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Update written by Joseph

Nicole works at the Basic Black office as Jada arrives and says she knows it’s Eric’s first day but they must have mixed up each others’ phones as she has his. Nicole then asks if they woke up in bed together this morning.

Brady joins Chloe in her hotel room at the Salem Inn and happily announces that he has full custody of Rachel. Chloe tells him that she’s so happy for him as they hug. Brady admits he’s surprised that the judge ruled in his favor after everything Kristen dredged up. Chloe then reveals that knows how it happened.

Rafe brings Craig to the interrogation room and asks when he got back in town. Craig says it was just last night. Rafe then asks when he last saw Leo. Craig says other than just now, it probably would’ve been the morning after their aborted wedding. Rafe questions if Craig left town right after that. Craig confirms he went right back to New York and wanted to cut ties. Rafe then asks where Craig was on September 1 as that was the night that Sonny Kiriakis was stabbed.

Nancy tells Chad that it’s odd because Craig never wore aftershave or cologne during their marriage. Chad suggests he started wearing it after they split up. Nancy says that would be a coincidence because vanilla is what Clyde wears. Nancy says at first she thought it was feminine, but now she kind of likes it. Chad then thinks back to Craig hugging him and remembers that Clyde was standing nearby. Chad comes to a realization, so Nancy asks what’s wrong.

Clyde fills out his drug test paperwork at the hospital. Clyde then gets up and looks in the window of Sonny’s hospital room. Clyde then flashes back to being the one who stabbed Sonny! Will then approaches Clyde.

Chloe informs Brady that she happened to run in to the judge outside in the hallway and told her that she knew they couldn’t use Kristen’s previous crimes against her but that she had evidence of Kristen attacking her with the letter opener as she had the surveillance video from their office, so she assumes the judge watched it. Brady questions why she didn’t tell him earlier. Chloe worried that if Kristen found out she was the reason that she lost the case, she would use it against her and Brady with Rachel. Brady questions the judge being okay with this. Chloe admits she was weary but she sensed she was frustrated with the whole situation. Chloe adds that because of Kristen’s pardon, she couldn’t consider all the facts so she felt this untied the judge’s hands to make the ruling she wanted to make. Chloe knew it was risky but says she couldn’t stand by and watch Brady lose custody of Rachel to Kristen, so she’s not sorry for what she did. Brady tells her that she doesn’t have to be sorry for anything and declares that because of her, he will never lose his little girl. Brady tells Chloe how much he adores her as they kiss.

Jada remarks on Nicole not being very transparent. Nicole questions if she offended her. Jada questions Nicole asking if their phone mix up happened while they were in bed together. Nicole feels it’s a reasonable assumption. Jada says they don’t keep their phones in the bed. Nicole says she just pictured them waking up together. Jada feels Nicole is bothered by the fact that she is seeing her ex-husband. Jada brings up that Nicole is a newlywed and married to a great guy. Nicole claims she’s not bothered but just protective and she hopes they are right for each other. Jada mocks the idea of that making Nicole happy. Jada tells Nicole to be honest that she’s not rooting for them to be happy and that she’s hoping they fall apart. Nicole calls that not true but admits she overstepped by commenting on them waking up in bed together as whatever they do behind closed doors is none of her business. Nicole repeats that she already knew they were sleeping together. Jada brings up that Rafe mentioned Nicole came by to offer Eric a job. Nicole thought they would have more interesting things to talk about at the police station. Jada says this is interesting since the day after Nicole’s visit, Eric was just talking about looking for a photography job and how scarce the jobs are. Nicole says Eric was perfect for this job and they happened to have an opening. Jada questions why Eric didn’t mention this job since that’s what she told Rafe. Nicole questions if Jada is calling her a liar.

Craig asks Rafe if he’s asking him if he stabbed Sonny Kiriakis. Rafe responds that he’s just gathering information. Craig mentions just visiting Leo and he was going on and on about how he must have wanted payback for him breaking his heart and kept saying this accusation over and over. Rafe admits he’s aware of the accusation. Craig calls it the raving of a desperate man. Craig says Leo is accusing him of stabbing Sonny and murdering Abigail. Craig argues that Rafe can’t actually believe that he would be so blinded by hatred for Leo that he would take an innocent woman’s life and forget his oath to do no harm. Craig questions if Rafe actually believes Leo.

Will asks what Clyde is doing at the hospital. Clyde responds that he just got called in for a random drug test as part of his parole, joking that Will should know about that since he’s an ex-con. Clyde knows Will got his conviction overturned but he did serve time. Will remembers Clyde trying to shiv him in prison but then Ben tried to stop him and got the shiv instead. Clyde talks about Ben turning in to a stand up guy and now he’s trying to turn his life around as well. Clyde says he’s a changed guy. Clyde mentions that he and Nancy are about to get married, so Will congratulates him. Clyde tells Will to take care of Sonny and remarks that he’s really glad to hear they caught the guy that attacked him as it must be a real relief knowing that scum like that is off the street now. Clyde then exits the hospital.

Nancy asks Chad what it is. Chad remembers Clyde standing there when he saw Craig, so it must have been his cologne he was smelling. Chad asks where Clyde is now. Nancy informs him that Clyde is at the hospital taking his drug test and encourages Chad to get some of that cologne. Nancy asks Chad if he’s sure he’s alright since he’s as pale as a ghost. Chad claims he’s fine and says he just has to be somewhere, so he rushes off.

Jada tells Nicole that she never accused her of lying. Nicole feels she’s certainly insinuating it. Jada decides to just leave Eric’s phone and go but Nicole says not until she lets her explain. Nicole questions why she would lie to her husband about offering Eric a job if she hadn’t. Jada suggests maybe Nicole came to see Eric for another reason, but says she didn’t come to argue with her. Jada feels they are in a competition for Eric’s love and affection, even though Nicole is divorced and married to another man. Nicole argues that she’s not competing with her and repeats that she and Eric have a long history as friends. Jada understands that she’s protective of Eric, but she doesn’t get her being so protective of their relationship as if she’s not good for him or like he needs protection from her. Eric then arrives and asks what’s going on.

Craig tells Rafe that he did not stab Sonny or murder Abigail and he’s not a homicidal maniac. Craig adds that he wasn’t even in town when the attacks occurred. Craig says the fact that Rafe is listening to Leo is an insult and an outrage. Rafe asks if Craig would be able to provide an alibi. Craig confirms he would. Rafe says he’ll need one for September 1 and June 10 as well. Craig argues that he doesn’t know what he was doing three months ago. Craig says he’s often on call but doesn’t know where he is day to day. Rafe notes that could be a problem for him. Craig decides he will have his secretary check his schedule and get back to him. Rafe says the sooner, the better as Craig then exits the room.

Brady tells Chloe that he doesn’t have to pick Rachel up for about an hour and suggests they make their celebration official. They continue kissing until Nancy knocks on the door and interrupts. Chloe answers the door, so Nancy comes in and announces that she and Clyde are getting married today.

Chad goes to the hospital and asks Will how Sonny is. Will says he’s sleeping after having Alex visit earlier. Chad asks if he’s seen Clyde around anywhere. Will confirms that he just saw him here actually. Chad questions if he went in to Sonny’s room. Will says not that he saw but he was standing at the window and that he was here for a drug test. Will asks why and what’s going on. Chad reveals that he doesn’t think Leo hurt anyone and that it’s been Clyde this whole time. Will questions where this is coming from. Chad reminds Will of how they tried to help Sonny remember what happened and he said he smelled vanilla. Chad talks about smelling vanilla and at first, he thought it was Craig but then Nancy said that Clyde wears a vanilla cologne. Chad declares that it is Clyde.

Chloe is shocked that Nancy is marrying Clyde today and asks when this happened. Nancy responds that it was Clyde’s idea so they are going to get married at City Hall in an hour. Chloe questions why she is rushing in to this and argues there’s no reason to get married today. Nancy argues there’s no reason not to. Nancy declares that Clyde is the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with, so she asks why not make it official as soon as possible. Nancy reveals that she’s here because she’d like for them to be their witnesses. Chloe asks if they can talk about it for a minute. Nancy says no because Craig will be there any minute which Chloe questions. Nancy explains that she asked Craig to come because she wants both of them to be a part of her wedding. Craig then arrives. Nancy hopes Craig is free to come to the wedding. Craig responds that he’s not sure. Chloe argues that even Craig thinks she’s rushing in to this. Craig clarifies that it’s not that but he’s not in a celebratory mood because he just got accused of murder.

Will and Chad go to Sonny’s hospital room and wake him up. Sonny asks what’s going on. Will informs him that Chad believes something that might prove who his attacker was. Sonny asks if it wasn’t Leo. Chad confirms he doesn’t think so. Will knows Sonny’s memory is hazy but they want to try to jog his memory again. Chad asks if Sonny remembers seeing Clyde Weston when he was attacked.

Eric calls it a surprise to see Jada. Jada explains that she thinks he has her phone. Eric checks and confirms that he does, noting that he didn’t even notice. Jada guesses it must be a slow crime day or else he would have gotten a barrage of text messages. Jada says she better get back to the office and tells Eric that she’ll see him at home. Jada kisses Eric and exits. Nicole asks Eric if he’s all set for the photo shoot downstairs. Eric questions if it’s just him or if things were very tense between Nicole and Jada. Eric asks if there’s something going on between them. Nicole admits there was some tension between them, so Eric asks why. Nicole admits that it’s because she lied to her husband and Jada called her out on it. Eric questions why she lied to Rafe. Nicole explains that she hadn’t told Rafe that she came to see Eric, so when he asked her why she did, she didn’t want to tell her current husband that she was dreaming about her ex-husband, so she told him that she offered him a job. Nicole adds that she felt bad about lying to Rafe, so she raced over to Eric’s place to offer him a job for real. Eric questions Nicole offering him a job to make her lie the truth which she admits to. Eric then declares that he quits.

Jada goes to the police station and apologizes to Rafe for being late as she had to run over to Basic Black to see Eric since they accidentally switched phones. Rafe asks how Eric’s first day there is going. Jada says so far, so good. Rafe is glad things are working out for him. Jada says she didn’t stay too long as she wanted to get to work and asks if there’s any update on the case. Rafe says there might be and brings up Jada having run ins with Melinda Trask. Jada notes that Melinda seems like a very tenacious prosecutor. Rafe worries that she’s too tenacious, especially if the suspect is innocent. Jada questions who they think is innocent. Rafe reveals it’s Leo Stark which shocks Jada.

Chloe questions Craig about Leo accusing him of framing him and calls that absurd. Nancy agrees that it’s totally ridiculous since Craig is an upstanding citizen and a doctor, so he wouldn’t hurt anyone much less kill anyone. Craig comments on Rafe buying in to Leo’s story. Brady argues that Rafe must know better than to believe anything Leo says. Craig says that Rafe questioned the hell out of him. Nancy repeats that it’s ridiculous, remarking that Craig is no more guilty than Clyde is since he was accused of killing Abigail too but he had an alibi, so he was innocent. Nancy declares that Craig and Clyde have both been unfairly accused.

Chad tells Sonny that Clyde wears a cologne that smells like vanilla, so he asks Sonny again if he remembers seeing Clyde that night. Sonny says he’s trying but there’s nothing. Sonny wishes he could see anyone but there’s nothing happening. Will continues to encourage him to take his time and try again. Sonny recalls being at the filing cabinet and hearing someone coming. Sonny says he started to turn. Will and Chad ask if he remembers something.

Nicole questions why Eric is quitting when he just started. Eric responds that Nicole just admitted that the job offer wasn’t legitimate and he’s not going to take the job just to ease her guilt because she chose to lie to her husband. Eric says he’s going to pack his things but Nicole stops him and asks him to listen. Nicole admits that initially she may have offered him the job to ease her guilt but they do really need him because there has been a lot of staff turnover thanks to Kristen. Nicole insists that they do need a photographer who she can trust and he’s definitely qualified. Nicole says as strange as her offer may have been, she still wants him here if he wants to work here. Eric admits that he does want to work here on the condition that she will be upfront with Rafe about them working together from now on, because the last thing he wants is to cause any trouble between her and her husband.

Jada questions Rafe thinking Leo Stark is innocent. Rafe clarifies that he said he might be, but as time goes on, the more he thinks so. Jada brings up all the evidence. Rafe says it’s hardly an ironclad case and there’s a possibility that Leo is being framed, but when Melinda settles on a suspect, she will try and push the whole case through without looking back. Jada asks what Rafe has in mind. Rafe wants Jada to look at all the evidence they have since she’s a fresh pair of eyes and might see something that he missed. Jada asks if he thinks there’s anything to Leo’s accusation of Craig Wesley and if Rafe is leaning in that direction. Rafe admits he’s not sure but he’s hesitant to lean in any direction without giving it a lot more thought. Rafe says he is going to check on Craig’s alibi while he wants Jada to go through all of the evidence to see if there’s any evidence that someone other than Leo committed these crimes.

Chad urges Sonny to remember if he saw anything. Sonny remembers seeing the reflection in the glass painting when he started to turn and confirms it was definitely Clyde Weston. Sonny questions why Clyde would do this to him. Chad declares that it’s not just Sonny since the knife he stabbed him with was the same knife used on Abigail which means Clyde murdered his wife.

Clyde gets dressed for his wedding and walks through the town square. While sticking the rose to his suit jacket, Clyde accidentally cuts his finger.

Nancy argues that it seems like the Salem police have accused everyone except the guilty party. Nancy is sure this will all go away as soon as Craig provides Rafe with his alibis. Craig hopes she’s right. Nancy assures that she is and then all of this will be over, but today is about her so she asks if they can just celebrate. Craig insists that he wants her to be happy. Nancy thanks him and says she really wants him there because they are still family. Nancy asks if there’s any way Craig can put aside all his worries to celebrate today with her. Craig agrees to come and be there for her. Nancy thanks him and decides she has to go get dressed so she’s not late for her own wedding. Nancy then exits the room.

Chad complains that they had Clyde in custody but they let him go. Will and Sonny bring up Clyde having an alibi that he was fishing on the docks and there was surveillance footage to prove that. Sonny is certain that he saw Clyde’s reflection, so he questions how that could be.

Rafe checks back with Jada at the station. Jada informs him that she might have something as she went back over Clyde’s statement about Leo selling him Abigail’s jewelry and it mentions his alibi. Jada says since she wasn’t there at the time, she decided to watch the footage herself of Clyde fishing on the docks at the time of Abigail’s murder. Jada reveals that there is a problem with it.

Chad asks Will if Clyde said where he was going after his drug test. Will confirms that Clyde said he was going to City Hall to marry Nancy today. Sonny questions what Chad is going to do. Chad responds that he’s going to the police to tell them what they learned and where they can find Clyde. Chad then exits the room.

Nicole tells Eric that she will be honest with Rafe in the future and admits she never should’ve lied to him in the first place. Eric questions why she did then and why she would lie about something as silly as having a dream about him cooking sloppy Joe’s. Nicole then admits that she lied to Eric too as she didn’t dream about that. Nicole reveals the dream she had about them was a sex dream which Eric questions. Nicole insists it didn’t mean anything and was just a dream. Eric then admits he lied too about the dream he told her that he had about her and that it was a sex dream about her too. Eric repeats that it was just a dream which Nicole agrees with. Eric decides he will see her downstairs and exits the office.

Craig tells Brady and Chloe that he is going to get ready for the wedding and will see them downstairs. Chloe stops Craig and argues that he can’t honestly think this wedding is a good idea. Craig responds that he just wants Nancy to be happy. Brady feels that’s a longshot with Clyde Weston while Chloe worries that it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Chloe asks Craig to help her stop this wedding.

Nancy comes out of the Salem Inn and runs in to Clyde. Nancy worries that they aren’t supposed to see each other before the wedding. Clyde reminds her that she had already seen him today so they can throw that tradition out the window. Clyde declares they are not going to have any bad luck. Clyde informs her that he passed his drug test and nothing is going to stop them from being husband and wife and sharing a wonderful life together.

Jada and Rafe go over the footage of Clyde fishing on the docks. Jada reveals that she went frame by frame and that the timestamp was off, which means Clyde did not have an alibi for the time of the murder.

Will asks Sonny what’s wrong. Sonny responds that Clyde Weston is still out there and worries about him coming back to finish him off. Will says if Clyde was trying to frame Leo, it wouldn’t make sense for him to go after him while Leo is still locked up. Will assures that Sonny is safe here and he won’t let anything happen to him. Sonny points out that it’s not just about him and it could mean that Clyde really killed Abigail. Will bets Chad is doing his best to convince the cops of that now.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion and removes a gun from the safe.

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GH Short Recap Friday, September 23, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Lucy tells Anna and Valentin that she doesn’t want to be rescued because she is very close to Victor telling her his big plan.

Elizabeth tells Finn that she saw the face of the woman at the bottom of the stairs, but she doesn’t know the identity of the woman. Elizabeth sees the picture of the woman on Finn’s phone and he tells her that is his deceased wife Rieko so Elizabeth pretends to have a headache and tells Finn she is going home. Elizabeth looks through old photos and finds a picture of her and her sister Sarah and on the back of the picture it says it was taken in the Mariana islands in Guam in 1997,*that is the same place Finn and his wife worked for Doctors without Borders early in their marriage.

Diane arrives at Brando’s garage to talk to Sasha and tells her Martin asked her to file a continuance in her case since he is still out of town. Sonny is still upset with Diane for grilling him on the stand during Michael and Willow’s trial when Nina was trying to get visitation rights with Wiley. Sonny thanks Diane for helping Sasha with her case. Sonny takes Sasha home but tells Dex to wait until Diane finishes looking for the guardianship papers Brando signed and then lock up the garage. Diane is in Brando’s office looking for the papers when the audience sees someone with a hook behind her.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, September 23, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Nick calms Phyllis down after she gets upset because she thinks she was the last person invited to Kyle and Summer’s party. Phyllis manages to control her anger and starts the toasts to the happy couple.

Noah and Mariah also make heartfelt toasts to Summer and Kyle and later Summer and Kyle give Diane and Phyllis back their jobs. Kyle and Summer make it clear that this is their absolute last chance and they will not tolerate any more conflict between them at work. Diane and Phyllis promise that they won’t cause Kyle and Summer any more problems at work. Diane gets another text message and sneaks out of the party but Phyllis sees Diane leave and decides to follow her and see where she is going because she thinks Diane is hiding a, secret.

Lily persuades Devon to take the company public, but he tells her he is afraid they will lose control of the family company. Nate tries to persuade Elena that once Devon and Lily get past their anger with him for working with Victoria to take over the company, they, will come together to help him run Chancellor Winters. Victoria tells Victor about Nate’s plan. Victor thinks that the plan is risky but he goes along with it. Elena thinks the plan is the wrong thing to do and Nate is upset because he thinks Elena isn’t being supportive of him. Nate goes out for fresh air and meets Audra Charles the woman Jill brought in to take the company public and he offers to answer any of her questions.

Billy and Chelsea persuade Victoria to tell Johnny that she is his biological mother. Victoria asks Chelsea not to tell Connor until she and Billy tell Johnny the news. Victoria also tells Chelsea that she must accept the decision that Johnny makes about what type of relationship he wants to have with her and Connor.

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Days Short Recaps Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Stefan they could do great things together. EJ said they could destroy Gabi. When Stefan didn’t rush to do it, EJ wondered why Stefan was hesitating. Stefan said he wanted to hear the whole plan. EJ said Stefan should take back his shares now that he’s alive. He said that would give them the shares they needed to oust her. He said Stefan would have to be willing to take her down. He asked Stefan if he was willing to take her down. Chad came in and was shocked to see Stefan. Stefan said he wanted to start over with Chad. Chad refused to do it after what he did to Abby. He told Stefan that Abby was dead. Stefan was shocked to hear that. Chad said Leo was the main suspect. He said the only thing Sonny remembered was the suspect was wearing vanilla. He went upstairs. EJ asked Stefan if he was still willing to go after Gabi. Leo told Gwen why Chad was the killer and was setting him up. She didn’t think Craig was that cold-blooded. Leo said Craig used to be shady. He told her how Craig could have set him up. She asked how Craig could have gotten his hit list. Leo didn’t know how he could have gotten the list. He said no one else had reason to hate him the way Craig did.

Gwen wanted to call the police, but Leo stopped her. He asked if she was going to turn him in. She said she forgave him for turning on her. She said she wanted to prove his innocence. He said he wanted to get back at Craig. She texted Rafe and told him to investigate Craig. Craig ran into Nancy and Clyde at the Pub. Craig said he was back because of Leo’s crimes. He said it was his fault for dumping Leo at the altar. Nancy introduced Clyde as her fiance. Craig told them that Chloe told him about Leo’s hit list. He said he knew Brady and Chloe were on Leo’s list Nancy said Leo hasn’t indicated that he was after Brady and Chloe, She wondered why Leo would spare Brady and Chloe. Craig thought it was because Leo still loved him. Craig wanted to celebrate their engagement. While they were in the Square, she left them alone. Craig and Clyde argued over Clyde not being good enough for Nancy. Clyde reminded him about what he did to her. Chad showed up while they were talking. Clyde wanted an apology form Chad for accusing him of murder. Chad didn’t want to get into it now. While he was standing next to Craig, he noticed the smell of vanilla. Stefan went to Gabi’s office. She noticed that he was wearing his ring. She asked if that meant that he still loved her. Leo was glad Gwen was going to help him. Rafe showed up to arrest him. She said she told Rafe that Leo was in her room.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, September 22, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer looked at a picture of Abby and took a couple of pills. Jack walked in the room so she hid the bottle. She got emotional over Abby. Jack hugged her when the bell rang. Jennifer wanted Jack to answer the door. Jennifer hid the bottle behind Abby’s picture. Jack came back in the room with Gwen. Jennifer thanked her for turning Leo in to the police. Gwen admitted that she mostly did it out of spite. She was thankful her daughter’s killer was in custody. Gwen wasn’t sure that was true. Jack had doubts about that too. Jennifer wanted to know who the killer was if it wasn’t Leo. Gwen told them about Leo’s theory about Craig. Jennifer knew Craig wasn’t an angel, but she didn’t think he was a murderer. She wanted to know why he would kill Abby. Gwen said she was collateral damage in Craig’s revenge plot. Gwen apologized for not being able to make amends for what she did to Abby. She hoped her killer paid for what he did. Jack thanked her and offered to walk her out. When they left Jennifer grabbed the pill bottle. Gwen ended up seeing the bottle. Jennifer told her they were for a sinus infection. Gwen knew what the pills were. She said her mother used to hide pills behind pictures too. She didn’t want to judge her.. She wanted to help her. She wanted to get Jack, but Jennifer didn’t want her to do it. She warned Gwen that she only has a relationship with Jack because she allowed it. She told Gwen that she would make sure Jack never talked to her again if she told him what she saw. She told Gwen to get out of her house.

Chad told Rafe about Sonny smelling vanilla before he was stabbed. He told him that he smelled vanilla when he saw Craig. Rafe wanted to know what motive Craig had to do it. He wondered if he was getting revenge on Leo. Chad didn’t think it was so crazy. He wanted the right person to be locked up so Rafe agreed to look into it. Leo thought about Gwen turning him in to the police. Craig showed up and knew about what happened to Leo. Leo accused him of setting him up for Abby’s murder and Sonny’s attack. Craig scoffed, but Leo knew it was true. He planned to prove it. Craig grabbed Leo through the bars. He didn’t think anyone would miss Leo. He said he didn’t stab anyone. He said he wasn’t the one framing him. Leo said he was crazy and sadistic. Leo planned to prove that Craig was guilty. He said Craig would be sorry he ever met him. Craig said he was already sorry he met him. Rafe saw Craig and wanted to talk to him in the interrogation room. Chad ran into Nancy at the pub. He told her that he ran into Craig the day before. He asked her about him wearing vanilla. Nancy said he never wore cologne. She said Clyde wore that scent. Chad remembered seeing Chad with Clyde. Clyde was outside of Sonny’s room. He thought about Clyde walking towards Sonny while gripping a knife.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve went to the interrogation room to see Orpheus. He knew one of them would come by to see him. Steve was willing to give him one chance to tell him what he did to Kayla, Kate and Marlena. He clicked a pen in Orpheus’ face. Orpheus made fun of him for choosing that as a weapon. Steve knew if he hit a major artery, he would instantly die. He said he would die if he didn’t tell him what he did to the women. Chloe arrived at the station to ask Shawn to testify that Brady didn’t kill Philip. Shawn said he couldn’t do that. She was upset because Kristen was going to win again. Kayla was in Marlena’s room and assured Stephanie that she would be okay. She started coughing, but told her there was nothing to worry about. Marlena told her that she and John decided not to tell their children what happened too. Marlena started coughing while she was talking to a patient on the phone. Kayla told her that she shouldn’t be working. Marlena wanted to keep herself distracted from the custody hearing. Kayla didn’t understand how any judge could give Kristen custody of a child. Kayla was worried about Steve’s visit with Orpheus. Steve kept trying to get Orpheus to talk to him, but Shawn came in the room. He stopped Steve from going after Orpheus. Steve walked out of the room.

Belle questioned John about the type of father Brady is. John ended up thinking about what Orpheus did to Marlena, Kayla and Kate. He became emotional and realized someone asked him about the type of father Brady was. He talked about Kristen’s crimes, but the judge stopped him. John let the judge know that he mentioned Kristen’s crimes to show that Brady puts Rachel first. John got upset when he mentioned Kristen stabbing Victor, but he controlled himself. Kristen began her turn and questioned John’s competency since Marlena went on a crime spree for months. She brought up how Marlena was possessed. She wanted to know where Marlena was. She wondered what would be more important than supporting her stepson. John blurted out that she could be dying. The judge called a recess. He told Brady and Belle what was going on with Marlena. Belle rushed to see Marlena with John. Kristen asked Brady to stay behind. She expressed her sympathy towards Marlena, but he went off on her. They threaten each other about how far they would go to protect Rachel. Brady stormed off to join John and Belle. They expressed how much they loved Marlena until the judge called Belle. Belle and Brady had to leave. Chloe saw Kate at the pub and asked her to testify for Brady. She wanted her to tell the judge that Brady didn’t kill Philip. Kate said she would think about it. Chloe walked away from her. Roman told Kate he would go to the judge himself if she would talk to her. Kate begged him not to do that. She thought it could ruin the progress Philip made. Roman didn’t think Brady should lose Rachel to Kristen. He wanted her to think about talking to the judge. The hearing resumed and Kristen continued to accuse Brady of killing Philip. Roman walked in and said he had something to say. The judge told him that he was too late because she made her decision. Steve found Kayla coughing at the hospital. She wanted to know what he did to Orpheus. He downplayed what happened. She got a call from the ISA. They went to see John and Marlena. She told them the ISA was having trouble figuring out what was wrong with them. Kayla passed out.

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Days Short Recap Monday, September 19, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nancy heard Clyde talking on the phone. She heard him say he was keeping something from her. When he got off the phone, he told her he was talking to Ben. While they were talking, she told him she knew he was lying to her. She told him she didn’t want to be a part of his illegal dealings. She told him they were done. He said he didn’t do anything wrong. She asked him if he was cheating on her with a woman or a man. He said he wasn’t cheating on her. She wanted to know what his big secret was. He showed her a ring box. He proposed to her. She said it wasn’t that long ago when she felt rejected because of Craig. She said she felt loved and hopeful. He said he wanted her to feel those things. She accepted his proposal. Leo showed up in Gwen’s room. He wanted her to hide him from the police. She said she should turn him in to the police the same way he did to her. He said he was being framed. He said she was the only one he could turn to for help. He said she had no idea what it felt like to be alone. She said she did know what it felt like. She asked him who he thought was the killer. He said he narrowed it down to someone who hated him. He said he thought it was Nancy. Gwen said Nancy wouldn’t kill anyone. She thought it might have been Darius. Leo thought it could have been him, but he was deported back to Canada. Leo thought about who could be setting him up. He said he knew who it was. He said it was Craig.

Sonny told Will and Chad about Leo coming to see him. Sonny said he was starting to think that Leo was innocent. He said if Leo wanted to kill him, he would have done it by now. Will and Chad thought Leo could be guilty. Sonny said he had a strong feeling about it. Chad said Marlena could hypnotize Sonny. Will said Marlena wasn’t feeling well. Chad suggested that he and Will help Sonny remember. Will didn’t want Sonny to go through that again. Will wanted Sonny to relax so he could remember what happened. Sonny said he smelled vanilla. He said whoever came in his office smelled like vanilla. He said that was all he remembered. Xander went to see Jack so he could help him get Sarah back. Jack said he didn’t know how he could help him. He said he understood why Sarah was upset. Xander appreciated Jack’s help. Xander realized he shouldn’t be relying on other people to help him. Jack said he was proud of his growth. Xander asked about Abby’s case. Jack said Leo was still on the loose. Xander said he wanted Jack to get justice, but he didn’t think Leo was guilty. Jack said he thought it was Leo. Xander said he hoped Leo got caught. Jack told him Sarah would get over it because she loved him. When Xander left, Chad showed up. He told Jack that Sonny didn’t think Leo was the killer. Jack said Xander thought the same thing. Sarah went to see Maggie. Maggie was surprised to see her. She thought Sarah would be on her honeymoon. Sarah said her marriage was over. Sarah said she was upset that Xander tried to break up Nicole and Eric’s marriage. Maggie didn’t understand why she was upset since Xander went through a lot. Sarah was furious. Maggie warned her that Gwen would go after Xander if she broke up with him. Sarah didn’t think he would go back to Gwen. Maggie said Gwen was manipulative and would do whatever she could to take advantage of the situation. Sarah said she knew about his relationship with Gwen before they got married. Maggie told her not to blame him for his past the way she doesn’t blame Victor for his. Sarah couldn’t believe she was telling her to forgive Xander. Maggie said Xander spent a lot of time thinking she didn’t love him and didn’t want anything to do with him. Maggie said Xander never stopped loving her.


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Interview with Ashley Jones

TV Interview!

Star Ashley Jones of "What Happened to My Sister?"

Interview with Ashley Jones of “What Happened to My Sister?” on Lifetime by Suzanne 9/16/22

This was a fun interview last week with Ashley! I interviewed her 9 years ago for another Lifetime movie (Gosh, where does the time go?).  She always very kind and beautiful. Don’t miss her new movie as well as the LMN marathon of her movies all day Friday, September 23!


MORE INFO: Official Site Trailer

Star Ashley Jones of "What Happened to My Sister?"

LMN Favorite Ashley Jones Returns With New Thrillers




NEW YORK, NY (August 4, 2022) – LMN favorite Ashley Jones returns to the network with a two pack of films this summer including the premiere of Secret Lives of College Escorts starring Pilot Paisley-Rose, Laurie Fortier and Briana Cuoco on August 19 at 8/7c  which marks Daytime Emmy Award nominee Ashley Jones directorial debut, and What Happened to My Sister? on September 23 at 8/7c which Jones, Lauryn Speights and Monique Straw star in.  Additionally, LMN will run a marathon of movies featuring Jones on September 23 leading into the premiere of What Happened to My Sister?

What Happened to My Sister?
Friday, September 23 at 8/7c

Drea (Lauryn Speights, The Good Place), a freshman at college, decides to rush the same sorority her sister Gabi (Heather Harris, Broken Mirror) died rushing two years earlier in hopes of finding out the truth about her death.  Monique Straw (Fast Color) and Ashley Jones also star.

Ashley Jones Official Site Facebook Twitter Instagram

Star Ashley Jones (Bridget, Bold and the Beautiful) of "What Happened to My Sister?"

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Star Ashley Jones of "What Happened to My Sister?"

Days Update Thursday, September 22, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Clyde and Nancy sit together at the Brady Pub and talk about being crazy about one another. They kiss until Clyde gets a text and complains about them being interrupted. Clyde informs Nancy that it’s his probation officer as he has to take random drug tests as a condition of his parole. Nancy hopes nothing is wrong. Clyde admits back in the day, he did some dealing but right now, her love is the only drug he needs.

Jennifer is at home and takes more painkillers until Jack walks in.

Leo sits in a jail cell, complaining that he trusted Gwen and thought she was his friend. Leo can’t believe Gwen ratted him out to the cops and argues that she was the one who helped him figure out who was setting him up. Craig then appears outside the cell and remarks that they say talking to yourself is the first sign of losing one’s mind. Craig asks if Leo is laying the groundwork for an insanity defense. Leo says he didn’t know Craig was back in town. Craig responds that he got back last night and that it looks like Gwen turned him in, but it looks like he sold her out first. Leo questions what he’s talking about. Craig says he’s been following the case and knows Leo steered the cops right to Gwen. Leo claims he had no doubt she would get out of it. Leo remarks that maybe he earned a little payback himself but warns Craig that he is going to burn in Hell for what he did.

Jack questions what Jennifer is doing. Jennifer claims she was just straightening Abigail’s picture on the mantle. Jennifer starts to cry and hugs Jack in order to hide the bottle of pills behind him. The doorbell rings so Jennifer tells Jack to get it. Jack says they’ll go away and that she’s more important. Jennifer says she’s just having a moment and encourages him to go see who it is. Jack then goes to answer the door while Jennifer hides her bottle of pills behind Abigail’s photo.

Alex visits Sonny in the hospital, bringing him balloons, candy, and a stuffed pony as he says he cleared out the gift shop for him. Sonny questions what Alex is doing here. Alex says he’s trying to make him feel better. Sonny responds that they both know that’s not what he really wants. Alex questions what he’s talking about. Sonny then accuses Alex of trying to steal his job and take over Titan. Alex responds that he doesn’t want his job and isn’t trying to take his job. Sonny questions if he was forced to step in as interim CEO then. Alex tells him that Victor practically begged him to do it. Sonny questions it being Victor’s idea for Alex to take over the company. Alex clarifies that it’s only until Sonny is back on his feet. Sonny says he’s reading that Alex is making big moves and acquiring other companies. Alex explains that he’s trying to do what is best for the company. Sonny calls him unbelievable. Sonny yells at him that he’s mad at him for taking over the company. Alex argues that Sonny should be thanking him because he’s busting his ass trying to keep the stock price up so he has a company to run when he gets out. Alex repeats that he doesn’t want Sonny’s spot in the company. Alex starts to storm out but Sonny stops him and apologizes. Sonny admits he’s just frustrated that he’s stuck here and he overreacted. Alex sits down and tells him that he only wants what’s best for him. Alex recalls how hard Sonny took it when Leo took him out the last time and now Leo took him out again, so he wants to help him make good on his second chance.

Craig claims not to know what Leo is talking about and says he did nothing to him. Craig adds that Leo is the one who tricked him in to believing that he loved him and then humiliated him on their wedding day. Leo says his words are dripping with scorn. Craig admits he was hurt, humiliated, and mortified. Leo says all of that turned him bitter and filled him with anger and resentment, so he dedicated his life to making him suffer. Craig questions if he’s somehow blaming him for his predicament. Leo shouts that Craig’s the reason he’s in here. Leo declares that he knows the truth and figured out that Craig is framing him for the attempted murder of Sonny and the murder of Abigail.

Jack returns to the living room with Gwen. Gwen greets Jennifer and apologizes for dropping by unannounced as she’s sure she’s the last person she’d want to see. Jennifer responds that she’s actually grateful that she came because it gives her a chance to thank her for turning Leo in to the police. Jack says they know that couldn’t have been easy for Gwen. Gwen says she’d like to say she turned in Leo for Abigail’s sake but she did have her own selfish motives since Leo falsely accused her of killing her sister and she was not about to let him get away with that, so she called the police mostly out of spite. Jennifer doesn’t care why she did it as all that matters now is that Abigail’s killer is in custody. Gwen responds that she wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Nancy shows Clyde the article about Leo’s arrest. Clyde says it looks like Leo got sold out by his best friend. Nancy is glad that Abigail and Sonny are finally getting the justice they deserve and that Leo is getting what he deserves. Clyde adds that Nancy and Chloe are safe. Nancy tells Clyde how much he means to her. Clyde says the same and comments that the ring looks really good on her finger. Clyde tells Nancy that he wants to marry her and he’s tired of waiting. Clyde proclaims that he’d like to get married today. Clyde jokes that he’s not sure he’s ever seen her at a loss for words. Nancy questions him wanting to get married today. Clyde says having dinner with Craig last night got him thinking and says Craig turned a deep shade of green when he saw that ring. Nancy admits he did look a little jealous. Clyde suggests doubling down and giving him a wedding to really be jealous about. Nancy questions wanting to get married today just to stick it to Craig. Clyde assures that he wants to because he loves her and wants to spend his life making her happy. Clyde thinks sticking it to the guy who caused her so much pain would just sweeten the deal. Nancy acknowledges that Craig would not be happy. Clyde jokingly asks if she’s afraid of Craig and questions what she thinks the big bad doctor is going to do.

Chad meets with Rafe in the interrogation room and informs him of his theory that Craig could be the murderer. Rafe questions what makes him think that. Chad explains that he and Will were with Sonny to try and help him remember what happened when he was attacked. Rafe mentions questioning Sonny himself and he didn’t see anyone. Chad clarifies that Sonny didn’t see anyone but he remembers smelling vanilla when he was attacked and then after that on his way home, he ran in to Craig, who offered condolences about Abigail. Chad states that Craig gave him a hug and then he got a strong whiff of vanilla.

Leo accuses Craig of killing Abigail and then followed him to the Titan office where he laid in wait to plunge the knife in Sonny’s back. Craig questions Leo actually thinking that he stabbed two people for him. Leo tells Craig that it’s just them here and asks Craig to talk to him. Leo encourages Craig to admit what he did.

Sonny gives Alex some of the jelly beans he brought him and calls it a performance bonus for the great job he’s doing while he’s stuck in the hospital. Sonny admits Alex is making some smart moves and he’s glad that Victor put him in charge. Sonny adds that he’s proud of him and apologizes for doubting him. Alex accepts his apology and hugs him. Stephanie then enters the room and asks if she’s interrupting a power lunch. Alex says they are just splitting some beans. Stephanie mentions just getting a call from a reporter asking for a comment about a new business deal. Sonny asks what about it. Alex suggests letting him handle this while Sonny rests but Sonny insists and asks what it is. Stephanie then reveals that they want to know why an LLC owned by Alex bought the company and then immediately turned around and sold it to Titan, which shocks Sonny. Stephanie asks if she said something wrong. Sonny recalls working on that deal for months and then losing it at the last minute to an unknown competitor and now he finds out it was Alex. Alex tries to explain that it’s not what he thinks. Sonny can’t believe he fell for this and accuses Alex of plotting against him ever since he got to Salem.

Jack questions Gwen thinking Leo is innocent. Gwen admits that Leo is anything but innocent but she doesn’t think he’s the one who killed Abigail. Jennifer asks why she says that. Gwen says she’s known Leo a long time and he’s been vocal about denying this from the start. Jack points out that it wouldn’t be the first time Leo has lied. Gwen agrees but she doesn’t think Leo has the stomach to stab someone. Jennifer questions basing this on Leo’s word. Gwen explains that when she and Leo were together before she turned him in, he swore that he was being framed and was awfully persuasive. Jack admits that he’s had his doubts as well as something about this never added up. Jennifer argues that there’s so much evidence against him and questions if Leo didn’t kill Abigail, then who did? Gwen reveals that Leo is convinced that it’s Craig Wesley.

Leo says a part of Craig must be dying to admit what he did, rub it in his face, and prove how smart he is. Leo asks if Craig wants him to beg for forgiveness. Craig tells Leo that he reeks of desperation and asks if he really expects anyone to believe his crazy theory. Leo responds that he does because they both know it’s true and he’s going to prove it which Craig laughs at.

Nancy tells Clyde that Craig does have a temper but she’s not worried about him getting mad. Clyde asks what the problem is then. Nancy explains that when they get married, she wants it to be the perfect time for them, not to get back at her ex. Clyde suggests they still get married today and just not tell anybody so it’s only because he can’t wait to make her his wife and will have nothing to do with Craig or anyone else. Clyde says it’s just him wanting to spend his life with her and calls her the best person he knows. Nancy then agrees and calls Clyde the best thing ever as they kiss. Nancy then adds that she does really want to have Chloe there and she’s going to want to have Brady there. Nancy then says she’s sorry but Craig should really be there too since Craig wanted her at his wedding to Leo. Nancy states that she and Craig share two beautiful daughters and a lot of wonderful memories so they will always be family. Clyde brings up all the pain he caused her and lies he told her. Nancy acknowledges that Craig has made mistakes, but deep down he is a good man.

Leo talks about Craig leaving Nancy and giving up his whole life to be with him, then on the day of their wedding, he found out he was lying. Leo mentions that Craig said he was hurt, humiliated, and mortified. Leo adds that Craig had given himself to him and then something inside him broke, he snapped, and that’s why he killed Abigail. Craig then grabs Leo through the cell bars.

Alex tells Sonny that he was not plotting against him. Sonny questions why he bought that company then. Alex responds that he bought it because Sonny almost blew it. Alex says that Victor said Sonny is not a killer and he’s not, but that’s okay because he’s here and saw an opportunity. Sonny argues that Alex just wanted to make himself look good at his expense. Alex questions if he seriously thinks that’s what he thinks this is about. Sonny remarks that Leo Stark is not the only person who stabbed him in the back. Alex warns that he’s crossing a line. Leo screams at Alex to take his gifts and get out of his room. Stephanie asks if they can talk about this but Alex walks out.

Clyde tells Nancy that he can’t wait to make her his bride, but admits he wishes that Ben, Ciara, and their baby were here with them. Nancy says they’ll celebrate with them another time but today is just for them. Clyde tells her how happy that makes him and says all they have to do is go to city hall and make it official. Nancy suggests Brady could be Clyde’s best man and Chloe could be her maid of honor. Clyde points out that Craig could be the witness and could even walk her down the aisle. Nancy wonders if he’d do it because she kind of likes the symbolism. Nancy decides to give Craig a call while Clyde says he’ll go take his drug test now so nothing spoils their day.

Chad suggests to Rafe that the vanilla could have been Craig’s cologne or aftershave. Rafe questions Chad wanting him to lock up someone else based on hunches and smells. Chad argues that he just wants the right person behind bars for murdering his wife. Chad would love to accept that it was Leo so he could start to get a little closure. Rafe wants that for him too. Chad brings up Leo having tons of enemies and ruining Craig’s life in a very public manner. Rafe questions the motive being vengeance and killing Abigail so that Leo would be locked up for a murder. Chad feels it’s not that crazy of a theory. Rafe agrees to look in to it. Chad thanks him and then exits.

Craig doubts anyone on earth would miss Leo if he dies in his cell. Craig shouts that he did not stab anyone and if someone is framing Leo, it’s not him. Leo calls him a scary, sadistic maniac. Leo says the look in Craig’s eyes is the look of a stone cold killer. Craig says if someone asked him a few months ago, if he thought Leo could kill or stab anyone, he would think they were crazy but he didn’t know him. Craig declares that he doesn’t know Leo and thanks God that Leo is out of his life forever. Leo calls him an excellent liar, even better than him. Leo states that Craig lied to his wife and to himself for his whole life, but he’s on to him. Leo questions Craig thinking he can frame him for murder and get away with it. Leo warns that he’s going to prove he is innocent and that Craig is guilty and when he’s done, Craig will be sorry he ever laid eyes on him. Craig responds that he already is sorry.

Jennifer argues that she’s known Craig for a long time and he’s hardly an angel, but questions him being a murderer and why he would kill Abigail. Gwen explains that Leo’s theory is that Craig was furious and humiliated from being duped by Leo so he went off the rails and was willing to kill for revenge. Gwen says if that’s the case, Abigail was just collateral damage. Gwen looks at Abigail’s photo on the mantle and says she knows how much she hurt her and she’s very sorry that she was unable to make amends for what she did to her. Gwen hopes that whoever killed Abigail pays for it dearly and she means that from the bottom of her heart. Jack thanks Gwen for coming and says he’ll walk her out. Jack tells Jennifer that he is going to the paper to check on the Orpheus story and then he’ll be back as soon as he can. Gwen tells Jennifer to take care as she exits with Jack. Jennifer then retrieves her bottle of painkillers from behind Abigail’s photo as Gwen comes back in, having forgot her purse, and sees her. Jennifer claims that she is taking antibiotics for a sinus infection but Gwen informs her that she knows what those are. Gwen talks about her mom hiding those bottles behind picture frames when she was growing up. Gwen says she sees in Jennifer’s eyes that it’s more than grief. Jennifer argues that Gwen has no idea what she’s going through. Gwen says she’s not judging her and she knows Jennifer is wanting to stop her pain. Gwen brings up Jennifer being an addict and being in recovery for awhile. Jennifer says that’s none of her business. Gwen reminds Jennifer that she did research her family before coming to Salem, but now she wants to help her. Gwen wants to go catch Jack but Jennifer warns her not to even think about it.

Stephanie apologizes to Sonny as she didn’t mean to cause trouble between him and Alex. Sonny says it’s okay as she didn’t know. Stephanie thought he knew about the deal Alex made. Sonny says he didn’t but he does now and he knows that he can not trust his brother and he never will again.

Alex goes to leave the hospital and runs in to Clyde getting off the elevator. Clyde says “watch where you’re going, son” while Alex responds that he’s not his son as Clyde walks off.

Nancy leaves the Pub and calls Craig, leaving a message that it would mean the world to her for him to be at her wedding. Nancy then hangs up and runs in to Chad, noting that she hasn’t seen him and she’s so sorry about Abigail. Chad thanks her and mentions running in to Craig yesterday. Nancy says he’s in town because of Leo. Nancy asks what Craig said to him. Chad says he just had some kind words about Abigail but he couldn’t help but notice Craig’s cologne or aftershave. Chad asks if Craig has always worn something that smells like vanilla.

Craig comes up to the police station from Leo’s holding cell where Rafe greets him and asks if he has a few minutes to talk. Craig asks what about. Rafe brings up that Craig was engaged to Leo, so he figures he knows him better than most people. Craig can’t imagine what that would tell him but says he’s happy to. Rafe then takes Craig to the interrogation room.

Alex goes to the Titan office where Stephanie is working. Stephanie informs him that Sonny is trying to get discharged to get his job back. Alex asks if he can tell her his side of the story. Stephanie asks if his side also includes him screwing over his brother. Alex guesses she’s on team Sonny. Stephanie argues that she’s team Titan and it’s her job to squash this mess before it becomes a story. Alex wants to help and invites her to lunch so they can figure it out but Stephanie turns him down. Alex reminds her that she bought him a drink the other day. Stephanie calls that a mistake and suggests they stick to business. Alex says this is business but Stephanie says she will handle it herself and exits.

Jennifer accuses Gwen of trying to rat her out to Jack after everything she’s done to her family. Gwen argues that Jennifer needs help. Jennifer yells at her to mind her own business. Gwen points out that Abigail wouldn’t want this for her. Jennifer tells her to never compare herself to Abigail and says Gwen has been nothing but a virus in this family. Gwen says that’s why she’s trying to make things better and she owes it to Jack to tell him. Jennifer argues that Gwen owes her and says Gwen only has a relationship with Jack because she allows it. Jennifer warns that if Gwen thinks about going to Jack with what she saw, she will make sure she never sees her father again. Jennifer then screams at Gwen to get the hell out of her house, so Gwen exits.

Nancy tells Chad that it’s odd because Craig never wore aftershave or cologne during their marriage. Chad suggests he started wearing it after they split up. Nancy says that would be a coincidence because vanilla is what Clyde wears. Nancy says at first she thought it was feminine, but now she kind of likes it. Chad then thinks back to Craig hugging him and remembers that Clyde was standing nearby.

Clyde fills out his drug test paperwork at the hospital. Clyde then gets up and looks in the window of Sonny’s hospital room. Clyde then flashes back to being the one who stabbed Sonny!

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

GH Short Recap Thursday, September 22, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Carly replaces her cell phone and Sonny is finally able to reach her and tell her about Brando’s death. Carly wants to return home, but Sonny tells her she is safer in Jacksonville because Jordan thinks the hook attacker is targeting people close to him. Sonny tells Carly not to return home until it is safe and he will keep her posted on what is going on in Port Charles.

Carly tells her friend Reese’s mother, Mrs. Roberts, that she isn’t going home until she makes sure her mother stays at the cemetery next to the beach where she wanted to be buried.

Victor takes Lucy to the Haunted Star for a private lunch, but then the ship leaves the dock and Victor says soon they will be miles away from Port Charles. Lucy puts coded messages on her Twitter and Anna and Valentin steal a boat to get to the Haunted Star to rescue Lucy. Victor tells Lucy something big is about to happen and he needs her help for his plan to work.

Finn looks at Brando’s autopsy report and the toxin that killed Brandon was venom from a reptile which was used by ancient people to keep away intruders. Kevin puts Elizabeth under hypnosis again and she is able to see the face of the woman at the bottom of the stairs. Elizabeth later draws a sketch of the woman, and the woman looks like the picture of a woman that Finn is looking at on his phone.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, September 22, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Diane resigns from her job at Marchetti because she lost her temper with Phyllis. Kyle and Summer fire Phyllis because of what they agreed to hours earlier. Jack suggests to Kyle and Summer that they consider giving Diane and Phyllis another chance once both ladies have had a chance to think about their actions.

Noah,, Allie, Tessa, and Mariah throw Summer and Kyle a surprise vow renewal party at Noah’s new “Glam” club which is inside the Grand Phoenix.

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Days Update Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Orpheus is in the interrogation room, handcuffed to the table. Steve enters, so Orpheus mockingly says he was waiting for one of the Justice League of Salem to show up and asks if he drew the short stick. Steve warns Orpheus that he’s giving him one chance to tell him what he did to Kayla, Kate, and Marlena.

Kayla is in Marlena’s hospital room, on the phone with Stephanie. Kayla claims she can’t make it to lunch because she’s swamped at work and that Steve is just as busy. Kayla sneezes but says it’s just her allergies. Kayla tells Stephanie that she loves her and will call her later as she hangs up. Kayla informs Marlena that she and Steve decided to spare Stephanie. Marlena notes that she and John made the same decision not to tell their children. Kayla is afraid to prescribe anything because they don’t know what they are dealing with. Kayla asks if John went home to get some sleep. Marlena responds that John said he had something to take care of.

Belle has John on the stand at Brady and Kristen’s court case. Belle asks John to tell them what kind of man and father that Brady is. John is distracted as he thinks back to Orpheus warning that they will stand by and helplessly watch the women they love leave them and then they know what he felt when they took his Rebecca. Belle asks John if he heard the question. Brady calls out to John. John wipes a tear from his eye then snaps out of his distraction and asks if they said something.

Roman goes to Kate’s hospital room and finds her getting dressed. Roman questions what she’s doing. Kate responds that she’s getting dressed to get the hell out of here.

Chloe goes to the police station where Shawn asks her what’s wrong. Chloe tells him that it’s about Philip. Shawn asks if she heard from him. Chloe says she hasn’t and no one has in almost a year but Kristen is using that by dredging up the investigation to make it seem like Brady killed him just to get custody of Rachel. Shawn is not surprised that Kristen is doing something vicious, vile, and disgusting to get her way. Chloe complains that she hates Kristen and that she’s floating it out there that Brady might have killed Philip. Chloe argues that Kristen doesn’t care about Rachel and all Brady can do is deny it. Chloe worries about Kristen getting away with this and Brady losing Rachel. Chloe hoped Shawn would go back to the hearing with her to tell the judge that Kristen is wrong and that Brady did not kill Philip. Shawn responds that he can’t do that. Chloe questions why not since he knows Brady wouldn’t do that and questions if he wants Kristen to take Brady’s daughter. Shawn argues that he’s an officer of the law and Philip’s disappearance has been classified a cold case, so he’d have to testify to that. Chloe declares that Kristen will win again then.

The judge asks if John needs a moment. John apologizes and says he just gets a little emotional when he hears someone question what type of father Brady is. Belle asks him to elaborate on that. John brings up when Kristen was in prison, all Brady did was take care of Rachel and he never said a bad word against Kristen and tried to shield Rachel from what other people were saying. John adds that Brady was desperate to never let Rachel find out that Kristen stabbed her great-grandfather right in the chest. John says with all that going on, Brady made sure that Rachel got to see Kristen as much as possible and always put Rachel first which is what good parents do. Belle thanks John and sits down. The judge asks if Kristen has any questions for John. Kristen announces she has one for the court. Kristen says John is here to testify to Brady’s character, but questions if John is a good judge of character. Kristen brings up John’s wife going on a three month crime spree and he didn’t seem to notice, suggesting that John only sees what he wants to see and turns a blind eye to the rest.

Roman tells Kate that she can’t leave as they don’t even know what’s wrong with her. Roman argues that the lab is working 24/7 on finding out what Orpheus infected them with. Kate says they can call her then and she’ll come back, but until then, she wants to be home with Roman.

Orpheus asks Steve how the girls are this morning. Steve responds that he’s not here to play games and says he’ll get straight to the point as he holds a pen towards Orpheus.

Roman warns Kate that he’s making a big mistake as she has no idea what’s wrong with her. Kate complains about sitting in this room waiting because it seems like she’s already dead. Roman hugs her. Kate says she doesn’t want sympathy. Roman says it’s love. Kate apologizes for doing this impulsively instead of trying to explain it to him. Roman just wants Kate somewhere that she can get help. Kate doesn’t feel like herself here and if she only has a short time left, she doesn’t want to spend it like this. Kate asks Roman to understand, but declares that she is leaving whether he does or not. Kate then exits so Roman reluctantly follows her out.

Orpheus laughs at Steve threatening him with a pen. Steve warns that if he jams the pen in to his carotid artery, it will go straight to his brain, killing him instantly and that’s what’s going to happen if he doesn’t tell him what he did to Kayla.

Marlena finishes a call with a patient while trying not to cough. Kayla warns that she really shouldn’t be working. Marlena feels Kayla should feel the same. Kayla points out that Marlena’s immune system took a bigger hit than hers. Marlena wants to distract herself from the custody hearing. Kayla understands but doesn’t know what judge in the world would grant custody of a child to Kristen DiMera.

Belle argues that Marlena is not on trial. Kristen argues that Marlena threatened to kill Doug and Julie while John didn’t even seem to notice. Kristen goes over everything Marlena did while possessed. Brady calls her a hypocrite. John argues that they both know Brady is a good father. Kristen questions his standards since John is married to a woman who threatened to murder Ciara’s relatives with torches if they tried to prevent her kidnapping. Belle argues that Marlena was not in her right mind when these alleged acts took place. Kristen mocks the Devil making her do it again and asks if Belle was possessed too. Belle says the Devil framed her. Kristen questions these being the people that she is supposed to trust her daughter with. The judge warns Kristen that she is skating on thin ice and tells her to either move on or sit down. Kristen apologizes and says she just has one more question. Kristen then asks John where Marlena is today and why she isn’t here supporting her stepson. John then reveals that Marlena could be dying right now and calls Kristen a miserable bitch.

Roman and Kate go to the Brady Pub to eat. Kate knows he’s mad at her. Roman thinks what she is doing is stupid and totally irrational but says he has no right to be mad and that he didn’t fall in love with her because she was rational. Chloe approaches and apologizes for interrupting. Kate says it’s nice to see her which makes Chloe question what is wrong with her. Roman says if she came by because of Clyde and Nancy, they don’t like it either but there’s nothing they can do. Chloe clarifies that this isn’t about Clyde, but she was hoping for Kate’s help for Brady. Chloe asks Kate to testify at Rachel’s custody hearing and to tell the judge that she doesn’t think that Brady killed Philip. Kate is shocked and thinks back to telling Roman the truth about knowing where Philip is.

The judge calls a recess for one hour. Belle and Brady question John about what is going on with Marlena. John says he’s sorry but she’s really sick. John explains that Orpheus didn’t just kidnap Marlena, Kate, and Kayla, but he infected them with some kind of violent toxin. Brady questions why he didn’t tell them. John explains that Marlena didn’t want them to be distracted and worried about her while this is going on. Belle declares that she has to see her. John says he was on his way there, so Brady decides he’s going with him. Kristen stops Brady and asks him to please wait. Brady tells John and Belle to go ahead and he won’t be long. They warn Brady not to let Kristen goad him as they exit. Brady then asks Kristen what she wants.

Kayla urges Marlena to try to get some sleep but Marlena says she can’t sleep without knowing what’s going on at the custody hearing. Kayla thinks John’s testimony will really help. Marlena worries about John since he was trying to sleep in the chair, but she could hear him having nightmares all night. Marlena imagines Steve is going through the same thing. Kayla reveals that Steve has gone to see Orpheus. Marlena worries that won’t help. Kayla says she couldn’t tell Steve to be patient and wait. Marlena remarks that they are both married to men of action. Kayla admits to being scared of what Steve is going to do.

Steve tries to stab Orpheus with his pen until Shawn walks in and questions what the hell he’s doing. Shawn pulls Steve off. Orpheus complains that Steve is trying to kill him. Shawn warns Steve that ending up in a jail cell won’t help anyone. Orpheus threatens to press charges as Shawn forces Steve out of the room.

John brings Belle to Marlena’s hospital room. Belle hugs Marlena. Marlena questions John telling her. John says it just kind of slipped out. Belle questions them not even knowing what it is. Kayla says they are working on it and goes to check with the lab. Belle tells Marlena that she can’t lose her. Marlena assures that she’s not going anywhere as they hug.

Kristen tells Brady that she just wants to say she’s sorry about his mom. Brady mocks her. Kristen says she didn’t know Marlena was will and if she had, she never would have pushed John like that. Brady argues that she would’ve thrown it in his face. Kristen tells Brady to drop the high moral tone and complains that he has his whole family behind him to keep her from Rachel, so he can’t expect her not to fight for her. Brady says she can drop the whole fighting for her daughter act as this is not about Rachel but about Kristen’s sick compulsion to win. Brady calls Kristen her father all over. Kristen warns him to imagine what she’d do to keep her own daughter. Brady argues that it’s not about Rachel to her, but about ownership. Brady says there was a very low point where he thought they could share custody but after seeing her behavior in the court room, he will do anything to keep Rachel safe from her. Brady then storms out of the room.

Chloe tells Roman and Kate that the idea of Brady killing Philip is like a black cloud looming over the court room because of Kristen. Roman questions her thinking that Kate could help. Chloe explains that when Brady denies everything, Kristen just looks at the judge, while the judge would believe Kate as Philip’s mother. Kate says they don’t know that’s true. Chloe knows she’s asking a lot and that it’s very painful for her to talk about Philip. Kate agrees to think about it. Chloe remarks that it’s just the life of a little child on the line and apologizes for interrupting their breakfast. Chloe then exits the Pub. Roman tells Kate to go upstairs and rest when she finishes breakfast because he’s going to tell the judge that Philip is alive.

Shawn questions Steve as to what that was about. Steve responds that he was going to kill Orpheus but Shawn stopped him. Shawn argues against that being a good idea. Steve says he shouldn’t have stopped him. Shawn reminds him that Orpheus is in police custody, so he can’t hurt anyone anymore. Steve says that is just not true.

Brady goes to Marlena’s hospital room and asks how she feels. Marlena says she’s just a little tired and that she didn’t want them to know about this. Brady says they had to. Marlena insists that she’ll be just fine. Marlena asks Brady and Belle to go back to the hearing and fight like hell for Rachel. John jokes that they better do what she says because she never swears. Brady hugs her and says he loves her. Belle gets a text from the court that recess is almost over. Belle says she’ll be back as soon as she can. Belle and Brady then exit together. John tells Marlena that they did good with their kids.

Kate pleads with Roman not to do this to her because if he tells the judge that Philip is still alive, then the FBI will track him down and put him in prison when all he needs is help. Kate says Philip is getting better but he can’t deal with this as this will put him over the edge and she will lose him. Roman declares that he can’t stand by and let Kristen take Rachel away from Brady as that would be wrong on every level. Kate offers to go to the judge and say she doesn’t think that Brady killed Philip. Roman warns her to think about what Rachel’s life would be like with Kristen. Roman says if Kate does this to help Brady, he would ask for leniency with Philip. Kate argues that they don’t know that. Roman complains that Brady didn’t deserve what Philip did to him and he doesn’t deserve to lose his daughter because of it. Kate calls that unfair because Philip is her son. Roman knows she’s in a difficult position and relates to Sami being his daughter. Roman decides it’s Kate’s call and agrees not to say anything about Philip unless she tells him to, so he tells her to think about it.

Chloe goes to the court room where Kristen reminds her that she was advised to stay away. Chloe says she just needs a word with Brady. Kristen points out that he’s not there. Chloe asks if she knows where he went. Kristen remarks that if Brady wanted her to know, he would’ve told her. Kristen thinks Brady has enough on his mind that he doesn’t need Chloe stalking him. Chloe mocks Kristen breaking out of prison dressed as Susan Banks and talking about stalking. Kristen says she has to do what she has to do. Chloe asks if she means like trying to convince her newly returned from the dead brother in to seducing her. Kristen claims not to know what she’s talking about. Chloe tells Kristen that she and Brady saw right through her plan. Kristen tells her that she needs to go over her closing argument and heads back in to the court room, shutting the door behind her. Chloe turns around and runs in to the judge, so she asks to speak to her for a second.

John tells Marlena about how he called Kristen a miserable bitch in court because she kept pushing his buttons until he lost it, but he hopes he didn’t lose the case for Brady. Marlena assures that the judge saw through what Kristen was doing. Marlena brings up how she feels about Kristen but admits to knowing that Kristen loves Rachel, so she can’t imagine that Kristen would put her own needs above her child. Marlena starts coughing so John offers to call Kayla. Marlena tells him that Kayla is trying to get the test results from the ISA lab. John hopes that they can finally find out what this is.

Steve goes to the hospital and finds Kayla coughing, so he urges her to go lay down but Kayla insists that she’s fine and asks how it went with Orpheus. Steve admits he got nothing and apologizes. Kayla says she didn’t have high hopes but asks if he’s still alive. Steve asks if Shawn called her. Kayla says no but she didn’t think Steve would be polite. Kayla questions what he did. Steve claims he just tried to persuade him to tell him what he did to her. Kayla then gets a call from the lab.

The judge resumes family court and asks if Belle has any more witnesses. Belle says no, so the judge asks for the closing argument. Belle concludes that it’s in Rachel’s best interest that she remain in the custody of her father, who has provided a loving, stable, and sane environment no matter what kind of chaos Kristen has created. The judge then calls on Kristen for her closing statement. Kristen says it would be dangerously wrong to leave her daughter in the custody of a man who is so obsessed with Chloe, that he would kill his own uncle to be with her. Roman then enters the room and introduces himself, announcing that he has something to say that he is sure will be relevant to this case.

Kate goes to her room and calls Philip. Kate says it’s good to hear his voice and he sounds so much better. Kate tells Philip to go to his therapy and claims she was just calling him to tell him that she loves him. Kate says goodbye and hangs up.

Kristen protests Roman barging in to give one sided statements when both sides have rested their case. The judge questions why she’s so sure Roman’s statement would be in favor of Brady. Kristen complains that Roman and his whole family hates her. Belle wants to hear what Roman has to say, but the judge declares that is not going to happen. Roman pleads but the judge informs him that he’s too late as she has already made her decision.

Shawn enters the interrogation room where Orpheus complains that he might need medical attention. Shawn assures he will be fine. Orpheus accuses him of putting personal feelings over professional. Shawn argues that if that was the case, he would pound the crap out of him for terrorizing his aunt. Orpheus argues that he’s punishing the innocent women to punish their guilty significant others. Orpheus declares that they will watch the women they love die and then he will finally be avenged.

Kayla and Steve go to Marlena’s hospital room. Kayla announces that the ISA lab is having a hard time figuring out what is wrong. Kayla then faints in to Steve’s arms.

Roman goes to Kate’s room. Kate asks what happened and if he told them about Philip. Roman reveals that it turns out, he didn’t have to because the judge had already decided to rule in Brady’s favor.

Brady and Belle hug as Brady questions if that really happened. Kristen calls it an outrage, arguing that Rachel belongs with her. Belle responds that the court doesn’t think so. Belle warns Kristen that any interference or harassment will lead her to criminal court. Chloe enters the room. Brady informs her that he has full custody and hugs Chloe. Kristen accuses Chloe of doing this and that’s why she was around earlier. Brady tells Kristen that she did this by showing the judge exactly who she is, which he thinks was a big mistake. Kristen questions what exactly Chloe did. Chloe thinks back to asking to talk to the judge. The judge told her that she couldn’t talk to her outside of court but Chloe provided a video of Kristen trying to kill her in her office. The judge said it should’ve been presented to evidence but Chloe explains that she couldn’t because if Kristen knew, she’d try even harder to make their lives miserable and turn Rachel against her. Chloe asked the judge to just watch the video and make her own decision on if a woman like that should be responsible for raising an innocent child. Chloe then tells Kristen that she guesses the judge put the child first. Kristen warns that this isn’t over and exits the room. Brady feels like he can breathe again as Rachel is going to be okay and they are all going to be okay as he hugs Chloe and Belle.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Finn doesn’t want Chase to investigate Brando’s death because it could put his reinstatement to the police force in jeopardy.

Sonny and Alexis think Kristina should take a break from her job and come stay with one of them until the hook attacker is caught. Kristina refuses to live in fear and wants to live her life.

Anna tells Valentin that Robert’s people refuse to help her because they are afraid of Victor.

Jordan tells Anna she has decided to stay out of Curtis and Portia’s business and let them be happy.

Valentin demands a visit with Charlotte from Victor but he is only thinking of Lucy.

Chase sings for Curtis hoping he will let him sing at the Savoy.

Victor considers investing in Deception and he invites Lucy to lunch to talk about it. Curtis tells Chase he will sing at the Savoy in the future.

Brando’s autopsy says that what killed Brando was a toxin that was on the hook.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Nate meets Victoria at the park and he agrees to sell her his stock in Chancellor Winters when the company goes public so when she buys as much stock as she can his stock will give her majority stake in the company. Lily agrees to let Nate run the company when it becomes part of Newman Enterprises provided he can be her man inside Chancellor Winters and give her the information she needs to obtain Chancellor Winters stock.

Nate returns to Chancellor Winters and apologizes to them and tells them he will respect their authority if they let him return to the company. Devon, Lily, and Billy are glad to have Nate back at the company but they have no idea he plans to betray them and take the company away from them.

Devon and Billy still don’t think the company should go public because it will stop being a family company if they have to answer to a board of directors full of strangers.

Nikki meets with Deacon Sharpe who tells her that the few times he saw Diane in Los Angeles, she was driving a Bentley with a guy in the backseat whom he assumed was a rich guy. Deacon also tells Nikki he has something she needs to see at the restaurant where he works. Nikki is reluctant to go to the restaurant, but Talia persuades Nikki to go meet Deacon at the restaurant.

Diane tries to apologize to Victor for everything he put Nikki and his family through when she faked her own death. Victor tells Diane he doesn’t buy her act because he knows she hasn’t changed. Diane returns to work and gets angry because Victor won’t give her a second chance. Diane tells Phyllis to stay out of her way or she will be sorry. Phyllis tells Diane she knew it wouldn’t take long for the real Diane to come out and it just happened right now.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Carly visits the grave of her adoptive mother Virginia Benson and tells her about her life. She also apologizes for not appreciating what a wonderful mother she was and for never listening to her wise advice. Carly finds out from the security guard at the cemetery that she will have to move her mother’s body because the cemetery is being turned into an access road for easier access to the beach. Carly also finds out that the beautification society headed by her friend Reese’s mother is behind the project. Carly decides not to go to Aruba and decides to fight to save the cemetery where her adoptive mother is buried.

Elizabeth tells Finn that while Kevin had her under hypnosis she remembered seeing a woman at the bottom of a staircase but she can’t see the face of the woman or the face of the person who pushed her but she fears that the person who pushed the woman down the stairs was her father Jeff Webber.

Brando has a seizure and coughs blood and Portia tries to save him but, Brando dies and his family says a tearful goodbye to him. Portia and TJ can’t figure out why Brandon died since he survived the surgery and the symptoms Brando had before he died are not consistent with an infection. Portia decides to consult Finn to see if he can find the reason Brandon died.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Imani decides to go to Virginia to take care of her father who has severe exhaustion but, before she leaves, she tells Nate he should return to Chancellor Winters because she is confident he can prove to Devon he is a good businessman.

Victoria talks to Nick about Nate’s proposal and Nick is surprised Nate would propose such an unethical idea that would hurt his family. Nick advises Victoria not to do it because it will lead to trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as, betray two friends. Victoria sets up a meeting with Nate to talk about his idea despite Nick’s advice not to do this because it could hurt people.

Nikki tells Talia all about her past relationship with Deacon Sharpe. Talia tells Nikki that she is thinking about writing a book about Diane if her editor doesn’t change his mind about letting her continue the series of articles about Diane. Nikki sends a text message to Deacon later telling him that she is in Los Angeles and needs to talk to him.

Kyle and Summer tell Diane and Phyllis that if there is one more conflict between them at work they will both be fired no matter which one of them is responsible for the conflict between them.

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Days Update Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

EJ and Stefan finish dinner at the DiMera Mansion and return to the living room with wine. Stefan praises the home cooked meal and says he’s starting to feel like himself again. EJ is glad to hear and asks to continue their previous conversation about DiMera Enterprises. EJ reminds Stefan that he and Chad lost control of the company earlier this year, but he hopes that they can now take it back.

Jack informs Chad that Xander’s gut instinct was that Leo wasn’t capable of murder and that he was a weasel, but not a killer. Chad responds that Sonny feels Leo was sincere in his apologies and that he had plenty of chances to finish him off since but didn’t. Jack declares that if Leo didn’t do it, someone is trying to make it look like he did. Chad confirms that Leo was trying to make Sonny believe that he was set up. Jack asks if Chad believes that. Chad admits he doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

Gwen questions Leo figuring out who set him up. Leo says it all makes sense now and declares that his ex, Dr. Craig Wesley hates him enough to do it. Leo adds that there’s no doubt in his mind that Craig couldn’t wait to commit those horrible crimes and then frame him for them but he is the real killer.

Nancy and Clyde are shocked as Craig Wesley enters the Pub and greets Nancy. Nancy didn’t know he was in town. Craig calls it a last minute decision. Nancy asks what he’s doing here. Craig responds that he came back because of Leo. Nancy calls what happened to Sonny and Abigail absolutely terrible. Craig says especially because it seems to be all his fault.

Gwen questions Leo thinking that Craig is framing him when he’s a respected doctor. Leo brings up everything Craig gave up to be with him and how he ripped apart his family. Gwen reminds Leo that Craig left him at the altar when he found out he was just after his money. Leo insists that he fell in love with Craig but the damage was already done and now Craig wants his revenge.

Nancy questions how it’s Craig’s fault if Leo stabbed Sonny and killed Abigail. Craig says it’s because Leo only came back to Salem to see him. Nancy argues that he didn’t know he was dangerous. Craig points out that Chloe and Brady knew, so he wishes they would’ve listened to them sooner and then Sonny and Abigail would have never gotten involved. Nancy repeats that Craig couldn’t have known Leo was a monster. Clyde agrees that there’s no way Craig could’ve known that dumping Leo at the altar would send him on a murderous rampage. Craig asks if he and Clyde have met. Nancy apologizes and introduces Craig to Clyde as her fiancée which surprises Craig.

Gabi goes to Rafe’s office and informs Rafe about Stefan being alive thanks to Dr. Rolf keeping him alive all these years and now that he’s had a heart transplant, he’s walking around completely fine. Rafe is shocked and doesn’t know how to process this. Gabi tells Rafe about Stefan saying he doesn’t love her and can’t stand the sight of her. Rafe talks about Stefan being dead for years. Gabi wants to track him down because she has a lot of questions for him but she doesn’t know where he is.

Stefan recalls the first time he met EJ when Sami had just dragged him out of the fire and he was all bandaged, barely alive. EJ recalls when he was fully recovered, Sami mentioned owing Stefan a lot of money and questions why he let her off the hook. Stefan says he could tell Sami needed it to get EJ the best possible medical care and obviously it worked. EJ says he always wanted to thank Stefan for that. Stefan says they are family and take care of one another. EJ feels they are clearly cut from the same cloth and together, they can accomplish great things at DiMera. EJ declares that first on the agenda is destroying Gabi Hernandez. Stefan turns away and gets up. EJ notes how when he first brought up the idea, Stefan was quiet, and now he’s pacing. Stefan says he’s just thinking. EJ doesn’t think it should be hard to give him an answer as he was under the impression that he’s no longer in love with Gabi. Stefan confirms he’s not and says it baffles him that he ever was. EJ questions why he seems so hesitant to bring Gabi down when this is his chance to take back what is his. Stefan suggests he’s just hesitant to rush in to a decision without knowing all the facts. EJ says it’s not really that complicated. EJ explains that Gabi has been able to hold on to the CEO position by the slimmest margins and inherited Stefan’s shares after his death. Stefan notes that now he can take them back. EJ says that should give them enough to oust Gabi, but Stefan would have to be willing to take her down. EJ asks if he is.

Gabi informs Rafe that Stefan apparently spent last night at DiMera Enterprises and Li found him camped out in her office but he took off and she doesn’t know where he went, so she asks Rafe to put out an APB. Rafe points out that it doesn’t sound like he’s missing and he hasn’t committed any crimes. Gabi says it was worth a try. Rafe asks how her boyfriend feels about all of this. Gabi responds that he’s not her boyfriend anymore, so Rafe asks if they broke up. Gabi then reveals that they are engaged, so Li is now her fiancee.

Nancy informs Craig that Clyde popped the question just before he walked in, so he’s the first to know. Craig mentions that Chloe said Nancy was seeing someone but he didn’t know it was so serious. Nancy says Clyde just swept her off her feet. Craig suggests they celebrate with drinks. Clyde calls that kind of him so Craig goes to the bar.

Gwen tells Leo that she understands Craig might still be very angry about how things went down with them, but asks if he really thinks Craig would murder Abigail just to set him up and calls that very extreme. Gwen doesn’t think Craig is capable of something that cold-blooded. Leo argues that they’ve only seen the soft side of Craig, but he’s heard that he used to be a petty, scheming bitch and that he and his ex caused all sorts of trouble in town. Gwen asks if Craig has ever tried to kill someone before. Leo says not that he’s aware of but losing someone you love can drive you to do crazy things. Leo adds that unlike Darius, Craig is not squeamish about blood. Gwen tries to argue that Craig’s a doctor who saves people but Leo reminds her of the doctor that forced her to be a drug dealer. Leo declares that he may have accused the wrong Wesley at first, but now he’s positive he’s right that Craig has gone off the deep end and is trying to take him down with him.

Jack finds Jennifer in the living room, looking at old family photos. Jack brings in ice cream sundaes for them which Jennifer calls thoughtful but says she doesn’t think she’s up for it. Jennifer points out that it was one of Abigail’s favorite family traditions, so she’s not sure she wants to carry on the tradition without her.

Leo goes over his theory that Craig came back to town and starts watching him, then sees he’s camping out in the DiMera basement so Craig realizes Leo would be the prime suspect if anything happened to Chad or Abigail. Gwen questions thinking Craig was planning it that long. Leo goes over how Craig saw his opportunity and used his knife to kill Abigail. Gwen notes Leo admitting that he had the knife. Leo says it must have driven Craig mad to see the cops go after every other suspect, so he comes back to town and stabs Sonny with the original murder weapon and brings his revenge list. Gwen asks how he would’ve gotten the list. Leo suggests he stolen it from his bag. Gwen points out the hole in Leo’s theory being how Craig would have known about his list.

Craig informs Nancy and Clyde that Chloe told him about Leo’s hit list, so he knows Chloe and Brady had to be on it. Clyde says the police have provided security to Chloe and Brady. Nancy notes that Leo hasn’t signaled that he is after them which is strange since they are ones that rallied the troops against him. Nancy wonders why Leo would spare them. Craig responds that she might have him to thank for that..

Gwen decides maybe Leo is right that Craig is the killer. Leo responds that it has to be because the setup feels personal. Leo admits plenty of people hate him but no one this much. Gwen decides she wants to call the police then.

Rafe questions when Gabi got engaged. Gabi says it was yesterday but the news kind of got overshadowed by Stefan’s return. Rafe points out that Gabi and Li haven’t been dating that long so he thinks it’s moving kind of fast. Gabi compares it to Rafe and Nicole getting engaged after only a few months. Rafe argues that they had been friends for a very long time. Gabi argues that she’s known Li for years but Rafe calls that a little different. Gabi states that when it feels right, it feels right. Rafe guesses she’s right and asks how it feels now that Stefan has returned from the dead. Rafe feels Stefan being back obviously changes the equation. Gabi points out that for starters, she and Stefan are still married. Rafe declares that the question is: does Gabi want to stay married to Stefan or does she want to marry Li?

Stefan questions EJ saying that they would maybe have enough shares to oust Gabi with his and asks if he’s not certain. EJ responds that at the moment, the other side potentially has six votes so they have to either convince someone to change their vote or continue working on getting Ava disqualified. Stefan asks how that is going. EJ admits not as well as he’d hoped because Ava was deemed unstable since she was seeing her dead husband but it was Stefan, which means she wasn’t hallucinating after all. Chad enters the mansion and starts to head upstairs but EJ calls him. Chad comes in to the living room and starts saying he won’t stay long but he’s shocked to see Stefan. EJ informs Chad of the good news that their brother Stefan is alive. Stefan greets Chad and says long time no see.

Gabi admits to Rafe that she doesn’t know what she wants. Gabi agrees that she hasn’t known Li for that long but she does love him and he really loves her, so if Stefan didn’t come back, she would have no doubts about marrying Li. Rafe is surprised to hear her say that because last time they talked, she said she didn’t think she could ever love someone the way she loved Stefan. Gabi confirms that she thinks of Stefan as the love of her life and maybe that’s because she lost him so early in their marriage, but when Li proposed, she was ready to move on. Gabi cries that she was really ready to put Stefan behind her, but asks how she can do that when he’s right there. Gabi adds that even if Stefan says he doesn’t love her, she can’t just give up. Rafe feels Stefan isn’t giving her much choice.

Chad questions Dr. Rolf keeping Stefan on ice and never saying anything. Stefan guesses Dr. Rolf felt there was no point because he couldn’t wake him up without a heart. Chad remarks that he never had one before. Stefan knows they’ve had their differences. Chad angrily asks if he has to remind Stefan of what he did to his wife. Stefan hopes this can be a new beginning for them but Chad declines. Stefan doesn’t expect Chad and Abigail to welcome them back with open arms. Chad quickly informs him that Abigail is dead which shocks him. EJ confirms it’s true as Stefan asks what happened. Chad responds that she was murdered.

Jennifer appreciates Jack trying to lift her spirits and she wants to enjoy doing things like this with him, but it’s something that she remembers doing with Abigail. Jack assures that he gets it. Jennifer knows it’s supposed to get better with time, but every day that goes by, she misses her more. Jack suggests next time they’ll have ice cream sundaes with the kids and share memories of Abigail. Jennifer agrees that would be good for the kids. Jennifer decides they shouldn’t let the ice cream he brought to go to waste because she thinks Abigail would want that too.

Craig tells Nancy and Clyde that he’s thinking Leo hasn’t gone after Chloe and Brady because he still cares about him. Clyde jokes that it sounds a bit narcissistic. Craig knows Leo is not happy with what happened at their wedding but warns about if he came ever near his daughter. Nancy asks if he’s seen Chloe since coming back to town. Craig says no because he came straight here as he was hungry. Craig then suggests they all go out to eat together to celebrate their engagement with Chloe and Brady. Craig calls it his treat. Nancy calls that very kind of him. Clyde agrees and calls him a real stand up guy.

Leo stops Gwen and says she can’t call the police. Gwen argues that they have to investigate Craig to clear Leo’s name. Leo asks if she’s going to turn him in. Gwen asks why she would do that. Leo feels she’s probably still mad about him lying that she confessed. Gwen admits she’s still miffed about that but she understands why he did it. Leo insists that he had to get away and apologizes for throwing her under the bus. Gwen says the important thing is they prove his innocence or else he will spend the rest of his life on the run. Leo then agrees that he wants to bring Craig’s life to a screeching halt.

Nancy, Clyde, and Craig walk through the town square. Nancy stops and decides she’d like to share the good news with Chloe by herself first. Nancy suggests Craig and Clyde get to know each other in the meantime since they are going to be family. Nancy then walks away. Craig tells Clyde that he’s glad Nancy gave them this moment together. Craig says he didn’t want to say in front of Nancy but brings up Chloe having a little trouble with Clyde’s past and something about his run-ins with the law. Clyde responds that he doesn’t pretend to be a saint but he’s paid his debt to society and since he’s been out of prison, he’s managed to stay out of trouble and got a simple job at the Pub. Craig questions Clyde’s drug deals, kidnappings, and attempted murder not meaning anything. Clyde asks if he doesn’t believe him. Craig responds that he just doesn’t think Clyde is good enough for Nancy. Clyde calls that funny since Craig is the one who deceived her for their entire marriage and nearly destroyed her by cheating on her. Clyde declares that Craig is the last person that has any right to be judgmental about him.

Gwen tells Leo that she will text Rafe directly because this is too important not to go directly to the top. Leo reads her text aloud, saying she has reason to believe Leo is being framed and she strongly suggests he launch an investigation in to Dr. Craig Wesley as she suspects that he is the killer. Leo wonders if Rafe will take her seriously. Gwen guesses they will soon find out.

Rafe gets the text from Gwen. Gabi questions it. Rafe says it’s about Abigail’s case and he can’t really talk about it but he does need to look in to it. Gabi says she has to head to work anyway. Rafe notes it being late but Gabi calls it a 24 hour job. Rafe tells her to call if she needs anything. Gabi tells him the same and they say I love you as they hug.

Stefan questions Abigail being stabbed in the house and asks if they found the killer. Chad responds that the current theory is Leo Stark. Stefan remembers Leo trying to get a job from him and calls him super shady. Stefan tells Chad that he’s so sorry and calls it a terrible tragedy. EJ questions if they’re sure it was Leo since he read that Sonny was unable to positively ID him as his attacker. Chad confirms that Sonny never got a good look at him but he remembers smelling vanilla for whatever that’s worth. EJ hopes they find Leo or whoever did this and brings them to justice. Chad says he just came to look for Charlotte’s stuffed elephant. Chad decides he will go check upstairs and then he will have a very large drink to try to wrap his head around this. Stefan says it was good to see him as Chad heads upstairs. EJ then asks Stefan where they were. Stefan believes EJ was trying to persuade him to take his shares back from Gabi. EJ asks if he has succeeded.

Jack and Jennifer eat ice cream sundaes while recalling how Abigail used to say ice cream was the solution to everything. They joke about when they first met. Jack says Jennifer saved him and jokes that he could have turned in to Victor otherwise. Jack says Jennifer taught him that loving someone with all your heart is the most important thing anyone can do. Jack calls the day she came in to his life, the luckiest day of his life.

Gabi goes to work at the DiMera office. She stops and looks at her engagement ring, then pulls out her old wedding ring. Gabi talks about praying and wishing for so long for Stefan to come back to her. Gabi says she’s so grateful he’s alive but questions how he forget the love they shared and what they meant to each other. Stefan then enters the office and asks if she has a minute to talk. Stefan then notices she is holding her wedding ring. Gabi points out that he is still wearing his. Stefan says he hadn’t even noticed. Gabi thinks maybe on some level, that might mean that he still loves her.

Craig tells Clyde that he doesn’t regret embracing his life and who he truly is, but he’s not proud of hurting Nancy because she was a wonderful wife to him and a beautiful mother. Craig declares that he doesn’t want to see Nancy get hurt again and that’s why he’s going to protect her at all costs. Clyde responds that it’s not his business, but the last thing he would ever do is hurt Nancy as she is kind, sweet, and makes him very happy. Clyde declares that as her husband, he will treat her with the love and respect that she deserves. Chad then walks by and runs in to them. Chad mentions not knowing that Craig was in town. Craig says he just got in today and asks if he knows Clyde. Clyde says they go way back. Clyde is glad they ran in to Chad because he’s still waiting for his apology since Chad falsely accused him of murdering his wife. Chad doesn’t think this is the time or place. Clyde responds that it is because Craig needs to understand in case he hears that he was a suspect and Craig thinks he’s not good enough for Nancy. Clyde explains that he had an ironclad alibi and the police felt foolish when they realized they had the wrong guy.

Leo asks Gwen if she’s cool with him hiding out here until the cops arrest Craig. Gwen says of course. Leo says it will be fun just like the old days. Leo hugs her and says he doesn’t deserve a friend like her. Suddenly, Rafe then bursts in to the room with his gun drawn and orders Leo to put his hands in the air as Gwen stands back with a smile. Rafe declares that he is taking Leo back in to custody. Leo questions how he even knew he was there. Rafe suggests asking Gwen. Gwen reveals that the text she sent Rafe was actually an SOS that a dangerous fugitive had arrived at her door. Leo asks how could she. Gwen says she’s sorry but one good turn deserves another. Rafe then handcuffs Leo.

Stefan and Gabi are interrupted by EJ arriving at the office. EJ announces he dropped off the paperwork with legal so they are all set. Gabi questions what paper work. EJ asks if Stefan didn’t tell her. Stefan says he was about to but got sidetracked. Stefan brings up Gabi inheriting his shares upon his passing, but he has now officially requested that they be taken from her and given back to him.

Jennifer offers to do the dishes but Jack insists. After Jack leaves the room, Jennifer goes to her purse and takes painkillers.

Leo complains that this is so wrong. Gwen warns him to think twice about stabbing someone in the back. Leo argues that he’s innocent and thought Gwen believed him. Gwen says she sort of does but she’s not going to get in trouble for harboring a fugitive. Rafe calls that a wise decision. Leo pleads with Rafe that he knows who the real killer is. Rafe responds that he does too and he’s taking him in to custody. Leo argues that Rafe doesn’t understand, that he’s being set up, and shouts that the real killer is Dr. Craig Wesley as Rafe drags him out of the room.

Craig tells Chad that he didn’t know Abigail very well but he knows she was an exceptional young woman who was taken way too soon, so he’s very sorry. Craig gives his condolences and hugs Chad. Chad then realizes that he smells vanilla which Sonny remembered from when he was stabbed.

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Days Update Monday, September 19, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Clyde sits outside the Brady Pub on the phone. Clyde says to keep this under hat because the last thing he’d want is for Nancy to find out, right as Nancy approaches.

Xander goes to see Jack, who calls it a nice surprise. Jack asks how everything is going with the new bride. Xander informs him that it’s a disaster.

Sarah goes to the Kiriakis Mansion with her bag packed. Maggie questions what she’s doing there instead of on her honeymoon. Sarah responds that the honeymoon is over and so is her marriage.

Gwen sits in her room with a photo of her and Xander. She tells herself that marriage is over. She is then startled by Leo frantically knocking on the door. Leo comes in and tells Gwen that she has to hide him.

Clyde greets Nancy and asks if she was hiding from him. Nancy says she didn’t want to interrupt him on the phone. Clyde says he was just catching up with Ben. Nancy asks how Ben and Ciara are doing. Clyde says they are living the dream. Clyde invites her in to the Pub while he’s on break.

Sonny tells Will and Chad at the hospital how Leo was in his room, dressed as a nurse and took off before the cops came. Chad doesn’t get how there wasn’t police outside his door. Sonny argues that he doesn’t need protection from Leo. Will asks why he would say that. Sonny acknowledges that Leo did sneak in wearing a disguise, but it wasn’t to kill him. Sonny adds that he knows it sounds crazy but he has a gut feeling that Leo really is innocent.

Leo begs Gwen to help him because the cops are after him as they think he killed Abigail and stabbed Sonny. Leo insists that he’s innocent and he’s being framed so he worries about what to do. Gwen threatens to call the police and tell them that Leo just confessed which is what he did to her.

Jack questions Xander as to what happened. Xander reveals that Sarah packed her bag and went home to Maggie. Jack points out that it’s only been 24 hours since the wedding and questions what he did. Xander explains that he told her about how he slept with Nicole last year and now she wants nothing to do with him.

Sarah complains to Maggie about Xander sleeping with Nicole and then using that to break up her marriage. Maggie recalls it being awful. Sarah questions her knowing about it and not telling her. Maggie says she thought Sarah would’ve already heard about it but either way, it wasn’t her place to tell her. Sarah agrees but says she didn’t hear about it and Xander didn’t tell her until it was too late and she made the stupid mistake of marrying him. Sarah questions why she would want to marry a man who could be so reckless and cruel as to break up someone’s marriage for profit. Sarah questions if Maggie is going to take Xander’s side. Maggie argues that she’s not taking sides but doesn’t see why it’s a deal breaker since Xander was going through a terrible time. Sarah tells her not to make excuses for him. Maggie says it’s just how she feels about it but it’s up to her. Sarah declares that she has decided she wants to be the hell away from Xander. Maggie says she won’t stand in her way. Maggie adds that if she leaves Xander and their marriage, she can think of someone who will be very happy about it. Sarah can’t believe Maggie is insinuating that Gwen will swoop right in. Maggie thinks that is true.

Gwen asks Leo if she should call the police station or Rafe. Leo apologizes for telling the police that she confessed and says it was his lawyer’s idea. Leo argues that Sloan convinced him that he had to give the police something. Gwen complains that he threw her under the bus. Gwen talks about Leo hanging around the office after stabbing Sonny and leaving his list so Chad could come after him almost like he wanted to be caught. Leo argues that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Leo repeats that he’s being framed and someone is trying to set him up. Leo declares that Gwen is the only person that can help him figure out who it is. Leo adds that if she doesn’t believe him at the end of the conversation, then she can call the cops. Leo pleads with Gwen as his only friend in the world and says he has nowhere else to go. Leo remarks that she has no idea what it feels like to be so alone. Gwen responds that actually she does and agrees to give him ten minutes to talk.

Will questions Sonny thinking Leo is innocent. Sonny asks why he wouldn’t have just killed him when he came in if he was guilty. Chad asks what Leo did to. Sonny says he did nothing and just asked questions about his stabbing like he wanted to know every detail. Chad argues that Leo was acting to get him to let his guard down. Sonny points out that Leo didn’t try to hurt him and said he only came to the office to get Alex to back off which made sense. Will worries that could’ve been another lie. Sonny argues that if Leo wanted to kill him, he would have just done it then. Sonny adds that Leo finally apologized for leaking those photos to The Intruder. Chad brings up that when he showed up, Leo was standing over Sonny’s bloody body and questions how to explain that.

Clyde gets Nancy a sandwich and asks if she’s not hungry. Nancy guesses she’s just worried about Chloe since Leo Stark is still on the loose while both Chloe and Brady are on his hit list. Clyde reminds her that the police have assigned security to both of them, so he doesn’t think she has anything to worry about. Clyde adds that Brady is pretty tough and very protective of the people he loves, so he wouldn’t let Leo touch Chloe. Nancy agrees that Brady would never let anything happen to Chloe. Clyde jokes that she should know better than to doubt him by now. Nancy then says she can’t do this anymore and pretend when nothing is going right. Clyde asks what is troubling her so bad. Nancy responds that she knows he’s lying to her.

Chad continues to question why Leo came back to Sonny’s office and why he was standing over him with the knife in his back. Sonny responds that Leo said he came back to have his parking validated which Chad and Will can’t believe. Leo knows it’s weird and far fetched. Will talks about Sonny’s huge heart being a reason he loves him so much, but they both know that Leo is incapable of being honest. Will questions what makes him think that this is the one time he’s telling the truth that he didn’t stab him or Abigail. Sonny doesn’t know and calls it a strong gut feeling.

Jack argues that Sarah can’t really be that upset with Xander’s one night stand with Nicole since he got over the fact that he was engaged to Gwen and married to Chanel. Xander explains that him sleeping with Nicole is not why Sarah left but it’s that he used that to bust up Nicole and Eric’s marriage and that he did it because Sami paid him a million dollars. Jack then understands Sarah’s reaction and asks how he can help. Xander asks what he can do to fix this. Jack says he doesn’t have the answer. Xander argues that Jack helped him before so he wants him to work his magic again and asks him again to help him fix this.

Sarah asks Maggie why she would even want to think about Gwen when her marriage just ended. Maggie apologizes for going there. Sarah tells Maggie that even if Gwen did try to get Xander back, there is no way he would go back to her after he knows all of the awful things that she did. Maggie brings up that Gwen is a very manipulative person and points out how hard she tried to keep Sarah and Xander apart, so if she thinks Sarah willingly left Xander, she will try every trick in the book to take advantage of that situation. Maggie says she’s probably at Xander’s hotel room now, offering him a shoulder to cry on. Sarah yells at her to stop.

Gwen asks if Leo has some idea of who is setting him up. Leo says he’s been thinking it over and it has to be somebody who hates him. Gwen believes that but says that doesn’t really narrow it down since there’s no shortage of people in town who would like to see them both disappear. Leo says whoever is trying to frame him doesn’t just hate him, but really has an axe to grind against him. Leo then declares that he knows who it is and says it’s Nancy.

Clyde questions what Nancy is talking about. Nancy says she knows he wasn’t on the phone with Ben before and questions why he said he didn’t want her to find out what he was talking about. Clyde says it’s not what she thinks. Nancy tells him to save it because she knows that whatever he’s up to is illegal and amoral so she doesn’t any part of it. Nancy declares that they are through.

Sarah questions how Maggie could say Gwen is going to be trying to get Xander back and asks if she actually thinks that’s helpful for her right now. Maggie says she’s just trying to make a point. Maggie talks about Xander being a mess when Sarah was gone, doing anything to stop thinking about her and the pain from losing her. Maggie compares it to marrying Victor despite knowing he had made a lot of mistakes but she vowed to love all of him, good and bad. Maggie says she promised herself not to blame Victor for his past, so she doesn’t think Sarah should blame Xander for his.

Jack wishes he could give Xander a magic fix for his relationship but he doesn’t know what that would be. Xander figures there is no fix. Xander says Jack just listening and not judging is enough. Xander admits that looking to other people to fix his problems is what got him in to this situation in the first place. Jack calls that real emotional growth. Xander asks if there’s any word on Abigail’s case. Jack informs him that he just got a call from Rafe but unfortunately, Leo Stark is still on the loose. Xander questions Leo being the prime suspect now. Jack says not just in Abigail’s murder but in Sonny’s stabbing as well. Xander asks if the cops are sure it was him. Xander knows Leo is a scam artist and a buffoon, but he’s not convinced that Leo is a killer. Jack questions if he’s honestly defending Leo Stark. Xander admits Leo is not one of his favorite people, but Jack is, so he wants to make sure he gets justice and the real killer gets locked up. Xander calls it a gut feeling that he’s not sure that person is Leo Stark.

Gwen questions Leo thinking Nancy is setting him up. Leo argues that it makes perfect sense since Nancy hates him and blames him for breaking up her marriage to Craig. Leo adds that Nancy knew about his list as he was stupid enough to tell her that Chloe was on it. Gwen doesn’t think Nancy would ever stab Sonny or kill Abigail. Gwen says Nancy might hate him, but seems like an actually nice lady that would draw the line at killing people. Leo disagrees and says he wouldn’t put anything past Nancy. Leo then admits that he’s trying to picture Nancy stabbing someone, so maybe it wasn’t her.

Nancy announces that she can’t be with Clyde anymore as he’s obviously not the man that she thought he was. Clyde argues that he is and says it wasn’t about anything illegal. Nancy doesn’t want to hear his excuses and says she can’t keep doing this. Nancy then asks if Clyde is cheating on her. Clyde swears there is no other woman. Nancy asks if there’s another man like with Craig. Clyde promises there is no man or woman. Nancy questions what the hell he’s keeping from her then. Clyde then pulls out a ring box from his pocket and reveals it’s this.

Sonny tells Will and Chad that he was attacked from behind, so he never saw the attacker’s face. Chad suggests Marlena hypnotizing him to get his memory back. Will calls that a good idea but mentions that Marlena is under the weather so she can’t do it. Chad then suggests they don’t need Marlena and maybe they can help him get his memory back. Chad encourages Sonny to concentrate on exactly what happened when he was stabbed. Will doesn’t want Sonny to have to relive that moment but Sonny says it’s okay since Will is with him and if it gets too hard, they can just stop. Chad says he doesn’t have to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. Sonny says he wants to do it as he wants to understand what happened to him and who is responsible.

Jack tells Xander that he made his career as a reporter by seeking out the facts and not rushing to judgment but based on all the evidence the police has, he finds it very likely that Leo is the killer. Xander hopes they find him soon if that’s the case. Xander says his heart goes out to Jack for having to suffer through this investigation to find out who is responsible. Xander decides he’s going home to try and figure out how to win back his wife. Jack encourages that Sarah will come around because she loves him.

Sarah questions Maggie saying she should just forgive Xander and chalk it up to one of his many mistakes. Maggie clarifies that she’s not telling her what to do, but yesterday was their third wedding day in the past year and a half. Maggie knows it hasn’t been easy for them, but Xander spent most of that time thinking she wanted nothing to do with him, yet he never stopped loving her. Maggie offers to have Henderson take her bag up to her old room or she can go back home and start that honeymoon with her husband. Maggie asks Sarah which it will be.

Clyde explains that he didn’t want Ben to spill the beans before he had a chance to pop the question. Clyde says it’s nothing fancy but it’s all he could afford. Clyde tells Nancy that he’s trying to be the man that is worthy of a woman like her, so he wants to do this right. Clyde then gets down on one knee and proposes to Nancy.

Leo agrees with Gwen that Nancy is no killer but he thought she was the most likely suspect since he did ruin her life. Gwen points out that Nancy’s isn’t the only life he’s ruined and brings up his ex-husband Jackie Cox aka Darius Rose. Gwen says he’d have a pretty big axe to grind since he was going to take Craig’s money to split it but then stabbed them in the back..

Will tells Sonny to relax and try to go back to being in his office right after Leo left. Sonny remembers going to get a file, hearing a noise, and then the pain in his back and it goes black. Will asks about the noise he heard or if he heard or saw anything. Sonny then remembers smelling vanilla.

Nancy calls the proposal unexpected. Clyde’s having a hard time figuring out how she feels since she’s about to cry. Nancy says she’s just emotional because not too long ago, she felt rejected and foolish because she found out Craig, her husband of 30 years, didn’t love her and now she feels wanted and loved, so this means more than he’ll ever know. Nancy cries that it makes her feel hopeful. Clyde is happy to hear that because she is wanted and loved. Clyde says he’s a lucky man to have her in his life. Clyde understands he had given her plenty to be doubtful about. Nancy then accepts his proposal and they kiss.

Leo tells Gwen that she didn’t stab Darius in the back, but she’s right that he totally ruined his life but mentions that he got deported back to Canada. Gwen asks how he could come back twice to kill Abigail and stab Sonny then. Leo notes that’s a good point and talks about Darius being unable to stand the sight of blood, so there’s no way he did it. Gwen says that crosses Darius off the list then. Leo questions who it was then.

Will, Sonny, and Chad talk about whoever stabbed Sonny smelling like vanilla. Chad talks about showing up to the office and seeing Sonny bleeding on the floor, so he worried that he lost him too. Sonny assures that he’s not going anywhere.

Chad goes to see Jack and tells him that Sonny is doing much better, but much to his surprise and disappointment, Sonny is not entirely convinced that Leo is guilty. Jack notes that Xander was just there and said basically the same thing.

Xander goes home and tells himself that he has to get this right as his marriage and his whole life depends on it. Xander starts writing a text message to Sarah, but Sarah then comes home. Xander asks if she came back to get more of her stuff. Sarah says no and that she’s bringing her stuff back because she realizes that she may have overreacted. Xander says she was right to be upset with him. Sarah responds that she wasn’t right to give up on him because she loves him and made a commitment to him. Xander says he loves her so much as they kiss. Xander asks if this means she’s back. Sarah says on the condition that he has to promise to never pull anything like that again. Xander agrees because she does make him a better man and she’s all he needs or wants as they continue kissing.

Clyde puts the ring on Nancy’s finger. She calls it beautiful. Clyde promises to do the best he can to make her happy and help put her painful past behind her. Someone then enters the Pub, surprising them.

Leo wonders who hates him enough to set him up for murder. Leo then has an epiphany. Gwen questions what it is. Leo calls it a vivid image in his mind. Leo declares that he knows who the murdering bastard is, who killed Abigail and almost killed Sonny. Leo then announces that he knows who it is for real this time…

Nancy and Clyde are shocked as Craig Wesley enters the Pub.

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Days Weekly Best Lines September 16, 2022

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

Days of Our Lives logo

Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

Ava (to Johnny on why she couldn’t have sex with him): For starters, I’m old enough to be your…I’d rather not say the “M” word.

EJ (to Li about Gabi): How long does it take to say goodbye to a man who’s been dead for four years?

Li: Today was an emotional day for Gabi. I proposed to her today.
EJ: Yes I’m aware. Tony and Anna told me about your blissful announcement. Let me be the first to offer my condolences.

Orpheus (to Steve, Roman and John): I’m sure you figured out by now that I’m behind what’s happening to your precious women Sweetness, Doc, Sneezy. I’m sorry I meant Kate.

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Days Short Recap Friday, September 16, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ wanted someone to track down Stefan. He thought he could be the one to help him stop Gabi from taking over DiMera Enterprises. Stefan walked in while he was demanding information about him. EJ said he was happy that he was alive. Stefan reminded him that they never met before. He told him that he’s only seen him in bandages. Stefan said they were practically strangers so he wanted to know why he was happy to see him. EJ knew they would do great things together. He suggested getting rid of Gabi from the company. Stefan smirked at him while he was talking. Kristen accused Brady of killing Philip in cold blood. He denied killing him, but Kristen reminded him about the charges that were against him. She also mentioned him being drunk. Kristen gave the judge the evidence about Brady. Brady told the judge the charges didn’t have any bearing on the type of father he is. He told the judge that no one was hurt. He told the judge about Kristen’s past actions.

The judge told Belle to control her client. Kristen told the judge she didn’t want her child to be raised by an alcoholic. She said he was a good man until he got involved with Chloe. She was convinced Chloe pushed him to kill. Kristen didn’t want Brady near her daughter until he freed himself from Chloe. Belle was ready to start her half of the case, but the judge was ready to  end the session for the day.Kristen was about to leave when Brady stopped her. He let her know that her antics weren’t going to work. She thought his outburst would help her. She was convinced that was all she needed. She planned on telling the judge how Victor covered up what he did to Philip to get him out of trouble. She was convinced the judge would side with her. Belle tried to appeal to Kristen’s love for Rachel to get her to drop the suit. Kristen told her to convince Chloe to move on from Brady and be with someone else.

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, September 16, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Chloe: I brought some cappuccinos and, well, your favorite pastries from that Italian place that you love.

Sally: What’s the occasion?

Chloe: Oh… I just wanted to make up for the way I acted yesterday.

Sally: What way was that?

Chloe: Chewing you out about Adam. I — I said some things that i just — I wish I hadn’t.

Sally: I see.

Chloe: So, this is me trying to apologize. You know, I just want to put things behind us and start over. And when it comes to Adam, we can just agree to disagree. As long as you can keep your personal life separate from your work and not miss any more important meetings, I think that —

[Sighs] You know, I’m — I’m sorry again. I really didn’t mean to go there. I feel like I’ve been scolding you all the time lately, and it’s not appropriate or professional, and it’s not conducive to our being friends. Are we on the same page?


Victoria: Oh, is that what we’re calling it?

Nick: I’m handling it, okay?

[Knock on door, door opens]

Sally: Victoria, I was hoping that you… have a minute?

Victoria: What can I do for you, sally?

Sally: I’m here to apologize to you directly for missing the meeting yesterday. I’m just making things right with the team.

Victoria: Yes, so I’ve heard.

Sally: Sometimes life encroaches on work, and I know you understand that as well as anyone. I’ve seen you handle a crisis in your personal life without missing a beat here at Newman, and I’m seriously in awe of your ability to do that. But I feel like I have the inner resources and steely resolve that you have, so, in time, I’m confident that I will be able to emulate your example. But yesterday I screwed up, and it was my mistake. It will not happen again.

Victoria: Good.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, September 15, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Diane: I am so sorry. I didn’t plan to be here this late. I fell asleep reading to Harrison.

Jack: Oh, no.

Diane: Yeah, he’s — he’s still down for the night. But, um, I conked out in that little chair next to him.

Jack: I know from experience it’s not the most comfortable place to knock off.

Diane: No, no, it isn’t. Um, I guess Kyle and Summer went upstairs to bed and didn’t even realized I was up there. I’m a little — I’m a little embarrassed about it.


Victor: You’re so tense, baby. I’ve never seen you this tense before a flight.

Though near or far

Nikki: Well, you seem calmer than when I saw you earlier.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Well, I did many rounds on the heavy bag.

Nikki: Oh. Did you win?

Victor: Well, whatever the imaginary foes were, I knocked them all on their ass.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Victoria: And you should be. That’s what I wanted to say. Congratulations.

Lily: Wow. Thank you.

Victoria: You’re welcome. Look, I’m really sorry that things got unnecessarily tense between us for a while. I was dealing with Ashland, and, honestly, I feel like the stress of that just — just kind of affected every part of my life. But I’ve put that behind me now, and I feel like I’m starting a new chapter and getting a fresh start. And I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you as a peer. I mean, you and I — we’re part of a very exclusive club, female CEOs [Chuckles] Which thankfully is growing. And I just think that we need to recognize and value each other whenever and wherever we can.

Lily: Thank you for saying that. And I am very honored to be a part of the club. Maybe we should have, like, a secret handshake


Victor: You can’t understand, not this time, man. You know, fathers and sons often have difficult relationships. I was very, very proud to call Adam my son. But he’s also caused me a lot of heartache. But I must say that I have had nothing but good intentions where he is concerned. Of course, that applies to my other children, as well. Anyway…

[Inhales deeply] Not easy being a father sometimes, is it?

Jack: Well, we certainly try.

Victor: Yeah. And by the way, my apologies, okay? I’ve been remiss in conveying my condolences in regard to Keemo.

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Nick: I wasn’t sure you’d still be here. It’s after hours.

Sally: Well, I’m making up for lost time. There’s no way I was about to leave just because the sun went down. In spite of everything that happened, I’m determined to end today on a strong note.

Nick: Glad to hear it.

Sally: Yeah, I’m all about forward momentum, so this is me putting 100% effort into my job. Let there be no doubt that Newman Media is my number-one priority. I’m gonna prove to everyone that I belong in this chair.


Kyle: Mm-hmm. Listen. Hear that?

Summer: What? [Chuckles]

Kyle: Beautiful, golden silence. Our boy is upstairs in bed. Nobody else is home.

Summer: Hmm.

Kyle: We have the whole place to ourselves.

Summer: I guess we do.

Kyle: Oh, imagine the possibilities.

Summer: My mind is going all sorts of places.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, September 12, 2022

Y&R logo

Best Lines provided by Eva

Nick: Dad just has to have his way and interfere in everything. He’s got to move the chess pieces around so everyone is exactly where he wants them, no matter what they want for themselves. I mean, can you believe this?

Victoria: [Chuckles] Yes, I can believe this. And you’re right. That’s exactly what dad’s doing.


Nick: I don’t get it. Why aren’t you more bothered by dad’s interference?

Victoria: It’s who he is. I mean, at this point, I could write his playbook. You could. So, it’s okay. Let him — let him make his suggestions that he wants to make. Ultimately, we’re gonna make the call on how to handle this.

Nick: Okay.

Victoria: What do you want?

Nick: Oh. What do i want? Uh, I would like to no longer be a part of any more of dad’s mind games targeting Adam.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Well, good luck with that. What else are you thinking?

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