Y&R Best Lines Friday, May 13, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Nikki: What are you doing here? Lying in wait, hoping that Victoria will come by again?

Ashland: I gather she told you we spoke earlier about my donation to New Hope. She didn’t object, which I found gratifying.

Nikki: I’m sure what you find even more gratifying is how much it still upsets her to see you. Does that feed your voracious ego?

Ashland: Hurting Victoria is the last thing I want. Every move I am making right now is about easing her pain.

Nikki: We learned a long time ago to pay attention to what you do, not what you say, since all you do is lie from morning till night.

Ashland: Nikki —

Nikki: You continue to claim that you love my daughter. If that’s true, prove it by leaving her alone.


Nikki: I was just sharing with Ashland what I think about him and how selfish he is for continuing to inflict his presence on you.

Ashland: I’m sorry. I should’ve recognized that a mother as protective as you are would not want to hear an apology from me, no matter how heartfelt.

Nikki: Oh, please.

Victoria: Mom, it’s not worth your time to get into it with him. Doesn’t matter where he goes or what he does, it’s his business. I honestly don’t care.

Nikki: I don’t share my daughter’s indifference. Victor and I didn’t go after you before because it was more important to get her out of a marriage based on lies. But we’ve done that now. And if you aren’t smart enough to stay away from her, we will come up with our own way of solving this little problem. Do you understand me?

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, May 11, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Jack: It is so much healthier to express your feelings than keep them bottled up.

Allie: Yeah, but it’s just not something I do — crying in front of someone that I haven’t known for very long.

Jack: Look, maybe we haven’t known each other that long, but I’m not just anybody. I’m not a stranger. I’m your grandfather. And I have a feeling that something’s really on your mind that you’ve come a very long way to Genoa City, maybe — maybe to talk about it. I just want you to know you always have a soft spot to land here. I made a lot of mistakes with your father. I don’t want to repeat those mistakes.

Allie: You’re right. I came here because I could use someone to talk to. Something did happen.


Michael: I’m gonna make you a promise. We’re gonna hit every exotic destination on our wish list, and if you want to end up in the south of France, that’s where we’ll finish. But not quite yet, because we’re still in our prime, baby.

Lauren: Are we?

Michael: You don’t agree?

Lauren: Oh, I do.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] So I suggest that we continue to thrive in our respective careers. And…live our lives to the fullest. And then, when it’s time for us to walk off into the sunset, we’ll know it. And we’ll go hand-in-hand. What an adventure that will be.

Lauren: [Chuckles] Okay. Good point. But there is the difference between our careers. Running a successful chain of department stores isn’t dangerous. It’s relatively safe. No one is gonna put me behind bars because I declare pink the color of the season.

Michael: Oh, so bright.

Lauren: But it was muted.

Michael: Alright. True.

[ Sighs ] But like I said, I am convinced that things with Victor are going to settle down.

Lauren: Mm. I find that very hard to believe.

Michael: Time will tell. And if it becomes an issue, we will revisit this, okay?

Lauren: Okay.

Michael: Good.

Lauren: I am gonna go back to work.

Michael: Aww.

Lauren: But I would like you to compare and contrast something for me — our wonderful trip in the south of France to the delightful time you spent behind bars in Peru. I love you.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, May 12, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Ashland: What I want or plan is none of your damn business.

Adam: Well, that is a bit rude, considering I’m the reason you have half a billion dollars to toss around in the first place.

Ashland: I regret I took that money at all. It wasn’t worth giving up the woman I love.

Adam: I don’t buy that. You made your choice. You knew what the terms were. And requirements that you don’t seem to eager to honor now.

Ashland: Well, let me remind you again the terms of the deal. I agreed to walk away from the company and have my marriage annulled. That’s it. I have upheld my end of the bargain. So what’s the problem?

Adam: The problem is that Victoria fell for you at all. And she wasn’t the one that drove you out of town after she found out what you had done. It’s like she is still hanging on to the fantasy of the guy she thought she had fallen in love with


Adam: Ah. I’m gonna turn my attention back to Newman Media and turning it into the powerhouse I know it can be. Congratulations, Nikki, on your new position.

Nikki: Thank you.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I look forward to working with you both.

Nikki: The hell was that about?

Victoria: I have no idea, but I could use a little fresh air and a break from all things Newman.

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, May 10, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Jack: Good! Okay, you can meet everybody. You’ve met Kyle already. Let’s see, this is my sister Ashley.

Allie: The chemist.

Ashley: That’s right.

Jack: My sister Traci.

Allie: The writer.

Jack: This is my sister Ashley’s daughter and my niece Abby.

Allie: The restaurateur.

Jack: And this is my brother Billy.

Allie: The —

Billy: Oh, you go ahead and say it — the good-looking one.


Elena: So this is where the party’s at. You guys can just pretend I’m not here.

Nate: Well, that’s impossible. You’re the center of attention in any room you walk into.

Elena: Yeah? Even after a 12-hour shift at the hospital?

Nate: That’s when you’re the most gorgeous.

Lily: Well, that’s okay. We’re gonna leave so that you guys can keep talking about how gorgeous you both

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, May 9, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Hey! You here for an afternoon caffeine fix?

Victoria: Yeah, you got it. You care to join me?

Billy: I would love to, but Jack summoned us to the Abbott family house for a meeting.

Victoria: Are you the designated treat bearer?

Billy: [Chuckles] No, not exactly. This is my apology. I’m gonna be late ’cause I had a meeting at Chancellor.

Victoria: Well, any excuse for an afternoon sugar fix, i guess.

Billy: That’s right. You know me well.


Billy: Hey, sorry I’m late. I got caught up at work, and then I stopped to get some — whoa.

Diane: Hello Billy. You’re looking well.

Billy: And you’re looking alive.

Diane: Thanks I think

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Days Weekly Best Lines May 2, 2022

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

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Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny: So the double wedding ended with nobody getting married?
Chad: That’s right we had one bride three grooms and not a single I do. A very Salem wedding.

(to Chad)
Sonny: I wish I could have seen what his face looked like.
Leo: His face looked like this. Ready to kill.

Gwen: I sure wasn’t expecting to see you. The last thing you had said to me was you were done with me.
Jack: This was Jennifer’s idea.
Gwen: Oh come on don’t jerk. Nobody’s that wonderful.

(why Gwen did what she did to Sarah)
Gwen: The reason why she did it–
Jack: What the devil made you do it?
Gwen: In a way, yes.

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, May 6, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: Diane. Welcome to the resurrection club. First rule of resurrection club is we don’t talk about the resurrection club.

Diane: Hello, Adam. You’re not as shocked to see me as I would’ve expected.

Adam: Well, my father spoiled the surprise.

Diane: Oh, I should’ve known.

Adam: Mm.

Diane: Mm.

Adam: Mm. You know, back when it really did look like you had bought the farm, I wanted to send you a “bite me” card for leaving things in a way that I would be implicated in your death, but i couldn’t find a forwarding address to hell.

Diane: I regret many things about that time.

Adam: How could you even stand to look at yourself in the mirror?

Diane: Well, I justified my actions by telling myself how resourceful you were, not that it’s any excuse.

Adam: Got to do what you got to do, right? I mean, half the people wanted you dead, and you did not disappoint. Everyone thought you were pushing up daisies. Really, it was impressive. But as someone who knows firsthand — and this is the second rule of resurrection club — once you’ve escaped, it’s the best idea not to come back.


Diane: Oh.

[Chuckles] I see what this is.

Ashley: You have no idea. Welcome back, bitch.

Diane: Ashley.

Ashley: You look pretty good for a dead person.

Diane: Thank you.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, May 5, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Ashland: Guess Victoria shot us both down, huh? I mean, we — we look a little pathetic, don’t you think? A couple of lap dogs hoping Victoria will throw us a bone, give us what we think we deserve.

Adam: [Chuckles] I really don’t know what you are talking about.

Ashland: Yeah? I’m just assuming that you think you still deserve to be co-CEO or temporary CEO of Newman/Locke or whatever fake title it is you — you’re willing to grovel for. But from what I just witnessed, Victoria doesn’t seem to be giving you the time of day.

Adam: And clearly you are out of the loop on the latest at your former company. The name Locke has been jettisoned, much like you’ve been. It’s all Newman now.

Ashland: Well, not all Newman. You seem to be having a little trouble holding onto your piece of the pie. Now, I may be out contractually, but I think I know Victoria well enough to know that she is not going to let you retain any title or power in her company.

Adam: Aww, apparently, you don’t realize how out of the loop you are. Have you heard who she is replacing you with as new co- CEO?

Ashland: Oh, she’s found someone already.

Adam: Yes. Nikki. So, looks like we both got screwed out of that coveted title. But at least I’m still head of the newly expanded Newman Media, which includes one of your other former companies. Whereas you just have my father’s money to keep you warm.


Sharon: Rey. Rey.

[Sighs] I miss you so much. I feel you everywhere in our home. Your spirit still lives in every room here. You know, when I come home and i come to the door, I — I expect to find you here waiting for me, and when I hear a noise upstairs, I think it’s you, moving around. I think you’re there getting ready for work, and then… and then I remember. And then it hits me all over again. Everything here reminds me of you. Your coffee cup is still sitting by the kitchen sink where you left it the last morning you were here, and I…I can’t bring myself to put it away. I hope you didn’t suffer. I hope you weren’t in any pain. And I hope you know how loved you were.

Are. Always. And I know your spirit’s always gonna be with me…protecting me. You know, I can just see you smiling at how happy Tessa was about Crystal. And now I know why you were so disinterested in my obsession with finding the perfect wedding gift, because you already had something in the works. And I can’t believe you didn’t breathe a word of that to me.

[Sighs] You know, I should be mad at you for keeping that secret. But I can’t. I mean, I can never be mad at you again.

[Sighs] “Stop it — stop it, Sharon. Stop it.”

[Sighs] At least that’s what you would tell me. You gave me so many pep talks when I was sick. Who am I gonna turn to now? I don’t know how I’m gonna manage without you.

[Sniffles] My precious husband. Somehow I’m gonna find a way.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva


Ashland: You really would never make a good poker player, would you? I mean, you just lay all your cards on the table for everybody to see.

Billy: Meaning?

Ashland: It’s abundantly clear that you’re still in love with Victoria. And it’s surprising to me that someone as smart as Lily hasn’t figured that out yet, but then again, maybe she has. Maybe she resents the fact that you keep barging in to protect your ex.

Billy: Lily and I are just fine. Thank you for your concern. And as far as Victoria, I am not worried about her ability to deal with you. She’s already proven that she can handle herself. My warning was directly to you for your own sake because you are playing with fire.

Ashland: You will never understand my relationship with Victoria. She’s not nearly as angry at me as you think she is.

Billy: Yeah, what about your ex-father-in-law? You know the one that stood there, watched you gasp for air while you were having a heart attack. And that was before he knew that you were lying about having cancer, screwing over his daughter. I’m pretty sure that you are on the top of his hit list right now, Ashland. And believe, it’s not a fun place to be.


Sally: Have you considered calling Victoria’s bluff? Because I find it hard to believe that she would give up on her dream job just because she has to share it with her smart, capable brother.

Adam: Have you met my sister?

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, May 3, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Sally: Why is sneaking away to a hotel in the middle of the day so sexy?

Adam: Well, I think it is the juxtaposition of normal, mundane midday tasks with something amazing.

Sally: Mm-hmm, that was more of a rhetorical question, but thank you.


Billy: You’re up and around. That’s good to see.

Victoria: I’m walking, hooray.

Billy: Are you in pain?

Victoria: No, I — I am — I’m feeling okay. Guess I’m pretty lucky, all things considered.

Billy: Yeah. It’s tragic about Rey.

Victoria: I wish I hadn’t been out there driving on that road. Maybe things would’ve turned out differently.

Billy: You can’t think that way, Vick. It was an accident. It wasn’t your fault.

Victoria: Right. Many people have assured me of that.

Billy: Why were you out there on that road? That’s not your usual way home.

Victoria: I thought you said that you didn’t blame me, and now you’re asking me how I got myself into this predicament.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, May 2, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Victor: And [Sighs] Rey was a good man. You know? Very sorry for your loss.

Chance: Thank you.

Victor: But, chance, let this be a reminder to embrace life. You know, you wake up in the mornings, look around you with a beautiful wife and beautiful son and spend a lot of time with them. Okay? Never know when it comes to an end.

Chance: Words to live by.


Kyle:  Well… his royal highness is awake and ready to see his grandpa.

Victor: Really? Well, then I will not keep his royal highness waiting

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, April 29, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: The only thing that has changed is my strategy, not my goal. I’ve decided that I’m going to not push it, and I’m going to playthings by ear.

Sally: Okay, well, you deserve to made permanent co-CEO. You know that. You’ve already proven it. And if this were any other company…

Adam: Ah, but this — this is not any other company. This is Newman Enterprises. Technically, Newman/Locke now..  But, I’m sure plans are already being made to rip locke’s name off of the building, the letterhead, advertising, and any
other signage as we speak.


Phyllis: Hey, harrison, I bet you’re super hungry after the big day you’ve had today. You know what? I have a secret. Your Aunt Traci has a super, super yummy surprise for you in the kitchen.

Kyle: [ Whistles ]

Harrison: Yum

Phyllis: Yum! Let’s go get it. I’ll race you. Whoo!

Jack: You and Summer have done a terrific job. That’s a confident, happy little boy.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah, he’s really adjusted well to his new italian lifestyle. We’re very proud of him. The last thing we want is something to disrupt his happy home.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, April 28, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Sharon: I should warn you — if you’re here with another condolence basket, we’re all stocked up.

Adam: I’m so sorry for, um — for your loss.


Sharon: I’M… you know, I’m hanging in. I just keep telling myself that, uh [Sniffles] One day eventually I’m — I’m just gonna come to terms with this and I’m gonna start to heal.

Adam: Sharon. That’s a load of crap.

Sharon: What?

Adam: Hey, I’m not one of those sweet, kind coddlers. Far from it. So we can skip the platitudes. That’s not who we are to each other. So, how about being honest with me?

Sharon: [ Sniffles ] You want to know how I really feel?

Adam: Yes. Why else would I avoid everybody’s well-meaning advice to stay far away?

Sharon: I’m, uh… I’m tired of everybody treating me like I’m made of porcelain.

[ Voice breaking ] I’m tired of everybody being careful around me, using a whispering voice, asking me if I’m capable of doing the things that I want to do.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Ashland: Oh, my! Look at how big you are. How did you get to be so big?

Harrison: Father, you have two big ouchies.

Ashland: Yes, I do. I burned my hand and I hurt my foot in an accident, but I’m gonna be okay.

[ Chuckles ] Um…I’m sorry, I don’t know if this is appropriate, but would it be possible for me to, um… maybe take him to the park for a few minutes or just a bite to eat?

Jack: I think that’s a lovely idea. I’m sure the two of you could use some time together, and Kyle and I have our own catching up we need to do.

Kyle: Yeah. Okay, Harrison, um…hey. Be a good boy, okay? Alright. I’ll see you in a bit.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashland: Take my hand. Come on, here we go. Kyle. Thank you. Come on, let’s go. Here we go.

Kyle: I know I’m new to being a dad, and every day is a learning experience. But…even though I’ve only been a parent for a short while, i still have a hard time saying goodbye to my son for any length of time. So, dad, tell me, how is it my mother disappeared all those years?


Phyllis: Why are you so rattled? Who did you see?

Diane: No one recognized me. I saw nothing but a bunch of old memories.

Phyllis: Oh, visions from your past, maybe one of the suspects who tried to murder you? You know, I have a great idea. Why don’t you reconsider being dead? How ’bout that? Reconsider being dead. – Look, this isn’t my first rodeo,

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Diane: Because I had crossed some very powerful people, and i was terrified that they’d never leave me alone. Okay, maybe it wasn’t rational, but I wasn’t thinking rationally. I had boxed myself into a corner.

Nikki: Oh, and apparently you decided that the only way to get out of that box was to ruin my life. You know, if you had to play dead, you could’ve had the courtesy to stay that way.


Phyllis: Well, it’s not like Nikki can be charged with the same murder twice, so…

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Just in case, I’m taking this lamp. I warned you not to come out of here.

Diane: Goodbye, Phyllis.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, April 25, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Phyllis: Diane, this is my hotel. Get out of the lobby — I’m serious. You don’t belong down here. If you want to relax, perhaps we’ll send a masseuse up to your room. That’d be great. Maybe a bottle of rosé. On the house, no arsenic.

Diane: Oh, that sounds lovely and not a threat at all.


Phyllis: Go. Don’t you dare leave this room without alerting me first, please.

Diane: Okay. So are you going to call room service?

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Diane: Well, you promised me a bottle of rosé, remember?

Phyllis: Get it yourself.

Diane: On the house.

Phyllis: No, we’re not doing that for you.

Diane: Phyllis —

Phyllis: And by the way, the masseuse, he’s not coming up. If you want a masseuse, you call for it on your own. Got it?

Diane: So in other words, you will lie to my face if it means keeping me locked up in here.

Phyllis: Yes! I will lie to your face until you understand the severity and the stakes of the situation.

Diane: I understand them perfectly.

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, April 22, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Nick: Beautiful morning. It’s like the universe is trying to make us feel better.

Noah: What’d you say, dad?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Nothing. Did you call Mariah?

Noah: Yeah, yeah, her and Tessa are coming over. God, man, it was — it was just awful having to tell the that Rey died.

Nick: Look, it’s gonna be a difficult next couple days. There’s a lot of things we’re gonna have to do to help your mom, you know, to help her get through this.


Mariah: Mom, wait. There’s just something I have to tell you. And it’s what you would have — and you have — told me in the past. Please let your emotions out. We’re strong enough to handle your grief and we want
to help you through it.

Faith: Yeah. You said we’re all in this together. Let us be here for you.

Noah: You’re always worried about everyone else.

Mariah: But you just lost your husband.

Tessa: You can be yourself with us. We’re not afraid of your tears.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, April 21, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Victoria: No, just — just tell me again. Just tell me one more time, because I — I don’t think I’m hearing things right.

Ashland: I didn’t want to believe it either, but it’s true.

Victoria: I was talking with my mother on the phone, and then, uh… you have to be wrong. I mean, he can’t be — you don’t even know Rey.

Ashland: I’ve seen him around town. I recognized him.

Victoria: I know Rey. I know rey really well. I know how hard he works and i know — I know how much he loves his wife, and I know that he took time off of his job so that he could help her when she got sick because he adores her. And she told me that he’s the one that saved her life, so, no. No, no. No, I — you can’t sit there and tell me that it’s Rey.

Ashland: Victoria, I’m positive. I’m sorry.


Connor: Okay. What was your favorite hockey game?

Chance: Ooh. My favorite favorite? Okay, wow. Walnut Grove Warriors versus the Rock Creek Rowdies.

Connor: Seriously?

Chance: Seriously. I mean, those Rowdies got more grit than any team I’ve ever seen. I mean, those kids lived, breathed, and they ate ice. All year long, they actually eat ice. They got no teeth. They’re all gum.


Nick: Um…sharon, I —

Sharon: I just took a tray of brownies out of the oven. That’s why it smells so amazing in here. They’re Rey’s favorites. I also whipped up a batch of cinnamon buns. He’s just gonna flip when he sees those. He always sneaks a few home to Faith. Must be working on something really important. Just never ends, you know? I don’t know which one he likes the most — the brownies or the buns or…or me. You know what’s amazing? He could be dead asleep, and i would some of those babies in the oven and like that, he would be awake. Must be growing up with Lola’s cooking, you know? He has a cast-iron stomach now.

Nick: There’s something i need to tell you.

Sharon: I know. I know.

[ Cries ] Just give me a minute, please. Just a minute before everything falls apart. Because if you tell me what i think you’re about to tell me?

Nick: Uh…Rey was involved in the accident.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Nick: Look, I agree with you. Chelsea’s not the most trustworthy of people. But your husband’s solid, you know? I just don’t think you have anything to worry about there.

Sharon: No. You’re right. I just don’t know why a hockey game has to turn into an overnight trip.

Nick: Well, I don’t even think Rey wants to go that bad. I mean, otherwise, he would have already been on the road, right?

Sharon: Thanks, Nick. You always know how to make me feel better


Sally: Do you know how badly you just hurt me? To even suggest that I would be so cold and heartless and calculated about a woman’s life, clearly you don’t know me at all. I can take it from other people. I can let their harsh judgments roll off my back, but I am not gonna take it from you.

Adam: Listen, I didn’t mean it like that, okay?

Sally: You know, I am not somebody that automatically assumes the worst about you. Haven’t we already established that?

Adam: I am sorry. It was a cruel and unfair comment to make.

Sally: Do you know how deeply you just hurt me?

Adam: Yes. I do. You would actually be surprised to know how much I understand how you feel.

[Exhales heavily] And if you want me to be honest, okay, here goes. The truth is, I have been asking myself the same twisted question. Am I genuinely concerned about my sister? Or is a part of me thinking, if something were to happen to her, would that be a leg up for me at Newman/Locke?

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, April 19, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Ashland: Okay, okay, I will admit that I didn’t know what to think in the last few days, but when you agreed to run away with me to Tuscany to — to — to get out of this town and start fresh, I thought that was our chance, Victoria. I was overjoyed. I didn’t question it. I didn’t want to question it because I actually thought — and I still think — that we can get out of here and we could make this work.

Victoria: [Groans] Everything I said to you the past couple of days has been a lie. Not some grand fabrication that “I have cancer and I’m dying,” but a lie nonetheless. And now you know you’ve been deceived. So, all of those feelings that you might be having right now of betrayal and humiliation, I know them — I know them well. It’s your turn now.


Victoria: All you want is me.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, wow, you — you are relentless. And you do not lack commitment, I’ll give you that. Commitment to the scam, not to me, obviously. But you have — you’ve played the dutiful, devoted husband all the way to the bitter end.

Ashland: I’m not playing at anything. It’s what I believe. You have to know that.

Victoria: I don’t. Why don’t you just admit it — admit what you did?

Ashland: I have.

Victoria: No. No, you haven’t. The whole thing. I want to know how you used me. I-I want to know how you could sink to such a disgusting low, lying about a disease that — that ruins so many people’s lives.

Ashland: You want the whole story, you want the truth?

Victoria: Yeah, I do. I do.

[ Laughs ] I think I deserve that.

Ashland: Fine. Here it is. I lied about having cancer.

Victoria: Finally. Finally some honesty. There’s a start.

Ashland: But that’s not the whole truth, Victoria. The whole truth is not what you think it is. I didn’t come here with my sights set on newsman Enterprises. But then this thing happened. I found out my wife was cheating on me and that my son Harrison was not my biological son, and in that moment, everything changed for me.

Victoria: You would use your child as an excuse?

Victoria: I was devastated. I was furious. The — the infamous Lockeness Monster kicked in the gut. But I saw an opportunity.

[ Chuckles ] Something bigger than I’d ever done before. And I channeled all of that righteous anger into going after your family’s company.

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, April 15, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: Okay, should we synchronize the paperwork and the payment to happen at the same time? 1, 2, 3, go?

Ashland: You can’t blame me for not trusting you.

Adam: I get it. But you are actually the one that has proven to be untrustworthy, okay? My family takes the greater risk by paying you first.

Ashland: We both have a lot at stake here.

Adam: Okay, okay, at this point, I don’t know — or frankly, I don’t care — what your motivations are, but I can tell you what ours are — we want you out. And my father has agreed that $500 million is more than a fair price to pay to achieve that. We have no reason to screw you over. And frankly, we don’t want to deal with whatever revenge plot you would concoct if we did. Because we know what you’re capable of. So, all you have to do is take the half-a-billion-dollar leap of faith, you sign the agreement, and we’ll wire the money. It’s non-negotiable.


Lily: I’m gonna need wine with my dinner.

Billy: Is that relaxation or aggravation?

Lily: Oh, the latter. Getting takeout should not be so stressful. I ran into Sally at Society, and apparently she wants to be my new best friend.

Billy: Uh, yeah, that’s, uh —

Lily: Not happening at all.

Billy: Good.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, April 18, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Phyllis: Please don’t make me play this game with you, “Taylor.” Let me in. I have a master key. Please don’t make me use it.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Phyllis, wow, what a surprise.

Phyllis: Stop. Seriously? You didn’t think I was gonna figure out your alias when you checked in to my hotel?


Diane: Your hotel

? My, my, how things do change.

Phyllis: Stop the act. You know this is my hotel. You know that. That’s why you made a beeline for it when you landed.

Diane: You’re right. I won’t insult your intelligence that way. What I mean is it would be a pointless lie since I know very well what you’ve been up to since I’ve been away.

Phyllis: Oh, do you?

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Oh, is that so?

Diane: I’ve followed the lives of a lot of people in Genoa City, not just Jack and Kyle.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness, listen to you. And I’m on the short list. I’m so lucky.

Diane: You’re running with the big dogs now.

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations, Phyllis. It’s a beautiful hotel. And you fought hard to make this a success. Your success. You know, I’m really quite impressed given —

Phyllis: Okay, cut. Cut the act. Alright, did you follow me and Jack from LA? Is that what you did?

Diane: Don’t be absurd.

Phyllis: Do you have any idea the hell that’s gonna rain down on you if anyone knows you’re here, Diane?

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, April 14, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Victoria: Do not take that at face value. It was never gonna be that simple to get rid of him. He was testing you, just like you were testing him.

Nikki: If Ashland was testing anybody, it was you.

Victoria: Oh, he was not, mother.

Nikki: Oh, yes, he was. He was watching you. Every time you moved or looked his way.

Victor: Well, he can sense that you’re torn. You know he’s trying to drive a wedge between you and our family.

Victoria: I am well aware of that. Look, maybe Adam’s obnoxious interference will make it easier for me to pretend that I am completely fed up with Adam and blame him for setting up Ashland.


Sally: You need to find some way to let this go. You did what you could. Seized the moment. You took bold, decisive action.

Adam: [Exhales sharply] That could fail miserably.

Sally: If this thing with Ashland doesn’t work out, you’re gonna come up with something else. And do you know why?

Adam: Tell me.

Sally: Because you’re brilliant and relentless — a combination that is sexy as hell.

Adam: Well, that’s probably why we get along so well.

Sally: I read your mind.

Adam: Oh, you don’t say.

Sally: Do you know what I’m thinking right now?

Adam: Something like this?

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Sharon: I can just see the wedding invitation now — “Sharon Rosales is honored to invite you to the wedding of her daughter, Mariah Copeland, to the love of her life, Tessa Porter… on Friday the 13th of May. The brides will get married standing under a ladder to thumb their nose at superstition.”

Nick: You know, I was, uh — I don’t know. I thought it was a little weird, the Friday the 13th thing, to start, but I’m coming around to it. It’ll be fun and unique


Ashland: I was just looking forward to having time alone with you, away from the sneering eyes and the false accusations.

Victoria: Also known as a typical Newman family dinner.

Ashland: [Laughs] That’s funny. I imagine growing up with that family you had to develop a complex sense of humor. But you’re not fooling me. I can see the toll this has taken on you.

Victoria: We’ll keep each other strong.

Ashland: Hey, I have the skin of a woolly mammoth.

Victoria: That is not true

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: Huh. Well, I would hope so. Half a billion dollars is, uh, hard to ignore. All you have to do is walk away from Victoria and Newman/Locke.

Ashland: Well, I’m not exactly strapped for cash, but, uh, that is a substantial amount of money.

Adam: It’s enough to go anywhere that is not Genoa City. You know, you could buy yourself a private island, buy a business, rebuild your empire. You could build a rocket and blast yourself into space. I don’t really care. But most importantly, you would get a drama-free exit with no questions asked.


Ashland: See, I think accepting a deal like this, as generous as it may seem, uh, may appear to be an admission of guilt.

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] Are you still playing this game?

Ashland: What game is that?

Adam: The one where we all pretend like you’re still innocent. Come on. Get over yourself, Locke. There’s enough evidence out there. You never had cancer. You preyed on Victoria’s emotions to get your hands on my family’s company. And I don’t care about that. I’m not judging. My past is littered with similar schemes, okay? You saw an angle. You played it. Good for you. But now it’s over. Make it easy on yourself. Get paid. Get out of this. With your reputation intact.

Ashland: You make it sound like it’s a generous offer and that you care about your sister, but this is really all about your own self-interest, isn’t it?

Adam: [ Chuckles ] I have the family’s interest at heart.

Ashland: Yeah, but if you get me out of the picture, then you can set your sights on Victoria and you can make your move to be CEO of the company.

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