you and wyatt growing up, but I didn’t even know you existed.

Liam: It’s not the same. It’s not the same, though. I mean, like you said, you didn’t know we existed. Wyatt and I had zero relationship with you until we were full-grown adults. I mean, thomas gets to see douglas all the time. Like, why? Why would you chnge the arrangement? Unless, he’s just trying to get hope’s attention, which is exactly the reason that he’s done all the other crazy, scandalous crap he’s done.

Bill: I wouldn’t put it past him.

Liam: Well, if that’s true, then, um, he’s not gonna like the attention he gets because hope is not just going to hand douglas over to him.

Bill: Sounds like we’re headed for a full blown custody battle. You ready for that?

Hope: Thomas. Uh, where’s douglas?

Thomas: Oh, actually, we went out to grab some art supplies and ran into amelia, with kelly, and they went out to lunch. And, um, I don’t think I need to ask what you two are talking about.

Steffy: I was just explaining to hope that I’m 100 percent behind you in playing a bigger role in douglas’ life.

Hope: And I was just explaining that there’s nothing wrong with it, but that doesn’t mean that we have to uproot him from everything he knows.

Hope: Douglas has been with you for a long time now, and you have done a great job. Douglas feels safe, and loved, and we’re all grateful for that. But, it’s time for him to come home.

Hope: He is home. With us.

Steffy: With his father.

Thomas: Okay, um… steffy, I appreciate what you’re saying, but I think I’d like to talk to hope alone.

Steffy: Okay. Hope, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The only thing that really changes is douglas’ address.

Thomas: [Whispers] Steffy.

Steffy: I’m going.

Hope: Okay, can I be honest?

Thomas: Please do.

Hope: Now, I am starting to worry about your intentions when it comes to our son.

Ridge: What the hell is this?

Taylor: Okay, okay. So, I was trying to leave, and she wouldn’t let me. And I turned around, and I– and I– and I got paint on her–

Brooke: You know what?

Taylor: As I–

Brooke: If she didn’t talk like this, using her arms, her whole body, then it wouldn’t have splattered all over the place.

Taylor: Okay, okay, okay. You know what? That’s fair. I do get animated when I talk, we know that.

Brooke: You know what? I think you did it on purpose.

Taylor: Well, look, brooke, I wish I would have done it on purpose at this point–

Brooke: I wish I did it on purpose, actually.

Ridge: Ladies. Ladies!

[ Brooke sighing ]

Ridge: Please continue.

Taylor: Thank you. So, I was trying to leave, and, um, I got the paint on her, and then she just freaked out and started–

Ridge: So, you spilled some of douglas’ paint, and?

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: How did this happen?

Taylor: Yeah.

Brooke: I’m gonna tell you how this happened. She’s a klutz, okay? And she laughed at me. She laughed at me.

Taylor: Yeah. Ooh, I laughed at brooke, I don’t know. Ridge, you should’ve seen her face when I got the paint on her. It was like, “oh!” It was, it was funny. I laughed. Yes, okay, fine.

Ridge: This is unbelievable! What if douglas walked in right now? How would you explain this to a little boy? How would you do that? All I wanted for you– was for you not to fight over a little boy. That’s all.

Brooke: I apologize.

Taylor: No, I… I’m sorry, too. Okay? I am. None of this should have happened, and…

[ Taylor sighing ] Ridge, if we’re being honest, this whole fight wasn’t even about douglas. It was about you. Always is. Hi, I’m karen.

Liam: I mean, an honest to goodness custody battle over douglas, with courts, and lawyers, and judges, it’s just… it’s just not something anybody wants.

Bill: I’ve been there. Painful as hell for everyone involved.

Liam: Yeah, especially for the kid being fought over. Which is– you know, that’s why I think we’re gonna make every effort to resolve this amongst ourselves.

Bill: What are the chances?

Liam: Yeah, it’s hard to say. Thomas is adamant about taking douglas, and hope is adamant about keeping him, so.

Bill: It doesn’t sound like a lot of wiggle room.

Liam: But we keep hoping, you know.

Bill: I hear you.

Liam: Actually, you know, the truth is, nobody has even said the word “court.” It’s just… like, you know, that’s what we’re all thinking, so.

Bill: Well, thomas does have a soft spot for hope. Maybe she can use that to her advantage.

Liam: Yeah, I– I know.

Bill: I know. The guy’s a psycho. You’re gonna wake dr. Jekyll and have him turn into mr. Hyde. Having said that, all the wacky things that thomas has done in the past would work in your favor if you do go to court.

Liam: Yeah, that’s true. I mean, if– if it ever did come to that, using thomas’ past actions against him would make a very strong case for hope.

Bill: ‘Atta boy. Now you’re thinking like your old man.

Hope: I am not saying that it’s intentional, or that you’re even aware of it, but it’s starting to feel like you’re putting your wants ahead of douglas’ needs.

Thomas: I respect that you feel that way. But, I actually think it’s the opposite. I think douglas needs to be with his father.

Hope: You know, you all keep throwing that word at me, as if I’m not his mother. And you know whose idea that was, right? In the first place? It was yours. So, douglas is my son, too. And if I may say, I think I’m doing a pretty damn good job at raising him because he’s happy. He’s well-adjusted, and he’s a great boy. And he loves living with liam, beth and me, and there is no reason to pull him out of that when you can still see him whenever you want.

Thomas: You’re right. I made you douglas’ mother. And you have been incredible. He is so lucky to have you.

Hope: And he’s lucky to have you too, thomas. You know me. I would never want to interfere in your relationship with our son. As long as you are in a good, happy, healthy place, which I believe you are.

Thomas: But, you just don’t think I should be living with douglas. Do me a favor, hope. Give me a chance. Just come on over. And see how happy douglas is over at granddad’s house.

Ridge: You guys were having a paint fight over me?

Taylor: Yeah, well, it started because brooke was telling me that– that thomas wasn’t fit to be a father to douglas.

Brooke: I have legitimate concerns. It wasn’t too long ago when thomas was extremely unstable.

Ridge: That wasn’t long ago, and he’s much better now. You know that.

Taylor: Yes. And we went back and forth on that for a while, and then, um, I decided to leave when she started telling me that I was using the situation between thomas and douglas, to– wait for it– pit the two of you against each other.

Ridge: The two of us?

Taylor: Yeah, yeah. Uh, brooke seems to think that I’m using our grandson to try to come after you.

Ridge: No, you didn’t, you didn’t say that, right?

Brooke: Not in those exact words, ridge, but think about it. Come on. Thomas was fine with the custody arrangement. And then taylor comes back in town, and all of a sudden, thomas wants douglas full time. Out of nowhere!

Taylor: It’s not out of nowhere, brooke.

Brooke: You know what?

Taylor: Seriously, this is–

Brooke: I think you and steffy have been blabbing in his ear.

Taylor: Please.

Brooke: A custody battle between hope and thomas would definitely put you and me in different camps. And that’s what she wants. Admit it.

Taylor: No, I’m not going to admit it. Guess what, brooke? This has nothing to do with you. I know that is so hard for your little brain to comprehend that something isn’t about you. But, it’s not. This is about thomas having a happy life with his son.

Ridge: So you guys had a– a reasonable conversation, and then all of a sudden the paint started flying, is that correct?

Taylor: That’s exactly what happened.

Ridge: This is crazy, look at you guys! Covered in this stuff. You should see yourselves!

And it’s easier than ever to get

your projects done right .

Hope: I know how much you love douglas. And of course, you wanna spend as much time with him as possible. I mean, who wouldn’t? And I support that. But, he doesn’t have to leave our family, our home, in order for you to do that.

Thomas: This is really hard. I– I– seeing you worried or afraid, that’s the last thing I want.

Hope: Well, you know me well. Except, it’s not for me. It’s for douglas. Because he loves us, and he loves being a big brother to beth. And to take him out of that life that he’s known for so long.

Thomas: It’s gonna be fine, hope. Douglas is having so much fun over at granddad’s house. He’s getting to hang out with his family. He’s learning about his birthright. This isn’t about taking douglas away from you. I– I don’t know if I can ever put into words just how grateful I am for you. You gave douglas unconditional love when he needed it. You gave him a blanket of security when he longed for it. And I’ll be the first to admit, I was– I wasn’t able to give that to him. There was a time. But things have changed. I’m a better person now, and I only want what’s best for douglas. He is my number one priority. With–

[ Sighing ] I need to be with my son, hope, and he needs to be with me. And I think deep down, you know that. So do me this favor. Come over to granddad’s, and you’ll see that there’s nothing to be afraid of. And that that place is a great place for him.

Ridge: Have a good look. Take it all in.

Brooke: But, I don’t want to.

Ridge: Unbelievable.

Brooke: Oh, dear.

Taylor: Oh, no.

Brooke: Okay. You know, I think you’re gonna thank me one day.

Taylor: What? For all the laughter I’ve had at your expense?

Brooke: No, for finding the color that suits your personality. Green, with envy.

[ Taylor laughing ]

Taylor: Like, that I’m envious of you? Ridge, please make her stop. What is the color of delusional? Is it–

Ridge: No, no, no, no, no, no. No more of that. I just bought this suit, bought this shirt, I like the way it looks. No more paint fights. No more fighting at all. We gotta learn to be a blended family. We gotta learn to do what is right for douglas. Can we agree on that, please?

Brooke: Of course.

Taylor: Not a chance. I’m kidding. I’m kidding, I’m kidding, we all want what is best for douglas. And I really do believe that he is going to end up exactly where he belongs.

Brooke: Yeah. At home. With hope, and liam and beth.

Ridge: Oh. We are really making progress here. Let’s do something that we can all agree on. You guys hit the showers, you know where they are.

Taylor: I think that’s a good idea.

Ridge: This is silly.

Taylor: I know, I know.

Brooke: A shower sounds like a good idea. But, I have an even better idea.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: I shower with you.

[ Brooke laughing ]

[ Ridge laughing ] You care to join me? Hm?

Ridge: Hm.

Brooke: Oh. Oops.

[ Ridge sighing ]

[ Brooke laughing ]

Ridge: That’s funny.

Brooke: Oh. Look… ridge. I know you’re feeling a little caught between us in this situation with douglas, but just know one thing. That I love you, and you love me. And there’s nothing, or no one that will ever come between us. Right?

Ridge: Mm-hm.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Steffy: How was the water?

Finn: Wet.

Steffy: Oh. [Giggles]

[ Finn laughs ]

Steffy: Why do I set you up every time?

Finn: Because you enjoy my sense of humor. It’s probably your favorite thing about me.

Steffy: That is true. But my absolute favorite thing is that you’re here. And you’re alive. And you’re still with me.

Finn: Yes, I… agree. That is something I really like about myself, too.

Steffy: Huh.

Finn: But, to answer your question, the water, it was– it was great. Almost makes me feel like I’m back to where I was. Almost.

Steffy: Yeah. I feel like you’re getting back to your normal self. You’re surfing again. Going back to work. It’s like you’re getting your life back.

Finn: Yeah, but the most important part of my life? The epicenter of my world? Is you. Our kids. Our beautiful family.

Hope: I am trying really hard not to overreact.

Brooke: Oh, honey, why didn’t you just go over there and pick him up yourself?

Hope: Oh, because I don’t want to cause a scene, especially in front of douglas. And besides, I… I talked to him on the phone. I heard how excited he is, mom. And it’s not like I don’t want him to have sleepovers with his dad, I do.

Brooke: Okay. You know what thomas wants. He wants douglas to live with him full time. And that’s what taylor wants, too. She wants that little boy to be taken away from you. We can’t allow that to happen.

Thomas: We may have got a little overzealous with the paint here.

Eric: Oh, absolutely not. I don’t– I don’t think that’s possible. This is art.

Douglas: This one’s almost done. Just needs a little more blue.

Eric: Yeah, I think it’s possible we may have another artist in the family.

Thomas: Oh, wouldn’t that be something?

Eric: It would.

Taylor: Knock, knock.

Thomas: Hey.

Eric: Hey.

Taylor: Hi, uh-oh.

Thomas: Whoa, douglas.

Taylor: Whoa, whoa, what?

Eric: Your hands, you got you got a painter…

Thomas: Everywhere.

Taylor: Oh, okay well, I still– I still need a hug, but I’ll settle for a kiss. Muah!

[ Taylor laughing ] What are you doing, bear? What is all this?

Steffy: Feeling you like this again. Your lips. Your arms. My body against yours. I can’t believe you’re here. Ha, I know I keep saying it.

Steffy: I feel like I just have to keep saying it out loud.

Finn: What do you know? I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. Except work because, you know, my shift starts later.

Steffy: Yeah, I get that. I’m actually looking forward to getting to work. I can’t wait to see how everything’s going with thomas.

Finn: What? Douglas, you mean?

Steffy: Yeah, he stayed with him at granddad’S.

Finn: What’s hope feeling about all this?

Steffy: Thomas and douglas have been apart for way too long. The only thing that hope should be feeling is gratitude. I mean, if she really cares about douglas, she’ll understand it’s time for him to be with thomas.

Taylor: I am so impressed.

Douglas: Thank you.

Taylor: Seriously, this is so good.

Douglas: Thank you.

Taylor: You’re really good at this. I– I have my eye on this one, right there. Yeah, can I? Can I have that one from my office?

Douglas: Oh, I’m sorry. I was thinking of giving this one to mom because she likes daffodils so much, but–

Taylor: That makes sense.

Douglas: I can make the next one for you, whatever you want.

Thomas: Speaking of mom, we should probably give her a call. I’m sure she’s wondering about you.

Douglas: Yeah.

Thomas: You know what? Uhm, I’m sorry about the mess. We’ll get it all cleaned up for you.

Eric: Wait, mess?

Thomas: Yeah.

Eric: This is not a mess. This is art in the making. All right. Now, leave it as it is. Don’t clean this up at all. I want to join him when I get back.

Thomas: Okay.

Douglas: Hi, mom.

Hope: Hi, douglas. How are you?

Douglas: Great.

Hope: Yeah? You still having fun?

Douglas: So much fun. We’re swimming a lot, riding bikes. Oh, and um, dad bought some paints, um, I’m making all sorts of pictures. One is for you.

Hope: Oh, sweetie, I can’t wait to see that. Um, actually, is your dad available? Because I would love to talk to him.

Douglas: Oh, sure. Yeah. Um, love you, mom. Um, mom wants to talk to you.

Thomas: Oh. Hi, hope.

Hope: Hi, thomas. Um, douglas seems like he’s having fun.

Thomas: Oh, tons of fun.

Hope: I’m so happy

to hear that. But I– I do think it is time to bring him home.

Thomas: Well, I mean, th– this is the forrester home. So, this is his home. It’s where his father lives.

Hope: Okay, but you’ve already had him longer than we originally agreed to.

Taylor: There, yeah, can I…

Thomas: Look, I realize that you miss him, but we need this time together, okay? So… we’ll be in touch soon.

Hope: Okay, but tho–

[ Call ending ] Wait, thomas?

Brooke: What is it? When is douglas coming home?

Hope: I, um… I don’t know. Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Brooke: So, thomas wouldn’t say when he’s going to bring douglas back?

Hope: No, just that he’d be in touch.

Brooke: What? Oh, god! This is– this is insane. This is no way to co-parent. Douglas is gonna be so confused. I mean, that just proves that thomas doesn’t have douglas’s best interests at heart.

Hope: Okay, well, then what am I supposed to do? Go to court? I don’t want to put him through that.

Brooke: No, hopefully it won’t come to that.

Hope: What are you doing?

Brooke: Douglas belongs here with you and beth. I’m gonna go over there and find out what the hell is going on.

Hope: Mom!

Douglas: Wait, a picture of outer space like with all the planets and everything.

Taylor: Yes. And like a spaceships and– and aliens, maybe. What do you think?

Douglas: Totally. Oh, but I’m out of black. Dad, please, can we get some more? The best idea, but I need more black paint.

Taylor: What about glitter?

Douglas: Oh, and glitter.

Taylor: Glitter!

Thomas: Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Let’s– let’s run down to the store and get some.

Taylor: Oh, my god. This

Thomas: It’s going to be awesome.

[ Phone pinging ]

Taylor: It’s gonna be… oh, oh, hold on.

Thomas: Everything okay?

Taylor: Yeah, it’s just. It’s a conference call that I was supposed to join. Thank god I setup a reminder. You know what? I can’T. I don’t have time to run back to the office. Can I stay?

Thomas: Yeah, stay, stay. Make yourself at home.

Taylor: Thank you. Okay.

Thomas: All right. Let’s get out of grandma’s way. And yeah.

Douglas: Yeah, let’s do it.

Taylor: All right. I’ll see you guys when you get back.

Thomas: Okay, so if you do some glitter. We should probably set up ground rules. Because that stuff can get everywhere.

Taylor: Thomas.

Thomas: Yeah?

Taylor: I just wanted to tell you how happy I am. I– I have wanted this for you for such a long time, and you deserve it. It’s finally happening.

Steffy: It’s crazy to think how things have turned around for our family. My god. When I saw you in monaco. It’s like our lives changed forever.

Finn: It’s me.

I found you.

Steffy, it’s me.

It’s really me.

Steffy: Oh, my god!

Finn: It’s okay. It’s okay.

[ Bell tolling ]

Finn: That’s a day neither one of us will ever forget.

Steffy: Never.

Taylor: Yeah. We’ll talk soon. All right, bye.

Brooke: [Laughing] Oh. Oh, taylor. Of course. I should have known the ringleader would be here.

Taylor: The ringleader?

Brooke: Behind this ridiculous plan to take douglas away from hope. I’ve been telling everyone…

Taylor: So, I’m the evil ringleader.

[Chuckles] Okay. Well, everyone’s the villain in someone’s story, huh brooke? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go.

Brooke: Where’s douglas?

Taylor: Douglas is with his father.

Brooke: Where? Is he bringing him home?

Taylor: Yes. Yes, he’s bringing him home, as soon as they finish getting art supplies, he’ll be coming home through that door.

Brooke: No. Home to hope. When is that happening?

Taylor: That’s not my call. That would be between thomas and hope. I’m sure they’ll figure it out.

Brooke: Okay. Hope was very clear that thomas could only have douglas for one night only. Now, she’s been very generous, letting him keep him longer.

Taylor: Okay, I– I do. I– I see the problem. You think that hope can dictate when my son is allowed to see his son? Okay.

Brooke: Oh, wow. Okay.

Taylor: Yeah. I feel the same way. Yeah. Um, my grandson–

Brooke: No, he’s my grandson, too. I thought you understood the other day when I told you I am not letting thomas take douglas away from his home and his family.

Taylor: I understood where you were coming from. But, I don’t agree. Douglas is a forrester. This is a forrester home. So, when douglas is with thomas. His father, his only remaining biological parent? That’s not taking him away, brooke. That’s bringing him home, to his family.

Steffy: Let’s push it to three. I have a two o’clock finance meeting and that usually runs long.

Jimmy: Great, I’ll let them know.

Steffy: Hey, thank you.

Hope: Oh, hi jimmy.

Jimmy: Hi, hope.

Hope: Um, hi steffy, is ridge in?

Steffy: My father is in a meeting downtown. Is this something I can help you with?

Hope: Well, I…

Steffy: Is it about hope for the future? The deadline?

Hope: It’s not about business.

Steffy: Oh. So, this must be about douglas.

Hope: I, um… I wanted to talk to ridge about the situation, yes.

Steffy: Thomas spending time with his son isn’t a situation, it’s life. It’s a normal father-son relationship.

Hope: And I want that for him. Very much. I– I want douglas to have a close relationship with his father.

Steffy: Then, I apologize if I misunderstood your tone.

Hope: The situation is thomas wanting to change where douglas calls home.

Steffy: He’s his father. He has every right to want douglas at his home.

Hope: And I’m his mother. Douglas will always know about caroline and carry those memories with him. But, she’s gone now. I adopted douglas. Thomas and I share custody.

Steffy: How much sharing has been going on? Douglas has been living with you on your mother’s property for a very long time now. I think that’s finally about to change.


Hope: Why are you acting like there’s some kind of wrong that needs to be righted here?

Steffy: Thomas not having access to his son is wrong.

Hope: And who’s saying that he doesn’t have access? Thomas knows that I fully support him spending as much time with douglas as he wants.

Steffy: Only if it’s on your terms. Look, I appreciate you. You’ve done a great job caring for douglas. But I do feel like–

Hope: Not just caring for douglas like I’m some kind of nanny. I’ve been raising him. And do you need to be reminded why? Reminded of all the things that thomas was doing?

Steffy: Thomas has changed.

Hope: I want to believe that. I do. I’ve– I’ve been trusting him. We’ve been doing a good job co-parenting together. But the way he’s been acting lately?

Steffy: Like an involved father?

Hope: Like he’s not respecting the agreement that we put into place.

Steffy: Douglas is a forrester. Not a logan. So, when it comes to where he calls home, I think it’s pretty clear.

Hope: Okay. Why do you do that? Why do you always have to make everything forrester versus logan?

Steffy: Do you really have to ask?

Hope: Yes, actually. I would love to know why.

Steffy: Because of your mom. She is the master of disaster. I mean, c’mon. If you put yourself in my shoes. You had a woman constantly throwing herself at your father? Who married every single man in your family? I think you’d have a little animosity, too. So, you’re damn right, it’s forresters versus logans. Always will be.

Taylor: Thomas is ready to play a bigger role in douglas’ life.

Brooke: I don’t care if he thinks he’s ready. It wasn’t too long ago when he was highly unstable.

Taylor: Please don’t do that, brooke. Please, he’s worked so hard. Don’t talk about my son like that.

Brooke: Don’t what? Don’t say the truth? Because it is the truth. You know what he was going through. You know better than anybody. You were his psychiatrist back then.

Taylor: Oh, my god. You are exhausting, brooke. Thomas was going through a crisis. And he got through it. He should not be punished for the rest of his life. And, or made to feel like– like he can’t take care of his own son.

Brooke: And my daughter should be made to feel that way?

Taylor: No.

Brooke: She’s the one parent who didn’t use him. Didn’t manipulate him. Didn’t treat him badly. And now you want me to have her just send douglas off with thomas? So, thomas can have him 24/7. No, no. That’s just not going to happen. And you, as the other grandmother. I would think you’d be happy.

Taylor: Huh.

Brooke: But you’re not.

Taylor: What?

Brooke: And I think I know why. Because there’s a lot more at play here, isn’t there?

Taylor: Oh. Okay.

Brooke: There is.

Taylor: Okay. Here comes the logan logic, right? Give it to me, brooke.

Brooke: It is so, so, obvious.

Taylor: What is it? Tell me!

Brooke: You are trying to push thomas to take douglas so that you can create some kind of conflict between ridge and me.

Taylor: Stop, stop, stop. I would never use douglas to try to manipulate a situation with ridge.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Taylor: Okay? All right. Like you did. All right, this may come as a shock to you, brooke. But this– this whole thing with thomas and douglas is– is not about you.

Brooke: Taylor, stop it. Okay?

Taylor: I know, it’s not about you. This is about douglas being with his father.

Brooke: God. You are so transparent.

Taylor: Really? Okay. All right. You know what? Douglas belongs here, okay? And I– I’m not going to let you or hope try to come between my son and– and this happy life he’s trying to create with his child.

Brooke: And I’m not going to let you use that sweet, little, innocent boy so that you can make a play for ridge.

Taylor: Stop it, brooke. I’ve had it.

Brooke: No. I really need to talk to you.

Taylor: Don’t! Brooke. Seriously, why do you always do this? You always–

[ Brooke gasping ]

Taylor: I’m s– your face. I’m just, seriously. Oh, my god. Oh. Okay, um. Listen, I am– oh, please– all right. Well, you feel better? Is that good?

Brooke: Yeah.

Taylor: Awesome. All right, I’M…

[ Brooke laughing ]

Taylor: Go ahead, it’s fine. I’m good. I’m– I’m not gonna come back?

Brooke: No, I don’t think you–

Taylor: Oh! Douglas. Douglas.

[ Brooke screaming ]

Taylor: Oh, my god. That felt good.

Brooke: Yeah, you didn’t just do that. Did you?

Taylor: I so did. Yeah, I did. Mm-hmm. Um, yeah. Look at you. Huh, nice.

Brooke: Just think I’ll just grab this little thing and…

Taylor: C’mon, go ahead, brooke.

Brooke: Yeah, you want it?

Taylor: Get me all over.

Brooke: You want it?

Taylor: Get me all over my shirt. Yeah, there you go. Oh–

[ Brooke laughing ]

Taylor: All right, all right.

Brooke: Okay, wait. I’m gonna put that down.

Taylor: It’s great. Um. Really awesome, I’m sure.

Brooke: Ooh.

Taylor: That is…

Brooke: You okay?

Taylor: Yeah.

Brooke: We’re good. We’re done doing that.

Taylor: Mm-hmm

Brooke: What?

Taylor: Yeah.

Brooke: Really?

Taylor: Right there. You know what? Want some more? You need more color? Yeah, like that. Just like that.

Brooke: No, no. You’re not–

[ Brooke squealing ] Stop it.

Taylor: No, no, you stop it.


Brooke: That’s enough!

Taylor: Oh, is it enough? Is it enough? Is it enough? Is it–

Brooke: Crazy. Oh my gosh.

Taylor: Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Brooke: Okay.


Taylor: Okay.

[Laughing] Oh, my god. I was not. I was not expecting this.

Brooke: Me neither.

Taylor: Nope.

Brooke: Just like I wasn’t expecting you trying to steal my husband away, once again. Listen, I’m done settling. Because this is my secret.

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B&B Transcript Monday, August 29, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Hope: Are you sure we don’t know each other?

Deacon: I– I don’t think you guys would have ever met–

Hope: We– we haven’t met?

Deacon: You know, it’s been a hell of a day, hope. I mean, it’s getting late. And I hate to break this up but lina’s gotta get going.

Hope: Oh, I am sorry. That’s too bad. I’m sure if we kept talking, I could figure out why you look so familiar.

Liam: Mm.

Brooke: Is everything all right with douglas?

Liam: Yeah. I mean, I kind of thought he was going to reconsider staying another night at thomas’ but he just wanted to tell me a joke eric taught him. Sounds like he’s having fun.

Ridge: Of course he’s having fun. He’s with his dad.

Liam: Should I just wait for hope down at the cabin?

Brooke: I’m really surprised she’s not back from deacon’s yet.

Liam: Yeah, well, they might have just caught each other in which case it’s gonna be a minute. I mean, I dunno…

Ridge: Or maybe they missed each other. Let’s hope for that.

Liam: Okay.

Brooke: Ridge.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: He is her dad.

Ridge: He tried being her dad. Never worked out.

Brooke: Well, hope wants him around. I know you don’t, but she does.

Ridge: I– it’s not about what I want. Sooner or later, bad habits are going to come out. And you daughter’s gonna get hurt.

Quinn: And I think this is gonna look really good with that design.

Zende: Wow.

Quinn: Right?

Zende: Yeah. It’s like they were made for each other.

Quinn: Well, I was really inspired by your work. There’s a lot of fantasy to it, you know? And I don’t know, I wanted, I wanted the accessories to go along with that.

Zende: You have. You’ve made them go along with them. It’s uh… I mean, they’re amazing. Amazing.

Quinn: I think your work is amazing. I think you’ve really grown as a designer. You know, you’re bringing a lot of respect to the forrester legacy.

Zende: Thank you, quinn. That means a lot. You know, your talent shines very bright around here as well.

Quinn: Thank you.

Carter: I couldn’t agree more.

Quinn: Oh.

Carter: When I think of beauty, I think of quinn.

Quinn: Hey.

Carter: Mm.

Zende: Look at you guys. Ugh. It’s obvious how crazy you are about each other.

Carter: And we don’t have to hide it.

Quinn: Ugh, which feels amazing.

Zende: Well, it’s good to see you both so happy.

Quinn: Oh, it was a long road with lots of twists and turns but it led me to this incredible man.

Brooke: You made your feelings clear about deacon and I respect them. But I’m not going to let anybody stop his relationship with her.

Liam: It’s not like we won’t all keep an eye out.

Brooke: I’m not naive when it comes to deacon. Hope trusts him and I trust hope.

Ridge: Okay, that’s great. So what about the night you spent with him? How do you explain that? What– what about his relationship with sheila? She used deacon as a weapon to get to you because she knew how much damage it would cause.

Sheila: Uh, I think you’re making your daddy a little antsy, here.

Deacon: No.

Hope: Oh, I’m– I’m– I’m being nosy. You weren’t expecting me.

Deacon: Listen, you are always welcome here. Maybe just a phone call first.

Hope: Yeah. You know, in case you have plans, which you clearly do so i should be on my merry way.

Deacon: Listen, I– I really want to spend time with you. I’m sorry. It’s just tonight is not a good night.

Hope: No, I totally understand, dad. We’ll rain check it for later. Lina, it was so nice meeting you.

Sheila: Like– likewise.

Deacon: I love–

Hope: All right. Have fun!

Deacon: All right! What the hell were you thinking? You want to stick around here? You stay away from my kid. Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Zende: I think all these pairings work very well.

Quinn: Well, if you want something different, I do have lots of other options.

Zende: No, no, these are perfect. Plus, I’m sure you’re ready to call it a night. Have some alone time.

Carter: He’s talented and a mind reader.

Zende: Good night.

Quinn: Good night! Ah-ha! Hey. As much as I love working with zende, I couldn’t wait for him to leave so that I could do this.

Brooke: I don’t wanna argue about deacon.

Ridge: You think I wanna argue about him? I don’T. I– I just went to il giardino to tell him to stay away from you.

Liam: I thought he’d be up in his apartment with hope.

Ridge: That’s probably where he ran off to when you hung up with him.

Liam: Hey. There you are.

Hope: Hi. What’s, uh, going on? Is douglas all right?

Ridge: Douglas is fine. He’s with his dad. What do you mean?

Liam: I heard you uh, you let him stay another night.

Hope: Oh, yeah. I didn’t want to upset him. He seemed uh, really excited.

Liam: All right, well, beth will be home soon, so.

Hope: Great.

Liam: Did you find your dad?

Hope: Uh…? Yes.

Liam: Okay. Was it– was he acting, like, weird or anxious or squirrely?

Hope: Why?

Brooke: Ridge went to visit deacon, too.

Ridge: Seemed like he ran off to see you, maybe.

Hope: Oh. Well, now that explains things.

Brooke: What do you mean?

Hope: Well, I’ve been wondering for a while why I haven’t really heard from my dad and he said he’d been busy. But I think I know the real reason why. There’s a new woman in my dad’s life.

Sheila: You don’t need to be freaking out.

Deacon: When did hope get here? How long were you two together?

Sheila: Deacon, relax.

Deacon: Relax? Hope saw you.

Sheila: Yeah, and who’s fault was that? You could have told me she was coming.

Deacon: I didn’t know. Liam called me and told me that she was on her way here. Which is why I came over so fast.

Sheila: Yeah, and that didn’t look suspicious at all, did it? I had everything under control. You are overreacting and you still are. Are you– are you forgetting who you’re dealing with?

Deacon: Oh, I guess I must have to put up with this insanity. But then when I came here and I saw you with hope, brought me back to my senses.

Sheila: Oh god, don’t even do that. I would not have hurt your daughter.

Deacon: Really? Just like you didn’t hurt your own kid?

Sheila: Wow. Now you’re just being mean.

Deacon: Yeah? Well, it’s gonna get a whole lot meaner. I want you to pack your stuff and get out of here because this whole roommate thing, it ain’t working out. This is too dangerous. With golo, I’ve lost 13 inches in my waist.

Carter: Thank you! I told you I had something planned.

Quinn: I like the way you think, carter walton.

Carter: Not disappointed?

Quinn: In you? Never.

Carter: Well, I saw your face when there was a knock at the door.

Quinn: Well, that’s because I thought we were going to be interrupted. I had no idea this was part of some elaborate plan.

Carter: Question is, will it be successful?

> Quinn: Well, that depends what you have in mind because you do know, I am a sure thing.

Carter: Well, I want to please you, give you a break after a very long, hard day at work. And I couldn’t have you eating dinner from a vending machine.

Quinn: Oh, please. I would have just stolen donna’s leftovers from the break room.

Carter: Yeah. You know, she drizzles honey all over her food–

Quinn: Please stop, I would have ordered out.

[ Carter laughs ]

Carter: Well, I wanted to do something special to surprise you.

Quinn: Mm, well. Add that to the list. Because you always surprise me.

[Quinn sighs] You know, from the very first time that I poured my heart out to you, you listened to me. You actually heard me. Who knew? Who knew you were gonna be so, so kind and caring? Who knew we were gonna have so much in common? Who knew how good it was gonna feel to be in your arms. But the one thing… that always surprises me…. and I don’t know that I’ll ever get over is… that a woman like me could be lucky enough to fall in love with an incredible man like you.

Brooke: There’s a new woman in deacon’s life?

Hope: Well, I’m not entirely sure but I think so. I was shocked when I found her in his apartment.

Brooke: What was she doing?

Hope: Probably waiting for him to get off work. But she was nice about it.

Liam: Okay, so she’s nice.

Hope: Well, we barely spoke but yeah.

Brooke: I’m surprised deacon never said anything.

Hope: Well, I’m sure he’S… it’s new. You know, he seemed kind of nervous around her.

Ridge: Nervous?

Hope: I, uh– I’m pretty positive that it was a little awkward for him with me being there. I kind of wish I got more of an opportunity to talk to her, but yeah.

Brooke: Who is she?

Hope: Oh, lina. She seems kind of familiar. I have the strangest sense that I’ve met her somewhere before.

Deacon: Dumb, stupid. I knew this was a bad idea. Why did I listen to you?

Sheila: Would you just stop it because you’re losing it.

Deacon: I’m losing it. Why the hell aren’t you? Hope was thrown. She– she was asking questions.

Sheila: I was dealing with it.

Deacon: Oh– oh, I know how you deal with things. Why the hell do you think I got up here so fast?

Sheila: You almost gave us away.

Deacon: Us? Did you tell hope that we’re together?

Sheila: I didn’t even get a chance to say a word to her before you came crashing through that door.

Deacon: Good. Because I don’t want you talking to her or anyone else. All I want you to do is get out.

Sheila: Okay, look it, you need to get a grip.

Deacon: What part of you’re supposed to be dead aren’t you getting? What if hope recognized you? She said you looked familiar.

Sheila: You listen to me right now. You take a deep breath and you pull yourself together. Because I had everything under control. What you’ve got going on, this panicky thing? It doesn’t do it for me. Cats really know how to do… less,

Quinn: Oh, just a little bit more.

Carter: Yeah?

Quinn: Mm-hm, yeah.

Carter: Don’t want to keep you from your work.

Quinn: Work-shmurk. Come on. You’re fueling my inspiration. Besides, I’m not just talking about the, the food or the wine, although all of that is delicious.

Carter: All your favorites.

Quinn: Mm… you know, I think you can just add all of that to the list, right? Thoughtfulness. One of the other many things I love about you.

Carter: Well, I’m always thinking of you.

Quinn: I know that.

Carter: I hope so.

Quinn: You know, there was a time that I would have balked at all of this. I would have thought I was too strong and independent to have to admit that I… like, need this kind of attention. I would have felt unworthy.

Carter: No one is more worthy than you, quinn.

Quinn: And I would have made fun of you for saying that to me, as well.

Carter: I’m not against a little teasing. Can I tell you a secret?

Quinn: Mm-hmm?

Carter: I find your self-awareness incredibly sexy. And brave. And beautiful. It’s what attracted me to you in the first place: Your openness, the way you look at a situation and see its truth. You see a beautiful design in unpolished stone, a coil of metal. You see more deeply than anyone I’ve ever met. And when I’m with you, I see deeper, too. My life. What I want? When I look in your eyes, I see a whole future.

Quinn: I hope you’re not going to compare yourself to an unpolished stone because you, carter, are chiseled to perfection.

[ Carter laughs ]

Carter: Okay. Okay, I walked into that one.

Quinn: Yeah, you did. Now, walk into this.

Brooke: You said this is new.

Hope: Well, it seems that way if it is something.

[ Liam chuckles]

Liam: Been quite a bit of radio silence from your dad, lately.

Hope: Yeah, well, I figured he was just trying to steer clear of the house, but who knows? You know, they might just be friends. They might be something more. I… I don’t know. I just– I don’t understand why my dad didn’t tell me about it.

Ridge: So he’s keeping her secret.

Hope: Well, I don’t know about that. He did say that they’ve been friends for a while.

Ridge: A while?

Hope: I don’t know how long. I– I didn’t really get the chance to talk much because it seemed like they wanted to be alone.

Brooke: You didn’t learn anything about her at all?

Hope: Not much. No.

Ridge: Honestly. What kind of a crazy woman would want to be with deacon? Right?

Sheila: You’re just making things worse by chasing hope out of here.

Deacon: What did you want me to do, invite her in and suggest we all get take out?

Sheila: She thought we were dating. You– you could have left it at that.

Deacon: You gotta go. All right? She could come back.

Sheila: How about this? The next time you go out, you lock the door.

Deacon: This isn’t happening! Sheila, please. You gotta go.

Sheila: We had a deal.

Deacon: It didn’t involve my kid.

Sheila: She– she didn’t know it was me and she won’T.

Deacon: She could.

Sheila: You and i did a lot more the other night than just talk and you had no clue it was me.

Deacon: Who the hell knows how many drinks I had?

Sheila: Yeah, well, you know what? You should be glad.

Deacon: Glad?

Sheila: Yes, because hope didn’t recognize me which means nobody else will!

Deacon: This isn’t a game.

Sheila: You think I don’t know that? I faked my own death, deacon. I could be in hiding for the rest of my life. But if I get caught, I’m going straight to prison. My life is on the line and I’m counting on you. So, like it or not, we’re in this together. Oh, my god. Your heart is beating so fast. The stress is just, is not good for you. I think, maybe what we should do is just take a nice, hot shower, relieve some of that.

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B&B Transcript Friday, August 26, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Hope: I’m, uh, looking for my father. Who are you?

Hope: Taylor and steffy

have to realize that this

douglas situation is going

to put you and ridge at odds.

Brooke: That’s

what they want!

Ridge: Thomas has moved

into my dad’s house

and he wants douglas to be

part of that and I support it.

Brooke: No. Oh, my gosh,

ridge. No! Thomas can’t have

whatever he wants.

But that little boy can’t live

with hope and liam anymore.

He needs to know

where his father is.

He needs to understand that.

And I really need

you to support me in this.

Liam: Hey, brooke.

Brooke: Oh. Uh, hi, liam.

Liam: Hi. Sorry. Yeah, I didn’t mean to, um– if I was interrupting…

Brooke: No. Don’t worry. No. Uh, you just got in?

Liam: Yeah. Yeah. Long day, you know?

Brooke: Yeah. I gathered from hope. I was with her earlier.

Liam: Oh, earlier? Not– uh, okay. I, kind of, thought she’d be here now.

Brooke: No, she went to visit her dad.

Deacon: Damn it.

Paul: What’s the matter?

Deacon: The distributor screwed up the order, again.

Paul: Oh, no, you mean you got the wrong napkins? Dude, you should get really, really upset about it. What’s bugging you?

Deacon: Stuff. Stuff’s bugging me.

Paul: What kind of stuff? And does she have a name?

Deacon: What are you? A cop? Just let it go.

Paul: Whatever you say.

Deacon: Tonight’s just getting better and better. Oh, boy.

Ridge: Hi. I need to talk to you.

Deacon: Yeah? Well, unless you’re here to order the fettuccine alfredo, I’d say it’s a wasted trip because–

Ridge: You gotta stay away from brooke.

Deacon: Okay, we’re gonna do that again. I’m, just, gonna move this away. You were saying?

Deacon: Okay. So, uh, go ahead and thump your chest. Get it out of your system and then, please go, ’cause I’m at work.

Ridge: Is this a joke to you? ‘Cause I gotta tell you, it’s not a joke to me. I saw the picture that hope posted of you and my wife.

Deacon: ‘Course you did.

Ridge: And that’s after she told you to stay away from her. I told you. She told you.

Deacon: I remember.

Ridge: Do you? Because as soon as I leave town, you’re sniffing around her, what is that?

Deacon: Stop it, come on, “sniffing around?” That’s not why I was there.

Ridge: You’re just bad news for everyone, especially the people you claim you care about.

Liam: Wow. Really? Douglas is– it’s a– he’s going to spend another night over with thomas?

[ Brooke sighing ]

Brooke: Eric is hosting a family dinner and kelly and hayes are there. Douglas is having a great time. He wants to stay. Hope didn’t want to upset him.

Liam: All right, okay. And beth is still at lola’S.

>>E: She had time to go visit her dad at his apartment.

Liam: Yeah. Seems like he’s settling in there nicely. Although I know, he wishes he could drop by here a little more.

[ Brooke chuckling ]

Brooke: That is no longer an option.

Liam: Yeah, I– you’ve made it abundantly clear how adamant ridge is about him– him staying away.

Brooke: Away from me, not from hope. Nobody’s going to deny her of a relationship with her father.

Liam: Yeah– I mean, of course. Yes. It still affects hope, though. I mean, she– she’s trying to do right by ridge. She’s trying to respect his wishes. Deacon is still her dad, though, so it’s like, it does kind of make the situation harder for everybody.

Brooke: Yeah. It’s just ridge is… you know, ridge. He’S… protective.

Liam: Yeah.

Brooke: And especially now that sheila is no longer in our lives.

Liam: And now that she’s no longer in our lives, he gets to take all that pent up energy and focus it right on deacon.

Brooke: Exactly. Sheila is dead. I mean, she’s no longer a threat to us. We don’t have to hear from her or see her ever again.

Hope: Hello? I asked who you are. Hi, I’m denise.

Liam: So did hope, uh… did hope say anything about when she might be back?

Brooke: Oh, I don’t think she’ll be gone that long. She just wanted to see her dad. I think it was more of a diversion.

Liam: From this whole thing with douglas.

Brooke: Yeah. I can’t believe thomas is doing this. A custody battle.

Liam: Potential custody battle. I’m hoping the two of them can work out some kind of arrangement where there aren’t lawyers and a judge involved.

Brooke: That would be nice. But thomas is already acting like douglas is going to move in with him full-time. And he has this image in his head that he’s going to be there as a father, 24/7 and he hasn’t taken care of that little boy for years.

Liam: We all know why that is, because the dude was actually unstable. I mean, he was dealing with his own issues. And that’s– that’s the whole reason hope and I took douglas in in the first place.

Brooke: I know. And now out of the blue, he wants him back. He wants to raise him at the forrester estate, as the heir apparent?

Liam: Did he actually say that? Like, those words?

Brooke: Well, no. I mean, not in those exact words. But why all this sudden interest in everything forrester for his son? I think a lot of it might be steffy and taylor. I think they’re pushing for this. I mean, we all want douglas to know and be a part of his father’s family. But you’re his family, too. You and hope and beth. Hope is his mother. And beth, she thinks that that’s her older brother. And if he’s no longer living with the three of you then, oh, all of that’s going to change.

Liam: You know, even I see douglas as– as a kind of son. And I know that thomas is saying that hope can visit him whenever she wants. But that– that is not the same as douglas living with us.

Brooke: No, it’s not the same at all. And hope knows that. And I think it’s stressing her out. And it’s good she went over to see deacon. Maybe she can, just, unwind a bit. Okay. I know you’re not a fan of deacon.

Liam: Eh… I am and I’m not. It depends on my mood.

Deacon: You just never miss a chance to say what a lowlife I am, do ya?

Ridge: To be fair, deacon, it’s right in front of me. You’re bad for brooke and everyone she cares about. Stay away from her.

Deacon: Really? Does that include my daughter? You know, the one that brooke and I created together? I know it bothers you when i say that, but it is a fact.

Ridge: And the other fact is that you’ve hurt this young woman over and over again with the bad choices you continue to make.

Deacon: You’ve never made any bad choices, have you? Huh? Nothing that you regret. God, it– it must be so amazing to be this perfect.

Ridge: Thank you. Silly, silly boy. I’m not perfect. And I’m not a con. Sorry, ex-con. You’ve changed your ways, right?

Deacon: You know, you never even give me a chance. You just always assume–

Ridge: Assume what?

[ Crowd murmuring ] Excuse– I’m sorry. Excuse me. Assume what? That you are exactly who I know you are? That you’re going to move in on someone when no one’s watching like you did on new year’s eve?

Deacon: That wasn’t me. That was sheila. She switched the damn–

Ridge: That picture you took was taken in my office. You know how I know that? My name is right on the door. I don’t want you in my office. I don’t want you in my house, the house I share with brooke. I don’t want you anywhere near my family because all you do is cause trouble.

Deacon: I’m not sure I cause trouble, I– sometimes trouble finds me.

Ridge: Are you kidding me? So now it’s trouble’s fault. You never take responsibility. You’re just like sheila. It’s never your fault. And you know what happened to sheila. She got eaten by a bear. And you know why? She had no one to talk to, no one to turn to except this.

Hope: Hi. What’s your name and how do you know my dad? Okay. You don’t want to answer and I think I might know why. Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. No matter who you are,

Liam: I guess I hoped that things would settle down. Like, with sheila finally out of the picture for good, things would return to normal. Whatever normal happens to look like between the forresters and the logans. But now I’m not– you know, I’m not even so sure between this whole, you know, thomas wanting douglas to come live with him full-time. And then there’s this ongoing thing between ridge and deacon. It’s like– uh!

Brooke: Mm-hm. And you don’t want hope getting caught up in the middle of that, again.

Liam: No, it’s too much. It’s too much. She’s dealing with enough on her own, you know, like.

Brooke: Okay. But there’s something you’re not saying.

Liam: No.

[ Sighing ] Okay. Hope finally has the relationship that she’s wanted with her father for a really long time. Right? You know? And I just– I don’t know– I don’t– I don’t even know how long that’s gonna last now. Like, deacon is doing his absolute best. He is trying his hardest not to disappoint hope again. He’s trying to make all the right choices so he can make his daughter proud. But old habits, you know, they’re hard to break. And there are people in hope’s life, and you know who I’m talking about, who are just waiting. They’re just– they’re just waiting for deacon to slip up or to– or to give in to temptation again, whatever that might look like, so that they can– so, that they can pounce, right? They can give hope the old, “I told you so.” And if that happens… I hope that doesn’t happen.

Deacon: Sheila and i were never friends, not in the real sense of the word, anyway.

Ridge: Can I stop you? I don’t, uh… I don’t care who you may or may not have been to each other. The fact is that she was a psycho. A lunatic. And you allowed her to be in your life for a long time. That’s the kind of choices you make. And that’s the kind of person I don’t want around my family. I don’t want around brooke. And I don’t want around hope.

Deacon: No, you’d like if, uh, I was just banned from hope’s life–

Ridge: Are you kidding me? I would love that. You know why? ‘Cause you are toxic. Hmm. Okay. Well, fortunately, she doesn’t feel the same way. She wants to be close with me. I know she wants to be close with you. She wants you to be who she wants you to be. It’s never gonna happen. We both know it’s gonna end in disaster.

[ Phone ringing ]

Deacon: Hey, liam. What’s going on?

Liam: Hey. Uh… so, I’m with brooke. I’ve been texting hope but she’s not getting back to me. But brooke says that– that hope went over to your apartment to see you.

Deacon: She went to my apartment?

Liam: Uh, yeah. Uh, she’s not there now? No, I’m at work. Uh, liam, thanks for the heads up, okay?

Liam: What?

Deacon: I gotta go.

Brooke: Deacon wasn’t with hope? Uh, apparently not. And uh, deacon was acting a little weird on the phone. So I wonder what that’s about. This can’t be. It can’T. Dad. I can’t believe what I ‘m seeing. You never told me that you have a new woman in your life. My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis…

Liam: Okay. Wait. So… if hope showed up to deacon’s place and he’s not there, why doesn’t she just go downstairs to il giardino? Maybe she didn’t want to interrupt him at work. Yeah. Okay. It’s a little weird they weren’t together.

Ridge: Who wasn’t together? Hi.

Brooke: Oh, hi. Hope and her father. Hope went to spend a little time with deacon and apparently they missed each other.

Ridge: Huh? Well, I– I don’t know. I– I was with him when you called il giardino. I was… I was with him there.

Liam: Huh?

Brooke: You went to see deacon, too?

Ridge: Yeah. Probably not for the same reason that hope went to see him.

Liam: Okay, so. So did deacon seird to you?

Ridge: Did deacon seem weird? He always seems weird to me. What do you mean? But he took off pretty quick after you guys hung up, probably to go back to his apartment and clean up beer bottles and whatever else is on his floor.

Brooke: Ridge, come on.

Ridge: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t do that. I shouldn’t think the worst of the worst person I’ve ever met. What do you want to say? He lets people down.

Brooke: Why did you go to see him?

Ridge: The picture that hope posted. The three of you guys in my office? I’m not okay with it. And I’m not saying it was you, it had nothing to do with you. It was all him. But he has to know that I can’t tolerate this kind of stuff, right?

Brooke: Did it get physical?

Ridge: No, it didn’t get physical. What am I, 12? No, it was fine. He has hurt you so badly, he’s hurt hope. And I just don’t want that to happen again. Is that okay?

Hope: Dad, I had no idea that you were seeing someone. Why didn’t you tell me? Deacon: Why– why didn’t I? Why didn’t I tell you?

Hope: Why did you hide it? Did you think I wouldn’t approve?

Deacon: No, I– you know, I just– okay, listen. Let me put it this way.

Hope: Well, I mean, maybe you could start with an introduction.

Deacon: Okay, uh… just before I do that, though, I just want you to know this isn’t what you think it is.

[ Hope laughing ]

Hope: Dad, you’re a grown man. And I want you to be happy. And I– I know how you feel about mom, but she has ridge. And if you have moved on, then–

Deacon: I haven’t decided anything yet. This was A… totally rando thing. I mean, completely unexpected.

Hope: Okay, well, sometimes the best things in life just happen that way. Meanwhile, I feel like we are being rude. I’m so sorry. We’re– we’re– we’re yammering on and on, and I don’t even know your name. I’m– I’m hope.

Sheila: [Southern accent] Um, nicholina. Li– lina for short.

[ Laughter ]

Hope: Oh, that’s a lovely name. Isn– isn’t that italian?

Sheila: Uh, means I always win.

Deacon: Uh, lina is an old friend of mine. We go way back. Um, she just showed up unexpectedly.

Sheila: Pleasure.

Hope: Yeah, same to you.

Deacon: Is everything okay?

Hope: Uh yeah, it’s just, um. Sorry. The more I look at you, I– I feel like maybe we’ve met somewhere before. Do I… do I know you?

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B&B Transcript Thursday, August 25, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Hope: Here you go.

Brooke: Thank you. It’s so quiet without liam and the kids.

Hope: Yeah. Oh, liam actually has a meeting with bill and wyatt.

Brooke: Well, that’s good. He’s working a lot.

Hope: And I think it’s nice that he’s spending time with his father. It’s a bit of a reminder for myself not to neglect my dad.

Brooke: What? Honey, you’re not neglecting your father. You were just on the phone with him, and he said he was busy dealing with something.

Sheila: Hey, roomie.

Deacon: Can we not? We are not roomies.

Sheila: What would you rather I say? Live-in lover?

Deacon: I’m letting you crash here, and I’m obviously nuts for doing it.

Sheila: Well, you know what, I look around, I’m thinking that we could really spruce this place up. Maybe go with a– a new color palette, a couple of floral pillows.

Deacon: I don’t know what’s worse, floral pillows or a supposedly dead fugitive staring me in the face all day.

Sheila: All day and all night. I’ll definitely make it worth your while. I will fulfill whatever needs you have, and I’ll give you a lot of money too.

Steffy: So cute, like with that little laugh there, how adorable was that? The kids are all settled in with amelia.

Finn: Yeah, it was super cute. Douglas was teaching hayes how to sketch a rocket ship. Very advanced stuff.

Taylor: Well, I am in heaven watching all of them together.

Ridge: Donna, dad, thanks again for having us. Thank you.

Eric: Sure.

Finn: And thanks for including my mom, eric. She’s on her way.

Eric: That’s my pleasure. That’s what tonight’s all about, isn’t it? Reconnecting with one another, reminding each other how much… how much we depend on each other. And it’s wonderful to see you again, I can tell you that.

Steffy: Couldn’t agree more.

Taylor: The miracle of monaco lives on.

Ridge: You look really good, dad.

Donna: Doesn’t he now?

Ridge: Yeah.

Donna: My dashing eric.

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: You’re welcome.

Finn: Oh, mom. Hey, you made it.

Li: A bit late.

Finn: It’s all right, please.

Li: I wanted to get this for you, eric. I really appreciate you inviting me.

Eric: Of course. Thank you, that’s very thoughtful. You know, we cannot stop marveling that your son is here.

Li: I know some of you still have issues with how I handled things.

Finn: M– mom, you saved my life. That’s all that matters.

Li: I’m still in awe of it myself. That I get many more years with my beautiful boy.

Finn: Well, it’s because of you. And I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

Eric: We’ve done everything we can to make it clear to him that he is now a member of the forrester family, and that– that applies to you, too.

Li: Thank you.

Eric: Yeah.

Finn: Okay, well, come on in. Have a drink, yeah? Maybe one of eric’s famous martinis?

Eric: Okay, at least one.

Steffy: Make sure the kids aren’t drawing on granddad’s furniture.

Taylor: Well, I’m– I’m glad we’re doing this. You know, it’s good to have everybody together.

Brooke: Uh-huh. Nothing from ridge.

Hope: I’m sure it’s a lot with the kids running around. They’re probably getting, you know, ready for dinner.

Brooke: Just feels strange not being there. I am his wife, after all.

Hope: Yeah, that would’ve been nice.

Brooke: I do understand though. I mean, they’re still trying to process everything that’s happened. Finding out that finn is alive, and sheila out of our lives, once and for all.

Sheila: I’m gonna be here for a very long time.

Deacon: Don’t remind me.

Sheila: You know what? You weren’t complaining last night, so why don’t we have a repeat performance, huh? We’re both stuck in this shabby little place, we may as well make the most of it.

Deacon: I gotta go down to the bar and clock in.

Sheila: Oh, come on. You have some fun with me before you go. Hmm? Smile. Enjoy yourself. Why don’t we just enjoy our new living arrangement?

Sheila: Do you really have to go to work?

Deacon: I do if I don’t want to be late.

Sheila: Well, maybe I can come down later and keep you company.

Deacon: You do not step a foot outside. Do you understand? Look, if anyone finds out the truth, especially hope and brooke, if they figure out that you’re alive and kicking, and that you’re staying here. You know what that’s gonna–

Sheila: Oh, would you just chill!

[ Sheila sighing ]

Hope: I am glad that douglas is having a fun time over at eric’S. They’re his family too. Though, I admit, him staying for another night for dinner, threw me for a loop. I just wish that thomas had given me a bit of a heads-up, that’s all.

Brooke: Let’s hope that that doesn’t become a habit.

Hope: Anyways, I’m surprised that taylor’s the one pushing so aggressively for thomas to get more custody.

Brooke: She knows that ridge and I won’t be on the same page when it comes to thomas. So, she’s using this to undermine my marriage. I’m sure that’s what this forrester party is all about.

Ridge: What are you talking about? I was a huge success. I pulled a rabbit out of a hat. Dad, you remember that?

Taylor: It was not a rabbit. You said it was a rabbit. It was a stuffed monkey, and the kids were so confused. Do you remember?

Ridge: It was a stuffed monkey rabbit, it was perfect.

Donna: Excuse me, uh, could I have everyone’s attention, please? Actually, could you two please help me hang this above the fireplace?

Thomas: Yeah, sure.

Donna: Thank you. Well, the time has come for, um, a new portrait over the fireplace.

Eric: Oh, donna, I don’t really think this is the time for that.

Donna: Oh, actually, no, eric, this is the perfect time. In fact, it’s– it’s long overdue. As many of you know, I have been away from this home for many years. But now I’m back, and I have the– the privilege of living with this– this wonderful man. And as the new lady of this house, I would like to make some much-needed changes. To put a stamp on this home in a way that I– I hope will be permanent. A forever fixture. The first person that you see when you walk through the door.

Ridge: See now, that makes sense.

Taylor: Aw, okay.

Ridge: Did you think for one second, it was gonna be her?

Taylor: I did, yeah, I really did. A 1000%. PDonna: It’s about time your handsome face hung above the fireplace. After all, it’s your home, eric.

Eric: Wow. Look at that.

Donna: What do you think? Do you like it?

Eric: It’s wonderful, thank you.

Donna: Yeah?

Eric: Thank you.

Thomas: You know, uh, donna’s right. Grandad, you deserve this. How you– you’ve always supported me. I mean, my entire family has been there for me, and now to have douglas here. In your home, our home. It’s a– it’s an honor. You know, you, grandad, and dad, you both have taught me everything I know. How to– how to be a designer. How to be a father. How to be a man. I went through some dark times, but I’m coming out the other side. And I’m a better man for it. And, um, you were always there for me. Especially you.

Ridge: Come here. I’m so proud of you. I’m steve, I lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo

Hope: Taylor and steffy have to realize that this douglas situation is going to put you and ridge at odds.

Brooke: Yeah, well, that’s the point. They want us to disagree. That way they can hold one more thing against the logans.

Hope: Well, I… I feel bad because I don’t wanna put you in that position.

Brooke: Honey, you’re not putting me in that position, they are. By convincing thomas to drag douglas out of here, away from you.

Hope: And one would think, as mothers, that they would understand how damaging this could be for douglas.

Brooke: Yeah. I mean, taylor should know better. Being a psychiatrist. Until thomas can show more stability and consistency, there is no way that douglas is moving out of here.

Hope: Okay, mom, I… I appreciate your enthusiasm about this, but I don’t want it to have any consequences.

Brooke: Honey, it’s okay. Ridge and I won’t let it affect us.

Hope: Well, I appreciate the support.

Brooke: I will always have your back, sweetie. Always.

Hope: Thank you. So, since douglas is with thomas, and beth is at her overnight, and liam is at his meeting, and dad sounded stressed on the phone, I am actually going to go pay him a visit.

[ Deacon moaning ]

Deacon: Wait, one second.

Sheila: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Deacon: I told you, I gotta go to work! I gotta go to work. Listen, if you and your nine toes wanna go hide somewhere else, I won’t take it personally.

Sheila: Oh, god.

Deacon: Come on. What’s with the face? You’re not gonna be alone that long. Take a nap or something.

Sheila: Well, it’s just like… I can’t help thinking about finn.

Deacon: Sheila, you know you’re never gonna see him again.

Sheila: Yeah, but I can’t help wondering how he really feels about my… my supposed death.

Finn: Well, that is the best thing I’ve heard all day, I love you, too. More than all the dolphins in the ocean.

Kelly: And all the butterflies?

Finn: Yeah, and all the butterflies. And the– and the ladybugs, too.

[ Steffy laughing ]

Steffy: Did you make that? Oh, is that the four of us? I have to show it to hayes once he’s up from his nap.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: Aw. You’re happy finn’s back? I’m happy, too.

Finn: Hey, everyone? I’d like to say a few things if it’s okay. Um, this has been a long road for all of us. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my wife. And our children, who made me keep fighting. When I slowly began to regain consciousness, I pictured a moment just like this. And with every beat of my heart, I would just say steffy’s name over and over my head, like a mantra. Like a prayer. I couldn’t move my legs. I didn’t know how I would get back here, but… I knew I had to find a way. Back to you, back to the kids. And to have that kind of, that depth and devotion, to tap into, that’S… that’s what pulled me through. That’s– that’s what saved me. Few people get to know that kind of connection, and if they do, they’re lucky. So, I think we’re all very lucky. Ice cream is like whooping cough,

Deacon: Okay, I gotta go.

Sheila: Oh, so soon.

Deacon: Oh, like you haven’t been stalling me.

Sheila: What’s a girl to do? I’m already so bored.

Deacon: Yeah, I’m sure you’ll figure something out, all right? Just lay low, and stay quiet.

Sheila: Yeah, yeah.

Deacon: Sheila, lay low. Stay quiet. No one can see or hear you.

Sheila: Obviously.

Deacon: All right. I’ll bring you something to eat when I come back.

Sheila: Okay. I’ll be here, all by my lonesome.

[ Overlapping conversation ]

Thomas: Hey, buddy. You having fun?

Douglas: Yeah, this is awesome.

Thomas: Ah okay, cool.


Eric: That’s the, uh– joys of being a grandparent. You can watch the kids play from a safe distance.

[ Laughing ]

Li: I’m still new at being a grandmother. Watching these two laugh and play, it’s just magical.

Ridge: Magical, is it? Yeah, especially from a distance, ’cause you’re not gonna pull a hammy that way.

Taylor: Oh, yes. But see, I– I loved those days very much, and I also love these days.

Ridge: No, this is great. Thank you, once again for giving us what we didn’t know you needed.

Taylor: Yeah.

Eric: It’s marvelous. Absolutely wonderful. We should do this more often.

Ridge: Yes, we should do it more often.

Taylor: I agree.

Ridge: Invite us more often. Look at what we have, look around you. Look how fortunate we are. It’s a family. These are my kids.

Taylor: Yes.

Ridge: I mean, you guys running around in here, and I just, I’m thank– thank you, if I haven’t said it before, for giving me such a wonderful family.

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, well, you’re welcome. This is what it’s all about. I mean, can you feel the love in the room? It’s just, it’s so there. All the connection. It’s just beautiful, it really is. And the best thing about it, is you two. Right now, just seeing the two of you smiling and laughing with your kids. It’s everything.

Ridge: It is everything. I’m gonna remember this moment for a long time. And I promise right now, you can quote me, I will be, from now on, the best man I can possibly be for you.

Steffy: Aw, dad, you are the best.

Ridge: See? Come here.

Taylor: Yay.

Thomas: I love you, mom.

Taylor: I love you, baby.

Ridge: What about this guy?

Finn: Thanks. Ridge: I love you, buddy.

[ Phone ringing ]

Brooke: Hi.

Donna: Hey.

Brooke: Donna, how’s it going over there at eric’s?

Donna: Ridge just gave a really nice speech about his kids. And, of course, everyone’s overjoyed about finn. Um, it’s really a sweet, sweet evening. It’s– it’S… there’s only one problem, brooke. You’re not here. Taylor is here with ridge instead.

Ridge: You look–

Taylor: Thank you.

Ridge: Thanks for dressing up tonight, finally.

[ Taylor laughing ] Feels nice. Come here.

Brooke: Taylor is using this sweet family bonding time as a way to manipulate ridge’s feelings.

Hope: Dad? Are you here? I’m looking for my father. Who are you?

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Sheila: Rise and shine, handsome. I made you a cup of coffee, extra kick. And you know why? Because taking care of each other and having each other’s back, that’s kind of what roomies do.

Deacon: Roomies? God, it wasn’t a dream.

Steffy: I can’t get enough of you.

Finn: Mhm.

Steffy: Touching you. Kissing you. Making passionate love to you. I hope that’s all right.

Finn: That’s all right.

[ Eric laughing ]

Ridge: Hey! What’s the verdict? Are you enjoying yourself?

Douglas: Yeah. Best part, I got to spend the whole night with dad.

Eric: Well, you’re welcome to do that any time you want.

Thomas: You really like it here, don’t you?

Douglas: I love it. Can I watch the game in the screening room?

Thomas: Do you remember how to work the remote?

Douglas: Dad, I taught you.

Thomas: Oh, yeah. Go ahead, then.

Douglas: All right.

Eric: So how long are you and douglas planning on staying?

Brooke: So, did douglas tell you how his evening went with thomas?

Hope: Uh, no, I actually haven’t spoken to them yet.

Brooke: They haven’t checked in?

Hope: Nope.

Brooke: Okay. Well, maybe I should call ridge and get some answers. Douglas needs to come home.

[ Deacon grunting ]

Deacon: What time is it?

Sheila: It’s time for another round. You know, hut to celebrate last night.

Deacon: At a certain point, it gets kinda blurry.

Sheila: Yeah, well. Trust me, you were, uh, you were all about it. But if I can’t sleep in, you can’t sleep in. So, it’s time you get up, big boy, and christ do I mean big boy.

[ Sheila laughing ] I made you breakfast hours ago. Um, I can either reheat it or I can make you something–

Deacon: Stop, stop, stop. Stop. Stop.

Sheila: What?

Deacon: I don’t think this roommate thing’s gonna work out.

Steffy: I never loved looking at anyone like I love looking at you. I mean, first of all, the obvious. Secondly, you’re here with me again.

Taylor: Oh, okay. I’m just gonna go back upstairs.

Steffy: Oh, my god. Mom, no, no, no. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s, it’s okay.

Taylor: Oh, are you sure?

Steffy: Yeah, it’s fine. It’s cool.

Finn: Yeah, [Indistinct] Steffy and I have the rest of our lives together, so.

Steffy: Yeah.

Taylor: Yes, you do. Thank god.

Steffy: Yeah, no kidding.

Taylor: So have you, um, have you heard from your brother? Has he– has he called, or said anything about his father-son night?

Steffy: No, no, I haven’t heard anything.

Taylor: You know what, they’re probably having such a good time. This is how it should be. Douglas spending more time with thomas is long overdue.

Eric: I don’t mean to give you the idea that I’m pressuring you, and I– I just wondered if you have any idea how long you and douglas might want to stay here. Do you want to stay here?

Thomas: Well– I would love to stay for at least a little while.

Eric: Yeah.

Thomas: If that’s okay.

Eric: This is the forrester house. You’re a forrester. So is douglas, for that matter.

Thomas: I’m not exactly sure that donna would be thrilled about douglas and me living here.

Eric: No, no. Donna loves douglas, she does. I imagine the person that wouldn’t be so thrilled if this were to happen, would be hope.

Thomas: Yeah, I’m, uh, I’m trying to be as gentle as possible. I don’t wanna do anything to hurt or upset hope.

Hope: No, mom, please don’t call ridge.

Brooke: You don’t wanna know what’s going on? You don’t wanna know when thomas is gonna bring douglas home? I sure do!

Hope: What I don’t wanna do is put you and your marriage in the middle of this situation. This is between thomas and me.

Brooke: Honey, don’t kid yourself. It’s a lot bigger than that. We are under attack by steffy and taylor.

I’m a ganiac, ganiac,

check my drawers.

Taylor: I bet you felt like you were in so much danger when you were with sheila.

Finn: I felt like I could’ve been if I wasn’t careful.

Steffy: Well, I’m glad you kept your guard up. All sheila cared about was protecting herself. You were just collateral damage, and you could’ve been again.

Finn: That would’ve meant not being able to get home to you. Nothing was going to stop me from that. So, I used sheila’s emotions and weaknesses against her and got my strength back up when she wasn’t watching.

Taylor: That was just so smart. It really was, and now look at you. Here you are, proving the power of love. It’s such a blessing. Such a blessing for steffy and the kids.

Finn: Well, I feel the exact same way, except maybe a little bit more because I’m married to a talented, beautiful, loving woman, like you.

Taylor: Yes, this is a very happy time for our family, for sure. Families coming together, well, almost. Now, we just need to get douglas home.

Hope: Last thing I want is for this to escalate into some kind of family war. I do not want you and me versus taylor and steffy. No one needs that, but… fine. You are right, mom. This is douglas’s home. So fine, I will call and check in.

[ Phone dialing ]

Ridge: If you don’t ask–

[ Phone ringing ]

Thomas: Hold on a sec.

Eric: You could do it.

Thomas: Hope, hey.

Hope: Uh, hi. I’m– I’m just checking in on douglas.

Thomas: Oh, yeah. He’s in the– he’s in the screening room watching the dodgers game.

Hope: With the

popcorn machine?

Thomas: He loves it.

Hope: So, did you two have a good night?

Thomas: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Great night.

Hope: Well, good. Um, I’m actually about to go run some errands, and I thought I could maybe even swing by to pick up douglas, save you a trip?

Thomas: Oh, you know what? Grandad actually had this idea for an early family dinner. Asked douglas if he wanted to stay around.

Hope: Dinner? I, um– I just thought douglas would be home by now.

Thomas: Yeah, well, you know what? He’s having a great time, and he wants to stay, so… look, I’ll just– I’ll give you a call in a little bit, okay?

Brooke: Honey. What happened?

Sheila: What do you mean, this arrangement isn’t going to work because it already is. I mean, we’re both getting into a rhythm. I’m making life as easy as I can for you, deacon. I’m making you coffee. I’m– I’m cooking for you.

Deacon: I know. Look, I appreciate it, sheila. It’s very thoughtful and it’s very considerate.

Sheila: Well, then. I don’t get it then. Then, what’s the problem?

Deacon: Sheila, I’m thinking about you.

Sheila: Oh, god.

Deacon: Fine. I’m thinking about me, too. Hey, listen, one of the conditions of my parole is that I do not associate with known felons. Especially ones that go rogue and try and fake their own death. Sheila, seriously. I mean, are you going to risk both of our freedoms, so what? So, we can play house here together? If I were you, I would be hightailing it as far out of L.A. As I could get.

Sheila: I– I– I appreciate the concern, but I’m good.

Deacon: What if somebody sees you? ‘Cause we had a pretty damn close call yesterday with my parole officer.

Sheila: Yeah, but–

Deacon: But no, look– that could’ve gone wrong a hundred different ways.

Sheila: But, it didn’T. I thought quick on my feet, and I took care of it like I always do. But, you know what? You’re right. I didn’t go through the excruciating pain of cutting off my own toe just to make some stupid mistake that was gonna land me back in prison.

Deacon: Look, as far as I’m concerned, I never saw you. Okay? I just think it would be best if you left.

Sheila: I’m not going anywhere. Hi, I’m nancy.

Brooke: I don’t like what’s happening.

Hope: Well, I wasn’t expecting him to stay for dinner, but, okay.

Brooke: I can’t believe thomas wouldn’t even let you pick up douglas.

Eric: Family dinner. That’s exactly what we need after everything that our family’s been through.

Ridge: It’s true. We gotta reconnect as forresters, and you know what? Finn coming back from the dead, perfect reason to celebrate.

Eric: It is. And douglas staying here as well, that too.

Thomas: I’m so happy that we’re all together.

Ridge: Where’s donna? Is she joining us?

Eric: She’s shopping with pam. She’ll be back here for dinner.

Thomas: Hey, granddad?

Eric: Yeah.

Thomas: It is so good to see you happy again.

Eric: Thank you. Donna’s a real treasure, I gotta tell you.

Thomas: Hey, bud! How was the game?

Douglas: Dodgers won.

Ridge: Of course they did.

Eric: Yeah. I hope you’re hungry.

Douglas: Oh, dad said we’re having a family dinner. I cannot wait to see kelly and hayes.

Ridge: Really? Fair warning, it’s about to get really, really loud in here.

Eric: That’s the way I like it.

Ridge: Is it?

Taylor: Hey, the party’s here.

Douglas: Kelly!

Taylor: Hi! Hi, douglas!

Steffy: I’m gonna take him upstairs.

Taylor: That’s a good idea. Okay, so on a scale of one to so much fun, how was last night with your dad?

Douglas: So much fun.

Taylor and douglas: Yeah!

Taylor: Okay, tell me everything. What did you do?

Douglas: Okay, so, we ordered pizza.

Taylor: Yes.

Douglas: Swam a lot.

Taylor: Awesome.

Douglas: And then started building a model rocket.

Taylor: Oh, that’amulg.

Finn: Oh, man. I wanna get one of those.

Taylor: Okay, what else? What else did you do?

Douglas: Oh, and my dad showed me how to play a chord on his guitar.

Taylor: Yes!

Finn: Nice.

Taylor: Excellent!

Douglas: You wanna see?

Kelly: Yeah.

Douglas: Then, let’s go.

Eric: Okay. Okay. Okay.

[ Laughing ]

Eric: Okay, this is exactly what you told me.

Taylor: Yes.

Eric: This is great. It’s perfect. And you, I… I can’t believe we’re seeing you again. Your last name might be finnegan, but you’re this close to being a forrester right now.

Sheila: You know, how can you even suggest that I leave los angeles? Like, do you even know me? My son and my grandson are here.

Deacon: Do you honestly think that you’re– you’re still gonna have a relationship with finn? After what you did? Accidentally shooting him? Not so accidentally shooting his wife.

Sheila: And I have apologized for that over and over again. Steffy, she just wouldn’t stop pushing me. Telling me that– that I would have no place in finn and hayes’s lives. And yeah, okay, I– at that brief moment, I lost it.

Deacon: You know, see– that’s the problem with you. You don’t get the subtle differences. There’s losing it, and then there’s losing it.

[ Sheila sighing ]

Sheila: Okay. I, uh, I overreact. Sometimes. And I admit that. But you’re making it sound like– like I am just some– some lunatic, some crazy woman and that’s just not true.

Deacon: Really? No, a completely sane woman who cuts her toe off to fake her own death, and then hobbles back to the scene of the crime, putting your freedom and mine at risk. Right, no crazy here. All right, look, I’m just trying to say that it’s dangerous for both of us to have you here. Look, if you really wanna have a life, you wanna have your freedom… you gotta put L.A. In the rear view mirror, and you’ve gotta disappear for good this time.

Deacon: Sheila, I’ve literally never met anyone like you before. I don’t think there is anyone like you.

Sheila: And I like you too. I think I’ve proven that.

Deacon: Look, we obviously have great chemistry in bed, right?

Sheila: Mm hmm.

Deacon: And if things were different… but they’re not.

[ Phone ringing ] It might be work. It’s hope, shh. Hey, sweetheart.

Hope: Dad, hi. Um, look, I just realized that we promised that we would hang out together soon, and I haven’t followed through on that, and I just– I’ve had a lot on my plate lately.

Deacon: You know, I actually– I’ve had my hands full, too. Dealing with something unexpected.

Hope: Everything okay?

Deacon: Yeah, everything’s fine. Um, listen, thanks for, uh, for reaching out. We’ll get together soon, okay? Bye.

[ Telephone beeping ]

Deacon: You see, that call from hope, that just reinforces how dangerous this is. If hope or brooke find out that you’re staying here, if anyone finds–

Sheila: Shh. You know, you keep droning on and on and on about the risks, but what about the benefits? And the obvious one, I have money. Not to mention something else that you can’t seem to get enough of. So, why don’t you just enjoy the spoils, deacon? ‘Cause I’m not leaving. And just a word of caution, if you have any plans to blow the whistle on me, well, you’d be blowing it on yourself as well. Remember, your words. I go to prison, you go to prison. So, now that we have that at all settled… what can I make you for dinner?

Taylor: Ta-dah!

[ Chuckling ]

Ridge: Thank you.

Taylor: Cheers.

Ridge: Cheers.

Taylor: What’s going on with you?

Ridge: What do you mean?

Taylor: You have this– this smile, on your face. Like– like you know something that the rest of us don’T.

Ridge: That goes without saying.

[ Taylor laughing ]

Ridge: I don’t know. I guess I’m just happy.

Taylor: No.

Ridge: Yeah.

Taylor: You?

Ridge: Yes. Happy to be here.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh.

Ridge: My family makes me feel good.

Taylor: Good.

Ridge: You know what else makes me feel good?

Taylor: What?

Ridge: You.

Eric: Your love for my granddaughter is showing.

Finn: I don’t rein it in very well, do I?

Eric: No, and you– you don’t have to. Not after everything you’ve been through. My god, it must have felt like she was completely out of reach to you.

Finn: No. You know, as soon as I woke up, I… I knew I had to get home to her. I just… had to figure out how.

Eric: Makes me very happy to know that she found a man who loves her that much. Welcome home.

Finn: Thanks, eric.

Steffy: Amelia has the kids occupied upstairs, thank goodness.

Thomas: Yeah, uh, they got a whole new puzzle. Douglas is showing kelly how to put the borders out first before you go. I taught him that.

Ridge: Yeah? And who taught you?

Eric: Yeah, excuse me. Who taught you?

Ridge: Are you feeling it? There’s a toast coming on.

Taylor: Whoa.

Ridge: Grab a glass if you don’t already have one. I just wanna say how pleased I am to be around these beautiful people. Makes me wanna be prettier.

Taylor: Aw, but you’re so pretty.

Ridge: I am pretty, no–

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: Nice. Thank you. I paid her to say this.

[ Ridge sighing ] We’ve had a rough ride this year, for this family. Um, when taylor and I went to monaco, we didn’t know what to expect because… when steffy left, she was… pretty despondent. And then, we heard that she was doing worse, so we didn’t know what we were gonna walk into. But what we walked into was a miracle. Finn was alive, and… I gotta tell you, I’m never gonna forget that day. You didn’t just come back to this little beach house, you came back to the forresters. And dad was joking earlier about you almost being a forrester. You are. You’re part of us, and you always will be. Whether you like it or not.

All: Cheers.

Steffy: I have to say something. Speaking of you. When I first met you, I… I knew that I was in trouble. What this, like, turned into? I could not dream this. I mean, you are… you are amazing. Your love, your strength. I was devastated when I thought you were gone. But here you are. We’re together again. Your family’s together again. I will forever, forever be grateful, and I will never take this for granted. I’m never gonna take you for granted. I love you, finn, so much.

Finn: I love you.

Eric: Cheers, everyone.

Finn: Thank you.

All: Cheers.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sheila: Look, I could leave if you really want me to, but you’d be a fool to pass up this offer. You can do so much better, deacon. Look, do– do you really wanna live the rest of your life like this? I– granted, this is a step up from the storage room, but it’s– it’s definitely not the forrester estate. I can help you do better. The money I have access to, it’S…

Deacon: How much? I mean, if I’m even gonna entertain the idea of you staying here, I wanna know exactly how much.

Taylor: Wow. Where did that come from? I– I thought we were talking about the kiss that ridge and I shared that you’re not threatened by.

Brooke: No, I’m not. I am not threatened by that kiss. Am I happy about it? No, absolutely not. But I’m confident in my marriage with ridge. I know that he loves me, and I’m– I’m sure that we’re gonna recommit sometime soon.

Taylor: Yeah, you must be confident to randomly attack his son.

Brooke: First of all, it’s not random, and it’s not an attack. This is a warning. Douglas is living in a very secure, loving home. And there is no way that I’m gonna let thomas take douglas away from hope.

Hope: I just– I just wanna make sure that we have the same expectations. I want to believe that you’re just talking about one night, but now that I know you want douglas to live with you permanently, I–

Thomas: For right now, it’s just one night, and he is going to have a blast. Okay? Now, we’ll worry about everything else later.

Thomas: You know how much I love my son. How much I miss him. And you heard him, he misses me.

Hope: And I’ve been supportive of the two of you spending as much time together as possible, but this is his home.

Thomas: This has been his home, and it– it’s been a fantastic home. You and liam have done an amazing job with douglas, but– look, I will always be grateful that you are his mother, but he also has a father. And lately, I felt like an absentee one. Okay? I get to show up, and I– I play ball with him, and I give him ice cream, and then I send him along his merry way. And it’s like– it’s– it’s time to change that. It’s time for douglas to live with me. And he’s a forrester, after all. He should be with his forrester family.

Taylor: Why are you doing this? You have no say in what thomas and hope decide to do.

Brooke: The decision was already made. Back when thomas realized that douglas needed a reliable parent in the home.

Taylor: Yet that decision was encouraged by hope. I understand. I do. But thomas was in a very fragile place, and it was only supposed to be a temporary living situation while thomas got his life together, which he has done very successfully, I might add.

Brooke: Even if that were true, I have a hard time believing it. And I think you’re a little bit too biased to see things clearly. Douglas cannot be yanked out of his home. And you, as a psychiatrist, I would think that you would know that!

Taylor: Don’t pull that card. Listen, I would never do anything to harm my grandson. But as a psychiatrist, I do think that it is far more dangerous for douglas to not be living–

Brooke: Douglas is not being pulled out of the home. I won’t allow it.

Taylor: I’m sorry, you– you won’t allow it?

Brooke: Absolutely not.

Sheila: Ah. Not kicking me out so fast anymore, are you?

Deacon: You know what? You know what?

Sheila: But as for the amount of cash, well–

Deacon: Never mind. Stop. Stop. Just– no, no. You know what? I– I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. I don’t even wanna know, all right? Is my life perfect? No, it’s not. But I like it the way it is. I’m working on trying to better myself, you know, make something out of myself. I– I got a good relationship with my daughter. Starting to get really solid. Hanging out with you is gonna ruin that.

Sheila: What exactly are you trying to say?

Deacon: I think I’m exactly trying to say that you need to leave right now. Hi, I’m karen.

Hope: Well, douglas was just dropped off, so I think we should table this discussion for another time.

Thomas: We can’t keep putting this off. This is important, okay? We have to do what’s best for douglas.

Hope: And that is more time with you. I agree. I understand how valuable those father-son moments are, but the place that he calls home, I just– I don’t want that to change. Here is where it’s best for him.

Douglas: Hey, dad!

Thomas: Hey, come here! Did you have fun over at eli’s?

Douglas: Yeah, his dad took us to the zoo.

Hope: Oh. Did you remember to say thank you?

Douglas: I did.

Thomas: Good man.

Douglas: I didn’t know you’d be here. Do you have time to play catch?

Thomas: I’d love to play catch, but actually, first, um, I– I have a question for you.

Taylor: Yeah. Brooke, I– I understand that– that you’re very worried about hope. And I am very worried about douglas. But I also know that– that– that hope loves douglas so much, and I am sure that she would want him to have a very close and loving relationship with his father. Don’t you?

Brooke: Everyone wants that.

Taylor: Okay.

Brooke: As long as thomas is worthy.

Taylor: Worthy, really? He has worked so hard to get to where he is.

Brooke: My daughter’s worked hard to raise his child, while he’s off trying to get better.

Taylor: His child. His child. You just said it. Douglas is thomas’s son, and you don’t have any right to say when they see each other.

Brooke: Well, this really isn’t about saying, this is about living. We’re talking about where douglas lives. And if there’s any question at all, even in the slightest, that thomas doesn’t have douglas’s best interests at heart–

Taylor: Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Do not question his character.

Brooke: Oh, my god, how can I not? After everything he’s done through the years.

[ Taylor scoffs ]

Taylor: Oh, that is ironic. Hello, pot, meet kettle.

[ Brooke scoffs ]

Taylor: I need you to stop, now. Okay? Do you have any idea how much my family has been through recently?

Brooke: Yes, I do. And it’s been horrific. But the pain that steffy and finn have felt, that has nothing to do with you snatching douglas out of his home.

Taylor: Okay.

[ Taylor sighs ] It’s not what we’re doing. It’s not what we’re doing. Ridge and I are just laser-focused on our family right now. We just–

Brooke: Wait. Ridge and I? Ridge is my husband, not yours.

Sheila: You– you like the way your life is? Seriously.

Deacon: Look around, sheila. Do you see any bars? Any guards? I got my freedom, so you know what? Yeah, I like it a lot.

Sheila: Oh my god, you’ve got your freedom, but what are you doing with it, deacon? What– you’re living in a place like this, playing busboy?

Deacon: Not a lot of people would take a chance on an ex-con. I figured you’d know that. Speaking of which, how do you have all this supposed money?

Sheila: Well, you know what, I would think that you would know better by now than to question my ways.

[ Sheila scoffs ] You used to be successful. You had your own nightclub, deacon, you– you had your own design company. And you were a force to be reckoned with, and– and look at you now. You’re barely getting by. I can change that for you.

Deacon: I don’t need to change.

Sheila: Need? Okay. What about want? I can set you up with everything you desire. You– you want new clothes? You want furniture? A trip, maybe a new car. It’s like you said, these opportunities don’t come along very often, especially for guys like you. Opportunity doesn’t come knocking on that door, and yet here I am at your door. Knock, knock.

Deacon: I– I don’t know, sheila.

Sheila: Come on, think of all the perks that I come with. Don’t make me leave. Please don’t send me away. One prilosec otc in the morning

[ Birds chirping ]

Thomas: I’ve actually got some news. Um, great-grandad asked me if I could move in with him.

Douglas: Really? Cool. His pool is awesome.

Thomas: Yeah, right? I mean, I’ll probably just jump in there as soon as we get home, actually. And you know what’d make it even more awesome, is if you join me.

Douglas: Yeah!

Thomas: Awesome! Well, I thought we could make a night of it, right? You could come over, we’ll hang out. He’s got plenty of space, obviously so much to do. And in the morning, we could take a dip then, too.

Douglas: That would be so fun. Can I? Please, mom, can I spend the night with dad?

Taylor: Why? Why do you have to tell me that ridge is your husband every chance you get?

Brooke: Taylor! If you don’t wanna be reminded, don’t give me reason to have to!

Taylor: Saying “ridge and I” was not meant to trigger you like this. Although I understand that you’re threatened, even though you say you’re not. Ridge and I have a core family that we need to nurture, just like you and ridge do. And you and eric. And– and you and deacon. But I digress, just– brooke, put yourself in our shoes, please. We’ve been very worried and we’re just coming down off of everything that happened with steffy and the kids.

Brooke: We’ve all been very worried. And that has nothing to do with douglas.

Taylor: Oh, but it does. See, because we got to witness a miracle happen for steffy and her family was reunited again, so naturally, ridge and i want the same thing for thomas. You know, douglas has been living over in the… cabin over there for a very long time now.

Brooke: Yes. With hope. His mother.

Taylor: And now it’s time for my grandson to live with his father.

[ Brooke laughs ] Day in and day out.

Brooke: No. No, that is not happening.

Taylor: See, but it is happening. It’s happening tonight at eric’S.

Brooke: No, that can’t happen. Thomas can’t do that to hope, or to douglas. Douglas already lost a mother. So, thomas thinks it’s fine that he loses another?

Taylor: Okay.

Brooke: You think it’s fine?

Taylor: Wow. You know, brooke. Caroline died. Hope is very much alive, and she’s not going anywhere. And she is more than welcome to– to– to engage in douglas’s life as much as she wants to. We want that. This is just about where douglas lives and sleeps, that’s it.

Brooke: Well, he sleeps at home. Where he feels very safe, and secure, and comfortable. With hope, and liam, and beth. Douglas is not leaving his mother, or his sister. He’s not.

Sheila: It’s not too late to do something with your life, deacon. Something that’s gonna make your daughter proud.

Deacon: She is proud of me.

Sheila: Oh, yeah, right. Because you’re no longer in prison. Yeah, proud. But what about if you gave her something to see that you are successful pursuing a dream? I can invest in that. I can invest in your future, I– do you really wanna walk away from free money?

Deacon: Free? Sheila, helping you? That could cost me a lot.

Sheila: Look, hope would never have to know about our agreement. That would stay between us.

Deacon: You know, I could follow my own dreams without your money, thank you very much.

Sheila: Well, how? I mean, do you have any kind of savings? To buy a suit, let alone groceries. I mean– here I am with a life-changing offer. So, without me, what do you even have?

Deacon: I’ve got my freedom. You should know how valuable that is.

Sheila: Yeah, well, I want my freedom, too. I don’t want to go back to prison, but I– and I don’t want to keep running either. That– that life is just too lonely.

Deacon: Fine, stay out of prison. But why here? Why me?

Sheila: I think last night answered that question. (Vo) when you live with moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Douglas: Can I, mom? Please, can I spend the night with dad? I always have so much fun when I’m there, and I promise I’ll say thank you to great-grandad.

Hope: Oh! Well, then, in that case, of course you can go with your dad.

Thomas: What?!

Douglas: Yes!

Hope: For the night.

Douglas: Oh, thank you so much.

Hope: Of course, sweetie. Now, I already packed your bag, but double check that I didn’t forget anything?

Douglas: Okay!

Hope: Okay.

Thomas: Oh, don’t forget, swimsuit.

Hope: Oh, yeah.

[ Hope laughs awkwardly ]

Thomas: You saw how excited he was?

Hope: Yes, but–

Thomas: Hey, it’s all gonna work out, okay?

Hope: Yeah, well, as long as we remember that this is just for the night and not any sort of long-term change. This is douglas’s home.

Taylor: We all believe that this is the best thing for thomas and douglas.

Brooke: We?

Taylor: Yes.

Brooke: You, thomas and steffy. I mean, that’s hardly “all,” “we all”–

Taylor: And ridge. Brooke, he told me that he talked to you about this, that he shared his feelings and how he felt about douglas and thomas reuniting.

Brooke: I don’t think this is really about douglas at all. I think this is about you wanting to take douglas away from my daughter, and also driving a wedge between ridge and me.

Taylor: Oh, brooke, no. You’re doing a fine job of that all on your own.

Brooke: This really isn’t about douglas at all, is it?

Taylor: You think that I would use my grandson to try to get ridge back?

Brooke: I think that’s exactly what you’re doing. But it won’t work. You’re not gonna take douglas. You’re not gonna do that to hope. And you certainly are not going to do that to me. Sheila: Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve shared myself with a man? And last night… that went beyond any expectations I had. And I think you enjoyed yourself, too. You see, all you had to do was give us a chance.

Deacon: Yeah, well, I didn’t know it was you.

Sheila: Hmm, kinda kinky, but I– I think you like that, don’t you? Don’t give up on me. I’ll be anything. Anything you want. Just don’t turn me in. And don’t turn me away. All right, you know what? Um… if– if you– if you want to turn me in, go ahead, your phone is right there. Although it could cost you your freedom as well. A parolee harboring a– a fugitive. You may end up going back to prison, too, but– but you go right ahead. I mean, if– if that’s what you want, and you don’t wanna take a chance on me, then go ahead. Pick it up.

Deacon: Can’t risk it.

Sheila: Smart decision.

Deacon: Is it?

Sheila: Yeah, but I just have one more question. What side of the bed do you want?

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B&B Transcript Monday, August 22, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Knocking ]

Jordan: Officer. I gotta let him in.

Sheila: You can’t do that! If he sees me, I go back to prison and so do you.

[ Knocking ]

Hope: Thomas will be here any minute.

Brooke: So he’s taking douglas to eric’S.

Hope: Yes. But just for the night. And normally I wouldn’t give that a second thought. He’s done overnights and weekends before, but now knowing that thomas wants him to live with him full time, I’m just trying really hard not to freak out.

Brooke: Honey, it’s going to be okay. Douglas’ home is here with you. We’re not gonna let anybody take him away.

[ Hope sighing ]

Eric: No, donna, I don’t think so.

Donna: Working from the pool is still working from home.

Eric: Yeah, but if you’re in the pool, I won’t get any work done.

Donna: I’m not gonna distract you. I’m– I’m just gonna lie on my float and soak up the sun. Hm?

Eric: What, you don’t see how– how– how– how that might be a distraction to me?

Donna: Or motivating. The sooner you get work done the sooner you can join me.

Eric: Mm-hm. You see, even you describing that to me is a distraction.

Donna: Ah! Well, I’m not gonna apologize for that one.

Eric: I don’t think you should.

Donna: No?

Eric: Mn-mn. Come here. Come here.

[ Donna moaning ]

[Door opening]

Taylor: Um, oops. Um, okay. Ah. Sorry about that.

Thomas: Yeah. I– I– I told you that we should’ve called.

Taylor: Uh, yeah.

Donna: Oh, it’s okay.

Eric: No, not at all. I– I’m delighted to see you.

Ridge: ‘Cause it almost seems we’re interrupting something.

Eric: We were just planning what to do with the rest of our day. Where’s douglas?

Donna: Uh, yeah, I thought he was spending the night.

Thomas: Yeah, he is. I’m about to head over and grab him.

Eric: Well, I’m very that– that you’re going to be staying here.

Taylor: We are so excited, too. You know, this is long overdue. Douglas finally gets to spend time with his father.

Hope: If he wants ton just spend more time with him, then he can and we can work something out. It’s just… this is his home. Douglas is happy here.

Brooke: Unfortunately, thomas, taylor and steffy wanna change that. They wanna take douglas away from you.

Hope: Okay, well, then I don’t understand that. Because they have so much to celebrate right now. Why start to start a fight?

Brooke: I don’t know. I– I think it’s taylor. Well, I won’t allow it. Something has to be done.

Hope: But I don’t want douglas to pick up on any tension between us.

Brooke: Okay. Yeah. That is why I’m going to handle this. Right now.

Taylor: I cannot think of a better place for thomas and douglas to spend more time together than right here.

Eric: I want the two of you to feel absolutely at home here at the house.

Thomas: Thanks, granddad. I appreciate that.

Taylor: Yeah, really, thank you. Thank you for making it so easy for thomas and his son to reunite. It’s such a gift. And you know what? We’re just gonna see how it goes, okay? We’ll see how it goes. Maybe this will turn into more than just a night here and there. And you guys can live together, and you know, really bond.

[ Thomas chuckling ]

Eric: I remember how close the two of you were when caroline first passed away.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. But, um, I– I’m in a much better place now. Thanks to you.

Taylor: Well, we were all here to support you, sweetheart. You know what? I’m gonna go.

Thomas: Okay.

Taylor: Um, thank you again, eric. And bye, donna.

Donna: Bye.

Taylor: Did you get the uh–

Ridge: Is this it?

Taylor: That’s the one. Okay, thanks. Bye.

Ridge: Okay, bye.

[ Knocking ]

Jordan: Deacon, it’s jordan. Let me in. We have an appointment.

Sheila: Oh, god. You were expecting him?

Deacon: He’s parole. I– I– it’s a residence check. Yeah, jordan. Just give me a second, okay?

[Mouthing] You. Hide.

Sheila: [Mouthing] Where?

Deacon: Go to the bathroom. Right now. Be quiet. Don’t make a sound. Hey, jordan. Sorry to keep you waiting. Come on in.

Jordan: There a problem?

Deacon: No. No problem.

Jordan: You got nothing to hide? Age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss.

Deacon: Have anything to hide? Come on, no, jordan.

Jordan: If you are hiding something, it’s not gonna be funny, deacon. You seem a little nervous.

Deacon: Just kind of embarrassed. You know, I mean, place is a mess. Got my parole officer coming over, I wanted things to be immaculate.

Jordan: You oversleep?

Deacon: Yeah, I didn’t mean to. I– I hung out after work.

Jordan: Still working downstairs?

Deacon: Yup. Hey, I even got a raise. Uh, it’s allowed me to afford this luxury penthouse.

Jordan: Following protocol? Staying clean?

Deacon: Yeah. I’m– I’m working long shifts. Uh, you know, I spend time with my– my daughter, my granddaughter.

Jordan: No drugs?

Deacon: No, sir.

Jordan: Staying away from criminal elements?

Deacon: That was the old me. You know, I– I’m a family man now. I’m just, you know, mr. Up and up.

Jordan: Anything else you want to tell me?


Jordan: What was that? Is there somebody in the bathroom?

[ Knocking ]

Hope: It’s open.

Thomas: Hey. Did you get my text?

Hope: Uh, yeah, thanks for letting me know you were on your way.

Thomas: Sure. I just wanted to give douglas time to get his stuff together. Is, uh, liam helping him pack?

Hope: Uh, no, liam’s actually at work. And there really wasn’t that much to pack because it’s just an overnight.

Thomas: Uh, yeah. I mean, we’re spending time over at granddad’s, like I said. Um, is he ready?

Hope: Douglas isn’t here.

Ridge: It’s probably good that we’re discussing this on our own.

Eric: Yeah, well, believe me, donna would much rather be out there alone than to come between you and her sister.

Ridge: I don’t want that either.

Eric: So how does brooke feel about this? Uh, she can’t be thrilled about it.

Ridge: No.

Eric: What about hope? Uh, wouldn’t hope rather that douglas stay there with them?

Ridge: Sure she would. Look–

[ Sighing ] Douglas lived there for a long time. It was good for him. But now, this is gonna be good for him. Spending time with his dad. Thomas and hope, I… they’ll figure something out.

Eric: If they don’t, it’s gonna be a big conflict for you.

Ridge: It’s already a conflict.

Eric: You don’t want to be caught between brooke and taylor, do you?

Taylor: Yeah. I mean, it would be great to find an assistant that actually stays at their desk.

[ Knocking ]

Taylor: Um, come in. Yeah, if you find anybody that would be awesome. Just, you know, give me a call. I– I definitely appreciate it. Okay. Thank you. Okay, bye-bye. Look at you, knocking.

Brooke: Hello, taylor. Are you busy?

Taylor: Am I busy? Why are you being so nice? Who are you?

Brooke: I know what you did in monaco. You kissed ridge.

Only daisy cottage cheese will do

Thomas: Douglas isn’t here?

Hope: Oh, no, no. He’s still over at eli’S. His mom said that the pizza was running late.

Thomas: Oh, okay. So he’ll– he’ll be here soon.

Hope: Yeah. I– I hope that’s not a problem. It kinda gives us a chance to talk.

Thomas: Sure. I– I don’t have any like crazy plans. Just hanging out at the house.

Hope: Is eric going to be there?

Thomas: Yeah. He’s actually really excited to see us both.

Thomas: I– look, hope, I– I know… I know that this is all a little bit sudden, but it’s really not that big of a deal. And for right now, it’s just a night over at granddad’s house. That’s it.

Hope: Thomas, I’ve been thinking a lot about the things you’ve been saying lately about how you’re feeling and the role that you play in your son’s life and I– I know that we agreed to this overnight, but you’re still really wishing it were more than that, aren’t you?

Brooke: Must have been completely overwhelming to find out that finn was alive. Can only imagine what it was like for you and ridge.

Taylor: Ridge told me that he shared with you with everything that happened. But, I mean, I’m happy to tell you again. So ridge and I were, um, feeling very helpless, uh, about our daughter’s depression, and then out of nowhere, finn shows up. And– and steffy’s life and her family was back together again and it… and…

Brooke: And I’m very happy for them. I am. I’m happy for the family. But I do know that the way you chose to celebrate, by kissing my husband. That was totally out of line.

Jordan: Deacon? Do you have someone over?

Sheila: [Southern accent] Deacon, sugar, is your parole officer here?

[ Deacon sighing ]

Jordan: Who’s that?

[ Deacon sighing ]

Sheila: I’m so sorry. I’m– I’m deacon’s lady-friend. I– I don’t mean to be rude, but you caught me in the bathtub.

[ Deacon scoffing ]

Jordan: Your girlfriend. You’re in a relationship now?

Deacon: I–

Jordan: I asked you what’s new.

Deacon: I know, uh, I was raised not to kiss and tell, you know.

Sheila: He’s such a gentleman. I’m so sorry, I’m just– I’m gonna let you gentlemen get back to your business.

Deacon: Can we do that? Can we just, you know, ignore her?

Jordan: Is she living with you? ‘Cause I need to make a note of that. Uh, get a name. Some background information.

Deacon: No! No, no, no. It’s not like that. She’s– we spent the night together. You know how it is. This is not gonna be a regular thing.

Jordan: She doesn’t have a record, does she?

Deacon: No.

Jordan: Because that would be a problem. I need to know who you’re associating with.

[ Phone ringing ]

Jordan: Ah. Uh, sorry. My kid’s school. Hello. Ms. Arbor? Uh, no, suzy didn’t have a fever this morning.

[ Sighing ] Uh, okay. I’ll be right there. I have to go.

Deacon: Okay, I hope everything’s all right.

Jordan: Yeah. Listen, deacon. You’re on the right track. One of my better parolees. Making good life choices. So if you and this woman have something, maybe give it a shot. With the right person, a– a new relationship could be a good influence on you. Okay.

Sheila: Hey, sugar. Is he gone?

Deacon: What the hell were you thinking?

Sheila: Yeah, it was close. You know what you need? I think we both need to slip into a nice, hot bath. Girls trip.

Thomas: Hey, hope, I can see you’re obviously a little nervous about this whole thing. Yes, I do think that douglas should live with me full time.

Hope: And you’re saying I shouldn’t be worried about that?

Thomas: No. I’m his father. I love douglas more than anything in the world.

Hope: I know, thomas. I know that you love him. And I know that douglas loves you. It’s just, you’re– you’re talking about pulling him away from– from the home that he’s known, and–

Thomas: Right. I– look. I’m– I’m talking about stepping up. And being a father to him like I always wanted to be. And he misses me, hope. You heard him.

Hope: Then, I will be happy to give you two more time together.

Thomas: Give us?

Hope: Yes. I will do whatever it is you need me to do for you two to be able to spend more time together, just on his schedule here in his home. Because this is where he belongs.

Taylor: Take a seat, brooke.

Brooke: Gladly. When you first came back into town, you said you didn’t want to interfere in my marriage. I was hoping that was true.

Taylor: It was.

Brooke: Yeah? Well, sheila drove us apart. But you were right there.

Taylor: To be completely accurate, ridge was right here. I just offered my comfort and support.

Brooke: Mm. And that’s what you do best. You’re the ex-wife who is ridge’s best friend. But I think that’s changed. You’ve changed.

Taylor: I really have changed.

Brooke: Yeah. You want something more, don’t you?

Taylor: I want more for ridge. He is so unsettled. You have put him through so much.

[ Brooke chuckling ]

Brooke: There you go. Least I’m getting the truth out of you.

Taylor: I’ve always said this. It’s just that ridge is now starting to realize that he’s spinning his wheels with you. He’s always stuck in the same situations over and over, and brooke, he’s tired. And I’ve noticed a change in him since I’ve been back. But definitely noticed a change when we were in monaco. He wants to be there for his children. His children that he has neglected for so long. Because of you. Thomas needs him and steffy needs him.

Brooke: Okay, wait, hang on. The– the kids don’t need him. The family doesn’t need him. You need him, taylor. You.

Taylor: Oh, I don’t need him. I want him. To be happy. Now, you came by because you’re threatened about the kiss that ridge and I shared, right?

Brooke: No. Absolutely not. I’m not threatened by that kiss at all. But what does bother me is the way you inject yourself into things that my family is dealing with. You know, namely my daughter and her children. That’s why I’m here. And I think you know what I’m talking about, taylor.

Taylor: My grandson. Douglas.

Brooke: Yes. Douglas. And there’s no way that I’m gonna let thomas pull douglas out of his house away from hope. It’s just not going to happen.

Deacon: Not in the mood for your jokes or a bath.

Sheila: Then maybe I should leave this off. You wanna get dirty?

Deacon: That was my parole officer. If he would’ve seen you, it would have been adios to my freedom and yours.

Sheila: Wh– it was an accident. I knocked over–

Deacon: No. No. No, no, no, no. Everything you do is intentional. Why the hell did you come back here? You should’ve headed for the border, you should have crossed and never looked back.

Sheila: And live for what? A life on my own? A life where I love no one? Have no one to love me? I– I’ve– I’ve already lived that life, deacon.

Deacon: What are you talking about? Oh, come– do you– do you actually believe that there’s a chance for you to have a relationship with finn after everything you’ve done?

Sheila: I– I– I– I just want to be close to my son and grandson and make sure that they’re all right.

Deacon: You just don’t get it, do you? They’re better off without you!

Sheila: You know, none of my other children want anything to do with me. This is all I have left, deacon. My last chance to actually make something good out of this miserable life of mine. Finn is– he’s a good man. And hayes is– is so beautiful. I’m a part of them. They’re a part of me.

Deacon: Sheila, you can’t stay here. All it’s gonna wind up doing is bringing trouble for you and for me.

Sheila: Trouble can be kind of exciting.

Deacon: No, no.

Sheila: It was last night.

Deacon: No, no, no, sheila. All right? Get your stuff, get changed, take my shirt off and go. There’s the door. I don’t wanna see you again.

Sheila: No. You don’t– you don’t mean that.

Deacon: Sheila, there is not a reason in this universe that I would let you stay here.

Sheila: You know what? I’ll give you a reason. I have money. A lot of it. Don’t ask me how. Tell me your number. Go ahead, deacon. Tell me what you need.

Deacon: How much do you got?

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