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Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Traci came home and found Jack transfixed by Summer and Kyle’s wedding invitation. She invited him to join her when she visited Abby and the baby. He noted that it was late, and she said the baby was still awake. He decided not to go, and she asked why he was looking at the wedding invitation. He pointed out that he was given a plus one, but he’d be going solo. This was the umpteenth wedding he’d attend alone. Traci noted that Jack kept going through this cycle of falling in love, breaking up, swearing off love and getting lonely and yearning for romance. She said this was part of the pattern, and he just happened to be at the lowest point right now. She felt that he had been since… He knew that she meant since their mom died. She was optimistic that he’d find love, since he had such a good heart. She suggested he go to bed, but he was trying to stay up late enough to call Kyle once it was morning in Italy. She sent her best to Kyle, Summer and Harrison, and she left. He murmured that his son was getting married, and he was still single. He heard Dina say “they grow up so fast, don’t they?” He went to the mantle and picked up a picture of himself with Dina.

Jack fell asleep downstairs and dreamed that he was having a conversation with Dina, though she wasn’t visible. He wished she would be at the wedding, and she assured him that nothing would stop her from seeing her grandson get married. He repeated what she said about kids growing up fast, and she told him not to waste a moment, like she had. She told Jackie to follow his heart. Jack’s dream shifted, and he was suddenly at the Chancellor house with Abby, Dominic and Traci. They all talked reverently about the love between parents and children. Jack said they lived their lives as parents trying to live up to promises they made at moments when their children were infants – promises to always protect them and never let anyone break their heart. Traci said that no one could keep promises like that. She stated that heartbreak was part of the human experience – it helped you learn to overcome pain and move on. She said he’d had his heart broken over and over, and he kept coming back for more, because he loved to be in love. He thought everyone wanted to love and be loved. She felt he’d elevated it to an art form. He said he never found the right person. She asked if he was sure. Traci and Abby disappeared, and Phyllis showed up. She blew him a kiss then quickly disappeared again.

Jack teleported back to his home, and he heard one of Dina and John’s favorite song playing. Traci walked in and she noted that their parents had seemed so happy. She wondered if it was just a facade, or if something changed. Traci was looking for answers, just like Jack. He told her not to give up – answers sometimes came from where you least expected them, just like love. Jack thought John knew on some level that Dina was unhappy. Traci wanted to believe John felt that his love with Dina was strong enough to endure all, and that if circumstances were different, they could’ve worked it out. Traci thought Jack believed that too, and that was why he never got jaded or bitter after all he endured. She thought he believed in love, even for himself. She could see he was yearning for it. Traci disappeared, and a furious Nick showed up.

Dream-Nick felt that Jack was trying to ruin his relationship with Phyllis. “I trust you. I respect you. What are you doing?,” Nick demanded. Jack argued that Nick did far worse – he pursued Phyllis when she was still with Jack. Nick didn’t think that justified Jack’s actions. Nick snapped that Jack put all these thoughts in Phyllis’s head, and now her relationship with Nick had changed. Jack never intended to do that, he was just trying to be honest with his feelings. Nick noted that he’d told Jack he was concerned his relationship with Phyllis was fated for disaster. Jack recalled Nick saying that someone besides Jack put doubts in his head. Jack said that nobody could make Nick doubt his relationship with Phyllis unless he was already feeling that way. Nick accused Jack of trying to shift the blame. He demanded to know why Jack would confess his love to Phyllis while she was with Nick. Phyllis appeared and told Nick to stop. She said Jack wasn’t the reason for what was going on between them. Nick asked what was going on, and Phyllis softly asked if she needed to spell it out. Jack told Phyllis not to say anything rash. He said he had no right to tell her how he felt. She said it was fine – she found his unbridled honesty to be beautiful. Jack apologized to Nick. Jack admitted he never let Phyllis go. Sally appeared and said she would’ve loved him more than Phyllis if he’d just let Phyllis go and moved on.

Sally told Jack that he made a legendary mistake letting her go and making a play for an old painful error in judgment named Phyllis. Phyllis faded away. Jack denied making a play for Phyllis. Sally said that she and Jack could’ve been a power couple, but he blew it. He thought she was misremembering what happened between them. She admitted she made a mistake or two, but she said he was mostly to blame because she genuinely cared about him and part of her still did. She said at least she knew when to give up and move on. She told him he needed to shut the door on his past, or he’d miss even more opportunities in life. Jack admitted Sally briefly manipulated him into wondering if this was his fault. He said it was her fault – her lies and deceptions and sabotage of his son’s relationship. Nick brought up Summer. Sally sarcastically apologized for getting Summer a fantastic job. Jack said Sally was talented, but she didn’t trust it. He said they couldn’t have a relationship because she didn’t know who she was or who she wanted to be. She asserted that she knew exactly who she was, but he just couldn’t accept it. She didn’t think she did anything worse than Phyllis. She didn’t run anyone over, like Phyllis did, so why should Phyllis get a free pass? “Because she’s Phyllis,” Jack and Nick said in unison. Sally was sorry Jack couldn’t forgive her the way he forgave Phyllis countless times. He told her he was sorry. She said they could’ve had fun. Nick noted that fun and games didn’t last, and Jack supposed that was true. Sally sniped that Jack should ask Phyllis to the wedding, and Nick told him not to even think about it.

Jack found himself at Nikki’s home. She was about to take a drink, and he took the bottle from her and asked what Victor did now. She snarled that she and Victor had been happy for years, and they had each other, while Jack didn’t have anything. He stammered that he had lots of things that brought him happiness, like Harrison. She scoffed and said Harrison was in Italy. Jack didn’t understand why Nikki was attacking him. She said it was because he was jealous of her and Victor. She stated that Jack always wanted love and devotion, and that was why he hurt Nick. She said Phyllis broke Nick’s heart again, thanks to Jack. Jack was shocked this was why Nikki was drinking. She asked how Jack of all people, could do this to Nick. Jack didn’t see why his feelings for Phyllis made a difference. He cared about Nick and Phyllis, and he’d never do anything to jeopardize their relationship. Nikki asked Jack if he was sure about that.

Dream-Nikki said that Jack bared his soul to Phyllis because he wanted to destroy her relationship with Nick. Jack swore that wasn’t his intention. He regretted opening up to Phyllis. It was late, he explained, and he’d had too much wine. He wasn’t saying that was an excuse, but the alcohol lowered his inhibition. He said this could be written off. Nikki told Jack to be honest. Victor showed up. Victor said that Jack fooled a lot of people into believing he was a saint, but Victor knew the truth. Victor watched Jack do underhanded things while putting a sheen of respectability on it. “I suppose you’re the saint,” Jack scoffed. Victor fully admitted he was no saint, but he didn’t pretend to be. He said he was ruthless, but he didn’t whisper sweet nothings in his old flame’s ear, knowing she was involved with someone else. Jack refused to argue about Phyllis with Victor, of all people. Victor didn’t give a damn about Phyllis. He said Nick would move on. “He changes women the way he changes careers,” Victor said. Nikki added that it didn’t make the heartache less painful. Nikki asked what everyone else thought, and Traci, Nick and Sally appeared at the main house.

Jack didn’t regret what was in his heart. He contended that his feelings were none of their business as long as he didn’t act on them. He wanted a partner, but sometimes loneliness was part of life. Traci told Jack to find someone besides Phyllis. Everyone repeated how they felt to Jack, but he said he didn’t care what anyone thought or felt. He said he didn’t break any laws or hurt anyone. He held all of them in their heart, to some degree. He had love in his life, and that was more than enough. Jack was plunged into a pitch black room, and Phyllis was there. She gently urged him to be honest – the love he had from his friends and family wasn’t enough. “What you really want, more than anything is to be with -” Jack woke up before Phyllis finished her sentence.

He poured himself a drink, then he texted someone asking if they could talk about something important. He went to Crimson Lights, then he remembered confessing his feelings to Phyllis the other day. Nick walked in, and Jack thanked him for coming by, even though it was late. Nick came because Jack said it was important. Jack admitted that he told Phyllis he never stopped loving her. Nick wasn’t surprised, and Jack thought it was because Phyllis already told him. Nick said that Phyllis didn’t have to tell him this. Nick could read Jack like an open book, and Jack’s feelings for Phyllis had been clear for some time. Nick said Jack and Phyllis spent a lot of time together because of what went down with Summer and Kyle. He thought it was only natural that Jack was thinking about the times he had with Phyllis. Jack asked if Nick wasn’t bothered. Nick didn’t feel threatened. He thought, after Jack’s relationship with Sally, it was understandable that Jack would be gun-shy about a new woman. Nick wasn’t saying Phyllis was safe, but she was familiar, and it was understandable that Jack would have feelings for her, because “She’s Phyllis,” Jack and Nick stated in unison.

Nick said Phyllis didn’t make it easy to forget her, and he knew what Jack and Phyllis had was special. Jack said it was no more special than what Nick and Phyllis had. Nick knew. Jack said he spent some of the best years of his life with Phyllis, not that they didn’t have their share of problems. Nick thought it was normal for Jack to fondly remember what he and Phyllis used to have. Nick did the same with Sharon. Nick reminisced about the good times and thought about the mistakes, and when you looked back, you could change and grow. Nick said his relationship with Phyllis was different than the one they had when they met or even after Summer’s birth, not that one version was better or worse. He said people had to evolve. Jack agreed. “If you knew exactly how I felt about Phyllis, why did you confide in me the other day? Why did you ask me those questions about your relationship with Phyllis?,” Jack asked. Nick wasn’t sure why he did that. He said maybe he was testing Jack. Jack asked if he passed, and Nick grinned and said he failed miserably. Nick told Jack that he and Jack were good. Nick asked what happened now. Jack said nothing – he’d made it clear to Phyllis that he’d never act on those feelings. Jack just felt he needed to tell Phyllis, and he thought Nick definitely needed to know. Nick appreciated that, especially since he didn’t deserve this kindness. Jack didn’t know why Nick felt that way. Jack noted that he’d been Nick’s stepfather, workmate and friend, and he looked back fondly on all those times. Nick did too, but he did Jack wrong when it came to Phyllis, and he was still feeling guilt. Jack said it was done – the heart went where it wanted to go. Nick said Jack controlled his feelings for Phyllis for all those years, while Nick couldn’t help acting on them. Jack wanted to leave that in the past. Nick was sorry Jack hadn’t found a woman who loved him as much as he loved Phyllis. Nick knew Phyllis was a tough act to follow, but he also knew someone was out there for Jack.

Nick went to Phyllis’s suite. He informed her that Jack told him about confessing his love to Phyllis. She was surprised Jack opened up to him. Nick asked if that was all Phyllis had to say. Phyllis was glad Jack said something, because holding it in was a burden. He asked why she didn’t tell him. She didn’t want to share Jack’s personal business. She added that people did and said a lot of things they didn’t mean when they’d had a few drinks. She didn’t think Jack’s feelings had anything to do with her or with her relationship with Nick. Nick asked Phyllis if she was sure she didn’t know how Jack felt before. She asked how she would know. Nick assumed Phyllis knew how unforgettable she was. She was glad this was out in the open. “This hasn’t changed anything with us, right?,” she asked. She was alarmed when he admitted he wasn’t sure. She insisted that they were solid. He stammered that he knew, he just thought… She told him not to think, and she she kissed him. She said she knew how to make him stop thinking and how to make him sure their relationship was solid. She pulled him into a deeper kiss.

Jack went home and called Kyle to let him know how much everyone was looking forward to the big weekend in Milan. Kyle asked if Jack would bring a guest. Jack said he’d be alone, but he’d be surrounded by people he cared about. He sent Summer and Harrison his love, and he got choked up as he ended the call. Dina told Jack that he’d find love again, because he was yearning for it. She said she loved him, and he said he loved her too.

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Days Update Monday, September 20, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Kayla sits with Julie at the hospital and says she knows how hard this is, as she went through something similar with her mother. Julie worries about Doug having Alzheimer’s and says all the Days of their Lives have been wonderful for years. Julie cries that she wants more and apologizes
for being selfish. Kayla assures that she’s not giving up hope and Julie shouldn’t either.

Marlena questions what Doug said. Doug repeats that he locked Julie in the freezer on purpose and it was the most fun he had all week. Marlena thinks he must be confused. Doug then responds that Marlena is the one who is confused because he’s not Doug.

John opens up a box at home and pulls out a bible along with an old article on when Marlena became possessed by the devil.

Johnny reads through Will’s script in the town square and is shocked to learn that Marlena was possessed by the devil.

Marlena encourages that Doug is Doug and she is Marlena Evans. Doug responds that he knows exactly who she is. Doug then becomes possessed by the devil and his voice changes, telling Marlena that it’s been 25 years and questions if she really thought he wouldn’t come back for her.

Johnny questions being possessed by the devil being a real thing. Allie walks by and says if he’s looking for Chanel, she’s running the counter while she’s on break. Johnny blows her off so Allie asks if he’s going to stay mad just because she told the truth about him to Chanel. Johnny acknowledges that she was right but insists that he’s not that guy anymore. Johnny suggests they just move on from this. Allie questions him being over how mad he was at her just like that. Allie asks why he’s being so nice and guesses it’s just because he wants her to play Sami in his movie. Johnny responds that Sami might not get star billing anymore because she won’t believe what he just read about Marlena. Johnny then shows Allie the script.

Abe shows up at John’s door and invites he and Marlena to join him and Paulina for dinner at Paulina’s place tonight. John is surprised to learn that Abe and Paulina are seeing each other again. Abe confirms that they worked through all of their differences and decided to start fresh. John says he’s happy for him. John tells him that dinner sounds good but he’ll run it by Marlena and get back with him. Abe asks if John is okay. John admits that he’s not as he just started remembering a very dark time in their lives that he wished would stay buried forever…

Eli goes to the hospital and greets Julie and Kayla. Eli apologizes for not checking on Julie and Doug until now. Julie understands and questions him not being at work now. Eli says he got someone to cover for him and asks what’s going on with Doug. Kayla responds that his tests were inconclusive, so he’s in a session with Marlena now because if anyone can diagnose him, it’s her.

Marlena tells Doug to stop talking like this and that his mind is just playing tricks on him, so she’s here to help. Doug as the Devil tells Marlena to stop pretending like she doesn’t remember him after all the nights they spent together. He then remarks that he’s not God, but just as powerful, which she knows better than anyone.

Roman sits with Kate at the Pub and reminds her that he did try to convince her more than once this year that he could make her happy. Roman adds that he never understood Kate’s involvement with Jake. Kate acknowledges that most people didn’t but says she doesn’t want to talk about Jake. Roman argues that she’s too damn good for Jake. Roman states that Jake and Gabi deserve each other which Kate agrees with. Roman tells Kate that he never gave up, but when he made his second pitch he was talking to Kristen who was pretending to be Kate. Roman hopes that Kate will give him another chance now.

Eli tells Julie that maybe Doug just had a couple of bad days. Kayla says that’s why they ran some tests. Julie adds that he passed the tests so Eli asks why she’s so worried. Julie then reveals to Eli that Doug grabbed Paulina’s behind.

Allie is shocked to learn that Marlena got possessed by the Devil. Johnny confirms that it’s in Will’s script that Marlena trashed a church, set it on fire along with the Salem Christmas Tree and then walked naked in to a party. Allie can’t believe it. Johnny says she obviously wasn’t herself. Johnny adds that Marlena’s eyes glowed yellow and apparently levitated above her bed.

John informs Abe about Johnny wanting to make a movie about Sami’s life from a script that Will wrote. Abe calls that very ambitious and he likes keeping it in the family. John then points out that the script would probably include Marlena’s possession. Abe sees why he’s concerned then and agrees they would all like to forget that.

Doug as the Devil asks Marlena if she’s missed him as much as he’s missed her. Marlena says this can’t be. He tells her that he’s been trying to find his way back to her for over two decades. Marlena calls this impossible and tells him to stop, arguing that it’s just dementia and he doesn’t know what he’s saying. the Devil responds that Doug doesn’t have dementia and is just a little shaken up by having the Devil in his body. He complains about Julie and remarks that he’s reserved a special place for her in Hell with him. He warns her to stop calling him Doug when she knows who he is. Marlena says he can’t be. He responds that she of all people knows his name.

Roman argues that Kate loved him enough to marry him twice, so he asks if it’s so crazy to think it couldn’t happen again. Kate reminds him that the first time wasn’t really a marriage since he ended up dead at the reception. Roman talks about the Salem Stalker. Kate says it’s been so long since she thought about those days and how shocked everyone was when they found out it was Marlena since everyone believed she was possessed again.

Abe recalls turning to Marlena during the investigation and how they thought she was so helpful at the time. John will never forget catching Marlena destroying St. Luke’s church. Abe reminds him that she was not responsible, but it was the evil force inside of her that made her do all those terrible things.

Allie questions Marlena trying to kill a priest and argues that there’s no way any of this is real, guessing that Will must have made it up for his script. Johnny decides there’s only one way to find out and calls Will on video chat. Will congratulates Allie on the bakery and asks what they want to talk about. Allie says it’s the script. Johnny thanks him for sending it. Will asks what he thinks. Johnny calls it an interesting story while Allie says they have a lot of questions. Allie asks about Marlena being possessed and if Will made that up. Will reveals he got that story straight from Sami.

Doug as the Devil urges Marlena to say his name. Marlena insists that his name is Doug Williams. He asks how he would know about their history since Doug wasn’t even in Salem at the time. Marlena argues that he’s just confused. Marlena tells him that this has to stop right now. He supposes it was too much to ask for a warm welcome, but warns that he will show her proof of his power. He then shuts off the lights and his eyes turn yellow as he asks Marlena if now she believes him.

Kate brings up Marlena being brainwashed by Andre DiMera. Roman points out that Kate has had some questionable choices in men over the years. Kate jokes that she’s going to walk away if he brings up Ted Laurent. Roman asks why she won’t just give a good guy who genuinely cares for her another shot.

Abe tells John that the idea that Marlena could be possessed by the Devil was impossible to believe. John admits he had refused to accept the possibility. They talk about Kristen being a different person back then. John talks about how vulnerable Marlena was and everything she went through. Abe is not surprised this would all end up in Sami’s life story. John doesn’t think that Johnny understands the pandora’s box he would be opening up by going ahead with this film.

Johnny questions Sami telling Will that Marlena had been possessed. Will admits that Sami did have a few glasses of wine. Johnny asks if Will followed up with Marlena. Will says he did, but she laughed it off. Allie suggests maybe it’s not true then and that Sami just made it up. Will admits it’s possible. Johnny says if it’s not true, he can’t include it in his biopic as he wants to get it right. Will declares that if he really wants to get answers, he’ll have to ask Sami.

Julie wants to go see Doug but Kayla stops her and says it’s never a good idea to interrupt a session with a psychiatrist. Julie asks what if Doug needs her. Kayla assures that he’s in the best possible hands. Eli encourages Julie to be patient. The lights then flicker at the hospital. Eli wonders if it’s a power outage while Kayla wonders what caused that.

Doug as the Devil asks Marlena if he’s finally gotten her attention and if he recognizes her now. Marlena can’t believe it’s really him and says this can’t be happening. He turns the lights back on and asks if she’s satisfied. Marlena questions why he’s doing this to Doug when he’s the kindest man she’s ever known. Marlena calls Doug an angel. the Devil says he was an angel before falling from grace. Marlena questions why he’s doing this and why he came back to Salem after all these years.

Johnny tells Allie that he can’t believe Will would put Marlena’s possession in his script if he didn’t know it was true. Allie points out that he wasn’t a reporter then, just a writer trying to sell his script. Johnny adds that the other weird thing is that Marlena didn’t tell Will that Sami made it all up. Allie repeats that the only way to find out is to ask Sami, but she doesn’t seem to answer her phone anymore. Johnny decides they might as well try but it goes straight to voicemail. Johnny leaves Sami a message, saying they are missing her and just had some questions about family stuff.

Kate reminds Roman that she did give him another shot after finding out he wasn’t dead, but then she found out that he slept with Marlena on the island. Roman points out that Kate slept with John. Kate explains that they thought Roman was dead and not coming back. Roman says it bothered him that they were never able to make it work like John and Marlena did. Kate responds that not everyone gets a happy ending.

John asks Abe how he’s supposed to protect Marlena if all of this comes up again. Abe asks if this project might not got anywhere. John says all he knows is that it will gut Marlena if she has to be reminded of all the destruction and the people she hurt. John points out that they almost lost Marlena forever. Abe responds that they didn’t because John saved her life with an exorcism.

The lights flicker again in the hospital. Kayla decides to go check on the emergency generators while Eli stays with Julie. Julie wonders what would make the electricity suddenly go out. Eli says it seems okay now. Julie hopes it doesn’t frighten Doug. Eli assures he’ll be okay. Julie still wants to check on Doug. Eli suggests trusting that Marlena will keep Doug calm and safe as he hugs Julie.

Doug as the Devil tells Marlena that he’s back for the fun of it. Marlena tells him to leave but he refuses. Marlena argues that he can’t do this to Doug. He says he’s been counting on her to feel this way. Marlena asks what he wants. He responds that it’s obvious that what he wants is her.

Roman suggests he and Kate stop talking about the past and focus on the present. Roman tells Kate that she is his favorite person in Salem and praises her. Roman thinks the way he feels is not one way and brings up Lucas encouraging them to give it another shot. Kate reminds him that she can still be stubborn and selfish, but Roman says he still likes her and wants to romance her.

Johnny wonders if Sami will ever call them back since she’s been so out of touch with everyone since leaving town. Allie suggests they just go ask Marlena directly. Johnny mentions stopping by earlier, but she already left for work. Allie asks why he was there. Johnny admits he tried to get Marlena and John to invest in his film but John said he had concerns. Allie brings up that maybe it’s all this stuff about Marlena. Allie tells Johnny to go ask him. Johnny suggests Allie go ask him instead since John’s never been able to say no to her. Allie is creeped out by the whole Devil thing and is unsure if she wants to get involved. Johnny questions her ever being scared of anything and asks if she’s not a little curious.

Julie worries to Eli about Doug never being the same. Eli assures that Marlena will find a way to pull him through this. Eli gets a text about a robbery a couple blocks away but he refuses to leave Julie alone and says he’ll find someone to cover. Julie argues that she’s perfectly capable of being by herself. Julie pulls out her rosary and talks about keeping it with her since Doug’s problems started. Eli says that’s a good idea. Julie assures that she’ll be okay and tells Eli to go. Eli tells her to let him know how Doug is doing and encourages her to have faith as he exits the hospital. Julie then holds up her rosary and begins to pray.

John tells Abe that even after all these years, it still shakes him to his core. Abe says the important thing is that Marlena survived and the Devil was banished. John agrees and that they need to remember they were lucky that good prevailed over evil. Abe argues that it wasn’t luck, but the faith and strength of John and this community. John tells Abe that he loves him and thanks him for listening as there’s not too many people he’s comfortable discussing this with. Abe assures that he’s always there for him. John says he appreciates that more than he’ll ever know. John reminds him that he’ll check with Marlena and get back with him about dinner. Abe knows what Marlena went through was terrifying, but assures that it’s over because if the Devil wanted her, he’s had over 25 years to get her back and he hasn’t even tried…

Marlena questions the Devil wanting her. He says he’s missed her as that reign of terror they shared was magnificent and they brought Salem to it’s knees. He tells her to imagine what they could do this time around. Marlena complains that he used her to terrorize people she loves and he’ll never get inside of her again. Marlena screams at him to get out but he says he’s not going anywhere and Doug has to pay the price. Marlena warns him not to hurt Doug. He says it will be Marlena’s selfishness that hurts him. Marlena argues that Doug doesn’t deserve this. the Devil says all she has to do is invite him back inside of her. Marlena refuses, so the Devil begins hurting Doug from inside. Marlena begins pleading with him not to hurt Doug.

Roman invites Kate to dinner tonight. Kate admits she’s tempted but feels love is risky even with a great guy like him and she doesn’t want to risk that. Kate tells him that she has to get figures to EJ, so she exits. Roman tells himself that he’s not giving up on Kate because they both know there’s something there and she just needs time to figure it out.

Julie continues praying the rosary and wonders what is taking Doug so long. Julie worries that something is wrong and decides she’s not waiting another minute.

Johnny reads more of the script and remarks that nobody wanted to produce Will’s script because it’s way too far-fetched. Johnny then gets a call back from Sami’s phone.

John reads the old article about Marlena’s possession and declares that Abe was right that it’s all in the past. Allie then shows up at the door with a box from the bakery for him. John tells Allie that they are so proud of her for finding something she loves and making it happen. Allie says she’s really excited and then talks about how excited she is for Johnny and his movie. Allie brings up that Johnny said there was some pretty crazy stuff about Marlena being possessed by the devil. Allie asks John if there’s no way that happened.

Julie goes to Marlena’s office but finds Doug collapsed on the floor. She rushes to his side and frantically asks Marlena what happened.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, September 21 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Ashland and Victoria went to her office and hung the portrait of her on the wall. He said when people came here, they’d see what he saw – a strong powerful beautiful woman watching over her empire. He felt that she was the rightful leader of Newman/Locke. She thanked him again for the incredible gift and for understanding what hanging it in that place symbolized to her. He said he wanted to give her a gift for the merger and for their wedding. He felt the portrait represented a new beginning for them both. They were talking about the wedding when he got a text, and he told her that he had to go take care of something. She had a meeting too.

Phyllis sighed deeply when Victoria showed up at the hotel. Victoria stated that she was here for the spa, not Phyllis. Phyllis said she handpicked every treatment, so she’d take that as a compliment. Victoria mentioned that she was getting a facial, and Phyllis suggested the bridal package, and she added that as mother of the bride, Nikki may be interested as well. Phyllis added that she was going to use that package before Summer’s wedding in Milan, then she and Nick would head to Tuscany for Victoria’s wedding. She asked if Victoria was excited. Victoria couldn’t wait – she’d never felt more secure or happy, and Ashland was the best thing to ever happen to her. “Why don’t you tell me how you really feel?,” Phyllis replied. “You think that I sounded over the top about marrying Ashland? I’m sorry. I guess I let my enthusiasm get the best of me,” Victoria stated. Phyllis said not to apologize. She also knew how it felt to feel like you were finally in the right relationship. Victoria admitted she’d thought Phyllis and Nick would’ve imploded by now. Victoria asked what was different this time – had Phyllis changed or was Nick more of a saint than before? Phyllis said maybe it was a bit of both. Phyllis asked if Victoria ever expected to be with someone like Ashland. Victoria said no – she viewed people and love very differently now. Phyllis did too. Phyllis commented that she and Victoria were having an adult conversation. Victoria and Phyllis both said they didn’t want be friends, though. Jack arrived just as Victoria excused herself for her appointment.

Jack invited Phyllis and Nick to ride on the jabot jet to Italy with him. Phyllis jumped at the chance to bypass flying with Victor, though she said she’d have to run it by Nick. Jack and Phyllis were excited about getting to see their kids. He talked about Summer and Kyle being in love and building a life together. Phyllis thought Jack wanted that for himself too. He said Kyle’s happiness was enough, and she told him not to dismiss what she’d said. She’d been thinking a lot about what he said the other night. She said she loved him too, and that would never change. He noted that it wasn’t the same thing, but he appreciated the sentiment. She asserted that it was the same – she really loved him, and he’d always be in her heart.

Nick and Billy met at Crimson Lights because Billy wanted to talk about the family meeting that Ashland called earlier. Billy wasn’t sure that Ashland was telling the truth about his past, and he wanted to join forces with Nick to do more research. Nick declined. He didn’t want to alienate Victoria, and he thought Ashland’s explanation for changing his name made sense. Billy thought it was suspect that Ashland wouldn’t tell them the entire story or tell them his birth name. Billy said he saw the look on Nick’s face after Ashland declared that he was finished asking questions. Billy wanted Nick to admit that he wasn’t satisfied. Nick conceded that he wanted more information from Ashland, but unlike Billy, he wasn’t looking to stir up trouble or make headlines. Billy said he wasn’t trying to do that either. Nick heard Ashland was so annoyed with Billy’s attitude that he confronted him after the family meeting. According to Billy, Ashland warned him to stay out of his life. This further convinced Billy that Ashland was desperately hiding something. Nick asked if Billy was okay with frustrating Victoria. Billy said he was willing to take the hit to protect his kids. He didn’t like that Ashland kept this from Victoria until he was forced to come clean. It also bothered him that Ashland wouldn’t tell them where he got the money to buy the stations or what his real name was. Nick didn’t think Victoria would care how Ashland got the money. Billy said that his gambling got Victoria kidnapped at one point, and now his kids’ potential stepfather openly admitted to erasing his entire history. Billy said Ashland thrived on being a larger than life mogul, then he sold his empire to a woman he barely knew, and now they were engaged. He understood Ashland’s illness could be altering his decisions, but every event in Ashland’s life was a big question mark. Billy was determined to find the truth.

Billy left. Nick ran into Rey and asked to speak to him in confidence. Nick relayed what Ashland said about changing his name to escape an abusive father. Rey could relate to having a problematic father, so he understood. Nick said Ashland had been the source of a series of surprising revelations, and it had him wondering if Victoria needed to know more about Ashland. He knew his sister was smart and savvy, and he believed Ashland genuinely loved her, but he was concerned. Rey understood why Nick was being protective, but there weren’t grounds for an official investigation, and Rey wasn’t comfortable doing something off the record. Nick was planning to do his own investigation, and he was hoping Rey could point him in the right direction. Rey said that people had to put name changes in the newspaper and file paperwork. Nick said that Billy and Victor both had people looking into that, and they hadn’t found anything yet. Nick asked if the courts would’ve allowed Ashland to conceal his identity so he could stay hidden from his father. Rey said it didn’t work that way back then. If the name change wasn’t in the public records, it meant Ashland found a way to bend the rules. Nick didn’t know how Ashland could pull that off back when he was young and without resources. Rey said that in order to completely change your identity, you needed a new birth certificate and social security number. It was hard for him to believe that Locke, who’d been under public scrutiny for so long, kept something like that hidden. Nick was left with even more questions.

Nick walked into the hotel just as Jack was leaving. Jack mentioned the plane. Phyllis wanted to ride with Jack instead of spending 10 hours with Victor, but she said it was Nick’s call. Nick agreed to fly on the Jabot jet. Jack left. Phyllis mentioned that she and Victoria had a pleasant conversation. Nick said he’d been thinking a lot about Victoria’s marriage to Ashland. Phyllis knew Nick was bothered by whatever Ashland revealed to the family. Nick said every time he felt ready to let it go, another bomb dropped. Ashland was dying, then he and Victoria were merging the companies, then they found out Ashland wasn’t who he said he was. Nick was sure Victoria was bothered, even though she wouldn’t admit it. Nick wanted to look into Ashland’s past, but if Victoria found out, she might cut ties with him forever. Phyllis acknowledged that she’d told Nick he shouldn’t meddle at first, but now she thought he should follow his instincts. She said either he could save his sister from potential disaster, or he could be nice and polite and do nothing. Phyllis knew what she’d do.

Ashland met with a guy named Gaines at Society. Gaines was surprised Ashland looked well, given the reports about his condition. Gaines asked how Ashland was feeling. Ashland wanted to get on with the meeting. Gaines laid out the background information – Ashland had been paying him a yearly pension. Gaines wanted more money now that Ashland was terminally ill. When Gaines referred to the arrangement as an agreement, Ashland said it was blackmail. Gaines thought they’d gotten past all that after all these years and settled into a civil relationship. Ashland asked what Gaines wanted. Gaines had grown accustomed to the $300,000 a year Ashland had been paying him. He’d assumed Ashland would have a longer lifespan, but fate had its own plans. Gaines wanted what should’ve been his, but he wasn’t greedy. He’d settle for ten years of payments in one lump sum. $3,000,0000 in cash, by the end of the day. Gaines would then leave Ashland’s life, and Ashland could die knowing his secret was safe. Ashland couldn’t produce that kind of money by tonight. He was in the middle of a merger, so the entire Locke enterprise was under a microscope. He said he’d pay Gaines after he came home from Italy. That wasn’t acceptable to Gaines. Since the business day was about to come to a close, he’d give Ashland until tomorrow. Ashland sighed, because that wasn’t feasible. Gaines thought Ashland could do it, since he’d proven in the past that when he wanted something, he could make it happen. Ashland groaned and said he’d take care of it, and he warned Gaines that he’d better not come back for more. Billy came up outside the restaurant and saw Ashland and Gaines through the window.

Ashland went back to Victoria’s office. She said after her respite at the spa, she probably wouldn’t be able to get away for dinner. He understood. She noticed he seemed tense, and he blamed the treatments and said he had a lot on his mind. He wanted the wedding to be a wonderful day for her. She wanted the same, but she said the wedding was just one day, and the marriage was what really mattered. He sensed that she still had doubts about him. Victoria knew Ashland loved her, and she wanted to marry him now as much as she did the day he proposed. He said whoever he once was, he was still the man who fell head over heels for her. He’d never told anyone else about his past, but he opened up to Victoria, her family and even Billy, all to avoid that look he just saw in her eyes. She said that meant a lot, but she was just trying to take it all in. she needed to know there wouldn’t be any more surprises. He promised she knew everything important there was to know about him.

At the penthouse, Amanda asked if Devon was sure about inviting her to move in. She brought up Moses. He said he’d already ran it by Moses, and he was fine with it. He was also certain that he wanted to spend every day with her, but he didn’t want to pressure her. She said she’d love to live with him, and they kissed. Later, they got dressed after an intimate celebration. She said she had to go get her things so they could start living together ASAP. They said they loved each other, and she left.

Just as Amanda got to her suite, Imani rushed up looking upset. Imani was worried about Naya’s heart. Amanda mentioned that she reached out to some doctors, and Imani was surprised she’d already taken care of that. Imani said, growing up an only child, she never had anyone to lean on like this, other than their grandfather and her parents. She was sorry if that sounded insensitive. Amanda didn’t mind. She said that they’d both have to get used to this, but she was glad she had a sister to turn to. Imani was glad too. Imani suggested they have some sister time and stream that new French film. Since they both spoke the language, she said they could turn off the subtitles and see whose French was better. Amanda accepted the challenge. She stepped away and called Devon to tell him that she was going to spend some time with Imani, and she’d see him at home later. That sounded weird to her, but he said it sounded right. The call ended. Imani admitted she was eavesdropping, and she asked if Amanda was moving in with Devon. Amanda said she was. Imani was happy for Amanda. Amanda wondered if she should be worried to be this happy. Imani thought Amanda deserved to be happy. Imani was a little jealous Amanda found someone as spectacular as Devon, a once in a lifetime catch.

In their hotel suite, Tessa was glad Mariah had come up with an idea to move on, but she said they didn’t have to make any big decisions now. They’d just moved out of Abby’s, and they could take it slow. Mariah didn’t need time, because the answer appeared like a lightning bolt. Tessa didn’t think there were easy answers. Mariah wasn’t saying it would be easy, but this was the right path forward. “I think we should have a baby of our own!,” Mariah exclaimed. She noted that she and Tessa had discussed it before. Tessa clarified that they’d had a brief abstract discussion. She didn’t think they’d do it this soon. She noted that Mariah hadn’t started to unpack what happened to her. Mariah said she’d go to therapy. It was because of her experience that Mariah thought she wanted and needed this. Mariah explained that Bowie – Dominic – made her realize she had maternal instincts and so much more love to give. Starting a family with Tessa would be the most wonderful feeling in the world. Tessa thought that was a wonderful sentiment, and she shared it, but it had only been a few days since Mariah gave birth to Abby and Chance’s baby. Mariah noted that her OB-GYN said not to get pregnant for at least twelve months. Mariah thought Tessa should carry the baby, so she could experience pregnancy and birth. Tessa looked stunned.

Tessa didn’t think they should have a baby while Mariah was so emotionally raw. Mariah thought this was the best time. Tessa planned to be with Mariah for the rest of her life, and when they were both really ready, they’d talk more. Hopefully they’d be ready soon, but for now, Tessa thought their top priority would be dealing with what happened with Abby and Dominic. Tessa thought Mariah should rest, and Mariah agreed, and she decided to take a nap. Tessa got a text from Abby asking how Mariah was. She’d wanted to reach out to Mariah, but she was giving her space. Tessa replied that Mariah was napping, and she seemed okay.

Tessa picked up her guitar and played softly, but it still woke Mariah up. Mariah said it was the best sound in the world to wake up to. Mariah felt at peace because she and Tessa were going to be having a baby. The look on Tessa’s face made Mariah realize Tessa wasn’t on board with this. Tessa had no problem with the idea of starting a family, but this was all very sudden. Mariah said it wasn’t sudden for her. Tessa said that this was too important to rush, and they shouldn’t do it for the wrong reasons. Tessa was just trying to do what was best for Mariah. Mariah understood that, but she really needed this.

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Y&R Update Monday, September 20, 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At the Chancellor house, Mariah held Bowie and told him goodbye. She thought it was best for everyone if she and Tessa moved out. Abby tried to change Mariah’s mind and offered to call Sharon. Mariah snapped that Abby had to stop taking care of her. Mariah told Abby to take care of Dominic.

Amanda met Nate at Crimson Lights to talk about Naya’s atrial fibrillation. Nate said it was treatable with the right care. Amanda wanted her mom to get the best treatment ASAP. She didn’t want to lose any more relatives. She was about to cry, and he assured her it would be okay. He promised to give her the best possible options for doctors. She thanked him. She felt so stressed out. Her grandfather’s trial was coming up, and she was worried about how it’d affect Naya. She was also worried about Devon, who’d had conflicting emotions since Dominic’s birth. Nate told Amanda that she needed to take time for herself, or she might not be able to be there for the people she loved.

Adam brought Connor to Crimson Lights and asked if Sharon had a minute. Sharon said no, and she stepped away to answer Mariah’s call. Sharon was sorry she missed the baptism, but she was coming to the reception. Mariah said it was over, and right now she needed to be alone to process things. Sharon understood and promised to be there to help Mariah through this. The call ended, and Sharon told Adam that she had some time to talk after all. Adam prodded Connor, who apologized to Sharon about the way he acted the other day. Sharon said the apology wasn’t necessary. Adam said that Sharon wasn’t to blame for what happened between him and Chelsea. Connor didn’t seem convinced. Sharon knew this was confusing for Connor, but she promised she wanted the best for him and his parents. Adam reminded Connor how helpful Sharon was when Connor was having difficulties. He added that Sharon helped Chelsea too. Sharon said Connor could come to her if he needed someone to talk to, and he said thanks. Now that Connor had warmed up to Sharon, Adam went to the patio.

Rey walked in and approached Adam. Adam hoped Rey wasn’t going to get pissed off about Adam bringing Connor to talk with Sharon. Rey had connected with Connor on their road trip. He cared about the Connor, and he was glad Adam told Connor the truth. Adam thought he and Rey ahd found common ground and asked if they could coexist.

Back inside, Connor said lots of kids at school had parents who’d split up. He’d felt bad for those kids, and now he was one of them. He wasn’t sure who he was going to live with – if he lived with one parent, the other would be sad. Sharon told Connor that it wasn’t his job to take care of his parents. He was worried his parents would pretend not to fight when they were around him, because he could tell when they were being fake, and that was worse. Sharon said that his parents weren’t going to fake their love for him, and when they were together as a family, that love was all that mattered.

Abby asked if Mariah was doing the right thing by exiling herself from the baby. Tessa pointed out that they lived nearby, so it wasn’t exile. Abby wanted the Chancellor house to be a safe place for Mariah. Mariah appreciated the concern, but this was the right choice. She said she’d keep pumping milk for Dominic. Devon asked if that would be too much. Mariah wanted to do it. It was just hard to be there around the baby all the time. She had to leave because she didn’t want to hurt Abby. Abby accepted this. Tessa and Mariah were leaving when Dominic started to cry. Mariah froze, but then she continued out the door. Abby felt bad about how things turned out. She said they’d made agreements and covered their bases. They’d gone from being a happy extended family to Mariah not being able to stand being around her and the baby. Devon said Mariah went through something traumatic. Abby suggested that Mariah may have felt this way even if she didn’t go through that ordeal. Devon felt that they should give her time and the distance she needed to figure out how she fit in with all of them. He was glad Mariah had Tessa.

Later, Abby was home alone. She rocked the baby and said she missed his dad. She knew that Dom never met Chance, so he didn’t miss him. She assumed Dom missed Mariah, though. Abby was grateful to Mariah for protecting Dom and bringing him into the world. Abby thought about how hard it must’ve been for Mariah to be locked in the room with only Dominic to talk to. She wanted to do something for Mariah. She suggested that, in time, Mariah could be a part of their lives. Abby found Mariah’s bracelet, and she was about to call her until she realized it would be best to give Mariah the time and space she requested.

When Devon got home, Amanda was there wrapping up a call with a doctor. She told him she’d talked to the doctors Nate recommended, and she was feeling positive now. Devon was glad Amanda reached out to Nate. Amanda was used to being on her own, and asking for help didn’t come naturally. Devon could relate, but he said you had to learn to ask for support when you needed it, especially because so many people were happy to help her. She said she was about to say the same thing to him. He asked what she was going to do now that she wasn’t working for her family anymore. She, Naya and Imani talked about it on their trip. Amanda decided to follow through with starting her own firm, and Imani was going to be her junior partner. Amanda looked forward to being with her partner/sister, and her healthy mother as they heard a guilty verdict in Sutton’s trial. Amanda asked about the baptism. He didn’t think she needed to hear him vent now, but she wanted him to open up, because that was part of being in a relationship. He was embarrassed because she’d warned him that it could get messy. She said that was why she urged him to draw up the legal agreement. He said that he’d learned a contract didn’t account for how people really felt. He was okay with her saying “I told you so.” Amanda said she’d never say that – they were partners, and they needed to be each other’s safe place.

Devon admitted the baptism was rough, mostly because of how much Mariah was struggling. He repeated what Mariah said about not knowing how to not be Dominic’s mom. Amanda said Mariah was losing someone she loved. Devon disagreed, because Abby would always allow Mariah to be in Dom’s life. Amanda said it was still a loss, because Mariah would never be able to love the baby the way she wanted to – the way she loved him when she carried and nurtured him for nine months, especially when they were trapped. He added that Mariah’s departure had Abby feeling guilty about loving her own child, which she had to deal with without her husband. Amanda wanted to know how Devon felt. Devon felt good about standing up and pledging to be the godfather, but it also felt strange because he was Dominic’s father, but he wasn’t the legal father. Amanda assured Devon that, per the legal agreement, Dominic would always know who Devon was. Devon said Dominic wouldn’t call him Dad. “What does it say about me that I wish could have that?,” he asked. Amanda thought it said that he cared deeply about his friends and their child. She thought Dom was lucky to be so fiercely loved by Devon. Devon poured Amanda wine and told her they were celebrating. He told her she was right – they were each other’s safe place. He felt like she could see his heart. She felt the same way. He said they were helping each other navigate through uncertainty, and he didn’t want to be without her. He asked her to move in.

Mariah and Tessa got a suite at The Grand Phoenix because the old apartment didn’t feel like home anymore. Mariah said she didn’t need Tessa to comfort her or treat her like she was fragile. She felt that the separation was what she needed to step away from the connection she felt with Dominic. She said that her feelings toward Dominic needed to be familial, not maternal. Tessa thought it sounded like Mariah was talking with her head, but Tessa was worried about Mariah’s heart. Tessa went up behind Mariah and wrapped her arms around her waist. Tessa told Mariah not to try and be brave with her. She knew this would be painful, but she was here for Mariah through the good, bad and ugly. Tessa promised they’d get through this next phase of their lives together. They kissed.

Later, Tessa and Mariah were cuddled in bed. Mariah said Bowie and Tessa kept her sane during the abduction. She even sang some of Tessa’s songs to the baby, and it calmed her down. She mentioned the dream she had that Tessa rescued her. Tessa was glad she could be a source of comfort and sanity this time, since it was usually the other way around. They thought that they’d found the perfect balance.

Later, Mariah’s eyes were filled with tears. She was alone in the room, and she thought about times she’d spent with the baby, when she was kidnapped and after giving birth. She remembered wishing she could breastfeed the baby and telling him that he was drinking her milk. Mariah yelled for Tessa, who was just getting out of the shower. Mariah said she thought she’d figured out a way to heal and move on.

Chloe and Sally were at Society. Sally said she was on a run in the park when she saw a kid alone and upset. She recognized him from pictures in Adam’s office. She’d discreetly texted Adam, then she chatted with Connor. Sally gathered that Connor had just gotten upsetting news, she assumed it was about his parents splitting up. She was surprised at how easily she’d connected with Connor. She said who knew she had the mom gene. Sally asked how working parents did it. Chloe said it wasn’t easy. Sally thought about how hard Adam had it as a single parent. Chloe said that Connor had a mother, and Chloe’s best friend and their future co-worker. Sally got the message to stay away from Adam, but seeing him as a good dad made him even hotter. Chloe choked on her drink, and Sally said she was just kidding. Chloe said that Chelsea was the reason Connor was a great kid. Sally was sure Chelsea was a good mom, but she was away, and Adam was doing it alone. Sally gave him credit for that.

Chloe was alone now. She called Chelsea. Chelsea was mad because Adam talked to Connor about the separation without her. She was also angry that Adam had Connor talk to Sharon, of all people. She wasn’t surprised Connor got upset. Chloe felt for Connor, but she thought this was best for Chelsea. Chelsea felt like Adam controlled the situation and wouldn’t let her be there so they could tell Connor together. Chloe wasn’t surprised, because that was what Adam was like. Chloe said Chelsea could get on with her life now, and they could kick butt at the fashion platform. Connor had told Chelsea that Sally helped calm him down. Chelsea wanted to thank her.

Chloe thought Sally’s talents lay more in design than taking care of kids. Chelsea still appreciated Sally being there for Connor when Chelsea couldn’t be. Chloe promised to pass along Chelsea’s gratitude.

Sally sent to Crimson Lights and approached Connor and Sharon. Connor wanted Sally to tell Sharon about getting ice water dumped on her head. Sally thought everyone heard that one. Sharon coolly commented that Sally and Connor had a rapport. Sally said they were pals. Sharon went back behind the counter. Connor asked if Sally had more embarrassing stories. Adam and Rey walked in and saw Sally making Connor laugh. Adam thanked Sally for hanging out with Connor the other day. He said he and Connor were going back to the office. Connor asked if Sally could come. Sally was heading there anyway. They all left together.

Sharon was concerned about what happened with Rey and Adam. He said that Adam thought they found common ground. Rey asked how things went with Connor. She thought he’d be okay. He noticed she was still concerned. Sharon thought Sally had her eye on Adam. Sharon said Nick told her that Sally had a reputation for targeting wealthy men. She did it in LA, and she immediately made a play for Jack when she got here. Sharon thought Sally was the last kind of complication Adam needed. Rey asked if Sharon thought Adam was interested. Adam had told Sharon he wasn’t interested, but Sharon said he was lonely, which made him vulnerable.

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Y&R Update Monday, September 13 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At the Chancellor house, Abby rebuffed Mariah’s attempts to help her with the baby’s stroller. Abby said she was taking Dom to Chancellor Park, and she left. Shortly afterward, Tessa came in and saw Mariah crying. Tessa asked what was wrong. “Abby and Bowie, sorry, Dominic, they were going out and the stroller, just and I… I just wanted to help,” Mariah stammered. She pulled herself together and said she felt sad when she saw Abby and Dom walk out the door. She wasn’t sure why. She just worried sometimes for some reason. Tessa thought that was natural after what Stitch put Mariah through. Mariah had this feeling she couldn’t shake, and she felt so bad. “Abby’s history is the reason why Bowie and me were put in jeopardy. You know, her relationship with Stitch,” Mariah stated. She pointed out that Abby needed a surrogate because of her relationship with Stitch, then he came back, and he brought chaos and disaster. She said Stitch still wanted Abby, and he was willing to do crazy things to get her back. Tessa asked Mariah if she blamed Abby for Stitch’s actions.

Mariah was ashamed of her thoughts. She said she didn’t blame Abby, but then she was going to say something else that she decided against voicing. Tessa assured Mariah that she could be open with her. Mariah was terrified that Stitch would come back. Tessa said that Stitch was a wanted fugitive, and none of them would be tricked by them again. She added that Chance would return, and Stitch would realize he had no chance with Abby. Mariah countered that they had no idea how long that would take. She wanted to be brave, but she couldn’t. She felt like she used up all her bravery in that room. She had so many thoughts that were drowning out all the good things around her. Tessa wished Mariah could see herself from Tessa’s perspective. She thought Mariah needed time and space to work through things. She suggested they go do something as a distraction, but Mariah didn’t feel up to that. She wanted to be alone, so she left the house.

Nick went to The Grand Phoenix and flirted with Phyllis on his way to the hotel gym. After he left for his workout, Jack showed up. He wanted to apologize to Phyllis for making her feel uncomfortable. She assured him that he didn’t make her uncomfortable. He knew she was with Nick now. She confirmed that she was with Nick, and she noted that Jack never declared that he was pursue her. Phyllis stated that she and Jack had known each other a long time, and he didn’t have to apologize for telling her his truth. He made it clear that he was apologizing for possibly making her uncomfortable – not for the things he said last night, because they were true then and now. Nick returned and said he got a text from Summer saying that it was time to make travel preparations for her civil ceremony with Kyle. Phyllis gushed about all the Italian weddings, and Nick said there was a lot of love in the air. Jack looked wistful.

Jack headed to Chancellor Park, where he was delighted to run into Abby and Dom. He called Dom a miracle and asked if Chance was enjoying the pictures. Abby said that Chance didn’t know the baby had been born. Jack offered to try and use his connections to reach Chance. Abby said that Christine had tried, and if she couldn’t reach him, no one probably could. Jack knew what it was like to be separated from someone you loved, and it had to be harder when you couldn’t communicate with them. It broke Abby’s heart that Chance didn’t know he was a father. Jack said at least Abby had a bundle of joy to hold while she waited. Abby said that Chance would be home soon and Dom wouldn’t miss out on one bit of love – everyone at the house would make sure of that.

Abby went home and told Tessa that while Dom was probably too little to take a lot of things in, he’d seemed so curious about his new surroundings. Tessa confided that Mariah was scared and worried after Abby and the baby left. Obviously, it was the kidnapping, but Mariah missed Dominic too. Tessa said Mariah was struggling, and it was getting worse. Abby didn’t know how anyone could hold up after what Mariah went through. She loved Mariah and was grateful to her and wanted to help her through this. They didn’t notice Mariah had returned and overheard them talking.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis showed Nick some dresses that she thought might be right for Summer to wear at her ceremony. He didn’t seem interested in the conversation. She acknowledged that something was distracting him. He said he was happy with what he was feeling – it was comfortable and content. He stated that they had flirtation and fun. “But it’s not all we have, right?,” he asked. She thought they had a good balance of love and fun. She said they’d been through a lot and paid their dues, so this was easy. He was glad they were on the same page about where things stood this time around. He guessed they were lucky. She grabbed his hand and said she felt lucky and grateful. Jack returned and saw Nick and Phyllis holding hands. He left before they saw him.

Victor wanted to get to know Ashland better, since they were going to be in laws. He mused that it wasn’t always about business. Ashland was surprised to hear Victor say that. Victor asked how Ashland’s treatment was going. Ashland had some rough days, but he felt stronger after the sessions. Victor asked about Ashland’s early career. Victor assumed Ashland was familiar with his early days. Ashland had read the biography – Victor grew up in an orphanage – he had a father who deserted the family and a mother who promised to come back for him but was never able to. Ashland added that Victor left the orphanage as a teen, changed his name and took charge of his life, laying the groundwork for the empire. Victor asked if any of his story resonated with Ashland. Ashland said that he also had to jump start his life as a teen. He was close to his parents, who were well-meaning people. He said a book about his life wouldn’t be as interesting as Victor’s. He said that Victoria had been key in teaching him to live in the moment, and he felt like he should never look back. Victor asked if Ashland didn’t think early experiences made them who they were today.

At Society, Billy ran into Victoria. He mentioned that he’d heard Ashland personally invited Nate to the wedding. Billy was wondering where his personal invitation was. Victoria wondered why she even added Billy to the guest list, when all he did was dig for dirt on her fiance. Billy said he’d get out of her hair if she told him about Ashland’s history. She told him that he wasn’t being as charming as he thought he was. He changed the subject and asked how Nate became Ashland’s new BFF. She said they weren’t BFFs – Nate and Ashland had a few things in common and they hit it off. He asked why she wasn’t curious about Ashland’s past, and she told him not to presume to know what she cared about. She was tired of the fishing expedition. He said he was just trying to fill the holes. It seemed like Ashland didn’t exist before he met his mentor, Camilla Rhodes. Victoria called that ridiculous. Billy said they hadn’t found a birth certificate on Ashland or a death certificate for his parents, whom Ashland said he lost as a teen. Victoria mocked Billy for thinking this was a big deal. She said documents back then were on paper, maybe they were just missing or buried in a warehouse. Billy admitted that Lily said the same thing. Victoria wondered what a smart woman like Lily was doing with Billy. Billy said he wasn’t looking for reasons to doubt her fiance – they just kept falling in his lap. She thought they’d be better off if he’d drop this ridiculous search. She told him he’d better not badmouth Ashland to their children. He asked if she really thought he’d do that. She didn’t know what he was capable of when it came to Ashland. She said if he kept this up, she’d let him know what she was capable of. She left.

Ashland and Victoria got home around the same time. She said an encounter with Billy left her with a bitter taste. She relayed what Billy said about the missing vital records on Ashland and his family. She thought Billy was being ridiculous. Ashland got another text from the unnamed person. The original said “You’re a hard man to keep track of.” The new one said “you’ll regret ignoring me.” Ashland stared at the phone, and Victoria asked if he was listening. He admitted Billy wasn’t wrong, and there was something Victoria needed to know.

Adam and Chelsea were on a video chat, while he was in his office. They’d just finished talking about what a good time Connor had at camp, and she was blindsided when he said it was time to tell Connor what was going on between them. She’d just thought things would get better with time. Adam thought it was time for them to go their separate ways. Chelsea asked if they shouldn’t try again for Connor’s sake. Adam noted that Chelsea recently wanted him out of her life so badly that she tried to send him to prison. Chelsea thought, after all they’d been through, this would warrant a longer discussion, but she accepted that this was how Adam felt. She told him he had to wait until she came home so she could be part of the discussion. He asked when she’d be back. She wasn’t sure – Anita fell and re-injured herself, and Chelsea had to stay and take care of her. Anita wouldn’t let her hire a nurse. Adam thought Anita was just being Anita. She asked if he was accusing her mother of faking her fall. He just knew he didn’t want to wait – it wasn’t fair to Connor. He thought he should just deal with this himself. She suggested he bring Connor to Minnesota so she could be part of the conversation. He didn’t like that idea, because he was worried Connor would get the wrong idea about the trip and be crushed when he learned the truth. Chelsea felt like Adam was making up excuses to exclude her from the discussion. He asserted that he wasn’t trying to be cruel, he was trying to do what was best for their son. She accused him of thinking about what was easiest for him, and she ended the call.

Rey went to Crimson Lights on his break, hoping to surprise Sharon, but she wasn’t there. When she walked in, she revealed that she’d gone to see Adam. He asked why. She noted that Rey already knew – Adam wanted advice on talking to Connor, and Rey was the one who urged him not to put that off. Rey said he suggested that thinking that someone besides Sharon would give Adam guidance. He knew it was in Sharon’s nature to want to help though, and that was one of the things he loved best about her. He asked if Adam would ever be out of their lives. He had to head back to the station. She asked him to stay for a few minutes, but he saw no point since he’d said his piece, and he didn’t think it would change anything. He left. Sally was by the door, and she saw Rey leaving.

Sally went to Sharon and she struck up a conversation with Sharon that was laced with tension. Sally said she was getting bored with her drink order. She asked Sharon to pick one for her. Sally mentioned she used to read Restless Style and asked if Sharon missed fashion. Sharon said not at all – she had a Master’s degree in psychology, and along with running this place, her life was full. Sally pointedly stated that Sharon had a great career and a handsome husband. Adam walked in and told Sally that Chloe was looking for her at the office. She offered to wait for him, and he said he wasn’t heading back yet. Sally left. Sharon told Adam that Sally seemed like a handful. He was amused by her take on Sally, who always seemed to get a reaction out of people. Sharon said she was reacting to Sally’s obvious crush on Adam. Adam thought Sharon was letting her imagination run wild, but Sharon said she was good at picking up on things like this. He stated that even if Sally was crushing on him, it didn’t matter because he was focused on Connor and his business. After the conversation he just had with Chelsea, the last thing he needed was to get involved with another complicated woman. Sharon suggested that the complications made it interesting, but he said it wasn’t. He thought he was the problem – he failed with Sharon and Chelsea, and he didn’t want to put someone else through that inevitable train wreck. He was fine being alone for now. She said sometimes, that was the best approach.

Sally went to work and pumped Chloe for information on Sharon and Adam’s past. Chloe was dismayed because she thought Sally had a thing for Adam. Sally denied this and said she was just curious. Chloe said Adam and Sharon had a complicated and profound relationship. Chelsea and Adam’s relationship blew up because his bond with Sharon pushed Chelsea over the edge. Chloe didn’t think Adam would ever get Sharon out of his system.

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Days Update Friday, September 17, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chad brings Abigail home to the DiMera Mansion. Abigail walks in and sees the stairs, causing a flashback to when Gwen fell down the stairs.

Doug and Julie sit at home with a photo album. Julie goes through pictures, asking Doug to identify various family members. Doug tries to joke but Julie says this isn’t a time for humor. Doug thinks they have tested his memory enough for one day. Julie knows it’s tedious. Doug wishes he could explain his recent behavior but he doesn’t know what has come over him. Julie tells him that Kayla will be over soon and hopefully she will have answers.

Kayla gets a latte at the Brady Pub from Roman. Roman brings up hearing Doug was having tests. Kayla says she’s heading to get the results now. Kayla exits the Pub so Roman goes over to where Lucas and Kate are at a table. They brought Roman some donuts from Sweet Bits Bakery, made by Allie. Roman calls it a great way to start the day. Kate points out that Allie and Chanel had a line going out the door. Lucas talks about being proud of Allie, but he wishes Sami was here to celebrate Allie’s success. Roman notes that he hasn’t heard a word from Sami since her marriage to EJ fell apart.

EJ goes to Johnny’s room at the DiMera Mansion and declares that it’s take your son to work day. Johnny feels they keep having this conversation over and over. EJ hopes he will eventually come to his senses. Johnny insists that he’s fine and he’s all in on making his film about Sami.

John and Marlena eat from Sweet Bits Bakery at home. John mentions that it was nice of Paulina to bring her some. John calls Allie and Johnny ambitious. Marlena brings up Johnny wanting them to invest in his movie. John asks what the film is about. Marlena responds that it’s about Sami because Johnny wants to work on something that he’s personally close to, so she suggested he talk to Will and now Johnny is going to direct the script that Will wrote, “The Sami Brady Story”. Marlena asks if John has feelings about that. John admits he thinks it’s a really terrible idea.

Johnny shows EJ the script, which he recognizes as Will’s old script. EJ points out that it’s already been rejected by several studios. Johnny says it just needs some tweaking and a fresh vision. EJ feels it’s exploiting his own family and asks what if he objects. Johnny remarks that he could always write EJ out since he’s not vital to the story. EJ asks how he couldn’t be since he was the love of Sami’s life. Johnny then remarks that he’d say that title belongs to Lucas.

Marlena tells John that she knows it’s a risky investment. John is more concerned about drudging up the past and putting it out there for the world to see. Marlena asks what he means. John guesses that there is one significant moment in Sami’s history that will be in the film, which she witnessed that changed her life forever. Marlena thinks back to when Sami walked in on her and John.

Kayla goes to visit Doug and Julie to check on Doug. Doug says he’s fine and assures he hasn’t grabbed anyone else’s behind. Doug doesn’t understand why he did that .Julie says Kayla is here to give them answers and asks about the results of the MRI. Kayla goes over what they looked for in Doug’s brain, so Julie asks what they found.

Marlena doesn’t think Johnny will portray how Sami found out about Marlena and John’s affair. John calls that moment of betrayal the catalyst that drove Sami’s actions for years, so he doesn’t see how Johnny tells her story without it. Marlena supposes he’s right but what happened between them is really no secret. Marlena isn’t proud of it, but she’s adjusted to it. John says he has too, but asks what about Roman as he’s not sure he would appreciated being reminded of that really tough time in his life. Marlena thinks Johnny will check with Roman. Marlena points out that they are all good friends now and she thinks Roman has moved on with his life.

Kate helps Roman wipe powder from a donut off of his face. Roman brings up how their wedding cake got ruined by the Salem Stalker and then Alice saved the day. Kate says it was a beautiful reception until the groom appeared to be killed. Lucas jokes that they need one normal wedding in Salem. Roman talks about ending up on an island which Kate laughs about. Roman says it was good to see them and heads back to the kitchen. Lucas then questions if Kate and Roman are hooking up again.

EJ tells Johnny that Lucas is not the great love of Sami’s life. Johnny suggests he read the screen play as you can tell they are meant for each other. EJ argues that Will made it sound that way since Lucas is his father. Johnny remarks that almost 30 years later, Lucas and Sami still can’t keep their hands off each other despite EJ’s great love. EJ warns Johnny to watch himself as if he takes it too far, he might just live to regret it. EJ then storms out of the room.

Abigail sits in the living room with a welcome home card drawn by her kids, Thomas and Charlotte. Chad enters and asks if she’s okay. Abigail responds that their kids are the best. Chad points out how they didn’t want to leave her but they had to go to school, so he promised them a special welcome home mom dinner tonight. They joke about the kids just wanting dessert. Abigail thanks Chad for making her realize that it was time to come home. Chad wants to get her settled in and offers to bring her bags up to their room but Abigail asks to wait a second on that.

Kayla declares that Doug had no signs of bleeding, a stroke, or a tumor and nothing that raised red flags. Kayla adds that shrinkage in brain volume is not unexpected at his age. Doug asks if they can rule out Alzheimer’s. Kayla says not yet since not every patient shows a clear marker. Kayla suggests ordering a PET scan but it’s expensive. Julie agrees to do whatever is necessary to get to the bottom of this. Kayla promises they will find out what’s going on with Doug. Kayla suggests Doug see Marlena because she could assess if he’s having some kind of dementia. Kayla asks if she should call Marlena.

Marlena asks if John really doesn’t want Johnny making this movie. John asks if he could film a different script because the past is sometimes best left in the past. Marlena asks if John is concerned about revisiting their affair. John says the scandal of what they did destroyed Marlena’s marriage and her family and left her alone in a town that loved her. John adds that it led to the darkest time of Marlena’s life.

Kate asks why Lucas would think she and Roman are involved. Lucas says they were blatantly flirting. Kate jokes that they aren’t secretly seeing each other like he and Sami. Lucas thinks Kate and Roman were great together back in the day. Kate says that was the past. Lucas points out that it doesn’t have to be since Roman was interested months ago. Kate notes that Roman hasn’t said anything lately. Lucas suggests she talk to him. Kate says it’s not his business. Johnny then arrives and greets Lucas and Kate. Kate mentions that EJ is so excited to have Johnny back in town and in to the family business. Johnny responds that he has his own plans and with any luck, he’s about to be one step closer to making his dream come true.

Chad asks Abigail what’s wrong. Abigail says it’s just that before she went to Boston, they were sleeping in separate rooms. Chad admits he was hoping things would be different. Abigail notes that they have a lot to work out, so she’d be more comfortable doing that if they are sleeping in separate beds. Abigail asks if that’s a problem. Chad agrees to whatever she needs but says they will have to have a conversation with the kids. Abigail thinks they will understand. Chad asks what about everyone else, because certain people are going to have an opinion which Abigail questions. EJ then walks in and calls Abigail a lovely surprise.

Marlena tells John that he’s right that she was in a bad place after Sami found out about their affair, but this movie is about Sami, not her. John argues that what happened next affected Sami as well and this is not a subject that Johnny should be messing with. John states that Marlena knows what he’s talking about, but Marlena gets a call from Kayla. Kayla tells Marlena about Doug’s test results not showing anything definitive so she asks Marlena to see him for an assessment. Marlena agrees to come to the hospital now so Kayla thanks her and they hang up. Marlena tells John that she has to go to the hospital and asks if they can pick up this conversation about Johnny later. John agrees to do so and tells Marlena that he loves her. John kisses her goodbye and Marlena then exits.

Lucas asks about Johnny’s big plans. Roman comes back over and jokes that he was beginning to think Johnny was avoiding him. Johnny says he’s been busy working on his dream project. Johnny announces that he’s going to make a movie and hopes Roman will invest in his future. Roman jokes about that being why he finally came to see him. Roman asks how much he needs. Johnny says he’s hitting up multiple investors, including Marlena, who gave him the idea for the movie. Kate asks what it’s about. Johnny says he will direct Will’s screenplay about Sami’s life. Roman calls that a great idea. Johnny is glad he thinks so since EJ hates it. Lucas asks why. Johnny explains that EJ thinks Sami won’t like it which is ridiculous since she approved Will’s script years ago. Johnny wanted to get Roman’s input first because there’s the whole thing about Marlena’s affair and he didn’t want to bring up any stuff. Roman calls that ancient history and assures that he’s good, joking that he get somebody handsome to play him. Johnny thanks Roman and says he will make him proud. Johnny then asks if Lucas has any interest in backing his movie.

EJ says he didn’t know Abigail was there and hugs her. Chad notes that they just got back. EJ mentions finally being back to his old self. Abigail says it’s good to see him healthy and home. EJ remarks that he’s glad Chad took his advice to go fight for her. Abigail wasn’t aware it was EJ’s idea. Chad argues that it wasn’t as he wanted to bring her back. EJ says it doesn’t matter and all that’s important is that she’s home.

Doug goes to Marlena’s office and asks if she thinks he has dementia. Marlena says nothing is conclusive but she hopes to know more after running tests. Doug asks if he can confess something to Marlena. Marlena confirms anything he tells her will be held in strict confidence. Doug then admits that he’s been insisting to Julie that he’s fine but deep down, he can feel something is wrong with him. Doug prays that Marlena can help him. Marlena agrees to do everything she can.

Lucas asks if Johnny is sure he wants to take money from a guy who ruined his dad’s marriage. Johnny says that’s between Lucas and EJ while Lucas has always been good to him and he is Allie’s father so they are family. Johnny adds that Lucas kind of has a big part in the movie as the way the script reads, he was the love of Sami’s life, not EJ. Kate bets Johnny couldn’t wait to tell EJ that. Lucas is sure that went over well. Johnny admits it might have pushed a few buttons. Lucas jokes that it’s good enough for him, so he’ll sign the check right now. Johnny turns to Kate but she says there’s no chance as she doesn’t want to get in hot water with EJ since he signs her pay checks. Johnny says he understands and still has other investors to hit up. Johnny thanks them for their support and says it means a lot, especially since EJ has been a jerk about all of this.

EJ asks if he heard that Abigail and Chad are staying in separate rooms. Chad calls that none of his business. EJ mentions his marriage imploding and encourages that he wants them to make it. EJ insists that Chad feels regret and disgust for letting Gwen manipulate him. Chad tells EJ to shut up and says he doesn’t need him speaking for him. EJ claims he’s just trying to help. Chad suggests he give them privacy. Chad thought EJ was taking Johnny to the office with him. EJ says he was but Johnny is refusing to even consider working for DiMera, which he blames on Chad. Chad questions him still being on that and says it’s not his fault that Johnny doesn’t want to work at DiMera. EJ complains that Chad encouraged him to follow his ridiculous dream of making movies. Chad thinks Johnny is a grown man and should be able to make his own decisions. EJ argues that Chad is supposed to be working with him to steer the family in the right direction, yet he eggs Johnny on to defy him. EJ suggests Abigail persuade Chad to remember where he’s loyal to. Abigail thinks EJ is trying to put Chad in between himself and Johnny, and is now trying to put her in between but she won’t take the bait.

Kate calls it very generous of Lucas to invest in Johnny’s film, although his ulterior motives were completely transparent. Lucas says he’d do anything for family. Kate points out that he got to stick it to EJ. Lucas would rather go back to talking about Kate and Roman. Kate says there is no her and Roman. Lucas encourages her to give Roman a chance. Roman then comes back over and asks a chance for what.

Johnny goes to see John. John mentions that Marlena said he’s been busy. Johnny asks if Marlena is around. John says he just missed her as she got called in to work. Johnny asks if she mentioned his project to him. John confirms they were just discussing it. John admits he has a few concerns about the script. Johnny didn’t realize he was such a film critic. John explains that he’s a little apprehensive about putting their life out there like that. Johnny guesses he means Marlena’s affair. John doesn’t think Roman would be comfortable. Johnny reveals he just spoke to Roman and he’s on board and investing. John adds that he has other concerns as well. John says he’ll finish the conversation with Marlena and then get back to him. Johnny says he’s good with whatever they decide. Johnny adds that he’s going to get back to reading the script. John questions him not finishing the script yet. Johnny admits he hasn’t yet but he’s got to know the major plot points of Sami’s life. John stops him and asks how he feels about movies with talking dogs instead but then says nevermind as Johnny exits.

Doug allows Marlena to record their session. Marlena wants to start by discussing some of his recent moments of cognitive dissonance such as mixing up peoples’ names. Doug confirms he apparently confused Marlena with Vivian. Doug says he feels worse about forgetting Tom and Alice when they meant so much to him. Marlena argues that a lapse of memory doesn’t make them any less meaningful to him. Doug feels guilty for groping Paulina Price and that was completely inappropriate but he has no idea why he did it. Doug talks about how all of this has been hard on Julie. Marlena brings up Julie telling her that he accidentally locked her in the freezer. Doug then suddenly remarks that it was no accident as he locked that bitch in there on purpose.

EJ sees Chad and Abigail are still a united front even if they are sleeping in separate bedrooms. Abigail agrees that it’s none of his business. EJ apologizes and tells Chad that he will see him in the office and tells Abigail it was lovely to see her. EJ exits. Chad then apologizes to Abigail as that was not how he planned to welcome her home.

Lucas claims he has errands to run and steps away. Roman then asks Kate what that was all about. Kate explains that Lucas was just giving her advice. Roman questions that but asks if it was good advice. Kate then informs Roman that Lucas thinks they should get back together. Roman asks what she thinks about that.

Kayla sits with Julie at the hospital and says she knows how hard this is, as she went through something similar with her mother. Julie worries about Doug having Alzheimer’s and says all the Days of their Lives have been wonderful for years. Julie cries that she wants more and apologizes for being selfish. Kayla assures that she’s not giving up hope and Julie shouldn’t either.

Marlena questions what Doug said. Doug repeats that he locked Julie in the freezer on purpose and it was the most fun he had all week. Marlena thinks he must be confused. Doug then responds that Marlena is the one who is confused because he’s not Doug.

John opens up a box at home and pulls out a bible along with an old article on when Marlena became possessed by the Devil.

Johnny reads through Will’s script in the town square and is shocked to learn that Marlena was possessed by the Devil.

Marlena encourages that Doug is Doug and she is Marlena Evans. Doug responds that he knows exactly who she is. Doug then becomes possessed by the Devil and his voice changes, telling Marlena that it’s been 25 years and questions if she really thought he wouldn’t come back for her.

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Days Update Thursday, September 16, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Abe and Paulina come from Sweet Bits Bakery with boxes of treats. Abe mentions that he’s taking his to Lani as he’s meeting her for dinner at the Brady Pub. Abe invites Paulina to join them but she doesn’t want to intrude on their father-daughter time. Abe notes that Lani is bringing the twins but Paulina decides to let Abe go solo tonight because she has an errand to run. Abe offers to take her where she needs but Paulina doesn’t want him to be late for his dinner. Paulina tells Abe to enjoy and kisses him as she then walks away.

Marlena is in her office on the phone with John, telling him that she’ll be home soon as she got caught up by Johnny coming to visit. Marlena informs John about Johnny’s proposition and asks how he would feel about investing in a film.

Johnny sets up the camera on his laptop and calls Will for a video chat. Johnny asks about Arizona. Will says he has no complaints and he’s been covering great stories for the paper, while Sonny and his brothers are doing great work in their Biotech company. Johnny asks if he has any time for fun. Will mentions a road trip at the end of summer and now Arianna is back in school. Will asks about Johnny as he was very surprised to hear he moved back to Salem. Johnny says that Italy was amazing but it was time for a change. Johnny adds that if he knew how much pressure EJ was going to put on him to join DiMera, he would’ve second guessed coming. Will acknowledges that EJ is a hard guy to say no to. Johnny then informs Will that he has plans of his own as he’s going to make a movie and that is where Will comes in.

Abe meets Lani at the Pub. Lani asks where Paulina is as she assumed that she would join them. Abe informs her that he did invite her, but she had something that she had to do.

Marlena tells John that she and Johnny both understand it’s a lot of money and that’s why Johnny understands that they have to think about it. Marlena says she would like to support him in this, but only if John is comfortable with it. Marlena says she’ll talk to him at home and hangs up as Paulina arrives to her office. Paulina brings Marlena her box from the bakery, saying she thought she would enjoy a sample of what her daughter and Marlena’s granddaughter have created.

Allie and Chanel walk through the town square checking their bakery business. Chanel reveals that they made a big profit on their first day, so they excitedly hug each other. Tripp walks up and sees them, so he asks if he’s interrupting. Tripp notes that they seem happy. Chanel explains that they were just celebrating making a profit on opening day and assures Tripp that there was nothing romantic going on in case he was worried. Tripp asks who said he was worried. Allie doesn’t know why Chanel said that because she knows they are together. Chanel remarks that Allie has made that clear, but she’s a little less clear on if Allie is okay with her dating her brother.

Johnny tells Will that he was looking around for material and Marlena suggested he talked to Will and that’s when he remembered that Will wrote a script about Sami’s life. Johnny says that feels like something he could connect with because it’s about their family. Will questions him wanting to make The Sami Brady Story and says he hasn’t even thought about that in years. Will guesses he probably has the script somewhere and agrees to send it to him. Will asks if Johnny has asked Sami if she’s okay with him making a movie about her life. Johnny responds that he would if she would return any of his calls which Will questions. Johnny informs him that Sami left town after cheating on EJ with Lucas and has been off the grid as she apparently needs space. Will mentions getting the text she sent and says he feels bad for Sami’s marriage ending, so he hopes she’s okay. Johnny says he feels for her but she has no one to blame but herself. Will comments on it all being dramatic. Johnny remarks that Sami’s whole life has been dramatic and that’s why he knows her story would make a good movie.

Kayla returns to Doug and Julie in Doug’s hospital room. Julie talks about Doug doing crosswords every day to keep his mind sharp. Kayla brings up Doug experiencing confusion and memory issues, so she wants to start with a very basic test with about 30 questions and then they will know where he stands and take it from there. Doug asks if not passing the test means he’s losing his mind.

Lani tells Abe that it’s too bad Paulina couldn’t join them. Abe agrees but admits he really enjoys one on one time with his daughter. Lani apologizes for her and Eli having to run so quickly last night. Abe understands that duty calls. Lani adds that it was a good meal and that Abe and Paulina were cute together. Abe thanks Lani for making peace with Paulina. Lani states that Paulina is family and she knows she’s crazy about Abe. Lani thanks Abe for babysitting last night on zero notice. Abe calls it a pleasure. Abe adds that he thinks Paulina loves Lani’s babies more than she realizes. Lani asks what he means, so Abe informs her that after she left, Paulina referred to herself as Jules and Carver’s grandma.

Marlena thanks Paulina. Paulina says after the mess she made in the town square, she should’ve bought every item in the bakery to pass them out for free. Marlena acknowledges that she did the right thing and now it’s all behind her. Paulina wishes she could fix all of her mistakes that easily. Marlena questions what that means. Paulina informs Marlena that something is weighing on her and she hears Marlena is the best when it comes to helping with these issues. Marlena is happy to help and asks if she’s tried talking to Abe. Paulina responds that Abe is the last person who can know what she is about to tell her.

Julie assures that Doug is not losing his mind. Doug responds that he might be if he doesn’t pass the test. Kayla calls it just a diagnostic tool and they might order other tests like an MRI to rule out any physical causes of what he’s going through. Julie encourages being positive. Doug tells Kayla that he’s ready to get started. Kayla starts by telling Doug five words and she will then ask him to repeat them at the end of their session.

Tripp mentions running in to Johnny earlier and that he asked him what happened when Allie went over to his place the other night. Allie questions why he didn’t just ask her. Tripp reminds her that he did but she didn’t have time to talk and he thought it was important to know where they all stood. Chanel asks what Johnny said. Tripp says that Johnny didn’t appreciate his sister butting in on his relationship. Allie tells Chanel that she knows how she feels about the situation, so it’s up to her if she wants to continue whatever with Johnny. Allie doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and would rather focus on Sweet Bits Bakery being a huge hit. Tripp says he came to celebrate with them and suggests ordering champagne. Chanel jokes that now she can finally afford to buy it. Allie suggests they split it but Tripp says neither of them are paying as he’s congratulating his girlfriend and her business partner on building a baking dynasty, so the champagne is on him.

Johnny thanks Will for sending him the script and says he can’t wait to read it. Will reminds him that he was pretty young when he wrote it. Johnny says it will need some tweaking but he’ll take a look and they will discuss it. Will is impressed that Johnny has a dream and is making it happen. Will mentions hearing that Allie is too as she opened a bakery with her friend. Johnny says it’s an interesting partnership which Will questions. Johnny asks if Will ever gets the feeling that Allie might play for his team. Will asks why he would think that. Johnny says nevermind and goes back to talking about the script.

Lani questions why Paulina would say she’s the twins’ grandmother when she is their great aunt. Abe thinks it’s aspirational as she said she could see herself being their grandmother at some point down the line since he’s their grandfather. Lani says he’s confusing her. Abe thinks Paulina meant that she would be the grandmother if they were married which surprises Lani.

Paulina knows Marlena is close with Abe and then decides maybe this was a mistake. Marlena says if she’s looking for professional advice, anything she tells her will be protected by doctor-patient confidentiality so she couldn’t breathe a word of it legally or she could be sued and lose her license. Paulina guesses that she can talk in that case. Paulina informs her that she and Abe are getting serious which is wonderful, but there is something she’s feeling very guilty about. Paulina says it’s not dating a man who was involved with her sister since they were over decades ago, but there are things that she knows about the family history that’s tearing her up inside and if they ever come out, they’ll tear the whole family apart. Marlena calls that heavy burden. Paulina says she cares about Abe a lot and last night they said I love you for the first time as she just regained his trust. Marlena asks if he might understand then but Paulina says not about this. Paulina declares that if Abe knew, he would hate her forever. Marlena doesn’t believe that but Paulina says she knows, because the truth is that Abe is not Lani’s father. Paulina guesses that Marlena is shocked. Marlena admits that she is as she understood Lani came to Salem because Tamara told her that Abe is her father. Marlena questions why she would lie about something like that. Paulina says having Abe be the father was a far better choice than the real father. Marlena feels it’s not something Tamara would do, so she doesn’t understand. Paulina then reveals that there are two secrets; Abe is not Lani’s father and Tamara is not her mother. Marlena asks how that can be since Tamara raised Lani. Paulina then announces to Marlena that she gave birth to Lani; Paulina is Lani’s mother.

Lani questions Abe and Paulina thinking about getting married and calls it kind of fast. Abe says he doesn’t mean it’s going to happen tomorrow or necessarily at all, but asks how Lani would feel if it did. Lani feels it’s not up to her. Abe says that Lani’s opinion means a lot to him and even moreso since he knows how much Paulina hurt her. Lani says she will never forget how Paulina treated her as a kid and she still hates that Paulina betrayed so many people she cares about and that she used Abe. Abe points out how important money is to Paulina. Lani acknowledges that this time is different since Paulina stuck around to try to make things right. Abe mentions that she apologized to both of them. Lani does think she’s sincere so she forgave her. Abe notes that forgiving and being comfortable around her are two different things. Lani assures that she is comfortable around Paulina. Abe notes that she is with Paulina as her aunt, but asks what if she becomes her mother?

Allie thanks Tripp for the champagne. Tripp proposes a toast but Johnny arrives and asks if this is a private party or if there’s room for one more.

Kayla has a few more questions for Doug. She asks him to identify objects such as a watch and a pen. Kayla has Doug fold a piece of paper and declares that they are done. Julie points out that Doug did really well. Kayla then asks Doug to tell her the five words that she asked him to remember at the beginning of the session. Doug starts to struggle but says he knows that he knows them. Doug asks for a hint but Kayla says she can’t. Kayla encourages him to take his time and relax. Doug remembers “person” is the first word. Kayla asks for the others. Doug responds with woman, man, camera, and TV. Julie exclaims that Doug got them right and in order. Kayla then informs Doug that she doesn’t think anything serious is going on with him. Julie and Doug are both relieved but Doug still doesn’t understand why he locked Julie in the freezer. Kayla says she can’t explain that, but she doesn’t think he needs any more tests. Kayla says to give her a call if there’s any more incidents, but other than that he’s free to go. Kayla exits the room. Julie tells Doug that everything is perfectly alright.

Johnny tells Chanel that since she wasn’t responding to his calls or texts, he realized he had to up his game to get her attention and gives her flowers, congratulating her on the grand opening of the bakery. Chanel thanks him while Allie questions no flowers for her. Johnny says maybe if she apologized for trying to come between he and Chanel like a psychopath. Allie thinks back to talking to Chanel and admitting that she was jealous. Allie then informs Johnny that she and Chanel talked about it and she understands there was history she was unaware of. Allie adds that she was just trying to protect Chanel but gets now that she doesn’t need her to and she doesn’t want to be involved in her brother’s love life. Johnny knows he doesn’t have the best track record with women but assures that is in the past as he’s learned from mistakes and is a different person. Johnny hopes Chanel knows that because he would really like to stay. Chanel says of course he can stay as they are celebrating a very exciting and promising new beginning, so he should be a part of that. Johnny then sits down at their table.

Lani tells Abe that Paulina could never replace her mother and if they got married, she would be her stepmother. Abe says his point is that if she became his wife, he would want them all to be family. Lani states that they are a family. Abe notes that a stepmother would have a bigger role in her life than an aunt and she would see her more all the time. Abe asks if Lani can handle that or if it’s too much to ask. Lani responds that Abe puts on a really good show as he’s the mayor, a father, and a grandfather but she knows that he’s lonely when he comes home to an empty house. Lani adds that ever since meeting Paulina, there’s been a spring in his step and a smile on his face. Abe calls it a wonderful feeling. Lani wants him to feel that as long as he possibly can. Lani tells Abe that if he wants to marry Paulina, he has her blessing. Abe gets up and hugs Lani.

Paulina tells Marlena that if her boyfriend knew she was pregnant with his child, he never would’ve let her go, so she barely escaped. Paulina says she was young and scared and didn’t know what to do but her mother told her that she had to give her baby to Tamara. Paulina felt she had no choice as Ray was rich and would find her. Paulina worried that he would’ve taken their daughter or hurt them both. Paulina says Tamara agreeing to raise Lani as her own was a godsend because she’d be a wonderful mother and they’d all be safe. Paulina adds that the catch was that Lani was to be Tamara’s only because anything else would be confusing and dangerous, so she became just Aunt Paulina. Paulina calls it the hardest thing she’s ever done in his life with all the years without Lani in her life. Paulina says it killed her to not be able to tell Lani. Marlena asks how she handled that. Paulina complains about wanting a relationship with her child but it just disappointed Lani and infuriated her mother and Tamara because they wanted her to stay far away. Paulina brings up almost telling Lani the truth, but her mother warned her about how devastating that could be. Marlena knows it would be difficult but thinks Lani would understand that she did it to protect her. Paulina worries that Lani wouldn’t understand why she lied all these years, so if Lani and Abe found out, they would never ever forgive her. Marlena is not sure that’s true. Marlena adds that sometimes, things that can’t be forgiven do get forgiven. Marlena declares that she will help Paulina if she decides to tell Abe and Lani the truth. Paulina says no and makes Marlena promise to keep thsi between them. Marlena assures that she doesn’t have to worry as everything she says is in strict confidence. Marlena sees how much pain she’s in and wishes she could help. Paulina assures that she just telling her has been a help because she can’t talk to her mother due to being judgmental. Marlena insists there is no judgment here and they can talk freely or maybe even find a solution. Marlena suggests Paulina book more appointments. Paulina questions therapy and says she’s never tried it. Paulina asks how long it takes to be cured. Marlena says it changes from person to person as there’s no set time, but what’s important is that she shows up and does the work. Paulina assures that hard work is no problem for her. Marlena asks if they should set up a schedule. Marlena states that maybe one day she’ll be comfortable sharing her secret with Abe and Lani. Paulina is unsure about that but admits that sharing it with Marlena did make her feel better. Paulina thanks her for listening. Marlena says she’s glad to help as Paulina hugs her. Paulina thanks her again and exits the office.

Lani asks when Abe is going to pop the question to Paulina. Abe admits he hasn’t given it much thought but he’s glad he was able to share his plans with her and he’s grateful that she gave her blessing. Lani tells him that she just wants him to be happy as they hug again.

Tripp toasts to the success of Sweet Bits Bakery. Johnny tells Allie and Chanel that they inspire him because they worked hard to make their dream come true so he’s going to do the same with his film. Tripp asks if he talked to Marlena about investing. Johnny confirms that he did and hasn’t heard back yet but he got a good feeling. Allie asks if he even has a script. Johnny confirms that he did since Marlena suggested he talk to Will and he remembered Will’s screenplay about Sami’s life. Allie recalls The Sami Brady Story which Chanel questions. Johnny explains that their brother Will wrote it a long time ago and he said he would send the script. Chanel jokes that her mother would love a movie about her life. Allie says their mother loves the spotlight too, but what Johnny is doing feels too personal. Johnny feels he’s making a great film. Allie points out that he doesn’t even have the script yet. Johnny takes that as Allie hating the idea like EJ which makes him love it even more. Tripp finds it strange to have actors playing your family. Allie agrees and asks who could do justice to Sami Brady. Johnny then suggests Allie do it.

Doug and Julie run in to Paulina at the hospital. Julie asks what she’s doing there and if everything is okay. Paulina assures that she’s perfectly healthy and she was just socializing with Marlena as she delivered her cookies from Sweet Bits. Julie mentions being at the opening and how everything was delicious. Julie praises the donuts which Doug remembers as Alice’s recipe. Paulina asks what brought them by the hospital. Julie explains that Doug was taking some tests and passed them with flying colors. Paulina encourages that Doug takes care of himself and calls Julie a lucky woman. Paulina tells them to enjoy their evening and goes to leave but Doug reaches behind. Paulina then stops and questions if Doug just grabbed her ass, shocking Julie. Julie apologizes to Paulina. Paulina asks if Doug makes a habit of that. Julie assures that he’s never done anything like this ever before but he’s been a little off lately. Julie says she’s mortified but Paulina tells her not to worry and that in a way it’s sort of a compliment. Paulina then exits the hospital.

Allie questions Johnny wanting her to play Sami in his movie. Chanel thinks he’s just trying to get back on her good side. Johnny insists that Allie looks a lot like Sami when she was young, so he thinks she’d make a great Sami. Tripp agrees that Allie does resemble her mom and jokes that he could play Steve. Allie points out that Tripp doesn’t have free time as a med student and her schedule is not wide open. Johnny says they would find a way to make it work. Chanel thinks Allie should do it. Tripp agrees but Allie says she’s a baker and a single mom, not an actress. Johnny tells Allie to think about it, as he could make her a star.

Julie pages Kayla and informs her that Doug had another little incident. Kayla asks if it was a relapse but Julie says it was inappropriate behavior. Julie explains how Doug suddenly grabbed Paulina’s behind which surprises Kayla. Julie thinks they better run the MRI after all.

Marlena calls John and says she was about to leave when a patient showed up and really needed a session to talk, so she had to take some time to digest it all.

Abe asks Lani to help him pick out an engagement ring when the time comes. Lani jokes that he can just pick out the biggest and flashiest ring as that is what Paulina likes. Paulina then arrives at the Pub and asks what she likes. Abe says Jules and Carver of course. Abe knew that when he told her Lani was bringing the twins, that she would not be able to stay away. Paulina comments that they are all family no matter how they are related and tonight she needed to be with her family. Abe then toasts to family.

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Days Update Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Justin walks into the interrogation room and declares Rafe’s interview is over as he reveals that he is now Bonnie’s attorney. Bonnie asks if he’s really going to represent her and brings up yesterday. Justin responds that he wasn’t there for her yesterday, but he’s here now.

Chloe tells Nicole that it’s just them here right now as she asks if she’s going to admit that she has feelings for Rafe. Nicole asks what the point is. Chloe questions if she’s punishing herself for still feeling guilty for cheating on Eric. Chloe says she’s just trying to be her friend. Nicole acknowledges that Ava is her friend too, so there’s no way that she’s going to make a play for her man. Nicole worries about Ava being paranoid as it is. Chloe brings up Ava’s crazy history. Nicole says it’s not about that, but about doing the right thing. Nicole says the difference between her situation and Chloe’s with Brady is that Philip does have a reason to be jealous.

Gabi gets that Brady doesn’t want to cause trouble in his family but argues that it’s his legacy. Gabi says if Brady agrees that Philip is a threat to the company, then he owes it to his family to tell Victor. Philip then approaches and asks what the hell is going on here. Philip questions if Gabi and Jake are plotting with Brady behind his back.

Ben and Ciara walk through New Orleans, talking about all the food they have tried. They stop to kiss and agree that they will both work it off. Ciara talks about being married to the love of her life, having a honeymoon in New Orleans, and knowing they have their whole future ahead of them with no one to stop them makes her feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Ben tells her that he loves her so much as they continue kissing.

Gabi asks Philip why they would be plotting with Brady against their boss. Jake claims that they were putting Brady on notice for putting the keylogger on their computers and made it clear that he won’t get away with it. Brady calls them insane and repeats that he didn’t do it. Brady says he has work to do. Philip questions what kind of work. Brady says it’s not his business but it’s a very important project. Brady adds that Chloe is waiting for him as he walks away.

Ben and Ciara talk about being at the Oak Alley Plantation and it being where Hope and Bo’s love story took off. A woman approaches and welcomes them, asking if she can help. Ciara responds that they are here for a tour but the woman informs them that they just closed for the day.

Justin sits with Bonnie in the interrogation room. Bonnie guesses she should start at the beginning in 2003. Bonnie reminds him of the Buddy Bucks scam. Justin recalls the burger barn promotion to win a ticket for a million dollars. Bonnie explains that Calista’s husband Harrison worked at Buddy’s office and decided to keep the winning ticket for himself but he couldn’t cash it as an employee and that’s where she came in. Bonnie flashes back to Harrison giving her the winning ticket and threatening to handle anyone that messed with her. Bonnie informs Justin that Harrison planned the whole scam and then things took a turn.

Philip tells Gabi and Jake that he didn’t ask them to meet with Brady. Gabi claims that they hated that Philip accused them of spying on him and they could’ve lost their jobs, so they wanted to prove to him they didn’t do it. Jake claims that they warned Brady that if he didn’t back off, they would go to the authorities but Brady denied everything. Jake says that’s pretty much it but Gabi says except for the stuff he said about Chloe, so Philip questions what he said about Chloe.

Chloe questions Nicole thinking that Philip is justified in acting jealous. Nicole thinks Philip knows that Chloe had feelings for Brady that she couldn’t act on because he was with Kristen. Chloe states that she told Brady how she felt and then she moved on. Nicole points out that now Kristen is out of the picture and Chloe isn’t sure she made the right choice. Nicole says they all know Chloe’s feelings for Brady have not gone away. Brady then enters the office and asks if he’s interrupting.

Ciara asks the woman if there is no way they can see the grounds today. She confirms they are past visiting hours. Ciara guesses they just got caught up touring New Orleans and didn’t realize how late it was. Ben suggests they can come back tomorrow. Ciara points out that they just drove an hour and they have tickets to the voodoo museum tomorrow. Ben feels they can skip that since this is important to her. The woman asks what brings them here. Ciara explains that they are on their honeymoon and her parents came here a long time ago when they first started falling in love. Ciara adds that they always wanted to come back, but her father passed away. Ben suggests they just get going and claims he started to hear some thunder. The woman then decides that even though she’s not supposed to, she can show them around a bit, so she takes them in to Oak Alley Plantation.

Nicole tells Brady that he’s not interrupting and that she was just leaving. Chloe tells Nicole that she doesn’t have to go but she says she will see her tomorrow and exits. Chloe says she doesn’t know what that was about. Brady then reveals he heard Nicole talking about Chloe having feelings for him. Chloe says she was just telling Nicole about Wilkes-Barre and she drew her own conclusions. Brady asks if she was wrong. Chloe points out that Nicole had a valid point about Philip being paranoid about someone putting spyware on his computer. Brady says he told Philip that he had nothing to do with that. Chloe says Brady had to say that in front of him, but now that it’s just them, he can be honest. Chloe asks if he did it. Brady asks what if he did since they are business rivals.

Philip questions how Chloe’s name even came up. Gabi and Jake claim that Brady asked where they got the idea that he was behind the keylogger, so they told him it came from Philip and then Brady tried to turn it around, claiming Philip made him the enemy because he’s threatened by his past relationship with Chloe. Gabi claims that Brady went on about how Chloe is better off without him and that it’s only a matter of time before she dumps him. Philip questions Brady going around telling random employees of his that Chloe is going to leave him.

Bonnie tells Justin that it was the worst day of her live and given what happened yesterday, that’s saying a lot. Bonnie continues having flashbacks and goes in to Harrison coming on to her which is why she pulled the gun on him when he got forceful and shot him when he grabbed her. Calista then came back in to the room and found Harrison dead. As her flashback concludes, Bonnie cries to Justin that she killed Harrison. Justin encourages that it wasn’t her fault. Bonnie says she was married to a man who beat her senseless almost every day, so when Harrison touched her, she said no more and had to do what she had to do in order to protect herself. Bonnie continues her flashback where Calista didn’t believe Bonnie’s story and accused her of doing it for the money. Bonnie tells Justin that it was blood money so she flushed it down the toilet and imagined her whole life going down the drain with it and now it finally has.

Rafe runs in to Nicole outside the Brady Pub. Nicole says she was just going but Rafe points out that it looked like she was just going in. Nicole assumes Rafe was just leaving, which he confirms. Rafe asks if they can’t even say hello to each other anymore. Nicole says they just did and says she will see him. Rafe argues that there’s no reason to run away as it’s a small town and they are still friends. Rafe hopes she doesn’t expect them to avoid each other forever as he’s not down with that.

Chloe informs Brady that she told Philip that if Brady was behind the spyware, she would quit Basic Black and never speak to him ever again. Brady assures that he didn’t do it and asks if she believes him. Chloe confirms that she does. Brady doesn’t think they could get a long without her. Chloe points out that the business was fine without her before. Brady clarifies that he doesn’t think he could get along here without her.

Philip asks what else Brady said about him. Gabi brings up Philip following Brady and Chloe to Pennsylvania. Philip informs her that they were in bed together. Jake points out that Brady must have planned it. Gabi asks if maybe he has it wrong. Philip asks if she honestly believes that after seeing what Brady is trying to do. Philip thanks them for the info and walks away. Gabi tells Jake that’s what she calls teamwork.

After their tour of Oak Alley, Ciara tells Ben that it was a lot different than she expected. The woman asks if she was disappointed. Ciara says not at all and explains that to her it was all about her parents’ history but the plantation is about actual history of their country. Ciara mentions hearing old stories about the French colonizers planting oak trees that gave the place their name, but the truth is that the plants were built by slaves. Ben says it’s powerful to see all the names listed. The woman talks about how it gets to her to imagine the lives of her ancestors, but she’s grateful to remember them and present a picture of what the place used to be. She talks about building from their past and not ignoring it.

Nicole tells Rafe that they don’t have to avoid each other forever but it’s only been two days. Rafe complains that the whole thing was her idea. Nicole says she’s just trying to make it easier for he and Ava. Rafe knows Ava has had problems with jealousy but she will have to accept that he has some female friends. Nicole argues that it’s not that simple because he doesn’t have feelings for his other friends, like he does for her.

Justin brings Bonnie a water in the interrogation room and asks about her not seeing Calista again. Bonnie confirms that she didn’t for years but was always looking over her shoulder. Bonnie tells Justin that the cops finally came to her door because they found her husband dead in her backyard. Bonnie knows it looks bad that there are three dead bodies caused by her plus what she did to Adrienne so she could break out of prison. Bonnie cries that Justin forgave so much and she let him down, so she apologizes. Justin asks her about what happened this week. Bonnie guesses Calista heard that she was marrying rich, so she thought she could get her million dollars that she felt she owed her. Justin guesses Bonnie didn’t really invite Calista to the wedding. Bonnie admitted that she lied because she felt if Justin knew the truth, he’d be obligated to turn her in. Justin asks what Calista’s plan was. Bonnie explains that she brought Harrison’s gun with her fingerprints on it and threatened to turn it in to the police if she didn’t get her the one million dollars. Bonnie adds that Calista wanted her to drain Justin’s bank account but says she’d rather die than do that. Justin questions her stealing it from his cousin Xander instead. Bonnie figured that was dirty money anyways. Justin asks why she didn’t just come to him. Bonnie feels she couldn’t let him pay for her past sins. Bonnie explains that Calista overheard EJ and Xander talking about Xander having a millino dollars and she said she had to steal it for her, or else. Bonnie felt she had no choice to do it in order to save her life and her future with Justin. He asks if she gave Calista the money. Bonnie confirms that she did, but she still wanted revenge and pulled the gun on her. Bonnie swears she saw her life flash before her eyes, so she grabbed the gun and it went off. Bonnie states that Calista died in their bedroom. Justin acknowledges that it was an accident as she was trying to defend herself, just like with Harrison. Justin asks if that’s the whole story. Bonnie guesses that he doesn’t believe her. Bonnie asks if he does believe her. Justin confirms that he does. Bonnie asks if he still wants to defend her, now that he knows everything. Justin assures that he does, so she thanks him. Justin adds that he won’t lie, this is going to be a tough road now that she’s admitted to killing Calista, Harrison Lord, and her husband. Bonnie stops him to point out that she did not kill her husband.

Gabi tells Jake that she can’t believe how perfectly that worked out. Jake calls her incredible and jokes that it was a little scary. Jake asks now what. Gabi says they will circle back to make sure Brady talks to Victor about kicking Philip out of Titan. Jake feels Gabi is pretty convinced. Gabi asks if he’s worried. Jake asks what if it backfires and Victor names Brady CEO instead of them. Gabi argues that they tried that a million times and it never works out, so Victor needs someone like them. Gabi assures that this is going to work and that Philip is more jealous than ever. Jake admits that he doesn’t think Philip is crazy for thinking Brady is trying to move in on his woman. Gabi agrees which is why it was so easy, because Philip is close to the edge and when he implodes, Titan will be all theirs.

Brady hopes Chloe knows how much he thinks about her business acumen and persuasive abilities. Chloe jokes about this being an employee evaluation. Brady tells her that he just likes having her around and she makes the business better. Brady then says she makes everything better. Philip walks in. Chloe asks what he’s doing here. Philip points out that Chloe said she’s too busy for lunch but now she’s just shooting the breeze with a guy who told Gabi and Jake that he would do anything to win her back.

Rafe questions what makes Nicole think that he has feelings for her. Nicole says nevermind but Rafe wants to know where she heard that. Nicole then admits that Ava told her that he admitted it to her. Nicole apologizes for saying anything and says Rafe doesn’t have to explain, but he wants to. Rafe brings up Nicole leaning on him as a friend during her problems with Eric and Hope had just left, so part of him developed feelings for her but she was married to Eric, so it wasn’t going to go anywhere, so he didn’t pursue it. Nicole asks about now. Rafe says now he’s with Ava, so that’s the end of it. Rafe adds that it’s not like Nicole had those feelings for him.

Justin questions Bonnie not killing David. Bonnie makes sure that Justin is officially her lawyer so everything she says is confidential. Bonnie tells Justin about how David made her and her kids lives a living hell. Bonnie says one day, her daughter Mimi snapped as she had enough abuse. Justin questions if Mimi killed David. Bonnie confirms that she hit him with a fireplace poker but she couldn’t let Mimi go to prison, so she took the fall for her daughter. Justin questions her spending all those years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Bonnie tells him that he can never say that in court because no one can ever know. Bonnie just wanted Justin to know the whole truth. Justin tells her that a person with a big enough heart to do that for her daughter is the person he loves. Bonnie questions him still loving her. Justin assures that he loves her and he knows this will be a hard fight in court, but after it’s over, he still intends to marry her. Bonnie cries as she excitedly hugs Justin.

Jake suggests he and Gabi celebrate their success with donuts at the new Sweet Bits Bakery. Gabi complains that it was supposed to be her store so they will not support the bakery. Gabi suggests they just go home so they walk off together.

Philip tells Brady that Gabi and Jake told him that he went on about how Chloe’s going to leave him and is better off with him. Brady says he did not say that. Philip questions Brady not talking to them about him. Brady explains that they came to talk to him about the keylogger incident. Brady admits that he told them that he’s tired of Philip’s insecurity and jealousy and he thinks he’s a paranoid maniac. Philip calls this suspicious. Brady declares that he’s done and tells them to have fun together as he exits. Chloe tells Philip that he can stop marking his territory now. Philip complains that Brady pushes his buttons to make him look like a jerk to her. Chloe feels he could just ignore it but Philip says he can’t let Brady badmouth him to his employees behind his back. Philip adds that he just doesn’t want to lose Chloe because she means too much to him.

Nicole states that Rafe is with Ava now, so whatever feelings were there, it’s over and she’s moved on so this conversation is going on longer than she intended. Nicole tells Rafe that she’s going to get coffee and heads in to the Brady Pub.

Ciara asks if Ben is okay. Ben says that he is. Ciara asks if something is wrong. Ben claims he’s just tired. Ciara says this was a very affecting experience for both of them. They thank the woman for showing them around as she walks away. Ciara tells Ben that was emotional. Ciara suggests they go back down to the city and walk around the French Quarter for more delicious New Orleans food. Ben says that sounds good as they kiss. They hear thunder, so Ben says they should get a move on as it looks like a storm is coming. Ben and Ciara then walk away and leave Oak Alley Plantation before the storm begins..

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Days Update Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Ava is outside Julie’s Place and calls Rafe, who is at the police station. Rafe calls it a nice surprise and asks if everything is ok. Ava asks him to wish her luck because she’s going to check on her application at Julie’s Place. Rafe wishes her luck but says she won’t need it because Julie would be crazy not to hire her. Ava brings up her previous occupation so her resume being unconventional.

Philip is in Julie’s Place and calls Chloe. Chloe questions his call but Philip says he just wanted to check on her and see how her day was going. Philip adds that after chasing her to Pennsylvania, he felt she needed an attentive boyfriend instead of a crazed jealous one. Chloe tells him that her day is fine and asks what he’s doing. Philip mentions eating at Julie’s Place and invites her to join him. Chloe says she would love to but Brady needs her to finish the quarterly projections. Philip remarks that they wouldn’t want to disappoint Brady.

Gabi and Jake meet with Brady in the town square. Brady notes that Gabi’s text was vague and asks what this is about. Gabi informs Brady that it’s about him spying on Titan.

Bonnie is in the interrogation room and imagines Calista coming in to tell her she has no one left and that even Justin has abandoned her.

Justin sits at home a the Kiriakis Mansion. He looks at his wedding ring until Steve walks in and asks if Justin could use some company as he asks how he’s doing. Justin responds that his fiancée is in jail for larceny and murder, but other than that he’s doing great.

Brady questions Gabi and Jake thinking that he’s spying on them. Jake brings up Brady getting booted out of Titan so maybe he was looking for revenge. Gabi adds that now Brady is the competition. Jake suggests Brady could be looking for an edge to hack them. Brady asks if this is about the keylogger found on their computers because he already told Philip that he had nothing to do with it. Brady doesn’t know why Gabi thinks he’d be involved, but insists he didn’t touch the computers, and hopes that she wouldn’t think he would do something like that. Gabi admits that she doesn’t but says this is about Philip’s personal vendetta against him.

Philip asks if Chloe’s sure she can’t join him. Chloe says she’s sorry but she’s too busy for lunch so she calls a rain check. Philip tells her that he will see her tonight and they hang up. Nicole enters the office and tells Chloe that they aren’t that busy, so she could’ve gone to lunch. Chloe insists that she needs to finish the projections. Nicole asks if it was a good offer. Chloe says Philip was at Julie’s Place. Nicole hopes he’s not too disappointed. Chloe says that Philip was just calling to check on her. Nicole calls that sweet of him. Chloe states that normally it would be, but she can’t help but wonder if he was just calling to check up on her.

Ava goes in to Julie’s Place and sits at the bar where she spots Philip and greets him. Philip tells her that whatever she wants, he wants no part of it, because he learned from her that crime doesn’t pay.

Bonnie freaks out over her imagination of Calista. She screams until Rafe walks in and tells her to take it easy. Rafe asks her what’s going on and why she’s so scared.

Ava informs Philip that she is here checking on her job application which Philip questions and finds funny, because chef seems like an usual career path for a mob boss. Ava responds that she’s been cooking her whole life so she knows more than most chefs. Philip isn’t sure that it’s a suitable career path given her history of stealing and murdering people. Ava tells him that she left that life behind since she decided to make a change and now she’s in a relationship with the police commissioner. Ava declares that she will never go back to a life of organized crime or who she used to be. Ava says that Philip can doubt her, but she’s gone legit and has never been happier. Philip guesses he’s happy for her but jokes that if she had her old connections, she could find someone to break Brady’s legs for him.

Brady questions Gabi not thinking he’s spying on her then. Gabi apologizes for bringing it up and tells Jake that she doesn’t think Brady would sink that low. Brady guesses that Philip told them it was him. Jake and Gabi go along and claim that they couldn’t talk Philip out of the idea. Brady calls Philip a jealous maniac, who thinks he’s after his girlfriend.

Nicole asks Chloe why Philip would be checking up on her. Chloe asks if she hasn’t heard that she can’t be trusted. Nicole jokes about things being great in their relationship. Chloe says it was but lately Philip has been so jealous of Brady and convinced there is something going on between them. Chloe adds that she and Brady are friends that work together, but a few days ago they got stranded in Wilkes-Barre and Philip flew all the way over there to barge in to their motel room. Nicole questions them being in the same room. Chloe explains that the motel was fully booked and there was only one room available. Chloe calls it worse than uncomfortable. Nicole asks if she’s sure that Philip has nothing to worry about. Chloe asks if she’s saying Philip was justified. Nicole says she’s not but points out that Chloe did have feelings for Brady. Nicole adds that she’s the one who encouraged her to go for it with Brady. Chloe notes that she did tell Brady how she felt, but it didn’t work out because he was in love with Kristen, so she chose to be with Philip, and then after that, Brady decided he was interested in her. Chloe says she made her choice and stayed with Philip. Nicole asks if she’s happy with that decision.

Steve informs Justin that Bonnie did not make bail. Justin says good because he never wants to see her again. Steve thinks that’s a little harsh. Justin brings up that Steve warned him and always saw her for what she truly is; a con artist. Justin says he couldn’t see the truth right in his face. Steve points out that he loved her. Justin asks if he did or if he was blinded by how much Bonnie looked like Adrienne. Steve thinks it was more than that. Justin feels he made himself believe that Bonnie had Adrienne’s goodness and he created a fantasy about who she was. Steve asks if it was really fantasy. Justin says he convinced himself that Bonnie changed but she’s the same that she’s always been, so he’s glad he got out of it before she took everything.

Bonnie tells Rafe that she was just having a bad dream. Rafe points out that she was awake. Bonnie calls it a long night. Rafe understands she fired her public defender. Bonnie complains about not getting out on bail and claims she’s not guilty. Rafe asks if she wants to tell him about it since she no longer has representation, she can answer his questions and he might be able to help her. Rafe says that’s if she tells him her side of the story.

Chloe tells Nicole that she was happy with her decision until Philip started acting like a jealous teenager which is a huge pain. Chloe asks if she can imagine someone following her halfway around the country to demand she swear her allegiance to him. Nicole asks if her feelings are gone. Chloe says she still wants to be with Philip, but he has to stop the jealousy because it’s ruining everything. Chloe adds that Philip is getting so paranoid that he thinks Brady is spying on Titan.

Brady tells Jake and Gabi that Philip is obsessed with the idea that he’s going to steal Chloe from him. Brady informs them about Philip following them on their business trip. Gabi remarks that it makes a lot more sense now that he’s telling them and claims they’ve been confused by the way Philip has been acting. Jake adds that it’s like Philip is thinking about Brady all the time. Gabi says he should hear the comments Philip makes around the office.

Ava asks Philip why he would want someone to break Brady’s legs. Philip calls it just a joke but Ava doesn’t believe that and guesses it’s a woman. Ava asks who the lucky lady is. Philip informs her that he’s seeing Chloe. Ava asks where Brady comes in. Philip responds that Brady has been obsessed with Chloe since losing Kristen and has been doing everything he can to take her away from him. Philip adds that Brady acts like he’s spending time with Chloe for work, but he’s not as clever as he thinks he is. Ava asks if he’s threatened. Philip talks about Brady pulling moves to get closer to Chloe than acts like he’s the crazy one. Philip asks Ava if she thinks he’s being paranoid. Ava responds that she actually knows exactly how he feels.

Bonnie asks Rafe what he wants to know. Rafe wants to hear her version of what happened yesterday, since she said she’s innocent and didn’t shoot Calista. Bonnie says that she didn’t. Rafe points out that she ended up dead in her room, so he will need more details. Rafe says he just wants the truth. Bonnie informs Rafe that the gun went off accidentally and swears that she wasn’t trying to kill her. Bonnie calls it self defense because Calista was going to kill her. Bonnie recalls Calista pointing the gun at her, so she knew she had to do whatever she could. Bonnie admits she was desperate and thought she was going to die on her wedding day, so she lunged for the gun, they struggled, and then it went off, and Calista was dead. Rafe calls it some story and he’s glad she told him. Bonnie asks if Rafe believes her.

Brady asks what else Philip has been saying about him. Jake and Gabi say Philip does more than just talk and he’s obsessed, like he’s barely paying attention to his job. Gabi claims she likes Philip so she takes no pleasure in telling him this, but her business depends on Titan and she’s afraid that Philip is going to run the entire company to the ground. Brady asks if they’ve called him on it. Jake points out that he’s their boss and he’s past the point of listening. Brady suggests going to Victor but Gabi worries about her working relationship with Philip if she goes over his head. Gabi starts to say she doesn’t know if she should tell Brady this. Brady responds that it’s good to know that he’s not the only one who has witnessed Philip’s insane behavior lately. Gabi says they are just trying to figure out how to handle it. Gabi then suggests Brady talk to Victor.

Philip questions Ava knowing how he feels from personal experience and asks if it’s her and Rafe. Ava explains that when she and Rafe started getting close, she was worried about Rafe and Nicole. Philip thought they were just friends. Ava confirms they were, but when Nicole and Eric split for good, Rafe became her shoulder to cry on, so she became convinced something was going on and then Rafe admitted he had feelings for Nicole. Philip asks why she’s not breaking Nicole’s legs then. Ava explains that Nicole agreed to stay away from Rafe. Philip calls her lucky and wishes he could get a similar deal with Brady. Ava asks what Chloe says about it. Philip responds that she said she’d stop seeing Brady if he can prove that Brady is spying on him.

Chloe tells Nicole about Philip being convinced that Brady put a keylogger on his computer. Nicole doesn’t think that’s Brady’s style but Chloe says there was no arguing with Philip. Nicole asks what he’s going to do about it. Chloe says she had to agree that if Philip can prove it, then she would stop spending time with Brady. Chloe adds that if Brady didn’t do it, there is nothing to prove. Chloe doesn’t want to talk about her jealous boyfriend anymore and asks what’s going on with Nicole. Nicole says she’s okay. Chloe knows they haven’t really talked since her and Eric broke up. Chloe hopes they are working things out in the time that has passed. Nicole reveals they are working out their divorce proceedings. Chloe says she’s so sorry as she knows it must be hard on her. Nicole admits it’s harder than she thought as she not only has to say goodbye to Eric but to a part of herself. Chloe encourages her to lean on her friends like her and Rafe. Nicole responds that she can’t lean on Rafe anymore.

Bonnie tells Rafe that she told him what happened and asks if he believes her. Rafe says he has a few more questions. Bonnie says she’s an open book. Rafe questions why her sister in law tried to kill her. Bonnie claims she was just crazy. Rafe asks why Calista was using that particular gun. Bonnie says he’s got her there too. Rafe questions Calista just showing up on her wedding day looking to shoot her. Bonnie repeats that Calista was crazy. Rafe asks if it has nothing to do with Bonnie using that exact gun to kill Calista’s husband.

Steve tells Justin that he understands why he feels conned by Bonnie and he has good reason to feel betrayed, but he doesn’t think they know the whole story. Justin asks what part they are missing since they caught Bonnie with Xander’s money and a gun. Justin argues that Bonnie was ready to say her vows, knowing that her sister in law was lying dead in their bed upstairs. Justin adds that those are not the actions of an innocent woman, that he was prepared to spend the rest of his life with. Justin calls it an insult to Adrienne’s memory. Steve doesn’t think Adrienne would see it that way. Justin talks about convincing himself that he could have the kind of life and happiness with Adrienne and he thought he’d share that with Bonnie of all people. Steve tells Justin that he’s allowed to move on. Justin brings up that Steve warned him and kept telling him that Bonnie is not Adrienne, but he wouldn’t listen. Steve notes that he also changed his mind about Bonnie. Steve admits he didn’t want to give her a chance but Justin told him to keep an open mind and convinced him that people change. Justin states that he was wrong. Steve asks if he was wrong, or if he is wrong now.

Brady questions Gabi thinking he should say something to Victor. Gabi points out that Victor is his grandfather and he’ll always love him. Brady is unsure so Jake guesses they have a complicated relationship. Brady brings up that he works for Victor’s competition now. Gabi thinks he would still listen to him. Brady questions why he would since he doesn’t work for Titan anymore. Gabi insists that someone needs to tell Victor what’s happening with Philip and she thinks he should hear it from family. Brady asks what’s really going on here. Gabi claims she’s just worried about the company. Brady questions if she doesn’t have any ulterior motives here. Gabi talks about Gabi Chic being her life’s work and claims she’s in danger of Philip ruining it. Brady says he can’t argue that he thinks Philip is unfit for the position and remarks that either one of them would make a better CEO than him at this point. Gabi insists that they are in danger of Philip destroying the entire company.

Philip tells Ava of his theory that Brady is spying on him at work and wants everything he has, from his girlfriend to his company. Philip argues that Brady failed at Titan and at marriage, so he’s gotten desperate. Philip declares that once he finds the proof, Chloe will see it too. Ava hopes that works out for him. Philip asks about her and Rafe, guessing she feels better that Rafe and Nicole agreed to keep their distance. Ava talks about the worst thing was not having confirmation and having your mind wander, but they hashed it out and now have a fresh start. Philip asks if Rafe’s feelings for Nicole are behind him. Ava assures that they are. Philip asks if Ava can put it behind her and get past the jealousy.

Justin questions Steve defending Bonnie. Steve just thinks there is something not right here and his gut tells him there is more to the story of Calista’s death and the million dollars. Justin mocks the idea. Steve admits that the money doesn’t look good, but there was something off about Calista. Steve notes that Bonnie was clearly upset when Calista showed up and talks about how Calista tried to put the moves on him. Justin questions that meaning she deserved to be murdered. Steve asks why Bonnie shot her and what Calista was doing here in the first place. Justin asks if it matters. Steve thinks that it does. Steve knows Justin is hurt and feels betrayed, but argues that it’s not like him to turn his back on her. Justin asks what he’s supposed to do, pretend like yesterday never happened? Steve advises Justin to go down there and hear her out.

Bonnie asks Rafe who told him that she killed Calista’s husband. Rafe reveals that they found a letter among Calista’s things and it just got back from forensics. Rafe reads the letter where Calista wrote that she arrived in Salem to attend Bonnie’s wedding, a great risk to herself. Calista added that Bonnie stole a million dollars from her and her husband Harrison and when Harrison confronted Bonnie, she killed him. Calista wrote about holding onto the gun all these years and that it would be found covered in Bonnie’s fingerprints. Calista hoped to use the gun to make Bonnie pay the money back, but she’s afraid a similar fate to Harrison would befall her when she confronted Bonnie. Bonnie argues that Calista is lying.

Chloe questions Nicole saying that Ava forbids her from being around Rafe. Nicole clarifies that no one forbids her and it was her idea to stay away, because she decided it would be best since Rafe and Ava are in a new relationship while she’s still recovering from losing Eric. Nicole says she doesn’t want to make things more complicated for them or herself. Chloe calls that noble of her and doesn’t think she’d be willing to make the same sacrifice. Nicole points out that Ava is her friend. Chloe questions Nicole being willing to give up her friendship with Rafe. Nicole says it won’t last forever but feels she has no choice since Rafe is with Ava now and she does not need more trouble.

Bonnie insists that what Calista wrote in the letter is all lies. Rafe notes that the evidence says otherwise, since her prints are on the gun and Calista’s dead body was found in her room and Bonnie had Xander’s million dollars. Bonnie argues that Rafe can’t prove that she killed anyone. Rafe asks if she really thinks a jury will vote to acquit after all of this. Rafe warns Bonnie that if this goes to court, she’s going down.

Justin asks Steve how he’s supposed to hear Bonnie out since she’s in jail. Steve suggests he go visit her. Justin argues that she already has an attorney. Steve informs him that Bonnie fired her attorney. Justin questions what she’s thinking. Steve suggests he go find out because Bonnie needs help. Justin declares that he can’t be the one to give it because he’s not going to give her another chance to play him for a fool. Steve doesn’t think that will happen. Justin argues that he doesn’t even know if he can believe a single word Bonnie says. Steve tells him that no matter what Bonnie might have or not done, he was ready to give his heart to her and start a life with her. Steve questions if Justin can honestly tell him that his feelings for Bonnie are just gone and he doesn’t still love her.

Brady argues that telling Victor that his son is unfit to run the company is a serious move, so he’ll have to think about it before saying anything. Gabi gets that he doesn’t want to cause trouble in his family but argues that it’s his legacy. Gabi says if Brady agrees that Philip is a threat to the company, then he owes it to his family to tell Victor. Philip then approaches and asks what the hell is going on here.

Chloe admits that Ava sounds like Philip in the way she treated Nicole and Rafe. They joke about how Ava and Philip used to work together. Nicole points out that Ava didn’t go as far as Philip. Chloe notes that Ava went far enough for Nicole to worry and stay away from one of her best friends because of what was going on in her mind. Nicole then reveals it wasn’t all in Ava’s mind because Rafe admitted to having feelings for her. Chloe asks how Nicole feels about that.

Steve runs in to Ava as she’s leaving Julie’s Place. Ava asks if he’s heading in for lunch. Steve confirms Kayla is meeting him after her shift. Ava thanks Steve for his advice. Steve asks if she talked to Rafe. Ava informs him that they worked things out and things are going really well. Steve is glad to hear it and says all they can do is be open and honest because nothing hurts a relationship more than keeping secrets…

Rafe warns Bonnie that this would go easier if she just told him why she took Xander’s money. Rafe asks if that part of Calista’s letter is true and if she stole from her and her husband. Justin then walks in and declares the interview is over as he reveals that he is now Bonnie’s attorney.

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Days Update Monday, September 13, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Gwen tells Jack that it’s time he knew the truth about Dr. Snyder and what he was holding over her. Jack is glad she decided to trust him. Gwen says it’s not that she didn’t trust him but because what Snyder had over her was something horrible that she was so ashamed of and she was afraid Jack would disown her. Gwen adds that living with her deception has been more difficult, so she can’t keep this from him any longer.

EJ calls the judge while Xander pleads with him. EJ argues that Xander broke the terms of their agreement and says that was a very big mistake. EJ declares that he has no choice but to see to it that Xander paid for his crimes.

Kayla is in Marlena’s office with her. Marlena asks if Kayla really thinks Bonnie murdered her sister in law and then stole a million dollars from Xander. Kayla responds that she honestly doesn’t know what to think but she just feels so bad for Justin. Kayla then gets a text from Jack, cancelling the appointment to check out Doug. Marlena hopes that means Doug is back to being himself again.

Julie declares that she is so thrilled that their family recipe will be available to everyone in Salem right here in the square. Julie calls it a wonderful occasion and that the donuts taste exactly like Alice’s. Doug stops her and asks who the heck is Alice. Julie tells him that Alice Horton is her grandmother. Doug suggests she just take a box of donuts over to her and ask what she thinks of them then.

In Boston, Chad informs Abigail that her mom let him in. Chad says it’s really good to see her. Abigail says it’s good to see him too. Chad asks if he can hug her.

Xander argues that EJ can’t send him to prison after everything he’s done for him. EJ can’t recall oweing him anything. Xander reminds him of how he made sure EJ was fed in Nashville while he was helpless. Xander grabs EJ’s phone from him. EJ demands that he give it back. Xander asks what he will do if he doesn’t.

Abigail and Chad hug. She mentions that he didn’t tell her that he was coming. Chad admits he was afraid she would talk him out of it because it’s clear that she has no plans of coming home. Chad brings up the kids missing her. Abigail says that’s why she writes them every night and checks in on them. Chad tells her that he misses his wife and asks her to come home back to her life with them.

Gwen imagines telling Jack the truth about how she lied about Abigail causing her miscarriage.

Abigail informs Chad that she can’t come home yet because her grandma’s estate is still a mess and she’s not going to leave her mom alone to deal with it. Chad argues that she said she needed space, so he stayed away but it’s been months. Chad asks if Jennifer can’t find someone else to help finish everything up. Abigail repeats that she’s sorry but she needs more time. Chad stops her and begs her to just talk to him.

Johnny enters Marlena’s office. Kayla hugs him and says she heard he was in town and it’s so good to see him. Johnny tells her to tell his dad that. Kayla says she will and she’ll call him to get together. Kayla says goodbye to Marlena and exits. Johnny then greets Marlena and says he’s sorry she hasn’t seen him before now. Marlena asks why he came to her office instead of the house. Johnny informs her that he’s having problems with Allie and wanted to talk to her in private. Marlena asks what kind of problems he’s having with his sister. Johnny says he will get to that, but first he just wants to say he knows how much she helped Allie when things were tough, how much that meant to her, and that she probably couldn’t have gotten through it without her. Johnny talks about how lucky they are but Marlena thinks he’s laying it on thick. Johnny says he means it but Marlena knows the look on his face and guesses that he wants something, so she asks what it is.

EJ warns Xander that if he leaves without his phone, he’ll just get another phone and speak to the judge. EJ adds that he won’t like what happens after he does. Xander tries to argue but EJ says he’s not waiting any longer. Xander declares that EJ is not leaving this room, until he gets his word that he won’t call the judge back to send him to prison.

Julie takes Doug to the Horton Town Square plaque and reminds him of who Tom and Alice are and that he loves them so much. Doug acknowledges that they are her grandparents and that the town square is dedicated to their memory. Julie guesses that he just read that off the plaque. Doug argues that they are just enjoying this beautiful summer day together. Julie tells him not to pretend and asks for the truth. Doug admits that he feels Tom and Alice were very fine people, but he doesn’t know either one of them. Doug then asks why he can’t remember them and what is wrong with him. Julie responds that she doesn’t know but they are going to find out and fix this.

Johnny asks why Marlena thinks he’s after something. Marlena points out that if he wanted to talk about Allie, he would’ve called and made an appointment. Johnny then admits he wants something, but claims he just wanted to spend time with her. Marlena is sure flattery gets him a long way, but people come here to be honest. Johnny then admits he wants to make an independent film and he needs investors to help him finance his dream.

Doug and Julie go to the hospital. Kayla is surprised to see them since Jack canceled their appointment. Julie explains that was because she asked him to, but since then, they both think that was a mistake.

EJ tells Xander that he is no longer the vegetable he was in Nashville. Xander laughs and asks if he’s sure about that. EJ then punches Xander down and declares that he’s sure.

Gwen snaps out of her imagination. Jack says he can see that whatever she did is torturing her so he asks her to tell him about her and Dr. Snyder.

Abigail tells Chad that Grandma just kept a lot of stuff in her house and talks about how she was going through an upstairs closet, where she found a box with things for a newborn. Abigail says she and Jennifer wondered who she kept it for and they asked if they should keep it, donate it, or trash it and that’s when it hit her that Gwen’s daughter would’ve been Abigail’s niece and Chad’s daughter, so their kids’ half-sister. Abigail thought she was doing fine and getting past all of that, but that child was a member of their family and she’s never really seen it like that. Abigail declares that no matter what anyone says, she can’t help but feel that she killed that child. Chad assures Abigail that she did not kill the child and would not do that. Chad calls Abigail one of the best mothers he’s ever seen and talks about the letters she writes the kids. Chad says when he doesn’t know how to handle their problems, she does. Abigail thanks him for being sweet. Abigail cries that she loves her kids but can’t help but think that Gwen probably loved her baby too, while she just wanted that baby to disappear and even told Gwen that the baby would be better off without her as mother, then that’s what happened.

Jack encourages Gwen to just say it. Gwen says it’s more how to say it. Gwen thinks back to Xander suggesting she tell Jack that she used to be a hooker. Gwen then tells Jack that Dr. Snyder knew that she used to be a prostitute.

Xander gets back up with a bloody mouth from EJ’s punch and warns that he shouldn’t have done that. EJ asks what he’s going to do about it. Xander then tackles EJ.

Marlena asks Johnny about his movie. Johnny says he wants to put a new focus on every day life and has a couple shorts on his phone. Marlena asks if he has any other investors. Johnny says he almost had Tony and Anna, but EJ made sure that didn’t happen as all he cares about is him being the next generation at DiMera. Johnny says he’ll never do it as he knows what he wants and he’s going to make his dream come true.

Xander asks if EJ had enough. EJ punches Xander again. Xander ducks EJ’s next punch. EJ declares that it’s not done untli there’s only one of them left standing. Xander hits EJ with more punches and asks if he’s sure about that. EJ then throws Xander across the bed. Xander grabs a lamp and throws it at EJ but misses. They then continue hitting each other as they fight against the wall. EJ knocks Xander down with two more punches but Xander gets up and charges at EJ once more.

Marlena asks Johnny for the theme of his movie. Johnny admits he hasn’t really settled on one idea yet, but he thinks it would be cool to do like an indy version of the life of Greta Thunberg or Matt Frazier even if he doesn’t see them giving him the rights to their story. Johnny declares that he just wants the focus to be on somebody he could connect with and inspires him. Johnny adds that he is also writing the movie which Marlena calls ambitious. Johnny feels it eliminates any fights between writer and director. Marlena suggests calling Will, since he spent time in Hollywood and learned about navigating difficult situations.

EJ knocks Xander down and kicks him over. EJ complains about Xander feeding him lima beans that he spit out in Nashville. EJ declares that he who laughs last, laughs best as Xander lies on the floor in pain. EJ then walks out of Xander’s room.

Gwen tells Jack that it was when she moved to Philly, before she met Jake, and her fresh start turned in to a kick in the teeth as her job fell through while she had no savings. Gwen says she wasn’t about to go hungry on the streets, so she started making contacts and offering her services. Jack asks if that’s how she met Dr. Snyder. Gwen claims that he was one of her clients. Jack questions if he lived in Philadelphia. Gwen claims he was there for a medical convention or something. Jack recalls Snyder being the doctor who told her that the baby was gone and how he was there when Jack came to see her. Gwen points out that Dr. Snyder threatened to tell Jack about her unless she did what he wanted. Gwen tells Jack that she’s so ashamed of what she’s done and all the things she did to his family when she moved here. Gwen cries that she’s not that person anymore and asks if he can ever forgive her.

Chad tells Abigail that she has to find a way to forgive herself because Gwen waged an attack on her since the day they hired her. Chad adds that he bought her lies and he’ll never understand why, but that baby was conceived because of his mistake. Chad says that if Gwen is still coming between them, it’s because of him. Abigail recalls Chad trying to make her feel better and saying he didn’t want to have a baby with Gwen. Abigail says she knows the kind of father Chad is, so she asks him to be honest on if there is any part of him that hates her for what she did to his child.

Kayla checks Doug’s blood pressure and heart rate and says it’s all good. Julie explains that today they are concerned about his mind because he forgot that he locked her in the freezer at the restaurant, confused Marlena and Vivian, and now he can’t remember Tom and Alice. Julie asks Kayla to help her understand what’s happening to Doug. Doug clarifies that she’s asking if he has alzheimer’s. Kayla says there are a lot of possible causes for memory lapses and a lot are treatable. Julie feels there is hope then. Kayla is glad they decided to come today and hopes it will ease their mind. Kayla says she will do a lot of tests and when she gets the answers, they will figure out the next step together.

Johnny calls Marlena a genius and remembers them all moving to Hollywood so that Will could sell a screenplay he had written about Sami’s life. Johnny wonders if Will would let him read his script. Marlena suggests asking him and says Will can call her if he resists. Marlena adds that she will talk to John about maybe getting involved financially. Johnny jokes that he knows she’s the one who calls the shots. Marlena says that’s not true at all as she and John are equal partners. Marlena advises Johnny to save some of his charm for when he gets to Hollywood because he’s going to need it. Marlena asks if he knows anything about making an elevator pitch. He doesn’t, so she tells him to look it up. Johnny calls her amazing. Marlena says she has to work to do, so they hug and Johnny says it was good to see her as he exits the office.

Gwen asks Jack to say something as he looks so upset. Jack responds that he is upset with himself, because she wouldn’t have been forced to do what she did if he had been in her life. Jack understands that she did what she had to do to survive. Gwen questions if he’s not ashamed of her. Jack cries that he’s done so many things in his life that he’s ashamed of, so if he judged her harshly then he’d be the biggest hypocrite. Jack brings up his adoptive father Harper and how he hunted and killed women who were sex workers. Gwen acknowledges Jack’s life wasn’t easy either. Jack is glad he met Jennifer and that Gwen got out of that life before meeting a psychopath like Harper. Jack hugs Gwen and tells her that she’s safe now. Jack cries that she is his daughter and after what she told him, she will always have a place in his life and in his heart.

Chad tells Abigail that the idea of fathering a child with Gwen was a nightmare but then he thought the child didn’t ask to be born, so he knew he had to try his best to be a father to that baby. Chad assures that no part of him hates Abigail for anything. Chad wishes Abigail would fly back with him today, so they and the kids could be a family again. Abigail says she wants that, but she can’t, because it’s not just about the guilt or how she feels about Gwen and the baby, but about them. Abigail brings up that Chad was unfaithful to her and she’s having a really hard time seeing him as the man she saw before, the love of her life, and devoted husband. Abigail admits she’s having a really hard time trusting Chad. Chad wants to help her do that, however long it takes and whatever he has to do, because he is devoted, from now on, to making her happy and making her feel safe and loved. Chad calls Abigail the most important person in the world to him and says she always will be. Chad declares that he’s nothing without her. Chad asks Abigail to come home with him.

Kayla tells Julie that she knows it’s scary but they will try not to think of the worst. Doug agrees they will do their best. Kayla says she will be back when she has scheduled the tests, so she exits the room. Doug tells Julie that he knows who he is and who she is, so even if he forgets their names, he will never forget how much he loves her as they hug.

Jack tells Gwen that when he thinks about what she’s been through, it breaks his heart. Gwen asks him not to feel sorry for her anymore and says it’s okay because of how blessed she is to have a father that loves her and believes in her. Jack feels blessed too because Gwen trusts him enough to be open with him. Jack hopes that his love for her and belief in her helps her believe in herself. Jack declares he will do everything he can to help and support her as he will always be there for her. Gwen cries that she’s so grateful as they hug. Jack then gets a call from Jennifer, so Gwen tells him to take it. Jack answers the call and asks how everything is going as he exits the room. Gwen tells herself that she went with Xander’s ridiculous hooker story because she’s a coward, but she couldn’t let her father hate her.

Xander pulls himself up in pain in his room and declares that the one that laughs last, hardest, and longest is going to be him.

Johnny goes to the DiMera Mansion where EJ is pouring a drink and asks if he had a tough day at the office. EJ asks if he got the financing for his pipe dream. Johnny says he might have and also got a lead on a hot script, but doesn’t think EJ will be a fan of the subject because it’s called The Sami Brady Story. EJ asks if he’s joking. Johnny responds that he’s not and he’s afraid some of the characters don’t get their happy Hollywood ending.

Abigail agrees to come home with Chad. She tells Chad that there is nothing more that she wants in the world than to let go of the guilt and pain and come home to he and the kids. Chad assures that he’s got her and he knows it won’t be easy but he’ll be with her every step of the way as he hugs her.

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Days: Beyond Update Friday, September 10, 2021

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

Ben and Ciara kiss in their room until Shane Donovan shows up at the door. Ciara answers and greets her Uncle Shane. Ben recognizes Shane’s name and that he is Paige Larson’s grandfather. Ben introduces himself and explains that he’s the one responsible for Paige’s death. Ciara insists that he’s not that person anymore. Ben doesn’t think Shane wants to hear any excuses. Shane informs Ben that he made peace with what happened to Paige a long time ago. Shane doesn’t want to rush but says he does need to get the amethyst back to Alamainia as soon as possible. Ciara hands it to him. Shane calls it beautiful but wonders if the jewels are really worth all the pain they have caused..

Sonny joins Will at home. Will mentions not getting much sleep and being amped up from the drag queen competition. Will says he has to finish a story before he gets scooped again. Will then checks to see if anything has been posted and is surprised by what he sees.

Billie and Kyle wait around the police station. Kyle praises getting back the ruby and citrine gems. Billie doesn’t care and is worried about her brother, Austin. Kyle tells Billie that she’s going to have to face that her brother is guilty.

Austin is in the interrogation room with Carrie. Austin tells her that he didn’t do this and asks if she believes him.

Will shows Sonny the article he found about his uncle Austin being arrested for jewel theft. Will wonders if he should call Kate or let Chad break it to her. Sonny notes that Chad is still sleeping.

Chad wakes up with a headache, wondering how much he drank last night. Chad then rolls over and is shocked to find Leo in bed with him. Chad jumps out of bed and questions what Leo is doing here. Leo asks if he doesn’t remember their torrid night of passion. Chad questions what he is talking about. Leo claims that Chad enjoyed himself and proposed to him.

Anna makes a phone call, demanding to speak to the chief of police because they arrested her son in law. Anna calls the charges trumped up and demands his release. Anna says they will see what her good friend, the US Ambassador, has to say about that as she hangs up. Anna asks Tony for the name of the ambassador but he has no idea. Anna tells Tony to stop being calm and complains about Carrie not letting her go to the station with her. Marlena and John arrive. John asks if there’s any news on Austin. Anna remarks that they wouldn’t tell them if there was. Anna blames John for turning Austin over to the police. Tony points out that’s because John and Carrie found stolen jewels in Austin’s bag. Anna argues that he didn’t have to tell the police. John reminds her of his oath to the ISA. Anna asks what about his oath to family. Anna complains that her daughter could lose her husband because of John. Tony questions looking the other way. Anna argues that Austin would never be involved in a jewel theft ring.

Billie tells Kyle that she knows her brother and he’s not involved in this. Kyle argues that with the evidence, there’s no way he’s not involved. Billie insists that she will find out the explanation. Kyle tells her that she can’t go talk to Austin. Billie asks if he will turn her in. Kyle says no and offers to go in with her, but Billie says she has to do this by herself. Billie asks him to go talk to Anna. Kyle assures that he’s on her side and kisses her. Kyle then exits the station.

Carrie tells Austin that she does believe him and asks how exactly the jewels got in his bag. Billie enters the room and declares she’d like to know the answer to that herself.

Ben wakes up in bed with Ciara. Ciara asks if he got any sleep last night. Ben says he’s fine but Ciara knows he’s thinking about Shane and that it was hard for him to come face to face with him. Ben thought it would’ve been harder on Shane when he talked about Paige, but it was like it didn’t matter to him. Ciara notes that he said he accepted it or maybe it was too hard to talk about. Ben felt it seemed like the gem was the only thing he cared about. Ben admits that considering what he did, he expected a bigger reaction out of him. There’s then a knock at the door, so Ben answers and sees Shane with a gun pointed at him.

Eli suggests they do something fun as their three day weekend comes to an end. Paulina complains about her friend Michelle being furious with her for being careless with the orange diamond ring. Paulina asks Abe if he’s heard from Shane. Abe says he got confirmation that the orange diamond is one of the missing gems. Lani says at least now they know the ring doesn’t belong to Paulina or Michelle, so maybe she won’t be so upset that it was stolen. They hear a jet ski, so Paulina pulls out her binoculars and sees that it’s Michelle and she is headed straight for them.

Shane tells Ben not to play games as he asks where it is. Ciara asks what’s going on. Shane reveals that last night, someone knocked him out and locked him in the supply closet. Ben asks if they got the amethyst. Shane asks what they are talking about. Ben and Ciara inform him that they gave it to him last night, but Shane reveals he wasn’t there last night. Ciara says he was, unless it was someone who looked exactly like him. Shane worries about them giving him the amethyst.

“Shane” goes to see Tony, Anna, John, and Marlena to ask how are they holding up. Anna complains about the ISA having Austin arrested last night and argues that he’s no jewel thief. “Shane” remarks that sometimes, people just aren’t who they seem to be…

Chad tells Will and Sonny to keep Leo away from him. Leo tells them that Chad experimented with him. Chad insists that he’s lying. Will believes Chad. Leo calls him rude and says he won’t help him with another article. Leo insists that he and Chad made passionate love last night. Chad repeats that this isn’t happening. Leo thought he’d be more understanding since his best friends are Will and Sonny. Will then pulls up security footage from last night, that shows Chad and Leo going in to separate rooms last night and then Leo snuck in to Chad’s bed about ten minutes ago while he was sleeping. Chad is thrilled while Leo questions them having security cameras. Leo still calls it the best ten minutes of Chad’s life.

Billie asks Carrie if she’s sure that nobody else went to their room. Carrie explains how she and Austin were in bed when he got the call about his trip and then he went to get his bag. Carrie says that she and John were in the room with the bag until they found the jewels. Billie promises not to give up and adds that nothing gets by Kyle either. Carrie mentions meeting Kyle last night while Austin was being booked and he didn’t seem to open to another theory of the crime. Billie admits he’s not the most warm but he’s a great agent and very honest. Carrie points out that he’s also very handsome. Billie tries to deny it but admits he’s hot. Carrie asks if something is going on with them. Austin wants to get back to his situation. Billie insists that Kyle wants to find the truth as much as they do. Billie promises it’s going to be okay and tells Austin to hang in there.

Kyle goes to see Anna, Tony, John, and Marlena. “Shane” is inside and introduces them to one of his best agents, Agent Kyle Graham. Kyle says it’s nice to meet them all and mentions hearing a lot about John. Kyle presents the sapphire, citrine, and the ruby while “Shane” has the emerald and diamond, so “Shane” says they should get them back to Alamainia as quick as possible. Kyle asks if they should wait for Billie since she’s still in with Austin. “Shane” responds that they will call her on the way and she can meet them at the airstrip. “Shane” says it was wonderful seeing them all again. He adds that the kingdom of Alamainia owes John gratitude and tells them to stay well as he and Kyle exit.

Ben questions Shane knowing who “Shane” is. Ciara apologizes and guesses that it was Drew. Shane calls John and reveals that was not him who just left, but his twin brother, Drew Donovan.

Paulina tells Lani, Abe, and Eli that they have to get out of here. Paulina swears about Michelle’s crazy temper and says they have no time to pack. Paulina then opens the door to see her friend Michelle and asks what brings her here.

Will and Sonny call Leo disgusting and asks why he’s doing this to Chad. Leo claims he was just trying to push him out of his comfort zone. Leo asks if Chad didn’t have fun and feel empowered as a drag queen. Leo asks when the last time Will and Sonny had a night out on the town like that. Leo adds that it was so easy for Sonny to believe Will was cheating on him because they became like an old married couple. Sonny argues that Leo is not selfless. Leo suggests he just wanted all of them to be friends. Leo then decides to go pack.

Lani and Eli are shocked to see Paulina’s friend Michelle is a young woman, as they thought she was referring to Michelle Obama, since she said Michelle gave her the diamond ring at the white house. Paulina clarifies that is because her name is Michelle White. Paulina introduces Michelle to Abe, Eli, and Lani. Abe adds that Paulina also called Michelle’s husband one of the most powerful people in the world. Paulina admits she may have exaggerated but praises him anyways. Michelle tells Paulina that she owes her an apology because she had no idea she gave her a stolen gem and she could’ve been killed.

Billie goes to see Anna, Tony, John, and Marlena. Billie asks where Kyle is. John informs her that he just left with “Shane”, while Marlena adds that “Shane” isn’t Shane.

Ciara finishes a call with the front desk and informs Shane that there is a car waiting downstairs to take him to the airport. Ben tries to talk to Shane about Paige but Shane says he can’t get into that right now, because there are innocent lives at stake, like Paige when Ben took her life. Shane says goodbye to Ciara and says he hopes that she’s right about Ben. Shane then exits.

Drew and Kyle return the lost gems to the Peacock in the National Museum in Alamainia. Lord Sebastian begins to thank them but Billie and John burst in with guns raised. John reveals that’s not Shane but his twin brother Drew. Sebastian questions the meaning of this. Drew denies it and claims he is Shane. John asks him when Shane’s wife Kimberly’s birthday is then but Drew doesn’t know so he admits he’s been busted. Drew then pulls his gun out and holds Kyle at gunpoint. Drew orders John and Billie to drop their guns or they will have another dead agent on their hands.

Carrie and Austin return home which relieves Anna. Austin explains that he’s out on bail until they can figure out who framed him. Anna reveals that it was Shane’s twin brother, Drew. Carrie argues that Drew was never there so he couldn’t have put the jewels in Austin’s bag. Austin guesses Drew must have had an accomplice. Carrie thinks she knows who it is.

Billie orders Drew not to hurt Kyle and to put the gun down. Drew asks why he would do that. Marlena walks in and says it’s the right thing to do. Marlena brings up Drew turning his life around and asks what happened. Drew informs her that Camilla died and he no longer saw a point in the straight and narrow. Marlena says she wouldn’t want this for him. Drew declares that he’s leaving with the Peaock and with Kyle as his hostage. John then grabs his gun and calls out Kyle. Kyle then pulls his gun and grabs Marlena at gunpoint. Kyle then reveals that his name is not Agent Kyle Graham, he is actually Dimitri Von Leuschner. John recognizes the last name meaning he is a cousin of Carly Manning and Frankie Brady. Dimitri complains that they abandoned their true names. Billie questions him being in on this all along. Dimtiri argues that the Peacock belongs to the house of Von Leuschner and was presented to the Alamains at a wedding that never happened but they never returned it. Sebastian argues with him. Dimtiri declares that he was determined to get the Peacock back but it was under the ISA, so he applied and worked his way up to get the highest security possible. Dimtiri declares his mission accomplished but John says not yet. John says that the Peacock is going back to the ISA. Drew says that won’t be happening and reveals that the now reassembled Peacock can control satelites armed with a deadly laser than can cause mass casualties in Phoenix, Zurich, New Orleans, Johannesburg, Phoenix, and Salem. Drew explains that after demonstrating the power, all the economies will come begging. John calls him a madman. Drew declares that John and his friends are as good as dead. Drew then activates the power of the Peacock but questions why it’s not working.

Leo apologizes to Will and Sonny for pushing so hard and says he’d do anything to regain their trust. Sonny says he’d have to get amnesia first. Will acknowledges that he did say sorry. Chad then comes out accusing Leo of stealing his watch from his bedside table which Leo denies. Will checks Leo’s pocket and finds Chad’s watch. Sonny guesses he probably has their car keys too. Will checks Leo’s other pocket and finds the emerald. Sonny thought Shane took that from Leo last night. Leo reveals that he swapped it out with a duplicate right before he caught him and wonders if anyone will notice.

Drew complains about the Peacock not working since it doesn’t have the right emerald. Marlena then elbows Dimitri. Sebastian fights with Dimitri while John and Billie hold their guns up. John disarms Drew. Drew tries to run but Marlena pulls a gun on him. Marlena says she doesn’t want to shoot him, but she will to protect her family. Billie holds her gun on Dimitri. Dimitri tells her that he did enjoy their tango. Billie remarks that he will have a lot of new dance partners in prison. Billie threatens to finish what Kristen started but says it’s not worth the paperwork. Billie then hits him with the gun to knock him out.

The next day in Miami, Abe joins Paulina on the patio and says it turned out to be a lovely visit with Michelle. Paulina agrees but she’s sorry they were disappointed that it wasn’t Michelle Obama. Abe jokes about that being a big deal. Abe tells Paulina that he had a great visit and he loves her because she’s smart, funny, and generous. Paulina calls Abe the most wonderful caring man that she’s not sure she deserves. Abe insists that he’s the lucky one as they kiss. Eli and Lani come by with their bags packed. Lani says she’s sorry to interrupt but they are all packed. Paulina makes sure they have everything. Lani assures that they do. Lani jokes that she reminds her of her mom. Paulina says it runs in the family. Eli declares that the weekend has been lit. Paulina jokes that she will keep it lit. Paulina, Abe, Eli, and Lani then exit back for Salem.

Ben reads Will’s article about the ISA bringing down the jewel thieves. Ciara is glad to see Ben is feeling better. Ben admits that what Shane said to him about Paige being an innocent victim did hurt him hard. Ciara encourages that he’s not that person anymore. Ben says he is and he can’t change what he did. Ben says the more he thinks about it, he realizes being guilty isn’t helping anything as he just has to be better and help whoever he can, whenever he can. Ciara agrees and says she loves him. Ben says he loves her more as they kiss.

Chad congratulates Will on his article and hugs him. Will jokes that he’s a little annoyed that his article is about Leo Stark inadvertantly saving the world. Chad says at least the emerald is back where it belongs. Will says that he should’ve known Leo was playing them when he was really just trying to make off with the emerald. Sonny admits that Leo may have had a point that they should go out and have fun more. Chad admits that last night was fun and made him realize how much he misses them. They suggest doing it again sometime. Will wants to make bros weekend a regular thing. They joke about no Leo next time as Chad hugs Sonny and Will.

Shane informs Lord Sebastian that the Peacock is no longer a lethal weapon as the ISA dismantled all of that. Sebastian thanks him for all of Alamainian. Sebastian checks on Billie after Dimitri’s betrayal. Billie hates that he fooled her and feels used. Sebastian jokes about the look on Dimitri’s face when Billie threatened to shoot off his jewels. Sebastian tells Billie that she just saved the world so she deserves a night off and invites her to dinner at the castle. Billie says she would have to ask her boss, so she asks Shane. Shane says they need to submit a full debrief to headquarters and they will be expecting a detailed history of the Alamainian Peacock. Sebastian states that he is the highest authority on that. Shane then assigns Billie to have dinner with Sebastian.

John hugs Carrie, who calls it an eventful weekend. Marlena says they will have to do it again, minus the international crime spree. Austin gets a text from Billie that the charges have all been dropped against him. Anna praises Carrie for figuring it all out. Carrie explains how she realized how Dimitri planted the gems when he came to interview them about Kristen and he had set up Austin’s fake business trip to get him caught at the airport. Tony is glad Austin and Carrie are back together. Marlena suggests family pictures before they go to the airport. John, Marlena, Anna, Tony, Austin, and Carrie then take photos together. John packs his bag as Marlena asks if he’s ready to take her back to Salem. John tells her that she’s got it as he kisses her.


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Days Update Friday, September 10, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Allie is setting up for Sweet Bits Bakery opening in the town square. Tripp comes by to wish her luck. Allie tells him that she’s been up all night baking and is really hoping people show up. Tripp encourages that it will be great. Allie thanks him. Tripp mentions that he would’ve given her more of a pep talk earlier but they haven’t really spoken since the other night. Allie says she feels bad but he’s been working and she’s been trying to find a babysitter for Henry. Allie adds that her mind has been preoccupied. Tripp asks if she means with the bakery opening or with Chanel and Johnny.

EJ is at home at the DiMera Mansion and he calls Xander but it goes to voicemail. EJ states that it’s been 24 hours and he still doesn’t have his money, so he better get it to him or he will do exactly as he warned. EJ warns him not to think about crossing him or he will regret it. EJ hangs up as Johnny enters and asks what’s going on. EJ claims it was just work calls, so Johnny asks if that’s the kind of work he’s wanting him to do by threatening people.

Xander listens to his voicemail from EJ and then Gwen shows up at his door. Gwen mentions hearing that Bonnie got arrested, so he was right that she stole a million dollars from him. Xander confirms that Bonnie is in a jail cell as they speak. Gwen asks if he’s going to get his money back. Xander says not exactly.

Jack is on the phone with Kayla at home, telling her about how Doug wasn’t himself yesterday and they would all feel better if she could check him out. Jack tells Kayla that Doug and Julie will see her soon and then hangs up. Julie walks in so Jack asks how she and Doug are doing. Julie insists that they are both fine. Jack knows she doesn’t want to talk about Doug’s memory lapse yesterday but he thinks it would be best if he got checked out by a doctor, so Kayla offered to slip him in today. Julie tells Jack to call Kayla back and cancel because they don’t need to see anybody. Jack goes over Julie getting locked in the freezer and Doug leaving her there. Julie argues that he didn’t mean to. Jack reminds her that Doug mixed up Roman and John as well as Marlena and Vivian. Julie tells him that this is over but Jack brings up how scared Julie was in the freezer. Julie insists that he has absolutely nothing to be worried about. Jack responds that he is worried and she should be too.

Gwen asks Xander about confronting Bonnie. Xander confirms that he got there just as she and Justin were about to get married. Xander explains that he went upstairs and found his money in a bag with a gun so he stupidly called the police because before he could get out, the police found Bonnie’s sister in law shot to death and seized the cash as evidence. Gwen asks if they will give it back to him. Xander says eventually. Gwen argues that he needs that money to give to EJ or else he will call the judge to have those drug charges reinstated and he could go to prison. Xander mentions the voicemail he just got. Gwen assk what he will do. Xander declares that he has to find a way to stall him or he’s screwed.

EJ tells Johnny that what he heard was just business. Johnny questions how he does business. EJ claims that someone he’s working with owes him a million dollars and he won’t let anyone cheat him out of what is rightfully his. Johnny asks if he thinks he will pay up. EJ says within the hour if he knows what’s good for him. Johnny questions why EJ can’t invest some of that. EJ reminds him that he’s not funding his pipe dream. Johnny argues that it’s not a pipe dream or a phase, he wants it to be his career. EJ wants him to work at DiMera and then he can make his own money to fund his project. Johnny doesn’t want to work by threatening people. EJ argues that Johnny doesn’t want to work at all, he just wants to make silly little movies on his phone. Johnny responds that EJ can insult him and belittle him, but he will never be EJ and work for DiMera. EJ suggests he find another relative to hit up for money. Johnny argues that he has plenty of family to support him, even if his own father won’t. Johnny tells EJ to take his job and shove it as he walks out. Chad then enters and asks if EJ was doing some father-son bonding.

Tripp brings up to Allie how she went racing out of her place after he told her about Johnny and Chanel almost sleeping together and he hasn’t heard from her since, so she never told him what happened between her and her brother. Allie asks if they can talk about it another time since she has so much to do and can’t get in to this right now. Tripp says he’ll be thinking of her and encourages her to believe in herself like he does. Tripp calls this the start of something incredible. Tripp and Allie kiss right as Chanel walks up and sees them.

Julie argues that Jack is blowing things out of proportion. Jack brings up when he came back to Salem with no memory and he doesn’t want that for Doug. Julie complains that it was just a little confusion. Jack thinks it would be better if they just got him examined. Julie says they can examine him at his checkup next month. Jack thinks they should do it now but Julie argues that it’s not his choice and she knows Doug does not have dementia. Doug then walks in and says that’s right.

Xander calls EJ and informs him that he found his money, so EJ asks why he doesn’t have it. Xander brings up Bonnie being arrested and explains that she robbed him, but the police found the money at her murder scene so they confiscated it as evidence. EJ responds that it’s not his problem, it’s Xander’s. Xander says it’s not a problem because the police assured he would get the money back as soon as Bonnie is arraigned, so once he has it, he will bring it to him. EJ warns him to do so or he will be sorry. EJ hangs up. Chad asks if everything is okay. EJ says he’s fine, just in a mood. Chad asks if it’s because of Johnny as things seemed tense between them. EJ says that’s no thanks to Chad.

Johnny goes to the hospital and runs in to Tripp, who asks what he’s doing there. Johnny informs him that he’s come to see Marlena about funding his film. Tripp wishes him luck but Johnny says he won’t need it since Marlena always had a soft spot for him. Tripp stops him and asks if he has a minute because he’s curious about what happened the other night between he and Allie.

Chanel comes to work at the bakery. Allie greets her. Chanel mentions seeing Tripp leaving. Allie says he just came by to say good luck. Chanel questions Allie being stressed out since the moment she showed up. Allie says she didn’t get any sleep and is just nervous about the opening. Chanel asks if she’s sure it’s about the opening. Allie asks what else she would be nervous about. Chanel decides they need to clear the air about her and Johnny.

Xander thinks he bought some time with EJ. Gwen still blames herself for putting him in this mess since he confessed to her crime. Xander assures it will all work out, but he’s more concerned with her and Jack. Xander asks about their conversation. Gwen explains that she told Jack that Dr. Snyder was blackmailing her in to running drugs, but not about her blaming Abigail for her miscarriage which drove her out of town and ruined her marriage. Gwen says she told Jack that she needed time to think so she made up an errand and ran out the door. Xander points out that Jack will want an answer soon. Gwen hopes this crisis with Julie will keep Jack busy a bit. Xander asks if she froze to death. Gwen says she wishes but Doug locked her in the freezer, which they laugh about. Xander jokes about other ways Doug can try to get rid of Julie. They laugh together and end up kissing.

Julie tells Jack that Doug agrees with her. Jack tells Doug that they were just talking about what happened yesterday. Doug responds that he doesn’t know how he could ever leave Julie locked in the freezer. Doug apologizes to Julie and hopes she can forgive him. Julie assures that what’s important is that they are both fine.

Chanel tells Allie that she can take care of herself. Allie says she just wanted to warn her about her brother. Chanel questions her crashing their date and trashing Johnny in front of her. Allie argues that he is a huge player and insists that she did her a huge favor. Chanel responds that she’s been with plenty of sleazy guys but she doesn’t get that vibe from Johnny. Allie argues that Johnny is very good at being charming and sincere, but he doesn’t have the best track record with women. Chanel mentions that she hasn’t spoken to Johnny since and hasn’t had much time to chat with anyone since they are opening a bakery today. Allie thought Johnny would have texted her. Chanel admits that he has, but she hasn’t responded. Chanel then asks Allie if that’s what she wanted.

Johnny asks Tripp if he means when Allie barged in on her and Chanel like a total lunatic. Tripp says he didn’t mean to cause trouble by telling Allie that Johnny and Chanel almost slept together. Johnny complains that Allie completely went off on him and then Chanel walked out the door. Tripp knew Allie would be upset but didn’t know she would go ballistic. Johnny tells Tripp to get a clue and declares that it’s obvious that Allie doesn’t want him with Chanel, because she wants her for herself.

Chad asks EJ what he has to do with the problems between he and his son. EJ reminds Chad that he asked him to convince Johnny to work for DiMera. Chad reminds EJ that he asked what was in it for him and he never got an answer. EJ says that was because Johnny walked in. Chad brings up trusting that EJ wouldn’t try to grab the CEO position for himself. Chad adds that he wasn’t going to let EJ use him to get his kids in the door then screw his kids down the road. EJ complains that Chad told Johnny to follow his passion. Chad talks about following his passion and starting a sports website then opened a coffee shop that turned into a nightclub. Chad admits it wasn’t all successful but he learned a hell of a lot along the way and he ended up back in the family fold, so he suggests EJ let his son explore a little bit. EJ says that’s out of the question and declares that Johnny needs to be put on the proper path. Chad asks if he means a leash. EJ remarks that at least his son is still living under this roof, unlike Chad’s wife. Chad argues that she’s helping her mom in Boston. EJ points out that she was supposed to be back home months ago. Chad guesses Laura’s affairs were more complicated. EJ questions Chad not taking the children to visit her but guesses that Abigail doesn’t want to see him. Chad doesn’t want his pity and says he’s already told Jack to talk to Abigail, but he hasn’t gotten back to him yet. EJ questions Chad standing around waiting for her to come back to him. Chad asks what he expects. EJ advises Chad to go get Abigail. EJ argues that if Chad had any sense, he’d be in Boston right now telling Abigail that her place is here with him and his children. Chad responds that he doesn’t tell his wife what to do. EJ blames Chad’s attitude for why she left. Chad points out that he doesn’t see EJ’s wife around anywhere. EJ says that’s because he threw her out for cheating on him with her ex-husband. Chad suggests he chase her down and drag her back by her hair. EJ responds that he doesn’t want to see that whore ever again and even if he did, he doesn’t know where she is. Chad finds that very hard to believe.

Tripp tells Johnny that it’s not true. Johnny asks Tripp why Allie would bring up ancient history about a friend of hers that he dumped back in high school. Tripp explains that Allie said she cares about both of them and if they started dating and something went wrong. Johnny disagrees and declares that Allie doesn’t want them dating because she’s still hung up on Chanel. Tripp notes that she told him that she’s not. Johnny adds that Allie is doing anything she can to keep them apart. Tripp says even if she was, she doesn’t control Chanel as Chanel can make up her own mind about him. Johnny reveals it looks like she already as because she ghosted him and won’t respond to his calls or texts, which he states is all Allie’s fault.

Allie apologizes to Chanel for storming in to Johnny’s and admits it wasn’t cool. Chanel says leaving wasn’t cool either but she didn’t know what else to do. Allie blames herself for Chanel being stuck in the middle. Allie says she should’ve talked to him in private but when Tripp told her that she and Johnny almost slept together, she just reacted. Allie knows they only didn’t because they didn’t have protection and she was scared that Chanel would end up like her friend Katie, who Johnny dated in high school. Allie tells Chanel that Johnny has a way with women and knows how to get what he wants. Allie explains that Johnny got Katie in bed and the next week, he dumped her and broke her heart. Chanel says that happens but Allie says she doesn’t want that to happen to her, so she felt like she had to stop it. Allie apologizes for causing a scene, but says she only did it because she cares about her so much. Chanel suggests they get back to work. Allie asks her if she can please forgive her first.

Xander and Gwen lay in bed together after having sex. Gwen says this is not why she came over but she didn’t want EJ to throw him to the wolves. Xander says he just kept her because he was concerned about her relationship with Jack. They agree that they got caught up in the moment and didn’t intend to end up back here. Gwen reminds him that they decided not to see each other. Gwen adds that Jack would die if he saw her in bed with him like this, even though she told Jack that Xander is not a drug runner. Xander feels Jack still hates his guts. Gwen worries that if Jack finds out about her miscarriage, he’s going to hate her guts too.

Doug gives Jack his word that he will not leave anyone in a freezer again. Jack points out that’s not all that happened. Doug acknowledges that he was confused about a number of things yesterday since he called Roman, John and mixed up Marlena and Vivian. Doug notes that his doctor says a lot of people have minor memory issues when they get older. Julie says she told Jack that but he won’t let it go. Doug thinks he actually knows why it happened and blames it on sleeping terribly the night before as he was restless and had bad dreams, but last night he slept like a baby. Doug thinks he and Julie should get going as they have a very important place to be. Doug reminds Julie that Allie and Chanel are opening their bakery today. Julie admits she didn’t remember. Doug blames himself for her having a difficult day yesterday. Julie wants to put that behind them and agrees they should go to the town square to support Allie and Chanel. Jack asks if they’re sure they won’t go to their appointment with Kayla first. Doug questions having an appointment with Kayla. Julie explains that Jack took it upon himself to get him an appointment to get checked over, but obviously that is not necessary. Julie knows Jack’s heart is in the right place but she assures that they are both fine and Doug is as healthy as a horse. Doug and Julie then exit together.

Gwen knows how much Xander’s friendship with Jack meant to him. Xander says not as much as a building a father-daughter relationship with Jack meant to Gwen, and if Jack finds out that Gwen let Abigail believe it was her fault that she lost her baby, he doesn’t think Jack will ever forgive her. Gwen acknowledges that Jack has loved Abigail her whole life. Xander argues that Gwen is every bit as much Jack’s child. Gwen points out that they don’t have the history. Xander tells Gwen that she needs a really convincing story about Dr. Snyder’s blackmail. Gwen says she’s trying but it’s very difficult. Gwen says she can normally come up with lies but this time she is stumped. Xander reminds her that Jack is an investigative reporter, so it has to be something he would just believe without looking in to. Gwen says it has to be something where she is scared enough for it to come out, but not so bad that he’d turn his back on her. Gwen worries about the pressure but Xander encourages that they can do this. Xander suggests they put their heads together and think of something.

EJ questions what Chad is insinuating. Chad says that EJ is not the type to lose track of people. Chad brings up EJ being the only one in touch with Kristen when no one else knew where she was. EJ points out that Kristen is their sister. Chad points out that Sami is his wife. EJ repeats that he is through with her and has turned his full attention to DiMera. Chad says he’d bet a million dollars that EJ knows where Sami is, or is very close to finding out. EJ denies that and says Sami could fall off the face of the earth as far as he’s concerned. EJ reminds Chad that they weren’t talking about his wife, but Chad’s, so he asks Chad what his plan is.

Tripp gets why Johnny is pissed, but insists that Allie and Chanel are just friends. Johnny calls them friends with benefits. Tripp acknowledges that Allie and Chanel kissed a couple times, but Allie said she wants to be with him and he believes her. Johnny questions if Allie is so in to Tripp, then why is she so determined to mess things up for he and Chanel. Johnny asks why she even cares what happens between them.

Chanel forgives Allie and knows she was just looking out for her. Allie thanks her for understanding. Allie says she’s going back to work but Chanel stops her and says they are not done as she thinks there might be more to it. Chanel reminds Allie that she made it clear that she was in to her, but Allie made it clear she wanted to be with Tripp. Allie says she does. Chanel brings up Allie losing her mind when she got with Johnny. Chanel asks if it’s possible that this is a situation where Allie doesn’t want her, but doesn’t want Johnny to have her either.

Gwen asks Xander to help her come up with a lie. Xander suggests Gwen telling Jack that she used to be a hooker and that Dr. Snyder was one of her clients then she ran in to him here and he recognized her, so he threatened to expose her past if she didn’t be his drug mule. Gwen refuses to tell Jack that she slept with Dr. Snyder. Xander can’t think of a better story. Gwen responds that she can. Gwen declares that she will tell Jack the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

Tripp tells Johnny that Allie is just being a good friend by trying to keep Chanel from getting hurt. Johnny complains about her convincing everyone that he’s a jerk, who uses women. Tripp remarks that his sister knows him better than anyone so as far as he’s concerned, she’s right. Johnny insists that he likes Chanel a lot and he thought she liked him too but now he doesn’t know if he will ever hear from her again.

Allie tells Chanel that she’s trying so hard to do the right thing and she really thought she was. Allie argues that she couldn’t let Johnny use Chanel. Allie says she felt she had to get over there and stop them from going upstairs together. Chanel asks what happened after she left. Allie informs her that Johnny let her have it and stormed off, then she went home and had a long talk with Nicole about everything. Allie notes that Nicole told her she had to be honest about why it bothered her so much that her brother was involved with her best friend. Allie explains that at first, she thought confronting Johnny really was just to protect her, but she didn’t consciously realize the real reason she was doing it. Allie says she should’ve known that she didn’t just go over there because she was worried and upset, but also because she was jealous.

Xander tells Gwen that she can’t just rush out as she has to think about this. Gwen assures that she wants to tell Jack the truth as it will be a huge weight off her shoulders. Xander worries that it could also be the end of her relationship with Jack. Gwen decides she can’t live with this lie anymore, so if Jack hates her then at least he’ll stop hating Xander. Xander isn’t sure about that since he’s known about her miscarriage for months and didn’t say a word, so Jack might end up just hating both of them. Xander adds that on the bright side, if Jack finds out the truth, then there’s no need for them to not see each other but then they aren’t seeing each other. Xander reminds Gwen that yesterday she seemed open to the possibility. Gwen reminds Xander that this is not why she came over, but to make sure he could pay EJ. Xander reminds her that he only kept her to find out what she decided to tell Jack. Gwen responds that now she is leaving. They say goodbye to each other as Gwen then kisses him on the cheek and exits the room.

Johnny tells Tripp that he has to go talk to Marlena, but he hasn’t seen Allie since she went psycho. Johnny gives Tripp a message to give to Allie and says to tell her to stay the hell out of his business from now on.

Doug and Julie join Chanel and Allie at the bakery. They thank them for coming and suggest a sample. Allie and Chanel then go in to check the oven. Julie tells Doug that it’s a day to celebrate as they taste the muffins and donuts. Julie declares that she is so thrilled that their family recipe will be available to everyone in Salem right here in the square. Julie calls it a wonderful occasion and that the donuts taste exactly like Alice’s. Doug stops her and asks who the heck is Alice.

Gwen goes home and greets Jack. Gwen asks about Doug and Julie. Jack says they are much better and Doug seemed like his old self again. Jack notes that they are out so maybe they can finish their conversation. Gwen says that’s why she came home because she thinks it’s time he knew the truth about Dr. Snyder and what he was holding over her.

EJ goes to Xander’s room and informs him that he just called the courthouse and found out that Bonnie was arraigned over an hour ago, so he asks where his money is. Xander responds that he was just about to go get it. EJ doesn’t believe him. Xander doesn’t understand why such a rich man cares about one million dollars. EJ says that it’s the principle as he finds it maddening that his hypocrite of a wife used his money to expose Nicole’s infidelity, when she was cheating on him. EJ tells Xander that he gave him fair warning, so now he’s calling the judge so he can expect to be in handcuffs shortly. Xander argues that he just said he was going to get the money. EJ responds that the only place he’s going is to jail.

Chad arrives in Boston and sees Abigail.


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Y&R Update Friday, September 10 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

When someone came to Adam’s office, he thought it was his assistant. It was Sharon, who adopted a silly voice and pretended she was the assistant. Adam was caught off guard, because Sharon was the last person he expected to see. She came by to apologize for mishandling things when he came to Crimson Lights for advice on Connor. He told her that, after all they’d been through, she never had to apologize to him. She thanked him. He was sorry for breaking his promise to give her and Rey space. Sharon noted that Mariah was upset to see Adam. He said Mariah never had use for him, because she was rightfully protective of Sharon, and now Mariah was combustible after all she’d been through. He figured he probably had Mariah’s outburst coming. Sharon said Adam came to the coffeehouse because he needed her help, and she wasn’t here for him, but she was now.

Adam was glad Sharon was here, because he needed her advice. He valued her professional opinion, and no one understood the dynamics better than Sharon. Sharon asked if Adam and Chelsea had the same expectations about what their future would look like. He said not exactly. She said they had to work those specifics out before talking to Connor, because he was going to want to know if there was any hope for his family to be together again. She asked if it was really truly over for him and Chelsea. He’d been clear with Chelsea that their relationship was over, but he didn’t recall ever getting a definitive answer about how she felt. There had been times when he sensed that Chelsea would be willing to reconcile with him. Sharon thought that made sense, because Chelsea and Adam had overcome some huge things. He said that too much damage had been done, but they still wanted to do right by Connor. Sharon thought Adam, Chelsea and Connor needed to have a family conversation soon and tell Connor that his parents were separating. Adam didn’t think he’d be able to do it soon, because he didn’t know when Chelsea was coming back from Anita’s. Sharon advised against putting it off. Adam and Sharon were in agreement that this talk should be done in person. Adam decided that he needed to do this now, on his own.

Sharon said that if Adam felt compelled to talk to Connor on his own, he needed to speak to Chelsea first. He was a little wary of how Chelsea would react when he took away any hope of reconciliation. Sharon advised speaking with respect and empathy for what Chelsea was going through. Sharon said that it might be a good thing Chelsea was with her mother now, just in case this hit her hard. He wasn’t sure Anita was the best influence on Chelsea. Sharon asked if Anita would encourage Chelsea to pull a con to heal her wounds, and Adam said something like that. He wondered if he was worried over nothing; maybe Chelsea still despised him and she was being civil for Connor’s sake. In that case, if he told Chelsea he was talking to Connor alone, it might cause a huge setback for her or provoke a huge negative response. Sharon suggested contacting Chelsea’s therapist, but Adam said Chelsea would consider it a huge violation of her privacy.

Sally was on her way into Adam’s office when she overheard the conversation through the open door. She stopped and listened as Sharon spoke about the importance of handling this situation correctly. She said Adam would be setting up a foundation for how he and Chelsea moved forward as parents. He said he knew Sharon would be the one person to steer him in the right direction. “You always have been,” he said. Adam asked how to frame this with Connor. He got the sense that Connor knew something was wrong with him and Chelsea, so it wouldn’t come as a shock. Sharon advised being open and honest and respectful of Chelsea. She said to let Connor know his parents would always love him. She assured him that he could do this. He said it was nice to know she believed in him. Sally barged in talking about the budget, pretending that she didn’t know Sharon was in the room.

Sally feigned sorrow for interrupting and she said she had something important to discuss. Adam asked her to come back later because he and Sharon were also discussing something important. Sally said okay – it was a private matter anyway. Sharon said they’d cover everything, so she should get going. Adam thanked Sharon. Sally said bye, but Sharon didn’t reply. Sally commented on the way things just got chilly in here. Sally said she was sorry for interrupting again, but Adam knew that wasn’t true because he saw her hanging around outside the door before she walked in. he said he and Sharon were talking about his kid, and he didn’t appreciate games when it came to his child. Sally apologized again, and she said she meant it this time. She swore she didn’t really hear anything. She admitted her actions were foolish and immature. She knew they were trying to keep things professional, but she got jealous. She knew he and Sharon had a history. She promised that she’d try and not act on her jealousy if it came up again. She said his past, present and future relationship with Sharon was none of Sally

s business. He agreed. He asked if she actually had something to discuss about the budget. She said she’d email him because she took up enough of his time already. After she left, Adam called Chelsea and said they had to discuss the future and Connor.

Victoria and Ashland had coffee at home. They talked about their schedules. She had a breakfast meeting with Nikki. He had to review some Newman Media paperwork, and he had a call with Harrison. She encouraged him to rest, too. He revealed that he’d made an executive decision and invited Elena and Nate to the wedding. Victoria was glad. He was happy she approved, because he’d spontaneously asked Nate to be his best man. He wanted someone who mattered to him and Victoria going forward and someone who wasn’t from his past. Ashland thought of asking Victor, but he’d be walking Victoria down the aisle, or Jack, but that was a complicated situation. The other option was Billy. Victoria was shocked, but Ashland was just kidding on the last one. He liked Nate and thought it’d be good to have someone like Nate by his side.

Victoria thought Ashland’s choice made sense. They were both focused on work and family, which didn’t leave time for much else. He said, like long-lasting friendships. He moved his life to Genoa City, and he didn’t miss anyone he used to socialize with in NY. All his so-called relationships were built for networking. Tara introduced him to her friends, but they didn’t have much in common. He’d always enjoyed being somewhat of a loner, even before he started Locke Communications Group. Then once he developed a reputation he knew she know what it was like to be in a powerful position. She did – most new acquaintances either deferred to you or wanted something from you. Ashland said Nate did neither. Ashland stated that Nate came to his aid and reminded him that he still had some power over his disease, and that made a strong impression on him. He thought it spoke to Nate’s integrity. He’d like to call Nate his friend and have him by his side at the wedding.

A gift for Victoria from Ashland arrived. He said it was a merger/wedding present. She opened it and was speechless when she saw the large painting of herself. He knew Victor used to have a similar one in the CEO’s office. She said it was in the boardroom now. He thought that it was time for her portrait to hang in its rightful spot in her office, to exemplify the changing of the guard. She thought It was just beautiful, and she didn’t know what to say. She looked at it again and asked if this was a Meryl Londeree. It was, and she was impressed that he’d managed to get her to paint this. He said it wasn’t easy, but he convinced the artist that Victoria deserved this. He wanted to prove his love for her. She said she had, again and again.

Victoria met Nikki at Society. Nikki reported that the staff at the palazzo was preparing for their arrival. Victoria was grateful Nikki was helping with this. Nikki asked how Ashland was doing. Victoria said that he had a rough day the day of the launch party, but now he seemed to be handling treatment well. Nikki asked how Victoria was. She was fine, and she was choosing to stay optimistic about Ashland’s treatment.

Victoria told Nikki that she received a beautiful thoughtful gift from Ashland. Nikki didn’t realize that artist was still painting. Victoria said she wasn’t, but Ashland made it work. She thought the gift demonstrated how well he knew her in such a short time. She’d been wanting to replace Victor’s picture for some time. It wasn’t a slight. She just wanted to step out of Victor’s shadow. Nikki said Victoria had always shone, and she was glad Ashland saw that as clearly as Nikki and Victor did. Victoria said it was like Ashland saw her for who she was, and she tried not to think about time slipping away. She wondered what she’d do if she lost the man she loved before they’d barely began their lives together. Nikki had been concerned about this the whole time, and the whole family was worried. Nikki said it was okay to admit this engagement had been abrupt. Victoria asked if Nikki was saying she should call off the engagement.

Elena and Nate were at Crimson Lights after their night together. She suggested going back upstairs, and he was tempted, but they both had things to do today. She guessed that was the official end to their date. They both enjoyed last night with Victoria and Ashland, but they were shocked Ashland asked Nate to be his best man. It still didn’t make sense to Nate that Ashland asked him and not one of his actual friends. He was honored, but he didn’t understand.

Elena thought it made sense. She said that Ashland just went through a divorce, so he might not want to ask any of his friends who knew his wife. Nate thought that was a good point. He added that Ashland said most of his friends were business associates. Elena said Ashland might want to choose someone who had a connection to Victoria and her family. She added that Nate went above and beyond and showed Ashland compassion, like a human being and not like a big shot billionaire.

Elena asked if Nate was going to accept. Nate liked Ashland, but he wasn’t ready to say yes. She asked if they weren’t going to Tuscany if he said no. He assured her that they were definitely going to that wedding. He teased that he ate all the pasta in Italy the last time he was there. He was happy to celebrate Victoria and Ashland, and he wanted to spend time with Elena in the most romantic place on earth.

Billy and Lily were at home, and he was waiting for one of the investigative journalists to get him some information on Ashland’s mentor. Lily noted that this investigation was causing a rift between Billy and Victoria. She asked if the team found something new. They hadn’t uncovered anything on that time in Ashland’s life, which Billy found suspicious. He thought Ashland’s history had been scrubbed. There was nothing to be found about where he was born or what happened to his parents. Lily said they died when he was young. Billy stated that every article on Ashland said his parents, Mary and Ian Locke, died when he was a teenager, but there were no death certificates proving that. There was no birth certificate for Ashland either. It was as if he and his family never existed. Lily admitted it was intriguing. Billy hated to bring up Victor, but Victor had talked for decades about his early years as an orphan and how he rose to the top. Why didn’t Ashland want to discuss that part of his life? Lily thought it might be too painful for Ashland to revisit, or maybe he wasn’t close to his parents. As for the missing records, things weren’t digitized when Ashland was young, so maybe they were lost. Billy added that there were no anecdotes about his family or information on his school days. Lily said that, given all the lives Ashland wrecked, maybe no one wanted to go on the record about him. He asked why she was fighting him – did she want him to give this investigation up that badly? She just wanted him to have facts before he jumped to conclusions.

Billy and Lily went to Crimson Lights and ran into Elena and Nate. They chatted about AskMDNow and agreed to have dinner soon. Elena joked that she and Nate were popular lately. Elena mentioned the dinner with Victoria and Ashland and she said they discussed the wedding. Billy was interested in details. Nate didn’t think it’d be appropriate for him and Elena to repeat what they were told. Elena noted that Billy had a vested interest in publishing stories on this. Billy didn’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable – he clarified that this was off the record. Elena said they didn’t know anything anyway. Lily suggested that Billy could just ask Victoria what he wanted to know. Elena mentioned that she might have to dodge paparazzi for the wedding. Lily was surprised they were invited. Billy asked who made the invitation – Victoria or Ashland. Lily was sure it was Victoria, since she and Nate went way back. Elena clarified that it was Ashland – he and Nate hit it off. Nate said he liked Ashland.

Billy and Lily’s order was finished, so they left the table. At the counter, Lily said she was glad Billy stopped fishing for details, especially since it seemed like Nate and Elena didn’t know anything. Billy, however, was struck by something that Nate said. Elena and Nate left. Billy thought it was suspicious that Ashland was trying to befriend Nate. Billy said that Ashland donated to the hospital, then the couples had dinner together, and now all of a sudden Nate and Elena were invited to the wedding. Lily said Nate was a great guy, and Ashland was getting treatment at the hospital where Nate worked. Billy said Ashland built a career being intimidating and aloof, and now he was charming people he barely knew. Lily said Elena and Nate were doctors, not moguls Ashland had to worry about screwing him over. Billy said men like Ashland didn’t seek friendships unless there was something they were hoping to get out of it.

Billy and Lily went to work. He said that the investigative journalist hit another dead end. It was almost like Ashland didn’t exist until he met the woman who became his mentor. He didn’t see how it was possible for anyone in this day in age to have no record of the first 20 years of his life. Lily asked who cared if Ashland was hiding where he came from. Billy said if that was true, that meant Ashland was a lie, and his empire was a lie. People would want to hear about this story and Victoria deserved to know.

Ashland was at home staring at Victoria’s portrait. He got a text that said “You’re a hard man to keep track of.”

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Days: Beyond Update Thursday, September 9, 2021

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

Ben and Ciara are in their hotel room, preparing for the party where Ciara will be pretending to be Princess Greta Von Amberg. Ben talks about being pumped for the ISA mission as he always wanted to be a secret agent. Ciara says she grew up on her parents adventures and now she gets to have one herself. Ben talks about how he’ll be pretending to be Greta’s husband, Austin Reed. Ciara asks if he really thinks they can pull this off. Ben says they just have to infiltrate the party and retrieve the amethyst pin, asking how hard it can be as they kiss.

Shane calls Billie to ask about the emerald. Billie says they left Will and Sonny to it as she thought it was more important to get here to the Sapphire. Shane asks if she trusts Will and Sonny with that. Billie says all should be fine as long as Leo doesn’t screw it up, but he’s a wildcard.

Leo walks in on Chad getting ready for bed. Chad tells him to leave but Leo says he’s not going anywhere because they are spending the night together.

Shane asks Billie about the Sapphire. Billie says that John thinks the nun who took it is really Kristen DiMera. Shane worries about the danger but Billie says she can handle this as she has history with Kristen. Billie says she just needs to round up her new partner. Shane asks how it’s going with her new partner as he knows he can be a bit much. Kyle then answers his door without a shirt on, so Billie tells Shane that he’s fine and she’ll get back to him as she hangs up.

Austin and Carrie lay in bed together after having sex. They talk about how much they missed that. Austin is glad they were able to work things out, despite his big romantic gesture going horribly wrong. Carrie says he didn’t need to buy her an expensive necklace to win her over as they just needed to be romantic again. Austin admits he needed to forgive her for Rafe. Carrie asks if he has. Austin promises that he has, so Carrie says she believes him. Austin still wishes that Kristen hadn’t stolen the necklace and talks about the sapphire made Carrie’s eyes pop. Carrie says she couldn’t have kept it anyways since it belongs to the Alamainian government. Carrie hopes that Billie finds Kristen and gets the sapphire back to it’s rightful owner. Austin and Carrie continue kissing in bed.

Kyle tells Billie that he’s sorry for being behind as he had to get his gym workout in. Billie jokes with him about muscles. Kyle mentions getting the file she sent on Kristen and says she’s a total mess. Billie reveals that Kristen was also a really good friend of hers. Billie admits that Kristen has made terrible choices, but they were really close and had really good times with Jennifer until Kristen took a really dark turn. Kyle asks when she last saw her. Billie notes it’s been a couple years now, but she still knows how Kristen thinks and feels she knows where to find her.

Chad tells Leo to get out but Leo gets on the bed. Will and Sonny walk in to ask what’s going on. Chad tells them that Leo is under the false impression that they are going to have sex. Leo clarifies that he just said they are spending the night together. Chad says no and asks how he got roped in to this. Leo explains that Jackie made it clear that the owner of the Emerald won’t sell to just anyone, so they need the DiMera name to win them over. Sonny asks what’s wrong with the Kiriakis name. Leo mentions they had a problem with an item in a magazine that Titan published, leaving Chad as the only one. Will tells Chad that he’s sorry to drag him in to this but it sounds like they need him. Chad says fine but wants to be kept away from Leo.

Ben asks Ciara if she heard about a weird virtual Garden of Eden. Ciara explains that it was a test that Greta had to go through and that Austin helped her through it. They start kissing. Ciara reminds him that the party is starting soon so they need to stay focused. Ben reminds her that they haven’t practiced doing the tango and they might need that for the party. Ciara tells him they can’t be late so Ben suggests they practice the tango on the way to the car. Ben asks Ciara to dance.

Will, Sonny, Leo, and Chad go to a gay club. Will complains this isn’t their scene. Chad thought they were meeting the seller. Leo says this is the meeting place. They ask about Jackie but Leo says she couldn’t be here and she told him who to look out for.

Ben and Ciara arrive at the party looking for their targets of Miles and Sophie. Ben spots them coming in and that they are approaching. Miles welcomes them to their home and introduces them to his wife Sophie. Ben and Ciara introduce themselves as Austin Reed and Princess Greta von Amberg. Sophie says they were thrilled to see their names on the guest list. Miles mentions Princess Gina being close friends with Lili, so he’s honored to meet Gina’s daughter. Sophie calls it exciting to have a real princess in their home. Ben talks about being honored to attend a party like this and mentions doing the tango but Sophie informs them that there won’t be any dancing as it’s not that kind of party. Ciara asks what kind of party it is then. Miles assumed they knew. Sophie then reveals to them that they are at a sex party. Ben then looks around and sees various couples kissing.

Carrie wishes they could stay in bed all day as she and Austin continue kissing until Austin’s phone goes off.

Billie and Kyle arrive in Amsterdam. Kyle asks if she’s sure Kristen came here. Billie says she had a hunch and that Kristen spent time here in the past last year. Billie mentions this cafe being her favorite spot with Brady and Rachel. Billie guesses that Kristen is missing her daughter about now. Billie then finds Kristen at a table. Billie sits down and says long time no see.

Ben questions this being a sex party. Ciara assures him that it is. Sophie confirms that everyone is here to have a good time. Miles says the idea is for people to mix things up a bit. Ciara asks if they are swingers. Sophie says they don’t use that word and they are just open minded. Miles says it spices up their marriage as they kiss. Sophie tells Ben that she understands if it’s not his sort of party and if so, they would have to ask them to leave because being here means you are a willing participant. Ben agrees but Ciara stops him and thinks they should stay as they might not get an opportunity like this agan. Miles offers Ciara a private tour of the house. Ben says no but Ciara pulls Ben aside for a moment.

Austin tells Carrie that he got a text about a business trip and his flight leaves in an hour. Austin apologizes and says he’ll be gone for a couple of days. Austin asks if they can pick up where they can left off. Carrie says she’ll need a placeholder so she doesn’t forget as they continue kissing.

Kristen tells Billie that she’s good. Billie introduces Kristen to Kyle. Kristen assumes Billie is here to arrest her but she’s not sure for which crime. Billie brings up Kristen putting on her nun outfit and stealing a sapphire necklace from Carrie. Kristen explains that her associate got thrown out of the auction so she had to do everything herself. Kyle wasn’t expecting a confession. Billie asks Kristen to hand over the sapphire but Kristen says she can’t, because somebody is paying her a lot of money for the necklace but she’s not allowed to say who. Kyle advises Kristen to cooperate. Kristen then admits that she has a gun under the table, aimed directly at Kyle as she warns them to run along.

Leo meets drag queen Cori Blake as the person Jackie had sent them to. Leo introduces Will and Sonny as the most boring couple and claims that he’s with Chad. Will wants to get to the matter at hand. Sonny brings up the emerald and that Chad hoped to purchase it from Cori. Cori doesn’t know about selling it. Chad offers to pay top dollar but Cori says it’s not about the money, but sentimental value. Cori mentions having it for years and it bringing good luck. Chad promises to give it to a good home. Cori is willing to part with the emerald if he proves worthy enough by winning tonight’s competition. Sonny asks what competition. Cori reveals it’s a drag queen contest.

Ben refuses to let Ciara go alone anywhere with Miles. Ciara feels it’s a chance to get the amethyst but Ben worries about Miles trying to swing with her. Ciara says she will find a way to put him off. Ciara feels they have no choice since they must recover the gem for the ISA. Sophie asks if everything is alright. Ciara claims that Ben is just a little shy but she’s convinced him it will be fine. Ben says he can’t say no to a princess. Miles then takes Ciara for a private tour. Sophie then asks Ben to tell her about himself. Ben says he’s a former boxer, former piano player, and now a forensic accountant. Sophie says that’s disappointing as she was hoping for a different answer. Ben is sure his job bores her. Sophie reveals that she hoped he would tell her who he really is, because he’s sure as hell not Austin Reed.

Austin gets prepared to leave on his trip. Carrie tells him that she will miss him as they kiss. Austin says at least she will have her mother to keep her company. Carrie jokes that it’s not as comforting as he might think. John then shows up with fresh pastries. John mentions having breakfast with Anna and Tony then they went shopping, so he took the chance to hang out with them. Carrie asks if there’s any word on the hunt for Kristen. John says not yet, but he’s sure Billie has the situation under control.

Billie tells Kristen that she can’t threaten to shoot people’s private parts. Kristen argues that they are trying to take her precious jewels too. Billie threatens to take out her gun and says this behavior is not okay with her. Kristen tells her to spare her the lecture and chill a little. Kristen brings up Billie blaming Hope for her miscarriage and sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend, Nick. Kristen then brings up Billie’s porn career and her drug problem. Billie gets up and throws a glass of water on Kristen, telling her to shut her mouth as she’s had enough of her. Kristen then flips the table and storms off, so Billie chases after her.

Leo asks who has the best hair and makeup sense. Chad doesn’t know about this. Leo says it’s the only way to get the emerald for the ISA. Leo brings up Chad being a model before. Will says this isn’t his wheelhouse either. Sonny argues that if all four of them compete, they have better odds of winning. Leo reveals that he can’t compete because he’s banned from all regional drag competitions and it’s a long story. Chad questions what is happening. Sonny declares it’s up to the three of them. Will notes the competition starts soon so they should get costumes. Chad looks around feeling panicked. Sonny asks if he’s alright. Chad asks what if he’s an ugly woman. Sonny encourages that he will do great.

Miles brings Ciara to the primary bedroom and kisses her. Miles asks if she’s nervous. Ciara admits she is a little as she’s never really done this before. Miles says they can go back downstairs but Ciara assures that she’s exactly where she wants to be. Miles is happy to hear that and begins to undress which Ciara questions. Miles thought they could get a little more comfortable. Ciara says that’s a great idea but asks if she can take the lead because she likes being in control. Miles says he’s at her service. Ciara asks if he has any restraints. Miles removes his shirt and says he knew he liked her. Miles then pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Ciara orders him to get in bed and remarks that those should hold him.

Ben tells Sophie that he doesn’t know what she means, insisting that he is Austin Reed. Sophie tells him to save it, as they used to live in Switzerland, so she once took a yoga class with the real Austin Reed and his lovely wife Carrie. Ben apologizes for deceiving her and says he’ll go get his wife so they can get the hell out of here. Sophie stops him and guesses he faked his identity to cash on his pardon. Ben says that’s exactly what they did as they were in town for a couple days and were looking for some excitement, so they pretended to be royalty. Sophie laughs that she doesn’t blame him for roleplaying as it’s her favorite pastime. Sophie says they should stay. Ben questions her not being upset that they lied. Sophie says that half the people here are using aliases and adds that it’s nice to have fresh blood, especially a beautiful couple like them. Sophie then requests Ben take her right here, right now.

Ciara handcuffs Miles, ties him to the bed, and puts a blindfold on him, saying that she is completely in control. Miles admits that he doesn’t usually bring strangers to their bedroom, but he knew she was special. Ciara begins searching the room and tells Miles to be patient. Ciara finds a jewelry box and retrieves the amethyst then escapes the room.

Ben questions Sophie wanting to have sex right here on the patio in front of all these people. Sophie points out that people aren’t shy at this kind of party. Ben admits to never doing anything like this before. Sophie says she was nervous her first time too, but they adapt quickly. Sophie reminds him that if he’s not willing to participate then she will have to ask him to leave. Sophie points out that his wife seems game, so Ben says that he is too. Sophie then rips his shirt open, pushes him on to the couch and climbs on top of him. Sophie starts to kiss Ben but Ciara rushes over to interrupt. Sophie invites Ciara to join them. Ciara says they would love to but they have to go. Ciara claims she has important duties to attend to. Ciara and Ben thank Sophie and run out of the party.

Billie returns to Kyle and says that Kristen got away. Kyle says it happens to the best of them. Billie then reveals that she got the sapphire, surprising Kyle. Billie notes that Kristen dropped it while running. Kyle is sorry he wasn’t more helpful. Billie talks about Kristen bringing up her past and says she knows how to push her buttons. Kyle assures that none of that changes how he sees her and it makes him admire her more. Kyle knows he hasn’t known her long but calls her the most extraordinary and beautiful woman he’s ever met. Kyle then kisses Billie.

Austin tells John that he’s sorry he wasn’t able to say goodbye to Marlena in person. Austin kisses Carrie and leaves the room. John says it’s nice to see them happy again. Carrie wishes the timing was better with Austin’s business trip. John asks if that’s a habit. Carrie calls it very unusual. Carrie then opens Austin’s bag and finds two of the missing gemstones.

Cori begins the amateur drag queen extravaganza. Cori notes that they have some stiff competition and introduces the first competitor Sonny as “Sonny Delight”. Sonny has difficulty and falls, then gets sent to the back. Cori then introduces Will, who says his name is Wilhelmina Shakespeare but Cori calls him “Amanda Fox”. Will tries to get away but Sonny pushes him back in. Cori then introduces Chad as “Bolinda Chinashop.” Chad impresses everyone so Cori declares him the winner of the drag competition. Cori then gives him the Emerald as his prize as he celebrates with Leo, Will, and Sonny.

Sophie goes to the bedroom to find Miles tied up and says she thinks they’ve been had. Miles says he suspected as much and asks her to free him. Sophie removes his blindfold and asks what’s the hurry as she kisses him.

Ciara and Ben return to their room. Ciara declares they did it and their first spy mission was a success. Ben says that might be his last as he’s not cut out for this. Ben talks about Sophie confronting him for not being Austin and how the whole thing freaked him out. Ciara jokes about the look on Ben’s face when she walked in on Sophie on top of him. Ben is thankful that Ciara came when she did. Ciara asks if he wasn’t slightly disappointed and if their marriage ever gets stale. Ben doesn’t think they will ever have to resort to that and says it’s impossible to get sick of her, because what they have will always feel like a honeymoon. Ben and Ciara kiss as she finishes removing his shirt.

Billie tells Kyle that the kiss was surprising. Kyle asks if she doesn’t feel the chemistry. Billie just never though he would fraternize with his partner and points out that it’s against the rules. Kyle respond that he’s heard some rules are worth breaking. Kyle tells her that she’s worth it and then some. They joke about Kristen trying to shoot his privates and hope that she was bluffing.

Carrie shows John the gems found in Austin’s bag. John identifies them as the ruby and citrine parts of the Alamainian Peacock. Carrie wonders why Austin would have those in his bag. Austin then returns to the room and says he’s ready to go, but questions what’s going on. Carrie says that’s what she’d like to know as John shows him the gems.

Cori talks about Chad, Will, and Sonny impressing. Chad admits it was empowering and praises Will’s dance moves. Will and Sonny joke with each other and kiss. Sonny toasts to their success. Cori then realizes Leo is missing. Will asks where Leo is while Chad asks where the emerald is.

Leo tries to escape with the emerald but is stopped outside by Shane.


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Days Update Thursday, September 9, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Rafe finishes a call about a case in his office and says he will text a picture of the license plate. Rafe hangs up and then looks through his phone, seeing a picture of he and Nicole. Rafe then thinks back to Nicole telling Rafe that she would stay away from him in favor of his relationship with Ava.

Nicole is sitting at Julie’s Place thinking of the same conversation with Rafe until Ava appears and comments that she looks like she lost her best friend.

Paulina sits with Eli and Lani’s babies and talks to them. Paulina says that everyone in town thinks of her as their great Aunt Paulina, but they can call her grandma. Paulina whispers that it’s their little secret as Abe returns to the room. Paulina says she didn’t hear him come in. Abe questions what she just said.

Brady and Chloe find Lani at the Kiriakis Mansion and question why the cops are there as no one will tell them anything. Lani informs them that there was a murder here tonight. Brady and Chloe worry about Victor or Philip.

Jake and Gabi kiss until Philip shows up at the door. Gabi asks what he’s doing here. Philip then questions why the hell she’s spying on him. Gabi asks what he’s talking about. Philip informs her that his laptop froze up tonight so he took it to get checked out and they found a keylogger. Philip tells Gabi that he knows it was her who put it there.

Lani informs Brady and Chloe that it was Calista Lockhart, Bonnie’s sister in law. Brady is surprised to learn that David Lockhart had a sister. Lani explains that Calista was shot upstairs in Justin’s bedroom. Brady asks who killed her. Lani says they took Bonnie in for questioning but that’s all she can tell. Chloe remembers that Justin and Bonnie were supposed to get married today. Lani notes that things didn’t go as planned and calls it a typical Salem wedding. Chloe asks if the body is still upstairs. Lani says no so Chloe decides she will go talk to Philip. Lani informs her that Philip is not home but she doesn’t know where he is. Lani adds that CSI is wrapping things up and shouldn’t be much longer. Chloe thanks her. Lani apologizes for ruining their homecoming as she then exits the mansion. Chloe can’t believe a woman was murdered down the hall from her bedroom. Brady declares that is exactly why she’s coming home with him tonight.

Eli goes to Rafe’s office and informs him that they just booked Bonnie Lockhart, so she’s in a holding cell. Eli calls her a piece of work and questions her hiding a dead body in Justin’s bed. Eli adds that at least it all blew up before the ceremony so Justin dodged a bullet. Rafe thanks Eli for handling that as he knows Eli and Lani were done with work and he called them back so he appreciates it and hopes he didn’t pull them from anything important. Eli says they were just having dinner with Paulina and Abe. Rafe apologizes but Eli says it’s all good and jokes that they were thrilled they left so they could have alone time with the twins.

Paulina thought Abe was doing the dishes. Abe says they are done and questions what Paulina said to the babies. Paulina tries to blow it off but Abe thinks he heard her call herself Grandma. Paulina admits that she did. Abe reminds her that she is their great aunt and their grandmothers are Valerie and Tamara. Abe questions why she told them to call her grandma. Paulina responds that she has a confession to make.

Ava offers to join Nicole at the bar, saying she will catch up and then pick up the next round so Nicole tells her to have a seat. Ava adds that if things go according to plan, she will be able to get her drinks for free in the near future as she is hoping that Julie will hire her as the new chef since she just dropped off her resume. Nicole thought Ava wanted her to hire her at Basic Black. Ava says she did but things it would be awkward under the circumstances. Nicole understands that Ava thinks it’d be awkward working for a woman who she thought tried to steal her man.

Eli sees Rafe’s phone open on the picture of he and Nicole. Rafe says he was looking for a photo for a case and it just popped up. Eli asks Rafe if he had any more conversations with Duke. Rafe is sorry that he ever shared that with him. Eli laughs and points out Rafe having a picture with Nicole on his phone and he’s in a crappy mood. Eli asks if Ava is still ticked off about he and Nicole. Rafe says she’s not because he and Nicole are not going to be seeing each other anymore.

Paulina says she needs liquid courage and drinks a glass of wine. Abe asks if she’s okay. Paulina says not really and claims that the dinner just made her feel like a grandmother. Paulina praises Abe making dinner and how spending time with their family felt right. Paulina suggests that one day, she and Abe might get married so that’s why she wanted the babies to call her Grandma, because she would be their grandma by marriage. Paulina claims she was just jumping the gun and asks Abe to say something.

Chloe asks Brady why she would go home with him. Brady reminds her that a woman was murdered down the hall from her. Chloe argues that the police wouldn’t let her stay if there was any sort of danger and Lani said they have Bonnie in custody. Brady asks what if Justin gets her out since she seems to be going off the rails and Bonnie does not like Chloe at all. Chloe doesn’t think Bonnie would make bail and then come shoot her because she didn’t get along with Mimi in high school. Brady questions Chloe trying to sleep here, knowing a murder happened a couple doors down from her. Chloe thanks Brady for being concerned with her mental health and thinks it’s just a coincidence that his proposed remedy would keep her away from Philip. Brady acknowledges that it was a stretch but he had to try. Chloe doesn’t like being in this tug of war with Brady and Philip, so she wants it to stop now.

Gabi claims to have no idea who put the keylogger on his computer and that she doesn’t know what it is. Philip brings up Gabi controlling Julie’s pacemaker from her phone. Philip accuses Gabi of putting a device on his computer to record every key stroke he makes. Jake says he doesn’t know that. Philip brings up the first time his laptop froze being right after he caught Gabi in his office. Philip accuses her of installing spyware on his laptop. Gabi argues that they work together on the same team and asks why she would do that. Philip brings up that Kate called it and said what they were up to. Philip declares it’s over and tells Gabi and Jake that they are both fired.

Brady tells Chloe that he would love to stop fighting with Philip and that will happen when he grows up. Chloe compares it to Brady’s behavior and says everything is a joke to him, especially her relationship with Philip. Chloe doesn’t think Brady sees or cares that he’s laughing at her. Brady says that was not his intention. Chloe complains that he cooked up this whole business trip just to get her away from Philip and alone with him, using her job to make her do what he wanted in order to one up Philip. Brady argues that he didn’t cook up anything and it was a legit meeting that they crushed. Brady says they are a wonderful team. Chloe argues that this is her life that he’s messing with and how she feels about Philip is no concern of his. Chloe suggests Brady just say he’s sorry and go home. Brady tells Chloe that he’s sorry and he will go, but he wanted to make sure Victor was okay. Chloe wants Brady to go before Philip comes home. Brady remarks on Philip showing up in Pennsylvania then apologizes, calling it an old habit.

Gabi insists that she and Jake had nothing to do with the keylogger. Philip says he practically caught her red-handed. Gabi claims she would never betray him like that but Philip says that’s exactly what she did. Gabi argues that they are friends. Philip says he will have her personal things packed up and sent to her. Jake argues that Gabi’s computer was acting up so she had to use his, so maybe someone put spyware on her computer too and it was a company wide hack. Jake suggests Philip have I.T. check that out. Gabi asks what if the hacker was just trying to target Philip. Jake says they have nothing to lose if they already lost their jobs. Jake adds that if someone is trying to hack the company and it’s not them, Philip should want to know who it is.

Eli comments that it sounds like Ava and Rafe had a pretty intense fight. Rafe says Ava is easily worked up and jealous while Gabi has been poking at her, so it was intense. Eli asks how Nicole reacted. Rafe explains that Nicole was cool with it and saw everything Ava’s way, then suggested they don’t see each other anymore until he and Ava work things out. Rafe admits he though that was extreme but maybe she’s right because Ava needs to know that he cares about her more than Nicole. Rafe adds that when he came home, Ava was sitting here in the dark with her suitcase packed. Rafe says that was his third important relationship conversation that day. Rafe says he was ticked off but then he saw how hurt Ava was. Rafe tells Eli that he admitted to Ava that his friendship with Nicole had become more than a friendship, but he was able to convince Ava that he wanted to be with her, not Nicole. Eli asks if he’s being honest about that.

Nicole tells Ava that Rafe told her what she said about them. Ava clarifies that she never thought Nicole set out to get Rafe, just that they had become more than friends. Nicole says she was nuts and admits she leaned on Rafe way too much which was unfair to her, but Rafe was just being a friend to her and that’s all. Ava says it wasn’t. Nicole insists that Rafe had no interest in her romantically and it was all in Ava’s head. Ava disagrees. Nicole claims she’s suddenly not thirsty. Ava then reveals that it’s true as Rafe told her himself.

Paulina asks Abe why he won’t say something. Abe questions if she is thinking about them getting married. Paulina worries that she’s scared him off. Abe says she hasn’t, but admits the idea has crossed his mind. Paulina asks if he’s telling her that he wants to marry her.

Rafe assures Eli that he was being honest as he cares about Ava and wants to make things work with her. Eli asks even if that means giving up on Nicole, who is not married anymore. Rafe argues that it doesn’t mean Nicole wants to jump into a relationship and doesn’t even know if she’s interested. Eli suggests maybe she is but Rafe declares it doesn’t matter as he has made up his mind and that’s it. Eli says it is what it is and he’s happy for Rafe and Ava, but it sucks he had to lose a friend in the process.

Nicole is surprised to learn that Rafe said that. Ava explains that she was ready to leave because she told Rafe that she wanted to be with him, but not if he wanted to be with Nicole, and that’s when he told her that he was right. Nicole says she didn’t know. Ava calls it the one time in her life that she wishes she had been wrong and that it was all in her head. Nicole apologizes. Ava says it’s okay as she and Rafe talked honestly for once and he told her that he would put those feelings behind him and that she was the one he wanted. Ava confirms they kissed and made up. Nicole says she’s glad. Ava repeats that it was good because they talked honestly, so she hopes that she and Nicole can do the same. Nicole asks what she means. Ava needs to know how she feels about Rafe.

Brady tells Chloe that she’s right that he shouldn’t interfere in her personal business. Brady says he’s going to see if Victor is okay. Brady tells Chloe that it’s not a ploy as he asks if she will be okay here alone. Chloe assures that she will be. Brady asks if she knows when Philip is coming home. Chloe admits they haven’t spoken since Wilkes-Barre since she was upset and he was giving her space, but she thinks he has learned his lesson. Brady exits as Chloe remarks that she at least hopes he has.

Gabi tells Jake that this isn’t going to work as they can’t bluff their way out of this as when the I.T. guy sees her computer is clean, he’ll be convinced she’s the hacker and this will blow up in their faces. Philip finishes his phone call and reveals Jake was right as they found a keylogger on Gabi’s computer too. Jake says that means Gabi didn’t hack Philip’s. Philip decides he will have all executive computers checked out and says the question now is who did this. Jake suggests it was DiMera as Chad and EJ are pissed that he switched teams. Philip wouldn’t put it past them. Gabi says if they hacked Gabi Chic, it could be Basic Black but she doesn’t see Nicole doing that. Philip then wonders if it’s Brady.

Abe tells Paulina that he’s not saying they should get married tomorrow but admits that he’s thought about it. Paulina knows he’s been married before, but she wasn’t sure he’d ever want to do it again. Abe acknowledges that it’s been ten years since he lost Lexie, but he told himself that if he ever got married again, it would have to be to someone very special. Abe notes they have had some rocky moments, but he feels the same way she feels about tonight in that it just felt right. Abe adds that if things keep going in this direction, he could see getting married. Paulina assures they will take it nice and easy. Paulina tells Abe that he is worth waiting for as they hug.

Nicole tells Ava that she doesn’t feel that way about Rafe. Ava asks if she’s sure, since they were so close and she needs to know where she stands. Nicole reminds her that she’s told Rafe that they can’t see each other for awhile because she was screwing things up for them and she’s sorry. Nicole assures that she doesn’t have to worry about her at all. Ava appreciates that and agrees that it would be best for now for her and Rafe to not see each other. Nicole adds that not seeing Rafe is not a problem for her. Rafe then arrives at Julie’s Place and sees them.

Gabi tells Jake that her nerves are shot as she thought they were done for. Jake explains that he was protecting her by putting the keylogger on her laptop just in case Philip found out. Jake compares it to Stefano teaching all of his kids to play chess so they are always thinking about the next move. Jake adds that he knew Philip would figure it out so they had to be prepared. Gabi asks why he didn’t tell her. Jake figured she had enough on her plate. Gabi jokes that he just wanted to have a way to check up on her, but admits she would’ve done the same thing. Gabi toasts to Jake saving their jobs and not getting found out that she was the hacker. Jake remarks that this was a move that the future CEO of Titan would make.

Brady returns to the living room and informs Chloe that Victor wasn’t resting as he just wanted to get away from the police, so they didn’t arrest him for celebrating Bonnie being taken out in handcuffs. Brady says it’s Justin that he’s worried about. Chloe notes that today was supposed to be such a joyful day. Brady brings up that in a couple days, it’s he and Chloe’s wedding anniversary. Brady talks about how he was very happy that day and how Chloe’s smile was beautiful. Brady reminds Chloe of that night in the cottage. Philip comes home and grabs Brady, calling him a son of a bitch.

Gabi argues that she is the future CEO of Titan as she planned from the beginning. Jake points out that the plan would’ve got them fired if not for him, so he’s a genius. Gabi says what’s genius was her shifting blame so that Philip thinks it was Brady. Gabi adds that Philip was already crazy jealous of Brady and she saw the look in his eye when he thought it was Brady behind the spyware. Jake remarks that he looked mad enough to kill.

Philip tells Brady that he knows what he did and he won’t get away with it. Chloe tries to intervene. Philip says he’s not talking about Brady stalking her, but Brady trying to take his company by putting spyware on he and Gabi’s computers. Brady denies it but Philip argues that he’s been trying to undermine him and his lawyers are looking into it. Philip declares that once they have proof, he will put Brady in prison for corporate espionage. Brady responds that he won’t find proof because he didn’t do it. Chloe asks for a moment alone with Philip. Brady suggests Philip get help as he exits. Philip shouts that Brady will pay for this. Philip declares that Chloe has to stop working for Brady now.

Eli goes home to Lani and checks on the kids. Lani says they didn’t give any trouble and notes that Abe and Paulina were in a really good mood when she picked them up. Lani gives Eli a beer and asks how the station was. Eli says Bonnie is a mess. Lani wonders why Bonnie stole a million dollars and shot her sister in law. Eli doesn’t know as she clammed up in the car. Lani asks what Rafe said. Eli notes that he gave Rafe the file but he seemed distracted. Lani argues that Rafe is never distracted. Eli responds that Rafe is dealing with some personal issues, but he thinks he’s got it all settled now.

Rafe greets Ava and Nicole at the bar of Julie’s Place. Ava calls it a surprise. Rafe figured that Ava would be dropping off her resume so he thought they could have dinner but he doesn’t want to interrupt. Nicole says she was just leaving and thanks Ava for the drink. Nicole tells them to have a nice dinner as she exits.

Eli asks Lani how it feels to be back on the job. Lani admits it’s exhausting so she’s glad that Paulina and Abe made dinner. Eli agrees that it was nice and he’s glad that Paulina and Abe got back together.

Paulina never thought this evening would turn out so well. Abe responds that he knew it would. Abe says that life has many more surprises with her around and that is very good. Abe tells Paulina that he loves her. Paulina responds that she loves him too as they kiss.

Gabi tells Jake that they have to keep pushing Philip to go after Brady because that’s when he’ll take it too far and Victor will fire him. Jake says they will be right there ready to take over. They toast to victory.

Chloe questions Philip wanting her to quit her job. Philip argues that what Brady did was illegal, so she doesn’t want to get mixed up with him when he takes him down. Chloe argues that he has no proof and she doesn’t think he did it, so Chloe declares that she’s not quitting until he has proof. Philip declares that when it turns out that he’s right, he wants her to leave the job and Brady for good. Chloe warns that if he’s wrong, she doesn’t want to hear a word about Brady ever again. Philip agrees and they shake hands on it.

Brady finds Nicole in the town square. Nicole thought he was still in New York. Brady informs her that he and Chloe closed the deal with the client. Brady asks how Nicole is doing as she looks kind of down. Nicole responds that she’s eating her feelings and shares her ice cream with Brady.

Rafe asks Ava what her and Nicole were talking about. Ava says that Nicole was just telling her how she never wants to come between them, so she was thanking her for stepping out of the picture. Ava asks if Rafe is still okay with that. Rafe assures that he is and they decide to put that topic to rest. Ava goes to the restroom to freshen up. Rafe sits down with his phone still on the picture of he and Nicole.

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Y&R Update, Thursday September 9, 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Jack was on his way to bed when he found one of Harrison’s army men. He wistfully picked it up, then he grabbed his phone.

Phyllis found Adam sitting in the Grand Phoenix lounge. She asked him where his she-devil was, and he asked why, so she could douse her with another champagne bucket? Phyllis blamed Sally. Phyllis said she knew this new and improved version of Adam Newman wouldn’t last. She asserted that Sally would’ve left town if he didn’t allow Chloe to hire her. He said he was letting Chloe give Sally a second chance. He thought Phyllis should be in favor of those, since she’d had a few. She countered that he’d had more than her, and he replied that it wasn’t a contest. She asked why he was keeping Sally here after she ran Summer out of town. From what Adam heard, Summer was doing well in Milan. He just wanted to have a drink, without the drama, unless Phyllis wanted to tell him her real issue with Sally. Phyllis denied having a secret issue with Sally. Adam thought that Phyllis saw a bit of herself in Sally. Phyllis decided to leave, rather than dignify that with a response. Adam said that whenever Phyllis swanned out of the room without getting the last word, he knew he hit a nerve. Phyllis kept walking, and Adam grinned.

Phyllis showed up at Jack’s unexpectedly. She said she saw the text he sent Kyle in the family group chat, so she knew he was here, alone in this big empty house. She thought he might be lonely, so she came to say hi. He thanked her for checking on him. She felt she owed him because he stopped her from making a bigger mess of the evening at the party, and he gave her a pocket square to clean up the champagne on her face. He believed she’d shown admirable restraint. She thought he was being generous, and he said he was always a softy where she was concerned. She asked about the text he sent Kyle. He explained that he got a little too nostalgic after finding a toy Harrison left. She asked if he was okay. He was fine, but tired. She said she’d go, but he quickly asked her to stay, because he could use a friend. Phyllis asked Jack what was really going on. He didn’t want to get all maudlin. He kept telling people he was fine with Kyle and Summer moving to Italy with Harrison, but it all happened so fast. It was jarring. Phyllis understood. Part of him felt like he should move on with his life, and he was angry that he couldn’t, but the other part of him asked why he should move on – that was his son and grandson. This house used to be filled with noise and love, and now it wasn’t. He fought back tears. He didn’t want to get used to the silence and emptiness of it all. Phyllis said this house used to be filled with Abbotts. He said Traci and Ashley came and went and Kyle and Harrison were gone. Jack was very lonely.

Jack was adamant that he didn’t need Phyllis to fix this or tell him to look on the bright side. She said she’d wouldn’t say that. She just wanted to talk to him and listen. He was embarrassed about being lonely, even though she told him he shouldn’t be. He felt like he’d failed at life. He’d had a big full life, and now he was completely alone. She said he had so many people who loved him, herself included. She clarified that she knew that didn’t preclude you from being lonely – you could feel alone in a family or in a relationship. You’re born alone and you die alone. He laughed and asked if this was supposed to be a pep talk. She said it was a reality check. She thought that was why people tried so hard to form relationships and connections and why people worked so hard at romance. “Why we start a romance with the wrong person hoping they’ll magically turn into the right person?,” he asked. She assumed this was about Sally, who was definitely the wrong person. She couldn’t imagine who he was hoping Sally would turn out to be, though. “I guess I was hoping she would turn into you,” he admitted. Phyllis said Sally could never be her, even on Sally’s best day.

Phyllis told Jack that he didn’t want another Phyllis. There was a reason their marriage didn’t work out. Jack admitted they went through their share of heartache, but they’d also had some of the best times of his life. He said she was also the most captivating fascinating woman he’d ever known, and sometimes she was so gorgeous it hurt. He thought she was also frustrating, complicated, hot-headed and careless. All in all, she was a spectacular package. Maybe it was because they’d spent so much time together lately, but he’d been thinking that maybe he didn’t move on with his romantic life, because he’d already been with the most amazing woman he’d ever known. She suggested that was the wine talking and that he didn’t mean what he was saying. He insisted that he really felt this way. “I have never stopped loving you and I don’t think I ever will,” he said. She was caught off guard, but he didn’t think she should be that shocked. He made it clear that he knew she’d moved on and that their time was over. He knew she was happy with… “With Nick. That’s a fact,” she said. He told her he truly deeply loved her, and he couldn’t stop. Phyllis went to get Jack some water so he could hydrate after his wine. When she returned, he was asleep. She covered him in a throw blanket, then she knelt next to him and put her hand on his arm for a moment. Phyllis quietly left.

Sally told Victor that his home was lovely. His invitation caught her by surprise, but who could say no to the great Victor Newman? She assumed she was summoned here because of what happened at the launch party. He clarified that he wanted to get to know her a little better. He offered her a drink, and she mentioned the single malt scotch she had with Adam the other day. He poured the drink and asked if Adam introduced her to it. She was vaguely aware of it before, but it was out of her price range. He noted that she’d gone from Lauren’s assistant to head of JCV, a job his granddaughter held first. Sally assumed this was about Summer.

Sally said that Nikki already conveyed how she felt about Sally, and she assumed Victor shared his wife’s sentiment. Victor stated that he was upset that she caused Summer distress. He said if he’d intervened earlier, things would’ve turned out differently. She took that as a threat, but he said it wasn’t. He stated that she and Adam caused quite a stir at the party, and she prompted Phyllis to empty a bucket of water over her head. He said Adam was in a delicate situation with his son, and what Sally might consider harmless flirtation could have unwanted consequences. Sally mentioned that Chloe told her this earlier. Sally was sensitive to the situation, and she knew Adam wanted the best for his son. She suggested that Adam should be the one to make decisions for his son. She asked Victor if he should be dictating his adult son’s personal life, or hers, for that matter. He told her not to use his son as a way to salvage her lackluster career. “And arguing with me would be the worst mistake yet,” he added. Adam walked in and said he guessed he missed the memo about this meeting.

Victor said he invited Sally over because she needed to know certain things now that she was a member of Newman Media. Adam asked what kind of things. Sally said it was about Connor and what was going on between Adam and Chelsea. Adam asked Victor why he’d talk to Sally about Connor. Victor thought Sally needed to know the whole story. “Apparently he doesn’t trust you to communicate this information yourself,” Sally added. Victor hoped Sally made use of this information. Sally asked if she was being dismissed now that she was put in her place. Adam told Sally that she should go. Sally thanked Victor for the scotch, and she left. Adam asked Victor why he felt compelled to dump this on her. Victor knew Sally’s type – she was a social climber who was trying to cozy up to Adam. Victor said Adam talked for months about turning over a new leaf and becoming a good father to Connor, so what the hell happened?

Adam thought Victor was overreacting to the situation with Sally. He assumed Victor resented Sally because of the thing with Summer. Victor said this wasn’t about Summer, it was about Sally, a grasping social climber, latching onto Adam to use him. Adam said that Sally wasn’t using him – he’d never let that happen. Victor said Connor was fragile, and he felt the tension between his parents. Adam asserted that he was in tune to what was going on with his son, and it wasn’t about Sally. Victor had been impressed with Adam before, but now he thought Adam was going back to his old ways. “You’re gallivanting with that dame around town, rubbing it in people’s faces, trying to elicit some kind of reaction, not thinking about the consequences” Victor said. Adam was adamant that he’d always protect his child, and he didn’t need Victor micromanaging his life. Adam said Victor was the one slipping into old behaviors and trying to control Adam, which drove them apart in the past.

Nick and Sharon were happy to see each other when he went to Crimson Lights. He mentioned that Summer sent pictures of her and Harrison. Sharon was interested, so Nick showed them to her. He was about to show pictures of his nephew, Dominic, and Sharon said she met him in person when Abby brought him home from the hospital. He was adorable. Nick was glad Dom was healthy, given how he came into the world. He asked how Mariah was. Sharon thought the ordeal affected Mariah in ways she didn’t realize, but she had a strong loving support system. Nick hoped he was included in that group. Sharon said of course – Nick was family. She mentioned the New Hope – Newman Media partnership. She couldn’t get over him working with Adam. He said they’d been on their best behavior. She thought that it was incredible that Nick was giving Adam a chance to prove he changed – it was a testament to the kind of man Nick was. She asked how the party went, and Nick said it was great until Sally mixed it up with Phyllis. “Oh my gosh, what happened?,” Sharon asked. Nick reminded Sharon of the time she dumped a pitcher milk on Nikki’s head. He said it was something like that, except the milk was a giant champagne ice bucket, and it was at a giant party.

Sharon assumed she knew who started the Phyllis/Sally showdown. Nick wasn’t there when it happened, and Jack had been acting protective of Phyllis, downplaying her role in it. He said Jack got Phyllis out of there, and Adam took Sally away. Sharon was startled Adam was part of it, then she assumed he intervened as Sally’s boss. Nick clarified that he was pretty sure Adam was Sally’s date. Sharon said that was interesting. He looked at her expectantly until she told him not to expect some deeper feelings from her about it. “I said ‘Interesting.’ That’s it. Don’t read more into it.” Nick said there was a time he wasn’t sure she’d be able to detach from the mess that was Adam’s life, but he thought if anyone could help her do it, it was Rey. He thought they seemed happy. She said they were. He also knew that when it came to her history with Adam, it was never quite that simple.

Sharon already told Adam that the past was the past. She wasn’t secretly drawn to him. She was committed to her marriage. The way Nick looked at Sharon prompted her to insist that she was telling the truth. He believed her, but he knew she must be tempted to let Adam back into her life. He said Adam showed a different side – he saved Faith’s life, and he came back and rescued Nick in Kansas. Nick allowed Adam into his life. He understood it wasn’t so simple for Sharon, and he knew Adam was a source of tension in her marriage. Sharon couldn’t admit this to anyone except Nick, and given that he came around on Adam, she knew he’d understand. He said that he and Adam were far from best friends, but he understood how hard it was to want to see the good in Adam while also drawing a line. Sharon thought everyone needed someone in their life who really supported them, and she’d made herself that person for Adam. She paid the price, but Adam also proved her right. It was really difficult to try and completely turn her back on him. Nick asked if Rey understood. Sharon said she and Rey recommitted to their marriage, which Nick noted was not an answer to his question. He asked again if Rey understood that Sharon couldn’t completely cut Adam out of her life.

Sharon said that her relationship with Adam had changed significantly. “But Adam is still a part of your life. Looks like he always will be. And Rey knows that?,” Nick replied. She said she and Rey were as open and honest with each other as possible. She was sure Nick understood – things couldn’t be all smooth sailing with Phyllis. He said it actually kind of was. He knew Phyllis meant well so he’d stopped trying to put the breaks on her meddling. “You make that sound so easy,” Sharon said. He replied that he’d made a choice to accept Phyllis for who she was. Sharon conceded that all couples were different, but she did think that when a couple broke up and got back together, things could be better for them, as long as they were in agreement on what they wanted. Nick said he knew Sharon well enough to know something else was on her mind. Sharon said it wasn’t all that deep. She noted that he chose the sort of relationship he wanted with Phyllis – not with the crazy intensity he had last time, at least not the type that made him want to put his fist through the wall. He said last time he hurt a lot of people he cared about, particularly Sharon. Sharon said they didn’t have to revisit that time. He said he and Phyllis were older now, and maybe they figured out how to be in a relationship in a serene way. It didn’t have to be complicated.

Sharon understood why Nick would choose something easy and comfortable. He thought she meant he was looking for the path of least resistance, not real love and commitment. That wasn’t what Sharon meant. He inferred that she thought he was settling for Phyllis and that something was missing. Sharon didn’t mean to imply that. She was just making an observation. “But you said comfortable and easy,” he noted. He didn’t want her to take it the wrong way, but he could say the same thing about her and Rey. Sharon said she and Rey got each other, like Nick and Phyllis did. She felt it was good for any relationship to have friendship and trust. She was glad Nick and Phyllis were at that point and that they were happy. Nick was happy that Sharon was happy. Sharon had to go, as it was late. She asked if he wanted to help her close, and he laughed and said yes. They kept stealing looks at each other as they tidied up. When he turned out the lights, their eyes met for a moment, before she turned and kept cleaning. He watched her.

Sally went to Society and ordered their best scotch. The bartender asked if it was a special occasion. She said she was moving up in the world – apparently she’d become a target of the Newmans. Nikki ripped into her at the launch party, and Victor just summoned her to his home. She said Victor did that thing rich and powerful men do when they want something, but it’s supposed to feel like your idea. She toasted to her boss’s father, the jerk. Sally finished her drink and said it was Adam’s loss.

Sally got up and when she turned around, Adam was there. “My father made his point. Now I want to make mine,” he said, then he pulled her into a deep kiss. They went to the hotel, and they were so overcome with desire for each other that they barely stopped kissing as they unlocked the door to their suite. Adam kept calling Sally’s name, and this snapped her out of her fantasy. The kiss and trip to The Grand Phoenix never happened. She and Adam were still at Society. Adam asked if Sally was so mad she was pretending not to hear him. She said she was just distracted. He apologized for his father. However, talking to Victor got Adam to reevaluate, and he didn’t think he and Sally should see each other outside the office anymore. “Should. That’s a word that I have eliminated from my vocabulary,” she said.

Nick went to Phyllis’s room, and she was already in bed, seemingly asleep. He sat down on the bed and looked deep in thought. The rest of Sally’s speech to Adam played as a voice over on top of Nick and Phyllis’s scene. “You either choose to do something or you don’t. There is no should or shouldn’t,” Sally said. Nick glanced at Phyllis, who faced away from him. She opened her eyes. Sally’s statement continued: “No acting a certain way because that’s what’s expected of you.”

Jack was shown waking up, as Sally said “You decide what you want, no matter how people are going to react.”

No matter how far outside it is from what is considered socially acceptable,” Sally stated as Sharon was shown putting the closed sign in the coffeehouse window.

And if people don’t like it? That’s their problem. To hell with ‘em,” Sally was shown whispering into saying in Adam’s ear. She then left the restaurant.

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Days: Beyond Update Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

Eli and Lani kiss in bed. Lani tells him that everything is hotter in Miami as they continue kissing.

Shane Donovan shows up at Paulina’s door. Paulina doesn’t know who he is but Shane has a happy reunion with Abe as they hug and Shane says it’s been way too long.

John sits with a photo of the Alamainian Peacock. Marlena asks if he’s still beating himself up. John states that Shane was so understanding that he totally blew it at the auction last night. John argues that it was his job to buy that sapphire. Marlena is sure that Shane thought he had all the bases covered. John remarks that they weren’t prepared for Anna.

Austin presents Carrie with the Sapphire Necklace. Carrie calls it the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen. Carrie asks Austin how he got it. Austin admits he had a little bit of help from Anna.

Billie & Kyle show up at Will and Sonny’s in Phoenix, where Billie is surprised to find Chad and asks what he’s doing there. Chad says he’s just keeping Will and Sonny out of trouble. Billie talks about Chad not changing at all since he was a model for Countess Wilhelmina. Chad mentions running DiMera with EJ now. Kyle interrupts to inform Chad that they are here on ISA business. Billie introduces Kyle to Chad. Chad asks how he can help. Billie reveals that they are following up a call from Will, who has information on a stolen emerald.

Sonny joins Will in the shower and apologizes for accusing him of cheating. Will apologizes since he promised to never keep anything from him again and he broke that promise. Will acknowledges that he should’ve told him more about the story. Sonny admits he probably wouldn’t have believed it. Will feels he still should’ve come clean. Sonny decides they can make up for that now as they kiss. Leo then walks in and joins them in the shower.

Anna tells Carrie that Austin loves her very much. Carrie jokes that she’ll have to return the tie that she got him. Austin says it’s not a competition. Carrie questions Anna paying for it. Anna says it was worth every penny. Carrie asks if it was Austin’s idea. Austin admits that he asked Anna for help because he had too much wine and said something hurtful to the person he loves the most, so he wanted to show her that he knows what they have together is priceless. Austin vows to never take her for granted again as they kiss.

Tony goes to see John and Marlena. Marlena asks if he’s enjoying his triumph. Tony says he comes bearing gifts. John wants the necklace but Tony says it’s much better, the world’s most expensive chocolate. Tony says it’s meant as a peace offering but John tells him to take the chocolate and get out. Marlena thanks Tony and takes the chocolate.

After Carrie exits the room, Austin tells Anna that they need to talk as he went online and found out the final bid on the necklace. Anna calls him nosey and argues that there were a lot of bidders. Austin questions half a million Euros. Anna admits she may have gotten carried away in the moment.

Tony talks about how Anna gets when she gets something stuck in her head. Tony questions why the necklace is so important to the ISA. John explains that it contained a sapphire that belonged to the Alamain family as it was stolen 30 years ago and just resurfaced, so the auction had no right to put it on the block. John doesn’t give a damn what Anna wants because he won’t stop until he gets the necklace back to Shane Donovan.

Paulina jokes about getting jealous of Abe and Shane. Abe introduces Paulina to Shane as one of his very dearest friends from way back and Paulina as the woman in his life. Paulina says good friends are like family where she comes from so she hugs him. Paulina says Shane looks familiar and asks if they have met before. Shane assures he would’ve remembered.

Leo tries to shower with Will and Sonny. Will questions what he’s doing. Sonny tells Leo to get the hell out. Leo doesn’t see the big deal. Will and Sonny then throw him out of the shower. Leo complains that they don’t want to have any fun.

Shane tells Abe that he can see Paulina is quite the charmer. Eli and Lani come in. Abe introduces them to Shane. Shane notes that without Eli and Lani’s quick thinking, they wouldn’t have been able to take the jewel thief into custody. Eli wishes it was the man that took Paulina’s ring. They talk about how they must have been waiting to make their move. Paulina says she will tell anything they want to know. Shane says he actually came by because he has a lot to tell her. Shane tells her to picture Alamainia in 1991.

Billie introduces Kyle to Will and Sonny. Will mentions being a reporter and asks if they are willing to go on record about the missing jewels. Billie reveals that they just found the amethyst in New Orleans. Will asks what happened in New Orleans but Kyle warns him to stop recording and put his phone away. Kyle says they will ask the questions and asks what Will knows. Billie apologizes and thanks Will for contacting. Will explains that an acquaintance of his claims to know where the emerald is.

Tony explains to John that Anna bought the necklace for Austin to give to Carrie because they are going through a bad patch recently. John guesses Austin must have really been in the doghouse then. Tony says he couldn’t change Anna’s mind about the sapphire being the key to Austin and Carrie’s marriage. John warns that if the wrong guys figure out that Carrie owns the sapphire, her life is in danger.

Austin tells Anna that Tony should be a part of this conversation. Anna says that Tony went off to find chocolate and she doesn’t know why. Austin had no idea that Anna paid that much for the necklace and worries that Carrie is going to figure it out. Anna questions the price of true love and tells Austin to promise never to say anything stupid to Carrie. Austin wants to start by putting the necklace in a bank vault. Austin thanks Anna and decides to get on the video chat with their son Noah. Austin leaves the room while Anna talks about working miracles. Anna then answers the door to see “Sister Mary Moira”, who informs her that God sent her to save her soul from eternal damnation.

Leo introduces himself to Billie and Kyle. Leo tries flirting with Kyle. Kyle tells him to just tell him about the emerald. Leo admits he doesn’t know exactly where the emerald is, but he’s on very good terms with someone who does know and they should be there any moment. Sonny feels Leo is just stringing them along. Chad agrees and calls Leo a con artist but then the doorbell rings.

Anna promises Sister Mary Moira that she was only joking about miracles. She explains that Anna doesn’t know her, but she knows Anna, revealing that she is Susan’s sister and EJ’s aunt. Anna invites her in then, saying they are practically family. Sister Mary Moira talks about finding money for orphans and she saw Anna and Tony were in town, so she decided to pay them a visit. She brings up Anna paying a pretty penny at the auction last night, so she’s sure she will be just as generous with the orphans. Anna says her checkbook is in the other room. Sister Mary says she’ll just say the rosary while she waits, so Anna goes to get it.

Shane finishes explaining to Paulina where the stone in her ring came from. Paulina questions her diamond being part of some peacock. Abe suggests hearing him out. Shane explains that the government of Alamainia has all the documents to prove ownership and it appears that ring was stolen goods long before it was stolen from Paulina. Eli jokes about everything being hotter in Miami. Paulina says their lawyers can call her lawyers and they’ll see who comes out on top. Paulina questions the thief they arrested and wants to get him to talk. Shane notes that the man has rights, so it’s been determined that the bset course of action is to release him, which upsets Paulina.

Anna gives a check to Sister Mary Moira. She remarks that she thought Anna would be a bit more generous than that for the starving orphans. Anna then takes it back and claims she left a zero off at the end so she adds to it. Sister Mary Moira says her generosity will not go unrewarded as she then exits.

Paulina can’t believe the thief is loose after putting a gun to Lani’s head. Paulina complains about letting that animal on the streets and that the ISA only care about the Peacock. Abe argues that Shane has good reason for doing what he did. Eli guesses they put a tail on him to lead to his partner and the diamond. Paulina apologizes. Lani talks about growing up in Miami and offers to help in any way she can. Shane hoped that he could convince her to be his backup. Eli says they’re here to work. Paulina worries about them taking a bullet for her getting her ring back. Eli and Lani assure that they can take care of themselves. Paulina tells them to be safe and bring back what is hers.

Leo introduces his best friend, drag queen Jackie Cox. Jackie talks about doing impressions but Billie does not recognize. Kyle asks if Jackie has the emerald. Jackie says no, but knows where it will be tonight and suggests taking Kyle. Billie says no because Kyle is with her and asks where they need to go. Leo interrupts to ask what’s in it for them.

John and Marlena go with Tony to see Austin and Carrie, surprising them. Austin asks why they didn’t tell them they were going to be in Zurich. John says they were planning to but had business to take care of first. Anna asks Tony what they are doing here. John says he can answer that. John then declares he’s here for the necklace.

Billie tells Leo that he won’t see any of the reward money until they have the emerald in hand. Leo suggests he’s interested in other arrangements. Kyle says they are only interested in the emerald. Leo says he will text them where to be tonight. Leo and Jackie then exit together.

Carrie questions the sapphire in her necklace being stolen 30 years ago. Austin quickly points out that he didn’t know it was stolen and neither did Anna. John notes that Anna knew he was bidding for the ISA because he told her so. Anna argues that she got the necklace fair and square. Marlena points out that’s not true since she kept John from bidding on it. Anna asks what she was supposed to do since Austin was desperate to make things right with Carrie and she believes in true love. Anna declares that the necklace belongs to them now. Carrie responds that it can’t be theirs when it’s a country’s national treasure. Carrie is sure John and the ISA will help Anna get her money back. Carrie acknowledges that she loves the necklace but she couldn’t live with herself if she tried to keep it. Carrie declares that the right thing to do is to give it back, so she hands over the box to John. John opens the box and reveals the necklace is missing.

Paulina doesn’t understand how Shane and the ISA can be so certain that her diamond is the one they are looking for. Abe notes that orange diamonds are extremely rare. Paulina talks about how it’s a gift from her friend Michelle at the white house and asks if they need to call to verify. Abe says no so Paulina tells him to take her word for it. Abe tells her to calm down as he is on her side. Abe wonders if her attachment to the ring has something to do with what happened in Salem. Paulina asks what he means. Abe says during their business with the town square, Paulina talked about a man from her past who hurt her and made her feel powerless because he was the one with the money. Abe brings up that Paulina swore to herself to never be put in that position again. Abe feels that money is more than a system of exchange to her, but something that makes her feel safe. Paulina guesses Abe has got her figured out. Paulina says that Abe, Eli, Lani, and the babies are worth more to her than any of the precious gems in the world. Paulina adds that she’s still keeping the ring.

The two thieves get together and talk about having the orange diamond ring. They plan to turn it over tonight and get the rest of their bonus. The one thief that was arrested mentions lawyering up and how he had to be let go. The other man questions if he cut himself a deal. He argues that they have nothing on them. Shane and Lani then burst in with their guns raised, ordering they put the ring down and their hands up. One of the men runs for it while the other grabs his gun.

Paulina gets a call from her friend Michelle and guesses she heard about the robbery. Michelle confirms she heard the story. Paulina assures that she’s fine. Paulina says she did keep the ring in a safe place but she wore it out from time to time. Paulina argues that she wasn’t flaunting it or being careless, she was robbed. Paulina apologizes and doesn’t know where it’s at but says the police are looking for it now to bring it back to her. Michelle then hangs up on Paulina. Abe jokes that he can’t imagine why.

Eli bursts in and shoots the man. Lani says she owes him one. Eli mentions promising Paulina to bring Lani home safe. Lani handcuffs the man and asks who he’s working for but he won’t talk. Shane returns having sent the other man off with the police. Lani retrieves the ring and declares they got what they came for, so it’s all good.

Billie gets a text that Shane got the orange diamond and says that’s one down, five more to go. Kyle jokes about Jackie Cox’s resemblance to Billie which Billie questions. Kyle remarks that she was very attractive as he exits.

Leo texts Jackie to keep it together as he does not want to blow this. Chad approaches so Leo invites him to shower. Chad warns Leo that he’s caused more than enough trouble for Sonny and Will, so he needs to watch himself as he’s got his eye on him. Leo remarks that he’s watching him right back as Chad walks away.

Carrie doesn’t understand as she had the necklace in the box and then left for her video chat with Noah. John asks Anna what happened next. Anna says she talked to Austin and then he went to get on the call. Anna then realizes it was the nun when she went to get her check book. Marlena questions Anna leaving her alone with the necklace. Anna mentions that the nun said she was EJ’s aunt. John then reveals that it was no nun, it was Kristen DiMera!

Kristen is outside, having removed her nun outfit and disguise nearby, and is now wearing the Sapphire necklace. Kristen declares that God helps those who help themselves.

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Days Update Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jake goes home with a pizza and complains to Gabi about his day at Titan. Jake questions Gabi leaving early. Gabi informs him that she’s been spying on Philip’s laptop and she finally has what she needs to bring him down.

Philip is in his office, typing an e-mail to Brady, requesting he stop trying to seduce Chloe while he’s in a relationship with her, warning that he will pay the price if he doesn’t keep his damn hands off of her.

Belle and Shawn are at the Brady Pub. Belle is on the phone with Chloe, who tells her about Philip showing up in Pennsylvania. Belle tells Chloe that she will talk to Philip and encourages that everything will be okay. Belle hangs up and Shawn asks what that was all about.

Justin asks Bonnie if something is wrong but she says no and the ceremony continues. When it’s asked if anyone has any objections, Xander arrives and declares that he has an objection. Justin asks what the hell he’s doing here. Xander responds that Justin’s bride stole a million dollars from him and he wants it back. Justin tells him to leave now. Xander guarantees that Justin is going to want to hear this and he might even thank him. Kayla asks what this is about. Xander explains that he had a briefcase full of cash in his room that has gone missing and the only person who could’ve taken it was Bonnie. Justin asks why Bonnie would be in his room. Xander says he could think of one million reasons, but suggests asking her.

Shawn questions Belle just leaving as he’s confused because they were having dinner. Belle says she’s just going to see Philip for two seconds at Titan because Chloe asked her to talk to him. Belle mentions a boneheaded move Philip just made. Shawn asks what he did but then decides he doesn’t want to hear it unless it involves a crime and he gets to arrest him. Shawn questions Chloe not being able to handle her own relationship issues. Belle asks what kind of friend she would be if she didn’t have Chloe’s friend. Belle assures that she will be right back and tells Shawn to order their dinner. Belle kisses Shawn and then exits the Pub.

Eli and Lani are back at home. Lani puts the babies to sleep while Eli pays the nanny. Lani talks about being lucky they found their nanny. Eli agrees and asks how Lani’s first day back at work was. Lani says it was great, but admits she really missed their babies and was looking at their pictures during her breaks. Eli tells her they can do whatever she wants.

Justin asks if Bonnie went to Xander’s room. Bonnie admits she did but claims it was to invite him to the wedding because he’s family, so she thought inviting his cousin would be a nice surprise. Xander says the only surprise was her running off with all his cash, but notes that with her history, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. The justice of a peace decides to give them some time. Kayla remarks on Xander’s new habit of crashing private parties with scandalous claims. Xander points out that in the case of Eric and Nicole, he merely stated facts and that party is relevant because that’s how he earned the million dollars in question and his claim was true then, just as it is now. Xander asks Bonnie if that’s right. Bonnie asks Xander to just leave. Steve offers to show him out but Justin wants to clear this up. Justin asks if Xander witnessed Bonnie taking his money. Xander admits he didn’t because he was in the shower, but he thought he heard someone come in. Justin questions how he could be so sure it was Bonnie. Xander explains that when he came out of the shower, his key card was moved so obviously Bonnie swiped it and slipped back in to help herself to his money. Justin calls that pure conjecture. Xander understands why he’d want fair compensation to marry Bonnie but remarks that he’ll have to find some other sucker to pay. Bonnie holds Justin back. Justin turns to Bonnie and asks if any of what Xander is saying is true. Bonnie thinks back to sneaking in and stealing Xander’s money. Bonnie then asks who Justin is going to believe, Xander or the woman he loves?

Eli brings Lani candy, chips, and soda while joking about going on a stakeout to watch over their babies in the nursery. Eli says he has to ease her back in on her first day back at the job. They jokingly fight over the chips until their phones go off with a text.

Paulina tells Abe that she texted Lani and Eli to come over so she better start cooking. Abe notes that she loves having them over. Paulina asks if Abe wanted it to be just them tonight. Abe points out that they just spent Labor Day weekened together. Paulina feels that’s why they need to have them over, so they can rehash everything that happened. Abe notes that could take awhile since it was a pretty eventful weekend. Paulina adds that she knows it’s Lani’s first day back at work so she told her to bring the kids. Abe calls that very thoughtful. Paulina thinks Abe doesn’t like this idea. Abe thinks they just might be exhausted. Paulina gets a text back from Lani, saying they would love to come and will bring desert. Paulina wants to get started on the chicken so she heads to the kitchen. Abe laments that they could’ve just ordered pizza and then follows in to the kitchen.

Gabi informs Jake that Philip took the Titan jet to Wilkes-Barre, PA. Jake questions what is there. Gabi says Brady and Chloe are there so Jake says that just got a lot more interesting. Gabi explains that Brady and Chloe had the DiMera jet which had mechanical issues and they got stranded for the night, so Philip flew out there and caught them together in bed which Jake laughs at.

Belle goes to the Titan office. Philip tells her that he’s busy but Belle shuts his laptop and calls him an idiot, revealing she just got off the phone with Chloe. Belle complains that she gave him a million reasons not to go after Chloe and Brady, but he did it anyways. Philip says he caught them in bed together. Belle argues that nothing happened because Chloe is with him. Philip complains that they were spooning, so if he didn’t get there, he can guess what would’ve happened. Belle tells him that Chloe is ticked off that he doesn’t trust her. Philip argues that he does trust Chloe but there’s no chance he trusts Brady, especially after this latest stunt.

Xander says he’s not surprised that Bonnie would resort to name calling but argues that he’s not a criminal. Xander warns Bonnie about invoking his reputation when she has quite the reputation herself. Justin argues that Bonnie has changed. Steve brings up that Xander has been running drugs but Xander says those charges were dropped with no proof. Justin shouts that Xander has no proof of these absurd allegations against Bonnie, so he tells him to get the hell out now. Xander decides he’ll just go upstairs and get what he came for then. Bonnie stops him and tells him that he can’t go up there. Kayla questions why not. Bonnie thinks back to shooting Calista and telling Kayla that she was asleep. Bonnie says it’s because of Calista. Xander questions who that is. Kayla notes that she is Bonnie’s sister in law. Justin then asks what is going on with Bonnie and Calista.

Abe and Paulina finish cooking and drink wine. Abe toasts to a team effort. Paulina asks where Abe learned his way around the kitchen. Abe says it was out of necessity at first and he enjoys it. Paulina says she is impressed. Abe asks why eat take out when it’s so easy to create a meal. Abe notes that everything is done and they are just waiting on Eli and Lani to bring dessert, so he thinks they have everything covered. Paulina says she can’t wait that long for something sweet as they kiss. Paulina calls Abe quite a catch. Abe jokes that he’s the one who caught her.

Philip shows Belle the memo to Brady that he’s typing, saying he warned Brady to stay away from Chloe more than once and if he doesn’t stop, he will come after him and hurt him until he gets it through his head that Chloe is his. Belle says this is enough. Philip argues that he’s just getting started. Belle warns him that if he’s not careful, his anger towards Brady will bring himself down.

Gabi tells Jake that Philip’s anger towards Brady will be his downfall and shows him the memo that Philip is typing to Brady. Gabi explains that the keylogger she installed is showing everything in real time that Philip is typing. Jake reads it and calls it next level anger. Gabi says they just need to get Philip to act on his anger, so once he’s proven to be a jealous maniac then Victor will fire him and she can take over. Jake says or him. Gabi says they either wait for the right moment or create it. Jake asks if she’s saying they trigger Philip to go after Brady. Jake warns that if they are not careful, someone could get killed.

Bonnie reminds Kayla that Calista is sleeping upstairs. Xander promises to be very quiet. Xander exits the room, so Bonnie chases after him. A confused Justin then follows out as Steve and Kayla watch on.

Eli and Lani go to Paulina’s with a strawberry pie and their babies. Lani hopes they don’t mind that they brought the twins since they couldn’t get a babysitter. Paulina reminds that that she said to bring them. Eli comments on the food smelling good. Paulina credits Abe and jokes that he saved her from ordering pizza. Paulina gives them glasses of wine. Abe says they all spent a wonderful weekend together and they can’t get enough of them. Lani feels the same. Abe is glad that they could make it tonight. Paulina says they have a lot of rehashing to do because they had a Labor Day weekend to write home about. Lani agrees it was one for the books as they toast their wine.

Xander goes to Bonnie’s room and says after a quick look around, he will let Calista rest in peace. Xander finds Bonnie’s bag but Bonnie runs in to stop him, arguing that it’s not what he thinks. Xander states this is the money she stole from him. Bonnie tells him that he can’t have it. Xander tells her that she’s about to marry the man she loves, so if she lets him take what is his then they will both have their happily ever after and they’ll never mention this again. Bonnie agrees and tells Xander to take it, so she lets go of him but accidentally causes Xander to drop the bag which leads to some of the money and the gun falling out. Bonnie quickly picks up the gun but Xander questions what she is doing with a gun. Justin then walks in and asks Bonnie as well what she is doing with a gun.

Jake tells Gabi that Philip is a powder keg, so if they are not careful, something could go seriously wrong. Gabi questions if he really thinks Philip has the guts to murder Brady. Gabi thinks it will just be a loud, public confrontation with fists thrown so everyone will find out that Philip is an unhinged jealous maniac and they can back it up with a trail of e-mails fired off to Brady. Jake agrees that it will go against his CEO image. Gabi notes that there is more as she was researching Titan documents and found out that Philip was laundering mob money through Titan when he first started until Xander ratted him out. Jake points out that Xander ended up on the streets, not Philip, so family protects family. Gabi feels that if Philip hurts family by assaulting Brady then Victor may come down on him with some tough love. Jake agrees to find a way to push Philip to the brink of that edge.

Belle warns Philip that he will regret sending that e-mail because there will be a trail of potentially prosecutable threats which would play right in to Brady’s hands. Belle argues that Brady wants Philip to blow up so he can use it against him, so he needs to be smarter than this. Belle encourages that he has Chloe so he should just enjoy it and be happy. Belle knows Philip just needed to vent and that’s why he typed such hateful threats, but now that he’s got it out of his system, he needs to delete the e-mail. Philip agrees with Belle that he probably shouldn’t send it, but he’s going to anyways. Philip tries to send the e-mail but his computer freezes. Belle calls it fate intervening to save Philip from himself.

Kayla tells Steve that she doesn’t understand any of this. Steve thinks everything will work itself out, one way or another. Steve tells Kayla how beautiful she is as they kiss. Steve knows that Kayla is thinking Bonnie is the same old thief. Kayla brings up how Bonnie talked about Justin and their future, so she was really convinced that she had changed and she loved Justin too much to risk what they have. Steve hopes she is right.

Xander calls it obvious that Bonnie was going to use that gun to rob him. Justin asks if that’s true. Bonnie says she did not bring a gun to Xander’s room. Xander doesn’t believe her and collects his money. Justin asks Bonnie what the hell is going on. Bonnie wants to go somewhere else and let Calista sleep. Xander remarks that Calista sleeps like the dead since she hasn’t moved. Xander then walks out of the room. Justin asks Bonnie if she’s sure that Calista is okay..

Eli toasts to Lani. Paulina says she knows Lani loves her job but worries that being a cop is dangerous since she’s a mom now. Lani comments that Paulina is starting to sound like her mom now. Paulina says her days with her babies are precious. Lani says she thought long and hard about going back to the police department. Eli encourages that she wanted her kids to see what a badass detective she is. Lani then gets a call and says they are on their way. Lani hangs up and tells Eli that Rafe said they are needed on a case right now. Lani is sorry to cut the evening short. Abe tells her not to worry about it. Lani asks if Abe and Paulina can watch the twins tonight and hopes they won’t be too late. Paulina says they’d love to and agree to hold off on dessert until they get back. Paulina hugs Lani and tells her to be safe out there. Lani assures they will be okay as she and Eli exit.

Justin walks over to Calista despite Bonnie attempting to stop him. Justin then pulls back the blanket to discover that Calista is dead.

Philip tells Belle that he has his I.T. guy checking out his computer to find out what is wrong. Belle hopes that he doesn’t. Philip questions her being against freedom of expression. Belle worries that it could land him in a world of trouble. Philip says he knows what he’s doing. Belle warns that he’s running on rage right now and it’s not going to end well, so he needs to cool off or he will lose Chloe and everything important to him. Belle then storms out of the office. Philip gets a call from his I.T. guy and questions what he found on his laptop.

Gabi tells Jake that it’s weird that Philip never sent the e-mail and hasn’t typed anything in 20 minutes. Jake suggests he took a break, so maybe Gabi should too.

Kayla calls it so unfair if Justin has his heart handed to him again at another wedding. Kayla declares it can’t be true. Steve hopes she’s right, but doesn’t understand why Xander would make up the entire story about the money. Xander then returns, revealing he found his money. Kayla asks where Bonnie is. Xander informs her that she’s upstairs sobbing to Justin but she’s guilty as hell and will pay for what she did. Xander announces that he’s called the cops. Kayla questions why he did that when he got his money. Xander reveals that Bonnie had a gun and could’ve shot him, but now it seems like Justin is the one who dodged a bullet.

Justin sees that Calista has been shot and questions what Bonnie has done. Bonnie says she can explain. Justin says Bonnie stole a million dollars and her sister in law is dead in their bed, so he asks how she explains that. Lani and Eli arrive and Lani says they would like to hear that answer too.

Jake and Gabi kiss until Philip shows up at the door. Gabi asks what he’s doing here. Philip then questions why the hell she’s spying on him.

Belle returns to Shawn at the Pub. Shawn says it was perfect timing since their food should be out any minute. Shawn asks how things went with Philip. Belle says he was just as stubborn and irrational as usual. Shawn decides he doesn’t want to hear it as he doesn’t care. Belle agrees that he shouldn’t care and she’s sorry for leaving him like that. Shawn informs her that he just finished a nice long video chat with Claire. Belle hates that she missed that as she needs to catch up with her. Shawn reveals that she will have a chance to do that as he just booked them two tickets to South Africa to go see Claire. Belle says she’s so excited and hugs him.

EMTs arrive and stretcher Calista’s body out of the Kiriakis Mansion. Eli arrests Bonnie for suspicion of murder. Bonnie breaks down crying to Justin that she’s sorry as Eli reads Bonnie her rights while they escort her out of the mansion.

Paulina sits with Eli and Lani’s babies and talks to them. Paulina says that everyone in town thinks of her as their great Aunt Paulina, but they can call her grandma. Paulina whispers that it’s their little secret as Abe returns to the room.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, September 8 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Lily was at Devon’s. She admired a picture of the baby, and said she liked that he was named Dominic – a D name for Devon. Devon didn’t expect that honor. She asked what it was like bringing a life into the world. He said it was incredible, and Abby was amazing through it all. Lily asked about Mariah, and Devon said she’d been heroic, and she stayed strong through everything she’d been through. He’d never forget the feeling of holding Dominic in his arms for the first moments in his life. He knew he’d feel a connection with Dominic, because they shared DNA, but this was something else. Lily asked about Amanda’s trip. Devon said that Amanda, Imani and Naya were on a getaway. It was a huge step, and Devon thought it’d be a good way to heal wounds from Sutton and the whole saga with Richard’s death. It meant a lot to Amanda because the trip was Naya and Imani’s idea. He asked where Billy was. He was with the kids. Lily decided to give them some alone time. Devon noted that Lily was taking care of Billy’s kids, and they were both looking after Moses. She noted that it took a village, which with Dominic’s birth, he and his parents were all a part of it too. Devon said he and Chance were technically family, through the Katherine connection. That was the main reason he wanted to be the donor – so that Dominic could have that connection. Lily said that Devon and Chance could work together to make sure Dominic was surrounded by love. She also noticed a shift in him since Dominic was born.

Devon said Amanda asked him that same question – if he regretted stepping up to be the donor, and the answer was no. he was happy he helped Abby and Chance start a family. Lily noted that, like Abby, she’d needed a surrogate. Lily wouldn’t judge of Devon’s answer was different, and she was here if he wanted to talk. He said the first time he held Dominic, he had the feeling that this was what it was like to be a father. It brought up lots of emotions. “Especially since you should’ve been a father awhile ago,” Lily said. She understood he’d think of Hilary and the baby he lost. He was sure Hilary was looking down on him and proud. She knew he missed Hilary and the baby. Lily said Devon could talk to her about that, and she wouldn’t make it about herself and the guilt she felt. She just wanted to be there for him, if he’d let her. He appreciated that. Lily asked how Abby was doing about Chance’s absence. He said Abby was doing the best she could. Lily hoped Devon took her advice not to badmouth Chance around Abby. Devon said he’d never rag on Chance to Abby. He felt sorry for Chance because he was missing out on so many moments. He thought that when Chance got home, it would really hit him hard. He didn’t even know he had a son. Lily thought that Chance would be grateful Devon looked after Abby and his son.

At their place, Abby told Mariah that they were short staffed at Society, because a hostess called in sick. Mariah offered to watch the baby. Abby said that was sweet, but it felt like too much to ask. Mariah insisted that she was happy to do it. Later, Mariah was alone with Dominic, and he was wailing, and she didn’t know what to do, because she’d already taken care of all his needs. Abby came home at some point later and made a beeline to the bassinet with a smile on her face. She was caught off guard when she found it empty. Abby yelled out that she’d found someone to come in to work, so Mariah was off the hook for babysitting. Abby told herself that Mariah might be feeding or rocking the baby. She raced upstairs calling Mariah’s name. Abby called Devon and told her that Mariah and Dom were gone, and she left her phone behind. Devon said not to freak out – he’d be right over. Devon brought Lily up to speed, and she understood he had to leave.

Mariah brought the baby inside, and Abby asked what happened. Mariah explained that he was crying, and she called the pediatrician who recommended a walk. It clearly helped, since he was sleeping now. Abby pointed out that Mariah didn’t leave a note or take her phone. Mariah was sorry – her brain short circuited due to the crying – must be the hormones. Abby said the last time Mariah disappeared with the baby, she’d been gone for three weeks. Abby almost called the police. Mariah was really sorry, but she just took the baby out for a walk on the grounds. There was no need for alarm. Devon showed up, and Abby told him that Mariah just took Dom for a walk, and she thought she’d be back before Abby was home from work. Abby took Dom to bed. Mariah apologized, explaining that she didn’t want to bother Abby at work, and she thought she could handle it alone. When Dom started crying his head off, she had no idea what to do. She was worried he was sick, so she called the pediatrician. Devon thought Mariah did the right thing. Mariah said she got so panicky and flustered that she forgot her phone. She crumbled under the pressure. Devon noted that Mariah got expert advice and did what the baby needed, and it all worked out. He was happy she was with Dom and that she followed her natural instincts. Abby was on her way back, and she looked worried when Mariah said “Man this being a mom thing is not for wimps. It’s a lot harder than it looks.”

Adam and Victor were at the office. The initial reviews of the launch were positive, and none of them mentioned Phyllis dumping water on Sally. Adam had to go, because he had dinner plans. “You’re not meeting that woman are you?,” Victor asked. Adam confirmed that he was meeting Sally. Victor thought Sally should be fired for throwing a drink in Phyllis’s face at the launch party. Adam asserted that Phyllis provoked Sally, so both women shared the blame. Victor asked if Adam could blame Phyllis after what Sally did to Summer. Adam wasn’t interested in Sally and Phyllis’s personal details. He was having a working dinner. “Is that what they call it now,” Victor asked. Victor thought Adam should stay here and come up with a strategy for dealing with ChancComm. Adam said they’d discuss it later, but now, Sally was waiting for him.

Elena and Nate met Victoria and Ashland for dinner at Society. Elena and Nate had two nights off in a row, which was unheard of, so they got to enjoy and relax tonight. They saw Sally come in and look around. Sally took a seat at the bar, while the two couples headed to the lounge.

Nate talked about robotic surgery, the kind of technology, they could purchase due to Ashland’s generous donation. Ashland preferred that they discuss another topic, anything was fine, as long as it wasn’t about his health situation. Elena inquired about their wedding plans. That was Victoria’s favorite subject. She shared the details off screen. Nate imagined it must be challenging to organize an event on another continent. Victoria said Nikki found someone in Italy to coordinate things. Elena asked about the dress, and across the room, Sally perked up and listened in. Victoria was hoping that Summer’s boss would do it, but she understood that Angelina Marchetti might be booked up. Adam strolled in and said hello. Victoria suggested that Adam found his perfect match in Sally. Adam thought it seemed that Victoria and Ashland had. He was happy for them.

The waiter showed Adam and Sally to their table. She noted that he got a kick out of letting everyone know their barbs didn’t get to him. He said it was a game, and you develop thick skin. She thought she could learn a lot from him. Sally was glad she and Adam downshifted from a date to a working dinner, so they could ignore all those “what not to do on a date” things. She said she wore her comfy shoes, and he was twenty minutes late. Glancing under the table, he said those weren’t comfy shoes, and he was sorry for being late. She told him it was fine, it was better than him bailing, and she guessed there was pressure on him to do that. She said it wasn’t her first time hanging out with an SOB – son of a billionaire who didn’t realize he was one until he grew up. Adam was surprised to hear that, and Sally said there were more of them than he thought, and they could start a club.

Sally told Adam about a time she manipulated the Forresters when she was in L.A. They included her designs in their collection because they thought she was dying. She admitted she was wrong to do it, but it didn’t hurt anyone, and her designs were good. Adam commented on Sally praising her own work. She said Ridge and Eric wouldn’t have included her designs if they weren’t good, and if the designs had actually made it down the runway, they would’ve all made a lot of money. She refused to be humble about her career – she was a good designer, with an unfortunate tenancy to get in her own way. She thought he could relate. He admitted she was right.

Adam made a couple comments on the dress Sally designed for Victoria; all complimentary. She thought he made just enough commentary to prove this was a working dinner in case anyone asked. He asked if she wanted him to say something else. She was curious why he agreed to come here since they agreed it wasn’t a date, but the work-related conversation they had only lasted five minutes. He said he was here for the scintillating conversation. She suggested that he was hoping the news of this non-date would get back to someone in particular and make them jealous. He suggested she was hoping Jack would hear about it. She said she hadn’t thought about Jack once since this dinner started. She was too busy enjoying herself, and whether or not he admitted it, she thought he had been too.

Nate entertained everyone with a story about a wedding he’d been at, where it momentarily looked like the groom had been stood up, but in reality, the bride had just twisted her ankle on her way to the altar. Nate had taped up her ankle, and the wedding went forward. Ashland thought Nate sounded like the guy to have on hand in a crisis. That reminded Nate of something that happened when he was a groomsman, but Elena didn’t think that Victoria and Ashland needed to hear more wedding horror stories. Victoria admitted she could tell a few of her own, but she was determined that her day with Ashland would be perfect.

Elena and Victoria connected over a shared love of cooking podcasts. Elena didn’t know Victoria liked to cook. Victoria clarified that she hated it, and she was terrible at it, but Ashland said Victoria made a fine grilled cheese. Victoria liked the fantasy of creating the perfect dish. Elena was an okay cook, and she kind of enjoyed it, but she didn’t have that time. She thought her old roommate would be appalled by how she was eating lately, but Nate thought Lola would be impressed by how Elena was spending her time making a difference in people’s lives. The ladies went to freshen up, and Ashland observed that Nate knew how lucky he was to have Elena. Nate confirmed that he did.

Ashland showed Nate pictures of Harrison eating gelato. He asked if Nate had kids. Nate hoped to someday, but he’d learned you couldn’t make firm plans in your personal life. That made Ashland ask if Nate had been married before. Nate had been engaged once, but she passed away. Ashland now understood why Nate didn’t react to his diagnosis like others did. He said Nate didn’t have that squeamishness or distance. Ashland thought that was because Nate had gone through his own personal loss and grief, and he didn’t see it as foreign or frightening. Elena and Victoria returned and watched from a distance as the guys talked. Victoria said Nate stepped up in a big way for Ashland. She thought he was a good man. Elena agreed.

Elena and Nate went to Victoria and Ashland’s home. The men retired to the living room, and Nate asked if Victoria’s kids were going to Italy for the wedding. Ashland hoped so. Tuscany was so beautiful in the fall, and he hoped they got to see it. Nate recalled taking a trip there with his mother when he was young. He saw a lot of Europe in boarding school, but he hadn’t been since then. Ashland knew this might be a bit presumptuous, but he asked Nate to be his best man. Nate was startled and asked if Ashland was sure – they just met. Ashland was able to size people up quickly, and Nate was a brilliant and kind man who understood what Ashland was going through. Nate was sure Ashland had friends in NY. Ashland said most of the relationships he had in NY were of a professional, not personal nature. Frankly, most people were having a having a difficult time with his medical situation. He asked Nate to consider it.

Later, after drinks, Elena and Nate got up to leave. All had enjoyed themselves. Ashland asked Nate to get back to him, and Nate said he would. Victoria saw the guests out, and Ashland showed his exhaustion. Victoria came back and asked if he was okay. He said he might have to take it easy tomorrow, but it was worth it for a day like this. She hoped they had many more like this. She cuddled against him, and he kissed kissed her.

Lauren dropped by Jack’s place. Michael was working late on the Sutton Ames trial, so Lauren decided to see if Jack wanted to have dinner. He didn’t want to go out, but he suggested Chinese takeout. He had spicy beef, and she had cashew chicken. He reported that Summer sent a video of Harrison helping her cook in an outdoor pizza oven. He marveled at how easily Harrison adapted. Lauren said that he must miss his mom. He said the one authentic thing about Tara was that she was committed to her little boy. He regretted pressuring Phyllis to lay off Tara and Sally. Lauren said their dear friend had a gift for reading people. He added that Summer and Kyle owed their happiness to Phyllis. Jack’s fortune cookie predicted that good things were ahead for his love life. He wasn’t sure what would happen for him, but he was glad Kyle and Summer were happy together. He said they were planning a small wedding ceremony in Italy, nothing on the scale of what Ashland and Victoria had planned. He was glad that Kyle and Summer scaled back their plans a bit. He thought they learned that they already had everything they needed to be happy without all the extras. Lauren asked if Jack had everything he needed to be happy.

Jack thought Lauren was going to stop pestering him about his romantic life. She noted that she never agreed to that. She was sure the house must be quiet without Kyle and Harrison. He said he’d been looking forward to having a happy little kid like Harrison around for Halloween and other holidays. Lauren suggested they might visit. He knew he’d still have to get used to the quiet and all the extra time he had on his hands. He did have Jabot and the Abbott-Winters Foundation. She thought he needed something to pour his heart into, and it didn’t have to be romantic. He said he’d concluded that he had his share of grand passions. Being a grandpa really fed his heart. He could interact with Harrison on the phone, but it wasn’t the same. Lauren thought Jack made the idea of being a grandparent sound appealing, not that her sons were close to settling down. Jack said the day would come, and Lauren would love it.

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Days: Beyond Update Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

Eli, Lani, Abe, and Paulina have lunch on the beach. Paulina says it’s her treat and tells them to just enjoy the view. Lani comments on the people watching while Paulina remarks that you never know who is going to show up at your table. Two men then approach the table and demand the ring. Abe asks what’s going on as one of the men pull out a gun. Paulina says she knows exactly what’s going on as a similar thing happened to a friend of hers in Beverly Hills. Paulina tells the thieves that they are not taking her ring as it was a gift from her close friend Michelle. Paulina refuses to hand over the ring. The man warns that he’s a highly trained mercenary and threatens to blow her head off.

John and Marlena greet Anna and Tony at the auction in Zurich. Anna jokes about the language and says that Carrie and Austin are the main reason they are here. Marlena says they are going to try to see them tomorrow. Anna never thought of John as the auction house kind of guy. John says he figured he’d try to find something in his price range but Anna warns it will be expensive here. Marlena asks if they are here for something specific or just browsing. Anna shows them the picture of the sapphire necklace which is the same one they came for. John asks to talk to Anna for a second.

Chad suggests leaving the Penthouse suite when Will doesn’t answer but they are shocked when Sonny’s ex Leo Stark answers the door. Leo jokes that Sonny doesn’t seem happy to see him and questions if Sonny is cheating on Will with Chad. Leo invites them in to have room service. Leo jokes that Sonny has traded up. Sonny yells at Leo that this isn’t a joke. Will then comes out from the back, surprised to see that Sonny is there.

After Billie drags Ben away, a man approaches Ciara to ask her a few questions.

Ben tells Billie that he doesn’t know how the couple that bought the gem got away when they were just in front of them. Billie sees the man with Ciara as he says he wants to show something to her. As the man reaches in to his jacket, Billie assumes he has a gun and rushes back over to tackle him. Ben runs up to check on Ciara as the man tells Billie that he doesn’t have a gun, he was reaching for his badge. He reveals he is Agent Kyle Graham of the ISA and tells Billie that it’s nice to meet her.

John tells Anna that there is something she needs to know about the sapphire but the auction is about to begin. Anna thinks she knows everything she needs to know about the necklace so her and Tony head back inside. John tells Marlena that Anna seems happy to be here. Marlena comments that Anna will be bidding on the necklace and wonders if that’s a coincidence or if Anna and Tony are the people that Shane warned them about. John says Anna has done shady things in the past but he can’t imagine Tony doing that. John says they can’t let them get the necklace either way. Marlena points out that Anna won’t back down so she asks what to do. John says they will outbid her.

Billie finishes a call with her ISA contact, confirming Agent Kyle Graham’s identity. Billie argues that he should’ve identified himself before talking to her contacts and says he pissed her off. She asks what he’s even doing here. Kyle responds that he’s following orders as Shane sent him to be her backup. Billie argues that she doesn’t need help. Kyle questions if she identified the people arranging to buy the gem in the window. Billie explains that the owner sold it to a couple before she got to it which Kyle mocks. Billie insists that she’s got it and just needs until tonight to find out the couple. Kyle reveals that he’s one step ahead of her as he already knows who they are.

Leo swears it’s not what it looks like. Sonny turns around and punches Leo down. Will holds Sonny back as Sonny yells at him to get off of him. Will questions what Sonny is doing. Sonny accuses Will of cheating on him and complains about finding Will with Leo in his robe. Will assures that he hasn’t forgotten who Leo is and what he did. Chad encourages Sonny to let Will talk. Sonny asks Will what the hell this is then. Leo gets back up and tells Sonny that he’s sorry to say, Will only wants him for his Peacock.

The thieves continue to threaten Paulina over her ring. Paulina refuses to give it. Lani urges her to just give him the ring. Paulina cries that she loves it. The man asks if she loves the people at this table so Paulina gives in and hands over the ring then tells them to leave them alone. The two men rush off with the ring while Eli and Lani chase after them.

John and Marlena joke about the auction. The sapphire necklace then goes up for bidding, starting at 25,000 Euros from Anna. John bids 50,000. Anna asks Tony why John is bidding against her. Another man bids 75,000 so Marlena wonders if that’s the man that Shane warned them about. Anna bids 100,000. The official steps away as they have a bidder on the phone. Tony questions Anna’s bid. Anna insists that Austin is counting on them and Carrie’s marriage depends on it.

Austin looks at a picture of the sapphire necklace and remarks that he sure hopes Anna and Tony come through. Carrie comes in to the room and tells Austin that she decided to call Anna to make sure she and Tony got settled in, but she didn’t pick up, so she called the front desk and they have no record of Anna and Tony checking in.

Sonny questions Will as to what the hell the Peacock that Leo is referring to. Will explains that it’s a statue of a peacock that was stolen in Alamania 30 years ago and the statue was priceless. Chad questions that. Leo questions him never hearing of the Alamanian Peacock. Will explains that it included six gems but was stolen by Hope as Princess Gina. Will says the case went cold but recently, the peacock was recovered without the gems. Will adds that he got an anonymous tip that he could be led to one of the gems, the emerald, but when he showed up, he found Leo. Sonny questions Will meeting with Leo about an emerald this whole time. Will assures that he headed straight for the door when he saw Leo, but his information sounded legit as he knew enough details to convince him that he’s telling the truth. Will tells Sonny that Leo has been stringing him along for weeks, but yesterday he told him that he could lead him to the emerald so he swears this is the only reason he’s here. Leo remarks that this time, Will is telling the truth.

Billie asks Kyle who the couple is that bought the gem from the shop. Kyle informs her that they are Miles and Sophie Faversham who live in a mansion in the garden district and they’ve been making inquiries but he doesn’t know how they knew the amethyst gem was on the market. Billie recognizes the last name from Lili Faversham. Kyle confirms that they are her grandson and his wife. Ben asks who Lili is. Billie mentions that she knew Princess Gina. Kyle says there is nothing legit about this purchase. Billie adds that there is a network behind this. Kyle says they need to get the broach back and he knows just where to do it as the Favershams are having a party tomorrow. Billie suggests she go dressed as Princess Gina but Kyle warns that it will be very risky. Kyle mentions that he does have a lead on the emerald. Ciara points out that the Favershams know Princess Gina, but not her daughter.

Sonny questions Leo being Will’s source and asks if Will checks for hidden cameras when he comes over. Sonny can’t believe Will is trusting Leo after what he did to him. Will insists that he doesn’t trust Leo and that he’s a slimy informant who has been milking him for everything he can get. Will complains that Leo promised him a source today but then hit him up for a massage. Sonny questions why Will didn’t just tell him instead of sneaking around. Will worried that Sonny would freak out if he knew he was dealing with Leo. Sonny complains that’s because Leo is going to con Will, just like he did to him and he’s going to get blackmailed. Leo reminds them of when they stuffed him in the trunk of a car. Sonny questions Will really thinking Leo has a source and argues that no one would trust him with where to find a stolen emerald. Will gives in and says Sonny wins so they should go home. Leo tells them to go ahead but Chad stops them and says not to go quite yet.

Billie asks what Ciara is talking about. Ciara brings up Princess Gina having a daughter named Greta, so she can pass herself off as her. Kyle argues that the last thing they need is to involve a civilian. Billie argues that Ciara’s parents were great cops, so she thinks she would be fine. Ciara adds that she knows everything there is to know about Princess Gina so they can’t trip her up. Kyle calls it highly unusual but feels they have no choice. Billie says the party is invitation only, but they can get her on the guest list. Ciara asks if she can bring Ben. Ben is unsure but Ciara insists that Greta wouldn’t show up without an escort. Billie says they can just do some ballroom dancing. Ben is unsure of that but Billie encourages that it’s their honeymoon. Billie says to leave it to her and suggests she and Kyle show them some moves. Kyle responds that he doesn’t dance so Billie says she will do the dancing for the both of them.

The auction continues as Anna bids 425,000 Euros. John then bids 450,000. Anna complains that John and Marlena know she wants the necklace so she asks Tony why John is bidding against her. Tony suggests Austin buy Carrie some flowers instead of a necklace for half a million Euros. Anna calls that dumb. The man up front bids 475,000 but then someone whispers to the official and he declares they must stop the action. He calls security to remove the man up front as John wonders if that was the guy Shane warned about.

Abe tells Paulina that Lani and Eli know what they are doing and encourages her to breathe. Paulina complains about the man holding a gun on Lani. Abe calls for police backup while Paulina remains panicked and prays for nothing to happen to her baby. Eli and Lani chase the thieves. Eli manages to tackle one of them, while the other one turns and fires a shot at Lani.

Austin tells Carrie that it is strange that the hotel doesn’t have a record of Anna and Tony checking in. Austin suggests they used another name. Carrie questions why they would do that. Austin points out that the DiMera name is notorious because of Stefano. Carrie says Anna has no problem but Austin suggests Tony might have thought better of it. Carrie comments that Anna always gets what she wants. Carrie decides to go to the hotel to make sure everything is okay.

Anna asks Marlena why John is bidding against her when he knows she’s not going to stop. Marlena explains that they weren’t actually bidding against her. Anna clarifies that she’s not bidding on the necklace for herself, but for Austin so he can give it to Carrie and then she’ll forgive him and they’ll be happy again. Marlena questions Austin and Carrie not being happy. Anna says that might have been indiscreet. Anna asks them to just bid on something else for Carrie’s sake. Marlena is afraid they can’t do that but clarifies that they aren’t bidding for themselves either. Marlena reveals that John is working undercover for the ISA to retrieve the necklace and that he was trying to explain that to her when the auction began. Marlena asks if now Anna understands. Tony says of course they do and tells Anna to stop bidding. Marlena thanks Tony as the auction is then resumed.

Lani dodges the shots fired and the man takes off. Lani takes the gun off the man that Eli tackled and holds the gun on him while Eli chases after the other man. Paulina calls out asking if Lani is alright. Lani assures that she’s fine. Abe adds that he has called this in. Eli comes back, revealing the man got away and he only got the end of his license plate. Paulina yells at the first man, asking who put him up to this. He asks why he should tell her. Eli warns that he’s a police officer, so he better tell him as he asks who he works for.

Chad warns Leo that his last name is DiMera and his family has a very long history of dealing with informants and people who don’t deliver on their promises, so he suggests this would a very good moment for Leo to be completely forthcoming. Chad asks if Will had any questions for Leo. Will tells Leo that he booked this hotel room to meet with his contact and asks if there is such a person and when they will get here. Leo swears that there is but he can’t get them here today, but he can tomorrow. Will refuses to pay for another night here. Chad advises Will to not let Leo out of his sight. Leo guesses that means he’s coming home with them and jokes that it’s a sleepover.

Billie plays music on her phone and begins ballroom dancing with Kyle in front of Ben and Ciara and a crowd of spectators. Everyone applauds as they finish.

Lani asks the man who he works for but he refuses to talk. Eli asks what if Lani shoots him. He argues that he knows as cops that they won’t. Paulina wishes she could. Eli suggests maybe he’ll start talking when he realizes no one is going to bail him out.

Ciara praises Billie’s ballroom dancing. Billie says it helps to have a great partner and admits she did not expect that out of Kyle. Ciara jokes that she and Ben should go practice that. Billie says she will work on getting on the guest list and notes that Ben still needs a cover. Billie then gets an idea and gives Ciara her tiara, noting that the people will need to believe she is Princess Greta von Amberg.

Sonny remarks that he hates this idea on 15 different levels. Leo says he’ll get dressed while they figure this out. Leo comments to Chad that every relationship has ups and downs as he steps out. Chad apologizes to Sonny and Will for butting in. Sonny says he’s not mad at Chad. Sonny asks if Will has any idea how much he’s asking him to put up with. Will says it’s only for one night and he really believes that Leo does have a contact. Will adds that it could be a major story for him. Will promises to make it up to Sonny. Sonny says he owes him a lot more than just one night. Sonny complains about thinking Will was cheating on him this whole time. Will is sorry and never wanted Sonny to doubt him. Will promises to take a few weeks off after this story and says they can take the trip to Paris that they talked about. Sonny jokes that this is emotional blackmail but admits it’s kind of working.

The auction official announces that the man who was escorted out was there under false pretenses so the last official bid was 450,000 from John. He prepares to call it but Anna bids 500,000. Tony questions what she’s doing. Anna declares that she’s winning that necklace. John can’t find his paddle to raise a bid but finds that Anna stole it as Tony unintentionally raises it up, bidding 525,000 and the necklace is sold to him.

Eli and Lani rejoin Paulina and Abe at Paulina’s house. They explain that the man was booked for armed robbery but he’s still not talking. Eli says they are sorry but Paulina says she’s the one who should be sorry as she promised them glitz and glamour and ended up with a man taking off with her ring. Lani tells her not to worry as they will find out who did this. Eli promises they will get her ring back.

Austin stops Carrie and asks her not to go. Austin pretends that he just got a text from Tony, claiming the hotel didn’t have a room with a view so they switched hotels. Carrie admits that makes sense and decides she will call Anna but Austin continues claiming that Tony said they were exhausted and going to sleep so they will see them tomorrow. Carrie decides to get ready for bed then. Austin says he will too after he responds to Tony’s text. Carrie then exits to the bedroom. Austin remarks that he dodged that bullet and goes back to looking at the picture of the sapphire necklace.

Tony tells John and Marlena that he had nothing to do with this as he returns John’s paddle. Anna retrieves the sapphire necklace and exits with Tony. Marlena asks John what he will tell Shane.

Ben and Ciara return to their hotel room. Ciara asks if they should start practicing dancing. Ben says he’ll need all the practice he can get after watching Billie and Kyle. They kiss and then Ben jokes that he’s never danced with a princess before. Ciara says that makes him her Prince Charming. Ben adds that he’s never made love to a princess before either. Ciara says there’s a first time for everything as they continue kissing onto the bed.

Will asks if Sonny can put up with Leo for a night. Sonny repeats that he doesn’t like this and he doesn’t trust Leo, but he knows to keep his enemies close. Leo jokes about riding in the trunk and asks Chad to grab his bags for him. Sonny reminds Chad that it was his big idea as they exit.

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Days Update Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

After rescuing Julie from the freezer, Jack wants to take Julie to the emergency room. Julie refuses to go anywhere until they find Doug. Jack promises that they will but Julie asks how when he’s not answering his phone. Julie then declares that she thinks she knows what happened.

Kayla tells Steve that she doesn’t get why Bonnie isn’t coming to get ready. Steve explains that she said she got hung up getting a manicure and said it’d be easier to get ready here. Steve adds that he’s calling because Bonnie needs her makeup bag. Kayla guesses they are on their way then and hangs up. Justin asks what’s going on with Bonnie. Kayla responds that she has no idea.

Xander informs Gwen that Bonnie came by to invite him to the wedding, saying she wanted him to represent the Kiriakis family since the others refused to attend. Xander says he thought it was odd but she reminded him that she volunteered to be Sarah’s maid of honor at the last minute. Gwen wonders if it was all just pretense so she could come in and steal the million dollars from the briefcase. Xander says he would, except he saw her leave without it.

Bonnie demands Calista give her the gun. Calista says she’s sorry but she’s not getting the gun. Calista then turns the gun to Bonnie and declares that she’s getting the bullet. Bonnie asks what she’s talking about since she gave her the money. Calista complains that Bonnie stole her husband’s life so now she is going to pay with her’s. Bonnie argues that she can’t do this on her wedding day. Calista tells Bonnie to forget about becoming Bonnie Kiriakis and declares that today, she dies.

Xander says Bonnie must have taken the money since she was the only person there before EJ came. Xander mentions that he checked the briefcase once an hour to make sure it was there. Gwen questions what happened if Bonnie didn’t leave with it. Xander thinks back to Bonnie’s visit and realizes the key card is not where he left it, so Bonnie must have swiped it and got back into the room to steal his money. Xander declares that Bonnie will rue the day that she crossed him.

Bonnie pleads that Calista can’t shoot her as she doesn’t know the whole story. Calista says all she needs to know is that Bonnie killed her husband. Bonnie argues that she did everything she asked and got her a million dollars. Bonnie asks what more she wants. Calista calls it an eye for an eye. Bonnie argues that she hasn’t thought this through and asks what about when Xander comes after her since he will figure it out. Calista argues that Xander will pin Bonnie for stealing the money. Bonnie says she will tell him the truth but Calista points out that she’ll be dead. Bonnie brings up EJ and the DiMeras, suggesting she take the money and run. Calista says this will only take a minute.

Julie tells Jack that Doug locked her in the freezer to protect her since there was a robbery nearby so she worries that Doug has been kidnapped.

Doug is at the Brady Pub, ordering a burger and fries from Roman.

Gwen tells Xander to slow down asks why Bonnie would steal a million dollars from him when she’s just about to marry a multi-millionaire. Gwen questions how Bonnie even knew Xander had the money. Xander decides he’s going to show up at her wedding and find out. Gwen blames herself, saying it’s all her fault because Xander confessed to her crime and now he’s tangled up with EJ with the money gone as well as his job. Gwen notes that he did all this because he tried to protect her. Xander says it was his choice, but asks Gwen not to tell Jack that she had her miscarriage before Abigail pushed her down the stairs because if she does that, everything he’s done will be for nothing.

The wedding officiant arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion and asks if he’s in the right place. Steve assures that he is. He sees the photos of Justin and Adrienne then assumes it’s a remarriage but Steve explains that it’s not a remarriage. He questions the photos so Steve explains that it’s not Bonnie, but his late sister Adrienne. He questions if Justin fell in love with Adrienne’s twin. Steve guesses he’s wondering what he got himself into. He responds that life can be complicated. Steve hopes that all the drama is behind them now that the wedding day is finally here.

Bonnie tells Calista that she can’t kill her and warns her about Victor. Calista argues that Victor wouldn’t even come to her wedding so she bets he doesn’t care. Bonnie reminds her that Steve is downstairs and will catch her so she will lose her money and go to prison. Calista responds that she knows how to get away with murder because she watched her. Calista declares that she will use a silencer so no one will know it happened or care.

Julie tells Jack that they have to call the police. Jack thinks she may be getting carried away. Julie worries that Doug is in danger. Jack thinks there could be other explanations. Jack asks if it’s possible they had a fight. Julie says of course not but notes that Doug was miffed when she changed out his espresso for tea. Julie then admits that they had a small fight and Doug can show his temper when his blood sugar gets low. Jack suggests maybe Doug decided they needed to cool off a little bit and asks if that’s possible. Julie guesses it is but questions where Doug would go when he’s 96 years old and couldn’t get far on foot. Julie declares that she’s going to go find him and rushes out of Julie’s Place.

Roman asks Doug where Julie is since he never sees them here alone. Doug responds that Julie is very busy, watching his cholesterol. Doug says he prefers good red meat and fries. Doug makes sure Roman won’t tell her about this. Roman agrees not to tell Julie as Doug has a beer. Doug says that’s awfully nice of him and accidentally calls him John. Roman corrects him but says it’s not the first time since John went by his name for the better part of a decade. Doug says those were wild days when everyone thought Roman was dead and John got back together with Vivian. Roman points out that he means Marlena. Doug questions how he could mix up Marlena with Vivian and remarks that he must be losing it as he calls him John again.

Gwen reminds Xander that she already told Jack that he was lying to protect her and she was the one running drugs or Dr. Snyder, so she can’t go back on that and Jack will be looking for answers. Xander encourages her to lie and asks if she will. Gwen questions lying to her father. Xander points out that if she tells Jack that she falsely blamed Abigail for her miscarriage which caused her to leave town and quite possibly destroyed her marriage, there’s a chance that Jack’s forgiveness wore thin. Gwen argues that she’s his daughter too. Xander asks how she thinks it will turn out if he blames her for losing his other daughter. Xander asks if she wants to throw everything with Jack away because of his reputation. Gwen feels that Xander doesn’t deserve this. Xander insists that he’ll be fine. Gwen points out that nobody has ever sacrificed so much for her before. Xander responds that she’s worth it.

Julie returns to Julie’s Place and tells Jack that one of the cooks saw Doug walking out the front door and he kept on walking when she waved. Julie gets a call from Roman. Julie tells him that she can’t talk now because Doug is missing. Roman informs her that he’s not missing, he’s at the Pub. Julie lets Jack know and is relieved as she’s been worried sick. Julie tells Roman to tell Doug to come back to Julie’s Place immediately. Roman thinks it would be better if she came here.

The wedding officiant mentions to Steve that he didn’t eat lunch, assuming that a wedding at the Kiriakis Mansion would have a big spread, so Steve sends him to the kitchen to eat. Justin and Kayla then arrive. Steve mentions not seeing Bonnie since she went upstairs with Calista. Kayla decides she will go see what’s going on.

Calista asks Bonnie if she’s ready to go to Hell. Bonnie says they will see who goes there first as she grabs the gun and they struggle over it, until the gun goes off and Calista is shot. Calista then collapses onto the bed.

Julie and Jack go to the Brady Pub to find Doug. Julie is thankful that he’s alright. Doug says she caught him in the act as he needed some meat. Julie says she doesn’t care about the burger. Doug invites her to join him and orders beers on him. Julie clarifies that she didn’t come to drink even though her blood still needs to be thawed out after he locked her in the freezer and walked away. Doug questions her and says he would never do that. Julie explains that he did and she had to call Jack to rescue her. Doug is glad she’s safe but thinks she’s confusing him with someone else and asks if she’s sure she’s okay. Jack suggests he and Doug get Julie home. Doug points out that he hasn’t finished his burger and he wanted a piece of cake. Roman says he’ll wrap it all up.

Steve offers Justin a shot of whiskey for his nerves. Justin claims he’s not nervous, but worried about Bonnie since she’s been real jittery since Calista showed up. Justin mentions them planning to have breakfast but she took off on some errand without a word and then didn’t show up at Kayla’s. Steve adds that Bonnie was definitely jittery when she got here this morning. Justin brings up that Kayla said Bonnie seemed really upset last night about Calista but she didn’t want to talk about it. Steve confirms that Kayla told him the same. Steve remarks that Calista is quite the character as she made a pass at him. Steve adds that Calista was very cagey about being asked questions and asks if Justin knows much about her. Justin admits he doesn’t as Bonnie never mentioned her before she showed up. Justin hopes that Calista will disappear to where she came from when the wedding is over.

Bonnie begins to panic as Calista is dead. Kayla knocks on the door. Bonnie cries that this can’t be happening. Bonnie tells Kayla that she’s not decent. Kayla asks if she needs help getting ready. Bonnie claims she’s good but Kayla doesn’t think so since she has her makeup bag. Bonnie tells her to just leave it there. Kayla reminds her that she’s the matron of honor so it’s her job to help her get ready. Kayla then begins to open the door.

Jack and Julie get Doug home and to bed. Julie tells Jack that Doug didn’t get any sleep last night which is why he was a little off. Jack informs her that Roman told him that Doug called him John earlier. Julie blows it off as being confusing for years. Jack adds that Doug also confused Marlena and Vivian. Jack knows nobody wants to think about this, but he thinks Doug should see a doctor. Julie tells him not to even say that as he’s just tired and needs some rest, then he’ll be fine.

Xander asks what Gwen will tell Jack. Gwen says she doesn’t know. Gwen adds that one positive is that Jack won’t think Xander is a drug runner anymore, so he won’t get in the way of them potentially seeing one another. Xander asks if that’s what she wants. Gwen says maybe, but he needs to go get his money now and she needs to think about what she’s going to say to Jack. Xander stops Gwen and kisses her. Gwen asks what that was for. Xander says it was for luck as Gwen then exits.

Justin looks at a photo of he and Adrienne and says part of him can’t believe he’s going through with this. Justin knows that Steve thought he was crazy or that he was only attracted to Bonnie because she reminded him of Adrienne. Justin says at first he was right, even though they couldn’t be any more different. Justin declares that right now he’s not looking for another Adrienne, he just wants to be able to live and laugh again. Justin says if he wasn’t confident that Bonnie has turned her life around, there’s no way he could ever get past what she did to Adrienne. Justin adds that he’s done a lot of things he’s not proud of. Justin knows it took a lot for Steve to agree to be his best man and he appreciates his support. Steve just wants Justin to be happy. Justin says that’s the plan.

Kayla enters the bedroom and asks Bonnie what happened. Bonnie claims a pillow just exploded. Kayla asks about Calista. Bonnie claims that Calista said she wasn’t feeling well and just keeled over. Kayla offers to examine her but Bonnie says she can’t. Kayla questions why not. Bonnie claims she already knows what’s wrong since Calista had mimosas for breakfast and started puking. Bonnie says she finally fell asleep so she doesn’t want to wake her. Kayla relates to the feeling after drinking last night. Kayla comments that Calista might sleep through the wedding when she came all this way for the occasion. Kayla asks if Bonnie is alright. Bonnie claims that she is but Kayla notes her shaking and asks about her broken nail.

Steve pours drinks for he and Justin as they toast to the light being back in Justin’s eyes. The wedding officiant comes back in and praises the food from the kitchen. He’s happy to see there is two people now but warns that it’s getting late and he has another gig, so he asks if they are starting soon. Justin says he sure hopes so.

Bonnie guesses she lost her nail when Calista fell over and she tried to catch her Bonnie starts crying about nothing going right on the most important day of her life. Kayla asks if she’s sure she is alright. Bonnie says Justin is the best thing to ever happen to her and she just wants to marry him before something else goes wrong. Kayla says she will but they need to take care of some rituals first. Kayla suggests Bonnie get in to her dress so she can get married.

Jack tells Julie that she and Doug have been married for more than half of their lives so she doesn’t want to think about it but it could be something treatable or it could be nothing at all. Jack thinks they should get him checked out so she will have peace of mind. Jack thinks Julie should get checked out after being in the freezer too. Julie declares that she’s not going anywhere and neither is Doug.

Steve warns Justin that if they don’t get started, he’s worried that the justice of the peace will move on so he’s going to check on the ladies. Kayla then enters the room with Bonnie. Steve asks Kayla about Calista. Kayla responds that she’s indisposed. Justin asks if Bonnie is ready. Bonnie says she’s more ready than she’s been in her entire life.

Jack sits with Julie as Gwen comes home. Gwen didn’t expect him back so soon and hopes Julie is okay. Julie is sure Gwen was praying that she would turn in to a popsicle. Julie decides to go check on Doug and exits the room. Gwen asks Jack what is wrong with Doug. Jack responds that they are not exactly sure.

Justin and Bonnie’s wedding ceremony begins. When it’s asked if anyone has any objections, Bonnie imagines Calista interrupting.

Gwen asks if Jack thinks Doug has dementia. Jack says he doesn’t know but Julie is in denial that anything is wrong. Gwen insists that she’s really sorry and that Doug is a good person. Jack asks what Gwen was going to tell her before Julie called about Dr. Snyder holding something over her to make her run drugs for him. Gwen wants to talk about it another time but Jack says now. Gwen notes how worried he is about Doug and says she has to run an errand. Jack points out that she just got home. Gwen says she won’t be long and she’s sorry as she rushes out of the house.

Justin asks Bonnie if something is wrong but she says no and the ceremony continues. When it’s asked if anyone has any objections, Xander arrives and declares that he has an objection. Justin asks what the hell he’s doing here. Xander responds that Justin’s bride stole a million dollars from him and he wants it back. Justin tells him to leave now. Xander guarantees that Justin is going to want to hear this and he might even thank him. Kayla asks what this is about. Xander explains that he had a briefcase full of cash in his room that has gone missing and the only person who could’ve taken it was Bonnie. Justin asks why Bonnie would be in his room. Xander says he could think of one million reasons, but suggests asking her. Justin asks if Bonnie went to Xander’s room. Bonnie admits she did but claims it was to invite him to the wedding because he’s family, so she thought inviting his cousin would be a nice surprise. Xander says the only surprise was her running off with all his cash, but notes that with her history, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. The justice of a peace decides to give them some time. Kayla remarks on Xander’s new habit of crashing private parties with scandalous claims. Xander points out that in the case of Eric and Nicole, he merely stated facts and that party is relevant because that’s how he earned the million dollars in question and his claim was true then, just as it is now. Xander asks Bonnie if that’s right.


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Y&R Update Tuesday, September 7 2021

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Rey showed up at Adam’s office. Sighing deeply, Adam asked what Rey was going to try and arrest him for this time. Rey was actually there with Connor’s baseball cap. He explained that he ran into Connor and the nanny at the park, and they talked. When Connor left, he forgot his cap. Adam said it was Connor’s favorite. Rey turned to leave, but Adam said that thought Rey deserved props for rescuing Mariah. Rey gave the credit to Devon, who followed up on his feeling about Stitch. Adam had no idea things got so far off course. Rey thought Adam was insinuating that he should’ve gotten updates on the case, as if he were part of the inner circle. Adam said he cared. “About Mariah or about Sharon?,” Rey asked. Adam commented that this was the longest conversation they’d ever had without Sharon coming up. He felt that Rey’s jealousy was constant.

Adam said that not everything was about Sharon. Abby was his sister, and the baby was his nephew. Rey sarcastically replied that he forgot how close Abby and Adam were. Adam stated that he cared about Mariah, but Rey contended he only cared because she was Sharon’s daughter. “So you’re saying that I should just hit the off switch on my feelings? That Sharon doesn’t deserve any of my concern?,” Adam asked. Rey noted that he never said that, but Adam thought that’s what he meant. Adam said that his past with Sharon couldn’t be erased. She was the most decent loving person he knew, and he only cared about what was best for her and the people who mattered to her. He said Rey could accept that or he could fly into a rage every time he heard the name Adam.

Rey felt that Adam had enough to deal with in his own family without inserting himself in anyone else’s. “Stop worrying about Sharon’s daughter. Worry about your son,” Rey snapped. Adam asked why – because he lost his hat? When Rey talked with Connor at the park, he could tell something was going on with him. He said Adam was here, and Chelsea was out of state, which could get confusing for a kid. Adam was adamant that his family was under control. It didn’t sound like that to Rey. Adam ordered Rey to leave. Rey said that Connor was wondering when he and his parents would be a family again – he was smart and he could tell things were different. Rey wasn’t telling Adam how to handle things, but he asserted that things needed handling. He told Adam to focus on that and not what was going on in Sharon’s life.

Moses bumped into Faith at the park. She was going to see Mariah, and she invited him along, but he declined, because he assumed Mariah wasn’t up for meeting someone new right now. He said they’d catch up later. He’d spend his time brainstorming about their first date.

Tessa and Mariah went to Crimson Lights to get coffee, but Mariah quickly became entranced by a woman with a baby, and she didn’t hear Sharon asking for her order. After the mother left, Sharon gave Mariah a drink. Mariah felt reassured because it tasted just like it did before she got kidnapped. Sharon was concerned because Mariah didn’t answer her earlier. Mariah said she just spaced out. Sharon could tell there was something going on, and she assured Mariah that she could talk. Mariah admitted things had been difficult. For so long, it was just her and Bowie. She spent her time talking to the baby. She promised him she’d keep him safe and that they’d make it out alive. Tessa said that was a lot of pressure Mariah put on herself, especially when she didn’t know what was going on. Mariah said that it was her job, more than a job, Bowie had been her reason for living. Then came the intense and urgent rescue and birth. Then Bowie – Dominic went home with his mother. Sharon stated that Mariah bonded with the baby, and now she felt something had been taken from her.

Mariah said she and the baby had a real bond, which she wasn’t supposed to feel. She knew he wasn’t her baby. Tessa thought it was okay for Mariah to feel a bond with the baby. Mariah asked what to do with the feelings. Sharon said that the connection wouldn’t go away – he was Abby’s son, but he wouldn’t be there without Mariah. Mariah thought she had to train herself out of calling him Bowie, but Sharon felt it was okay for Mariah to have a special nickname for him. Tessa thought that Dominic would be happy to have such a cool nickname. Sharon thought it was really important for Mariah to tell Abby all this. Mariah wasn’t sure, but Sharon said Abby was a friend, and she wanted what was best for Mariah.

Faith rushed in and hugged Mariah. Tessa and Sharon thought the sisters needed time, so they went out to the patio. They smiled as they heard Mariah and Faith laughing inside. Mariah told Faith that her pledge to torture and destroy Stitch would get her and Mariah locked away forever. Mariah liked how protective Faith was, though. Faith asked if Mariah was okay. Her parents wouldn’t tell her much, because they didn’t want her to freak out. Mariah understood that, because Faith had a rough year. Faith asserted that she was stronger now, and she wanted to help. Mariah suggested that they do a girls’ night soon and they’d talk about everything. Mariah wasn’t ready to talk just yet. Faith told Mariah not to feel pressured to move on. She thought Mariah should focus on the people who cared about her now. Mariah said that Faith had changed in the short time Mariah was away – she was more positive and solid. She asked if this had anything to do with Moses. Faith confirmed that it did.

Later, Sharon and Mariah were alone together. Tessa was on the patio on the phone. Mariah said Tessa was canceling her gig to spend as much time with Mariah as possible. Mariah was grateful Tessa wanted to take care of her, but they worked so hard on Tessa’s career, and she didn’t want Tessa to start canceling things because of her. Sharon said that they might seem clingy because, for weeks, they were all upset and frustrated, thinking Mariah was pushing them away, then when they learned the truth, they were kicking themselves for not realizing Stitch manipulated them. Mariah didn’t want them feeling guilty. She didn’t want to have to keep reassuring people that she didn’t blame them. Sharon said she’d try not to blame herself. Mariah knew Sharon and Nick shielded Faith from what happened. Mariah said that Faith was growing up fast, and she was strong, so they should treat her that way.

Sharon was caught off guard, and Mariah got nervous, when Adam walked in. Adam was happy Mariah was safe and back home. She mumbled thanks, and he asked if he’d said something wrong. “Yeah, sorry if I’m a little tense around people like you right now, but I was just freed from the clutches of a madman who kidnapped me without a care for the life of an unborn baby because he wanted to win back a certain woman and get her to like him again,” she replied. She got up and put distance between them. Adam was sorry for what Mariah went through. He was just trying to express sympathy, and he knew he wasn’t one of her favorite people. Sharon said Adam wouldn’t try to do anything to make Mariah uncomfortable. Adam said he wouldn’t interrupt, and he walked away. Mariah felt like Sharon always took Adam’s side. Sharon said she wasn’t taking his side, she was just trying to defuse the situation. “Point taken,” Mariah said. Tessa returned – they wouldn’t let her out of the gig. Mariah was glad, because she felt fine. She just needed to go home and pump for the baby. Sharon asked Mariah to let her know if she needed anything.

After Mariah and Tessa left, Sharon asked Adam what he was doing here after he’d said he was going to keep his distance. He’d come to get her advice, as Connor’s former therapist, on how to talk to him about Chelsea. Adam thought he’d made a mistake coming here, so he left. Rey arrived later and Sharon thanked him again for bringing Mariah home safe. He thought Devon deserved a lot of the credit. He thought he should’ve paid more attention to Sharon’s intuition that something was wrong. Sharon said all that mattered was that Mariah was home now. She hoped Mariah wouldn’t be scarred for life. Rey said Mariah was a warrior, which got her through this ordeal. He thought what she needed most was to know the people around her loved her and had her back. The way Sharon reacted made Rey ask if something else happened. Sharon said that Mariah got hostile and aggressive with Adam, and when Sharon tried to keep the peace, Mariah accused her of taking his side. Sharon said she wasn’t doing that, it was all about Mariah’s reaction. She hoped she didn’t upset Rey. He said it was fine. She agreed that Mariah was a warrior, but it was going to take a lot for her to get through this, and she hoped Mariah got the hope she needed. Rey said that he had his own run in with Adam today. He said they got into it about Adam’s refusal to stay out of Sharon’s life. He wasn’t surprised Adam showed up here and tried to get into the middle of things with Sharon and Mariah. Sharon mentioned that Adam said he came to get her advice on what Connor was going through. She believed Adam was sincere about wanting to be a better person, she just didn’t know if he had the skill set yet.

Devon was at the Chancellor house. He wistfully picked up a pair of baby booties, which he quickly dropped as Abby returned and reported that Dominic was napping. Abby sensed that Mariah was going through a hard time, and not just with the kidnapping, and she got the feeling that Devon was going through a hard time too. He said if he seemed like he was having a hard time it was because he was trying to figure out how to best support her. He noted that she had to figure out how to parent without Chance for the time being. She pointed out that women took care of babies with or without partners for centuries. He didn’t want to burden her by being here too much, but he also didn’t want to leave her hanging. She assured him he’d never be a burden. She wanted him to come by whenever he wanted. She stated that he was her best friend, and she could talk to him about things she couldn’t share with Mariah, Nina or Ashley. She hoped that he didn’t start hiding things from her. He agreed to be open and honest with her.

Devon asked what Abby noticed with Mariah. Abby mentioned Mariah’s nightmare. She thought Mariah was just pretending to be okay. Devon thought that was understandable, given what she went through. Abby noted that Mariah was trapped in the room, with no way of knowing if anyone was looking for her, and she was trying to protect the baby. Devon was sure Mariah felt like it was her and the baby against the world. Abby said Mariah gave birth, and she had to hand the baby over. She must feel overwhelmed. Devon said Stitch took Mariah from her friends and her family, and she wasn’t able to make plans, go shopping for the baby, go to the doctor’s appointments together. He was sure Mariah had some things to work through, but it wasn’t about Abby or the baby. It was about what Stitch put her through. He advised Abby sit Mariah down and talk to her.

While Abby was upstairs, Devon talked to Christine on the phone. Abby returned, and Devon broke the news that Chance had gone even deeper undercover, and Christine couldn’t get a message to him. Abby choked back tears. She was trying to be patient, but Chance deserved to know he had a son, and Dominic deserved to meet his father. Devon told Abby to remember there was nothing Chance wanted more than to get back to her. Abby was stunned when Devon said it might be a good thing that Chance didn’t know about Dominic’s birth. Devon explained that if Chance had to go that deep undercover, things must have gotten intense, and if he knew the baby was born, that might distract him, or make him feel more guilty than he already felt. Abby said that Devon always knew just what to say.

Faith went back to the park, and Moses was there with Devon. Devon had just spoke with Sofia on the phone, and he’d tried to convince her that it was worthwhile for Moses to stay in Genoa City even though he was no longer pursuing a career in medicine. Moses’ mom had been noncommittal, so Devon said it was up to Moses to convince her to let him stay, if that’s what he wanted. Moses stared at Faith and said that was what he wanted.

As Devon was leaving the park, Tessa and Mariah arrived. Devon said he was there for Mariah if she needed him. She thanked him, but he’d already done so much. She said everything would be fine – she had the best support team in the world, him included. “You’ll always be the guy who delivered my baby,” she said. Tessa said she should get Mariah home, and Devon asked if everything was okay. Mariah said she was fine; she had to get home to pump for Bow- Dominic. She said Devon would always be a hero. The rest of the conversation played out as a voice over, while a scene of Abby and Dominic was on the screen. Abby walked around holding Dominic as Devon said he was in the right place at the right time, which didn’t make him a hero. He said he was struggling with things too, just like everyone else.

Abby put Dominic in his bassinet and told him she’d be right back. While she was upstairs, Mariah came in and called for Abby. She didn’t see her, but she saw Dominic and she went over and cooed over him. “Did you miss me? Cause I missed you so much,” she said. She hummed the lullaby Tessa wrote. Abby came in and stopped in the doorway and watched with a concerned look on her face.

Devon went home and looked at a picture of himself with Neil. He then flashed back to Dominic’s birth.

Faith told Moses that this was the most important phone call of his entire life, and she wanted to make it a success. She said she’d play his mom, so he could rehearse, and he laughed because she didn’t look a thing like his mom. She didn’t think that was important. She told him to take out his phone and pretend to make the call. He did so, and as “Sofia” Faith asked Moses if he was wasting his time on girls. Moses said there was one girl, but she was not a waste of time. “Sofia” demanded that Moses tell her all about this girl, or she’d make him come back to NY. He said Faith was one in a trillion, and she had a great family – her grandfather used to work with his father. He thought Faith was smart, beautiful, funny, fun and she made him happy. He thought she was honest, thoughtful and fearless, and she was one of the reasons he couldn’t come home yet. “Sofia” asked what about her. Moses said his mom could come visit him in Genoa City. He stated that this place and these people were part of Neil, which made them part of Moses too. He promised that his mom would never lose him. The fake call ended, and Faith told Moses that he’d do great.

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Days: Beyond Update, Monday, September 6, 2021

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

At the National Museum in the Kingdom of Alamania in 1991, someone breaks in and steals the Alamanian Peacock.

30 years later in Zurich, Switzerland, Shane Donovan explains to John and Marlena that the Alamanian Peacock was stolen and says the culprit was Princess Gina, or Hope who was brainwashed in to believing she was Princess Gina. Shane adds that the Peacock featured precious gemstones. Shane reveals that it was just recently recovered and sent back to the Alamain family but the gemstones were missing, though now they have started popping up in different parts of the globe and Lord Sebastian Alamain is putting pressure on the ISA to retrieve them. Marlena calls that a big job. Shane agrees they will need their most skilled agents which is where John comes in.

Ben and Ciara begin their honeymoon in New Orleans. Ciara talks about how they have so much to do and see as she kisses Ben. Ben asks if they should keep walking the French quarter or head back to the hotel room. Ciara remembers Hope mentioning how fun the antique store is so they go over to it, but it’s closed. Ciara sees a voodoo doll in the window and calls it creepy. Ciara is fascinated by a pin with a gem in it in the window and talks about how much she loves it.

Paulina brings Lani, Eli, and Abe to her home in Miami. Abe calls it beautiful while Eli appreciates being in paradise instead of undercover in a seedy hotel. Eli talks about hopping off a jet to a limo to a mansion. Lani acknowledges that Paulina likes to live large. Paulina tells Lani to enjoy it, reminding her that it’s her last fun before maternity leave ends at work. Paulina calls Lani her favorite niece. Abe looks out the window and admires the view. Abe questions Paulina voluntarily leaving all of this to move to Salem. Paulina admits it was a sacrifice at the time, but she’s so glad she did or else she never would’ve met Abe. Paulina says they are going to shake up the town.

Chad arrives in Phoenix and visits Will. They hug and Chad says he missed him so much. Will mentions they were so happy to get his call. Will calls out to Sonny that Chad is there. Sonny (now played by Zach Tinker) rushes in to excitedly hug Chad. They ask how Chad is doing. Chad says he’ll be better when Abigail gets home from Boston. Chad asks about Arianna since he brought her a present. Will says that Arianna is on a play date with a friend. Chad says his kids are doing the same with Jack, so he flew out to hang with his best friends. Chad says he’s really missed them and apologizes for not keeping in better touch. Chad notes that it’s early so they can start catching up right now. Will wishes he could stay and hang out but he has a meeting he can’t miss. Will asks Sonny if he doesn’t mind playing tour guide for the day. Chad says if they are busy, he can chill. Sonny remarks that he’s never too busy for the people he loves…

Anna and Tony arrive in Zurich and go to Carrie and Austin’s apartment. Anna advises Tony not to say anything about marriage troubles. Carrie answers the door, surprised to see Anna and Tony. She asks what they are doing here. Anna tells Carrie not to worry but she’s here to save her marriage. Carrie asks Anna to keep her voice down, because she doesn’t want Austin knowing that she went running to her mother about their marital problems. Austin then walks in and says it’s a little late for that.

Shane informs John and Marlena that the sapphire is here in Zurich as part of a necklace going out for auction tonight. Shane says they need someone to go undercover and suggests John and Marlena. Shane adds that all expenses will be covered by the ISA. John asks what happens after they win the necklace in the auction. Shane says he will get it back to the Alamains as quick as possible. John asks how high he can bid. Shane says as high as he likes but to try not to break the bank as their budget is not what it used to be. John calls it simple enough but Shane reveals there’s a little more to it.

Ben tells Ciara that he’s buying her the pin. Ciara says he’s so sweet but it probably costs a fortune. Ben says she’s worth a fortune and calls it a wedding present. Ciara agrees only if it’s not crazy expensive. Ben sees the shop owner about to go inside so he asks her about the pin in the window. She informs him that she’s already holding it for a long time client, who made an appointment for a private viewing. Ben asks if they can at least make it an offer. She says that would be pointless because her client is royalty, Princess Gina Von Amberg, which shocks Ciara.

Eli jokes that they do not get beautiful views like this in Salem. Lani mentions there only being like 30 houses on this island that they call Star Island. Eli wonders about the celebrities that live here. Abe suggests they could get to meet some of them and brings up Rosie O’Donnell. Paulina says that she moved and talks about how she used to jet ski. Paulina mentions being friends with Gloria Estefan. Paulina says it’s too bad Tamara isn’t here with them as she’s sure she would be thrilled to see them. Lani mentions that they did leave the twins in Salem with Julie. Paulina loves seeing Eli and Lani get some alone time together, so she tells them to make themselves at home while she gives Abe a tour. Eli then asks Lani how she’s holding up. Lani admits she’s missing the twins but she knows Julie and Doug will be happy to take care of them. Eli assures they will be fine and that Julie will text them updates and photos. Lani adds that pretty soon, she will be working double shifts so she needs to get used to it like he is. Eli thinks he has an idea how they can forget missing the twins so much as he kisses her.

Will repeats that he’s sorry that he can’t stay but he’s working on a huge story. Chad says it’s fine as he didn’t give much notice that he’s coming. Sonny remarks that he’s taking his company public but Will is the one who can’t take the day off. Sonny argues that as a reporter, Will sets his own hours and could easily work from home but Will points out that he’s at the mercy of his sources. Sonny argues that he could do it here by video but Will says it’s sensitive information so he has to be in the room. Sonny complains about Will not being able to tell him what the big scoop is. Will assures him that he will know soon.

Austin questions Carrie flying her parents across the ocean because they had a fight. Anna clarifies that Carrie had no idea they were coming. Austin guesses that she must have told them they are having problems. Anna says they are family and they confide in each other, so they just want to be there for them. Tony acknowledges that he and Anna have had ups and downs as well so they are not judging, but hope they will benefit from their experience. Anna asks what exactly is the problem, money troubles or another person or both. Tony asks what they can do to help.

Shane gives John a special gun that won’t set off any metal detectors. Marlena asks why he would need a gun if he’s just bidding on a necklace. Shane points out that they are not the only ones bidding on the sapphire and that two of the gems have already fallen in to the wrong hands.

The shop owner questions Ciara and Ben knowing Princess Gina. Ciara says they know of her. She says she’s sorry that she couldn’t help and tells them to have a nice day as she heads inside. Ben thought Princess Gina was done when Dr. Rolf took the microchip out of Hope’s brain. Ciara says that’s what she thought too and wonders if this is why Hope has been laying low all these months. Ciara worries about Hope being brainwashed again but Ben reminds her that Stefano is dead and Dr. Rolf is in prison. Ciara doesn’t know what is going on but decides she will call her mom to get some answers.

After Will leaves, Sonny tells Chad he’s sorry about that. Chad gets that Will is busy. Sonny remarks that’s that is what he says. Chad asks what that means but Sonny says it’s nothing. Chad knows he hasn’t kept in touch like he should but he’s still his best friend so he can tell something is going on. Chad asks Sonny to talk to him. Sonny responds that he thinks Will is having an affair.

Carrie tells Anna that there is not another woman or another man, at least not at the moment. Carrie says they’ve had a very long trip so she wants to fix them something to eat and heads to the kitchen. Anna asks Austin what that was about. Austin says she’s upset after they had a fight and it’s his fault because he acted like a jackass. Anna remarks that she can picture that but apologizes and tells him to go on. Austin admits he had a few drinks and then threw her affair with Rafe in her face. Anna thought he made peace with that. Austin says he did too but after a few drinks, here they are. Austin knows it was a one time thing while they were separated and he keeps thinking that he’s over it but then he has a weak moment and blurts out something that he regrets. Austin wants Carrie to know how much she means to him, so he’s been thinking he needs to do something big to prove that. Tony suggests asking Marlena for advice. Austin reveals that he had a sapphire necklace in mind. Austin says that it’s going up for auction tonight and he wants to buy it for Carrie.

John doesn’t want Marlena going to the auction if there will be any kind of danger. Marlena asks who is bidding on the sapphire. John reveals that they recently had an incident involving one of the other gemstones, as the ISA located the ruby in South Africa but the retrieval operation went bad and their agent was killed. John feels there is more to the story than he’s telling. Shane says there always is but he’s not at liberty to discuss the details, even with John. Shane warns that the stakes could be high like life or death, but they aren’t anticipating any trouble tonight. Shane notes that John should just be prepared just in case. John feels there’s nothing to worry about and that this should be a piece of cake.

Eli and Lani kiss on the couch until Paulina and Abe walk back in. Paulina tells them to do their thing and not mind them. Lani jokes that they will finish later. Lani suggests she and Paulina go show Abe and Eli the sights. Paulina says they will, but first she wants to do lunch. Abe says he doesn’t need anything fancy but Paulina says as long as he’s with her, fancy is what he’s going to get. Paulina opens a safe and pulls out a ring, noting that she’s been saving it for a special occasion like this. Lani asks about it. Paulina calls it a one of a kind orange diamond.

Ciara complains that Hope is not answering her phone. Ben assures that she’s fine. Ciara worries about hearing the name Princess Gina and asks if she contact Shane or John. Ben and Ciara then spot a woman in a tiara approaching the shop window and assume it’s Princess Gina. Ciara goes to confront her but is shocked to find out that it is Billie Reed.

Austin shows Anna and Tony a picture of the sapphire necklace. Anna and Tony talk about how expensive that will be. Tony can’t remember Carrie ever liking expensive things. Austin agrees but feels it’s important for him for her to know how much he appreciates her and doesn’t take her for granted. Austin says he wants to get it as a gift for their anniversary next month, so she knows that he knows how lucky he is to be married to her. Anna calls that so sweet and guesses they don’t really need their help. Austin mentions that the auction is being covered by the press and he wants it to be a surprise. Anna tells him that she and Tony would be happy to go to the auction for him.

Shane tells John not to hesitate to reach out if there’s anything he need and wishes him luck. They shake hands as John says he’ll be in touch. Shane then exits the room. John thought Marlena wanted to see Carrie and Austin while they are in town. Marlena says she does. John suggests calling them up to see if they are free for dinner. Marlena says she’s not free for dinner. John points out that she could be. Marlena knows John wants to see Carrie and Austin too so she suggests they try tomorrow. John realizes he’s not going to win this argument as they kiss.

Abe asks Paulina where she got her orange diamond ring. Paulina explains that it was a gift from her friend Michelle and talks about how they were at a dinner at the white house, where she just gave it to her. Abe calls that really generous. Paulina says she was reluctant at first but Michelle could afford to be generous and is married to one of the most powerful people on the planet. Abe is impressed by them being friends. Paulina says they go way back. Abe questions her wearing the ring out to lunch. Lani suggests putting it back in the safe but Paulina says she was saving it for a special occasion like this. Paulina feels they have to have glitz and glamour.

Ciara asks what Billie is doing here and informs Ben that Billie is Kate’s daughter. Ciara explains to Ben how Billie was married to Bo while Hope was brainwashed by Stefano. Ciara questions Billie’s getup. Billie says she thinks wearing a tiara is a thing. Ciara tells her to cut the crap and asks why she is dressed up as Princess Gina. Billie says she can’t talk about it. Ciara asks if she’s undercover on a case. Billie informs her that she’s trying to locate some missing gemstones and the one in the window is one of them. Billie explains that the store is a front for a criminal enterprise so she figured she could use Princess Gina to get an in with the owner. Ciara explains how the owner said she was holding the gem for her longterm client, Princess Gina. Billie questions Ciara not introducing her to Ben. Ciara apologizes and introduces her to her husband, Ben Weston. Billie congratulates them. Ciara says they are actually here on their honeymoon. Billie then stops and questions him being that Ben Weston, the necktie killer who strangled Will. Ciara explains that it’s okay now as Ben and Will are best friends now and Will was Ben’s best man. Billie finds it really strange but says if Will is okay with it. Ciara adds that Will is living happily ever after in Phoenix with Sonny.

Chad tells Sonny that there is no way Will is having an affair. Sonny remarks that it wouldn’t be the first time. Chad says that was years ago and points out all they have gone through since then. Sonny goes over all they have been through and jokes that it would make an interesting movie. Chad says this is real life and they survived and stayed together. Chad knows they are together in this brand new life. Sonny says he can’t ignore the signs as Will is always busy working. Chad argues that he just has a lot going on. Sonny argues that he doesn’t have secrets. Sonny understands Will can’t tell him everything but now he’s not telling him anything and he caught him deleting his call logs. Sonny insists something is going on. Chad thinks it could be something good like a surprise. Sonny doesn’t buy that Will had a meeting to go to and bets he’s not even at the office right now. Chad informs Sonny that Abigail is still in Boston because a few months ago, he got in his head that she was having an affair with Jake but he was way off base. Chad says he was so convinced that he made a big mistake and let his paranoia over nothing get the best of him, so now he has no idea when or if his wife is coming home. Chad begs Sonny to not make the same mistake that he did. Sonny insists that something is off. Chad decides they should check it out then and find out if Will is at the office. Sonny feels it’s wrong to check up on him but Chad says he’ll do it. Sonny texts Chad the number to the news desk so Chad then calls and asks to speak to Will Horton, claiming he has a big tip for him. Chad is informed that Will is out of the office today and not expected to be in. Sonny realizes he was right that Will lied right to his face.

Billie tells Ben and Ciara that she’d love to stay and chat but she doesn’t want to blow her cover and she wants to get her wig off. Ben says now that she knows Hope is not Princess Gina again, they can get back to their honeymoon. Ciara wishes Billie luck in the case and says it was good seeing her. Billie says the same as she tells Ben to take care of his wife and then she walks away.

Sonny insists to Chad that Will is definitely cheating on him. Chad suggests Will could be doing an interview. Sonny complains that he’s not in the office where he said he would be and won’t be in all day. Chad argues that it doesn’t mean he’s having an affair. Sonny says he’s been giving Will the benefit of the doubt for weeks. Chad still thinks there’s a reasonable explanation. Sonny complains about how Will has been acting lately and says he can’t believe him anymore. Chad offers to talk to Will. Sonny says it won’t get him anywhere. Sonny adds that every time he asks Will a question, he gets a vague answer or no answer, which is why he stopped trying. Sonny decides looking up Will’s credit card history might give him a clue because he needs to know. Sonny pulls it up on his laptop and shows Chad that Will booked a room at an upscale spa, which he calls very romantic. Sonny decides he’s heading there right now. Chad doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Sonny says he can’t just do nothing. Chad suggests waiting until Will gets home to talk to him but Sonny refuses so Chad decides he’s going with him, so that he doesn’t do anything stupid.

Anna and Tony go to leave, when Carrie comes back with food and questions them leaving already. Anna says they are going to check in to their hotel. Carrie tells them that they can stay here since Noah is away at school. Anna says they don’t want to impose and Tony wants to stay at their favorite hotel, so they will be back in the morning to catch up on everything. Anna and Tony then exit which disappoints Carrie.

Marlena and John sit together, looking at a picture of the sapphire necklace. Marlena calls it beautiful. John jokes that he would buy it for her in a heartbeat if he could. Marlena appreciates that but says everything she needs is right here. John says if they wrap up the auction early, they can go to the wellness spa that he discovered when released from the clinic. John says Marlena is the reason he got better and reminds her that they got remarried right before leaving Salem, so he had his wife which is what healed him. John says the clinic was good but the atmosphere was sterile. Marlena recalls the couples massage at the spa. John suggests they pay it a repeat visit. Marlena agrees once they get tonight out of the way first.

Ben tells Ciara they will find her a gift that wasn’t stolen. Billie returns and stops them, asking if they saw anyone come out of the antique shop. Ben confirms he just saw a couple come out with a shopping bag. Billie reveals they bought the gem right out from under her.

Carrie apologizes to Austin for saying anything to Anna as she was just really rattled. Austin says he was just thrown at first seeing them here but it’s his fault for being a jackass. Austin says he’s actually really glad they did. Carrie thought Anna drives him nuts. Austin says she does, but her heart is in the right place. Carrie acknowledges that Anna cares about them both very much. Carrie asks if he thought it was strange the way they rushed out of here as it seemed so abrupt. Carrie felt like Anna was up to something. Austin jokes that it’s just Anna being Anna so she has nothing to worry about.

Anna and Tony arrive at the auction. Tony has a glass of champagne while Anna says she wants to focus on the mission because that necklace is going to save her daughter’s marriage, so nothing and no one will stop them from getting it. John and Marlena then arrive and greet them, surprising Anna.

Chad and Sonny go to a penthouse suite. Chad suggests the paper could be paying for it and notes that the front desk didn’t mention Will being with anyone. Sonny feels it’s a big room for one person. Chad believes that Will is probably alone. Sonny declares they are about to find out as he knocks on the door. Chad suggests leaving when Will doesn’t answer but they are shocked when Sonny’s ex Leo Stark answers the door.

Billie questions Ciara and Ben about the couple that bought the gem. Ben tries to describe them but Billie drags him away to come help find them.

Eli, Lani, Abe, and Paulina have lunch on the beach. Paulina says it’s her treat and tells them to just enjoy the view. Lani comments on the people watching while Paulina remarks that you never know who is going to show up at your table. Two men then approach the table and demand the ring. Abe asks what’s going on as one of the men pull out a gun.

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Days Update Monday September 6, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Ciara asks Ben what if they had a baby. Ben questions what she just said and asks if she’s serious about them having one.

Steve goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and meets Calista Lockhart. Calista flirts with him and says the pleasure is all her’s.

Justin goes to Kayla’s to bring Bonnie her makeup bag but Kayla informs him that Bonnie is not there yet. Justin questions that since Bonnie was coming by so Kayla could help her get ready for the wedding. Kayla guesses she’s just running a little late. Justin finds that strange since she left the house a while ago and should’ve been here by now.

EJ knocks on Xander’s door so Xander gets out of the shower and answers, complaining about him knocking so loudly, while Bonnie hides underneath the bed.

Jack questions Gwen about what Dr. Snyder was blackmailing her with to get her to agree to run drugs for him. Gwen says he has to understand that she never wanted to hurt him. Jack asks how she would hurt him. They are interrupted by Jack getting a call from Julie. Jack tries to say he’s in the middle of something but Julie tells him something that causes him to say he will be there as soon as he can. Jack hangs up so Gwen asks what’s wrong. Jack informs Gwen that they will finish this conversation later because Julie got locked in the freezer at Julie’s Place. Gwen says they will talk whenever then as Jack rushes out of the house. Gwen then exits as well.

EJ apologizes to Xander if he made his presence known a little too forcefully since he wasn’t answering, but he thought he’d like to see his employment contract, signed by Nicole. EJ says he would like his money first. Xander realizes that’s why he’s so enthusiastic. Xander says he will get his money once he’s sure that EJ did what he said he would do. EJ assures him that the contract is on the up and up. Xander says he’ll be the judge of that as he takes the contract to look it over. Xander tells EJ to sit tight as it might take awhile. Bonnie remains hiding under the bed.

Kayla feels Justin is acting like a nervous groom. Justin points out that it takes awhile for a bride to get ready for a wedding. Kayla says it depends on the bride. Justin says Bonnie is not one to rush through it and questions why she’s not here to start the process. Kayla encourages him not to worry. Justin says they both know that Bonnie can be unpredictable. Kayla decides she will track her down, so Justin thanks her.

EJ tells Xander to take as long as he needs but all the terms and conditions are clearly laid out. EJ assures that his contracts are iron clad so Nicole couldn’t back out of it. EJ adds that Nicole is on board with this deal and points out her signature and that everything is in order. Kayla calls Bonnie, causing Bonnie’s phone to ring from under the bed. EJ asks Xander if he heard that.

Calista explains to Steve that Bonnie was married to her brother David. Steve asks if they are close. Calista points out that she’s at her wedding and asks how Steve and Justin are related. Steve explains that Justin was married to his sister Adrienne until she passed away. Calista mentions losing her husband too. Steve asks what happened. Calista responds that he was murdered and the killer was never caught. Steve asks when that happened. Calista notes that he asks a lot of questions and it makes her wonder why he’s so interested in her.

Xander says he didn’t hear anything. EJ thought he heard a phone buzz but guesses it was a room next door. EJ asks if they have a deal or not. Xander says they do and signs the contract. EJ wants to open the briefcase to make sure the money is all there.

Kayla leaves Bonnie a message, saying that she and Justin are wondering where she is. Justin questions why she’s not picking up. Kayla suggests she could be at the hair salon. Justin argues that she would tell her that. Kayla decides to text Bonnie and says that she and Justin are wondering when she’s coming to the house. Kayla gets a text back from Bonnie, claiming that she’s hung up at the nail salon but will be there any minute. Kayla tells Justin that there is nothing to worry about.

Xander assures EJ that the cash is all there and it would be stupid to try and trick him now. EJ gets a business call and says he has to answer it outside. EJ warns Xander that if a penny is missing from the briefcase, he will back for his pound of flesh. EJ says it was a pleasure doing business as he takes the briefcase, answers his call, and exits the room. Xander declares tha the is back in business, then goes back to the bathroom to finish shaving. Bonnie then sneaks out from under the bed and runs out of the room with the stolen money in her purse.

Ciara questions why Ben looks so uncomfortable. Ben says he’s just surprised. Ciara says they have talked about having a baby before and asks if it’s really such a surprise that she brought it up. Ben says it just caught him off guard because they got married a week ago and are still on their honeymoon, so he’s surprised that she chose now to bring up such a big step for them. Ben thought they’d wait until they got back to reality in Salem. Ciara says she probably would have wanted to wait if it had actually been a week since they got married, but in every way that counts they have been married since last July and should’ve been together all this time if not for Eve, Vincent, Rhodes, and Evan. Ben acknowledges that they lost a year because of them. Ciara is thankful it was only a year, but now they are back together and have their entire future ahead of them. Ben questions what the rush is to have a kid now then. Ciara clarifies that she’s not in a rush but when she’s with him, she can’t help but to imagine a future with him and the dreams they share. Ciara reminds him of their dream of having a baby boy named Bo, but notes that she doesn’t care what the gender is as long as Ben is the father. Ciara declares that she finally has him back and they are finally together, so she can’t wait to make all those dreams come true, but only if he is also on board. Ben tells Ciara that when he had that dream of them having a baby together, he thought he lost her. Ciara says she’s here now so that doesn’t have to live in his head. Ben says it was just one of many dreams about all the things he wants them to share together and thought he would never have. Ciara asks if he doesn’t want those things anymore. Ben says of course not, but they were in his head and this is reality. Ben notes that a baby is a huge responsibility that costs a lot of money. Ciara says it’s not like they don’t make any income. Ben jokes that he’s not getting rich at the garage. Ciara suggests she could work at Titan again. Ben asks if she’d really want to do that since she only did before to prove Victor was framing her for Jordan’s murder. Ciara thinks she’d be really good at that job. Ben asks if Victor would really want her back in the company. Ciara assures that Victor forgave her for everything. Ben worries that Victor will use it against her one day but Ciara is sure that Victor will be on her side, especially if he finds out that she’s carrying his great grandchild.

Gwen goes to Xander’s room. Xander is surprised to see her as he thought they already said their goodbyes. Gwen confirms that they did. Xander reminds her that they can’t be together because Jack thinks he’s a scum of the earth drug dealer. Gwen acknowledges Jack’s article was harsh and says that’s actually why she is here. Xander doesn’t follow. Gwen explains that she couldn’t let Jack think those terrible things about him as it wasn’t fair. Xander says he’s used to people thinking he’s a terrible person. Gwen argues that he’s not because he helped her and kept her safe. Gwen reveals that she told Jack the truth that Xander has been covering for her. Gwen clarifies that she didn’t tell the whole story, just that Dr. Snyder was blackmailing her in to being his drug mule but then Julie called Jack for an emergency so she didn’t get to tell him why she was blackmailed. Gwen and Xander laugh about Julie being stuck in the freezer.

Jack rescues Julie from the freezer at Julie’s Place. Julie complains that she can’t feel her feet as Jack brings her hot tea to warm her up. Julie thanks him for rescuing her. Jack is sorry he didn’t get there sooner. Julie worries about if it was a few more minutes. Jack doesn’t understand how she ended up stuck in the freezer in the first place. Julie reveals that Doug locked her in the freezer. Jack questions why he would do that. Julie says he will have to ask him. Julie explains that they were setting up for dinner and she went back to the freezer but then got locked in. Jack suggests it was an accident but Julie says that Doug looked through the window of the freezer and walked away. Julie adds that she thought Doug must have gone for help but he never came back.

Ciara tells Ben that she gets that their life has been unstable, but they don’t have to be rich to have a baby as she’s pretty sure their jobs will be enough. Ben asks who is going to take care of the kid if they are both working. Ciara says she will work remotely sometimes and they will arrange hours or hire a nanny. Ben questions both working like crazy to earn enough but then hire someone to watch the baby while they are working. Ciara says they will make sacrifices but people do it all the time so they can manage. Ben questions setting the bar for parenting at managing. Ciara questions why Ben is arguing every point she makes and asks if she’s missing something or if he just doesn’t want to have a a baby with her.

Kayla tells Justin that the mystery is solved and Bonnie will show up with freshly painted nails. Justin is relieved and apologizes. Kayla doesn’t think there is anything to worry about. Justin admits he was more worried that Bonnie got cold feet. Kayla assures that Bonnie is crazy about him. Kayla adds that Bonnie went on and on about how much she loves him last night and she can’t wait to be his wife. Justin asks if Bonnie wasn’t concerned at all. Kayla says not about him, but she was worried about Calista.

Calista tells Steve that she doesn’t mind his questions since it’s been awhile since she’s been showered with attention by such a handsome man. Steve says he’s just a curious guy. Calista asks about Steve’s eye patch and how he lost his eye. Steve reveals it was in a knife fight. Calista calls that dramatic and sexy. Calista mentions that weddings put her in a certain mood and invites Steve upstairs, claiming she’s getting a vibe between them. Steve then reveals that he’s married to the matron of honor and very happy. Calista says she understands but jokes that she won’t tell if he won’t.

Ben tells Ciara that he does want to have a baby with her. Ciara feels it really doesn’t seem like it. Ben says that’s only because he’s spent the entire year wanting to do anything to have one more minute with her, so now he’s trying to soak it all up because he knows every moment with her is a gift and he loves being with her, just the two of them. Ciara asks if he thinks a baby is going to ruin that. Ben says he’s just worried about skipping steps. Ciara says she gets that as they think they have all this time, but they don’t know how much time they will have. Ben adds that no one understands that better than he does, but being with her like this on their honeymoon is the happiest he’s ever been in his entire life. Ben says he may be selfish, but he’s not ready to give that up yet. Ciara tells him the honeymoon won’t last forever. Ben jokes that it can last a little bit longer as he kisses her. Ben adds that he lost her for too damn long, so now he wants her all to himself. Ciara questions him not wanting to have the baby conversation at all. Ben asks if it would be alright to postpone talking now.

Justin asks Kayla about Bonnie’s concerns with Calista. Kayla says she doesn’t know but Bonnie was upset, and when she asked her about it, she just said it was Calista. Justin brings up Bonnie being really jumpy when Calista barged in to their bedroom. Justin says he’s still a little unclear about their relationship. Justin asks if he should talk to Bonnie about this before the wedding. Kayla says it’s his call but she doesn’t think there is anything to worry about since Bonnie is completely in love with him. Justin says the feeling is mutual which makes Kayla happy. Justin admits he never saw her coming, but now he can’t imagine his life without her. Justin knows it took Kayla and Steve awhile to come around on Bonnie after what she did to Adrienne. Kayla notes that was a long time ago and they think Bonnie has completely changed. Justin says it means a lot to him that they approve. Kayla jokes that Bonnie will always be quirky but she doesn’t think she’s the same woman who tried to destroy Adrienne’s life and break every law. Kayla believes Bonnie has turned her life around and that maybe motivated by Justin’s love and kindness. Kayla thinks that Bonnie is truly a good person.

Bonnie returns to the Kiriakis Mansion to find Calista trying to make a move on Steve and questions what is going on here. Calista says they were just getting better acquainted. Steve asks what Bonnie is doing here when she’s supposed to be getting dressed at the wedding at Kayla’s. Bonnie says she got hung up so she never made it to Kayla and figured it would be faster to get dressed here. Steve points out that she forgot her makeup bag so Justin was on his way over to Kayla’s to take it to her. Steve offers to call Kayla but Bonnie decides that Calista can help her get dressed. Bonnie asks Steve to call Justin and telling him to bring her makeup bag back. Calista and Bonnie then head upstairs.

Jack asks Julie if she’s sure that Doug saw her in the freezer. Julie says they made eye contact and the Doug she knows would never lock her in the freezer. Julie doesn’t know where Doug is now and thinks something is terribly wrong.

Xander asks Gwen if Julie is alright. Gwen assures that Jack went to rescue her. Xander asks if Gwen is going to tell Jack that her miscarriage happened before her fall down the stairs and had nothing to do with her fight with Abigail. Xander notes that it’s a big risk. Gwen doesn’t think she has any other way out of this. Xander adds that Jack won’t react well. Gwen worries that Jack will be so disappointed in her since he’s worked so hard to bring her in to his family and make up for lost time. Gwen doesn’t think Jack will ever be able to look at her the same. Xander argues that she doesn’t have to do it but Gwen feels she can’t let Jack keep posting nasty stories about him that are untrue, as it will hurt his reputation. Xander mentions the million dollars he spent on his defense. EJ then knocks on the door, demanding Xander open the door and calling him a thief.

Justin is glad that Kayla thinks Bonnie has turned over a new leaf. Kayla confirms that she does and she trusts Justin’s judgment. They joke about Justin being Bonnie’s lawyer and husband as Justin says they don’t want anything connected to the wedding to feel awkward. Kayla acknowledges that it’s strange that she is Bonnie’s matron of honor and Steve is his best man, but she feels the winding road led them to where they really should be. Justin agrees. Kayla feels they had help from above as she’d like to think Adrienne is smiling down on all of them.

Xander opens the door as EJ questions what the hell he’s tryin to pull. EJ opens the briefcase and shows him that it’s empty. Xander doesn’t understand. EJ tells him not to act surprised. Xander knows the money was there this morning. EJ asks if he left it unattended. Xander assures that it’s been with him the whole day. EJ declares that if he’s not lying, then someone stole it because a million dollars doesn’t just walk away on it’s own.

Bonnie brings Calista to her room and gives her the money. Calista says it’s about time and talks about how sexy Steve is. Bonnie asks her to stop and complains that she almost got caught stealing the money, so she would’ve been thrown in prison on her wedding day. Bonnie talks about hiding under a bed while worrying how disappointed Justin would be. Calista jokes about the kind of woman Justin is marrying. Bonnie argues that she’s not a crook anymore. Calista remarks that she had to live with the consequences of stealing her money. Bonnie says that was years ago and she told Justin that she’s done with that life, so she prays he never finds out about this. Calista says he won’t hear from her as she will just take the money and be on her way. Bonnie stops her and says that she’s not going anywhere until she gives her the gun.

Ciara tells Ben that if he’s not ready to have the baby conversation then they can postpone it, because she wants to spend as much time as she can with him too. Ben asks if she’s sure she’s not upset. Ciara says she was just excited for them, finally having a future and being back together with nothing to stop them. Ben promises he’s excited too and he wants to have a baby with her, just not right now. Ciara says she understands and asks why skip steps when each one is so perfect. Ciara decides they should focus on getting to New Orleans if he’s ready to hit the road. Ben agrees that they are on to their next adventure. They say I love you to each other and kiss.

Julie tries calling Doug but he’s not answering. Julie worries about where he could be. Jack assures they will find him. Julie admits she’s getting scared as she has no idea why he would leave her like this. Julie wonders if something awful has happened to him.

EJ complains that he’s out a million dollars. Xander argues that there must be a reasonable explanation. EJ threatens to send Xander to prison and rips up his contract, saying he can forget about his job. EJ then storms out of the room. Gwen asks Xander if he scammed EJ. Xander assures that he was telling the truth as he thought the money was in the briefcase and he never let it out of his sight. Gwen asks if he let anyone else in. Xander remembers Bonnie coming over and admits that someone else was there.

Kayla gets a call from Steve and tells him that Justin is here and they are still waiting on Bonnie. Steve states that she asked him to tell her that she’s not coming because she came back and decided to get ready at the house with Calista. Steve informs Kayla that he met Calista and admits he didn’t get a great vibe.

Bonnie demands Calista give her the gun. Calista says she’s sorry but she’s not getting the gun. Calista then turns the gun to Bonnie and declares that she’s getting the bullet.


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Y&R Update Monday, September 6 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights on the patio, Nick told Devon that the launch was a huge success, and Adam brought up the New Hope tie in in his opening speech. Devon was sorry he missed the party. Nick understood Devon had a lot going on after delivering a baby. He called Devon a hero.

At the hospital, Mariah asked Abby if there was news on Stitch. There wasn’t, but Abby didn’t think he’d risk coming back here, now that he had Max with him. Tessa said he’d better not, if he knew what was good for him. Mariah was on edge, and Abby assured her that Devon hired extra security for the house, so she’d be safe. “And Dominic will be too,” Mariah said. Later, Abby was out of the room. Mariah was anxious about leaving. She felt safe here in the hospital, with Bowie right down the hall. When they left, she’d have to remember to call him Dominic. Tessa knew it’d be difficult, but they were still living at the Chancellor house, so they’d be able to see the baby every day. Mariah felt better knowing he’d be close by so she could see and watch over him. Abby returned and said “The paperwork’s all taken care of. Now, let’s bring our baby boy home.”

The Chancellor mansion was decorated in baby blue for Dominic’s arrival. Victor asked Sharon how Mariah was doing, and Sharon admitted it’d been rough. Victor vowed that what Mariah did for Abby wouldn’t be forgotten. Nina and Ashley arrived together. They were grateful their grandson was alive after what Stitch put him through. Nina wished she could talk to Chance. Victor wished he were here to welcome his son home. Nina knew Chance would want them to have a joyous and memorable homecoming for Abby, the baby and Mariah. Victor welcomed Ashley to the grandparents’ club. Devon came with a lot of gifts, but he didn’t plan to stay, because he didn’t want to crowd Abby and Mariah on their special day. Sharon thought Devon should stay, because it was a special moment for him too. Abby, Dominic, Mariah and Tessa arrived. Abby introduced Dominic to his grandparents. The others watched from a distance, and Mariah tried to put on a brave face. Later, everyone sat down in the living room, and Devon gave Mariah credit for protecting Dominic. This sparked a discussion about what Mariah had been through. Ashley said it wasn’t like the Ben Rayburn she knew. Nina asked if Mariah had any idea why Ben held her captive. Mariah didn’t know, and she seemed uncomfortable, so Tessa said she was taking her outside for air. They left. Ashley and Nina thought Mariah was strong and courageous. Sharon was proud of Mariah, but she said they couldn’t disregard the severity of what she’d been through.

In the park, Mariah confided in Tessa that she couldn’t seem to let go. She was just supposed to be an incubator, a carrier, and it was supposed to be simple to just walk away. Tessa thought it made sense for Mariah to struggle after everything she’d been through. Mariah agreed and said maybe, if she weren’t locked away with Bowie… Dominic, fighting to survive, she wouldn’t have this connection. But she was locked away, and she did have that connection. Tessa thought that was natural. “I was literally his only lifeline, and he was mine. We needed each other to survive. And I think Dominic feels that too,” Mariah stated.

Ashley, Nina and Devon watched Abby walk around rocking her baby. “No one is ever gonna take you from me again,” she said.

Billy ran into Victoria at Crimson Lights and told her she missed a doozy of a party. She observed that he didn’t have any bruises. He said he’d behaved, but there was a new troublemaker in town who wasn’t afraid to take on the big dogs. He brought Victoria up to speed. She thought Adam and Sally deserved one another, and she laughed about Phyllis dousing Sally with ice water. For the first time, she was siding with Phyllis, because of what Sally did to Summer. She didn’t regret missing the party, because she spent quality time with their children. He said Nick told him that she missed the party because Ashland had a hard time after chemotherapy. He hoped Ashland was okay. She noted that he was going full steam ahead on this story, which was supposed to be about Tara, but the investigation had zeroed in on Ashland instead. She said that he professed to be supportive, but he was focusing on Ashland, and not the criminal, Tara. He said he’d always support her and the children. She appreciated that, but she said Ashland wasn’t the enemy. Victoria knew Billy would overplay anything negative that his reporters turned up. Billy stated that Ashland was hiding something big, and he thought Victoria sensed it too.

Billy told Victoria to be honest – how much did she really know about Ashland’s past, particularly his early business days. “So, it was you digging around in Ashland’s past. Lily wouldn’t admit it outright,” she said. Victoria snapped that if you dug in anyone’s past long enough, you’d find someone willing to trash them. He thought there were legitimate questions about how Ashland paid for those TV stations and the nature of his relationship with that older wealthy mentor. “Stay out of Ashland’s life. Stay out of our lives,” Victoria ordered. She walked out as Billy questioned her about what Ashland was hiding. Nick came inside and asked what that was about. Billy thought he hit a nerve.

Billy said he questioned Victoria until she stormed out. Nick said his sister didn’t like to be challenged. Billy thought Victoria was more worried about Ashland than she wanted to admit. Nick said that Victoria might be annoyed with Billy prying. Billy noted that Victoria didn’t know where Ashland got the money to buy the station. Nick suggested the mentor gave it to him. Billy was skeptical about an off-the-books deathbed favor. Nick said Billy had nothing besides this deep desire to find something damning on Ashland. Billy was adamant that this was about protecting his children, not jealousy. He was sure that Victoria could take Ashland on with her hands tied behind her back, as long as she had the facts. Billy was arguing his point when Victor walked in and said this was none of Billy’s business. Billy thought they were on the same page here, but Victor doubted that. Victor heard from an employee that Billy was sneaking around his private suite last night. He said not to do it again. Billy told Nick to think about what he said, and he left. “You didn’t want Billy to know that I was the one who told you about the break in,” Nick stated. Victor said no, because he needed information from Billy’s sources, and he didn’t want to cut that off. Nick knew Billy would do everything he could to prevent Ashland from hurting Victoria. He added that, so far, Billy seemed open to keeping him in the loop. Victor couldn’t stand Billy, but they couldn’t afford to lose access to the information that he was gathering. Nick said that Billy’s investigators hadn’t found anything Victor’s hadn’t, so far. Victor decided not to destroy ChancComm until he found out what he wanted to know about Ashland Locke. Nick was okay playing the double agent, getting information from Billy and taking it back to Victor. There was something about Ashland that Victor didn’t trust, and he wanted all the information before the wedding, if there was a wedding.

Ashland bumped into Nate at Society and told him that the supplements were helping. To repay the favor, Ashland wrote a large check. Victoria told him that Nikki was helping Nate fund raise for a hospital wing. “Consider this half a wing,” Ashland said. Nate appreciated the generosity, but he hoped Ashland didn’t think he treated him in hopes of getting money. Ashland still wanted to repay Nate’s kindness. Nate wanted to at least give Ashland a proper pitch on how the hospital would use the new wing. Ashland suggested they discuss it over drinks with the women in their lives, and Nate accepted. Victoria walked in as Nate was leaving.

Victoria told Ashland she’d had a run in with Billy. She then praised Ashland’s generous donation to Memorial and wished that everyone could see this side of him. He only cared what she saw in him. She said that if Billy knew about this, he might see Ashland differently. Victoria mentioned that Billy kept questioning how Ashland bought the news stations to start his career. She asked if there was anything he wasn’t telling her, something Billy might dig up and use against him. She assured him he could be honest with her. As the daughter of Victor Newman, there was nothing that Ashland could say that would shock her. She hoped he knew he could trust her. He did trust her. He’d been ruthless, but he never broke the law, and he defied Billy and anyone else to prove otherwise.

Adam was on a jog through the park, but he stopped when he saw Sally bending over, lacing her shoes. She turned around and saw him. She was awkward, and he told her to relax. She couldn’t, because after that kiss, which he said couldn’t happen again, she was wondering what he thought of her. He claimed that he thought the awkwardness was because she got into it with Phyllis. Sally maintained that Phyllis deserved to get a drink thrown in her face. He said the night was a success, even with the side of drama. He assured Sally that they were good. Chloe walked up and overheard Sally ask Adam to dinner. She didn’t approve.

Chloe walked up and said hi to Sally and Adam. Deciding Chloe should hear it from her, Sally revealed that she got into it with Phyllis. Chloe wasn’t surprised. Smirking, Adam gave Chloe the details. Chloe thought that Adam should’ve kept an eye on Sally and Phyllis to make sure this didn’t happen. He commented that she could always find a reason to blame him. Chloe asked what kind of damage control they’d need to do, and Sally said, fortunately, the press didn’t know about this, and no one posted a video online. She credited Adam’s PR management, but he said it was mostly dumb luck. He told Chloe to ask Sally about the idea she came up with last night at the launch. He left. Chloe had a sense of what Sally’s idea was.

Sally didn’t know what Chloe was insinuating, but she insisted that nothing happened between her and Adam last night. Chloe saw the pictures of Sally arriving on Adam’s arm. Sally said it was innocent, but Chloe said there was no such thing where Adam was concerned. She noted that Sally played with fire, even after all the warnings, and she asked how far it went. Sally admitted she and Adam shared an impulsive kiss that didn’t go further. Chloe was glad Sally hit the brakes. Sally clarified that she initiated the kiss, and Adam stopped it because he said he was toxic. Sally thought the fact that Adam acknowledged he had a problem signaled growth. Chloe said Adam was uniquely diabolical, and no matter how strong Sally thought he was, he’d find a way to wreck her. Sally contended that she held her own against Phyllis, which she thought meant she could deal with difficult people. Chloe praised healthy relationships instead of being with difficult people. Sally thought that sounded a little boring. Chloe realized Sally wouldn’t take her advice on this. Chloe said that life for Adam’s son Connor hadn’t been easy, and he still thought his parents were in a relationship, so whatever connection Sally thought she had with Adam, it would get harder before it got easier.

Adam and Sally ran into each other again at The Grand Phoenix. He’d had a meeting, and he hoped she didn’t think he was stalking her. It never crossed her mind. She was there to change at the gym, since it was closer than going home. Plus, she’d take any opportunity to tick Phyllis off. Sally shifted gears. Her job was important, so she thought she and Adam should hit the reset button and act like the kiss never happened. Adam assumed Chloe had something to do with this. Sally stated that she took Chloe’s repeated warnings about Adam with a grain of salt until today. She mentioned what Chloe said about Connor. Sally didn’t want to hurt Adam’s little boy. Adam said Connor always came first, and that was a big reason why he put the brakes on with Sally. He guessed that meant she was rescinding her dinner invitation, but she said it could be a working dinner. He thought about it and agreed. Chelsea called, so he stepped away to take it.

Elena looked over her contract at ChancComm. She mentioned to Lily that Newman Media tried to offer her a job. Lily couldn’t believe they’d tried to poach Elena, and she said she guessed the competition had begun. Lily grumbled about how low Newman Media stooped. Elena said it was fine, she was signing this contract, and she didn’t entertain Victor’s offer. Lily promised Elena’s loyalty would be repaid. Elena admired Lily for stepping into this high powered position with poise and grace. Elena was curious about something, but then she decided not to be intrusive, because Lily was her boss. Lily said she was off the clock, and they were going to go out and have girl talk.

Lily and Elena went to the Crimson Lights Patio. Lily said the best part was being able to give jobs to some of the women she was in prison with and seeing them turn their lives around. She was grateful to be able to be part of that. Elena couldn’t imagine how hard that was for Lily. Lily said the hardest part was not seeing her family. Her family was together again. She hoped her kids would come home, and she was glad Devon and Nate made peace. Elena felt guilty about her part in that. Lily said Elena played a large part in helping them reconcile, and she was glad Elena was part of the family. Elena said that they sort of had a baby in the family. Having gone through the surrogacy thing, herself, she really believed everything would be fine.

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