GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Elizabeth waits anxiously for the decision from the ethics committee of the hospital as to whether or not she can keep her job.

Curtis advises Trina nor to let the fact that her mother kept a secret from her affect her relationship with her mother. Portia suggests to Curtis that they go to marriage counseling to work on fixing their marriage. Curtis tells Portia that he doesn’t know if their marriage can be fixed because he doesn’t trust her anymore.

Brook Lynn and Chase almost get back together but Chase gets angry with Brook Lynn again when she tells him that she signed a non-disclosure agreement with Linc that prevents her from talking about the sexual harassment she went through while Linc was her manager. Brook Lynn tells Chase she did it so he could go back to being a cop and he wouldn’t have to continue singing to get enough evidence to put Linc in jail. Chase thinks Brook Lynn only wanted to get the rights to her songs back, and she wasn’t doing it to help him. Chase tells Brook Lynn that if she really signed the agreement to help him, she would have told him about the agreement after she signed it instead of lying to him and telling him she agreed to write commercial jingles for Linc. Chase thinks Brook Lynn didn’t tell him that truth right away because she knew what she was doing, was wrong and he would be angry with her about it.

Gregory is angry with Alexis because she called Finn when he told her he didn’t want Finn or Chase to know what is going on with his life.

Esme and baby Ace move in with Laura after she turns down Spencer’s offer to pay for her to live in the room above Kelly’s while Ace live with Laura since the room isn’t big enough for her and the baby to live there together. Esme moves into Laura’s house with baby Ace.

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GHs Transcript Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


natalie, this is thinly sourced. This is unpublishable. This is dangerously close to libel. Should ask gregory to help with it? No, you shouldn’t ask him. He’s not available to — to help you. And it’s not his job to help you. Can you please, natalie, fix this and get it back to me before it lands us in court?

[ Sighs ] Well, that wasn’t uncomfortable. Yeah, well, I don’t have time to be nice. What’s up?

[ Chuckles ] Dinner plans — you, me, port charles grill? Oh! I’m sorry. I f-forgot. I’m sorry. Well, that’s not like you. What’s up? Hi. Uh, gregory chase. I was wondering if dr. Park was available right now. And if not, I need to make an appointment with him at his earliest convenience. Well, you already have an appointment with him next month, professor chase. Yeah, I know, I know. But I’m experiencing some new symptoms, and others are worsening. Dad? Trina. How are you? I’m okay. I have no idea how to act around you. Hey, thanks for letting me stay with you and kevin, grandmother. Uncle sonny’s place is getting crowded. Yeah, we’re happy to help. We like having you and charlotte at the apartment. Yeah. And how lucky is it, too, that there’s an extra room for the baby? It’s a perfect solution to all of esme’s problems. Spencer, don’t get too far ahead of yourself here, okay? Because esme may hate this idea. Why should she? She should want what’s best for her son.

[ Footsteps approaching ] No better place than staying with his family. Laura, I-I thought we agreed that you could visit me and ace, but he can’T. I’m just gonna have a sauvignon blanc. Okay, johnny? Nina, I’m glad I found you. Has something happened to sonny?

[ Playing chords ] Working on a new song?

[ Sighs ] So far I’ve got about three verses on regret. It’s garbage. Brook lynn quartermaine does not create garbage. You’re just being nice. I’m being honest. I love your songs. I love a lot of things when it comes to you. Like spending time with you, talking to you. Really? Yeah, and I miss that, brook lynn. I miss us. I miss us, too. Then why don’t we do something about it? Chase, wait. There’s something you don’t know.

[ Sighs ] Terry. The ethics committee is still meeting? How long is it gonna take them to decide whether I can still work? Portia’s in there now speaking on your behalf. We want her to take a long time. But, really, what can she say to convince the committee that I’m not a liability to G.H. Or my patients? No one thinks you’re a liability.

[ Sighs ] Ah. It’s okay. How’d it go?

We broke up for a reason. You didn’t tell me that dante asked you to write a letter to the ccrb, and then you held off writing it until after the board made their decision. Why should you forgive that? I mean, I-I was invested in your singing career. Okay, I-I put that ahead of you wanting to be reinstated as a cop. I betrayed your trust. But you finally wrote your letter of support, and now the ccrb is reconsidering their decision. Does that mean you forgive me? It’s gonna take a long time for me to trust you again. But I’m willing to try. Are you? You just spent the afternoon with willow. That must have been hard. What does that have to do with us? Oh, let’s face it, chase. Okay, you and willow have quite the history. You’re emotionally all over the place, and now you’re — you’re coming in here, you’re wanting to take life with both hands, and — and I’m around. Whoa. You are more than just around. Okay? You are in my head constantly. I can’t stop thinking about you, about what we had. And I want it back. Don’t you? Nothing’s happened to sonny, so far as I’m aware. Is there a reason for your concern? Well, you’re the police commissioner.

[ Chuckles ] Okay? So I just — I-I just automatically thought that there was an accident, but, yes, I overreacted. You can blame it on, you know, the stress and worried about willow, everything going on in my life. And if you ask my staff at crimson and at the metro court, they’ll — they’ll all say that, you know, I’m — I’ve been on edge and I’m always thinking about the — uh, did you want to ask me something? Forget it. You seem like you have a lot on your mind. Wait. Are you on duty? No. Then order a drink. Talk to me.

[ Sighs ] It’s about curtis. I… I hoped you could tell me… is he okay? Well, for whatever it’s worth, uh, I don’t know how to act around you, either. Does that help? A little. Um, I-I still haven’t come to a decision about getting a dna test. I’ve been really busy with, like, school and stuff. You take all the time you need with school… and stuff. Thanks. I mean, it’s really weird running into you. I feel like I used to see my family all the time. And ever since the wedding, I’ve basically been by myself. How’s that been? Sometimes good. Sometimes not so great. You haven’t seen your mother since she told you the truth? Just once. But it didn’t really go well. Have you seen her? A few times. I gotta be honest — I just can’t seem to… forgive her? Me, too. The committee seemed very open-minded about my support of you. Could you tell which way they were leaning? It was very formal. They were asking me questions about your history here, so I spoke on your professionalism and how you take care with each and every one of your patients, your knowledge and skill as a nurse. And they said they’ve already spoken with finn and frida navarro. Oh, they also said that they got some letters from patrick drake, uh, robin scorpio-drake, griffin munro… and epiphany. They didn’t say they received anything from her. But my union rep said they reached out to her. Maybe epiphany hasn’t turned in her letter. Well, what is the committee gonna think? Epiphany was my mentor. In a lot of ways, she still is. If they don’t know that she supports me, I don’t see how I have a chance. It appears that several of my reporters have forgotten how to check facts and clear legal. Perhaps they are missing the calm influence and guidance of professor chase. Perhaps you are, too. Which is why I wanted him on my editorial board. But that ship has sailed. Change the subject, please. Hmm. Did you confront gregory about why he no longer teaches at pcu? Yes, I confronted him, and I sure as hell wish I didn’T. Hey, finn, I didn’t see you there. Yeah, no, the ethics committee is almost done with their meeting. I was just on my way up to see if they made a decision. Elizabeth will be glad you came. Of course. Thank you for your help. Do you still need a — uh, directions? No. No. My — my son knows the way. Yeah. It’s nice to see you, too, esme. Hi, handsome! How you doing today? I missed you.

[ Smooches ]

[ Laura chuckles ] What is he doing here? Esme, we have wonderful news for you and the baby. Really? Well, that would be a change. After careful consideration, da scorpio has agreed to drop the charges against you, esme. You’re gonna be released from spring ridge. The da could still refile the charges at a later time, but you can raise your son outside of prison. Hello! Earth to esme. Did you hear me? Uh, I did. Um… but it doesn’t matter. Why not? Because ace and i aren’t leaving. Oh, esme. Wait — ah.

Before the wedding, I felt like my mom and i could talk to each other about anything. I mean, we fought before, but she’d just tell me that it’s — it’s part of the mother/daughter contract. I just never thought she would keep a huge secret from me, that she doesn’t know if my dad is my father… or you. When me and your mother reconnected here in port charles, she promised me that there’d be no more secrets. So she blindsided me, too. What bothers me most is that she didn’t trust me. When marshall was first diagnosed, he didn’t trust that my mother could handle his illness. My brother and I, we were — we were young, and I knew he was protecting us, but… those years were lost. But you and marshall are close now, right? Yeah. But that sure is a long time without a father. At least you’re talking. Yeah, we’re talking. Trina, you have every right to be upset with your mother. I can’t help but wonder, how long are you gonna go without talking to your mom? The committee is not out to get you on a technicality. A missing letter of support from my mentor isn’t a technicality. It’s a red flag.

[ Sighs ] Isn’t epiphany on her campus visit at johns hopkins? Yes, that’s right. That’s the school that she got accepted to. She’s probably meeting with her professors, shadowing a resident. I-I mean, it makes perfect sense that she wouldn’t have a chance to write the letter for you yet. She might not even have gotten the request. Yeah, right, I didn’t even think about that. Okay, thanks. I’m gonna go grab some coffee, get some air. You want anything? I’m good, thanks. I’m fine. Keep positive thoughts, okay? Thanks.

[ Exhales sharply ] You know, as nervous as I am for myself and my future, I am so happy for epiphany. And I’m not surprised one bit that she got into johns hopkins. She’s the best nurse I know. And she’s gonna make such a great doctor. It’s really an inspiration that she had the courage to follow her dream, and now it’s coming true. Gives a person reason to hope, right? Diane: What did you find out? Did something happen at the university? I don’t think it’s my place to say. Alexis, clearly, something is upsetting you. When last we spoke about gregory, he was an asset that you wanted for the invader. You weren’t gonna take no for an answer. So is that no longer the case? It’s not about

the invader anymore. It’s about his well-being. What about his well-being? I don’t know what it is, but I think there’s something wrong. And I think… he may have a drinking problem. I mean, that might be the reason he’s no longer working at pcu. Finn: Hey, look who I found. Hi. I hope nothing serious brought you in. No, no, I just — I wanted to wish you luck with the ethics committee. I’ll be rooting for you. Well, thank you. You know, when everyone started finding out that I helped nikolas keep esme captive, I-I just assumed people would turn their backs on me. I just can’t believe how giving my friends have been. Nikolas put you in an impossible situation. And you came forward, despite the potential consequences, even after I tried to convince you otherwise. Yeah, part of me thinks I should have listened. Esme, this is

very good news. This is crazy. Esme, spring ridge is a prison. It’s not a motel. You can’t simply decide to extend your stay. I think I understand why you might be feeling nervous about this. All — all I’ve ever known is life in a hospital and — and prison. Ace and I have no — no family, no friends, no money. Wh– where are we supposed to go? Esme, you don’t have to worry. I-I’ve made arrangements for you to stay above kelly’S. It’s a local coffee shop in town. My former sister-in-law owns it, esme, and there’s a room available for you. And I’m willing to cover your rent while you find work. You would do that for me? Yes. You have a difficult transition ahead, and grandmother and I want to make sure that it’s smooth. Is that true? Is that the only reason your grandson wants to help me? Spencer wants what’s best for the baby, esme. And is there enough space for me and ace in this room? Don’t minimize what I did. I was selfish. I didn’t want you returning to the pcpd. But I realize it’s about more than that. You needed my help to take linc down so that he didn’t have the power to harass or control any other artist. Blaze only puts up with him because she didn’t want him to ruin her career, as do other singer/songwriters that he manages. He had to be stopped. You wanted to protect the other women so that linc didn’t mess with their heads or destroy their self-confidence. And that is brave, brook lynn. Chase, you are so wrong about me.

Do you have any proof thatgregory has a drinking problem or that the pcu fired him because of it? No. It’s just that I-I ran into him at the metro court, and he was slurring his words. He was stumbling. He was using the wall to hold himself up. Maybe he’d been overserved. That’s been known to happen. It was 11:00 in the morning, and the bartender hadn’t served him anything. Well, then, he probably wasn’t drunk. Maybe he came in that way. Okay, clearly, you are worried. I get it. But one unsteady morning does not an alcoholic make. It’s the culmination of things. He’s been hiding something really important from me for months. He lost his job at pcu, and then he’s — he’s wobbly at 11:00 in the morning? Counselor, you are engaging in wild speculation. There could be a thousand reasons, a thousand explanations. But if you are right and he does have a drinking problem, you are uniquely qualified to help him. Who knows better than me, right? Nobody. But now the question is, is gregory going to confide in you, considering he knows you went behind his back, contacted the dean at pcu to check up on him? Yeah, good chance gregory is never gonna confide in me about anything ever again. Which is why I’m wondering if I should reach out to someone else who can help him. You did the right thing. You did the honorable thing. I regret trying to talk you out of it.

[ Sighs ] You weren’t the only one. Scott thought I was crazy. But once I decided to go through with it, I couldn’t have asked for a better advocate. And, honestly, no matter what happens, it’s better than carrying around a guilty secret.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. The ethics committee is ready for me. I got you. Okay. Okay. Oh, there’s a particularly anxious patient I want to check on. I want to make sure mrs. Walsh is good to go in the event I don’t work here anymore. It’s not gonna come to that. Here’s hoping. Don’t worry, son. Elizabeth will be fine. I mean, look at her — confident, composed, thinking about her patients, even now. Yeah. Yeah, that’s her. You know, but, dad, there’s a part of me that wants to rush into that conference room again and continue to defend her. You don’t think elizabeth would appreciate it? I think she would think I was being overprotective, so I’m doing something different this time. What’s that? Listening. Listening to her. Following her lead. Obstinance was always a dominant trait in our family. You’re proving that change is possible.

[ Chuckles ] I’m trying. Too early to determine the results. Esme, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Okay? We’re just here making the offer so you can have the opportunity to build a life for yourself and for your child. By sticking me and ace in a room above some coffee shop? No, unfortunately, there isn’t enough space for both you and the baby, but that’s okay because he can stay with grandmother and myself just while you get settled. You are not separating me from my baby. Esme, no, I just want what’s best for my brother. You understand that? No, no, no. Y-you’re not gonna take my baby away from me. There we go.

[ Stammers ] Losing your memory has not changed you much. What does that mean? It means that the old esme put her own desires and self-interest above everything else. And now here we are, hand in hand, trying to offer you help and support. And having just admitted you have zero resources of your own, you’re shoving it away. You’re putting your own desires and self-interest above everyone else’s, including your own son’s right now. I want to be with you, chase. I didn’t know you can miss someone as much as I’ve missed you. I just want to run into your arms and have you hold me forever. Then why can’t you? I’m not brave, chase. Far from it. And I’d be lying to let you think that I was. What are you talking about?

[ Sighs ] Do you remember I agreed to write a dozen commercial jingles for linc in exchange for him giving me my original songs back? Yes. Never happened. But you got your songs back. Because I signed a non-disclosure agreement. I can’t talk about what linc did to me. And if blaze or some other woman comes forward, I can’t corroborate what they say. I sold out. Well, curtis is still processing what happened to him. You know, he went from being very, very angry to very, very angry and sad. You haven’t been in touch with him? Has tj? I don’t know about tj, but I have been trying to stay away from curtis. Before the wedding, I suspected he might be trina’s father. And you didn’t tell him? I admitted I knew when he confronted me after the wedding. But before then… I was told it wasn’t my place. By whom? Portia. She accused me of meddling in their relationship so I could get curtis back. Well, portia put you in a terrible position. Well, by not saying anything, I did the one thing that destroyed our marriage. I kept another secret from him. But this time, you didn’t have the responsibility to tell him. Your marriage was over for, what, two years? You moved on, jordan. You have moved on from curtis, haven’t you? I can’t even think about forgiving my mom. I’m not saying you gotta forgive her. Hell, in my experience, I know it’s not that simple. I’m still angry at the years I lost away from my father. But at the same time, I’m so thankful for the time that we have together. Marshall and i are stronger because we were able to overcome the distance between us. I can’t believe you’re the one saying this.

[ Laughs ] I can’t believe I’m the one saying this, either. Look, I wanted to be with your mother because… I loved her, but I also loved and wanted to be a part of her family. Despite the grief I-I gave you… I wanted you to be part of my family, too.

[ Sighs ] Trina, do not let what happened come between you and your mom.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Trina: Mom!

[ Sighs ] I didn’t want to interrupt you two. I know you must have a lot to talk about. Um… uh, this wasn’t planned. We just ran into each other and started talking. I’m glad. I hope the same can be true for — for you and me. Now’s not a good time. I, um… I have to go. Yeah, but, trina, you haven’t ordered. Yeah, um, spencer — he just, um, texted me, so I told him I’d go meet him. Bye.

[ Sighs ] Well, I came to grab some coffee. It’s gonna be a really long night tonight at the hospital. Well, I hope that coffee helps. How’s, uh, marshall doing? Um… I know he was so nervous about his meeting with the geneticist. How did it go? Well, I’d tell you if I could. You’ll have to ask marshall. That information’s private. Marshall is family.

We’re family. At least I hope we still are. Curtis and i are through. I’ve moved on. Mm. That means you’re dating? Moving on doesn’t mean moving on to someone else.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, that’s true, but it helps. Do you know what’s been going on in port charles lately? I work 24/7. I’ll be lucky if my phone doesn’t start blowing up with more emergencies. I mean, I’d love to date my pillow, but I don’t even have time to sleep. Yeah. I think I touched a nerve, didn’t I? So you don’t want a relationship? I don’t know. The end of my marriage to curtis… I never knew I could hurt so much. What curtis and I had before things went wrong was… special, once in a lifetime, you know? I can’t imagine that I’ll ever feel that way again. I’m sorry. I may have moved on, but I still love curtis. I always will. What do you mean, tell someone about gregory? Who are you going to tell? What are you going to tell? You don’t know that gregory is dealing with an alcohol problem. He could argue that you are spreading unfounded rumor. Diane, I’m not gonna say that he was fired from pcu. Well, then what are you going to say? I’m gonna tell them that I’m worried and tell them why. I know that look. I know when you’ve made up your mind. Okay, let’s, um… let’s reschedule dinner for another night. Diane, I’m sorry I forgot. I really am. And I love you, and I appreciate your advice. My advice was to stay out of gregory’s business, but that’s gone the way of the dinosaur. He’s my friend. I know he’s a good man. I wanted him to work here not only because he is a damn good writer with a really unique point of view, but he’s my cheerleader here. He’s my supporter. He’s also my honest appraiser. He makes me better at my job here. He’s truly a good friend, and I want to do the same for him. Friends need to know when to step back. What if this were you and me? What are you talking about? What if you were witnessing me about to get hit by a car? Wouldn’t you try to protect me? I absolutely would. Especially if the situations were even remotely similar, but they’re not. And deep down, you know that. I admire your ability to embrace change I might be able to learn a thing or two from you. Oh? Does this have something to do with what happened between you and alexis? No, no. That’s a relationship that can’t be salvaged. I may be obstinate, but… alexis takes it to a whole other level. Woman will do anything to get her way. Oh.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Excuse me. Something wrong?

[ Ringing continues ] Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, speak of the devil. Do you even know how to take care of a newborn? Have you ever fed a baby? Changed one? Rocked him to sleep? If you had, you wouldn’t dare suggest that a mother be separated from her infant child. We don’t want to separate you from your child, esme. All I’m saying, honey, is that I think when you’re released from spring ridge, you’re gonna find out very quickly how hard it is to take care of a baby all by yourself. Um… it’s okay, hon. We want to support you. We do. That’s why we came here today to make this offer. But I think what we should have done is include you in the planning. So, look, let’s do that right now, okay? You tell me — how can we best support you and ace? Tell us what you need. You’re not gonna like it. At all.

Why is alexis calling you? I don’t know. Uh, been friends a long — long time. Um, it might not — it might not even be about you. Yeah, you’re right. I jumped to a conclusion. Listen, I-I’ll let alexis know I’m not taking sides. Unless that’s what you want. No, no, no. We’re all grown-ups here. There’s no reason to act like children in the schoolyard.

[ Sighs ] Listen, I’m gonna go. Uh… let me know how it goes with elizabeth. Yeah, I’ll, uh… I’ll see you, dad. I don’t have answers for you. I wish I did. But what happened between us is still too fresh and so painful. I haven’t been able to face aunt stella either. I’m so sorry to hear that. But, curtis, whether you like it or not, we’re married. And don’t you think that we should try to work this out together? I am so sorry that I hid the truth from you. But I’m just not really sure that distance is the answer here. Maybe we could, um… maybe we could try counseling. You don’t get to set the terms. You lied to me over and over again. What do you think? I’m just gonna walk into some therapist’s office and say, “give me communication strategies”? Then I’ll wait. Curtis, I’ll do whatever it takes, whatever you want me to do. Whatever you want me to do to earn your trust back is what I’ll do. But I want to fight. I want to fight for our marriage. But if what you’re telling me is that it’s hopeless and there’s no chance for us, then I’ll listen. Is there hope for us, curtis? I’m afraid it’s more complicated than that. Is it? Curtis. Just tell me if our love for one another is strong enough to get us through this. You still have feelings for curtis? Still? Always. But there’s a difference between love and being in love. Curtis and i were family. There’s a part of us that will always love each other, no matter what happens. That wasn’t a yes or no. Ah.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, oh, see? What did I tell you about work? I need to make a call. Okay, yeah, I have to run off, too. Jordan, if you’re worried about curtis, talk to him. I’m sure he would appreciate it. Good advice. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Elizabeth: Hi. How’d it go? Well, I think I averted a mini meltdown, so mrs. Walsh gave me this as a thank-you.

[ Chuckles ] What? I’m impressed. I’m impressed by you. And I think the committee will be, too. Do you mind telling me what you said to them? Oh, uh, yeah. Well, at first I was really, really nervous. But then I looked around the room and I realized this is about the health and safety of our patients. It’s not about me. So as clearly as I could, I explained why I helped nikolas and why I treated esme at wyndemere. You know, I’ve told the story many times. It never gets easier. But the more I tell it, the less it haunts me. Because you’re taking responsibility. On your terms, not nik’s or anyone else’S. And no matter what happens, you should be proud. You sold out? Chase, I am so — this wasn’t about stopping linc or protecting other women. This was about you getting your songs back. God, I am such an idiot. Chase, no. I — yes, it was to get my songs back, but it was also a way to get rid of linc. And for you to — to go back to being a cop. Brook lynn, would you stop? Just stop. I’m done with your excuses. I was trying to help you, give you what you wanted. If that were true, why wouldn’t you just tell me sooner?

Not that long ago, you were the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And now that trust is broken. And I don’t think our love can fix that.

[ Voice breaking ] It can. If you just give it a chance. If you just remember what we mean to each other. Cur… trina, hi. I was in the neighborhood. I wanted to see if the baby settled in okay. Come in. Things didn’t go exactly the way that I hoped that they would. We love our new room, don’t we, ace? Yeah. What’s that? Tell me, brook lynn, if you signed that non-disclosure agreement so that I could stop singing and I could be a cop, if you were so convinced that you were doing the right thing, that you were doing it for me, then why wouldn’t you just tell me? Why make up some story about writing advertising jingles for linc? I’ll tell you why. Because you knew I would be angry and you knew that what you did was wrong. But you were right about one thing. You’re not the person I thought you were. There you go. Much better. You addressed the issues. Legal signed off. Natalie, would you mind taking it down to rewrite? ‘Cause that story should have been run. Thanks. Um, I have your keys. You called finn. I know you’re upset. I — after I specifically asked you not to discuss what’s happening in my life with finn or chase. Thank you for your faith in me. But I’m still scared. What if I get fired? What if this is the end of my time here at general hospital? She’s here. Mm.

[ Door closes ] My part is finished. The committee’s making their decision. Scotch, neat.

[ Sighs ]

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GH Transcript Tuesday, March 21, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne



dante. Hey. Come on in. What brings you by? I was just checking on you, actually.

[ Knock on door ] Dex, open up. We need to talk. Uh, it’s, uh… not — not really a good time. Okay, well, make time. It’s important.

[ Sighs ] One sec. Can I come in?

[ Dramatic music plays ] Josslyn? So, it all makes sense now. You’re dex’s mystery boss? You still love chase, don’t you? Doesn’t matter. We’re over. Which really hurts because…yes. I’m still in love with chase. Ugh, I keep telling myself that I’m gonna get over it and that the feelings will fade and eventually disappear. But every time I see him… your heart starts to race. Butterflies kick in, and it’s all I can do but to grab him and tell him how badly I want him back.

[ Doorbell rings ] Literally saved byhe bell. I’ll get that. What is this? What, mousy librarian or something? You like it? No! It’s not altogether original. Come on, let’s go. Wait — mnh-mnh! Where? What do you mean, where? We’re going back to the safe house. No. No? No. The nurses’ ball cannot survive without me. Um, hello?! I’m standing right here. All right. If victor realizes that you’re alive, this whole operation goes up in smoke. Not to mention that people’s lives are at risk. Do you understand that? Do you want that on your head? I’m guessing this is why laura refused to sell charlotte’s elq shares — because she knew you were still alive.

[ Scoffs ] No more games, valentin. What is going on? A group of us, including laura, are working secretly against victor cassadine. Who else is in the group? Anna, felicia, robert scorpio, and… lucy coe. Not exactly a combat-ready bunch. I’ll say. If victor is gonna use the same kind of firepower he did in crete, you’re gonna need somebody with a military background. Do you have anyone in mind? Me.

No, o-of course I do not want people to die. I mean, come on. I didn’t want luke to die. He w– he was a very special friend to me. You remember some of his nurses’ ball performances? The disco that he did? He was so amazing. And this cause was so important to him, and he would want me to — stop talking! Okay, listen. I understand that you are so disappointed that you can’t participate in this year’s nurses’ ball. But here’s the thing. Victor is planning something big — potentially catastrophic. It is up to us to end it. At the expense of the nurses’ ball? Come on! You know everything we have done, the nurses’ ball did for robin! Oh, don’t play the robin card with me. I’m — I’m just saying that the nurses’ ball is very, very important to you. I know. And if anybody knows, that’s me. I know that. Exactly! That’s my point! Maxie: Ladies! Enough! Okay, I cannot believe I’m about to say this, but we already have a solution. Lucy came up with it. You’re volunteering? Well, that depends. I need to hear the plan first. Victor cassadine has a long-term plan, some grand design that has to be stopped. I don’t have details, but I know it involves a necklace. A necklace? Mm-hmm. Containing diamonds cut from the ice princess. What? But why is this necklace so important? And — and does it have anything to do with operation demeter? I don’t know. I don’t know why victor cassadine would go to such great lengths to interrogate you over operation demeter. I just know that he wants the necklace because it has a code or a formula engraved on one of the stones. Those are beautiful. Um, is — is willow here? Oh, yeah. She’s, um, in the living room. Chase. Hi. Willow. How are you feeling? Pretty much the same.

[ Chuckles ] Well, that’s not worse. So that’s good.

[ Chuckles lightly ] These are for you. You remembered. That you’re obsessed with daffodils? Of course I remembered. Thank you. That is really, really sweet. I’ll leave you two to visit. It’s good to see you. It’s good to see you, too.

[ Sighs ] So, what’s the latest? Big news — we’ve decided to reschedule the wedding for after the bone marrow transplant. So there’s more to celebrate. Exactly. Do you have a date for the transplant? Not yet. My “great-aunt liesl” was on medication that has to be completely out of her system before she can donate. So, in the meantime, I am keeping myself busy planning a summer wedding in the rose garden. Everyone’s pitching in to pull it off. You know, brook lynn has been a huge help.

[ Sighs ] Do not eavesdrop. Do not eavesdrop. Come on, brook lynn. Get it together. It doesn’t surprise me that brook lynn is stepping up. You bring out the best in everyone. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Michael’s a lucky guy. I thought I made it clear I don’t want josslyn anywhe near this. You did. And you agreed. That’s right. But the situation has changed. Yeah, apparently. You need to go, josslyn. What? We’ll talk about this later. It’s vital right now that I talk to dex. Michael. Michael, it doesn’t matter, okay? There’s no point. I already know that he’s collecting evidence against sonny. I know about pikeman. What i didn’t know was who he was working for. And now I do. All right. The job’s over. You’re leaving port charles tonight. Uh, rocco said he saw nina in the lobby, and she looked upset. For my self-absorbed teenager to notice that and then to tell me about it, she must have looked really upset, so I figured it had something to do with willow. No, no, everything’s the same on that front. We’re waiting on liesl to be cleared for the transplant. Oh, that’s good. Yeah. All right, well, hey, look, your relationship with nina, that’s your business. I don’t want to pry. You want to talk, you know where to find me. I’ll be down the hall. Rocco’s right. Yeah. It’s — it’s nina. She’s upset. And it’s my fault.

As my employer, you can fire me, but you can’t force me to leave port charles. He can’t leave, michael. Sonny will think he’s a traitor. And then what happens?

[ Sighs ] Sonny will track him down and have him killed. But more importantly — more important than your life? I can’t leave joss.

[ Sighs ] Sounds like you two already talked about this. Yes, michael, we’ve — we have talked about this, okay? Look, the best option is for dex to finish the job that you hired him to do so that you can turn sonny into the feds. This is why I didn’t want you involved in this. Why not? You know how I feel about sonny. Okay? I feel the same way you do. Let me help you take him down. Right. And what happens after that? Sonny goes to prison where he belongs. And avery and donna are devastated. Not to mention dante and kristina. Now, I’m prepared to deal with the fallout from that, to take on their anger and their blame. I didn’t want any of that to fall on you! So, tell me. What’s the deal with nina? Well, it’s not like we’re breaking up. At — at least, I hope not. I love her as much as ever. So what happened? She’s experienced what I would call the realities of my world. It’s a lot to process. Is that why you got the guards all over the building? I had a — a security issue. A security issue, huh? Yeah. We didn’t hear anything about, um, shots fired or missing persons, so I’m assuming you didn’t report it to the police. I-I have reason to believe that the — the focus was solely on me. The reason I got guards on my kids and nina is — just a precaution? I told carly and ava I don’t want donna or avery anywhere near me. I’m guessing you told nina the same thing. I just hope that when this is over, she’ll come back to me. What solution? Wasn’t the whole point of this rude ambush to — excuse me. It wasn’t a rude ambush. Might have been an ambush. Not a rude ambush. [ Chuckles ] Wasn’t the whole point to get me to agree to be your eyes and ears of the nurses’ ball? Uh, yes, but you seemed less than enthusiastic. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I not have the reaction that you wanted? Oh, what, you needed, like, some time to adjust? Yes. And — and I happen to be an amazing event planner. I have my own ideas, my own vision, as you like to call it. So, I’m happy to collaborate, lucy, but I will not just be taking your orders. You don’t — y-y-you don’t get it. We do not have time for collaboration. Don’t you see? The nurses’ ball is syncing up with the 60th anniversary of the hospital. Which means we are, like, right in front of this speeding freight train that’s bearing down on us. I am the only one that can pull this off. I am the only — I agree. What was that? No. 100%. That you should do everything lucy tells you to do, just the way she tells you to do it. I’m sure you’re an excellent event planner, but I’m sure that you’re very capable of following lucy’s lead, especially when it’s for the greater good. Fine. Anything you want. “Just the way”… just the way you want it. Guys, I really think this could work.

R latest duet. Oh, you liked it? I love it. It’s a beautiful ballad. Thanks. The majority of the props should go to blaze. I mean, her vocals were off the charts. Maybe one of these days, a girl can actually get an autograph?

[ Both laugh ] Willow, I never took you as a groupie. Well, I guess I just can’t help myself. Your wish is my command.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] Are you gonna listen in on a private conversation, brook lynn? . You are not. You are a grown-up.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Playing chords ] Besides [Sighs] You don’t want to know what chase thinks of you now, anyway.

[ Plays chord ] Chase: You’re also caring…

passionate… and incredibly sexy… and I’ve been falling for you for a long time now. And even if you don’t feel the same way about me, I-I still had to tell you, because we miss 100% of the shots that we don’t take. I couldn’t agree more. I’m sorry. Wanted to let you sleep in. Why would I want to sleep in when I could spend my morning with you? Oh. Chase: Just tell me. When were you gonna let me know that dante asked you to write a letter to the civilian complaint review board recommending that I get my badge back? Never? Brook lynn: We can work this out. Brook lynn, you lied to me! You kept me from the thing that makes me who I am. There’s nothing to work out, all right? It’s over!

[ Plays discordant note ]

[ Sighs ] You blew it, girl. Maybe you should write a song about that.

[ Clears throat ] “To one of the bravest, strongest, and best people I know.” Back at you.

[ Inhales deeply ] So…

[ Chuckles ] What is it like being an honest-to-god rock star? Oh. [ Chuckles ] It’s cool. I guess I’m gonna miss it. Why are you going to miss it? Well, hopefully when the review board meets this spring, they’re gonna reinstate me. Back to police life. If it all works out, yeah. I mean, look. Do I enjoy singing? Sure. But the only reason I have been performing is so I can stay in close proximity to blaze’s sleazy manager. Brook lynn’s ex-manager, right? Linc brown. He is the worst. I mean, sexual harassment, shady business practices, you name it. So is the plan to find something to charge him with or…? And hopefully soon. Because I won’t feel right going back to the force if it means leaving blaze and brook lynn to contend with that sleaze. Aha! “Aha”? W-what does that mean? This is really about helping brook lynn. When sonny was holding dex because he suspected him of being the hook, you came to me for help. Yeah, I did.

[ Scoffs ] How did I not see it? I should have known right then and there you were too close to this. I should have pulled the plug! No, no! You shouldn’t have. Okay? Dex saved my life when heather attacked me on new year’S. What are you talk– britt westbourne saved your life. Well, she helped fight heather off, yes, of course, but she was losing that battle until dex showed up. He’s the one who fired at heather. That’s what made her run off. I-I’m just hearing about this now? Michael. I work for you. Anything related to that is fair game. But what I have with josslyn… it’s personal. Why wouldn’t nina come back? I mean, she’s obviously crazy about you. I mean, she’d have to be, given the grief that you guys went through over how you got together. I mean, after enduring all that, why would she just walk away? How do I explain this? I was a different man in nixon falls. Ha ha! No kidding. Kinder. Simpler. Hey. Yeah. But you know what I noticed? A lot of that kind of followed you back here. This has been a pretty peaceful time in your business. That’s what I’m saying. Hm. I was free to focus on my family. And nina? Yeah, she — she made me better in a lot of ways. She got you to cut back on your drinking. That’s the least of it. I think — I think I misrepresented my life. Not that nina didn’t know that it was dangerous or what I do for a living is allegedly… ah. Thank you for that. …Illegal. But now… she’s getting an up-close and personal view of it for the first time. What if she doesn’t want to be in my life? What about you? What about me? If nina’s not in it, is it still the life that you want? Uh, we haven’t been able to crack the code, but we do know that it’s pivotal to the success of my father’s plan. And how do you know that? Because he’s still looking for the necklace, with the help of his operative, eileen ashby. Wait a minute. Deputy mayor eileen ashby? Yeah, that’s the one. She’s working for victor? She was. Now she’s working for us. We’re having her deliver a duplicate necklace to victor. With a false code engraved on it. That’s right, and we’re hoping once he has what he thinks he needs, he’ll make a move. So you trick victor into making his final play, but you don’t give him the means to accomplish what he’s actually after. And in the process, he incriminates himself. And that’s how we’re finally gonna bring down my father.

Sorry. Stay here. Alright. It’s all clear. Lucy! I-I’m c-coming. I’m coming. I just — it’s impossible to text with these glasses on. I just can’t see what I’m doing. Okay. You seem to be managing perfectly well. Confetti cannon or just a big drop? Hm. I don’t know. Which would have the most impact? Can you just stop? What?! What are you doing? What — what — what is the problem? Hey! Hey, hey, hey! What is the problem? You almost got us all killed. Listen, this whole plan hinges on complete secrecy. Hence you and lucy faking your death and anna playing fugitive? Well, actually, victor thinks that anna is dead, as well. He thinks he’s got a straight shot for the necklace. And he would have no idea that I was involved. So what do you say? Will you help us? But if secrecy is key, what are you doing out here out in the open like this? Lucy coe has gone rogue. Of course she has. She wants to take control of the nurses’ ball. Anna’s gone after her. So anna is risking discovery, too. I mean, maybe it’s a good thing we showed up. Like you said, we’re not exactly combat-ready. We could use you. You got me. I mean, yeah, the only reason I got into the music business was to help brook lynn. And at the beginning, it was great until I found out there was a lot of stuff that she wasn’t telling me. I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that. Not by brook lynn. Or by me. Willow, I w-wasn’t trying — I know you weren’T. But it doesn’t make it any less true. I married you when I was already in love with michael. Because you thought I was dying. We all did. I told myself I was doing the right thing, giving you one final gift to make you happy. And you don’t believe that anymore? I-I do. My intentions weren’t the problem. It’s just… now that I’m faced with dying myself… hey. You’re not there yet. Faced with the possibility. I’ve realized that life is not only too short, but too precious to waste any time on lies. Don’t misunderstand. I am very grateful that you saved josslyn’s life, okay? I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t been there. Neither can I. But the bottom line is, we had a deal. We did. And when you first told me to stay away from josslyn, I had every intention of doing just that. Turned out to be impossible. So you lied. About my personal situation. I’ve never lied about anything relating to pikeman or sonny. Speaking of, there’s something you should know. Someone tried to kill sonny in an ambush the other night. Where? In one of his warehouses. Your father wasn’t hurt, but I was grazed. Are you okay? I’m fine. But the good news is, sonny trusts me now more than ever.

[ Sighs ] I can’t have you near this, joss. Michael — I can’t! If, god forbid, something happens to you… why would anything happen to me, okay? I’m not in the line of fire! He is! That’s because it’s his job! Look, I hired somebody from a security firm because I wanted somebody who understood the danger. Look, I get it, okay? You hired him to perform a service. But he is so much more than that to me now. Okay? I-I care way less about sonny being brought to justice than I do about him surviving this! Well, you know what? That’s going to require some sacrifices. Now, if you want dex to see this through, sonny has to trust him. Did you not hear the part where dex saved sonny’s life? It won’t matter if sonny finds out that you two are together, which means he can’T. A-are you ordering me to stay away from joss? No. I tried that before. It didn’t work. And even if you were willing, josslyn clearly isn’T. Look, this isn’t about policing your relationship, okay? This is about taking sonny down. And until that happens, sonny can’t have any reason to suspect you. So if you want dex to live through this, make sure he doesn’t find out that you two are together.

[ Door closes ] It’s a little too late to ask me if this is the life I want. It’s the life I got. It’s the life you chose when you were too young to know any better. Well, you know how it works. If I decide to leave the business, then I got to leave the country, I got to leave my family. I’m not willing to do that. Maybe there were some things that you liked about mike from nixon falls. There were some things that i liked about mike from nixon falls. Really? What? Yeah. Well, you were, uh… less reactive. A little — I don’t know — calmer maybe. You seemed like you were prioritizing your family over the business. But I have a feeling all that’s about to change. It has to. It’s just a lot harder than I thought.

I wasn’t honest with you when we were married, but I’ve learned my lesson and I’m going to be honest with you now. This sounds serious. It could be. And I swear I’m not trying to meddle. Says every person before they dive into meddling. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of brook lynn earlier. What? It’s true. You light up when you’re around her, chase. I would know. Once upon a time, you used to light up like that around me. I think — I think you’re seeing things that aren’t there. Am I? Okay, yes, I still have feelings for brook lynn because what we had was real. What you had was love. And I can’t just flip a switch and turn that off because… brook lynn really hurt me. I’m not pretending she didn’t or even saying you were wrong to end things between you two. But what if brook lynn is your person, chase? Is being right really worth being without her? You’ve been… uncharacteristically quiet. From the minute you showed up, I knew valentin wanted you involved. And it was your choice to make. I didn’t want to influence your decision. Now that I’ve made my decision? You want my opinion? Always.

[ Laughs ] First tell me why you said yes. Because. Victor stole two years of my life. I-I can’t let him get away with that. That’s not all of it. No. No. Come on. It’s not about revenge for you. It’s — it’s victor’s lust for power and for control. And this has been going on for so long, for four decades. He infiltrated the wsb, and now he’s moving toward some mysterious goal. Nobody knows what it’s about. And personally, I don’t need to know… to know that it is a very serious threat. The man has to be stopped. A-and I think that valentin and the others, I think they need — they need my help to do it. So now tell me what you think. I think you’re doing the right thing. But you have reservations.

[ Scoffs ] Don’t you? I have many. Jason died on cassadine island. And now you’re going after victor. I don’t want to lose you, too. The only reason that you weren’t shot with a real bullet — you understand? The only reason that you’re able to breathe today is because victor thought he had a use for you. But now, I-if he’d seen you tonight, he would have killed you in a heartbeat. Okay. I get it. I am sorry. Do you get it?! I do. I swear. I ap– I apologize. Okay? I really never had any intention of jeopardizing you or me or the whole plan to get victor. I-I didn’T. And, you know, I-I-I-I promise it’s just me. Sometimes I get carried away. Yes! You’re the poster child for getting carried away! Well, good news. I-I am 99.9% sure that victor didn’t see me in the restaurant. Great. What restaurant? What? You were in the metro court with victor? One minute. T-two minutes, tops.

[ Door opens ] Oh. Yeah, you’re right. She just — she’s blown the entire operation.

I had good life before nixon falls. Treasured my family, accepted the risks. The, uh, expected periodic episodes of danger? I didn’t say I liked it. I, you know — comes with the territory. Yeah, pun intended. You can’t miss what you never had. Except now there is something to miss,ight? Because what you had in nixon falls, you got to give that up, right? You know, it’s not permanent. I-I’m gonna resolve the situation, and I’m gonna be able to get — to get my kids and nina back. But there will be another situation. I mean, there always is one, right? I just hope that my family a-and nina stick with me. Well, I will be here. I’ll tell you that. I’m not going anywhere. I appreciate that, especially coming, you know — your profession. What, ’cause I’m a cop and you’re an “alleged,” uh… thank you for that. …Gangster?

[ Laughs ] Hey. This isn’t about that. It’s about being father and son. I don’t want to leave you. The sooner I get evidence against sonny, the sooner this will be over. But until then, I can’t risk alienating him or doing anything to make him suspicious. Which means you can’t risk being seen with me. Yeah, michael was very clear about that. I don’t like it, but I get it. No one says you have to like it. I’m gonna be staying at sonny’s for at least another day. But after that, we can figure out a way for us to meet. In the meantime, you can’t come by here, okay? And if you see me for whatever reason… pretend like I don’t know you? Now, that would be suspicious. You can say hi. Just don’T… act like I care? I’ll try. But I do care. Any regrets? Me neither.

[ Door closes ] Wow. When you meddle, you don’t mess around. You just go right for that jugular.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I have less patience for wasted anything these days, but especially wasted time.

[ Door closes ] Hey, chase. Chase: Hey. I don’t think I’ve seen you since the news broke. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Thank you. Looking forward to it. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but you’re about to marry a very wise, perceptive woman. Now, if you excuse me, I have somewhere I need to be.

[ Sighs ] So where’d you disappear to? Um, I was in the final stages of a project. I was tempted to cut my losses, but I realized the best way forward was to see it through. The sooner, the better. Sounds like you have it all figured out. Yeah, I just — I just want to focus on what really matters. You and the kids. I like the way you think. Well, coming from such a “wise and perceptive woman,” I’m honored. So what was all that about with, uh, chase? It was driving me crazy, watching him and brook lynn dance around each other. So…I might have stuck my nose in where it doesn’t belong. Here’s hoping it works. You working on a new song? So far, I’ve got about three verses on regret.

[ Sighs ] It’s garbage. Brook lynn quartermaine does not create garbage. Oh, you’re just being nice. I’m being honest. I love your songs. I love a lot of things when it comes to you. Talking with you. Spending time with you. Really? I miss that, brook lynn. I miss us. I’m being ridiculous. I’m sorry. You are not being ridiculous. Look, if our positions were reversed, I — I’d be scared, too. I’m tempted to go just to keep an eye on you. You can’t go anywhere. I know I can’T. I can’t because willow’s so sick and my kids and my grandkids need me. I get it. Well, truthfully, I’m actually kind of happy that you’re gonna stay and you’re gonna be safe. You have to stay safe. You have to stay safe. If it makes you feel any better, I have had a little bit of training and experience with this sort of thing. I can — I can handle myself. Counting on it. And I know you have to go for all the reasons you said, but if and when you go… …promise me you’ll come home. Promise me. I promise. Hey. Um, I-I-I was totally unrecognizable. I am dressed as a librarian. Tell him. She’s dressed as a librarian. Yeah, yeah. See? See? Look. Look. And I promise you, the minute I saw victor — the second, I turned my back. Well, I suppose this near-miss underscores the need that, uh, we stay indoors until this is all over. Yeah. Yeah, I-I-I get it. From this moment on, I am going to be the essence of cooperation. Hope you mean that, lucy, ’cause I really need you to. I do. I-I-I swear I do. And — and it’s really good because maxie’s gonna be my eyes and ears for the ball, and she’s agreed to follow all my instructions to a “T.” So that’s good, too. And I’m gonna be really good. Could I please, please, please have my burner phone back, please? Thank you! Okay. A-and I really am sorry. I-I’m not kidding. I-I’m very sorry. And I apologize for any trouble I may have caused. “May have caused.” Hi, bobbie. It’s me. I-I know. I’m calling you from the landline.

[ Cellphone chiming rapidly ] Something is going on with my cellphone. Uh, I wanted to let you know I have some new ideas for the nurses’ ball. Lots and lots of new ideas.

[ Chuckles ] What? I thought you would have been more upset. If I was, I’d be a hypocrite. How come? I couldn’t leave without you. So I went for a walk and I ran into carly. And drew cain. Whoa. Regular party. Long story short, uh, they’ve been briefed, and drew cain is on board to help us out. Really? That’s — that’s actually very good news. I hope it is. Yeah. I’m really sorry. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I kind of attacked you. I really overreacted. But when I came in here and I saw that the table was overturned and stuff, I thought maybe that you’d taken me at my word, gone to europe… um, which I would have deserved. But I would have — I would have really missed you. Anna, if victor knew you were alive, he would kill you. And I have loved you always. We’ve lived our whole lives apart, and if I were to lose you now, I couldn’t take that. Ohh. Let’s not lose each other through all of this. Let’s bury victor instead.

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GH Transcript Monday, March 20, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


 lucy? Have you seen lucy? No, why? Is she not in her room? No, I just checked. She said she wanted to take a bath and read martin’s letter. I didn’t hear any water running.

[ Whispering ] Lucy? She’s not in the bathroom.

[ Sighs ] Damn it! Oh! I’m so sorry, ma’am. Oh! Oh, that’s okay. Are you alright? Uncle victor, just the man I wanted to see.

[ Lowered voice ] I’m fine. Really. I promise. Shh. Are you sure? Thank you. [ Chuckles ] Bobbie: Well, that went well, don’t you think? Maxie: Better than well.

[ Chuckles ] I can only hope that lucy is someplace smiling, knowing that the nurses’ ball can get on without her.

[ Laughs ] Have you changed your mind about getting evidence against sonny? I don’t know if I’d go that far, but he could have easily left me in that warehouse. But he came back for me and probably saved my life. Thank god.

[ Sighs ] So, yeah, I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me look at things — and at sonny — differently. Hey, what has you so enthralled? None of your business. Should I be jealous? If you must know, I am looking at wedding gowns. So it is my business. Now that we’ve decided to postpone the wedding until after the transplant, I have enough time to order a custom gown. Whatever you want. I want to walk down the aisle to you in the perfect dress, feeling strong and healthy. I want to dance at our wedding…

[ Chuckles ] …And I want to look forward to a long life together. I want that, too. And it’s gonna happen. Just ask aunt liesl. Hey. She’ll — she’ll be cleared for the transplant in time, okay? I know it.

[ Door closes ] I know it, too. Well, hello. Willow, you needed to see me? There is something only you can help me with. Carly brought donna by. Donna’s here? What a treat. Unfortunately, she’s — she’s not staying. Because of me?

Would you mind giving us a minute alone? Of course.

[ Sighs ] And no eavesdropping. Wow. Well, uh, I’m a quartermaine. Eavesdropping is kind of in my blood. Everything okay? Yeah. Yeah, I’m good. Really? ‘Cause it doesn’t look that way to me. Look, it’s no secret that I don’t want my daughter anywhere near you, but that’s not why she’s leaving. Okay. Then why? Nina, I’ll tell you about it later. Let them go, ’cause I don’t want donna to overhear. Carly: Donna, can you come out here, please? Okay. Hey. Nina: [ Laughs ] There she is! Hi! Auntie nina! Oh! [ Laughs ]

[ Laughing ] Hi! Oh! Are you here for a sleepover? The hard truth is — sonny saving my life doesn’t change the fact that he’s breaking all kinds of laws with the pikeman deal. I’m talking federal laws. Just ’cause I’m personally grateful to the guy… doesn’t make him any less guilty. Yeah. And not for nothing, but ex-service here. Okay, violating the national security act goes against everything I trained and sacrificed for. Well, on the other hand… I’m now in sonny’s debt. Something else I don’t take lightly. And I don’t know — don’t I owe him? What would you owe him, though? A warning about what’s about to happen, or…? If you do that, you’ll be signing your own death warrant. What? Nothing?

[ Door closes ] There are footprints in the snow outside lucy’s window. She ran off while I was talking to laura. Oh, god, that is unbelievable. You know, this is all because of the nurses’ ball and the fact that she can’t face that it is going to go on without her. Motive does not matter at this point. Pack light. We’re getting out of here. Ferry to canada. Gonna go to toronto, take a flight to europe. I’m gonna contact laura, ask her what to do about charlotte. Charlotte? What are you doing? It’s risky to take her, but I’m not gonna leave her here if victor thinks we’re alive. No, no, no, no, no. Stop. Stop! What are you doing? Firstly, we can’t be sure victor thinks we’re alive. And secondly, I am not going anywhere. Maxie: Well, if we get the support from the guys we just met with, the nurses’ ball is fully funded. Up top. Bobbie: Awesome!

[ Both laugh ] That means all of the proceeds can go to hiv/aids research and charities. Yeah, I was nervous. Lucy always said these backers were a tricky bunch — “easily offended and hard to handle.” Well, I think lucy, god rest her soul, had the tendency to exaggerate prepping for the nurses’ ball. You know, it — it just made her seem more heroic, pulling it off, year after year. Yeah, that sounds like lucy.

[ Chuckles ] But look at us — we’re doing the job every bit as well as she ever did — maybe even better.

[ Chuckles ] It’s good to see you, spencer. With valentin gone and nikolas god knows where… cassadines have ever been more vulnerable. But seeing you renews my hope in our future. A future in the form of you and your little baby brother. That’s why I’m here. My little brother’s in danger, and I need your help to save him.

This was in my room. Did you leave it for me? I did. I did. The minute I saw it, I knew that you had to have it. I love it. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] You’re welcome. Will you read me the princess story tonight? I’ll wear my crown. Uh… sonny: You know — you know what? Uh… we’re gonna have a sleepover soon, but tonight you’re gonna go home to your mom, okay? But I thought I was staying here with you. Carly: I’m sorry, honey. I know, but something’s come up. But you’ll be able to have a sleepover with daddy really soon. I promise. Absolutely. Okay. Love you, baby. Love you too, daddy.

[ Chuckles ] Alrighty. Bye, princess. Alright, you ready? Yeah. Come on. We’ll talk? Sonny: Yeah. Yeah. Alright, come on. And let’s make it home in time to watch a movie, and we’ll pop some popcorn. How’s that sound? Donna: Good. Okay? Alright. Go on. What just happened? Whatever you need my help with, you got it. You might want to find out what it is before you say yes. Hopefully in remission so we can [Breathes deeply] Really celebrate. Yeah. Nice. That sounds like a good plan. But I still need your help. The only father I ever knew is dead. I’d really love it if you gave me away at my wedding. I mean, overall, the news is — is good, you know? I’m all for good news. Yeah. Um, well, liesl obrecht, she’s on — she was on this — this blood-thinning medication and was waiting for it to get out of her system. She’s on track to provide willow with the bone marrow transplant. And we’re so confident that’s gonna happen that we — we rescheduled the wedding till after the transplant. That’s great. Yeah, willow, she, um — she wants the wedding to be a real party, so she wants to be done with the whole transplant and in remission, and I want that, too. But, um, it all depends on aunt liesl. And by the time she’s ready to donate — I don’t know — willow could be too weak for it to work. We’ve talked about this. If sonny has any idea that you’ve been working against him, he’ll kill you. Or, more accurately, he’ll have someone else kill you. You’re right. Okay? Tipping sonny off is a terrible idea. He really was doing me a favor, wasn’t he? Leaving me out of the planning? Yeah, he gave you deniability. And now I know too much. I can’t warn him without exposing myself. This is hard for you. It’s harder than I expected. When I took this job, that’s all it was — a job. How did you even get hired?

[ Breathes deeply ] I was working for a security firm, basically private soldiers for hire. It’s mostly short-term jobs — two, three months at a time. They sent me on this interview. The employer wanted someone like me — young enough that sonny would want to train me and take me under his wing, but… look, the job sounded interesting. I liked the idea of being stateside, of being undercover, I guess. And everything was going according to plan until you busted me and sonny threatening that tabloid reporter.

[ Scoffs ] Then everything got blown to hell. Sorry.

[ Chuckles lightly ] Never. But I started to invest in taking sonny down — not as a job, but as something that needed to happen. And then, at the warehouse… when he could have easily left me there — most employers would — but he came back, and he personally rescued me. I hate feeling like I owe him, but I do. I get it. I owe him, too. He saved you. But telling him — it’s just not an option. I know, but — but if sonny goes to prison off of evidence that I secured… I’m gonna feel pretty damn crappy about it. Well, I mean, there’s another option, and we’ve discussed it.

[ Breathes sharply ] You could disappear. Once lucy has been discovered alive, victor is going to know that we staged our deaths. What then? How long until he realizes that eileen ashby has turned against him? He’s coming after us! Yeah, you don’t think victor would try to kill you? I don’t know that, no. But I know he’ll try to kill you. And I’m not gonna let that happen. Okay, you’re jumping to conclusions. How am I jumping to conclusions? Well, the only thing that we can be certain of is the fact that lucy left the safe house. We don’t know where she is. We don’t know that anyone has seen her. We don’t? She’s the exact opposite of discretion. Okay. Well — of course somebody has seen her. We certainly don’t know that victor has spotted her. Alright? We can fix this. I can find her and bring her back. Are you out of your mind? Maxie: Okay, now, what about the mistress — or master — of ceremonies? Another area where lucy may have exaggerated her own importance. I mean, sure, she always did a terrific job, but there were so many times when the ball threatened to cross over from charity gala to “the lucy coe show.”

[ Chuckles ] Still… lucy is irreplaceable. Yeah. I don’t know. Maybe we could divvy up the emcee duties? How so? Uh, epiphany, amy, and felix — they could represent general hospital. Ned and brook lynn could represent elq. Um, maybe even… what? Well, it would mean a lot to liesl if she could be included. That’s a gamble. Trust me, I’m aware. And there would be pushback. On the other hand, her daughter was co-chief of staff. My main fear is that liesl will get up on that stage and just completely lose control.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughing ] Just like lucy did every year.

[ Laughs ] I’ll be right back. I got to take a powder room break. Esme remains determined to keep the baby with her in prison.

[ Scoffs ] Proof that memory or no memory, she’s as selfish as she ever was. Exactly. Which is all the more reason to get my baby brother away from her. Now, is that something that you could accomplish with your… connections? I’m sure something can be worked out, but I will be needing some guarantees in return. Victor cassadine. I’ve been meaning to have a word with you about my brother.

I know how she thinks. I will be able to find her, and I’ll bring her back here. And risk you getting spotted. Listen to yourself. What? We have come too far to jump ship right now. What’s wrong with you? What? You’re better than this. I’m sorry? We’re professionals. When an op goes south, you walk quickly and quietly as possible. No. No. Not this time. No. We –you don’t stick around because sticking around gets you killed. We — we can’T. It’s too soon for us to bail. You’re over-invested. That’s what this is. What? This is about lucy. You dragged her into this. Now she’s a liability, and you can’t own up to that. You screwed up, and you can’t own up to that. That’s what this is! Do you want to stop your father? You know I want to stop my father! Okay, well, in my professional opinion, this is the best chance we have, and I am going to see it through. So, you feel free to go back to europe or wherever it is that you deem safe.

[ Door slams ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Grunts ] Jaime: Ms. Jones? Hey, jaime. Hi. Um, hotel management has been trying to reach you. Oh, no. Apparently, there’s a problem at the deception offices. One of the door alarms, they said? Gladys. She never sets it correctly. I’ll take care of it. Thank you. Luke’s passing was, indeed, tragic, but that was more than a year ago, and… as if I haven’t been counting the days since you had my brother killed. Excuse me? I did no such thing. You know, it just — it never made any sense. Luke cheated death a million times. And then he dies in some supposedly random tram accident? Right about the same time you slithered back into town. That is hardly evidence of a crime. I don’t have any proof — that’s true. Certainly nothing that would hold up in court. But I know you did it, victor. And one glorious day, you will pay.

[ Keys jingling ]

[ Beeps ] Hi. This is maxie jones at deception. Uh, I checked the office, everything looks good. And I reset the alarm on the way in. No, no, you don’t needto send anyone up. It’s all good. Okay. Thank you. Bye.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

[ Keys jingling ] Hello? Is anyone here?

[ Muffled scream ]

[ Grunts ] Joke’s on you! I know self-defense, you creep!

[ Groaning ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Lucy? I would be so honoredto walk you down the aisle. Thank you.

[ Chuckles lightly ] Thank you for — thank you for asking. I’m so — I’m truly touched. Well, I just want this wedding to be perfect. Michael’s been so wonderful through all this. Mm. He forgave me for keeping my diagnosis from him. He’s been by my side, taken… such wonderful care of me. Oh. He deserves a happily ever after.

[ Both chuckle ] Or at the very least, a kickass wedding reception.

[ Both laugh ] Well, that’s very generous that you want that for michael. But what about you? I don’t understand. What do you want, willow? For you? Right now, it’s a waiting game.

[ Sighs ] Waiting to see how long it’s gonna take the blood thinner to get out of liesl’s system. Waiting to see how long willow can keep going.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry, michael. It’s torture. Everybody tells us to s-stay positive. So what’s more positive than planning a wedding, right? It just feels like we’re pretending, you know? We’re burying our heads in the sand.

[ Sighs ] Because the truth is — I mean, the god’s honest truth is we just don’t know. We — we —

[ Breathes shakily ] We have no idea how this is gonna play out… and I don’t know what to do, brook lynn. I mean, I have no idea how to — oh. I’m sorry I’m — no, don’t be.

[ Breathes sharply ] You are being strong for everyone else, okay? You’re allowed to have a moment. Yeah, just one? As many as you need.

[ Sighs ] What is it? What?

[ Stammers ] You want to say something, what is it? I know you’re under so much pressure, and I don’t want to add to it. So if that’s how you feel, you just tell me and I’ll zip it. Done. I was just wondering, with all this uncertainty… is willow maybe more open to reconciling with nina? If carly’s not the reason why donna can’t stay over, what is it? I told you — it — it’s a business situation. Yeah, I’m aware of that. I see the bodyguards outside. There are two bodyguards at my apartment following my every move. It’s — it’s gone further than that. Well — sonny, how much further? You know there’s an attempt on my life. I just need to be clear that I’m not a target… …and I can keep the people that I love safe. Until then, my children are not gonna be visiting me. And neither are you.

This is your wedding, willow. More importantly, this — this is your life. You should live it as — as fully and as richly as possible. That’s the plan.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Good.

[ Breathes sharply ] Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] What did I do? Where do I start?

[ Scoffs lightly ] You’ve been so kind to me and such a rock for michael. You’ve been the best “funkle” to wiley and now amelia. I’m sorry. “Funkle”? Yeah. “Fun uncle.”

[ Both laugh ] I kind of love that. In this very quiet but steady way, you have become essential to the only real family I’ve ever been a part of. You have no idea how much that means to me. And that’s why I want you with me when I marry the man I love.

[ Breathes deeply ] I’ll be there. You can count on me, willow, always. I know. I’m not asking for nina’s sake. I just thought that it might help willow to make peace with her mother.

[ Sighs ] I’ve — I’ve thought the same thing. Thing is, though, is if willow —

[ Sighs ] Please, god, if willow lives, there’ll be time for her to decide if that’s what she wants. Okay? But — but — if these are willow’s last days… oh, I can’t even go there. If — if they are, then she shouldn’t have to spend them trying to make nina happy. Either way, it’s her decision, and I’m — I’m not — I’m not gonna try to influence her. Understood. Thank you for trying to help, though…

[ Sighs ] It’s just — that’s all I’m trying to do, really. For willow’s sake. You know? Not just for her, but for sonny, too. I mean, it means so much to him. After all he’s done for me… well, I’m glad you can, uh [Sighs] See the good in him when I can’T. Um, if willow asks where I am, can you — can you tell her I went to go run an errand? Sure. Great. Thank you.

[ Door opens ] Okay. This is a precaution only. I have no reason to think that my kids or you are in danger. And the reason I’m keeping you away and the guards is just for safety. I understand that you have to do this for your kids. I do. But I am a grown woman, and I do not like the idea of leaving you just because it’s dangerous. Nina, you can’t be part of this. Do you understand that? Believe me — I want nothing to do with any of this — except for you, sonny. I want everything to do with you because I love you. I love you, too. So what are we — a-and if I can put up with the guards outside and at my apartment… and if I can knowingly accept the danger — that’s a “yes” also — you — then — then why can’t I stay? Just because you — you may be willing to accept the danger doesn’t mean that I have to accept it for you. Joss, we talked about this. Okay? If I disappear, sonny will hunt me. That means I have to hide from everyone, including you. Unless you come with me. Look [Scoffs] If it was just me, I would. But I have a family. Willow is sick, and michael needs me. And I have a niece and a nephew. And donna and avery. I get it. You’re lucky to be so close with them. Don’t give them up. Ever. Well, I don’t want to give you up, either. I don’t want you to go into hiding, and — and I don’t want you to have to betray sonny. But most of all, I — I don’t want to be the reason that you make this decision. Whether you stay or whether you go, you have to leave me out of it, okay? Too late. Cannot tell you how happy I am that you’re here. Thank you. And I’m not entirely surprised. Oooh. You are lucy coe. Yep, that I am.

[ Both chuckle ] There was a part of me that always held out hope. That’s really sweet. Thank you, maxie. Thank you. Maxie: That being said… where have you been this whole time? And did you have to ambush me like that? Yep. Why? Because. That was the only way to save the nurses’ ball.

[ Waves crashing in distance ] Ab this is about lucy. You dragged her into this. Now she’s a liability, and you can’t own up to that. You screwed up, and you can’t own up to that. That’s what this is! Do you want to stop your father? You know I want to stop my father! Okay, well, in my professional opinion, this is the best chance we have, and I am going to see it through. So, you feel free to go back to europe or wherever it is that you deem safe. Carly: Aren’t you supposed to be dead?

Brook lynn: How’s it going in here? Drew agreed to give me away at the wedding. [ Chuckles ] You didn’t honestly think he’d say no. No [Chuckles] But it is nice to have that settled. One more item checked off the to-do list. I think drew is an excellent choice. Me too. Michael told me you guys are rescheduling the wedding until after the transplant. Two weeks was never a realistic timetable.

[ Both chuckle ] I really want to take my time and plan it all out so that when it happens, michael and I can really enjoy ourselves. Speaking of which, um, michael just ran out to — to do an errand. He wanted me to let you know. How do you think he’s doing? Michael? Great. He’s being a total rock star. I worry about him. I can see how hard it is trying to maintain a positive attitude. Probably about how hard it is on you. Okay. Look. I really — really do appreciate you and bobbie stepping up to steer the nurses’ ball. I mean, I also understand the urgency of it because… the 60th anniversary of the hospital is coming up, but you clearly do not know what you’ve taken on. And that’s clear why exactly? Because the ball is huge. I mean, it — it — it takes networking and — and vision and management, and it just requires a special touch. That’s all. Yours. Correct. Look, lucy, it’s really great that you’re not dead and all… thank you. That’s very sweet. But that does not mean you can come back here — listen. Unfortunately, I still have to stay dead. I kind of have to stay in hiding, which is a total drag, believe you me.

[ Sighs ] However, I can’t really be as hands-on as I have been in the past with the ball. But that’s okay, because I have you.

[ Sighs ] “Have me”? Mm-hmm. You are gonna be my eyes and ears.

[ Chuckles ] Yay!

[ Chuckles ] If you’ve quite finished making these groundless accusations, I was in the middle of a conversation with my great-nephew. Spencer, these accusations aren’t groundless. And I believe, in your heart of hearts, you know that. Now, laura has never actually come out and admitted to me that she thinks victor had luke killed, probably for fear that I would go after you with revenge on my own. But your grandmother and i have known one another all of our lives. And some things don’t need words to be conveyed. Laura knows victor is guilty. That’s why she wants you to have nothing to do with him. Alright. That’s quite enough. Now leave the boy alone. He’s your namesake. You’re called spencer after my brother. I know. How can you sit here with his murderer? I don’t suppose I can convince you I’m just a massive hallucination. Hm. Out of all the dearly departed people in my life, you might be the last person on the list that I’d want to conjure up. Yeah. Alright. I’ll concede that point. So you didn’t die in a sewer in paris? Catacomb. Whatever. It’s still an awful lot of trouble to go to to fake your death. It was a lot of trouble, and right now I’m hoping it wasn’t all for nothing. Well, you need to convince me to keep your secret. So start talking. Victor cassadine. I’m trying to prove that my father murdered your uncle luke.

I told you about my first wife. Yes. That she was pregnant and then she died in an explosion. She was my pregnant wife, and she died in a car bomb that was meant for me. After that, I didn’t know if I wanted to live or die. Then I-I got myself together. 20 years later, my son gets killed in a car bomb.

[ Breathes deeply ] Must have been horrible. It was — it was the w– I cannot — i won’t go through that again. The reason I’m asking you to go is ’cause I love you. And I-I don’t know what I would do with myself… …if I asked you to stay and something happened. Okay? Okay. I’ll keep my distance.

[ Sniffles ] Thank you. Sonny… promise me you’ll figure this out. Promise me we’ll have a future together. You’re my future.

[ Sighs, sniffles ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Door closes ] I go back and forth so often I’m giving myself whiplash. One second, it’s all gonna be okay — I’ll marry michael, get the transplant, live happily ever after. The next? I die… …and leave michael to raise our kids alone. He and wiley will grieve me.

[ Breathes sharply ] Amelia will never even know me.

[ Breathes deeply ] The prospect is [Sighs] So utterly terrifying. Of course it is. Huh! It’s ironic, isn’t it? What? When I married chase, it was because we thought he was dying. And now I’m planning my wedding, and I’m the one who — listen. Okay? I’m not one to feed some B.S. That everything’s gonna be okay when I don’t know that it is. But there’s still a life-saving option on the table, willow. Don’t lose sight of that. I won’T. Can I ask you something? Anything.

[ Chuckles ] Do you regret marrying chase? I regret the pain it caused that I married chase when I didn’t love him. Because he is so deserving of love. He is. More deserving than maybe anyone I’ve ever known. My turn… to ask you a question. You still love chase… don’t you? -Does it hurt? -Nothing hurts right now. I could just fall asleep with you. Why don’t you? ‘Cause I have to go back to sonny’S. Oh. So you’ve decided to stay? I’ve decided that the only thing that matters in this whole mess is being with you. So, yeah, I’m gonna stay. I’m gonna get evidence against sonny and turn it over to my boss. I would really like to know who this mystery boss is. Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm. Yeah. First, I would thank him or her for bringing you to port charles. And then I would slap them. Oh, for what? Paying you to risk your life instead of nailing sonny themselves. Trust me. This person has only good intentions. How can you be so sure?

[ Knock on door ] Michael: Dex? It’s michael. Open up. You can either leave now, or I’ll have you escorted out. That’s not necessary. I am sorry for your loss. And you are entitled to your beliefs. But I’m willing to give my uncle the benefit of the doubt.

[ Voice breaking ] Whatever he’s offering you in exchange for your loyalty, it’s not worth it. My apologies for all that unpleasantness. Now, where were we? We were discussing how I can get custody of my younger brother. And if that’s something that you can help me with, then you’ll have my full support. I’m sure you remember that you need to call bessoir, the best lighting director. Every decent show has a great lighting director. Bobbie would never, ever think of that. Okay. Enough about the lighting, lucy. Uh, no, the lighting’s very important. I’m gonna put that on the list. Are you not listening to me? I’ve been listening. Uh, the thing that interests me the most is how you’ve been in hiding while being presumed dead for months. Why, lucy? Who have you been hiding from? Anna: Me. If she’s got any sense.

[ Laughs ] Anna! Yes. Of course. Because you’re a fugitive. And you are also standing in my office. Do either of you care to tell me what the hell is going on? Yeah. Don’t have time. You, with me, now! I didn’t know you were so attached to luke that you’d be willing to disrupt your life for him in this way. My father is a criminal. Luke spencer is only part of his story. He’s also framed anna devane for the murder of lucy coe. So anna was with you in paris? I can’t confirm or deny who I’m working with. Come on. Valentin, I caught you red-handed, and now you’re stonewalling? Why should I trust you? It’s not like you’re a trustworthy kind of guy. How the hell do I know you’re not working with victor? Okay, maybe you won’t trust me, but maybe drew will. He’s my rival in business, but we worked well together against my father when we were his captives in greece. Drew: Well, I remember that. Because of the hell that we went through, I will hear you out, but don’t waste my time with lies or with anything else that you want to feed me. I want to hear the plan to take down victor, and I want to hear all of it.

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GH Short Recap Friday, March 17, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Lucy doesn’t want to stay in the safe house anymore because she wants to plan the Nurses Ball but Laura brings her a letter from Martin that calms her down a bit.

Nina talks to Phyllis and tells her she doesn’t know if she can accept the dangerous side of Sonny’s job. Sonny tells Carly about the shooting and tells her that he doesn’t want Avery or Donna coming to visit him until he figures out who is targeting him.

The doctor tells Victor that he agrees with Finn that his bedroom problem caused by the pathogen is irreversible, but he will write him a prescription for some pills that may help his problem. Deputy Mayor Ashby tells Victor that Robert has the necklace with the diamonds from the Ice princess in the PCPD evidence locker. Victor orders Deputy Mayor Ashby to steal the necklace and bring it to him.

Diane persuades Robert to drop the charges against Esme for the sake of baby Ace but tells him he can file the charges again if Esme’s memory should return. Josslyn worries when Dex shows admiration for Sonny when he tells her Sonny saved his life.

Victor is drinking at the Metro Court bar when Lucy appears at the Metro Court but Victor doesn’t see her because his back is turned.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, March 16, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Alexis offers to drive Gregory to his appointment because she thinks he is drunk. Gregory insists he isn’t drunk and tells Alexis to leave his keys with the concierge because he is going to call a car. Gregory doesn’t want to tell Alexis what is wrong, but he tells Alexis that he never wants to see her again.

Liesl gets word from Dr. Randolph that she has been cleared to be her bone marrow donor but she has to wait until her anticoagulant medication gets out of her system before she can do the bone marrow transplant. Liesl tells everyone the news and she apologize to Willow for the delay.

Chase agrees to sing at the Nurse’s Ball.

Josslynn tells Cameron not to worry about her and just concentrate on doing his best when he goes to Stanford. Josslyn is happy that she and Cameron can be friends again.

Nina tells Sonny she worries that Willow may not be able to wait until Model’s medication is out of her system.

Trina talks to Esme and after her talk, she believes that Esme doesn’t have any memory of the person she used to be and the crimes she committed. Trina talks to Cameron, Josslynn and Spencer and they all decide that for the sake of baby Ace they must try to persuade Robert to drop the charges against Esme. Cameron, Josslynn and Trina go to meet Diane so they can go talk to Robert.

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GH Transcript Friday, March 17, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


king me. I’d like to crown you, alright. Fine. Here’s your “king me” crown. I think we have parcheesi. Oh.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Knock on door ] Laura: It’s laura. Welcome. Thank you.

[ Gasps ] Hey. Thank heaven. Lucy. Oh, lucy. Oh, it’s so good to see you. It’s so good to see you.

[ Both chuckle ] Okay. News from the outside world. Tell me there’s an end to this nightmare in sight. Please. It’s too risky. I could end up dead. That’s what happens when you bunk in with a cassadine.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Oh, deputy mayor ashby. Hello. Ms. Miller, hi. I know I’m interrupting, but I think you’ll be glad I did. Okay. Why specifically am I glad to see you? Because I’m about to make your day.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you, doctor, for seeing me again at such short notice. I certainly understand why you’d want your issue to be resolved quickly. I imagine any man would.

[ Chuckles ] I read dr. Finn’s report, and, unfortunately, I agree with his assessment — your condition is likely irreversible. Victor: I know what you’ve done, laura. You’re a vindictive — you’re determined to strip me of my power and humiliate me in the process.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. You don’t need me for that. When your life falls apart, and it will, there will be more than me to blame. Mm. But you’re the one that will pay most dearly. My, uh — my family means everything to me, doctor. I recently lost my son, and the rest of the family is in crisis. I simply can’t afford to be distracted right now. I have to focus. I-I need to ensure my family’s survival. Nothing can jeopardize that. Nina: Of course, maxie.

Crimson always supports nurses’ ball. Just — if you need anything, you just ask me. That’s it. Hey, hey, wait. Give james a big hug from his aunt nina, okay? I love you. Bye.

[ Telephone thumps lightly ] Well, something happened that worried you enough to increase your security. I’m not worried. I’m handling it. Okay, well, if I knew the details, would i be worried? I take that as a yes. You said you didn’t want to know. I didn’t think I did, but… …now I’m not so sure.

[ Knock on door ] Phyllis! [ Gasps ] You’re back! Oh!

[ Chuckles ] Oh. I packed your ear drops,so if you start to hurt again, make sure… you, um, tell your dad, okay? Hey, frank. Uh, how’s it going? It’s going well. Evening, mrs. C. — Uh, ms. Spencer. Apologies. I’ll — I’ll get used to it, I promise. It’s okay. I’m sure you will. After you, ladies. Look who it is. Daddy! How you doing, sweetheart? I wasn’t expecting you. Yeah. Who are you expecting?

As a matter of fact, I do have a bit of an update. You do? Oh, this is so good. Okay. Just tell me it involves the word “victor,” and then any combination, like “incarcerated,” “incapacitated,” or “d-e-a — dead.” Ohh. Uh…where’s anna? She’s in the bedroom, trying to crack the code etched into the ice princess. Do you want me to get her? No, don’t interrupt her. You can always bring her up to speed later. Okay. So does this mean that I can finally go home? No. I’m sorry.

[ Sighs ] Come on. I mean, I am so grateful — you know I am — for being rescued and for just being alive. But come on. Tick, tock, people. Come on. I know. Well, on the bright side, i do think that we are starting to get to victor. Get to victor how?

[ Sighs ] I ran into your father last night at the metro court, and he was seething with rage. And he said that he “knew what I had done.” Did he get more specific? No. He said that — he said that I was determined to “strip him of his power,” and that I was “robbing him of his dignity in the process.” Okay, but — but it — it sounds like whatever you’re doing is working, so keep on doing what’s working. Well [Sighs] Victor is clearly fraying. He definitely believes that you’re all dead. He — he doesn’t seem to have any idea where nikolas is. Spencer is actually defying him by going to live with his uncle sonny. So he has lost control of his family.

[ Breathes deeply ] And it seems that he’s having some kind of a medical issue. What kind? Uh, the kind that makes a man realize he’s not as powerful as he used to be.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. At any rate, I-I don’t think it’ll be much longer before we bring victor down for good. So you don’t have to be patient much longer, lucy. You know me. I don’t do patient. I am not patient. Come on. And — and the world right now needs lucy coe. So, just, uh, how are you going to make my day? By offering this office the chance to save time and effort, and the taxpayers of port charles and new york considerable expense. And I know, robert, that you are intent on streamlining this office.

[ Clicks ] So you’re going to want to hear my offer. Of course, if this is actually a bad time, I-I can s– ah, da-da-da. The deputy mayor and I are done. Right, eileen? Yes, for now. Good evening. Bye. I, uh, requested a copy of a file on holly sutton, with her accident at the cabin. The original, unredacted file. Go on. It may contain useful information on the necklace. And you’re certain you can get your hands on this file? I have strings I can pull. Then pull them. Now. How’s your ear? Much better. Her drops are in her bag if you need them. Who are you? Uh, that’s — his — his name is dex. He works for daddy. Dex, this is my daughter. Oh, hi. It’s very nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Hello, ms. Spencer. Hi, dex. Do you live here? No, I’m just visiting. Yeah, we’re going to get some work done. Right, uh, dex? And he’s going to be staying here for a couple days, darling. In my room? No, I’m in the — the den.

[ Grunts softly ] Um, I was just on my way out to grab some things. I’ll, uh, be back soon. Nice to meet you. I guess you didn’t get my message. No, I didn’T.

[ Door closes ] What’s going on?

The nurses’ ball is always an event — the event — but this year, it happens to coincide with general hospital’s 60th anniversary. I know, I know, but it’s going to be televised this year so you can watch it. I don’t want to watch

[Chuckles] The nurses’ ball. I am the nurses’ ball. I have chaired every single nurses’ ball that ever was. I know, lucy, and each one of them has been magnificent. Thank you. But I want this one to be magnificent. Magnificent. And — and it just takes a certain type of expertise. There’s no substitute. I can assure you maxie has everything under control. Really? Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Define “everything.” Go ahead. Spare no details. Okay. Okay. I know that she’s got financing from elq and also from aurora. Wow. Great. That’s super. Except those are quartermaine companies, and that family lives for the hospital. So really, they couldn’t refuse, could they? She is meeting with more sponsors tonight. Super, but she might run into a snag ’cause those sponsors can be pretty prickly. Maxie can handle it. I hope they do give her a hard time ’cause she’ll squeeze them for every cent and they’ll thank her for it. I just wish I could be there to see it. I need to be there to see it. No, you don’T. Because if you were, victor would know what we were up to, and he would go free, and he would make us all pay dearly.

[ Sighs ] So what you need to do is settle down, accept the situation, ’cause there’s nothing you can do about it. Phhht!

[ Scoffs ] Lucy. Uh, I know how hard this must be on you. But fortunately, I have something that might make you feel better. We can try to treat the symptoms, but it’s not guaranteed to work. Oh, anything you think worth trying, I’m ready and willing to put up a fight. We’ll start with a prescription. I’ll get it from the hospital pharmacy myself. I appreciate that.

[ Indistinct conversations, telephone rings in distance ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Knock on door ] Thank you for replying to my text. You indicated it was urgent. So… what couldn’t wait? I have reason to believe that laura and robert think I’m connected to you.

[ Sighs ] And what better way of disabusing them of that notion than to come looking for me in a well-populated, brightly lit building with security cameras around every corner? I am often at the hospital in the course of my official duties. Well, good for you. But do not contact me again unless you have something I can use against laura. Unless that’s why you’re here. I don’t have anything about that, but…

[Exhales deeply] …I do have this. This is my granddaughter, amelia grace.

[ Gasps ] Oh.

[ Chuckles ] Isn’t she a beauty? Yeah. Oh, my goodness. I love her already. Oh. Even though I’m not allowed to be around her. Willow still keeping you at arm’s length? Well, not — not exactly. It — it turns out that my aunt liesl is a viable bone marrow donor for willow, so she convinced willow to keep me updated about her health issues. Well, that’s wonderful. Yeah. It’s a start. Every other subject is off limits, including wiley and…amelia. Well, as you said, you made a start. If you respect her wishes, she’ll see you made the effort. And when she’s better — and I do mean “when” — she’ll let you in. Here’s to hoping.

[ Both laugh ] So, what’s sonny’s take on this? Well, sonny says pretty much the same thing. Though I think he’s trying to convince himself, too, because his… son, michael, doesn’t really want to be around him. Our children have formed a united front against us. You know, it’s a shame when families shut each other out. Yeah. In the meantime, it’s wonderful that you can rely on sonny. Well, can’t you?

[ Sighs ] Sonny: Alright. Donna’s in her room. Uh, the reason I called you is I want to talk to you about donna staying tonight. Oh, oh, okay. Sorry I missed your calls at the quartermaines’. I was helping plan the nurses’ ball with maxie, willow, and michael. How’s michael and willow holding up? Worried…but they’re holding it together. What’s going on? Why do you have two bodyguards and dex for protection? First of all, dex is not protecting me. I’m — I’m keeping an eye on him. Why? Dex: Sonny, get down!

[ Gunshot ] Stay down. That’s a sniper rifle.

[ Gunshot ] Crap!

[ Gunshots ] Boss. What are you doing? If he gets a clear shot, he’ll blow your head off. He can’t shoot if he’s ducking. There was an incident.

[ Keys jingling ]

[ Footstep in distance ][ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Gun cocks ]

Josslyn: Dex, is that you? Yeah. Yeah. Joss, you can’t just show up here without letting me know first. Okay? I-I thought you were… an intruder. I could have hurt you. I know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. But I don’t know whether or not to text you. I don’t know if sonny will see it. And why are you staying with him? When did this happen? I’m sorry. Okay? I was going to reach out as soon as I got away from him. I just — I just hadn’t gotten the chance yet. How did you hurt yourself? What the hell is going on? Uh, right. In regards to my relationship with sonny, I’m just — just reevaluating things. I thought things were good between you and sonny. They were. They — they… they are. They are. It’s just… I thought I could separate sonny’s livelihood… from our relationship. And now I’m wondering if I was just fooling myself. Well, you knew exactly who sonny was when you encountered him in nixon falls. You knew before he did. I did. I heard all the stories about sonny corinthos — by reputation and in the news — that he was fearsome. He was a violent man. And then I got to know “mike.” Fell in love with mike. And then when sonny, you know, he regained his memory, it seemed like he really changed. Well, I don’t think you’re wrong about that. Yeah. Even when we went back to port charles, all the violence that I was warned about and the realities of sonny’s world, it just seemed theoretical. And so it was easy for me to move forward with sonny. Nina… what’s changed? It turns out that peace was only temporary. And now that peace… has broken. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for donna to stay here for a while. How bad is it? Uh, dex and i went to the warehouse. Uh. We weren’t alone. You okay? Yeah, I’m fine. Uh, dex got a little banged up. Nothing serious. I just wanted to keep him close while he’s on the mend. Who is it this time? Carly, it’s alright. You’re — you’re out of this now. Really? ‘Cause I feel like I’m right back in it. I have spoken with trina robinson about the criminal charges against esme prince. Well, um, you can assure her that we’re doing our level best to build an airtight case. Yes, but are you certain of a conviction? Why wouldn’t we be? Because esme now presents as a very sympathetic defendant.

[ Scoffs ] Come on. She’s about as sympathetic as an alligator chasing a pup. Not anymore. Now, she is a young mother who nearly died escaping captivity after being literally locked in a tower.

[ Sighs ] And, of course, she is professing traumatic memory loss. Esme is something like 6 or 7 fairy-tale princesses all rolled into one. You got a little rapunzel. You got little snow white. Anyway, all she has left in the world is this innocent little baby. So now esme is a traumatized, frightened young woman and a caring mother. What do you suggest I do? Drop the charges. Unless you have some sort of time machine that could take me back, way back before I got myself involved in all of this, I don’t think there’s much you can do for me. Is that so? Well, then, I guess you wouldn’t want this letter from martin after all, right?

[ Whispering ] Really? Oh, marty.

[ Smooches ] Oh, my goodness. Oh, I miss him so much. I think the feeling is mutual. Oh, thank you. Grazie.

Merci beaucoup. You’re welcome. Thank you. I-I-I love this.

[ Gasps ] You know what I’m going to do? I am going to take my letter, I’m going to run a very, very hot, hot bath, I’m going to grab my glass of wine, and I’m going to read every single word a thousand times my beloved wrote to me. Ta! Mwah!

[ Whispering ] Thank you. You’re welcome. So tell me, how are you, really? Fine.

[ Chuckles ] Lucy’s a lot. Yeah.

[ Laughs ]Even when you’re not trapped in a confined space with her. I do have anna. And, uh, I would endure anything to get rid of victor cassadine. Well, like I said, it’s not going to be much longer. You know, I-I can bring charlotte for a visit very soon, if you would like. No. Please don’T. That’s the last thing I want. Let’s see what you’ve found. I need your assurance that this will all be over before this blows back on me.

[ Sighs ] Once again, you forget how our arrangement works. I found it in the da’s office. Use it to achieve your goal quickly so I can end my involvement before I pay for this alliance with my freedom… or my life.

[ Sighs ] So… a necklace made from the ice princess still exists. And robert has it.

I appreciate the offer. I do. But given my father’s current agitated state… you don’t want to take the risk. I don’t want to take the risk. It was great that felicia brought her by, and I’m sure victor’s watching her. But it would do me a world of good to see her. Yeah, it would do you both good. She misses you terribly. Miss her right back. You make sure you tell her that the next time you see her, okay? Of course I will. I’m grateful to you and to kevin for everything you did to get her away from victor. I would do anything for charlotte. I know you would. Even if it means, by extension, helping me. Life is full of surprises. I was with sonny, and we were ambushed. And you got shot? Just creased.

[ Whispering ] Oh, my god. You know that I can’t stand that word. Look, it’s not like last time, okay? It bled a lot, but I didn’t even need stitches. Oh, great. Look, sonny just wants me to stay with him while I’m healing up. But your mom and donna came over, so I-I figured I should give them some space. I-I just came here to grab some things. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Please say something. Take off your shirt. I know you’re worried about the kids. I’m worried about you, too. You saw security. Uh, I’m handling it. I’m — I’m going to take care of it. How’s that? I have a good team. You know most of them. Dex is new, but h-he’s doing excellent work. I’m going to find out what’s going on, and I’m going to stop it. I’d love to believe that. But we both know you can’t make that promise. All of a sudden, sonny is on high alert. He assigned protection to all his loved ones, including me. Well, do you feel safer with the bodyguard? Oddly enough, no. I mean, I’m really glad that there’s someone there to protect me, but I’m constantly on guard that something’s going to happen. Well, I can see where that would be unsettling, not just in the day-to-day, but in your relationship, too. To be fair to sonny, he has never tried to lie or hide the realities of his work. I thought if I didn’t know, then that would be a buffer between our relationship and his…organization. And now you’re realizing there is no buffer. There are — are sides of sonny I didn’t really ever know… that are starting to emerge. Now that you’re seeing those sides, you have to be honest with yourself. Is this a relationship you can sustain?

Well, knowing that you’re therefor charlotte and watching over her, taking care of her, that’s really everything to me. Yeah. I couldn’t do any of this without you, so, uh, thank you. Her safety, her future is one of the biggest reasons we have to stop victor. Yeah. My father’s obsessed with his family. Enriching it. Controlling it. Have you heard from nikolas? No. No, I haven’T. He, um — he vanished without a trace. I’m assuming that it was intentional. I guess he — he ran away. I don’t really know, but victor doesn’t seem to know. I’m sorry. I mean, no matter how old they are, there’s no hell like worrying about your child. Thank you. What makes matters a lot worse is victor now seems to be focusing even more on spencer and on spencer’s baby brother. Well, they got the name. They’re cassadine heirs. That means they factor into victor’s plans — whatever they are. So robert managed to retrieve the necklace from the fire and has been covering it up all this time. He went through a lot of trouble to make sure no one knew the ice princess survived. It’s almost as if he knew I was looking for it. That was my impression. Robert was convinced that you needed something from the ice princess, and so he was keeping its recovery a secret. Well, he and holly were always thick as thieves. I wonder… what else is in this file? Oh. I don’t know. Robert was still in the room when I snapped the picture. I couldn’t sit there and read it in front of him. But I do know… that the necklace is currently being stored in a secure evidence locker in the pcpd. I have to commend you, eileen. Excellent work.

[ Breathes sharply ] I hope that I can finally be done with all of this.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, well, why on earth would you be done? Because now you have everything you need to send your men into the pcpd to retrieve the diamond.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, eileen. Eileen. If only it were that simple. No, if I send my men in now to storm the pcpd, well, it’ll be a tip-off that I know. No, I’m afraid you’re going to have to retrieve the necklace for me. How am I supposed to get into the evidence locker at the pcpd? Well, as deputy mayor, I’m sure you have connections to find a-a graceful way to get in and retrieve the necklace. But they don’t give me — ohh. If you want this to be done with, you will bring me that necklace. Now, don’t fail me.

[ Door opens ] Understood. Why would we drop the charges against esme prince when we can prove everything that we’re going after her for? Is a jury going to care? Because if martin grey can whip up enough sympathy to get an acquittal, you will lose your one and only chance to bring esme to justice for her crimes. Why are you bringing this to me now? What’s in it for you, hmm? Robert. I’m crushed. Okay. Okay. In addition to trina, I also represent spencer cassadine. Now, esme is determined to keep her baby with her in prison. Well, spencer doesn’t want that for his little brother, and neither does trina. Look, I-I don’t give a damn what spencer wants. And as for trina, I respect her, but she’s not even in the video. I mean, what do I tell esme’s other victims? Josslyn and cameron both agree with trina. Right now they are only thinking of the baby.

[ Sighs ] Listen, of course they want justice, robert. But some say justice delayed is justice denied. Listen, the worst-case scenario would be for esme prince to walk away scot-free. Better to delay… bring the charges, try her… when she can no longer claim traumatic memory loss.

[ Sighs ] Look, um… you might be right, but I’m not convinced. Remember, robert, i defended trina. That young woman was dangerously close to going to prison because esme prince is a nasty, nasty piece of business. So as excited as I am about this proposal to you, believe me, it galls me to have to make it to you, just as I’m sure it galls you to have to consider it. Still…it might be best for all involved. Oh, you’re a smart man. Smart man. I mean, just ’cause we put the charges aside doesn’t mean to say we take our eyes off little esme for one second.

[ Breathes sharply ] All yours. Funny. Sorry, did you want me to autograph it? Shut up. Let me see the wound.

[ Groans ] Well, sonny’s doctor did a much better job than I did. Are you sure you want me to put this back — mm-hmm. Okay. Sonny’s doctor may have skills, but I’m telling you — he didn’t have half your bedside manner.

[ Moans ] Well, you know, I should thank the doctor for bringing you back to me in one piece. Actually, the person you should really be thanking is sonny. I love sonny. I know. I mean, he has been my rock. I don’t think I would have gotten through this past year without him. I’m sure he feels the same about you. We’re so good together. I know. You don’t have to convince me. I’ve seen you two together, both as “mike” and nina, and as nina and sonny. There’s a huge part of me that thinks that love is worth everything. I have a daughter now. Granddaughter. Grandchildren. It’s — it’s more than just me. And I’m not sure that I can wrap my brain around the idea of us being in constant danger. Not everyone was built for sonny’s world… and everything that comes along with loving him. Like carly was?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know what you want me to say, carly. You know how my world is. I do. Better than most. Then you know I’m going to do everything I can to protect the family. Your family needs more than your protection. They need you. I’m not going anywhere. I know you don’t want to go anywhere. I remember the last time I had to tell donna and avery that their daddy wasn’t coming home. I can’t go through that again.

you win. [ Chuckles ] As usual.

[ Laughs ] I’ll drop the charges against esme as long as I can talk to all the victims and, uh, well, get them on board. Thank you. I know this is not an easy decision to make. You made a compelling argument. Well… we can always refile the charges should “evil esme” resurface, and I get to keep my conviction rate. Everybody wins. For what it’s worth, I have no doubt that one day the justice system will hold esme accountable. I hope you’re right. In the meantime, I know a way we can both work off our frustration. What do you got in mind?

[ Laughs ] Well, have you ever… thrown a hatchet? Only in anger.

[ Chuckles ] Why don’t you join me at the hatchet range and you can show me what you’ve got? Although I will tell you, I am equally as lethal with an ax as I am with a brief. Killer miller strikes again.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I need you to check on our dear miss sutton. Yeah, find out how far along she is on her road to recovery.

[ Door closes ] Back so soon? Not fast enough. So… victor buy it? Every word. He did have questions about the night holly sutton and the necklace supposedly went up in flames. I anticipated that. I’ve alerted the appropriate parties, so let’s move on to phase two.

[ Breathes deeply ] You know, there was a time, not all that long ago, where if somebody told me that you and I would be having a conversation like this…

[ Laughs ] United for a common cause. Well, if you and i can form an alliance… then anything’s possible. Victor has no idea what he’s up against. Lucy and anna and I are alive and working against him. And I hope you’re right. I hope things are falling apart for him. Yeah. Well, now that eileen is working for us, we finally have the upper hand. Won’t be long now. Sorry, um, why would I thank sonny when he’s the reason you got shot? We were checking the warehouse, getting ready for the pikeman shipment. There was an ambush. A sniper. I saw movement before the shot was fired, and I got sonny out of the way. Oh, so you saved sonny? We were pinned down, and that’s when tony —

[ Sighs ] You know tony? Yes. Yes. He’s, like, the most experienced bodyguard. He gave covering fire from the entrance so sonny could get away. Sonny left you? Look, sonny was the target. Okay? As soon as he got out, the op was blown.

[ Sighs ] The shooter should have broken off and left.

[ Scoffs ] Obviously, he didn’T. No. He took a shot at me, creased me… I got behind cover, but I wasn’t going to last long with a handgun against a rifle, okay? So I-I made a run for it. That’s when sonny came back, and he shot the sniper. And sonny probably saved my life. What? Nothing. Just almost sounds like you admire him. I know that was hell for you. And for the girls. It was hell for everybody. I’m not going to put you through that again. A bridge went out from under you. You didn’t choose that. It just happened. Things happen. You know, you can’t control everything, sonny. Yeah, I can’T. I know that. If I could control this, it wouldn’t be happening. The only thing I can do is take things as they come. As it is, I’m — I’m going to find out what’s going on, and I’m going to put a stop to it. Is there anything I can do? You just need to stay out of it. I can deal with anything as long as you and the girls are safe. Okay? Okay.

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GH Transcript Thursday, March 16, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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why would you want him to stay here? I don’t have to explain to you who’s staying at my house. You both are my guests. You got it? Excuse me. I can’t deal with him right now. I know you’re going through a lot, okay, with esme, you know, having your baby brother, the whole thing, but you gotta watch your tone. I’m not your eneyoI’m here for you. You’re right. I appreciate that. And I’m sorry, but I’m in a bit of a bad mood right now. And dex is the last person who I needed to see. Cameron, I don’t want to fight with you. I’m asking you to listen to me, because I have listened to you so many times when you said that you’ve hated living your life around the danger of sonny’s business, the amount of times that you were in lockdown, the amount of times you’ve had bodyguards trailing after you, that is your future with this man. Is anything you told me about yourself true? All of it. Okay, I’m an ex-soldier. I did a tour in afghanistan. I joined the military right out of high school. What I didn’t tell you is that after I left the army, I went to work for a private security contractor. That’s who set me up with my current employer. Doing what? I was hired to work my way into sonny’s inner circle to gather information and incriminating evidence that my employer could use against sonny. Dex is different than sonny. You don’t have to worry about me. I don’t want you to worry about me. I want you to go to stanford and — and be the star that you are. Okay? I’ll be fine. You promise? Yes, I promise. I knew we forgot something. Where’s that binky, huh, ace? Trina: Looking for this? You’re, um, spencer’s friend. That’s right. I’m trina. Trina robinson, yeah. I-I know who you are. Gregory: No, don’T. Don’T. No, I got it. I got it. I got it. It’s all right. It’S…

[ Sighs ] Are you all right?

[ Stammering ] I just — I lost — lost my footing.

[ Stammering ] It’s no — it’s no big deal. Have you been drinking? Drinking? I-it’s 11:00 A.M. Never stopped me.

[ Sighs ] This is orange juice. Period. I had a — a momentary attack of clutch– klutziness.

[ Scoffs ] You’re slurring your words. Just drinking orange juice doesn’t do that. Hi, aunt liesl. Come on in. So, did dr. Randolph call? Not yet. Still haven’t heard the results from my last round of tests. The lab ran much faster when I was in charge. We already know that you’re a match. I don’t get the holdup. Waiting is torture, I know, but we can’t take chances, for willow’s sake. You have to be patient a bit longer, nina. I can’t think of anything but willow, and I feel like I’m unraveling. And then I feel guilty because willow’s the one that’s going through this. Her body is shutting down. It’s failing. How long is she gonna be able to hold on? Maxie: Okay. The next item on the list is vendors. Carly, I didn’t get your list. Carly.

[ Amelia babbling ] Yes. Yes. Carly, did you send me the list of vendors who have donated to the nurses’ ball in the past? Mmm!

[ Smooching ] Hello? Maxie, give it up. That’s a fight you won’t win.

[ Laughing ] Aww.

[ Doorbell rings ] I’ve got it.

Chase. What are you doing here? I dropped by the gatehouse hoping to see willow and michael. I thought I’d check here before I took off. Ah, who am I kidding? I came to get a peek at amelia. Oh. [ Laughs ] Get in here. She’s just the cutest little thing. She really reminds me a lot of bailey when she was that age. How about we just take a break? I can’t compete with all that cuteness. I’ll just go check on olivia, and then it’ll be back to business. Right? Carly: [ Laughs ] Isn’t she the cutest? So sweet. Hi. Hi. Hi, maxie. Didn’t you notice that you smelled like lavender and chamomile? I mean, how did you not realize that you shampooed with bailey’s bubble bath? Don’t I always smell like lavender and chamomile? Besides, it was an honest mistake. Between the two of you, there were like 50 bottles on the bathtub. Oh, more like six. Oh. Am I interrupting something? Yes.No. I came to see willow and the baby. Oh, okay. Well, the love fest is in there. Great.

[ Door closes ] Looks like there was a love fest going on out here, too. What’s going on? Cam’s leaving. He got a scholarship to go to stanford for soccer, and they want him there for spring quarter. I know you guys are great friends. You’re gonna miss him. For sure. Yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna miss him. He’s been there for me despite all of our stupid rivalries. And now he’s leaving and dex is staying here? What does that have to do with dex? Because joss broke up with cam to get with dex. Here. This is a — this is a nice spot. Nobody can hear us or see us. So why don’t you talk to me? If you’re not drunk, why are you slurring your words? You claim I-I was slurring. I-I-I wasn’t aware. But I can assure you I have not been drinking. Well, there’s something off with you. And I would like you to talk to me because I’m your friend. This is a safe space. I will understand. You’re being ridiculous.

[ Sighs ] And insulting. Okay. I’m sorry. I am not drunk. Okay. Can we just sit down and talk about it? No, no. I-I-I have an appointment. Wait.

[ Stammers ] I’ll drive you, okay? Why don’t you just give me your car keys? When britta told me her diagnosis and I had to sit by and watch her deal with her symptoms, even when she pretended not to have them, it was hard. I understand, nina. I heard the clock ticking, too. But I had to follow britta’s lead and respect her choices and be the support she needed whenever she needed it. You’re right. Of course you’re right. I am so sorry. I’M…

[ Sighs ] Sonny will be here soon, so you won’t have to babysit me much longer.

[ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Not the hospital. Scott. The 10th call today. When will he get the hint? Well, s-scott loves you. And you love him, aunt liesl. If he loved me, he would have told me about elizabeth’s role in harboring esme prince.

[ Scoffs ] Her silence made the police spend too much time believing esme was the hook instead of looking for the real killer. My britta paid with her life. Scott only knew after the fact. It doesn’t matter. He helped elizabeth get away with it. He chose her over me and my family. Okay. You just got done giving me some sound advice, right? So allow me to return the favor. Aunt liesl, don’t shut out people who love you. You know, scott can support you during this time that you’re dealing with britt’s death. Life is so fragile. We need to spend the little time that we have left with the people we love. If josslyn broke up with cameron, that’s her decision. I don’t know. Maybe I just want someone to be mad at, and dex is a convenient target. Why do you need a target, spencer? Because cam is leaving, britt is dead, and my little brother’s in prison bonding with esme when he should be bonding with his real family. Is that long enough of a laundry list for you? Okay, you know what? You have diane working her magic. She’s gonna get you custody of your baby brother. Well, it cannot happen soon enough. Are you leaving? Yes, I am. I’m gonna go see nina. Listen to me. Lay off dex. Well, how long is he staying for? I don’t — I-I — listen, it’s open ended, but I want both of you to coexist peacefully. Got it? Okay. Yes. Yes, I got it. Good.

[ Sighs ] You know who I am? You’re, um… one of the people I did terrible things to. So you remember. Not even a little, but, um… my lawyers have told me about the charges I’m facing. You’re one of the people I hurt. Yeah. You framed me, and I almost went to prison. Why did i hate you so much? Are you admitting that you’re guilty? I can’t say that. But people have told me the person that I was before, and everybody says that I’m a terrible excuse for a human being. What do you think? I mean, if I really did what I’m accused of, I… think they’re right. But it’s like they’re talking about someone else, someone who terrifies me. And I am so glad that I don’t have to think what that person thinks or feel what that person feels anymore. And I pray to god that I never have to. I-I don’t want to hurt anyone, trina. I just want to be free so I can raise ace. Spencer’s baby brother. He’s a real cutie. He’s my baby, not spencer’S. Spencer can’t have him.

Spencer can’t have my baby. I mean, I’m ace’s mother. I didn’t suggest otherwise. He should be with me. Did spencer send you? Is he outside? Just chill, okay? Spencer isn’t outside. He doesn’t even know that I’m here. Are you his girlfriend? Uh… we’re friends. Okay, so if spencer didn’t send you, then what are you doing here? I wanted to see how you were and the baby were doing for myself. Why do you care? Because we all want what’s best for the baby. His name is ace. Ace. Right. Don’t you think it’s best for him to stay with his mother? I think you’re really lucky that spring ridge is letting you have him with you. But is it really the best place for ace to be raised in a prison? Of course not. But I won’t give up my baby. I mean, he should be with me. He needs me. And I need him, and… I can hardly believe he’s mine, but he is. And I can’t imagine life without him. I love him so much. I can see that. Look, I’m sorry for everything I did to you and your friends, but I’m not that person. I don’t even remember who that person was. So to go to prison now for something that I don’t even remember doing, I mean, it just doesn’t seem fair to me or ace. I wish we could all forget that, too. Look, my parents were insane. And my lawyer says that I’m not responsible because my dad was influencing me. No one forced you to drug me or to record joss and cam having sex. Well, do you know that for sure? Did I hear you right? You want my car keys? If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s on you. But I don’t think that you’re in any condition to drive a car. I don’t want you to hurt yourself or someone else. For the last time, I am not drunk. Which is what I said every time I was drunk. Not everyone’s a drunk like you, alexis! Got it. I’m really not trying to insult, embarrass you, or cause a scene. Oh, but you will, won’t you? Because alexis davis never admits when she’s wrong. You take the damn keys. I’ll call a car. They’ll be in my office. You can pick them up tomorrow. Oh, no. Leave them with the concierge. I never want to see you again. Hm. Did sonny leave? Yeah. Where’d he go? You’re off duty. It’s not your problem. You got in one sucker punch. It won’t happen again. Don’t worry. I promised sonny I’d play nice. I’m not worried. Oh, yeah? Then why are you lying to my uncle? Wow! She is so beautiful. She looks just like you, willow.

[ Chuckles ] Thank goodness. Oh, yeah. No argument there.

[ Laughter ] I’m so happy for you. You’re so lucky. Oh, I am so sorry. Chase, i am lucky.

[ Chuckles ] I have so much love in my life. Two beautiful, healthy children. A family that’s embraced me. Good friends and co-workers wishing me well. Dedicated doctors doing everything they can. The least I can do is acknowledge them and do my part. What’s that? Keep the faith. We should know today if dr. Randolph approves using liesl obrecht as a stem cell donor. Well, fingers are crossed. Hi. Hey. Liesl. Dr. Obrecht: Sonny. And before you ask, there’s no word yet. Would you like some tea? No, no, I’m more of a coffee guy. I know you’re waiting ’cause I saw the look on nina’s face. Hey. Why are there two bodyguards out front? We’ll talk about that later. Uh, have you seen michael or willow? Not recently. Nothing to report.

[ Cellphone rings ] Aunt liesl, you’re gonna have to talk to scott, please, sooner or later. Pick up the phone! It’s not scott. It’s the hospital.

I mean, he’s dead, and I-I can’t remember anything. How will we ever know the truth? Yeah, well, without your memories, it’s definitely a complicated situation. Um, it’s time for ace’s nap. That’s fine. I’ll go. Um, trina. Did I pass the test? What test? I mean, I may have lost my memories, but I’m not stupid. You came here to see for yourself if I was lying, didn’t you? You’ve always been an excellent liar, and you’ve never been stupid, esme. And neither have I. So, yes. I came here to judge you for myself. I appreciate your honesty. I hope you can appreciate mine. I’m not lying, trina. I don’t have any memory of my life before this. And… I don’t think I ever will. I should probably get back to work. Yeah, I should leave. Awkward.

[ Both laugh ] Yeah, I’m getting middle school flashbacks. Are we good? Really? Be happy, joss. You, too.

[ Cellphone rings ] Trina. Are you still with cam? Yeah, he’s — he’s finishing up his shift, and I’m about to leave. What’s up? I have something important to tell you. Um, I need to tell you, cam, and spencer. Spencer said we can come to sonny’s place.

Can you meet me there? What’s going on? I’ll tell you when I see you. Trina, wait — everyone’s got their assignments, so I’m gonna head out. Great. We’ll talk tomorrow. Okay. Yeah. Um, one quick question before I go. Why aren’t you in there? Uh, I just wanted to give chase a little alone time with everyone. Hmm. This isn’t, like, residual weirdness about him and sasha? Because I thought you guys cleared that up. Sort of. I mean, I know nothing’s going on. I talked to sasha. Not chase? Why not just be honest with him?

[ Gasps ] Now’s your chance.

[ Door closes ]

[ Breathes shakily ]

[ Door closes ] You still here? Yeah. I want you.

[ Whispers ] Hey. Come here. So, mother and baby are down for a nap. How are you? I’m, uh — I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me. Not for a second. I do worry about you. I know it’s not easy playing the waiting game. Or watching willow struggle to do the simplest of things. It’s got to be heartbreaking. Yeah, sometimes I have to leave the room just for a moment. Long enough to get myself back under control. So I can be the partner that willow needs me to be. You are. You are. I, uh… I can’t lose her.

We can’t lose her. She has to be okay.

[ Softly ] Come here. It’ll be okay. It’ll be okay. What do you think I’m lying to sonny about? Joss, for starters. You were told to stay away from her, correct? But as soon as you’d heard that she’d broken up with cam, there you were, moving right on in. Where are you getting your information? Are you denying it? So you’re not sneaking around with joss? You’ve known josslyn a long time, right? That’s correct. Does she seem like the type to sneak around? No. There’s your answer.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, how long does it take to say, “yes, you can donate,” or “no, you can’t”? Either way, liesl’s a doctor. She’ll want to know the details. Right? Thank you, dr. Randolph. I appreciate you calling me personally. Well? I’m going to be willow’s stem cell donor. Oh! Thank god! Oh! Aunt liesl, it’s a good thing you’re doing, really. But there’s a problem.

Whose are those?

[ Sighs ] I asked gregory to give me his car keys. Why? You didn’t want him driving? I don’t think it’s a good idea to drive when you’re intoxicated. Ooh. Was he over the legal limit? I don’t know. I didn’t have a breathalyzer with me. He was slurring his words and he was unstable on his feet. Okay. Well, did you smell alcohol on him? No. I don’t think he was in any condition to drive. That’s all. Wow. Have you ever seen him like this before? I have never seen him like this. This is completely out of character. Okay, well, maybe you are starting to see another side. Maybe I just never knew who he was in the first place. Oh, uh, why are there so many guards here? Is sonny here? No, he’s out.

[ Clears throat ] Don’t just stand there. Show my guests inside. What — um, is trina here? Uh, she texted that she’s on her way. Hey, would you mind giving my friends and I some privacy? No problem. Thanks. I’ll be in my room. Great. So do you guys know what this is about? No clue. Is, uh, dex living here now? Yeah. Unfortunately. Uncle sonny invited him. Can you believe that? Um, so — so, trina called, and she said that she needed to see all of us, but she hung up before I could know what — what she was talking about. Well, when she texted that she was on her way, you know, coming over here, I assumed that she was still at kelly’s with you. Oh, she took off after you left. Did she say where she was going? No. She sound okay?

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ] Hey. What’s going on? You okay? I’m fine. I-I went to go see esme. Why? I wanted to see the new and improved version for myself. A delight, I’m sure. What about my brother? Is he okay? He’s adorable. She’s holding him and rocking him and loving him. Yeah. She makes a big show of that, doesn’t she? You don’t believe she loves her baby? What do you think? I think it’s amazing how different she acts now. “Act” being the operative word? If esme’s been faking, she’s very convincing. Which is why I want to go to the D.A. And ask him to drop the charges against her. You want me? Uh, for…the nurses’ ball. I’m, um — I’m organizing the musical acts, and I want you and blaze to perform for free. Of course. I mean, I can only speak for myself, but I’m in with or without blaze. Nurses’ ball is a great cause. And you’re a great guy.

[ Doorbell rings ] Dr. Obrecht, please, come in. I need to speak with willow. She’s in the living room. Thank you. I’ll show myself in.

[ Softly ] I’m sorry to disturb you. Oh, no, no, not at all. Hey. Is there news? Yes. Dr. Randolph has cleared me to donate. However…

[ Sighs ] …We can’t harvest my stem cells right away. The transplant has been put on hold. For how long? The good news is willow still has a donor. That’s huge. No, it’s huge. Yeah, it is huge, but every day, every second now counts, okay? And now we have to wait for aunt liesl’s medication to get out of her system? I didn’t even know that she was taking anticoagulants. The doctors are taking her off it, but it’s not safe to donate until, you know, it’s completely out of her system. We’re running out of time. My daughter needs a transplant. Now. We can’t afford to wait.

He’s furious with me. He accused me of being self-righteous and incapable of admitting when I was wrong. Which is not wrong. He said that I was projecting my alcoholism on everyone else because I am one. No, you don’t do that. Mm…maybe I do. You know, I’m hypersensitive about problem drinking, for obvious reasons. And maybe I just went too far. You know, he did seem a little unsteady to me, but, mom, one day of day drinking doesn’t mean that you’re an alcoholic. I know. I know that. I know. Something’s not right, though. I mean, what triggered my instinct is how he reacted when I asked him if he had been drinking. He was immediately hostile and immediately defensive. And that’s a classic alcoholic trick. Self-righteousness and then a stormy exit. I know it well. I’m sorry. It’s just that, given my history, I am telling you, he is hiding something. Trina, the D.A. Isn’t just gonna drop the charges against esme because we ask. He certainly didn’t drop them against you when we asked. Look, as long as esme is in prison, so is ace. We have to do something. I am doing something. And that does not include dropping the charges against esme. She needs to pay for what she did to all of you. And that’s why esme can’t be charged right now. You’ve got mail. I wish I could talk to willow. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’m not going to. I know she doesn’t want to talk to me, and I’m not going to upset her. I just… I want to hear her voice. You want me to make you something? No, baby, I’m not hungry. Do you want to tell me why there’s two bodyguards out front? I’m adding extra security. Why? We’ll talk about it later. No, we can talk — you’ve got a lot going on. No, we can talk about it now. Uh, there was an incident last night. What do you mean, an incident? Were you — were you in danger? Are you hurt? No, I’m not hurt. You see I’m here. What happened? You’re the one who decided you didn’t want to know anything about my business. Okay, trina, you’ve lost me. Believe me, I’m in no way anxious to sit through a trial and have our sex tape brought up again. But I will happily do it. Because esme needs to face justice. Mm-hmm. But what if justice is impossible right now? Think about it! Esme is this poor, young, single mother…

[ Sighs ] …Who doesn’t remember anything about her crimes or anything about the person she used to be. What if the jury feels sorry for her and lets her off? And if that happens and esme goes back to being the old esme one day, she can’t be tried for the same crimes a second time. Trina’s right. I get it. I mean, if the D.A. Holds off prosecuting esme, esme will still have her old crimes hanging over her head. One slip up that shows her memory’s back, and she could be tried and convicted. Exactly. Prosecuting her right now is — is too big of a risk. Plus, there’s ace to think about. Esme could be stuck in spring ridge until the trial starts, and that could be months from now. Yeah, months of my brother being raised by security guards and surrounded by criminals. Are you sure that you wouldn’t mind seeing esme walk around free? I’m sure. Cam? Joss? What do you think? This is your call, too. I’m in. Yeah, me, too. For ace’s sake, esme needs to go free. Dr. Obrecht didn’t seem so happy. Does she ever? I hope it’s not bad news. Willow and michael can’t take another disappointment. When my medication is out of my system, we can proceed. But is it safe for you to donate? Once my blood can clot again normally, there’s no danger to me. I’m so sorry for the delay. Don’t apologize. I already owe you so much. Yeah, and thank you for coming by to tell us in person. Full transparency, I was with nina and sonny when I got the news. They know. That’s okay. I agreed to keep nina in the loop about my health. Nina’s very grateful. Willow, do you want to go to the gatehouse and get some rest? I’m gonna wait until amelia wakes up from her nap. Okay. I can walk you out. Everyone else is gonna want to know what’s going on. Would you mind filling them in? Of course I will. Thank you. I’ll be in touch. So, how do you really feel? Fine. Really.

[ Amelia fussing ]

I’ll, uh, let you know what blaze says about the nurses’ ball. You okay? Sure. You? Take it easy, brook lynn. Hey, willow. Are you okay? Do you want me to take amelia for a little bit? Thanks, carly, but I’m enjoying having her with me. In fact, would you mind bringing wiley down from the playroom? I would love to. That’s a great idea. I’ll be right back. Uh, do you want me to help you bring him down? No. I’m pretty good at bribing little boys away from their toys. I’m also good at listening. So, you know, if you ever need to talk, I’m here. Thank you, mom. Yeah. Hey, I just spoke to trish, and she said that gregory was not served any alcohol here today. Maybe he’s got a flask. I don’t — I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s pills. It’s something. I’m telling you, he’s hiding something. Mm, I mean, that’s true. He did lie to you about not working at pcu anymore. Another thing addicts do, they lie a lot. A lot. Okay, great. Thanks. Okay, so diane said she has time right now. Okay. Let’s do it. Thank you for trying to help my baby brother. Okay. When diane says now, she means now. Right. Yeah. Hey, joss. Are you coming with us? Yes. I’ll head out with you guys. Um, I’ll meet you guys in the lobby. Okay. And don’t think for a second you’re leaving for california without an epic goodbye party, alright? Okay. I cannot believe that I hope that esme walks free. But I do for my brother’s sake. Prison is no place for an infant. I hope it’ll be easy to convince diane. I mean, at least from what I can tell, esme’s not a threat to anyone. Sure hope you’re right. My mom said that wiley needed a quick clean-up. Did not realize he was finger painting.

[ Laughs ] That’s okay. This is nice. I meant what I said about keeping the faith. I’ll hang on as long as necessary. My family gives me strength. Well, something happened that worried you enough to increase your security. I’m not worried. I’m handling it. Okay, well, if I knew the details, would i be worried? I take that as a yes. You said you didn’t want to know. I didn’t think I did, but… …now I’m not so sure.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, March 15, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Groaning ]

[ Groans ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hi. Hi yourself. Did you get my text? What happened to you last night? Sonny: I’m almost out. Go. I’ll cover you. Boss, tony’s at the door. He and I can keep the shooter pinned down. It’s the best chance you’ve got. You know what you’re doing, right? This is what I was trained for. On three. One, two, three.

[ Gunshots ] Um, sorry I went mia. I was — I was working late. Well, here’s hoping soon you won’t be working at all. For sonny, at least.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Uh, I have to go. Talk later? Sure. Relax. I was just talking to frank. Brought you some bandages and antiseptic. Who were you talking to? Josslyn: Hi. Trina: Hi. -Hey! -Aww. Oh! So do you know what all this is about? I have no idea. I’m just glad you’re with me. Always.

[ Sighs lightly ]

…A while with me hey.

Won’t you… you guys made it.

…Stay a while with me?

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Telephone ringing in distance ] Portia. Elizabeth, hi. Hi. I haven’t seen you since the wedding. Yeah. We have a lot to catch up on. I am so sorry. Oh, then — then you’ve heard. We’re quite the pair, aren’t we?

[ Chuckles ] I’m sure you’ve heard by now that this could be my last day here? Oh, not if I have anything to say about it. What do you think’s keeping him? You know how busy dad is these days. If he’s not teaching, he’s at the invader with alexis. Mm.

[ Breathes sharply ] Sorry to keep you waiting. Oh, something more important going on? You know there’s nothing more important than my sons. Oh. You sure about that? I feel like finn and i come in second lately. Second to what? I think what my brother means to say is, second to whom? I changed my mind. I’m no longer interested in breakfast.

[ Menu thumps shut ] Five minutes ago, you said you were starving. What changed? Are you sure about this?

Yes. With nikolas missing, we cannot abandon his child. Spencer: Couldn’t agree more. Spencer, you can’t be here. I gave esme my word. And I hate to make a liar out of you, grandmother, but I’m not going anywhere. Thank you so much for coming to… what is he doing here?

Like clockwork. Really. Every time I put my faith — whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re talking about gregory? Sure am. Okay, well, what happened? Did he hit on you?

[ Gasps ] He didn’t hit on you. Worse. He lied to me. Chase: What is the deal? There’s obviously something going on between you and alexis. What’d she do? Correct your grammar again? Is that it? You can dish it, but you can’t take it, dad? That woman needs to mind her own business. “That woman”? What happened?

[ Sighs ] Alexis treated me like I was under investigation instead of treating me like a friend. Uh, just one of those annoying spam calls. And you picked up? Yeah, to tell them to stop calling me. Any luck finding out who contracted the hit? It’s a work in progress. I’m sure brick’s all over it. You get any sleep? Yeah, I did. Um, thank you again for getting me patched up and letting me crash here last night. It’s the least I can do. You saved my life. We’re even after you saved mine. Is spencer here? Oh, I figured he was still sleeping. I heard him leave this morning, but I thought he’d be back by now. From where? I have no idea. You told me I could trust you. You can. Yeah, well, not if you bring

[Whispering] Him here. We didn’t bring him.

[ Sighs ] My grandson just came to check on his baby brother and make sure that he was okay, and then he is going to leave. Yes. Isn’t that right, spencer? No. You have to go. No. Can’t you see that she doesn’t want anything to do with you? As if I give… hey! …What esme wants! Shh! My brother does not belong in here, in a prison.

[ Whispering ] And I agree with you, but this is not the way to get it done. I need her to trust me.

You need her to trust me. So, spencer, you must respect her wishes. You don’t want to upset your brother, do you?

[ Chuckles ] This is not over.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry, esme. I’m not. Finally, someone who actually means what they say. Thank you. Oh, my god, it feels like forever since I’ve seen you. It has been a while. How are you doing? I’m okay. You? Life’s been, um, interesting. Well, you’ll have to fill me in. I will. But this is your show. You rang, we came. I wasn’t sure that you guys would. You said it was important. So what’s up? Was spencer with you? Spencer’s coming? He didn’t mention anything. Alright, I think I’m gonnawait till he gets here. I really don’t want to have this conversation more than once. Sounds big. It is.

Ying to help gregoryhave something that he wanted. He wanted to work at pcu and have the freedom to serve on the editorial board at the invader. Mm. But the university wouldn’t let him. So he told me. Okay. Then what? Alexis talks a big game about mutual respect and acknowledging boundaries and letting people make their own choices. And you don’t think she does that? I know she doesn’t, because at the end of the day, she decided she knew more about my life than I do. Friends are supposed to be honest with each other, no matter how painful or how embarrassing. Agreed? Yes, agreed. Well, apparently gregory doesn’T. Alexis crossed a line. Is there a point at which you’ll tell us what that line is? Dad, what’s going on? Mom, what did gregory lie about? And why does he look so upset with you? I thought you were trying to help him. I was. I just kind of… s-sort of went over his head. But I-I cannot stress this enough — I did it because, again, I was trying to help him get something that he wanted. And then I found out the truth. You gave such a beautiful toast at the wedding. Mm. I just wish there was a “happily ever after” part. You don’t owe me or anyone else an explanation. What happened between you and curtis is your business. But if and when you’re ready to talk about it, I’m here to listen. You kind of have your own problems going on right now though, too, right? Well, then maybe we can just help each other. I kept a secret. A big secret. Not just from curtis, but from the person that I love most in the world. Trina. And I don’t know if they’re ever going to forgive me.

[ Sniffles ] Did you guys hear about the mercer twins? No. What happened? They were dating the same guy, and he didn’t even know it.

[ Laughs ] What? Shut up. On purpose? Yeah. I guess they fooled him. No, they didn’T. What? What do you mean? Well, grant’s a buddy of mine. He knew. He did?

[ Gasps ] Mm-hmm. A birthmark gave it away. Oh, my god. Oh, that’s juicy. What else happened? Yeah, come on. Don’t hold out on your friends, cam. Well, he — he said that… cam, what are you doing here? Looks like I’m interrupting. So, is that it, joss? You’re with dex now? Is he the reason why we broke up? Trina: Cam? Never mind. Hey. Sorry I’m late. What’d I miss? I know there’s no love lost between you and spencer, and I know he can be difficult, but he’s my nephew, so I expect you two to coexist. Understood. I appreciate it. A-and don’t worry — I won’t overstay my welcome. Okay. What’s with the beefed-up security?

[ Door closes ] Oh, if it isn’t my former bodyguard. Hi, dex. Hi, kristina. Well, dad, how bad is it? -Thank you. -Yeah. First day I, um, woke up in the hospital, it was so confusing. I mean, I didn’t know who I was or where — where I was, let alone who I could trust. That must have been terrifying. Um, I even… doubted you, dr. Collins. Call me kevin, please. And I didn’t know why until I met my father. That’s because you looked at me and you saw ryan. You just didn’t realize it. I learned pretty quickly what kind of people my parents were. I mean, they were obvious in the way they were trying to use me, but… nikolas and spencer — they were, um, much more subtle about it. Esme, you have every right to be angry with my son and even my grandson.

[ Sighs ] But just know this, please — they love this little baby that you’re holding in your arms. Do they, though? Or — or is ace just one more thing for them to control? Oh, I’m not sure that’s a fair assessment. Well, I’m not trying to be fair. I’m trying to be a good mother. Is that what you’re doing? What does that mean? Being a good mother to nikolas and spencer. Is this just another way you’re trying to work me so that you can take ace away from me for them?

G timeto keep a secret.

[ Sighs ] You can go ahead and say it — I kept life-altering information from the two people that I love the most. I absolutely will not say that. I know what it’s like to do the wrong thing for the right reasons — at least, what feels right to you.

[ Sighs ] I just don’t think anything feels right to curtis and trina. Not now. They’re hurting, and you have to accept that. I do, but — and eventually, they’ll see that you’re hurting, too. And once trina’s paternity is answered, you can all begin to heal. Unless they don’t want to know? W– [ Sighs ] Well, nothing will change the fact that trina sees marcus as her father, and she always will. Yeah, yeah, of course not, but… I mean, if curtis and trina turn out to be biologically related, don’t you think she’ll have room in her heart for them both? Well, you just being real optimistic, and I hope so, but…

[ Chuckles ] Optimistic for a woman who’s about to face the review board, you mean? Now, you should know me well enough by now — I don’t listen to rumors. Well, you should, because all of them are true. Okay, wait a minute. I am confused. Join the club. If gregory isn’t teaching at pcu anymore, what’s stopping him from working with you? Exactly what I’d like to know. Did you ask him? Hi. I’m alexis davis, your mother.

[ Laughs ] Okay, nice to meet you. Of course I asked him. And? He said I was interfering and he shut me down. Well, he’s not entirely wrong — you know, about the interfering part. Normally, I would agree, if that were the issue, but I am telling you, there is more going on than what gregory is saying. Nothing’s going on. Dad. No, nothing earth-shattering.

[ Breathes deeply ] I’m — I’m not teaching at pcu this semester, and for some reason, alexis felt that I was obligated to tell her. You’re — uh, you’re taking a sabbatical? No, just — just a break. To write that novel you never had time for?

[ Scoffs ] Wish I was that ambitious. No, no, I’m simply… taking time for me. Uh-huh. Nothing to worry about — dex is off the clock, anyway. So it’s worse than I thought. Nothing I can’t handle, sweetheart. I’ll give you some father-daughter time —

[ Groans, breathes sharply ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Cut yourself shaving? Something like that. You should try and be more careful next time. You didn’t tell me you had a new house guest. I-I know. I know — “ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies.” It’s all good. Have a seat.

[ Groans softly ] So, what brings you by? Guess. You missed me? Well, always. But also… I have a business proposition for you. I don’t blame you for distrusting everyone — myself included. Especially after your parents manipulated you to help them escape.

[ Ace fussing ] I know, sweetie. Come here. Not to mention using you as a wedge between nikolas and ava. It’s actually a healthy sign that your defense mechanisms are intact.

[ Ace fussing ] Does he always talk like that?

[ Laughs ] Uh, once a psychiatrist, always a psychiatrist. Mm. Guilty as charged. But I’m also family — and without the cassadine baggage. You’re my niece, and he’s my grandnephew. I hope someday you can come to count on me as someone that you can trust and not just see your father’s twin. I might not have ace if it wasn’t for you. You know, esme, neither of us wants to take this baby away from you. But I don’t know. It — do you really think that prison is the best place for a baby? So where were you, anyway, spencer? I was at spring ridge, visiting esme, trying to appeal to her good side.

[ Scoffs ] She doesn’t have a good side. Yeah, tell me about it. Is she still determined to keep the baby with her while she’s in spring ridge? Wait — what? Yeah, you heard her. I’m sorry. It’s legal for her to have a baby in prison? Sounds super messed up, right? What does your grandmother say? That we need to play nice and get esme to trust us, and she thinks that once we do, then esme will, uh, come to her senses, and then realize that she needs to offer the baby up because it’s the right thing to do.

[ Scoffs ] As if she knows the meaning of the words. For real. What? Nothing. Just for a second, it felt like the old times. Us against a common enemy. I’m gonna miss that. Why would you have to miss it? I don’t know how to put this delicately, so I’m just gonna come out and say it. I’m leaving port charles.

Uh, this is a little bit harderthan I thought it would be. I don’t understand. I-is your mom moving to another hospital or something? No, no, no. Mom is staying here. This is a good thing. I, um… I got an athletic scholarship to go to stanford. They want me this spring quarter so I can start working out with the team. Oh, my god. Cam, that’s amazing. Stanford has one of the best programs in the country. Thanks. Oh, my god. Stanford university in california? Wow. That’s the one. Huge, huge congrats. Except you do know that their mascot is a tree? You know what? I think I can learn to live with that.

[ Laughter ] No, I call bs. No. Excuse you? Cam loves playing soccer at pcu. Your family’s here. Your friends are here. What’s the real reason you’re leaving? I knew it. You are no better than spencer. You’re just better at hiding your true colors. I’m thinking of the baby now, esme. Yeah, well, a baby should be with its mother. The law agrees with me. And we will respect whatever you decide, truly. I am just asking you to think about it. That’s all — really think about it. “Is this a place where I want to raise my son, in this kind of an environment?” And god forbid, esme, that you should be sent over to pentonville. Pentonville is going to make this place look like a spa in comparison. I guess I hadn’t really thought about that. You could use this time, esme — figure things out, find yourself… come out stronger, self-sufficient, and ready to make a fresh start. And it doesn’t have to be either/or, esme. It doesn’t have to be prison or the cassadines. This baby has another option. What option? Us. Two grandparents who would love to take care of him until you are able to, esme. All you have to do is ask. I know now that helping nikolas was the absolute wrong thing to do. But at the time… I convinced myself that harboring esme was the lesser of evils. The time that really bothers me is in between officer cabrera being murdered and esme’s escape, when I knew she couldn’t be the hook, or at the very least, she couldn’t have killed officer cabrera. I should have come forward then. I should have gone to the police and just told them everything. But I didn’T… because I convinced myself that if I — if I got arrested, my boys would suffer. I convinced myself that trina and curtis were better off not knowing — that after 20 years, that it would cause more of a mess in their life if I finally did tell the truth. I don’t know why we do this to ourselves. This is so crazy. I-I mean, we come up with these justifications. It makes no sense. I know. It really doesn’T.

[ Sighs ] I would offer to be a character witness for you… but since I have, um… a little bit of character issues on my own that I’m trying to balance, I don’t know if I would do any good. Well, just knowing I have a friend in this place… always. I have the experience and the expertise. All I need is the seed money to get it off the ground. Your own restaurant. You don’t think I could do it? No, I think you can do it, and I’ll — I’ll back you. But…? I’m just wondering where this is coming from. I thought that you loved being the manager at charlie’S. Well, I do. And you got into that little argument with your mom — remember that? I mean, yeah, she basically implied that I’m not ambitious enough, so obviously, I had to defend myself. Obviously.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. I see molly and tj mapping out their futures and sam and dante doing the same thing. You want more? I mean, isn’t that okay? To want more? So, how are things with you and dante? It seems like you two are in a good place, huh? We are… but not nearly as good as that attempt to deflect.

[ Sighs ] Darn. There is clearly unfinished business between you and gregory. Why not just finish it? Come on, mom. At least meet the guy halfway. So, how’s rock-star life and doctor life? Not nearly as entertaining as avoidance life. Oh, like you should talk.

[ Chuckles ] Fair enough. Look, alexis is over there. You’re over here. Can’t you two just work through what’s going on between you? Listen, I’m sorry. I got to — I got to get back to G.H. Uh, yeah, I have somewhere I need to be, too. Hey. Be an adult, would you? I’ll try. That’s the spirit. I love you, dad. Love you guys. Love you. Bye.

[ Sighs ]

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more. But this is not a competition. You know that. Even if my biological clock is tick-tick-ticking away and my kid sister is beating me to it? You have all the time in the world for that. Can I ask you a question? Shoot. Do you still love working at charlie’s, managing? I love dealing with customers and making them feel welcome… right. Mm-hmm. …And it feels nice to give people what they want, you know? And it gives you the time to volunteer at the youth center — is that still important to you? Very. Okay, well, you’re not gonna have that time if you’re — if you’re launching a new business, because you’re going to be, you know, one-to-one with people — that gives way to spreadsheets and — and paying the bills. I want you to think about every angle. Even when you start a business, it’s — it’s a 24/7 endeavor. I think — I think you can do it. I — let me rephrase that — i know you can do it. But are you going to be as happy as you are now? Probably not. Things are pretty great right now. Yeah? Yeah, I love my life. I guess there’s your answer. Just admit that this is because of esme. What? What does esme have to do with cam transferring to stanford? Everything. Not only did esme worm her way into my life so that she could break up ava and my father, she also had her mind set on breaking up this, our friendship. She hated that I had friends, people who I relied on and trusted. Hey, look, I can’t stand her either, but I’m not sure that esme is to blame for cam leaving. I’m not sure that “blame” is even the right word. Getting into stanford is a huge achievement. Getting an athletic scholarship on top of it? It’s amazing. He’s amazing. Why are you tarnishing this moment by bringing up esme? Because esme set everything in motion, josslyn! She used us, and she lied to us, and now she gets some magic do-over because she’s claiming to have lost her memory. And suddenly it’s poor, pitiful esme, and you know what? I’m so sick of everyone trying to defend her. Because if she gets custody of this kid and she gets to raise him, she’s going to ruin his life the same way that she tried to ruin ours. And it’s enough! It needs to stop!

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] Ace would live with you? That’s right.

[ Breathes sharply ] You know, believe it or not, we’ve done it before.

[ Both chuckle ] As a matter of fact, my, uh, my granddaughter charlotte is living with us right now. Oh, wouldn’t charlotte love having a baby in the house? Oh, that would make her life.

[ Both chuckle ] And ours, too. But only until you have your life settled. If I could trust ace with anyone, it would be you. But it’s just too complicated. What is? I look at you, kevin, and I see my father. I look at you and I see nikolas and spencer, and it’s just — it’s really overwhelming, and, frankly, it just feels wrong. So I have to trust my instincts, which means that my son is staying with me. So you’re headed to charlie’s? Yeah. Well, someone has to hang the “open” sign on the door. I thought it’s been open for hours. Oh, yeah, but when kurt’s the first one in, he always forgets, so… proud of you, kristina. I know you are. Do you? Do you really know that? I think sometimes I just need a reminder. You know you can — you can like yourself, right? God knows I do. I love you, dad. I love you, too. Mm. Thanks for the pep talk. Anytime. Everything good with kristina? Yeah. Um… man, I love that kid. I can tell. She’s the — you know, out of all my kids, she’s the one that’s — that’s like me, and we get each other. Makes for a very lucky daughter. Nah. I’m the lucky one.

How the birds come to nest where’s trina? Hey. Um. She told me to tell you she had to head out. Something came up. Is that something named spencer? That would be my guess.

[ Breathes sharply ] But she promises to, you know, say bye to you before you head out of town. She better. Those aren’t going to be easy, are they? The goodbyes?

What you crave, it is kind… no. Some will be harder than others.

Unafraid, unabridged I should head out. Joss?

Now I’m by your side

to contend with the fantasy of us I’m gonna miss you.

What gets lost… I’m gonna miss you, too.

…In real time it was nice to see you with finn and chase. And you with sam. Yeah. Time with our kids is precious time. Yeah. I just…told mine I wasn’t coming back to pcu. I’m really glad to hear that — that’s all I said. Oh. And that’s where it ends… unless you were telling your daughter something else. I didn’t tell her anything. I just told her. I-I just — I’M…concerned about you. Don’t be. I’m fine. Okay. I’m — I’m — I’m just fine. Okay, okay. I just — I care about you, and I don’t want our friendship to end over this, right? Do you?

[ Sighs ] No. Good.

[ Clears throat ] So what do we do about it? I suppose this — this conversation is a start. Whoa — oh!

Look, I know that we’re done as a couple.

Now I’m by your side to contend… but as you said, that w-we’ve been friends all our lives. At the time, I didn’t think that we could still be friends, but…

in real time wait. You —

[ Scoffs ] You’ve changed your mind?

In real time yeah.

[ Breathes deeply ]

In real time wow. That is such good news. Now, as your friend… I need you to listen to me.

In real time sure. What? Stay away from dex heller.

[ Door opens ] Seems like you’ve made up your mind. Then I think we should be going. Yeah. I, um… I appreciate you making the trip. I would do anything for my family. I can see that. I think it’s time we go back to our room now. Okay, sweetie.

[ Whispering ] He fell asleep. I don’t want to wake him up. Yeah, I’m gonna go put him down. Okay.

[ Crying ] So what are you thinking?

[ Breathes deeply ] Honestly? No matter what anybody says, that girl loves that baby. Yes.

[ Breathes deeply ] Let’s go home. Gregory: No, don’T. Don’T. No, I got it. I got it. I got it.

[ Sighs ] It’s alright. It’s okay. Are you alright?

[ Stammering ] I just — I lost — lost my footing. I-I-it’s — it’s no — it’s no big deal. Have you been drinking?

[ Sighs ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Telephone ringing in distance ]

[ Door closes ] Good luck. Thank you. Big day? Yeah. How you feeling? Nervous, but resolute. Hoping the review board will see past my mistakes. For what it’s worth, I’m here for you — as a friend, whatever you need. It’s worth a lot. I can’t — I can’t talk about dex with you. Joss, can’t you just do this one thing? Please. This isn’t about throwing shade. You have to believe that I only have your happiness in mind. I didn’t tell anyone about you and dex at your dorm, did I? No, and I’m so grateful. I didn’t do it for him. I did it for you. I appreciate that. And, joss, I need you to hear me out. You’re sneaking around with this guy — that isn’t you. You’re the most straightforward person I know. And you shouldn’t have to change that about yourself for dex. I’m not changing myself. You hate sonny in that life. Dex is a part of that. I mean, he has a gun, right? What am I saying? Of course he has a gun.

[ Breathes deeply ] He’s going to get hurt. It’s inevitable. That feels nice. Just try to rest, okay? You’re going to wind up living a life that you hate. Joss, you have to know that I’m right. Are you done? Not even close. Aren’t you supposed to be outside with the other bodyguards? Keep people from coming in? How are you going to protect my uncle sonny from in here? I’m off duty. Yeah? Then what are you doing here? Sonny: ‘Cause I invited him. Dex is going to be staying with us for a while. Okay, where’s that binky, huh, ace? Looking for this?

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Cameron tells Josslynn, Spencer, and Trina that he is leaving Port Charles because he has a full scholarship to play soccer for Stanford. Cameron tells Josslynn that he will miss her friendship. Cameron asks Josslynn to stay away from Dex because he will force her to live a mob life, which she has never liked ,and she shouldn’t have to change herself for Dex’s, sake.

Gregory tells Chase and Finn that he isn’t teaching at PCU because he needs time for himself. Chase and Finn persuade Gregory to talk to Alexis. Gregory talks to Alexis and then he trips and falls. Alexis wonders if Gregory is drunk because he also starts to slur his speech.

Sonny talks to Kristina and makes her realize that she doesn’t need to compete with Molly and Sam because she is happy with her life now. Laura and Kevin try and persuade Esme to let them take care of baby Ace but Esme tells them that Ace needs to stay with her because when she looks at Kevin she thinks of Ryan. Esme also tells Laura that when she looks at her she thinks of Nikolas and Spencer.

Trina sees how upset Spencer is about Esme keeping his baby brother at Spring Ridge so she decides to go to Spring Ridge to talk to Esme.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Dante tries to persuade Cody to tell Mac the truth that he lied about the paternity test results and he is really his son. Cody thinks its best that Mac does not know the truth because Mac would be ashamed to have him for a son.

Brick is unable to figure out who was trying to kill Sonny because the rifle is untraceable and the shooter doesn’t show up on any databases. The shooter also told Sonny that he never met the person who hired him. The, shooter died a few minutes after he talked to Sonny, so there isn’t a way for him to get any more information.

Finn tells Victor there is no way to reverse the effects of the pathogen that somebody gave him in something he ate or drank. Victor thinks Laura is the person responsible for his permanent problem in the bedroom.

Maxie asks Nina to be on the planning committee for the Nurse’s Ball and Nina and Carly call a truce for the sake of the Nurse’s Ball. Carly and Nina argue about Willow and Nina warns Carly that she knows more then she thinks she does about her.

Lucy is very upset that she can’t plan the Nurse’s ball this year.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, March 14, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Think he works for pikeman? I don’t think they want to risk jeopardizing the deal. Too much at stake. But I’m going to find out who this guy is working for. Wake up. Wake up! You want me to help you? Then you got to help me in return. You understand me? What do you want? I want you to tell me who you’re working for. Thank you, trish. Okay. Ooh. Oh, I can smell it from here. Yeah.Chef giselle did not skimp on the ginger and the garlic, did she? No. Okay, this should do the trick. Champagne. What’s the occasion? You and kevin making up. You’ve been friends way too long to stop now. I couldn’t agree with you more.

[ Glasses clink ] So cody actually encouraged you to talk to kevin? He did. He told me that I shouldn’t let that baggage fester between us. Good advice. Yeah. So it was a good visit, then? It was… until it wasn’T. Dante: Is mac really your father? Seems so. Wait, so then these tests were taken, what, like, weeks after the other test? Yep. So what’s the deal? The first tests that said that mac wasn’t your father, those are wrong? Uh, not exactly. Mr. Cassadine, I, uh — I don’t know if we officially met. My name is hamilton finn. Yeah, I remember you, doctor. I’m also aware of your relationship with elizabeth baldwin. Well, I’ve been called in to consult on the pathogen found in your system. Although extremely rare, I was able to identify it. Ah, excellent. Now you can get rid of it as soon as possible. At least take some time to consider my offer. You’d be enhancing charlotte’s trust fund. You wouldn’t have to concern yourself with elq matters. I’m sorry, but I can’t just give up valentin’s stake in the company. But he’s gone. It doesn’t really benefit anybody to hang on to passive stake, unless… unless there’s something else going on. Victor went to great lengths to get his hands on that necklace. So what is the significance of those codes engraved in the diamond? Well, according to laura, victor jumped at eileen’s suggestion that she could get an unredacted report of the necklace. So what I’m thinking is, what if we planted false codes in that report to see where it led victor? I like the way your mind works. Is it sexy or scary? I think it’s both.

[ Laughs ] What was that noise? I have to leave immediately. Oh, no, not this. No, please. Make her stop. Look, do you think that anybody remembered to order the step-and-repeat for the ball’s red carpet? No. Do you think they know how to find a llama that doesn’t spit? No. Without me, the nurses’ ball is going to go down in flames. It will be the end of the show forever. Thank you for coming. Olivia sends her regrets. She caught the little bug that’s going around. Oh, james’ teacher has it, too. Tell olivia I sympathize and send her lots of get well wishes. Would you prefer we come back at another time, when olivia is better? Not necessary. Olivia totally deputized me. I am ready, willing, and able to discuss using the metro court ballroom for the nurses’ ball. But there’s a slight hitch. Already? What is it? Or who is it? Carly: No, that sounds good. And also, I need you to put more drops in donna’s ears when she wakes up. Yes, and give her a big hug for me, and tell her I will be home as soon as I can. This meeting should not take long. Bobbie: This is outrageous. It’s unacceptable! Maxie: Brook lynn, are you sure?

[ Sighs ] On second thought… groveling to that woman, it’s not part of my duties as co-chair. What the heck is going on here? The nurses’ ball needs a new home. And if we don’t find one soon, the nurses’ ball is not happening.

I’m afraid treating your condition is no simple matter. A pathogen, mr. Cassadine, it’s, um — it’s an organism that causes disease to the host. The severity of those symptoms is — it’s referred to as virulence. Well, a specific symptom I’m experiencing is virulent in the extreme. I understand. What is highly uncommon here is for a pathogen to cause such a specific immune response. Well, could this affect my other organs, like my heart or my lungs? This is not an invasive pathogen. It doesn’t seem to have spread to other organs or other tissues. The effects are localized, and as I said, very, very specific. So what does all that mean? Pathogen has a mission. One it has achieved. You said you d on’t deserveto have mac in your life. And I quote, “not after what I did.” What did you do? I screwed up. And I… I don’t know how to make it right. You lied. About the first dna results. You said that mac wasn’t your father, when in actuality, he is. Why did you do that, man? Mac: My visit with cody was great at first. Hell, he likes bludger. Your favorite obscure australian beer that no one knows about. Cody does. So what went wrong? I don’t know. I mean, we were — we got to talking, and then he clammed up. Sounds like cody’s not exactly in touch with his feelings. Yeah. I mean, look, you can’t really blame him. You know, he lived on an estate that wasn’t his. On the outside looking in. I’ll bet that’s why cody’s always looking for the next payday. Laura: It’s too soon to make any major decisions about charlotte’s inheritance. Because valentin only recently died. Okay. Got it. I hope you didn’t find my proposition to be insensitive. I certainly didn’t mean to come across that way at all. No. [ Chuckles ] Just trying to heal a family rift and also unify elq once again. Well, there’s absolutely no need to apologize. I can certainly see why the proposal makes sense from your perspective, but whatever happens with valentin’s shares isn’t up to me. Did you just saya llama that doesn’t spit?

[ Laughs ] Oh, duh. There was lana in 2017. Great llama. There was lloyd the next year. Great llama. Everybody knows, though, you do not hire lorraine because she is a notorious expectorator. You know, there’s all the rehearsals to plan for the musical numbers, the costuming, not to mention the orchestral needs. I really — I really do feel how disappointed you are not to be part of the nurses’ ball this year. I do. I get it. No, you don’T. You have no idea. I have been the mistress of ceremonies for the nurses’ ball since the ’90s. I’m the only one. And now this year’s so special because it’s the 60th anniversary of gh, and I need to be there chairing all the committees, planning everything with my friends and with marty. And instead, I am stuck here with the two of you. No offense. This is just totally unfathomable!

[ Door slams ]

[ Sighs ] She’s not wrong. I mean, the beauty of the nurses’ ball is that it really does just bring people together. Their time and their talent for such a worthy cause. For robin’s cause. She’s not the only onethat’s really sad not to be part of the nurses’ ball this year. Okay. I don’t understand. Why does the metro court need a new venue? It might not. Okay? And no one said anything about anyone having to grovel. Olivia did say that it would be a joint decision. What’s the problem? What decision? I — the nurses’ ball is always held at the metro court, guys. Yeah, while you were the co-owner. Okay, I’m sure we could still have the ball there. But it’s not only up to olivia. Oh, she needs the agreement of her new partner… nina. Who do you work for? Don’t know. You don’t know who you work for?! Contractor. Deal was anonymous. He’s not going to last much longer.

[ Groans ] Sonny: Brick. Sonny. I’m glad you showed up. Listen. That the doctor? “Concierge physician.” Very, very discreet. All right, I need you to make sure that guy stays alive. At least until I get some answers.

Come on, doctor. We don’t have all day. He’s gone. He’s — son of a bitch! I’m sorry about that. Alright. It was a long shot anyway. You know what, doctor? Can you help out dex? No, I’m good, boss. No, we have a doctor. Let him help you. Kid seems to have the worst of luck. How is it that he’s always in the line of fire? Cody’s job at the quartermaine stables is a really good gig. Cody told me he was sellin g hisplasma for extra money. What? Plus I’ve seen him with selina wu on more than one occasion. It seems that money is the driving force with cody. Or he’s on a never-ending quest for stability. Can’t we help him with that, mac? I knew that caesar faison and leopold taub were members of some cartel in the ’90s, and… I just… I thought that maybe faison had access to taub’s money. So when I met britt and discovered that she was faison’s daughter — you thought you could use her to get to her father’s money. Did you ever really like britt? I did. I did. I did eventually. Heck, my feelings for britt actually made me take my eyes off the prize. And then it just fell into our laps thanks to peter august’s final effects and safe deposit key. And then what? You met mac, and that threw a wrench in your plans? That necklace belonged to taub. In the late ’80s, early ’90s. And then it just mysteriously showed up in a safe deposit box owned by faison’s son? I really believe that that necklace was my birthright. Except that that dna test you did with mac proved that whatever belonged to leopold taub was not your birthright. But you lied and led everyone to believe that he was your father. My birth mother was an heiress who gave away every dime to her daughter. Serena. Yeah, some woman that I’ve never even met, who ended up giving away what was supposed to be my half of the inheritance to save the whales. Don’t get me wrong. Look, I like whales. I like dolphins, too. But right now, financially, they’re doing better than me. That necklace was supposed to be my shot, dante. You lied to mac. You used britt. Maybe sam was right about you. Good news is this pathogen has a low toxigenicity. Bad news? The microorganism is not one that naturally occurs in north america. Well, I… I do have several international business associates. Could I have contracted this from one of them? What you’ve contracted is known as an obligate pathogen, which means doesn’t survive for long outside of the human body. So you’re saying I couldn’t have got this from being in contact with anyone? Highly unlikely. Then how did I get it? Do you have any enemies? Va lentin’s stocks aren’t mineto give, sell, or trade. They belong to charlotte, and when she comes of age, she’ll decide whether or not to keep them. I respect that.

[ Chuckles ] Well, unfortunately, it does put a pin in your family’s plans for elq. Well, my family can live with charlotte retaining her stake. The stock could be in far worse hands, like valentin’S. May he rest in peace. Thank you for your time, laura. Bye. Bye. For all her delusions of grandeur, lucy is right. She has done so much to make the nurses’ ball a success, and she has helped countless people along the way. Robin included. Forgive me. I didn’t even think of that. I shouldn’t have made light of her feelings. No. Oh, no, no. In all fairness, she’s a real pain in the — the — the thing. You know, I just wish that she could trust maxie and bobbie, because they’re more than capable of making this happen. The show will go on. The nurses’ ball is bigger than all of us. It’s an honor for the metro court to host the nurses’ ball. I’m sure nina will not object. Oh, I swear, if that woman makes us beg — we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Meanwhile, maxie, thank you for asking me to help. I’m honored, really. You’re also essential.

[ Laughs ] Okay, well, whatever you need, don’t hesitate to ask. I mean, I can help organize. I would love to be on the entertainment committee. Music to my ears. We have so much to get done in such a little amount of time. Well, I only wish I could save you from having to involve nina. Oh, carly, what are you trying to keep from me this time?

Thanks. You’re lucky. Few millimeters over, it would have shattered your arm. Six inches, it would have blown hole through your chest. Tony, let the doctor out. Make sure he gets paid. Yeah. Let’s go. You want to tell me what happened here? Shooter was right there. If dex hadn’t spotted him, I’d have been taken out. Hmm. Nice little ambush spot. Guy was a pro. I need you to find out who hired him. Brick. Yeah. Hmm. Check the contact. There’s only one contact, one message — an address and a time. I’ll see if I can dig up more data. Your guy’s wearing no jewelry, has no obvious tats. Only thing he’s got on him is a key fob and a matchbook. May I? Go ahead. It’s the highsider logo. The biker bar. You might just be useful after all. You have no idea. The kid saved my life. Nina, perfect timing. I would say so. You know, nina brought olivia soup. Isn’t that thoughtful? I’m gonna take this soup up to olivia. So, what did I walk in on? Maxie: Bobbie and I are co-chairing the planning committee for the nurses ball. That’s nice. When is the ball happening? Three weeks. Wow, that soon? Yeah, well, gh’s 60th anniversary is coming up, and we didn’t want to break tradition, so we’re kind of hoping that you and olivia will agree to let us use the ballroom at the metro court. Carly, I’m surprised that you didn’t just pretend to agree when you still co-own the metro court. Well, that is something

you would do. Look, nina, the nurses’ ball can’t get off the ground without your consent. So do you want to keep making jabs, or do you want to rise above your hatred of me for a good cause? Hey. Hi. How’s olivia? I think she is secretly enjoying the opportunity to stay in bed and read. Nice. Secret meeting? More like a gladiator match. And it is anyone’s guess who’s going to emerge from the arena alive. As much as I’ve grown to like cody, he’s not our responsibility. He’s not family. I don’t know. I can’t explain it. But sometimes he feels like it. Actually, I think sam and I reached a truce. Well, yeah, you did. She stepped out for sasha. She was impressed. But, you know, now you’re lying about this whole thing and who your father is. I know. I screwed up. I mean, even before the necklace burned up in that cabin, I regretted everything I did to get my hands on it. Which is why I’m telling the truth now. Why don’t you tell mac? The reason I got the second test was to show mac. Oh, okay. I figure I can convince him that the first test was just the result of a lab error or something. What, so you’re going to tell him the truth and then wrap it up on another lie? All right. There’s no winning with you. Well, there is winning with me. You just — you use the absolute truth. All of it. All of it? Yes. Everything. You want to move forward with a relationship with mac, you start with transparency. That’s what you do. You fess up. You can handle that, right, cody? Are you suggesting I was deliberately infected? Well, this is not an accidental pathogen. So common means of transmission do not apply here. So how did I get it? Well, either by injection, which would be invasive and probably noticeable, but more likely through ingestion. So something I ate or drank? Based on the timing of your symptoms, I would say you contracted the pathogen somewhere late november, early december. That doesn’t make it any easier to pinpoint. And as for perpetrators… we’ll run some further tests to confirm. Oh, wait, you haven’t mentioned treatment. Research in this area is extremely limited. So you’re saying that there’s no cure? The damage done to you is not known to be reversible. So is that right? You saved sonny’s life? Brick, he clocked the hit man before the hit man could get a shot off. He pushed me out of the way. And sonny returned the favor. Some cultures would say now y’all are indebted to each other. I’ll get the data on the phone. I’ll run fast ballistics on this rifle, and I’ll get back to you with what I find. Thanks, brick. Of course. How’s your arm? Just a crease. Sonny: Tony? Yeah. You and dex get rid of that body. I’m tired of looking at it. Grab his legs. Let’s go. Dex!


All good! Hydrate. I’m okay now. I’ll help tony. No, no, no. Look, you’ve lost a lot of blood. You coming down from the adrenaline. You got to take it easy. Just — look. Take a drink. And you’re no good for me down for the count. Got it. Who do you think sent the shooter? If anybody can find out, it’s brick. He’s good. Yeah. Not the only one. How did you know to push me out of the way? I saw something out of the corner of my eye. In afghanistan, sometimes that’s all the warning you got. You know, what’s amazing… is I was going to keep you out of the pikeman deal, and now you’re right in the middle of it. Drink up, then I’m going to take you home. No, I’ll be fine. Tony can give me a ride back to my place. No, no. No, no, no. I’m not taking you to your place. I’m taking you to my place. You got to come clean, cody. All the way clean. Don’t give mac a partial truth. Don’t rob him of the ability to make a choice. You’re right. I can’t tell mac that I’m his son unless I admit that I lied about the first test. And why. Good. Hey, man, if it helps, I’ll be here or wherever it is when you talk to him. Thanks, but, uh, not necessary. I won’t be telling mac anything. Wait, what are you talking about? You’re gonna let him live his life not knowing he had a son? It’s not like mac raised me, so it’s no big loss. You can’t take away what someone never had. Yeah, you can, actually. Why would you deprive him of that? Of getting to know you, getting to know his son? Why would you cheat yourself out of all that? Maybe I don’t deserve it. Does mac deserve it? What’s mac losing? A son who’s beat up from stunt riding and broke down from grifting. Oh, I see. So he pays the price because you don’t want to admit that you screwed up? It’s not a huge price. It’s me. Mac will be better off. You treat everyone like family. I can confirm that.

[ Laughs ] Where’s my husband? Kevin wanted us to tell you that he had to go see a patient. But not before he and mac had a very nice chat. Oh, good. I’m glad to hear that. May I? Please. Please. You know that kevin doesn’t blame you for doing your job. I know that. We’re good. As for the opposite of good… two fingers of your top-shelf scotch. Neat. Thank you. So how did I get it? Well, either by injection, which would be invasive and probably noticeable, but more likely through ingestion. So something I ate or drank? Actually, give me a new bottle, unopened. Mr. Cassadine, my officers have been trying to contact you about the disappearance of your nephew nikolas. Why have you been avoiding us? You could be a part of the nurses’ ball if it weren’t for my father. Oh, it’s all right. Mac and felicia will be there. They were there for robin the toughest part of her life. What we’re doing now will put viktor away for good. And it will allow you to always be a part of robin’s future. Nope. Nope. Nope. And nope. So, guys, I just looked at the entire metro court ballroom calendar for the next five months. There is absolutely nothing. Well, I’m sure maxie will find her way around that. You would hope so. I’m sure your leadership will be sorely missed. Look, I-I just really want — I need the nurses’ ball to be special. It will be. You know, despite all the glitz and glamour, it’s the mission that is so important to people to celebrate. Okay. Yes, you are right. You better believe it. You are so right. And I think that celebration will be realized. Yeah. You know, just without all the pizzazz that you would bring to it, of course. I like pizzazz. I think I could still do it. No, lucy. No. No. I could. I could go still. Look, I know that this is going to hurt us all. But life is going on without us. I have to check the schedule, but we’ll make it work. Of course the metro court will host the nurses’ ball, as long as olivia agrees. Oh, she did already. She gave us her blessing. Great, and then I hope you will let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help. Unless you don’t want me involved. What? Of course we want your help. Don’t we, bobbie? Sure. The more the merrier. Okay, look, ladies, we are the four most capable women that I know. As long as we can work together peacefully, we can achieve anything. Yeah, I’m in. Okay. I’m in, too. Maxie, bobbie, would you mind just giving carly and me a couple of minutes alone?

[ Door closes ] Perfect timing. Please tell drew he has to perform at the nurses’ ball. Wait a second. Can you carry a tune? He can. He sings in the shower. You hear that? The acoustics are a little weird in this house. And I am sure you have some moves. Okay. All right, everybody. What would I have to do? Oh, I’m sure you’ve heard of magic milo and the magic wands. Uh… is for charity, drew. Come on. The least you can do is give us that shirt off your back.

[ Laughter ] Why do you need to speak to me privately? It’s not like our issues are secret. It’s not about our privacy, carly. It’s about willow’S.

I’m good, boss. I’ll be fine. No argument. It’s an order. Any luck with the phone? Still trying to dig out data. Did lift some prints from it, though. And? The guy’s not from any registry I can access. He was a ghost. What about the weapon? It’s been modified, probably by the shooter. I can tell you the original manufacturer, but there’s no serial numbers. It’s untraceable. What are you thinking? A guy who doesn’t exist, with an untraceable rifle. I’d say you have a very, very powerful enemy. I’ve got the perfect song, and I know exactly who could sing it. Let me grab my phone. Maxie: What about a variety? I could do a magic act this year. So carly and nina are alone in there, and I don’t hear any furniture breaking, but — it might not be long. Now you’re concerned about willow’s privacy. Boy, you sure weren’t concerned at all when you accused willow of having an affair with tj. Oh, god. This, carly, is about her health. Okay, if willow wants you to know about her health, she’ll tell you. That’s just the thing. She has.

[ Knock on door ] Am I interrupting? No, no. Join us. The three of us are privy to willow’s health updates. Okay. Since when? Since I had a conversation with my daughter and she promised to keep me in the loop going forward. I hate to see you doing this to yourself. Because you care about mac? I care about mac. I care about you. Why are you sabotaging yourself? Why do you think you don’t deserve good things? And I’m not talking about fancy jewelry. Some secrets are meant to be kept. Yeah, not this one. I know what you sacrificed. Stop punishing yourself. Mac is a great guy. He’s surrounded by this beautiful family. You have an opportunity here to come out and tell the truth. And have these people, these good people, embrace you and give you a life that you’ve never known. Come on, cody. Come clean, man. Mnh-mnh. Leave it. Sure. I’m a very busy man, chief scorpio. Busy man with a big thirst. Yeah, well, a nightcap isn’t illegal, is it? As long as you don’t intend to drive or harbor a fugitive. And where exactly would I do that? In my suite here at the metro court? It wouldn’t be the first time you gave nikolas safe haven. So what did you do? Smuggle him to some secret island somewhere? Where’s nikolas?

[ Chuckles ] Your guess is as good as mine. Elizabeth baldwin told the pcpd that you cleaned up evidence that nikolas held esme prince hostage. Well, now, that’s just hearsay, isn’t it? I can haul you in for obstruction of justice. Oh, for heaven’s sakes. Can’t a man drink in peace around here? Look, I don’t have a clue where my nephew is. And if you have any more questions, contact my attorney. Laura: Well, I’m back now. And I’ll put it all back together again. And when I have, I’m going to take you apart. It was you. What was me? Yeah, had to be you. Mac deserv

Do the right thing. Maybe saying nothing is the right thing. I know what you’ve done, laura. Really? What have I done? You’re a vindictive — you’re determined to strip me of my power and humiliate me in the process.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. You don’t need me for that. When your life falls apart, and it will, there will be more than me to blame. But you’re the one that will pay most dearly. Mutually assured destruction, mayor collins. You struck the first blow, and now we both have everything to lose. I hate missing the nurses’ ball, too. I really do. But we all have to make sacrifices.

[ Laughs ] But they don’t need you. They need me. Yeah, but they can’t have you, can they?

[ Scoffs ] And that is not really your decision to make. Okay, you can’t risk being seen. Oh, yeah? I can’t risk it? You did. You left here for several hours the other day doing god knows what. Anna’s a professional.

[ Laughs ] Are you forgetting I was an asset, too? I helped, and I was very effective, if you remember. What I remember is that we’re all in this mess because you wouldn’t follow my orders. So you follow my orders now. You sit tight, and you zip it. Hm.

[ Sighs ] I think that went very well. So both carly and nina will be on the planning committee? We’ll be a formidable team. If we survive. If willow gave you an update on her health, why are you asking me how she’s doing? Because willow is sick, and I don’t want to bug her with updates, and I just assumed that she told you that it was fine to fill me in. No, she didn’T. Did you know? What? No, I haven’t spoken to willow at all. But look, we will respect willow’s wishes. I guess if it helps, I can ask her and michael the best way to share information. Anything else?

[ Laughs ] Okay. Once again, your disapproval speaks volumes. Yeah, we all know how dangerous you are with the tiniest bit of information. I’m sorry. I’m dangerous? I’m dangerous? If it was up to you, I’d still be in the dark about my daughter. Okay. Nina, carly is just worried about her family.

[ Laughing ] Oh, please. When have we heard that before? So much for being cordial. You’re right. You’re right. I’m not going to argue with you for the sake of willow. I’m not doing it. But I’ll tell you this. You’re no longer the gatekeeper of information. Okay. And it would serve you well, carly, to have this in the back of your mind. I know a lot more than you think I do. Okay. Okay. I know.

[ Door slams ] My guess is the shooter was contracted by a professional outfit, possibly even an agency. Cia? Wsb? Whoever it is, they’re gonna be very, very sorry.

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GH Transcript Monday, March 13, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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I can appreciate the personalnature of your situation. Yeah. And? Considering the sudden and consistent onset of your symptoms, I’d like to rule out any other potential causes. I’ll go check on your blood work, and I’ll meet you back here in a few minutes. All right. So I guess I’m sticking around, then.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Ah. Well, hello, nurse baldwin. Laura. Kevin. It’s really good to see you here. Hey. Are you here for a late lunch or an early dinner? Oh, we just came in for a bite. This is really the first moment we’ve had to slow down. Oh, busy day? More like onerous. I had to deal with my brother’s remains today. Ahh. Don’t suppose you’re up for another round?

[ Chuckles ] No reason not to. Cody, I think you dropped something. What’s this? Thank you. Thank you, michael. I really do feel like this is for the best.

[ Doorbell rings ] Um, somebody’s at the door. I got to go. But I’ll come down to the gatehouse, okay, and check in later. Okay. Bye. Daddy. Scout! Oh, my goodness. I know I just saw you the other day, but I missed you so much. I think you got heavier somehow. Hey, wiley and olivia are upstairs. And the word is they got a new game for you to play. Is carly upstairs, too? No. No, honey. Why would you ask that? She’s always with you now. So it looks like now you have important information about carly, just like she had important information about you. The question is, what are you gonna do with it? Well, ava, we don’t really know anything. Not for certain. We’re speculating. Come on. There’s no other explanation. Carly and drew committed insider trading. And if anyone powerful found out, carly and drew might end up in prison. Hey, I’m not trying to break your spirit. I know that you’re hopeful that dex is gonna leave sonny’s world. I just — I want you to be realistic. Look, I really do appreciate you being direct with me. But what else is dex supposed to do? I mean, if he wants out of this, he’s got to at least try. And I think that he’s willing to do what it takes. It’s isolated, which is good. Less chance someone notices the shipment whenever it arrives. It’d be a good idea to put cameras up outside, monitor anyone approaching. I got somebody on that. How many points of entry?

[ Rifle cocks ] Sonny, get down! Stay down. That’s a sniper rifle.

[ Gunshot ] Crap!

[ Gunshots ] Boss. What are you doing? If he gets a clear shot, he’ll blow your head off. He can’t shoot if he’s ducking. Dex has a plan for the future that does not include working for sonny. He just — you know, he needs to be strategic about it. Do I even want to know?

[ Door opens ] Bobbie: Hello, hello! Carly: Hey. Hey. What’s going on? I thought you were going to the zoo with grandma. Well, that was the plan. But then donna said her ears hurt. What? I thought we kicked that last week. All right, well, I still have a refill for your drops, so I’ll head over to general hospital, pick up your prescription. I’ll come back, and then you’ll feel better. All right? Yeah. If only I could fix all your problems that easily. Carly is not always around, honey. You know how your mom said that aunt willow wasn’t feeling well? Well, drew and carly have just been helping to take care of her a little bit. Yeah. Yeah, but I’m sorry. She’s not here today. Hey, why don’t you — do you wanna go see the kids? Leo’s up there. Say hi to everyone. I got to go down to the stables and say hi to cody. Say hello to the horses, too. Okay. Especially thor. Okay. Done. Deal.

[ Chuckles ] Have fun. Thanks for bringing her by, man. Appreciate that. Yeah, of course. So much more aware than I give her credit for. Mm. They grow up so fast. Mm-hmm. Tell me about it. I mean, look, danny, rocco, they’re — they’re teenagers, man. It’s crazy. Yeah. They’re good kids. We’re lucky. What about you and sam? You’re not thinking about having another one? Ha! I don’t — no. I think that chapter’s closed. I’m looking forward to the — you know, the next chapter, whatever that is. I hear you, though. I do. The two years that I spent away, I found out the hard way how short life is. I got to — I got to be willing to do whatever I need to to start the next chapter myself. I have to admit, bringing carly down is just so tempting. Carly and I have actually been on better terms lately. I mean, as best we can be, given our history. So… so personally, it wouldn’t please me as much to see her in an orange jumpsuit now as it would have a few years ago. That’s just me. Well, we don’t know if they would definitely go to prison. Maybe they just will pay a fine. Mm… no, I’m pretty sure that people go to prison for insider trading. And carly and drew, they knowingly colluded to raise aurora’s value. Oh, we don’t know. Okay. All right. Okay, fine. Theoretically colluded. But come on. You should admit it. There’s got to be a part of you that’s happy to have carly’s life in your hands again, just like you did when you were in nixon falls. How lucky for me to bump into you, elizabeth. We simply must continue our conversation of the other day. Sorry, victor. I’m on duty. When we previously discussed your involvement with my nephew’s ridiculous plot to keep esme prisoner, I got the distinct impression there was more you weren’t telling me. What I can tell you is, it’s over. I’m sure by now the police have questioned you. You have no more leverage over me. The police? Oh. Oh, you don’t know, do you? You see, I made a deal with the pcpd in exchange for immunity. I told them everything, including your role in the cover-up. Not that you’re asking, but my advice to you — get a good lawyer. I’m so sorry, kevin. I’m sure dealing with ryan’s remains wasn’t easy for you. I really appreciate that, felicia. You know, I don’t think anyone should have to pretend that they’re upset ryan’s gone, least of all you. Well, that’s true, but I can acknowledge that this is hard for you. He was your twin brother. Given the situation, kevin and I have decided that the best thing we could do is let kevin have a private moment to spread his brother’s ashes.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ] A patient. I have to take this. Okay. Excuse me. How’s he really holding up? You know, he brought up his parents’ divorce the other day for the first time in years. You know, he stayed with his father when they split. And ryan went with the mother. The mom who wound up molesting him. Yeah. Kevin says he can remember the day he said goodbye to his brother like — like it was yesterday, when he was young and he seemed so innocent. But the thing is, even though he knows better, I think somehow, somewhere, he still struggles with this notion that he could have done more. And I know he’s upset about lucy. Have you told him that she’s still alive? No. I just feel like I need to protect him right now, you know? I feel like that situation could go south at any moment. But, I mean, obviously, the longer it goes on, the harder that’s gonna be. I feel the same way about mac. He knows there’s more going on with anna, but maybe it’s time to bring our husbands in on what we’ve been up to. Oh, I guess it’s personal. Yeah. It’s nothing. Just forget about it. Well, what… is everything okay with you? Yeah. You know, um… I was just a little short on money this month, so I donated some plasma for extra cash. It’s — you know, it’s just a little embarrassing, that’s all. Cody, there’s nothing embarrassing about having money trouble. Been there, done that myself. Look, if you need a little help getting work, I mean, felicia and I, we don’t have the bar anymore, but I know a lot of people. I can help you find some work. I’m the last person you should be helping.

[ Gunshot ] We got to move. The longer we stay here, the worse our chances. Tony: Boss. Tony. What are we looking at? Single shooter. Sniper rifle. My guys are here. There’s more on the way. You want to live? Put your rifle down and give yourself up.

[ Gunshot ] You’re the last person I should help? What does that mean? You know what? We probably shouldn’t have this second round of beers. I still have work to do. We were just having a nice talk. Why do I get the sense you’re blowing me off? Hey, cody, what’s going on? Oh, hey. Sorry. Dante. I didn’t mean to interrupt. No, dante. No, it’s fine. Mac, hey, sorry. I totally forgot that I had plans with him. No problem. I’m supposed to meet with my wife anyway. Dante. Yeah. See ya, mac. Hey, mac. Uh… about that friend of yours? What about it? I know that things might be awkward and uncomfortable, but you guys should talk it out, you know? ‘Cause if you don’t, it’s just gonna get harder and more difficult to fix. You know, in my experience, if you have a really good friend that’s only done right by you, well, they’re hard to come by in this world. Good to know.

[ Door closes ] What was that all about? I think it’s time we had a check-in with robert and anna. I can’t help this feeling that things are just all about to blow up.

[ Cellphone rings ] I’m gonna take this. Okay. Hello. Drew? Laura. Hey. Sorry to bother you. Is it possible to meet today? I’ve got a proposal I’d like to run by you. Did I lose my wife? Mm, she had to take a call. I hope you don’t mind that I stole your seat. No. I’m glad you did. Listen, I don’t want to make a big deal out of this, but I’ve been trying to reach out to you for the last couple of days, and… you haven’t responded. I should have called you back. Why haven’t you? Honestly? Because I didn’t know what to say. Mac did what he had to do. My brother was a killer. He had to be stopped. My head knows that.

[ Sighs ] My heart is grieving. And I can’t explain that. Because I look at the people that my brother terrorized. Many of those people are people I love. I don’t want to mourn him. I need to know exactly what you told the police about me. I told them you weren’t a part of the kidnapping, but once you found out, you had no qualms about covering up your nephew’s tracks. And I can’t imagine you didn’t play a pivotal role in nikolas leaving town. I had absolutely no part in this ill-conceived mess that you and nikolas got yourselves into. Yeah, what’s that saying? “It’s not about the crime. It’s more about the cover-up”? And you were all over that. All I did was tell the truth. Something I know your family is unfamiliar with. So consider this conversation over. Oh, we are finished when I say we’re finished. Hey, back the hell off, cassadine!

Boss, tony’s at the door. He and I can keep the shooter pinned down. It’s the best chance you’ve got. You know what you’re doing, right? This is what I was trained for. On three. One, two, three.

[ Gunshots ]

[ Gunshot ] Well, donna is down for her nap, so now I can get some work done. Work? I thought today was your off day. Oh, well, actually, it is. But maxie asked me to help her plan the nurses’ ball. Really? Wait, that’s awesome. I didn’t know that they were doing it this year. Yeah. Yeah. Except this year, not only is the ball going to help fund research for hiv/aids — it’s also to honor the hospital’s 60th anniversary… oh. …And the G.H. Staff that we lost. Grandma, that’s a beautiful way to keep their memories alive. Yeah, provided I can come up with enough musical acts. So what I’m thinking is, I’m gonna reach out to the G.H. Nurses… mm-hmm. …Like epiphany and felix and amy and deanna. But I’m also gonna ask some non-G.H. Staff, like ned and chase… and cameron. Yeah. Um… grandma, I’m not so sure that cam would be up for performing this year. You know, he’s — he’s been through a lot, and… I haven’t helped. Didn’t anyone ever teach you not to put your hands on a woman? And it’s lovely to see you again, mrs. Corinthos. It’s carly spencer. A name I know you’re familiar with. Mm. Well, I’m just waiting here for my doctor to get back with some test results. Well, then you can wait somewhere else. Until next time. Oh, and, elizabeth, I do hope this situation with esme doesn’t come back to haunt you. Thank you. But I had that under control. No offense, but it didn’t look like it. What’s victor talking about? What situation with esme? Look, roz, it’s, uh… it’s victor cassadine. Listen, I may be in a spot of legal bother. Apparently, elizabeth baldwin made a statement to the pcpd and brought up my name. I need you to find out exactly what she said. Well, it’s all gonna come out soon enough, so I may as well tell you. When esme showed up at wyndemere, she was pregnant with nikolas’ child. Wow. I mean, when you think a man can’t sink any lower… yeah. …He sleeps with his son’s girlfriend. Well, at the time, we all thought she was the hook killer. I mean, everybody did. Even — even the police. Why didn’t you go straight to the police with this? Because nikolas didn’t want his baby being born in prison… and we thought she was dangerous, so he came up with an alternate plan. He kept esme locked up in one of the wyndemere towers, and I provided her with medical care. Oh. I’ve already told cameron everything, but not jake or aiden yet, but because I made a deal with the D.A.’S office, this is all gonna be made public very soon. I don’t know what came over me. And I can only imagine what you must be thinking of me right now. I’m thinking I would have done the same thing. Ava, there is no part of me that’s enjoying being put in this position again. Come on, nina. It’s just the two of us here. Who are you fooling? No, well… don’t get me wrong. You know, I’m really happy that things worked out with sonny. So happy. But my desire to get revenge against carly has cost me so much. I suppose it would serve carly right to serve a little time in prison, given that she kept me from my daughter for the better part of a year. I certainly would think that the universe is finally balancing the scales more fairly. Okay. All right. Now at least you’re being honest. But, hey, hey, no, listen. I want you to promise me that you’re not gonna tell anybody about any of this. What are you doing? Yeah, yeah, no. I promise. I promise. I am sitting this one out. Really. I’m not gonna tell anybody. I’m not gonna call anybody. But…you are. What are you doing? Oh, that’s the number for the sec, and you’re gonna call. Isn’t this what you want? What are you waiting for?

Kevin, I know you aren’t mourning the man who stalked me or terrorized ava. You’re mourning the little boy that you still remember before bad things happened to ryan. Can I tell you a secret? Always. When I heard that ryan was taken to the morgue, I snuck down to see him. After all the pain that he had put me through, I needed to see his dead body for myself. I understand. I told myself that if I could see that he was really gone and he was no longer a threat to me, then maybe I might be able to forgive him.

[ Voice breaking ] And I’m really ashamed to say that I really couldn’T. Don’t ever feel that you have to forgive him. Don’t ever be ashamed for how you really feel. Exactly. Don’t you think it’s time to take your own advice, doctor? Uh, hi. Hi. Sorry I’m late. The day got away from me. What? What I just said with mac? Yeah. Yeah, that, and we don’t have plans today. It kind of seemed like you were trying to get rid of him, which, why were you trying to get rid of him? It’s not a secret. Look, I found out what happened with him and ryan, so I sent him a couple texts just to make sure he was okay, you know? Oh. And then out of nowhere, he just shows up here at my work, clearly trying to be, like, best buds. And I was like, “listen, man, I got enough friends. Thanks.” Ha ha! You got friends. You got so many friends, you can count them on one hand and still have a finger left over. Oh, yeah? Well, I hope you know what finger I’m saving for you. I do. That’s not very nice. But, listen, you texted him to check in on him, right? And then he took it upon himself just to come over and see you. Like, not your father, but he can still be a friend, right? I mean, I’ve known mac a long time. He’s a stand-up guy, like I told you. Yeah, yeah, I know. Mac’s a stand-up guy. You’ve told me. Everyone’s told me. Maxie’s told me, sam’s told me. Which is exactly why I don’t deserve to have him as a part of my life. Not after what I’ve done to him. Ava, what are you doing? You know, take this back. I’m trying to take the high road here. Hey, sorry to interrupt, ava. Do you have a second? Sure. We were just doing a little catch-up. Okay. I just wanted to touch base now that your aunt liesl is gonna be willow’s bone marrow donor. Yeah, we’re very grateful. She’s doing more tests, actually. It just means so much that she’s stepping up. It’s amazing. She’s always been my rock. You know, it’s been very difficult to find out that willow is my daughter, and then she’s fighting leukemia. I hear you. You don’t have to explain to me. I lost a child to cancer. And although the situations are very different, I wouldn’t wish that battle on my worst enemy. So… thank you. Anyway, uh… could I offer you some hard-won advice? What’s that? While you’re trying to take care of willow from a distance, don’t forget to take care of yourself.

[ Chuckles ] No, there’s no way you can understand why I helped nikolas the way I did. Help nikolas? No. But I can certainly understand your instincts. Elizabeth, you and I, I mean, we’ve had our issues over the years, but I could never fault you for the loyalty you have to your children and your family. Hell, I would move heaven and earth to protect mine. We have that in common. Yeah, we do. I mean, if I were in your position and jason asked me to help him the way nikolas asked you, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes. Although jason would have never been duped by esme. Much less slept with her. No. And more importantly, he would never have vanished when the heat was on and left me holding the bag. And he would have never done that to you either. I know nikolas is a really good friend of yours, and I’m really sorry that he betrayed you like this. And I’m not gonna turn this into a therapy session, but this is one of the things that just frustrates me about you. Yeah, because we’re so much alike. But you never learned the tough lesson that I learned a long time ago. What was that lesson? Be careful who you give your loyalty to. They may not return it in kind.

[ Grunting ] Son of a bitch.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Gunshots ] How are you? Glad you came back. Cam and I broke up, but I have a feeling you already knew that. Yeah. A grandmother has a way of figuring these things out. But I have noticed that you have been acting a lot lighter lately. So does that mean there’s someone else that’s making you happy?

[ Chuckles ] Um, cam and i have been growing apart for almost a year. Because of the revenge porn? Well, that certainly didn’t help. And, you know, maybe there’s a world where we would have stayed together out of sheer momentum. But a lot happened this year. And we just feel like two different people. We both lost a lot. Hey, honey, the whole town lost a lot this year. And that is why it’s so important that we all come together to celebrate not only the amazing achievement of general hospital being around for 60 years, but also the fact that it’s still thriving. And that’s how we’re gonna honor those that we lost — lucy, valentin, and britt. And uncle luke.

[ Door opens ] Well, that took a little longer than I was expecting. Sorry to keep you waiting, but the results are in. We found something concerning in your blood work. I don’t want to become bitter or hardened by this, and I certainly don’t want nikolas’ actions to change who I am. Well, I understand that. But this experience has definitely changed my perspective. I can almost see in a warped way how my parents thought they were protecting me. I mean, ultimately, my dad’s actions were all about protecting himself from embarrassment. But I can see how they were tempted to go down that path. You would never do that to your kids? No. God, no. No, never. But the anger I had towards my parents — not really there anymore. I can almost hold on to the good memories. I mean, before it all went to hell. Wow. You know what? I was hoping that you would come to that decision at some point. Hello, drew. Hi, laura. Can I sit? Please. Great. So, tell me… what is this mysterious proposal of yours?

[ Laughs ] Yeah. I’ll keep it simple. In the wake of valentin’s death, charlotte has been left with a large portion of elq voting stock. Now, obviously, charlotte is not of voting age, so this will fall on your shoulders, at least for a few years. I still haven’t heard a proposal. Right. So ned and i have agreed on a plan to buy back charlotte’s stock at a very good price… provided you’re on board. Okay. I’m not gonna tattle on carly to the sec. I didn’t think you would. Especially not after that conversation. I know. Did you see that? It’s just, you know, my issues are with carly, not with drew. I mean, he’s a stand-up guy, right? And if I say anything, he’s gonna go to prison, too. And no matter what I feel or think about carly, the truth is, she has been the main source of support for michael and willow during this really, really difficult time. And there’s nothing worth taking that away from willow. I think you two should spend some time alone. Have a seat. I’ve been avoiding you the last few days. I think we’ve both been doing our share of avoiding. That’s not really like us, is it? No. I’ve taken a life in the line of duty before. But to see your face now, to see your grief… there has to be a part of you that blames me for killing ryan. I don’T. I’ve been avoiding you and felicia because… I see the relief on your faces. I feel it, too. Relief that you’re safe. That the burden of my brother has finally been lifted from my life. But I still feel guilty. Do you think we’ve been avoiding each other to ignore all the voices in our head?

[ Chuckles ] Well, if I were diagnosing, yeah, I’d say this is a classic case of avoidance. Be that as it may… …ryan was my brother in birth. But my brother in life… …the one I could count on… my best friend… …that’s you. You don’t deserve mac? I got a feeling that this has nothing to do with one of your past cons or something like that. If you don’t tell me something, I can’t help. Can you keep a secret? You know I can. To the grave. Well, how bad is this one?

Aww. Looks like everything worked out okay. Yeah, I’d say so.

[ Chuckles ] I’d say in the 30 years of being friends, this is the most we’ve ever talked about our feelings. Good thing for you I’m in-network for the pcpd’s health plan.

[ Laughs ] Well, I can’t take all the credit. I mean, cody was the one who suggested that we talk it out. More evidence we got him all wrong when he first came to port charles.

[ Breathes deeply ] The grave, right? So mac really is your father? It’s been almost a year since uncle luke passed. You don’t talk about him much. Yeah, well, you know, part of me just… can’t accept it. I just keep thinking luke’s gonna show up at my house one day, and he’s gonna say, “hey, barbara jean, have I got one hell of a story to tell you.”

[ Chuckles ] But I also know that if… if luke were still around, he would have reached out by now. I know there’s no way he would ever let me or tracy or his kids grieve this long. I know you miss him. Do you feel unsettled? Your uncle luke was larger than life. And there is no way I will ever believe that he died in some random accident. Someone out there is to blame. Well, now you’ve got my attention. What exactly is wrong with my blood work? What I found was out of my purview. Which is why I’m bringing dr. Finn on board for a consult. What does that mean? The lab results show a pathogen inside your bloodstream. Well, you’ve given me an awful lot to think about. So what do you say? Will you sell me valentin’s shares of elq? I’m sorry, drew. I’m afraid I can’t do that. What can I say? I’m impressed. This — this feels like growth for you, huh? Yeah, well, maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know. Selfishly, I don’t want to do anything to hurt willow, yes, because of her health issues, but also because I’m hoping down the line maybe we can have a real mother-daughter relationship. Mm. Yeah, I totally get that. But, still, it must be nice to know you have this bombshell in your back pocket. Just in case. Where did you get this? Do you remember when I came by your hoe right after you got back from monterey? You were in a really bad place, and you were determined to burn every picture of your parents. And…I don’t know. I just thought one day you would really regret that decision. That is such a violation. I can’t believe you did that. Thank you. I know I’ve said this to you before. But if you ever find yourself in this spot again and you need to talk to someone to work through a really tough decision, can you call me? I know we don’t like each other all the time, but we respect each other enough to get the job done. Is he dead? Just incapacitated. How’s your arm? It’s a crease. Nothing serious. Think he works for pikeman? I don’t think they’d want to risk jeopardizing the deal. You know? Too much at stake. But I’ll tell you what. I’m gonna find out who this guy is working for.

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GH Short Recap Friday, March 10, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Michael agrees to be on the planning committee for the Nurses Ball and ELQ as well as Aurora Media agree to sponsor the event. Drew tells Ned that he plans to try and persuade Laura to sell him Valentin’s ELQ stock and if he does he plans to step away from ELQ and let him and Michael run the company.

Ava helps Nina figure out that if Drew and Carly’s relationship goes public they could both be accused of Insider trading in the failed Aurora Media ELQ merger.

Cody and Mac have bottles of their favorite Australian beer and Mac opens up to Cody about how badly he feels that he killed Ryan Chamberlain because it caused his best friend Kevin a lot of pain.

Cody tells Sasha that he overheard Gladys talking to someone about selling Brando’s garage. Sasha confronts Gladys and Gladys tells Sasha she had to sell the garage because it was a constant reminder of Brando, and she has to move on with her life. Sasha tells Gladys she understands and Gladys is able to avoid telling Sasha and Sonny the real reason she sold the garage.

Josslyn tells Carly that Dex will soon be out of the mob. Carly tells Josslyn that the only way you get out of the mob is to die. Sonny tells Dex that he wants to keep him out of the Pikeman deal because he wants to train him in the business so that he can have a future in his organization. Sonny takes Dex to the location where the Pikeman shipment will be stored so Dex can tell him if he sees any problems with the location. Dex sees a bullet come through the window straight for Sonny and he pushes Sonny down to the floor, so the bullet misses him.

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GH Transcript Friday, March 10, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


You didn’t have to cook for me. And grilled cheese. You went all out. Well, I figured, after last night and this morning, you might be hungry. Mm. Okay, look, I have been told by more than one person that I am not a great listener. And no one told me directly that your husband’s garage had been sold. I just randomly overheard part of a conversation.

[ Sighs ] I had zero context of anything that was being said, so odds are likely that I got it wrong. Let’s start with the basics — like who did you hear discussing brando’s garage? Gladys: What kind of question is that, “is sasha good with me selling the garage?” Gladys, that’s not an answer. I don’t know why you’re so worked up. Okay, let me just make it clear right now that this is not me being worked up. But i can be worked up…

[Whispering] If you don’t give me an answer. Well, this is a surprise. What brings you here? Well, I was hoping to have lunch with one of the owners, and I’m not talking about olivia. You have time for me? Well, I’m going to have to check my calendar. Why, as a matter of fact, I have an opening. You know, I think we’re way overdue for a proper catch-up. I want to hear about all the developments in your life. Oh, I don’t know about that. Careful what you wish for. So, this form states that the pcpd has returned all the items taken from the quartermaine boathouse as evidence in the investigation when ava jerome was attacked near the boathouse. Just need your signature, and, uh, I’ll be out of your hair. Glad to put this behind us once and for all. Thank you for catching the woman who killed brando and so many others. My sympathies for everything your family’s going through. And, uh, for the challenges still to come. Maxie: Ned! It is so perfect that you are the one who answered the door. Come on in, maxie. So, what brings you by? As a matter of fact… you. Carly: Oh, my gosh. We made quite a mess last night.

[ Laughs ] Wow. Yeah. [ Laughs ] I’d say it was worth it. Oh, yes. I can’t believe we’re just now leaving the bedroom. Well, it’s not every day we get the house to ourselves. I feel like we’re kind of obligated to take advantage of that. We are. Yeah. Yeah. Mm, you know what? Hmm? Sooner or later, you’re going to have to clean this up. How ’bout later?

[ Laughs ]

I have to leave soon. Right. Your mystery boss needs evidence against sonny. Michael: Forget about the pikeman update. If — if sonny’s talking to you about his past, you got nothing to worry about. You know, I can make a lot more than grilled cheese sandwiches. Oh, what? Egg salad? Pb and j? That…

[ Chuckles ] …And grilled salmon with grilled asparagus marinated in truffle oil. Oh, so you can cook. And you’re just now telling me this. Why have you been holding out on me? I ate so many mres in afghanistan that I promised myself I’d learn to cook when I got back to the states. Mres — that’s meals ready-to-eat? They’re packaged to withstand rough conditions, exposure to the elements. They’ll keep you fed, but they are not exactly fine dining. Oh, so you can cook now that you discovered truffle oil? Yeah. Adds depth and flavor. I’ll make you grilled asparagus sometime. It’s too cold to grill. But it won’t be this summer. Oh, so… …you think we’ll still be doing this, this summer? The job should be over by then. And I can spend every minute getting closer to you without worrying about sonny. I can’t wait. Me, either. Will I see you later? Count on it. I’ll walk you out. I hope you don’t mind. Maxie told me about your illness. I’m so sorry about everything you’re going through. Especially so soon after the birth of that adorable baby.

[ Chuckles ] Well, that is — that’s very kind of you, mac. Hopefully, there may be some good news on the horizon. I might have a match with a bone marrow donor. That’s terrific. I’ll pray that everything works out. I will take all the prayers I can get. [ Chuckles ] I want as much time with my family as possible. Congratulations on amelia. She’s beautiful. Thank you. Yeah, I think so, too. You know, I might be just a little bit biased.

[ Chuckles ] No, she’s gorgeous. Children are a blessing. Enjoy your time with them. It goes by really fast.

[ Door opens ] Ah. Case in point. Really, I blink one day, and maxie’s all grown up. Oh, moral of the story — don’t blink.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, what are you doing here? I had some police business to finish up. Oh, that’s a good thing, because I have a big announcement for all of you. I ran into your mother-in-law. Gladys? Have you two even met? How — how did you know it was her? I — at some point in the conversation, it came out that her last name was corbin, and she was talking about selling a garage that belonged to her daughter-in-law. So it wasn’t hard to put together. And then what? Look, I-I…

[ Sighs ] I just got the distinct impression that she was trying to sell the garage. I had been afraid that she would sell the garage without consulting me. But I told myself I was just being paranoid. I can’t believe she actually did it. Is there anything I can do? Yes. You can tell me who she was selling the garage to. Last time we talked, you were so eager to sell the garage that you wanted me to convince sasha to get on board. How do I know that you didn’t badger her into taking the offer? Is that really what you think about me? Let me just say this. I know how ms. Wu…operates when she sets her sights on something. And if she is pressuring you, I can help you. But you’ve got to tell me what’s going on. I’m sorry I didn’t stick around last night. Oh, that’s okay. I know that you wanted to see willow. Well, I-I sp-spent the night with sonny, but I am so glad that you decided to stay at my place. You know? It’s just, with all the drama happening at wyndemere… yeah. Even with ryan dead, I — I just don’t feel safe there on that island all by myself. Yeah, anyone in their right mind would need a little break from wyndemere for a while. Yeah. And you don’t even know the whole story. You’re welcome to stay with me as long as you want to. I can only imagine what you’re going through. And sonny mentioned that nikolas threatened to take avery? Th-that — that was just a miscommunication, really. So tell me how — how things went with willow last night. Um, better. Better than I had hoped. You know, she finally opened up to me about the specifics of her health issues. Hey, well, ain’t that something? Well, liesl asked her to do it, and willow’s very grateful to aunt liesl, so she honored her request. But I don’t care. I don’T. I’m climbing the walls wondering what’s happening to her. And maybe this is — this little thaw is a step in the right direction. Yeah, I hope so. And how about sonny? How are things with sonny? Oh, they’re fine. “Fine”? Oh. Is there trouble in paradise? Yes. Only it’s not my paradise. Whose? Carly.

You don’t have to worry about selina wu — or me. You know how much I love my daughter-in-law, and I want to do right by brando. I always have sasha’s best interests at heart. Alright, listen. I got some business to take care of. As for you, you better know what you’re doing. Who owns the garage now? I really don’t want to get any more involved. But I-I-I don’t want to lie to you, either.

[ Sighs ] Like I said, I just overheard part of a conversation. I just — I really think that you need to ask gladys yourself.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh, I intend to. Cody, I know that you feel bad, but please don’T. I appreciate you being honest with me. At least someone was. The nurses’ ball is back! I wanted to commemorate G.H.’S 60th anniversary and celebrate how much G.H.’S workers have meant to the community. I thought, what better way than the nurses’ ball? That is a great idea, sweetheart. Normally, I’d say maybe we should skip it, the year of lucy’s death. But 60 years of general hospital is too big of an anniversary to ignore. I agree. And since lucy isn’t here to run things, I’m going to attempt to step into her shoes and chair the event. As you can imagine, it’s a big undertaking financially. Which is where you and ned come in. You know what? I have some things I have to take care of, so I will leave you to this. Congratulations again. Thank you. Maxie, whatever you need, you can count on elq and the entire quartermaine family. Thank you, ned. Um, I’m sure things are pretty crazy at elq right now with valentin being gone, also. And, of — of course, you know, aurora media will be at your service. I’m sure drew will be on board, too. Thank you, michael. I really appreciate it, both of you. And I’m going to hold you to it. We really need sponsors for this event. [ Chuckles ] Not to mention, musical acts.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Amelia fusses ] I might be able to help you with that, but I have to deal with this text. What about you, michael? Oh.

[ Scoffs ] No. My — my — my performance days are long gone. So, no, thanks. Maxie: That’s okay. I have a much better plan for you. Alright. Thank you for helping. Yeah. Even though you’re the one that made the mess. Wha– I put the mess on the floor. When the mess was all up here, that was you. Well, I don’t do a lot of baking or cooking, so I don’t see a lot of cleaning up the kitchen in our future. “Our future.” You know, I like the sound of that.

[ Laughs ] Me, too. Look, I’m confident that my plan to get charlotte’s elq shares and step away from the company, that’s going to pacify ned. Well, and ned’s the only person we have to worry about turning us into the sec. So we’re good. So, spill it. What’s the dirt on carly? Well, I haven’t really been able to process it with everything that’s going on with willow and my new grandchild. Nina, just tell me. I could really use the distraction. Okay, okay. Remember when I mentioned to you about drew and carly and how they’re hiding whatever’s going on with them? Yeah, vaguely. I don’t think we went into details, though, did we? Well, I saw them hugging pretty intimately. But more importantly, I heard them say that they couldn’t show how they really feel for each other in public. I wonder why. I sort of, kind of am figuring it out. But it’s — it’s raising more questions than answers.

Well, hey. You the invoice I was looking for earlier? How did this get in here? Comet? You pulling tricks again?

[ Knock on door ] What do you mean, you can’t book spa appointments here? It’s all part of the same business, right? I need a massage! Oh, and why is that, gladys? You stressed out about something? Like deception? Besides ned, the only people that know about us being romantically involved are people that we trust — sonny and olivia and michael and joss. The sec is going to have no reason to look into the timing of our relationship unless — unless ned tips them off. Oh, god. I can’t believe ned. No, you — look, you were an investor at aurora, but the merger never happened. You never actually profited on any of that inside information. This was like six months ago. I think we’re good. I hear you. I do. I just — I just can’t quite wrap my head around being together as a couple out in public. You know, I’ve — I’ve gotten used to the hiding. The majority of the time we’ve spent together has been stolen moments at my house here, so… yeah, but they’ve been pretty great moments. Oh, they’ve been amazing moments. So I say we enjoy these last few days of secrecy before the whole world finds out about us. Oh, believe me, I plan on enjoying. Mm. Oh, hi. Hi, josslyn. Hi. [ Chuckles ] Sorry to interrupt. Not at all. No. I was, uh — I was actually just — just getting ready to go. Yeah. Oh, don’t leave on my account. It seems like you guys were having a good time. I’m going to make sure that we have plenty of good times in our future.

[ Chuckles ] See you. Josslyn: Bye. Hey, I’ll see you? Yeah. Okay. Wow, mom, I haven’t seen you smiling so much in a long time. It seems like you’re really happy with drew. I am. Last night, after I came back from G.H., I overheard sonny and olivia talking. Oh, you were eavesdropping? Nothing good comes from eavesdropping, nina. You should know that. I wasn’t going out and searching for it, ava. I just happened upon the conversation. Can you really call that eavesdropping? Yes, that’s eavesdropping. I mean, what — you’re making a habit of it. Stop. You need to give me a little credit, because guess what? I have all this information now and I haven’t done anything about it. I’m just trying to wrap my head around it. So, what’s the information? Now you want to know. Mm-hmm. Okay. I overheard sonny say that if people knew how long that carly and drew have been seeing each other and what they’ve discussed, there would be serious consequences.

And olivia said that ned was about to turn drew and carly in to the sec. Huh. So… so sonny knows something, and he’s — he’s choosing not to tell you. How does that feel? How’s the cooking, dex? Any new recipes? Uh, not yet, but I have been doing a lot of thinking since we last spoke. I’ve made no secret that I want to advance in your organization, but I understand that my ambition has made me too inclined to act on my own instead of focusing on doing whatever it is that you need me to do, big or small. And I want to fix that mistake. Got it. I told you that I wanted you to be part of the pikeman shipment, and I shut you out, and you probably think that… …I pulled the rug out from under you. You’re the boss running your business how you see fit. And I know that I need to prove that I’m trustworthy. Yeah, you still need to prove yourself. But that’s not why I shut you out. The pikeman deal is a snake pit. It’s the first time I’m working with these people, and I don’t even trust the guy who referred them. So, the less you know, the less I have reason to blame you… …if it goes sideways.

Deception”? I don’t knowwhat you’re talking about. I have the day off work. I’m talking about your lies, gladys. Please tell me that you did not sell brando’s garage. H-how did you hear about that? So it’s true. You actually sold it? Yes, I did. I cannot believe that you would sell my husband’s garage without asking me. Hell, forget about asking. You did not even tell me. How could you do that, gladys? It was time, sasha. You told me that we would hold off until I was ready. You don’t have the final say, sweetheart. What was that? We both know the situation. The court put me in charge for your — oh, forget about the damn court. You and I had an arrangement as family. And the spirit of that arrangement was that you would consult with me. You had no right to sell brando’s garage behind my back. I was just trying to do what is best.

How was that best for me? Well, it’s not all about you! I did it for me! Mac. Uh, what — what brings you here? I had some police business with the quartermaines, and, um, I thought I owed you a visit. I saw that you reached out a few times, and I feel bad for not responding. Y-yeah, I’m sorry. I-I just thought maybe you wanted to talk after what you went through with ryan chamberlain. Uh, but it’s — it’s dumb, because you’re a cop, and you’ve obviously dealt with killing a criminal before. So, sorry if it seemed like I was hounding you. I appreciate it. Really. You know, I, uh — I should’ve called you back, but… yeah, no, hey, I’m not much of a talker, either, especially when it comes to emotional stuff. You know, when — when I have a lot of things on my mind, I tend to just hop on the back of a horse and go for a ride. You ever try it? In my younger days, I spent some time on a ranch in the outback. Why’d you stop riding? Haven’t had much opportunity since I left australia. Well, take it from me. It’s the best way to unwind.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t think I could get this old leg up over a saddle. Something tells me it’s not just like riding a bike. Oh, sure it is. I mean, horses are just like giant bikes with minds of their own.

[ Chuckles ] Ah, those were the days. Riding out into the bush with my friends. The end of the day, we’d head over to the pub and put back a few bludger pale ales. Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. You — you drank bludgers? You’ve heard of them? Uh, okay. A while back, I did a stunt gig with this guy from australia, and that’s all he drank, was bludgers. So I-I developed a taste for them. You’re kidding. I didn’t think anyone in the U.S. Heard of bludger. Uh, yeah. Okay. Alright. Don’t tell mama q, but a few weeks ago, i might have put a case of bludgers on the grocery order. And I still have a couple. You want one? I am off the clock. Aurora media will be at your disposal for the nurses’ ball, and I will make a personal donation, as well. Thank you. But I’m not just here for the money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m taking the donation. But I was hoping you would join the planning committee. You’re kidding, right? I mean, what about brook lynn? I mean, she’s the one with entertainment experience. I’m — right, but you’re a respected figure in the community. You have tons of connections to local businesses because of your work at aurora and elq. Not to mention, both sides of your family have close relationships with the hospital, so you’re just the person I need for this committee. It is a good cause, michael. Oh, yeah, no, it’s a great — it’s a great cause. It really is. It’s just maybe it’s not — uh, look, I’m sorry, maxie. I-I can’T. Not with everything going on right now. It’s not — michael, before you rule it out, I think you should consider it. Ned: Drew. Ned. I should warn you, maxie is in there hustling up support for the nurses’ ball. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Well, I’m happy to hear it’s back on again, though hard to imagine without lucy. But I’m sure maxie’s gonna do a great job. I agree.

[ Sighs ] Hey, ned, um… the family managed to come together for willow and michael’s sake, but, obviously, elq is still the elephant in the room, right? So… I’ve got a proposal to make all this tension a thing of the past. Something’s wrong. Sasha’s not happy. Sasha: Brando was supposed to be my guardian, and he would have never sold something that I treasured… are — are you going to go talk to her? …Without asking me. No. I mean, not right now. I mean, she knows I’m there for her, and if she needs me, she knows where to find me. Okay, well, then, back to carly. Okay. Okay. You know, I’m never thrilled when carly and sonny have an interaction, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that, unfortunately, carly is always going to have a presence in our lives. And despite my feelings towards carly, I can’t really blame sonny for trying to protect her. I mean, she is his ex-wife. Especially from the feds. So, ned — he has some kind of information that could get carly and drew in trouble with the sec. I wonder what that could be. Yeah, I have no idea. I’m not sure. Well, we’re smart. Let’s figure it out. Now, I know that carly and drew wouldn’t keep their relationship quiet to spare anybody’s feelings. No, there’s gotta be a compelling reason that they’re not going public. Could the legal consequences that sonny mentioned actually involve jail time? I’m guessing that fines wouldn’t matter much to someone with quartermaine money. That makes sense. But what I don’t get is the secrecy. Everyone knows that drew and carly, they got close. I mean, the reason that I own half this hotel is because carly was trying to help out drew and michael during that whole, you know, aurora/elq merger. Well, that’s it! What? That’s what? Yes, that — I-I know what carly and drew are so afraid of. Uh, I’m leaving you out of the…pikeman deal because I see that you have potential, and I want to — I want to bring you up in the business, and I want to make sure you do it well. You understand me? I appreciate the faith, but I would think that if you saw potential in me, you would want to test that by giving me more responsibility, not leaving me out. I just need to be careful how I bring you up. Because if the deal goes south, I’ll know you had nothing to do with it. Makes sense. Does not mean… you still can’t help me.

I-I agree that the nurses’ ball is a worthy cause, and under normal circumstances, I would do it in a heartbeat, but… look, with willow’s bone marrow transplant coming up, it’s — right now, we can’t do anything about that except wait. What about the — the wedding? I have the wedding under control, along with help from your mom, your sister, sasha, brook lynn, and olivia. What about the newborn baby? We’re lucky enough to have help. Oh, sounds like you’re out of excuses, michael.

[ Scoffs ] The community really needs this. And so do I. Do it for me?

[ Sighs ]

[ Bottles clink ] Oh, this brings me back. Me, too. Reminds me of simpler times in my life.

[ Exhales sharply ] I don’t know how things got so complicated. I can only imagine how difficult it must be having to take someone’s life in the line of duty.

[ Exhales deeply ] You know, I’ve been a cop for about 30 years. And killing ryan, even though it’s hardly not the first time I’ve had to take a life while on the job, this was different. How so?

[ Grunts ] Oh, man. Ryan chamberlain and I, we’ve had a complicated history. This was a man who terrorized my family for decades because of his obsession with felicia. But he was also the twin brother of my best friend, kevin. He knew how twisted and downright evil ryan could be. I mean, it wasn’t that many years ago when ryan actually managed to switch places with kevin. He had him locked up and drugged up in ferncliff asylum. Ryan pretended to be kevin. Man, this guy sounds pretty — pretty messed up. Yeah, he was. But he was also kevin’s brother. And I don’t think kevin ever really gave up hope that ryan might change one day. But that day will never come, because I killed him. But I — I mean, you did that to save ava jerome and yourself, right? I know that we’re all better off and that the shooting was justified.

[ Sighs ] But? But I killed my best friend’s twin brother. And I know, in some small way, kevin still loved ryan. And I hate that I caused my friend any pain.

[ Chuckles dryly ] None of this is your problem. Hey, hey. I’m not complaining. Besides, you know, sometimes it’s easier to talk about heavy stuff with people you hardly know. Well, I’m glad we’re getting to know each other. Yeah, me, too.

[ Bottles clink ] The truth is… I had every right to sell the garage. Not just as your guardian, but as brando’s mother, who is grieving him. I’m grieving him, too. I know that, honey. And I’m sorry for the tough time you’ve had. But this guardianship has protected you in ways you don’t even know. What is that supposed to mean? You have no idea what it’s like managing all these finances, getting bills every single month for the garage, each one with brando’s name on it. And then there’s when the chamber of commerce calls the office phone, asks for mr. Corbin.

[ Voice breaking ] I get faced with daily reminders that brando isn’t here with us anymore.

[ Sniffles, sighs ] I had no idea. Why didn’t you tell me any of this? Because, honey, my — my job is literally to protect you as your guardian. You lost your husband. I lost my son. Been hard on me, too. So, I needed to get rid of the garage for many reasons, but not the least of which is getting on with my life. I’m sorry if that makes you hate me. It’s just a chance I had to take.

[ Sighs ] Valentin’s death opens the possibility to get elq back in quartermaine control. Well, technically, it is in quartermaine control now. You are currently the ceo, but this is an opportunity for the family to regain majority ownership of the company. Valentin’s stock went to charlotte, which means that laura controls it. I’m sure that we can — we can negotiate to reacquire that stock that valentin poached from us. So you and michael can ice me out again? No. Ned, look. Valentin drove a wedge between us. But he’s gone. Okay, the way I see it, this is a chance for us to start over. So, in the interest of putting the family back together, I am willing to step away from elq entirely. Well, I honestly wasn’t expecting that. I will run aurora full time. I’m okay with that. The most important thing is — is making this family a united front again. I mean, think about it. Last summer, we were at each other’s throats, and then we all came together for willow, and it reminded me how right it feels for us all to be on the same team. And I know that we’re quartermaines, and I know that we’re going to bicker and we’re going to backstab, but at the end of the day, when it matters, we band together. So, come on, we’ve gotta do whatever — whatever we have to, to make this family whole again, and a big part of that is to get elq back. So what do you say, ned? Carly invested in aurora when the plan was to merge that company with elq, right? Right, to get elq back under the quartermaines’ control. It was drew and michael’s plan, and when carly tried to help them, she invested heavily, and when the merger didn’t happen, she lost it all. But if carly bought aurora stock knowing there was a merger on the horizon, isn’t that insider trading? And she and drew could both be open to prosecution if anybody finds out. That’s right. That’s why they have to keep their relationship at a distance. Because anyone investigating, they don’t want to have them suspect that they’d discuss these sensitive business matters. Otherwise, they’re facing jail time. Anything you need, I’m good for it. I want to take you to the warehouse where the pikeman shipment’s going to be stored. I’m not going to tell you when it’s going to land, because the date’s been changed. Uh, then why take me to the warehouse? Because I want your assessment of the place. I want to see how good you identify vulnerabilities. Think of it as training.

[ Sighs ] Well, I’m sorry for crashing your time with drew. Are you kidding? Don’t apologize. This is your home. I’m always happy to see you. I know, but you guys don’t get to spend a ton of time together since you have to keep things on the down low. Yeah, well, that may be changing, so… really? Mm-hmm. Oh, my god, I’m so happy to hear that. Well, I mean, it’s still in the works, but I’m cautiously optimistic. Well, I hope it works out. You know, you deserve to be able to go out and show the world how happy drew makes you. Yeah. So do you. Being in a secret relationship’s a lot of fun, but it comes with baggage, josslyn. And we’re back to dex. Yeah, we’re back to dex. ‘Cause I’m your mom and I’m always going to want to protect you and stop you from getting hurt. I mean, forget about what sonny would do if he finds out that you’ve been seeing dex behind his back. But you grew up in that world. You saw me deal with it every day. Are you sure you want that for yourself? Dex is planning on getting out of sonny’s organization. Seriously, josslyn? You’re going to hang your future on a vague promise? Dex: Option three… I get evidence against sonny. I turn it over to my real boss, who turns it over to the feds. Sonny goes to prison. I’m in the clear. Option three it is. Option three. No matter what happens… I can’t walk away from you. Good. I don’t want you to. It’s not like that. Dex has a real plan. Okay. Like what?

You bring up some good points. It’s a win-win for you, ned. We regain valentin’s stock and I extract myself from elq. Well, you’ve given me a lot to think about. Michael, if you help plan the nurses’ ball, it will give us something to look forward to. We won’t just be focusing on waiting for the transplant. We’ll have something positive to pour our energy into, something that benefits us, G.H., And the entire city.

[ Exhales deeply ] Well, how can I say no to that? Awesome. Thank you. Our first meeting is tomorrow, and I will call you tonight to go over all the details. Got it.

[ Door closes ]

[ Chuckles ] Alright. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You know what? You’re my world, willow. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you. So, what do you say? You up for another one? No reason not to. Cody, I, uh… think you dropped something. I don’t hate you, gladys.

[ Exhales deeply ] Thank you. But I don’t like that you went behind my back. Understood. I get where you were coming from. And you’re probably right. Left to my own devices, I probably would have never parted ways with the garage. I couldn’t bear it. Well, just so you know, it wasn’t easy for me, either. Well, I guess that, maybe in a not-so-good way, it worked out for the best. Instead of hanging over us, the garage is gone, and we’re forced to move forward. I can see why my son fell for you. I miss him. Honey, I do, too.

[ Crying ] Oh. Oh! Your theory is good, ava. It is. But that’s all it is — a theory. Mm-hmm. Theory that could turn the tables. Here, now, you have important information about carly, just like she had important information about you. The question is, what are you gonna do with it? Look, you and drew are working on finding a way that you can be together out in the open. Dex and i want that, too. And I know that dex is gonna get out of the mob for good. Well… I know you believe that. And I think dex probably believes that he can leave that world. But take it from someone who has been very close to it most of my life. Once you’re in, josslyn, it’s really hard to leave. But it is possible. It is, but the way out is usually death. It’s isolated, which is good. Less chance someone notices the shipment whenever it arrives. It’d be a good idea to put cameras up outside, monitor anyone approaching. I-I got somebody on that. How many points of entry? Sonny! Get down!

[ Gunshot ]

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GH Transcript Thursday, March 9, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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can I get you anything else, ms. Reeves? Oh, no, thank you, jaime. I’m good. Oh, wait. Whoa, whoa. Um… you’re — you’re in business school, right? Yep, pcu’s graduate program. Oh, great. Um, question — under what circumstances would someone in a leadership position in a company be investigated by the sec? W-what makes you ask that? Ava: Hey, austin, it’s ava. We need to discuss your charming cousin and the not-so-charming stranglehold he has on us. So call me as soon as you can. Thanks. Hey, trina! Hi! What are you doing here? Uh, I just received a notification that the evaschen work just arrived. The shipper still has me listed as a contact. Oh. I-I’m here for the same reason. You know, it’s not your job to track artwork anymore. Yeah, but I just — I wanted to spare you from anything gallery related, especially after everything that happened to you lately. Oh, thanks. You don’t have to take care of me. Well, to be honest, I wanted a reason to return to the gallery. This place is really important to me. It’s like a second home. Now it’s more important than my first. Congratulations on your recent nuptials. Did bradley deliver my gift the night of your rehearsal dinner? Yeah, he did. I was surprised I didn’t hear back from you. Did the gift not meet with your approval?

[ Scoffs ] Where is that invoice for your feed, buddy?

[ Groans ] Well, ma ma q didn’t hire mefor my organizational skills. Sasha: That much is obvious. I’m about ponies, not paperwork. You are good with horses. You are also good with people. Among them, me. Is this dark roast? Not your preference? Well, it tastes burnt, you know? [ Scoffs ] Oh, I miss kelly’s smooth coffee. I miss kelly’S. I miss croissants. Wouldn’t you just kill for a chocolate babka? Why does felicia always bring just yogurt and granola? How was your shower? I didn’t actually get one. Someone decided to take the last of the hot water again. Um, that’s because the water here is so very hard, it’s — it’s difficult to get all the shampoo out of my hair. I rinse it a lot.

[ Carafe rattles ]

[ Clears throat ] Stay away from the window! Oh, my god. How long do we keep hiding here? This is torture.

[ Sighs ] Oh. Good morning. Is it? Well, it’s the best sleep I’ve had in weeks. I feel so rested. That makes one of us. You’re not upset about last night, are you? I’ll thank you to not mention last night again. We all learned to tread very carefully with jessie brewer. She was a wonderful, generous woman, but she had zero tolerance when it came to bringing personal drama to work. So she really kept us on our toes.

[ All chuckle ] How long have you worked at G.H.? 45 years, but the hospital’s turning 60 this year, so I wasn’t here at its inception. 60 years. That’s quite a milestone. Yeah. The hospital has been the center of so many people’s lives in port charles. How are you gonna mark the occasion? Oh, there aren’t any plans that I’m aware of. That’s a missed opportunity. Um, it’s more than that. It’s a travesty. Somebody needs to do something about it.

[ Exhales deeply ] Problem? Deception stock. What, it took a hit? No, just relax. You’re still getting a return on your investments. No, it’s just, it could be a whole heck of a lot better. If you were back there, you mean? Yes, if I was back there. Back at the company? Yes, yes, yes. I’m so sorry. Mnh! I thought that there was another bag, but that was the last of the coffee. Sorry. I miss paris. Oh, me too. For a lot of reasons, but right now, the coffee. Tell me about paris. Stop. This is another thing, see? Marty can’t be here. He’s visiting his mom. So watching you two lovebirds continuously reminds me that I am involuntarily celibate. You know what? When all this is over and we get victor, your life will be waiting for you. Don’t say the “w” word — waiting, waiting, waiting! That’s all I do. I am so sick of waiting. I just want out of here. We w ere both tired last night,and we’d both been drinking. Neither of us were at our best. But now we’re both rejuvenated.

[ Sighs ] Is it something I did? Oh, I have a busy day today. Anything to do with the next phase of your plan? You don’t have to go it alone. I’m with you all the way. Didn’t I prove that to you when I helped take care of anna devane? Victor, let me in. Tell me what you need, what you want. I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. If I knew you were coming, I’d have cleaned the place up. Did you find what you were looking for? Uh… afraid not, but, uh, no worries. I’ll look later. For you… with my thanks. For what? For what you did the day I confronted heather webber at the pcpd. Ava: Trouble at home? You’re the one that just went through hell. How are you? I’m hanging in. And your friend, dr. Gatlin-holt? Oh, well enough to check himself out of the hospital. In fact, your mom treated him right before he left G.H. So, when are she and curtis headed for italy? Um, as far as I know, that trip is canceled. They’re not in a great place right now. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. What happened? I happened. Let’s just say I’ve had a few things on my mind, so sending out thank you cards was not high on my list. It’s not like you to be ungrateful, so I’ll ignore your oversight. Newly-wedded bliss can be all-consuming. Or so I’ve been told. Excuse me. You are bluffing, sucker! Selina: I never bluff. M-ms. Wu. I-I didn’t mean — I-I was pla–

[ Clears throat ] Thank you for meeting me. Why didn’t you meet me at the savoy? I, uh, make bad decisions when I’m at the club. Is that what I think? The deed to my son’s garage. Yeah, I’m just — I’m always pestering jaime with these business questions. You know, he’s in business school, and, yeah, I’m gonna take credit when he passes his course with flying colors. Uh-huh. Have you heard from willow today? No, I haven’T. And I don’t want to risk our somewhat shaky truce by hounding her with questions and calls. So you’re taking it slow. That’s a good thing, right? Yeah, I’m just grateful that I’m in the loop where my daughter’s health is concerned. Boy, I wish I was in the loop where my daughter’s is concerned. Uh, have you heard from — anything from ava telling you that nikolas cassadine is threatening to take avery? I agree. It would be really nice to honor G.H.’S six decades of service to the community, but, you know, the leadership is still navigating britt’s loss, so they are probably just gonna put up a plaque.

[ Scoffs ] We need more than a plaque. Port charles has seen so much loss and turmoil in the recent years. This town needs a celebration. Maxie’s right. And I suppose you have something in mind?

Many somethings, actually.

[ Chuckles ] But there is a clear-cut winner to usher in the festivities. This town needs the biggest and best nurses’ ball that G.H. Has ever seen.

[ Laughs ]

There is no better way to mark G.H.’S 60th anniversary than with the nurses’ ball! Anniversary’s next month. There is no way to get the nurses’ ball ready in time. It’s not an easy enterprise. Bobbie, I’ve done bigger events in less time. I just need a choreographer, a fireworks team, a llama, and a truckload of bubbly. Plus a celebrity guest, teasers for local news, and some corporate sponsors to foot the bill. Easy peasy. We can do it. Yeah! Who’s “we”? Us. You really want to help? Any way I can. Then only come when I call. It wasn’t long ago you imagined you were being haunted.

[ Clears throat ] I was under a lot of pressure. I realize now it was the sleeping pills my doctor prescribed. I see. I, uh, requested a copy of a file on holly sutton, with her accident at the cabin. The original, unredacted file. Go on. It may contain useful information on the necklace. And you’re certain you can get your hands on this file? I have strings I can pull. Then pull them. Now.

[ Door closes ] Checking in, as demanded. Valentin: As far as safe houses go, this is fine. One moment. We are all making sacrifices. So deal with it.

[ Inhales deeply ] And why should I? You know, you and anna, you’re the spies. I’m just a humble entrepreneur, really. I can’t get away right now… why should I be stuck in a safe house? …So your contact will meet you where you are. You cannot go out the door! This is our best chance to bring victor down. This really seems like a you problem. I’m starting to wish I’d taken that attitude when we found you shackled in a paris catacomb. Okay, you know, I’m very grateful. I-I really am. It’s just that I wouldn’t have needed rescuing if anna hadn’t blackmailed me to spy for her in the first place. You know what? That was eileen ashby on the phone, and she says that she will get us everything we need to stop victor, alright? Wow. Well, for your sake and for mine, I sure hope she comes through — and soon!

[ Sighs ] If we don’t get out of here soon, I just may kill lucy coe myself. This will make us square, right? More than amply. Your debt is covered. Remaining funds can be deposited into a business account or used for a stake in the next game. No. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] I-I’m — I’m — I’m done with all that. Deposit will suit me fine. Yeah, I was, uh, worried that you’d think I was butting in where it wasn’t my business. But I-I knew dante would look after you. Dante showed up because you sent him? Yeah. Isn’t that why you’re thanking me? No. I’m thanking you for not giving me up to the desk sergeant when I claimed to be heather’s lawyer. Yum. [ Chuckles ] Biscotti. You enjoyed the biscotti olivia made that night in the solarium. I, um — I did. Thank you. You’re welcome. You’re not mad? I pretended to be someone’s lawyer and asked to see the woman who killed my husband. You probably thought that I was out for revenge, and you were trying to save me from myself. Turns out you don’t need saving. Trina, none of this is your fault. If I hadn’t gone to check on stella the night of my mom’s wedding, none of this would have happened. Most secrets… eventually come to light. Ava? What’s important is how you’re doing.

[ Sighs ] I’m all over the place. I’m angry at my mom. But you miss her. I want to stay close to my dad, but I’m starting to feel, like, distance from him. And I like curtis, but I resent him. That sounds perfectly natural. What can I do? What do you need? A solution. Oh. Oh, sweetheart, I don’t think I can help you with that. Nikolas threatened to take avery? Ava said it was an empty threat, but there’s no empty threat when it comes to my child.

[ Gasps ] Uh, excuse me. I don’t mean to interrupt. How you doing, sonny? Can we talk for a moment? Yeah, of cour– aren’t you supposed to be in tuscany? Yeah, um, I wanted to thank you for comping that honeymoon room for portia and me. Yeah, it was my pleasure. I appreciate the generosity, but I can’t accept. This is… you’re reimbursing me for the room? It was a gift for you and your wife. Well, that’s just it. Portia may not be my wife much longer.

what happened? You know what? I’ll let you guys have a discussion. I’m — I got something I gotta do. Curtis: Why don’t we go have a seat at my table? Mr. Corinthos. Just the man I needed to see. Oh, hey, uh, what can I do for you, ms. Wu? Why was my shipment rerouted from pier 55 yesterday? It was a minor inconvenience. If you’re concerned that I might attempt to join your pikeman deal — okay, listen to me, alright? We had an arrangement. You operate on my docks at my discretion. You understand that? And I want you to keep it that way. Oh, hi, cuz.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t “hi, cuz” me. What were you doing with ms. Wu? I’m always here for you. You know that. But there is no quick fix for this particular situation. And I know you’re probably sick of hearing things like this, but… with maturity comes an understanding that — that nothing is absolute. There are almost always shades of gray. What my mom did was wrong. No amount of age or perspective will make me see that differently. I think your mother was wrong. I agree with you. But if you’re looking for me to validate your righteous indignation, I think you’re gonna be disappointed. Because I know from personal experience, there is no telling what a mother might do when she’s afraid she could lose her child. It wasn’t easy to face the woman who murdered my husband. Every word coming out of her mouth infuriated me. And you didn’t go for her throat. I admire your restraint. It would have felt so satisfying to claw her face off. But I thought of what brando would want. Which is? To get justice for him without compromising my future. Well, yo u definitely seem betterthan the last time I saw you. I don’t know, lighter or something. I won’t say that it’s closure, but a burden has been lifted. How about you? How do you feel? I am, uh, not really liking myself so much lately. I seem to be in the habit of letting down any person who cares about me. All any of us can do is forgive ourselves. If I can’t, what then? Conrinthos coffee, elq, deception, aurora media, and we can get ned to cover the rest.

[ Sighs ] Hold on there, hot foot. We haven’t even pitched this to the board. Well, when they learn that I’ve lined up donors and I’m offering my services, free of charge, how could they object? Maxie, even someone as efficient as you needs a reliable and a willing committee. Not a problem. I can already think of half a dozen go-getters. Not to mention, I already have a co-chair. Your mother didn’t agree to that. Who said I’m talking about my mom? Hey.

[ Laughing ] Hi! Oh, it’s so nice to see you. Not just ’cause you brought coffee, though. Oh, thank you.

[ Both laugh ] We heard what happened with ryan chamberlain. Are you all right? Yeah. Yeah, I’m — I’m — I’m getting there. I mean, the whole thing was quite a traumatic experience, but I think it’s worth it, because, uh… ryan is now gone.

[ Whispers ] Amen. Yeah. Yeah. So, how’s everything here? Well, it’d be nice to believe we’re making progress, uh, thanks to your plan. I had my reservations, but anna said you were the most convincing corpse she’d ever seen. Mm! Well, I have to admit, I did enjoy seeing the look on eileen’s face when she realized she’d been had. I doubt she likes being played. Let’s just hope she hasn’t gone rogue. Well… if eileen ashby wants to take us down, she’s going down first. I have a feeling that she’s too self-serving for that.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Hello, eileen.

You were expecting someone else. I thought maybe felicia scorpio. But I should have known it would be you. Oh? Why is that? Anna devane is clearly enjoying my fall from grace. What better way to stick it to me than to send you? I volunteered. Huh. That’s not surprising. You were the one who first told me anna was dead. And you sent me to the morgue.

[ Whispers ] You set me up. And you have been playing me since lucy coe was shot. Oh-oh, my dear. We were on to you long before that. We were biding our time until you could prove to be useful to us. Could you please, please, please — I’m begging you, don’t go, don’t go. Could you just stay and be like a little buffer between us, please? I-I’m sure there’s not friction here. I mean, we’re all on the same side. Right! Right. It’s just, we’re going a little stir crazy. You know that saying about two’s company, but — three’s a necessary evil to survive.

[ Sighs ] Lucy, I’m gonna come back, I promise. And I’ll bring you an update on what maxie’s planning for this year’s nurses’ ball. Ch– ch–ch– oh, my god. The nurses’ ball. Did they — they — they set a date? When is it? It’s in a few weeks.

[ Gasps ] A few weeks?! Mm-hmm. No! No, no, no, no, no. There can be no nurses’ ball without me. You make the most sense as a co-chair, bobbie. You love the hospital. You know its history. You’ve played an important role in the health and happiness of so many who have walked through the doors — least of whom is me. Maxie, I don’t know.

[ Chuckles ] You have to do this, bobbie. Nobody else can fill lucy’s shoes. I need you. Okay, you have till the end of breakfast to decide. Now, musical acts. These months without brando, I have had a lot of time to think. It’s usually at night when it’s quiet. And one of the things that I couldn’t let go of was how brando spent so much time taking care of me before he died. We lost a lot of valuable time together while I was spiraling. Well, I — you went through a lot. You know, it’s not your fault you were a hot mess express.

[ Laughs ] Don’t be shy. Tell me what you really think. Oh, I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I-I suffer from a disease. It’s — it’s foot-in-the-mouth disease.

[ Both laugh ] Well, don’t apologize. I told you before, I appreciate that you don’t feel the need to treat me with kid gloves. Still, I could stand to learn some more grace. You could stand to extend that grace to yourself. Once I managed to do that, my regrets stopped keeping me up at night. Sounds easier said than done. Nothing worth doing is ever easy.

[ Horse sighs ] Well, comet agrees. You’re outnumbered. I don’t know what to say to my mom or curtis or even my dad. Should I take the dna test? That depends. Do you want to know who your biological father is? I’m not sure. Well, then, maybe the better question is, would knowing change anything for you? I won’t let it. Marcus taggert is my father. He raised me. He loves me. And that will never change. Okay. Well, if that’s the case, then some would say there’s no reason to find out. I’m from a different school of thought. At the end of the day, I like looking in the mirror and knowing exactly who I am, exactly where I came from. It might not change my decisions or behavior, but at least there are no lingering, existential questions. So you’re saying I should take the test? I’m saying why not find out for sure? I am so sorry. I don’t know what to say. I don’t either. How can I help? You could take my check. Well, we both know I’m not gonna do that. Besides, you’re not really telling me that your marriage is over, curtis, are you?

[ Breathes deeply ] Portia lied to me, nina. When we met again after all those years apart, she made a point of telling me that trina couldn’t possibly be my daughter. Well, I’m not defending portia — I’m not — but also, to be honest, I can’t condemn her either. She didn’t admit the truth that trina could, in fact, be my daughter until her secret came out and she had no choice. Yeah. Yeah, because she was afraid to lose you. And I can certainly understand that, because I withheld information for the exact same reason. Gladys, what business could you possibly be doing with ms. Wu? I was just following your advice. Which is? You discouraged me from selling the garage to a low bidder. You’ll be happy to know I rejected that offer and sold it to someone who values its worth. Selina wu is the proud new owner of brando’s garage. Whatever mr. Cassadine is having, put on my tab. That’s very kind of you, selina, but quite unnecessary. I insist. You look like you need a pick-me-up. What do you know about it? She found it.

Hi, sweet pea. You’re so sweet, aren’t you? You are so good with him. Did you grow up around horses or…? Lately, I’m more familiar with the horsepower of ’70s muscle cars. No, but you’re not afraid. The last woman that I had here, she’d rather be caught dead than… I love riding. It’s just been a while. You should ride here on the estate. What do you charge? No, honestly, you’d be doing me a favor. I mean, it’s exercise for the horses, and, plus, mama q will stop worrying about if I have friends or not. Does that sound fair to you, comet? What’d he say? That you do have friends. So, you have a report for me. What did you find out?

[ Sighs ] Victor and I shared a room last night. We used to — anna told me. The less I hear about that, the better. Well, you don’t have to. I had hoped that re-igniting our physical relationship would loosen victor’s lips, but it didn’t work. Why not? Victor hasn’t been himself. He had an off night in the bedroom. Disregard my intrusion, mr. Cassadine. Enjoy your coffee in good health. Perhaps it will restore your customary courtliness, hmm? Not telling sonny’s family that he was alive in nixon falls is a mistake that I’m still living down. Okay, but at the time, I thought I was justified. Are you saying portia did, too? Well, I’m guessing, yes. But that being said, curtis, you know that I am always on your team, right? Especially around this issue. I know how painful it is being denied your own children. Well, finding out trina might be my daughter is nothing compared to what carly did to you with willow. Well…

[ Sighs ]

[ Stammers ] I’m just trying to focus on rebuilding my relationship with willow, but… I am so angry. Yeah. So am I. And you have every right to be, but I want you to remember this — the circumstances are not the same. Portia, she’s your wife and she’s trina’s mother. Have you… have you spoken to trina? Yeah. Yeah, I went and saw her. Nina… the whole time I was talking to her, I just kept looking in those big, beautiful brown eyes and wondering if she has my mother’s eyes. I gotta know. Yeah, you gotta have the answers, right? But does trina want to know? She’s considering it. Well, take it from me — do not push. I am learning to live with what I’m given. Whether it be a dna test or a relationship… curtis, let trina decide. I wish it didn’t matter either way. It doesn’t have to. You and I, we share no dna. Nature didn’t forge the connection that we have. We did that. And it’s one of the most meaningful bonds I have. Now, I don’t know if that’s an argument for or against getting a test. Only you know. But whatever you decide, trina, I will be right beside you. I’ll be holding your hand. Oh.

Time’s up. I said you had until the end of breakfast, so what’s it gonna be? Alright.

[ Laughs ] I will co-chair the nurses’ ball planning committee. Bobbie, you are the best. You will not be sorry. I promise you, the nurses’ ball is gonna be the best way to celebrate the 60th anniversary festivities of the hospital. I’m gonna text my mom. Oh, lucy and I may not have always seen eye to eye, but…

[ Breathes deeply ] I intend to do her proud. Yeah. Lucy worked really hard every year to make sure the nurses’ ball was a huge success. Yes. And lucy always made it seem like it was the biggest undertaking in modern times. But I intend to do just as well without breaking half the sweat or losing my clothes.

[ Both laughs ] Oh, well, it’s largely because of you that maxie thinks the show should go on. She wants to honor what she thinks is your legacy as the heart and soul of the nurses’ ball. Okay, that’s sweet.

[ Stammers ] Really. I think that — that’s lovely. I’m very grateful. It’s just that it’s — it’s really no small feat organizing an entire nurses’ ball. And in just a — a few weeks? I-I don’t see how ma– maxie can’t do it. I don’t think she’s capable to do it. Don’t worry about it, lucy. She has plenty of people to help her. The text I just received — bobbie’s gonna co-chair. Bobbie spencer?! Sounds like it’s all in hand. Stay safe. Oh, my goodness. Did you hear that? Did — did you actually hear that? Bobbie spencer? No! No, no, no, no, no. Bobbie spencer is not gonna take what is mine… again. Whatever trina decides, no matter the results, you’re still gonna be part of her life, right, because of your relationship with her mother. I’m just not sure where portia and I stand. So if trina is not your daughter, both portia and trina will be out of your life? I don’t know what I’d do without you. Trina, I love you. And I’ll always be here for you. But, you know, you only have that one mother. Maybe. But unlike my mother, you’ve never been dishonest with me. When it comes to ava jerome, what I see is what I get. Thanks for the biscotti. Probably not as good as mama q’S. Well, if they are, I won’t tell her. Don’t worry. I think I’ll take you up on your offer. I would love to get back into riding. Excellent. I just wish that I could give you something more in return. Like free color matching at deception or tune-ups at the garage? Well, I’ve already found my perfect foundation shade, so thanks. And I don’t have a car, which works out since you no longer have a garage. What do you mean? I still have brando’s garage. Technically, the garage belongs to my daughter-in-law, but — but we’re in the process of selling it, so I’ll just cut out the middleman and sign it over to you. I mean, sonny says it’s worth a pretty penny. Um, I’m — I’m sorry. I-I must have heard wrong. Heard wrong from who? Sounds like you selling brando’s garage to ms. Wu is a savvy business deal. I’m good with it as long as sasha is. Glad you’re on board, sonny. See you around. Gladys. Is sasha good or not? Ahh! Now, that’s a cup of joe. I know living with lucy is a temporary inconvenience. Insanity? But it’s all going to work out in the end. Because if we can prove that victor killed luke and framed me for “killing” lucy — provided eileen does everything we ask her to do. I apologize, selina. I — I haven’t been feeling myself lately. Oh? That’s a terrible shame. Is this a new issue for victor? Until now, he’s actually been rather… robust. But we haven’t been together in months. And maybe last night explains why. Alright. So, clearly, you aren’t going to be able to get information from him by seducing him, so we have to come up with another way to engage his interest. Ms. Sutton. It’s selina wu. You’ll be interested to know that something has greatly disconcerted our mutual acquaintance, victor cassadine. Perhaps that something has to do with the substance that you paid me to slip him? Eileen: Despite victor’s frustration and embarrassment earlier, his interest was piqued when I mentioned the possibility of getting him the unredacted report of holly sutton’s accident and the necklace that she stole. Then I think we may just have to give victor exactly what he wants.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, March 9, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Trina talks to Ava about her situation with Curtis and Taggert and Ava advises Trina to take a DNA test so she can know her identity. Ava tells Trina that it won’t change her relationship with her father at all.

Nina advises Curtis to let Trina make the decisions about their relationship. Nina also sees why Portia kept the truth from him, Taggert, and Trina. Portia was afraid to lose the people she loved.

Cody and Sasha bond over their love of horses and Sasha agrees to come ride the Quartermaine horses to give them some exercise. Cody accidentally tells Sasha he thought she had sold Brando’s garage because she heard someone talking about it.

Gladys tells Sonny she sold Brando’s garage to Selina Wu but, Sonny wonders if Sasha is okay with her selling the garage to Mrs. Wu.

Maxie enlists Bobbie’s help to plan the Nurse’s Ball to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the hospital

Anna, Lucy, and Valentin are getting stir crazy at the safe house and Lucy gets upset when Felicia tells her Maxie and Bobbie are planning the Nurse’s Ball.

Deputy Mayor Ashby tells Laura that Victor isn’t performing in the bedroom, so she won’t be able to seduce him to get information on his plan.

Selena Wu calls Holly to tell her that something is bothering Victor and it could have something to do with the powder she gave her to put in his drinks.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, March 8, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Door opening ] Mom, are you okay?

[ Knock on door ] Hi, esme.

[ Door closes ] Do you have a few minutes to talk? No. Why not? Elizabeth baldwin told me the truth about your son. You don’t really care about me. None of you can be trusted, and I am done listening to your lies. Spencer. Hey. Trina. Hi. Hi. Liesl? All men are schwein. Go away. Didn’t you hear me? Leave. Oh, I heard you loud and clear. I also happen to know how much you enjoy telling me off. So have at it. Okay. I am taking off the blindfold. Now… you’re alive, too? Well spotted. It’s a miracle. Wha– why didn’t you tell me

he was alive? Because you could have gone straight to victor. You needn’t worry. I know better. If victor found out that there’s a recording of me confessing to setting you up, I’d be seen as a liability — probably killed. Probably? It’s good that you’re clear on that. Well, if — if you’re alive and anna’s alive, does that mean lucy coe’S…? No, no, no, no. You’re here to give us information, not ask us questions. We’ll tell you what you want to know once we decide how useful you can be. Why is it you work for victor? How close are you to him? We need to know everything. Marshall. Tell me the truth. Do you think that there is any hope…

[ Elevator bell dings ] …For me and curtis?

[ Elevator doors close ] I’ll be in dr. Samuels’ office. Yeah, go ahead, pop. Lead the way. No need for you to come while I check in, son. Stay. Talk.

[ Sighs ] Maybe you two have something to say to each other. Not here. Not now. Curtis, please don’t go!

How you doing? Are you okay? Sorry. You go first. No, um, you go first. You really shouldn’t be here. What if you see your mom? I was nervous about possibly running into her, but, um… that doesn’t matter. I wanted to be here for you. Um, I got your little brother a cool baby blanket. Ohh! I hope you don’t mind. No, thank you. Oh, my god. That’s very thoughtful. Thank you. That’s really nice. I don’t really know when I’m gonna give it to him, though. Isn’t he going home today? Is he all right? Yeah. Yeah, baby’s fine. Trina, things have gone from bad to worse. What happened? Esme said that my father kept her prisoner at wyndemere. What? I actually had to jump off a turret to get away. I-I could have been killed. I could have lost my baby. And you didn’t say a word about any of this. I’m sorry. I only recently found out about this. Yes, but why should I believe you? I can’t trust anyone. All of the cassadines are horrible. Nikolas, spencer, uncle victor. They’re all trying to take ace away from me. I am not a cassadine. Yes, but you’re — you’re spencer’s grandmother, so I know you’re on his side. I am also your baby’s grandmother, and I am on his side. We do have things to say. I’ll be in dr. Samuels’ office. Good to see you, portia. What is it we need to discuss? Well, first of all, you haven’t been home since the wedding. Um… where you been staying? I’ve been at the metro court hotel. Come home, curtis. I can stay in the guest room if you prefer.

[ Scoffs ] I don’t prefer any of this. And as for me coming home, I’m sorry, portia, but I’m just not ready. We can’t just keep avoiding each other forever, curtis. And can you answer me one thing?

[ Sighs ] Do you and trina want to have a dna test to see if you’re really father and daughter? Where is felicia scorpio? She couldn’t make it. Why don’t you take a seat? Alright. So… we need to understand your involvement with victor and what it is that you might know. Uh, I don’t know how much I can tell you. Why you? Let’s start with that. Why would he want a mole in the mayor’s office? Well, at first, it was all about laura. He wanted me to keep tabs on her. Why is that, do you suppose? He wanted, I believe, to keep her from focusing on him? He told me to undermine her whenever possible. And was he more interested in certain information? He wanted to know if the pcpd was investigating him, but other than that, he didn’t give me any details. How convenient for you. We’re not partners. Victor made that quite clear. I work for him and I do what he tells me to do. And since he promised to back my political aspirations, I had no idea that he would be killing people that got in his way. You know, that’s not very shrewd of you, failing to vet someone like victor when you’re about to become his flunky? Come on, robert. Eileen was lured in by the promise of more. Weren’t you? More power, more money. It was never about money. Victor said he believed in me. It was only until I started working for him that my eyes were opened. What did you see? Mom, are you okay? You’re not sleepwalking, are you? No! No, I fell asleep. I was waiting up for you, and I just — I fell asleep. I’m sure seeing me sleeping on this couch brings back bad memories for you, but I can assure you, I’m not in that dark place anymore. Okay. I’m glad to hear that. And I’m glad you waited up for me. Yeah, why? What’s up? I’m going to play soccer for stanford.

[ Laughs ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Both laugh ]

I don’t know what game you’re playing, but I’m not interested, victor. I’m not playing games, liesl. I’m just offering myself as a target for your anger. You know how better you feel after cussing me out. Find someone else who despises you. I just want to be left alone to try and eat, something nearly impossible to do these days with a lump in my throat. I do so just as a matter of health and to keep up my strength. I truly am sorry about your daughter’s death, liesl, but you must understand how blessed you’ve been. You speak of blessings? You’ve enjoyed the love of your children. Valentin came into my life for a very short while, and — and we hardly had a loving father-son relationship. In fact, we hardly had any relationship at all. Then, before I could repair the damage, he was taken from me. Not the same hell that you’re experiencing, I grant you, but it’s — it’s hell nonetheless. I suppose I can feel sorry for you for that much. Then perhaps we can comfort each other, however slightly. At least let me keep you company until scott gets here. He’s not coming. Oh? No? Where is he? I don’t know and I don’t care. The only person I want to talk to less than you is scott. I got the e-mail this morning. Yeah, they — they gave me the scholarship.

[ Gasps ] They want me to start this spring quarter so I can work out with the team and be ready to play in the fall. No! Oh, my god! Oh, my god!

[ Laughing ] Oh! I can’t believe it! Oh, wow! I am so proud of you. Thank you, mom. But what’s up? You waited up for me. What’s going on? Esme’s remembered? No. Esme claims that elizabeth baldwin confessed to helping my father. Cam’s mom… helped your dad hold esme prisoner? And you think that’s true, don’t you? Yeah, I can see that my dad would do something like that. And I think that my father had enough influence over elizabeth to put her in that position. Though, when my grandmother was out here, she didn’t say anything to that effect. But I don’t know. Maybe my grandmother and uncle victor don’t know about this yet. Can you call her? She’s in there with esme right now. Maybe she’s finding out.

[ Sighs ] Either way, I really hope that my grandmother can get through to esme and to help her see reason. Reason about what? Esme’s lawyer filed a petition. She wants to take the baby back to prison with her. Have I ever given you any reason to believe that I was lying to you? No, you’ve… been really good to me, especially when I was giving birth to ace. I couldn’t have gotten through it without you. I was really glad to be there for you, and I’m happy to be here for you now, and I promise you, I will make sure that you are treated fairly. Why do you care about me? Everyone says that I-I was a horrible person. You’re the mother of my grandchild, and, sweetheart, I think I have a pretty good idea of what you might be feeling right now.

[ Voice breaking ] I was your age when I had my first baby, and I was frightened and trapped and surrounded by enemies. You were? What happened? I ended up being separated from my son for many, many years. Which is exactly what’s going to happen to me. No, honey, you haven’t even stood trial yet. So much can change between now and then. Yeah, but ace should be with me. I mean, I’m his mom. Yeah, I know. Uh, sweetheart, you have to think about what’s best for your son. Ask yourself, is prison really the best spot for a baby? What have you witnessed working with victor? He’s cold. He’s ruthless. I’m sure he’d have no qualms about killing me if he found out I was talking to you. Then you better make sure he doesn’t find out. Do you know who actually shot lucy coe? Holly sutton. How did holly come to work for victor?

[ Scoffs ] I have no idea. I’ve never even seen her with him. I only know how pleased he was when he found out that anna was charged with lucy’s shooting. Pleased? I mean, how did you know? One night, he told me how he loved the idea of using holly against you and anna. So victor confides in you, does he? This relationship is personal as well as professional? Sometimes. How personal?

[ Scoffs ] If your taped confession goes public, you will never see the light of day again. You understand that? When does victor confide in you? When we’re in bed together! Trina’s not ready to take a dna test. Then you’ve spoken to her? Yes. How is she doing? She’s not responding to any of my calls and my texts, which I completely understand, but I’m still worried about her. Trina’s going through a lot nowadays, portia. I know. I just want to see how she’s — you know. What was said between us will remain private. Of course. It’s just a little information would be comforting right now. Trina’s strong. You know that. Thankfully, she has a lot of support from me and taggert and josslyn, my dad — hell, even spencer. That’s good. It’s good that she doesn’t need me. Trina will always need her mom. Thank you for that. I gotta go. I’ll think about coming home.

[ Voice breaking ] I will do anything to fix what has happened between us.

Because, if so, I understand. Applying for the scholarship is completely different than actually getting it. No! No. Obviously, I’m going to miss you. We all will. But I am so happy for you to go. You worked so hard for this. You deserve it, and you’re gonna be such an asset to your school. Academically, athletically — okay, okay. So then what’s wrong, mom? Can we talk for a minute? I did something. Something I-I deeply regret and I need to tell you about. Okay. Um… ever since my run-in with esme on the docks, I’ve known where she was, and I kept it a secret. What? Why would you do that? I thought I was doing the right thing, and by the time I realized it was wrong, it felt too late and I couldn’t come forward. Okay, hold up. Hold up. Y-you knew where she was? Where — where was she?

[ Sighs ] Nikolas kept her at wyndemere. She was locked in a room in the north tower. Victor: Well, well. The unlikely lovebirds have fallen out. Oh, come on, do tell. What was the breaking point, hm? The horrible wardrobe choices or his abysmal table manners? Oh, come on, liesl. Throw me a crumb. You and baldwin on the rocks? I’m beginning to feel better already. I’m not surprised. Sadistic narcissists are always amused by other people’s suffering. Well, I won’t put mine on display for your sordid entertainment.

[ Chuckles ] Why are you grinning like an idiot? Ah, there’s the feisty woman I know and admire back again, the liesl who spits fire and never backs down. Oh, come on, you have to admit, that feeling of adrenaline pumping again is a lot better than slipping into the pit of despair, isn’t it? Yes, I suppose so. But you’re familiar with that pit. I’m sorry you lost your son, victor. I’m sorrier that you didn’t get to fulfill that relationship. So am I. Thank you. Was valentin’s body recovered? Yes, it was, but I’m having trouble getting the french police to release it to me. Ach so. Don’t you worry. I won’t rest until I can bring my son home. You’re sleeping with victor? Off and on, for months.

[ Scoffs ] It was casual. Two consenting adults, and all that. But lately, victor’s been…distant. Nothing my father ever does is casual. Everything is strategic. When did things change? After the explosion that destroyed the necklace that victor wanted. Mnh. I’ve never seen him so angry. Did he ever tell you why he wanted that necklace? He said he needed the necklace to find something. Find what? Oh, I don’t know. Yeah, you do. Think. What has he told you, exactly? One thing stands out. He said that the necklace would lead him to…

[ Sighs ] …Somewhere. A-a place he was looking for. I can’t get over esme being held prisoner at wyndemere. That must be why she was in the harbor on new year’s eve. She came all the way from spoon island on her own. Yeah. She’s a survivor, alright. Do you think she always knew that ryan chamberlain and heather webber were her parents? I mean, that’s — that’s a lot to survive right there. Considering that she was only at boarding school in paris because I was there, I think that she knew about ryan for a while. What are you talking about? Ryan told ava right before commissioner scorpio shot him that ryan and esme had been working together. That was the whole reason why she was in france, was to get close to me. Our entire relationship was a setup.

[ Clears throat ] She had instructions from ryan to get close to me and to widen the gap between me and my father and drive us apart. Looking back on it, she manipulated me beautifully from the very beginning. She was reeling me in, while at the same time encouraging me to get revenge on my father, hoping that she would drive ava and my father apart. I am so, so sorry, spencer. That is truly awful. Everything that she has told me from the very beginning has been a lie. I feel you. It’s the worst.

[ Footsteps approach ]

Cameron. I just — I-I don’t get it, alright? The police suspected esme of being the killer, and they were looking for her everywhere, and you just knew where she was? Why didn’t you just call them and have them handle it? I wanted to. I did. But nikolas convinced me that we were protecting the baby as well as everyone else. And for a period of time, there were no more hook attacks, so we thought we were doing the right thing.

[ Sighs ] Until officer cabrera was killed, and then we realized it couldn’t be esme. And why didn’t you call the police then? I really — I really struggled with it, but I was in too deep. I didn’t want to go to jail and leave you guys. And then esme showed up with — with amnesia, and a part of me thought, well, there’s no reason to come forward. That would have been the easy way out. So, yesterday, I went to the police and I told them everything, and they gave me an immunity deal. Do you think you can ever forgive me? Cameron, talk to me. Just tell me what you’re feeling. Let me explain what we found. You were concerned with the genes that can be indicators of schizophrenia. Right. Right. I know that there are — there are 10 genes that the scientists have linked to the disease. It’s also possible to have schizophrenia without those gene mutations present. Doctor, you — you don’t have to beat around the bush with me. I’ve lived most of my life with this diagnosis, so, come on, give it to me straight. How many of the genes do I have? Your test results show that you do not have a single gene mutation that would indicate schizophrenia. We need to know more about this place that victor’s hoping to find. What else can you tell us? Only that victor’s been searching for it for years. And he believes that the necklace is the key to finding it? Yes. But he never said how or why, just that now that the necklace is gone, he’s back to square one. This is good. But it’s not enough. We need more. What else can you tell us? I-I don’t have anything else. Well, maybe you can get victor to give you something else. How about a little bit more pillow talk? Are you suggesting that I sleep with victor to get information? No, we are not suggesting anything. However, your prior relationship with him might get him to open up. How do you propose I do that? Well… I want you to listen to what I tell you very carefully. Guard: Excuse me, mayor collins? Laura: Yes? Ms. Prince, arrangements have been made for your transport to spring ridge this evening. So soon? Yes, ma’am. The orders just came in. What about my baby? The infant is going with you.

[ Exhales deeply ] Trina. Did you come here to — to see me? No. I’m here for spencer. Oh, I — yes, I see. Of course. Um, congratulations on your baby brother. Thanks. Go talk to your grandmother. I’ll be fine. You sure? It looks like she needs to talk to you. There’s a lot of that going around right now. Does that mean that you have something to say to me?

Please. I, um… I talked to dad. My real dad, my, um — my always dad, no matter what. I-I-I know what you mean. And, yes, no matter what, marcus will always be your dad. He’s amazing. I can’t believe he’s not more upset at you not telling us the truth. Mm, well, your father is a good man. I’m just sorry that he had to rise to the occasion in the first place. So am I. I, uh, know that you spoke to — to curtis and, um — and don’t worry, he didn’t share anything. It was all private. I just didn’t want you to think that I was keeping something from you. Again. That’s right. That’s right, again. Your slideshow for the post-impressionists. Tell me, how did it go? Please, I’ve been dying. What cézanne work did you decide to use? Mom… we’re not there yet. I’m sorry. I understand, I just… love hearing about you and your life and everything that’s going on, and I-I guess I’ve been missing it a bit. But I did think I heard a “yet” in there, somewhere? Does that mean

maybe? We’ll see. I’ll take it.

[ Sighs ] Well, I gotta get out of here. Gotta get back to work. But, um, it was really good to see you. Mom? I miss you, too. Doc, I’m just trying to wrap my brain around what you just said. I have no indicators, as in zero? That’s what the test results show. How is that possible? M-my dad’s been taking medication for decades. Are you saying he doesn’t have schizophrenia? I’m not saying that. I’m not a psychiatrist. We’ve spoken about how testing for schizophrenia has come a long way since you were diagnosed, and there is much about genes and gene mutation we still don’t understand. That’s a lot of qualifiers, I know. But looking at those tests, you’re saying the person in those tests, he’s not at risk for schizophrenia? No more than anyone else. Do you think that you were able to get through to esme? Does she understand that the baby is going to be better off with me? I tried, spencer. Oh… but, unfortunately, elizabeth admitted to esme that your father held her captive at wyndemere for months, so now she is wary of all cassadines. Okay. But that is my father, that’s not me. All I want is what is best for my little brother. Okay. I think I managed to convince her that I care about the baby, I want what’s best for the baby, and that she can trust me. Which is why I’m really hoping that we can find an arrangement here where esme is not cut out entirely. Uh, no, that is never going to work, grandmother, because of my father. Esme is never going to believe that there is a situation or [Stammers] A scenario in which the baby is better off with me, so we’re going to have to take this thing to court. Spencer, I was really hoping you wouldn’t say that. Okay, look, I need you to know something. I will never stop looking for an amicable solution. Amicable? Yes, for everyone involved here — you, esme, and even your father, when he comes back. You think that there’s such a thing as an amicable solution when it comes to esme? It is a fight that that woman wants, so it’s a fight that she’s going to get. So I’m going to go to the nursery and I’m going to see if they’ll let me hold my brother one more time before he is stripped from me. Okay, wait. There’s something you should know. Esme and the baby are being taken back to spring ridge tonight. Is that your dinner? I had a late lunch. So are you going to just sit there, staring at me disapprovingly all evening, or are you going to tell me what scott did or didn’t do to get you to finally come to your senses? He lied to me.

[ Chuckles ] That surprises you? Scott chose someone else over me. He put someone else’s needs above mine and my britta’S. Well, not only is that foolish, it’s unforgivable.

[ Sighs ] So, it seems that you and i are both destined to a solitary evening. Unless, of course, we keep each other company. That will never happen. Scott’s misstep can’t compare to everything you’ve done to me. If you think I’ve forgotten, then you’re a fool. I assure you, I am not. You will never touch me again, victor. I’d rather be alone. The decisions we make now will affect this baby for the rest of his childhood. If we alienate esme now, we set in motion a cycle of hearings in family court. There’s nothing more we can do right now. Hi. Hi, baby. No one expects a new mother to have all the answers, but ask for help if you need it. Thank you for being so kind to me. I understand I was horrible to your daughter. You’re obviously a very kind person. I bet you’re a great mother. I hope I can be that for my child, too. I’m just doing my job, esme. Let me check on your release papers. Hi, ace. I missed you. You remember me? I’m your mom, yeah? And you’re my ace. We’ve been through a lot together and we’re kind of a mess, but we’ve got each other, and nothing is gonna change that. I promise to protect you with my life.

I don’t know what to think, mom. It’s a lot to process. I mean, I-I get that you think that esme is dangerous and shouldn’t roam the streets. I wouldn’t want her to be, either. But the way you guys went about the whole thing, it’s just — it’s a lot, and I can’t believe I had no idea that you were dealing with all this. You couldn’t have known. I worked very hard to keep it from you. And I am so, so sorry for letting you down like this, especially on a day when you should be celebrating this major milestone in your life. You can feel however you want about this. If you have questions, will you just come to me, and I will answer them honestly? I’ll let you know. I just — I need to think about this, alone in my room. Mom? I love you, okay? And I — I am proud of you.

[ Exhales deeply ] It must have taken a lot of guts to admit that to the police. You’re a good person. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have a son like you, but I’m really glad I did. Thank you for still believing in me. Victor said that luke was making his life difficult. Yeah. And then he killed luke for the ice princess, without knowing that luke had already started to cut the diamond up and sell off key pieces. And then when victor examined it, it didn’t have the coded messages that he was looking for. Which led him to the necklace made from diamonds cut from the ice princess. And thanks to robert, we have the diamond and the codes. Which are obviously some kind of coordinates to this place that he desperately wants to find. We’re gonna figure it out. Together. Sorry we quarreled. Want to make up? I’ll be damned.

[ Chuckles ] Maybe — maybe portia was right. Right about what? She’s been suggesting I might not have schizophrenia.

[ Sighs ] Could I have been misdiagnosed all those years ago? And if so, why? Everything okay? You guys look upset. Esme’s going back to spring ridge tonight. She’s taking my brother with her. Already? Ace is coming with me. For now. Will the baby be warm enough? It’s cold outside. He’s just going down to the transport van in the parking garage. Let me see that. He’ll be fine. Maybe you should, um, take this with you. No, thanks. You know, uh, it might be good to have an extra one around. You never know.

[ Ace crying ] Thank you. Hey, it’s okay. Laura, um, you can visit us at spring ridge, if you’d like. I would like that. I’ll see both soon. Say “bye.” Say “bye.”

[ Ace fussing ]

[ Chuckles ] It’s okay. It’s okay. I’m so sorry, spencer. Maybe she’ll come and — she’ll let you visit her, too. No. My baby brother is not going to be in there for long, and I’m going to make sure I’m going to do everything in my power to keep that kid away from that lunatic.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Marshall gets the results of the genetic testing and he and Curtis are shocked when the doctor tells them that he doesn’t have any of the genetic markers for schizophrenia. Marshall wonders if he was misdiagnosed for so many years and why this happened to him.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he got the soccer scholarship to Stanford and the coaches want him to start training with the team in the spring so he can be ready to play with e team in the fall. Elizabeth tells Cameron that she helped Nikolas hold Esme hostage. Cameron tells Elizabeth he isn’t sure how he feels about what she did but he is proud of her for going to the police and telling them the truth. Cameron also tells his mother that he loves her very much.

Robert takes Deputy Mayor Ashby to the safe house to talk to Anna and Valentin. Deputy Mayor Ashby tells Anna and Valentin that she and Victor slept together several times off and on but they have not slept together since he learned that he “died”. Deputy Mayor Ashby also says Victor is looking for something but he never told her what it was, but it has something to do with the ice princess diamond Anna and Valentin are determined to figure out the location that Victor wants to find so they can figure out what Victor is planning to do.

Laura tries to persuade Esme not to take her baby to Spring Ridge with her but is unable to do so. Esme does agree to let Laura visit the baby at Spring Ridge. Spencer tells Trina he will fight for custody of his baby brother, so he won’t be raised by Esme.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, March 7, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


carly: Okay. Oh. Knock, knock. Well, this is a surprise. Hey. Hey. Mm! I didn’t see joss’ car outside. No. She’s out. And the girls are with my mom. I was just about to text you. Really? Yeah. Hmm. So we have the whole house to ourselves. We sure do.

[ Knock on door ] Yes. Yes. Come in. Hey. Portia. You, uh, you got a minute? Of course. Wow.

[ Chuckles softly ] We, uh, we’ve barely seen each other at the house. That’s on me. I’ve really been — I’ve been so busy with work. Yeah. Of course. That’s perfectly understandable. I’m on my way to an appointment. I’m getting the results of my genetics screening. Wow. Congratulations. That’S… oh, you must have so many questions. Yeah, I do. But the only thing I’m going to ask you about is… curtis.

[ Door closes, footsteps approaching ] Hi, curtis. Curtis? You okay? Alexis. Hi. I’m sorry. I didn’t even hear you. Must’ve been quite a meeting.

[ Exhales deeply ] Listen. I’m sorry. The wedding present is gonna be late ’cause I’ve been super busy and… save your money. Sorry? Where portia and I are headed, we’d probably just return it.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Oh. I don’t mean to… I was just looking for my aunt liesl. Ah. Well, you just missed her. Thank you. Uh, nina, wait. Will you, uh… will you give us a moment alone? How come you’re willing to give your ex-husband a pass? ‘Cause if he has something over on you, I could help you. You know that, r– austin: Hi. I’m so sorry to interrupt. But, ava, do you think I could speak to you for second? We’re kind of in the middle of something right now. No. It’s okay, sonny. Really. I-I have things to discuss with austin, okay? What about the situation with nikolas? No. There is no situation. He was just trying to hurt me. You know, he is absolutely no threat to our daughter. You sure? Yeah. Yeah, I’m sure. Forget I said anything. One too many martinis and… a thousand too many bad decisions.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Hmm. What was that all about? Ah, ava wouldn’t tell me. But she’s gonna.

[ Door closes ] Hey. Here. Here. Thank you. You okay? Yeah. Okay. Did you take it? I did. Okay. So? Are we having a baby?

Mnh-mnh. We have to wait. We have to wait at least until the brownies are done. What? They’re not even in the oven yet. Mm! No. No. I am a woman on a mission. Hm-mnh. Wow. I can’t even believe you’re baking. I know. Hey. Hey. These are for willow. She hasn’t had much of an appetite lately, but she does love my brownies. Well, that is a very noble cause. Yes. Well, also, too, it looks like liesl obrecht is going to be a match for willow to be a donor, and we need to celebrate. And what’s a celebration without brownies? You know what? Speaking of celebration, I’ve got something that I want to celebrate. Really? Mm-hmm. Us — openly, as a couple. No, we’re not having a baby. The test was negative. It’s funny. You know, I was just cruising along, not even thinking about having a baby. I mean, at least not yet. Then, all of a sudden, there could be a baby. And then it’s back to no baby all in a few minutes. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you as soon as I suspected it. No, no. It’s fine. It’s fine. T.J.? How do you feel about all of this? Well, I-it’s not like we were planning on starting a family, at least not until after I finished my residency. We would need a bigger place. We definitely haven’t saved for a baby, so… so…we’re relieved I’m not pregnant. Right? Alexis: You — you and portia are… yeah. You know what? It’s really a long story. I don’t really… care to repeat it. It’s okay. No worries. Let’s just say I’ll be attending more meetings than usual. Okay. Good. That’s what they’re there for. Yeah. Must have been quite a blow. I’ll be fine. Really. I’ll be fine. I’m not one to preach, but for what it’s worth, the serenity prayer does come in handy sometimes. It does. I don’t want to hold you from your meeting. You’re not holding me up from anything. There are plenty of meetings. I don’t want to be the reason you miss yours. I want you to come with me. Don’t be difficult. Come with me. I’m deeply troubled about this rift between you and curtis. Not only have I witnessed how devoted you were to each other, but…curtis and I, we… we wouldn’t have the relationship we do if it wasn’t for you. Thank you. And honestly, I couldn’t even tell you why I didn’t tell curtis that he might be trina’s father. Hey, portia… I don’t know. …Portia, you don’t have to justify your actions to me.

[ Exhales deeply ] It seemed to me like you were just about to tell sonny that nikolas is dead and the body’s missing. Mm. Why would you do something like that? I need help. And sonny is avery’s father, and he would do anything to protect her. And protecting her means protecting me. And if I’m protected, you’re protected. Olivia: If you want to stick your nose all up in ava’s business, you go right on ahead. Olivia. Huh? She’s avery’s mother. After what she’s been through with ryan chamberlain, she has every right to be spooked. Ava and austin seem pretty cozy at the moment. Why don’t you let him be her emotional support animal, okay? You got enough going on in your life right now. Michael: I’ll just, uh, set you up over here. Thank you. Okay. All right. So you, uh, you have your water, you have… I have my cellphone. …Your cellphone. Okay. Thank you. Mm-hmm. You sure about this? The minute nina becomes too much, I will send up a flare. Okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Uh…I won’t be far, okay? Okay. Uh, we just had a meeting with dr. Randolph and your aunt liesl. They are running more tests to make sure that it’s safe for her to donate, but, um, dr. Randolph is hopeful. Thank god. That’s what I wanted to… talk to you about. Where things stand. Okay. Yeah. Um… how are you? Uh, how are the kids? Is there anything that I can do… nina — nina… …to help you while you… nina, I’m willing to talk to you about my condition. The kids are off limits. I’m not going to tell you anything about them, and…you won’t ask. Are we clear?

[ Cellphone chimes ]

I’m not sure that my actions can even be justified. Certainly not anymore. And at the time? Curtis was out of my life for good, with no expectation of him coming back. And I was with marcus, and he had just come back from his — his assignment, a-and I found out I was pregnant. And we were so happy. We were overjoyed! A-and trina and marcus have this bond. It’s so sacred. It’s like I… it’s like I would do anything to protect it. Even at the expense of the bond you share with my son. It seemed to make perfect sense to me at the time. And you — you, of all people — I thought maybe… maybe you would be able to understand this. Portia, I walked away from my family ’cause I told myself that was the right thing to do for them. Everybody wants to protect their loved ones from hard truths. I’ve come to believe that’s a-a natural instinct and it shouldn’t be ignored. But maybe looking back on it all, that — that instinct, it shouldn’t always be trusted. T.J.: Relieved? Um, I-I don’T… I don’t know if I’d say that. But… it’s okay. You can tell me. I think we need to have a talk. You know, just sit down and — and — and really… T.J., You can tell me anything.

[ Door opens ] Except not right now. Turmoil is good on an empty stomach. H– hi! Hi.

[ Clears throat ] T.J., Mol. Hi. Hi. Uncle curtis. Happy anniversary, you two. Oh, thank you. Please, uh, sit down. Join us. Oh, no, no, no. We don’t want to interrupt. Uncle, please stay. We haven’t seen you since the wedding. You know what? I think I’m gonna order from the bar. Hey, t, can I holler at you for a second? Hey. Look. I, uh, I don’t have a lot of time. Willow’s downstairs. I want to get her home. I needed to give you a heads-up. I think sonny might be onto me. Nikolas is my responsibility. Don’t give anybody a reason to suspect you. And let me protect myself. Telling a guy like sonny corinthos is not gonna help us. In fact, it could get us both killed. Right? You’re right, olivia. I’m — I got a lot on my plate. So that’s why, um, I’m gonna need your help. In what way? Nina — ugh! Okay. No, no, no. No. The answer’s no. Okay. Just — can you just hear me out? Nina’s climbing the walls, right, worrying about this whole willow situation. You’re over at the quartermaines’, right? Could you just keep me posted on how she is? And you want to go public with our relationship? I take it that surprises you. Yeah. What happened to the whole “we’re at risk for being accused of insider trading” thing? Yeah, we’re at risk. Okay. Call me crazy, but I’m not really excited about going to prison. And if I’m being honest, I find this whole, like, being secret, like, not so bad.

[ Chuckles ] You’re enjoying the intrigue, huh? Having an illicit affair without actually betraying anybody. I am. Mm. I find it very sexy and exciting. Wow. I get that. But…enough time has passed since the stock purchase and the failed merger. I mean, it’s not as obvious to people that we were together when the information was exchanged. You’re such a romantic. Yeah. I’m just being realistic! I mean, the longer that we keep this a secret, this is what’s gonna happen. It increases our chances of getting caught. And if that happens, then it begs the question how long we’ve actually been together, which brings us back to insider trading. I think we’ve done a really good job of keeping this quiet. I really do. Only my kids and sonny know we’re together. And olivia. And none of them are gonna say anything. Trust me. No one is on to us. I won’t ask about the kids. Because if you do, this conversation is over. Okay. Please…go on. Understood. First about the… bone marrow transplant. While your aunt is a match, there are concerns about her fitness as a donor. Why? Be– because of her age? Bone marrow donors are ideally between 18 and 35 years of age, and your aunt is… over 35. But she’s as strong as an ox. It’s not her, um, physical fitness so much as her medical history they have to consider. And they also have to determine if there are any underlying issues that she might not know about. You know, willow, you’ve been talking about my aunt liesl. How are you?

For someone else to find out about us. It’s actually kind of a miracle that the secret has lasted as long as it has. Yeah, but since ned is the one who threatened to turn us in to the sec, won’t going public with our relationship blow him out of the water? Well, the only reason that ned threatened that was to keep michael and i out of elq, right? Yeah. Well, what’s changed? Well, ned was afraid that michael and i would push him out. So he teamed up with valentin. Valentin is now dead, and his shares were inherited by his daughter. But laura is the one handling her affairs. So this is actually — this is actually the perfect opportunity to regain control of valentin’s shares. Okay, but if we isolate ned, won’t he pull the trigger with the sec? Not if I bow out. I feel like I interrupted something big here. Oh. Um, it was almost something big. Is everything okay? Yeah. No. Everything’s fine. Mm. It’s just, um… T.J. And I thought that I might be pregnant.

[ Gasps ] I’m not. Aw. But, you know… gave you something to talk about, right? Yeah. Mm. I mean, it’s not like we were planning on having kids any time soon, you know? I mean, we’re so busy as it is. And then…you add a baby to the mix. Oh. Yeah. I mean, it’s exhausting, you know? And you work. So when you’re at work, you’d be thinking about the baby. And when you’re with the baby, you’d be thinking about all the things that you have to get done at work. With his schedule, you’re gonna be doing the night shift. Good luck with that, right? A-and the truth is, you got to keep your eye on them 24 hours a day, right? Because as small as they are, you can’t imagine how they could have such a long reach and fit almost anything into their mouth. I mean, you were a cross between an octopus and a dustbuster. It is. It is exhausting. I mean, sometimes you wonder how you get through the whole day, let alone 18 years. But — but on the other hand, it’s — it’s the best thing that could ever happen to you. I know something went down after molly and I left the reception. I’m not asking for details…

[ Sighs ] …But is there anything I can do for you? I appreciate the offer. Right now, I just want to focus on something — anything else. I hear that. Like, uh… well,like you. How are you and molly? Actually, it’s crazy. Molly and I are talking about having a baby. Yeah. Ah. Wow. So, any thoughts… on fatherhood? The reason why I’ve been burying myself in my work and…avoiding you… it’s because… I don’t want to have this conversation. Right. But now I’m actually thankful. I’m thankful that we did have it, because I-I thought I had ruined everything. Not just between me and curtis, but… between you and me as well. And — and now the fact that you’re saying that… you don’t hate me for what I’ve done… oh, no, no. …You’ve given me hope, you know? I could never hate you, portia. And after everything you’ve done for me — I never would’ve questioned my schizophrenia diagnosis if it wasn’t for you. That’s why I wanted to see you before I got my test results from the geneticist. To say thank you. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling right now. I…don’t have a lot of energy or an appetite. I have difficulty concentrating. Also, this is going to sound really shallow, but, um… my nails are really brittle. I always prefer it when they look nice. May I see? Oh. Not too long ago at crimson, we did a feature on nail art. Not hard-hitting journalism, I know. But some of that art is very intricate. Anyway, there was an artist who gave me a-a strengthening nail varnish recommendation. And, coincidentally enough, it’s from deception, and I have been using it all the time. Here you go. Thank you. If sonny were onto you, you’d be dead. No. Something’s changed. When sonny agreed to the pikeman deal, he said he wanted me involved. And then last night, he got an update of some sort, and he shut me out — literally went into his office with one of his guys and shut the door. That doesn’t mean he’s pushing you out. If he trusted me, I would be there. And this shipment is still your best chance to nail sonny to the wall. I hate to break this to you. There is absolutely nothing that you can do for willow and michael right now. I know that. But this distance is killing me, olivia. Then you go do something about it. Sonny was no fan of nikolas. If I tell him what I did and why, he — he will take care of things and make sure that avery doesn’t lose her mother. Ava, I-I just think it would be a huge mistake. What do you want me to do? Sit around and — and wait? Do nothing?! Your lady friend’s got a point, cuz. If she’s begging sonny corinthos for help… …you both must be in big trouble.

If ned stays in controlof elq with no threats and no challenges, he’s got no reason to turn us in. So as long as nobody else finds out about when our relationship actually started, we — I mean, we should be in the clear. Okay. Well, what about michael? I mean, he’s obviously not going to turn us in, but he has some serious and justified differences with ned about elq. Michael has other things on his mind way more important than business. The people that we care about, the people that we love, they’re way more important. Being with you… that’s made that crystal clear for me. That’s really sweet. But I can’t let you do this. You and T.J., You’ll be wonderful parents. You got everything going for you. You’re healthy. You’re — you’re smart. You’re successful. You have a great support system. But what about work? I raised two babies by working as a lawyer as a single mom, so I think you can manage. But what about T.J.? You’re right. He — he does work insane hours. Doctors have babies, too. I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy. Clearly. You’ll make it work. I think you would love being a mom. I did. I do. Are you and T.J. On the same page about having kids? I’m sorry, T.J. If you could ask me literally… anything else. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize. It’s just that we… we thought that molly might be pregnant. She’s not. But when we were waiting to find out — I’ve never had that feeling before. Having a baby with molly could be amazing. But, um, yeah, we — we can talk about something else. Oh! Forget what I said a minute ago, okay? You want to be a dad. That’s great news. I’m not so sure. Molly was freaked out. I mean, she has a five-year plan, right? And this is not in it. And the last thing I want to do is push her to have a baby when she doesn’t want to. And if she thinks that I do, she won’t want to disappoint me. So I just — I don’t know. Maybe I should just keep my feelings to myself. Portia: So tell me — how are you feeling about all of this? Well…not only do I not know what to expect. I don’t even know what to hope for. Mm. Either I have schizophrenia and I can congratulate myself for managing it so well for so long or… well, absolutely. Schizophrenia is a very difficult disease to manage. But on the other hand, what if I’m healthy? Everything I gave up — my wife, my…boys, a life with my family — all I sacrificed, all for nothing. You thought you were a threat to your family, and you protected your family. So in that vein, you’ve wasted nothing. Now all you need to do is move forward. Yeah. But how do I move forward?

[ Sighs ] Aside from the state of my nails… nina:

[ Chuckles ] …And the need to take a lot of naps, I’m doing okay. Better than okay. Michael is taking excellent care of me. Yeah. I can see how much he loves you. And…and I am so happy that you two have each other. And I’m really, really grateful that you chose to tell me all of this. So thank you. To be honest… …I didn’t want to. Your aunt liesl asked me to. Okay. W-what’s sonny’s attitude been towards you overall? I would have said good. Why? I was at pozzulo’s waiting for him. I…I didn’t have anything to do, so I-I got to poking around the kitchen. I-I found this recipe for chicken piccata, and I noticed we had the ingredients, so I-I decided to try to make it. You cook? I-I’m teaching myself. But when he got there, I asked him if he wanted some. He did, so we had dinner together. We talked — nothing about business, okay? He — he told who he got the recipe from — gloria cerullo. Okay. All right. Look, dex. Forget about the pikeman update. If — if sonny’s talking to you about his past, you got nothing to worry about. Mason, now’s just not a good time. Now, now, austin. Your cousin never shows up without a good reason. Oh, now, mason, I don’t know what you think you heard. Austin, you want to enlighten the lady? I-I was getting to that, yeah. Um…ava, mason has some concerns. Oh! Oh, no. I’m not concerned. I’m not even bothered. It’s like I was telling austin here. Wyndemere has some very impressive stables. I can see you spare no expense for your horses. Something about being around animals is… calming to a person — particularly when that animal is left behind… to rot. Olivia: Always a pleasure, sonny. Before you go back to running the place, I got one more thing, uh, and yes, it’s about nina. Ugh! What now? Can you just be nicer to her? This whole thing with willow is — is tearing apart. She’s running crimson, and she’s trying to prove herself at the metro court. Fine. Okay. Okay. I will be nicer to nina. But my first loyalty is to carly, and it always will be. I would not expect anything less. And not for nothing, but carly seems pretty happy these days. Yeah, I’ve noticed. Noticed what exactly?

You aren’t alone. I am gonna be there for you. Mm. And I know curtis would want to be there, too. He’s going to the appointment with you, isn’t he? Nah, nah. You know, I thought I’d wait and see what the results were. I didn’t want to bother him, anyway, not — not now. I know that curtis and i aren’t in the best of positions right now. But I know he would want to be there for his dad. Those are words I never thought I’d hear. And I’m hearing them in no small part now because of you. You two definitely started building that bridge yourself. Now, I got to go check on some patients. Oh. But — no, no, no. Why don’t you stay here? Take a second to yourself, maybe make a phone call. Have some privacy.

[ Door opens, closes ] T.J. And I have thought about having kids down the line, you know? But sooner than that? I mean, I-I don’t know what he thinks. Maybe that’s a conversation that you both should have. Well, we were kind of trying to. Okay. Got that.

[ Laughs ] That’s my cue to leave. My darling, I know how you like to plan things. But from one planner to another, plan to have your mind changed. That’s good advice. I do give good advice. If only I would listen to it. You know, when you think you’re the smartest person in the room all the time, you tend not to listen to your partner. Or in my case, a friend.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh, it’s your granddad. Tell him I said hi. Yeah. Hey, pop. What’s up? Marshall: Hey, son. I-I know you’re busy. But I would really appreciate it if you were here. I told you before. Sonny wants to be a mentor, a father figure. You making that dinner gave him that opportunity. That isn’t why I did it. I was genuinely interested to try the recipe. Okay. Yeah. It just happened, right? It was spur of the moment. Yeah. That’s why it worked. Look. Sonny… he didn’t last this long being stupid or naive. If you would’ve forced it, he would have noticed. So just keep doing what you’re doing, okay? You’re closer than you think. What — what about pikeman? Okay. Don’t — don’t — don’t push it. That’ll only make him suspicious. Let them choose to trust you. Hey, look. I got to get back downstairs to willow, all right? I hope she feels better. Yeah. We’re working on it. Liesl asked me to give you a chance. My aunt liesl, she didn’T… threaten to withhold her bone marrow if I didn’t make an effort with you? No. Oh. Thank god. She just explained how much my health matters to you, and I… wanted to respect that. It does matter. More than I can say.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Willow. You, uh, ready to go home? Sounds like heaven. Well, I have to… to get to the hotel. It’s, uh, it’s convention season.

[ Chuckles ] We won’t keep you. Okay. Hey. Thank you. Mason: This is fun, right?

I’m having fun. As a matter of fact, I think the three of us should socialize more often together. But how are we gonna stay in contact?

[ Snaps fingers ] We’ll exchange numbers. Ava… may I see your phone? Why don’t you just tell me your number? I’ll be sure to add you to my contacts. Nah. I’d rather take care of it myself. I wouldn’t want you to get the number wrong. Well, austin can give you my number. You can text me, and then I’ll have you. No. I’d rather take care of it here and now. Fine. Thank you. We both know that carly and drew have been spending a lot of time together. It’s just — it’s just too bad that they have to be so discreet. Now, how would you know about that? Okay. First of all — let me?

[ Sighs ] It’s too much. I can’t let you do this. You can’t give up on elq because of me. Look. My first priority is to protect us from the sec. But I got to tell you, giving ned control over elq, that’s actually a good strategy. Oh! You got to work on that whole romance thing. Oh, you want romance? Yeah. ‘Cause I’m willing to prove devotion. Really? How? I’ll do anything. Anything? Mm-hmm. I’ll even do the dishes. The dishes? Yeah. I’ll clear these dishes right here. You don’t have to do that. But I want to.

[ Gasps ]

I’m in your contacts. And I texted myself. So…I have your number, and you have mine. Goody. That way, when I call, you’ll answer. You all have a good evening. Thanks again for letting me use your office. And for everything else. Our conversation really was helpful to me. I-I really appreciate you letting me talk things out.

[ Laughs ] And your test results today — I hope they’re everything that you want them to be. Marshall? Tell me the truth. Do you think that there is any hope for curtis and me? Gregory, it’s me. I did not like how we left things. Can we talk? Having a baby, you know, it’s — it’s a big decision. The biggest. So I think we should, you know, sit down a-and talk and see how we both feel, go over the logistics, go over the finances — I want to have a baby. Me too.

[ Laughs ] How did it go with nina? Surprisingly well. I told her the kids were off limits, and…she agreed. The questions she did ask were…appropriate. And I got the sense that she really heard my answers. Well, I’m glad she didn’t try and pull anything and you feel that it went well. It did. But I’m not forgetting who nina is. Or what she’s done to our family. I’m so glad you stopped by tonight. Soon I’ll be able to spend any night you want. Be careful. I might take you up on that. In the meantime… there is something that you can do for me. Anything. I’d really love a brownie. A brownie? Yeah.

[ Laughing ] I’m not getting you a brownie! With, like, a glass of milk? Mnh-mnh. I know why carly and drew have to stay quiet. Because if certain people find out how long they’ve been together and what they have discussed, they’d have to deal with the consequences. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Only because my husband threatened to sic the sec on them. How’s that for romantic? Huh?

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GH Transcript Monday, March 6, 2023

General Hospital Transcript

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have you heard from liesl? No, I haven’t heard anything. It’s driving me crazy, and we’re super busy here. There’s a convention in town. I have a million things to do. Okay, I know you’re anxious waiting to hear from liesl, if she’s done everything she needs to do to be a bone marrow donor for willow.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Sweet girl, you didn’t have to be here for this meeting. Yeah, that’s what I told her. Well, if we’re being honest, you didn’t have to be here either. I see it differently. I owe it to my dear departed britta. I couldn’t save my daughter’s life, but if I can help save yours… I will be forever grateful. Remember what I told you? Like it or not, you’re one of us now. Hey, have a seat, cuz. You know, I’d love to, but I just can’T. I’m meeting someone. Mm. If you’re referring to the lovely ava cassadine — or is it “jerome” again? Well, either way, you better make time for, uh, both your sakes. Those people at the convention, they can amuse themselves all they want. But you know what? Hmm? You need a distraction.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah? And I see someone who needs distracting just as much as I do. Come here. Aw. Hey, ava. You know what they say about drinking alone? Austin: You told me that nikolas was dead. He was! Did you take a pulse? No, I just took my chances. Of course I checked his pulse! Okay, so… one time, in medical school, they told me that a dead body doesn’t just up and walk away. I was in shock. Right? I mean, I’m sure I was in shock. But I can tell you one thing for certain. Nikolas’ heart was not beating. I’m sure of it. Then, ava, where the hell is he? Ava, you’re not waiting for nikolas to show up again, are you? Okay. I just need a couple of signatures. Then you can take the baby home. Okay. Excuse me, but I’m afraid there’s been a change of plans. What do you mean? I’m sorry, spencer, but that baby’s not going anywhere. Excuse me, but do you know who you are speaking with?

[ Scoffs ] My client. Spencer, honey, it will be okay. It’ll give us a chance to reconsider our plan. Grandmother, there is nothing to reconsider. My baby brother belongs with me. Unfortunately, his mother disagrees.

[ Door opens ] Nurse baldwin! I’m so glad to you. Can you — can you bring me my baby? Yes, I-I can. But first, we need to have a talk. Oh, I-I hope you’re gonna walk me through the mommy manual. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have teach me how to be a good parent. Yeah. You may not feel that way after you hear what I have to say. Really? I can’t imagine that. You need to know how you ended up here. Well, thank you for your input and for coming by on such short notice. Any time. Not only do I enjoy the work, but you’re a friend. I can tell that you mean that. I do. Then why are you lying to me? Excuse me? Wha– what did I lie about? You told me that you couldn’t take this job at “the invader” because you were bound to your teaching gig at pcu. Yes, it’s called a conflict of interest. How can you have a conflict of interest if you don’t have a job? How would you know if I meet febreze’s miracle spray. Febreze fabric refresher. I literally use this every day, to make my house smell amazing. After I make the bed, after I catch my dog on the couch. So I can wear my jacket or jeans one more time, before I wash them again. It even makes shoes smell fresh. It doesn’t cover up odors with scent but actually fights them and freshens. Over one thousand uses. Febreze fabric refresher. Once upon a time, before jill said yes. She learned she had ibs-c and could treat it with linzess. That’s why some things helped, but her constipation with belly pain would often return. Maybe there was another way? Or something left to learn? When her doctor connected the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating to ibs-c, it made sense to jill. So did learning that she could treat it with a once-daily pill. And that’s why she said yess to adding linzess. Linzess is not a laxative. It helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. And is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms-belly pain, discomfort and bloating. Do not give linzess to children less than two. It may harm them. Do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. Get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain. Especially with bloody or black stools. The most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. If it’s severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. Other side effects include gas, stomach area pain, and swelling. Could your story also be about ibs-c? Talk to your doctor and say yess to linzess. Le arn how abbvie and ironwood could help you save on linzess. American families of four throw out an average of $400 a year of meat and poultry. Ziploc b ags help protect meatagainst freezer burn. Ziploc. Unloc life. Sc johnson. I’m here for- your annual eye exam. Because I’m having

trouble- reading? Exactly. They sort of make me feel… like I’m the most fabulous thing you’ve ever seen? Exactly. I’ll take ’em. The virus that causes shingles is sleeping… in 99% of people over 50. It’s lying dormant, waiting… and could reactivate. Shingles strikes as a painful, blistering rash that can last for weeks. And it could wake at any time. Think you’re not at risk for shingles? It’s time to wake up. Because shingles could wake up in you. If you’re over 50, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about shingles prevention. Ot? I wanted you to work at “the invader”. You told me that you wanted to work here and that pcu had a conflict of interest, which didn’t make any sense to me. So I called dean jeffries, hoping that I could convince him that you could do both, which is what you said you wanted to do, right? Yes, I said that. So I ask you again. Why did you lie to me? No doubt you’re wondering if my willingness to participate comes with a price tag attached. Well, I mean, since you — you brought it up — uh, michael, let’s just be grateful that liesl is a match. It’s all right. It’s an honest question that deserves an equally honest answer.

[ Footsteps approach ] Oh, hello. Thank you all for waiting. Shall we go to my office and we can discuss next steps? Great. We’re eager to get started. So your aunt liesl is a bone marrow match. That’s incredible. I’m so relieved. I’m thrilled for you and for willow. Yeah, thank you. It’s not a sure thing yet. I-it’s definitely a step in the right direction, though. Yeah. You know, after I lost kiki, I — I swore that I would never lose avery. And, you know, after your loss, I’m — I’m really rooting for you to have a chance to have a relationship with willow. Yeah. I’ll give you a moment. You know, if nikolas were here, esme wouldn’t make such an outrageous claim. No, she wouldn’t, would she? But unfortunately, my son’s not here. Yes, but I am. Esme’s headed back to spring ridge while she awaits trial. And when she is convicted, which she most certainly will be, she’s going to be sent the pentonville. Now, you cannot tell me that the court, even on its cruelest day, thinks that that’s a good environment for a baby. Hello, janet. Everyone, this is janet kershaw from child’s services. Right. I — I think we’ve met before. Mayor collins, good to see you again. Yes, nice to see you, too. And I’m so relieved to know that you’re involved with this case. I’m sure that we can reach some kind of a decision that will be best for this child. That’s not my call. It’s up to the court to decide. Esme prince has filed a motion to maintain custody of her baby once she’s transferred back to spring ridge. Okay, I’m listening. How did I wind up here?

[ Sighs ] You’d been missing for a while, and everyone, including the police, thought you were the hook killer. And one night, I was on the pier waiting to go to wyndemere, and you showed up. So of course, I called 911. But then you went for my phone, and we struggled, and I fell down and hit my head. A-a-are you saying that I-I pushed you down? No, uh, no, I’m saying we struggled over the phone, but when I fell, I went unconscious. And I– it wasn’t until the next time I saw you that I realized you were pregnant. And being a nurse, I felt like it was my obligation to protect the baby. What do you mean, protect my baby? How? Whatever you have to say, mason, just say it fast. It’s impolite to keep a lady waiting. Right. You’re a gentleman. The kind of guy who can’t resist a damsel in distress. Say, if you knew ava was all alone on that island with no one there to help her, you’d make it your business to cross the water and be there to rescue her, am I right? I — I don’t know what you’re talking about. Is that so? Look, if you’re worried about the ex-mrs. Cassadine, I guarantee she’s on her second or third martini by now. Though, I can’t really judge her, not with everything you guys have been through lately. I followed you that night to spoon island, cuz. I saw everything. Nikolas needed someone to care for you until you gave birth. When he came to see me at spring ridge with those papers that would give him sole custody, he never said anything about that — a-about you taking care of me. Why didn’t he tell me that?

[ Sighs ] He was keeping it a secret. And to do that, he kept you under lock and key in a tower in his home. Wait. You’re telling me that I was his — his prisoner? And that you helped him? Yes.

Knowwhat it is you think you saw, but ava hasn’t done anything wrong. And neither have I. Well, you said that with such conviction. And I do mean conviction. But I’m sure if you tell any judge that story, they’ll go easy on you and your lady friend. I-I just don’t have any [Laughing] Idea what you’re talking about. Some stable in wyndemere, huh? Nicer than a lot of the houses in pautuck. And that tack room?

[ Whistles ] Downright luxurious. Oh, but I don’t have to tell you that, do I, cuz? Why did you feel that you couldn’t confide in me? Are you under some sort of a gag order? No. Is there litigation involved? Because if there’s litigation involved, I will back off. “Alexis davis backs off” — now, there’s a headline. Gregory. I want you to work here. You wanted to work here. You — that can never happen if there’s mistrust. And just so you know, the dean did not volunteer any additional information, so I don’t know what to think. Were you suspended? Were you fired? Talk to me. Maybe I can help you. Unfortunately, you can’T. No one can. I can’t believe this. I-I-I thought that it was bad enough that I had to serve time in prison. I was actually guilty of a crime. Now you’re telling me that my innocent baby brother could end up there, too? In certain cases and in certain facilities, the state of new york allows for a mother to keep her child with her for the first 18 months while she’s incarcerated. Oh, my god. Uncle victor, this — my little brother is your family, too. He deserves to be at home with us. Ah, spoken like a true cassadine. Look, if it’s a matter of proving that spencer has the ways and means of providing for a child, then you have my personal guarantee. Yes. Well, I’m afraid here your personal guarantee might do more harm than good. Nikolas’ baby is also my family. Now, listen, whether we like it or not, we can’t just take esme out of the equation. She is, after all, the baby’s mother. At the time, i

had every reasonto believe you were a threat, and I-I didn’t know what nikolas was gonna do to you after you had the baby. I only have your word for that.

[ Sighs ] Trust me, I know what it’s like to have gaps in your memory. Gaps? You just told me that I was locked in a tower like some princess in a fairy tale. I mean, wha-what else don’t I know? How — how did I escape? Did I let my hair down and climb out like rapunzel? No, you jumped from a turret into the harbor. I jumped? I could have died. A-and my baby… but by some miracle, you didn’T. And yes, y-you lost your memory, but, esme, you saved your baby. Yeah, no thanks to his father. Or you. Okay, I — I don’t blame you for feeling like this at all. But if you think I owe you an apology, you couldn’t be more wrong. An other martini, please,glass of champagne, and some sparkling water. Of course. Thank you, thank you. Thanks, trish. You know what, ava? I think you have as much to celebrate as nina and willow. Do I? Yeah, and the way I see it, you hit the trifecta. Uh, you helped capture the hook killer, ryan chamberlain is dead, and nikolas cassadine is nowhere to be found on this earth. I mean, I’d say that’s a lot to celebrate. Yes, um, I see your point. And good riddance to ryan chamberlain, for sure. But, nikolas, I — I know how much you loved nikolas. So, uh, who knows what the future is going to hold? Don’t give up hope. He might realize what he’s missing and then come back and try to make things right.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, uh, I doubt that. As a reminder, I am a doctor, too. What kind of hoops must I jump through to make this happen? Well, being identified as a potential match is a crucial first step. But before we go ahead with the transplant, we need to make sure that it’s safe for dr. Obrecht to donate. It’s imperative that we run additional tests and then weigh those results against things — against my age and my medical history, in case something comes up that will disqualify me as a donor. Why on earth would you

To anyone about this? Is it that severe? Alexis, as one friend to another, I’m asking you to let this go, and we’ll forget the whole thing. I’m so sorry. Gregory, I am so sorry. I can’t do that…

[ Sighs ] …Because in friendship, there’s trust. And if I asked you to trust me, to know what’s good for me… is it good for you to keep something that seems to be this critical from somebody that cares about you? I mean, if that’s the case, I’m gonna have to re-evaluate our friendship. And by “re-evaluate,” you really mean end it. I’m so sorry. I-I — I-it’s hard for me to just sit here and do nothing knowing that aunt liesl might be the one to save willow’s life. And I know the last thing I can do is stop you, so… also, michael and willow don’t want to see me by your side. Just go ahead and go. Okay. Thanks. Thank you for understanding. All right. See ya. See ya. Nina, I hate to bother you, but the av is out, and the convention people are complaining. Okay, okay, let’s solve the problem. Okay. Let’s go. It’s obvious how much she enjoys being in the hotel business, huh? You having a good time? Hmm? Being single? Uh… I’ve only been single for like a minute. Why do you ask? Well, when nina said that, you know, you should hold out hope for nikolas to come back, it seemed like you were afraid there was a chance that might happen. Dr. Obrecht, are you on any medications we should be aware of? It’s listed in my chart. I’m taking an anti-coagulant. Well, then we’ll need to consult with your prescribing physician. I will go set things in motion. I’ll give you two some privacy. Ple– uh, please stay. You never answered the question. You mean what’s in it for me? Yeah. When you lose a child… well, in my case, two adult children — nathan and britta — it forever shapes the world’s perspective. My son jonah died of sids, and I still grieve for him every day. I can’t imagine the pain you’ve suffered losing two grown children. That’s why I was so pleased when I heard I had a new family member in you, willow. You were in need of help. And it — it never occurred to me not to volunteer to be a donor so that I could give you the kind of life my own beloved britta can no longer enjoy. Just tell me what you want. What I’ve always wanted. For you to remember your responsibilities. I know exactly where I’ve come from, and I know how far I’ve come. Nothing, nobody will make me go back. Well, I’m not gonna make you, austin. You’re smart. You’ll figure it out on your own. And in the end, you’re gonna do the right thing. You helped nikolas keep me prisoner. And I was so desperate that I jumped off a turret into a harbor. But you don’t think I deserve an apology? I know I went about it all wrong, but I honestly thought I was protecting the people I love, as well as keeping you and the baby safe. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I-I-I thought that you were on my side. But now…

[ Sighs ] …What if the police were to find out what you did? They already know. They know? Then how are you still walking around free? Because I voluntarily came forward and gave a statement. Is that why nikolas disappeared? Because he knew he’d become a wanted man? I assume that’s the reason. Look, all of this is gonna become public knowledge soon enough. I just wanted you to hear it from me. I do owe you that much. Hang on. There’s one more thing I need to know. I’ll answer if I can. Did I want my baby? W-was I trying to get rid of it, and that’s why nikolas locked me away? Now that esme’s serial killer father is dead, her remaining family consists of heather webber, who murdered a very near and dear family friend of mine, as well as attacked my lawyer who’s standing across from me. So do you really think that that’s in the best interest of the child? Spencer, just… rein back the rhetoric a little bit. You’re not winning any points with child’s services. Janet, what happens now? The baby will remain here in the nursery until his mother is transferred to spring ridge. I’ll take your brother back to the nursery now — no, no! I’m not giving him up. Spencer. Spencer, you don’t want to upset the baby, do you? Yeah, for once, I agree with your grandmother, spencer. Listen, don’t worry. This — this isn’t over yet. This all has to be argued in family court in front of a judge, but until that time, it is essential that you comply with all the court orders. Uh — okay, okay. But I would just like to go on record and say that this goes against everything that I want for my baby brother. Okay.

of nikolas returning to port charles? My guess is that you still have a thing for him. Even though your marriage ended badly, that if he came back, you — you would be tempted to get back together with him. Uh, am I — am I — am I close? Mnh-mnh. No. I learned my lesson. It was hard to learn, but I learned it. Never again. Well, I’m happy for you, but I still, you know, it’s like, why wouldn’t he contact you? Especially after everything that’s happened with ryan chamberlain? Well… my relationship with nikolas was always very tempestuous. And our marriage didn’t stand a chance after ryan decided to use esme to destroy it. Is that what he told you? Mm. Told me. [ Laughs ] He bragged about it right up until I shot him. And thankfully, mac ended his life altogether. I still think it’s strange that you haven’t heard from nikolas. Say what you want about the guy, ’cause I don’t like him. But between the — the birth of his new kid and finding out that ryan chamberlain ended his marriage, you would think that he — he would come back running to you. You’d think. But he hasn’T. So I’m gonna ask you. What’s stopping him? Liesl, I’m, uh — I’m incredibly grateful for your kindness. It just feels like there’s another reason why you’re doing this. Is michael right? Your fiancé is correct, and I appreciate him being so direct. I will return it in kind. It’s no secret how the two of you feel about nina. But my niece was devastated when it turned out she wasn’t a match to be your donor. And so, willow, I appeal to you as a mother. I know you’re not ready to think of nina as your mom right now, and maybe you never will be. All I’m asking for is for you to imagine a time when nina is not your enemy. If you can open your heart to that possibility, that will be all the thanks I need. Okay. Well, this was fun. You’ve had your fun, mason, but I’m out of here. Oh, go on, have a chit-chat with your partner-in-crime, ava. You know, I searched her online. She’s been around the block. She knows, uh, when it’s time to fight and when it’s time to, shall we say, negotiate. All right. Av department has it up and running, so there shouldn’t be any more problems. Oh, thanks, nina, I’ll let the organizers know. There you go. And if there’s anything else, you give me a call. I’ll be at gh. Of course. I got it. Thanks. Hey, austin. Hey. How are you? Uh, ava — she’s right over there if you’re looking for her. I — I was. You know what? I have to say, you two have almost been inseparable these days. And it — it makes me wonder, what brought you two together? Janet, if you don’t mind the company, I’d like to go with you to fill out the necessary paperwork. Of course. Spencer, we will do everything in our power to make sure that your little brother gets the best possible care. Victor: I’m gonna do everything I can within the law and even outside of it, if necessary, to secure you custody of our newest cassadine. Don’t worry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, too. My little brother shouldn’t be in a hospital nursery. And he certainly shouldn’t be shipped off to prison before he’s even a month old. But like uncle peter said, this isn’t over. I can’t tell you what was in your heart, esme. There was a time when I thought you were incapable of loving anyone but yourself. If what you’ve told me really is true and I did jump off of that high tower at wyndemere, I can only imagine that I was pretty desperate, and I certainly couldn’t have been thinking about the baby by doing something so dangerous. We may never know. But when you surfaced, you seemed to have left the old esme behind you. In a way, you’ve been given a blank slate, a fresh start. It’s up to you what you do with it. I could not have said that better myself.

What do you want?To keep playing me so you can take my baby away from me? You have a lot on your plate now that you’re returning to spring ridge. Yeah, well, the difference is, now I know what you didn’t tell me. What is she talking about? I’m gonna let the two of you work this out, but I hope you both can put aside your own needs for the sake of that baby.

[ Door opens, closes ] I do not know what elizabeth told you, but I think that you would be making a huge mistake if you try to take the baby to prison with you. You need to correct your word choice. It’s not the baby. It’s my baby — mine, not yours, and definitely not your father’s, now that I know that he locked me up as his prisoner and threw away the key. I’m sorry. You’re right. This is your business. Gregory, don’t you think that it would feel better if you could talk to someone that cares about you? I mean, that’s what friends are for. I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but I’m asking you to respect my privacy. All right, well, if you can’t talk to me, I really hope there’s someone that you can talk to. If you’re thinking of telling chase or finn about this… they don’t know? Nobody knows. And it’s going to stay that way. Nothing like a nea r-deathexperience at the hands of two psychopaths to jumpstart a friendship, right? Why? Should I — should I worry? Do you not — do you not approve? No, on the contrary. I — I think it’s — I think it’s great. She’s been very lonely since her marriage with nikolas blew up. And I will always be there for her. And she could use a — another good, trusted friend. Well, I thank you so much for the vote of confidence. I’ll do the best I can. Okay. I got to get to gh, but, um, a word to the wise — ava, she acts like she’s really tough, right, but she’s vulnerable inside. Good to know. I’ve have reached a place of relative peace. Or, I don’t know, maybe it’s more accurate to say that I’m “comfortably numb”. I am [Sighs] Incredibly grateful to you for volunteering. And if it turns out that you can be the donor, I will be forever in your debt. But it’s impossible for me to put aside everything nina has done to me and — and michael and wiley, for that matter. I know how much you love nina, a-and I would never tell you not to. Just as I can’t expect you to love her, I understand that. But if you do get a second chance at life, ask yourself this. Do you want to spend it denying someone who’s been waiting her whole life to love you? I don’t think nina loves me personally, I think that she loves the idea of having a daughter. I-in fact, before she found out that she was my mother, she couldn’t stand me. And so the sudden about-face just feels like it’s a lot more about nina than it is about me.

[ Sighs ] That, um — that could describe me… and the way I raised britta. Her childhood was about me, my desperate need to impress her father, my desire to mold her into the daughter that I desired. It was not until those last few years of britta’s life that I realized how wrong I’d been. I apologized to my daughter, and she mercifully forgave me. In those last years

[Chuckles] Britta and I became not only mother and daughter, but… friends. I can only wish the same for you and nina — despite nina’s shortcomings. The next round of tests is all set. Dr. Obrecht, if you want to come with me? I promise to update both of you as soon as I can. Willow: Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] Okay. Let’s go home. I know that I have said it before that I’m — that I’m through with nikolas, but I truly mean it this time. Honestly, I hope that I’ve seen the last of him. Like I said, I don’t like nikolas, but it’s amazing that you have come to the same conclusion. But it seemed to me that you were more afraid of nikolas returning than you were of staring down ryan chamberlain. Did nikolas threaten you? You can tell me. Ava? He didn’t threaten me. He threatened avery. I — I only said that ‘cau

closer than ever to chase and finn. I am. But my boys have enough going on in their lives without worrying about me. That’s what families do.

[ Sighs ] That’s what friends do. I mean, if — if chase and finn — alexis. If you’re the friend you say you are, you’ll do as I ask. Gregory. I am your friend. I am very sorry for whatever is going on with you. And I’m sorry that I upset you. But I’m not sorry for being concerned.

[ Sighs ] Where’d everyone go? To their separate corners for now.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah. Well , I did some checking, and there is nothing to prevent esme prince from taking the baby to spring ridge for the short term. Oh, my god. [ Sighs ] You know, I understand her desire to keep her baby close to her. It’s just that, you know, given her history, this is very complicated. What are spencer’s chances of being able to gain custody of his little brother? I’ve spoken to spencer about this. You know, michael corinthos was able to get custody of his little sister, avery. And michael and spencer are very similar in terms of resources, so there is precedent. However, that said, it would be so much better if spencer could get esme to cooperate. Is that what elizabeth told you? That you were my father’s prisoner? As if you didn’t know. I swear, this was all new information to me. Though, it would explain why you went missing for so long. I am curious, though, even if it is true. How would elizabeth know? Never mind how she knows. You’ll find out soon enough. And so will the judge. And there will be no way that they’ll take my baby away from me. Oh. But if you truly care about your son the way that I think that you do, you don’t want him to be raised in a prison. You want him to be with a family who loves him very dearly. My son’s name is ace, and I don’t need lessons in love from you. Look, I mean, you talk a good game just like nikolas did, but you are no better than your father. It is because I love my son that I won’t let you anywhere near him.

[ Elevator dings ]

[ Indistinct chatter ] Oh, you can run, but you can’t hide. I don’t have time for this. I have to go home to my boys. I do admire your maternal instinct. Is that what prompted you to throw in with my nephew to help him keep esme prisoner, hmm? Oh, I have plenty of evidence proving that you helped nikolas keep esme captive. And I will send that to the authorities unless you tell me where I might find him. What makes you think I know? Hm. If that’s the way you want to play it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. No, victor, I’m warning you. And in very short time, your so-called evidence will be worthless. And you’ll have no power over me. But best of luck in finding nikolas. What do you mean he’s threatening our daughter? I — I just mean he — he — he threatened to take avery away from me, which is ridiculous, right? He has zero standing in court. It’s an empty threat meant to wound me. And it did, but don’t give it a second thought. Really. Nikolas is gone. He’s left port charles. He’s probably left the country. Ava. It’s one thing to threaten me or you, but if he threatens our daughter in any way, I will find him. I don’t care where he’s hiding. Sonny, just — would you please just go? If he’s got anything over you, I can help.

[ Sighs ] Hey. You okay? Just thinking about what aunt liesl said. If I’m lucky enough to get a second chance at life, I need to start thinking about how I want to spend it… and if nina has any part in it.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

On the next “General Hospital” —

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

olly takes the home pregnancy test and tells TJ she isn’t pregnant. Molly and TJ have a talk and decide they want to have a baby.

Willow talks with Nina about how she is feeling and about the possible bone marrow transplant. Willow tells Nina she talked to her about her health because Liesl asked her to do so but she won’t talk to her about her kids.

Marshall and Curtis wait for the results of his genetic tests.

Mason lets Ava know that he knows she and Austin hid Nikolas’ body in the tack room Wyndamere and puts his phone number inside her phone. Mason demands that Ava answer her phone when he calls her.

Drew tells Carly that he is ready to take their relationship public because he is going to let Michael and Ned run ELQ.

Nina overhears Sonny and Olivia talking about the fact that Drew and Carly have to hide their relationship because Ned threatened to turn them in to the SEC.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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Willow records a video for Michael to watch after the wedding. Sasha arrives to help Willow with the arrangements for the wedding. Willow asks Sasha to get rid of the half heart necklace Nina gave to her. Liesl tells Nina that she got tested to be a possible bone marrow donor for Willow. Liesl and Nina anxiously wait for the test results and hope that Liesl will be a match for Willow.

Elizabeth feels badly for telling the police that Nikolas held Esme hostage even though Scott was able to get her immunity from prosecution. Scott tells Liesl what Elizabeth did and Liesl wants to have a talk with her.

Curtis tries to persuade Trina to have a DNA test but Trina tells Curtis that she doesn’t need to have a DNA test because Taggert will always be her father. Curtis tells Trina he understands how she feels and if she ever changes her mind she should let him know.

Dante arrives with a search warrant and a search team to see if he can find clues to Nikolas’ whereabouts because he wants to arrest him for holding Esame hostage.

Austin and Ava worry when Dante calls them down to the tack room and they watch as Dante gets ready for open the tack room closet with a crowbar.

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GH Short Recap Friday, February 17, 2023

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Anna continues to haunt Deputy Mayor Ashby and bursts in on a cell phone call to tell her she is next
and remind her that she killed her. Deputy Mayor Ashby tells Victor that she doesn’t want to work for him but Victor tells her that she has no choice. Deputy Mayor Ashby later calls Victor that Esme has escaped from Spring Ridge. Victor tells Spencer who rushes to find Trina.

Jordan finds Mac and he is taken to the hospital. The Warden of Spring Ridge tells Laura and Jordan that Ryan killed a guard and escaped with Heather and Esme. Dante calls Jordan and tells her nanny Maggie helped Esme find out that Ryan was her father and Esme came to town searching for him. Trina tells Curtis and Taggert that Portia isn’t sure which one of them is her father. Taggert isn’t mad with Portia and he assures Trina no matter what happens he will always be her father. Curtis is hurt and angry with Portia because she never toild him that he could be Tina’s father. Curtis wonders why Portia didn’t tell him this two years ago. Portia tells Curtis that Trina was grieving Taggert because they thought he was dead and she didn’t want to take her father away from her.

Ryan calls Mac and tells him Felicia is with him and if he sees a cop Felicia will die.

Laura tells Jordan that she thinks she knows where Ryan might be.

Austin is in the stables waiting for Ava and he feels someone behind him and he sees a hook go up.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, February 16, 2023

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Esme’s nanny Maggie tells Dante and Sam that Esme”s father is Ryan Chamberlain and she didn’t want to talk to them at first because she thought Ryan had sent them to keep her quiet. Ryan, Heather, and Esme escape Spring Ridge although Esme is frightened because she doesn’t remember Ryan is her father even when he tells her he is her father. Mac runs into the escapees while he is on his way to Spring Ridge to take Heather back to Darkham. Ryan hits Mac over the head and knocks him out.

Heather drives the RV to Ava’s house because Ryan wants to see her. Ava and Austin are about to leave to take Nikolas’ body to the Pine Barons when Felicia arrives to talk to Ava. Ava tells Austin she will meet him at the stables, when she finishes talking with the person who is at the door. Felicia tells Ava that she thinks Ryan is the mastermind behind the hook killings he just has someone else doing the footwork. Felicia thinks that she and Ava could get Ryan to reveal the identity of his accomplice. Ava agrees to go with Felicia to Spring Ridge to talk to Ryan tomorrow. Ava opens the door so Felicia leaves and the ladies are surprised to see Ryan standing there.

Portia tells Trina doesn’t know if Curtis or Taggert is her biological father because she never thought it was important to find out the truth. Trina is mad that her mother kept such important information from her for her entire life. Trina is about to leave the room because she doesn’t know who her mother is anymore but when she opens the door to leave, Curtis, Marshall, and Taggert are standing there.

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