Family Guy Birthdays

Cast Birthdays

Family Guy

Seth MacFarlane 10/26/73
Alex Borstein 2/15/73
Seth Green 2/8/74
Mila Kunis 8/14/83
Mike Henry 11/7/65
Patrick Warburton 11/14/64
Arif Zahir 4/15/94
Jennifer Tilly 9/16/58
Phil LaMarr 1/24/67
Gary Cole 9/20/56

Family Guy

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Family Guy Cast List

Who does the voices on the show?

Peter Griffin/Stewie/Brian/Carter Pewterschmidt/Glenn Quagmire/

Tom and Jake Tucker/Dr. Elmer Hartman/Kool-Aid Man/God/Jasper

Seth MacFarlane
Lois Griffin/Tricia Takanawa/Loretta Brown/Barbara Pewterschmidt Alex Borstein
Chris Griffin/Neil Goldman Seth Green
Meg Griffin Mila Kunis
Cleveland Brown Arif Zahir
Joe Swanson Patrick Warburton

Recurring and past characters

various characters…Mike Henry

Mayor Adam West…Adam West

Jim Kaplan…Danny Smith

TV Announcer…John Viener

Bonnie Swanson…Jennifer Tilly

Mort Goldman…John G. Brennan

Jesus Christ…Alec Sulkin

Diane Simmons…Lori Alan

Ollie Williams…Phil LaMarr

George W. Bush…Chris Cox

Barbara…Rachael MacFarlane

Jerome…Kevin Michael Richardson

Principal Shepherd…Gary Cole

Girl…Alexandra Breckenridge

Opie…Mark Hentemann

James William Bottomtooth III…Chris Sheridan

Customer…Steve Callaghan

Muriel Goldman…Nicole Sullivan

Joyce Kinney…Christine Lakin

Jeremy Miller…Patrick Meighan

Amanda…Tara Strong

Apple…Gary Janetti

Angela…Carrie Fisher

Annaleigh Quagmire…Mae Whitman

Kid…Max Burkholder

Carl…H. Jon Benjamin

Fred Flintstone…Jeff Bergman

Blackjack Dealer…Emily Osment

Baby Susie Swanson (Inner Voice)…Patrick Stewart

Connie D’Amico…Lisa Wilhoit

Rita…Nana Visitor

Ben Franklin Bear…Mike Barker

Kevin Swanson…Scott Grimes

Death…Adam Carolla

Boy…Jonathan Morgan Heit

Meg Griffin (1999-2012)…Lacey Chabert

Various characters…Ralph Garman

Various characters…Fred Tatasciore

Various characters…Wally Wingert

Various characters…Megan Grano

Asian Man…Robert Wu

Amusement Park Manager…Lucas Grabeel

Aziz Ansari…Josh Robert Thompson

Kid…James Burkholder

First Caterpillar…Kirker Butler

Mr. Weed…Carlos Alazraqui

Jillian Russell…Drew Barrymore

Jason Voorhees…Jackson Douglas

James Woods…himself

Ryan Reynolds…himself

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Doctor Who Cast List

Who played whom

Main Characters

The Doctor – Peter Capaldi (2013- )

Bill – Pearl Mackie (2017- )

The Doctor – Matt Smith (2010-2013)

The Doctor – David Tennant (2005-2009)

The Doctor – Christopher Eccleston (2005)

Jenna Coleman – Clara (2012-2015)

Karen Gillan – Amy Pond (2008-2012)

Rory – Arthur Darvill (2010-2012)

Billie Piper – Rose Tyler (2005-2008)

Martha Jones – Freema Agyeman (2005-2008)

Donna Noble – Catherine Tate (2006-2008)

Recurring Characters

River Song – Alex Kingston (2008-2015)

Captain Jack Harkness – John Barrowman (2005-2010)

The Master – John Simm (2007-2010)

Missy – Michelle Gomez (2014-2015)

Ood Sigma – Paul Kasey

Dalek – Nicholas Briggs

Cyberman – Ruari Mears

Dalek Operator – Barnaby Edwards

Jackie Tyler – Camille Coduri

Mickey Smith – Noel Clarke

Dalek Operator – Nicholas Pegg

Strax – Dan Starkey

Danny – Samuel Anderson

Madame Vastra – Neve McIntosh

Wilfred Mott – Bernard Cribbins

Sylvia Noble – Jacqueline King

Trinity Wells – Lachele Carl

Francine Jones – Adjoa Andoh

Dalek Operator – David Hankinson

Slitheen – Alan Ruscoe

Jenny – Catrin Stewart

Ashildr – Maisie Williams

Pete Tyler – Shaun Dingwall


Main Characters

Captain Jack Harkness – John Barrowman

Gwen Cooper – Eve Myles

Rhys Williams – Kai Owen

Ianto Jones – Gareth David-Lloyd

Owen Harper – Burn Gorman

Toshiko Sato – Naoko Mori

PC Andy Davidson – Tom Price

Weevil – Paul Kasey

Rex Matheson – Mekhi Phifer

Esther Drummond – Alexa Havins

Oswald Danes – Bill Pullman

Jilly Kitzinger – Lauren Ambrose

Mary Cooper – Sharon Morgan

Geraint Cooper – William Thomas

John Frobisher – Peter Capaldi

Past Doctors

John Hurt (2013)

Paul McGann (1996)

Sylvester McCoy (1987–89)

Colin Baker (1984–86)

Peter Davison (1982–84)

Tom Baker (1974–81)

Jon Pertwee (1970–74)

Patrick Troughton (1966–69)

William Hartnell (1963–66)

Complete List of Companions

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Character Profiles

Profiles of your favorites!

Larry David Larry is the star of the show as well as the writer. He plays himself, but nobody is really this clueless. He’s a comic genius. Larry the character is socially inept and very self-centered. He gets irritated by other people and situations (sometimes justified) but mostly ends up annoying other people with what he says and does. He gets himself into strange situations sometimes.



Jeff Greene Jeff is Larry’s best friend and lives nearby as well. Jeff is similar to Larry but is more jovial and gets along better with people. He’s also Larry’s manager. Jeff is married to a real shrew and has cheated on her. He and Larry are often getting into mishaps, but Larry is more the leader and Jeff is the follower.



Cheryl David Cheryl was Larry’s wife for many years on the show, but they got divorced. She thought she was too good for him because she was very pretty and better with people. Larry can be a real idiot sometimes, especially when it comes to people. Cheryl, like most of the people in this show, is very self-centered. Most of them are very spoiled and living in a rich-person’s Hollywood bubble. Cheryl was an actress but apparently not a very good one because she didn’t get too many parts.


Susie Greene Susie is Jeff’s long-suffering wife who has a loud mouth and is very outspoken. Larry and Jeff do a lot of crazy, stupid things and she is the one who usually is there to yell at them for it. Then again, it would be really hard to be married to someone like her.



Richard Lewis Like Larry, Richard plays a fictional version of himself. We don’t know which is real and which is fiction. Richard is very neurotic and worries a lot (most of his comedy shows are about that, too). He often has a beautiful woman on his arm, but he usually ends up screwing up the relationship in one way or another.



Marty Funkhouser He’s an old friend of Larry’s.





Leon Black Leon is a distant relative of Larry’s ex-girlfriend Loretta. When she and her family left Larry’s house, he stayed. He and Larry are good friends and often get into trouble together.





Sammi Greene Sammi is Jeff and Susie’s daughter. She’s now an adult.





Ted Danson He also plays a fictionalized version of himself. Ted in the show seems very laid back but often gets into fights with Larry. After he and his wife divorced, he dated Larry’s ex-wife, Cheryl.




Mary Steenburgen

Mary Steenburgen She also plays herself; she’s married to Ted Danson in real life. In the show, they were divorced. She briefly dated Larry.





Nat David Larry’s dad, who might be even more annoying than Larry.





Antoinette Spolar Larry’s previous receptionist, who kept a lot of his secrets…She was in the first four seasons.





Loretta Black Larry’s ex-girlfriend





Keysha Black She and Darryl are Loretta’s children.




Nan Funkhouser
She’s married to Marty, until they divorce.





Wanda Sykes She also plays herself. Whenever Larry talks to her, he often ends up saying the wrong thing about black people. Wanda often gets annoyed with Larry for what he says and does, especially with regards to black people.



See more at Wikipedia

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Cast List

Who’s Who in the cast!

Larry David

Jeff Garlin…Jeff Greene

Cheryl Hines…Cheryl David

Susie Essman…Susie Greene

Richard Lewis

J.B. Smoove…Leon Black

Vince Vaughn…Freddy Funkhouser

Ted Danson

Shelley Berman…Nat David

Antoinette Spolar

Vivica A. Fox…Loretta Black

Carla Jeffery…Keysha Black

Ann Ryerson…Nan Funkhouser

Wanda Sykes

Ellia English…Auntie Rae

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Ashly Holloway…Sammi Greene

Paul Dooley…Cheryl’s Dad

Julie Payne…Cheryl’s Mom

Kaitlin Olson…Becky

Mocha Joe…Saverio Guerra

Jerry Seinfeld

Louis Nye…Jeff Greene’s Dad

Jason Alexander

Mary Steenburgen

Paul Mazursky…Norm

Mina Kolb…Jeff Greene’s Mom

Cady Huffman

Jim Staahl…Restaurant Manager

Richard Kind…Cousin Andy

Suzy Nakamura…Assistant Manager

Bob Einstein…Marty Funkhouser

Mel Brooks

Michael York

Ben Stiller

Mekhi Phifer…Omar Jones

Jack Gallagher…Doctor

David Schwimmer

Patrick Kerr…Michael

Rosie O’Donnell

Don Stark…Stu Braudy

Christine Taylor

Michael Richards

Jane Carr

Fran Metzger

Caroline Aaron…Barbara

Mayim Bialik…Jodi Funkhouser

Tia Carrere…Cha Cha

Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Cast Birthdays

Celebrate your favorite actors’ birthdays!

Caroline Aaron 8/7
Jason Alexander 9/23
Lisa Arch 11/23
Shelley Berman 2/3
Mayim Bialik 12/12
Mel Brooks 6/28
Jane Carr 8/13
Tia Carrere 1/2
Ted Danson 12/29
Larry David 7/2
Paul Dooley 2/22
Bob Einstein 11/20
Ellia English 3/26
Susie Essman 5/31
Vivica A. Fox 7/30
Jack Gallagher ?
Jeff Garlin 6/5
Saverio Guerra 8/25
Cheryl Hines 9/21
Ashly Holloway 9/30
Cady Huffman 2/2
Carla Jeffery 7/10
Patrick Kerr 1/23
Richard Kind 11/22
Mina Kolb 6/7
Richard Lewis 6/29
Julia Louis-Dreyfus 1/13
Paul Mazursky 4/25
Suzy Nakamura 12/2
Nick Nervies 1/24
Louis Nye 10/9
Rosie O’Donnell 3/21
Kaitlin Olson 8/18
Julie Payne 9/11
Mekhi Phifer 12/29
Michael Richards 7/24
Ann Ryerson 8/15
David Schwimmer 11/2
Jerry Seinfeld 4/29
J.B. Smoove 12/16
Antoinette Spolar ?
Jim Staahl ?
Don Stark 7/5
Mary Steenburgen 2/8
Ben Stiller 11/30
Wanda Sykes 3/7
Christine Taylor 7/30
Vince Vaughn 3/28
Michael York 3/27

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Larry David Birthday Meme

The Young and The Restless Cast List

Who Plays Whom on Y&R!

The Newmans


Billy Abbott … Jason Thompson

Jack Abbott … Peter Bergman

Kyle Abbott … Michael Mealor

Jill Abbott Atkinson … Jess Walton

Lily Ashby … Christel Adnana Khalil

Lauren Fenmore Baldwin … Tracey E. Bregman

Michael Baldwin … Christian LeBlanc

Phillip Chancellor IV … Donny Boaz

Traci Abbott Connelly … Beth Maitland*

Sharon Collins … Sharon Case

Mariah Copeland … Camryn Grimes

Elena Dawson … Brytni Sarpy

Kevin Fisher … Greg Rikaart

Dr. Nate Hasting … Sean Dominic

Dina Mergeron … Marla Adams*

Chloe Mitchell … Elizabeth Hendrickson

Abby Newman … Melissa Ordway

Adam Newman … Mark Grossman

Chelsea Newman … Melissa Claire Egan

Faith Cassidy Newman … Alyvia Alyn Lind*

Nicholas Newman … Joshua Morrow

Nikki Newman … Melody Thomas Scott

Noah Newman … Robert Adamson*

Summer Ann Newman … Hunter King*

Victor Newman … Eric Braeden

Victoria Newman … Amelia Heinle

Tessa Porter … Cait Fairbanks

Lola Rosales … Sasha Calle

Rey Rosales … Jordi Vilasuso

Phyllis Summers … Michelle Stafford

Amanda Sinclair … Mishael Morgan

Esther Valentine … Kate Linder

Theo Vanderway … Tyler Johnson

Christine Blair Williams … Lauralee Bell*

Devon Hamilton Winters … Bryton James

*recurring or temporary.

Cast List updated by Christine 5/1/20

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The Winters

The Young and The Restless Cast Birthdays

Find out when your favorite Y&R actor’s birthday is!

Mariah and Faith




Marla Adams (Dina)


Robert Adamson (Noah)

Sarah Aldrich (Victoria)


Kevin Alejandro (Dominic)


Tatyana Ali (Roxanne) 1/24/79

Hunter Allen (Noah)


Linden Ashby (Cameron)


Sherman Augustus (Detective Weber) 1/10/59
Lucas Babin (Rocky) 7/30/79
Catherine Bach (Anita) 3/1/54
Samantha Bailey (Summer) 11/21/01
Diana Barton (Mari Jo)


Ashley Bashioum (Mac)


Jaime Lyn Bauer (Lorie)


Sam Behrens (Maxwell) 7/24/50
Thom Bierdz (Phillip) 3/25/62

Lauralee Bell (Christine)


Peter Bergman (Jack)


Wilson Bethel (Ryder) 2/24/84

Laura Bryan Birn (Lynne)


Vail Bloom (Heather)


Donny Boaz (Chance)

Roscoe Born (Tom) 11/24/50

Eric Braeden (Victor)


Jeff Branson (Ronan) 3/10/77
Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren)   5/29/63

Brooke Marie Bridges (Lily)


Todd Bridges (Juice)

Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) 6/29/61
Ryan Brown (Billy) 1/2/75
Brett Butler (Beth) 1/30/58

Darcy Rose Byrnes (Abby)


Sasha Calle (Lola) 6/17/98
Jason Canela (Arturo) 4/25/92
Lisa Canning (Adrienne) 11/7/66

Sharon Case (Sharon)


Ian Paul Cassidy (Karl)


Tricia Cast (Nina)


John Castellanos (John)


Judith Chapman (Gloria) 11/15/45
Nick Chastain (Alex) 2/1/81
Colby Chester (Michael) 11/17/41
Eddie Cibrian (Matt) 6/16/73
Tamara Clatterbuck (Alice) 5/26/63

Keith Hamilton Cobb (Damon)


Jessica Collins (Avery) 4/1/71
Angell Conwell (Leslie) 8/2/83

Carolyn Conwell (Mary)


Jeanne Cooper (Katherine)

10/25/28 (died May 8, 2013)

Barbara Crampton (Leanna)


Candice Daly (Veronica)

1/4/63 (died 12/14/04)

Michael Damian (Danny)


Marco Dapper (Carmine) 7/9/83

Brooks Darnell (Nate)


Doug Davidson (Paul)


Eileen Davidson (Ashley)


Don Diamont (Brad)


Brenda Dickson (Jill) 2/3/49

Marita DeLeon (Joani)


Sean Dominic (Nate)


Alex Donnelley (Diane)


Jerry Douglas (John/Alistair)


John Driscoll (Chance) 6/27/81
Denice Duff (Amanda) 7/1/65

Cliff De Young (John)


Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) 9/28/81
Max Ehrich (Fen) 6/24/91
Chase Ellison (Noah) 9/22/93

Chris Engen (Adam)


John Enos III (Bobby) 6/12/62

Brenda Epperson Doumani (Ashley)


Hayley Erin (Abby) 7/13/94
Cait Fairbanks (Tessa) 7/29/93
Michael Fairman (Murphy) 2/25/34

Sharon Farrell (Flo)


Anita Finlay (Nora)


Sean Patrick Flanery (Sam) 10/11/65
Lyndsy Fonseca (Colleen) 1/7/87
Clementine Ford (Mac) 6/29/79
Steven Ford (Andy) 5/19/56

Veronica Redd Forrest (Maimie)


David “Shark” Fralick (Larry)


Genie Francis (Genevieve) 5/26/62
Adrienne Frantz (Amber) 6/7/78
Gunner & Ryder Gadbois (Connor) 10/16/13

Jennifer Gareis (Grace)


Jennifer Gatti (Keesha)


Yani Gellman (Rafe) 9/2/85

Sabryn Genet (Tricia)


Noah Alexander Gerry (Charlie)


Daniel Goddard (Cane) 8/28/71
Mckenna Grace (Faith) 6/25/06

Michael Graziadei (Daniel)


Camryn Grimes (Cassie/Mariah)


Michael Gross (Lowell)


Mark Grossman (Adam)

Camryn Hamm (Shauna) 9/8 or 9/9?
Stacy Haiduk (Patty) 4/24/68
Susan Seaforth Hayes (JoAnn) 7/11/43
Jessica Heap (Eden) 3/4/83

Rick Hearst (Matt)


David Hedison (Arthur)


Amelia Heinle (Victoria) 3/17/73

Karen Hensel (Doris)


Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe)


Alice Hunter (Kerry)


Brody Hutzler (Cody)


Vincent Irizarry (David) 11/12/59
Bryton James (Devon) 8/17/86

Tyler Johnson (Theo)


Ashley Jones (Megan)


Bryant Jones (Nate)


Sean Kanan (Deacon) 11/2/66

Mitzi Kapture-Donahue (Anita)


Beau Kayzer (Brock)


Christel Khalil (Lily) 11/30/87
Rachel Kimsey (Mackenzie) 8/28/78
Haley “Hunter” King 10/20/93

Heath Kizzier (Joshua)


Lauren Koslow (Lindsey)


Kelly Kruger (Mackenzie) 11/12/82

Clyde Kusatsu (Dr. Dennis)


David Lago (Raul)


Jennifer Landon (Heather) 8/29/83
 Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) 7/25/61

Tammy Lauren (Maggie)


Chene Lawson (Yolonda)


Tristan Lake Leabu (Reed Hellstrom)


Christian LeBlanc (Michael)


Roberta Leighton (Cassie) 3/23/53

Adrianna Léon (Colleen)


Terry Lester (Jack) 4/13/50
(died 11/28/03)

Alyvia Alyn Lind (Faith)


Kate Linder (Esther)


Eva Longoria (Isabella) 3/15/75

Loren Lott (Ana)


Rianna Loving (Rianna)


Thad Luckinbill (J.T.)


Aaron Lustig (Tim)


Beth Maitland (Traci)


Samantha Mahurin (Little Nikki) 6/21/99
Allen Maldonado (Jamal) 5/20/83
Vanessa Marano (Eden) 10/31/92
John H. Martin (Frederick) 7/21/51

Leigh McCloskey (Kurt)


Bryton McClure (Devon) 8/17/86
Darius McCrary (Malcolm) 5/1/76
Davenia McFadden (Lorena) 2/21/61

Michael Mealor (Kyle)


Raya Meddine (Sabrina)


Philip Moon (Keemo)


Shemar Moore (Malcolm) 4/20/70
Billy Miller (Billy) 9/17/79
Julia Pace Mitchell (Sofia) 9/14/85
Debbi Morgan (Harmony) 9/20/56
Mishael Morgan (Hilary/Amanda) 7/15/86
Julianne Morris (Amy) 5/8/68

Joshua Morrow (Nicholas)


Michael Muhney (Adam) 6/12/75

Jamia Simone Nash (Ana)


Sandra Nelson (Phyllis)


Stephen Nichols (Tucker) 2/19/51
Michael Nouri (Elliot) 12/9/45

Emily O’Brien (Jana)


Melissa Ordway (Abby)


Nicholas Pappone (Phillip)


Evan Parke (Spencer) 1/2/68
Robert Parucha (Matt) 10/2/55
J. Eddie Peck (Cole) 10/10/58

Nia Peeples (Karen)


Anthony Peña (Miguel)


Millie Perkins (Rebecca) 5/12/38

Eva Marcille Pigford (Tyra)


Eyal Podell (Adrian)


Chris Potter (Evan) 8/23/60
David Purdham (Dr. Campbell) 6/3/51
Daniel Quinn (Ralph) 8/19/56
died 7/4/2015

Francesco Quinn (Tomas)


Marisa Ramirez (Carmen Mesta) 9/15/77
Margueritte Ray (Mamie) 3/18

Blair Redford (Scott)


Marianne Rees (Mai)


Scott Reeves (Ryan)


Eden Riegel (Heather) 1/1/81
Greg Rikaart (Kevin) 2/26/77

McKenna Roberts (Mattie)


Alexia Robinson (Alex)


Tristan Rogers (Colin) 6/3/46
Victoria Rowell (Drucilla) 5/10/59
David Lee Russek (Sean) 11/30/68

Deanna Russo (Logan)


Garrett Ryan (Kyle) 8/14/99
Marcy Rylan (Abby) 11/4/80

Brytni Sarpy (Elena)


Hartley Sawyer (Kyle)


Kevin Schmidt (Noah)


Jason-Shane Scott (Chad) 12/29/76

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki)


Nick Scotti (Tony)


Albie Selznick (Owen) 1/1/59
Ignacio Serricchio (Alex) 4/19/82

Ted Shackelford (Jeffrey)


Shari Shattuck (Ashley)


Davetta Sherwood (Lily) 1/27/84
Kin Shriner (Harrison) 12/6/53
Abhi Sinha (Ravi) 2/20/90

Asia Ray Smith (Sierra)


Michelle Stafford (Phyllis)


Mike Starr (Angelo) 7/29/50
Eric Steinberg (Ji Min) 8/26/69

Kristoff St. John (Neil)

7/15/66 (died February 3, 2019)

Lexie Stevenson (Mattie)


Elizabeth Sung (Luan)

11/14/54 (died May 22, 2018)

Tammin Sursok (Colleen)


Christopher Templeton (Carol) 2/26/52 (died 2/15/2011)

Jason Thompson (Billy)


Alexis Thorpe (Rianna)


David Tom (Billy)


Heather Tom (Victoria)


Gina Tognoni (Phyllis) 11/28/73
Robert Torti (Salvatore) 10/22/61
Lorraine Toussaint (Dr. Watkins) 4/4/60

Michael Tylo (Blade)


Joan Van Ark (Gloria)


Granville Van Dusen (Keith)


Greg Vaughan (Diego) 6/25/73
Jordi Vilasuso (Rey) 6/15/81
Susan Walters (Diane) 9/28/63

Jess Walton (Jill)


Billy Warlock (Ben) 3/26/61
Ben Watkins (Wesley) 3/19/71

Patty Weaver (Gina)


Maura West (Diane) 4/27/72

Adam Lazarre-White (Nate)


Darnell Williams (Sarge) 3/3/55
Redaric Williams (Tyler) 6/8/85
Stephanie Williams (Amy) 2/4/57

Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia)


 Lauren Woodland (Brittany)


Greg Wrangler (Steve) 10/20/66
Sean Young (Meggie) 11/20/59
Yvonne Zima (Daisy) 1/16/89


This is the current cast plus some others from the past; please let us know if there’s anyone that you think we should add!

Want to send Y&R stars cards, gifts on their birthdays? Send them to:
(ACTOR’S NAME HERE or Character Name)
c/o The Young and The Restless CBS-TV Television City
7800 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Show your support! Send them cards, gifts and appreciation of the hard work that goes into making Y&R each day!

Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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Nick, Nikki and Victor

The Bold and Beautiful Fan Club Info

Nikky's pic of Thomas, Ivy, Steffy and Eric

B&B Fan Clubs

B&B has disbanded its official fan club. “The Official The Bold and The Beautiful Fan Page” is now on  Facebook, and all the latest news can be found on Twitter. Also, at fans can find live streaming of special events and info. that will keep you informed daily of what’s going on behind the scenes, sneak peeks at things to come, locations and dates of public appearances as well as how to independently network with your favorite actors from B&B.

Fan Clubs for Courtney Hope (Sally) and Patrika Darbo (Shirley) can be found here!

This page can be found on our old site.

For an autographed headshot, you may write directly to the specific actor
c/o “The Bold and The Beautiful”
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA   90036

Andrea with Don Diamont and Heather Tom

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Amelia

Amelia (Nicola Posener) from Bold and the Beautiful

Amelia played by Nicola Posener

Amelia is the nanny for babies Kelly and Phoebe. She works for Steffy. She first started working for Steffy and her husband, Liam, when they had Kelly. Liam and Steffy divorced, and then Steffy adopted Phoebe (not knowing that Phoebe is really Hope’s daughter, Beth). When Steffy saw that Hope was getting too attached to Phoebe, she took the opportunity to go to Paris for some Forrester business, and an extended stay. Amelia is there with her.

When Thomas worked to break up Hope and Liam, he used Amelia to help him with that. Amelia sent Thomas a video of the babies, so he could use to make Hope feel guilty. Amelia told Liam how much Steffy and the babies miss him.

So far, not much else is known about Amelia.

Amelia with Steffy and Hope on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Alison Montgomery

Alison (played by Princess Theodora) of Bold and the Beautiful

Alison Montgomery played by Theodora Greece

Alison is a recurring, minor (but memorable) character.  She is Bill’s administrative assistant/receptionist as well as confidante.  She often serves as his conscience. Justin is now primarily Bill’s conscience or confidante instead. Alison is referred to but rarely seen. She has done some of Bill’s dirty work in the past. For instance, she helped him keep Hope and Liam apart, and helped him blackmail Maya to dump Rick. She helped him when he and Katie broke up. She assisted him (unsuccessfully) with keeping Ridge from breaking up his wedding to Brooke.  Alison frequently talks truth to Bill when he needs it.  He respects her opinion. She shared a passionate kiss with Deacon because she confessed to liking bad boys.

Not much else is known about Alison. The character was last seen in 2016, but we hope she’ll be back.  The actress (who’s a royal princess) was engaged in 2018.

Bill, Ridge and Alison of Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Ridge Forrester

Ridge Forrester on Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge Forrester played by Thorsten Kaye (formerly Ronn Moss)

Ridge grew up in a rich family, with lots of love from his parents, who doted on him (especially his mother, Stephanie).  When played by Ronn Moss, Ridge was a very quiet but romantic guy. He was always torn between two women (one of them usually Brooke). He seemed to let his mother dictate his life. Eventually, he stood up to his mother, but it was clearly difficult for him.

Brooke is the love of Ridge’s life and always has been. He was also married to Taylor and the younger Caroline, and engaged to Katie, and the older Caroline, but Brooke is always where his heart has been. They’ve been married eight times. This last time seems to be the final marriage for both, but we’ll see.

Ridge sired twin daughters, Steffy and Phoebe, and son Thomas, with Taylor. Phoebe died in 2008 in a car accident. He and Brooke have R.J., who’s younger than the others.  Ridge, Taylor and Brooke are all grandparents now.

Ridge is a designer in his parents’ fashion firm, Forrester Creations.  Although he grew up in a rich family, he has a big, kind heart.  In 2014, Ridge (now played by Thorsten Kaye) fell out of a helicopter and almost died. He temporarily lost his memory and his design skills. Caroline helped him get these back.  His personality changed since then. He seems to get irritated more and speaks out more. He’s more ascerbic and has trouble controlling his temper. After some struggling with his new personality, he and Brooke married for “the last time.” They both seem to have grown up some and work out their problems rather than splitting up.

Ridge and his daughter Steffy are co-CEO of the family company.

In 2019, Thomas came back to town and started causing trouble for Brooke and Ridge.  Thomas became obsessed with Hope, and Brooke was an obstacle to that.  Ridge and Brooke almost divorced because he couldn’t believe that Thomas was up to no good, and Brooke wouldn’t allow Thomas in their house. They were separated.  Ridge moved back to the Forrester mansion.  Quinn’s friend, Shauna, was living in their guest house, so she and Ridge grew close. They even kissed a few times. Once Thomas’ was shown up to be the psycho that Brooke kept saying he was, then Ridge begged forgiveness and moved back home.

Unfortunately, Bill and Brooke had been making out the night before Thomas’ wedding (where he was exposed), and Shauna got a video of it. Quinn sent the video to Brooke’s digital picture frame (which was a gift from Ridge), so everyone saw it.  Ridge was heartbroken by Brooke’s betrayal, especially with Bill.  He ran off and spent a wild drunken night with Shauna. Brooke came to find him, and it looks like they may be on the road to reuniting, but it’s unclear.

Ridge and Caroline - Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Descriptions

B&B Current Characters

Cast at Christmas - Bold and Beautiful

  • Alison (Theodora Greece)
  • Amelia (Nicola Posener)
  • Lt. Baker (Dan Martin)
  • Bill (Don Diamont)
  • Bridget (Emily Harrison/Jennifer Finnigan/Ashley Jones)
  • Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang)
  • Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor)
  • Charlie (Dick Christie)
  • Danny (Keith Carlos)
  • Donna (Carrie Mitchum/Jennifer Gareis)
  • Emma (Nia Sioux)
  • Eric (John McCook)
  • Flo (Katrina Bowden)
  • Hope (Kimberly Matula/Anikka Noelle)
  • Jake (Todd McKee)
  • Jarrett (Andrew Collins)
  • Julius (Obba Babatundé)
  • Justin (Aaron D. Spears)
  • Katie (Nancy Sloan/Heather Tom)
  • Ken (Danny Woodburn)
  • Liam (Scott Clifton)
  • Madison (Stephanie Wang)
  • Maya (Karla Mosley)
  • Pam (Alley Mills)
  • Quinn (Rena Sofer)
  • Ridge (Ronn Moss/Thorsten Kaye)
  • Sally (Courtney Hope)
  • Shauna (Denise Richards)
  • Steffy (Jacqueline MacIness Wood)
  • Taylor (Hunter Tylo)
  • Thomas (Adam Gregory/Pierson Fodé/Matthew Atkinson)
  • Tiffany (Maile Brady)
  • Vivienne (Anna Maria Horsford)
  • Wyatt (Darin Brooks)
  • Xander (Adain Bradley)
  • Zoe (Kiara Barnes)


  • Beth/Phoebe (Rosalind Aune and Isabella De Armas)
  • Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri)
  • Kelly (Zoe Pennington)
  • Lizzy (last played by Gianna & Isabella Garcia)
  • R.J. (Anthony Turpel)
  • Rosie (Tigerlily & Ginger Siler)
  • Will (Finnegan George)

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Older Characters

Bold and Beautiful cast

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Brooke Logan Forrester

Brooke played by Katherine Kelly Lang

Brooke Logan played by Katherine Kelly Lang

Brooke has a degree in chemistry, yet she was working for her mother’s catering company when she met Ridge, the love of her life, in 1987. They both fell in love, but Ridge was engaged to Caroline Spencer. Ridge’s mother, Stephanie, didn’t approve of Brooke, so she did everything she could, for years, to keep them apart or break them up.  Brooke also did some scheming of her own to win and keep Ridge.  Later, Stephanie admitted that she recognized Brooke as a younger version of herself.

Brooke fights hard for the man she loves, but she has fallen in love with many others as well, including Eric, Ridge’s father (with whom she had two children), and his brother Thorne, as well as Nick and Bill.  She’s very loyal to her family (two sisters and one brother) and helped raise her younger sisters. She’s also very devoted to her two daughters and her son, but she has, in the past, slept with her daughters’ boyfriends/husbands, which caused some problems.

Brooke seems to have grown up quite a bit since her younger years. She mostly concentrates on her children and husband, and working at Forrester Creations.  She and Taylor have feuded for many years, but Taylor seems more interested in carrying on the feud than does Brooke.  They have a lot in common. Not only did they both love Ridge for many years and have children with him, they both interfere in their own children’s lives (just as Stephanie did) and are fiercely protective of them.  Taylor seems a little more unhinged than Brooke, though.

Just like anyone else, Brooke can be jealous, or self-righteous, or nosy; but generally, she’s a good person with a big heart.

Brooke loves having family around her all of the time, so many of her children and their spouses either live in her house, or in the guest house.  None of the Logan sisters can cook, but they love the holidays and always gather with the Forresters to celebrate.

Brooke and Ridge had a terrible time in 2019 and 2020. They separated and almost divorced. Thomas worked hard to break them up, so that he could have Hope. Quinn and Shauna also had a hand in their marriage breaking up.  Ridge has been involved with Shauna, and Brooke was briefly involved with Bill.

Bold and Beautiful Ridge, Brooke and Carter at the wedding

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The Bold and Beautiful Cast List

B&B cast at 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Character Actor
Amelia Nicola Posener*
Lt. Bradley Baker Dan Martin*
Justin Barber Aaron D. Spears*
Zoe Buckingham Kiara Barnes
Danny Keith Carlos*
Pamela Douglas Alley Mills
Emmy Sheryl Underwood*
Bridget Forrester Ashley Jones*
Douglas Forrester Henry Joseph Samiri
Eric Forrester, Sr. John McCook
Kelly Forrester Avalon and Colette Gray*
Lizzy Forrester Gianna & Isabella Garcia*
Maya Avant Forrester Karla Mosley
Ridge Forrester Thorsten Kaye
Rosie Forrester Tigerlily & Ginger Siler*
Thomas Forrester Matthew Atkinson
Quinn Fuller Rena Sofer
Florence Fulton Katrina Bowden
Shauna Fulton Denise Richards
Taylor Hayes Hunter Tylo*
Madison Lee Stephanie Wang*
Brooke Logan Katherine Kelly Lang
Donna Logan Jennifer Gareis*
Hope Logan Anikka Noelle
Jake MacLaine Todd McKee*
Sally Spectra Courtney Hope*
Beth Spencer/Phoebe Forrester Madeline Valdez*
William “Bill” Spencer, Jr. Don Diamont
Katherine Elizabeth “Katie” Logan Spencer Heather Tom
William “Liam” Spencer, III Scott Clifton
Steffy Forrester Spencer Jacqueline MacIness Wood
Will Spencer Finnegan George*
Wyatt Spencer Darin Brooks
Tiffany Maile Brady*
Carter Walton Lawrence Saint-Victor*
Charlie Webber Dick Christie*


Bold and Beautiful cast

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Arrow Character Profiles

Learn About Arrow Characters!

Oliver QueenOliver Queen/Arrow Oliver grew up a rich boy with little direction, spoiled and often getting into trouble, partying and cheating on his girlfriend with her own sister. After he was stranded on the island Lian Yu when his father’s yacht, The Queen’s Gambit, sank, he was forced to grow up and fend for himself against hostiles, natives, nature and the like, especially after watching his father shoot himself so that he could live. Yao Fei taught him to survive, to shoot arrows and kill for meat, but he was also tortured by Yao Fei’s enemies. As we learned over the past 5 years, Oliver had many adventures on and off the island and learned how to fight, especially with a bow and arrow, and how to disguise himself with a hood.  Oliver vowed to return to Starling City and bring the enemies of the people to justice (thanks to the list his father gave him). Oliver is very damaged and has killed people who got in his way, but he is basically a hero, as he proves each week by rescuing the innocent and punishing the evil. Arrow or “The Vigilante” was the costume and mask he wore, but when he was Oliver, he often had to pretend to be the old, spoiled rich boy as well. Oliver is not very trusting (with good reason) and is often caught in the middle between members of his family as well as between Laurel and her father, and between his real life and that of “Arrow”. After 5 seasons, Oliver has lost most of his family and many friends, but he’s matured. He’s now mayor of Star City (no longer called Starling City) and leads a small band of heroes. He now goes by the name Green Arrow. He has an on-again, off-again relationship with Felicity, who also helps them fight crime. He also has a son, William, from a past girlfriend. In Season 6, Felicity and Oliver married, but Oliver was forced to tell the world that he’s the Green Arrow, and they put him in jail.

FelicityFelicity Smoak She worked at QC and helped Walter and Oliver many times. She is a computer genius and suspected at first that Oliver was not honest with her when he asked for her help. Eventually, she became an important part of Team Arrow and is “Overwatch”, helping the team out in the field with her computer skills. She sometimes goes out in the field herself as well.  Her father was a great hacker and criminal, and her mother is a bit of a flighty bimbo, so Felicity has had a troubled relationship with them both. Felicity was a hactivist in college but quit after her boyfriend was arrested for it and hanged himself in prison. She and Oliver have been in love and had an on-again, off-again relationship. She was made paraplegic in an attack by the evil H.I.V.E., but she was given an experimental bio-stimulant that allows her to walk around. She dated Ray Palmer for a while and took over his company while he was presumed dead. She and Oliver were engaged for a while; they finally got married in 2017, and she’s helping to raise his son, William.

WilliamWilliam Clayton is Oliver’s son with his ex-girlfriend, Samantha. He and his mom had to move and adopt new identities to protect them from Damian Darkh. Adrian Chase tracked them down and kidnapped William. Samantha died on Lian Yu when Chase blew it up. William now lives with Oliver and Felicity. William doesn’t want his dad to be The Green Arrow.



John DiggleJohn Diggle He was hired as Oliver’s bodyguard by Moira, but Oliver let him find out that he is Arrow, so John now assists Oliver in bringing down the bad guys. John was formerly in the Special Forces in the Army, so he can fight well. Oliver taught him some of the moves he learned from Yao Fei, and he even donned the Arrow costume once to help out. Now he has his own costume and goes by the superhero name Spartan. He remarried his wife, Lyla, and they have a son together, JJ.  John often serves as Oliver’s and the rest of his team’s moral compass. He had a falling-out with Oliver in Season 6, but they united in their fight against Diaz.

TheaSpeedyThea Queen Nicknamed “Speedy” by her older brother Oliver, Thea was a bit of a wayward teen who liked to go out and party. She and her mother had problems getting along. When her father and brother were presumed dead, Moira shut down and didn’t talk about them, which hurt Thea deeply. Thea did a lot of drinking and sometimes drugs. She had a crush on Tommy as well and liked to lay a guilt trip on Oliver about when he was gone.  Eventually Thea grew up and had to deal with her mother’s death and finding out that she was Malcolm’s daughter. She sometimes fights with Team Arrow. Thea died and was resurrected by the Lazarus Pit. After learning that Malcolm had drugged her and forced her to kill Sara Lance, she and Laurel forced him to bring Sara back from the dead as well, using the Lazarus Pit. Both Thea and Sara have trouble because of this, struggling with “the darkness.” Thea had to quit being a vigilante with Team Arrow because she couldn’t resist the urge to kill.  Thea was helping Oliver to run Star City, but she quit that as well because her ruthless tactics were hurting people. After emerging from a coma in Season 6, Thea left town.

Laurel Lance from Earth TwoDinah ‘Laurel’ Lance AKA Black Siren, is from Earth Two, where she was a villain. She was brought from Earth Two to fight but was defeated and imprisoned by Team Flash. She escaped due to Prometheus, so that he could use h er against Oliver. She was later recruited by Cayden James. She worked with Ricardo Diaz against Team Oliver (but she was really a mole for them).  She grew very close to Laurel’s dad, Quentin, and he taught her to be a better person. He died saving her life.


RoyRoy Harper Roy was a street-savvy young man from the Glades who became involved with Thea and her club.  He was injected with the super-serum Mirakuru, which gave him powers but also made it difficult for him to stay sane. He was cured by S.T.A.R. Labs and became Arrow’s sidekick, Arsenal. He had to fake his death and leave town in order to protect Arrow. He came back to town last year and then left again with Thea. He’s supposed to come back to town again this year and stay.


CurtisCurtis Holt He was part of Team Arrow the last few years. He used to work for Felicity at Palmer Technologies. He’s another computer genius, but he also trained to fight as one of the Team Arrow vigilantes. He became Mr. Terrific. Curtis is a big nerd and often just says whatever dorky thing comes into his mind. He is often comic relief on the show. He was married to his partner, Paul, who divorced him after finding out that Curtis was lying to him for months about being a superhero. He created a technology known as T-Spheres to help him with crime-fighting. Curtis, Rene, Dinah and John lost faith in Oliver. They formed their own team (without John) for a while.

ReneRene Ramirez He’s also known as Wild Dog. He was fighting as a vigilante on the streets of Star City when he was recruited by Team Arrow. A former Navy SEAL, he was discharged when he beat up a prisoner. He still is very violent and loves guns. Rene’s former wife was a junkie, and she was murdered by her dealer. Rene lost custody of his daughter when he accidentally let her get burned by the stove. He’s trying to clean up his life, with the help of Quentin.  He was a real hothead when he started, but now he’s grown a lot. He also helps Oliver at City Hall. Rene and Curtis have become very good friends, even though they don’t have a lot in common. Rene had to inform on Oliver in order to get back custody of his daughter, Zoe.

DinahDinah Drake The latest Black Canary, Dinah’s original name was Tina Boland. She was a police detective in Central City. She was being held captive by villains and watched her partner (and lover) die just as the particle accellerator hit, giving her powers. She was a lone vigilante after that, until Oliver convinced her to join Team Arrow. She also joined the police department in Star City and got an apartment, to settle down. She also has a device to magnify her sonic powers.


Lyla Lyla Michaels is in charge of A.R.G.U.S., a secret government anti-terrorist group. She’s also married to John Diggle and mother to his son, J.J.  They were married while both soldiers but had trouble adjusting to regular married life and divorced. They met up again later, she got pregnant, and then they got married. She worked with the Suicide Squad and worked for years under Amanda Waller.  Sometimes she and John clash because of their jobs, when they have different priorities.


Quentin LanceDetective Quentin Lance He was Laurel’s father, and a police detective. He was angry at Oliver and his family for his daughter Sarah’s death. Also, he wanted to catch the Arrow very badly. He had suspected Arrow was Oliver, but then Oliver had Diggle pose as him at the same time that he was throwing a party, so they had to drop the charges. He worried a lot about Laurel and was very over-protective. Eventually, he worked with the Arrow to catch the bad guys.  Damien Darkh threatened his family, so Quentin helped him take over Star City. This led to his losing his job as well as Laurel’s death.  Now he’s deputy Mayor under Ollie, with full knowledge of all of the team Arrow identities and secrets. Like Laurel, he’s a recovered alcoholic who sometimes slips. He had a brief relationship with Felicity’s mother, Donna. He became good friends with Rene and tried to help him get custody of his daughter. In Season 6, Quentin formed a father-daughter sort of relationship with the alternate-reality Laurel, AKA Black Siren.  He helped her become a better person and then he died when he took a bullet meant for her.

MalcolmMalcolm Merlyn His real name is Arthur King.  After his wife was killed during a robbery, he went to Nanda Parbat and joined the League of Assassins, gaining the name Al Sa-Her (“The Magician”). He left the group and was hunted by them, and Ra’s al Ghul, so he faked his death for a while. When season one started, he worked for the group The Tempest and met with Moira quite a few times (later we learned that they slept together and that Thea is his daughter). He figured out pretty quickly that Arrow qas targeting “The List” and thatOliver is Arrow. He masquerades as “Dark Archer” at times. He cut off his son Tommy from his fortune and tried to kill Oliver. Moira’s family thought that she and Malcolm may be having an affair because they keep meeting in secret for Tempest business. Malcolm has killed many people, as well as been involved in many criminal activities. He doesn’t have a lot of morality. He does protect Thea, but in a really weird, twisted way. At the end of season 5, he teams up with the Green Arrow to rescue Thea and the others. He ended up sacrificing himself for her by standing on a land mine.

LaurelDinah ‘Laurel’ Lance Laurel, Oliver’s ex-girlfriend, lost her sister, Sarah, in the same wreck that stranded Oliver. She had bitterness and anger toward Oliver for cheating on her and then taking her sister on the fatal journey, but she claimed when he returned she was over that blame. Her mother also left after Sarah died. Laurel grew closer to Oliver, but it was still hard for her to trust. She was a lawyer, working for a group called CNRI that fights for the little people against the evil, much like Oliver does, except in court. However, she can also handle herself in a fight. Her father, Quentin, taught her to do that. They had a shaky relationship. She and Oliver still love each other, but she was dating Tommy. Tommy died, but Laurel and Oliver still had a rocky relationship. Laurel had to fight to overcome alcoholism.  Then Laurel became the superhero “Black Canary” but was killed by Damian Darkh. She has a doppelganger from Earth 2 who is the villain Black Siren.

TommyTommy Merlyn Tommy was Oliver’s best friend, another rich playboy. While Oliver was missing and presumed dead, he and Laurel dated. He had real feelings for Laurel but was still very loyal to Ollie. He was estranged from his father, who is a bad guy. Tommy was cut off financially from his father but became a responsible worker. He was killed while saving Laurel.



MoiraMoira Queen She was Oliver and Thea’s mother, and she had a lot of influence in the family business, Queen Consolidated. She married Walter, who had been in charge of QC. She was in cahoots with this shady group, The Tempest, that sabotaged the yacht. She had a lot of secrets. She tried to have her son abducted but otherwise seems to love him and be concerned about him. She was caught up in a conspiracy with Malcolm Merlyn to destroy The Glades and was arrested and tried for that crime, but she was acquitted. She ran for mayor but was then killed by Slade Wilson, who was out for revenge on Oliver.

WalterWalter Steele He was running Queen Consolidated after Oliver’s father died. He was married to Moira, making him Oliver’s step-father. Oliver made a lot of rude jokes about how his mother jumped into bed with him. Walter found out that the company owned a warehouse, within which was the wreck of the Queen’s Gambit, and that Moira knew about it, so he got very annoyed at her lying and left town for a while. He was kidnapped by Malcolm and then rescued by Arrow. He divorced Moira but stil kept good feelings for her chidren. He became CFO of Starling National Bank.

RobertRobert Queen He was Oliver and Thea’s father, and Moira’s husband, and billionaire founder of QC. When he and Oliver were shipwrecked, he shot himself and another crewmember so that Oliver could survive. Before doing so, he gave Oliver a list of evil-doers in their town of Starling City and made him promise to go after them and save the city. Robert and Malcolm formed Tempest to get rid of the criminals in Starling City and clean up the Glade. Malcolm wanted to just kill everyone in the Glade, but Robert didn’t like that idea, so Malcolm sabotaged his ship, the Queen’s Gambit, thus causing his death and creating Arrow and White Canary (Sara Lance).

Sara LanceSara Lance She was Laurel’s sister and Quentin’s daughter. She was on the Queen’s Gambit, Robert’s ship, partying with Oliver, before it was sunk. She was thought dead when she fell out during the explosion.  She turned up later, having been rescued by Anthony Ivo and then recruited by the League of Assassins.  She left the league and returned to Starling City as The Canary to protect Laurel, but the League hunted her down. She was released from them by her former lover, Nyssa. She joined Team Arrow and took up with Oliver again. When she helped defeat Slade Wilson, she agreed to rejoin the League. Later, she helped them hunt down Malcolm, but he had drugged Thea to kill Sara. Sara was resurrected a year later by the Lazarus Pit and then was recruited to join the Legends of Tomorrow. She became their captain after their leader Rip went missing. She seems to prefer women now, not men.

AnatolyAnatoly Knyazev He’s a Russian mobster, leader of the Bratva, and Oliver’s good friend. When Oliver was presumed dead, he rescued Anatoly and became a member of Bratva in order to get their help to kill another Russian who had murdered a friend of his. Oliver and Anatoly have an on-again, off-again relationship due to Anatoly being a criminal.



Adrian ChaseAdrian Chase Originally Simon Morrison, he sought revenge on Oliver after The Hood killed his father, who was on The List. He studied everything about Oliver and his life as well as studied how to fight. He became the District Attorney in Star City and befriended Oliver.  Meanwhile, he was killing people as Prometheus. The media dubbed him “The Throwing Star Killer.” He tortured Oliver and did a lot of terrible things to him and his friends. He wanted Oliver to admit that he was a killer just like him, but Oliver refused.  Adrian was captured by A.R.G.U.S. but then escaped, kidnapping most of Oliver’s friends and family as well, including his young son, William. Oliver and Malcolm tracked him to the island, Lian Yu. Oliver helped his friends escaped from captivity, and then he had a confrontation with Adrian on his boat. Adrian was holding Oliver’s son at knife-point. Oliver saved William, but then Adrian killed himself, blowing up the island and all of Oliver’s friends and family.

RoryRory Regan He was avenging his family and others who died in Havenrock after it was destroyed in season 4.  He was using the mystical rags of the Devarim, which gave him a disguise and protection as well as superpowers.  He joined Team Arrow for a while when they were recruiting new members, but he saved everyone from a nuclear explosion using the rags, so his bond with them was destroyed. He left town, hoping to return when he was able to use the rags again.


EvelynEvelyn Sharp She was another new recruit in season 5, but she was secretly working with Adrian Chase to avenge her parents, who were killed when Malcolm blew up the facility they were in. She also blamed the Green Arrow, H.I.V.E. and all vigilantes. Her code name was Arsenal.



JoannaJoanna De La Vega was Laurel’s best friend, who seemed very devoted to her. They worked together at CNRI.  She went on to work at a private law firm. She always loved and supported The Arrow.



Detective Lucas HiltonDetective Lucas Hilton He was a police detective, who was partnered with Quentin. He disliked vigilantes and wanted to capture The Arrow.  He was killed by Cyrus Gold, who made him shoot himself in the head.




Yao FeiYao Fei Gulon He found Oliver on the island and taught him how to kill his own food, make traps, shoot arrows, etc. He was the first Arrow and had been sentenced to the island by the Chinese government, who thought him very dangerous. He was the father of two daughters, Mei and Shado.  He was once a student of Talia al Ghul. A villain named Edward Fryers shot and killed him.



AndyAndy Diggle He was John’s brother who had a drug problem when he was younger. He became a criminal while in the army and then joined H.I.V.E. He was presumed killed by the villain Deadshot, but H.I.V.E. had helped him fake his death in order to become one of their operatives. He later helped Damian Darkh escape. John tried to reach him, but he just kept betraying John and Team Arrow. He even tortured John and tried to kill his family. John was forced to kill him.



CarlyCarly Diggle She was John’s sister-in-law. Her husband, Andy, was supposedly murdered. She and Walter met sometimes at the restaurant she worked at, Big Belly Burger. John’s old friend suggested that Carly likes John as more than a relative.  John had feelings for her, but they broke up after he decided to take revenge on Deadshot for Andy’s murder. She was kidnapped by a man named Ted Gaynor as leverage against John.  John rescued her.  She later left town with her son, A.J. to a safer place.


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Arrow Cast List

Who’s on the show?


Oliver Queen/Arrow …Stephen Amell
John Diggle…David Ramsey
Thea Queen/Speedy…Willa Holland
Felicity Smoak…Emily Bett Rickards
Dinah ‘Laurel’ Lance/Black Canary/Black Siren…Katie Cassidy
Curtis Holt…Echo Kellum
Rene Ramirez …Rick Gonzalez
Dinah Drake…Juliana Harkavy
Lyla Michaels…Audrey Marie Anderson
Roy Harper…Colton Haynes
William Clayton…Jack Moore
Zoe Ramirez…Eliza Faria


Detective Quentin Lance…Paul Blackthorne
Malcolm Merlyn…John Barrowman
Talia al Ghul…Lexa Doig
Anatoly Knyazev…David Nykl
Adrian Chase…Josh Segarra
Rory Regan…Joe Dinicol
Frank Pike…Adrian Holmes
Evelyn Sharp…Madison McLaughlin
Susan Williams…Carly Pope
Samantha Clayton…Anna Hopkins
Donna Smoak…Charlotte Ross
Noah Kuttler…Tom Amandes
Sara Lance/White Canary…Caity Lotz
Dinah Lance…Alex Kingston
Amanda Waller…Cynthia Addai-Robinson
Nyssa al Ghul…Katrina Law
Slade Wilson…Manu Bennett
Tommy Merlyn…Colin Donnell
Moira Queen…Susanna Thompson
Walter Steele…Colin Salmon
Bethany Snow…Keri Adams
Shado…Celina Jade
Damien Darhk…Neal McDonough
Ray Palmer…Brandon Routh
Maseo Yamashiro…Karl Yune
News Reporter…Marrett Green
Taiana…Elysia Rotaru
Baron Reiter…Jimmy Akingbola
Tatsu Yamashiro…Rila Fukushima
Akio Yamashiro…Brandon Nomura
Sebastian Blood…Kevin Alejandro
Yao Fei…Byron Mann
Ra’s al Ghul…Matt Nable
Alex Davis…Parker Young
Dr. Anthony Ivo…Dylan Neal
Edward Fyers…Sebastian Dunn
China White…Kelly Hu
Isabel Rochev…Summer Glau
Andy Diggle….Eugene Byrd
Sin…Bex Taylor-Klaus
Adam Donner…Dylan Bruce
Deadshot…Michael Rowe
Barry Allen…Grant Gustin
Ruvé Adams…Janet Kidder
General Matthew Shrieve…Marc Singer
Deathstroke…Jeffrey C. Robinson
Joanna De La Vega…Annie Ilonzeh
Detective Lucas Hilton…Roger R. Cross
Robert Queen…Jamey Sheridan
Carly Diggle…Christie Laing

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Arrow Cast Birthdays

Find out when your favorite Arrow stars celebrate their birth!

Kirk Acevedo November 27, 1971
Keri Adams December 18, 1970
Cynthia Addai-Robinson January 12, 1985
Kevin Alejandro April 7, 1976
Jimmy Akingbola April 8, 1978
Tom Amandes March 9, 1959
Stephen Amell May 8, 1981
Audrey Marie Anderson March 7, 1975
John Barrowman March 11 1967
Manu Bennett October 10, 1969
Paul Blackthorne March 5, 1969
Dylan Bruce April 21, 1980
Eugene Byrd August 28, 1975
Katie Cassidy November 25, 1986
Roger R. Cross October 19, 1969
Joe Dinicol December 22, 1983
Colin Donnell October 9, 1982
Mike Dopud June 10, 1968
Michael Emerson September 7, 1954
Eliza Faria March 24, 2004
Rila Fukushima January 16, 1989
Kathleen Gati August 13, 1957
Summer Glau July 24, 1981
Rick Gonzalez June 30, 1979
Juliana Harkavy January 1, 1985
Colton Haynes July 13, 1988
Willa Holland June 18, 1991
Adrian Holmes March 31, 1974
Kelly Hu February 13, 1968
Annie Ilonzeh August 23, 1983
Celina Jade June 10, 1985
Echo Kellum August 29, 1982
Alex Kingston March 11, 1963
Katrina Law September 30, 1985
Caity Lotz December 30, 1986
Byron Mann August 13, 1967
Neal McDonough February 13, 1966
Madison McLaughlin November 5, 1995
Jack Moore April 2, 2003
Matt Nable March 8, 1972
Dylan Neal October 8, 1969
David Nykl February 7, 1967
Carly Pope August 28, 1980
David Ramsey December 31, 1973
Emily Bett Rickards July 24, 1991
Tyler Ritter January 31, 1985
Charlotte Ross January 21, 1968
Elysia Rotaru November 9, 1984
Brandon Routh October 9, 1979
Colin Salmon December 6, 1962
Josh Segarra June 3, 1986
Jamey Sheridan July 12, 1951
Venus Terzo October 17, 1967
Susanna Thompson January 27, 1958
Parker Young August 16, 1988
Karl Yune April 16, 1975

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