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Peter Griffin bioPeter Griffin is the head of the Griffin family of Quahog, Rhode Island. He is a working class guy… not very mature or bright.   He often runs off on some wild chase or scheme.  He loves beer and hanging out with his friends at the local bar, The Drunken Clam.




Lois Griffin bioLois Griffin is married to Peter and the mom of their kids. She has a little more common sense than he does, but she’s not a very warm person (especially when it comes to her kids). She and Peter bicker a lot but love each other.




Meg Griffin bioMeg Griffin is the oldest child. No one seems to like her (including her family). Her family bullies or ignores her. She’s a bit odd and definitely “a nerd.” Sometimes the family jokes that she’ll be a lesbian in the future.




Chris Griffin bioChris Griffin is a teenaged boy. He’s not very smart and seems emotionally stunted. He’s obsessed with girls, like most teens. Sometimes he speaks as if he’s actually a lot smarter. He loves to play video games.




Stewie Griffin bioStewie Griffin is the baby of the family, but he’s really an evil genius. There are many jokes about him being gay (and in the closet).  Sometimes he acts like a regular child, and other times he seems very far advanced. He has most of the best jokes on the show. Brian is his best friend. They have adventures together. Stewie likes to try to kill his mom and also build time machines.


Brian bioBrian is the family dog, but he can speak and is fairly smart (not as smart as he thinks he is). He likes to read (or at least, pretend to read), write and sip Champagne. He dates humans as well as dogs.  He tries to keep Stewie out of trouble. Brian has a big crush on Lois but is also Peter’s best friend (and Stewie’s as well).  He and Quagmire hate each other.



Joe Swanson bioJoe Swanson is Peter’s next door neighbor. He’s in a wheelchair but is also a police officer.  He has an offbeat sense of humor and is usually cheery not matter what. He, Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland hang out at the local bar. He’s married to a woman, Bonnie, that doesn’t treat him very well.



Glenn Quagmire bioGlenn Quagmire is Peter’s other next door neighbor. He’s a pilot who’s obsessed with sex and bedding as many women as he can. Like Brian, he has a huge crush on Lois. He and Brian hate each other. He thinks Brian is a big phony. His favorite sayings are “all right” and “giggity giggity.”



Cleveland bioCleveland Brown lives across the street from Peter. Whenever there’s a terrible thing that happens in the neighborhood, Cleveland’s house is usually destroyed, with him in the bathtub and falling out of the house. He’s a mail carrier. His wife is Loretta, and they have two children. There was a spinoff of his family, “The Cleveland Show.”


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The Young and The Restless Characters

What the Y&R Characters Are Like!

The Abbotts

Major Current Characters

Recurring Characters

Characters From The Past

  • Adrian (Eyal Podell)
  • Adriana Stone (Jhoanna Flores)
  • Det. Alejandro “Alex” Chavez (Ignacio Serricchio)
  • Alice (Tamara Clatterbuck)
  • Amber (Adrienne Frantz)
  • Amy (Stephanie Williams)
  • Ana (Jamia Simone Nash)
  • Andy (Steven Ford)
  • Angelo (Mike Starr / Angelo Tiffe)
  • Anita H. (Mitzi Kapture)
  • Anita Lawson (Catherine Bach)
  • April (Janet Wood / Cindy Eilbacher / Rebecca Staab)
  • Arthur (David Hedison)
  • Avery Bailey Clark (Jessica Collins)
  • Ben (Billy Warlock)
  • Ben “Stitch” Rayburn (Sean Carrigan)
  • Bill Foster (Charles H. Gray)
  • Blade (Michael Tylo)
  • Bobby (John Enos III)
  • Brad (Don Diamont)
  • Brittany (Lauren Woodland)
  • Brock (Beau Kayser)
  • Callie (Siena Goines)
  • Cameron (Linden Ashby)
  • Cane Ashby / Ethan Atkinson (Daniel Goddard)
  • Carl (Brett Hadley)
  • Carmine Basco (Marco Dapper)
  • Carol (Christopher Templeton)
  • Carmen (Marisa Ramirez)
  • Casey (Roberta Leighton)
  • Cassie Newman (Camryn Grimes)
  • Chris Brooks (Trish Stewart / Lynn Topping)
  • Clint (James Michael Gregary)
  • Cody (Brody Hutzler)
  • Cole (J. Eddie Peck)
  • Colin Atkinson (Tristan Rogers)
  • Colleen (Lyndsy Fonseca / Tammin Sursok / Adrianna Léon)
  • Connie (Lise Simms)
  • Courtney Sloan (Kelli Goss)
  • Daisy Carter Romalotti (Yvonne Zima)
  • Damon (Keith Hamilton Cobb)
  • Daniel Romalotti (Cam Gigandet / Michael Graziadei)
  • Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian)
  • David Chow (Vincent Irizarry)
  • David Kimble (Michael Corbett)
  • Davis Holloway (Alex Straggs)
  • Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan)
  • Delia Abbott (Alix and Madeline Dubois / Olivia and Riley Jones / Sophie Pollono)
  • Diane (Alex Donnelley / Susan Walters / Maura West)
  • Diego (Greg Vaughan)
  • Doris (Karen Hensel)
  • Drucilla (Victoria Rowell)
  • Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton)
  • Eden Baldwin (Erin Sanders / Vanessa Marano / Jessica Heap)
  • Elliot (Michael Nouri)
  • Emily (Stacy Haiduk)
  • Esmerelda (Briana Nicole Henry)
  • Eve (Margaret Mason)
  • Farren (Colleen Casey)
  • Frederick (John H. Martin)
  • Genevieve Atkinson (Genie Francis)
  • Gil (Cassius Willis)
  • Gina (Patty Weaver)
  • Grace (Jennifer Gareis)
  • Greg (James Houghton / Brian Kerwin / Wings Hauser / Howard McGillin)
  • Detective Hank Weber (Sherman Augustus)
  • Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom / Eden Riegel / Jennifer Landon)
  • Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan)
  • Hope (Signy Coleman)
  • Ian Ward (Ray Wise)
  • Isabella (Eva Longoria)
  • J. T. (Thad Luckinbill)
  • Jamie Vernon (Daniel Polo)
  • Jazz (Jon St. Elwood)
  • Jennifer (Dorothy Green)
  • Jessica (Rebecca Street)
  • Ji Min (Eric Steinberg)
  • Joanna (Susan Seaforth Hayes)
  • John Abbott (Jerry Douglas)
  • John Silva (John Castellanos)
  • Julia (Meg Bennett / Pamella D’Pella)
  • Karen (Nia Peeples)
  • Katherine Chancellor Murphy (Jeanne Cooper)
  • Keemo (Philip Moon)
  • Keith (Granville Van Dusen)
  • Kelly Andrews (Cynthis Watros / Cady McLain)
  • Kurt Costner (Leigh McCloskey)
  • Lance (John McCook / Dennis Cole)
  • Larry (David “Shark” Fralick)
  • Leanna (Barbara Crampton)
  • Leslie (Janis Lynde / Victoria Mallory)
  • Leslie Michaelson (Angell Conwell)
  • Lindsey (Lauren Koslow)
  • Liz (Julianna McCarthy)
  • Lorena (Davenia McFadden)
  • Lorie (Jaime Lyn Bauer)
  • Luan (Elizabeth Sung)
  • Lucas (Tom Ligon)
  • Lynne (Laura Bryan Birn)
  • Mac (Ashley Bashioum / Rachel Kimsey / Clementine Ford)
  • Maggie (Tammy Lauren)
  • Malcolm (Shemar Moore / Darius McCrary)
  • Mamie (Veronica Redd)
  • Congressman Marcus Wheeler (Mark Pinter)
  • Marge (Jeanne Cooper)
  • Mari Jo (Pamela Bach / Diana Barton)
  • Mason Wilder (Lamon Archey)
  • Mary (Carolyn Conwell)
  • Matt (Robert Parucha)
  • Matt Clark (Eddie Cibrian / Russell Lawrence / Rick Hearst)
  • Maureen (Cassandra Hepburn)
  • Megan (Ashley Jones)
  • Meggie (Sean Young)
  • Michael (Colby Chester)
  • Miguel (Anthony Peña)
  • Mitchell (William Wintersole)
  • Nathan (Nathan Purdee)
  • Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John)
  • Nina Webster (Tricia Cast)
  • Noah Newman (Luke Kleintank / Hunter Allan / Kevin G. Schmidt / Robert Adamson)Owen (Albie Selznick)
  • Olivia Winters (Tonya Lee Williams)
  • Patrick Murphy (Michael Fairman)
  • Patty Williams / Mary Jane (Stacy Haiduk)
  • Peggy (Pamela Peters Solow / Patricia Everly)
  • Phillip Chancellor III (Thom Bierdz)
  • Rafe Torres (Yani Gellman)
  • Raul (David Lago)
  • Reed (Max Page)
  • Rex (Quinn K. Redeker)
  • Rianna (Rianna Loving)
  • Ricky Williams (Peter Porte)
  • Ripley Turner (Christian Keyes)
  • River (Michael Gross)
  • Ronan Malloy (Jeff Branson)
  • Roxanne (Tatyana Ali)
  • Ryan (Scott Reeves)
  • Ryder (Wilson Bethel)
  • Sabrina (Raya Meddine)
  • Sam (Sean Patrick Flanery)
  • Augustus “Sarge” Wilder (Darnell Williams)
  • Scott (Peter Barton)
  • Scott Jr. (Blair Redford)
  • Shawn (Grant Cramer)
  • Sheila (Kimberlin Brown)
  • Shiloh (Julie Pinson)
  • Sierra (Asia Smith)
  • Skye (Laura Stone)
  • Snapper (David Hasselhoff / William Grey Espy)
  • Sofia Dupre Wilson (Julia Pace Mitchell)
  • Spencer Walsh (Evan Parke)
  • Steve (Greg Wrangler)
  • Todd (Corbin Bernsen)
  • Tom (Roscoe Born)
  • Tomas (Francesco Quinn)
  • Tony (Nick Scotti / Jay Bontatibus)
  • Tricia (Sabryn Genet)
  • Tucker McCall (William Russ / Stephen Nichols)
  • Tyler Michaelson (Redaric Williams)
  • Tyra (Eva Pigford)
  • Tyrone (Phil Morris)
  • Vance (Eric Roberts)
  • Dr. Watkins (Lorraine Toussaint)
  • Yolanda “Harmony” Hamilton (Chene Lawson / Debbi Morgan)

The Faces of Kevin Fisher played by Greg Rikaart, written by Christopher

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Chris and Paul's wedding, with Ryan and Nina

The Bold and the Beautiful Character Descriptions

B&B Current Characters

Cast at Christmas - Bold and Beautiful

  • Alison (Theodora Greece)
  • Amelia (Nicola Posener)
  • Lt. Baker (Dan Martin)
  • Bill (Don Diamont)
  • Bridget (Emily Harrison/Jennifer Finnigan/Ashley Jones)
  • Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang)
  • Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor)
  • Charlie (Dick Christie)
  • Danny (Keith Carlos)
  • Donna (Carrie Mitchum/Jennifer Gareis)
  • Emma (Nia Sioux)
  • Eric (John McCook)
  • Flo (Katrina Bowden)
  • Hope (Kimberly Matula/Anikka Noelle)
  • Jake (Todd McKee)
  • Jarrett (Andrew Collins)
  • Julius (Obba Babatundé)
  • Justin (Aaron D. Spears)
  • Katie (Nancy Sloan/Heather Tom)
  • Ken (Danny Woodburn)
  • Liam (Scott Clifton)
  • Madison (Stephanie Wang)
  • Maya (Karla Mosley)
  • Pam (Alley Mills)
  • Quinn (Rena Sofer)
  • Ridge (Ronn Moss/Thorsten Kaye)
  • Sally (Courtney Hope)
  • Shauna (Denise Richards)
  • Steffy (Jacqueline MacIness Wood)
  • Taylor (Hunter Tylo)
  • Thomas (Adam Gregory/Pierson Fodé/Matthew Atkinson)
  • Tiffany (Maile Brady)
  • Vivienne (Anna Maria Horsford)
  • Wyatt (Darin Brooks)
  • Xander (Adain Bradley)
  • Zoe (Kiara Barnes)


  • Beth/Phoebe (Rosalind Aune and Isabella De Armas)
  • Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri)
  • Kelly (Zoe Pennington)
  • Lizzy (last played by Gianna & Isabella Garcia)
  • R.J. (Anthony Turpel)
  • Rosie (Tigerlily & Ginger Siler)
  • Will (Finnegan George)

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Older Characters

Bold and Beautiful cast

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