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Update written by Joseph

Jake enters the kitchen at home as Gabi is cooking tamales. Gabi says she’s sick and tired of Ava’s Italian food so tonight they are eating Mexican. Jake informs Gabi that he just got good news, that somebody is paying a visit to their grandfather…

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Victor why there were four big black sedans pulling out of the driveway. Victor informs him that he just had a celebratory luncheon. Brady questions him not inviting him. Victor figured he was spending all his lunch time with EJ DiMera these days. Brady asks what they were celebrating. Victor jokes about Bonnie Lockhart being out of the house and in to jail. Victor declares that’s one down and one to go. Brady guesses he means Chloe which Victor confirms. Brady informs Victor that he’s going to have a harder time than he thinks getting rid of Chloe. Victor asks how he knows that and if Chloe is confiding in him now that they are both working for the enemy.

Philip goes to the Basic Black office to see Chloe. She remarks that if he came to check up on her, Brady’s not here. Philip says he’s not here for that as he came to take her away from all of this.

Xander is in his hotel room, arguing on the phone with Justin about his one million dollars. Xander complains that he’s broke and living on credit, so if he doesn’t get that money soon, the cops are going to come banging on the door. Someone then knocks on his door.

Abigail goes to the Horton house and greets Gwen. Gwen is surprised as nobody told her she was back. Abigail informs her that nobody knows. Gwen asks when she got in. Abigail says just this morning. Gwen tells her that Jack isn’t here if she’s looking for him. Abigail clarifies that she came to talk to her.

Xander is surprised that it’s Jack at his door so he hangs up the phone and answers the door. Xander tells him that he’s a bit behind on rent this month. Jack notes that Xander is looking pretty stiff and asks if the Salem Inn started sending hired muscle to collect. Xander claims that he just fell off his skateboard. Xander notes that he’s surprised to see Jack. Jack reveals that he came to say he’s sorry.

Gabi asks Jake if he thinks Brady went to see Victor to get him to dump Philip. Jake says they can only hope. Gabi questions if Jake is having Brady followed. Jake responds that he’s keeping tabs on the situation and she doesn’t need to know how. Jake says Gabi has a reputation of causing trouble so he’s looking out for her. Gabi understands and fantasizes about Victor getting an earful about Philip’s failings. Gabi can’t believe Brady and Philip are fighting over Chloe. Gabi declares that it’s only a matter of time before Philip is out and they are running Titan. Gabi and Jake kiss until Ava walks in and asks if they have to do that in the kitchen, telling them to get a room. Gabi tells Ava that this is her house so she can kiss Jake anywhere she wants. Ava asks for common courtesy. Gabi mocks Ava’s mob past. Ava argues that she lives here too. Gabi says that’s until Rafe gets wise enough to kick her to the curb. Ava tells Gabi that it’s not going to happen no matter how hard she tries because she can offer Rafe something that Gabi never could.

Brady comments to Victor that his company is run by DiMera Enterprises, but he and Nicole run Basic Black as they see fit. Victor questions him seeing fit to hire Xander and says they must be crazy about him. Victor asks who’s choice Xander was and then brings up EJ being his lawyer. Brady says he didn’t come here to talk about his business decisions with him. Victor reminds him that there will always be a place for him at Titan. Brady thanks him and says he appreciates that. Victor adds that his place won’t be in the CEO office as that is taken by his uncle Philip and he’s doing an excellent job. Brady responds that Philip and his excellent job is precisely why he’s here.

Philip takes Chloe out for a picnic in the park. Chloe says this is the last thing she expected when he showed up at the office. Philip acknowledges that he hasn’t been doing things right but says that’s going to change. Chloe remembers how they used to come here all the time in high school. Chloe recalls being so happy and free then. Chloe flashes back to when they carved their initials in the tree. They point out where the tree used to be. Chloe brings up that Philip chopped it down.

Gwen doesn’t know why Abigail wanted to come to see her. Abigail says she has something she would like to say. Abigail still feels very responsible that Gwen lost her baby. Gwen tells her that she’s listening. Abigail says she’s had a lot of time to think over the last few months and admits that Gwen pushed her to her limit, but she’s not proud of how she reacted. Abigail says when Gwen told her that she slept with Chad, she was obviously very hurt and angry, so she pushed Chad away and became someone she didn’t know or like. Abigail adds that Gwen then told her she was pregnant and she hit rock bottom. Abigail admits all she could think about was that she did not want Gwen to have that baby. Gwen remembers Abigail being ready to tie her up and deliver her to the abortion clinic. Abigail states that she didn’t see her baby as a person, but a symbol of all the things Chad had done to her. Abigail recalls the day of Gwen’s fall and all she could see was a lifetime of Gwen and her baby taking Chad away from her and her kids. Abigail admits that in that moment, all she cared about was stopping Gwen from finding Chad without caring about her or her baby. Abigail is really ashamed of feeling that way as her baby was a human being that she wanted to have and is still grieving for. Abigail declares that regardless of their history, Gwen deserved a chance to be her daughter’s mother and did not to deserve to suffer all the pian. Abigail concludes that she came here today to tell Gwen that she’s so deeply sorry.

Xander questions Jack saying sorry to him. Jack reveals that Gwen told him the truth and said the story Xander gave him about pressuring her to deliver drugs was something he made up to cover for her. Jack calls that one of the most honorable, self-sacrificing things that he’s ever encountered. Jack is ashamed of the vicious things he said to Xander and offers to print a retraction about his article. Xander tells him to stop beating himself up as he can be very convincing when he wants to be. Jack hopes Xander can forgive him. Xander tells Jack that he’s his mate and getting tossed out of peoples’ houses has happened to him before. Xander knew what Jack meant to Gwen, so he really wanted her to stay in his good graces and he was afraid that if Jack knew the truth about what she did, he’d never be able to get past it. Jack responds that Gwen told him everything and he told her that he understands, surprising Xander.

Ava complains that Gabi went out of her way to make her suspicious and jealous of Rafe and Nicole, then she didn’t stop there. Ava informs her that Rafe told her that Gabi purposely steered Nicole in his direction. Gabi argues that if they are so devoted, nothing she says should’ve mattered. Ava accuses her of acting like she’s in high school and asks what her problem is with her. Gabi brings up how Ava treated Steve and Kayla. Ava responds that she’s not that woman anymore. Gabi states that Rafe is one of the most decent people on the planet and he can do way better than her. Ava remarks that Jake could do so much better than a woman who tried to give Julie a heart attack with her pacemaker and conned Chad in to making him believe his wife should be an institution. Jake assures that Gabi’s not that woman anymore either. Ava then asks why Jake ended things with Kate since at least she had some class..

Victor questions Brady wanting to talk to him about Philip. Brady says he knows better than to tell Victor how to run his business, but he should know that Philip’s focus isn’t on Titan anymore, it’s on him. Brady says that Philip can’t stand that he and Chloe are working together and it’s driving him nuts as he’s become obsessed. Brady tells Victor about how he and Chloe had to spend the night in Wilkes-Barre on a business trip and Philip got so jealous that he took the Titan jet and tracked them down in the middle of nowhere. Victor suggests Philip could’ve been worried about him since he is family. Brady argues that he doesn’t care about him, he just wanted to catch him and Chloe in the sack. Victor asks if there’s something going on. Brady says no but Philip was convinced that there was. Brady brings up how Philip gets crazy with jealousy. Victor regrets letting Philip move Chloe in to the house. Brady remarks that all Philip is thinking about right now is Chloe, so it’s only a matter of time before that affects the business. Brady adds that Philip is spending more time in his office than his own. Victor responds by saying that’s about to change.

Philip reminds Chloe that he heard her and Brady talking about sleeping together back then, so he had to face that things were over between them, so he grabbed an axe and chopped their tree down. Philip says he wasn’t even thinking, he was just seeing her and Brady in bed together. Chloe feels that he still feels that way. Philip admits he made an ass out of himself in Pennsylvania and guesses she must have felt like it was history repeating itself. Chloe admits she was surprised he even invited her here today. Philip says he did that because of the history. Philip insists that he’s still young enough to change his ways and that he can fix his old mistakes. Chloe asks how he’s going to do that.

Xander questions Jack knowing the truth about Gwen and having no problem with it. Xander calls that very big of him. Jack says that no matter what Gwen has done, she’s still his daughter and since she’s been living with him, he’s come to understand and love her. Jack questions Xander thinking he would judge her for something in the past. Xander believes Jack loves Gwen but feels he must love Abigail more. Jack then asks what Abigail has to do with Gwen being a prostitute.

Gwen thanks Abigail for her apology and says she has to apologize to Abigail about something as well. Gwen talks about being so furious and blaming Abigail for her miscarriage, but she understands now that Abigail didn’t try to hurt her or the baby. Gwen says that’s why she has to tell her something that she doesn’t know. Gwen thinks Abigail will realize she doesn’t have a need to be sorry.

Xander realizes Gwen told Jack that she was a prostitute and not the actual truth. Jack says it was a long time ago and hopes he will keep it to himself. Xander thinks back to suggesting the story to Gwen. Xander says he can’t believe this. Jack thought that Xander knew and that was why he was covering for her. Xander says it’s just that Gwen always used the term “escort”. Jack doesn’t see what this has to do with Abigail. Xander talks about how Gwen always compared herself to Abigail as the good daughter. Jack says for a minute, he thought Xander was trying to tell him that Abigail had been a prostitute too. Xander says it’s nothing like that. Jack talks about his policy being to not show favoritism to JJ or Abigail and now Gwen too as his kids are all equal in his eyes. Xander knows Jack is a loving father and declares that now Gwen knows it too.

Abigail asks Gwen why she shouldn’t be sorry. Gwen tells her that she spent weeks telling everybody that Abigail pushed her down the stairs but they know that’s not true, as she lost her balance and fell. Gwen mentions telling Jack that. Abigail confirms she heard from Chad but that she appreciates her telling her that. Abigail acknowledges that she didn’t push her but still feels that if she hadn’t followed her up the stairs and grabbed her, she’d probably be nine months pregnant now, but instead they have to live with the consequences of that day for the rest of their lives. Gwen knows how much it took for Abigail to come here today and she’s sorry for Abigail to live with that guilt because she knows what a heavy burden guilt can be.

Gabi mocks Ava being a mafia princess. Ava responds that Rafe knows her history and how hard she’s worked to put it behind her for her son, so they are stronger than ever. Gabi brings up Ava accusing Rafe of wanting to be with Nicole just a few days ago. Ava says she just lost her temper and lashed out, but Rafe understood and they worked everything out. Gabi argues that Ava will lash out again. Ava brings up that Rafe said Gabi and Jake are only staying here temporarily. Ava suggests that if Gabi has such a problem with her being with Rafe, they should find somewhere else to live.

Philip tells Chloe that he thought they could plant a new tree in the same spot as their old tree. Philip knows he can’t erase his past mistakes, but hopes it can be the start of a new better beginning for them.

Brady asks Victor what situation is about to change and if he’s thinking about removing Philip as CEO. Victor says of course not and that the problem is Chloe, as he always knew it would be. Victor declares that there’s only one way to get Philip’s head back in the business and that’s removing Chloe from the equation. Brady questions if he’s kicking her out. Victor responds that he won’t have to, as he wants Brady to steal her away from Philip.

Gabi complains about Ava and declares she’s over this bitch’s crap so she and Jake are moving out and going to pack right now.

Brady questions Victor telling him to go after Chloe. Victor argues that if Brady sweeps Chloe off her feet, Philip will have no choice but to go back to focusing on work. Brady argues that Victor hates Chloe, yet he wants him to sweep her off her feet. Victor says he doesn’t want it, but if Brady is with Chloe then he’s less likely to go after Kristen. Victor orders Brady to go seduce Chloe.

Philip and Chloe plant their new tree. Philip calls this a major moment and jokes that they can carve their initials in this tree one day. Chloe jokes about how long that will take for this tree to get big enough for that. Philip says that’s another reason he wanted to plant it, to show that he has faith in them being together for a long time.

Gwen knows that she’s given Abigail good reason to despise her and that she did not intentionally try to hurt her or her baby. Gwen hopes that Abigail and Chad can move past all of this. Abigail thanks Gwen for accepting her apology. Gwen says it would be awkward to hold a grudge as she’s sure they will be seeing one another at family gatherings. Abigail is just glad that everything is out in the open. Abigail says she will get going then and exits the house.

Xander tells Jack that he’s just so glad that he gets why he had to cover for Gwen as he really hated being on the outs with him. Jack is impressed that Xander didn’t hesitate when he thought he would turn his back on her, even though he knew it would be the end of their friendship. Xander says Gwen would’ve lost her dad and that’s more important. Jack talks about really letting Xander have it and he wonders why he put up with all that for Gwen’s sake. Xander talks about getting to know Gwen a little bit while living under the same roof. Jack feels there seems to be something more between them than friendship. Jack says as a protective father, he has to ask Xander what his intentions are towards his daughter. Jack is wondering if Xander is interested in Gwen but they get interrupted by a knock at the door. Xander covers Jack’s mouth, worrying that the front desk has come looking for him but it’s Gwen so Xander answers the door and invites her in. Gwen notes that Xander looks awful and questions him limping. Gwen then tells Jack that she didn’t expect to see him here. Jack explains that he came to apologize to Xander for how he treated him and he was gracious enough to accept his apology. Gwen is glad. Jack thinks he should get going. Gwen tells him that he doesn’t have to but Jack thinks he does. Jack then exits the room. Xander argues that he almost ruined Gwen’s whole life just then.

Gabi and Jake sit together in the town square. Jake got donuts and complains about Gabi leaving the tamales at home when she stormed out. Gabi refuses the donuts at first but Jake points out that it’s not the bakery’s fault that it got Gabi’s store space. Gabi then gives in and admits the donuts are really good. Gabi mentions that she won’t get in his face about knowing where Brady is. Jake jokes about asking where their next meal will be since they are homeless now. Gabi says she’s had it with Ava, so they will figure out something. Jake suggests they get a room at the Salem Inn since they won’t figure anything out tonight, but Gabi gets an idea.

Ava eats at home and thinks back to listening in on Jake and Gabi’s plan to overthrow Philip at Titan. Ava smiles and then pulls out her phone, looking at Philip’s number.

Chloe and Philip finish their picnic and planting their tree. Philip offers to buy her a new pair of shoes and says she’d do anything for her. Philip then gets a text from Ava, saying she needs to see him. Chloe asks if there’s a problem. Philip says maybe as there’s something he needs to take care of so he calls a rain check. Chloe thanks Philip for today as they kiss. Chloe says she’ll see him at home and walks away.

Xander tells Gwen that she could’ve told him that she went with the prostitute story as he almost outed her. Gwen says she was going to tell Jack the whole truth but then she imagined his reaction and she just couldn’t do it, so she had to think fast and used his idea. Gwen talks about how understanding Jack was. Xander calls it a good story. Gwen says at least she remains on good terms with Jack. Xander adds that now he’s back on good terms with Jack too, so now they both know where they stand with Jack. Xander declares the only question is where they stand with each other.

Victor asks Brady if they have a deal and if he will try to take Chloe away from Philip or not. Chloe then walks in and says she’d like to know the answer to that question herself.

Abigail goes home to the DiMera Mansion and calls up to the kids about getting ready for dinner. Gabi and Jake walk in, surprised to see Abigail. Gabi didn’t know she was back in town. Abigail says she just got back this morning and asks what they are doing here since Chad told her they moved out. Gabi responds that she’ll be the first to hear the good news that they are moving back in.

Philip goes to see Ava and says he was surprised to get her text as he asks her what’s up. Ava thought he would like to know in advance that Gabi is plotting against him.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Have much watching them so I could work the morning shift. Hopefully, the nanny will feel better tomorrow.

Paulina: Oh, I’ll take as much time as I can get with jules and carver. And, not to brag, but they clearly love their great auntie paulina.

Lani: You mean grandma paulina.

Allie: And I’m so excited for johnny too. I mean, he’s so amped about making his movie. Isn’t it cool that will wrote it and it’s about our mom?

>John: Yeah, it is.

Allie: It’s all johnny talks about. Actually, he told me something pretty crazy about grandma marlena being possessed by the devil. But there’s no way that that happened, right?

John: Well, of course not, sweetheart. Will has a very creative imagination, but nothing like that ever happened here.

Johnny: She turned into a jaguar? No wonder nobody wanted to produce will’s script. It is way too far-fetched.

[Phone rings] Mom, where have you been? Why haven’t you responded to any of my calls or texts? Never mind. I have something I need to ask you. It’s about grandma marlena.

Julie: I’m sorry I had to– doug! Doug! Oh, my god! Marlena, what happened? Marlena, for god’s sake, help him! Darling…

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Johnny: Mom? Are you there? Mom? Hello? Mom? Hello?

Chanel: Hello.

Johnny: Hello, chanel.

Chanel: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you while you were on the phone with your mommy.

Johnny: Didn’t anybody ever tell you that a guy who calls his mom can’t be all bad?

Chanel: I do think it’s kind of cute. But it didn’t sound like she was listening to you.

Johnny: Yeah, we had a bad connection. She was there, and then I got this static, and then the call dropped.

Chanel: Static? On a cellphone?

Johnny: Yeah, weird, huh?

[Phone beeps] Oh, there she is. “Sorry, we got cut off. But don’t try to call back. I’m tied up at the moment.” Okay.

Allie: So will just invented the whole demonic possession thing?

John: Well, you know your mother. She likes to get people talking. I’m sure that she and will just sat down and decided to make her life a little more interesting than it really was.

Allie: A little? She said that her mom was possessed by the devil.

John: Okay, so she embellished a lot.

Allie: That’s what I thought. I kind of love it, though, you know? The battle between good and evil. The epic love story, the bees. But thank you for telling me the truth. I know I can always come to you.

John: Of course, sweetheart.

Allie: I can’t believe I actually just asked if grandma was possessed by the devil. I’m sorry to bother you with this silliness. I’ll see you soon.

John: Allie. Hold on a second.

Kayla: How’s it going?

Tripp: Back to normal. What was going on with the power? For a few minutes there the phone system was totally dead. I’ve never seen the lights flash on and off like that before. Isn’t the generator supposed to kick on when that happens?

Kayla: I just checked with maintenance, and they said there was nothing wrong.

Tripp: So what caused it?

Kayla: They’re not really sure. They think maybe it was a power surge. Do you know where julie is? I left her here with eli a little while ago.

Julie: Marlena!

Marlena: His pulse is weak.

Julie: What happened? Is it a heart attack?

Marlena: I don’t know. It’s dr. Evans. I’ve got a code blue.

Tripp: No, I haven’t seen eli or julia. Maybe that went down the cafeteria or–

Kayla: Oh, wait. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Oh, code blue. Marlena’s office.

Marlena: Help is on the way.

Julie: Please, god. Please, I’m not ready to lose him. Please. Pool floaties are like whooping cough.

Paulina: Okay, the wonder twins are all strapped in and ready to take on the world.

Lani: You don’t think we should talk before I go?

Paulina: Isn’t that what we’re doing right now?

Lani: I mean like really talk. You made a face when I called you grandma paulina.

Paulina: Did I? Well, I guess I was surprised is all.

Lani: Ah, you didn’t think my dad would tell me. That you guys discussed getting married? Which would make you my stepmother?

Paulina: [Chuckles] Yes, but I wasn’t so sure.

Lani: I mean, but you knew what I meant. I mean, why else would you call yourself jules’ and carver’s grandmother?

Paulina: Yeah, right. Why else? So how are we feeling? About me and your dad?

Lani: How am I feeling? Well, when dad told me that you guys discussed getting married… I gave him my blessing.

Paulina: Oh, baby! I am so glad to hear that–

Lani: No, but–but we have to get a few things straight.

Paulina: About me?

Lani: Yeah, you. My dad is the most loyal and caring man that I know.

Paulina: Amen to that.

Lani: And he has done so much since he came into my life, aunt paulina. And I will do whatever I can to make sure that he doesn’t get hurt.

Paulina: You’re afraid I’m going to break his heart.

Lani: I mean, let’s be honest. We both know that you have a lot of trouble keeping your promises. And even more trouble telling the truth.

Chanel: You okay?

Johnny: Yeah. Yeah, I’m good.

Chanel: Seems like you’re not happy with that text from your mom. Did you need to talk to her about something important?

Johnny: Important? No. No.

Chanel: You might wanna tell that to your face.

Johnny: No, I just–I had something I needed to ask her.

Chanel: Well, what did you need to ask her?

Johnny: Well, I needed to know if it’s true or not that my grandma marlena was possessed by the devil.

John: I’m sorry– I’m sorry, allie. Please. Allie: For what?

John: For not being honest with you just now. Please, sit down.

Allie: You mean–

John: Yes. The truth is it did happen. 25 years ago, your–your grandmother was possessed.

Allie: Wait, seriously?

John: As much as I wanna pretend that it didn’t happen, I can’t lie to you about this. Not about something so important.

Allie: I-I don’t understand.

John: I just can’t help myself but want to protect the people that I love from ever having to revisit that dark period in our lives.

Allie: I can’t– I can’t believe this.

John: Yeah, I have a hard time believing it myself. And trust me when I say, I-I don’t ever really wanna talk about this.

Allie: But you’ll tell me about what happened?

John: Only if you really want to know, sweetheart.

Allie: I do. I mean, it’s part of our family history, right?

John: Unfortunately, it is. But I’m gonna warn you upfront. This story… it’s not for the faint of heart.

[Machinery beeping]

[Gentle music]


Tripp: Julie, we’re going to need you to wait outside so kayla can help him, okay?

Julie: Is he going to be all right?

Tripp: He’s in good hands.

[Machinery beeping]

Julie: How bad is he? What is his condition?

Tripp: I promise we will do everything we can to help him. Are you going to be okay out here by yourself?

Julie: I’m fine, I’m fine. Just do something for my husband.

Tripp: Okay. Julie: Marlena.

Marlena: Julie.

Julie: What happened back there in your office?

Marlena: I don’t know what you mean.

Julie: Well, I walk in the door, and doug is on the floor, and you’re standing there frozen like–like you’d seen a ghost.

Marlena: Not a ghost.

Julie: Are you all right, marlena?

[Dramatic music rises] What can I du with less asthma?

Paulina: Lani, I know I’ve hurt you and your dad in the past, but I thought we were beyond the price town business and that we were all making a fresh start.

Lani: We are. With the condition that there will be no more lies, no more secrets, anything like that.

Paulina: Yeah, you know– you know I want that, too.

Lani: Okay. If you can promise me that our agreement also applies to your relationship with my dad, then you and me, we’re all good.

Paulina: You sure?

Lani: Aunt paulina, you know that I love you, but my whole life you’ve been a mystery. Unpredictable. Unreliable. And I can’t have that anymore. Not for me and eli or our kids. And especially not for my dad, okay? So I need you to promise me that you will never hurt him.

Paulina: And I care about abe a lot. Last night we said “I love you” to each other for the first time. I just regained his trust.

Marlena: Wouldn’t that convince you that he would understand?

Paulina: Not about this. Not about this. If abe knew, he would hate me forever.

Marlena: No, I don’t believe that’s true.

Paulina: I do, I know. Because… the truth is abe is not lani’s father. Lani, there’s something I have to tell you.

Chanel: You’re messing with me.

Johnny: I’m not.

Chanel: You don’t really believe your grandma was possessed by the devil.

Johnny: Honestly, I’m starting to wonder.

Chanel: Have you been drinking today?

Johnny: No, I’m totally sober. The script was written by my brother, will. It’s based on my mom’s life, and will claims that everything in it is true.

Chanel: And it says your grandma was possessed.

Johnny: It tells the whole story.

Chanel: So this script, it’s like a horror film?

Johnny: In parts, yeah. It tells the story of how over 25 years ago lucifer himself took over the body of dr. Marlena evans. The devil wanted to use someone pure and good as his vessel to turn salem into hell on earth.

John: Stefano dimera opened the door, and there was no closing it. Our encounter with the devil nearly killed me and your grandmother and practically destroyed this whole town. But… ultimately, it was the strength of our connection and the power of our love that drove the demon out of her and straight back to hell.

Allie: And you’re saying that all of this is true? The jaguar? The levitation?

John: I wish I could say that it wasn’T. But I couldn’t even make that kind of stuff up. And 25 years later, the details of every one of those events is still crystal clear.

Allie: I don’t understand. I mean, how have I not heard about this before?

John: [Chuckles] It’s not one of those bedtime stories we tell our children when we’re tucking them in. In fact I still have nightmares.

Allie: Nightmares? About grandma marlena being possessed by the devil? As in satan?

John: Oh, yeah.

Allie: So driving him out, was there was an exorcism or something?

John: Yeah, something like that.

Allie: Well, who performed it?

John: Strike terror, o lord, into the beast that lays waste to the vineyard. The only person who could. Me.

Marlena: I was just asking doug some questions.

Doug: I’ve been insisting to julie that I’m just fine. But down deep I can feel it. There is something with me. I say and do strange things, and I don’t know why. I just pray that you can help me.

Julie: What was wrong with him?

Marlena: Well, I don’t know. We were talking about the fact that I was there to help him, and that he was having some memory lapses, and that he had inappropriately grabbed paulina, and that he’d locked you in the freezer.

Julie: That was an accident. I should never have said to you that he did it on purpose.

Marlena: And that’s what I told him.

Julie: What did he say, marlena? Just tell me.

Marlena: Julie told me that you locked her in the freezer by accident.

Doug: That was no accident. I locked that bitch in there on purpose.

Julie: What has gotten into my doug?

[Dark music]

Paulina: We were talking about grandparents.

Lani: What about them?

Paulina: Lani, what I’ve learned is… the decisions that people make doesn’t just affect their own lives. Sometimes it affects the lives of their children, even grandchildren.

Lani: Auntie P., What is this about?

Paulina: You know I would never do anything to hurt you or your beautiful family.

Lani: You–you are making me nervous.

Paulina: Well, this is so hard–this is so hard to say.

Lani: Just say it.

Paulina: I need to say– eli’s grandfather, he groped me.

Lani: What? Doug?

Paulina: Grabbed my butt. Right in the open.

Lani: Are you sure it was intentional?

Paulina: Oh, yes! I mean, he’s no spring chicken, and apparently, he’s been having some cognitive problems recently.

Lani: Yeah, I know he’s been having some mental lapses, but I would never think that he would do that.

Paulina: Believe me, I was shocked. And julie, she was there.

Lani: He did it in front of julie?

Paulina: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Lani: What did she say?

Paulina: Well, she was shaken up for the most part, and she apologized for her husband. And she said apparently he’s not been acting like himself lately.

Lani: [Sighs] That’s awful. But, auntie, what does this have to do with you and my dad?

Paulina: Well, I’m not sure, I mean, if I should tell abe.

Lani: You think he would be jealous of doug?

Paulina: Well, no. Well, hey–but, you know, the man that I was with before chanel was born, oh, if he even caught a guy setting his eyes on my body, he raised all kinds of hell.

Lani: My dad is not like that.

Paulina: I know, I know. You just said it. He is the most loving and caring man in the world.

Lani: I think, if anything, he would just be worried that you were okay.

Paulina: And I am.

Lani: And he would be worried if doug was okay, which we all are.

Paulina: Mm-hmm, I hope he’s getting some help, too.

Lani: Eli told me that he was going to see marlena today. So if anybody can help, it’s her.

Johnny: You’ve got to read this part. This is where my grandma marlena floated off the bed like linda blair.

Chanel: Who’s linda blair?

Johnny: You know, from “the exorcist.”

Chanel: That’s a movie, right?

Johnny: Wait. You’ve never seen “the exorcist”? It’s a classic. The spider walk. The head spinning around. The pea soup vomit.

Chanel: Ew.

Johnny: I’m sorry. I’m geeking out a little bit, aren’t I?

Chanel: I’m just not into the horror thing. You know, there’s enough scary stuff happening in this world without freaking myself out on purpose.

Johnny: Yeah, but movies are how we work out our fears. It’s catharsis.

Chanel: Okay.

Johnny: The struggle between good and evil. It’s as old as the world itself. And film expresses that as well as any other medium.

Chanel: Well, I express myself through the culinary art of baking. But I do make a mean devil’s food cake donut.

Johnny: Well, you know, the other good thing about a scary movie, it’s a good excuse to get closer to the person you’re watching it with.

Chanel: I will give you that.

Johnny: Why don’t you come over to my place tonight? We’ll watch “the exorcist.” And you can bring a couple of those donuts.

Chanel: Uh-huh.

Johnny: Is that reaction because you don’t want to see the movie or ’cause you don’t want to see me?

Allie: You performed the exorcism?

John: I battled the devil for her body and her immortal soul. But ultimately, it was our love that saved her.

Allie: Just when I thought that your love story couldn’t get any more romantic.

John: Didn’t feel romantic at the time. In fact, it felt– it felt like the end of the world.

Julie: I’ve known doug for over 50 years. He’s never spoken to me or about me without showing respect.

Marlena: I don’t doubt that.

Julie: Well, did you confront him when he said that about me?

Marlena: I did. I reminded him that he had locked you in the freezer.

Julie: What did he say to that?

Marlena: I’m sorry. Did you say–

Doug: That I locked her in on purpose? You heard that, you heard right. It was the most fun I had all week.

Marlena: I’m sure you don’t mean that. I think you’re just confused.

Doug: No, marlena. You’re the one who’s confused. I’m not doug.

Julie: If he doesn’t think he is doug, who in the world does he think he is?

Tripp: Not what I was expecting from his ekg.

Kayla: This can’t be.

Tripp: That’s what I thought. Maybe the power outage affected the machines?

Kayla: No, they all run on batteries.

Tripp: He did have a cardiac event, right?

Kayla: Well, he must have. But there’s no sign of it. I mean, this is perfectly normal. Why don’t you check the leads? And I’ll check and make sure the monitor is working properly. Tripp: Yeah.

[Tense music]

People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Allie: It’s still hard for you to tell the story.

John: Well, allie, I try not to let these thoughts in most of the time. Because when I do, I find myself going right back there. I just flashback on event after event after event, and I can still feel those same emotions.

Allie: I can tell that took a lot out of you. You look tired. Maybe even a little–

John: Scared?

Allie: I didn’t want to say it.

John: No, you can say it. Because it’s true. Honey, I can’t even explain what it’s like to come face to face with pure evil. It was the most traumatic, horrible thing we had ever been through. We barely survived it. And the last thing I want is for your grandmother to ever have to relive that again.

Allie: So johnny making his movie–

John: You’re going to have to convince your brother to find another story to tell.

Johnny: Look, I don’t want to pressure you. I’m just–I’m not sure where we stand right now.

Chanel: Where we stand?

Johnny: Yeah. Things were going really great for a while, and then my sister– look, I’m not going to lie. I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t have my fun back in the day. I was not exactly what someone might call a one-woman man. But allie seems to think that all I care about is getting you into bed, and that is just not true.

Chanel: Hm, well, what do you care about?

Johnny: About you. I like you, chanel. And I hope you feel the same way.

Chanel: When we first met, before I knew you were allie’s brother, when you were just “g,” I really liked you, too. And then hearing you talk about making your movie, seeing your passion, that’s something that I can totally admire.

Johnny: Yeah, because you’re making your dream come true with your bakery.

Chanel: I am.

Johnny: So?

Chanel: So… maybe we can pick up where we left off.

Paulina: You gave your father your blessing to marry me.

Lani: I did.

Paulina: But you haven’t officially given it to me yet.

Lani: And I will. I just– I have one more condition.

Paulina: What?

Lani: I am not just about to start calling you mom.

Paulina: [Chuckles] Oh, yeah. ‘Cause that–that’d be kind of weird, huh?

Lani: Yeah, it would. And I am more than happy just to have you as my aunt paulina.

Paulina: Aww. Me, too, baby. Aww. Me, too. Oh, honey, well, I just love you. I love you so much. I just want you– I want the best for you.

Lani: I love you, too, auntie P. Hey, are you okay?

Paulina: Uh… ohh. Aww.

Abe: Oh, well, can I get in on this hug with my two favorite ladies?

Paulina: Shh! Shh! You don’t want jules and carver to hear that. Here, let me help you with one of those.

Abe: Here you go.

Paulina: Oh, honey–oh, why did you get so much food?

Abe: Well, I invited john and marlena to dinner.

Paulina: What? Marlena can’t come here.

Marlena: I’m not sure what to make of doug’s condition.

Julie: Well, could it be something physical? Some physical problem that’s causing this behavior?

Marlena: Maybe. Or it could be psychological, or–

Doug: It’s been over 25 years, marlena. But did you really think I wouldn’t come back for you?

Julie: Or what, marlena?

Marlena: Sorry. I was just thinking.

Julie: Well, you still haven’t exactly explained what happened in the office. How did doug wind up on the floor?

Marlena: I’m not sure. We were talking and then he– then he just collapsed. Don’t you dare hurt him!

Demon doug: It won’t be me who hurts him. It will be you. Your selfishness. Your choice to protect yourself, doug be damned. So to speak.

Marlena: He doesn’t deserve this.

Demon doug: No, he doesn’T. It doesn’t have to happen. It’s so simple. All you have to do is invite me back into you.

[Tense music]


Tripp: Mr. Williams, you need to let go. Please.

Kayla: I got this. I got it, I got it. There we go.

Tripp: Man, he has a strong grip.

Kayla: I’ll say.

Tripp: I guess it’s a good sign he still has his strength.

Kayla: Yeah. His bp is dropping!

Tripp: Pulse, too!

Kayla: We’re losing him. To be a thriver

Abe: Well, why can’t marlena come to dinner? I thought you liked her.

Paulina: I do. Very much.

Lani: Didn’t sound like it.

Paulina: Well, I’m just– well, I just don’t feel like entertaining today. And I’m not my usual gregarious self tonight.

Abe: Oh. Well, then maybe we can ask john and marlena to come another time.

Paulina: Oh, yeah, that’d be great, that’d be great. Then–well, then maybe you and I can go out to dinner tonight. You know, just–just two of us.

Abe: Of course, yeah, yeah. You know, it might be better. I mean, john seemed as if he had something else on his mind.

Paulina: Like what?

John: All I know is that it will gut marlena if she has to be reminded of not only all of the destruction but of–of all the people that she hurt and almost killed, people that she really cared about. Abraham, we almost lost her forever.

Abe: Well, just something that happened a long time ago.

John: Let me be clear, allie. I would never want to step on johnny’s dream of being a director, but he’s really going to need to find another script to make.

Allie: Because of the bad memories that it stirs up or something else?

John: What else would it be?

Allie: Well, just– you and grandma are the toughest people I know. And it’s not like you’ve forgotten any of the horrible things that happened.

John: I think about it every day.

Allie: So it’s not just the idea of reliving bad memories that worries you.

John: No. It’s more than that. I’m worried that we could be tempting him.

Allie: Him?

John: You know, this is really nothing that you should concern yourself with, allie. Just–just–

Allie: You’re talking about the devil. About tempting him to come back.

John: “Speak of the devil, and he doth appear.”

Allie: Do you really believe that?

John: It’s been a quarter of a century. So no, I don’t believe that something like that could ever happen here in salem again. But why take chances?

Johnny: So you gonna come over tonight? “The exorcist” and chill?

Chanel: Do you mind if I keep my eyes covered the whole time?

Johnny: Don’t worry. I promise I won’t let the devil get you.

[Gentle uneasy music]


Julie: Something doesn’t feel right about any of this.

Marlena: Well, you’re upset. This has all been very sudden.

Julie: No. I mean, the whole story. Something must have happened in your office that–that you’re not telling me about, marlena. Kayla! Oh, please tell me that doug is okay. As someone who resembles someone else…

Paulina: I can’t tell you how much your blessing means to me.

Lani: I hope you and dad have a great life together. You both deserve it.

Paulina: Thank you.

Lani: And remember, you promised no more secrets. No more lies.

Paulina: I can tell you one truth. That man, I love that man over there. And I will move heaven and earth to make him happy.

Lani: That is all I can ever ask for. Come here.

Paulina: Aww.

Allie: Looks like someone kissed and made up.

Johnny: We have.

Chanel: You cool with that, horton?

Allie: You are a grown woman, dupree. You can do what you want.

Johnny: That didn’t sound like a yes.

Allie: Like you said, johnny, it’s none of my business.

Johnny: Right. So… what’d grandpa say about the script?

Allie: You really want to know?

Johnny: Yes.

Allie: He said that it’s all true.

Johnny: What?

Chanel: Wait, so you mean–

Allie: Yes, grandma marlena was possessed by the devil.

[Uneasy music]


John: Hey, sweetheart. What’s going on? Everything okay?

Marlena: It’s doug.

John: What happened?

Marlena: During a session in my office, he collapsed. He’s still unconscious.

John: What caused it? What’s wrong with him?

Tripp: Do you think doug is gonna pull through?

Kayla: Well, it was touch and go there for a while. But he’s stable. And we’ll monitor him very closely.

Tripp: So we don’t know. We don’t even know what caused it.

Kayla: You know, when someone reaches doug’s age, every moment is a blessing. He is such dear sweet man.

Tripp: Kayla.

Kayla: Well, we’re gonna do everything we can, right? But I’ll tell you one thing as a doctor you learn is that we are not god. And sometimes, the best thing we can do is just pray. Yeah.

[Machinery beeping]

Marlena: I’m–I’m–I’m sure doug is going to be just fine. Oh, doug gave us a good scare. I’m sure it’s going to turn out fine for everybody.

Julie: Doug?

Doug: He left me.

Julie: What? Who?

Doug: He left me and went into her.

[Tense music]

John: I’m here for you, doc.

Marlena: I’m here for you, too, john.

Julie: He went into her? What are you talking about, darling? What does it mean?

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Days Update Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Lani goes to see Paulina. Paulina tells Lani that her babies were perfect and are sleeping as they speak. Paulina says they didn’t give her any trouble. Lani thanks her for watching them so she could work the morning shift. Paulina is glad to get as much time as she can get with the twins and says they clearly love their great Aunt Paulina. Lani then asks if she means Grandma Paulina.

Allie tells John about how excited she is for Johnny and his movie. Allie brings up that Johnny said there was some pretty crazy stuff about Marlena being possessed by the devil. Allie asks John if there’s no way that happened. John says of course not and claims that Will just has a creative imagination, but that nothing like that ever happened.

Johnny reads more of the script and remarks that nobody wanted to produce Will’s script because it’s way too far-fetched. Johnny then gets a call back from Sami’s phone. Johnny answers and asks where she’s been and why she hasn’t answered his calls or texts. Johnny then tells her that he has something to ask her about Marlena.

Julie goes to Marlena’s office but finds Doug collapsed on the floor. She rushes to his side and frantically asks Marlena what happened. Julie begs Marlena to help Doug.

Johnny tries asking on the phone if Sami is there but gets no answer. Chanel then walks up and greets him so Johnny hangs up the phone. Chanel apologizes and says she didn’t mean to bother him while he was on the phone with his mom. Johnny jokes that a guy who calls his mom can’t be all bad. Chanel calls it cute but says it didn’t sound like she was listening to him. Johnny says they had a bad connection and there was just static then the call dropped. Johnny then gets a text from Sami’s phone saying sorry they got cut off but not to call back because she’s tied up at the moment.

Allie asks John if Will just invented the whole demonic possession thing. John blows it off as Sami just deciding to make her life more interesting than it was. Allie feels it’s more than a little but it’s what she thought. Allie talks about loving the battle of good vs. evil. Allie thanks John for telling her the truth and says she knows she can always come to him. Allie can’t believe she asked if Marlena was possessed by the devil and apologizes for bothering him. Allie goes to leave but John stops her.

Tripp runs in to Kayla in the hospital and asks about the lights flickering and the phones going dead, noting he’s never seen the power go off like that. Kayla says she just checked with maintenance and they said nothing wrong so they’re not sure what caused it and assumed it was a power surge. Kayla asks if Tripp knows where Julie is since she left her with Eli.

Marlena joins Julie at Doug’s side and confirms he has a pulse but it’s weak. Julie asks what happened and if it was a heart attack. Marlena says she doesn’t know and calls for help.

Tripp tells Kayla that he hasn’t seen Eli or Julie. Kayla then gets paged to Marlena’s office for a code blue so Tripp goes with her.

Marlena tells Julie that help is on the way. Julie prays over Doug, saying she’s not ready to lose him.

Paulina gets the twins ready to go. Lani asks if she doesn’t think they should talk about her being called Grandma Paulina. Lani guesses she didn’t think Abe would tell her that they discussed getting married which would make Paulina her stepmother. Paulina admits she wasn’t sure. Lani asks why else she would call herself the twins’ grandmother. Paulina asks how she’s feeling about her and Abe. Lani then reveals that she gave Abe her blessing, but says they need to get a few things straight. Lani calls Abe the most loyal and caring man she knows. Lani says he’s done so much since coming in to her life so she will do whatever she can to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. Paulina guesses she’s afraid that she will break his heart. Lani responds that they both know that Paulina has had trouble keeping promises and even more trouble telling the truth.

Chanel asks Johnny if he’s okay as he seemed unhappy about his text from her mom. Johnny blows it off as not important and says he just had something to ask her. Chanel asks what it was. Johnny then informs her that he needed to know if it was true or not that his grandma Marlena was possessed by the devil.

John apologizes to Allie for not being honest with her as he then reveals the truth is that it did happen. John confirms that 25 years ago, Marlena was possessed. John says he wants to pretend it didn’t happen but he can’t lie to her about something so important. Allie doesn’t understand. John just wants to protect the people that he loves from ever having to revisit that dark period in their lives. Allie can’t believe it. John says he has a hard time believing it himself and never really wants to talk about it. Allie asks if he will tell her about what happened. John agrees to if she really wants to know. Allie feels it’s part of their family history. John warns her that this story is not for the faint of heart.

Doug gets set up in a hospital bed while Julie prays as Kayla and Tripp watch over him. Tripp asks Julie to wait outside so Kayla can help Doug, assuring that he’s in good hands, so Julie exits the room with Tripp. Julie asks Tripp more about Doug’s condition. Tripp promises to do everything they can to help him. Julie says she’s fine and asks Tripp to just do something for her husband. Tripp heads back to the hospital room while Julie spots Marlena staring off. Julie approaches Marlena and asks her what happened. Marlena says she doesn’t know what she means. Julie talks about walking in with Doug on the floor while Marlena was standing frozen like she had seen a ghost. Marlena says it was not a ghost. Julie then asks if she’s alright.

Paulina knows she hurt Lani and Abe in the past but she thought they were beyond that and making a fresh start. Lani assure that they are with a fresh start and now secrets. Lani declares that if Paulina can trange that with regards to her relationship with Abe then they are all good. Paulina asks if she’s sure. Lani tells Paulina that she loves her, but for her whole life she’s been a mystery and she can’t have that anymore. Lani wants Paulina to promise to never hurt Abe. Paulina thinks back to telling Marlena the truth that Abe is not Lani’s father. Paulina then tells Lani that there is something she has to tell her.

Chanel asks Johnny if he really believes Marlena was possessed by the Devil. Johnny admits that he’s starting wonder as the script came from Will and Will said everything it is true. Chanel feels the story is like a horror film. Johnny talks about the Devil wanting to use Marlena as his vessel to turn Salem in to Hell on Earth.

John explains to Allie that Stefano opened the door and there was no closing it. John says that the encounter with the Devil nearly killed him, Marlena, and destroyed the whole town but it was the strength of their connection and power of their love that drove the demon out of here and straight back to Hell. Allie questions it all being true. John says he couldn’t make it up and 25 years later, the details of every event is still crystal clear. Allie doesn’t understand how she’s never heard of this before. John remarks that it’s not a bedtime story to tell children as he still has nightmares about it. Allie asks if there was an excorism to drive the demon out. John says there was something like that, so Allie asked who performed it. John thinks back to the exorcism and reveals to Allie that it was him.

Marlena tells Julie that she was just asking Doug some questions. Marlena thinks back to the beginning of her session with Doug. Julie asks what is wrong with Doug. Marlena claims that she doesn’t know and said they were just talking about what had happened. Julie insists that Doug locking her in the freezer was an accident and asks what Doug said. Marlena thinks back to Doug saying he locked that bitch in there on purpose. Julie wonders what has gotten in to her Doug.

Paulina tells Lani that they were talking about grandparents and talks about decisions people make sometimes affecting the lives of their children and even grandchildren. Lani asks what this is about. Paulina assures that she would never hurt her or her children. Lani says this is making her nervous. Paulina tells her that it’s hard to say. Lani tells her to just say it. Paulina then tells her about Doug grabbing her butt. Lani asks if she’s sure it was intentional. Paulina assures her. Lani can’t believe it. Paulina tells her that it happened right in front of Julie, who said Doug hasn’t been acting like himself lately. Lani says that’s awful but asks what it has to do with Paulina and Abe. Paulina claims she’s just not sure if she should tell Abe. Paulina talks about jealousy in her previous relationship but they know Abe is not like that. Lani thinks Abe would just be worried that they are both okay. Paulina hopes Doug is doing better. Lani mentions that if anyone can help him, it’s Marlena.

Johnny reads more of the script to Chanel about Marlena being possessed. Johnny is surprised to learn that Chanel has never seen the movie “The Exorcist”. Chanel says she’s not in to horror movies. Johnny talks about good vs. evil in film. Chanel jokes that she makes a mean devil’s food cake. Johnny points out how watching a scary movie is a good excuse to get closer. Johnny invites Chanel to his house tonight, so they can watch the Exorcist and she can bring over donuts from the bakery. Chanel laughs so Johnny asks if she doesn’t want to see the movie or him.

Allie questions John performing the exorcism. John confirms that he battled the Devil for Marlena’s body and soul, but ultimately their love saved her. Allie says she thought their love story couldn’t get more romantic. John says it didn’t feel romantic at the time, but like the end of the world.

Julie tells Marlena that she’s known Doug for over 50 years and he’s never talked to or about her without respect. Julie asks if Marlena confronted what he said about her. Marlena said she reminded Doug that he locked her in the freezer. Julie asks what he said to that. Marlena thinks back to their session where Doug said it was the most fun he had all week and that he’s not Doug. Julie questions who Doug thinks he is then.

Tripp goes over Doug’s tests with Kayla and says it’s not what he was expecting so he wonders if the power outage affected things. Kayla instructs Tripp to check Doug while she makes sure the monitors are working. Tripp then leans towards Doug, but Doug suddenly grabs hold of his arm.

Allie asks John about telling the story. John talks about trying not to let these thoughts in because he finds himself going right back there and flashes back to each event where he still feels the same emotions. Allie can tell it took a lot of him as he looks tired. John admits that he’s scared and he can’t even explain what it’s like to come face to face with pure evil. John calls it the most traumatic thing they’ve ever been through and they barely survived it so he never wants Marlena to have to relive that again. John tells Allie that she’s going to have to convince Johnny to find another story.

Johnny tells Chanel that he’s not trying to pressure her but he didn’t know where they stand. Johnny says things were going really great for awhile until Allie. Johnny admits he had his fun back in the day and wasn’t exactly a one woman man, but Allie seems to think all he cares about is getting Chanel in bed and that’s just not true. Chanel asks what he does care about. Johnny tells Chanel that he likes her and hopes she feels the same way. Chanel admits that when they first met, before she knew he was Allie’s brother, she really liked him too. Chanel says seeing his passion for his movie is something she can relate to because she’s making her dream come true with the bakery. Chanel tells Johnny that maybe they can pick up where they left off.

Paulina points out that Lani gave Abe her blessing to get married, but she hasn’t officially given it to her yet. Lani responds that she will but she has one more condition; she is not about to just start calling her “mom”. Paulina admits that would be kind of weird. Lani is more than happy to just have her as her aunt. Paulina says she is too as they hug. Paulina cries that she just wants the best for her. Lani asks if she’s okay as Paulina hugs her again. Abe walks in and asks to get in on this with his two favorite ladies. Paulina questions Abe bringing home so much food. Abe then reveals that he invited John and Marlena to dinner. Paulina stops and declares that Marlena can’t come here.

Marlena tells Julie that she’s not sure what to make of Doug’s condition. Julie asks if it could be a physical problem causing this behavior. Marlena says maybe or it could be psychological. Marlena thinks back to Doug becoming possessed by the Devil. Julie notes that she still hasn’t explained what happened and how Doug ended up on the floor. Marlena claims that he just collapsed.

Tripp asks Doug to let him go. Kayla helps get Doug to release his grip but then his blood pressure begins dropping. Kayla worries that they are losing him.

Abe questions why Marlena can’t come to dinner since he thought Paulina liked her. Paulina says she does very much. Lani points out that it didn’t sound like it. Paulina claims that she just doesn’t feel like entertaining tonight. Abe decides they can ask them to come another time. Paulina suggests they go out to dinner just the two of them. Abe agrees and mentions that John seemed to have something else on his mind anyways. Paulina asks what it was. Abe says it was just something that happened a long time ago.

John tells Allie that he would never want to step on Johnny’s dream of being a director, but he’s really going to need to find another script to make. Allie asks if it’s because of the bad memories it stirs up or something else. John questions what else it would be. Allie says he and Marlena are the toughest people she knows and it’s not like he’s forgotten any of the horrible things that happened. John assures he thinks about it every day and admits it’s not just the bad memories that worry him. John worries that it could be tempting the Devil. John doesn’t want Allie to concern herself with this but worries about speaking of the Devil leading to him appearing. Allie asks if he really believes that. John says it’s been a quarter of a century, so he doesn’t believe something like that could happen again in Salem but he doesn’t want to take chances.

Johnny asks Chanel if she will come over tonight to watch The Exorcist. Chanel asks if he minds if she keeps her eyes covered the whole time. Johnny promises not to let the Devil get her…

Julie tells Marlena that something doesn’t feel right about any of this. Marlena understands she’s upset as it’s all been very sudden. Julie says something must have happened in her office that she’s not telling her about. Kayla comes out so Julie asks if Doug is okay.

Paulina tells Lani how much her blessing means to her. Lani hopes she and Abe have a great life together as they both deserve it. Lani reminds her that she promised no more secrets and lies. Paulina assures that she loves Abe and will move heaven and earth to make him happy. Lani says that’s all she could ask for as they hug.

Allie walks through the town square and finds Johnny and Chanel kissing. Allie remarks that it looks like someone kissed and made up. Johnny confirms they have. Chanel asks if Allie is cool with that. Allie responds that Chanel is a grown woman who can do what she wants. Johnny notes that it didn’t sound like a yes. Allie states it’s none of her business. Johnny asks what John said about the script. Allie reveals that John said it’s all true that Marlena was possessed by the Devil.

Marlena goes home. John asks her if everything is okay. Marlena tells him that it’s Doug. John asks what happened. Marlena informs him that during a session in her office, Doug collapsed and is still unconscious. John asks what caused it.

Tripp asks Kayla if she thinks Doug is going to pull through. Kayla says he’s stable and they will monitor him very closely. Tripp worries about not knowing what caused it. Kayla says at Doug’s age, every moment is a blessing. Kayla adds that they will do everything they can. Kayla tells Tripp that as doctors, sometimes the best thing they can do is pray. Tripp hugs her.

Julie sits at Doug’s side in the hospital until he opens his eyes.

Marlena assures John that Doug is going to be just fine. Marlena admits that Doug gave them a good scare but assures it’s going to turn out just fine for everybody.

Doug wakes up and tells Julie that he left him and went in to her.

John hugs Marlena and says he’s there for her. Marlena responds that she’s there for him too.

Julie questions what Doug is talking about and what he means.

As John hugs Marlena, her eyes turn yellow.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby went to see Gwen and talked to her about what happened when she found out she was pregnant with Chad’s baby. She felt bad for what happened. She said she deserved a chance to be her child’s mother. She apologized for what happened when she lost her baby. Jack apologized to Xander for accusing him of dealing drugs. He said Gwen told him the truth about what happened. He wanted Xander to forgive him. Xander said that they were friends. Jack didn’t mean to write about him in the newspaper and planned on printing a retraction. Xander said he was thrown out of people’s houses before. Brady told Victor about Philip’s obsession with him. He told Victor how Philip followed him and Chloe when they were on their way to New York. Victor thought he went to see how he was doing. Brady told him how he wanted to catch him in the sack. Victor thought he was sleeping with her. Philip took Chloe on a picnic. They went down memory lane. They also talked about what happened when he chopped down their tree. He said he was jealous of her being with Brady then. She thought he was still acting that way now. He told her that he could change. Jack told Xander that Gwen told him the truth. Xander got the wrong idea and mentioned Abby. Jack told him that he knew Gwen was a prostitute. Gwen wanted to tell Abby the truth about what happened to her.

Jack wanted Xander to keep the truth about her prostitution to himself. He couldn’t believe it. Jack told him that he thought he knew the truth. He pretended to be shocked. Jack didn’t see how it had anything to do with Abby. He came up with another lie. Abby wanted to know what she shouldn’t be sorry for what happened. Gwen told her that she spent weeks telling everyone she pushed her down the stairs. She said she lost her balance and lost the baby. She told Jack how it happened. Abby appreciated that she told the truth. Abby thought she would be pregnant right now if that argument didn’t happen. Philip presented Chloe with a tree. He wanted to start over with a new tree. He wanted them to have a new beginning. Brady told Victor that Philip was too focused on Chloe to think about the business. Victor wanted him to take Chloe out of the equation. He wanted him to steal Chloe from Philip. Brady couldn’t believe what he heard. Victor told him how he would be able to get Chloe to leave Philip so he could focus on the business. Philip told Chloe that he wanted them to be together for a long time. Gwen knew she gave Abby a good reason to despise her. She hoped she and Chad could move on past what happened with her. Abby appreciated that.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani wanted Paulina to promise she would never hurt her father. Paulina thought about telling Marlena the truth. Paulina tried to tell Lani something. She told Lani that Doug grabbed her butt. Lani was shocked, but wondered what that had to do with Abe. Paulina said she didn’t want it to hurt Abe. Paulina hoped Doug was getting the help he needed. Lani said Doug was seeing Marlena. John tried to deny that Marlena was possessed, but he ended up confirming it to Allie. Allie was surprised she never heard the story before. John said it wasn’t a story to tell. Allie was shocked to know John performed the exorcism. He said their love saved Marlena. Allie liked hearing about John and Marlena’s love story. He said it felt like the end of the world. She was able to tell that it took a lot out of him. He said he was scared. He said facing evil was the most traumatic thing they have ever gone through. He didn’t want Marlena to go through that again. He said Johnny was going to have to write about another story. Allie asked if he was more worried about reliving bad memories. He said he was worried about tempting the devil.

Julie told Marlena to help Doug. Doug was unconscious on the floor. Marlena came out of her trance. She ended up calling for help. When Doug was moved to a room, Julie found Marlena in the lobby. Julie wanted to know what happened in her office. Marlena didn’t know what she was talking about. Julie said she looked like she had seen a ghost. Marlena told Julie what happened in her session with Doug. She said he told her that he locked Julie in the freezer on purpose. Julie wanted to know what has gotten into Doug. Marlena said she and Doug were talking and then he passed out. Tripp and Kayla ran tests on Doug. They were confused when the results were normal. When Tripp leaned over Doug, Doug grabbed him. Kayla loosened the grip Doug had on Tripp. Doug’s blood pressure dropped. Julie didn’t believe Marlena was telling her the truth. Kayla showed up before Marlena could answer. Julie went to Doug’s room. He opened his eyes. Doug said he left him and went into her. Julie wanted to know what he was talking about. He ended up falling asleep. Marlena went home to John. She told him Doug passed out in her office. John wondered what caused him to collapse. She said Doug would be fine. She closed her eyes when John hugged her. When she opened her eyes, they were yellow.

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Days Update Monday, September 20, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Kayla sits with Julie at the hospital and says she knows how hard this is, as she went through something similar with her mother. Julie worries about Doug having Alzheimer’s and says all the Days of their Lives have been wonderful for years. Julie cries that she wants more and apologizes
for being selfish. Kayla assures that she’s not giving up hope and Julie shouldn’t either.

Marlena questions what Doug said. Doug repeats that he locked Julie in the freezer on purpose and it was the most fun he had all week. Marlena thinks he must be confused. Doug then responds that Marlena is the one who is confused because he’s not Doug.

John opens up a box at home and pulls out a bible along with an old article on when Marlena became possessed by the devil.

Johnny reads through Will’s script in the town square and is shocked to learn that Marlena was possessed by the devil.

Marlena encourages that Doug is Doug and she is Marlena Evans. Doug responds that he knows exactly who she is. Doug then becomes possessed by the devil and his voice changes, telling Marlena that it’s been 25 years and questions if she really thought he wouldn’t come back for her.

Johnny questions being possessed by the devil being a real thing. Allie walks by and says if he’s looking for Chanel, she’s running the counter while she’s on break. Johnny blows her off so Allie asks if he’s going to stay mad just because she told the truth about him to Chanel. Johnny acknowledges that she was right but insists that he’s not that guy anymore. Johnny suggests they just move on from this. Allie questions him being over how mad he was at her just like that. Allie asks why he’s being so nice and guesses it’s just because he wants her to play Sami in his movie. Johnny responds that Sami might not get star billing anymore because she won’t believe what he just read about Marlena. Johnny then shows Allie the script.

Abe shows up at John’s door and invites he and Marlena to join him and Paulina for dinner at Paulina’s place tonight. John is surprised to learn that Abe and Paulina are seeing each other again. Abe confirms that they worked through all of their differences and decided to start fresh. John says he’s happy for him. John tells him that dinner sounds good but he’ll run it by Marlena and get back with him. Abe asks if John is okay. John admits that he’s not as he just started remembering a very dark time in their lives that he wished would stay buried forever…

Eli goes to the hospital and greets Julie and Kayla. Eli apologizes for not checking on Julie and Doug until now. Julie understands and questions him not being at work now. Eli says he got someone to cover for him and asks what’s going on with Doug. Kayla responds that his tests were inconclusive, so he’s in a session with Marlena now because if anyone can diagnose him, it’s her.

Marlena tells Doug to stop talking like this and that his mind is just playing tricks on him, so she’s here to help. Doug as the Devil tells Marlena to stop pretending like she doesn’t remember him after all the nights they spent together. He then remarks that he’s not God, but just as powerful, which she knows better than anyone.

Roman sits with Kate at the Pub and reminds her that he did try to convince her more than once this year that he could make her happy. Roman adds that he never understood Kate’s involvement with Jake. Kate acknowledges that most people didn’t but says she doesn’t want to talk about Jake. Roman argues that she’s too damn good for Jake. Roman states that Jake and Gabi deserve each other which Kate agrees with. Roman tells Kate that he never gave up, but when he made his second pitch he was talking to Kristen who was pretending to be Kate. Roman hopes that Kate will give him another chance now.

Eli tells Julie that maybe Doug just had a couple of bad days. Kayla says that’s why they ran some tests. Julie adds that he passed the tests so Eli asks why she’s so worried. Julie then reveals to Eli that Doug grabbed Paulina’s behind.

Allie is shocked to learn that Marlena got possessed by the Devil. Johnny confirms that it’s in Will’s script that Marlena trashed a church, set it on fire along with the Salem Christmas Tree and then walked naked in to a party. Allie can’t believe it. Johnny says she obviously wasn’t herself. Johnny adds that Marlena’s eyes glowed yellow and apparently levitated above her bed.

John informs Abe about Johnny wanting to make a movie about Sami’s life from a script that Will wrote. Abe calls that very ambitious and he likes keeping it in the family. John then points out that the script would probably include Marlena’s possession. Abe sees why he’s concerned then and agrees they would all like to forget that.

Doug as the Devil asks Marlena if she’s missed him as much as he’s missed her. Marlena says this can’t be. He tells her that he’s been trying to find his way back to her for over two decades. Marlena calls this impossible and tells him to stop, arguing that it’s just dementia and he doesn’t know what he’s saying. the Devil responds that Doug doesn’t have dementia and is just a little shaken up by having the Devil in his body. He complains about Julie and remarks that he’s reserved a special place for her in Hell with him. He warns her to stop calling him Doug when she knows who he is. Marlena says he can’t be. He responds that she of all people knows his name.

Roman argues that Kate loved him enough to marry him twice, so he asks if it’s so crazy to think it couldn’t happen again. Kate reminds him that the first time wasn’t really a marriage since he ended up dead at the reception. Roman talks about the Salem Stalker. Kate says it’s been so long since she thought about those days and how shocked everyone was when they found out it was Marlena since everyone believed she was possessed again.

Abe recalls turning to Marlena during the investigation and how they thought she was so helpful at the time. John will never forget catching Marlena destroying St. Luke’s church. Abe reminds him that she was not responsible, but it was the evil force inside of her that made her do all those terrible things.

Allie questions Marlena trying to kill a priest and argues that there’s no way any of this is real, guessing that Will must have made it up for his script. Johnny decides there’s only one way to find out and calls Will on video chat. Will congratulates Allie on the bakery and asks what they want to talk about. Allie says it’s the script. Johnny thanks him for sending it. Will asks what he thinks. Johnny calls it an interesting story while Allie says they have a lot of questions. Allie asks about Marlena being possessed and if Will made that up. Will reveals he got that story straight from Sami.

Doug as the Devil urges Marlena to say his name. Marlena insists that his name is Doug Williams. He asks how he would know about their history since Doug wasn’t even in Salem at the time. Marlena argues that he’s just confused. Marlena tells him that this has to stop right now. He supposes it was too much to ask for a warm welcome, but warns that he will show her proof of his power. He then shuts off the lights and his eyes turn yellow as he asks Marlena if now she believes him.

Kate brings up Marlena being brainwashed by Andre DiMera. Roman points out that Kate has had some questionable choices in men over the years. Kate jokes that she’s going to walk away if he brings up Ted Laurent. Roman asks why she won’t just give a good guy who genuinely cares for her another shot.

Abe tells John that the idea that Marlena could be possessed by the Devil was impossible to believe. John admits he had refused to accept the possibility. They talk about Kristen being a different person back then. John talks about how vulnerable Marlena was and everything she went through. Abe is not surprised this would all end up in Sami’s life story. John doesn’t think that Johnny understands the pandora’s box he would be opening up by going ahead with this film.

Johnny questions Sami telling Will that Marlena had been possessed. Will admits that Sami did have a few glasses of wine. Johnny asks if Will followed up with Marlena. Will says he did, but she laughed it off. Allie suggests maybe it’s not true then and that Sami just made it up. Will admits it’s possible. Johnny says if it’s not true, he can’t include it in his biopic as he wants to get it right. Will declares that if he really wants to get answers, he’ll have to ask Sami.

Julie wants to go see Doug but Kayla stops her and says it’s never a good idea to interrupt a session with a psychiatrist. Julie asks what if Doug needs her. Kayla assures that he’s in the best possible hands. Eli encourages Julie to be patient. The lights then flicker at the hospital. Eli wonders if it’s a power outage while Kayla wonders what caused that.

Doug as the Devil asks Marlena if he’s finally gotten her attention and if he recognizes her now. Marlena can’t believe it’s really him and says this can’t be happening. He turns the lights back on and asks if she’s satisfied. Marlena questions why he’s doing this to Doug when he’s the kindest man she’s ever known. Marlena calls Doug an angel. the Devil says he was an angel before falling from grace. Marlena questions why he’s doing this and why he came back to Salem after all these years.

Johnny tells Allie that he can’t believe Will would put Marlena’s possession in his script if he didn’t know it was true. Allie points out that he wasn’t a reporter then, just a writer trying to sell his script. Johnny adds that the other weird thing is that Marlena didn’t tell Will that Sami made it all up. Allie repeats that the only way to find out is to ask Sami, but she doesn’t seem to answer her phone anymore. Johnny decides they might as well try but it goes straight to voicemail. Johnny leaves Sami a message, saying they are missing her and just had some questions about family stuff.

Kate reminds Roman that she did give him another shot after finding out he wasn’t dead, but then she found out that he slept with Marlena on the island. Roman points out that Kate slept with John. Kate explains that they thought Roman was dead and not coming back. Roman says it bothered him that they were never able to make it work like John and Marlena did. Kate responds that not everyone gets a happy ending.

John asks Abe how he’s supposed to protect Marlena if all of this comes up again. Abe asks if this project might not got anywhere. John says all he knows is that it will gut Marlena if she has to be reminded of all the destruction and the people she hurt. John points out that they almost lost Marlena forever. Abe responds that they didn’t because John saved her life with an exorcism.

The lights flicker again in the hospital. Kayla decides to go check on the emergency generators while Eli stays with Julie. Julie wonders what would make the electricity suddenly go out. Eli says it seems okay now. Julie hopes it doesn’t frighten Doug. Eli assures he’ll be okay. Julie still wants to check on Doug. Eli suggests trusting that Marlena will keep Doug calm and safe as he hugs Julie.

Doug as the Devil tells Marlena that he’s back for the fun of it. Marlena tells him to leave but he refuses. Marlena argues that he can’t do this to Doug. He says he’s been counting on her to feel this way. Marlena asks what he wants. He responds that it’s obvious that what he wants is her.

Roman suggests he and Kate stop talking about the past and focus on the present. Roman tells Kate that she is his favorite person in Salem and praises her. Roman thinks the way he feels is not one way and brings up Lucas encouraging them to give it another shot. Kate reminds him that she can still be stubborn and selfish, but Roman says he still likes her and wants to romance her.

Johnny wonders if Sami will ever call them back since she’s been so out of touch with everyone since leaving town. Allie suggests they just go ask Marlena directly. Johnny mentions stopping by earlier, but she already left for work. Allie asks why he was there. Johnny admits he tried to get Marlena and John to invest in his film but John said he had concerns. Allie brings up that maybe it’s all this stuff about Marlena. Allie tells Johnny to go ask him. Johnny suggests Allie go ask him instead since John’s never been able to say no to her. Allie is creeped out by the whole Devil thing and is unsure if she wants to get involved. Johnny questions her ever being scared of anything and asks if she’s not a little curious.

Julie worries to Eli about Doug never being the same. Eli assures that Marlena will find a way to pull him through this. Eli gets a text about a robbery a couple blocks away but he refuses to leave Julie alone and says he’ll find someone to cover. Julie argues that she’s perfectly capable of being by herself. Julie pulls out her rosary and talks about keeping it with her since Doug’s problems started. Eli says that’s a good idea. Julie assures that she’ll be okay and tells Eli to go. Eli tells her to let him know how Doug is doing and encourages her to have faith as he exits the hospital. Julie then holds up her rosary and begins to pray.

John tells Abe that even after all these years, it still shakes him to his core. Abe says the important thing is that Marlena survived and the Devil was banished. John agrees and that they need to remember they were lucky that good prevailed over evil. Abe argues that it wasn’t luck, but the faith and strength of John and this community. John tells Abe that he loves him and thanks him for listening as there’s not too many people he’s comfortable discussing this with. Abe assures that he’s always there for him. John says he appreciates that more than he’ll ever know. John reminds him that he’ll check with Marlena and get back with him about dinner. Abe knows what Marlena went through was terrifying, but assures that it’s over because if the Devil wanted her, he’s had over 25 years to get her back and he hasn’t even tried…

Marlena questions the Devil wanting her. He says he’s missed her as that reign of terror they shared was magnificent and they brought Salem to it’s knees. He tells her to imagine what they could do this time around. Marlena complains that he used her to terrorize people she loves and he’ll never get inside of her again. Marlena screams at him to get out but he says he’s not going anywhere and Doug has to pay the price. Marlena warns him not to hurt Doug. He says it will be Marlena’s selfishness that hurts him. Marlena argues that Doug doesn’t deserve this. the Devil says all she has to do is invite him back inside of her. Marlena refuses, so the Devil begins hurting Doug from inside. Marlena begins pleading with him not to hurt Doug.

Roman invites Kate to dinner tonight. Kate admits she’s tempted but feels love is risky even with a great guy like him and she doesn’t want to risk that. Kate tells him that she has to get figures to EJ, so she exits. Roman tells himself that he’s not giving up on Kate because they both know there’s something there and she just needs time to figure it out.

Julie continues praying the rosary and wonders what is taking Doug so long. Julie worries that something is wrong and decides she’s not waiting another minute.

Johnny reads more of the script and remarks that nobody wanted to produce Will’s script because it’s way too far-fetched. Johnny then gets a call back from Sami’s phone.

John reads the old article about Marlena’s possession and declares that Abe was right that it’s all in the past. Allie then shows up at the door with a box from the bakery for him. John tells Allie that they are so proud of her for finding something she loves and making it happen. Allie says she’s really excited and then talks about how excited she is for Johnny and his movie. Allie brings up that Johnny said there was some pretty crazy stuff about Marlena being possessed by the devil. Allie asks John if there’s no way that happened.

Julie goes to Marlena’s office but finds Doug collapsed on the floor. She rushes to his side and frantically asks Marlena what happened.

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Days Transcript Monday, September 20, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Julie: Thank you.

Kayla: Julie, I know how hard this is. I went through something very similar with my own mother. It was hard to watch her forget her loved ones.

Julie: But at least caroline had a reprieve the last years of her life. If doug has alzheimer’S… it’s just, all the days of our lives have been so wonderful. Years and years. Much more than most people ever get. I want more. I’m sorry. So selfish of me.

Kayla: No it’s not. Listen, I am not giving up hope, and you shouldn’t either.

Marlena: I’m sorry. Did you say–

Doug: That I locked her in on purpose? You heard that? You heard right. It was the most fun I had all week.

Marlena: I’m sure you don’t mean that. I think you’re just confused.

Doug: No, marlena. You are the one who’s confused.

[Laughs] I’m not doug. [Laughs]

[Disquieting music]


Johnny: What the hell? Grandma marlena was possessed by the devil?

Marlena: Of course you’re doug. You’re doug williams. I’m marlena evans.

Doug: I know exactly, exactly who you are.

[Deep voice] It’s been over 25 years, marlena. But did you really think i wouldn’t come back for you?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Johnny: Possessed by the devil? Is that even a real thing?

Allie: If you’re looking for chanel, she’s running the counter while I take my lunch break. Or in this case, pastry break.

Johnny: Yeah, whatever.

Allie: Is this how it’s going to be? You’re going to stay mad just because I told the truth about you to chanel?

Johnny: You were right. I did hurt your friend. But I’m right, too. I’m not that guy anymore. So what do you say we just move on from this?

Allie: Just like that? You’re over how ticked off you were at me?

Johnny: If you throw in a pastry, maybe.

Allie: Why are you being so nice? Oh, I know. It’s because you want me to play mom in your little movie, right?

Johnny: Actually, mom may not get star billing anymore.

Allie: What do you mean?

Johnny: You won’t believe what I just read about grandma marlena.

[Eerie music]


[Knock at door]

John: Hi.

Abe: Hey!

John: Come on in. Come on, man.

Abe: Thank you.

John: What brings you by?

Abe: Well, you know, I was in the area and I thought I would just stop by and see if you and marlena would like to join pauline and me for dinner tonight at her place.

John: What–wait a–wait a minute, I can’t keep up. You and pauline are seeing each other again?

Abe: [Laughs] Uh, yes. Well, you know, I’m happy to report that we have worked through all of our differences with the… price town debacle. And we decided to start fresh.

John: Nice. Happy for you. Oh, and listen, dinner–dinner, yeah, that–that–you know, yeah, that sounds good. Let me just–let me–let me run that by doc. I’ll get back with you, okay?

Abe: Yeah, of course. Of course. Are you okay?

John: No, I’m not. I just started remembering a very dark time in all of our lives, one that I just wish would stay buried forever.

Eli: Hey, grandma.

Kayla: Oh, eli.

Julie: Eli!

Eli: Hey. Oh, I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to check on you and doug until now.

Julie: Oh, that’s all right, darling. I-I know you have an important job and you have the precious babies and–but shouldn’t you be at work right now?

Eli: No, I got someone to cover me in the meantime. But what–what’s going on with doug?

Julie: Well, it’s hard to say at the moment.

Kayla: Well, his tests were inconclusive. So he’s in a session with marlena right now. If anybody can diagnose him, it’s her.

Marlena: You need to stop talking like this, doug. This is just your–your mind playing tricks on you. And that’s why I’m here. I’m here to help.

Doug: Then you need to stop pretending that you don’t remember me. Hurts my feelings after everything that we shared. All those nights together at your penthouse. Desecrating st. Luke’S. Remember when john caught us red-handed?

Marlena: Oh my god.

Doug as devil: Not god, marlena, but just as powerful, which you know better than anyone. What can I du with less asthma?

Roman: Okay, granted. I did try to convince you more than once this year that I could make you happy.

Kate: I know. I remember it.

Roman: And I do recall that involv– I admit that your involvement with jake– it just… I never understood it.

Kate: Okay, well you know, most people didn’t understand it, and in hindsight, I… I really don’t want to talk about jake.

Roman: All right, fine. But I will say this. You’re too damn good for that jerk. Jake and gabi deserve each other.

Kate: Oh my god. Well, we agree on that.

Roman: Yeah. And back to you and me, it’s not like I gave up. The problem is, when I made my second pitch, I didn’t realize i was talking to kristen, who was pretending to be you.

Kate: Okay. Well, then technically, I only rejected you once.

Roman: Which gives me some hope that you’ll give me another chance now.

Eli: Grandma, I-I know you were concerned when doug locked you in the freezer and confused some names, but I don’t–maybe he just had a couple of bad days. Hell, I know I’m not so sharp when the twins keep me up all night.

Kayla: This is why we ran some cognitive tests.

Julie: Which he passed.

Eli: Okay, then why are you– why are you still so worried?

Julie: He did something so unlike himself, so embarrassing to paulina.

Eli: To paulina?

Julie: Paulina didn’t tell lani? You haven’t heard about this?

Eli: No. I haven’T. What did he do?

Julie: Well, he… he grabbed–he grabbed her hot cross buns.

[Dramatic music]


Allie: Grandma marlena got possessed by the devil?

Johnny: It’s all right here in will’s script. She trashed a church, set it on fire. And that’s not all. She set the salem christmas tree on fire, and she walked butt naked into a party.

Allie: No, no way. No. Grandma’s one of the most buttoned-up dressers around.

Johnny: Yeah, normally. But she obviously wasn’t herself.

Allie: Because the devil made her do it? No, this is–this is nuts.

Johnny: Well, the nuts part is that her eyes glowed yellow. And that she levitated off her bed, apparently.

Allie: Show me where.

Abe: So johnny wants to make a movie about sami’s life.

John: Mm-hmm. From a script that will wrote.

Abe: Well, that’s very ambitious. And keeping it all in the family, you know, I-I like that. But you don’t?

John: The script would probably include marlena’s possession.

Abe: Oh. I see where you’re concerned. Now that’s a time we would all rather forget.

John: You were there right from the very beginning, abraham, when st. Luke’s was desecrated.

Abe: Yes, yes. I knew whoever would do that to a holy sanctuary would have to be evil. I… I had no idea it was the devil himself.

Doug as devil: Tell me, marlena, have you missed me as much as I’ve missed you?

Marlena: No. It can’t–it can’t be.

Doug as devil: At long last. I’ve been trying to find my way back to you for over two decades.

Marlena: This is impossible.

Doug as devil: They say patience is a virtue, but I’m not very big on virtue, as you know.

Marlena: Stop that. You don’t know what you’re saying. This is–this is dementia.

Doug as devil: Doug doesn’t have dementia, and you know it. He’s just a little shaken up by having me inside his body. Between us, I don’t know how he’s kept it all together all this time. That wife of his would try the patience of a saint. That’s why I’ve– I’ve reserved a special place for her in hell with me.


Marlena: That’s not funny, doug.

[Heavy thud]

Doug as devil: Stop calling me doug. You know who I am.

Marlena: No. No, you can’t be the–

Doug as devil: Yes, I can. And you of all people know my name. Pool floaties are like whooping cough.

Roman: You know what? You did love me enough to marry me twice. Is it so crazy to think we couldn’t make it work again?

Kate: [Sighs] The first time we got married, it wasn’t really a marriage because you ended up dead at the reception.

Roman: Yeah. Not exactly an auspicious beginning, but also not my fault. I walked into the kitchen and found myself facing the salem stalker.

Kate: It’s been so long since I even thought about those days. Do you remember–do you remember how shocked everyone was when they found out that marlena was the stalker? I mean, people just believed that she had been possessed again.

Abe: You know, I recall turning to marlena during the investigation. I wanted her to do a psychological profile of the desecrator. She was–she was very helpful. Or at least we thought so at the time.

John: I’ll never forget when I caught her at st. Luke’S. Middle of all that destruction there and the realization hit me that she was the one responsible.

[Ominous music]


Abe: She wasn’t the one responsible; you know that. It was that evil force inside her that made her do all those terrible things.

Allie: Grandma tried to kill a priest?

Johnny: Yes. His name was father francis.

Allie: No. No, there’s no way that any of this is real. Okay? Will obviously made this up so that he could make mom’s life look way more interesting and sell his script.

Johnny: Well, there’s only one way to find out.

[Pensive music]


[Computer beeping]

Will: Hey, guys.

Johnny: Hey, you got a minute?

Will: Oh, for you and my little sister? Always. Oh, congrats on the bakery, allie.

Allie: Thanks. I’ll make sure to ship you some goodies soon.

Will: I will definitely hold you to that. So what do you guys want to talk about?

Allie: The script.

Johnny: Yeah. Thank you for sending it, by the way.

Will: Oh, yeah. What do you think?

Johnny: It’s an interesting story. But we have some questions.

Allie: A lot of questions.

Will: Fire away.

Allie: That thing about grandma marlena getting possessed. You made that up, right?

Will: Actually, no. I got that story straight from mom.

Doug as devil: Go ahead. Say it. Say my name.

Marlena: Your name is doug williams.

Doug as devil: Oh, marlena, if I’m doug, how do I know about all the fun you and I had? Doug doesn’t have any knowledge of our history. He wasn’t even in salem at that time.

Marlena: Well, then you– then you read about it in the newspapers. You’re just confused.

Doug as devil: How did i forget how stubborn you are?

Marlena: This has to stop right now.

Doug as devil: Sit down…

[Echoing] Down…

[Disquieting music]

I suppose it was too much to ask to hope for a warm welcome. But if you need proof of my power, fine. Consider it done.

[Electrical zapping]

Marlena: [Gasps]

Doug as devil: Now do you believe me?

Limu emu & doug

Kate: But of course marlena wasn’t possessed. She was just brainwashed by andre dimera.

Roman: Another former lover of yours.

Kate: And husband. But let’s not mention that.

Roman: All I’m doing is I’m just hitting home the point you already made. You have chosen some very questionable men over the years.

Kate: If you bring up ted laurent, actually i am just gonna walk away.

Roman: You know what? All I’m saying is, why not give a decent good, really good, guy who genuinely cares for you another shot?

Abe: You know, the idea that marlena, one of the kindest people I know, could be possessed by the devil–it… it was impossible to believe.

John: I refused to accept even the possibility. No matter how hard kristen tried to see the truth of what was happening around us, i just couldn’t even deal with it.

Abe: Well, kristen certainly was a different person back then.

John: Yeah, back then, she was–she was a good woman. Strong faith. Doc, on the other hand– she was in such a bad place. She was so vulnerable. Our–our affair had been exposed. Her marriage to roman was destroyed. And then there–the damn stefano, he was preying on her. Her own daughter turned her back on her because samantha was so traumatized by–by the affair that her mother had with me.

Abe: Yeah. Well then, it’s not surprising that all that would end up in sami’s life story.

John: No, it’s not. It’s not. I just–I just don’t think that johnny understands the pandora’s box that he can be opening up if he goes ahead with this film.

Johnny: So mom told you that grandma was possessed?

Will: Yes. But full disclosure, mom had had a few glasses of wine by then.

Allie: But still. I mean, you don’t say something like that just because you’re tipsy.

Johnny: Did you follow up with grandma afterwards?

Will: I asked her about it a couple times, but she just laughed it off.

Allie: Okay, so maybe it’s not true, then? I mean, you know mom. She has a flexible relationship with the truth. So maybe she just made it up because she thought something crazy like that would make her life seem more exciting.

Will: It’s possible.

Johnny: If it isn’t true, I can’t really include it in my biopic.

Will: My brother, the purist.

Johnny: I just want to get it right, okay?

Will: Listen, if you really want answers, you’re gonna have to ask mom.

Kayla: Julie, wait.

Julie: That’s all I’ve been doing.

Kayla: I know how difficult this is. But it is never a good idea to interrupt a session with a psychiatrist.

Julie: But what if doug needs me?

Kayla: You know that he is in the best possible hands.

Eli: You got to be patient, grandma.

Julie: That’s not my strong suit, darling.

[Electrical zapping] Wow. What’s that?

Eli: It must be some sort of power outage.

Kayla: Well, it’s not good. I wonder what caused that.

Doug as devil: Have I finally gotten your attention? Now do you recognize me?

Marlena: Oh, my god. It’s really you.

Doug as devil: Stop invoking god. Unless you want to say his name in vain.


Marlena: This can’t be happening.

[Electrical zapping]

Doug as devil: Satisfied?

Marlena: Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to doug? He is–he is the kindest, gentlest man I’ve ever known. He is–he is an angel.

Doug as devil: We are two of a kind, aren’t we? Remember, I was an angel myself before I fell from grace.

Marlena: Why are you doing this? After all these years, why have you come back to salem? (Vo) I am living with cll

Johnny: I can’t believe will would put the thing about grandma’s possession in his script if he didn’t know it was true.

Allie: It’s not like he was a reporter then. Nothing but facts. He was just a writer trying to sell a script.

Johnny: Yeah. The other weird thing is that when he confronted grandma marlena about it, she didn’t just come out and say mom made it all up.

Allie: Doesn’t mean it’s true.

Johnny: Doesn’t mean it’s not.

Allie: Well, there’s only one way to find out, and that’s ask mom. Trouble is, she doesn’t seem to answer her phone anymore. I mean, at least not lately.

Johnny: Might as well try. Straight to voicemail.

Allie: As always.

Johnny: Hey, mom. It’s johnny. I’m with allie.

Allie: Tell her we miss her.

Johnny: And we’re both missing you. We just had some questions about family stuff.

Kate: You know, I did give it another shot when I found out that you weren’t dead, but then I found out that you slept with marlena on the island.

Roman: Yes, I did. And you slept with john.

Kate: We thought that you were dead. We didn’t think you were coming back.

Roman: Fair enough. You know, it always has bothered me that we never managed to make it work like–quite like john and marlena did.

Kate: Let’s just face it, roman. Not everyone gets a happy ending, right?

John: You know doc’s my life, abraham. I’m not telling you that you don’t know. I guess what I’m trying to get at is, if all this stuff is–is dredged up again, how am i supposed to protect her?

Abe: Is there any possibility that this project might not go anywhere?

John: I don’t know. I-I don’t know. All I know is that it will gut marlena if she has to be reminded of not only all the destruction, but of–of all the people that she hurt, almost killed, people that she really cared about. Abraham, we almost lost her forever.

Abe: You know, but we didn’T. Because of you. I mean, you–you saved her life by performing that exorcism.

[Disquieting music]


[Electrical zapping]

Kayla: Well, it seems to have stabilized. But who knows if it’s gonna last? I-I think I’ll go down and check and make sure the emergency generators are turned on. You’ll be okay?

Julie: Uh-huh.

Eli: Yeah, I’ll stay with her.

Kayla: Perfect. Okay, thank you. I’ll be back.

Julie: Bye, hon.

Kayla: Okay.

Julie: Well, what would make the electricity suddenly go out? There’s not even a storm.

Eli: It’s probably just a glitch in the works. But it seems to be okay now.

Julie: I hope that flickering light isn’t gonna frighten doug.

Eli: I’m sure he’ll be okay, grandma.

Julie: Darling, in his current state of mind? I want to check on him.

Eli: Well, you heard what kayla said.

Julie: Well, kayla knows a lot about a lot of things. She doesn’t know a lot about my husband.

Eli: Okay, grandma, look. Why don’t we just trust that marlena will keep doug calm and safe? And I will do the same for you. Yes?

Julie: Yes.

Eli: Okay.

Julie: Oh, honey…

Doug as devil: Why am I back? For the fun of it. We are having fun, aren’t we?

Marlena: You need to leave.

Doug as devil: Not a chance.

Marlena: Look. You can’t do this to doug. You just can’t do it. You’ve tortured me. You’ve hurt the people that i love. I will not let you do this to doug.

Doug as devil: So selfless and noble. It doesn’t surprise me. In fact, I’ve been counting on you to feel exactly that way.

Marlena: Tell me what you want.

Doug as devil: Isn’t it obvious? What I want, marlena, is you.

[Eerie music]


[ “The addams family” theme playing ]

Roman: Okay, look. How about this? Instead of dredging up the past, make it about the present. Right here, right now, you are my favorite person in salem.

Kate: Because i brought you doughnuts.

Roman: Because you’re strong and smart, funny, compassionate. And a hell of a good time.

Kate: And because I still look good in a sarong?

Roman: Oh, definitely that. Yes. And I’m thinking just maybe if you admit it to yourself, the way I’m feeling isn’t entirely one way. Lucas obviously sees it. That’s why he’s encouraging us to give it another shot.

Kate: You know what you’re forgetting? That I can still be stubborn and selfish.

Roman: Not to mention you do like a good cat fight from time to time.

Kate: Mm-hmm. I do. And you still like me?

Roman: I more than like you, kate. Say the word, and I will romance the hell out of you.

Johnny: Mm, mm, mm! I wonder if mom will ever even call us back. She’s been so out of touch with everyone since she left town.

Allie: Why don’t we just ask grandma directly?

Johnny: I stopped by earlier, but she had already left for work.

Allie: Why were you there?

Johnny: I’m trying to get her and grandpa to invest in my film.

Allie: Are they going to?

Johnny: I don’t know yet. Grandpa said he had some concerns. So–

Allie: Um, yeah. Like maybe his wife levitated and burned out a church and tried to kill a priest?

Johnny: Who knows? Maybe.

Allie: So go ask him.

Johnny: Better idea: You ask him.

Allie: Me?

Johnny: Come on. He’s never been able to say no to you, and I bet if you bring him over some of those muffins he loves, you’ll crack him wide open.

Allie: This whole thing creeps me out. What if it’s real? The devil? I don’t know if I want to get involved.

Johnny: Since when have you ever been afraid of anything? Come on. Aren’t you even a little curious?

Julie: It’s just that whatever is wrong with him, I’m afraid he’ll never be the same.

Eli: I’m sure once marlena figures out her diagnosis, she’ll–she’ll find a way to pull him through this.

[Phone beeps] Excuse me. Damn. There’s a robbery a couple of blocks from here.

Julie: You have to go.

Eli: No. Grandma, I’m not leaving you here alone. I-I’ll find someone to–to cover for me.

Julie: You will do no such thing. I’m perfectly capable of being here by myself. And besides, I have this. When doug started, well, having these problems, I-I kept it with me. This way, I don’t have to go to st. Luke’s to pray, because after all, god is everywhere.

Eli: That is a good idea. You sure you’re gonna be okay?

Julie: I’m gonna be fine, darling. Now you just go.

Eli: Okay. All right. But please let me know how doug is doing.

Julie: Of course.

Eli: Hey, have faith. Okay? I love you.

[Tender music]


Julie: In the name of the father, of the son, and the holy spirit. Amen.

John: You know, even now, after all these years, it still shakes me to my core.

Abe: Yeah. You know, the important thing, marlena survived. And the devil was banished.

John: You’re right. And that’s what–that’s what you need to hold on to. Just need to remember that we were lucky. That good prevailed over evil.

Abe: No, no. It wasn’t luck. It was your faith and strength. And the faith and strength of this community.

John: I love you, man. And thanks for listening. There’s not too many people that I’m comfortable enough with to discuss this.

Abe: You know I am always there for you, buddy.

John: And I appreciate that more than you’ll ever know. Hey, about dinner, let me– let me check with doc and I’ll get right back with you, okay?

Abe: Yeah, yeah, sounds good. Sounds good.

John: Good to see you, abraham.

Abe: Yes. John… I know what marlena went through was terrifying, but it’s over. You know, if the devil– the devil had wanted her, he’s had over 25 years to get her back. And he hasn’t even tried.

Marlena: You want me?

Doug as devil: I’ve missed you, marlena. That reign of terror that we shared? That was magnificent. We brought salem to its knees. Imagine what we could do this time around.

Marlena: You used me to terrorize the people of this town, people that I love and I care about. You’ll never get inside me again.

Doug as devil: That’s disappointing to hear.

Marlena: I want you to leave. Leave doug. Get out. Get out!

Doug as devil: I’m not going anywhere. Pity that doug has to pay the price.

Marlena: Don’t you dare hurt him.

Doug as devil: It won’t be me who hurts him. It will be you, your selfishness, your choice to protect yourself, doug be damned, so to speak.

Marlena: He doesn’t deserve this.

Doug as devil: No, he doesn’T. And it doesn’t have to happen. It’s so simple. All you have to do is invite me back into you.

Marlena: I won’T.

Doug as devil: Are you sure?

Marlena: Never!

Doug as devil: [Laughs]

[Electrical zapping]

Doug: [Groaning]

Marlena: Don’t, don’t! Please. Please, please don’t hurt him. Don’t hurt him! Your mission:

Roman: Okay, so what do you think? Dinner tonight?

Kate: I am tempted. I really am. But… but now love is so risky, even when–with a great guy like you. I don’t want to risk that. So anyway, I need to get these figures to ej. Excuse me.

Roman: Okay. I have not given up on you, kate. We both know there’s something there. You just need the time to figure it out for yourself.

Julie: Hail mary, full of grace. The lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women. What is taking so long? Something’s wrong. Something’s wrong, I know it. I’m not waiting. I’m not gonna wait another minute.

Johnny: She turns into a jaguar? No wonder anybody wanted to produce will’s script. It’s way too far-fetched.

[Cell phone ringing] Mom! Finally.

[Pensive music]


John: Yeah, you’re right, abraham. It’s all in the past.

[Knocking at door] Just a second. Oh!

Allie: Special delivery, grandpa.

John: Aren’t you the sweetest? Oh, honey, come on in. Come on in.

Allie: It’s all your favorites. Well, all my favorites. So I hope you like them.

John: Well, first, I may have to hide these from grandma so I can enjoy every sweet bit of them. You know, speaking of grandma, we are so proud of you. Number one, for finding something you really love, and number two, going out there and making it happen.

Allie: It’s been really exciting.

John: Yeah.

Allie: I’m also really excited for johnny. I mean, he’s so amped about this movie he’s making. Isn’t it cool that will wrote it and it’s about our mom?

John: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Allie: Really all johnny talks about. He even said that there was some pretty crazy stuff about grandma marlena, about her being possessed by the devil. But there’s no way that that happened, right?

[Knocking at door]

Julie: Sorry. I just wanted to–doug! Oh, doug. Oh my god. Marlena, what happened?

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Days Short Recap Monday, September 20, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie told Eli how Doug touched Paulina. He was shocked about it. John talked to Abe about Johnny’s script. He told him that he planned on writing about his possession. They remembered what happened when she was possessed. Possessed Doug told Marlena that he waited a long time for her. Marlena told him that he had dementia. He told her that Doug didn’t have dementia. He was adjusting to having him in his body. He didn’t understand how he put up with Julie. Marlena didn’t want to believe that Doug was who he said he was. Roman wanted another chance with Kate. He wasn’t sure if he was going to take the risk again after he rejected her. She said that it wasn’t her the last time. They ended up talking about Marlena being the Salem Stalker and being possessed. John and Abe continued to talk about what happened when Marlena was possessed. Possessed Doug wanted Marlena to say his real name. He said if he were Doug, how would know the memories they had. She was convinced he read that in the paper. She thought he was confused. He told her to sit down. He told her that he would show her proof of his power. He turned the lights out in her office and his eyes turned yellow. She gasped and he asked her if she believed him.

Roman and Kate continued to talk about her past relationships. He thought she should give a decent man another shot. Abe couldn’t believe Marlena could be possessed by the devil. He thought it was impossible to believe. John said that he couldn’t deal with the truth even when Kristen told him. Abe said that Kristen was a different person at the time. John mentioned the affair that he had with Marlena affected Sami. He didn’t think Johnny understood what the Pandora’s box he was opening by doing the movie. Kayla wanted to stop Julie from interrupting Doug’s session with Marlena. She said he was in good hands. Eli agreed with Kayla. They noticed the lights dimmed in the room. Kayla wanted to check it out. Possessed Doug put the lights back up. He wanted to know if Marlena believed he wasn’t Doug. She wanted to know why he showed up now. Kate told Roman how he slept with Marlena on the island. He reminded her how she slept with John. She explained that they didn’t know they were coming back. Roman said they couldn’t get it right the way John and Marlena did. John was worried that he wouldn’t be able to protect Marlena if the possession was dredged up again. Abe reminded him how he saved Marlena’s life by performing the exorcism. Julie wanted to check on Doug. Eli said that Kayla knew what she was doing. Marlena wanted Possessed Doug to leave. He refused to do it. She said she wouldn’t let him hurt Doug. She wanted to know what he wanted. He said he wanted her. Possessed Doug reminded Marlena how they brought the town to its knees. He thought they could do it again. She said he would never take over her body again. He thought that was unfortunate. She wanted him to get out of Doug’s body. He told him to invite him back into her and he would leave Doug. She said she would never let him do it. He shocked Doug. She demanded he stop.

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Lines Of The Week September 17, 2021

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

Days of Our Lives logo

Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe (about Julie hiring Ava): Julie would be crazy not to hire you.
Ava: Given my previous occupation, my resume is a little unconventional.

Steve: How you doing man?
Justin: My fiancée is in jail for larceny and murder. Other than that, I’m doing great.

Philip (to Ava): Ava. Here to shake down Julie for some protection money?

Philip (to Ava): On think I learned from being around you. Crime doesn’t pay.

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Days Short Recap Friday, September 17, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie tested Doug’s memory by showing him pictures. Kayla came over with the results of Doug’s MRI. She said there was some shrinkage of his brain volume. She said that was normal for someone his age. She said she couldn’t rule out Alzheimer’s just yet. She wanted to do another scan, but it was expensive. Julie said she didn’t care how much it cost. Kayla suggested he see Marlena. John and Marlena talked about Johnny’s movie. She said it was about Sami. John thought it would be a bad idea. He thought Sami walking in on them having sex would be in the movie. Marlena didn’t think Johnny would put that in the movie. John said that moment drove Sami’s behavior for years. He thought there was no way Johnny would leave that out. Marlena told John everyone got past their affair. She said Roman did too. John said their affair ruined her marriage to Roman. He said it left her vulnerable to the dark side. She said the movie was about Sami. Kayla called Marlena and asked her to meet with Doug. EJ went to Johnny to get him to work for DiMera. Johnny refused to do it. He showed EJ the script for his movie. EJ didn’t like it. Johnny said he would write him out. EJ said he couldn’t write him out because he was the love of Sami’s life. Johnny said that belonged to Lucas. EJ said that was ridiculous. EJ said Johnny would regret it if he took it too far.

When Chad brought Abby home, she thought about her fight with Gwen at the top of the stairs. Chad wanted to bring her stuff to the room, but she stopped him. She said they still had to work things out. She said she would rather do that in separate rooms. He agreed to separate rooms. EJ showed up while Chad and Abby were together. Chad was upset when EJ brought up their marriage. He also brought up their problems with Gwen. EJ blamed Chad for his problems with Johnny. Abby defended Chad. EJ stopped arguing with Chad and left. Johnny went to see John about the movie. John told him about his concerns. He said he would talk to him more after he talked to Marlena. Johnny was okay with it. Johnny left to finish reading the script. John pulled out a box with bible and collar. He read an article about Marlena’s possession. Doug told Marlena that he knew something was off with him. He said he did strange things, but didn’t know why. While they were talking, Marlena brought up him locking Julie in the freezer. He said he did it wasn’t an accident. He said he locked that b*tch in there on purpose. Marlena was shocked at Doug’s admission. He said wasn’t Doug. His voice got deep. He said it has been over 25 years. He asked if she thought he wouldn’t come back for her.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, September 16, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe met with Lani. He told her Paulina loved the twins. He said she called herself their grandmother. Lani was shocked. He said Paulina brought up marriage. He asked how Lani felt about it. He said her opinion meant everything to him. Lani told Abe that she hated what Paulina did to hurt people, but she knew Paulina was making things right. She said she knew he was lonely. She said Paulina made him happy. She gave her blessing if he wanted to marry Paulina. Paulina went to talk to Marlena. Paulina wanted to tell her something private. She wanted it to stay confidential. Paulina said there were secrets she knew that could ruin her family. She said Abe would hate her if he knew her secret. Marlena didn’t believe that was true. Paulina said she knew Abe would hate her because he wasn’t Lani’s father. Marlena was confused. She asked why Tamara would lie. Paulina told her she was really Lani’s mother. Paulina said she gave Lani to Tamara in order to protect her from her abusive father.

Marlena wanted to help Paulina if she ever decided to tell Abe and Lani the truth. Paulina wanted Marlena to promise not to say anything to anyone. Marlena said everything that was said would stay in confidence. Paulina was glad to tell someone the truth. Marlena offered to see her again. Paulina agreed to see her. Julie was by Doug’s side while Kayla asked him questions. She wanted him to do easy tasks. She asked him to repeat the five words she had him remember at the start of the session. He remembered the words. Julie was happy. Kayla said she didn’t think there was anything seriously wrong with him. She said he could leave.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin said he was Bonnie’s lawyer. When Justin and Bonnie were alone, she told him about the scam Calista and Harrison roped her into doing. Bonnie was hesitant of the plan. She thought about him trying to force himself on her. She said they struggled over the gun that was in his pocket. She ended up shooting him. When Calista came back, Bonnie ran out and left the gun. Bonnie said she didn’t want the blood money so she flushed the ticket in the toilet. She said she looked over her shoulder for a long time waiting for Calista to find her. She said when Calista looked for her; she stole Xander’s money. She didn’t want to get the money from Justin the way Calista wanted her to do. When Bonnie finished telling him what happened, he said he believed her. He said he would defend her but it would be hard because she killed her husband, Harrison and Calista. She said she didn’t kill her husband. Bonnie said Mimi was the one who did it. She said she couldn’t let Mimi go to prison so she took the rap for it. She told him not to repeat that in court. He was impressed and wanted to marry her when this was over. Philip wanted to know if Gabi and Jake were plotting against him with Brady. They said they confronted Brady about the keylogger. Brady said Chloe was waiting for him. When Brady left, Jake and Gabi tried to play on Philip’s jealousy over Brady and Chloe. Philip walked off.

Chloe wanted Nicole to admit to her feelings for Rafe. Nicole said there was no point. She said she wouldn’t go after Ava’s man. She told Chloe Philip had a reason to be jealous of Brady. She said her feelings for Brady haven’t gone away. Brady walked in the room. Brady told Chloe that he didn’t put the keylogger in Philip’s computer. She believed him. He was happy that she believed him because he couldn’t get along without her. He said he liked having her around because she made everything better. Philip walked in on Brady and Chloe. Philip said Brady told Jake and Gabi that he would do anything to get Chloe back. Brady said he never told them that. They talked about the keylogger. They said Philip was paranoid. Brady was tired of Philip and left. Chloe told Philip about his jealousy. He said he didn’t want to lose her. Nicole ran into Rafe. She tried to walk away from him, but he stopped her. He said he wasn’t okay with not being around her forever. She said she was trying to make things easier for him and Ava. He said Ava would have to deal with him having female friends. She said he didn’t have feelings for his other female friends like he did for her. Rafe told Nicole that he did have feelings for her, but she was married. He said he was with Ava now. He said it wasn’t as if she had feelings for him. She said she moved on from the feelings she had.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip ran into Ava at Julie’s restaurant. Philip talked to her about her connections with the mob. He wanted her to break Brady’s legs. Ava thought the problem was over a woman. He talked to her about Brady going after Chloe. Ava said she knew how he felt. She talked about Rafe and Nicole. Philip asked if she could get over the jealousy. Chloe talked to Nicole about the way Philip was acting. Chloe asked how she doing. Nicole said she was getting divorced and couldn’t see Rafe anymore. She said Rafe told Ava that he had feelings for her. Chloe wanted to know how she felt about that. Gabi and Jake ran into Brady. They said he was spying on Titan. Brady said he had nothing to do with the keylogger. He said he didn’t know what a keylogger was. Gabi said she believed him. She said she was worried about Philip’s behavior. Gabi and Jake told Brady that they were worried about Philip running Titan into the ground. Brady said he was glad not to be the only one who saw that. She told Brady to talk to Victor. Brady was suspicious of their motives. She said she was concerned about the future of Gabi Chic. She said Titan was Rachel’s legacy. She said he should protect it. Philip showed up and wondered what was going on.

Rafe questioned Bonnie at the police station. He asked if she wanted to tell her side of the story. She said she shot Calista in self-defense. He asked why Calista wanted to kill her with that gun. She said she didn’t know. He asked if it had anything to do with the gun being used to kill Calista’s husband and stealing his money. She said that wasn’t true. He said the evidence said otherwise. He said she was going down if the case went to court. Steve told Justin that Bonnie didn’t make bail. Justin was glad she didn’t make bail. He said he never wanted to see Bonnie again. He said he was glad he got out when he did. Steve reminded him that he was the one who told everyone she changed. Justin said he was wrong. Steve asked if could be wrong again. Justin was shocked that he was defending Bonnie. Steve told Justin there was more to Bonnie’s story. He said there was something off about Calista. He said he knew he felt betrayed, but it wasn’t like him to turn his back on Bonnie. He told Justin to visit her and hear what she had to say. Justin said he didn’t want to be played for a fool again. Steve said he still loved her. Rafe asked why Bonnie took Xander’s money. Justin came in the interrogation room and said the interview was over. Rafe wanted to know who said the interview was over. Justin said he was Bonnie’s attorney.

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Days Transcript Friday, September 17, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Chad: Home, sweet home.

Abigail: Yeah.

Gwen: Leave me alone!

Abigail: Leave you alone? I want you and that baby out of my life for good!

[Abigail grunts]

[Gwen screams]


Julie: So tell me, who is this?

Doug: Sweet abigail.

Julie: And this.

Doug: Bonnie raitt, the blues singer.

[Laughs] I-I’m joking. Honey, that’s maggie, of course. But there is a resemblance, don’t you think?

Julie: Well, yes, and we love them both. But doug, there’s a time for humor. This isn’t it.

Doug: Well, I think we have tested my memory enough for one morning.

Julie: Darling, I’m sorry. I know this is tedious. It’s–it’s just that I’m so worried about you.

Doug: I know, sweetheart. I know. I wish I could explain my recent behavior, but I honestly don’t know what’s come over me.

Julie: Well, kayla will be here soon, and hopefully kayla will have some answers.

Roman: All right. One chai latte.

Kayla: Thank you very much.

Roman: You know, I checked on doug last night. Julie said they, uh, took him in for some tests.

Kayla: Yeah. I’m headed over to get the results right now and take them over to them.

Roman: Okay, well, I hope it’s good news.

Kayla: Yeah. We’ll see you.

Roman: Okay, good to see you, sis.

Kayla: Hey!

Lucas: Hello. Great.

Kate: For you.

Roman: You know, most people don’t bring food into a restaurant.

Kate: Okay, well, this isn’t just food. We stopped by sweet bits, and we picked up some apple cider doughnuts, freshly made by your granddaughter.

Roman: Oh, oh, man.

Lucas: I know, I know.

Roman: What a great way to start the day.

Kate: I know, seriously. Allie and chanel, I’m telling you, they’re gonna give you some competition. They had a line out the door.

Roman: You must be very proud of her.

Lucas: I am, I am, yeah. I just wish that sami was here to help, you know, celebrate allie’s success. Have you, uh, have you heard from her?

Roman: Not a peep. I’m thinking sami is licking her wounds after her marriage to ej fell apart.

Ej: Guess what today is.

Johnny: [Sighs] Do I have to?

Ej: Take your son to work day.

Johnny: You sure it’s not groundhog day? ‘Cause I feel like we keep having this convo over and over.

Ej: I don’t know what you mean.

Johnny: Well, you say, “son, I want you to work for dimera,” and then I say, “dad, I’m following my dreams and making a movie.” Then you do your huffy-stuffy british thing and stomp out, only to return, act like nothing ever happened, and start the whole conversation over again.

Ej: Mm. Perhaps I’m hoping you’ll eventually come to your senses.

Johnny: My senses are just fine, dad. And I’m all in on making this film.

Ej: You’re not still planning to make the movie about your mother, are you?

Johnny: That is exactly what I’m doing.

Marlena: Mmm.

John: I cannot get over how incredible allie’s doughnuts are. And I want to thank you for saving me one.

Marlena: Hey, that wasn’t easy, you know.

John: Well, it was nice of paulina to bring you some. Mmm, mmm.

Marlena: It was, yes, it was.

John: Pretty ambitious kids, huh? Allie’s got her bakery going, johnny wants to make a movie.

Marlena: Yes, well, he’s gonna have to raise some money for that.

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah. He said he was eyeballing us to invest.

Marlena: He’s trying to charm his way into my pocketbook.

John: Any idea what the film’s about?

Marlena: Uh, yeah it’s about, uh, it’s about sami.

John: Excuse me?

Marlena: It’s about sami. Johnny feels he wants to work on something that he’s personally close to. I suggested he talk to will, because of course will, you know, is familiar with show business, and turns out that johnny is now going to direct the script that will wrote.

John: “Sami brady story.”

Marlena: Yes, that one.

John: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Marlena: You have some feelings about that?

John: Yeah. I think it’s really a terrible idea.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Ej: You’re making a movie based on will’s old script.

Johnny: Why not?

Ej: Well, for one thing, it’s already been rejected by several studios.

Johnny: Some tweaking, fresh vision.

Ej: What about exploiting your family?

Johnny: Hardly. Mom collaborated with will. Obviously she didn’t object.

Ej: What if I object?

Johnny: Well, I could always write you out. It’s not like you’re vital to the story.

Ej: How could I not be? I was the love of your mother’s life.

Johnny: Really? ‘Cause from what I’ve read, I’d say that title belongs to lucas.

Marlena: Look, are you concerned about the money? I know it’s a risky investment.

John: No, no, no, no, no. I’m not worried about that. I’m more concerned about– well, I’m more concerned about just dredging up the past and putting it out there for the whole world to see.

Marlena: What do you mean?

John: Well, doc, I’m guessing that there’s probably one significant moment in sami’s history that’s gonna be in that film, something that she witnessed, that unfortunately changed her life forever.

[Apprehensive music]


Marlena: Oh, that.

John: Oh, that.

[ “The addams family” theme playing ]

Kayla: How are you feeling today, doug?

Doug: Just fine.

Kayla: No further incidents?

Doug: You mean, have i grabbed anybody’s behind besides my wife’s? No.

Julie: Doug.

Doug: I’m so embarrassed. I-I don’t understand why I did that.

Julie: Well, that’s why kayla’s here.

Doug: Yeah.

Julie: To give us some answers, and I understand that you have the results of the mri now.

Kayla: Yes, I do. Um, we looked for structural changes in the brain, damage that could have been caused by a stroke. We also looked for shrinkage in the cortex or decreased volume in his hippocampus. Either one of those would show signs of early alzheimer’S.

Julie: Well, what did you find?

Marlena: I don’t think that johnny is going to portray how his mother found out we were having an affair.

John: Sweetheart.

[Sighs] That moment of betrayal was the catalyst that drove sami’s actions for years. I don’t see how johnny tells her story without that context.

Marlena: I suppose you’re right. But listen, the thing is that, you know, what happened between us really is no secret. And look, I’m not proud of it, but I’ve adjusted to it.

John: So have I. But what about roman, hmm? I mean, I’m not so sure that he would appreciate being reminded of a very painful time in his life.

Marlena: And don’t you think that johnny is gonna run that past his grandfather?

John: I don’t know.

Marlena: Well, I don’t think that roman really would mind. You know, look, we’re all good friends now. I think roman has moved on with his life.

Roman: All right. Glad you’re still here.

Kate: So did you get those doughnuts put away all safe and sound so no one can get at them?

Roman: Yes, I did, why?

Kate: Um, and did you maybe have one yourself?

Roman: How can you tell?

Kate: [Laughs] Uh, powdered sugar. Dead giveaway.

Roman: [Laughs] Right here? Right there?

Kate: No, not right there. Let-let me help you. Uh, no–don’t–that– there you go. There you go. That is perfect.

Roman: Well, thank you, ma’am.

Kate: [Laughs]

Roman: You, me, and doughnuts, man. Remember how our wedding cake got ruined?

Kate: Oh, my gosh. Seriously, the salem stalker made it look like the cake was oozing blood.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, I remember that, good times.

Roman: Yeah, and then alice saved the day by providing that tower of doughnuts.

Kate: You know, it was really such a beautiful reception. It was. Until the groom appeared to be killed.

Lucas: We need one normal wedding in salem, just once. Please.

Roman: I ended up on the island of melaswen. Not exactly the honeymoon getaway I was expecting.

Kate: Yeah, well you and victor didn’t enjoy those romantic walks by the–by the beach?

Roman: You know, victor didn’t exactly fill out a sarong the way you did.

Kate: Oh, wow.

Roman: And still do.

Kate: Thank you.

Roman: You know what, i need to get back to the kitchen. Good to see you both.

Lucas: All right. What was that?

Kate: What?

Lucas: That-that whole thing.

Kate: What-what whole thing?

Lucas: Don’t-don’t do that. Don’t be coy with me. Tell me the truth. You two hooking up again?

Ej: That’s absurd. Lucas is not the great love of samantha’s life.

Johnny: Maybe you should read the screenplay. Mom and lucas aren’t even a real couple, yet the chemistry’s already off the charts. You can tell they’re totally meant for each other.

Ej: Of course, will made it sound that way. Lucas is his father.

Johnny: I don’t know. Almost 30 years later, mom and lucas still can’t keep their hands off each other, despite your “great love.”

Ej: I realize you enjoy getting under my skin. But watch yourself, john roman. Take it too far, and you might just live to regret it.

[Tense music]


Abigail: “Welcome home, mommy. We love you.” Oh, gosh.

Chad: [Sighs] You okay?

Abigail: Our kids are the best.

Chad: They did not want to leave their mom.

Abigail: Well, yeah. Any excuse to skip school, right?

Chad: Mm-hmm. I can’t think of a better reason. I was firm, though: School comes first. Although those kids, they drive a hard bargain. I had to promise we’ll have a special “welcome home, mommy” dinner tonight.

Abigail: Oh, great. ‘Cause, you know, charlotte’s definition of special is usually jelly beans and ice cream.

Chad: Yeah. And probably some chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Abigail: [Laughs] Ugh.

[Sighs] Thank you.

Chad: For what?

Abigail: Just making me realize it was time to come home.

Chad: Let’s get you settled in. I’ll, uh, I’ll bring up your bags up to our room.

Abigail: Uh, can we just, um, can we wait a second? Serena: It’s my 3:10

Kayla: Based on your mri results, there were no signs of bleeding, a stroke, or a tumor. I didn’t see the presence of biomarkers that would raise any red flags. There was some shrinkage of your brain volume, but that is not unexpected at your age.

Doug: So can you rule out alzheimer’s?

Kayla: No, not yet. Not every patient who has the disease shows clear biomarkers.

Julie: So where do we go from here?

Kayla: I can order a pet scan, and that might find more markers. But it’s expensive.

Julie: I don’t care. I don’t care if it costs the moon. We’ll-we’ll do whatever is necessary to get to the bottom of this, kayla.

Doug: Yeah. What she said, yeah.

Kayla: We are gonna find out what’s going on with you, doug, I promise. This is why I think it might be a good idea for you to see marlena. She can more generally assess if you are having some kind of dementia. Shall I give her a call?

[Apprehensive music]

Marlena: You really don’t want johnny making this movie, do you?

John: Isn’t there another script he could film? You know, maybe one about– aw, hell, I don’t know, a-a talking dog. Everybody loves talking dogs.

Marlena: I don’t think that’s what he wants to do.

John: Well, maybe not, but the past is sometimes best left in the past, doc.

Marlena: So are you concerned about him revisiting our affair?

John: Sweetheart, what we did, the scandal of it, not only destroyed your marriage and your family, but it left you feeling alone, isolated, a pariah in a town that had loved you. And because you were so vulnerable, it led to the darkest time in your life.

Kate: Why on earth would you think that roman and I are involved?

Lucas: Blatant flirting.

Kate: Seriously? I was getting powdered sugar off his cheek.

Lucas: What about that whole thing with the sarong? I mean, come on, I was right here.

Kate: Oh, come on, that was merely a statement of fact, so.

Lucas: So you’re not sneaking into each other’s rooms at night, reliving the past?

Kate: No, we’re saving that for you and sami.

Lucas: Oh! Walked into that one, didn’t I?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: Yeah, well. What’s that? What are you looking for?

Kate: I’m not–I’m not looking for anything.

Lucas: Really? You want my opinion?

Kate: No, actually, I don’t want your opinion at all.

Lucas: I think you and roman are great together. You were great together, you know, back in the day.

Kate: Yeah, back in the day. That’s past tense, lucas.

Lucas: Well, it doesn’t have to be. I mean, you said yourself, he’s interested in getting back together with you.

Kate: He talked about that months ago. He hasn’t said anything since.

Lucas: Well, every man’s got his pride. Probably felt rejected.

Kate: Yeah, or he’s just not interested, so.

Lucas: Or you should just talk to him and ask him. You could do that.

Kate: God, what is this all about? Why are you making something that is absolutely not your business your business?

Lucas: That’s not a “no,” is it?

Johnny: Lucas!

Lucas: Johnny! What’s up, man?

Johnny: Hey, man.

Lucas: Good to see you!

Johnny: Good to see you too.

Lucas: Getting big.

Johnny: Old man.

Lucas: Hey, easy on the old man stuff. I still got it.

Johnny: Kate. Beautiful as ever.

Kate: Oh, what a sweet talker, just like your dad. Who is so excited that you are back in town. He can’t wait to get you into the family business.

Johnny: Well, unfortunately for him, I’ve got plans of my own, and with any luck, I’m about to be one step closer to making my dream come true.

Chad: What’s wrong?

Abigail: It’s just that before I went to boston, we were sleeping in separate rooms.

Chad: Yeah. No, I know. I just, I was– I thought that maybe– I was hoping that things– things would be different.

Abigail: Well, we discussed we have a lot of things to work out, and I think that I’d just feel more comfortable doing that if we were sleeping in separate beds.

Chad: Okay.

Abigail: Okay. Is that a problem?

Chad: No.

Abigail: ‘Cause you said you’d be with me every step of the way on this.

Chad: I know, and I meant it. Whatever you need. But we are gonna have to have a conversation with the kids.

Abigail: Yeah, I mean, yeah. We were sleeping in separate beds when I went to boston. So I think we should just talk to them again, and I think they’re gonna understand.

Chad: What about everyone else?

Abigail: Every–what? Are you embarrassed?

Chad: Ah, no. Just, certain people are gonna– are gonna have an opinion.

Abigail: Certain people? I mean…

Ej: Abigail! What a lovely surprise!

Abigail: Ej. On the outside, I looked fine.

Marlena: You’re right. I was in a bad place after sami found out about our affair. But this movie is about sami, not about me.

John: Well, what happened next, it affected sami as well. And this is not a subject that johnny should be messing with.

Marlena: John–

John: You know what I’m talking about, doc. This opened the door–

[Phone ringing]

Marlena: It’s kayla. I need to take it. Kayla, hi, good morning.

Kayla: Hi, um, I hope I’m not interrupting anything.

Marlena: Oh, uh, no. Uh, what can I do for you?

Kayla: It’s about doug. Um, he’s showing some signs of cognitive decline, and his test results didn’t reveal anything definitive. I was hoping that maybe you could see him, and you could weigh in with an assessment.

Marlena: Of course. I’d be glad to. Um, I don’t have a very busy morning at work. I’ll, uh, I’ll come to the hospital right now.

Kayla: That would be great. Thank you.

Marlena: Okay. See you soon. I’ve got to–I’ve got to get to the hospital. Can we pick up this conversation about johnny later?

John: Of course we can. I love you, doc.

Marlena: I love you.

[Apprehensive music]

Lucas: Big plans, huh? What, are you gonna open a bakery like your sister?

Roman: Hey, look what the cat dragged in! I was beginning to think you were avoiding me.

Johnny: Grandpa. I’m sorry, I’ve been kind of busy.

Roman: Yeah, what, getting in trouble?

Johnny: Actually, I’ve been working on my dream project.

Lucas: Yeah, he was just about to tell us all about it. Right?

Kate: Right.

Johnny: I’m gonna make a movie. And I’m hoping that you would consider investing in the future of your favorite grandchild.

Roman: Okay. All right, that is why you finally came to visit!

Johnny: Oh, come on, gramps, you know I missed you.

Roman: Uh-huh, sure, sure. How much do– how much do you need?

Johnny: Well, that’s up to you, um. I’m hitting up multiple investors, including grandma marlena. She’s actually the one who gave me the idea for the movie.

Kate: Uh. What’s it about?

Johnny: I am going to direct will’s screenplay about my mom’s life.

Lucas: Oh.

Roman: That’s a great idea.

Johnny: I’m glad you think so; my, uh, my dad hates the idea.

Lucas: Oh, really? Why?

Johnny: Yeah, he thinks, uh– he just thinks my mom won’t like it, which is ridiculous, ’cause she approved will’s script years ago when she moved us all out to california. Obviously, she didn’t have a problem with it then, so she should be cool with it now. But I wanted to get your input first.

Roman: About?

Johnny: There’s the whole thing about grandma marlena’s affair, and, you know, I just didn’t want it to bring up any stuff.

Roman: You know what, ancient history, man, so I’m good. Just as long as you get somebody very dashing and very handsome to play me. I’m thinking george clooney.

Johnny: Okay, all right, I’ll see what I can do.

Roman: All right, count me in.

Johnny: All right, thank you. I’m gonna make you proud.

Roman: I’m willing to bet my money on that.

Johnny: So lucas, do you have any interest in, uh, backing my movie?

Ej: I didn’t know you were here!

Chad: Yeah, we just got back.

Abigail: Oh, hi. Uh, you all right?

Ej: Oh, I just worked out a little too hard yesterday. I’m finally back to my old self.

Chad: For better or worse.

Abigail: Well, it’s, uh, it’s great to see you healthy and home.

Ej: You as well. I’m glad my little brother took my advice to go off and fight for you.

Chad: What?

Abigail: Oh, uh. I didn’t realize it was your idea.

Chad: No, it wasn’t his idea. I came–it wasn’t your idea. I came to boston because I wanted to see you, and I wanted to be able to try to work things out.

Ej: It doesn’t matter who takes credit for bringing abigail back, does it? The important thing is that you’re home.

Doug: So doc, what’s your opinion? Do you think I have dementia?

Marlena: Well, doug, there’s nothing really conclusive here yet, but I hope to know more after I’ve run some tests.

Doug: Marlena, if I confess something to you, do you promise to keep it just between us?

Marlena: You’re my patient. Anything-anything you tell me will be held in strict confidence.

Doug: Well, I’ve been insisting to julie that I’m just fine. But down deep, I can feel it– there is something wrong with me. I say and do strange things, and I don’t know why. I just pray that you can help me.

Marlena: I will do everything I can to help you, doug.

Lucas: Uh, are you sure you want to take money from a guy who ruined your dad’s marriage?

Johnny: Hey, that’s between you and my dad. You’ve always been good to me. And you’re my twin sister’s father, so there’s the family thing. There’s also one other factoid you might find interesting.

Kate: All right, I’ll bite. What?

Johnny: You’re kind of a big part in the movie.

Lucas: I am?

Johnny: Yeah. The way the script reads, you were the love of my mom’s life, not my dad.

Kate: Wow. So I bet you couldn’t wait to tell ej that.

Lucas: Yeah, I’m sure that went over real well, didn’t it?

Johnny: It might have pushed a few buttons.

Lucas: Well, that’s, uh, good enough for me. I’ll sign a check right now.

Johnny: Okay! All right! Thank you!

Lucas: No, thank you.

Johnny: Okay, um. Kate, is there any chance you–

Kate: Oh, sorry, spielberg, but I don’t want to get into hot water with your daddy because he signs my paychecks, and i want to keep that happening.

Johnny: Fair enough. I understand. I’ve still got some other investors to hit up, so. Thank you both for your support. It means a lot, especially since my dad’s being such a jerk about all this.

Ej: So, when I walked in, did I hear you’ll be staying in separate rooms?

Chad: Uh, that’s none of your business.

Ej: Relax. As a man who’s own marriage has recently imploded, I am a champion of unions where love wins the day. And I know yours will too. That’s why I want you to know that chad feels nothing but regret and disgust with himself for letting your scheming sister manipulate him–

Chad: Dude, would you shut up? I don’t need you speaking for me.

Ej: I’m just trying to help.

Chad: Okay, you want to help? Then why don’t you give us some privacy? I thought you were supposed to be at the office! Aren’t you–aren’t you– weren’t you supposed to bring johnny in with you today?

Ej: I was, but he’s refusing to even consider working at dimera. And that is on you. I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Chad: Are you still on this? It’s not my fault that johnny doesn’t want to work for dimera.

Ej: I asked you to convince him dimera’s where he belongs. Instead, you encouraged him to follow his ridiculous dream of making movies.

Chad: He’s a grown man. He should be able to make his own choices in life.

Ej: His choice has been to party his way through europe for the last few years.

Chad: He’s a smart kid!

Ej: Who needs direction!

Chad: It sounds you’d prefer a choke chain.

Ej: You’re supposed to be working with me to steer this family in the right direction. That was the whole point of taking this company back. And yet you take pleasure in egging johnny on to defy me!

Chad: No, johnny’s doing a damn good job of that himself!

Ej: Perhaps you could persuade your husband to remember where his loyalties lie.

Abigail: Actually, I think you’re trying to put chad in between you and your son, and now you’re trying to put me between you and chad, which is not gonna happen, because I’m not gonna take the bait.

Kate: So that was very generous of you to invest in johnny’s film. Although your ulterior motives were compatibility transparent.

Lucas: What do you mean? It’s like johnny said, it’s about family. You know me, I’d do anything for family.

Kate: Yeah, uh-huh, yeah. And sticking it to ej had absolutely nothing to do with it, right?

Lucas: Mm. I don’t want to talk about that. I’d rather talk about what we were discussing before johnny came in. We were talking about you and roman.

Kate: Lucas, there is no me and roman.

Lucas: You still hung up on jake?

Kate: No!

Lucas: Well, then give roman a chance! What’s the problem?

Roman: Chance for what?

[Knock at door]

John: Yeah, hold on. Hey, my namesake!

Johnny: Grandpa john!

John: How you doing, kid?

Johnny: It’s good to see you.

John: Come on in, come on in!

Johnny: I’m sorry for not stopping by sooner.

John: No, no, no, no, it’s all right. Grandma says you’ve been a bit busy.

Johnny: Yeah, is she, uh, she around?

John: No, no, she just got called into work. You just missed her.

Johnny: Oh, did she happen to mention my project to you?

John: Yeah, yeah. In fact, we were–we were just discussing it.

Johnny: And?

John: Well, kid, to be honest with you, uh, I’ve got a– I’ve got a few concerns about the script.

Johnny: I didn’t realize you were such a film critic.

John: [Chuckles] No, it’s, uh–let’s just say that I’m-I’m a little apprehensive about putting her life out there like that.

Johnny: You mean grandma marlena’s affair.

John: Yeah, for one thing, yeah. You know, people like– well, like your grandpa roman. You know, he might not be that comfortable with that.

Johnny: Actually, I just spoke with him, and he’s on board. And he is investing. So if that’s the only thing stopping you from investing–

John: Well, actually, it’s not the only thing. I’ve got some other concerns as well.

Johnny: Like what?

John: [Sighs] Hey, I’ll tell you what, let me finish having this conversation with grandma, and then I’ll circle back with you as soon as possible, okay?

Johnny: Okay. Hey, no worries. No pressure. I’m good with whatever you guys decide, so. I’m gonna go finish reading the script.

John: Wait. You haven’t even finished the script yet?

Johnny: Well, no, but it’s about mom’s life, so I gotta know all the major plot points, right?

John: Hey, hey, johnny, listen.

Johnny: Yo.

John: How do you feel about movies with talking dogs?

Johnny: Uh… [Laughs] Why?

John: Never mind.

Johnny: Okay.

Marlena: Doug, are you all right with me recording our session?

Doug: Oh, yes, sure.

Marlena: Great. Now, I would like to start off by discussing some of your recent moments of cognitive dissonance. I-I understand that you’ve been, uh, mixing up people’s names?

Doug: Well, apparently I– I confused you with vivian alamain. Sorry about that.

Marlena: It’s okay. I’ll find some way to forgive you for that.

Doug: [Chuckles] I feel worse, really, about forgetting tom and alice. I mean, goodness, how could I ever forget them? They meant so much to me.

Marlena: Having a–having a lapse in memory doesn’t mean they’re any less meaningful to you. So please, don’t feel guilty about it.

Doug: Well, I do feel guilty. I groped paulina price, for pete’s sake. Completely inappropriate.

Marlena: Yeah. You have any idea why you did that?

Doug: No. It just-just horrified julie. All this has been so hard on her.

Marlena: Julie told me that you–you locked her in the freezer by accident.

Doug: That was no accident. I locked that bitch in there on purpose.

Ej: I see you two are still a united front, even if you are sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Abigail: Like chad said, that’s none of your business.

Ej: My apologies. Chad, I’ll see you in the office. Abigail, again, lovely to see you, and welcome home.

Chad: I’m so sorry. That’s so embarrassing. I–that’s not–that’s not how I planned to welcome you home.

Abigail: Well, like you said, home, sweet home, huh?

Lucas: Oh, man, I got some errands to run. Excuse me; I’ll be back. Lost track of time.

Roman: Okay, um. What was that all about?

Kate: Well, lucas was just giving me some advice.

Roman: Advice from a man who just slept with his married ex-wife.

Kate: Uh, twice.

Roman: Was it good advice?

Kate: Lucas thinks that we should get back together.

Roman: I see. And what do you think about that?

Kayla: Here you go.

Julie: Thank you.

Kayla: Julie, I know how hard this is. I went through something very similar with my own mother. It was hard to watch her forget her loved ones.

Julie: But at least caroline had a reprieve. The last years of her life– if doug has alzheimer’s– it’s just, all the days of our lives have been so wonderful. Years and years, much more than most people ever get. I want more! I’m sorry. So selfish of me.

Kayla: No, it’s not. Listen, I am not giving up hope. And you shouldn’t, either.

Marlena: I’m sorry. Did you say–

Doug: That I locked her in on purpose? You heard that. You heard right. It was the most fun I had all week.

Marlena: I’m sure you don’t mean that. I think you’re just confused.

Doug: No, marlena, you are the one who’s confused. [Laughs] I am not doug.


[Foreboding music]

Johnny: What the hell? Grandma marlena was possessed by the devil?

Marlena: Of course you’re doug. You’re doug williams. I’m marlena evans.

Doug: I know exactly, exactly who you are.

[In deep voice] It’s been over 25 years, marlena. But did you really think I wouldn’t come back for you?

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Days Update Friday, September 17, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chad brings Abigail home to the DiMera Mansion. Abigail walks in and sees the stairs, causing a flashback to when Gwen fell down the stairs.

Doug and Julie sit at home with a photo album. Julie goes through pictures, asking Doug to identify various family members. Doug tries to joke but Julie says this isn’t a time for humor. Doug thinks they have tested his memory enough for one day. Julie knows it’s tedious. Doug wishes he could explain his recent behavior but he doesn’t know what has come over him. Julie tells him that Kayla will be over soon and hopefully she will have answers.

Kayla gets a latte at the Brady Pub from Roman. Roman brings up hearing Doug was having tests. Kayla says she’s heading to get the results now. Kayla exits the Pub so Roman goes over to where Lucas and Kate are at a table. They brought Roman some donuts from Sweet Bits Bakery, made by Allie. Roman calls it a great way to start the day. Kate points out that Allie and Chanel had a line going out the door. Lucas talks about being proud of Allie, but he wishes Sami was here to celebrate Allie’s success. Roman notes that he hasn’t heard a word from Sami since her marriage to EJ fell apart.

EJ goes to Johnny’s room at the DiMera Mansion and declares that it’s take your son to work day. Johnny feels they keep having this conversation over and over. EJ hopes he will eventually come to his senses. Johnny insists that he’s fine and he’s all in on making his film about Sami.

John and Marlena eat from Sweet Bits Bakery at home. John mentions that it was nice of Paulina to bring her some. John calls Allie and Johnny ambitious. Marlena brings up Johnny wanting them to invest in his movie. John asks what the film is about. Marlena responds that it’s about Sami because Johnny wants to work on something that he’s personally close to, so she suggested he talk to Will and now Johnny is going to direct the script that Will wrote, “The Sami Brady Story”. Marlena asks if John has feelings about that. John admits he thinks it’s a really terrible idea.

Johnny shows EJ the script, which he recognizes as Will’s old script. EJ points out that it’s already been rejected by several studios. Johnny says it just needs some tweaking and a fresh vision. EJ feels it’s exploiting his own family and asks what if he objects. Johnny remarks that he could always write EJ out since he’s not vital to the story. EJ asks how he couldn’t be since he was the love of Sami’s life. Johnny then remarks that he’d say that title belongs to Lucas.

Marlena tells John that she knows it’s a risky investment. John is more concerned about drudging up the past and putting it out there for the world to see. Marlena asks what he means. John guesses that there is one significant moment in Sami’s history that will be in the film, which she witnessed that changed her life forever. Marlena thinks back to when Sami walked in on her and John.

Kayla goes to visit Doug and Julie to check on Doug. Doug says he’s fine and assures he hasn’t grabbed anyone else’s behind. Doug doesn’t understand why he did that .Julie says Kayla is here to give them answers and asks about the results of the MRI. Kayla goes over what they looked for in Doug’s brain, so Julie asks what they found.

Marlena doesn’t think Johnny will portray how Sami found out about Marlena and John’s affair. John calls that moment of betrayal the catalyst that drove Sami’s actions for years, so he doesn’t see how Johnny tells her story without it. Marlena supposes he’s right but what happened between them is really no secret. Marlena isn’t proud of it, but she’s adjusted to it. John says he has too, but asks what about Roman as he’s not sure he would appreciated being reminded of that really tough time in his life. Marlena thinks Johnny will check with Roman. Marlena points out that they are all good friends now and she thinks Roman has moved on with his life.

Kate helps Roman wipe powder from a donut off of his face. Roman brings up how their wedding cake got ruined by the Salem Stalker and then Alice saved the day. Kate says it was a beautiful reception until the groom appeared to be killed. Lucas jokes that they need one normal wedding in Salem. Roman talks about ending up on an island which Kate laughs about. Roman says it was good to see them and heads back to the kitchen. Lucas then questions if Kate and Roman are hooking up again.

EJ tells Johnny that Lucas is not the great love of Sami’s life. Johnny suggests he read the screen play as you can tell they are meant for each other. EJ argues that Will made it sound that way since Lucas is his father. Johnny remarks that almost 30 years later, Lucas and Sami still can’t keep their hands off each other despite EJ’s great love. EJ warns Johnny to watch himself as if he takes it too far, he might just live to regret it. EJ then storms out of the room.

Abigail sits in the living room with a welcome home card drawn by her kids, Thomas and Charlotte. Chad enters and asks if she’s okay. Abigail responds that their kids are the best. Chad points out how they didn’t want to leave her but they had to go to school, so he promised them a special welcome home mom dinner tonight. They joke about the kids just wanting dessert. Abigail thanks Chad for making her realize that it was time to come home. Chad wants to get her settled in and offers to bring her bags up to their room but Abigail asks to wait a second on that.

Kayla declares that Doug had no signs of bleeding, a stroke, or a tumor and nothing that raised red flags. Kayla adds that shrinkage in brain volume is not unexpected at his age. Doug asks if they can rule out Alzheimer’s. Kayla says not yet since not every patient shows a clear marker. Kayla suggests ordering a PET scan but it’s expensive. Julie agrees to do whatever is necessary to get to the bottom of this. Kayla promises they will find out what’s going on with Doug. Kayla suggests Doug see Marlena because she could assess if he’s having some kind of dementia. Kayla asks if she should call Marlena.

Marlena asks if John really doesn’t want Johnny making this movie. John asks if he could film a different script because the past is sometimes best left in the past. Marlena asks if John is concerned about revisiting their affair. John says the scandal of what they did destroyed Marlena’s marriage and her family and left her alone in a town that loved her. John adds that it led to the darkest time of Marlena’s life.

Kate asks why Lucas would think she and Roman are involved. Lucas says they were blatantly flirting. Kate jokes that they aren’t secretly seeing each other like he and Sami. Lucas thinks Kate and Roman were great together back in the day. Kate says that was the past. Lucas points out that it doesn’t have to be since Roman was interested months ago. Kate notes that Roman hasn’t said anything lately. Lucas suggests she talk to him. Kate says it’s not his business. Johnny then arrives and greets Lucas and Kate. Kate mentions that EJ is so excited to have Johnny back in town and in to the family business. Johnny responds that he has his own plans and with any luck, he’s about to be one step closer to making his dream come true.

Chad asks Abigail what’s wrong. Abigail says it’s just that before she went to Boston, they were sleeping in separate rooms. Chad admits he was hoping things would be different. Abigail notes that they have a lot to work out, so she’d be more comfortable doing that if they are sleeping in separate beds. Abigail asks if that’s a problem. Chad agrees to whatever she needs but says they will have to have a conversation with the kids. Abigail thinks they will understand. Chad asks what about everyone else, because certain people are going to have an opinion which Abigail questions. EJ then walks in and calls Abigail a lovely surprise.

Marlena tells John that he’s right that she was in a bad place after Sami found out about their affair, but this movie is about Sami, not her. John argues that what happened next affected Sami as well and this is not a subject that Johnny should be messing with. John states that Marlena knows what he’s talking about, but Marlena gets a call from Kayla. Kayla tells Marlena about Doug’s test results not showing anything definitive so she asks Marlena to see him for an assessment. Marlena agrees to come to the hospital now so Kayla thanks her and they hang up. Marlena tells John that she has to go to the hospital and asks if they can pick up this conversation about Johnny later. John agrees to do so and tells Marlena that he loves her. John kisses her goodbye and Marlena then exits.

Lucas asks about Johnny’s big plans. Roman comes back over and jokes that he was beginning to think Johnny was avoiding him. Johnny says he’s been busy working on his dream project. Johnny announces that he’s going to make a movie and hopes Roman will invest in his future. Roman jokes about that being why he finally came to see him. Roman asks how much he needs. Johnny says he’s hitting up multiple investors, including Marlena, who gave him the idea for the movie. Kate asks what it’s about. Johnny says he will direct Will’s screenplay about Sami’s life. Roman calls that a great idea. Johnny is glad he thinks so since EJ hates it. Lucas asks why. Johnny explains that EJ thinks Sami won’t like it which is ridiculous since she approved Will’s script years ago. Johnny wanted to get Roman’s input first because there’s the whole thing about Marlena’s affair and he didn’t want to bring up any stuff. Roman calls that ancient history and assures that he’s good, joking that he get somebody handsome to play him. Johnny thanks Roman and says he will make him proud. Johnny then asks if Lucas has any interest in backing his movie.

EJ says he didn’t know Abigail was there and hugs her. Chad notes that they just got back. EJ mentions finally being back to his old self. Abigail says it’s good to see him healthy and home. EJ remarks that he’s glad Chad took his advice to go fight for her. Abigail wasn’t aware it was EJ’s idea. Chad argues that it wasn’t as he wanted to bring her back. EJ says it doesn’t matter and all that’s important is that she’s home.

Doug goes to Marlena’s office and asks if she thinks he has dementia. Marlena says nothing is conclusive but she hopes to know more after running tests. Doug asks if he can confess something to Marlena. Marlena confirms anything he tells her will be held in strict confidence. Doug then admits that he’s been insisting to Julie that he’s fine but deep down, he can feel something is wrong with him. Doug prays that Marlena can help him. Marlena agrees to do everything she can.

Lucas asks if Johnny is sure he wants to take money from a guy who ruined his dad’s marriage. Johnny says that’s between Lucas and EJ while Lucas has always been good to him and he is Allie’s father so they are family. Johnny adds that Lucas kind of has a big part in the movie as the way the script reads, he was the love of Sami’s life, not EJ. Kate bets Johnny couldn’t wait to tell EJ that. Lucas is sure that went over well. Johnny admits it might have pushed a few buttons. Lucas jokes that it’s good enough for him, so he’ll sign the check right now. Johnny turns to Kate but she says there’s no chance as she doesn’t want to get in hot water with EJ since he signs her pay checks. Johnny says he understands and still has other investors to hit up. Johnny thanks them for their support and says it means a lot, especially since EJ has been a jerk about all of this.

EJ asks if he heard that Abigail and Chad are staying in separate rooms. Chad calls that none of his business. EJ mentions his marriage imploding and encourages that he wants them to make it. EJ insists that Chad feels regret and disgust for letting Gwen manipulate him. Chad tells EJ to shut up and says he doesn’t need him speaking for him. EJ claims he’s just trying to help. Chad suggests he give them privacy. Chad thought EJ was taking Johnny to the office with him. EJ says he was but Johnny is refusing to even consider working for DiMera, which he blames on Chad. Chad questions him still being on that and says it’s not his fault that Johnny doesn’t want to work at DiMera. EJ complains that Chad encouraged him to follow his ridiculous dream of making movies. Chad thinks Johnny is a grown man and should be able to make his own decisions. EJ argues that Chad is supposed to be working with him to steer the family in the right direction, yet he eggs Johnny on to defy him. EJ suggests Abigail persuade Chad to remember where he’s loyal to. Abigail thinks EJ is trying to put Chad in between himself and Johnny, and is now trying to put her in between but she won’t take the bait.

Kate calls it very generous of Lucas to invest in Johnny’s film, although his ulterior motives were completely transparent. Lucas says he’d do anything for family. Kate points out that he got to stick it to EJ. Lucas would rather go back to talking about Kate and Roman. Kate says there is no her and Roman. Lucas encourages her to give Roman a chance. Roman then comes back over and asks a chance for what.

Johnny goes to see John. John mentions that Marlena said he’s been busy. Johnny asks if Marlena is around. John says he just missed her as she got called in to work. Johnny asks if she mentioned his project to him. John confirms they were just discussing it. John admits he has a few concerns about the script. Johnny didn’t realize he was such a film critic. John explains that he’s a little apprehensive about putting their life out there like that. Johnny guesses he means Marlena’s affair. John doesn’t think Roman would be comfortable. Johnny reveals he just spoke to Roman and he’s on board and investing. John adds that he has other concerns as well. John says he’ll finish the conversation with Marlena and then get back to him. Johnny says he’s good with whatever they decide. Johnny adds that he’s going to get back to reading the script. John questions him not finishing the script yet. Johnny admits he hasn’t yet but he’s got to know the major plot points of Sami’s life. John stops him and asks how he feels about movies with talking dogs instead but then says nevermind as Johnny exits.

Doug allows Marlena to record their session. Marlena wants to start by discussing some of his recent moments of cognitive dissonance such as mixing up peoples’ names. Doug confirms he apparently confused Marlena with Vivian. Doug says he feels worse about forgetting Tom and Alice when they meant so much to him. Marlena argues that a lapse of memory doesn’t make them any less meaningful to him. Doug feels guilty for groping Paulina Price and that was completely inappropriate but he has no idea why he did it. Doug talks about how all of this has been hard on Julie. Marlena brings up Julie telling her that he accidentally locked her in the freezer. Doug then suddenly remarks that it was no accident as he locked that bitch in there on purpose.

EJ sees Chad and Abigail are still a united front even if they are sleeping in separate bedrooms. Abigail agrees that it’s none of his business. EJ apologizes and tells Chad that he will see him in the office and tells Abigail it was lovely to see her. EJ exits. Chad then apologizes to Abigail as that was not how he planned to welcome her home.

Lucas claims he has errands to run and steps away. Roman then asks Kate what that was all about. Kate explains that Lucas was just giving her advice. Roman questions that but asks if it was good advice. Kate then informs Roman that Lucas thinks they should get back together. Roman asks what she thinks about that.

Kayla sits with Julie at the hospital and says she knows how hard this is, as she went through something similar with her mother. Julie worries about Doug having Alzheimer’s and says all the Days of their Lives have been wonderful for years. Julie cries that she wants more and apologizes for being selfish. Kayla assures that she’s not giving up hope and Julie shouldn’t either.

Marlena questions what Doug said. Doug repeats that he locked Julie in the freezer on purpose and it was the most fun he had all week. Marlena thinks he must be confused. Doug then responds that Marlena is the one who is confused because he’s not Doug.

John opens up a box at home and pulls out a bible along with an old article on when Marlena became possessed by the Devil.

Johnny reads through Will’s script in the town square and is shocked to learn that Marlena was possessed by the Devil.

Marlena encourages that Doug is Doug and she is Marlena Evans. Doug responds that he knows exactly who she is. Doug then becomes possessed by the Devil and his voice changes, telling Marlena that it’s been 25 years and questions if she really thought he wouldn’t come back for her.

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Days Transcript Thursday, September 16, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Paulina: Oh, if I keep patronizing my daughter’s bakery, I gonna have to buy myself a whole new wardrobe.

[Both laugh]

Abe: Oh, same here. You know, but I, in healthful– healthful solidarity, am gonna take these treats to lani, as I’m meeting her for dinner at the pub. You wanna join us?

Paulina: Oh, no, no. I don’t want to intrude on your father-daughter time.

Abe: Well, she is bringing my adorable grandchildren. I know how much you love them.

Paulina: Oh, those sugar plums, they are my weakness, but no, no, I think I’ll let you spoil them solo tonight because I have an errand to run.

Abe: Can i drop you somewhere?

Paulina: No, no, no, no, no. I don’t want you to be late for your dinner, okay? Now, you enjoy now, okay?

Abe: [Chuckles]

Marlena: I’ll be home very soon. I just got slowed down because johnny came by. Yeah, it was good to see him. Uh-huh. Well, it wasn’t entirely a social visit. He came by with a proposition. Oh. Well, okay. Tell me something: How would you feel about investing in a film?

Johnny: Perfecto. Who knew video calls would make me a better cinematographer?

[Laptop ringing] Hey, bro. How’s it going? Great to see you.

Will: You too, man. You too

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Johnny: So how is everything in arizona?

Will: No complaints. I’ve been covering some great stories for the paper. Sonny and his brothers are doing great work at their biotech company.

Johnny: Do you have any time for fun?

Will: Yeah, we took a little road trip at the end of the summer. Had some nice family bonding time, and now ari’s back in school.

Johnny: She like it?

Will: Loves it.

Johnny: That’s great.

Will: So what about you? I was very surprised to hear you moved back to salem.

Johnny: Italy is amazing, but it was time for a change. That said, if I’d known how much pressure my dad was gonna put on me to work at dimera, might’ve thought twice before coming.

Will: Your father is a hard guy to say no to.

Johnny: Yeah, no kidding. But I’ve got plans of my own. I’m gonna make a movie, and that is where you come in.

Abe: Well, hello, sweetheart.

Lani: Aww. Hi, dad.

Abe: Well, look at those angels over there. They are fast asleep. Hey, and grandpa brought you a very special treat.


Lani: Which their dad will have to eat because they don’t have enough teeth yet, dad.

[Both laugh] And I still have some baby weight to lose.

Abe: Oh, nonsense; I’ve never seen you look more beautiful.

Lani: Aren’t you just the sweetest father ever. Where’s paulina? I just assumed that she would be joining us.

Abe: Well, I did invite her, but she had something she needed to do.

Marlena: I do. I do realize it’s a lot of money, and so does johnny. That’s why he understands we have to think about it.

[Chuckles] Yeah. You know, I would like to support him in this, only if you’re comfortable with that.

[Knock at door] Oh, I’ve got somebody here. I will talk to you about it at home. Yeah. Love you too. Bye. Come in. Oh.

Paulina: Special delivery. I thought you’d enjoy a sample of what my daughter and your granddaughter have created.

Marlena: [Laughs] Come to mama.


Chanel: Oh, my god.

Allie: Please tell me we didn’t lose money. Dupree, tell me we at least broke even.

Chanel: We made a profit. A big one. Look.

Allie: Oh, my god. We made that much?

Chanel: On our first day!

[Both giggling]

Limu emu & doug

Tripp: Am I interrupting?

Allie: Tripp, hi.

Tripp: You two seem happy.

Chanel: We were just celebrating that we made a profit on opening day. There’s nothing romantic going on, in case you were worried.

Tripp: Who said I was worried?

Allie: No one. I don’t know why chanel said that, because she knows you and I are together.

Chanel: Yeah, horton’s made that clear. But I’m a little less clear on whether she’s really okay with me dating her brother.

Johnny: Yeah, I’ve been looking around for material, and when I went to talk to grandma marlena earlier, she suggested I should talk to you, and that’s when I remembered that you wrote that script about mom’s life, and that just feels like something I could connect with, you know, ’cause it’s about our family.

Will: [Scoffs] You wanna make “the sami brady story”?

Johnny: Do you still have the script?

Will: Man, I haven’t even thought about that in years. But I save everything to a hard drive, so I probably have it somewhere.

Johnny: Could you send it to me?

Will: Yeah. Sure. But have you asked mom how she feels about this? If she’d be cool with you making a movie about her life?

Johnny: I would if she would return any of my calls.

Will: Mom’s ghosting you?

Johnny: No, she left town after she cheated on my dad with yours. Went off the grid. Apparently, she needs some space.

Will: Yeah, I got that text she sent. I feel bad for her, her marriage ending. I hope she’s okay.

Johnny: Yeah, me too. And I feel for her, but she really has no one to blame but herself.

Will: Sounds like the whole thing was pretty dramatic.

Johnny: Mom’s whole life has been pretty dramatic, and that is why I know her story will make a good movie.

Kayla: Hello. Sorry for the delay. I got an emergency appendectomy.

Julie: Oh, darling, that’s all right. Doug has been working his crossword puzzles. He does them every day. Keep his mind sharp.

Doug: 16 across. Humdinger.

Kayla: I’m sorry? Doug: That’s the clue. Nine letters.

Julie: I haven’t the foggiest.

Kayla: And neither do I.

Doug: Oh, I got it. Don’t worry. Bees’ knees. That’s you, baby.

Julie: [Laughs]

Kayla: Doug, in cases like yours, where you’ve experienced some confusion and some memory issues, we like to start with a very basic test. It’s about 30 questions that will assess your cognitive function. And then when we get the results of that, we will know where you stand, and we can take it from there.

Doug: If I don’t pass this test, does that mean I’m losing my mind?

Lani: Too bad auntie p couldn’t join us.

Abe: Yeah, I know, I know. But yeah, I really enjoy having the one-on-one time with my daughter.

Lani: [Laughs] I’m really sorry eli and I had to run out so quickly last night.

Abe: Don’t apologize. Duty called.

Lani: It was a really good meal, though. And you and auntie p were so cute, cooking together and making little inside jokes.

Abe: Ah. But, you know, thank you for making peace with your aunt.

Lani: She’s family. And I know she is crazy about you, dad, and she’s obsessed with the twins. Oh, and thank you so much for babysitting last night on zero notice.

Abe: No. No thanks are necessary. It was a pleasure. And, you know, I think that your aunt paulina loves these babies more than you realize.

Lani: What do you mean?

Abe: Well, after you left, she referred to herself as jules and carver’s grandma.

Marlena: Oh! Yummy. Thank you for this.

Paulina: Well, after the mess I made almost turning the square into price town, I should have bought every item in that bakery and passed them out for free.

Marlena: Well, you did the right thing, and now it’s all behind you.

Paulina: Well, if only i could fix all my mistakes so easily.

Marlena: What does that mean?

Paulina: Something is weighing on me, marlena. And it’s a very heavy, emotional burden. And I hear that you’re the best when it comes to helping people out with these kinds of issues.

Marlena: I’m glad to listen to you. Have you tried talking to abe about it?

Paulina: Oh, goodness, no. No. He is the last person who can know what I’m about to tell you.

[ “The addams family” theme playing ]

Julie: Of course you’re not losing your mind, darling.

Doug: Well, I might be, if I don’t pass the test.

Kayla: Why don’t you try not to think of it is pass or fail? It’s really just a diagnostic tool. And depending on what we learn, we might order more tests, like an mri, just so we can rule out any physical causes of what you’re going through.

Julie: So we’ll try to be positive.

Kayla: Absolutely. You ready to get started?

Doug: Yes.

Kayla: Okay. So first off, I’m going to tell you five words, and at the end of the session, I’m gonna ask you to repeat them to me, okay?

Doug: Yes. Fire away, kid.

Tripp: I saw johnny earlier. I ran into him, actually. I asked him to fill me in on what happened the other night when you went over to his place.

Allie: Why didn’t you ask me?

Tripp: I did, but you didn’t have time to talk. And I thought it was important to know where we all stood.

Chanel: What did johnny say?

Tripp: He definitely doesn’t appreciate his sister butting in on his relationship with you. Allie: That is not…forget it.

Chanel: No, finish.

Allie: You know how I feel about this whole situation. Now it is up to you if you wanna decide to continue on your… whatever with johnny. Look, I don’t wanna talk about it anymore, okay? I just–I’d really much rather focus on sweet bits being a huge hit.

Tripp: Right, right, which is why I’m here. I wanted to celebrate with both of you. So why don’t we get a table and order some champagne?

Chanel: Sure, and with the bank we just made, I can finally afford to buy the bubbly.

Allie: We’ll split it.

Tripp: No, no, no. Neither one of you is gonna pay, okay? And to avoid any confusion and to be clear, I would like to congratulate my girlfriend and her business partner on being on their way to building a baking dynasty, okay? So the champagne is very definitely on me.

Johnny: Hey, thanks for sending me the script. I can’t wait to read it.

Will: Just keep in mind, I was pretty young when I wrote it.

Johnny: Yeah, it’ll need some tweaking, but let me take a look. We’ll discuss.

Will: I gotta say, it’s impressive. You have a dream, and you’re making it a reality. Allie is too. I heard she just opened a bakery with a friend.

Johnny: Yeah. It’s an… interesting partnership.

Will: Meaning what?

Johnny: Do you ever get the feeling allie might play for your team?

Will: Why would you think that?

Johnny: Never mind. Just send me the script. Can’t wait to read it. I’m sure it’s full of family secrets that no one’s ever told me.

Lani: Why would paulina say she’s the twins’ grandmother when she’s their great aunt?

Abe: Well, you know, I think it’s aspirational. I mean, you know, she said she could see herself being their grandmother at some point down the line, since I’m their grandfather.

Lani: [Scoffs] “At some point down the line.” Dad, you’re confusing me.

Abe: [Chuckles] Well, what I think she meant was that she would be the grandmother if she and I were married.

Paulina: I know you’re close with abe. Maybe this was a mistake.

Marlena: No, if you’re– if you’re looking for some professional advice, anything you tell me would be protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. I couldn’t breathe a word of it legally.

Paulina: Really?

Marlena: Yeah. I could be sued. I could lose my license

Paulina: In that case, I guess I can talk. Abe and I are getting serious, which is wonderful. There’s something I’m feeling very guilty about. And it’s not dating the man that was involved with my sister, if that’s what you’re thinking. No, he–tammy and abe, they were over decades, decades ago. But there are things that I know about the family history that they’re tearing me up inside, and if they ever come out, then they would just tear the whole family apart.

Marlena: [Exhales] That is a heavy burden.

Paulina: And I care about abe a lot. Last night, we said I love you to each other for the first time. I have just regained his trust

Marlena: Wouldn’t that convince you that he would understand?

Paulina: Not about this. Not about this. If abe knew, he would hate me forever.

Marlena: No, I don’t believe that’s true.

Paulina: I do. I know. Because… the truth is, abe is not lani’s father. – Hi sabrina! – Hi jen!

Paulina: You’re shocked, aren’t you?

Marlena: Well, just a little bit, I guess I am. My understanding is that lani came to salem because tamara told her that abe was her father. Why would she lie about a thing like that?

Paulina: Because abraham carver is a kind and decent man. And having him be the father was far better than the truth.

Marlena: So tamara passed lani off as abe’s child because she didn’t want the biological father to think that he had a child. That doesn’t seem like a thing she would do.

Paulina: That isn’t what she did.

Marlena: I don’t understand.

Paulina: There are two secrets. Abe is not lani’s father, and tammy is not her mother.

Marlena: How can that be? Tamara raised her.

Paulina: Yes, she did. But I gave birth to her. I am lani’s mother.

Lani: You and aunt paulina are thinking about getting married? That’s kind of fast, dad.

Abe: Well, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen tomorrow or even necessarily happen at all. How would you feel if it did?

Lani: I mean, it’s not really up to me.

Abe: Sweetheart, you’re my daughter. Your opinion means a lot to me, and even more so since I know how much she hurt you,

Lani: [Sighs] I will never forget how paulina treated me as a kid. And it’s so– I hate that she betrayed so many people that I care about and that she used you the way that she did

Abe: Well, now you see how important money is to her.

Lani: True. And this time is different. She didn’t disappear. She stuck around, and she tried to make things right.

Abe: And she apologized to both of us.

Lani: And I do think that she was sincere, which is why I forgave her

Abe: Well, forgiving someone and being comfortable around her all the time are two different things

Lani: Dad, I’m comfortable around aunt paulina.

Abe: As your aunt. But what if she becomes your mother?

Allie: Thank you, tripp.

Tripp: Mm-hmm.

Chanel: Mmm. Oh, yeah. This is the good stuff.

Tripp: I would like to propose a toast.

Johnny: Is this a private party, or is there room for one more?

Kayla: Okay. Just a few more questions. What is this?

Doug: That’s your watch.

Kayla: Okay. And what is this?

Doug: That’s a pen. By the way, I do all my crosswords in pen.

Kayla: Oh, you are a very brave man. Okay, repeat after me. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Doug: No ifs, ands, or buts.

Kayla: Okay. Now I want you to–let me give you a piece of paper. I want you to– are you right- or left-handed?

Doug: Right-handed.

Kayla: Okay, I want you to take this paper with your left. All right. I want you to fold it with both hands and then place it right here on the bed. Okay. That’s it. We’re done.

Julie: Oh, he did really well, didn’t he?

Kayla: He did great. Okay, doug, I need you to tell me what the five words are I asked you to remember at the beginning of the session. Can you tell me what they are?

Doug: Well, the five words… five words…. I got ’em. Yeah. I know. I know I know them. Did you know faded, dingy, and rough fabrics

Doug: Five words. Five words. They’re right on the tip of my tongue. Wanna give me a hint?

Kayla: I’m afraid I can’T. But just take your time. Relax.

Doug: Person. Person is the first word.

Kayla: Okay. And the others?

Doug: They’re woman, man, camera, and tv.

Julie: Yes! Yes! He not only got every single word right, he got them in the perfect order. Tell me, does he get extra points for that?

Kayla: Well, it’s not a competition.

Doug: Well, I do get a score, though, right?

Kayla: Oh, yes, you do. And from that, I can tell you that I don’t think there’s anything serious going on with you.

Julie: Oh, thank god. Thank god. I’m so relieved.

Doug: I’m relieved also. But I still don’t understand why I locked julie in the freezer.

Kayla: Well, that i cannot explain.

Doug: Okay. You want me to stick around? Take more tests?

Kayla: I don’t think you need to do that. If you have another incident of any kind, give me a call. Otherwise, you are free to go. All right?

Julie: Thank you.

Kayla: Uh-huh. I’ll see you later.

Doug: Thanks, kayla.

Julie: Everything’s all right, darling. Perfectly, perfectly all right.

Johnny: Since you weren’t responding to my calls or texts, I realized I needed to up my game to get your attention. Congratulations on your grand opening.

Chanel: Oh, thank you, G.

Allie: No flowers for me?

Johnny: Maybe if you’d apologized.

Allie: For what?

Johnny: For trying to come between me and chanel like a psychopath.

Allie: I thought confronting johnny… I thought doing that really was just to protect you. I guess I didn’t realize consciously the real reasons that I was doing it. I don’t know, I felt it when you told me that you met a guy you liked, so maybe…maybe I should have known that I didn’t just go running over there because I was blindsided and worried and upset. Maybe I also did it because I was jealous. Chanel and I talked about that, and she understands that there was history that she was not aware of.

Johnny: Ancient history.

Allie: I was just trying to protect her.

Johnny: She doesn’t need you to do that.

Allie: I get that now. And I get that my brother’s love life is not something I should be involved in. And believe me, I don’t wanna be.

Johnny: Look, I know that I don’t have the best track record when it comes women. I could be a real jerk. But that’s in the past now. I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’m a different person. And I hope you know that. ‘Cause I’d really like to stay.

Chanel: Of course you can stay. My friends and I are celebrating a very exciting, very promising new beginning. And you should be a part of it.

Lani: To be clear, aunt paulina could never take the place of my mother. And if, dad, if you were to marry, she would be my stepmother.

Abe: Oh, of course. Of course. But my point is that if she became my wife, I would want us all to be family.

Lani: We are a family,

Abe: Of course, but a stepmother would have a bigger role in your life than an aunt. I mean, you’d see her all the time. Is that something you could handle, or is that too much to ask?

Lani: You put on a really good show, dad. You’re the mayor. You’re a father. A grandfather. You have great friends. But dad, I know when you come home at night to an empty house, you’re lonely. And ever since you met aunt paulina, there’s been this spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Abe: It’s a wonderful feeling.

Lani: And I want you to feel this as long as you possibly can. Okay? So if you wanna marry aunt paulina, you have my blessing.

Abe: I’m sorry.

Lani: [Laughs]

Abe: Ah! Mm.

Paulina: If my boyfriend had known I was pregnant with his child, he never would’ve let me go.

Marlena: So you escaped?

Paulina: Barely. I had just enough money to get away before he ever found out that I was pregnant. I was young. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do, but mama did. She told me I had to give my baby to tammy.

Marlena: Oh, and you agreed?

Paulina: I didn’t have a choice; none of us did. Ray, he was rich. He was resourceful. He could find me.

Marlena: Were you afraid that he was going to abuse your daughter as he had abused you?

Paulina: Take her, kill her, kill us both.

[Sighs] So when tammy agreed to raise lani as her own, it was a godsend. I knew she’d make a wonderful mother, and then we’d all be safe. But there was a catch.

Marlena: What was the catch?

Paulina: Lani was to be hers and hers alone. Anything else would be too confusing and too dangerous. So I became auntie paulina. I promised to keep my distance, never say a word.

Marlena: That must have been so difficult for you.

Paulina: The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. The pain of not having her in my life, all those years of longing to tell her, it just– well, it just killed me.

Marlena: How did you handle all that?

Paulina: Well, not well. I wanted a relationship with my child, but it couldn’t be one that I wanted. And any effort I made, it only ended up disappointing her, and it infuriated my mama and tammy. They wanted me to stay as far away from lani. And for a while, I did.

Lani: But then you came to salem.

Paulina: The other day, I almost told lani who I was, but mama warned me how devastating that could be. Finding out that her whole life was a lie.

Marlena: Look, I know that would be difficult to learn. But surely she would understand that you had done it to protect her.

Paulina: But lani, she wouldn’t understand why I have lied for all these years. I mean, I’ve grown older. I’ve got my own money. I have my own resources, and I still, still kept it a secret. If she and abe found out that I did that, they would never, ever forgive me.

Marlena: I’m not sure that’s true. And in my life and in my career, I’ve learned that sometimes things that you think can’t be forgiven do get forgiven. It’s just a–look, think about this: No pressure, but if you decide you wanna tell abe and lani the truth, I will help you facilitate that.

Paulina: No, no. No, marlena, you’ve got to– you’ve got to promise me, promise me that what I have shared with you here today, you’ve gotta keep it– just keep it between us. This is the sound of an asthma attack…

Marlena: Paulina, you don’t have to worry. Everything you say to me is in strict confidence. I just–oh, I can see how much pain you’re in. I wish I could help.

Paulina: Just unburdening myself to you has been a help. Oof. Lord knows I cannot talk to my mother. There is no more judgmental woman on the planet.

Marlena: Well, there is no judgment in this room. You can talk freely here about anything without having any fear and maybe… maybe even find some solutions.

Paulina: God knows I could use a solution.

Marlena: Well, I would suggest that you book some appointments with me or someone else.

Paulina: You mean going to therapy? I’ve never tried it. How long does it take, you know, to be cured?

Marlena: Well, that changes from person to person. There’s no set time on that sort of thing. What’s important is that you show up and you do the work.

Paulina: Hard work is not a problem for me.

Marlena: Okay. Should we set up a schedule? Okay. And maybe one day, you’ll feel comfortable sharing your secret with abe and lani.

Paulina: I don’t know about that, but sitting here sharing this with you, I do– I feel better. Thank you. You’re good. Thank you for listening, marlena.

Marlena: It’s my pleasure. Glad to help.

Paulina: Oh, honey, please. I’m a hugger.

[Both laugh] Thanks so much.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

Lani: So when are you popping the big question?

[Both laugh]

Abe: I just haven’t given it much thought. But I’m glad that I was able to share my plans with you. And I’m very grateful you gave me your blessing.

Lani: I just want you happy, daddy. That’s all I want

[Both laugh]

Tripp: To the success of sweet bits.

[Allie and chanel giggle]

Johnny: Cheers. You guys really inspire me. You worked hard to make your dream come true. And I’m gonna do the same thing with my film.

Tripp: Did you ever talk to your grandma about investing?

Johnny: I did, yeah. I haven’t heard back yet, but got a good feeling.

Allie: Do you even have a script?

Johnny: I do even have a script, allie, yes. When I went to see grandma marlena earlier, she suggested I talk to will about his hollywood experience. And I remembered that he wrote a screenplay about mom’s life.

Allie: Yes. “The sami brady story.”

Chanel: Hold up. Someone wrote a movie about your mama?

Johnny: Yeah, our brother will did a long time ago. I called him earlier and he said he’d send me the script.

Chanel: Oh, my god. My mother would love to have a movie made about her life.

Allie: Yeah, our mom loves the spotlight too. But what you’re doing feels way too personal.

Johnny: What I’m doing is making a great film.

Allie: You don’t even have the script yet. I mean, how do you know it’s gonna be great?

Johnny: Look, message received: You hate the idea. My dad does too, which makes me love it even more.

Tripp: Kind of strange to think you’d have actors playing people in your family.

Allie: Totally. Besides, I mean, who could do justice to sami brady?

Johnny: What about you?

Julie: Paulina price, what are you doing here? Is everything okay?

Paulina: Oh, I’m fine. I’m perfectly healthy. This is a purely social visit.

Julie: Oh. May I inquire who you were socializing with?

Paulina: Oh, marlena. You know, I know how busy she is, so I delivered some cookies from sweet bits.

Julie: Oh, we were at the opening of the bakery. And oh, everything was so delicious. Especially those donuts. Those girls really got that recipe right.

Doug: Alice’s recipe.

Paulina: Oh.

Julie: Exactly.

Paulina: So what brings you by the hospital?

Julie: Well, doug was taking some tests, and he passed them with flying colors.

Paulina: I’m sure he did. You can tell this silver fox, he takes good care of himself. You are one lucky woman, julie. Enjoy your evening.

[Laughter] Doug williams, did you just grab my ass?

Julie: Doug! Your mission:

Julie: Paulina, I am so terribly sorry.

Paulina: Does your husband– does he make a habit of feeling women’s derrires?

Julie: God, no, he’s never done anything like this before. Ever. But you see, he hasn’t been himself lately. He’s been a little off. I’m mortified.

Paulina: Oh, no. Don’t you worry girlfriend, no. You know what, in a way, it’s sort of a compliment.


Allie: You want me to play mom in your movie?

Chanel: I think your brother’s just trying to get back on your good side.

Johnny: No, I’m serious. I mean, you look a lot like mom when she was young, and I think you’d make a great sami brady.

Tripp: I agree; I mean, you do resemble your mom. And if you need anybody to play my dad, I’m in.

Johnny: Okay.

Allie: Right, because as a med student, you have so much free time on your hands. My schedule is just wide open these days.

Johnny: Oh, we’d find a way to make it work.

Chanel: You should do it, horton.

Tripp: I agree.

Allie: No. No, I’m a baker and a single mom. I’m not an actress.

Johnny: Think about, sis. I can make you a star.

Kayla: You paged me?

Julie: Yeah. I’m afraid doug had another little incident.

Kayla: A memory lapse?

Julie: No. No. It was totally inappropriate behavior. We were standing talking to paulina price, and suddenly he reached out and grabbed her– grabbed her behind.

Kayla: What?

Julie: So I think we better run that mri after all.

Marlena: No, darling, I’m sorry. I was about to leave when a patient showed up and really needed a session, needed to talk. Well, in fact, it was pretty serious, and I just needed to take some time to digest it all.

[Both laugh]

Abe: Well, you know, when the time comes, can you help me pick out an engagement ring?

Lani: Just pick out the biggest ring in the store. The most flashiest that makes a statement. That is what aunt paulina likes.

Paulina: What is it I like?

Abe: Well, jules and carver, of course. You know, I knew when I told you that lani would be bringing the babies to dinner, that you would not be able to stay away.

Paulina: Well, you know I love to dote on my grandniece and grandnephew. But we’re all family no matter how we’re related, right? And tonight, I needed to be with my family.

Abe: Well, to family.

Paulina: Mm-hmm.

Lani: To family. Yeah.

[All laugh]

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Days Update Thursday, September 16, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Abe and Paulina come from Sweet Bits Bakery with boxes of treats. Abe mentions that he’s taking his to Lani as he’s meeting her for dinner at the Brady Pub. Abe invites Paulina to join them but she doesn’t want to intrude on their father-daughter time. Abe notes that Lani is bringing the twins but Paulina decides to let Abe go solo tonight because she has an errand to run. Abe offers to take her where she needs but Paulina doesn’t want him to be late for his dinner. Paulina tells Abe to enjoy and kisses him as she then walks away.

Marlena is in her office on the phone with John, telling him that she’ll be home soon as she got caught up by Johnny coming to visit. Marlena informs John about Johnny’s proposition and asks how he would feel about investing in a film.

Johnny sets up the camera on his laptop and calls Will for a video chat. Johnny asks about Arizona. Will says he has no complaints and he’s been covering great stories for the paper, while Sonny and his brothers are doing great work in their Biotech company. Johnny asks if he has any time for fun. Will mentions a road trip at the end of summer and now Arianna is back in school. Will asks about Johnny as he was very surprised to hear he moved back to Salem. Johnny says that Italy was amazing but it was time for a change. Johnny adds that if he knew how much pressure EJ was going to put on him to join DiMera, he would’ve second guessed coming. Will acknowledges that EJ is a hard guy to say no to. Johnny then informs Will that he has plans of his own as he’s going to make a movie and that is where Will comes in.

Abe meets Lani at the Pub. Lani asks where Paulina is as she assumed that she would join them. Abe informs her that he did invite her, but she had something that she had to do.

Marlena tells John that she and Johnny both understand it’s a lot of money and that’s why Johnny understands that they have to think about it. Marlena says she would like to support him in this, but only if John is comfortable with it. Marlena says she’ll talk to him at home and hangs up as Paulina arrives to her office. Paulina brings Marlena her box from the bakery, saying she thought she would enjoy a sample of what her daughter and Marlena’s granddaughter have created.

Allie and Chanel walk through the town square checking their bakery business. Chanel reveals that they made a big profit on their first day, so they excitedly hug each other. Tripp walks up and sees them, so he asks if he’s interrupting. Tripp notes that they seem happy. Chanel explains that they were just celebrating making a profit on opening day and assures Tripp that there was nothing romantic going on in case he was worried. Tripp asks who said he was worried. Allie doesn’t know why Chanel said that because she knows they are together. Chanel remarks that Allie has made that clear, but she’s a little less clear on if Allie is okay with her dating her brother.

Johnny tells Will that he was looking around for material and Marlena suggested he talked to Will and that’s when he remembered that Will wrote a script about Sami’s life. Johnny says that feels like something he could connect with because it’s about their family. Will questions him wanting to make The Sami Brady Story and says he hasn’t even thought about that in years. Will guesses he probably has the script somewhere and agrees to send it to him. Will asks if Johnny has asked Sami if she’s okay with him making a movie about her life. Johnny responds that he would if she would return any of his calls which Will questions. Johnny informs him that Sami left town after cheating on EJ with Lucas and has been off the grid as she apparently needs space. Will mentions getting the text she sent and says he feels bad for Sami’s marriage ending, so he hopes she’s okay. Johnny says he feels for her but she has no one to blame but herself. Will comments on it all being dramatic. Johnny remarks that Sami’s whole life has been dramatic and that’s why he knows her story would make a good movie.

Kayla returns to Doug and Julie in Doug’s hospital room. Julie talks about Doug doing crosswords every day to keep his mind sharp. Kayla brings up Doug experiencing confusion and memory issues, so she wants to start with a very basic test with about 30 questions and then they will know where he stands and take it from there. Doug asks if not passing the test means he’s losing his mind.

Lani tells Abe that it’s too bad Paulina couldn’t join them. Abe agrees but admits he really enjoys one on one time with his daughter. Lani apologizes for her and Eli having to run so quickly last night. Abe understands that duty calls. Lani adds that it was a good meal and that Abe and Paulina were cute together. Abe thanks Lani for making peace with Paulina. Lani states that Paulina is family and she knows she’s crazy about Abe. Lani thanks Abe for babysitting last night on zero notice. Abe calls it a pleasure. Abe adds that he thinks Paulina loves Lani’s babies more than she realizes. Lani asks what he means, so Abe informs her that after she left, Paulina referred to herself as Jules and Carver’s grandma.

Marlena thanks Paulina. Paulina says after the mess she made in the town square, she should’ve bought every item in the bakery to pass them out for free. Marlena acknowledges that she did the right thing and now it’s all behind her. Paulina wishes she could fix all of her mistakes that easily. Marlena questions what that means. Paulina informs Marlena that something is weighing on her and she hears Marlena is the best when it comes to helping with these issues. Marlena is happy to help and asks if she’s tried talking to Abe. Paulina responds that Abe is the last person who can know what she is about to tell her.

Julie assures that Doug is not losing his mind. Doug responds that he might be if he doesn’t pass the test. Kayla calls it just a diagnostic tool and they might order other tests like an MRI to rule out any physical causes of what he’s going through. Julie encourages being positive. Doug tells Kayla that he’s ready to get started. Kayla starts by telling Doug five words and she will then ask him to repeat them at the end of their session.

Tripp mentions running in to Johnny earlier and that he asked him what happened when Allie went over to his place the other night. Allie questions why he didn’t just ask her. Tripp reminds her that he did but she didn’t have time to talk and he thought it was important to know where they all stood. Chanel asks what Johnny said. Tripp says that Johnny didn’t appreciate his sister butting in on his relationship. Allie tells Chanel that she knows how she feels about the situation, so it’s up to her if she wants to continue whatever with Johnny. Allie doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and would rather focus on Sweet Bits Bakery being a huge hit. Tripp says he came to celebrate with them and suggests ordering champagne. Chanel jokes that now she can finally afford to buy it. Allie suggests they split it but Tripp says neither of them are paying as he’s congratulating his girlfriend and her business partner on building a baking dynasty, so the champagne is on him.

Johnny thanks Will for sending him the script and says he can’t wait to read it. Will reminds him that he was pretty young when he wrote it. Johnny says it will need some tweaking but he’ll take a look and they will discuss it. Will is impressed that Johnny has a dream and is making it happen. Will mentions hearing that Allie is too as she opened a bakery with her friend. Johnny says it’s an interesting partnership which Will questions. Johnny asks if Will ever gets the feeling that Allie might play for his team. Will asks why he would think that. Johnny says nevermind and goes back to talking about the script.

Lani questions why Paulina would say she’s the twins’ grandmother when she is their great aunt. Abe thinks it’s aspirational as she said she could see herself being their grandmother at some point down the line since he’s their grandfather. Lani says he’s confusing her. Abe thinks Paulina meant that she would be the grandmother if they were married which surprises Lani.

Paulina knows Marlena is close with Abe and then decides maybe this was a mistake. Marlena says if she’s looking for professional advice, anything she tells her will be protected by doctor-patient confidentiality so she couldn’t breathe a word of it legally or she could be sued and lose her license. Paulina guesses that she can talk in that case. Paulina informs her that she and Abe are getting serious which is wonderful, but there is something she’s feeling very guilty about. Paulina says it’s not dating a man who was involved with her sister since they were over decades ago, but there are things that she knows about the family history that’s tearing her up inside and if they ever come out, they’ll tear the whole family apart. Marlena calls that heavy burden. Paulina says she cares about Abe a lot and last night they said I love you for the first time as she just regained his trust. Marlena asks if he might understand then but Paulina says not about this. Paulina declares that if Abe knew, he would hate her forever. Marlena doesn’t believe that but Paulina says she knows, because the truth is that Abe is not Lani’s father. Paulina guesses that Marlena is shocked. Marlena admits that she is as she understood Lani came to Salem because Tamara told her that Abe is her father. Marlena questions why she would lie about something like that. Paulina says having Abe be the father was a far better choice than the real father. Marlena feels it’s not something Tamara would do, so she doesn’t understand. Paulina then reveals that there are two secrets; Abe is not Lani’s father and Tamara is not her mother. Marlena asks how that can be since Tamara raised Lani. Paulina then announces to Marlena that she gave birth to Lani; Paulina is Lani’s mother.

Lani questions Abe and Paulina thinking about getting married and calls it kind of fast. Abe says he doesn’t mean it’s going to happen tomorrow or necessarily at all, but asks how Lani would feel if it did. Lani feels it’s not up to her. Abe says that Lani’s opinion means a lot to him and even moreso since he knows how much Paulina hurt her. Lani says she will never forget how Paulina treated her as a kid and she still hates that Paulina betrayed so many people she cares about and that she used Abe. Abe points out how important money is to Paulina. Lani acknowledges that this time is different since Paulina stuck around to try to make things right. Abe mentions that she apologized to both of them. Lani does think she’s sincere so she forgave her. Abe notes that forgiving and being comfortable around her are two different things. Lani assures that she is comfortable around Paulina. Abe notes that she is with Paulina as her aunt, but asks what if she becomes her mother?

Allie thanks Tripp for the champagne. Tripp proposes a toast but Johnny arrives and asks if this is a private party or if there’s room for one more.

Kayla has a few more questions for Doug. She asks him to identify objects such as a watch and a pen. Kayla has Doug fold a piece of paper and declares that they are done. Julie points out that Doug did really well. Kayla then asks Doug to tell her the five words that she asked him to remember at the beginning of the session. Doug starts to struggle but says he knows that he knows them. Doug asks for a hint but Kayla says she can’t. Kayla encourages him to take his time and relax. Doug remembers “person” is the first word. Kayla asks for the others. Doug responds with woman, man, camera, and TV. Julie exclaims that Doug got them right and in order. Kayla then informs Doug that she doesn’t think anything serious is going on with him. Julie and Doug are both relieved but Doug still doesn’t understand why he locked Julie in the freezer. Kayla says she can’t explain that, but she doesn’t think he needs any more tests. Kayla says to give her a call if there’s any more incidents, but other than that he’s free to go. Kayla exits the room. Julie tells Doug that everything is perfectly alright.

Johnny tells Chanel that since she wasn’t responding to his calls or texts, he realized he had to up his game to get her attention and gives her flowers, congratulating her on the grand opening of the bakery. Chanel thanks him while Allie questions no flowers for her. Johnny says maybe if she apologized for trying to come between he and Chanel like a psychopath. Allie thinks back to talking to Chanel and admitting that she was jealous. Allie then informs Johnny that she and Chanel talked about it and she understands there was history she was unaware of. Allie adds that she was just trying to protect Chanel but gets now that she doesn’t need her to and she doesn’t want to be involved in her brother’s love life. Johnny knows he doesn’t have the best track record with women but assures that is in the past as he’s learned from mistakes and is a different person. Johnny hopes Chanel knows that because he would really like to stay. Chanel says of course he can stay as they are celebrating a very exciting and promising new beginning, so he should be a part of that. Johnny then sits down at their table.

Lani tells Abe that Paulina could never replace her mother and if they got married, she would be her stepmother. Abe says his point is that if she became his wife, he would want them all to be family. Lani states that they are a family. Abe notes that a stepmother would have a bigger role in her life than an aunt and she would see her more all the time. Abe asks if Lani can handle that or if it’s too much to ask. Lani responds that Abe puts on a really good show as he’s the mayor, a father, and a grandfather but she knows that he’s lonely when he comes home to an empty house. Lani adds that ever since meeting Paulina, there’s been a spring in his step and a smile on his face. Abe calls it a wonderful feeling. Lani wants him to feel that as long as he possibly can. Lani tells Abe that if he wants to marry Paulina, he has her blessing. Abe gets up and hugs Lani.

Paulina tells Marlena that if her boyfriend knew she was pregnant with his child, he never would’ve let her go, so she barely escaped. Paulina says she was young and scared and didn’t know what to do but her mother told her that she had to give her baby to Tamara. Paulina felt she had no choice as Ray was rich and would find her. Paulina worried that he would’ve taken their daughter or hurt them both. Paulina says Tamara agreeing to raise Lani as her own was a godsend because she’d be a wonderful mother and they’d all be safe. Paulina adds that the catch was that Lani was to be Tamara’s only because anything else would be confusing and dangerous, so she became just Aunt Paulina. Paulina calls it the hardest thing she’s ever done in his life with all the years without Lani in her life. Paulina says it killed her to not be able to tell Lani. Marlena asks how she handled that. Paulina complains about wanting a relationship with her child but it just disappointed Lani and infuriated her mother and Tamara because they wanted her to stay far away. Paulina brings up almost telling Lani the truth, but her mother warned her about how devastating that could be. Marlena knows it would be difficult but thinks Lani would understand that she did it to protect her. Paulina worries that Lani wouldn’t understand why she lied all these years, so if Lani and Abe found out, they would never ever forgive her. Marlena is not sure that’s true. Marlena adds that sometimes, things that can’t be forgiven do get forgiven. Marlena declares that she will help Paulina if she decides to tell Abe and Lani the truth. Paulina says no and makes Marlena promise to keep thsi between them. Marlena assures that she doesn’t have to worry as everything she says is in strict confidence. Marlena sees how much pain she’s in and wishes she could help. Paulina assures that she just telling her has been a help because she can’t talk to her mother due to being judgmental. Marlena insists there is no judgment here and they can talk freely or maybe even find a solution. Marlena suggests Paulina book more appointments. Paulina questions therapy and says she’s never tried it. Paulina asks how long it takes to be cured. Marlena says it changes from person to person as there’s no set time, but what’s important is that she shows up and does the work. Paulina assures that hard work is no problem for her. Marlena asks if they should set up a schedule. Marlena states that maybe one day she’ll be comfortable sharing her secret with Abe and Lani. Paulina is unsure about that but admits that sharing it with Marlena did make her feel better. Paulina thanks her for listening. Marlena says she’s glad to help as Paulina hugs her. Paulina thanks her again and exits the office.

Lani asks when Abe is going to pop the question to Paulina. Abe admits he hasn’t given it much thought but he’s glad he was able to share his plans with her and he’s grateful that she gave her blessing. Lani tells him that she just wants him to be happy as they hug again.

Tripp toasts to the success of Sweet Bits Bakery. Johnny tells Allie and Chanel that they inspire him because they worked hard to make their dream come true so he’s going to do the same with his film. Tripp asks if he talked to Marlena about investing. Johnny confirms that he did and hasn’t heard back yet but he got a good feeling. Allie asks if he even has a script. Johnny confirms that he did since Marlena suggested he talk to Will and he remembered Will’s screenplay about Sami’s life. Allie recalls The Sami Brady Story which Chanel questions. Johnny explains that their brother Will wrote it a long time ago and he said he would send the script. Chanel jokes that her mother would love a movie about her life. Allie says their mother loves the spotlight too, but what Johnny is doing feels too personal. Johnny feels he’s making a great film. Allie points out that he doesn’t even have the script yet. Johnny takes that as Allie hating the idea like EJ which makes him love it even more. Tripp finds it strange to have actors playing your family. Allie agrees and asks who could do justice to Sami Brady. Johnny then suggests Allie do it.

Doug and Julie run in to Paulina at the hospital. Julie asks what she’s doing there and if everything is okay. Paulina assures that she’s perfectly healthy and she was just socializing with Marlena as she delivered her cookies from Sweet Bits. Julie mentions being at the opening and how everything was delicious. Julie praises the donuts which Doug remembers as Alice’s recipe. Paulina asks what brought them by the hospital. Julie explains that Doug was taking some tests and passed them with flying colors. Paulina encourages that Doug takes care of himself and calls Julie a lucky woman. Paulina tells them to enjoy their evening and goes to leave but Doug reaches behind. Paulina then stops and questions if Doug just grabbed her ass, shocking Julie. Julie apologizes to Paulina. Paulina asks if Doug makes a habit of that. Julie assures that he’s never done anything like this ever before but he’s been a little off lately. Julie says she’s mortified but Paulina tells her not to worry and that in a way it’s sort of a compliment. Paulina then exits the hospital.

Allie questions Johnny wanting her to play Sami in his movie. Chanel thinks he’s just trying to get back on her good side. Johnny insists that Allie looks a lot like Sami when she was young, so he thinks she’d make a great Sami. Tripp agrees that Allie does resemble her mom and jokes that he could play Steve. Allie points out that Tripp doesn’t have free time as a med student and her schedule is not wide open. Johnny says they would find a way to make it work. Chanel thinks Allie should do it. Tripp agrees but Allie says she’s a baker and a single mom, not an actress. Johnny tells Allie to think about it, as he could make her a star.

Julie pages Kayla and informs her that Doug had another little incident. Kayla asks if it was a relapse but Julie says it was inappropriate behavior. Julie explains how Doug suddenly grabbed Paulina’s behind which surprises Kayla. Julie thinks they better run the MRI after all.

Marlena calls John and says she was about to leave when a patient showed up and really needed a session to talk, so she had to take some time to digest it all.

Abe asks Lani to help him pick out an engagement ring when the time comes. Lani jokes that he can just pick out the biggest and flashiest ring as that is what Paulina likes. Paulina then arrives at the Pub and asks what she likes. Abe says Jules and Carver of course. Abe knew that when he told her Lani was bringing the twins, that she would not be able to stay away. Paulina comments that they are all family no matter how they are related and tonight she needed to be with her family. Abe then toasts to family.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Justin: This interview is over.

Rafe: Says who?

Justin: Says her attorney.

Bonnie: This is for real? Y-you’re gonna represent me?

Justin: You fired your other attorney, didn’t you?

Bonnie: Yes, but yesterday–

Justin: Yesterday I acted as judge and jury before you even had a trial. I wasn’t here then, but I’m here now.

Chloe: So you know it’s just you and me here right now right?

Nicole: Yes, I can see that.

Chloe: So you’re not gonna admit that you have feelings for rafe?

Nicole: Again, what is the point?

Chloe: The point is if it’s the truth. I mean, come on nicole what are you doing? Are you punishing yourself because you still feel guilty about cheating on erik?

Nicole: What are you, dr. Marlena evans now?

Chloe: Yes, I’m very wise, and I’m just trying to be your friend.

Nicole: Aww, you are my friend, but… he was my friend too. And there is no way I’m gonna make a play for her man.

Chloe: Who says that he’s her man?

Nicole: She does and she’s paranoid enough as it is.

Chloe: Are you concerned for your safety, you know, with her crazy history?

Nicole: No, no, that’S… that’s not what this is about. It’S… it’s about doing the right thing. And look, the difference between my situation and your situation is that when it comes to you and brady, philip does have a reason to be jealous.

Gabi: Look, brady, I understand. You don’t wanna cause trouble in your family by ratting philip out to your grandfather, but titan’s your legacy. Not just yours, but tate and rachel’s just like gabi chic is arianna’S.

Brady: Believe me… I think about that a lot. I do.

Gabi: Well, then if you truly agree that philip’s a threat to this company, then you owe it to your family to go to victor.

Philip: What the hell is going on here? Are you two plotting with brady behind my back?

Ciara: I would say that my favorite was the lobster po’boy.

Ben: Oh, I would have to go with creole turtle soup.

Ciara: Creole turtle soup. Wow. You know that’s really creepy.

Ben: It is, but if you tried it, you would’ve loved it.

Ciara: Okay. Well, you didn’t try my muffeletta sandwich.

Ben: That’s because I was too damn full on turtle soup. I’ve never been that stuffed with so much craziness in a bowl in my life.

Ciara: Uh-huh. Well, don’t worry. I think you’ll work it off. We both will work it off.

Ben: Definitely.

Ciara: Yeah. You know, baby…

Ben: Hmm.

Ciara: Being married to the love of my life and celebrating our honeymoon in new orleans and knowing that we have a whole future together with nothing stopping us… that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the room.

Ben: I love you…so much.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Ciara: Plotting with brady against our boss? Why would we do that?

Jake: You know gabi and I are here putting brady on notice.

Philip: For what?

Jake: For putting that key logger on our computers.

Gabi: Mmm-hmm. We’ve been very clear that he’s not gonna get away with it.

Brady: You all are insane. I told you I didn’t do it, so if you excuse me, I have some work to do.

Philip: Oh, what kind of work?

Brady: Not that it’s any of your business, but it’s a very important project. Oh, and chloe is waiting for me.

Ciara: You know, I can’t believe how beautiful it is here. I’ve heard a lot about this place from my mom. This is where her and my dad and their love story kind of took off.

Ashleigh: [Ahem] Welcome to oak alley. May I help you?

Ciara: Yes, we came for a tour.

Ashleigh: I’m sorry. We just closed for the day. Want your clothes to smell freshly washed

Bonnie: [Exhales] I guess I should start at the beginning.

Justin: Which is when?

Bonnie: Somewhere around 2003.

Justin: This goes back that far?

Bonnie: Remember the buddybucks scam?

Justin: If I remember correctly, buddies burger barn was running a promotion. Scratch off the winning ticket.

Bonnie: Win a million dollars.

Justin: Right, and buddy’s sales went through the roof, but there wasn’t a winner, right?

Bonnie: And I can tell you why. See, harrison lord, calista’s husband, he worked in buddy’s corporate.

Justin: Okay.

Bonnie: And one day he had this brilliant idea that he would keep the winning ticket for himself.

Justin: But he couldn’t cash it. In fact, it would have been illegal for him to even enter the contest. He was an employee.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm. That’s where I came in. Winner, winner, beef for dinner? That’s the best you could do?

Harrison: Read the prize.

Bonnie: One comma… zero zero zero, comma, zero…

Harrison: You are holding a million buckaroos in that pretty little hand of yours.

Bonnie: This is worth a million dollars?

Harrison: Mm-hmm. Now, put it somewhere safe. Well, that’s not quite what I had in mind, but okay.

Bonnie: Now what?

Harrison: Well, now all you gotta do is walk into buddy’s burger barn and tell them you got some fries with a side of cash, and then bam, you are a millionaire.

Calista: No, half a millionaire. Remember we are splitting this payout, and I still think we should get a bigger cut.

Harrison: There’s no need to be greedy–we could not have done this without the lovely miss bonnie.

Bonnie: That’s really all I have to do?

Harrison: Well, I mean, you might have to do a little pr. “Oh, I can’t believe I’ve won. I never win anything.” Go ahead and try it. Let’s see.

Bonnie: Can’t believe I won. I never win anything.

Calista: That was terrible.

Harrison: I’ll–I’ll work on that.

Bonnie: I don’t know. This feels wrong.

Harrison: Hey, it’s–it’s easy money. You’re–you’re taking cash from a big corporation. They’re just gonna give it away anyway. No one gets hurt.

Bonnie: Except those people buying burgers hoping to win a prize.

Calista: I am losing confidence in this. I am not going to prison if she screws up.

Harrison: Sweetheart, why don’t you head on over to buddy’s and get us some burgers and fries? We’re gonna work on this monumental moment. We need some props.

Calista: I don’t eat red meat.

Harrison: Calista, food. Please. I’m gonna work on bonnie’s nerves.

Calista: Fine. Good luck with meryl streep here.

Bonnie: I don’t know, harrison.

Harrison: Hey, there is nothing to be worried about.

Bonnie: What if the police come sniffing around my house? Or what if they find out we’re related by marriage?

Harrison: David is out of the picture. We’re not related anymore, right?

Bonnie: I guess.

Harrison: Hey, hey. If anyone messes with you, let me know. I’ll handle it.

Justin: So lord planned the whole scam?

Bonnie: And then things took a turn.

Philip: I didn’t ask you to meet with brady.

Gabi: We hated that you accused us of spying on you. We could have lost our jobs. We wanted to prove to you that we didn’t do that.

Jake: Yeah, yeah. So we warned brady that if he didn’t back off, we were gonna go to the authorities.

Philip: What did he say when you accused him?

Jake: Like you heard. He denied everything.

Philip: That’s all?

Jake: Pretty much.

Gabi: Other than the stuff he said about chloe.

Philip: What about chloe?

Chloe: You think philip is justified in acting jealous?

Nicole: I think that philip knows you had feelings for brady. Feelings that you couldn’t act on because he was still with kristen.

Chloe: I told brady how I felt.

Nicole: Yeah. And then you moved on, and you told philip that you’d give him a chance, but now kristen is out of the picture and you’re not sure that you made the right choice.

Chloe: I didn’t say that.

Nicole: You didn’t have to. Chloe, come on, we all know that your feelings for brady haven’t gone away.

Brady: Hey. Am i interrupting? To be a thriver

Ciara: So there really is no way we can see the grounds today?

Ashleigh: I’m sorry. We’re past visiting hours.

Ciara: Oh, man, I guess we we just got caught up touring new orleans–we didn’t realize how late it was.

Ben: It’s all right. We can come back tomorrow.

Ciara: No, but baby we just drove an hour, and we have tickets to the voodoo museum tomorrow.

Ben: We can skip the voodoo museum. This is important to you. This is special.

Ashleigh: Oh, what brings you here?

Ciara: Well, we are on our honeymoon, but my parents actually came here a long time ago. This is where they first started falling in love. They even had a little symbolic ceremony here.

Ashleigh: Is that right?

Ciara: Yeah. Yeah, they always wanted to come back.

Ashleigh: They never did?

Ciara: No, no, they did not. My father passed away.

Ashleigh: I’m so sorry.

Ciara: It’s okay.

Ben: You know, maybe we should just get going. I thought I started to hear some thunder anyway.

Ashleigh: Wait, I’m not supposed to do this, but if you’d like, I can show you around a bit.

Ciara: Really?

Ashleigh: Sure, I’d like you to see what oak alley is all about today. Follow me.

Nicole: No, no, no. You’re–you’re not interrupting. I was just actually leaving for the day.

Chloe: You don’t have to do that–you don’t have to go.

Nicole: I will see you tomorrow. Bye.

Chloe: Okay, I don’t know what that was all about.

Brady: Maybe it was about you saying you had feelings for me or something.

Chloe: Is that what you heard?

Brady: I heard something like that, yeah.

Chloe: Actually, I was just telling nicole about the whole wilkes-barre mess with philip, and she just kind of drew her own conclusions.

Brady: So she was wrong?

Chloe: Well, she wasn’t wrong about everything. She does feel like philip has a valid point in feeling paranoid about someone putting spyware on his computer.

Brady: And I told philip that I had nothing to do with that.

Chloe: Yeah, of course you had to deny it in front of him, otherwise he would have lunged at you, but now there’s just you and me here. Come on, you can be honest. Did you do it, brady?

Brady: Chloe, you know, what if I did? You know, we’re business rivals, you know? All’s fair in love and… all’s fair in war.

Philip: How did chloe’s name even come up?

Gabi: When we accused brady of keylogging our computers, he asked where we got the idea.

Jake: Yeah, and we said we got it from you.

Gabi: Brady tried to turn it around. He claimed that you made him out to be the enemy because you’re threatened by his past relationship with chloe. He went on and on about how jealous you are of him, how she’s better off without you, and even–

Philip: Even what?

Gabi: It’s only a matter of time before chloe comes to her senses and dumps you.

Philip: So he’s just going around to random employees of mine telling them that my girlfriend’s gonna leave me for him?

Gabi: Maybe I misunderstood. Maybe he was just–

Philip: Jake, did she misunderstand?

Jake: Uh, no.

Bonnie: It was the worst day of my life, and given what happened yesterday is saying a lot.

Harrison: I know times have been tough ever since calista’s brother walked out on you. I just want you to know that I’M…I’m here for you in every way. You’re a beautiful woman, bonnie.

Bonnie: [Gasps] Your wife’s a beautiful woman.

Harrison: Well, of course, she is…and you kinda remind me of her, except you just have way more to offer.

Bonnie: I should go.

Harrison: You don’t get to make that decision.

Bonnie: What?

Harrison: I’m not gonna hand you half a mil in exchange for nothing–I’m gonna get what I paid for it.

Bonnie: I don’t want the money–I just wanna go. Stop it! Don’t–don’t you touch me.

Harrison: Come on.

Bonnie: Don’T. Don’t!

Harrison: You know you wanna do this–you know you want it. Just let it happen anyway– ooh! Ha ha ha! Okay, oh, this, now–okay. This is gonna be fun. Now, if you wanna play this, just make sure you unload it.

Bonnie: I ain’t playing. Don’t you touch me.

Harrison: And don’t you dare walk out on me. We had a deal!

Bonnie: The deal–


Calista: Well, I told them to make the fries extra crispy so–

Bonnie: Calista.

Calista: Oh, my god. Bonnie, what have you done? Hey!

Bonnie: He was dead. I killed him. I’ve got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Justin: Bonnie, it wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t your fault.

Bonnie: It’s just I was married to a man who beat me s-senseless almost every day, a-and when harrison touched me, I just said no more. No more. And I just–I had to do what i had to do to protect myself.

Calista: He is dead! You killed him!

Bonnie: I-I didn’t– he was trying to force himself on me.

Calista: Liar!

Bonnie: It’s true!

Calista: He would never betray me for the likes of you.

[Gasps] You wanted that ticket all for yourself, you greedy little bitch.

Bonnie: No!

Calista: Yes, you wanted the whole mil.

Bonnie: No, I didn’T. I just wanted to go.

Calista: You are not gonna get away with this, bonnie lockhart. I am calling the police, and you’re going to prison.

Bonnie: No, no. I can’T. No!

[Somber music]

I just…left in such a hurry, I didn’t even pick up the gun. I just got my car and sped home. And I kept waiting for her to come after me, but she never did.


Justin: So what did you do with the ticket?

Bonnie: Couldn’t cash it. It was blood money, you know? I mean, literally, it had blood all over it, so I just flushed it down the toilet… and I imagined my whole life going down the drain with it. And now it finally has.

Rafe: Nicole.

Nicole: Rafe.

Rafe: Hi.

Nicole: Hi. I, uh, I was just…going.

Rafe: Really? ‘Cause it looked like you were coming in.

Nicole: That’s what I meant. Ha. I’m assuming you’re just leaving.

Rafe: Yeah, I am. So we should not even say hello to each other anymore?

Nicole: We just did.

Rafe: Right.

Nicole: So see ya.

Rafe: Nicole, wait, wait. Okay, listen, there’s no need to run away. We live in a small town. We’re still friends, right?

Nicole: O-of course.

Rafe: Well, then I hope you’re not expecting us to avoid each other forever, because I’m not down with that.

Chloe: I told philip that if you are the one who put the malware on his computer that I would quit basic black and I would never speak to you ever again.

Brady: Damn. Oh, god, well, in that case, no I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it at all. Chloe, seriously. I didn’t do it. You do believe me, don’t you?

Chloe: I do.

Brady: Good. ‘Cause I don’t think that we could get along here without you.

Chloe: I’m sure this business would be fine. It was fine without me before so–

Brady: Then fine. I’m gonna revise my statement. I don’t think I could get along around here without you.

Philip: So what else did brady say about me?

Gabi: Oh, something about how you–you followed him and chloe to pennsylvania, burst in on them in a hotel room?

Philip: In bed. Did he mention that part?

Gabi: They were in bed together?

Philip: They said there was only one room left but–

Gabi: It sounds convenient.

Jake: You know, more like he planned it.

Philip: Exactly.

Gabi: Philip, maybe–maybe you’ve got this all wrong.

Philip: Do you honestly believe that after what you’ve seen from brady? What he’s trying to do to the company? To me? That’s what I thought. Thank you for the info. I’ve gotta go.

Gabi: Now that is what I call teamwork.

[Both laughing]

Jake: Hey, oh! People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Ciara: Wow. Walking around oak alley was… a lot different than from what I expected.

Ashleigh: You were disappointed?

Ciara: Oh, no. No, not at all. It’s just…in my mind it was always about my parents’ history here, and I really thought about the actual history of this place you know?

Ben: Or how it connects to the history of our country.

Ashleigh: Well, the plantation grounds hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. The way we look at our history has. Not to take away from anything from your parents’ experience here, but to put it in perspective.

Ciara: Yeah, you know I’ve heard some old stories about the french mysterious colonizers who came here, planted a bunch of oak trees and gave this place its name.

Ashleigh: A very romantic story. Much more romantic than the truth that the trees were planted by slaves. The same slaves who built the plantation house.

Ben: It’s powerful to see all their names listed like that in the database.

Ashleigh: Mm-hmm. I’ve been working here for two years and it gets to me every single day. Imagining the lives of my ancestors, what they went through. But I’m grateful we’re able to remember them and to give visitors a more accurate picture of what this place used to be. As we say, in order to move forward, we have to reckon with our past. If something’s built on ugliness and violence, then it’s always gonna be there beneath the surface and we can’t ignore it.

Nicole: Of course, we don’t have to avoid each other forever but it’s only been what… two days?

Rafe: I don’t know, and this whole thing’s your idea.

Nicole: I am just trying to make things easier for you and ava.

Rafe: Okay. Thank you. Listen, I know that ava has had some problems with jealousy, but at some point, she has to accept the fact that I have friends and some of them are female.

Nicole: It’s not that simple.

Rafe: Okay, why not?

Nicole: Because you don’t have… feelings for your other friends like you do for me.

Justin: Some water?

Bonnie: Thank you.

Justin: So you didn’t see calista again.

Bonnie: Not for years. I guess she and harrison had committed so many crimes she figured she’d get busted if she called the cops on me. Anyway, she left town, and I kept… kept looking over my shoulder, you know, just waiting. And then one day the– the cops finally did come knocking on my door. ‘Cept it was because they found my husband, dan, in my backyard.

Justin: And that’s when you went to statesville?

Bonnie: I know how awful this sounds. Three dead bodies because of me. And you know what I did to adrienne. How I hurt her just so I could break out. And you. You–you forgave so much and I–I let you down. I’m sorry.

Justin: Bonnie, tell me what happened this week.

Bonnie: I guess calista heard I was marrying rich, and she thought she could get her million dollars, you know, that she believed I owed her. So four days ago she just showed up out of the blue.

Justin: So when you told me that she was invited or you invited her–

Bonnie: That was a lie. I’m–I’m sorry. I just–I really thought if you knew the truth that you’d be obligated to turn me in.

Justin: Okay, so what was calista’s plan?

Bonnie: She’d brought harrison’s gun.

Justin: The one you shot him with?

Bonnie: She said my fingerprints were all over it and if I didn’t get her her money, she was gonna take it to the police. Justin, she wanted me to– she wanted me to drain your bank account, but I wouldn’t do that. I’d rather die.

Justin: So you stole a million dollars from my cousin xander instead?

Bonnie: I just figured it was dirty money anyway.

Justin: Why didn’t you just come to me?

Justin: I couldn’t make you pay for my past sins. When calista went to stay at salem inn, she overheard ej and xander talk about how xander had a million dollars cash in his briefcase. She said it was fate, that I had to steal it for her or else.

Justin: So you did?

Bonnie: I didn’t think I had a choice. To do toave to save my future with you.

Justin: Did you give calista the money?>> Bonnie: I did… but it turns out she wanted more. She wanted revenge. She pulled out harrison’s gun, took a pillow from the bed to use as a silencer.

Justin: Oh, my god.

Bonnie: I swear…

Justin: Bonnie.

Bonnie: I just–I saw my life pass before my eyes, so I just grabbed the gun and just– it just–it just went off. You know the rest.

Justin: She died.

Bonnie: In our bedroom.

Justin: It was an accident. You were trying to defend yourself.

Bonnie: Yes.

Justin: Just like harrison.

Bonnie: Yes.

Justin: So that’s the whole story. That’s everything?

Bonnie: You don’t believe me, do you? Truthfully, it’s frustrating to see how fast dust reappears.

Bonnie: Justin, do you believe me?

Justin: Yes, I do. I believe you, bonnie.

Bonnie: You still wanna defend me now that you know everything?

Justin: Yes. Yes, I’d like to defend you.

Bonnie: Thank you. Thank you!

Justin: But I won’t lie to you. This is going to be a tough road now that you’ve admitted to killing calista, harrison lord, and your husband.

Bonnie: Oh, hang on. I did not admit to killing my husband. ‘Cause I didn’t do it.

Gabi: I cannot believe how perfectly that worked out.

Jake: Yeah, you were incredible.

Gabi: Thank you. I’m very good at this.

Jake: Gotta be honest. It was a little scary.

Gabi: Well, just make sure you’re on my good side, and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Jake: Right. So now what?

Gabi: Well, now we circle back with brady and make sure he’s gonna talk to victor about kicking philip out of titan.

Jake: Yeah, you seem pretty convinced.

Gabi: It sounds like you’re a little worried.

Jake: You know, what if it– what if it backfires? What if victor names brady ceo instead of us?

Gabi: No, no. They have tried that a million times. It always–it doesn’t work out, okay? They’re too different. Victor needs somebody like us. This is gonna work.

Jake: Well, you’re the expert.

Gabi: Yes, I am and we’ve managed to light a fire under philip. He’s more jealous than ever.

Jake: Oh, the guy seemed like he was ready to pop, but I gotta say I don’t think he’s crazy for thinking brady’s trying to move in on his woman.

Gabi: No, no, no no. It’s definitely real, which is why it was so easy. Philip is this close to the edge and when he implodes, titan will be all ours.

Brady: I hope you know how much I think about your business acumen and your projections and your singular persuasive abilities, chloe.

Chloe: Is this an employee evaluation?

Brady: [Laughs] No. It’s a fancy way of saying I like having you around. You make the business better. You make everything better.

Philip: You again.

Brady: I work here, philip.

Chloe: Hey, what are you– what are you doing here?

Philip: Well, you said you were too busy for lunch. Now you’re just here shooting the breeze with the guy who told gabi and jake… he’d do anything to win you back.

Rafe: What makes you think that I have feelings for you?

Nicole: Never mind.

Rafe: No, no. I wanna know. Where did you hear that?

Nicole: Ava told me that you admitted it to her.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: I’m so sorry– I shouldn’t have said it like that.

Rafe: No, look. Look–

Nicole: You don’t have to explain.

Rafe: No, I want to, okay? Listen, you and eric, you were having problems and you leaned on me as a friend and hope had just left, and, yeah, a part of me developed feelings for you.

Nicole: Which part?

Rafe: You were married to eric. I wasn’t gonna go anywhere, and so…I didn’t pursue it.

Nicole: And now?

Rafe: Now…now I’m with ava. So, yeah, that’s the end of it. It’s not like you had those feelings for me, right? My nunormal?

Justin: So you didn’t kill david?

Bonnie: You’re officially my lawyer, right? Meaning everything I say is confidential, right?

Justin: Of course.

Bonnie: Okay. Like, I said david made my life a living hell and patrick’s, connor’S… mimi’S. And one day, she just snapped.

Justin: Mimi?

Bonnie: My little girl had had enough abuse.

Justin: So your daughter was the one who killed him?

Bonnie: Hit him with a fireplace poker. But I couldn’t let my little girl go to prison. She had her whole life ahead of her, and it wasn’t her fault that married that monster, you know?

Justin: So you took the rap for your daughter. You spent all those years in prison for a crime you didn’t commit.

Bonnie: But you can never say that in court. No one, justin, seriously, no one can ever know. I just wanted you to know the truth. The whole truth, finally.

Justin: Bonnie. Bonnie. The person with a big enough heart to do that for her daughter… that’s the person I love.

Bonnie: Love? Still?

Justin: Yes, I love you. And yes this is gonna be a hard fight in court, but after this is over, I still intend to marry you.

Bonnie: Oh, god, justin.

[Both laugh]

Jake: So how about we grab ourselves a treat and celebrate our success?

Gabi: What did you have in mind?

Jake: I heard there’s some pretty great jelly donuts at that new bakery. What?

Gabi: That was supposed to be my store. They stole it right from under me.

Jake: Oh, right. Does that mean we still can’t get donuts?

Gabi: I don’t care how sweet their bits are–we’re not gonna give them a dime. Besides, I see some other sweet bits right in front of me that I’d like to take home with me.

Jake: Okay, well, when you put it that way…

Brady: Jake and gabi said what?

Philip: That you went on and on about how chloe is gonna leave me and how she’s better off with you.

Chloe: Brady?

Brady: I didn’t say that.

Philip: You didn’t talk to them about me?

Brady: I’ll tell you what we talked about. They came to talk to me about this keylogger incident. And, yes, philip, I told them I’m tired of your petty insecurities and your jealousy and I think you’re a paranoid maniac–you’re not exactly proving me wrong here.

Philip: You don’t think this is suspicious?

Brady: All right, philip, I’m done. You have fun together. Enjoy. See you tomorrow.

Chloe: Okay, you can stop marking your territory now.

Philip: I am sorry. He just pushes my buttons to make me look like a jerk to you.

Chloe: You can just ignore it.

Philip: I can’t let him badmouth me behind my back to my employees. You understand that, right?

Chloe: Of course, I do.

Philip: Good. I just don’t wanna lose you. You mean too much to me.

Nicole: You are with ava now…

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: And whatever feelings were there–well, it’s over. I’ve moved on, and this conversation is going on way longer than I intended so–

Rafe: Nicole.

[Soft music]


Nicole: I really…I’m gonna get some coffee.

Ciara: Are you okay, babe?

Ben: Yeah, I’m okay.

Ashleigh: Is something wrong?

Ben: No, no, no, I’m good. I’m just–I’m just tired.

Ciara: Yeah. This has been a very affecting experience for the both of us. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to show us around. We really, really appreciate it.

Ben: Yes, thank you.

Ashleigh: My pleasure. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon.

Ciara: Yeah, we will. Thank you. Bye.

Ciara: Well, that was… emotional.

Ben: Yeah.

Ciara: Hey, babe. How about we go back down to the city tonight, maybe walk around the french quarter, try to find more of that delicious, delicious new orleans food?

Ben: Sounds good.

Ciara: Yeah?

Ben: Yeah.

Ciara: Good.

Ben: We really should probably get a move on, though. Feels like a storm’s coming.

Ciara: Yeah.

[Dramatic music]

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Days Update Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Justin walks into the interrogation room and declares Rafe’s interview is over as he reveals that he is now Bonnie’s attorney. Bonnie asks if he’s really going to represent her and brings up yesterday. Justin responds that he wasn’t there for her yesterday, but he’s here now.

Chloe tells Nicole that it’s just them here right now as she asks if she’s going to admit that she has feelings for Rafe. Nicole asks what the point is. Chloe questions if she’s punishing herself for still feeling guilty for cheating on Eric. Chloe says she’s just trying to be her friend. Nicole acknowledges that Ava is her friend too, so there’s no way that she’s going to make a play for her man. Nicole worries about Ava being paranoid as it is. Chloe brings up Ava’s crazy history. Nicole says it’s not about that, but about doing the right thing. Nicole says the difference between her situation and Chloe’s with Brady is that Philip does have a reason to be jealous.

Gabi gets that Brady doesn’t want to cause trouble in his family but argues that it’s his legacy. Gabi says if Brady agrees that Philip is a threat to the company, then he owes it to his family to tell Victor. Philip then approaches and asks what the hell is going on here. Philip questions if Gabi and Jake are plotting with Brady behind his back.

Ben and Ciara walk through New Orleans, talking about all the food they have tried. They stop to kiss and agree that they will both work it off. Ciara talks about being married to the love of her life, having a honeymoon in New Orleans, and knowing they have their whole future ahead of them with no one to stop them makes her feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Ben tells her that he loves her so much as they continue kissing.

Gabi asks Philip why they would be plotting with Brady against their boss. Jake claims that they were putting Brady on notice for putting the keylogger on their computers and made it clear that he won’t get away with it. Brady calls them insane and repeats that he didn’t do it. Brady says he has work to do. Philip questions what kind of work. Brady says it’s not his business but it’s a very important project. Brady adds that Chloe is waiting for him as he walks away.

Ben and Ciara talk about being at the Oak Alley Plantation and it being where Hope and Bo’s love story took off. A woman approaches and welcomes them, asking if she can help. Ciara responds that they are here for a tour but the woman informs them that they just closed for the day.

Justin sits with Bonnie in the interrogation room. Bonnie guesses she should start at the beginning in 2003. Bonnie reminds him of the Buddy Bucks scam. Justin recalls the burger barn promotion to win a ticket for a million dollars. Bonnie explains that Calista’s husband Harrison worked at Buddy’s office and decided to keep the winning ticket for himself but he couldn’t cash it as an employee and that’s where she came in. Bonnie flashes back to Harrison giving her the winning ticket and threatening to handle anyone that messed with her. Bonnie informs Justin that Harrison planned the whole scam and then things took a turn.

Philip tells Gabi and Jake that he didn’t ask them to meet with Brady. Gabi claims that they hated that Philip accused them of spying on him and they could’ve lost their jobs, so they wanted to prove to him they didn’t do it. Jake claims that they warned Brady that if he didn’t back off, they would go to the authorities but Brady denied everything. Jake says that’s pretty much it but Gabi says except for the stuff he said about Chloe, so Philip questions what he said about Chloe.

Chloe questions Nicole thinking that Philip is justified in acting jealous. Nicole thinks Philip knows that Chloe had feelings for Brady that she couldn’t act on because he was with Kristen. Chloe states that she told Brady how she felt and then she moved on. Nicole points out that now Kristen is out of the picture and Chloe isn’t sure she made the right choice. Nicole says they all know Chloe’s feelings for Brady have not gone away. Brady then enters the office and asks if he’s interrupting.

Ciara asks the woman if there is no way they can see the grounds today. She confirms they are past visiting hours. Ciara guesses they just got caught up touring New Orleans and didn’t realize how late it was. Ben suggests they can come back tomorrow. Ciara points out that they just drove an hour and they have tickets to the voodoo museum tomorrow. Ben feels they can skip that since this is important to her. The woman asks what brings them here. Ciara explains that they are on their honeymoon and her parents came here a long time ago when they first started falling in love. Ciara adds that they always wanted to come back, but her father passed away. Ben suggests they just get going and claims he started to hear some thunder. The woman then decides that even though she’s not supposed to, she can show them around a bit, so she takes them in to Oak Alley Plantation.

Nicole tells Brady that he’s not interrupting and that she was just leaving. Chloe tells Nicole that she doesn’t have to go but she says she will see her tomorrow and exits. Chloe says she doesn’t know what that was about. Brady then reveals he heard Nicole talking about Chloe having feelings for him. Chloe says she was just telling Nicole about Wilkes-Barre and she drew her own conclusions. Brady asks if she was wrong. Chloe points out that Nicole had a valid point about Philip being paranoid about someone putting spyware on his computer. Brady says he told Philip that he had nothing to do with that. Chloe says Brady had to say that in front of him, but now that it’s just them, he can be honest. Chloe asks if he did it. Brady asks what if he did since they are business rivals.

Philip questions how Chloe’s name even came up. Gabi and Jake claim that Brady asked where they got the idea that he was behind the keylogger, so they told him it came from Philip and then Brady tried to turn it around, claiming Philip made him the enemy because he’s threatened by his past relationship with Chloe. Gabi claims that Brady went on about how Chloe is better off without him and that it’s only a matter of time before she dumps him. Philip questions Brady going around telling random employees of his that Chloe is going to leave him.

Bonnie tells Justin that it was the worst day of her live and given what happened yesterday, that’s saying a lot. Bonnie continues having flashbacks and goes in to Harrison coming on to her which is why she pulled the gun on him when he got forceful and shot him when he grabbed her. Calista then came back in to the room and found Harrison dead. As her flashback concludes, Bonnie cries to Justin that she killed Harrison. Justin encourages that it wasn’t her fault. Bonnie says she was married to a man who beat her senseless almost every day, so when Harrison touched her, she said no more and had to do what she had to do in order to protect herself. Bonnie continues her flashback where Calista didn’t believe Bonnie’s story and accused her of doing it for the money. Bonnie tells Justin that it was blood money so she flushed it down the toilet and imagined her whole life going down the drain with it and now it finally has.

Rafe runs in to Nicole outside the Brady Pub. Nicole says she was just going but Rafe points out that it looked like she was just going in. Nicole assumes Rafe was just leaving, which he confirms. Rafe asks if they can’t even say hello to each other anymore. Nicole says they just did and says she will see him. Rafe argues that there’s no reason to run away as it’s a small town and they are still friends. Rafe hopes she doesn’t expect them to avoid each other forever as he’s not down with that.

Chloe informs Brady that she told Philip that if Brady was behind the spyware, she would quit Basic Black and never speak to him ever again. Brady assures that he didn’t do it and asks if she believes him. Chloe confirms that she does. Brady doesn’t think they could get a long without her. Chloe points out that the business was fine without her before. Brady clarifies that he doesn’t think he could get along here without her.

Philip asks what else Brady said about him. Gabi brings up Philip following Brady and Chloe to Pennsylvania. Philip informs her that they were in bed together. Jake points out that Brady must have planned it. Gabi asks if maybe he has it wrong. Philip asks if she honestly believes that after seeing what Brady is trying to do. Philip thanks them for the info and walks away. Gabi tells Jake that’s what she calls teamwork.

After their tour of Oak Alley, Ciara tells Ben that it was a lot different than she expected. The woman asks if she was disappointed. Ciara says not at all and explains that to her it was all about her parents’ history but the plantation is about actual history of their country. Ciara mentions hearing old stories about the French colonizers planting oak trees that gave the place their name, but the truth is that the plants were built by slaves. Ben says it’s powerful to see all the names listed. The woman talks about how it gets to her to imagine the lives of her ancestors, but she’s grateful to remember them and present a picture of what the place used to be. She talks about building from their past and not ignoring it.

Nicole tells Rafe that they don’t have to avoid each other forever but it’s only been two days. Rafe complains that the whole thing was her idea. Nicole says she’s just trying to make it easier for he and Ava. Rafe knows Ava has had problems with jealousy but she will have to accept that he has some female friends. Nicole argues that it’s not that simple because he doesn’t have feelings for his other friends, like he does for her.

Justin brings Bonnie a water in the interrogation room and asks about her not seeing Calista again. Bonnie confirms that she didn’t for years but was always looking over her shoulder. Bonnie tells Justin that the cops finally came to her door because they found her husband dead in her backyard. Bonnie knows it looks bad that there are three dead bodies caused by her plus what she did to Adrienne so she could break out of prison. Bonnie cries that Justin forgave so much and she let him down, so she apologizes. Justin asks her about what happened this week. Bonnie guesses Calista heard that she was marrying rich, so she thought she could get her million dollars that she felt she owed her. Justin guesses Bonnie didn’t really invite Calista to the wedding. Bonnie admitted that she lied because she felt if Justin knew the truth, he’d be obligated to turn her in. Justin asks what Calista’s plan was. Bonnie explains that she brought Harrison’s gun with her fingerprints on it and threatened to turn it in to the police if she didn’t get her the one million dollars. Bonnie adds that Calista wanted her to drain Justin’s bank account but says she’d rather die than do that. Justin questions her stealing it from his cousin Xander instead. Bonnie figured that was dirty money anyways. Justin asks why she didn’t just come to him. Bonnie feels she couldn’t let him pay for her past sins. Bonnie explains that Calista overheard EJ and Xander talking about Xander having a millino dollars and she said she had to steal it for her, or else. Bonnie felt she had no choice to do it in order to save her life and her future with Justin. He asks if she gave Calista the money. Bonnie confirms that she did, but she still wanted revenge and pulled the gun on her. Bonnie swears she saw her life flash before her eyes, so she grabbed the gun and it went off. Bonnie states that Calista died in their bedroom. Justin acknowledges that it was an accident as she was trying to defend herself, just like with Harrison. Justin asks if that’s the whole story. Bonnie guesses that he doesn’t believe her. Bonnie asks if he does believe her. Justin confirms that he does. Bonnie asks if he still wants to defend her, now that he knows everything. Justin assures that he does, so she thanks him. Justin adds that he won’t lie, this is going to be a tough road now that she’s admitted to killing Calista, Harrison Lord, and her husband. Bonnie stops him to point out that she did not kill her husband.

Gabi tells Jake that she can’t believe how perfectly that worked out. Jake calls her incredible and jokes that it was a little scary. Jake asks now what. Gabi says they will circle back to make sure Brady talks to Victor about kicking Philip out of Titan. Jake feels Gabi is pretty convinced. Gabi asks if he’s worried. Jake asks what if it backfires and Victor names Brady CEO instead of them. Gabi argues that they tried that a million times and it never works out, so Victor needs someone like them. Gabi assures that this is going to work and that Philip is more jealous than ever. Jake admits that he doesn’t think Philip is crazy for thinking Brady is trying to move in on his woman. Gabi agrees which is why it was so easy, because Philip is close to the edge and when he implodes, Titan will be all theirs.

Brady hopes Chloe knows how much he thinks about her business acumen and persuasive abilities. Chloe jokes about this being an employee evaluation. Brady tells her that he just likes having her around and she makes the business better. Brady then says she makes everything better. Philip walks in. Chloe asks what he’s doing here. Philip points out that Chloe said she’s too busy for lunch but now she’s just shooting the breeze with a guy who told Gabi and Jake that he would do anything to win her back.

Rafe questions what makes Nicole think that he has feelings for her. Nicole says nevermind but Rafe wants to know where she heard that. Nicole then admits that Ava told her that he admitted it to her. Nicole apologizes for saying anything and says Rafe doesn’t have to explain, but he wants to. Rafe brings up Nicole leaning on him as a friend during her problems with Eric and Hope had just left, so part of him developed feelings for her but she was married to Eric, so it wasn’t going to go anywhere, so he didn’t pursue it. Nicole asks about now. Rafe says now he’s with Ava, so that’s the end of it. Rafe adds that it’s not like Nicole had those feelings for him.

Justin questions Bonnie not killing David. Bonnie makes sure that Justin is officially her lawyer so everything she says is confidential. Bonnie tells Justin about how David made her and her kids lives a living hell. Bonnie says one day, her daughter Mimi snapped as she had enough abuse. Justin questions if Mimi killed David. Bonnie confirms that she hit him with a fireplace poker but she couldn’t let Mimi go to prison, so she took the fall for her daughter. Justin questions her spending all those years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Bonnie tells him that he can never say that in court because no one can ever know. Bonnie just wanted Justin to know the whole truth. Justin tells her that a person with a big enough heart to do that for her daughter is the person he loves. Bonnie questions him still loving her. Justin assures that he loves her and he knows this will be a hard fight in court, but after it’s over, he still intends to marry her. Bonnie cries as she excitedly hugs Justin.

Jake suggests he and Gabi celebrate their success with donuts at the new Sweet Bits Bakery. Gabi complains that it was supposed to be her store so they will not support the bakery. Gabi suggests they just go home so they walk off together.

Philip tells Brady that Gabi and Jake told him that he went on about how Chloe’s going to leave him and is better off with him. Brady says he did not say that. Philip questions Brady not talking to them about him. Brady explains that they came to talk to him about the keylogger incident. Brady admits that he told them that he’s tired of Philip’s insecurity and jealousy and he thinks he’s a paranoid maniac. Philip calls this suspicious. Brady declares that he’s done and tells them to have fun together as he exits. Chloe tells Philip that he can stop marking his territory now. Philip complains that Brady pushes his buttons to make him look like a jerk to her. Chloe feels he could just ignore it but Philip says he can’t let Brady badmouth him to his employees behind his back. Philip adds that he just doesn’t want to lose Chloe because she means too much to him.

Nicole states that Rafe is with Ava now, so whatever feelings were there, it’s over and she’s moved on so this conversation is going on longer than she intended. Nicole tells Rafe that she’s going to get coffee and heads in to the Brady Pub.

Ciara asks if Ben is okay. Ben says that he is. Ciara asks if something is wrong. Ben claims he’s just tired. Ciara says this was a very affecting experience for both of them. They thank the woman for showing them around as she walks away. Ciara tells Ben that was emotional. Ciara suggests they go back down to the city and walk around the French Quarter for more delicious New Orleans food. Ben says that sounds good as they kiss. They hear thunder, so Ben says they should get a move on as it looks like a storm is coming. Ben and Ciara then walk away and leave Oak Alley Plantation before the storm begins..

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Days Transcript Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Rafe: Hernandez.

Ava: Hey, hey, hernandez. Vitali here.

Rafe: Vitali–well, this is a nice surprise. Is everything okay?

Ava: No, all’s good. I was just calling to ask you to wish me luck.

Rafe: Okay. What for?

Ava: Well, I am currently standing outside of julie’s place waiting to go in and see if she’s looked at my application. Maybe even get an interview.

Rafe: All right. Well, I ll wish you luck, but you’re not gonna need it. And julie would be crazy not to hire you.

Ava: Well, given my previous occupation, my resume’s a little unconventional.

Philip: Do I have to have a reason to call you?

Chloe: Usually, yes. It’s the middle of the workday.

Philip: Maybe I just wanted to say hi. See how your day was going.

Chloe: Oh, okay. Hi.

Philip: After I followed you to pennsylvania, I thought you deserved an attentive boyfriend.

Chloe: You mean not a crazed and jealous one?

Philip: Something like that.

Chloe: Well, my day is going just fine. Thank you for asking. What are you doing?

Philip: I’m actually grabbing a bite to eat at julie’s place. Hey, you want to join me?

Chloe: Oh, I’d love that, but brady really needs me to finish these quarterly projections.

Philip: Of course. Wouldn’t wanna disappoint brady.

Gabi: Brady, thank you for agreeing to meet with us.

Brady: Sure. Your phone message was a little vague, but if this is about the collaboration between gabi chic and basic black–

Jake: It’s not.

Brady: Okay, what’s it about?

Gabi: It’s about you spying on titan.

[Soft dramatic music]


Bonnie: Thank god. Am I finally getting out of this joint?

Calista: [Laughs] You wish. Honey, you are not seeing the sunshine for a good long time. There is nobody left to help you. Even your fiancé has abandoned you.


Steve: Hey.

Justin: Hey. I didn’t hear you come in.

Steve: Well, henderson told me you could probably use some company. How’re you doing, man?

Justin: My fiancée is in jail for larceny and murder. Other than that, doing great.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Brady: You think I’m spying on you.

Jake: Well, you got booted out of titan. Maybe you were looking for revenge.

Brady: Booted? I left titan.

Gabi: And now you’re the competition. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how rampant corporate espionage is these days.

Jake: Maybe you were looking, I don’t know, to get a little bit of an edge so you figured you’d hack us.

Brady: Okay, is this about that keylogger incident that was found on your computers? Because I already talked to philip about it and told him I had nothing to do with it. And I’ll be completely honest with the two of you. I didn’t know what the hell a keylogger was.

Jake: Yeah. Join the club.

Brady: Gabi, I don’t know why you think I’d be involved in this, but I didn’t touch your computers. Please tell me that you don’t think I would do something like that.

Gabi: No, I don’T. I was pretty sure we were on a wild goose chase. That–that this is about philip having a personal vendetta against you.

Brady: Hm.

Philip: Are you sure I can’t persuade you to join me? Just a quick bite and then I’ll have you right back to the office.

Chloe: I’m sorry it’s just too busy here today for lunch. But rain check?

Philip: Yeah, sure. I’ll see you tonight.

Nicole: We’re not that busy. You could have gone to lunch.

Chloe: Yeah, but I– I really need to finish those projections.

Nicole: Ah. Was it a good offer?

Chloe: It was philip. He’s at julie’s place.

Nicole: Oh, well I hope he wasn’t too disappointed.

Chloe: Nah, he’ll be fine. He was just calling to check to see how I’m doing today.

Nicole: That’s sweet of him.

Chloe: Yeah.

Nicole: It–it isn’t?

Chloe: Well, normally yes it would be, but I can’t help but wonder if he was just calling to check up on me.


Ava: Hello, philip.

Philip: Ava! Here to shake down julie for some protection money?

Ava: [Chuckles] That’s funny.

Philip: I wish I was joking. Hopefully you’re here for lunch?

Ava: Actually, it’s work-related.

Philip: Whatever it is, I want no part of it. One thing I learned from being around you–crime doesn’t pay.

Bonnie: You can’t be here.

Calista: Yeah, right? I know. I mean, for a police station this place has a really lax security system.

Bonnie: No, I mean, you can’t–can’t be anywhere. You’re dead.

Calista: Tell me about it. Thanks to you. But, hey, look what I found in the evidence room.

Bonnie: What are you gonna do with that?

Calista: Do you really need to ask? Bonbon, you are the one who was supposed to die. So I’m just here to finish the job.

Bonnie: No! Don’t! Don’t shoot me!

Rafe: Take it easy bonnie. I’m not gonna shoot you.

Bonnie: Rafe?

Rafe: The gun’s in a bag. It’s not even loaded. What’s going on? Why are you so scared?

Ava: If you must know, I’m here to check on my job application.

Philip: I’m sorry. Did you just say you applied for a job at julie’s place? This fine, upstanding establishment?

Ava: That is right.

Philip: As what?

Ava: As a chef.

Philip: That’s funny.

Ava: Why is it funny?

Philip: It seems like a unusual career path for a mob boss to cook.

Ava: Well, I’ve been cooking my whole life. I know more than most chefs. But if you’ve got a problem with honest work–

Philip: Not at all. Just not sure it’s a suitable career path given your history. Stealing, and murdering people, and all that.

Ava: It’s not any of your business, but I left that life behind.

Philip: Since when?

Ava: Since I decided to make a change. Oh, and by the way, I’m in a relationship with the police commissioner. I will never go back to organized crime, or the person that I was before.

Philip: If you say so.

Ava: I do, which is why I am here seeking gainful employment. So doubt me all you want, but I have gone legit. And I’ve never been happier.

Philip: Well, if that’s the case, I’m happy for you I guess.

Ava: What do you mean you guess?

Philip: Well, nothing really. I–if you had your old connections, you could have found someone to break brady’s legs for me.

Brady: So now you don’t think that I was spying on you?

Gabi: No, you know, I’m sorry for even suggesting it. I shouldn’t have let him get in my head.

Jake: Are you sure about this?

Brady: You’re talking about philip, right?

Gabi: You know, I had my doubts, jake. And obviously they’re competitors, but I don’t think brady would sink that low.

Brady: Philip told you that I was spying on you, right?

Jake: Man, he wouldn’t shut up about you. He said you’d resort to any means to bring him down. Eh.

Gabi: He was furious. There was no way of talking him out of it.

Brady: Yeah, that sounds like philip.

Ava: I get it. Obviously, titan and dimera are rivals, but this was not an ordinary rivalry. It was like he was possessed.

Jake: You happen to know why?

Brady: I do jake. The guy’s a jealous maniac, and he thinks I’m after his girlfriend.

[Soft dramatic music]


Nicole: Why would philip be checking up on you?

Chloe: Oh, you haven’t heard? I can’t be trusted.

Nicole: Oh, things must be great in your relationship.

Chloe: Yeah, they were fine, but lately philip is just so jealous of brady and he’s convinced that there’s something going on between us.

Nicole: But there’s not?

Chloe: No, he’s my friend and we work together, but that’s it, but then a few days ago, he and I got stranded at wilkes-barre and philip decided to fly all the way over there to just barge into our motel room like a crazed bull.

Nicole: Wait, you and brady were in the same room?

Chloe: Yeah, the motel was fully booked, and there was only one room available.

Nicole: Well, that must have been uncomfortable.

Chloe: It was worse than that.

Nicole: You sure he has nothing to worry about?

Chloe: Are you saying that philip was justified in flying all the way to pennsylvania to just barge into our room and catch us?

Nicole: No, that is a little extreme, but you did have feelings for brady.

Chloe: Yeah, I did.

Nicole: And heck I’m the one that encouraged you to go for it with brady.

Chloe: I know. And I did tell him how I felt, and it didn’t work out. He said he was in love with kristen, and so I made the choice to be with philip, and then after I made that choice, brady then comes and tells me that he’s interested in me.

Nicole: But you made your choice.

Chloe: Yeah. I stayed with philip.

Nicole: And are you happy with that decision?


Steve: I thought you’d wanna know, bonnie didn’t make bail.

Justin: Good ’cause I never want to see her face again.

Steve: Well, that’s a little harsh, don’t you think?

Justin: After what happened here yesterday? Steve, you warned me. You always saw her for what she truly is. A con artist. But I couldn’t see the truth. Not even when it was staring me right in the face.

Steve: You loved her.

Justin: Did I? Was I blinded by how much she looked like adrienne?

Steve: I think it was more than that.

Justin: I made myself believe that she didn’t just have adrienne’s face. She had her innate goodness. I created a fantasy about who she was, or her decency.

Steve: Was it really a fantasy?

Justin: Yes. I convinced myself that she had changed, but none of it was real. Bonnie is the same grifter that she’s always been. And frankly, I’m glad that I got out of it before she took everything.

Bonnie: I guess I was having a bad dream.

Rafe: You were awake.

Bonnie: Was I?

Rafe: Yeah.

Bonnie: It’s been a long night.

Rafe: Yeah, I understand you fired your public defender.

Bonnie: I didn’t care that it was free. What loser can’t get the client out on bail? Especially one that isn’t guilty?

Rafe: Right. You wanna tell me about it?

Bonnie: About what?

Rafe: Well, you’re no longer represented by an attorney. Now you still have the right not to say anything, but–you could also answer my questions.

Bonnie: Questions–

Rafe: Mm-hmm. I might be able to help you bonnie.

Bonnie: [Chuckles]

Rafe: If you tell me your side of the story.

Are you tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean?

Chloe: Well, I was happy with my decision until philip started acting like a jealous teenager.

Nicole: Yeah, that can be kind of a turn off.

Chloe: It’s a huge pain is what it is, and can you imagine someone following you halfway across the country to demand that you swear your allegiance to him?

Nicole: So what does that mean? Are those feelings gone?

Chloe: No, I still want to be with him, but, you know, he’s got to stop this whole possessiveness and jealousy. It’s just– it’s ruining everything. He’s getting so paranoid that he thinks that brady is spying on titan.

Jake: Wait, so philip thinks you’re after chloe?

Brady: He’s obsessed with the idea that I’m going to steal her from him.

Gabi: But you work with chloe at basic black, right?

Brady: I do, but he believes that’s a cover-up for our secret affair.

Jake: That would explain why he’s raging.

Brady: Jake, that’s– that’s nothing. We went on a business trip recently, chloe and me, and we had to go to pennsylvania and stayed at the same hotel. When philip found out about it, he hopped on a plane and tracked her down.

Jake: Get out!

Gabi: Oh, this makes a lot more sense now that you’re telling us.

Brady: What do you mean?

Gabi: Well, we’ve just been confused the way philip’s been acting.

Brady: Yeah, it’s like the guy is thinking about you all the time.

Gabi: You should hear the comments he makes around the office.

Ava: Why would you want someone to break brady’s legs?

Philip: It was just a joke.

Ava: Oh, it did not sound like one.

Philip: Forget i mentioned it.

Ava: In my experience, it’s always money or a woman. Oh, it’s the second one. Who is the lucky lady?

Philip: Chloe lane. I’m seeing chloe lane.

Ava: All right. So where does brady come in?

Philip: He’s been obsessed with her ever since he lost kristen. He’s doing everything he can to take her away from me.

Ava: Did he admit it?

Philip: Of course not. He acts like he’s spending time with her for work, but he’s not nearly as clever as he thinks he is.

Ava: You’re really threatened by him, huh?

Philip: I’m threatened because he keeps pulling these moves to get close to her. And then when I call him out on it, he acts like I’m the crazy one.

Ava: Well–

Philip: Don’t tell me you agree with him. You think I’m being paranoid?

Ava: Actually, I know exactly how you feel.

Bonnie: So what do you wanna know?

Rafe: Just what I said. I want to hear your version of what happened yesterday. You say that you’re innocent, that you didn’t shoot calista.

Bonnie: I didn’T.

Rafe: Okay, but since she ended up dead in your room, I’m gonna need a few more details. Hey, I am not trying to jam you up. Okay? I just want the truth.

[Soft dramatic music]


Bonnie: The gun went off accidentally. I wasn’t trying to kill her. I swear.

Rafe: Okay, what were you trying to do?

Bonnie: It was self-defense. She was gonna kill me. She had the gun pointed right at me. I knew I had to do whatever it took to save my life. I told her that steve was downstairs and that he’d hear the shot, so she grabbed a pillow from the bed and used it to muzzle the gun. I was desperate. I thought, “this is it. I’m gonna die right here–on my wedding day.” So I lunged for the gun and we struggled. The, the next thing I knew the gun went off. There were feathers everywhere.

Calista was dead.

Rafe: Wow, that is some story. I’m glad you told me.

Bonnie: You believe me, don’t you? My plaque psoriasis…

Brady: What else has philip been saying about me?

Jake: Oh, he does more than just talk.

Brady: What does that mean?

Gabi: Well, it’s like you said. He’s like, obsessed with you. He thinks that you’re messing with every aspect of his life. He’s barely even paying attention to his job.

Brady: So you’re suggesting that he’s kind of letting stuff slip at titan?

Gabi: Look, I like philip, so I take no pleasure in telling you this, but these days, my business depends on titan, and i have to look out for gabi chic’s interests, and I’m just afraid that philip is gonna run this entire company to the ground.

Brady: Have you called him on it?

Jake: He’s our boss. What are we supposed to say? Plus he is past the point of listening, right?

Brady: You could always go to my grandfather.

Gabi: Well, I thought about that, but I don’t think I could salvage a working relationship with philip if i go over his head.

Brady: It’s true. He probably would never forgive you for something like that.

Gabi: I don’t even know if i should be telling you all this.

Brady: No, gabi, glad you are. Okay, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one that has witnessed his insane behavior lately.

Gabi: You’re definitely not. We’re just trying to figure out a way how to handle it. You know what? Why don’t you talk to victor?


Philip: You know how I feel? From personal experience?

Ava: You could say that.

Philip: You and commissioner hernandez?

Ava: When rafe and i started getting close, I was–I was worried something might have been going on between him and nicole.

Philip: I thought they were just friends.

Ava: They were. But when she and eric finally split for good, rafe became her shoulder to cry on, and then i was convinced something was going on.

Philip: Was it all in your head?

Ava: No. Rafe admitted that he had feelings for nicole.

Philip: So why aren’t you breaking nicole’s legs? Aside from the fact that you’ve gone legit.

Ava: I might’ve had an impulse, but nicole agreed she’d stay away from him.

Philip: Well, aren’t you lucky? I wish I could get a similar deal from brady.

Ava: Well, what does chloe have to say about it?

Philip: She said she’d stop seeing him as long as I can prove that he’s spying on me.

Nicole: Wait, so philip thinks brady put a keylogger on his computer?

Chloe: Yeah. And he’s convinced.

Nicole: Well, I know brady’s competitive, but that is not his style.

Chloe: Yeah, I know, I agree. I don’t think he did it. But you know, when philip gets something in his mind, you can’t argue with him.

Nicole: All right, so what’s he going to do about it?

Chloe: Well, I tried to talk him off a ledge, but basically I just had to agree that if he can prove that brady put spyware on his computer, I would stop spending time with brady.

Nicole: So now what? What, philip’s gonna try to prove it?

Chloe: Yeah. But if brady didn’t do it, then there’s nothing to prove. So I don’t know. Let’s not talk about my jealous boyfriend anymore. What’s going on with you?

Nicole: I’m, I’m okay.

Chloe: Yeah? I mean, I know we haven’t really talked since–

Nicole: My anniversary from hell?

Chloe: Yeah. I mean, I know that a lot went down that night. There was a lot of heightened emotions. But now that some time has passed, I hope that you and eric are working things out.

Nicole: Yeah. Yeah, we’re working out our divorce proceedings.

Chloe: Oh, my gosh, nicole. I’m so sorry. I know this must be so hard on you.

Nicole: Yeah, it’s– it’s harder than I thought. You know, not only do I have to say goodbye to eric, but I have to say goodbye to a part of myself, so.

Chloe: Yeah, I get that. But now is not time for you to be a hero. You need to lean on your friends, lean on me. You have rafe–

Nicole: No, actually, I, I, I can’t lean on rafe anymore.

Bonnie: So I told you what happened. How and why the gun went off.

Rafe: You did.

Bonnie: You believe me, right?

Rafe: Well, I have a few more questions.

Bonnie: Okay, sure. I’m an open book.

Rafe: Okay. Why did your sister-in-law try and kill you?

Bonnie: [Scoffs] Who knows? The woman was crazy.

Rafe: Okay. And why, why was she using this particular gun?

Bonnie: You got me there too.

Rafe: So she just shows up on your wedding day looking to shoot you?

Bonnie: Like I said, the woman was bonkers cuckoo. Who knows what was going on in that addled mind of hers?

Rafe: I see. So it has nothing to do with you using this exact gun to kill her husband?

Steve: Justin, listen. I understand why you feel conned by bonnie. And you have good reason to feel betrayed. But I don’t think we know the whole story.

Justin: What part of the story are we missing? We caught her with xander’s money and a gun. She was ready to say her vows knowing that her sister-in-law was lying dead in our bed upstairs.

Steve: That’s all true. And disturbing.

Justin: These are not the actions of an innocent woman. A woman that I was prepared to spend the rest of my life with. I don’t want to think about what an insult that is to adrienne’s memory.

Steve: My sister wouldn’t see it that way.

Justin: Well, it’s how I see it. All this time, I convinced myself that I could have the kind of life I had with adrienne, the kind of happiness I had with adrienne. And I thought I’d share that with bonnie lockhart of all people.

Steve: You’re allowed to move on, you know.

Justin: But not with her. Steve, you warned me. You kept telling me she’s not adrienne. Okay? “Look at her history,” you tried to warn me, and I wouldn’t listen.

Steve: I’m also the one who changed my mind about her. I didn’t wanna give her a chance. But you told me to keep an open mind. You told me that people change. You convinced me, justin.

Justin: I was wrong.

Steve: Were you? Or are you wrong now? Did you know faded, dingy, and rough fabrics

Brady: You think I should say something to victor?

Gabi: He is your grandfather.

Brady: I don’t know how he feels about that at the moment.

Gabi: Oh, come on. No matter what, victor will always love you.

Jake: I take it you two have a complicated relationship.

Brady: Further complicated by the fact that I left titan and I’m now working for the competition, basic black, yeah.

Gabi: He’ll still listen to you.

Brady: Why would he? I don’t even work for the company anymore, gabi.

Gabi: Well, I know that you’re not the perfect messenger. I’m just saying someone needs to tell him what’s going on with philip. And I think he needs to hear it from family.

Brady: What’s really going on here?

Gabi: I, I told you, I–I’m worried about gabi chic and titan as a whole.

Brady: And this is purely about concern for the company, right?

Gabi: What else would it be about?

Brady: No ulterior motives, gabi? No personal motives, nothing like that?

Gabi: It is all very personal, brady. Gabi chic is my life’s work. And I am in danger of philip ruining it.

Brady: Okay. I can’t argue that. I, I think he’s unfit for the position. Hell, I think either one of you would make a better ceo than philip at this point.

Jake: Ha, I don’t know about that.

Gabi: Whether victor listens to you or not, we have to tell him, because we are in danger of philip destroying this entire company.

Ava: You think that brady is spying on you, at work?

Philip: Who else? He wants everything I have. First he goes after my girlfriend. Now he’s going after my company too.

Ava: You know, I don’t know brady all that well, but he seems like a pretty straight shooter.

Philip: That’s what he wants people to believe but I know better. He failed at titan, he failed at marriage. He’s gotten desperate. I see it every time he’s around chloe. Once I find that proof, she’ll see it too.

Ava: I hope that works out for you–without too much injury to your lower extremities.

Philip: So what about you and rafe? You must feel better that he and nicole have agreed to keep their distance.

Ava: I do. You know, the worst thing was like you said, not having that confirmation and letting your mind just wonder. Made to feel crazy for seeing exactly what you were seeing. But you know what? We’ve hashed it out, and now we have a fresh start.

Philip: Are rafe’s feelings for nicole behind him?

Ava: Yeah. They are.

Philip: What about you?

Ava: What about me?

Philip: Can you put it behind you? I mean, you talk a good game, but can you get past the jealousy?

Justin: You’re actually defending bonnie?

Steve: I just think there’s something not right here.

Justin: That’s for sure.

Steve: My gut is telling me that there’s more to the story of calista’s death and that million dollars.

Justin: Like what? Like she was going to use the money to create an orphanage for abandoned baby elephants?

Steve: Okay, the money, the money doesn’t look–I’ll give you that.

Justin: As opposed to the dead body lying upstairs?

Steve: There was something off about calista lockhart.

Justin: Off how?

Steve: Well, for one thing, bonnie was clearly upset when she showed up. And like I told you, when I came over here for the wedding, the woman jumped me. She tried to put the move on me. Within two minutes of meeting her, she was trying to kiss me.

Justin: So that means she deserves to be murdered?

Steve: [Sighs] Why did bonnie shoot her? What the hell was she doing here in the first place?

Justin: Does it matter?

Steve: I think it does. Justin, I know that you’re hurt. I know you feel betrayed, but it’s not like you to turn your back on her.

Justin: What am I supposed to do? Pretend like yesterday never happened?

Steve: No, go down there. Hear her out.

Bonnie: Who told you I killed calista’s husband?

Rafe: She did.

Bonnie: Are you saying she’s not dead?

Rafe: We found this letter among her things. Just got it back from forensics.

Bonnie: Calista wrote a letter?

Rafe: Well, before she died.

Bonnie: But she is dead.

Rafe: Yes, bonnie. Calista is dead. “To whom it may concern. If you’re reading this, it seems my worst fears have come to pass. I have arrived in salem to attend my former sister-in-law bonnie lockhart’s wedding at great personal risk to myself.”

Bonnie: Oh, god, are you serious?

Rafe: “Despite our working relationship, bonnie stole a million dollars belonging to me and my husband, harrison lord.” Is that really his name?

Bonnie: Just keep reading.

Rafe: “And when my dear harrison confronted bonnie, she killed him. I’ve always wanted her to pay for her actions that fateful day. So I’ve held on to this gun all these years. Please have it tested for forensic evidence. I am confident you will find it covered in bonnie’s prints. I came to her wedding hoping to use it as leverage. And to demand that bonnie make restitution and return the million dollars that I am owed. But knowing how harrison made the same request and paid for it with his life, I’m afraid that when I finally confront bonnie about her crime, a similar fate will befall me.”

Bonnie: Well, she’s lying, of course! On the outside, I looked fine.

Chloe: So you’re saying that ava forbade you from being around rafe?

Nicole: Well, nobody forbids me from anything.

Chloe: Yeah, I was gonna say.

Nicole: Besides, it was my idea to stay away.

Chloe: Really? Why?

Nicole: Well, I just decided that it would be best to do so because, you know, they’re in a new relationship and I’m still recovering from losing eric. And it’s the only way I can make sure that I don’t make things more complicated.

Chloe: For them or for you?

Nicole: Both.

Chloe: Hmm, well, that’s very noble of you. I don’t think I would be willing to make that same sacrifice.

Nicole: Ava’s my friend.

Chloe: Yeah. And rafe’s your friend too. Are you willing to just give up that relationship?

Nicole: Well, it’s not gonna last forever, but what choice do I have, right? I mean, we might be friends, but he’s with ava now. And the last thing that I need right now is more trouble.

Bonnie: I don’t care what calista wrote in that letter. It’s lies! All lies!

Rafe: Well, the evidence says otherwise.

Bonnie: What evidence?

Rafe: Well, your prints on the gun for starters. The dead body we found in your room. I mean, the fact that you had in your possession xander’s million dollars.

Bonnie: No, no, no, no, that’s all circumstantial. You can’t–you can’t prove that I killed anyone.

Rafe: Uh-huh. Do you really think that a jury is going to look at all this and vote to acquit? Lady, if this goes to court, you are going down.

Justin: How am I supposed to hear bonnie out? She’s in jail.

Steve: So? Go visit her.

Justin: She already has an attorney.

Steve: Ah, she had an attorney. She fired him.

Justin: She fired her attorney? After one day? What is she thinking?

Steve: Why don’t you go find out? She needs help.

Justin: I’m sure she does. I can’t be the one to give it. I am not going to give her another chance to play me for a fool.

Steve: I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Justin: [Sighs] Steve… I don’t even know if I can believe a single word she says.

Steve: I get that. But listen, man, no matter what bonnie might have or might not have done, you were ready to give your heart to her. To start a life with her. So can you honestly tell me that your feelings for her are just gone? That you don’t still love her? I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Brady: Look, telling victor that his son is unfit to run the company is a serious move. I’m gonna have to think about it before I say anything.

Gabi: Brady, I get it. I get it. You don’t want to cause trouble in your family by ratting out philip to your grandfather, but this is your legacy. Okay? Not just yours, tate and rachel’s too. Just like gabi chic is arianna’S.

Brady: I hear you. Believe me, I, I think about that a lot.

Gabi: Then if you agree that philip’s a threat to this company, you owe it to your family to tell victor.

Philip: What the hell is going on here?

Chloe: I have to admit the way that ava has been treating you and rafe, she kind of sounds like philip.

Nicole: Well, they did work together, right?

Chloe: Oh, you mean when she blackmailed him into laundering money for the mob?

Nicole: Yeah, so they are kind of like co-workers?

Chloe: Yeah. And both have jealousy issues.

Nicole: Yeah. Except ava didn’t go as far as philip.

Chloe: Yeah, but she went far enough for you to worry. I mean, she’s asking you to stay away from one of your best friends because of what’s going on in her mind.

Nicole: Well, it’s, it’s not all in her mind. Ava told me that rafe admitted that he had feelings for me.

Chloe: Oh. Well, how do you feel about that?

Steve: Hey, ava.

Ava: Hey. Going for lunch?

Steve: Yeah, kayla’s meeting me after her shift.

Ava: Nice. Hey, by the way, thank you for your advice.

Steve: You talked to rafe?

Ava: Mm-hmm. We worked things out and things are going really well.

Steve: I’m glad to hear it. Yeah, you know, all you can do is be open and honest. Nothing hurts a relationship more than keeping secrets.

Rafe: You know, this would go a hell of a lot easier if you just told me why you took xander’s money. Now, does it have something to do with the million dollars that calista talked about in the letter? Is that part true? Did you steal from her and her husband?

Bonnie: [Sobbing]

[Door opening]

Rafe: Did you?

Justin: Okay, this interview is over.

Rafe: Says who?

Justin: Says her attorney.

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Days Update Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Ava is outside Julie’s Place and calls Rafe, who is at the police station. Rafe calls it a nice surprise and asks if everything is ok. Ava asks him to wish her luck because she’s going to check on her application at Julie’s Place. Rafe wishes her luck but says she won’t need it because Julie would be crazy not to hire her. Ava brings up her previous occupation so her resume being unconventional.

Philip is in Julie’s Place and calls Chloe. Chloe questions his call but Philip says he just wanted to check on her and see how her day was going. Philip adds that after chasing her to Pennsylvania, he felt she needed an attentive boyfriend instead of a crazed jealous one. Chloe tells him that her day is fine and asks what he’s doing. Philip mentions eating at Julie’s Place and invites her to join him. Chloe says she would love to but Brady needs her to finish the quarterly projections. Philip remarks that they wouldn’t want to disappoint Brady.

Gabi and Jake meet with Brady in the town square. Brady notes that Gabi’s text was vague and asks what this is about. Gabi informs Brady that it’s about him spying on Titan.

Bonnie is in the interrogation room and imagines Calista coming in to tell her she has no one left and that even Justin has abandoned her.

Justin sits at home a the Kiriakis Mansion. He looks at his wedding ring until Steve walks in and asks if Justin could use some company as he asks how he’s doing. Justin responds that his fiancée is in jail for larceny and murder, but other than that he’s doing great.

Brady questions Gabi and Jake thinking that he’s spying on them. Jake brings up Brady getting booted out of Titan so maybe he was looking for revenge. Gabi adds that now Brady is the competition. Jake suggests Brady could be looking for an edge to hack them. Brady asks if this is about the keylogger found on their computers because he already told Philip that he had nothing to do with it. Brady doesn’t know why Gabi thinks he’d be involved, but insists he didn’t touch the computers, and hopes that she wouldn’t think he would do something like that. Gabi admits that she doesn’t but says this is about Philip’s personal vendetta against him.

Philip asks if Chloe’s sure she can’t join him. Chloe says she’s sorry but she’s too busy for lunch so she calls a rain check. Philip tells her that he will see her tonight and they hang up. Nicole enters the office and tells Chloe that they aren’t that busy, so she could’ve gone to lunch. Chloe insists that she needs to finish the projections. Nicole asks if it was a good offer. Chloe says Philip was at Julie’s Place. Nicole hopes he’s not too disappointed. Chloe says that Philip was just calling to check on her. Nicole calls that sweet of him. Chloe states that normally it would be, but she can’t help but wonder if he was just calling to check up on her.

Ava goes in to Julie’s Place and sits at the bar where she spots Philip and greets him. Philip tells her that whatever she wants, he wants no part of it, because he learned from her that crime doesn’t pay.

Bonnie freaks out over her imagination of Calista. She screams until Rafe walks in and tells her to take it easy. Rafe asks her what’s going on and why she’s so scared.

Ava informs Philip that she is here checking on her job application which Philip questions and finds funny, because chef seems like an usual career path for a mob boss. Ava responds that she’s been cooking her whole life so she knows more than most chefs. Philip isn’t sure that it’s a suitable career path given her history of stealing and murdering people. Ava tells him that she left that life behind since she decided to make a change and now she’s in a relationship with the police commissioner. Ava declares that she will never go back to a life of organized crime or who she used to be. Ava says that Philip can doubt her, but she’s gone legit and has never been happier. Philip guesses he’s happy for her but jokes that if she had her old connections, she could find someone to break Brady’s legs for him.

Brady questions Gabi not thinking he’s spying on her then. Gabi apologizes for bringing it up and tells Jake that she doesn’t think Brady would sink that low. Brady guesses that Philip told them it was him. Jake and Gabi go along and claim that they couldn’t talk Philip out of the idea. Brady calls Philip a jealous maniac, who thinks he’s after his girlfriend.

Nicole asks Chloe why Philip would be checking up on her. Chloe asks if she hasn’t heard that she can’t be trusted. Nicole jokes about things being great in their relationship. Chloe says it was but lately Philip has been so jealous of Brady and convinced there is something going on between them. Chloe adds that she and Brady are friends that work together, but a few days ago they got stranded in Wilkes-Barre and Philip flew all the way over there to barge in to their motel room. Nicole questions them being in the same room. Chloe explains that the motel was fully booked and there was only one room available. Chloe calls it worse than uncomfortable. Nicole asks if she’s sure that Philip has nothing to worry about. Chloe asks if she’s saying Philip was justified. Nicole says she’s not but points out that Chloe did have feelings for Brady. Nicole adds that she’s the one who encouraged her to go for it with Brady. Chloe notes that she did tell Brady how she felt, but it didn’t work out because he was in love with Kristen, so she chose to be with Philip, and then after that, Brady decided he was interested in her. Chloe says she made her choice and stayed with Philip. Nicole asks if she’s happy with that decision.

Steve informs Justin that Bonnie did not make bail. Justin says good because he never wants to see her again. Steve thinks that’s a little harsh. Justin brings up that Steve warned him and always saw her for what she truly is; a con artist. Justin says he couldn’t see the truth right in his face. Steve points out that he loved her. Justin asks if he did or if he was blinded by how much Bonnie looked like Adrienne. Steve thinks it was more than that. Justin feels he made himself believe that Bonnie had Adrienne’s goodness and he created a fantasy about who she was. Steve asks if it was really fantasy. Justin says he convinced himself that Bonnie changed but she’s the same that she’s always been, so he’s glad he got out of it before she took everything.

Bonnie tells Rafe that she was just having a bad dream. Rafe points out that she was awake. Bonnie calls it a long night. Rafe understands she fired her public defender. Bonnie complains about not getting out on bail and claims she’s not guilty. Rafe asks if she wants to tell him about it since she no longer has representation, she can answer his questions and he might be able to help her. Rafe says that’s if she tells him her side of the story.

Chloe tells Nicole that she was happy with her decision until Philip started acting like a jealous teenager which is a huge pain. Chloe asks if she can imagine someone following her halfway around the country to demand she swear her allegiance to him. Nicole asks if her feelings are gone. Chloe says she still wants to be with Philip, but he has to stop the jealousy because it’s ruining everything. Chloe adds that Philip is getting so paranoid that he thinks Brady is spying on Titan.

Brady tells Jake and Gabi that Philip is obsessed with the idea that he’s going to steal Chloe from him. Brady informs them about Philip following them on their business trip. Gabi remarks that it makes a lot more sense now that he’s telling them and claims they’ve been confused by the way Philip has been acting. Jake adds that it’s like Philip is thinking about Brady all the time. Gabi says he should hear the comments Philip makes around the office.

Ava asks Philip why he would want someone to break Brady’s legs. Philip calls it just a joke but Ava doesn’t believe that and guesses it’s a woman. Ava asks who the lucky lady is. Philip informs her that he’s seeing Chloe. Ava asks where Brady comes in. Philip responds that Brady has been obsessed with Chloe since losing Kristen and has been doing everything he can to take her away from him. Philip adds that Brady acts like he’s spending time with Chloe for work, but he’s not as clever as he thinks he is. Ava asks if he’s threatened. Philip talks about Brady pulling moves to get closer to Chloe than acts like he’s the crazy one. Philip asks Ava if she thinks he’s being paranoid. Ava responds that she actually knows exactly how he feels.

Bonnie asks Rafe what he wants to know. Rafe wants to hear her version of what happened yesterday, since she said she’s innocent and didn’t shoot Calista. Bonnie says that she didn’t. Rafe points out that she ended up dead in her room, so he will need more details. Rafe says he just wants the truth. Bonnie informs Rafe that the gun went off accidentally and swears that she wasn’t trying to kill her. Bonnie calls it self defense because Calista was going to kill her. Bonnie recalls Calista pointing the gun at her, so she knew she had to do whatever she could. Bonnie admits she was desperate and thought she was going to die on her wedding day, so she lunged for the gun, they struggled, and then it went off, and Calista was dead. Rafe calls it some story and he’s glad she told him. Bonnie asks if Rafe believes her.

Brady asks what else Philip has been saying about him. Jake and Gabi say Philip does more than just talk and he’s obsessed, like he’s barely paying attention to his job. Gabi claims she likes Philip so she takes no pleasure in telling him this, but her business depends on Titan and she’s afraid that Philip is going to run the entire company to the ground. Brady asks if they’ve called him on it. Jake points out that he’s their boss and he’s past the point of listening. Brady suggests going to Victor but Gabi worries about her working relationship with Philip if she goes over his head. Gabi starts to say she doesn’t know if she should tell Brady this. Brady responds that it’s good to know that he’s not the only one who has witnessed Philip’s insane behavior lately. Gabi says they are just trying to figure out how to handle it. Gabi then suggests Brady talk to Victor.

Philip questions Ava knowing how he feels from personal experience and asks if it’s her and Rafe. Ava explains that when she and Rafe started getting close, she was worried about Rafe and Nicole. Philip thought they were just friends. Ava confirms they were, but when Nicole and Eric split for good, Rafe became her shoulder to cry on, so she became convinced something was going on and then Rafe admitted he had feelings for Nicole. Philip asks why she’s not breaking Nicole’s legs then. Ava explains that Nicole agreed to stay away from Rafe. Philip calls her lucky and wishes he could get a similar deal with Brady. Ava asks what Chloe says about it. Philip responds that she said she’d stop seeing Brady if he can prove that Brady is spying on him.

Chloe tells Nicole about Philip being convinced that Brady put a keylogger on his computer. Nicole doesn’t think that’s Brady’s style but Chloe says there was no arguing with Philip. Nicole asks what he’s going to do about it. Chloe says she had to agree that if Philip can prove it, then she would stop spending time with Brady. Chloe adds that if Brady didn’t do it, there is nothing to prove. Chloe doesn’t want to talk about her jealous boyfriend anymore and asks what’s going on with Nicole. Nicole says she’s okay. Chloe knows they haven’t really talked since her and Eric broke up. Chloe hopes they are working things out in the time that has passed. Nicole reveals they are working out their divorce proceedings. Chloe says she’s so sorry as she knows it must be hard on her. Nicole admits it’s harder than she thought as she not only has to say goodbye to Eric but to a part of herself. Chloe encourages her to lean on her friends like her and Rafe. Nicole responds that she can’t lean on Rafe anymore.

Bonnie tells Rafe that she told him what happened and asks if he believes her. Rafe says he has a few more questions. Bonnie says she’s an open book. Rafe questions why her sister in law tried to kill her. Bonnie claims she was just crazy. Rafe asks why Calista was using that particular gun. Bonnie says he’s got her there too. Rafe questions Calista just showing up on her wedding day looking to shoot her. Bonnie repeats that Calista was crazy. Rafe asks if it has nothing to do with Bonnie using that exact gun to kill Calista’s husband.

Steve tells Justin that he understands why he feels conned by Bonnie and he has good reason to feel betrayed, but he doesn’t think they know the whole story. Justin asks what part they are missing since they caught Bonnie with Xander’s money and a gun. Justin argues that Bonnie was ready to say her vows, knowing that her sister in law was lying dead in their bed upstairs. Justin adds that those are not the actions of an innocent woman, that he was prepared to spend the rest of his life with. Justin calls it an insult to Adrienne’s memory. Steve doesn’t think Adrienne would see it that way. Justin talks about convincing himself that he could have the kind of life and happiness with Adrienne and he thought he’d share that with Bonnie of all people. Steve tells Justin that he’s allowed to move on. Justin brings up that Steve warned him and kept telling him that Bonnie is not Adrienne, but he wouldn’t listen. Steve notes that he also changed his mind about Bonnie. Steve admits he didn’t want to give her a chance but Justin told him to keep an open mind and convinced him that people change. Justin states that he was wrong. Steve asks if he was wrong, or if he is wrong now.

Brady questions Gabi thinking he should say something to Victor. Gabi points out that Victor is his grandfather and he’ll always love him. Brady is unsure so Jake guesses they have a complicated relationship. Brady brings up that he works for Victor’s competition now. Gabi thinks he would still listen to him. Brady questions why he would since he doesn’t work for Titan anymore. Gabi insists that someone needs to tell Victor what’s happening with Philip and she thinks he should hear it from family. Brady asks what’s really going on here. Gabi claims she’s just worried about the company. Brady questions if she doesn’t have any ulterior motives here. Gabi talks about Gabi Chic being her life’s work and claims she’s in danger of Philip ruining it. Brady says he can’t argue that he thinks Philip is unfit for the position and remarks that either one of them would make a better CEO than him at this point. Gabi insists that they are in danger of Philip destroying the entire company.

Philip tells Ava of his theory that Brady is spying on him at work and wants everything he has, from his girlfriend to his company. Philip argues that Brady failed at Titan and at marriage, so he’s gotten desperate. Philip declares that once he finds the proof, Chloe will see it too. Ava hopes that works out for him. Philip asks about her and Rafe, guessing she feels better that Rafe and Nicole agreed to keep their distance. Ava talks about the worst thing was not having confirmation and having your mind wander, but they hashed it out and now have a fresh start. Philip asks if Rafe’s feelings for Nicole are behind him. Ava assures that they are. Philip asks if Ava can put it behind her and get past the jealousy.

Justin questions Steve defending Bonnie. Steve just thinks there is something not right here and his gut tells him there is more to the story of Calista’s death and the million dollars. Justin mocks the idea. Steve admits that the money doesn’t look good, but there was something off about Calista. Steve notes that Bonnie was clearly upset when Calista showed up and talks about how Calista tried to put the moves on him. Justin questions that meaning she deserved to be murdered. Steve asks why Bonnie shot her and what Calista was doing here in the first place. Justin asks if it matters. Steve thinks that it does. Steve knows Justin is hurt and feels betrayed, but argues that it’s not like him to turn his back on her. Justin asks what he’s supposed to do, pretend like yesterday never happened? Steve advises Justin to go down there and hear her out.

Bonnie asks Rafe who told him that she killed Calista’s husband. Rafe reveals that they found a letter among Calista’s things and it just got back from forensics. Rafe reads the letter where Calista wrote that she arrived in Salem to attend Bonnie’s wedding, a great risk to herself. Calista added that Bonnie stole a million dollars from her and her husband Harrison and when Harrison confronted Bonnie, she killed him. Calista wrote about holding onto the gun all these years and that it would be found covered in Bonnie’s fingerprints. Calista hoped to use the gun to make Bonnie pay the money back, but she’s afraid a similar fate to Harrison would befall her when she confronted Bonnie. Bonnie argues that Calista is lying.

Chloe questions Nicole saying that Ava forbids her from being around Rafe. Nicole clarifies that no one forbids her and it was her idea to stay away, because she decided it would be best since Rafe and Ava are in a new relationship while she’s still recovering from losing Eric. Nicole says she doesn’t want to make things more complicated for them or herself. Chloe calls that noble of her and doesn’t think she’d be willing to make the same sacrifice. Nicole points out that Ava is her friend. Chloe questions Nicole being willing to give up her friendship with Rafe. Nicole says it won’t last forever but feels she has no choice since Rafe is with Ava now and she does not need more trouble.

Bonnie insists that what Calista wrote in the letter is all lies. Rafe notes that the evidence says otherwise, since her prints are on the gun and Calista’s dead body was found in her room and Bonnie had Xander’s million dollars. Bonnie argues that Rafe can’t prove that she killed anyone. Rafe asks if she really thinks a jury will vote to acquit after all of this. Rafe warns Bonnie that if this goes to court, she’s going down.

Justin asks Steve how he’s supposed to hear Bonnie out since she’s in jail. Steve suggests he go visit her. Justin argues that she already has an attorney. Steve informs him that Bonnie fired her attorney. Justin questions what she’s thinking. Steve suggests he go find out because Bonnie needs help. Justin declares that he can’t be the one to give it because he’s not going to give her another chance to play him for a fool. Steve doesn’t think that will happen. Justin argues that he doesn’t even know if he can believe a single word Bonnie says. Steve tells him that no matter what Bonnie might have or not done, he was ready to give his heart to her and start a life with her. Steve questions if Justin can honestly tell him that his feelings for Bonnie are just gone and he doesn’t still love her.

Brady argues that telling Victor that his son is unfit to run the company is a serious move, so he’ll have to think about it before saying anything. Gabi gets that he doesn’t want to cause trouble in his family but argues that it’s his legacy. Gabi says if Brady agrees that Philip is a threat to the company, then he owes it to his family to tell Victor. Philip then approaches and asks what the hell is going on here.

Chloe admits that Ava sounds like Philip in the way she treated Nicole and Rafe. They joke about how Ava and Philip used to work together. Nicole points out that Ava didn’t go as far as Philip. Chloe notes that Ava went far enough for Nicole to worry and stay away from one of her best friends because of what was going on in her mind. Nicole then reveals it wasn’t all in Ava’s mind because Rafe admitted to having feelings for her. Chloe asks how Nicole feels about that.

Steve runs in to Ava as she’s leaving Julie’s Place. Ava asks if he’s heading in for lunch. Steve confirms Kayla is meeting him after her shift. Ava thanks Steve for his advice. Steve asks if she talked to Rafe. Ava informs him that they worked things out and things are going really well. Steve is glad to hear it and says all they can do is be open and honest because nothing hurts a relationship more than keeping secrets…

Rafe warns Bonnie that this would go easier if she just told him why she took Xander’s money. Rafe asks if that part of Calista’s letter is true and if she stole from her and her husband. Justin then walks in and declares the interview is over as he reveals that he is now Bonnie’s attorney.

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Days Update Monday, September 13, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Gwen tells Jack that it’s time he knew the truth about Dr. Snyder and what he was holding over her. Jack is glad she decided to trust him. Gwen says it’s not that she didn’t trust him but because what Snyder had over her was something horrible that she was so ashamed of and she was afraid Jack would disown her. Gwen adds that living with her deception has been more difficult, so she can’t keep this from him any longer.

EJ calls the judge while Xander pleads with him. EJ argues that Xander broke the terms of their agreement and says that was a very big mistake. EJ declares that he has no choice but to see to it that Xander paid for his crimes.

Kayla is in Marlena’s office with her. Marlena asks if Kayla really thinks Bonnie murdered her sister in law and then stole a million dollars from Xander. Kayla responds that she honestly doesn’t know what to think but she just feels so bad for Justin. Kayla then gets a text from Jack, cancelling the appointment to check out Doug. Marlena hopes that means Doug is back to being himself again.

Julie declares that she is so thrilled that their family recipe will be available to everyone in Salem right here in the square. Julie calls it a wonderful occasion and that the donuts taste exactly like Alice’s. Doug stops her and asks who the heck is Alice. Julie tells him that Alice Horton is her grandmother. Doug suggests she just take a box of donuts over to her and ask what she thinks of them then.

In Boston, Chad informs Abigail that her mom let him in. Chad says it’s really good to see her. Abigail says it’s good to see him too. Chad asks if he can hug her.

Xander argues that EJ can’t send him to prison after everything he’s done for him. EJ can’t recall oweing him anything. Xander reminds him of how he made sure EJ was fed in Nashville while he was helpless. Xander grabs EJ’s phone from him. EJ demands that he give it back. Xander asks what he will do if he doesn’t.

Abigail and Chad hug. She mentions that he didn’t tell her that he was coming. Chad admits he was afraid she would talk him out of it because it’s clear that she has no plans of coming home. Chad brings up the kids missing her. Abigail says that’s why she writes them every night and checks in on them. Chad tells her that he misses his wife and asks her to come home back to her life with them.

Gwen imagines telling Jack the truth about how she lied about Abigail causing her miscarriage.

Abigail informs Chad that she can’t come home yet because her grandma’s estate is still a mess and she’s not going to leave her mom alone to deal with it. Chad argues that she said she needed space, so he stayed away but it’s been months. Chad asks if Jennifer can’t find someone else to help finish everything up. Abigail repeats that she’s sorry but she needs more time. Chad stops her and begs her to just talk to him.

Johnny enters Marlena’s office. Kayla hugs him and says she heard he was in town and it’s so good to see him. Johnny tells her to tell his dad that. Kayla says she will and she’ll call him to get together. Kayla says goodbye to Marlena and exits. Johnny then greets Marlena and says he’s sorry she hasn’t seen him before now. Marlena asks why he came to her office instead of the house. Johnny informs her that he’s having problems with Allie and wanted to talk to her in private. Marlena asks what kind of problems he’s having with his sister. Johnny says he will get to that, but first he just wants to say he knows how much she helped Allie when things were tough, how much that meant to her, and that she probably couldn’t have gotten through it without her. Johnny talks about how lucky they are but Marlena thinks he’s laying it on thick. Johnny says he means it but Marlena knows the look on his face and guesses that he wants something, so she asks what it is.

EJ warns Xander that if he leaves without his phone, he’ll just get another phone and speak to the judge. EJ adds that he won’t like what happens after he does. Xander tries to argue but EJ says he’s not waiting any longer. Xander declares that EJ is not leaving this room, until he gets his word that he won’t call the judge back to send him to prison.

Julie takes Doug to the Horton Town Square plaque and reminds him of who Tom and Alice are and that he loves them so much. Doug acknowledges that they are her grandparents and that the town square is dedicated to their memory. Julie guesses that he just read that off the plaque. Doug argues that they are just enjoying this beautiful summer day together. Julie tells him not to pretend and asks for the truth. Doug admits that he feels Tom and Alice were very fine people, but he doesn’t know either one of them. Doug then asks why he can’t remember them and what is wrong with him. Julie responds that she doesn’t know but they are going to find out and fix this.

Johnny asks why Marlena thinks he’s after something. Marlena points out that if he wanted to talk about Allie, he would’ve called and made an appointment. Johnny then admits he wants something, but claims he just wanted to spend time with her. Marlena is sure flattery gets him a long way, but people come here to be honest. Johnny then admits he wants to make an independent film and he needs investors to help him finance his dream.

Doug and Julie go to the hospital. Kayla is surprised to see them since Jack canceled their appointment. Julie explains that was because she asked him to, but since then, they both think that was a mistake.

EJ tells Xander that he is no longer the vegetable he was in Nashville. Xander laughs and asks if he’s sure about that. EJ then punches Xander down and declares that he’s sure.

Gwen snaps out of her imagination. Jack says he can see that whatever she did is torturing her so he asks her to tell him about her and Dr. Snyder.

Abigail tells Chad that Grandma just kept a lot of stuff in her house and talks about how she was going through an upstairs closet, where she found a box with things for a newborn. Abigail says she and Jennifer wondered who she kept it for and they asked if they should keep it, donate it, or trash it and that’s when it hit her that Gwen’s daughter would’ve been Abigail’s niece and Chad’s daughter, so their kids’ half-sister. Abigail thought she was doing fine and getting past all of that, but that child was a member of their family and she’s never really seen it like that. Abigail declares that no matter what anyone says, she can’t help but feel that she killed that child. Chad assures Abigail that she did not kill the child and would not do that. Chad calls Abigail one of the best mothers he’s ever seen and talks about the letters she writes the kids. Chad says when he doesn’t know how to handle their problems, she does. Abigail thanks him for being sweet. Abigail cries that she loves her kids but can’t help but think that Gwen probably loved her baby too, while she just wanted that baby to disappear and even told Gwen that the baby would be better off without her as mother, then that’s what happened.

Jack encourages Gwen to just say it. Gwen says it’s more how to say it. Gwen thinks back to Xander suggesting she tell Jack that she used to be a hooker. Gwen then tells Jack that Dr. Snyder knew that she used to be a prostitute.

Xander gets back up with a bloody mouth from EJ’s punch and warns that he shouldn’t have done that. EJ asks what he’s going to do about it. Xander then tackles EJ.

Marlena asks Johnny about his movie. Johnny says he wants to put a new focus on every day life and has a couple shorts on his phone. Marlena asks if he has any other investors. Johnny says he almost had Tony and Anna, but EJ made sure that didn’t happen as all he cares about is him being the next generation at DiMera. Johnny says he’ll never do it as he knows what he wants and he’s going to make his dream come true.

Xander asks if EJ had enough. EJ punches Xander again. Xander ducks EJ’s next punch. EJ declares that it’s not done untli there’s only one of them left standing. Xander hits EJ with more punches and asks if he’s sure about that. EJ then throws Xander across the bed. Xander grabs a lamp and throws it at EJ but misses. They then continue hitting each other as they fight against the wall. EJ knocks Xander down with two more punches but Xander gets up and charges at EJ once more.

Marlena asks Johnny for the theme of his movie. Johnny admits he hasn’t really settled on one idea yet, but he thinks it would be cool to do like an indy version of the life of Greta Thunberg or Matt Frazier even if he doesn’t see them giving him the rights to their story. Johnny declares that he just wants the focus to be on somebody he could connect with and inspires him. Johnny adds that he is also writing the movie which Marlena calls ambitious. Johnny feels it eliminates any fights between writer and director. Marlena suggests calling Will, since he spent time in Hollywood and learned about navigating difficult situations.

EJ knocks Xander down and kicks him over. EJ complains about Xander feeding him lima beans that he spit out in Nashville. EJ declares that he who laughs last, laughs best as Xander lies on the floor in pain. EJ then walks out of Xander’s room.

Gwen tells Jack that it was when she moved to Philly, before she met Jake, and her fresh start turned in to a kick in the teeth as her job fell through while she had no savings. Gwen says she wasn’t about to go hungry on the streets, so she started making contacts and offering her services. Jack asks if that’s how she met Dr. Snyder. Gwen claims that he was one of her clients. Jack questions if he lived in Philadelphia. Gwen claims he was there for a medical convention or something. Jack recalls Snyder being the doctor who told her that the baby was gone and how he was there when Jack came to see her. Gwen points out that Dr. Snyder threatened to tell Jack about her unless she did what he wanted. Gwen tells Jack that she’s so ashamed of what she’s done and all the things she did to his family when she moved here. Gwen cries that she’s not that person anymore and asks if he can ever forgive her.

Chad tells Abigail that she has to find a way to forgive herself because Gwen waged an attack on her since the day they hired her. Chad adds that he bought her lies and he’ll never understand why, but that baby was conceived because of his mistake. Chad says that if Gwen is still coming between them, it’s because of him. Abigail recalls Chad trying to make her feel better and saying he didn’t want to have a baby with Gwen. Abigail says she knows the kind of father Chad is, so she asks him to be honest on if there is any part of him that hates her for what she did to his child.

Kayla checks Doug’s blood pressure and heart rate and says it’s all good. Julie explains that today they are concerned about his mind because he forgot that he locked her in the freezer at the restaurant, confused Marlena and Vivian, and now he can’t remember Tom and Alice. Julie asks Kayla to help her understand what’s happening to Doug. Doug clarifies that she’s asking if he has alzheimer’s. Kayla says there are a lot of possible causes for memory lapses and a lot are treatable. Julie feels there is hope then. Kayla is glad they decided to come today and hopes it will ease their mind. Kayla says she will do a lot of tests and when she gets the answers, they will figure out the next step together.

Johnny calls Marlena a genius and remembers them all moving to Hollywood so that Will could sell a screenplay he had written about Sami’s life. Johnny wonders if Will would let him read his script. Marlena suggests asking him and says Will can call her if he resists. Marlena adds that she will talk to John about maybe getting involved financially. Johnny jokes that he knows she’s the one who calls the shots. Marlena says that’s not true at all as she and John are equal partners. Marlena advises Johnny to save some of his charm for when he gets to Hollywood because he’s going to need it. Marlena asks if he knows anything about making an elevator pitch. He doesn’t, so she tells him to look it up. Johnny calls her amazing. Marlena says she has to work to do, so they hug and Johnny says it was good to see her as he exits the office.

Gwen asks Jack to say something as he looks so upset. Jack responds that he is upset with himself, because she wouldn’t have been forced to do what she did if he had been in her life. Jack understands that she did what she had to do to survive. Gwen questions if he’s not ashamed of her. Jack cries that he’s done so many things in his life that he’s ashamed of, so if he judged her harshly then he’d be the biggest hypocrite. Jack brings up his adoptive father Harper and how he hunted and killed women who were sex workers. Gwen acknowledges Jack’s life wasn’t easy either. Jack is glad he met Jennifer and that Gwen got out of that life before meeting a psychopath like Harper. Jack hugs Gwen and tells her that she’s safe now. Jack cries that she is his daughter and after what she told him, she will always have a place in his life and in his heart.

Chad tells Abigail that the idea of fathering a child with Gwen was a nightmare but then he thought the child didn’t ask to be born, so he knew he had to try his best to be a father to that baby. Chad assures that no part of him hates Abigail for anything. Chad wishes Abigail would fly back with him today, so they and the kids could be a family again. Abigail says she wants that, but she can’t, because it’s not just about the guilt or how she feels about Gwen and the baby, but about them. Abigail brings up that Chad was unfaithful to her and she’s having a really hard time seeing him as the man she saw before, the love of her life, and devoted husband. Abigail admits she’s having a really hard time trusting Chad. Chad wants to help her do that, however long it takes and whatever he has to do, because he is devoted, from now on, to making her happy and making her feel safe and loved. Chad calls Abigail the most important person in the world to him and says she always will be. Chad declares that he’s nothing without her. Chad asks Abigail to come home with him.

Kayla tells Julie that she knows it’s scary but they will try not to think of the worst. Doug agrees they will do their best. Kayla says she will be back when she has scheduled the tests, so she exits the room. Doug tells Julie that he knows who he is and who she is, so even if he forgets their names, he will never forget how much he loves her as they hug.

Jack tells Gwen that when he thinks about what she’s been through, it breaks his heart. Gwen asks him not to feel sorry for her anymore and says it’s okay because of how blessed she is to have a father that loves her and believes in her. Jack feels blessed too because Gwen trusts him enough to be open with him. Jack hopes that his love for her and belief in her helps her believe in herself. Jack declares he will do everything he can to help and support her as he will always be there for her. Gwen cries that she’s so grateful as they hug. Jack then gets a call from Jennifer, so Gwen tells him to take it. Jack answers the call and asks how everything is going as he exits the room. Gwen tells herself that she went with Xander’s ridiculous hooker story because she’s a coward, but she couldn’t let her father hate her.

Xander pulls himself up in pain in his room and declares that the one that laughs last, hardest, and longest is going to be him.

Johnny goes to the DiMera Mansion where EJ is pouring a drink and asks if he had a tough day at the office. EJ asks if he got the financing for his pipe dream. Johnny says he might have and also got a lead on a hot script, but doesn’t think EJ will be a fan of the subject because it’s called The Sami Brady Story. EJ asks if he’s joking. Johnny responds that he’s not and he’s afraid some of the characters don’t get their happy Hollywood ending.

Abigail agrees to come home with Chad. She tells Chad that there is nothing more that she wants in the world than to let go of the guilt and pain and come home to he and the kids. Chad assures that he’s got her and he knows it won’t be easy but he’ll be with her every step of the way as he hugs her.

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Days Transcript Monday, September 13, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Jack: I’m glad you finally decided to trust me.

Gwen: It’s not that I didn’t trust you. Um… I was delivering drugs for snyder because– well, what he had on me is so… horrible really is the only word for it.

Jack: Okay.

Gwen: Something that I am so ashamed of that I was afraid that you would disown me. And well, living with my deception has been a great deal more difficult. Perhaps that’s your influence. Anyway…I can’t keep this from you any longer.

Ej: Of course I’ll hold for the judge. I’ll never understand being required to listen to elevator music while on hold.

Xander: Come on, mate. You don’t wanna do this.

Ej: You broke the terms of our agreement, xander. I got the drug charges against you dropped. I talked nicole into hiring you back. And in return, you treated me like a mark. That was a very big mistake. I’m an officer of the court, and I have no choice but to see that you pay for your crimes.

Marlena: Do you really think that bonnie murdered that woman, and then stole a million dollars from xander?

Kayla: I honestly don’t know what to think. I just feel so badly for justin.

[Phone beeps] Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry. Hmm, hmm.

Marlena: What?

Kayla: Well, jack had made an appointment for me to evaluate doug this morning and now he just canceled.

Marlena: I hope that means that doug is back to being himself again.

Julie: Oh my. I’m so thrilled. I mean, our family recipe is going to be available to everybody in salem right here in the square. I mean, it’s a–it’s a thrill. It’s a wonderful occasion. And remarkably, these donuts–they taste exactly like alice’S.

Doug: I’m sorry, darling, but who the heck is alice?

Julie: Alice horton. My grandmother.

Doug: Well, then, why don’t you just take a box full of donuts over to her and ask her what she thinks of them?

Chad: Your mom let me in.

Abigail: Yeah, I see.

Chad: It’s really good to see you.

Abigail: It’s good to see you too.

Chad: Can I–can I hug you or something? Male narrator: Like sand through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Sweeping orchestration]


Xander: You can’t send me to prison.

Ej: That’s not true, and you know it.

Xander: After everything I’ve done for you.

Ej: Forgive me, I can’t recall owing you for a thing.

Xander: Nashville?

Ej: What about it?

Xander: Oh, I guess you don’t remember ’cause you were a vegetable during most of it. But who do you think made sure you were fed? I literally put food in your mouth three times a day.

Ej: Hmm. And I’m sure you did that because you feel a deep sense of empathy for your fellow man.

Xander: I wiped the drool off your face. You were helpless as a baby!

Ej: Return that this instant.

Xander: You were my special project, my little elvis.

Ej: Give me the phone now.

Xander: What are you gonna do if I don’t?

[Soft somber music]


Abigail: You didn’t tell me you were coming.

Chad: I was afraid you’d talk me out of it. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s become clear that you don’t have any plans to come home. Abby, the kids miss you.

Abigail: I miss them too; that’s why I write them every day and I video chat with them every night.

Chad: I know that. I miss you. I miss my wife. Please come home–come back to your life–with us.

Jack: I’ve seen you at your worst, gwen. I still welcomed you into my life. So just tell me–what was snyder holding over your head?

Gwen: He knew that I lied about my miscarriage.

Jack: What?

Gwen: He knew that I said that abigail caused it even though it wasn’t true.

Jack: Why did you lie?

Gwen: Well, I came to in the hospital. That’s when it hit me all over again that I’d miscarried. And I just wanted to make abigail feel something too. So I came between her and chad. And the person who knew about my lie was snyder. That’s the big secret he used to make me run those drugs for him.

Jack: Why did xander say he was part of it?

Gwen: He was covering for me, jack. He didn’t do it for me. He did it for you. He didn’t want you to accept the truth that your oldest daughter had wrecked your youngest daughter’s life.

Abigail: I can’t come home yet. Grandma’s estate is still a mess, and I’m not going to leave my mom alone to deal with it.

Chad: Abby, you said you needed space. I stayed away, okay? It has been–it has been months. Now can’t jennifer find somebody else to help finish everything up?

Abigail: I’m sorry. I need more time. Okay?

Chad: Abby, just stop. Okay. I–I’m–I’m–I’m ask–I’m begging you. Just please talk to me.

Kayla: Hey!

Johnny: Aunt kayla, hi.

Kayla: I heard you were in town. It’s so good to see you. Look at you all grown up.

Johnny: Yeah. Tell my dad that, will you?

Kayla: Yes. I definitely will. But listen, I’ll call you. We’ll get together, okay?

Johnny: Okay. Great.

Kayla: All right. Bye-bye.

Marlena: Sure.

Johnny: Hello.

Marlena: Hi, sweetie.

Johnny: I’m sorry you haven’t seen me before now.

Marlena: Well, that’s all right. Why don’t you sit down?

Johnny: Sure.

Marlena: So why did you come to my office instead of coming to the house?

Johnny: Because I’m having problems with allie and i wanted to talk to you in private.

Marlena: Oh. What kind of problems are you having with your sister?

Johnny: I’ll get to that. But first–I just wanted to say, I know how much you helped her when things were tough, and what a difference that made to her. And that she probably couldn’t have gotten through it without you. And how amazing you were. We’re so lucky to have you for a grandma–

Marlena: Aren’t you laying it on just a little bit thick?

Johnny: Oh, come on. I mean it.

Marlena: I know that look on your face.

Johnny: What look?

Marlena: It’s a look you had when you were seven years old and you wanted me to talk your mother into letting you keep the snake you found in the garden.

Johnny: It was just a garter snake. It wouldn’t have been any trouble.

Marlena: Yeah. You want something? Tell me what it is.

Ej: If I have to leave here without my phone, I’ll just get another phone to speak to the judge. You won’t like what happens after I do.

Xander: Just take a deep breath.

Ej: Don’t patronize me.

Xander: You know the old saying, get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar? Once the cops see that your money had nothing to do with bonnie gunning down her sister-in-law in cold blood–

Ej: Time is money and I’ve wasted enough of it on you. I’m not inclined to wait any longer.

Xander: You are not leaving this room until I have your word that you aren’t gonna call that judge back and send me to prison.

Julie: This is alice and tom. You loved them so much. Don’t tell me you don’t remember them.

Doug: Well, of course I do. They’re your grandparents–alice and tom. And the square is dedicated to their memory.

Julie: Darling, you could tell that just by reading that plaque.

Doug: Don’t be so upset, my love. It’s a beautiful summer day and we are enjoying it together.

Julie: Don’t pretend. Please. Tell me the truth, doug.

Doug: Okay, truth. Well, when I see these faces, I have the feeling that they are very fine people. But truth, honey, I don’t know either one of them from adam. Oh, my. Why can’t I remember them? What is wrong with me?

Julie: I don’t know, sweetheart, I don’t know. We’re gonna find out. We’re gonna fix this.

Doug: Okay, okay.

Get ready. It’s time for

the savings event of the year.

Johnny: Why do you think I’m after something?

Marlena: Because if you wanted to talk about allie, you would’ve called and made an appointment.

Johnny: Okay. I do want something. I want to spend some time with my favorite grandma.

Marlena: Yeah. I’m sure flattery gets you a long way. But the people that sit in that chair come in here to be honest.

Johnny: Okay, fair enough. I want to make an independent film and I need investors to help me finance my dream.

Kayla: I’m so surprised to see you both since jack canceled your schedule appointment.

Julie: Well, jack canceled because I asked him to, but since then–doug and I both think that that was a mistake.

Ej: It’s clear that you have diminished mental capacity, so I’ll use short words. I am no longer the vegetable I was in nashville.

Xander: You sure about that, mate?

Ej: I’m sure.

Gwen: I’m sorry. I can see what this has done to you. But ugh! I have to say it feels like this tremendous weight has just been lifted off my shoulders. I just, I couldn’t allow you to continue blaming xander when he had nothing to do with it. But I also was so scared that you would hate me if I told you–

Jack: You were right to be scared. Do you have any idea what you’ve done to abigail? Do you? You pack your things. You get the hell out of here.

Gwen: Dad, please.

Jack: Don’t you ever call me that again. You are no daughter of mine.

Jack: Gwen? Honey? Whatever you did, it’s really torturing you. Please tell me. Tell me about you and snyder.

Chad: Thank you.

Abigail: Grandma just kept a lot of stuff at our house, you know? Just the attic and the basement, you know, piled to the ceiling with just clothes and books and knickknacks. I’m going through some upstairs closet the other day and I, I find this box.

Chad: What was in it?

Abigail: Things for a newborn. Some tiny sleepers, and blankets, and bibs. A little lamb and stuff, you know? Mom and I were wondering if she had kept it for her or if she had kept it for me. And I’m of course just thinking keep, donate, trash. Then it hits me that gwen’s daughter was my niece. And she’s your dau–I mean, she’s your daughter. And she’s our kids’ half sister. And I thought I was doing fine. You know, I thought I’m getting past all of that. And the truth is that that child was a member of our family, and I guess I just had never really seen that, you know?

Chad: Yeah. But you could–you couldn’t–

Abigail: I know, but no matter what anyone says, I can’t help, but feel like I, I killed that child. Are you tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean?

Chad: Abby– you didn’t kill that baby. You wouldn’t do that. Look at me. You are one of the best mothers that I have ever seen. Okay? You did–I read the letters that you write the kids every day, or the boxes full of surprises every week. When I don’t know how to handle one of their problems, you know exactly what to do to make them feel better. A thousand miles away.

Abigail: Thank you for being sweet. Thank you. I love them so much. And I just– I just can’t help but think that gwen probably loved her baby too, you know? And all I wanted was for that baby to disappear. And–oh my god, chad, I told her that the baby would be better off dead rather than have her as a mother. And then I went and I made sure that’s what happened.

Jack: Gwen, why don’t you just say it?

Gwen: Well, it’s more a matter of how to say it.

Xander: I’ve got it–tell him you used to be a hooker. Tell jack that snyder was one of your clients.

Gwen: The thing snyder knew about me is that I used to be a prostitute.

Xander: You shouldn’t have done that, mate.

Ej: And what are you gonna do about this, hmm?

Marlena: So… tell me about your movie.

Johnny: I wanna put a new focus on everyday life. I made a couple of shorts on my phone.

Marlena: Do you have any other investors?

Johnny: I almost had uncle tony and anna, but dad made sure that didn’t happen. All he cares about is me being the next generation at dimera, but I’ll never do it. I don’t care how hard I have to fight. I know what I want, and I’m going to make my dream come true.

Xander: Enough!

Ej: This isn’t done until there’s only one of us still standing.

Xander: You sure about that? I’d hate to mess up your pretty new face.

Certain hpv-related cancers?

Marlena: Tell me some more about your movie. Tell me about the theme.

Johnny: I haven’t really settled on one idea yet, but I think it’d be cool to do like an indie version on the life of greta thunberg or matt fraser. I don’t see either one of those people giving the rights to a guy like me for their story, but all I’m really sure of is that I want the focus to be on somebody who I can connect with. Somebody who inspires me.

Marlena: And who are you thinking should write it for you?

Johnny: Me.

Marlena: Oh. Wow. That’S… that’s ambitious, I guess.

Johnny: Well, it eliminates the fights between the writer and the director.

Marlena: You know, you should–you should maybe call your brother. And will spent some, some time in hollywood and he’s learned the lessons about how to navigate some difficult situations.

Ej: That’s for all those wretched lima beans in nashville. I kept spitting them out, but you just shoved them back in my mouth and laughed. He who laughs best laughs last.

Gwen: When I moved to philly, that was before I met jake. It was supposed to be my fresh start. That turned out to be an absolute bloody kick in the teeth. The job I was supposed to have completely fell through, and I didn’t have a dime of savings. And I wasn’t about to go hungry and live on the streets ’cause I’d already done a lot of that with mom. So–I started making some contacts and–offering my services.

Jack: Is that how you met up with snyder?

Gwen: He was one of my clients.

Jack: He lived in philadelphia then?

Gwen: No, he was there for a medical convention or something.

Jack: He was the doctor who told you that the baby was gone.

Gwen: Rotten karma that. When I was admitted to the hospital, he walked into the room.

Jack: He was there when I came to see you.

Gwen: Yeah. He knew who my father was and used that to blackmail me. He threatened to tell you about me unless I did what he wanted. I’m so, so, so ashamed of what I’ve done in philly and when I moved here. All the things that I did to you and your family. But you have to know that I’m not that person anymore. Will you ever forgive me? Can you forgive me, jack?

Chad: Abby, you have to find a way to forgive yourself. Okay, gwen waged a full-out attack on you from the day we hired her. And I, I bought into her lies. I’ll never understand why. But that baby was conceived because of my mistake. Do you understand? Gwen may have miscarried, but if she’s still coming between us, it is because of me.

Abigail: You know, you tried to make me feel better. And you kept saying that you didn’t want to be having a baby with her and I believed you. But I need you to be honest with me, because I know the kind of father that you are. Is there any part of you that hates me for what I made happen to your child?

Kayla: Well, you have the blood pressure and the heart rate of a man half your age.

Doug: Must be all that racquetball.

Julie: That’s wonderful. But today we’re concerned about his mind. He forgot that he locked me in our walk-in freezer at the restaurant. He confused marlena and vivian’s names, and now–he can’t remember tom and alice. So, kayla, can you please help me understand what’s happening to him?

Doug: What the young lady is asking is, does her old man have alzheimer’s?

Limu emu & doug

Kayla: There are a lot of possible causes for these mental lapses of yours.

Doug: Not just alzheimer’s?

Kayla: No. And a lot of the causes are eminently treatable.

Julie: So–there’s hope?

Kayla: I am so glad that you two decided to come today. I hope that this will ease your mind. I am going to do a lot of tests. And when I get the answers back, we will figure out what the next step is. Together.

Johnny: You’re a genius.

Marlena: Will you stop that please?

Johnny: I’m serious. I remember us all moving to hollywood so will could sell a screenplay he’d written about mom’s life.

Marlena: Ah, yes. “The sami brady story.”

Johnny: That could be exactly what I’m looking for actually. Do you think will would let me read his script?

Marlena: I don’t know. You could–you could ask him certainly. And if you meet some resistance, you could have him call me. He’s my other favorite grandson. And I will talk to john about maybe getting involved financially.

Johnny: Oh, come on. I know you’re the one who calls the shots.

Marlena: No, that’s entirely not true. John and I are equal partners. May I give you some advice?

Johnny: Sure.

Marlena: Save some of that rakish charm for when you get to hollywood; you’re going to need it. I’m wondering if the university taught you anything about making an elevator pitch.

Johnny: What’s that?

Marlena: Look it up.

Johnny: You’re amazing.

Marlena: Come on. Get outta here. I got work to do.

Johnny: It’s good to see you.

Marlena: You too. Hmm.

Gwen: Could you please say something? You look so very upset.

Jack: I am. With myself. You wouldn’t have been forced to do what you did if I had been in your life.

Gwen: Then you understand?

Jack: You had no backup. You did what you had to do to survive.

Gwen: I can’t–I just– you’re not ashamed of me?

Jack: No. I, I have done so many things that I have been ashamed of in my life. If I judged you harshly, I would be the biggest hypocrite in the world. You may remember this from all that research that you did, but my, my adopted father, harper devereaux– he hunted and killed women who were sex workers.

Gwen: Oh. Your life hasn’t exactly been easy either then has it?

Jack: Thank god I met jennifer. Thank god you got out of the life before you encountered a psychopath like him. Oh, god. You’re safe now.

Gwen: I thought you were gonna chuck me out.

Jack: No. You’re my daughter. After what you’ve told me, you’ll always have a place in my life. And in my heart.

Chad: The idea of fathering a child with gwen, it was–it was a nightmare. Okay. But then I thought, that child did not ask to be born. So then I knew that I had to try my best to be a father to that baby. You know? But no part of me, there’s no part anywhere in my body or soul that hates you for anything. I wish you’d fly back with me. So you and me and the kids, so we can be a family again.

Abigail: I want that. I want it, I do. I want that too, but I can’T. I can’T. It’s not just about the guilt. It’s not about the way I feel about gwen and the fact that I didn’t want her and your baby to exist. It’s, it’s us. It’s you and it’s me and I– you were unfaithful to me. And I’m having a really hard time looking at you and seeing the man that I saw there before. Seeing the love of my life, my devoted husband. I’m having a really hard time trusting you.

Chad: Let me help you. I’m gonna help you do that. Okay? I’m gonna help you do that. However long it takes. Whatever I have to do. I am devoted from now on to making you happy. To making you feel safe and loved. Oh, my god, you are the most important person in the entire world to me. You always will be. I’m nothing without you. You know that? I’m nothing. Come home. What do you say? I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Kayla: I know this is scary. But let’s try not to think of the worst, okay?

Doug: We’ll do our best. Won’t we?

Julie: You bet.

Kayla: All right. I will be back once I’ve scheduled the tests. Hang in there.

Doug: My love… I know who I am and I know who you are. Even, even if I forget our names, I will never, ever forget how much I love you.

Jack: When I think about what you have been through, it breaks my heart.

Gwen: Please don’t–please don’t, don’t, don’t feel sorry for me anymore. It’s okay because how very blessed am i to have a father that not only loves me, but believes in me too?

Jack: I’m feeling blessed too. Because you trust me enough to be open with me. And I only hope that my love for you, and my belief in you helps you to believe in yourself. And I’m gonna do everything i can to help you and support you. And I will–I will always be here for you. I always will. You know that by now, don’t you?

Gwen: I do. I’m so grateful.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Oh, I’m sorry. It’s, it’s, it’s jennifer.

Gwen: Take it please. Please take it.

Jack: Hello, my love? Yeah. How’s everything going?

Gwen: Well, xander, I went with your ridiculous hooker story, because I’m a bloody coward. But I couldn’t let my father hate me. I couldn’t lose him.

Xander: Ugh! Damn you, dimera. The one that laughs last and hardest and longest is gonna be me, you son of a bitch. That is gonna be me.

Johnny: Tough day at the office?

Ej: You should see the other bloke. Have you got the financing for your pipe dream?

Johnny: I might have. Also got a lead on a hot script. I don’t think you’ll be a fan of the subject matter though.

Ej: Try me.

Johnny: It’s called “the sami brady story.”

Ej: You’re joking.

Johnny: I’m not. And I’m afraid some of the characters don’t get their happy hollywood ending.

Abigail: Yes.

Chad: Yes?

Abigail: Yes. There’s nothing that I want more in the world than to let go of the guilt and the pain and trust in our marriage again. And come home to you and thomas and charlotte.

Chad: Yeah. And don’t–and don’t worry. Okay? I got you. No matter what. It’s not gonna be easy, but I am gonna be with you every step of the way.


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Days Short Recap Monday, September 13, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie was happy that Alice’s recipe would be shared with the world. Doug didn’t know who she was. Julie was surprised that he didn’t remember her. Chad went to Abby to find out when she was coming home. She told him that her grandmother’s estate wasn’t finalized yet so she wasn’t sure when she would come home. Chad was upset about it and told her that he wanted her to come home. She wasn’t ready to do that yet. EJ demanded his money from Xander. Xander told him that the police had the money. He didn’t want to hear that. He got upset and punched him. Julie showed Doug a picture of Tom and Alice, but it didn’t help. He didn’t know who they were. He wanted to know what happened to him. She was determined to find out what was going on with him. Abby told Chad how she realized that Gwen’s daughter was going to be her niece. She said she was part of the family and she felt like she killed the child.

Chad told Abby that she wasn’t responsible for what happened to Gwen’s baby. She appreciated what he said. She felt responsible for what happened. Gwen told Jack that she used to be a prostitute. EJ and Xander ended up fighting over the money. Gwen told Jack how she became a prostitute. He wanted to know if she met Snyder when she was prostituting. She implied that she knew him while she was a prostituting. He told her how he was her doctor when she lost the baby. She said that she wasn’t the person she was before. She asked him if he could forgive her for what she did. Chad wanted Abby to forgive herself. He said that Gwen was ready to attack her when they met. He told her that the baby was conceived because he made a mistake. He said the miscarriage was a mistake. Abby wanted him to be honest with her. She wanted to know if there was a part of him that hated her for what she did to his child. Kayla examined Doug. She said he had the heart of someone half his age. Julie said she was worried about his mind. She told Kayla that they were concerned about his mind. She let her know what happened with him. He asked if he had Alzheimer’s. Jack felt guilty for not being around Gwen while she was growing up. He told her how his father wanted to kill people who were sex workers. He assured her that she was safe. Chad said that he wasn’t happy about being the father of Gwen’s baby. He said that he didn’t blame the child for what happened. He said he didn’t blame Abby for anything. He wanted her to come home so they could be a family again. Kayla agreed to schedule some tests for Doug. Gwen decided that she couldn’t let Jack hate her. Abby agreed to go home with Abby.

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Days Short Recap Friday, September 10, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack called Kayla to make an appointment for Doug. Julie came in and said Doug didn’t need to get checked out. She didn’t think there was a need to worry. He didn’t agree with her. He told her about Doug being confused. She said Doug didn’t have dementia. Doug came in and said she was right. Doug told Julie and Jack he wasn’t going to leave anyone in a freezer again. He said everything else were little memory problems. He thought it was because he wasn’t getting enough sleep. Doug reminded Julie that Allie and Chanel were opening the bakery and needed their support. Jack wanted Doug to see Kayla first. Tripp wished Allie luck on her opening. She apologized for not talking since they had drinks the other night. She said she has been preoccupied. He asked if she was distracted by the opening or by what happened between Chanel and Johnny. She said she couldn’t talk right now. Chanel showed up to clear the air with Allie about her and Johnny. Allie said she loved her brother, but he had a bad track record with women. She said she didn’t want Chanel to get hurt. Chanel said she has been too busy to talk to Johnny. She said she was ignoring his calls. Allie apologized to Chanel for causing a scene. Allie said she did it because she cared about her. Allie asked for forgiveness. Chanel said she knew she was looking out for her. Chanel said she didn’t want to be with her, but she didn’t want Johnny to be with her. Allie said she was jealous of them being together. Johnny came in the living room as EJ was leaving Xander a threatening message. Johnny didn’t approve of the kind of business he was into. They ended up arguing over Johnny’s movie. Johnny left the room. Chad came in the living room. EJ and Chad argued over Johnny wanting to make movies.

While EJ and Chad were arguing, they talked about Abby. EJ told him to get his wife and bring her home. Chad said he didn’t tell his wife what to do. Chad reminded him that his wife wasn’t around. Chad told him to find Sami and drag her back by the hair. EJ said he didn’t want Sami there. He said he didn’t know where she was. Chad said he didn’t believe him. Johnny and Tripp ran into each other. They talked about what happened when they met for drinks. Johnny said Allie wanted Chanel for herself. He said it was Allie’s fault that Chanel ghosted him. He said he liked Chanel, but he didn’t know if he would ever hear from her again. Gwen went to see Xander. She said she saw how Bonnie was arrested. Gwen asked if he got his money back. He said he didn’t exactly get it back. He said the police took the money as evidence after they found Calista’s body. He said he had to EJ until he got the money. Xander called EJ to tell him the police had the money but he would get it to him soon. EJ told him to do it. Gwen told Xander she didn’t tell Jack the truth. She wanted the issue with Doug and Julie to distract Jack. They made jokes about the ways Doug could kill Julie. Xander and Gwen made love. After Xander and Gwen made love, they tried to come up with lies she could tell Jack about why Snyder was blackmailing her. He said to tell Jack that she was a hooker and Snyder was one of her clients. She didn’t like the idea. She decided to tell the truth. She said it would be a load off of her. She said Jack may hate her, but he wouldn’t hate Xander.

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