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Queer as Folk

LINKS for the U.S. Version 2022-

LINKS for the U.S. version 1999-2005

LINKS for the UK version 1999-2000

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Queer as Folk

South Park Links

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South Park

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South Park

Dexter Links

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Official Twitter actor sites


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NCIS Links

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NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: New Orleans

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Legends of Tomorrow Links

Other “Legends of Tomorrow” sites

Legends of Tomorrow


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Legends of Tomorrow

Grey’s Anatomy Links

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Grey's Anatomy


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Grey's Anatomy

Leverage Links

Leverage Web Site Links

Hardison and his computer

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“Leverage: Redemption” Links:

Official Facebook Page

Official Twitter Page

Official Instagram Page

Dean Devlin on Twitter

Electric Entertainment





Christian Kane Official Site, Twitter, and Instagram

Beth Riefgraf on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Aldis Hodge on Twitter and Instagram

Gina Bellman on Twitter

Noah Wyle on Instagram

Aleyse Shannon on Instagram

Christiane Kane Music Facebook

Christian Kane Central

Christian Kane Kaniacs

Christian Kane Fans

Christian Kane Mania

Kaniacs Love Christian Kane

All Things Christian Kane

Beth Riesgraf/Parker European Facebook Fan Page

Gina Bellman Facebook Group

Aldis Hodge Online

Fuck Yeah Aldis Hodge Tumblr

Noah Wyle Fan Daily

Original Show Links:


Leverage Wiki


Rotten Tomatoes



Leverage Fans

TV Series Finale

Entertainment Weekly

TV Guide


Leverage Facebook Group

Leverage 2 Facebook Group

Leverage Fan Club Group

Midwest Leverage Series Fan Group

Timothy Hutton on Twitter

Timothy Hutton Fans

Timothy Hutton Daily

The Unofficial, Original Timothy Hutton & “Beautiful Girls” Homepage

Watch clips on YouTube, watch the original series on IMDb TV, Amazon, and more!

Leverage: Redemption cast

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The Flash Links

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The CW .
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The Flash

Family Guy Links

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Arrow Links

Our Favorite “Arrow” sites!


The CW Social Directory

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Links to Other TV Sites

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