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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 10/21/21: Sonny and Ava Clash!

Help fund Season 3 Part 2 of “The It Girls on the Stoop” starring veteran soap actresses Hillary B. Smith (ex-Margo) and Crystal Chappell  (ex-Danielle, Bold and Beautiful, ex-Olivia, Guiding Light; ex-Carly, Days of Our Lives)!  See past seasons here


GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 10/12/21: Carly Plots Revenge!

GH was a re-run today, due to news breaks. Tomorrow’s will be a new episode! Spoilers

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 9/16/21: Carly and Jason’s Wedding Begins!

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Is This the End?

Update to the post below: In a Twitter exchange, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) hinted that ABC or GH might be mandating that their workers get vaccinated (or firing certain people).

Kristen Alderson, Mark Lawson, Bree Williamson, Bradford Anderson, Brandon Barash, Steve Burton, Anthony Geary, Finola Hughes, Hillary B. Smith, Laura Wright, Cameron Mathison, and many other soap stars appeared in “ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway” which was streamed Thursday, Feb. 11. You can see it now on  YouTube.

Congratulations to the show for winning a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series; Outstanding Directing Team For a Drama Series; Outstanding Technical Team For a Drama or Daytime Fiction Program; Outstanding Casting For a Drama or Daytime Fiction Program; to Maurice Benard (Sonny) for winning for Outstanding Special Performance by a Lead Actor in a Drama Series; and to Max Gail (Mike) for winning for Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Drama Series!

GH Scoops/Spoilers

By Suzanne

SOD 10/25/21

Dante and Sam break into Victor’s compound to find Drew, but Victor tells them that Peter has already taken Drew with him and plans to activate him. They take Victor with them but then find out from Anna and Robert that there’s been a shootout at the compound. Britt and Jason are also there.

Ratings, week of 9/20: 1.66.

Michael Tylor (ex-Charlie) passed away 9/28.

Ned and Olivia have more problems as they argue over whether to take Leo to the doctor or not. She thinks that Ned is just being a Quartermaine, wanting to throw money at what he thinks is a problem. She thinks Leo is happy and should be left alone.

10/18 Ava and Nikolas celebrate. Portia and Curtis are watched by a man, hiding. Valentin is rescued by Anna. 10/19 Liz and Finn run into each other awkwardly. Terry gets a phone call she didn’t expect. 10/20 Willow is worried about Michael, which she tells someone. Spencer and Sonny catch up. 10/21 Victor is interrogated by Robert. Michael makes a deal with someone. Cam and Joss are witness to Spencer’s arraignment.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for adding troublemaker Esme into the mix with the other teens.

Ted King (ex-Alcazar, now on B&B) is featured in an interview.

Actors talk about their favorite spots in their hometowns, including Nicholas Chavez (Spencer), who talks about Denver.

What Will Happen: Robert and Anna decide something that you might not expect. Jason’s suspicions are confirmed by Spinelli. Curtis tells Portia more about his past.

SOD 10/18/21

Ratings, week of 9/13: 1.61

Caleb and Kyler Ends, who played Maxie’s son James, will now play Michael’s son, Wiley.

Sofia Mattsoon (Sasha) is back from maternity leave.

Hayley Erin (ex-Kiki) and her husband had twins August 9th and 10th.

Brook Lynn gets Austin to admit that he thinks Leo has autism because she wants to get him in trouble for violating doctor-patient confidentiality. Olivia overhears Brook Lynn at the hospital and gets very angry at her for sharing her son’s possible diagnosis without talking to her first and for putting ELQ over family.

10/11 Someone visits Sasha and Brando. Sonny and Jax decide to stop being hostile to each other. 10/12 Austin tries to make friends with Jason. Carly chooses something that no one expects. Sonny tells Nina in no uncertain terms how things are going to be. 10/13 Trina is caught off guard by her feelings. Josslyn has an honest chat with her mom. 10/14 Nikolas hears Esme out as she tries to appeal to his heart. Spencer has to make a difficult choice. Carly and Sonny figure out where they go from here.

Sonny getting his memory back is this week’s “Editor’s Choice” for storyline.

Laura Wright (Carly) is featured in an interview, reflecting back on 30 years on soaps.

What Will Happen: Cam and Joss have an argument. Nina gets paid back for keeping Sonny to herself. Spencer tells someone that he’s sorry.

SOD 9/27/21

Avery Pohl (Esme) talks about getting the role of Esme Prince (Nikolas’ girlfriend).

Sonny finally comes home this week after he regains his memory. His first priority is to get home to his family. The scenes are supposed to be really great.

Ratings, week of 8/23: 1.48.

Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) is seen again this week, when she gets a request from Ava.

Aiden is now played by Enzo De Angelis (replacing Jason David).

Sasha (Sofia Mattson) won’t be seen for awhile, since her portrayer had her baby and went on maternity leave.

Valentin and Anna find out that Peter was in Nixon Falls. Anna yells at Nina for not letting them know that Peter was there and alive. Then they go off looking for him. They split up, so that they can cover more area, but Anna runs into him first. Anna is an armed, trained agent ready for him this time.

9/20 Olivia is pissed that Ned didn’t tell her the truth. Monica gets a gift that Chase leaves for her. Nina tries to figure out what she’s done this year and why. 9/21 Brook Lynn and Chase bond more. Valentin hurries to save Anna from Peter. 9/22 Chase makes peace with Michael and Willow. Phyllis and Nina argue. 9/23 Maxie is Nina’s confidante. Cameron is asked by Trina to help her prove that Esme is up to no good.

Josh Swickard (Chase) is featured in an interview. He talks about what Chase will be doing now.

What Will Happen: Gladys is assisted by Brando when she’s in need. Maxie makes sure that the nuptials keep to her planned schedule. Nina waits nervously to find out something.

SOD 9/20/21

Charles Shaughnessy talks about joining the show as Victor. He first aired 9/2.

Before they get married, Jason and Carly admit to each other that they have feelings for each other that have re-surfaced. The wedding promises big surprises and shocks.

Ratings, week of 8/16: 1.48.

Sofia Mattsoon (Sasha) had her baby 7/26.

Josslyn gets very angry at Spencer when she finds out from Trina that he pretended to be “Victor.” He tries to tell her how much he cares about Trina, but they’re interrupted by Esme. Esme tries to make nice with Joss, who doesn’t like her and is very suspicious of her.

9/13 Valentin gets a call that makes him worry. Spencer and Nikolas grow closer over a common enemy. Nina tries to keep things at the Tan-O from getting out of control. 9/14 Alexis and Harmony share some common past woes. Dante and Sam have fun at the batting cages. Drew plans how he’ll escape. 9/15 Britt grows more concerned about her missing mom. Sonny can’t believe what he sees at the Tan-O. 9/16 Things get desperate in Nixon Falls at the Tan-O.

Genie Francis (Laura) is chosen as Performer of the Week.

What Will Happen: Something takes TJ by surprise. Jason suspects that Cyrus is back to doing no good. Nina tries to get Jax to see her side of things.

SOD 9/13/21

Ratings, week of 8/9: 1.51.

Robert (Tristan Rogers) will be back on the show soon.

Aaron Bradshaw (Leo) will be leaving the show, replaced by another actor.

Trina tells Joss that she doesn’t trust Esme, Spencer’s girlfriend. She’s suspicious about her calling the late Kiki “Lauren.” Trina ends up putting Esme in the hot seat in front of Spencer.

9/6 is a re-run. 9/7 Sam and Curtis decide which step to take next in their investigation. Jason gets an apology from Dante. Monica and Carly have a quiet, meaningful chat. 9/8 Portia sees something she didn’t expect. Jordan and Curtis find out how Naomi and Drew were connected. Someone arrives in Nixon Falls, shocking Nina. 9/9 Portia tells someone that she’s been keeping a secret. Jason is told by Carly how she really feels, before they take a final step. Nina gets a threat from Jax.

Joyce Guy (Phyllis) is chosen as Performer of the Week.

Fall spoilers: Jax suspects Sonny might be alive as Nina and Sonny fall more in love. The question will be whether Jax tries to stop Jason and Carly’s wedding or not, or go to Nixon Falls to see if Sonny is there. We’ll see how Sonny remembers who he is and whether he’ll be able to get back home. … As Jason and Carly prepare to get married (to satisfy the mob), it puts them in danger as well from those who might not be convinced. They’re also in danger of falling in love. … Valentin and Anna might catch Peter. … Finn and Elizabeth have gotten closer, but we’ll see if their friendship can survive a big threat. … Ava wants to keep Avery and Nikolas safe, but Trina is determined to help her stay married. … Alexis finds Harmony in the same facility; they’re both suspicious of why Ryan is there. … Britt has a new goal, to find out what happened to her mom. She’s still getting over Jason. … Chase, trying to move on, has to figure out what to do with his life now that he’s no longer going to be married or working as a cop any time soon. Brook Lynn will help him. … Michael and Willow are finally together, but they will face an outside threat. … Ned and Olivia’s relationship could be threatened by the fact that Austin is worried about Leo. …Gladys gets a new scheme that might harm Sasha, Brando and the new baby. … Esme has an interest in someone in the town that could make trouble for everyone. She has a “secret agenda” that causes problems with the teens. … Sam has gotten Dante and Curtis help to find out if Drew could be alive. Drew could impact her relationship with Dante. Drew hopes he can escape and come home before they come find him because he doesn’t want his loved ones in danger, trying to save him. Portia gets brought into the story as Shawn and Curtis look for Naomi’s killer. They all realize that their investigations may be connected and lead back to one man. … Brook Lynn feels guilty about Valentin getting closer to Maxie’s baby. Maxie worries that Austin could be a threat to their plans, since he’s at the Quartermaines a lot. She doesn’t want him to remember that the babies were switched. Brook Lynn hopes that she can use Maxie in the fight over Edward’s will. Even though Laura is away for awhile, Nikolas and Spencer still feel her presence.

For Wally Kurth’s 30th anniversary playing Ned, he answers questions about his past on the show.

Soap actors look back on their school days, including Katelyn MacMullen (Willow), Kin Shriner (Scott) and Johnny Wactor (Brando).

What Will Happen: Carly gets support from Bobbie. Sam fills Curtis in on what she’s found out. Ava is asked questions about Nina’s romance by Jax.

SOD 9/6/21

Obrecht and Scott prepare to go to a medical conference in St. Lucia together, where they can have fun in the sun. She also wants to kill Peter. Obrecht has roped Nina into giving Peter false information about Louise to lure him to the island, but Scott doesn’t know any of it. Scott and Obrecht’s plane starts to fall, so they think they’re going to die. He starts to tell her that he loves her, but then they both pass out. Some shady guys come out and take Obrecht; they dump Scotty out of the plane. Some people we know find Scott, who survives. Kin Shriner talks about finding the humor in the scenes.

Ratings, week of 8/2: 1.46

Phoebe Kuhlman plays the real Chloe Jennings, who’s being held captive with Drew.

Peter (Wes Ramsey) is back as of 8/23, showing up in Nixon Falls.

The show is selling GH merchandise once again at Use code GHSOD10 to get 10% by Sept. 13 (one time use only).

9/30 Liesl and Nina work to wrap things up. 8/31 Mike and Nina have a real first date. Josslyn decides to cook a special dinner for Jax, with Trina’s help. Carly thinks that the Five Families might have partnered with Cyrus. 9/1 Carly asks Brando to assist her. Gladys tries to manipulate someone. When Britt learns that Liesl is missing, she is shaken. 9/2 Ava and Trina have a deep conversation. Britt worries about a patient. Anna and Jordan discuss a case that’s unusual.

Soap stars show their vacation photos, including Cameron Mathison (Drew).

What Will Happen: Spencer visits Alexis in jail. When Ava decides something, it breaks Nikolas’ heart. Nina gets help from someone.

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Men of GH

Days of Our Lives News

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem" cast

Days News and Information! SOD Scoops, & Spoilers Below

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Spoilers: Marlena Attacks Julie!

Help fund Season 3 Part 2 of “The It Girls on the Stoop” starring veteran soap actresses Crystal Chappell (ex-Carly) and Hillary B. Smith (ex-Margo, ATWT; ex-Nora, GH and OLTL)!  See past seasons here


DAYS OF OUR LIVES Spoilers: The Devil Wants Ben and Ciara’s Baby! Spoilers

The Devil Returns to DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Spoilers: Johnny’s Movie Turns Salem Upside Down!

SoapCentral Spoilers

From NBC press release: Peacock DAYS OF OUR LIVES: BEYOND SALEM – Monday, September 6 The Original limited-series DAYS OF OUR LIVES: BEYOND SALEM begins streaming Monday, September 6 on Peacock. New episodes will be available daily culminating with the limited-series finale on Friday, September 10. Over a long weekend, John & Marlena travel to Zurich, Ben & Ciara have a romantic getaway in New Orleans, Chad visits some old friends in Phoenix, and Abe, Paulina, Lani, and Eli vacation in Miami. All find themselves embroiled in a mystery involving stolen jewels which, in the wrong hands, could cause dire consequences for Salem. It’s a race against time for ISA agent Billie Reed as she crosses the globe in search of this missing treasure. Packed with all of the romance, action, drama, and surprises that only “Days of our Lives” can deliver, fans will spend a week with their favorite Salem supercouples and reconnect with many familiar faces along the way. The first original “Days of our Lives” limited-series brings past and present residents including, Lisa Rinna as Billie Reed, Deidre Hall as Dr. Marlena Evans, Drake Hogestyn as John Black, Jackée Harry as Paulina Price, James Reynolds as Abe Carver, Victoria Konefal as Ciara Brady, Robert Scott Wilson as Ben Weston, Billy Flynn as Chad DiMera, Lamon Archey as Eli Grant and Sal Stowers as Lani Price. Eileen Davidson is also set to appear in the limited-series. Promo Spoilers


DaysCafe Spoilers

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Spoilers: Ava Confronts Rafe!

Camila Banus (Gabi) made a very controversial post about vaccines on her Instagram story.  The actress reportedly went partying in Florida last December and caught COVID as well.

Mike Manning (ex-Charlie) won a Daytime Emmy and shares that he’s married!

Casey Moss (JJ, Days) and his band Inner Echo have a new video! More Info

Congratulations to Victoria Konefal (Ciara) for winning a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Performer In a Drama Series, and to Cady McClain (Jennifer) for winning a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series!

Michael Easton (Silas, GH; ex-McBain, OLTL; ex-Caleb, PC; ex-Tanner, Days) has written the graphic novel “Credence: Lose This Skin.” Check out the trailer here! Buy his novels here.

Eli and Lani collage

Days Scoops/Spoilers

By Suzanne

SOD 10/25/21

Deidre Hall talks about how she never expected to revisit the devil possession storyline again, but she’s having fun with it. She’s also enjoying working with Susan and Bill Hayes.

Dan Feuerriegel (EJ) talks about settling in to the show.

Jake is questioned by Rafe. Someone surprises EJ with a visit. Marlena is confronted by John. Julie and Paulina become buddies.

Ratings, week of 9/20: 1.17.

Carmine (Richard Stevens), with whom Jake used to work, causes trouble for Abe this week.

After Roman is not as friendly to Kate as usual (when she shows up at the pub to visit her sons), she realizes that she should try to get back with him.

10/18 Victor meets with D.A. Melinda to try to get Xander out of jail. Johnny hears from Marlena that he should make his movie about her possession. 10/19 Brady is informed by Chloe that she’s moving out of the Kiriakis mansion. 10/20 Chad hears from Abby about Gwen’s arrest. Kayla is told by Steve that Victor hired him to find Kristen. 10/21 Abe and Paulina plan their wedding. Marlena is confronted by an angry Julie. 10/22 Marlena goes to Bayview. John listens to her session with Doug.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for the new possession story and how it ties so many characters together and uses often-ignored ones like Doug and Julie.

Actors talk about their favorite spots in their hometowns, including Camila Banus (Gabi), who talks about Miami.

What Will Happen: Abby is suspicious of Gwen again. Nicole is asked by EJ if they can try their dinner date again.

SOD 10/18/21

Because of Ben’s family background, he’s not sure he wants to have children. Ciara does, so he’s torn. He goes to Marlena for help, but she’s possessed by the devil. The devil wants Marlena to encourage Ben to have children. Ciara is happy to hear it when he says they should go for it. They have sex and then the wind comes in, blows everything away and slams them, hard, leaving them to wonder what’s going on.

Steve goes looking for Kristen. Philip tells his mom how he feels about Chloe. Marlena makes sure that John doesn’t see her glowing devil eyes. Victor does his best to get “his nephews” out of jail.

Ratings, week of 9/13: 1.16.

Gabi attacks Ava for telling Philip about Jake’s past. She feels threatened by Ava, especially cooking in her kitchen for her brother, and she feels Ava is not good enough for Rafe and will never change. Gabi first lies to Rafe that she will make up with Ava (to get him to leave the two of them alone). Ava makes Gabi angrier by telling her that she’s taking over Gabi Chic.

10/11 Chad and Abby act out something from John and Marlena’s past. 10/12 Marlena is shocked to learn what the devil has planned. John is not happy with Johnny’s rewrites to the movie that single out the possession. 10/13 Abe and Paulina celebrate being engaged, with the help of Eli and Lani. Chad and Abigail grow closer. 10/14 Philip gets warned by Jake. 10/15 EJ and Rafe get into an argument over Nicole.

What Will Happen: Abe and Paulina decide to get hitched. Roman and John find out something bad. Chad and Abby re-do a past romantic moment.

SOD 9/27/21

Philip takes Chloe on a romantic picnic. He has a sapling for them to plant to remind them of the tree in which they once carved their initials (which he cut down). She hopes this is a sign that he’s being more mature and no longer jealous. She wants to focus on the good things, but she also still has a pull to Brady.

Marci Miller (Abby) talks briefly about her new baby and coming back to work.

Lucas and EJ almost duke it out. Gabi observes that Chloe will mean Philip’s downfall. Nicole is asked out to dinner by EJ. Johnny and Chanel smooch.

Ratings, week of 8/23: 1.19.

Darin Brooks (ex-Max) voices a character named “Guy” in the series “Croods Family Tree” on HULU and Peacock 9/23.

Camila Banus (Gabi) married her long-time boyfriend 8/28.

Johnny reads Will’s script about Sami and learns that Marlena was once possessed. He shares it with Allie, who is also shocked. John confirms that it’s true. Allie doesn’t think Johnny should proceed with the film out of respect for their grandparents. She’s also unnerved by the fact that it’s the devil.

9/20 Kate is asked by Roman to give their romance another go. Kayla comforts Julie. 9/21 Paulina asks Lani if she would approve of her and Abe getting hitched. 9/22 Victor is warned by Brady that Philip’s jealousy of him and Chloe is getting in the way of his Tital business. Abigail surprises Gwen with a visit. 9/23 Philip gets an earful from Ava that she heard Jake and Gabi conspiring against him. 9/24 Ben and Ciara keep blissfully enjoying their honeymoon in New Orleans. Marlena and John discuss his concerns about Johnny making his movie.

What Will Happen: Chloe is surprised by Philip’s picnic date. Ava finds out someone’s secret. Xander is quizzed by Jack about Gwen.

SOD 9/20/21

Charles Shaughnessy talks about joining GH as Victor.

Chad goes to Boston to beg Abby to come home, so she does. Marci Miller, who returns as Abigail, is ending her maternity leave. She and her husband had a daughter, Willet, in March 2020.

Ava and Gabi have a showdown. Marlena is asked for help by Julie. Allie gets information from Johnny. Roman pours his heart out to Kate.

Ratings, week of 8/16: 1.16.

Cady Huffman (Calista) left the show, since her character was killed by Bonnie.

Steve encourages Justin to help Bonnie after she fires her lawyer and didn’t make bail. Rafe finds a letter that Calista left, implicating her in a murder. Bonnie tells Justin the truth when he shows up. Bonnie shocked that Justin is still determined to marry her after he gets her freed and that Steve was the one who gave him the idea. Bonnie has very little self-worth and doesn’t think she deserves happiness.

9/13 EJ and Xander get into a fight. Johnny attempts to use his charm to manipulate Marlena. 9/14 Ava and Philip share their respective romantic drama. 9/15 Ciara and Ben have their honeymoon in Oak Alley in New Orleans, where they get a private tour. 9/16 Allie and Chanel pop the Champagne over their grand opening. Paulina shares her secret with Marlena. 9/17 Lucas tells Kate that she should give Roman another chance, after seeing them together.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for the Chanel/Allie/Tripp story.

What Will Happen: Jake and Gabi celebrate their victory. Nicole does her best to stay away from Rafe. Ciara and Ben tour the Big Easy.

Lindsay Arnold (Allie) is featured in the short, one-page “Take Five” Interview.

SOD 9/13/21

The special miniseries “Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem” premieres Monday, 9/6. Executive Producer Ken Corday shares that it was the network’s idea, to bring more DOOL viewers from traditional TV to Peacock. Headwriter Ron Carlivati came up with the idea of the story overnight, and then they quickly rushed it into production. It’s just for five nights and is self-contained, having nothing to do with the regular show. It’s supposed to be faster-paced – a big adventure and caper with a lot going on, including humor. Actors Eileen Davidson (Kristen), Austin Peck (Austin), Chandlder Massey (Will) and Zach Tinker (Sonny) talked about filming it. Massey mentions that he has a regular data science job and that he was surprised to learn that Freddie Smith would not be playing Sonny.

Christie Clark (Carrie) is featured in a short interview. She talks about the Peacock series and what she’s been doing.

Justin gets advice from Steve about Bonnie. Brady gets a meeting from Gabi and Jake. Abby is asked to come home by Chad. Kayla gets some tests run on Doug.

Ratings, week of 8/9: 1.20.

As previously reported, many DOOL characters, old and new, appear in this week’s “Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem” on Peacock. See the top of this page for a list.

Zach Tinker briefly talks about getting the role of Sonny, previously played by Freddie Smith.

Bonnie tries to keep Calista away before her wedding date, but she has to steal the million dollars from Xander to shut her up. Things don’t go as planned.

9/6 Ben is shocked by Ciara suggests having a baby. Steve tries to find out more about Calista. 9/7 Xander tries to get Gwen to tell Jack the truth about her dead doctor. Julie is very worried about what’s going on with Doug. 9/8 Philip writes an email to Brady with threats. 9/9 Rafe shares his personal problems with Eli. Gabi is confronted by Philip. Chloe and Brady bond further. 9/10 Chanel is asked by Allie to forgive her.

The show is this week’s Editor’s Choice for the stories right before the Olympic break when Sami and EJ – and Eric and Nicole – broke up, and Ben and Ciara were reunited.

Fall spoilers: Ben is reluctant to pass on his family DNA to his children when Ciara talks about having a baby. They will have a mature storyline instead of someone trying to kill them. … John and Marlena face a huge threat to their marriage.
… Chad finally convinces Abby to come home, but they’ll still have problems. Johnny asks her to play the lead in his movie, which causes further problems. … Xander and Gwen will continue to build on their relationship. Gwen ends up in trouble when she tries to help Xander. … Philip, suspicious of Jake and Gabi, turns to Ava for help. … Nicole turns to EJ so that she can forget Rafe and move on. … Abe proposes, which makes Paulina feel even more guilty about not being honest about being Lani’s mom. … Philip and Chloe keep growing closer, but he still has jealousy toward Brady, which might kill their relationship. … In an “impactful story,” Doug shows signs of dementia, which worries Julie. … Allie decides to commit to Tripp and keep out of Chanel and Johnny’s relationship. Johnny tries to prove his intentions to Chanel. He also makes a movie, which angers EJ.

Soap actors look back on their school days, including Lindsay Arnold (Allie), Raven Bowens (Chanel), Eric Martsolf (Brady) and James Reynolds (Abe).

What Will Happen: Doug is the source of Julie’s anxiety. Ciara suggests something unexpected to Ben. Xander and EJ decide something.

SOD 9/6/21

Marla Gibbs (Olivia) talks about joining the show. She’s a huge fan who watches it every day. She was previously on “Passions” as well. She recently wrapped her run on Days.

Brady and Chloe are stranded in a motel when their plane gets grounded during their business trip to Pennsylvania. They have to share a bed. Philip is not too happy when he finds them together.

Gabi is confronted by Philip. Paulina says something surprising that Abe overhears. Steve attempts to dig up information about Calista. When Julie is trapped, Jack saves her.

Tina Huang (Melinda) is back 8/30 to butt heads with EJ.

When Tripp invites Chanel and her new boyfriend for drinks, he and Allie are shocked to learn that it’s her twin brother, Johnny. Things don’t go well.

8/30 Gwen tells Xander goodbye. Chad pours his heart out to Jack. 8/31 Ciara and Ben tell Shawn that they’re going to New Orleans for their honeymoon. 9/1 Rafe is shocked when Ava tells him that she’s moving out. Johnny is teased by EJ about Chanel. 9/2 Anna tries to get Roman to help her save Austin and Carrie’s marriage. 9/3 Gwen defends Xander to Jack. Calista is questioned by Justin. EJ touches base with Nicole.

Soap stars show their vacation photos, including Carson Boatman (Johnny).

What Will Happen: Nicole lends Allie an ear. Ben and Ciara head to New Orleans. Jack tells Chad that he’ll talk to Abigail about coming home.

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Days Emmy winning cast

Leverage News

What’s New!

Most of the Leverage: Redemption cast

LINK TO THE EVENT:  As a thank you to the fans of Leverage: Redemption, the Leverage crew is hosting a virtual fan event on Tuesday, October 5th. Please join the series’ cast and executive producers for an exclusive behind-the-scenes panel discussion, moderated by Collider’s Liz Shannon Miller, as well as a first look at the back half of Season One.
Cast and executive producers in attendance include: Aldis Hodge (Alec Hardison) Aleyse Shannon (Breanna Casey) Beth Riesgraf (Parker) Christian Kane (Eliot Spencer) Gina Bellman (Sophie Devereaux) Noah Wyle (Harry Wilson) Dean Devlin (Co-Showrunner/EP) Kate Rorick (Co-Showrunner/EP)
We look forward to having you there!

IMDB Tv LEVERAGE: REDEMPTION – Friday, July 9 Redemption will premiere Friday, July 9 exclusively on IMDb TV, Amazon’s premium free streaming service. The crime drama will debut with eight new episodes this summer followed by an additional eight episodes in the fall. In this new iteration, and new world, the Leverage crew have watched as the rich and powerful continue to take what they want without consequence. Grifter Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman), thief Parker (Beth Riesgraf), hitter Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane), and hacker Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge) have watched the world change over the last eight years. Since their last job, it’s become easier – and sometimes legal – for the rich to become richer and the powerful to squash anyone who gets in their way. To address the changes in the world around them, the team finds new blood in Harry Wilson (Noah Wyle), a corporate lawyer who is looking for redemption after realizing he’d been sitting on the wrong side of the table for his entire career, and Breanna Casey (Aleyse Shannon), Hardison’s foster sister who has a knack for computers, robotics, and getting into trouble. Promo

These are from The Futon Critic:

Video: “Leverage: Redemption” – Official Trailer – IMDb TV – Coming July 9
In this new iteration and new world, the “Leverage” crew have watched as the rich and powerful continue to take what they want without consequence.


In this new iteration and new world, the Leverage crew have watched as the rich and powerful continue to take what they want without consequence. Grifter Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman), thief Parker (Beth Riesgraf), hitter Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane), and hacker Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge) have watched the world change over the last eight years. Since their last job, it’s become easier-and sometimes legal-for the rich to become richer and the powerful to squash anyone who gets in their way.

To address the changes in the world around them, the team finds new blood in Harry Wilson (Noah Wyle), a corporate lawyer who is looking for redemption after realizing he’d been sitting on the wrong side of the table for his entire career, and Breanna Casey (Aleyse Shannon), Hardison’s foster sister who has a knack for computers, robotics, and getting into trouble.

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The Heist Continues as “Leverage: Redemption” Sets July 9 Premiere on IMDb TV

Eight New Episodes to Debut This Summer Followed By an Additional Eight Episodes in Fall 2021

Watch First Look Preview Here

CULVER CITY, California- May 3, 2021 – In advance of Amazon’s first NewFronts presentation today, IMDb TV announced the new original series Leverage: Redemption will premiere Friday, July 9 exclusively on IMDb TV, Amazon’s premium free streaming service. The crime drama will debut with eight new episodes this summer followed by an additional eight episodes in the fall.

In this new iteration, and new world, the Leverage crew have watched as the rich and powerful continue to take what they want without consequence. Grifter Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman), thief Parker (Beth Riesgraf), hitter Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane), and hacker Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge) have watched the world change over the last eight years. Since their last job, it’s become easier – and sometimes legal – for the rich to become richer and the powerful to squash anyone who gets in their way. To address the changes in the world around them, the team finds new blood in Harry Wilson (Noah Wyle), a corporate lawyer who is looking for redemption after realizing he’d been sitting on the wrong side of the table for his entire career, and Breanna Casey (Aleyse Shannon), Hardison’s foster sister who has a knack for computers, robotics, and getting into trouble.

Kate Rorick is showrunner and executive producer alongside Dean Devlin, Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson of Electric Entertainment. John Rogers and Chris Downey are consulting producers.

IMDb TV uniquely offers premium Originals on a free streaming service including the two recently launched docuseries Moment of Truth and Top Class: The Life and Times of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers. Additional IMDb TV Originals from Amazon Studios coming to the service include a Bosch spinoff, the second seasons of Alex Rider and Top Class, the comedy series Sprung, and the Untitled Judge Judy Sheindlin Project – the streaming debut for no-nonsense, expeditious Judge Sheindlin and her signature adjudication style.

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Based out of Los Angeles, California, Electric Entertainment is an independent studio headed by veteran producer Dean Devlin along with his partners Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson. Electric Entertainment also houses Electric Post, a state-of-the-art digital effects and post production facility. Electric has a satellite office located in Vancouver, Canada.

Among Electric’s hit television series are The Librarians and Leverage, which ran for four and five seasons respectively on TNT, The Outpost which was the highest-rated program on the CW for the 2020/21 season and Almost Paradise currently streaming on IMDb TV after having premiered on WGN America.

Recent full-length Feature Films have included “Bad Samaritan” starring David Tennant and Robert Sheehan, the award-winning film Say My Name starring Lisa Brenner and Nick Blood, and the critically acclaimed documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? Electric also acquires and distributes theatrical films from around the world, including, most recently Blood On The Crown, starring Harvey Keitel and Malcolm McDowell and Heavy, starring Sophie Turner and Daniel Zovatto. The company’s domestic distribution division is a full-service operation serving all significant outlets with various rights to films and series including: TVOD, EST, AVOD, SVOD, PTV, Linear Basic Cable and Broadcast.

LEVERAGE (IMDb TV, New!) – Noah Wyle is set to topline a sequel to the 2008-12 series – “a fresh update of the original concept, about reformed crooks using their unique skills to right corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on common citizens” – for Amazon’s free, ad-supported streaming service. Beth Riesgraf (Parker), Gina Bellman (Sophie Devereaux), Christian Kane (Eliot Spencer) and Aldis Hodge (Alec Hardison) are expected to reprise their roles for the project, while Timothy Hutton (Nate Ford), who recently faced sexual assault allegations, will not return. Wyle, who has a one-year deal, will also direct two of the planned 13 episodes. Dean Devlin, Marc Roskin, Rachel Olschan-Wilson and Kate Rorick as well as original series co-creators John Rogers and Chris Downey are the executive producers for Electric Entertainment and Amazon Studios. (

LEVERAGE SEQUEL SERIES (IMDb TV) – Aleyse Shannon has joined the cast of the revival as a new team member, Breanna Casey. “Breanna’s special skills include being a genius mechanical engineer (just ask her about her drones) and making social hacking and social media manipulation look like child’s play. Landing in the foster system after her parents’ tragic car accident, Breanna got lucky finding a home with Nana, and bonus big-brother Hardison (Aldis Hodge), who reached out to the spiky, scared 10-year old by teaching her computers and hacking. As Breanna trains in new skills with the other Leverage team members, she will need to learn to embrace and trust her new family.” Production the series began August 10 in New Orleans. (

LEVERAGE: REDEMPTION (IMDb TV) – James Marsters will drop by the sequel series as Carl, “a slick country club hustler who uses his conning of wealthy members to fund a much darker criminal enterprise.” (

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