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Update written by Joseph

Xander walks through the town square with a coffee. Leo walks up and acts like it’s for him, so he takes the coffee and drinks it. Xander tells him to just keep it. Leo mentions not getting much sleep last night. Xander asks if he was digging in the trash again for his next column. Leo argues that after the success of his first column, he has people lining up around the block to give him more gossip. Leo says he has more sources than he can count which should make Xander happy. Leo adds that his column will have the Spectator back in the black in no time. Xander questions what did keep Leo up last night if he wasn’t picking up scoops. Xander then remarks that he has no interest in hearing about Leo’s sex life. Leo then informs him that it wasn’t his sex life that robbed him of his rest, it was Gwen’s.

Gwen and Alex lay in bed together after having sex again. Alex tells her that she was incredible. Gwen says he wasn’t so bad himself. Alex asks if she has no more regrets about hooking up with him again. Alex knows Xander isn’t thrilled with them being friends with extremely good benefits. Gwen responds that Xander’s opinion doesn’t matter to her anymore and that’s the last she wants to talk about him. Alex says that’s good with him. Gwen says she’d much rather talk about him as they continue kissing.

At the Titan office, Maggie calls her secretary to send Alex in but she’s informed that Alex is not there. Brady then arrives and brings her flowers to congratulate her on her new job as CEO. Brady states that the family business could not be in better hands. Maggie thanks him. Brady admits he was a bit surprised that Victor passed over Alex for her. Maggie notes that Alex wasn’t happy about it but she thinks he’s coming around. Maggie adds that Alex should be here by now since they have a very important meeting this morning with a content syndicator who is interested in distributing digital articles from Titan publications. Brady jokes that she sounds like she’s been in charge of a major conglomerate for her whole life. Brady says he’s so proud of her. Maggie thanks him and says that means a lot. Brady hopes Victor doesn’t keep her so busy at Titan that she doesn’t have time to be his sponsor at AA meetings. Maggie assures that she would never let anything get in the way of her being there for him. Brady is glad to hear that as he admits the whole situation with Chloe has been tough and he’s been struggling a bit. Maggie says she’s sorry to hear that and asks if he’s been going to meetings. Brady admits he has not but says he will as Maggie hugs him.

Chloe exits her room at the Salem Inn and gets a call from prison which turns out to be from Kristen DiMera.

Chad brings Stephanie breakfast in bed. Chad notes that it’s the first night she slept over so he thought that was worth celebrating. Chad kisses her and says he wanted to thank her for forgiving him for opening his big mouth to Leo.

Leo asks if Xander is curious who Gwen was with last night. Xander claims he couldn’t care less. Leo then says if he doesn’t care then he won’t mind knowing as he exclaims that it was Xander’s smoking hot cousin, Alex.

Alex and Gwen continue kissing in bed until Alex tells her that he has to get to work as there’s a big morning meeting at Titan and Maggie will kick his ass if he shows up late. Alex mentions taking a quick shower, so Gwen suggests they shower together. Alex calls that a damn good plan as they get out of bed.

Chloe asks what Kristen wants. Kristen asks if that’s any way to talk to her future sister in law. Kristen then says she won’t be and that Chloe is nothing to her now that Stefan came to his senses and dumped her pathetic ass. Chloe argues that Stefan didn’t come to his senses, he was deprogrammed. Chloe reminds Kristen of her brainwashing scheme and says she was so desperate to keep her and Brady apart. Chloe declares that she doesn’t have time for this and tells Kristen to go to Hell. Kristen warns Chloe not to hang up as she has something that she needs to hear.

Paulina joins Abe at the Brady Pub. Abe informs her that he already ordered for them but Paulina says she wants pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon because they are celebrating and breakfast is on her. Abe assumes that Belle succeeded in getting her assets unfrozen then. Paulina reveals that Belle got the whole case dismissed and declares that Sloan is out of their lives forever.

Stephanie tells Chad that she knows he was only trying to defend her. Chad says he should’ve let her handle it and not brought up her mom, especially not to Leo. Stephanie understands he was just trying to get Leo to back off. Stephanie apologizes for being so hard on him. Chad says he’s sorry too and jokes that the good thing about their first fight is they got to spend all night making up as they then kiss.

Leo tells Xander about how Gwen sent him an urgent text that she was bringing Alex home so he needed to get out and since Xander banned him from sleeping at the office, he ended up on one of the lounge sofas at the Salem Inn. Xander can’t believe it and angrily complains that he warned Alex to stay away from Gwen but he didn’t listen. Leo comments that he’s not in a position to tell two hot people not to do what hot people do best. Leo reminds Xander that he had his chance with Gwen. Leo says he has to get to work, so he’ll see him at the office and walks off.

Brady tells Maggie that he just thought that once the situation with Stefan was resolved, he and Chloe would be fine and be together but he feels like they are further apart than they’ve ever been because of his daughter, Rachel. Brady says that Rachel has never had an unkind word to say about anybody until the last couple months and now she despises Chloe. Brady asks how the hell to handle that. Maggie offers to talk to her but Brady doesn’t think it would do any good because Kristen did such a good job of turning Rachel against Chloe, that anytime someone brings up the subject, she shuts down, goes on the attack, or has a tantrum. Maggie wishes she could say she was surprised by Kristen using her own daughter, but they both know Kristen will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Brady states that Kristen’s main goal in life right now is just to keep him and Chloe apart.

Chloe asks Kristen what the hell she needs to hear. Kristen says she’s heard it before and remarks that Stefan dumped her for someone who actually has a personality which means Chloe is on the market again. Kristen warns Chloe to stay the hell away from Brady. Chloe responds that who she decides to date is none of her damn business. Kristen argues that it is when it concerns the welfare of her daughter. Leo comes around the corner at the Inn and stops behind Chloe to listen in. Chloe repeats to Kristen that she would never do anything to hurt Rachel. Kristen remarks that she obviously hasn’t endeared herself to her. Kristen tells Chloe that Rachel can’t stand the sight of her. Chloe blames Kristen for doing everything in her power to turn Rachel against her. Kristen claims she didn’t have to do much because Rachel is an excellent judge of character. Chloe then remarks that Kristen’s sweet Rachel has turned in to a little monster and warns that if they aren’t careful, she will grow up to be just as deranged as her mother. Leo smiles while continuing to listen in behind Chloe.

Abe tells Paulina that it’s good to see her beautiful smile again. Paulina says he can expect that more now that they are rid of Sloan and her awful lies. Paulina then asks where Abe’s smile is. Abe responds that he’s relieved that Sloan’s bogus civil case has been thrown out, but admits he’s concerned about her latest threat against her and Chanel. Paulina argues that Sloan’s not scaring anybody anymore. Paulina says that the biggest mistake they made was giving Sloan a drop of their energy to feed off of. Paulina declares that she knows the perfect way to move on and pulls out her phone. Abe asks who she is calling. Paulina says it’s someone more than capable in letting the entire world know that Paulina Price is back in business and better than ever.

Stephanie guesses her and Chad’s first sleepover at his house is officially over. Chad hopes it’s the first of many. Stephanie says it better be. They kiss until Stephanie gets a call from Paulina. Paulina says she needs Stephanie and Chad to meet her at the Brady Pub. Stephanie says she’ll see her soon and hangs up. Stephanie informs Chad that they have been summoned to the Pub and Paulina sounded very chipper. Chad says he knows not to keep Paulina waiting, so they exit together.

Kristen complains about Chloe calling her daughter a monster and says if anyone is a monster, it’s Chloe. Chloe apologizes and says she didn’t mean it, blaming it on Kristen for pushing her buttons. Kristen argues that Chloe blames everything on her and says Chloe just expressed her hatred for her daughter. Chloe yells at Kristen to never call her again and hangs up. Leo finishes taking notes and walks by. Chloe says she didn’t see him there. Leo says that was obvious or else he doubts she would’ve called Brady’s daughter a little monster. Leo talks about taking notes and says it’s clear that Chloe despises Rachel for wrecking her relationship with Brady. Chloe pleads with Leo not to print what he overheard but Leo says he’ll be seeing her on the gossip page and walks off.

Xander sits in the town square, angrily drinking his coffee as Alex and Gwen come out of the Salem Inn together. Alex tells Gwen that he had a great time last night and this morning as they kiss. Alex suggests they do it again sometime. Xander approaches and comments on their double walk of shame. Alex asks who is ashamed. Xander says he wasn’t talking to him. Gwen asks why she should be ashamed. Xander comments on Gwen inviting Salem’s most notorious man slut in to her bed and remarks that he hopes they used protection because God knows what kind of STDs Alex has. Alex tells Xander that’s enough. Xander asks Alex what his sloppy seconds were like. Alex warns Xander to watch his mouth. Xander asks what he’s going to do if he doesn’t. Gwen tells Alex to just walk away. Xander tells Alex to listen to his playmate before he has to teach him a lesson. Alex shoves Xander, so Xander then punches Alex. Alex responds by tackling Xander.

Stephanie and Chad join Paulina and Abe at the Brady Pub. Stephanie asks Paulina what was so urgent. Paulina happily announces that Sloan’s lawsuit has been thrown out which means she is now once again in control of all her vast real estate. Stephanie and Chad congratulate her. Paulina says there will be plenty of time to celebrate later and right now, she wants SJP to print out a press release announcing her victory as she wants everyone to know if that if you mess with her, you best be prepared to lose because she is a woman who never backs down from a fight.

Gwen gets in between Alex and Xander, telling them to stop fighting. Gwen reminds Alex that he’s already late for work so they should get going. Xander calls that a great idea, joking that Alex wouldn’t want Maggie to bust out the ruler on him. Gwen holds Alex back and asks him to just go. Alex tells Gwen that he will call her later and kisses her. Alex warns Xander that this isn’t over. Xander says anytime, anywhere as Alex then walks away. Gwen then questions what the hell is wrong with Xander. Xander argues that Alex shoved him first. Gwen asks why he’s doing this since he made it very clear that he didn’t want her, so she questions why he cares if somebody else does. Xander argues that Alex isn’t good enough for her. Gwen asks if Xander thinks of her as sloppy seconds now that Sarah is gone. Xander says that was just talk. Gwen doesn’t want his apologies. Gwen says she took him at his word when he said he didn’t see a future with her and that’s fine, but she’ll be damned if his antics prevent her from moving on with her life. Gwen declares that what she does with Alex is none of Xander’s concern. Gwen tells Xander to leave them the hell alone and storms off.

Brady visits Kristen in prison. Kristen says she was surprised that he wanted to see her. Kristen guesses that Chloe came crying to him about their little tiff. Brady says he knows nothing about that and hasn’t spoken to Chloe. Brady questions why Chloe would come to see her anyway. Kristen says they spoke on the telephone. Brady suggests Kristen leave Chloe the hell alone. Kristen claims she merely called to offer her condolences on the end of Chloe’s relationship with Stefan and then Chloe got testy and called their daughter a monster. Brady stops her and says he doesn’t want to hear it. Kristen mocks how she can’t say one bad word about Chloe. Brady doesn’t know why he tries with her. Brady has a picture that Rachel drew for Kristen in art class. Kristen asks to see it but Brady says he wants something from her first.

Leo goes to his room at the Salem Inn and starts typing on his laptop, commenting that thanks to Chloe not using her inside voice, his second gossip column is going to put the first one to shame. Chloe shows up at his door. Leo jokes about writing his new column. Chloe cries that he can’t print that column since he only heard one side of the conversation that was taken out of context. Leo says he’s sorry but he has a responsibility to his readers. Chloe pleads with him and says she’s desperate. Leo asks how desperate she is.

Stephanie tells Paulina that they are so relieved that she and Chanel can finally put this whole nightmare behind them. Chad assures that SJPR will put tons of positive press behind any of her business ventures. Paulina says she will be counting on that and suggests she and Stephanie sign a new contract for her to handle all of her PR needs. Abe says that will give he and Chad a chance to catch up so Paulina and Stephanie exit together.

Chloe offers to pay Leo off. Leo questions if she’s attempting to bribe him from printing the truth. Chloe tells him to just take the money and do the right thing for once by keeping an innocent child from getting hurt even more. Leo asks if she means the innocent child that she called a monster that’s going to turn out like her deranged mother. Chloe argues that he wasn’t supposed to hear that and calls it a mistake that she deeply regrets. Chloe asks if Leo’s never said anything that he wishes he could take back. Leo calls regrets a waste of time. Chloe asks what will buy his silence if cash won’t work. Leo brings up that he has a big fan of Basic Black’s latest men’s line but Chloe informs him that she no longer works there which Leo says he hadn’t heard. Leo points out that maybe Nicole could hook her up. Chloe agrees to call her. Leo asks for one of everything from the men’s collection and then no one will have to know about her hateful outburst. Chloe screams fine and storms out.

Kristen questions what kind of game Brady is playing. Brady responds that she’s the one who likes games and he’s just trying to stay one step ahead of her. Brady says Kristen can have Rachel’s drawing as soon as she helps convince Rachel to ease up on Chloe. Kristen says no chance and tells him that he can keep the picture. Brady warns that he can withhold much more than just a drawing from her. Kristen asks what that means. Brady says she knows exactly what that means and calls it a symbol of what she could lose. Brady orders Kristen to write a letter to Rachel, saying she’s no longer harboring animosity towards Chloe and that she is fine with he and Chloe being together. Brady warns that if she doesn’t, she’s not going to see Rachel ever again.

Chloe exits the Salem Inn and calls Nicole, saying she needs one of everything from the men’s line sent to Leo Stark ASAP and that she’ll explain later. Chloe says she really appreciates this and owes her one. Chloe thanks her and hangs up. Chloe then sees Xander sitting on the bench nearby with ice on his hand and asks what happened to him. Xander tells her about punching Alex because he’s sleeping with his ex. Chloe assumes he means Sarah but then realizes and can’t believe they are fighting over Gwen. Chloe calls Gwen just as slimy as Leo, who she calls sadistic. Xander asks about her being pissed at Leo. Chloe informs him that Leo just blackmailed her. Xander asks what he’s holding over her. Chloe refuses to say or else she’ll have two people blackmailing her. Xander assures he won’t do that and states that while Leo works for him, he’s not his biggest fan. Chloe then informs Xander that Leo overheard her saying something negative about Brady’s daughter and now he’s threatening to put it in his column unless she gives him thousands of dollars worth of Basic Black merchandise.

Alex goes to the Titan office and tells Maggie that he’s sorry he’s late. Maggie questions him being sorry when they are due in the conference room in five minutes. Maggie asks what happened to his face. Alex responds that Xander happened. Maggie starts to ask but then decides she doesn’t want to know. Maggie says she needs to get to the meeting. Alex says he’ll freshen up and be right behind her. Maggie says she can’t have Titan looking like a gang of hooligans and then points out that he has blood on his shirt, so she declares that she’s taking this meeting alone. Maggie warns that when she gets back, they are going to have a serious conversation about his future at this company. Maggie then exits the office. Alex sits at the desk and looks in the mirror as Gwen arrives to check on him. Alex complains that Maggie is already totally fed up with him. Gwen blames herself but Alex says he’s the one that let Xander get under his skin and he started the fight. Gwen points out that Xander targeted him because of her. Gwen suggests maybe they should just call it quits. Alex says no way and that a little bump on the head is not going to scare him off. Alex thinks they should let this ride and see where it takes them. Gwen agrees that it sounds like a plan as they kiss.

Chloe gets a call back from Nicole that all the clothes were just delivered to Leo. Chloe thanks Nicole and says she owes her life to her. Chloe tells her she loves her and hangs up. Chloe declares that she is now off the hook and safe from Leo’s column. Xander says it appears not as he then reveals that Leo just published his new column, showing Chloe that it says that Chloe called Brady’s daughter a deranged monster just like her mother. Chloe can’t believe it and calls Leo a double crossing snake. Chloe says she and Brady finally had a chance for a fresh start. Xander encourages that they still can and suggests telling him it’s just lies. Chloe cries that it’s not and she actually said that. Chloe complains that she let Kristen goad her in to insulting their daughter and now when Brady sees this, she’s going to lose him forever. Chloe breaks down crying so Xander hugs her.

Kristen asks Brady if this is how it’s going to be until Rachel is 18 with a tug of war of threats. Brady argues that she made it this way when he didn’t want it to be. Brady blames Kristen for using their daughter as a weapon against the woman he loves. Kristen accuses Brady of using her love for her daughter against her. Kristen shouts that he’s no better than she is. Brady says maybe not, but he’s the one holding the cards right now. Kristen says fine and that she’ll write Chloe a letter of recommendation to their daughter if that will satisfy him. Brady orders her to make it glowing.

Abe tells Chad that he and Stephanie seem to be getting along pretty well these days. Chad confirms things are good and the kids love her. Chad knows Abe knows how hard it is to move on after losing the love of your life. Abe admits he never thought he’d find love again after losing Lexie, but Paulina makes him very happy. Chad calls that obvious. Abe notes that Stephanie makes Chad feel the same way as they joke about being lucky.

Paulina and Stephanie go to Paulina’s office building. Paulina comments on Stephanie’s satisfying grin all morning and the twinkle in her eye. Paulina guesses it’s because Chad has been lighting up her days and hopefully her nights too. Stephanie says she likes to remain professional but admits that Chad has been lighting up her days and her nights. Stephanie jokes that she knew it and can sense these things. Paulina is so happy for her after the awfulness with Alex. Paulina encourages that Stephanie has a winner now like she has with Abe. Paulina and Stephanie then head inside to Paulina’s office, only to find the office has been trashed.

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Days Update Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Paulina walks through the town square and greets Chanel at the Bakery. Paulina sees that Chanel is removing the “Help Wanted” sign from the bakery and starts talking about how she’s sorry she had to put her foot down but reminds Chanel that the court won’t let her hire anyone. Chanel then stops her and reveals that she already did hire someone.

Jada and her sister Talia have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Jada praises the muffins while Talia is unsure, feeling they could use brown sugar and caramel. Talia comments that she still can’t believe Jada gets to roll out of bed and have breakfast like this waiting downstairs. Jada tells Talia not to get too used to it, reminding her that now that she has a job, she will have to get her own place. Jada jokes that she doesn’t plan on sharing her bed with her little sister forever. Talia then questions why not, remarking that it’s not like she’s sharing it with anybody else.

Rafe goes to the DiMera Mansion. Stefan answers the door and questions why he’s making a house call. Rafe says he comes with documents and notes that he still thinks Stefan is making a mistake, but if he wants to drop the charges against Brady and Eric, then he will have to sign on the dotted line. Stefan confirms that he does and invites Rafe in. Stefan says it’s not like he enjoyed being kidnapped and worked over by a mad scientist, but he can’t complain about the end result. Rafe says he made that clear. Stefan questions why the police commissioner found it necessary to run this errand in person. Rafe admits he’s not just here to have him sign the documents as he’s also here about his sister, Gabi.

Li is at home on the phone, saying they won’t regret taking this meeting with his wife. Li praises Gabi as she comes out of her room and he greets her.

Eric and Sloan kiss in bed. Sloan calls it a very enjoyable morning so far. Eric gets an alert on his phone which he explains is for if there’s any job openings for a photographer. Eric notes that his nights have been filled thanks to her but he needs to fill his daytime hours.

Nicole and EJ kiss in bed which EJ calls a lovely way to wake up. EJ says he slept better than he has in a long time. Nicole jokes that not having a drug induced hangover probably helped. Nicole adds that maybe it also helped that he and Stefan finally sat down to hash everything out. EJ informs her that there’s a bit more to the story about that. Nicole asks him to fill her in. EJ confirms that they hashed things out, but that doesn’t mean everything is settled as it’s far from it. EJ reveals that Stefan may not know it, but he’s as committed as he ever was to taking Stefan down.

Nicole tells Eric to stop the alert and job search. Eric responds that he needs a job. Sloan says she gets that, but not just any job, noting that he’s incredibly talented and a wonderful photographer. Sloan suggests Eric should be his own boss and open up his own gallery.

Nicole tells EJ that she doesn’t understand. EJ says he said all the right things but he had his fingers crossed behind his back and he’s sure Stefan did too. EJ adds that Stefan still wants what he’s always wanted and that’s Li out of the way, Gabi in his life, and the two of them running DiMera which he is not going to allow to happen, so he has to stop Stefan and Gabi from teaming up to oust him. EJ declares that he will stop that by forming his own team, which he’s already done, with Li Shin.

Li finishes his call and asks Gabi how much she heard. Gabi says she heard his comments about her which Li calls all sincere. Li asks if Gabi wants the deal to go through with her fashion line. Gabi complains that she hadn’t even agreed to go to the store but he’s already setting it up. Li remarks that she seemed intrigued enough last night since she took all the paperwork to bed. Gabi says she was curious but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to make a deal. Li calls it just an initial meeting and assures no one is going to rush her in to anything. Li wants Gabi to have an outlet for her incredible creativity. Li adds that if he’s being too pushy, he can always call back and cancel the meeting.

Rafe assumes that Gabi living with Li bugs the hell out of Stefan as much as it does him. Stefan admits he hates it a lot. Rafe admits he doesn’t know all the details of their arrangement considering Gabi stopped confiding him since she knows how he feels about Li. Stefan asks how that compares to how he feels about him. Rafe states that Li makes Stefan look good, so he hopes Stefan hasn’t given up on getting Gabi away from Li. Stefan assures that he’s never giving up on that. Rafe advises Stefan to be careful since Li already tried to pull the plug on him once and he doesn’t like competition. Stefan responds that he is no competition because he’s going to blow that son of a bitch out of the water.

Eric questions Sloan thinking he should open a gallery. Sloan informs him that while she was having trouble sleeping last night, she went through his portfolio for an hour and sees that he would have no trouble filling a gallery’s walls, especially with the photos he took in Africa. Eric insists that he needs a job. Sloan thinks he needs to take charge of his career. Eric appreciates her support, but reminds her that it takes money to buy the supplies and the space for a gallery, so he questions how he’s supposed to find that. Sloan responds that she has the perfect place and it’s called Sweet Bits Bakery.

Chanel informs Paulina that she hired Talia and she’s perfect for Sweet Bits. Paulina complains that Chanel is forgetting that they can’t start throwing money around since every cent they spend is being watched by the court. Chanel can’t believe Sloan got the judge to sign off on a plan like this. Chanel asks if Belle is working on getting the freeze on their accounts reversed. Paulina assures that Belle is trying and hoping to get the case dismissed, but they have to be realistic. Chanel argues that she can’t run a bakery without any help, so she needs to lock Talia down before she loses her. Chanel adds that Talia worked at one of the most successful bakeries in New York City, so she has to offer her a competitive salary or someone else is going to snap her up in no time. Paulina guesses that she needs to win the lottery then.

Jada questions Talia giving her grief about her love life. Talia says she was just joking and says she’s too sensitive. Talia points out that she’s not with anyone either and calls them independent women who do just fine on their own. Jada agrees and toasts to them both flying solo. Talia then asks Jada how long it’s been since she was not flying solo. Jada thought they were dropping the subject. Talia accepts that it’s none of her business. Jada decides she has nothing to hide and informs Talia that she broke up with someone a few months ago. Talia calls that a long time compared to her break up being pretty recent. Jada assures that she’s fine. Talia asks if there’s at least someone new on the horizon. Rafe then enters the Pub.

EJ explains to Nicole that after he and Stefan got honest with each other, he invited Li over to tell him that he’s willing to join forces, so now Li knows he fully supports him getting back with Gabi and is willing to do whatever it takes to help make that happen. Nicole asks what he told Li happened between he and Stefan. EJ assures he told him nothing that he can use against him and Li only knows what he wants him to hear. EJ adds that Li only heard what he wanted to hear anyway and says he’s cooked up a wonderful distraction for Gabi that she might just fall for.

Gabi tells Li not to cancel the meeting since it won’t look good to bail now. Gabi agrees to go and see what happens. Li encourages that she will impress the hell out of everyone and they’ll all forget about Gabi Chic and will be blown away by her new designs. Gabi says he can dial down the flattery because she knows how good she is. Gabi decides she will go get ready for the meeting. Li says he will too and then he’ll make her a breakfast to remember.

EJ explains to Nicole that Gabi will have her new fashion line in department stores, so while Stefan will be sneaking around trying to steal a few moments with Gabi, she will be sleeping just a few feet from the man who will have revived the artistic side of her career. Nicole points out that Gabi is in love with Stefan and she mourned him for years, so she won’t be able to stay away from him. EJ says that’s where things get interesting as he informs Nicole of the contract that Gabi must stay in the marriage for six months to get Li’s DiMera shares, but only if she remains faithful. EJ feels he could take advantage of that. Nicole worries that EJ is playing a dangerous game and asks what if Stefan finds out what he’s doing behind his back. EJ responds that he likes taking risks and calls that the fun in life. Nicole feels it depends on the risk. EJ jokes that getting involved with someone romantically is a risk, since one could get their heart broken, but it’s still definitely fun which Nicole agrees with. Nicole says it’s definitely worth the risk as they kiss.

Stefan looks at a photo of Gabi on his phone and then goes to her number.

Li starts getting dressed in front of Gabi, so she questions what the hell he’s doing. Li reminds her that the living room is his bedroom, unless she wants to change their sleeping arrangements and let him in to her bedroom. Gabi says nice try and decides to go get ready herself. Gabi tells Li what she wants for breakfast as she heads to her bedroom. Gabi left her phone behind as Stefan calls. Li answers the phone. Stefan questions what the hell he is doing answering Gabi’s phone.

Eric questions Sloan telling him that Sweet Bits is going out of business. Sloan says that Paulina and Chanel might not know it yet, but once she wins her case, that space will belong to her. She asks what better use for it than Eric’s gallery. Eric asks if she’s sure about this being a good idea. Sloan gets that he doesn’t want to take business away from Chanel, but says that’s her job and she’s really looking forward to doing it. Sloan says that Eric will just benefit and with the cash she wins from the case, she could even be an investor too. Sloan encourages Eric to say yes as they kiss until her phone rings. Sloan answers the call and is shocked by what she hears.

Chanel complains to Paulina that she hates this never ending war with Sloan. Paulina says she does too but it is war, so they have to think strategically. Paulina worries that if Chanel hires Talia, it will look like she’s trying to put one over on the court and the judge will penalize her, then Sloan wins. Paulina gets a call from Belle, who tells her some surprising news. Chanel questions what she said. Paulina responds that she doesn’t know what they are going to do with all this free time as she announces that Belle got the case thrown out. Chanel can’t believe it as Paulina tells her that their longshot came through. Paulina declares that they are free of that witch at last as they hug.

Rafe greets Jada and Talia. Rafe asks if Talia is enjoying her time in Salem so far. Talia jokes that she was until about 20 minutes ago when Jada said she was cramping her style and needed to move out. Jada tells Rafe to ignore her. Rafe aks what they were talking about when he walked in as it seemed kind of intense. Talia says it’s funny he asks but Jada interrupts and reminds her that she has to get to work. Talia talks about having to get used to early morning shifts now that she’s going to be a baker. Jada questions Talia working at a bakery. Talia confirms her job is at Sweet Bits in the town square and asks if she knows it. Rafe asks what’s wrong with that and says they have the best donuts in town. Jada questions what is going on and why Talia would work as a baker. Talia asks what’s wrong with bakers. Jada says nothing but points out that is not Talia’s chosen field. Rafe questions what he’s missing. Jada informs him that Talia is not a baker and reveals that she’s a doctor! Rafe is surprised as Talia confirms she has a medical degree. Jada points out that she graduated from Stanford in the top five percent of her class. Jada questions how working as a baker is using any of her talents. Talia argues that she’s a very talented baker. Jada says when Talia got a job, she assumed it was at the hospital and that her dream was always to follow their dad’s footsteps. Talia clarifies that it was only their dad’s dream for her to follow him in to medicine but that doesn’t make it her dream. Jada points out that she worked so hard and questions who walks away from a career like that. Talia says she does and that she doesn’t want to be late, so she says bye to Rafe and Jada as she then exits the Pub. Jada wonders if Chanel knows how overqualified her new baker is.

Chanel tells Paulina that this means she can hire Talia and doesn’t have to fire her which Paulina encourages. Chanel says they owe Belle big time. Paulina agrees and exclaims that Belle left Sloan in the dust. Paulina wonders how Sloan is taking it.

Sloan begins throwing things in her apartment. Eric gets up and tries to encourage her that it’s going to be okay. Sloan complains that everything relied on that lawsuit and it’s over. Sloan cries that Paulina and Chanel are murderers and they’ve won again. Eric reminds her that it was just a civil case so no one was going to prison and she has money. Sloan shouts that it was never about money as they tore her family apart and they just keep getting away with it. Sloan screams that everybody loves Paulina and Chanel except her and refuses to forget about her mother being pushed off a roof to her death as she breaks down crying. Eric tells her that he’s sorry and assures that he’s on her side. Sloan cries that this lawsuit was her last shot at justice for her mom as Eric hugs her.

Li asks Stefan if he can help him. Stefan tells him to give Gabi her phone back. Li says he’s afraid that his wife is a little busy and doesn’t have time for chit chat as she’s getting dressed for a very important meeting which Stefan questions. Li is sure Gabi will tell him if she thinks it’s any of his business, but it’s not his place. Stefan warns him that the clock is ticking on his six months while Li warns that he knows what will happen if Stefan keeps calling or if he somehow tempts Gabi in to some secret rendezvous. Stefan asks if the thought of that scares him to death. Li says it should scare Gabi since if she fails to resist him, she’ll lose all those DiMera shares and have Stefan to thank for it because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. Li tells Stefan to do himself and Gabi a favor and stay away from her as he then hangs up on him. Stefan throws his phone out of the room in frustration as EJ and Nicole enter. EJ asks Stefan if there’s a problem.

Paulina calls Belle back and thanks her for all of her hard work, saying she doesn’t know how much this means to her and Chanel and that they are eternally grateful. Paulina hangs up as Chanel begins revising the budget for Sweet Bits and says she can bring back some popular items and she’ll actually be able to pay her new employee. Talia then walks up and says she didn’t know that was an issue but she’s glad she will be able to. Chanel greets Talia and introduces her to Paulina. Paulina notes Talia’s last name of Hunter and asks if she has any relation to Jada. Talia confirms that is her sister and asks if she knows her. Paulina says no but she knows of her because her partner arrested her once.

Jada tells Rafe that she doesn’t get it since Talia spent all those years in medical school just to become a baker. Rafe suggests she’s changing her life and following her dream while Jada argues that Talia’s dream was to become a doctor which she pursued with a vengeance. Jada knows trying to set Talia straight would be a waste of breath. Rafe relates to that with trying to advise his siblings over the years. They agree that they love their younger siblings and they will never stop trying to rescue them from themselves.

Gabi gets ready to go then questions why Li is dressed up and if he thought he was going with her. Li points out that he was the go-between that set this up. Gabi argues that it’s her pitch and she doesn’t need help with that. Li confirms they are expecting both of them. Gabi starts to say she can just tell them something but then she sees on her phone that Stefan called which she questions.

Stefan informs EJ and Nicole that his problem is named Li Shin, who just told him that Gabi is too busy to talk because she’s headed to some important business meeting. Stefan says he’s sure Li made the whole thing up as another ploy to keep them apart. Nicole suggests maybe it wasn’t made up since word on the street is Gabi may be partnering with stores for a new fashion line, noting that she hears things at Basic Black. Stefan argues that if that were true, Gabi would have told him about it and he would’ve heard first. EJ says he can’t speak to Gabi’s willingness to share information, but it sounds like Li is trying to get Gabi interested in a new business venture so that she loses interest in his DiMera shares and by extension, Stefan. Stefan says there’s no way that’s going to happen since Gabi loves him and she wants nothing more than to be back together. Stefan declares that there’s no way Li can distract her by shining some business opportunity in her face. EJ points out that if Gabi gives in to her feelings for Stefan, she could lose her DiMera shares. Stefan then questions how he knows about that.

Rafe offers Jada a ride to the police station which she accepts. Rafe brings up wondering what Jada and Talia were talking about when he walked in, noting the look on their faces when he came in. Jada then gets a call from Shawn and says they’ve been trading information on a case so Rafe can go ahead to the station as she answers the call.

Talia tells Paulina and Chanel that she never went to culinary school as she had a different focus, but baking is just something she knows. Sloan interrupts and asks if Talia also knows that she’s talking to a couple of criminals. Sloan guesses they think they’ve won. Paulina says they know they have. Sloan tells her that she’s wrong and that she hasn’t given up on making them pay. Talia tells Sloan that she doesn’t know what her problem is, but she can’t just talk to them like that. Sloan responds that they are her problem. Sloan calls Chanel a murderer and says Paulina covered it up. Sloan remarks that her lawyer may have pulled a rabbit out of the hat but she hasn’t won. Paulina tells Sloan that she has lost and will keep losing, so she suggests finding something better to do with her time than hurting her and her family. Paulina argues that she and Chanel have done nothing wrong. Sloan decides maybe she doesn’t need court to get her revenge and asks if they ever thought of that as she walks off.

Gabi questions Li not telling her that Stefan called. Li says she saw the notification before he had the chance. Li adds that it was a very brief conversation as Stefan asked for her but he told him that she was busy preparing for the meeting. Gabi complains that she doesn’t need a secretary or Li answering her phone without her permission. Li apologizes and says he wasn’t thinking. Li suggests she call Stefan back now if she’d like. Li notes that it might make them late for the meeting but they could probably make up the time. Gabi says she doesn’t want to be late and reminds him that it’s only her. Li points out that they are expecting him too, so he doesn’t want them wondering why he didn’t show up as that would be an unnecessary distraction. Li says he wouldn’t want to spoil her pitch before she even gets to make it. Gabi tells Li that he’s driving. Li smiles and follows her out.

Eric goes through some of his pictures and come across a photo of Nicole.

EJ claims to Stefan that Wendy mentioned the morals clause in their contract. Stefan is surprised that Li would confide that to Wendy and that Wendy would just share it with him. Nicole jokes that no one ever accused Wendy of discretion. EJ apologizes if he spoke out of turn and says he didn’t know the clause was on a need to know basis. EJ states that he doesn’t envy him as it certainly is a very tricky situation. Stefan complains that Li is watching them like a hawk, waiting for he and Gabi to give in to their feelings for each other and he can’t figure out a way around it. Nicole suggests maybe she could help by arranging for he and Gabi to meet privately, since Li’s not watching her. Stefan calls that a very kind offer. Nicole says she’s a romantic at heart and she really wants Stefan and Gabi to be happy together. Nicole adds that since Stefan and EJ have made peace, she’s on Stefan’s side as much as EJ is. Stefan agrees that would be amazing and thanks her. Nicole says she’ll get to work and let him know when she’s come up with something. Stefan tells her that he’s very grateful and he knows Gabi will be too. Nicole and EJ then exit the room. EJ praises Nicole, who says she was just following the plan. EJ declares that now they just need Li to catch them in the act and it’s bye bye to Gabi’s shares and control of DiMera. EJ hopes that Stefan makes it worth it.

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Days Update Monday, March 20, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Kayla asks Dr. Rolf who was in the cryogenic chamber if it wasn’t Stefano. Rolf responds that he never said it wasn’t Stefano. Kayla brings up that he said he kept this person alive for a decade. Marlena and Kayla pretend to be impressed and encourage Dr. Rolf to share his achievement. He admits there might not be harm in bragging about one of his greatest successes.

Megan declares there’s no point in dragging this out any further and instructs Bo to go ahead and kill Kate. Kate tells Bo that he doesn’t want to do that and tells Megan to call him off. Megan points out that Kate destroyed the serum so she has no use to her at all. Kate asks for a second chance and pleads with Bo. Megan thinks Bo does want to do it but Bo says that Kate is right. Megan questions what he’s doing. Bo points out that it could get messy and she wouldn’t want blood all over the lab. Bo suggests taking this outside which Megan calls a great idea. Megan instructs Bo to kill Kate outside and to then leave her to rot.

Hope finishes her call with Andrew, thanking him and says she’ll be in touch. Hope hangs up and informs John and Steve that ISA granted visiting access to Harris Michaels. Steve wants to go but Hope says they should go back to Salem. John questions her not wanting to come with her. Hope calls this something that she needs to do on her own. Hope looks up Harris Michaels on her tablet.

Dr. Rolf says he has brought people back from the dead, but in this case, they would be awestruck and jubilant when he tells them who it was. Megan interrupts. Dr. Rolf says they were just asking questions about his new serum. Kayla and Marlena question Megan about Kate. Megan informs them that Kate refused to cooperate so she is going to suffer a different fate now.

Kate tells Bo that Megan is gone now so he doesn’t have to follow her orders anymore. Kate argues that they can say she got away or that the gun jammed because he doesn’t want to do this. Bo keeps his gun aimed at her and walks her out of the lab.

Hours later, Roman is at the Brady Pub with Kate’s urn, wondering if he will ever hear from Kate again and what it will take to make he reach out. Roman questions if he has to plot another murder. Roman decides maybe he’s crazy and just imagined it all. Roman then closes the Pub for the night.

Bo walks Kate outside and declares this is a perfect place for her to die. Kate doesn’t know what Megan did to him and calls her crazy, saying he needs to get away from her. Kate says she, Marlena, and Kayla all know that this is not Bo. Kate argues that Bo is not a stone cold assassin. Kate tells Bo of how many people will be overwhelmed by the fact that he’s still alive. Kate urges him to think about Hope and asks what Hope would think if she saw him like this.

At an ISA Facility in Frederick, Maryland, Hope meets Agent Rose. She tells Hope that they are honored and notes that Hope and Bo are legends around here which Hope calls flattering. Rose gives her condolences on Bo’s death and says Hope must still miss him. Hope confirms that she does every day and then asks to be taken to see Harris Michaels which they then go to do.

Kayla complains that she and Marlena are never getting out now. Kayla wonders what Megan is planning now by saying Kate is going to suffer a different kind of fate. Marlena talks about Megan finding a cure for the virus and putting them in a cryogenic state. Kayla wonders why Megan wanted to keep them alive. Kayla worries that Megan’s new plan sounds ominous at best. Marlena agrees that they are in a world of trouble here.

Megan brings Dr. Rolf back to the lab. Dr. Rolf thinks it was short sighted for her to order Bo to kill their test subject. Megan orders him to make a new serum which Dr. Rolf says will take some time. Megan points out that they still have two women they can test it on and tells him not to question her. Megan orders Dr. Rolf to get to work and not procrastinate. Dr. Rolf points out that she’s already waited 40 years to be with Bo. Megan responds that she doesn’t want to wait any longer than she has to. Megan flashes back to last July, when Bo first regained consciousness inside of the cryogenic chamber and his first words were asking “where’s Hope?” Megan then complains about how she literally brought Bo back to life and all he could think about was Hope. Dr. Rolf remembers Megan giving him quite an earful about it at the time as they flash back to Bo wanting to escape to find Hope and Megan ordering Dr. Rolf to cure Bo of Hope. Dr. Rolf states that he did as Megan asked. Megan admits that it didn’t turn out as she expected.

Bo asks Kate why he would care what Hope thinks. Kate states that Hope is his wife. Bo recalls that they were divorced. Kate insists that Hope was the one great love of Bo’s life and that he never got over it. Bo mocks that and says it’s time to die. Kate asks Bo to take her wedding ring so he can return it to Roman.

John and Steve join Roman at the Brady Pub. Roman questions what they are doing back so early, what’s going on, and if they found Megan. They say not exactly but they have a lead. They explain that Andrew got them ISA access and they were able to track where Megan went to but they were too late and she was already gone. John then reveals they ran in to Hope, who was also looking for Megan, and she has an idea that Harris Michaels might be able to tell them something about where Megan is. Roman feels if Harris knows anything, he’ll never tell. John reveals that Harris told Hope that he thought maybe he was brainwashed by Megan too, so maybe Hope could get through to him. Roman questions if Harris ever really loved Hope. Steve guesses they will see about that.

Hope comments on Harris being locked down pretty tight. Agent Rose informs Hope that Harris has been quite uncooperative and sent agents to the hospital while he’s been highly resistant to treatment. Hope wants to be let in to the room alone with Harris because she needs some privacy. Rose warns that Harris is very dangerous. Hope insists that she needs to look him straight in the eye for this to work. Agent Rose gives Hope a panic button and says they’ll be right outside if she needs them as Hope then enters the room with Harris. Harris greets her and says it’s been a long time.

Megan tells Dr. Rolf that she had such high hopes at first. She flashes back to September after having Dr. Rolf brainwash Bo to get rid of his feelings for Hope. Dr. Rolf tells Megan that the procedure worked exactly as intended. Megan acknowledges that Bo no longer wanted Hope and he was loyal to her, but the spark between them was gone. Megan flashes back to trying to jog Bo’s memory by showing him their old yearbook where they were voted best couple. Megan told Bo that they could be that again and insisted the feelings could come back. Megan complains to Dr. Rolf that Bo was supposed to love her. Dr. Rolf argues that he warned her that he couldn’t create feelings of love out of nothing. Megan warns Dr. Rolf that this serum better work as promised.

Kayla wonders to Marlena if Megan was just trying to scare them and questions why she would kill Kate after going through so much trouble to revive her. Marlena says that Kate is resourceful and can talk her way out of any dire situation.

Bo tells Kate that as he recalls, she and Roman were over a long time ago. Kate informs him that she and Roman got back together and got married. Kate goes over how she apparently died and now she’s here. Bo guesses Dr. Rolf made it happen under Megan’s orders. Kate tells Bo that if he kills Roman’s wife, he will be devastated and asks if that’s what he wants.

Roman questions John and Steve thinking that Hope can get through to Harris Michaels. Roman worries that Harris might not know anything. John states that Harris is in ISA custody in a highly controlled situation. Steve adds that they wanted to go with Hope but she insisted on going alone. Roman worries that Hope almost got herself killed last time she was involved with Harris, so he hopes she’s being safe this time.

Harris questions why Hope is here and why she’d even want to talk to him after he almost killed her and her family. Hope brings up the last time they spoke, he said he thought Megan had brainwashed him so he was sent here for treatment but she questions why he’s fought against that every step of the way since. Harris claims he was lying and said whatever it took to get out of punishment. Hope doesn’t believe him since he’s not keeping up that lie now. Hope believes Harris is still fully under Megan’s control and that’s why he wouldn’t open up to Kimberly and she only sees the real him when they are alone. Hope tells Harris that she came all this way to remind him of what they had. Harris claims there was nothing between them and it was just a con. Harris says he was playing her to get the prism just like she was playing him. Hope says in the beginning, she wasn’t. Hope says there was something real between them before she found out about the prism which is why he couldn’t pull the trigger when Megan ordered him to kill her. Hope questions why Megan had to hire Thomas Banks to kill her. Harris calls that a backup plan. Hope asks Harris why she is still alive. Harris says it’s because he failed. Hope argues that he succeeded in stopping Megan. Hope declares that she’s alive because of him. Hope states that he felt something for her and he still does, insisting that she knows it’s real. Harris asks if she feels something for him too.

Roman tells John and Steve that Hope is risking her life and questions if it’s worth it. John responds that Megan is out there somewhere, behaving like a true DiMera, so who knows what she could be plotting to hurt even more people they love. Steve agrees that Megan is still a threat, so they need to stop her, whatever it takes.

Dr. Rolf tells Megan that he made no promises, but if this serum works, it will allow her and Bo to go back again and start from the beginning. They flash back to November when Megan summoned Dr. Rolf back to the lab where she asked him about the orchid with magical healing powers which she wondered if he could use to help her and Bo turn back time. Megan asked about reversing aging like a time machine and Dr. Rolf revealed to her that he knew where she could get the orchid. Back in the present, Megan tells Dr. Rolf that if they are young again, she knows he will love her again and not just follow her orders like a loyal soldier. Megan notes that Bo has never once questioned anything she’s had him do. Megan then reveals that she had Bo steal the orchid from the DiMera tunnels in December. Megan declares that nobody knew Bo was in Salem as they all think he’s dead and it’s going to stay that way.

Bo tells Kate that Roman already thinks she’s dead so if he pulls the trigger, it won’t make a difference to him. Kate disagrees, insisting that he will find out because the truth always comes out. Bo says he doesn’t care if the truth comes out or about Roman. Kate thinks he’s lying to himself and that she’s struck a chord with the real Bo, who is devoted to his family. Kate brings up Bo’s siblings and children’s names. Kate says she can see Bo deny his feelings for Hope and Roman, but a parent’s love for their child is pure and unshakable even in the worst circumstances. Kate brings up that his daughter Chelsea is her flesh and blood too. Kate argues that Bo won’t break Chelsea’s heart by killing her grandmother, so they know he won’t pull that trigger. Bo responds that he will, if only to shut her up.

Hope states that she and Harris were together for a whole year. Hope confirms that when he kissed her, she felt something. Harris asks if it wasn’t just part of the game and says he wants the truth. Hope admits that as much as she wanted to stay disconnected, there were moments where she felt something. Hope says that she admitted it and asks if he can do the same. Hope touches his arm and says maybe he needs her to remind him. Hope leans in to kiss Harris but he suddenly grabs her by the throat and stops her.

Steve and John tell Roman to think about what Megan did just for revenge on Hope. They argue that it’s not like Megan could have Bo no anyway. Roman can’t believe Megan Hathaway is still alive and not their wives. Roman says sometimes he feels like he’s going crazy since he told people that Kate was talking to him from the great beyond through an urn. John asks if he’s picked up anything from her lately. Roman says now she’s gone silent which makes him wonder if he imagined it. John points out that Paulina heard it too. Steve insists that he saw Kayla. Roman asks if anything like that happened to John or if he ever heard from Marlena. John confirms that he has not heard anything at all from her.

Marlena tells Kayla that she thought appealing to Dr. Rolf’s ego might get them somewhere. Kayla says it was and she’s sure that he was going to tell them who was in the other chamber until Megan interrupted but it won’t get them anywhere now. Marlena wonders if the person who was in the chamber got away, maybe they will come back to help them escape.

Bo asks Kate if she doesn’t think his relationship with Chelsea was complicated, pointing out that she was responsible for the death of another one of his kids. Kate encourages that he got past that. Kate talks about Chelsea and Max being happy in London now, Belle and Shawn are happy, and Ciara and Ben are sailing around the world just like Bo and Hope did. Kate adds that Hope is not happy, she’s miserable because she misses him and he could fix that. Kate encourages that he has another chance. Bo responds that there’s no fixing that since it was over decades ago. Kate questions if Bo is just Megan’s lapdog now.

Megan says some may think it’s selfish of her to keep Bo all to herself, but she brought him back to life and has loved him faithfully all these years which is more than anyone else can say so she deserves him. Megan flashes back to January where she read the article about Marlena, Kate, and Kayla’s deaths as she held on to the orchid and then to February, where Bo questioned what the three women were doing there. Megan told Bo that with their help, they would get back all the time they lost and finally live happily ever after. Back in the present, Megan reminds Dr. Rolf that she got him this lab and the orchid is thriving so he can make lots of the serum. Dr. Rolf talks about the time it will take while Megan declares that she and Bo will be young again, so they can start from the beginning. Megan declares that this time Bo will stay and love her forever while Hope will go off with some other poor sap.

Harris warns Hope not to play him again as he could snap her neck in an instant. Hope says she knows that he won’t just like he couldn’t pull the trigger on their wedding day. Hope argues that he is Megan’s victim, just like she was, and he still is. Hope asks if he wants Megan to get away with everything she’s done to him. Harris doesn’t believe that she gives a damn what happens to him but Hope insists that she does care. Hope adds that they are not Megan’s only victims, revealing that she killed her sister in law Kayla, Kayla’s brother Roman’s wife Kate, and John’s wife Marlena. Hope says that Megan has killed a lot of people she loves. Harris questions why that should matter to him. Hope argues that he is so much more than a trained assassin. Hope says he was a navy hero, a good and honorable man before Megan got a hold of him. Harris reminds her that he killed two men. Hope argues that it wasn’t him and blames the brainwashing but Harris says it doesn’t change the fact that they are dead. Hope encourages that Harris has the opportunity to get his life back and asks if he wants that. Hope says she wants to help him and then he can help her make sure that Megan never hurts anyone ever again. Harris responds that he doesn’t care about Megan. Hope asks him to do it for her then.

John and Steve tell Roman that they will let him know if they hear anything from Hope. They go to leave the Brady Pub and notice the wind has picked up. Roman notes that they must be in for a storm and warns John and Steve to be careful as they leave. Roman heads back inside the Pub and goes back to put Kate’s urn behind the bar.

Kayla asks if Marlena is okay. Marlena guesses quiet times are the hardest and keeps trying to reach out somehow to John and her family to let them know how much she loves them but all she ends up picturing is their pain. Kayla remembers how she grieved for Steve when she thought she had lost him for years and now thinks about their families going through that. Marlena calls that their motivation to get out of here.

John stands outside the Pub and hears Marlena’s voice telling him not to give up on her. John calls out to her but guesses it was just the wind and walks on.

Hope brings Harris out of his room and informs Agent Rose that Harris has agreed to another session with Dr. Brady-Donovan and she has a feeling that he’s going to be a lot more cooperative this time around.

Bo tells Kate that he’s nobody’s lapdog. Kate says that’s not what it seems like to her since this was Megan’s idea and not his. Kate says to her, he just looks like a glorified errand boy.

Marlena tells Kayla that they have to keep the faith that they are going to get out of here along with Kate.

Bo questions Kate thinking this is the best time to insult him. Kate says she’s just surprised that Bo would fall in with a wannabe Stefano like Megan. Bo tells her to stop. Kate questions if Bo is going to shoot her just because Megan told him to. Kate asks where the Bo is that she knew, that would’ve blown up the whole lab and taken off on his motorcycle without bothering to look back. Bo tells her that this is not an action movie, it’s real life. Kate tells him that she just never expected to see him go out this way. Kate brings up how many times Bo brought down Stefano and says that Bo didn’t take orders from anyone and would be disgusted by him. Bo declares that he wants Kate dead. Kate questions if he really does and tells him to go ahead and pull the trigger if he does.

Marlena and Kayla hear a gunshot.

Megan tells Dr. Rolf that the deed is done, so he needs to get back to work and make more of the serum so they can test it on Marlena and Kayla. Megan adds that if it works, she and Bo will be young and in love so they can finally have their happily ever after. Bo returns and informs Megan that it’s done. Megan says she heard the gunshot and she’s very proud of him. Megan tells Bo that she has something else that she needs, but Bo says he doesn’t give a damn because he doesn’t take orders from her. Bo tells her that it’s over and walks off.

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Days Update Friday, March 17, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Paul answers his door and is surprised to see Andrew Donovan. Paul informs him that if he came to see John, he just left for the airport to meet up with Steve. Andrew says he figured and that he came to see Paul, so Paul invites him in.

Kayla successfully picks the lock on the door in the lab.

Steve and John pick the lock on the door they are at.

Kayla goes to open the door but hears movement from the other side.

Steve and John then open the door with their guns raised.

Kayla and Marlena’s door opens and it’s Dr. Rolf, who welcomes them back to the land of the living.

Steve and John are shocked to find Hope Brady with her gun raised as well on the other side of the door!

After knocking out Megan, Kate escapes and runs in to Bo Brady! Kate asks if it’s really him. Bo confirms it is and says long time no see.

At the police station, Shawn calls Hope and leaves her a message, saying that he’d like to talk to her. Belle arrives and says she’s glad to see him as they hug. Shawn asks if it was a long day. Belle says she’s just leaving the courthouse as the jury wanted to stay and deliberate so they could come up with a verdict. Belle asks if Shawn is okay. Shawn says he is just worried about his mom because he can’t seem to reach her despite calling and leaving messages. Belle is sure she’s just busy. Shawn hopes that’s all it is.

Steve questions what the hell Hope is doing here. Hope assumes the same thing they are; looking for Megan Hathaway.

Megan remains knocked out where Kate left her.

Kate can’t believe that Bo is alive and asks how. Kate guesses it was Megan and the prisms. Kate says they assumed Megan wanted the prisms to bring Stefano back, but she wanted to bring Bo back. Bo confirms that she succeeded. Kate asks if he’s been imprisoned here the whole time. Bo confirms he’s been here awhile. Kate says she’s so sorry but she’s thrilled that she ran in to him because Megan had her imprisoned here as well along with Marlena and Bo’s sister Kayla. Kate says she has no idea why she did it but Megan had the three of them on ice against their wills.

Dr. Rolf asks Marlena and Kayla if they were going somewhere.

Kate still can’t believe Bo is alive and says to wait until Kayla sees him. Kate says this is all crazy but they have to find Marlena and Kayla so they can free them and then all four of them can get the hell out of here. Bo stops her and says they can’t do that.

Paul tells Andrew that John ran out pretty fast when he got Steve’s call, saying that he had a potential lead on the location of Megan Hathaway. Paul guesses that Andrew gave that to him. Paul notes that he’s not asking him to tell him where he is, he’s just asking if he thinks they have a chance at finding her. Paul argues that they are talking about the woman who murdered his stepmom, Andrew’s aunt, and his uncle Roman’s wife. Andrew says he knows but it’s not his case and even if it were, he’s not allowed to discuss any of the information. Paul gets that it’s top secret information. Andrew insists that he cares about this too as it’s personal for both of them and their families. Andrew assures that the ISA is doing everything in it’s power to get justice for these women. Paul says he trusts him on it. Andrew says good because he’d really like to talk about them. Paul didn’t think there was a them since they stopped talking. Paul notes that they didn’t have a falling out or anything but living on opposite sides of the country and trying to build a relationship is difficult and with their schedules, they couldn’t seem to figure out logistics. Andrew says he remembers but admits he’s missed Paul. Paul responds that he’s missed him too.

Belle asks Shawn if something happened or if he has a reason to believe Hope is in trouble. Shawn says it’s nothing like that and he’s just frustrated that he can’t get a hold of her as he wanted to fill her in on the Megan Hathaway case and see if she knows anything. Belle can’t believe that Megan could just upend all their lives and cause so much sorrow for so many people for some ancient grudge. Shawn points out that she’s Stefano DiMera’s daughter and resurrection and vengeance is what that family does best. Belle complains that what Megan did is sick. Shawn assures that Megan won’t get away with this, especially with Black Patch on the case. Belle admits it does make her feel better knowing that John and Steve are looking for this murderous bitch.

Hope hugs John and Steve, saying she can’t believe they are here. John says they heard this was where Megan Hathaway was hiding out. Hope notes that the ISA only recently discovered that and kept it top secret, so she questions how they pried it out of Shane. Steve admits they didn’t but the person they did pry it out of took a little convincing, especially considering what Megan did to them last summer. John explains that the ISA thought maybe they were still under Megan’s control. Steve assures they are not and asks how Hope figured out where Megan was. Hope notes that Megan never messed with her head so the ISA didn’t have the same concerns with her. Steve points out that it’s still highly classified so she couldn’t just walk in and get that information, unless she got it from Shane. Hope says she still has a few friends in high places. Hope adds that no matter how they all got here, she’s so happy to see them both. Steve says the last thing they expected when they opened the door was a friendly face. Hope points out that he looked ready for a fight. John declares that one way or another, they’re going to take Megan Hathaway down. Hope states that Megan deserves what’s coming her way. Steve adds that it’s not just about what she did to them.

Kayla complains that they should’ve known Dr. Rolf would show up and asks how they would wake up from the dead without him. Dr. Rolf says they can express their thanks at any time. Kayla tells him not to hold his breath. Marlena questions Dr. Rolf working for Megan now. Dr. Rolf says they can’t be surprised, pointing out that he serves at the pleasure of the DiMera family and Megan is a DiMera. Marlena argues that Stefano brought pain and suffering to everyone he met. Dr. Rolf disagrees and calls him a legend that was taken far too soon. Dr. Rolf says it’s now his mission to carry on his legacy with Megan, so anything she asks of him, he will do.

Kate tells Bo that they don’t really have time to wait because Kayla and Marlena are both here somewhere. Bo repeats that they can’t leave. Kate informs him that Megan is incapacitated so there is no worry there. Bo asks what she means. Kate reveals that she knocked Megan out but she could come to at any moment so they have to get out of here. Bo responds that he’s sorry but they have to go back to the room Megan is in. Kate calls it way too risky but Bo says they don’t have a choice.

Andrew knows it didn’t turn out well for he and Paul the last time and it ended up devolving in to texts about times they could meet up. Andrew admits that even when they lost touch, he couldn’t stop thinking about last summer, meeting him and traveling around the world together trying to find John. Paul jokes that it’s not often that he goes on a first date where they end up in a shared hotel room in Hong Kong. Andrew brings up when they kissed. Paul admits he thought about that kiss many times and says it felt like the start of something. Andrew notes that sometimes when he’s working late, he thinks about that moment and wishes they could go back to it. Paul suggests maybe they could and then they kiss.

Shawn asks if Belle has heard from John since he left. Belle says not yet but she’s sure he will call when there’s an update. Shawn feels her phone will be ringing soon then because there’s no one more motivated to find Megan than John and Steve. Belle wishes she could do what they are doing and throw herself in to the search to take her mind off all the grief in a way that’s productive. Belle adds that even if they find Megan and she ends up behind bars forever, it doesn’t really change anything for her because no matter how much Megan or Orpheus pays, she doesn’t get any more time with her mom.

Kayla and Marlena question Dr. Rolf about where Megan is and what she’s done with Kate. Dr. Rolf tells them not to worry because thanks to Kate, he will be able to determine if his scientific genius has been successful again. Dr. Rolf calls Kate a test subject. Kayla argues that test subjects volunteer in legitimate medicine and she’s pretty sure Kate didn’t volunteer. Dr. Rolf argues that she was fortunate to be chosen to be the first recipient of his new serum.

Hope asks John and Steve about thinking that Megan took the orchid. Steve confirms it was the only thing that could’ve cured Marlena, Kayla, and Kate. John declares that Megan Hathaway is responsible for their deaths. Hope is shocked and says that can’t be. Hope tells them that she’s so sorry as she can’t even imagine what they have been going through. Hope says after all these years, Megan is still causing so much destruction and pain to the people she loves. Steve says she’s obviously as vindictive and deranged as she ever was. Hope points out that it all started with Megan’s obsession with Bo.

Bo informs Kate that all the doors in this place lock automatically. Kate points out that she just let herself out of the room she was in. Bo guesses it must have been open a little bit. Kate asks if he’s telling her that they can’t get out of here. Bo tells her that they have to go back and get Megan’s keys which Kate agrees to do. They go back in where Megan remains knocked out. Bo questions what she did to her. Kate repeats that she knocked her out and says to get the keys and get out of here. Bo checks on Megan and confirms she’s out cold. Kate tells Bo to just get the keys but Bo starts trying to wake Megan up. Kate argues about the keys but Bo warns her to stay where she is. Bo wakes Megan up. Megan asks what happened. Bo informs her that she got cold cocked and asks if she’s alright. Megan says she thinks so, no thanks to Kate. Bo thinks Kate is now figuring out that she got played.

Belle tells Shawn that she doesn’t have to tell him what it’s like. Shawn gets how terribly difficult it is for her. Shawn relates to having gone through this with his dad. Belle knows how much he still misses him and assures he’d be really proud of everything he’s accomplished and dedicating his entire life to protecting people. Belle says that Shawn honors his father every day by doing that. Shawn can’t help but think of all that his father missed out, like seeing Claire grow up along with Ciara and her new baby. Belle states that his dad and her mom should both still be with them. Shawn says he thinks about him every day but he made peace with the fact that he’s gone and he thinks a big part of being able to do that is that he understands it. Shawn says his father’s death was terrible and tragic but it made sense while what happened with Marlena made no sense at all. Shawn tells Belle that he’s so sorry and that he would do anything to give her more time with her mom and to be able to help her with this pain.

Marlena questions what serum Dr. Rolf is talking about. Dr. Rolf says the details are not his to disclose and suggests they direct any questions to Megan. Dr. Rolf warns that the serum could be life changing and not just for Megan.

Hope tells John and Steve about how Megan never got over Bo, who was her high school sweetheart. Hope explains about how Megan and Bo both thought the other broke up with them, but it was manipulated by Megan’s mother and when Megan found out, something broke inside of her, and that’s when she became obsessed with Bo and desperate to get him back.

Bo asks Megan if she’s sure she’s alright. Megan assures that she’s fine and asks Bo to help her up, so he does. Megan remarks that Kate is stunned silent. Bo responds that Kate wouldn’t shut up earlier. Kate tries to leave but Bo pulls a gun on her and says she’s not going anywhere.

Paul and Andrew kiss until Paul stops and wonders if this isn’t a good idea. Paul assures that he definitely wants it but reminds him that they tried before and it didn’t work out, so he worries they are setting themselves up for more disappointment. Paul acknowledges that they have a great connection and he would love to see where that takes them, but finding time to be together last time was so hard so maybe they should cut their losses now before they get too deep. Andrew agrees that they live so far apart and their lives are so busy so there’s a really good chance it might not work, but there’s a chance it might and that’s a chance he’d like to take, so they continue kissing.

Marlena and Kayla question Dr. Rolf about his serum being life changing but not just for Megan, so they want to know who else’s life it’s going to change. Dr. Rolf mocks them having so many questions. Marlena asks if the answers have anything to do with the cryogenic chamber in the room. Kayla asks if the serum will affect whoever was in the chamber. Dr. Rolf says that was one of his earliest prototypes and a very successful project. Marlena asks how it was successful. Dr. Rolf reveals that he kept the subject in a cryogenic state for nearly a decade. Kayla questions who the subject was.

Kate tells Bo to put down the gun. Bo tells her that she’s not going anywhere. Kate responds that they are both leaving. Bo warns that she will regret it if she pushes him. Megan adds that she wouldn’t test him. Kate doesn’t know what Megan has put Bo through but argues that he doesn’t even know what he’s saying. Kate urges Bo to trust her and let her help him. Kate says they aren’t strangers and have known each other for years. Kate reminds Bo that she was married to Victor and Bo was married to her daughter. Megan argues that he doesn’t need a history lesson and tells Kate they are going to pick up from before she rudely assaulted her and then phase two will finally begin. Kate encourages Bo not to listen to Megan and to ditch her so they can be free and return home to the people they love. Megan is disappointed in Kate’s lack of gratitude, reminding her that she saved her life and now she’s chosen her to be the first recipient of her new serum. Kate refuses to be the recipient of a potentially fatal drug. Megan argues that it won’t kill her but it does need to be tested. Kate finds the vial of the serum on the floor and picks it up.

John tells Hope that they don’t give a damn what Megan’s motivation is as they just want to track her down and make her pay. Steve asks if Hope found anything while poking around. Hope confirms there’s no sign of Megan or any idea of where she went. John guesses they hit a dead end. Steve disagrees and says there has to be a way to figure out where Megan went. Hope agrees and declares that maybe there is.

Belle thanks Shawn for always knowing exactly what to say. Shawn doesn’t think he does most of the time and he only does in this case because he’s been there. Shawn says they never stop missing them but time definitely helps. Shawn notes that there are days that he feels the loss of his dad like it just happened yesterday and there’s other days that he remembers all the fun times they had. Shawn adds that it helps to remind himself of how blessed he is to spend his life with Belle. Belle says she loves him with all her heart and she needs him so much right now. Shawn assures that she always has him. Shawn reminds Belle that not only do they have each other, but an incredible daughter and a great big family to lean on. Shawn declares that he is now officially off the clock so he suggests they go home to lean on each other on the couch.

Paul and Andrew end up having sex. They talk about it being perfect. Andrew asks if they should talk about where they go from here. Paul says they should but not right now and kisses him until they are interrupted by Andrew getting a call from Hope. Hope tells him that she needs a favor; she needs to get in to see Harris Michaels.

Kayla tells Dr. Rolf that they know he kept Stefan DiMera on ice for four years but a decade is quite a feat. Marlena agrees and says the person must have been very important. Kayla can’t stop thinking about who it might be. Kayla asks what if it’s somebody famous. Marlena and Kayla talk about how maybe it was someone from Salem that they all knew. Dr. Rolf says if he wasn’t in a hurry to complete his experiment, he would applaud their creativity. Marlena says they just want to know who was in the tube. Kayla adds that they are pretty sure it wasn’t Stefano since Rolf took his essence and put it in Steve. Dr. Rolf calls that another hugely successful experiment of his, ruined by Stefano’s misguided children. He calls it a terrible loss because of Chad and Tony. Kayla and Marlena demand that he tell them who was in the tube.

Bo tells Kate to hand the vial over. Megan asks if Kate really thinks she will get out without Bo shooting her dead or if she thinks a speech about how they used to be family is going to change his mind. Bo tells Kate again to give the vial to Megan. Megan states that whatever kinship they used to have is long over. Megan orders Kate to stop wasting time and get on with it. Kate says fine but then drops the vial and smashes it. Megan calls that stupid. Kate thinks it was a smart move to not let her make her the guinea pig. Megan calls it arrogant of Kate to congratulate herself on making one of the most idiotic decisions ever because the only reason that she was keeping Kate alive was to make sure the serum worked, but now that the serum is gone, Kate is of no further use to her. Megan declares there’s no point in dragging this out any further and instructs Bo to go ahead and kill Kate.

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Days Update Thursday, March 16, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

In the secret DiMera Lab, Marlena, Kate, and Kayla remain lying in their tubes.

In San Francisco, California, Paul Narita is working out at home when his father, John, shows up at the door and they hug.

At ISA Headquarters in Washington DC, Steve arrives to visit Andrew Donovan. Andrew greets him and asks what he’s doing here. Steve asks why he thinks and responds that he needs his help in finding Megan Hathaway.

Megan Hathaway enters the secret DiMera Lab and declares that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla’s families still think they are dead, but she doesn’t want them to sleep their life away. Megan announces it’s time to wake up because they have so much to do..

Roman goes to visit Lucas in prison. Lucas says he’s been trying to figure out why Roman wanted to see him again and guesses it’s not a social call. Roman reveals that they figured out which DiMera stole the orchid as it was Stefano’s other daughter, Megan Hathaway. Lucas questions who that is. Roman says he might have forgotten her because she appeared to die 40 years ago. Lucas calls that very Salem of her. Roman explains how Larry Welch electrocuted her in a hot tub but you know how hard it is to kill a DiMera and in true DiMera form, Stefano took her body and maintained it in life form, cryogenically, but now she’s very much alive, fully functioning and lethal. Lucas asks where she is now. Roman says that is the question and he’s here to find out what Lucas might know.

Paul jokes with John about not calling. John apologizes for just showing up like this. Paul says it’s fine and he’s just a bit surprised. Paul asks how he’s doing. John says about as well as could be expected. Paul says it’s hard for him to believe that Marlena is gone, so it must be Hell for him. Paul asks if he’s okay but John doesn’t answer so Paul jokes about John not liking to talk about his feelings. John responds that he doesn’t see the point in talking about his feelings because it’s not going to change anything. Paul mentions wanting to stay in Salem after the funeral but he got a job coaching AAA baseball. Paul tells John that they have games at home so he invites John to stick around for a few days and coach his coaching. John says they’ll see. Paul guesses John didn’t come out here to talk about baseball. John confirms that he and Steve are on a case and suggests they sit down.

Andrew assures Steve that finding Megan is one of the ISA’s top priorities. Steve mocks his agency speak. Andrew clarifies that it’s not his case but he could put Steve in touch with the agent in charge. Steve says if he wanted the agent in charge, he wouldn’t be in Andrew’s office. Steve brings up when they talked on the phone a few days ago and how he felt Andrew was giving him the run around so now he’s here, face to face, to get some answers. Andrew says it’s not that he won’t answer his questions, but he can’t.

Kayla and Marlena wake up. They talk about feeling like they are living a nightmare. Kayla gets out of her bed and goes to help Kate but finds that Kate is gone. Kayla wonders where the hell she could be.

Kate wakes up tied up in a room with Megan, who announces that phase two is finally about to begin. Kate questions what is going on, why she’s tied up, and where Marlena and Kayla are. Kate asks who the hell Megan thinks she is. Megan argues that Kate is not in a position of power and she is, so she advises Kate to not try to infuriate her. Megan remarks that life is short so they should all try to get along as best they can. Kate asks where Marlena and Kayla are and if they are okay. Megan assures they are absolutely fine. Kate thinks they have different definitions of absolutely fine. Megan states that they aren’t dead. Megan calls Kate a pain in the ass. Kate brings up that Stefano thought she was delightful, but he had a sense of humor. Megan says she has something very important to discuss with Kate but Kate doesn’t want to discuss anything with her. Kate tells Megan that she needs to let her, Kayla, and Marlena go back to their husbands.

Lucas tells Roman that he didn’t even know of Megan Hathaway so he questions how he could know anything. Roman says they didn’t know that but thought maybe Kate may have mentioned something while married to Stefano. Roman admits they are grasping at straws. Roman says Steve and John are in touch with the ISA but it seems at this point that Megan has vanished in to thin air. Lucas notes that Stefano could do that too. Lucas questions why a woman who had been dead for 40 years would come back to kill his mother when she didn’t even know her. Lucas insists that he never heard Kate or Stefano even say the name Megan Hathaway. Roman doesn’t think Kate was the real target as he figures Megan was after Kayla and Marlena.

Kayla wonders if Kate found a way out and left them behind. Marlena says if Kate did, she must have planned it. Marlena figures Megan would have security cameras everywhere. Marlena tries the door but it’s locked. Marlena notes that if Kate got out, she wouldn’t have locked the door behind her so Megan must have done that. Kayla says she’s getting really tired of Megan. Marlena brings up Megan talking about her plan and wonders if Kate was part of that plan. Marlena declares that they have to find a way out. Marlena pulls back a curtain to find another cryogenic cylinder and wonders who the hell was in there.

John explains to Paul that he and Steve are hoping that Andrew can help them track down Megan Hathaway. Paul notes that Andrew never mentioned Megan to him and asks if John wants a beer. John encourages Paul not to take it personally that Andrew kept it from him since ISA agents can’t really bring their work home with them. Paul says it’s not like that and reveals that he and Andrew are not really talking about anything.

Steve thinks Andrew has an idea where Megan Hathaway is, so he doesn’t understand why he won’t tell him. Andrew responds that Steve and John don’t have clearance. Steve reminds him how long he and John have been doing the ISA’s dirty work and says he can ask his father. Andrew says that he grew up on the stories and everybody here respects their history. Steve argues that now they are trying to find the woman responsible for the death of their wives and questions why they don’t have clearance. Andrew then reveals that there is a concern that Steve and John have been compromised.

Paul tells John that it’s not like he and Andrew had a falling out like a big fight or anything and they did get along. John questions what happened then since he said they had a lot of chemistry in Hong Kong. Paul explains that they had a great time but then reality set in that Andrew lives in Washington DC while Paul lives in San Francisco and Andrew has a demanding job while Paul is becoming a baseball coach. Paul says that long distance relationships involve a lot of logistics. John mocks the idea that they can’t make adjustments. John tells Paul that he can convince himself that it’s too complicated to be with someone who makes him happy.

Steve questions what Andrew means by saying they were compromised. Andrew brings up that last summer in Hong Kong, Steve and John were Megan’s hired muscle. Steve clarifies that they were brainwashed. Andrew notes that it was pretty effective since they held a whole room hostage and held a gun to Wendy Shin’s head. Steve argues that they were under Megan’s control. Andrew asks how they know that they’re not now and notes that some people in the department are suspicious. Steve complains about having to prove it and asks why Andrew doesn’t believe it. Andrew recalls being there when Paul got through to John and broke Megan’s spell.

Megan understands Kate’s desire to go back to Salem and their lives, but she can’t allow that because phase two is about to begin and her participation is non-negotiable. Kate questions what that even means as she didn’t even know there was a phase one. Megan tells Kate that they don’t need to know as they are just chess pieces on the board and pawns in someone else’s game. Kate asks if John, Roman, and Steve are pawns as well since they believe they are all dead. Megan responds that they believe they are dead because someone took the only thing that could’ve saved their lives. Megan then presents the orchid.

Roman tells Lucas that Kayla and Marlena stopped Megan’s plan and Kate had nothing to do with it, so it looks like Kate died for no good reason and that’s why they have to find Megan and make her pay for what she did. Lucas complains that it won’t bring his mom back. Lucas knows it’s been hard for Roman too, so he asks how he’s doing. Roman says he has a lot of people looking out for him. Roman brings up Abe coming to see him and comparing it to when he lost Lexie. Roman recalls how much time they wasted and how happy he and Kate were when they finally got back together. Roman declares that now he has to face the reality that he will never see Kate again and he’s pretty sure John and Steve feel the same way.

Marlena and Kayla note that the cryogenic chamber they found is powered down and the locks have been released, but there’s no one in it now. Kayla says Megan had to have let whoever it was go. Marlena says she’s no expert but that one looks a lot older. Marlena adds that Megan said she never throws anything away. Kayla recalls that Megan told Steve and John that she was cryogenically frozen after she was presumed dead, so maybe that’s where she was stashed. Marlena asks about the prisms since Megan said she wanted those to help cure someone she cares about and someone they all thought was dead. Marlena wonders who was in the tube. Kayla thinks she knows.

Lucas knows it’s not exactly the same and that he has no right telling this to Roman, but says the way Roman feels about Kate is the same way he feels about Sami. Roman points out that Sami’s not dead. Lucas says he is pretty much dead to her and that she will never forgive him. Lucas adds that he’s never loved anyone the way he loved Sami and he will never have a chance to get her back as he knows he blew that. Lucas knows Sami and Roman will never forgive him so he’s really appreciative that Roman visits him and tells him what’s going on even though he doesn’t deserve it. Roman acknowledges that Lucas is Kate’s son and Kate did forgive and love him. Roman thinks that in a way, them talking to each other like this is a good way to honor Kate’s memory.

Megan tells Kate that the orchid was how she revived her and countered the toxins that Orpheus gave her. Kate calls it weird to think about her life depending on a flower. Megan reveals that she had someone administer the necessary second dose and that is why they are still here. Megan adds that the orchid’s healing power is not restricted to just what ailed them. Megan reveals that she took the orchid because she needed to cure her own condition along with someone who is very dear to her.

Marlena questions if Kayla thinks it was Stefano. Kayla suggests Megan could have kept him on ice and now has the three prisms. Kayla then decides that even if Stefano’s body could have been preserved, he would just be a shell since his spirit was taken from his body and put on a microchip that was inserted in Steve’s head. Kayla adds that she then removed it and then Chad and Tony burned it. Marlena decides that Stefano is gone and dead then. Kayla agrees that he has to be.

Steve tells Andrew that his wife is dead and John’s wife is dead because of Megan, so he questions how they could think they would be helping her. Andrew assures that he doesn’t think that and he wants justice for Kayla just as much. Steve complains that Kayla is gone and the ISA has decided they can’t be trusted with clearance. Steve says they are going to keep looking for Megan and are going to find her whether he helps them or not. Steve tells Andrew to get back to his busy work and to say hello to his dad for him. Steve goes to leave the office but Andrew stops him and pulls up their file on Megan Hathaway. Andrew reveals that because he has clearance, he can view it whenever he wants, he’s just not at liberty to share it with him. Andrew then states that he can offer him a “cup of coffee” from down the hall which might take him three or four minutes. Steve accepts and thanks him as Andrew then exits the office, allowing Steve to take a look at his computer with the file on Megan Hathaway.

John apologizes to Paul and says he shouldn’t have said anything when it’s really none of his business. John then gets a call from Steve, who tells him that he might have a possible location on Megan Hathaway. Steve calls it a long shot while John calls it their only shot right now. Steve asks how fast he can get to the airport.

Marlena tells Kayla that she doesn’t think they have to worry too much about who was in that tube because right now, she thinks Megan has Kate and if so, she thinks things are going to be changing around here soon so they better get out while they still can. Kayla agrees that they need to find a way through the door. Marlena thinks they’re not going to break it down. Kayla says they have to start getting smart about this.

Paul offers to give John a ride to the airport but John says he’s fine. Paul argues that John could get two tickets to where ever he is going that he called his only shot. John calls it a figure of speech. Paul argues that they were just in a heated discussion about his love life and general failing at life and then Steve calls and he’s out of here. Paul says he knows it’s important, urgent, and probably dangerous. Paul tells John to let him help him and come with him. John says no because he and Steve need to do this on their own. Paul asks him to be careful because he doesn’t want to fly halfway around the world to save his ass again. John jokes that he’ll never hear the end of that. John apologizes again for talking to him like he did before and says he didn’t deserve that. Paul understands that it must be frustrating for John to lose Marlena and then see him all alone and not doing anything about it. John says it’s none of his business. Paul acknowledges that John is his dad so he has a point. Paul understands John has enough on his plate without worrying about him. John thanks him and says he has to run. Paul tells him to let him know if he’s okay when he can because he worries about him. John hugs Paul and wishes him luck coaching this weekend. John then exits the apartment.

Roman tells Lucas that he’s going to check in with John and Steve to see if they are having any luck. Lucas asks him to keep him posted which he agrees to do. Roman then exits the prison.

Kate questions Megan saying she had to use the orchid to remedy her own condition. Kate asks if she’s sure she really did that because she’s not looking so great. Megan blames the lighting and insists that she’s fine. Megan reminds Kate that she cured her of dying. Kate asks if she’s expected to thank her. Megan calls Kate her a pain in the ass again which erases any hesitation she had of proceeding which Kate questions. Megan reveals that Kate is going to be her guinea pig for a serum she had made that comes with the condition that what doesn’t make her stronger could kill her. Megan doesn’t see any reason for her to take that risk when she has Kate here to do a trial run on.

Later that evening, Paul sits at home and looks at a photo of Andrew on his phone. Paul thinks back to he and Andrew kissing until there’s a knock at his door. Paul answers the door and is surprised to see Andrew.

John and Steve arrive at their destination and talk about not finding a trace that Megan Hathaway was ever there. Steve notes that the ISA analyst put the odds at 12%. John feels those are not good odds but Steve points out it’s the only lead they’ve got. Steve says the ISA checked it out before but maybe they missed something and asks if John wants to stop. John declares that they are not going to stop until they find Megan and make her pay. John tries the door but it’s locked. Steve asks if John has his lockpick. John says no because he thought Steve was bringing his. Steve reveals that ISA security confiscated it. John asks what he wants to do then.

Kate remains tied up in a chair as Megan returns with the serum. Megan then admits that she’s not yet fully recovered from being dead but she’s told that this serum could be the answer to her prayers. Kate asks why not use it on herself then. Megan says while it might take care of what she needs, it does come with the one off chance of an unpleasant side effect; death. Kate suggests Megan try something homeopathic first then. Megan wants to do a trial run on Kate. Megan says that if it doesn’t kill Kate, it could potentially have extraordinary effects that she’ll thank her for later. Megan adds that if it does happen to kill Kate, maybe someone will bring her back to life again.

Kayla gets a wire off the cryogenic chamber and explains to Marlena how Steve taught her how to pick a lock with a wire. Marlena hopes Steve taught her well as Kayla begins trying to pick the lock of the door.

Steve returns to John with a wire he got off the heating unit around the corner and begins trying to pick the lock on the door.

Kate asks Megan if she can say something before Megan injects her. Megan tells her to make her final last words snappy. Kate says it will be short and just a sentence. Kate declares that the rope on her hands wasn’t tight and calls her a dumb bitch as Kate stands up and knocks Megan out with a punch.

Kayla successfully picks the lock on the door. Kayla goes to open it but hears movement on the other side.

Steve and John pick the lock as well from their end. Steve and John then open the door with their guns raised.

Kayla and Marlena are surprised when the door opens.

Roman goes to the Brady Pub and talks to Kate’s urn about how he misses her and hasn’t heard her voice in awhile. Roman says if there’s a way for her to reach out to him again, he knows she’ll make that happen.

After knocking out Megan, Kate escapes and runs in to Bo Brady!

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Days Update Wednesday, March 15, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Li and Gabi have breakfast at their apartment. Li says he’ll do anything to get in her good graces and he’s a patient man. Gabi tells him to cut down on the fattening breakfasts. Li reminds her that he does have other talents. Gabi says she’s going to get going. Li asks where she’s going. Gabi remarks that he can just track her phone. Li comments on her not wanting to keep Stefan waiting.

EJ sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion as Stefan walks in and says he heard him talking to the portrait of Stefano when he walked in. Stefan asks if EJ was asking for more words of wisdom on how to screw him over. EJ tells him he can’t play the martyr. Stefan claims to not know what he’s talking about. EJ brings up when he told Stefan that he knew what Kristen and Dr. Rolf had done to him and kept quiet then how Stefan thanked him and assured he could get past it if EJ made him his partner in running the company. EJ points out that he upheld his half of the bargain while Stefan responded by drugging him. Stefan says after they made that agreement, he had time to think about all the months that EJ watched him make a fool of himself over Chloe and break Gabi’s heart and how he knew why but kept quiet. EJ responds that Stefan got back at him by making him look like a fool in front of Wei Shin last night. EJ states that every word Stefan said before that about forgiveness and working together was a lie. EJ declares this is war, which Stefan agrees with.

At the Spectator Office, Gwen reveals to Xander that she spent last night with Alex Kiriakis. Xander knows he hurt her and she wants to get back at him, but suggests she come up with something he might actually believe. Gwen laughs at Xander thinking she’s lying. Xander says there’s no love lost between he and Alex, so Gwen is just trying to stick it to him. Gwen responds that Alex did stick it to her all night long.

Leo questions Alex as to how he ruined his career. Alex responds that he knows exactly what he did. Alex says because of Leo and his stupid little column, he didn’t become CEO of Titan. Alex warns Leo about what he does to guys like him and says when he’s through with him, he won’t be able to whistle anything.

Li asks Gabi if she wants to see the contract she signed with the clause on how their deal is off if cheats on him. Li asks if it’s really worth losing her chance to run DiMera. Gabi assures that she knows she agreed to the terms and that she won’t be sleeping with Stefan or anyone else until this farce of a marriage is over. Gabi points out that she and Stefan waiting four long years, so they can wait another six months, especially if it means they will be running DiMera together. Li notes that she sounds more determined than ever. Gabi tells him to get out of her way and goes to leave right as Johnny arrives. Gabi questions what he’s doing here.

EJ tells Stefan that he thought they drew a line in the past to forge a new relationship but guesses Stefan never had any intention of doing that. EJ realizes Stefan was counting on EJ to trust him long enough for him to strike. Stefan argues that if he knew EJ had been brainwashed and he kept his mouth shut, EJ wouldn’t believe him if he said things would be different. EJ agrees and remarks that they are both Stefano’s son. EJ credits Stefan for drugging him and says he had no idea what was happening but Stefan tells him not to be so modest and that he knew exactly what was going on, so he flipped the script, just like a move on the chess board. Stefan declares now it’s his turn to play.

Xander questions Gwen seeking out his cousin to get revenge on him for not being over Sarah. Gwen argues that Alex being related to him had nothing to do with what happened. Gwen says they met, had a few too many, and then she asked him to come home with her. Xander sarcastically calls that classy and argues that Alex is just using her. Xander complains that Alex has shagged half the girls in town, so she’s just another notch in his bedpost. Gwen mocks the idea that she should go cry and tells him not to confuse her with Sarah, which Xander assures will never happen. Gwen tells Xander that she and Alex really hit it off and were in bed all night so she never even thought about him. Xander argues that she pulls this tough act when she doesn’t have anything else. Xander tells Gwen that Alex is a player and always has been, so he doesn’t want to see him hurt her. Gwen remarks that Xander has no problem hurting her himself.

Leo tells Alex that all he did was ask Victor for a quote for his column and he had no idea he was thinking of naming Alex CEO. Alex argues that Victor is the most powerful guy in town and Leo pranced in to tell him how he got it on with two women. Alex asks how Leo thought that would turn out for him and that Victor gave the job to his wife. Leo mentions that Chad told him and he couldn’t believe it as he thought Maggie’s skillset was baking cookies and butting in to other peoples’ business. Alex responds that now she can add running a major corporation to the list. Leo asks if it would change things if he told him he was very sorry. Leo admits he wanted his very first column to be clickbait. Alex responds that Leo’s lucky he’s not using him as bait. Leo asks if that means he’s no longer feeling homicidal. Alex warns Leo to keep his name out of his mouth and his column and maybe he’ll let him live.

Wendy goes to the hospital and brings Tripp coffee and breakfast, noting that she knows he left without because he usually makes the coffee. Tripp admits he overslept as he thanks her and says she didn’t have to do that. Wendy feels she did and she’s sorry that he got in trouble. Tripp assures that was not her fault. Tripp states that if anyone should feel guilty, it’s Johnny, who needs to learn to mind his own damn business.

Li questions Johnny being there early when he and Gabi were just having breakfast. Johnny says he can come back later but Gabi tells him not to worry as breakfast is over. Johnny tells them that he just came to see Wendy but Gabi says she was up pretty early and thinks she was heading to the office. Li reveals that Wendy actually told him that she was going to the hospital because she had to talk to Tripp. Li guesses they have gotten pretty close since Tripp moved in.

EJ tells Stefan that he found out he was drugging him and asks if he just expected him to forgive and forget. Stefan wonders what Stefano would say if he found out that EJ fell in with a creep like Li Shin against his own brother. EJ responds that if he ever met Stefano, he wouldn’t ask that question. Stefan says his mother told him a lot about him. EJ asks how Vivian is and if she’s occupying her time in prison. Stefan brings up that Vivian told him that Stefano put family above all else. EJ questions where Stefan’s family values were when he seduced Chad’s wife. Stefan asks if he really wants to go there. EJ points out that they weren’t married when he had his affair with Abigail and she was also in her right mind then. Stefan tells EJ that he’s not proud of what happened with he and Abigail. EJ relates to regretting your actions. Stefan asks if EJ regrets what he did to he and Gabi. EJ says absolutely not as he thought Dr. Rolf and Li did him a favor. Stefan says he has a lot of nerve saying that. EJ warns that Gabi will do anything for power. Stefan argues that EJ resents Gabi because she made herself in business from the bottom while EJ was born on third base and walks around like he hit a triple. EJ says it will be amusing to watch from the sidelines if Stefan and Gabi manage to take over DiMera Enterprises. EJ wonders how long it would take before Gabi starts viewing Stefan as the obstacle to her success. Stefan states that they’ve already fought that war and they realized their love is what matters most and they will run Stefano’s company the way they want. Stefan declares that the only obstacle in the way is EJ.

Xander tells Gwen that he told her how sorry he is for how he treated her. Gwen complains that she’s heard it all before and he just wants her to do whatever he wants while he secretly pines over Sarah. Gwen tells Xander that she’s over wanting him. Xander asks if her night with Alex convinced her of that. Gwen questions why Xander is still here since he said she should be running the paper. Gwen then asks if that was just another lie.

Alex gets dressed and says that Maggie wants him in the office by noon. Alex reminds Leo that he hates his guts. Leo thought they were over that. Leo tells Alex that he came up with some questions for him while he was in the shower. Leo wants to ask Alex about his budding romance with Gwen.

Gwen asks Xander if he even remembers saying that she should run the Spectator. Xander argues that he still has half interest and plans to protect it. Gwen argues that he can do that without breathing down her neck and adds that from now on, he doesn’t get to ask her what she does in her off hours. Xander complains that he came to work while Gwen started talking about last night. Gwen says that’s only because he assumed she was weeping over him all night. Xander says this is getting them nowhere which Gwen agrees with. Xander decides he’ll work from his hotel room and hopes next time they see each other, they can be civilized. Gwen shouts that it would be a refreshing change for him as Xander storms out of the office.

Johnny guesses he will try to catch up with Wendy. Li advises him to let Wendy call him because it seemed like she had something very important to talk to Tripp about. Gabi questions if she told him that. Li says he picked up on it. Gabi tells Johnny not to listen to Li and to go find Wendy if he wants to. Johnny says he’ll see them later and exits the apartment. Gabi questions why Li is giving Johnny such a hard time. Li responds that he doesn’t trust Johnny and calls him a bad influence on Wendy. Gabi remarks that Johnny influenced her to go to Jakarta and find out what Li and Dr. Rolf were doing to Stefan. Li argues that it’s not just that, but that he’s pursuing Wendy while still involved with his ex wife. Gabi insists that Johnny and Chanel are just friendly exes and there is nothing wrong with that. Li states that he still doesn’t trust him. Gabi questions Li having the nerve to judge someone on being trustworthy. Li calls it his duty to look out for his sister. Gabi says that Wendy can look out for herself. Gabi jokes that Li could just call up Dr. Rolf and have him brainwash Wendy out of caring about Johnny. Li stops Gabi and says he has something for her that she’s going to absolutely love.

Stefan tells EJ that he has to think of something nice to do for Johnny because without him, he never would’ve realized that EJ turned the tables and started drugging him. EJ argues that Johnny enjoys trying to aggravate him but he’s still his son. Stefan points out that Johnny has a lot of Brady in him too with the honesty and strong sense of what’s wrong and right. EJ points out that Sami Brady is Johnny’s mother. Stefan guesses it can skip a generation. Stefan states that he and EJ are even now and neither of them want to jeopardize DiMera, so he asks what’s next. EJ supposes that he’ll have to accept that Stefan and Gabi are intent on finding their way back together which means he’ll have to accept running DiMera with the both of them. Stefan asks if he will accept that gracefully. EJ responds that he hears he has six more months before he has to make up his mind about that as they look to the portrait of Stefano.

Tripp finishes his breakfast burrito and tells Wendy that he didn’t realize how hungry he was. They joke together and Wendy helps wipe Tripp’s face off right as Johnny arrives at the hospital and sees them together.

Li gives Gabi a present from her favorite store. Gabi opens it and finds papers inside of a business proposal. Gabi questions what Li did now. Li explains that the owner of the store is looking to partner with a fashion brand for an exclusive collection. Gabi questions if this is a joke and says it’s not funny because she lost to Gabi Chic to EJ and Li couldn’t buy it back. Li says EJ may have taken away her company but he couldn’t take away her talent. Li states that Gabi made a success out of Gabi Chic so she could do the same thing with a new company.

EJ pours drinks for he and Stefan, suggesting they toast to their new era which Stefan accepts. EJ then toasts to family and two prodigal sons joining forces to hold on to an empire.

Alex argues that Leo doesn’t know when to quit and accuses him of just trying to get dirt for his sleazy column. Leo argues that Gwen is not just his friend, but she and Xander own the paper he works for. Leo adds that Gwen would never publish anything from her own life. Leo tells Alex that Gwen is his best friend in the world and he’s already seen one Kiriakis boy use and lose her, so he won’t stand by and watch another one do it. Alex is shocked that Leo actually gives a damn about something other than himself. Leo tells him not to let that get around as he has an image to maintain. Alex assures that his secret is safe with him and so is Gwen, because they are just friends. Alex then says he has to get to work. Leo says he does too so he follows out after Alex.

Johnny approaches Wendy and Tripp. Wendy asks what he’s doing there. Johnny responds that he came to make things right. Tripp questions how he plans to do that. Johnny offers to talk to Tripp’s supervisor and tell them that he’s the one who took his ID and the lab results and that Tripp had nothing to do with it. Tripp tells Johnny to just let it go but Johnny says he can’t do that. Johnny argues that Tripp is a doctor and he got him in trouble and messed with his reputation which was wrong. Tripp says all he got was a slap on the wrist, so it will die down unless Johnny goes to speak with his supervisor which will stir it all up again. Tripp tells Johnny that the best thing he can do for him is to just drop it.

Gabi questions Li thinking she will just drop everything and start a new fashion line with a local department store. Li points out that the CEO of the store is serious about growing their business and Gabi would be perfect for it. Gabi argues about how much work even the pitch would take. Li insists it would be worth it and that they are dying to hear from her. Gabi says she can’t even think of a name for the label right now. Li says he’s been thinking about that and suggests Haus of Shin or Gabi Shin Originals. Gabi stops him so Li agrees to table the discussion for now, but insists it could be a huge opportunity for her. Gabi argues that he thinks he can just dangle something in front of her and she’ll forget about the CEO position at DiMera or Stefan. Gabi tells Li to forget it. Li complains that’s not what he’s doing and he’s on her side. Li reminds her that EJ swindled her out of Gabi Chic and won’t let her near DiMera. Li says he can’t get back what she lost but he can help her reclaim herself as an entrepreneur. Li insists that he believes in her. Li then gets a text and says he has to go. Li asks Gabi to look over the proposal and if it sparks something in her, she already has an in so if she wants to use it, it’s up to her. Li then exits the apartment.

Stefan asks EJ if his text was DiMera business. EJ says in a matter of speaking. Stefan decides he will get to the office as there’s a lot of work to be done now that they are working together. EJ says he won’t be long. Stefan stops and questions EJ sending a text about DiMera business but not telling him what it is and he’s going to be late to the office but not telling him why. EJ assures that he has nothing to worry about from him. Stefan says they’ll see about that and then exits the mansion. EJ approaches the portrait of Stefano and says that Stefan thinks he has his guard up now, but he can still destroy him and he’ll never see the fin break the water because Stefan wasn’t taught by the best like he was.

Leo returns to the Spectator’s office as Gwen is on the phone, complaining about Julie’s Place canceling an ad. Gwen hangs up and complains about Leo being late. Leo asks why she’s so stressed. Gwen says she’s trying to publish and edit a digital news source that needs to turn a profit to survive. Leo remarks that it sounds like someone needs another marathon night in the sack with her new boyfriend.

Alex and Xander run in to each other in the town square. Alex tells him to keep walking. Xander tells Alex to stay the hell away from Gwen. Alex asks what he’s going to do about it if he doesn’t. Xander warns that he doesn’t want to find out. Alex questions what’s with him and if it’s that Xander doesn’t want Gwen but no one else can have her. Xander argues that he knows nothing about he and Gwen. Xander warns Alex to stay away from Gwen or he’ll make him pay. Alex asks if he’ll dress up like a clown again and drag him off to Victor’s gardening shed. Alex then remarks that Xander only does that to women who can’t defend themselves. Xander asks how Alex likes working for Maggie. Alex responds that they both can’t stand him. Xander laughs at Alex thinking he had the CEO job. Alex reminds Xander of when he got passed up for Philip. Alex remarks that Philip was Victor’s son while he only kept Xander around out of the goodness of his heart. Xander calls Alex a spoiled, cocky little pissant. Xander warns that he cares a lot about Gwen and he’s seen the way Alex treats women. Alex argues that Gwen doesn’t need him staking his claim to her. Alex adds that Gwen is a grown woman, capable of choosing who she wants to be with. Xander gives Alex one last warning to stay away from Gwen or he will regret it. Xander then walks away.

Gwen tells Leo that he’s as bad as Xander and reveals that she had to tell him that Alex is not the love of her life, but that they just had one night. Leo is excited that Gwen told Xander that she slept with his cousin and asks how he took it. Gwen admits he wasn’t thrilled. Leo calls this perfect since Gwen is in the perfect position to use one Kiriakis to make the other Kiriakis crazy with jealousy. Gwen responds that she’s not interested in making Xander jealous, so Leo suggests they make him suffer.

Johnny tells Tripp that he would feel better if he let him make this up to him, but if he wants him to butt out then he will. Tripp confirms that’s what he wants, so Johnny tells him that he’s just really sorry. Tripp says he has to get back to work and thanks Wendy for breakfast. Tripp then walks away. Johnny remarks that Tripp is definitely not over this and tells Wendy that he’ll be seeing her. Wendy stops him and says she appreciates Johnny trying to make it right with Tripp. Johnny says it’s the least he could do since he was so set on finding out if EJ was drugging Stefan that he took Tripp’s ID without thinking about what it might do to him or what Wendy might think of him. Wendy acknowledges that Johnny admitted he was wrong and was ready to take the blame. Wendy states that most guys wouldn’t do that, so he made her proud.

Gabi reads over the business proposal and states that she could have her very own fashion line again. Stefan shows up at the door and kisses Gabi. Gabi questions if he’s lost his mind doing that when Li could come back any second or could have spies all over the building. Stefan tells her to calm down. Gabi argues that he could have ruined everything they’ve been working for. Stefan assures that he made sure he wasn’t followed and waited until Li left the building. Gabi asks why take the chance. Stefan tells her that something happened with EJ as they had it out and agreed to start working together. Gabi questions if EJ is over Stefan drugging him then. Stefan says no way but EJ started talking about how they should call a truce and band together as brothers to protect DiMera. Gabi says it sounds like a bunch of crap. Stefan agrees but says he agreed to it because EJ needs to believe they are on good terms so that it will be easier to oust him in the long run. Gabi warns him to sleep with one eye open. Stefan assures that he knows what he’s doing and he will end up running his father’s company with the woman of his dreams. They kiss until Gabi says he can’t keep doing this because God knows what else Li could do to him after brainwashing him. Stefan promises that they are going to have everything they want and EJ will never see it coming..

Li goes to visit EJ at the DiMera Mansion. EJ apologizes for making him go around the back but says he couldn’t risk them being seen together and the gossip. EJ offers him coffee but Li says he’d rather have answers. Li says he doesn’t like being summoned, especially by the guy who fired him. EJ says he had no choice but that doesn’t mean they can’t be allies, secretly. Li questions what he’s babbling about and what sort of alliance they could possibly form. EJ responds that he was thinking of helping Li hang on to his wife. Li asks how he intends to do that. EJ says he has no idea and that’s why Li is here, but he thinks they need to come up with a plan for Li to stay married to Gabi, permanently. Li questions what’s in it for EJ. EJ calls it the satisfaction in knowing he finally succeeding in prying Gabi’s fingers off of her brother and off of their family fortune.

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Days Update Tuesday, March 14, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Eric brings Sloan breakfast in bed and says it was her first time staying at his place, so he wanted to do something special for her. Sloan calls that sweet and kisses him. Sloan says she does have one important question and asks if last night was the best sex of his life.

EJ wakes up in bed with a headache. Nicole brings him a glass of his mom’s special hangover cure.

Stefan is on the phone with Wei in the living room, apologizing for EJ’s behavior and agreeing that it’s totally unacceptable. Stefan asks if he’s given any more thought to relieving EJ of his duties. Stefan says to let him know once he’s made up his mind and hangs up. Johnny then walks in to the room.

Xander goes to the Spectator office where he finds Leo asleep at his desk. Xander questions why he’s sleeping in the office. Leo responds that he couldn’t sleep in his room because he was giving Xander and Gwen their privacy. Xander questions what he’s talking about.

Gwen wakes up in bed complaining of how much they drank last night. Gwen is then shocked to see Alex in bed next to her and questions what he’s doing in her bed. Alex responds that he won’t be offended that she forgot his name but he will be if she forgot their night of passion which Gwen questions and can’t believe it.

Eric thinks Sloan is taking Leo’s gossip column a little too seriously. Sloan tells him to just humor her and asks if last night was the best of his life. Eric calls it great so Sloan takes that as not the best. Eric says he doesn’t kiss and tell. Sloan remarks that he would if she was the best, so clearly she’s not. Eric tells her not to make this a competition and to admit they have an amazing time together. Sloan feels that not’s enough since Nicole pointed out that Leo wrote that Eric was the best sex of Sloan’s life while he never said that she was the best sex of Eric’s life. Sloan then claims that she never said that and that Leo made it up. Eric asks if she’s questioning the integrity of Leo’s “Lady Whistleblower” column. Sloan says since Eric is being evasive and coy, she demands another shot. Sloan declares that no matter how many times it takes, she’s going to prove Nicole wrong as they kiss and move on to the bed.

Nicole reminds EJ of how he made her drink this when she had a hangover and points out that it does work. EJ stops her and argues that he wasn’t hungover, he was drugged by his brother. Nicole points out that they don’t know that for sure and it could’ve been an accident. EJ assures that he switched the cups correctly, so Stefan must have switched them back. Nicole guesses Stefan knows he’s on to him then. EJ has no doubt since Johnny gave him the heads up and Stefan took full advantage.

Johnny questions Stefan trying to get EJ fired and if that’s his goal. Stefan argues that is EJ’s goal since he was a total disaster last night. Johnny calls Stefan a two face traitor and declares that it’s because he was drugging him.

Leo tells Xander not to be coy with him since when he got back to the room last night, he saw the “do not disturb” sign on the door, so he assumed that Xander took his advice and got back with Gwen so he didn’t want to interrupt their steamy reunion. Xander informs Leo that there was no reunion as they didn’t get back together. Leo notes that Xander is officially divorced from Sarah now so he questions why not make it officially official with Gwen. Xander admits he’s still in love with Sarah, so he can’t fully commit to Gwen. Leo hopes he didn’t say that to Gwen. Xander says he did because he had to be honest which Leo disagrees with. Xander questions the point of lying to her. Leo argues that it would’ve been to protect Gwen’s feelings and calls him an insensitive jerk. Leo worries that Gwen must be in agony now with her heart shattered. Xander says he feels terrible but he cares too much about Gwen to lead her on when she deserves better than that. Leo agrees and declares that he’s going to comfort Gwen and let her know that she’s too special to waste her time on Xander. Leo then stops and questions why the do not disturb sign was on the door if they weren’t having sexy time last night.

Gwen says she remembers now and it’s all coming back to her. Gwen recalls she and Alex running in to each other at the small bar and getting drunk because Xander couldn’t get over Sarah. Alex adds that he lost his job. Gwen remembers that Maggie stole his job and then they came here for a night cap. Alex adds that they had wild, hot, passionate, no holds barred sex. Gwen complains that her head is pounding. Alex thinks this was a first for him to be with a British woman. Gwen says she’s American so Alex questions her accent. Alex decides it doesn’t matter and all that matters is that she really turns him on. Alex starts kissing Gwen but she says this can’t happen again and calls it a terrible mistake.

Leo asks Xander again why the do not disturb sign was on the door. Xander supposes Gwen wanted to be left alone. Leo worries that Gwen was crying her eyes out all night long. Leo blames Xander for being honest and treating her like second fiddle to Sarah. Leo adds that now that even though Sarah left town to get away from him, he still treats Gwen like an afterthought as if she doesn’t live up to his standards which he calls completely absurd. Leo decides he’s going to see Gwen in person to stop her from doing something she might regret. Leo then storms out of the office.

Alex questions Gwen calling last night a mistake. Gwen points out that they are practically strangers and only knew each other for a few hours but just jumped right in to bed with each other. Alex blows it off as a one night stand. Gwen reminds him that she’s in love with another man. Alex states that Xander is still in love with Sarah, so Gwen used him to get back at Xander. Gwen admits she did and apologizes. Alex tells her not to be sorry and says he’s not, noting that he’s still trying to get over Stephanie and she’s with Chad, so he has no reason to feel guilty either. Alex tells Gwen that they are both single, consenting adults so what they did is perfectly normal and acceptable. Gwen agrees and says she doesn’t owe Xander anything. Alex tells her that they are free to have all the earth shattering sex they want with no regrets. Gwen agrees that it was pretty great. Alex thinks it deserves an encore as he kisses Gwen.

Stefan reminds Johnny that he tipped him off that someone was drugging him and now he’s accusing him of drugging EJ, so he questions which one it is. Johnny suggests maybe both. Stefan claims to be confused but Johnny says he’s not. Johnny tells Stefan not to try to manipulate him, reminding him that he’s a DiMera too. Johnny says after he tipped him off, he decided to get back at EJ and switch the cups on him, causing EJ to get drugged. Stefan responds that it all depends on if EJ was drugging him and asks if he’s telling him that his own brother has been plotting against him.

Nicole fills EJ in on how he called Wei old, talked about Johnny being possessed by the Devil, and then shoved Stefan. Nicole calls it hard to watch. EJ feels he will have to do major damage control now. EJ says with Wei, he’ll just express great attrition but Stefan is a whole other story. Nicole thinks there’s only one move to make with Stefan since he now knows EJ is on to him, so this is all pointless. Nicole tells EJ that it’s time for him to confront Stefan once and for all.

Sloan and Eric lay in bed together. Sloan decides she’s not going to care about Nicole or the gossip column anymore because she realizes it’s incredibly demeaning to compare with his exes when she knows she’s the best sex he’s ever had. Eric admires her self confidence while Sloan admires his impressive staying power. Sloan adds that he might have earned a pass on her retainer fee but says she’ll still charge his defense. Sloan mentions that she thinks the case will be over pretty quickly since both charges resulted from Eric pretending to be her paralegal, so she can just make those charges go away by not cooperating. Eric brings up the kidnapping charge being left. Sloan thinks she can cut a deal with Melinda Trask. Sloan then gets a text from Melinda and tells Eric that it’s bad news.

Brady and Belle eat together at the Brady Pub. Brady thanks her again for taking his case as he knows it’s going to be a lot of extra work for her. Belle thinks it’s best for her to be busy right now. Brady knows how close Belle was with Marlena and says he misses her every day. Brady adds that he thinks Marlena would be upset with the rift Belle is having with Eric right now. Belle says she just wants to eat breakfast right now. Brady says he gets her and Sami as that’s almost normal, but she and Eric have always gotten along. Belle says that was before Eric became a moody jerk. Brady thinks he’s just going through a tough time. Belle insists on not representing Eric. Brady then reveals that Eric already has a lawyer. Belle can’t believe it’s Sloan, who she calls a horrible, heartless bitch.

Sloan reveals that Eric is being charged with attempted murder since apparently that Stefan’s heart stopped while Dr. Rolf was zapping him. Eric argues that he wasn’t even there during that. Sloan says the list goes on with charges. Eric thought she said this would be easy and questions how this is even possible. Sloan reveals that it may be because of something she said.

EJ agrees with Nicole that it’s time to bring this fight out in the open. Nicole knows it’s going to get ugly because they live under the same roof. EJ says Stefan can do his worst as he’s not afraid of him but he just doesn’t want Nicole being pulled in to it. Nicole tells him not to worry about her as she can hold her own. EJ guesses there is no sense in putting this off any longer so he’ll let her know how it goes. Nicole stops him and says he needs to take a shower first to clear his mind. EJ agrees and invites her to join him as they kiss.

Stefan asks Johnny if his own brother is plotting against him. Johnny tells Stefan that he sees through him and that he’s just playing the victim. Stefan argues that he is the victim since the cup that EJ drugged was meant for him. Johnny questions him admitting to switching the cups. Stefan asks what he was supposed to do and says he was giving EJ a taste of his own medicine. Johnny doesn’t know what’s going on but says they need to figure it out since they are brothers and shouldn’t be trying to tear each other apart. Stefan questions if Johnny really thinks he should be lecturing him on brotherly love. Johnny asks what that is supposed to mean. Stefan brings up reading in the gossip column that Johnny almost slept with his twin sister’s girlfriend which led to the demise of their relationship. Johnny calls that different and argues that it’s not what happened as he declares that Allie and Chanel broke up because Allie decided to have a one night stand with Alex Kiriakis.

Alex and Gwen have another round of sex. Alex asks if she’s still having regrets. Alex suggests a round three and kisses her but Gwen says she can’t as she has to get to work. Gwen decides she will take a shower. Alex wants to get in with her but Gwen says no as she’s in a hurry. Alex decides he will make a cup of coffee then as Gwen heads to the shower. Leo then comes home, worrying about Gwen but walks in to find Alex naked and making coffee. Alex puts his underwear on and asks if Leo is okay. Leo says he just needs to catch his breath and asks what Alex is doing here. Alex says it’s not his place. Leo starts saying that his wish must have come true and starts flirting with him but Alex stops him and says that he’s not here because of him. Leo asks why he’s here naked then. Alex reminds him of who else is staying in this room. Gwen then comes out of the shower and Leo is shocked.

Belle doesn’t get it as she thought Sloan dumped Eric because she was pissed at him for getting Dr. Rolf out of jail. Brady says apparently she forgave him. Belle thought they were done with Sloan and doesn’t understand how she and Eric got together in the first place, questioning what Eric sees in her. Brady admits that she’s kind of hot. Belle complains that he’s such a man. Brady jokes that he’s been called worse. Belle argues that he can’t actually think Sloan is good for Eric. Brady assures that he doesn’t at all, but acknowledges that Sloan has been there for him when things went south. Brady adds that with his history with Kristen, he’s in no position to judge. Belle calls Sloan a nightmare and hopes that Eric at least keeps it professional this time.

Eric doesn’t get how this could be Sloan’s fault when Melinda threw the book at him. Sloan reveals that it may be because she told her to which Eric questions. Sloan explains that it was before she agreed to take his case and she was still angry with him, but she didn’t know she had such influence over Melinda. Eric blames the stupid gossip column while Sloan blames Eric’s stupid actions. Eric tells Sloan to talk Melinda out of it then. Sloan points out that Melinda has already gone to the press with it so she’s not going to back out. Eric guesses he’s screwed then but Sloan says not necessarily.

Johnny admits to Stefan that he and Allie had some real knockdown drag outs but at the end of the day, they love each other. Johnny can’t believe he has to say this, but you don’t drug your sibling to sabotage their career. Stefan knows he means well but says it’s between he and EJ. Johnny argues that it’s affecting the whole family and the company, pointing out that the stocks are down and Wei Shin is unhappy so the whole thing is a mess. Stefan says he will get it under control. Johnny says not while at war with EJ. Johnny suggests going to get EJ right now so they can hash this out now. Stefan then gets a call from Sloan, who asks if they can have a little chat.

Gwen tells Alex that she’s all done in the shower so he can take his. Alex thanks her and says there’s something seriously wrong with her friend. Alex kisses her on the cheek and then heads to the shower. Leo questions Gwen, who confirms that she and Alex had sex twice. Leo is excited for her but then says he was worried sick about her since he ran in to Xander at the office, who told him what happened so he raced over here, thinking that she would be holed up and licking her wounds but it turns out she was licking something else entirely. Gwen jokingly tells him not to be so filthy. Leo points out that she bagged two of the hottest guys in Salem in Xander and Alex. Leo calls her a queen and jokes that he both hates and respects her at the same time. Leo adds that he got a sneak peek at Alex’s main attraction which he calls epic. Gwen agrees, so Leo asks her to give him all the details.

Nicole offers to go with EJ to confront Stefan since he’s less likely to kill him with her there. EJ argues that this is not her fight but Nicole feels it is since she was Stefan’s unintended victim. Nicole adds that they are seeing each other again which makes them a team. Nicole says for them to go kick his brother’s ass. Nicole kisses EJ and then they exit the bedroom together.

Johnny pours himself a cup of coffee but then stops and says better safe than sorry as he puts it down. EJ and Nicole walk in to the living room and greet him. Johnny asks how EJ is feeling. EJ says he’s better and thanks him. EJ thanks Johnny for helping him out last night and getting him out before he made an even bigger fool of himself in front of Wei Shin. Johnny says it’s probably no surprise to him that Stefan is pushing for Wei to fire EJ. EJ confirms it’s not and asks where his backstabbing brother is. Johnny informs EJ that he just missed him. Johnny hopes EJ is not mad at him for warning Stefan, but points out that it’s like Stefan said he was just giving EJ a taste of his own medicine. EJ responds that Johnny doesn’t understand as he didn’t start the whole drugging business, Stefan did.

Belle gets Melinda’s message about going for attempted murder which upsets Brady, who argues that he wasn’t trying to murder Stefan, he was trying to help him. Eric and Sloan come downstairs. Sloan guesses they got the message from Melinda which Brady calls pretty ridiculous. Belle points out that Sloan missed a button on her top and mutters so much for keeping it professional. Eric assumes that Brady told Belle that he hired Sloan. Belle calls it one bad decision after another. Eric argues that Sloan is an excellent attorney and Belle gave him no choice. Belle admits it would be best for them to work together. Belle acknowledges that she and Sloan don’t get along but they do have a common goal in keeping Eric and Brady out of prison. Belle suggests they go around Melinda and call Stefan. Sloan then reveals that she already did as Stefan then arrives at the Pub.

Gwen starts telling Leo about how the night started but Leo says that’s not what he wants to hear. Leo says nobody cares about the setup and wants a vivid picture of Alex in bed. Gwen starts but gets interrupted by her phone. Gwen says there’s an emergency with an advertiser so she has to get to work. Gwen asks Leo to tell Alex that she had to run. Leo complains that she better give him the details later and says it will be great for his gossip column but Gwen warns him against doing that. Gwen then exits the room.

Johnny goes over that Stefan spiked EJ’s drink, EJ switched it, and then Stefan switched it back. Nicole says it’s been going on for too long. EJ explains that technically he never drugged Stefan and that Stefan had drugged himself. Johnny questions why Stefan is doing all of this in the first place. EJ suspects that Stefan holds a grudge against him for not telling him about the brainwashing. Johnny says that’s great and now they can just call it even. EJ admits he was coming to confront him but guesses he missed his chance. Nicole decides she should get to work then. Johnny mentions that he was heading out too and offers Nicole a ride which she accepts. Nicole tells EJ that she will see him tonight and exits with Johnny.

Stefan sits down with Sloan and Belle while Brady and Eric step aside. Sloan thanks Stefan for meeting them. Belle notes that she was just telling Sloan that they have a common goal. Stefan guesses that’s getting her brothers off the hook for what they did to him. Sloan realizes their methods were wreckless. Stefan complains that they kidnapped him, knocked him out, and tied him to a bed so a madman could experiment on him. Sloan points out that in the end, the experiment was a success and he’s back to the man he was. Stefan calls it still a hell of a risk that they took without his consent. Brady remarks that he’s one to talk about consent. Belle tells him to let them handle this. Sloan admits what their clients did was extreme but repeats that in the end, it all worked out for the best. Sloan asks Stefan to please not press charges. Stefan responds that as much as he hates to admit it, in the end, they did him a favor. Stefan tells them to consider the charges dropped. Brady and Eric come back over and thank Stefan. Stefan tells them to thank their lawyers and then exits the Pub. Belle and Sloan then agree that they still can’t stand each other.

Gwen goes to the Spectator office where Xander says he didn’t think she was coming in today. Gwen says she heard there was a problem with an advertiser. Xander says he was about to take care of it but Gwen says she’s here now, so she can. Xander adds that he’s happy to cover it if she wants to take the day off. Gwen questions why she would do that. Xander tells her that she doesn’t have to put up a front with him and mentions that Leo was just here, so he feels terrible that she spent the night all alone crying in her room. Gwen then reveals to Xander that she wasn’t alone as she was busy hitting the sheets with his cousin, Alex.

Alex comes out of the shower and asks where Gwen is. Leo responds that she had to go to work so it’s just them. Alex says that’s good because he wanted a moment alone with him. Leo excitedly says he did too but Alex says he has a bone to pick with the guy who ruined his career.

Brady sits back down with Belle and tells her that breakfast is on him after she just saved his life. Belle is thankful that Stefan was willing to listen to reason. Brady remarks that Belle and Sloan make a pretty good team so maybe they should put a firm together. Belle asks who would then represent her when she throws Sloan out the woman. Belle assures there will be no more teaming up with Sloan as she still loathes her and wishes Eric would stay away from her.

Johnny and Nicole walk through the town square. Nicole apologizes for lying to Johnny and Wendy about what was going on. Johnny jokes that she’s not the first person to keep a secret for EJ. Johnny acknowledges Nicole and EJ are getting pretty close, so he asks if that means she’s over Eric. Nicole then sees Eric and Sloan walking through the town square together in the distance. Nicole tells Johnny that she’s getting there.

EJ sits in the living room and tells the portrait of Stefano that he’s sure he doesn’t approve of all this in-fighting but whether he likes it or not, there’s going to be a reckoning between he and Stefan. Stefan then comes home and enters the room.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Update Monday, March 13, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Gwen goes to the Bistro and starts drinking. Alex arrives and asks if she had a bad day. Gwen calls it the worst. Alex tells her to join the club as he sits at her table. Gwen points out that she didn’t invite him to sit there and questions why he is here. Alex responds that members of the bad day club have to stick together. Gwen supposes she can’t argue with that. Alex and Gwen officially introduce themselves. Gwen comments that they have so many people in common already. Alex asks who put her in such a rotten mood. Gwen responds that it was his rotten cousin, Xander.

At the Titan office, Maggie tells Xander that she’s sorry his talk with Gwen didn’t go so well. Maggie asks if it was bad business wise or relationship wise. Xander says it was both and he made Gwen so angry that he doesn’t think there’s any relationship left.

Johnny guesses he will have to confront EJ because you can’t do something that underhanded and expect to get away with it. Tripp then comes home and asks if Johnny means like what he just did to him. Johnny questions where his anger is coming from. Wendy says she doesn’t get it either and asks what Tripp thinks Johnny did to him. Tripp responds that he knows exactly what Johnny did and he can’t dodge this one, because he has the receipts.

Li and Gabi sit together for dinner. Li asks if she had fun at the Van Gogh exhibit. Gabi responds that she’s not going to complain about seeing Van Gogh paintings up close. Li compliments her until Gabi asks if they are really going to keep doing this. Li reminds her that going to the exhibit was her idea after he found her with Stefan, so he thought she was making amends. Gabi says she was making the best of a situation and didn’t know dinner was going to be a part of it. Li asks what’s wrong with dinner. Gabi claims she’s not hungry. Li insists that she loves the steak here. Gabi questions if he thinks she’ll just let go of Stefan and love him again at the end of their six months deal. Li says that’s right but points out that things can happen a lot sooner than that.

EJ, Nicole, Stefan, and Wei Shin toast their drinks. EJ thinks back to switching he and Stefan’s drinks after Stefan drugged his. Stefan then thinks back to switching he and EJ’s drinks back. EJ remarks that this feels like it’s going to be a night to remember. Stefan comments that he couldn’t have said it better himself.

Alex hopes Gwen doesn’t hold it against him that he and Xander are related even though blood is the only bond they have, especially after the whole kidnapping mess. Gwen doesn’t want to talk about that. Gwen adds that Xander’s actual crimes are the least of her issues with him. Gwen states that Xander tried to be good in his own way. Xander asks if she tried to be good too and how that’s working out for her. Gwen asks what he thinks. Alex says it seems to him that in a weird way, she and Xander are a pretty damn good match. Gwen responds that it’s not the match that Xander wants despite the fact that Sarah wants nothing to do with him, Xander will never stop loving her.

Xander tells Maggie that he realized he was leading Gwen on which he didn’t want to do. Xander really thought that once he saw the final divorce decree, he would finally accept that he and Sarah are over for good. Maggie doesn’t think it works that way. Xander confirms that his feelings didn’t miraculously disappear, so he can’t lie to Gwen about that even if Sarah hates him. Maggie encourages that Sarah doesn’t hate him, she’s just done with him. Maggie warns Xander to get over Sarah or he could end up alone.

Gabi complains that Li needs to listen when people tell him things as she repeats she doesn’t love him, noting that he keeps saying he’s going to win her back and is starting to sound delusional. Li calls it being hopeful while Gabi calls it a pipe dream and a chore. Li suggests she look at it like the quality time they are spending is him doing her a favor since the more time she spends with him, the less time she spends fighting her temptation to be with Stefan. Li reminds Gabi that if she caves, she loses out on all his DiMera shares. Li questions if one night of nostalgia with Stefan is really worth that.

Stefan talks to Wei about finding a new start up company in South Africa that is hungry for investors. EJ says he must have missed the memo on this. Stefan says he was going to brief him in the morning. Nicole guesses it was a misunderstanding. Stefan remarks that he’s sure EJ was caught off guard, just like he was caught off guard by Wei joining them for dinner tonight so now they are even. EJ decides to go check on dinner and invites Nicole to join him since she had a request for the chef. EJ and Nicole step out and complain about Stefan trying to win Wei Shin’s favor. EJ points out Stefan saying they were even and says they only will be after the drugs kick in and Stefan starts making a fool of himself which Nicole says should be any minute now.

Back in the living room, Wei praises Stefan for his work on the start up company in South Africa and says that he seems to be on top of things. Stefan notes that he sounds surprised. Wei reveals that he had a conversation earlier with EJ, who worried that Stefan was still feeling the effects of what Dr. Rolf put him through. Stefan says he appreciates EJ’s concern but assures that he’s perfectly fine…

Alex and Gwen drink shots. Alex suggests maybe Xander will come around. Gwen says she has told herself that so many times. Alex comments that feelings are weird and sometimes they can take a little while to sort out. Gwen informs Alex that Xander said once he sees the divorce decree, reality would set in. Alex guesses that’s not what happened. Gwen says reality set in for her, not him. Alex asks if Xander told her that he doesn’t want to be with her. Gwen responds that Xander said he still loves Sarah and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get over her. Alex tells her that he’s sorry to hear. Gwen adds that the worst part is that Xander was trying not to hurt her by saying it’s not fair to lead her on while still have feelings for Sarah. Alex guesses that’s honorable but Gwen disagrees and argues that she’s the best thing to ever happen to Xander and he’ll never know. Gwen starts calling for another refill but Alex decides the next round is on him. Gwen says she’s been going on about herself and hasn’t even asked why Alex is here and so miserable. Gwen guesses it has to do with a lady. Alex confirms he did ruin things with the best thing he ever had in his life but says that’s not the reason he’s here tonight. Alex declares that he’s here tonight because of Sarah Horton’s mother.

Xander asks why he’s telling Sarah’s mother all of this. Maggie suggests maybe he expects her to get in touch with Sarah and let her know that he still loves her. Xander says no unless she wants to. Maggie reminds him that she wished they worked it out, but she learned her lesson. Maggie says she made her feelings clear to Sarah but she’s going to stay out of it. Xander understands he’s lost Sarah and has driven Gwen away. Xander remarks that it seems he can’t help but hurt the women in his life. Maggie says there seems to be a lot of that going around..

Wendy questions what this is about. Johnny is sure it’s nothing. Tripp explains that Johnny came asking for his help with some lab results for EJ but he couldn’t help him, so Johnny stole his ID, impersonated him, and stole the results from the lab. Wendy questions that being how Johnny got those results. Tripp complains that Johnny put his reputation on the line all because he and his family think they are always above the rules.

Stefan comments on knowing how much Wei admired Stefano. Wei talks about his drive being unmatched and never letting anyone get the best of him. Stefan says that’s why he’s trying to follow in his father’s footsteps. On the other side of the room, EJ complains to Nicole about Stefan trying to impress Wei. EJ remarks that Stefan will get what’s coming to him soon. EJ decides they will go join them to see how things are progressing. EJ stumbles. Nicole tells EJ good job on making Stefan thinking he’s drugged but suggests toning it down a little. EJ then asks if it’s a little warm in the room as Stefan watches on. Wei is glad EJ threw this dinner party as he gave him a chance to emphasize the importance of raising their stock price. Nicole assures that it’s all EJ is thinking about. Stefan adds that EJ is doing everything in his power that no mistakes happen again. Nicole adds that EJ is using this opportunity to make changes within this company. Stefan says he’s produced a new program to teach all employees media strategy and he’s sure EJ is on board. EJ tries to speak but Stefan says he’s not finished. Stefan talks about being sure that the culture is going to change. EJ yells at Stefan to stop talking and says that Wei heard him the first time, remarking that he’s old, not deaf.

Maggie asks if Xander distancing himself from Gwen means he’s quitting the Spectator. Xander says Gwen doesn’t want him there. Maggie reminds him that he owns half of it. Xander admits that it’s Gwen’s legacy, not his. Maggie points out that means he’s unemployed again. Xander assures that he’ll find a legal way. Maggie then suggests Xander take over for Alex at Titan and says she wouldn’t complain.

Alex informs Gwen that Maggie got the job that he was expecting at Titan. Gwen asks if he has a problem answering to strong women. Alex responds that he loves strong women so gender is not the problem, but that job should be his and he should be on the cover of the Spectator with his plans for the company. Gwen asks why isn’t it him then. Alex explains that Victor got wind of some gossip about his extra curricular activities which Gwen laughs at. Gwen admits that she is the new lead at the Spectator and Leo is her gossip columnist. Gwen asks what the big deal is since Alex is handsome, charming, and rich, so why shouldn’t have a romp with two beautiful and willing women. Alex likes the way she thinks but says Victor is old school. Gwen questions if Maggie is really best for the job and if Victor thinks she’s CEO material. Alex thanks her and is excited that someone else sees his point. Gwen thinks he will have to follow Maggie’s orders to get what he wants. Gwen tells him not to cause trouble and he gets to live a fabulous life. Alex wishes he was told that yesterday.

Wendy brings up that Johnny just said he has his ways when she asked how he got the test results. Tripp accuses him of identity theft. Wendy asks Johnny about it. Tripp says they don’t have to believe him, they can just call the lab director who called him, looking for his lost badge. Wendy asks what he said. Tripp explains that he figured out someone unauthorized got those reports. Wendy asks if Johnny is going to say something. Johnny then admits he used Tripp’s badge to get the results. Tripp reminds him that it’s illegal. Johnny argues that they needed answers because he and Wendy are trying to help someone. Tripp asks if he’s actually throwing Wendy under the bus. Wendy questions why Johnny lied to her about how he got the results. Tripp declares that Johnny knew how she would react and he’s too much of a coward to be honest.

Li recalls he and Gabi’s last dinner where they ordered the most expensive bottle of wine. Li remembers it as one of the best nights of his life and says he never felt closer to anyone. Li can tell Gabi remembers too. Gabi stops him and says she knows what he’s trying to do. Li asks if it’s working.

EJ apologizes to Wei for his outburst and blames himself for what happened to the stock. Wei understands it’s frustrating. Nicole encourages that the frustration will be gone once he gets the price up. EJ says dinner should be ready and suggests they eat. Wei and Stefan head to the kitchen. Nicole talks to EJ about how he’s supposed to pretend to be impaired, not insult Wei Shin. EJ says he didn’t mean to say that and he doesn’t know what happened, just Stefan got under his skin. Nicole notes that EJ looks sweaty. EJ says it’s warm in here but Nicole says it’s not. Nicole asks if he’s sure he switched the correct drinks with Stefan because Stefan is acting fine while EJ seems off. EJ insists he’s fine and that the drugs will kick in on Stefan soon so they are going to dinner where Stefan will prove he’s unfit by going face first in to his soup so they head to the kitchen.

Xander questions Maggie about Alex undercutting her authority and still having a job. Maggie says she let him off with a warning since he was only being passionate about something he believes in. Alex argues that she can’t have insubordination in her ranks. Maggie admits that she didn’t want to become CEO and fire the only other Kiriakis in the company on her first day. Maggie wishes she had a Kiriakis she could count on…

Alex tells Gwen that he wasn’t just going to let Maggie shut the door on Bella so he took his concerns to Victor. Gwen goes over that Alex went behind his boss’s back to her husband. Alex guesses he’s not a team player. Gwen can’t find one person in his family who is and says they all go after what they want, consequences be damned. Alex asks how Gwen was raised. Gwen responds that she mostly raised herself but it doesn’t seem like either of them have gotten what they want. Alex and Gwen toast to misery as they drink another shot. Alex then asks if Gwen wants to get out of here.

Johnny apologizes for getting Tripp in trouble but says that he gave him no choice since he asked for help but he didn’t want to give it to him, so he borrowed his badge for ten minutes. Wendy argues that he stole it. Johnny asks if Wendy thinks what EJ is doing to Stefan is okay then. Wendy argues that both are wrong and adds that Johnny knew this was wrong, or he wouldn’t have kept it from her. Wendy tells Johnny to go and questions what they have if she can’t trust him. Johnny says he’ll text her tomorrow when she’s had time to think about this and understands. Johnny then exits the apartment. Tripp apologizes to Wendy and asks if she’s okay. Wendy responds that Allie warned her about how impulsive and selfish Johnny could be and guesses she’s still trying to learn what that means.

EJ, Nicole, Stefan, and Wei return to the living room after dinner. Stefan offers to get everyone coffee and drugs EJ’s cup. As Stefan talks to Wei, EJ switches he and Stefan’s cups. Afterwards, as EJ and Nicole talk to Wei, Stefan switches the cups back. EJ suggests Stefan show Wei the sculpture he purchased at an auction. Stefan notes that their father actually owned it in the 60s. After Stefan and Wei leave the room, Nicole asks if EJ drugged him again. EJ suggests maybe he didn’t get enough in the first drink, but this time he’s going down..

Gabi calls Li’s flirting shameless. Li says he was just remembering what it was like to be in bed with her and hoping she would forget about Stefan. Gabi admires his persistence. Li asks what else she admires about him. Gabi then calls for the check but Li says they can’t leave yet since he pre-ordered dessert. Gabi says they can get it to go, so Li asks if she just wants to go back home like last time.

Tripp apologizes to Wendy for being hard on Johnny. Wendy says that Johnny had it coming and Tripp had every right to be pissed. Tripp complains that it was his first day back at the hospital and he wanted everything to be perfect. Tripp felt it was his responsibility to honor Kayla’s memory. Wendy is sure she would be proud. Tripp knows he’ll never be as good of a doctor as Kayla was but it’s important to him to not stain her reputation or disappoint Steve while he’s still grieving. Wendy insists that he did nothing wrong today so Tripp thanks her. Wendy says she’s really sorry that Johnny put him in this position. Wendy adds that if she knew what he was going to do, she would’ve stopped him.

Stefan and Wei return to the living room. EJ suggests Stefan share numbers for the South Africa project with Wei. Stefan asks if he’s sure he wants him to do that now. EJ asks why not. Johnny then comes home. EJ over excitedly greets Johnny and begins introducing him to Wei, while Nicole tries to ask if they can talk. EJ talks up Wei to Johnny and brings up the Devil possession. Nicole interrupts and says there’s been a mistake so they need to talk. EJ remarks that the only mistake he sees is two CEOs. Johnny asks if EJ is alright. Stefan tells EJ that he doesn’t know what’s going on but he needs to go lie down before he embarrasses himself any further. EJ asks Stefan who he thinks he is. Stefan says that EJ is clearly messed up, so EJ shoves him to the shock of Wei, Nicole, and Johnny. EJ says that was clearly not supposed to happen. Nicole says that EJ didn’t sleep much and was up all night working. EJ whispers to Nicole that he knows he switched it. Nicole says that EJ just needs to freshen up and takes him out of the room. Johnny follows them out. Stefan apologizes to Wei for EJ’s behavior and claims he has no idea what’s going on.

Tripp and Wendy get close until Li and Gabi come home. Li asks if they were interrupting something. Wendy says no and they were just talking, then asks where they were. Gabi says they brought dinner. Wendy goes to help get it ready while Tripp sits with Li. Li tries to convince Tripp to take the couch so he can take his room but Wendy says he’s not interested. Tripp says if the living situation is too much, he can always go back to his dad’s, but Wendy says she loves having him here so her brother is just going to have to get used to the couch.

Xander comments that it seems Maggie is wrestling with an impossible question as to rely on the Kiriakis who lied to her about going behind her back to her husband or rely on the Kiriakis who lied to her daughter after his ill-fated kidnapping scheme. Maggie says that’s why she’s the CEO, getting paid to make those tough calls. Maggie says most people would think it’s an easy call since Alex may not be the most reliable, but he’s not a felon. Xander points out that she’s not most people. Maggie agrees that she’s not and actually thinks Xander did a pretty good job when he was in charge a few years ago. Xander says it’s fun to imagine them taking on the corporate world and defying expectations, but they both know Victor wouldn’t sign off on it. Maggie declares that she is the CEO, so Victor doesn’t get a say about Alex or Xander.

Gwen brings Alex home to her room at the Salem Inn. Alex questions her living here with Leo Stark and complains that Leo cost him his job at Titan. Gwen jokes that it’s a good thing Leo isn’t home then. Gwen brings up that they came here for a night cap so she pours them drinks. Alex asks if that’s the only thing they came for.

Nicole and Johnny help EJ to his bedroom as EJ says this doesn’t make sense what is happening to him. Nicole doesn’t know how but says Stefan must have switched the drinks. EJ questions how and why. EJ guesses this was Stefan’s plan all along but asks how he figured it out. Johnny realizes this might be his fault which Nicole questions. Johnny argues that they said Stefan was on drugs and that didn’t sit right with him, so he got his hands on the test results from the vial and he thought they were drugging Stefan. EJ questions if he told him. Johnny says he didn’t say it was him. EJ worries that he’s now ruined as he falls back on to his bed.

Wei brings up that EJ warned him that Stefan was still feeling the effects of what Dr. Rolf put him through, but clearly EJ is the one they should be worried about. Stefan appreciates his concern but says EJ is resilient. Wei tells him that he has no obligation to defend family members as their obligation is to the shareholders. Stefan agrees and says sometimes he’s too loyal for his own good. Stefan then tells Wei that he has been worried about EJ ever since the death of his mother. Wei says clearly his worries have been justified. Stefan asks what he can do since they are equals. Wei says perhaps not for long.

Tripp and Wendy step outside while Gabi strips down to her nightgown which takes Li’s breath away. Li calls the outfit incredible. Gabi responds that it’s not for him, but for six months from now when she can finally sleep with the man she loves. Li guesses this is her torturing him then. Gabi says it’s because he tortured her. Li says it was just an incredible meal. Gabi says she’ll just go to her bed all alone where she will dream all about Stefan. Gabi tells Li to have a good night on the couch and heads to her room.

Xander asks if Victor can’t stop Maggie from bringing him in to replace Alex. Xander then jokes that now she’d just have to go down the list of the other four thousand reasons it’d be a terrible idea for her to do that. Maggie says she’ll get to work on that right away but she needs to go home. Xander says he just needs to send a quick text so Maggie says she’ll meet him in the hallway. Xander thanks her for listening to his stupid mistakes and standing by him anyways. Xander calls her a very loyal person. Maggie says who knows, maybe she’ll be asking for that loyalty in return pretty soon. Maggie then exits the office. Xander texts Gwen that he’s sorry about today and hopes she’s doing alright.

Alex moves towards Gwen but she steps back and suggests they just enjoy that drink. Alex says you can’t blame a guy for trying. Gwen then gets Xander’s text. Gwen then agrees with Alex, who asks if she’s okay. Gwen says she’s not okay and suggests changing that. Gwen then rips Alex’s shirt open and begins kissing him. Gwen removes Alex’s shirt fully as they continue kissing.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Update Friday, March 10, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nicole joins EJ in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. EJ asks her which drink she wants. Nicole says both after the day she had but not yet because their work day isn’t finished yet. Nicole thinks EJ may have a problem. EJ asks what happened. Nicole informs him that she ran in to Johnny in the park and overheard him talking to Wendy. Nicole adds that she doesn’t know how they figured it out but they suspect he is the one drugging Stefan.

At the hospital, Tripp is on the phone with Steve. Tripp says being back at the hospital without Kayla feels wrong and sad, but he wants to do his best to live up to her standard. Tripp says his first day is going okay so far and it’s like he never left. Tripp finishes the call and hangs up as Johnny arrives at the hospital. Johnny tells Tripp that he came to see him.

Alex is at the Titan office, on the phone with Victor. Alex tells Victor about he and Maggie not seeing eye to eye on the future of Bella Magazine, so he was hoping Victor would hear his input before making any major decisions.

Xander returns to the Spectator office and tells Gwen that he wants to talk about them. Gwen is surprised as she thought that would be the last thing he would want to talk about after the way he rushed out. Xander admits that was wrong and cowardly. Gwen understands that she kissed him impulsively and says she just got caught up over the numbers. Xander tells her that she doesn’t have to explain or apologize but he does. Gwen tells him it’s fine but he tells her to let him speak. Xander explains that when he found out his divorce papers were lost, he thought maybe fate was telling him that there was still hope and he knows it’s naïve to hold out hope but that’s what he’s doing which is why he cannot even consider a romantic relationship with Gwen until he knows for sure that his divorce is final. Xander adds that he understands if that’s not okay with her.

Wendy answers the door at her apartment to see her father, Wei Shin. She asks if he came to check up on her. Wei mentions going to the Brady Pub and hearing that Li was living here now. Wendy confirms that Li and Gabi moved in yesterday. Wei questions if Li is still abiding by that ridiculous contract with a woman who doesn’t love him. Wendy suggests taking that up with Li but he’s not home right now. Wei questions someone sleeping on the sofa and if they don’t have enough bedrooms for the three of them. Wendy then reveals that there are four of them because her friend Tripp has moved in.

Johnny comments on hearing Tripp was working at the hospital again which he confirms. Tripp tells Johnny that if this is about Wendy, he has nothing to worry about as there is nothing romantic going on between them and they are just friends. Johnny says he knows because Wendy told him that and he trusts her. Johnny adds that he’s not here about Wendy, but about EJ.

EJ tells Nicole that he could have sworn that Johnny and Wendy believed him when he spoke to them. Nicole says that by the time she got to them, they were questioning Stefan using drugs and wondering if EJ was drugging him. EJ wonders how they figured it out. Nicole doesn’t think they did and that it was just conjecture. EJ asks how she reacted. Nicole says she lied her ass off and even told them that she was there when the investigator told him that Stefan’s fingerprints were on the vial and they seemed to buy it. Nicole hopes they did as they agree that if Johnny knew the truth, he could ruin everything.

Tripp asks Johnny if EJ is alright. Johnny says he’s fine but he did get some tests taken for some DiMera business, so he wondered if he could get a copy of the results. Tripp is afraid he can’t help him as the rules state he would still need written authorization from EJ. Johnny claims that EJ sent him to get the test results for him to save time and questions having to go back to get EJ’s signature. Tripp says he’s sorry but he doesn’t make the rules and he’d prefer not to break any on his first day back.

Wei questions Wendy about living with a guy who is not a boyfriend. Wendy confirms that to be true and reveals that she is seeing Johnny DiMera. Wei questions why he didn’t know that. Wendy says she wasn’t hiding anything but they just started casually dating after being friends for awhile. Wendy knows Johnny isn’t a doctor or a lawyer and he’s not Chinese. Wei says he doesn’t care about that. Wei brings up Li turning his whole world upside down for Gabi while Wendy is cementing their family legacy at the company by being involved with the family heir to DiMera Enterprises. Wei congratulates Wendy and says he’s so proud of her.

EJ questions why Johnny and Wendy have to dig in to every irregularity they come across. Nicole says now that EJ has to figure out a way to assure Johnny that there is no mystery here. Nicole encourages that it’s just because Johnny is worried about him. EJ argues that Johnny is worried about Stefan without knowing what Stefan’s been doing to him. EJ adds that Stefan drugged his water at the office earlier but he was able to switch the bottles. Nicole asks how it affected him. EJ is not sure since he skipped out early again to see Gabi. EJ calls it the second wasted opportunity for Stefan to make a fool of himself at DiMera. Stefan then comes home and says he didn’t miss cocktail hour this time. Stefan then stumbles so EJ and Nicole rush to check on him. Stefan says he just got a little lightheaded. Nicole sits him down and gets him some water. Stefan talks about not knowing why he’s so out of it. EJ blames what Dr. Rolf did to him and it’s side effects or suggests there’s a flu going around. Stefan calls it strange and decides he will go upstairs, splash water on his face, and lay down. EJ tells him to feel better as Stefan then heads upstairs. EJ comments to Nicole that it seems the drug is having it’s effects. Nicole asks how long this is going to go on. EJ says as long as it takes. Nicole argues that if no one at DiMera sees Stefan like this, then it’s all for nothing. EJ responds that Nicole just gave him a brilliant idea.

Alex thanks Victor and says he knew he would see things his way as he hangs up. Maggie comes back and asks if she wasn’t clear that it’s not Alex’s chair anymore. Alex jumps up and apologizes. Maggie mentions that she went downstairs to inform the Bella staff that she is terminating the magazine but they were gone for the day, so she guesses she’ll have to do it tomorrow which Alex says sounds like a plan. Maggie remarks that she’s glad he approves. Maggie hopes that Alex respects her decision. Alex knows he’s the ex-CEO and points out that the only person with authority over her now is Victor. Maggie then gets a call from Victor and asks what she can do for him.

Gwen tells Xander that if he thinks there might be a chance for them, then of course she’s willing to wait. Gwen tells Xander that she loves him and understands if he needs to know that his marriage is over before he can move on. Leo enters and presents Xander with his final divorce decree. Xander questions how he got it so quickly. Leo says he was sweet talking the the guy with the records and he didn’t want to end up in his gossip column, so he expedited the papers. Xander questions him just giviing it to Leo. Leo asks if he’s doubting his charms. Leo then explains that he knew Xander was his boss, so he told him how eager Xander was to move on with his life and now he most certainly can. Xander doesn’t know what to say. Leo suggests thanking him so he does. Leo adds that now that Xander is finally free of Sarah, they can finally celebrate. Leo knows that Sarah rejected Xander and it still hurts, but reminds Xander that Sarah didn’t appreciate that everything he did was so he could support her and she responded by ratting him out to Bonnie and Justin and dumping his ass, while Gwen put her ass on the line for him and sacrificed her relationship with her father to take Xander’s side because that’s how much she cares about him. Gwen tells Leo he doesn’t need to. Leo knows he doesn’t have to sell her to him. Leo tells Xander that no one in his life will ever be as dedicated and loyal as Gwen. Leo adds that if he were Xander, he’d already have a ring on Gwen’s finger.

Maggie thanks Victor for calling and says she really appreciates his insight on this. Maggie hangs up and Alex asks what he wanted. Maggie responds that Victor wanted to talk to her about Bella. Alex asks what he said. Maggie reveals that Victor fully supports her decision to shut down the magazine which catches Alex by surprise. Maggie adds that she was curious how Victor even knew about her decision since she just made it today and Alex was the only one she discussed it with. Alex asks if she thinks he said something to Victor. Maggie then reveals that she knows he did because Victor told her so.

Tripp tells Johnny that if EJ wants his test results, he will have to come get them himself. Tripp adds that he has to go and walks off. Johnny says thanks for nothing and wonders how he’s going to figure out if his dad is lying to him. Johnny then notices that Tripp left his name badge behind, so he grabs it.

Wendy questions Wei approving of something she’s doing. Wendy asks what if she doesn’t care that Johnny is the DiMera heir. Wei says she doesn’t have to care, but he does. Wendy points out that Johnny doesn’t even want to follow in EJ’s footsteps, he wants to make movies. Wei argues that he’s still a DiMera and the heir apparent. Wei says the more time she spends with the DiMeras, the stronger their position will be.

Nicole asks EJ what his brilliant idea is. EJ brings up that Wei Shin is in town for a meeting. Nicole sees where he’s going now. EJ decides he will call Wei. Wei asks what he can do for him. EJ says it’s been a long time since they’ve broke bread, so he invites him over to the DiMera Mansion to dine with his co-CEOs. Wei agrees to be there immediately and they hang up. EJ informs Nicole that Wei is on his way, so now all they have to do is wait for the fireworks.

Wei goes to leave Wendy’s apartment right as Johnny arrives. Wei and Johnny greet each other. Wei notes that Wendy said some very good things about him. Wei says he will give them some privacy as he then exits. Johnny hopes he didn’t chase him off. Wendy assures that he didn’t and asks what’s up. Johnny wondered if she had a minute to take a look at something. Johnny reveals that he got in to the lab and got a copy of the test results EJ ordered on the drug but he has no idea what he’s looking for. Wendy questions how he got this. Johnny says he has his ways. Wendy says she’s an expert in cyber so she will cross search it in the dark web. Wendy gets a hit and says that EJ said it was some kind of recreational street drug but reveals it’s a rare drug that induces euphoria with a lot of nasty side effects. Johnny asks if she’s saying his dad lied to him. Wendy says she’s sorry but she thinks so.

EJ tells Nicole that this is perfect because when Stefan tries to drug him at dinner, he will turn the tables on him and then Stefan will make a fool of himself in front of Wei Shin. Nicole calls Wei the best person to witness his foolishness. EJ adds that Wei is notoriously thin on patience so Stefan could be unemployed by tomorrow. Nicole hopes so but asks if he really wants to do this under Mr. Shin’s nose since there’s more people that could witness him switching the drinks. EJ assures it’s a risk he’s willing to take. EJ adds that if the truth ever does come out, he didn’t drug anyone and it’s all on Stefan so his hands are clean.

Maggie tells Alex that according to Victor, Alex told him that she didn’t have enough experience to make it an informed decision. Maggie questions what he meant by calling to give Victor a heads up that his incompetent wife was making an uninformed decision. Alex says he definitely didn’t say that. Maggie asks if he seriously thought Victor would overrule her, side with him over his own wife, and not tell her that he went behind her back. Alex argues that he just strongly believes in the magazine and it’s nothing personal. Maggie brings up reminding him twice today that the CEO chair no longer belongs to him. Maggie declares that she is his boss and the CEO of this company. Alex says he respects that. Maggie questions if he does because his behavior says otherwise. Maggie adds that if Alex can’t accept the fact that she has the job that he thinks he’s entitled to, then he can resign now.

Leo decides his work is done and leaves Xander and Gwen to be alone. Gwen tells Xander that she’s sorry that Leo put Xander on the spot like that and assures that she didn’t put him up to it but admits he did have a few valid points. Xander agrees that Gwen did put everything on the line for him and sacrificed her own happiness to try and make it work for he and Sarah. Xander says he’s incredibly grateful for that and could never thank her enough but he thought in time, things would become clearer. Xander knows he promised her an answer when his divorce was final, but the truth is he’s still in love with Sarah and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get over her. Xander adds that Gwen deserves someone who is going to love her with their whole heart. Xander tells Gwen that he’s sorry but he doesn’t think they can be together, at least not right now.

Johnny tells Wendy that it was bad enough thinking EJ or Stefan were using drugs but now thinking EJ is drugging Stefan after everything that Stefan has been through. Johnny wonders what that could do if EJ gets caught. Wendy points out that they still don’t know what’s going on and brings up Nicole saying Stefan’s fingerprints were on the vial. Johnny argues that they don’t know that for sure now since Nicole is sleeping with EJ, so she’d lie for him in a heartbeat. Wendy remembers that EJ called her dad and invited him over for dinner. Wendy wonders if EJ is planning to drug Stefan to get him to make a fool of himself in front of Wei. Johnny believes that’s exactly the plan. Johnny decides that he’s not going to just sit here and do nothing about it. Johnny then calls Stefan and says he hates to tell him this, but he thinks somebody might be drugging him.

Wei Shin arrives at the DiMera Mansion. EJ brings him in to the living room to Nicole. Wei praises Nicole doing an excellent job at Basic Black but mentions hearing that her co-CEO was arrested for kidnapping. Nicole says they are confident the charges will be dropped. EJ adds that they are cooperating with police so they don’t have any scandals on their watch. EJ then confides in Wei that he’s rather worried about Stefan because he’s afraid that what Dr. Rolf did to him may have taken it’s toll on him as he doesn’t seem to be himself. Wei says he hasn’t heard any word about Stefan’s behavior at work, but he’s heard plenty about EJ’s.

Xander apologizes to Gwen and hopes she understands. Gwen responds that she doesn’t understand. Gwen says when there’s blackmail to be done or a dead body to hide, he has no problem turning to her but she is never the person he would take home to meet his mother as she’s just someone to have a couple laughs with and run schemes with but he’d never actually commit to her. Xander reminds Gwen that he was going to marry her until she drugged Sarah. Gwen shouts that he killed Susan Banks while Xander retorts that she killed Laura Horton which Gwen calls an accident. Gwen argues that the point is that he is no better than her and never will be. Gwen complains that Xander puts Sarah on a pedestal because he thinks she will never measure up to her. Gwen asks if that’s what Xander thinks. Xander admits that maybe it is. Gwen is glad he finally had the guts to admit it.

Stefan asks Johnny who he thinks is drugging him and why. Johnny says he can’t get in to all the details and advises him to just be careful what he eats and drinks, especially tonight. Stefan says he needs more information but Johnny says that’s all he’s got right now. Johnny tells Stefan to take care and hangs up. Johnny then tells Wendy that he hopes he did the right thing. Stefan says EJ’s name and laughs.

Wei tells EJ that it seems that he’s more a danger to the company after that debacle at the press conference and says his portfolio is still recovering. EJ apologizes and says he’s not one to make excuses, but says he had a flu and insists he’s fine now. EJ adds that he’s afraid Stefan may have permanent brain damage as a result of what he’s been through. Wei questions if EJ invited him over so he could see for himself. EJ says he invited him as their guest, but he does think Wei will be concerned about what he witnesses. Stefan then enters the living room, surprised to see Wei. EJ informs him that he invited Wei to dinner. Stefan notes that EJ didn’t mention that before. EJ calls it a spur of the moment decision and asks how Stefan is feeling. Stefan says he’s much better and thanks him. Stefan offers to make Wei a drink and then decides he’ll make a round for all of them. Stefan then drugs a glass.

Maggie complains about in fighting, especially when family members do it to each other which is why the Titan CEO merry go round ends here with her. Maggie asks Alex if he can deal with it. Alex assures that he can and he’s not quitting. Alex is sorry that they got off to a rocky start but says he’s proud of the work he did with Bella and developed personal relationships with employees. Maggie decides if he feels that strongly about it, maybe he should be the one to break the news to them. Alex questions her wanting him to fire the staff. Maggie says in the meantime, she wants him to bring her all the accounts he’s in charge of so she can review them. Maggie warns Alex that if he ever goes behind her back again to Victor, she will fire him and the next time, she won’t be joking.

Gwen states that Xander was brutally honest with her so now she will be brutally honest with him. Gwen admits that maybe she was an idiot to hold out hope for them. Xander disagrees and calls her beautiful, smart, and sensitive but Gwen tells him not to patronize her. Gwen declares that she doesn’t want to be Xander’s friend or business partner. Gwen doesn’t know how to come in to work every day and see his face when she just wants to claw his eyes out right now because whether he meant to or not, he led her on. Xander apologizes for handling things very poorly. Xander wants to fix it because he’s obviously hurt her very badly. Xander declares that this is her dad’s paper, so she should be the one to run it and he knows she’ll do a bang up job without him. Xander says goodbye to Gwen and then exits the office.

Xander goes to the Titan office. Maggie is surprised to see him since their follow up interview is tomorrow. Xander says he just came by to let her know that someone else might handle that interview, since he took her advice to have a candid talk with Gwen about their future. Maggie guesses it didn’t go well. Xander confirms that he doesn’t think it could’ve gone any worse.

Gwen goes to the Bistro and starts drinking. Alex arrives and asks if she had a bad day. Gwen calls it the worst. Alex tells her to join the club as he sits at her table.

Wendy asks Johnny how Stefan took the news. Johnny says he wanted to know more but he couldn’t just out his own father. Wendy wonders if Stefan will think it’s EJ anyway. Johnny notes that it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Johnny guesses he will have to confront EJ because you can’t do something that underhanded and expect to get away with it. Tripp then comes home and asks if Johnny means like what he just did to him.

Stefan brings drinks to Wei, Nicole, and EJ. Nicole points out that he forgot the olives. Stefan goes to check, so EJ switches he and Stefan’s drinks. Stefan sees that they must be out of olives. EJ goes over to check himself, allowing Stefan to then switch he and EJ’s drinks back behind EJ’s back. EJ finds the olives so Stefan comments that he doesn’t know how he missed them. EJ guesses he must still be feeling off but Stefan assures the nap did him just right. Stefan then proposes a toast to the future of DiMera Enterprises and they each take a drink.

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Days Update Thursday, March 9, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Rafe enters the police station and comments that Jada hasn’t moved from her desk in hours, so he hopes she at least had lunch. Jada says not yet as she had to make sure the report on Stefan’s kidnapping was flawless because Melinda has made it very clear that she wants Brady and Eric to go down, and she doesn’t want Melinda riding them any harder. Rafe appreciates her dedication but points out that she has to eat. Jada notes that she didn’t see Rafe leave for lunch either so she invites him to come with her. Rafe responds that he doesn’t think that’s such a good idea.

Xander sits in his office at the Spectator, looking at a photo of Sarah on his phone until Gwen walks in and tells him that she has a scoop on Roman talking to his dead wife’s urn and saying that it talks back to him. Gwen jokes that Roman’s obviously going mental. Gwen then asks what’s the matter with Xander and guesses it’s about Sarah.

Chad is at the Brady Pub, on the phone with Paulina. Chad tells her not to worry as they are all over it and they plan to spin Sloan freezing her assets to her narrative that Sloan is desperate because of her twisted desire for revenge. Chad says they will notify her as soon as the press release is done and hangs up. Leo arrives and sits at Chad’s table. Chad tells him that he’s working. Leo says he is too. Chad calls Leo’s column garbage. Leo says the Spectator has high journalistic standards so every word he writes must be the truth. Leo turns on his recorder and asks if SJPR have a comment on the Alex Kiriakis situation.

Alex sits at the CEO desk at Titan and dreams about Stephanie coming to be with him until Maggie walks in and questions what he is doing in her chair.

Chanel gives the woman at the Bakery an application to fill out and talks about how glad she is that she came when she did because the bakery could use another set of hands after her most valuable employee just left. The girl asks what happened so Chanel notes that it wasn’t just her employee but also her girlfriend and they broke up. She tells Chanel she’s been there and it sucks. Chanel says in addition to the heartbreak, she’s also been slammed at work. Chanel remarks that mixing business with pleasure is always a risk.

Gwen asks if Xander was daydreaming about Sarah. Xander claims he was thinking about Maggie actually because Victor just made her the new CEO of Titan yesterday, but by the time word got out, they already put the paper to bed. Gwen says oh well but Xander feels it’s big news that should’ve been on the front page. Gwen says maybe on the business page but argues that Eric and Brady kidnapping a co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises is clearly the winner here. Xander asks Gwen if they’ve sold more papers. Gwen says she doesn’t know yet but is sure it will be an improvement. Xander remarks that he still wishes they got the Titan story while Gwen remarks that she wishes he’d start focusing on what’s in front of him instead of the one that got away.

Alex tells Maggie that he’s sorry as it’s a force of habit since Sonny never minded sharing his desk. Maggie says that she does and asks if he’s going to have a problem reporting to her. Alex says not at all and agrees to do his best for Titan in a supporting role. Maggie knows he was very disappointed that Victor didn’t give him the job. Alex responds that it’s cool because lately, he’s had to get used to a lot of things he doesn’t like..

Chad asks Leo what Alex Kiriakis situation and says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Leo asks about the musical chairs behind the executive suite at Titan. Chad says there is no musical chairs and that Victor chose Maggie as CEO and the board believe she is best for the job. Leo says he’s not interested in lines from a press release, he wants to know what happened behind the scenes. Chad says there was no backstabbing or betrayal. Leo brings up hearing that Alex was a shoe-in for the job but then Victor changed his mind at the last minute and went with Maggie instead, so something must have prompted that. Chad then reveals that it was because of Leo reaching out to Victor about Alex’s extra curricular activities with Allie and Chanel. Leo questions if Chad is saying that Victor passed on Alex because he’s a man whore. Chad says he didn’t use those terms but sure. Stephanie then comes over and questions what is going on here.

Chanel shows the woman at the bakery more on the application and tells her to get it back to her as soon as possible. She introduces herself as Talia and says she’ll be back soon as she then walks away.

Jada doesn’t get why it wouldn’t be a good idea for her and Rafe to get lunch. Rafe reminds her of Abe’s e-mail and the new policy about interpersonal relationships and not fraternizing. Jada argues that partners have lunch together all the time. Rafe reminds her that they aren’t partners and he’s her boss. Jada reminds him that they had burgers at the Pub on Valentine’s Day and he didn’t seem to have a problem with it. Jada comments that it’s not like it was a date, then stops and asks if Rafe thought it was.

Stephanie asks if anyone’s going to answer her. Leo explains that he was just asking Chad for a comment on the shakeup at Titan and says that since Stephanie is here, maybe she’d like to do the honors. Stephanie states that after an exhaustive search, Victor has chosen Maggie as CEO and they believe she is the best person for the job. Leo complains that Chad already gave him that answer and he wants her comments on the real story. Stephanie says that’s what she did. Leo doesn’t buy an exhaustive search and says that Alex was a shoe-in for the job before Victor changed his mind. Leo starts to tell her what Chad said but Stephanie says that whatever Chad told him is strictly off the record. Leo asks if that’s because there is more to the story. Leo brings up that Stephanie was dating Alex and then their relationship suddenly fell apart, so he asks if that’s part of the reason that Victor didn’t choose him as CEO. Stephanie declares they are done. Leo then asks if Alex was having threesomes behind her back, if Alex cheated on her with the bisexual baker, or if Alex broke up with her because she couldn’t satisfy him in certain ways. Chad shouts that’s enough and that they broke up because Alex shut off her phone which Leo questions. Chad then reveals that they were on a date and Alex didn’t want to be interrupted, so he shut off her phone and she didn’t get to say goodbye to her dying mom, shocking both Leo and Stephanie as well.

Maggie comments on the e-mails. Alex says she’s been in meetings all day. Maggie says she’s just getting to know all the different departments. Alex asks if she needs help with the lay of the land but Maggie says she’s got it. Alex reminds her that last night, she called him her right hand man and that she’d be counting on him to help bring her up to speed on some things. Maggie responds that the meetings took care of that. Alex asks what Maggie will be tackling first. Maggie responds that she would like to find ways to help Titan run more efficiently and the wisest areas to invest. Maggie notes that the publishing department stood out to her. Alex says when Sonny put him in charge of that, his first move was making Bella Magazine the focus and talks about growing the business and the brand. Alex mentions that he just turned in the latest advertising budget for approval. Maggie says she saw that but he won’t be needing her approval as Maggie announces she is shutting down the magazine.

Gwen tells Xander that the publication has a very bright future so she wishes Xander would stop second guessing. Xander apologizes and says she’s right that they couldn’t have wished for a better lead story on day one than Brady and Eric’s arrest. Xander says he just really wants the paper to be a success after everything they did to get it. Gwen says she can’t fault him for that. Gwen then gets a phone call, informing her that the numbers are up 20%. Gwen orders a press release and hangs up. Gwen excitedly shares the news with Xander, who calls it incredible. They hug and then Gwen kisses Xander.

Leo tells Stephanie that is not what he expected to hear and asks her to tell him more. Leo asks how she felt when she realized she’d never get to talk to her mother again. Chad warns Leo not to do that. Leo asks if Stephanie can explain how she felt when she walked in to Kayla’s hospital room and realized she was bereft of life. Stephanie threatens to take his phone and stick it as she warns him to just go. Leo tells Stephanie that he’s sorry about her mother. Stephanie tells him to get out so Leo exits. Stephanie then turns back to Chad and asks what the hell is wrong with him.

Alex questions Maggie saying she is shutting down Bella. Maggie is surprised it hasn’t happened sooner because the magazine has been struggling for some time. Alex argues that he’s been working on getting it back on track. Maggie tells him that she’s sorry but the numbers are numbers and by shutting it down, Titan can take a write-off. Alex asks Maggie to give him a little more time to show her what he can do but Maggie says the decision has already been made. Alex questions if she’s just going to let all the staff go without any warning. Maggie says they will give them a generous severance package. Alex asks if Victor is going to sign off on this when Bella was named after his daughter. Maggie declares that Victor doesn’t have to sign off because he’s not the CEO of the company, she is.

Gwen apologizes to Xander for kissing him and says she just got really excited about the numbers. Leo arrives and says he just heard about the numbers being up. Xander says he has to go. Leo questions where he’s going and if he doesn’t want to get out champagne and celebrate. Xander argues that they can’t just sit around and congratulate each other, adding that if they want to keep the numbers up then it’s going to require work and stories that actually matter. Xander decides he will go see if Maggie will talk to him about taking over Titan as he then exits the office. Leo asks what his problem is.

Paulina joins Chanel in the town square and informs her that she just met with Belle, so from here on out, she is their only attorney as she fired the rest of their team. Chanel asks what happened. Paulina responds that they got their behinds handed to them by Sloan, so all of her assets have been frozen and so have Chanel’s.

Rafe tells Jada that he didn’t think their dinner on Valentine’s Day was a date at all. Rafe then admits he didn’t think so at the time anyway which Jada questions. Rafe explains that as much as he enjoyed their evening, he thinks it’s best if they don’t do it again and he hopes that she’s not offended by that. Jada says if that’s what he wants. Rafe confirms he thinks it’s best to not socialize outside of work because he doesn’t any confusion. Jada asks if he means thinking he’s interested in her in a way that he’s not. Rafe says yes even though that’s not exactly the case. Jada then questions if Rafe is saying he’s interested in her. Jada tells Rafe that aside from being her boss, he’s a good friend so he can be honest as she asks if he wants to be more than friends. Talia then arrives at the station, interrupting them. Jada excitedly hugs Talia so Rafe guesses they know each other. Jada then introduces Talia as her sister, Talia Hunter.

Chanel questions Paulina saying that she can’t access any of her money. Paulina explains that she can access some but not much. Chanel calls this insane and asks how she’s supposed to run a business. Paulina calls it temporary and says Belle will file a motion to get it undone hopefully soon. Chanel asks what she is supposed to do in the meantime. Paulina says they will just have to tighten their purse strings as the courts are going to be watching them for any unnecessary expenditures. Chanel asks like what. Paulina tells her that she can start by taking down the Now Hiring sign at the Bakery.

Alex tells Maggie that he gets it’s all about the bottom line. Maggie says Victor wants to honor his daughter’s memory but he also wants Titan to thrive for generations to come. Alex complains that Bella was his baby and asks what he’s supposed to do now. Maggie assures that she will find a place for him. Alex questions where. Xander then arrives with flowers to congratulate Maggie, noting that he can’t think of a more perfect choice as the new CEO. Xander asks if Alex agrees. Alex decides to go get a coffee and leaves. Xander asks if Alex is upset that Victor passed him over for the job which Maggie confirms. Xander relates to that. Maggie says speaking of jobs, she understands congratulations are in order for Xander too, though she admits she was surprised that Jack and Jennifer handed over the Spectator to him and Gwen. Xander claims they clearly thought they had potential and they were right because their first issue was a huge success. Maggie says that’s good for him. Xander notes that he was just telling Gwen that to keep their numbers up, they need the stories, so he couldn’t think of a bigger story than an exclusive interview with Titan’s brand new CEO. Maggie guesses that’s why he’s here which Xander admits. Xander asks if Maggie will grant him the interview or if she will write him off like her daughter did.

Gwen tells Leo about kissing Xander and swears it wasn’t pre-meditated. Leo doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Gwen says it wasn’t a big deal to Xander which is why it is such a big deal to her. Gwen explains that when she first walked in, Xander was sitting there looking miserable and it was obvious that he was pining over Sarah.

Stephanie questions why the hell Chad would tell Leo anything about her mom. Chad apologizes and says Leo was coming at her with all the stuff about Alex. Chad apologizes for blurting that out. Stephanie asks if it was also blurting out when he confirmed that Alex is a man whore. Chad brings up that last night, Stephanie said she was pissed off about that too. Stephanie says she didn’t share that opinion with the media. Stephanie reminds Chad that they work with Titan so it’s their job to protect them. Stephanie questions why Chad would shoot his mouth off to a gossip columnist. Chad calls himself an idiot and apologizes as he shouldn’t have said anything. Chad admits that Leo mentioned Alex and he reacted emotionally. Stephanie tells Chad that he can’t do that with a reporter, ever. Chad acknowledges that it was a huge mistake. Chad admits he doesn’t like Alex and thinks he’s a douchebag, but that doesn’t give him the right to be a jerk. Chad repeats that he’s sorry but admits he’s glad that Alex didn’t get the CEO job. Stephanie questions if that’s what this is about and if he doesn’t want her working with Alex. Chad says no, so Stephanie asks if he’s not trying to sabotage the firm’s relationship with their biggest client because he doesn’t think she can keep things professional with her ex. Chad says he didn’t say that while Stephanie feels it sounds like that’s what he meant. Stephanie suggests Chad figure out how to communicate more clearly since he works in PR as she then walks out of the Pub.

Stephanie walks to the park and bumps in to Alex. Alex says his mind has been on not getting the CEO job. Stephanie confirms that she heard. Alex feels stupid about bragging the way he did. Alex guesses Stephanie must be relieved that she doesn’t have to report to him anymore. Stephanie argues that she didn’t see any problem in them working together and she’s sorry he didn’t get the job since she knows how much he wanted it. Stephanie adds that it’s not like Titan doesn’t need him anymore as she’s sure Maggie is psyched to have him to rely on. Alex responds that she’s unfortunately wrong as Maggie couldn’t care less about what he thinks.

Maggie admits to Xander that she wasn’t a fan of how he treated Sarah but she believed that he loved her and she does believe in giving second chances, so she’s sorry that Sarah didn’t give him one. Maggie adds that now that Xander has legitimate work, she wants to see him succeed so she agrees to give him an interview.

Leo argues that Xander can’t still be pining over Sarah while Gwen argues that he’s still madly in love with her. Leo insists that it won’t last long because when a person is out of sight, they are more quickly out of mind. Gwen disagrees since Sarah is still very much in Xander’s heart. Gwen complains that Xander looked absolutely horrified when she kissed him. Gwen calls herself an idiot but Leo insists that before she knows it, Xander will forget about the woman who got away and focus on the beautiful woman in front of him.

Chanel asks Paulina why she has to take down her hiring sign. Paulina explains that hiring help will cost her money that she doesn’t have right now. Chanel complains that she’s drowning without Allie. Paulina says she’s sorry and they’ll just have to wait until Belle bails them out and then she can hire whoever she wants. Chanel argues that she wanted to bring someone on right now because it may be too late by then. Chanel adds that she’s really great and will probably find another job before then. Paulina questions Chanel having somebody in mind already. Chanel confirms that she does and she’s the perfect candidate.

Jada introduces Talia to Rafe. Talia mentions hearing a lot about him. Jada asks what brings Talia to town. Talia says she missed her big sister and says it’s been forever since they’ve had kickboxing and brunch. Jada wishes Talia called to let her know she was coming so she could’ve booked them a class and a restaurant. Talia says she wanted to surprise her. Jada responds that she can’t think of a better surprise than a visit from her little sister. Talia reveals that it’s more than a visit and announces that she’s moving to Salem. Rafe gets a text and steps out of the station. Jada questions Talia moving to Salem as she thought she was living with someone in New York. Talia reveals they broke up. Talia says she cried her eyes out for a few days but decided that was enough and she needed a new start in Salem. Jada questions it being just like that. Talia feels she doesn’t seem too happy about it. Jada assures that she is, but it’s a big change and asks if she’s really thought this through. Talia insists that she wanted to get out of New York and be with her. Jada reminds her that she will need to earn a living and find a place to live. Talia figured she would crash with Jada but Jada says her place is pretty small. Talia is sure they will figure it out. Jada asks what about a job. Talia reveals that she’s already on it.

Chanel gives Paulina one of Talia’s cookies and she loves it. Chanel repeats that Talia is the perfect candidate for the bakery. Paulina understands why Chanel wants her now but says she’ll just have to be patient. Paulina insists that Talia will understand if she wants the job and then walks away.

Stephanie doesn’t understand why Maggie would shut down Bella. Alex says it was for a tax write-off even though he had big plans for the magazine. Stephanie encourages him not to give up and to try to change her mind. Alex says he already did but Stephanie says he obviously didn’t try hard enough. Stephanie notes that it won’t be easy but it is possible. Alex asks how. Stephanie advises him to spin a negative in to a positive and make Maggie see Bella as a lucrative opportunity instead of a negative. Alex repeats that Maggie doesn’t care about his opinion or his goals as she is the CEO now and has her own goals. Stephanie questions if everything Alex worked so hard for just goes away then. Alex says it’s not what he wants. Stephanie tells Alex that if he really wants Bella, he should fight for it.

Xander finishes interviewing Maggie and says that was terrific as he thanks her. Maggie apologizes for not having time to give him more but asks him to talk to her assistant to schedule a longer interview. Xander says he will. Maggie asks how things are going with Xander and Gwen and if they are a couple again. Xander assures they are not but admits that they did spend some quality time together after he broke up with Sarah. Xander adds that he made it very clear with Gwen that he’s not over Sarah and doesn’t know if he ever will be. Xander says now that Sarah has left town, maybe that will change, but he doesn’t think it’s fair to lead Gwen on. Maggie says she has little sympathy for Gwen after what she did to Sarah, but agrees that he shouldn’t start a relationship when he still has feelings for someone else. Xander congratulates Maggie again and says that of all the people that Victor has put in that chair over the years, she is the best choice yet. Maggie thanks Xander as he exits.

Gwen tells Leo that she told Xander the same thing about focusing on the present. Leo insists that once Xander has the divorce decree in hand, he’ll have no choice but to accept his marriage is over. They talk about the papers getting lost last time. Leo encourages that Xander and Gwen are soon to be his favorite couple, madly in love and making babies. Leo then decides to go check around for gossip and exits the office. Gwen wishes she shared his optimism.

Rafe returns to the station and asks Jada if Talia left. Jada confirms that she went to follow up on a job opportunity. Rafe calls that impressive and a pretty great surprise to find out her sister is moving to town. Jada calls spontaneous decision making Talia’s specialty. Rafe guesses she has some arrangements to make so he will let her get to it. Jada stops Rafe and reminds him that they didn’t finish their conversation about them. Jada then apologizes for putting him on the spot and says nevermind. Rafe then gets a call and reminds Jada that she needs to grab lunch as he steps out again.

Talia returns to Chanel with her application but Chanel says there’s something she has to tell her about the job. Chanel hesitates but then goes ahead and tells Talia that she’s hired which excites her.

Stephanie returns to the Brady Pub. Chad informs her that he just sent her the press release for Paulina. Stephanie thanks him and says she will take a look. Stephanie apologizes. Chad says he’s sorry for letting his personal feelings get in the way of him doing his job. Chad promises he won’t make that mistake again as he cares about the company and her. Chad says they have a great thing going and he doesn’t want to screw that up. Stephanie agrees and holds his hand.

Xander returns to the Spectator office. Gwen asks if he spoke to Maggie. Xander says they set up a proper interview for the weekend but she gave him some quotes to use in the meantime. Gwen asks if they should talk about tomorrow’s paper then. Xander responds that he was actually thinking they could talk about them.

Alex returns to the Titan office, looking for Maggie but finds the office is now empty. Alex sits at the desk again and uses the office phone to call Victor. Alex tells Victor that he was wondering if they could have a chat about Bella Magazine.

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Days Update Wednesday, March 8, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Paulina goes over papers in her office and comments on Chanel’s profit margin, talking about how proud she is of Chanel for starting the bakery. Paulina then wonders why the hell the rest of Chanel’s life had to blow up in her face.

Chanel closes the Bakery and takes a seat in the town square as Abe walks by. Abe mentions stopping by the bakery earlier but he couldn’t get in because the line was too long. Chanel talks about how business is booming and today was a record. Abe guesses he’s too late for a bear claw so Chanel surprises him with chocolate chip cookies.

EJ goes to the DiMera Enterprises office and questions what Johnny is doing there and what he and Wendy are up to this time. Johnny claims he just came to ask Wendy to lunch but EJ reveals that he heard them talking about Stefan, drugs, and himself.

In the park, Stefan asks if Gabi is convinced that he loves her now. Gabi says she loves him and missed him so much. Stefan apologizes for how he treated her but Gabi says it wasn’t his fault. Gabi declares that what matters is that they are finally together now. Stefan and Gabi then kiss again until Li walks up and asks what the hell is going on here. Stefan responds that he’s kissing the woman he loves. Li reminds him that Gabi is his wife. Stefan assures Li that Gabi just told him the same thing.

Nicole questions Eric about Sloan being his attorney when he said they broke up and she was furious with him. Nicole asks why Sloan took his case. Eric informs her that they sort of made up. Nicole questions what that means. Sloan then walks up and says it’s exactly what it sounds like. Sloan asks why they would give up the best sex of their lives. Sloan then kisses Eric in front of Nicole. Nicole talks about how Sloan can’t seem to resist kissing Eric in public in front of his ex-wife and asks if she’s marking her territory because of her. Eric reminds Sloan that she has an appointment so Sloan tells Eric to meet at her place tonight and to let himself in because she might already be in bed. Nicole asks if she’s going to read about them in tomorrow’s Spectator since Sloan likes to make their sex life a matter of public record. Nicole asks if Eric feels used or demeaned. Sloan warns her to watch it while Nicole remarks that dignity used to be important to Eric. Nicole asks if Sloan ran it by Eric before going to talk to Eric about the intimate details of their life. Sloan tries to slap Nicole but she blocks it and warns that she invented that move. Sloan mocks Nicole being old. Nicole asks if Eric couldn’t do better than this. Sloan says Eric’s right that she has an appointment. Sloan kisses Eric goodbye and says she will leave Nicole with her memories of her days in the sun. Sloan then walks away. Eric asks if Nicole enjoyed that, but she says she didn’t.

Li argues that it looked like Gabi was kissing Stefan while Stefan claims to him that it was a one sided kiss. Stefan explains that Gabi texted him to meet in the park to talk while he thought they were getting back together, but then she told him about Li’s grand gesture to save their marriage with a six month contract. Stefan says he told Gabi to just run away with him in the name of love but that Gabi was determined to stick to the contract, so he thought his kiss could convince her but that’s when Li showed up. Stefan tells Li that his words did not sway Gabi. Gabi goes along with Stefan’s story. Li questions being expected to believe that she’s turning down the man she loves for him. Gabi claims that a deal is deal so she intends to abide by the contract which is all he can expect for now. Li agrees that it’s up to him to win her back. Stefan jokes that all Li has to do is kidnap and brainwash her, then she’ll forget all the crazy crap he pulled. Li then tells Gabi that he just found something out in the fine print about what Gabi can and cannot do for the six month, like a morals clause.

Johnny tells EJ that after they talked this morning, he did ask Wendy how she thought Stefan was doing and he did came here to take her to lunch but when he got there, Wendy was installing spyware on the computer. Johnny says he started thinking about Stefan, so he told Wendy that EJ was worried about him because of all he’s been through. EJ says he wouldn’t worry about that. Johnny goes back to asking Wendy about lunch but EJ warns them about lying to him.

Chanel tells Abe that the bakery is short-handed since Allie left. Abe tells Chanel that she doesn’t have to stay away because she feels like she has to cover up her feelings to them, when they both know how much Allie hurt her. Chanel says she hurt her too because it all started when she couldn’t really let go of Johnny.

Johnny admits to EJ that he told Wendy that EJ suspects Stefan is using drugs and he asked her if she’s noticed anything because he’s worried about Stefan too. Wendy swears that she won’t tell anybody. EJ hopes not for Stefan and the company’s sake. Johnny promises that he can trust Wendy. EJ guesses he will have to. EJ adds that having Wendy in the loop on this might work to his advantage in trying to help Stefan.

Li informs Gabi that the morals clause stipulates that at any time during their six months, Gabi cheats on him, their deal becomes null and void and the shares revert to him. Li adds that lucky for them, Gabi turned down Stefan.

Eric suggests that moving forward, he and Nicole refrain from judging other peoples’ bad decisions. Nicole says when they were together, she spent a lot of time thinking what it would be like if Marlena was her mother. Nicole says it must be Hell dealing with losing her. Eric complains that he’s exhausted after spending the night in jail. Nicole argues that he can’t be with Sloan because she is bad for him. Eric tells her to give his best to EJ. Nicole complains that Sloan is a terrible person and came here purposely to destroy a young woman’s life. Nicole recognizes that EJ’s done that and more but says she’s a bad person so it doesn’t matter if she’s with EJ. Nicole remarks that she doesn’t know who Eric is anymore by being with Sloan and asks if he does. Nicole feels it’s like Eric is lost at sea and Sloan is the anchor.

Belle joins Paulina and tells her that she’s sorry she’s late as it’s been a busy morning. Paulina says she read the papers and assumed she was helping her brothers out. Belle confirms that she got Brady out on bail, but she left Eric there to fend for himself. Paulina can’t blame her considering how Eric defended Sloan. Paulina asks about Sloan’s lawsuit. Belle says she checked in with the lead attorney and he said it’s been pretty quiet. Belle wanted to talk to Paulina about her retainer and reveals the check she gave her bounced. Paulina calls that impossible. Belle says she got an alert on her phone from the bank. Paulina decides she will call the bank and find out what the hell happened. Paulina calls the bank, who informs her that all of her assets were frozen. Paulina is shocked and argues that she doesn’t even know how that is possible. Sloan then arrives and says she knows how. Paulina questions what the hell she’s doing here. Sloan responds that she came to answer all her questions about her assets being frozen. Sloan then presents a court order announcing that Paulina will need the court’s approval for any expenditures. Paulina argues that it’s her money but Sloan says it’s not anymore, reminding her that she planned to take everything from Paulina.

Eric questions Nicole wanting to set up an intervention for him. Nicole says she’s worried about him. Eric asks if that’s just because he’s a good man and Sloan’s a bad woman. Eric questions Nicole passing judgment. Nicole argues that Sloan is the opposite of everything Eric believes in. Eric shouts at Nicole not to tell him what he believes in. Eric says he lived his entire life by some moral code, but Marlena is no longer on this earth because of Orpheus and Kristen, so he doesn’t give a damn about right or wrong anymore. Eric states that Sloan might make bad decisions but the sex is really good and that’s all he cares about right now and he can settle for that. Eric asks if they are clear. Nicole calls him a shallow jerk and remarks that he has the perfect person to show him the ropes. Nicole tells Eric to have fun tonight and she’s sure she’ll read about it tomorrow as she storms off.

Wendy questions EJ thinking it’s an advantage that she’s in the loop. EJ acknowledges that Johnny is right that it’s a good idea to have someone who works with Stefan be aware of what’s going on. Johnny suggests instead of spying on Stefan, it might be a better idea to just talk to him directly and ask him if he’s using. EJ doesn’t want to take that step until they are sure of the facts, explaining that he doesn’t want rumors at work or board members using it against Stefan. EJ suggests keeping it to themselves since they only have Stefan’s best interests at heart.

Li guesses Stefan is disappointed in how his day is going. Li makes sure Gabi sees the clause in the contract, so she doesn’t slip up and lose her shares and power because Stefan can’t keep his hands off of her. Li warns that even the appearance of infidelity could be disastrous to her. Gabi sarcastically thanks him for looking out for her. Li says he just doesn’t want misunderstandings down the road. Li adds that Gabi already told Stefan to take a hike. Li then walks off with Gabi. Stefan remains feeling dizzy and stumbles.

Sloan tells Paulina that she can’t be hiding her assets or claiming that she can’t pay the means of the 8 figure judgment she’s going to get when the jury rules that Paulina and Chanel are the reason for her mother’s wrongful death. Belle mocks Sloan’s father for being with Chanel. Belle argues that Sloan and the judge are overreaching so she will file a motion to have this undone. Sloan says they are just delaying the inevitable. Sloan warns that when this is done, she will have all of Paulina’s businesses and every last crumb of Chanel’s bakery. Sloan then exits the office.

Abe tells Chanel that in his experience, a marriage doesn’t survive when the man has been possessed by the Devil and it can be hard to find closure. Abe asks if Chanel is thinking of starting over with Johnny now that Allie is out of the picture. Chanel says no because Johnny has moved on with Wendy Shin.

Johnny and Wendy have lunch together in the park. Wendy jokes that they both have families where it’s possible to know when or if someone is telling the truth. Johnny asks if she thinks EJ is lying. Wendy admits she doesn’t know but feels he didn’t confide in them just because he’s worried about his brother. Johnny jokes about the idea of EJ having a hidden agenda. Nicole then walks up and questions what they said about EJ.

Stefan goes to the DiMera Enterprises office. EJ asks about him going to see Gabi and says he’s surprised he’s back so soon, so he asks if there’s trouble in paradise.

Li and Gabi go home. Li notes that Gabi looks angry. Gabi complains about Li laying out the terms of their contract and telling her to stay away from Stefan. Li says he felt she needed to know. Gabi responds that she will not put up with being stalked. Gabi questions how he knew where she was. Li thinks she’s being paranoid. Gabi tells him that they have six months of living together but he doesn’t own her. Gabi warns that a vindictive wife can do a lot of damage to a man’s holdings and career. Gabi tells him to be very careful about how he treats her.

Stefan tells EJ about Li showing up and interrupting he and Gabi. EJ pretends not to be confused and asks who Li is. Stefan reminds him, so EJ claims he’s just overwhelmed by all the numbers. Stefan asks if EJ had any problems on the phone call with the bank. EJ says he had a few problems but he handled it. Stefan says he’s sorry for running out on him and asks to look over the notes. EJ tells Stefan that he thinks he’s figured out that what’s wrong with him is that he’s been pushing himself at the gym and must be dehydrated. Stefan decides he will get them something to drink and they can go over things together, so EJ thanks him.

Abe invites Chanel to join him in going to see Paulina but Chanel says she’s going to stay here and finish her coffee, then she will catch up with them later. Abe says he loves her and hugs her as he then walks away. Chanel then sees a woman frustrated that the Bakery is closed. Chanel gets up and asks if she can help her. The woman asks if she knows the owner of the Bakery. Chanel responds that they are really close..

Nicole guesses Johnny told Wendy about Stefan which he confirms. Nicole reminds him that EJ told him not to. Johnny says it’s okay and that EJ knows all about it. Nicole questions what Johnny thinks EJ is keeping from him. Johnny says he doesn’t know but it feels weird thinking that Stefan is using drugs. Nicole questions what other explanation there is. Johnny suggests that whoever is taking those drugs isn’t doing it voluntarily. Nicole asks what he means. Wendy asks what if one DiMera brother is drugging the other one.

Stefan drugs a bottle of water and then returns to the DiMera Enterprise office to give it to EJ. EJ uses his phone to call the office phone and then asks Stefan to answer it. EJ cancels the call on his phone and when Stefan turns his back to answer the office phone, EJ switches their water bottles. Stefan notes that no one answered so EJ guesses it wasn’t important. EJ suggests they then get to work.

Li tells Gabi that he did not follow her nor hire someone to do it. Li adds that he found out Gabi faked the call to Arianna’s school and reveals that he knew she went to the park because he tracked her phone. Li mentions that Wendy said if he would stoop to that, then he needed to let her go. Li declares that he thinks Wendy is right and they should end their marriage right now.

Paulina calls her lead attorney, complaining about not being told that Sloan froze her assets. Paulina tells him that they are all fired and hangs up. Abe joins them in the office as Belle tells Paulina that might have been hasty. Paulina declares that she doesn’t need them because she has Belle. Paulina then instructs Belle to do whatever it takes to stop Sloan in her tracks.

Chanel introduces herself to the woman at the bakery as the bakery’s owner and offers her a cookie. The woman responds that she actually wants a job since they are hiring which Chanel confirms. She informs Chanel that she is a good baker. Chanel offers her a cookie and says she makes the best ones in the US. The woman disagrees and says that she does. She then pulls out her one from her purse and offers one to Chanel.

Nicole questions Johnny thinking that EJ is drugging Stefan and calls that ridiculous. Johnny asks what makes her so sure. Nicole argues that Stefan is EJ’s brother. Johnny points out that Stefan is also EJ’s competition at DiMera and with EJ, business comes before family. Nicole asks what about the report from the investigator. Johnny says he could’ve made it up. Nicole says he couldn’t have because she was there when he got the report that confirmed it and asks how Stefan’s fingerprints could be on the vial if EJ bought the drugs.

Stefan tells EJ that this is good work. EJ says he spent so much time going over the numbers that his vision started to blur. EJ asks if Stefan found out what deal Gabi made with Li.

Li tells Gabi that if they end their marriage, he will take back his DiMera shares but she will be free to be with Stefan. Li says that after seeing Stefan with Gabi today, he now knows that’s what she really wants and he doesn’t want to stand in the way of her happiness. Li declares that he’s giving Gabi the chance to walk away from their marriage and go with Stefan.

Paulina complains that Sloan is trying to clean her out. Belle comments that Sloan will fight dirty to do it. Abe believes that Belle has this. Paulina tells Belle that if it comes down to protecting her money or protecting Chanel, then she can throw her under the bus because Chanel has been through too much, so she will do whatever it takes to protect her no matter how much it costs.

Chanel tastes the cookie and correctly identifies how it was made. The woman is impressed that Chanel knows her cookies. Chanel says she knows a great baker when she meets one, so the girl asks if that means she’s hired but Chanel says she’s afraid not. Chanel explains that she is a great baker, but she’ll need to fill out an application first, leaving her confused.

Eric gets out of the shower at his room as Sloan then shows up at the door and walks in. Eric thought he was supposed to meet at her place but Sloan says she couldn’t wait. Sloan then removes Eric’s towel, kisses him and pushes him onto the bed.

Johnny tells Nicole that she’s right that if Stefan’s prints were on the vial, then the drug must be his, so he guesses he just didn’t want to believe he could be using. Nicole says they all want to help him, so the best thing to do is just trust EJ to do what’s best for him. Nicole then walks away. Wendy comments that Nicole really made a case that this isn’t some big conspiracy so she guesses that settles in. Johnny says that’s unless Nicole is in on it.

Stefan tells EJ that apparently Gabi holds on to Li’s voting block of DiMera shares as long as she stays married to him for six months. EJ notes that a lot could happen in six months. Stefan smiles as he watches EJ take a drink of his water bottle.

Gabi thinks back to Stefan telling her that they could have it all. Li tells Gabi that she can’t have her cake and eat it too, so he asks what it’s going to be. Gabi responds that she made a deal, so she intends to keep it. Gabi then proposes they at least try to be civil and social. Gabi knows it’s too late to do what Li had planned for the day but maybe they could go to the Van Gogh exhibit. Li admits he would like that very much.

Stefan agrees with EJ that a lot could happen in six months. EJ then asks if at the end of those six months, is Stefan planning on aligning with Gabi to oust him as CEO. Stefan responds that he loves Gabi, but family comes first. Stefan declares that he would never betray his own brother. EJ responds that he feels exactly the same way.

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Days Update Tuesday, March 7, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Brady finds Chloe in the town square. Chloe mentions that Shawn told her that Belle was representing him, so she asks if she got the charges dropped. Brady responds that he’s out on bail, so he’s free for now. Chloe says she’s glad but Brady questions if she really is.

Sloan visits Eric in his cell and says he looks pitiful. Eric responds that he’s fine. Sloan brings up questioning Belle about him and infers that Belle declined to represent him. Sloan states that Eric must feel pretty desperate. Eric asks if she came to gloat. Sloan guesses only a world class lawyer would be able to get him out of this and she knows where he can find one. Eric jokes that he can search on the internet while Sloan remarks that she likes when a man can joke as he’s drowning.

At the DiMera Mansion, Nicole pours out the drugged coffee and comments on being in on a crime. EJ argues that Stefan was drugging him and all they are doing is turning the tables. EJ brings up Stefan’s unexpected call from Gabi and decides it’s a stroke of good fortune. EJ says they are drugging Stefan to make him seem unfit to run DiMera as CEO, so Gabi is the perfect witness to his first episode. Nicole points out that it might spoil Stefan and Gabi’s mood which EJ laughs about.

In the park, Gabi asks Stefan if he’s sure he’s okay. Stefan says he’s fine, just a little dizzy, as she has that effect on him. Stefan and Gabi then hug.

After calling Arianna’s school, Li realizes Gabi lied to him. Li screams in frustration as Wendy comes out from her room.

Chloe assures Brady that she’s glad he’s free as she hopes he doesn’t end up in prison for kidnapping. Brady is pretty sure that Belle will be able to get the charges dropped. Chloe mocks blowing off kidnapping as no big deal. Chloe adds that it was all against Stefan’s will. Brady says he tried to get Stefan to go along with it. Chloe asks what part of no he didn’t understand. Chloe admits she’s not happy with how he went about things. Brady tells Chloe that he would’ve done what he did and a lot worse to make sure they ended up together. Brady states that at the end of the day, Stefan and Gabi are happy with it and so is he, so he asks what about Chloe. Chloe acknowledges that in the end, Brady was just undoing what Kristen and Li did as they are the ones who played God with four people’s lives. Brady points out that now those four people’s lives are back where they started and they are happy about it. Chloe argues that Rachel still hates her so this is not exactly a happily ever after moment. Brady argues that it’s different now because Kristen isn’t around to manipulate the situation anymore, so she won’t be whispering lies to Rachel about Chloe. Brady insists that it’s a new start. Chloe questions where does she start and asks if she’s supposed to buy Rachel a pony. Brady encourages starting slow and mentions that John is bringing Rachel to the town square for lunch, so he would love if Chloe would join them.

Eric questions why Sloan would want to represent him. Sloan acknowledges that Eric could have lost her license by springing Dr. Rolf. Eric points out that Dr. Rolf and Li are both free now, so all is well that ends well. Sloan says that’s only because she’s a damn good lawyer and she freed Li. Sloan adds that she could do the same for Eric, if he would let her.

Li apologizes to Wendy as he thought she left. Wendy tells Li that she’s worried about him. Li explains that he found out Gabi lied to him. Wendy asks what she lied about. Li tells her that Gabi claimed to have a mix-up at Arianna’s school so she couldn’t spend the day with him, so he called the school and found out Gabi made it all up. Li then reveals that he tracked Gabi’s phone. Wendy accuses him of stalking her. Li argues that Gabi is his wife and right now, she’s in the park and he knows exactly who she’s with.

Gabi asks Stefan again if he’s sure he’s okay. Stefan insists that he’s fine, happy to be here with her and that they are finally back together. Gabi calls it great that they are together, but they aren’t together the way they should be. Gabi blames everything on Li. Stefan points out that Gabi chose to stay married to Li and live with him. Stefan asks if Gabi still loves Li. Gabi assures that she doesn’t, so Stefan questions why she agreed to his terms. Gabi reveals to Stefan that Li made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

EJ talks to Nicole about how Stefan knows all about the drugs and it’s effects, so he might start to get suspicious when he starts feeling the effects. EJ suggests Stefan could just think it’s after effects from Dr. Rolf’s treatments. Nicole asks if EJ thinks the drug could do permanent damage. EJ doesn’t think Stefan would risk that with him. EJ says he’s just going to screw with Stefan’s head until the point where he’s booted from DiMera Enterprises. Johnny then walks in and questions if he just heard EJ say he’s planning to boot Stefan from the company.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s not sure joining he and Rachel for lunch today is a good idea. Brady insists that it is, pointing out that Rachel just lost her mother and grandmother so he thinks it would be nice for her to have a woman to talk to and turn to. John then brings Rachel to the town square. Rachel runs up to Brady and hugs him. Brady says he missed her last night. Rachel feels the same. Chloe says hi to Rachel but Rachel responds that her dad was in jail last night and it’s all Chloe’s fault.

Eric questions Sloan offering to be his lawyer and says he’s trying to figure out why. Sloan guesses he hasn’t seen Leo Stark’s gossip column in the Spectator. Sloan then shows Eric the article. Eric reads the part about Sloan saying he was the best sex of her life. Eric is taken aback by the article but says he is flattered. Sloan admits Leo wasn’t that far off the mark. Sloan adds that she’s still furious with Eric, but maybe she was a little hasty in ending things so fast since she finds herself missing all the fun they had together. Sloan adds that she knows Eric misses it too and if he does, she thinks they can work out a deal.

Johnny questions again if he heard EJ say he’s waiting for Stefan to make enough mistakes to push him out of DiMera. EJ responds that the fact is that Stefan has made a serious mistake. EJ reminds Johnny about the vial of drugs he found at the office and reveals that it was Stefan’s.

Gabi informs Stefan that Li gave her his DiMera shares in exchange for six more months of marriage. Stefan gets up and gets dizzy again. Stefan comments on Gabi and Li being more of a partnership than a marriage. Stefan compares it to a short term marriage. Stefan then asks if they are having sex. Gabi confirms they are not and hasn’t come up since Li said he’s doing this to show he still loves her. Gabi says she’s in the driver’s seat since Li can’t do anything to upset her. Gabi adds that she did this because she was feeling rejected by Stefan and worried that he would never get over Chloe. Gabi mentions that Li pointed out that he could have held the divorce out longer than six months and she wouldn’t have the shares, so there didn’t seem to be a downside at the time but now there is. Gabi declares that she wants to be with Stefan so she’s going to tell Li that he can take his six months and his shares and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Wendy questions Li begging for six months with Gabi and then starting to stalk her on day two. Li responds that he can’t lose her. Wendy tells Li that he doesn’t have or own Gabi. Li argues that he wants to be her husband. Li knows he did terrible things, but only because he loves Gabi more than he knew he could love anyone. Wendy says she believes him. Li thanks her but Wendy says not to. Wendy says if you love something, set it free instead of making a six month extension and following her on a GPS.

Brady steps aside with John and asks if he told Rachel that he was in jail. John clarifies that she saw it in the Spectator. Brady question letting her read the Spectator. John explains that she was on her tablet and he thought she was playing games. Rachel adds that the Spectator also said weird things about her uncle Eric. Brady tells Rachel that it’s a very nasty newspaper that print lies to sell more. Rachel asks if Brady was in jail or not and if he kidnapped Uncle Stefan because of Chloe. Rachel questions if the paper was lying about that.

Eric appreciates Sloan’s offer for professional services and admits he could use a good attorney right now, but he doesn’t have a job so he doesn’t think he could afford her. Sloan suggests she could take it out on trade.

Johnny questions EJ saying the vial of drugs was Stefan’s. EJ confirms that he had it analyzed at the lab and it’s apparently a synthetic recreational drug. Johnny asks if he’s sure. EJ informs him that Stefan’s fingerprints on it. EJ tells Johnny that he’s sorry but he’s afraid Stefan’s on drugs. EJ adds that he’s not surprised given all he’s been through. EJ states that his first duty is making sure Stefan doesn’t do any damage to the company, his father’s legacy. EJ asks Johnny to keep this to himself because he needs to investigate what Stefan has done and is doing. EJ tells Johnny that he needs him to trust him. Johnny agrees to trust him for now and then exits the room. EJ asks Nicole if she thinks Johnny bought it. Nicole says he better pray that he does.

Li doesn’t think he can just give up on Gabi. Wendy tells him that he has to. Li argues that he’s never loved anyone like he loves Gabi. Wendy hates that he’s in pain but what he’s doing will only make things worse, so he has to think clearly and objectively. Wendy asks if Li really wants a wife who is in love with another man.

Gabi repeats to Stefan that she is leaving Li to be with him and thought he would be a little happy. Stefan assures that he wants her to leave Li and for them to be together. Stefan says they belong together but they are not star-crossed lovers. Stefan says they belong together because they know what they want and that is to run DiMera together, so for that, he thinks she needs to stay with Li.

Rachel accuses Chloe of getting her mom sent to jail and now her dad. Brady tells her that’s enough as Chloe is not why he went to jail. Brady adds that he doesn’t want her talking to people like that. Rachel argues that it’s the truth but John steps in and tells her that it’s not, no matter how much she wants it to be. John knows Rachel is dealing with a lot and they are trying to help her but they won’t let her go around saying things that are not true. John knows it’s hard when a kid loses his mother and Brady also knows that. John understands a kid getting angry when they think someone else is trying to take them from their mother. John takes Rachel off to the side and says he will tell her a story about Brady. John tells Rachel about how Brady and Marlena didn’t get along very well when Brady was Rachel’s age. Brady blames himself for that. John says Brady was having a very rough time and Marlena understood that and got him to understand that she just wanted to love him. John wishes Marlena was here now because she could tell this so much better. Rachel says she misses her. Brady says he does too. Brady talks about how Marlena wasn’t technically his mom, but she loved him like she was. Rachel argues that Marlena was Grandma while Chloe is not. Rachel declares that she will never love Chloe and she wants her gone.

Sloan goes back up to the police station and finishes a call with Melinda, thanking her for taking the hearing. Sloan then gets a call from Li, who says he’s having some second thoughts about the contract she drew up for him and Gabi, so he’d like to ask her a few questions.

Johnny goes to see Wendy at the DiMera Enterprises office. Johnny asks if she wants to have lunch with him if she doesn’t already have plans with her new roommate. Wendy says that Tripp is at work and she was a little late today, so she thinks she should wait before heading out to lunch. Johnny jokes that he has an in with her boss, so he thinks it’d be okay. Johnny adds that EJ really likes Wendy. Wendy hopes it stays that way and that Johnny kept her name out of it when confronting EJ about the drug vial. Johnny promises that EJ has no idea that Wendy knew anything. Johnny asks if Wendy has seen anything else suspicious around. Wendy says no and talks about trying to figure out who the vial did belong to. Wendy then guesses that Johnny already knows and questions him not telling her. Johnny argues that he promised EJ that he wouldn’t. Wendy asks why he would care, then realizes that EJ shares the office with Stefan, so she asks if it’s Stefan’s.

Nicole tells EJ that he was very convincing when he told Johnny that he would do anything to help his brother with his drug problem. Nicole calls it scary what a gifted liar EJ is. EJ jokes that it means a lot coming from her. Nicole asks about it being a risk since Johnny is really fond of Stefan. EJ says that’s why he’ll keep an eye on him to help him. EJ adds that Johnny will see Stefan’s decline and that’s why he will back him up when he tosses him out of the company.

Stefan assures Gabi that he wants her to leave Li so they can be together, but they have to think through this. Stefan tells Gabi that he wants her to be his CEO. Gabi asks about EJ. Stefan says screw that guy since he knew what was done to him and didn’t say anything. Stefan adds that getting EJ out is one thing but getting Gabi installed in his seat is another which requires board approval. Stefan points out that if Gabi leaves Li, he retains his shares. Gabi agrees that Li would use his vote against her. Stefan points out that would leave EJ with his 7 votes and then loses count. Gabi asks if he’s sure he’s feeling okay. Stefan says he’s fine and blames Dr. Rolf. Stefan declares that the bottom line is without Li’s shares, they don’t have enough. Gabi points out that they’d be at a tie which reverts to the status quo. Stefan says that’s unless EJ becomes tragically incapacitated..

Sloan questions Li wanting to cancel his contract with Gabi and back out of the deal, asking why he would do that when he has Gabi right where he wants her. Sloan reminds Li that if Gabi breaks the contract, she loses her shares and mentions that there’s a clause that says the same about if she cheats on him. Li has her repeat the part about if Gabi cheats on him and calls her a genius. Li thanks Sloan and says he has to go, then tells her to forget he ever called. Li hangs up and exits the apartment.

Brady asks John to take Rachel home. Rachel complains that she doesn’t want to go home. John says he would if he could but he has an important meeting with Steve. John encourages Rachel to think about what he said as he walks away. Rachel argues that Brady is just trying to get rid of her. Brady explains that he just thought it would be best if he talked to her and talked to Chloe separately, but he would love if it they all went to lunch. Rachel questions Brady inviting Chloe to her lunch with him. Chloe says she’ll just go but Brady asks her not to. Rachel declares that she’s not going anywhere that Chloe is going and sits on the floor.

Sloan returns to Eric’s cell and informs him that it’s done. Eric calls that the fastest bail hearing in history. Sloan says she worked some magic. Sloan instructs Eric to wait for the guard and he’ll be free. Sloan tells Eric that she’ll see him later and they will talk about her retainer as she exits.

Johnny asks Wendy not to say anything to EJ which she agrees to. Wendy talks about how Stefan was presumed dead for years, brainwashed, then finally gets what he wants and is CEO while on top of his game at work. Wendy states that Stefan is not the one screwing up around here. Johnny questions what she’s trying to say. Wendy asks if Johnny is sure that EJ was telling him the truth that he’s not the one using drugs.

Nicole tells EJ that she’s a little nervous about what she’ll find at the office today since Brady doesn’t seem too focused. EJ thinks the office would benefit from his incarceration. Nicole guesses they will see. EJ suddenly gets a headache so Nicole asks if he’s okay. EJ is glad she bought it and explains that Stefan needs to believe he’s drugging him, so he has to act accordingly. EJ remarks that it’s going to be a fun day at the office. EJ and Nicole then exit the mansion together.

Stefan sits with Gabi in the park and reveals that he’s been drugging EJ which is why he’s been acting so weird and why he messed up with the board. Stefan adds that with more instances like that, the board will remove EJ with cause. Gabi remarks that it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Stefan adds that EJ will lose his voting power, unless he assigns someone else as Kate’s proxy or pulls some other stunt. Stefan worries that if they don’t get this done, it will be nearly impossible to install Gabi in EJ’s seat or remove EJ from DiMera permanently. Gabi asks what he’s saying. Stefan responds that Li’s shares are their insurance policy and that’s why she needs to hold onto them and stay married to Li.

Nicole walks past the Brady Pub and finds Eric outside. Nicole mentions just reading that he and Brady were in jail. Eric informs her that his attorney got him out on bail. Nicole assumes he means Belle but Eric clarifies that his attorney is Sloan, which Nicole rolls her eyes at.

Johnny questions why Wendy would even say that to him and argues that it’s not like Stefan hasn’t been acting a little weird lately. Wendy admits that Stefan’s personal life has been a mess but his work has been amazing and if he was using drugs, people would suspect it. Wendy points out that she hates to say it but people are starting to talk about EJ. Johnny insists that EJ did not lie to him and he could tell that EJ was genuinely worried about Stefan. Wendy apologizes for saying anything as she didn’t mean to upset him. Johnny assures that EJ is totally back to his normal self and mentions that he even heard EJ talking about having Stefan removed from his job. Johnny stops and says he shouldn’t have said that because EJ doesn’t want that getting around. Wendy asks why not since if Stefan has a drug problem, removing him should be pretty straightforward. Wendy points out that the first thing they should do is get Stefan help. Johnny recalls EJ saying he wanted to help Stefan too, but remembers that he said that in the room with Stefano’s portrait. Johnny then begins to wonder if EJ is trying to groom him as his star witness against Stefan and what if EJ is the one drugging Stefan.

Gabi tells Stefan that this is not the response that she expected him to have when she said she was leaving Li for him. Gabi expected Stefan to sweep her off her feet with a kiss, but instead he came up with a brand new business model. Stefan asks if he let her down. Gabi says she actually finds it quite exciting. Stefan tells her that they can have it all. Stefan tells Gabi that he loves her and they kiss.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s going to go. Brady asks her not to as he doesn’t want Rachel to think she can get away with acting like this. Chloe feels Rachel has been through way too much lately, so it’s important and points out that Brady is all Rachel has right now. Chloe then walks out of the town square.

Nicole questions Eric about Sloan being his lawyer when he said they broke up and she was furious with him. Nicole asks why Sloan took his case. Eric informs her that they made up. Nicole questions what that means. Sloan then walks up and says it’s exactly what it sounds like. Sloan asks why they would give up the best sex of their lives. Sloan then kisses Eric in front of Nicole.

EJ goes to the DiMera Enterprises office and questions what Johnny is doing there and what he and Wendy are up to this time.

Stefan asks if Gabi is convinced that he loves her now. Gabi says she loves him and missed him so much. Stefan apologizes for how he treated her but Gabi says it wasn’t his fault. Gabi declares that what matters is that they are finally together now. Stefan and Gabi then kiss again until Li walks up and asks what the hell is going on here.

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Days Update Monday, March 6, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Gabi wakes up to find Li cooking in the kitchen and questions what he’s doing. Li apologizes for making noise if that’s what woke her up. Gabi asks where everybody is. Li informs her that Wendy and Tripp left for work which is what woke him up, but he can’t complain when the love of his life is living under the same roof as him. Li calls it their first morning together on the road to wedding bliss. Li offers Gabi breakfast but she says she’s not hungry. Li sits with Gabi and asks if she’s still upset that Stefan no longer loves Chloe.

Shawn walks through the town square and comes across Chloe seated at a table. Shawn greets her and asks when she got back. Chloe informs him that it was yesterday and remarks that if you miss one day in this town, you miss a lot as she shows Shawn her tablet with an article about Brady and Eric being arrested.

Belle visits Brady and Eric in their jail cell, commenting that they have gotten themselves in to a fine mess.

EJ enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Nicole is reading about Brady and Eric’s arrest. EJ calls it nice for someone else to be dragged through the mud for a change. EJ says that Brady and Eric being arrested for what they did to Stefan is old news and he’s more concerned about what he and Nicole are going to do to Stefan. EJ suggests they focus on that task which Nicole agrees with. Nicole assures that she’s still totally committed to giving Stefan a taste of his own medicine. EJ declares that Stefan will reap what he sowed and he will be the one deemed unfit to be CEO. Stefan then walks in and asks if someone said his name.

At the police station, Melinda reads about Brady and Eric’s arrest until Sloan arrives. Melinda remarks that whoever Sloan is representing is undoubtedly guilty. Sloan responds that she’s not here on business as this is personal because she came to make sure that Melinda throws the book at Eric.

Belle tells Eric that she’s not surprised to see him get arrested again but admits she did not see Brady’s arrest coming. Belle asks if he even thought about Rachel when she already has one parent in prison. Belle questions what they were thinking when kidnapping Stefan is class one felony. Belle warns that if convicted, they could be facing serious prison time. Belle asks why they would do something so stupid. Brady responds that Stefan didn’t give him a choice.

EJ tells Stefan that he and Nicole were just discussing the egregious crimes perpetrated by Eric and Brady as they are outraged and concerned about Stefan going through such a horrible ordeal. Nicole says she can’t imagine what it must have been like to have someone mess with your head like that. Stefan appreciates their concern and outrage but admits they did him a favor because now he knows where his heart lies. Stefan declares that he loves Gabi and only Gabi.

Gabi asks Li why she would be upset that Stefan doesn’t love Chloe anymore when that’s exactly what she wanted, only now she’s stuck in this situation with Li for six months. Gabi complains that it already feels like an eternity. Li encourages her to live in the present. Gabi tells Li that his chances of winning her back are zero. Li wants her to know that he remains undeterred and gave her his DiMera shares as a symbol of his commitment to her. Li declares that Gabi is fighting it now, but will soon realize that he is the man that she belongs with.

Nicole questions Stefan being completely over Chloe which he confirms. Stefan says he had to see Chloe in order to see that his feeling had changed. Stefan explains that he went to see her and it’s as if his feelings for her were never there in the first place. Nicole mocks him letting her down gently. Stefan states that Chloe was letting him down gently, saying she couldn’t be with a man who loved to women at once and then it was like his feelings for her were never there. Nicole calls it good news, especially for Brady. EJ realizes that’s why Stefan missed cocktail hour yesterday when they were waiting for him. Stefan apologizes but EJ says it’s okay as they will have plenty of opportunities to raise a glass together which Stefan says he looks forward to. EJ asks Stefan if this means he will soon be reuniting with Gabi. Stefan questions if EJ is asking as his brother, concerned about his love life, or as a co-CEO concerned about his standing in the company. EJ admits to the first and won’t deny the second. Stefan then confirms it is his wish to be reunited with the woman he loves. Nicole questions what he’s doing here then. Stefan says because for some damn reason, Gabi made a commitment to stay with her husband.

Li and Gabi sit down for breakfast. Li tells her that he’s not asking her to pretend to like him and he wants her to be herself in their arrangement. Li knows he deceived her in the past but he’s determined to be honest and himself from now on. Li suggests giving it a try.

Shawn tells Chloe that it’s clear that the Deverauxs no longer run the Spectator. Chloe admits that Gwen and Xander may have used this as a hit job, but they’re not wrong. Chloe says it’s no wonder that Brady and Eric are in such trouble after what they did to Stefan. Shawn responds that the one sliver of hope is that Belle is on the case.

Belle mocks Brady saying he had no choice but to pull an insanely stupid stunt instead of using his head. Brady argues that Stefan wasn’t going to let Dr. Rolf deprogram him so he had to force him. Belle calls that a confession while Brady complains that Stefan was terrorizing Chloe with his obsession. Brady says the only reason Stefan had feelings for Chloe was because Dr. Rolf messed with his brain. Brady calls it borderline stalking and claims that Chloe had to leave town just to get away from Stefan, so he had to step in and do something. Belle understands his motivation but points out they have no case here, even if she could prove Stefan was a threat because Brady’s actions were extreme and indefensible. Belle then questions what Eric’s excuse is.

Melinda is surprised that Sloan has it in for Eric and asks if they had a falling out. Sloan informs her that Eric stole legal documents from her briefcase without her permission and used them to perpretrate fraud without her knowledge. Sloan states that Eric caused irreparable damage to her reputation. Melinda mocks the idea of her being moral and ethical. Sloan questions if Melinda is going to do her job and prosecute Eric to the fullest extent of the law or if she’s going to make snide comments at her and collect her paycheck. Melinda suggests all of the above. Melinda then asks if she puts Eric in three hots and a cot, then who is going to make Sloan hot in her cot.

Eric tells Belle that his excuse is that he was helping Brady do what needed to be done. Belle guesses the family loyalty runs deep with his brother but not with his sister. Eric questions her making it about herself. Belle argues that he made it about her when he assaulted her husband and then questioned her judgment when she defended Paulina against his girlfriend’s frivolous lawsuit. Eric calls it not relevant and none of her business but notes that Sloan isn’t his girlfriend. Belle asks if that’s because he dumped her or if she cast him aside after his idiotic decision to pose as her paralegal and misrepresented himself to the police which damaged any case against Li Shin. Belle declares that means that Melinda wants Eric’s head and she’s inclined to give it to her.

Li tells Gabi that he will share their plans for the day but Gabi stops him and reminds him that she is no longer employed and her daughter is on the other side of the world, so her plan for the day is to go back to bed and sleep the next six months away. Li points out that it’s a beautiful day and suggests they drive to the lake to feed the baby ducks. Li recalls Arianna telling him about that. Li suggests afterwards, they have a picnic on a paddle boat and then reveals he got tickets to a Van Gogh exhibit at the museum. Gabi points out that he made a lot of plans without consulting her first. Gabi then remarks that she would rather cut her own ear off than go anywhere with him. Gabi says to excuse her as she has a date with some pillows. Li pleads with her that he’s really trying and acknowledges he made some bad decisions but he also knows that under all the hurt, somewhere in Gabi’s big heart, there is room for forgiveness. Li asks her for a chance to help her find that.

Nicole can’t believe Gabi stayed with Li. Stefan doesn’t know the details but says apparently, Gabi made a deal with him with paperwork involved and then Li kicked him out before he could say anything. EJ assures Stefan that he has the full support of DiMera Enterprises and his family. EJ suggests they discuss this over coffee. Stefan calls that an excellent idea and says to allow him to pour it. EJ whispers to Nicole that they will let the games begin as Stefan drugs the coffee. Stefan brings the coffee to them. Nicole tastes hers and complains about the cream being sour so that Stefan takes it back, allowing EJ to switch his cup with Stefan’s behind his back. Stefan brings Nicole a new cup and they toast to DiMera Enterprises.

Gabi agrees to go along with Li’s plans to feed the ducks, have a picnic, and go to the museum, admitting that it might cheer her up but makes him promise not to try to hold her hand or whisper in her ear. Gabi tells him not to rock the boat either. Li calls this the beginning of something special and says he’s just so happy to be spending the day with her. Li decides he will go shower, get ready, and then they will meet back here to start their day together.

Sloan questions how her private life is relevant to Melinda. Melinda says they are not in a court room and says she’s just trying to break the cold ice between them with a little office gossip. Sloan tells her that’s not how gossip works. Sloan says they would have to talk about someone while they’re not here behind their back. Sloan questions who told her anyway about her and Eric. Melinda refers to “Lady Whistleblower’s” gossip column in the Spectator. Sloan asks how they know about her personal life. Melinda then informs Sloan that Lady Whistleblower is Leo Stark, who went in to excruciating detail, writing that according to Sloan, Eric was the best sex of her life and did things she’s never even heard of. Melinda shows Sloan the article in the Spectator, which shocks her.

Shawn informs Chloe that Belle was heading to the police station to see if she could help. Chloe states that if anyone can help them, it’s Belle. Shawn notes that Belle is committed to helping Brady in any way that she can, but he’s not sure she feels the same way about Eric. Chloe questions if he’s saying that Belle won’t take Eric’s case.

Eric tells Belle that he knows he’s made his share of mistakes and that they’ve been at odds recently, but he really appreciates her coming down to help him and he’s glad that he can still coutn on his little sister. Belle asks if he’s serious in thinking that she would come down to bail his ass out after his recent transgressions. Belle declares that there is no way she is taking his case after he blew up every bridge between them. Belle complains that now that Sloan said bye bye, Eric has the nerve to come to her for help after he refused to listen to reason. Eric argues that all Belle has done is rake he and Brady over the coals because she’s so superior. Eric shouts screw that and questions why the hell she’s even here if she didn’t come to represent them. Belle clarifies that she never said she wouldn’t represent Brady, but Eric is on his own. Eric calls Belle smug, arrogant, and judgmental, adding that she thinks she’s smart because of her law degree but points out that she failed the BAR three times. Brady tries to tell Eric to stop while Belle remarks on Eric’s long fall from grace. Brady tells Belle that Eric did all of this for him. Brady adds that he knows Eric has been a horse’s ass since breaking up with Nicole while Eric argues that this has nothing to do with Nicole. Brady tells Belle that he got Eric in to this mess, so he needs her help to get him out of it. Belle calls that very moving and heartwarming. Belle adds that it is very clear to her that Eric was only an accessory to Brady’s crimes, but she has not changed her mind and repeats that she will not be taking Eric’s case. Eric asks what their mom would say if she knew that Belle turned her back on him. Belle tells him not to dare bring up Marlena. Eric argues that she can’t just leave him in here. Belle says to watch her as she then calls out to the guard that she is taking Brady to court for his arraignment.

Shawn explains to Chloe that Belle offered her legal services to Eric and he went out of his way to refuse it and be a world class jerk to her lately. Chloe calls that kind of shocking as she feels like Eric has gone off the deep end and turned to the dark side after breaking up with Nicole. They talk about Eric’s break up with Nicole being his doing. Shawn comments on Eric living without sin for a while but now making up for it since then.

Stefan tells EJ that he knows he’s supposed to be on the call with the bank this morning but suggests EJ should handle this one on his own. EJ asks if he really wants to take that chance, especially with the concern about stock coming from his lapse of judgment. Stefan calls it all the more reason for EJ to fly solo and redeem himself, to prove he’s at the top of his game if he feels up to it. EJ says he feels fine and thanks him, but he still thinks it’s best that they both take the call and demonstrate that they are a team as co-CEOs.

Gabi finishes a call saying she’ll be right there as Li comes out of the shower. Gabi tells Li that sh’s sorry but that was Arianna’s school. Li thought she took Arianna out of school so she could move to New Zealand with Sonny and Will. Gabi says she did but they need her records to start her at the new school and they are having trouble transfering them. Gabi adds that she doesn’t know how long this will take but she really needs to get there. Li says they’ll have plenty of time for ducks another day but offers to go with her to Arianna’s school. Gabi says it’s fine and she can handle it as she quickly exits.

Shawn knows Chloe is worried about Brady but he’s confident that Belle will get him out on bail. Shawn asks if they can just start again when that happens but Chloe says she’s not sure that’s possible. Shawn brings up Brady and Eric succeeding in having Dr. Rolf deprogram Stefan, so he’s no longer in love with Chloe which she confirms. Shawn asks how she feels about that. Chloe calls it fine and says his feelings to begin with were overly intense and she never whole-heartedly believed in Stefan’s love for her. Chloe adds that Stefan’s love for her wasn’t the greatest obstacle that she and Brady were facing. Chloe brings up that Brady’s daughter Rachel hates her and says Brady is convinced they can move past it, but she’s not so sure they can.

Sloan cannot believe the article Leo wrote. Melinda suggests she could sue for libel unless it’s true that Eric was the best sex of her life. Belle and Brady then come up from the jail cell. Belle announces that she is representing Brady. Sloan asks what about Eric. Belle says what about him and asks for a moment with Melinda. Melinda asks if it can’t wait until they are in the courtroom. Belle informs Melinda that she is going to be requesting reasonable bail for Brady, pointing out that he’s not a flight risk or a threat to the community. Melinda remarks that Stefan would disagree. Belle argues that they both know why Brady did what he did and that the circumstances have changed now. Belle hopes Melinda won’t oppose Brady’s release. Belle adds that she noticed Melinda’s complaint doesn’t include a victim statement and asks if there’s a reason that she hasn’t interviewed Stefan yet. Belle guesses Stefan isn’t as upset as she thinks about what Brady did.

EJ asks Stefan if they should get this show on the road. Stefan agrees that a united front will help soothe the markets. EJ says his confidence in him means the world to him. Stefan remarks on trusting your own brother. Stefan gets a call from Gabi, who says she needs to see him immediately in the park. Stefan says he’ll be right there, so Gabi tells him to hurry and hangs up. Stefan tells EJ that normally he would never put his personal life ahead of business affairs but given his recent disasters, he’s sure EJ will understand. Stefan assures that he knows EJ will represent the family well and then exits the mansion, leaving EJ and Nicole disappointed.

Shawn goes to work at the police station. Belle joins him so Shawn asks how the arraignment went. Belle informs him that she made the case to get Brady out on bail. Shawn asks if the judge agreed and if Brady is out.

Brady finds Chloe in the town square and asks if the seat at her table is taken.

Li calls Arianna’s school about the transfer of her records that Gabi told him about, but they inform him that Will settled all of that before they went to New Zealand. Li says he’s sorry for the confusion and that he must have misunderstood his wife as he then hangs up. Li then complains that Gabi looked him dead in the eye and lied to his face.

Stefan meets Gabi in the park.

Sloan visits Eric in his cell and remarks that it looks like someone is in need of a good lawyer.

Nicole reads the gossip column in the Spectator, remarking to herself in disgust about Sloan calling Eric the best sex of her life. EJ then returns from the conference call and says the bank has been dealt with but complains about the numerous opportunities there would have been for Stefan to seem unfit. Nicole points out that they only gave him his first dose. EJ says as long as Stefan believes he’s drugging him, he’ll never expect the next ones. Nicole calls it a perfect plan. EJ declares that it’s only a matter of time before Stefan slips up and the board will have no choice but to kick him out on his ass and he’ll be left on top. Nicole adds that Stefan will be old news.

Gabi tells Stefan that she’s so glad he came. Stefan then starts to feel dizzy causing Gabi to worry and ask if he’s okay.

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Days Update Friday, March 3, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Alex tells Maggie that he doesn’t understand not being named CEO as Sonny made it sound like a done deal. Maggie responds that Sonny doesn’t decide. Alex argues that he’s the logical choice since he did a damn good job when Sonny was out. Maggie informs Alex that Victor was all set to hand it to Alex when he got an unsettling phone call that changed his mind. Alex questions what she is talking about. Maggie reveals the call came from Leo Stark.

Leo talks excitedly to Gwen about releasing their first edition of the newspaper tomorrow while Gwen remains distracted. Leo says he can tell she’s still thinking about Xander. Gwen complains about how frustrating it is that Xander wants to define their relationship after his divorce is through. Leo encourages her to live in the moment. Gwen worries that Xander’s heart might always belong to Sarah. Leo insists that Xander will come around and any minute now, he’ll walk in and declare his love for her. There is then a knock at the door. Leo excitedly answers the door but it’s Jack.

Xander questions Justin about how there could be a problem with the divorce when they signed the papers weeks ago. Justin responds that things didn’t go exactly as planned and now there’s an issue, so Xander and Sarah are still very much husband and wife.

At the hospital, Sarah reveals to Rex that she is pregnant. Rex calls it amazing that they are having a baby and hugs her.

Alex tells Maggie that Leo is a worthless troll and questions why Victor would ever listen to a word Leo says. Maggie explains that Leo called Victor about the story he is writing for his gossip column including a tale of Alex having a threesome with two bisexual women. Alex asks so what since they were all consenting adults. Maggie adds that Leo is also alleging that Alex’s affair with Allie destroyed her relationship with Chanel. Alex argues that it wasn’t an affair but a drunken mistake. Alex questions who cares about his sex life as it has no bearing on his ability to be a successful CEO. Maggie tells him that it’s the optics of it and one could read him as misogynistic, making his personal life a liability. Maggie states that Victor is not willing to take that risk. Alex calls this wrong. Maggie says she’s sorry. Alex questions which other Kiriakis that Victor picked then.

Xander questions Justin about how he and Sarah can still be married and if Sarah changed her mind. Justin assures that Sarah has remained steadfast in wanting to dump him. Xander asks what the holdup is if they both did what they needed and questions why they are still married.

Rex tells Sarah that the timing is perfect as he was just talking to Emily about how she wanted a little brother or sister but he didn’t want to get her hopes up. Rex then notes that Sarah doesn’t look happy and asks if it’s because she doesn’t want to commit to him. Rex feels this could change things for them if they are having a baby together. Sarah then reveals they are not having a baby and announces that she’s pregnant but it’s not Rex’s child.

Jennifer comes home and welcomes Julie back from her cruise. Julie mentions how she thought she would check the Spectator to see what she had missed. Jennifer notes that she missed quite a bit. Julie says to imagine her surprise when she read Jack’s farewell article. Julie questions them handing the newspaper over to Xander and Gwen which Jennifer confirms. Julie guesses her next question has to be if they’ve lost their minds.

Jack delivers the keys to the Spectator to Gwen and Leo. Leo tells Jack that he can leave now but Jack says that he and Gwen have some unfinished business.

Maggie tells Alex that she thinks he will enjoy working under the new person that Victor has chosen as CEO. Alex hopes it’s not one of his brothers which Maggie confirms it’s not them or Justin. Alex asks who is left and says to please not tell him that Victor rehired Xander.

Justin tells Xander that he realized he hadn’t seen the final decree on his divorce, so he checked and the court had no record of it as one of the clerks misplaced the paperwork so it never got filed. Justin calls it the first time in all his years that this has happened. Xander asks what they do now. Justin says he printed new papers out so once they sign these, he will personally make sure the papers are filed and then their marriage will officially be over.

Sarah tells Rex that they slept together the night before Valentine’s Day, but according to the test, she’s further along than that so the timing doesn’t work. Rex guesses he just assumed and feels like an idiot but Sarah understands he got carried away. Rex then asks if that means Xander is the father which Sarah confirms.

Julie tells Jennifer that last she heard, Jack disowned Gwen for refusing to testify against Xander. Jennifer says that is true, so Julie questions why Jack is rewarding while punishing. Jennifer tells Julie that Jack didn’t have a choice because Xander and Gwen blackmailed him in to turning over the paper. Julie doesn’t see how that’s possible, but then realizes it’s about Jennifer running down Gwen with her car.

Gwen asks Jack what unfinished business they have. Jack tells Gwen that she can run the paper now however she wishes, but notes that he and Jennifer spent decades earning the trust of the public so he would hate to see that all wasted and turned in to a trashy tabloid. Leo argues that tabloids sell and nobody was reading their old newspaper. Gwen tells Jack that she will do her best to live up to the standard that Jack and Jennifer set, because she believes in it too. Jack says he’s glad to hear that and despite everything, part of him is grateful that it’s still one of his children taking over what meant so much to him. Leo argues that Jack disowned her so he doesn’t get to play daddy now while Jack states that she is still his daughter. Gwen promises to take good care of the paper. Jack then announces that he and Jennifer are both leaving town tonight.

Rex asks Sarah if she’s sure that the baby is Xander’s since they’ve been broken up for awhile. Sarah guesses they conceived a baby one of the last times they were together. Rex asks what she will do now. Sarah doesn’t know since she wasn’t expecting this. Sarah thought Xander would be out of her life forever after signing the divorce papers and this would be a fresh start. Rex tells Sarah that he might have a fresh start for her which is why he came to see her in the first place. Rex informs Sarah that there is an opening at his hospital in Chicago that he thought she would be perfect for, so the job is hers if she wants it. Rex asks if she’s interested.

Xander notes that Sarah hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet. Justin explains that she doesn’t know about it since he came to Xander first. Xander says he’ll let him know when he has signed. Justin questions him not just signing while he’s here. Xander says that Justin always taught him never to sign anything without fully reading it, so he will spend some time with it and then get back to him. Justin tells him to suit himself and then exits the room.

Alex argues that Xander being in charge before was a disaster. Alex calls Xander a loser that no one else would even hire. Maggie tells him to calm down as it’s not Xander, so Alex asks who it is. Maggie says it’s not Brady, Shawn, or Ciara, as he’s forgotten a very important member of the family. Alex asks who else there is. Maggie then reveals that it’s her. Alex laughs off the idea of Maggie being CEO. Maggie asks why she can’t be. Alex questions her experience running a business. Maggie says she’s run very successful restaurants over the years. Alex argues that’s a little different than a multi-national corporation. Maggie brings up being married to Victor for over a decade and picking up a thing or two. Maggie knows she has a lot to learn and that’s where Alex comes in, as her second in command. Maggie hopes that he is interested.

Jennifer questions Julie knowing about the accident. Julie informs her that Gwen threw it in her face last Christmas Eve during an argument. Jennifer notes that Julie never said anything to her about it. Julie knew she would come to her if she needed to. Jennifer talks about not remembering it after it happened but once she did, she offered to turn herself in but Jack wouldn’t let her. Julie points out that it’s not like she did it on purpose. Julie complains about Gwen forcing her to give up her beloved paper. Julie declares that she won’t stand for it or let her get away with it. Julie adds that she will get in her car and finish the job.

Jack informs Gwen that he and Jennifer are going back to Boston tonight, where they still have another paper to run. Gwen says she’s sorry things ended up this way. Jack responds that she made her choices and he made his, so now they have to find a way to live with them. Gwen cries that she didn’t know what else to do since he gave her an ultimatum. Jack remarks that Gwen decided her loyalty to Xander was more important than her loyalty to him. Leo interrupts and calls that unfair. Jack says maybe not and maybe Gwen made the right choice since it finally put an end to the horrible cycle of them being disappointed in each other since they can’t be disappointed in each other if they aren’t in each other’s lives. Jack loves that Gwen came in to his life and he will always love her. Jack adds that he just hopes it will be easier for them to love each other with distance between them. Jack hopes that Gwen finds the love and happiness that she always wanted. Gwen cries that she loves him too as Jack then exits the room.

Sarah tells Rex that he’s right that it sounds like the perfect job for her and the salary is more, but she doesn’t want him to get the wrong idea since she saw how excited he got when he thought they were having a baby. Rex assures that he totally understands she’s not looking for a relationship right now and he just thought it would be a perfect opportunity for her. Sarah appreciates him recommending her but says things are complicated now. Rex points out that Sarah and Xander are obviously not a couple anymore, but he assumes Xander will want to be part of the child’s life. Rex asks if that means Sarah is staying in Salem and asks how she will break the news to Xander that she’s having his baby. Xander then arrives in the room.

Alex calls Victor to confirm that he heard the news correctly that Maggie is the new CEO of Titan. Alex admits he’s a little disappointed but says he understands why Victor didn’t choose him to take over right now. Alex tells him to have a safe trip back and hangs up. Maggie hopes that maybe now the news will be easier to accept. Alex tells Maggie that he loves her and thinks she’s an amazing person, but she doesn’t have anything in common with being a titan of the industry. Maggie talks about defying peoples’ expectations for her entire life. Maggie declares that if she puts her mind to it, she can be a very successful CEO because Victor said she has great instincts. Alex questions if she has killer instincts. Maggie asks how’s this for killer instincts and tells Alex that he’s fired.

Jennifer stops Julie and tells her that she’s not going after Gwen. Julie asks why not, arguing that someone has to teach her a lesson. Jennifer tells her that it’s not worth going to prison over. Jennifer suggests they cut their losses and move on. Julie responds that this is all Jack’s fault and remarks that none of this would’ve happened if he just kept it in his pants, right as Jack comes home and comments on how he’s missed Julie.

Leo and Gwen sit together to eat in the town square. Gwen cries that she’s worried that she made a huge mistake because Jack is right that she chose Xander over him and she doesn’t even know where they stand with each other. Leo insists that Xander loves her but Gwen is uncertain. Leo encourages her to have faith that she and Xander will be together as soon as the divorce papers are final which should be any day now. Justin then approaches and says he wouldn’t count on it.

Xander tells Sarah that he needed to talk to her and a nurse told him where to find her. Xander asks if he’s interrupting something. Sarah claims that she was consulting Rex on a case. Xander asks if Sarah has a moment to chat alone because it’s kind of important. Rex says they were in the middle of something but Sarah says it’s okay and they’ll talk later. Rex says he’ll be outside if she needs him and exits the room. Sarah tells Xander that she knows things got heated between them earlier and she doesn’t feel like fighting. Xander responds that he’s not here to fight. Xander informs Sarah that Justin came to see him and said their divorce didn’t go through. Sarah argues that she filed the papers weeks ago. Xander guesses some clumsy clerk lost them so Justin printed out more. Xander asks Sarah if this is really truly what she wants. Sarah says they’ve been over this. Xander says he wasn’t thinking of revisiting it but now it seems like a sign from the universe that maybe they should give their marriage another shot. Xander asks Sarah what she thinks.

Alex questions Maggie firing him. Maggie tells him that she was just kidding and laughs about the look on his face. Maggie tells him to lighten up. Alex calls this really unexpected. Maggie knows she’s not his conventional choice and that he has doubts and he won’t be the only one. Maggie adds that this is her family too, so she is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep Titan on top. Alex acknowledges how smart she is, but questions what she is going to do when she goes up against somebody ruthless like an EJ DiMera. Maggie says they will find out. Maggie says she’s heard his concerns and hopes she has addressed them, but they need to move on because there is lots to be done and she needs to know if she has the support of her right hand man. Maggie asks if Alex is on board or not.

Jennifer asks Jack how it went with Gwen. Jack responds that he gave her the keys to the Spectator and advice on how to run it which she was surprisingly receptive to. Julie argues that Gwen must be playing some sort of angle. Jack mentions telling her that he and Jennifer are leaving town tonight. Julie wishes they would stay a little longer but Jennifer says they have to get back to Boston where they have a local paper counting on them. Julie pleads with them to visit soon which Jack assures they will do. Julie hugs Jennifer and Jack. Julie states that in Jack’s absence, she will keep an eye on Gwen and if she does anything to hurt anybody she loves, she will answer to her.

Gwen questions Justin about someone at the court losing the divorce papers. Justin confirms that Xander and Sarah will have to refile them. Leo says he’s sure this happens all the time but Justin admits that he’s never seen it happen in all his years. Leo argues that it will be an easy enough problem to fix and they will be divorced in no time. Justin says that’s assuming they don’t change their minds. Leo says he’s not helping. Gwen questions why they would change their mind. Justin says she would have to ask them but notes that Xander seemed oddly hesitant and said he wanted to read the papers over. Gwen points out that they are the same as before. Justin says that’s why he felt Xander was stalling. Justin tells them to have a lovely evening and walks away.

Sarah questions Xander believing in fate and signs from the universe. Xander says he doesn’t usually but even Justin said he’s never seen divorce papers go missing like that. Sarah asks how she doesn’t know it was just him. Xander says he was ready to try to move on but now it seems like they’ve been given a chance to rethink her decision. Xander wonders if they are supposed to stay together. Sarah tells him that he’s right that maybe the universe is sending them a message. Xander questions if she really believes that. Sarah responds that she also got one right before he walked in. Xander asks what it was. Sarah then informs him that Rex recommended her for a job at his hospital in Chicago and she decided that she’s going to take it, so it seems the universe is sending them a message and telling them that they did the right thing in going their separate ways. Xander questions Sarah leaving Salem. Sarah says she thinks it’s best for everybody involved. Sarah then asks Xander to hand her the divorce papers which he reluctantly does. Sarah signs the divorce papers and hand them back to Xander. Xander then signs them as well. Sarah says she will make sure they get filed properly before she leaves. Xander guesses this is goodbye then. Xander says they did have a good run while it lasted which she agrees with. Xander wishes her luck in Chicago and then exits the room.

Alex pours sparkling cider for Maggie. Maggie thanks him for agreeing to be her second in command. Justin comes home and asks if he’s arriving just in time to celebrate Alex’s new job as CEO. Alex informs him that he didn’t get it as Victor chose someone else to take over the position. Justin questions who. Maggie announces that she is the new CEO.

Jennifer tells Jack that she knows it can’t be easy leaving under these circumstances with the way things are with Gwen and the Spectator. Jack says all that matters is that he’s leaving with her. Jack tells Jennifer that he loves her. Jennifer says the same and they kiss. Jack says they will come back someday soon because this will always be their home. Jack and Jennifer then take their bags and exit together.

Gwen asks Leo if he thinks Justin is right that Xander is having second thoughts about divorcing Sarah. Leo spots Xander walking by and says there’s only one way to find out, so he calls Xander over. Xander asks what’s going on. Leo says they heard about what happened at the courthouse and questions why he hasn’t signed the new divorce papers. Xander reveals that he actually just did and Sarah did as well right in front of him. Leo says that’s good because he’s tired of Xander playing games with Gwen’s heart because she shouldn’t have to constantly worry that he’s going to go back to his ex. Xander assures that’s not going to happen, especially now that Sarah is leaving town with Rex Brady. Xander declares that as soon as the divorce is finalized, any connection that he and Sarah ever had will be gone for good.

Rex returns to Sarah and questions her taking the job. Rex guesses she didn’t tell Xander about the baby which she admits. Sarah calls it a complication that she does not need right now. Rex admits he’s no fan of Xander’s but asks if she’s sure about this, bringing up how Mimi tried to keep Emily a secret from him and how that turned out. Sarah acknowledges that she made a huge mess when she tried to do the same with Eric. Sarah doesn’t know what she wants to do about the baby but says this gives her an opportunity to think about it without Xander breathing down her neck. Rex says he understands. Sarah questions how it came to this since a few months ago they were married, happy, and in love, while now she’s leaving town all by herself and Xander doesn’t know that she’s pregnant with his baby.

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Days Update Thursday, March 2, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Sarah goes to Xander’s room and questions how he could do this. Xander tells her to be more specific but Sarah argues that he knows exactly what he did and she’s not going to let him get away with it this time.

Gwen works on an article on the three funerals for the Spectator. Leo enters their room at the Salem Inn and presents Gwen with the first copy of his gossip column for the Spectator. Gwen tells him that he could’ve just e-mailed it to her but Leo says he wanted to see the look on her face. Gwen then reads Leo’s first tidbit with a look of shock as Leo wrote a rumor that Sonny contracted scabies from a gay orgy that was attended by his own father.

Sonny is at the Brady Pub, on the phone with Will. Sonny asks about Henry on the flight. Chad then arrives so Sonny tells Will that he loves him and he’ll see him tomorrow as he hangs up. Chad hugs Sonny and says he got his text so he asks what’s up. Sonny informs Chad that he has some news as they sit together. Chad hopes it’s good news. Sonny says it definitely is and announces that he and Will are not going to be doing long distance anymore. Chad congratulates him as he knows how hard that’s been for them. Chad then asks if Will is going to be here. Sonny informs Chad that Will is still going to be traveling and he will be too on kind of an extended trip. Chad asks what that means. Sonny then reveals he’s leaving Salem.

Alex sits at the desk at Titan and declares Sonny is no longer the CEO. Alex says he will miss Sonny, but he could get used to this. Stephanie walks in and comments on Alex getting comfortable. Stephanie asks if it’s true that Sonny resigned from Titan. Alex confirms that Sonny is moving to New Zealand with Will, Allie, and Henry. Stephanie guesses things will be different around here. Alex tells Stephanie that for starters, she’s going to be stuck with him. Stephanie says that was fast questioning Alex already being named CEO when Sonny hasn’t even left town yet. Alex says it’s not official yet but he’s the obvious choice since he came back to Salem specifically to help Sonny at Titan. Stephanie asks how. Alex explains that he loves Sonny but he’s not exactly a killer, so he had to give him a little support. Alex adds that when he had to cover for Sonny, he really got to show his Kiriakis drive and business acumen. Stephanie calls it his ego while Alex warns that she’s talking to her new boss. Stephanie reminds him that she is her own boss while Alex reminds her that Titan writes her big checks. Stephanie points out that Victor hasn’t decided who is taking over for Sonny yet, but if Alex is named CEO then he will be signing some of her checks. Alex says it’s her biggest client and her biggest checks. Stephanie doesn’t deny that Titan is great business for SJPR. Alex asks if that will still be the same when Victor announces he’s taking over for Sonny. Stephanie asks what he means. Alex asks if she will be okay working as closely with him as she did with Sonny.

Leo asks Gwen what she thinks. Gwen responds that it just keeps getting worse which excites Leo. Gwen then rips it up and says she can’t print this because it’s not true. Leo is upset and argues that the Spectator needs life, energy, and buzz which he was giving. Gwen worries that they were all libel suits waiting to happen. Leo insists that Sonny won’t sue. Gwen brings up the Kiriakis family having an army of lawyers. Leo doesn’t like Gwen being professional now. Gwen knows Sonny hurt him but he can’t use his column to exact revenge. Leo complains that he worked so hard on it. Gwen applauds his creativity but reminds him that this is a newspaper and they have standards to uphold that were set by her father and her late sister. Gwen is determined to prove that she is every bit as good of an editor as Jack and Abigail were. Leo had no idea she was so serious about maintaining these principles. Gwen says she’s fine with Leo going after everyone he wants, but he has to write the truth, not something made up. Leo questions what to do now then. Gwen instructs him to go find her some dirt that she can actually run, reminding him that she has a deadline so Leo quickly exits the room.

Xander asks if Sarah is going to lecture him about kidnapping Bonnie and Susan or sleeping with Gwen. Sarah says it’s not that. Xander asks why she’s here then since she made it very clear they have nothing to discuss ever again. Sarah says there wasn’t until she heard about his latest stunt. Xander asks what he’s done this time. Sarah declares that he stole the Spectator from Jack and Jennifer and calls him a son of a bitch.

Rex enters the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Maggie if Sarah is there. Maggie says she’s afraid not. Rex says he needs to speak to her and it’s kind of important. Maggie calls that a coincidence as she has something important to discuss with him, starting with the fact that he’s sleeping with her daughter.

Sonny informs Chad that he’s moving to New Zealand since Will’s new project is out there and he’s really excited about it, so he wants to be there with him. Chad asks about Arianna. Sonny reveals that she’s coming with them and admits that Gabi wasn’t thrilled but realized that Arianna wanted to go, so they will have visits. Sonny adds that Allie is coming with them since she and Chanel just broke up and has a lot of changes going on. Sonny knows he’s dropping a lot on Chad so he’s really sorry. Chad tells him not to be sorry as he thinks this will be really good for everyone, especially Sonny and Will, so he’s happy for them. Chad asks when he’s leaving. Sonny informs him that he’s going straight to the airport from here. Chad is surprised it’s so soon. Sonny says he would’ve left with everyone else but he had loose ends to tie up at Titan. Chad asks how Victor took the news. Sonny says exactly as he would expect, but he’ll get over it. Sonny adds that Alex has been dying to be CEO of Titan ever since he got to town. Chad guesses that means Stephanie will be reporting directly to Alex.

Stephanie tells Alex that they are both adults so she doesn’t foresee any problems working together, especially since they are no longer romantically involved. Stephanie adds that they both want Titan to thrive which Alex agrees with. Stephanie says as long as they keep that mind and stay focused, respectful, and mindful of each others’ boundaries then they should get along just fine. Alex and Stephanie then shake hands on it.

Rex guesses Sarah told Maggie about what happened between them. Maggie reveals that Henderson actually did since he saw him leaving Sarah’s bedroom the other day. Rex jokes that he should’ve known Henderson would spread the word. Maggie reminds Rex that Sarah is going through a divorce and is very vulnerable. Rex promises that he would never take advantage of that and has no intention of ever hurting Sarah again. Maggie questions what exactly his intentions are then.

Sarah accuses Xander of stealing the newspaper from Jack and Jennifer, complaining that there is no way they would ever do that by choice. Xander remarks that they always planned on giving the paper to one of their kids and Abigail is no longer with them and JJ is not interested, so Gwen’s the obvious choice, pointing out that she is Jack’s daughter as well. Sarah calls Gwen an evil bitch who has only ever brought misery to her and her family. Sarah brings up all the lives that Gwen turned upside down. Xander mocks the idea of all the Hortons being saints until Gwen came around. Sarah tells Xander that she called Jennifer to ask for the real reason why she gave up the paper, but she said she couldn’t get in to it. Sarah asks if this is how Xander’s twisted partnership with Gwen works, where they commit felonies and find new ways to hurt Jack. Xander argues that Jack made a choice but Sarah refuses to believe it, arguing that Gwen has zero journalism experience. Sarah asks how Xander forced Jack and Jennifer to hand over the paper that they put their blood, sweat, and tears in to for years. Xander then admits to her that he blackmailed Jack and Jennifer in to signing over the paper and it’s all Sarah’s fault.

Sonny assures Chad that there’s nothing to worry about as Alex and Stephanie are over. Chad says he knows that so Sonny asks why he looks so disappointed. Chad says he wouldn’t say disappointed so Sonny asks what it is. Chad responds that Stephanie forgave Alex for turning off her phone when Kayla died, so they are on decent terms now. Sonny calls that great that Stephanie was big enough to forgive Alex, but he insists that they are not getting back together and that Chad is the one that Stephanie wants to be with. Sonny questions what Chad is feeling insecure about. Chad states that he just really likes Stephanie and his kids do too. Sonny calls that good to hear. Chad never thought he would feel this way again but Stephanie showed him that it was possible to start over after such a horrifying loss. Chad guesses he’s a little desperate to not lose her. Sonny says that makes sense since Chad went through a terrible and traumatic loss. Chad says on a lighter note, he’s very grateful that Stephanie is in his life. Chad calls himself a lucky man.

Alex and Stephanie shake hands until Leo walks in. Alex questions how Leo got in. Leo says the door was open. Alex tells him that Sonny isn’t here but Leo says he was looking for Alex. Leo calls Stephanie his girlfriend which she quickly corrects him on, so Leo asks if she holds hands with all her colleagues. Leo tells them that he is Lady Whistleblower, the new gossip columnist of the Spectator. Alex questions what that has to do with him. Leo then asks if it’s true that Alex broke up Salem’s favorite bisexual bakers.

Sarah questions how it’s her fault that Xander blackmailed Jack and Jennifer. Xander responds that he wasn’t going to do it until he ran in to Sarah with Rex and she couldn’t help but rub it in his face that she had sex with him. Sarah says that’s just what Xander did with Gwen. Xander calls that different. Sarah doesn’t care and just wants to know how Xander and Gwen forced Jack and Jennifer to sign over the Spectator. Xander says that’s on a need to know basis so he’s afraid that he can’t tell her. Sarah argues that Jack was Xander’s best friend and Gwen’s father, so she questions how they could do that to him. Sarah adds that it makes her sick. Xander asks if she’s alright as Sarah then runs to the bathroom to throw up.

Rex assures Maggie that what happened between he and Sarah was a one time thing and she made it clear that she’s not wanting a relationship with anybody right now, so they are just friends. Maggie asks if Rex can accept that. Rex says of course he can. Maggie questions why Rex needs to see Sarah so urgently then. Rex informs her that he’s heading back to Chicago. Maggie asks if he came to say goodbye then. Rex then reveals that he wants Sarah to come with him. Maggie questions them not getting back together, but he wants her to move away with him. Rex clarifies that he wants Sarah to work at his hospital as he thinks it would be a great opportunity for her. Maggie calls that very kind of him to extend himself this way. Rex thinks she would be a tremendous asset to their surgical staff and he thinks it would be really good for Sarah, given everything she’s been through. Maggie hates to think of Sarah leaving again, but she’s a grown woman who makes her own decisions, so she just prays that Sarah tunes out the noise and listens to her gut.

Xander asks if Sarah is alright. Sarah comes out of the bathroom and claims she’s fine, blaming it on something she ate. Sarah just wants to know what he’s holding over Jack and Jennifer. Xander doubts they would want him to share that information with her or anyone else. Sarah cannot believe that she actually thought he changed. Sarah calls herself a fool because Xander is the same lowlife thug he’s always been. Sarah declares that she’s so glad that she signed the divorce papers, so she doesn’t have to listen to him rattle off another round of excuses for why he committed another crime against the people she loves. Sarah tells Xander that she’s done for good. Sarah says goodbye to Xander and that she hopes he and Gwen enjoy their stolen paper as she then exits the room.

Chad tells Sonny that he will miss hanging with his best friend. Justin arrives to join them. Sonny mentions that he already ordered him a beer. Justin comments on Sonny always thinking about everybody else except for leaving Salem which he jokes is incredibly selfish. Sonny argues that they can come visit any time. Justin says he and Bonnie definitely will. Sonny says he was just telling Chad how bad he feels about dumping this on everyone out of the blue. Justin says he’s going to miss him but he’s thrilled that he and Will are going to be reunited. Sonny admits it’s been rough being apart. Justin talks about thinking Leo was going to get his fangs in to him again. Sonny assures they don’t have to worry about Leo anymore and toasts to Leo being someone else’s problem now…

Leo asks Alex again if he broke up Chanel and Allie. Alex responds that he doesn’t know where he gets his information but he’s way off. Leo then asks if Alex is denying sucking lemons with Allie and then stumbling back to her place for a night of raunchy sex. Stephanie gives Alex a shocked look and questions him about Allie. Alex says it’s not how Leo is making it sound. Leo then asks if it’s not true that Chanel came home and found Alex there. Stephanie then questions Alex about Chanel catching him in the act. Alex argues that Chanel came home the next morning. Leo says that sounds like confirmation to him. Alex argues that he didn’t confirm anything but Leo says it’s too late. Leo asks how awkward it was when Chanel caught them or if it wasn’t awkward at all since they had already had a threesome which Stephanie questions. Alex then angrily grabs Leo’s recorder and smashes it. Alex tells Leo that if he wants a comment, he can take his whistle and shove it up his blower lady. Leo complains about what he did to his recorder. Alex warns that he’s lucky he didn’t do it to his face and tells Leo to get the hell out before he actually loses it. Leo tells him to be sure to pick up a copy of tomorrow’s Spectator as he hurries out of the office. Alex turns to Stephanie but she says he doesn’t have to explain his personal life to her as it’s none of her business. Alex insists that Leo made it sound a lot more salacious than it actually was. Stephanie tells him to say no more as he, Allie, and Chanel are all consenting adults so what he does with them has nothing to do with her. Stephanie adds that she has more work to get done as she leaves the office, leaving Alex disappointed.

Xander drinks a bottle of whiskey in his room until Gwen shows up and says she just thought she’d stop by to see if he had any last minute concerns about the paper. Gwen asks if he can believe they are actually putting their first edition of the Spectator out. Gwen excitedly states that they did it and are actually running a newspaper. Gwen notes that Xander doesn’t seem very excited and asks if everything is alright. Xander informs her that Sarah just left so Gwen asks what she had to scold him about this time. Xander says it was about blackmailing the paper from Jack and Jennifer. Gwen questions how she found out. Xander explains that Sarah wouldn’t believe they would just willingly give them the paper, so she asked Jennifer why they really did it but she was smart enough to keep her mouth shut, then Sarah came here to get it out of him. Xander argues that Sarah was relentless, so he just told her that they blackmailed them but he didn’t say with what. Gwen doesn’t think Sarah would be so sanctimonious if she knew that her cousin was the one who mowed her down with her car while she was high on painkillers. Gwen apologizes and says she shouldn’t speak so low of Sarah since it’s obvious by the look on Xander’s face that he’s still in love with her.

Sarah goes to work at the hospital where a nurse asks if she’s okay. Sarah claims she’s fine and thinks she just had food poisoning. The nurse asks if she’s sure that’s all it is.

Justin guesses they’ll have to figure out the time difference with New Zealand so they know when to call. Sonny says he’s already figured out that New Zealand is 17 hours ahead. Alex arrives to join them but when he sees Chad, he remarks that he thought this was family only. Sonny insists that Chad is family so he asks if they can just play nice. Alex reluctantly agrees and sits at the table. Justin asks if he had a tough day but Alex says it’s all good. Alex asks Sonny about New Zealand and calls it a radical move. Sonny tells Alex that he should come visit if he has any time off being CEO of Titan since it’s a stressful job, but he thinks Alex is going to kill it. Sonny tells Alex that he was born to be a CEO. Justin agrees that of all his sons, Alex is the most like Victor. Chad jokes that he wishes while Sonny reminds him to play nice. Justin declares that Victor couldn’t have made a better choice. Alex thanks Justin and then hugs Sonny, saying he’s going to miss him. Alex tells Sonny not to be a stranger and that he loves him. Alex says he’ll see them later. Chad offers a handshake but Alex leaves him hanging and walks away. Stephanie arrives as Alex is leaving the Pub. Chad hugs her and says she made it. Stephanie responds that she wasn’t going to miss saying goodbye to her favorite cousin. Justin says he hates to cut this short but he has to take care of something for a client. Justin hugs Sonny and says he loves him. Sonny invites Justin and Bonnie to come visit around Easter. Justin says they will definitely see him down under as he exits. Stephanie tells Sonny that she finally moved back to Salem and now he’s leaving. Sonny says they need to work on their timing while Stephanie tells him to promise to come back.

Sarah tells the nurse that whatever it is will pass in a minute. The nurse is unsure since there’s a ton of bugs going around. Sarah insists that as a doctor, she knows the difference and this is nothing. The nurse suggests letting the lab run a few tests to be safe. Sarah agrees that it can’t hurt.

Gwen asks Xander if he’s still in love with Sarah. Xander calls it complicated. Gwen calls it confusing since the other night when they were together, he seemed to indicate that he’d prefer to be with someone like her and actually said that they belonged together, but then the next morning he woke up after dreaming of Sarah, so she realized that while his marriage may be over, he might not be over her. Xander says he told her that he doesn’t know if or when he ever will be over Sarah. Gwen says they were going to talk, have breakfast, and figure this out but then they bumped in to Sarah in the town square and never had that conversation. Gwen guesses that she’s just unclear on where they stand. Xander says he meant everything he said and he does care for her and he’s grateful for all that she sacrificed for him, but he is still coming to terms with the very recent end of his marriage, so he doesn’t have any answers for her right now. Gwen claims that she completely understands. Xander adds that maybe once the divorce is finalized, he can start thinking about what the future holds. Gwen says that makes sense and she understands, so she suggests keeping things between them strictly professional until then, since they are running a newspaper together. Xander agrees that sounds like a plan. Gwen says she has a million things to do before putting the Spectator out. Gwen asks if Xander has any last minute thoughts or concerns about the layout or headlines. Xander says not that he can think of and she can let him know if something comes up, otherwise he will see her tomorrow. Gwen then exits the room while holding back tears.

Stephanie tells Sonny that she owes him a huge thank you for taking a chance on SJPR and giving her a huge opportunity at Titan. Sonny feels he owes Paulina for bringing her to town. Stephanie says that when he comes back to town, she’ll be saving him a seat at the bar. Chad reminds Sonny that he has a plane to catch and can’t miss his flight. Sonny jokes that Will would kill all of them. Sonny hugs Stephanie and tells them to take care of each other. Chad says they will. Sonny hugs Chad and says he loves them. Stephanie says they love him too. Sonny says he’ll see them around as he then exits the Pub. Stephanie comments that Sonny is so great. Chad calls him the best as he hugs her. Stephanie says it sucks that Sonny is leaving. Chad calls it a big change for her at Titan since she’s going to have a new boss.

Alex goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Maggie that he got her text and asks if everything is okay. Maggie says everything is fine and that she asked him over to discuss Titan business. Alex asks where Victor is as he assumes this is about who is taking over Titan. Maggie confirms that it is but Victor is out of town so he asked her to handle it. Alex assumes she means handling letting him know that Victor chose him to take over. Maggie then reveals that Victor didn’t choose Alex and announces that Victor is giving the job to a different Kiriakis…

Justin goes to Xander’s room. Xander calls this a nice surprise for his favorite cousin to pop in for a visit. Justin informs him that this isn’t a social visit.

Gwen goes home to her room at the Salem Inn, where Leo says it’s perfect timing as he just finished rewriting his column. Gwen asks if his sources are solid. Leo says he got it straight from his mouth and comments that Alex will be the gift that keeps on giving for him. Leo thought she would be overjoyed. Gwen says she is really impressed but she and Xander just had a chat about where they stand romantically and he doesn’t want to think about the future until his divorce is finalized. Leo encourages that should be soon but Gwen says not soon enough.

Justin informs Xander that he’s here on behalf of his client. Xander asks if he came to formally deliver the decree that ends their marriage. Justin reveals that he can’t because there’s a problem with the divorce…

Rex finds Sarah in a waiting room at the hospital and says there is something important that he needs to talk to her about. Sarah says she does too so Rex tells her to go first. Sarah then announces that she is pregnant!

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Update Wednesday, March 1, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chanel posts a “Help Wanted” sign at the Bakery. Johnny walks by and comments on the long line at the Bakery this morning. Chanel apologizes and says they are short staffed until she can replace Allie. Johnny thought they were getting back together. Chanel is surprised he hasn’t heard and declares that they broke up for good this time.

Wendy questions Li announcing that he and Gabi are moving in. Li explains that he did some thinking while in jail and that she said Allie left town and Chanel moved in with her mother, so Wendy needs roommates and they need a place, so it works out perfectly. Gabi adds that it was obviously Li’s idea while she suggested they call first. Li says they were doing Wendy a favor since she can’t afford the big apartment all by herself. Wendy informs him that she’s actually not by herself because Tripp is moving in too.

EJ sits at home going over a paper until Nicole walks in. EJ says he was starting to get worried when he couldn’t reach her. Nicole assures that she’s fine and asks what’s wrong. Nicole asks if it’s Holly but EJ assures that she’s fine. EJ says this is a business emergency, not a personal one. EJ reveals that he just got the results back from the lab tech and it seems he was right about Stefan. EJ declares that his brother has been drugging him.

Stefan shows up at Chloe’s door and says he got her message and it was good to hear her voice. Chloe apologizes for being out of touch for so long. Stefan brings up that Brady said she left town. Chloe says she did but she’s back now and he’s actually the first person she wanted to see. Stefan is glad to hear that because he really wanted to see her too.

Johnny is surprised when Chanel tells him that Allie slept with Alex and lied to her about it, until she found Alex cowering under the table after his cell phone rang. Johnny hates that Allie did that to Chanel and says he’s really sorry. Chanel really thought they could trust each other but she was obviously wrong. Johnny asks if there’s no chance at all that they could work things out. Chanel says even if she wanted to, it’s kind of hard when Allie moved all the way to New Zealand with her other brother which shocks Johnny.

EJ shows Nicole the test results and that the drug causes the symptoms they experienced of erratic behavior, dizziness and confusion. Nicole guesses Stefan forgiving EJ was just an act like he suspected. EJ says Stefan may have inherited the DiMera genes but not their instincts. Nicole points out that EJ has proof but it’s only circumstantial evidence that Stefan was behind it. EJ explains that he thought about that so he had his investigator dust the vial for prints, finding his, Johnny’s, and Stefan’s. Nicole calls that a brilliant move and declares that now EJ has Stefan dead to rights.

Chloe comments that Stefan looks a little rough and asks if he’s okay. Stefan responds that he’s doing pretty well considering Brady kidnapped him and tied him to Eric’s bed for going on 24 hours. Chloe is shocked and asks why Brady would do that. Stefan explains that Eric found a way to spring Dr. Rolf from jail, so they ordered him to finish deprogramming him only Dr. Rolf didn’t have any equipment so he had to use new equipment but it malfunctioned again. Stefan adds that he ended up passing out and when he came to, Rafe was there, ordering him to go to the hospital. Chloe insists that he needs to get checked out. Stefan assures that he’s fine except for the constant ringing in his head. Stefan says he will go to the doctor, but he got Chloe’s message and wanted to see her or at least he thought he did. Chloe can’t believe they did this to him. Stefan guarantees that even though they didn’t finish, he’s not letting them anywhere near him again. Chloe says regardless of whether he fully gets unbrainwashed, she’s had a lot of time to think while away and she’s much clearer about things now. Stefan says he is too. Chloe tells Stefan that she doesn’t want to hurt him after everything he’s just been through, but she has decided that she cannot be with a man who loves two women.

Gabi decides this whole living together thing wasn’t meant to be but Li insists they will figure it out. Tripp says he was going to grab coffee in the town square and asks if anyone needs anything. Li starts giving his order but Wendy says he doesn’t have to get them anything. Wendy adds that Tripp doesn’t have to leave on their account but Tripp thinks it’s best to give them a chance to chat. Tripp tells Wendy that he only offered to stay because she needed a roommate but he can just stay at his dad’s. Wendy tells him he doesn’t need to do that. Tripp says he’ll be back and that he’ll get Li’s coffee on the way out. Wendy can’t believe Li and Gabi thought she’d just be cool with this. Gabi repeats that it was not her idea. Li insists it will be a fine arrangement and calls them a wonderful happy family. Gabi disagrees. Wendy calls them highly dysfunctional and adds that Li and Gabi hates each others’ guts. Li says that’s not true so Wendy clarifies that he loves Gabi while Gabi hates his guts which is just as bad. Wendy declares that she doesn’t want to be apart of it and refuses to be in the middle of a warzone.

Tripp joins Joey in the town square, who is sitting at a table and texting his girlfriend. Joey tells Tripp that he was just telling her that he’s heading back to Seattle. Joey feels bad leaving so soon after the funeral but says it’s nice to know that Tripp and Stephanie will be with Steve, making sure he’s taking care of himself. Tripp then informs him that he might just have Stephanie because he’s thinking about moving out.

Gabi tells Wendy that the contract she signed requires her to live under the same roof as Li but it says nothing about the same bed, so she might take the apartment on the other side of the building. Wendy calls that an idea while Li calls it a bad one. Li argues that it wouldn’t comply with the spirit of the agreement as they must share a home. Gabi agrees with occupying the same apartment but not the same bed. Li says they’ll see how she feels in six months. Li tells Wendy that he’s sure they can all peacefully co-exist but he’s afraid that Tripp’s going to have to take the sofa. Wendy tells him that is not happening. Li questions not and why she’s so set on bunking with Tripp when she’s giving things another go with Johnny. Wendy says that has nothing to do with it but the fact that she and Tripp already made an agreement before they showed up. Wendy adds that Li may be a hotshot executive but she’s the one responsible for the lease which means she’s in charge and he’s not going to just come in and railroad her. Li offers to make her life easier by taking some of the responsibility off and paying for the third roommate too. Wendy questions how when neither of them have a job. Li calls that a temporary situation. Wendy argues that she’s not counting on anything from him. Wendy decides she’s tired of arguing, so out of loyalty to him and because they have nowhere else to go, she almost feels sorry for them so they can stay as long as Tripp is okay with it. Li calls it excellent that she finally came around. Wendy then tells Li not to be too excited since he’s the one taking the sofa.

Johnny and Chanel go to the Brady Pub where Johnny drinks a shot. Chanel asks if he feels better now but Johnny says he feels worse. Johnny complains about his twin sister moving halfway across the world and not even telling him about it. Johnny guesses he just doesn’t mean as much to Allie as he thought he did. Chanel insists that’s not true but admits maybe Allie is still upset that Johnny almost kissed her. Chanel adds that when she confronted Allie about Alex, she told her that they almost slept together. Johnny argues that they didn’t do anything, no matter how bad they both wanted to. Chanel says that’s not how Allie saw it. Johnny goes over how Allie cheats on Chanel, but somehow he ends up being the bad guy. Chanel tells Johnny that she’s really sorry. Johnny remarks that now he’s kind of glad that his sister is halfway around the world.

Nicole asks EJ if he’s going straight to the authorities with his proof. EJ asks where the fun would be in that. Nicole asks if he’s going to confront Stefan then. EJ says no as Stefan can’t know that they are on to him. EJ adds that now he has the upper hand since knowledge is power. Nicole asks what he’s going to do with that power. EJ responds that he’s going to let Stefan keep drugging him.

Chloe says if Stefan left three messages for her and she didn’t get back to him right away, he’s got to take the hint. Chloe knows they had a relationship but says this is bordering on stalking and it has to stop. Stefan responds that it will stop immediately. Chloe calls that a relief. Stefan states that it will stop because his feelings for her are gone. Stefan declares that he doesn’t love Chloe anymore.

Joey questions Tripp moving in with Wendy. Tripp says maybe as they are still figuring it out. Joey calls that awesome but Tripp says that’s not what it is as Wendy just needs a roommate and it’s a completely platonic arrangement. Tripp reminds Joey that Wendy is trying to work things out with Johnny and if that’s what she wants, he’s okay with it.

Chanel tells Johnny that she’s sorry that his sister left town without telling him. Johnny argues that it’s not just leaving town as she’s in a completely different hemisphere. Chanel understands but reminds him that she’s the one with a broken heart and Johnny making it about himself isn’t making it any easier. Johnny admits he got so caught up in his own feelings that he forgot to think about her feelings. Chanel remarks that there’s a lot of that going on around here. Johnny apologizes and suggests maybe it’s for the best. Johnny argues that Allie is the one who blew it here so it’s her loss, not Chanel’s. Johnny tells Chanel that she deserves to be happy and to be with someone as amazing and special as she is. Johnny is sure that one day very soon, she will be as he hugs her.

Nicole calls it insane for EJ to let Stefan keep drugging him. EJ explains that he’s going to let Stefan continue drugging the drinks, only to switch them and give Stefan a taste of his own medicine. Nicole says then Stefan will be the one behaving erratically, making a fool of himself, and hurting the company. EJ adds that then Stefan will be the one out of the company and out on his ass.

Chloe questions Stefan saying he no longer loves her. Stefan repeats that his romantic feelings for her are gone. Chloe questions it happening just like that. Stefan says he’s sorry if it seems callous for him to be so blunt. Chloe calls the whole thing very confusing and strange. Chloe then admits that she never really felt like his feelings for her were that genuine. Stefan says that doesn’t mean she’s not an incredibly desirable woman. Chloe says he doesn’t have to flatter her and repeats that the whole thing has been strange from the beginning. Stefan guesses the deprogramming kicked in before he passed out. Stefan thought he would still feel something after the Christmas and New Year’s that they shared together. Stefan says they had a great time and he’s so grateful for that. Chloe understands if he has realized that he wants to be with Gabi and that he loves her. Stefan tells Chloe that he’s sorry as he knows this all seems so sudden. Chloe says considering the circumstances, it’s not that surprising. Chloe guesses it’s the way that it should be, so she’s happy for him. Stefan hopes they can still be friends which Chloe agrees to. Stefan can’t believe this whole thing is over. Stefan tells Chloe that she can be with Brady now too. Chloe says at some point, maybe. Stefan calls Chloe an incredible woman and repeats that he’s grateful for the moments they shared. Chloe says she is too and tells him to go be with Gabi. Stefan then exits the room.

Joey tells Tripp that he wants Wendy to be happy and they make a great couple. Tripp tells him to stop thinking that and adds that the apartment won’t just be the two of them anyway since Li and Gabi showed up with their bags to move in too. Stefan comes out of the Salem Inn and questions what Tripp just said.

Chanel calls it ironic since a few months ago, Johnny would’ve been gloating over Allie leaving. Johnny says that was when he was competing for Chanel and now he’s just genuinely sorry to see her hurting. Chanel thanks him and says at least things are working out for one of them since Paulina told her that Johnny is trying again with Wendy. Johnny tells Chanel that he will always care about her which Chanel says means a lot. Chanel decides she’s tired of being mopey and toasts to happiness, hope, and no more heartbreak for either of them.

Li tells Wendy that he’s not sleeping on a lumpy sofa. Wendy tells Li that she did it for weeks, so now it’s his turn and he can either put up with it or find a new place to stay. Li decides they will hold out for a place of their own where it will just be the two of them but Gabi says no and that she’s going to start unpacking. Wendy adds that she will tell Tripp that they worked everything out and tells Li that there’s a pillow and a comforter in the closet.

Nicole tells EJ that Stefan hasn’t exactly been thinking straight the last few months while pining over Gabi and Chloe at the same time. EJ says he made be a hormonal mess but his brain is working perfectly, so there’s no excuse for what he’s done. Nicole says she’s just questioning EJ’s proposed solution as she is unsure about poisoning which she points out is illegal. EJ argues that it’s Stefan’s drug and vial so technically, Stefan’s drugging himself while his hands will be clean. Nicole gets his point and says if he’s looking for an accomplice, she is his woman. EJ says it’s cocktail hour so Stefan will be there any minute and then the game will begin.

Stefan apologizes for interrupting but questions if Tripp just said that Li and Gabi are moving in with him. Tripp confirms that they showed up at Wendy’s with bags so Stefan rushes off. Joey calls that weird while Tripp wonders what that was alll about. Tripp says he doesn’t know what the outcome of the apartment situation is going to be so maybe he should just stay home with Stephanie and look after Steve. Joey urges Tripp to move and to not let Li chase him off. Tripp reminds Joey that he and Wendy are just friends so he needs to stop. Joey asks why Tripp can’t admit that he has feelings for Wendy and wants to be with her. Wendy then approaches their table.

EJ reminds Nicole that he was worried about her since he called her several times and she sent him straight to voicemail. Nicole admits that she was having an intense conversation with Eric. EJ realizes that’s why she seems tense. EJ sits her down and begins massaging her neck. EJ asks her about her run in with Eric. Nicole says he was definitely on edge which may have something to do with he and Sloan not being together anymore. EJ notes that was quick. Nicole adds that Eric also told her that Roman encouraged him to work it out with her which EJ questions.

Chloe goes to see Brady in the interrogation room at the police station. Brady is surprised to see she’s back and assumes she knows why he is here. Chloe questions what he was thinking. Brady responds that he was thinking if he just got her out of Stefan’s head, then everything would be fine and life would be easier for everybody. Brady declares that it was all for nothing as Stefan refuses to be deprogrammed by Dr. Rolf and complains that he just wanted to put him where he was, back when he only had eyes for Gabi. Brady doesn’t think it’s ever going to happen now. Chloe then reveals that he doesn’t have to worry because the procedure actually did work and Stefan is completely over her.

Gabi complains about there being no food in the kitchen so Li offers her a bag of chips which she takes and then purposely drops crumbs on the couch where Li will sleep. Gabi tells Li not to stare at her. Li says he’s just taking in her beauty while Gabi complains that he’s creeping her out more than usual. Li decides he will go wash off the jailhouse stench in the shower then. Gabi tells him to stay in there as long as he wants. Stefan then shows up at the door.

Wendy tells Tripp that she’s sorry about Li being ridiculous earlier and says they decided that Li will sleep on the couch while the rest of them will each take a bedroom. Tripp is surprised Li agreed to that while Wendy explains that he was outvoted. Wendy notes that Li and Gabi have a complicated arrangement but she wants to stay. Tripp thinks it would just be easier to find another place but Wendy says no as she wants him there too. Joey declares it’s settled then that Tripp is moving in and suggests they go to the Brady Pub to celebrate. Wendy brings up the last time that she had drinks with Tripp at the Pub being because Joey called her and lied. Joey questions Tripp telling her about that while Tripp notes that it was pretty obvious. Joey apologizes and promises he’s not in the matchmaking business anymore so it won’t happen again. Joey adds that the drinks will be on him so Wendy agrees to go. Joey then jokes with Tripp that he doesn’t need a matchmaker anymore because they’re going to be living together.

Chanel comments to Johnny that it seems like things are going well for him and Wendy. Johnny says they watched Evil Dead 2 for Valentine’s Day and it’s nothing serious between them right now and they didn’t plan it so they will see where things go. Chanel hopes it goes well for them because Wendy is really nice and she knows she rocked the boat for them, so she’s glad they got past that. Johnny thanks her. Wendy then arrives with Joey and Tripp and sees Johnny with Chanel.

EJ questions if Eric told Nicole that he wants her back. Nicole clarifies that he said his father wanted them to get back together. Nicole assures the conversation was awkward and not romantic, adding that Eric got really annoyed when EJ texted her and then stomped off which makes EJ smile. EJ admits he’s not sorry. Nicole says that Eric just wanted to ask her about the Orchid and thinks that’s all he wanted to talk about. Nicole assures that she’s with EJ now and jokes about poisoning people bringing people closer. EJ stops and asks if she’s sure this is what she wants. EJ states that what’s happening between them feels good and right from his perspective, but if there’s any chance for her and Eric, he doesn’t want to stand in the way or for her to be in something she doesn’t want to be in. Nicole appreciates him saying that but assures that her perspective is the same as his, that this feels good and right. EJ asks if she’s sure. Nicole confirms that she is and that she and Eric are so done. Nicole holds EJ’s hand and tells him that this is exactly where she wants to be as they kiss.

Brady questions Chloe saying it worked. Chloe informs him that Stefan has been completely deprogrammed. Brady argues that they didn’t finish the procedure. Chloe says whatever he did worked because Stefan came to see her earlier and a lightbulb went off, then he went on about how he loves Gabi and wants to be with Gabi, while he has no romantic feelings for her. Brady exclaims that this is amazing but then notices that Chloe doesn’t look happy. Brady knows Chloe developed feelings for Stefan which she admits. Chloe guesses she’s kind of relieved that she’s completely through with Stefan and he can move on with Gabi. Brady reminds her that they can move on as well but Chloe says it’s not that simple.

Gabi questions why Stefan is there. Stefan says he came to talk to her. Gabi tells him that she’s busy and tries to shut the door but Stefan pleads with her. Gabi remarks that he finally got her name right. Stefan apologizes for Valentine’s Day and admits he acted like a complete ass and it will never happen again. Gabi says she doesn’t need any more apologies from him and tries to shut the door but Stefan asks her to please listen to him. Stefan informs Gabi that Dr. Rolf got out of jail and finished deprogramming her which surprises her. Stefan confirms his feelings for Chloe are completely gone and that Gabi told him to call her when that happened. Stefan tells Gabi that he loves her and only her. Stefan declares that Gabi is the love of his life and the only one he wants. Gabi says she’s at a loss for words. Stefan insists they can be happy and finally be together as there’s nothing stopping them. Stefan hugs Gabi as Li comes out of the shower and yells at Stefan to get his hands off of his wife.

Wendy, Joey, and Tripp greet Johnny and Chanel. Joey remarks that he hopes they are not interrupting anything. Johnny says that Chanel was just telling him about Allie moving to New Zealand. Johnny then assures that this is not what it looks like. Wendy comments that she knows Johnny and Chanel are just friends, just like her and Tripp. Wendy then remarks that Johnny sitting here having drinks with Chanel doesn’t mean anything more than Tripp moving in with her.

Brady tells Chloe that he knows he hurt her when he lied to her about Kristen but he didn’t have a choice. Brady knows she needed time to process her feelings but argues that what they had was amazing. Brady asks if Chloe can honestly tell him that she doesn’t love him anymore. Chloe admits she can’t do that because she is in love with him but he kidnapped a man to make him forget his feelings for her and didn’t talk to her or him about it. Brady admits he was a little desperate. Chloe asks if he even thought about what happens next. Brady argues that he had tunnel vision because he saw them being happy together again at the end. Chloe cries that it’s not that simple. Brady argues that she just said she’s still in love with him. Chloe says she is but brings up that Brady’s daughter despises her and blames her for him breaking up with her mother. Brady says they will handle that together and that Rachel will get older and understand. Chloe asks if she’s going to understand that Brady went to prison for kidnapping a man and endangering his life.

EJ offers Nicole another drink and says it appears that Stefan is going to miss cocktail hour. Nicole says it’s just more for them but he has to come home sometime, so they’ll get him next time.

Stefan knows Tripp said Li would be there too but he also knows that Gabi asked for a divorce. Li tells Stefan that he’s behind on the times because Gabi has agreed to move in with him which shocks Stefan. Stefan tells Gabi that he knows he screwed up but he’s back to his old self now and he loves her, so she doesn’t have to stay with Li. Li then reveals that Gabi signed a contract to remain in the marriage. Gabi points out that it’s just for six months. Stefan doesn’t understand and questions why Gabi would agree to that. Li says it’s none of his business. Stefan questions what the hell is going on here. Li tells Stefan that he and Gabi need to christen their new home and shuts the door on Stefan.

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Days Update Tuesday, February 28, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nicole runs in to Eric in the park and says it’s funny running in to him of all people because she’s been thinking about him. Nicole reminds Eric that they met on this day 25 years ago. Eric confirms that he remembered and admits he’s been thinking about her too, a lot.

Tripp goes to see Wendy and thanks her for coming to Kayla’s funeral. Wendy says she wanted to say something to him that day but he was with his family and she didn’t want to intrude. Tripp calls it a really bad day. Wendy asks how he’s doing. Tripp says he’s just kind of going through the motions. Tripp adds that Steve is in complete denial. Wendy comments that she can’t imagine what it must feel like to lose the love of your life after all those years together. Wendy offers Tripp a drink but Tripp says he actually came to see how she’s doing because he saw Li got arrested again last night.

Rafe enters the interrogation room and says he sees Li survived his first night in a jail cell. Li questions if he really has to be handcuffed to the chair when jailbreak is not his style. Rafe remarks that his style seems to be doing whatever it takes to get what he wants so the handcuffs stay. Li tells Rafe that he did what he did because he loves Gabi so much. Li sincerely believes that he’s better for Gabi than Stefan ever was. Rafe argues that Li never gave a damn that Gabi thought otherwise. Li mentions that he and Gabi have had some good conversations lately and he thinks she’s going to forgive him. Rafe laughs that off and assures there is no grudge that Gabi won’t hold on to. Rafe adds that Melinda Trask is exactly the same, so she’s going to drum up every charge she can against him including the attempted murder of Stefan DiMera. Li argues that she still has to make those charges stick in court. Rafe informs him that Melinda is pretty confident after Dr. Rolf rolled on him big time by saying that everything he did was because of either Li or Kristen. Li questions what Rafe is doing here. Rafe responds that Li is his brother in law now, so he’s going to give him the opportunity to get this over with quickly. Rafe tells Li that he can save himself a lot of money if he pleads guilty.

Gabi runs in to Chloe in the town square. Gabi notices Chloe’s bag and asks if she’s going on a trip. Chloe informs her that she actually just came back.

Stefan remains tied to the bed in Eric’s room as the projector in front of him displays a slideshow of photos of Chloe. Brady joins Dr. Rolf in the room. Dr. Rolf tells Brady that he cannot continue without the proper nourishment and demands his chowder. Brady says he’s tired of doing Dr. Rolf’s errands so he’s going to have to finish on an empty stomach. Dr. Rolf decides that as soon as the equipment is ready, they will start again.

Chloe tells Gabi that she couldn’t take all the craziness here, so she visited her son at boarding school. Chloe adds that she hasn’t heard a word from Stefan except for one call on Valentine’s Day. Gabi informs her that she got that call too and went for dinner. Chloe asks if that means they are back together. Gabi admits that she thought they were and they were heading upstairs to make love for the first time since he had been shot, but then he called her by Chloe’s name. Gabi adds that she walked out and hasn’t seen or heard from Stefan since but he still believes he’s madly in love with both of them.

Li tells Rafe that he doesn’t care what Dr. Rolf says because he’s a psychopathic liar. Rafe warns that he’s pretty sure Kristen can back up Rolf’s statement. Li says he has to find her first. Rafe points out that Kristen always comes back and then they will prove that Li is the one who paid Dr. Rolf, held Stefan against his will, and tortured him to make him believe he no longer loved Gabi and that he was programmed to believe he was in love with Chloe. Li points out that was all Kristen’s idea. Rafe notes that it was Li’s idea to pull the plug on the machines that were keeping Stefan alive and if Kristen hadn’t have walked in, Stefan might be dead right now. Rafe says he can have that all typed up and all Li has to do is sign it. Sloan then walks in and declares Li is not signing anything because this interrogation is over.

Brady warns Dr. Rolf that Stefan is waking up and questions what they are doing here. Dr. Rolf brings up not wanting another visit from Roman. Brady tells him that he won’t have to worry about that because Eric said Roman believed the lights flickering was a message from Kate. Dr. Rolf laughs that off as Roman being in love but says he’s afraid that Kate is dead and no one can bring her back, other than himself.

Nicole tells Eric that she was having breakfast with Abe and Paulina and it just hit her that today was the day they met. Eric asks what made her put it together. Nicole says she was talking about her complicated relationship with Kate which made her think about her complicated relationship with him. Eric says he was telling Roman about the first time he laid eyes on Nicole in February on a cold day like today and it just kind of hit him. Nicole questions why he was talking to Roman about her when Roman has never been her biggest fan. Eric informs her that it’s all changed and that Roman actually said he was rooting for them to get back together. Nicole questions why Roman would be rooting for them and asks if he doesn’t know Eric has a girlfriend. Eric questions since when he has a girlfriend. Nicole brings up Sloan, but Eric assures that she is not his girlfriend. Nicole brings up them being together on Valentine’s Day. Eric responds that they both know from experience that relationships can turn on a dime and this one did. Eric reveals that he and Sloan are no longer seeing each other.

Sloan asks Rafe to leave. Li tells her that it’s about time since he had to spend the night in jail and spend the last half hour with Rafe. Sloan says she did everything she could to get him arraigned but night court had already adjourned. Sloan adds that she found a way to make it up to him. Sloan asks Rafe to take the handcuffs off of Li because she’s demanding that he be released in to her custody.

Wendy tells Tripp that Li was feeling like things might work out for him and then two cops showed up and arrested him because Dr. Rolf told them that Li forced him to brainwash Stefan. Tripp remarks that Dr. Rolf only looks out for himself. Wendy comments that Li used to be the smartest and shrewdest guy she knows, but then he got obsessed with Gabi who is like his kryptonite. Wendy says Li would do anything to get Gabi back and thinks he still has a chance with her. Wendy adds that Gabi keeps going on about how much she loves Stefan, but she’s not a woman who will wait for long for a man to make up his mind and she thinks Li is banking on that.

Gabi tells Chloe that she told Li that she’s had it with Stefan. Gabi says when a man calls her by another name, that’s it. Gabi then declares that if Chloe came back because she wants Stefan, he’s all hers.

Stefan threatens to yell until somebody hears him if Brady and Dr. Rolf don’t let him go. Brady says he can’t let him do that. Stefan tries to get Brady to listen to reason, arguing that it’s been 24 hours and nothing has changed. Stefan knows he still loves Chloe and Gabi and he doesn’t like it but that’s the way it is. Brady tells him that they are not done yet while Stefan says he can’t let him do this to him anymore. Brady says he loves Chloe and he knows that Gabi is the woman that Stefan loves but everything is screwed up, so he’s trying to fix it and do him a favor. Stefan argues that Brady isn’t doing this for anyone but himself. Stefan adds that what Kristen did to Brady has nothing to do with him. Brady points out that Chloe knows why he did what he did now. Stefan points out that Chloe still won’t take him back and asks what that tells him. Stefan argues that Brady trying to fix it so that he doesn’t want Chloe anymore makes him no better than Li, as he wants Chloe back and doesn’t care who he has to step on or hurt to make that happen. Brady threatens to put the gag on him. Stefan warns him about what a serious crime kidnapping is and says when he gets out, he will see to it that Eric and Brady go to prison for a very long time. Brady goes to gag Stefan but Stefan says this is not Brady and questions if this is really how he wants to get Chloe back. Stefan asks what he thinks Chloe would do if she found out what Brady was doing to him.

Nicole remarks that it looked like Sloan staked a claim on Eric. Nicole then asks what Sloan did to make Eric stop seeing her. Eric responds that he was trying to help Brady. Nicole asks what that has to do with Sloan. Eric states that he betrayed her trust while trying to help Brady get Chloe back, so she wants nothing to do with him. Eric adds that he and Sloan weren’t serious. Nicole comments that Eric is available then while Eric points out that she is not.

Wendy comments to Tripp that it’s like a virus going around making you love two different people, noting Stefan with Chloe and Gabi, and how for awhile there was Allie, Chanel, and Alex. Wendy says that Allie solved that by ditching both of them and mentions her moving to New Zealand. Tripp says that Allie stopped by on her way to the airport to let him say goodbye to Henry. Wendy adds that Chanel moved back in with her mom. Tripp asks who else Wendy knows that is in love with two different people. Wendy guesses she overstated it. Tripp asks about the apartment. Wendy says she can’t afford it by herself, so she would need roommates but she doesn’t know that many people. Tripp then asks what if he moves in.

Stefan demands an answer from Brady as to what he thinks Chloe would do if she knew what he was doing. Brady orders Dr. Rolf to continue the procedure as Stefan complains and pleads with them but they wrap around Stefan’s head and begin shocking him.

Chloe asks if Gabi has really given up on Stefan. Gabi responds that she’s going to remain with Li. Chloe questions getting back together with Li after what he did. Gabi states that he made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Chloe says it must have been some offer. Gabi confirms that Li signed over his entire block of shares in DiMera Enterprises. Chloe says there must have been conditions. Gabi admits that she had to stay married to him and live with him for another six months. Chloe says that can’t be easy. Gabi adds that it’s not happening since Li got arrested so the only person he’ll be living with is his cellmate in prison.

Rafe tells Sloan that Dr. Rolf sang like he was on Broadway and it seems that Li disconnected Stefan from the equipment that was keeping alive but someone came in and saved him, so Li had Rolf do a little mind control instead. Sloan claims that Dr. Rolf is lying to save himself. Rafe says he’s sure he can get Kristen to testify under the right circumstances. Sloan says when Rafe finds Kristen, he can give her a call but until then she needs him to release Li. Rafe tells her that she’s going to need to find a judge to do that and he doesn’t think Melinda will go along with it. Sloan asks about when she tells the judge that Eric got Dr. Rolf to sign the statement by lying to him or claiming that he worked for her when he did not. Rafe says he’d rather take his chances in court to make any kind of deal with Sloan. Sloan remarks that she doesn’t think Melinda is as optimistic as he makes her out to be. Sloan reveals she just came from Melinda’s office and she is pretty upset with Rafe and Jada. Rafe gets a text which Sloan guesses is telling Rafe to release Li right now. Rafe then reluctantly removes the handcuffs from Li. Rafe warns Li that he will just get Dr. Rolf to sign a new statement so he shouldn’t get too comfortable or think about taking off. Li asks why he would do that when his wife is here. Li then exits with Sloan.

Brady and Dr. Rolf continue the procedure on Stefan until he passes out. Dr. Rolf orders Brady to turn it off, warning that he doesn’t know what he might be doing to him. Brady stops and Dr. Rolf checks on Stefan. Dr. Rolf then declares that Brady has killed Stefan. Brady argues that Dr. Rolf said he could make this work. Dr. Rolf says it did work and he was on his way to erasing his feelings for Chloe but it wasn’t happening fast enough for Brady. Brady checks on Stefan and feels no pulse. Brady sends Dr. Rolf to go get a first aid kit. Brady tells Stefan not to die on him and tries giving him CPR. Stefan then wakes up and screams, remarking that he didn’t think Brady cared. Brady says he didn’t want murder on his rap sheet. Rafe arrives and knocks on the door. Stefan tries to scream but Brady covers his mouth.

Gabi tells Chloe that she knows Rafe will make Li pay for what he did to her and Stefan. Chloe argues that revenge is great but doesn’t keep her warm at night. Gabi says she has his shares to keep her warm. Gabi claims she doesn’t want a man right now. Gabi adds that she knows how Stefan feels about her and she isn’t above using that to influence his vote. Gabi assures that she will get what’s coming to her. Gabi notes that she’s had her heart broken before and let it throw her off balance which ended up screwing her over in the business world. Gabi insists that she’s calling the shots and she knew how much trouble Li would get in which is why she agreed to the six months. Gabi feels she won’t be seeing Li for quite some time except maybe in the prison visiting room. Li then arrives and says he hates to say she’s mistaken. Gabi is shocked to see that he’s out. Li announces that he’s been released without a single charge.

Wendy thought Tripp and Joey were going back to Seattle now that the funeral is over. Tripp says that Joey is going back but he’s going to stay here since Steve isn’t doing well and the doctors say Ava is still hearing voices. Wendy says she’s so sorry. Tripp admits it’s really sad but since he is all Ava has, he doesn’t want to be too far. Tripp adds that he also just got a position at the hospital. Tripp says he was going to live with Steve, but he kind of wants his own place if she needs help with the rent. Wendy admits she can’t even afford to split the rent, so there would need to be a third person. Tripp says one roommate is better than none but then asks if this is about Johnny since she decided to give him another shot. Wendy says they went out on one date and it went pretty well, but they aren’t ready to move in together. Tripp says that means she still needs two roommates, so he’s offering to be one of them unless she thinks Johnny would hate the idea. Wendy asks why he would since Johnny knows they are just friends. Wendy doesn’t think Johnny would like to see her out on the street, so she agrees to let Tripp move in.

Nicole tells Eric that available is a strange word to describe someone, but supposes it’s not as bad as “on the market”. Eric assumes that she is not available since he did see her with EJ on Valentine’s Day and it seems they are very tight. Nicole confirms that they are seeing where it goes and guesses that means she’s not available. Eric tells Nicole that it was nice bumping in to her and goes to leave but Nicole stops him and questions why he told her that Roman was rooting for them. Eric says there was no reason and he just found it interesting that Roman had a change of heart. Nicole asks if Eric has had a change of heart. Eric says he hasn’t done much thinking about what’s in his heart, but he wants it to stop hurting. Eric decides he first needs to make peace with losing his mom. Eric says Roman keeps talking about how much he misses Kate as it was their only opportunity to be together. Nicole wonders if that’s what made him say he’s rooting for them. Nicole’s phone rings so Eric asks if she’s going to answer because it might be important. Nicole states that this is important. Nicole then asks Eric if he has any regrets. Eric says she knows that he does. Nicole gets a text so Eric assumes it’s EJ. Nicole checks and confirms that EJ says he needs to see her right away, so it could be about Holly. Eric remarks that Nicole and Holly live with EJ now like one big happy family.

Chloe tells Gabi and Li that she will go get settled in and let them hash this out. Chloe heads on to the Salem Inn. Gabi questions what happened and how Li got out this time. Li guesses it’s too much to ask for her to be happy for him. Li informs Gabi that his ordeal is over now, so now he has his freedom, she has his DiMera shares, and they made a deal.

Rafe bangs on the door, asking for Eric to open up as it’s police business. Brady keeps his hand over Stefan’s mouth. Dr. Rolf hides around the corner as Rafe shouts that they need to have a conversation about Rolf. Stefan bites Brady’s hand and screams for Rafe’s help. Brady tries to shout back that there’s nothing going on but Rafe kicks the door open. Rafe then questions what the hell Brady is doing.

Nicole doesn’t want to leave things like this. Eric says she has no choice because EJ said it was important. Nicole then goes to leave but Eric stops to ask her one more question. Eric brings up Orpheus saying that a DiMera stole the Orchid that could have saved Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Eric wonders if Nicole heard anything about it since she lives in the mansion. Nicole assures that she would’ve told him if she did. Eric knows it was a long shot. Eric tells Nicole that he will see her around and walks away.

Tripp cooks lunch for he and Wendy. Wendy is surprised and thinks having Tripp as a roommate is going to be awesome.

Li tells Gabi that they are about to spend their first night together. Gabi threatens to put him in the hospital if he touches her during their six months together. Li jokes about what a romantic she is. Gabi remarks that she liked him better in jail and she can’t believe he got away with what he did to Stefan. Gabi starts to walk away and says she’s going home but Li reminds her that her home is where ever he is for the next six months. Gabi reminds Li that he gave up his room at the Salem Inn. Li thinks that he has the perfect place for them.

Rafe unties Stefan from the bed and helps him up. Rafe questions what is going on here. Stefan explains that Brady kidnapped him and demanded Dr. Rolf fry his brain again, along with Eric. Dr.Rolf listens from outside the door as Rafe asks where Rolf is now. Rolf then sneaks away. Brady says he’s not saying a word without his lawyer. Stefan says he was just there a minute ago. Rafe wants to get Stefan to the ER but Stefan says no hospitals after he was just tied to a bed for 24 hours ago. Rafe insists but Stefan doesn’t give a damn what he thinks and storms out. Rafe then stops Brady and says he’s not going anywhere.

Dr. Rolf exits the Brady Pub and runs in to Sloan, who asks if he’s going somewhere. Dr. Rolf says he has nothing to say to her. Sloan says she’s trying to help him and reminds him that the cops are looking for him to sign a new statement. Dr. Rolf says maybe that’s the best option but Sloan has another idea. Sloan brings up how important Dr. Rolf’s work is to him and says Li can set him up with a new lab where all his needs will be met and no disturbances. Dr. Rolf doesn’t trust Li or Sloan. Dr. Rolf adds that Brady is in no position to help anyone. Dr. Rolf then suggests he should accept Sloan’s offer and tells her to lead the way as they walk off together.

Eric comes home to find Rafe handcuffing Brady. Eric questions what happened. Rafe responds that he just arrested Brady for kidnapping and Eric is next.

Chloe begins unpacking in her room at the Salem Inn when Stefan shows up at her door.

Wendy tells Tripp that Allie and Chanel only had takeout so she was living off ramen and mac and cheese. Tripp jokes that when they find a third roommate, they’ll have steak every night. There’s a knock at the door so Wendy assumes it’s the movers for Allie’s stuff but it’s Gabi and Li. Wendy is surprised to see Li is out of jail. Wendy invites him in to tell them what happened. Li suggests they have dinner together here as he announces that he and Gabi are moving in.

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Days Update Monday, February 27, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

While leaving his room, Eric tells Brady to just text him when Dr. Rolf is done deprogramming Stefan. As he leaves, he runs in to Roman. Roman questions if Eric was talking to someone but Eric claims he was just talking to himself and asks what brought Roman up. Roman says if he hasn’t noticed, the lights were flickering so he came to see what the problem was. Eric suggests they go down and check the circuit breaker. Roman agrees and they walk away together.

Paulina meets Abe in the town square and apologizes for being late, noting that she stopped to check on Roman. Abe asks how he’s doing. Paulina mutters about Roman talking to an urn but then informs Abe that Roman informed her that Steve and John had a chat with Orpheus yesterday. Abe questions if a chat is all and Orpheus is still living. Paulina confirms that he is, but Orpheus told them something that he’s never going to believe.

At the DiMera Mansion, Tony accuses John and Steve of jumping to conclusions that it must’ve been his sister Megan who stole the orchid because Orpheus said it was a DiMera. Anna remarks that stealing the orchid wouldn’t be the worst thing that Megan has done. Tony points out that Megan is not alive as she died in 1985. John and Steve then reveal that Megan Hathaway is very much alive, shocking Tony.

Megan Hathaway stands in the DiMera lab with the three tubes containing Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. The three women open their eyes as Megan declares that the three sleeping beauties are finally awake as she laughs. Megan hopes they enjoyed their naps because now that they are back to the land of the living, there’s a lot of work for them to do…

Abe asks Paulina if Orpheus said which DiMera it was. Paulina says that Orpheus wasn’t specific, just that it was someone in that family. Paulina asks if Abe has any ideas. Nicole then approaches. Abe greets her and says it’s so good to see her. Abe invites Nicole to join them, so she sits down. Abe wishes they could’ve talked to Nicole at the funerals but there were so many people. Paulina comments on them being three special women. Nicole remarks that Marlena and Kayla were, so Paulina guesses that Nicole won’t be missing Kate. Nicole thinks back to fighting Kate in the past and says they had a very complicated relationship, always going at it, but they ended things on decent terms. Nicole then admits that she really will miss Kate.

Eric and Roman finish checking the breakers, so Eric guesses the lights flickering was just a fluke. Roman reveals to Eric that he’s been hearing Kate’s voice through the urn and that Paulina heard her too. Eric asks what Kate said. Roman responds that Kate’s worried about him, John, and Steve. Eric says that makes sense because they’ve been through a lot lately. Eric asks how Roman is doing. Roman thought the funeral might bring closure, but Orpheus dropped a bombshell and claimed to know who stole the orchid.

Anna tells Tony that it does sound like Megan to come back from the dead and not even give her own brother a note. Tony says that’s not the central issue here. Anna talks about Tony making a donation in Megan’s name every year even though he didn’t know she was his sister until after she died. Tony states that he makes that donation because Megan was murdered by Larry Welch, who threw her in to a hot tub. Steve says that’s just what it looked like. John adds that Stefano intervened and secretly kept Megan alive for years in a cryogenic state. Steve explains that Stefano kept Megan on ice until he had someone fix her and now she’s alive. John declares that they have every reason that Megan is the DiMera who took the Orchid and decided that their wives were going to die.

Megan states that she has been closely monitoring the brain activity of Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Megan notes that just now there was a significant spike in activity and then they all opened their eyes at the same time. She calls it quite a coincidence, but definitely a welcome development because now her plans can finally proceed. Megan pushes a red button that opens the three tubes that the women are laying in. Megan then pulls out a syringe and injects Marlena, causing her to begin to move as Megan laughs.

Tony says it seems John and Steve have made up their minds based off nothing but words from Orpheus. John then reveals that he and Steve saw Megan last summer. Tony questions them not informing him of this. Steve says they had their reasons and she hasn’t changed a bit. Anna questions where they found Megan. Steve explains that it took place Beyond Salem…

Megan injects Kate with the syringe and says it should perk her right up. Marlena sits up and looks around. Marlena identifies Megan, who declares that she is back again. Marlena doesn’t understand as she heard Megan was alive, but questions what she is doing here. Marlena then asks where she is. Megan tells her to try to relax and asks what she last remembers. Marlena recalls being on the roof with John. Megan calls it a very romantic set up with a slideshow of their life together which Marlena flashes back to. Megan remarks that Marlena then had to go spoil the mood by dying, or so they thought.

Eric questions Roman about how Orpheus knows a DiMera took the orchid. Roman explains that Orpheus had some people on the outside do some investigating. Eric questions Orpheus being able to identify them before the police or the ISA. Roman states that John believes Orpheus, but he didn’t say which DiMera it was, so John and Steve are looking in to it. Eric asks if there’s anything he can do. Roman brings up that Nicole has been living at the DiMera Mansion, so it’s possible she’s heard or seen something. Roman suggests that Eric could ask her but Eric doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Paulina tells Abe and Nicole that she was just getting to know Kate. Paulina asks Nicole about what started the trouble between her and Kate. Nicole says it’s hard to say now. Abe suggests it was when Nicole stole Kate’s husband. Nicole guesses that probably was the first time, but points out that Kate was trying to kill Victor. Nicole adds that Kate hated her before that because she didn’t think she was good enough for her son. Paulina asks what happened afterwards. Nicole responds that Kate changed her tune and paid her $5 million dollars to marry her son. Paulina questions how that came about. Nicole explains that Lucas was trying to get custody of Will and needed to provide a stable home. Paulina jokes that Nicole hit the jackpot. Nicole confirms that she did take the money but calls it the worst mistake of her life because she was engaged to Eric and she’s ashamed to say that she gave him up for the money. Nicole adds that it wasn’t just about the money, but something in her past that she didn’t want to come out. Nicole often thinks about what might have happened if she and Eric did get married back then. Paulina asks how long ago that was. Nicole informs her that it was when she and Eric first met 25 years ago.

John and Steve explain to Anna and Tony that Megan had her henchmen grab them while they were visiting their kids in San Francisco and Seattle. John adds that they were then flown to Caracas where they had their face to face with Megan and she had apparently been using that her base of operations for a long time. Anna questions what she wanted with them. Steve responds that she brainwashed them causing Anna to remark that Megan is Stefano all over again. John adds that she then had them flown to Hong Kong to crash the DiMera Gala and steal the prism. Tony says he knew the prism was stolen but he thought it was a jewel thief or a rival company. Anna talks about knowing it was a mistake for Li to go after the prisms since they caused enough trouble in the 80s when Stefano tried to collect all three of them which led to the plane crash where she, Tony, and nearly half of Salem nearly died. Tony asks if they gave the prism to Megan. John confirms that they did and even with a small army trying to stop her, she still got away. Steve notes that Megan is still out there somewhere and now she has all three prisms.

Marlena asks Megan if she died. Megan says sort of and reveals that while she was in the hospital, she stuck something in to her IV so it appeared that she had died and then she switched the bodies in the morgue and took her away. Marlena questions John and her family thinking that she’s died. Megan confirms that they had a funeral and she hopes it gave them closure. Marlena asks whose body she used. Megan reminds Marlena that Stefano had a whole army of Marlena lookalikes. Megan says that’s why she never throws anything away because you never know when it will come in handy. Megan adds that Marlena actually was at death’s door, so she brought here here to this cryogenic chamber. Marlena guesses it wasn’t done on her behalf. Kayla wakes up, questioning where she is.

Eric tells Roman that he and Nicole aren’t on the best terms and things get tense when they are around each other so he wants to avoid her because they push each others’ buttons. Roman suggests they talk about why they keep pushing each others’ buttons. Eric thought Roman didn’t like talking about feelings. Roman says he’s grown. Roman argues that this is not just an ugly breakup or a casual fling, causing Eric to realize that he and Nicole have been in each other’s lives for 25 years.

Paulina tells Nicole that 25 years is a long time and asks how she and Eric first met. Nicole explains that she was a waitress at the Java Cafe and the day she took his order, he took her heart. Nicole flashes back to that moment. Nicole comments that they were a lot younger then and like different people. Nicole can’t believe it was 25 years ago. Abe calls it quite a milestone. Paulina agrees and says if they had stayed together, it would be their silver anniversary. Nicole recalls that Eric was a photographer back then and he convinced Sami to hire her as a model at Titan which is when they fell in love. Paulina asks if Eric has been a part of her life ever since then. Nicole says that Eric was gone for a long time but when he came back, she was not prepared for it. Nicole remembers Eric returning to Salem and how she was shocked to see he had become a priest.

Eric tells Roman that he and Nicole were kids when they met. Roman acknowledges that Nicole was Eric’s first love. Roman asks when he last saw Nicole. Eric says it was Valentine’s Day at the Bistro as their tables were practically on top of each other. Roman suggests that was a sign while Eric calls it a disaster since he was with Sloan and Nicole was with EJ. Roman asks if he’s getting serious with Sloan. Eric reveals that as of yesterday, they are no longer together. Roman complains about Sloan insulting his chowder while Nicole always has seconds. Roman thinks the fact that it’s always intense between Eric and Nicole is because there’s always something between them. Eric says that is until now because it never works. Roman urges Eric to try again, insisting that he won’t want to look back and realize he wasted a lot of time being right.

Tony asks Steve again why they didn’t tell him all of this. Steve explains that the ISA swore them all to secrecy since it’s still an ongoing investigation and Megan’s mere existence was considered classified information. John declares that they are not staying quiet about this anymore when they think she’s the one who took the orchid. Tony questions why. John asks who knows what her motives are. John says Megan could simply be striking back at her enemies like Stefano. John adds that if Megan took the orchid then she is the one who killed Marlena, Kate, and Kayla, and she’s not going to get away with that.

Megan fills Kayla in on everyone thinking they are dead. Megan notes that she didn’t have a Kayla lookalike in storage so she had to make do. Kayla argues that she needs to let them know they are alive and not let them suffer. Megan questions why and calls it payback for all the years that John and Steve would thwart Stefano. Marlena argues that Megan kidnapped and brainwashed them last summer, asking if that wasn’t enough. Megan complains that they made Stefano’s life Hell and says they tried to bring down a great man. Marlena questions if this is about retribution for Stefano. Megan calls it bigger than that as their so-called deaths are vital to her plans. Kayla asks if Kate also survived. Kate then wakes up and confirms she is there too.

Paulina asks if Nicole was really surprised that Eric became a priest. Nicole calls it a shock but she wasn’t surprised as Eric was always spiritual. Nicole says she told herself that she was happy for him but it got tough when she started working for him. Paulina asks how long it was before she gave in to the forbidden passion. Abe argues that they invited Nicole to breakfast, not an interrogation, but Nicole says it’s okay. Nicole informs Paulina that it didn’t happen like that since Kristen got Eric kicked out of the priesthood. Nicole adds that they then had to work through some things, but once they did, it was heaven.

Eric tells Roman that he’s sorry to throw cold water on his massive plan for his life, but Nicole moved on with EJ. Roman jokes that they won’t last but Eric says that Nicole and EJ have a long history and it looked like they have a new chapter. Roman argues that Nicole might have just wanted him to think that. Eric questions when Roman became team Nicole because he remembers Roman always insisting that he break up with her. Roman says he’s evolved and just wants Eric to be happy, so if Nicole makes him happy, he says to fight for her and get a move on. Roman guarantees that Eric doesn’t want to waste time like he did.

Kate questions everyone thinking they are dead and Megan being Stefano’s daughter. Megan calls Kate the whore who married Stefano. Kate jokes that she hopes they can be friends. Kate sees Megan has inherited Stefano’s penchant for intricate machinations. Marlena says that Megan thought of everything including lookalike bodies for their funerals. Megan talks about how Kate’s was easy because she wanted to be cremated, so she just came up with ashes for her urn and now Roman is talking to the remains of a goat. Megan declares that she loves her work. Kate asks what Megan is going to do to them.

Steve states that finding Megan won’t be easy since the ISA has been conducting an international manhunt since last July and even Hope hasn’t been able to locate her. Tony questions Hope knowing about this too. Steve confirms that Megan tried to have Hope killed. Anna remarks that some things never change because Megan was always jealous of Bo’s love for Hope. John asks Tony if there’s anything from the past that might give him an idea of where Megan might be. Tony says no since he didn’t even know Megan was his sister until after she died. Anna brings up Stefano keeping a box of Megan’s things around. Tony thinks it may be in the attic. John says it’s worth a shot and decides that while Tony is getting that, he’s going to give Shane’s son, Andrew Donovan, a call since he’s the ISA agent heading this whole investigation. John states that Megan had to come out of hiding to take the orchid, so maybe she left them a trail. Steve says he hopes so.

Paulina talks about having a vivid memory of Nicole and Eric at her and Abe’s wedding. Paulina still feels they have too much of a connection to not end up together. Abe agrees. Nicole says not to hold their breath because Eric is with Sloan now. Paulina calls Sloan a vile woman. Nicole assures that she has no doubt in her mind that Eric has moved on, just like she is going to.

Eric gets a text from Brady that Dr. Rolf is taking a break. Eric texts Brady back, asking if he needs anything but Brady says he’s good. Roman comes back and tells Eric that it seems the lights have settled. Eric decides that he will go on a run then. Roman encourages Eric to think about what he said about Nicole as Eric then exits the Pub. Roman remarks that he hopes Eric follows his advice and doesn’t take too long to follow his heart. Roman looks to the urn and declares that he would give anything to have more time with Kate.

Tony and Anna go through the box of Megan’s things that Stefano kept. Tony can’t believe that Megan is still alive and Stefano never said anything. Anna remarks that even dead, Stefano is still full of surprises. Tony wonders if Megan will try to claim her share of DiMera Enterprises, commenting that it would really shake up the balance of power. Anna says there must be some sort of clause that would keep an international fugitive from being an active participant in the company. Tony points out that it didn’t stop Kristen when she made sure that Gabi remained CEO. Anna thinks they really need to change the by laws. Tony agrees to look into it. Anna thinks Tony has something bigger to worry about. Anna brings up that Megan wanted to find the prisms because they cured all sorts of things including Stefano’s brain tumor. Anna wonders if Megan is collecting the prisms again for the same reason. Anna then asks what if Megan is trying to bring Stefano back from the dead, or what if she already has?

Megan tells Kate, Kayla, and Marlena that she’s given them enough to process and says she’s going to give them time to acclimate to their new home. Kayla argues that it’s not their home and she needs to let them go. Megan says it’s not their call. Kate asks why they are here. Marlena then asks if this is about the three prisms which Kate questions. Kayla explains that Megan was after the prisms last summer. Kate is surprised to learn that they knew Megan was alive since then. Megan explains that Hope and the ISA didn’t want anyone to know about her comeback to Earth. Kayla says they are eventually going to find her and then they will be rescued. Megan says she wouldn’t count on that since for 7 months, she’s been one step ahead of Hope, so when they do figure out where she is, it will be too late for the three women. Megan says they are giving her a headache and grabs another syringe as she declares that it’s time for another nap.

Paulina tells Abe that Nicole and Eric have quite the love story. They hope that it’s not over yet. Abe informs Paulina that in two days, it will be two years since they first met. Paulina knows they will still be together and in love in 25 years as they kiss.

Nicole walks to the park and sits on the bench as she thinks back to her and Eric’s wedding. Eric then walks by and they see each other.

John and Steve go to the Brady Pub. Roman asks if they had any luck. Steve informs him that they just talked to Tony and Anna and came up with a theory that they are looking in to and now they are just waiting to hear from the ISA. Roman questions what they have to do with this. John tells Roman to brace himself as they think that the DiMera they are looking for is Megan Hathaway.

Megan injects Kate, Kayla, and Marlena to put them to sleep. Megan calls them a real handful but says that it will all be worth it in the end. Megan declares that they are going to need some rest for what comes next because phase two will begin very shortly…

Anna tells Tony that Stefano had terminal cancer, but wonders if Megan put Stefano on ice, like he did for her and if she found a cure with the prisms. Tony thinks they are letting their imaginations run away from them. Tony adds that Stefano would be in his 90s now and probably couldn’t take the trauma. Tony comments on Dr. Rolf confirming Stefano was dead and putting his memories in a microchip. Tony admits that it’s just not adding up. Anna questions that if not Stefano, who is Megan trying to cure?

Megan leans against a cryogenic chamber and then exits the lab.

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Days Update Friday, February 24, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Anna enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and takes the newspaper from Tony. Anna searches the paper and comments on not finding anything about the death of Orpheus. Tony questions why she would think he is dead.

Paulina goes to the Brady Pub and asks Roman to join her for coffee. Roman comments on it not being too busy right now and asks if she’s okay. Paulina says she dropped by to tell him about her problems and says she knows 200 people are thinking of and praying for him. Paulina adds that she came by because she’s worried about him, John, and Steve. Roman tells her to say what’s on her mind. Paulina wants to make sure they didn’t kill Orpheus.

Steve joins John at Marlena’s grave. John thought maybe he could make sense of what Orpheus told them about a DiMera stealing the orchid because the only reason to do that is to make sure that Kate, Kayla, and Marlena died. John declares that they have to find that son of a bitch and make them pay.

Marlena, Kayla, and Kate remain in the afterlife. Kayla tells Kate to lighten up because they are in Heaven but Kate complains that they are not supposed to be here like Jake said.

Jake interrupts Nick playing a video game in the afterlife. Jake tells Nick that he made a mistake and he needs to send Marlena, Kate, and Kayla back to Earth but Nick says no.

Roman questions how Paulina found out about their plan to kill Orpheus. Paulina tells him that she overheard Anna but assures that the secret is safe with her. Paulina worries about word getting out of the death of Orpheus. Roman reveals that John and Steve did not kill him. Paulina is relieved and says she knows he deserved it but it’s not what Kate, Kayla, and Marlena would have wanted. Roman responds that he knows that because Kate told him that.

Kate reminds Kayla and Marlena that Jake told them they are still alive and asks if they aren’t curious if that’s true or not. Marlena explains that they are having a hard time believing that what Jake said is true. Marlena wonders if Jake wasn’t just another Devil’s illusion so she’s not sure they can trust him. Kate questions her not having faith. Marlena knows Kate wants to believe it is true. Marlena questions how they can be alive if they are not on Earth. Kate says all she knows is that none of this makes sense so she’s going to cling to the hope that it’s true. Kayla questions where Jake is now since he proclaimed they are alive but then disappeared with Nick. Marlena suggests they are hashing out their fates, but notes they have another issue at hand. Marlena says John and Steve were out to kill Orpheus and if they succeeded, they have to decide what happens now.

Steve wonders if this is another mind game of Orpheus. John says this time, his gut is telling him it’s no game and he’s telling the truth. Steve remarks that there’s a first time for everything. John says it makes a weird kind of sense that a DiMera would be involved since their thirst for payback didn’t end with Stefano. Steve says they need to find out which one it was and John feels they know exactly where to start.

Anna tells Tony that there is nothing about the death of Orpheus in the news. Tony suggests that’s because he hasn’t died and Anna has transformed her wishful thinking in to delusion. Anna insists that she knows for a fact that Orpheus was scheduled to be murdered in prison. Tony questions how she would know that. Anna then reveals that Roman told her and since he hasn’t called to tell her it didn’t happen, that means it happened. Tony then questions how Roman would know.

Paulina asks Roman if he means Kate told him not to kill Orpheus on her deathbed. Roman then clarifies that she told him from her urn. Roman gets a message that he has a delivery to go sign for in the back. Paulina comments that she has the Pub all to herself then and that she’s all alone with Kate’s urn. Paulina questions Kate communicating with them from the afterlife just when she thought life in Salem couldn’t get any stranger.

Kate believes their husbands returned to their senses just in time. Marlena suggests trying to connect with them again. Kayla suggests Kate try connecting with Roman again since it worked last time. Kate agrees to give it a try as she hopes that Jake talks Nick in to letting them return to Earth.

Jake argues with Nick that the three women are still alive. Nick calls it a minor technicality. Jake stops Nick from playing his video game. Nick tells Jake that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are going to Hell and there’s nothing he can do about it. Jake argues that he can’t steal the souls of three innocent women because he holds a grudge against one of them. Nick says there are no rules and adds that he despises Will for ruining his life and Marlena is his grandmother and Kayla his aunt, so Will can mourn them for the rest of his life.

Kayla encourages Kate to focus and think about her love for Roman. Marlena adds that they have faith in her. Kate then begins trying to speak to Roman.

Paulina begins hearing Kate’s voice through the urn, calling out to Roman and saying she needs to talk to him. Paulina tries responding and says that Roman stepped out for a moment and asks if she can take a message.

Tony questions Anna telling him that Kate spoke to Roman through her urn to stop the murder plot. Anna brings up Tony’s twin brother coming back from the dead twice. Anna decides she’s going to call the Brady Pub to see if Roman got to Steve and John to stop them from killing Orpheus. Steve and John then arrive and confirm that he did and they did not kill Orpheus. Steve then reveals that now they know it was a DiMera who ultimately killed Kayla, Kate, and Marlena. John adds that they are here to find out which one it was. Tony questions them saying that Orpheus telling them that someone stole the Orchid from Kristen. Anna calls that implausible since it’s not like Kristen to have lax security. Tony asks if they think they had anything to do with it, talking about how much they love Marlena and not having any issue with Kayla and Kate. They explain that they aren’t accusing them or saying it has anything to do with Marlena, Kate, and Kayla as individuals, but it was an act of revenge which runs in the DiMera family. John says they came to ask for their help in figuring out which DiMera it was.

Nick tells Jake not to act like he hasn’t done the same thing, bringing up that Jake and his team snatched Bo Brady’s soul from his body before he was fully dead. Jake responds that was a mistake and they corrected it, so now he’s asking Nick to do the same thing for Kate and her friends. Nick questions Jake caring a great deal for Kate. Jake says he’s not advocating just because he had a relationship with Kate and that this is about right and wrong. Jake tells Nick to think about Julie, the one person who ever saw good in Nick and stuck by him until the end. Jake adds that Julie prays for Nick’s soul every night and lights a candle every year on the anniversary of his death. Nick remarks that Julie always was sentimental. Jake argues that Julie always loved him. Jake asks what he thinks Julie will say when she joins them in Heaven and realizes that even in the afterlife, Nick is a nasty little man and everybody was right about him while she was wrong. Jake asks what he thinks that will do to Julie. Jake guesses Nick doesn’t care what anybody thinks about him, not even Julie.

Kate asks if she’s hearing Paulina which she confirms. Paulina is uncertain about talking to an urn. Kate says she needs to talk to Roman. Paulina mentions that he stepped out and she can go get him but Kate doesn’t know how much time she has, so she needs to get a message to Roman about Orpheus. Paulina confirms that they backed out and Orpheus is still alive. Paulina asks if Kate reached out to ask about Orpheus. Marlena and Kayla urge Kate to tell Paulina about what Jake said about them still being alive. Kate questions them believing it now. Paulina asks if Kate is still there. Kate tells Paulina there’s a message that she needs to get to Roman that will be life changing for all of them.

Tony questions believing Orpheus since they’ve never put any stock in to what he’s said before. Steve reveals that Orpheus told them this after they decided not to kill him. Tony thinks he could be toying with them. John says he’s known Orpheus for years and his gut says he was telling the truth. Steve repeats that it makes sense for a DiMera to be involved. Anna sees his point with some of the things Kristen has done. Tony argues that they always say it’s a DiMera’s fault. Tony tells John and Steve that they can believe what they want but he’s not going to help them in their witch hunt. John says it’s his call. Tony asks them to leave but Steve says they’re not leaving. Steve repeats that it’s Tony’s choice not to help while John warns that if he doesn’t, they will strip the DiMera Mansion right down to it’s foundation.

Jake tells Nick that Julie isn’t wrong about him. Nick argues that you don’t end up where he did from being misunderstood and he really is that bad. Jake says he read Nick’s file about how a terrible thing happened to him and no one seemed to care. Nick acknowledges that he was raped. Jake talks about how Nick did love Gabi. Nick doesn’t want to hear his life recapped. Jake wants Nick to see how one bad decision kept leading to another and he tried to control or own every woman he loved, but the whole time Julie never stopped loving him and would’ve done anything for him without reason. Jake says it’s not too late. Jake tells Nick to do this one good thing and to do it for Julie.

Paulina tells Kate that she has her attention. Kate tries to instruct her to tell Roman that they are all alive but Nick cuts the connection. Paulina complains that she can’t hear her and only heard her say that they are still. Nick tells Kate that calls to earth are not allowed. Kate argues that they have to tell Roman and the others that they are alive. Nick questions them taking Jake at his word. Jake then returns as well. Kate asks if Jake talked Nick in to letting them go home.

Paulina continues trying to get through to Kate and tries knocking on the urn until Roman comes back and asks what’s going on. Paulina tells him that she was talking to Kate and then it was just like she hung up. Paulina doesn’t think it was by choice because Kate was trying to tell her something to tell Roman and she could tell it was something really important and urgent. Paulina says she was in the middle of it until it was like someone or something didn’t want hear to hear the end of the sentence. Paulina says she has no words for this. Roman encourages her to breathe. Paulina states that Kate asked about Orpheus and she told her that Roman stopped John and Steve from killing him which made her real happy. Roman is glad that Paulina was able to tell her that. Roman wonders what Kate was trying to tell him.

Jake asks if Nick is going to tell them or if he should. Nick responds that there was a small slip up so perhaps their souls were harvested slightly prematurely. Marlena realizes that Jake was telling the truth then and questions Nick now admitting that. Kayla asks if he’s going to let them go home. Nick confirms that Jake appealed to his better side which is rare but does exit. Nick then announces that he is letting the women go home which excites them. Nick adds that they shouldn’t remember any of this when they get back to Earth. Marlena says she’s okay with that if she gets to see John and her family. Nick says what happens when their souls go back to their bodies has nothing to do with them, so they could reunite with their family or they could die instantly and end up right back here. Marlena, Kayla, and Kate decide they are willing to take the risk. Jake directs them to walk through the doors and their souls will re-enter their bodies.

After searching the DiMera Mansion, Steve says it seems to him that the only DiMera that lives there that would have a motive is EJ. Tony points out that they just trashed EJ’s room and didn’t find anything. John brings up that Kate knew that Lucas kidnapped Sami but just let EJ twist in the wind. Steve adds that Stefano always said revenge was a dish best served cold. John adds that EJ always listened to Stefano. Tony calls that wild speculation and points out that Kate ultimately exonerated EJ, but also notes that Chad was just as guilty as Kate was. Tony adds that Chad testified against EJ and EJ didn’t even go after him. John notes that Marlena was EJ’s kids’ grandmother while Steve adds that Kayla was their great aunt. John admits that EJ wouldn’t do that to his kids. Anna and Tony talk about how it couldn’t be Johnny or Chad. John then brings up Stefan. Steve calls him definitely sleazy enough. Steve knows no one wants to bring up the past, but Stefan slept with Abigail while knowing she wasn’t in her right mind and that’s pretty damn sleazy. Anna reluctantly agrees but insists that people really can change and says that Stefan has been a lot more decent since coming back to life. John asks if there are any other DiMeras floating around other than the ones covered in Salem. Tony argues that Sydney wouldn’t have a motive while Anna adds that Theo wouldn’t hurt a fly. Steve adds that Steven Hawk would never hurt Kayla. Anna then brings up Peter Blake being as lethal as he is dreamy. John says Peter Blake has no redeeming quality but he also doesn’t have a motive. Tony says they’ve gone through the whole family tree unless they resurrect Stefano or Andre, so it seems they’ve run out of DiMeras. John and Steve then declare there is one DiMera they haven’t talked about yet…

Paulina apologizes to Roman for not hearing what Kate was trying to tell her, but at least she knows Roman stopped Steve and John from killing Orpheus, so now she can really rest in peace. Roman declares that he won’t rest in peace until he finds out who did this to Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. Paulina argues that Orpheus did it with a big assist from Kristen. Roman informs her that Orpheus claims there was another DiMera who stole the orchid from Kristen and that’s what John and Steve are trying to figure out.

Tony questions what John and Steve are getting at when they listed every living member of the family so there are no more DiMeras out there. Anna says that’s unless Steve and John know something that they don’t..

Marlena, Kate, and Kayla leave Heaven while Nick tells Jake that all is well that ends well. Jake states that for the women, it’s not the end, but a new beginning. Jake prays their souls find their way back to Salem and their families. Nick says he does too. Nick admits that what Jake said got to him. Nick tells Jake not to tell anyone since he has an image to maintain. Jake agrees that it will be their secret and thanks him. Nick calls him a worthy opponent and jokes that he looks forward to locking horns or wings again. Nick notes that none of the women thought twice about walking through those doors, so he hopes they don’t wake up to a fate worse than death..

Tony demands to know what John and Steve aren’t telling them. He asks if Stefano had another illegitimate child and who this is. John responds that it’s not new, she’s been around for awhile and tells Tony that it’s his half-sister, Megan Hathaway.

Megan Hathaway stands in the DiMera lab with the three tubes containing Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. The three women open their eyes as Megan declares that the three sleeping beauties are finally awake as she laughs.

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Days Update Thursday, February 23, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Wendy remains on the phone with Johnny and says she’s glad the drug vial didn’t belong to EJ, but wonders who it does belong to. Wendy hangs up and then her father, Wei Shin, storms in to the office asking what the hell is wrong with EJ but finds Wendy at the desk. Wendy greets him and says long time no see.

Nicole questions EJ thinking Stefan drugged him and asks what would make him want to do that. EJ says that is the burning question.

Rafe complains about Eric lying to them and getting Dr. Rolf to sign his statement. Rafe guesses Eric is done pretending to be a saint while Jada comments that this is not the Eric she knows. Rafe says now they can finally get Li, so he guesses in the end it will be alright. Jada encourages turning this into an arrest warrant. Rafe tells her to go for it. Jada hopes it will put a smile on his face, noting that she hasn’t seen that in awhile and she misses it.

Li and Gabi shake hands. Li says he’s thrilled that she took him up on his offer for his DiMera shares but not as thrilled as he is that she signed on for six more months of marriage. Li then asks if married couples really shake hands on deals and suggests they seal it with a kiss.

Sloan sits at home, wondering where Eric went. Sloan decides there’s only one way to find out and calls Eric.

Eric brings Dr. Rolf to his room where Brady has Stefan tied to the bed. Stefan complains that he’s refusing to be Dr. Rolf’s guinea pig again. Eric ignores Sloan’s phone call. Brady tells Dr. Rolf that it’s time to finish what he started. Brady declares that Dr. Rolf made Stefan fall in love with Chloe again, so it’s time to undo it. Dr. Rolf responds that he’s sorry but he can’t help him.

Nicole questions EJ thinking that Stefan is drugging him. EJ responds that he’s quite sure of it. Nicole calls that a serious accusation. EJ believes it solves the mystery of him feeling bad and then slipping up during his interview which doesn’t happen to him. EJ declares that this was the reason.

Wei Shin questions why Wendy is in the DiMera office chair. Wendy explains that she is installing antivirus software on Mr. DiMera’s computer. Wei argues that the only protection they need is from incompetence and asks where EJ is. Wendy responds that he’s obviously not here and she just talked to his son, who saw him at home. Wei complains about EJ going AWOL, just like Li who used to be his eyes and ears until he went off to fall in love.

Gabi tells Li that their deal is strictly business. Li says he had to hold on to hope and shows Gabi that it’s all in writing. Gabi signs the papers and declares this means she’s off the market for the next six months. Li adds that it’s part of the deal that she must wear her wedding ring again. Gabi reluctantly agrees to do it so Li puts the ring back on her finger. Li says now people will see that she’s off the market. Gabi doesn’t care and calls it a marriage made in Hell. Gabi declares that nothing matters to her other than getting her shares. Li says the shares belong to her as long as she remains his wife for six months, otherwise they’ll revert back to him. Li then informs Gabi that all that is left now is for her to pack.

Stefan asks if Brady and Eric are satisfied now, calling it a dumb idea to begin with. Brady questions Dr. Rolf saying there’s nothing he can do when he’s done it twice. Dr. Rolf argues that he had state of the art equipment the first time and then had old equipment then went up in flames the second time. Brady asks if Dr. Rolf is saying that Stefan is going to be in love with two women for the rest of his life. Dr. Rolf argues that he’s not a miracle worker. Brady suggests that he become one.

Sloan leaves Eric a message to ask where he went. Sloan then gets an alert on her phone that Dr. Rolf was freed. Sloan questions how the hell that happened as she storms out of her apartment.

Li tells Gabi that if they are going to stay married, they have to live together. Li says it’s a stipulation in the contract. Gabi remarks that she should’ve read it more carefully. Li explains that they have to be living under the same roof if he’s going to have a chance of winning her over and they can’t be at her place because Rafe wouldn’t tolerate it. Gabi warns that Rafe will kick him out on his ass. Li says he will find a place cozy for them and Arianna. Gabi informs him that Arianna is in New Zealand with Will and Sonny just in time to spare her from having to spend time with him. Li guesses that makes things simple. Li says it shouldn’t take long as he has good connections in local real estate. Gabi notes that Rafe won’t be thrilled when he finds out that she’s dealing with him. Gabi brings up the fallout when it gets out that she has his DiMera shares. Li assures that it’s nothing they can’t handle.

Wei complains that Li and EJ are nowhere to be found while millions are being lost. Wendy points out that she is here and says she’s doing fine. Wei responds that he has more things on his mind than stroking her ego. Wei brings up being in New York when word of the stock slide happened, so he came here immediately but he seems to be the only one who cares because no one in charge is greeting him or explaining what the hell is happening. Wendy repeats that she is here. Wei argues that this is a dire situation and asks where Stefan DiMera is. Wendy responds that he’s not here either.

Jada tells Rafe that the judge should have an arrest warrant for Li very soon and then it’s justice for Stefan and Gabi. Sloan arrives, questioning how dare they set her client free. Rafe questions her being a lawyer who wants her client locked up. Sloan argues that as Dr. Rolf’s legal representative, everything has to go through her so she demands answers as to why Rafe set Dr. Rolf free and who paid his bail. Rafe clarifies that Dr. Rolf isn’t out on bail, he’s out period because he signed his confession which was a key element of the original plea agreement. Rafe says he held up his end of the bargain so they held up their end. Sloan calls that impossible as Dr. Rolf couldn’t have signed it. Rafe asks Jada to get Sloan a copy of it. Sloan says not to bother and goes to pull it out of her purse but realizes it’s gone.

Brady complains that Dr. Rolf is supposed to be a genius with no limits. Dr. Rolf repeats that he’s not a miracle worker. Eric argues that Dr. Rolf brought Stefan back from the dead and asks if that’s not a miracle. Brady adds that Dr. Rolf screwed with Stefan’s affections for women and questions why he can’t do it again. Eric asks if he can’t go any further.

Sloan asks Rafe if he knows how much trouble he’s going to be in for accepting stolen materials and using them in an official capacity. Rafe asks if Jada knows what she’s talking about. Jada argues that it can’t be stolen if the person works for her. Sloan responds that Brady doesn’t work for her. Rafe clarifies that she wasn’t talking about Brady but about her paralegal Eric which shocks Sloan. Rafe remarks on it being an interesting relationship they have going. Sloan complains about them treating this like a joke and warns that when she’s done, they won’t be laughing. Sloan then storms out of the police station. Rafe and Jada joke about Sloan being mad.

Eric brings Dr. Rolf downstairs to the Brady Pub to search through equipment for him to use. Dr. Rolf says he saw through their pathetic attempt to appeal to his ego but says this will most likely work. Eric insists that this has to succeed. Dr. Rolf gathers a box of items including a fire extingusiher and then orders clam chowder from Eric as well.

Stefan tells Brady that this is kidnapping and assault. Brady says Stefan can turn him in after, but he’ll be thanking him along with Gabi. Brady knows it feels like he’s the villain but insists that he will be the hero. Stefan calls Brady a selfish son of a bitch who will stop at nothing to get him out of Chloe’s life. Brady assures that Stefan will realize it’s what he wanted all along and he just doesn’t know it yet.

Nicole questions EJ about Stefan drugging him to hurt the company when it’s his livelihood too. Nicole asks why he would do that and how he would get away with it. EJ recalls Stefan offering him coffee this morning, saying he needed caffeine before the interview. EJ remembers feeling fine until it was time for the interview. EJ declares that Stefan set him up to look like a fool. Nicole thought they were fine and that Stefan forgave EJ for staying quiet about what Li and Kristen did to him. EJ guesses that Stefan didn’t actually forgive him and now wants revenge.

Wendy tells Wei that it’s not usually like this. Wei is unsure because of the recent state of affairs. Wei acknowledges that he didn’t greet Wendy properly and ask how she’s doing, but insists that he does care. Wei says that all has to wait until he deals with this and says it all started with Li’s unfortunate obsession with Gabi. Wendy points out that Gabi is actually okay as they have bonded and become friends. Wei remarks that she never did choose her friends wisely. Wei says he’s going to tell Li exactly how disappointingly that he has failed him as he then exits the office. Wendy decides that she is going to warn Li first that their father is on the warpath as she then exits the office.

Gabi says that Li must have thought this through and worked out all the angles. Li calls Gabi his x-factor and says they are always better when they team up which is why he can’t let her go without a fight. Gabi tells him to go find them somewhere to live as she then exits his hotel room.

Nicole tells EJ that he’s talking about a lot of if’s. EJ then remembers the mimosas and how it was the day after Stefan forgave him. EJ talks about Stefan making the mimosas and then leaving, so he and Nicole shared them instead. Nicole says it’s all coming back to her now and realizes that she had the spiked mimosa. Nicole realizes why it hit her like a ton of a bricks and that she can hold her liquor. Nicole declares that Stefan drugged them both.

Stefan tells Brady that they went over in the park that he decides who he loves, not Dr. Rolf and his equipment. Brady talks about trying to put Stefan back together the way he was. Stefan mocks Brady’s relationship history and says he’s been in love with more women than anyone can count. Stefan asks what about what he wants and if he doesn’t get a say. Brady tells Stefan that he can do whatever he wants after this but says he is going to be with Chloe and to Hell with what Stefan wants.

Eric tells Dr. Rolf that he will have his clam chowder after he does his duty. They prepare to head back upstairs when Sloan bursts in to the Pub and calls Eric a son of a bitch.

Rafe tells Jada that there was no doubt before but Sloan was right that Eric stole the confession and brought it here for Dr. Rolf to sign. Jada points out that Sloan initially suspected Brady did it. Rafe talks about Brady being crazy about Chloe. Jada adds that he’s been fighting Stefan for her. They agree that Sloan was right about the fact that Eric broke the law. Rafe states that it was impersonation and interfering with a police investigation, so they might have to get a second warrant. Jada answers a phone call and tells Rafe that Eric will have to wait because the warrant for Li is ready. Rafe decides they will go pay him a visit and exits the station.

Gabi finds Wendy in the town square. Wendy informs Gabi that she’s on her way to Li’s room because their father is in town, looking for someone to take his anger out on, and Li is an easy target.

Li happily talks on the phone about a place to live until his father Wei shows up at his door and he hangs up. Wei complains about Li’s misadventures with Stefan and how the stock took a dive due to EJ’s stupidity and indiscretion. Wei says that with Li out at DiMera, he has no one inside to do damage control. Li calls it a temporary problem and assures that he could be back in the company very soon which Wei questions. Li explains that Dr. Rolf’s confession would give the authorities what they need to come after him, but he has an insurance policy in a great lawyer keeping that from happening so it’s no longer an issue. Li assures that Wei’s worries are unfounded as everything is coming together and he’s even getting things back on track with Gabi. Wei thought she washed her hands of him after the brainwashing. Li reveals that they made a deal, giving him six months of marriage to make her love him again. Wei questions how much this deal is costing him. Li says he knew how to reel her in and reveals that he just signed his DiMera shares away. Wei responds by slapping Li.

Eric tells Sloan that they are busy. Sloan tells Dr. Rolf that Eric can’t be trusted after stealing documents from her. Dr. Rolf argues that Sloan is the one who can’t be trusted and accuses her of never really representing him. Sloan tells him not to be ridiculous and asks if Eric has gotten in to his head. Dr. Rolf says Sloan just served her purpose but now she’s fired. Dr. Rolf then heads back upstairs. Sloan asks Eric how much trouble this puts him in. Eric responds that this doesn’t have to be ugly and that he’s only helping Brady because she refused.

Dr. Rolf returns to Eric’s room with the box full of equipment from the Brady Pub kitchen. Brady questions Dr. Rolf planning on reviving Stefan’s brain with this junk. Dr. Rolf calls it the tools for a scientific breakthrough as he raises an electric whisk mixer.

Nicole calls Stefan a bastard and a dirtbag. EJ gets her anger but points out that she wasn’t Stefan’s target and was just collateral damage. Nicole declares that she will show Stefan collateral damage he’ll never forget. Nicole states that Stefan needs to own up to both of them and wants to go find him but EJ says not so fast.

Wendy tries calling Li but he’s not answering. Gabi guesses Wei got to him before she did. Wendy notes that Wei does not give up easily. Gabi remarks that it must be where Li gets it from. Wendy asks what she means. Wendy then brings up Li and Gabi spending part of Valentine’s Day together and he was feeling quite hopeful afterwards. Wendy asks if he was being too confident. Gabi doesn’t know if this answers her question but reveals that she is not divorcing Li for another six months, surprising Wendy.

Wei questions Li giving up his DiMera Shares when they have incredible power and voting power in order to stay married to a woman that hates him. Li argues that it’s about winning Gabi back and that if they stay married, what’s her’s is his including the shares so he knows what he’s doing. Wei remarks that Li was always overly confident and not very smart. Wei then gets a notification about Dr. Rolf’s release and questions if Li knows what he’s doing.

Sloan questions Eric about digging in to her files to help Brady and betray her. Eric calls that funny because he would say Sloan betrayed Dr. Rolf to protect Li Shin. Sloan says that’s not the point and warns that Eric won’t get away with this. Eric comments that it sounds like a confession and a threat. Eric warns Sloan to be careful if she enjoys having a law license.

Dr. Rolf begins plugging things in while Stefan questions if Brady is really going to let him hook him up with this. Stefan asks what if he fries his brain. Brady thinks they need to trust Dr. Rolf. Stefan complains that these are less than ideal circumstances and brings up his father, Stefano and how he would react to this. Brady argues that Stefan will say anything to stop this but Dr. Rolf needs to fix him. Brady encourages Dr. Rolf to finish the extraordinary work that he started.

Nicole thought EJ wanted to get back at Stefan. EJ assures that he does but not without proof that he’s the one who drugged them. EJ says they have a solid theory but they need to get the vial analyzed to get their confirmation. Nicole asks if they will go after him afterwards. EJ says not yet because they don’t need Stefan to know they are onto him. EJ promises that when he makes his move, Stefan will not see him coming.

Wendy questions if Gabi agreed to the deal only for the shares or if Li actually has a shot with her and what about Stefan. Gabi asks about all the questions. Gabi admits she doesn’t know as a month ago she would’ve said Li burnt all his bridges. Wendy comments that it seems not to be the case. Gabi tells Wendy that Li keeps on showing her that he loves her and only her with all his heart, unlike Stefan. Gabi decides maybe Li is right that they are kindred spirits.

Li tries calling Sloan but it goes to voicemail. Li questions what is going on since Sloan said she had this all under control. Rafe and Jada then show up at the door. Rafe announces it is his great pleasure to once again arrest Li for what he did to Stefan, but this time it’s for keeps.

Stefan begs Dr. Rolf to stop this. Dr. Rolf says he’s sorry but he thinks Stefano would want him put back the way he was. Brady says they are back on track and asks how he can help. Dr. Rolf asks Brady for pictures of Chloe and instructs him to connect his phone to the projector which he does and then displays his photos of Chloe. Brady orders Dr. Rolf to do it now as Dr. Rolf goes to put the grip on Stefan.

Eric tells Sloan that he knows conflict of interest can land her in serious trouble so it seems they are at a standoff where they can both hurt each other. Sloan declares that Eric is only hurting himself because they are through. Sloan remarks that maybe he can crawl back to Nicole, but then says Nicole is already screwing EJ. Sloan calls him a bastard and walks out of the Pub.

Nicole says that EJ said Stefan will never see him coming but it’s never seeing them coming. EJ agrees that two can play at this game.

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GH Update Thursday, February 23, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Angela

Dante and Sam get home and discuss their flight. Cody pays a ticket at the PCPD and see Heather. Sasha shows up and asks to see Heather. Joss wakes up in bed with Dex, they kiss. Brook Lynn congratulates Sonny on his new granddaughter. He asks Brook Lynn to help him. Drew is at the hospital finishing up Willow’s paperwork. Nina overhears him say Willow is gone. Willow gets home with Michael and Wiley and Carly is waiting for them with Amelia.

Sonny tells Brook Lynn that him and Michael are still fighting. Brook Lynn feels bad for him. He asks her to help him find a way to convince Willow to see Nina. Willow is holding Amelia while her and Michael talk to Wiley about being a big brother. Carly helps clean up. Michael thanks her for her help. Drew explains to Nina that Willow went home. Nina questions why she left the hospital. Drew tells her that there is nothing they can do for her without a bone marrow donor and Willow wanted to be home with her family. Nina asks if Willow is giving up. Joss and Dex snuggle in bed and talk about spending the night together for the first time and making their relationship more. Sam and Dante kiss on the couch and talk about what happened with Ryan and Heather on Spoon Island. Sam wants to take a shower and Dante offers to join her. Sasha pretends to be Heather’s lawyer. Cody questions if she knows what she is doing. Sasha says Heather killed her husband and she is going to get justice.

Carly tells Michael and Willow that Amelia is sleeping and Wiley asks Willow why she is always tired. Sonny tells Brook Lynn that Nina just wants to be a mother but Willow doesn’t want to see her and he wants to fix that. Drew explains that Willow is terminal and she made her decision. Nina says she should try to prolong her life as long as she can. Drew tells her she chose to go home. Nina wants to know what the specialist recommended and Drew tells her Michael and Willow made the decision together. Nina believes Carly had input too. Cody shows up at Sam and Dante’s penthouse to tell Dante Sasha is in trouble and needs his help. Sasha pretends to be Heather’s lawyer and asks to talk to her alone when the officer brings her in. Heather asks if she is her lawyer. Heather says she forgets days at a time.

Willow tells Wiley she still needs to rest for a while. He promises to play quietly. Michael says he doesn’t have to and he will take him to make pizza with Olivia and Leo. After they leave Willow cries about how hard it is and Carly comforts her. Nina thinks Carly loves having Willow somewhere she has no access to her. Drew tells her that is not true. Nina says she can’t believe Drew is ok with Carly lying to him for months. Dex brings breakfast back for Joss and his phone rings. The call is about the Pikeman shipment. Joss overhears him. He sees her when he turns around. She asks what Pikeman is and how it can land him in prison? Cody tells Dante that Sasha pretended to be Heather’s lawyer to get access to her. He says he didn’t rat her out because he didn’t want her to get in trouble. He asks Dante to help her without exposing her. After Dante leaves Sam asks why Cody cares so much about Sasha.

Michael see Sonny and Brook Lynn talking and asks Sonny what he wants to talk to him about. Dex tells Joss the less she knows the better. Joss tells him she doesn’t want to pretend like her mother did with Sonny. He tells her that he won’t be in jail, Sonny will. Willow wonders if being home when she is so weak is good for her kids. Carly tells her they love having her there. Willow asks how much longer they can lie to Wiley about her illness. Drew tells Nina he isn’t ok with what Carly did but they are connected through Michael and Willow and family. Nina says they seem very close. Drew says the family is rallying around Willow. Nina says she is Willow’s family too and she can’t be near her because Carly ruined any chance she had to have a relationship with her child. Drew tells her he is sorry Willow doesn’t want to see her and he knows it is painful but she has no one else to blame but herself. Sam gives Cody a cup of coffee. He is surprised she didn’t kick him out. She tells him he has changed since Britt died and she may have misjudged him. Heather tells Sasha she has vague memories of Ryan dragging her and Esme from Spring Ridge. Dante shows up and Sasha tells him Heather is going to fake insanity to get away with the Hook killings.

Willow says they should have told Wiley she was going to die soon. Carly says it is a hard conversation to have with a child and Wiley is too young to understand the concept of death. Willow says she knows they have to tell him, but she doesn’t know how. Dex tells Joss he is working to get evidence to take Sonny down. She asks if he is a cop, and he says no. She wonders if anything he told her is true. He tells her it is, but he left things out. He tells her he was hired to get information on Sonny. She asks who his employer is. Brook Lynn tells Sonny and Michael that family can hurt you the worst and can save you. She leaves and Sonny says she is right. Michael asks if Sonny is there about Nina. Cody tells Sam about finding the necklace with Britt. Sasha says Heather should have gotten the death penalty but she exploits her mental illness. Dante agrees Heather is good at finding the loopholes. Sasha says she is going to take Heather down for good.

Carly tells Willow she fought as hard as she could. Willow says she could have started treatment but it would have killed the baby. She convinced herself she could have a healthy baby and beat leukemia and was only half right. She worries she put Amelia over Wiley. Carly tells her she made the best choice for herself as a mother. She says she did the best she could for both of her children. Willow says she is afraid. She doesn’t want to leave her kids and Michael. Carly hugs her. Drew tells Nina she alienated Willow herself. She says everything changed when she found out Willow was her daughter. He tells her that she changed but Willow hasn’t. Nina blames Carly for not telling them sooner. Drew says she owed Willow the truth but didn’t owe Nina anything. She says he is just as unfeeling as Carly and just as deserving of payback. Michael tells Sonny he brought Willow home and they are still waiting for a donor. Sonny tells him he has to convince Willow to see Nina. Michael says he can’t do that. Sonny accuses him of still holding a grudge. Michael says Willow gets to decide who she spends her remaining time with. Sonny tells him he is done trying to reach him and what happens next is on him. Dex remembers talking to Michael about taking down Sonny and keeping Joss out of it. Dex tells Joss he can’t tell her who he is working for. He tells her that the Pikeman shipment can put Sonny away forever. He asks if that is what she wants. He offers to quit if she wants him to. Sam tells Cody about the Ice Princess diamond. He takes ownership of his actions, and she says he can change like she did. Cody leaves and looks at Mac’s phone number on his phone. Sasha tells Heather her act is compelling but she is compelling to and the jury will hear her. Sasha says she is going to do whatever it takes to make sure Heather is found guilty on all counts. Dante tells Sasha she has to leave. Heather tells Dante she is ready to confess.

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GH Update Wednesday, February 22, 2023

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Angela

Esme staggers into Wyndemere and says that she is in labor. Portia is on the phone with her brother and assures him that she is fine. After she hangs up there is a knock on her door, it’s Taggert. Finn brings Liz home and offers to hang out with her. She tells him he doesn’t have to worry about her. Felicia tries to assure Austin that Mac will keep Ava safe. Spencer, Trina and Alexis discuss Ryan being Esme’s father. An officer tells Jordan that there were shots fired on the island. They call for paramedics for Esme. Kevin says her contractions are coming fast. Ava holds Ryan at gunpoint and pulls the trigger but the gun is empty. Ryan says she is not done with him yet.

Finn compliments Liz’s wedding toast and says it sounded like a goodbye. Scott shows up to finish their conversation from earlier. Taggert and Portia discuss Trina. Spencer tells Alexis about tricking Esme into thinking he knew who her mother was when he was trying to help Trina. Alexis tells them Heather is the Hook killer. Kevin says they can’t wait for the paramedics, the baby is coming now. Felicia continues to assure Austin and tells him how lucky he is that he is stable and going to be ok. They discuss his friendship with Ava. Ryan approaches Ava but she pushes him away. He runs at her but is shot by Mac.

Finn takes a call from the hospital and Liz tells Scott she doesn’t want Finn involved. Finn has to leave but asks her to not make any rash decisions. After he leaves Scott wants to get started but Liz tells him she has already made her decision. Mac checks Ryan and he is still alive but passes out. Jordan shows up and Mac comforts Ava. Jordan checks on Ryan and says he is dead. She asks what happened. Mac tells her he fired the kill shot when Ryan was attacking Ava. Ava asks why he covered for her. He promises her that Ryan’s reign of terror is over. Alexis explains how she figured out the Hook killer was Heather. Spencer is worried about the baby. Laura assures Esme that Kevin will take care of her. Esme says she doesn’t want Heather there. Laura tells the officer to take Heather away. Heather tells her that she is her mother. Esme is not happy to hear that news.

Taggert and Portia discuss her affair with Curtis and their marriage. He asks her if she thought he would have loved Trina less if she wasn’t his. He says she should have told him from the start. Trina runs to Ava when she gets off the launch. She tells them Ryan is dead. Spencer asks about Esme but the officer says Ava has to go to GH immediately. Spencer tells Trina to go with Ava. Felicia asks why Austin was at Spoon Island that night. He thinks about their deal to move Nik’s body. He is worried about the police finding the body. Finn comes in to check on him. Ryan is zipped into a body bag. Jordan assures Mac that he is a good cop and he did the right thing. Jordan wonders what role Esme had in everything that happened. Heather promises Esme they will never be apart. Esme demands to know if Heather is really her mother. Laura tells her that the evidence suggests that she is. Esme vows Heather will never be near her or the baby again. The office drags Heather out of the room as Esme cries and Laura comforts her.

Laura and Kevin coach Esme through her labor. Laura promises to stay with her and help her through it. Taggert says if Portia had told him the truth he would have been mad but he would have listened to her explanation. He is mad she didn’t give him the chance to show that Trina means more to him than DNA. Portia asks if Trina wants to know who her real father is. Taggert says they didn’t discuss it, but he is Trina’s father, period. Finn asks Austin what happened at Wyndemere. When Ava gets to the hospital, she tells Felicia Mac is ok and Ryan is dead. Liz and Scott discuss what Liz and Nik did to Esme. She asks if he can get her a deal. Alexis tells Spencer Laura is on the island. He hears Heather say Esme is in labor. Heather tells Spencer he was next. Spencer tells Jordan he needs to go to Wyndemere. Kevin and the paramedic tell Esme its time, and she delivers the baby. She asks if the baby is ok.

Portia assures Taggert he will always be Trina’s father. He tells her they both made mistakes with Trina and Portia helped Trina forgive him and they are a family no matter what. Trina asks Ava if she ok and tells her to not feel guilty about Ryan being dead. Ava remembers her conversation with Ryan. Trina offers to try and find Nik for her. Laura says Esme will be in the hospital under police custody but will not be separated from her child. Spencer arrives and Laura tells him he has a little brother.

Mac tells Kevin Ryan is dead and he killed him. Kevin asks to see him. Portia thanks Taggert for being so generous with her. He tells her he will make sure Trina is ok and that she is very forgiving. Portia is worried she lost her forever. Trina and Ava talk about the Hook killer being caught. Alexis asks Finn about Austin. She asks about his friend in legal trouble. He says it’s out of his hands. Liz says she can’t live with the guilt and has to worry about her boys. Scott tells her that they need her. Liz says she hopes he can keep her out of prison. He promises to do everything he can. Mac takes Kevin to Ryan’s body. He unzips the bag to be sure. Felicia shows up and comforts Kevin as they look at Ryan’s body. Kevin hopes he is at peace. Spencer tells Esme the baby looks like a Cassadine. She tells him she knows he isn’t the father. She tells him she isn’t the person she was before, and she loves the baby and will do anything for him. She asks Spencer to tell Nik about the baby. He says he doesn’t know how to reach him either. Ava wants to talk to Austin, but the nurse says he needs his rest and won’t let her in.

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Days Update Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

EJ and Nicole finish having sex. Nicole comments on EJ having a lot of energy for not feeling well earlier. EJ says that’s thanks to her as they kiss. EJ assures that he’s feeling better than he did earlier as when he gave that interview earlier, he felt in a complete fog, like he had lost his filter and blurting out whatever came to mind. EJ is glad he’s gotten over that. Nicole asks if there’s something he’s not telling her. EJ admits there is and it’s about Eric.

Rafe questions Eric wanting to see Dr. Rolf and says that’s too damn bad. Eric tells Rafe to put his dislike for him aside for once and argues that Dr. Rolf is allowed visitors like any other prisoner, so he can’t deny him access for no reason. Jada points out that Rafe is the police commissioner so he doesn’t need a reason and what he says goes. Rafe admits that now Eric has him curious as to why he’s so damn eager to see Dr. Rolf.

Stefan questions Brady saying that Chloe is not coming. Brady reveals that he sent Stefan the text about meeting in the park.

Gabi asks Li what the catch is to signing over his DiMera shares to her. Li assures there is no catch and just his Valentine’s Day gift to her. Li adds that after everything he did to her, it’s the least he can do to show her how serious he is about atoning for his sins. Gabi knows how much the shares are worth and how much money means to him. Li says not as much as she does.

Johnny and Wendy inspect the vial that Johnny found on the floor of the DiMera Enterprises Office. Johnny wonders if it’s some kind of drug. Wendy points out there is no label, so she guesses it’s an illegal one. Johnny asks if she’s aware of any projects but Wendy says not one and suggests he just put the vial back where he found it. Johnny says he can’t do that since this is his family company and DiMera has a no tolerance policy on drug use, so if someone is using then they need help. Wendy suggests not jumping to conclusions and sending it to a lab to have it analyzed. Johnny questions what they would say then. Johnny declares that they have to find out without anyone else knowing. Wendy questions investigating it by themselves. Johnny points out that they have before. Wendy feels it will be really hard to figure out who left it since people are in and out of the office all day. Johnny can’t imagine something like that was just laying around unnoticed for long and asks if anyone was in the office when she came in. Wendy says it was just Stefan.

Stefan questions how Brady sent a text from Chloe’s phone. Brady reveals that he used a burner phone to spoof her number. Stefan calls this crazy and questions why Brady had to lure him here. Stefan brings up not speaking to Chloe and asks if she’s okay. Brady says Chloe is fine physically but emotionally not so much because of Stefan. Brady declares that the time has come for Stefan to get Chloe out of his head once and for all.

Eric argues that he doesn’t owe Rafe any explanation. Rafe guesses that Eric blames Dr. Rolf for the virus that led to Marlena’s death but Eric wanting to see a prisoner that he has no relation to makes him think that he has some vigilante justice in mind which is not happening on his watch.

Nicole asks if EJ is seriously lying next to her in bed and thinking about Eric. Nicole jokes that she must have lost her touch. EJ assures that she hasn’t as he kisses her. EJ clarifies that he’s lying next to her while wondering if she is thinking about Eric. EJ reminds her that they said they would take things one step at a time and see where it led, but things heated up quickly after they ran in to Eric and Sloan on Valentine’s Day. EJ wonders if Nicole would still be in his bed right now if that hadn’t happened.

Li tells Gabi to just take his shares. Gabi questions believing that he wants nothing from her in return. Li admits that maybe there is one small thing.

Nicole asks EJ where this is coming from since it’s not like they just fell in to bed out of nowhere. Nicole adds that they would’ve been there sooner if EJ didn’t put the brakes on. EJ says that was because she was drunk but she was blinded with rage over Eric and Sloan’s relationship, just like yesterday. EJ sees it as a common thread. Nicole supposes he’s right that if Eric hadn’t jumped in to Sloan’s bed, then she probably wouldn’t be in EJ’s bed right now.

Eric questions if Rafe isn’t going to let him see Dr. Rolf because of his personal grievances against him. Rafe repeats that he has reasons to have concerns about Eric seeing Dr. Rolf. Eric argues that Rafe is on a power trip but Rafe says he’s doing his job. Rafe declares that the only person he’s required to let see Dr. Rolf is his attorney which he is not. Eric then responds that he’s not Rolf’s attorney, but he works for her.

Stefan tells Brady that his feelings for Chloe are none of his business. Brady responds that they are because Chloe fled town because of him. Brady says Chloe was shaken when Stefan claimed to love Chloe and Gabi. Brady argues that if Stefan truly loves Chloe, he will let her go. Stefan asks if it’s just so Brady can have her. Brady says it’s about not squandering any more time on this but admits it’s also about not screwing things up for he and Chloe, or Stefan.

Gabi calls it a load of crap that Li said there was no catch but now says he wants one small thing. Li supposes it is a catch. Gabi questions what the hell the small thing is. Li asks Gabi to stay married to him.

Wendy asks Johnny if he thinks the vial could belong to Stefan. Johnny notes that Stefan has been a hot mess since Dr. Rolf messed with his brain. Wendy wonders if the vial could belong to Dr. Rolf. Johnny points out that Dr. Rolf is in jail now and Stefan wants nothing to do with him. Johnny says Stefan’s personal life may be a dumpster fire, but he’s been on top of things as CEO at DiMera. Johnny then brings up EJ not feeling well and being so distracted at work, causing the stock price to plummet. Johnny then wonders if it’s possible that EJ could be using drugs.

Nicole worries that she’s upset EJ. EJ admits it doesn’t do much for his ego, knowing that she only moved on with him because she saw Eric move on with Sloan. Nicole assures that’s not the only reason and jokes that if she really wanted to hurt Eric with revenge sex, she would’ve slept with Eric’s brother instead. EJ laughs at how that’s supposed to make him feel better. Nicole explains that she and Brady have a past too, so if she really wanted to inflict maximum damage on Eric then she would be in Brady’s bed. EJ says it sounds like she could be if she wanted to. Nicole says that’s not what she means and she couldn’t be with Brady now even if she wanted to, which she does not. Nicole adds that Brady is in love with her best friend, so she really does hope that Brady and Chloe get to be together and get Stefan out of the picture, so they can finally be happy. Nicole then kisses EJ.

Stefan tells Brady that he’s not the only one confused about his feelings, reminding Brady of how he broke Chloe’s heart with Kristen. Brady argues that he had no choice. Stefan argues that maybe that’s why Chloe left town and that it had nothing to do with him and everything to do with Brady. Brady disagrees, insisting it has everything to do with Stefan. Brady says Stefan’s insanity has made Chloe and Gabi miserable. Stefan argues that this is about Brady being miserable. Brady questions if Stefan really wants to string two women along. Stefan argues that he isn’t since he was completely honest with them. Brady calls Stefan a shallow man who is having trouble deciding which woman he loves more. Brady tells Stefan that Chloe never would have given him a second look if he wasn’t forced to break up with her. Brady declares that Chloe loves him and their relationship was the best that either of them ever had, like Stefan and Gabi’s. Brady knows Stefan loves Gabi, but thinks Gabi is too smart to be hanging on to a guy who loves another woman. Stefan insists that Gabi is going to wait because he is the one true love of her life. Brady warns Stefan that if he keeps this up, he’s going to be the biggest mistake of Gabi’s life, which Brady thinks he already is.

Gabi questions Li saying it was something small and complains that she’s not going to stay married to him after what he did to her and Stefan. Gabi refuses to accept his lousy bribe and says she won’t give up her soul for DiMera shares and a vote on the board because nothing is worth that. Li asks her to hear him out. Gabi questions why he would want to stay in a loveless marriage anyway. Li argues that it’s not loveless because he loves her. Li asks if Gabi didn’t love him when she married him. Gabi clarifies that she loved the man that she thought he was. Li argues that Gabi deserves the DiMera shares and she also deserves a man who loves her and only her. Gabi refuses to discuss this with him. Li points out that she was eager to last night after Stefan called her Chloe and she came running to him to remind herself what it feels like to be truly wanted and cherished. Gabi says she came to talk about their divorce. Li asks why she stayed for dinner then. Gabi tells him to stop blaming Stefan for something that isn’t his fault because after Dr. Rolf is done with him, he’s going to forget all about Chloe. Li asks if she’s sure about that. Li argues that all Dr. Rolf did was reinforce feelings that Stefan already had for Chloe. Li reminds her that Stefan was with Chloe before her. Gabi tells him to stop trying to convince her that Stefan doesn’t love her. Li acknowledges that Stefan does love her, but he loves her more. Gabi argues that he doesn’t know the meaning of love. Li wants to prove to her that he does. Gabi calls that impossible. Li asks Gabi for six months to change her mind about divorcing him.

Rafe asks Eric what the hell he’s talking about. Eric claims that Sloan hired him as a paralegal. Rafe laughs at that and questions his qualifications. Eric says it required a broad skillset. Jada asks when Eric started working with Sloan. Eric says he needed a job after quitting Basic Black and adds that he and Sloan have gotten close. Eric claims the file he has is what he needs Dr. Rolf to look over. Rafe asks to take a look but Eric says he can’t as that would be in violation from his attorney. Eric tells Rafe that he would like to see Dr. Rolf now as his legal representation. Jada warns Rafe that if he denies him, Sloan could have the whole case thrown out and asks if he really wants to take that chance. Eric asks Rafe what it’s going to be. Rafe then brings Eric to the interrogation room to meet with Dr. Rolf and tells him that he has 20 minutes.

Gabi calls Li a disgusting creep and asks if he’s crazy. Li asks her to let him finish his request before she turns him down. Li encourages that his shares can get her foot in at DiMera to get rid of EJ, especially after his recent slip ups. Li argues that the company needs Gabi and he knows she wants to be back in charge at DiMera. Gabi points out that Stefan is already co-CEO, so once they get back together, they will run DiMera and won’t need Li’s shares. Li remarks that is unless Stefan wants to run it with Chloe. Li apologizes and says if Gabi does end up with Stefan, she’d still be in a much better position to run the company with another board vote in her pocket. Li asks Gabi for six months and if after that, she’s still determined to get a divorce, she can keep the shares, get rid of him, and she’ll be free and clear. Li asks if that’s not an offer she can’t refuse.

Brady warns Stefan that Gabi is the least patient person on the planet, so he doesn’t think she will put up with this kind of behavior much longer. Brady asks what woman would. Brady knows Stefan doesn’t want to lose Gabi after everything they’ve been through. Stefan admits that but says he doesn’t want to lose Chloe either. Stefan says he can’t just forget his feelings for Chloe and even if he wanted Dr. Rolf to finish deprogramming him, Rolf is in jail so there’s nothing he can do. Brady tells him not to worry about that because he’s working on that as they speak.

Eric presents Dr. Rolf with the statement he wrote and says he’s still sitting here because he didn’t sign it. Rolf responds that his lawyer advised him not to because she said it would be a terrible mistake since Kristen and Li would come after him. Eric reminds him that Kristen is in prison and he believes his attorney gave him some truly lousy advice. Dr. Rolf questions what he knows about it and how he got his statement. Eric knows Dr. Rolf did his best to save Marlena with the Orchid, so he wants to do something for him in return. Eric reveals that he believes his attorney is also working for Li Shin which means a major conflict of interest and the reason she didn’t want him to sign the statement is because Li would be screwed. Dr. Rolf states that he needs to speak with Sloan. Eric asks if he thinks she’s going to tell him the truth if she’s taking her orders from Li. Eric adds that Melinda had already signed off on his plea deal before he changed his mind which Rolf notes that no one ever told him. Eric tells Dr. Rolf that if he signs the statement, he can have him released immediately.

Wendy asks Johnny if he really thinks EJ might be doing drugs. Johnny says he never seems to have any kind of problem, but he did used to sell drugs years ago which surprises Wendy. Johnny explains that EJ got mixed up with Clyde Weston, who was really bad news. Wendy recognizes Clyde’s name as the man who killed Abigail. Wendy asks if EJ wasn’t a dealer but more of a kingpin. Johnny doesn’t know as he was just a kid and he doesn’t think EJ would ever use, but he doesn’t know for sure. Johnny acknowledges that EJ’s been going through a hard time lately with Sami and Belle, then losing his mother, which could explain some of the behavior he’s been displaying. Wendy asks what he’s going to do. Johnny responds that he’s going to ask him. Wendy questions if he thinks EJ will just tell him the truth point blank. Johnny admits he doesn’t know but declares he’s going to find out one way or another. Johnny tells Wendy to keep this to herself for now and thanks her as he then exits the office.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s not rooting for Brady and Chloe to get back together because that would free up Stefan and Gabi to resume their lives together, which would be an utter disaster for him and DiMera. Nicole feels EJ can handle it as he has before. Nicole thinks Brady and Chloe are destiny. EJ questions if she means like herself and Eric. Nicole admits she used to think that, but the truth is, she thinks her and EJ are more compatible than her and Eric. Nicole points out that EJ accepts her for who she is and doesn’t make her feel guilty. Nicole adds that she’s obviously extremely attracted to him as they kiss. EJ says that what gives him pause is they said they would see where things led and under normal circumstances, casual sex is fine by him, but he doesn’t think that works for them anymore because of their history. EJ says there are feelings that are being reawakened, so if she wants a little fling with no strings then it’s probably best they put an end to this now. Nicole asks if he’s ending things with her. EJ says no and explains that for him, it just can’t be a fling. Nicole agrees that there are feelings because of their history. Nicole suggests they enjoy the ride and see where things go. EJ likes that idea as they continue kissing until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. They quickly get up and put their robes on as EJ answers he door to see Johnny. Johnny sees Nicole and apologizes, saying he’ll come back later but Nicole says it’s okay and he can come in. EJ notes that Johnny seems upset and asks what’s wrong. Johnny then presents the vial and asks if it’s his.

Rafe is on the phone at the police station, arguing that they can’t be serious in telling him to release Dr. Rolf. Rafe says he’ll call back as Eric comes out from the interrogation room. Rafe asks what the hell Eric did as Jada asks what’s going on. Rafe questions Eric getting Dr. Rolf to sign the statement that he’s been refusing to sign which his attorney talked him out of signing. Eric tells Rafe that he’s welcome. Rafe realizes Eric lied to them about working for Sloan and questions what the hell he’s up to.

Stefan questions Brady saying he’s working on it. Stefan reminds him that the last time Dr. Rolf tried to put him back how he was, his equipment malfunctioned and he could feel his brain frying so he was almost a dead man again. Stefan has no intention of repeating that experience. Brady argues that he can’t continue to go on this way. Stefan insists that his feelings for Chloe are real, so he intends to work through them naturally. Brady asks how he plans to do that when Chloe is not even in town. Brady questions his interest in keeping her pinned to him. Stefan says he could ask Brady the same thing because they wouldn’t be in this situation if Brady hadn’t dumped Chloe for Kristen. Stefan tells Brady that whatever his plan is with Dr. Rolf to screw with his mind again, he can forget about it. Stefan says goodbye to Brady and goes to walk away but Brady grabs him from behind in a chokehold and chokes Stefan out.

EJ questions where Johnny found the vial. Johnny says it was on the floor at his office and asks if it’s his. EJ says no and asks what it is. Johnny assumes it’s an illicit substance and says he had to ask after everything that happened at the press conference this morning. Johnny says EJ was off the rails and he knows EJ is going through a hard time after Susan’s death. EJ argues that doesn’t mean he resorted to taking drugs. Nicole points out that Johnny is just worried about him. EJ takes a look at the vial and calls it very strange. EJ knows the terrible harm that drugs can do and he may be far from perfect but he’s noy a hypocrite on this. EJ assures that he’s not using drugs, never has, and never will. Johnny says that’s good and hopes EJ isn’t upset with him for asking. EJ says he did the right thing and he’s glad that Johnny felt he could come to him and ask. EJ insists that he’s telling the truth. Johnny calls it a huge relief.

Brady tells Stefan that he’s sorry as he wanted to do this the easy way, but he’s one stubborn S.O.B. Brady then drags Stefan’s unconscious body away.

Gabi tells Li that she doesn’t trust him and the deal sounds too good to be true, so it’s going to be a hard no from her. Li warns Gabi that his attorney said he could drag this divorce out for years. Gabi thought he wasn’t going to contest it. Li says he won’t go back on his word but there are delicate financial matters in dissolving their marriage which need to be sorted and clarified. Li adds that he could make this last a lot longer than six months, so she has nothing to lose with his proposal unless she’s afraid of opening herself up to him again. Gabi tells Li that there’s nothing he can say or do to keep her in this marriage. Li says then in six months, she’ll be single and rich, and if Dr. Rolf helps Stefan get over Chloe by then, they can live happily ever after.

Rafe frees Dr. Rolf from his handcuffs. Eric tells Rafe that it was a pleasure doing business with him. Eric escorts Dr. Rolf to the door. Rolf says now he will get back to his laboratory but Eric says not so fast. Rafe tells Jada that he can’t believe how Eric came in and lied to them like that. Jada assumes Eric must have had good reason. Rafe questions why she would assume that. Jada knows Rafe hates Eric and says he’s not her favorite person either but they made their peace, so she recommends Rafe do the same. Jada advises Rafe to not let Eric get under his skin but Rafe says it’s too late. Jada says that Eric delivered on getting Dr. Rolf out of jail, so he can deprogram Stefan which is what Gabi has been begging for and now they have hard evidence against Li Shin. Rafe agrees and declares that they should get Li in custody before he can hurt Gabi again.

Li tells Gabi that she has to admit it’s a sweet deal and she’s too good of a business woman to turn it down. Gabi responds that she won’t walk away and agrees to take the deal. Li assures that she won’t regret it. Gabi wants it in writing. Li says six months, the shares, and divorce is all right here but for now he suggests they seal the deal with a handshake which Gabi accepts.

Johnny calls Wendy and informs her that EJ said the vial wasn’t his. Wendy asks if he believed him. Johnny admits that EJ is a first class liar but he is pretty good at reading him and he seemed shocked and genuinely upset that he would even think he was using, so he believes him.

Nicole asks EJ about Johnny finding the vial in the office that EJ shares with Stefan. Nicole asks if EJ thinks Stefan could be taking drugs. EJ then says or else Stefan is drugging him.

Stefan wakes up tied to a bed with Brady at his side. Stefan questions where the hell he is. Brady reveals that he’s in Eric’s room above the Pub and that it wasn’t fun carrying him up the stairs either. Stefan asks what he’s doing here. Brady responds that all his questions are about to be answered as Eric then arrives with Dr. Rolf.

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Days Update Tuesday, February 21, 2023


Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Wendy goes to Li’s hotel room at the Salem Inn and says she just wanted to check on him again as she felt bad about not sticking around when he was bummed about Gabi turning down his Valentine’s Day dinner. Li then reveals that he and Gabi actually ended up having dinner together after all, surprising Wendy.

Gabi meets with Rafe in his office at the police station. Rafe questions Gabi being okay with Arianna moving 8000 miles away to New Zealand. Gabi says it was Arianna’s decision and admits she doesn’t love it, but Arianna will be with her dads and she will come visit when she can. Gabi decides that’s what is best for Arianna and changes the subject back to Dr. Rolf. Gabi adds that the desk sergeant needs to know that she doesn’t need an appointment to see her own brother. Rafe argues that she can’t just storm in and make demands. Rafe informs Gabi that Dr. Rolf did not sign his statement. Gabi thought Melinda was going to put the screws to him. Rafe explains that she tried but his lawyer said not to sign the statement, so he didn’t. Rafe assures that if there was anything else he could do, he’d be doing it. Rafe changes the subject by asking about Gabi’s Valentine’s Day date with Stefan last night. Gabi says next question. Rafe is confused since she was walking on air after Stefan called her. Gabi responds that she ended up flat on her back but not in a good way.

Brady goes to Sloan’s apartment and knocks on her door, saying he’d like to talk to her and asks her to open up. Eric then answers the door without a shirt on, surprising Brady.

Nicole returns home to the DiMera Mansion, saying she doesn’t know why she bothered going in to the office on a day like today. Nicole heads in to the living room and finds Johnny sitting inside, so she asks if he’s okay. Johnny responds that he’s not really after three funerals. Johnny mentions that DiMera stock dropped 20 points today because some sensitive information was leaked thanks to EJ.

At the DiMera Enterprises offices, Stefan questions EJ about going public that they were going to buy a company before it was locked in. EJ acknowledges that he was talking and before he knew what he was doing, he was telling the information. Stefan argues that EJ knew this deal required discretion but now it’s in every business section out there. Stefan questions what EJ was thinking. EJ responds that he honestly has no idea why he said what he said. Stefan flashes back to earlier this morning, where Stefan drugged EJ’s coffee. EJ tells Stefan that he’s so sorry for screwing up and he’s mortified. Stefan tells EJ that their focus now is damage control. EJ still doesn’t understand how he could have let this happen…

Nicole questions Johnny about EJ revealing sensitive information on television when he had to have known how it would affect the stock price. Johnny wonders if it was some kind of strategy. Nicole says it’s not one she’s familiar with. Johnny can’t believe EJ of all people would just blurt that out by mistake. Nicole agrees and notes that last night, EJ said he wasn’t feeling great so she hopes he’s not coming down with something. Johnny wonders if it’s possible EJ didn’t get enough sleep, revealing that he saw Nicole coming out of EJ’s room this morning.

Brady questions Eric slithering off to Sloan’s after the funeral. Eric says he needed to decompress and asks why Brady is here. Brady responds that he needed to talk to Sloan. Sloan then comes out from the back and asks what Brady needs to talk about. Brady brings up Sloan representing Dr. Rolf and says he needs him out of jail and he needs her to get him to sign the statement that says the person responsible for his crimes was Li Shin.

Wendy questions Li having dinner with Gabi as she thought Gabi gave him a hard no. Li responds that she did, but later on, she showed up and accepted his invitation. Wendy asks what changed her mind. Li reveals that her Valentine’s celebration with Stefan went awry after Stefan called her Chloe. Wendy mentions hearing about that when she went to the DiMera Mansion with Johnny to watch a movie and they saw Stefan trying to wipe a stain out of his shirt from Gabi throwing red wine on him before she stormed out. Li is happy that Stefan must have been pretty upset. Wendy points out that Stefan planned an amazing night for them and it got broken up before it got even started. Wendy comments on Li not being broken up about it and points out that he is the reason that Stefan’s plans were a bust.

EJ tells Stefan that he’s right that what’s done is done and now he has to figure out what to do about it. Stefan reminds him that they are in this together. EJ says he made the mess so he has to clean it up and Stefan has every right to be furious. Stefan claims he’s not furious and says if he came off harsh, it was only because he was surprised. Stefan says he’s past it now and ready to move on with his brother to correct course. EJ thanks Stefan for having his back. EJ asks where to start. Stefan suggests EJ talk with public relations on how to spin this and then they will figure out how to move forward. EJ thanks him again and says he can’t tell him how much he appreciates his support. EJ then exits the office. Stefan mutters that EJ will always have his support as long as it involves himself becoming sole CEO of the company. Stefan declares that with a few more doses, EJ will be out on his pompous, disloyal ass. Stefan prepares to drug another drink when Jada walks in to the office.

Wendy questions Li about why Gabi accepted his invitation and what changed her mind. Li responds that Stefan’s brain isn’t functioning properly which he laughs about. Li says that he and Gabi had a wonderful time and it was almost like old times. Wendy brings up Li having Dr. Rolf manipulate Stefan’s mind and reminds him that Stefan isn’t repulsed by Gabi anymore. Li acknowledges that Stefan loves Gabi again but he also loves Chloe. Li states that Gabi stayed because she was pleasantly surprised by him and he thinks she enjoyed being in the company of a man who only has eyes for her. Wendy guesses that’s possible but reminds Li that this is only temporary and that when Dr. Rolf finishes fixing Stefan, Gabi’s going to forget all about Li. Wendy worries that Li is setting himself up for heartbreak. Li responds that Gabi is worth the risk. Li decides that’s enough about him and asks about Wendy’s date with Johnny. Li jokingly asks if they got to enjoy the movie or if they spent the night consoling Stefan.

Stefan hides his vial and asks Jada what he can do for her. Jada responds that she’s here to ask him about his recent assault where he was knocked out, dragged into a basement, and forced to undergo a medical procedure because they are building a case, so she wants to know if he wants to testify against Gabi. Stefan responds that he’s afraid he can’t do that because he’s in love with her. Jada points out that Gabi did have an accomplice in Dr. Rolf. Stefan admits he has mixed feelings towards Dr. Rolf Stefan notes that since he’s been back alive, Dr. Rolf seems to be a bit confused as to where his loyalty lies. Jada asks if Stefan is willing to testify against Dr. Rolf. Jada adds that it would go a long way to putting Dr. Rolf back in prison where he belongs. Stefan agrees to take it under advisement. Jada warns him not to take too long as she exits the office.

Rafe tells Gabi that he’s sorry that her evening with Stefan didn’t end up the way she hoped. Gabi tells him that he should be because it’s his fault for encouraging her to have faith and be positive. Gabi explains that it started out perfectly, things started to heat up, and then Stefan called her Chloe.

Nicole questions Johnny seeing her coming out of EJ’s room. Johnny says he’s sorry as it’s none of his business. Nicole tells him that it’s fine as it was only a matter of time before he found out. Nicole brings up that she and EJ were married before and now that she’s moved in, they have been closer which is all she’s going to say. Johnny jokes that he’s got it figured out.

Sloan tells Brady that she is representing Dr. Rolf to the best of her abilities but there’s not much she can do right now since he is being held without bail. Brady explains that is why he needs him to sign the statement that implicates Li because then he will be free. Eric questions Brady suddenly being so concerned about Dr. Rolf. Brady reminds Eric about Stefan’s deprogramming and says that Chloe freaked out and ran off after finding out that Stefan was in love with her and Gabi. Brady tells Eric that Chloe left town. Eric realizes that’s why he didn’t see her at the funerals and asks if she’s okay. Brady tells him that Nicole said she was, but he doesn’t know since Chloe won’t see him and is completely overwhelmed. Eric questions Chloe leaving town over Stefan’s feelings. Brady says it’s his feelings too. Eric brings up that Dr. Rolf had started the deprogramming as Brady says this is why he needs him to finish the job, so Chloe can come back to him and everything will be fine. Brady repeats that he needs Sloan to convince her client to flip on Li. Sloan responds that she’s sorry but the answer is no.

Nicole asks Johnny about the rest of his night with Wendy. Johnny says it was pretty good and how they got the dinner that Stefan planned for Gabi, so he thinks Wendy had a nice time. Nicole questions him not being sure. Johnny talks about how things in the beginning were so easy and now it’s gotten complicated. Johnny says he’s just trying to convince Wendy that he’s not still hung up on his ex wife.

Wendy tells Li that she and Johnny talked to Stefan for awhile and then he excused himself, so their date went pretty well. Wendy talks about watching Evil Dead 2 and Stefan letting them have his dinner. Li jokes that everybody wins. Wendy decides she should go. Li asks if she has another date with Johnny. Wendy reminds him that she has a job so she should get back to the office. Li brings up seeing that DiMera stock took a nosedive earlier and remarks that things have been going downhill there since he was fired. Wendy then exits the hotel.

Brady questions Sloan saying no, reminding her that Dr. Rolf is sitting in a jail cell and if he signs the statement, he’ll go free. Sloan feels signing it is not in his best interest. Brady questions why the hell not since Melinda made him a deal. Brady asks if she heard what he said about Chloe. Sloan says she can’t base her defense strategy on his love life. Brady repeats that her client would walk. Sloan questions if he’s a lawyer. Brady reminds her that Dr. Rolf was offered freedom. Sloan talks about Melinda loves to pull a bait and switch, so she’s not going to fall for one of her tricks. Brady argues that Melinda just wants the bigger fish and in this case, that’s Li Shin. Sloan says maybe, but that doesn’t mean Dr. Rolf will skate as there are other angles to consider. Sloan then gets a text from Li, saying he needs to see her ASAP. Sloan informs Brady and Eric that she has to go see a client.

Rafe questions Gabi walking out on Stefan because he called her Chloe and then going to see Li Shin. Gabi argues that she didn’t have any other plans. Rafe reminds Gabi that Li asked her to marry him after brainwashing her husband. Gabi points out that technically, Li is her husband. Rafe reminds her that she said not to bring that up and then she went to see him. Gabi complains that she was humiliated by Stefan calling her Chloe, so she wanted someone to make her feel better. Rafe argues that she could have turned to family or a friend instead of Li. Rafe reminds her that Gabi said she wanted nothing to do with Li. Gabi acknowledges that Li hurt her, but complains that he would never have called her another woman’s name. Gabi points out that Li wants her and nobody else. Rafe brings up the lengths that Li has gone to make her feel that way. Rafe understands that Gabi is going through a rough patch right now but she cannot go back to Li Shin. Gabi tells him that she just didn’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone like Rafe. Rafe then reveals that he wasn’t alone as he was with Jada.

Afetr Jada leaves, Stefan goes back to drugging EJ’s coffee. EJ returns to the office and tells Stefan that public relations has begun spinning. Stefan offers EJ the coffee and says they will start strategizing. EJ is not sure he’s up for this. Stefan encourages that EJ can’t let one mistake ruin his confidence. Stefan tells EJ to drink the coffee but EJ decides that he will go home and clear his head, hoping to have a fresh start tomorrow. Stefan reluctantly agrees as EJ exits. Stefan complains about EJ not drinking the coffee and asks how he is supposed to get the Board to throw EJ out if he won’t take the drug. Stefan throws the now empty vial agaisnt the wall in frustration.

Gabi questions Rafe going on a date with Jada. Rafe argues that it wasn’t a date, just two people having a burger and a beer. Gabi questions doing it on Valentine’s Day. Rafe calls it a coincidence. Gabi wants details. Rafe explains that there isn’t much to tell as he just saw Jada at the Pub and offered to join her, deciding it would be better than sitting at home in front of his TV alone. Gabi says that’s great and asks how it went. Rafe says it was fine and they talked. Gabi questions what they talked about. Rafe jokes that he shouldn’t have said anything. Gabi remarks that she’s happy for him because Jada is way better for him than that skank Nicole. Rafe clarifies that Jada is his friend and colleague, but that’s it. Gabi asks if he’s sure about that.

Nicole comments that Johnny had a lovely Valentine’s Day with Wendy, so she’s sure that’s enough to convince her that he’s over Chanel. Johnny gets a DiMera news alert and says it looks like the PR team is doing damage control as they made a statement about considering many acquisitions. Nicole is glad they are on top of it, but insists that what happened still doesn’t make sense. Johnny asks Nicole about EJ not feeling well last night. Nicole says this morning, he seemed fine so she doesn’t understand how he could make a mistake like that. EJ then comes home and says he doesn’t understand it either. Johnny asks how he’s feeling. EJ claims he’s fine and sees the news traveled fast. Nicole says by tomorrow, it will not be a story. Johnny agrees that the whole thing will blow over. Johnny asks if he can get EJ anything but EJ says he’s just going to go upstairs, change his clothes, and try to forget this day ever happened.

Eric tells Brady that he’s sorry as he doesn’t know why Sloan doesn’t want Dr. Rolf to sign the statement. Brady argues that her explanation made no sense which makes him wonder if it’s even true. Eric asks what that’s supposed to mean. Brady asks if he really thinks it’s in Dr. Rolf’s best interest to stay in jail. Eric points out that Sloan is his lawyer, so it’s her job to do what’s best for him. Brady questions why Sloan would even take the job when Dr. Rolf is broke and says it doesn’t make any sense. Eric says she must have some reason. Brady thinks that reason just texted her and that it was from the client that Sloan is actually working for.

Sloan goes to see Li at his hotel room.

Rafe assures Gabi that there’s nothing going on between he and Jada and there can’t be because he is her boss. Gabi argues that it’s so right and they work well together. Rafe says the conversation is over. Gabi asks if Rafe wouldn’t want something between the two of them. Jada then arrives and asks if it’s a bad time. Rafe says he was just telling Gabi that there’s nothing he can do about Dr. Rolf, so she was just leaving. Gabi remarks that she’s happy to leave the two of them alone as she exits the office.

Nicole joins EJ in his bedroom and says she just wanted to see how he was doing. EJ says he keeps going over everything in his head, asking how he could have made such an enormous error and letting crucial information slip as it’s just not him. Nicole encourages that he just had a bad day. EJ thinks it’s more than that as lately he’s been very distracted. EJ points out that the same thing happened on another deal as well. Nicole suggests it having something to do with recently losing his mother. EJ says maybe, or maybe it has to do with Stefan…

Li offers Sloan a drink but she declines. Sloan notes Li’s good mood and asks if that has anything to do with the reason she is here. Li informs her that it’s imperative that she continues to slow down his divorce because he’s pleased to report that he and Gabi took some very positive steps last night. Sloan tells him not to worry and promises that she’s doing everything she can to make sure Li and Gabi remain husband and wife. Sloan adds that nothing changed as far as Dr. Rolf not signing his statement, so she will continue to advise that he shouldn’t. Li tells her to do so in the strongest terms. Sloan asks if that’s all then. Li then informs her that there is something else that he needs her to do for him.

Brady shares his theory with Eric that Sloan is working with Li Shin, pointing out that Li has the most to gain from Dr. Rolf not signing his statement. Eric calls that a huge ethical violation. Brady asks if Sloan really strikes him as an ethical person. Eric argues that it’s all speculation as they have no evidence that Sloan is working for Li. Brady then notices that Sloan left her purse and starts to go through it. Eric questions what he is doing. Brady responds that he’s looking for evidence. Eric complains that he needs to stop because he’s invading Sloan’s privacy. Brady argues that she left her bag wide open. Eric says that’s not an invitation as there could be sensitive documents in there that are meant to be confidential. Brady then finds the statement that Dr. Rolf was about to sign and shows it to Eric, saying that it would put Li away for life. Brady declares that it’s obvious that Sloan is working for Li and keeping Dr. Rolf from signing that. Brady asks Eric if he’s going to help him divide and conquer.

Jada informs Rafe that she went to see Stefan to talk to him about the case against Dr. Rolf. Rafe asks if Stefan agreed to testify. Jada says he agreed to take it under advisement but she will stay on it because anything they have on Dr. Rolf could push him to flip on Li. Rafe assures that he intends to put Li away, whether Gabi likes it or not. Jada thought Gabi would be thrilled to see Li pay for what he did to her. Rafe thought so too but apparently Gabi has backslid when it comes to Li. Jada questions if Gabi is going back to him. Rafe responds that he’s not sure but admits he’s worried about her.

Gabi goes to see Li at his hotel room and asks what was so important that she had to come over. Li shows her that she left her scarf last night and gives her a belated Valentine’s Day gift with it. Gabi opens the gift and Li reveals that he’s signing his shares in DiMera Enterprises over to her.

Nicole asks why EJ would be distracted by Stefan. EJ responds that he knew Stefan had been brainwashed and said nothing, then when he told Stefan, he forgave him. Nicole says that’s a good thing. EJ points out that he betrayed his very own brother. EJ talks about disappointing Stefan and the company, but Stefan showed him nothing but compassion. EJ thinks the reason he’s been off lately is because he can’t help but feel incredibly guilty.

Wendy goes to the DiMera Enterprises office and finds Stefan inside, who says he just canceled a meeting. Wendy mentions having to install new antivirus software on his computer. Stefan says he was just headed out and tells her to do what she needs to do. Wendy notes him being in a better mood than last night. Stefan informs her that he just got a text from Chloe, wanting to see him, so that’s where he is headed. Wendy asks what about Gabi. Stefan says he loves Gabi, but he loves Chloe too. Stefan adds that Chloe is the one who reached out, so he doesn’t want to keep her waiting as he then exits the office.

Nicole tells EJ that she’s felt a lot of guilt for hurting a lot of people, so she understands what he’s saying about Stefan. Nicole encourages EJ that he can forgive himself and she’s sure that Stefan would want him too. EJ hopes the stockholders can forgive him. Nicole says everybody makes mistakes and adds that EJ is good at raising the price of DiMera stock. Nicole brings up them spending last night together and says it was wonderful. EJ says he’s glad it happened. Nicole feels the same and adds that she would be glad if it happened again as they kiss.

Jada tells Rafe that she will work on putting together everything they have against Li and Dr. Rolf to build an ironclad case against Melinda. Rafe tells her to let him know if she needs any help. Rafe then offers to order some food while they work on it together. Eric then arrives with Dr. Rolf’s statement from Sloan’s purse and says nobody is at the front desk. Rafe asks how they can help him. Eric responds that he’s here to see Dr. Rolf.

Sloan returns home and sees Eric is gone.

Stefan goes to the park to meet Chloe, but finds Brady instead, who informs him that Chloe is not coming.

Gabi questions why Li would give her his DiMera shares. Li says it’s to show her how much he loves her. Gabi calls that a lot of love since they are worth a fortune. Li adds that they would also allow her to vote on any prospective motions. Li calls it just one vote, but they both know how powerful that can be. Gabi doesn’t know what to say and calls it amazing. Gabi asks what the catch is.

Johnny brings Wendy hot chocolate at the DiMera Enterprise office. Johnny then finds the empty vial on the floor that Stefan had tossed and questions what the heck it is.

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GH Update Tuesday, February 21, 2023

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Angela

Spencer and Trina kiss in the gallery and she asks him to not stop. Curtis goes to the Savoy to drink. He sends the bartender home but she makes a call to someone to come to the Savoy. Alexis tells Laura and Kevin that Heather is the Hook killer. Ava tells Felicia they should leave. Heather tells her she should stay so she can find out everything Ryan did and tells her Ryan had help destroying her life. Ryan tells Esme he wants to help her. She tells him the baby is coming and he says they have to get back to the house.

Curtis flashes back to talking to Trina about his house rules and sharing desert as he drinks.  His father shows up and tells him to stop drinking. Spencer and Trina kiss and talk about how long they have wanted each other. She starts to unbutton his shirt and he stops her and says she means to much to him so he won’t. She asks why not. Alexis tells Laura and Kevin that Heather had access to the typewriter that typed the letter that was sent to her. Kevin says the breakout was a family affair. Alexis asks what she is missing. Ryan tries to assure Esme that he is on her side and will help her and he is the only person who can and she has to trust him. Austin tries to get up and Heather apologizes for hooking him. Ava demands to know what Ryan did and who helped him.

Marshall asks Curtis to tell him what is going on. Curtis says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Marshall says he isn’t leaving until they talk. Alexis is surprised to find out Ryan is Esme’s father. They figure out Heather must be her mother. Esme says she is not going anywhere with Ryan. He tells her they were close before she lost her memory. Heather tells Ava she has the chance to end it with Ryan and gives her the gun. Felicia tells her to shoot Heather but Ava says she has to stop Ryan.

Curtis tells Marshall about him potentially being Trina’s father. Spencer asks Trina if she is sure that it’s what she wants. She says yes and asks if he does and he tells her that he does but not in an empty art gallery when she is hurting. He offers to take her home, but she is not ready to go home. He asks where he can take her. Kevin tells Alexis that Esme’s amnesia is real. Laura says she thinks before the amnesia Esme was entitled and elitist, but underneath was a wounded little girl. Kevin says he thinks Ryan used her and with no memory she could be an innocent accessory. Alexis says she can believe Esme is unwilling but not innocent. Mac and Jordan get into Wyndemere and Mac is reunited with Felicia who tells them what happened and that Ava went after Ryan. Heather is arrested. Austin tells Jordan that Heather is the one who hooked him. Heather says there was no venom on the hook she used on Austin. Heather tells them that Ryan is Esme’s father. Ryan tries to reason with Esme, but she screams for help. Ava comes out of the bushes with the gun and tells Ryan to get away from Esme or she will blow his head off.

Curtis tells Marshall Stella found out and Jordan knew as well. Marshall doesn’t believe Stella would know but wouldn’t tell Curtis. Curtis tells him she thought Trina needed to hear it from Portia. Curtis doesn’t understand how she could have kept the secret for so long. Marshall explains how he kept his secret. Trina asks Spencer to take her to where he is staying. He suggests her dorm room but she says no. She says she needs a place she can yell and be alone with her thoughts. He says he knows a place that will work. Laura updates Kevin and Alexis on what Mac told her. Laura and Kevin head to Spoon Island. Alexis calls someone to report the breaking news. Mac and Felicia argue about her going back to the mainland while he hunts for Ryan. Austin asks her to come with him and she agrees. Ryan asks Av how she got the gun. She realizes Esme is in labor. She is shocked when she finds out Esme is Ryan’s daughter. Ava realizes Ryan was behind everything that happened. She tells Ryan she will kill him if he comes closer.

Curtis says Marshall was protecting his family and Portia was protecting herself. Marshall says Portia was scared like he was. Curtis says some things are unforgiveable. Felicia tells Alexis she can’t interview Austin until he has been treated at the hospital. She tries to get more information from Felicia but she leaves to go to the hospital with Austin. Spencer and Trina show up on the docks. He tells Alexis he was going to take Trina there to spend the night with Ava. Alexis tells them Esme is on the island and she is not alone. Laura and Kevin get to Wyndemere and offer any help they can give. Kevin tells them Heather is Esme’s mother. Ryan tries to calm Ava down, but she calls him out for everything he did to hurt her. Ryan turns around and sees Esme has escaped.

Ryan says they need to find Esme and Ava shoots him as he tries to walk away. Ava admits to killing Nikolas because of what Ryan did. Marshall says he knows Curtis is hurting but he was able to forgive him so he can forgive Portia too. Spencer is worried about Esme and the baby being Ryan and Heather’s hostage. Alexis tells him she is their daughter. Esme staggers into the house and Laura hugs her. Heather looks on jealously. Ryan tells Ava they will find Esme and get away and Ava pulls the trigger again.

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