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Bold and Beautiful cast at Christmas

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My Letter to the Powers That Be By Suzanne

Here’s an email I sent to CBS. Please send your own and let them know how you feel! You can go to cbs.com and scroll to the bottom, click on “feedback” to get to their form. They do read all emails and letters.

I’ve been watching the show off and on since the 90’s. I stopped watching after Brooke “accidentally” slept with Oliver (that was incredibly idiotic) but started again with the transgender story, which was really good. I’m close to stopping again because the show is so boring most of the time. First of all, the baby-switching story was terrible. No one wants to see that. It was sad and now just boring. Reese was great, but then you ruined him with that story. Flo, too. I like that actress, but the character will be hard to redeem. I really can’t stand the actress who plays her mother, either. I’m fine with Liam and Steffy getting back together, but this is not the way to do it. I hate that Sally and Wyatt are having problems. I hope that you don’t break them up the way you did Wyatt and Katie, and Katie and Thorne. Those were stupid breakups, too quick and made no sense. Same with Ridge and Caroline, and Donna and Justin, in the past. Thanks for listening!

PS I forgot two things. The new Thomas is terrible — I hate the way he’s now evil and scheming. Yes, evil. It doesn’t matter that he’s in love, or that he wants a mother for his child. It’s evil to intentionally break up a married couple, especially after what they’ve gone through. Thomas was never that bad in the past, so it makes no sense.

Second, I forgot to mention, we want more ROMANCE and love, not just constant tragedy and heartbreak. What happened to the sweeping romantic gestures that Ridge used to do for Brooke? That’s the kind of thing we want. Oh, and how about a wedding for Charlie and Pam, too? Fans love weddings. We like seeing everyone in their best clothes and seeing how much love the couple has for each other, etc. Do more of that sort of thing. That’s why we love soaps!

Oh, and where is Maya? And why did she and Rick break up?

Thanks again.

Thorne and Katie's wedding on Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Zoe Buckingham

Zoe on Bold and the Beautiful

Zoe Buckingham played by Kiara Barnes

Zoe followed her ex-boyfriend, Xander, to L.A. from London. They broke up because she was being a little too clingy, which scared him. He moved to another continent to get away from him. She got a job painting while she looked for him; she had their cat, Harry, at home for company. She painted a beach scene for Wyatt in his living room (of his beach house).

Zoe seemed scary at first, but she just loves Xander and wanted to make up with him.  He was dating Emma, so she tried to get between them.  In the end, Emma broke up Xander, so Xander and Zoe started up again. He comforted her when Harry died.  They have a very adult, sexual relationship, which Emma couldn’t compete with.

Zoe got a job modeling at Forrester Creations, even though she had left some mean messages on Hope for the Future’s Instagram page.  She was hoping to make Emma look bad, but she got in trouble herself.  However, she was a great success in their fashion show, when she jumped in at the last minute after one of the models injured her ankle, so they hired her.

Zoe seemed to mature after that, no longer worried about Xander’s affections. They both agreed to drop their British accents and speak with American accents, to fit in more.

She had new worries to contend with when her father, Dr. Reese Buckingham, arrived in town.  She soon figured out that he was involved in a baby-stealing scheme. Zoe felt bad that he stole Hope’s baby (and told her that it was dead), but she was more worried that she, her father and Flo would go to jail for it.  She keeps pressuring Flo not to tell Hope what happened.  She hasn’t told Xander anything about it, but he can tell that something’s wrong.

Zoe with her dad, Reese, on Bold and the Beautiful.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Xander Avant

Xander Avant on Bold and Beautiful

Xander Avant played by Adain Bradley

Xander is Maya’s cousin, who joined Forrester as an intern in June, 2018. He grew up in Britain. At first, Xander didn’t let anyone at Forrester know that he had a British accent. He wanted to fit in, so he told them he was from the midwest.  Xander was literally bowled over by Emma when she first saw him. She was doing a dance routine, and he got in the way. She was very embarrassed and apologized after he woke up. Emma and Xander were both new interns at Forrester. They became good friends and started dating.

Xander’s ex-girlfriend, Zoe, followed him to Los Angeles. She worked as a painter, including painting a mural in Wyatt’s beach house. She had her cat, Harry, with her, that she and Xander treated like their child. She was a bit like a creepy stalker at first, but eventually, Xander realized that she just loved and missed him. He comforted her when Harry died.

They both agreed to drop their British accents and speak with American accents, to fit in more.  Even though Xander chose Emma over Zoe, Emma wasn’t ready for a physical relationship, so she broke up with him.  Zoe was happy to start up where they left off.  Zoe became a model at Forrester, so she was working alongside Xander.  Zoe’s father came to town, which caused her a great deal of stress.  Xander worried about whatever secret she’s been keeping.

Xander seems like a really nice guy; he might be a little bit of a wuss because he lets the women in his life push him around. Xander modeled a little for Forrester, alongside Zoe.  He wants to be a graphic designer.

Xander and Zoe at Christmas on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Wyatt Spencer

Wyatt Fuller Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful

Wyatt Fuller Spencer played by Darin Brooks

Wyatt arrived in 2013, not knowing that Bill was his father. Quinn had told him that his father was dead. Wyatt met Hope when he was outside, naked, at a Big Bear campground. She was taking photos, but she fell and his her head. He kissed her, and she woke up. She was trying to get over Liam, who was dealing with Steffy leaving him.  Hope figured out from their matching sword necklaces that Wyatt was Bill’s son. Wyatt wooed Hope away from Liam, with some help from Quinn.  Then he lost Hope again, but he and Liam bonded as brothers. Later, Wyatt convinced Hope to marry him, and she was pregnant with his baby.  Quinn went to a mental hospital, but then returned and argued with Hope. Hope fell and lost the baby. She left town for awhile and divorced Wyatt.

He wasn’t happy when Quinn married Deacon, because he knew that Deacon still liked Brooke.  Wyatt teamed up with Liam to get Rick out of the CEO’s seat at Forrester. He romanced Nicole and found out that Maya is transgender. Liam and Wyatt’s father, Bill, used the information to publicly embarrass Maya in his tabloids, so Nicole couldn’t trust Wyatt any more.  Wyatt had a brief interest in Steffy and then Ivy. Eventually, Wyatt found out that Ivy was more interested in Liam, so he went back to Steffy.  Wyatt and Liam often go after the same women.

Liam disappeared when Quinn kidnapped him so that Wyatt could have Steffy. She sent text messages to make them think that he was just off finding himself. Eventually, Wyatt figured out the truth and rescued Liam. Steffy dumped Wyatt when he told his mother that she and Ridge were conspiring to keep her out of Forrester (while her husband, Eric, was in a coma). Wyatt divorced Steffy, so she could go back to Liam.

At this point, Wyatt and Liam both worked at Spencer, for their dad, Bill. Wyatt grew close to Katie, who took over his PR job at Forrester. They started dating in secret because they knew Bill wouldn’t approve. Wyatt was shocked when he wanted to ask Katie to marry him, and Bill threatened to disown him. Wyatt agreed with Bill, in order to get his future secured at the company, but he kept seeing Katie anyway. Bill cut him off for letting Liam know that Steffy wasn’t really having an affair with Bill (Bill and Justin set it up to make it look that way).

Katie broke up with Wyatt for Will’s sake, and he found Sally at the local Bikini Bar near his house. She was homeless and low on money after Thomas dumped her, so he took her in, to help her out. They ended up romantically involved, of course. Quinn is not a big fan of Sally’s and has tried to break them up.  Forrester hired Wyatt back to do PR, and he got Sally hired as a designer as well.  Wyatt and Bill mended their relationship, so Wyatt went back to Spencer Publications. He talked Bill into financing a new Spectra Fashions for Sally, but she decided to stay at Forrester after Ridge and Eric begged her to stay.\

Wyatt’s former high school girl friend from Las Vegas, Flo, has recently come back into town, and back into his life. He urged her to find out who her father was, and it turns out that the late Storm Logan is her dad, so she’s related to Hope, Brooke, Katie and Donna, and their children.  Flo’s mother, Shauna, also followed her out to California. Shauna and Quinn are great friends. Sally isn’t too happy about Flo and Wyatt spending time together.  Wyatt is upset that Sally stayed at Forrester and that she’s got some kind of secret with Thomas, so they’re fighting.  Wyatt and Flo have kissed a few times.

Wyatt has been very unlucky in love, but he always seems to have hope for things to improve. He falls in and out of love very easily. He has a great sense of humor and seems to cherish any woman that he’s with.  It’s hard to say which relationship is worse for him, that of his mother (who constantly tries to interfere in his love life), or his dad (who often treats Wyatt poorly).  His friendship with Liam, his brother, took awhile, but it seems like the most stable of all of his relationships.

Wyatt, Bill and Liam on Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Thomas Forrester

The last four actors to play Thomas on Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas Forrester played by Matthew Atkinson (formerly by Drew Tyler Bell/Adam Gregory/Pierson Fodé)

Thomas grew up in a wealthy family, but his parents constantly were breaking up and getting back together again, and his mother was presumed dead twice, which no doubt left its toll on him and his sisters (and his step-siblings). Rick had a troubled past, especially as a teen. When he came back from boarding school, he set fire to Rick’s house and blew up his car to keep Steffy away from him.  He went through counseling for that and made peace with Rick. Later, he and Steffy sent fake text messages to try to keep Ridge and Brooke apart. He and Steffy squabbled and caused some other problems. Later, he developed a bit of an obsession with Brooke. He renamed her line Taboo and kissed her on the runway, and then he creepily kissed her later as she slept. They were stranded on an island after a plane crash and took hallucinogenic drugs, which made Thomas believe that they’d slept together. He wasn’t sure, though. His grandmother, Stephanie, bribed him with Forrester shares to get him to say that they did have sex (to keep Brooke and Ridge apart). He agreed but couldn’t go through with it. Thomas was dating Dayzee, who begged him not to do that, but they broke up.

Later, Thomas took an interest in Hope and worked with Steffy to keep Liam and Hope apart.  Then he competed with Rick for Caroline.  Rick and Thomas argued more when Thomas was interim CEO while Ridge was out of town.  They had a fight, and Rick crashed through a second-story window, so Thomas lost Caroline. Thomas hoped to take over the company after Stephanie died, but Steffy found a DVD that proved she left it all to Eric.  Thomas and Rick had a fashion showdown to decide who would be president, but Thomas lost.

Thomas moved to the beach house with Oliver. A while later, he moved to Paris.  Then he moved home again for Aly’s funeral. He still loved Caroline, even though Ridge was married to her. He slept with her, not knowing that she was combining alcohol and pills.  She didn’t recall the night, so they agreed to forget about it. Thomas then went on a romantic spree, kissing and dating as many women as he could. After a fight with Ridge, Thomas left town again. He returned to find that Caroline was pregnant. Caroline swore Ridge was the father, so he moved in with Ivy, planning to seduce her after a bet with Steffy.   Unfortunately, Ivy was electrocuted during a fight with Steffy, so both she and Thomas blamed themselves.

Thomas became a new man when Douglas was born; he was very close to his “little brother.” When it came out that Ridge was the father, after a time, Thomas wanted to be a family with Caroline and Douglas, but she wasn’t interested. He dated Sasha for awhile, and then tried to make a family with Caroline in New York, but it didn’t work out.  Throughout all of this, Thomas felt rejected by his family because he wasn’t promoted to where he thought he should be. He took up with Sally and invested in her company.  Bill and Caroline concocted a scheme to make Thomas think that Caroline was dying, so that he would leave Sally and cause her financial ruin. Later, he found out about the lie and dumped Caroline, returning to take Sally and her family to New York to start again. It didn’t work out, and he dumped Sally once more to be with Caroline and Douglas.

Now Thomas has returned, and Caroline has passed away. He’s trying to convince Hope to dump her husband, Liam, for him and be a mother to Caroline.  In doing so, he took Sally as his confidante (strangely enough), and the secret may also ruin her relationship with Wyatt.  While Thomas has always been a schemer, this new version of him seems to be way more amoral and scheming.

Thomas and Caroline on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Taylor Hayes

Taylor Hayes of Bold and the Beautiful

Dr. Taylor Hayes played by Hunter Tylo

Taylor is a psychiatrist, but she’s always seemed to have a lot of tragedy and stress in her life, and sometimes she’s a bit unstable. She first came on the scene in 1990 when she was counseling Ridge and Caroline. The latter was dying of cancer.  Ridge took an interest in Taylor after that, which didn’t set well with Brooke.  Brooke and Taylor had a triangle for many years as he bounced back and forth between the two women.  At first, Taylor was set up as the “good girl” and Brooke was the bad.

Taylor was presumed dead after a plane crash; she was mugged and lost her memory.  She woke up in the palace of a Moroccan Prince, who called her Laila. She recovered her memory and eventually was let go when she learned that her father, Jack, had a heart attack.  At some point, Taylor’s family learned she was alive, but Ridge and Brooke stayed together. Taylor left town and came back.  She was upset over losing Ridge, got drunk and set herself on fire. She was in a short relationship with Thorne, who cared for her and helped her heal. It didn’t last long.

Taylor and Ridge lived happily for a while with Thomas, and then she was pregnant with twins. She also had TB, so she almost died giving birth to Steffy and Phoebe. Taylor befriended a crazy woman named Morgan, who ended up faking Steffy’s death by shark attack. She tried to steal Steffy until Ridge rescued her.  Later, Taylor died again after being shot by Sheila. This time her death was faked by Prince Omar, who wanted her back. She escaped and reunited with her family once again.

After some more problems with Brooke, and other men, Taylor confessed to Ridge that she had kissed a man named Hector and had previously slept with fellow psychiatrist James. Ridge yelled at her for being a hypocrite, since she was always criticizing Brooke and acting like a saint.  Taylor started drinking heavily.  She was driving to help a stranded Phoebe when she accidentally hit Darla, who was changing a tire, with her car.  Several people told her to keep quiet about her part in it. She got involved with Thorne and his daughter out of guilt. She eventually did tell Thorne the truth and went to jail.  Thorne forgave her and asked the court to do the same, soshe  was let out. They were going to marry, but Aly was against it, so they called it off.

Taylor has counseled many people over the years, including Stephanie, who remembed that she was abused by her father. Taylor urged her to confront her mother, Anne.  She got involved with Nick, Ridge’s half-brother, who was also a patient.  They had a baby, Jack, through in vitro fertilization. She later learned that Brooke was the egg donor and that Nick still had feelings for Brooke.  Taylor couldn’t bond with Jack, so she let Brooke raise him.

Taylor was heavily involved in her children’s lives after that. She dated Rick, who had been dating Phoebe. Phoebe and Rick got into a terrible car accident when they were arguing about his dating Steffy. Phoebe died.  Taylor and Ridge got back together, but Brooke stopped them from remarrying. After some therapy (of sorts), Taylor and Brooke made peace. Taylor was married to Brooke’s ex, Whip, for awhile, but he divorced her after realizing she still loved Ridge.  Taylor seemed to find some peace and happiness when Brooke and Ridge married again, and she moved on with Thorne, but it didn’t last.  Taylor treated many of the show’s characters over the years, including Bill and Katie.   Taylor was close to Stephanie and was upset when she died of cancer. Taylor was involved with Eric for a while, too.  After that, she moved to Paris to be with Steffy.

Taylor returned in 2014 and found that Aly was having mental health issues, so she treated her and also admitted her role in Darla’s death.  She was gone for awhile, again, but reappeared in 2018. She had flown back from Paris to shoot Bill after hearing from Ridge that Bill had forced himself on Steffy (which wasn’t true). Steffy begged Bill not to turn her mother in, and Taylor got therapy of her own.  Despite the therapy, Taylor is back to having arguments with Brooke and trying to manipulate their children.  When word got out that Taylor had shot Bill, the Forresters and Logans were worried about Taylor being around the babies. However, Steffy still trusted her mother and invited her to move in with her.  Taylor met charming Dr. Reese Buckingham and formed a friendship. She helped Steffy adopt a little girl, that she bought from Reese (not realizing that it was Hope’s presumed-dead baby, Beth).  Steffy named her Phoebe.

The Forrester family

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Steffy Forrester

Steffy Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy Forrester played by Jacqueline MacIness Wood

Steffy grew up as a twin to Phoebe in the wealthy Forrester family. However, her father, Ridge, married and re-married her mother, Taylor, and Brooke Logan, over and over, for various reasons. Her mother was presumed dead for a while. This kind of instability was not good for Ridge’s children. She also has her brother, Thomas, and they’re very close. She was also very close to her grandmother, Stephanie (and was her namesake).  When she was two, Steffy was kidnapped and her death was faked by a crazy woman named Morgan that Ridge had dated. Steffy’s twin died in 2008 from a car accident with Rick Forrester. Steffy has always felt that loss.

Steffy became quite a conniving and manipulative person as she plotted to keep Ridge and Taylor together, and she later made moves on Bill so she could blackmail him to get control of Forrester Creations (and keep control from the Logans). She also tried to publicly embarrass Hope and Brooke at different times.

She dated Marcus, Rick, and Owen (who was married).  Liam is the love of her life, although she was also married to Wyatt.  Steffy chased Liam, with Bill’s help, to get him away from Hope. She and Liam were almost married after she got pregnant, but she miscarried after riding her motorcycle and was told she couldn’t have children any more. She divorced Liam and left town for a while to go to Paris.

When she returned, she started a bikini line, which upset young Aly, who was a kind of prude.  Aly ended up going a little nuts when they were in the same area where Steffy’s mother, Taylor, had run over Aly’s mother, Darla, with her car (while drunk). Aly attacked Steffy, who swung at her with a tire iron. Aly fell and hit her head on a rock, dying.  Steffy also had problems with her cousin Ivy; she had a fight with her which ended with Ivy getting electrocuted and almost died.

The differences between Steffy and Hope were really highlighted at this time. Steffy was the bad-ass rock’n roll chick, the sexy dark-haired woman, working hard at business, who was completely comfortable with her body; while Hope was a blonde angel who was prim and proper, and a force for good in the world. Aly idolized Hope and her ideals, which is what led to her going off the rails (along with losing her mother).

Steffy and Liam almost reunited when Quinn kidnapped Liam to keep him away from Steffy, so that Wyatt could win Steffy back. Steffy was disgusted to find out what Quinn had done. When she saw her grandfather Eric and Quinn together later, she attacked Quinn and knocked her to the ground.  She and the others boycotted their wedding and tried to keep Quinn out of the business when Eric was in a coma.  Steffy and Liam were finally married again in Australia with Ridge and Brooke.  She feuded with Sally, who was with Thomas.

Later, Steffy was upset with Liam for kissing Sally, so she slept with Bill, which destroyed her marriage to Liam, even though she was pregnant. Liam forgave her, but Bill’s machinations made Liam think that he and Steffy were still sleeping together.  Liam slept with Hope, so she got pregnant as well.  Steffy gave up on Liam and decided to choose herself, letting Hope have him. She and Hope made peace and decided that their children would be sisters, not the enemies that they were, or that their mothers were.

Steffy seemed to grow up around this point in her life. She is a responsible co-CEO of Forrester Creations (despite never graduating college) and mother. She’s been through a lot in her life and made peace with losing Liam.

Taylor shot Bill for what he did to Steffy, but Steffy begged him not to tell the police, so he didn’t. He held it over Steffy’s head for a while but then backed off.  Eventually, Bill moved on from his obsession with Steffy, since it almost cost him custody of his son, Will.  When Hope started worrying about Taylor being around her baby-to-be, Steffy decided to adopt another daughter so that hers would always have a sister, no matter what.  Dr. Reese Buckingham made friends with Taylor, who mentioned that Steffy was looking to adopt.  He also delivered Hope’s baby, Beth, in a storm, and he used a dead baby that another woman had birthed, to pretend that Hope’s was dead. He delivered the stolen Beth to Steffy, who promptly named her Phoebe, after her twin.  While Hope and Liam are dealing with their grief, Hope keeps pushing Liam to leave her and live with Steffy and her two girls.  Steffy left town for a while because she was worried about how attached Hope was getting to Phoebe.  Thomas, in the meantime, has been after Hope and doing his best to convince her to be his son Douglas’ new mom.

Liam and Steffy on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Sally Spectra

Sally Spectra from The Bold and the Beautiful

Sally Spectra played by Courtney Hope

Sally is the great-niece of the original Sally Spectra that ran Spectra Fashions back in the 80’s and beyond.  She’ss what they call “a feisty redhead.”  She is strong-willed and often stubborn. She sometimes speaks or acts before thinking things through. She once pulled a gun on Wyatt (when she was drunk, and angry at his father), and she also tried to shoot Bill.  She is a great designer and has a lot of good instincts. She takes chances.  She loves fiercely.  They’ve modeled her a little bit on her great-aunt Sally, who was also another fiery redhead.  However, she is much younger and not as sleazy or outrageous as that Sally.

Sally tried to revive Spectra Fashions in its original building in 2017 but was shut down by Bill Spencer, who wanted the property to build a skyscraper. Sally recruited her grandmother, Shirley and other family and friends to start it up. She started a romance with Thomas Forrester, who was also helping her financially.

Sally never knew her parents because they were in the circus. She was raised by her grandmother, Shirley, who was a baker. Sally had worked at her bakery before starting a fashion career.  Shirley helped her at Spectra.  Not having a regular family gave Sally a bit of a chip on her shoulder.

Sally got involved with the Forresters because she need publicity for her business, and this is how she met Thomas. Bill kept trying to sabotage her line, and he also lured Thomas away with a lie from Caroline that she was dying. Liam figured out what Bill was up to and took over Spencer, financing Sally’s business again.  Bill was able to get control back and blew up the Spectra building, not realizing that Liam and Sally were in it. Fortunately, they weren’t badly injured.

Sally reunited with Thomas and left town. He had promised to start up a New York version of Spectra with Sally and her family.  Later, Sally returned after Thomas dumped her again. She had no money or place to stay, and her family didn’t return with her. Wyatt found her, drowning her sorrows at the local bar, so he convinced her to stay with him until she figured things out. They began a romance, and she got a job at Forrester creations.  At first, she didn’t get to design, while working for Hope. Later, Steffy hired her to design for her line.

Wyatt went back to work for his father, Bill, who had turned over a new leaf, on the condition that Bill finance a new Spectra Fashions for Sally. Bill agreed, but Sally decided to stay at Forrester, where they offered her a bright future. Wyatt was a little put out by her changing her mind because he liked working with her and he had done this great gesture for her.

Sally and Wyatt were doing well, though, until his ex-girlfriend Flo came into town at the beginning of 2019. Thomas returned to town with his child. He confided in Sally that he was planning to get Hope and break up her marriage to Liam.  She kept that secret, which led to more problems with Wyatt. Quinn, Wyatt’s mother, never liked Sally for her son. When she spied Sally with Thomas, she tried to get Sally to leave Wyatt by pressuring her to move out and stop sponging off him.  Quinn wants Wyatt with Flo.

Wyatt and Sally on The Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Quinn Forrester

Quinn on Bold and Beautiful

Quinn Forrester played by Rena Sofer

Quinn Fuller came to town in 2013 with her son, Wyatt. They had a jewelry business. Hope helped discover that Bill Spencer is Wyatt’s father.  She hired Quinn to design jewelry at Forrester Creations.  Quinn, like the late Stephanie, kept trying to interfere in Wyatt’s love life. She liked him with Hope, so she did everything she could to get Steffy and Liam back together (to keep Liam away from Hope). She had sex with Bill and didn’t want him to go back to Brooke, so she made sure Ridge had evidence of their sex, which sent him to stop Bill and Brooke’s wedding. It ended with Ridge being pushed out of a helicopter and sustaining damage. Everyone blamed Quinn for causing trouble, and she lost her job. Quinn kept interfereing with Hope and Wyatt’s life. Hope fell and miscarried their child during an argument with Quinn.  Quinn tried to reform and married Deacon, but they split up later. Quinn then kidnapped to keep him away from Hope, but she ended up falling for him when he had amnesia.  Eventually, Wyatt tracked him down and helped him escape. They weren’t able to keep Quinn in jail for lack of evidence.

Quinn turned over a new leaf when she started an affair with Eric. When his family found out, they were against it.  She and Eric married and are still together. Eventually, everyone accepted them together. For a brief time, she and Ridge flirted and kissed, but they stopped when they realized they both loved Brooke and Eric too much.  Eric left Quinn and spent some time with his crazy ex-wife, Sheila, but he finally forgave Quinn.  Quinn felt threatened when Katie moved next door and had a friendship with Eric, too. She wasn’t happy that Katie and Wyatt were sleeping together, but she also wasn’t happy when they broke up, and he then took up with Sally. She found herself to be a suspect when Bill was shot in the back. She fought a bit with Pam about having her wedding in the mansion, and also with Donna, who moved back to town and moved in with Katie next door.

When Quinn kidnapped Liam, she confided that her mother never wanted her and treated her badly. Her mother had many boyfriends and berated her for being born.  We know that Bill basically used her and then told her to get an abortion, so she had a hard life, being a single mother and not having many friends.  She never felt worthy of love until she met Eric.  He made her feel worthwhile for the first time.  Being so insecure, Quinn always worries that Eric is going to meet someone better, and she’ll lose him.

Although Quinn is a lot nicer than she used to be, it’s clear that she gets jealous very easily about any woman that Eric talks to and still interferes in Wyatt’s love life (whenever she can).  Quinn’s old friend Shauna recently came to town, which made Quinn very happy. Shauna’s daughter, Flo, used to date Wyatt, so Quinn is trying to push them back together.  Quinn is one of the best characters on the show, and fans love Quinn and Eric together. However, the writers need to give her more to do.

Eric and Quinn Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Pam Douglas

Pam of The Bold and the Beautiful

Pam Douglas played by Alley Mills

Pam was Stephanie’s mousy sister.  Pam had been living with their mom in Chicago for many years until she joined Stephanie in Los Angeles in 2006. This changed Pam’s life.  Pam is a bit strange and quirky, and she seems to say whatever comes into her head. Also, she is stronger than she seemed at first.  She doesn’t mind getting into a fight when she needs to. She stood up for Steph with their mom when she denied that their dad had abused Steph.

Pam had been a bit of an old maid, but she dated Stephen Logan for a while before he left town.  For a while, Pam had a crush on Eric, Stephanie’s husband.  When Eric left Stephanie for Donna, Pam was upset and did many mean things to Donna. She almost killed her. Pam was found to have a brain tumor as well as being bipolar.  Now she takes medication.  She’s had to weather the loss of her mother as well as Stephanie, but she has the Forresters to support her. Eric loves her, and most of the rest either love her or tolerate her.  Donna and Pam ended up being good friends and co-workers. They are both receptionists at Forrester Creations now. Pam doesn’t care much for Quinn, Eric’s current wife, and they’ve had a few fights.

Pam had a wonderful German Shepherd that she loved, Tiny, but he passed away.  She loves to bake, especially her famous lemon bars that she offers to everyone.  She has been dating Forrester security guard Charlie for many years. They almost married, but Pam decided she wasn’t ready yet. Both Charlie and Pam love to bake, and they make the food for any family gathering.  They also love dressing up for visits to Medieval Times.

Charlie and Pam at Christmas

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