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Update written by Joseph

Eric questions why he would help Xander after he blew up his marriage. Xander clarifies that he’s not asking for himself, but for Sarah. Xander explains that Kayla gave Sarah the antidote so she’s completely back to normal but for some reason, she doesn’t know that their daughter Mickie died.

Nicole questions Sarah showing up at her door and saying she’s there to get her baby. Sarah tells her that Mickie was there which Nicole questions. Sarah says that Xander said she was with Eric and since Eric and Nicole lived together, she assumed she was here. Nicole doesn’t know what Xander told her. Sarah says it’s okay because she knows that Nicole told Eric that Mickie is his daughter.

Lani questions Paulina getting to make all the decisions and she has to go along with them. Paulina says when it comes to protecting her from a murder charge, yes. Paulina declares that she’s done arguing and she’s going to plead guilty while Lani lives a long, happy life with her family. Lani says she can’t let Paulina take the fall for something she did.

Eli and Abe discuss the possibility of Lani shooting TR which would mean Paulina is innocent and covering for her daughter.

Chanel runs in to Julie in the town square and says she was on her way to see Paulina at the police station. Julie feels Paulina deserves a medal for what she did. Julie knows Chanel’s love and support will mean the world to Paulina. Chanel gives Julie a package from the bakery and sends her love to Eli. Julie thanks Chanel and tells her to tell Paulina that everyone knows she did nothing wrong. Julie then walks away.

Abe and Eli wonder if Paulina didn’t kill TR but is protecting Lani. Eli points out that they can’t jump to any conclusions, but if there’s more to the story, he can’t be blindsided by it so he needs to talk to Lani.

Paulina reminds Lani that if she confesses, she will lose her career, her husband, and her kids. Lani asks about what Paulina will lose. Paulina argues that she will claim self defense and a jury might believe her. Paulina feels that what happened is entirely on her because she is the one who made the mistake of trusting TR and getting close again. Lani understands that she thought he changed. Paulina says she knew better and asks Lani to let her do this. Lani argues that she will still know what she did and asks how to do her job like that. Lani asks how to face her husband or talk to her children about courage and honesty without being a complete hypocrite. Lani doesn’t want to live like that. Lani declares that she needs to tell Rafe the truth right now.

Eli mentions that Lani just went to the police station to see Paulina but he doesn’t think this can wait. Abe questions him going there to see her. Julie arrives and says she was so worried when Eli wasn’t in his room but a nurse said she would find him here. Julie questions what Eli is doing out of bed. Eli says he just came to say hi to Abe and see what he’s been in to since he’s been asleep. Julie reminds Eli that he collapsed last time he got out of bed. Eli assures that he’s feeling better now. Julie worries that he just got out of a coma so she wants to take him back to his room to rest. Eli says he’s sorry but he has to run as he rushes out of the room. Julie questions what could possibly be so urgent.

Paulina tells Lani that she can’t tell Rafe the truth. Lani says it’s not up to her. Paulina refuses to let her do this. Chanel then arrives and questions what they are arguing about. Paulina tells her that Lani was just blaming herself for not seeing through TR sooner. Paulina tells Lani to go back to the hospital and be with Eli which Chanel agrees with. Lani decides to go then. Lani hugs Chanel and exits.

Eric is shocked to know that Sarah thinks Mickie is alive. Xander says her memory is completely fine otherwise but around the baby, there’s this glitch. Eric questions Sarah being released from the hospital then. Xander says he thought it was too soon but her brain scans came back normal. Eric asks if this glitch will wear off. Xander says it hasn’t yet since Sarah went straight to the nursery and thought Mickie had kidnapped, so he panicked because Sarah was demanding answers so he may have told her that the baby was with Eric. Eric questions why he didn’t just tell her the truth. Xander says he panicked on how to protect Sarah and he couldn’t let her go through the pain of finding out her baby died all over again. Eric warns that maybe Xander was just afraid that Sarah was going to hate him all over again.

Sarah tells Nicole that Xander explained everything about Nicole telling Eric that he is Mickie’s father. Sarah talks about keeping this huge secret in the first place. Sarah asks about taking her baby home and when she hears noise, she assumes Eric is getting up. Sarah is then shocked to see Rafe come out from the shower in just a towel. Sarah questions if Nicole is cheating on Eric and then asks why Rafe is here. Nicole tells her that she doesn’t understand. Sarah doesn’t think she wants to and says she just needs to get her baby, Mickie, which Rafe questions. Sarah asks why he’s looking at her like that. Nicole tells Sarah that Mickie is not here which Sarah questions. Nicole then reveals that she and Eric have split up.

Eric tells Xander to admit he lied to Sarah because he’s a selfish coward. Xander argues that he was protecting Sarah because she’s been through enough. Eric questions him justifying him lying about her own child. Xander feels he couldn’t put her through all of that again. Eric argues that he’s just trying to prevent his own suffering. Xander asks if Eric is going to help Sarah or not. Eric argues that Maggie cannot be okay with this. Xander admits that she’s not and is adamant that he tell Sarah the truth which he plans to do. Eric demands that he tell Sarah the truth today because Sarah is going to notice when no one brings the baby home. Xander looks over at Eric’s bag packed and says he might have a fix for that.

Chanel asks how Paulina is doing. Paulina says she’s slept in worst places. Chanel gives her comfort food from the bakery. Paulina starts to eat and praises the food while Chanel tries to tell her that they need to talk. Paulina continues on so Chanel yells at her to stop talking about the damn pastry.

Eli goes back to his hospital room and starts getting dressed. Lani arrives and questions what he’s doing. Eli responds that he was coming to talk to her. Lani urges him to get back in the bed as he’s nowhere near ready to leave the hospital. Lani reminds Eli that they waited so long for him to wake up so he shouldn’t push it. Eli apologizes. Lani says she’s here now so she asks what is so important. Eli says it’s about Paulina because he’s not so sure that she’s guilty.

Julie asks Abe why Eli was racing out of here. Abe says that Eli is concerned with the situation with Lani. Julie thinks Paulina deserves a parade, not prison time. Abe knows she feels strongly about this. Julie points out that TR nearly killed Eli, Abe, and Lani, so he had to be stopped if Paulina hadn’t blown him away. Abe then reveals to Julie that is not what happened.

Eric feels he isn’t going to like Xander’s fix. Xander suggests telling Sarah that Eric and Nicole went on a trip together and took Mickie with them which will buy him time to break the news to Sarah, since she still thinks Eric and Nicole are together. Eric reminds Xander that Nicole has moved on with Rafe. Xander tells him to pretend and says they’ll be doing a good deed for Sarah. Xander asks if he will do it, but gets a call from Maggie, who informs him that Sarah is gone. Xander realizes she must be looking for Mickie and runs out of the Pub, leaving Eric having doubts at the Pub.

Sarah questions Nicole about her and Eric splitting up and asks what happened. Nicole calls it complicated. Sarah says it doesn’t matter as she just needs to find Eric and get her baby. Sarah thanks her and quickly exits.

Julie asks what Abe means by saying that’s not what happened. Julie goes over TR attacking Abe and then turning on Paulina when Lani came in and then Paulina shot him to save the people she loved. Abe admits there was no love lost between he and TR because TR was obviously just a horrible man. Abe believes that TR convinced himself that he cared for Lani as his daughter, so he doesn’t think TR would have killed her because he loved her. Julie argues that he wouldn’t have shot her husband if he loved her that much. Abe says she’s probably right. Julie insists that TR only cared about himself and Paulina knew it, so she shot him, which makes her a hero to her.

Paulina questions what has gotten in to Chanel. Chanel complains that Paulina is going on like they are lounging at the pool instead of being at the police station. Chanel suggests that she take this seriously. Paulina argues that her lawyers are taking care of everything. Chanel says that doesn’t mean she’s going to walk away like she’s innocent. Paulina assures that she’s worrying over nothing. Chanel worries about Paulina getting put away for years and cries that she’s scared as she doesn’t know what she’ll do if she loses her.

Lani questions Eli not thinking Paulina is guilty and asks why he would say that. Eli says there’s a few things and brings up Lani first telling him that Paulina “said” she shot TR. Eli finds the phrasing strange and asks why she would put it that way if she was there and why she wouldn’t just say that Paulina shot TR. Lani says she was upset and just saw her biological father get murdered, so she guesses she wasn’t forming perfect sentences. Lani asks if there’s anything else Eli wants to grill her on. Eli decides they can talk about it later but Lani insists on doing it now and says she’s ready for his next question. Eli brings up TR being shot with Lani’s service weapon. Lani sticks to Paulina’s story that she grabbed the gun from her holster. Eli then reveals that he just finished talking to Abe, who thinks he heard Paulina say “what have you done”. Eli asks why she would say that. Lani asks how she should know. Eli suggests maybe Paulina was asking Lani that question, because Lani shot TR.

Xander goes to Nicole’s in a panic, asking where Sarah is. Nicole responds that she left to go find her baby that died years ago and asks if Xander cares to explain what that’s about.

Sarah goes to the Brady Pub. Eric tells her that it’s so nice to see her and asks how she’s feeling. Sarah says she’s great which Eric is happy to hear. Eric says he’s sorry for everything she went through. Sarah doesn’t remember much of it but says she’s fine and out of the hospital, so she feels like her old self and ready to be a good parent to their child. Sarah talks about Eric finding out he is her baby’s father and that he and Nicole have broken up. Eric says things are fine between them and they have both moved on. Sarah mentions just going to Nicole’s and seeing her with Rafe. Sarah says she is desperate to hold their little girl, so she asks Eric to go get her.

Julie guesses that Abe never got the chance to tell Paulina about his feelings. Abe confirms TR knocked him out before he could. Julie argues that Abe should be running to the police station now. Abe thinks Paulina has a little more on her mind now than his feelings. Julie asks what could be more important than telling her that he wants her back. Abe doesn’t think it’s the right time. Julie asks if he’s changed his mind.

Paulina assures Chanel that she’s not going to lose her. Chanel cries that she doesn’t know that and brings up Paulina promising everything would be okay when her dad died. Paulina promises not to leave her no matter what. Chanel worries that she might not have a choice. Chanel can’t believe this is happening as they were finally in a good place after years of conflict and fighting. Chanel loved being close to her and being able to see her whenever she wants. Paulina says that’s not going to change. Chanel wants to believe her but after her dad, Johnny, and Allie, she cries that no one ever stays. Paulina insists that she’s not going to prison as she has complete confidence in her lawyers and needs Chanel to have confidence in her. Paulina adds that if the worst happened, she won’t be alone since she would still have her grandma. Chanel argues that she lives in Miami and she’s not moving back there when she has her Bakery to run. Paulina encourages that Chanel has family here too in Lani and Eli and their kids, who will always be there for her. Chanel says she loves them but they’re just not her mom.

Lani questions Eli thinking he shot TR. Eli clarifies that he’s just asking. Lani argues that it’s something Abe may have heard while barely conscious. Eli brings up the other reasons. Lani questions Eli interrogating her. Eli knows she understands as a cop. Lani remarks that she didn’t realize that she was a suspect. Eli points out that she still hasn’t answered his question. Eli adds that he’s on her side no matter what and he wants to help her, but he can’t unless he knows exactly what’s going on. Eli assures that whatever it is, they will get through it together. Eli tells Lani that he loves her but he has to know who really shot TR. Lani then admits that it was her. They sit together as Lani explains that it all happened so fast. Lani tells him that she walked in to Paulina’s apartment with her gun drawn and she saw TR about to hit Paulina while Abe was on the floor bleeding. Lani thought about all the pain caused by TR and she wanted to be the one to stop him, so she did. Lani says she went there to arrest him for what he did to Eli but she killed him. Eli argues that she saved Abe’s life. Lani points out that she also shot an unarmed man. Lani swears that she was going to take responsibility but Steve walked in and Paulina just blurted out that she shot TR. Lani says she was in shock, so she just went along with it, but not anymore. Lani tells Eli that she went to the police station to tell Paulina that she wasn’t going to let her take the blame but Paulina said she would lose her career, family, and her whole life. Lani states that Paulina begged her to let her do this for her but she cannot let Paulina go to prison for her. Lani declares that Paulina won’t listen to her but maybe Eli can help convince her that she can’t do this and that it’s crazy but Eli responds that maybe it’s not crazy.

Abe assures Julie that he hasn’t changed his mind about Paulina but he thinks the timing is off. Julie disagrees. Abe questions Julie thinking that he should declare his love while Paulina is sitting in a jail cell. Julie can’t think of anything more romantic. Abe appreciates her encouragement but thinks it’s best if he waits. Julie says she can’t make him but warns him not to wait too long because she thinks it’s something Paulina needs to hear as something she can hang on to.

Xander questions why Nicole would tell Sarah that she broke up with Eric. Nicole says because it’s the truth. Xander calls it thoughtless but says he can still save this. Xander suggests Nicole tell Sarah that she and Eric got back together and are now heading off on a late honeymoon. Nicole questions Xander wanting her and her ex-husband to pretend that they are on vacation with his baby daughter that died tragically years ago. Nicole calls it insane. Xander asks her to be a team player but Nicole refuses. Xander guesses this is payback for him blowing up her marriage to Eric, so now she wants his plan to go bust. Nicole argues that it won’t help and will only make things worse. Nicole says the longer Xander doesn’t come clean with Sarah, the harder it will be to keep Mickie’s death a secret. Rafe agrees but Xander says no one asked him. Nicole reminds Xander that he’s been down this road before and every day that he tries to keep this a secret, the more he loses control and risks Sarah finding out the truth from someone else. Nicole encourages that if Xander goes to her now, he can make sure she hears it in a caring, sensitive way, from him.

Sarah asks Eric if Mickie is upstairs but Eric says no. Sarah asks if she’s with Marlena but Eric says she’s not with his mom, his dad, or his sister. Sarah questions where she is then. Eric takes Sarah to sit down. Sarah asks what’s going on. Eric says there is something he needs to tell her and it won’t be easy to hear. Sarah says he’s scaring her and asks if it’s about Mickie. Eric declares that it’s time that she knows.

Lani questions Eli not thinking it’s crazy for Paulina to go to prison for something that she did. Eli thinks Paulina has a point that Lani has a lot more to lose. Lani argues that they are police officers and took an oath to uphold the law and be accountable for their actions. Eli argues that he took a much more important oath to her. Eli declares that he cannot let her go to prison as he and their kids need her. Eli warns that she’d be looking at hard time. Lani asks what he’s saying. Eli thinks it would be better for everyone if she just let Paulina take the fall.

Paulina tells Chanel that they’ve been through scary times before and encourages her to remember how strong they are. Chanel doesn’t feel strong. Paulina hugs Chanel as she cries and assures they’ve got each other. Paulina promises her that everything will be just fine.

Rafe helps Nicole find one of Henry’s toys. Rafe thought what Nicole said to Xander was very nice. Nicole says she kept a lot of secrets that she wishes she hadn’t, so she thought she would help him out. Rafe calls that very generous considering everything Xander had done to her. Rafe calls it one more reason that he loves her as they kiss.

Xander returns to the Pub to see Sarah crying in Eric’s arms. Xander questions what’s going on. Sarah turns to Xander and asks how could he as she then storms off. Xander glares at Eric and sarcastically thanks him.

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Y&R Update Thursday, May 19 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Mariah and Tessa were at home. They toasted to bein married and agreed that it felt very natural. They talked about the wedding, and they were very happy with every aspect of it. Later, Tessa opened the wedding gifts, while Mariah took notes on them for the thank you notes. Someone Tessa worked with gave them a coffee table book on birds. Tessa seemed mystified by the gift choice. Mariah said she liked birds, which resulted in a quizzical look from Tessa. Mariah’s employees at Jabot got them a golden rock-on hand. Faith got them an artistic drawing of a heart that said family. Tessa brought up having their first child. Mariah was startled that Tessa was thinking of having more than one. Tessa said it was a slip of the tongue. Mariah assured Tessa that she’d love more than one. Tessa smiled, and said maybe one of them would decide to carry a child after adopting.

Mariah and Tessa kissed, then they held hands as they went to the bedroom. While they were in bed, Mariah told Tessa that she didn’t have to hide wanting another kid, even if she wasn’t sure Mariah felt the same way. “We share everything.” Tessa agreed and said it was the best of who they were, and who they’d continue to be. They called each other wife, and they shared a passionate kiss. Tessa suggested they stay up all night so they could experience every second of this day. Mariah liked the idea of watching the sun rise on their very first day as a married couple.

Jack walked Phyllis to her suite, and she brought up their unexpected kiss. He wasn’t sure it was unexpected. She suggested that it happened because of all the emotions swirling around due to the wedding. Phyllis entered her room alone, but she left the door open. Jack followed and closed the door behind him. They slept together. As they basked in the afterglow, Phyllis grinned and said she was starting to think that kiss was a little more than just the wedding. They agreed that this felt right. He knew her well enough to know she was hungry. He thought they’d order room service, but she said she’d rather keep the celebration going at Society.

Michael ran into Diane at Society. He couldn’t stop staring – he couldn’t get over the fact that she was really here. It was meaningful to her that someone said that while sounding kind of glad about it. Lauren was out of town on business, so Michael was alone. A grateful Diane accepted Michael’s offer to join her. He asked how things were going. She said that Kyle extended his visit, but not because of her. She bragged about how well Kyle did officiating the wedding.

Michael was disapproving of Diane crashing the wedding. He said her presence could’ve caused a scene. Diane said she was a better person now, but she was still Diane, so certain people would always see her as suspect. Michael reminded Diane that he was the one who advised her when she and Jack were fighting over Kyle’s custody. Michael also eventually had to step in and take over the case. Diane smiled and noted that Michael was the reason she won custody, in large part because of the way he grilled Phyllis on the stand. “I’m also the person who organized your memorial service because I didn’t want Kyle to think that everybody hated his mom,” Michael added. Diane didn’t know that, and she was touched. It reminded her all over again what she put Kyle through, though. Michael wasn’t trying to make Diane feel guilty. He thought she was sincere about wanting to make amends with Kyle. Michael acknowledged that he was no saint either. Diane admired and envied Michael because he had a place to call home with people who loved and respected him. He agreed he was fortunate, and he assured her that she wasn’t alone in the world. Michael said Diane was a formidable woman, and that meant keeping her head held high and not being impulsive, like showing up at events where she wasn’t invited. Diane didn’t want to be scolded. Michael felt that he was being the friend Diane needed by telling her what she needed to hear. He said if she wanted to have a real relationship with Kyle, she had to be prepared to wait and suffer some of the wrath of Genoa City.

Diane saw Jack and Phyllis walk in, and they saw her. Phyllis grumbled about Diane and Michael being like best buds. Jack told her to ignore them, and she said she would do that for him. Phyllis and Jack got a table and held hands. She smiled as she gazed into his eyes. They talked about him catching the bouquet, and she wished she’d gotten to see it. Across the room, Diane was sure that Phyllis was fawning all over Jack to annoy her. Michael said he’d take Diane’s word for it. At that point, Phyllis loudly laughed at something Jack said. Diane decided to leave. Michael didn’t think Diane should let Phyllis chase her away. Diane said that Phyllis never passed up the chance to make her feel unwelcome. Diane was going to check out of the Grand Phoenix since Phyllis wanted her out. Michael said dinner was on him. Diane appreciated that and his friendship. He reiterated the advice not to be impulsive.

Diane went to Phyllis and Jack’s table and wished them a good evening. Phyllis stated that Diane needed to leave the hotel first thing in the morning. Diane knew – she said she just had to finalize her plans. Diane left. Jack wondered if she’d go back to LA. Phyllis said everyone made it clear that Diane wasn’t welcome here. Phyllis planned to do whatever it took to drive that point home. Jack looked amused. Phyllis shifted gears and said Jack’s eyes were so blue, and sometimes that took her breath away. He joked that he’d try and change, but she said she liked it.

Later, Phyllis rushed to Michael and confronted him about “chatting it up with your old pal, that lunatic, Diane Jenkins.” Michael refused to kick his old friend while she was down. He thought too many people were doing that, but Phyllis thought that Diane should be catching more heat. Michael began to say that he’d be there for Phyllis if she were in that situation. Phyllis cut him off because she took umbrage at being compared to Diane. Michael said Phyllis had a propensity to do things that had consequences she didn’t plan for, thus alienating large swaths of people. Michael said as a friend, he’d stand by Phyllis, and he told her to suck it up. She glared. He noted that she seemed happy with Jack a moment ago, so he told her to go enjoy that.

Good luck with that, Jack” Michael said as he left the restaurant. Phyllis thanked Jack. He asked if she felt better now. “Damn you and those blue eyes,” she said. Later, he took her back to the hotel lobby, and she said they should part ways here. He thought that was a good idea, since the kids were back at his place, and if he didn’t spend the night there, his absence would be noted. He didn’t want to field questions that were none of the kids’ business. He said he and Phyllis would decide how this evolved. She agreed and they shared a peck on the lips and agreed to see each other tomorrow. Phyllis got on the elevator. “My my, so much romance in the air tonight,” Diane said. It turned out she was sitting in the lobby.

Jack commented on Diane going to the wedding where she was neither invited nor welcome. She said she wanted to see her son. Michael told her that she needed to be patient with Kyle, and she was willing to do that, even if it meant she was constantly turning the other cheek with Phyllis. She hoped to have more moments like she did at the wedding, like when Kyle reintroduced her to Summer. Diane asked how Kyle was doing after the wedding. Jack said he wasn’t going to be a go-between. He stated that Kyle and Diane were adults. Jack was going to support whatever Kyle decided, and he thought Diane needed to give Kyle some time and space. Diane said that Jack and Phyllis seemed to be moving things along, and the timing was interesting. “Almost like [Phyllis is] marking her territory,” Diane said. Diane sauntered off, and Jack narrowed his eyes and appeared to think about what she’d said.

At the Abbott house, Summer came downstairs and told Kyle how cute the sleeping Harrison was. She thought he was the sweetest kid ever, and she marveled that she was so crazy about him after such a short amount of time. Kyle said that Harrison tried hard to be good. Kyle had been the same way as a kid – it had been him and his mom against the world, and yet she still… He decided to drop the subject. Summer resented the way Diane showed up at the wedding and forced Kyle to bring Summer to her. Kyle didn’t feel forced. Summer said that Diane knew Kyle couldn’t say no. Summer also felt that Diane played the martyr when she was asked to leave and acted like Kyle was her protector. That was why Summer couldn’t trust Diane. Summer could see that Kyle was struggling with this.

Kyle didn’t know if he could forgive his mother, or if he even should. Summer was sympathetic. She could see how badly he wanted to believe Diane was sincere, but Summer hadn’t seen any proof, and she didn’t want him to get hurt. Part of him wanted to take more time to decide, but part of him wanted to stop living in limbo. He hated being so guarded around his mother. Summer said that it was Kyle’s decision, and she reminded him that even if he made a choice, he could always change his mind. She knew that it was up to Kyle to decide whether to introduce Harrison to Diane, but Summer thought they should leave the boy out of this for as long as possible. At least until they knew whether Diane was trustworthy. Kyle completely agreed.

Kyle wanted to set the Diane issue aside and focus on his strong, gorgeous, pragmatic wife, who took his breath away. They shared a deep kiss, then they took things upstairs. They disrobed, then he carried her to bed. Later, they cuddled, and he said he loved their life in Milan, but sometimes he got homesick. She said there was something special about being back in Genoa City. She didn’t realize how much she missed it. He thought they should try and come back more often. He knew Marchetti was her dream job, but work life balance was important.

Summer got out of bed. She revealed that she’d discovered some troubling things about Marchetti’s finances, and she brought it to Angelina, who’d politely brushed Summer off. That lead Summer to do a deep dive into Marchetti’s books. Things were really bad. Summer now realized why Angelina had been so interested in her marketing experience. Summer’s vision for the brand had helped things somewhat, but Marchetti was still deep in the hole. Summer approached Angelina again, but she was deep in denial and too afraid to do what it took to shore things up. Kyle asked if Summer was thinking of walking away. Summer said no. She loved her work and really believed in Angelina’s design talent. Summer knew it’d take something really big to keep Marchetti afloat. Kyle could tell Summer had an idea.

Summer wondered what if Jabot bought Marchetti. Jabot had been in and out of the fashion business, so she reasoned that it shouldn’t be hard to ramp back up. Kyle thought it was an interesting idea, but he had to think about how it would work. Summer thought they could move operations to Genoa City, so they could move back home, permanently. She said they could give Angelina the option to relocate or work remotely. Summer asked if Kyle wanted to move back, now that Diane was here.

Noah let himself into Crimson Lights, which was closed. Over the phone, he explained to Sharon that he had a lot of energy, so he didn’t want to come home and keep everyone up. The call ended. Allie entered and noted that the place looked closed. Noah explained that it was, but his mom owned it. Allie was there because she couldn’t sleep. Noah said he’d make Allie a drink. He smiled and said they could ignore each other after that. That sounded good to her.

Allie was doing something on her phone when Noah approached with a coffee pot. He asked why she wasn’t at Jack’s. She said there were so many people there. She didn’t want to seem rude, because everyone had been so welcoming, but for many years, it was just her and her dad. There was a lot of energy at the house, and it was all directed at her, but they were all strangers, so it was awkward. Noah understood. He had a big family – the Newmans were an assertive and smart bunch. He’d left town to avoid family drama. The last time, he left the continent. It took him a long time to realize there was far more good at being a part of it than there was bad.

Allie was glad Noah figured out how to get along with his family well enough not to flee the country. Noah assured Allie that Jack was a very good man. Jack used to be Noah’s stepfather. Allie recalled Jack saying he’d been married several times. Noah said Allie met Summer, and surely saw how cool she was. Allie agreed. Noah said Kyle was cool too. According to Noah, the Abbotts were kind and generous people who’d take Allie on her own terms, and if she asked them for space, they’d still be there when she was ready.

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Days Update Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Lani has a nightmare about TR confronting her and questioning how she could murder her own father. Lani then wakes up in a panic in Eli’s hospital room, startling Eli, who asks what’s wrong.

Abe lays in his hospital bed and remembers hearing Paulina ask “what have you done”

Paulina sits in the interrogation room, handcuffed to the table. Paulina thinks back to TR’s initial apology to her, then to when he proposed to her, and then to their final argument with Lani shooting TR. Rafe enters the room and brings her a coffee, calling it a long night for both of them. Rafe sits down and tells Paulina that he has some questions about the shooting of TR Coates.

Nicole sits at home, on the phone with Chloe talking about what a horrible night it’s been from almost losing Allie to The Devil and TR Coates getting shot, Rafe has been at the station all day so she’s going to take the day off and spoil him. There’s a knock at the door so Nicole hangs up and answers it expecting Rafe, saying she’s been waiting all night to make love to him, but instead it is Eric at the door. Nicole apologizes. Eric says it’s okay as he should’ve called first but he wanted to see how Allie was doing. Nicole assures that she’s surrounded by people who love her and they wil take really good care of her. Nicole invites Eric in and informs him that Allie is with Lucas as they took Henry to the park to feed the ducks. Eric reminds Nicole of when they used to do that with Holly. Eric asks how Holly is doing. Nicole says she’s still processing what happened between them but she’s doing better now. Nicole adds that Holly would love to see Eric if he could come back in the afternoon but Eric reveals he can’t, because he’s leaving Salem.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Xander and Maggie argue about what to tell Sarah. Maggie suggests the truth and asks what Xander is thinking. Sarah then comes in to the room, stating that the baby’s room is empty and questions where her baby Mickie could be.

Steve visits Abe in the hospital and asks how he’s feeling. Abe responds that he’s ready to get the Hell out of here and asks how Tripp is. Steve reveals that thanks to The Devil, Tripp almost lost his life saving Allie’s and Kayla actually pronounced him dead, but then they got their miracle and Tripp came back to them, so he’s going to be just fine. Abe calls that great news. Steve adds that Ava is with Tripp and refusing to leave his side, so he figured he’d come check on Abe. Abe mentions being concerned about Paulina.

Rafe brings up Paulina saying she wouldn’t answer questions without her lawyer present, so he offers to get her lawyer there but Paulina says she’s okay and has nothing to hide. Rafe gives Paulina a paper, waiving her counsel, which she signs. Rafe begins the recording and tells Paulina to start by telling him what happened on the night that TR was shot. Paulina tells him that TR came over and talked her in to going away with him. Paulina adds that when she got back in to the living room after packing, she heard a noise and found Abe lying on the floor, unconscious and bleeding. Paulina says she wanted to call for help but TR wouldn’t let her and grabbed her phone, then raised his arm like he was going to hit her. Paulina brings up vowing a long time ago to never let TR hurt her again. Rafe asks then what happened. Paulina claims she shot the son of a bitch. Rafe shows her a photo of the gun and asks Paulina to confirm it’s the weapon she used to shoot TR. Paulina says that it is. Rafe then identifies the gun as Lani’s service weapon and questions how a cop’s gun ended up in Paulina’s hands to shoot the shot that killed a man.

Lani informs Eli that she had a bad dream about TR. Eli says he’s sorry but TR was a nightmare while he was alive. Lani agrees and says TR came so close to killing Eli. Lani brings up walking in to Paulina’s apartment but stops. Eli points out that she still hasn’t told him what went down at Paulina’s other than Paulina saying she shot TR. Lani thinks back to shooting TR. Eli then asks her what happened.

Abe mentions hearing that Steve came in to Paulina’s apartment right after TR was shot. Steve confirms that Abe was on the floor and TR had been shot, but he’s been wondering what exactly happened before he got there. Abe asks what Lani and Paulina told him. Steve says that Paulina said she shot TR, but he’s just not clear on how that happened. Abe asks what he means. Steve explains that Paulina apparently used Lani’s gun and questions how she got her hands on a service weapon.

Paulina tells Rafe that she’s sorry as she got ahead of himself and rushed straight to the shot. Rafe tells her to take her time. Paulina repeats that TR was about to hit her and that’s when Lani came in and told TR to put his hands up and step away from her. Paulina claims that Lani put her gun down to arrest TR but she grabbed it and shot TR right through his heart.

Lani tells Eli that this isn’t his case and encourages him to focus his energy on getting out of the hospital bed and back in to their bed. Eli says that sounds like a plan as they kiss. Eli tells Lani that he’s still worried about her and Paulina. Lani admits she needs to get to the police station to check on Paulina. Lani tells Eli that she’s grateful for him and that he’s going to be okay. They say I love you to each other as Lani then exits the room.

Rafe questions why Paulina shot TR since it doesn’t sound like he was a threat to her in that moment. Paulina argues that TR shot Eli and attacked Abe, who was out cold and bleeding on the ground, so she couldn’t let him get away with that. Rafe points out that she said he was about to be handcuffed which meant he wasn’t a threat. Paulina brings up how many times the cops came when he beat her back in the day but they let him go and he gave her a worse beating. Rafe apologizes and acknowledges that the way police responded to domestic violence in the past was criminal but they’ve changed things and he’s sure they can still do better. Paulina thanks him for that. Rafe brings up that Paulina knew that wasn’t going to happen this time since she said Lani was about to handcuff TR and take him away. Rafe asks what happened, if TR resisted arrest, or if Lani did something. Paulina quickly says that Lani did nothing wrong. Rafe states that right now, he’s more concerned with what Paulina did and establishing her motives for shooting an unarmed man. Rafe adds that he wants to help her but he needs her to tell him the truth. Paulina guesses she just lost it and shot TR. Paulina adds that he deserved it. Rafe asks if she wants to add anything to that. Paulina says no and that she’s given her statement which is all she has to say. Rafe decides they will continue this later then and exits the room.

Abe wonders how Paulina did get her hands on a service weapon. Steve says he doesn’t know and asks if Abe saw or heard anything. Abe says he was out of it but then realizes maybe he did hear something which Steve questions. Eli then enters the room and asks if they are having a party without him. Steve says it’s good to see him up and around. Steve decides to get back to Tripp and let them catch up. Steve tells Abe they will be talking and tells Eli to take care of himself as he then exits. Eli sits at Abe’s side. Abe jokes about Eli finally waking up from his two month nap. Eli is just sorry about what Lani and Paulina have gone through because of TR. Eli remarks that Paulina sure did make TR pay for shooting him.

Paulina tells herself to stay cool and stick to the story. Lani then enters the room. Lani tells Paulina that she and Chanel wanted to come yesterday but they wouldn’t let them see her. Paulina asks how Chanel is doing with all this. Lani says she’s shaken and still worried about her. Paulina assures that she’ll be just fine. Lani responds that she’s not because they both know it should be her sitting here, not Paulina.

Eric tells Nicole that he’s glad she was home because he didn’t want to leave town without saying goodbye. Nicole then asks if he’s leaving Salem because of her.

Xander claims that Sarah’s baby Mickie is with Eric. Sarah is upset and asks Maggie to give her and Xander a moment. Maggie tries to argue but Xander agrees that he and Sarah should sort this out, just the two of them, so Maggie exits. Sarah asks Xander why Mickie is with Eric, believing that Eric doesn’t know he is the baby’s father and that everyone thinks Xander is. Sarah complains that none of this makes sense, unless something has changed. Sarah thought Xander didn’t have a problem keeping the secret about her baby and asks why he’s acting like he lost his mind. Xander then informs Sarah that there is something he has to tell her. Sarah asks what he has to tell her. Xander reveals that Eric knows that he is Mickie’s father. Sarah questions if Xander told him and then guesses that it was Nicole. Sarah asks why she would do that after being so afraid of losing Eric and swearing that she would keep the secret. Sarah decides she’s going to get her baby and have a word with Nicole but Xander tells her that she can’t. Xander asks her to hear him out for a second. Xander talks about how none of them knew if she would be okay again when she got injected with the antidote. Sarah insists on going to get her baby but Xander repeats that he can’t. Sarah worries that Xander isn’t telling her something about her daughter. Xander claims it’s not about Mickie but about Sarah. Xander then claims that he and Maggie were planning a big Scottish breakfast to welcome her home. Sarah says that’s sweet of him but she’s going to Eric and Nicole’s. Xander claims that Sarah can’t go wearing that and rips the back of her shirt to say there is a hole in it. Xander then tells Sarah to go get changed, they will have breakfast, and then go get Mickie together. Sarah agrees and says she’s very excited to see her little girl as she heads upstairs.

Eric asks Nicole why she would think he’d be leaving town because of her. Nicole suggests it’s because of her seeing Rafe. Eric assures that he’s really happy for her. Nicole knows what they had is over and they are on different paths, but every time she sees him, a tiny part of her still has a hard time letting him go. Nicole asks if they are still friends. Eric calls her the best friend he ever had. Nicole says their love made her a better person. Eric feels the same about himself. Eric then goes to leave. Nicole stops him and hugs him, right as Rafe shows up.

Lani tells Paulina that she doesn’t feel good about this and that it’s wrong. Paulina insists that she knows what she’s doing. Lani argues that Paulina didn’t kill TR. Paulina argues that they only know what they tell them and urges her to stick to the story. Lani asks how to do that since she cannot avoid Rafe forever and will have to answer really tough questions like how Paulina killed TR with her gun. Paulina explains that she just told Rafe that she grabbed Lani’s gun while she was trying to arrest TR. Lani argues that she can’t just be quiet and let Paulina take the blame for something she did. Lani declares that she’s going to confess to killing TR but Paulina says like hell she is.

Eli jokes with Abe about the hospital jello. Eli notes Abe being quiet and asks if he’s okay. Abe says he’s fine but Steve said that Paulina used Lani’s gun to shoot TR. Eli is shocked as he just assumed Paulina used TR’s gun or had her own weapon for personal safety. Abe questions Lani not saying anything about that. Eli says Lani was stressed and upset but hasn’t offered up any details. Eli then remembers that the only thing Lani said to him was that Paulina said she shot TR and questions why she put it that way since Lani was there and witnessed the shooting.

Paulina reminds Lani that she’s a cop who shot an unarmed man so there’s no defense for that. Lani argues that she came in and saw Abe on the floor, possibly dead, and she already knew that TR had shot the father of her children then she saw him raise his hand to Paulina. Lani says she just lost it. Paulina argues that TR deserved it but Lani can’t confess or they’ll lock her up and she will lose her job, freedom, and years with her husband and children. Lani points out that Paulina will go to prison too. Paulina says maybe but maybe not.

Rafe greets Eric and Nicole. Nicole informs Rafe that Eric was just saying goodbye. Eric announces he’s going back to Africa. Rafe tells him that he will be missed. Eric tells them to take care and exits. Rafe comments on Nicole hugging Eric. Nicole assures it was totally platonic and asks Rafe not to look at her like that. Rafe apologizes but brings up that Nicole and Eric were married recently and he was her first love. Nicole says that’s true but Rafe is her current love and assures that he has no reason to be jealous as they kiss.

Xander looks at a photo of Sarah. Maggie comes back in and asks if Xander told Sarah about Mickie. Xander says he couldn’t, reminding Maggie that the last time he told Sarah that her baby died, he lost her. Maggie points out that he got her back. Xander says he lost her again and now he’s finally got her back, so if he tells her the truth then he will lose her all over again. Maggie worries that the lie is so big. Xander admits he feels horrible about it but he needs to find a way to keep Sarah in the dark about Mickie until he can figure something out. Maggie reminds Xander that Sarah forgave him once so she will forgive him again. Sarah then walks in and questions forgiving Xander for what.

Rafe agrees with Nicole that he shouldn’t be jealous as Eric is part of her past and he has a past too. Rafe thinks being jealous is just part of being in love in a relationship. Nicole admits it can be but she assures that she is absolutely committed to him and only him as they kiss. Rafe suggests taking this to the bedroom or the shower.

Xander claims that he just hoped Sarah would forgive him for having to rush out on a work emergency on her first day back home but he promises to be back soon. Xander suggests Maggie stay with Sarah and enjoy the Scottish breakfast too. Xander kisses Sarah and says he’ll be back soon so they can go get Mickie together as he then exits the mansion.

Abe tells Eli that it’s possible that Lani wasn’t there when TR got shot. Eli says that doesn’t make sense and asks how Paulina could have gotten Lani’s gun. Abe remembers hearing Paulina asking “what have you done”. Abe tells Eli that he thinks maybe he heard Paulina talking to Lani.

Paulina tells Lani that victims of domestic violence like her can suffer from PTSD and think that fighting back is self defense. Paulina suggests she could convince a judge and jury that’s what happened here. Lani can’t imagine what she went through. Paulina says she has stories of what TR did to her that she hasn’t told anyone. Paulina says she made herself forget because she’s still scared of the memories and ashamed she didn’t have the strength to leave him. Lani refuses to let Paulina take the blame when she was TR’s victim and she did find the strength to leave to protect herself and her which took incredible courage. Paulina asks what she did with it since she let TR back in to her life and in to Lani’s life, then he hurt them all. Paulina cries that she won’t let TR hurt her baby girl anymore. Lani gets up and hugs Paulina. Paulina pleads with Lani to let her do this for her. Lani says she can’t. Paulina asks her to let her do it for Eli, Abe, and the twins then because they all need Lani and they can get along without her just fine. Lani cries that she can’t get along without her as she needs her. Paulina argues that she needs Lani to let her do this for her. Paulina declares there is not another word to say about it.

Eli asks Abe what exactly he heard. Abe says after TR hit him, he went down and he thinks he heard Paulina say “what have you done”. Abe wonders why she would say that. Eli asks if Abe thinks Lani shot TR.

Eric goes to leave the Brady Pub with his bag packed but runs in to Xander. Eric tries to walk away but Xander asks him not to. Xander says he knows Eric hates him but he’s desperate and really needs his help.

Nicole comes out of her bedroom to a knock at the door. She answers the door to see Sarah, who says she is here to take her baby home, leaving Nicole confused.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, May 18 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Mariah and Tessa’s wedding reception was underway at Top of the Tower, and most of the guests were on the dance floor. Nick complimented Sharon on pulling off the wedding for the ages in no time at all. She said the best thing about tonight was Mariah and Tessa. He asked her to dance. She noted that he and Chance both mentioned that Rey loved to dance. She wasn’t really interested, but she suggested he ask Summer. He was delighted about the opportunity to embarrass all his kids tonight, so he went over to talk to his daughter. Phyllis asked Jack to dance, and he said he normally would, but he wanted to ask Allie, because she was by herself. Phyllis supported that. Jack went over and asked his granddaughter to dance, and she said she didn’t usually dance at weddings, but she accepted.

Diane was still lurking in the shadows. Kyle came upon Summer and Nick dancing and asked to borrow her for a minute. Nick went to go dance with the brides. Kyle told Summer that Diane wanted to say hello. Summer was wary, but she went to meet Diane. Diane said she’d followed Summer’s career and was impressed by her. Diane said Summer clearly made Kyle very happy. Summer said Kyle made her extremely happy as well. Diane said that was wonderful, as love was hard to find and harder to keep. Diane was hoping she and Summer could slowly forge a relationship. She promised not to be the typical annoying mother in law. Summer said nothing about this was typical.

Summer wasn’t sure how much time they’d have to get to know Diane while they were in town. Diane explained that she’d worked really hard to become an honest person, and she and Kyle were dealing with things by being brutally honest. Diane wanted Summer to speak her mind without being overly polite. Summer thought that what Diane did to Kyle as a boy was awful, but since Diane wasn’t her mother, she was taking her husband’s lead on this. Summer cared about Kyle’s feelings first and foremost, and she was going to love and support him while he sorted through this. Diane admired that. She agreed that what she did was horrible, and she hoped Kyle would forgive her.

Jack was with Phyllis again, and they spotted Diane with Summer and Kyle. Phyllis wanted to stop Diane from insinuating herself into Summer’s life, but Jack reminded Phyllis that they didn’t want to escalate things on Tessa and Mariah’s day. Phyllis said she wouldn’t make a scene – she’d just quietly let Diane know she wasn’t welcome. Jack was skeptical. Phyllis said she owned a hotel, and she discreetly threw people out every day. Jack thought that if anyone should kick Diane out, it was him. He wondered if Phyllis thought he was giving Diane too much slack. Phyllis thought Jack was in a tough position – he didn’t want to upset Kyle or aggravate Diane. Unlike Jack, Phyllis said she didn’t have a big heart. She told him to go dance with Allie, while she handled this. He cautioned her again not to cause a scene. She said she was going to go prevent a scene.

Phyllis told Diane to leave. Diane said that she was having a private conversation with her son and his wife. Phyllis noted that Kyle’s wife was her daughter. Kyle said Diane promised to leave after she said hi to Summer. Diane admitted Phyllis was right – she should go. She told Summer it was a pleasure, then Kyle walked Diane out. Phyllis told Summer that that bitch was trying to worm her way into their lives, and who knew what damage she was thinking of causing. Summer had been wondering the same thing.

Crystal and Kevin complimented each other’s toasts while Mariah, Tessa and Chloe stood by. Crystal wanted to thank Kevin’s brother for everything he did to help get the charges against her dropped. Kevin was sure he could arrange for her to meet Michael. He asked how long she’d be here for. She didn’t know. Tessa wanted Crystal to stay forever. Mariah toasted to Crystal, welcoming her back. They talked about the amazing job Chelsea did on the wedding dresses. Mariah couldn’t believe the dream wedding went off without a hitch. Kevin said nothing would dare go wrong on Friday the 13th – it would be too on the nose. Mariah called out to the crowd and toasted to Friday the 13th.

Mariah asked Sharon for a mother/daughter dance. Sharon was just enjoying watching Tessa and Mariah. Sharon toasted and said she couldn’t be happier or more proud or more honored to witness their love. Mariah and Tessa called Sharon mom, and Sharon loved it. She kissed both brides.

Noah apologized to Allie for the corny jokes he made when they first met at Crimson Lights. He promised not to joke about the Newman Abbott feud anymore. She said that was a relief, because she wasn’t good at pretending to laugh. She heard he was responsible for the theme of the wedding. She thought it was fanciful. He thought that was an interesting word choice. She felt like saying you loved something had become meaningless these days. He agreed. He said he’d take fanciful as a compliment, and she said it was meant to be one. She recalled Abby saying he was an artist. He said he was once – he did installations in London for a few years, but he got burnt out and came back home for a change. He asked what she thought of Genoa City.

Across the room, Abby noted to Chance that Allie and Noah seemed to be getting along better than they did at Crimson Light. Chance said Noah was a familiar face – it must be overwhelming to meet so many people. Abby felt bad for Jack – it must be hard to know that Keemo died and that he had a grown granddaughter he’d never known, then Diane came back from the dead.

Allie said Genoa City was different than LA. Noah asked if that was good or bad. Allie didn’t make quality judgments like that – things were what they were. He said she was analytical, not subjective, the opposite of artistic. She was offended he assumed she wasn’t artistic. Once he apologized, she revealed that she was only kidding. He noted that she did have a sense of humor. Jack came up and asked to steal Allie to introduce her to someone. “Oh God, there couldn’t be any more Abbotts could there?,” Allie gasped. The others were speechless until she told them it was a joke. Noah said the Newmans kept the Abbott population in check. Jack asked what was going on. Noah said, and Allie agreed, that they were making bad jokes. Jack and Allie walked off. Crystal came up behind Noah and put her arms around him. She wanted to dance again.

Abby brought Chance some champagne. He was deep in thought, thinking about all the stuff Mariah and Tessa went through this year. He said when he said his vows to Abby, he had no idea she’d end up rescuing him in Spain and bringing him home to their baby. She knew losing Rey had been a shock. He promised he’d get through it. He couldn’t imagine how Sharon felt. Abby could, because she’d felt it when she thought she lost Chance. Abby said Chance was the love of her life, and they kissed.

Sharon told Tessa and Mariah she was tired from her trip to Miami. She was apologetic, but Mariah and Tessa assured her it was fine to go. Nick came up and asked to dance with the brides, but when he found out Sharon was going home, he insisted on driving her home. Sharon said they’d talk once they were back from their honeymoon. Mariah said it was just a few days in a cabin in the woods. They were going to have a bigger better honeymoon once they came up with an idea. Tessa said she was trying to make it sound more mysterious and glamorous than it really was. Sharon realized Nick didn’t tell Mariah and Tessa. Nick said it was a surprise. Mariah was nervous because she didn’t like surprises. He said she’d like this one – he informed her that she and Tessa were going on a trip to Paris tomorrow. All expenses paid. Mariah and Tessa were shocked, but Mariah didn’t think they should leave Sharon now. Nick said it was Sharon’s idea. Sharon said that Nick had trouble figuring out a wedding gift, and Sharon knew the honeymoon of Tessa and Mariah’s dreams was in the city of lights. Tessa and Mariah hugged Sharon and Nick, and Nick and Tessa started dancing. Later, Mariah ran her hand up Tessa’s thigh as they sat together. Mariah said it was the best night ever. Tessa would remember it forever.

Noah chatted with Summer. He noted that it seemed like he only saw his sister at weddings these days. The last time they saw each other was in Tuscany. She complimented him on the wedding decorations, but she told him not to get used to that because he was still annoying. She said their dad couldn’t stop gushing about working with him. He teased that she was jealous, and she replied that she was miserable in Milan, with the high fashion, cafes, happy marriage and adorable stepson. “Way to rub it in the single guy’s face,” he replied. He asked where Kyle was. Summer explained that Diane crashed the wedding, and so he was putting her in a cab. Summer thought it was odd that Diane had wanted to see her.

Sharon and Nick told Faith they were leaving. Faith was going to go too, but Sharon told Faith to stay and have fun with her date. Nick said not to have too much fun, then he signaled that he had his eye on Moses. Nick and Sharon left. Moses hoped Nick was just joking. Faith thought so. Moses asked how Sharon was. Faith said she was still grieving, but she was talking honestly with Faith about it, and that made Faith happy. They talked about role models – he felt lucky to have Devon and Nate in his life. Most of all, he was happy to have Faith, and he was excited they were going to the same college.

Amanda grinned watching Faith and Moses kiss. She thought Devon seemed worried. He said he wasn’t worried, but he was going ot have a talk with Moses about young love in college. When you were in new environment, feelings could change unexpectedly. Laughing, Amanda said she had a feeling those warning would go in one ear and out the other, because you couldn’t tell young love a damn thing. Devon and Amanda kissed.

Mariah and Tessa thanked everyone for making this a wonderful night. Tessa thanked Crystal for coming. Everyone “oohed” when Mariah thanked Crystal for spending the night at The Grand Phoenix so the newlyweds could have some privacy. Tessa and Mariah did the bouquet toss, and it fell in Chloe’s lap. Chuckling, she noted that it was too late for her, so she tossed it again. It went to Abby, who said this thing was like a homing device for married women. Mariah said they’d do it one more time, and this one would be the winner. Abby threw it again, and Jack caught it. “I think I’ve been married more than anyone in this room,” he commented. He wasn’t sure how he felt about this, but he decided that it meant his next marriage would be the charm. Everyone applauded.

Kyle and Summer held each other. He was so glad she was here. She couldn’t imagine what he was going through. It was so painful when she didn’t know who her dad was – she didn’t know her identity. She wondered if that might feel a bit like how he did. He didn’t know exactly how he felt, but he was glad she was here. He didn’t expect her to have an opinion. She said she did. He was surprised since she just met his mom – or re-met her. Summer saw everything she needed to when she caught the way Diane was looking at Phyllis earlier. Summer saw the pure anger and jealousy on Diane’s face. She didn’t think Diane could be trusted.

At the cottage, Sharon said she couldn’t wait to get out of these shoes and have tea. He said he’d make it, and she accepted. Sharon smiled about Nick’s enthusiastic dancing, then she said the girls were so happy. She hoped they’d be happy, healthy and in love for the rest of their lives, but life had taught her that wasn’t always possible. He knew life would be tough, but Mariah and Tessa knew they had a loving and supportive family they could count on. She thanked him for always being there when she needed him, especially in the last couple weeks. She wasn’t sure she could’ve gotten through it without him. He said he’d always be there for her.

Phyllis went to Diane’s suite, and they had it out over Diane crashing the wedding. Diane said that Phyllis wasn’t invited either – she’d gone as Jack’s plus-one. Diane was sure no one was sad to see Phyllis go. Phyllis said Diane wasn’t her, and nobody wanted Diane around. Diane said that Kyle defended her. Phyllis said Kyle didn’t know what he wanted, but she had confidence that, with Summer’s urging, he’d realize letting Diane in his life was a huge mistake. Diane found the conversation tedious and asked if Phyllis was done. Phyllis yelled that she wasn’t. “You are a cancer here. I want you out. I want you gone!,” Phyllis snapped.

Diane made a drink for herself and said she didn’t want to give one to Phyllis. Phyllis didn’t want a drink. Phyllis let Diane stay earlier because she wanted to talk to Kyle, and because Phyllis wanted to keep an eye on Diane. Phyllis felt it was time for Diane to go, and she told her to get the hell out of this hotel. Diane said Phyllis could kick her out of the hotel, but she couldn’t make her leave town. Diane decided to stay until Kyle made up his mind. Diane thought Kyle would forgive her, and maybe Jack too. Diane smirked and sipped her drink. Phyllis called Diane delusional.

At the Abbott house, Allie held the bouquet and asked Jack how many times he’d been married. He said it was a story for another day, and he offered her tea. Just then, Phyllis showed up, so Allie went to up to bed. Phyllis said Diane would be leaving town, because Phyllis kicked her out of the hotel and told her no one wanted her here. Phyllis had thought Jack would look more appreciative than this. Jack wanted Kyle to get closure, and that hadn’t happened yet, and if Phyllis forced Diane out, that could backfire. As much as Jack hated the idea, Kyle needed time with his mother. Phyllis apologized, but Jack said Phyllis was just being herself, and he liked that. She thanked him for asking her to be his date. He asked if that was what she was, and she said yes – she was his date. She assumed Allie caught the bouquet, and he explained that he did. He didn’t think he’d get married again, but she thought he would. She kissed him and smiled.

Diane was in her suite remembering the reception. She’d overheard Jack say he wanted one night without thinking about Diane. Diane bristled as she recalled watching Jack dance with Phyllis.

Mariah and Tessa got home and gasped. The living room was filled with flower arrangements and there were rose petals scattered about. Tessa wondered what was next. Mariah said the sky was the limit, starting now. They shared a passionate kiss.

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Days Update Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jake and Ava sit in the town square together, talking about it being cold out in May. Jake gives Ava his jacket and notes Ava’s bad mood. Ava complains about Jake going back to work at DiMera as she thought he was done with them and especially Gabi. Ava guesses despite all the petty things she’s done, Gabi still has her hooks in Jake. Jake disagrees and says that Gabi presented a very good argument for him to go back to DiMera. Jake calls it his birthright to be a part of DiMera, just like Chad and EJ, so he never should’ve let them chase him out of the company in the first place. Jake adds that Gabi seems to think he can help her stabilize the company. Ava comments that it also helps Gabi keep him in her orbit. Ava says there will be business dinners and trips. Jake assures that he and Gabi are done. Ava questions if their relationship is just platonic then like theirs.

Steve joins Kayla at the hospital and says he was at the police station, asking about Allie, but nobody is talking. Steve asks about the baby. Kayla says he’s perfect which Steve says is finally some good news. Steve asks about Ciara. Kayla says she’s fine and that she and Ben are over the moon. Kayla reveals to Steve that Ben and Ciara named the baby Bo, which Steve calls perfect.

At the Brady Pub, Kate calls Lucas and leaves another message, reminding him that she gave him 24 hours and she’s heard nothing from him. Kate adds that everyone is looking for he and Sami, wondering where they are and Allie is in trouble and needs them. Kate knows she promised to keep what Lucas did to Sami a secret, but warns that she is going to have to tell Roman. Roman then appears and asks what she will have to tell him.

Ciara asks Ben if she’s seeing things as she envisions her dad, Bo. Ben responds that if she is, then he is too. Angel Bo speaks as Ciara asks if it’s really him and he came back. Bo says it’s him but he’s not really in the flesh. Ciara guesses he was the presence at the cemetery which Bo confirms. Ciara cries that he saved her son’s life. Ciara tells her baby that this is her granddad. Ciara tells Bo that she named her son Bo. Bo thanks her for that.

Eric asks if Tripp can hear him. The Devil responds that was surprisingly easy as Tripp didn’t even put up a fight, but it seems as if his sacrifice was for nothing because Allie is still going to die and by Tripp’s own hands. Devil Tripp goes to choke Allie on the ground. Marlena screams while Tripp’s voice inside says he won’t let the Devil hurt her. John tries to stop Devil Tripp and says to let him help. Tripp suddenly pulls back and says there is no help. Tripp then runs and dives through the second story window as Marlena screams. Eric and John rush to the window and look out to see Tripp lying bloody in a pile of glass on the ground outside. John says this is bad as he and Eric rush downstairs to get down there. Allie regains consciousness. Johnny tells her that everything is fine. Allie questions where they are and what’s going on. Marlena says they will explain and asks how she feels. Allie says she had awful dreams and there was a baby. Johnny tells her that was Ciara’s baby but he is fine now. Allie questions what she did. Johnny tells Marlena that Allie needs to know, like he did. Johnny then reveals to Allie that she was possessed. Allie says no that was Johnny. Johnny says he was but then The Devil went from him in to her and she fought him so hard. Allie mentions hearing Tripp’s voice just now so she knows he was there and asks where he is.

John and Eric rush to Tripp’s body outside. Eric asks if he can hear him. Tripp asks if Allie is okay. John confirms that she’s fine and he saved her. Tripp asks about the Devil. Eric says he’s gone thanks to him. Tripp brings up the Devil trying to hurt Allie. Tripp starts to pass out. John encourages Tripp to hang in there while Eric calls for an ambulance.

Eric goes back inside the church and informs Marlena that John is getting Tripp in to the ambulance. Allie questions what he’s talking about and where Tripp is because she knows he was there. Allie demands to know what happened to Tripp.

Ciara cries that she never thought she’d see her father again. Bo responds that he’s been watching over her, her mom, her brother, and now her son all along. Ciara worries that The Devil is still out there but Bo assures that the Devil is gone and not coming back so they are safe. Ciara asks how he can be sure. Bo states that it’s because one good man sacrificed everything to get rid of the Devil.

Steve tells Kayla that he sees a lot of Bo in Ciara. Kayla says she does as well all the time and now Ciara is so fierce about her baby just like her dad was. Steve asks Kayla to call their kids to inform them that they have a new cousin. John arrives and informs them that Tripp had an accident which Steve questions. John reveals that he took a fall and it’s not good as he’s in the ER. Kayla instructs Steve to call Ava while she rushes to the emergency room.

Jake jokes about Ava not liking Gabi. Jake brings up Ava mentioning their relationship is platonic and asks if she doesn’t like that very much. Ava suggests she’s in a bad mood because Gabi interrupted them. Jake admits they aren’t having much fun here so maybe they should head home. Ava agrees but then she gets a phone call from Steve. Steve informs Ava that Tripp is in the hospital after there’s been an accident, so she needs to get down there right away. Ava says she’ll be right there and hangs up. Jake asks if everything is okay. Ava informs him that she has to get to Tripp, so they rush off.

Roman guesses whatever Kate has to tell him must be real bad if she’d rather set the table than talk to him. Kate says she’s just trying to figure out how to tell him. Kate knows Roman is worried about Sami and she is too. Lucas then surprisingly enters the Pub and asks if it’s because of him. Kate hugs him and questions where the hell he was and why he didn’t answer her phone calls. Lucas says before he gets to that, he wants to know how Allie is doing and where she is. Roman says they are sorry but they don’t know.

Allie questions if she hurt Tripp while possessed. Eric promises she did not. Johnny encourages that she fought The Devil. Eric notes that she’s in rough shape, so they need to get her home. Allie wants to see Tripp. Eric says the doctors are going to take care of Tripp while they take care of her and she needs to take care of her son, Henry. Allie asks about Ciara’s baby. Johnny says they didn’t know where Ciara was until Allie told them, so because of that, the baby is with his mom and dad now. Johnny, Marlena, and Eric then take Allie to get her home.

Ciara questions what Bo means by someone sacrificed everything. Bo says she will find out soon enough. Bo encourages that they have a whole lot of Bradys and Hortons watching over them and even a Weston or two. Bo acknowledges Ben’s worries about having a baby but encourages him to let it go because it’s all about redemption and Ben has redeemed himself. Bo calls Ben a good man and an okay husband, so if he works real hard, he’ll be a great dad. Ben thanks him. Bo tells Ciara that he loves her but he has to go as there is something he has to take care of. Bo says to tell Hope that he loves her and that he’s really proud of Ciara. Ciara tries to stop him but Bo disappears back in to the light. Ciara tells Ben that she always wanted him to meet her dad as they hug.

Ava and Jake arrive at the hospital. Ava goes to John to ask where Tripp is. John tells her that he was taken straight to the ER and Steve is down there with him so Ava rushes off. Jake asks John if Tripp is going to be okay. John responds that he doesn’t know.

Ava joins Steve in the emergency room as Kayla and the doctors are trying to revive Tripp. Ava asks what happened. Ava then questions why Kayla is stopping and tells her to do it again. Kayla turns and cries that she’s sorry. Steve breaks down crying as Ava continues questioning everything. Kayla announces it’s too late as Tripp is gone. Ava cries in shock that he can’t be gone.

Roman questions why Lucas is just now telling him that Sami is in the hospital. Lucas explains that they were skiing in Italy, Sami wiped out and broke her leg. Lucas says it’s bad and there’s no way Sami could fly right now. Kate questions why he didn’t call. Lucas says the reception was terrible but they did get Kate’s message about Allie, so as soon as they heard that, Sami told him to come home. Roman questions him just leaving Sami there. Lucas argues that she’ll be fine in the hands of trained professionals. Roman decides he needs to go let Marlena know and walks away. Kate questions Lucas as to what the real story is. Lucas says he just told her and asks why he would lie about that. Kate points out that Lucas lied about kidnapping Sami so why not this time.

Ben tells Ciara that now more than ever, he is so glad they named their baby after her dad. Ciara cries that it was Bo at the cemetery and he’s the reason that she was able to step in to the pentagram. Ben agrees that Bo is why they are with their son now. Jake enters and says he heard the good news, but he sees they are crying so he says he’ll come back. Ciara assures it’s fine and calls Jake over to meet Bo. Jake says he’s beautiful and makes sure they are all okay. Ciara calls it a crazy night. Jake looks away, so Ben asks what it is. Jake wishes he didn’t have to tell them this, but Ava got a call about half an hour ago that Tripp was in an accident, though John made it sound like it was more of a sacrifice. Ciara turns to Ben and mentions Bo saying something about a sacrifice. Ciara then asks Jake if Tripp is dead.

Ava pleads with Kayla to do something. Kayla says she’s sorry but there is nothing else that can be done. Ava argues that Kayla’s not sorry and asks if she’s happy now that she got everything she wanted. Ava accuses Kayla of hating that she and Steve had a son, so she killed him. Steve cries for Ava to stop it as their son is dead and Kayla did everything she could, but he’s gone, so she has to stop this out of respect for Tripp. Kayla decides they will leave them alone and exits with the doctors. Ava states that their son is dead and breaks down crying as Steve hugs her.

John sees Kayla come out from the ER and that she’s crying. Kayla reveals to John that she lost him after doing everything she could. John hugs Kayla as she cries.

Johnny and Marlena bring Allie home. Johnny asks if Marlena thinks Tripp is going to make it. Allie comes back in from checking on Henry and says she doesn’t remember the last time she saw him. Marlena assures that he’s been fine and they have all been looking after him. Allie thanks her but says now they need to tell her what she did. Marlena suggests she rest first but Allie insists that she needs to know. Allie asks how the Devil went from Johnny to her. Johnny reminds Allie that she came to the DiMera Mansion to tell him off for telling Tripp about her and Chanel, but that wasn’t him, it was The Devil. Johnny encourages that Allie figured it out and was helping him fight, but then he went in to her. Johnny says he was so worried about her and he missed her. Allie doesn’t remember much but says she missed him too and hugs him.

Lucas asks if Kate thinks he kidnapped Sami. Kate remarks that it wouldn’t be the first time. Roman comes back and says he left a message for Marlena even though she has enough to worry about with Allie. Lucas questions what’s been going on with Allie since they just said she was in trouble. Kate reveals that Allie is possessed by The Devil, shocking Lucas. Eric arrives and announces that she’s not anymore as Tripp saved Allie’s life, but now he’s in the hospital. Eric explains that Allie’s life was at stake as the Devil had control of her, so Tripp called The Devil in to him and then when he had control of Tripp, he tried to kill Allie but Tripp threw himself out the church tower window. Lucas asks if Allie is at the hospital too. Eric informs him that Johnny and Marlena took her home to see Henry. Lucas decides he has to get to her and rushes out of the Pub.

Marlena suggests Allie get some rest. Johnny agrees. Allie says that she’s home and thanks them. Allie hugs them both and then goes to her room. Johnny tells Marlena that if Tripp doesn’t make it, he doesn’t know what that will do to Allie. Marlena then gets a call from John, informing her that it’s bad news.

Jake questions Ciara about her father being here. Ciara says he was at the cemetery and was here just now. Ben brings up John saying that Tripp was trying to save Allie. Jake confirms that Tripp got the Devil to leave Allie and go in to him, but then he jumped out the window. Jake adds that Allie is now fine. Ciara talks about it being terrifying at the cabin and the cemetery. Ben hopes the rest of their son’s life is calmer than the beginning as he’s so glad he is okay. Jake congratulates them and says he’s happy for them. Jake decides to go check on Tripp and exits the room.

John finishes his call and tells Kayla that Marlena sends her love. Jake comes out and guesses that it’s bad. John reveals that Tripp died a few minutes ago. Jake asks where Ava is. Kayla says she’s and Steve are with Tripp in the trauma room. Jake then walks away.

Steve and Ava cry over Tripp’s body. Ava laments not being allowed to know him until after so many lost years and wasted time. Steve encourages her to think of the time they did have with him and that Tripp loved her. Ava cries that she didn’t deserve a son like him and he didn’t deserve a mother like her. Steve says that won’t help. Ava feels maybe she doesn’t deserve to be helped. Ava lays next to Tripp’s body and kisses him goodbye as Steve cries. Jake then enters the room to comfort Ava as she cries that her baby is gone.

Marlena breaks the news to Johnny that Tripp died saving Allie and calls it no greater love. Johnny doesn’t know how they are going to tell her as Allie comes back out from her room and asks what it is. Lucas then shows up at the door. Allie excitedly rushes up to hug him.

Jake offers to take Ava home and hugs her as she cries. Jake tells Steve that he’s so sorry. Jake then walks Ava out of the room. Steve breaks down crying over Tripp, asking why. Kayla returns to the room and informs Steve that she called their kids, Stephanie and Joey, so they wouldn’t hear it from anyone else. Kayla hugs Steve as he cries that he wants his boy. Bo appears in the room as an angel and touches Tripp. Tripp then suddenly comes back to life, shocking Kayla and Steve. Kayla points out that he didn’t have a heartbeat or a pulse. Steve calls out to Tripp. Steve then looks up at the bright light and sees Bo, who smiles and nods, before disappearing again. Tripp then calls out to Steve as they rejoice.

John sees Jake and Ava leaving the hospital. John goes over and tells Ava that he’s sorry and to call if she needs anything. Jake thanks him and they go to get on the elevator but Steve appears and tells Ava to wait.

Steve brings Ava back to the emergency room where Kayla has Tripp sitting up in his hospital bed. Ava can’t believe it’s true. Kayla confirms that he’s alive as Tripp then greets Ava. Ava hugs Tripp as Steve and Kayla look on with smiles.

Ben comes back to the hospital room with Ciara and informs her that she’s not going to believe this but Kayla pronounced Tripp dead, but then he kept back to life. Ciara responds that she does believe it because Bo said he had something left to do. Ben says that if Tripp died, it would’ve killed Allie, Steve, and Ava. Ben just wants everybody to be as happy as they are now. Ciara doesn’t think anybody could be as happy as they are now as they kiss.

Roman finishes a call with Kayla and announces to Kate and Eric that it was close and Kayla thought they lost Tripp, but it looks like he’s going to be just fine.

Lucas apologizes to Allie for not being there for her. Allie says there is nothing he or anyone could have done, except Tripp. Allie asks if they heard about him. Johnny confirms that they did. Allie asks if Tripp died because of her. Lucas tells her not to do that. Allie cries that she never got to tell Tripp how she felt and that she loves him. There’s a knock at the door but Allie says she can’t see anyone. Marlena answers the door and it’s John. John comes in to announce that Tripp pulled through, he’s alive and Kayla thinks he’s going to be just fine. Allie is thrilled and hugs John as she cries.

Tripp asks about Allie. Kayla assures that she will be just fine, thanks to him. Steve calls Tripp a hero. Ava asks him to never scare them like that again. Tripp says he won’t and he loves them. Steve says they love him.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, May 17 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At Top of the Tower, Kyle stated that weddings were usually solemn occasions; they had to be when two people were declaring their love in front of everyone. While Mariah and Tessa were serious about their love, Kyle promised the guests that this wedding would be the funkiest grooviest most bad-ass wedding the guests ever attended. Everyone clapped and cheered. Tessa and Mariah wrote their own vows. Tessa had given up on love, but Mariah broke down all her walls and embraced every side of her. Their connection filled Mariah’s soul and inspired her. Every song she wrote was about Mariah and the love they shared. “Everything that I’ve learned about love is because of you.” Tessa couldn’t wait for their future. She promised to be a partner, best friend, champion and shoulder to lean on, now and always. Tessa and Mariah were both in tears. Diane stood in the shadows and watched Kyle officiate the ceremony. The brides exchanged rings, and Kyle announced them officially married. Mariah and Tessa stared into each other’s eyes, then they shared their first kiss as wives. Everyone applauded.

Mariah had wanted this for so long, but she couldn’t believe she was here. Growing up, wishes like this didn’t come true for Mariah. Two miracles happened for Mariah – she met her mom and learned to love, so she was ready when Tessa came along. At the time, Mariah just thought she’d met an amazing person who’d become her friend. Jack looked at Phyllis. Mariah recalled their first date – the one Kyle set up. When Tessa held Mariah’s hand, it felt right. Mariah was grateful for Tessa. She thought Tessa was magic, and everything she touched turned to gold. Mariah said they were going to start their own family, and that would be golden too. Mariah took Tessa’s hand and promised to be with her, through good times and bad. “I love you and I am yours. Today, tomorrow and forever.”

Allie was at the Abbott house when Summer came in. The role of Summer is now being played by Allison Lanier. Summer introduced herself to Allie, who helped her with her bags. Summer laughed about her inability to pack light for this trip and said she was her mother’s daughter. Allie mentioned that Phyllis was one of the big reasons she was here. Phyllis supported Allie and Jack spending time together. Summer said Allie must’ve passed the test, because Phyllis was super-protective of Jack and of everyone she loved. Allie saw that side of Phyllis when she found out Kyle’s mom was alive. Summer said this whole thing had been hard on Kyle. Summer said her flight was delayed, so she was late, but they’d better get dressed and get to the wedding. Allie wasn’t planning to go.

Summer said that she was sure Allie was invited. Allie said Jack asked her to attend, but she wasn’t comfortable going. She’d never even met the happy couple. Summer said that they were the more-the-merrier types, and if Mariah wanted Summer there, she’d surely welcome Allie. Summer said as big of a pain as Mariah was, she was Kyle’s best friend, and Tessa was pretty cool. Allie was a big fan of Tessa’s music. Summer was sure they’d missed the boring parts of the wedding, and by the time they got there, the party would be started. Allie wasn’t a party person. Summer teased that Allie shouldn’t stay in this probably haunted house by herself. Allie agreed to go, but she didn’t have any clothes, but Summer had plenty of stuff in her suitcase.

Faith announced Mariah and Tessa on the dance floor, and they shared their first dance as a married couple. They marveled that they did it. As they watched, Nick told Sharon he knew she was thinking Rey would’ve loved this. That was exactly what she was thinking. She knew he would’ve declared this the most beautiful wedding he’d ever seen since theirs. Nick said Rey and Cassie were here. Kevin and Chloe talked. He told her there was a time he thought Mariah and Tessa wouldn’t make it, but they taught him that the power of love could conquer all. Chloe lightly smacked Kevin and his and her love should’ve taught him that. Everything they’d been through should’ve proved that if two people were meant to be, they were meant to be, she said. He said he and Chloe were written in the stars, and there was never any doubting their love. Chloe said a few years ago, this wedding wouldn’t have happened because it wasn’t legal. She felt that two people should be able to marry whoever they wanted – that was the true power of love. He agreed, then he lead her out to the dance floor. Tessa and Mariah were deliriously happy. They kissed. Many of the guests were on the dance floor. Tessa needed a break. Mariah protested because this was a dance competition, and she wanted them to get the grand prize. Tessa said she already had the grand prize. Amanda, Abby and Chance came up to congratulate the couple. Mariah wanted to dance with all of them before the night was over.

Noah and Crystal caught up, and she accepted his offer to dance. Summer and Allie walked in, and Kyle rushed to his wife and hugged her. Summer told Kyle they had a lot to talk about. Kyle apologized because he didn’t notice Allie at first. She told him he didn’t need to apologize for being happy to see his wife. Jack and Phyllis went over to hug Summer. Jack told Allie she looked beautiful. He accurately guessed that Summer dragged Allie here, and alluded to Summer inheriting her persuasiveness from Phyllis. Allie was uncomfortable in the crowd, but she consented when Jack offered to show her around. Summer told Allie she was doing great. Phyllis saw that Summer and Kyle wanted time alone, so she walked off. Diane watched Summer and Kyle kiss.

Amanda was curious when she learned Mariah and Tessa were going on a honeymoon to a confidential locale. Tessa and Amanda went off to chat. Devon was so happy for Mariah. She was happy he was here to celebrate. He said they’d been through friendship, business, dating, friendship again, and she’d helped bring an amazing new life into the world. He said she was glowing today. She said marriage was turning her into a sap. She said she wouldn’t be here or with Tessa without Devon. She started crying, and they hugged, while Tessa and Amanda smiled at them.

Abby loved Allie’s dress. Allie said Summer helped her. Abby adopted a strained smile. Jack wanted Allie to meet Chance, but Chance said they met briefly earlier. He welcomed her to Genoa City. Jack excused himself and Allie, so they could greet the happy couple. Allie met Mariah and Tessa, and they welcomed her warmly. Allie said Summer told her they’d react this way. Mariah said Summer was a lot to take, but she and Kyle were perfect together.

Amanda ended up with Phyllis. She thought it was significant that Jack invited Phyllis to the wedding. Amanda noted that Phyllis said she and Jack were just friends, but people didn’t just attend weddings together as buddies. Phyllis said Jack just invited her because Summer would be here, but Amanda didn’t buy it.

Summer reunited with Faith and Nick. Faith was brimming with questions about Milan, but Nick guided her away so Kyle and Summer could talk. Kyle was glad Summer was here. He needed her, and he wanted to talk in person, not just in video chat. Diane grew more bold, and she entered the room and looked around. She tensed up when she saw Phyllis glaring at her. Phyllis was going to confront Diane when Jack walked up and expressed relief to get one night where he didn’t have to think about Diane. Diane resumed hiding, and Phyllis distracted Jack by pulling him out to the dance floor.

Jack was enjoying himself on the dance floor, and that made Phyllis happy because she had something to tell him. She told him not to worry, because she had it under control, but Diane was here. Jack was angry, but not surprised. Phyllis said her first instinct was to rush Diane, but she didn’t want to ruin Mariah and Tessa’s night. Phyllis thought Diane just wanted to watch Kyle. Jack said she’d better not make a scene. Phyllis said she wouldn’t let that happen.

Noah and Crystal were talking about his life in London when Abby came up to welcome Crystal back and speak highly of Rey for what he’d done. Abby couldn’t imagine what Crystal had been through. Crystal had put it all behind her. Abby said to let her know if she needed anything. Crystal heard from Tessa that Abby was doing well and had a husband and baby. Abby had never been happier.

Chance approached Sharon and noted that she’d been by herself most of the night. He correctly concluded that she was thinking about Rey. She said someone told her Rey was here tonight, probably on the dance floor. Chance was sure that was true. He encouraged Sharon to get out there and have some joy too.

Summer congratulated Mariah and Tessa. Mariah was skeptical of the sentiment. Summer thought everyone deserved a chance at love and happiness, even Mariah. Summer hugged Tessa, but she got rebuffed when she went to hug Mariah. Summer thought the dresses were perfect, so much nicer than what Mariah usually wore. Mariah said Summer hadn’t changed. Summer was just joking. Motherhood and marriage changed Summer a lot, and she knew that Mariah and Tessa would have that experience too. Summer thought it would be awesome for them, and they deserved it. Mariah was waiting for the jab, but Summer sincerely wished them nothing but happiness. Tessa and Kyle encouraged Mariah to say thanks, and she grudgingly did. Kyle spotted his mother and excused himself to confront her.

Kyle noted that Diane had showed up at the house unannounced and now she was here. He wanted to know what she was doing. She said she wanted to watch him officiate. He wasn’t happy she came at all, but he stated that the wedding had been over for awhile, and she was still here. She wasn’t planning to make a grand announcement or anything. He didn’t care. He didn’t want the event to become about her, so he wanted her to leave. She asked if she could say hi to Summer before she left. He thought that could wait. She said that Summer was his wife and her daughter in law so it would mean a lot to her. Before anything could happen, Kevin took center stage.

Kevin gave his man of honor speech. He said it had been a long road full of twists and turn, but he was so happy Tessa and Mariah made it. He told them that everyone in the room was crazy about them, and they’d all been rooting for this couple for years. “Your happiness is our happiness. Your joy is our joy and your love is our love.” Everyone raised a glass. Tessa and Mariah thanked everyone for coming. “Even Summer,” Mariah said. Tessa teased Mariah about being weepy. They said the party had been a little tame, but now it was time for the real party to begin. Everyone got back on the dance floor.

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Days Update Monday, May 16, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Belle goes to the Brady Pub and asks Eric if there’s any update on Allie or Ciara’s baby. Eric says not yet but Roman is on his way back to take over so he can go back to the search. Eric is sure that Shawn must be working around the clock. Belle remarks that she hasn’t heard from him as things are still not good between them. Eric says he’s sorry and brings up the last time they spoke, Belle said she was ready to move back in. Belle reveals that she was, but Jan Spears beat her to it and Jan is now living in her family’s home with her husband.

John goes to the police station and tells Shawn that he heard Evan was arrested. Shawn confirms he’s awaiting transfer back to the prison. John asks if he said anything about Allie. Shawn informs him that Evan claims he doesn’t know where they are but he did tell them what the Devil has planned for Ben and Ciara’s baby. Shawn reveals that the Devil wants the baby to be his permanent host body on Earth, so if they don’t stop him, he’s going to take control of his nephew’s body and soul.

Marlena leaves the DiMera Mansion and gets a call from Tripp, who hoped she had news about Allie. Marlena informs him that they think she is heading to the cemetery with the baby. Tripp asks if she knows they are alright. Marlena informs him that Allie is still possessed and Johnny went to the cemetery half an hour ago so she’s waiting to hear from him.

The Devil tells Charlie that once the Ritual of Transference is completed, he can get rid of Johnny and Allie. The Devil then places his hands on baby Bo but Ben and Ciara ride up on their motorcycle. Ciara tells The Devil to get the hell away from her son. The Devil responds that he won’t be her son much longer when they become one. Ciara says not while she’s around. Ben tells Ciara to stay back while he gets the baby. Charlie warns Ben not to do that. Ben steps forward but is knocked out by the Devil’s powers. Charlie says he tried to warn him. Charlie argues that they wasted their time coming because his boss has already won this battle.

John assures Shawn that they won’t let the Devil take the baby. Shawn says they have to find him first. Shawn gets a text that Jan’s ankle monitor went off so she must have reached the perimeter of the house. John asks if it didn’t occur to him that Jan might try to take off. Shawn says he doesn’t like Jan living in his house any more than John or Belle does. John tells Shawn to find Allie and the baby while he will deal with Jan Spears because he doesn’t want her anywhere near Belle. John then exits the station.

Eric tells Belle that he doesn’t understand the agreement since Jan is a threat to their community. Belle explains that Shawn talked to the warden about Jan’s high risk pregnancy so they let her out on house arrest and Shawn had to agree because he wasn’t going to let her go back to prison with his baby. Eric encourages Belle not to let this destroy her marriage. Belle asks what she is supposed to do since she is not going to go live with Jan but Shawn feels responsible for the baby. Belle says they are at a standoff and she doesn’t see that ending any time soon.

Marlena assures Tripp that she will call him as soon as she hears from John, Ben and Ciara, or Shawn. Tripp decides he’s going out there. Marlena asks what he can do. Tripp responds that he’s a doctor and he’s not just going to sit around while Allie goes through this. Marlena notes that it sounds like Tripp cares about her. Tripp admits he told himself that he didn’t but that was just his wounded ego, he loves Allie and will do whatever he can to get her out of this nightmare.

Ciara checks Ben’s pulse and is relieved that he is still alive. Ciara tells The Devil that she’s not going to let him get away with this as it’s her baby and she wants him back. Charlie warns that Ciara will fry just like Ben did if she tries. Ciara prays for the strength to fight this battle. A light shines down, confusing Charlie, so Ciara uses this power to try and fight The Devil. Johnny regains consciousness and is surprised to see Ciara. Charlie tells the Devil that they have a problem. The Devil looks to Ciara and says that’s impossible as Ciara calls out to her baby that she’s coming to save him.

Eric asks Belle if Jan will have to go back after having the baby but admits it’s a hard one. Belle declares that Jan has made sure the baby will tie her to Shawn, so she will be in his life forever. Eric tells Belle that she can either let it defeat her or she can hold onto her marriage and fight for it. Belle gets a text from John that Jan’s ankle monitor went off, so he’s on his way there to check it out. Belle worries that Jan could be on the loose and wonders what she’s going to do this time.

John goes to Shawn and Belle’s house. Jan comes out in a night gown, surprised to see John. John says it looks like she put that on for nothing. Jan asks what he’s doing here. John explains that he was with Shawn when Jan’s ankle monitor went off, so he decided to come check on her for him. John adds that Shawn thought Jan might have taken off but he knew she would be right here. Jan argues that she’s on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy. John asks about the ankle monitor going off. Jan admits she was bored and wanted Shawn to come home to keep her company. John informs her that it looks like she’s stuck with him instead. Jan says he doesn’t have to stay as everything is fine. John says he was actually looking for time alone with her. Jan asks if he’s going to choke her in to another coma. John responds that it’s tempting but no, he’s going to lay out all the reasons why she’s going to stay away from Belle.

Shawn finishes a call with the prison, arguing that he doesn’t care how under staffed they are as he wants Evan off of his hands as soon as possible. Marlena arrives and questions Shawn not answering her calls. Shawn apologizes and says he’s had his hands full with Evan in the interrogation room and Jan’s ankle monitor went off which John is taking care of. Marlena tells Shawn that she will go there when she can. Marlena reveals that she, Johnny, and Susan think they made contact with Allie and it seems she has taken the baby to the cemetery so Ben and Johnny are on their way there. Marlena thinks they need back up and the help of the police on this.

Johnny calls out to Ciara, asking if he can help her. Ciara manages to knock the Devil back and reunites with her baby Bo. Ciara picks up her baby and assures that he’s safe now. The Devil argues that she hasn’t vanquished him and he will win this yet. Charlie asks what’s happening. The Devil complains that the forces of good are at work. Ciara declares that he will never get the baby away from her. The Devil shouts that he has to get away from the light and runs off. Charlie asks where he’s going and if he should go with him. Charlie yells that Ciara ruined everything as he was supposed to raise the baby. Ciara tells him that was never going to happen. Charlie declares that if he doesn’t get to be the father, then neither does Ben. Charlie raises a knife and goes to Ben as Ciara yells for him to stop.

Jan tells John that she couldn’t care less about Belle because everything is different and she is going to be a mother, so her child is her only focus. John doesn’t believe her. Jan claims that Belle doesn’t register on her radar anymore since she walked out on Shawn, so he will be free of her soon. Jan declares that she and Shawn will then raise their baby together and they will be a family. John informs Jan that Shawn and Belle have broken up before but they always find their way back to each other. Jan remarks that everything is different now that she’s carrying Shawn’s baby since a child has a way of bonding the two people who created it. Jan compares it to John and Marlena having an affair until Belle cemented their relationship. John says that’s not how it happened. Jan assures it will happen for her and Shawn.

Eric encourages Belle that if Jan were on the loose, John would have already called her by now and she has to play by different rules since she’s dealing with a high risk pregnancy. Belle gets a text from John, confirming that he’s with Jan at the house. Eric calls that one less thing she has to worry about. Belle hopes for good news about Allie and the baby.

Ciara pleads with Charlie to leave Ben alone. Charlie tells her to say goodbye to Ben. Tripp then arrives and knocks out Charlie from behind with a baseball bat. Ciara thanks Tripp and assures they are fine, but points out Ben is unconscious. Tripp goes to check on Ben and notes that his pulse is steady and reacting so he should be okay. Tripp asks about Allie. Ciara informs him that she ran towards the church and Johnny went after her. Tripp decides to go after them and asks how they are going to get to the hospital since they can’t take the motorcycle. Ben starts to wake up. Ciara says she has her phone so it’s okay. Ciara asks Tripp to be careful.

Devil Allie enters St Luke’s church, remarking that after 25 years, they have come full circle, flashing back to when Devil Marlena destroyed the church and set it on fire. Devil Allie calls it a fitting place for the grand finale and heads up the stairs.

Ben holds his baby for the first time and says he’s perfect. Ben tells baby Bo that he’s his dad and he loves him very much. Ben tells Ciara that she saved him. Ciara declares that the three of them are a family now and are going to protect each other forever.

Jan tells John that she’s already come up with names for the baby and asks what he thinks of “Britney” for a girl or “Lucifer” for a boy which John questions. Marlena then arrives and Jan greets her as Lucifer and goes to hug her but Marlena informs her that she’s not possessed anymore. Jan calls that a bummer because Lucifer was the best friend she ever had except for Claire. Marlena asks John if they can talk privately. Marlena and John then get a text from Johnny. John declares that Johnny is going to need their help.

Belle gets a text that Johnny followed Allie to St. Luke’s Church. Eric decides he’s going. Belle wants to go with him but Eric doesn’t think she should. Belle argues that Allie is her niece. Eric feels the fewer people means the less chance of the Devil finding a host body. Belle insists on wanting to help, so Eric tells her to just pray while he, John, and Marlena handle the rest. Belle tells him to be careful and wishes him luck as they hug. Eric then exits the Pub.

Devil Allie pours gasoline around the upper floor of the church, complaining about the people of Salem thinking they got rid of him. Tripp arrives and sees Johnny holding his head, so he asks if he’s alright. Johnny informs him that Charlie knocked his head into a grave stone. Tripp assures that Charlie got his and asks where Allie is. Johnny thinks she went up to the old choir loft and he was going to go after her but he sent a text to his family for backup. Tripp tells Johnny to wait for them but he’s going up there. Johnny then decides to go with him so they head up the stairs together. The Devil declares that he may have lost his new vessel on Earth but he’s going out in a blaze of glory and taking Allie with him. As Johnny and Tripp rush in, Johnny yells for Allie to stop. The Devil tells them that they couldn’t have picked a better time to arrive as they will have a front row seat to the spectacle. Johnny smells the gasoline. Tripp argues that he can’t set fire to the church. The Devil points out that he’s done it before but this time it will burn to the ground and take half of Salem with it. Johnny tries to urge Allie to fight The Devil. The Devil says that Allie has given up. Tripp brings up Allie’s son, Henry. Allie starts fighting the Devil from within. Tripp and Johnny continue talking about Henry needing Allie and trying to bring her back to them. The Devil declares it’s too late as they treated her like dirt. Johnny argues that he and Allie love each other as he tries to convince her to come back. Tripp tells her to fight. The Devil struggles but manages to knock Johnny across the room. Johnny gets up and says he’s okay. The Devil declares that Johnny and Allie are no match for his powers, so now church and the three of them are all going down in flames.

Belle exits the Pub and runs in to Shawn. Belle says she just got a text from Johnny that Ben and Ciara found the baby and Allie. Shawn confirms that they are taking the baby to get checked out to be safe since Ciara doesn’t know what’s going on with Allie but she was heading to St. Luke’s. Belle informs him that Johnny followed her and Eric is on his way there now. Belle asks if that’s where Shawn is heading. Shawn says there are cops all over St. Luke’s and they have been told to stand back and hold their fire, so if they don’t need him, he’s not going to believe the baby is okay until he sees it with his own eyes. Belle asks to go with him if that’s okay with him. Shawn says that would be great so they walk off together.

Ben and Ciara arrive at the hospital with their baby and show him to Kayla, who calls him beautiful. Kayla asks for the name. Ciara informs her that the baby’s name is Bo Brady Weston. Kayla says that Ciara’s dad Bo would be so proud. Kayla says the baby looks just fine. Ben says they want to hear it from her and nobody else. Kayla says she has a room ready so they go together.

The Devil tells Johnny and Tripp to say their prayers as he raises a lit candle. The flame suddenly goes out of the candle. The Devil says it can’t be. Eric, Marlena, and John then arrive. Eric recites bible verses as the Devil raises a bigger torch but Marlena raises her cross necklace to cause the flame to go out while John throws holy water on Devil Allie. Eric declares he will once again cast out the demon. The Devil remarks that he hopes Eric’s been practicing since he’s only grown stronger since the last exorcism when he took over the next warm body and wreaked havoc on their lives. The Devil suggests maybe next time he’ll try Eric. Marlena shouts that the Devil is done tormenting her family and tells him to go back to Hell. The Devil brings up everything they’ve been through together. Marlena argues that he tried to destroy her, her friends, and her family but it failed because the people in this town love and care about each other. Marlena declares that love will always triumph over evil. The Devil shouts that she has always underestimated his power. John argues that they have the Devil cornered and tells him to go back to where he came from and leave their granddaughter’s body now. The Devil remarks that he was growing tired of Allie anyway, so he will leave her to them but only after killing her in front of them.

Kayla tells Ben and Ciara that their son is in perfect health. Shawn and Belle arrive and join them with hugs. Ben tells them that Ciara was amazing at the cemetery. Ciara worries that Allie still needs their help. Belle explains that Johnny texted them and Eric is on his way to the church with Marlena and John, so she thinks they are going to try an exorcism. Shawn mentions speaking to Rafe and they have the whole church surrounded with cops. Ciara hopes that works as she’s really scared for Allie. Belle encourages that they have God on their side and their family is fierce.

Marlena yells for The Devil to leave her granddaughter alone. The Devil responds that Marlena should’ve let him stay in her because now she’s going to have Allie’s death on her hands. John warns that they will not let the Devil hurt Allie. Eric calls for them to join hands and recite the Our Father prayer. The Devil commands them to stop. Marlena tries to get through to Allie as Devil Allie drops to her knees. Marlena talks about knowing what Allie is going through and urges her to keep on fighting and to draw from their strength to come back to them. The Devil warns them to stop this insanity or he will snap Allie’s neck. Marlena continues talking about how they love her. The Devil then starts to snap Allie’s neck but Tripp yells for The Devil to leave her alone and take him instead.

Ciara hands her baby to Shawn. Shawn jokes about Ciara teaching her kid to ride a motorcycle. Shawn mentions that their father Bo would be really happy right now and he will tell baby Bo all about him. Belle reminds them to take a lot of pictures. Shawn advises them to make sure they enjoy their baby. Belle recalls when Claire was that little. Shawn reminisces on Claire learning to walk. Shawn and Belle talk about having it on video. Shawn hands the baby back to Ciara as he gets a phone call from Jan. Jan tells Shawn that she is craving a cheeseburger. Shawn says he’s busy. Jan thought he was off duty and asks him to be sweet and do this for her because she can’t leave the house and she’s starving.

Tripp tells the Devil to kill him if he wants to kill somebody. Marlena tells him not to. Eric wants to finish what they started but Tripp worries that The Devil will kill Allie before they finish the exorcism. The Devil warns that he’s right. Tripp asks the Devil to come in to him and let Henry have Allie back while taking his soul. The Devil is amazed that Tripp is willing to sacrifice his life for Allie when she didn’t love him and cheated on him as he was always her second choice. Tripp doesn’t care if Allie would rather be with Chanel as he still loves her since she got to him like no one else ever did. Tripp adds that Allie made him feel not alone in this world. The Devil points out that she then betrayed him. Tripp repeats that he still loves her and he always will. Tripp tells The Devil to come in to him and he will gladly sacrifice his life if it means Allie can live and raise Henry. Tripp calls upon The Devil to take him instead. Allie then collapses as Johnny calls out to her. Tripp looks up, revealing he is now possessed by The Devil.

Ciara asks Ben how he’s feeling. Ben says he’s feeling better after being knocked for a loop by the Devil while he can’t believe Ciara just walked in to that and got their baby. Ciara can’t explain it but knew she needed to get to their baby. Ciara says there was a warm comforting light surrounding her that made her feel strong. Ciara adds that it was like a presence. Ben asks what kind of presence. Ciara then sees a bright light shine in to the room. Ciara calls out to her dad as she envisions her father, Bo Brady, dressed in all white and walking in from the bright light to greet her.

Kayla tells Belle at the hospital that Hope sounded so happy on the phone. Belle feels it must have been bittersweet not having Bo to share in that. Kayla thinks they are all feeling that. Belle knows Shawn really misses his dad as she does too. Kayla wonders if Bo could’ve talked some sense in to Shawn. Kayla felt like they were having a moment. Belle admits she felt that too but then Shawn ran off to be with the mother of his new baby.

Shawn goes home and brings Jan a cheeseburger. Jan asks how Ciara is doing. Shawn says she’s good now that she’s back with her baby. Jan asks if he saw the baby. Shawn confirms he did and that they named it after his dad. Jan suggests naming their baby after his mom if they have a girl. Jan mentions having a name in mind but says Hope is more meaningful. Shawn questions Jan not wanting to name it after her own mom. Jan says no because her mom was a horrible person and she’s not naming their child Gertrude. Jan feels her stomach, so Shawn asks if she’s okay. Jan says she’s fine but was just thinking how scared Ciara must have been before finding her baby and thanks God that she did find her.

Ciara asks Ben if she’s seeing things as she envisions her dad, Bo. Ben responds that if she is, then he is too. Bo speaks as Ciara asks if it’s really him and he came back. Bo says it’s him but he’s not really in the flesh. Ciara guesses he was the presence at the cemetery which Bo confirms. Ciara cries that he saved her son’s life. Ciara tells her baby that this is her granddad. Ciara tells Bo that she named her son Bo. Bo thanks her for that.

Eric asks if Tripp can hear him. The Devil responds that was surprisingly easy as Tripp didn’t even put up a fight, but it seems as if his sacrifice was for nothing because Allie is still going to die and by Tripp’s own hands. Devil Tripp goes to choke Allie on the ground. Marlena screams while Tripp’s voice inside says he won’t let the Devil hurt her. John tries to stop Devil Tripp and says to let him help. Tripp suddenly pulls back and says there is no help. Tripp then runs and dives through the second story window as Marlena screams. Eric and John rush to the window and look out to see Tripp lying bloody in a pile of glass on the ground outside.

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Y&R Update Monday, May 16 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

It was the morning of Mariah’s wedding. At the cottage, and Sharon served Faith orange juice and Mariah a mimosa. Faith toasted to the best sister a girl could ever have, with an aside not to mention that to Summer. Mariah promised to put that in the vault. Faith said Mariah always had her back, and today, Faith had Mariah’s. Faith said she was on top of the wedding, so all Mariah had to do was relax and enjoy her day. Sharon went upstairs to do something, and her daughters talked. Mariah asked how Sharon was really doing. Faith thought she was doing pretty well, considering. Mariah was glad Sharon had the wedding to focus on. Faith asked if she should call Kevin, so he could get ready with them – he was Mariah’s man of honor. Mariah didn’t think Kevin would want to be there while they were arguing over curling irons. Sharon returned with a silver platter that had an embroidered handkerchief and some jewelry on it. Something old and something new. Mariah got choked up, as it sank in that it really was their wedding day.

Not long after Sharon found out Mariah was her daughter, she gave her a garnet necklace. The bracelet on the platter was a companion piece that used to belong to Cassie. It was something old. Mariah and Sharon had been thinking about Cassie so much in the last few days. Sharon said Cassie loved a wedding. The new item was a set of toe rings inscribed with the latitude and longitude of Mariah and Tessa’s first date. There was one ring for each of them. “So we can always find our way back to the beginning,” Mariah said. She loved the gift, which was from Faith. The borrowed item was a handkerchief that Rey’s grandmother carried on her wedding day. Rey gave it to Sharon on their wedding day, and she was loaning it to Mariah. Mariah said Rey was the reason Crystal was here – he knew how much family meant, and he gave them one more person to love and to witness their happiness. The blue gift was also from Faith. It was a blue stone that reminded Faith of Mariah. It was supposed to have calming properties. Faith had carried it with her when Sharon was sick, when Faith was in the hospital, and on her first date with Moses. Mariah never thought she’d get any of this, and now she was someone’s bride. Faith said Tessa was meant for Mariah. Mariah felt like the luckiest person in the world to have Faith and Sharon in her life. They had a group hug.

Tessa and Crystal were at the apartment. They’d stayed up all night catching up. Tessa couldn’t wait to show Crystal off to all her new friends. Crystal said they could do that later – today, everyone would be focused on her rock star sister and her stunning bride. Tessa couldn’t wait to see Mariah. They didn’t know what each other were wearing today. Crystal couldn’t believe her sister was a famous singer-songwriter. Tessa didn’t think she was really famous. Crystal said people from their hometown didn’t get famous – infamous, maybe. Tessa said she got lucky, but Crystal said it was talent. She was proud of Tessa for making her dreams come true, and now she was a guitar-playing morphing butterfly goddess. They hugged. Mariah texted Tessa about a hidden surprise. It was a box of paper hearts with a bunch of silly but loving sentiments, like “You’re the jelly to my donuts.” They made Tessa and Crystal smile, and Crystal call the couple cheesy goofballs.

Back at the cottage, Faith made sure that they were on schedule. Mariah said that Faith could make a fortune as an event planner. Tessa texted Mariah to check the pocket of her overnight bag. There was a note that said “You are the strings to my guitar. My always love.”

Tessa got a reply text that sad “We’ve always made beautiful music together.” They texted loving messages back and forth. Tessa mentioned her wedding dress hadn’t been delivered and asked what if she showed up in her robe. Mariah dared her to do it. It did Crystal’s heart good to see this love, since she and Tessa didn’t grow up in a loving environment. It made Crystal think someone could be out there for her. Tessa said of course there was. Tessa said Mariah wasn’t just her love, she was Tessa’s life. Tessa knew Mariah would do anything for her.

Crystal got dressed for the wedding. Tessa shared that there had been two marriage proposals. She got choked up, because she’d thought about what it would be like to be at the wedding with no parents and Crystal not being there. Crystal said Rey would always have a special place in their hearts. They hugged. It was time to go, and Tessa’s dress wasn’t there, and she was trying not to freak out. At that moment, Kevin and Chloe showed up with the dress.

Nick and Noah were at Crimson Lights. Noah wanted Nick’s opinion on the way he decorated the Top of the Tower. Nick teased Noah about artists being needy for praise. Noah joked that he didn’t have enough attention as a kid. Nick was extremely proud of Noah’s work. He also thought it was incredible that Noah did this for Mariah and Tessa, given how he felt about Tessa. Noah said he didn’t have feelings for Tessa. He’d come to realize that what he thought he felt for Tessa was really about his breakup back in London. He’d projected those feelings onto Tessa, because he knew nothing would happen between him and her. Nick understood, and he was sorry about London, but love was rarely easy. Nick thought Noah would find love. Noah wasn’t looking for love, but if he found it, that was great. He was happy for the first time in a long time, and he was just going to enjoy his life. Nick was proud of Noah.

Noah assumed it wasn’t easy for Nick to walk Cassie’s twin down the aisle. Nick thought about Cassie and what should’ve been every day. The wedding had brought up all those emotions, and he was trying to focus on the good ones – he got to walk Cassie’s sister down the aisle, and he knew Cassie would be watching over them, happy for Mariah.

Noah was alone when Abby and Allie arrived. Abby introduced her nephew, Noah, to the newest member of the Abbott family. Noah told Allie that he was from the dark side of Abby’s family – the Newmans. Allie looked confused, and Noah said the Newmans were genetically inclined to make awkward jokes. He told Allie that there was an app that warned the Abbotts when a Newman was nearby. Allie didn’t know what to say. Abby explained that Noah was trying to say there was a Shakespearean history between the Abbotts and Newmans. Noah said he was an acquired taste. Chance came in and met Allie. Abby told Chance they needed to give Allie a ride to the Abbott house. Noah offered to do it, but Allie said she’d rather walk. Noah was stung, but Allie said it wasn’t him – she just wanted to explore Genoa City. Allie left.

Nick went to the cottage, where Faith and Moses were dressed in their vintage best for the 70s glam wedding. Nick peppered his dialogue with 70s slang, and Faith called him a dork. She had no idea what those words meant, and she said they’d need a glossary. Moses looked up 70s lingo online, so he could communicate with Nick. Sharon came downstairs, and Nick told her she looked groovy. Faith thought Moses was gorgeous, and he told her she looked beautiful. He couldn’t wait to see how she’d top this for prom. Mariah came downstairs, and Sharon asked if she had everything she needed. She said she had the love of her family and someone to love her the rest of her life. As they all left, Nick kissed Mariah on the cheek.

At the Abbott house, Jack helped Kyle with his cuff links. Kyle was going to officiate the wedding, and he was glad Mariah talked him into it. Jack understood Kyle’s initial decision to skip the wedding, due to the situation with his mother. Kyle said he was putting all that aside until he’d finished his officiating duties. Kyle felt that this was his big day too, since he was the one who set up Mariah and Tessa’s big date. He was also excited because Summer was flying in today. Jack knew how much Kyle missed Summer, given all these complicated issues with Diane. Kyle hinted not to mention his mom, because today was about Mariah and Tessa. Jack suggested Diane might be on her way back to LA.

Diane came downstairs at the hotel, and Phyllis was annoyed she was still in town. Diane said her son was in town. Phyllis and Diane debated whether Diane should try and get Kyle’s forgiveness. Diane was willing to wait forever, if that is what it took. She said she changed, and Jack was beginning to see it too. Phyllis ordered Diane to stay the hell away from Jack.

Diane thought that was extreme. Phyllis accused Diane of being up to her old tricks. Diane speculated about the state of Jack and Phyllis’s relationship. At first, Diane thought they were a couple, but after all the hurt, betrayal and trauma, Diane couldn’t imagine there was anything romantic between Jack and Phyllis. Phyllis couldn’t imagine Diane thought she had a chance in hell with Jack. Phyllis wondered what Diane’s goal was. Phyllis said she shouldn’t be surprised by anything Diane did, given that she faked her own death. Jack walked up and asked if there was a problem. Diane guessed her whole presence was a problem. Jack thought Diane was leaving since Kyle was going back to Milan. Diane changed her plans because Kyle changed his. Jack said that Kyle’s change of plans had nothing to do with Diane. Diane wasn’t assuming anything – Kyle had been in touch; he wasn’t shutting her out. Jack said that wasn’t an invitation to insinuate herself into Kyle’s life – he deserved space. Phyllis was about to add her opinion, but Jack dismissed Diane, and she left.

Phyllis had a really bad feeling about what Diane was up to. Jack assumed Phyllis was concerned about how Diane’s return would affect Summer. He noted that Summer was coming. Phyllis knew. He thought they should forget about what Diane was going to do. He invited Phyllis to be his guest at what promised to be the greatest wedding of the year, and she said there was nothing she’d like more.

Kyle checked his hair before getting ready to leave the house. Diane showed up. He was cool to her and didn’t let her inside. She said she was worried he was sick, since he didn’t go back to Milan. He assumed she wanted to know if he stayed behind because of her, and the answer was no. she thought he looked handsome. He said he was officiating his best friend’s wedding. She loved weddings. This is the life she dreamed he’d live once she stepped out of it – friends, family, a community. He said he was running late, and he walked out of the house and left without saying goodbye.

Devon and Amanda met Nate and Elena at Top of the Tower. Nate and Devon exchanged 70s slang and enjoyed Noah’s design. The place was decorated like a lounge, with burnt orange sectionals instead of more traditional chairs.

Kevin and Abby chatted with Nick and Sharon, while across the room, Chance showed Chloe pictures of Dom. Kevin said that was one proud dad. Abby said he was the best.

Sharon excused herself and went to hug Crystal. Crystal began to cry. Crystal was grateful Sharon helped her when she was mixed up in that nightmare with Zack. Crystal knew she was here today because of Rey, and she was sorry for Sharon’s loss. She was sorry to bring him up on such a happy day. Sharon said there was no need to apologize – Rey was the reason they could be happy after so much heartache. Sharon was glad Tessa had family here today. Kyle came up and gave his condolences to Sharon. She thanked him and said she was glad he was able to officiate the wedding. She introduced him to Crystal. Kyle introduced himself as Reverend Kyle, the reason Tessa and Mariah got together.

Jack and Phyllis showed up at the wedding. Kyle said Summer’s flight was delayed, but he hoped be there soon. Faith directed everyone to take a seat. Noah dimmed the lights. Mariah and Tessa entered at the same time, from opposite sides of the room. Sharon and Nick walked the brides to the center of the room and took their seats. Tess and Mariah had matching bouquets. They held hands and walked to the stage together.

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Y&R Update Friday, May 13 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Sally and Victoria were at Society. Victoria hoped Sally didn’t take it personally, but she wasn’t in the mood for conversation. Sally understood that Victoria would need time to unwind after suffering one blow after another. Sally admired Victoria’s tenacity and found her strength and resilience inspiring. Victoria appreciated the compliment, and she didn’t expect it. She imagined Sally and Adam were disappointed that she and Adam lost their temporary titles when Victoria took over the reigns at Newman again. Sally said she was satisfied with being COO of Newman Media, and she and Adam were excited about their plans going forward. Victoria recalled Adam saying something similar earlier. Sally said the only one who lost was Ashland.

Victoria said Ashland was several hundreds of millions of dollars richer, thanks to Adam. Sally doubted the money made him any happier, since he gave half of it away. Victoria asked how Sally knew about that. Sally explained that she overheard Ashland talking to Nick. After Ashland made the transfer, he didn’t look happy. Sally said Ashland had a brief conversation with Adam afterward, and it was obvious to her that Ashland was broken up over losing Victoria. Victoria said that either Sally misread the situation, or Ashland was playing her and Adam, the way Billy did when he pretended to be falling apart. Sally said Ashland couldn’t fool her. Victoria tensed. “Not that I’m a better judge of character than you,” Sally hastily added. Sally said she’d been where Ashland was, so she could read him. Victoria wanted to hear more, so she invited Sally to sit.

Sally revealed that she too, pretended to be terminally ill to win someone’s love. Victoria didn’t realize there were two people on the planet who could stoop so low. Victoria understood why Adam liked Sally so much – they were two of a kind. Sally knew that wasn’t a compliment but she decided to take it as one. Victoria asked if Sally scammed some poor man into marriage. Sally said it didn’t get that far, and now Wyatt was so hurt, he cut her out of his life completely, just like Victoria was doing with Ashland. Sally knew Ashland’s pain and shame were real, because she’d been there. She never had the option of paying half a billion dollars for redemption, but if she did, she would’ve, because that was how horrible it felt to know you hit rock bottom and hurt the one person you loved more than anything. Victoria looked uncomfortable. Sally said she kind of felt sorry for Ashland.

Victoria said Sally’s sympathy was misplaced, and she was projecting. Victoria said Sally was trying to hold onto someone she loved, while Ashland was just using Victoria to get what he really wanted, which was full control of Newman Locke. Sally said Ashland lost all hope of gaining that, and he was still here, so he may have realized there was something more important than that. Victoria said Ashland hated to lose, and he enjoyed manipulating people, so she didn’t care what his intentions were. Sally said Victoria had every right to feel that way. Sally was at the wedding, and she saw Ashland make this amazing declaration of love, so it was hard for her to believe at least some of that wasn’t genuine. She said it didn’t matter though, because it was too late. She guessed Ashland should move on, like she did, and try to do better with the next woman in his life. Victoria agreed. Sally knew what she had with Adam was healthy and strong because she learned from her mistakes. Sally didn’t think it was fair that some other woman would benefit from all the time Victoria spent teaching Ashland how to be another man. She said Ashland would probably be haunted by the way he treated Victoria for the rest of his life, but he had no one to blame but himself. Sally hoped things got better for Victoria, and she left.

Victor and Michael met at The Grand Phoenix. Michael wanted to make sure Victor knew Diane was back. Victor wanted Diane to leave, and he said he was going to make sure she knew that everyone in the town wasn’t going to let bygones be bygones. Victor wanted to talk business, but Michael shifted gears and said Lauren had stepped up her efforts to get him to quit his job. “What the hell does this have to do with your wife? You’re my lawyer. Do I need to hire someone else?,” Victor said. Michael said no, so Victor changed the subject back to business. Victor said Ashland was still in town, and Victor wanted Michael to get rid of that SOB, permanently.

Michael wanted to know exactly what Victor had in mind. Victor assured Michael that his life wouldn’t be at risk. Victor wouldn’t stand for Ashland making Victoria’s life hell. Michael asked if Ashland did anything they could take to a judge. Victor said Ashland was just hovering and trying to impress Victoria with his undying love. Michael asked if Ashland was sincere. Victor’s point was that Ashland was becoming frustrated – Victoria was being cold to Ashland, and once he realized his tactics weren’t working, he gave half of his buyout to New Hope in Rey’s name. Victor said that of course Ashland’s tactics weren’t working.

Victor said Victoria had finally wised up, and she knew she couldn’t trust a word that came out of that SOB’s mouth. Michael knew that must be painful for Victoria. He wondered if Victoria was tempted to believe her love redeemed Ashland. Victor said no – Ashland fooled Victoria once, but he wouldn’t fool her again. Ashland wasn’t used to losing. Victor was worried about what Ashland would do in the face of Victoria’s continual rejection. Victor wanted to come up with a plan to protect Victoria.

Nikki went to Crimson Lights, and Ashland was there. She asked if he was lying in wait, hoping Victoria would come by again. He assumed Victoria told her that they spoke earlier about his donation to New Hope. He was gratified that Victoria didn’t object. Nikki thought Ashland also found it gratifying to see how much it hurt Victoria to see him. He said he didn’t want to hurt Victoria – every move he was making now was to ease her pain. Nikki said all Ashland did was lie. She told him that if he loved Victoria, he should leave her alone.

Ashland followed Nikki over to the condiment bar to continue the conversation. He didn’t want to upset her, but he couldn’t leave things the way they just did. He hated to think she was telling Victoria he never cared for her, because nothing could be further from the truth. Nikki was tired of hearing Ashland saying this. He admitted it was cruel to deceive Victoria, but he said he eventually realized what a treasure his wife was. He was trying to help Victoria understand that and maybe win her forgiveness. Nikki thought that would be even more cruel than what Ashland had already done. She said he was toxic, a narcissist incapable of putting people’s needs ahead of his own. She thought everything was a game to him – just another move on a chessboard. Her daughter deserved better. Victoria walked in and asked what was going on.

Nikki said she was telling Ashland what she thought of him and how selfish he was to keep inflicting himself on Victoria. Ashland apologized and said he should’ve realized that a mother as protective as Nikki wouldn’t want to her his apology, no matter how heartfelt. Nikki scoffed. Victoria said it wasn’t worth getting into it with Ashland. She didn’t care what Ashland did or where he went. Victoria continued to the counter to place an order. Nikki said she didn’t share her daughter’s indifference. Nikki said she and Victor didn’t go after Ashland before because it had been more important to get Victoria out of the marriage, but now they’d done that. Nikki said that if Ashland didn’t stay away from Victoria, Nikki and Victor would come up with their own way of solving the problem.

Victoria and Nikki went back to work. Victoria was tired, and Nikki suggested they go away to a European spa. Victoria thought Nikki wanted to get her away from Ashland. “Ashland who?,” Nikki replied. Victoria said they had too much to do right now, like officially changing the name of the company etc. Nikki understood that, but she thought Victoria needed a break, since she hadn’t had any downtime since she found out what Ashland was up to. Victoria appreciated the concern, but she wasn’t on the verge of a nervous breakdown – she was going to get through this.

Sally noticed Ashland drowning his sorrows at the Society bar. She went over and told him that Victoria had been sitting on that same stool earlier and in that same mood, only she’d hidden it a little better. Ashland asked if Sally found it entertaining. She said she found it sad – two people who missed each other – one too proud to admit it and one too proud to keep up the fight. He asked why she cared. She said she was a sucker for romance. She left. He looked pensive.

At the cottage, Sharon made some phone calls regarding deliveries for the wedding. Faith came home with the dry cleaning, and she tried to keep Sharon from seeing it. Sharon saw what Faith was hiding – a shirt Sharon had purchased for Rey when they honeymooned in Miami. Faith was sorry. She knew Sharon wanted to focus on the wedding today. When Sharon said that, she didn’t mean she didn’t want to talk about Rey at all. Rey was on Sharon’s mind all the time. That was true for Faith, too. According to Faith, the dry cleaner mentioned that Rey never picked up the shirt, and she’d asked Faith to say hi to him for her. Faith tearfully stated that she didn’t know what to say when she realized the woman hadn’t heard Rey died. It didn’t seem real. Every time the door opened, Faith thought Rey would be coming home. Sharon felt like that too. Faith said Rey had been there for them through all the scariest moments – like Sharon’s cancer, Faith’s transplant and Mariah’s kidnapping, and now that they were okay, he didn’t get to be here for it. It was so messed up. Faith and Sharon hugged.

Faith apologized because she’d been trying to stay positive around Sharon. Sharon didn’t want Faith to hide her feelings. It helped Sharon that people saw how special Rey was and they missed him too. Sharon mentioned that an anonymous benefactor made a large donation in Rey’s name to New Hope. The money would go to provide affordable housing and to fund things for at risk kids – causes that were important to Rey. Sharon said it was a beautiful way to make sure Rey’s kindness and compassion were never forgotten.

Tessa and Mariah were at home. It was still the day before the wedding. Mariah was on edge, expecting something to go wrong. Tessa brightly said she’d been the worrywart earlier, and now they’d switched places. Mariah asked how Tessa stopped worrying. Tessa just decided to be optimistic. That made Mariah even more worried that things would be jinxed. Tessa said that the wedding coming together had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with Mariah’s family coming through for them. Mariah said that her mom needed something happy and joyous in her life right now. Tessa was glad her and Mariah’s love could give Sharon that. There was a knock on the door, and Mariah worried there was something about to go wrong. It was Crystal, here to surprise her sister. Tessa and Crystal hugged.

If Tessa had known Crystal was flying in tonight, she would’ve met her at the airport with balloons and a maid of honor tiara. Crystal knew Tessa would be frantic with all that last minute stuff, so she found her own ride. Mariah and Crystal hugged, and Mariah commented that Crystal looked confident and strong, like a whole new person. Crystal said she’d grown up a lot in the time she was gone. She missed Tessa like crazy. Crystal was glad she got to be here for the big day. Tessa said that it was all Rey’s doing. Crystal asked how Sharon was. Tessa and Mariah talked while Crystal was in the shower. Mariah was going over to the cottage the night before the wedding. They were gleeful because the next time they saw each other, they’d be walking down the aisle. They kissed.

Faith loved the gift bags Sharon made, and she said she saw where Noah got his artistic talents. Sharon said they weren’t perfect. Faith thought that was fine because they were handmade, not mass produced. Faith likened the bags to Tessa and Mariah’s relationship – they accepted each other as they were and didn’t hide their flaws. Mariah came to the cottage for the sleepover. Sharon asked if Mariah was superstitious that it’d be bad luck to see her bride before the ceremony. Mariah said maybe a little, but it was mainly that she and Tessa liked some of the old traditions. Mariah mentioned that Crystal was here – Rey gave them an incredible gift. Sharon said he was still there with them.

Faith asked what Mariah was looking forward to most tomorrow. Mariah was most looking forward to marrying the love of her life. Faith was looking forward to dancing. Sharon mentioned that Faith would have to be in line for the bouquet toss. Faith said she wasn’t going to go nuts trying to catch it because she didn’t want to freak Moses out. Sharon was looking forward to every part of the day. She’d missed out on so many important moments in Mariah’s life, and she wanted to soak this up.

Later, Sharon was downstairs alone twisting her wedding ring. Mariah came downstairs for some tea to help her sleep. Mariah said for so long she was watching people pairing up, starting families and building futures. That was all she wanted too, but she was afraid it would pass her by. Mariah apologized for her insensitivity – saying that when Sharon just lost the person she thought she’d spend the rest of her life with. Sharon said that no part of Mariah’s happiness hurt her. Sharon thought that when Mariah had kids, she’d understand. Sharon thought the love Mariah found with Tessa was amazing. It was everything Sharon wanted for Mariah, and she didn’t want her to feel guilty even for a second. They hugged, and Sharon smiled as she held her daughter and looked over her shoulder at the wedding photo of her and Rey.

Back at the apartment, Crystal looked at the “stunning” portrait Noah painted of Mariah and Tessa. Crystal said that Noah must be over how this all started. Tessa said it was awkward at first, but they moved on. Crystal asked how the relationship between Tessa and Sharon was now. Crystal recalled that Sharon had issues with Tessa. Tessa admitted Sharon had good reason to, but they’d moved on and grown close. Tessa said she and Sharon had to lean on each other when Mariah went missing, and Rey was so supportive. Crystal couldn’t believe she was finally out from under those charges, thanks to Rey, someone she never even met. Things were better than okay in Canada, but she’d gotten used to feeling like she’d never be safe. Now she could go wherever she wanted. She wished she had the chance to thank Rey. Tessa said Crystal would’ve loved Rey. Crystal thought the whole family sounded great, and now Tessa would be one of them.

Tessa thought it was pretty wild that she was about to join this big boisterous loving family. Especially after the way she and Crystal grew up – in a chaotic and unpredictable home. Tessa had been thinking a lot about it because she and Mariah were going to have kids. Tessa wondered if that was crazy. Crystal said Tessa had the biggest heart of anyone she knew, and she’d practically raised Crystal. Tessa said it was Mariah’s idea. It took awhile, then Tessa realized adoption was the best thing for them. Crystal thought it would be perfect for Tessa to give a loving home to a kid in a bad situation and save them from growing up the way she and Tessa did. Tessa said she and Mariah both had bad childhoods, and Mariah’s was even worse – she grew up in a literal cult.

Tessa said she and Mariah decided they needed to know they had what it took to be good spouses and parents. Crystal asked what made the difference. Tessa said she and Mariah just decided they weren’t going to let this relationship fail – they almost did many times, but they always found a way to come back to each other and make things right. Crystal thought Tessa was talking about trust. Crystal had never experienced that. Tessa said if it happened for her, it could definitely happen for Crystal. Crystal though they were getting way too deep, when tonight was supposed to be about fun. Crystal decided to do Tessa’s hair.

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Days Update Friday, May 13, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Lani goes to the police station with a worried look and thinks back to shooting TR. Lani tells herself that she was just trying to wound him but wonders why he’s dead then. Chanel arrives and tells Lani that she just heard Eli is awake, so she asks if he’s okay. Lani confirms that he is. Chanel says she’s so happy for her. Lani calls it the best thing ever. Chanel adds that she also heard about TR and asks if it’s true that Paulina really shot him dead.

Kayla and Steve sit together at home. Kayla talks about everything going on in town and says she’s trying to get her head around Lani’s birth father shooting her husband and then Lani’s mother shot her birth father. Steve comments that Paulina confessed to killing TR but she seems more like a woman who uses words not bullets. Steve adds that he doesn’t know how Paulina could’ve got her hands on what looked like a police issued weapon.

At the hospital, Shawn finishes a call and tells Ben that there’s been no sign of Allie or the car she was driving. Ben tells them that they better be off of the DiMera Crypt since Tony and Anna found the pacifier there hours ago which means Allie had his baby there and God only knows where she is now.

Ciara wakes up in her hospital bed and cries for her baby Bo. Ciara wonders where he is and what is happening to him right now.

Devil Allie holds baby Bo in the cemetery and declares that it’s Friday the 13th, a fitting day to fulfill her plans for him. Bo starts to cry. The Devil tells him not to cry as it will all be over soon.

Susan sits with Johnny in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Susan looks at a photo of Johnny and Allie, saying she loves the picture of them and how when they were little, they used to be best friends. Susan encourages Johnny to think back to that time and try to get that connection again. Susan has Johnny look at the picture for help and urges him to try one more time. Susan talks about Johnny and Allie’s childhood. Susan declares that they need to find Allie before the Devil makes her do something that she’ll never come back from. Susan has Johnny close his eyes and says they are sending their love and energy to Allie.

The Devil calls baby Bo a handful and says he’s going to need help dealing with him and he has just the person in mind. The Devil calls upon Allie’s rapist, Charlie Dale to raise from the depths of Hell.

Johnny tells Susan that he’s concentrating as hard as he can. Susan says she feels something and then they both get a jolt, causing the photo of Johnny and Allie to drop. Susan says she fears no evil. Johnny asks what that was. Susan says they almost reached Allie but The Devil broke the connection. Susan picks up the photo, now with a cracked frame, and asks who else would have done this.

Charlie rises from his grave and comments on Allie. The Devil clarifies that he’s not Allie, he’s just taking control of her body. Charlie calls it a pretty good choice. The Devil says he did not summon him to talk about his time on Earth but he’s been chosen by him. The Devil talks about falling from grace out of Heaven and how Charlie also knows what it means to be passed over which makes him perfect for his purposes. The Devil orders Charlie to bow before him and swear his allegiance so he knows that he’s worthy to receive his instruction. Charlie then kneels and asks what he desires of him.

Ciara prays to her father, Bo, and cries that she needs his help right now. Ciara prays for Bo to bring her baby back to her. Evan/Christian then enters the room, dressed in hospital scrubs and says they meet again.

Ben tells Shawn that they have to have some idea where Allie is. Shawn insists that they found nothing in the DiMera Crypt or mansion and they set roadblocks around it, so not even the Devil will be able to travel with a newborn. Ben comments that the Devil seems to be damn good at getting help whenever he needs it, plus Evan is still on the loose…

Evan tells Ciara that he heard her prayer to Bo but he doesn’t think he’s coming for her this time. Ciara warns that he has 5 seconds to get out or she will start screaming. Evan grabs a scalpel and threatens to fix it so she and her dad can be together forever if she does that.

Lani tells Chanel that she can’t speak about TR since it’s an open case but confirms that Paulina was arrested. Chanel brings up hearing that TR shot Eli and not the drug dealer which Lani also confirms. Chanel talks about Paulina thinking TR had changed. Lani says it makes her sick to think about that man going through her children. Lani says TR only took care of himself and didn’t change one bit as he lied to everyone. Lani complains that everything out of his mouth was a lie and he wasn’t the only one. Chanel asks who else was lying.

Kayla questions if Steve thinks Paulina is lying about who killed TR and if it could’ve been a policeman. Tripp comes home and greets them. Kayla offers to make him dinner. Tripp says he’s okay. They insist but Tripp says he’s good. Tripp asks if there’s any news on Ben and Ciara’s baby but Steve says no.

Shawn assures Ben that the baby is his nephew, so he’s not going to rest until they get him back. Shawn decides to call Rafe to find out what he knows. Ben prays there is something so he can give Ciara some good news when she wakes up since this is killing her…

Ciara asks Evan where her baby is. Evan says he knows what it’s like not to know where his son is and blames Ciara. Ciara argues that Evan killed his baby’s mother and let Ben take the fall for it. Evan complains that Ciara rode to his rescue and now they are living the dream while he rots away in a cell. Ciara argues that Ben has changed while Evan hasn’t. Evan remarks that the baby is better off where he is instead of having Ben as a father. Ciara demands to know where her baby is. Evan tells her not to worry since she’s the one lying helpless here. Ciara warns him not to be so sure about that. Ciara talks about being right that they didn’t kill Ben and brings up how many times Evan has tried to kill them and failed. Evan argues that God was on their side in the past but he has his own backup now as The Devil is on his team so he thinks they are pretty evenly matched. Ciara tries to run but Evan grabs a hold of her and starts choking her.

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion which excites Susan. Marlena asks if they have heard anything about Allie and the baby. Susan says they got a message from the Devil which Marlena questions. Johnny explains that they were trying to make a connection with Allie but the picture dropped out of their hands. Susan thinks it was The Devil saying this is war and now God has sent them a weapon. Susan tells Marlena that there is no one she’d rather have on her side. Susan joins hands with Johnny and Marlena, planning to drum up all the love for Allie so they can save her soul. Johnny argues that they already tried. Marlena decides they will try again since she is one more person that really loves Allie.

The Devil talks to Charlie about fighting off exorcists, loved ones, and the internal struggles of tortured souls. The Devil declares now it’s time to rest so the new baby will be his vessel for his entire lifetime as he knows no other touch but his and doesn’t have the bonds of love to restrain him. The Devil plans to take residence in the baby and when he’s a grown man, he will make Hell on Earth through him. Charlie asks what he can do to assist him. The Devil tells Charlie that his chance to be a father was taken from him, so he’s giving him the opportunity to raise another child. The Devil says when the ritual is done, Charlie will take the child and keep him as his own.

Susan tries to get through to Allie and asks God to break the Devil’s hold on her spirit. The electricity in the mansion starts to flicker while the wind picks up outside. Johnny says he can feel Allie but can’t tell where she is. Johnny wonders if Allie is gone as the lights go out, but Allie’s voice says that she is there.

Steve assures Tripp that the entire police department is looking for Allie but so far there is no trace of her. Tripp talks about Henry missing her so much. Tripp remarks that Allie doesn’t care what happens to him. Kayla says that’s not true. Tripp admits he shouldn’t talk about her like that. Steve asks Tripp how he is doing.

Johnny asks if they all heard Allie’s voice. Susan confirms that they did and tells Marlena to talk to her. Marlena tries to speak through to Allie, saying they are here and can hear her. Allie calls out to Marlena and says the Devil is too strong. Marlena says they will help fight him but they have to know where she is. Allie mentions the Devil having Ben and Ciara’s baby. Johnny asks where she is now. Allie reveals that she is at Charlie’s grave at the cemetery and tells them to come before it’s too late.

The Devil places baby Bo on a pentagram symbol and lights candles all around it. The Devil orders Charlie to not let mortals disturb the ritual and if they do appear, this is the perfect place to bury them.

Evan continues choking Ciara until Ben bursts in and grabs Evan. Evan and Ben start to fight and punch each other.

The Devil summons all forces of evil to let the transference begin.

Chanel asks Lani who else is lying. Lani asks if she said that and claims she’s just running on fumes so anything could come out of her mouth right now. Chanel apologizes for pumping her for information. Lani says it’s fine since Paulina is her mother too and she deserves to know. Lani thinks back to Paulina telling her that she knows what she’s doing in taking the fall. Chanel then asks Lani what she deserves to know. Lani brings up Beth, who swore that TR didn’t use drugs or hit her, and wonders if he threatened her to keep her quiet. Lani recalls Beth saying she had something to tell her but she seemed scared. Chanel wishes Beth told her, then Paulina wouldn’t be in this mess.

Tripp doesn’t know what to say as he didn’t keep it a secret that he loved and trusted Allie, but she couldn’t tell him about how she felt about Chanel and that she cheated on him. Kayla knows how much that hurt him when he found out. Tripp says he’s fine and dealing with it. Steve asks if he’s sure. Steve knows Tripp is tough but encourages that he doesn’t have to keep it inside and pretend it’s not bothering him. Steve advises Tripp to talk to them because he won’t feel better until he does.

Johnny declares that he has to get to the cemetery. Marlena says not by himself. Johnny argues that Allie always talks about how tough she is, but they heard how scared she is, so she needs help. Johnny shouts that she is his sister and he’s going to get her. Susan warns him that the Devil could get him again. Johnny doesn’t care but Marlena says they do. Johnny refuses to let the Devil keep Allie or hurt the baby. Johnny tells them to call Ben and the cops and tell them where to go as he rushes out of the mansion.

Evan and Ben continue fighting. Ben knocks Evan down and demands to know where his kid is. Evan fights back and grabs the scalpel as he holds it to Ben’s throat. Evan argues that God doesn’t dirty his hands with guys like them as they are both going to Hell but he’s going to make sure he sends Ben there first.

The Devil continues the ritual and declares that he takes baby Bo’s uncorrupted soul as his own.

Evan tells Ben to say hi to Jordan for him. Ciara recovers and knocks out Evan by hitting him from behind with a hospital tray. Ciara and Ben then embrace.

Charlie asks The Devil if the ritual is done. The Devil declares that he is leaving this form. Charlie asks what he’s supposed to do with Allie once he leaves her body. The Devil responds that he has no use for Allie anymore, so he can do what he wants. Johnny then arrives and declares he’s not going to lay a finger on her.

Tripp talks about growing up feeling like he didn’t belong anywhere until Steve and Kayla found him and took him in, otherwise he doesn’t know who he would be now. Tripp knows he put them through hell for awhile but here they are. Tripp thought he would have what Steve and Kayla have as he saw him and Allie raising Henry together and having their own kids but then right after he asked Allie to marry him, Johnny told him about her and Chanel. Steve reminds Tripp that it wasn’t Johnny, it was The Devil’s work. Tripp asks why it matters since it was the truth. Tripp knows what Allie must be going through but he wishes she would’ve been honest with him. Tripp talks about taking care of her after what Charlie did to her and she knew how he felt about her and Henry. Tripp wonders why Allie couldn’t just level with him or else he wouldn’t have made all those plans. Tripp thought it would be them against the world and that nobody could ever hurt Allie again.

Johnny tries to charge the Devil but he uses his powers to force him back, saying he’s not welcome in the circle and he’s not happy with all of Johnny’s attempts to interfere with his plans. Johnny says that’s too bad. The Devil warns that he’s playing with fire. Johnny says he underestimates the love between he and his sister and that he doesn’t get his family. Johnny remarks that his two grandmas could take him on which the Devil laughs at. Johnny tries to get through to Allie and urges her to fight. The Devil tells Charlie that he knows what to do with this resistance. Charlie approaches Johnny and says that he does. Johnny recognizes Charlie’s picture as the pig who raped his sister. Johnny declares that he wanted to kill him when he found out and now he’s finally got his chance.

Shawn enters Ciara’s hospital room and arrests Evan. Ciara assure they are okay. Ben says they will be when Evan tells them where to find their baby. Evan laughs at them thinking they can stop the Devil. Ben points out that he stopped Evan. Evan says they are too late as by now, the Devil is the proud owner of their baby’s soul.

Marlena calls Ben and leaves a message to call her as it’s urgent. Marlena wonders if they should go help Johnny but Susan doesn’t know what help they would be. Susan declares that this is Johnny’s fight so they should let him and the police take on The Devil.

Evan declares that The Devil is not going to kill their son, he’s going to be his son. Evan announces that once the Devil becomes one with baby Bo, he’ll be unstoppable as he will be raised from within on the guy that wrote the book on wickedness. Evan argues that they fixed it so that he couldn’t see his kid while now they will have ringside seats to their son making the whole world miserable. Ben screams at him, asking where his baby is. Shawn argues that Evan will say anything right now as he holds Ben back. Evan says all he knows is the time, but not the place. Evan reveals that the Ritual of Transference is happening right now. Shawn says he’s taking Evan to the police station but urges them not to give up hope as they are going to find baby Bo. Shawn takes Evan away as Ben hugs Ciara while she cries.

Chanel wants to see Paulina but Lani says she’s going through the booking process right now and can’t have visitors for awhile, so maybe tomorrow. Chanel cries that she can’t do a damn thing to help the people she cares about, especially when they are in big trouble. Lani guesses she’s talking about Allie as she heard she ran off with Ciara’s baby. Chanel doesn’t even know who Allie is anymore. Lani acknowledges that Chanel has been through a lot too. Chanel remarks that Johnny and Allie did a number on her but guesses that now that she knows it wasn’t them doing it all, it helps her a little. Lani says she has to get back to Eli at the hospital and invites Chanel to come with her which she accepts. Chanel calls it nice to have a sister as they exit the station together.

Tripp tells Steve and Kayla that no matter how he feels about Allie, he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. Steve notes that they never had a chance to straighten things out. Tripp doesn’t think things will ever get straightened out. Kayla suggests they might turn out to be friends but Tripp is unsure of that. Kayla wonders what would’ve happened with them if the Devil hadn’t played with their lives. Steve points out that Chanel was a happily married woman and made her choice which Allie knew. Kayla adds that it maybe allowed Allie to fully commit to Tripp. Tripp finds it hard to think of what might have been since he and Chanel are friends now which he never saw happening. Kayla encourages that people and feelings change. Tripp mentions that he was telling Chanel that maybe it gotten too much for Allie. Steve brings up all that Allie has been through while Kayla notes that she had a rapist’s baby. Tripp says that Allie’s life went sour when she met Charlie, while he thought he would make things right for her again. Tripp questions why this had to happen to her. Steve says he doesn’t know. Kayla thinks part of Tripp still loves Allie and wants to help her. Tripp worries that Allie is in a place now where nothing he does will make a difference.

Ben gets his phone and sees Marlena called six times so she must know something. Ben calls Marlena back and asks her what’s going on. Marlena reveals that they found Allie heading for the cemetery but she doesn’t know for sure about the baby. Ben thanks her and hangs up. Ciara tells Ben that he’s not going without her. Ben reminds her that she just had a baby. Ciara declares that she’s going to be there when they save him and Allie. Ciara tells Ben to help her find her clothes.

Charlie grabs Johnny and says he’s not getting away as he had a lot of time to work out in Hell. Charlie then rams Johnny’s head in to a statue and knocks him out. Charlie asks the Devil if he should finish him off now.

Shawn brings Evan to the police station and says the van to prison is on it’s way. Evan says he will sit there and think about Shawn, Ben, Ciara, their families, and the whole town as they look on helplessly as his nephew and the rest of the world go straight to Hell.

Tripp guesses Steve and Kayla were right that he was holding a lot of that in. Kayla is glad he opened up to them. Steve assures that they will find Allie and help her. Kayla declares that she will be saved because so many people love Allie Horton. Tripp admits he’s one of those people even after everything that happened as he’s still in love with her.

Marlena and Susan hold the photo of Johnny and Allie. Marlena prays for God to watch over them and bring them home safely tonight and deliver them from evil.

The Devil tells Charlie that once the Ritual of Transference is completed, he can get rid of Johnny and Allie. The Devil then places his hands on baby Bo but Ben and Ciara ride up on their motorcycle. Ciara tells The Devil to get the hell away from her son.

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Y&R Update Thursday, May 12 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Nick gave Sharon a ride home from the airport, and she got a big hug from Faith. Sharon was in good spirits after her trip to Miami for Rey’s memorial. Faith wished she’d gone with Sharon, but Sharon said that it was the right decision to go alone. Sharon would tell Faith all about the memorial later, but now she wanted to talk about the wedding, which was tomorrow. Faith and Nick exchanged a look. Sharon assured them that she was okay, and she said they had to turn their attention to the wedding. Nick wanted to talk to Sharon alone, so Faith went upstairs.

Sharon was bowled over when Nick told her that someone wanted to donate 250 million dollars to New Hope in Rey’s name. She asked who the donor was, and Nick said it was Ashland. He assured her the donation would be anonymous. He’d been struggling with this. He couldn’t stand that creep, and he knew Ashland was only doing it to get Victoria’s forgiveness. “Just take the money, Nick” Sharon quickly urged. She knew he hated Ashland, and she did too, but Rey would want to see something bad turned into something good. She thought this was poetic justice.

Mariah and Tessa were at home, and they were looking forward to their big day. They went through a mental checklist – everything was all set. Mariah said she had to practice saying their vows without dissolving into tears. Mariah panicked because she never confirmed with Kyle that he’d officiate the wedding. Tessa was sure Devon would do it. Mariah loved Devon, but she had her heart set on Kyle. Noah showed up, and then they all left for the Top of the Tower to see how he’d set things up for the wedding. Mariah, Tessa and Noah returned to the apartment. The couple was very impressed with what Noah had done to Top of the Tower. They said it Noah asked if they didn’t trust him to make something special. Mariah said of course they did, but this was beyond. Tessa asked how they could ever thank Noah. Noah joked that their undying gratitude was more than enough.

Kyle showed up wanting to talk, so Tessa and Noah went downstairs to Crimson Lights. Mariah knew Kyle had a lot on his plate, but she pleaded with him not to say he was going to disappoint her. He’d planned to go to Milan tonight. He really wanted to get back to Summer and talk to her about Diane. He’d been so distracted, he forgot about the wedding until he started packing. Mariah thought Kyle would miss the ceremony, and she was disappointed, but she understood. Kyle said he talked to Summer, and she convinced him to stay for the wedding. She’d cleared her schedule, and she was flying to Genoa City to support him with his mom. Excited, Mariah said that this meant Summer was coming to the wedding and that Kyle could officiate it.

Kyle wasn’t thinking clearly right now, so he wasn’t sure he was in the right head space to conduct a wedding ceremony. He was worried he’d mess up. Mariah appreciated Kyle’s candor. She said he could never do anything to disappoint her. He said he’d never intentionally do that, but… Mariah said no buts. She thought that tomorrow would be a perfect wait to clear his head of some of the turmoil he was in. she said he’d be launching them into this amazing journey of, bonding, family, motherhood… She apologized for saying motherhood, but he didn’t mind. He thought Mariah and Tessa would make amazing moms. She said that none of this would be possible without him. She’d never forget what he did for them – pushing them into that first date. She said it would be like the magical completion of the circle, and magic was way too rare to say no to. Kyle agreed to do it. He was honored to be asked, and he didn’t want the fact that he’d had to be pushed into it to make it seem like he wasn’t thrilled to be involved. He promised he’d get ordained and be ready for tomorrow. She said it would just be a few clicks on the internet, and they had a script for him. He said he might want to say a few words too, and she was fine with that. She added that she had his back while he was dealing with his mom.

Downstairs, Tessa wondered if Mariah would be able to get Kyle to officiate. Tessa was going to have her sister at the wedding, and she wanted Mariah to have everything she wanted. Noah commented on how Tessa and Mariah always wanted the best for each other. Tessa first knew she was falling in love when she wanted something for someone else more than she wanted anything for herself. He hoped this was the most extraordinary wedding ever. She said the Top of the Tower looked magical. She was glad they got past the awkwardness. He was glad too, and he gave her credit for being so open and honest with him and Mariah. He’d always love Tessa as a friend and as the woman who made his sister so happy. She said his friendship meant so much to her, and soon they’d be family.

Later, Sharon, Tessa, Faith and Noah came upstairs. Kyle was already gone. Everyone was concerned because Sharon was up and about instead of resting. She wanted them to stop worrying about her. She wondered if it’d help if she told them about Rey’s service. She said it was lovely, and it helped to have that time with Celeste, Lola, Arturo and their extended family and friends. Everyone at the Miami service understood why Sharon came alone, and they all had nice things to say about Rey. Mariah asked how Lola was. She was excited about the wedding and sorry she couldn’t be there. Sharon said no more sorrys and sadness – all that mattered was pulling off the perfect wedding for their beautiful brides – Rey would want nothing less. Tessa was excited when Mariah said Kyle would officiate. Faith suggested they give Sharon a job to do. They put her on gift bag assembly, and she was happy to do it. Sharon brought a basket of things for Tessa and Mariah to use to pamper themselves – face masks, tea, nail polish etc. they both appreciated it. Sharon wanted the brides-to-be to relax and accept that everything would be taken care of. The guests left to take care of the last minute issues. Mariah and Tessa marveled that tomorrow they’d be bonding their lives together forever.

Victoria approached Ashland at Crimson Lights. She said Nick told her about his offer to donate half his buyout to New Hope to be used for work done in Rey’s name. He was meeting with Nick later, to hear his decision, and he hoped Nick would take the money. Victoria agreed – that money could do a lot of good in the right hands. It pained him that she no longer thought of his hands as the right ones. She appreciated his generous gesture, but after everything he’d done, she was sure he could understand how hard it was for her to believe he didn’t have an ulterior motive.

Ashland didn’t blame Victoria for being suspicious. He said his motivation was guilt. He felt he had to pay back the wrong he did to her and to her family and for Rey’s death. He knew it was an accident, but none of them would’ve been on the road that night if not for the pain he caused Victoria. Victoria revealed that Rey died of a heart attack, and that was what caused the accident, so Ashland didn’t need to feel guilty, at least not about that. He thanked her for telling him that, when she could’ve just let him blame himself. She reasoned that he had enough to feel guilty about. She wondered if he’d want to withdraw his offer to Nick, but he said Rey was a good man who deserved to be honored.

Victoria went back to work. Nikki dropped into the office for the coffee Victoria was supposed to bring her from Crimson Lights. Victoria admitted she forgot to buy it, because she got distracted by Ashland. Victoria brought Nikki up to speed on her talk with Ashland. Nikki sensed Victoria was haunted by her feelings for Ashland. Victoria said she’d pushed her feelings for him away. Nikki suspected that Victoria had just pushed them down, not away, which would only make the emotional turmoil worse later. Nikki thought Victoria should deal with her feelings now before they ate her up inside.

Victoria admitted part of her still loved Ashland. That mortified her. The worst part was that she kept wondering what if Ashland was actually telling the truth for the first time in his life. What if falling in love with her changed him and he regretted what he’d done? Those questions made Victoria feel week and humiliated. Nikki thought it was perfectly reasonable for Victoria to feel that way. Nikki said Victor had to show her a lot of proof before she could believe Ashland had actually done all these things, because his love for Victoria seemed so sincere. Nikki said Ashland’s love for Victoria might be the only true thing about him, but if that was the case, was it worth complete forgiveness? Victoria said of course not – nothing could undo the wrong Ashland did to all of them. “What about saving your life?,” Nikki asked.

Ashland and Nick met at Society. Nick accepted the money on the condition that the donation remain anonymous. He said that if Ashland was truly doing this out of the goodness of whatever heart he claimed to have, and not to repair his disgraced reputation, that shouldn’t be a problem. Ashland always intended to keep the donation anonymous, so he was fine with the stipulation. Nick said this didn’t change how he felt about Ashland. Ashland wasn’t surprised. Nick knew Ashland was only doing this to make himself look better in Victoria’s eyes. Ashland said Nick was making assumptions. Nick thought that if Ashland truly loved Victoria, he’d leave forever and give Victoria a chance to rebuild her life. Ashland refused to leave town. He said Harrison was here, and he planned to spend as much time with him as possible. Ashland wasn’t going to hurt Victoria any more than he already had. He was focused on improving himself, and this donation was a small first step toward making amends. Nick didn’t buy it or trust Ashland. He and he family weren’t going to let Ashland maneuver his way back into Victoria’s life. Ashland stated that he wasn’t intimidated by Nick. He said that the Newmans already closed ranks around Victoria and tried to run him out of town, and it didn’t work. Nick said next time, they’d get more creative and more extreme.

Sally dropped into Adam’s office. She wanted to discuss the budget, unless he’d decided to leave the company. He decided he couldn’t walk away from his family or the chance at ever running Newman Enterprises. It frustrated him that Victor couldn’t see that Victoria didn’t deserve the position after everything that went on with Ashland, but he felt that if he quit, she would win. Adam wanted to be the sole CEO of Newman Enterprises. Sally recalled Adam saying he had that job before, and it didn’t stick, so she said failure wasn’t an option this time. She asked how she could help him pull this off. He had the perfect plan, and Ashland was the key.

Sally wanted details. Adam initially thought that getting Ashland out would make him a hero in his dad’s eyes. That didn’t happen, unfortunately. Adam said that even after everything Ashland did, Victoria still seemed conflicted. Sally thought that was understandable, since you couldn’t just turn off your feelings. Adam said Ashland saved Victoria’s life when he pulled her out of a burning car. He didn’t think Ashland orchestrated that, but he thought Ashland would use it to try and win Victoria back. Sally suggested that Ashland’s love for Victoria was real, since betraying someone and loving them weren’t mutually exclusive. Adam thought it was more about ego and being rejected than love. Regardless, if Ashland won Victoria’s love and trust, either he’d take her as far away from Victor and all things Newman as possible, or Victor would be so angry with Victoria for taking Ashland back that he’d question her ability to run the company. Then the door would be open for Adam. Sally said all this was predicated on Ashland winning Victoria back. Adam suggested he and Sally help reignite Ashland and Victoria’s romance.

Sally was intrigued by the plan, but she was worried because Victor would turn on Adam if he found out about the scheme, and there would be no coming back. Adam said they’d have to be subtle, and they certainly couldn’t collude with Ashland. Sally agreed, since they knew Ashland couldn’t be trusted. Adam said the genius of the plan was they didn’t have to do anything overt to pull this off, and no one would ever know it was them.

Sally and Adam went to Society, and took a table near the bar, which was where Nick and Ashland were sitting. Ashland wondered if this had something to do with Nick’s warning that the Newmans were going to get more extreme. Nick wanted to get moving on the donation. Ashland made a call and transferred the money to New Hope. Nick thanked Ashland for the donation and said at least one good thing would come out of his lies. Nick left. Adam overheard everything. Adam said Ashland’s donation was a clever power play, but it didn’t mean Victoria would take him back. Ashland said this was none of Adam’s damn business. Adam thought that was rude to say, since he was the reason Ashland had a half a billion dollars.

Ashland regretted taking the money, since it wasn’t worth giving up the woman he loved. Adam didn’t buy that, he noted that Ashland wasn’t upholding his end of the bargain. Ashland pointed out that he agreed to leave the company and have his marriage annulled. Ashland asked what the problem was. Adam said that the problem was that Victoria fell for Ashland and she didn’t drive him out of town after she found out what he’d done. He said it was like Victoria was still holding onto the fantasy of the guy she thought she fell in love with. Ashland left. Sally could tell Ashland was affected by the hint that Victoria still had feelings for him. Sally said the best part was the fact that Adam made it look like an insult. Adam was going to go plant another seed. He said he’d see Sally at the office.

Victoria and Nikki continued their discussion at Newman Enterprises, and they didn’t notice Adam walk in. Victoria said that she was still trying to figure out what it meant – Ashland rescuing her. They finally noticed Adam. He said he couldn’t get over the lack of gratitude for getting Ashland out of her life and out of the company. Victoria told Adam that he’d never thrive in business if he didn’t get past his continual need for positive reinforcement. He said he’d come to tell her that he wouldn’t fight her on not naming him co-CEO, and he wouldn’t try and get Victor to change his mind. He congratulated Nikki and said he looked forward to working with them both. He left. Nikki asked what the hell that was about. Victoria had no idea, but she could use a break from all things Newman. She left to get fresh air.

Victoria wasn’t using her cane anymore, but she still had a limp as she entered Society and took a seat at the bar. Sally made a beeline to her and asked how she was doing since the accident. Victoria said she was healing, then she turned away from Sally. Sally persevered and continued to try and strike up a conversation. Sally was impressed Victoria was back to work. Sally assumed Victoria was here to escape the office intrigue. She wanted to talk with Victoria and offered to buy her a drink.

Nick and Sharon met at her place, and he told her about taking the money, even though he hated being near Ashland. She thought he did the right thing. She couldn’t wait to go to the first ribbon cutting ceremony. She knew Rey would be smiling down at them. He asked what she was doing today. She told him about the gift bags she was going to make. Faith was out getting the supplies. Nick wanted to know how Sharon was really doing. Sharon said it was hard in Miami at first, seeing how deeply other people missed Rey. She bonded with Rey’s family over their grief. Lola was excited about the wedding. Arturo’s little boy was too young to understand why everyone was together; he just knew he was surrounded by people he loved. Sharon said that was a reminder that they had to celebrate all they had right now, because life went on. That was why she was putting all her energy into making sure Mariah and Tessa had an amazing day. He was proud of her and her strength. Sharon said she and Nick had been through hell more than once, and they always made it through – what other choice was there? She thought this wedding – this joyous life-affirming event couldn’t happen at a better time.

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Days Update Thursday, May 12, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Anna looks to sneak out of the DiMera Mansion with her bags packed but Tony catches her at the door and questions where she is going.

Gwen questions Ava wanting to bust her out. Ava points out that they did it before when they helped Kristen escape. Gwen asks what the catch is. Ava says there’s not one as she knows she let her down and she’s trying to make up for it. Ava asks if Gwen is in.

Sarah recognizes Xander in the hospital. Xander excitedly asks if it’s really her. Sarah confirms that it is and asks Maggie what’s going on. Maggie notes that her voice is normal and asks if this means she’s alright. Sarah says she’s fine and asks why they look like they are going to cry. Xander declares that they are both so happy. Xander exclaims that it worked and hugs Sarah. Xander says she is herself again. Maggie is thankful they gave her the antidote. Sarah questions what they are talking about. Xander promises to explain everything soon. Sarah asks what’s going on and why she’s in the hospital. Xander reveals that she was drugged but thankfully the antidote worked. Sarah questions that but Maggie says it’s a long story and they will get to it at some point. Xander declares that all that matters is that Sarah is with them again and herself, so they are very grateful. Xander hugs Sarah again.

Gwen goes over Ava throwing her under the bus, ruining her life, and now she’s eager to help her. Gwen asks what she is missing here. Ava says she feels guilty since Gwen is paying the price when Kristen should be behind bars. Gwen points out that Kristen didn’t help her switch out the antidote with the drug on Sarah as she did that on her own. Gwen adds that she and Xander are over now anyway. Ava says she’s sorry about that and she gets it, noting that she’s done a lot worse to hang on to the men she loves. Gwen tells Ava to get the hell out with her offer. Ava tells Gwen to be realistic that she has nowhere and no one to help her, so she is all Gwen has. Ava declares that it’s Gwen’s choice if she wants to languish in prison all alone.

Anna claims to Tony that she was taking a bunch of clothes that she never wears to the community center. Tony questions her taking them in a suitcase. Tony knows Anna is scared because her trial starts tomorrow but that doesn’t mean she will be convicted. Anna disagrees since Melinda is out for blood, Victor has the judge in his pocket, and Maggie is hellbent on making her pay for what she did to Sarah. Tony argues that Anna can’t just take off like that. Anna responds that she can and will as she has no choice and there is nothing he can do to stop her. Tony questions Anna planning to leave without even saying goodbye. Anna says it was to avoid implicating him as he can’t be caught aiding a criminal. Tony argues that she’s his wife so he wants to help her. Anna complains that she doesn’t deserve his help since he kept telling her that Sarah was no threat to their marriage and wasn’t really Renee, but she didn’t listen. Tony demands that Anna listen now as he tells her that she can’t just leave. Anna cries that it’s time for her to pay for what she did to Sarah.

Maggie and Xander leave Sarah’s room. Maggie expresses her regret for not agreeing to Sarah getting the antidote sooner. Xander encourages her to have no regrets as she was worried it was too risky, so she had every right to be worried. Xander declares that Sarah is back and that’s all that matters now. Maggie says there’s something she has to take care of. Xander questions her going now. Maggie says Sarah is okay and Kayla could be in with her for while. Maggie tells Xander to call if he needs her and promises she won’t be long as she then exits the hospital.

Gwen asks Ava what happens to her deal with Melinda if she accepts her offer. Ava says nothing as she held up her end of the bargain but Gwen escaping is not her problem. Gwen points out that the cops could find out that Ava helped her. Ava isn’t worried and doesn’t see Gwen having any better offers. Ava warns Gwen that time is running out. Ava gives Gwen her number to a burner phone if she decides to call her. Ava reminds Gwen that the clock is ticking as she then exits the interrogation room. Jack then enters the room, surprising Gwen as she thought he had washed his hands of her for good. Jack acknowledges that he led her to believe that and admits he’s sad and angry about what she’s done in the past. Jack is sure she knows that hurting Abigail hurt him, but she’s had a lot of pain in her life and he believes that’s the reason she’s caused a lot of pain so he wants to help her stop doing that. Jack adds that in spite of it all, she is his daughter and a part of him. Gwen calls that very kind. Jack argues that Gwen has it in her to do the right thing and she proved it when she told Xander where to find the antidote. Gwen feels it was the least she could do and she hopes it works and that Sarah recovers. Jack believes that Gwen can recover too from this impulsion for revenge and this need to get what she wants regardless of consequences. Gwen asks if Jack is saying that he has faith in her which he confirms. Jack assures that he cares about her, always has and always will. Jack then reveals that he asked Justin to represent her and he has agreed to take her case.

Anna tells Tony that she’s sorry but her mind is made up and she has to leave, so she’s sorry but this is the end of the road for them. Tony calls that so sad and heartbreaking. Anna agrees but says she really has to go. Tony asks if she really thought he was going to let her flee. Anna responds that he has no choice. Anna says goodbye to Tony and that she will love him forever. Anna opens the door to leave, right as Maggie arrives. Maggie asks if she’s going somewhere. Anna says she has a very important errand to run. Maggie says she needs to talk to her. Anna tells her it will have to wait. Maggie really thinks she will want to hear this now as she knows her trial starts tomorrow. Maggie then reveals that she has decided to drop the charges.

Xander returns to Sarah’s room as Kayla finishes checking her out. Kayla reports that Sarah seems to be just fine. Sarah confirms that she is and asks if anyone wants to tell her what drug she was injected with. Kayla informs Sarah that she was given a dangerous psychotropic. Xander adds that it was by Kristen DiMera which shocks Sarah. Kayla confirms it caused a lot of damage. Xander notes that she hasn’t been herself for quite some time but he’s thankful she is back to normal now. Sarah responds that she has a lot of questions but for now she will just say thank you to them for taking care of her. Xander declares that having her back is all the thanks they need. Sarah asks if they can get the ball rolling on her release now. Kayla wants to do a few more scans to make sure everything is fine, so she goes to check with radiology. Xander tells Sarah that there are no words to express what it means to be here with her now. Xander tells Sarah that he missed her so much. Sarah assures that she’s right here and it seems like it’s been a long time as she then kisses him. Xander can’t believe it and calls it amazing to have her back in his arms again. Sarah says for her it feels like just yesterday. Xander says he’s been wishing for this ever since she left him and he can’t wait to take her home. Kayla returns and announces that radiology will see her now. Xander asks how long it will be. Kayla doesn’t know but promises to let Xander know as soon as she does. Xander tells Sarah that he’ll see her in a bit. Sarah says she can’t wait. Xander exits to go text Maggie.

Anna is shocked and questions Maggie dropping the charges. Maggie explains that if Gwen hadn’t switched the vials, what Anna did would have brought Sarah back to them that day so what Anna did wasn’t terrible. Anna feels it was terrible, thoughtless, and wreckless. Anna tells Maggie that she’s truly sorry for what she put her through and she’s so grateful that Sarah will be okay. Anna thanks Maggie for telling them and dropping the charges, expressing how grateful she is. Maggie decides to get back to the hospital. Tony sends their best to Sarah as Maggie exits. Anna exclaims that she can’t believe she is free. Tony is glad she didn’t go on the run as he kisses her.

Jack informs Gwen that if she pleads guilty to the lesser charges, Justin thinks he can get her sentence knocked down to 5 years. Jack points out it’s nowhere near what she’d be facing if a jury found her guilty, so he’d say it’s a gift considering what she’s done. Gwen worries that Melinda Trask doesn’t really give out gifts. Jack points out that she’d be saving the city the expense of a trial, so if she agrees to all of this then it could be settled very quickly. Gwen takes that to mean she could be going to prison very quickly. Jack insists that this is not the end as if she makes smart and good choices, it could be a whole new beginning. Jack tells her to call Justin if she decides to accept but warns her not to wait too long. Gwen emotionally thanks Jack. Jack wipes tears from his eyes as he exits the room.

Anna and Tony have champagne and toast to her freedom. Anna repeats to Tony that she really is sorry for everything as she was thinking about herself and never of him throughout this whole ordeal. Anna knows now that Tony only went along with Sarah’s delusions because facing the truth would’ve been too hard for her and she was so mad with jealousy that she couldn’t see that. Tony knows he hurt her as well, but he felt he had to help Sarah, maybe because he wasn’t able to help Renee all those years ago and he couldn’t stop her life from ending so tragically. Tony knows Anna might not want to hear this, but he did love Renee. Anna feels they should go down to the DiMera Crypt to pay their respects to Renee because she would do anything for him. Tony thanks her.

Kayla gets Sarah back in her hospital bed. Maggie arrives and says Xander texted her and that he will be back soon. Sarah asks if they can just go home. Kayla goes to get her test results. Sarah tells Maggie how badly she wants to get out of the hospital gown and take a shower in her own bathroom. Sarah jokingly asks about why her hair is in pigtails. Sarah guesses she’s been here awhile which Maggie admits. Sarah hates the pigtails so Maggie offers to cut them. Sarah agrees and says she and Xander like her hair better short.

Xander goes to the interrogation room which surprises Gwen. Xander mentions seeing Jack outside and telling him the good news that the antidote worked. Gwen says that’s really good and she’s glad he told her. Xander thanks Gwen. Gwen repeats that she’s glad it worked out. Xander asks what’s going on with her now. Gwen informs him that Jack hired Justin to represent her and he says he can get her sentence down to 5 years if she pleads guilty to the lesser crimes. Xander asks if she’s going to do it. Gwen responds that she doesn’t know yet. Gwen tells Xander that this probably the last time they are going to see each other, so there’s something she’d like to say to him.

Maggie cuts Sarah’s hair. Sarah tells her that it’s perfect as Maggie comments that she looks like her old self again. Sarah says she feels like her old self and thanks her. Maggie worries about losing her again but Sarah assures she’s not going anywhere. Maggie tells her that she missed her so much and she loves her as they hug.

Gwen reminds Xander of when they first met and she couldn’t stand him as she found him insufferable, arrogant, annoying, and obnoxious but then she saw another side to him, a softer side. Gwen states that Xander felt deeply for her and he was so in to her, making so many sacrifices to protect her from her lies. Gwen brings up Xander disposing a body, going to jail, and giving up a million dollars all to protect a woman so desperate to have a relationship with her father that she became a hurricane of destruction. Gwen talks about spending her life deprived of love and affection and then having someone walk in to your life who genuinely cares about you. Xander understands you do anything to hold onto them. Gwen says that Xander is the only one who ever got it or understood her. Gwen declares that no one has ever been there for her the way that Xander has before and she blew it all to Hell. Gwen cries that Xander gave her his heart and she was so afraid of losing it, that she absolutely crossed the line by keeping Xander from the woman he truly loved. Gwen admits she was wrong and she will always regret it. Gwen adds that through all of her mistakes and everything it has cost her, she also received the most wonderful gift from him and that was the gift of love. Gwen says that Xander made her realize that she is worthy of love and capable of loving someone else too. Gwen removes her engagement ring and tells Xander that it belongs to him now, even though she will really miss wearing it. Gwen passes the ring across the table and wishes him happiness for he and Sarah. Xander thanks Gwen and says he should get back to the hospital. Xander guesses this is goodbye. Gwen says goodbye to Xander as he then exits the room. Gwen then breaks down crying.

Tony and Anna go to the DiMera Crypt. Tony stops her and asks if she’s sure she wants to go inside with all that has gone on there recently. Anna thinks the worst is behind them since Ben and Johnny are both free, Andre is a pile of dust, and the Devil is on the run. Anna thinks they have nothing to be afraid of, so they should go in and do what they came to do, and then go back to their champagne celebration. Anna and Tony then head in to the DiMera Crypt.

Gwen calls Ava, who is walking through the town square. Ava comments that was fast. Gwen reminds her that Ava said she didn’t have time. Ava assumes Gwen has decided to say yes then but Gwen reveals that it’s actually a no. Gwen thanks Ava as her offer helped clarify some things for her and for the first time in her life, she’s going to take responsibility for what she has done. Gwen states that it’s only 5 years in prison. Ava argues that’s not nothing. Gwen feels she has a chance to make things right and if she takes it, she might actually have a chance of having a family again. Gwen knows there’s no guarantees but repeats what Jack said that if she makes good and smart choices, then this could be a new beginning for her. Ava wishes her luck. Gwen thanks her and says she will need it.

Xander returns to Sarah’s room and is excited to see Sarah’s haircut. Sarah tells him that Maggie cut it. Xander says she looks beautiful. Sarah asks if he saw Kayla on the way in. Xander confirms that he did and she said she would let them know as soon as she can leaves. Sarah complains of being tired of waiting. Xander asks if he can get her anything. Sarah responds that the one thing she wants desperately is to see her baby, which shocks Xander and Maggie.

Tony and Anna visit the DiMera Crypt where Anna places roses at Renee DuMonde’s headstone. Anna knows it’s ironic but says despite everything that happened between them, she’s sorry that Renee was taken from the world so soon and she hopes that she’s in a better place now. Tony calls that lovely while she says now it’s his turn to say whatever he wants. Anna steps aside to give him a moment. Tony gets on his knees and talks about his relationship with Renee. Tony declares that it may be too little, too late, but he did love her deeply and he’ll never forget her. Anna comments that there must have been some good in Renee for him to have loved her. Tony thanks Anna and calls her the love of his life. Tony thinks they have finished what they came to do, so they go to leave but Anna finds a pacifier on the ground. Tony wonders where that came from. Anna guesses it must be Ciara’s baby’s and that Allie must have brought him here. Tony wonders where they are now.

In Loving Memory of Philece Sampler (Renee DuMonde) 1953-2021

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Days Update Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Leo sits in the town square, writing down a list of his enemies which includes Chad, Abigail, Brady, Chloe, and Sonny.

Sonny joins Victor in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny asks if there’s any news on Ciara and the baby. Victor says not yet but with Rafe and Shawn, he might hear something soon. Sonny asks about Maggie bringing Sarah home last night and if she’s doing any better. Victor declares there will be no answers until he gets his.

Maggie has Sarah set up in a hospital bed and points out that she isn’t touching her breakfast. Sarah continues to act like a child. Xander enters the room and tries to talk to Sarah. Sarah complains about being back in boring old Salem. Xander says it’s important that she is back. Sarah hopes he doesn’t still think she is going to marry him someday. Xander states that he’s not marrying anyone. Sarah declares that one day she will marry Eric.

Abigail arrives at the hospital and greets Kayla, congratulating her on being reinstated. Kayla admits she was surprised but thrilled. Abigail is sure the rest of the staff is as well. Kayla asks what brings Abigail to the hospital. Abigail tells her that she can’t stop worrying about Sarah and she knows Maggie brought her back, so she asks if there’s any change. Kayla says she is the same as when she left but she’s waiting on scan results to know what they are up against. Abigail is grateful that Kayla is back and Seth Burns came to his senses. Kayla thanks her but notes that she doesn’t like being in debt to some unpleasant person. Abigail relates because she is in debt to Ava Vitali.

Ava has a nightmare about Gwen showing up and injecting her with the syringe used on Sarah. Ava wakes up in a panic next to Jake in bed. Jake wakes up, questioning what’s going on. Ava is relieved that she is not there. Jake assures her that no one is there and she was just having a nightmare. Ava tells him that it was about Gwen coming after her for what she did to her with a giant syringe. Jake tells Ava that it’s okay and she’s safe as he comforts her.

Leo goes to the interrogation room at the police station to visit Gwen. Gwen is thrilled to see him, calling him the only person she’d be happy to see. Leo apologizes for not coming sooner as he was busy dealing with the wedding interruption. Gwen can’t imagine how horrible it was for him and says it breaks her heart knowing how they treated him. Leo says it’s nothing he’s not used to, but they are resilient. Leo adds that it took him awhile to figure out that Abigail blew up Gwen’s marriage too but he was just as heartbroken for her as he was for himself. Leo tells Gwen that he came to cheer her up. Gwen says he already has just by being there. Leo assures he will cheer her up in a more substantial way. Leo complains about Abigail and Chad doing a number on them and blew up their lives. Leo then declares that they are going to make those bitches pay.

Victor reminds Sonny that last month he asked if he was interested in taking over Titan and he still hasn’t gotten an answer. Sonny apologizes and says there’s been a lot going on. Victor doesn’t want excuses, just an answer. Sonny calls it a big decision to make. Victor argues that it needs to be dealt with because Titan is sinking and they need a CEO. Sonny says he told him he had to talk it over with Will. Victor assumes that Will demanded Sonny come home because he needs his husband and he doesn’t know why he expected anything different. Victor remarks that Will has always been clingy but Sonny then reveals that Will is actually the one who said he should take the job, surprising Victor.

Jake and Ava lean in to kiss but are interrupted by a knock at the door. Jake gets up to answer and it’s Gabi. Jake suggests she come back later. Gabi asks to speak privately with Jake. Ava tells Gabi that it was Jake’s idea for them to share the bed as Ava goes to get dressed.

Abigail tells Kayla that it was only thanks to Ava that they finally have proof of what Gwen did to her and Sarah. Abigail says as happy as she is, it makes her a little queasy that a former mafia princess is the one who helped her. Kayla says she’s smart to be wary because no matter how many times Ava says she’s changed, she is dangerous and maybe even more so if she’s giving you something you want. Abigail agrees and says she will remain on her guard as far as Ava Vitali goes. Kayla says at least Gwen is paying for her crimes. Abigail says not all of them.

Leo tells Gwen that Abigail screwed her and Chad screwed him, so either they sit around feeling sorry for themselves or they get back at them in similar ruthless fashion. Leo knows if they put their minds together, they will make Chad and Abigail regret going after them. Gwen says she loves the idea of revenge but there’s one tiny problem. Leo tries to guess what the problem is. Gwen then points out that she is handcuffed to the table so Leo remembers that she is going to prison.

Xander tells Maggie that he talked to a lab tech on the way in and he said they were running tests on the antidote and haven’t found anything in it to harm Sarah. Maggie says that may be true but no matter how many tests, it’s part of a complete picture as a full panel of tests to guarantee the drug is safe could take months or years. Xander asks what if Sarah doesn’t have that kind of time. Maggie argues that they are talking about a serum from a mad scientist and her daughter is not a lab rat. Maggie says spending all this time with Sarah has been strange but she’s cherished raising a little girl again. Xander asks if Maggie is saying she doesn’t care if Sarah stays a child for the rest of her life. Maggie assures that she cares but she doesn’t want to tempt fate since this antidote is a complete unknown. Maggie says maybe it will help Sarah or maybe it won’t but right now, she has her daughter, healthy and happy. Maggie turns back to Sarah, who has stopped responding to her, causing Maggie to worry.

Gabi tells Jake that she knows whatever Ava wants her to believe is not true. Ava says she has an errand to run. Ava tells Jake that she will see him later, kisses him on the cheek, and thanks him for being so kind earlier as she then exits the apartment. Gabi mocks them. Jake asks what Gabi wants. Gabi complains about Jake getting right to it and not even asking how she is. Gabi then brings up reading in The Intruder that Jake was attacked by The Devil in Ben and Ciara’s apartment. Jake assures it was accurate and not the first time. Gabi questions him saying it’s true that Johnny was possessed when they fought at DiMera which Jake confirms. Jake tells Gabi that she can go. Gabi says she actually came to talk to him about DiMera as she is here to un-oust him. Gabi tells Jake that she wants him back.

Victor questions Will telling Sonny to take the job at Titan. Sonny confirms that he did. Sonny explains that he, Will, and Arianna miss Salem so when he brought up the idea of being CEO, Will didn’t think splitting their time between Arizona and Salem would be a problem. Victor thought Will loved his job there. Sonny says he does but he can do a lot of work from home and Arianna is almost out of school, so they could just bring her here for the summer. Victor asks if that means Sonny will take the job. Sonny declares that he’s in which makes Victor happy.

Maggie tries to talk to Sarah. Xander asks if Sarah can hear them. Maggie starts to panic and says they need Kayla so Xander rushes out to go get her.

Abigail reveals to Kayla that Gwen told her that she killed her grandmother but she thinks Gwen just wanted to hurt her as deeply as she could because at the police station, Gwen said Laura’s death was an accident. Abigail says that she doesn’t know what to believe which is what Gwen wants as never knowing the truth is the worst form of torture. Kayla calls that diabolical. Abigail knows she could never rely on Gwen for the truth but hates the idea of her getting away with murdering her grandmother. Abigail adds that Gwen has hurt so many other people but at least she’s behind bars where she belongs. Abigail comments that the one good thing that came out of it is that Gwen gave them the antidote for Sarah. Xander then rushes up to them and tells Kayla that she has to help Sarah now.

Leo acknowledges that Gwen going to prison could be an impediment to their plan but he’s sure she will think of a clever way out. Gwen notes that she doesn’t even have money for a lawyer. Gwen brings up all her other charges. Leo asks if Gwen really assaulted Abigail and then looked the other way as she was shipped off to a desert island. Gwen remarks that it was really nice island. Leo argues that they are still family, so he asks if she can’t get Jack to convince Abigail to drop the charges. Gwen asks if he’s joking since he just said how mean Abigail is. Gwen then admits that once she got arrested, she might have whispered something to Abigail that might be quite hard to forgive. Leo wants to know what that was. Gwen then reveals that she told Abigail that she killed her grandmother on purpose. Leo is surprised and asks if she did.

Victor tells Sonny that it’s about time he returned to his rightful place at Titan. Sonny admits he’s excited and that he’s missed Titan. Victor reminds Sonny that Chad and the DiMeras aren’t going to stop looking for ways to take them down. Sonny points out that Chad isn’t CEO anymore. Victor says that Gabi is even worse. Sonny sarcastically promises to be cut throat but assures he won’t let his personal feelings for Gabi interfere with business. Victor hopes Titan will come back stronger and better than ever. Sonny adds that there is also something else he should bring to his attention. Sonny then informs Victor that Leo Stark has sworn revenge against him.

Leo asks if Gwen really killed Laura on purpose. Before Gwen can respond, a cop brings Ava in to the room. Gwen questions what the hell Ava is doing here. Ava tells Leo that if he doesn’t mind, she came to see Gwen. Leo says he does mind and tells Ava that when a friend shares a secret with you, you don’t use it to ruin your friend’s life. Ava asks Gwen if they can talk alone. Leo refuses to go anywhere and says Ava could be wearing a wire so he tells her to get the hell out. Gwen agrees. Ava assures that she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t important. Ava asks Gwen to let her say her piece and then she will go. Leo tells her to go, so Ava starts to leave but Gwen stops her and tells her to go on and say her piece which confuses Leo.

Jake questions Gabi saying she wants him back. Gabi clarifies that she means as her employee. Jake asks if this is a joke or if Johnny is going to pop out with a camera. Gabi assures it’s no joke. Jake tells her that the answer is no. Gabi asks him to at least hear her out. Jake gives her five minutes. Gabi explains that she was only trying to get rid of Jake at DiMera because she thought that he was trying to screw her over, but now that she knows it was the Devil, she wants him back at DiMera. Jake asks what her angle is. Gabi claims there is no angle and that Jake was great with the clients and Mr. Shin has a soft spot for him. Gabi points out that Jake clearly hasn’t found any other employment. Jake questions just going back to work for her and insists that there has to be an angle.

Xander complains about Kayla taking so long. Abigail encourages that she might just be taking more tests. Xander argues that they still haven’t got the results of the last tests yet. Abigail knows it’s frustrating but it’s the only way to find out what’s wrong. Xander worries about waiting to give Sarah the antidote and if she gets worse or dies. Abigail assures that whatever is wrong is not life threatening. Xander questions how she could know. Xander points out that Sarah was fine and then suddenly completely out of it. Abigail suggests it could be temporary or a side effect of the drug. Xander asks if it was like that for her when she was drugged. Abigail knows Xander blames her for what happened to Sarah. Xander says of course he does since if Abigail wasn’t so determined to get revenge on Gwen with that syringe, none of this would be happening. Abigail says he has no idea how sorry she is. Xander asks what good that does but then apologizes and says at least Abigail came forward with the truth that Gwen was more than happy to send Sarah to Hell with a second dose. Xander adds that at least Sarah has a fighting chance now, so as angry as he is, he owes Abigail his thanks.

Gabi insists to Jake that there is no angle and it’s just a smart business move. Jake argues that Gabi doesn’t do anything unless there’s something in it for her and that helped her get her where she is, but if she wants him to join her, she has to at least be honest. Gabi admits that EJ is making noise about wanting his job back. Gabi claims she’s not scared but needs to be prepared, so she needs what only Jake can offer. Gabi says no matter how qualified she is, she’s not a DiMera by blood which is what counts. Gabi says she will need a DiMera on her side to go against EJ and then when the board sees what a great team they are, they won’t pick EJ over them. Gabi states that this could be the power they talked about. Jake reminds her that a lot has changed. Gabi asks if he has something better going. Jake points out that they just broke up. Gabi says they are both adults so she swears to keep their arrangement platonic, similar to what he has going with Ava. Gabi asks what Jake says.

Gwen tells Leo that it’s alright and he can go, thanking him for stopping by. Leo asks if she’s sure she wants him to leave her alone with Ava. Gwen assures that it’s fine. Leo says he’s there for her if she needs anything because that’s the kind of friend he is, unlike some people. Leo then exits the room. Gwen tells Ava that the sight of her makes her sick. Gwen tells Ava to say what she has to say quickly and get the hell out.

Maggie informs Xander that Kayla just finished examining Sarah and is on her way to rush the test results. Kayla comes over and announces that she just read the test results. Kayla says she’s sorry but according to the latest scans, Sarah’s condition is deteriorating. Kayla knows how frustrating it is for both of them as they hoped the effects of the drug would diminish over time like they did with Abigail. Abigail points out that she got a smaller dose and only once. Kayla says that’s the key difference as the increased dose had more of an effect on Sarah. Xander asks if the antidote would reverse the process. Kayla says she can’t say for sure but that’s what they hope. Kayla declares at this point, it’s their only hope. Maggie argues that it hasn’t been fully vetted. Kayla understands but based on the scans and deterioration, if they don’t intervene, Sarah could end up in a permanently vegetative state. Xander says they can’t let that happen. Kayla knows Maggie doesn’t want to expose Sarah to any more drugs, so it’s her call, but if they don’t try this, she’s afraid it will get worse. Maggie then tearfully instructs Kayla to give Sarah the drug.

Victor tells Sonny that Leo Stark is just the kind of trouble they don’t need. Sonny argues that it could just be an empty threat but since last time, Leo almost torched Titan, he thought he should let him know, especially since Leo already went after Chad. Victor mentions seeing the article in The Intruder and asks when Chad started playing for Sonny’s team. Sonny clarifies that he doesn’t. Victor asks if he’s sure about that. Sonny assures him but says if he’s coming back to Titan, Victor has to promise not to believe everything he reads.

Ava tells Gwen that she came to apologize. Gwen mocks her. Ava says she’s really sorry and she has to believe her. Ava complains that she never meant to sell her out to the cops but they had her dead to rights and she needed a life preserver which was unfortunately Gwen. Gwen asks if she actually thought she could make nice and that all would be forgiven. Gwen complains that Xander and her family hate her and she’s going to prison, so Ava has completely destroyed her life. Gwen yells at Ava to get out. Ava says not quite yet as she didn’t come to beg for her forgiveness, but to help her.

Maggie and Xander return to Sarah’s room. Maggie says it won’t be long. Kayla comes in with the antidote. Maggie confirms she is ready. Kayla then injects Sarah with the antidote.

Sonny walks through the town square and comes across Leo. Sonny questions him still being in town. Leo reminds him that he told him he wasn’t going anywhere. Sonny hoped he wasn’t serious. Leo says there is still so much more to accomplish. Leo congratulates Sonny on being named CEO of Titan and guesses that means Sonny will be sticking around Salem too. Sonny confirms that he will be which Leo calls such good news because he has him right where he wants him. Leo then walks away.

Gabi asks Jake for an answer and then she will go. Jake agrees to come back to work for her. Gabi says that’s great and offers her hand. Jake fist bumps her as Gabi welcomes him back to DiMera. Gabi then exits.

Gwen questions what Ava could do to help her unless she’s a lawyer. Ava says she can do her one better and declares that she’s going to bust Gwen out.

Kayla informs Abigail that she gave Sarah the antidote, so now they wait.

Maggie calls Victor and says there’s no news yet. Victor encourages that Sarah will pull through this. Maggie hopes he’s right. Victor thinks God is on their side. Maggie agrees to keep him posted. They say I love you and hang up. Xander tells Maggie there has been no change yet. Maggie asks if something should be happening by now. Xander says he’s every bit as impatient but they need to give the drug a chance. Sarah starts blinking. Maggie calls out to her. Sarah then looks at Xander and recognizes him, thrilling Maggie and Xander.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, May 11 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Jack told the weeping Allie that he didn’t mean to upset her when he said the Abbotts were her family. She assured him he didn’t do anything wrong. She appreciated him saying that. She tried to say more, but she broke down sobbing. Jack had sensed from the moment Allie got here that something was weighing on her. He wouldn’t have left earlier if not for there being another family issue, with Kyle. He assured her he was here now, and she had his full attention. Allie was so embarrassed. She didn’t usually lose control and cry in front of someone she didn’t know that long. He said he wasn’t a stranger – he was her grandfather. He said she always had a soft spot to land here. He made a lot of mistakes with her father, and he didn’t want to repeat them. Allie said her mother came back to LA after Jack and Phyllis left. Allie had hoped her mom came to spend time with her, but that wasn’t the case. Her mother came to sign some legal papers related to Keemo’s estate. Allie wished she could’ve talked to her mom about the Abbotts, but she never got the chance.

Allie’s mom came to LA, got a hotel for one night, signed the papers and left at the crack of dawn the next day. As a parent, Jack found that unconscionable. Allie said it would’ve been better if she’d never seen her mother at all, because seeing her like that just ripped the wound open. The lack of relationship with her mom made her miss her dad even more. “He was all that I had and now he’s gone,” she cried. Jack knew the loss of a parent was hard. Allie had felt empty and lonely, and she’d felt compelled, without even thinking about it, to come see Jack. He pulled her close and she cried on his shoulder. Once Allie had composed herself, Jack offered some sympathetic thoughts about parent/child relationships. Jack was sure there was more to the story with Allie and her mom, and he wasn’t going to pressure her to say more. He was happy, proud and grateful she came to him. He wanted her to think of this as her home.

In The Grand Phoenix lobby, Diane just learned that Kyle was going back to Italy. She assumed that he’d decided he didn’t want anything to do with her. She took it well, but she was clearly disappointed. Kyle and Diane went upstairs to talk in private, where he explained he was leaving town because he wanted to be with his wife. He still hadn’t made a decision about Diane. He needed to hear what Summer thought. She was curious what the Abbotts said about her after she left. He said it wasn’t his place to repeat what his family said. She understood. She asked what she could do to get another chance with him.

Diane was willing to do whatever it took. She’d take another grilling from the Abbotts, and she’d face the Newmans too. She wanted to show him she was worthy of another chance. He wasn’t sure there was one thing to do to make everything okay. She thought they could just open the door and take it from there. He said it was a dangerous door for him to open, because once he did, it would be hard to close it. He had to decide what to do. He hadn’t given up on her, but he had to figure out if that was because he still had a void created by her death. He also had to think of how this would affect Summer and Harrison. Diane smiled and said that was her grandson. Kyle said Harrison had already been through so much upheaval, and he refused to put his son through more. Diane was proud of the father Kyle became. He said he’d always put his son first. Diane said she tried to do the same, but she fell short. She guessed that if he was leaving, she should probably go back to LA. He said that was up to her whether she wanted to go back to her new life or mend other fences in Genoa City. Diane asked if there was someone specific Kyle wanted her to make amends to. She admitted she’d wronged a lot of people. He wasn’t talking about anyone in particular – that wasn’t his place. He also wasn’t making that a requirement for his forgiveness. He said he’d be in touch in a few days. He turned to go, but she asked if she could have a hug. They both had tears in their eyes. He nodded, and they embraced.

Kyle went back to the Abbott house. Allie told him she had no idea that Taylor – Diane was his mom. She thought Diane was just a random person buying her dad’s house. Kyle knew. Jack said they all knew that it was Diane’s machinations that put it all in motion. Jack invited Kyle to join him and Allie at Society. Kyle appreciated that, but he didn’t think it was possible. He’d love to get to know Allie better, but he was going to be taking Harrison home to Milan. Jack asked if something happened at the hotel. Kyle said he and Diane had a pleasant conversation. He just needed to get home to talk to Summer. Jack hated that Kyle and Harrison were leaving so soon. Kyle promised they’d come back soon. Jack hoped it wouldn’t be so dramatic next time. Kyle couldn’t promise that.

Lauren and Michael were at Society. They’d just returned from a vacation in France. They stayed at an airBnB run by a cute couple, and Lauren said that could be her and Michael some day. He asked if she wanted to run an inn. She thought running a winery would suit them better, but she did dream of retiring to France. She was hoping he’d rethink working for Victor, so they could ensure he didn’t end up with another experience like he had when he’d been thrown in a Peruvian prison. “You don’t like my work husband,” Michael said, laughing. Lauren never said she didn’t like Victor, and she wanted Michael to stop mocking her feelings. He said he wasn’t. He noted that Victor lent them a private jet to take to France. She thought that was the least Victor could do. Michael reasoned that his work would be less stressful now that Ashland had been purged from the company and his marriage to Victoria was being annulled. He hoped things would be quieter. She didn’t think things would ever be quieter with the Newmans. She fantasized about a life in the south of France. He said they could only have that life if she retired too. He asked if she was willing to do what she was asking of him and walk away from Fenmore’s.

Lauren thought Michael was being disingenuous. She said she could work remotely, which Victor would never tolerate. She said he chose to come out of retirement from the DA’s office and work for Victor, and he ended up in a prison cell. He blamed Ashland, but she maintained that Victor set it in motion. She asked what kind of hold Victor had on Michael that made him constantly defend him. Michael felt no need to defend his position. He said he helped Victor expose that treacherous snake. There was no telling what Ashland planned to do to Victoria if he got control of the company. “I help put a stop to that,” Michael stated. Lauren thought that was a good thing, but beside the point. Michael said that Lauren couldn’t run the company remotely while maintaining her high standards for it. He said the only way they could live a stress free life is if she let the company be run by someone else. She didn’t reply, and he said that meant her answer was no.

Michael wasn’t upset Lauren didn’t want to retire. He found her drive sexy. He just wished she could love his job. He promised they’d travel to every locale she wanted to, and eventually they’d retire somewhere, but not now while they were in their prime. She agreed that they were in their prime. He suggested that they continue to thrive in their respective careers, live their lives to the fullest, and when it was time, they’d walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand. She smiled and said he had a good point, but she added that her job was relatively safe. No one was going to put her behind bars because she declared pink the color of the season. He thought things with Victor would settle down, but if things became an issue, they’d revisit the topic. She wanted him to compare their wonderful trip to the time he spent behind bars.

Michael went to the Grand Phoenix bar, and unknowingly took the spot next to Diane. He saw her out of the corner of his eye, and she smiled. “No,” he said. “Yes. It’s me. I’m back,” she replied. Groaning, he noted that she was dead. “And now I’m not,” she replied. She said it was a blessing and a curse – she came back a changed woman, but no one would believe her. He asked if she ever thought anyone would. She’d hoped. She told him to give him her worst. She said she’d spent days explaining herself to people who didn’t believe her, and she was mentally and physically exhausted. She told him to go ahead and call her evil or a crazy bitch or whatever else he could think of. He warned her that he had a pretty good imagination. She’d thought it was possible to get a fresh start in Genoa City, but she was realizing that was increasingly unlikely. She told him to go ahead and insult her and storm off, so she could finish her drink in peace. He clarified that he actually thought it was pretty good to see her.

Diane wondered if Michael was happy to see her because he wanted to see her finally suffer for her crimes or because the town needed a new punching bag. “At least you have two kidneys,” he replied. He was genuinely glad she wasn’t dead. She wasn’t sure whether or not to believe him. He suggested that the new improved not-dead-Diane should be a smidge more trusting. She decided he was right. Phyllis exited the elevator and saw Diane and Michael clink glasses.

At the cottage, Sharon came downstairs in her black dress for the memorial service. Nick and Faith thought she looked beautiful. He’d talked to Chance and Abby, and they were going to meet them at the church. Chance had told Sharon that the GCPD was going to hold their own memorial service for Rey. Noah came downstairs and said he put together a slide show of photos for the service. Mariah and Tessa came in with food for after the service. Sharon was grateful everyone was here. Chelsea showed up. She’d heard about the memorial service, and she wanted to attend, but she understood if this was family only. Mariah gently explained that this was just for the family and Rey’s partner, but Sharon spoke up and said Chelsea could come. Sharon knew Chelsea and Rey were close friends, and she hoped Chelsea didn’t blame herself for his death. Sharon said Rey had a heart attack, and he didn’t die because he was on the road getting the tickets.

The service happened off screen. Everyone, minus Chance and Abby, returned to the cottage for refreshments. Chance had to work, and Abby went home to the baby. Chelsea declined the food, because she didn’t have an appetite. Sharon thanked everyone for coming. She loved the song Tessa sang and Noah’s photo montage. She’d always remember Chance’s lovely eulogy. She thought Rey would be proud of the memorial. Nick said Rey was determined to turn him into a soccer fan. He reminisced about their little arguments over whether soccer or American football was better.

Noah said Rey was easy to be around and treated him like a buddy, not his wife’s son. Noah said he went to the coffee shop after a date that went well, and Rey noticed Noah missed a button on his shirt. Noah was glad Rey pointed it out before Sharon or anyone else saw it. Sharon wondered who this woman that Noah was with. Faith hoped Rey knew what a part of the family he was. Sharon said everyone’s memories today proved that he did. Sharon asked if Chelsea wanted to share anything. Chelsea appreciated how wonderful Rey was with Connor. She got choked up and couldn’t say more.

Tessa appreciated Rey working behind the scenes to help her sister. She’d never be able to thank him. It made Mariah wonder how many people Rey helped that htey’d never know about. Sharon had received a lot of emails and notes from people Rey helped out. Some of the things Rey told her about, but he’d downplayed them, and other things she never heard about, because Rey wasn’t in it to get accolades.

Noah said he’d take Sharon to the airport, or fly with her if she wanted. She appreciated it, but she didn’t want him to take time off work. Chelsea asked where Sharon was going. Sharon said she was taking Rey to Miami, so he could be buried there, as his mother wanted. Mariah wanted to go to Miami too, but Sharon thought she should stay and work on the wedding. Nick also offered to go. Sharon said it wasn’t necessary, and he might have to deal with Diane. She appreciated everyone’s offers, but this was the last trip she’d ever take with Rey, and she’d prefer it if it was just the two of them. Everyone understood. Sharon was going to go rest before her trip to the airport. She thanked everyone again for their support and said she loved them all. This memorial was just what she needed.

Tessa and Mariah went home. Mariah thought Sharon was going to be okay, and she was a little less worried about her now. It made Mariah feel less guilty about going forward with the wedding planning. It was nice to have something to look forward to. They couldn’t wait to be each other’s wives. They kissed.

Chelsea went home to her suite. She said Rey was good to her son, and good to her too. So kind and generous. She thought that what they shared was a genuine bond that was stronger than friendship. She felt guilty saying that, but it was true. She wasn’t sure if it would’ve developed into something more. Chelsea would’ve felt bad if it had, since Sharon was a good woman who truly loved Rey, and Chelsea already put Sharon through a lot of pain. Chelsea said none of this mattered because Rey was gone. She felt angry and sad because she’d lost a potential future with a man that she could’ve loved. Once again, her happiness had been ripped away. She wondered when she’d get to win.

Sharon was in her living room by herself. She picked up a photo of herself and Rey, and she held it to her heart.

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Days Update Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

EJ enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and pours a drink. Chad is there and asks if he’s having a bad day. EJ explains that it’s Allie as Johnny and Susan are trying to make contact with her, but so far there’s no clue where she is. Chad notes that finding her won’t be easy. EJ worries it could be impossible, but he got them to agree to rest. Chad knows Johnny must be going through Hell as he can’t imagine trying to save his sister from the Devil. Chad tells EJ that he’s really sorry. EJ responds that he’s the one who should apologize to Chad.

At the Brady Pub, Roman finishes a call as Kate approaches and asks for news on Allie. Roman informs her that John, Marlena, and Eric are out searching but there’s no sign of Allie or the baby. Kate wonders where she could be. Roman reveals that he has more news as it seems Sami and Lucas are missing as well.

Steve comes home where Kayla says she was starting to worry about him. Kayla asks how it went. Steve says he’s stared down every stray cat that crossed his path and listened patiently to Susan’s analysis of the movie Rosemary’s Baby, so he thought it was time to quit and start fresh in the morning. Kayla tells Steve that he has chowder and a beer waiting for him but she is going to the hospital to check on Ciara as she’s been through so much. Kayla wishes Ciara had a doctor treating her that really knew her and she felt comfortable with as she blames the hospital director Seth Burns. Seth Burns then shows up at their door.

Julie worries to Eli about TR being the one who shot him and left him for dead, now being on his way to Paulina’s apartment. Eli regrets letting Lani go over there. Julie points out that he couldn’t stop her. Julie adds that Abe is there at least. Eli feels that’s not enough because they know how dangerous TR can be. Julie argues that Lani is a police detective so she knows what she’s doing. Eli wants to get up and be there but Julie insists the best thing he can do for them is to stay here and get well. Julie remarks that if she had a gun, she’d be tempted to go shoot TR herself…

Paulina calls TR a coward and tells him to go ahead and hit her. Lani then arrives and sees Abe in a pool of blood. Lani calls TR a son of a bitch and pulls her gun. TR turns and tells Lani that he can explain. Lani then shoots TR in the chest and he collapses.

Seth Burns apologizes for dropping by so late. Steve doesn’t accept his apology. Kayla greets Seth. Steve says he has a few words he’d like to say to Seth which Kayla allows. Steve tells Seth that Kayla devoted years of her life to the hospital and saved hundreds of lives but Seth made the decision to fire her because she wouldn’t fire another outstanding doctor. Steve points out that Marlena remains on staff and questions what the hell he’s doing here anyway. Seth reveals that he is here to offer Kayla her jo back.

Lani steps over TR and drops her gun. Paulina questions what she has done. Lani asks if TR killed Abe. Abe starts to regain consciousness so Lani rushes to his side and asks if he can hear her. Lani thanks God that Abe is alive. Paulina remarks that she’s not so sure about TR.

Chad asks why EJ is apologizing to him. EJ says recent circumstances have led him to a bit of wake up call. Chad assumes he means finding out his son was possessed by the Devil for months. EJ admits he was proud of some of Johnny’s behavior which led to some serious introspection. Chad notes that has never really been EJ’s thing. EJ supposes that’s part of the problem as he always said family was his first priority but his actions haven’t shown that which Chad agrees with. EJ admits he might have unfairly held it against Chad when Johnny returned to Salem and seemed to favor Chad over him. Chad jokes how he used to sneak Johnny out in his car, let him eat pie for dinner, and never asked him to clean his room. EJ says he took his anger out on Chad and Johnny, admitting it was cruel and unnecessary. EJ adds that he proposed he and Chad team up at DiMera while always having his own agenda to take the reins himself which was selfish. EJ declares that has all gotten him with his son in trouble and Gabi running DiMera so it serves him right. Chad tells EJ that Johnny will be fine with their help and he doesn’t want Gabi running DiMera any more than EJ does. EJ hoped he would say that and suggests they join forces to get Gabi out of DiMera to take back what is theirs. EJ asks what Chad says to that.

Kate asks Roman what makes him think that Sami and Lucas are missing. Roman says nobody has been able to get a hold of them and it’s been complete radio silence, so he called Shane which Kate questions. Roman argues that Lucas and Sami’s daughter is possessed by the Devil while her brother is recovering from it, so that’s an emergency to him and he thought they might want to know. Roman adds that he wasn’t worried about Sami and Lucas until the ISA told him that it looks like they dropped off the face of the Earth.

Steve questions what Seth just said. Seth offers to explain which Steve says it’s up to Kayla. Kayla invites him in and offers him coffee. Steve gets a call from Julie, who says she needs him to go to Paulina’s apartment right now as it’s an emergency.

Lani tells Paulina that they need to get help, so Paulina calls for an ambulance and tells them that Abe is unconscious and bleeding. Paulina tells Abe to hang in there as help is on the way. Lani goes over to TR’s body. TR then wakes up and grabs Lani’s hand, telling her that he loves her. Lani questions how he could say that after everything he has done. TR says that she is his daughter and repeats that he loves her. TR adds that he forgives her as he then dies. Lani checks TR’s pulse and confirms to Paulina that he is dead.

Kate asks Roman if he believes the ISA that Sami and Lucas have vanished. Roman points out that they haven’t heard from them in weeks. Kate feels it’s not unusual as they are free spirits. Roman argues that two of Sami’s kids have been possessed by the Devil, so he wonders if Satan decided to do something to make Sami and Lucas go away. Kate says now he’s scaring her. Kate argues that Sami and Lucas have been out of town for months so they wouldn’t have known to interfere in Satan’s plans. Roman brings up the last time Sami took off for months and how wrong they were when they found out that Sami had been kidnapped and her life was in danger the whole time. Roman feels it’s not far fetched to think it might have happened again.

Chad questions EJ wanting to team up with him to take DiMera back. EJ explains now that Johnny is back in town and in his right mind, he no longer has any desire to take over the company so he can reclaim his shares and Johnny can vote with them. Chad questions EJ already talking to Belle about this. EJ adds that Belle was eager to do something to make up for what she thought was her role in his ousting. EJ says now they know Belle really wasn’t the one who framed him since she was framed by someone else as Chad takes a drink.

Seth tells Kayla that he’s sorry Steve had to leave so abruptly. Kayla questions what is going on and why Seth is doing a sudden 180 on her position. Seth informs her that Craig Wesley abruptly resigned as Chief of Staff and left Salem after his wedding debacle. Kayla realizes Seth is desperate. Seth admits that he is since Craig said he’d be ready on day one and Kayla is the only other one to fit that description. Kayla calls it flattering. Seth admits the staff revolted when they learned Craig replaced Kayla, so he’s here to eat crow and beg her to come back to the hospital as Chief of Staff. Kayla responds that she would love to have her job back, but she has one condition…

Julie tells Eli that she will hear from Steve in no time and everything will be fine. Julie wants to get Eli a nurse to get him medication but Eli assures he’ll be fine as he needs to be awake with a clear head. Eli brings up Lani leaving Paulina a message that TR was dangerous, so Abe didn’t know what he was walking in on. Julie regrets urging Abe to go to Paulina’s to tell her that he loves her. Julie hopes that TR cares about Paulina and Lani enough to not hurt them. Julie adds that TR thinks of Abe as a rival and just wants him out of the way. Julie prays for Steve to get there before anything terrible happens.

Lani asks Paulina what happened here. Paulina explains that TR said he was going to take her away on a romantic weekend and she left the room to pack, but when she came back, she thought she heard voices but TR lied to her and tried to rush her out which is when she found Abe and knew something was wrong. Paulina adds that she tried to call 911 but TR grabbed her phone, threatened her and then Lani came in. Lani questions Paulina not getting her messages. Lani reveals to Paulina that TR is the one who shot Eli as Eli is awake and remembers everything. Paulina questions why TR would shoot Eli. Lani says Eli knew too much and reveals that Beth told Eli that TR beat her and was using drugs the entire relationship. Paulina argues that Beth told them the opposite. Lani says Beth lied and guesses that TR threatened her and he was willing to do whatever he had to in order to keep them from finding out the truth. Lani mentions seeing Paulina and TR leave the hospital together, so she was worried for her and left her that message. Lani adds that she got here and saw Abe unconscious while TR’s hand was raised to hit her, so she lost it. Lani asks why she didn’t just arrest him since he wasn’t even armed. Paulina assures that it will be alright. Steve arrives, questioning what the hell happened here. Paulina then declares that she shot Ray.

Kate asks Roman if he’s saying that he thinks EJ is behind this and that he kidnapped Sami and Lucas. Roman says no but they don’t know who kidnapped Sami last time now that EJ has been exonerated. Kate argues that EJ’s conviction was only overturned because of planted evidence but one of the kidnappers identified EJ as the man who hired him. Roman says that’s true but it never seemed to sit quite right. Kate questions who else could have done it. Roman reminds Kate that EJ did point the finger at Lucas. Kate calls that a baseless accusation to undermine Lucas’s testimony. Kate asks if he really thinks Lucas could do something like that when he has zero motive and he loves Sami. Roman says he’s just saying there could be other suspects and it’s something they need to keep in mind until they find out just where the hell their kids are.

Chad questions EJ thinking someone else framed him. EJ says of course since Belle was never possessed, Johnny was, so he must have planted the evidence on his laptop so he’d stumble across it and turn him in to the police, then copied the files on to Belle’s laptop to make it look like she framed him. Chad thinks back to planning the framing with Kate to pin the crime on The Devil. Chad then points out that Johnny did make a play for DiMera so it makes sense. EJ decides it’s all in the past as Belle has drawn up papers to help make things right, so Johnny will just have to sign and all of his shares revert back to him. Chad stops EJ and points out that Johnny is worried about Allie, so he questions now being the right time to do that. EJ admits it’s not the best time but this move will help them gain access to all of DiMera’s resources to be in the best position to locate Allie and get her the help she needs. Chad then agrees if he thinks it will bring Allie home. EJ hopes this is the beginning of some healing between them and their family. EJ then exits and heads upstairs to talk to Johnny. Chad pulls his phone out and calls Kate, telling her that they need to talk about what they did to EJ.

Seth tells Kayla to name her condition. Kayla says she still won’t fire Marlena. Seth assures the board has rethought that, now that the Devil has possessed mulitple people, so Marlena’s scandal is so yesterday. Seth admits that Marlena’s popularity among the staff is only rivaled by Kayla’s and they all agree that they are the finest physicians to ever be on staff, which Seth agrees with. Kayla then accepts the offer to come back and asks when he wants her to start. Seth suggests tonight.

Lani asks Paulina why. Paulina adds that the EMTs and police are on their way. Steve asks if TR is dead. Lani confirms that he is. Paulina notes that Abe is starting to come around so Steve checks on him. Lani questions why Paulina told Steve that she shot TR. Paulina assures that she knows what she’s doing. Paulina tells Lani to go help Steve with Abe and get the first aid kit. Paulina then picks up the gun to make sure her fingerprints are on it and puts it back down.

Eli wonders why Lani, Paulina, Abe, or Steve aren’t calling. Julie decides she’ll call right now but it goes to voicemail. Eli decides he’s had enough and starts to get out of his hospital bed as Julie tries to stop him. Eli insists that he needs to get to his wife. Julie screams for help. Kayla then enters and questions what’s going on and what happened. Julie informs her that Eli tried to get out of bed. Kayla helps Eli get back in to bed as Julie gets him some water. Julie questions what Kayla is doing here. Kayla reveals that she was fired but Seth reinstated her. Kayla questions what Eli is thinking, getting out of bed when he just got out of a coma. Eli insists that Lani is in danger. Julie says that’s why she called Steve to check on her but they haven’t heard a word from him.

EMTs arrive at Paulina’s apartment. Paulina questions where the police are. An EMT says it’s a busy night but they are a few minutes behind them. The EMTs tend to Abe while Steve approaches Paulina. Paulina blames herself for leaving the opening for TR to worm his way back in to her life. Paulina asks if they can go to the hospital with Abe because she wants to be there when he wakes up. Steve responds that Lani can go with him and give her statement to the police later, but Paulina should stay until the police arrive. Paulina tells Lani to go be with Abe because he needs her. Paulina claims she’s fine and can take care of herself as she always has.

Kate goes over with Chad that EJ thinks Johnny framed him and they framed the Devil so everyone thinks it’s the Devil and she doesn’t see the problem. Chad responds that the problem is that EJ is reaching out to him and wants a fresh start to be brothers instead of adversaries and even wants to partner up to reclaim DiMera. Chad feels he has to at least meet him halfway. Kate argues that Chad can’t tell EJ that he’s the one who framed him for kidnapping Sami as it will totally implicate Lucas. Chad argues that he can do it without implicating Lucas. Kate reminds him that they’ve been through this before. Kate asks if Chad thinks EJ will just forgive and forget if he tells him because that’s not EJ’s style. Kate warns that their fresh start will go up in flames. Chad argues that he wants to make things right with his brother. Kate tells Chad to do that but to keep his mouth shut about what he knows. Roman then comes back to their table. Kate tells Chad that she hopes he takes to heart what she had to say as she hangs up. Kate that claims to Roman that she was talking to Rafe on the phone about finding Allie. Roman has no doubt that Rafe is doing everything he can. Kate remarks that he can do better. Roman decides he’s going to turn in for the night as there’s not much they can do until the morning and he wants to get up early to help search. Kate insists on helping close up then. Kate kisses Roman and tells him to get some sleep while she will be up in a few minutes. Roman heads upstairs while Kate goes back to her phone.

EJ returns to the living room and announces that Johnny signed his shares back over to him and he asked about the statements showing he paid off the kidnappers but Johnny has no memory of framing him for Sami’s kidnapping, but he doesn’t remember much about that time. EJ guesses they will never really know. Chad then tells EJ that there is something he needs to tell him.

Julie and Eli reveal to Kayla that everything Beth said about TR was a lie as he is a violent, lying, murderer. Julie hopes she didn’t upset Kayla by calling Steve. Kayla assures it was the right thing to do and what Steve was trained to do. Kayla gets a call from the ER and says she’ll be right there. Kayla reveals to Eli and Julie that there’s an ambulance en route from Paulina’s address and the victim is unconscious with a head injury. Eli asks if they said who it was. Kayla says no but she will let them know when she knows. Kayla then exits the room. Julie wonders what the hell happened over there.

Paulina asks Steve if they can cover TR with a blanket or something. Steve says they can’t disturb the crime scene. Paulina asks if he thinks Abe will be okay. Steve responds that he’s in good hands. Steve asks Paulina if she wants to tell him what happened here. Paulina says she already told him that she shot TR. The cops then arrive and question Paulina saying she shot TR. Steve confirms that he’s dead. Paulina refuses to say a word without her lawyer present. The cops then arrest Paulina.

Kate calls Lucas and leaves a message, informing him that if he doesn’t already know, his daughter Allie has been possessed by the Devil and no one knows where he and Sami are, so Roman is starting to ask questions. Kate warns that if she doesn’t hear from Lucas in 24 hours then she’s telling Roman everything.

EJ asks Chad what it is. Chad says he’s sorry for the things that he did as well that contributed to their falling out. Chad declares that he wants to be partners and brothers again. EJ looks to the portrait of Stefano and says he would be proud and pleased to see his sons coming together in the name of family and the DiMera legacy. EJ and Chad then shake hands.

Kayla gets Abe set up in a hospital bed and checks out that he is good. Abe assures that he knows who she is and questions her being back at the hospital. Kayla reveals that she was reinstated which Abe calls good news. Kayla is glad she is here to help him. Kayla notes that the police will want to talk to him, but not until she medically clears him. Kayla asks if he has any memories of what happened before or after the attack. Abe recalls Paulina asking what TR had done.

Julie is on the phone with Steve, saying it could’ve been so much worse if he wasn’t there so she’s glad she called him. Steve tells Julie that he has to go and hangs up. The cops bag the gun which Steve notes looks like a police issued service weapon. The cops confirm that it does as they zip up TR in a bodybag.

Lani returns to Eli’s room. Eli is relieved and asks if she’s alright. Lani claims she’s fine. Eli asks about Abe. Lani informs him that Abe regained consciousness in the ambulance and he will be okay. Eli asks if she’s sure she is okay as she’s covered in blood. Lani reveals that TR is dead. Eli asks what happened. Lani thinks back to shooting him. Eli asks again what happened. Lani then informs Eli that Paulina said she shot him.

Paulina is taken to the police station for her fingerprints and mugshot.


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Y&R Update Tuesday May 10 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Allie looked a bit nervous after Jack told her to come in and meet her family. He told her everyone was here, and with a reassuring smile, he motioned her into the house. The rest of the Abbotts didn’t notice they had company, so their emotional discussion continued. Kyle scoffed at Billy was suggesting he make such a serious choice using a coin flip. All Billy meant was that it was Kyle’s decision. “You know my stance on Diane,” Ashley added. Traci and Abby made it clear that they’d support Kyle no matter what he chose. Jack introduced everyone to Allie, Keemo’s daughter and his granddaughter. Allie apologized for interrupting something. They assured her it was fine. Traci said they were happy to meet Allie. Jack explained that they were discussing Diane, or Taylor, as Allie knew her. Allie spoke to Kyle and said it was weird because he was the reason Diane brought Allie and Jack together.

Kyle apologized to Allie because she was meeting them when they were in an emotionally charged state. Billy promised it wasn’t usually this intense. Allie couldn’t imagine what they were all going through, and she was sure it must be difficult. She decided this wasn’t a good time for a visit, but Jack said they’d all been looking forward to meeting her, so she couldn’t leave now. Allie didn’t want to add to all their stress. Kyle gently said that Allie being here meant a lot to them, and he was sorry, but they weren’t going to let her go. Everyone echoed the sentiment. Abby assumed it must be overwhelming for Allie to meet them all in one shot. She agreed, but she said they’d all been so kind. Jack introduced Allie to everyone one by one, and she listed off all their jobs, as she met them (the chemist, the author, the restaurateur). She didn’t know how to sum Billy up, and he told her she could say it – he was the good looking one.

Traci told Allie that they were all sorry about her father. Ashley said she’d worked with Keemo, and he was a gifted chemist and an amazing human being. Allie said Keemo was all those things and the best father she could’ve hoped for. Billy said they’d all been through that kind of loss, and she had their condolences. Billy knew Allie had been busy with her father’s estate and grad school, so he was curious how she was able to fit a trip into her schedule. Allie said that the semester was over, and after her stressful finals, she needed a break, so since Jack said the door was always open, she got a cheap flight.

At some point, Kyle left. Abby asked Allie how long she’d be staying. She planned to at least stay overnight, then they’d take it from there. She asked for a hotel recommendation. Traci insisted that Allie stay here – there was plenty of room, and Mrs. Martinez would take good care of her. Allie didn’t want to impose. Jack said Allie was an Abbott and this was the Abbott house, so she had to stay. Allie accepted. Traci said she’d show Allie up to a room. Jack had to take off for a bit, and he told Allie he was really glad she was here.

Billy and Ashley talked about the eventful day. She hoped Kyle was okay. He did too. He figured that Jack must’ve gone after Kyle, because that was the only reason Jack would leave with Allie upstairs. Abby came back downstairs and said Traci was talking Allie’s ear off. Abby figured the universe balanced things out – they got to meet Allie, but first they had to reunite with the worst person in the world. Ashley wanted to know what Billy was thinking when he told Kyle to give his mother the benefit of the doubt. Billy said, unlike Ashley, he thought people could change. Ashley didn’t think Billy was being fair to her. She also thought people could change, and she was aware of the strides Billy made in his life, however, Diane was in another league, and Ashley was worried about Kyle. Billy thought Ashley’s heart was in the right place, but this was up to Kyle. Ashley conceded that point, but she said Kyle asked for their perspectives. Billy said that at the end of the day, that was Kyle’s mother, and they all had to accept the fact that this was Kyle’s decision.

Jack found Kyle on his way up to Diane’s hotel room. Kyle was sorry for sneaking out like that. He didn’t want to make Allie’s arrival about him. Jack also knew that Kyle had wanted to see his mother. Kyle wanted to see how Diane was after being grilled by the Abbotts. Jack said that Diane could take care of herself – she always had. Kyle knew, but things had been pretty harsh at the house. Jack noted that Diane made an impression on Kyle. Kyle was still working through this. Jack just wanted to help any way he could. Kyle appreciated that, but he thought he needed to do this on his own. He said Jack should be back at the house with Allie. Allie said he was going to have some quality time with Allie, since she was staying a couple days. He had a feeling that Allie had some unspoken reason for coming, and he was confident that she’d open up to him. Kyle thought Allie seemed sweet, and he looked forward to getting to know her. Jack said Allie was in good hands, and he was concerned about Kyle. Kyle wanted to talk to his mom alone – there were things she deserved to hear in private. Jack accepted this. They agreed to meet at the house later, and Jack left. Kyle knocked on Diane’s door, and she wasn’t there.

Jack returned to the house and talked with Traci and Ashley. Ashley knew she’d had her reservations, but she liked Allie and wanted to know her better. Traci sensed something was weighing on Allie. Jack had the same feeling, but he wasn’t going to pry. Traci and Ashley decided to leave so Jack and Allie could have some time. Traci said Allie was young, and she might feel like she couldn’t burden Jack. Traci thought Jack should make it clear that Allie could open up to him, instead of waiting for her to ask. Later, Allie and Abby came downstairs. Abby had to get going, so she left, and Jack and Allie were alone. He asked how she was settling in. Things were going fine. He said everyone wanted her to feel at home. She said his family had been nothing but warm and kind and generous. He told her they were her family too, and she suddenly burst into tears.

Devon and Nate talked business at Nate’s penthouse. Devon was impressed with Nate’s ideas and felt that he’d made the right choice making Nate COO. Devon could tell this wasn’t just a job for Nate. Nate said he felt inspired by this new direction, and he appreciated Devon’s confidence in him. He was glad they were able to salvage their relationship. Devon agreed, and he said family and forgiveness was more important than anything. Lily walked in and agreed with that. Devon had come around to Nate and Lily’s desire to have a big flashy launch party instead of a quiet affair. Devon asked if Billy should be here. Lily said that he was at an Abbott gathering, and she’d fill him in later. Devon and Nate noticed that Billy had seemed kind of checked out at the last meeting when Lily talked about the family legacy. Nate asked if Billy was uncomfortable being a non family member at the top of a family company. Lily was caught off guard. She thought Billy was comfortable working anywhere – it was his superpower.

Devon asked if Billy would rather be working with his family at Jabot. Lily said Billy left Jabot because he was ready to get out of there, and he never looked back. She said Billy was excited about the merger, and his name might not be Hamilton, Chancellor or Winters, but he was 100% committed to the company. Devon didn’t question Billy’s commitment; he just wanted to make sure Billy was okay. Lily said he was fine. They were wrapping up their meeting when Elena arrived after a 12 hour shift at the hospital. Nate kissed her, and the others left.

Elena asked Nate how the meeting went – did they like his idea? Nate said it didn’t matter – all that mattered to him was her. He gave her a massage. She had a tough day and night. Things had changed for her because he wasn’t at the hospital anymore, and she had to wait until she got home to fill him in. He asked if things had changed between her and the staff. She said she didn’t get subtly judged for dating the chief of staff anymore. He thought that was good. Elena got a burst of energy, and she wanted to take things upstairs. She thought a bubble bath sounded good. Later, Elena and Nate had chardonnay and flirted. Then they talked about how his business meeting had energized him. He said that there was something magical about family coming together on a shared dream.

Billy and Lily were back in their old office again after working from home for awhile. She said he seemed off and she asked if something happened in the family meeting. He said Diane was in town, and they all met with her. Billy told Lily his opinion and Ashley’s dissenting opinion on Diane. Billy said Jack’s long lost granddaughter showed up, and she was very nice. He asked how her meeting went. She said it went really well. He told her that he ran into Victoria, and she questioned him about the Grinning Soul podcast. He said he denied it, but Victoria knew it was him. Lily said Billy let his anger cloud his judgment. He said she could say “I told you so.” She wasn’t going to do that. She thought that it was good that he had an anonymous podcast where he could express himself, but she thought his commentary should be more of a balance of universal and personal. He said she was so smart. He promised to make more of an effort moving forward. Right now, he had something else in mind – he kissed her.

Later, Billy did a podcast. He said people questioned if his talks were about something or someone specific. He said his thoughts were of a universal nature, and they were about his perspective. He said things would be ugly sometimes, and he’d change the names to protect the innocent – but who among them was innocent? He knew he wasn’t. He said he’d be hard on himself, and he’d be very hard on the ones who took advantage of others and harmed others. He’d show no mercy.

Sharon and Nick were at Crimson Lights. Everything was set for the memorial service this afternoon. Nick was sorry he wasn’t there to help plan. Sharon said she was the one who told Nick to go talk to Ashland. She wondered how that went, but he didn’t want to spend one more second talking about Locke. Sharon wanted the memorial service to be small and family oriented – if it got too big, things would be difficult for her. He promised do to anything he could to make sure her wishes were respected, but he hoped she’d reconsider flying to Miami alone. She said she was fine traveling by herself, and once the plane landed, she’d be with Rey’s family. Nick accepted it, but he said that if Sharon changed her mind, he’d be go with her. If Sharon changed her mind once she already got to Miami, Nick would fly down separately. She appreciated that. Sharon left to take care of some stuff before she left town.

Nick was on his phone texting people plans about the memorial, when heard someone say his name. He was in disbelief when he looked up and saw Diane. He asked who she was. She said she was no doppelganger, and his eyes weren’t deceiving him. He didn’t believe it. She invited herself to join him. “I am very much alive, and I’m back,” she replied. He thought it was impossible, but she stated that stranger things had happened in Genoa City. He asked what kind of game she was playing. She said to relax, because this had nothing to do with him. He wanted an explanation. She said she faked her death and now she was back to try and make amends to her son. Nick didn’t think that was possible, since Diane had devastated Kyle. Diane knew it would be hard, but she wasn’t giving up. Nick was angry about what Diane did to her son, to the entire Abbott family, and to the entire Newman family. He noted that his mother had been charged with Diane’s murder. Diane said she’d been hearing this from everyone since she got back. She knew she’d been a terrible person, but she changed. He didn’t think anyone would believe it. All that mattered to her was that Kyle believed it – she’d met her son a couple of times. Nick didn’t realize Kyle was in town.

Diane said Kyle was considering letting her into his life. Nick thought Kyle would be smart to stay as far away from her as possible. Nick ordered Diane to stay away from Summer. He wondered if his daughter knew about this. Diane was sure Kyle told her. She added that several people knew, including Nick’s parents. She was surprised Nikki and Victor didn’t tell Nick. Nick looked annoyed, but he said his family knew he had actual life and death issues going on right now, not just someone pretending to be dead. He thought that Diane would be smart to leave town. She asked if that was a threat. It wasn’t. He just thought there was nothing for her here anymore. She didn’t agree. He said the town moved on and repaired the destruction she caused. He thought she should’ve stayed gone. She said she would’ve if it weren’t for Kyle.

Diane didn’t care what anyone but Kyle thought. At that moment, Sharon returned, and her jaw dropped when she saw Diane. Diane greeted Sharon and told her she looked terrific. Sharon asked how this could be. Diane began to give her condolences, and Nick stepped in and told Sharon he’d take her home. Sharon knew they had to leave, but she was still in shock. He said he’d fill her in on the way. Diane said she didn’t come back to cause anyone pain. Nick guided Sharon out of the coffeehouse.

Sharon couldn’t believe Diane was alive. She and Nick were at the cottage. Sharon didn’t have the emotional bandwidth for Diane, but she was wondering how it was affecting Nick, who’d been close to Diane. He said he was fine, and he was going to focus on Sharon. He asked if there was anything she needed him to do for Rey’s service. She said just being here meant everything. She didn’t know how she’d get through this without him and the kids. He said they’d be there for her today and every day.

Diane went back to the hotel and found Kyle in the lobby. He asked where she was. She said she’d been reacquainting herself with Genoa City. He wasn’t sure if she was mad at him or feel like he ambushed her back at the house. She wasn’t mad; she understood why he brought her together with all the Abbotts. She thought it was good that she talked to everyone and got it all out in the open. She asked where things stood between the two of them. Kyle was going back to Milan tonight.

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Days Update Monday, May 9, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eli reveals to Lani that it wasn’t Frank who shot him, it was TR. Lani says that can’t be right but Eli assures that her biological father is the one who tried to kill him.

Abe goes to Paulina’s, where TR answers the door. Abe asks if Paulina is home. TR tells him it’s not a good time but Abe says he needs to see her. TR responds that Paulina is busy. Abe argues that she won’t be too busy to hear what he has to say. TR remarks that Abe thinks he owns the world and talks about him running Paulina hot and cold for months as he wanted nothing to do with her and now expects her to drop everything for him. TR questions what is so important that he has to tell Paulina right now. Abe says it’s not his damn business, but he’s here to tell the woman he loves that he wants her back.

Rafe finishes a call with Johnny at the police station. Shawn arrives and tells Rafe that they still don’t have a clue where Allie took Ciara. Rafe reveals that he actually might know where they are.

Ben arrives at the Horton Cabin and reunites with Ciara. Ciara confirms that she had the baby and that Allie delivered the baby, only it wasn’t Allie and now she took the baby and left. Ciara cries that she doesn’t know where they went but they have to find and save their baby, Bo.

Devil Allie brings Baby Bo to the DiMera Crypt. The Devil sees the pile of ashes on the floor and remarks that he expected so much more from Andre. Bo wakes up crying. The Devil assures that he’s going to take very good care of him and suggests the DiMera Crypt makes the perfect temporary nursery and all the dead DiMeras can be babysitters. The Devil declares that they are going to do great things together.

TR tells Abe that he has some nerve as he suddenly wants Paulina back. Abe assures that he does and asks to come in. TR repeats that Paulina doesn’t have time for his games. Abe argues that Paulina can decide for herself if she wants to see him. TR reveals that she already has decided as they are back together. TR announces that he’s fixing to take his woman out of town for a romantic getaway. Abe argues that there is no way Paulina would go away with the likes of him, especially with Eli in a coma. TR thinks back to hearing that Eli is awake. TR and Abe argue about being Lani’s father. TR declares that he plans on getting his family back together. Abe says this proves how little he knows about family, that he would take Paulina away at a time like this. TR warns that Abe is starting to wear on his nerves. Abe responds that he’s not leaving. TR says they are going on a weekend away from Salem, the stress, and Abe’s judgment. TR adds that it’s not like Eli is waking up any time soon…

Lani thinks Eli may be confused. Eli insists that he’s not and that he remembers everything about that night. Lani asks what he remembers. Eli talks about interviewing TR’s ex Beth at the police station and he went to the park. Eli states that TR was there, reached for his gun, and shot him in cold blood. Lani questions why TR would do that when he wants to be part of her life and their kids’ life. Lani asks why he would risk all that by shooting her husband. Eli responds it’s because he found out the truth about him. Lani asks what truth.

Rafe informs Shawn that Susan thinks Ciara gave birth at the Horton Cabin, noting that Susan has been right more times than not about this Devil stuff. Shawn decides they need to get to the island. Rafe declares that they are not going alone because if the Devil is there, they are going to need backup. Shawn tells Rafe to make the call and he’s driving.

Ben asks Ciara what happened and what Allie did. Ciara repeats that it’s not Allie as she is possessed. Ben reveals that Allie drugged him, locked him up, and tried to kill him. Ciara explains that Allie wanted her to believe Ben was dead, so she would be here alone, grieving, and isolated when the baby was born. Ben apologizes for not being there. Ciara cries that the Devil fooled her and tried to convince her that Rafe wanted them to come here, but she knew something was off. Ciara says The Devil was just getting ready to take their baby and now he has him. Ben wonders what that demon wants with their son.

Evan/Christian enters the DiMera Crypt and sees Allie. He mentions that she said he could lie low here, so he hopes that’s still cool. Evan is shocked to see the Devil eyes in Allie as The Devil says it is cool and introduces Evan to his little friend in baby Bo.

Ciara cries that she never should’ve listened to Allie. Ciara talks about seeing “Ben” lying the floor but never believing he was gone. Ben can’t believe Ciara just gave birth to their baby boy with the Devil with her. Ciara notes that she didn’t know it was the Devil until after the baby was born. Ciara talks about Allie refusing to give her son to her and then she saw the eyes, so she knew exactly who she was looking at. Ciara cries, asking what if she never gets to hold her son.

Evan is shocked, asking what is going on and who the baby is. Evan notes Allie’s glowing eyes and creepy as Hell voice, asking what this is and who he is. The Devil tells Evan to search his soul and he’ll find that he already knows the answer. The Devil mentions trying to tell Evan at the prison but he was so determined to get out. He then reveals to Evan that he is The Devil Incarnate.

Lani questions what Eli could have possibly found out to make TR want to kill him. Eli reveals that he caught TR in the park with heroin. Lani argues that can’t be since TR promised he hasn’t been usgin since going to prison years ago. Eli tells Lani that it’s all an act as TR is still using and still abusing women. Lani brings up Beth saying TR never laid a hand on her and that he’s been a perfect gentleman. Eli informs her that at the station, Beth told him that TR was using drugs and abusing her for their entire relationship. Eli reveals that’s why he went to the park, looking for TR. Lani brings up Beth coming to see her at the hospital and saying she had something to say but then TR came in, so Beth left. Eli guesses that TR got to Beth first, but that she wanted to tell her the truth. Lani argues that she should’ve known Beth was lying and that TR threatened her. Lani complains that she wanted to believe TR was a good man that pulled his life together. Eli declares that he’s sorry, but her father is the same woman-beating addict who brutalized Paulina all those years ago.

TR says goodnight to Abe and tries to shut the door on him but Abe declares that he’s not leaving until he sees Paulina. Abe gets a call from Tripp, so he asks if there’s any news on Eli. Tripp reveals that Eli is awake. Abe tells Tripp that he will share the news with Paulina and he’ll be there soon as he hangs up. Abe then informs TR that Eli is awake and talking. Abe tries to walk in but TR stops him and says he will share the news with Paulina. Abe pushes his way in, but TR pulls out a baseball bat and knocks out Abe from behind. TR remarks that he told Abe that Paulina was busy as he then begins to drag Abe’s body.

Lani cannot believe that she fell for TR’s reformed act and that she let him in to her life and their children’s lives. Lani questions how she didn’t see through his lies. Eli says he’s obviously good at fooling people, even Paulina. Lani points out that TR didn’t fool Eli. Eli says he just followed a hunch. Lani complains that it almost cost Eli his life as TR shot him with his own gun and left him to die in a park. Lani argues that her father would’ve left her a widow and taken away his grandchildren’s father just to hide his dirty little secrets. Eli responds that they will deal with him. Lani declares that she is going to but Eli doesn’t want her confronting TR alone as he’s dangerous when cornered. Lani wants TR cornered in a prison cell. Eli instructs Lani to call this in to Rafe and let the rest of the police department deal with it. Eli asks if Lani knows where TR is. Lani thinks back to seeing TR and Paulina leaving the hospital together, so she then informs Eli that TR is with her mother.

TR complains that Abe couldn’t leave well enough alone and this is what he made him do, just like Eli. Paulina calls that she’ll be right out. Paulina then comes out and is surprised it’s just TR, as she thought she heard voices. TR claims that a religious group was at the door, handing out pamphlets.

Evan questions Allie being The Devil and says he can’t believe this. The Devil brings up being back in town. Evan recalls Orpheus telling him about Marlena being possessed but all the news reports said there was an exorcism. The Devil calls it misinformation. Evan guesses the Devil jumped out of Marlena’s body into this random girl’s body. The Devil clarifies that this random girl happens to be Marlena’s pastry-baking bisexual granddaughter Allie Horton. The Devil adds that it wasn’t right away since after Eric banished him from Marlena, he went in to her grandson in Johnny, had a brief pit stop in Belle, until landing in his current host. Evan asks if he’s trying to spend time in Marlena’s whole family.

Ciara tells Ben that she thought she saw Allie struggling and might be able to push the Devil out. Ben calls that a good sign that means Allie is somewhere still in there and won’t let the Devil hurt Bo. Ciara cries that she won’t be able to resist since the Devil is too strong. Ben argues that Ciara just had a baby, so she’s in no condition to go chasing after Satan. Ciara declares that she’s a mother so it’s her job to protect her child. Ben tells Ciara to rest and that he will go find Allie and Bo as soon as they go get help. Ciara refuses to let Ben face that alone and shouts that she won’t rest until her son is in her arms. Rafe arrives and hugs Ciara, saying he’s so sorry this is happening to her.

Evan asks the Devil if this whole thing is about getting revenge on Marlena for casting him out 25 years ago. The Devil responds that if he wanted revenge on Marlena, he could have wiped out her entire family. Evan questions why possess Marlena again or her granddaughter then. The Devil brings up everything Allie has been through in her life making her the perfect host. Evan realizes she has Ben and Ciara’s baby and questions what he plans to do with him.

Rafe questions Ciara wanting to leave. Ciara wants to look for her baby. Rafe says not in her condition as she needs to get to the hospital. Ciara feels they all need to be looking for the baby. Ben asks if there are any leads. Rafe thought Allie would still be here. Ben suggests she could still be on the island. Ciara wants them searching. Rafe assures that he has people searching so Ciara thanks him. Rafe calls Ciara family and says this is personal. Ben insists on getting Ciara to the hospital to get checked out. Ben reminds Ciara that she just had a premature baby with no medical supervision so she needs to be checked out as Bo will need his mother to be strong. Ciara asks Rafe to promise he won’t give up until he finds her baby. Rafe promises to turn the island upside down until he brings her son back to her.

Lani worries that she needs to warn Paulina about TR before it’s too late.

TR sees Lani is calling Paulina, so he hides Paulina’s phone. TR tells Paulina that they need to get going on their trip. Paulina questions the rush. TR says he just can’t wait to get her all to himself. Paulina still doesn’t feel right about leaving Lani and Eli at a time like this. TR claims she’ll only be a phone call away if anything happens, but she has to take care of herself too. TR asks her to let him take care of her. Paulina then agrees to get this romantic weekend started as they kiss and hug.

The Devil complains about being tired of everybody asking what he’s going to do with the baby and tells Evan that it’s nobody’s business. The Devil says it’s all he’s heard since making sure Ciara got pregnant. Evan argues that they were supposed to be partners, so he thinks he deserves to know what the Devil has in store for Ben and Ciara’s baby. The Devil declares that it’s Evan’s lucky day and agrees to reward him for helping convince Ciara that Jake was Ben, so Evan will become the first to know what he has in store for little Bo Weston.

Lani complains that Paulina’s phone is just going to voicemail. Lani leaves a message for Paulina, informing her that TR is the one who shot Eli and warns that he is dangerous, so she needs to get away from him right now. Lani asks Paulina to call her back and not let TR know that they are on to him. Eli tells Lani it’s going to be okay. Lani worries that she needs to get to Paulina because she could be in real trouble. Eli argues that she needs to call in backup. Lani reminds him that every available officer is out looking for Ciara’s baby. Eli says there has to be someone who can help. Lani declares that she doesn’t need help as TR needs to be arrested for what he did to him, and she wants to be the one to do it. Eli says no but Lani kisses him and rushes out of the room.

TR tells Paulina that he’s been waiting a lot of years for this second chance. Abe starts to wake up behind the couch. Paulina questions what she heard. TR claims that he didn’t hear anything and they need to go. Paulina points out where the sound came from. TR says there’s nothing over there but Paulina goes to look and is shocked to find Abe unconscious in a pool of blood.

Julie goes to the hospital and runs in to Lani on her way out. Julie tells Lani that Tripp just told her the good news that Eli is awake. Lani asks where the twins are. Julie says she got her regular babysitter and they were sleeping. Lani says she’s sorry but she has to go. Julie asks if everything is alright. Lani says it’s not and she needs to find Paulina. Julie responds that Paulina is with Abe because Abe realized he still loves Paulina, so she sent him to her to get her back. Lani worries as she gets onto the elevator, leaving Julie wondering what is going on. Julie goes in to see Eli and tells him how happy she is to see him awake. Julie informs Eli that the twins can’t wait to see him again. Eli asks about Doug. Julie says he’s much better than he was a couple months ago which Eli is glad to hear. Julie expected a different mood when she got here because Lani seemed so disturbed about something but she ran off before she could ask what happened. Eli reveals that Lani just received some really disturbing news. Eli adds that he has to tell Julie something that she’s not going to like. Eli informs her that he remembers who shot him, it was Lani’s father TR Coates.

Paulina screams that Abe is bleeding and questions what TR did to him. TR claims it’s not what it looks like. Paulina says to hell with him and goes to get her phone to call 911 but sees she has a missed call from Lani. TR then grabs Paulina and says he’s sorry but he can’t let her make that call.

Ben and a nurse get Ciara set up in a hospital bed. The nurse tells her that she’ll feel better after getting some fluids in here. Ciara complains that she feels fine and would feel better if she could help with the search party. The nurse encourages her to rest and then leaves the room. Ciara hates sitting here doing nothing. Ben encourages that the best thing she can do right now is take care of herself, because when they bring Bo home, he will need a healthy mom. Ciara cries that she only got to see her baby for a few minutes. Ben encourages that he will be strong like her. Ciara cries that she doesn’t even have a picture of her baby and she’s so scared as Ben hugs her.

Evan asks the Devil what the plan is. The Devil talks about having someone to share it with. Evan mentions that he’s a good listener. The Devil explains that after possessing Marlena and various members of her family, he decided to take residence in a more permanent dwelling. Evan guesses he’s going to possess the baby. The Devil says he wouldn’t use the word possess because taking over a human soul runs the risk of them constantly fighting to get back to the loved ones. Evan asks if Allie is fighting him now. The Devil confirms that she is and she almost got through when the baby was born but with the baby, he won’t have that problem because his soul is new and shiny so there’s no time for him to form bonds with his family that made Marlena and the others fight him so hard. The Devil calls Bo his earthly do over and declares they will get a whole lifetime together. Evan asks how this is going to work and if the Devil plans to have Ben and Ciara raise him. The Devil declares that Ben and Ciara’s part in this is over and that’s where Evan comes in. The Devil says it will be a lot easier for the caretaker he’s selecting if Ben and Ciara aren’t constantly trying to get their son back. Evan asks what he wants him to do about it. The Devil then orders Evan to kill Ciara and Ben.

Ben tells Ciara that a few years ago if something like this happened, he would have said he deserved it but now he doesn’t feel fear or despair. Ben calls it a dark time but he feels hope because they have to stay positive. Ben says Ciara taught him that by loving him and believing in him, so he believes they are going to see their son again. Ciara agrees that she has to believe it too. Ciara then asks Ben to go join the search party and bring their baby Bo home. Ben promises to find their son as he kisses and hugs her.

Julie is shocked to learn that TR did this to Eli and says she knew he was bad news from the get go, but she never imagined he would try to murder her grandson. Eli worries about Julie’s heart. Julie tells Eli that she just sent Abe over to Paulina’s apartment to explain that he’s still in love with her. Julie worries that if TR is there then she just put Abe and Paulina in harm’s way. Eli adds that Lani is on her way over there right now.

TR tells Paulina that he can explain if she lets him. Paulina argues that TR hasn’t changed at all and he’s still the same lying, violent dog he always was. Paulina and TR struggle over her phone. TR raises his hand towards Paulina. She asks if he’s going to hit her and tells him to go ahead because she’s not that scared little girl he used to beat up anymore. Paulina calls him a coward and tells him to go ahead. Lani then arrives and sees Abe in a pool of blood. Lani calls TR a son of a bitch and pulls her gun. TR turns and tells Lani that he can explain. Lani then shoots TR.

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Y&R Update Monday, May 9 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Victor was at Society with Nikki. He was delighted that Victoria intended to restore the company’s original name – Newman Enterprises. He asked Nikki if she wanted him to speed the process along by going to HR. She said she’d mention it to her co-CEO. She shifted gears and said they had to discuss Diane’s return with Victoria and the rest of the family. He said he told Diane that she wasn’t welcome here. Nikki hoped Diane would stay the hell away from the Newmans, since Victoria had enough to deal with right now.

Victor said Diane would have to deal with him if she harassed Victoria. Nikki didn’t think there was much chance of that, since Victoria didn’t get out much these days, and basically went from home to the office and back. Victor said he’d have to tell Adam not to mention Diane to his sister. Nikki asked how Adam found out. Victor said he warned Adam because Adam and Diane were once co-conspirators. Nikki assumed the Abbotts would let Abby know about Diane’s return. She said they’d have to tell Nick, so he wasn’t blindsided. She knew Nick would be bothered if he found out from someone else, especially since Victor told Adam. Victor said that it was different – Adam and Diane were co-conspirators, but Nick couldn’t stand Diane ever since he found out what she did to their family, and especially Nikki. Nikki said there was nothing Diane didn’t stoop to, back then. Victor doubted that changed.

Victor got a takeout order of Nikki’s favorite dessert for later. She brought up Ashland’s attempt to impress Victoria by offering to donate half the money he got from Victor to New Hope. Victor said that Nick could to a lot of good with the money, but Ashland was trying to buy Victoria’s forgiveness. Nikki said Victoria swore it wouldn’t sway her. Nikki was concerned because it was obvious that Ashland wasn’t giving up on the idea of getting Victoria back. Victor hoped Victoria made it clear she was through with Ashland. He wanted that bastard out of town.

Victoria and Billy ran into each other at Crimson Lights. She invited him to join her for coffee, but he said he was there to pick up dessert to apologize for being late to the Abbott family meeting. He lingered and asked if there was something she wanted to discuss. She’d heard the podcast, the Grinning Soul. Billy pretended that the podcaster was someone based in California, but Victoria knew he was lying and that her soon to be ex husband was the subject of the latest episode.

Billy said he listened to the podcast, and it sounded to him like a generic diatribe on the abuse of power. Victoria said the podcast was about a greedy mogul who betrayed the woman he loved by lying to her about being sick. “Gee, I wonder who that could be,” Victoria said. Billy stuck to his story that the podcast could be about anyone. Victoria said Billy could change his voice, but she knew the cadence of his speech and the phrases he used. She told him to admit he was the host. He scoffed and said he already had a podcast. She thought the name fit him – soul implied depth, while grinning undercut it with sarcasm and self-deprecation. She asked when he was going to stop sticking his nose where it belonged and leave her in peace. She noted that the last time this happened, he lost ChancComm. He said that if the Grinning Soul was actually talking about Ashland, would he have a problem with that?

Victoria thought Billy had a family meeting. He suspected she was trying to dodge the question, so he repeated it. He said Ashland was a monster who wouldn’t face legal consequences, because he didn’t really break the law. He suggested it was fair for the public to hear Ashland get called out. Victoria said she was a private person, and Billy was exploiting her pain for his overblown ego. She thought that he’d broken his promise to be there for her.

Victoria went to work and stared at her new portrait, commissioned by her father. She then took off the necklace that was a gift from Ashland and looked at it. She remembered what Billy said in his podcast – that there was a mogul who had everything and still wanted more – a liar and manipulative person who took and took until he sucked everyone around him dry. The person caused pain by everyone around him. Nikki and Victor arrived and learned Victoria didn’t have lunch. They said she could’ve joined them. She was sure they wouldn’t have wanted her there, because they wouldn’t have been able to talk about her over their meal. Nikki said they’d discussed all the kids and some of the grandchildren – their family was their favorite subject.

Nikki praised Victoria for taking off the Valentine’s necklace from Ashland. Victor wanted to know why Victoria had been wearing the necklace in the first place. She said it was just jewelry. Nikki had been concerned Victoria was wearing it earlier because Ashland tried to buy her forgiveness. Victoria said Ashland hadn’t gotten in touch with her about that, which was good because it would be a waste of their time. She thanked Victor for the portrait and for supporting her hiring Nikki as co-CEO. He thought Victoria and Nikki would make a hell of a team. She knew he’d wanted her to come around on Adam. He still hoped she would, and he thought Adam had a lot to contribute, but it would be premature to appoint Adam co-CEO now. Victoria was glad Victor recognized that. Victor was thankful Victoria made the company bigger and stronger than it was a year ago, in spite of that bastard, Locke. He reiterated that she and Nikki would make a hell of a team.

Nikki and Victoria had a meeting with PR about changing the company name coming up. Victor said killing Newman Locke couldn’t happen soon enough. Victoria hugged her father and quickly left go grab some food before the meeting. Victor thought it was amazing that Victoria was so happy after everything that happened. He wouldn’t have blamed Victoria for falling apart – she was stronger than he realized. Nikki thought that having Victor’s support really helped Victoria. During the day, Victoria could lose herself at work, Nikki said. Victor wondered how Victoria was doing when she went home to a big empty house. Nikki didn’t know. She said that Victoria was heartbroken – she’d adored Ashland, and she was still grieving that loss.

All the Abbotts stared at Diane. Jack offered her water, since she looked a bit pale. She smiled and said she was fine, just a bit caught off guard. Kyle admitted he probably should’ve warned her what he’d had in mind. She said it was okay. She knew she’d have to face Kyle’s family at some point, but she didn’t imagine having to do it all at once. Diane had kept track of Traci Abby and Ashley over the years, and she knew they were living successful lives. “No thanks to you,” Abby shot back. Ashley added that if Diane had her way, Ashley and Abby would be in prison for a murder they didn’t commit. Diane said she wouldn’t have let that happen. Ashley didn’t think Diane would’ve come to their rescue. She noted that, before Diane’s death, she had been blackmailing Ashley and Abby. Traci shifted gears and said she was sure Diane knew how they felt about the terrible things she did in the past, but Kyle didn’t bring her here to re-litigate it all.

Diane thanked Traci. Diane knew she was here to answer any questions about why she ran away, what she’d been doing since then and what her intentions were now. That was alright with her. She was looking forward to this, if it helped convince them she’d changed. Ashley asked why they should believe Diane. Kyle apologized to his paternal family and said it would be okay if they wanted to forget the whole thing. Diane didn’t think Kyle should do this. She was sure the Abbotts must see that Kyle needed this. Abby was annoyed that Diane was trying to be Kyle’s protector, when she’d left and the Abbotts were the one who’d been there for Kyle. Jack thought Diane had the most to benefit from this. Diane agreed, but she said that more than anything, she wanted to prove to her son that she’d changed, and this might be the only opportunity he’d give her to do that. She could take it if they needed to lash out at her or go over her sordid history.

Ashley told Kyle that Diane was trying to set the agenda and manage the Abbotts and make it seem like she was so brave to be facing them. Ashley said the reality was that Diane had no choice but to face them, because she had a lot riding on this. Diane was adamant that she wasn’t manipulating her son, and she didn’t need anything from him but forgiveness. Ashley was sure that would change. While Traci was as skeptical as everyone else, she thought they should hear Diane out, like they told Kyle they would. Kyle told Ashley that it was up to her, and she decided to stay.

Diane understood why everyone was suspicious. She also used to see herself as someone vindictive and incapable of change. She gradually realized she was lying to herself and saying she couldn’t change as an excuse not to do the hard work of becoming a better person. It was pathetic, Diane sad, and it was costing her a chance to reunite with Kyle. She realized she had to redeem herself and earn some scrap of self respect – something she never had. As Abby recalled, Diane always had a high opinion of herself. Ashley agreed that Diane put her needs above everyone else’s. Jack said woe to anyone who got in Diane’s way. Diane said that was arrogance and self-entitlement, not self-respect, and it took her years to learn the difference. Traci asked if Diane had these revelations on her own. Diane found a great therapist who forced her to take a look at her life. Kyle asked if the therapist was in favor of Diane returning to Genoa City. Diane said she and the therapist discussed the risks at length. Ashley thought that meant no. Jack didn’t think a reputable therapist would support Diane luring him to LA and using his granddaughter. Diane noted that she’d already explained her intentions. Ashley said they didn’t buy Diane’s explanations. Abby asked how they knew Diane wasn’t lying about going to therapy because she thought that was what Kyle wanted to hear.

Abby and Ashley asked Diane more questions about her treatment, and she answered. The therapist was a psychologist, and Diane hadn’t had a session since she left LA. Abby asked how long Diane had been in therapy. Ashley asked why Diane didn’t have phone or video sessions. Jack thought that was a fair point. Kyle asked if Diane was going to have more sessions once things settled, and she said yes. Traci repeated Abby’s question. Diane said she’d been in therapy for about six years, give or take. Abby asked which was it – give or take. Ashley asked when Diane stopped arguing with this psychologist and realized she needed real help. Diane said things really started rolling about 4.5 years ago. Abby was skeptical that it only took four and a half years for Diane to shed her sociopathic tendencies. Diane said she couldn’t give an exact timeline – it was a gradual process. Ashley wanted to see Diane’s bank statements. Diane said they were welcome to – she wasn’t wealthy, but she could take care of herself – she just bought a home in LA.

Jack noted that Diane bought Keemo’s house, and Ashley added that it was a pretext for getting close to Allie. Diane said the point was she was self-sufficient. She had a life, friends and a career in California. She didn’t come out of desperation – she came because she was finally strong enough to ace the backlash, and she finally felt like she had something to offer her son.

Billy walked in and was taken aback to see Diane. She noted that he looked well, and he replied that she looked alive. Traci brought Billy up to speed, and he told Diane to carry on. She wasn’t sure what else to say. She said at some point, they would have to decide whether or not anyone was capable of redemption. Diane assumed Billy did, based on the podcast she’d heard him do, and based on the changes he’d made in his life. Diane noted that Jack and Ashley had forgiven Victor and Phyllis, and the characters in Traci’s novels grew and learned from their mistakes. Diane knew that Abby had a little boy. Diane promised that she felt the same love for Kyle that Abby did for Dominic. Diane acknowledged that she failed Kyle horribly, but now she wanted a chance to make it up to him and be the mother he deserved. She asked why any of them would stand in the way of her doing that.

Traci was curious how Diane pictured a second chance with Kyle going. Diane said she’d welcome any of Kyle’s time and attention that he could spare – a phone call, a Christmas card. Jack didn’t believe Diane would settle for that. Diane said she’d gone so many years without being around her son, so just being able to look him in the eye and tell him she loved him would be a gift. Billy noted that Diane was telling them what she’d settle for, not what she wanted. Kyle said Diane already told him that – she wanted to be part of his life. Abby asked if Diane was talking about following Kyle to Italy. Diane said that if Kyle were comfortable with it, it would be amazing. “Here we go,” Ashley grumbled. Diane said her Italian was rusty, but she could practice with Harrison. Ashley asked what if Kyle and Summer moved back to Genoa City. Diane said she’d plan accordingly. Ashley asked if Diane was aware that literally every Newman hated her. Diane would just avoid them – she’d gotten used to living a quiet life. Abby was skeptical. Diane said she changed, just like Abby wasn’t going around riding naked on horseback anymore.

Diane said that there was always tension between the Abbotts and the Newmans, but Abby said that it wasn’t like that anymore. Billy agreed and said that things were calm, with the exception of him and Victor and him and Adam, and occasionally him and Victoria. Traci gave Abby a lot of credit in bringing the family together. Billy said that his kids were part of both families, and Kyle and Summer were married, so it wasn’t two feuding camps anymore. Ashley said Diane wouldn’t have the opportunity to pit the two families against each other, which used to be one of her favorite tactics. Diane had no desire to cause problems – if the Newmans gave her a hard time, she’d deal with it – it would be worth it. She said this was hypothetical because Kyle hadn’t agreed to anything. Diane said she’d make any sacrifice to be close to him again. Just being in the same room with him gave her joy. She decided to go and let them mull over what she’d said.

Kyle asked his family what they thought. Ashley was sorry, but she thought Kyle’s instincts were right when he said he wasn’t sure if Diane was giving him a bunch of rehearsed lines. Ashley thought they’d just watched a performance – an excellent one, but not sincere. Traci thought Diane sincerely loved Kyle and wanted to be part of his life again. Jack said Diane always loved Kyle – that wasn’t the issue. Kyle said that he needed help figuring out if he could trust the rest of what she said. He thought Diane came across as someone who’d grown as a person. Abby couldn’t be objective. Abby thought that Diane bringing up Dominic was calculated, and it felt like something the old Diane would do. Ashley asked what Billy thought. He wasn’t sure they needed his input since he wasn’t here for the whole interrogation. Kyle still wanted Billy’s take. Billy asked why – because he was a reformed screw up? Kyle smiled and said something like that. Billy thought Diane sounded convincing, and he’d probably give her another chance, but he was the king of second and third chances.

Kyle asked if Traci thought his mom sounded credible. Traci thought Kyle should be very wary of Diane’s claim that she was completely rehabilitated. Traci conceded that Diane might truly believe that was the case, but there was no way they could prove she really had changed. Ashley said the only way to know was to observe Diane over an extended period of time. Ashley didn’t think they should actually do that though – she said they should avoid Diane all together. Kyle noted that there were two people who were opposed, and two who slightly thought they should give her another chance. He asked Jack what he thought.

Jack said that this was Kyle’s decision – he had to weigh everything he heard. Jack would support Kyle either way. Traci encouraged Kyle to take as much time as he needed. Ashley added that Kyle shouldn’t let Diane make him feel guilty or let her run the show. Abby seconded that. Kyle wasn’t sure what to do. Billy said Kyle could flip a coin. The doorbell rang, and Jack answered. It was Allie. She was sorry to just show up. She didn’t call ahead because she wasn’t sure if she’d chicken out of visiting. She asked if her timing was bad. Jack beamed. He told her that her timing was excellent, and he said to come inside and meet her family.

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Days Update Friday, May 6, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eli finally begins to wake up so Lani excitedly asks if he can hear her. Eli manages to nod his head. Lani cries about how she’s been praying for him to come back. Eli is then able to grab her hand.

Ciara tells Allie to get out of her way. Allie argues that she’s not thinking straight and questions where she would even go. Ciara says she’ll go to the docks, find the cops, and make them take her to Ben. Ciara goes to leave, but stops and announces that her water just broke. Ciara starts to panic and says she can’t do this without Ben. Allie says she can and will, encouraging her to think about the baby and how long they have waited. Devil Allie declares that Ciara’s baby will be born today and it will be the happiest day of her life.

Lani tells Eli not to try to talk as she leaves the room to go get a doctor.

TR asks Paulina if they can go somewhere more private, like his room. Paulina suggests her place instead and then he can ask his question and leave. TR agrees to whatever she says as they exit the hospital together. Lani comes from Eli’s room, trying to catch her breath and talking about Eli being back. Lani then sees Paulina and TR leaving on the elevator but is too late to inform them. Lani then sees Tripp and informs him that Eli woke up so they rush back to his room.

Johnny tells Susan that he doesn’t think trying to make a connection with Allie will work with the way things are. Susan encourages that Johnny can reach her since he knows the real Allie better than anyone. Susan tells him to use his love to reach out and let her know that. Susan says that Allie is lost right now and Johnny needs to find her.

Ciara tells Allie that she needs to help her get to the hospital so Ben can help her breathe. Allie claims that Ben is dead but Ciara refuses to believe it. Allie knows she doesn’t want to have her baby here but says she does not have a choice in the matter.

Johnny tells Susan that he would do anything for Allie but he doesn’t know what to do as he can’t make it happen. Susan encourages that he can. Susan says it won’t be easy but he has to amplify the bond they have and then maybe they can reach out to her. Johnny mentions that the Devil has his phone. Susan gets her phone to use a picture of Allie that Johnny had sent her before. Susan then tells Johnny to concentrate on the photo. Susan encourages Johnny to see what Allie sees.

Ciara insists that Allie needs to go tell the cops to call a doctor but Allie says there’s no time. Ciara says she can’t do this alone and she wants Ben as she needs him to do this with her. Allie says she is all she’s got and promises that Ciara and her baby are in good hands.

Abe goes to the Horton House and tells Julie that he’s sorry to hear about Ciara. Abe asks if there’s been any word. Julie says no but Shawn and the whole police department are searching everywhere for her. Julie says that the Devil is still after her baby and has now possessed Allie. Abe says he’s keeping them in his prayers. Abe asks if the twins were any trouble. Julie assures they never are and are napping now. Julie offers Abe some tea which he accepts. Julie asks how things are at the hospital. Abe says Lani is hanging in there but there’s been no change in Eli.

Tripp asks Eli how he’s feeling. Eli asks why he’s in the hospital. Lani informs Eli that he’s been in a coma since March. Eli tells her that he’s so sorry. Lani tells him not to worry about her as he’s the one who was shot. Lani questions him not remembering that. Eli says he doesn’t. Tripp advises them not to be alarmed by that as it’s completely normal. Eli wonders who shot him. Lani says they will get in to that later. Tripp agrees as he wants to give him a thorough exam first.

TR and Paulina go back to her place. TR tells Paulina how much the last few months have meant to him and calls it a blessing to be around his daughter and grandchildren. TR adds that Paulina was generous enough to let him back in her life even though he didn’t deserve a second chance but he’s grateful that she gave him one anyway. TR states that spending time together has made him realize that Paulina is the love of his life. TR takes her hand and says he was hoping that she might do him the honor of becoming his wife.

Abe informs Julie that things have been tense between he and TR lately as TR found out that he and Paulina recently kissed. Abe explains that Paulina kissed him but he pushed her away and then TR told him off for hurting Paulina’s feelings. Julie doesn’t understand why Paulina has let TR back in to her life. Abe thinks things have gone beyond that now and there’s something romantic between them but it seems like a really bad idea, which Julie agrees with. Julie declares that it’s about time Abe does something about this because he still loves Paulina. Julie tells Abe to get over himself and win Paulina back.

Paulina questions TR wanting to marry her and asks if he’s lost his damn mind. TR knows it may seem sudden. Paulina argues that she’s spent 3 decades not knowing or caring where he is and then he happens to bump in to her and now he wants to tie the knot. Paulina says too fast would be a massive understatement. TR offers to take her away for a romantic weekend to sweep her off her feet. Paulina admits that sounds a lot less radical but she remains uncertain. TR insists that it’s one weekend and there’s no harm in that…

Tripp checks Eli out and says everything seems good. Lani can’t wait to tell everyone but she doesn’t want to leave Eli’s side. Tripp offers to make the calls for Lani. Tripp tells Eli to take it easy and he’ll be back soon as he then exits the room. Lani checks on Eli, who says he’s okay. Eli asks about her and the kids. Lani says they are fine. Lani admits she was a mess but she had so much help from Paulina, Julie, and Abe who were all wonderful helping with the kids. Lani adds that even TR pitched in. Eli questions if she let TR near their kids. Lani points out that Eli has missed a lot.

Allie prepares Ciara to give birth. Ciara pulls out a photo of Ben and says she wants him there in some way.

Johnny looks at the photo of he and Allie on Susan’s phone but says he can’t as his head is killing him. Ben pleads with Johnny that this might be their only chance, reminding him that Ciara is alone with the Devil, who is after their baby. Ben asks what if the baby comes early. Susan holds Johnny’s hand and says she’ll do it with him. Susan encourages Johnny to close his eyes and think of Allie and get Allie to think about her son. Susan wants Johnny to see the first time Allie held her baby. Johnny tries to speak to Allie and urges her to think about Henry as he needs her and she has to get back to him. Johnny then tells them that he can see Ciara through Allie’s eyes.

Eli asks Lani what else he missed and if the kids are fine. Lani assures that they and that Abe is on his way to Julie’s to pick them up. Eli doesn’t want TR near their kids. Lani assures that they were never left alone with TR, but he did help her with all of this. Lani mentions that she and Paulina both had reservations about TR, but even Paulina is beginning to think that he’s a changed man. Eli guesses he did miss a lot as the last thing he remembers is having the ISA check TR out. Eli says there was something else and recalls speaking to someone that knew TR. Lani identifies that was TR’s ex girlfriend Beth, who Billie tracked down. Eli remembers Beth coming to see him at the police station and that she was an actress. Lani explains that Beth wanted Eli to know that TR was sober the entire time they were together and that he never laid a hand on her, but Eli does not remember that and asks if she’s sure that’s what Beth said.

Paulina tells TR that it doesn’t feel right to leave Lani while Eli is still in the hospital. TR comments that it looks like Eli will be there for awhile and he doesn’t think Eli would want her to put her life on hold. TR adds that it’s just a couple days and they will come right back if anything happens. TR points out that Paulina has been running herself ragged and she can come back refreshed, ready to help Lani again. Paulina admits she’s been stretched thin lately and agrees to go away with TR. TR tells her that she has no idea how happy she has made him as he gets up and hugs her.

Ben asks Johnny how Ciara is. Johnny continues to use his connection to see Ciara through Allie, he notes that Ciara is on the floor and looks like she’s in pain. Ben asks if she’s hurt. Johnny says no but he thinks she’s in labor and the baby is on her way. Ben argues that the baby isn’t due for a couple more weeks and asks if Allie is with her. Johnny realizes that he’s seeing Ciara through Allie’s eyes. Susan encourages Johnny to keep talking to Allie.

Allie encourages Ciara to keep breathing. Allie starts to hear Johnny’s voice, confusing her. Ciara asks what’s wrong. The Devil starts telling Johnny to get out as Ciara questions what she’s saying.

Johnny falls down and tells Ben and Susan that The Devil figured out what was happening and blocked him out. Ben asks if he saw where they were. Johnny says he couldn’t see much but it looked like a cabin. Ben guesses it’s his cabin where he took Ciara and decides he needs to get there now, so he rushes out of the apartment.

Allie urges Ciara to keep pushing and says she can see the baby’s head. Ciara then successfully gives birth to her baby boy. Allie picks up the baby and says he’s perfect. Ciara asks her to give her baby to her. Ciara then tells Allie to let her have her baby.

Abe tells Julie that even if he does love Paulina, the problem is he can’t trust her because she’s lied to him too many times. Julie admits that is a valid concern as trust is very important, but questions what else Paulina has to lie about. Julie believes Abe knows everything now. Julie states that she loathes TR but he does have certain charms, is a smooth talker, and is sort of a Hollywood player. Julie suggests perhaps Abe doesn’t care to compete with the new kid in town. Abe jokes that she is evil. Julie talks about how it’s okay to throw in the towel because love is a young man’s game.

Paulina wants to call Lani and let her know. TR decides he will call her while Paulina goes to pack. Paulina hopes he’s not totally devastated that she turned down his proposal. TR responds that he’ll get by somehow. After Paulina leaves the room to go pack, TR remarks that he will get that money somehow. Paulina’s phone then rings, so TR answers it assuming it’s Lani but it’s Tripp, who asks if Paulina is there. TR asks Tripp if everything is okay. Tripp says he has good news as Eli just woke up, startling TR.

Lani asks Eli what he means by asking if she’s sure since Beth told her, herself. Eli questions getting shot on the day that he talked to her and asks how it happened. Lani says they don’t have to do this right now but Eli wants to know what happened. Lani responds that what they know is that Eli left Beth at the police station, and she said that he said he’d be right back but didn’t say where he was going or why, and somehow he ended up at the park where a drug dealer ended up shooting him. Eli asks why but Lani says they don’t know. Lani informs him that she and Shawn were first on the scene and the drug dealer Frank had already overdosed and there was a needle by his body and Eli’s gun in his hand. Lani cries that she really thought she was going to lose Eli as she hugs him.

Susan sits Johnny back up as he agrees to try again because he has to get to Allie. Susan encourages that he can do this. Johnny sees Ciara’s baby and that Allie is holding him.

Johnny’s voice urges Allie to fight and not let the Devil hurt Ciara or the baby. Allie screams for him to get out. Ciara questions what’s going on. Allie tells her that everything will be fine soon. Johnny continues to see through Allie’s eyes until she then uses the Devil powers to fight Johnny off again.

Johnny doesn’t know what the Devil did but he doesn’t think they will get back in. Susan says he tried and that’s all that counts. Johnny responds that he did better than try as Allie heard him and told him where they were by looking at a ferry ticket to Smith Island. Johnny realizes they aren’t at Ben’s cabin, they are at the Horton Cabin, so Ben went to the wrong cabin.

Ciara gets up and tells Allie to let her see her baby. Allie welcomes the baby to the world. Ciara repeats to Allie to give her baby to her. Allie turns to her and says no because this is her baby.

Julie brings up when Abe was shot and they were waiting for him outside of his surgery and says Paulina would have done anything on Earth to keep him safe because she loves him fiercely. Julie asks if Abe really wants to let a woman like that slip away. Abe admits he doesn’t want to lose Paulina. Julie encourages him to tell her that he wants her back then. Abe decides that he will, so Julie tells him to go. Abe reminds her that he’s here to pick up the kids. Julie assures they are fine, so he can go to Paulina now. Abe acknowledges that she told him it’s time to get over himself. Julie ask what are friends for. Abe thanks her for the tea as he then exits.

TR is surprised to hear that Eli is awake. Tripp adds that they have every reason to believe he’ll make a full recovery. TR asks if he said anything about what happened to him. Tripp says no as Eli doesn’t seem to remember what happened before the shooting but that is normal with trauma like his. Tripp adds that it’s possible his memory will come back, so they will just have to wait and see. TR thanks Tripp and says he’ll tell Paulina right away. TR then hangs up in frustration. Paulina comes back in and asks if he spoke to Lani. TR lies and claims that he just spoke with Lani, who said it’s a great idea for them to get away for a few days and that she wants Paulina to have the time of her life.

Lani informs Eli that Shawn tried to revive Frank the drug dealer but it was too late, so they had no way of knowing what exactly went down. Eli asks for a picture of Frank, so Lani pulls one up on her phone. Eli says he doesn’t look familiar. Lani questions Eli not remembering why he went to the park. Eli confirms that he doesn’t. Eli then starts to remember fighting over the gun. Lani asks him what it is. Eli tells her that it’s starting to come back to him.

Susan tries to call Ben but it went straight to voicemail. Johnny doesn’t think there is any service at the island. Susan leaves a message for Ben that he went to the wrong cabin and it’s the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. Susan hopes he gets the message.

Ciara questions Allie saying it’s her baby and asks if this is a sick joke as she asks for her baby. Allie responds that she’s sorry but she has other plans for him. Ciara asks what she’s talking about and demands she give her son to her. The Devil then takes over and reveals to Ciara that he’s not Allie. Ciara begins to panic and says it can’t be as she thought he was in Johnny. The Devil talks about having to learn to pivot and this was spur of the moment but inspired. Ciara pleads with the Devil not to do this to an innocent little baby. The Devil declares that no one can stop him now. Allie’s voice from within tries to stop the Devil and says she won’t let him do this.

Lani asks what Eli remembers. Eli recalls struggling with the gun. Lani asks if it was with Frank. Eli says maybe and then remembers further. Eli then comes to a realization as he remembers the moment he was shot. Eli reveals to Lani that it wasn’t Frank who shot him, it was TR.

TR calls on Paulina to get going. Paulina tells him to hold his horses as she hasn’t even finished packing yet. TR argues that it’s just a weekend. TR remarks to himself that she won’t need a lot of clothes where she’s going. Abe then shows up at the door and comes face to face with TR.

Johnny calls Rafe and tells him that they figured out that Allie took Ciara to the Horton Cabin and Ciara has had her baby, so he has to get there right away.

Ben arrives at the Horton Cabin and reunites with Ciara. Ben tells her that she’s okay and mentions almost going to the wrong place. Ben looks around and asks where Allie is. Ciara responds that she’s gone and it wasn’t Allie, it was the Devil. Ciara cries that the Devil took their baby as Ben hugs her.

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Days Update Thursday, May 5, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Paulina visits Eli with Lani in the hospital. Paulina encourages that Eli knows how much Lani loves him. Lani credits Paulina for always being there and allowing her to spend so much time at Eli’s side. Paulina says it’s her honor to support them and she will continue to do so as long as they need. TR then arrives with flowers and asks how his two favorite girls are. Lani thanks TR and tells him there is no change in Eli, but she keeps talking to him and telling him that they can’t wait for him to come back. Lani says it may be wishful thinking but she really feels like he’s listening this time. Paulina encourages that Eli hears every word Lani says to him and he’s working hard to get back to her and their children.

Tripp enters a hospital room to check on Beth and asks what brings her in today. Beth turns to him, revealing she has a black eye.

Chanel arrives at the hospital and sees Johnny. Chanel asks how he’s feeling. Johnny responds that he’s much better as he’s rehydrated and good to go. Chanel asks if he’s sure since he’s been through a lot. Johnny jokes that it wasn’t that bad but then goes over being possessed by the Devil, held prisoner in a crypt and almost strangled to death by his dead uncle. Johnny says everyone has their problems but admits it did a number on him, though he’s fine now. Chanel assumes he’s heading home to rest but Johnny says no way as he needs to find Allie.

Devil Allie walks around the cabin as Ciara sleeps on the couch. The Devil says now that he’s convinced Ciara that her husband is dead and she’s in mortal danger from the maniac who killed him, she can stay here with him where he’ll keep her safe until she gives birth and then that baby will finally be his. The Devil declares that’s the plan and nothing is going to stop him.

Susan rushes in to Ben’s apartment, saying she got his message and came as soon as she could. Ben talks about no one seeing or hearing from Ciara or Allie since yesterday. Ben needs Susan to find Ciara right now as she could give birth any time and the Devil is after their baby. Susan encourages Ben that love will always win over evil. Ben hopes she’s right and that they can use her power to help him connect with Ciara like before. Susan tells Ben to get her something of Ciara’s. Ben gives Susan the motorcycle helmet that he gave to Ciara as an anniversary gift. Susan raises the helmet and calls out to Ciara to try and feel her presence but doesn’t get anything. Susan then has Ben hold the helmet and holds Ben’s hand to try again but gets nothing. Susan then asks Ben to try to talk to Ciara.

Ciara hears Ben’s voice, saying he’s alive and trying to find her but he needs her help.

Susan encourages Ben to keep going. Ben says he needs Ciara to tell him where she is.

Ciara calls out to Ben but Allie wakes her up, saying she was having a nightmare. Ciara says it wasn’t a nightmare but she heard Ben and he’s alive.

Ben tells Susan that he was so close and swears he almost felt her but something happened. Susan guesses the Devil was messing up the signal. Ben asks what to do now.

TR asks what is the latest on Eli and the doctors and if they think he has a chance to wake up. Paulina insists that Eli is coming out of this while TR looks worried. Abe enters the room and comments that it’s a full house. Abe thought there wasn’t supposed to be too many people in the room as he turns to TR. Paulina decides she has to use the restroom anyway so she hugs Lani and then exits the room. Abe asks if it was something he said. TR responds that it was more like something he did.

Chanel tells Johnny that it might not be that easy for him to find Allie since she took Ciara. Johnny is shocked as Chanel explains that no one knows where she took her. Johnny remembers the Devil wants Ciara’s baby. Chanel says every cop in town has been looking for them. Chanel worries about what if the cops shoot first and ask questions later. Chanel cries that she’s so scared. Johnny hugs Chanel as Paulina comes off of the elevator and questions what the hell is going on here.

Tripp asks Beth how she got injured with the black eye and cut lip. Beth claims that she tripped and landed on her face. Tripp asks if he’s sure, adding that anything she tells him will remain strictly confidential as the doctors are given treatment guidelines to help them accurately identify what is going on with patients to get them what they need. Tripp wants to make sure he’s doing all he can to help her, so he has to ask if someone did this to her. Tripp adds that there is another option and offers to call in a female police officer but Beth says no cops. Beth says she is in a lot of pain and just needs a prescription for painkillers. Tripp feels she should be admitted in to the hospital but Beth says she can’t be here as she has to work. Tripp suggests ice first and then heat in a couple days and to switch to Ibuprofen as soon as she can. Tripp asks if she wants him to call a friend to pick her up but Beth says she’s good and quickly exits the room.

Abe asks what exactly TR thinks he did. TR informs him that Paulina told him that she made it clear that she still has feelings for Abe but he rejected her. Abe asks what the hell business it is of his. TR says it is because he cares about Paulina very much and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Abe laughs and says that’s rich coming from him. Lani interrupts, yelling at them to stop as her husband is fighting for his life and they are there arguing. Lani asks what is wrong with them.

Paulina yells for Johnny to keep his filthy hands off of her daughter. Johnny knows how she feels about him and asks Chanel to explain that he’s not the horrible person she thinks he is. Johnny says he’s sorry but he really has to go so he rushes out of the hospital. Paulina calls him a coward for running off. Chanel tells her that Johnny really does have something important to do, explaining that he just got released from the hospital. Chanel adds that Johnny was just comforting her because she was upset. Paulina hopes she’s not getting sucked back in to being with Johnny. Chanel says she doesn’t understand. Paulina complains about Johnny and Allie treating her like dirt and shattering her heart. Chanel clarifies that Johnny and Allie never meant to hurt her. Paulina questions her doing a 180 and defending them. Chanel reveals that she’s not making excuses but telling her that they weren’t responsible for that behavior because it wasn’t them, they were possessed by The Devil.

Allie tells Ciara that she couldn’t have heard Ben and was just dreaming. Ciara says it was more than that and she’s had the feeling before of Ben trying to reach out to her before and she just heard his voice saying he needs her. Allie calls that impossible and knows it’s hard to accept but Ben is dead. Ciara doesn’t believe it as every part of her is telling her it’s not true. Ciara declares that she has to find Ben but Allie says she has to take care of herself and her baby which means they have to hide out her until they find Evan because he will kill her and her unborn child if he finds her. Ciara doesn’t understand why there are no cops guarding the cabin outside if Rafe said he would send some.

Susan worries to Ben that The Devil has isolated Ciara as he wants her and the baby all to himself. Ben points out that Ciara doesn’t know that Allie is possessed so she trusts her which is why The Devil is able to manipulate Ciara in to doing whatever the hell he wants. Susan says not if Ciara is strong and determined. Ben agrees that Ciara just has to hang on until he can get to her. Susan declares that if the Devil gets in their way, they will go around him. Susan promises they will find Ciara because love will find a way.

Abe and TR apologize to Lani for arguing. Lani says whatever is going on between them, she can’t have it going on in this room. Abe says he understands. TR gets a call and tells Lani to hang in there and that he’s praying for Eli as he exits the room to answer the call. Abe questions TR just leaving because his work is more important than being here with her.

Susan tells Ben that they need to figure out how to get he and Ciara reconnected. Ben brings up how they communicated psychically before and when Ciara was held prisoner, they had the same dream at the same time of being Romeo and Juliet. Susan tells him to go get Romeo & Juliet.

Allie claims to Ciara that two cops did come by while she was asleep. Ciara questions her not waking her up. Allie says there was no reason to as they had no new information and just that they have an APB out on Evan. Ciara questions the cops just leaving them while they are in serious danger. Allie claims that they are down on the docks. Ciara wants to talk to the cops, insisting that Ben is still alive and she needs to find him. Allie claims to her that the cops made it clear that leaving is not an option so for her safety, they need to stay here. Allie suggests they do breathing exercises for her pregnancy. Ciara mentions that she was supposed to do that with Ben as he was going to be her birthing coach. Ciara cries that she and her baby need Ben. Allie encourages that she has her so she’s not alone. Allie offers to be Ciara’s birthing coach and says she’ll be honored to help bring her baby in to the world.

Paulina questions Chanel about the exorcism getting the Devil out of Marlena but not getting rid of him once and for all. Chanel says apparently not. Paulina feels that’s all the more reason for her not to go near the twins so that Satan doesn’t jump in to her next. Chanel says there are more important things to worry about right now because Allie took Ciara and no one knows where they went, but they know the Devil wants Ciara’s baby. Chanel feels so bad for Johnny and he went looking for them. Chanel wonders if she should go help but Paulina tells them to stay away and not go anywhere near that mess. Paulina suggests they go get coffee, so Chanel can tell her the rest of this insane story.

TR is on the phone at the hospital, saying he knows he said he would have the money by now but he will get it. TR gives his word that it will be next week at the latest but they hang up on him. TR then spots Beth on her way out of the hospital and confronts her, questioning what the hell she’s doing back here.

Abe apologizes to Lani as he knows he should keep his opinions to himself since TR is her biological father and has every right to be here. Lani understands Abe’s concerns about TR since for years, he abused Paulina and drugs. Lani notes that since Eli’s shooting, TR has been great and been there every day plus helping with the kids. Lani assures she would never leave the kids alone with him but they are his grandchildren. Abe says they are his too and he can’t not worry. Lani knows TR’s history and promises to keep her guard up, but she honestly doesn’t believe he’s a threat anymore as he’s trying so hard to prove that he’s become a different man. Abe doesn’t think that’s possible as he knows from Kate and Nicole, who had experience with abusers, that men like that rarely change. Lani responds that her experience as a cop tells her the same thing but rarely is not never, so TR could be the exception. Abe asks what if he’s not.

TR pulls Beth aside and warns her about shooting her mouth off to Lani again. Beth clarifies that she wasn’t here to see Lani, but to see a doctor. TR argues that she can’t be seen like this. Beth says she didn’t want to be but she was waiting for her ears to stop ringing, her eye to stop throbbing, and for it to stop hurting to breathe. Beth says she only came for painkillers and is now on her way back to the hotel. TR declares that’s not good enough as she needs to leave town and go back to LA. TR wants her on the next flight out. Beth asks about the movie and says she’ll be fine by then. TR disagrees and argues that she can’t do a movie looking like that. Beth argues that TR did this to her. TR remarks that she’s lucky that’s all he did…

Ciara appreciates Allie’s offer but says she and Ben had been practicing for months so he was supposed to be her birthing coach and she doesn’t think she can have this baby without him. Ciara then hears Ben’s voice reading Romeo & Juliet. Ciara asks if Allie just heard something like she did but Allie says no. Ciara says she heard it again as Ben continues reading Romeo & Juliet. Ciara tells Allie that she is definitely hearing Ben’s voice reciting Romeo & Juliet. Allie says there is no way. Ciara imagines Ben appearing in the cabin, reciting the lines, and says it’s really him and he’s here.

Ben points to Susan that the next line is Juliet’s. Ben worries that it’s not working. Ben then hears Ciara’s voice reciting the next line. Ben says he can hear Ciara and then imagines her appearing in the room behind him. Ben reaches out and says where ever she is, she must be seeing and hearing him too. Ben insists that he’s alive and is going to find her so he asks her not to give up on him.

Ciara reaches out and says she believes in Ben.

Ben asks Ciara to tell him where she is. He imagines Ciara saying she’s right there and that she can reach out and touch him but the vision disappears.

Devil Allie uses his powers to erase Ciara’s vision of Ben, leaving her disappointed.

Abe tells Lani that TR is always on his best behavior around her and Paulina, but he doesn’t buy that he’s truly reformed. Lani brings up TR’s recent girlfriend Beth vouching for him and saying that he never used drugs or laid a hand on her for the entire time they were together. Lani then brings up Beth coming to visit her the other day and she said she had something to tell her. Lani says she forgot about it until now. Abe wonders if it has something to do with TR. Lani says she doesn’t know as they got interrupted and then she left so she never found out what it was. Abe suggests maybe she should..

Beth asks what TR is going to do to her that he hasn’t already done, shoot her like he shot Eli? TR snipes at her to shut up and reminds her that he told her he had nothing to do with Eli’s shooting. Beth points out that TR also told everyone that he wasn’t doing drugs and wasn’t beating women. TR argues that she deserved what he did to her because she broke their agreement. Beth asks if she’s supposed to go back to LA while TR proposes to Paulina. TR says then Paulina says yes as everything is working out exactly as planned with Paulina. Beth asks what if Paulina starts asking questions and if he’s going to kill her. Beth points out that TR almost killed her just for being in the same room as his daughter. TR warns her to keep her voice down. Beth repeats that Paulina is no fool and is not going to let him get away with walking her blind. TR tells her not to worry about Paulina but to worry about what’s going to happen to her if she sticks around Salem and anybody sees her like this. TR warns Beth that if she shows her face around town again or talks to anybody about what he did then he will kill her. Beth says she’s got it and she’s leaving as she then exits the hospital as they stare back at each other. Paulina then approaches TR and asks if that was his ex getting on the elevator. TR confirms that was Beth. Paulina asks what she was doing here. TR claims that she was just looking for him because she decided to drop out of the movie and go back to California.

Beth walks through the town square, booking the next flight out to LA. Beth hangs up and then gets a call from Lani. Lani brings up Beth saying she had something to tell her and she’d like to know what it is.

Ciara tells Allie that it’s all going to be okay because Ben is not here now but he’s alive. Allie tells him that it’s not true and that she was just hallucinating. Ciara insists that it was their psychic connection at work. Allie encourages her to sleep but Ciara says no way as she’s not going to wait for Ben to find her, she’s going to find him.

Ben tells Susan that the connection was broken. Susan says what’s important is that he reached her and reconnected to her. Ben declares that now he just has to go find her. Johnny shows up at the door and asks if there’s any news. Susan hugs Johnny, who says he just got released from the hospital. Susan is happy that Johnny is alive and well and devil-free. Johnny credits Susan for saving him. Susan jokes that she’ll have Roger write a song about how they beat the Devil. Johnny points out that they haven’t won yet because Allie is still out there. Ben adds that she is with his wife and child.

Ciara says for her and Allie to go but Allie says she’s not going anywhere and not letting her go either. Ciara argues that Allie has no say about it as she is not her prisoner, so she is going to go find Ben and there’s nothing she can do to stop her.

Lani reminds Beth that she said it was something she deserved to know. Beth thinks back to TR threatening to kill her. Beth then tells Lani that it wasn’t important and she’s sorry for making her feel like it was. Beth says she has a plane to catch back to LA but she wishes her and Eli the best. Beth prays that Eli wakes up. Lani thanks her and they hang up. Lani tells Abe that was strange as she got the feeling that Beth was hiding something, but she’s leaving town now so she guesses they’ll never know.

Paulina questions TR about why Beth just up and quit. TR claims she didn’t say and guesses she got cold feet. Paulina asks if he needs a new Celeste for the movie. TR suggests Paulina put in a good word for him with Chanel to get her to consider to sign on again since he always thought she was the best person for the role. Paulina mentions just seeing Chanel and that she was on her way to the Bakery, so he could track her down right now if he wants. TR decides he will talk to her but not right now as there is a higher priority he has to take care of first. Paulina questions what is higher priority than his movie. TR responds that she is and he has an important question for her…

Abe tells Lani that he better get to Julie’s as he promised to take the twins for the evening. Lani thanks him and says she really could not do this without him. Abe says it’s his pleasure as they hug and that he loves her as he exits the room. Lani sits with Eli and says everyone loves him too and they are all pulling for him. Lani says they are not giving up on him and Paulina is right that Eli is going to come out of this. Lani adds that she misses him so much and so do their kids, Julie, Doug, Abe, and Valerie. Lani declares they will all be here waiting whenever he decides to finally come back to them. Eli then finally begins to wake up.

Ben fills Johnny in on Devil Allie making Ciara think that he was dead but now Ciara knows he’s alive as Susan helped him use their psychic connection to reach out to her, but they still don’t know where she is because the connection broke. Susan exclaims that she just came up with a brilliant idea, pointing out that as twins, Johnny also has a psychic connection with Allie.

Ciara tells Allie to get out of her way. Allie argues that she’s not thinking straight and questions where she would even go. Ciara says she’ll go to the docks, find the cops, and make them take her to Ben. Ciara goes to leave, but stops and announces that her water just broke.

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Days Update Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Leo goes to see Craig in his room and tells him that all his life, he’s always wanted something but now he only wants him.

Nancy walks through the town square, on the phone with Bonnie about her visit with Craig and how they realized after everything, they are still friends. Nancy starts to complain about Clyde not taking her on their date, but then she runs in to Clyde.

In the interrogation room, Jack questions what Jennifer is talking about. Abigail guesses that Gwen didn’t tell Jack what she told him before Rafe brought her in to the station. Abigail asks if Gwen wants to tell him or if she should. Abigail complains that Gwen never wants to admit to doing anything until she’s been caught. Jack questions what she’s talking about. Abigail declares that this is about Grandma Laura’s death not being an accident as Gwen told her that she killed Laura on purpose. Jack asks Gwen if it’s true. Gwen claims of course it’s not and that Abigail must have misheard what she said. Abigail assures that she heard it very clearly and repeats the exact words that Gwen said to her. Gwen asks if last night wasn’t enough fun for Abigail and if she woke up wanting to hurt her more. Jennifer argues that Gwen is not the victim here, but her mother was one of Gwen’s victims. Jack questions why Abigail didn’t say anything last night. Abigail felt Jack had been through enough. Jennifer recalls seeing Gwen whisper something to Abigail before Rafe took her away. Gwen remarks that she has a problem with someone else having the last word. Jack asks why Abigail chose to tell him now. Jennifer argues that she told Abigail that she had to because Jack has to know that they are now talking about murder. Jack turns to Gwen and asks if she killed Laura.

Nancy yells at Clyde as she hangs up with Bonnie and starts to walk away but Clyde tells her to wait. Nancy argues that she waited all day yesterday for him to call like he said he would but he never did. Clyde tells her that there’s a reason for that and informs her that his son Ben went missing. Nancy asks if he’s okay and if they found him. Clyde reveals that he was chained up in the DiMera Crypt. Nancy asks if Stefano came back from the dead again. Clyde tells her it was the Devil and he knows it sounds crazy but they found Ben and have no idea where his wife is because the Devil has kidnapped her. Nancy mocks him and says if he doesn’t want to date her, he doesn’t have to use old tales from the crypt. Clyde swears on his grandson that he’s telling the truth and shows Nancy his phone as proof.

Sonny shows Chad the article that Leo put in the Intruder about Chad as a drag queen. Chad starts saying he’s going to kill Leo. Sonny tries to calm him down and jokes with Chad. Chad reminds Sonny that all of his humiliation is Sonny’s fault. Sonny argues that a picture of Chad in drag is no big deal. Chad explains that it’s the story and reads how Leo wrote that he and Chad ended up in bed together, making it sound like Chad was obsessed with him.

Leo tells Craig that he wants him back, he wants him to forgive him, and he wants him to marry him. Craig responds that he’s sorry but Leo already has a husband. Leo insists that it was only to help Darius get a green card. Craig asks why he would care now. Leo assures him that he doesn’t love any other man but Craig.

Nancy asks Clyde expecting her to believe him with a picture of Chad in drag. Clyde realizes he showed the wrong story and then shows her the article about Ben being rescued and his pregnant wife now missing. Nancy then hugs Clyde and says he must be so worried. Clyde apologizes about the dinner. Nancy understands now that he had so much on his mind. Clyde hoped he could make it up to her if she had the time to go to lunch. Nancy asks what about his son and daughter in law. Clyde says the police are looking for her and Ben would rather be alone right now. Clyde mentions that he would like nice company like her. Nancy agrees to lunch, so Clyde invites her to the Brady Pub and says she can tell him all about her ex-husband’s wedding.

Craig tells Leo that he heard him say “I love you” a million times, but since he was lying to him from the second they met, he doesn’t know why he should believe him now. Leo talks about rubbing Craig’s feet after a long shift at the hospital, trading his drinks, and playing with his hair as little ways he shows that he loves him. Leo declares that for the first time in his life, he admitted he did something wrong and he apologized. Leo is sorry that he lied to him, seduced him, and tried to marry him for his money. Leo adds that the one thing he is not sorry for is that he fell in love with him because their time together has been the best days of his life.

Gwen claims she’s telling the truth. Jennifer asks if she is giving Jack her word on that, then questions what her word is worth since no one here would believe anything she says. Gwen argues that she is answering Jack’s question. Jennifer reminds Gwen that they already talked about this and she swore to her that Laura’s death was an accident and not intentional, so she believed and accepted that. Jennifer asks if that was the truth or not back then. Gwen insists that she was telling her the truth that day that Laura’s death was an accident. Abigail repeats that isn’t what Gwen said to her at the wedding unless she misinterpreted her. Gwen confirms that Abigail heard what she wanted her to hear and she took it just the way she wanted her to. Abigail asks why she would say something like that if it wasn’t true. Gwen asks if she can’t comprehend that she just wanted to hurt her. Gwen assures Jack that it was a lie. Gwen complains that Abigail said she would be her matron of honor and her sister, so she believed her, but instead Abigail used her wedding to kill any chance she had at being happy and to make sure she would lose Xander and Jack. Gwen adds that she was handcuffed, so she couldn’t punch her, so instead she punched her with her words.

Chad continues complaining about Leo’s article, detailing how Chad showed up at his door begging for sex and that he was obsessed with him which Chad also blames Sonny for. Chad plans to call his lawyer to sue the Intruder and Leo for libel. Sonny asks if he’s sure he wants to do that.

Craig asks if Leo is trying to play him again. Leo assures he’s being perfectly straight with him. Craig goes over Leo saying he fell in love with him, but at first he was just another mark. Leo confirms that he originally planned to just marry him, divorce him, and take him for every penny he had. Leo admits he would’ve succeeded if not for Will, Sonny, Chad, Brady, and Chloe.

Nancy informs Clyde that Craig and Leo’s wedding didn’t go off without a hitch but maybe it did. Clyde looks forward to her explaining it to him over lunch. They start to walk off together but Chloe and Brady appear. Chloe questions what the hell Nancy is doing with Clyde. Nancy introduces Clyde to Chloe and Brady. Chloe reveals they know who he is. Nancy then reveals that they are about to go on their first date but Chloe says over her dead body.

Chad tells Sonny that he can either kill Leo or sue him. Sonny doesn’t think he wants to do that since in order to sue for libel, there has to be false statement reported as fact while technically everything in the article is true. Chad blames Sonny for pleading with him to do everything he did. Chad then blames himself for letting Sonny talk him in to it when he knew it’d be a horrible idea.

Leo tells Craig that no matter what was done to try and break them up, he was always one step ahead. Leo calls it kind of scary how much they have in common and how easy and fun it was to be with him. Craig asks if his money had nothing to do with that. Leo admits he liked his money too. Leo adds the pre-nup Chloe drew up was a stroke of genius that he did not anticipate and he first thought that it was game over and he had to walk away, but he signed it because when the choice was giving up everything they had worked for, he didn’t care about losing any of it or that Darius would be furious, he only cared about losing Craig. Leo declares that now the million dollar question is does Craig believe him. Leo thinks that he does but says he doesn’t have to answer. Leo instead asks Craig if he can forgive him and if they can start over.

Abigail asks why they should believe Gwen after all the horrible things that she’s done to their family as it’s hardly a stretch to think she could have killed Laura. Abigail brings up Gwen drugging her and Sarah. Jack reveals that there is reason for hope since Gwen told Xander where he could get the antidote, so she’s doing what she can to undo the harm. Abigail laughs it off and says Gwen’s back is against the wall so she’s actually having to pay for what she has done. Abigail hopes Xander and Maggie test whatever she led them to. Abigail worries that Gwen would do it again since she’s made it clear that anyone who is loved by anyone that she thinks is supposed to love her, is fair game. Abigail thinks Gwen would be willing to hurt Sarah now more than ever. Gwen declares that Abigail has said her piece so she’d like a moment alone with her father now. Jennifer tells Jack that she will support any decision that he makes right now, but she will never trust Gwen to be apart of their family ever again. Jennifer and Abigail then exit the room. Gwen brings up Jack saying at the wedding that he was done with her and now there’s even more damning evidence, so she guesses that nothing will change his mind about her. Jack responds that she will always be his daughter. Jack brings up how Laura sending Gwen’s mother away, making her think that Jack turned his back on her as well but he never chose to do that. Gwen asks if they can move past this. Jack repeats that he will always be his father, but after what she did to Sarah and Abigail, he honestly doesn’t know what kind of a family they could ever be. Jack then walks out of the room, leaving Gwen in tears.

Nancy tells Chloe that she knows it’s hard to see her moving on from her father. Chloe doesn’t care that she’s dating, it’s who she’s dating, since Clyde just got out of prison. Nancy reveals that Clyde told her that and says that men can change. Nancy states that Clyde says he’s changed, so she believes him. Nancy and Clyde then walk off together. Chloe complains to Brady that she just spent months trying to stop one parent from dating the wrong person and now she has to do it with the other parent. Brady tells her that he’ll be here for her through this too. Chloe thanks him and says at least she knows she’s dating the right person as they kiss.

Chad tells Sonny that if he can’t sue Leo, he’ll give his own interview. Sonny questions Chad sinking to Leo’s level. Chad says Leo hit below the belt, so it’s time to return the favor. Sonny thinks Chad should just let it go since stories like this fizzle out on their own while he would just be adding fuel to the fire. Chad says that’s easy for him to say since he’s not even mentioned in the article. Sonny is surprised and looks it over, realizing Chad is right. Chad questions why Leo didn’t come after him and asks if Leo was right that it was why Sonny didn’t come to the wedding. Sonny reminds Chad that Leo said he was coming after everyone who came between he and Craig, so he has a sickening feeling that Chad is just first on the list.

Craig believes that Leo loves him and says part of him wants to forgive him, take him in his arms, and never let him go but he doesn’t trust him and trust matters to him. Craig says he took a huge leap of faith to be with him as he had to stop living a lie. Leo calls that a good thing. Craig notes that in the process, he tore apart his family and hurt the only woman he ever loved, just to love Leo. Leo asks if that means he’s going back to Nancy. Craig says no because he is gay and he will never hide that again but he and Leo are done. Craig informs Leo that he left his stuff downstairs. Leo gets tears in his eyes as he asks if Craig hates him. Craig says he does not, but he cannot be with him. Craig adds that because of Leo, he can now be himself. Craig wishes him luck and kisses him on the cheek. Craig states that with all that happened, he does not regret loving Leo. Leo then exits the room.

Brady finds Sonny in the town square and tells him that he just saw the article where Leo “outed” Chad. Sonny responds that he was there when Chad saw it and it was not pretty. Brady says the picture was kind of funny but says the article was full of lies that were calculated and hurt. Sonny points out that Leo didn’t just go after Chad but after his marriage and his family. Brady finds it odd and wonders why Leo didn’t go after him and Chloe or Sonny. Leo then appears and tells them not to worry, warning Sonny that he is next and when he’s done, Brady and Chloe will be next.

Chloe goes to Craig’s room and says she got his text but she was starting to think he never wanted to see her again. Craig assures that was never going to happen. Chloe says last night was awful and apologizes. Craig says there’s no need as he and Leo have said their goodbyes. Chloe repeats that she’s sorry. Craig says it’s okay and he was upset last night, but after having time to think, he realized that everything Chloe did, she had reason for. Craig understands Chloe did everything because she loves him. Chloe swears that’s why she did and says she has experience in putting her life back together if he needs help. Chloe asks if he wants to eat. Craig tells her that after talking to Leo, he’s made a few decisions. Craig then announces that he’s leaving Salem and going back to New York.

Nancy and Chloe sit together in the Brady Pub for their date. Clyde tells Nancy that he doesn’t know her very well, but what he does know, he likes a lot. Nancy says this is the beginning of their first date but feels that sounded like a kiss off. Clyde calls it an offering for an easy way out since he knows what his son means to him so he doesn’t want to come between Nancy and her daughter. Clyde tells Nancy that if she wants to back out now, that’s cool with him.

Jennifer goes home and looks at a photo of her and her mom on the mantle. Jack comes in behind her and hugs her.

Abigail returns to the interrogation room and tells Gwen that Jack left, so it’s just them and she wants the truth. Abigail asks Gwen if she did or did not kill her grandmother.

Jennifer talks about the arrogance of what Laura did and how Gwen had to pay for it, so she can understand why Gwen would want her dead. Jack informs Jennifer that after she left, Gwen swore to him that she didn’t kill Laura and that she was telling the truth that she was just trying to hurt Abigail. Jack calls that still horrifying since she hurt Abigail enough already. Jennifer wonders which of the two scenarios are the truth. Jack says he doesn’t know.

Abigail asks if Gwen was lying to Jennifer when she said she didn’t kill Laura or was she lying to her when she said she did. Gwen remarks that not knowing is killing Abigail and knowing that, she will never give her an answer. Gwen tells Abigail that she will never tell her what happened to her grandma, so she will never know. Gwen remarks that payback’s a bitch.

Chad is on the phone at home, arguing that his wife is not leaving him for another woman and he did not have a threesome with two men. Chad says he doesn’t know where they get their information, but threatens to make them pay if they print this garbage. Chad hangs up and then gets another call, annoying him further.

Nancy tells Clyde that she loves her daughter but she’s a grown woman and her days of pleasing other people are over. Nancy feels that after what she’s been through the last couple months, she deserves her happy ending.

Chloe asks Craig about his job. Craig reveals that he already gave Seth Burns his resignation as he didn’t feel good about taking the job from Kayla and the hospital will run much better with her in charge. Chloe disagrees and asks if there is no changing his mind. Craig says no, but he’s glad she came over so he could say goodbye before he left. Craig tells her that he’s sorry for how much he hurt her and Nancy. Chloe cries that all she ever wanted was for him to be happy and she knows he would never be happy not being who he really is. Chloe adds that she won’t repeat what she thinks about Leo, but she hopes someday Craig meets a man who is worthy of him. Craig hopes so too. Chloe says despite all the drama and fighting, she was really glad to have him back and she’s going to miss him. Craig and Chloe hug as they cry. Craig declares that no man has ever had a better daughter and he loves her.

Brady and Sonny notice Leo has his bags packed and comments that Craig sent him packing. Leo confirms that he and Craig are done, but he’s not going anywhere. Leo declares that this may have started as a scam, but it became very personal to him, and they all cost him the man he loves. Leo remarks that hell hath no fury like a gay man scorned, because he’s coming for all of them.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, May 3 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Diane saw no point in asking Victor how he got into her suite, because she knew that was how he was. She’d been expecting him. She assumed Nikki ran straight to him after her encounter with Diane. Actually, Diane thought Victor would’ve come faster. She suggested he was slowing down, but he said he was as fast as he’d always been. Victor implied that he wanted Diane to get out of town. She said threatening helpless women wasn’t really his style. “Or is that what you’ve become these days? A common thug?,” she asked. He said he’d never threaten a helpless creature of any kind, but he considered her venomous. He told her to pack her bag before people found out she was back. She thought that if she stuck around long enough, people would tolerate her. She said Phyllis was putting up with her, and she was staying in Phyllis’ hotel. Victor was sure Phyllis was allowing that because it let her keep an eye on Diane. Diane was sure Nikki informed Victor that Diane changed. Victor said it was bull – people didn’t change after a few therapy sessions. “So only Newmans are allowed to changed,” Diane replied. She stated that Nikki had become a pious poster child for sobriety and clean living, and Adam had become a family man. Victor stated that it took many years for his wife and son to evolve. Diane had zero expectations from anyone in this town, so she said Victor could keep his threats to himself. She was only here to explain things to her son and ask his forgiveness.

Victor stated that Kyle was a Newman now. Diane knew that Victor was saying that because her son married his granddaughter. Victor said that meant Kyle would be accorded the security of a Newman, and Victor had Kyle’s back. Diane said she reunited with Kyle – Jack arranged it. Victor thought Jack made a mistake. Diane didn’t think so. The conversation with Kyle went well. She said she wasn’t going to interfere and make Kyle upset. Victor said Diane was delusional if she thought she could bring people peace and happiness, especially Kyle. Diane said she meant no harm. Victor reiterated that Diane should get the hell out of town. “You know who I am and you know what I’m capable of. That’s far more than sneaking into your hotel suite,” Victor stated. He left.

Mariah ran into Kyle at Society. He was sitting at the bar, staring off into space, until she called his name and said she had no idea he was home from Milan. She hugged him and said they had so much to catch up on. Kyle missed Mariah. He claimed he was here on business. She asked where Snowflake was. He said Summer was wonderful, and she had to stay in Italy to oversee the new Marchetti launch. She asked how long he was here for. He wasn’t sure. She hoped it would take a long time, because she wanted him to be here for her wedding on May 13th. She said he was the first champion of her and Tessa’s love, and the wedding wouldn’t be the same without him.

Kyle promised to do everything in his power to be there for the wedding. He didn’t realize a date had been set. Mariah said it had come together quickly, which was why he hadn’t gotten a save the date email. She said there had been some complications. He assumed she meant Rey’s death. He was sorry. He talked to Lola, and she was devastated. He asked how Mariah was. She was in shock, and she missed Rey, but she was mostly concerned for Sharon. They wanted to put the wedding back, but Sharon wanted to keep it on schedule. Kyle understood needing a touchstone when your life turned upside down. Mariah alluded to wanting Kyle to be part of the wedding. He assumed she wanted him to be her man of honor, and he said yes. That wasn’t what she wanted. She asked him to officiate the wedding.

Kyle was honored, but he wasn’t sure if he could say yes. He was dealing with some personal things, and he couldn’t commit to such an important role. Mariah asked if he and Summer were having problems. He said they were great. She knew they hadn’t talked a lot lately, but she could always count on him, and she hoped he felt the same way about her. He did feel the same way. He asked if they could go talk at the house. He could use her friendship right now. They went to the Abbott mansion, where he revealed that his mom was alive and in town to make amends. Mariah was stunned, and she thought it was messed up for Diane to fake her death. Kyle said Diane had a lot of explanations, and he thought most of them were garbage, but some of them got to him. He wondered if it was possible for someone to change that much. Mariah didn’t know. She liked to think so. She was so sorry this was happening to Kyle. Mariah said even if Diane had explanations, that didn’t mean those were answers.

Mariah thought Diane was asking a lot by hoping for a mother-son relationship. Kyle agreed and said that was why he was drinking in the middle of the afternoon and didn’t know which way was up. Mariah asked what Kyle was going to do and how to support him. His instinct was to welcome his mom back into his life. There were so many things he missed out on as a kid. Mariah understood it must feel like a fairy tale and a second chance. Kyle said Mariah understood. Jack was nervous about this, but Kyle asked how he could turn down the opportunity for a new relationship. Kyle said it was kind of like when he found out he had a whole son he didn’t know about. Mariah noted that Harrison didn’t fake his death. Kyle knew and he also knew fairy tales weren’t real, but this was everything he wished for as a kid. Mariah was afraid Kyle was setting himself up to be hurt. She asked how he could trust Diane and why he’d let her anywhere near Summer and Harrison.

Back at her room, Diane called Jack and left a message. She said Kyle’s reaction wasn’t what she’d hoped for, but she guessed it was all she could expect right now. She did what she came to do, and she hoped there would be more in the future, but she guessed there would be no guarantees, so she was going back to Los Angeles tomorrow.

Sally and Adam were in their hotel suite. She wondered why sneaking away to a hotel in the middle of the day was so sexy. He said having a suite in Phyllis’s hotel without her knowing made it extra hot. She noted that they’d recently admitted to each other that they were falling in love. She asked if they were becoming a couple. He didn’t know. He wasn’t expecting any of this. They thought about how all their declarations that they were strictly professional didn’t work out. He teased that he’d sold it better than she did, but she didn’t agree. She said all her assurances to him, Chloe and Chelsea were legit because she didn’t want to ruin her chances at Newman Media. She said that what had been most important to her was not ruining her chances with what she really wanted – Adam.

Adam said he and Sally had to get back to work. Before they left, she wanted to know how it went with Sharon. He said it was hard. Sally didn’t want to pry. Adam said it was fine. He said Sharon was in a lot of pain, and Rey was a good man, so she was struggling. Adam was glad he went to Sharon. Sharon said he was the first one she broke down in front of. Adam sensed that Sally didn’t really want to hear this, but she assured him that she did. She wanted him to feel like he could tell her anything. She said openness was the basis of their relationship. That was why she told him about her terminal illness scam, and she hoped that was why he told her about his. She was here if she needed to talk. He thanked her.

Sally said she wasn’t jealous of Sharon or Chelsea. It might sound cocky, but she was pretty confident in their relationship. Adam said that was good to hear, and this was different for him. At various times, he’d been married and obsessed and destructive and detached but this thing with Sally was different – maybe because it began slowly. It felt right. She asked if he felt guilty because they were happy while Sharon was suffering and alone. He said seeing Sharon may have convinced him that he and Sally were taking things too slowly. It might be why he confessed he was falling in love with her. Life could change in an instant, so he didn’t think they should worry about what other people thought. She agreed and they kissed and fell back on the bed.

Billy and Victoria ran into each other at Crimson Lights. He was glad to see she was walking around. He asked if she was doing okay. She was doing well, all things considered. He brought up Rey’s tragic death, and she said she wished she’d never been on the road, because maybe things would’ve turned out differently. Billy told Victoria that it wasn’t her fault. He did wonder why she was on the road though, since that wasn’t her usual route home. He asked if Ashland had been following her.

Victoria didn’t want to recount the accident anymore. Billy felt like Victoria was trying to avoid him, since she broke down and told him about Ashland’s scam. He asked if she regretted having that talk with him. Smirking, she said she regretted most of her conversations with him. He hoped that wasn’t true. He liked being there for her, which was only fair after the amount of times she’d been there for him over the years. He hoped she knew she could confide in him. She did. He asked if Ashland was still in her life.

Victoria didn’t want to go into detail, but she said Ashland was leaving Newman Locke and they were having the marriage annulled. Billy was relieved. He hoped that meant Victoria finally believed the truth about Ashland and that he was leaving town. Victoria didn’t know. She hadn’t talked to him. He asked if she hadn’t talked to Ashland since the accident. She admitted they talked briefly. He wanted to know how briefly, and she said it was none of his concern. He knew she must be conflicted because Ashland saved her life, but Billy said that didn’t erase the lies. Victoria didn’t want to be psychoanalyzed. He apologized. She thought he was only doing this to say “I told you so.” She knew he warned her and Nick did too. She also knew she should’ve listened to them, but the past was the past, so all she could do was move forward. She got up to leave. Lily walked in and said she was sorry about the accident and hoped Victoria felt better. Victoria’s terse reply was that Lily could ask Billy about it since he seemed to know everything. Victoria left.

Lily asked what was going on. Billy thought Victoria was being sensitive. He swore he didn’t say anything bad to Victoria – he just showed concern for the mother of his children. He said he inadvertently hit a nerve when he brought up Ashland. Lily assumed Victoria didn’t think it was any of Billy’s business and that she didn’t want him looking for ways to blame Ashland. Billy said it was so easy because Ashland was a criminal. Billy thought this situation was going to affect Victoria’s judgment. Lily said Victoria was still the same smart savvy woman. He knew. Lily wondered if he was going to eventually decide that she couldn’t solve her own problems and interfere, whether she wanted him to or not.

Billy said this wasn’t a pattern with him. He never doubted Lily’s ability to solve issues, and he was aware the women in his life were smarter and more capable than him, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t concerned about Ashland. She knew he didn’t trust Ashland. He said it was past that – he had a deep hatred for Ashland – he lied about having cancer, which must strike a chord with Lily. Lily said it did, but she didn’t understand why that meant Billy had to interfere. Billy didn’t think he was doing that. He said he was advising Victoria, and she could choose to listen or not. “Victor is interfering. I’m not that bad,” he said. “Not yet,” she replied. He admitted he and Victor might end up on the same side – doing everything they could to get Ashland out of town. He said that Ashland was still here, despite getting kicked out of the company and having the marriage annulled – he’d been following Victoria the night of the accident. Billy thought Ashland was up to something, maybe plotting revenge.

Lily despised what Ashland did, especially as a cancer survivor. However, she said that she and Billy agreed that he’d let this go, because if he didn’t, he’d fixate on it. “I am asking you for the last time – please stop,” she said.

Billy went to The Grand Phoenix and ran into Ashland.

At Newman Media, Victor called Adam and asked where he was. Nikki came in and asked if Victor had seen Victoria. At that moment, Victoria walked in. Victoria had been avoiding the calls and messages because she didn’t want to be lectured about Ashland. Nikki said that this was about Rey, not Ashland. Victoria didn’t want to get into it. She thought it was clear that the accident was her fault. Nikki revealed that Rey died of a heart attack, that caused the accident. Victoria felt relief, and she felt terrible that this was her first reaction. Nikki thought it was natural to feel relief. Victoria said that this accident was still a tragedy, and it would take a little bit of time for her to put it behind her. Nikki understood that. She wished she could stay, but she had a meeting. Nikki left.

Victoria came to talk to Adam, and since he wasn’t here, she decided to leave. Victor said no, because they needed to have a talk about Adam’s position at Newman Locke. Victoria actually came to tell Adam that his services as CEO were no longer needed. Victor thought that was a mistake. Victoria said she was ready to go back to work. Victor admired that, but he said she had a lot on her plate. He wanted Adam to be co-CEO. He thought it was time for the Newmans to show a united front. Victoria didn’t want or need Adam in the mix. She was doing fine before Ashland came on board, and she’d be fine now. She said she was going to remove Locke’s name from the business and go back to Newman Enterprises. Victor liked that, however, he said they still had to discuss Adam’s role. Victoria said Adam had no role here, and if Victor forced the issue, he had to make a choice between her and Adam.

Victor got worked up because he thought Victoria was acting rashly. She said she knew how she felt. He said she found out Ashland lied, then she nearly got killed in a car accident – two traumas. He asked why she was being so stubborn and refusing Adam’s help. She said her injuries weren’t that severe. He wasn’t just talking about her physical pain. She said Ashland was out of her life. Victor knew Ashland snuck into Victoria’s office. He was sure aAshland would continue to play on Victoria’s emotions, and he wasn’t sure she’d purged herself of him. She got fed up with him second guessing her emotions. She said if he chose Adam, that was fine, but she’d leave and she wouldn’t look back. She headed toward the door. Adam came in and said it was good to see Victoria up and about. He asked what he missed. Victoria said their dad would fill him in. She left.

Victor told Adam they had a problem. Adam assumed Victoria had no interest in him staying on in a leadership role. Victor wanted to discuss that later, because they had an urgent matter to discuss – Diane Jenkins was alive and back in town.

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Days Update Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chad and Sonny have breakfast at the DiMera Mansion as Chad fills Sonny in on no one getting married at the double wedding and Leo’s humiliation. Sonny wishes he could have seen Leo’s face when Chad brought in his first husband. Leo then enters the room and declares it looked like this; ready to kill.

Craig sits alone in his hotel room with his cell phone as he officially changes his relationship status on social media to single. There’s a knock at the door. Craig yells for them to go away but it’s Nancy, so he opens the door and asks if she’s here to say “I told you so” because he deserves it.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie rushes up to hug him and says it’s so good to see him. Xander asks how Sarah is. Maggie says she is settling in to the clinic but there hasn’t been any change. Xander knows it must have been hard leaving her like that. Maggie says it was better and asks what Xander is doing here since she thought he and Gwen would be on their honeymoon. Xander reveals there was no honeymoon because there was no wedding.

Gwen sits in the interrogation room at the police station, thinking back to planning her wedding with Xander. Jack then enters the room.

Jennifer is at home, finishing a phone call with Shawn, saying they will be praying that Ciara is found safe and soon. Abigail comes in and asks if the police have any leads at all. Jennifer says no and complains that the world has gone mad as Ciara is missing, Christian Maddox is on the loose, and Allie is possessed by the Devil. Abigail says this might not be a good time but Jennifer wants to know why she came. Abigail thinks back to Gwen whispering to her that she killed her grandmother on purpose. Jennifer asks Abigail what it is. Abigail responds that it’s about Gwen.

Maggie asks Xander what happened and if he’s alright since he was so determined to get married. Xander responds that he couldn’t go through with it because there were things about Gwen that he didn’t know which Maggie questions. Xander tells her it’s about Sarah.

Gwen tells Jack that she wasn’t expecting to see him since he said he was done with her. Jack informs her that this was Jennifer’s idea and warns her not to say anything about Jennifer. Gwen knows he will never believe a word out of her mouth again. Gwen says that she can’t imagine what last night must have been like for him. Jack talks about forgiving Gwen over and over. Gwen acknowledges that she threw that forgiveness back in his face. Jack says last night when he told Gwen that he was done with her, he meant it because he hates what she did, but Jennifer says he won’t be able to pull it off because he can’t do anything about the fact that Gwen is his daughter, so he can’t be done with it. Gwen points out that her mom pulled it off, so she asks why Jack can’t since she’s given him enough reasons. Jack brings up what Gwen did to Abigail and their family and says he can understand why she did it, but what she did to Sarah is unfathomable. Gwen doesn’t expect him to believe her but says the reason she did it was because in a way, The Devil made her do it..

Chad questions how Leo got in to the DiMera Mansion. Leo responds that he told Harold he was the new French maid and asks if it matters. Leo asks if Sonny thought he could do what he did without one final confrontation. Leo complains about Sonny not even showing up at the wedding to look him in the eye. Sonny says he had a work call, otherwise he would not have missed it. Chad argues that Leo is not an innocent victim. Leo remarks about Chad and Abigail blowing up two marriages. Sonny says that what they did was wrong. Leo calls Sonny’s crusade pathetic because Sonny obviously wants him back, which Sonny and Chad laugh at.

Craig tells Nancy to go ahead and enjoy herself as she was right that Leo was a gold digger and he was an utter fool. Craig complains that all of Salem knows what an idiot he is and brings up Nancy saying he would regret the day he let Leo in to his life. Nancy informs him that she came to say she’s sorry.

Gwen tells Jack that trying to explain it would just sound like she’s trying to justify what she did which is not possible. Gwen talks about spending the night in a cell and seeing the way Jack and Xander looked at her whenever she closed her eyes so she didn’t close her eyes all night. Gwen wondered how she made it where it’s impossible for the only two people she cared about to care about her anymore. Gwen talks about Jack coming because he can’t give up on being a father to her. Gwen says she thought about all the things she did to Jack, his family, Abigail, Xander, and to Sarah and Maggie and she realized she did all of that to get what she wanted but she has nothing she wants. Gwen compares it to her mom putting the spike in her arm when someone does something over and over again to ensure they stay the same miserable human being. Gwen says she was telling herself for months that Kristen DiMera blackmailed her in to doing what she was doing but really, she was just like her mother’s drug dealer, and just like her mom did, she put the spike in her own arm.

Chad and Sonny joke about Leo saying that Sonny wants him back. Leo gets in Sonny’s face and says he will never forget what Leo did to him, but he’s ecstatic to play a part in stopping Leo from doing it to anyone else. Leo responds that what he had with Craig was nothing like the dreary time he had with Sonny. Leo remarks that he loved Craig and never even liked Sonny, reminding him that it was a job. Leo calls Sonny not his type and a D- in bed. Leo says he gave Sonny extra credit for effort. Sonny calls that a crock and argues that Leo was very in to it. Leo claims he was faking all of it.

Craig questions what Nancy has to be sorry for when she didn’t do anything. Nancy clarifies that she’s sorry that this happened to him. Nancy knows what it’s like to love someone so much that you ignore the evidence in front of your eyes because it happened to her and now it’s happened to her best friend.

Xander tells Maggie that of all people, he should have been able to see through Gwen’s lies. Maggie doesn’t blame Xander but points out that he did leave Sarah behind the moment he found out she wasn’t going to immediately recover. Maggie admits she’s not being fair but Xander thinks she is. Maggie remembers that she gave her blessing even if she didn’t really mean it. Maggie says she shouldn’t take her anger at Gwen on Xander as he had every right to get on with his life. Maggie adds that they need to figure out what they should do next, now that Sarah wasn’t given the right antidote. Maggie declares that there’s a chance the antidote might work. Xander agrees. Maggie decides to call Kayla but Xander reveals he already has and she believes there’s a good chance the antidote could still work. Xander adds that he asked Chad to reach out to Dr. Rolf again but Rolf apparently got in a trouble with a chemisty experiment gone wrong so he’s in solitary confinement. Maggie declares they have to get a hold of that drug. Xander says he has an idea.

Jack questions Gwen not seeing that she had to tell Xander or Maggie that Kristen was blackmailing her. Gwen was too worried about losing Xander because he loved Sarah more than her. Jack argues that Gwen was carrying all the risk and asks what could’ve happened if Gwen and Ava got caught breaking Kristen out of prison as that carrys a hefty sentence. Gwen remarks that so does murder. Jack questions what she’s talking about.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she’s scaring her and asks her to tell her what it is. Abigail responds that it’s about grandma and it’s hard to even say it. Abigail then reveals to Jennifer that Gwen said to her “I killed that bitch on purpose.”

Leo says the only reason he had anything to do with Sonny was money. Sonny argues that it was the same reason he went after Craig. Leo says maybe in the beginning, but he fell in love with him, and now Craig hates him because of Sonny and Chad. Chad asks if Leo ever takes responsibility for his actions, reminding him that Craig hates him for lying to him over and over again. Sonny reminds Leo that he wouldn’t have even been legally married to Craig, so he could have just come clean with him about having a husband. Leo asks why he cares when Craig isn’t his friend. Leo argues that now Craig is just as miserable as him. Leo says Craig knows what they have is real since he signed the pre-nup, which he never would’ve done if he was only after his money. Chad questions what Leo is doing here as he’s trying to convince the wrong guys. Leo agrees but says since they were so intent on making him pay, he wants them both to know that now it’s his turn.

Craig still can’t believe that Leo has a husband. Nancy jokes about Leo in a dress and encourages Craig, calling him still quite a catch.

Jennifer questions Gwen telling Abigail that she killed Laura on purpose. Jennifer brings up how Gwen kept denying it and insisted it was an accident, so she questions why Gwen would change her story now.

Jack asks why Gwen is talking about murder and what she meant. Gwen covers by saying Abigail talked about what she did being pre-meditated and a second dose of the drug could have killed Sarah. Jack says thank God it didn’t. Gwen points out that she still took Sarah’s life because the Sarah that Xander knew and fell in love with no longer exists. Jack argues that Gwen knew what the drug did to Abigail and what it did to Sarah when Kristen gave it to her. Gwen confirms that she did it with full knowledge. Gwen feels Jack wishes she never existed, like Xander does. Gwen insists that Xander loved Sarah more than her and they both understood that. Gwen states that Xander is the only man she’s ever loved but she’s not the only woman that Xander loved or even the woman he loved best. Gwen adds that Xander left her hanging for weeks, waiting to see if Sarah would recover. Gwen says it’s no excuse but she thinks during those weeks, something inside of her hardened and she kept telling herself over and over that she cannot lose Xander, but now it’s all her fault that she’s lost him. Xander then enters the room, surprising Gwen. Gwen tells him to let her have it. Xander says he’s not here for that or to hear any excuses, he just wants to know what she did with the real antidote. Gwen guesses he wants her to help him get the real Sarah back. Xander argues that he wanted to give her a chance to act like a human being. Gwen asks why start now. Jack tells Gwen not to act like this. Xander just wants an answer and asks what she did with the antidote. Gwen reveals that she still has it, so Xander asks what it will take to get her to tell him where it is.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she’s been wondering the same thing since Gwen kept denying killing Laura even when she was threatening her with the drug, so either she was lying then or lying now. Abigail wonders if she should’ve told Jennifer since she’s still not sure if it’s true.

Nancy admits that a couple weeks ago, the idea of Craig getting dumped at the altar would’ve made her the happiest woman in the world and she would’ve said he got what he deserved, but he’s a good man who made mistakes. Nancy encourages that Craig deserves to be happy. Craig says she does too. Craig remembers Nancy saying something about meeting someone and going on a date. Nancy reveals they were supposed to have dinner last night, but he blew her off. Craig says he’s sorry as they hold hands.

Chad tells Leo not to be so melodramatic. Leo calls himself his worst nightmare and says Chad will rue the day that he screwed him which Chad laughs at. Leo then walks out of the mansion after leaving them with a threat in French which Sonny questions.

Jennifer understands Gwen lying about saying it was an accident to protect herself but doesn’t understand why she would lie about saying it was deliberate as it doesn’t make any sense. Abigail says it was the way she said it and the words she chose. Abigail suggests maybe Gwen was just trying to torment her all over again or something. Jennifer decides there’s only one way to find out.

Jack argues that Gwen just spent the last half hour telling him how much she loves Xander and now he’s miserable and suffering. Jack orders Gwen to tell Xander where the antidote is to maybe undo the damage she has done. Gwen calls it interesting how he put that because Xander asks what it’s going to take to get her to tell him where the antidote is, like if it didn’t even occur to him to just ask her for it because telling him would be the right thing to do. Gwen guesses Xander knows her well enough by now to know she doesn’t do anything unless there is something in it for her. Gwen feels Xander doesn’t think there is one good body in her body and he’s right that there isn’t. Gwen cries that she wants Xander back and asks if they have a deal but Xander says no. Gwen cries that Xander hates her so much that he can’t even lie to protect his precious Sarah. Jack argues for Gwen not to put the spike back in her arm. Gwen says she just needed to know where they stand. Gwen says through all the lies, she did stay true to one thing as she did, does, and will always love Xander. Gwen then agrees to do whatever she can to help him.

Sonny mocks Leo leaving like he did while Chad acknowledges Leo’s threat as being from Louis XV. Sonny looks it up and finds out that it’s an expression of indifference forecasting ruination. Sonny argues that Chad shouldn’t be worried but Chad talks about petty and vindictive Leo can be and now he’s focused on him. Chad thought the whole point of bringing Leo down was to get him out of their lives, so they didn’t have to worry about him anymore. Sonny admits maybe he didn’t think the whole thing through. Chad worries about what Leo will do next. Sonny then sees Chad’s tablet get a news alert that there is news about Chad.

Nancy asks Craig what he will do next. Craig responds that he has absolutely no idea. Nancy asks if Craig is absolutely sure that it’s over between he and Leo. Craig reminds her that Leo was going to swindle him out of everything he owns and wanted to marry him while married to someone else. Nancy points out that Leo is still the guy that brought Craig out of the closet after 30+ years which was life changing. Craig questions if Nancy is sticking up for Leo. Nancy insists she’s just thinking about Craig since Leo really got to him. Craig calls that an understatement. Nancy asks what if Leo is telling the truth that he fell in love with him for real. Craig can’t believe Nancy is saying this. Nancy states that she knows more than anyone what it’s like to be with him and to learn what kind of man he is which leads to love. Nancy suggests maybe Craig got to Leo too. Leo then shows up at his door.

Chad asks Sonny what the news is. Sonny tells him to brace himself as he shows him an article from The Intruder titled “Chad DiMera’s Secret Life” with a photo of him as a drag queen from their time in Arizona and quotes from Leo, claiming that Chad became obsessed with him.

Leo sees Nancy and says he didn’t realize Craig had company. Leo asks if he and Craig can have a moment alone. Nancy points out that they were in the middle of a conversation. Craig thanks Nancy for coming and talking as it means the world to him, but he thinks he has to take care of this. Nancy tells Craig to call her if he needs backup as she then exits the room. Craig then asks Leo what the hell he wants.

Xander returns to the Kiriakis Mansion to inform Maggie that Gwen had the antidote stashed in their hotel room the entire time. Maggie is relieved that he got it. Xander declares that maybe they can save Sarah.

Gwen tells Jack that she supposes Xander found the antidote by now. Jack assures that she did the right thing. Gwen asks if he thinks it will work and Sarah will be Sarah again. Jack responds that he doesn’t know so they will have to wait and see. Gwen hopes it does work but she doesn’t expect Jack to believe that she’s sorry for what she did to Sarah. Jennifer and Abigail then walk in. Jennifer questions if Gwen is sorry that she murdered her mother Laura Horton.

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Y&R Update Friday May 6 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Newman Media, Adam was angry that Victoria gave Nikki the co-CEO position that he thought should’ve gone to him. Sally asked if Victor backed Victoria up. While Victoria said that it was a unilateral decision, Adam knew Victor had to have signed off on it. Adam felt like Victor was playing another mind game and leaving Adam out in the cold. Sally noted that Victoria let Ashland get his hooks into the company, and now she was going back to business like she didn’t cause all this chaos. Adam didn’t know why he wasted his time hoping his family would give him a chance. Sally said Adam didn’t need any of them. She suggested he cut ties with the Newmans and strike out on his own.

Adam said he’d done that more than once, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to do so again. He said that Victor had a blind acceptance of Victoria’s leadership, no matter how often she screwed up. He felt like if he walked away, he’d be letting Victoria win. Sally asked if that would be the worst thing. Adam said Victoria refused to acknowledge that he saved her by getting Locke out of the way. He didn’t see why he should give her what she wanted by quitting. Sally said Adam had done way too much to prove himself to his family, and it was never enough. He sarcastically thanked her for rubbing it in. Her point was that he shouldn’t stick around if the Newmans weren’t going to show him the respect he deserved. He asked if he’d really be okay with him quitting his job and leaving her here to deal with her family.

Sally hated hypotheticals. Adam still wanted an answer. Sally said she’d keep her job if he quit, and she’d try to win over his family. He asked why. She said she loved her job, and she had faith they’d be successful wherever they chose to be. She asked if he knew how rare it was to find someone who thought the way you did, who wanted what you want and made you laugh. She asked if he ever met anyone like that. He said yes – once. She smiled. For the first time, Sally felt like she was meeting someone on their level. She said she didn’t need him to be the good or bad version of himself, or what everyone else expected of him. She just wanted him – all of him. He said knowing she was willing to brave his family should make the decision to walk away easier, but it felt different this time. He was older and wiser, and he knew someone had his back. He felt like if he walked away, he’d be giving up. He suggested he might also be falling for his dad’s games and looking for his approval. He wasn’t sure if he could ignore the challenge Victoria threw down by hiring Nikki over him. Sally said if Adam chose to fight, she’d still be here, and if he walked away, she’d stand by him. He took her hand. He said the only thing he had to consider was what was best for himself. She said she’d continue to tell him he deserved better. She kissed him.

Diane had a nightmare that Jack and Kyle had her arrested for child abandonment. Jack accused Diane of leaving Kyle because she didn’t have the patience to raise him. Diane argued that she was a good person now. Jack said she turned her back on Kyle. Diane swore she walked away because it was what was best for Kyle. Diane struggled in the grip of the police officer and begged Kyle for a second chance. The cop told Diane that letting her son think she was dead was as low as it could get. He read her her rights. Kyle snarled that Diane was a liar. Diane begged and pleaded as she was dragged away. She woke up and grabbed her phone.

At the Abbott house, Jack said to Kyle that it wasn’t easy to raise your son to have opinions of his own, then watch him grow up and make decisions that made you a little nervous. Kyle smiled. He knew Harrison would get there, and he was already dreading it. Later, Kyle took one of Harrison’s cookies, and Jack teased him. Kyle said he wouldn’t tell, then he said didn’t want to keep things from his son. He liked to think he didn’t inherit his mother’s bad habits. Every time Kyle closed his eyes, he thought about the awful things Diane did. Kyle said the last time he saw Diane, as a child, before she’d changed his name and sent him away, she promised she was going to join him. Instead, she chose to vanish and let him think she died. Jack asked if Diane shared her reasoning. Kyle said her reasons sounded plausible and rehearsed, like she’d been waiting a long time to say them to him. Kyle wanted to know how Jack felt about this.

Jack had promised himself he wouldn’t interfere and try to influence Kyle. Kyle appreciated that Jack put his own feelings aside, but now Kyle needed to figure out whether he thought Diane really changed into a good person, or if the child in him just wished it was true. Kyle noted that Harrison said dads have all the answers. Jack told Kyle to cherish that. Jack had been puzzling over the same questions Kyle was asking himself. Jack said he’d asked for the benefit of the doubt more times than he could count. He’d tried to put himself in Diane’s shoes and asked himself why he’d leave his child. Kyle said Diane’s original plan, which she’d worked out with Adam, was to fake her own death and take Kyle with her. Jack said Diane claimed she changed her mind because she didn’t want Kyle to grow up living on the run. Jack said Diane knew he would never give up looking for her and Kyle. Kyle thought Diane should’ve come to him and told him that. Jack wasn’t sure Kyle would’ve understood, since he’d been so young. Jack asked if Kyle thought it would’ve been any easier to know that Diane was out there somewhere without him. Jack thought that if Kyle knew all along that Diane was alive and on the run, he would’ve spent his life asking questions, and he would’ve grown into a completely different person. Jack loved the person Kyle became. Jack said maybe, this one time, Diane made the right choice in leaving the way she did.

Jack didn’t condone any of the other things Diane did and he offered up no opinions on her as a person. He said she hurt a lot of people in a lot of ways. Jack wasn’t sure he’d have ever seen Kyle again, if Diane had stuck to her original plan and taken him with her. Jack couldn’t help thinking about his own mother. He’d been so angry at her for leaving him behind. When she returned, he’d wanted to slam the door in her face. It was a miracle that they reconciled, and he found forgiveness and understanding, and it was one of the greatest gifts of his life. Jack wanted that for Kyle. Jack wasn’t saying Diane changed, but he believed the decision to leave Kyle was the toughest one she ever made in her life. He knew that wasn’t the simple answer Kyle wanted from him, but there was nothing simple about this. Kyle said it would be cool if they could run a simulation of what a future with his mother would look like. Jack asked how they’d do that. Kyle said they’d put Diane through the full Abbott test.

Diane got a text from Kyle inviting her over to the house.

Billy met Lily at Society. She heard his podcast, which was called the Grinning Soul. He asked if he was in the doghouse. She said she was concerned. He said the numbers for the podcast were good, and he’d altered his voice and kept the names and locations anonymous. Lily said people close to the situation would know the podcast was about Ashland. “If the sociopathic shoe fits,” Billy replied.

Billy said the point of the podcast was to give him an outlet to discuss the things he shouldn’t publicly comment on. Lily wasn’t sold on the idea of two Billys being better than one. He said Billy 1 was her right hand man, while Billy 2 was an untamed rebel. Lily loved the idea of an anonymous podcast, but she noted that he had a confrontation with Ashland, then he immediately talked about it on his podcast. She was sure anyone could connect the dots. He was sure the average listener wouldn’t figure out that it was Ashland. Lily liked the message the podcast sent, but she told Billy not to be surprised if people, like Victoria, figured out he was the Grinning Soul.

Billy reminded Lily that she requested they not talk about Victoria. Lily asked how Victoria would look if people figured out the stories were about her. Billy thought people would see her as sympathetic – a loving partner deceived by the most heinous of men. He hoped Victoria would appreciate the fact that he wasn’t personally getting involved in her problems. Lily asked what if Ashland figured out Billy was behind the podcast. Billy hoped Ashland did figure it out. Billy wished he could see the look on Ashland’s face when he realized he was the monster under the bed and that everyone was recoiling at lies he perpetrated his entire life. Billy said Ashland needed to know actions had consequences.

Lily was angry that Ashland profited from lying about cancer, but she didn’t like the idea of Billy possibly losing his platform because he wasn’t being careful about how he was disseminating this information. He didn’t think the podcast would be a blip on Victoria’s radar, since she had other things on her mind. Jack called Billy and summoned him to the Abbott house. Billy suggested he was in the middle of something. Jack said nothing was more important than supporting Kyle. Traci, Ashley and Abby were already on their way. Billy said he’d be there as soon as he could. Billy told Lily about the family meeting. She reminded him that there was a Chancellor-Winters meeting. He asked if he could get a pass on it, but she said she needed her COO. He said he’d just meet his family later, since Lily and Chancellor-Winters were his top priority.

Adam and Sally rented a hotel suite and were headed upstairs when Adam saw Diane. He welcomed her to the resurrection club. She expected him to be more shocked to see her. He said that his father let him know. He noted that she’d left town in a way that implicated him in her death. He’d wanted to send her a Bite Me card, but he didn’t know the address to Hell. She said she regretted many things about that time. He asked how she could look at herself in the mirror. At the time, she’d justified her actions by telling herself that Adam was very resourceful, though she knew that wasn’t an excuse. He said half the people in the town wanted her dead back then, so it was impressive when they all thought she died. He said the rule of resurrection club was not to come back once you escaped. Sally silently took in all this information, with an intrigued look.

Sally walked up and introduced herself as Adam’s coworker. Diane assumed things had progressed beyond that since Adam and Sally were headed upstairs. Adam said Diane had nerve – coming to town and staying in Phyllis’s hotel. Diane said he was here for Kyle, not to cause trouble. Adam noted that he and Diane made a plan for her to start a new life with Kyle, but instead, she’d abandoned her son. Diane didn’t try to justify what she did. She wasn’t proud of her past actions, and she thought Adam could understand that. He said she wasn’t above taking potshots and her former co-conspirator. Diane wasn’t doing that – she’d kept up with things in Genoa City, and she knew he’d worked hard t turn over a new leaf. She just wanted what everyone gave him – a second chance. He hoped that was true. He didn’t have the same kind of beef with her that everyone else did. He wished her luck. She left.

Sally and Adam went upstairs to their room and kissed and disrobed. Later, they cuddled in bed, and he asked how she was so perfect. He didn’t mean her beautiful face or her body. He said that she didn’t bombard him with questions about Diane. She said she knew he’d tell her when the time was right. He asked if she was ready. She was more than ready – she’d been dying to know more from the moment she heard about Diane. He said Diane was driven and obsessed, and she’d stop at nothing to get what she wanted, but not in a good way, like Sally. He said he and Diane worked together to make it look like Victor was dead to drive down the price of Newman stock, and they made a sizable profit. He agreed to help her evade Jack and start a new life with her son. He did a lot of things he wasn’t proud of, but he thought that scheme was semi-noble. He was a wrok in progress. He was glad Sally was in his corner – it was nice being with someone who was meeitng him on his level. She asked what he was going to do about his family’s latest move. He wasn’t sure. She said she’d take this ride with him. They kissed.

Traci, Ashley and Abby arrived at the Abbott house. Kyle and Jack explained that Diane was on her way. Ashley couldn’t believe Diane would have the nerve to come to town, let alone to this house. Kyle said she’d already been here. It wasn’t his first time seeing his mother. Ashley vowed to make sure this was his last time seeing Diane. Abby never would’ve come if she’d known Diane was coming. That was why Jack didn’t tell her. Kyle explained that Diane claimed she changed and she wanted forgiveness. Ashley hoped Kyle knew that Diane was lying. Abby asked how Kyle felt about this. Ashley was sure Diane just wanted to use Kyle. Kyle wasn’t sure what to think. Abby suggested that Diane wanted to do the right thing. Jack said Diane had made a compelling case for herself. Ashley scoffed. Jack shared Ashley’s skepticism, but he noted that he and his sisters knew what it was like to be estranged from their mother. Ashley ordered Jack not to go there. “I know our mother was a piece of work but she’s nothing compared to Diane,” Ashley argued. Traci stepped in to keep the peace and apologized to Kyle. Abby said they all wanted to support Kyle, no matter what he chose. Ashley apologized and asked how Kyle was feeling. He didn’t know if Diane was lying, and that was why he called all of them here. It was one thing for Diane to feed Kyle a bunch of rehearsed lines, but it was another to have to face him and his family. Kyle wanted to see how Diane handled herself with the people who’d seen her at her worst and see if she’d sincerely changed.

Diane was running late, and Ashley hoped that meant she’d gotten kicked out of town. Jack told Ashley to be nice. Kyle added that he didn’t want them to bombard Diane with old grievances, because that wasn’t going to get them anywhere. Abby loathed Diane too, but she said athey were here to help Kyle discover the truth. Ashley said they’d help Kyle when he realized his mother was heartless. Ashley said Diane’s soul was a deep dark abyss, and she didn’t believe Diane transformed.

Diane arrived, and she was startled when she saw everyone waiting for her. “Welcome back, bitch” Ashley said. Diane took it in stride. Traci greeted Diane in a more neutral way. Kyle said that if he was going to let Diane back in his life, it was going to affect his entire family. Diane had no desire to cause any problems with the Abbotts. Kyle said that her presence affected all of them, and they’d have to decide whether they thought she was a different person now.

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Y&R Update Thursday, May 5 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Noah joined Mariah on the Crimson Lights patio. Mariah asked about Sharon. He said that she wasn’t eating much, but when he left, Nick had come by to make her breakfast. According to Noah, Faith said she could hear Sharon pacing around the house last night. Mariah said that if anyone could get Sharon to eat it was Nick. Mariah was working on a playlist for the wedding, and it was hard to narrow it down. Noah suggested asking Sharon to help, since she could use the distraction. Mariah doubted that would work, but she said she’d think about it. Tessa came in with good news – her sister Crystal could come to the wedding. Mariah was confused because Tessa helped Crystal flee to Canada. Tessa said all the charges against Crystal were dropped, and Zack’s last known associate from the sex trafficking ring was arrested. Crystal could come and go as she pleased now. Tessa said not only was Crystal safe, the way it happened was even more amazing.

Sharon came downstairs in sweats and found Nick in her living room. He offered her breakfast. She wasn’t hungry, but he told her he already started making his famous chocolate chip pancakes, and he knew she couldn’t resist. She smiled sadly. Later, Nick gently called Sharon out on barely eating her food, instead just moving it around on her plate. She told him he didn’t have to treat her like one of his kids. Noah, Mariah and Tessa showed up. Tessa shared that Crystal could be the maid of honor at the wedding. Tessa said it was a miracle, because Rey was instrumental in making this happen. Tessa explained that, according to Crystal, Rey found her case in the cold case files, and he went to Michael and convinced him that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict her. Michael went to the DA and got him to drop the charges. Sharon said that was amazing, but she asked what about the dangerous group that was after Crystal. Tessa said Rey tracked down the last of that group and arrested him, so Crystal was safe. Sharon was moved. She had no idea Rey had been working the case. Tessa wondered if he wanted it to be a surprise. Nick suggested that Rey didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to get everyone’s hopes up. Sharon said even now, Rey was here protecting them. She thought his last gesture proved even more profoundly what an amazing man he was.

Sharon wanted to hold a small memorial service to Rey, but she’d need all their help to do it. She wanted to do it before she accompanied Rey to Miami. Mariah noted that that was tomorrow. Sharon knew, so she wanted to do it today. She thought Rey’s family in Genoa City should pay tribute to him before she brought him to his other home. She got choked up, and Nick said that they’d absolutely help.

Inside Crimson Lights, Ashland approached Victoria and asked if it was okay to ask how she was doing. She said she was stronger every day – the human capacity to recover was astounding. He knew he was one of many things she was recovering from. He said her fortitude was a large part of what made him fall in love with her. He was just sorry he was the reason she had to rely on it so much now. She looked at his bandaged hand, and he told her not to worry – he was recovering quite nicely. She sniped that he had a knack for miraculous recoveries. She wondered why he was still in town. She hoped he wasn’t under the delusion that she was going to forgive him. He said it was hard for him to let go of that, almost as hard as pretending he didn’t love her.

Victoria was sure Ashland would find a way to let go, since he was the master of reinvention, and he had the means to do so, thanks to her father’s money. He didn’t have the will or strength to reinvent himself again. She told him to stop making this so hard on them both. She said that if he really loved her, he should take his blood money and leave town. She hurried toward the door, where she ran into Adam, who apparently wanted to talk about the co-CEO position. She said there was nothing to discuss. She was appointing her mother. He wanted to have a conversation, and she said it would be a waste of time. He wondered what their dad would have to say. She said it didn’t matter, since this was her decision. She left. Ashland watched the whole interaction from a distance.

Ashland said that he and Adam looked pathetic, like a couple of lapdogs hoping Victoria would give them what they deserved. Adam didn’t know what Ashland was talking about. Ashland assumed Adam still thought he should be co-CEO of Newman Locke, or temporary CEO, or whatever fake title he was trying to grovel for. Adam said that the Locke name had been jettisoned from the company, and it was all Newman now. Ashland knew Victoria well enough to know she wouldn’t let Adam retain any title or power in her company. Adam said that Victoria hired Nikki. Adam guessed he and Ashland both got screwed, but he added that he was still head of the newly expanded Newman Media, while Ashland just had Victor’s money to keep him warm.Ashland stood by his original comparison – Victoria rejected them both. Adam didn’t want to be compared to Ashland. He said Ashland broke Victoria’s spirit. Ashland said he signed a deal Adam presented behind Victoria’s back. Adam said Ashland was never going to cleanse his actions in Victoria’s heart, so he should give up trying. Adam left. Ashland texted Nick asking to meet.

Back at the cottage, Nick told everyone about his text from Ashland. Nick had no interest in meeting Ashland. He wanted to stay and plan the memorial. Sharon thought Nick should go and find out what Ashland wanted. She appreciated him being there for her this morning, and she assured him she’d be fine, since she had the kids with her. He replied and set up a meeting at Society. he left. Sharon booked the church. She didn’t want anything formal or sad. She wanted the service to be quietly joyful, like Rey. She asked Tessa to sing one of Rey’s favorite songs, and she said yes. Noah was going to make a slide show. Sharon wasn’t sure she was ready to make a speech. She wondered if that was terrible. Mariah and Noah assured her it was fine. Noah went to a memorial service that set aside a time for quiet contemplation, and anyone who felt compelled to speak could. Sharon said Rey would really love that idea. She felt lucky and blessed to have such a strong, supportive and talented family.

Tessa and Mariah were back at Crimson Lights. they couldn’t believe Rey was gone and that they were moving forward with the wedding while they were still so devastated. Tessa was grateful they could be there for Sharon. Sharon had said the memorial was part of her process of letting go.

Sharon was home alone. She went to the wedding photo and told Rey she missed him so much and felt his spirit in every room. When she came home, she expected him to be there, and when she heard a noise, she thought it was him, then she’d remember that he was gone. His coffee cup was still sitting by the sink, where he left it. She couldn’t bring herself to put it away. She hoped he didn’t suffer, and she hoped he knew how loved he’d always be. She knew his spirit would always be with her. She could just see him smiling at her. She said he’d been disinterested in her obsession with finding the perfect wedding gift, because he already had something in the works. Smiling through tears, she said she should be mad at him for keeping that secret, but she could never be mad at him again. She remembered the pep talks he used to give her when she was sick. She wasn’t sure how she’d manage without her precious husband, but she resolved to find a way.

Victoria went to work and stopped short when she saw a new portrait of herself hanging on the wall. Nikki entered and said Victor had it commissioned and put a rush on it. Her parents understood why she destroyed the one Locke commissioned, but they thought it needed to be replaced. Nikki said Ashland may have broken Victoria’s heart, but he didn’t destroy her spirit or strength of leadership. Victoria appreciated the gift, but she was surprised Victor did that for her after he’d been determined to shove Adam down her throat as co-CEO, basically saying he’d lost confidence in her. Nikki said that wasn’t true. Victor accepted that Nikki would take the position, though the was disappointed there was antagonism between Adam and Victoria. Victoria was surprised that Victor wasn’t going to fight her on this. Nikki said Victoria had been through a lot, and Victor wanting to bring in a co-CEO had nothing to do with a lack of confidence – he just wanted her to have the time and space to deal with everything that happened.

Chelsea met Chloe at Crimson Lights. Chelsea was late. She didn’t sleep well last night. Chloe thought it was clear that Rey’s death was hitting Chelsea harder than she wanted to admit. Chelsea said of course it was affecting her – Rey was one of her best friends. Chloe understood, but she said Chelsea had to pull herself together for herself and for Connor. Chelsea said Connor still felt guilty, even though they told him that Rey’s heart attack would’ve happened no matter what. Chelsea thought Connor was too young to understand. Chloe asked how this was affecting Connor’s behavior. Chelsea said Connor quit hockey. She thought he felt like he didn’t deserve to enjoy it anymore. Chloe was sympathetic. Chelsea asked Noah to take Connor to play at the rink. She wanted Connor to understand that Rey would want him to play. Chloe asked how Chelsea was dealing with her own guilt. Chloe knew Chelsea and Rey were friends, but Chelsea’s reaction went much deeper than that.

Chelsea got defensive and said she and Rey were just friends, so of course it was affecting her deeply. She asked if Chloe was saying she was wrong to feel that way. Chloe wasn’t judging; she just didn’t realize Chelsea and Rey were that close. Chelsea said Rey was supportive when he should’ve hated her – he accompanied her and Connor to visit her mom, and when they got back, he’d seek her out just to check on her. Rey and Chelsea had deep conversations, and he encouraged and inspired her. He bonded with Connor and convinced her she could turn her life around. He told her she was a god mom even after the terrible things she did. He gave her hope she’d be accepted again. That car crash and heart attack ripped that hope away. Chloe knew Chelsea well, and she suspected Chelsea was falling in love with Rey. Chelsea vehemently denied it. She said Rey was happily married to Sharon, and it was his loyalty that made him trustworthy and such a great friend. Chloe was talking about feelings, not actions – she wasn’t accusing Chelsea of doing anything. Chelsea put a stop to the conversation, and they began to talk business.

Ashland arrived at Society. “Look at him. Alive and well wile a good man like Rey is gone,” Chelsea griped to Chloe. Chloe said that Rey’s death wasn’t Ashland and Victoria’s fault. Chelsea wondered if Ashland went back to help Rey. The news made Ashland sound like a hero for rescuing Victoria, but did even try to help Rey, or give him CPR? Maybe Rey could’ve been saved. Chloe told Chelsea to stop fixating on that night. Chelsea got even more tense because she thought Chloe was accusing her of being obsessed. Chloe said to relax – she wasn’t diagnosing Chelsea, but she thought Chelsea was close to going over the edge. Chloe thought Chelsea’s feelings were natural, but Chloe was trying to interrupt this unhealthy cycle before it went further. Chelsea admitted that Chloe was right. Chelsea decided to go home and sleep before they met with Lauren later.

Nick went to Society and met Ashland at the bar. Ashland appreciated Nick coming. Nick was there to find out if he needed to protect his sister or the rest of his family from Ashland. Nick said he’d prefer Ashland coming to him from now on instead of upsetting Victoria more than he already had. Ashland said he had something of great importance and benefit to offer Nick, no strings attached. Ashland wanted to donate half the money he received from Victor to New Hope. Ashland said Nick could use it for whatever the community needed. Nick found it hard to believe Ashland was offering him two hundred and fifty million dollars no strings attached. He said Ashland could go straight to hell. Ashland asked if Nick was so proud and stubborn that he’d turn his back on a quarter of a billion dollars. Ashland’s one caveat was that all the work be done in Rey’s name. Ashland was ready to transfer the money to New Hope right now. Nick said he didn’t respond well to bribery, and he didn’t like dealing with people like him. Nick said Ashland was looking for redemption, and the payoff wasn’t worth the risk. Ashland asked if Nick was going to prioritize his hatred of Ashland over the needs of his own organization. Nick thought Ashland was pulling a clever move – Ashland knew that if Nick turned the money down, the community would miss out, but if he accepted it, he’d be complicit in Ashland’s attempt to absolve himself. Ashland said to think about it. Nick left.

Nick went to Newman Enterprises and told Victoria and Nikki about Ashland’s offer. Nikki was appalled that Ashland was trying to take advantage of Rey’s death to clear his name. Nick was going to turn Ashland down and make it clear that he couldn’t buy his way back into everyone’s good graces. Victoria thought that Nick should take the money. Nick was concerned Victoria was falling for this ploy. Victoria said Ashland was never going to be able to buy back her forgiveness, but she thought that they should put the money to good. Nick said they couldn’t use dirty money. Victoria thought it was worth it to use the money to do good in Rey’s name.

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