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Recap written by Eva

Moses asks Lily for advice on how to show Faith he is interested in her and still respect her wishes to take things slowly. Lily advises that he give Faith surprises to show her that he is interested in her and will wait until she is ready to have a serious relationship.

Victor congratulates Victoria on the merger and she tells him that Ashland is living with her. Victor worries that Victoria will be hurt when Ashland dies but Victoria assures him she knows what she is doing and she won’t be hurt.

Kyle tells Sally he knows that she went to Los Angeles just before Summer got her job offer. Sally later tells Tara that Kyle is starting to suspect about Summer’s sudden job offer and if one of them goes down for the scheme the other will go down too. Phyllis overhears their conversation and is happy she has figured out their connection but she needs solid proof. Phyllis continues to act like she is Sally and Tara’s friend so they can trust her enough to slip up and admit what they did to Summer.

Billy and Victoria have a long talk and Billy realizes that Victoria loves Ashland and he feels badly that Victoria doesn’t have much time left with Ashland. Nikki manages to persuade Victor that Victoria knows what she is doing with Ashland and all she wants is to be happy with him for the time he has left. Ashland has another shortness of breath episode while he argues with Tara about Harrison’s custody.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sutton: This is sutton.

Victor: Hey, sutton. Have you had a chance to review my proposal?

Sutton: Well, I have been wondering whether or not you can be trusted.

Victor: This is a straightforward deal — quid pro quo, alright? I give you amanda’s letter from her father, the content of which could lead to your downfall.

Sutton: And in return?

Victor: In return, you do me a favor one day without fail. The clock is ticking.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

Adam: Talking to anyone interesting?

Victor: Uh, no, just talked to an old friend.

Adam: I wanted to brainstorm some ideas about newman media’s marketing strategy, if you have time.

Victor: Would you mind if we did that another day? I just have too many things on my mind right now, okay?

Nikki: Everything alright?

Adam: [ Sighs ] He, um — he seems preoccupied. You have any idea what’s going on?

Nikki: No, I don’T. Have you heard from chelsea?

Adam: Yeah, I got an update from her a little while ago. Anita is on the mend — slowly.

Nikki: I suppose the better question is, how is connor?

Adam: He’s happy to be having all this time alone with his mother. He’s a little curious why rey is tagging along, but I told him, since I couldn’t be there, I was sending somebody I trusted.

Nikki: Not far from the truth.

Adam: Yeah. I’m actually glad rey is there. It’s probably safer for everyone.

Nikki: My thoughts exactly.

Adam: You know, you don’t have to do this whole nice conversation thing every time we run into each other. I know what you think of me.

Nikki: I might surprise you.

Devon: Hey, why don’t you try and sit down?

Amanda: No, I can’T.

Devon: Will you do it for me at least? ‘Cause you’ve said yourself, these things take time.

Amanda: For you.

Devon: Thanks.

Amanda: I just… victor should’ve met with sutton by now. I need an update. I need something. How can you be so calm?

Devon: Because I know victor newman, and I know if he says he’s gonna do something, he’s gonna do it. Just have to be patient.

Amanda: No, I can’T. I can’t wait any longer, okay? I just — I need something. I need to — I need to figure out what is happening right now. I —

Devon: Just —

[ Knock on door ]

Imani: We’ve got a problem.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Abby: I just got a text from mariah.

Tessa: She texted — mariah.

Sharon: I just got a text from her, also.

Abby: We should compare the messages that she sent us.

Sharon: Yeah, maybe we can figure out what’s going on. (Vo) imagine a visibly healthier pet in 28 days.

Abby: Mariah’s text to me says, “I was feeling overwhelmed with everyone’s constant concern about my health.”

Tessa: Okay, her text to me says, “extending my exploratory business trip. Just needed a break.”

Sharon: Well, her message to me says, “I had to get away from feeling smothered. I’m sorry for keeping everyone guessing.”

Abby: Okay, well, at least the lines of communication are open and she’s being honest. That’s good.

Tessa: Yeah, and she says that she just needs space. “Love, mariah.”

Abby: Well, there’s more to the message that she sent me. She says that she promises that she’ll be back before our next doctor’s appointment, that she’s doing fine and she’s taking good care of herself and the baby. And she said, “your child isn’t giving me too much grief yet.”

[ Laughs ]

Sharon: Well, that’s a relief.

Abby: I feel so bad that she felt so suffocated that she felt like she had to leave town. When she comes back, that can’t happen again.

Tessa: Yeah, absolutely.

Sharon: 100%.

Nikki: Now that you’re living on the property, little honesty can’t hurt.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Are you sure about that?

Nikki: You and I have a difficult history.

Adam: Well, if we’re gonna be honest, uh, let’s not mince words. We haven’t liked each other very much. Actually, at all.

Nikki: That’s accurate. But the way you have been trying to improve has not gone unnoticed.

Adam: I’m just trying to do the right thing.

Nikki: Well, my first instinct was to keep a very close eye on you, just in case.

Adam: What, just in case it was all an act?

Nikki: Wouldn’t be the first time. But apparently, I was wrong about you.

Adam: It takes a lot to admit that.

Nikki: Your desire to improve yourself seems sincere, and i know how difficult it is to change. Trust me. I respect the effort you’re making.

Adam: I’m just trying every day to be a better man, a loving father, dedicated son. But a lot of this is uncharted territory for me. Sometimes I wish that I had a road map.

Nikki: Well, you have an entire family invested in your success. If you should happen to get lost, there will always be somebody there to put you back on the right path.

Adam: Well, that is very good to know.

Nikki: I am rooting for you.

Adam: Thank you, nikki. That means a lot.

Nikki: But know this — if you ever start to backslide or you put any one of us in danger, you will go right back to being enemy number one.

Adam: I learned a long time ago to never underestimate you.

Nikki: Good. Keep it that way.

Amanda: Slow down, okay? Just tell me what the problem is.

Imani: I dropped by mom’s room before I came over here, and I knocked repeatedly. There was no response. She’s gone.

Amanda: Okay, imani, it’s not like she disappeared.

Devon: I’m sure she’s fine.

Imani: Well, I looked everywhere I could think of, i called her, texted her a dozen times. No response.

Devon: Why would she leave after agreeing to let amanda represent her?

Imani: [ Sighs ] Maybe that was just her way of getting out on bail, dropping out of sight. I spoke to someone at the hotel security, the woman at the front desk — no one can remember seeing her coming or going all day.

Amanda: Okay, that’s odd, but it is explainable. Just because no one has seen her at the hotel, it doesn’t mean that she’s left genoa city. She could have went on a really long walk, and that is hardly a bail violation. But don’t worry, we will look into this.

Devon: Well, I’ll get out of your hair and let you guys figure it out. I’m just a call away.

Amanda: Thank you.

Devon: Of course.

Amanda: Naya really picked the worst time to mia. I was just waiting to hear back from victor newman about his conversation with sutton. [ Sighs ] Well, that’s gonna have to wait because we can’t get an acquittal without a defendant.

Imani: Mm-hmm. So how do you propose we track down mom?

Amanda: First step, we get into naya’s room.

Imani: I just told you, she’s not there, which means we won’t be able to get inside.

Amanda: Well, the first thing that I learned when I realized that I need to make my own way in this world — don’t let little things get in your way.

Sharon: Good night.

Adam: Am I too late? Are you closed?

Sharon: Well, I never turn away someone in need of a good cup of coffee. You want the usual?

Adam: Yeah. Thank you.

Sharon: Um… [ Clears throat ] Maybe this is none of my business, but how are connor and chelsea doing?

Adam: It is definitely your business, since you’re the one that convinced me to let chelsea take him to minnesota in the first place. Not to mention…

Sharon: Rey being drafted into going along to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Adam: Mm-hmm. And it is. So far. At least that’s what I’ve heard from chelsea and connor. Does rey agree?

Sharon: Well, I have talked to him since he left, but he never really says that much about his work.

Adam: Of course.

Sharon: You know, I really hope that you won’t end up regretting taking my advice, letting connor go be with his mom.

Adam: Well, I had to work hard to sell victor on the idea.

Sharon: Can’t imagine that negotiation.

Adam: Mm. He wasn’t entirely wrong about the risks. There still is a chance that all of us is gonna become a problem down the road.

Sharon: In what way?

Adam: What if chelsea wants to live near anita? Or anywhere else, for that matter? Then she’s gonna push to have connor live with her permanently.

Sharon: What would you do if that happened?

Adam: I want my son to be with me, period. I should be his custodial parent. That is what’s best for him.

Sharon: Even if chelsea does get a clean bill of health.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: Wait, is there more to this? Hey, I don’t want to push, but you know that we can talk about anything. You know that.

Adam: [ Sighs ] There — there’s a lot that you don’t know about all this.

Victor: Hi, my baby.

Nikki: Hey. If you’re looking for adam, he’s gone.

Victor: Well, just as well. I have a lot of things to deal with.

Nikki: Oh, yeah?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: What is going on in that brilliant mind of yours? You’ve been distracted ever since you got home.

Victor: Yeah. Oh, by the way, we’re leaving for italy tomorrow.

Nikki: I know. I’m counting the hours.

Victor: Well, then, as time is ticking away, I still have a lot things to do before we leave.

Nikki: Well, I’m glad that congratulating victoria was on that list. I saw the flowers you sent. They’re beautiful.

Victor: Oh, that. Yeah. Well, you know, actually, you deserve that bouquet of flowers. I mean, you reminded me that i was not at my best when it came to that merger. I should’ve congratulated her because she pulled off quite a coup.

Nikki: Well, that’s very magnanimous of you. Of course…

Victor: What? What did I do wrong?

Nikki: Well, I was just gonna say that it would be an even more magnanimous gesture if you were to congratulate her in person. Maybe you can put that on your pre-flight to-do list.

Victor: Well, you mean what I did wasn’t good enough?

Nikki: I’m just keeping you honest, darling.

Victor: No one dose it better, you know.

Imani: When you said you don’t let the little things get in your way, I — I thought you were going to…

Amanda: Pick the lock?

Imani: [ Sighs ] Well, the important thing is you were able to get security to open up her door.

Amanda: I just don’t know why naya’s suite was emptied out. Why would an innocent woman pack her bags and skip bail?

Imani: Easier than telling her well-meaning daughters no. She told us how she wanted her defense structured.

Amanda: Yeah, and we agreed to her terms. We said that we would not implicate sutton to save her.

Imani: We said that, but either she didn’t trust us from the beginning, or she figured out we were going after sutton anyway. Based on the last conversation i had with mom, it didn’t seem like she knew anything about that. [ Sighs ]

Amanda: There’s another possibility. [ Knock on door ] Sutton.

Sutton: Something’s happened to naya. I haven’t been able to find her.

Imani: We already know. We checked her suite. She’s disappeared.

Amanda: And there’s no good explanation that we can think of. Unless you’re the one who told her to run. Feeling stressed in your skin?

Abby: I am so glad that mariah reached out. I feel like I can finally breathe.

Tessa: Okay, there’s just one thing I need to say.

Abby: No, not until I clear the air.

Tessa: No, I’ll go first.

Abby: No, you have to hear this first.

Tessa: But after what I say, you might not want to say anything.

Abby: I’m sorry.

Tessa: I’ve just been so tightly wound up.

Abby: Me too.

Tessa: The tension between us is all my fault.

Abby: No, no, it was totally my fault.

Tessa: Let’s not argue about why we’re arguing.

Abby: You’re right. Forgiven?

Tessa: Forgotten. I mean, it never should have happened in the first place.

Abby: I’m so sorry that i snapped at you. Just all this uncertainty with mariah, it really got to me.

Tessa: Me too. But at least it’s over.

Abby: And mariah’s fine.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] I’m just so glad that it’s not what I was afraid of, that some lowlife from my past came to put mariah in jeopardy.

Abby: Well, it’s just crazy how your mind can fill in all of the blanks when you don’t know the full story. Even though our fears were implausible, they felt real.

Tessa: Just I’m the person who knows mariah the best. [ Sighs ] I just — I don’t know, I figured that the mood swings were from the pregnancy, but it was a reaction to me.

Abby: And me.

Tessa: Lesson learned.

Abby: We have to do better.

Tessa: And we will.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Sutton: If I knew where naya was, you think I’d be coming to you for help?

Imani: Is that why you came here?

Sutton: Not everything I do has a sinister motive. You used to know that, imani.

Amanda: Yeah, you’re only up to something 90% of the time. So coming here, acting worried, like you need our assistance, that’s exactly what you would do if you were behind naya’s disappearance.

Sutton: What have I done to deserve this suspicion?

Amanda: Besides arranging my father’s murder?

Imani: Amanda, not now, please.

Sutton: What good does this nonsense do us? I thought we were past that.

Amanda: Oh, we were never past it, and you know it. It just went unsaid because we both had an agenda that we were keeping close to the vest. Well, now I think that it’s time that we stop pretending. So I want you to know — I’m gonna prove that you are guilty of my father’s murder, not naya. And after everything that you did today, I’m gonna make sure that you pay for it. So now, you can tell me, where is my mother?

Sutton: I already told you, i don’t know. And we have to work together to find her.

Amanda: No, you better worry about your damn self.

Sutton: [ Chuckles ] Is that a threat against me?

Amanda: I will find my mother. I will handle this the way that I have done everything my entire life — alone. Now, you took my sister from me. You deprived me of my father, and I will be damned if you take my mother from me, too. So you better get the hell out of here. Okay, listen to me right now, we need to focus.

Sharon: Chelsea faked her breakdown?

Adam: To a degree. She wasn’t well. I mean, no one who did what she did to rey could be. But she was convinced that I had betrayed her, and her mind took her to some very dark places.

Sharon: This is shocking.

Adam: I know.

Sharon: And dr. Hedges was involved? He has a good reputation. How could he be in the middle of this scheme?

Adam: Money. Money talks. And I’m sure that you’re wondering how I could just sit back and go along with victor’s plan.

Sharon: Yeah, that is surprising that you agreed, given that her whole objective was to frame you.

Adam: Well, I had no idea what my father had done. I was on the run. And then, when I came back to town…

Sharon: You were in the hospital…

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: …Donating your kidney.

Adam: When I learned the truth, I kept my mouth shut because I don’t want connor’s mother to go to prison. I thought going in the mental facility would help her heal. And her confession did clear me.

Sharon: Well, now that you explain it, I understand.

Adam: Plus, I blame myself for so much of what’s happened. Chelsea was the one that had a devastating reaction, but I am the one that gave her something to react to. A lie about her mental state to get her to the hospital is just the beginning of chelsea’s crimes, but, uh…

Sharon: But what?

Adam: I try not to dwell on this, especially with chelsea out of town with our son, but… I don’t know, when push comes to shove, chelsea always reverts to form.

Sharon: But some people might say the same about you.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] It’s very common to have

“The young and the restless” will continue.

Adam: You are right. Most people will figure any change that I’m trying to make for myself will be temporary or that it’s all just a show to begin with. I actually just had a conversation with nikki about that very thing.

Sharon: I assume she thinks the worst of you.

Adam: Actually, she is giving me the benefit of the doubt for now. I hope that you will have just as much faith that I can pull this off.

Sharon: You really have to ask?

Adam: There is a certain satisfaction that comes from just putting in the work, trying to be a decent person instead of reveling in being the bad guy. You know, every day is a new challenge. But I like it.

Sharon: You’re taking stock in yourself.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: That’s good.

Adam: Yeah, when I think about all the time and energy i invested in creating conflict, not to mention the weight of all the hate and anger…it’s exhausting. Just wish I had come to this realization a long time ago.

Sharon: Well, you know, you can’t always force change. I think the trick is you just stay open-minded about it.

Adam: Hmm. Makes me think about how sure chelsea was that I was going to steal connor away from her. How primed she was to expect the worst from me. But maybe your suggestion that i let connor go with her will pay unintended dividends.

Sharon: Well, I think it could be important that chelsea sees that you trust her. It could help her heal.

Adam: Maybe she’ll see me in a different light, too.

Sharon: Since when has it been important to you what other people think?

Adam: It has always been important to me what you think of me. You know that.

Sharon: Worry about the rest of the world, right? We’re fine.

Adam: Mostly. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss you.

Sharon: It’s probably just, uh, your loneliness talking because your relationship with chelsea is irretrievably over and connor’s out of town.

Adam: It’s deeper than that, sharon. You know that. And that will never change.

Sharon: I know. Faith’s waiting for me at home. I have to get going.

Adam: Well, it’s perfect timing. Finished my coffee. Thank you for staying open.

Sharon: Of course.

Adam: Good night.

Sharon: Good night.

Abby: There is more than enough blame to go around, so i am not gonna let you hog it all, even though you and mariah are a couple and you’re very in tune with each other.

Tessa: Which is why i should’ve known that something was wrong.

Abby: No, I have made so many mistakes. Number one, I mean, I feel like I know mariah pretty well, and i had no idea that she was having such a hard time. I mean, think about it. I mean, I was micro-managing every single thing that went into her mouth. I was worrying every time she left the house. It was too much.

Tessa: Oh, this is so much better. Competing who can take on more blame instead of blame each other for mariah running away.

Abby: So much better. You know, when mariah comes back, I am not gonna get an account of every single moment of her day.

Tessa: Yeah, and mariah can make her own herbal tea, which i will probably still bring to her, of course.

Abby: Of course.

Tessa: But I’m putting my foot down — she can make it herself.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Victor: Please have a seat.

Sutton: Thank you. I don’t have much time. I just came from an angry encounter with my granddaughters.

Victor: Oh, boy, I know what that is about. Being at odds with one’s family is not nice, is it?

Sutton: It’s brought me to a new level of clarity.

Victor: Ah.

Sutton: Yeah, I know what to do now.

Victor: Really? What’s that?

Sutton: Well, you give me that letter from richard, and when the day comes that you need this favor repaid, it will be.

Victor: About that letter, sutton.

Sutton: Hmm?

Victor: Not gonna give it to you.

Sutton: This whole deal was your idea.

Victor: Yeah, I know. But I thought about it, you know? I realized that amanda would have far better use for it than you do.

Sutton: What kind of game are you playing?

Victor: Ain’t playing a game.

Sutton: You said you had no allegiance to amanda.

Victor: Nothing to do with her. It has everything to do with not wanting to help you. Now, you and I, sutton, have played on the edges of legality for a while, you know? But this is different. I mean, you committed a crime. You betrayed your family. And that I have no tolerance for. Don’t settle for products that give you a sort of white smile.

Devon: I mean, the way I see it, this is all good news, ’cause mariah’s taking care of herself and the baby, and she’s checked in, like the responsible adult that she is. And the tension between the two of you seems to be gone.

Tessa: Yes, that’s true. We’re in a good place again.

Abby: Yes, and more importantly, tessa and I were just discussing how we want to rethink things for when mariah comes home.

Tessa: Which she said would be in time for her next doctor’s appointment.

Devon: Good, good. Is something wrong, tessa?

Tessa: I don’t want to rain on any parades, but look, [Sighs] I’ve said it before. She could’ve called. All of us. Or just one of us, because she knew that we would worry, but she only reaches out through text?

Abby: Maybe it’s because she’s that if she hears one of our voices, she’ll be tempted to come home before she’s ready.

Tessa: I guess.

Abby: You know what? I don’t know about you guys, but when mariah returns, I don’t want her to feel a bit of pressure. All I want her to feel are little, tiny baby kicks from inside from a baby who’s eager to meet all of us.

Devon: Amen.

Victor: Sutton, you’re the head of your family. There’s no greater responsibility. You were given the gift of two beautiful twin granddaughters. You didn’t protect them. Didn’t do a damn thing for them. You turned your back on them. Why? To protect your own rear end.

Sutton: I did what I had to do.

Victor: That’s what all politicians say.

Sutton: You are no better than me. I’ve heard all the stories about your awful relationships with your own children.

Victor: You haven’t heard all of them. There were many. And I have made mistakes. I admit to it. But one dictum, one mantra I’ve always lived by — I never turn my back on my family. I never leave them to their own devices. That’s why I’ve created this new company with my son adam. The guy that a lot of people had given up for a lost cause. That’s why I appointed my daughter victoria to run newman enterprises, a company that I created. You turned your back on your family out of selfishness. Now you’re paying for that.

Sutton: You’ve always had your billions of dollars to buy your way out of your problems. I don’t have that luxury. I had to remain untouchable. My power base has to be secure. That’s the only way I can ensure my family comes first.

Victor: And richard nealon, amanda’s father, got in the way of that?

Sutton: Uh-huh. Yeah, richard… he was trouble. Naya deserved so much more. He wasn’t like us. It’s a miracle that somebody with his background even made it to college. And my pride and joy had to go and get herself pregnant with that… well, if that meant that two accidents of birth had to be sacrificed, then, by god, so be it. [ Stammers ] It was for the greater good.

Victor: Oh, yeah.

Sutton: I can live with what I’ve done. Richard was a nobody. He was a gnat. And he could’ve brought down everything I’d worked for. Well, that was a risk I was not willing to take. Now give me the damn letter.

Victor: What letter is that, sutton? [ Door opens ]

Imani: I’d like to hear that answer, too, grandfather. What letter? Are you tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean?

Devon: Alright. Well, now that I know everything is cool with mariah and that you’re feeling better about everything, I should probably go and check on amanda, ’cause she’s been having a tough time tonight.

Tessa: Oh, I hope everything’s okay.

Devon: Oh, thank you. If it’s not, I know she’ll make it right, so…

Abby: Hey, devon, um, before you go, I — I just wanted to thank you for talking me down earlier, reminding me of what chance would say in a stressful situation. It really helped.

Devon: I’m glad it did. You have a really good guy who loves you, puts you first and foremost, so hang on to him.

Abby: I will. I’m very lucky to have you remind me of that.

Sutton: I don’t know how much you heard —

Amanda: We heard more than enough.

Sutton: Well, I’ll deny it. Every word — it was all said in the heat of the moment.

Amanda: Well, we recorded every word. So you can deny it all you want, but this is exactly what I need to save my mother and to prove that you are the one who had my father killed. Victor knew exactly what to say to keep you talking. Oh, and by the way? There is no letter. There never was.

Sutton: These charges will never stick.

Amanda: We’ll see.

Sutton: Amanda, just tell me what you want.

Amanda: I want my father back, you son of a bitch.

Sharon: I don’t need any saving. I didn’t come here to cry on your shoulder.

Adam: You can, sharon. Okay? You can be or feel anything you want with me.

Sharon: You know, you’ve convinced yourself that you’re damaged somehow and you’re flawed and beyond saving, but, you know, that’s not true. Yeah, you’re in a dark place right now, but I can see the path — light and hope — and I just — I want to help you find that. I want to.

Adam: You know that i would — I would do anything to take this all away.

Sharon: I can’t imagine what my life would be like right now if you hadn’t rescued her. I know I — know I-I couldn’t survive the loss of another child.

Adam: Well, I’m just glad i was in the right place at the right time. Anyone would have done the same thing.

Sharon: But I know that you put your freedom at risk in order to do it. So, no…not just anyone would have made that choice. I’ll never forget what you were willing to sacrifice for faith and me.

Adam: When I was trapped with nick, I’ve realized that you are a part of me, sharon. And you always will be. There’s no denying it. I told myself that I was leaving to protect you, to protect everyone, but… no matter how fast or far away i run, you will always be right there with me. The fact that I’m standing here right now is just further proof of that.

Sharon: No, you’re here for faith, nothing more.

Adam: Sharon… just hear me out, okay? Before nick found me, I had a lot of time alone. He only knew where to find me because of you and your insight… into me. You’ve always understood how my mind works. I mean, even when I had forgotten who I was, and I was living in vegas. And after I learned what I had done to A.J. Montalvo as a kid, you see me, sharon. You see me in a way no one’s been able to do… not even chelsea. And I don’t expect anything to ever come of it, because I know nothing can come of it.

Sharon: You say all these beautiful words, these… seductive and tempting words, but…here is the truth, adam. I can’t be that for you. I can’t — I can’t be that for you. You — you have got to accept that you and I are not going to get back together.

Adam: Because of rey? I mean, can you honestly compare your feelings for him to what you and I shared?

Sharon: No, I cannot because I’ll never love him the way that I loved you.

Adam: So let’s not waste any more time.

Sharon: But that doesn’t mean that my love for rey isn’t strong. He — he supports me. He builds me up. He gives me strength. Whereas, with you… things are just complicated. You have to get better for the sake of your family!

Adam: No. No. What I need is to get out of genoa city with my family. That is what’s gonna make me heal, okay? Or call the judge, okay? Call the judge. Tell him you’ve made a mistake. Tell him that you saw me, you’ve spent time with me, and you’ve realized that you made a mistake, okay? If I ever meant anything to you, sharon, fix this. Okay? Save me.

Sharon: I can’T. You know that. You know that.

Adam: Okay? I’m very tired.

Sharon: Alright, well, try to rest.

Adam: I just — I don’t know if I can.

Sharon: I’ll help you.

Adam: Well, um… will you stay?

Sharon: I’ll be right here. I’m not going anywhere.

Adam: You and I — we had a lifetime of history before I ever met chelsea.

Sharon: Well, maybe that’s just what it is. It’s history. You know, you can’t just compartmentalize whole relationships of this scope.

Adam: That — that is shrink talk. Your training — it doesn’t apply to us. There’s no chapter in that psychology textbook that can explain you and me.

Sharon: You love chelsea, okay? Not me.

Adam: Don’t push me away. You will never love rey the way that you love me. This — you and I — it is meant to be.

Sharon: I-I can’T. I-I won’T.

Adam: Sharon.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, July 20 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At the main house, Victor called Sutton, who was at Society. Victor asked if Sutton had considered his proposal. Sutton had been wondering whether or not Victor could be trusted. Victor stated that he’d give Sutton the incriminating letter from Victor, and in exchange, Sutton would owe him a favor one day. Victor ended the call. Adam entered the main house hoping to talk to Victor about business strategy, but Victor asked if they could postpone it because he had other things on his mind. He exited into another room just as Nikki walked in. Adam asked Nikki if she knew why Victor was preoccupied. She did not. She asked how Connor was. According to Adam, he was happy to spend time alone with his mother. He’d been a little curious why Rey was there so Adam told him that he’d sent along someone he trusted. Adam admitted he was glad Rey was there, since it was probably safer for everyone. Nikki agreed. He told her she didn’t have to make polite conversation every time they were together, because he knew what she thought of him. “I might surprise you,” she replied.

Nikki thought she and Adam should be honest with each other since he was going to be living on the ranch. She stated that they had a difficult history. He didn’t think they should mince words. “We haven’t liked each other very much. Actually at all,” he replied. She agreed that was accurate, but she noticed he was trying to improve. Her first instinct was to keep a close eye on him, in case it was all an act, like in the past. “But apparently, I was wrong about you,” she admitted. She knew how difficult it was to change, and she respected his effort. He was trying to be a better man, a loving father and dedicated son, but a lot of this was uncharted territory for him. Sometimes he wished he had a road map. She told him he had an entire family invested in his success, and if he got lost, there would always be someone to put him back on the right path. She was rooting for him. That meant a lot to him. She said he ever started to backslide or he put any of them in danger, he’d go right back to be enemy number one. He said he learned a long time ago never to underestimate her. “Good. Keep it that way,” she told him, and she left the room.

Later, Victor walked into the living room, and Nikki told him Adam was gone. She asked why he’d been distracted. He noted that they were going to Italy tomorrow. She couldn’t wait. He was trying to tie up loose ends before the flight. She was glad he sent the flowers to congratulate Victoria. He said Nikki reminded him that he wasn’t handling the merger the best way and that he should’ve congratulated Victoria for pulling off quite a coup. Nikki thought that Victor had been magnanimous, but she felt that he should congratulate Victoria in person before they went to Italy. He asked if she was saying what he did wasn’t good enough. She smiled and said she was keeping him honest. “No one does it better,” he replied.

Amanda was antsy because she thought she would’ve heard something by now. She paced around her suite until Devon convinced her to sit. She asked how he could be so calm, and he said it was because he knew that if Victor said he was going to do something, he did it. He advised patience. She couldn’t handle it and jumped up to pace around again. Imani showed up and announced that they had a problem – Naya was gone. She wasn’t in her hotel room, and none of the hotel employees had seen her all day. Amanda recommended they stay calm. Naya could’ve gone on a long walk, which wouldn’t be a bail violation. Devon said he’d go and let them figure this out, but he was a phone call away.

Amanda said Naya picked the worst time to disappear. She was waiting to hear back from Victor, but they wouldn’t be able to get an acquittal without a defendant. Imani asked what they should do. Amanda said the first step was getting into Naya’s room. Imani reiterated that Naya wasn’t there. That meant they couldn’t get in. Amanda said that when she realized she had to rely on herself, she learned not to let little things get in her way. The sisters left. They returned later, and Imani admitted she thought Amanda was going to handle things differently. Amanda assumed Imani thought she’d pick the lock to Naya’s room. Imani said the important thing was that Amanda convinced security to open the door. The room had been cleaned out, and Amanda didn’t understand why an innocent woman would skip bail. “It’s easier than telling her well-meaning daughters no,” Imani suggested. She thought Naya may have left because she figured out that they were going back on their promise not to implicate Sutton in her defense. However, the last time Imani talked to Naya, it didn’t seem like Naya knew anything about that. Amanda thought there could be another possibility, but she didn’t get a chance to share her thoughts because Sutton showed up.

Sutton told his granddaughters that Naya was gone. Amanda asked Sutton if he told Naya to run. Sutton asked why he’d come to them for help if he knew where Naya was. Imani asked if that’s why Sutton really came. “Not everything I do has a sinister motive. You used to know that, Imani,” Sutton replied. Amanda maintained that Sutton was usually up to something. She still thought this was all an act. He asked what he’d done to deserve this suspicion. She thought it was time they stop pretending. She wanted him to know she was going to prove he was guilty of her father’s murder. She demanded to know where her mother was. He didn’t know, and he said they had to work together to find her. She ordered him to worry about his damn self, and he asked if that was a threat. She said she’d find her mother and she’d handle things the way she always did – alone. “Now you took my sister from me. You deprived me of my father, and I will be damned if you take my mother from me to, so you better get the hell out of here,” she snarled, and he left. Amanda told Imani to listen, because they needed to focus. In the hall, Sutton texted Victor that he was on his way.

Sutton arrived at the main house and told Victor that he’d just had an angry encounter with his granddaughters. Victor knew the feeling of being at odds with your family. The situation had given Sutton clarity – he wanted the letter, and he’d give Victor the favor some day. Victor said he thought about it and decided to give the letter to Amanda instead. Sutton asked what kind of game Victor was playing, noting that Victor had said he had no allegiance to Amanda. Victor said it had nothing to do with Amanda; he just didn’t want to help Sutton. Victor said he and Sutton had played on the edges of legality, but this was different – Sutton committed a crime and betrayed his family. Victor had no tolerance for that.

Victor said Sutton was the head of his family. There was no greater responsibility. He stated that Sutton was given the gift of two beautiful twin granddaughters, and he turned his back on them to protect himself. Sutton maintained that he’d done what he had to do. Victor thought all politicians said that. “You are no better than me. I’ve heard all the stories about your awful relationships with your own children,” Sutton snapped. Victor was sure Sutton hadn’t heard all the stories, because there were a lot of them. Victor admitted that he made mistakes, but he said he never turned his back on his family and left them to their own devices. That was why he created a company with his son and why he appointed his daughter to run the company he created. “You turned your back on your family out of selfishness, now you’re paying for that,” Victor stated. Sutton said, unlike Victor, he didn’t have billions of dollars to buy his way out of his problems. Sutton believed he’d had to remain untouchable and keep his power base secure, to make sure his family came first. Victor said Richard got in the way of that. Sutton went on a tirade about Richard. He felt that Richard wasn’t like the Ames family. Richard was a nobody who was lucky to have even made it college with that background. “And my pride and joy had to go and get herself pregnant with that… Well if that meant that two accidents of birth had to be sacrificed, then, by God, so be it. It was for the greater good. I can live with what I’ve done. Richard was a nobody. He was a gnat. And he could’ve brought down everything I’d worked for. Well that was a risk I was not willing to take. Now give me the damn letter,” Sutton growled. Amanda and Imani walked in. Sutton glared at Victor, who smiled back.

Sutton tried to do damage control, but Amanda told him they’d heard the whole thing. Sutton said he’d deny it, and Amanda revealed that she recorded every word. She said this was what she needed to save her mother and prove he had her father killed. She noted that Victor knew just how to keep Sutton talking. Amanda informed Sutton that the letter never existed. At first, Sutton was adamant that the charges would never stick, then he turned desperate and begged Amanda to tell him what she wanted. “I want my father back, you son of a bitch,” she replied.

Sharon was at Crimson Lights when she got a text from Mariah. Abby and Tessa rushed in announcing that they also received texts from Mariah. At Abby’s suggestion, they compared the messages. Mariah told Abby that she felt overwhelmed by everyone’s constant concern about her health. The text to Tessa said Mariah was extending her exploratory business trip, and she needed a break. The text to Sharon stated that Mariah had to get away from getting smothered, and she was sorry for keeping everyone guessing. Mariah’s text to Abby also said she’d be back before the next doctor’s appointment and she was taking good care of herself and the baby. They all promised to make sure Mariah didn’t feel smothered when she returned.

Tessa and Abby went home. They apologized to each other and they both took the blame for the recent tension between them. Tessa was so glad that no one from her past had taken Mariah. Abby said their fears had been implausible, but they felt real. “I’m the person who knows Mariah the best. I just – I don’t know, I figured that the mood swings were a from the pregnancy, but it was a reaction to me,” Tessa said. “And me,” Abby replied. They resolved to do better. They both felt bad that they didn’t notice Mariah was having such a hard time. They agreed that they’d give her some space when she got back. Devon came over. He thought this was all good news – Mariah was taking care of herself and the baby, and there was no tension between Abby and Tessa anymore. Tessa was still bothered by the fact that Mariah wouldn’t call any of them, and she only reached out through text. Abby said maybe Mariah was worried that if she heard their voices, she’d be tempted to come back before she was ready. Tessa guessed so. Devon decided he should go check on Amanda, and Tessa hoped everything was okay with her. Abby thanked him for talking her down the other day by reminding her what Chance would say to her. Devon said she had a good guy who loved her and put her first. She felt lucky to have Devon remind her of that.

Sharon had just said goodnight to the last customer and was getting ready to close when Adam arrived asking if he was too late. She said she never turned down someone in need of a cup of coffee. She admitted it might not be her business, but she was curious how Connor and Chelsea were. He said it was definitely her business since she was the one who convinced him to let Chelsea take Connor to Minnesota, and… Sharon finished his thought by noting that Rey got recruited into going on the trip. He said it was going well, according to Chelsea and Connor. He asked if Rey agreed. Sharon had talked to Rey, but he didn’t ever say much about his work. She hoped Adam wouldn’t regret her advice to let Connor go with his mom. He said he had to work hard to sell Victor on the idea. He admitted Victor wasn’t entirely wrong about the risk. There was a chance this became a problem later – what if Chelsea wanted to move near Anita, or anywhere else. She’d push to have Connor live with her permanently. He felt strongly that Connor should live with him and that he should be the custodial parent. “Even if Chelsea does get a clean bill of health,” Sharon said. Sharon could tell Adam was holding something back, and she assured him that he could talk to her about anything.

“Chelsea faked her breakdown?,” a shocked Sharon said, as she sat at the table with Adam. “To a degree,” he replied. He stated that Chelsea wasn’t well, no one who did what she did to Rey could be. Chelsea was convinced Adam betrayed her, and her mind took her to some dark places. Sharon asked why someone with a good reputation like Dr. Hedges would get involved, and Adam said it was for the money. Sharon was surprised Adam was going along with Victor’s plan, given Chelsea’s objective was to frame him. Adam said he had no idea what his father had done, since he’d been on the run. When he came back… Sharon stated that he was in the hospital donating a kidney to Faith. When he learned the truth, he kept his mouth shut because he didn’t want Connor’s mom in prison, and he hoped being in the mental hospital would help her heal. Sharon understood why he made this decision.

Adam said he blamed himself for so much of what happened. He knew lying about her mental state was just the beginning of Chelsea’s crimes. He tried not to dwell on it since she had their son right now, but when push came to shove, Chelsea always reverted to form. Sharon pointed out that some people might say the same about Adam. He conceded her point. He’d just had a conversation with Nikki about that very thing. Sharon assumed Nikki thought the worst of him. Adam said Nikki was giving him the benefit of the doubt for now. He hoped Sharon would have as much faith that he could pull this off. “You really have to ask?,” she replied.

Adam was getting satisfaction from putting in the work to try and be a decent person instead of reveling in being bad. Every day was a new challenge, but he liked it. He thought of all the time and energy he invested in creating conflict, not to mention the weight of all the hate and anger. He wished he’d come to this realization a long time ago. Sharon said you couldn’t always force change. He thought about how sure Chelsea was that he’d steal Connor from her. She was primed to think the worst of him. He thought maybe letting Chelsea take Connor on the trip would have unexpected dividends. Sharon suggested it could be important for Chelsea to see he trusted her. He said maybe Chelsea would see him in a different light. Sharon asked when Adam started caring what other people thought. “It has always been important to me what you think of me. You know that,” he told her. She smiled. “Worry about the rest of the world, right. We’re fine,” she replied.

Sharon was walking away from the table as Adam said he missed her. She suggested he was just lonely because he and Chelsea were through and Connor was gone, but he said it was deeper than that, and it’d never change. She replied that Faith was waiting, and she had to leave. He thanked her for staying open. Her back was turned, but he lingered for a moment and stared at her before he left. As Sharon closed up, she had several flashbacks to emotionally charged and tender moments with Adam. She remembered telling him she wanted to help him out of the dark place he was in. She flashed back to thanking him for risking his freedom to rescue Faith. She’d said she’d never forget what he was willing to sacrifice for her and her daughter. She remembered him telling her that she was part of him, and she always would be. “You see me, Sharon. You see me in a way no one’s been able to. Not even Chelsea,” he’d said. He knew nothing could come of it, though. Sharon then remembered the time she told Adam that they weren’t going to get back together. She’d admitted she’d never love Rey the way she’d loved Adam, but that didn’t mean her love for Rey wasn’t strong. She said Rey gave her strength, but things were complicated with Adam. After the flashbacks, Sharon left.

Adam was alone in his darkened office with a drink in his hand. He remembered trying to convince Sharon not to let him get taken to the mental hospital. He begged her to save him, and she said she couldn’t. He flashed back to the time they went to Kansas because of AJ Montalvo. She told him to rest, and she’d promised she wouldn’t leave him. He then flashed back to telling Sharon how he felt about her. She’d insisted that he loved Chelsea, not her. Adam had maintained that he and Sharon were meant to be. He remembered pulling her into a kiss at Society.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Abby, Sharon, and Tessa all get text messages from Mariah telling them she needed a break after her business meetings. Mariah promises she will be back before her next doctor’s appointment. Tessa still wonders why Mariah is only sending them text messages instead of calling them.

Adam and Sharon have a long talk where he tells Sharon that Chelsea faked her mental illness so she wouldn’t go to jail. Adam also tells Sharon that he misses her. Sharon tells Adam that he is just saying that because he is lonely right now. Sharon tells Adam that she has to get home to Faith so Adam heads home and Sharon closes Crimson lights and heads home.

Victor tells Sutton that he has a letter from Amanda’s father Richard that could keep him from going to jail for his murder. Victor tells Sutton that he will give him the letter in exchange for doing him a favor in the future. Victor gives Sutton time to think and tells him to give him an answer by the end of the day.

Amanda and Imani are busy looking for Naya who it appears has packed her things and jumped bail. Sutton speaks to Amanda and Imani because he is worried Naya is missing. Amanda makes it clear to Sutton that she will prove he ordered her father be killed.

Sutton goes to the Newman Ranch to tell Victor to give him the letter in exchange for a favor in the future. Victor tells Sutton that he won’t give him the letter because he doesn’t like a man who has turned his back on his family. Sutton pleads with Victor to give him the letter and explains to Victor he had Richard killed because his family’s reputation would be ruined if people found out Naya was pregnant with twins from a man who wasn’t from her same social class. Amanda and Imani come out of their hiding place in the next room and Amanda tells Sutton that they recorded his confession. Amanda also tells Sutton Richard never wrote Victor a letter implicating him as his killer.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, July 19, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Door slams, keys clink ]

Billy: Uh, you’re not gonna believe why victoria wanted to meet me.

Lily: Um, she gave you a lead on a story?

Billy: Not exactly. Ashland is moving in with her.

Lily: What? I mean… wow, I didn’t see that coming.

Billy: Neither did I. My head almost exploded. Would’ve loved to see the expression on my face.

Lily: Well, yeah, that’s pretty shocking. I mean, what about the kids?

Billy: Well, exactly. So victoria wants us to take the kids more often so they can get used to the situation, and, of course, I love having the kids here, and it’s not a problem, and I know you do, too, but you would have to be on board with this, as well.

Lily: Yeah, no, of course. I mean, I love your kids. I’d love to have them here as much as you and victoria want. But, I mean, isn’t this kind of fast, having ashland move in with her?

Billy: Fast? It’s extremely fast. And there’s another extenuating circumstance. Supposedly, he’s only got a few months to live.

Lily: So you were right. He is dying. God, that is awful.

Billy: I’m not sure victoria understands what she’s setting herself up for.

Victoria: Oh, good. Oh, there you are. Kids, sit down for a second real quick. There’s, um, somebody that i would like for you to meet. Um, this is someone very special to me. His name is ashland.

Ashland: Hello. It’s a pleasure to meet you two.

Victoria: These are my kids. This is johnny and katie.

Ashland: Your mom has told me so much about you.

Johnny: Are you mommy’s friend?

Ashland: I’m mommy’s close friend, yes, and I hope maybe we can be close friends, too.

Katie: Do you like to play dolls?

Ashland: I happen to love playing dolls. Maybe we can do that, as well.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] So ashland’s going to be staying with us for a little while, and you guys are gonna be spending more time at your dad’s house while he’s here.

Ashland: I hope that’s okay with you guys.

Johnny: We like it at daddy’S.

Victoria: Good. I know you do. That’s good. I think that this is gonna work out good for all of us. Right?

Johnny: Can we go play now?

Victoria: Yes, yes, you can go play. Ashland?

Ashland: [ Breathes deeply ]

Victoria: Are you okay?

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Having a rough day?

Kyle: I’m worried about harrison after what happened in the park. You saw the video.

Jack: Yeah, it was not ashland’s best moment.

Kyle: He lost control, really scared harrison. The kid was in tears afterwards. Now tara…

Jack: Go ahead. “Now tara,” what?

Kyle: She maybe wants to restrict ashland’s contact with him.

Jack: That’s an aggressive move. What do you think?

Amanda: How long have we been waiting?

Devon: Not that long.

Amanda: Victor’s gonna call, right?

Devon: Yes. Yeah. Of course he is, when he’s ready to. You were kind of vague, though, on how he’s gonna approach this whole thing.

Amanda: Well, I am looking for a weakness in sutton. Everything I’ve tried so far hasn’t worked, so I need a new angle. I need a way to push him into a corner. And victor is gonna help me find something that will trap him and make him confess that he’s the one who had my father killed.

Victor: So, amanda sinclair wants to expose you as her father’s killer.

Sutton: I figured as much. Saddens me that she thinks I’m capable of something like that. I’m afraid she’s turning out to be quite a disappointment. Now she’s wasting valuable time. You said something about having a solution to this problem?

Victor: I can guarantee it.

Billy: I’m concerned about victoria bringing this guy into her home. The kids have never met him. Victoria only met him a few months ago. [ Sighs ] He’s dying. He’s only got a few months to live. She claims that she can manage the situation so the kids aren’t negatively impacted. I just don’t see how that’s possible.

Lily: Well, look, this is not a perfect situation for anyone, but I think that we can all work together to make this as easy as possible for the kids, you know? Victoria’s a good mom. She’ll handle this responsibly. I’m just shocked that she’s willing to go through this with ashland.

Billy: I know. Me, too. She knows what she’s doing. She knows what she’s getting into. I mean, is she doing this just so the deal doesn’t fall through?

Lily: You don’t still believe that, do you?

Billy: I think it’s a part of it. It’s the same reason why she allowed herself to be dragged through the press.

Lily: Billy, she wouldn’t put herself through this if she wasn’t emotionally involved. I mean, taking care of someone who is terminally ill is brutal because that person’s gone, and then you’re left alone to grieve.

Billy: I understand that, and I’ve tried to talk to her about it, but she clearly doesn’t want to listen to me.

Lily: Then maybe you need to listen to her. Clearly, she think this is the right thing for her to do to take care of someone who’s going through a difficult time. And I think you have to learn to be okay with that.

Billy: Right now, my focus needs to be on the kids.

Lily: Yes. And I’m sure victoria’s is, as well.

Billy: Thank you for supporting me and for being cool with the kids staying here.

Lily: Of course.

Billy: [ Sighs ] I’m gonna go get them this evening, if that’s okay with you.

Lily: Yeah, absolutely.

Billy: I’ll call victoria and set it up with her. In the meantime, there’s a few things I need to take care of.

[ Door closes ]

Victoria: Are you breathing easier?

Ashland: Well, I’m feeling better. This attack was odd — more constrictive, less painful.

Victoria: What do you think that means?

Ashland: I have no idea. But I’m glad it didn’t happen until johnny and — and katie were gone.

Victoria: Yeah, me, too.

Ashland: Are you having second thoughts about me being here? I mean, with my condition and the kids? I absolutely understand if you are.

Victoria: No. No, I’m not. Billy and I have already talked about how we’re gonna handle things with the kids. It’s okay. I don’t want you anywhere other than right here.

Ashland: I don’t deserve you.

Victoria: I just feel very lucky to get to spend every moment with you that I can.

Jack: Look, I understand how upsetting this encounter in the park was for harrison. I also understand your instinct to want to protect your son. But let me ask you something. You’ve lost a parent yourself. Wouldn’t you have given anything to have more time with your mother?

Kyle: 100% I would’ve. And I would never want to take away harrison from having those kind of moments with ashland. But the incident in the park — you didn’t see it in person. I don’t think you could fully see on the video just how scared harrison was.

Jack: I don’t think ashland intended any of this. Look, I saw the tape. I… I think this was a man protecting his son, trying to shield him from a debilitating illness. Not particularly the best way. Look, I don’t think you can expect a guy that’s going through that much to handle everything perfectly all the time.

Kyle: I hear what you’re saying, but I’m just trying to do what’s best for my son.

Jack: That’s the priority. You let that guide you, I am confident you will make the right decision. I got to go.

[ Keys jingle ]

Sally: Ooh, I am glad to see you. I need your advice.

Jack: About what?

Sally: Whipped cream or foam?

Jack: That’s easy. Neither.

Sally: Oh, so you’re a “none of the above” guy.

Jack: Most decisions in life are not binary choices.

Sally: You’re even turning “whipped cream versus foam” into a life lesson?

Jack: I’m kind of a purist when it comes to coffee drinks.

Sally: Okay, can you just clear this up for me? Are we having just some friendly and slightly awkward banter, or are we actually, like, building until you get to the point where you actually ask me out again?

Jack: How about tonight?

Sally: Yeah. I think I can make some room in my schedule.

Jack: I’ll be in touch with details.

Sally: Okay. Who needs coffee? I’m gonna…

Jack: Can I get a coffee — black?

Phyllis: Hey, I couldn’t help but notice that you were looking at those right there.

Jack: Don’t even start about sally.

Phyllis: And I’m not going to start about sally. I’m not doing that. That’s not what I was talking about. Live and let live. That’s my new motto.

Jack: Gee, I wish I could believe that.

Phyllis: Believe it. Seriously, I don’t feel the need to protect you. I don’t want to intervene in your life.

Jack: Well, perhaps you could share your new attitude with the world at large, because most people out there are just trying to get through life as best they can. Everyone has issues. Everyone has problems. No one needs someone to add to them.

Phyllis: I-I don’t want to add to anyone’s problems.

Tara: Harrison had another nightmare when he took his nap.

Kyle: About what he saw in the park?

Tara: That’s what he said. He woke up terrified. Couldn’t stop crying.

Kyle: God, I just wish we could all get on the same page. If ashland isn’t willing to work with us to help harrison through this, then —

Tara: Maybe my instincts were right, and I should fight to keep ashland away from him.

Amanda: I wasn’t sure what to expect, you know, when I went to go see victor, especially given the fact that I tried to implicate him and his company in the murder of my father.

Devon: And how did he react to that?

Amanda: He said that he understood I was just trying to do my job.

Devon: Is there a part of you that still wonders if he’s telling the truth?

Amanda: Of course. I’ve been burned so bad that I’m always wondering that. I think that he sincerely wants to help me.

Devon: Yeah, I think you have every reason to believe that he is sincere. And you told me that you two connected over growing up without parents. And if this truth comes out, it clears his name, too.

Amanda: Yeah. No, I think I trust him. I do. I’m just not sure I trust myself. I haven’t been the best judge of character.

Victor: Were you aware that richard had come to me to ask me to help in the search for his child?

Sutton: I was not.

Victor: Well, he became aware that his ex-girlfriend had had a baby, you know? And, uh, then they’d all found out that they were twin babies. I was compassionate. You know, I felt sorry for him because of my own past. So I steered him in the direction of a private eye that would help him in his search.

Sutton: Well, unfortunately, it didn’t pan out.

Victor: Unfortunately, right.

Sutton: So why are you telling me all this?

Victor: A few days before he died in that tragic accident, he’d sent me a letter. The contents of that letter might be of great interest to you. The airport can be a real challenge for new homeowners

Kyle: I’m not sure what the right thing to do in this situation is. I’m just trying to make the best decisions for harrison, same as you.

Tara: I’m as confused as you are. I mean, my intention had been for ashland to spend as much time with harrison as he was able, knowing how fast he could be declining.

Kyle: That’s what I wanted, too.

Tara: I truly believed that the diagnosis had changed him. But from what I saw in the park, he hasn’t accepted that he can’t control this.

Kyle: Well, maybe if we went to locke — together. We could come to an understanding.

Tara: I think part of what upset ashland was seeing us together — you, me, and harrison — because it was a glimpse of a future that he is not going to be a part of.

Kyle: Oh, but this isn’t about us. It’s about our kid, his future, his happiness, and I’m gonna do whatever I can to care for him, to protect him, and give him the best life possible.

Tara: I can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear you say that, to know that you feel the same way. It’s just so reassuring.

Kyle: Yeah, um, let’s talk more later. I’ve — I’ve got to check in with the office. Um, when I get back, we can discuss this some more, come up with a plan on how to move forward.

Tara: I’d like that. [ Sighs ]

Devon: Yeah, I’ll get those numbers to you right away. Okay.

Lily: Hey.

Devon: Hey. Hi. Forgot my keys.

Lily: Oh, my gosh.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: Any news about mariah?

Devon: Uh, no, nothing new. Nothing new. I don’t think it’s anything that we need to overreact about. I actually think that that’s probably the reason why mariah took off in the first place, was just everybody hovering over her while she’s trying to deal with being pregnant for the first time, you know? But knowing the kind of person she is, I can’t fault her for doing what she felt like she needed to do. So…

[ Cellphone pings ]

Lily: Is that mariah?

Devon: No, no, this is amanda. She’s waiting on some important information for the case she’s working on. It’s crazy, though, what she’s had to deal with with her family. She has her mom, who has admitted to a crime that she obviously didn’t commit, and between that and all the competing loyalties and agendas with her family, she’s just — nothing stopped her. Nothing slowed her down. She’s still very determined to find out the truth about what happened to her father.

Lily: Wow. Well, I hope she finds the answers she’s looking for.

Devon: If they’re out there, she will find them.

Lily: Yeah. Well, keep me posted.

Devon: I will, I will.

Lily: Okay. Oh, wait.

Devon: Hm?

Lily: I have some news, as well.

Devon: What’s your news?

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Um, I am entering a stepmom situation, a real one, where, um, johnny and katie are coming to live with me and billy, full-time, almost, for the next few months.

Devon: Wow. How does victoria feel about that?

Lily: It was her idea.

Devon: Really?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Devon: W-why would she suggest that?

Lily: Ashland is moving in with her.

Devon: Wow.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Wow, that’s very generous.

Lily: Well, I think it’s more than generous. It’s really brave to risk that kind of emotional pain.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: You know, when I got my diagnosis, and I thought I might die, you know, it really made me think, like, who’s gonna actually be there for me in the end, you know? And she’s doing that for him. But, yeah, I just don’t think billy really sees it the way i do yet, you know? He’s still worried about the kids and how fast things are moving. And, you know, he’s also thinking that victoria’s still doing this for the business merger.

Devon: What about you? Do you think that’s a possibility?

Lily: I mean, I did at first, but I think when you’re willing to watch someone go through something as scary as ashland is, you know, that really makes you reexamine your priorities. So, clearly, there’s a deep connection there.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: I just don’t think that billy really understands that yet.

Billy: Hey. I’m here to get the kids.

Ashland: Oh, uh, well, they’re upstairs with victoria. They should be, uh, ready soon.

Billy: Uh, how you doing?

Ashland: Fine.

Billy: Mm.

Ashland: A-and you?

Billy: I’m good.

Ashland: Does it bother you that I’m here?

Billy: My main concern are johnny and katie.

Ashland: Well, that’s everyone’s position, and it’s the right one. I-I’m going through a similar situation with my son in the wake of what was captured on a terrible video of us in the park.

Billy: Yeah, that was unfortunate.

Ashland: I regret overreacting. I wanted to protect harrison, but then I ended up making him feel frightened and confused.

Billy: Well, you’re in a tough spot.

Ashland: I soon need to have a serious age-appropriate talk with my son about my condition, as I would imagine that you would have a similar talk with your kids, given that they will see me in a weakened state.

Billy: I got to admit, ashland, I don’t understand what you’re doing here.

Ashland: Well, I don’t know how to break this to you, but victoria and I are involved in more than just a business deal.

Billy: Yeah, well, the fact that you two decided to move in together certainly suggests that, but let’s assume that she does have real feelings for you. You’re sick. You’re dying. So why would you do that to her? Why would you subject her to the inevitable pain of losing you?

“The young and the restless” will continue.

Phyllis: Hey, you. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Tara: Oh, I have a meeting with lauren, but I’m a bit early.

Phyllis: Ah, great. Well, let’s have a little chat. I mean, I’ll keep you company until she arrives.

Tara: Sure. Sounds good.

Phyllis: Have a seat. [ Sighs ] So… [ Clears throat ] My daughter’s having such a great time in milan. Oh, my gosh. She loves her job. She loves it. In fact, she sent me a picture. She looks so happy. See? See how happy she is?

Tara: Oh, she really does look happy.

Phyllis: Yeah, she is so happy. Yeah. So this worked out great for everyone. It’s win/win, isn’t it? Except for kyle. I feel bad for kyle. I think he’s really, really hurting. I think he’s — he’s still trying to figure out, you know, how to feel about her leaving. I think he’s suffering. You know? I think it’s great, though. I-I think the time away will make them realize how much they love each other and how much they miss each other. And they’ll be in each other’s arms real soon.

Tara: Oh, it would be great if they could find a way to work it out. But kyle seems to have accepted summer’s decision, and he’s focused on the future. I mean, his growing bond with harrison is so amazing to watch.

Phyllis: Oh.

Tara: I can’t imagine him walking away. Especially given ashland’s deteriorating condition and the way my ex is dealing with it.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, I saw the video.

Tara: I mean, he actually frightened harrison with that outburst.

Phyllis: Honestly, harrison will be fine. Kids are resilient.

Tara: Well, it’s not acceptable. Kyle and I need to put our child first. We’re even talking about trying to get sole custody.

Phyllis: You’re gonna get — wait, you’re gonna try to get sole custody from a dying man?

Lauren: Hello, ladies. Oh…

Phyllis: Hey.

Lauren: Am I interrupting something?

Tara: Not at all.

Lauren: Oh, you know what? Ugh, I forgot the mockups we need. I’m gonna go to the car, and why don’t I meet you at the street entrance at the restaurant, okay?

Tara: Sounds good.

Lauren: Okay.

Tara: Listen, I can tell that you’re a great mother, and that entails making the right choices for your kid. And as you know, sometimes those choices are hard. Sometimes people get hurt.

Phyllis: I don’t disagree with that.

Tara: I’m as protective as i can sense you are. You would do anything for your child, and so would I. Which means we’re really not that different from each other.

Amanda: What was that about?

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] I’m doing a dance with that girl.

Amanda: What kind of dance?

Phyllis: The tango, but i think she’s leading. You know, we’re trying to out-nice each other, and it is really, really hard. I just lost it, too. I shouldn’t have done that, and I did.
[ Sighs ]

Amanda: Okay, what happened? What got under your skin?

Phyllis: The lengths that this girl will go to to get her hooks into kyle.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] Yeah, I-I read that kyle was the biological father to her son. I mean, I didn’t know that there was more to it than that.

Phyllis: This girl has wormed her way into the abbott household already. She’s pretty much jumped from ashland’s millions into the abbotts’ millions. I really just need her to snap so jack and kyle realize what’s really going on.

Amanda: I heard that the abbotts welcomed tara and her son into their family. I mean, are you sure about her agenda?

Phyllis: Yeah, i am sure about her agenda. It’s obvious. I mean, she’s playing this sweet mom, this — this victim of her own circumstance, and — and, “I’m such a good mother to my kid,” and she’s using harrison. I mean, it’s so obvious. I can’t stand it.

Amanda: Phyllis, are you really sure that she’s doing that?

Phyllis: Yeah, I am, amanda. I am really sure. And you know who else can see it? Billy. Billy has seen how she’s ingratiated herself with the abbott family just to get close to kyle.

Amanda: Oh, that’s what the two of you were talking about earlier.

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, we’re working together. That should tell you something. I’m working with billy on this. That girl preyed on my daughter’s deepest, deepest insecurities and got my kid to fly to another continent for peace just so she could clear a path to kyle. That’s what she did.

Amanda: Okay. I mean, if you’re right about all of that, then I understand why you want to intervene. But have you thought about how your actions can affect kyle’s son and jack’s grandson?

Phyllis: Oh, please. It won’t affect him. He’s an abbott. They’ll take care of him. That kid will want for nothing.

Amanda: Well, if your plan is to run tara out of town, then she may take her son with her. And unless kyle has a legally binding custody agreement, she could deny him access to harrison.

Phyllis: Nah, that’s never gonna happen. They’re gonna fight it. Jack and kyle will fight it, believe me. Especially if they know who she really is as opposed to this saint that she pretends to be.

Amanda: Well, can you please be careful? And can you make sure that you are right about her agenda before you do anything rash?

Phyllis: I am right about her agenda. I’m 100% right. And I will take her down. It will be steady, and it will be calculated, but I will take that girl down. Let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you. What’s going on with your case?

Amanda: [ Scoffs ] Well, that’s been one shock after another.

Phyllis: I know. Your mom, who confessed. And — and your grandfather, who you think is guilty?

Amanda: Yeah, and the latest shock of them all — the person that is my greatest ally in all of this is victor newman.

Victor: Well, I launched an investigation into amanda’s claim that someone at newman had been responsible for richard’s death. And during that investigation, i came upon the letter that richard had written to me.

Sutton: So, what’s it say?

Victor: He thanked me for my help. He also said that he had been in touch with you and that you had warned him that he should discontinue the search for the child or else there would be consequences.

Sutton: Well, either richard was lying about his contact with me or you’re lying about the letter.

Victor: Now, sutton, you and I are not in and adversarial relationship right now. You know, we’ve had always amicable dealings with one another, right?

Sutton: Mm-hmm.

Victor: So I’m simply suggesting an arrangement. Aw, c’mon flowers.

Ashland: I’m sick. Nobody said anything about dying.

Billy: Oh, but that’s what your concern is, isn’t it? For my — for my children? What they would be going through now that you live here? Not to mention what victoria would be going through.

Victoria: I can speak for myself, billy. Look, one thing is for sure, that nobody knows what the future holds. It’s impossible to predict that. I think you and I understand that better than most people, right? Ashland and I, whatever happens, we just — we want to go through it together and make each other as happy as possible in the meantime. I don’t understand what part of that is so hard for you to see.

Billy: Well, alright then. I can be okay with that. As long as everyone is open and honest and everything is on the table, and no one takes advantage of anyone else’s good nature.

Ashland: Billy, that’s the last thing I would ever do. And surely you know that victoria’s a woman who does what she wants. And nobody is going to cajole her into anything.

Billy: Ashland, I’m really sorry what you’re going through, and it’s good to see you happy…as long as it lasts. I’m gonna go get the children.

Phyllis: Ah, seriously. Sorry, I had to deal with a customer complaint.

Amanda: Eh, it’s no problem.

Phyllis: Honestly, this job would be awesome if I didn’t have to deal with guests.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ] Okay, did you want to talk later, then?

Phyllis: No, no, no. I want to know about your case. I want to know about sutton.

Amanda: Well, right now, we’re just trying to find weaknesses in sutton’s armor.

Phyllis: Well, I mean, you’re working with victor. He’s really, really good in finding weaknesses in people. Very good.

Sally: I will tell jack you said hello. We are going out tonight.

Phyllis: Oh, well, definitely tell him. Definitely. And, you know, jack and I are completely honest with each other. He knows how I feel about you dating him. It doesn’t seem to matter to him. So, hey, listen, it’s his life, his choice.

Sally: I’d like to believe you’re sincere.

Phyllis: Well, I’m definitely sincere, and you should be happy that my opinion has absolutely no impact on jack. But it did have an impact on my friendship with him, and that is very important to me. So I am out of it. I’m out of it. Do what you want.

Lauren: I have to ask, is there something going on between you and phyllis?

Tara: Oh, it’s a complicated situation, obviously, with summer deciding to leave. I hate feeling like I’m in any way responsible. It’s the last thing I ever wanted.

Lauren: This whole thing has been very hard on her.

Tara: Which makes it all the more surprising that I think phyllis and I are actually becoming kind of friends.

Lauren: Well, as one of phyllis’ closest friends, I will tell you that she is amazing. She is funny and caring.

Tara: Except when you get on her bad side.

Lauren: Uh… [ Chuckles ] Maybe when we get to know each other better, I can fill you in on that.

Phyllis: Friendships are important, aren’t they? Especially in this town. And I am determined to foster every single relationship that i have. Tara is happy to reciprocate.

Sally: Well, good for you.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Sally: I am impressed by your new outlook.

Phyllis: Thanks.

Sally: Have a good night.

Phyllis: You, too.

Amanda: Okay, what the hell was that?

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] I don’t know, amanda. But I’m gonna put the puzzle pieces together. I’m gonna do it. Something is going on between tara and sally. I know it in my gut. Both of those girls benefited by my daughter leaving town. Sally has summer’s job at jcv, and that one over there has her man. Not a coincidence… and I will prove it.

Billy: Kids are settled, and it’s fantastic that they love their rooms.

Lily: Aww. I’m so happy that they’re comfortable here.

Billy: Yeah.

Lily: So how’d it go with victoria and ashland?

Billy: [ Sighs ] Honestly, I feel for the guy. I mean, everything he’s going through — tara’s deception, finding out that your child is not your biological son, knowing that you only have a few months to live, having to make the choice to sell your empire, something that you’ve built your entire life. It’s just — it’s horrible.

Lily: I know. It’s a lot to deal with.

Billy: Right now, it seems the only thing he’s looking for is happiness with victoria.

Lily: Well, I think it sounds like they both deserve that.

Billy: Yeah, I agree. I didn’t see that in the beginning, but I do now.

Lily: I’m glad.

Billy: I’m surprised by my level of maturity.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: It’s something I have you to thank for.

Lily: That’s true.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Tara: [ Sighs ] Thanks for coming back so soon.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Tara: Were you able to finish everything up at the office?

Kyle: Mm. Did you text me because you wanted to pick up our conversation about harrison? I assume you’ve thought more about what we talked about.

Tara: I’ve actually given it a lot of consideration. And I made a decision.

Victoria: Your favorite wine for your first night here.

Ashland: Oh, my. Well, I would love to offer the perfect toast, but I don’t know if I can find the words to express how happy and grateful i am.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: That’s my attorney. I won’t answer it.

Victoria: No, you should — you should get it.

Ashland: [ Clears throat ] Yes? Okay. Uh, give me a minute until I can figure out my next move. Tara filed a new motion — for sole custody of harrison.

Sally: Well, I wasn’t sure this was gonna happen again.

Jack: I’m a bit surprised myself.

Sally: Well, let’s not put any pressure on ourselves. You know, tonight doesn’t have to be perfect. The other night kind of was, but we’re not gonna be able to outdo ourselves every time. So… [ Sighs ] Please stop me from talking.
[ Chuckles ]

Jack: Okay, why don’t we start simple? You look lovely.

Sally: Thank you.

Jack: And I’m really glad we’re doing this.

Sally: Me, too.

Devon: Hey.

Amanda: Hey.

Devon: Still no word from victor?

Amanda: No, not yet. But I have resigned myself to the fact that this will take longer than I thought to get results. You know, sutton is a smart man, and victor has to play this safe if he’s going to get him to admit anything that I can use to prove his guilt.

Devon: Well, victor’s no rookie at getting what he wants. So if anybody can do it, he can.

Amanda: And I have every confidence that he will pull this off.

Victor: Now, sutton, I have no reason to lie to you, and i certainly am no friend of amanda sinclair’S. I mean, I’m very angry with her for even investigating newman enterprises and me personally, you know, trying to defame us to use that as her defense. But I do have that letter, you know? The contents of which are very valuable to you, I’m sure. And I’m the only one who knows of the existence of that letter.

Sutton: Why don’t we cut to the chase here?

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Sutton, you and I know how these things work. I mean, that letter can be yours for the right price.

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Y&R Update Monday, July 19 2021

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Billy went home and told Lily that she wouldn’t believe why Victoria wanted to meet him. He revealed that Ashland was moving in with Victoria. Lily didn’t see that coming. Billy didn’t either, and he admitted his head almost exploded. Lily asked what about the kids. Billy said that Victoria wanted them to take the kids more often so they could get used to the situation. That wasn’t a problem for Billy, but he said that Lily would need to be on board with it as well. Lily said she loved the kids and would love to have them over as often as he and Victoria wanted. She thought it was kind of fast for Ashland to be moving in. he agreed, and he confided that Ashland only had a few months to live. He wasn’t sure Victoria understood what she was signing up for.

Billy had concerns about Victoria bringing Ashland into her home – she’d only met him a few months ago, the kids never met him, and he was dying. He didn’t see how she was going to handle this situation without the kids being negatively impacted. Lily conceded this wasn’t the perfect situation, but she thought they could all work together to make this as easy as possible for the kids. She said Victoria was a good mom who’d handle this responsibly. He thought Victoria was doing this partially so the deal didn’t fall through. Lily said Victoria wouldn’t do this if she wasn’t emotionally involved – caring for someone who was terminally ill was brutal. He tried to talk to Victoria about it, and she didn’t want to listen to him. Lily thought Billy had to learn to be okay with Victoria’s decision. He said his focus had to be on the kids. She thought Victoria’s focus was on the kids too. He thanked Lily for supporting him and for being okay with the kids staying with them. He was going to bring the kids over this evening if that was okay with her. That was fine. He had something to take care of, so he left.

At her home, Victoria introduced Ashland to her kids, stating that he was very special to her. Johnny asked if Ashland was Victoria’s friend. He said they were close friends, and he hoped he could be close friends with the kids too. Katie asked if Ashland liked playing dolls. He enthusiastically said he loved playing dolls. Victoria explained that Ashland would be staying with them and that they’d be spending more time at their dad’s place while Ashland was here. Ashland hoped that was okay. Johnny said that they liked their dad’s house, and he asked if they could go play. Victoria said yes, and the kids ran off. Ashland had some trouble breathing, and Victoria put her hand on his shoulder.

Ashland felt better now, but this attack was more constricted and painful than usual. He didn’t know what that meant, but he was glad the kids didn’t see it. He’d understand if she was having second thoughts about this arrangement. She said she wanted him with her. He didn’t think he deserved her. She felt lucky to spend as much time as she could with him.

Billy showed up and told Ashland he was here to get the kids. Ashland said they were upstairs with Victoria, and they’d be down soon. It was clear that Ashland and Billy were uncomfortable, but they chatted. Ashland asked if it bothered Billy that he was here. Billy said his main concern was Johnny and Katie. Ashland replied that everyone felt the same way. He mentioned that he was going to a similar situation with his son in the wake of the terrible situation at the park. He regretted overreacting. He was trying to protect Harrison, but he’d just frightened and confused him. Billy recognized that Ashland was in a tough spot. Ashland knew he needed to have an age appropriate talk with his son about his condition. He imagined Billy would have a similar talk with his kids, given that they’d see him in a weakened state. Billy admitted he didn’t understand why Ashland was here. Ashland stated that he and Victoria were involved in more than a business deal. “Let’s assume that she does have real feelings for you. You’re sick. You’re dying. So why would you do that to her?,” Billy asked.

Ashland acknowledged he was sick, but he said no one said anything about dying. Billy thought that was why Ashland was concerned for what Johnny and Katie would be going through if he lived there. “Not to mention what Victoria would be going through,” Billy added, as Victoria walked up behind him. She announced that she could speak for herself. She stood next to Ashland. Victoria thought she and Billy knew better than most that no one knew what the future held. She said she and Ashland wanted to go through whatever happened together and make each other happy in the meantime. He said he could be okay with that as long as everything was out in the open and no one took advantage of anyone else’s good nature. Ashland swore that was the last thing he’d ever do. He added that no one could cajole Victoria into everything. Billy was sorry for Ashland’s predicament, and he was glad to see Victoria happy as long as it lasted. He went to get his kids.

Jack entered the Abbott living room, and Kyle confided that he was worried about Harrison after what happened at the park. He knew Jack saw the video. Jack said it wasn’t Ashland’s best moment. Kyle felt that Ashland lost control and scared Harrison – the boy had been in tears afterward. Now Tara was thinking of restricting Ashland’s contact with Harrison. Jack felt that was an aggressive move, and he asked how Kyle felt. Noting that Kyle lost a parent, Jack asked if he wouldn’t give anything for more time with his mother. Kyle said he definitely would’ve, and he didn’t want to take that from Harrison, but he didn’t think the video conveyed just how scared Harrison was, due to the incident in the park. Jack didn’t think Ashland intended to scare Harrison – he’d been trying to shield him from a debilitating illness. Jack didn’t think you could expect a guy going through that much to handle things perfectly all the time. Kyle was just trying to do what was best for his son. Jack thought that if Kyle let that guide him, he’d make the right decision. Jack left. No one noticed that Tara had been hiding around the corner.

Tara walked in and reported that Harrison had another nightmare when he took his nap, and he couldn’t stop crying. Kyle wished they could get on the same page – if Ashland wasn’t willing to help them get Harrison through this… “Maybe my instincts were right, and I should fight to keep Ashland away from him,” Tara replied. Kyle wasn’t sure what the right decision was. Tara said she was confused too. She’d intended to have Ashland spend as much time with Harrison as he was able to. Kyle said he’d wanted that too. She used to think the diagnosis changed Ashland, but from what she saw in the park, he hadn’t accepted that he couldn’t control this. He suggested they could approach Ashland together and come to an understanding. She thought that part of what upset Ashland was seeing her, Kyle and Harrison together – it gave Ashland a glimpse of a future he wouldn’t be part of. “But this isn’t about us. It’s about our kid, his future, his happiness,” Kyle said. He vowed to do whatever he could to give Harrison the best life possible. Hearing that was reassuring to Tara. Kyle had to go to work, but when he came back, they could come up with a plan. He left, and she smiled.

Jack ran into Sally at Crimson Lights. She asked him to help her decide between whipped cream or foam, and he said neither. He told her that most decisions in life weren’t binary choices, and she noted that he was even turning whipped cream or foam into a life lesson. She asked if this was just friendly and slightly awkward banter or if he was building up to ask her out again. He asked her out tonight, and she accepted. She decided she didn’t need coffee after all, and she left. He ordered black coffee. Phyllis rounded the corner and he told her not to even start about Sally. She told him her new motto was live and let live. She no longer wanted to intervene in his life. He brusquely told her to consider treating the world at large the same way, because everyone was just trying to get through life, and nobody needed someone to add onto their problems. She replied that she didn’t want to add to anyone’s problems.

Amanda and Devon were at Crimson Lights, and she was on edge because Victor still hadn’t called, but Devon pointed out that they hadn’t been waiting that long. He was curious how Victor was going to approach things. Amanda was looking for a weakness in Sutton, and Victor was going to help her find something that would trap him and make him confess that he had her father killed. They went to her place, and she told him how she apologized to Victor for trying to implicate him in her father’s death. Victor had said he understood she was just doing her job. Devon asked if part of Amanda wondered if Victor had been telling the truth. Amanda stated that she’d been burned so often that she was always wondering that. She did think Victor was sincerely trying to help her though. Devon thought Amanda had every reason to believe Victor was sincere. He recalled her saying she and Victor connected over growing up without parents, and if the truth came out, it would clear Victor’s name too. She thought she trusted Victor, but she wasn’t sure she trusted herself. She hadn’t been the best judge of character.

Devon ran into Lily at Crimson Lights. She asked if there was news on Mariah. There wasn’t, but he thought Mariah just left because she was fed up with being hovered over. He mentioned that Amanda was waiting on information about a case. He said she’d been dealing with a lot of crazy stuff with her family, but nothing was slowing her down. He was sure that if the information was out there, Amanda would find it. Lily shared that she was going to be in a stepmom situation, because the kids were going to be living with her and Billy nearly full time, for the next few months. He asked how Victoria felt about it. She told him the whole story. She thought it was brave of Victoria to risk that kind of emotional pain. When Lily was diagnosed with cancer, she wondered who’d be there for her in the end, and Victoria was stepping up to be there for Ashland. She said Billy was worried about the kids and how fast things were moving, and he thought Victoria was doing this for the merger. Lily thought it was clear that Victoria and Ashland had a deep connection, and she didn’t think Billy understood that yet.

Lily and Billy were at home relaxing in the living room while the kids were settling into their rooms. Billy felt for Ashland, Tara’s deception, finding out your son wasn’t your biological son, knowing you may only have a few months to live and having to sell your company. It seemed like the only thing he was looking forward to was happiness with Victoria. Lily thought Ashland and Victoria deserved that. Billy agreed – he didn’t see it at first, but he did now. He said he had Lily to thank for his level of maturity. She agreed, and he grinned.

At Newman Media, Victor told Sutton that Amanda wanted to expose him as her father’s killer. Sutton figured that. It saddened him that she thought he was capable of that. He felt that she was a disappointment, and now she was wasting valuable time. Victor offered a guaranteed solution to the problem. Victor asked if Sutton was aware that Richard came to him for help searching for his child. Sutton didn’t know that. Victor explained that he pointed Richard in a direction to a private eye. Sutton wondered why Victor was telling him all this. Victor claimed he received a letter from Richard a few days before he died in that accident, the contents of which might be of interest to Sutton.

Victor said he found the letter while investigating Amanda’s claim that someone at Newman was responsible for Richard’s death. Sutton was curious what the letter said. Victor said Richard thanked him for his help, and he said that Sutton had warned him to discontinue the search for the child. Sutton said either Richard was lying, or Victor was. Victor noted that he and Sutton had always dealt with each other amicably. Victor was suggesting an arrangement. Later, Sutton paced around the office. Victor said he had no reason to lie, and he was no friend of Amanda’s – he was angry with her for investigating Newman and trying to defame him. He said he had the letter though, the contents of which were surely valuable to Sutton. Sutton asked Victor to cut to the chase. Victor said the letter could be Sutton’s for the right price.

Hey you! To what do I owe the pleasure,” Phyllis acted happy to see Tara when she walked in. Tara had a meeting with Lauren. Phyllis suggested they chat, so they went to the lounge. Phyllis gushed about how happy Summer was in Milan and showed Tara a picture. Phyllis said it worked out great for everyone except Kyle, who was suffering. Phyllis thought that Kyle and Summer would realize how much they loved and missed each other, and they’d reunite. Tara said it’d be great if Summer and Kyle could work it out, but Kyle seemed to have accepted Summer’s decision, and his bond with Harrison was growing. She couldn’t imagine him walking away, especially given Ashland’s deteriorating condition and the way Ashland was dealing with it. Phyllis saw the video. Tara said Ashland’s outburst frightened Harrison. Phyllis said Harrison would be fine, kids were resilient. Phyllis was taken aback when Tara said she and Kyle were talking about getting sole custody. Phyllis noted that Ashland was dying. At that moment, Lauren showed up. She realized she forgot something in the car, and she said she’d go get it, and she and Tara could meet at the restaurant.

Amanda walked in and saw Tara with Phyllis. Tara could tell Phyllis was a good mother, which entailed making the right choices for your kid, and sometimes those choices were hard and people got hurt. Tara was protective of her child, and she could sense Phyllis was too. “You would do anything for your child and so would I. Which means we’re really not that different from each other,” Tara said, then she walked away. Amanda asked what that was about. Phyllis said she and Tara were doing a tango, and Tara was leading. They were trying to out-nice each other, and Phyllis just lost it. Phyllis griped about the lengths Tara was going to to get her hooks into Kyle. Amanda read that Kyle was the biological father of Tara’s son. Phyllis said Tara wormed her way into the Abbott household, and she’d jumped from Ashland’s millions into the Abbotts millions. She needed Jack and Kyle to figure out what was going on. Amanda heard the Abbotts welcomed Tara and her son into the family. In a mocking saccharine tone, Phyllis said Tara was playing this sweet mom, this victim of her own circumstances. Phyllis though it was obvious that Tara was using Harrison. Amanda asked if Phyllis was sure about this. Not only was Phyllis sure, she stated that Billy could see it too. Amanda realized that was what Phyllis and Billy were talking about earlier. Phyllis thought the fact that she was working with Billy should tell Amanda something. Phyllis got choked up talking about how Tara preyed on Summer’s deepest insecurities and got her to fly to another continent for peace, so Tara could clear a path to Kyle. Amanda understood why Phyllis would want to intervene, but she asked if Phyllis thought about how that would affect Harrison. Phyllis said Harrison was an Abbott, and he’d want for nothing. Amanda said that if Phyllis’s plan was to run Tara out of town, she could take Harrison with her, and unless Kyle had a custody agreement, she could deny him access to Harrison. Phyllis dismissively said that would never happen – Jack and Kyle would fight it, especially if they knew Tara wasn’t the saint she pretended to be. Amanda asked Phyllis to be careful and make sure she was right about Tara’s agenda before she did something rash. Phyllis was adamant that she was right, and she vowed to take Tara down in a steady calculated way.

Phyllis changed the subject and asked how Amanda was doing. She knew that Naya confessed and that Amanda thought Sutton was guilty. Amanda said the latest shock was that her biggest ally in all this was Victor Newman. Phyllis briefly left to deal with a customer complaint. She returned and said this place would be great if she didn’t have to deal with the guests. Amanda said they were trying to find weaknesses in Sutton’s armor. Phyllis said Victor was very good at finding weaknesses in people. Sally walked over. She was all dressed up, and she told Phyllis that she and Jack were going out tonight. Phyllis took it in stride. She said Jack knew how she felt about him dating Sally, and it didn’t seem to matter to him, which was his choice. Sally wanted to believe Phyllis was sincere. Phyllis said that she was sincere. She said her opinion had no impact on Jack, but it did have an impact on her friendship with him, so she was out of it. She told Sally to do what she wanted.

Lauren and Tara returned, and Lauren asked if there was something going on between Tara and Phyllis. Tara said it was complicated because Summer left, which Tara pretended was the last thing she ever wanted. Tara said she thought she and Phyllis were kind of becoming friends. Lauren was one of Phyllis’s closest friends, and she was funny, caring and amazing. “Except when you get on her bad side,” Tara said. Lauren said when she and Tara got to know each other better, she might tell her some things about Phyllis.

Phyllis told Sally that she was fostering friendships. She gestured toward Tara and said Tara was happy to reciprocate. Sally said she was impressed by Phyllis’s new outlook, and she left. “Okay, what the hell was that?” Amanda asked. Phyllis didn’t know, but she was determined to find out what was going on between Sally and Tara. She knew it wasn’t a coincidence that Sally had Summer’s job and Tara had her man.

Tara went home, and she texted Kyle who came right back from the office. She’d made a decision about Harrison.

Victoria and Ashland were now home alone. She served wine, and he searched for words to tell her how happy and grateful he was. His attorney called. Ashland said he needed time to figure out his next move, then the call ended. He told Victoria that Tara filed for full custody of Harrison.

At Society, Sally told Jack she wasn’t sure this would happen again. He said he was a bit surprised too. She suggested they didn’t put pressure on themselves tonight – it didn’t have to be perfect. He told her she looked lovely, and she was glad they were doing this. Phyllis was walking by when she saw them through the window. She backtracked and pressed her face against the glass for a closer look.

Devon visited Amanda. There was no word from Victor yet, and she’d accepted that this would take longer than she thought. She said Sutton was smart, and Victor had to play it safe. Devon said Victor was no rookie.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, July 19 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo



Recap written by Christine

Billy asked Lily if she was okay with the kids staying with them nearly full time, and she said yes. He had concerns about Ashland moving in with Victoria and how it’d impact her and the kids. Lily thought that Victoria was a good mom and that they could all work together to make sure the kids were okay. Victoria introduced Ashland to Katie and Johnny and explained that he’d be living with them. She told them they’d be staying at their father’s more often. The meeting went smoothly. Ashland had trouble breathing, and he asked if Victoria had changed her mind about the arrangement. She assured him she hadn’t. Ashland’s attack had been more painful and constricted than usual. Billy asked Ashland why he’d put Victoria through watching him die. Ashland would not admit he was dying. Victoria told Billy that she and Ashland wanted to go through this together and make each other happy in the meantime. Ashland swore he wasn’t taking advantage. Billy was sorry for Ashland and glad Victoria was getting some happiness. Kyle told Jack that Harrison got scared of the way Ashland acted at the park, and Tara was thinking about restricting his contact with Harrison. Jack was sympathetic to Ashland because he was going through a lot, and he was just trying to protect Harrison. Kyle’s goal was to do what was best for Harrison. Jack was sure Kyle would make the right decision. Tara eavesdropped. Tara claimed Harrison woke up crying about what happened at the park. Kyle wasn’t sure what the right move was regarding Ashland. Jack asked Sally on a date, and she accepted. Phyllis found out, and she told Jack she wouldn’t intervene in his life anymore. He wanted her to stop intervening in everyone’s lives, because people had enough problems without anyone adding to it.

Amanda told Devon that she’d been burned so many times she didn’t completely trust that Victor would help her with Sutton. She thought she did trust Victor, but she wasn’t sure she trusted herself to judge people’s character anymore. Devon and Lily met and talked about their lives. Billy and Lily agreed that Victoria and Ashland deserved happiness. Victor met with Sutton. He claimed he found an old letter Richard wrote to him, in which he’d said that Sutton had threatened him to drop the search for his baby. Victor offered to give the letter to Sutton for a price. Phyllis played nice with Tara and mentioned that Summer and Kyle would reunite soon. Tara said Kyle was bonding with Harrison, and he’d accepted Summer’s departure. Phyllis was shocked when Tara mentioned that she was thinking of seeking full custody of Harrison. Tara said she and Phyllis were protective mothers who weren’t that different from each other. Phyllis told Amanda that she and Billy were working together to figure out what happened between Tara and Sally. Amanda said if Phyllis ran Tara out of town, and Kyle didn’t have a custody agreement in place, he could lose his son. Phyllis dismissed that, as she knew Jack and Kyle would fight it. She vowed to take Tara down. Amanda told Phyllis that she was working with Victor to take Sutton down. Phyllis told Sally that she wasn’t going to interfere in her relationship with Jack. Lauren met with Tara. They talked about Phyllis, and Tara said she and Phyllis were becoming friends. Tara told Kyle she made a decision. As Ashland and Victoria celebrated their new living arrangement, he got a call from his lawyer saying that Tara filed for full custody of Harrison. Sally and Jack went on their date at Society, and Phyllis peeked in the window at them.


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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, July 15, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Faith tells Moses she wants to take their relationship slowly for now, so they agree to be good friends.

Amanda can’t find any information about Sutton so she asks Lily for help but Lily says she doesn’t have any reporters that have connections that go far back enough to find information about Sutton. Lily advises Amanda to ask Victor to help her.

Billy asks for Phyllis to help him find out what the connection is between Sally and Tara and he tells Phyllis that he saw them talking at the park but he couldn’t hear their conversation. Phyllis is happy that Billy has the same suspicions about Sally and Tara and she is more than happy to help Billy find out what Sally and Tara are hiding from everyone. Phyllis has a talk with Tara and later sends a text to Billy telling him they need to talk.

Abby, Sharon, and Tessa are very worried about Mariah because she has only sent them texts saying that she set up some exploratory meetings for work because she needed to get away for a few days. Stitch tells Sharon he was about to return home to Iowa when he was offered a job at Memorial and decided to stay in town for an interview. Sharon tells Stitch that she, Abby, and Tessa are worried about Mariah so after Stitch talks to Sharon he heads over to the Chancellor mansion to offer his support to Abby.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Victoria asks Ashland to move in with her and admits to him she is falling in love with him. Ashland tells Victoria that he shouldn’t have let their relationship go so far and he must go back to New York. Ashland and Victoria announce the merger of their two companies via a live c stream. Ashland also announces that he is ill but he doesn’t mention he has cancer.

Victor thinks Adam has lost his killer instinct, but Adam tells Victor he thinks Victoria won’t be able to handle the details of the merger and he will be ready to take Locke Communications once the deal falls apart. Billy tells Jack that he thinks Victoria is in love with Ashland and she will be hurt if he dies.

Sally asks Tara to meet her at the park. Sally asks Tara if she leaked the video that she took at the park. Tara admits to Sally that she sent a copy of the video to herself before she erased the video from Sally’s phone. Sally doesn’t appreciate being lied to by Tara and being put in an awkward position. Sally storms off and Tara leaves smiling because her plan worked but the ladies are unaware that Billy overheard their conversation.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Moses and Faith have a fun day together riding horses at the ranch. Moses asks Faith where she thinks their relationship is going and she tells him they are best friends. Faith later tells Nikki what happened with Moses and admits that she froze and didn’t know what to say to Moses. Nikki tells Faith that she will have another chance to tell Moses how she feels about him. Moses tells Nate and Elena about what happened with Faith and Elena tells Moses maybe Faith got scared about taking the next step in their relationship but he shouldn’t give up on her he should just wait until she is ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Sutton talks to Amanda and Imani about the strategy to defend their mother Naya in court. Amanda doesn’t tell Sutton anything about the defense strategy and says that if they need his help they will let him know.

Iman I continues to flirt with Nate although she knows Elena is his girlfriend. An anonymous video is sent to all the media outlets in town that shows when Ashland had a shortness of breath episode in the park in front of Harrison. Billy and Lily have a long discussion about whether they should post the video on their website. Billy and Lily decide not to post the video because the more interesting story is finding out the identity of the person who took the video.

Sharon is happy that she got a text from Mariah saying that she is sorry she worried everyone, but her phone died and she just saw all the messages when she charged her phone. Ashland tells Victoria that the deal to merge their two companies is done and now they can make the announcement to the public.

Michael assigns Rey to guard Chelsea while she is taking care of her mother in Minnesota. Sharon isn’t happy that Rey is going with Chelsea. Victor is upset with Adam because Adam is letting Connor go with Chelsea to Minnesota. Victor assigns a member of his security team to go with Chelsea, Connor, and Rey to Minnesota and keep him updated with everything that happens with them.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, July 12 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo



Recap written by Christine

Kyle told Tara that no one wanted her and Harrison to move anytime soon. She didn’t want to go now either, because at a time like this, their son needed family. Kyle and Tara talked about trying to move on after their relationships failed, and they decided to have a picnic with Harrison in the park as a distraction. Victoria was happy that the merger was almost official. Ashland learned that Nikki knew about the merger. He spoke highly of Nikki, who told him that flattery didn’t work on her. Ashland was in a good mood when he got a text from Tara inviting him to spend time with Harrison. Nikki was worried about Victoria deeply bonding with a man who didn’t have much time left. Victoria said she had it under control. Victoria fantasized about Ashland deciding to treat his cancer so he could run the company with her. Sally told Jack about something good that happened to her at work, and she asked him to join her for a drink. He got invited to the picnic, and when Sally asked if she could walk over with him, he agreed. Kyle asked Jack about Sally. Jack said he was just keeping himself open to happiness. Tara asked Sally to record her playing with Harrison. Ashland showed up for his visit with Harrison, but Tara said it was supposed to be tomorrow. Ashland started having trouble breathing, and he snapped at Tara when she tried to help him. He ordered them to get Harrison away from him. Kyle took Harrison out of the area. After Ashland left, Tara learned that Sally had gotten it all on video. Tara secretly texted herself a copy of the video, then she deleted it from Sally’s phone. She told Sally not to tell anyone about what happened today. Ashland took his bad day out on Victoria until she told him she wouldn’t put up with it. She told him they were in this together, and he apologized ot her.

Victor pulled some strings and got Chelsea a convalescent release from the hospital. She’d be allowed to go care for her mother, but she’d need a police escort. Adam wouldn’t let Chelsea take Connor to see his grandmother out of state. Victor didn’t agree with Adam letting Chelsea see Connor. Connor felt it was good for Chelsea and Connor to be together. Victor urged Adam to keep his guard up because Chelsea and her mother were two of the most devious women around. Abby called Sharon to see if she’d heard from Mariah. Sharon hadn’t heard anything, and she thought it was strange that Mariah left town without telling anyone. Chelsea apologized to Sharon and Rey. Chelsea felt that Adam loved Sharon more than he’d ever loved Chelsea, though she felt the love was one-sided and pathetic. Chelsea said that Adam and Victor were controlling her access to Connor. Sharon convinced Adam to let Chelsea take Connor with her. Just after Adam told Chelsea the news, Victor showed up and said he wouldn’t let Connor go on the trip.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, July 9, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Ashley, Billy, and Traci get a chance to spend some time with Tara and Harrison and welcome them into the Abbott family. Billy advises Kyle to be careful around Tara because she could be lonely since she is getting divorced. Kyle tells Billy to mind his own business and stay out of his personal life. Billy later tells Lily he thinks Tara is hiding something and he wants to find out what it is, so he can keep the promise he made to Summer of being a friend to Kyle.

Nick says a tearful goodbye to Summer and promises her he won’t be hard on Kyle because she wants Kyle to be happy. Nick gets a surprise visit from Phyllis and he decides to, spend an extra day in Milan so he can show Phyllis the city.

Lily wants Nina to write a series of feature stories about the new guard versus the old guard in the business world. Nina is excited to accept the assignment and do in-depth stories of the leaders of the business world.

Adam lets Chelsea spend the day with Connor at the park. Adam tells Chelsea that he spoke to Victor and he is talking to the judge about an early release for her. Adam gets a call from Chelsea’s mom Anita and she tells Adam she needs hip replacement surgery and she needs Chelsea to come help her while she recovers from surgery. Adam asks Chelsea if she set this up to get out of the hospital. Chelsea tells Adam she didn’t set this up and pleads with Adam to ask the judge for permission to go take care of her mother. Chelsea also asks Adam if she can take Connor with het on the trip.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, July 8, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Faith worries that Adam will interfere in Sharon and Rey’s marriage again now that he and Connor are living at the ranch. Sharon assures Faith that her marriage to Rey is solid and Adam can’t come between them so she has no need to worry.

Victor tries to postpone his trip to Italy but Nikki persuades him they need to check on Summer and see how she is, adjusting to her new job.

Dr. Hedges lets Chelsea spend some time at the park so she can get some fresh air. Adam tells Chelsea that he will talk to Victor and persuade him to get her an early release from the hospital as long as she agrees to have outpatient treatment. Adam also makes Chelsea promise to not run, away with Connor. Adam talks to Victor later and persuades him that Chelsea is ready for, early release.

Kevin pleads with Chloe to stay away from Chelsea and not help her with her schemes. Kevin worries that Michael will find out that she was Chelsea’s accomplice in poisoning Rey.

Abby, Nina, and Tessa are worried about Mariah because she texted she was going on a business trip but she hasn’t texted any of them back this morning. Abby calls Jack who tells her he had no idea Mariah was going on a business trip. Adam decides to let Connor see Chelsea in the park after Rey tells him that he saw Chelsea in the park and she needs to see Connor.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Amanda tells Nate and Elena about her relationship with Imani and Naya and Nate and Elena promise to keep it a secret. Elena is a bit annoyed because Imani keeps flirting with Nate and she notices they have some chemistry.

Victoria promises Ashland that she will spend the time he has left with him without insisting he get treatment for his illness. Billy and Lily ask Nate if one of their colleagues could have lung cancer if he has shortness of breath. Nate says yes and that their colleague needs to see a doctor as soon as possible. Billy asks Victoria to confirm Ashland’s diagnosis and her non-answer leads him to go talk to Ashland. Billy writes down an offer for Locke Communications and Ashland looks at the offer and tells Billy he will call him if he accepts the offer.

Victor tells Adam the truth about how he kept Chelsea out of jail. Adam talks to doctor Hedges and asks him his opinion about her condition. The doctor says Chelsea has some mental issues but she is a great con artist. The doctor tells Adam and Victor how Chelsea got him to admit he took part in Victor’s plan to keep her out of jail. Adam decides to give Chelsea a chance to return to her life but Victor tells Adam to tell Chelsea that if she double crosses them she will never see Connor again.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Moses tells Faith that he is wondering if he still wants to be a doctor but he doesn’t want to tell Devon because Devon might tell his mother who might want him to return to New York.

Chelsea gets the upper hand on Dr. Hedges when she records him on her phone admitting that Victor is paying him to keep her in the mental hospital. Chelsea tells the doctor that if he doesn’t say she is healthy she will have her friend Chloe send the recording to the medical board. Dr Hedges heads to Victor’s office to tell him about his problem with Chelsea but he is unable to say anything because Adam is with Victor and Adam wants to know if there is anything wrong with Chelsea.

Amanda gets Naya out of jail on bail and she and Iman try to persuade Naya to recant her confession to Richard’s murder and say that Sutton gave the order to kill Richard. Naya insists on protecting her father. Amanda lies and tells Naya she won’t mention Sutton in her defense in court. Amanda and Imani are really going to team up to prove Sutton is guilty of Richard’s murder. Stitch says goodbye to Abby and says he is headed home to Iowa but later he runs into Mariah once again after her jog in the park.

Ashland feels like a new man after he and Victoria make love. Ashland and Victoria have lunch at Society where he experiences shortness of breath in front of Adam. Ashland later worries that he and Victoria are getting too close and wonders if they should end their personal relationship, so Victoria won’t be hurt when he dies. Adam later tells Victor what happened at Society with Ashland and suggests that they take over Locke Communications Group before Victoria has a chance to make a move on the company.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, July 5 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo


Recap written by Christine

ChancComm published their story on the Lockes, and it went viral. It included the scoop that Ashland was flying his personal doctor to Genoa City. Billy thought Victoria would be surprised by how often she was mentioned in it, and he wasn’t concerned if she was angry about it, because he’d warned her about getting involved with Locke. Billy and Lily learned Ashland was seeing an oncologist. Billy thought Victoria might be getting close to Ashland in hopes of getting a seat on the board at Ashland’s company. Billy suggested to Lily that they buy Locke’s entire company, and she was intrigued. Ashland wasn’t feeling well, so he and Victoria didn’t go to LA. He was dismayed that the news about him flying in his doctor had gotten out. She tried to encourage him to treat his cancer, so they could run their merged company together but he refused. Ashland kissed Victoria. Connor came home from boarding school, and Adam told him that Chelsea was in the hospital, but they’d see her soon. Connor and Adam moved into the tack house on the ranch. Sharon learned she and Adam would be neighbors. Adam told Sharon he and Chelsea wouldn’t get back together. Chelsea was angry when Adam told her that he’d moved Connor to the ranch and that she wouldn’t be allowed to see him right now because Dr. Hedges didn’t think it was a good idea. Adam informed Chelsea that the penthouse was hers to live in or sell after her release. She wasn’t placated when he said he’d bring Connor to visit as soon as the doctor cleared it. Chelsea tried to negotiate with Dr. Hedges for an early release, but he said she need time to heal. Adam and Victor learned from a source that Ashland canceled his trip to L.A. with Victoria. Victor and Adam decided to try and purchase all of Ashland’s company. Nick and Phyllis video chatted. He told her Summer’s accommodations were beautiful, and she was acting like everything was great, but he could tell she was in pain. Kyle, Jack and Tara were angry with Billy about the article, which revealed Harrison’s paternity results. Tara suggested she and Kyle lean on each other. Kyle wasn’t sure he could get over Summer. Jack and Sally chatted about her new job. Jack thought she should be proud she earned the job without scheming. Phyllis showed up and insulted Sally, and Jack told her to butt out. Sharon didn’t think Phyllis was using the right method with Sally. Weeping, Phyllis told Jack she was lonely and asked him to have dinner with her tonight instead of Sally. He agreed, but he said that if Phyllis brought Sally up during the outing, she was paying.

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Y&R cast animation


Y&R Short Recap Friday, July 2, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Kyle and Tara spend most of the night talking since she has always suffered from insomnia. Kyle cries as he deletes Summer’s phone number and picture from his phone. Kyle and Tara talk about the time they spent together in the Hamptons. Kyle tells Tara that he is going to concentrate on Harrison and work while he deals with his love life one day at a time.

Jack and Sally have a long talk over drinks about her plans for the future and Jack puts Sally firmly in the friend zone telling her that a romantic relationship between them is not a good idea.

Victoria thinks Ashland should announce their merger so that the press will stop trying to find out about his illness. Ashland tells Victoria that he doesn’t care about the press and that they shouldn’t rush the merger of their two companies.

Stitch asks Victor how Abby is really doing and Victor tells him Abby is happily married to Chance and excited about her baby that is on the way. Abby, Mariah, and Tessa stay up late talking about the baby since Mariah can’t sleep. Mariah describes to Abby what it feels like to have the baby inside of her. Abby and Tessa go upstairs to bed while Mariah stays downstairs for a few minutes and tells the baby that when he is born he will have a lot of people who love him. The audience sees Stitch standing outside the house watching Mariah through the window.

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Y&R cast animation


Y&R Short Recap Thursday, July 1, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Kyle faces a life without Summer but he is determined to concentrate on his work and his son.

Tara and Sally are both very happy and consider the first day without Summer in town the first day of their bright future.

Stitch arrives at Abby’s house with a gift for the baby. Abby, Devon, and Mariah fill Stitch in on what has been going on since he has been gone. Stitch asks Abby to go to his boss’s retirement party with him and she politely declines his invitation.

Jack questions Phyllis about why Summer left town and Phyllis tells him that Summer couldn’t handle the situation with Tara and Harrison. Sally is in such a good mood she asks Jack to have a friendly drink but Phyllis tells him not to do it. Jack tells Phyllis that his personal life is none of her business. Jack meets Sally for one drink at Society.

Victoria is also tired of everyone butting into her personal life and after long discussions about Ashland with Victor and Nikki she decides to accept Ashland’s invitation to go to Los Angeles.

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Y&R cast animation


Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Nina asks Lily if she can be a freelance reporter for Chancellor Communications since she intends to stay in town until Abby and Chance’s baby is born. Lily is impressed when she hears Nina’s experience as a reporter considering she is known for writing novels and screenplays. Lily tells Nina she may have a story for her but first she has to talk to Billy. Billy interviews Tara to try and confirm the rumor that Ashland is dying but she tells her that her soon to be ex-husband doesn’t confide in her about his health anymore.

Billy asks Tara if he should be worried about Ashland’s relationship with Victoria. Tara tells Billy that Ashland is only using Victoria to soothe his bruised ego. Billy asks Victor to talk to Victoria and tell her that continuing her relationship with Ashland will hurt her.

Sutton asks Amanda to be Nana’s lawyer because she was suffering from post-partum depression when she killed Richard. Amanda tells Sutton that she knows he killed Richard and Naya is taking the blame to protect him.

Ashland asks Victoria to go to Los Angeles with him and while they are talking Ashland begins to cough and Victoria worries that Ashland’s health is getting worse. Ashland leaves Victoria’s office and sees Victor getting off the elevator the two men say hello and Ashland gets on the elevator. Victor goes in and asks Victoria if the rumors that Ashland is dying are true.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Adam tells Victor that he isn’t sleeping well at his place because he keeps having memories of how he drove Chelsea to her current mental condition. Adam tells Victor that he is thinking of selling his penthouses and moving to a new place. Victor asks Adam to consider moving to the ranch and living in the tack house. Adam says he will think about it and he is surprised he and Victor have come this far in their relationship.

Chelsea tells Chloe she has to act like she is making progress so that they will release her from the hospital. Chelsea tells Chloe that it is the only way she can be with Connor. Adam goes to the mental hospital to visit Chelsea and tell her Connor will be coming home soon. Adam also tells Chelsea he is considering moving to the ranch. Chelsea thinks Adam is preparing to take Connor away from her since he knows she won’t be able to see Connor if he is living at the ranch. Chelsea tells Adam that while she has been at the hospital she has learned that he is her biggest enemy.

Tara is happy that Kyle is sharing all his troubles with her and everything worked according to her and Sally’s plan.

The National Inquisitor publishes an article claiming Ashland only has six months to live. Ashland confronts Tara because he thinks she leaked the information to the tabloid. Tara tells Ashland she would never do that because she isn’t a vindictive person. Billy runs into Ashland and tries to confirm the story but Ashland denies the story saying that it is just tabloid gossip.

Lily talks to Victoria who tells her that it is just a rumor designed to make Ashland look weak. Lily later tells Billy what Victoria said and he is sure that the story is true since he knows Victoria better than almost anyone. Nikki notices a Locke Communications file on Victoria’s desk and Victoria tells Nikki she is close to a merger with Locke Communications to preserve Ashland’s legacy but she makes Nikki promise not to tell anyone about the impending deal with Ashland.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, June 28 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Nick and Phyllis helped Summer pack for Italy. In private, Summer grew emotional over being forced to leave Kyle because of Tara’s ultimatum. Kyle raced around town looking for Summer. Summer said goodbye to Victoria, Nikki, Victor and Faith. Mariah told Summer off for hurting Kyle. Summer decided not to waste time arguing with Mariah. Mariah badmouthed Summer to Kyle, and he told ordered her to keep her nasty comments to herself. Mariah and Kyle apologized to each other. Summer met with Lauren and recommended Sally as her successor. Lauren made Sally acting president of JCV, so she could gain experience and prove she was right for the job. Summer told Billy she was leaving and asked him to be there for Kyle as a friend. When Kyle wondered if he should give up on winning Summer over, Billy told him to go after her. Summer asked Jack to help Kyle accept her decision, and he promised he’d do everything in his power to make that happen. Jack told Summer he was always a phone call away. Phyllis and Summer shared a tearful goodbye, and Phyllis gave Summer a pep talk. Kyle finally caught up with Summer, but she wouldn’t change her mind. She gave him a goodbye kiss, and she left. Tara talked with Jack and pretended to be unhappy that Summer was leaving. Tara met with Lauren and Sally about her shoe line. Tara and Sally privately chatted about getting everything they wanted, now that Summer was out of the way. Billy and Jack disagreed about whether or not Kyle and Summer could make things work. Jack said that sometimes love didn’t conquer all.


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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, June 24, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Mrs. Toliver finds Naya and Richard’s cell phone records and tells Amanda and Devon that Richard called Sittings office, and he also made a five minute call to Naya a week before he was supposed to meet with Amanda’s foster parents. Amanda confronts Naya and gets her to admit she did speak to Richard and he was going to do whatever it took to find his daughters. Amanda assumes that Naya told Sutton what Richard was planning to do and Sutton had him killed to protect his career. Naya insists that her father isn’t a killer but Amanda doesn’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

Kyle, Phyllis, and Nick are all confused by Summer’s sudden decision to take the job in Italy. Summer tells all of them that she can’t handle Tara and Harrison living in Genoa City and that the job is a great opportunity to advance her career. Kyle goes back to his and Summer’s hotel suite determined to show Summer that he loves her and persuade her to stay. Tara sends a text to Sally telling her that their plan worked and Summer is going to Italy.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria meets Harrison and spend some time with him.

Ashland tells Victoria that his lawyers are looking over her merger proposal. Victoria tells Billy to stay out of her personal life.

Adam and Nick continue to bond as brothers when Nick defends Adam from Billy when they get into a verbal argument.

Phyllis talks with Nick about Summer’s job offer but makes him promise not to tell Summer what they talked about because its a secret. Phyllis talks things through with Nick and she begins to wonder if Summer is being forced to take the job in Italy. Summer arrives at Society ready to have a talk with Kyle.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Chelsea has a horrible nightmare in which Adam, Victor, and Rey tell her she will never leave the mental hospital.

Adam and Nick have a talk and Nick advises Adam to concentrate on Connor and find the right way to tell him about Chelsea’s illness. Nick also advises Adam to help Connor deal with Chelsea’s illness until Chelsea is better.

Elena turns down the job in Baltimore when Nate tells her that he never stopped loving her and wants her to stay in town.

Jack tells Tara the story of his bitter custody battle for Kyle when he was a little boy. Summer tells Phyllis about the job offer she got from the fashion house in Italy.

Summer doesn’t tell Phyllis that Tara is forcing her to take the job or she won’t let Kyle see Harrison again. Phyllis knows Summer is holding something back and isn’t telling her the whole story. Phyllis advises Summer to search her soul and find the truth before she makes a decision about the job. Summer calls Kyle and asks him if he could come to their suite instead of staying at the Abbott house because she doesn’t want to be alone tonight.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, June 21 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Christine

Victoria talked with Ashland about her proposal to merge their companies, then she left to give him time to consider her offer. On her way out, she ran into Billy, and he thought she’d been with Ashland upstairs, but she wouldn’t admit to it. He was concerned about the risk she was taking being with Ashland. She reminded him that when they were splitting up, he’d told her to be more reckless, and now he was saying the opposite. She pointed out that he moved in with Lily without telling her. He said Ashland was a monster, and Lily was sweet. Victoria implied that she had a plan, and Billy wanted details, but Lily arrived, so Victoria left. Lily thought they should listen to Billy’s instincts, which told him Victoria was playing with fire. Lily decided she wanted to help Billy oversee the investigation into the article on the Locke divorce that they were going to run. He thought that sounded fun. Ashland told Victoria he was interested in her offer. A mystery person hovered over Abby while she slept, then they left the house when Nina came home. Christine told Nina, Abby and Mariah that Chance’s superior heard from him after the dropped call, so he was fine as of a few days ago. He’d been sent to Michigan, but he might not still be there. Chance was closing in on a target, so he wouldn’t be able to contact Abby as often, but it also meant there was an end in sight. Abby researched organized crime in Michigan, so Mariah distracted her. Someone watched Abby through the window.

Summer accused Sally of making a deal with Tara. Sally admitted to telling Tara about the job at Marchetti, but she denied scheming. She continued to act disappointed that Summer got the job offer, but she said Summer should take it, since it was the opportunity of a lifetime. Tara and Kyle talked about Harrison. Summer tried to get Kyle alone to talk, but Tara walked in on them and sent Kyle upstairs to see something Harrison was doing. When Tara found out Summer didn’t take the job yet, she threatened to disappear with Harrison. Summer tried in vain to convince Tara that she wasn’t a threat to Kyle’s relationship with Harrison. Tara felt Harrison needed a loving two parent home. Summer accused Tara of being a gold digger who wanted to take advantage of Kyle. They debated whether or not Kyle ever had real feelings for Tara and if he ever would again. Tara told Summer to break up with Kyle and leave town. Kyle came downstairs and talked about a future with Harrison. Summer changed her mind about telling him the truth. She left. Summer called her mom and asked if they could meet first thing in the morning.


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